Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 16, 1857, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 16, 1857 Page 6
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6 HHI|? ButMtng t* Itew *?rk. to UJ* dcr?rta?at of toade ntagnalloc u almoto the or ttar or too day Loot year spward* of e'ghly *se)*l 1MB todarerttg crrcr IPO toe*, ud nroral nywor* or MOO Urn., ?*re lau?oJ?ed 1* tb.* city, aod ovoo thla I*rga mb her 'aito considerably tkort of the namber* launched to feme of the preceding rear*. Of ooorse Uioro woro o POyoftkMto number of small croft oomtrocted and veer to add! doo to the larger ohm The total mber of launches io thla city this yoor will ooaroely Maui to mort than oae fourut of the cumber of last year, aed the cry among* the ship carpenter* and other aradeomen wh-> derive benefit from whip botld>og it, "ae toad*." The caoao of the falling ot. this yearn this importa nl branch of trade In obriotiily attributable to *o aay Teasel* being compelled t > lay tip Id oar harbor for weat of freight. The following is a statement cf what is hotel done to the various abip Imlldtng yards to mo city " 7'~ ? At IW'? bo vessel bM boon launched a* yet, but two are oa the slocks and Lb cour ie jf construction. One of Mem it a large jacket ahip of 2,300 toua burthen, which baa bees on tho stocks for the last Ave months, and is ex. pectsd to t>e launched about the rtrst ni September The ether ie a hark of 360 tons, which haa ai*o beeo a consider able time oa the stocks, and ft pec ted to he launched in about two menu* At Roosevelt k Joyce'* three vessels have beea iaunohed Ibis year, and a bark which i* cow no the stocks is expect ed to be teed; for leunobiiif In about Uuee mmlha. Sue )B abool 700 toes burthen. At Wesirrvoit'* a ?et?ooncr cf 200 tone Is all that la going aa at present. She will be launched in about one month. There were two revels launched from this yard this '"Jt Wrn H Webb's three have been launched ibis year and three Mbere are ot> the ?ck* now. They are a pa icet aiyi Cfl.?0 ton*, and two rojiellers, one of 1,400 and the ether buo tons burthen. The ship will bn launched in abont two mouibs and the other two In about a month af terward* It a romorcd that tho large propeller .a for the Kassiau guvernmeat.and we understand that the other has bees ordered by our cwa government. B th mean reteel* ere bout with considerable solidity and c.t good materials and their contour a excellent At English's one ferry boat, to ply between Boston and Portland, is all that has boon constructed or it cteaded to be coastrnciod this year. At Erskine's no vessel has been launched yet. but a bark of 4M tons is being constructed and uspcctcd to be a Ib a esontb At Colyers' a steamboat and a yach' are being construct ed, and one ba k ot 460 tons is all tnai bas been eunchel j* The Plug Iglles. 70 TL'K KDITOK or tuk ukbald. BaLTisua*. August 11,1657. As the came "Ping Ugly" bt* of l*te became lather eeaepic.cus, and Lis become In fact the stereotyped e?neajme for rowdy'.am, hnllytsm, and prut-teat blackguardism generally. It may be nterestlng to some' f vour readers u tearn the origin of s term ehlah is indeed tfengulaily expressive and applicable to the purposes to which it has been applied It hat become the rmnying cry r a large number cf half grown yoong man who either are memiert of, or who run with, e bo.<L and ladder compasty in this city, rejoicing in the more classic and patrio he name ef the " Mount Vernon." Hard by the head? gnarttri of this tine company there dwelt a vecdrr of *egare and tobacco, who was d;stingo:shek at being the ayttrilman in Lis neighborhood. Ha astabuthment,<le rtved the prlBcl|.?l |>art or lia ?nr)jK)rl from the Morn* Vernon bc>s, aid the nvsnable form of addr??n, when ft pln| of bis chewing tobacco wm called for, wan, ? Give m a ping, t'giy." Ton will at ocoe lee tow readily the aleknamc was adopted. Tata ma; be worthy of resord ana historical curiosity, or M ft tote for iba nest number of " Notes and Qieries " iiYna Torn to Piece? i? a Bear.?We are pained to team that :>yivctt?r I.tcgdoo, who lired sev?r*i unlei tuis aide of Ecluncbrr's raw mill, met a horrible dean on its M of Jnly. Ho ?u etit fallowing a cow, frr thi purpose of dlseovr.fcp a yonrg calf, which she had secreted 10 tbe woods. *i cn he'was attacked by a grixzly bear, and bor rihly mangled Tae .'ower pa'i'uf his ra-je, Including bin rtghi eye, will; one blow of tbs animal's 1; ige pat, wa? daahtd a disiAtce of ten feet from his body. Talsbljw an*: bavr killed blm instant'y. H<- was, however, in other plscaft bitten and torn in a shocking manner. Mr. | IftBgdon'i gun was fennd by bis site, loaded, with the cao epon it mapped. It 1* supposed that ho flrod at the hoar ocer, and then reccing off some distance, reloaded and ! retcrned to the oharge, when, his g-;n missing Are, the bear bad it all his own way Hie satco hsar, ou the same **7, killed a remarkably active ox. which woild litve ] weighed at lean eight hundred pounds. Worn found the , ox had a'moet every bene In his 'iody broken wb'lahU ' fiesh was tore into shreds, (t has been discovered thai thin bear will uail a man or an ox. So that l.e b&* bocorae j eroee "Unfit dangerous. 8 me ldet of his strength may be fbrnri' d from the fart tbot be dragged tho ox. after it was j head, a considerable distance a feat which a veVo of oxen i after war s fabtd to accomplish? Shasta Ci!i/jrai? Iburim. Jrnlf 11. IPyi'KTlSKMKMS KKNKWKU EVERY DAY. WTrATlOVS XV A.VTKD?FRMVLESIt AXBR1CAN WIDOW LADY. FOR THE ADYAWiE of use h odred do'nam. would aesept ol atuuaim as Goo.! itfcreuw Address Hope. I nlon aiaare Foal tiToe. GOTBRNUiM.-A TOUH8 LADT, A NATIVE OF 1 Fran* sad a good m.slciao, wishes a stioatiea an s? twstw m a private famlit Best of refareaees gltea. Ad Mom T , boi 13 Hw aid offloe. WANTED ?A LADT KXFERlBMOBD IN TEACH;*.! la aoiloaa 10 form an engagraeul as irsvelliag imjua loft to a lady. Althouca pn >rrlnc the !,inner sue wan 11 not -j?ct to u atrnct una or two cnlldren. or r* South m teatb< r of the K114 ..ah braacbea, mualc, A?. The beat of reference* Itin sod rt .ntrad. Addreas a It '} , llera'd rffioe WARTKI1?A f4TC ATJOI* HT A RRSPS TABLE yonaf woman m ooak waaber ant r >rfo irae; bo to an tm Mt laanrrraa yoid plain c-w>k an l baker. Mood reference riven. Call f * two aya ai 13 Atlantic a;, ? of Bevy. Brook'yn, roju. up ataum. NIM'ATIO.NS WAXTED-MALEs! rAR< HITKCTS Hl'll.l?KtU? AND KCIS8 MAROIIg?A wcttal taaoon of Auod ot'r ref-rmoe aou four c >?a?e Mat to Lrhn??ci m'1 t'liiinnt* Intrusted, wan'a empXjymeat. bn eaoabfpty can he better known by addreaa a* 1). i>, BeraU li e aMlag where aa laurels* ton) bo bad ipO BOITIIRN OR Wb-TERlf MERC1IAWT3.-WaWT A ?, a alt nation, by ? yt-un* man. :n a lace and mhroide.-e More lo take charye ur aa ta-tmao. ban bad several j?mT* raprrl-rcH to ;te S-uinaoa. and ut a-pr a-nt in a firr. rl?a? roro it tA.t c ty tan piro und jn jtea referessas. Addreaa A. P. B Broadway Post ofllae Tutor "r trachbr wantro, a ritc Arrow, tit a fradua of Dublin t'n.trra.n bat traeelladwt Enrope aa tutor; and tautbt in a college la thta coun'ry; baaldea tan urual collegia's atuiliei be ! w < 1 read in the higW mi'hema Una. natnra phll mpliy, betleg le ri and Hebrew, Una* of Mu and oUtnr rn eren ea. Addretr, for all tlayt, Cbap*lle. lAACr-aty it., V V. WAPTin- BV A PROTISTANT TOUW't *AI? A RTTT7 at ton aa groom. It w!i ? to nxf hurae'' generally tiaafnt. no objrc'Wr to so a abjrt dAtan.v* In die coantfy. Adlrraa K F. !M Wttt 19 k are. or tare# fpghu of atair* help watteu?i rmalki. A ROOD "OCR WARTPlt-OWI WUXIlbl T > ARRfRT A. m tba waauiud and Ironing. iitdai 76 5 bar., two Baiora ab"ve 1Kb at. TUJTWF WART1D-AJ? KXPKRTKL"K") WCRflK TO JLk *!' the eo'lre charge of .n Infant, o .esiho th r.uyhty nndrrrjuv? the bnataeaa, ta a jpwt aermtteew a~d bewail reoLatmea *d mar apply at M (llutoa piaee, batwaea tbj hoera of I aad II Monday morning ORE KrjfPKEI) 300D PI.A1M hKWARH WaMfElt? Car bur dretd nra', tldi and amart p'atn aewra ?au Qod iMBtedtatn and made eTep'-i*m?n- at S- factory e tenor of aw. and TV ?t fourth tlaor Alao tift fine plain ?ewera ran Red laan.edm jr employment at the aarar place on hue work W. H A C H. TH IRAMR. rlMMKRk. RIJL1RKRR ARD RaLRAWoMRR WANT, ad T ,vo frimnai ra, :w.> aaleawriaaoc and an tn'mn'ra wanted; ail moat haeo the free neportenco In ?b?tr diTerent brwiw of tae b toneaa Apply at Rra'a tail"..nary, M Broadway WARTIIt? TO MO TO BAuTlHORR. TWO MlLURARk to trim bcenr'.a and ?rt tip atylee Tbe heat et|>i Wattrnaof Frar.rr nratarrr.1 Pair arp..ranot> u a >n a* oaatb> b#?w"aa t>? born of ? and I P. M . at Mra. PhiMpi, 0 IJ proard at , nrw Kmart war WAjmrn-TWo ok threb uirls or honk kxpk rieocala Bat o| up laetw ctnoro'drrtm and Hindoo ?' W-i< Kr[?|iamtt ran ha fnadr for brim of A*p>aiber It pT?I?Hrd Kit.' KB A 'IRANf, 7<B Braadwaf. WABTtn-P BHT f'L?K? M At'HIBK VRBT M1KKH BALI)tf IK A XT aRB a Park row. WABTKIV-A PimPkTKffT OPERATOR TO WOEK A aa,a? BiMbinr. konr but aorb ?*rj apply. Oaii at Marak A to n?, g v??rp ai . A at or Homo. W'VT? ? J to . . 'ICMtfl Al HOniKff'HK la a ? ail prlntr family; a?r mnr' arm r *? !) r?vw. aaaadM frw n,.. r aid n iatrr A Urrtnan trlrl prefrrr-d APP> iat?*.tAt?Jj ar .k* t mar of II fb and Brl'yeata., m l ij r. W*!,Tl"t''1^ ' x MAKERS, j APPoT " * *' P*',*k. m ai>? SWT Broadwar. op ataira TAT A NTT. II TWO tllt'l^a AT hi? nR'IAHIf >Y. OaK TT a> (to kn ! ork, rook, waah and trf>o tbr other aa aaraa aa<l aramairraa. Ultp rat?r*oo? wanted. ITTKLMOriCP. OKFK I'd, WAITKP IWWKPIATFM?TIW WD'OOOW M*? ? to I I twrir. anr*. four a"- '-kui^ntuiliWllHiMiriiin ' ?"nir .m*r r rli for ??? >??) a net, and four ainart &ur??M. at Mb Gih a?atiua a/ar ljrl at WAKIKU-AT hkhjikwinu HTKM.pii(TT~o? f.ert, J" Naaaau at a good hotal on*, t?,, parr. rv>>r? Urar food boiH walu-ra. and aome wall rwvmi aaawdad mrU Itar print* flm'Ilaa. * ^ABTlIf- TWO ItOfiKKKIKKIH FOR johbTTo bouaaa threa rlrrka for tlekal no ahlppng ofll -at tiro aon'icrtorr, foarclorkt lorgroarry and dry tno-li alio a i?? bark**p*r* two ba?rtf*">*?i thraa pon-r? two ~rak?aa.-n four wt*n frr naaaier*. tkrar flr* ao.t ao aipntaa drlrara, >?? onarimt-n no'' four bora far tndaa and aorta Appr to Eorin KACrWAB, 7'dBmdwaf. aaffn-AT HKwmRaomr rvtMitrio a<jiw;t ?'* Broadway, for a artrata family. a food rook, a t I pa ai m k a tirai rat* lauodraaa. at liO. and a kluhou girl tor W ATCHKaT'BWKXJIT, *C. Dliiom THB rm i>? II RBHPfMfmjt.LT IB fnrm*d tbat wa ara aoatiaarilT aaanafaatnrlug aad harr w? hawd. a ar>? awt at himmwI jwwairy of to* hnaat atrial. A ta*v* tana faaat Of dJamnad* na Bad Hdai kw lot Wa trad* [naaaoada bonakt :ar aaafc _ I. HIEBAWW A OO.. ?M Braatot alrato. FINK ARTfl. i kit waiwttwob wantrd to BUT. OW* U?T Of * * in* oil raiounca Addmt T,, boa 2 ITT - . 3 HELP VANTBIMIALV8. AMOOM WiiriD Wo. W KlrBtna at (-VKCO CUtftK WiJTIU.-i &MPMUTABUI TOUMB \J BAB. tnta 18 to 18 yearaof age. baringsgeneral knowledge of tka retail 4 rax '?'--p- ui kearar a good situation applying to J U PileAOo , Columbia, ?#rMr of Oarrol >t. ffoutn Brooklyn. Uncioeptlonablc references repul'ed SAUBMMJf WANTED?. F BXFEBIENCE IH OOBTLI tm and oibrotderH^ MIIXEt * GKAJfT, "08 Brood way. mwo ropTfPTS wantbd-o** as amancbnbh, 1 ud Be otter la copy law pad era. BoB moat witte a good, rapid, legible hand Address, 1b htadwiitlng of Be applicant, J awjer, bo> 2.rd6 P??t old ? dew Tore. ay Af?TBI>?A 0O?<-KI0 MAN AND Wife. OP MID TT die age; tke Ban to take em of a hone and sow and io Be work about a auBil place; be wile to do Be work of Ae h.-. jie for a mat fant'.y. a abort dtttanee to Be country, a sober, bonret aad utdcairtooe couple will Sad a good steady tone nefereuoe required Call at 212 Kaet 26B at. tATAJfTKD- FUJI THE FLV'lXti ARTILLBRT (OOMf nnf I. lai Art) Fort Adams, Newport, B. L. twenty U?.e boated renr una. Good j.?y, food, clothing and intwiwl Vtty to Ac adtoere at Fort intmt A. B EDDY. BecnBtfng Offloer WANTED-A Itl.JKK, TO SUPERINTEND FUTTIWO as mnd shipping order* tn s jobotn* wBoiseAie drug win* to Baltimore Addree* E. n rtwlirer " Oo , BAltlm u p. G(7ANTKP-A COACHMxJt TO OO IX THE OOUNTRY FT ten miles from City bhll); be mesl fu:ly under?t?uJ his ?niun*?. ?n-l brier Bret rate leetteinnutie from hie i*?i em floytr. Apply between 2 And 3 o'clock At Grocers' Ban*, :ui office. WANTED?A GOOD. SHAKY AND EON EST CI.ERK, toEM AMH more. Noux i n: apply without An beet cttT recoauBtindauuiis. Gooo wage* rive a. Apply At 421 Broadway WANTBD-A OO AOHMAN FOB THE OOUNfRY.-A (bao wo thoroughly ar.lentacda the ra?e of borire And cow* Aid will make aunaeif ttenera'ly useful at moderate wa*e? can have a i erinsu-*l "liuati-'a, by applying At No. U Broadway, vu Monday, at 12 o'clock, A. M. WANTED?A FIRST RAT* EXPERIENCED WAITER' to live In the eu ntry near the cttv Must be well reromt.i-oded. Addreaa hoi 2,10b Poet offlie, N 7. WANTE It?A KtL* MAN FOR THE UAUBS AND KBbro?Jerle?, one capable of taking charge uf the deparivent, app'y at tn d a Taylor's, * &ad 49 vVJtariit" et. W'ANTklt? ?T A PTBST DBAS* HOUSE IN Nf T OR -#d? ad eyper encef ?s e?man for their manttlla and shawl department athoroig .ly ounpetect man will (> llhe rally treated * lib Lonentbrr needAjpiy. Adurnaa wnk fill pr.. lieu.are, box 3.atfi Poe< otlive N. Y. WAhTEL-TWO YOUNG MEN ACCUdTOBKD TO bo el work They muil com" weil reeommendrd from thr;r laa employer. Apply at tbe otlice of the Steven* House, IW*c or'Ww?y anted?a yoeng man a8 porter in a gro eery More. at uiy At 41 T?j creel j tat-anted-a o rv dry noons salesman, for a tF prnnanpat aitraoon. wtib rt:y r"'erer,re. Apply belure ill A. v. to Jdo c. White A Co . liS'j Greenwich street. ~ THK THAlll.S. ~ ~ iGuoo china flaiwak pa n rcrh wantid. ap1 iy to W. Steel, decor a:; i. ft U"t ar :mrr,.. a; e. V. iiAUfhw-.-.t ? oo 4kc. 4* and 491 br-wiway no ta1lorh.?wanted. tia.x db to mak.jc business i - coa-s baldw s a starr. id Park row rpo HOOfHINDKRl?WAnTillA, a 8TAMPICR. AN AS 1 CftiAiti i r tin m re. and a baud ace untamed to palling root* ! in rover, aiao a few book lol'tere a Janiwt SoatcrviUe A BrJlhtrs. Ltn.kbU.JerA Bue 4j and 45 on-re nt. T' O capitalists and estat* OWNERS.--a COMpeteet builder ie dealr > ::< of obiAining a aauu on to hitld or codect reuta, repair bul'dlngr, As. Good rrfereuoe given aprly to or addrraa Builder 367 South Flftn street, Jereey Ci<y n J lor one week. JL/ANTED-TWO SILVER PLATA MAKERS; MUST HE Te Cre'.paaa w>rkmes. Oong-Ani employment and good w a pea for one ye*r a pply to rogerg Bru'herd, gbhu i '?cturtof e nr.pany 17 M*lren lane. 4A7 ANTED?TWO GOOD PATTERN MAKERS; ALSO A t( hoy that uottrraiarda the uae of loot*. Apply to W. F. bunnell, 61 d jauc atreeL persosalT fvems 8ton*, of kalanaqini h, kings o0untt, ' * ' Irelar d. Ie guppoeed lo have left LIverp ol for New Icrk on the 21-t ifav, tss" nbmc hlrh tlete nothing hue b-ea heard of mm, and fear* are entertained of hi? aalrty. Any int.irgga lion coonernlng llm will heinaukfolly received hy aoi. knue. tt| n ag; Hevenoetnh aireet. New York. IP & iv. juut >iatr<I, rvsvj r\ e ?i.i..a:v un D^ru& ifllrr'a cl?rk. *11! MltNn box 3.A.V PoetotIi:e, hs may h>?r cf ?om?tklL* to bl? a nntM?. INFORMATION WANTED?OF JOHN RA'JEN. N ATI 7 4 r.f eonnty "ayo Ireland i>ut b?xard o' <Hin Prmvia ( .un ' tv, btatr of Virginia, ta '?32. Any lnformatlua will be '.beak fully rreeivril by At* br-dl er Fa'r ak, Nu. 73 K m ?'r*t. new Turk city, roiled (bald and Virginia paper* plrave oo?y I > FORMATION WANTED-OF OHRIB. BRJWVINO. formerly lived In Arundel eoun?y. Vlrgl la, uy b v wife won ha* n .1 braid in him ?ieoe he left. Kn* 1* at ihe (llrard hooM Clmmbere afreet, and U Tory anaioks about Aim. Will Aw aci'i iliiUOiO u aice thlaT Call. LEWIh HROWMINa. The urniKMAb who rouNo the i.ah it rla'-k. lane t?U tn ?be Fourth arena* *10(0 on l<*t Wedneedny o*en ag. n?ar buimnark a?d who wu Informed bv thregentlriuea >0 IkeelnRe Ml w Aomtl belnued will nave n?h tremble and ouufor a *r?at favor on the ow nor by c vll.u* al or ending h:a aedreoa 10 tAe otLoo of Alexander O. J?7 Broadway. pom- wfiui mm PrsT 0*FTCR NOTICE?KXTR4 ?IN OONSR ,>UKN> K of ike detention of the MM a supplemental 1 foreign I trail will be 111 ado up and cbwed tbla day (Ntinfay). at 1 I o rloek F. M. IHAAU V. FOWLER Pormaeter. TilK KIKKMKV ~ LADT WAiHINtiTuN AB80J1ATI0N EollINh: fj. 00 1 be member* of ibe abore aw ir halloa. and a.1 1 llniee who Intend to ae< a *n? tbem on Ihelr ei jursion trip ty ! ft: tdr'pbla tn t'Tiober. are particularly requested to rnee' a be re g'ne Aonae ibia Sunday, nt S o'eloct P ?. Kt oeder of WM MEKI1IN, 'hair man. B A. Throw. finernarr. RKLUitui b mum ~ MOIIOR I.K'TbRKa LKCfUEM ON MORMilNl*V will be uiiiTerrd .a Brjukr'a Aaarinsly kw m?, .'161 | street, near '.be Bowery, everr Sunday evening cim j mrneirg at 7 o'r'orA. this evening, A'if net 16, subject : " Flrsl 1'* of Ibe vKepei of Jaeus CbrltU'' | Mi:\V 1 KI)N. $?? AAWaRO -I.O8T. SO *E FAPKR8 RK'.aTlNO _ rhu f.y to public ecaooi affair*. They were printed e'lpe I auo man tacript, emcl eed in a U-ge enrrl ip# Thougn af no pecuniary 'aloe ibi above re war J w>U be paid for tAelr re turn to No 7 Wall at reel, offloe No 7. me RKWARn.~i.oHt, A MiU VVOMOW HRKD ??!?.) blark and tan Kit y Huh terrier lint oeyen mo* the old. ana umwf.rlnf to the da no of tilp. MdJ >d rM m wooroeoi lar, with iraes piate An; cirnx returntny tha name to 11W f?t Twenty third etreet will ree?l*e the #>ore reward. RIWARD.-IeU T. 01* fUIDAY NIUHT, I* (JOH-aJ l?f Ml Hwfkk ?'reet ferry to Hr mil ear, eerar caee. ad* pernor, let or* ink the inn* to 'be Kr?-?co'? Unite, or roer of Fprin? i treat and Headway, will rooeive the abore reward. <N- *IWA?D-I.OHT, FB'iM <"0ETl, ?WI)T STREET | ??y ? ?? ! Ik old dark rrey Md h temrr^laaa on h'l I fl J httta frw*. Thr nbore reaard will be paid to ui one Vltror Ing bis to ibm* named ho el ?- RIWARD.-I.osr ON thk istfl lhRTANT. WHU.K I golLf fn m HWAll to South etrret, IV la Sten doilar Aoa a C r dollar bi J? Tbr abate reward will be pnM by wI t im'rf 'he i roperfy lo John WllMiatk, 370 Water, or 91hi W * reel $?r KiWeRO?IdrHT, A MKUAl.l.fOD U>1KWT, WITH ?. ij a y?uuetHAi>? |ikei.t'?e, olne enawiled ba:k, ?et wl h l earle. and ?ma;ir! .Un atlm-lied. The Qider will receive the Ahote reword on It* deilrery At No. 1" 9t. Mark'* plaoe in r?ward-iodt.on rmntr. a brbahtpin HU BtniAtere paluung of ac only auo. And dad only ha prtred by the Bother Ike Above reward will he paid no l?A?tA* 11 At M Cedar A'rrw. up aUirm. 4:1(1 RRWARD RTOT.KN I.ART KVKVIWO AUOCRT <7l"' 14, thrud boi?w ronlAletnf one email aired l.epine afh nnrrant with mlrer dial; one do., with white dial on' lD(U*h lerer motemen'.. No 14SJ wkhoit dial or dial wheel* Toe Aboee rewArd will be paM And no qiieedont a. ked II lei. In eirbAi.ce No IV t lent re etreet, op p Mite the aerkel. or leete a line there nliere they can be hail. (Of) REWARD Wit I, RE OIVIN FOR TH? RK JO I very nf ft enld annhor w*tvh Ifold dial, (fo <1 np, no r-?v?<j <? ?." No if Mil and (Old ckau and key, whim Wftft ?tn.? D no the moraine of lha lath. The Above reward will be i jhen ly lenvini It wi'h ?pt*in John l.tak, I'or Richmond. MAim :?l?nd raenhrokrrn, Hop the Above If otlerwd. $tn regard will be paid ro* ant ineor 1>W Wftiioo rlrln* Ike wbrrenbtmln of Dar'd Imtter, who | lefi hie honM oe Ju J IS. with ike lot n.lrr of vtkttloft hi Jt au New Mr tewicA HadabUik bv.. with a rrape on ft, . a aia k all km C0A?, ?*ed Ab'iAi 45 yr?re. mixed xr?y Imr, j 5 feet 1" itrhrw In ketil t ANtrni >rma Inn will be thinkf tllr received ly hie affli- ted f?mi!,\ No jl Wanfcini-ton etreei, Brooklyn. Boeton And New Bmnawlck pap era will pieae* i OfT* 0> C(? REWARD.?LOtT, ON TRIIIAT AK rKRNOON. BltJU a', be El jfelnie. one fttnAil fold lerer hunter "lien, fitiecr e. . oce ft'fr old ether cAron-meter balance. "Edward Mukrr '.-Be old fvld Swikft. anchor file.dla'; one old ifold Rw i?ft cylinder, wilte fnee, two fecund h?nd fold w?-ch eteee, empty, rn? eg mfrared hosier the other open fnoe. The Ahore reetrd twill he paid for the recovery. At No 70 Mer ahanla' Kirhanfn aa I no t|oeeU-rAe AAke<t. AAT3DR RTEWART. m A I Mil I REWARD OA IN PROPORTION TO f 6,Uv'/ ftiaooni re- nreeed. of the (Old And elltAr wAtcb . ? j.e elry of All'hwnr.po * And direr wAr? iMm fro a the ?lore of nr > d*ir? Is Al< iuwIiIn, Va , la Jnne >?at, will paid hy W. H?NRt. top titer at the Metchaot Hole'., In I'-or laadt atrtet. N H OoniJenllAl and no >|iin*Uoti< naked. RTORTIVCh KR'IATTA ON MONDAV, ACOOTT KW,POI NAIN rail Imale 21 feet tons and under, for n punr of Ihirlr rtoiUrt t?w dmla'a lor naoood dlataaon to t><- ?ailrd *u tarn Bii'r*, rntranca $1 For I irdinr in'orraaUon apply to W kii?*VN|i.r \TM MaRTIU, loo* of Tirl/nlnnMrm.North tTAf I/OB Kal.B-TUB ?IXK)f TiCHT KABT, THRIB r T'*n Old PI tnna onpprr fnnirDAd. and t? nrwnpl?4? or drr; bntu to ordnr by Oapt B F I?opnr. whloh la a aura r i*r%n'A? for bar utmrh aad rpaad. Mm will ba Bold at a ?>ar**t. by rpiyiac to Jamil T. LBBTB. M Broadway. nom?r < Baada armt. i ? Paa. laad 14. balaaaa U aai to'doab. ASTROIaOOY. 11() KI*'*U "*? * n.aiBvoTAm'* *BI BBT 1 ' , I idj?*l f"w di<w? waatof Hmadway. tba m-wt bob 1- !?' * bnatn??a rlairroyiuH la Aiaarlna In . dtaAnraaad and earad. if r-MraW t'n?m<Hr alrtaa on barlawt. rbaaot frtanda. Ba.. aad aaibriBsttoa rnaraataad | or ao pay. 18'? ' JJ',"""1, "TR,,,r "** m orraiIOc? antntay p-raoa wbo nan mrpaaa Madanta (rurroF Mi air n( norram ma"nnrw oa all aranta tbronrt Ufa pap. buiar'y ah?-at frVndB loaaaa. Kwami. ?.n^ inrby a ir' ?ra B R Ifadama wry*, ta ro bniabTB nor fam ?u? I wtat to ;ap'?? an 14 unwary flail and aater rooraaif ' PM'I fonw tbf anatiar, IM CnsUri Myaaa EEN fOKK HERALD, SU BOARDING AND LODGING. _ uc uii Tvam-fimmiDR-A ham DROKELT oO ftiiWM parlor. with bedrow adjoining, ? ?*? * > board. le a lady and mJImhi; kowlnl alaaa. a Inr doara from Fourth arenas. Eefmnnsm embaagad. Q7 rBIN-"B STREET, N1U BROAD WAT. WOT BIDS O I ? Pleasant and wall rumlahad rooms to lot, without board, at Moderate rates: ooarenlence of bath, gas he Alto, a suit of rooma oa first Boor suitable for a profeaatooal ofioe. HO >m BRHADWAT, ??HT Alv/ slda?To let reasonably, two neatly fornshed roems, separate or together, on tbe Brat floor; boose In good order, and no other boarders or lodgan. Oaa be aeea at any time during the day or evening. mTBOMPftOIT RTREBT ?TO LIT. riTRltTBHin, A frout room and bedroom on are rod Door, suitable for a gentleman and wife or two single gent'emm, with fall or partial board. Teriua moderate. A 07 BROOM! STflllT, OR! BLOCK FROM BROAD TiJ I way.?Board and rooms for famlliee and ainglegentlemes, also board without room, for gentlemen on.y. at (4 per week all the modern improvements will be found it the bnn.e French spoken. Tianalent boarders taken at fl fO per day. AC1 BBOOK1 STRUT -ORB BLOCK {IW OP TUi Broadway, the moat desirable au.l ueatralJooaUNi In th? city, being la the lmmetlate nclnltv of all BRfrst clam hotels. Permanent and iranaieat bov refers aoo. maoBhted jro BROADWAT. ? PT7RNIBHKD APARTMRNTB lew with ar without board. A LAD* LIVIRO IW THE VI0IM1Y OP BtJTGKBR institute. having a little daughter, would like to take one or 1*0 nine gin* to ooara, between ibe ages or ? 10 14 yesrs, sisters preferred. Aadr; uJ.O. W., box R 7U7 Post office. A SUIT OF THREE ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ro 'DM od the second floor to let to a family or single gentlemen, wi'bcut boaH ia a flret elass pr Tate house. The rr->rr? contain r*s and have a bath room. with closet connecting i also, aomc upper room*. Apply at M Bond struct. A SUIT OF ROOMS HANDSOMELY FURNISHED. on third floor, to let, to one or two alngle gentlemen; plexssn: irra-.tntt, tfw hr.v.'s fwaesetng every aonveoleuca; terms moderate *,1rt-*w? H , box lESfil Post office. ARU1T or HANDSOMELY rtJKSl?HBP ROOMS. A par'or anil two .bedrooms adjoining, watr c'os?t, ba'.h, ga?, Ac,, suitable for two or three gentlemen of bigli respeotv ctllty may oe obtained permanently, without board, wilt a gerieel lamlly itligh>h street, near Broadway. Address, with name, W . s'atinn T), For', office. A GENTLEMAN AND LADY WIR1IIN3 A WKLL FURulahed room, with boarlfor the lady, In a prira'.e latnily. w here no uoarCers are lakes, 03 mjderate te-uu. nan hear of such by addressing L. I L , Union square Post office. Board.-to let. in a private house, with part h1 board two large a ry rvome, with marble mantels, ? 1 nan tries a' a*ti-d, on Ibe second floor; also several i small rooms on the third. Apply at 1/f Waverley piaae B' OARD.-A WHOLE SECOND FLOOR, N?W AND taudaomely furnished, wi:h batb attached, can be ob. | lamed m a email family where a superior table will be faralsned and all the comforts of a home The home Is very aiI ces?abie'o care aDd stages. Apply lor three days at 96 East Twenty second street. BOARD-A tlBNTl.AM A N AND WI'E OR TWO smglo gentlemen can be acccmmola'ed wl h full or oarI tlsl heart and pleasant furnt?be<*. rooms at til Marion street, I three doors east of Ilud-on street. L.vauon desirable. BOARD-A LADY HAYIVO A FtHRT 06AM UL'SE, in a cen ral loea ion, wo ud lef a .urge iron, room fur i nrhsd. ar.d ga<. to a gw&tletn i and wife. ?< SO per seek, tor I the winter, or to a single gen icmaa, tor S3 per week, lor the I advance of $5>?. The bo?t i. refcrer.-e and s?;;urJ:y givea. Address 8. B. Colons,,oar. Poet >lEos BOARD IN CLINTON P1.A"K?ONK OR TWO KAMIlie* and a few single gentlemen ran he Accommodated with iurnlahed apartmei, a and board, in the very desirable catitu No. t.1 Clinton p ace, uear the 6ia av. Reference* exchanged. BOARD lit BROOK LV.?TWO 81NQLR ORNTLKMIN can b- aorommn.'.. id with banduom-ly frmUtbsd rwat j *nd partial board In A private lamuy. Location very pleasant and convenient to the rani. Apply at No. 66 Wllloughby, corner Of Bridge street. BOABD IN BROOKLYN.-- A OENTLCVAN A*0 WIFK cr 'wo single geetleraen ean be soenramodated w'.b tnard wit a private n >ar Fa.tin terry. Apply at 24 High treet BvaKO IN BROOK :.TN?WITUIN FIVE MiNJTBR waikof Wall street ferry ?a g?nt!"man and hU wife ran be l.t' Sm'xli ed wit* a larrr aed pltuipitn? front rn-rn on the m rmid floor Apply at 130 Henry strein, between P.erropom and Hark creet*. BOaRK IN BROOKLYN.?FIReT CI Add K(>-MR, AT Shi Clark 8 tret, flra' brown house from Ful.ou street, CH vt niect In cars or Filtou and Wall street BoaRH in bro KLTN wantrp? rt A okntlsm?n. In i lint >a, Henry or any-ol' the neighboring streets, eor vet.i. ni to booth or Wa'1 street ferries Address, I'ailng particular*, 1 B , b.x J,6?l New Turk i'oet 0#' Board ? *i?trd?bt a ofntlrman and wtfr. in a plestast location east of Brownivav and between Count and Fourteenth streets, from about the flrataf Novembm" ??xt A lute ad.treased to box J.9J4 Pat otilce wlil receive attention Board wantkd-a biohi.y keocatbd w;b jw, havmg he?n employed as l?a-her in the Cleveland Female Brminary Is desirous in obtsta board in a private family, lu re comprise for which she would give lessons la French, tier msn rr mnNc. Be*' of references given. Address box 3,433 Post office id0rnirhbd roomh to LET?at 91b broadwly, F to gentlemen to lodge In, for 91 '5 a w eek to $3, bain in the bo.tee. Call at tk? hall door. HOT1I. LOIKJINOH ?bKNTI.RMKN CAN OBTAIR good f'rmtsbed rooms at the '4k>hn Hstsl, come' of Frankfort and W11 I tain atresia, at Me. and S7c. per night House open all night. XTO 171 Dl"ARB HTRBET, COKNIR RTAPliF., OPPOjLv site the Park?Desirable furnlsled rooms to Id with all tnr modern improTrmrnt . to gentlemen without onar.1, from SI 2S lo It', per week Redding and lurult re new. ON* OR TWO FTN* LARfJK ROOMS. OR TIIR RK end floor, to let, to a party ol gentleman. bouie in Rroadwav, near Eighth alreet, gee, bath, Ac. Addrraa Roouaa. Herald >.2S :e. P1.R4RANT FC RNIRI'ED ROOMS TO LCT-WlTHOITT board, t . grnuemen only. Beat reference* exrnanged. Inquire a: at Prince a reel. KOONR WAKTID-TWo rooms and two red roouia. unf urn la bed, <_n aeaood lijor, wanted by a man and wl'e. location between Canal Ml Aml.y atrceta Addrcaa K . boa S 70S Poa cfllse Terma must be moderate. Wariid-partial board, in Brooklyn or Will.naabort!, by one or two young men. ttrou?:.a pre fund adet , B. A , B' rald ofBei', TR7ANTICD-BY A tICNTLKMAN Aid) ff'VI SECOND Tf ato ycfa bonne In an airrrable netghborbo-d, with partial board Small pnratr tam'ly nrrfrrrad. Addreen. with 1 oration and termx. box I,est Poa: otboe, I1TANTKD? tR A PRIVATE FAMILY. ONE OR TWO "Y furnlrbed rooma for ailngb gentleman. with or without hraabf'it in the nrtg?horb-md nfr.r">*d way. tu Eigitb a.e nur. bneeen Prince and Trntb street*. Address Boa S,SfiJ Post oflioe. WANTED?1'R I VAT it BOA It I), IN A (IRNTML, OUIET (amiiy, by a *en!lem?n and wile. Addreaa. rut n? terma, loaailon. Ac., n .? 2.16U I'aat olUce. OAMD n TUB < tn WTKY. BOeRD ON RTATBN IHLAND-IN A HKAUT1F CLTVT located bouar between the flr?t and arrond lat, 'Inr, a t.? k parlrr. aultable for two riogle r>ntlemen or a ramie man and lady, alao enc-imrnodadoo tor a eervaxt girl if ro o_::r.-ii For particulars Inquire of Mr. O. Woalel, SI Soa<b Wtriair atrret. New Torfc. / SOCNTRY BOARDTNS AT WATEP.LOO, N. J.-THIR a ' pla"r ta pleasantly located, oa Uie R oth BbrearV.ry goer, within a abort distance are In foil riew of the Atlantic f1 rin n whor* attrf hp pit. am halhlns mg* ! ? kAi1 ta-k?-n fWiMwi ' 8. 8. WK1KIfff, (YOrNTRY BOARD-TWO FINE KPACI0D8 ROOM* J vacant a: ib?- River Ilytiae, Hailtm. Tertnn ia?ierate. L. f.BBt.IB. fYOtlNTRT BOARD?TWIRTY MIKTTR8 FRO* NEW \' to k br ivin via'- Rlcely fhrulabed and eool room* with foil or par "ii hoard 8li<iatlna floe, c od batblnf, fl?h tig, Ac. Inqnlre of the ferry maater Tomrkioirl le, Aral landing Mia l?B laiaod (YOCNTRV BOARD WANTED-AT A TAR* HOJSE, J within }S mllea of h ew York. where there la fool M? to Mng, h?,? lady, and llitlerrl lOyearaoll Add I. A., 82 W# t thirty aeoond rrot Terou do objset. H030K IN.?PI.BAH ART THKFE 8TORT PROMT RID rtorn to reut, ? 1th board, at 11 Hudaoti terrace. ' " ' ' ' ' " T LOST AMD FOt'ND. Bad/if i.r.RT-ifr fortt sevfnth rtrfrt, pktween Titlh aad Rlerenth aeennea. about the T, h of laat April. Wbt^Terfln'k the ?*me arlll confer a fhvor on the owner br returning It io he Chief Farteeer'e oBee. or at 17b Weat Po-ty aereo'l at reel. FYOUPD? A NOT! AND CHECK, WfafCH THE OWNER nan hare by proving prooerty and paying charrea Ad dre-aJ. h. L.,boi7>,J Poat nflioe LOET-ON FBI DAT UTH, Rl'PPORCD t * RBO ADWAT. between Oanal and Amity atreeu, a mail fold locket, containing hair, of email ralna to any oca hnt the ownnr. A liberal reward wtl. be paid if returned to Mr Barley. No, Cts Bread war. Loft-orb i.arhk garpkt n??t markin wm Hnlonm. Je-net flty. eontatoiegrln king, Ro., hrr whldh the bbneribf r will pay ? reward nf )ln to lit finder by IM* ln| It at It Oartlaed atriet, \ an Bnai irk Kipreaa. Lo*t-<ir fripay aftbrroor. at porbt ihi.ard, of Ib g' Irk to and ifl rntng > n tbfrk. B small pisfcet d?rj containing * i >mmi?er ry not* I ir g< rard? and p*t'?rn nf on talne egeepl to tbe owner. A reward will b? paid oo returning It In Wo. 4t Franklin atreet. Tork LORT I.RTTBRB PATKNT A!fP POWVR or ATTOR ney. The finder wilt br guttabiy r"?arded by leaving lima at 'he oil oe of French's Hotel The above are of oo ta'tie u> aay one bat the "?nrr I'tlRT FROM A BROADWAY RTAdt FBI PAT, AIM. J uih, between nrere rharnb and 1'weety ibtrd atree., a lady'a lea'ber travelling bar. noma emit a pu te and wearing at oa>M Tbe finder will be liberally rewarded by marl of the ?m? with H W. M.. II llarelay atreet. LORT-OR FRIPAT RMHT. BFTWBTN TP K A" I OR Honar ?od ffnboben f<wrr a pntjkei boob, roo'emlog thirteen dollar* la bills, and one f M t.,M , iw and onr f--*ry Hrbrt. wlib 'he oatni ot lent. on the ?ai,,a Tbe ttoder will be rewarded by leering the name at the Am* lionet eiohange WHAT AM tiWCTd. HOTEI,*. ~ SRARP HOTK1. PI LTOR, RfJB TM FBRI AI.K, I.TOR rranee, nntler tbe dtreeaioo ol wen* Rn'eaaebt. fYwn Hotel dre Berguea. tleneva, and P. Rebott. froa ae Drag* Hotel e n Idrarre, Parte Tht* magu.'It-eat and large hotel, enntalalng R" aiartmen a, c matruett d on tbe model of tbe beet hotel* In Bwl'/erlaad end flermaav. Ininrtaatly f imlebnl anal to the Urand Hotel dn lew-re Pan* I* ornate] oppo B the new Birhang* rue Imper air *ng ?par?.tn? dining room*, alio reading, nooveee***, and emoklng noma, wltb an egeel'ent etilalne and goo. alteodanee. odea to fan Ilea and rarellem etery 10m'old teen nan deaire Tabled boM and r '? rarie t'rt at< -tagia aed oeanlbnanea rB BRHRRWlfR HOTBI. Jermtn ouwet, Bt J amen ^ _ Irmdm. flret eiae* aenewmodailnnj ft* famil ee and gentlemen at gemed r'.ne* prime Rew nmprletw, Br B70CBB V, B.-AU fdreifi aaftgen *p ken. NDAY, AUGUST 16, 186T. ^ SPECIAL HOTICES. WKJ-LOTIIMT WllX BluivBN TO A WTMBMB OP ] Mi leant*. tori* or donble, to atooe trneka, Wneeanrto, dirt J vMOMud'IrtotMiltktNMtnlrol ^Ti4* ! worm* on Ojpiea* hill*. OL>BT13A?TAW 1 Botbodsb u*ap?b.-u*ow?*s or rum JW* honee HUM will alwaya nod a roodj eale, at fret J price*, at all Sail ud tn soy qoan title*. at J- H ?* - 1 DOCK'S Inili store, tU Broadway, opposite the Metropolitan Hof*L Please make my atom the find oalllby doing eojo? ! wlli edvaae* you, ow.lau.nd J. Ik JABTOOE 1 \f APONIC NOTICE ?III DEPENDENT LODGE 1* H. _ JH A. M , has unaeended tu regular meetings until Moo day. Kept 7. 1857, when the lodge will meet aa oaual every ] Monday evening, at? o'clock, at aaaonie Tempi*, corner or j Broome and Croat)y street*. where all vial tin k brother* will receive a fraternal welooaau. JOHN it I'811. W. M. " Joun W. Dammr, Secretary. /AC AAANY1MN NOTIOM.?OPTION OF THE OOMMLA i U etooer* of Health? Port of Dew Tork. Aug. 4, 1MT? ' wen and pUota of veaeela arvlvlag at the port of New Teh are hereby directed aot to throw overboard Inio the bay, or <

permit the earn* to be done, from any *?a!B Wider their eom ( mend, any boda, bedding or other refuse material tnaVte at Bandy Hook; and master* and owaere orflmito are hereby aaWfled that an iron eeew haa been eooatrnetod by the Com- , Irrlncrrr of Health. tad placed under the oonsrol of UM ' Health OfBoer, fbr the purpuee of affording faehltlea to ship masters to oomply with the Quarantine reguleUons, respecting the burning of old beda, bedding end other refnee mstertaL By ordered the OoatmJaaionenof Health. WAJ.TNB r. OONOKLIN, Clerk. j rpo 8HOB M ANUPAOTURKRB AND DKALKR8.-HK4L 1 ed profww?le will be ?eeel?ed urtll August 19, for furnlehlng thoes tor the New York Klre Department Pood, for ono year from October 1. 1867. Sampler of the ahoea moat aooom ; pany the proposal. Far further information aoplr to J AMIS Y. WATKINS, 16 Catharine street, JONAH N. PHILLIPS, 88 Pike alip, WM WILLIAMS, 118 ereet Nineteenth atreet. Com el Wee on School#. R. B ?The enmailttaa reaerre the right to rejeet any or all ol the eatlmatra, u deemed Ix the lntereat of the New York Fire Dep. rbnent Fund j UKIVBMHITY .OF MAMHV1LLH-THB M1DIOAL DMpart eeetopena November 8, the free preliminary sou?e October 6. 1887. Apply to P-eUL F. NV*. Dean. The -.ouegiale IHpartment Wee tern Millterr Institute, earnmenoes next aeeaion September 7 It rmprleea a ooaaplete r'useieal Bourse. an e eelWe course In etotioecrlng, In eeienUOe and agricultural branches. and a preparatory soh rot There were 1180 atndenta In the two departments laet aeeaion A teacher of French rnnnamle exercises and drawing la wasted. Apply to B. B. JOHNSON, Superintendent. PRY GOODS. &C. IJCr BROADWAY?GSNTLKMBN'd FASHION A. BUS Uutr furnishing baraar.?L.KWS A KRkUtXRD Invile iprcla attention to their system rf salrt making, ?!/... mmple'e measurement. careful culling, heat needlework, with artistic finish. and no rale if not to please. (sample shirts made on approbation AT, STEWART A 00. Are bow prepared to show to Wholesale br.rers Their FALL IMPORTATIONS of riBlS MADE liOAKH AM) MAHIMliLAB Broadway, Chamber* and Reade street# . CLOAKS AVD MANTILLAS?F *LL STYLBS, 18*7. a. 8. MILU3 A CO. are uow ready to exldbtt their Fa'l and Winter Style# of the above good* at low price*, and Invite the irnpeeMo# o? Southern ant Western Driver*. At Ht) and 12 Oh are her* street, ap tthir# /TLOAK8, V Kanuiia*, talma*, basque#, Ac., Ac., For Fall and wlnte- trade. L8B7-8, To jobber* ana wholesale buyer#, ano UULPIA, 361 Broadway, 1 I# now prepared to exhibit an ncusnaP.y large nook of tbr I above garment*, boh imnorted design* (personally selected daring hi* visit to Pari*) and ot bli own man ofar? tiro, whlol wril be found to comprise every novelty at style and malarial at the moat moderate pr.cea and on favorable term*. An ear ly Inspection i* aollcilei. DAMaUBD CLCTIIB, OASSIRFRH, FLaNNBLB. ALFAcm, pararoaua*, easbmeres, ginghams, print*, muslin, ladies' and gent's drawers, Ac. rt e.vec from the wr? fc, and forra'e*- i-duced pncei, to close out, by WM. MATlIBWrt, 64 Calh?rine street. Ij^MBKOlDKRIrlS. !i s,'\? Cambric embroidered band#, Pit e o". o i-'. At -JBNIN'B BS'.var, t. i Br wd ?*y, pv Nicholas Hotel, ElUUKHltUBlM I rcnc . c i *r* kr'? e.igieg* and ..',*er..#ns, Ambiotderedvc . ntn .aura. GSN.'JTS tL.zsar, 519 Broad w?v. Ft. Riehola# Hotel. I ID ALL dry QO^DB ! I r aft > IXOi i\ 00 > ST At LI A 00. tlavd now oyctfd a - :r wo r'? at of , p. a* and silk robe*. | He aire* and de lain** robes. And ohrr new and faa . enable cries good*. *! ">, ; Rral iscai, eiabro'derle#. hosiery. Uoem, white good* As. ClAzi n t ncd stranger* Till ting he ci.y sre re# jecit iUy in vlicd to examine our stoch. canal street. corner of Mercer afreet. Mew Tort. Lack*. Bla< k thread laeee, cspea. yell# and Colli area, tn great variety, at (,K?I.vh Bar tar. SV Broadway, BL Mtclio an Hotel. MrOMQITTO MRTR.iU i'ateet porta*->e moaqnlto acta, forming a large **7 ana py. 1 b?y are rery 1*ht, and ran he nloeed InaaaeWr ?? A eompaas of an ambrclla. VUORIiW A WBITMUM, Broadway, pear maeeker atreet. VfOFQCTTO MRT8?CHEAP, TABTT AMD DURABLE XTl reality attached to any form of b-datead, to awing oil and on at pleaanre. Alto PUapton'a teeretary bedateade, old by the palenlee* at 61 White atreet. Mew Tort. NOTICE?BTRAFOIR8 WHO WIBH TO BDT OOOD article# will Bad at BOIRIVAWT. of Parle, mtna'tr turer of trimmings for mamlltaa treeaaa and haia , (Uder ou allk i iu6 Broome itreet Mew Tork TJOPCLAR TRADE I M1BCIIAMTN Prem all parta of the Cm m ere tnrlted to eianame the largest and best selected stock oi Frecch, Eagllab aad 8w:ae Dry gojds To be fonnd In the Unfed I've*. A T. BTIWA?T A CO. Broadway. Chambers aad Knsde streets. SOUIBAR* AMD WlclTIRM aCACKAJtYi aOLOKOM A HaRT. MS Broadway, Are bow opening their Fail atoefe at OPHOLSTaB V OOODR. Cnrtala materiam aad Wtrdcw shades. To which they lardte Ike aUecilon a( the MM. QBAWLR, 7 CLOAK*. AMD MAMTI' LAB Onr new and bandanna atore la now open and replete wttt the largest and most carted (took PALL AMD WIMTKR GARMENTS Rrer azblblted la Mew Tork. WDOUtBALM BUTIRR Are reeprrtfnBy hi v! ted torumlce onr stock, whir* embraeet many elrlualy noreltlea in all prtees. aad on UberaJ wit CHARLES ?TS*T A CO.. dT? {.roadway. One blooh 'mm .he Ht Mljbolaa UolaL Thm uhiat balk Of nmntr IIRT WOODS Will roollo'ie TOR ORK WKlK *0R*. At COLUMBIA* 11 ALL, 381 Or*nd alraei. LYORS A JOR IS. R IJ ? Ladiaa will (to wall to avail tbmnni'1 m of tkta laat , chance to get the greeted bargain* erar oftered la Mew Ton. TTUXJUALPIP BT4MPID IM BR'11 DIRT MAJtTTPAC C tnre-F. DI FIRIITAL, < iharlee lanee', enooeaeor,. 887 Broadway, M. T.?Madam* Maimel, aider of Madame I> Pw*?*l glrea her apodal attention to all klndi of Preset embrotdertae made to ardar, lalunla. ?yoke*. As. I whole* eie and retail NILLI\KRM^ ?? Ct"oiprrR?. coippcrw, -joifforib. of appri 1 J datlon. aad It la a fad worth reoordlng that thaae pretty adrrnmentajnmp Into popularity, aad are ohmeloled In tie beat riretaa o'eoaletv; the a too* it m?gntV**l, and la worth a aiuae mapaattoo. at PartUon da Flora, 3dl K-nadway. 1 JAMU TUCKIR. MIIHM. AMI l>\>< l\f?. , "a 1 ?*< iiwooo ; ootati piaroforti, Ck I.lgkt A Rawtnn'a make, tearlr new. orlclaal roet Situ, fnrf^i Ro??-wr*?1 ; octara, mmd rorn?m Hill. m*k?r. new, j 1 WO- anaewood 7 ortare. Meabiiry, II*), orl.-tnal price |t7(l; | will he eold for tkr*e prioaa to aquare an armnm. Oall at lis i hlrat areane AR KVTRA FIRISHIP FOUR IOtJ*I> OORMFRFD aerea ootare nee wood olanofode for aale ob"*p, >lah ed all rooal al'ke. grand aoale marntflcently gn ahrd In arery way: rtah. tirflltaai lose. made to order by a premiere ritr ( maker, and mat tMi. mn*t be aeem M> be daanrtbid. baa rtrh carved leg*. peari work. Ac , will two rear* warrantor from . May laat, aad la perfect In erary reaproi 1'rtce It*), larlud ing rich ealrat alnol and paeklng caie for ahlpplng. Oan be a?en at reald?nee g7?Pltih arenna, near Tklrty ninth atreet i? it.?a retortion lor run. ana ? wru worui uie aoontri* or i ihiwr in eenreb <>f n truly auprrb ptnno. Apply for three da J a J MOWS t.VOPOI.n OR HRAWP VA1/R PR1W0H I boarding eehool, Hndton termor, Hobokrn, W. J.?A feuntanl and enmmreelal InnUKiUou Trrme from On In MX I pir una* Otrculam n( Ho. Brmd lUwt. Bicetamr Inn ruor Oompnaga office. I I MCHTtJ AT RRDUCin PRTrTBt ?THK 1.411(11 AMD i popular Wntrrn HMnilfMRitll l>e anld at re- i d ired rr ore d> ring thlr month Alan new and a*roid hrad I planri and melodf?.oa,at lower irloea than eyer be(o-eoll?red ' >n Ibta market, at tfer WAT4RH p'ann and wn?lr rooaa, Sll I Mroadtray r Inn on and melndeoua for rant, and rant allowed ' on pmchaee. 8pi.*wnjnawAwn niA??owAi.?BVRW o<*ta v p. bohwend piano made by nor of the" but maker* and warranted. (Vat Mil; rand a abort Une. will be aoid for WO. Can bo aeon at 141 Wlnlh etroel. J WIKKM AND l.l<lt OltM. AW INVAI.UAM.E IWRTRCTOR Arotd adulterated liqttjro. . An a< mtrahle treatlte en Han'ifartnrtny and adnlerallng Itinera H? juat bora laaaed. entitle.' " The Rordeam W'fce and Uqnor Henlera' fluid#.'' Hy a practical liquor manufacturer. I ft la a treaanry of raluabte knnwleege ox a moot Important ruhjeet; and ahnwa In a Hear and nteria# Banner how dm pub- | he may amid rwallnwlnp Itenld p niton a. II net nttly eiponee the naftira of the danger..m Imluikma of wlnea and nplrtta, but glreamenet.'eaaarr rireeitnna for mnniifaotnrlBg ererydeeorlp Bon o( ibetn by which the nae of all pnlono and potnoonna oompnnnda are avoided Prtoofl Hi, bound In clrlb Orde a abnuld b# addreua I to Htf KRVaW A HO , Wo 1 reeer ntreet On raw ipl of lb# price, a oopy will be aent by mall, prepaid. The fraction* of the dollar may be eenl In pontage etampa T.11.IKA WCTH AW A I.I ?TH1H WHOL1ROH1 AI.R 1R DB JTj aliined for famllv one and la er ellenl for ibone r.-./'ilrtni i ri ra nonrirhment for aale (plat bottler) In larg* or kmatl l 'inantitle# at 1W Tcarl ?tm', near llahicn lane I ft BAwlivW. axontnum. ruHKa?K) ara 2115' wSf raa'racalMrij^ Buowi w* Hitiium elreet, M. B.:~ LUTI Ht TOIL IMXTB ID lid. Ngdey. Ang.14, SH P.M. BMnrter. Aug. 16. 6XP.M. NMV. " 16. 6 A.M. BtUktUy. " 16, 8 " & $>** * Booday. - 17. ?X A. M. to*i*T. " 17, 3 " Tuesday. - 18, l? " $ I - ?Hhi." * * Wage* to all pari* of tha aonntry. mOB KRYPOMT AND CMPPWOOO-THB 8TH1MP boat KIT leave* Marray street daily (Bon 'ay* eiaepted) d i o'clock P. M ; ret Malay, leave Here or; at 7 o'clock A.M. FIBHIPQ BANKB.ABOT.-TBB LAKOB AND FACT aaa reamer MATFLOWBB will make a trip to tha FUof Fank* on Monday, Wedaeeday and Friday, the 17th. 19.h tad 2li, leaving Hpring etraet. North river, at 7 A. M : Peek dip Hast river, at 8; pier A North river, at it o'cl-c.k KUhlng ack'e, bait, refreshment*, Ac , on board. A coir Ion band vifi tccomptny 'be iteaaar. Captain Richard Tata*, of FUhlng Bank memory, trill accompany the boat to the nronnd. Grand pic nio and cotillon bxcubsion or THE TH1BTBXNTH HARD MUNICIPAL CLUB, On Tuesday. A nguat 18. 1867. To Cllffwood The elegant steamboat Washington, double decked barge Baltimore, and tha well known WaahlngUm brnaa and ooUlkni hand are engaged for the occasion. I audlnge ?Leaves Sprl"g iliret, North river, at 7X o'eioek; Market street. Hast river, 8 itroome tract, Kaat river 8'.: and pier Bo. 3. North river, at 9 o'clock a. M. The barge wfll lay at tha foot of Bi noma street, last river, while the steam boat make* her landing*. Ticket* 00 o*nU each. roomlttM of arrangements. DAVID C. MKal.iO. chairman of Committee. Bkkh. Misgkma?.n, Bee ry of Committee. KIT POM AMD CUPKWOOD DIM MOT, WITHOUT staging. Morning boat 8 loam boa1 lOLAN every day, ucept 8*lur()*' a and H .ndaya. I.e*ve* Murray street t):30 A. M.. Key port 3:30 P. M. Bicursion pirtiei taken on the moat reasonable tat ma. VTKW YORK AMD OONKY 181,AMD. LAWDINO AT AY Port Hamilton.?Tha new and splendid ataaaaar AURORA, Cant Analog Smith, will leave** follows for the season;? A mo* a treat at 9*4 a. M , 12>? and S3* P. M.; Ho ring sir sat at M.. and l^n d S>4 P M.; pier No. 3 North river, at lu A. M , and 1 and 4 PM. t'oney inland laat tnp. at 8 P. M. Pare to Port Hamilton and Oonev Inland 25 nont t, for whiak a return ticket will be given. PuU f ire for ohlldraa SUMDAY EXCURSION TO FAR ROCK AWAY, 8TOPptng at the Eea hide House.?The steamer M aYPLO WtCR, from For.y Hard street, Saat river, 7)4 a. M.; Tenth street, A: Catharine street, 8)4; Spring stret U 9; pierS Nor h river 9>, A. M Returning, leaving Far Rock* way at 1 P. M. Fare for the exruralon 60c. A de.lghtful sail on the ocean and am^le pme for Ashing and bathing. SUNDAY KXCBBRION TO HARLEM.-THM RTEAMhoat M A/.aPPA will leave Peck slip at 8 and 1CSU a. M.. and 2 and 4:30 P. M : Harlem at 9:14 A. M., and 2.30, 3.15 and 5:15 P. M , landing at Broome and Tenth streets, on Sunday, August Id. Pare ton cents, SUNDAY BXCUH8IOM TO HARLEM. ? 8TEA.UBOAT 1U1, ?S leaves Peck slip at 10 A. M I Harlem IP A. M. Do 1:30 P.M. I)o.... 3 P. M Do 4.30P M. I DO Landing at Proome and Tenth street. Pare 10 renta. SUNDAY BXOURSIOM TO THE Flfliiifta BaNB8 ? The fast ('.earner SATELLITE, Oaot. N. Anderson. Jr. makes regular'rips to the Flvblug Hanks ever Sunday and every da> in the week eirept Saturday. Leaving Mor on street at f; Spring street at 7.4. Peck slip, 8, Hrooae street ?l4, and pier 3 m rth river, at 9 o'clock A. M. Pare for the ni-nr*iOD 50 cents. SUNDAY TRIP TO MLBN OJVB, NEW ROOHtLLB, City Island and Whitestnn* every Bun tay durlit the season.?(he fast and tfcvortte steamer JOHN L ji.OCK.WUUD will leave the foot of Amis street, Porta river, at a nu -iter to 7 o'clock A. M.: Spring street at 7; Peck slio, Vast river, quarter past 7; Broome street, half pa it 7: Tenth *t*cet. quarter t. g; Twenty-sixth ktreet at 8 and Thirty fourth street at h.-.1f-pa?t 8 o'clock Returning, will leave oVn Cove at S P.M.. Met* Rcche ie, quarter to 4. City Island, quarter uast 4: White stone, quarter to 6, arriving in the city at Sa f pa<t 6. Take notice? This steamer will intke ker true time t Irst and Second avenne ears ran within one block of the landing at Thirty fonr h street Fare 26 cent* eath way. JUSDAT BOAT FOR KL.IZAB1THP0RT.-Tfl* MEW 0 atearoer J. H. STEVENS ?U1 run to KUssorthport. landing at Bergen Point and DorrvlUe each way. Leaving Spring street at 6K A. M , 10 A. M i SO P M. Leaving Elizabethport. old dock, at 8 A. M , 1PM, fi P M. Fair to Klizabethport. 20 cents; Bergen, Mean's; itomrllle, 17 cents SINDAY EXCURSIONS.?STEAMER JOHM STYLES, ior etryke.'s Bs> aid (Jottenberg. will leave New York. f.\,t of Ppr'ng atreet. at 0 and 11 . M.. and 1. 3 and i P. M. L-ave Stryker's Ray at 19 and 12 A. M , ltd 2, 4 and 6 P. M. TBI REGULAR AND OLD RtTABMBHRD LIMB -FOB Shrewsbury, Highlands, Ocean House, Lung Branch Mount's dock. Brown's dock. Port Washington (MlddinUiwn) sad Bed Bank. The csw and splendid steamer OCEAN WsVK, Cast. H. B. Parker, will run as follows, irons Toot oI Bobiaaoa street pier, North river:LSivS SIW TOSK. Ilivl BSD BASK AND OOBAlf rOST Tuesday 7X A.M. Tueedsv. Attg. U.. .UK A. M Wedn'sd'y." 11... 8 " Wedi> ed*y." 11...11 M Thursday, " 1|... 9 " Thursday, ' IS... 1 P.M. Friday, " 14...10 " rrtday, " 14... I " Ratnrday. " 1S..12.X P. M. Bantrday, " 10 .. 4H ** Bonder. " 14... 8 A.M. Sunday, " 16... I " The Laura will connect with this bast far Oeean Fort. Be , for passengers onlv Bquam line of slagee ramnecl whh this boat also Stages to all parts o( the country. Smith's express run* in mnaer.iinn with this boat. f?TH* REGULAR AMD OLD 1STABLI8HBO LIMB FOB 1 Shrewsbury. Highlands. Oeean House, Long Branch and Ocean Port.-lie new and splendid steamer U?N<4 BR all HI. Capl. J. P. Oorlie*. will ran SS follows from foot Of Robinson street pier, Berth river.? LBAVB OCBAN POBt ABB BBS LS1TB BIW TORN. SASI. Tuesday. Aug 11.. IK P- *- Tuesday. Aug 11.. TK A. M. Wnflnreflay," u..u M. Wednesday, " II.. fl Tbnr?rt??, " 18.. IUP. H. Thursday, * IS . T " Friday, " 14.. ", " 14., g Saturday, - 16 . Stf " Ba'urday, " IB.. 9 " Bant by, " 16 Ll'S A. M. Sunday, ' lg.. 4* " Monday. "U..9KP. M. Monday, " IT.. 6}? " Iw lAnr* win connect with this boat for Bed Bank and la tarwedtate landm-fa. lor paaermreni only. Hqnam Hit* Of Ml" ooonect with this boat; alto elagee to all partj of the aoostrr. Smith's airreu run* with thd* boat. mo THE IXIVFRB OF SPOBT?ORAMD IXOt'RSIOH TO X the Cholera Itanka, on Toeaday, Angus! 18. 1887. The celebrated aea ete*mcr ' Hnotreae, ' <">aplaln Otla F Morre'l. will make an eimtraion to thr above bank*, leaving foot of Jackson atrert. It K., at 41, Valork ; Peck (Up, 7 ; and Pier X N R . at *. Ticket* 91 each Refreshment* of all kind* fnrt isbed on board t-hjuld tne weather prove stormy then curvun wll' take place the naxt fair (lay following ; bait farnlahed gratia. IKSTRICTIOT. (ho C/l FOB WKITIFU. 18 IJWON8. BOokVlRI' PwiUVf log. algebra, arithmetic. Be. to euallfy >011114 m?n tor bnalneea. at red need p;h*e* all ihle month, at FAIBB'S acadrmlee. 02 Rowery. aid ?-J Fallon great. Brooklye. Feparmte apir'mcnl* for ladle* 1 C-WKITIIIO. BOOBKBKPIJfG. ARlTMJtTIC, *CV 1' ) M a POT,HI tK, 99 H road war. brtag ablv assisted by a* aocompllahed prae wal bookkeeper will give hi* special attention 10 itudenl* m rapid bnaioea* pnaraanahip, and luranier* te remove all eUtlnaae or trembling from any hand One 116 eeat vacant . regular terma. 928 k CePKMT OF BOOBT ST VIMOBWT, FOB TOOKO A ladles?Thle Instl mIon la eltirated 101th etreat, hetwnen Fifth anl Hlilh avenue*, near Harlem The annual studies will oomirenoe on the flrst Moodar In September TermsBoard, tuition and washlng.per unbolaatlo year. 9180. payaole semi annually In advance. Mnslo. drawing and pain'Joe? al*o, French, gpanlah and Herman language* form eulra charge*. 4 HIGHLY KDUOUaTBD LAOT, HaVUG BKCK MM /V ployed by the Cleveland f<mal? Kemtnarv. at teacher of French German and moalCjIe deal/one of obtaining a alto* lion la the war capacity, the sent of rafereoaea given. Ad dreaa * M . boi 2.410 Poet oOor. AM AMKBIC4N LAPT OP WPCH KXPBRTKV? IV A. irnrhlng. would Ilka to traka onfiijrr-nnn'a tor n*"htnf by Iba hour, la dlflirrnt rhanls In N w York, ru i?*?a Kranch. Apanlali, Ijitln *al m? hruuMim or an r of la*' EiikUak btanchna tnall; NMUht In whorl* Boat clt/ referioca gitau. Adftr* ?* Mra boil,ftN root oOea. a OINTI.RM 4 M RRNIOINO IM BRPniRP. RROOR A Iv n daalrna In Ink* Rpamah Iraaona from a prar.toai Irarbrr oa orrainga. Plaaaa addrnaa A f . Harold ofllao BLOOMPIALP ACADEMY, B<>? KD1NO AMD PAT wknol for Iko Imnrntary and Mgh*r KngVaa biancboa. Daman. Pmtek. drawlai. muakt Ae . eonmr of Hlo*n4 'Ul and f Irat atroat Hotmk-n, M J , Motncn a* t? fan tana Monday, Antuat 14. Muaihar of aokolaro Mmitad. and o?ly A >w alaoaa rarant. BDWAKd FELDAAK. I'rtnripal BO( K R II PINO. WHITINU, An . ARB TaUPHT BT B. F. FORTH, S46 Brad way, Applatoa'a B> tiding Now randy, " Fnatar'a Ponbto Entry Blnotda'ad," Id adtlion. la proa ad II Pool fraw? ParUenlari on ? "pltoaUot BARS OOCTAM R FRENCH AMPBMtlURH ROAR PI NO in and day ackonl fq- young ladtea. will ra open on Tnna* lay, Rapt II at III FlfA amtnia. onmar of Thirty Aral a Irani MTRTIO HAJ.I. RRMIVART FOB TOUI1 I. A PIER. -IN addl'too. kail watar hath!nf and karaahark rVdlag. A satalogna aay ho had of iho principal. hot. Hoaun. M**a. Mra. BBABA' Fran ok and BagliaA boarding aid day tchoui far joung ladiet, M and SA Waal Ftf laantk a mat, boto w Flfik itNM, ra-opcna on Thuroday Soplamhar 10. Mn M. will ho at koma to raoalm paraala and jruardlaoa vko aar wlah to oonfar wtth bar on aad afiar Rapt 1. Mrs. naoaulat-r frehcii and bmoi.ibh boardIra and day whaoI wtH raopan on 1 oaoday. Bapt U. at II Baat Twaaty hot w.rant rO RCHOOI. OOMMITTEKN -A SITUATION AR PUB m* nant tanokar It wan tag by a young ladt,ad'i"*tad la aaaeartmeeita. m ompeimi in wtra uie nirreet nraeenee or UI Kniriteh ndwit*. with innanr; ud math em nine. haa nad eercral f?n eapertencn In traohiuR, and eon frr the net aa'Ufactnrv Iceumntiiela nt ability and efficiency aa teaeh r la thaabore department A attnatlnn la the country preferred AddreaaO. O R.. hoi AMI Poet oflltm. rvmon.-k* wnMnn la nr. who mar rrrr id ecated la Parle aad who had had much eipertenre la ieanh.BR wtabae tn form a nlaaa f w allmltedjiumberof pnplta. bar arm ran nf adiioattna onmprteee Rafllah. Fran oh aad tautli. ia part of tha day naly will ba dernier tn thla olaaa, aha la dailroae to employ the remainder of tha day In RlrlaR prtrate leaafltaa la hint In aad French, at tha rraMeane af any lady wbo may wlah for tn Ibaaa braaohaa Tha boat of rndnrnonea aa to oua Iffi-allnee ran ba Rlrea. Addmaa. tor oaa weak. Taarhar. Ut Itrnmae etrwet. rvRirrrvRK, ac. ' EfRAMlLI IP AID rOTTAIR FU R If 1TCRC RDP1RII A anlta In erary color, beantlfnUr decoratad, from tV upaarda. at the old marnfhmnry, dM Broadway. between llottako and Bleeehar etrecta Oooda oarefnlly parAnd tor the winner J. B. PBRREPlfc. rtl HAI.l OHBAP rOR ,CARH ?A OtirTLIl AR lea Tiny town wtahaa to dlapnae of a eel of athMmny park* furnitare aad one aet of enamelled bedroom do Aeulv for two daya at -*l Ka? Forty ninth atreet PV* HaROW'MB FrRRITCRH FOR RALR-A RDrr OF "*w pJ^r made In order, together with other furniture, wllibe anld at a redueed price if applied ror Imme -"lately at 144 Weal[ Fifteenth atreet. The bouee three Hory, htyh aloop, wtth all modei a latymremenU. la to let, PART IK* BREAK IRQ UP HOUBKK RBTIRtl ARR D1 alrnna of dlapoamy of their furniture, which lao'ateeL lent quality aad In Rood order, would be eold ? heap for < aeh Apply *1124'. Weat twenty eighth atreet between Herealh and hlRhlh arenuea IMIRI. C1ASH, OR APPROTRD TUB BPTRRd, OAR PROODR1 ) aefAre At my eetAbltahmeai At much below marhat retae. and hare a arlection from a atooh of oyer a mill toe anRAre I hare one of the moat eitenet ye fhrtoriee In the ntty aad I am toUy matin* <mah Adreecee oa ffgLSg HOUSES, ROOMS, SC., TO LMT. OA1 WMBT TWBNtT-FOURTH HTUR -TO UR OS OU1 far Mia, a niqaly furnished bouse, ta a M Wnaw neighborhood; rent of furniture taken ?ut >d board If deMred. Noon hat respectable and iwnpoaoibla par?iM aand apply, hrfereneea exchanged Selling pHm ?S KJU Apply at At I Waal Twenty fourth itreet AFIBBT CL1B8 TURD STORY A WD BAOKIIT koaaa to let- ruralahad b?low Waal Twenty third Or est. convenient to Sixth an Bl, lib avenue earn; yearly raat Terr low |M0; real of furniture taken oat la board. apply to O. J. CL.RKB, 186 Seventh avet ua. comer wentythirdstreet. APAKTMBXT8 TO LRT-OnKSlBTINO OF P4BLOB. kitchen and several bedrooms, with every requisite tor comfort. Alio. a room fo* a single gentleman Oaa be mi frogs 10 A. M Uli f P N. at 48 Vaodam street, near Tarlok. urttJRw:sn?n norsi to ano *urniturr for r tale, at 171 Broome atreet. near Greene. Leaae aad roa aeuton |ivea immr dla'elv. Apply oo the premises, or at the clothing elore 237 Houston atreH. eOCSB TO 1ST ARF FUKNITURK FOB BA ,R?A mad three i cry bro vn rtone front houae, la a very da~ ?lr?ble location up town, bating all modem oosvenlenom, Tfci- advmlwr bring .vh,i,? .t to leave the city on or about IW firat of Septemeer, will dr poai ot hta boat e aid furniture at a bargain. To a rtnail Tamil; wishing t" commeoce ho or ek eer tog. the rhagretaagnort o.e. For furthrr particulars edcreta Jonea, Herald utbtr. STB AM POWER ADD ROOD TO LBT-LN BUILDding 44b Water stree. two tliiora large we I lighted and eney of access. Will ;o iat low to a good " ' Apply on the premt r*. mo LB*?TWO RuOMB 1M TUB BAKHLB PROWS a buhdlng over Taylor's upper aaloon Id itroadway; the walla of enter and stair amy are newly palatal Apply to WILLIAM TAYLOR, in the aaloon rLCT IN BROOVLTR?TUB L >WBR PABT OF THB three atory high basement bouse 288 S ate street, cornea ot Bond; the bouse U la gcod order, with gas fixtures, sat la a desiraole location for a a oall famll. Has two parlors aad bedroom on firat Hour, large baseman t and two large rooeae la attic, with aa ab undance of c'ose: room Poos ration given immediately. Rent to a good tenant, SldU frm first Renumber to May next. A pply on the premises or to T. If., Herald ottos. TO LIT.?A BHOWN STOMB FRONT HO USB, NO O i. West Twenty nrth alt-eel with all Jie mnun mprtnxm?nte; rent low ti a good tenant in<* possession tmmadHaieir, Can be sern before 4 A M or after 7 P. M. Apply to J. 0. APPLEBY, 1SS Water e'reet. corner Pine. TO LET? PARLOR FLOOR. BASEMEN'TS, AJCD ROOtS on Jtlrd floor of geu'.ee! lowgn V? ffi9 West Forty sitij street, at (IS per > l*o third U?or of sams houss, eon* listing of tl re nice rnmns, at fig SO. Oroton water la (fee house. Apply rn the premises. TO 1.KT-THE FROhT PARLOK, KITCHBM AMD four roomi in the house Tffi Grand strut; w'.U he let to a email family at the low rent of Mud per annum. Inquire out the prrmlaes. TO LET?A PART OR THE WEOJI OF THR 'JPPEF. part of bouse 5fS Br?adway. unsurpassed location tor business purposes or otherwise Inqnlr.* a' 86 Prtnee street. r> LET OR FOR baLE-a THRRfc STORY BARRKRNP and ? ib cellar brick house, cruer of south Fifth and Eighth street* Wlliinnisburg; has an exc-llent ooaofe house attached The bui'dltig i- new. and fitted up with all the modern improvements oompleus; only five minute* walk from either of the ferries inquire of O. V. MKSERCLR, baeeaaenj or WLibsmsbarg City Bank. TO RRKT?ON MURRAY RILL. THR BALP OR THR whole of an e!e*ant house, furnished to a prtrats family Rone but tboie wishing first cists arrangements seed apply. Address H R If., Herat t office -no LRT-A PLRAHART THREE STOR7 HGUVR. 90 J. State street. near Clinton, Brooklyn. The rnnttan whtoh new, wt!l be diapoied of at a bargain, a* Ike gaotleman ta going a a ay on aoouont of sickness. Fall pwdnitn on the premises TO LET?FURNJBUBn OR UNFURNISHED. A FRONT room, 1C by 16 fe*t. la Blre.ker nireet, wevt of Broadway, 011 tte recond door, wl h clou ta la a pr1?aie family, >o ?lngk> gettVmen, without board Kor carua of add rasa apply at the bo?k atore. 6i5 Rroad*-?y. TO 1ET-TO GENTLEMAN, WITilOlT BOARD, PLKA ant furnished roomi at No. lu Amity at!net TO LET?BOOKSTORE ON WIST 8IOR EIGHTH AVEnue near T wenty nx'h atreet- a'?o atock and flgtarea fa/ ale Inquire of I). CU.CHR8TKR. Jtl7 alghih aveane. TO LET-THE THREE STORY BRICK OWELLINO NO. 704 Writ i MlMBtk xtreei, replete with all the modern Improwmenia Por seta ion Immediately Apply to JOHlft LLOYD'S SON, No. ft Clinton nail, or IS Nawau street mo LET?THE HOUSE A NI> STORE CORNER OF WASH. 1 Ingion and Hammond streets Apply to PRTKR LYNCH, No. tl Veaey itreet. TO LIT- LAR IE ROOM WITH CLOSETS, NEATLY furnished, on the flrat tloo?, attltable for one or two gentlemen; alao two or three rooms on third lloor, unf inuahed. A uply at A3S Fourth avenue TO LEASE-A MOST ELIGIBLE SITUATION FOR A. Hour and feed or provision t ore igiiciltara! trart ha se, .to , *e.. being a laryo ftvaalory hnllnlng In We?t street. helonCorlla-dl. wltl a aparlon t cellar, ?ntlre, or each lloor aotf the cellar seaa*ate apply at ttt Broadway, oorner Baiuoy street, third lloor, room 4A&. HOISE8, IIOOMN, AC., WASTED. A GENTEEL FAWILT OF THREE PERSONS WISH TO Si. rea t a neat cottag' and garden apot attached, in a beaitxy location w*tMn a ss'.Fhour's ride of Brooklyn I4>ng alaoc. iniiiB unuuuc Ji'ucnuc, o>u cmttjtug 9*10 \irrr y?w. uo* exceptionable rnferenoes if Wen. Address J. P. B., 12U Pearl t. ?ew York. Afar* ok court ry seat-wanted, to purchair, from ten to fifty acres of Nod; the nu: oui OJ the Hudaon preferr-d Address for three days A. H . Ma dlsoa square Pom nfflce. with price, location ana dserriptioo. 0AMP8EOE AND FLUID ROUT* WANTED.?TIIOfiM desirous of selling ont mar address wish part-cu art price, Ac. J. W. 8., box ll.i Mr raid nfliae. HOUBE WANTED IN HK' >OKI,YN.?A NEAT OOTTAOK Built kouie, for a tmall (emily. or the lower part of r, boose Rent n?t to weed MO. aad netr Fulton terry. Address n II Kpsnoer. Herald ..aloe, ROOMS WANTID-TWO CNFULNI8HED BOOMS, ON (.rat or seenod Poor, tor ether with bark or front basement. orauTPmoo baring inch mows fnrnla&ed and r? aril may find a purnhaa- r br addressing M H , Broadway Peak oOiar, with tciw and fttll particulars. WANTED-IN EACH AN ) t. POK EXCELLENT I.ANDP In Iowa, a food dwelling house with all the tn -Je/n Improvements to ooal not over S10 000. altuaiad la Mror.klyn, south of Fullen street, or In Nee fork, north of F-mr cerrto 'wet Persona ha ring such pro rertr and denlror.s of aschange, will pleaae apple at iha Western Land OSes, V Broadway, our nor of Morris street OEO B QEANNIBB. Agent WANTED RT A 8MALL FAMILY. (TIIREB PERONB) a wit of hondanmrly furalNbed moms. oa aee^nl Door, with privilege of h'trhen; loeattm west or Rraadway. no. above Twenty second a'met preferred. Best of mnreocr given ard required. gddrea* uatll the XHh tnvt. a*v:ng fnli particulars aa to price, locatajo, Ac., Howard. Herald -dire. YBTANTED-BY A smALL FAMILY. AN unfurnishedFY bouse, between Houstoo and Twenlle-.h streets acA more than 'our blocks from rtroadwav. either side; rent from MP to fT(W. Address A B. F , Herald sflice. LLTANTKD?BY a hbsi'RHTABLE FAMILY, an unYY famished Mull g n OB, bedroom and aide for a servant, not to exceed 111 per month within a quarter of a utile froo? Hie Ml. Nicholas. Address A Z D.. Herald ofil ie WANTIII-TO I.RAi-E FOB ONE OR MONB YEARN, i* a |'?n amiae, wen diii plainly 'orniuMi, nn>m ro"ru> and Fourteenth i'/mi. Addrraa A L. M . boi J7J0 PoetoM.w. "~in*< nx a \ jjjuB. Brvbhim oftbtery HIOMiRIPTIOR AT tub BRUSH factory. 8? Pearl eireet, Harper'* BiilidinRa. Fran^U-i eqnare. All article* (old at tbe loweet factory prince Faink brnahra of a np'rl >r quality ormntantly oe band, machine bmahe* made to order JOTIR B. HOP"*L. ram. CUL V BB WALL BBUBRBBATUB-THB BOTH. \J reim remedy far certain weaUom ariaina frua early IrTlU. r*tu.n For eale at WBI.L" A 'X> 'E. lit Praol .a evreea. For rartlrnlara. a.ldr?en t it 4 M Pnat oflm, Raw Tort "rxaniivii.T twtfka JL .1 P. TRA VPTrr, 1?7 WiVlam etreet, Raw Tor?a Manufbctur r and d#?l?r in all llndaof (lai. beir t< acd m lri twiner Twlnra amtabln for '-ha hardware trad*. 1 wince tenable fo ir.a dry ( vxle trade. Twlnee abfabir for ah'p ihaudlera. Twloee aulutb!e fur in era Twlaaa anltabla for rmarlata. Twtnee anltabla for hoot bladari. Twlaai anltabla f< r ataiineere. Twlnaa anltabla 'or n h>Uter-ra. Tallin anltabla fur bahrrnu n Twlire aultable for paper maa ifartorera, Twlnra anbahla for brooi makcri. Twlnaa auiiahle Irr waa-a?a. Sr., Ar Acd at prtrea to anlt ererybody. Ramplea and prima torwwfed w lib plraaura. and M will fir my alaa to ftre aatufarUoa. H0C8B DBTOt.ATIRO. 1KOLUDIBO FRBfMX), Rrf. canet In oil and konaa painting; aim mining acd rasorhanflrr tn the bant atylea Mceaary. pannnuauwt, haanerr Ac . related In a etyle of aireUanaa which eoaflrmZ lahwt eai,. arnoapllah. W*. Hal.AM ARO A OO . B1 Broadway Mir. bi.i.iott's bh somatic bm brooatior?foe. rhauma lant, ehublaina, lumbar*, old npraina. dw.rwa u inn, brtflnea, Ac . Ac. For aa a at lAe aeweaad nerVwitea dapot U DUialun avrnwt. Row Tort. SbT^rtlW jBBBB BAf^-BOO BAI.BR RBW (iRLRARR PfOKBD A*(l IB cleaned muta In email baLa. an 1 onuntry aanaa of nU* qnalltiea, for ?Ue by WA 8. Too LB A OO.. I# Brahaorw place Mbrohantr fro* tiib booth amo wbet arm tnrted to call at IM Broadway and tnapeet Me an a eyi. w prior chain and nrti?l?n ol Iroa faraltnrc r?*era.Iy. A rood anaortment ieufterrt and prided will be enllnfae pry N1W1.T IMPORTED OUR A PROM I.1HI, WARRARV ?rj rh?*p Hold by rM*U o? Bo. II More*/ boat, byMr. CbwrRota, Pronab btMr. QHOWCABMR -RTOMIDT R BBOTHBRR. MABCPaop u.ri Ud wonwooma. Bo. "orth William MrM, MtrPfMkhft. Brw York, and 77 trnot Thtrd .wont, IbaotnnoD, Ohln. I Uri. iMiUMl eonotanUy on kood. Old tbow M U1M la aratawra. Ordm promptly aaaeatrd. 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RTATBR^RLAMri A mill (V.npnr er mom. may br bad wlih board at t**t oommodlon. mmdoBoo drltyhtfnlly located on hi.b around onBtmaailiaR a mstnlftoont mow of Urn Ray and RvrowT on y al*b< mfrntc walk from tho Irrrr. ^btan.i # .miindn. rinnllrnt .table and oarriafn 1 onar, an. bathi.. L'Tft at or oddrtoa. Marble Uo ter. Hew Bngbu*. '