Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 17, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 17, 1857 Page 1
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Til WHOLE NO. 7655, HilU.MSJ IS the SCADEUV 0? HL'SIC. >Mm Uiptrhnct In Uril MnltlItUelly of Mormon Ondi, Wlrti and CbUtraa?Tne Mormon Creed?InlUaUou of ItM fMUtfid-Jkdnry of tt? Cnatlun?lnf kou Younn'i Power?I1U (UmbMuim to ? 1 k??h..?M..n. .f V,. tannin*tli g XnnuNiUn, Ac. *1nr~g~ la making mo moat superhuman efforts ;tn" all tastes, ud at tb? a?me time make the moot ata 1mm of the Academy of MuaM. Among other atara feaa secured the services of Elder Hyde, lata "one of Seven'tea of SaH Lake City," with a view of giving a taf Sunday kotaree on Mormonbm, the Aral of whtoh rgtven y safer day afternoon. The Elder, howevnr, so taf m good looking a* Mr*. John Hood, or aa fanny u r husband, or aa dramatic aa BourdcauM, or aa moalc*. ao hla wffo, or aa popular aa Miaa Logan, did not prove ao good a card as either, and o-d not draw a very good bouse. It may be that the .Vow York public aoea not wlato to know anything about Mormammn, * that It already knuwa enough, or that U does not appvevo of Eidtr Byde's oppoaitlon to the Salata. Either kypetheale would aooonM for the altaa audteaoe, though itwtBhardty reimburse Ma1 agar Smart far the rent and gee bliL He win therefore be obliged to charge to phiian' (fcrofdo iroAt and loan the Mat of this first attempt at Sonday reform preaehJtig In the theatre. It seems a great pUj that so humane a project ahoold foil, became Me arm chain are so oomfortahle, and one doesn't reel ball' ao oonotrahed and oramped and uneasy aa In the b'gb booked, MM, unattainable teals of the ohurcbea. ran -wKnuiruKR. EJder Btdb appeared upon tie platform yealerday afteroaru, after a fine performance by the Oermania chorus. The Bdsr la quite a young man?certainly under thirty ?with a neat moustache and goatee, and a white seekaknh. whteh, with bin black suit. gives Utm a peculiarly saintly appearance. Your 111 tmpreaston Is that be it tn reformed gamblers, or drunkards, or Papietter Jewe. er soon penus, who make fat firings oy telling what bad men they bare been, and how good they now are; but as be apeaks, the persuasiveness of bit voioe, the earnest mb of bis mannei, and the attractiveness of hia mah?r, oommand your atuntlon and win your respeot. mi ounav. He eammsnoed cautiously, observing that with regard ' ail newly promul?ated doctrines, or reels, ti is difficult to a Tire at the Friends mtsmaw la thotr foro' and enemies misrepresent In opposition. Yet, wfole both may be eqaa-iy wrung, both may be entirely in earna-t Ti. are was a time when be bettered earnest *y Vh*t QVI seel him to preach dor monism aa the word of G id, and looking back upon that time be eras not nsfeamed of the fitad la wh eh be though, be was rightly labor lug. When M mood urn do oodm not ci'ng to the system with -ttvtue lore, he endeavored to cling to it with a* devotion of despair. But bo bad ?e?a bio wrong and abandoned it, and tbe raroe opir.t wMch induced blm to proclaim, induced Dim now to exaoee. Bo would not aitempt to teeeh, bcoaore bo mlgut Jhl tato other errorm. Ho would sot vituperate tboao with whoa bo had a?eclated. Ho would rather ox silo their pMy far the onfortnaste, deluded fbnaUm; oad their atty ihooM bo proportionate to tbe dliguet wbioa the/ fett for ttw arrara Ha would toll tbota a almpLe (tor?. VIM yoara ago the Mormon donrtlno trat reaahed blm. Ifeo doetrlooo wore vary dtflVireni from tbooo actually mautlaal la Utah. Be ombraeod Arm tbe theory boav be leaned what waa the aotaal preH'ce. Tbe elders eaproaaaied than to be exceedingly pure. Tbetr novel dogmas bewildered hie reason, and Uwilr profuse nso or the Hnrtptarea dooetvad bla ooasdenos. He waa but sty (Mob, aad judged with a boy's judgment, tainted atfi a dee's ardor He became a priest la Qt'teen monthe after hU baptism, and left Raglaul la 1863. aacrWdiif hit home and frit nds tor tbic now dogma, ao be banered waa bla Maty. m raoavwD LAjn>. Haw be laadadet Haw Orleans, and wltb a body of ?wo thousand man and woman, thaoretteal dlaotplea Uke btm M, and ascended the Miaalao ppt through the beaoU fbi Weal to Uia promised land, was deocr'bed wltb puetio threer. The dead alleooe that prevailed an tbe Brit eight tf these modern Israeiitoe as they gaaod apoa tble, their land ? Canaan: then Ubair Meutortaaanani of "Bonaonn," I so tnatv ihowgMs at the eeeriaoro wtalcb they had made, we?e all depleted wttb an aaiaaitaaaa of one who bod exynfonead them. m Dornuwas Mornxwtsm bo said, waa materia ?m baaed upon Bcrlp? a a rocnemion of two oootradlatory thin fa. U contmtded thai there were vany Hods, one an omoi present, emnli oteat Infinite. Cndtr this git a. heed were Inferior Gods preeiu-ag over eecb separate system tbat droits amund the p eat system. Stui lofarler t? tkui ware lower gods Limited to the narrow bounds Mm of our pUcet. 5wh world bs_> tu ovngod,andof ha world Adam la gra aad J sens thru, bla sou. Bull mfeder are other gods of ewh dirpanaatloo. Joseph dntith wna be pod of tbe Mormon dlapeaaetlon, end Brlgbao. Yoanp ta ibe god of thin genera;.00. and their aotbor**y wee oad j puted, ea tbey are believed to poetess the el erlnatea of de.:y, infinite wtsJ-wn and pr> war. T*ieir will wsi tbe wt I of God aad whatever die pi aaad them die p tear si Hod. Tbe> thiuh tna looepb drn'th has aoaom pushed iheirsatvaU'O, anJ that bla a oath may b- fo towsd ? r-rsorrec ki; lax iudk wor.a* we peopwu by thi 'tkermJntTipW"* nt thtlr goda, ud from Use ftbte j'Miu'.a that "to at- i.i reene of .riM i people ,o-vo bad 10 a ?nd," tbey Jra? their ' Tut tat taei omt bbb "o'y pretn t/ielr children la tvxlarohai order *y i.jii? command to tnerrane at 1 c.-rltipiy, that it. a ?oe the prngenicr ot a* all, lb? ."irptn Mary W? Urerito ? '?. '.bat atrial'* (lory will -eptmu pot &? ?u? uf tn ~kn<7 that be was Tarried to Mury and the ihroe Mar **e ? ih?; Use ooty m*a?? Dt which a man can became worthy la lh? light of tiod, M to asarry a* many wvoa and havr on many ohi'ureo aa bo Oun. IVte doetrioee ore tnoght i tclonively In Utah ay tag en of bao<U. mine tea. Use mrramet.1 and other la woi are borrowed from rarloue acota, fi-ramg a on (towrrau bmw of bowtiderlnc ns)M'iio. Worinintim wot Dot an utabliefcod yneni. for tt could ot oUanr'ul Mutut at flwt alrongty 'eno .need polygamy by a protended ?e?e'*t?n ti.wt (tod; bet afleraajo* be prowtbed and praotleed It with the Mine pntuuoe. mlt Late cm *a!'. Take "ty eontaneJ a hunt 11,000 inhahitoiita. It severed an area of tlx ?<jjare mile*, llride-T .out bp tie of ten a roe, each Nook being divided mil e.pbt loin 'Mr IP' thl hourw ou a block, each turn uade 1 by a awatl well oartlvate . deid. Docn each rlrect rant a old ?tr*am of ? er, en me bank a of row* tree* are piaobed "Ac touaet art. ,euarat.'> two itorw* h,, o, bum 'J a wh'tah gray cmy. and look very preUy. T i ward* the -eatre uf toe city the block* ai? I waller, ue yua wear the were of the city, the Mie ?f ? treat Mormon temple toot * to be twe foan la door are *L tody 'old. mitoen feel deep, and a* nay w de, one the baildieg In to be two hundred reet < I ewe Load red and ore Land red feet blgb. fbe m-tw *od tralw, anl Interior oppoiLunenta ore W ba of a atyle ar^qvade' for aplendor In ILe I'm led Ha lee. Near at bant are the* "f Use propboU and the art lea an at work the palaocv?ate fundt being oontrt clod by the Mb ft I ttr'Rkum Young'* palaoe in n<*o tear, where a*L the Bjort arpaiirg nori^ooy, live Jowut of lnd,e* olntming Un on their bmbtsd nre ounces nnnrrxie or thb ! it#* or aa Xi rmiiiii, (. is* wag ir.UM nooe whiOh nut to -oil darna the tr.ourte.-i e <ia aa>l crush *11 befwe it, qptUt It should <ro? toU> a fr-a BUy on nrtt.? of iw M dmtroyad. Missouri *u >o be the *r*i p-ey-.o Mh 'he t'.rst alow. . <M> <v*ni>l?le aurt.iehf, Lba I UMi and of which ?* the uaiiraiwd au' thorny of B?Uh?M Yoom It ?H a oomtnoa eip-eroUo of Valgum. , "If yet Jo hot kaow what to do 'a ordar to i do right, c. me to ma aad I will giro 1<m the wo 4 of 8od." Om old lady br*at I r?py aaeaay aa to atilkir aaa should waar rod or yellow 1 tatiBt.l, aba waat U Brlghtm anu ha said -Yellow Causal, t y all moans . It la tha word of lae Lord to yoa." (La-igh or ) ararything belonged to Rrlgbam aa trastee for tlto church K >r uraot aald ta owe of bin narmons that tharo wara thoae who 44 not Uka to obay. Ha woo Id toU tbeao -iai they bad better obar, far ao auta oould gat Into haw I T-w ?I.boot obeying Brig ham. fw *>a would staad at tha gaia, and by Q?-d ha wnwld nouat noaaa. (laughter ) rahoonat iinninj Aim nun as or aaronAa. Ha wuald aarar forgot tha drat lima ha saw ivigharo Be waa a aaa of about Oft? years of ago. with Itghl omwi hair, broad, opes brow, quick, oommaadlag gray ayaa, and a 9rt? ooohianaaos ganaraUy Hla ataaaar waa Vary mprrrwlrr, sad br always retained It, bo waver rldiaiuma ? Might appear. HI* stylo of speech waa derided, aanar wajlp n.a waa aamamiM unirh mora ww one roan la Now York whom bo had hoard wh-r bo flr*t MM to tbl* city, who awwl rtagolerly reat'ndad him of Hrlgham Youag Co bod |oca lato P.ymnutb abnrota sad listened ma man ?t*> he afterward* heard waa Henry Ward gn in B' m ild shot hla at m and boar tha votes, and ->.iid .agini that it was Brig biro Young ipaeklag Tha wntinrlty of tha dentil'O, rapid- frm, aoergabo, oaralaaa atyte mora particularly surprised him. ouoatdartag haw A! Sweat La olhar reapeete lhay Might bo. Brtgbam' ; cwaia of vituperative otoqrenne and bitter lavrMiv* i\r% awprtotng. Items of hla disotplsa, who hod hod Ut? an clarity to alt U a i.cattle oonrt aad r* >i i?r a verdict tending to the atldraoe, bo'ance dllferLa* from tr'l wart's optntom, Inonrrod hla dlnpiawora. Ho addrWMd thaw ibas>? ani'jiAJi'a crate L " HaroemthdM mm who praaume to raprwMl Hod and mi aa hit eorrmnta, and yat Uaas men g* aad alt la a I naMy, dirty Oentilo oonrt, and they will mI. umir rardiot Ilbr n ptng of nibnneo." (langhter ) To tn? It anted aad able Jar go how, who bad offended hint ?? w.di owed a tu*g and biuor tirade, semiring biro Of llrtat lib tha Hermans oalr to moka Henry oat at thrin and profit by th?fr mlsfrxtmrw, ending with? Now 1 cranmaad yon to Kara this Territory and eeeejj* 1 * appointment ao missionary to Australia Y<n hart I mitod ball bora long enough; now go to Awlrnlte aod -Maa a Wile boll for ynuraelf ' Rder Kliaber bad antd In mo of bta sermons that Brighten wm Ood aod ho would bo rilling ?a raartgn hla saJvettoe laia bta haodo. There wore tha dnetrinaa ng ( tab aad Uta Hormone. Thay wara terrible to ho latigbf, bit awful to bo be He Tel. Tbey mora teoontoetent with rrpnhiw vaiaro, deatmetire to rntlgteo, aad dngradtag in hamaalty. aaniWAB'e w:ma awb cwnjiaw totgham had twenty Are wires, and Mi every appttte tPm to 'nnrOMi hta (brolly ho replied that it waa already terge Motigh The Bomber ot hla ohlldrwt, aeaordlag to roMK>?a report in (tab, la greater Utaa ha knew hlmaelf. totghAm an?* met a foa l-uie hoy n th- .troot, t ww totd, Md admiring hln rory moeh, aald, "WboH toy am II E.NE you, my son " Yoare, sir," waa l^o answer. The oH P' -verb w?b it a* 't w?b " 4 too child inai knew his own feifcev." It wee rorereed tn Utah, eo thai " it waa a wtae fbiber thai hn< w hie <r? a child " Tbe E'acr drew a Ion* and able parallel between Ignatius Loyala end tbe Jesuits, and Brighem and tne Mormons, contending um tbey were similar, me same lore of mystery wb oh gs.ned Xoow Nothing adherents In peliUee, gait ed Mormon adherents in religion, rue nnuTioa or m. tuinm Tbe neophyte was Oral oathed and pronoun w?d, a new name was whispered Into b>? ears and be wte told that bis solvation depend* d upm hie rema ubsrlng it, though many forget It They were then taken into another room and clothed In white linen robes, like nlgbt drttses, tied abcut the waist, with a vinos oap and shoes XRK CTlAXiOSOV' THS WU1U) AMD THH SAiA OS H/3 RNACTXH Is an adjitning room the Ham to had been performing the first chapter of Genesis They accomplish the oreaUon of the world la abont six mine toe. Jesus "hriet. thee oomsa la sod says, "I' l? not good for man to be alone " The dUdpios shut <belr oyes, sod neon opeolog tbem ;herj stand opt?l'e their new wives, use Ere , and similarly clothed. Then there Is a garden ?mm Bd m (on a small tooJe ) the wires ihrn g". te a ties and ptuek some d'iec rait ins strung taero wbioi. ar.< supposed to be tho h? Mddcn fruit ihe wlv-s take sad eat, and it dice their tew husbands to do likewise. Then the sngel at the Lord steps cr t and purses them, which complete* tholhll, aud a very ridiculous f?U It a. TtiOv are .Leu taken lni> a fo-.rth room and there obliged to make four corer-aats? first, to observe chastity of body asd mind, and the right to tr.aotiee polygsm/ Is given to Irocoe the observance of this oath; second, unitmied and lassl re obedlrnoe to tho Mormon priests and dwiplee; third Inviolate seeresy as to the proceelings of M saints: feorth, te stand upon the ahar and swear, on f jrfuttnrs or threatened peuattleo, eternal enmity against u.? t'nit-d States fpve'umsnt, and to renounce ah aiisgtai-a and refuse to r ibso't to It, and if they a e col ao e >o J 5 an /thing towards oi-eaklog It down <j teach K to tnelr Children, bequeath it lo tbeo as a duty ?.o their drtoc beds. SHUT 13 TBS psptivt or Mmtjonrfij. Be came do*, to prat ty thrlr idle curiosity, either by his story or by being gszed at. bit he wished to have them ro tlect how frail wis humanity, instesd at hke the Pharisee, ihw'kin" God that Uvey were not Hfce the Morinout. The army of the Unite I States and the Judges would be 'oeffle.teat In the cheek of Mormonlstn. If Utah were ad mlttud as a 3'ate, all tho election* wruld be at (be bebest of Brlghaw Tcuog If a Governor were appointed, he onoUi bo overruled by twe-thtrds of both houses. It would he a matter of lorno doubt whether the army would yam recruits from the Mormons, or Ute Mormons from the army. The Judges would have noUvng to do,becaure tho peeplo would bring no casee bsfo e them, and would get "red of doing nothing. The oust of supporting tbem would enrich the Mirmon people, and Mormontsm w-vuid thrive. He could not then slsouae the question fully, but, wHh their permits! n, would, on the next Bab belli, spesb on " Polygamy sa practised In Ctab, and its eifeeta uoon the Mormon people:" act might our Father la beavon guide us into his blessed presence. Dedication of a Catholic Church. About the middle of October last the QUholto congregation under the pastoral sare of Rev. Patrick aeiiey, at Gen Cove, Long Aland, purchased a alte of ground about a mile fTom the Glen Cove landing, on which to erect a house of wmsMp, at a coat of about $18,000, and Imtnedi ateiy thereafter undertook the construction of n cburih, which they suooeeded In oe.mpleUeg about a week since, although it has been tufficiecliy enclosed for Ha lad three or four months to permit of the oougrega .?o wot hipping therein. Yesterday was. however, set apart for the formal opcniag ami dedicating of the building to the Supreme Being, and notice extensively circulated throughout New York ud Brooklyn according fy. The eborob la in the Norman style of architect ire, of fraroowork, the oubide being of plain upright clapboards, emoted v dark br iwn color The inside of the building Is 66 30 reel on the ground, end ebon! 00 font from the ground to the )<eek of the roof, on top of which is a small square cupola about tun feet high. Everything oonaected ? tii the inxldeof the edifoe ie in keeping with the out tide, I being as plain as pemtble, and capable or seating rom 360 to 400people, about the number oonapiietng the present o> ngregattoo. The expense of the church eu!0ce Is abjat Vi ?10. Ree. -otn McJhughiln, Bishop of the diocese, left iVookljn in a private land conveyance early yesterday morning and arrived at the ptaoe shortly before aoon. lbe eaerelSM of dedleatlng the ahe.'oe. however, were cut eommenoed unUi near two o'oleek, is cuonequeaoe of the non arrival of the steamer Washington, which father Keller had okartared to eeo*?y parsons from New York and Brsofelyu to tie dedication, at aa aspaaaeof 6 leach 6> the person attending, which also Included a ticket of j a<l at lesion tusMs r f the gate leading to the ohnreh, for I which privilege 61 was charged of all parsons other than , the eicun^siM About one o does the steamer arrived, i bar icy on oosrd upwards of one thousand peoplo? mee, ' weenvo end children?who were oonvcyad la stages to the ; church at a cost ol oee shllltog per bead A ooDgregau m, ni.m t-erisg in the neighborhood of 1 600 or 3,000 pert?ni, ba<.tug assembled within the gap- and ! mound the personate, which U a very pretty little frame 1 cottage stasaing immed ateiy in front of the church, the K?t. tJrfhtp prooreded to dedicate the editee to ibe ervico of the Lord la accordance wiia the Quuottc fh to, after which *be doors wore throve open, wbee lu laun than flvs m.outee, over? tn :h of standing or aiding room e.Utw ub.rcli wet taken up, while ha idreda ol utters rrn.a.cud ouW'.wO by the windows and uours. Many other* Ogling 'hat there was not the slightest opportunity for them In either gain access to the building or hear or sor any thing tuat was going on within, iot ered off to quest of gr<?o ppJee, cvn, a.o , in the neighboring Seldn. or re ga t ti then>ssi\ fs with reirranmenia. io the shape of saraa na'ilia, euon *.*!*. ntndwtcbes, and bot'ed eggs, watch bad been p>er .fully pruned, and for aaie in a stable in lbe far of the .-.tacrcb; whi:h refreatucecia came moot ' ac eeUi I* to ruaoy pr erect I After the doom ee-e litre no op*o end order be! beer : reatored, Kev Mi. Keiley per.rrmed mtv, . eouordeT". ' * ! h the 'attorn n each ooeanlooB, whra the Bat p oro ! ee-dct to pre? a theopotlng termon Ho comaidnced by i -euOlct e i<on oo V tbon*. obAp of SeloTBtB. Rxaoetker I commerced tit l- eartr ay aft rrr.'cg that the worda eon | tamed in the * rlt*arce read by b et were ap-ken by God | to Solnnot. 'or D) had nhoaea Hio aa b.a aerreat.eal iheo proceeded If apeak if the temple whtrb bad ;uat ti- ro MMMl In B'n aorrtor, at bar-tg beea per f rtued In n*i rdar"r with the direttlooa of the oatabltahed I Church of God, and by the dJy appnnted miniatoM of God, trb'cb. ho *atd. could only r.ine la doe ciuroe through the Uaibct'i Cfcun b. Ha contecded that pew fi t war In the boy uii'nr. or formerly, a accorded.A I a IIP the toaoh'i/' of religion? Jut a bonno aholi be net apart in a rpec.rl maaorr la which lt.? name of ' xl tr'rfct be Inrokcd; lo which perdnnr for atn might he ought, :n wftl ih ?ao-ifloa? might be cftered, In which doe homage might br r*-o tored to the CVe tier. For auoh purpoae hi l that ola'C bean electee and dedicated. It wai rot eviu* **'J a ipnterlal temple waa to be tabu Into ooo aHeratFa, m* lla '\ooth. cation. bat It waa the rierr.laa of rnUglm which waa to be practice! tharaLa. It waa la a word the ?moHacaii * of ibe aoul of man, wh'oh waa thy rki?f ohjee' which God baa la view la ariting apart a hooae of worrhip. !t waa for Lb'a pvrpoeo that Ctarlat rtmr nyon -arvh and It waa the aat appet. which he ma lo to Ma Fatbar that ha wo"4d aaoctify hia wcrka la truth to the 'ii'ld'T cf tr'n. Ad wou.d admit w.thoat beetle tier that (fetlit waa ho:/, for It waa Carl* tho ron of God thai founded the CS' hif of the Crma. Wherafore, If the mac who brlleree In the uiv'.miy of Cortat, and that the Church of God baa hail for tin 'ouner a being ao b'.y, who could Joobt tta genslcoeae and norreoiueae. It waa therefore ne Oeetary that the feroder of the charoh thou 11 be holy, an! that all the luethuiiona eriei ..g la the r.horch rbouid hare a holy eonrre. and bo of dlriae ejapot itmeoL Toe eprakrr ivntln.ied at onalderab e length to rnfoeee thla theory. thrt all tea chert and mitlatem abould be appointed on't t'">nfh the brad of the Oatbouo ohurob. | bat txtrc the op'y oeteM jt.ed aad recognized ehorch of Cfcr'?t. "be -ererrnd gratia man next proceeded ?n-ak 1 of the many miarer>eeeatatloca which beaald the fmhotlo morel) waa ?uh>?ct to by U>? Prot/wtaat ciiurrhen. or tboae who bofpT<M to differ <r1ih that hurch on rollgtooa .1. and roll aowo of throe M which Uto anwt feu It to fined by Mom (tit ct ib? church oro the holy a??ri(?ee of maM, th? botr orehartot, tba aaoraajenl and privilege of a cmVaaVrD, the he'lcr in a p irgat??y, aoit the Invocation of ilio antr.ta, and the practice cf granting tndoigewciw. Ttpwn tbevpraker tonb up eparaleTy and "ipl/covd and doiX.'cl froth the attack* of thoae oot of tb? cl.uirh, at cenrtderabJc 'eogtb, and contended tiia' each of them woo adlriee UtotitoU. o, uatabtiabed by Chrtal mod I ho Apontie*. The Flohop oeoeln ded bio dlneourao at hair part tbroo O'c'ock by orair'at I'atlng the Catbni.oa or ttlaa Core no batten an fur a hour* nt woratlp, retnmlag thaou oo bo half of the 'oer ifttioo to tba eaeureiootote fer having m hbr-ally cwtributod owarda aiding tha saw church, and org eg them a'! tn a renewed oool la their faith. Poring the former part of the eiomtoeo a collecting wao taken up 'mm the nongrefeltuw on botalf of the ehtuoh, eat ousting to a eontldorable anm Tbo e*cur?l->ot?to, 'wmedl.tioly alia' the onn-lootoo of the ?*eirtix?, returned In Mage* to the boat, whtoh let her dork at Hire Otre thortly after Ore, lea ling at rook all p. Now York, al half pae eight la the evealng. Oat Havana Conoopoiidonwa. Hicanr, Annul P, 1847 TVUtawtol rvfrti Otrr?Ufai Dtiiian H*tj* rwtp Jotat Stock O ?y win?A Sm Hank AufAerterd, <te AM ongh I wrote you by direct iteomer jeaterday, fit 1 camot permit tbo opportunity afforded by the departure of U?e ataamer CMkawha, fer CharlwMon thia aftorooon, to bare the ihUH ot iafbrni-.Bf vm that the onmmrreto nrwm wwcn pt 1 'n ih . hM beoa j ' Or?r with oat My aerV,ua <1>aM(e b?ta? offbctod To morrow II il folly beltorod thai b nil BOH will ,,rr*wod M II did pro r'oanly lo rooonl M'Dii At wiy rate permeate ! fold will b? madr at all the bank. Mr. Vomer. it la nnder tood, wVl retire from Ii>? maoafoment of the almnormn (warchonee.) of R*tU, from the book ooaeeeied with IhtntMd fro* interna alMfether la thla talMl H# gnwo, l? ? ?M, '0 isiadoa. wh?re be formerly meMed, and, 1 ballewe. Mltd In buaiacee Tlit ?oboertt*joo? in old rrf the ipaatah Hook of Hirut, pobllabed op lo lb* moraine, otoaarl eleven million, of dnUnre. _ n? 4c 'la. tf thla u?y. OOOUIM the nraamanVa of the mom born <u? uie r .dot of ib? Real AudlenrJa, (ho arm,, moot* or* or lonyiby to l ran*.* to today) forbidrf'.ae tho aiabl.tbMont of a,I ?h? joint .took onmpanloa, rail waia that wcm not mtabiiahed prlo- to 31at Hly nko , bat I notice immodiatofT mdor thla tba permtarrtnn of tie (bMia Manor.I ? OMaoll.h annthar bank la ba nailad tho ' Cretllto forritorial CakMo," alfbtooo par ornt of whom raiiMl la to bo paid In. Tbon It will ba aaon we have not cainod windows (Von* ll.? aonne of bat week, m*4 U-kt J* nptrit of npacnlnltofi J KM dnnd. W YO MORNING EDlfiON-MON] Urnitkotic, and Muilcal Matter*. *eei?i? of ibo pant week hare out boon of * Tory ? ttartHnp nalnm anti IKam ia h m* m* <* MtU Ullin tk*a t' trioal sflairt, preparatory to tla grind ofior's of the rvgu * lar season, whlcn will be fu fy miiter may .0 aoou Uuoo T weeks. 1 la the mur-oai way we tune had nod* eg but the eicel * lent promenade coaeorta at the Acndomr of M isle, whch r have received a fair share of pub lie patronage. Tor this * week several new artiste have been eogapsii; among them B we bed the names of Mrs. fcha Wood, dr. 0 Cooper (an ' | eminent EuglHb violinist), and Miss MUner fan Peg!ish * prima donna). Both Mr. Ooopar and Miss hi..iter are h'gb- * ty spoken of by the tfngttah pros? Theeo artsits, wltn * Mils Roberuor, Sic nor aruolll end Mr Gidlmetio, make a very good programme, worth doable tan amount of imaey * that is rtvged for admission. Daring this week ooncrts will >jt give a in the afternoon as well as in the evening, fh r .uve as from the coean of dullness in which the * 1 dog days wonld have probably plan sod as, Mr. Barton has organized a strong Opera co/.ipany, and oommensee a series of perfornsanoee th.e evening with the "Lncwxia a Borgia" if Daniaettl. The three prtaot pal artlsta are too ; well known to the public to coed a word of introduction, J ' the star of the company, M'lie Vert van, oomee from i Southern trtu.nphs kvklng better, and, we are assured, [ s'ngUig better than wrer. Without doubt she will renew , 1 the furor/, which she made al the Academy two years ago. i Orslnl, which she singe to night, is nae or the floeei rvtea The soprano, l/bulaa Darren d, has resolved much applause from the critics and oonnoisseors in Havana and New Or leana, where Ute standrrd of orltictam la high. Brignotl and A mod to are well known to the publio, and deserve tbo favors showered npon Cent. Altogether, Mr. Barton's j opera nompany 1s a strong ote, and we expect to hoar , "lncrezia" very well snng at this ti oatro this evening. I On Saturday Mr. Stuart closed e long end very snceeeiful season at Wattack's theatre,and new r?1nquisbes parses , |rien, which he has held nearly fourteen months, to Mr. Wal | ?ok Mr. ammrt awpiayea ?o mucn muHWiu aomiy i dur ng hit Or it attempt that we have no doubt that he will shortly assume the truncheon of command, the regular aea t aon at W al'aok a will oommenoe about the'evef September. 1 We have beard of no new engagement*. Ur. Wallart u at 1 preeect enjoying the delight* of the aea thore at Rhrowa- J bury. The theatre will be opened to night for the benefit 1 of Mr. H. B Phtlbpe, a gentleman to whom the publlo In much indebted. Mr. Phlllipe baa been oonneoted with the i atage direction of this house alnce lie opening, and hai I never alombered at hii poet ffle bill thl i evening lnc u Je* "Don Co ear de Bazan" and Ihlfbard'a oar League "3bytoo*." Mr. and Mr?. John Wood, Mr. C. W. Clarke, a Bland, A. H. Davenport, Mien Manner*, Mlaa Orion, lira T. 8. NUna, aad other fhvorttaa appear in theie ptcoe*. At Laara Keeae'a Theatre, the javenlle oom*dlan?, under Mr. Marsh h direction, have been playing tn "Che Salad Queen" to flair houses. They play ibia evening In Beauty and the Bcaat" and "Brian CVlinn. " The regular aeaeon oommeneee about the 10U( of September. Ml?a Keene la rnaUoallng in the moontaina of Ihnnsyfvania. At Kibto'a Garden we have a grand ballet night. M'Ue Ron* plays hi "Bella In raqnereite," and the Ravel Family give the "Italian Brigands." A pleaaanl place, these hot alghta, la the garden ef Viblo. At the Bowery Theatre, "Hamlet" la on the bill for to- J night, with Ur. E Eddy, Mr. R. Johnston aad Mra. A. Par- j kar in the caat, and the V?al drama, "Rgta Ufa aad Low." At Barnamh Mneoum Wyman the WUard, aad other ealertilamente every afternoon aad evening Ihie week. Wood aad ahrtetyh tftastrsla leave na Ibr two week*, tad wtll delight the Philadelphia* daring tae interim. No entertainment ever given In New York baa been more popular than Ibia same black o-iera by this aame oomoa by We ran i.nhw UmtiI LKdbWb la PhllbAltlnllih fn? m HiiU j white. Autocharts' HaU Bryant1* Mlnitran fire a onrtttl ooooert thin evening, including ail Uetr popular noveibee We deelre to call particular aUeaUoa to the perform aacea at Hart*, a Theatre U> morrow (rceaday) erea.og They are lor the benefit or lira. Reborn, wheee bo* band formerly ted the ortheitra at the Broadway Theatre Boom time alaoe dr. Roberta became bopeleaaly intone, through the .ufluenoe of aplrftaallsm, ao called, and be la aow in Wio arylam. Me wifa aad chlUlroo are entirely deeUtute, aad thla benefit la given to relieve their aeouwi Uea. Mr. Burton girce the borne and hie own eery Tamable eerncee. Mr. Wek-.ot, mat a. Denln, Mr. Chariot Fiahor u '. other aaocU rt actora hare alio volunteered, ' and the bill will be a rtry itroeg on*. Tha houee ahoukl , be a packed oaa. Mr. Ranger, wbu r>*<le a hit la ?enehre:3 van r year* ago, and ua adopt*. daughter, Mini ilmacfi Kane (<he original uertrnde In the "I <ttle Traaaure' ), arrived froa. ?orope ia?* weak, aad are noe ibe geetto of Mr Barton, at Rlen C -ra. Br. Thalbwrg, lime. d'Angn an l Sgcor, left town en Saturday, ea a trip to the toe t*"tre and theOataktl'a. TV Wruhlnploa f-^u ooatredicii Uie rumor of too death of fiuldl, >he tooor Coema ?Kr. John Brougham had a taaUmoaiai beeeSt at toe Bo ward Atheo - am on Vridey, ciw^ng a brllliani en gngement of Urn e week*. Mr Brougham made a ebarao lertotMiepoech, ifcua ? Ltnw am tlwrn.nnra?I am euro yon w.C ?j mpadil?.? w;ui uio urn t wi jwu won i io?i wirm, vor/ w*'rniy upon Ibta aul-.iect I un wore thau aurp'land I a a ImijU ' vl in Hud ix) mu; pore us hero or* " Jin ao * .*?< end on each en t>er n'nr m toi, is. *" ..> raid the'. we here be I porting but the weather to talk ?bont aince we hare ' be- n bar* but thai '? becaoae tha wtadier baa roeoel it elf upon oa. I tfo cot know how It may hare boon with yon, bo> .1 la Boat Wjl.tff.lly warm behind the fleeter I ur ellgbt'y eibtarraaaod at the p.-eat.' moicem. u>1 I lake no ahauie to aiyrelf ?!th<.r fbr at;' :$ tu Oat I muit con ret to yen that fioos the dr oawUi * ?*; ha a late ly -renai'-ed, I we* led to ?u puree that 1 ? ou d be t?eei ed ton. bat in ihta mar nor, ard thai you w-nil call e.e out A xirdltvj to at' rv > of hoc;r, of coame I eja bond to .'1 e yen rati. Uon. At you ara 'be cbailen f*-r, the ohotoe of ? ,*'ua ren.*!-.* Mi n.e H you r retinae to tare w arch w.laat:* at tn?v, (looking el tee bouquet*,) I do Dot oar* bow neny r ruoda yon lorel at me. Bui 1 nn cat aotrj to nt? an) fi?oarmt; 1 ehaii only "jo oft"' myaelf. Uj ptrlicg from you will be Unpad ? lb a deap ia*r?e or rajrot. Tt la -ertainly a ran thing to port from i?o Men.., ye*, when that aadtaaa la molt plied by parl'nj r-om a bole rfty rail the amount cat not -rail bo e?v) nt-d fllaea I ba-e Had tne pleaaure of ft rot meet up you. and during th.i brief aun m?r t*aaon my time haa been ao completely lljbt edelui the bright enough. of p'eiaont aaenciailaae, mat It tow tiwroa to |1WI tb? rt'.?tt ombre cloud if eparaUoo, which I* a|m tlloniiaed by ihe anticipation of ajaln baring the t.le?r -re of meencj you before many rtocth* it orer Tbl* baa been only a raceUon to no, and I thtll aow re torn to work. I nmember whan 1 jot in'o the oara in oome to H rtoii "tat I 'rli aa I waa floating borne foe tho Itoii lay -> The labor hero baa beea aotituij but play?you nee I bar# boee p'ayiaa a kale to-i-gut M-ch of the 'Blarrrei iil which I feel arkww from the fart lh?l I bar* an much to * ant ao Utile time to *ay It n And the *arr~w pa**are of Ihe brnai M a t Ixcap*hie of eUtag oat tbe rolnm** la my Peart that they nan not c.ian* out la dill) thare, or by btUarnai. I rpeak *rom 'he fbe/ajr if my heart at tbl* aenmrrt. I bare many actnhw)edgia?3tr [ to make?ao many Utai 1 hardly knew where to bejji im But ' will return ut? ih?nt> flnt to tbe baeral and eallghi oned, broad and oomprenraelr* eeb'lo?at loaat the pay 1 joinjpotum thereof, and partb?.larly thoac Who haro bat U lied moat manfully w'th 'be remarkable weather of let* and filled Uio heocf">? of tbte " the oooiost >JlNUr? j tbe nlt>"?joo'to probably nj?!oed U. I rreet no< >rtet my oMisaiine to that rr;*htr repine ?lac rri?a- le ? dlwmlMto' of '.Melilpence? iho baAffoald or bert *, ? a vapor Arnhlmedtan lev?r, wtib the fab-rani in tie lianda of penolettrc phi osotihr, Dot only 'o rai?e Uio world, bat to "rsje the wind." I wish they wjold j toad o (cw pnO'o aionp her<s jaoi dot. For tho haleyon ? pair* whlnh lb?r bore boa owed npoa mo I rotnrn osv , atoti pratefot thank* Toon u> my oom pair lota with whom T I bar* bora a??o tated here vo pleasantly m oblin uio>. are due. ?(p?ctallv to my old an I ?*rta frlead, Mr Jamv & Hrowne, ?to baa hastily (wallowed hi' part for 'hi* ,, evealop. the idlusynoranUw of which you hare itm him p ?o ad notably llluatra'e , alao to Mia* M?'y Hill, In whw* ret 1 racy from the atape to take a part lb the " Howeym ?d" y aad for iba more qiiet dutirt of the "W.fe," yon wtu e* prtlesoe a preat Iom. (Mr Rroupham firtbor < oatpil o men'ed tr.uw Bill wit the other member* of the ooni.a n ay j For the very k'od manner id too have re- <t or I red me ob all oota?loa* I retarn joa ra/ Ditat doner* thank* (<lr*ol aprleate ) The Trmmcripi of (fetorJay aadenrtand* thai Mr. Barroa ha* eeeured from Mr. Unmphaaa the rich*, of perfor miac hia eodtedy, "All's Fair la Ixtra," hbloh be read* tbt* eraalBf at VabaaL Mr B dill probably Aral It at WoJfeck* The aire, Naw York, aid brinp it oat at the B Howard A'beeirnm to the eprtop. A Meaei? W. tv. Blake and 'l. Jordan commence aa en * popemeat at the Howard tbte eroding Mr Blake la know* "

to the Bnelonlan* of old. and they wtu find Mr. Jordao 00" ^ of the mort flniAbail of Amerloan aotnra and 00a who I* 1 r iptd') rMag to the firat plane la hla profeeeioo The B>?- < teo b ?"?> ' ni?D, bat BO'hlnp BOW ha* beep prod"Ofd * Ih.uAratj-vii.? Mbretley'e Aroh street theatre opaoed t on leta-day last w th "The Batle'a Stratagem" rod ** fhllowt ?I'tiv'a Hardy, Mr*. E. L. Daranpod ; Mi Rack*. Moa Anna Oulaa. lady Tonchwoorf, M e H Baker . l*.r eot.rf. Mr Wheatiey ; Sir (teerpe Tdach wood, Mr. Dolman hU Hardy, Mr. Tiayer ; Flniter, Mr. J. ? Clark. rr. E. L. Da*?' d ' the leadln* f trapeiils?. Mr. flu alley nouOc'-e* to* r ? tsoeee, Mr, w RK H DAY, AUGUST 17, 1867. >mlerltke ike acting ud n?g* manager, ud Mr A M. I. W tdtton, treaaorer. The orofcaatr* in nndor the dlroo- 11 on ofO R. Dodworth. It# onty change In the prtoe of dmiMtoa la to the drem oirote, which te vm Of* oenta. h3 Ctiriaty ud Wood Mmatrein open M the Knttonel h'eire thle crentig. Med emu johannaaen end Signer L>] imcdio beve retired from the imetuenede ooooerta at the 11 biledelphla Academy of tfoslo, and are eoeceded by 01 I flame ScbeHer, a to?rano, iormerty one of the Vten- 1(1 olte children, and Blgnor Vtert, a barttiue, from Harana. Ul Ir. Kraser ud the ttermanla erchetvr* dill remain. . . . . .. .. _ . . nil iagtca company oi juvenile ernea'ana mo at tho weiout treet theatre. It nambcre about thirty, .neluding eslare, 34 otreeaet, logon and danoon. ^ VmrroBT, R I ? Mad .tie de la Grange pro a concert tm I Ocean Bail lent weak. ?* Koflswrm.?Mr. SL G. rtunkett will opan the theatre n lara on the 3iit Inak Mrt. A. M. froat la tua leading ^ ,st? eea. w Movnuu'.?Mr. 1. J PrUv ta engaged ar the Theatre U1 tfljal, which opens titla week under Mr. Kackland'a man- 01 gemeot. Atiuwv.?M'. FWtn V'Mont opoiaibe theatre here thin reek with tho Keller troupe. Mr. Keilar la organizing a a all juvenile leiet Iroape to appear wttli bin tableau*. J Brrvaxo.?Mr and Mre. Pauitoefort finished an engage- f nan* bare on Saturday. a dr. Lena?The Francota Ravel company ware at De *J tar'a theatre last. they will be succeeded by John ? Iwgbam. a Cajuu-ao?Paul JuHen gave a concert here, July 22. 1> c Police Intelligence. ? AiFft ron VK'ttnso run Scsiuv Lijcon Law.?The ti lotlca returna of Sunday morning ooatain the names of a o lumber of ikjoor daaleri who have bean arrested by tho jj police, In teoordanoe with the instructions of the DNtrtot J Attorney, for violating the .Sunday liquor law. "lhoio U parties Lave all bean Indicted by the Grand Jury, and jjj lava bean arretted on bench war ran ta. A number of m them bava nl'rady bean before the maglatrataa and It bare given ball for their appearance thla morning before 01 he Court of General Sessions. The folk)wins are the f. tames rf tbe arrwilod parties M they spear b tbe nu b net real order of the warde:? nmi w>v> ,, I. R. Nelson, Ireland. "Dhh. Molrey, Ireland, dirbnel tfahooey, Defend. Pwry action, American. 0| lubn liokaddco. Ireland. Wo Cronln, German. Albert Kotbe, German. I'M. McQatre, Ireland [null Dnb ite, AmerlcuL Jacob Bender,German. . Jacob Tllton, American. Dan Defeney, Ireland. f. And Men It*, American. C. B trn?, Ajuertcan. . 'note Or mend, Ireland. c VIII WAMO. . Franr Ingetaman, German > TEirmmi wran. 4 Q. Mcyerdcck, German. P. Mermtnger, German. _ J. Cleaning. German. K. BwlujU, Gorman. a J. Horold, ?n hertz, German. ? C. Martin. German. W. a r Kjleast, German. ,, Jobn Becker, German k. McCromlwk, Irolacd. , _ J a. Rookormsn, German. ?7>oa. Oollen, Ireland. (; 0 Kaiton. Germtn. Jabn Riley, IrelanL r John Wricker, Germaa. ? rinnnmn wamd. _ John Hanber, German. r?BTtSJVTII W4TU> Ian. O'Dosnell, Ireland. Ana Kemp, Knyllah. I. Barrard, German. Rowuaa a.n Emwia-Aciika up ris PrntimuTua 1 urn uni Cewmmaa.?Robert Dawronoe, a yoong man 19 B rears of age, was arrested yesterday for an alleged em m, rezalement of hli employer's moeey, and oa being taken R >efore Justice Osborne was oommitted U answer the targe. It seems that on the 11th last, the saTe In the u itore of Means. lam son, Ooodenow h Co., No. 79 Berknan street, was opined and aboo* 1,000 In Mils of rartMia nm lha QidlHmt rrut Pa 11a RanV Uaaa detracted. The Am did not kaow who to suspect, ud lnrlly the matter wee plaend in the hands of cffloen Hier end BoCord, with UirtruoUonn to work the enno up I lie officer? soon found that $6 blits oe thte berk had been penned In n r'onr !* Broadway br joing Lawrence, whe?e upon lie wan arrnrtod. At fimt be plead Ignorance m j>e transaction, but finally oocfesaed htn guilt. It neoma he van formerly a clerk with Lameon A ^oodenow, and while In the'r employ aKstii? ted the money from theeafe Re took the offlcort to "the jwrct of the etore la Bookman street, and from a dark onrner prodoood a package con MMh tl,!>r>0, In bllln ef 910 and under Young Uvr'acete eery reepectabir connected, and nee mod to r?el the ipueuro k> eniy. The money wan returned lo the onaere. Hrnimi) it h:t Birrum ?Htepben Johnson,anueoeptlble young oytteman, doing bos'oene at Catherine market, by been Urlng for tome time pail en lerme of criminal tot! nacy with a woman wbogtree her name aa dxry John ton. latterly, Stephen bad determined to gtro dary up ind her* nothing more to do with ner, and reeolred n?re titer to lire a pious and gudly life. Be ecmmuni: tied hie Dt; In Bary. but that young woman demurred, and fritted that he was just t.-e kind or man she Jtke.1, and it-' ?< rcsolred be should It re th her At leugtn her d?ar Ute.'S" Oirared .ut and Bury wse lelt desoltte. Hut 'bo wae not lor.g U coming lo the -oucl?*:on th?'. she was t deeply Injured weman, and she . eoireu to bs r- renpoj pun her fWiihieas torer *yie accordingly vrwra h*rrilf w'th a kuUo an j sUrted in pure- t, sud y-?i u day uaura'.og I iMiii a y m;r . ?nn iij <?>DaF /Q iiJ WRi' r nre??i, '? . t. m to oat nia th. .M ? "h her 'itt'.IV, bet *ortuo% e'y for him tho waapon rllpncl and "tri.s* hla oo.'tr beta. As !?U,U1PMfitJ It tbtPUtOff k** *T jr<5 WVUQd to lila ^rf k?'. s"ha infur'aUd ?oum iw token aw.17.ated inal!/ ibr? Tombs, wb^r* tallica <>i?o?tjo onm*ilte<I hf- Johonf wai ro'-roytd taUwi l.niir.ui wbarr ??ta now Mir tho oaro of lit . inNiia. W?o moral of h ihlt ?tcry I* that ; 1 ar man *Lwte d 1 01 lurm :ap">p-r in g limn U* wiih'ini") yonif woman, at It may hat.110 mptowpant ixum qntLcat. SrAnaorft Amui iu ?r;www: n frnnrr - Co-doI'hb Prf?.ahar, n tod 10 year* ofw*a'.-/-thioi 0 'atorday on * ie comp'alrt 01 ?.an MoDcaaal, who rhar<nd him with ^ lomcitULnf " tion'rn.n aaaaal' ipno hi* (U~ff>3/u1'') ;er 0 XT. K iaeu.ii tLo two Had aa Vtercaticn m rtraenwti'i al Irani, a her ?tid Inc m ic It / iw'?4, slasp : 1 ,ha boy'a the ra?? Rraanviau *snpoo *!*? a t-itfe 1 trtdide -d 1'the luuiftiiy wc?i. r?;. * < < to ita ? bu at !? irraaor frii-rniii e*rin sunm t'm ahou the boy planted il tkii't atohto e**e'>oto bree :, 'aire j( a rororw, tbowgh t. ha doctor* ?ay, ;o? a d* ?< ha 1 -wi Jiui *n n ;rotr;.liy arrw>.rd xj r^'or rfrnl'ty a..d :tkn tatbo ' romb., wbcra Vrlioual t t.v.'Od a mat; Uiot ?tam? btro, tl ui ? he w?o <x>t mlUcJ by 4 iter.aau trifflju, wllo* any o oaf Ktratr c SraaiuBfi abut o* th* Pnesm?On Stfardty erooiuf ^ t colored aeamao named .'amoi Jarfcaon, wbb? ft pplag tl he boar 11 jf h-?ia? a?pt by tuba Kraooa, 04 Park atrawt, [ot too a vh.coit7 w lh certain partiot oa the Potato Bbicb CT?oi^ai'.J In "i' bring aiabbad, It la eatd, by a boy' ^ rauw* a? d -bsrt Ti* q-iv-e: gra? oat of a liia^-f rame-UDg VLe 1'fbi of metee-ion of a ptooa of cbe**e, and n larksno *aya h# <rM > d while t > hoy ?aaiUtu j>g bim, >ut tb't part at tba otoir rr%j < ? apocryphal. Ja-katH wa? leiare'y lay red and ha may mot rreoaor, Tbraa of the b t ctjoiie i" id -ho toft arm pi ottr La tbe abdoaoo n-.i'n/MJfi -Mf 'oatcpua Roll who m%? a/mat J a 'aw <laya alroo .maibarfp f awial ih|, wan houopably < harbartao 7 jaattoe Watch ?a aaamtiiauaa, tba otoargaa >?.a> fo?D J 1 omo *1 it Citoktt. P< EFP 1LTH v . >KW JmTBITTON. The retcrn c -h between tfeeeo - ?oh? w*? pla/el el ? a ili i'ui tut, end ib? f'e* ilrinVoo club were t1 <aln rtetii . <-? Tt" pi?f oe both duea w\> etc* lien I t( be bo? ..L(( uJ AeiJIrc of Uie Brtx.kiyr jlub la u>? lre? u cti ip Mpt-cia^y food, btt in' fW it Uw u t irt ""be! ef th> ir oprnoente wae more einiai Brery 0_c iiDf ne. rd iff ia the moat MlUfactory aui?i,ul X *W o inroLxM ??T' port to all. The fbiiuetoff W the Dure m BMnot. Pirn F-mn I itaha iiir?b'lr 1 b w b Byroa S e Au?Un 9. Blr-mArM... 10 1 r trbnteaiote b. B> ?n o b iw>m field 11 n M l'lBuieti'U. nm out.. 0 not out 3 ergfnrd o. Whliemao b. ht BM.n i 1 , > ?. lawreaoe h Bloom Sold ov yieb *yf0 3 b Blown Held t tt) led ley b Byron 0 b. Ryroa 0 ortre I. b. ?. b Bloom " fl- d 0 run oat 3 h? . R/. lib c A J lmer b. Ih R noir field 0 e C Wrldoa b Rloomhekt ,w K>?tl t>. wiifinu.... a b Hiroo 0B Ilk D, totn 9 lb. b m. Blnm?b<ti.J .... 1 .r It nil"'' n b. Whlt?a?n o runout ' ^ 14 B I ^ J*fhy? 1 litbjtm 1 iy W:d?a WidM ? m Total S3 Total 7 CJ una. f\r* hmingi Hrctmii hmtrngt. ;hi-fii??n o. Hradlay b. ot v?w 0 e. Vyaab. lUly 0 ti -int'a b Vyao 1 b. Tilly 4 r i.t'it b Vy?a 10 b. lily 0 " 5 - b lAlly 0 b iB'.y 0 iooju9h<1, ma ont 9 b. ij'ly 3 ifihVm. 4 o. Vyoob. Utty 3 .?.?rr< b Vy?a 1 i. b. ? b. UJy 1 2 rrU'it, n n <mt k r*a not I ylrt'-i n llUy b Vy?a . 4 aoiotit ? t. Vataa b Uily 1 a. trbMoawra b. Vyaa... 0 Wa' i'n, dm out 0 b.Tyaa 1 By?a 1 Btaa M Log byra... 3 Wilaa 4 in widi# 7 No bail* 1 1* a. ? ?ai Total 40 Total 31 or Thr v<oan*>g ?9ora of Byron la ftb* 4rit 'taalnfBjwoaaa Mlova ?Ball*. M rtaa, 3. laa'il?, 7; wtafcata, 4' ^ Wm, 1. Ifc ERA! The Collision on lit* Vo Md. 1 HM fWUMU or TBI i. N. HAlUVo UT TBB JCJBrao'OLTS. niTium op p. Dtmi. Pjumwcan ?{ Mr. John P. Dunn, of Williamsburg, son of W.'linin B. inn, J>q., a member or the New York bar, wbo >u le of the passenger* on the lit fWled J. N. Harris, an t was te of (bote alluded to * having dang to the wheel of iho Ic temer Metropolis, by whlob eff n his Ufa was provided dip saved, gives the following aocnunl of the disaster ? Having been unable to sleep from die nuiao of the ma Jsery, 1 was just rising from my barth, at a o'd ?ek on tnrday morning, to go on duck, whend}wasthr;vn front M a berth, and at the vary samo moment beard a m ?t arful oraah. 1 and two or three others rnabei* for the Ml door, bnt in our cenfosion wa were unable to open tt io door having been aubeequt nlly opened by ibe force of 01 e water, as I supposed, I mined out knowing th?<. there m window Jt? at the foot of lbs staL", low)In* to tbo [>;er deck. Tboee who wero not ao tortuuste u to be aware r that fhet were war hod liaok, and of course perohod. no window woo completely under wm'.er, bo'. 1 go fnc el ibreugblt and jo.o to the surlace of the water; I , am towards Hie wreck of the fust nuking propeller but rat waahed oil' again by ibn dock ioad fail ug on me.and 1 rag immediately tun* by Use weight. 1 attack oel from to wreck whilo under water, and in again attempting t ( use wm ilm.k by ihe rob bit h and enok uuwoclou*. Frcm that Mae 1 remember no h be until my arc,d > track ike wheel of tbo M< Iropolift, which 1 grasped, and j 3?ro found fonr of my follow pwwekgera. '"Ve there cried , ut for help aa loudly a? we could, uulil a email window t the lop of the whcel-bocse wm opened, y the light of wkkih wo ware enabled to rai iamber up the buekeia of the wheel. We tvi rere then dragged in through the window, I neea cucrly My, In u exhaueied elela. Fortunately for me 1 00 ad lain down tn my berth In my ptu>la and thirl, dlvoeted Tei f my bcote, veal. coat, collar, &o On boa-d ibo iletropo 1 wm' of my wet garments and kindly carel ur by tue colored waiter* of that steemer, who waibod .0 In brandy and provided me with dry cloihor, and dlr Isese g wxl fellows nobly reiuaed sompeaialion f'oio me tbi 3r their kind attention I wm fortunately In a orn . Ulon to remnneiate them 11' they would eocept It, a my portmonnaio wm tn my pemaioona pocket. ?<|i lie bat an aotof joitlco to mention that Mr Rice, the ?tc curteous ateward of the Metropolis, bebavod In the tnoet cnerous and hospitable manner to myself and my fellow offerer*, and furnished me with his own clothing to en im| hie me to reach my home. I saw nothing o'Qapv Brown fhj, om tbo time I miraculously ohuubered on bmrd the Me- . op lie, through tbo wb?ei, unll I left the vewel. was tendo'od pecuitary aid by tbo oommiUM apt u heart the lea mar, which uot needing m mueh Qn, ? othcra, I daclined, aa did tome cf my fell iw patlivger*. 1 cannot attempt lo describe the trembling and wful aenaaticn which 1 eiperteoced when in the wheal, vb wing that tone necessity would arlic for tbo itcamor to rtn novecithar backwairin or forwards. One single evolution ... f the wheel would bare hoi led four of uh Into the watery raves from which wo had jnet ao providentially emerged. pb; .'or will I, tn thia public statement, obtrude the feeling* of of lamest to joy whleb were ibcd around my parental home ben I wm elasped to the arme ef a father, another and Dr' liters after suoh a bair breadth escape I a nYjvaat man lh? nd I cannot caclu'lo this statement?after the expression abl f my gratitude to lit vine Providence? better than with a . rord of advice to all other young men. "lot one el" your , e Iret aooomptlabroem* be io learn to swim " If I had not of I or feet confidence tu myself at a good swl timer I ahouM i? i ave doI battled so loLg and ao pertoverlugly with the . rater*. T TO TUB WOITOM Of the RIBALD. *' Nrw York, Aug. 10, 1M7. w0 havtDg been a paatongcr on the propeller J N. Harris, don't tee the name of s M who wa* lost Hie name Is "* unco hi* first name 1 do sot know. I last aaw him wb irtng to his berth. He has relatives In New York and |0P rooklyn. I am oosftned to tho booee, having bean a let nod deal bruised and a bad sprain of my ankle. Hk? B1 lends aan find mo at 2B1 I'sarl street; and any lnToruaon thai I oau 1 will cheerfully give them rN JAMSH W. MANNING. pet to tbi Khiron or tub hikild. do In yonr report of the dreadful acctdsnt and loia of life oei a used by a collision between the stoaaer Metropolis and bo ropoller J. N. Harris, yen say, 11 Immediately after the ss wlllsloa a woman was seen struggllig In the water, snp rt( nrllag bar Infant ofclld In f ar arsis. A rope was thrown an ii bar, wbtoh fell wtthia bar ranch, and which one mlgat ,r ave scUid and saved aerae.f by relin<i<ilshiog her hold ;pnn her child. She looked up. aaw the rope, saw those . ho mould have (Ivan almost -heir own bold upon life to a?e her's, then t ressed her child >o htr breast, and aaaa r0 orevsr. Hare Is ev denily a n'.astsU mrnt. or I mistake (really 1 he cbaiacu - of r. y fe^o* citizens who were paaianasrs hi >n the tlr.tropn.a. >'aad would hate given a.snust their >wn hold uoon Ufa to invo bar " U * eme Incredible that my man coula be found who woald in ? a motker Strug [ling m 'he wares wlih a babe Is her arms sad not do ati oaelh ng moir Iban thro w a rope. I trust. fo? the sake *s f humanity, his is aci rue According to the 'iaMmint of Cant Smith " the night was " irh bl anil atsrllght overhead. ai d n 'ther tie vrater so' otl reeiber was r-M-gb,"' iberoiore no escn*e In respect of the mm re ether would ?? teeabio. Was po reliant botrl io h0 ixiu'i vu iimm. m uum w ? iubi jww muwrr ?^(i n?r omr , bc cblU.? T'aa ik/do to Va found to drarend u> the wiu r ! " rttb a ro(?9 around the waiat for *afet7, to .ry to aar*,/ If 11 ila ti?u been lone, II reema 10 n,o it would not hart baeu *D ? i-eta. y m> call upon UiRt moJiar to abandon tor infant i ?eer h?t?? II *" Tun held upon 'ife" the ep?e.t*tora - would have tfeon ^ 1 iBiont,1't? cauiaullu lh?'b?ory. b-it wnat rtgh huuy ? m> lo ih* rx|ir?-etu"i who made ao miioneelfwtte leacie, . *' n<< wbo ran to ritk of tbelr prectoiia Iwe* ? ba'evnr. It jcv.- will pi'nt tMn to your valuable paper, and it baa L.? ?a eBiet lo tttiucaie ll.a brarf J to ?aro on any i.m , sr o<?aaloii one tlnf e Ufe, jcj wlii confer a 'tw on UUMAMrY. Uiooklyn City N?wi. 1 ran it r* Room Bona ?A lira wan dtnrevfrad lathe | <ir otiao of Independence Kuy'ne, No, 8, on the n,inter of 111 lyrilc ond V.indoi bill areuion, about ono o'olona on 'tan , K> morn'tf The a'atJon booiacriLo Fourth (Lnt^ot p> 1 p an in atla> lied thereto. OfTloer MoLaufbHn, abo waejont ?n bout roLr'uy, heard a erarklo/r aa If cnurr t by Ore. He , ^01 rnt i'juntl tr ttio ergino bourn door and foun I It open, . I" 00 the parsune leadiuy up ilalrn 2i<?1 wlu* a dea~eewote. , f' /aUr wan pr^ciT'i by Uio puliormtn, bnt lh-> weroon- J*' hit to enter, whrn the eoyt e ran drawn out aud artraa. In- i J upvr luo ;lamer, wblen errn rp?edil/ nnpp -ee-nd. o. flrr or'r'oaied a a oloaat a the heal of tbo taiono oJtng wueio the .vaate papa. in 1 er4, and the hanou' of ' * to company, "red oa occaa'o.ta of parade, la d1 "-teltbd *' nd lle?a aau be an dooM but that It waa -be work of d? ?;l ft. Ina deuu?e oorwtoeed a ill nteieeod il'10. The p ,n 1 the third ua,- Jtat tbo pla-a baa beta rot on fra riUi.c . ' to paat e.fbt Beiatbi Two moo ware reeo < mliy "c" at rf the tunrae'- *? bra m.a^'ea hofo.-e l be ore waa Ha lrert J UP?. Of lb*n> waa a Tared or rurpt too, an.I haa **' wr< loukat ?p to await ezain.uatica on tbargoa tkn*. Bay B brao?bl rennet bim. 'at Jetrt I (Tw-rr or Sr* ttrarm*? A oartman naaad Bar ? t ar<l foil, n waa prortraled by the heal of tbo run on 9a ?el irtlay, and taa-n lo bla borne in Croanect etreet la a rrm rcaatean oondi'ioa He Iwyrred nnUI t\etilnc, wben be '* ?. U.,ku.l ll.illin dlato >1 Ujani'to .^t He inrairg frtm a a'n.llar n? He wai o?r?K?d in '""T itgool a oel'ar In I led ford itjww, w*r*fdh. *1ttah? '?:i ,w crrroume by < he boat He remierd ual'r oua tat'i r'"' ed'ed were tb? on y ratal cater, entomb there ,b" err eereral othm who wore al?IU> aneeteJ Catommj *1 (irwwM *?uir -<m Hatanltf ale hi laid, , * ( Hoar Parrel], of the Neooad prorin d, obre-red fww rea em Mml h a brat la U>e Detgbborbond of fftw- and Onok reata, wb<wt bo anarented of be'tp on lie lookout lor f'J lender He ooecteled hla alar, aad lal 1 Itlaiaeir down ? ot?op, prrleaoKf to be oaad M 'op ate Jm? tlW fo' r two e.i'B >?w him ib hla reenmlx iit pc> ..on, ?ot Mr* ktwOed thatbewaa ealcep, noaimeoord fumb'mt ebout "* a pockete. "'bay were alarmed by epornechiof .'tot- c",' tpa, aad hid behind the corner nil, the aonnd died " amy, wbea they ayaln epuroerlied, aa I were about m* kma od the ofllnar a ehala, nhea bo epraof op * .d abbed oaa of thaat. The other "at to hla IwW Th? "* ie arr rated rare h.a nana aa Jamea Korteae. Ha waa eked ap to a a all tarn nation >?J llti.U, dir., fkwaaa <orreepontlento boob owe rni ctnn mim on owetnmra. h,, A norrea peed eat, who appear* to be we'l pwtet la of trtrha a poo trarellere," atata* that a treat Dumber of bbertea of thle klnd^re ai|bUy oow>mi>t?d. The ptaa ",Vi Tnr ton or Urae nperatnre to mrnint outode the "mkl I rat nan jot ter ?P benlde Us driver', Un other ?r<"< a? ?r Ibe otwriay Utroaab which Urn tbrea arehao ta* aad Ml! r third aidlnc aa occasion may re\aira. Tb# eimw ?ti r>m?ldnthe d/trar npeaa a ronreraa 'on with bJe> no ?nrt a.e TrtllBt lot's. yr raoaonollaea bl* attention by anma r| 7 iirormi* tuiry While thoa > nj?ye.r hit ( %l bnhtnl flleaaa ride a bet of Ite enolente and mat ra off A naif nf three ran rbai aa rob aome twenty atajaa la a a'cbt and ralaa aboat yet* a baadmd doilere They jeaera'ly brfla eitb oee ha#; for* tar that la ored or tba other Una# ara operate,! qpmt rap metlmea rtnriaf the day they lurk around the Mabtee, rra? d If a yreenfcorn aboo'd bain*1# to be asprdated aa bo | irar, he la tare to be robbed three or four Diana la aa >i?< toy atabta. boa i?b or adamb, thb babbbvt-cb Of rnajrowAKD Homi.. A I mar of Jnatloe" uUra ?uoaptl<n to aoma aArioteraa the HaaniJ) la refbreare to tba oaaa of Adataa. Ha The ya that if the needed dreaaad well aad enjoyed him t'JH If be had prirata maaea of bta owe, which enabled * * 1 to do ro Aa to ibe charge of bta keeplm* (tot ooreee, ' 1 taya that Ute proprietor of the Howard bar top! tha rear aai allowad Ad*ma the emaaioeal an. ef them ta It la which baa fl'"a riaa to tba atalemant that tba tar maintained aa eipeiMtya team of bit own. BAB COtntl "T<W OB TUB HHtf. Ibe "A Oartaat Rider'' oomplatna that the font lb ayen-i# ?v* d Thirty record street tine of atacto hay# a bard road to ?,?l from fourteenth to Tblriy reonad 1 tract He tayr iba tl tba coedHlen of the le'ervenlng rtrrata la woree than rirr M of any onrd'iroy road to ba met with either ta iteoryla tb< j tlabama, area la Ute eprlaf of the year, He thinks Oie I the Oty Inapertor haa power to rrmedy lie arlL ear* > la mtetaken The remcly ilea la tba hande of at the. seat -eel Onoin.laalener riartta or Oowerer, bat wbldb of 8< rm, be auet oaJ npon the oao/law dawns a#. wan B. PRICK TWO CENTS. THE SOUTHERN COIMKRQAL COimMTNR. torts te Exclude the fteporters of die Jortberu Prw, ition for the Renewal of the R ave T?a<ie. PROPOSAL TO POHTIFY FOHT BOY t.l. otion to Repeal the Fishery Bouutieo on the Northeastern Coast initw muimt nrrni prrma rrnnj rrutwar iulci ivi/iisir a uotfi'i jili ii rcn-n ocm-vs, JbO*| AC*i 9p?ctnl CorrtiponHiiii e of l(i? IlinUd Ksowuui, two., Arg. ?, lW, itVnlj and (-be'rrcJieai D*rir?j Pu I'rip to A?? nUy? 'Htsatv/a-iion Aiumg ih( P*i(gaU*~ TV- <\?iuntjf.**? Liktly to be Owutttuiod?iJm W.t?. A. D^dia > tfann. .tfr Facoui?K and lb* Oiipntrtti of Ou Dm0/ <*mt?nrtoo .WdtnjAtp - The Mrc Mirr* Plw* ling a PrjcnU Vpon ike Admt?ii*iraWon?Ae Oops? tvaclrooj /tii-uj/ie*?/)kftta?>???6rov:iH^ j?? #.? scry, ?fc. I arrtvO'l In tble city ?eeve*dsy, afV r a tedious and bar alng travel of twenty four hours from tbo Hmfirvnary bit* Sulphur Spr'ngi, whenoe I wrole to yoa last Tbe intry from that jk> nt to Bristol on the Virgin* end ouMeee line, nod iho lerurjiui ?t the Virginia and Ton wee Railroad, presents very many attract on* wo)' oalatod to diminish the tedkmsness of tbe travel. Tbe knee between Ibeae points .a about coo hundred and rty mile*. In rlctonees, fenllltv and bounty of scenery, 1 country along tbla route may be siid 10surpass any if :e! extent In tbe Union, or probably tbe world. U e lullarly the garden spot of Virginia, combining agrin.1al and mineral reeouioee enough to constitute a vary ;> irtanl element in the trade wbioh U'le oontoaplaied w nbltab between the Chesapeake Bay and Furcpo. la t, tne success of that scheme Is based to a great eataat jn the reaouroea of that region, when fully developed, ler the Imp*to* of increased railroad fac.l'.Uea, u we. I ibo oonncdi na wtth fennevea and other points SeuJb Ich the Virginia and Tonneaaee Railroad will aatablitb. s onuntry alorg tbla Una la very uneven, 1 bough li to perfection. I oibtr rog ons of like filoal OJU.aa, II malttaius an e<inal degreo fertility, for pasturage, Its bills exhibit signs of rteb HI LU H1MJ tUD pTOU UTU 7? tWIW 01 i Intermediate valley*, the former being no mm r?nul ? for the production of bMottfol beef and melton Us us i letter for luxuriant wheal, eoro and oate. At a protr Lbe pre eminence which Usla region enjoy* orer *1) other* Use Stale In theae reepecu. I might mention Use factum* tar Use largest proportion of prima distributed el Use Icultoral fair are carried off by Use tarmero a# aoathatern Virginia. And linage, It waaexsmpantbrely but lo fnown prevtoua to Uta octutrocUon of Use Wginir. I Teuneaaee Railroad. la taot, wit boot the fbcillliea cb thia Lino baa afforded, P < moor, oe would be dereed to no pncllnal rood, turn sucb aa there wee no oatfor ila prod acta, r van ??> Use work ?f dereiopniitant y be aaid to be tat-ety in IU totaney. for at yet the ocrit of Immigration baa not telle Usla direction, owing ibably to Uta fact that the advantages etfattng bare are t generally known. A few Trench odontata bare reully aetUed la Wythe coni.ty, la the1 nmedtata neighbored of Use Vlrg nla and Teaaeeaee Kwiroad; hot they are Id to leek tbe akll> and e*e*gy eerecUal to aaoMte ?a egmlt.-rai pamstta. Mesa* title It la iskaly that their e? p'u will be followed by otaera of a more eaterprieusg I wan end t/s Ik'a .etmsMk.i. .d.^i ?w- J- -? ? u *v> ?? ? ?u vawwt w tl W f W1 HW; vw VfWM lA quUtttOD. Brirtol, U>? Urm'noa of lb* Vlrgtata Mid 'i -.oraeec HCJad, if fitofl* parity la V if late 9nd per''r .n Tec n. veer content about roe tbcoaand rr twelve toi.lrod !?. ibttanta, tbo lergeei proportion or ?? . n e V rglatana. Tbo rharaet anal tea of Ueee p?*? ? <vre aaid to bo raagdy .1'<Tcr?nl Hie t?mmk a*h proverbially Mel and exerting .a all'ocr bue au-r <?' -vr, *ad ere Id to b# weatlag la a oar noble a'tr't ?'! cf boetftelMy d generoalty which diatlnEulsb rk".o I'.'^art on iho. jar fide of ib? liao. Being tbu* r ?: !n'/ wiab rococo to aech other, that heru-,uy toauot otlM whlro gbt be exported of people bound together by a omasa j of toctal idaaa aa<1 iraci'r ja Tula ..fie town mod dm Bomaroo* advantage* f*?or?b.e to IU rao' 1 grian d proapeelty la I be future. It rteuda :m the . aaua 01'jr aurpaeaiefl> rob. re 1 at >ha p iel of traca/vr fo Ir-oda end paaaoogero from Uio 1 vt Teneaaaee tt the , giMajx! Tennrateo Railroad. It artti aUo form tt? pot re- all ibe produce from the >irrmiad!er *ou? i pre; oratory to lia traaai .laalca to Ibe fttcipi, i? tfording a flic opptili-oltr to tpa-.ola'.paa tj wake rchwoe ai an advantage. ,e % po ut to wbieh Now rk merman r might turnthi rr'irt.'.oo with ed rentage, ' doo bt cot the; gmild bei eUt me or lolly bv die op alcctt oi on agent there to mrke par*baer* ub thu> 0 aceorft snm?< raercrvnta '.o hXMero Vlrgin.e rovoa lave tafero up ih'.a Idea . ready, 'or I 'utder?taod they it aog tlatiot u ? < Vet by kitten ibay will ioootc a go l?iitu n of the pr Hlucta of Piat regtnn la adraoco of lr HMMklNtMI tba a tori m?'l. rlB The oiper at will nertelr./y a p">Atabl? one, particular./ m, ?lit ii ao Utile r,u."b?'t?ti,jn v m'ji hor* tbla town I luoa rr./ " uto by tbf ".eat Toanoar -w 1 Vlfg'Bt* Ka'lroed * f. o'cl.r'r r M , and arrival at ieeoort.1 (l) aVut " P M tbo rt a ee"e between th?j?f> nta la abont hiry xl or ?b: n la Ibe extent if tbo iu ytO eotnplrte la ;>a ouxrr rcctioo. 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