Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 18, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 18, 1857 Page 2
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2 ?? ti M it formidable ?? ??r NtfU M tt Ik* Pmijeob, aad Of oouree oar Hi?nl?>d ?r *m there Throughout the oeapeigh of M4S-9 ha commanded iki Uur dlvlaoe af the a< my of tha Pub e, aad il u, >eadily ba bettered (hat he keptU pretty i. Tha Bat tab diploma* war* o Wa over retched by Ifea canning Hindoo*, bat wheneeer tha knot beoamo very difficult tba Brlttab bayonet wee nlwnyn r??dj to over it. Ooll * dialing ulebod hlmeetr la tha battle of Ha i nagge-, tha paw?e af the Cbcaeb and tha affair of daroo'apore Tha on-ma (lory of thu campaign wea a brilU uu charge by tar Coda* oivialoa at the battle of Cbilttaogwadah, wbea ht vat new rely trooadad. The (allaatry of thi* charge forrod a ooo^ilmfDt fro an the rc.tcem Jut* of W olliii?taa who proaouaoed it one or tha dneat things ever Uaaa by a Briuoh army, whtah ta really a compliment, a* ibr B Man army ban done a fine thing or la lkk'-l, "hen Sir . her lea Nailer omuunded In Inlla, General uampbeU waa o*e of hi* moat ealuaDio offloer* Ha ootumanard the Peehewar diaircU, and wa eon atatUy engaged in what we call "auertiia wa-fa c" agaiaat the hill, aad under the direottua of Na te?. fbroed Ma Kohal paaa Tha Momuud* a'ere at thin due Tory iroubleaome to 8lr Calm, and Sir CiUn woo ao lea iron bleep me to them. After repeated rkir rctnhea, St Onltn at the head of a email dete. Qaent of oa retry ana bor?e artillery met the oombired ti.bmnam boring 8.000 Be hilar mm X Pun5 P*n. and xh n. iwl tham an bndly the1 the, wnegutd to nut*?term* During ibe neat j enr Sir Col u m ?,?.d at Ure toad of tan l o >p < i^iuhi the OjoUlab*ball ud Kunezil tube* ?bi-m Be auacgd la Cb It town wh<cy he reduced fliey dan. j ma-i?rei nt Tektakit) to th* nuuib't of 8 000 mei, bat we e routud with grew slaughter by Str Coil*, who bed leu the j half tftelr i omber Boeo after Ihla brllllatt Indian cunpe'gn, 8trC.Mere turned to England, where be we* lonl/.d to* most e liraordinary aegrre. Ho tana arced/ reoeired the Order of tbe I ab,\t>c war intoa! wtia Otcclaape. tfie Cauote medal nd l'un>nb medal kHe ?? no ir promo ed to be Maj r General, nod a?*on-<d toe oibmdiI A hi* Hlghl od Rigad* wfclci behaved eo gallantly to the Crime*, ttai- ao?able brigade we* to <t'm si ove y Detilo in tbe Crimea, eod wa* always em Aoyed upou toe n oil dengurou. and uuti nit aerTlor At the battle of tbe Alma, Sir Colin'* rood u it wis morn Me the e.n?u of 18C8 than the grey taairoii gnoora of 18*4 Tbe F1 > etviri io, wnicb was c >m o?ed of the lower of the Brittth army- tbe Qrnradw . C liieircani end Soots Fu?i'ter Guarca, with Campbell'* H'gbUnd b Igede (Forty neomd. Seventy ninth eod Nloe.y third rcgi raeet/)? we* ordered op to the supers or tbr Ipgrt out oloo, end elu-r cru-atbg t o river e ivaoced up u tn? It n Oteee with (laid b?>ouo.e?tbe Guards cusertug sou the High I n1f r? y o ling >ut Ibat flrrcn we* cry ? ? den e to w e* it Wei on tbe Deld of Cuiloaea or luv.i lochy. The Rj* Blent were mo e (rlghienoo et tbo no -t> tliau the h*,one *, end bKJ e ruo f?r tt All tbe tieaipbilt "biaid"c*me or In **lr u It a He dismounted, placed hiirwel' n f.ont Of the brigade end, sword in baud, poreueitne fuim tie* The Guard* |ire*eoi haid for tbo pjst of h.'oor; but Str Oolm, far In advance of hi* brigade, snodioa, "Follow me, my b'y*;we'l hee uone but He land bon Ret* ber< I" tt ben Utoeralt of brigade are a- h t e< sir Ooltn every ouo el*e t* Bred by toe same >utrtu fdal rae'ge sav-d tne Britirb credit, which *u!T<red t Hi Is naud, Dot a ?<r> enttu-tasilc tnan, Oould oot repress hli admlram u at the gwlauiry of IBs aighland bitgada Sit coin bo*e?er dm tao b arnst too m >*t dang thing t.f bi? life at the balUa rf Balaclava ros uric' raa nwar fr 111 the redoubts, and :be Runlan cwd-v at yancltg iow?rd! the to? c the N.cey third (llighltnl *n), under Su C?.llo, prepared In rroelve ttaoir cu "go la tine. Cavalry ch.i g'.'h are u-uaiiy ioc>lvtd by Inan .ry tn equaroa but an great waa t *> cot. tern -t of Sir Culm for lh*> RnBManr (bat bo neglected this ordinary preca'nioi. Tbo Kn ?.ia'p earn* down wttbia easy d Maude, and S.r Crlln guven tlett a raliling vollty They he . iia'a-i?al vanieJ?rrrtiv*a more lea<"?ibocgb bet-er of It? wheeled about r* d re<rc*toa. Had the rrg.msnt been anDlh'laied, a* it wt?<ld bare been oy any otuer cavatry in the oot I\(.eeor&: Campbell woul 1 never na?e had an i ther (ami iuad; but bta rashness wan eonver.t-l Into brarrry c rac-^ees Throughout the Crimean op rations Gene* ai Campbell ? as al *nya ready for tae hard work, but he ?a- o> ( veil treated, and he retu'ued homo. He was ao.o?t Prized by h.s men, and h!a paring with tb? m ae he r> llrved, to retire from actl e service forever, ip raid tr hare been one of the moat atr-cttng scenes t ver vtPti p?'d. There waa hardly a dry eye under any of tbe H ghlacd boonots, and the veteran of a bund -ed lights a e,t like a girl. V? t-U, *r Oo in retimed lo England, and waa receivei with great enthusiasm by the people. With tae exoeptton of Sir W Williams, or Ret, be waa the oslv general officer wbo bed part'cuiarly distinguished himself in Ibe Criwea, and aa be had no noble connections, the to Irtry nad j ut oyer him men oho never set a squadron la the Bold All tbia made Sir Coil a tho her) of ibe day. Government woke up at last, and gave him tbe Grand Cross of tbe Bai b, Us grade of Li catena at General and tae rtace of Inspector General tf the lofanpy. fbo dtp or Glasgow offered him a seat In Parllam* ni, bat Sir CoUn retried that be had always been a so dier?ibat be was uaflt to <epreaeat the great commercial city, and that, please God, be would die a soldier. Toe Highlanders of GM*pow presented blm with a gold cuatA (drinking copy and a gold mounted eaufl horn Toe ciuz> na at la-ge pre Maun hua with a Highland claymore, valued at $1,000 The oid hero, full of years and honors, might wall hava ei pec led that there waa to ba no mo-e foretgn aoryloe for htm. But the rebellion In India broke out, and aimunaa^ooaly with that cuna tbe news of the daaib 4 tbe Commander of tbe forces The danger waa imminent; for once tbe Mtslatry waa obliged to turn I la aiea awav from Pa I Mali eoldltrs. and Bui one who VH aupooeed to be lb* rlgfel tr .m for tho placr Too rr markabls ewlrrUy with wul:h tho r:weicy we* filled is Ute beet proof of the importance of the matter. Thoneaewat received oii Friday afternoon. At tar MWl on tbo n?xt day Goo Campbell vm HMi t? aajoeed Geo. Anion, a trtrgripbic deapaicb lende ad him the appointment, and Inquired wb?n he would be ready to etart Ha replied, " tomorrow fliop the Men ell Ire boat and I'll eaten bar " Oa Panday tTonirj oa arrived at Dover, and the ret dor ealied from In tm? impe feet etewh wa have followed Sir Oolln Campbell Iron the field or V.miera to the bt .gOm ul Bi ak lava, thro gb nearly fifty y-ara of actlraeervioa He bat aivray* bees a maa nT actloa, and hie an -m the b ?! portrait of hie character. He hae sow for the liret time to bit life a erpoj ate com man 1, and what all hie p'ofatflon i jli for, but rarely obtain?an opportunity to win Lha 'anrale of a great captain. B || wbatrver may be the reanli of bit operetoae la India. fir Colin Campbell wild rank among tbr foremoat men of the lime He i? Ute beau uieat of a perfect eol llor? like Itajard, wl'bout rear and witboat reproeoh Pun-.h bit the matter exactly, la ite caricature (July 28) reprovent lag raimervt a, u B ?>ia Knocking a Sir CuUu'i do >r, aad aj log, "Sb,yo . reha water a randy " Sir Colin *00 la 'up nan drarnad,' rc'.ioe promptly, 'all light; I liavr ii'r? *i iLjf for It oometime." Wa believe that now that hab?e oo'e ood what be ban eo i-mg weied f ?r, thai he will eo ar add to b j well earned fame - to put aa eod to lb-- abeurd under wblch ho aad loo men other good men In Kngland hare eudetad, aad lei toe Br.tieL peoo.v unlet Maud tbal U tn bcluir for a m.iu U hew Lie path to tame eitb hie eword teen to bo p abed Ib'o place liy the eatable preeeura of ar.iaocretic i roncc bona AfTntra In China. qidbom mi i, jiu'm month ut c mo cur. Macao, June 1, 1A8T. tiooe oar drcelar cf the Hlh uil there hare been urt'k el change* in tha actual pwilloo <>' aOalre In tbt* country, commercial ai well as pollHc tl, aid at respecu the ealoty of the'or* ign eeulrmreu, the geoc*! a?pwet of them i* rnuah Impr jred?the Br'urh naral force* baring, or ar (rt??D or Dumber* aa-i grralar are,lability, been enabled to become the a*aai ania of the flaeta of ear jink* at I of skulking in c oek* and a hallo#* 'aaCDeaa'bla aara t?il-aa> ar* of r-ery light drnft aa i op?? beau aereral itroag j? ?a1 tiroa id arttch hare been captured after oetorm'aen re aataoce, which raaalud la ooatiderehlo loaa to the B I'lab, the (atrticulara of which appear la tha Hong Koog gaaeUee The appdalmaat af the Karl of K gta aa Amhawador or High Gea<m,,aiow*r ir Chiaa appeel jndlcaour, although rai.B ta af em acoaant !h*o ability aad will?a oom pre tenat re aad Brm graap of affair* q ihlttte* wit- ih we ecpaut to nee tn a ataiermac rather thaa ta a dlpkmiauat? ar* not# rimldaraud am attributed to l/irt Kgin dacuaeioa aod reoooemg with the maaiiartaa ware athaua?od loog ?go, aad It wete ao# better to reta'n tha award ta the right bend, with aj ultimatum ta the left aae, until the imiienal go*err m*at it?tlf reek* the latter, exempting the people, tha while, ae much a? may be practicable, from the effect* of the He tea directed at the man t*rlo povar. It aow (era* p-obabl* that a aib'r atreaaoaa raaiiUnce may aa made at ( anion bat we r ,order that an eocou ragtag featara of the Inoai oonflict, nee* without a coke Ira rrtantpte of aowe tenacity ao ert- u*e or 'ererperatiog blow nould ba striftk; a pamtre attllnde no Ike part of tb< maadanaa would Irare emry moremeat lndaclaira, aid omiid eaty retell ta embarramtng complication! la tha m ana lima, the aothoritlea of Ghatoe are wreak at Uirtr magna#na upna thaae of tke trader* wan attempt to hrlag gonna to Macao, aareral barleg beaa eaocjtad merely be more they ware bringing *omt aaail pa*oel? of ma bare, aad other, laprta oaed and derpot.od of tbalr geosa, who warn bringing atlk piece gooda, down the lat er, ta aeoaa ca*ea betng drfrea toatiempt It to arart actual atarradoa among tartr workpeople la ahnrt, the repramim palloy waa aarer mare stringent or ta infraction atora reieeormly punuael Aa arempt to aatakkah a ipeolaa of Oo Hoag at dhaaghae. ta a fur.oer laateattoa of this policy, aadooadrma the prtrale inform* boa af tla wrttat, aad taaa alio led to by klm, la Nero n bar lata which, indeed, la re* pent to Caatno, wa* o>a flramd ahrot two month* age by a aim i*r report if tua la td?t?ma af the impanai gpraraamhl fbaae pmtcM, with Ibelegeliaatiiw o< the import of oprim at Hbangbaehud roonhow. had the t'te apt mala at iba latter port, by ad aerhsaiumi tbrough the Briiuh Ooaeoihlc, to eifeot a I tan *r*r boadrod thouaoad Jj l*ra apna (onartif of ta> r*iiaM* **>* ?> lnc**wd neediest! of the Impa fihl trraoary Si? P0110.**1 <* intarwt at the mo at ret. **J'* lodood it oom not trooob'ai ? T* vr?? " novciuMM lie two wenba>?^ Of t'V M Hoof Kor* Md lb* port bar n? mm>m 6 *>,oao r ^ tkai Mrparted M kPPMTUM of aeileity io IIB? b?,|p.?< nmamnattiaa of botb porta ud ta a Umiu u? t'h poaple af Ublaa. ?r? ajMrn eh.olute a tar rati it "a. in pi"!i M* tb ?b* HWWtlaa we m?; M?, alr*rt 11 iba radyronai bee* ana dorleod from the da reiMeraani ? u?# afrioeitaral raeenn aa of Warn, under o>e liber*. .... ** lalbated by Mr Job a Bowrta*. ** c/ tha aappNaa rrona thai aoaatry bar# laiaed boon m?, Hmrlr, tor ail Iba aaartUMa proriacaa of caiaa ui or m rtaaolaf a dearth Frew ftbanchaa aal Fooobow oar ndrWw erfm to b Mb both aWaao, aad hilly confirm tha prer -iaini ? tiooa of Iho fraatly radooad aratlabia prolo .ion at tea NATAL T1CT0BIM OF fWlltn) IK CHINA-ADVtHOl ON CANTON. [Traa tha l.oalaa Ttteaa, Ao?oat 1 ] Fa?taad at tiraaaat la oaafiM with too Mato -a world. Froai Adra la Hoef Kobf Iba BrlUab flv baa been ia fb'tM* aad at rwtaai apota tbraafboat tbla ('eat ar aim of ba (lub? Iba laba'-.taata of tbaaa little Htlaoda ?-i arlaelly aafifal ta bnaNIi >aa with wall aifb oaa half of Iba b imaa raoa lihrw Porala, iad?ad, la oobcernad Uta aaru|(ia to ail appraiaaoa laai aa aad. Had Iba iaiehi< araea of iba aepov laanrraotlra reached tha oara of lha rara aa iMaamb before pane# bad bona eoa 'laded, color ad aaa dia orterl aa il w jald neraaaarlly barf been by the 4 i omattata of wa my hi bara looted for a coo Nanaaoa of that war. bat taaca oaoo onaeludtd, war will JJjJJr h r aaa a ad Of tha on'?appy aoourreaoaa in J"4la aa apeak atoawhare fb? oar prcount purpwe i?i? aamoiat ta aaaia that hrouffcont tha Norlhaaatata N provtaoM of Brtttah India, and down the oonrese or tbe * j oaaaa ami the Osage*, 4 neoaaaltv for * sterling tt> q supremacy the BrlU*h name. Bui wtula l in great eat y lament* le ait ur la tu pragmas, we 10 uti not lose sight of qi tbefwaiha rirany to iiu eastward B'ttub ship* of ".I war are eegiged with asolber enemy Tbe foroeg wbtoh >: ; bad been directed on ttaia lui eoeoe faction ha e been <1 . arretted, and averted from their appotstel desuaatioa to 41 meet lb* exit- nee* of a oonfliot of a far more moment out kind Tbe intelligence r ibe sepoy mutiny bat been of H 00 absorbing a n Jure that tbe Rrtttab p tbUo bare almost fbrgott*n >be exislenoe of Ibat 00 a teat la tbe Jact >n rl?er wblcb but a fe? month*, almost a few week* fi b xk, wat Judged of euffictont Importance t) jia- 1 tiff an aopeal to Ibe oouniry Tbe PlenlpotM b tiarjr whom we bare deapaianed ti tne gate* of d< China mui make bla appearance there with curtallo*.' I* strength, Tor the regiment* wblcb were to aioumpauy or n precede nlm hare been rem ored fr< m bla control. Coder b tneee clroumitanc a 11 U of tbe blgtteat Interest to koow tbal Admiral Seymour I* holding but own again it ibe .ur b bulent government of Cotton. rbe oi:y of 'Anion Ilea II ready for British occopvtou, aul If it be Impossible or Impolitic to take posse* at in of it at ones?as we *urcly muat take poetettioh of It In tbe end?acd t > p'eac lbo pi the trim* upon wblcb tbe interc>urae of tbe two natioua * eh all henceforth benond toted, tt I* a comfort 10 know thai, 0; In tnli quarter at leail, no lrrepartDle mUchlrf la in pro great, We can bide oar time; the tieaoberou* tepoy *tU not in tbe end be found to bave materially asslatod tbe cause id tbe Cbineao. Ob Saturday lart we published a letter from oir special 1 ccrre?pontent, who waa jretent at tbe opermtiona he re ; cord*. By thla It wUi be <e?n that the Chinese war jai ks, wuton may be laKen to represent inc i? tuv? n???i i >rue at (be dts oaai ur the (Ian too use authori'lrs, bare be to doe royed by the tailor* and ms-ine* n(? the British fleet, an 1 that lb direct passage rrora H >og King to the city o' Out on i e< It it at open at thecoutiwor the rtvor Thames from ibo Nnre to the i/oodon bridge thu operations were o >a due ed on tbe Orit oc ??ton by Ctmraodore K Uot, on the a eoxmd by the Admiral bun-< If, welt baoaed by tbsgailan'. Keppel tind trie principal tfllM <>I tba fleet 0 [ 4 i epurt or Ute battle baa boon giron J ** **# Complete M this snoce?s has been, we have no reason to suppose Uu.. it will bring ns much nearer a settle meat h witb tbit extra >rdlnary people. An tbe BrlUih force stramtd down tba rtver in chloh their so stubs had been y to oompleie. we are lo'd that a couple of mtstrable jnnlta far astern of th< m 11 ed a rbot or two at the r< treating 4 flotilla, as thovgh to tlyn fy that Ohlneso proweas had en ( forced their rr treat N. thing VtU an occupation <>J Ike city t'f anion will bring them to reason; and whether it will be . foe Ible to?ffrct ihi. object actually or v.rtually wit a th? tnarinet and i eanten cd t ->e spo , we are not In a poil'ion tnju'igH VnM this, huwer-r, be done, and done inntcha vay that the Otrit nest wHlfnr the future be made aioa't nf ^ the noture <f that pmvr whx-.h they hate to r-pea>d}y out ( raped and (Ufed WtMWMf hi Jc a tiitlemmt of th , Chinese quctlmn, which toil! eland the strain of a tuisntj/ yeart (rial ' I.0HD ?I,OIh'g MISSION TO CHINA. " The folio * icg is a copy of inn address presented to Lerd .| Elgin up n hit arrival at Hong Kong:? 1 Wy Lord?We, tbe nndoralgncd British subjects. do Oir- o ?rhe? 'be Donor of tiler ng to your lordampa our heart; n congratulations on your sale antral at the country of your |( embassy Ibe-attafaci 11 with which yonr lor'.ship's aocep'anoe of 4 tblt Cilbt u I sti t prco'lsr mbrlou was hilled In Knglandbta a fiuii.d a 'out and rein!' eel o brre. sad we rely wi'-h ereai c >n- O Cdenrt on hat judgment - blch hur so squally listing uiahei ? \ ur lordxl lp's public ?a*e? r. (v Vt"e?ic b\ O" means ins?n-iMe my lord, of the many . i iflirulllej wh'ch be?ei ihe great ini l?n upon which voir * lordsr'p bow eniera, In olvlng.ras it dow, so invar of the " highest inter, s * of civil and religions lihe ir and comnrrce p W- ven u pon no opinion M pres.n; reap-cling (here. J adju'tment of our re'Mlons ai'h the empire ?t large, thonh y always prepared to bold our ortrnw aod ex pert'me at your iord'oin's romnuid; hu' anon that branch it the question e whisbwe dis inrniah u? the " fhtnton dlBiilty" we would take ibis tve ear leal opportunity ot recording our opinion?an b opinion f'.unde' npon )o g ?nd relue??ni aaa we may aid nadolol al eaperlerce -that any compromise of it, or an* a irt c of ?etl>meni which a out s*op short of ill-cunple e humilth' D tirn of tbe Can od?i, wv I :h shall fa'l to u ach ih?m a wholesome re?j ect for th. obligations of ihetr own gorerumenl in It* relvlocs with Independent Powers. and a more h sptihle U reception of the foreigner wbo resor s to their stores lor the u Eeacealiie pur,use* t f trade will mlr result In farther autftr- f i? to 'hemaeites and fur'her da astro is Interruntlo-s lo ui ^ JW ' u? III - *- ? ?V1J "f n III-HJ P"IU-rr-i ,pj tuc I>- ,I dllhrtiPy It moat be apparent to your lirdihtp thai on" be?t inteyesta lie unr n the side of peace. and upon the earlleet, l solid peace that cell be nntatoed; bttt oot?ith?tar line thia, ire I artiu d moil eatinatit ileurreaif any ai-t'leineol o the q ut**uon t wblch should cot hare eliminated from It the very laa. elem ant , of f? lure <"l?o?der. We bee lea\e In oooclnalon. to repeat the Ssvranee of oar entire eonfldf-noe. and we trnat that the (rand reen't of voir I rdablp'i mlailoo may he worthy of yonr lonlenlp'a high e? * ijitU-ii, en mat form the dtwo of a Dew and more aaapl- tl elotisrra la the history of our lot~rsr>iira? with ihla taat end prudaetlve empire we have the honor to ba your lordship's e i bet leet and humble servant* * 1 To the Ktabt Hon. i iir litL or Kictx "or Ma'est' ' Smbas " aador hi rwrdieary, and Minister PlentpotenUary to the U Court of Prkta. he V Hews front south hmsriea. ai By way or En (land we hare adrlee* from So alb Amert Q ca dated at Rio Jancuo 3d, Babia 7th, mad Poroamoaco ? Loth o' Jnly. U At IUootSee was tieady at as advance of sboat 100 reu. _ Freights slightly improved r Fleur In sbn t euppy and hi (tier prices demanded, hat r bijInert United. K (Change ou l.iedoo 'is 11 , A squadron of Brtllnh (on boata bad arrived at Rio rn rotits for Out a , At Pernambuoo prices o' sugar continued high. Pro- ( done uECharged. ( Fr lights nominal. , Mr. Thomas U >llan, the Rrlttib Floe C-onsa! nt Pernam . ouco waa m rdered on the 8th or July. A large reward , la caerea tor the aaaamtn. , THE LA.TESI. LOKPON', Angual $,1867. The Ttmai, In n lender on the Tlrlt of the Emperor Nt poli-on, says :?J oat now Ibat the sovertMyps of n orth urn nod ea?tern Europe have been meeting at Merlin to dlecum the maintenance of their own tntereeta, a visit from a great ally, who hae done much In common with oareelveo, II ' 1 specially opportune. A meeting between the two great weeiern aoveretgna la doubly welcome. It will sho w the i European wuld that an alliance which has been diaJn- ( 1 fnihbpd by tush glortvaa sac cess la ai strong as ever, aid , that France and England will still proofr re, by their union, , i the etabllity of Europe." Iler Majeety yesterday reviewed the 34th and 43d regl- ! ! menu, prettool to their departure for India. The royal ! party a to vlolled each troop ihip. II la auted that all th? membera of the Evat India Company'* civil aervlce at prevent on leave oT a been :e, hare, with tie exception of the aloe, boon ordered to return forth* 1th. tiaiT or tux xxrixoA KA.rolion to osioknx. Paris, Augnat 4,1847. The Rmporer and rapnea will quit the chateau of 81 Clou 1 tomorrow on their way lo Oaborne, the roeiianoe of the Queen of Kogltnd Their Mhjaetien will aet out on Utt.r return on Monday next. AUSTRALIA* DAftTMorre, Aogurt 4, 1847. The peaocegcra tod mails hare been Innded here from he Selfiaura, Capt Price, whloh haa made a panaape of ninety tlx daya from Melbourne, and bring* 40,000 ounce a of gold. oouixxuial. l?nrMM, Aofuet 0,1V 7. Taeterday being the ?lh of the month the demand for money both In he dieocunl market and at tho bank wna exceedingly great. In tie Htxk I (change the rate on rovrrameat aeeuittlea remained at about 4)4 percent ' The anacuncement of the demand for 0,000 more Imopa for India and of tha intended arrangementa with regard to the nihua were the chief ceonee of the general tepreoatoa la oonaola; but the oprr .Uoca In oonnnotlm with the approaching aiOiemenl Ukcwtne txerdned an uofarorable tali ota ee. The anrproalca waa announced yaalrrday of Forater, , Rutiy. Hall k Co , Scotch aad Maooheater warebontemaa. Their llahlllliee are auppoaed te be rather eonelderahle, probably over ?40,000, aad the impreealon tee ma te pre vail that the Uouldailoc will be rerr unfavorable. The Admiralty haa tan ad a rircalar diractinc the oom mar Ian of bar majaaty'a ahipa to maka par;>dteal relume of all mrrataal reeaela thoy may meal at aaa, aiana thHr near* by maaaa of the near commercial ooda of Ifnala authorized by the Board of Trade. la Parte on Taeaday the fuada eloeed .at 67f. tor aoaay aaU ?7f. 30c for aacooat Letter* from Iiaboa mention tha capture of a aet of 1 tdwri of Eu?li?h eorerelgna and other foreign ptacaa at Brayi, about thirty mim from Oporto The Bomber of I the party war aevea, and among tiem vat a prtaat. I An aiiir prim*, who appear* to have beta the leader, oooapcd. arkaUt Inane* Mn**r M**Ktt Tummt, Anguet 4?1 f M ? TV marttrd for moary la tight, tbc cop dy harlog fallen ?.n and the frmtad Incrnmad. Dtaoooata are op lot* Ct rent, and Tor rood bill* aad tbara la I be pwi Itty or the haak rate being put up oa To reday aait, aa tha drmanda npon It for both gold and bullion (aptrarda of ?tt0,0C0) aad notai bare boea rcr> heavy withla tba laat md day a. Bot it baa tobeoboerred that tha reoalpt y retard ay of ?714,00?, of which ?1*0,000 m la atlrer, at cnoe an or da I a mod lata relief to the hank and to tba I 'x port en of lb* twiom mm)*. There la thua, wild Ida ?111,000 of gold brought bjr tbo Lightning from Mai Dooroe, reported on data-lay, about taw 000 of gold end Utter la U.e market WtlfcMI immediate deabnatloo Tbla will bo abeorhed befbre there bo further withdrawal# It' -t> the book. Yeeterday tbo amount taken ont waa below ?1C,0C0 Tbo market for tbo Fegl'ab fund* h?? becsm* beary rata. Tke report of (lelbl hating fallen la now dlec radii eo, and boace ihere la llitl ? or do dMpotli'oa to rapport the market (joaeola bare receded to "0* a no^ fir money and the preteal arcmot, and for tbe SejAnbaoer ac ouM are W Tadln boedt 22e. to 1T?. dlaoouat. Tbe opera ioaw In tbo foreign recur tlca noetiauo rerf without rut lm;>orUnt leatnre to notice In tbe market Therefappeareln he a reeeenable proepoet o'the l omriaa greemment ooooentlag to an mereaoo of 10 and H per teat rrapectirely in tbe alaklag Toad tor tbe redeap uoa of tbo Anglo PervrlbB debt Tnmab O'Cwrw T M C nonlr for moeer, 90 u a !??'. do. tor aonooal, 90. b ***. tit b 2l?i; do ooodo, IT diaoobai Kail ear abareo Mow weoboete noder tbo combined la "oeaoo of a waat of boaiaeaa and thr fall la oooaola II BAKIMOW. arbNLl A KB co.'g CIBCTTI.AH. _ . _ IjvBReooi, August 4, IM7. Since Friday the weather baa continued remarkably Mao, and Ibe trade In b-*adatufr< bat ruled eery dull. Alto day'a market there waa bet a rmai: attendance of Mrf la thrti th* baflneM 4na? waa mil aitaMlva The aaieo made wore at the looeot prlrea ot Friday, being ? reduction of 3d per buabe. oa tb? atok flour Ho*, C EW rOEK HERALD, TTJE: ttbout change in value. Indian eora In moat limited la- Mi klry and 6t to It par quner obMntr for mi tod and mo i Uow; wbite aoayes, Md *~n1r'nlnr an a stroma ptloe #e Pie uote ?but ? KM, Iklth. N; obtte, 0s. to 9a 7 d par dla j !b Four?rbi'adclpWk and Baltimore. 30?. tooia; pro it aObio.Sm ; W eater n.CCe to 80. <?d. per bbl Indlea gn ?d mtied aid ) alios, 37a. dd. to 38a 61.; while, 46i. to , cbi to. far iMl Ibt Ua Bwr It quiet, but la fl/mly hold at tho extreme ratea we tie ) obrairM. tlx Ph?k to little request, at prertout p<ioeaBacua very lulL To day'a auotion vaa a oomptete cul illure, dialtra abowlng no Inclination to purchase Of f ,0(0 Lores ofle ed only 219 boxes wore sold, via:?'-0 ton oie# ibort middles, bootless, at bis. to 62t 6d ;'46 do. cer o , rtb io, at 4M ttd to 61a.; 46 do loop aalddlaa. bone P<>< at, at 49*. to 60* ; 83 do. do . rib In, at 47a 6d to 60j ; ' t> ta Cupiforiand out, at 48s. to 48a. Oil.?Total, 119 uol oxeo. (roi L*iu? baa advanced to 70a. per owt. at irblob there baa am coo a retail rale, but tbls article olosoa quiet; the bulk of the ie sicclr la not on tbe market ' Taiu>w eleady a> 60i for Ba chert'iaaoclatlna ,t Cuttok ?8ttoe F rid ay tbe market ha< been quiet, but the rioee c.n tme very firm. In Mnnoheater to day the trade ?* a* steady, with a fair buatneaa d dog Middling Orleans, by Sd., Mobile, 8 6-16d ; npleads,'8 (4d per lb. 1 bm 001 THE STREET COMMISSIONER DIFFICULTY. mi bo Con over Contempt Cut* rwo Wort In- hj jiii>?;iiuii?, wmiw vuuuvrra wvauOT* j tkeck Mat*?.Attachment AgiUmt Conorcr. jr COUMT or COMMON rLIaS. 0 Before Hon Judge fngrabam, F. J. ] Arr.rr 17.?ZVWwi w. Conjvrr ?The Court *U denroiy | tow dud thle morning by the friends of the respect ?e 14 mute for the tttloe or Street Oemniimiooer. ! '" The J dge Inquired of Mr. Busteod If the orders were f| reputed In the cs'ee which he bad decided on Saturday. " Mr Builecd esld .hat Mr Brady aad Mr. Steele* would UP e tn court la a few miuutea. Mr. Fuller uformo" the Judge that Mr. field waa on hii 001 ray to the court, and would be ahordy he'e *? la a lev miuutea the respectlre cooasei entered, and lo1 (>. I). Field, Jr., served the opportog countol with papers, *' . bioh 1 eubetqutnlly appeared were the following ;; 1 INJUNCTIONS. ;:t itae ecial le'tn of the Supreme Court held at lbs City Ball, In the city of New Virk, oe the 17th day of Au- ~ gust, 1867?prereot. Chariot A. Peabodv, Eiq , Justice. "? Daniel D Cbnurvr agavau tie Mayor, Aldermen and 'Am *( inn airy of the t'tiynf New Vurk Charlet Devlin ani Jamu I. WiilHt, SKenf) of Ihe ( ay and (Jaunty of New uric? ? ) readies and " tiling the oomplalni witn'the aUlasvltof 411 be plat mill, sud it appealing lo ihe Court that totilriem J1'1 rounds for an Injunction exiit, It la be>eby ordered thai ?" he derenuants, the Mayor, aide* men and Commonalty of he city of Ne * Yore ihotr cause before this Ch irt at a 00 pecisl term thereof, to be held at Ihe City Hall of the city ?* 1 New York, on the tweuty ninth day of august Ine-en I, *,1; t lOoclork A. M , why they and their attorneys, counsel c" ore and agents should not be restrained and enj 1 ned from 1-* ny further proceedings in tha ac lon rommenoed by them rm c platnt fU 11 ibe Court of Common Pleas for the cUy and ! uunty of New York, against the aald Uanlel D Conover od o'bers deUndasts. and non pending; or to uny muter *ei r proceeding suppiemantal or Iteldeutal thereto, or in ndrd to ealorce obedienoe to any order or p'ooeaa ui the ' ud action, or to punish dbohedience o' aay such order or " recess And It ia further ordered that the defeadant, * smut C. Willett, Sierifl of the oity and county of Now dc >rk. show cause before this Court el the sa ne time and c,e lace why be, sis deputies and agents tbouid not be re r,' trained and enjoined front ensouling or ao>lng under or " y virtue of any writ, warrant, order or pro teas in suth otloo, matter or proceeding; and that Charles Devlin show '* sure be'ore this Court, at the same tiino an 1 place why a e and his agents aid pemns acting uuder him, should or lot be restrained and enjoined from tierformlng or attempt Dg to perform any of the duties ot Street Commissioner if the olty of New York, or from In'er'erlng ?lth the iiaiDiifl in the perrormsnce of his dutlea as sach Street lrmmlr* loser or any property under his charge, until some 14 tab In the said Devlin beeetabliahed by lbs proper action in be nature ot i/ua n>atran(? brooght In this c< url for that pur- F| tote And unul thelimr for showing cause as afomaid, at d b? hearieg, drew ion and order thereon It Is ordered that ? he said otfrndanto he. and they are hcrebt each and all 7J t item, ? vially end respectively restrained and enjoined "* afurasai l: ihai la u> say. the aald defendants, the Mayor. 110* r.... u im Commonalty of the city of No w > or* and ?# tr ailor ?eye, counsellor* and agoota, ?r? hereby striotir mohiIm and rnj-rinrd absolutely to drstst and refrain tm may lurther prccetdiega la tbe action in tbeoompiaiat x-rllooed, wblch ? m < 'tnineooed by ilmm as plaintiff* In IT, w Conn of Common Plea* for the city and c -unty of Now ork against the tald Dan tot I). Conor or and outer*, da'on acta, and It now ponding, or In any Matter or proceeding rptomrnlal or inctdootal thereto, or intended to enforce bod lea co to any order or ptoooon la Uie aald action, or to ^ naiab dteobeatenoe of aay aaah order or prooeee. And i , , >o defendant, James C. Wlllett, Sber.fl of Uto oily and i onnty of Now York, bio dopnUoo and ageota, are hereby dt. Irlolly ooamat.detl and enjoined absolutely lo dooltt and efraln from executing or aedtg under or by rtrtne of any jg nil warrant, order cr prooota, in onob oetlon, mnttor or _? wooeedteg. And tbo defendant, Cbarloa Iterlia, *nd bio ,r igente and porooat eating tinder hi a, are hereby el'tedy ommai ded and enjoined abooiiUely to doaiat and refrain rem performing or attempting to perform any of tbo dntieo U( i[ street Ocmncisaiocer or tb? city of New York, and rro? ,r niorferiDg wlih Ute plaint.;i to tbe performance of dntloo h, a aneb Street Commiaaiooer, or any properly under bio _j ibarge unui tom? right tn ilio tald Ooriia be eetabltabed by tbe pr >per action to the natnre cf q<w warranto bronght ror that purpose. RICH'D B WNNOU.Y, Clerk. JJ, At a epeoltl term of tbe Supreme Oonrt, bold at tbe City It Ball in Ue city of New York on the I7lh day of August, cl lHM-prerent. Chariot A. Prtbody, Esq., Juitloe Don\aI 0 Oeimer to (V .Wayer, Alderman and Onm p n :nally <f the CVy of <Vrw I'irk, CharUs Dtoim and fameI ii f" 1 H, ftherif <f the City and Oaunty of ?t? 1 'ork ? a l?o reatllcg and tiling ihe complaint, with the affidavit of tl the plaintiff, and It appearing to tbe Court that sufficient a! grounis tor an injunction exist, It It hereby ordered that N ihe defendant? the Mayor, AJJcrraow and Commonalty of ai Ike city of New York?ehow cti:m before thle Crurt at a pi tpectal 'arm thereof, to be bold at the City ila I of tbe city 1< tf New York, on the'. <in day of August lnrtant, at tsn bi o'clock A M.. wty tbry and their aitbrecye, counsel! >ri ti tnd agrnle ebould ant be eejoined and reatrataed from i tr lay farther proceeding! in tb? action cjoemenoed by tbem if pialrtiflV, la the Oourt of Ooonvwi I'lee* for the nty ml rl rotctr of New York, ay amet the fald Denial D. Ooaorer C ad oiber?, dofQpdfntf, end bow pealing. or to any mil q< ler or prooot '.lac rjpplemen'a' or incidental lhrrvto, or la- rt tended to enforce obrdleooe to any order or pror.ent In the ci laid action, or to panlea dieobetience of any inch o-der or w procete. And It li further ordered thai the refondent, pi latere C Willnlt, Sheriff of the city and county of N?w w York, thow ceuer befoto thla Co rt, at the tame time and tr plaoe, wby be, hie deputlo* and ageMi ehoollot he II roetraloe.i'aod mjoterd from exemt'ng or acting an ler or h< by etrtue of aay writ, warract, oder or proovt ia each Ji action, maurr or proceeding and that Oha, lci Derliu show 1< raurc before thm Court, at the tame time and plans, why n hu aod bn ayenti and peraoci acting under htm ebojM f' net bereetra'ned and onioned from performing or at- a tempting to pot i or in any of the dutioe of Hired Commie- p ilonrr 01 the city of Now York, or front Interfering with a; the plalnUII In ihe performance of d'iUe? an enab Sl-eot * Com m lie loner, or any property under bla charge, until Y rome rgbt in the raid Devlin be rataliliahod by the pioper U action, in ihe nature of 7110 warranto, brought In tbli Court r: ror that purpone. And until th<- use for ehowlng c%u*o m a'omaid. aod the hearing, dt< it'on and order there to, It ri la ordered that the said defendants be and tbey are < hereby each and all of th'-m tereraUy and roepootlvely l? reel rained and enjoined aa aforernld. thai It to ? any, the aald deterdanla, the Mayor, Aldermen * Md < "vnmoaelty of the elty or New York and their at- Y lorrrjf. count el lor* and agenla, are hereby etrtoUy com manded and enjoined abeoletely to dcatfl and refrain from U any farther prcoeudlag in the action In the complaint U mrubnead which wae nummeaned by them an plaintiff* in p the OMirtaf Ortrmon Ptwaa for the city and oounty of New U York agaiaal Um Mid Haalel D Qooorer and utiiere, da 'nilkilt. ud la mow pecutag. or In any rrn'.ar or proceed o log ?pp.rm< ntel or lecidMU thereto, or Intended In on a lore* rtidmi i? ur order or pr com id the ioid act'on, * or to penuo dtaohedteooe of ur ourh order or projaaa, li and Um defendant, Jamea C W illou, MaJl o' the city ml county of New York, hli depeUee and tgeois or* o li Icily commanded ond enjoined ebeolutel; to dootot n and refru a from ? ruling or acting ondnr or by virtue of a nay wilt, warrant, order or proooia Id ouob action, maUor or pruned lag, and Lho defendant, Chorion IXerUn, and bio r! agent* ar.d peruana artirg under him, are hereby otrtctly commanded and enjoined nbaobilely to de*ta; and refroia ? from performing or attempting to perform any of the da ? Boa or Street Oammtaeloaor of the city of Now York, and Y from Interfering with the plaintiff In the performance of a duller an inch to reel < ommiMoner or any pre ,?er?f nader a Ma charge until aoina right In the naid Denla be eaiab d liahed by the proper ncpoa In the nature of qw> leerrerk'.i ? brought (or that parpoto al EICH'D B. OONNOLIT, Clerk. m After aoiro oboerrailon# from roaneel the Court granted the order of attacuim at egnlnet Coaorer, wt?h oortt. J Mr. S< Ilea Mid may tt pieage year hooof, kAef Ifc* y\ Court annoanced ila derialent upen Uie Iwj mrtiooi ft ta thla care, ?hteh wero d;tpoaod of on Saturday? m one ooavtcung U>o?rer of a wilful contempt of the ti prooaaa of thla court and tba other aonttnuing until tb the final bearlag of iba injunction horatofora teauad again*! tba defend ante itieopt Mr Pald)-4ha attention of u ?7 Macoialea and myaelf waa railed to aa laJaacUoa v which had born leaned, out of the Supremo Court, againat ,, the plaintiff, granted by Mr Juattoa IVabody, reatra.nior ac them from proceeding any rerthrr la thla coart Thte ,, mornlDff we are fevered with yet another laj aeura, from >. the name court and idgo "The cry ta aitll thry oome " ?? It la difficult for area conjecture It inggeni any reaaoo f?r M thte la?t injunction I ruppoao II 10 ho the rtry latent, be raoae It to dated aa of today, and the Ink la not yet dry. tfl The injuactiea of Monday-the latent no we from the Ha ,a preme Court? la identical ta legal.fleet with the inj motion tu of Saturday. I'< rhana our karnc-i nnnmau ih> _ latter *m rnly fur a Uy?not for til time I'owlbly tbey *, apprehendi-d 'I might no* keep more than forty etghl hvire m In the pretcru hf?t At til eraota. iMr aeoot d pro |, coating ?? wh. Ily inner.??ary At t onoaulloU >a ,n if the etuiael for the ctljr It thi* trtlon, oa t? nil de r 1 roii <1 that althmgh ? bt-l not b?en rati* partiea in the ??ilt n tho dnprnoia Ceart nor ear rod wild M opto* of ihe order we *bo.ild, nerertheleei, ont ef m?p"-l ta, 'or the tribunal from whirh II wm leaned tad for iho warned Jndge wt 0 griated to* order, ioatat from ratting iny motion or doing toy trt in thli rtutr whUe Urn Inias HA lo? granted by Mr Juettre I'anbody remained In foroo ?r rbtM e?traordlaary lojunrti ?* onmnaand tbn Oorportiton m tot to do tny ret whateror to protect their right* nnd In m retta no ooncooted whh the *treot Oomralammiar'a nil00, 1 >nd top rially forbid na from a railing ounalraa of the mi ndgm. nt of tbla court, which ha* mi been prooouneod bey area go m the ue precedent* 1 loogtb of ataylag nil ebon In a proceedlm naainat Uoooror contempt, In Mob( ylDg it a prorora of thla court (Bora M' Bloklaa ofi and from the two Inj netlona, which will ba tound la foil bora ) Wb hare had ihre* 1 oroamre la 1 net one fram P" bo Hnprome Or.urt la tha action lately oognn la thai nourt wt y Conorsr a#atnat tha city aat ita 00 d?pendiota bo Drat tneponded the legtelrtivo power of lha 'b? omwon Oouicll <rrer the boot* and pa pore of g" ie nd'.co the two laat are Inlohded to paralyin the Jurta wh lotion of tbl* court In tha action we bar* beea proeanot ?f_ ig baro, and which wai pending whan they ware taaned. (? aeem* the cata of Brant rt Walck haa been or err led. ebt bo n dj jurtadloUoa of U>.? court U 00 ordinal# .with (ft* SDAT. AUGUST 18, IBS\ natONrt. When that mm was decided It w* nasi obi; teaolved by all the J idgce of the Ooert of OoBam

as, the Superior Court and the Supreme Ooart of thta Irtct, that the? ooold not nghif.lly ?ojotn a party from ceeding in a sail In another court having equal power to at the relief sought Nevertheless, your honor, wo ill submit, awaiting the doe course of the low through approprU.o channels for the vlndloatlon of on rights; shall lore no time In moving in the dnpreme Ooort for dtsaolu ion of theee iojudc . ma Until then we leave care with your honor (fh? fo'lo wing are the parti are oTthe case referred to by Mr. Sickles):? Lobert Urant vs James B Quick, 6 Sacdtord, p 811 No ir< In this Btde etui rightfully ?o^ >le a defendant from proding In a suit Id ano her court of lb Sia ?, having equal ser to gv*et the rsllef sought b> the romplal <ait In mot on for sPdisenlipT n of the Injusetid", Judge Peer d > It is not denied that tb? necessary client of Urn Injunc I wbloh I am asked to dissolve ia u> restrain the d?'er.dant m proceeding any tuistu-r le the suit in tke ilonomoo Pleas, 1 wuioat enleiingt upon the question whetlior the equity of oomplnlnt is I all j m**t by Ibe uuwv, the *rr'or in Utut ollhsi snlt ?nd Its actual pendency aw irgarded by me conclusive rrssnas fnr gracing (he m sloe in its full eitenL a j"Int moiling >f the Judges of the buprems \>urt, f Court of Common Picas and the Suoenur Court which * bad shortly nfler the above decision, It was communicated Judge Cutr and snsnlmoualr approved. tr. Field waa glad thai the gentlemen on the ether Mde i now determined to act so, though they might hare ne to the same conclusion un Saturday, and cot have npclled him unneoecsai Uy to remain In t iwn on dun day. Kr Sickles said this piooeedlng was one by the Court, to mnain nis own uisnuy?s prooeeatog in waicu uuuubqi J little to do tad no presumed do one would attempt to etfere. Mr Field?1 bold that thle whole proceed lug baa bora, m beginning to eed, an intei Terence with the Supreme art lu<*ge fngrabatn?1That la not before me. Mr. Sickles? That wai a reflection on the Court Mr. Kw It)? Bj no means ludgi Ingrabam?if thore la no further euggeetloa to bo tde, I <balt enter too order* In tbi* oaae upon the mile* of the courl In form ee Indicated on Saturday Then, [ ebould not bap en to be here, there nan be bo dispute to the nature of the orders, and either party can more on litem. Mr. field addreaeed the court, contending that no order ild be made in the proceeding for auytnlng more than aittchmtnt to burg Mr. Conover Into coart to answer - the alleged contempt, and that then the only courao te for tee court to cauae Interrogatories to be td. In euppoTt of thla petition be qicted 2d Re*, d., page bib, aecticns 6 and 10; People agatnat gert. Ch. Reports, page 133; Macready againat Dior, do., page oiS, and Albany OUy Bank agt Schemer rn, pageST 2 Interrogation* must be filed In order to tompiete underatandi g of the ease. He oould not tell, r lneiance, fiom the decision on Saturday, tlie prectae taie of the conirmpt with which Conirer waa arged. whether It li charged that he knee of the Inaction eg alnu the SheriflTIn lb-> mornlog, or whether hi* nee wai taking poasesa oi or the Street Ootcmlsiioner's Ice. Mr. Kidd red ed the prooeedtcg* in the d'oad way mcmpt cane, where there wai Orst an order to show one, their Tolnrnmou* alh-tarlta were prod jood and ar rcrnti made before Ore Judge* (the Chief .Turtles do DlVg 10 lite put;, men me auicum-.-ai was ittuja, mo t>ie* brought lnio court, inter gatori tiled and an cred, and upon there tie Court adj < lged. that wu d only oourse, according to "li- statu, s. Mr. Brady?We are in this matter merely making sag stlons, because we are not here to take any step what e - on ocr part ae ?< nsel Judge Ingrahaa?Wbat I p-opoeo to do U me'eiy to tcr upon the minutes the declucn I made on datar lay. lien It 1* ncoeetary to reduce toat to form It oan be do by mv bieth-en In case I am absent, ir ( should alert to do bo, U case of my absence, there ml{Ut he a Hiulty to know precisely wha. tne order was. The urt then read the order- ? Oaasa.?A motion having been made that an attachment uo against the defendants, Daniel D Conorer an t others, ler beating counsel for the reecectlve parties, It la dered that such motion be granted with costs In tkf Matter if the ifutor tit. Ck toner and Ot'uTS.? dered that die tcjnnciion be contaued. Mr. Brady?I believe, if your honor please, this Is all, ilcse an injunction should he granted against your ving town. Mr Sickles?We shall have an irjunct'oo upon our re Iratory organs nsxt. We understard that a motion will be made to-day or toorrow before one or the Judges of tbe Supreme Court to seolve the two injunotkiu recently Issued by Judge Pea >d7 BUPKKMli COtltT. Berore Hon. Judge Poabodv. The following Is a oopy of the compia.nt upon which th? junctions were Issued against Mr. DevUn :? THK rOMPI.aiKT or OONOTKK. Daniel D. Conorer, plaintiff, complains and alleges? First?That Joseph 9. Taylor was elerted to the otfloe of ree( CommlMloner of the city of New York, la Korean r, 1866, to serve for thrre years from January thereafa anH nnrtvt ?Ka riutlaa nf said nfflm in Bild Ian. rj, ud continued there in until Jone 0,1857, when he Seoond?That the plaintiff mi, on the 12th day of Jane, 87, duly appointed and oommlsaloaed by the Got em or the Mate or New York to Oil the Tenancy In the utd Hoe created by tho death aT the said Taylor; that the plain I accepted the tatd appointment, and duly took and tiled a oath ot office, and duly exrcuted, with sufficient sure: ?. and tiled, the neeeeaar? official bond, and did, aa he ta leiied and belleree, everything aeeeeeary to be done by m to qualify himself for ex ere In log the dutlee of the mild Bee Third?That belonging and appertaining to the raid offloe a large quantity of bookn, map*, paper* aid document! r various description*, without the pom anion of whlita 1* difficult, If not lmpoertble, properly asd fully to dls barje the dutlee of said office Fourth?That subsequent to the eald plalntIT* said ap ototmeot aad <|u*HBcatlon, and on the 13th day of Jam nt he took poaceerton of the said offloe, and of >be a pan tenia In the liall ef Kecords of the laid city aMlgnod by te said Mayor, Aldermen and Com noaalty to, aad osu ily occupied by, the ittteet t'ommiar! iner of the city at ew York, and iranaaoted botlners In the eald apartment! i Mreet Ocmmlsaiouer, and has continued therein to tb? resent lime, except that during the interval between the 1th day of raid June and the 19th day of July thereafter s wan forcibly kept from tlie -aid apartments, while the ild (harlee Devlin Intruded himself into the said apart ents. II tb?That oa the 10th day of June last, upon the ap Uratlcn of the plaintiff, an order was dn'y mate by ar'cs A Peahody. one of the Justices of thts Court, re siring the tald Cbarlea Devlin, to wboee poweetlon the iidbo-kr, maps, papers and documents had come,to show lure ibefore the ra-d Justice, at a certain tlm? and place by he (braid not be compelled to delirer to itaa itid la'nt ff tbr h< ck* reap* papc* end document* afar?Id b ch tad order wm duly aerred. end proof of aerrlot ltd*, end nrb proceedlnga wore aflcrwanda bed tbet og !* 10*b day of July, 11J7, the order (of which e oopy U ereto annexed, marked A,) we* duly made by the and ntUce, end the raid order eat duly eerred upon the eaid ctIId, aid demand made upon hlM for the eald boolci ape, paper* aao drcumenu but be neglected and re itcd, and (till pry lerta and refuie* to dall?ar tbe aame 01 ay par thereof to the aald plaintiff; and the eald Juauoe urai .ict to tbe raid on'cr, bat MM bla warrant <> rrott and lit* warrant of tcarcb, which warrant of eeerct * dlncted to theHherlff of tbe c'ty and eouuty of Nee irk, or any conatable of Ue aald city, and *e? de'irere>: I John R Farrtngton, a oonatabie ol tbe laid city, foi tecuUon. With?That notwlthrtendlng tbe laid order and war iota tbe pla.nt.ff baa been aa yet unable to obtain pa r*itcn of tbe book*, map*, paper* and docimenla belong ig and nppcrta'n.og to the nald o lice, baring been pre tnted by the Interference of the eald Derbo, and th< aid Mayor, Aldetmea and Commonalty of tbo city of Nea erlL Sa< rath?That U?? tald Deri In threaten* to dUpteamt te plalntl:! by rtolenr*. and to take htmaelf poaauealoe 01 >e aatd apartmaoU and room* ngmaat lb* will of tbt alnliff, and by the ue*ef force alooe, and I) axarmM i* doilea of lb* raid office of street tooanuaaloaer E ghih? That tbe eaid Derllo alao poaaeated blnaael I certain blda f?r oonjwcta with the Mayor, Aldoraaet ad Coromoaalty of the city of New York, and opened an< It'red the aame, aa tha piaiatiB it Informed and be area Ninth?That the aald Dertla baa mad* oerta'n pretend* ppointmeni* ard -i*trarM, in the nam* of the aald Com itaafre *r, with different peracna, * bo art proceeding to no a In the of the aald Corporation, or to perform 'nrk for .be aald Corporation, i.adar the pretended autho t) tf the aaid Derila truth?That oa the liib day of Jalr, 1857, an arJoi 'Mt '< miLfiir<?l In tbi* court by Ihla plaintiff nyelMt thl till Ma) or. Aider Ben ui Commonalty of the city of See ork at d the tatd Char lee Devlin, by the eorvloe of a turn MM and complaint, (of which a oopy u hereto annexe 1 larked B,) nad a tuppltmeaial complaint waa afterwardt niy filed la the eald action, (ofwhloh a oopy in hereto an r ,ed, marked C,) and InjnocUnaa were Imnnd and nerred l or a boot the Ume they refirecdvoly bear date, and the ud action It itill peadtcy aad undetermined. F.ievtalk?That on the lftth day of July MB an actio* *a ccmmetced In thy Ofitirl of Wa?'0!i, pWae ior ltw r.|t, nd county of Nf? York hgmnat Uiia piaiitlff, by Uio aer log ot a It lumiU, OOP plat at aad injunction, (of whloh a tpy la hereto annexed marked K ) an I the plaintiff* la the ltd action are procee ny tberefa, not withe And ley the dd mattrrao per.'iiry before a .lunttce of thle court, aad ie mid action eo pendicg n thle court Whereftira the pte'ni ff demand* Judrment that the mid ayor. AHrrmen nan Cwmmoaalty or the oliy of New ork, their aitorr*)*, ooetaellor* and agenta, be reitrala I by tajoanlloa from any fenher prncendiay la the wild loo ee r rmweiewd la tan Conrt of Common Keen fw tho iy aad coutly of New York, or la any me ter or proeeoey rupptemeatai or lactdaatal thereto, or lateaded to on rr nhicmre to ?ny order or prooeie In the ?*I1 action, to ruateh dw.bedtenee of ant en>-b order or prnoeee. d that the aalf Jamee C Willett, Pierlff of the city end arty of New Yck, hit depntlm aad ayeau, be reetralnI by ujeaetioa Iron eiecntipy or acting under or by vlre of any writ, warrant order or prccee* In eunb action, alter er proceediny; nnd thit the eald Chariee Devlin id h i ar'ni* and all rerwone act ny nndrr him. be reralntd by Inunction from performing or attempting to vform tny 01 the dutlea of (tenet Uommlai'mtr of the y o? New York, aad from interfering with the p alntiff the feriormanoe nfdntiee aa inch dree'. Oommlmlofler, eo) property nndrr bia eharye, until tome rlyht In the Id Prvlia be eatablltbad by the proper action in the na re of quo W'.rrantn bronyht for that pnrpnee riF.LV A SOHt YLKR, natattff'e Attoraeyx. Piry oprf O iintfnf A'ne l'<rrh,?Daniel I). Ooaover, plain'. heiey *w?rn, eaith that the foreyotny nomola'nt letrne hie own knowiedye, exoept aa to the matter* therein tied to be oa Information aad belief, aad aa tr thoae mere he beHerm It to be true. D D. OONOVKK -worn Auyuat 17, 1847, before me, U. T. Roman, Com mkoaer of Deada. n?e lead* (Rag ) Mrvntry r'.nlalm the following aononnt e fatal railway colli'ion near Hull ?'Je Friday .July M, the 4 AO r M erpreei paatenger train from Hull wne weeding lo never ley. It wet rue lato by e ooel tiale, itreby oae peraoa wee killed and a* vera! other* war* rarely Injured Immediate aaalaUnoe waa rendered to i woutded peeeewgere, aad It wan fbund that Mr Yetee, mar. ofOHIlncham wa* eo muoh Injured that he died ille betny removed lb* nth# pereoee Ininred. eota# whom were not ft parted to live, were Mr. Waddlngtca aver ley), Mr. Woodall (Beverley), Mr. Wake, martale' clerk (Hull). Mr BrockJehurwt. Mr. Putoa (Patgtoaj, aad Mn tMd (Ohmtfifi Mraqt, Hell.) r. loqiuM on AUuuudcr Boyd. r Ib p?BM to fee djosniMot, waiou took piano for wock to (ire the offloers on opportunity to eolloot ?vt dcnoo ob kbit ?mtt. tho Inquest on Alexander B >yd, who I *H obot In deraodlBf hi* brother ' atore on hightaeoth J street from burg i an, won taken op yesterday before Goto ner Perry and the following joryAbraham 0. Daunts, 141 Wait Kighteeath a treat; John Lindoey, 126 Eighth avenue, I Pardon While, 192 Ktghlh areaoe; 8. W tlbro, 128 da , I Tenth ave ue; Christopher Weltye, 847 Broadway ; JjUn | H. Decker, 1&2 Bereoth avenue. Charlua a. Bedeck, 27b ' | Eighth avenge; George Qnlncey, 293 Slith avenue. Ann Boyd, raiding at 72 Kighteeath street, being : aworn, Jtays:?On the nlghloftfae 6th of Anguat, about 1 | o'clock, I was alarmed by a noiae like the falling of a not In the atore; I got up and looked out of the bedroom win down, when I aaw two men oomo out or tne atore door and ! decerned, Alexnnoer Boyd In pursuit; they were elate to- I getber, and all ran towards Seventh avenue; I called out i ' muraeiy UU & utmru Utwwou w*u vu% - Uittruor; u? 1 teased fell opposite the blacksmith's shop; my husband ( snd myself went out and aaw deceased oh the ground, i picked him op, and carrtel htm In; the tiro persona who a ere chaaed oj decerned were low aired, lbln boys, both i with drab coala and without cape; 1 thick I could dlatln I ' pol* b them If I ceu d seo them; this morning I saw a man i ! named Muoday whom I rec gulied aa uno af the men; I | | saw him opposite our house, at dir. Water a1 porter house; I am punitive he la tbo oce; I have n- l stum aeen any oue I j tUe that naemoled the two; on tbe 31 of Juijr an attempt i was tr ade to rob onr at ore; aome person filtered 1?; Mr. < | ampbell, tbo yoi n( mas who U nu? coodQ'd In JtOe<aon i Market ornec, gave the alarm at that Ume; I ' store was (pen, whieh waa 1'iuod to be the caw ; be would J | not tell me o?w be bappi-nel ti see the deer wss open, but j naked me If I accused blm with It; 1 rtcogoize Campbell aa cue of tbe two who murdorou Bo d, I esw Munday wnen be waa aent for lo appear before Boyd for recognition: I I roc gur.vd him then; two raps and an nmbroLa ! were found In tbe store; aim a revolver outdde, i ( supposed to be the oue flni at Boyd; I hare i i < ftec seen Campbell ttud Monday In the street op- i j post a our hou??; they were sometimes In t ox tested, i i and seemed to bave no employ moot, I did not see the i ' lacoa of Campbell at d Munday ill. linotly; tbe :amp of the I en ret. whiob was clote by our a'ore, showed quite , b/ tf at I could see ?eil any objaot pas?lug. I Ann Wettatelc sworn?Ro. Idc# at No. 70 Eighteenth i street; I was u?aktned by the noise In Mr. Boyd's store j on the night Of the 5tb; soon after hearing iho report of . firearms I aaw two persons running and another after ' them; ih< y ran, one In tbe middle or the street, toe other 1 at th? other side of iho war: a woman was ho'.dtuwa llnht I at cr near tbo black-m!in'? house, the la?t I ssw of too one who tu acroia the street he was about three bouses from where the woman stood with a light; the light held by the woman disappeared Imiuouiatoly afitr. Wm. Wuttatoln sworn?Ke?ide? at No. 70 Eighteenth street; on the mlglitof the 6th Inst I was awoke by mv wife, who said there wai a tistur banco In the store oesr by ; I heard aho(a flred, and got up to see what was tho ! mstter; when I opened the window I heard the cry | of ''murder;" 1 saw two men sun tuwsrds deventn avenue and one across the street; a late woman i stood on the other tide of the street, at the door of a | house near to a blacksmith's shop; she ha a light In her i hand; the one who ran across the etroei ran towards toe t woman, and, as he passed by hor at fell speed, pushed against her, and her light disappeared; I dU not see whither be pa?ed on cr went Into the he use; this Is all I saw; this person had on a light coat, ntsaoeth 3Bally sworn?R' ?Mce at 66 Eighteenth street; ; on the nlgbt of the 6Ui I was alai mod by a disturbance In the street, and I ssw three persons running m the street; two men ran towards Seventh avenue; another man who ! was In pursuit fell to the pavement; I do not know that ; both ran down Seventh avenne Ann Goodwin sworn?I reside at Ni. 80 Pghtoenth street; I was In my own room on the night of Uo 6th of August; about 1 o'clock I hi ard a roan halloa tne notse I came from the street; I went to the door and saw nothing; I 1 went back and awoke my hesband; I again went to the , door, preceded by my husband; I saw nobody In the ; street; I bad a light In ray hind; in tbout ten minutes or ? more two po Icemen came nto my store; they came In search of Frank Campbell, I said I knew nothing of such a Eeraon; between 1 and 2 o'clock Mr Farloy and Mr. Oa a sn came Into the store; neither of them remalnod; no other person came In; I had n candle In my nand when I went to the door; the oacdle remained lit all the tlmo Owen Goodwin sworn?Resides at 83 Eighteenth street; 1 was at the bouse on the &in lost.; beard an aUrm about I o'clock; my wife waked mc up and raid to mo mat a man v> aa auuud; uui ui uio men, i ujj nu wvm iu uio door; went aor ss the street to where decease 1 was tying on the wa'k; I return hi to my home; In abo it ten mliutes tome pohoemen cane into the house to search for some person; they rem?lned s few momuiU; I remained about an hour before I shut up. do one e'se, that 1 know, came Into my house that nlgnt;1 hare nerer beard any threats made against Boyd; my wife bad a oaodle in her band at the tlms she stood at the door; I do not know the oanole was put out before she came in Barney J. tioodwtr, residing at No. 83 West Eighteenth street, being sworn, says?I ceme home from my work about half past 13 o clock, ot the night of the 6th August; 1 our folks were In bed stthe time; I went Into n plaoe which once was Michael Lanaty's, where there was dancing ' and mnstr. going on; there were a good many there, moet of them colored fo ks; I bed been there half an hour when ; a colored man ran In and laid some one wai murdered; I ran out and saw deceased lying In the alley way; I then , went to our own deor and Mrs. Boyd came down, and I went orer again to wborc decernod was; alter saying about the deceased quarter of an hour, 1 went back to our own bouse, and went lo bed; 1 did not aee any on* oome m the h( u?e but my own family excepting Polionnsn . Roacb; I fell asleep before my father oamt to; I went Into the back room, and aaw no perron In the house, our folks were all up except one or two cf my UtMe brothers. Ueorge It gert, reeldlng a; an itreet, worn, lays? 1 am a dealer In puuilt, and keep a store Ln Try in row; one day last week I saw a reeolver, which was shown me st tots place (itatiou bouse, Wxioeoth ward;, which 1 recogt./ed as looking like the one found Toesday night week: about 10 u'c ock on that eight three young MB. rarg'ng Am* 20 to 24 years, oatne to my ?to-e and wanud cays billets ami powder for as'x barreled revolr1 er, wbich ibey bad them; I took the roTolvor to Qt n? cap#, wn?n i unserved we niprie was oui; no p*evious'y observed the capo shown wnuhl not 111; I annoui cat : It waa do wonder M the nipple wm oat; this foot th?y did not srew to bo aware of; the/ were thoa Mtljflf I; I , took tbe cape and trod off one or tho barrels outside the i d<c.r; the? appealed to be very r?.da and I took them to ' be f.o?rtcKsu? charmUen, they oo:Id not procure bulls-s of me, and aaid tbey would go elsewhere and get them; I did ' cot bear tbtm call My name*, I bare since been to fleract market to rroognlM two persona, who were arrested cn suspicion, and did art recognise then as the perrons , wbo were at in) store; 1 th.ok the man oulalde bad light clrltua on, and tbe others wore cape; 1 am not able to reoognlie the c otiea abown me as the ones worn by Ibo young torn; I feel positive that the pistol shown me wm the one In possession of the young man Wa. H tfeder sworn?Kce.dee at 146 Seventh avenue, I wm one da? work heloro Imi shown a revolving mOol, In i the Sitteeaih ward atat on house, supposed to be the pistol ' used tn|)rodu<"ng the death or Boyd; i reoogntae the p at >1 1 m one 1 formerly owned, but wm robbed ol it on tbe night ' of the 21st of July, my store wm then broken open and 1 leek picked, and this pistol and tome good sad bad mooay r ' were takri. from lb# drawers; I did not susoect any one at the lime or slcco; I keep a grooery store; I am sura the pistol wm the one I had taken troa my store; a lady living serosa tbe way told me that about 1 o'clock on the n gfct I was r0bl>ed, tbe raw two persons, one dreasc 1 In light cistbem?one of-h n cap and the iUkjt with n hat oo i ?come out of my Mm ThonaM Farley, Mhleg at No. 41 Weal Tbineenth street, belrg sworn, tasnlled? I luring the day of the 6lh of August 1 sm Is Figliieeoth strait; 1 wm intoxicated meet ct tne day; 1 remained about there until about 10 o'clock, whan I want boms, tbe last place I wm at wm O'Bllea's, No MO Eighteenth street I am a blacksmith, from o'Brtsa'sI went borne, got my supper and rams book aga'n; I went tben to Mr Mel. ne a bouse, this wm about II o'elArk Y mtA im thnut h*lf nial A. or ar Uut limn 1 1 tint heard of tha murder the next morning; Mr. MoLaae told ma of It; 1 lost mf cap on Tueedny morutng; I wore a black bat a boot two bo-ire, wbea I wore a black oap; 1 Ike ntgbt of that day I round my oap, I auppoaod that my oap waa lakes away by a boarder I A Juror remarked that thla whnoaa very much ran Ira dieted hlmaalf ta bli evtdeaoa, and called the attention of the Corooer to the matter. Coroner? I bare observed thla throngboot bla axaatlaa Uoa, aad It la clear be baa per Jo red hlmaalf. bat aa to bla mural accountability I have do meaaa of Mating, big art j druce being glvta la ancb a ooalradlolory manner aa to I txblbll aa enUre waai of prtactple. The Corooer com milled him to the oella to reilect oa bla ponton, aad ad | viied bim to tall tba whole truth about tlia matter. Joaaa L. Ooe eworn?I re* I da at No AT lorty-eeoond 1 etreU.ama blxckamitb, I know Thomaa Farley, ha uaad to wot k for me be need to pat oa a aprea every one or two wcika, be uaod to amootate wlUt Campbell, l.annipan i auu otber boip ground the ae<-*-borhood thelaathabaa I I * * _ t* , / 1 worked for me waa en ttalurday previous to tha marnav la Fighter ntb i treat; I aaw b m oa lb? moraiag after the i motrer. I had a ooaveraatioa with btm, bo looked ? if i be bad been drank over n'gbt be bad on an old b ack bat and I think pilot cloth mat, I aakad him what bad beonme ed btm whe re bo >U M tbo lime of the murder; be Mid be ?w home in Tt.irV onth rlree! anl * I anmn oeeaatne ! end told him of the murder; o fow moment after ho told mo b? Hopped oror my place with family who lire4 tbrro, ud lbat he hoard the ik\oc aarf I think ho Mid ho w?Bt ont; I do not know that b- ha* worked any ainoo bo ba* loft my place, I paid bin ?f> 60 laot Saturday week Redmi ad Burke *?orn?Kealdt at 10K Third a*enu?. | ("o not know anything about the clrcumttaaceu attend, ug , Iho mar dor of Boy.1, I t BOW Thomaa Tarloy; bo worked I f< r ma at oao limo. bo lold mo tho morula* aftor tbo mnr i dor that be bod bora out lata that alfht. ho oaid bo bid loot got la befi rolboaerapo; bo aaid aothiac that would lead mo to behove that bo wao at Boyd'o at tbo tint*. Robert Boyd iwr?n? I rooldo at 12 Wool Eighteenth Inel; I ror< onloo tbo laot wltoeeo (Parlor) oiamlned; I raw b'm i>u the night of tho Mb; I (Irot otw htm an hour after wo rarr'oJ tho dereaood inn the honoo; bo WBO Id tbo hcdroim door locking at tbo drcoaatd, be appearad to be tomowrat Intoxicated ot tbo time; I did rot bear htm ipeak; I thought bo wao Intoxicated by the Icok of bio jo; I knew him well by light, bo paooed my boote marly every day ; I aloe taw Parley during the afternoon (f that dor about 4 o'clock; bo til In tho ttreut oppoolte to where I litre; Parley wao mA M drunk but be wao able to notice things whlib traaopired at the time. Mary Mnlano ewara- Keeidoe at 182 kighteenth otreet, over blacktmith obey; I baro known Parley tbo iMt two moulho; be boarded with no for.?? week. tho night of tbo murder ho wao la my horte; ho wan drunk at the time; he rame la about hah ra?t 11 o'clock. he wae very drunk a< the limo; about tin f part one o'clock I heard thacry of *murder;'' I went to the oladow, when I tow o man oa the oldewalk . bo wm taked I heard Mm aay, "Stop U?o blood;" he or on af er fell; 1 htard tho *tepo of peruono running away, hut did not rue any one 1 woat to the aide walk and raited decooaol ? head; Parley ?lept la my hod room, which la beyood the room whore I and my hnohaad tlopt; Parley remained in the booao nil night nntll etx In Iho oo ning bo then wore o chequered cap; bo did ant lake break'art "lib no; ho went out With mf nueband at tlx o'-look In the morning, bo returned in loo or fifteen miButtt. he remained until nlnu u'uloch ; 1 taw him about curing tbo fort noon, Parley wore a rhequeredeap a i tho wrmwiiB; f) did not tee him wear a htach hat that day, bo did ?ot wgar t pilot ototb OToroaat; wboo t ctmucU trow Boyl'a I saw Fsrl*y la bad, and tried M ,wa? i htm, bi t be waa so drunk 1 oonld aot fat Mm l rake him I ?' out at Boyd's about arteen minutea Tboinju Qregg awora.?Keaidaa at 70 Ktsbineath atraat; IkaowTboa Parly, I have seen him or ten; I aar blm est 1 bo n'ght cf the mirdsr; I aaw blm about 2 o'o ook, AH; ' He was at Mr Boyd'e store, 1 ~aa Juat g lug la at the Una boo he catne out of the door; be appeared to beaoman ba luluktoated; I am posUive that 1 aaw blm Urn*; bd bad igb clothing on at the time J. hn Smttb, r.titUg at 120 Treaty atxth a'reot, waa art iworn, bat underwent nu oaamlnaUoa by in* Coroner. Mr. B v ke tn rrp'> to a juostlon f'Oma joror, aald Ikag Farley ea. 1 be might aa aell have been !u tb? moan. Ibe lu<) uest adjourned unt'l 2 o'clock this al teraaaa. Another Oar la Kausai Ibreatauad. SPBKCH OP OBK. LAM-luk*" to B? ontm at tub point op the batonbt. A meeting of pro slavery!lei, border ruffians and baa Matt men waa held In 0?awkee, Kansas, on the 6tb InaA, M hear the apeak ere or both political parties Mr. Fnrrtn, Judge Hatchings, of Missouri, and young D-alpaaa were i pouter i on the pro alarery aide, and Mr. Parrot and Sea. Lane (poke for Ibe free Butte mem. The folioartag la t oondenaed report of the remark* or Gob I.ana:? Gen Iunb rote and waa rooetved with appltuae. Ba ta'.o:?I ooagraiulsto the paoplo or Oiawkoe that for amaa die bee Btate people o Kansas an* the pro alarery poo pea or Kansas have mot together like gentle ron to disc ass Ike great queatl n which 1* to tffsot the latere* of us and thaaa who come after u*. Oh. genUomont 1 reel. aTter listen ag lo Mr. Perrtn's speech, as I have oarer roll before that at last the mt n who hare opposed the people of Kaasai are coming to their aanrea. fl.suahter.l I mean it all la sir tonal kLnduess I htve never haul ulnar feelinga Hum kind personal f>.elliig? toward the pro slavery party wt Kiiuu; 1 would as sown think it (talking * women as ton pro slavery pariy ; for b Ah ere wank end defoeoslam. (Laughter ) I cnane here to dlaeuaa tne question of slavery wdh Mr Perrln?to try to prove to the people of Kaaaaa I ha; It ?u their interest socially, morally end politically? In every way It waa their dearest interest? to mike Kan aaa a free State 1 supposed that Mr. t*errtn was to tokn the pro-slavery side I dud, and It Is agreeable su'pctse to me, that Mr Pi rr n la with us?desires to miko Kansas a free State. Tou cannot get me Into a discussion on that subject (laughter); you cannot get me on the oiher aids on that question, Mr Perrta. I ooograiula.o yon that yen hate by your votes last Monoay proved to the world that yon are almost a nnl. In favor ot tho freo State oonetttaUon. That vote has proved to the world '.rhi it la that c>n*tltu<e? the '-miserable minority" of our poo pin, whether the opponents of toatooostl unon or the adherents of the Waiter standard. I do not pirp se, Mr Perrta, to alitor into a discussion about Governor Walk or. If yoa win |lve me bonds and security that he will do what yoa say ho will oo I will plecge you never to utier aasshsr word against him. Mr l'lsais? I bellsve he will do all. Gen Lass? I remember that at B1 < Springs, however, ha raid that the Tbpeka constitution received only 1,731 votes, and that It was wrong for l,73i men to make a coosUtatiua for the people ol Kansas. Last Monday tout consuls Hon was endor-cd by over ten thousand of this people. What will Gov. Walker aay nawf Ha told me that the moment he learned that the people of Kantaa wanted the Tepskl coostitoUon he would be in favor of It. If be la the aaan you say he Is, I expect another proclamation In a day or iwo, (Laughter) In which bo la to say?U U my will, and the will of James Buoha an, that tne Topeka conitltoMaa ?"thai blood stained banner"?(Laughter?It waa Perrln's favorite phrase,) Is to be your oonstttudoa? to to ha your banner. And now let me tell you thai, allowing aC you claim for Gov Walker, I say to you, as ( said to aim, that, In my opinion,he cannot oonirtl his allies. Frank Pisros would dm nave per milieu mil lerruorv 10 uo ureuooeu wlih blooQ If be bed been able to coniroi bis pro-slavery alllot or Mlseourl Mr Puma eipreeied tie opinion that Walker omM mnenie Mi sourl. General Laks?I hope he can, but I do not believe U lot at say .hat there Is no man In Kansas who would regret to see a a rop of blood shed more than me. No maw would go further than me In honor?in honor, remember ?to preserve peace than poor bumble servant Paeoe te my deal re; but I tell sou, sir, that It must be pea to that manhood can appreciate. It must be that kind of poena which shall stcure the rights undtaturhed of Amertei freemen We will not here pea to as slaves. That Is the klud of pesoe Mr. I'errln, you would like as to have More. Mmourl bandits make us tlave?, aud then youoomslbrward and saj, "Ob, preserve the peace!" Feaoe we want and will have, b .1 we will bare h as freemen. (Jboers.) If you will give us a fsr election In Jotober?end let me say bore that October next Is the last limit of the parties of our people?(Cheers)?wo will provide for the fa tare peace of Kansas, by oheklng the usurpation which In been the cause of war. (Cheers ) We moil have a fair elect.on In October, or, In my opinion, with set the agenoy of Jim Lane, or nay other man of the leaders, an you call ihom the people of Ksnoee wM have liberty by force of arms. (Cheers I Give as liberty at the ballot box?It la all we aak?bat if JHni cewiet again, as ihe came five times before, we wtU kmm Merit al the point of Ike laponeL (Cheurs ) No wMat* aboil that. 1 speak oady for myself; but I have hoi almost In every hamlet and every squatter's house In Kites, and I tell you ibat our chains are fed; they are outttng Into every bone. We will agree with Gov. Walker to ge Into the election, In order to strike off those chains; M, if tor me not alioovd a fair election, tot will strike Ikesa of, even \f to do to tat mast baptise Uiem tn Ike blood tf mm oppressors. (Cheers.) Mr. Pernn has thought proper le ridicule the idea that Missouri will ever interfere with ear elections again. To rebut this ridicule the General reed the letter of " l'aul Pry " tn the Missouri Democrat, namlalaisg e report of e speech by Mr. Able, of AtcStsns, em tho policy of the propagandists, uf |in a brief renew m the eocceeaive Invadoea from the diale, remarkUg thai the men whore bouse had beun fire times robbed meet be e fbol If, ebon be gela warntna from one of the bu rgtare tfeel another attempt la to be made, be dom not prepare te glee be eooundrela a auitable reception. "Able,0 mid fane, "tells the people of Missouri that they will go orer and vote again. lerrin aaye that Governor Walker woa'l 1st them. 1 do not knoe hoe many troops Governor Walker may hare, but be oaenot bare enough to put a nana, (boulder to sooclder, aloof the whole MUaourt border " Tell Govt rnor Walker, Mr. I'errba, thai the peoole of Santas are p re|<arlng >0 help blm wut of this dill) >ulty. Tbep are organising tnu> oompanlee, regiments, brigades and division*, and already elevoe thousand men are evoked. We ire gulag to here twenty Ave thousand men under military orders, act to hurt a hair of any man's bead wbe dora not Interfere with the ballot box, bnt to protest a against whoever and every and who dares to attempt Ma pollution. We do not organise to war agalnat the Governor. but to aid blm. Prom what I bare already heard frwaa him, Indirectly, 1 expect in n day or two to reoelro a asm Irom him to this ttlect ? Oewtwa) Imae?oresalrer of tfce peoole of Kansas I amberIm jou lo aay to Ike people you bare organised 'or the defense of the bal ot bci In October, that f accept tbeai as UnMad euura troupe, aa far as they go, and wlU my aelf order om We regular army to supply tkc balen* needed. Gtoara of laogb lard let me my that If Governor Walker Is saved from Mai rule, it will be by the alout ami of the |x>nple or Keaam; and let ma my, tee, that If dlmocrl otnee ovar egale, with Walker'* approval or without It, we will whip Ibem like the devil! (Oaaera.l I Bad that the apaoe yea atlat me la already flllid, and that I meat break olf abruptly. Tnc General went on, denotim try the national deoaoorawy and " Kaetldlcua ltaniom,"*nd urging the i>eopie to organ im everywhere Immediately, and appetllng to them le aland firm lo the "blood a alned banoor of Topefca," as Mr. Prrrln christens 1 the equattera' onsUtoUoa. uof neib wu kqiuid(, " I doal believe " Mid lane, " that although this fM tldliua Rui si >11 nominated bv tie cowardly earderw, Clark*, and la supported by ibe thieves eed ?eieslne whoM letoerl sad the Carol! im to mi ted npoa as, that Mare to My pro slavery bob. far leee any fr?e Stale oattoaal 4mocrat who will cast hi? rule for him " " Here's to," shouted a rotoe from the third etory Windo w " Here'* another," oriel a man beelde the wages. ? another ' - Another. Bffata " " Hem e another '' Three cries were repealed oe etory Side. leee Baked ronad ai then ?" I doe't believe there's owe!" he repeated Kboeta of < Yae, we will" " Hero's oae," area aw every aide " Yoo 1 h'.aak yoa will, genlleaaea," aald leae, - bet I tell yoa yoa wci'l There's a Juat Hod la heavoa whe will taterfhre to provesi the perpetratloe of soah a ertaa World you vote fbr aa aboUUoaUl f" " Not by a jagfSli." "Not bed/1 < Nnrv tiaae " - IB a h?c? '' ? Wot by a d d light " " I thought Dot,*' oa)d I?h, " and now ! Ml yoa, gentlemen, that we hare a tnemage of hta la Lawraaoa, aaal to ihe l-eglrlature of Ifi-hlfaa. fl.lod wlAlaemoet aJM abolition tewUmeaia. (Koara of laughter ) AroTiUKT ON tor AIBANY NORTTTKRN IUILBOAR? <in Hilibp?I/m oaoTTra Baoaai to Pniraa?twothar i? thom rilU*u 9L'<* Mft nartaa \*?1 of tba Aibaay Northern Railroad 11 nee iu * onrrad Una moralr.g on Uio line of tho road botwaaa * Trey and Oohoaa, near iha Iroa brl !ge which rroaaaa IM Krle anal Wbeu the train, whioh kit Oohoaa at eMa*, waa a Utile atom than a inarter of a aalla ahora Uta bridge, tba inrward aile of the inmaaotlTo broke ori a mm the * bnel. letting it down upon the track. Aftar the aarideat It waa trtwea, with the broken aale dragging f ? ** tlaa. to within a few that of Iha bridge. Hare the liuiaa Urn left tba trank, followed by tba leader, baggage a*r "JJ oar peer, niter car. Tba aeonod paaoeegar oar reaaaimd "poa tho track, and waa uninjured. The lenniamiyw ? tern or ware pmc'totaled down an embeokrneot aome twant) feat, roltng ora? owoa la the klneer, Mr J.moa ? Hortoo, form ow the left aide aa It left the track, and taw whole weight of the engine feU bint aader the rolaa of the ??<? foot of U>* ombinkmoot, Wl My ootof mwmrrrod md htii len protruiilBJ boot tbo ftamto* b<*? ilmoo M ( nin l *IUt U* h^'l n tb? rnliw tfc&t I. neck waa broke, and he wa*<*herw1?e badly tarred he fireman IewW R Oroaby, atoek lo bla poet. Ha waa Iw partially btirled by the felling anglaa, while tha ooata ^ThVri/nnoe ware dropping aear bin. and tba Man. ST. ink upon blai. Ha waa wary badly Injured, but Iha robabiht'aa are atroag 'r VJL ??"Ino t" per fret wr*o* bollor \n torn o*on, tho mm tiinerr broken to pteeeo, the gnarda rraotarad. aad the mokaalpe cruahed aad burled nnder the m natron we kht the ergiae Ik bottom up, the laador Ilea apoa lla ,lde Tba bagkaga car had partly followed, aad haaga at rial,i ankiee, hall upon Ike track. The drat paaeeager oar inraed ewer upon the right tide of tba track There were but two toy* In tble car and they etcaped with bit alight njnrlet. The Celt <-nr remained noon the track, with tha ?reptlen of oae forward wheel None or the paeaeagwrs a ere In lure I The brifcemaa, while applying the hrakae I npow the laet car, waa 'brown off aad allgbUy tajuredH rwyTWi**, dwgnef II. I The I ondon Ttmst of 2Hth of Tuly remark* ?What waa I ibe atate of thlagt within eighteen moethe of the time the* I he revolnttnn made the towr of Fnrope ?'" Niaipty tba a rmir phaet military force had made the aamo tour , that ? M twery capital where a mob bad ruled a garrlaow waa la tailed, acd the tribune waa ererywhere dieptaaed br the B bnrear The general fhellng la thta country fa that tba fl eroluttnwnry leader* moat tee the ran It y of their hopaa tad ha laifutty of tha maaaa they employ