Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 19, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 19, 1857 Page 4
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4 NEW YORK HERALD. JAMKM G'lRPOR BERRITT, <n? T* >h U<1J KKomUtTO* flffROB ft. ?. iiOtMB OV m.TO? <tx? MAjMAP ATI I A. AM. w. . ?, P X-- .i Al.jLs. 'J*** . v jpw' '-bp**., Ti/ # * rr \ l j ' {/ **4*-} BnU?r*lafr a* fix ccnfc #,< *? ' > ' ?* *wi? ? iHf< in.? L?r lummy I ?v C" * ' " *-*** *? ?* ? mm mm- Yfk- *- An< V |p H /k. *.- A- * ?M < 7?* FAMII.T rlf.RALTl, own y miwn iny, g> ipwr wh fx 00|t ? 'M.uUk '"7 CA7A.SJ i/ii. *"('# VMltCM. L?viMM<f mhv.K.I ** .... f?i.v. ? it< w>rlH 1/ KW) ttOfbt Kb r Jl% }-nA /.-. *jr-. ir? 7n??io? I'oiinrnimini tKI P*J firci_?KiT m -im.41 m 'jinu ?w? 'tfiioi I|M g? .VI A'fi'7/i A *i*?> ?f -M'^vfww !??mmitiiiMi ?< *> ? l?i I tiny, i r~W till **'I'*7"T\? ml pndl KAIj>giig.L.g^ NN?1 iju a.1ly*t1.'rn?*iU it irrtni in e>? *?ntn "min f??iu "liuiD. omf tn tA tWlA**w W 7 ungmm fViilVHU Vttan* fill ... . ? M1 AMI'MKMKATH THUJ KVKMUIQ rillA>-h liiRMK <rn?1w?? Tiairr Rora Pbati-L Boc btirbb- Pnr.**n*p? Owoui ? Kongo HnWKRT Thl.TKH K???n-L*DT Of LtO??- PnrfLl Bcorai' Boom?Baua Bonoiaaa. BURTOA'M Tnt*TRR roadiraj. OppOtiia Bomd ?U liuii uiii UT?ohtok? LATRa RKtKtT* THEATRE. Broadwaj?Pcmocs Fah ir? IUip or acHfraa. ACADCm o? BU810, Foorve?oth r ? <?*?n> l?ao*j Ornu ai uaa Uurdkbd ahd Twutt nn Paaroaaaaa BABRl'M'h iBKAiOaII IfTREtT*. Rrrma wmr-B<h. I Rnanvij k>b* -Tlium rtvc Vi*?a Pbim a? M *??? fcf UHAH104' uaia *Ti itroMnr-.iNw anient* *0.? Itowa in tuiivi Br Briut'i Hinriuui. Saw fork, WMine*(lay, kaguil IV, IM37. lUHi tor Europe. TUB WBW TORS UKKaLD?EDITION BOB BTBOFB. Tbe Ounnrd eU'tm .n;|i Pet eta, Opt. Judluns, will leav Ibis port to-day for Liverpool. The European malls will close In Una city at tvelv o'clock, nr i. The European edition or the Hbk-uj', printed In Krone! and English, will be published a. ten o'uluok In the morn pip. Bugle outdo*, In wappera, six oents. Bnbecrlptioo* and advrrisements for any edition of th Hrw Tons Hansu* will be received at the following plaoe la Europe:? Unrnua?Am. a European Kxpress Oo , 61 Ktig Wiiiuo: si fjiiis? I to do. 8 Place ao la Bourse jjvsuroou? 1 >o de 8 '-bapel street lavanroou?K. Wuart. to Exchange street, Baa,. B*'na kjn. A Europ< u> Kcprets Co., 21 Rue Onroollle. The contents of the European edition or the Hsmi.i> w aomblae the newi received oy mall and telegraph at th boe during the previous week, and np to tae boar < pabUcattna. Blalta tor tlie Pstrldr. KKW TORI EBBALD ?CALIFORNIA BTHTTON. The tinned States mat: steamship Central Aroetics, Cap Herudon. will leave t^ls port to morrow afternoon, at tw o'otock for iaptnwall. The malls lor uaurornla and other parts of the I'aclb will close atone o'clock The Nsw Voas knuiniuui?California editioncontaining the latest intelligence from all parts or the worli Will be published at eleven o'clock In the morning. Single copies, it wrappers, ready fbr mailing, sixpence Agents will please send is their orders as early as poaalbli the Peers The steamship Arabia, which l art Liverpool o: the 8tb inst., is now doe at this port with thre< days latev news. It is p robs Lie that she will als. as Intel,pence from the Atlantic telegrapl ?qo*droo. The s'ermahip Tennessee arrived at this port yet terdaj morning from Sau Juan del Norte, with tw hundred and aix*y deserters from Genera! Walker' filibuster army in Nicaragua. Thev were in a ver cestitote conoition, and aubsrriptions were taken u for their re ief We Rive a fall and graphic aecouc of their movementa in anotner column. An investigation of a very mystfcioas occurrenr la now in progress before the police authorities c Newark, N. J . an interesting account of which w publish elsewhere It appears that a physician c Newark recently purchased a yacht, and. togctht with hit famil v, proceeded down the bay on a cruim I luring the voyage one el the fema'e domestics aiel ined and died, and the doctor had the body cot xeyed on h o ore near the Ocean Hon*, at Shrew bury, ami buried in the aand. Some time sub* fluently he re'umed and d^interred the corpse fo the purpose, a* alleged, of giving it proper bnria It was whie the party were digging up the bid, that their movtmtn,? excited the au?picion of a get tietnan who ?a* *'rolling unobserved in the vicinity He c mtuunicated the circum*tauces to Mr. Bre voo-i at d Superintend! nt Tallmadge, of the 1'o'ici iVpariment. through who* exertion* the facta rnu rated in onr report were brought to light We p-.Uieh aome odditloral new* from Mexici thia morning. The result of benor I .afragu t'a nuaiun to Madi.d waa acxioualy looked for. Genera Alvar*? ban adore w-td the "nati >o* ot Europe an America" on ti e subject of toe pending diffienliie with Spain, and dtfcnCa Lia name from caluniut circulated in connection with the slaughter of tl. Spaniard* at San Vicente, an act which, he **yi w?? done entirely independent of the tro pa nude hia i oToaLfl. A new treaty with the Coited State u aooben of a* being in courae of preparation. Tl< imprieounie't of Mr. Smith, our Conynl at Mazai lao. attraeteu much attention. Our reader* are & ready familiar with the circuma'ADcr a of the ca-* The free negro imoiigration frr.m I<oni>iana to Ih hanU o' tin Papoi wf-am wa* regarded with mm di?favor. V e haw new* from the Cape of Good Hope to th laatofJune From the 6th to the 1 Ith there wer trtmeodou* galea on the coast Ten large vessel and a laraer miru'er of email ve??el? were wreekis The whaling bark North America, (cm New Lor don, loot tao cables and anchor*. Letter* fror Kafiriaml mention the rztri mr dl*trcm to which th Kafir tribe* bare been reduced by the oatt'.e kilhri, mania, to which they hare lately fallen rlctitn-. A very interesting artl:le on the commercial n (atUna of the United State* with the South Amen can republic* may be found on the second p tg? < to-day'a paper. The Supreme Coort of Maine ha* decided thi free colored peruana of African derecnt are autho laed, uj <o complying with the name law* th? qualify white men, under the prortaiona af the coi etitatton of the State, to be elector* for Corerno Feoator* and Kepreaen'atire*. The decUion of th Court waa rendered m compliance with a Joint rem lotion of the legislature. pa*?d laat winter. Th decision ia in direct conf i:t with the opinion of th United State* ( curt ia the 1>red Scott race. The invf "ligation into the circumstance-1 aMen*! ing the death of Alexander J<oyd, shot by lairghu ectre time aincc, was continued yedard'./. Th fewUmony given by a man named M> (ilone. a* al* inn (* ni? w?ie ?nu one r arreu, wa* no contra)!'' lory that thf Coroner concluded to commit them t wait farther derrlopement* in refard to the caie. The Board of Ten (Jovcrnom met yeeterday, ha trail* < tod do hoeinf ?e of general interert. Ther were f. 410 pemon* in the public uiatitntton* on tit 1Mb met?*t lDore**e or 0*? ao compared with tb retoro of the week predion*. The e'ratn frlyrate Miisiarippl, bonnd for Chlru left the Nary Yard yerterday mornin?, and ai chored off the Battery. After takioc in ber poadi rt'e will proceed on her roToee. The Ex cine Commkwioner* recelred a nnmber i arphcationa for Hum yeoterday, and Rare noti< that they won hi meet daily dft?r the "rat .Tuesday Heptemher until the Mriflt of flfl> day* war ende. ao iikl all applirattone are ropnred to be aent i before tbat time expire*. Tfce ?m of ceira y?aterda> wera aontnei K> abwl 4< ? aoc > *ie?, ba?e* apr<a m Id Pry upland* at lfi'fe. an ar. idling New Orievw at lfe a I4'tc f lour war ia ta deiaaM rm? U? <t?m**? r irtde and wa without charg at moment Mgnxt mat axtra grade* nf weeiora, *Jat?i dtan aaa i ttti -L wcrt iMter.aad cieeed at <<ai HR* taarne te Mlttlf eeiuma. !* red aotilhera wheal < ?< it II N t II N, m4 ?k?c do.a?ti Ma t H aad klain epilog at f - M. Mire of oare w ^ e prion ice itetlr, at *6 Ho a Ma # w?iers mixed?< Mo i; at the latte- fltu*e I'nrk ?u a r?Kl>?? '1(1 u r, meet ad ran ?1 to fit T *. of t 2? per b oqna o 2 c e 60r r?r * bl , and prime p ad encad to tii 60, with e?ie?,U> all, of'1 ,'jM a l.iOO b t*i gar were in cod demand, with ealna of iboo' 0 TOO ah 0 hh Cab*; (dO boiee Havana aed t.HOd bags a Haas, ail at price (Ires la another plaoe; the en*! ?al?e m o eulatd of ri tln .rg gnnte. Coffee continued firm, with a n B\r:a rann ttor ealea. Y eigata, if anything, exhih ri ? ir- a i"ie better feetiag To (Jrernooi, grata, la bo k, K > wet eagaged at VJ|<L, beef In Uer *ea at M , aad 100 ton* jt '? ?? W I'HTiW MTDI. . V - " i War November Stat* Blwdon-Tht 8ewa?d " ^ Oilgoiebjr Ixf-K the Ptopl*. t( ? In oar approaching State election the budget hi of tbe act# of despotism, spoliation and corrup- at it tioo of our last highhanded Seward Legislature et will b? subjected to the test of the pooular vote cl of the common weal'h, and the questions are al- a> A n udy m lively circulation, what are the pro* T pecte hetwe* n tbe several parties that are pre- ol i paring for the contest? Can the democratic par- t? ty l>e eo far reorganized and strengthened by niotcrccm' ntH an to justify the expectation of a It wholesome defeat of the Seward oligarchy? li The popular Presidential vote of the State last il fall, in round numbers, was? a A Jobh C. F>t raoal 274.000 u For JsmNt Rnehasaa., 105 PO'i a For Mltltrd I 'Imor* ..124.00" *5 ^ TakiDg this vote as the standard of the strength t respt-ctive'y of the republican an.1 democratic ? patties, it will appear that the republicans have ' a p'ural ty over the democracy, to start uoon, of 79,000 votes And yet we believe that this im- 1 posing plurality may not ouly be overcome, but that even now, as matters stand, it has been frit- ' ? tered aw*y by toe aoemmabie proceeding oi our 11 f last ppoilo and pluuder Sewilrd Legis'atuie It always requires in this State the intense ex- w b ciUmentsofa Pre-identHil election to bring out ' the fuil popular vote. Aud it always happens tout in the first one or two local elections sue* ceeding the Presidential contest the popular vote is runarkably light. This is especially the case i, in those elections in wticn no direct national is- f t sues are before the people. Our forthcoming ^ election, in this view, is purely local, as neither a 1 04 , United States Senator nor members of Congress la are involved in it. We think it, therefore, high- T' )f ly probable that the popular vote of the State this fall will be reduced to something near tae vote of 1855, or say 150 000 less than the \ ote ot " last November. We also undertake to say that 11 1 two-thirds ot this reduction will fall upon the re- *( 0 publican party, the overwhelming iufiaence of 01 c Fremont's popularity, and the pressure of "bleed- u' ing Kansas" being token away, on the one hand while the odium of this last corrupt Seward Le- w 1 pislatuie will be introduced ?s tne dead weight on the other. n' ( Next, with regard to the democratic rote. Outside of this city and its suburb.-, last fall the de- w mocracy made no serious effort because th-y <0 , had not the remotest hope to carry the State for '? ? Mr. Buchanan. But now they are furnished with j the b?st weapons for assuming the offensive in ' 3 these aforesaid abominable legislative acts o ut-urpupon and corruption. Through a judicious 11 h management of their cards, and by active and et 0 united exertions throughout the State, the demo- ?.' crats can not only maintain the vote cast tor n y ti Mr. Buchanan, but increase it by tnouaauds of p ? lt accessions both from the republican and the Know Nothing camp*. c * The dcmociaU united have called a Slat" Con- 0 >f ventiou to meet at Syracuse on the 10th of Sep- ft * (ember; the Seward republicans will aw-emble at a >f the same place In convention on the 23d. la the r medfitime, the remains of the late Know Nothing v party are to he the subject of special consider a- M [. . tion before a State Council appointed to meet in , Brooklyn on the 23th inst. which is near at u | hand. This Council will probably ap- b r point a State Convention, to come ofT * I- ' at Syracuse a few dajs after the rcoubli- 11 * '? y c?ae skill have nominated their Slate ticket '* und proclaimed their platform. But ae it is evi-' ^ r* deat that the Know Nothing leader* are in the n I mark? t, there may poaaibly be an extraordinary c '' ambassador or two at the democratic Convention, 11 with overtures of some practical import, in view n of the commou desideratum of au anti-Se ward t- Legislature. ,1 We can hardly euppo><\ after their di astroun " J ami financially exhausting opt rations ot lust ' yi ax, that the American party of New York arc t! " in the mood for a?um'ng the expenses of a third p ticket in the coming election, to be fought upon , " Its own exclusive pnrty merits and strength. ' ( The taxes involved in this ?.|K-ration will dissolve j ^ e the concern. On the oth r hand, the admission v lr that Mr. Fillmore Wftl only run to def-wt Fre 1 I- | mcut goes a great wuy to let us into the prucli- j '( ! cal active sjmpathi * of the Know Nothing n c party. Thus. either a itb or without tho advice I u '' of their leaden, the pre -poet is that the bulk of ' the Know Nothings will do the best they cm to * administer a d"adlj blow to that arch agitator, | a W. IL inward, and bis corrupt clique of plunder ( u j ing spoilsmen, and eep<eialjy as the only practical i issue iu the canvass will be the rctcotioo of this t! n corrupt clique in power or its removal from c authority at Albany. a f We I cow that Ike F' ward oligarchy will cn- * di avor to cover up their abominations of last h winter in tbc agitatinu of the Kansas question; j '' ( but as nothing can be done for Kansas, one way * or the other, until the mating of CongT"?s, and as the Congress which Ir to act upon Kansas Is r- already elected, we cannot divine bow an on- ei it meaning and empty agitation of Kansas, in a ti ?- purely looal outside election, can be reduced to T r- any practical value by the party coacer.iod. On o! * the contrary, the paramount question before the W 9 people of this Ftate in November wiU be tb fL * I . ^ .... f ; quceuen 01 utcmi una municipal rignu- ;iwinn me o< art?_y' n'-urpai.ion and corruption of a debauched tt I (Afj ot public plunderer* Let the r< n democrats, nod all other" opposed to thos?e a:?i ai c nod that party, flgnt the "attic upon this general fr 0 iwue, er.d the rewilt will be a popular revolution n of notT' value to the Stat-' and to the country. n W'c have no notion thnt the old democratic p party can be refluecitatcd and restored to its cl ^ ruprtmacy, either in the State or in the country d j, at large. We dealre nothing of tin* eort. for we li a prefer thnt which we ballet e to be inevitable and mor" to tlec purpoec? a poornl reconstruction of C i, partita upon the living Umicp of thj day. But to t?| n this gr at end wc Itlievc that the .democracy of jl L't this State, of all f.vctioi ?, and all other party m ;n o rf oppoeed to the corrupt and dcmorallatog act* o.' o our lut Ia ciMature, tbmi'd be. and may hi. J in combined too< in- )..> t^pi.iil of Uroee masurr- a j( nrd the - ,p , , t. r .1 ?.t<; of thing* u |n W Is I'f V r < lr .Jolitj o! the people of the * St. aft op; i to ibe atiou of the doW inp ' tb' in <er ttt Albany, and we are #11 n II tlrtly .tp.ira.lto .*?. 1 ler?oa ??ta? uieleted in P> Jr Nori fnl-'t to \\. H Seward and bit nnecrupalou* w 1 gang will astonish and ehctrify th? ti a.' whole I'oion. in r YORK HERALD, WEDNE rite Straus!** ?' Um Srltith la Aria Teni The UiOK clueely the latest accounta from Can Cow mi and Calcutta are studied, the more difficult Orr'i od perilous ?*oee the atti ude of the Brltiah ap- of G ?ar. Un?e-s th future ia greatly belied by the to t?i nwut, John Bui1 may find that be baa thrust his the 1 ad into a neat of horneta and cannot draw it thou ?t. tneir The British fleet at Hong Kong, under the com- tivca land of Sir Michael Seymour, celebrated the ar- tion, ival of the new Minister Plenipotentiary, Lord 'i If in hv hnmh^rrl i r\ r? a PLi.xuuv and K-lW. AT i-fk?? "j '?4uui^ a vuiuudc iui v ?u * " HVli g and capturing a flotilla of small war junks in rm,| le Cantoo river. Th>*y were eucces-ful in all Tbis leir oprra'ions. The* looir the fort Tiny n?cu >ok 'he boa<a What they chose they burnt, i.-ani ud what ?hey cho-e they c*rried away But - tllWa j<1 this alter all, is the important part of the 0j ; o y?toe result of ?he fight wai a decided : aL ge ot opinion in the minds of the assailants tativ < to 'he capacities of the Chinese tor fighting be Kukli.-h were very severely punished, end the [fleers a'k>? that the Chinese vessels were de- m,ioi nded with valor and skill tioa This is the ooly item of the news from Coina to t ?at is worth the least attention. As to the Eag- Kxiuj sh taking an armed fort and capturing a few than fzen Canton boats, snca an affair is not worto the t rtcond thought It can neither hart the Chi the ? ^se nor help their enemy. The government bjinj t Pi kin will not hear of the Iosb; the boats Tl ill not even be missed ; the dead men will oaly agen lake room for others. For the peculiarity of stati Ihtna?and that which makes a war with the hu)(6e so different Irom any other war--is the thosi ibubms nutntKT of the people and the exhaust- rent *s resources cf the country. An army of a tion lillion Chinese, cut off to the last man, would not pfcou npair the strength ot the government or necee- the t tate a change of policy : and, as to gunboats wuJ by, China could afford to lose as many every then torning us the English have just destroyed m ht]m lis naval engagement, and never feel it. Tnc popt victory," then, most go for nothing, so far as i0hv ractical results are concerned. cr m ltnl thu nrwlv dinriiffcrcH rrairnw and skill nf .1 . c le Chinese are very significant novelties. For, ^ f cm the very same reason which impairs the efct oi British victories, if the Chinese have mrage and skill, a war with them becomes a jj, eiy desperate matter indeed. If they could lrn out as brave soldiers as those which have 0^0 n-t sailed from England ; and were they officered. pTac p they may be, by graduates of the Russian lilitiuy schools, China would at once become the tjje < >remost belligerent Power in the world. She was, uld send into the field and replace at intervals pUy a army greater than the whole of the Rossiao nglish. French, Sardinian and Turkish armies verfl to fought at Sebastopol: and as all war, in the p7ac nguuge of Napoleon, is merely the science of |tue( imbeis, and the gods are always on the side of ft rt? e largest battalions, she would of course be ' p0rti ithout an equal in the world. It is the tendency I ^ ^ that state of things which looks so disquieting r the English. Tt Sober second thought?on the files brought prop the last Indian mail?has satisfied even the tu,c( ost English of the English journals that the war ^ a i India is going to be no child's play. We are wjPt 111 tr.lK/.uf Pr.lmlilu InfArmuiiA.1 uu tf\ lliu f mJO 1 the revolt and its origin. Bat the lx>l autho iU1(j tie#, both from Madras and Bombay, awrt lint ie sepoy armies in thtBe Presidencies only (juQ wait tne signal to follow the example of their jnt0 omrudc# in Bengal. To suppose, indeed, that a an(j auue sufficiently potent to draw away from their lleginnce nearly the entire bi^ly ot the Bengal Plljei rmy cculd be without effect on the men in the outhern Presidencies, would be unreasonable : hool hetlicr the mutiny grew out of outraged Hindoo jperstitions cr ambition- Modem pride, or nv f^p v insubordination under a foreign yoke, the rt<x, lOtivt cannot have lieen local, but must hare ^ tj, ien general thronghout all British India. We ^oai re therefore not disinclined to rely upou the late foroj amor that the sepoys of Bombay and Madras re waiting for the issue of the tight before Delhi ju|j j proneunce for or against the Indian govern- 8>r,i( lent; and we greatly tear tout the issue of that com onlliet may be such a? to imp^l them to follow j^t be mutinous example of their comrades. the It it possible, of course. that Gem Barnard may ?n ike Delhi. 11 is said to be a man of dash ; ,^1, , fiery, headstrong soldier, who thinks is',; othing equal to the charge with the cold steel' M.UN fe may have stormed the ruined walls a day or j,rec s o utter the lastdeepstch left and. availing him- urc i If of the unwillingness with which native In- tcroi ions encounter Europ-ans. may have swept the ity with lus little handful of men. But we are Ml to say Hiat the probabilities are not in fa- *u WW or of thif* event. The dicpro[>ortioo between bin ^ umber* and tboee of the inrurgents; their excel nt position behind stone work* in a rich city; nd. above all, the terrible weather which ban ^ f-aally proved fatul to European troop* at this aeon in the vicinity of Delhi, and the absolute .. npo-eibility of reinforcing him, where be is, be- . >te the fall: all these reason* lead us to concur i Lord El ciiborough's apprehension that Gen an(j laniard is much more likely to fall back upon ^ ca ie (fasces than to take Delhi. (( Altogether the prospects of England in A*la eTKj^ r?'gloomy enough, and might well warrant an ^ ^ ctive effort on the part of her friends here to un(j waken >-yirpathy?!nond and physical?on her ' half. TLe thing can be done, if it be gone (><i , boot udiciously. biRb fix Kouthtm (ommrrrlal IWimtloib tort] Tlie usual annual gathering of impractical talk ere a r?. known as the (southern Commercial Conven- thou ou.w iiich held their region la<t week at Knoxriile, year ennet e, have adjourned after a wearying sitting dirt] r four days We published on Monday and yes- show rday a full report of the proceedings of the three one i rst days and wc devote today a large portion of feati ur space to the publication ot toe complement of fall io proceeding* It Is in tht* Christian manner of pert; turning flood for rvii that we rebuke the mean riotu ud miserable attempt to exclude oar reporter T< cm the Convention. Instead of allowing the part inflf and doinfla of that sapient l>odj to go ua- of th .corded and unknown to all save thorn who wens our re*nt, wc give them the benefit of our immense l ul c Lrcul&tion to spread the evidence* of their wis- rioui mn uud patriotism liroadcaet throughout the city ind. Wi A very considerable portion of tije time of the valu 'onvcntion was conmmed by a debate that dica prunfl up on a resolution introduced by Mr. and Iryan, of South Carolina, declaring it to be the publ pinion of tl? Convention that the tenth article th's f tin* treaty of Washington of IOth November, nrd j -4?, ought to be annulled. This lathe article mon hick binds the government of the United SUtes (mum j maintain on the coaat of Africa an adequate jtiadron to suppress the slave trade. tlie ' Tlx- question of ro-opening the al?ve t'wdo wu? poni ot, it will la' seen, brought directiy wider cou- part deration by this reaoUitiou; but of course that "Of a* the main object to which it twdti We no- The ce thai two tncmb r? of the lu-t Congreaespok mon i Oppout'OD to IK' resolution. Mr. Snood, of enpi SDAT, AUGUST 19, II mm, moved m aa amendment that tb> r?BtloD >ho<>ld dec'tf^?in the word* ul' Mi s rrftola on at tfi beginning of ta? eewioi oogrvm- ihal it is uexpedieu aud coutrar le settled priocip es of 'he country to rep^a awe pronmitory o' t e flare trada But at gh there were only <o ha found eiwh ihere in the lao: Hoohp of Itaprwieahi i to vote aganst Mr. Orr's reoolu Its counterpart, a* moved hy Mt

d, wan rejected by the Commercial Couveu bv a vote of 52 agatns' 44} and Mr B>y*n' utiou watt adopted by a vote of 66 to 2fi shows in the cb-a eat possible light th c*h r of tais Commercial Convention ami i UK toward aba tactions rather thai id te-Uiues Even the IIoa Mr. Boyoe N*uth Carolina- one o the most ultn here members in the House of Reprenen en?declaied t* fore the Convention that thi xniDg o' the slave trade t>y an boiity of th lal government wax impossible ai d that dill would be an unavoidable primary coud> of tbe success or' their proposition. Kut al 10 pttrposc. Tbe Sou hcu fire-eaters a rv lie wonld be content with u >th ng Ice the exuuuging of tse olijectionaole clau8- u rt aty of 1842, aud ho they resolve t to direc Southern representatives at tfasaingtoa ti ; aoout that consummation, leic was some cursory talk as to the eucour oent ot white imtnigrat on iuto the Suutheri ?8, but that was altogeth r too seuxible am ble a plan of promoting the prosperity o e fc taws to be discusseu seriously by toe Con ion. Nothing but Atncau forced iuiurgru would satisfy theui. although if tie Nori id inti rpoee no obstacle to tbe re-openiag o lave trade, it is very doubtful t ie-< Id not be a majority of ihe Southern pe ?plt let lves opposed to it It is a question wind i s of some argument, whether, if the elavi ilatioooftbe South were to morrow iucreaw* e mil I ious,its marketable value would be great an that ot the three and a half million now u south. That is a problem whtoh we leave t >o ved by the next Commercial Conventioc is to meet at Mont&omciy, Alabama, ou th nd Mondav in May next. ^ides the debate on th- elate trade qucetioi Convention was occupied wi'h a variety < r matters, some of them being of an eqm.ll tical character. It disounred and tin ill nod a series of resolutions to the effect tha stablishment of steamship lines and railroad n* cessaiy to Southern prosperity, and the lie aid was requisite tor their eatablishmcn atncDdment to one of there resolutions ac e to the policy of the general government i iting subventions to transatlantic ste&msbi i was rejected; and in lieu of it was adopte (olution that ste-acnship lines from Souther i would be entitled to like aid on the part c government. No objection to that whea th ore established. len there was a silly and premature debate on i osition that direct taxation should he robsti i for indirect taxation?a proposition wine1 led to have no other design than to give th acre that moved it an opportunity of dintin hrng himself. A resolution endorsing Waike bit filibustering career in Nicaragua wai out any show of lavor, rejec'cd. A proposl recommending the organisation ol Arizon a Territory distinct from that of New Mexict to negotiate from the Mexican government ou the Pacific, was favorably received. Bt tu was chalked out for the next Convention i way of ptocurtng information on ?;hoc is.ou the mode of selling cotton, on tne con m of Africa, and the woutn of the Sou<h ti set to labor. Ac.; and renolutions were pa?*< minending the procuring of an exclusive tit! ie Ttbuautepee route, the repeal of fisher; dies, and the eflort to procure a repeal of th gn duties on tobacco. Finally, aeonvendo: recommended to meet in Memphis. Toon., ii . iHfig, to be composed of delegates from th L-ultural, manufacturing, mechanical arv mercial classes of the whole country, the ot of this formidable movement being?to sav U nion. his is a rmtrni of the important business tram d by the Southern Commercial Convention c r. IIow will it stand the test of a cotnrno e investigation ? As well as thnso that Lav oded it, and probably us well as those tha to come after it It is altogether a prepoi us humbug. Tax Burden of the City? tnot her Re It of the Swindling UetalaUon of 1m tnt?r. ic burden of taxation in this city Is growin ppr>-ssive that unless pome remedy l?e pre d which n il! keep it within bounds wecannc t here. A fair increaac in the taxea, if i ! in a proper ratio with the growth of th :u,d if it were the rcrult ot booestly locr> <u expensed, no one would complain of Hn e the load under which the city is stag ;*rtnf under which it must ultimately break down used by corrupt legislation and the tiagrdti iug of avaricious ppcculators. it is not to h irtd. Last year the a^psment of taxea w? 1 at the rate <>f 1.3H, or thirteen dollar eighty centp on the thousand For thl . 1K>7, we were Informed that it wool I ;.0, l?ut now It appears that it is ptil er, namely. 154, or fifteen dollars an r oents on a thousand. At this rate of in *e It may be up to twenty dollars on tb and next year, and go on growing fror to year in this fashion, with nothing bu nr%A Q nrut^K.^ tWtliAA * r lor It The conaequeoce will be that n an afford to hold real estate; but the won ire in the business is that the weight wil on the poor man. For, ua taxes on pro f advance, rente mint rise, while It b< nolo I that they are too hi^h alr<"ady. j the Infamous act" of the lawt session of oui ran Iiegialature we owe the present conditio* ie city in thin rtnp.-ct. as well :l< in relation i> police disorganization and the other de ;raoc ptaxhs which have math New York nuto i as Uie worst governed and mont unfortunate in the I nlon. ? recently referred to the fact of the dlrninishe/ e of the p< rsonal property of thii county in ted by the returns of the Tax Oommb "inner? subsequent Investigation enabled us to direc ic attention to dome of the obvious causes o remaikable decrease. The republican Sew junta, true to ltd notorious sympathies witl eyed and railroad corporation*, s "cured th a?re of two arte at the lart session of the I,* dun ?one denomin: t< d an net in relation t. 'As* lament of Tax"s on Incorp wated Com ee. ' and tlie other nmonding chapter 1.' Idl, of the Revised Statutes, entitle the Afpeshtneut and Collection of Taxes, former r< peals the provisions renderin rjed corporations taxable on their actu? tnl, by pc mining tiem to dtduct troin *uc BM. b liability ?ll than* ot stock wtiic.i tiuj may own utntSer taxable Institutions. i This law now opara en to raleaw from rwkwv t meet a large amount of personal ustak for- ""J I merly taxed, and tn the future a c-ou- u ei ruction will be put upon it, by the ^ t financial jugglers that concoct-d it, Pti'l ^ mot oueroue and opprutmive. For example, if ,itU two institution*, each podnewed of a capital of trgoi $1.000 000, hold the s'ock of the other to the tt0B> - extent of $500 000 the total taxable liability ,0^ (i be wren them would be reduced to $1,000,000, h)m| [ twairits nivoiwlw niwi-hulf nf tlm /?u??iial ? - f * pckiu IU* In' | Under the tourth section of the same act the ach cumelatious aud capital of life insuraace corn- Mi i panies are wholly exempted from taxation. We |J^r i, cannot kmj the equity ot this exemption Data t The policy of the law has been to assess per- 2ba1 tot al p'operty equally in every form in which it a might be'ound. Th-1 mechanic and tradesman r oe are tueeicfd on the sums employed in their rerpt ru ve occupations although the machinery of ?n> tre one and the stock of the other may be essen- i a I tial to their present tupport and future indet pKtdenoe. What valid rea?ou exists that aocurf UiU>atious in life insurance coiupauii-s should i not be taxed like other ordinary invent- a t meats, and made to bear a just proportion Unit i> of the pnblio burden ? To prove the 64 b practical operation of this legislation on the taxable property of the couutry, we submit a ii table derived from the office of the Commissioner uno< 1 o> Taxes and Assessments, aud which, though P?" f t mt-racing only a few of the numerous reduc- ,Dd r tions, explains the loss o' $2,385,311:? J*'" 1848 18M TaxtbU Taxable ufel 1 capital capital Difference t N. Y, Ifntoai Ins Co... $11*000 $444,188 N. Y Mte Ins U> 1,COO 000 htompL 1,000,000 > Atlkitin Mutual 78t,2B4 Mi,*16 ittt 14ft T| Suloal Life lax. Co 1.000,000 KzniapL 1 000,000 J _ ' wttt | Tnlol 63,077 420 $.02 116 62.386.311 .ban e The act amendkg the Revised Statutes re- yeli ^ stricts taxation on railroad incorporations to "tUl r land "owned possessed, or appropriated for their **** a use," and the present eeuoiated value of the 0 buildings. superstructure, &allowing for de. prrciatioa Toe intrinsic value of the grant and ^ e the origiral capital employed are conetderations utterly disregarded Our city rail- wm j roads, with an aggregate capital of $3,500 000, jf upon which, in some instances, a dividcad has 0001 y been declared of over 10 per cent, are now taxed U ^ y only on $792,935. It will be seen by the state^ meat we l ave compiled that the local city railla roadB in 1856?then actually representing Icsb ^ lt capital?were assessed on $2,157,375. making a t difference, against the present year, of $! ,164,440. Ax i railroads. ud l" IMS 1UT. indlj 0 ThiM eap'l. Tiaa'U cap'U Diffrrmee. t> tec*ad avenue.... $o*7,?W> 6>(i ?00 6407,000 P Taird avenue 66i 000 18" S66 460 144 R ,1 8tx<ba?eon? Mi .00 102 H09 84*.191 Leot H(bS> avonne 606,316 260,370 340 106 Q _______ - . ? n,UJ ,f Total 62,167 376 6*92,935 61.4M.4M e Though we cculd have furnished further prooffc of the consequences growing oat of this unwise B] and corrupt legislation, the pablic can clearly cajw understand from this article how nearly four . millions have been shielded from taxation, and *ml? Q Of 9! c appreciate the motives of those who conceived Am< and carried ont this scheme. l, r Now this Is a question upon which Issue should whs , be taken at the ncx-elections. It is as Impor- dhu j tant at least as any of those which are to be dea cidui at the ballot box. No man should be sup( ported for the Legislature who is not distinctly n a pledged to repeal these acts, and resist all future h*w t attempts to impose such swindles on the public. ^ a Not a foot of property of a railroad or any n (j other corporation, not a water lot, nor any lot baa< ( whatever, nor the property of insurance com- of & panics claiming exemption from taxation on ^ himsv pretexts. should be excepted from bearing c an equitable portion of the burden. TLis tystem xt is not only grossly unjust to the masses, but it is aufc c the source of limitless corruption and wholesale n fraud. Wc repeat, then, that it is the duty of n the people to make this a test question with o candidates for legislative honors at the fall n ^ election. We most have a thorough reform in ( this system of exempting rich corporations from m(lk t> taxation and throwing the whole harden on <he i the shoulders of those who arc the least able to btar it. >f Fmnrgras North am> Socth.?'The steam- ^' n fhip Tennessee. which arrived yesterday from e Grey town, brought the last instalment of (Illit bust' is. sent home by the Costa Kican govern- _ y menL A mist-table net of fellows they were, too. ,be t FalKtaff h ragged charge of foot, with but a ahirt ni? and a half to the whole company, were princes in purple and (loe linvu compared to these two bun14 dred regenerator of Central America, who were A , indrbted to private charity for their dinners on (** * yesterday. They went away fine stout fellows. ^ J with high hopes and good outfi's; they came track [t weary, heart aick. broken down, with hardly rags war< e enough to cover their nakedness. Some were wide ^ carried to the hospital, others paraded the streets, mW< |t depending upon chance donations for bread and shelter. Their condition is a sad commentary i upon the proceeding* of Generals Walker and lt Ilenningsen. who are to-day at Savannah, where 8 thoy are endeavoring to raise money and men ^ ^ for another filibustering expedition in Nicaragua, u>e < The confidence of these gentlemen in the gulli- offil n bilitj of human natuiv mn?t he very etrong and w** (j tbey have undoubtedly adopt' J the maxim that *" " U tliere in a n? w foollK>rn every day. Very likely j they are right, but we udvitv any young man n fond of glory to remember the price tlioeo ragged i OhbuatcrH paid for it Tl#* cart 1 Tna Coudouh on nil Snrnt>?Tni cimn or ma loai t Maranroija?Vhi ra'ted Mm I?Wlr1r4 Attorney 3 baring nodded Captain 1l>nwr, of the ?Mmw Meemoolle, Amr ibat be WTO Id require hie attendance la give noma etpla H*p? natlooa reme^ing the nollinna MfM that i ill and t'^rci 1 the propeller i. N Harm on rialurday morning la?t, Cipt 1 Brown called npoa Mr. Joechlmmen, the acting Diatrtot 41IwMT, and Hated that bta Teaael had the pmpar look oit: n . that ihere ware no l?n than three moo In tho wheel booan, atiM of wbomaaw aay light on Uia J. N. HarrU. erwpt the light oa the mixaeamaat, an,oh did not appear larger lbaa r a arty neat piece, and an brighter thaa a iter, that the look t out on the Metrcpolli wtie at llrwt unloclicd another u > waa a ahlp'a light or titer, and thai be, an-" the plln ?'??tr . I (fowl#) are rendy to mart aey laveat'gaUen. Mr Joacb liaaaea totlawtrd to Uapt. Browa that ir then waa any rrnead la impale negligence to the pilot the latter might B be indicted lor mana eoghtee on the high e tt Mn Cnuvirt. KaiMovr'n Tiriw ir Cklimikvm ?Br late ar "ad, 1 rlTalatromCaln?>fjl*WH hernthat "in thfiltiif t Onnn n f*MUI Ma 'peea oooatjr. the Inlnnr.'.loa anil of the Merre.t Mm'ng Ompaaj va Colonel Vermont wn destdrd lor the detead 1 aat upon a general deatimr to the complaint. Toe la- J* junction had prevtonaly heen dtiwo'vrd by the l>ia?-lot ^*pl Judge. The lata dectaloa of um Miprrme Court (ailif mta* f ibe order granting ibe tgjucc>t>n) dlaliuetiy dei nlae that <?' the owner of the loll haa tho right le enjoin minora from ' ? t taking gold or ulrer from the Und Ao ex ternal by -0 b fi Riddle n?gt lewoe ofCol .uM Krrmoot. against tl\o Mer- * ?*: oed Miring Company, for the celebrated man at of bta Be * ? 8 duett' n Work*. waa alto trleJ at Ihe late term of the lua- fhan l. trtct ftourl and although the de~enrt>nW mwpwet an ao?wer, in the aalm of a btl' In equity, lonutlng anon all Fit 0 thrlr pietenmnr end urging every conceivable nh,octl"n quirt to the Fremont title, after a pr erected Ulel a decree waa uora rendered la ferot of the plaintiff for the po.aeaatonof ibe print 1 and, wnb all the wnrka and I prove men ta, aad damagea roc., ' lor the deb ottoo " ryet ' - r vea i? rlVo'h I'ltiii,-The graedeat flreir'n'a pa e ewr ?1ttnv?' d in the t'n.t' d Btatw will win ed ' ' .mira, Ne- Y 'k oi. the 81 tt of Am net ** oti.-ee are rttrt i| rfered for the ho?t plajing, ranging rr?m $l,0??tt IH-l wee One hundred an' May tou-ftoici are expected pi be pre h luat. M ' THE LATEST NEWS. we Miei WuhlnKton. '4TCBH rmOK OV> 0QOa?BOfc? cms ruoe mil dauua? lhtuoducinu -fan, HMSi-Z. IbUcNkSh. Wattmsofoii, anguat is ism * liiwf Depmm?M ?hta morning rtcAW official Aw bee from dpt. BimMM, Of ?bn Manm Wple MUgem, j lie* ibe prugrma of bto ohlp from Liverpool to Oer*, ' bar an b othar mallow In ooonaotton with the expat* ' with which ?ooi read en era doootleaa weti m . Bird plain Hadaon alao enoloaad a oorraipondaooa b'twaua letr and Mr. Pallia I IB permitted to copy Mr Dal letter Lacunoa or thb Obi ran Siaiw, I liMMi, Jill) Ii4. 1867 I r Dm?r Sik-RIi Eniehency, Ooont da Penttf the French Ambaetadir at tble coon, ba creed to ma a aota itroogly urging that Mr na>crc, bydrographli en|iaaer of the Imperial i, may have, tha opportune o' being on boa* Niagara during Uir proueaa of Bubtuergtng tha Tactotc o?hln I hope tbrra ajrirt* In your or ten or >nr a???bll'he?l rnloa n-vthtug which can render w pdo- of dr Drlamarube In your nobie ahtp n the ileal daprea Irregular or id -oneaouint; and I aha* be ?d to you If you will Wlie thai gantteman to aouout you in lb* Niagara. nn<i give blm awry facility u >?l ana ai'P'ecta ? the oor aLon. jn, dear ?ir, nan re/pectfully and Iraly, your* GBO M D4Li?Ad. ptmtn Had?m replied that It would afford him the * I pleasure tn r?6t*f Mr. D leuarche oa beard the arm durt<g tue pruccs* of submerging the cable. poMel convention ha? been concluded between the ed Statee atid dim urg The a ails are to be ttchwt y meant < f United States or Hair bo g mall itoaawi, itngdbeot batween New York and Hamburg 1m oa* between the United State* and Hamburg under hu ngeneent li ten oenta the single letter of half ooaee or tr, pre payment ooitonal, and two cents on newena i, pre payment required. Tbe ratea to all countrwa 1 lace* beyond Hamburg, whether upon letter*er ted matter, are identically the tame In all ie?pe?ae as ra'ea charged via Lr?mnn undor the Unite 1 States and nea postal convention Hon* Arrival of ihe tiheraoneee, Br Juhj, N y , Augnst 11?P ML ?e screw ateamahiy Kberaonese le now a-owl d'-ti Liverpool advices of l">e 8th teat, three day* later i received by the 0 lumbia at New fork, bat bat act male her appearance. She nailed on the earn* dag i the Cnnard steamer Arabia for New York, wtean el may anticipate her arrival Tbc WeaUttr and tin Atlantic Cu>U 81 Junes N F.. \ Tbuokaph Ornoa, August IS, 184T J lh? Me of (ha enterprise for connecting thi? I4aa4 Ireland wtQ much depend npoa the character of the iber, we shall retort tbe same dally nnttl the telegraph arrive at Trinity Bay Yesterday the weath-r wee , with bet little wind from the northweeL to day It leessst and a gente wind from the week New* from Kansas. Br. Loots, August 18, INT. Ie Kansas correspondent of tee Democrat eaye thai rly two hundred ladlotmen's bad been round against one redding In the neighborhood of Topeka, and thai sen hal been arrested In K'aulltnooanty by drageeai taken to tbe camp. Rumor eaye that Got. Walker la ;*anl at Judge Oslo's decision that payment of tans is requisite quallfl stloa for rote re. i Governor Rablrson had beae notified to appeap d | xnpton on tbe Bth lad. for trial, on tbe old obarga of -patlon of offloe flews From leaUuru Afttea. Boston, Aeguat 18,1MT. r the arrival of the bark Yer on at tble pert from ?Town we bare aewa to the last of Jane, on the Mh to the 14th or Jane there were tremendous e en the coast. Ten larre vessels and a lamr nsta vessels were wrecked. The whaling berk North trim, from New London, loot two cobleo end oaoherm tilers from Kaffir land mention the extreme disuses le :h the Kaffir tribes hare been reduced by the aettlt of mania, to which they hare lately fallen victims. ewe from the Sostin W*Hm\uTos, August II, 186T tere had bees ccntlnued rains la all parta of LoniUaas d from. is Texas news Is unimportant. The papers a bowed i contradictory statements In regard to the crops. >c road from G >ilad to Han Antonio was Infested wift e 1 of outlaws, and murders and robberies were alrnom illy occurrence. m election of Runnels, democratic oandldato for Permwas regarded as certain. Klorea democrats and tee irtcane had beoa elected to l he Donate, lere bad boon partial showers la the Interior of the I, bet the drouth sill oonUnned. Ootloo picking had IttflPfttl T1?e Plleeourt KimUm, Br. Lota, Augset IT, IMT. m official ret una from r'fchty counties hare been rernl. The reported vote of the twenty-three other ittse reduces Rol lns' ma.Wty to such an exists ss Is c the official returns therefrom necessary to determine retail. Tlis Rtbrsaha KlecUon. H?. Loix. August 17. !MT m. Bird B Chapman, the d-lsgaie of Nebraska la ttss Ooogrees, has been ro tlixtid. Juellrliil IVomlnaUou, PirnjuiatroiA, Aiumat it, lit; >n. dana i'aal Brown, ci Oil* city, wm nominated by Americana to-day for Judge of iha Court of 1 nun B. A Ui??m h or rrontiM Vmmi Bone*. At-fual in, 1MT. rult claiming lift,000 damagu for an al-agad branch at alaa o( man age la caualnf oosalderabo a*.-li*man? In "eebloeable rtrelw of ll-H rtly i Im partial to tha ?U* d<*aa Irglre,at Now York, plaintiff, and Dr. oaaan ward and wira, t fondaaia Mr Inglea mot Mn. .lay 1 la Europe aa the youthful, boantrnl an I wool Jag iw of the lata A moo Blooey, wher i bo nay a ah* pi a "1 to marry him. "Hi" def> nrfaate a?e now ab and. ta I boat* and Pair W. i headier are retained for toe nea. II la thongat tba caae will ba praaaad to trial. IbMblng kulrlilc of an t'libnown Girt. PmtaMLrnu, Augnrl It, IMT i unknown girl,about twenty yoan of ago throw baron tha track of the (Jerowntown road, In adraaeo of rain tbla morning, and ma ton to piaoan She ?lef*?<? m track aa the train a; pronihnd, and then on It again, n tha train waa In* near her to ba Mopped, u wan ndaal oaaa of auirld*. Ho* toe Weekly Bank NUianaant. Buwron, Angnal U UtT ia fotlawirg ara Uia P <wiage o: our baa* matemmu far nnnd waak, aa coaparad witb thoaa of tba weak ywe v? iurvf 11. ilMNTII. tock. 081 (MO 000 Obi 000 COO in tad ditronai* 08,460.000 08,4*0 one 4* J|0 000 .1 400 000 aMdMfrMnoifcor baakn. ... 7,000,000 9Jk*M? tint do* In other butr 4,0*8,000 4,407,700 ??^oo 10 to.".,ooo oiottn 0,000,000 o.'?MOO m? iuiiui or io?w otImooi Nov (KIJ18.4, AipO IT, low. 0 death* In UUa cty during Use tail ww* were arranty0Ire In ftorfn.b, Vo. N aruM, AofMl 10, 1*01, 0 fnrr.lture itoro of Thnmaa 8o>u, In thl? ptao*, m wynd by Ore (boot 0 o'clock Uslo moral ng Uw 0r,000 nom woo onlaourort Miifcoi* rniLAPOL^r4 *ro<7* ooariv imtjinoinn*, Angnat 10, 10A7. Oka tend* renMllranla Area, 04*; Reading Rail. 84JW Morrio Umm', 02; Inland Railroad, ll\; nimU Railroad, 10*. ' N'nw <hii*AT', 4 treat |7,1*87, Hon?Hnlen to day of -WO l>al?n at 14 ^'o. a 1 An. Par llig. 1 lour ban declined 25o. Rod wheat >1 17, I lard 100. other arttalea unchanged. Naw Oat****, Augegt 10, 1*07. tlon unchaaaed. Haifa to dar, 800 i>aio?; ralea for the hree day*. 300 balen: reorlpta fhr U10 laat three day*, klaa, rkhib. '40,000 balm, fl.iur? \ dacha ng tm Y with **hw at *0. Rrd whea'., 01 'II. Mined ecu. oat* dnll at I0e. 1 retghta inarliro. :-terling eg. g?, 6* fx r 001.t premium. A.a**r. August i|_4 p. l(. rar very dull, nnd na lain* Mi flt a mark.IT beat . Mal-w or while ( ana liaa In (mail larecln at 01 70. lower and market quint. s'aloa f.t 30,<100 bnnhe'a, (pally at Oto., ailnat; oar lot* told at 04*o (lata maaaurt, for f ate, aalea or lo.iKW bunheia. New ielt? for hento demand at idle, a P2e. firmed tart lag?46,000 buehela corn. Hit aid, Anfngt l*?u .'(I p M wr nrrhnnred ?"ala* 600 bhl?. ? ?;??: ui^ for n~w 1 Oblo and Kentucky, am 0, tit tor old extra Indiana, at dep?> need?new white (Olio nit-red at 01 00 In bulk > inc.Id tol l *t 01 AO. Corn iiat?nn'-w a.obc li nihil