Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 16, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 16, 1857 Page 3
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OUR COLLEGES. CtauMjiMimi at Bowdotn. bowdoin oounon, i hn-wwioi, Ma., Aofiitt 11,1M7. J y Dmatim of MauachuttU-How SKe Endowed Her 9**dary Dutric^-Imorporation if the CdtUge-TKt 9nm of Brwuwkk, in Haiu?Iti Situation ant Scenery Ma?ntumaito, whatever other slaa ?he may have to utter for, certainly can never justly fall under the lmpu tattoo of having neglected to provide Tor the eduoatioa of her children. Betide* the mnch boasted provision made hyher legislature In one of lta eerlleet leeeione, for the eetabUthment of llarrhrd College at Newtown, now Ohm bridge, the baa ever tlnce taken every peine to dlffoee Intelligence among all cluaee and In every quarter of the -it-1"-' Commonwealth?aa ewer win? thoae favored aa? of learning, Amhertl and Wllllnme oallegee. Hor ma ?k? nonlne her labor* for the lncr?e of knowledge yrtUtin the bounrarics of the present Commonwealth Ltmg before the preeent State of Maine had any expects KM of over being other than a colony tributary to Masaaohueetta, the latter State made a most generous donation ef lead, as was the custom or those days, to estoblish a eoUege In the then district, to the end that no portion sf territory which fell under her jurisdiction should look the means or opportunities of sduoation of the highest order. In 1794 the college was incorporated, which enbee qnently, in consequence of a donation of $3,000 by James Bowdoin. received tbe same of Bowdoin College, and the town of Brunswick was se eded a* the beat location. This town, wblcb even at that early day was nearly as thriving and prosperous as at the present time, Is iltuaied at the lover rhliiof the Androrcoggin river, e river abounding la the wildest, moet romantic and pictureiqueicenery, and at the head of tide water, about seven ml lee above Its junction with tbe Kennebec, at "Meng Weetlng Bay." Tbe BUM have been despoiled of their natural throe and proportions by numerous .lams, erected to turn the abundant water power into the rerviue cr saw mills, grist miili, cotton factories, iron foondrles and kindred menial ocaupatlcna. A substantial bridge, piselng almost directly over the steepest part of the tall, oonneots Brunswick with Tepsbam- the two villages, from identity or pursuit aud proximity of location, a,most forming one body politic and eommerclal At the southwest extremity ef Brunswick village, which M slt?.aied on a level, sandy plain, may ho seen toe build tags and the ample yard or Bowdoin College, situated ou a similar plane, hot elevated 80 feet above the village Tbe Oongregattonal ,church, built for the mutual aecommoda Hon of the town and the college, stands just on the brow sf the declivity which separatee the two plains. It Is a spacious gothic edifice, built shout 1R4.S. by Upjdhn. tbo onMbraied architect, and its nandaomo tapering spire is visible In every direction fer many miles. BOWDOIN OOLLKUK BUILD;NOB?Y1R8T CLAB8E3 AND EARLY KSBHCISB9. Tbo ool'ege bntliilngs are tlve :n number, conslsVng of Modtoall Hail, Appleton Ball, Maine 1UJ, King Chapel, and Wtnihrop Hail Rut, ia iho early days of tbe college, a tingle building, and thsta common iwo story dwelling house, suflioed to accommodate students, professors, tutors, president, aula.I who came to drink at this fountain o learning; and the Kev. Dr. McKean, tbe first Preil4eot used to tap with his cane upon tbe banisters st tho foot of tbe stairs to route the siudeutg to morning prayers ?-lemjwra mutantur tL not >nutamu- in i'lii Toe college went into operation in 1802, and the Bret elves graduated In ISOe. Among tbo trees in the college yard is one f.r which tbe s'udents have a peculnr reverence, a* con aeotsd ?nh the history and fortune* of the intUtntlon SB lb* evening of the first day la which exerc;vjn w- re performed in college, immouie'ely after prayers, the whole c mi assembled in front of the single building be ore allnded to, nod thm, with becoming cersmoulo*, Thorndtke, of the first clegs, planted on oosrn which be bod brought with bin from Roxbury, bit native town. After the pleating, the blasting of Aim'ghty God wm invoked upon the oof ege onl oil who should be eon Bected with It. The scorn proved s sound sod fruitful ooe; oad now, on that some sro: where, more then bolf o century ego, the pioneers In this Institution planted o Utile noorn, aland* o stolworth ook, round whlcb for mony yeort fee members of the graduating class, tfler their last ex?1?"? at the esd of their four years' oourse ela?plng each otbeik bonds, rone) ond sing Anld Syne," and pledge perpeluol mend ship for oil their classmates and for Alma Mater. JJST OP PHKM1DRNTH OP Till INITIfCTION ? TBKIK INTS1. MCTt'AL LABOIW AND <iO<ID w1>8kS. The oollege, as 1 hare said, wen: isto operation la 1802. Ike first President was Rev joe. Be Keen, who died wllhln n few years after entering upon the duties of his ofllce. He was a man of keen intellect an 1 great energy, - nd gave an hagortaat impulse to the youthful euergiea ol (be college. Be was ancoeeded, In 1807, by Rev. Jeeae Appleton, D. D ? n man of singular ptety. eloquence, learning and dignity. With all who were in college under hit Presidency his bm Is a synonyme tor conscientious devotion to iuty, fsrvsnl piety and parental fondness for and devotion to the Sladeau in ail theUr pursuits and labors. No sun aver ant within lha sphere of his lnduence without wkedgtng bis greataees; and tbs Imprsssicn wbisb be mado , while a minister m New Hampeh re, previous to his Presidency, upon the youthful mini of Haalel Webster, la slanrly visible In bis works, end is acknowledged by him. 1*1 eB n fin I Appleton dltd Ut 1810, In the midst of bis labo-t m bis professional duties. Among bis last ul-erance* ware the prophetic eo'di?" God has taken care of the j noNege, and God will take oare of It " Ike next President was Rev. William Allen, R D.,a I Bma ef singular onet of mind, bat of great industry and dBvotkon to what he conoelvsd his duty. He came to ? w- j data af ar some iroubles in Dartmouth, and the college j hMar DU presidency , continue*! iu pruipsr. u us V Mil I lag, trd a* ib? hielory of tola oonueotiun with tbe college la yet Uj be written, it will be oul of place to dilate upon U 1 MM la 1(39. aa tbe reelgnnllon of President Allan, the nhoioe Ml a poo tbe praaaat Incumbent, Rar. Ioonard Wood*, Jr., Oi O , at that lime a IToiaaaor id tbe Bangor rheolog"ca { Seminary. Tbe suoceea wbicb baa attended tbe uolieire aader bn preeldeoey, and tbe respect and adjctua entertained Tor him by *T*ry graduata during bia Ian* of offloe, abnw that tba cholse waa an excel , lea* one II la now nearly twenty year* nnoe he aa tared upon the d'ltlee ot bla office, and in that time be baa bad tbe (atiaffictlon ofaee ng tbe number of atndeni* la oolltge double what It was under any of bla nradeeamore? new building* for tbelr accommodation bare nana erected, and a cfcanei built wbtcb will oompare ffcrombty, In potat of architectural elegaooe, oompleteoeea rinieb and propriety of dealgn, with any similar atrue tare la toe United 8taiea. At a dine when tbe fortunca of ' the college were at an rbb, and It soemed at tbocgu public ' sentiment waa for dlrorclag It fioai tbe good will ot tbe yeaaie. I'reatdent Wooda weal <iuieily and earnestly to want?never dlaheartened by oppotiuon, or discouraged fey ftulure, until complete tucceee baa crooned bla endearare. The chapel ta of tbe Romanesque order, built of Ken nettnnk greatte, and daubed interiorly with block walnut. Oa tba panels are frearm copies of soma or tbe cartonus of Raphael, while the ei pieftelr attinod glass window* are adorned with scriptural emblem* of a touching and becom lag bind. Tbe nba^el waa completed In lUfi.end dedicated M Um7tb of June, In tbe anme year?tbe addreaa on tbo eaaaalon being delivered by Rer. K. D. Hitchcock, now or Mnw York theological Seminary, at that tune ''rufeaa -r In oar dot a College. It U cello I Ktrg Cbapal, in honor of tbe Ma Hoa Wlliiaet K eg, fof Bath, Maine, tba llrel ?ureraor af that State after lis separation rrom Vts?*o,;hu?tt't President Woods, though a lulet, ratlriag port on, is one af tb* moat thorough scholars, polished writers, and as aawspJUheil gtnUemtu la Its oountry, and during a repeat Mtto Rnrom waa recti red with mar ka of great esteem fey the leading men bo lb In Kaglani and oa tbe Comment , He still ccMiuuee ti discharge tbe Jutlss af bU olce with a testily and grnoe wtu b nail Out botb obedience ant af faction Iron all fete etulenU I ?ng may be continue to dtgniry and adorn bU high calueg oollk.b crsTOtu and (porre. Among me most pleeetag lacldenU of aommeacemont la the opportuaitr wbicb It affords old gradoatea to renew Ifestr acqu*int*o:e with their former callage matea and Ifentr peofseeom Tbe special recipient of fee reaps* and CI will of every one of tbe 1,300 graduates of oU K >n; since IU foundation, I* the raneraiil# Professor far- i nr umaiii, to* rmureii It* year*, bee performed lb* dot)** of bin offloe wltb a daltty, punctuality and thorougbawm "blob cannot be aarpaeeed Though T illy tour boor* years or age, bla mind hMactlTf, bla head* aa buey and htteye m keea aa when be net** there a young man in lay Ibe found ui-'O of a world wide reputation aa ptaa?er la bla cboeee oalilag. loaf Kbe remain to eajoy Ibe veneration and tegard of fa generative* of college atndrnta a Aa acrmnat of come or the pom Iter maoaera aad cu? lama of the (indent* at tola collate wool! Oa highly lator anting You anil hare room for only a few. Oao of Ibe " tontttnttoo*' te the " Y*pg*r llgbbi," oo nailed. Tlie bar* ??y agger," anppaerl to be derlred from the German jqpm, a hentanian, la applied to the to am'* people geoeral ly, but chiefly to the lower clam Of lab wars who work About the law mill* aod la the logging wosdt Km. -l?ce Ibe college waa founded, there han boon a itondtog fend i between ibeea yagfgrt nad the (indent*, wh!r.b frequently Mbeak* out la Tloieat flgbttobct ween Ibe periled. Kverjg , Udect baa a yaggar ol?n la ltU room, which ba cmnldern M tadtopeaeeble aa bla pipe or bl* bookt Tola (ormida bio weapon la generally considerably larger than a polioe I maa'a locnet. aad Dm end In loaded with lead and aptkea, aad. If pomiolo, "harp pointed knob* ere left ntleklog onl, ramierlag It mry touch Ilka a South He* Inlander'* battle slab The laatanl the era of yagger-which la tha atgaal of aa attack?I* heard, the atudenta mite their yagger ofnbe and ruab to the fray, the reault of which la often broken bead*, bloody nnaee, aad rraq neatly a few prl aaaara. The itudeala geoerally win tbe day?ibou; h anvetlmee they have been wonted aad obliged le lake refege la ibe college yard, Into wttcbayagger aarer reotnroe but at tbe rtak of hi* Ufa or limb* I wan b mill I, by good'luck, to o peri men of a yaggar light on Tneeday eight Home efflclou* policemen baring arreated b party of amdenle wbn were returalag from a coarlr A ewtertalrment, tbe cry of y agger w?a rained?a light en nif i" aa (indent* bat one were token away from the E, aad irreral of the latter captured aa bowmen, and la deraace until 1st atudeat waa rataaaed by tba Aaouier *u*tom. banted down from tbe ear 11 ml days of tba eollege, la tbe aaenal hot. >re at 'he ead of toe year. Ihte butrt te oader the ou*pice* of the Kreehmee ?t the oteee of tbelr flrwt year, nad take* plaoe oo ibe night aftor tbwtreanual examination A largepine tree, eotneSO feet blgti, to generally erected at ran xpoi, and around whtob are pilled tor berreto, bruab, Mump*, aad whale rer other oowb wtlblee can be ootleeted la tba rtdnlly Herernl team* are bnay rrom 9 O'utoek natll mldalgbt ta hauling tbe n?etorlel* to the apot. At it o'clock tbe match to appttel, aad wltb tbe Brat leap af the flame, often to tbe he'ght of fifty or sixty feat, a sailey crew, rigged out la erery dlagatm, la *oeu rashtng *0 end fro, tbe belle are rang flab horn*, troaipeto, dm me, and erery thing capable of producing a notne are brenghi late reqntoilloa, making night btdeoue If during tba year nay of tbe college offluer* hare rendered them aahree obnnxlma, tbey ere rl.lied and *erenad?d by the part* booh anafUtr I* called a "Pandowdr." and It re farded aa the toil expression of dlaltke on the pan of the atadeat*. COMMRNCKMKNT WFKf?ORDKK Of IXKltCIRR^ Ttte regular exercise* of Onus eievme orient week begnn rw Monday ercuing with a prion ledeaMttira by (tldeato aT tba junior atom. Tba axgrotgea wart bi?biy orblitable, , J ud were itlMiiid >>7 a large n?Wr, who mrt mi>oh tMermtediathe perfuraaaaoet. I>? inrhnMrnwid to ktir is Bind A* iaJeaoUm of Ik* old pralhaeor of rhetoric:?"Animated dealing with your audleaoe, air." I ft* prlzea were awarded to?fl?at, C P. boring, of Lewtaloa; ateond, C A. Abb*U, of Norridg?wook; third, A. J. Tfcompaoa, of Bruiawtck. ORATION AMD FOUL. The buitnaaa of Tueiday ?u me anmreraary oratioa Ud poem More the united aujleiiea?<h# Peuelnlu end Ik* Atbuaea?the former databliahed la 1800, ud ha ring forlta motto, "finot \oqumla temp* kabemu*;" ud the latter founded la IbOtt? ?? aoa exutent fur aorora) year*? ud baring u ita motto, "Cultorts mot jctentio coronet" Formerly there mouoaa wore kept a profound aeeret, ud the uelrerearleo of tbe two eocietleo were celebrated separately, great rlralfy exiattng between t them; bat of late yrara thli feollng bat given way before witer eounaela. The orator thlt year wai Rev A. P. Peabody, D.D , of Portomonth, N. H., ud the poet, Rer. H. W. I'arker, of Now Bruwwtek, Maaa. Tbe oration waa on tbe identity of nature ud art, ud waa u original ud pbtloaapbtoal dlooonrae well adaptel to auch u occasion. Tbe poem wa? ra'her a medley, to wbloh it would be difficult to give a title In tbe evening Dodwirth'a bead gave a concert, to which aU lorert of good muelo Ducked, ud were well paid, la aptte of oompreeaed boopa ud rumpled abirta. 1 j OONFIHhlNU DEGBKB8?TUB 6RADUATBB AND THEIR rsiv riium m nym Wednesday, unfortunately for everybody, wh very rainy ud disagreeable; bat the otanroh In which the excr claes a?re to bo bold wm crowded, In spite of the weather. The following ore the namee or the gradnatang class, the l?>gent wbtoh ever graduated at this institution:? kraix'iB Page Adam*, William lleory Anderson, Koenn zer Beau, Semuel Clifford Reioher, Lewie Oremond lt-astow, Char lea Henry Bur ban It, Horace Bortah Chamberlain, Ed*ard Thuraton Chapman, Thomaa Upham Cm, Albert Henry Currier, Henry Dame, Walter Enoch Darling, Ed ward Eaatmaa, fiUbnpdan Fklrtleid, John Nelson Fuller, Andrew Hood win, Henry Sidney Hagar, Charles Htmliu. Joha Margin Haaciton, James Tracy Hewes, David Batherland Hlbbard, Henry Ripley Howard. John Barret Hubbard, Thomaa Hamlin Hubbard, Baejamtn Ba-nea Kings bury, Joshua Jamea laugh ton, John Gilbert Langdon, Malcolm Mclctiro, Edward Bag It y Merrill, Thomaa Free man Motet, Henry New beg In, unarloe Lewis Nichols Ed ward Parkrr, Jr.: Charles Weston Plckard, George Washington Pierce, Benjamin Wlaner Pond, Edwa'd Anguatua Rand, Charles Henry Reynolds, Naibaniel Augustus Robbing, John Crockett Sanborn, Daniel Freeman Smith, | Robert McKown Spearing, Gusiavus Augustus Stanley, ramnil Barrett Stewart, Abner Cbeso Block In, Uyrua Stone, Lyman Bawln Strickland, James Charles Stiout, Francis Waterbouse, Granville Clifford Waterman. The older of exercUea embraced the namot of nearly half the class, whose performances were very similar to all inch > hurts on like occasions It would be invidious to institute any comparisons; bnt the Master's Oration, by Mr Symonds, of Ne* York, was eminently worthy of mention, even among tbe perform aoces of the oocuion from men of ripe culture and est*, bliibed reputation. The exercises were no; concluded until livo o'clock. To the great credit of -'Old Bovdoln" not a single honorary degree was aonferrod; and it should " be remembered and mentioned to her honor, that she use * set sn example worthy of imitation In withholding degroe*. * The Infre'i'Jeney with which a degree of D t? or LL D. is ? txstowoa by this college renders it a special compliment " when It does come. * BABQCBT TO THtt ALI7KHT?l.tVSI AND BAIL. a At the conclusion of the exercises tbe alumni adjourned ? to partake of the commeocemeift dinner, with appetites so sharpened by their lotg fast that even the "fuoera' baked , ItWV," wun wnicu mo taouw are g-uuriny sgrnau uo such an occap'on, bad (ho rcllah of a royal foa*t Spoochca, (rave and cay, followed, from ?unary and divers poo pie, and the assembly broke up, by tinging as it wet desctned oct to tbem line by line by tie President, the by nun commencing? Let children hrar 'he mighty deeds, to the tune of 'St Martin's." Then earns the Preildent's levee, and afterwards tbe com or r cement ball?the bright part'eular stlra- lion for young ladies who h.iro brothers, r:uslns, or, better stl I, lovers among Ida oo lege students It would bo unfair to tell how the fa'r daigiitora of Maine capnvatod tbe hca'ls of tbo rjsceptible undergraduates an 1 tbe , complacent gradn iU*i, by wea'.ng their secret society Greek le*ter pins.' r tying up Heir bouquets with the , badge ribbons. It w v heartrending to see bow cruel'y they sacrificed thc^e dev >tc t young gentlerreo Fortu note for tbem :hat vacation Itnmedavely e iscev, or 'bo raik books wen'd show a perceptible 'allng a i ue list of " the first scholar?." phi Btrra urrt ORaTtos. c Tburiday tm rcieg ho j hi Beta Kappa Society me:, and sixteen members of the grauua <ng class *n? elected t members; alter wbich Bar. ImMI uarris, ct tre Langcr <j Theological S?m.cary, a f ra I all tf .ao t via of MM. gave a an oration >?i the idea f .'r e ,*cr.ood .. was a care- > fully prepared, high to 'c- gketojf , r iMttOM. li Hou Ueores'r vans t cea.d cr.n. :..e Ifl, Beta Kappa So g clsly, and baa a i tended cter rentes .ement since bia y no-1 h.s pr t it Wm: C| ton rxlfcrr inn flu) to be present It ibe ytarly t*Uier:nc or the tool of A'tns Mater. On tiie eama day our Alumni Society wa- formed, of hi-h (too Wm I'ltl rcasenden. or the elm tiMH'jI, wm elected Preeldrni, and Ex Governor Robert P. DunlepVlce President. Vetaemtah Cleaveland, Kiq , of Brtokiyo, of the cleat of 1813, wm cho en or.t'or for thj next year. CONCLl DIKo AD0&K8 TRIAL KXEKCI-I8. In the afternoon Mr Kdward hvrrett repeated bia Male eddror- od 44 WMhh.etan" to a crowded audleo e In the ; Congregational church The laudablhty or Mr. Everett's ; motive dliarma all criticism ?i' the merlin of bla perform an co A Tew lever- In the evening?auiual and hearty meetingamong eld and long separated friend-?walk* aid talkonce more, m of old, nnder the abide of the tune groves I behind the colleges? borried an<! rogretfal purling* m the lad train fbr the night left the alal.o?sere all thai re m.ilaed to be done and Men of Commencement at Botrdota, la IU". Coat a It Ira'a I'oaltlon Toward the Transit Itoute and the I nlted Mtatrs* [Prom the Panama Star, August 4 ) 1 From the etatemenU pobllahed la the baited Stales journals, received by the last mall, II would appear that the position of Coeta Kloa, In regard to Nicaragua and the traaail room, la not vary clearly understood lu the bnlted Mate*,and though we do n*t pretend to be tborooghly lalllated Into Costa Rioan polity, we have sufficient oppor tuDlties of kaewlng that the aeotlmeola atlribated to Gotta Kica at Warblngtoo, m reported by the pepera, are not these entertained by the Coeta Rina government Coila Kioa alwayn hM claimed a right to the oar'gallon of the San Joan river, which forme a pn lloe of her bound ary lee, Md the eaiabltebm* at at Puata AreeM, at toe muuih of the river, la actually on her soil. The new t-anatt route, over which the avaerta a eoatrol, doei not aater tha Nicaragua! territory, but terminate! at tlallaM Bay, In Coma Kin, a aafer, larrer. and te every way a better harbor thai that or tha Jqm del Sar, wtth the additional advantage of hating valuable ootl mines la Ma TlClBlty. | Tb<* policy (hat Coata Rica la aoxlou* to adopt la not (o 1 cloie the uanait for any period of year*, bat, on the can I Wary, to throw It open lo the whole world, without (rant- j Jhe any monopoly, provided aha fete a guarantee of the Wvcroignty or the noil from tue (real Powerw.and thle she hae an undoubted right to expert, in view of the late nilbuater Invasion* of Nicaragua, and of tho risk aire rune of having her territory made the theatre of elmllar conflicts. II the (Overnment of the rolled Plate* reqtlren the oae cf the dan Juan uanait route fur her cltlaeoa, there ia no rraroe why the sbooid not come to an mdeniUndlng with f'OPla Kir* upon the aabjort, and make ter- 'i that would be ailaractiiry to both |*rtle* the more ao aa it cannot be auppor.d fur a moment that Mr. Buchanan'a pouoy tiwarda that government should bo ant thief but frieodly. Tbo k prerrnirnt of U?u I lu a, aa Tar aa we have the nieaoa of jad(.n(, natead of "giving no bead to the United Ptatre," a tho papers aay, appear* In everyway i moat anxious to remain on good terms with that Power; | and her lenlesd trealnxnl of SllbueUr American <lNU*M clearly shows that la takln( up arm* to defend ho'sol;. .1 ahc ?aa actuated by ao lU feeling towards the American* aa a people. 1 Lorta R ca I* a small Pate, wbeee area la not one half of that of 1 be Plate ri New Vork aid wbnee ent re pop :la- 1 tloo la art griaier than that of Brooklyn; to anppoie that c she would establish a C ita 1 10a policy la dlroot >ppodtlon 1 to that of the United Htatee, la a* absurd a? it would be t oejuat to a ipp- ** that tbe United Ptaiee would tat* alran 1 tagr of Coata Rlaa't weaknoae to Ibrc* her lo yield her t overctga rtghU or diagrace ber nationality. I We behove that If Coata Ktca wore lo tend a repreeeeta 1 tlvo to Waablngton fully empowered to act for ber, to | explain ber prvdlon, and lay her view* before the lotted Plato* . overnn.cnt, a preat deal of misunderstand og j would be avoided, much time would be eared, aula 1 1 betier nndrritnnllug between tbe two natiuai bo on- t tabllsbed I 1 Above all, w* believe that If Oortn Ri-* withe* *o pro 1 ?*?? ?h?,I avoid antanellne alllancaa Wi b I ha Otber Spanish republics, and with lb-' transit tine ^guaranteed by the tniicd flwtos) for a northern boundary, torw her attention to the education of her psople, tad the derolope meat of her rlrb reeoore? i:y Uai weans she will secure her Independence u ntUoo, tad the happlatn tad prosperity oi bar people A T<?rv? r.mL A?r>vcrn>?We Had the foil.** ing particulars of the fate, of Ute principal rett ires o>" which we wera apprised sever*I days ago, la the *y mouse Churirr of yesterday -Consider* de etcitemeol has been created tn tea 'or the past few cays la onsegueact or a young man named J K Hard nor, having (men the means of ai'oortiry a youai. |trl named Charlotte Rnoflold ft ap pcaragtbat Gardner represented tJ one Huntley that be know a yoeng lady who wtibed to go to Ronton, end do aired htm to i l as her eeoorl on the way. fa oompsny w,tb Huntley, the g rl left on the 11.16 P II train for tho last, on Tuf dny, the 2*tb nltlino. fa the way is tibenv, Huntley dloonrered that Gardner was endeavoring taat> duct and aodu>e the girl,i od positively refused to b iro a ytbirg to do with ihe m iter, at >he same time a tn ted the girl to return to her purer la '?n arriving l Albany, Huntley toot the cirl to Paatrlt Ball, where ha left y bar, aid proceeded on bis tmy to Bn?ton. Visa Hro t liald remained at Piaawtl Hull until the following s?adns, when she wis met i>y OordBer, who to-* r her to New York. More they ntoppel at emlem r botala, where (hrdner ladncoo bar to rnceieo rlsiii a from othor men, aud ?f the proceeds supported tht two I As sot), SB ihe girt was unmet by her parents, c Ricor c Jaime, of the lietertlea oflb s, st.irted fhr lloetou, where s he (hand HnnUey, who Informed him that the girl was la tew York, la company with Uardaer oilloer Jtrntt then c wrat to New YorV, fouad the girl, aid broigbt her homo. k Gardner went hy several namce In Ihe courseof the ?d?lr a At ftaowhi Hall he retistered his name a* " fl. P ."tanley t and lady, (Saratoga Hprings." at the Oarltnn House. New s York, ae " iTharlee Haaklns aad lady. Providence, Rhode y Island " at the Florence Hotel, as "C I. Granger and t Imty Philadelphia at the New Haven Hotel, *? " Cha? Gardner an l lady / at Ihe Irving House, as ".ToeephR. c Gardner and lady,- at Kuril's Hotel, aa "Chariest; hsoa ? and lady ' Banner has a with ta New York Mies (too s eld is only about tlvteen yearn old. The preWy fkned girl, with relets, who romaiaed at RUnwi* Hall the greater of week before last, and who attracted considerable attention from the hoarders because of her i youthfhl appraraaoe, and the faei that she was alone, will now he rec nl ?d ar Miss Soofleld of Syraenee II <d the t Ryraenso otTlcor been a little msre Inquisitive when he was 1 In this rity, he would have saved btmeeir the trouble of a trip lon?:ir, ant also have prevented the girl fro-v ( g log to New Yor* with her destroyer; for she was at ihe I -ttaowlx. ogling the hoarders, when he stopped there n tenrcfe o( hor.?Altonf Jrgmt Avgmi u. , HEW YORK. HERALD, SD THE SPIRITS OUT OH A PICHIC. lamonbl AdvMM tiuard?Progreaaton? 1 TIm laKh-Aitodlu Dnum In a Swamp ?Ttoe Bxodni?The lilupi of a Picnic? -The Dejeuner?The Celeetlal Circle?The Spirit of Dr Burriell?The Modern Pjrthr n? iwr Hi*porter Asphyxiated >>rerte"? MM Bplxlte don't want Publicity?Kxpei 1H poises, the Bible?Spirit of an Indian 1 ?Extraordinary Convolution*, dv. Whe'ever ptyrbologic*] tccMUrlciUtt mxy eliminate la 1 hoee wbo pateee 1 Tbet rtr-nf div inity of eotil 4 W fticB conq uera caonee and i ate. I m m UBIH.VUMU muiuny ? rriiaioui wiui UiC Bpiniufti, mad, la the vulgar language or this mundane rpfcere, they "go in" for acctai ecjoytnoct Oao of theee iptritnal organizations, enmmonly termed "plcntes," ame cO on Thursday at WinOeld, LI. At 8 o'clock the aland Cty awung round, and proceeded up tbe Kast river, raving on beard tome fifty voyageri to tbe iplrllaal plea tore land. Borne remark* were paused on the abaenoe of be reet of Uie (latere and brethron; bat a* two other trip* irere to be made during the day, it waa eurmieed the som lambultattc tnttusnco would be nogattred in umo to onible them to mingle In tno vitalizing circle Tata email jut congenial parly, among whom wai our reporle-, who int himself en ropjv.rf, tately landed at Ureenpom, and n a abort time were whitked to Wtattetd- men same forth the patriarch with a mammoth bailcet, and >tbrr* of the "spirits" look op tbe line of march, having vicker pendanla of many (hapea and al/.ee. We pro :eeded for about a quarter of a mile, when, eating on be brow of a hill, the land uf promise waa pointed out. t lay at the baae, and roalizing in onr spiritual association r i foretaste of the arradtan hlisa the aplrita bad provided . or those in commueion with the dwellers in the spirit B and, wa descended Hither," we said, "Is the vale of rempe, or come such heavenly (pot, where, If the pe*l- 0 atetics could again walk the earth, they would raise ' heir immortal I yceum." And ae we pointed, and bad est entered upm the tacred ground, we heard a scream f rom or.e of the stater aptrtts? ' "<>h, lord. Is this the place?" "Yes, ma'am, dts hare do ipr.t dcapirit* kem," replied * ha little nigger who acted aa precursor. r "Why it's a swamp, wo can't squat there; who express . is to get into that bets.say f" Just then the proprietor, at whoae invi'atlon the sisters ml bretbien came t> copy a blissful reunion, made ma 0 ippearancc, and eulogising the besuly of the location, the ? any deligctfnl meandering waika which lay about, in li uiliig Ihe tllken tread of angels' visit, as an all powerful 11 lincher (aid, "I can sisnre >ou against mosquitoes, {] nakea snd (bakes." Then It was thai "strong divinity . 1 soul," " which sbapci our ends," was manifest In j be spirits marched, armed basket a pie, over i>rt?r, 1 rumble and scrub splash went the tiny fo it of an ' rj etic one hundred and thirty pound crinoline, ont'l tbe ' Uract'on or gravitation was overcome by centrifugal c ffoit, and a well shaped leg and ankle wan encase i in ? iJd. A few pine boards lar scattered about The spirits ? et to work with piclcoxo and huxbct, bat tbelr spiritual weat dropped on a barren soil. The Kaobels went away f Imoet weeulng with morli'l cation to Ond out a more c Hig bai'iiatiou for tbe tabernacle < i Uielr desires, rbetr * sale consorts soon followed suit. Then might be seen ' ' splrtta " trudging along with boards, planks, chairs, 11 larrcls, tablet. doors, forms, koil I est, pots, pons, and all * b? laraptaernalla of camping out, at which our reporter vas much amuerd and muted much; Tor, said Ibn stub. * 'orn tcepHc, if tbe spirits can move tables a id knock lown the pal le rnd of a bouse, why don't they lend a haod, md save their terrestrial brothers and sisters all this mllltg, dngghg disappointment an! bolheratlon. 1 Why not bave dried up Ibta dismal swamp, and trailsormed it Into an Arcadian prove, or even Into the ' Troves if Blarney Aid thus our repor-er might have ox latiaied all his vitalizing affinities, when, amidst a du tent abrrrirg of unUuoih, < outradlc -ns M to ]o-? !t,or, fee., one of the spirits cried out, " Look out for the finaaui eporter? he's about taking notes." One old lady very mucn concerned at thii dreadful ipparltion, coming over, said? ' are you the Hskaui reporter!" "Yes, ma'am. " 'And are you going to print what you see here!'' "Yes, ma'am " ' Well, It's a i name?a downright shame; we can't enjoy lurselvca without the reporters mak ug tun c( us " In a little time iblogs ran more smoothly; pots, pans, ablet and seats were ad usted. and gr iups were dlstikuted iver the Held unpacking baskets. "Oh, my sugar Is all 1 tstroyed, t ore's tbo brandy b< UK* sroteo, " says one * rh? r e, now," ray* another, "I lold yon to put tbe bolter a a pot You've rolled U ta paper, and ray basket i? all nasc " "Wby.'sata a iblrd, "I do declare, die beet nice la all over ray tongue ' These tnadry mieuapv aero ever ally enjoy* d, and while one spirit waa washing outotw, another watt making a Ore, a third went to h'int ip p-nic corn, wh'le all were more or leas bnay In culinary nd (i-jtttner alaf'-r belle preparall ?as. i latin t and drink ug ate such every day mumlaae employmeoui, we p?i? iver the spiritual maaiicatlon that waa per for me 1, s-.moty otnarking. the aptnU were all la good appetite and did oailce to the excellent fare During the time of recast he ether parllea had arrived, and there could not have >een leaa on iho grounds than from 350 to 400 of as m\ny ItfTerert characters aa a*e to be foued In either tbe sau 'Ian, marsupial or mammalia) kingdom At half past 1 t'clook an announcement waa made that all apirtia should lio to what some railed the "dlamal swamp," and nor 'vporler?for what reason la hereafter lo ho aeeu?'Ibo rovet cr niarney,*' It gave some umbra# e, bulthe #<int;ibrtnm of oryanl/ation waa aoca rcatored. A few mo. menu and tbe large and motley crowd were at the point if magnetic attraction, wbe there spirits communed wllb their spheres, and amidst the halo of celestial nsptration that descended on their .rrrbrzimt the inner hie as revealed, and all ? traaaluoeutly displayed Passing round ihfl _jjpst)al circle, our reporter espied ana la^y gi viog a fei<MlrUrhee of her arms, and now and j hen a few jerks of her body. Thinking the "ague" U ready bad a victim, our reporler was wondering Iflbere aaa a doctor on band, when be attention waa directed to 1 he same lady by ?oe oi the " perfected flowers" of Ibts ntereattng group, aa a medium under magneto In:!pence. 1 'iwently she sprung on her feet, and In an ecwauc man- 1 icr, ana In broken paragraph*, commenced to apeak J hrough tbe aplrtt of Dr. I'.onioll ?" My dearly bnlored ' rlends? BurdaU Is here?here in the midst or you?to iD-wer for himself; I know It to be a fact; he's come 1 oai k from the at.irrt land: his spirit la hovering over you; c ae sees what la doing by that woman, and step by step be 1 3as led her on; be wans ber to repeal or her wicked 1 leed . he took ber into bis bouse; now be watts to cos* lack," AO.: In like strain concluding with the old see saw, Itckorv -daw orijuration, to live as yoti wish to die. .dudlenly she sal down, be:d ber hands to war eyea, wapi, j luivered, jerked, and struck beravll Into an ordinary at itude. ga/.ing for a few momenta with a vacant stare. ' Well, that's a terrible working up for so Utile,'' said a >\ staudar. Just then a low, moating totiod waa hoard. Turning la b< direction, otir reporter saw two ladtea, conjointly itnler wfat's called psychological Influenca, eaol operamg <>n the other, matupulHtlng, rubbing up ihs spinal f bord, thumb and flnger on bracing, ami like electrical tnd taDoinc conizations. This doublateam develops i.ent our report** thought would be " nome" and accord ri'iy proceeded 10 note ihe content* tl.rroof. Tb? Udy In lie highly magnetic (Into ?n a healing molium, ?i1 war ytrlng dlrrctionn to aiuttber lady, who hal thrown letMir U Hi* kneea of thta molem pytlionent or tome adrice coocomlng one of ber faorly. rho Irrp rrd word* wore ?pokrn between ft dm#I tod terrain, quite o? the "turprl?e" prlaotple, and colli ti'd of lite common place p al^idee to frequently ob erred. leaeloir anything poelttreln the Mate of pur dory. mrtr.|- tbe ybillrtic management the tidy qntvored, nrhrd, ?p irmodlrft'iy ntarted, trembled, and wit d ber laodft In the MHcabalistic lnch'< d. Our reporter awktng tbe recipient of tbe tn*llum'i idwloe fbe cfttiire of lucb frequent recurrence of tbe word ' !; hi," rbe replied "It w?? peculiarity Ju-t Ibeu br mi d un burnt forth, ifler a Tew pa-mollc twitche- ? H'ttbt Ift the moat perfect or tbe external worka of nature webaTeirom God; and then weit on extempor.aing i emmen place repetition between external' and internal-', wttb ail tbe other aew bore n->naeiM>o of a modern me Horn pythooean, ending with tbo usi.U finger workl g ri 'tn b baod Joint dMlracnn." coorubioo*, not for.-Ulug ? wr o| o "utbow h " Parting np. the glared i our re erter?oar reporter, be It told, looked tnared. "Werer rrntore rerer wti," nd he resolved "to eland the ta/are of tbe die." Tbe modern pylbneenf exclalmot? Too re not pennitg rl*bt. I*o your duty." our re lorter looked, but eeld nothing. tbe dtnm contort# 1 t little, pet etroked p>mt by ber com jaeioa, gyrated ber mod*? three (there's lock In odd oumbera) time* abe \ twed these? then aeddr aly J wklng both anna towarda be reporter, a lady compan an mending l<y obe. rred? "We waat orly ln?ptred reportere here." Tb oddro trtnltenar'.n ucqulwltJoo flirted the vllfttl,rg principle into o ir t jmt and we raeolreri *>? it oat "be medium getting ap wleaiu, toon extemporized? e 'IICll, ill [BCD we warn; imuiuen mr w tooir vnj bud dualoax,''Am. < 'ur rr imrter, aepbytialod by the apalltlnd Of laoaotatlon lie mw pmeUoed. laid vry low, aad permitted aundrt p*?-ea, arm pumptuga, ud otb?r ad nnru lo I'd r?ffn> mod within a h dr'a braadfh of bit ?r\!il |T<?|ulik, iliea. A nollcttat ? ? bore m*4r to oar reporter not to pobrb 'M BUM of tereral peHiae. m bo m told ibor ilahed in apeak, bat would not If tnelr momo wore pu> bod To to pro^-wmoa our reporter gore da tab ono at aa<i amordiafly a number of anirimal udleeanl nttemen proceeded to deliver themeelvea of the ordl try eplrlnial platHadea io oommon towrh gathrrinrr. Inperteaoeo were 11v?n; vlelona ware detailed, table Uping, e.balr danriaf, inkatand developing, aptrft eon aualaf, baad gripping. tntircle twitching, lef g< ebbing, ad all the other phyevholnglcel development* were re eeted, wi.h all the alnoerlty of Arm and fast believer*, era much to lb# edification of Ihe IMenlag circle iodara chrteUaulty, fathlimable rtlltftt, the devll'a pereoneliiy?not excepting the Bible?ware hauled orar be eoele, ded got considerably foorrhM Wha 'meglc-aufl",'' Pavitoalla "ihuaderire big apokoo." were eeurrerted la all tb' Ir g haetly hahllmenta, aa well M api dual aaaeacaa, aad area pbyaloo logical rialoot were ml mtely derailed aa happening n tb? daily transaction* of Ifrj Oar reporter thought the epirlte were laying It w too thick, and bad area the uafodllaeaa tolmaflae aurh lortae aa be heard, "whoppera"; but iuatloa to u Jjlly I at er "brtcka" aa ever deetre to eater artrit land, will nly permit blm lo thank tbe eptrltual rirole for their IndBoaa aad hoapttallty. At the cmoloalrin, tbe aplrlt of in Indian moved on?i nf the apecteler* to perform aoma P roerierful onvolutlooe Tbe man ao Influenced ran like < i wild Indian thmn h the wnnde?aa oae gentleman a* e ireaaed II, Ilka a atreek of groaaed llghntng: attempted n o run op treat a lo babooa raved, wpilrmcl aod er reamed a it If tbe very aplrlt of M aotlntmo waa pmnntna Ha la?idna H int. The large aad de'h.hted company returned to Uie b Ity. taring paaaed a moat agreeable, and II la bo.tad, lo itrMotive day. B - a aval Intelligence. a Mentenaat Jamea O. Mm well bat been ordered In tbe tl loop of war (>eae. 1 Mentenaat Thomaa C Rarrl* baa been daiaohed from a be tecelnag abtp el Philadelphia, end Meutenant Jemet f B. MrUauley ordered to relieve blm. Surgeon 8. Kldonl Addi.oa haa been drtachel from tbe e tyeee, and Rnrgeon Wherlwrlgbt haa been ordered to re lore him Surgeon J n "Connor Barclay baa been ordered 10 Ibe rr- I

lying th)p uWo, at Bogloa. NDAT, AUGUST 10. 1857 Ou London CMTMpomUitM. Lot doh, July 38. MW. ! rite Debate <m He tern J Jure?The Man for 'M Eneryemg and the Jfmergenrj for the Han - The Chtneee War?The of the Trench (ieuemment to (Main the ffMradi turn from Kaplan I of Maeetnt end IjoAim Hi4Un?BrM?k JVWwm of MiWary Effete* g?The Wetting Urn Mom* ment?Tke Theaarti, ?c , <tc. After a term of extreme pernio*! quietude, me here ow entered upon one of extreme excitement Peril* nent will be prorogued towards be end or Auguet, there- j ore there la bet Utile time left to ome to an understand ag with the government. The In !Ian qvietUoa may be lonaldered to be nettled by Itfl night'a debate. Mr. PIsraeH nade a clever lporch or more than three boon duration, , >ui u was loi veiling, not argumentative, dot svuacwuug icuvlcilng to do an/ damage to Iho Ministry. Then Lord fobn Hutetll itou^ In Uie gap and defended the govern aent moat effectually, by soring that her Majes.v be an red by her ta-.ttfu! (kmmosi that her Majesty will be npported ;n her dntenntnatUn to rtusoaiiy suppress the nturrectlon Much wa? expected from this Indian deiute, but very 11 tie came of It. Tbua, In ihe face of anxiety and excitement rarely witleered, the session will ism away, and Paimoratun will sly hare bin own will and pleasure to pnrauw. as in usnal rltb blm. The tactics of the Premier a* c to thro w all im xwtant bctineM into the Parliamentary recnu, and then, infettered by questions or pledgee, be disposes of the insincvs of tee country wnn an eaay air, fear;em of oon rqnencee. An aged general an M P , and one of tba liberal party, aid in my presence lsr'. night, or rather tbii morulrg, ellbatoiemn ?hak>- of the bead, ? Ab, thle settle# cent! la and China !?'.hint and India !?bui no Reform bfU!" The war in China ia to be carried on by the naral forces tow. The troope being reqnired for India, our tare are to lave the bnetneae to thrmscivas. France baa p actively declined lending troope; tbliienow an ascertained fact; 1 md. therefore, It is clear that we rauet do all the work mrselvee Tbti would not bavo b?cn difficult?a more SKiime. In (act, for our military people, had It not been o<- tble Indian mutiny. The arrangements are n?w altered, td as sallore cannot do much in India ihey are to do the lUKincK* required In China Tho naral force* already tn patched are concentrating uu Huns Kong, and olhvr . hips, I b:ar on good authority, will bq immediitciy comnieelened and ordered to China Ihe conspiracy againet tho life cfibe Emperor of France >ae serve! as an opportunity for a co-ert attempt to inner England o give way lo the withee of curtain or tbu ontlnental pnwere, and refueo an asylum to poll it si QVnciera. It has long been known that Francs and Ajs ria botn have endeavored In vain to cfloct some arraneoornt wbb the British government for the exvad stmof Kuitical oS'D tern On ihia oocaalon the attempt van mods ly a side wind. It wa* Intended, by including Marxist and .edru Koilln in thr Indictment for conepiracy ti> assassinate bo Emperor, to match a conviction and then mako an apical to Ibis government backed by fjroiblo ilrcumtlanceu. bm will fan Ledru Rollin and others charged wltn tmliicallon are defending themselves, and the (sople of by land are so far with to cm that their protection may e looked upon as guaranteed. With every disposition to ike the French slllance at Its fall valce, we arc not disced to be dictated to or cejoieJ in these ma'tors. Otoe tmmrnce a yielding policy, we shall not know where it rill end. There are rumors (bat government Is a little isposed to It'ten to proposals, but 1 oann >t bring myself ? believe them, for I am sure that public indignation rould be so great that gerioo* consequences woute rollow. At>art 1'iom politic*'. matters we have ha 1 an nc'.deut faich car amused us. Lord Cardigan, the "Hero of !W. iklava," has again found an opportunity > f distinguishing urn sen In tho lb-Id. You are aware, of cenrte, that wo iawa s WSsaf an.l<A Unhtment ft' I \ f?? NtlhPita?mi>n :l?d in brraet ud bank plates, In 'girgeoo* array," mounted on < oal black steeds These regimen's are made ip if tine plekel men. an eraentml quali bullion being that aoh shall be at least six feet b gt?, an t jug; as much higher ia possible. The officer* are the **i"na nf nc bighoat notnllty and gentry. It waa unfortunately deemed Decennary 10 review tbeao regiment* last week, and i*ird Cardigan was appointed to tno duty. The "Hero ot Baiaklava" torlot that these mighty troops are kept for ornament and not for nse, and to expected 'he officer* to manc-uvre in be field as well as a regiment of light cavalry n the Lirimea. Finding, however, that tho gentlemen in armor toe* little or nothing of a soldier's duties, his lordship idminlstered to them a grave and stinging reo tke. Ke it Its?First Four officers sold their commissions. Se:ond The JHike of Cambridge reviewed the regiments In xrson, and reported them a* " effective," and in excol ent t/atntsg l ord Cardigan denounces and the Qomnander in Chief pronounces, the one condemns and the itber excuses. Westminster Hall Is now mil of dos'gna for the pro tosed monument to Wellington, lo be erected In ft Paul's 'athedral. Fxbtbtttons ot designs a-c new quite fasbtona 1 >le Within these few weeks we have bad an exhibition if dealgns for government, cilice* These wero exhibited ,t Westminster Hall to open monthel people, and subse luently the government aopototed jomml'Stouers, and be towed rewards or from X?00 to ?100 on the best or them nils ts encouragement of art, you will say, worthy such a [nvornmrnt as our*. Doubtlca*, hut unfortunately we iar pen to know that out of all thi tealsnt rnmiahcd and paid for. not one will ever be uaed. Tnoy make magnitl sect picture*,but even otr magnlticnt resources would tall jo reali/eany on' of them Nothing bit Aladdln't wonderful lamp or magic ring ocuid do It. With regard to the Wol lirgton Monument It may he otherwise There are of course many models quite outrsgeous and not to be thought ol for a moment, and there are ethers which would aatUfy all , t ur desires. There are models from all parts or ihe world; and one from a Frenchman, absolute y lnsr.lts the first Na polrnn by planing a medalton of the Emperor on a abteld beneath Wellington's foot. Ton whl acquit the Britlah people of any inordinate jealousy of foreigners 1 sm sure, j and so I will Mil yon that tn?re ts an unc imfortabte feel > In g prevalent? a suspicion that the Wellington Mono meat j will be consigned to the hand* of s fo-etgn artist. John B (rough, the celebrated temperance le direr, arrived here yesterday, to Manxnee a three years' engage j men* with the Temperance league fie speaks at a featl- j ral la a few days, and goes to Scotland to fulfil engage i menls there. I iota the operas are aVmt to clrte The season at Bar dajery's, under the direction of Mr I.umley. has been re. narkshly suena*ful. and so has that at the (.ycentn, naler Mr Bye, considering his limited power of aocommo Mr lienry Maybew i* gi*t*g a aeMee of "Ofrlwi OM- i roreethunee" at St Martin * Hall bare, In wht-.b bo Intro lucea lire r peel men* of Loudon itreot celebrUlo*, wb ? heir experience* in their entire dialect. The entartala nenl la excellent. UlU Fart* Utritipri rtenre. Lam, duly 27, 1867. F*r?*rnf }'retferity France? IM AttampU on tA< h'mptm?'i /- /?? /kUretting Intrrvine toith fsiuit .Vafolmw? PrutattaiUilm in fiance?In'erfertnce of Arckbuk"? HugKrt w%Lk the Erection y l\t new froiej'.ani JkurcK tn Parity <lc , dc The present teaaen bid* fair to be one of the moat fruit ul which Kranoe haa known lor a long time Till la fa rorable for the tranquility of the country Agriculture, ommerce. manufacture*?ell are in a liouriebiog condl Ion at Ihla time. But will tranquillity endore/ 1 hare i.any leer*. There la certainly a great deal of dlaeatltfac i Ion among oertaln elaatce of people. The "cli-ratcd laatee" aa they are called, (b"cauae they are rlob and | an live In Idleneaa, where** the "lalxtrlng people" ?l*)uld | >e called the higher rlamea and the truly a >ble, for the InImle nod wtrki.aod man ou?bt to work.) and the wealhter - nple ot the middle clawer are contented with the pre rnt atate of thing*, heoaam there I* protection end qntet, tot to much beoaao- ihey lore llie rfeepotum wbicb relgoi ' ircrall. The rannae* of the laboring people, eepeetally tliofo ho rerldetnthe country, are for the iu-mi part oateatrd, nvumrh an tfcry hare good market* fjr the product* ?d heir taduclry. It la In thi* way that tbta nation, ;f the groat raiorfty of the people may be railed the nation, at-qnteare til mi re or le?? rootentm' n: In the preeent oner of 1 h'egr Hot there te a targe bedy of men >a tnta city of *ar1?, la I.yena, In bordeaux, In Ma inline, an 1 In every | eber principal place, who let net the Fmperar aad all ibout him, who never can forget that he overturned the 1 ernbltc, which. If he bad been toother Waahtngton, and ltd bad hi* tree and noble patriot mm, be might hare ma errd aad oetabtlehnd They can nnrnr be madebtforgive 1 he lr achery ard rlolener whlr.h Icuta Napoleon dleplayed 1 n December, 18*1. by which he Inaugurate.! * raoremeat ' rhich wa* coiwummated In December. 1847 Tha* Were i a wide fpread organlaatioo, ramifying into Italy aad 1 train, -an acarcrly be don bled Tb* recent election* hare 1 bown that there mnet be a formidable party of iwpebBan* In the country at large, thonrh anqeeaUoa 1 My no* a very large minority, rheeo mm will ict rrrt. at Inert, there In a portion of them 1 rbo will not Attempt sfler attempt art.) pro ably retinue to be mads on the Fmperor'e life. Aot who can alt wbetber ntew will aot rone A throne ronad* t In raci aad perjury la aot likely In endore mere la a I tod, rbo tntnt'rxthly Joet. and U>nufb be may boar loog with i irked met, eyea with wicked prlooaa, be dill aot bear iltb them alwaya. The great Nap lena hat a aplaa lid arrer for fifteen year*, bol bta aad waa hiStoltat ng and ptorablb. the Frnprror la at Plomblerre. A fat and of alae rent to Ptomblerea la?t Wedoeatnjr to ire hla nperlol Majeety, baring known mncb of bin daring la sojourn Id New York la the month' of tor'i, May and nne la IMd, and bad an tntarrtew of three hoar* with im. ooe of which waa ?peat at the dlaiier uale, and the ther two In a loog walk, In which ho had a tnrwt fam'llar narematloa with bltn on many eatjmta; bat I am am at berty to eater talo detaJle. The fare no Intirna on of rear, though he spoke freely of the dimcalttea which arlroa him He oom|Maieed mnrh of the lajoettoa of the mertean preas towards him: but 1 am not euro whether e r omen any paper in particular Mr fneed wm greatly track with tha latcase rigllance whiab retgne all araua 1 lombtorea among the pot toe, and whea walking with (he mperor be remarked that they were nerer far frow the uardt who KQCimpanted hla Imperial Majoaty. Iilaoertln that there Is maoh anxiety la the public mind: aad He uncertainly la the atata of things greatly adeem tha raeder enterprtaea of trade aad on amerce I rea the lost aagacioaa do not know what may happea to morrow J am astonished to eee hoar rapidly ramov with lla ton*aad tooguea, can III inch a city as Parta with aews. he arena la nothing to it. Althoufb aat a paper tat 1 a rori about the attempt made ea the Rmptnr'a H'e, I tup eee arery man and woman In Pan* had heard of it wlthla kr laaa than twenty four hour* after fbe newt had ome to Uia diy Tbw now* arrired Saturday ighl 1 beard It ytaterday at churrti about noon, and I 8 P. M aot only did the servants of our hotel know it hat a now moo laborer la the eemtoery of Mont Marte old me that ho had beam It, aad stale I the care as rally . a it had been stated to mo three boor* before be oae of bo boot tafbrmel men to Paste Who oaa loll what o day nay bring ftwtb here la tbie wooderfal oeuntryf I shoald ot bo tnrprteert if a revolution were to take plooa la loan baa ?tk month*, bat It nannot orcor w thoat the death of he fmperar I'pnn tha life of that one man depend*, nder (lod, the pence of oil intbern Kcrope, If not ef j irone entire What a people the FVench are' There la perfect demo ' racy la frame There are ao nobles, no prlr1 ged ciaraen I -none m reality Tho natlm wl'l not en-lure Ihcm t" i re oa a level before the law In mie reap.*1': ant ? ' ? >* I wople baow almnet nothing about troe liberty?liberty ] egalaltotrletly by law. Nb gor era moot oan suit them I ?I mean ou control ib*m? but Ibat of the oajonet. Of Lb la aa ?m; af nearly 100.000 mm la Ota xraaaat proof. There la not religion enough la Franc* lo give the people Iba moral character and intelligence which aro neoeasnry lo perflrct tef control No nation ta capable of aetf go ?e?nw*nl hot one that I* willing A.<1 should relgn by hla laws orer the beans and conscience. Tn.? ta my boncst r>|.lolon I know France, and I do not hesitate to aay that ibere Is but little rel'gton hare So far aa tha Human Qatboltca are concerned, Iba only place in franoa where there is much heart and zrnl Is the city of Lyoss. u ,0 the Protestants, there are but two millions of them , b it there le n good deal of seal among them. Laet year they distributed mora Iban 180,000 copies of the sacred Scriplarea, and rnaay hundred thousands of rallgtoca (rants racy baro bnan laoreaaiag thalr aiforta far vaars, and with much aneeeae And It Is not a IKtle remarkable that the two most lmportaet pacers In Paris, the Journal <U? Dibait and the Sink are both helping the P rotor Unt cause in>m*o*aly. This baa ticlird the Jesuit*, and they have 'airly lisoed three pain jblute, In wblob they bare set forth the mast alarming eta ementa (and all eaeatlally true) respecting the progress of Protestantism, especially here In Pari*. Did yon ever hoar of inch folly f Really the deyil la not aa eno as me a esuallv suppose htm to be If the I'rotes anta were to blie tb? Jennita to help tbelr cause, I im sure that they canM not propose lo them to do any Iblns morr effectual tban they a?e now doing hern. Taey ue belpiQC to wake op (he people of Parle to Inquire what Protestantism really ia. Goad. 1 only bono that thnr will hold oo long CBocgh. They are bow ajfuhmg Parte or the 1'rotes.anti. Apropos of thw eohjeet, let me eay that the Amennen Protectant*, who are engaged to building a cinrothere 'or as American sendee, are experiencing no little trouble n tho'r enterprise The government threw* ebstanles in be way. It I* (aid and bettered here that Archbishop Ffughea I* at work, and that be far* to the government of ranee, or to thn.Ie?-.itt? hero, and they aay It ?>the go rem weul, (which la about the atme thing.) taat Ihla Americau hapel ia to be a for -eta of Pro catan; propagandifa. and ibould rot be al owed ti exlet Thia I# ten bat. Hi* Grate thonld by tb'.a time bare i mis bed an me of onr American rtcaa of religion- liberty. lie pratea abon; religions tberty In Amerlia; let him be io f>vo? of religious llburty n Prance antt e??rywhero elae. Hia oondact in Una mat er 'a to be condemned. Our Berlin Corr* upon deuce. Hcru.u, July 22,1RI7. Sudden lnduposition tf the King?Arrival of the Dowager of Kxuna?Aemiixrtar:/ of the Death, tf tjneen JjOuisa?lieported Secret Interview of the Ctar with Luuit Xapolton?Change in H unan l'oi\tical IViw Since the War?The lieti Knot Oonjrttt?J he Great German Fain, tic., ,fc. The King's retorn from Vienna has been delayed rather longer than ru expe,n?l, owing to a sndaen Indisposition which he was seized with on toe road, and which comrt?IUa.1 him In itnn a Hhu n* at IMMuUe. a rh/iJjmu b?* longing to the King of Kaxotiy. It was an attack of fever, probably brought on by heat and fatigue in hurrying Tram Mplitz to Vienna and back again, at the very height or an African mmmer. Crowned hcaila are always in a greater Bustle than other f.-dki, their time being so moot) more valuable (few of tfcera hare more than twenty-four lei?ttro hours a day), and 10 they are continually in the move, Hastening fron poet to pillar, and hardly allowing them lelvee a moment n respite from their wondroux feats ?f locomotion. At the King's age and with hia habit or body however, aui-k v.jlenl exercise Is not quite advisable, and may eaelly 'ea t '.a serious cons*, q Fortunately for bim, his physician, Or. Schucalein, in one of the clerorcU piaclitlons iu Kurope, and got htm round again go aeon Ibat be war able to leavo PtUult/. on Friday morning, and return to Soua revel the game evening. On ' sturday ar truoon the F.mproag Rowagornf Russia arrived thore with her ton Hioaei and hor future g in la law. The Urand Duchess of Mecklenburg Hsbwerin, I'rin cess Frederick or the Netherlauds, Prtnje Charles and Prince Albert of Prussia, had preceded her on the lOib ingi , the annlvergary of the death of the araunte-l Q ie?n J/iulsa All her children, with the exioiitlon of the Prlncu of Prussia, were assembled at Potsdam to be present at the fnnera servl :e held annually In remembran ? of her. The Queen la burled at iharlotieburg, and every ('.ranger who has visited 'terlln will reoollecl the splendid mango leom erected over hrr remains, and which has afforded Mia Uemana the aubieci of one of her ttnetl ptem* The deceased Queen la represented at full length, reclining as If to sleep, and nothing can be more exquisite than the modelling "f her figure, rr more touching than the cxpresetjnof her cwntmiaiioc, b manful in death, aud with a seraphic smile on iia features It ic admitted on all hands that the famous Prussian sculptor Patch has sur ,>a?soI himself In this inimtiahls work of art. Although I tuna hat now been dead forty seven years, her family eilll con linue fondly attached to her memory, and ber high spirited patrtotbm, her benevolence and kindness of heart, are dwelt upon with affectionate regret i>y li gh and low. It seems the King 1? not quite recovered from hla Illness, as he did not visit the mausoleura In company with his brothers and titters, but only attended the servlro attbo Friedena Kircne It l otsdam. Tswards the end of this week the circle of royal visiters will be Increased by the arrival of the Czar, who will ac company hla mother to at. Pa'eraburg, and then return to Kiatinger in leicn nm wne. as 10 dm repor-?<i interview wttti leuts Napolcoa, nothing be?D published <>rilc1al)y concerning It, but 11 is elated positively that the two anioorals mtl Incognito en Thireday last. near Carl?ratie, their conference htvtDg been arranged by the Kmpo ror of Riisaia'* brother in lew, the i.rand Hake of ll?t<e Darmstadt The disturbances Id Italy, the result of the election* la France, and the revolutionary tpint which la memiesting Itself th varioat parte of Europe, are said to bave made a deep imprest ion on the mind of Louis Napo leen, and rendtred htm enxlou* to obtain the oo o|ieratli>a or bit brother Emperor In case ILeee moreaienla ahould acquire such dimensions at o call tor decisive measures. It it noticed tbat one of "be French government papers? Ibe Pom? contained an artlsle a few day* s nee to thow llial H i ' Red Phantom" was at buty a! let talk a* ever, and ibal the republloan p'ot lately discovered In Franco and Italy extended lit ranntlcstiens to (iarmany an 1 even to Poland. This was evidently intended to alarm the lar lor the safety of bit own dominions, and to induce blm to forget bygone grievance*, and to Join ibe ether Powers In upholding thecaise of "ordtr" tnd " dvl.i/atien " Sow. It is very likely that Alexander II. would be * lMlog enough to do so, but It Is s great question whether he wHl be able. Bis Ihtber, Nicbo las, the great potter down of revolutions, wss sore of the blltd obedience of bis own people, and eonld lead bit ar mlea to the asnlataaoe of bis fellow kings without any fear oflhelf being wanted at home; bat at present, ir Mm ar coasts we bear from the interior of Russia beoorreot, there Is s spirit thread ibere which may prevent the Cxar from playing inch a pari In future It wlA <to recollected tint after the campaign* of 1814 and 1816 the Russian oiflcere who had taken a abare In them returned home impreg nated with liberal ideae, which I'irmnnted for soma yeani in secret till they led to tha msar notion that wai quelle I with so moch dial lulty by Slcholae on hn accession 11 the llnene to* iui *tr in <uihhi wuva ntu >Finiiiir cnom Tbe Mnvcorites h*?r h*<l their eyes opened lo tbe vice* of diuMIrm, * rndloal c.liene U fell to be oecttaary, ud the foundation* of the present ayatom ere being gradually tapped by the iorowla of opinion If, I therefore, revolutionary movement should break oat In Weetern Kuaopo, It t? not unlikely to (In t en echo to ibo heart of Hu??l*, eo'l the czar will have enough to do to keep hie own ?abj?ctn In order, without troubling hi time IT about other* iteeldca, bo Im itlll at dagger* drawn with Auatrta. ?u < all the efTorta of hi* uncle, the King of 1'rns iia, to effect a reconciliation, end to br<ng abont a n>< eung between bim nod the kmperor krancta Jotepb at Bar Do, have pro el un*uncne*ful The beat root Uongresa, mentioned In a prerloi* report, ha* been ariembleo now for a fortnight, but without glr lag the tenet algu of life V thing haa Iran ipl red a* yet reepeeting Ita deliberation*, from which II may be Inferred that the proposal* mace by tbe Prussian government bare rncoca rrad ?ome nppnelti ? on the part of the emaller i.ertnan State*. and aa no alteration In the /.olIrerefB da lien can take place except by a aaanlrrmd* reeolullon, ft I* paaelbie iba weole tchame may eod le smoke. With tbe exception at Kuaeie, <??rmeoy ta now lb# only onuatry lo k'urope where the great kiaual fair* Mill ?nhatat which formal during lb* middle egre Uie centre* of oommerctal Intercourne. la England every vcatige of them baa l*og disappeared nnd tbe Talr of Ueeuoal/o, la Fruoe, and that of Aa gaglla, in Italy, have acnrcelv retained a *badow of their former Importance, ft nee the oonatroc.loo of railway* in thl* gooatry II baa frequently been predicted that the aooel? rated communication would be ratal to the whole eydem of fair*. The country me?chaata, It was argued, would have no rcearloa to lay In * large Mock of good* at a time; la noon as they ran abort of any article In their atore*, they could get a supply by rail ia a faw hour*, which beretorote wtmld bare taken daya to forward, and ta ttoaee qosnce It would be naneeeeaary for them to vinlt the intra, rbl* prediction, however, but proved to be erroneon*, and at the lael Mf held at Erekkfurt op the (bier, which hna mat terminated, bneineea to a greater amount waa Iraan kcted than for many year* previous Frankfort on the dec la altnatad about U mile* from thl* city, a distaoce travelled oa tbe rail la two boars, (the King ha* made It la one. bat this la northing extraordinary, may almost be considered m a suburb of Berila Before | he adrrnl of Uie "trou age" It took from e'fbt to loo Hours trareileg be Ibe em I'meetoa schoolipoet, or melt post, aa the Ksftlsh tuirlata need to net! II. now e daft the Berlin shopkeesper* (tart Irom bare lo lb? tooralng, make ?etr purtbaeee dories be crime of the day, aad return la he er*olB|; aad many of tbem repeal ibln expedition two >r three Umna while the flair continues The merchandise trought to Fraahfort thin fair bp manufacturer* aad wbote 'ale dealero, ooneltiiar chiefly of dry goode aad aome pre Inoe, amounted to 100.000 owt , Ibe greater part of which net allh a rapid tele, at prloen adrnnUgeou i to U?e ran lent la broedolrtbe?ehteflf a oeerre arttrle the maeu dure of tbla country and Ute Zillrereia? tmmenee jueiaees wan done, aad Ibe innslr wae not equal to tea Irmand Boyera from the I'altod R,aten and Itonto tmerloa were not 10 nameroa* u they generally treat tbte reason of the yrar, bnt ifge lunatltim >f g,ods we?e cold to Austria, feomsrk, Sweden, *0. ?lk aad woobea articles were readily disponed of, aad plain oottoas and domestics, more nspeoially printed call es of Berlin. Kbealeh and Wsmpbaiian maamfhrto'a era In each request, aad to many orlen ware flrsn f?r them, that tnaaufhrtorere refoeed lo accept any moro, hetng quit# unable to complete them This fhvorable is pert ?r tradi to tan great mmeure owing to toe new Itseataa tarlO many nf the prtaoloal buyer* wore Rtw*?ans icd l*olea. who, la eddt oo w toe arVclot jtul enumerated, purchased oooeldersbl. -aalMs* of (law ware, poeoalala ho . *e. Altogether, business bad a dectd.miy healthy ap Mwrance, and toe brilnsnt reeuit of the Frankfort fair baa tm bed some effect oa toe moaey marks* lo general. shich, in aptte of oconslcnal rallian, la attlt la ratoar a ihsky condition. Frntlnaenta of an OrfiffenarUti Politician In rsgtrd In Iks United State*. The fWlnntng li an eilract of n latter from tJsrmany, laied July 4, IM7 ? Too know my attachment to yonr grant republic II irtglnated n 1796, whrn 1 landed from cm board the brig Torldenee, la Hampton Reed* Tbe fowr yearu will to I p?at la your Atlaollc States were the hspp ret of my life, ind ihr #th of Say, 17B7, when I had th? honor of dlulng d Mount Vernoa with your Immortal Washington hU imlahlr lady, ban not slipped my memory during the kitty ream which bare s'noe passed When I left Now Yorh, la IKK), It miked the fbarto * I commercial plane afl?r Philadelphia, Bwtuo nad nuumore. It k*l sow bsonms tba snot amurluoi of lb* Wort and, at to Uatoii tba tut of the uummsrelaJ aorkt it will eouliati# to maintain ibis > aql< an long w your Woaten) -ft alee rtman ontted with tbe uiart'tc -natea May your present President, Mr. Buchanan, succeed to ret tore harmony throughout th( Union. We eotortaia Kuiope a very hi|b opinion of bta talents aa1 .fcareetar. and van ?>ut wtab that be will remain right years the chief magistrate, to u lo avoid tbe eritia of a new eiemoe, which is always n try lac time frr yonr const;.utiun. A IVrtloua Balloon Ascension at Troy \ from the Troy Times A of oat ft j Profutror Marion made bis thirty ftmrtb naoewt-n from thla etty on Saturday tart, undereirouamlaneieo ha/.erileoe and with a reanlt to poru'lar ai to plaoe It among tie miet remarkable event* In the blatory of ba lntalug, fraughi aa It la with thrilling advent area. Tbe Inflation of tea bai loan waa son mei cad aboniy after two o'clotiu. from the malne which bad been previously employed for that purpose and bad beea allowed to remain tin- a tbe prertocn aac-enrton Several trivial accidents and delays occurred, and tbe monster waa not ready for tu aerial v< ynge until about six o'clock. At ibis lime tbe Prufoasor aiepoed Into tba car, accompanied by a lady of thta city, Mrs Palmer; the restraining ballaat waa thrown oat and the oar alo wly ascended, toe Professor bowlag and tie lady waving ber handkerchief to tba crowd below, until It bad reamed an altitude of thirty or forty reel, when it becan alowly to descend, tbe aaoeoalve power not being sufficient to carry Ibe combined weight of the peaeeogero. For the taformation of reader* abroad, it may bo stated that the po ul a tbe enclosure from which tbe balloon waa started is die tent some two hundred feet from tbe forth Ban st church. In going up and descending some thirty or for .y feet of thin distance wan passed Naturally, the crowd gathered shout ina or, rwir?ma| ih asoe.n, ?.. i ? par y ' who wished U> go up with the Professor got jto u>e basket An a tempt was msde to keep him on, sod a the excitement attendant upon oleaelog the gro .o-t iho etcoad time t?e attentioa of the aeronaut was distracted from the business on hand. (totting off again, he asoeu led quite rapidly, hot was carried by ths current of sir upoo which be struck ss rapidly toward tbo onnrrn sptr?. When Ids attention was turned from the crowd, ho found, to bis astcnishmott, that ho was within some twenty feet of the church, and going toward II at a dangerous rale or ape.od. To clear btnuctf, bo immediately grasped a Bag or ballaat and tbrew It outside In descending, lbie passed within somv two reel of the bead of a lady wbo was looking out of the window of an adjoining b ilidiog. made a clean bole through a graoe arbor, and broke a board in a bacl stoop by ita weight. After throwing out the bal aat, tbo balloonist an tended very fait, bit.I noon became painfully apparent to ine anxious crowd oolow that a collision with the church spire was IncrilaVe. Ma soon occurred- Tbe ballooc, wbioh wsm then going at a rapid speed, cane in contact wtib tbe lightning rod at u>e apex, with a blow similar to that of a veasel snrging at n high rato of enrol agslost a dock. The concuss on was teriible. The Professor, who bad anti ilpalod uhesbcik, braced hi vac fin tbo oar, and anxiottrly swaltod the result. After swaying to and fro an lontaut, the baboon caught, apparently, in a both connect tng too rod wito the spire, and tore, with as und wbich was dls' nctlr beard from the earth. The rent wan between ton sod !wcl?o feet in length, leasing a monstrous sperturo through which tbe gas ruatied with a sound !iko that of tbn wind A thr II of horror ran through the crowd below, voomptaiod by exclamations Indicative of '.be general belief thai the deu'b ?f tho .i ronaut waa inevitable. Bat, nciwitbstoi tbo hazardous situation In which be was placed, ho iutin*ain?-1 the most perfect self possession and equanimity 1 ne balloon bung suspended by ;te spire lor a momco , the gas m* an while escaping a! a Vat To I rate, and <rl h a scund which to a man posscsaea of only ordinary nerve, wou.di have Deemed a sentent e of death Then, diaengac tg itself. It mso slow ly and with a vacillating mctlcn caused by the , ">llap?e until It had reached an altl u 1c of ttvo hundred fret. It then descended rapid ly again T i retru ! this momentum ano her bag of baliast was tbr-waout, and Urn effuct was to cauae a second asceuxlun. The naJ wb: ;h rarrttd It up was not omwtan'.ly being lost. if \ny toiug could have ailayod the an.ioJs ozcliemout of the crowd, it would have been the apparent induleroow the l'n If88> r to the torrlblo danger of his altuatlou. When n> an al iiude of a thousand fuel, bo leaned lor ward from the car aiy) waved hta bat to ibe crew! below. Th" gas rneliing out at tbe rate oi over a thouiaud acta m/siie, the balloon roou lost Its aiosnuve power, an I ?ueu near tbe State Dam began to doectnd at tbo rale rf twenty leet a second. The danger ol dascsuc ig In tho river became Imminent, but by lean eg ru In the car and driving tne weight en one side, thla waa avoided, and the deicent waa tnaio upon tbu dock between Mllle'a foundry and tbe Olymr.r m.1'1, within twenty fret of tbe water. Tbe -pco striking tbe around wai very great, tbe ca* rob julAilk a divtance of tbree or four Icet, and than drifung it ?arde the river A nnmier of persona vrbo wore prevrat nr9 vonied It from going Into tbe wafer by aciuog m i r.e roper, and holding ti with strong binda. ITc rca .t cT .be pulling and rreeeure of tbe escaping gat wac a col'.apee ' tbo balloon from top toboUtm. Tbo dajger was over ? the Hrofesaor bad completed an asoeccl .a, which, we venture to arrert, was aa ba7Ardoua aa any ever made ry an ronaut who eacaped from bla adrsn.urea with life ar.d limb. Tbe scenea during and Immrdlalelv aurreeding tbe accident beggara description. Whoa tbo bohooo atrr.rli thn s,<tro there waa a general eiolamatlon of horror, and hundred! averted their boada, otpectlng that tbe ' roeaot would be daabed to p ecea oa tho inatant. After the apiro bal been cleared, the crowd ruahed forward frantically? men, womvn and cb Idreo?anticipating that, at tee firtbest, tbe ballo>n would de*o?nd below Booatck street, tod that tbe death or Mr. Marlon *u Inevitable. The* wore happily disappointed, an we bare Men. While tbe Pro'eiHur *? packing bla dieablod Mm,Mloaattwo tbiraesad pertone had arrived in Urn neighborhood, who followed htm In a crowd down to tbe oily. It waa a arena of ibe wildcat excitement, an It bad been before of tie moat thrilling anxiety. New Patents laeuetf. The following la tbe hat of patenin laatied frcro tbe lotted Hlatea l atent (>fflce fur the weak ending Acgoat 1, lift?? each bearing Ibat date ? Win Becbeller, of Wait Newbury, Maes., improvement In mow lag machines. Win. Baker, of I tica, N. Y., Improvement in automatic lubricator for railroad car aalei. (iilbert Bishop, of Naw York, N. Y., Improvrment a rotary veneer macbinee. Ara Blood, Br , of Norfolk, Va., improved dredging machiee Hiram i>lllaway,of Baud with, Mara , improvement a gla??ware boldera. Wm. H. Fee, of Cincinnati, Oblo, Improvement n machine* for hilltop cotton need. I4etn 1-tahcr, of BcfJhlo, N. Y., Improvement la water cloaeta UensJab Pitt*, of Worcester, Mam , Improved arrangement of feed roller* Tor rlaoing machine* Alanscn (>ale, or rougbkeepale, N. Y , Improvamcnt la ni"? maeblne*. Jbmi- M filUtrap,of Warhlngton county, Ark., improved machine for wbe (ting plane bite. J H 'iowdy and l k Wtlib, Jf Xenla, O, mprcvenect in hominy tnllla. Nathaniel s (Jravea, of limtoo, Mam , licgmcvemeot n I curtain Oii'ire*. Adolph Hammer, of Beading, lit, improvement n brewer*. aleara boi'in* aooaratne Htoiur I I inn**, of New Vork, N. Y, Improvement a bip'* cepetane (J Mwtrd C .lore*, or llttnvirg, ft., improved eteer or a?p*rftn? for (Mcnm n'rlarre Oavld 1, now I'.on, of Gamdno, Me , Improvement a itip'a capMia A ex R I ???. of ( inetnrntl, O . improvement la anion* nuc lubricator for railroad car ax lee .lobe C. Macdonald. of C'.reinrntl, O, Improved vatTular arrangement la fauceta. As., Mi olaa Mar/ Alna, of I'blBielpbla, fa., Improve n?nt la nllk dyomr rnaeblnen. Gideon li Maaacf, of llrgtile, ala. Improvement a artrnmrnt* far indicating Ike dep b gf nater la rfelpa. A'fred Mounter, of Camden, N. J., Improvement n fee manufacture of autpburlc acid .fame* W Vorcixxa, of Biiiloo, Maaa . Improvement a reefing topeai'r Wm Neecbam and .levee Kite, of V.tubal, Pcgiaad, Improvement n nitration preaa for exproeaing ll<|o;aa from i*ataaeea lobn K O'Nlel, of Kiagatea, N. 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M H?ad, improvement In bootertmpn Apmrionti 1?rnot atmim ? Joel Pry am, of Pro. klyn, \ v , improvement m hmghng wineben tor alxp board Patented April 7, 1S67.