Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 20, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 20, 1857 Page 1
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1 TII WHOLE NO. 7658. AKELTAL OF THE IRABU. TERES CAYS LATER FROM KURWX. ' THE ATLANTIC TELEGRAPH. Saftlius of tbe Teltgrapb Fktt for Xewtonndlaud. SFLKSDU) BASQUST AT VALENTIA. Trkir>. !VniA\ HKVrtl.T. ?t$peal of ttke Oude Royal Fmity to Parliament. Dm French Press on the Indian Crisis. WRIT ? KAFOLEON AMD EUGENIE TO ENGLAND. AKRlWjT DIPLOMATIC TROUBLES IN TURKEY. Retaliations between Spain and Mexico. OUR MADRID CORRESPONDENCE. D2ATH OF THE BISHOP OF LONDOH. . ?Till KADELBINO 1?ZTB. nmi nuurvcED ntEu>mm mix. Cosw?h, OO 3-8 a !>U 5-8, Sc.i s#? Ik* OumiM iWaib:p Amblo, Copt SUAC, wtinb tefl ISretawnt M11 o'clock on Lho morn to* of Sotordoy, 8th task, m?*voJ ti hor dock a 6 o'clock tut evou.&ic TV- dow* to three dor* lotor tboc (hot bro.pht by lite CMutUo. kjooiv iho r?ooeD(em by the i-tb* to tUrtame Tree kaf. who boo been engagoU by Mr. N.bto WW-- Atlrnftn wiUcMntin ?hlt- wi. ten. U?t ?l r.Wnll. Mlbofth 'net , and the expedition bf) sailed. A* Lord lieutenant of irelnn 1 received its stive ruble fin asty <ran the offioen ar I msn of Uie Niagara ud Rsaqnoitanna, am.del eat cuth miasm. Tbo expedition ti aid to bare pel to tea shortly after lbs laadlnf of Ike oabto, bet aa the telegraph line to Valentin was not eotaglMod, we are wit toot itloinaUon at to lis progress. The monitor 41 tttglaad bad become rocj 1 and stormy, bat won rattier more setUed on Saturday. Tfce lacttb goi>ro??al bad granted acooceattoa loan Sagdab company for lbs eaiabllshment of a rcbotanos Magrapb botweeo England and ike w-stern ooatt of Wobbarei* Act* ta aoWi'og later from lodla. but tbs papen eon*>?m as publish dstatia 01 the atrorjiies rommiitod by lbs brnffMU, furnished Tram pr Irate Mrreopondeace. t.Mr eorrspno*lnot in Load00, writing on tbo 7tb of Anions, says ? t beiieeo far ntt- </tV Foe: India Ompaiy i? * on imt, co<l India ?.?U An .fori* be e BrUtiK drprnderfy Wttudtp tte In^ct.oowTitmel As teoopn seat oat aro royal troops, 00mmaided by ofltosra appointed by tbo War OOoe. The* men wit! oaly obey their own oitioera, aai ttw ottos r* enly take orders from their oommsadr.r litsttw, wbo hsjfaU powera from U10 bene guards A amtf? ey'it i/reoiii tutf hu-.t ryi ccntrU 0vrr l\rm. The Innaon 7mw of August 7, In lis city article, girns an cxtraci of a letter from Point da Oalie, dated July 2, in whlefc ibo writer menu as uie rsorlpt of the follow jig now* firm hi* brother, aa officer la the 37th Kogtoviat ? Delhi te taken. We here killed upward* ol 7,000 Sepoya. TWo kiee on oor awe la very ronatlerebta. The tendon X w gl? ea the foCowtng extract of a loiter (Mm an laJtan Oct 1 othrer ? Aoa?, Jane 17, 1*57. Onr tn?rpe are in potaeaevw of the Iowa ol Dilhi, bat the femurytou atill noM out in the rrudol or i?lncv in the Rar.hrb Ronre of !/>rda on the i*h nil. the Ml nf ( the ooibovijroai or the militia ??? read a nanend time, after a brier debate, tn the conrae or wh>eh Lard Pnnaanre and the Duke of Cambridge auted that of aria abonkl be made to Induce the renutatto aaaiberof WtHttamra to rotaaterr tor the rejruier army. Ifapofeon and Eugenie, eooooapaoted by Onaat Wniew ekl awdaamaj; ailtr, arrived at Oi boron, on a rtalt to Anonc Victoria, on Tnoraday Burning, Ike rttb iwuuit. and mom* received with a royal anlato from the fleet at Spit hand. The vtatl waa n autcUy private one, and would not, 11 wan believed, extend beyond the lale of tt Ighl and pro feebly F< tomouu. .Wary Vard A moot vigilant eurvell feaM waa krpt op in the ooigbbwwhood or Oaborae and aij evt - Me lainnd. by n atrnng force of pohoo from London Mi Para, and boat* were etattooed ol the bench at Oelm to pverent the appronota of any abore or atraajre hanto. It war thergb; the tmpnrtnl party would return to Amine on M aday. the 10th onmOan. Bebop of London, to deal The hottae or Chrr Brother* * Co , of feevraatie, ex'.en Ban colliery owner*, had temporarily auaprndod payrnm thtor Itobdtuo* were very targe, bat the aeeeta wore aald ? hn ample A ocrtooe adrenieeroeot Id a Lcrman oewapaper of large etrrulau m ha* cieited gewerai a teaUoa la net inauy Thto ndverttoemtat promtree, la Queea victoria'a oanr. *^ three mnatba' adtttlucal pay to each of the ofllcera of the into Oe. man Legion aa may apply for It at the War UOoe, to Whitehall, London The Parle eorrenpondem of the londoo rive* a rwaeer o* toe auapcnatoa of negotiatlona la the tpenieb Mexican queetloa, without rourhlng fbr Ito accuracy. WtWary preparation# .vanaued In i*palu The trial of toe throe Iiahane nrwuved ef an attempt to emanate ale the imperor, took place on lb? bto tod Tib tontoaa, and revolted a mrdtat of gntlty, wtto crtcnua Mag etmmeiaoce* in ffevor u BaruMotli and lirUH. The Qaart aanleneed Hbakli to traotportalhn for Ufa, and Bar letoW and Urllll to flfleeo year* iwpriaonm -tt. The irlal uaattid vary Uttte intern* The loodnn oorreopondnai of the Parle I*T' .* >aya that Ledra Rotltn bar brought an action agatnat the !indon tow far aa article el hid nip to him la Runoooutxi with toe reneatly dtrcovered ooonptrany. The Ptearb Mlalairr o' War tiaa 4?< ided that Kaby la <reneatly neMqoarnd) ahell r,?rm a aew military eubdl nM mm Italy we i?ara that tbe eeurh of on Raglan ?>vn?r. M whieb It *?? IU(MM Htttiir >u ^Mxocor, by tfMoCVteia at Naplea. Vilbmu ear appbmtOo tor ?o roeeent or prranorvi of toy B/ttlah authority. wu io** talked of. *od the oorreepoadeoi of the loadoo Tt?" la Naploe, bolteree thai remooatraaoe tawl b??n mm to the Saapnlllon (OTornniMt. tint wlthmi ?Hctllac any The rrnfW in Italy baJ all ?'?? eero-ed, and the wheel Knwt wan ret dfrr at an ?rpre?e ol a 'top lo t % half A enealdrr* e lo.ireai * we* a110 aotWupatcd n the <|a*nllty of ?IM H?e harvoat W eery 'a Aaatri* a general, and la the Hat at (ffemern Ha-yary) a parthmlar Oar adrtoM from Turkey a- e by way of V loana M do Tbooror'l, the rraneh Amiaaoador at CooraoMaople toi< down hi* Oa* on the 6th . bn I lafirmed the Turkish t?r*ernmont Uu?i be ahoiild'DOt leare hia poat fnr iome daya. la raid thai the aolea of the four P??wora directed agaiaat Prince Vo(torldco aare Idaaitoal, Uboufb preoented or parate l y Pi In or Voforllea bad proceeded In mplaeo tbc Metropolitan of MoMavia henaiae bo refnaed to praaide oror the I'tvaa The Porta f'?ft of ibo 6th loot, aaaoanfle* that the now TU-klth (OHnet h*.t nomnofod to deplore tbe Knldaelon olfHI'M nnll ond told, and that It prc|>o*ed to fli tbe Iktli of inyeat for th.- now eleetinoa !*??' Htrotfnrd do PedolKTe had got leoretn go to I'nglaitd rit,m 0? tantinnpio another tern#?Ihr a robcko, If Ort a aw*" U It laid, bowerei. that be will ant n>"l hi* poat attbli Jtne<"ro Twobi- d he-.' ?halboe-< leatrojvl r Br it lata .n* W.Ui or ikt'UMnallt had /P^ E : NE' ] tbe town ?f Boor, ? ad it; Trench OomsI M Bayroci bad gone to tho ipo? lo dcnaad a pablio repraaetoo of tba oatrag* Tba dtmfWrsr er Kuala returned to 8t raaeraturg ? the Vt? M<aai, after bia wtett to fterruacy. A Acepatah ftrom *4. PMerebarg njm that rxhamyl, wlih tbe mala body or btt troops, had bean beaten at iaalatavin, tearing Of dead ob the Seld, white the Eoaeten ioso wae U til ed and wouodad. Mania adrfeea bom et. IViuirthsrc etaie \?*t Roaejk Dm Diode application to tM Porte with a r.ew u eoct modiftoalkn of the treaty of Paris as wood ooo ilo ber to amploy a large number of reiso-e of war to carry on bcr proeent operations on tbo coat of Ctrcawrtn. In Portia, Mr. Morray, ibe v?gis>h tfarseter, arrrvod at Teheran on tba Tin of -one, tad was -erred with tbo hooort agreed o venire eteameh p A-ago* oat >om draw \crk on Ute och mik The arrtrai of the vfoeen of the South from Ntw If orb im telegraphed from Beutbampton to London Tba tteamablp Kbaraoneee, whlen wae to hare left lieerpooi for Newfoundland aim jftaoaooaly wtb tba Arabia, bad baaa withdrawn, baring been obartered by goeernnxat far the ooneeynaoe of troops to India. Bar piaoe in Use Sew found land tine wae to be O'led to a few daya by (be tkemablp Olmeaa, which wood be (cm ready w.tb all despatch. Tbo old i-aneatiaatte Meaner Sarah, two the Canard acres tteanter let-anon bad lUenne been taken trp for I acta. _____ (Mr RwirM Oonrrspondenen. M?oRn, tugust 1,1*47. Jf.cicnn QyrMan?French and Kajii-h Mcdiciton Ktouri /*>.*.< If a: Madrid? 6 > ra' If Kirif &><? it?CJm an t N. tfei* 1\m ?Mr Au-Aonan m.~rt * ii f at- _<ur ;A* >C m-a.aaloi??Jfr. 1M>: and Ms FtmJ'j?Sraor /.s/ny;a'l Is. t Jf< m,rarulwt.?&s.V< t Jrom lAc fMui icuA 0-.*. .1 f If iu>?Petit is Quitl?Iks r*f?o^T-iW H' ^i tu/or a Prirsfy Pras?Oeptuit Qt>i>r-al (X')icAa (Xtninj?Gift Lrnuftdi Ci-I utuaKHir<1 upon 4u Prrf? Pru'< (/ IF?ie.>-l, ?r?4 V Qvjw. The Lo.etlMQ with Mexico canliaues to be tbe order or the dey, bet it bao io* Its importance, rte mediation or France ana England beoame Hon | Here publicly a few days after tbe date of my Met tetter, through tie 1-igtUh netrepa^ert, and baa been rarloaely commented a poo la tbe Bpcntah preaa. Bat tbe fed la, j they are glad of It?they don't like to go to war with tbe CJIb.-aterr. It woo Id be gratifying to drub MexXeo?but ; tbe "erer faithful Island??'?"what will be tbe altitude | of tbe ('sited Ktetea?" These are queries which rln*e tbe rormal declaration by ! rranoe and IhgMnd that they would do nothing to protect the dpauMh dominion in Cuba a,ulnet the Cwted Slates, bare materially cooled the courage of the fiercest area 1 gera of tbe aaaaetlnukma at Caernaraca? that ia to (ay, af i the warmeet partisans of the payment of the 8pnniab booda without rertsW (Jne of tbe moat tabaenttal y>ur *sM, tbe I Ppocc, niabea a frank ooufeaakxi of ita feelings on thla tub j ,>oet at the foot of an announcoment whl- h I will LranaUte i for yon. Tbo moat celebrated ir?M? rrinr.) Mr. 8>uJc la nt ti le ; moment in Mexico, tent by the gorernmen; of the United Uses for the arrangement ot certain affaire peodiog be twean tbe two repobltoa. It ie probable tbat tbe famous ; naneanttoalat will do there what he can wHb the good will i be cberiahea lowardg^pain. Accordtsg to letteri from ; ondoo, It aeema that an expo. dttlon te prnimrlng in tbe Utited States agamat tbe inland of Cuba, more numerous than tbe Mat, and that it would present iwelf In our island under the Mexican dag. ; Ihe tnttmaie relation which tbe question of Mexiw baa ' i with that or our Went Indian ooJonles baa caused ua to see with anttafaouoa tbe turn tbe Mexican quest>or has taken , now wim ine mentation or > raaoe ana Migiaca lb peace i or war, their moral auppori la of the big beat importaaoe for Spain The H<<u Aijhtfafms, ageTernment organ, taid, a if hi . before leal ? Wo underniand that Sr. lAfrngna, the negotiator seat by Mexico to arrange oar qoeoUono with Utal republic, hai protented a memorandum in which he *eU f irth the rea mdi on the *)<le of klext- o jo jnattfy the conduct the ha* : punned to uteta oaeaUona. W o ore If oorant what the rcaooes itatrd La thia document are, hot dr ! afragoa will tin.) tt dlfllnolt to explain tho d*Ay In the puBtohaxnt of * ihe t rime* of dan Vicente and toe contempt for tee troaiy ofUM Thl* document to donbUooo the loot which dr. i I Airrgva will preoont i<rwT,oae to hlo departure, which,M I wo hero anno-, need, art!) lake place ta a Short tuna The mediation of i raa- e and England betac accepted, ! the principal* wtQ of ooano ha to nothing more to say to cacb other directly until the whole tiling lo amioeMy and boo drably settled. The do got KB ob* are remorol to the Tuilenee. Thai will bo e clog hung to the Hope of fee i < muai criobrated Monsieur Fooit " la Mexico?e counter I biMt to Uke the eelle of tho filibustering tleet all aback la ! the ca r, and a backet or oold water over tb? ardent hope* . el flhbuatertfm la general. fmta' nodo' Mr. Buchanan and hie Oebtnet mnit oomo beck egalr to the commercial way of treating the question of Cuba How much lolld currency oaa we allord W> pay for lac ever faithful Inland, aud wb<> i li the man capable of mef'ng tho -a-gain ? Sly : I* tho dodge, bi t who l? to bo dodger. The family of oar nr. ileal and ab.e Mlnicter, Hon A C Dodge. i*f? Madrid a ! few day* tlnoe to taxo tho oo?; a'r o' tho mountains at La I Oranyv, but Mr. Dodge atlU roL.aina at hi* pen la aplte of j tho taermometer i It la to be hope. 1 that this bithlbl and patriotic pubbo errant will not be molested la e position which he fill* ao ably an 1 to touch to the salttlhcUoa of the whole Court of her Catboar tUjeet) . Tnore it ao docbt of tho fket that I. mere! Dodge It ULlvertal y liked at Madrid. The animatioB and life which wee obterrabe la poOilct In Mairld, and waa re'wcie.1 la the prce* eome welt* tlncr, ba* decreased lo each an extoot that one la Irnoted to say that It bee ditappeered entlrcir. Aimtwl all the poltlloana of any dlatlnctlon have abandoned Ma drld.aod tho clrolee where public affairs were agltatod arc inanimate an 1 dwelled. Ihe thermometer haa ranged from 90 to 100 degrees fahronheK for a fortnight peat All Uto aorld dm gone to Uie re* duu, or wo mono, or tbe mineral wir ra, ud thane who reman rlooe tbr join tin, act ibe sbuttera ajar, atny at homo, drtaa la a ahlrt and alippcm, acd aoe nobody. Tbi* la the explanation of tbe dearth or aeva. When ran# are lacking chroalclora are anperf aorta. 1 cock re a valiant bent of pate otic Indignation mr Ida ' \ v. i a ' c and pnoall organ oo that ) ranee and kaftan <1 bad undertaken to aettle the Mexican nocatvm. Sura writin , however, la loo wariu rortbeaaaaon, an l Dm not been repeated Captain i.anorai Concha la certainly rjning bime. Yoo need not meatior it, bat I have It froit. good authority that Ooneral leraundl, ha anrconaor. r*ny puoolbly be found to ' have etubarked auddonty and wltbonl warning aboard tho ' mall at earner from (ladle o' tLo 13ih Inat The pvlrr of wboat Itae I'aiJer to about " W> per buahal, agtUial 11< which It brougl'. iMn aprtag. Tbe re<laclkM 1 muet itlll go oo na the now ;rop 5omr* m. II la a mnrittl' rent crop In all recpecta- mta-oae >n quant ?y and the | quality eupertor. The Ipanlah-llerkah I mhrnglto. vboottatiokii siaritvmn in ratra. [Pari* ( Aug. 4; Corroorondeoee of the I/ta ijn Time*.I < I menticoca a le w daya ago that tho qabotlon ao loag la del ate beueoen Monen aad Spa n would be 'laruwmd la } Part* be twevn tbe roproaoatati ves of tho mediating rowan . and Ummm two goveerment* It wa originally intend*! that tbe aval of the debate* ahomlil i?e .leodn, bot lb# | Freocb govern mem manlfeeted ao groat a dnei*e la ihror of their own capital that tho Itr'uab Cabinet yielded th" point. It la troe that India an i Cblca are qntte onongn In , orcopy tbo attention of our Mlnlatero fbr anmo time to ooree, aiv< they will not norbapa be aorry tn have one I affair tbo lc*o on tfcetr handa, but It may bo dootHed i | whether we are not too -ouch accuatomtng Rt rope in aee | 1 every 'mi-Trtant eon" -o debate! and der.dod In Para Tbe Ruavlan pe*'. segotialiono. aad the net tleaent of tbe qnax.-ei between Pwilaorland and | PrmaW. following eaeh tbe- at no abort an Interval, | ought to bo auffUirat for Halite vanity He itn? an It may, It la hoped that at el' evnta thie matter will be aottind Prom 40,000 to - HMlMVM realy to march into the Met lean terrte-v aa auxliiar'.ca aga'net the h pan tarda. If any 'iflvr if od the acoia of aatloaaitly bad been ralaed thry w il l have a'tumrd tho Mrxirao I Mag. and enrol od thomaoi ocaa lb clean or aoWtan. The Meclnan gtrvarnmrn femal to have no objection to a I war with Hiwin Advem mm Mndrll tho Slat of J"ly, out* that M Iafragna. lb* Meatnan voy, bad preoonted lo the Umn.ali government r nioraadum JtiitP'yiat tbe r.? durt of hla governmer, <* tbla qurwlkm. Tbe men> vran Hum tr i ho one t ailed -d to aovoral day* ago at about to be pub'lahed by tbo envoy It oompvtee* thehlalory of tbo DfpotiMlmw from hi* areim! in Parts m ibo ?r ofw -' * the Anglo \ reach mediation Id the meantime It np y.wtrn the Ppenish go*' rrment roes on with Its military prrperetlons m If ao r llsbon bat been ar*?iited The rltrril** strength of It1- ?my Is erpeowd ?ooo to >H 130,000 men, sn1 there ? in ramie In Madrid thai In.' Hoy a I fluaod.dlsembo.' - miter the regene* of t.?i*rtem after the mlMtary i?? r*<v,|l<i? of 1MI, sroull *000 be re established [Tarls (August H Cor*?i;v>0deoc? oT landau "Pities ] , It I* said In ofTtrtsi <1 .*->r* th*l. contrary to a'! nproU | Hoo, the arrangeme t y th< dlOOrences eilst ng between the Sr*nlsh and Mrr' <.OTe?nment* fcrs .^11 '> * f>' ytirfrd is n??, uf nrritiinft r<v i<^il/rom tf.-xieo j hy thf l?4 n*)U. 1 uL.0 ratno wlthodl gnarattee | leg Ms accuracy LMplnmnltr rt'lBmltlNln Wmkejr. (From the ; on Ann I'ont, Aagust 0 | The change of Ministry 1 not yet led to any mlution of the diptnmstls dt?m te? o?<?t,rg tl (lonstanunople rhe < Dew Cabinet bar or r Itor.mmon to C? instant! >ptn the Kalmacans of Wai *e?tis an 1 M< Maria, to hoar from thetr own Hps th" . ?e jour's of th? - pent rating In the prior' I* It tie*. HUM . ? ear r'.triwt on Tims,; as last by M The cnel, e?0 1 Aht'If lorm-d 14 nn */?<(&?*-are of his d' u> 1 Cnleta the while rt u?o proceeding ! are- n" d,holh??nt< , w'tb no Kuarlan am basse tor, j to I ar"( ttnnfso and he Is onun enanre I In this wrr-iirct : say.lj 'jfr M'"**t?tatlren of Prawta ami ?? T a- m tor of Keg tan I and the Austrian | r- **< P y opposlta rTnwe, Sod deplorn t da ? - r r,t y< p.,fte, which Is anion Intel (nits incests an.' 10 ronyror..iai- : , :mi.;ro, nbii*t In lU oser jna u ' scwaotft MooKtuk iff WY O HORNING BDiriON?THDIi THE TRANS iTLANTIC TELEGRAPH. CM Oabto !tac(?itfHU]r \turj>id to in* krlart Court?Matting of Um ?'iraud Dejeuner to IIm Lonl UiuUnuit Im^uatng Cwimoiiki on Atucblog <f?? Prayer tor Um Soccmi of Um KutorpifK, &e . Aa., Ate. Vte end of AUar.Uo teiegret-Li cab e van tovyaH--'y ic urrd to the Jut soaat at Vaka'Ja on W >dn? Jay, the 6 b Ditant ud on the same lay .ho sqnajron eaijed gal tautly ofr on tae.r way In NewfbcadUtod. 3eiow wo give detoiied accounts of the aCair "re? lbs St^Lab a irtab jonrnae ? ARRIVAL OP THE FLEET AT ViLEVTIA. [rr tiaraa -UiD JR?,I R*u?ar.c mar.Rare ; Vi-mma, Aufuat 6. 1967. The Niagara, dapta* Huasan; ibo tuvctoohaoea, Ckiuts Handa; the /yamensen, Oomaaader Nod "all; the Leopard, Ct^aJi Wamwrlghl, the ^yelepa, Oaptats 3a, man, and tbi AOvite. (.Ufta'.n Hay DK-nd, have arrived at Vaouila, all welt. The Lrr "Jo, I Captain Berrman aid ;be Victory, Qa? -tlayter, are a; Tr'utty Bay, where they will wait the ero"J?on, and wO ' h?n aadat n landing the Newfoundland end of the cable. Pverytbing la n complete reaimees for e'aHJag the land* log .if the 1:lah end. A favorable spot baa neca wanted | on mo id or a ai v status eay. 1.00 c i icree mrtes .rem Gahiro ?cen, and the o-era'iooe will bo 'otnmeneed koine dtaia.y the weather wH permit. The jw\ Heaietantla at Y alert la to jwngr.rate by hie presence tho cndertalciog. A grand bnoc-:oi was g t?n reaVrday to tie Lawllsiicy and toe oi< triors of the company by the Knight of Kerry Tho most complete oonfidenoj prem'to veto Uk coder UilDg. < EXPERIMENTS AT yUnSNST OWN?TELEGRAPH TIME FROM VaIiENTTA TO KDLr LARNEY. From tho Loadon Timer Angnet 4.1 tta Thursday morning at Jij "?U the Agamtmooc. eamo to moorlrgs in Q loeniicwsj harbc - a> a dlslati-jeof .bout a third of a from the .'cited .tuea frigate Niagara. vefori coon or.r end of each oablo was -arrwrd to the oppoa 'te sh p, and so .-nod .p tr to "orm .. gocUct.ocs length of 2 100 mJei. both ends of which were os board the Agamemnon. Ouo end wm ther. connected with the apparatus for trammAtiog the electric correct, ana an a sens tlvo galvanometer ba ng attached to tho other end, the wool, oabie wm tested ircm crl to end, and round to be prrfr?t. A* these cpe'sVoEf had wore 'a* tut* the tight, the arrangemetie for attac' iDg the reerrii r '.rjrr n#ents tt indicate ? gut arero left to be compl-eied .a it morning. The stnonnt cf elocir.o newer ievetope..' a? tho firther and, and nfc b'ted by tfr. WkHeht>jr:a magneto electronic or, | amount d to an .Uracil re forno of t? only. Ore graim. A*, three grains are a sufil-vent force to raiord .nvdtlgiblo j si; uala upon the receiving apparatoa, it w.l! be perceived , that a considerable turp'oa of eleotric power reuatns. a ' oonvinomg procf, if any were need td, at once of the: r feci integrity of the oa.le, and no less uf the aareful a Up Utlon or scientific means to > *.e desired u: ioct. t.'n resuming the ope-atlone 00 Friday moving it waa : found that all communication was cat off, and after under- j rtinclsg the portions or cablo lakl oat between the two 1 ibips, it was isoerlainod that ote had boea completely ! tevered by enter foment with the mooring c tug as daring he time the Agametncn was rt .nging with the tide, and ib&t the other Dorti'.m wm so io.ured from the same cause a* to be onCt for nac. re-ring Friday the offlcora of the company were re.-aged in releasing tho broken wires and re couneotir the ondu rtor*. On le-eata-'ilthtiig oo-.arinieatimi between ship and ship the tranir IssioB of electric telegraph messages I through the e.d'.rc kngthof 9,6001 lloa wm immediately oommebord, and pi -?eded aatlifactonly du.-tag La j whole #*" Saturday. ! In carrying the out each term nal stai on or end of tho { cablo wm separately concocted * th s' o earth, i m Is usual in lines lad out in act<atJ length, and the a*-:triclan Detoi that a considerable later- j si-, of tlmo elauaed during the paauge of tho current, the amount or reta>JatloB bemg c .ua! to ne.rly aoeoend and three viartcra upon ear); elortr ral wave or signal Yet, notwithstanding this, it wm fo nd that three signala could bo pradically and mteiUgib'y trans , mlM?l in twe saooada This oonfirms the accuracy of tho previous oxperln>6B(a made tpon shorter cltevils of wire, j i t>.. v. hlch 11 had been demonstrated that several waves or ! or?-t- - force ran ooexlet in a long un.roicen length of completely insulated oondu-niag wire and ye*, rca-it their terminal deettoatioa with soOwnant interval! between iham j lo record Intelligibly the Indications tbry are intended U> 1 oonvay. i TLa battery employed oooaiaie of a vo!ialo sarins of 40 i cells, the platan of wbleb are 'armed lann 'y <>t sine i ; ud plat n'wed gl|M, eacb anonl nlno Ir.rJie* *q>iare. The i czrttlng Ibild or me Hum in simply dilated eni^barlc Mid. the Umifb* oetalning whloh are swung upon a gimballi.d frame, 10 prevent the f aid from te'.og waehod oyer the | i connect lout between call and cell by the noUm of the tblp Tne fwoe develop d b\ th's battery m tie direct aot ? Is so . - ?t that a piece < r iron three - t <* long and three- t eiguta of anmcb indjtmeter oao be entirely 'oeromed tn J | a low trmute* by tbo beat deyriopee on rttain'ag the two | { i?lo* ol'the battery s'mulUueoual/ In oostact with It. The batiery current thus generated la, boworer, only j the primary agent In the act i< telegraphing throng) the cable, and la surly oao I at a meaaa of ladw-tag, through ' the id ef electro magnetic eleefcdefty, a currant a , su'table 'barader for bring IranemUled through soeh long distanwr. The electromagnetic eiectrtr.ty actnafly em pljyed Is obtained from large induction, whloh are ' Ronetru' ted in the fiDowing manner ?Around a hollow | cylinder of sort trcn nearly lye fort ,ong le wound with great regular ty a ten th of several thonsande yards of i thin copper wire, lasclalod with silk wrapi**! by mctum of machinery roend eyery portion of the metal, and m ich lets tn diameter than the conductor oawlltrting tlie nentre of the cable, to die end of whinli It is join*! up, and of wbleb it forms s nootlonons part whrn required for uee. Ilsih lay or of this men ated wire Is oororod with tbln wsied paper previously te the awlieahoo of lha sucoeed .og layer, aad the whole, when completed le sr.rroauded wuh sheet guMa peraha, applied so aa to 111 It e<p.aliy on all sidet. Over tbo interyenlng gutta percha le thou wound a shorter length of copper wire many limes larger in H j smoter than the previous length of ih I a wra, but >nsu- f lated In the same manner. The estremlty of this latter wire la brougl-1 into wmi > Uon with the battery by means of a key used by the 0|>> re tor lor the trees miss, ? of signals In each s inscno/ thst not only can the circuit be mude and broken si p'eas ire, be'. that la algaaiuag a di?Unt alnH -a by the uropl* pro- ' tocrlly after four o'clock the Kdtght of Kerry eater te-ned Lie Kioelieacy lb" Inrd Ueuteenai (the l?rl of ! Carlie*, late Inn I Horiwtb) nod a anmli*r of ..?t og.Hnbed gentlem- a connected with lb- (real nntlerUU'a* ud with , the county of Kerry al on el"***', it/i./irr, which lock . plane In a large torehouae ndirlnlng the hotel of VnlenDa. The itorehoua* wao tagged epectally for Ihlo ooon ; j lion with opIoBd'.d aitb* of aiaUt from Ue riiwio quar , I rtoa ob ibr rotate* of the kalgtt 911 the mland, | i ud ibo table* al which the eo:i_,wny eat were I j formed of tbe Mm* materia'* The nana war i Ttry baadaomaty dprorated with wreathe of Oowera | and erergrerne,! *? , and a|?vrTT4*'* mntioea, aad preaealedafery taatefnl an* brtlllaat apnearaao* Al the i ea i of tbe room the worda of the Irian welcome, fVo.i AftO- ftUMr, were p-oanlaeatly displayed, an! al adiber aide of the wall, miwedlately o*rr the Chaivnan, were ) piaoel tbe national Hare oT tbe tailed Slate* and of tbe I t ntieo Kla> ?tn with the letter* "J B " t Jaatee Ba*.ha ; aen) aad ' V R " fYWiorln) eaotcwed la haaleom* ' w -rath*, aad placed .odor tbe rropoillye 3a?i. tbe etal* . of wb oh were nallod. Hie Kb ghi of Kerry preti led the rice ohalrt i>elrg ori ea pled by Stephen V luge raid am William T rroab.e, I 'ailla reply to the beaiib or hit Fxcelleney Uw [<or IFJeutei Bant, lord lUaieoa eald?Mr Chairman, ladle* and gen i tlPBirn, I Key to return yon my very hearty ihank* 'Or the bonor yue hare done bip la ao kindly Irtnk of my health. I 1 bolero, a* vo <r worthy Cha.rmnn t.a* already hinted, I that I am probably Ibe I ret 1 nH I. <mt. ian' of Ireland who 1 ryer aoprarce upon tht* loyrty Mmod Al all event* ao I lord linutpc uit could bare nome aimmgat you on an eoraaion tlk>" the preaent. Amldit all the >uet i pr'. le aad lb* xtirleg he pot which rlnaler rojad [ the work of thl* week, wr ought etitl to remember thai we i I muit (peak with ibe modaaty of Ibo*" who begto and not ' of thoae who ri-wear. eineriment (hrar. .ear), a* ! It he i . b'oroa u* to remember that lite pathway to great a htpre m-?u i.aa frequently to be b"wn out am>det riak* and dial, ultiee, aad that preliminary fhilure le even the la ? i abd robdIUoa if BlttBdUP (lead rbeere ) Pio d , I 1 rore, wbalerer -ilearpointmrnia may pnaelKly be la More | I bkviI yH liwtnuat* in yea thai la a hh" U i* It would ] be riaaiua |p feci dlMouragem.-'at ,'tJi?w ) la the yery > 1 doelgu an I endeayor to eaubtlab tbe Atlantlr telegraph | 1 ; there ' a mutt enough of glory. It lr I'ue If It only be an ere* of malag an i deprraaing tie baedleer Uiiw key the ( i-perator norer ?eoJ? two currant* at.ccemleely from the . ' tame i?M of the ba tery, K?t tranamit* alternately nega Uy" and pceltire e'eetr'flly The followlr phenomena | are derctoped la the apmral ; Una deerrlbe-t wbeti aat la motion. The current- generated la lb" rottnlc aerie* paa* ! Imply through lb" thick wire between pole and pole of ' ?ur mnry, in ur. r .r wni -t'rwr.ij HWTrn 1MB hollow cyllrdor of i/oo into powerfii electro ">agitoi,the pcaUina of the [?>in? of which moy bo rcre-eo I with on h alteration In the dlree-he of tho cnrrral through tbe ttaleji wire Tho alerter magnet Unit 'ormod rearm opoa tho great teinrth of the thin wtro wound rourd tho cy 1'adcr, ladoo 1 lag In II eoiront of ri??t*> magm-tic electricity i-owomi'I of on energy adc<i .%ie In the length if coble It M re-jolrod to po ? tbnmgh ft will be aceo that the nature of tbla ane-ini:a-y cufort ma> ho cared at will by the employment oi batu?rt?i : dtfl'erh'g In cbarso'.er m my be found nrst nulled to th# ! rccaalcn), anaahcd tc tho ihtr.tcr or primary wire of tue . oil. and that farther, aa Ute cnrreut which pome* Into 1 , the cable la <w1gtnally generate I In a wire of only one- , r.rrrtb tho area of the ma'n conductor, n<> III edeet con 1 cccur to the conductor, whiih m'ght remitt If the oattery ilaolf ware tn direct conaettlon with It Trnvitlca hariag been made in thit manner for the It.rough traanimaalon of the o'njtrlo rarreot, the ad tp'ahoo of ao tootrnmeot amiable to the in iteatlnn or reewdiog ?f 1 a.gnala la (imply a matter of marbaalnal ingen Mty. and any of the or twill re indicating or recording ,n? .m mta 1 oow In uae may be employed for the p-irpo? The form of iratronrx nt at preaeoi uaed for drr?lopiog *veala br the Atlantic Telegraph Ctro|?ny ta a modi lea ten of the well known marking inote> meat uren'.ed by Trofeaaor Vk rae Hit Kjtce'loncy tbe lord l.'mtenant of Ireland who In tri.da In be prertnt at the atarting of the etoo-lit m from Valrntla. rrrlted at the Hallway Ilmrl, K.llaraey, th.i day (Monday), ail after partaking of an ertertaiom-ot glrc* to ho ln,-d?btp ' rd the reprcreifatlrea #f tbe htleatic Tele graph Ori tpaity by the dtiartor* of the Ureal nt'oro j ami IV talent Kai'.eay, 'ittwet <wl hum i.eic'y <m t"' i mmcy lie ?:u riiot'fl ;t-> f .Trt # Jk' UK|L1 of Urn, 1 rl g 1 a EK H ,SDAY, AUGUST 20, 1867. the opereloa of attaching it* Uiore or,i of ibe ooMo tc 'ho i Irlok sou: Itr. kte?y an lalu-ntae) -,wbMr of ho noo? 11 of i'Jewfeandland, In tLe at> onto of the Utern v Got oral of that pre t'.toe, who ? ua Otdly prevented 'rota a.tending. ?u ako rrueid and wUI awrft the oonutoonmeat of the treat wet Ine IVI'Jit, and Irith ttacne'Jc T iiegraph Company art pr.rgrrtticg very rop'.i'y wi.h the ere hoc tt an ever ground tie of ieVgrapb tV op the highway between (tUlorney and Vileait. f< r the venue of oonue Cr.g tho avUMeit laUl invikbt atr.l'w .I'k 'ka itl..tU#akl. at Ota i fl r AJVI1UQ evn-p oa|??v. my m ,?J w.*M tilTI WHUHVWIl"V ? Utter plane )"j u'su 0/ at b aide* an arras, eirieut entered Into ">ctw?e3 tie rr.agnetlc and aleetrie companies, uhe whole of the lines ? lie three I'jftai, iOJWO miles relent w'Ji be available for she rapid trammi ia>on of '.rt*l?g?we ?'. ?? Cnrrpe and tbe /merieaj oorXiaef k Tbe llae la aroa-Jy completed '<eroed '<i! (orglm, where Uto Magnetic Ooxcpezy turf ? *:, fated a tern wrs?jr it* _on Tie er re ttricgt -rjn.tar a ea&on vt Valentin -a e- ' neoted to be oompieioo tty .he ir.-fiie of nest week, wban 1 WtaWgrnoe ae te tbe progress raw* a 'jitbe paving <wt of j me cable r 11 be latly reer red and aent * reard it Mr. ' 8bward the secetary of I he oompeny, who wil remain . there with the #! * of n an.r: laaors jiCI the ocmpMl'm * of the .ndertaSnf a' AND BANQUCPAT VaLENTIA. j From :l>e Dublin Fraeu,&n'e Journal, August 7 | t At fire o'crick 0" rnraday u*Tntijf several of tto dire:? ore of iLe ?rent Soamerc and Weib'rn Kail war, at . mid taxied by a bo ly of tro di?. lore or tbe Atlantic i Ts>?grapb (xc.any to:;; ao?r.b? r of wjientiflc gnftlimru, ) <ott Hl 'Mr^y for Vslert a,and arrived at the (eland?a t ants'<f t f 1'iirly f rty s?!l<w? aftrr u delightful dft*o ' through an exlr ?H<iy b- .%tfut t.n-1 ptcvor<'?<pw oonntrr. Xfci crcrtrry ard ail' nilnn of tbo directors were div-ply felt ard warmly aahrew'.'- Ired by tte gentlemen oonra t d w'.ih the Athiittte Telcyrai>h Ox* -any and i<e solen irto i-f jie, t.? w? I ae b> ?be rerT-iwnt.?Uvai of tbe Jrtab, <jf J f.e 'm?i;rea aid. < f tbe Liverpool prctw who were proee:.t attempt, there not be quit* tough or profit. 1 hnpn that w'Ji dome too. bet there is enenfh or pubbc eptrta, ?f mo for reien-e lor cor country, for the human race, a! meat to ndioe in themselves. faiwever, upon this rocky froa'del of >?uo.l, at all areata to day. we will pre- , nmo up-in success (Cfceers.) We are about eiibor by ihla sundown or by to morrow's dawn to establish a new materia. Oak between the old world and tbe

now. Hear, bear.) Moral links there hare been? j bnlcs of raoe, links of onmmerce. finks of friendship, links 1 of hterat <re, links of glory; hot tola our new Onk, Instead of ivpersedlni; and supplanting the old ones, Is to giro f them a Kfe and an Intensity which they never had before, j let-.d cheers ) Highly aa 1 value the reputations of those , who bare oonctveJ ant those who hare oonlrlbuted to j carry out this bright design?aa it l wish that 10 many or 1 tbem bad net been unavoidably prevented from being amongst na at this mom wt?highly an I estimate their J reputatloee. yet I do not ompllmeat them with 1 be idea j that they are to eft&ce or d m the glory of that Columbus. who, when the large vessels tn the harbor or Cork ynwWrda weighed taetr anchors, did so ,iust i 011 that very day 3fif years ago?It would have been ' called in Hebrew writ a y?ur of yee?a?and art aall upon | his plorkrai enterprise of dlroovery. They, I ny, w II | , not dim or efface hie glory, bet they aro aow firing tho > , last ' Dlah and conenmmaUon to his work. <Tx>udc!>e?ra ) . Hliberto the Inhabitants of Um two worlds hevo esao elated perhaps la the chilling atmosphere or dlatan-o w llh t each other?at a aort of bowing dlatarce; hot now we j can be hand to hand, map to grasp, pniae to poise. (Cheers.) ftm link which la now to connect ua, Ilka the lnaect In the lnunortal couplet of our poet, while? Kiqcl*fte!j flue. Peels at each thread atxl Uvea along tl.? line. (Cheers.) And we may 'eel, gont o en or Irslsnd, of ( '.ngiatid and or An erlen, who may happen to bo preset, that we nay lake our ataad here open Itoo extreme rocky lodge of our beloved Ireland; we it wore, lento la : our rear behind as the wars, the atnfoe, and tho blood | aired of the elder ho rope, and I fear I may tay of the j cider Asia; and we may pledge ooraelros, weak aa oar t^ency niay bo? Imp* rtect aa our poa-ers u.ay ho?in- . ade-ioate In strict <'.iph>mettc for. t an oar cri*(.<t- ; Pals may t^?.vol to tho (ac<- of the unparalleled I 1 ctrcuoM lancet of the plnoe and of the hour?tu the 1 i lma.edtste netghboi hood of the mighty vessel* whose *p- ' \ seeranoo may be beetUTUl on the wehirs, oren ae are the Teet np n the noon tolas or lhoae,who pr.-wih tho gospel of j MM? as s homag dustothat aerei.e acinars which often affords hi. hor and bol?r leaiona of harmony and . pool will than the wayward pax. Ions of mm are always i apt to learn?in the face sad In to- strength of such ctrci mat auras let ns pmtge mirseivoi to eternal piece *> tween the okl world and lbs uow (,'xwd cheers). Why, vrntlomca, wb .t exenae would there b - for m.sua ler Handing What laaOflcaOoa could there bo lor war, when tho dlaarmng meaaagt, when the foil wvpiaanlloti, In u tho genial ud healing ooonael may b? waited even j acrcwa the mighty Atlantic, quicker than th<* imbaain a path and the I'.ghlnlog't daab? Chrera ) 1 foa!, gentle ! bkd, that I aba.I hott embody tho aent'tnenla whU.h I a n ? m i'tviiO' ibla entire MMf? the acutlnienti mat ' at u to I'll om|?ny and th'i huiir?If, after having ! dram the health o( the grotle mlttrrmi of the Brtt>?ti laianda, 1 bow call r.pna ynu to ilstafc. w lb ,?>uron!ai honor i, to the laeting friou'lrbip of the Brliiab kalaotla and of i ai?rlra. aod to tho h< aHh aod welfare of tbo Pr kl.Jrnl of the t (tied Htatee < im.d and protracted obaor :>g ) The tonal having ' "o dnly b?no*.?iI, I?r. I'aum, of the Niagara, baring beea I nutty aalled m, ret trued thaaki r<T the niairie la which the mar bat t been drank lie obeerved that tt* ureal work which the j were laaugorat'.eg wntild form a l??ri of an too ?>o j tween Una reentry and A.nerV*, and be beloved over/ . Amor Van uraa moat nooraly ani oua that thai uaiio i ?hm lit Be fl*m end lading Kvnry irtnfc thai paatkd aloog the Atlanta leiegrapii wunll aerre *o i cf rr**ot the tialon between the two Minlrlce Heeoulu j ar*i;re U ?m, on behalf of Cnotaio Hjlron and the r?C| , rera of the Niagara, thit they took th* ?r. eieat 'shrren la | the undertaking?that no'hliig woall be left tiodooo <? thwir part la irnmole It, aa 1 Uut iVry were alnorreir ani tuna for th* eocrcaa aud proajrirtty of ihec :tn ,ian:ei ,'bea-) i H treated be VMM at leaat be per* itkad to ?ay, that not ' the leaat intereating feature la the itay'a proc.*ximge, to ! h'm, waa the preaeeoe oftho nvhteroae who row aim'nl- j tor? d the i Vta or Ireland, and wb?, be might ray, via 1 the aery ra1 JCrgltab gcwJ?mau a bo apoke andwraeef the l'nir-1 ?ir?ea or America with the Mailt* of a pbikwopht r, aji'i the benevolence of a pb'laalhraplit (bear, hoar). MYlMi TlfK CABLK. A' a" aar'y honr ov Woduea lay m mtur *"*e otl partlea preceded to vlett the Amer man * nam frlrate Niagara which lay at anchor ia the harbor during the night, and were ir.oat onrteoualy receiaed aal abawn rotwel tho lateral i?rte <* Hiia rtagalVeat aen*t<l by itaoiBoera. Abort twclre n cloeh hie Metierey. accompanied by the knight of Kerry and the memi-em artM Knigbra family, arrived on board, and were MNtfM by Uaptaui Had ton, and bad an oyportaaiiy, during their tiay, of wiUemiog the operation ef the mwMnerv ar- .. raaand on the deck for paving out the nable. Tbie mi ehloe'y la beant.faliy contrived, aa t la to arranged that * by the mere revereel of Ita artrr the cable may he paid u cml or tu.uled la?the ad rant .go or wti.ntj la ton ob.ioaa to be dttailed. II hw atuchd to it t dm;'loac1 power Ittl cheer lever, by wb cb the aucsuau ran reguia ette '* raptd ty w ih who' the nable ta paldont with the ,-reateat a eelv, re ttnp It iJtogether by diTiwelag or locrwaatng the Motion or the cable am t re. ore Two d*i tadlealera, placed id axlapmtt "o. abvw to the mm ta ebarge of thtr cheek the rate 4 which tl.e Mil,) la r*ag, aad the rale at wb.-h the cable ta rxtag em; and 0 ? v ry mi'ie ror.tr1rai>or eeablca bim ?o to regulate the e latter aa that both rbonl onrcenp > I (ireat adi,,.ra*iim 6 war "*preaaed o; t' e aT.ngwi-.'ntaint the perfp-i.oo wiib pi i h H worked, by many at tlm f laaMrcganileninii who i nam ood it during Urn Jar bhorlly nflor ore oVJork a boat, troll manned from ihe Au.Kf ?( Tf?#n|, ? w ?> down, ul ore of the pvt'te boa j bi ?i? of the loopard. with a erew. war placed t mm*4, lately iMtrr the !< rn <* the Niagara, wbr a the porauuc ot pay* J 'if orI the ah vi on I ot tlio imWn r anmaornd Iltr k< rel- | lanee ha tent before dttrmba*kod in ?rdor In ho at tba piano of landing In ?itt.o In reontae the table i 01. na bring br?a.ghi U> ahora. Tbo proper MmpUaeat hating boon eotlcd m the boat. a nfoad paddle Nit ; boot betngttf to Uio ??mi *?owri ick her plana, wf irh ia 1 rn ?M aueonadnd a boat from tbo ihu-pw amia After n?e fawjr.obanna ibem namo up a larj'- rtaamt'if, Urn WMIng Mint ?o lite dork of whlrii I about m n.wb of the oiblr traa r niod ?a waa planed la Iba other three hoaia 1 mar add ihal Mm rrrUtrr .ndai of Ibe mochtoery indtnaled to Ihn ja l ihn MK00(M , am *rh boat, at J aa iba boaia trarn aooneawrelr la<lan Ibiy a <we roanor ad with ttrroig to* ropaa, aad tbn A'lairalty amain revel, tba Adtioe. MWM op to I low thorn to. The boota ?a*a at tbia lima itaoa ar , rang< t ?Tba Adrtee taking Iba load, baring >..i hoard Mr Kaymoad, matter rommaadant ; l?r. ?????*. j K N ; Mr PKmartng, of Urerpool, aad Mr Ijogio. af i.fanyow, d rmiora of Iba A lanur falagrapb <k>m gajtv Mr Job. tf Urerpool. who wan latrij mnaabar of j tt.<i Nr.wtvia. land gc . mamoni and wbn r*nr<maoted the ' oniony no Urn oeraalna, tba Attorn*/ Meneml nol Um Piaaklant tf Ua Oonacll ant bring a-,la to au'l'l. tomn'liir Carton OTmoor, ona of tbn director*, aad j Mr Howard RrlfM Reoretarr of iba MtgrrtK! Tala graph t'omnaag: Mr. Wiiiiaai M uightna, * dlrr< tor of the Wrral Rnulhern and Wnalnni Hailatr; Profnaaw of Now York: Mr (A Morrr, af tba Maw Vork f*> ! Mr llbfrj Of Ibo Ureal tnothrro ami Wnaiera Ka'lway; j Mr .loon Mullallir, of the Na* Yo?a Haa?tn: (lam j mabd'r Chadr, of thr Hi*\ir iw. Mrag Mr. laronaMi- ' lony. (nna'l Ibr I'aragua , Uaetrnaoi rb'm[r-i? R. N , | who nad Ibc anporiotetdancr of all lha t>gitati hiair on lagrd In Uta work ; ami I mitrnanl Ro)d of tn< \Jin j Ih.i A tr iro I't on .(ran and ?lne?y towrai on ih" Ik>au, I wh.i-b wore arraorml In lha follTW.og ordor ?Tho Amori U nail hoala, inanood wtth rowert, H.o iw noakaof Ijo u lOnpard, ihe .Wiai'iotionoa a boot, ao-t iba Wiling MmJ, u ialt'0 with tbo aahle Imraedia'eljr on Ui' Adrton got f ting Into tbo Wt hug Mmi bncan to pay oat o ibo caMt, and ibo mn "<7 thua proceotol not I t Ibo portion of tbo eth'e oo1'.?d on bar daoa. n ahoot * mile tn length, we? tell to the hep. At ttiie | mi inert the acne wen nvwt ?oim\ 1d ned ni*r??, lup A (r|r num -er "f txwui nod prWnu ywhw eirered the ?y, the wniere n( wli fh w?r? t> *n> nh m i mlrr ir, iw *eeth" t-erlBt piTin^ly r.leere-t rip ?t> >ui loi r 9 m yrvrrel of the boata h-i mf ng to th.< ?h.,ie ci.fe*.> I n ibe ! prcreedlnt, with oWio?m On ooM, n*npod el ref?l?te<1 '' Inter\nlr, rowed on eeoh elde, dim > ?( the opoee tine* enl wWhint the pewnp mil n?<- Wtiliec Hoi hevttif peid off her portion of ibe able m* e?me rono I t? (be front, ihe ?nter hi cimdif ebnil >er nod took the ^inoe of Uie 11?le?, ?h -n had, ell wnvigh, j tendrdth* expmlttlne 1,'notennnt Tooib;woo, eh> bed hern the pert/ to pletu lb<< ten no 'he etwre n? lie point , wbrre the onenrttloh otth >1 u 1 " .re* wte to he mod >, I iw took the neer'oi - , ai ' ?. i ! frtm oo boerd the Adrloe nni no' roped to?ei i id he hoet* ot the U-operd to the ee ' i / tthi't e * -hied *' ihe ir.nanit b e R*eejl?- r ' r' I t, lord H(i?hor eh He r flr v * ' I rhMUnrr tie Cpr-y t wef. i ? wa? f.f I. 0 Ut?',ito .i > ? ^ ERA mooter Re iev?ml Of tbe ahlpe' boat* urrtd, and about I St.**.* :bc WEnr.g Mind dropped o'l tbo wifc r havh?g> -omc Ic > ?ha*luw aid or?o <>f Ue ,Aii>ert< Viate -Doh hot p4a..o ImaoH-leiy, lit front of whtob wan a W'K M-lorging to inn M.igara oo<>t .iDing the fc.'-owlr:g offlc.ort team ? O'rooianJtsr ivuur* k, Leuh nanl W. D >V biting, lioutoiui t tJ eat, LJentes:*at Well*, Mr. If fridge, porter, a>< 1 Mr. Chart ? Bright, wcglueer-lb clddf o U?<' At mnUe Telegraph Company In a '00 mtniles ho 'Oi*r,i(*i no..: touched gro tnd, ind the American latiora, beaded by their o:'oera. and a.del by the moo of V Sot ueuaan* and Leopard, ?praoit tome ou alio 0 uid o'tbnra In the water, and re'Jng the end of the a'ne ruined cp with II upon tbe beach. Bore they gere met by tbe lord lieutenant, to wbum tbo oable van banded by Cbmmander rennxk and lieutenant VbiLug. Ilia Excellency aeued ibe mpo and pulled 1 y al ti for aomo c-.inuleo, not atopptng until t bad been tarried a oniMorable distance up the bore. Several of tbo gentlemen present, indood, nearly all if tb?m, alao aadated in pulling ft up, bo ok oigur to tako t part to ao great a work. rbo rope waa then depot>utd n a channel which bad boon dug '>* that pjrpaao, and !ta broupbt into the tent, where tbo battorioe were lsad. Hla Excellency conpradilated Commander I'eanocd nt tbe aucotaa which had attended tbo aomnMneement of he creel work, to wblob M10 ittiant oSijer replied:?1"I met that In tbe courae or twenty daya we will bo able to UMtooB otbo oonaumn>aioti or tbo mirrixga." A Pro eetant clergyman, ?? of hla Kxeelleacy'i nhaolaine, woneo name 1 oocin not aiuertatn, then rear tbo follow ug prayer:? t maim By ikure i*?K?"d to laying down tliecablr arrw* '.be Atlaa'.l 1. O. lternil 1-nrd Ood who alone rpr>o??Wl oat ibe k teveas and r.le* Ike rag4-* of th* turn who hast 1 impsnrwJ the welore wttb boinuln till davaad night some to an end -vd ?b>n ike wlrdeand ike tea obejr? Ww>% down In mere. ^ we leaseeh riare. ar?t let oar prayer uornd belore?bi vdtha cvptabee. I linu smi ecsnioanded and enoooraged us in all o-ir w t?i to ark mow Mft'' Tbee, and to oommit our work* to Thoe Vrrt. Ill S (t ?*trl. HV lit Ttaott hast graciously promised nxlrect our path* and in peeper our handiwork. We dwlrn now lo took op to Thre; ard, believing that with run lbySefp and htvw*h>? aothtgf oan peoaper or tprtal, we hun.bly OMMMttli Wtrtc, and all who are engaged In It, m thy --Are and Rtitdaaor, Let It please thee to grant to ua, thy errante, > !? out and power to complete what we barn heeu ed by Providence to undertake; ana being begun and carried on fn the iplrtt of prayer, and In dependen-e npou Th?e. It My t?sd In thy glory, aad to the Rood ol nailona, by pro mot ng the Increase or unity, peace aad concord Overrate. we iiray thee. ?ver/ obstacle, and remote every diaiaolty which ?0'Id prevent as from succeeding In thU Important u.utertak or. Obetrol the wUtdP and ll-e sea by Ih/alutighiy power, and rrant ua at.rh ratroiable wea her that v.? may Im enabled to ay the cable aateJv and eUeetually. And mav Thy hand of (tower and m-rcy be so arknn* ledRt d by a!l th tl the language tt every heart stay be, "Not unto ua, O. Lord, not mt'-n na, tut unto 1 by name aire Re ry," that so Tar name mar be Hal wed and m n* and by int. Finally we beaiech Ihee to implant within r a a spirit or ly and childlike de yeadettee upon I'her and lea h us lo fvlas a ell aa to say, "If .he Utrtl ai.l we shall do .hit or tha'. Hear tut O, Lorn and iitawrr ns In these our petitions, aur rdlngio Thy promise, for letton Obrtat'a wl?"-.tmni His I xeellency bere said?lly Am<, Kngttah and Irish I mods, I feel at tn< h a moment an this that no lac[uage an t*> tteooru'ng e> oept that of prayer and praise. However, It is allowable to any huioiui Pus, Uiongb Uiey bave not be-'n specially uualtflod for llio oiUte, to raise ibo ascription of "i.toiy to iio>l in tbe hlRbeet, on eartli peace and glod wt'J lo uien " (t'boors > That, I Irolicvo, la utr ?pfrt In which tb'.s Rrcat work naa been undertaken, and d la this reileetioo that entourages me to feel confident hopes of Ha final aucoeas Hoar, bear, an I loud obeers.) I boi ere that tbe great undertaking now so happily begun Win IUMIJ KICftI UWUIO 'II V ?IU, of catknal policy, Mid or omplni (Uwr ) Bui there la only vlow in which I will proacnt it to Ihoae whom I have the to addie*a \ >a are nwnro?you mnatknow, nome of you irjw jour o*u oiporienn;? many of your dear trend* and Hoar relati ve* liavo left lliotr native .and to receive lio?pitlblo aMtor In Amer; ea. Weft, then, I do not expect that all </ joe snderdand , the wondroua by which thla ureal i;nrierta*;og la to ho ear led oc. But tlita 1 think yoo wUl ah of you umJcrmand. If vou wished locotnaiumcab' wms nlero or toteingr-nne atraight way U> your Mauve* iu-r n* llie wide worlo of waler*?If ?ou w'shed to ton ihuae wt> m you Wn<-w tl would Intccrt in their heart ?f b'art* of a birth, a n?nrrlage, or, atnvl a a death aa ongtl >011, the livUe cord which wo have now hsuled in tor bo. t w'll Impart dial ti lie/I'lulrie-thx* the .a*h of the itgbtn'.nr (loud cboera ) let ua Indeed ht jev- lot ua pray hat the hope* of Ui<*t who have under lakou tbi* great otmjra may be rewarde 1 hv tta enure *ur cea* (checrrt ;and let ua hope I', nr.. that uila Atlantic oa'i.e will unly in all future t me corvn a* an emblem or that ?tii.u| co d of love which I ir.ut will a1 way* unite the liil* *.n UUniti to lb" great ooutlnent or America. (Hear ) And jo.n with mo ta n>y teivcnt wtaV thatUie great wtvor of a:n?ord, who ha* enabled acme of HI* icrvanta to discern no much of the working of the mighty law* by which tie rule* the un'ver*e, and pervade* each aum tn It to aucompl'rh tb.a wonderful work, will rcribcr ro h!ee* da operation* a* to make It ever more lo *erve the high porimae of ihegotd of man and Hta o.,u groat glory (Chteia) Ami now, all my frlcnd,a? there can be no pro,< ct or i.tiuoriaklof which ought net to rux-tvt the approbation v.J applause or the peoplo, will yon join with mo In hearty cheer* for tW"d carer*.) Tcroo < Jicer* aro not euougb for inc?*iey arc what wo give no oc uiuoti occaeiooa?and a* it I* for tbr ?oocai of the Atlantic isivr?|h rahle, 1 in**, have at leant one do/an choora (I.Hid and pro tract, d cbrvrtnK) Mr, Bnoosi*.;, Onalri >\u of the Itaec.iuve Oo' .ml tier of tho AilaaUi Ta igru.ih Company thoo preaeated hlaoaol; lb *aid, afer the ilo-i .coi and apirlt atlrriag addreat of hia KiceUency, I wl I oat delay you Mogcr'hnn to ar\anr. k'dge, no Lbo narl of the Ailautl' Talegr*|d> '^itapauy. our ien*e of the kiadnea* o' b!a Kx'Oilcn y, not only far the treat? uniptlii.ent palj to ca b> his approval and o unite iaa> r, hut for the trouble and i neon von. en'<e he put him Kifto la rmntng here to da; to reader lo at the great nod mpi runt nttM of in* pnratiag ibk event f hep- to *ropo?i. that itif cheer* ?<i given fur hi* FvM.I'ttoy lbo oid Ineotcoaai TIM preplan! wai heartily *e*ponded lo. Mr C**rw F rw: i>, the iwoyeatrr of the Ai aBttc TV legra|>h Xxspuij, waa tb?o r.ailou upon Ho *aid ? 1 have no ?ord? to nyrcH tho fee lint a which till mv hear la night. I h'aM with love and a.'. atiu*i for every mas, w mm in.1 child whiten-* men. (Owwr* ) I mt/*ay, how "ver, that If ever, at Ine n*her Mdc of tin w at <r* u iw bo 'ore u* any one of you *lutll |iruaent yuuiaetvea at my toor and lay that you too* han I or rr'i, even by an ap proving an.i'e, In our wmk horn to day, yon (hall hare a me American welcome f'Jhier*) I eanci'A bin I my ictf to more, and ahsll moraly ?ay, "What Mod hat olnod together, let n i man put aauoder. " (1/nid cltoera ) Hlr h^iceHency retornol by tpema' (rain, leaving Kit arney at a (purler to k o clock, and arriving in fiublin a ' * BiAutca after two. HAILINO OK THEBV' AlillON. kiu?a*r?, Sunday, Aopjato, tu; Tt I ord Ijoolcraal aad a largo party 1*0 hero for Imd o at ? Mt tbla morning and will rraeh Pnblto about one rkvk. L.'i nt.jhl tke *Aorv . *! 0/ (V- .. &> u<m ha mid A.- on tXr ?<*inlvioi, n. ?r PalwU'4, iibrf / i?l a.'. '/tirtnrv'y, aei U? 'tip *?nrw?|.a/-> -* ld It. K ffimttd J, <ill if u.ii a.- U dii< U. TIIE LATEST PEKPATCH. IjrwrooL. Rainrday, Au ?l 1?; A 1 Unr rom Valrotia, 'ated Am not 3, oayt ?The ma Marry for pay it c <w? ??bl? ?orta porfartly, aad wo an tBlrgrapb through tbo nhM rablo wiLboot Ux> toaal IfBmRy W. rwpea to a/v?b Ct |V? fou "Aland ,1, .' rf?jy< a/> Ua~tr,<f (Am p<'?> NIn NaAtlrln* Smith. Ifreni Ihf MooKlth Proof Aagnal 7 J Wo woro owaro bow ?l ->0*00 opinion bad booa ' trand y t- r k'Hu> ory (root Mr hwi Hankln. wrlur mm.. iynrt of Hlao SwiAh'a lanooonoo of M L'Angolloc tan' or Mr Ratkla'a akoimt nhlralrouo doroUon to tbo canto r bla unhappy olWni woo ibswn la iho nagorooo* r'th whlcb bo r?oo|wl ber baad whoo Itio ror lot of the mry opcord to bor the way frota the ? . Bin Una yoatloman' real did not coaao w.lh the rial. Rnperuadod wao be that Ml?* rlroltb wa* not a iirdorooi ibat bo ban oot hi moon with a portinarJty rhlrh, ali tor tbo clrromotar.not, tad with bit -onrli on dooa him loflai a nrodtt. to dtacoror tf thla woro oooibie, orW ore to oatlofy ibe p.biu., that tbo faro of piclr.ri wbteb tbo rwdk-t of ant prorea" Would ootlaiA to attach to tbo la ly wan a 4 wall fonadw' ad nafht to |i?e way Re baa anoorillugly, oaoool a nor iavo?Ugulion to bo main lain the whole soar, rtleh lotoaMgatioo to oot yot oonaptoto.t, but ov|.|?a< a a* m ronroo iraaapirori whi.-h, to bit j ygweat. wo he ova, *111 aatt*fy the public, a* It wo ild ha*a tatiadol tbo town, Ibai tbo caae ihoald bq abandoord <>r would bare uiaflr t tbo tary tbat a rordlrt 'if "oot guilty" wojid bo iioro ? Wo motoot 'mroolreo with tow *ta o MM for UN pioorri by an' by tao puh;.e will b# p v 01 d the Jury bot to try over again, In tbo po'juai of Mr laakia't "caae," the fou of tbo char go L'AWAli.itn'rt i.trh w 4no Mttotisnn toil. Tbo ' iao?nw H 'jkt, la a louatby articio aiiui.w to ho ropnrta rlrou ?l?d roneo*nln* tbo aol diary ' the nnfort'inalO I Anffol'or. in I ?ar* >r IS" outrct* 01 the niemorondnn. boot aiuoh bat I oen aal I. aad tho rooclatvin ol at reatt ooo I dybly reap,rand lady nooiaomd with oa- o?? c?r I r?? a?aortaled a-itb I In rarh a ?< " * lo oreaaton th? tnoal tia;rrwnf fnotlnfi In a Ian a body . f nor brat ,111/ana l|.r h .aban 1, M| ra Uw " aor-h Kamnfnl rume-i, a ipbad v> tha ctnao '" a aopy ?f Ion ( emortnlnm ln?>k. and m?(tBd n r- If " ar?"iranor f?<*t n>- -r ho mv ON 'ady wi* a'th ? *i of m > '?IM I an\ '<t>r of itai entr ;? * 1 we hard r i?on U> 1*?s! a lis' apart from I,-An olier'* prroiiaf wKlo lo Maintain# nntb. neither (h*i mroimVi1'im h " * w "thn? part f bia toaoutcnpt aiinrdB irwud for the tl< bleat unpnta Ion ??inr-l Lhe be,nor of aoy laly, ett'ier marrisl or t,a named, ?od fn'ther t?al b? -nrraap.n laano feiieraiiy 0 far from wpponlr the ' atrwvma rwvirr which IM 'i(?6ii m H we'd. if patrol t? the pohilo, on 'nr.' I'lMltal'f Ml I'oeptj Andre wt, he w*. al i>?it B<* a To .fnoea The rifpiiia if 1 Ad^al^r. team ,11 we nan leara, may Mil ba MMftMHnrMy trarad in hla armplary, aaitable % <! ftodtnoa ooaroe nf i fa, iBiBr innrly i??oard in ?r bi? th'no laadiadjco, uriBa th? four yea-a of bte reatdonea >n <,w ui- y the food opiaior ana p immion ho woo 'mm h?a mp.nrtra, ai d the raapoi Ui'io pooiM aba mmijyc.i a* hw oath in one of the flrat ot wn? onmiarrr.iat entaVohmen a -by U?e nntrnrii Vwlt-nnay of hla bnrirat cva* to b> lorarubt/ On pnrab Aid normal 'lopMrtL.ent-'y the 1 a and frateroa. aflr. iloo ael a'iat|.id? and ai l wbirji ? ap:?ar? In haro manifested and lacdere I m ?ar la bU 11 an wad mother ar.d fath rle?? .ttera, an ' r bin amo ainn hew and eiaawbire, with aoctaly o( wh ob it* ffii r m?B i?ir 11 I?* a* famed L'Adki ar'i aad. eren'' l?lnn" baa rooar' y j-iri<?d man) a nnrai an t may jel Inr a la'O; Ibr we nat'er law I 'Ji a'M? 'i ? ibl be | w, ba? h!? lafl nn'ta' f mda-* > " Wt b'a t"*n.H\ I'n 0d?- Ula oil pit ^at on al ,ffb bar a i?o b??pr ipn. L D. PRICE TWO CENTS.THE WAR IN INDIA. THK INDIAN MUTINY. IT.-t ?P?KOra ON TRAD* A.Nf> HOPM.*. ITrom the Tondon Tinea (city article) Aag &[ Although one of t!;e moat important OMfitoitrOtiir artalng out of vhu lo :tan mutiny la i? pr>.btolo bearing m our finance ami trade dvrleg the ceiti taeive :.#mtiL\ nothing could be more cintraJictory that. u?e Tin*a ?> pi en#'J nf<,n It. Ih Kigltnd, aid etpe. i dig 4n tb? din Sirek teachings, the '-onvtc'ton obvtooaly in ibai u.r " event Kill luereaio the pressure for mmi*) and tb? dra t. or bullion. In India, on the contrary, tfcrio are tnaay o It ".e.i.i merchants w > a to.ali? nppottto .* . Tbe ocntirgebclen on e<ibor aide are wo vague I oat It I la a point on a r ich the moat civer bea-le-t peoi'-e I ' may differ. A review of all tne laeti tons (Vr pre I aantml anAiM. K/N ?o?i? I'avAR ho h,>na lhal aery adycr*o cfoct *111 bo prouc* sd be?e Too firm great qjertluu In, will tho Indian rwerinec\ tow to be nopplled aitb fanda from Ktglnud/ O." enurae* tr that tboold bo the oa?e, a>l doubt r.pon the m?ler *111 bo over and mconvei looeo mu?t be Rut hitherto there ha* i?en nothing in tbe p'?c^Mio<? of ; tho Governor General at Calcutta or the Indian dlr.;etara on ih:? tide In load to tbe !<l*a ' tut aueh a ooorae t? cob I l< in plated, and oven If ft were propose*! by these a> J>or?liee, tbe homo government would all 11, nod prulMb'y. b? ladlaootod to entertain It A more fatal poller than tbax of drawing fund* from Kogland to ba ipnnl arooug tbe ,'n , illan population In anon an emergency coo Id bard!/ be I conceived. 1! would Ire a repetition of tho old torn ptadon i which baa *o often vtimalaiad ooiontat difficulties What I over may he tbo expenditure and prmsure oaoael by litdlau troubtae, Utey aboaid be borne b/ lnd*a horaelf At ptrecat there t? no pretence t' at money ; could net bo ratacd in ample ciani'iio* airix or erveei per cclI, and even ir tbe term* wore tnuob qi|her taer* woald bo no r eat on to iLrtntc from tbcaa. if tar cost faila upon the Indian people It will serve ar a warning of the oaacqoeacea vi ana'fby, and with every rupee that a native tubaorlbea to a public loan bis Inte'ear In tbo mtttateuaitco of order Is proforduoabty Inxreaaea However well dtspose<l tbo natives generally may be ?q wardH ua. tboac ? bo are among tbe holders of tbe 60,000,0% of government debt are doubtleea Ute miwl an Nor would any preaaaro that might boefcorrised prove a birden if real oontrqueaoe. Tbo amount i f wealth In India a* lb* moment la snob as baa sever been paralleled For nuflfe lime we bavob<*n lending bullion tho oat tbe rate of abort ?7,(00,COO or ?S,0(0,COO alerting per anoom, and tbe Inhabitants at largo are In a position to meet oitraovj uary requisitions Kvrn tbe plunder of ibe goveratuent ueaau rieal* ao deprivation to the oonntry. ItatliJ reua<m'.bore, and must be recovered In one way or arotber. It la alio to be borne In mind thit If tbe outnreak Lis Involved terrible loss tt also promises to leal to to extraordinary saving, ibe ?900,'00 par annum whicti Uve ex potentate* ot Onde and Dolln ?eem to have rorfa'dsd, would be more than sofllotcal a provide tbe tolervat of a loan of ?6,(00,000; and there Uktwlso *pp?ar? to be an impreaslou taat they have a brother In treaobary?tbe Nawah or Uoorahedabod, wbo la also an anonlianl talb'v extent of ?120,GOO. On tbe whole therefore, It may t>c hoped wo (ball not bear a word of anv attempt to transfer* i 10 Iiiia iiJe Hie pecuniary ooinarraeamenta 01 the at'** I ?lc. There It, liowever, another an 1 > lean lmt?>ctact bran'li or Ibe (object. What la lo b.i the alloc M?W Untie? The laat acnounln cooCrw wbal mn>l ha\-> beet. Tally exprctel by every one?the alcana entire cental.-uo or tbe ?a.e of our rnanula<lured gooda at Garotte Tee deaera In the interior are, of oour?e, tndwpnaad to bay; an>t even !f tble were net toe rtae. the .mpone t. wbo moat give credit, would be una tiling to eeU ' ?f in. r totul export* to Judia, which amount to i.early jCI?,000. COO, prtbablj ?7,00o,t00 al the .oaal go lo Uakiaua for the. upply of Bengal and lite t<-rlhwetlora province*. IfU.t. buRlncev wa opptd, or even reduced only owe half, the I roiwriueaors rnuet apparonily bo eerloue. But there are rlreoiiirtaiuoe which may more Utah nouateraet thorn. | lheai'vor*' exchange wltb India, a bleb Uaprlrea uRof ro : many milltiHH of Rpeete anDDtUv, catuiod by our Im j porta or produce 'rout that country being lurger ibao llv I amount or grod* II ukee in ret. ra ir Import* and oxpcrtn ' were alike x topped we u?-rofo e have an ee<t V> the drain, or at i.wet It e?i d be dli'fied Id cUi.-r couilrlo' , wb-wo ron> .rap'.lon of <rir aauulee ; l ;re? w<> dd be proport.owably Unolhted T*>o point tb?u | mmply la. will the thi mi nte of [ro.lioe from . India eutTer a red. etlou eirial l<> that la her | imperii (if tble there earn bo Uulo doubi, and tome of 1 the Calcutta latter* by the l??t mall mention a eonvtotlot\ 1 already entertained that Uta faring off would bo oaoh to to ^ reader it Impontlble that the coo airy row Id o an Unoe to i draw ellvcr from tble tide la the heavy qohBUttM 14aiy w linefeed Not merely will the deatroehen af fneto-t a, the oeontloo of labor, an l the atuppago of credit lied lo Ibis ' eoclt, bat eleo the aarprnelou of Iraaott owtag to the plunder on the river aad roade t'n the 8b of Jama every oalive boat on the fiangre, far a dlataooo of IS m'Jea be : low Mlrzapore, waa racked, and the haakh ware Mraw ad wlib rowoo, rlto, lac dye, to , wbiah waa bo an carried | on by the villager*. Aa ?| aa lower Bawgal remain crimraratlvely tranqa.l Ibe evil will have Ma Manila. , alnoc ihs greater part of the rtoo, ailk, J.'la, eaUiower, and oil tee da rew'vad from the Proai j drney comer from that d.atrlet ; but the prxdoc j* I of inolgo and of Ibe taltpeiro anllablo for gunpowder w mainly in the disturbed parte, and lb one moat . be aiUvted in a decree wfcM cannot fall lo aaerdaa aa extraordinary inu nonce aa lhahaia? o of trade, laaayeaae , it la obnooa that if ibe export* ot produce were not dm ' turbed, there would bo MU< danger of the import* o gaoda beiue intemipted. 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Tbw ' led to iho ahipn.? ru on Mday la* I bvloit ialaea to j.*M.0?K> for lo t a aioiit , wnlM prepaimii in* *|i ?r to bo In pro I trcta as mi .tlar ?oale for the lointaamer Th? > mere) ' arpert of tba v'eetlnn, brwnver, remain* unalterwl; n do* U, there au.i .noted ret dtaarei no,.rove toe ! lor the future At the tame tlMjr kavt H'Ultr 4 t?u rayed all tahdency toward* a revival of rpneulaiioa. and. whurvor may he the aet uti co>nee of mr mtrkau, that { clrroonaiaeca, in the u*.oeriau? it** uf the man mm he regarded wita aabjfactloa. I - - ? I BOMF OK THF. FK\Tf'RE^ OK THF BEPO* ! RFvor.r. [>rom Ute I alia II ne*, Auyt.rt 7 | There are -> >< at 'a of al*critjr eo *V>muia'?e tha' thaw will net even hear narration. 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The wall a'fb uni reran ma**? re tbe Bntl'h officwe by tha eopuyi waa tba m.'deat faatore ia ilia affair, of tba borrera wbk.b ' ton -may wta v? prtcedtdtbe maanar-a wa rar.iwr. w tk Sow within the laat few Jay* we have ohaerve' tha Iret *ym,weaw af th arowUt?witb ngtrrt to ti.-ea me'eaera?ef ttiU pirtl of mendtla hi-uentty, walrh even upon Maaar a wa eteoa haa led to ao mocli avll, but whieli >a lb * iMaeee may oeoaatoa reeo lot rar mora i ra?'ml ikaa ear ed wheth we bava yet had aapertaaxa ua eiwaa both af jut'ioe and of polic/. thao, we are pr*hhred to maintain eat the-n Indian r "'i?n? moat ha anMa i to foal the noeeaquaaeaa to jh-w?a?raa of tha wrMii wwtn mu 7 ustv j-twt?v - ?- r- p- w- ^ iuppo? oar oftV-era and ?o?.er? M the dlnr.harf? ?f iMr iaijr If they hare reiaiiated ?w theae MMmMgarMf to the mnaeuro of their off mow. Bran if or? adml? which it * tttpuMtbto to do-any peltta'tow for tbe murder by Iho nepey roMtort of UHr o floor?, what toil oar pror nitrated nrwoli yaomeo d-we that Hot boa Id bo to font'/ ohi ood W'bRt lomry bod tbe wrrtobod Kacdab n il I<00 tnlbrted ?r?" 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Tho ln? ? t'oo hat been merely a mlibarr Inanrrrn'o?, to wb 1 people here taken no t hare Hod thev done ao, we ?' ?f bore beard of au| port alf trded hr them to th* m Jeowr lon?! alace. The population of im i*h India bato had nothing to d? with theoo atroeitieo, if ? except in load., tbo rlo.?a of camp follower? and in runt of u?-- wa lorlh to their b oudy work hy the apparent k<- txv mentary luccern of the motion*-a tree,? Ag*.u. a?d tbaae ?rpnv reglmcona b.?a tree'ed with berohn w aad cruelty we i?.i*bt think It nwwararr that a WW ei? a ab< old he made, but we abould aimrrt rtf- the necetolty <4 tiadtca'dM oar authority In ao ? manner We here heard II aato ibal thrno tox. a.rtoo wlfh the rork'og of e ther tor. .-a it the o.i av umea. that in too many aaftovw loMtera ar. weromtrty HMkidoaed into mUtar by the Urtui wa o< thr r nflv-et? t thb. boworar, h*? "? -e-d a tray. eraa with retard to the Itriuab t'my aa I nay, not apply to the nrearat yeaTttiot .he ?er r r iu tmrolarly. 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