Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 17, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 17, 1857 Page 3
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juke win * ooanreted by a network of rati ray* wttb the CM* to" Ike Mtorleaiuui. Whew U>? a?Tiap?ae tad Onto todlway le umnliliJ the trade of OtooinuH wlUaware-lf pwir to o the ffoaapeake, If h eu there dad an outlet, to* tola le wbai ?r propose. Wbal eu prernot toe trade from to* Ohio tak ng tou oourset A* Mr Ma try ray*, ftuimull to almost twtae toe (torn tide ?ater at Re* Turk than I om Hoc water to toe Cnesapoaan; and r?4 to her oommero# 10 take toe former atrectlunf reaphw, Loolvvlile aed St Laeto wlU in three fears make eome potot on toe Obeaapeeka. Barhf their eeaiurta New York eu ao loafer be tet point when these railways are onmpletad. Law ef toe map of toe country, end tell na If It eu be other ?M TV*e are not toe trade ef to we cittee and of thto buk eonbtry, ad the wheat and tobaooo of Virginia and Mmitonii irrnr ueiadtag toe moreAootoernproduct*? eoeayb to feed thto Una of steamers? Bare le a great pahy-el of ewide radon to toe whole oeuntry. Bet yoa are lotiH fw for tow etattotlee. Yoa are opu to owrVoUon. atwayi *; and we atmd stick more eioeely to facta If we wtofe to prodnee uy decided revolution ta yonr rtewe. toe htrr drna with resolution* ud ntuisee deetamatloa. toe are lookteg to stalls ties, la facte, ud to e practice oto toet: ud yoa may dtooorer tku, with a tittle Afunx, to the itoeeradvas of the Old Point O-mfort OuarenUoo; and yen may, moreover, >egard tola Knoxrllle ee*embWe aa aatfB more practical demon* Irak on of the eneeem of toe Wfl A 830 fBC&NKR, THE NEW TEHUANTEPEC COMPANY. fkslslt of tlta ICntsrprUa Oleaolwtlon of the M concerns?Organisation at a Itw Com* & ., Ac., Ate. m MANT?BOW AND BY WTTOM OBTAINED, AND ITS PRESENT FIX. TO TBI RDITOR OP THK HUULH. major WM D. in sbtb tbi ball of motto*. |i ?e whiter of 1852-3, Wm. I). Lee then In MoRtoo on (on kattMN or Geo. Lew, teemed that e previous great, knows u the Gerey great, bed died oat of old age. Lee taHDedintely edvtsed bis prtnetpel (Lew,) bow metier* Meed, bu. Lew declined etlbo time having anything to do wMitbe meUer. COL. A. 0. 8LOO GOBS TO MRXIOO. OoL A. 0. SJoo, et tbet time in Now Orlenns, snafls tbe golden breese. end u soon ei tbe aeoeseery rands ocrald be reised to defrey expenses, drives to Mexloo, where he nds Mejor lee, end they bevs e eoaeulteUen. BXBON DRAF1R a 00. HAPB AS AGENT TIIERR ALSO. Lee kooa advises the remove! of tho agent of Dreper At Oe., M'. Spires, wbicb tea eooompliebcd by e pr >miee to pay $100,IK.0 * hicli promise is still oonsidered good. Messrs. Garey, Berttous, Meaning, Muintofb, ueoiemin, sna ell tbet >ort of pe<n>io onntwt red et tnet tuns by (Jul. Aoo. es quite d.ed, ?o for en rebaeempec wee oonoerned. sirs ua Aocnrn or mwuii op aitukxsy peon a mad or urbat wsa1th (Menel Bloo geve Lee puwers of Attorney to ect fo* him In tbe meter of Tehuentepec, end returned to New Or tsnns, when e lively oarres wndence followed, tbe burthen efwbtcb, oo the pert of Sloo, wee, " Never let tbe word MO be foncd emoeg tbe peters." one mhahm op dollaiu xbadt .is soon as ms grant is isitiit Mejor Lee, eotlng upon Bloc's letters of Instruction. olios btnwelf to tbe diffiouli uuk, end efter e lengthy negotiation Mooeded in obuinlog tbe long o voted document a poo Me bent ton>" possible. It le celled e mixed oompeny? very proper ittle. WHAT TUB UHAHT WJBI, IJIII WW1 r AID TH1 WO.TKT. x hundred tnourand (1 .linn In money most bo railed In aathfy Mrilx> tor Uiis huge grant. M?jjr Loe iet about to good falih to raUe the money nod m'ely concluded toot If nil principal mi Ni* or leant bad that million In maioc, tix hondreJ thousand doUmi t would be paid In m l*l in pbawp pmm on ool moo uucms ran gajshkd. <r U'u baX< dr aTia on Ool 3loo for til buntrei town mud dollar*, and uuon Uie exhibit of bit letter* too newer* of iiio>Mjf, Mr Falconed, m lurking ?gen., oatbeJ ton drmfto; hut before doing to be ook tbe ,>reeactlbu of a prudent men, end required Mtjor L?e to glr* him s ich daaument* tbmt In tbe e?ent of tbe drmfta bel :g dltbon r yi Mknt men ine grant, frmnchlr e, mil mbd lingular of ebmieo rrer name end nature, which wan acquired from tbe gor earned, by rem*on if tee jaymentof tbo tit hundred thousand at Part, tbould belong to hi a, Faloaeutt. Tbat ieeinneut wai duly executed to Falconet, enoaeqnwily etlgDrd to, and It now la to# pnat nation of, tae Meter*, argon*. AXD TUX MUSM WXtX UDTWrD AOCXFTAHfW ? XtvIR PATD. del. -loo refuted to aooept the draft* upon tae pie* that Lie bad exceeded bis lnttruoiiora If ro, why did b i per tort, and why does be atlll penlat, la declaring hlmiielf fbbaan rpoo. ibo dodge la traneparent?Uoi. Mkw bad the Mat, tbe "mixture," wltbout tbe pet meat if a cent Mexico wax taut fled w.tb tbe money , but It wan quite anrtber affair with La* and Falconett. xajox lxx m mt bo. Ob the return of tbe pretexted dr Jl?, Lee was arretted tort bald In duranoe until by proof* of hi* aoo cimpUotty to ton draft dodge, when be wax again tet free?without any "material aid," bowere , fiom tie millionaire tloo. BOO AMI POLLOWtXft HABOiSO AT Tut IHKtXB or TUB LOtTXOAXA launaATma *oa A CBAXTBR. We hare teen up >o this aae bow mnob money Ooioael Be* bad paid for Tehuaat-nee; ant with a modesty quite bt new lag geotleiaeaof enLrged amhtuo* be g tax to work, and oar* enough, a charter la forthwKb at band. THXT UBOAXIXB? OOL. A. O TOOO PalWnXirT. lb* capital of Una mammoth eaterprlte is oat down at ma mlttlona of doilerx; one half be Ion* a to Ool. Uloo and Ma aaeocla aa, which at par rale* make* quite e enug turn mat of a limited oapttal It may aot be tmp-oper bore to remark that hi* tmoctaU* art not yet in reoelptof a dlrldtod. on. iuw uxMtnm roa capital abb ommunromt. Ibdt huge enterprlie hma at length aaanmad a tbap* If art a tuDf lanor, welch with good bile and a iblmileful f practical rente coeld be earned to fulflinwnt forthwith bad to lug minus of both thoee eaaentlal qualltiea, neither aapttal nor contractor* could be found under tae ad minis I fcreilaa of Ool btoo Tbe company, however, were not I Idle. The* via!ted F.arone in tne bone of rawtnc toe ready. ! M to* Mexican mall bad been dtatnbated before tbalr arrival Th*.< I.Vd ?tege to Bo* too qpoo (be ?am? or rind, lid with like aucjeee Commodore Vender bill did or I aeaaae their importueiUee All attended with the Mae HMb. No one would taka the halt ool. rloo anb Tfmarxwi ommurr. Tb? time, two yuan mot of the Tour for the completion of Mm wheel ioad bad exrlred, and aomehody mat be found to do eometeing A Mr. byicee, of Sheffield, war ladnoed to leek Into tbe affair through the latUmo* of three gen Uewiea, who received reab a bnadred th>u**td of dlno Mek for the pe'torma> oe of that hoatrable lerrloe Al though it wae tat t tbat a ornlraot wa? made wi.h Hi k >?, a e attract to build e plank end rail real air ma the tethmia of TeDiianlepeo wae u??er enteral Into end perfected: although Hykea went dowa upon tbe Iilhinu* aod eeprndrd Mreiel dollar*, to pay wbieb Mr. Krani, of Montreal row boida the trifling amount of two million* of MM (Boo bonda I out. kwo acP?a> a ran ma*n>r?nr The frlenda or tbe work, who hao Inreeed tneir money la keep the thing all re, aeeltg tbat nothing could be done wttb tkl. rfloo oeaeer.bed him to retira and organise anew, ft tote proper.Hon be wn'ed, b-1 Immediately upon bta Mttreme-1 be com Denned a war of exlermlrn.ha apon tse new organisation, and declared that he would ?rap Tuba aeanprr a'ound him and link to tbo Game* at a terrible piece before he w.ald be dltmeeed f.oiu hi* le t end only lore, fohaenieper Vetelto' n and ?lobarm**wg tulle hare been br >cgbt ?i,tt the oompany by him, tbe la at of which exhibit* character o' the whole, ?lx. one fjr tbo rco ery o' tor atx hundred tbontand dollar* and latere*! which wee paid by Fhlconeti for the hoaua. thi jirrat atwritow t ?*r antn. a% Mm annual el-rtUon laat April, Onion I Sine tnaraha'r-1 Mr fbrceea f?r the Preeldcncy, b it wae de'eotel, and BaMIr Le fere tiered, with a directory who'm the eeedtttf taring >be grant, and who are now laboring to maoaplete the work eat ay Mr Falconeti hie duel, muwa turn ajip hp* ahormbi av wakhi??it>b ran a MAIL OOirTBACT. The Pot Offlne Department bae hewn beateged for a son Irnatlo carry the mall noma* Tuboohtepe >, ia order to oaamlt the gore oment to bo nobe ne, and thereby ralae e-edlt and protection for futire operatlooe. iui lot man uatarAMcae tu?t>aa ia* rtwimr ? ma mrran mtaibb. Mr. Buchanan Inquire* what rtghie they hare paid fbr, awd dlemPiea tteen w.vh tba maxim thai h-meaty la tea heat polloy; that n aM or oounten noo rmnid 0* erteniet BjMjke goreramaat until their obligation i waro honorably Now, to elewofall tbeaaoowiplloaitcna what li to bedtoC Oil Woo rial ma that he la ia maaeatlan of the route, and toaA M la going ?a kn oomplMlon under hi* direj.Ion aad lit hie mnne- The New O-laaae oompany claim* that toey hare fnrnlahe* all the money, am In poeaeMioa, aad to* only oneapaay reongataed by the Mexican gcremment ftet the rente la om of the grontoat laaporteao* to tht* nee a try 1* admitted, by all. There hae been delay aad hutahnarlnr enough about Itahaaatepoc, Mil H la high lime I hat the admlnliiinUlno lank the eohjeet la hand Hd aiki imi treat? with Mextoo If wnif-awi the m*N, par Uom who haro expended their money ? ?" < faith, and eare u>? work ?o man who ate poaaeaaed of beth money and hrataa. NKI.Vd tma DIPBOLtTfOW or TRIE Ot.O CtHPIvr AND KIC COMBINATION ON A NKW BA8IR. [From Ute No* "rleane Delta, Augiat 0 ] At laat tka dlfflimlttoa and perptexltiee which ai l?ng en numbered the enterprise of on new noting ? wagon way and raMroad orer the latbmna of Tehnanlepee term to ho at an and The <-ar*y and HI m (raaia ara cwnoHdnb?l, Iba Darrina aad raloonnet Intemnto, and tho eqiltanle righto and calm* of the Na? Orlenot napttallat* who haro |wi orened ute Tebuaatopeo tranall, ara meoooiiwi to gathar and all ara oombtned tnd harraouixnd la tbenhar wref ih*now oom-a*> , rntl'WI Ibe '"l.tultwun fehnan tepee Company." dated the 80th of July, whloh will h? fcwnd nbowhnre li our ?Muw?n. Tho troth to, lh? late Tehnante-wn Company, the aha low T whoa* inaubtlantlal oorpa* waa burled on ihe 30th of Jdly.wna no oompary at all; II bad ao ralld grant at all; tto Ullo waa no better thM a rope ot aand; n waa traploK ?? ?* <htrk. and had no aoltd rowi trarol Ft aame euddrnly ?o a precipice at lart, In the diacorery n abort time back that before tho orea ttob nt the lain c tmpMy, Woe bad imnarerred hta grant to r P. Paloonnet an Knell?b l.aokrr of Mexico, to tnlein wltf the latter Per aa adrenee of $(100,000 paid to the for ernmefct of Mexico. aad that the raid go rernment had re agatied i iioonnet and big ateoelate* aa the la#rnl gran knit AI* thl* being prior to the tranafer by Woo of hair hto etor.k of lo.oob.coo to the New Or lean* company the totter ertdently had no legal yannd |0 e*anl npm what war The Merloan goreram* nt had looked oa all tto< While, quietly tee ping that Important In far malioa la lie pnehei, and not only permitted, l>nt aotlrely enceoraged iba late oomaany la their lahorteu* aad eaponatre work wf apetdeg the transit Tterewae a deaiga In thlt reti owee douhtlew, aad Meaera Tal ton net nan Hargoue per hapa could tell what that waa, if they wiahod Hownwer thai may be, the nwipuy In New < irleaae waked u ?no ae morning, not long ago, to raali/e Uaj own nonentity the partlee Internatoo areretraly la an naenrtable predict went Inaitlrity would ruin Uiem; nothing but th prowipteai drotilon aad action could tava them and by euch a nortoy it arneara therta-e been not only eared, hot pla< ed upon a Armor aad aurer footing than crer. It appcira that IV a Hargtr t bad 00% . utrttei m hta Pi own baada Um thin k> the Qw^ graat by deed ham * Garay, and Um OMrtro of the > ?? *?V-faH %a ?*e taltve 0' f. P. Fatoonnet Ibe " of tb* Now O looM ?<?; ?f oonr?e wore a a d<a*l look. ualeaa t<M. * ouulo oflooieewepromwe etlh >Wf .M w4 uarry ?a lb waft a?dor a hi griaiWNNi. *W una purpooa nr * Li Sera wool to WMhl' ipua, -woierrol wku Htnroua ?od * kit iHHMr-ltr. kud atooev-'ed la fertnleg ae arrangement eh lob war the bad* of the oharter <4 tbeue* " OM|W>;, wbtch wo ptlbbob Undor tnia oharter It la " ioca that ha ateekhotter* aad iruaiccr la Horn ttantooo la J| toroaiaro lo ao ootnoeurated wltb uollar for dollar afcmk J, to the amoaat o' thai Um NiWere of otnwh undo* * Um- ovmpany juat dlaaWyed a t V.haee an eq iraleol ??f " atrck In U.e m*; that lb* new company aaeamoa aHUt ijn*i ' liabtltleaof the old: thai Uia latter la t->gt?e Mia buoda to <?r , Mat of Ibo 1400,000 advanced by Faiooanat to Uio U*xi can lOverntueat; aad Ibat pro ri-too la oaada tor obtain ' lay tram the g ovaroaaeat of H<tlot aad the United State* a r?c. gntUoa of tb? c maaMdalee grants la a oo a way w fully to protect the rights aad late-en to o. the aaw oom ? paay. Maaara. La tore aad Benjamin at *? teWuMWo * tie ether day, have gone aa the ageat* of the oom paay lo 0 kok to that batiueae la Mexico, alter already obtaining front Prealdeot Buchanan lb* praalaa to a-aud by, w,th J all the power and lafloeace of the gurenimebt, tbe later ' 6ft# Of 106 OOlfOftd||to| 0 Thuetbe brilliant reallaatloo of the Trhnaatepei pro * >eet ap-tais ta belairly within nraan. A line of aiagea, e we are Informed, will be In operatiuo acroa* the lnthmii? 1a Beplember proximo. A atraiuabtp Hut ia ready oa Ibu ' Puntc aide to connect with it Irom California Vender 1 but w prepared fa. furnish a tin* on the t*?nn ?tde, in rhort time doubt ten* *e nrl'l he wtthtu twelve days of ban Francisco over the Fehauniet?o. Let the work speed the new tehuantkpec company. Nnw OKLEAjra, Jrly 30, 1861 Where**, the report matte to this Board by the President ae to bl* late ml*M n to *a?bmgr.nn, in firthnraiKe of the great enterprise whlrh was the ubjom of this ooapaey, caustic* n?? 1. That no arrangement whatever can or oould be made with the owner* of the Gaay grant on behalf of this oom pany. i That tt wan Impossible to obtain the mall contract for thin company; ana, 8. That the tttix of the Bloo grant *at not lo this oom pany, other partirs having a-quhnd It under r.gbt* tin rlTeo from Mr. 51oo, without the know led go of thi* Biard; and. Wbern#*, in the opinion of tht* Board, the title to the 9loo grant cot being in tbl* company, the orgauustton of sail era) (any ban no bar is to reel upon and inui the 1 nger continuation of thi* Board In cii?tcnne wouia de eelve the publlt, and poerlbly induoo nvaetmenn la tho promotion of an enterprt*e that can never be aocompUah , 4 by tain nomjtuiy, u> -bo groat dtsoreiit of tot* Board; then fore, be It onammtu, ly Keeolved, That thin Board i<e, and the same la hereby dlerolvtd. Kee'lved, That the member* of the Board severally hereby rertgn therrfVo?. Resolved, That a cop* of Ih'ie resolutions bs pabllBhed in the different new papers of tlitn city. , Resolved Tnat this Bcart itarda tdjiurced tint dis. I oertify the foregoing to be a true o pv from the ra<uten. l heyli'uer, 8ee-e ary. ^ 011A it TIB OF TBS LOUISIANA TBHUANTkPkO COM- c Pass. e Wo, the undersigned, hv?tn> agreed to unite for the ouaatrticiion of a railroad and other onmmnnlcatfoQ aorOti the Isthmus of Teh lantepeo, under the several gran's heretofore given for that purp re by the gov ru ment. called the bars/ and cUoo g uata, which are t > be tsaiinf rvflfl tA nB MB hAPHtntftAP itriirlflafl hk?A (iaTIP/ii n f e<l for thai purpose to fur w a oirporatlin un1?r so *ci of the Legislature of lbs Slate of Louisiana, of the 14 h of March, ISftb, entitled "An act for the organisation ol' oovporattOM fur works of public Improvement aodnulity;" and we do now subscribe to and agree upon the fulljwtug charter, to wit:? Art. 1. The oorporatton 'ball be oalled the Lwlsiaaa Tebaontepeo Company, and dy that name shall hare power c and authority, hrst, to ba?o and to enjoy ni jMsssi n by their ccrpurate name, for the per od of twenty tire years; second, to contract, sue and be sued to their corpo'ate name; third, to make and uae a corporate seal; fonilh, to hold, receive, purchase and conrey nnier their coroora'e name, property, botu real and personal; tilth, to name and appoint snob managers, oirecvors and officers a* tnetr in 0 tereat and convenience may require; sUth, to make and and estabkeh snob by laws for the proper management and rogulall jo of the allaira of the cor potation an may oe eceeaary and proper. Ark 2 The said corporation h established for tb? parpose of coDitruotlng a carriage road trom the head of u?vi ga'iou on the Coatsacoaleus river, tr some pot at or the liay of Ventors, Ui U>? Pacific ceao, and of cynstructi:i< c also a railroad from sstd Ooatzacoaieoe river to the Bay of b Veoioea, aooordlng to theebndiuoas of said grants known . as the Garay and Hloo grants, and etjoying and ound log the nt.vlgaUonor said Qot'i*oo?'Cb< river, aooordlng to the terms and coodlti us of said grant', and we agree to c aumll as our ssa jcialea onuer this charter such persons r and tbalr asstgnr aa shall hereafter subscribe and psy lor stock UfOQ the terms and ooudiuona hereinafter provided Art 3. Toe capital stock of said company shall be ten millions of dollars divided la to shares of one huod-ed uoiiara each, which sbsll be a p'Ojrlafc d aa follows, en: ? M,(iOo shares, or eight million* of dollars, .ball be sub scribed and paid for ai beretnafier provided 20,COO k haras, or two mllliuiis of dollars, shall bo 1st tied as full paid stock, and deliver?d to the trustee* wh > now hold the title to said (4a.-ay and Woo grants, under the deed of trust executed by P. t Harguus, for bimaeif and a* representing the rlgbU of F. P. Faloounet. now bolder of Ute Woo grant under the decree uf the Mexican govern monk 100,000 sharea. Ark 4 lv*tt of subscription# sltall he opened at the Ubm and plasss required ?jr the terms of Mid grant* and ; at neb outer limes and places as ibe Direeort may doier | nine, for subscription to to much oi raid eight ml I no is at 1 cash stock as may remain alar dod anting Ute aabaortp lions of those who now ?tm this charter. i Art. i. rue pay meato to be made on the cash stock sub- ; scribed sad lo be tuberrlbed as aferasald, are as follows:? i Tea per neat at lb" lime of subscribing: ten per oeut tn . sixty days thereafter, tea psr oeat In aiaety days there after , and the remainder as called for by the direction, in I Inm aim eats not exceeding ten per oent each, nor at Inter rale of lees than sixty cays Galls for stick payments shut) be made by advertisements of not loss than sixty days, In at laasi two sees paw* published la Nsw Orleans. Art 6 On the ooaveyaaee to this company by said 1 trustees of the smd rights in said Oaray and Woo grants, tn nerordaaoe with said deed of trust, the B -art of . Directors shall tmue to said trurteos tho aforesaid two mil doss of dollars of foil patd stock for the r u p>?ei of stld j trust; and said (took shall do ooostdered, la all eenpeots, i as If paM la cash; and on the execution of said emery- i anoo, said Board of Directors shall rortbor Issue to said trustee.-' for tho pnrpcoes of raid Pott, the eight per oent 1 bonds of the oompaay for one stllil -a of dollars, payable . That portion of said bonds which, under the pron | noas of said trust, la to bo used for the pay moat of I the debts and liabilities onowantod under Ibe Slon grant, shall bs appropriated lo the satisfaction or such dobli and liabilities as to the parties to whom j safti trustees are, by the terms of said trust, required to convey the name, hi the exorcice of ibtdr sole and un< >a trolleu discretion :ts they may think proper to pay; It be tog itiuinoily undo'suiod ibat this uompsny a>sumes the payment of no d?bt whslerever oomractud by say oomt>asy, person or persona, under cither tho raid Bloo o' i.srsy grant, except as la provlcod lu the 8th srticJs of this j charter An 7. Ne dividend shall be declared before the rallroa<1 | Is onwiple.ted The company rhsll n 4 dsrivo a net revenue creator ihsa 16 per oeat from Its tolls: sal whenever the leorltta from tolla rial! exoeid the amount required for ibo maintenance of the road. the payment of ruon'ng ex poorer, and a dividend or lb per oent per annum, tbero bail be a ratable dim rulitni tf Ibo tol'a, ao ai to koop Ibo dim down to lb per oeal p?r annum at mm* Tbie arnrle aball not ini|**e any I1m'tat'?n mtbe amount of dtitdemta Ibat ibo company may dautoro from aato* or leat no of tia landa, or any axuroc of rcrtnie obor lb an toUa for the jao? portal; -n of freight and paanea?er* Art. f. Tbo au bun J red tbouaaad doliam adraacod by F P. rator nnet to the Herein (ore-n-nenl Ttif tie S loo I ran I, aball be paid ay tb" company It t?e boad*, en -ucb leinto ao may be agreed on, aad tbo company will relin bo-eo Itteif oat of the abare of tbo Mextnao pore natoni Ua tba cat prefila aa prortdot la aald Ploo yaot Art. 9 Iha i>u*lnci > of the com,may (bail bo oondncled at ito nflloe la tbo rlt* of Now tfrlaana, whrb aball for over bo aad remain tta domletlo, by nine dire-tom, of whom at leaataevrnaball beprrmaaoal reeldretr of raid otty. l our dtreot-re aball form a qaomm Tba director* aball etort a lYeoMenl and Vino IVoaldanl aulofihetr body, and rball tiaee power to alert ao* dl ectere to onppty rm renexa tnal nrcnr la tbo latorrala between tba annual eimtlott. At all elaetloao fbr director* aad at all meottac* ot rtockhoide e, extra may bo rtrea la poraoa or by proxy, and oach rbarn aball bo entitled to ooe onto legal 1 aerrwe of eitawoa and til proooaa agalnet the oompaay, r ay be mada xo the Prendem la pereoa or l*f lo blr addreer at iba office ?t tba oom .aay, la tba baada of aoy of Ma oflrtwa. Art K> Kmlle latere, John M Ball, Alfred Pear. W E. ' sio'ke, IJonel r I*TJ,J I. Warier,.! W B?rbrtd>;e. P. 1 O. Heferrt and Duncan f. Ketuw- tball compear tbo Aral Unaril of IM'ooiwa until Ibo flrat MoDd|y la Hay, 1*6*. Tbe ei*< Nona aball be ananal. and each anheeqoewi board rhall bo rtoted no tbo third Mnwday of April of eanb year, ant enter uo tbo dlaol.argo of ua duller on the fi mt Miwiday tf May follow tag. No one I bail be ellalble for director unlet* be owao tweaty Ore abare* of ate. k All U A failure to elort director* aball not dtaaolTO the corporation, bat tbo board la office aball tuullnuo tne ex erriee of II* fuocttooo until a now board can bo elected. All nnllree of election aad of rooednga of ato kholdora rball bo |trra by pabUea'ton flff?en dir. in bdranee, in at leai.tlwooftbeaow?|a--iaof New o dean* Art It fn cone of laltore on tbo part of any mbocefber to pay tho iwiatmonia on bta Mnnk, aa required, the Board or Dlrco,-* ni*jr, aiier rrn a?7" sorer iw-r >>? rww In writing, furfelt lb* ilmk Md Mil It tor the berteM r.f the ?o?peii>, or mar, wilhou. mob previous tutlee or ml^er tiarmmt, oowtpel pejm'nt bp suit; Mil M stockholder hall )> permitted to rote while la dafauli Art. 1?. At ail meeting* of nlookhoHnns. and al all alar llnae, a map-rliy of Up Hook mprereolail eteueb meetnte ball foroii, exoapt that ?ufU meeting* are 0*1 "ad Tor ilia pni|<aa of toereaelaf or dlmlulabiof the rapltal eiook of tba eempaay, or to? aey of lli? porpoase enumerated la tba Iflh -motion of the art of thA t,agUleinr* of JoalHMia, entitled "an act tor the orpanltstloB of rrrporatloM 'or worka of pubic Imprn- imitl and oddly,'' sppro?ed March U, 1*M, ah?U he oomponed of pet ton* bold'of la tbalr own or a* acrenta me others, at lea*? threefourth* or the afo>k of the ootupaur, In order to lake valid A>,d Matting aclioa In the premrne*; at all other meeiinf* of stockholder* and at all elsctlune a aMtjJril) of Urnee preeeni and rep-e*eo:?d thill govern Art. 14 The proa idea! and director* shall hare power to make all brlawe neonwary tor Uia proper aed regular tin near tl.ti of boMeeat to held. rasetre, purchase and ooerej. amler the oorperata name, ear prnpertr. reel or porsrnel; In do amthlng n* eaeary for the construct OS repair anil mafntenanoa of the made bar tin he fore dae rrlhe.l, with ai many track* aa May map dee* nrr-weary 1 to drier aalne the Ilea and location of the roads, and to make I all nnoaamry eenlraota tor tha pnrpoxw e'nre.a|d, to | parolive all malarial*, machine*, rehioiat, laatM, thipa, I ve*?. I* and ataamboau, and all eoolrmant* doemil by t tbrm necessary or utaful tor tha prtriKwee of tha omnpaay, I ?*d ta general to do everything aeoeaeary aad proper to | rltort the objects of this obA-tor, lacl-iding the flxiny en I I cMc-Hlrf of tolls tor transportation of paat-agere, f elgh I sad mt'in Art 14 The director* abu-, h*r? pnrr- to a ,|-<vnt ?tl ( nlltosrs aoit serieata of the ot tup\nj 1\ thtrr i -no-me* ttoa,M.ti-c?Krreihnt at may borrow mooay I rRw yukk HKKAWJ, M< M MM!> *> M, notm or o*be- oWMtor, at <-?b to>m* and on genii eondlitoo* m h mv mom boot. ?d mar gage *opoo?wtraf tbooomjouy toiecro tbe }M*tlk?rcor. At It a mut iwtl mooting <ti o? a*ok*i?M?r? bolt bo bold cm maafc hrfora tho election of direct** u receive lb* report - fin*l le-re opvratloua and bual Mnk, for #xomUi*U<u uto the o. k'Iuou of loo oflbti*: A ?bW>h mooting o tub *< ?ip?nt ??f tt*? Auooe*. oaa Ikirtlhln of tbo company rha.ll m laid before lb* no-o< if by I be pr.eidoat on: dtr.-xix*i moo to o.Uro BmIio* b# ttiooUog. tbo jrotWenV u'l uirtciri me/ o?U v boro rben Ibojr think proper; anj It eh til bo -.heir dot/, A on/ Dm oo tbe written r-<j wliim of * uekhoh' ri om Qftlt of tbo atnclc of tbo com poo*, to o'l a meeting of Uto nock bo Wort 10 lake late con-Her* ??? Bottom 10b xug the 'nereet f f tbo own boot ill Boattega of atorkhokler* aboil bo bald ot tbo ufltoe ?/ bo OMrpwi In llm oily of No* tVlnone in. 17 Week bo. ka aboil bo kept lo tbo offinoe of t?o Ottipanp. OrUOoohy- eTrtonk aboli be loeued lo inoalook ioWw , a vd ooimaafor if ar? k aboil b? binding on tbo untpoey oetU mode onlto flow bona. Aft 18. Tbe Bo rd of Directors aboil bo antbtrlted lo natraot tpeeinl y tor work, labor, material*. laad ana R'tetatobe furoWhed U? the oom aiiy, ?ay?ble In hob r la part Intbeatnckof the oompaoy, until me ?h'le mount of the oe filial atuck of lite outnpaay ahall bare been xhaaatrd. Art 19 A? tt will ba neeaeaary to enter Into amno ar augment* with the goreri mrnt of Veal w and thai uf the Siatea, Ifoaart. Rattle 1a tare ant J f Bonjtmio mi hereby m#ne the Join* *g- ata of too c mpaay, wtm all power to -gree with either or both ?/ Beta g irernatrnU or eocb mooltkatioo*, aateixiakinv* ao<t chaaaea la wtl<l i acta aa may teem moetj dinlon* for aoourtng fall aa<t eiftct kiotoctloa tor the il(hU and inter*** uf ihla oom auty. Art. 20 At the ex-iratlon of tno charter, or whrneeer hr ilttclutloo o' tbr norr> latinn ahali eod'W It* hqnuia it>D Be ertary, three onininlMiunnra aball lie elected by he Mock bolder*, wboae t uty it *e?ll bo to tike pooenetoo >f the utouerty uf the company, an I conduct Ita bualneaa n a Onai Uqalratt n, on aaoh tern a and Ut auoh miiM' a? hall oe deie mil eo by a meeting </ atooitn Iter* regular y convened Tor that puruoae. ana ir at the > xotnuion o be prereet oh?ru? a majority ef to* 'tnokboliere, la iroont and number, th?H re-Ire w? renew the a ne lor a In'her term, the aiockbol"era i bleating >com auoh a re x-aal aball be bound to irantler !blratock to thoae da >iring ibe renewal, at ita fair <alue, to be nillieJ by apjrs'ffci* mutually ohoeon for that purpoaa. Naw Ohlba.nh, July 30, 186.. 'mile Lafc,?*-e M shares. lubn M. BtU 60 narea f L Wt'DU.. W ibiRi .tone) C 1 ?vy 69 shares. V. S Surg* 60 shares. hircao K. Ktnnor 50 aha ee Llfrt-d Pclii-, p?r pro E" Uv f>*Sere 60 aharos "ha glided, per pro ICoflli' LaSe-e 60 abares A Harsous, per pro J. I* bonjaulo 100 shares V Bujaroln 60 share* . D. IVncgre 60 shares O. Hcbcrt 60 sbaree The uncers^ufd. Recorder of Mortgagee in and for too a 1?h and city of New Odeaee, onrtltl--" that the ?Hb!a barter in rvorueil tbia day, to bia fll?", io ih ok tool ty No 4, folio 40. iuHN H')L*Ej, Keoordor Naw OKLEAjte, August 4, 857 Oar tMi van nan t'omipond ?nr?. Hivan.n, Ga., /augmit 12, 1R57. itorpia Polities?We Candidate! Jar the Gatermrrship ? Democracy in the Ptrtt IHttrxd-J'Ueuae-t GrniUmen <JbUmeh?General WiUitm Walker and hit Fdibust ring Final?A Southern i^uettion?Teilovi) Feoer at At Mary? ?Trade, Ac , 4c. Georgia, at this season, brings to om's mind tlie lues in the Castle of Indoleuuo, Tiz. A pleating land of drove? bead It til, (X i re-m* that wave bofnro the balf abut eye; And of gay raatlee In tbe cloud* that oa?, For aver flashing round a summer *ky. Politic*, however, have reocnJy done away with tome if the Innate faineant dieamli eaa arount ne, and have troughl ranting ua tne taple, with a reference to rule*, a ewfriende, a handy spot, ai d a limited number of paces, rben the argnm'oi* bubble op Into peraon*l|t|ea. Toe lr?t Congressional district of the State at prevent seems to ie lb? rendi zvous for the ooncentratlon of Tan during iht* aropaign UU October next; and a* Savannah la the eadquarters, 1 seed you a few line* rrom this electable city of sand, sunshine and mo>qoltors Judge Joseph K. Brown, of Cnerokeo county, the demo rale candidal* for the Hate Governorship, vice 11 >o lertcbcl V. Johnson, was here on Monday, and gave to an mmrns? oonoourae of the harmonious democracy a grand > aaiaaeh nl tka aminrl nlaln I alkr smratl arAS*w wiwwt fnv ji on rider. picked un when ibe parUran* nf thn groat urn r.r the Staie could not pit tfcmr own pot* In'.ho oortoof bis Ulk, ho had do hmllaUoo uutit knocking tovernor Walker, of Kivw, l?to politic n I o?, while at toe ma Ume be Ml op the Preeideat la rub d it play, bat u.le ably well leaded aa tbo 4ubJ*ct bravy for hit dl rrrttcn Tbongh It wan a proceeding somewhat anoma one, what elaa could bo do under Misting circumstances d Georgia? There la oo doubt bat that Brown will be elected t* D*n Jovernor if tble Male, ?bd taa labor* of bit uppmeut, Boa I. Bill, Krq., of rroub county. alUba but further cvl Itbca of Ibe 'rldiculou* eiua* rained ton* Ume a?o oy led matsgomenl among the disciple* of I am. Ili'l n a fret, iaa rnij man they mold fee Id Uim Mat* eti tdr u> 'ui eader their basnet. It u a etfy tbetr color* should all so lew, aa there really ware boko goal point* in ibe inow Note lag platform, wbia other plena* tneretu ?e?e imoiihc, aad la oiumay hand* were badly dre<**d Both eeadldaiea bowtrer, are bound to be put through be naoal reutioe of hale atnmplag ammg the country elkt, wb"> nerer care lor reading the paper*, aad woo j ret aa tonn (or a great deal sooner) nowaday* rote (or General Jackson aa any man that can be acered In (be rim Oo*pr*n*loaal dlat-lct?Hon. Jama* L. V *erd'* district? we are haying merry nose* among the mli'f-el mi'irente, inasmuch aa tome claim to be born to ; reels re*, other ? bare greaioam thru I upon the a, and note, again, ara thrushog tbemeeUea a pan greataost ?bt'n It i* an ot *a qtiseUon for debate whether uy oae of be crowd will ever achieve greatnma. Anyhow, no per on will be disappointed thereat The e are, 10 far, frmr renin late* for Oongre*! (all ?h?rl*; id thl* district. Ki-at I* Celoael J L Seward, ?bo baring, dot tag four year*, relished matter* in W**n on tit?, would Ilk* to onatinoe U?er* a ltW? longer He iridre himself that he "wen brought up e child of povar y aad orphanage, and (bred every mlsfuriune Incident to hettemret adversity;" henoe hi* genuine democracy; md backed ollh a recommendation ol 16* represent*'Ivee >f a mi miter or enunuea recently mmiudim in nronawit'k in< tbe aupport of tbe Hnrannrh ho clnlmj to to returned to 0>-ogrrM for foar 7ami or more Alto on tM democratic aldo stride* forth, A lag-like, Col, Hm. B (.auldrn, "the lion of Liberty Co'in'.y," and 1 >tstore of the Holmeenlle oonaentiun. bat? uno e-int dlaiwned by the katu tun of the danioorary, mho think the :al'?Dt Co tori oaerrlJ bis modesty by a aught of baod node of throating Mm??lf opoo the p- ?pln?J i?? m If It ih a orimr ib a man to praiae or reoommen t bun-elf rbrn nobody a Inn will take that trouble ' a I la f*ir no* a war and In noil let, and It la toe opinion of aitar that tol. tHtnldaa abonld ran on bis nomination Al-aa-iy, like 1 man of true grains, a* be fuun* do paper ready to aupport ilin.fceba* netthr machinery ?r anew pap-r gnog'n r mab for the campaign, and to reader it wo-e terribc to hla pponrota, be baa taken ton Chatham o>uoty Jailer, H Ills. ombti task of looking after >bo preavaijan Dlrda, via dm aonlerara and thirty utnrr cr m naia) and Itateiled him a* dltor. The lion'' It brutHag up for bathe and will rake a b?ld fight, aa be did laat wl> tw at tbe Bombers :ob tnerrUI Cuwaentlna o re opaa the elare trade On tbe Know Nothing tide tber* are like ai?? two oaadl alee for the tame offloe Col Andrew H .tur lidaoa >eweoo, of riaeaanab, a Keotoekiaa by birth, a law er by profca It, of a mercurial dtepm (Una aad rouble 1 freq- emly with spaaraudie Ou of ruab .ig nto print orer Innumerable meat dt ftum-i, 1 tbe Independent Know Nothing can I'da e. rfe I w ltbal a man of axe-licet heart, baa arriuen a work ie Hgaoat, but it ootieidered of en great aeoounl by the K d ug beya nf tiayni-nah , yet be I* rar mem popular ?.b tu the the? K N candidate, h-ongai oat by wie artful dodge* of be grea> pollywng of Know Nothlng'sm In this dtautct, be Meansnah Nrputlaan Tbe candidate ibua eat fb-th by the li'/yaMtar la On' \ 9 Bartow, a lawyer ?f Staeaoah aait to be or aery lofty bearing aad brilliant intellect " itul Btrtow. bee aer, 1-anuot tarry the crcw-l. aa wbereaar be eMreeer* >ahtt h? hM of tufflag up ha aalrt n.tllar Tm? la mrbapa nauoa-l by an effort lu brio* It to lore! with bla 'lofty beering " At My r*? tba pe-.pW <l ? oot Uk? It, and a ihta ranohlle "tba petpto" balp oooaMeiaMy la yet a aa lalo Coog root Thai a la yrt a tftb candidate la U?e Ml who tahrata b? politico of all tho ahoro or onac of loom, a? Uia new* too aaay roqntro, tkla la (VI Hoary Hamtboo K to*, ahlp lawa rrportar Ut tba f/torpim olTUn, who a it king a n<-? raa rlectrd Unkwat of tba f "l Kogl??it dutt Nllllla Tor larloy .trlToa tho baarao a. < par daad naad, daring taa allow fa -ar la feraaaata r uf ih?ti bo ntiall?niroi aw trortwi marabal to a dual, ahlofe cbaltanga lha Uior, aa Mora Hiboraiaa. wb* bad baoa a dram m?Jor (la a Joaa al't rati moot al?) of tho Jaapar fjroora in 4a tor rary norty daeltood. On) Kdea barttg Inat hit r tfrtrtar ? plaro 4 $1 pur waab, la ap aloo aa a naadHala for .ha Uty walty 4 taratioab Tbna, than, all tbo a orUneoorlng of taa lata la eaaeeatralad la and aiouod K?raooao I * ma bow quit tbaaa IVmt of amall paiato polMot and aka np aaatbar who rlayt for a btgbar gama rait It (lot fa Walker, of Nicartgoa, oow la daranaab. aoaklng aad arwi tag "malarial aid" from Utr ablvalrtn fVtntn with a >law la ehrlMaa aad Uiai harbirte plana >f nicely lonadtd land yrlapt Control America t.oa Falkrr la looted upon by many bora a? a mao who at lad aontabow to bio aatarurlaa, aod oo-tvtv knowi h?W; >ttl who? bo lalka to thorn tbey ara all fw him, atpertallr a Ibo North boo on a-rayed llaaH agtlnrt him thur caking bbt oonoa oomowhat o.' o " Soathom q lentim " TCw larma Ol OnHIa ft# Klb MAaIIhM hb UltCrll* J ^ lhm?n rill cry not, ?? Arrah, what did yon do fhr all the defiant ?ya thai wlBt to Of hi fn? yonf Yet the H-m'hem mnney low* In opoc him At Mama ha rare irwi t* 000, at Anrnau $ JO,000, and bara. la Savannah, had it barn In tha itttln*M raaaoa, h? onnld bara aaoore-t 000 A ?oar nadara ara aware, be ftrea to all " atr>*c.-1?or?" VIoa lua laad warrant*, (uaranteeloy b\thoai pmdaotlre or fa for bk oanw each, to be stained wbao beawa* .irarafna, which will be by January n tt Walker nada a epaeeh laat al|ht W> a larye *f??ml>i?yr Of roeifl Mnfrlrana la ihia oily Fleanitiffaan, wbo it linked ni> -o i> ilia |real*r Hob o' Iba twa, did aot apeek WaUtor tmw bene* to Obarleak* in day I* hi* apeeeh h? aho who a t from the day ba end bla aeiwletae wallet freni Ben rraiwlaw* Mil tbej wara ? foro? d" on hoard the it tfarya, ?e acted In aonotdnnm wl h law aad nruer Ha h*a a* plat Mil the name at WaMilnfiae, and made a)< thia?a i.iuare ?o he haa nothing bow |r> do hn in take pot i*m!no aad be reo-feimd, and If John Bill or Jem >are*ii ?ay a word *gi|n-t it, they'll pi* pvtlcolar dl (I'omullc # ?, of aemetMag ?sroofer Se?arn?h, to to', i* rery healthful aad no* it %|| hot Th<ra bar# f*l en leery iliowera e*e*y taj- du'W:< the la* three week* atlott fropt a*e ? ree'hat tej .r"d In ?holow bad* A ?#c or two of yeldw *e\.t .* e *;> ftrod *t * M*rr'? Kit will ba ooodt.ed to Hit ?b ,m hwiueee now la dull era. 3NOA1, a?ttlJST 17 IHA1 HnMl>1 Irtrtfiwt In IikHb, Dtalna *n?t '?pw -Ai* Aawtofc UtlMM Iner *? ???. (frvm Ui? Loeooe ISM. July 90 ] < *be DMM bet Howie kw ItarUM tfa-ee le*t been < enara nring?end nwwufa'ly endeavor teg?to w?w d*

m alcot Is Joaia, benrmrn more ood more prevalent an tbe I ttblintut a*d amoojwt the be* lufonned l? thto 0 matey ' Theie can be do Jo in whatever thai tbe la*e E l mmr of i Ro?rl?, Nlrbolan, eoold ne??-r be bmof ht !> belteve ta tbe < i rest bi at; a a wam ainaooe bet warn Kigteid and I rraoce, and m 1862 ud 1813 bia plane ware rwnel and < teilurtdl thin U-eroogh oon*letbie. la the eotltade of < fate o*b Cabinet, and In the gt?-my leeeeoee < f hie own i dipt, the Em ??r ha" anted at tbto onolnvloo, aa-t I wbr n detNaoaam and eoaaetllea appealed to rente aod 1 errata, Plebeian 0*-eme excited and angry, and appeared to olog n>?re o bet Irately to hie own opinlooe At length, earl) In 18M, hie ImpnMai Mejtoty beoame aware o* bow i ant rely *r>u?e? a were bin napoudttoae, aai at UU tee It wan that, dlnabwed of hie lllub-ne. he tar net all bin < tloagbte to the prnparauoo of nleobler la B< Itah India Alt) ahe whn known the Rate nyelem of R<i*nU l? pe Ibctly a *are that the government ?T tbe Ox?r ban to iv * emplp)menl hned'edroT men prepared lb- any em* too ?*? or any nlervrlre however deeperate o? >nffl ml nieia are at 8* l'Mernbarg ndventnrrra and renegadMaf ] r?w? wuhm; aw uiuiv-ikjii vuai uu ur jiria w read) tor tDr<antan<vxu> duty to ui latitude am>ag three may be f-und Italians, Greeks, 8<rt>s.1 ;?rmaa? 4' ( metritis. Mueeulmant, Jews, Parseet and Hlud- os These 1 adv*M>-'ers, lured by (bo h-?pe of gala and <(u toml >b, rwb to Rum la, as repr ootp ed lobemurs did la ? -stlmleet 1 day a (O Rome? "Kutui Ml Knbnaa corrupdorat." Ia < M ctu-nbuig way ar? put a< oaoo la training, and are ai acned to each superior agents aa tbo lata tl ta-lnthy, or tbe late d Sim-mitch, the lat'er > < wnoTO largely operated In Persia, Afghanistan and BiTl?b 1 India. Tup o-use of the Afghan ?ar n?y be traord '<> grate of tlila hind, and tbe btU*r brojmea hourly mi e pre alent tiat In tbe rooent mutiny, Rug'la bes.dtreidy o Indirect! , bevn an " aprrup"ovw-Ueur " (Viibluafo* yraia rereml irarttrs from Somoay and Oaiouta barn settled at Ht Petersburg; sine of tbr-o h ve lu.erm?rriort tsltb R'ia- laus, and benuae Raaaiau subjesU; and, uu inother baud, (beio are several Ruselau*. a- d >)re?h" by birib m- neb Ruealan 1 j f ?ltng. ?e'.tl -d in vaMots darts I India Up Uu aid ?J /ASS machinery it wmld tad Ir difficult U> operate uss dke King ?f <lade, and time, of hit fu*a1vman>: otm nooUt. ana to eualAuh a chain >/ cmmtniatliun with Uu Kuuian empire Nor so- la this be the only m ans by wblcb Rush. might lutrtgue against ua Jiusnan tcKemetagiiut IJriHth paver have bee? before nmo hat h*d by Uu nan apsnts m Uu HitHih metrapuUt, end alto within tie harbor or IVrw fort W'? believe at thii mtmumt Utima it working by American Iron uiter.ti in GAtisa, in Japan, and m HrUi h (ndta Wlihtu I't-nt. years an Imuieuao naoinur of j nu?e been esiabli iiro u> the tares i'lesidenaos of ladlt aa i up tbe ounuy, and ?b?> can Sty h>w m<ich f KmmIm in Surnce ana mon? y may not be broigbt to bear tu this oar ticuUr direction li Ku--la can maintain a paid pr ?? a> Fctuklon, ang. b -rg and Bruaasls, ?be may me n t b?vsuch a press ai thluiinn. at Agra, or at iMlol c<o <i tie jouri am or air u mapisr, ?rt id on mat hj.uo . r iu>writers in the Indian newspapers a a mon of blast td cba'aoler and dee|iera(o lortuues. ai?d It If to such men la foreign countries Runlau *<>1101 tatcee a? usually addressed. If toe natv > p~< m 'a lu'ln b?* eadea*ora<i to stimulate ibe tteooy oa tne d'lesu ia o' the carl'ioge?. may not tola abort be traced to a "lo-etga agency," such as was hinted at by Ur ala g'or la bis tpeecb on Mi n ay Dlghtf louer sue > c<rcumt'a'>oos a* we suppo-e, the pitting or tna ludlan praet uo tar a besets was a ?tse preoa illonary mnti o an I tbe a-'eal of tbe King of Ou< e and his minuter * at not only a nitcoa alty bat a Duty me King baa long benn a a tspemol uertonage and tbe moment ero< fs were ooutio?*i be >o>no' tbo oel'Dquebi was ca > urel tee boi er. *V net ever Ouro la a wetk or an uncefenaed point in India nor we moat eiprot dlaoontent but the only war, at the Dike of Wolllrgtoo wrote to Colonel Close dfty three yetra agi. "la to be guarded every where, ant to aeap op tro-ipe for onr definoe." We bdoum never lo<e signt, a* Ibe same great aatboriiy said. In wrttirg to lie it. tknersl Stuart from the camp a'. Niggeree, In July, IsOt, " ibat ad government In India Is held by tbe > ?ord," an I that "tbe couclurl n of Ibe mort suoce?efil f >regn war in India- that by wblcb tbe timet formidable ooetn? rat* bate bean subdued, If It giver an aooeaslon of territory, must or'rg wttb tbe territory a necessity to laureate the army, btcaore tbe muri bo ostabhrbod in toe Dew It fllory, and supported. as sell as in the old, b. tne power of tbe sword fbo ?ant of kt owledga, or ratocr recollection, of these fact*," adds tbe Duke, "is tbocausc of all Ibe oowrplaiuls of hlgu mill ary eulabllsb nou *, .?od espouses, and of ail tbe dlllicoltloa it which you iua*t have found yourself frr m tbe want of troops." It sin be well to weigh tbc?e wise words after the muttov 1* suppressed and Delhi taken, of both of which events m- o< terrain lulls aoubt we sba I baye full details by tno ton mail Tbe Idea that the mutiny had encoded to oih->? froal deoaea la on* or tboae ? onatrous rao'loauona miiO> ? '> by iha Greek to (era of falro intelligence it thou It be remr mbrre by tnoae wrtitug ani speaking o' -hese events, that labia la compose* of several (liferent nations, each ?pee?In* iu oen language, and bavin* tu own pecu liar and dissimilar feeltage. Tbe absence of onmmuntt* of reeling*, optukna and ?lean, la one of oar greeted eecurtIlea Tbpro la n<> common no operation amongst Iheae diverse rscee or castes, aud their oibealon U a* a row of vend. The village and tie tkld wh <re any turtle ilnr Bin doe wae born le tu whole world, and bit moot hut extend not beyond It There le 10 com woo feellog net wee a m? natives of tbe different l'.erldencles, and tbt I* way, with a handful of Europeans, we are enabled to bold In subjection a population sixfold more numerous than that of the I nlled Kingdom on Trouble for tbe Imperial Government In CnlilS?ITtW feature In Use ItetxlUon Translated for the Naw York :-bh.\u> from ilie Assamblae Nation ale, July 4.) Private letters frem Bong Kong of the lOib of May. ad dreaeed to tbe (Jbwrriev. of I'arla, present oa with soma enrloua and Interasting details Is rehtuoe to a tribe of Col nsee lately eomo Into notice and koowo by tbe appellation or tbe tribe of Hak Kae. These people are foiad la the Corlnoe of canton, and It seems likely that they will rm an additions! element la tbe trouolee ana embarrass, meats of tbo Chinese emptro We select from tneee letters tbe following postage* ? Bono Kami. May 10,1W. In tbe vast provtnee of Oantoo tbaro exists, towards he western extremity ef tbe province, a Urge grotp of bigh monnteiD*. wbl'b o-e inhabited by a race of m o osited tbe liak-Kwians. Ihete Larcy mountainoera are poMowa ed of truly herculean slreugih fliey are unskilful In the I meolitnic tru, out *Jr iwrrime an > laruaena ia ?*r Tfi?y ere raid lo h* the deeceodaata of a oumw of p Itonert of war, oho aone cm urto* ago ?*-? Uaorporte-iI > thin wild ac ravage couniry bjr tk* order* of ooe f il.e MriNn of the Ming ly natty a u?r e ? . 'ceaafui ?ar which he bad waged fur e I og nm* agate*! <iio bona n?l es. II la owing to tide olrcum?taiK-? f their for. .^n riiwrea! the! the - bare been called by heir word of (lacha*, a baoia at-lf-h slgnidea "forelga families." Tbo Bak Kei aie uasenilaliy different from iha M i fi?, who, though like Utcai, luhalltauw of tbe in *<iuU n? lu lite name privtO'ie, are )et Inulgoo >ua to toe cvwinuv. Orttnrlblr the Hak-Kaa are more really managed by the Ohliiose government than the Ml* T**o. To <. a*o q no ready at all dmor lo receive the Mau la'lns In th'dr rr. det. aod tber submit t? tbelr minority with apparent good 'ill and rradtaere But the moment Ibey are mado to anil >r the i am* of fa oloe. or if at any time tbey nave (be proa prct o Ibe w?*a- of pi "Oder and of a rlcn t> toty, Irnroe dlalely they torgrt what tbe Cblaere cell tbo ' m fit ul t.bedteeoe," and tear* thrlr noma* toaaet ad.oaiurm an t to engage la ptoauar anu rauine I. U ooterrt >oBg ataooibaee dak Ktnaisnt who reel 1 In the rvntr* of tb? department of Coat K a foe. unme lea. a*a steriof tbe city of Carina, left tbelr bnaee, la ohfli iaoe In ibe.r aaloral ln*tior*? of plunder au* vi'ioone, and made an emtpuoo Into th>> lower oa'i ot the pro. tore An av n? like tbtn would tie-illy be deemed of nay latoirtaaro, and would ere* Mtney be wo lb? ef taoor., were It no. tbei In** bat" die Bak laeaiaua core ed tbelr prooocdl.ig? ander port.toal t re-ei-a and gev* n new n? n? to th*tr ordinary niC' ratnei, maatng a profeen nu of p-ilrdea1 our pi wee ied object*. Tbey we-nbed down from lb?lr moue tain betgbtn into tbe suhjaoeet pi*tea, with ootore unfurl >d md bannere tt.aneg 10 tbe atr at the bead of tbeir eolumna, loudly prote ting agatoal tbe I an per a) goeern meet, and prrriaimng the t undlagnbed mtawU.m to make ! war aga eat tbe imperial dj naaty At thu earns Um t teey drrlareo tr either were In ai >. <nne?l ?i ? lib ear of the necrrlauckdlaa, eepwlally wlto that etie of thorn knnea at the T'lad, n?r with the society of San Ho Hoel. all nf j a bene dortrtaea ihey profane lo tepu I late Wire baiwiiiai nana aa these, awume lb* honorable eatt e *f pnlmoal iptergenw, and erter tee list* ea unco, agg'nnl the gorrrnmeel, it eOordi e oonrinrlag prool that the I'roernl m-orrneilnn lo which lb* oouetry la a peer, la galaiM g -onnd rapid 1} , and In becoming every day m ire and mor# ef e popular end ontversaJ more seat Crrmtnly tbta la the Arm Una In the HIaaory of Ohio* that U?e timr or IM Hat haeetana 0*1 evu^rwen -reTtod U> Kunipe. Oa thla aeoouot yon will, 1 an pcraiadad, |u * orwtldar out of piaoa the partMulnra hare related Ib>ue bee deo te he eat* to girt 10 yon a flUJa more inlirmatlm end tome mtra aatailed mount of una half aerate ?aoe of people I wee anquatatel at Oealun erltb a geaiienan ?boe? I have the pteature of call'o< my f.ieod. whined a female alar a m hie family belonging to thta tribe o( peoate Hjr Mead waa a pbyaiciaa ?f ereat reoite and quite rich Tela He* Kaaeiaa aiare waa a Ctrl or a yello* or aatnoa ordered akin, with targe daaaiieg black eyet. Ml of tra and riprioann There waa eooat her aa at' of <a??fr energy aad emlrlty, wbilr her motion and atep war heavy aad tedate like the quiet moving ol a beaat of border tree #>aaiag whoa wa ware all taking tra to (ether, oa the ptaeaa of my frlao 1'?, toe itoo lor'a houee whlah Mood on the haaka of Ute river, a Chlaera veaaal aalllog do ea the atrea u oamt and nam anchor at tao wharf, whteh waa almoat la front ol tha hrmae It waa a reeael loaded wi.h rtoa, which waa being brought frotn an eetate belonging to our boat, the iterator iltuaad a rove Tot- Mo aa auun aa the caprath of tha boat had tatMsed flirting tha aalla, ho cense to tha Daoltr and aaraaallv requeated thai he would hare Ute cargo dlechargtd In mediately, aa ha wattled Vj retura without delay to brtag away another cargo from the farm, where It waa ready aad waMag for him. A number of oooilea ware, therefore, Immediately employed at the work. who. armed with their be ml-cot ran each of men oa board of the b at, aad loaded themaelvee each with jiiet aa m'Rh hi* ftretgth would enable him k carry, They o>orated in con plea tome carrying twoaaouof rloa, tome of mem nee only, and eome even three, tut prr.ded from the n<lddla of the long bamboo fotee wttah warn Md aamaa their ahauMari The Hah Kwtlaa tiara tirl looked at them jilely for a full quarter of aa notir, leemtagty wrprleed at their operation* and at the ntat her of lb* Ir prutredlag to work. For eome time the naattoaed in-mertng rarlont Inartlsu late aad onlnteltlgtb a aoundt between her teeth, whoa enddenly, * If no longer able to control her emotion*, *he gave a vto en< kick with her naked foot into the alien of one of the C- otlea nee*ret to her, and tent him reeling with hla burden to eome oonetderable dlaieoc fr >m wbee he had heea ataadlag At the ftnil time the cried not. 'Too toaa or dog*, t? you po no at thlt rate yoo wih aevar flolth tha work Thea the caught op a long bam >oo^a> h# two eadt tf whlth two bn?krt? wart ft* tied. and ?an down to tha laadlag plare Oa retting on board toe boai ha lmac I airly piled up four aeoka of riac la each ?? kat, and then plenty tha hamh o pole on her thooido to that the loedi-of rkea each extremity !> lanced each at'ier, the trotted easily along a?m her hotvy lanl *' if It_* ' nothing b >t a oemtnoa a da r, and ae If incoo*cio?:? tr ?a h?*ry weight (above MO kilogrammes.) whl. h son ?eCarrylng Tbe it area raped at her with ted* * e.'hs aide n *>lte?l?g (h? ; erer'Wtlnr n*>'e of aim ? Ve ' %} ?. nya hut the/ all of them to a m va km* good 40 B** example At ft" ih? fl'l henwlr ?h? ?H? iM?IMi|Bnrfikul??ia time*, oar lag eeon ii.n* IB M*Bl Weigh'- g0<t *11 UlKXlgO-Ull Utb4HM?M? UM> taunt) ?N UM whole na'ff) mat, hie la a >|wrnnm of the ?nrl of petiole ?Vo Iho imperial Ugere bow hare to meet a* to dr ennmin. n tone m the Men-tarl'-* heard that 'he B*? 0*#? * were nut r--n ?ote<t a* h-r?*riy, el(b their uv-ial i?-? *i 3111 km *, but that -be* w-re no ? In ???*?' ?< of -t>~ lower ran of the ociur;. go ?r toa lido o* p-nttkai in >u*gfnta. thet ehhrot dehor art pa abed a large hot? of rnopt iplMttbfn B-it on the r-'j fl'-t aboi the In *rt?l troop* weie routed and put to Uigbt, ao-i the H?k Ka*?iaa* to maing op the ?wp.*>, took y*i?e?*lou of the sit) of Cbao Ktag. tkuc their taking peimilna at the hove part* of the ? melon*, lh*y cetemplve eavehtrg pea ''eDtoo, the ealef od? of tit* p-owlaoe, ao<t h?-e e*eu varte know a their Intention of <i*og *o e?thlog < old he wo-llng for Oaaton to imt the InUhlog atroke In ler than to be attacked by the Bak K*a people. Lhf liilofie of the B]Munati frees an War Mltn Mealro Nnbaqiwi-t in Ike A??apterf dtedlatUxi affiance and Kngand Traoalatea for the Ne- York H rat from La E pane, of Ma-rid, of July 18] If we had not already been folly om -toned that bo nhsr hunnrabie ?ay ta left of oh ainiog renre** for the i.?nIt* beeped upon a* by Mex on, than a re-nrl to arm* tad employment tf force, an artlme ahtch we copied a w day* ago Ann a Jonrnil p<tbll*h*<l lu the oily of Meal k>, the otpltal or lhat -epubl o. ? uld of llaetf be amply ii fflae I u> prvduoo tola cooriouoe la our wind* Tve above nirui'oued j>u-aal. ai ?e dated at tbo time, a epniro to he a nernl otfical organ of 'he girernnaent of Don ufort Hie article in qne-Uon. ln-tnart ?< gtxlng at Micr &0 open and frank r v.unainn. a.i.ib a* would ?*ti-<ry ifcr iifltai ee dignity of ine tfp.ul?b n?'l.>a, I* Ml of grove Ib? Its and auark* upon our hon >r, Vtiving with pro-oa tng a >0 tcorulul j< era and Irony lb- J .at and well f oodol loi"yr?H?'D wb'oo be f- Igbtful i?u Inatl-na and horrible out-ages of Cuemavaca and Han Ve.uwna.-e pro mend gnu ng n?. We were. Indeed, pretty w.-ll -repared as to what e bao le expect Iron lha degenerate race, which baa lost all tracer of lu uo'ilo dpanun origin We snos out too well what we c old nope for frt-ua a people com p eieiy demoralized by a corn need suxweaioo or revolu bona. In a worn, we were fully aware o' what satlsfac lb n we could exp ct to obtain from a go rem m int whoso we. knee* It ei cb that It Is ib lg?d to pariey with and ooouiae at all (be bad part ion* of lis subjects There people lake their slow of us fro u a point six thou taiid tunes die'ant from us, and they turn h in<o taetr ocads that It wlU be Impossible for us to get *tih*<n. rbe? look upon u* at a nation In a stale of dentine and fall Tney a-e t>< t aware that our preaeul situation la nit such as It as a few ) eara sgo. nor <lo ibey r< ilrri that the patrlotlsoi and Iotc ol oenntry which animates us Is so great as la 0<i ante lo Ocd the means ul avenging Insults, and of repelling sayitrrlon atd stack eatn If we were plunged In the midst of lbs utmost porerty no asm. Tboy vainly Imaglas mat tneir insults are directed against a people wbo bave not toe power o' cbarllHBg item fbr their insolence, and thin m Is wbljb explains the bold and forward language which tney mage use ot tn anawer to al' our demau is for redress and satis laooon But we caution tbetn?let them mxier.uot tha. It is in our poser to oover th< lr waters wiio prlvavoers, tn dtstroy tbtlr sea port towns, and to aace the n every wt> re lower tbe-r Hag Irt in- m be assured last such is the fact, and Unit U may be tney will soon s U->r tnese ihlbga lb the same way as they suffered the loss of faxas and soma other of tbelr prnvluous. Ptoo we snail see how the tocna will suddenly be oaarged, aud they wha a'e arrogant ana baagnty low, will bo bumbled; they who insult others cow will fa)) down on thetr amies before tbttu and supphoate to them; they who are, as toe, una ?iun, liiviiicioio now, wu d? iwavo v> Biirrerouor, and uuill y , ib<?- who are to ha igbty now will oiler to submit 10 too muvt bum) dating oooaiUo We do Imagine lor a moment (bat oar (or era meat t.aoda tn any ne.-u of being urged on oy a? ti u< itno uiw | uf act ou and activity watch oorresponda wltb tbe oigcl.y aid honor of our oouut<y Toe vile luvuclive ableb the government of Mcttco has add'eeaed to oir g iTornmtiit, by mrauv uf its Acknowledge I organ, admit* f no d ubl or brtiuiiou on tbe pert of oir govern neat We know not wbetner our treasury la or la not tn a con 11 tion to equip an buatile expedition, b it en-to It 1* o ir full belief that tuob ?o t*ipeOiuoo Is abtulitely required, and weconvtdor it luut-oensaDle, the ouiy retmroe now left for tho vindicate o of our wounded honor, la, inal we fellow l>Uod foiued (be imp'Ire of uonor and rairiotirm, unmindful of acy oouarqiecoe* or cf any dilatory c?o?1 le rations. On tbe other uaiid, we have exha tiled In diacjs alo-> ail tbe ri a?< nv which support our right*; we have reasoned Ull it la id vain to raaaon ao> I mgur. lbia, which we here ray, la anknoviodgod to bo the fact by every nation of tCuro o Toe dtpluotiUo negotiations em red tnto with Mr Lnfragua have oome to no.mug and bavo ended Id no reenlt. klsan'line, tbo repaollo on tbe bther tide of the Atlantic tn tunning all aorta of military preparations, and luce east!) a tacts as wtta Ins lit ani in jury Wbat then, aie we wa't ng Tor ' Woat atep ought our country now to laket Tb< antwer ta plain?wo ought to hasten to Inflict that veng-anoe wbiob la denanded in iota ana olamoroua voice by our inwuted d aullv, by our Injured character aat name, and by etie blood of our conn try men, bteh they have cruelly, barbarously and lnbn marly abed We thvnld h< II precisely he same language even If It were a eoiotaal Power wbcb bad toro en uown tbe glove, aad challeae<d u? to deadly ooubat But we feel the deep olcah mount up <o oar fu ebead* wben ee nee ourso vee tb oaf woe rued in the meat Under point?by who*? Br a guvaiimcniiheeOapilngifmuUay aau revolt, ant which l? hitiwfd ti tov in hi overthrown bv frneh revolt which U ?ooia be out ol tu po?er to reeint We eee oar country woundoa on la# moot lender point by ? pea pie among whom itie eeo Imrut i f doty Mil af Jurtioe bet been obllicwird by the oucfuaion end disorder of oirll la bit end the numbwleea petty ohlefieiat erer ooaiouding ?lin degradi <1 ambition toobtein power la e word, we here to co peopio become week eon ephemeral tbroe|b the contempt ettecbed tu every gor era moot which prove)!*, esd thrnagb the abort Urod dartUoa of iu erer changing goreromenl*. Wer ! that it the only reoocre* wo bare left It le ibe only remedy whicb remetee, aelort we ere willing to die grace ocrroiree, end tar at*b the lUoetrtoi tropbtee of the tot vMcrtee eed ecbievemeote which dpenUD rekrr eed breter) here earned et dumb*, el Tree aJ?, at Parte, at iti Qurnitb, end otber plerwe wbe e Spain bee eftlnaoiiocd la tbarwotrra of blood the maoy aid brilliant trunnpha wbi:b eooio the pwgaa of hor bietory. Tocy? e peopte wbo here not bom etrot it eoongtt 11 orgM Ire en webiteb eee tied (oreriatunt ib? nam toe/ lire deeiwred ta?m?elree Independent to Id ror> day? hey ?o( |ee? ibat we ere w<akt roey ?h 1, lor the *p*o? of thirty yiera, here had no and g iroromea . en i wbi, more then oner, here been obi god to eell for f iretgn eld t? protect mean fnm .beirown *taordert ? they Imagine Urn; eereoceh I> it U)o aunoil heigU. of rrLe end mod MM Teey rey itret "the Meitownt here elwwye been able to en <{u? Uie Hpei.lerde " Oo, yee, we remember at Utle motutai the r^autlrh eipeatuon w tih pen* rated ln*> the beeitof M ituo In the year HC7 We el<o rem mber how, vo diet oocaaloe, the Mrtlraot, at te <| >lte utt irel to thorn, urorod lbet ell they oen do on ui? deld of litUle Ve w run eeey like niwerde a* tn.y elveye <! ?, ex e >t wh'n they bare to llg* t with foice* latln<?e|y leu* then their owe. let the etutor* if the K\gl/> A'l.Y reed tbe in terte rig wrrk of Jec b de la Prziiele entitled "An Hit lorlc I View of Otbe " etoot tie feet * that they ere to profoundly Ignrrantof ibe hieto y of vbetr o?e oounl'y. here they will learn how n m?re bnndfal of Spaniard*, orlck, tind toi eiheottod, th t th-y c-uiid be-dly eren eter.d nwn tbelrleg* >rt tuataitw a a oot.!! oi of t"a burr luer et Tmmiitou, age net e forne if more than I ro boveand Mrxioana, tod eaonrrdfid In p .ui-g teem to :1 get with tbo latt nf ? colonel to 1 eorert c.(H< -re k ll ed.eid .no n en put hnri 4r ambit n-n Jtr ioo de l> petotlw relate* in b>* blttory that the Spaniard* be* only term kii'ed end Ibl'ty reren *o,ndol lo tnat ire e da lenfl* If the editor* of Ibe Atpfo would read th > it-ne li rtiry In wbirb we hare rattri e<4 ibem they aeullnlo learn tint bat It not been owing to the intom a ton :y nod weHti* e kill of tbe C'?i rrrl wbo oommtodrd the t> im>n tSnwnitMiwo, and io hM imprudent cmtucl, Vent en wwmo at tbataame time bare been ttato relaieiiti ibn obapine or a n auai ooionv, ru? r>? an-nnf ">? emeil gnsiKr of i <jr f r< ?* and the mr,tn???? with watch oaM of tb? goliirt ?ere attacked I" li had ?o happened mhd Mriwu bed theo h< .mate iuhjjrt In -r^elo, H would bare been to her be. cut ?t>d auveuttge le inch oaae, Helton would am be wbel tk? o iw I*, ho wont govern f 1, the wicwt turbulent, the iro?t dte-wderly ud moil de rm'ibwd of ill Ihi (tnierloeo repob toi Thrre l? ??io(h r I apparition mnde, which l??ln?o?b?f |rntMwve lid nr.founded, lad ihit l?, nornrdlag tiwbnl i? Mid by the topto. that *pein he? called nice frame iid hiten" u> protect Cuba fur her, In order by thia meun to let MMe one of Ihe f reite.t onetarlen wh? >h woald pro. vent her I two attacking M -it tn Hut h? ,s?gin hi njll'y of bliBdorwi Mid rrlf deception m to thi rem reog "n o' Mr two ehdof aa *quai eiaoual ef bHadneit en to too real power ol Heiu la wbat related to Cuba, her own Internet, the to- alty of her people, mad toe bravery of toe anay la R*rvintra oo the tatood, are tumrteot g i.eriw.eao of her le'cly It la the preaeat erl-la, ant Mill etraage, or to be wondered at, >*nt urn twn l ower* above menttoond tbo ikl protect mad favor the la ereeta ef fpa'o and Cuba They do lata from a enaae of ) tattoe whtoh Menoaon will not tn able lo naoreed la ibd? rntaadlat Tbey do AW from the motive of ruetatolag into'eetloaai law dleo. ibey eater taia ibto tym|Mh) la oar favor from tbn mod re of Utetr own latere<t It la natural that It ehoulri be an, and tbt* la what la to bo at iwried rrotn Md1*a? highly a 1 vanned In clvll'iatoa Hot tbete It a litter are bet won tun , lyaipathy enb ruined by tbo*e Pnwereaad the nopplloattoo or their aid by fpata, an tan MigU tuapwee la every view of the oaae tbn provooaileae which wa hive received from a country over wc'cti oaee floated tae (toft 01 (battle are altogether of too grave aad earioae a chare tier to be regarded aay loafer by Spa? wi? ' ?" There dona ant extol a Iptatori wbn woald l?tieotly tnbaili to Mtmaaai added to peer tone moult rtowa w m* to be found ta all atn a itoyle perone. wa are orally eura of It, who would ool barn lo avenge rood lanuMi aad * tM-ka by whorenoever or moulted iLXl .ad or, I, road which wa hive to late ?lece *? *" * Mblak lha anOMltlll U)? t?0 PntlMnflf Dm ""to h **<*?*'7 rm ? ?? ?'?P ? " nrtMlk?|?tHMIiiii irf W>* ' Nn> aboold be i'lllty <* IMulUad II If w# thought DO. Jit* Dak* of vJU>t>. (Narraee) l?? * ? * ? of bo*or,..eb M lb* *, hot ?M faoMo*, oo* heart, oo* rotoe and owe party ^C*l? i from I* Ii*w*rtoo of .tu'y It.) N Dnt> n,t a kh? il>* *(to when umt moo credo *oarn*J ere en atwoani In H? ?>l<?*?n* of * roODdekvii oalrafe cc mail I *d I* HMlm op"" * *? a*** of oar brother* aid countrym?a TOr?e'J|?Dl4rr1? hert, hy a'l toonoti, r?m mittod da -i her orlme than that of being tpwaiorda end ni brlrf In oowetry where the |of?-nranil l? without power, the lew* rrt hoot r.?roe, and prewful rlttmna or* without prnteetli* Till* affair ?m ooly * rraeh \op<*?oa *l<to<i |* former ln>i?<e* of which It aell* ao the Mkerf tt vac a mad and **eewie*o pro-noetic* dlronlM acahwt i>r*TO and predeet eatloB, to which leealt and Injirr I* repaid in feti-fn for Iwveflt* and htadaeaam the (food rcrrmitird waa a aaark of ra^jlorlon* c*n'*mpt fur a ra"l?a which, though It h*hol :* ifelf eomewhet <hl?ea fnm Ha enefr ut greeti?e?e, yet coo'lo oa to ehoiieh a protd onerolnu?n(ww f It* right* ?*ioh a dtar?fa'd of ihr aw* of h* nanl'y a* *m thor* exhibited. *u<-b?\ .lab v> 'a *i itdt'leo of the rfghti of uelim* encti id enol I en* o taal infamy mad la eighl of l he wti ile '-i c'B '-h war ill r t *n*> If *( th bred of h'? a efend a cowardly aaaae*tna,'oo jon tr. 'pan ?r.n by a few ? '<>-* > i rart atur a ( ;*i fh'i t al< * >aio a Liilrcr?*l 'eels. CWf* . HI * i > fi. ft* id t ?f r*t? H*?*i lb: 3 liraul nmHlMW A'l arm warn mrnad p?woed? ||( iwrnwil, fro a wkoa JWM wu taokod m4 f M* mouth* of otf am bmm, a ooblo x jr arm a a?ltiag aoi fir mmnrttna and r**?aga iOMkturwMH mw oewiiaary (n turn tp-arda nor Hag and the nana and Bonor of oar nattra, and to an m Kb cptci and with mn-gr Sur-p*. a?tooiah?J, looked toaaid* ua,c< pet na ?o-?*> agflon < u our pa-1 Tha dea<h ? > of our ao>r4?iau auu*tr. i-a. Wm. aawa of joatteo ?? cited at the right of jantl ir Ltrop'rd radar fool, -4B rot ? of r???on, which had be< d ektrd ?m eUaarad. ard la*t?> the raniimrM of n?>Wo?l dignity aodhaair?all ?mhi?,d and n?)1aa iitprrlourl/ upr-a dp*u to hUba ap tho glov# of tleOaO'ia thrown lit h-f faon?"hired, iBmad, WO arra willing to tamaiy ?ut>ait to km oar buMf fhr owar rla'rrd ?Hb tb* f??W?t ?l?* r| if?<m>n: nod diagram. Then It ?aa thai It Hma>n* >h? dmy .?f all good Spaalardo to fnigit *?? j farting of party lu tha pre*aoc? of took a ?fUlr Toihatumor if it ha ttaedd. Ihrra WM not a man found wanting to hia dutr Wa vara amowf i'( Brat lo ruMalt lo "ho common nut* of aa>| aail( aO 1h* tlirr nnrerai or<t?r? of whito ofloiua unkad with na. and I" dl> i>rrlr*l*1 agaio lb*- lon-u'llirl-m ?ni a?*ami lalitua of Currranara AU mm of a) uaruaa odirad a mi>r?i a ippnit In lh? aorrroovaok -aM calM opm k In thia llrrtog ei'irmlty to bare rttroureo to the laat aad deapara e i emroy f *ar with Metro, it v. ecouid an. enc triad by pari ? mean* la ohtaikliig full and n in,.(rta?4iUf?otkM) The ooontrv haa waiehed wHh arilouo ufMty all Jm ptarae of Iblr m at Import .at aTa r fha prow. Hatlrn lo UB"*,baa*lten an account of all tba luf>rm?uon It oonid gaibrr, as<l everybody rt-ou oa ilptoe, waning who tapaili'ure to ten tbo rm an of too negmtaik oa eotarad Into Uh Mntoo. tboi'.gh, Ibdoo-i tn- giraw mmhw M pnorir ai vrr rater airrd any hnpri r.f a aolutioo of tho dimcutty by tbnr a rorthuda. Thorn la no normally f. p or to rreord the b)pner:ttoal ?otiri y and too f?Jen and deceitful cmdii.l of the Moxioaa gOvarnmeat lu tbn coo rm of tbooa oeg jketl at. IU apparent with we lo glrn ne eaiirfaonon, bol Ita Orm purpoee and rraolrn wao to make fn?H of aa-l t ? laugh at m lta conduct, bnwe er, dll nm p event oar go/arnmm from artl-1 wiin nne'fry en t cautlno lo he ma'ter. It received Sr l*r ?Rua, *hu It war said In cert* 1 to uli Hi- U' >? rcal?, can t prielded oiUi fill pi-??r" i eetile ihe diibculilea which ha* trboii ixiwmu .it iwo x?onIrlea But low, at the pre*ent ilav, after man? I >lk month# of repealed lnlarrte r and it mou, -g 't o er?i cci, It appearn | tbot *11 nejoua'Jrn la pu> to oro to, \od tbn coufe facet alebroktnup The caure tfiBn t > ue tbil 8*. f.?f agaa, e ho came hi re In the c. a'amer of t ncg'Uelnr, ba? at laet made li r one, ?t d a and aiucerity uhlch onldhtri' t n much twite' pl?ro, hvl be ?h i-eu It at the commencement ol the argotiail * <a, ha; *'he la not. po?t-?.tta of aufllcleat poweie to ctir/ at the negouaUon? " If thl?declaration at denied to hlv bo-uthoatl i, ( ?hlch a* yet we muat bold Is doubt, (t ip ihtnreh -v?,r, briy abonld allium that be ha* uld ? rrr cb), I <ie be Ir i?, what will be Ibe jodgmen* neon enc-a I fcurope nm a ro??rnm? Dt actlcg in ihu maneif A g??orumar.t erbiih while by granting Iuijubii) ! ui>ke? iu?ir ton shameful accomplice of I andtttl who ham the ' the tun m< ni >l<?d of Span tarda, at the raroc ilu.o iveii.ltirfrll* aud pretend# u > ai neat dealre f'>r peace aod tutors Int i npgotia'rin fur ?baf prrj ore But at Ihe nr/ mo-nent It matoa three pretence*. It la ergegei* to form at; secret alliance*, In ?i eking loena and he ??? or ooaey frem abr a*. and alao In ie?>irg ironie and ?t -uriRtheid: g il? fo title,* i m* a Rover* trcot which ae ? la "iu jiannar win bsjudted and <i< nrtemied fuimi a> guilt? of a' enduieot wut of good faltb Cbrthagenlan treaeshT? aud bid faitn will K?tu>a(i.Hh h? f..Vw rillean an ft JfflCMII d 1? hfiflf* t V btflll III all future agee be 'he oommoo catch word ft treachery and fa Neb nd Hut what aball w a Id eecu*" fo* our gos-arnmeot, m hii b baa epent wiibuim Hum m coA-rei om ?iih the M< xlran eneoy wit 011' li nt having ohlatDcd aoui'aaco of the due extrleDco or bin p no' Why did it not require inn>r guarantee aa a pre ant" >rary measure la oaui of '.he d*ngor of all the confer nee t .ti?Ug out ?!u au l a?e<e*af Much aa we ?ould ?l h u? do ?o. yet boeeau ?ereftai to blame It* conduct It ! j?lg*d ?nt one 'ember. at otoe by the mere mention ot thi tau, ?t?:? Uiti a* ma nvnioe ago tb'a quellou Orit rprtag n. , aou do* at tbi? moment It rrtnaina In the aame po iilon la which itatoodoo the very 0 at cay I ha It waa i>re?ent?-d I* toero a trailer example rifling Id euiemi oraai-Ooa bis tore affioh tardlaeaa and celay In matter* of , ffaioe oetwoen nat> n t Would Ksgiand, would K'aeca?what de we ?a>I wild eeeo Portrgal cr rbrdr la ha e oat off In auob a maoeer toe obtaining of rati*faoti> n i'o? an injury done to loemf Mince M^alo ha* not received ? attraction. |ln>> a beonmea a ma.ter of certainly that we muat bare teeori to war In order to obtain it Mexico. boaever, by mean* of ber artfnt pc'icy, and through the run te credulity of onr gorernmrnt baa been able la the uu-euilroe t) make preparation* of defence, ba- been able to t?] n up out a cle* and eltttcu'llee agalnat Snem, an 1 eo to bring It about that It >111 be bardty uoeaiba* ( t Spain to aead ?n expedition agalntt Mtileo till after th" m tuba of Inly, \o<u?t ana part 11 September Rut to- r afu r that time the aoutti weat wind# preratl, no aa v> render me naMgwioo of the (inlf of Mexico a)moat toipoaalble. Much la the elate of the oaae. Much Indeed la the oaae. Rut a*e we to infer from heooe tba> tne (reperaUoua of the auvaruin'ot are ouch aa ought tr nauie aa ao* fear* or alarutT Are we to infer that the compltce'tma In which Mexican petflty haa Invoiced na arc each that we ought t retroord* and give opt Kyr be inch an idea from u". We are cuuO tent that M anna foopa will effect tb* obpst wh'cu tho gurarnmeot shall engage tfcnaa to pun an Nor will Utey meet wtib any great rnahtaooe on the pt?t of iba tfaiteaa acmlea. The larae are and will bo quite enough emoleyed In putting dona the uprlaieg* no recoil* win.* are male erary day tbrougnont Merluo agalnal lAe edminitlruUua of 'Uomoefort. We are al?o full) uawueed that the latarrea lion nt' tba Called Hla'r* will aeitoer De ae rBnectooa, ao dire A ntr ao furniitiabla aa tbo eooauaa of Spain woo 14 wleb that H aboutd be Notwttpgtandtag, buwerer. we am aenatnln that tan delay which baa been * altered haa inareaa> d the i.n i.ue of oor tUoailoa, asd 'bat now ibat which aught h. eeeo wily d> ae at Are, abiio wa were Mine tb? um la lalklag with Scoor Lafragua, If ?ra bad tmaadtataly leal oat a r?? ihtpi of war 10 Vera Crrz, wlB ba.e 10 he d?ae with grea'rr dlflkialtjr, and at a much greater cmt both of taoeej arid lira. taetiy, we would ohaer?", that If the bop# of paaoa, whlcb tome few people til l cor- urage, ibouH altogether be olMlpated, aid aabeu'd come u im tolke ultimata dc.Ulohof war, we prop??e to eeMie thla qu-wUjo eery qui <tl) , aod 10 rzp'aln all He dlDloolllee aed lie adven tag ae. We oooeluci for the prcaeat br reeeatlag arfeat w? ba*e before raid, ?ut, ifcal we cnu.l eot (o to war wltb Mexico ?l b ao> rlewe of ocoquet', a or for Me purpoee of latrrferteg with <be firm of (orrrameat of that nouelrr, oor for He pu -po** of retting up a dyaaal r there, oor with the r ow of eerlatirg thai uapopnlar maa -tae*a I Aaaa If we w. re to do aoy of teree ih'ngi t? rbjukl otaege oor peiuoe ffnai beiog tbe Uijurrd part/ 10 beomteg tbe wrorg doing part) ? ?e? o m mate nurealrea tbc aggremor*. we ahould loee for erer our lall eaoe 10 Ararrlca.aot tronnlrg loroLed la umqc-o eafel ratarprttre, we .hruld ihriw ft tbe mantle of j mice, e hioh n<<? d?ee na boeer, to pit ca la Ite place the oluak 01 auMttca. ADYLITISEMENT* RENEWED EVERY DAY. TIIK Tf'HK. mbrtrkv llb cunt ?t. l, 1 ?tk'tfr iht tuic*. 1) dir. 11 uat a'3 o'elo t K. M ba ch i? pla/r>r ? ?, roll" htaU beat 3 lu t i" 1*1 'h. war- in Uir.m W ?>d 1 ;Tt>?tn?eb z Mirk") Tr 0. Kamel "flfrr a.OBra b g JaM Lantern To be a good da. and g> od irar? duil. (H) K 1.1 If, r.oprietnr. Ml sl< U. till DA Tit IM.. a N kXTiiA "lb HIJTII r-il H B lUNU OUHNKHMlk A. #tr?n u-**? roar#m>d i>MO*Mn# for ant* abrnp. flalabto all m<ia l allk-\ *r?nd ?r.?lt (m?*t d In tr-ry ?at ri'h brilliant torn. and* o ottor bya^-nl m itt? m>?rr, and roti ft) n u-t ..a atrr o i?K-iani? d, h\? run i ar??d I (ta, yarl w ?rb An . Wtta I m, jr .ra wa ruif fr m Mat laat a"d la ptrfret Id ?"r? r??p' it. Prl"- Um, tne'i 1 l?? rrb t-laai a?ooi and pa km a raw tw aonplar ilan bo nnnairtnd not ?7Mrl?'b arrnno, u ar Tbl-ty mntb a'rmt l? H A rrdnrttnb for taah, and a wall ?nrta tat atvo'im of tbnm In atarcb id a 'm'y niw p'an" apply for ikraa da;a. 4 aPLMMill' MM*** (MJf *? 4. B1TU..D PtbHO3l f r>? 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