Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 19, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 19, 1857 Page 3
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Uto Hurdtr bjr BwftaM> mbohxb'a mqvwar won m boot or ummi > *?- oMruiMoii xtldxncb or a bvubamo amu wir*. ?o taqiM Hi the mm ef Alexander Bard, who ?N MM on Iho 4th Instant whllo defending hte brother's Mm from tome burglars, wss ooatinaed yesterday afterbeen ol the Sixteenth pre Bind station hoose, befcre OoroMr Perry. me erldenoe elicited wee Tory oonfficting end nenfrndictory Indeed, so mnoh so thnt the Unroner thoaght proper to detain three of the witnesses In prison. Bertd a. Uropsy, of No *2 West Thirteenth street, dopeoed that momee Farley Sired with him; he Sired with hiss a Utile or or a year; hte character wee good na far aa witness knew; saw hla on Tuesday morning, the 4th loot, an ho wis leering the hooao to go to work la Eighteenth shout; be was dressed la dark satinet pantaloons and a Mask oap; the next time 1 ?w htm was the morning after mo murder; he waathen dressed as usual?In his shirt steoreo, black pants and oap; ho took breekfcst about 9 atateok that morn Inc. and than went out to waak: he had ns eoal ob when ho left; he did lot any much about the Murder; he aald It wee hicky thai he waa not taken up; Mat he had gone Into another man's house before the Murder and had gone to bed; Farley owns a dark pilot Math ooat; never heard Farley make any threals against the deceased. Mary Xctilone, re examined?I saw Farley on the day af Tuesday preceding tbo mur -r; ho was near a liquor alare opposite my house; he d. ot ootno into the house until late at night; he came la about half past 11, and lay dawa upon the bedroom Doer; my husband was tben asleep in bed; I called Farley a drunken vagabond; hie etothea appeared to be dry; about half-pest 1 o'clock 1 heard a noise outside the door; beard the cry of murder, and beard tbe noise of feet; I opened tbe window and look d out, when I sac deceased standing on the sidewalk erytog ont Tor tome one to com) and slop ha blood; I ran dawn stairs In my night clothes and assisted the deceased; I aame up stairs lo m husband, and we went and waken ad Farley, who was then lying asleep; my nusband went eat af er I oame up stairs, sad staid away about two hours; he bed been to tbo elation bouse and tbo doctor's; whoa he back I (old him that Fa> ley was In tbe bouse, when ha became vexed and said that be had no business thee. Mai be would get hlmsc f luto trouble: I said that be bad been there stnoe 11% o'clock, and could prove it, bo that no harm could come to him; my husband waked Farley about ?>t or 6 o'clock; bo kickeo him and told aim to get nw;hetold Farley that a murder nad been committed, when ibo lat'er sstd be did not believe It; my husband Man took him out and assured him that a murder had been eemmiltud; Farley old not lake bruakl'sst with ine; ho staid mrttl 0 o'o cck; he then w?nt out with my husband; he did not oome back again that day; he was at my house until 9 ?*?lock that morning; Farley boarded with me i'.?r Ave days on one occasion; one cr the day's my husband was abeeat at Htaten Island; Farley paid me for his board; my has bend did hot ask me any questions about Farley; Far lay came to oar house onoe before while he was in a drunken onndlttoo. and slopped with us for tbe night; when Farley oame In on Tuesday night he was quite drunk: he threw himself upon the floor, aad went asleep; 1 Mked bint what he meant by oomlog thero drunk; he muds me no answer; Farley was not at my house all night on the dalur?ay bo ore the murder; ho sue paid off on that day, and went cn a spree aud got drunk. John ||afllone, sworn?I Drat saw Fa ley about fl'e b'oleok on the morning of the murder; I wan at work alt Me previous day ; on me night of the mardf r I oame home about 7 o'clock; I took suoper at home; I wm not from the door tha evening turtber than the coiner; I went to bed M the neighborhood or 10 o'clock; I went to bed beirre my wife; she waa up wbon I *eni to sleep; I don't know when she came to bed, for I fell asleep, and did not waken Bill I hesud tbe cries of mardcr; I camnt recall any mmveraatlon bad wtib my wire; ihe obllt slop; in bod wl'.a M; be was well; did not bear It crv any during Ibe nl^bt; e obild is about Ave years old; I did no; lock the door; there to no lock on tbe door; Ibero la a bar however; my wife aiwaya bars tbe door; I waa tint awakened by Ibe cries of Mr. Boyd; I got up, wen', lo tbe win 4*w, and saw deceased standing on tbe sidewalk; I yak on my clotbea, and went down to him; my wife knew deceased, called blm by name, and tokl me to r) to his assistance, I think I went out before my wife; got to deceased eoonoat; I did not eee my wife; I took no atloe of her whatever; I stall out till new daylight; I want to the station house and to the apothecary's for medtcux ; I got oack about 6 o'ci ck; my wife did not tell mo (hat Farley was theie; 1 saw him lyng on the iloor aa If drank; I don't know whether I asked how be came tbereor net; 1 might have asked her how he oatne there; she said rim did tot know bow bo came in, ?r something of that art. (Witness here ssdd that he did not know what aU tfc said relative to Farley ] I don't know what the oonS as sal I on waa about In re'erenoe to Farley; I might have Md my wlfo that "we would get Into a scrape .for le'tieg him In at the time of the murder;" I oanoot say when FarIcy oame lo; be tnav have oocse there after I went lo Mr. 9iyd't; w wife did not say when he oame lo; I waked him by shaking him; be teemed to be very tired aod fa Ifcticd; I don't know whether I told him that he was In a aorape; when I awoka Farley be gave a growl, but I thought It woold be better to have htm up, ao 1 made him Id np; we then went out and had a drink; he had all his clathea oo; be had a cap, a while one, we went to llal C'a, on the corner of Seventh avenue, about r-peet all o'clock; Utere barf a drink each; I Gin from Mr Boyd'a about fire o'clock; after we taken our drink we parted; Farley went to hw work Hd I to mine; I don't knoo whether my wife aaked Far ley to cat breakfast or not; I took a peloe of bread for break* art Tbne. Farley, of 42 Wont Thirteenth rtreet, re-exaataed ?1 etef t in a wagon. in front of Coe'a blacksmith ahop, on Monday eight; 1 waa around (foe ahop prtUr near all the oatday: I did not eat any dinner or break feat that day, i bet merely took a ime cracker* an J rbeoee; I took anpper at Mo?lone's; I then went down to Thirteenth tired, a aid More a quarter of an hour, came back, went to the Itotchaaaa'a on the ooraer; aoppod there a little while, aod then went Into a plaoein Sixtharaene; lher? waa nolrody wlit e: I went alone; I went to the I bitch man'a, oorner of eighteenth atreet and Sixth arenne, and then went down to , Urn. MoOloce'aand went to bed; 1 think lira Mciilone lot , bo In; 1 can't aay who' her I knocked at the door or not, I made a noire aad 1 waa let In; I d?e'l think there waa a light berate a at the time: I did not make any excuae for coming there *o late; 1 barf been there often be'ore. I alept oa the loor; can't aay who?ho wed me into the room;! did not lake sav clothea elf; I did not aee any light; I alept there aatU about 0 o'clock the aext morning; neither Mr. or Mra Mc.11 one told me I would get Into a scrape; Mr Mc tone woke me un; he told me there wee e great dtotnrhuioe during the night; that there barf been a man shot; we wtat out to the corner or Seventh avenue, to Balpin'a store, end took e drink; I then want hewn to Thirteenth street and there changed my clothes: a# difficult? Ib And eg It; I wore a black cap on the af taraooo of Tueeday, the cap l* now at Thirteenth rtree.; I had a atrtped cap or black one m on Tneaday night; on Wedaetday morning I bad the itilpodor black ono on, which I cannot loll. Q What kind of a cap bad yon on whoo yon wont Into MoUlooe'a after the murderf A. I can't ray exactly ; I Mat oay bow long MoGlooe (laid out after the raurdor waa committed; I don't know who rained the window; 1 wan down to thirteenth ttreet tbree or four Umei on Taeeday; I raw romo per*on In the booee each time; on Um moro n* after the murder I wont to Thirteenth ntroet about 8 or 9 o clock; I can't ray whether I wore the Mrtped or black cap then; I did not change tny cap; I had M the MM cap about dinner lime I tren changed and wore a black bat 1 can't lay whether I wore the bat on Mat after Boon or not fa. ftewart, of No 00 Went Eighteenth Hreet, depwel Mai he bad a oonxrriauoa with Farley about the murder; IIwm about 11 or 12 o'clock; be raid that he fell norry Mat nucb an nor ideal ehonld happen la the neighborhood. that be waa glad he had nc hand In It, for he waa atropine la a wagon all night, the wagon referred to akaade la front of Mr Ooa'n ihop; Farley laid that he heard the cnea of murder wolle be wen aiieep la the T-!lid be tell yon that be raw Boyd fail? 1. I can't My that be did. It appear* like a d'ram le mo that he did, bat I wmld not iwrar to the fact. Fa-ley bad a 'lgb'. coat M when be ear talking to me; 1 can't ray what kind o' a nap he had nn; he wan not drank, bo- waa he altogether aooer, a the tiara. Oaroot r 1 erry here add rowed the jury, raying that be waa denlroin of kaowlng the fre.lngi of the jary la rota Mm to aa adjouraaraot If they thought there coo Id he a ehacrc of onraxalllng the myi ery lurrouadlag the ?rdrr, why. they might Jcnt aa wall rcaeinde It at oooe; hat If they bellexad there waa aomr cine affhrded them by Ma contradictory exldenoe of Mr. MctJtooe and htl wtfe, nwd the man Farley, why, It wonld he propnr, perbapn, to hdJoarn the oaee untd the following dny. the jury termed Inclined to Inxeetlgate the cane to the fhltnet extent, and acoetttagly adjourned untU 10 o'clock ; MM m or rang Meanwhile McOione and bin wife and Farley remain tanked ap la the etattoa bonne Am Amnrrin Klopimimt Uiunr ami> Ltrr Ha*i>*t> Makxik.k ?Yaaterday. Sunday, a Ml*. tinga, wba raalde* oa Jay tiraet, called upon Police Joatict llardwaU aad tinted laat bar daughter Himbeto, a girl le? Ibea alteteea year* n|d, waa about to alone from the city with W ai Henry I or, the man who baa baca exhibiting a large llltaota P'r and a bear under can ram on Main atrnet rttn lady elated that the party ware to learn [ nbtha* P M. train laat night, Mr. Ran)wall directed bar t? officer Shermaa. depot policeman, to bara tbam er. raatrd Mr. M,toon fonad Uiam aad brodght tbam to tla poltoe ofhoe. Ira natd ha had marrlad tha girl, but could aot abow a certifleaie or tail tba nama of the parwia wbo parhrmai tba rarrmoar. Klnaily ha ennraated that tha mar. rhwefwaa a laft handed aflhtr. anr.h, ha aald, at tnay mako Id Iowa Th? magbttate told him that each marnagna are aot tolerated b?re, and that be mn?t laara the girl or marry bar lagallr. Ha aald ho would marry bar if aba waa willing Tba girl Mlxaheth protaated that aho lorad tba ma, ami waa will na to tako him for bar buihand H ep aara 'hat the had ioornalde-ed Mm for a cm pin of week*' brace, there *?< bet lltla mora to he done to ooaauatmaie the matter. The coram my la^hla rnae waa laat la order, me mother reminded the daughter that ahe waa engaged be a mat In Canada The daughter replied that alia had dia aarded him for Iniamparanoe, and had found a man who abed better. At length the mother made Denaealty an amaae for her aarent, and the magit*-ate united the noaplo la marriage, and Ui-T left by the <mr? for the antiwar 1, wife, ptg, bearmad all, by the name trala.?HoeVtter A dm tar. Aufftut if. IgrnxrtvT to Railroad Tiuvrt.ijirr.?a eaart la < ?hlo hat derided u at me lota of a railway tlsbet Ibltn npon tba parebarer It held tbat, tha tloket being aagriiah'e by deltrerr, any ore plel tng np tha loat tlolwt aoald rtda npon It. tha tlokat agaal, baring MM a ticket a Uia plaintiff, the latter wee obliged, If be node, to gira it lb tba aopc nrior. It wea half farther by the ooart that F? mgere, by tha pnrohaee and detiyary of tlcketi to the Mttdnmor. did not he noma laat nee of lha oar*; thai liter warn atlll In lha pom am ton and tmdar tha oont'ol of the mm pan y. that If tha oraipany ordered a |ta?*atigar who bad thna paid hla fare to leave the oara, and he re fbard. be might bo ejected withrut rendering lha enmpa ay llabla to an action Tor ataanlt and battery; that they would, however, in tnoh r*?e, be liable fbr a breach of their duly u comrron carrier*, and might be mala to pay aob damage* ** remitted from that breach ?f duly, alther r detc nil. n or any other log*. i NE mmoDAL nrarcB op us Lira and habits. One of the soot dtsttngulahod romanrtsts of mod era says bH NWd lo uM, la the person of gogeae 800. Ho died Id Paris oa the 3d of August; there beta* ?n)y e re* weeks between bis demise sad thst of Beraagor, the ballad writer of Prases. Tbos literature baa la a brief spsos sf time tat two of Its aiast sbiolng ornaments. Bus was dsrosaded from aa aaotsat sad roepsotabls family which numbered among Its members many pro femora of medicine. His lather was a surgeon attaohed to the gnrnd army of the Brat Napoleon. He was also wit goon and physician to the Emperor sad to Josephine, sad was professor of anatomy la the ratrersity of France. He aooompsaled the army la the oampaiga of IHl'J, sod sur Ipod that dreadful retreat from Moeoow. He wm subsequently attached professionally to the serrtoe of Iiiule XVUI., and occupied Ihe poet of Chief of the Kelson 1011tnlra till his death, which oocurred about the middle of the reign of Charles X. The famous Oommlasloner of Pohoe Poach* was odo of his pa heats, and this functionary held ms meuicai aaviser in suou re*pw? wm nn ???? made him a new year's present of a splendid carriage and horses. Buch new year's (ins are not unusual In l'arli. Eugene Sue entered the world under flattering auspices. The Empress Josephine was his godmother, and her son, Eugene Beauharnals, his godfather. From the latter he took his baptismal name. Like his father, and many of his paternal ancestors, be studied medicine, and was ad mitted Is the practice of that profession. He procured a medical pest la the army, and served with it in Spain In 1890. He did not long remain In the army, but procured a transfer to the navy, In which he served as asslstan surgeon. In that capacity he made several voyage*, particularly among the West India Islands, and obtained that knowledge of seafaring life, of the horrors f the slave tmdo, of piracy and nautical adventure, which he wove Into many of his subsequent works. "Alar Gull" la a specimen of that wild romance of the sea, with which his seafaring life made him somewhat familiar. He was present et the bsllle of Nsvartno, when Um Turkith ileet was destroyed by the English, French and Kussltn lit-eta. After his retirement from the naval servlee he practised medicine In Paris for a brief season. His father bad left him a large fortune, but young Sue was not a man to koep It He was of immensely extravagant habits, and of course soon found means to squander his iwtrlmony. His Drat literary work, wo believe, wssanovtl based upon tbe ucgro revolution of SL Domingo; but fiction could hardly over paint be horrors of tnat event. Next spidered, If we are not mistaken, his novel or " Atar-Gu I," Into which he wove, as we bave said, all the tn'ormatton that he had acquired In bla cruise among the Weal India Islands- of tho horrors of the slave trade and of the buo caneering history of the times. Tnen he wrote his novel of "Pltc-et-plock," which gave him Immense popularity, and threw open to him all the >al<iu of Parts. That work was folio* ed by tbe "Salamander," which also had great success. IJko his cotemporary Alexander Dumas, Sue had a most lively Imagination, and was a very prolific writer, and soon appeared from his pen the "Toer tie Koetoln," and the "History or tbe French Navy."' Tbe latter wo.-k. though highly Interests r, Is altogether too:ull r\f Hndi/ta mt.rl vnmnniA In r* nsArvls in A rutnu nf hlllAwv ana consequently baa never been an aulhoitty on I bo subject or the navy. The "Mysteries of Paris," and the "Wandering Jew "are the * otkr w bleb, more than alio here, have made the reputation of Eugene Sue. They wore denounced by the Church and placed on tbe index ezpnr</atiriu4, but that only hoiked to |lve them greater pubilolty. They were translate! Into moat el tbe modern language*, and are probably setter known than any ether novels extant Ills late worka have no' been of much amount In "Pernand Ihipleaslz or the Memoir* of a Huaband," he unyella ail the depravity of resectable Parisian life. In fact, mm t of bta works partoik of that character. Ilia "Seven Deadly Sons" (septpectus capuavx,)? one or bit Invest pusllcatlona?haa not bad much incceaa. Indeed, we do not know that It haa bad the honor of an Engltah tranalatlon. He waa engaged In the publication of thla latter work at the iltne of the breaking ont of the revolution of 1848; anl aincc ther bit pen may be tald to have been laid aside. A1 hough Kugrne Hue abowod so much bitterness In his writing* against the moneyed elamea and the church, and delighted so much In pourtraylng In light colors the disnohiteneaa cf Parisian lire, ho waa htmseir remarkable fbr bis love of elrganoe sad of luxury, and was by no means remarkable Tor dissoluteness of conduct On tbe ontrary he waa scrupulously retiring and modest No aristocrat of tbe old regime held the lower classes in mors cmtempt than did Mr. Eugene due himself He waa an exqulai'.O or the first water,*nd would not ran the risk of tolling blmieif by content wltb vulgar plobolans; and In spite of the lniif e l.y welch shows forth In all his writings, he may have been, by a similar contrariety, ajnaturally rellHfloua, as be waa In general a moral, man. One thing Is certain, howrvrr. that his wrtilne* have not advantaged the raise of cither religion or morality. lo perron E vtne 9oe la Mid to bare reeembled somewhat Daniel WoBater, though he waa nn ofao c?mmand in a figure * our ea; ? atoaman. He waa of a 8 wart by oumplenioD, with large dark eyea, and a rather sombre am 'o in - expreretun. lie wua tacitarn and reserved In ounpany, bnt when he would abandon hla reaervo, he waa osirtmcly witty In osnrersat on. In Mr ,7 ut, and in what the 7 reach aall ptiile ?>mrdif. he waa very entertainIfg: bit be never allowed tar satin to enbltterhla wit. He hail rapacity for hi. philosophy, and. aa hie wo-kt abundantly tettlfy, wna eMcntlally an original thinker. Not only waa be a lover and practiaer or iho moral virtues, but In all the relation* of life be maintained a strictly upright and honorable character. Ptahon?r never a.tached Itself to him nor cast a blotnlth upon his tacutcheon. And yet, itrar-e to My, this t? the man wbo?e bterary works ipreid alarm amoe- the lovera of order and religion In Krasoe and throughout Europe. We have raid thai Eocene Hue was fond of lurury and elegance. He was eo, even to a foible. He had eevera country bouteo; !>.t ou one In particular mr Orleans, he displayed all his lore of omenta .Ion and luxury. On the dome like rool et a Mlorn In lh*i chateau be had j renr ear utat lona In the finest style ol the plaster era and gliders art ol the beads of the eminent mta of all coua tries; end he had the stained gaaa dome and windows so arrang ed aa te color these head* in the uaoet faotaetio manner In bla dress fiui t bablte be waa peculiarly elegant, and his company waa aought after by the mast i poiiahed and Intellectual society, lie waa oie ol the originator* or the fhmous Jer.key Club, and wu a . rant | mmmU'- ><r of homes. aiiho?L-h be never encaged In tne ? tranaactiooe ol the turf He van remarkable Tor the atyle of hla drree. always being ulngular aail a I way a to advanoo or the larhloo. He latrodnoed many new style*. and Invariably abandonod them just a* soon aa they began to he generally adopted; so that. In fact, he might have been called the ptoooer of faahloo. He waa always paiucniar lo have onaneeatd spotless pair i of glovee for every company ne entered. Ho if he entered j half rtorcti ra'itu during the eveo'.ne no oioj aair a noion pair oT glovee. I la ?aa of a remarkably genorous disportHop. and bin servant* and all brought into connection with him Iproilted by thia trait in bla character It waa not annaual lor blm tn a New Year'a day, wben everybody In Carta la giving or receiving presents, to aond bla aorranta In a carriage, loaded with tba moat ooctly gifts. Tor proaculalioo to bla various friends. It waa no wooder that ae squandered two or three onnatderablo Inborltaccee, and that tbe 1 mm acre revenues derived from bla literary labors were by no means too largo Tor blm. Wben enraged tn writing a cord It wai customary tor tlm to withdraw altogether from eoceiy tor week* and months nothing wonid be beard or aeen of him in public During the time be would be living tn complete eecinalon, so a* to g vo the necessary activity to bla Imagination. Ms uanal fllet at thee# liters * as dab and vegi'tablse. Wben bia work waa completrd be world oeoe more make bla appeariih? at lha thca raa and ,a/<ou and the taahionable world of Cm In. ,-uo wan never married. He had m pi red ooce to tbe band of a la y of bigb di?t!notion, n scion of one of the an cten! famlllen -f t ranoe bnt h'a aepiratloua were not grat Bed. It la suppiwrd that the fad of bit bar log gut Hit mitten on that occasion not only determined bun to remain a bachelor but gave ihel radical and eoctallat'o com plexloa to hta ideas whwb he dcvelopello many of bia vnteequtnl works, pur Ilea, arly in Ibe "Hysterias o! Carlo ' ttoe took no part In Ibe revolution of 1819, which tent Ifl'r roinppo a I"|U1TB in1 III Irwinu mi, mm m unn Mid, be wm aenrrtia )y an arltiocrat la maoaara uit fat Huff Neverftaleae, be became a candidate to r>v>raacal imrlt la ibe umdmr of Ikspntlaa, ud do groat wm hit popularity among the working claiteo, ton although the gorerntreot waa nppoeed 10 bit election. ba m returned by the target majirity obtataad y any of Iba oaadidatra Heaervtd at a deputy for ffarra vnara. and waa one of thoae wbo a pereona Loula Napolaoa aaoarad at Iba apoah of the .map d'etat of tba 'id Itooember. Ha waa p'aoed la prtana la Moat Valerian, la ononpiay wlta aavaral rtber dapntiaa. and ibaae ba wrote a baaoroaa account of tba rarioua a ilea ofaaortBK by whiob bit rare wore regaled at Eight He did not doalra to leer a piiaoo. | and won Id o< t permit bla friend* to pr ware hie diecharge i by aay lolicllalloo of Ma government Finally, boweeer, I aretag that It waa the determination of lonle Napolaoa to < wear he Imperial parple, and that eooapiraelea, real or retrodrd, would ba ??ad a* an ricnee for hla eloratloa, Hoe tbongbt that bla wtaer oonraa would he to i>eooma a ( Toiortar j eille from hit cone try, He accordingly, | tbrongb tba taatru mentality of Dome rf hie oonn -ninnt, aaetired a ?afe and honorable raaldenco la ftavoy, on the rardutoa Iba ba wwld aot write oa poliitoal anbjaota or engage la pnllttoa la Iba (tardlnlan domtnlooa. He aahaa qooatly attempted to bare tome of bla wrltlogI pub lahed la tiwltsertaad, bot oa oeatplaint being ma<ta he rerallal roeb pniawatiooa. and made ao farther effort to pnliliah tbrai In tba little Iowa of Annacy, la Fa -oy, ho lad, fbr tba laat fnar or Bra year*, a quiet, retired lira la nompany with hit eiewtrd, er nuittrr d hofei,to whom all lattara for JManjMMM I Rut? till young, in hi? i fly third year? ht came to j p*r* lo die. Hta workt will lire nod be admired while lb* French taoewe#c le apotea He learae one eieler?a married Mr In affluent clr cumManree?ao'i a half l>reiner, eon of the celebrated I* Oonrb. Tn? Mob Mprdtm in law*?Hbociiwo Bctwee ?II le time that the lynching which hare reoeatlr taken 1 place la Iowa were called by the rifht naiaoe, and the le- j *?l t>iborale of the fllate were (titling about inrlnrtlowe , the iKhtwty of the law hy the pnniehmenl of the wrctchee who hare taken ?m law In their owe hand* The hanglrif of William B fhowiae, in Moateeome, wee an foul a mar- < der aa wee erer perpetrated br a midnight aoeaetln. too Utbknah UstoJ.I five* the following additional parttcula-i j of the erect:? No eooner wae the deelelon (tr the (lonrt firen (changing the reeae, la order that he might hare a fair trial) than a regularly organ r.ed mob of ahont two hundred men proceeded to the old court bonee, where the t rleoner wan eneflaed, and demanded. and by force toik Thcreaa from Mm nealndy of the hherlfl, and amid tke ler 'rlfying ebrieka of the prtamer and the nioot helltah rerelInf* or the mrh, carried blm away to a tree which they had prerleunly prepared. In the anhnrbe of the town. i Here, wltr.oat eren adhering te the n-iatomt of tynoh law, i or abiding by the hoe or of mob force they placed tne rope arorod the prieoner'e reck, and demanded a confection of the crime. The prleener pleaded hit Inn <oenne The rope rat drawn orer a limb, and the prironer awing lot# the nlr. After a few ttruggioe he waa let down, an l tain demanded ir make confettlo*. Arala he pleaded Innocent of tke crime. Again he waa bnac op and a flro ktndicd beneath hit feel. The mob threatened lo burn i \W YORK HERA LP, WEI him if be did not omif? the murder Again he wee let down. Firm the strangulation rrcetrod ho had loet hie Wealth ud hie votoe The mob Mil demanded a oonfltesion. The prtecaer, la the raintneas or death, persisted that he wee innocent Again he wee hong op, where he remained until he wee dead." The llaroid an that this takes the tenth victim of mob violence in Iowa since the 1 first o* April?fear In Jackson, five In Uedar, and one ht Poweshiek. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. FEHSOHAL. A J. E. WOULD LIKE TO HEAR IMMEDIATELY . from S. M W. IIFORMATION WANT1D-OF QEOEOB GDILHAU man, from Frankfort on ibe Maine, whe arrlred In thle tty Is October last; his family being rerv cartons to receive some news aboni him. he will please addrese his eomstn. F. Btallwag. bo? 3 883 New York rwl offioe, 1 IIFORMATION WANT1D-OF JOHN HOLLAND, BT his wife Wariaret Any in for mat loo of him will be thankfully received by addressing a a Me to William Uarroll, U Roosevelt street. New York 11f?v!RMATION WANTBD-OrOBTARGRUBBR, FRO* HI. Ualt, Switzerland, who arrived in UK attr a year ago. HU family being xtry noxtone to receive noma new* about him, ha will plaasa artrtreee Oeoar DeiJala, 1S6 Broadway. 1MFOBMATION WANTBD-OF .1 AMES BRADY, OF Prumcrave. county of Oavan. Ireland. He left New York two yeare ago I ait January au<l wbei iaat heard of wae near Philadelphia. Any Information of h>m will be thanhfuJy received by hie airier, Boee, at the Trrmon' Home, corner of Fortieth atreel and SUtli avenue, N. Y. Philadelphia papers plraae copy. INFORMATION WAWTBD-OF JOHN KOUBN. NAT!VR of eonnty Mayo Ireland. Laat heard of waa In Preatm nonnt- Htate of Virginia 11 1W2 Any Information will be thin 'fully reoelved by hii brother Patrick 7" Blm at. New York city Cni?d Btaten and Virginia papers pirate copy Ma REI. WII.BBR HAH ARRIVBD IN THK OTTY AND T8 stopping at Bnckland'a Uotel Sent yew addreea to the hotel, near (tana' atreel. Direct to r.-?] name THB VBRY RIA80N OF 118 IMPORTAN IB. N. O. 8. TUB FARTINRWHOTOOK A BOAT FRO*THK UNDER lfned on Sunday morning laat, are reiDeettully notlllel that nnlers tbry rome do vn and fettle their bill they will be proceeded against on a criminal charge arvnrtlng to taw. Fort Hamilton, Aug. 1H, laB7- ADRIAN HTILLWKLL. WILL B. O. MEBT T. ON THURSDAY MORNING, AT 9 o'elork, at aame place mentioned In the note? I will be there. WANTED--INFORMATION OF WrLLl AM OOOPBR, on nf B tcbard and Mary Cooper. 0' Dartford. England. He arrved bte time aa ooaehmaker, In Oanandalgua, N. Y : laat heard from, in 1861, at Coopnratown, New York. He will hear something to hla advantage by adilreaatng Elizabeth Kelley No. 3 Tllbert avenue. Philadelphia or aav Intormntloa dr hla whereabonta from others will be thankfully re calved. Brnviau nvin/asi B~OTHOU8JC UBAPER?GROWERS Or"^1^1^10?bonse grapes will always And a ready tale, at liberal price*, at all tunes and In any quantities, at J. H HABOOOK'8 ?mil store, 186 Broadway, opposite the Metropolitan Hotel. Please make ay store the ftrst eall; by doing so yon wll advance your own Interest. Notice.?the oommittek on streets of the lioard of Cotincllmen, will meet at 17 tMty Hall, on Friday, the Hat Instant, at 3 o'clock I' M , to hear parties Interested In the extension of Leonard arret p. i."a. boole, ) U. P. HICKFOKI), I L. AVERY, ontStreets. J. N. RES N OLDS, I J. BOEbNEB. J ' Notice op application poe the discharge nf as Insolvent from his debts, pureua*t to the provisions ef the third article of the first ti le of the fifth chapter of '.he second part of the Revised wtatutes.?William Traitel, of the city of New Tork, an insolvent debtor. Notice first published August 6, 1867. Creditors to sppear before H< n. abraham i). BusreJl, Cltv Judge, at his offioe. ha 18 Chambers itreet. in the city of New York, on the 16th day of heptanbsr, 1867. at 11 o'clock la the Inrerooo N. R O'BRl KS, ittoraey for Insolvent, 116 William street. New York. vtew YORK HARMONIC SOCIETY ?THE MALE XT members if this aorlety are hereby notified to abend a sceolal mecliDC. to be held this iWedneedsy) evenlne. at olsht o'clock, at Itod worth'* academy. A Important bii<to>?n b?v log retrrerre to tbe comtnr *ea*ot wilt bo brought forward, the attendance of every member i* ear nee-Jy drnired rtr order JaMK8 H. ATKEaN, Seo'ry. PERSONS WHO HAVE BEEN IN ANY OP THK WAHS, or their belri. and perron* havine piwxeeaton of paper* relating to each ?er*lo?, and tboae having mi'ltary ana other lanl title*. In any of the Sta'.ev will he*'nr*p-n?tblnf 10 their advantage by addreaalng or calling on J. 1IUTUH1N80N, 17 Broadway. /"VUARANT1NE NOTION.-OPPICN OP THE OOKX1E V alaoenof Health?Port of New Tork. A ay. 4, 1817.? Jfcjrten and pilot* of veaael* arriving at the port of Pew York are hereby directed eot to throw overboard into the bay, or permit the aune t* be doae, from any veaael under their com and, any betda. bedding or other rofnae material tnalde of Haady Hook; and taaetere and owner* of temail are hereby notified that an iron ncew baa been eonttmsted by the Ownalmtooeri of Health, and placed under the eootrol of the Health OtBoer, for the purpose of affording fheliltlea to abip mnaten to oomplr with the Quarantine rerujalona, respecting the burning of old beds, bedding and other refnne materia" ty order of the Ooeamlaatooen of Health WALTER P. OOWCTET.IW Chart rUSTBBB' NOTICE.?H. 0. ?. TIMMBRMAN, TIA VINO assigned all debts due to him to the onde "signed, by deed recorded in the |i t:rm(Vmrt, all person* indebted l> *im are required by aaWl deed to make immediate payment of their debts to the undersigned, or to their an'Atwixed agent. And they do herehv oooatttote aald H. (1 O. Ttmmerman their ayent to oollect and receipt for all debta due to him which are not paid t? them tn peraon. All persons to whom the aald Tlmmerman la Indebted will forward ibelr elalma, property finihaintU-alatl ho that nnrlhealwnml Is* rvr.1 mw to 'ha A 1ml>Mmtl/am provided tor la hM deed. I. M. BAUHBIHROM, I WM. W. CRUMP, ( Tr a TRUVK MAKERS' CKn?N-HPIt< IAI. NOTK'B. ?TUB mrmbi ni of the Trunk Maker*' 1'nlon arc partloi'arlf reounited to attend a apectal meeting of the union at Mi Itary Ball Bowery, ttts (Wedneaday) evening Auguat 19, at 7Sj o'clock precisely, By order J. C. UIM..MORE 0 II. Mohriv, 8cereta?y. I'real'ent. THR PAVBVRNT.-WUAT llAt KB TOM*C OP THK Be'tian pavement In Fifth avenue??It should be p i down In Thla avenue at once It I* the flaent thnror g'afard In thl* city, and the pavement la la a very bail condition.?A Reatdent ant) Rider la Ptfth Ave tine Stage* THK TVKF. UBIOW COCRBB, LOMO ISLARD ?T RO TTT N <T--FK7day, Auk. 21, at.H>, P. M , mat h for ll.U/O, mile hettg In to barer?? Mr. D. Pin'er name* b m. Manhattan Maid, Mr. U. Woodru.'l namt* b. m. Rally Miller. RHaW A WHITB, Proprietor*. gPOHTIWO^ ~~ l^OR RAI.K-M TOlTRa MOCKIMO BIRDS, FrRRT r breed; also It old tinging mocking bird* Apply at t.W Waahlngton atreet corner of Watte /"I RANI) B.MP1RK tlITT RBJATTA WT1.I. TAKI PI.AtlM kJT on Thtradtajr, Auguat 2H, 1857 Meaarn 1>. P<I1<T<OOK and B. Wtfjtoe olfer the rolloarltg pri/ra lo be rowed fur at Wee hawken. Jforth river, oppoglte Fifty fralaireei ? f'lrat race? Four oared boat* to atari at I1, P. M.; a pttrae of I'll will be given; 171) to the flrat boat and |.!nto the ateond; en'ranee I ee Id Three or more boat* to make a race Retond race?Free for all two pair of culla, 17 fve'. working boata; Sr*t boat I I. aeeond If,; en'-an-e i?* */ Three or more boata lo make a raee Rnaia will leave loot of Spring atreet, tourblry at Amne. Twentieth and Porty-tAlrd alreetn, every fovtv mleuten during be day. Kara dornt* - n way. M. B.?Should the "rather prove unfavorable the race will be p< atponed until the next fair day. HOWLk. / 8HA1SWORTH HOTBL, BDMNnOK, DERRTHFIIRB V ' Bngiaod Wild.I AM JBPROV. the proprietor, bega M Inform emvrlcan naiura to Knit'.and that the Chat*wane Hotel la allnated la Dhatawnrth Park, and In the fWmedmtg vicinity of the princely residence of the Dnke of Devnoabtre? a ra ane adurnad with chef d'rrnvren of art, and Uherally eaa ^^daDoo" to"totirl?to" and la""wTthla bvar dlatnaona of fed mtranue nnaoerT ot Perbyah r? wbtoh baa. nol Imptpdw* 1? bran rorrpamd to Rwl'iarland. Tba Midland Ralfvar, la toraroUn* Kas>*nd fcaiwaen Uwdnn and York, haa a braaoi to Rnwalar ataUnn, wham %a omalbua fro* tba kntnl ta iDV ararr train. Tkb alfcrda a dallpbtfni drlaa ihroufbtha park, fdra alipacca. K. B ?* larpa publto parlor far iW "? aaaitoa of ladtoa aad tantlamaa. null BEWIW1I.1 HOTBL 1 iwji?aB.?.ia*. uamnm. fM ptaaa aaan?aaodaUooa far fbaaU'aa aad paaiUaaaaa at aoovd alaaa prtoaa wppM?r. *? 8D*W fandee toaenae?ea?*ae muiiiRRT, AC. NOtf< TO DBALIB* I* BtLLlMKRY GOOD*-TUB t'atoa Kooaat Fram.' Maanfartorlnjr < ovpaar. ?< <_a sal aTaet. Haw York, ar- now praparad to oflar ihr laieal Pa rta faablooa a? urla-n oonaldarahlp Invar lb an any otbar bonaa la tbla rlly. Tbaj raaoaarfullT an'tait an InapacUon of tbatr tork bafora pntaiaainr alaawhara ATYKRM BONBRTB -MlLLlNRRk PROM TUB OOCR try ran o-w fcid a lar?a aaanrtmant of ladlaa' aad All r a patum boanala. for laa fall Iradr, at UIMH * ba/aar. Itt MdWIfi ? j ?:XPHb^kKN. FRBBMAK A CO." 1IPRRRR FOR C1A1.IPORRI A. Oram Re, vMl ba drapaaahad par aiaamar ?'antral A *<*&?? -ninrvtor A^-oKaVal lSo'aloab ail frazil mnat ba dalla*ad to t in on <>r bafora Wmlnaaday,. tba Iwlinat a* sSalork. PRBBMA? A C ? . M ?mn.lwnr. STTPLRVB BXPRBW OAUR FOR BAKU AIR I If A Lb pari* H Raw Tort ami Brooklyn ft *o to the Raw Harm mm, TfMlf arrnub atreat. w?*ea. ooraer Twaaty-mrmita atreet and Fonrtb arenna, old depot. Oanal atrwat. and Ra 4 tarda waal, Rranklra INHFnAWH. rTtTRBOLPT FTRK THBORAWri rviMPAWT. XI Otrn I'iriTti, ?*"i,Oll. om#?, H.?. 10 Wall atm?i, Hew York. SWMToaa. John Rankin. A B S ran*e Moan A. Hoppwt, Mam 11*I P llofnae. C It Caldwell. Wil Urn C. Howrr*. Anton t>. Pbelpa, W U weCniBall, Wlllard M Bewail, IT?arlr? i hrlalri**. .!ame? MrK *??. Uaart J. Raker, Oforaa H. Rllery. B Keleon Darir, Oar r?e Barnm. Alfrel Iwra*. Wai-we W I'aranaa. Wllttaw Allen. Walter B Or'.ffltb, William l?. Rln*. Jrtkn trW'TonR. .I. B. T. Hiraeahan, WiTani A. Kohbe, Mwaed Hrtdjre. I<? - *11 HiAbr ok, Oa-ora* HiArlk, Henry L Borr, Bober. poor man, fa llen Lame, O R S anfrrd. <am nel Bl< an. So'irmo frremaa. Andreu iJoaartwk, Joahiia H Kale*. ltirm'er Baadlea'oo. W U. Tho-nparm. JOHN RARK1N, rreaklaat Witiii* Rri.MCl*. Seereuary, Air*. Wiikt, Jk, AaalaiABt Beera ary. ^ OClTIalfTR ARI? AI'IUSTR. OR. WFIKfl.tK OOOUI.1BT. ?*B HROAtJWAt. ORrolN fete attention lai'ireaaea nf lb# eye. fhrnale teflamal.on "f U?e etellBa eTkntnally rtwrd; Mam *yark?. Ae . remorad wttln nt tnrrfial opara'.l n <>fll*e hoar*. fin 4 P.M. Ynwieh artlfofal aye* for *%>e and tnaartwd DKT1ISTHV. TYFtn ATTRACT? "? IN TRR BROOf Of, WTTHO0T the ailRhieaa pain, hr ear new ar1 orHHial nrm-ena <?nt freriiuri Tkl* a<n-irabie ?y?t?m la prteilrril hr tna only. Refenr a f'ven i/rr ialrcil. l?K R t?. . URKiB. 433 I'ana1 itlft'L near.Var'ck, )NESDAY, AUGUST 19, li KICTRnOl* S. ^ CMAP B4Y hXtTOHWOll-TUB STEAMM I4ML? Imw the foot of limr it reel every <47 el 8X o'clock ibr Union oe the Karttaa Bey, mw leyport; returning Imim Cnloe el 4 o'clock f M. Pare for the cxeundoo.Xi cento hehwlai

etc provided oe boerd or a who hole) el Union, where every aooocanodauou oca bo hed ror Aching end bethlof. A grove end ptcelc hoace are fora'abed far the aeaonuaedatton Of eohoole eoctetlee and target <int antes, who win be dee* with on reeeonable tone. Stag ? me to ead ftrooc Keyport ead Wddletown Point. Thla la iecldadly the aoet pleeraat Otp ta the harbor, aitordtig arte* of the ooeen, aed the Sue scenery of Staten Taland aed the Nr irows EXCUX8IOHH. KXCUBHIONS, EXCURSIONS,?FI!Hlrg buika, kicking Hank*, tehlng Hanks ?The fact eea steamer. SATILLiTK. make a regular irtpc to the Fishing Bonss every a?y t iceat MaHirdsv, letln| Norton itw??'7, Ppriaf street. JV; Pecksiip, g; Broome street, 8*; pter No S North river. 9 o'clock. A oo 11km bead Bcoompanliw the steamer. Fishing tackle, bell end refreshments on boerd Fere 2S cent* each wejr. E. B.?The above pteemer will make ea i our*Ion to the Cholera Beaks on Retards/, August 2 A leaving Peek ?Mp el 7 'ocloeh. FIBHTFQ BARER. AHOY.-TH1 LAKGI AND PART seaseamer M AYPLOWKK wtll mehee trip to the rt?hlng ranks on Wrdnewlay Thursday end Friday, the 19tk, 2Uth ead Slit, leering Hprtag etreet, North rtrer, et 7 A. Mj Fenk allp K??t rtrer. et R; pter 8, North rtrer, et 9 o'clook FUhlng tackle, belt, refresh wento, Aa , on board. A oollUaa bend ?Ui eeoompeny the steamer. Captain Richard Yetea, of Flahlng Rank memory, will eeoompeny the boat to the ground. TX1B SHREWSBURY, HIGHLANDS, OCEAN HOUSE. I Long Breocb, Fort Washington. gldd'nujwn, Fair He vtn ana Red Hank.?1the new, mognlBeent end pwl t pteemer AMUR l'HIOK, John Borden, commander. will ran regular y u folio ea from Roblnion street, North rlrer ? i.k.ave new toitk. i.eavi: ukt> bask. Wednrodey Aug 19 .1 P M. Wednesday, Aug. 19,7 . M. Tburtdsy, " 20, SV '* Thrredey, " A), 7 Friday, " II, t.'i " Frid?y. " 91.7 " Saturday, " 72 Saturday, " 22,8>f " Rnndey, " 2T 8 A M. Hsturday, " 22,8 P. M Monday, " 24. 4,1* " Hundey, " W. 4 Mordey. " 24, 10 A M. Kerr'a express by this boat Riage* ell parte of the country . IPOK KRYPOnT AND ci,IFPWOOD.?THB 8TKAMJP boat KBY leaves Murrey street dally (Bandeya exseptedt, et 4 o'clock P. M ; returning, lee re Keyport et 7 o'el ?k A M KIT PORT AMD CUFFWOOD DIRECT, WITHOUT staging Morning boat Bteemboei lOLAS every day, eioept Raiurde- s end Sundays. Leaves Murrey street 8:S0 a M., Key port S JO P. M. Riourslon parties taken *a the mael reeeonsble terms. TkTKW YORE AMD OOREY ISLAND, LANDING AT XI Fort BsmtlUra.?The ne<r and splendid steamer AURO BA, Oepk Analng Hmlih, will leave as follows for the season:? Amos street et 9V a. M . 12V end SV P- M.; Hprtng street e> 9KiA. M.. end 121* e< d SK P. M.; pier No. S North rlrer, et lu A. M , anil 1 and 4 PM. I'ouey island laat trip, at 6 P. M. Pare to Port Hamilton and Coney island 26 cent i. for w^lei a return Ueket will be given. Fnll rue for okildren. P. 8.? Mo freight taken on board tbU boat fTlHR LKQULAR AMP OLD RSTABLIiHKD LINK TOR I Shrewsbury, Highlands. Oosan House, ion* Bi-an'h. Port Washington, Pair Haven, Mount s Uook, Brown's Hook (Mlddlelown) tud Ked Rank The new aad splendid s'eataer Oi KsN W?VI. Captain H. B. Parker, will run as follows from the foot of Robinson street pier. North river:? lsavb axw rosx. tsars ssn sans and ocxait POUT Tuesday, Aug. 18. 7 A. M. Tuesday. Aug. 18, 8 P. M Wednrsday, ' 19. iW ' Wednesday, " 19, :t " 1 bur day, " 21, 8 " Thursday, " 23,3 " Pridsy, " 21,8 " Prldsr, II. 3 " Saturday " 22, 9)4 " Bstnr day, " 22 <>J " Sunday, " 23,7)2 " Sunoay, " 23 4 " Mmdar, " 24,6)2 " Monday, 1 24,1C>? A. M The Laura will oomeot with ibis boat for Ccesnpori, Ao , for paiin ngers only B<|tiam line of stages connect with this boat; also stages to al' parts of the country. Hm'ths Ixprem runr In conn" :tlr n with this boat. Tims tables ran always ie bad ot W. C Ie-.moo, 122 Broadway, and of Besaon A Brewer, ' 179 Went street Tub rboplsr and old kstabubhbh link tor Shrewsbury, Highlands. Ocean House. Lnug Branch snd Occanport.?Iherew and splendid steamer I,ON t BRANCH, fsptain J. P Corlies, will run as foil iws. from foot ot Robinson srnet pier North river:? LBAVB AkW YOKE. LEAVE OCEARPOttT A!f D HID BARK Tne?dar, Ang. IP, I P M. Tueaday. Aug. 18 Rt? A. ML Wednesday, " 19, 3 " Wednesday, " !9,6 " Tburday, " an, 3 " Tburaday, " A), 6 " Pi idav, " 2l:tW " Fpida?, 31,8 " 8a urdav, " 23 3K " Haln'tWy, " 22,8 " Bundiy, 23, Laura not con- " " " 7 P. Wneet, 7 A. M. Monday, " 24.8 A. M. Monday, A up. 14, 4)4 P >1 The 1 anra will c in too with th'? boat for Bed 'tank and Intermedial* ItndlDga, (or paeaengere only. Pipuun l>ne of Magesconnect wit* this boa'; also atagei to all p rta of tbe enuntry. fcmith'B Ixproaa runa In oinaecdon with thin b >aL RKWARDH. Atlfl RKW2RI).-LC8T, OK BOARD TflM STEAMER iP*. U Hero, foot of Aoblmon at eet, August 1', t en damns enta. an agreeramit between Walt-r Pound, ?Mt, and Walter Pout <1, the Younger, da'ed October 27, 1"6<. ala > an atflda It of Walter Pound, the alder, before magWtraie Orayo; a'ao aome aeven rr eight lettera. Tbe above reward-111 he pall and i o questions aaked to any one returning the Aloreaaid doeuirenta to >be clerk of 'he s'eamer Hero A.lit RKWABn?t.OHT, OR T1IK 17T I INSTANT, IR ?P td'f or near Wall street, two fMl billa on tbe Hank of the Oaotmonweallh. The above reward will ba paid to the tin er by J. All. hltlHOLH A Co., 79 Rater atreet. Sinn *1 WARD AMD RO QUMB I0R8 ABKRO P R g)l"'v/ tbe reoorery and retnm of ailverwara and Jewelry tolen from Morton A Canda'a safe fait of Pacltto atreet, Brooklyn, on tbe night of Friday. 14tb Inat *1 en REW >R1).?DRIVEBH, PORTCRM AND RX 5Ii)U prreemrn ? l.ue , a wmlaolc leather pofmtn'"*!! or truck (rmaet colored) aoaewbat worn, and ma?hi-d ? each nd P. E N. 11 *ll taken by mlatakn urntialily. from the t'unard dock. Jet-try City, on tie arrival of the steamship Pemta The above re ?am will be paid fhr the dill very of the trunk at the ollien of the Everett Llouae, Union equare. LOST AND FOUWD.~ FOCMD?OH THE 16TH IMST , A I.ITTL.E BAT MARE, which the owner can bate "y proving provertv ami par luK eba -yea. Inquire of T. Hchilu, 86 Oranam aranue, Brookb n. E. n. tCbT?A BLACK AMU TAN TERRIER HITCH WlTII A a blue leather collar oa Whoever will return ber to SU Went Twenty third atreet, will be atiltably rewarded. LOST OE BTOLBN-OM THE lHIl OF ACHC8T. 'AST. a note <>l llenrv Klooejdatej iNlh of April 1*87, to the order of tleorge Koebler four mon'ha, for one hundred dollare All p# rw n? are hereby ran loat d acalnat negotiatinc aid note, pa;meal has been atopoed. UB-) Kt >Eul.EK. T1J Centre atreet MISSINU TBt'MB ?A WHITE C?HV*UN COVERKU innb, marked M W J M Y , which arrived by l/>o* Island RaLroad train a'Month Brooklyn on Thurata after n-<>n la?t at tlve o'ehwk. and cfce k far wklch wee L'ven to h batkaaan toraevey t trunk <o All any boa' Iti'oi matioo at to tla whereabout* >ti with the unleralgned will be liberally rewarded. OOR WI III VTTKUI.I., li 'reea office, 77 Bron.1 nty. SIUII II mi rcwpil TM IIRMTOLIK, OR| 7-aIR or pasta. it r ira ud ooe fold lirtnetpiu The owner eta bare them by prortra Uia properly, on applying lo the pawn brohrr'a sibce, 47 Wll'at airee , by paying (or thla adrerUieaenL I1?UTH A L. S1XTKKNTH WARD. AHOC4I' A ROCK' TO TBI ItSfci'llft' TO TIIR HRWUJll K H K I* TIIR MAM, Kol.Mftli! tiia MKMitaita or tit* MMOCRATIO RRPPIII,IonN aPKOCIATIO* Or TUB 4IXTBIN1H WaRII, wbo are orpoead to all aerrrt pollMsnl eee'irtatlone. and lo all tyrannical and oppraaalra lava, and In favor ol Ihn onion and barmouy Of the ifemorrailr party, are re i in lad lo *ae? at HRTKHMN'if HOTKU 196 Weal Rerrnlo? n.h Hreet. near Itihth aranne, on Tbnra day rretilng, Augnat 30, at A o'eln k, for ike purpose of taking nth m-aanrfa aa may be Marmed nrceeeary, to relieve the ward and city frjaa tba control of oppreeeion, tyranny and lanallrilaw HAVfi'Jtl, OaitOOU, Praaidenl. KM IIAll, IIAl.PlI*, JOim ?. McCUMN, S *?? "'* Osama H. Tntrnr Uloans II Mtaa. The billowing aiieakera have been Inel'srtt?Hon Pemaido Wiod. Hon Jo nab Putfcerlsid, Jamee T. Ilandy, Rao , Tao una Joe -a, Jr , Hoa John Kelly Men Hear ad Mwa, *h?mar, tkaa. ,t boar, Rao . Rogene Hnllivan Jr., Ira R. Ifaria, R? | , Hon Wm R. ?c Clay, Henry H. *"range, taq , Ool *lei. M or, ktepkan D PlUaye. Jr., Hon. Rl'iah ?ar<1, Thoa. Pran cla Reaghar. Henry Arenlarlra. Rao . I?r. Ohad?ey, (Vmmliteaol An aase electa -Joan l>. Vctse l?r. Join II. Mryr r, Jamea R? eeny. .1 auee CaaaMy, Patiieb Cull. William Bremen. Richard IhiillM'ty, John De\itn, Henrr llrDermolt Jamea MbtloWry Peter llalpln, Tbimae Heart. .Intone H. Pmwford 'kArlea t.'owen Peter Rtraebolf, Wm <4. Join*. Peter liolan PklHp Coagntr. Petar Carroll, Wm Jay Ha?tett, I Il.o.l..,.. I.msa H nrr* Vine J.,k? 11,-mm rnrp eater. IM HUCATlOn. VOTK K To AURWT* HEW i'OV NTY ARB RAltr Xl road map oi tbn T'hltrd Rtaleo. Ac?By B R. Tiaber. ft i . tetter of Dlranoro'i timnru Railroad (Inida H1/.? ffl br * tncben Prior tl, colored and mnmiod, $.t. In portabin form RrrponnibV a rent* numl la ernrr H'atn and In I unada. m ?b< oi dlitrlcn wilt ha ajwlfned Roan bat tbo-e eroplcTinf HDfMwri nerd nyply Addreaa Willi as ParAa A <T>.. IkClty Unit plttcn, N. T. Tilt BKRT BOOK R TO ftEI.U-AUINTH, NRWRMRN and bnokaellem will f nd a quick tain for tbnnr ww hand bonk* job pnbllnbrd. How in Writ* How to Talk -How to Hehnrr? and How to Do Maatoena t'Roe only tw. nnoh. or Iho ftnii In paper $1. IV wan loir In onn Inrf e wilt ml., fl M, now ready Try throa. EOtlAt k fflLLR, No. Ik UrMdway.Wow Tint re IRHCRaNCK monitor. vol. r, auouwt NCRb*r 1**, mo labia nil enrrent luanmnon lop I en: IM of oomcanton with amount of capital?bow pecurrd, with nuw of bojn* rompamra A*. B? Ibn Monitor ion can datrrt a in lent Innuraaor onmpanlm had nrrnre yonranlf In cho# of In**. It M hrtlrr to wnteb a poller *f Ibtui ibnn n bnak blUofM Pnbltobed Biwthly at II per nnnuB br T. JOB MR Jr. No. < Wall Mrwd*. New Tork. w ITCHlij jf.wki.hv, *('. DI ANON IB-THR TBkDR 11 ERHPRlTrUIJ.T IN formed rbi wn nrw wm Wearily mannfae?urtnf, nad know Mknad. t^Mtn(d lamond jwwnln^of ^toHnaeB^rtyMu ATPHKR AND riWKI.RT, TKK1 IdlW.?THE HUB rrlbar, In hnnlnrnn In Wall ntreet ftr tbn put nlnatean yam. I* a?llfo( nil denrrlptlot* of fold and al'rnr wotobn* and jnwnlry, nl wbnienala nod retail, nt lean tfena tb* nanaJ RcnitUfttl enamelled watchea for Indict. Rrluiidid *naaie;led and diamond wax hen for ladtoA Fin# gold Tapln# u< d#taab#d l#?#r w?tih?a tlold taniliaa paumt larrr and daptaa waicbaa. Fir# gpld pork#! rbmaora#?#ra Jul## .1 ><rr?n?#n'? watohaa T. T. (Wp#r'i watofeao. Rtoblj ?n*rli<#d nun rmrh* for fvatloanaa. u< ?#?rj tfl# of fold and all?#r wairh#* mad#. All waiokra warranted to k#?p oorrrm Urn*. Watrhaa aa tfcangwl. Lail#a' fold, ratmao. p#arl. oar base la nnaato. aad Ura oar rlnjra, plaa, and hraoaiata. IManiond pina and clnfa. Indira' fold f nard i haina and rhaloUta# obalaa. W?nU?Tn<rB'* fold guard, fob, aad rant rhaina. Uold fob k?) a and a#ala, aorta, and al#ara botiaaa. FMg#r rlnaa. with a ton##. a#*l rbtga Plata fold rlnga, para f'ld wrddlnr rlnft. Mold fold #pa g!aaa#a, ftad talmblaa, fold pana lUt*^ lMk*t4 f#r '#d't#rr#*trP#a or hair, g?#Uamaa Hr#aat lira# apa?na aad forha. allrar paemmaanaH# aad frati balrr# 0B0 O. AT,T,FIT tmporfar af ?rat#fc#a aad J#wtarf, atall aala aad rodall, It Wall air##t, a#*>nd loor, arar Mr >tdwap TIIR IIV. N*W TORK TOMTKTRKIta WILI. MIRT THIS iflll) nwfrv) #rrnlng. at lb# M#ro*r Hon##, 'o tr?a#aot btul n##a of impor'arc#. (JaRRKT OTCKHAl*. Wm Paci. Beef. rre?'t H. T. Toluataer Adauc'o. 857. boar dins and lodsflfo. 3AHHMNU FkAOM, PkHHY hTRRK f.-HUPlRlor "omi m lulle or single. for families or elagle gentlewith board, war BOW he enga?ed no w fret slut; a mlly priests; locahon plimit, mn> by With t?nna a>r , AgMly etreel sad oth.r lines ?f ages. M?wmnrhmfi nn AMITY flaon, om Don* mon rlucku JjU aireet.-Acholoof twi handsome perlura and three bod r^oxu Ida private family, first claae aceomaodadons, to lei to a get tlernen oaly. A 1 CROSBY STRUT, OMD DOOR FRO* BROOM*? Tl Neatly furnished room*, anltable for oa? or iwo per eons, wlh or wlthool board, la a prlrate Amartaan family The bouae cod tain, all up* modern tmprovemeaU. Terms moderate. References eichanged. A V AMITY STRUT.?TO LKT, A* RLBOANTLT FOR T? rUbed parlor aad bedroom on tbe taeoad door, with or without board aid a parlor ordroom. wltb closet, f?t As., on (bird floor; bouae oooupted by owner; quiet and rea pacta b.e. CO BLPBCKBR STRUT, NKAR BROtDWAY.-A Fa *J/j mlly or gentlemen oaa ob>aln d-alrable r??me. In aulta or ii'parate, and wltb full or partial board Refertm vta ez >hanged. fjf\ FRANKLIN HTRBKT FIRST HOC8R WK8T OF I U Broadway.?Front parlor and bedroom, on tbe aeoood floor, to let to oce or two gentlemen Breakfast aerred If re quired. Aleo double or alagle room., tor lodging. Inquire ae abore QfT FRINOR STRUT. NRAR BROADWAY. WRBT8IDR O I ? Pleasant and well furnlabed rooms to let, without board, at moderate rate*; convenience of bath gee Ac AI?o, a cult of rooms on first floor anltable for a profeeslonal oMoe IflT CLINTON FLACK, RKIHTFI STRRRT, NBAS 1U | Fifth avenue ?Two gentUmvn and thrlr wlvra and a Ingle grnllrman oaa be acoommolated with apartments, bandnomrly lurnlahed, and board, by application at above The location le very pleavaot, and eoorealcot to Bare and elagee. Honae modern. Reference required. v j r eiKvn m u vit bimtu or h a wtutOiiii.T JL*0 furnished Mgaa to let, ?ulta'jle for families with private table If desired, la the above flrat elaM bonne, coivei lently located near Broadway. 1 WAVERI.KY FI.AUI.-A GENTLER AM AND LtU bla wife or I wo single gsntlemrn ran obtain rood board and pleasant ro in* References riven and required. I ?f* WAVER LEV l'LACR-TO LKT, WITH BOARD. uU Large p easant rooms. In stilts, on rnno d and third floor*. Alio single room*. House ha* all the modern improvement* 111 ii er at S o'nloik. (Uli THOMPSON STREET, REAR WARHINOTON AtJTX. square ?Pine airy rooms to let. In sulta or single to gentlemen and their w ? or gentlemen, wl h nr without board. 1 be bonse oontai.j* all the modern Improvements, lnelndtnr batb *~<1 fas Terms mod?r-te. O'Al UKEB W It'll STREET -ItD AKD'Nli.-A FEW 0 31 young men nan be accommodated with board at Mrs. Taylor's Terms l.'t and *1 :*> uer week. iiQ/J HOUSTON BTRB1T ? A PRIVATE 1AMILY, OP O^D the (lrst respeetahllltv, can aoiommo'tate two or three single gentlemen with Aril or partial board Terms mo derate to permanent boarders whose referenocs are unexceptionable 7^*-* HROtnWAV.-APARTMENTS TO LET TO PAR1 iJO ties of yonag gentlemen. Hoard If desired. APRIVAT1 FAMILY OF Till FIRST REKPECTABILIty nan accommodate several single gentlemen with perils I board Tbe location Is desirable and acceaslole hi cam and stages to all pan* of tbe mty Apply at No L2U Earn Eighteenth street. Terms modera'e. A PRIVATE FAMILY HAVE FULL ACCOM MOD A . tiot* tor one or t <vo s'ngle gentleman with partial board. Inqnt-e at ?7 IVanherrj street, nr'Oklrn HeAghls, within Ore minute* walk of Fulton ferry A GENTLEMAN AND HIR WIFE OR TWO OR THREE A. *tn?le gentlemen can be acoommodaUMl with board at Its Hudson sti ret. Tout of the park Gas and bath In the bonse. a FRENCH TEACHER, FROM PARIS, 'IAN DMPOHE A of several rooms tn favor of gentlemen wdehing to learn to speak Ftenoh, by lessons as well aa by practtee Apply to tbe permanent French Institute, 239 Tenth street, near He xrod av A PRIVATE FAMILY. RKHIDINO IN BOORMAW place. West Tblrtv third street, would be pleased to ac or-mmodate a senile rati and wire or two elngle gentlemen wTb suit of rooms ol second floor; bouie Isrew. wlih all modern Improvements aid lu one of tbe pliasanlest looaHoea lntheclt;., alree Iv i pposlts the grounds of the Insttttefor the Hllnd. and oouveplent to oars and states to any part of I tbe gity. Addr'ss hoi-I.S1S Post otBcs ? GENTLEMAN AND HIS Wl*E AND TWO OR THREE (X urnfia yen lein-n can dp vomnivtiii ?iu rixiini ?m board Id 'he first c ass home 132 WettTweni third s'reet two dror* from Peren h avenue : cooking *11 dnaestlt. tsb'e first elites, snd lot nnrfelted wl h the produc'loni of baker*' shops. Dinner *t I o'elcck A SMALL PAIVATE FAMILY HAVING MORE ROOM A van they require, .'ill let, with b >%rd, to gentlemen and their wires, two or'hree mom* In a ho ten well lora'ed, bavlrg all tbe modern lmrmv?ment*. A line addreased B. W , boi P8.7 Poet offite, will meet with attention. APBIVAlE FAMILY OCCUPYING A FIRST PLASH houee will let to a family of four p rsoe*. o* two g<a Hin* n and their wlrea, three or four room*. wl'h partial board fur tenth men T? rnu ?t> each Rofereroea eirhaiuel Ad dreia. for four day*, Mr*. J., Herald office. Location Second avenue. A FRONT ROOM ART! BIO ROOM TO LET-MIOELY famished Apply at a Third avenue, three doora from Tiuthetreet. a FEW SINGLE GENTLEMEN UAN BE AOOOMMO A dated with board and pleasant r> dm on rea*onab'e terma, ?I1M3 Pearl elreet. Franklin aquare. Inquire in the autre. A PRIVATE FAMILY CAN AOOOMMODATE TWO OR three respectable young men with b'uu-d Ac . whsre tber# are no other bnaider*. Apply at 177 Weit Thirtieth slrert, I * Nln I avenue. Boabd-an uau widow lady. WIT VOW family. brin* ? eiperleoo**d nurae would ayoommodate a lady with b<> ird room and attendance. Apply at 74 KUl*a atreet, near Klrlifloa. Boaip.-a gkntlelfan and hfh wink or a FEW alnfle (entlermn on In* accommodated with Rome choice rnoma, wl a yaa paa'rlee, Ac , In email nrt?atc family, la a (oo1 location, Pleaee In i>i re at 277 llMryBrwt, corner of Ueuyernrur tjoard ?a ornti.knan and wife or two bin II ?l? *fn'li mr can obtain a pleasant room wl.h pantnea In a m dern bona*, wtta 'he liupenrem-nta looated at No. 3 Ninth atreet, between Fifth and With irartiaa. Board.?a bcit or plka?ant rrRNrswED rooina to let. with hoard on aecoud iloor, aultaMe for a family < r a party of (, at No. S Uond atreet, near Broadway. Board in cunton plaor -onr or two fa*iMai and a few einelo (entlemea ean he ar-ooram'elated with furriahrd apartment* and hoard. In the eery dee radio location No. til O'.tniou plaoe, near the 4th ay. Kwfrreonee ei changed. B04rd down town-fle?rant wku. fctabibh ed roowia with food hoard fora atn*' (entleman or a fynUcwan ar-l wife. In 'he de?lr:ibl? locality of itt 'oho* park. Trneiiraalfi. Pleaee ea'l at 7" Var eh el-eet Board in Brooklyn.?firut itlari rooms, at W Clara atreet. fret brown boueo front Fulton atreet. am yenlenl to eara or Fulton And Wall ?tre?t ferrlea Board in hro< klyn-lakor and hrall room*, on recoad and third tin ra eti table for eie(le *en'Jein**n, Inafttafelaee h'nee, beautifully eltnnte I. wWaln a f* w mln titea walk of Wall mree' aud Sooth farrlra. wber>- the comforta of a home can be had Apply at MS flenry atreet Board in hkooklyn a okntijcman and wife or two atnyle (entlemen ean he an vrnmndated wih boa d with a private family. Bear Fulton ferry. Apply at 21 Ultfh at rem. BOaRD in brooklyn-a obntirman and hi* lie ran he acerm?<al*ted with a large anl am all roow adiohtlac. a ub board alawtwo tingle y-tlem-n hy an plytPR at 3d Hale a reel not (! ml" lea walA from either the Month nr Wall^treet ferrlre. Dinner at AH o eloch. Board in Brooklyn.?a hvai.t. pkivatk fami ly hat my wtor? room than required, would ye (lad 'o aeemwnw .a'e t wo einfte gentlemen ? t-h par%?l hiard lea llnniw th^ IhWhli between Ftiibm and Wall Itrmt fiyrlW JiHrfii family. Herald nfl.on Board ik hrooklth-ofhtt.kmbh ahp ttiiie wlrea and alr*'e pentfemen raa obtain *ortd FTnrrn and eirelleot boaid at 41 Wt|lnn*h?>y ? re* t Hnoae Teantlfal'y attneted and replete wl'b oooretietioee. Car* wlthta one blodk of ftil'on end Wa I etreri mil?, elfbt minute* wa.a. To a par j of flan or ail the wrrni will m moderate. BOARH ik ItROOKI.YH-TWO KIK'M.l OIKT1.IVEV raa Ih d a plraaant room on h? eerood toor. t nai. In a private fawilly where ihry will An ! plraaant aad eheerfol ei rlrtr. location health', and plea ant, tve mtnulea from K ferry Arply at Ufi Waeh|n*ton at HEOOKI.TR HRMHTR FOR RAI.R i.RARE akp furniture af a private h aardlnr booae, fifed with partial brarVra Tart tebe* in board llmiw newly palnt<' I and papered. peiyhhorbnr.l aeat and quiet only two raitvuee walk fbom FnHoa ferry Addrwra W If. R , He altfofline Board ik bkooii.yh wahtkp ht a outi.ih ah aad ? ifa, a reap<e(Ahle private famlltrwbe-e t?era are few or no hoarder* I 'watWtn near the Wall atpeet or Rmthfrrrt.a Addrtaafl f , bo? SIM Boat BOAEDWARTKO-HT a OERTi.BMAH AKP LAPT, a bandaomely fn rate bed parlor and hedmnm. wnb efmet and hatb attached ar .1 board. In a art rate family where there are no other bnardnm. Adilreaai. E . boa Ho .1.114 Tot oft**, atauait irrme. Ac. BOAED WtHTED-IH A TRIVATE fARIl.T, HI AH aMarly gentleman. where he ran bare all the novtloria a hem. . a larye m m or two m>awa. wth raa. bath do Ad dreaa R. d.. Herald cdho*. . Board wahtri< bt a touho ladt. ih a ?*' rate family wle* at* nan bare tbe mnafor* of a bom* Would ha *11110* lo aMlat In ll*ht horeewo'h and plain a?w Inf aa part nooipenaaiioo for nmrd Brooklyn or Will am? bnrf preferred Addrroa foe twodaya. Rarah. boa HI Herald 'dhne. ataltr* particular* aad location BOARD *?KTin ?TWO TOURW ^ would llko i ro m, arph pertiel board, *" but frw boardera. Irrtam ai'iM bo woderete lone-ton J'?*" Foii'W atroot hotwe?n fourth and ?nb erownoa aad bofow Fdtnnath elrW*. Addrewa R R R . n?rti' "Otoe ' BOA?nii?o.-vnR?iRiiin roobr, with board ma ba WtaATwontf fifth atraoi. near fteventb rnatr nteat to ngygi eu. m. BOARDTRfl -A FrJI ?ROB FI.EABAHT TO*, nlabrd rowne, "ti tnr 1 floor, with haerd, will ho reeled cat lendorate irm> or roe tod ortoorefo; elm e **all room. Applr el II AM??don e.|nara. went aide, moor leak* BOABOIIfrt - A TiBT PLBAR4KT BUTT OF ROOMS tor *entlotaen end hl? wife or aloflo rwniieawn. eleo e elrelorrnai Inr e elnrfe fantlemeo, en I the hetemea . b>r eo (dBno, et 91 Clinton plane Dinner ?t bl* o'olnok BOARDTRI? ?FIVE ROOWR. URFCRRTRHKD, A WD two I arm p?ntrten, enlteble for two email tamlllne, or will be let mretber, In bone* II Feat Br tad we? Tbo nam* ma be bed, wlti board, Immediately * loo, e fnrei bad room, ?uKeb'f for two yonif men Rrfe-onore oinheafod I|i| FIIARTI.T FURRIWIBn APARTMRMTs TO l,BTi lo wllon .loob-eMe, In tbo immediate rtoMtrnf tbo troroit. Clarendon an I itremeroy Parh taoeota. Addreda Hortoa, Madl ton ennero l oot oHlno IfrRRlSHtD BOOMR TO I.BT WITHOUT BOARD. TO . Ronilomon only. In a twuee with e amtll fetdllr, e rroni end herb parlor on tno drat loor, elian e nine etttr roota. la eery dnelrablo looetlod, 74 Wbtto atroot, fmirtb door BMte Hroad way |l?I'*RlRniD ROOMS TO MET RUITARM! TOR A r tenttemwn end ladv, n> oao or two "Ingle gen >atm. In * private family, at 1H Fourth rreet, op poet to# pare. 5 BOARPWO *!W> I/UPOIWO. FBRMCB Hon** *0. # OLJBTllN P|.4<'C, THRgM doora from Broadway- Purnlabed rooeoa to 1m to yen Lie (ilBBWCH BOABD IB BBODKLTW.-t Pltiv ATM P Prrnafe tally, baring Mora room 'ban rwintrad ,rf.r to 1M a large mum with a wall one altnrb-d. W'ta -w without board, to a railawan mod lady or two gentlemen.The rouoaa are aew and eiemaUr f ore la bad Apply at lid Hicka wreu a ear far raw. Broohlya b1 AM11.IIH WISHING 10 HAKK AMUOHIUTi for board for I be roaatag aeaaoa ?U1 Hod dealrabla romna and board at HI aad 8? Beet Tw*al* third elraet. be wwa fourth and Leiinctoa areanaa. Thia la la all raapaaa oaa ad the ?ery beat 'oo >ttooe op Ion. f^UBNIKHBD ROOMS -A I.ADY JUST OOKKBNODKB to taka board ere wtrhaa to let enma raowa, to renlieaMa and lad?; board fbr the lady only: '.oration reepeotabie aad retired. Term modaiate. Addreaa Mra. M., Broadway Poat t flier. T/IDRN1' HBO BOOMS TO LBT TO UBNTI.BM* W, WITH r partial board at Cd Bpneg aWe*t t ear Varlrh. I^DBmSHf D BOOMS -TO LBT TWO OB THBBM POBr nl?bed room* a> d a allttWK room, ?>me aa lowaafl 90 per ?>*ek. Abo, a front basement, mit'ehle for aa ofttne; aaa bean a dne'or'a offle* for ttir art three tear* 'tare end ....... pais tie b .dm to all per* of the city. Inquire at ldQMott etrret, n'Ar Bmnme. Hotel LODGING -GENTLEMEW oaN obtain mad furnished mom* at the Globe Hotel, corner of Frank?** and William streets, at me. aad He per night. Hoote epeo all night OB TWO OENTLIMEN CAN BR A-OOMMO. v / da ed with furnished rooma hi a private family by applying at No 207 Third avenue, between Eighteenth and NiaofaMBih atreela. ROOM WANTED?IN KDWOATRD GENTLBMAN. OF retlr'ng manner* having bat few aflnaatataneei la 'own. wlrbr* com'ortable lodgings fn a private family, where nleataot society and borne comforts may be enjryed. ( oromerclal, Brralit office, atatlng all partlcaiara. Room to let.-a furnished room to let, wither without board, with facilities for cooking If desired In a email private family Apply at 6i Ha liven freet-d KUOMS T i LKT -A FRONT AND BAOK PARLOR. ON renonil or third tlnor, In a genleel new house to Kaat Thirtieth street, occulted by a email private family Two tingle grn'lemen or two single ladles who dea're a permanent borne may be as .name dated by addressing W. T , Mart! eon square Poet office elating where an Interview may be bad. The beai rf referencee required. ROOMR TO LBT-IN RUI1H OR RINOLE, WfTH FULL, or partial b aid, at ho. SO Weat Washlugtoc plane. House contain modem Improvements. < situated in aplearmnt, quiet neighborhood. an! wtihm five mlnutee walk of tiroadway Referenoea etchangvd r I JIT-WITH FULL OR PARTIAL BOARD, TWO OR th'ee rooma In a tj*t elite bcum. newly furnldied, bae ran, lath. An. Inquire at 64 MoDonsal etreet, corner A Hone* on. TO LET-A FRONT ROOM. FURNISHED FOR A Ingle gentlemen, without board Inquire at the jewelry tore on 'he premiere ift> Hudson strvet. To let-to A minoi.b gentleman. a nice f' bntrhed room. No .'I l.uight reel, 2d door fr-un anal at. WANTED-A PARLOR AND TWO BKDROOtM, OR bedrooms alone, on or near H road way, without ooard. Address Amanda, Broadway Poet oBw WANTED APARTMENTS for A GENTLEMAN. wife, asd wm 12 yeare old, in a resoecable neighborhood, loca'ii n w"itilde the Mtr, betwe-n Twenty thir l and Thlriy tliHt atrreis. Address J. L., 149 Bast Twenty ihird street Ktatisg r > me and rent. WANTED?HOARD FOR A GENTLEMAN. WIFE AND hoy, In a r< apcoiable private famly or where there are few hoar Je a, location between Klghia and Ninth evenuea and brtween Tw enty ihird and film MM a'reefa Addreos a cine to j. L., I'd want Twenty third street, atatlng price oI board, wbkh stiitbe moderate. WANTBD-FOR A fclNGf.R gentl'MaN. A BBDrn m . also a large silling loom unfuri'laAed, between West 1 rtitb met Twent- second a reek, from Fifth av? nn" '<? Broadway apply at the New dork Hotel barber shop, 264 Wa'erlej plaee. WANTED?A GBNTLIM AN AND LADT TO BOARD IN a strictly private family, few England faie aad the c mforti of a given Addrcaa for twjdajsNew BugItnd, New fork Post office IMTANTKD IN BROOKLYN-PARTIAL BOARD. BY A vf gentleman. In a rraprc able prlvaie family, convex lent to the ferries Address H , Herald office."stating 'erain At. YOUNG EKN.-TURilE OK FOUR YOUNG MEN OAR he accommod vied with oer I In a private finely, wb-rti I they can njoy ibe comforts or a home, convenient fir either I (he cars or stage a Terms moderate Inquire at 23 Hecurd avenue boamiwimtoinitot. ^ A OEMTIAMAW AND LADY WIHH TO OBTAIN when Here w oud bathing would be prefe r-d A n addre-a?d to H?a Kt. md left at the Herald odice, will have Immediate at'entlon. B1 A Kit III THK OOCWT11?t FK# VACANT ROOMS ran be Had at the farm hnnan of * . H. I>ihb.e Mirawberry Hill, Standard, OonnecUcut. CYOONTRY HOARDING AT WATBRLOO, N. J ?TilIN J place la pVaeaptlr located, on the H mth Bhrewabnry river. wllitln a abort diataeoe and la fall view of ibe Atlantle Ocean, where aurf or river bathing may be had when deatrad. ?. a. wioKorr. (lOnRTRT BOARD OF A ROPItRIOR ORD1R OAR BR J obtalard on the hatha of the tludaen ilrer, 10 mliea *rom New York, convenient to the ateembuat landing, 'a a man Je trahla reaklmoe where the onmrnr e of a MM aaa ba am loved Addraaa Onmforl, Hera d nSne HOB< >B EK?PI.B tBARTLY LO 'ATRD HOOD A<V<>mj mcdaunn with full or partial hoard, gaa and oath room a the hm aeBo 1 Fimta-reet, eoruer of llidtoa. MARRI.B HOUR* IK* HRIOHTON. RTATRR 1BLARD. ?A ?u)t of anper.or moma may be bad with board at thIN ootnmi dloua realdence delightfully looa ed on blgh ground, eommardlag a atagniflrent view or the ' ajr and Namiara. aod oa'y eigh'itoluiitea walk from the tarrv. aivnal-e ground#, rare' lent a table and carriage oaae, aea bathing. Ac Apply at or addreae. Marble llouae. Rew Brighton M'NNRR RK<K)RT?. FIHHIRfl, PhlX.TIRtl AJtT? RAfLINO IRIJP PiV!hoi, L I , ll do* ipon ud read? for lh? feenpt on 4 rtallon TO* ho no k*pi U"i in be aurpiiiod >iur In A* snnnlry. Tho rou ire arc*. llry md w*ll f mined. Tmio* tax Brooklyn for blip It I A. If. lad SVP M q.w?innT. C1RBK.H UROV1 ft A TRIOR, K 1TPOBT ?BO AH1IHRS r tin bo ineommodiied it thlr beautiful m*a?loo om ?o.irr*i* lortni. Every facility olh .*n>i for bublnjf. boidng. Ashing rnnoii r, ind ill kind* of oenntry erJoyn*nl. llxd In to root of Murray wreet, daily, moraine and iflarn-oa, for particular* apply it In. 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A tdr Ah, wliblnll rirUr iliro. <1. I. John*, bat 110 H-ri.d off! w OPP (' WAR TBI).?A PH THtOIA R, RRHIIMKU IW Ih* low?r part of Hi rtty. Intend- to rwaor* w* t? mi" rttpro *M* )oo?u--n. t?' wttn T*r*mUr-li An ' TMrOotfc tr>">ia ti>u b'Tih ??>nr? No ooaol uml ll>ln>oo)i e irt*nf,l AdilrPaa r H*r%l<l nIEoa Km oom* WAMin roona awd two rko> nrai. ncf-.rolabad, r? *??>ed Moor, ?ui^1 hjr a man and wl'e, IooaHoo hnwnn i'*n?l aa' ?mlj ?-rt?*t?. AddrrnB K , bot S TUB I'oa T?u mm b* aiKtiwo Roo*g wAKTcn-WAKTR.n. a abit or batcrnlthrd r.?.<m*for th*?? t>?r?'0*. n.ibmt bo*rii pat or and two h>-<*ror.m?? w wnil or ???rd floor ?*'rr ?r.? A> uk room* India mn"I*. looatlno h*t*rr*a RgbtA And Twootpfouilh ?irm?, And Third AAd Klnlb A?roo?. an*n.l%ro* of or?ati ?UI b* r?<|tt:r*d Wm nn']n*ftlotiAbr* rrftrooonB fllrrn Aad re iur*<l. ? Mrna ikkriM, I'rraM ill. ~r. WANTVik?TO TCR 'H. HI A BOB*K WTTH AM. 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Aidrasa twi I ndd Raw Tork Poet ulRee ARTRP-A PVBRI83IP HOVkt FOR THI WIT. tor. hr'wwi Rlaa-kar ind Pnurtacntk < trk and wltkIn naa or two hWvka, auhar aaat or ?-*, ilProa.1w.T- Addraaa W. a. T . W want Plflcan'k trrwt ARTIt> TO HTRR ?R P'TOOt. >a?? or naaU ikrrr atorr konM, Boa'a lain* |M, bathroom. Ar uat ba enaUyti ma to the ear* aaa adaawat n a healthy locality Rent so >bjrot it a anttaaia pia ? naa b? proewmd. Family ainall A.Ur?wa Order. Ham, I oihce. UrARTRnfm HIRB?A ROB? AUITAHLR POR ? PHTTT atrtan a rd'ca, and ba located weai of Broad war. tot far be1?w Oanal a reel anr above Tenth it-act Addre?a K. T., pom paid. Bo twt Hndano "treef. c mer of "prta*. In the trim ntoro R. B.- Rent moat ba ami*rata, tha adteHlaar in a good tar ant. WARTKP A SFPnlPHARn PFWtBP " AI 'BI RR. Any ?? hannc tka aborc can Had a caak ciatoaacr by apply la | at JRS Hudaon at. ^ __ TBTARTEP - IR A POWR TOWR IXH7ATI0R, TWO TT tofta taeeond aad third floor*' tor the wholeaa e per Mmery ?nataoaa. 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