Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 20, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 20, 1857 Page 3
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f 1 ' >?tCM lnnlrtlw ftor CIM AdTMOMMal r BciwM. f?a MOMTBUL OOUMrOMMMCE tawuiu Bom, MowmnaL, iafM* !*' k the Geological seettew Mr. Banbt road a paper on Hi rimoiL niu in m roooMiiaH op lipi in ra iutui islands, k km paper be attempted to abow the remarkable dlflpMM la Ma (o be feud la Ibe gnat variety at roeka fbnna ad at different epochs, Geologtsta had anppaaed thai the aaafea ad the oarboatflmas era were developed la a aaaoh aaraini period lhaa aaooeeded it, aad heaoe the aaooh are nameroaa evtdcnoeo of Ufa la the roeka of thla partad than that which auooaedod, whloh was aa free from ke i tan lie of organic Ufa aa the oarboaiferoaa rooks wave ? ahaadialiy anppUed. Ibe lower eretaoeous formation waa another laalaaoa of a parted rich in organic remalaa. In thla strata waa found the whale oT the marine life brought into being In thla period kfe aarlea la Great Britaia preaealed soma moat remarks Ma phenomena. Ibe evldeaee here exhibited ahowa Urn1 ke deposit ia oretaeeoes roeka prooeeded from the delta Of aa haaaaaae estuary aa large aa that of the Mantaaippt fever, which existed la repose for a vast period of time. Bda, together with other foots bearltg upon thla point, akarly established the fool that the shores of the eastern Itlaettooooe opened upon a vast ooaUaeni of which Great kfeala formed a part, whloh waa inter earned by slretne as root aa those whloh now flow through the North American The geological evtdeaoea showed that the British ia| feeds were not, during the glsrtat era, submersed ae perfectly aa those of the American oootlnent Vet kare were abundant evidences to prove that durlag ke glacial era the climate of Engl tad waa a very said ellmste. the evidence of marines is aa perfect aa k Ba|y, aad marine boulders high In the mountains are I tee rvcqnent not 10 ettnb'lah the fact that the conditions of i eflaaeti) aeceeaary to form (laclere existed ae certa ojy as k the Arctic regions or the present high vaUlee of the Afeo. Ibe Immense Dmeslooe rocki round In situations In keen mouatntae, transported by some such ateooy aa Ma, ta an Siguier form, also furnlthes strong evtdenoe on fela point He hac found that the scratches on the rooks, MM D* 10* IB 1U inillli IB uio iwrm UI iwami, w ? tsen.lra) In moat part* at the w<rld. He haa *ubraKted | of tbene to Sir William Hooker, whom inartarlUM la Uw moumaina of Alia had rirw htm great advantage*, aad who be considered ae the Mil Bring authority, who doc tared tbst a rlnglo specimen each m he bad shown bitn *aa lUOcteni to establish ibo | toe* that the locality from which It came bad be. n ano yaated to glacial agency. Tbeae two period*, viz : the oartoHilferoue and thr glacial, were very Important ponta to the investigation of geological facta and physt.ial geo graphy They estaoU-ti two periods- -one of an etwatod t aad the 01 her of adepre>aed temperature. The period whlefa bad Intervened between hem re t.e* but mat* toPly ard la a very rragmenury manner, Mr Hamaey la the delegate from me (teologhnl sodoty, to the place of Kir K M iroblson, aod ? favorably Kaawa aa a popular lecturer on geo ..gv He baa an agreeable manner and la quite 0 lent in ,>eccb Ha tec | aire waa listened to with tn .oh Intercut by the seodou, Bad draw from Pmfeoser Dana and Or rial! some very aaatpllmentary remark* Mr Ram?ey It krown aa a writer on geology onietl? in a work w bloc opposes the towa aasutnea by Sir (.harlot Lyell. to the ethnological department ibo Rev. Mr. McLlv.u?b aad a popular and Interesting paper on arrow QIAO, or Mil (IB iksortpflor^, which waa, per ha pa, Uh> popular tor ioamv of hi* more aradite listeners, but on that aonecnt the roots ar eptable i to hta general a. dttora. He lock oocaslon hi express hla htgn opinion of the eminent sort iocs of Ool K blnson. who, with little knowledge of language h?y- nd '.bo Reg ah, rrenot- and some ol ibe more inoder u Hrrnan -Jlaloois, had by great perseverance sproecded tn arc sore tn the derelapem*nt of the c-row head rtarae'ers toaa ail who had tuoorede 1 htm It la remarkable (hat toaas his .tolated po.l'.lon In Asia be remt'eed entirely r.a nevusixUx with the labor* of those wuo were proeoouli Similar reaearchee in Knrnpe. Ike Association adjourned at three, tc ytn In an exnur toaa to SI Helen'* Island, for which a sleambiei was proTtded by the committee Mowruu:, Augxst IT, 1887. FITIIIOiL tniwu UP tub ?nm irinr ur jtrsivtProfemor Grrzov read In iho Geological aecU jc iooi neadlmgly Interesting paper on the "Physical Structure or fee OaaUnent of Africa " In Ihla oomtlneut a* In ell the fern, a swell *u observed in thwavfhco of the earth fert distance bank from the greet oceans whicn watted aa stthar aide. Thla swell, which rose In some tnstanoes tale elevated mountain peaks, was greater on the western feaa en the eastern aide, and pursued, at In the oase of mllar chains In Europe and America, a nearly north and safe direction. In this raspect the range* of mountain* fe afl than* oonatrlas presented a marked similarity. Thaai of Southern Asia rose, apparently, la obadtenoe to fea safe# laws; but Instead of pursuing a north and south dtrashna, strotched far to the east and west Hotween feaa* great ranges of ooaat mountains lay the vaat plalna fe ha touad la each oouatry, and which would be re* d% distinguished by refereaoe to ear well exeoutel man aff fee world. The valley* on eomo portions of the earth rase dspumsrt and on others elevated But Ln Africa tbore vera so depressed valleys. All were elevated Into vast ptetaana or table btads, at a ooiiiderabe elevation of pafear or leea extent above the surface of the ocean. la Ms respect the onntlnent or Africa stood alone, and pre lad marked feature> no where else t > be met with Be physical characteristics of Africa ware largely medthed by the t fleet of climate?the upper portion re paatag usder the tnflneooe of a troptoal son, while its sm* southern part poaeaseed a climate of a very de mas 1 temperature Three had produced aa affect upon fee conformation of the earth's cruet, wLtcn was not only hiaar to the physical geographer, bat osre of groat and practical latere it. Be was or the optatoo that the csatt- I Mali ware or much older date than was generally atlrl | batad to them, and that the phenomena of suhmergeoee was AM fee rasslt of looal rather man general osusea. rr k arnona borealis. htfmnr OuaaiM, id the ;hystool section, read a paper M the electrical ny putheala of the aurora bsreahs, in which he attempted to show tret ihsae peculiar pben mens ware ' dws m metalie, rather than electric agency In the acre 1 lapement of this idea he alluded to the observations made by feet, eho ascribed them and those of the xodiaoal ght?which, If Lot I < Unite*!, bore a close relation to i each ether?tea metalie vapor nils vuppoer.loe, ha re | marked, after all was not so stagnlar; aaa if the remarks fere en out by Prnleaaor Pea roe, wnaa duwt iwtng tie soli |Ml af aodtacal light, that Iho meteoric fcrrtgneous mm tor swvetving Is apace, at the dla anoa from the earth wnore feaaa Ugbla were supposed to reside, shot Id be sualelned by future observations, they would go far to acoo 10I fur fea pbexnmeaa cf the aurora bureau*. De la Riua, of Geneva, had recently attempted to dcrmnetrate toot the laawtcHy of the atmoeph. re was doe to the < hanr?w la its temperature and that heated air bechme prwttlvely else ' hiked. ? hlle cold air was In a rla'e of heirulve tleotrl ally. Now, altho gh bo rnierialBed a greet reaped tar De la Rlaa, yet be did Bd believe the', hi. theory wee uflWaaiii to explain the plienomunoo of the aurora bo MbB. Professor H?aa aU'e.1 thai be had many yee-V am-w tr nswetr l for ail the pnen m n* of iho a rora ' orea'tn by atertole agency, and It was sot awwmary that then , feenld be a great*' ccumulition of ri?wur1< ty at the i palm than at the en etor so torn ml for the Inmrn - is an pearaeeea rteiole tn the northern and e<x ih-ro ssVw ||? vwry wall knew that the qithwlal region m that la which lb# greatest aornmn'at ore of eleofid.y lork piece, aad *k re their a" ct was moat aeuethly m*L/e*'-l. but fee roediUnua at the rqoator aed at the polce w re no rely different At the equator tue air was warm sod Matty, and ooram lattoor wrrr ?p*?.>iiy dltl "M, wh ir at Mr pair* the air >u dry, an 1 ILa |rr?. racepU-.? 0' atottrkity?Iba ro'lb-raaud with ioa, whtch w?a v> par foot an laoaiator an U ana out remark Ma ibat iOr Iroirxaiy ao?.mn alad la ibrMt high Mtadaa botild rraapr la ttaall par??Ira p-twra! tOf tbr l< at'onui aacrrraina nhmrrrd 'a lb* antra borralkt Thwr 00 art trem aumdooi lo wovjd: Iter tbr praaaam of U>l? lamiaou* appaaraon*. and hi aaw o raaaoa for txtaodiag oar Itqvlrirr far lata tptoa for auti a Mch lay ao aaar oar awn door A gratiramn aho van oranrrlod with tbr fograpblo tta oat aMNtag with Mratrrai. ttatrd ibai aosaa fa* year> ttawi the wlrrr hrnamr ao big My cowry I wtifc ri-n-icitj Mat II at found Mtoaaaary tr dlrrwioerrt tbr at 'tun tbr ballarlaa. aad that it tbla ooattuaatbay oooUti tad to opr rata with tkam daring ao dor. vita ao r-fbl* aaonir of Maattio or oMtgno tc Said Id tb< rronlag thr b'*?rnr praaaatrd a braatiftl ritpiay of norutom Hrc*g Tn a op 1 parrot moaocilia of rlretrtaal Said with tbr appaaranar of thrao "?Mt imim to go ran fhrto a.itain Ibt theory , Of rrarcooor Harr aad mhei -hr-nlttr aad to dUprort Iba: f Prafrrror Ulan lead aad atbor nouiruiat t .ant xrraatON to try. bkmw'a. TTtd mrnrt m to Nt. ttei*o't t*ir la We he- M?a traaJ. attwitbrtainliog the ao'l-a ahtwerr of rrfrrrhnrntt tatpi aorh a* were ptmbaeed at th? nana) ratrr?nrorwt Tory plraraai affair Tbr day ra aaapirinna, and tbr Mood?which appear* to br rhlellr onntpna* ; of tbr trap ' formation, and |ir?wenta rone tnry ttngaUr gtamtrataa la or rsqaltltr lltilagam. rorared with a rlro growth of tlmbrr and in'rrrprraod with bnaattfal llUla TO! , Rao II la oomptrd by Ibu Brlltab it"r*ram?ol or a mill | lory gmrrlaott aad drpot for military atp?oa. There were Ibrowo opra lor liwpe<dc o I pan lb* return nf the "tear ttaatttt to towa. Utaar who bar# apanm-ntr at i.t* no ?girt wrrr Invited to a portal entertainment, m **crl Irat on tha enmptmry anromodaUnne r* Hi* lorai myr mil tan wrrr maagro Ahoot oar haadrrd an I fifty W tbr rnialr and tbrtr f rleod* partook of tbla rcperi which a day SfM?hi n< and fael'm had man* ?o>i" vx?r?*oir, and while thim theineelien, many Indnleed in a ptr>. I M joke el the enpenne of Umee whi had railed lo prnride Mr Uioar wan la whlob arm aavana ar?r noi laaanaiblc lo InUrMtlni Heme Mrrtotn mn ma Rv? n l"^1 ?We an? by (WF'i AM hi &nwd?n renal red by Ihe lart itcim", thai Mr Tea Ihoeck hv entered for Ihn Iteroy (be chnewwt roll Wood burn and the bay (Illy Henna For lie < >aki he hat ea tared the Sonlta, and for the Ft tere? Imth tbene b r?ea fluw entriae are all for Uie *ar?e la l?f Tm Oaann* Com wrroo ?The Coarentloc to firm a >*? onaatltutlon for Orefen In lo men oa Ihe U11M Hon hay of Ihle month n will aabtnil to the people, in wpa rate oleoma, the qneatloe of alarery or no narery Moan tkmaona ? We laara by the MBImi U ,-"ir that Mlrty mi m or moo Raima lea UlWIMl for l*hledrl|>nli on hoard the nhip Wynmm* an the 17ih inly, neder U?e I ra Mdeery of F'der dbartea Herman Darnwr: Orr ma Fenrre ?ihe Fort FmiMi /I'-a/dram ? At a repeat ooaaell or the elite* aad head men of the Natloo.a neflea of r?eolutlnna were naan' ooorly adorned, author lei nf and <-omoian lin( the National liybt orre 10 And ont and drive fmai Ihe limit* ot lh? Creak aonntry ereryihlnf Utot narored of Mnroionlera Fia? m Imitow ?a oonBatr-ai'on occurred In P! aniaf SiJS!1 "h,cfc ***** m' " Tanm ttwrnnf or I-rdu** ?Cberlee flm*. keo mi it ..'j?* ^rptbiiroo nomnn i.m for ibirrrew m tbr Teath dtatrtct, la place of dammtl Breaioa, >venwd m AecMtal cm Um Terr* Haato. Alton an* M. Uto ilinl, Kl HAN IlUn AND KTBU1. WOPMUHP?A LITTIJ J 01ML KLLANO IT L1GHFN1NO IT THH waisM T1MM. [rroa the BL Louie Democrat. A at at 111 Om Saturday ersnlag, about sight o'ckwk, mIM<N wart bound pa?eager train oa the far? Hants, than art Bt l/ml* Railroad had reached a point about on* ? tta float Bunker Hill, Ultaota, the tooomottre broke throat* a bridge wbteh waa ooaatraoted oyer a email ornaa or ravins. The baggage aad express care were at the j hme . red pita led beyond the engine, and down n ateep em bam mast Into the ravine. j The car next the emigrant oar, eoatnlnlag n nnaabev ad latflee and gentlemen, fall In after the engine, and waa tu> ned np on Ita forward end. At the Urne of the nod dent i a hard thunder itorm waa prevailing, which added to the 1 terror of the occasion. Another thing which oontrtented to the dhmay of the paaaengora waa the ocnamanloaitoo of re to a portkm of the train oy the enpt?lea of the engine The flaaaee, aotwlthstaadlng the rain, wore nprending < rapidly, but by the exertioni of the pa-angora ware tab- i deed. Edward Warden, fireman, waa Inetantly killed. Nr. Wiloox, engineer, waa badly hurt end burned. The baggage matter of the train, whnee name we were unable to obtain, and B Demlng, e bmkeman, were hart, i but do! lorioaily. ' George Gentley, conductor, wan oaugbt la the mine, bat ?capcd unhurt The ladle* and gentlemen on the train aot hurt, ware? H. Gaarady, lady and two soon, of Mieai?lppt Mr. Buckley and nleoe, of Tex?. & M. Whitebouae, of Duaatur, DL, and W. R. Havaoaa, i of tame nleoe. B. H. Thy lor, Rt Tcute. K. 0. Rued and W. IT. a. Used, of PI *i field, I1L , J T. Ljiton, or Indlanapoll*. Two ladwe, whose names or pleas* of rsaIdeooe were not aaesrtamed, one of wb im wna taken lick Immediately 1 after lbs accident and ocald not resume her journey, dhe waa taken care of by Major Uugglna. There ware aeveral other paaaengora who? nam? j oootd not bo procured. The tbanka or tne pamengem are dno Mr. & M. White- I beats, Oq , of Deoatur, for bla mwly exertion* la exwl- I sating the bcdlta from lb* wreck and In procuring mean* j 10 Slay Ull prvgrvss or IXJO uura Mr larry Burger, engineer ou the train, rave a very great iwl; lance In rel'e. in& the pasreLgers of their danger I and In putting cut the fl'e Mr. W H Carroll, of the Monnment loose, at Banker Hi), paid the kindest attention to the Teoked passengers. At if .he heavers had oon:p*re? to add ter-or aod death to the tocne, a 'i?ti? girl, the daurnter of a Mr Templar, war struck by lightning juet after the explosion or the ehtlne to k place, aod wta Immediately killed We lid not learn ^bether abe had been a passenger on the train 1 or a resident o' the roiphb?r*iood The t hgltie ir almost a total loos. The damtge to be road by the breaking of the bridge j ?m trifling, an i was repaired, we suppose, early oet->r dav morning so as to admit the j latagc of the regalar trains < 1 ADVEBTLSKMEiVTS KEN IS WED EVERY DAY. "ltrknch mid-la-your t.kt'kr wan rb ttlvkit t r replied to and sdvrtised I am gFevel ab ntjot. H in i day no oing d*-i' 1 will -e to ?our city, and on Tuesdav next, i K'.b in. taut wilt be happy to see you. Information waNtbi>?or wmobim qitiliau mnc. from Frsrk.'or* on the Maine, "b? Arrived tn this ' city lr October laal his laml'v being very anilous to reeelre some pew* abont bb* he will please address hit eonsln, F. Btellwag. boi S 383 New York Poet otiBoe. I INFORMATION WANTHF-OF J A MRS BlliUV, OF ! Oromcrave, co tnty of Oavan Ireland He left New York two yean ago last January and whe i last heard of wraa near Fhllsi elpb-s *ny tnti'-matlon of h'm -*1U be re oelved by his (drier. Hone at the Trenton' House, on-oer of ' Fortieth street and dUth avenue, N. Y. Philadelphia papvs pirate oopv. , INFORMATION W?NTED ?OF IAM18 McOA'F'RY, 1 who left hts come on the 'id of Jnne; Is a native 01" 'relavd, 6 |e. | Inches (r. he rht annlv whUhert and a nsarhtnl ?t by fade, when last beam from was In .Fersev <?lty Anv Infor matlon of bint w"l be thankfnllv reo?1ved by tils wife Jane MoCaFary nt W7 llgfctn street or 110 First avnue N Y. LD? ROTC RKCKrVRD. MAMK FLA OR ON FRI day at half (Ml OM H. TUB FtRTlISWHOTOOS A BO AT FROMTHC OlfOIR ' ?irr-d on Hund-y worai or !aa\ a?e rn*veetfally nodded ' that unle * th?T oom? do vn and MM their Mil they will be pronwC'ilanlMt on a nriwlnai cltarre amortlnr to law. fort Hamlltnj. An* 18 lfJ67. ADRIAN BTILLWRLL. \Af ANTRD IN FORM aTiON OF WILLI All UOOPRB, j aou of Bkibard aad Hsry Cooper, o' Hartford. Borland. i He aenvd hla thar ae onanfcmaker. In Oauandtlxua N T , laat hoard from, In 1861. at Ooopweiown, New York. He will bear mmeth.Br lo kls advantage by addreeatng Elizabeth Kelley. No. 3 nlbert MM, FtUedelphtn; or ear InlmrmaUon of bn whareebooW Iran oibnra will b? thankfully re tetrad. II1MXBR RKOORTS. gilA RaTTIINI ANDPUKMiR KKBORT -TH1 UNITED < 0 Hletea Hirr! at 1.onc Branch. W. J baa large nnni, weD fumlahrd, rood table*, where you eaa ret a weal without fee Icr the ra'U r Okar*e< moderate and the wtntt of therueeta . attended in by the proprietor J. A A OROTICR. THK TXJUK. UNION OOU118R. LONO INLAND-TROTTING-FRIday, A'l(. 21, a* 1), P. K . mat'h for It.OuQ, mile heat* hi to her far Nr. P Pib er neoea b m. Manhattan Mr id, Mr. H. WondroB name* b on. Heltr Miller. Hilt* A WHTTR. reoprWBnra Till. FIHKMKIC. LAOT WA8IIIN IT?>N t FHOCt aTION. HrillHI COM j paay No to - The mrm'-ere of ibe above >aoo> I* and 1! thrwe who J u? ennuMpany them on their eieurvkm trip in Pbll<di iphta, in (if-m-r, ?re parti, ularly requeeted to mart thi* evening at the engine b~mae 173 K m street. Ry order of WM MRRHaR. Chairman I I R A. Prriet, Reeretary. inxmiT, ac. Non I to WTI.LINKRT OOOM Till ' I'akm Bonnet Frame Manufacturing I'omptny. tag Ce nal atrrct. W> w Inrh. ar- now prt Dared lo offer the laieai Pa ria button* aiprtee* eonrtderably (ewer than any other eonae h 'hit p'1 Tbe? rw lee-fi-liy er'toll an lnapevtlon of thetr emrh before pruotamnp eieewhere PATTKHN BONNCTH -MII.LIURt FROMTHROOUN j i try nan t?w And a large aeeortroent of ladina' aad ahtl I dree't paitern bound*. for the tali trade, hi URN IN'd bmir | 813 Broadway. I I rpo At.R PtSH RCTIRR OF THR ORNA < 1 > uutl aud the lira'ttlfttl In Imported idle! appointment* i I The alnrh la mt^n-Ln rnt, and la re*a ded a perfect geld of I nowe-a JaMRB IllJKBR, 36? Broadway. i I I - ? t.-o-ia, - u tintjiftf HCtniav A-i * I* W" W'i I m?r?, ?' w r a #r-? am* mm m 4 %?w-? / OABrarmu, oiwi.'<thp and curta.iv uooh. * . amu *VRiH ham. Rrl m? off al Imi lhaa ??*, | TOCNrt A JaTtfB'H Htom, ! < KM hnmdwar mrrof of franklin atrmt. Tba aaura unek 10 b? wand not iwwrtianiiT. a? imi btntlM frw XI > I I 0"UTHOJI A??0 WIFtIR* MJH'MAffft o bolohqii a habt. * H. t r? now nr.alna ">*'* rail alnat * OrHOiMTtRY hv.lw Ojrvaia oiaiormla and ?'wv,? manna To w*i?A b? auontfcm ff ||rt< NKU SPAPKIIS. A s ( 4 .kjibsr OILPAVRIOL i Til )?kr* who rrxto Prior-ma. I nmm on la I port * h * rim HIT. 1 Tin* morhihu. w lib ? fa. i aa i plAU ia-bou of thk i'al'nr op tub orflat < or th? i AMRRJCk* QOftfllS 1 Por Ibo I ooor???oon crrr ill who r?ol Ml b-'oi -.1 '.a - or ai*irrar ;*q<1 who dor aol") I on iki *-('.tab In. f ahonld aol tail loft a crpy nr.; lAia i men." ? 1 Tor Mill, rrarjwbrrn-tirlrw alt raata I RKW PI BMC ATI(??. J ' rm brut noosR to rcm..?A?*sirrR, mwmiii vwl bookar i'?ra will foil a or'rk ? for tVmr ww band ( bnnkn jna1 po-ltabnd H ? m Wrlia How lo Talk ? How M ftr-ha-m-and Row tat Pa Rnatraaa Prim (NIT l? mob. or tbc four la pao^r tl Oooirlrw la w lara* rUt aol., tl 10. ao. r?? It to lb-m PAW MB a itium >? jw Broad Waff f "w Tort KIPRKKIE*. I ? a tipki'n r. a nai.ipi iiibt a I *?' *1'l bo .loopainhO.1 uor atnaruor Ootlrt Atn-rloa Tlmli; An(ru>? ID. at Ifto'a.ick Al''ii<h? rr, ,r V.# d-llrorod ? no >n Or bofnOB Wo' ,ot.Ur. IM twl, It S oHrl. FftftftWAW A floi Kr?l??, 111 ?l At IMNT*. CtRIER TfHT',1 rr HD TKAKA wilu rr 1 wft.rt up tin- i*?r?t 78 fiMii atyot. F ami. too aupplind h? lb. art. A Mi i 'Vir Innoh will ho torrnd daily At V't? O'clmh In ? ontantnorr'i hoatirttle R ('. M<lA1()"MKRY A FKRRC1 t., T3 *M*m tlrtol. n*?C ART*. AMwT/Rn -ft P ALTO. ART TUT WILL RIWUIIEMtV'IW't lo-?m? in trtoty and palBtlna la All i t braiinh?a on U>< I lib of lopinatuor moil. at hla rwllnn. 1? ft%at Throaty flmt alwot nK.irri*?TR?. T itii niionni in tkm on >nii*. without I'm t rtm hr my now ant .irlrna pru*. |nm iroarlnf). Thta *<1m m >fo tvttom la pracJand by mo jaly. firm If ro'iii rfit. If ft < IK ftitlft. I A* OMHl atront, n?*r Tar -ft RKOAH*. J VI Ml hi III *?*AKA OF VARIOUft QUUtMl Al/l/.U'rV7 from M m k por thrmaaod. Pufehtaort ' aro tarWorl in oiaaalno my atnek, u I offoo harfaiaa Oath *.lr?nnoa mt.lo m warara of Havana. dnmoat'o and man maa'iffcrtam o.l'kiltlM 17 lmtil*t? , ~r-t=:^A- .1 ? 'T '.a I in.M a nm. J t|/V ABU ?TA*?y TUB ttl.l'ftKT RHT A BI.IRH Ei > 7V/ honao In fttr otiy whom , aupari w bllllaM Whlo oaa ho I had at abort n'-t|ar An<f roaaonahlo prima, with iho noloh'A'an oojiartnal onahrcfia, whlnA Karo pmroO hnmao!roa tnpnrlnr . to all nthora for olamtrlty urn mrrootnopy Anil tbo only ruth no that will not hop ih? hall, fiontlomon ?aa tanaf r'hom aolroa by ea'llaf at 'ho fhoforr or at Mr OMa Ftofda. At" Hmad way "whom Cooo aro twolro tthlot In nan t w Hr* , Alan trlmmlnga of Ofnry downnpttm h?lon?]n? i, tko tot a, l L l?Fr<1ft I F'OR RAI.ll? A B AOATRT.t ft TAHl.ft Of ft Of l^ rfth t'oo. nth ba'lt fto in- orfrot oritur. Wilt h* *- I fur A'tA. aa It matt ho mot M To ho toon at fto a Pi.? a*. fB'ltrft BTI.I.T 4 Bf> taai.ft WA*r?i"Tom tr ^ Fni no afrom - h . ho lt? > t an a?? fro ?.t nf oft n ton otarVo h.-ita wftb th' "f c thWm* In wnrld; t fo* an i apod haixt Ah!??. Btiiiar' r>'W wltb f r? tablaa, .or tola , CW YORK HERALD, THY rn*AivcnAju riAnrii'M - ? ? ~ ~ ^ ^????----? &10Q.0W 21' *"? ??c,nPT B0NDfl roB aauOOO aaofcuk OHy 8 par oent haoda; 30 oou W?r??w City 8 p?r cent ioo4a; 810,(00 Haaooek aooaty 8 per oani hcada: 1*0,000 Pm boada. M. L. BHWLDOlf, 86T(??anHraM. OALTIMOBB AMD OHIO BAILBOAJ).?OBNBBAJ* D TraaaportaUoa Oiaa. A?|uf 17. 1807. To a?tppera of lata? alroeltoa totha track olthkroada* Broad free Tuaael 40 aSea bran Whaehna, having tntaTaptad the ??aw of httgSi ours oa Ik at pari of tu Una.% aaw aad oltr railroad track baa baaa built over Iko toaaal hill, tipoo hick tralghI of all klada U1 from thia day ha promptly oar* rted, wBhoat ekaago of oara, whaaarar tha track la ha tonaol wgbalhjiyMa. daring tha work of arching, which I. now 1 V I WOO MIDI. Maalar of Tranaportattoo, L B. OuBDOh. Oaaaral Freight agwat wXVsr&rtssrir^tsssrts'X tOee of tha Mahlmato aad Ohio BaUroad, Mo. W Broadway, 0. W. FUEYSTL, Qenoral AjentW Dmomx-orpiaa or thb hottkut ijvhob mm Jmbbmt Htw York, Ai|h1 U, U0. The Bawd of Directors ho to this day lnhrri o mlannual dividend of Ho poo oent Hnhh an ood altar the Uth Bat, ot too afloo of the eoaapany, Ma UB Bcnrory rrmjaipm j. ram bowobutMUJTORD'8 AMBB1UAN HOTBU- THB FOLLOWING persona or their reNNMHW ooo recetve the around dividend no tholr remcUft elalms against Iho arate o' Id ouo Mllford fonaerfr of tha aaerleao Hotel V htn ol:y, by opplytPK to thoooboertbera Aoy person knowing th?)address at uy of the parlies will aen/er o 6*tot b ae-dtag It to BTOUTMBCaOB A Kit LRR, 74 Wall atrtw*. Brower k Ruaaer, John MUler, Clark. t oll k Oa, A. Beroeder Hoeker, Doyle k Patterson, Jebet Hatch, loan Mockoy William U. Walsh, Mr Mahoncy, Urot and second dlrldeod. KTOT1CTX8.?TH1 OPPl?? OF THB AMBRIOaN (40 ano IV (.kmpony boa boon iwmoysd to Me. M William street soi nor ofOedar in oomplitnee with Iho reqneot of aooae of the bolder* of he aortp atook of the American Guano Company woom a aoiioe o the eall for a second Instalment had not roaohed, the Hoard of Trior we k >n eiloadwl Iho Ik* for the payment at >hr lame un'U the llatloatant Maw York. August It, WBI Tar sain, about lot) tooa at aaurtoaa guano now landing (Tom the >hl? Aapaaia. The attention <jf ngrteulturlata la called lo the nalyal# nnd statement of lor Gale. Ohemloel Miaminor yf Patents, Ui Mod Btatea Patent OSee, ooptea of wklob oan bo bbtalnee at the ofhoe of the eompaay, oorner of William and Haaaaa atreeto. SOUTH ROTALTON. BXBTKR, VALLJCY, HANOOOK, f rio City an** all other broken, closed or doubtful banka bought at the highest oaah ratea, by JOHN HOOPK, money broker. 473 Broadway, a f?w doora above Orand street WANTAD- VI,3.0 f OR TURRB OR F1VB YBAKH, ON property worth doable the amount A tdreaa Loan, He aid ih IFANTXD?B> COO FOR THRU OR FIVB YR ARB, FOR M which a liberal Inter eat will be paid Will rive aa ae r>irlt> a life huttvauoe pcllny oi $& dUU, with premium pah! for ire. Adureaa Haie, Herald otBow SPECIAL IWTICKS. X MITY tODOSnfO. SM P A. M.?THB MIMB1RS OF A Amity lodge are particularly requested to attend the vg-'hw i-immtDlcatloB of the lodge, tbli <fhur?d*y) evening it their m om, corner of Broome ami roaby streets, aa b'tal teaa of lm,>orlanoe will be brough before Ibein By order. HIMRY W.tLKNBR, W tf. Jonw J. Srcrwary. FilKOLlBH COI,OBlZ*TirtN HO 'IBTY, AT TH1C O'FIOB J of J Q Pbtlltpn Hon to gin*, KB Walnut street, Phtladel this. Tbla soid?ty la tor the aeutement of tracta of land by Ingllah o-Uonlze'B to aeonre then la the selection of gooo lan i >y geological HXHiBlratrTS, and Id locations obm fey will mi be ubjec'id ctI he danger* rf the Wnst The first selee Jon ia about twenty flye ml Ion r-om "hUadelahla. where the mil 1/ of the beet eht'iMcr for aSTlrultnral purpiees. A ouin OT h??? lr?edy filled. ll In dtyided Into MM of n aizi o in<l the pnrr hn/er, pn? able within a term of lour rears, by non'hly or quarterly Inatn'm-n . Pa/enge by railroad twloe i day Prior from $16 to tau per acre. Ageusias will aiao ihortly be e*>ab Inhrnl ihr iighout Knfiland. Perxon* nan tpply aa sbore from 9 A. M. 'o 9 P. M. POTHOUHE ORAPEH ?GROWERS OP PINE HOT bonne (rapes will always &nd a rea?% sale, at liberal trices, at all umes and In any quantities, at J 11 flAB9001*8 'rnl. store. IM 1 roadway, opposite tbe Metropolitan Ho el. Please make my store the first sail; by dolor ro yon wtl adranoe your own Internet. J. B^Ainoot Masonic nothtr-the members op prkr?n*8 1 ?-:*e No S, P. and a. M are hereby notified to at end t refn'ar meetlar oo lair iThursdayl evening, Ansust hi at > clock rreclseiy, aa business of the utmost lmportanoe will be ran/rated H? order. THOS. M. WpOJd, W. M. Hbdkv Ra*?oe. Secretary. XTOTK R.-THR OOMMITTKM ON MTREKTS OK TUB ia Hoard of Ooonrllmeo, will meet at 17 Ctty flail, on Friday be flat Instant, at 1 o'clock P M , to hear parties InSei sstsii a iho estension of Leonard a reel P. I."A BOOLE, U. P. niCKPORD, L. aVKRY. OoasmRveeon(8tre?ta. J. N. RBY HOLDS, J. MORbNKM. . VTBW YOHK CATHOLIC LIBRARY A8HOOIAT1 >N ? is All persona barter bioka ont of the abore library are rsia?swd u> return Ike aame before the let September. Hr or )er. ThRRNi K J IIADQHET. Librarian. NRWR RT TEI.MKAvH TO LEEUH A CO., AURNT8 PenrayleanlA Railroad Company No I kstor donae. Ptuaburg, August 19.?Rl?hl feet of water la the Ohio rlrer and naln(. NOTICE TO EOOE BUI DRIB-I WILL RBCRIVR proootala lor building a ertb wharf and ptera U Handy Hork Hew Jre/y. Partita dealroua of noo ranting for th'a work ean are the plans and aporl.'icattoaa at the engineer'! IMRA ? BsvVnq Orses, between the hours of 11 and 1 P. M . on ill ths 94 Ih InsL, Inclusive 1. R UK RUSHY, An (.cm 9, lb67. Lieutenant-ftolooel Rnglxee'S PRRHONH WHO H * VR HRRN IN ANY OP TBR W AM. or I heir helm, and pereoos ha nag poaasaakm of papers relating to aach aerTlce, and those ha ring military and other land ut lea Is aim of the Siatet. will hear of something to thtlr adiajiAge by addressing or calling on J. HUTCHINSON. 17 rABOHIT*>TW.-F*AIIOnT TNNTITUTB. NALTT rra. Atifnal i; 1M7 - The U? for mwivla| dra rtoga and e? lima lea. la aaeordat ?nb id?rtlirarai of J air ian'. M1&4 airs led to the XX* ol (trot* ah or. a plate of the pro party >v prine-d partir-ilara will l>? forwarded <m wrll>a tpoltnatmn in Ibo Bui ding itomuurr of the Peabody Inatj nnltlmnre TUB ONDKRHIONBO, KKTRIVBR OP ALL THK PRO party. efface and nboaae. a action or Aaibnnv da Layer 1 1 at II at pub'le aurtmo. on tba ?th day of Repicm-mr VS?7, It 10 o'clock A M , tba laaaa of lha lot lately nor-ipted by a aid r>a Layar at 30H Kiat Twenty au'h etrewt. ta Uua city aa a 'ta ilia re. totatbar a ith tba bulldtnga fUlnraa ant aoparatua for b? ?lat* Ilex of llqoora tba aon Tba lot ta 2f. faat by <H 'eat 9 ac?aa Iba laaaa la for ataetean yaamand four m.mlba froaa Aa Lai day of Jaauary, '857, and baa Mora than twal -a yaars md a'jht mnntba oaaiptied. Tba dtattllary la anue'round to 1 la til Pan Kay land rum ana alcohol by c>lnmn apoaratna, ind will i ball tbraa hundred gallon* of mm a dar Tba wnrka ir* copper and copper linad, and le ainallant order. Th-- aala Bill take plana on the pramlaaa Pnr forth- r information ap jly 10 Whltabaad A f ormaa No ( wall atraat DAVID POSTER LOBD, Mf?, MSTRW,nos *1|| -ELBOANT Bl'HlNKHR WAITIN 3 OUAR ANT!KI). 3>iU. ?I OLRBAR'R ayatetn of baad raining foi9 Hmod way ram rra* ail aUAteaa or trembling aod giraa mora turnni ad if baad to ona month than nan ba gained by Lha old ma Aoda In a 7 Mr A LADY OP OBNBftAL BDOOATION, AN ? PK) MAI had aayaraj year* riperfen<w la laaoblag, wlah'a a i ia Lfo>n m taanher la a arhool or family No objection* '? go a-n'h t Wood rafarraoa* gleoo U rrqoirad. Apply at 1W BrodMSt AHKRIDAN SOHOOL INHTITOTB APPl.RluNS RoiMIng, Ml Krnadway, an 'pllaa aabmla am '? r I lee with nomee'ent mar bar* and tut->ra Hrh nla anppliad rub >n| tia. Taarbara a tahing ainiatiooa abonld applr tmme llntaly to HM ITH A BO HP. tod Broadway, -taw lorb. Bookkeeping?mi broad way.?tub modi op tnatrrcttm derived by My POBTAR i* a'mola railnaai tad pbJoaopbleal and ba la there by enabled to Impart In a aw weba, a kn iwledgr of mnkheeptng utterly unattainable ?y aar "th?r i?it?a Now randy, 'Yntar'e Doubt* Entry Uurtdaied." ?tb ad. El 1 Prom tba /.ondoo Tlmoa ; The manner In wbtab aoro iaia are ia Igbt la tba caaer utty >f rboola la tedtnua defaci'r*. aad uaaatLiamorr Tba iiipil a d r grind be canoe tba ay ate ma adopted are laooaprabarei )la ra an perplaied wbb daaalla that 'ka reaaoa I fev-red tad oil a lempta rldednottnae from Iba praa'aaa are f tile Now Mr Fooler leacbee bookkeeping not by drilling tba I ea-ner Into a nale 'atlng machine, bat byjmabllag him to I rtarrthotid ?ha ho to doing or a out In do' TV idtiw li at-1 dowa ?1lk porrpimlt* tbo rn>? ar* plain and naming Ind 'hr whnlo M UludtfRfed b? nMi'ln. an thai an p-ran ma* nn.ioro and tho nit?a ami bo ah to lo unrarni ac jnuala io?orof ro?|ltratod Mm THTlC HAU. BBBIRAJM tOB TOURtl I.A Dim -I* addPlna, halt valor bathing aad haranbaah rhttag A miaknrua noap bo had or tbo prlnmrnl. boa, Bom?. hu> Mb k? ooctabb rmbrnn ard bvolibh 3oardiro aad bar aefeool fn poind i an too will ro nuae oa Tn? tar. b*vt U M rt rvb ameno. nam or of Thin* drat afoal R?v n o tad *<>brir, a. . i.atb pbirocat, of bnlfrrt fmaalo i amnio wilt (It. i <pea aboard n* and da* anbool for vonng lid too at On f Bn? oonth otroot aoar I'aloo aanaro oa tbo ?th of Umiaeihar fit Per fall pantr-lar* oo to aim*. nam of tnalrar-ioa. !< ati oo una a Ian tod to hi* proapeatna. la b? had ai tbo rhonl or b* addroaAnr l?o p riant pal rHt FRFR'H. OMRS, UlARRICAL A If D If ATT1 wa'fal taboo of Or W BBRTI1BT vUi ro opoa tool T Pronrh to tbo Ian* tape of lb* arhonl Tboro la a gpiannnUna. rHB VIBRBI BOHR RRAPBOT?l?U.T llfPitRM THBIB frlord* aad ibo pnhlta thai Ibotr board In* and do* >-hor.i, fl Wont Tb-.rtf third otrooa. will be raopoaad on Bon lap. Bap1oaib?? u BAI'H 11 w art fan? Ft'R f H b BNKI.IHH HRAR'um do , and In lahogoeoral rhargoof th* pnpilaontof ac.taol; t *1nrl* oorilrmoa and noo of tbo Hoaraw porauaainn proerred Call or aidroaa *T Tooth at. T. TIBAnH?R A (IRADOATK if T A1<B Ool.l.BUB. W80 i baa bad aorrral t*ere' otrmloane la Marking, vonld dJHr il* oorrlnoa nororal V.ura dnnp. la tomo priraio fanllm. or aalar aponaaa<-nl angngomrnt In ooao# Pfgh Aohonl ? K-ml larp la Row York, rr fa Hi* Konih or Woel Tb* rorr '.mi oathaonfal* glroa aa m mholarahlp la tho rarlod bran Am of id a Itboral education and.moral afearanar. Addraaa Tad. ?o. AIM Philadelphia root oflkM. AXTROUNIT. fhll ( ?'rTH-<^'*"tT.0IAI,n*- ?_HK' "Af KTREtT, m mtrfnl m?dlPBl and bntlMM sl?ir*OT*n' In A??ri*? rmll wt hout d<*l?? ?n.l ? ? Mr> Uajm. PbhbAb l?o firm or ar f?r MR Brmtnr 11(1 ?r f i i?o vrmiBT-n.AUivoTAiioi." i*ii~ir? II" NUCR. I k* donn *?i o( Kmkilmr, ltd Ml ril waafnl n?1i?! mad bnaln?w loirrnv am In kmmr n* k. hkrmmm dtBmTWBd And rnirtd. If wirablo Un-rn-1# l'-** m bw'nxi %batmt fMaada. An and MdMn n*rMM< * n p?y aiih* a w dt? w r?ii 7Tb r. in it iun prm* m r nui< will r?fn*ta**ni4 iIimM 1Mb oltr rill 1n<* A*" * ! fr'ntd*. lost r nrtr pr - namn?*v kr K** IabbbBS tramk, m .in * > J dnrir APAWBNKTRR riAi KKMOPKrtPR^W ?fO anr?RRT Btrfrt to Bo I? Rrcond i rwt, balrprn FlrV R?<l -nd ItrnMI sb? r>'Tt'in>i??t?! !>? priH?*f<t and f i rm ?r? nt? nk?>wl?p ir*rrm|?. jinrBrpB. ?wnnlta. btMlBMB pr *p p?b. I'lkrip** bwt frlPnH? prr>p?r1? I* or tABrn M?d m* b?j?r irrpf?>? In Rnfllah I mci tad ilonnru ?ad * "?* ?rr?Bi- r ' it brr art nxmiiiff, ac. riuirmf? -I.MMM A?n o?:m ;*?!? u-v in I Wt In * Of PAB fPP??TB* ?-k.r , *?h rrl ? '?th KABtft b> ri.ili a 'i <* vldr bp tip H OUAaa. 13 < a i "n* ' '"p*.

cat -Bi *J, or WW-*! Broadway, l.u i*b ruiadtiabT Mr*. V. TOSDAT, AUGUST 20, 186 ICTJIMIOM. srtXTES as Xf.TJssr^'TlJi'f^ 1 ***??**^h?? EX)B SBMWBBUBY. HIQHLA-KD8, OCKAK HOUSB, i X1 Long Briteh, Port Washington. Vwl'Mo, PoUr IUren irf W to.-tlx dow, magnllWnt And twit 11 iniT AUOH PBICB, Join Borden, iMinltf. wd> ran regular'y oefoOnwn from Aobtneon tfreet, r arth river; - I Utfl KDW TOHK. 1JEAVI l? DANK. I ?Sa?".MtfA '> K?3?"iJ*- Si! * -" EX. 68: EX. - V?, Randa), " ?. S AM. Saturday, " ?8 P. M, Mod day, *, >?" BnndnyT " ?? ' Mod day, M 10 AM. Iwri wrpr? by ihlo boot ffagee all parte of me nountry. FTIBIffM BARES 1TBR PAST SKA STBAMBB 8ATK r ! PMlag Book* > LITE, nopt Andertua, li Iho only Plahtog Hooka >regn'ar boot Iter the Ptsbln* Bonka. , Leaving Morton itmet tl 7; Spring timet )>?. Poet lip, 8; Broome turret 8'?. and pier 1 Worth river, lo'olooh. < A eotlilon bond anrnmpaalea the rteomer. i Ptohlar tackle, holt ond refrathmeau on boorA. Pore IB oento eorh way. , M. B ?The Satellite lo olwoye the Bret boot on the fohlog , groutida , IrtOB KBTPOAT ABU CI.IFP WOOD.?THM ST I AM 1 A" boot KIT leoree limy etreet dolly (Buarloyo eieeptnd) ot 4 o'clock P. M ; returnH*f. leore Eeyport ot ^ o'clock AM. KBYPOBT AMD OLIPPWOOD D1BBTFT, WITHOUT ! togtng Morning boot 8teombooi 101, AS every day J eicent Baturdo- and Suadaya Leavee Murray timet HA I A flu, neypon ow r. a. uonnoou parvm un ?a won mam rwMonabto Wnu. vrrw TO** AMD OOltRT MLAKD, LAVDIMM AT AT fort B milium ? 11m now and splendid rtmiur A OHO RA, Oapt Analog Smith, will leave ts follow* for the season Amos sweet at 9!* A. M , 121a and Sid P. It; Spring street al >V- * ">* a* d tH r M.; pWw Mo. 3 worth iM. hi 111 A. 11., and 1 ami 4 PM. Money Inland lant P. M Mam to Fort H ami Hon and Oouey Inland Mnaalii^Hwn lot a return ticket will be given Fun fire for ehlldren^p. fl.? Mo hrvtght taken on board this boat. TSF OTMMTTTKB OF A RRAMOBMRNTH FOR TIJK BX camion of Ibe V. L. DarrDporl arm octal ion will meet al the Ofire MO t ousino ' rent, thlr (Thursday) evening, at M n'oloek, on tuilown of importance Mem of the Musketeers are mnpectfnllT requested to attend. By order. Wn. 1* BOLL. Jr.. Sec'y JOHN *. RUOTT, Ttalrnun. rl LKHULAR AMD OLD KRTAHLI HKD LiMR FOR Hhrevsbury, HU hlandn. Oe-an House. Long Hran-h. Fort Washington, Fair Haven, Mount a Lock, Brown's Hoc* (Mlddletown) *nd Red Rank The new and splendid steamer CM KmM WsVI Captain H. B. Parker, will run as follows from the foet of Robinson street pier. North river ? LKAVS raw TO an. uuvn in nana AND ocr.AN rout Tueeday. Aug. 18,7 A. M. Tuesday. Aug. 18,3 P M. Wednesday, ' 19.7K ' Wednesday, " 19,3 " Tbnr day, " JO, 8 " Tbnmday, " JU, 3 " Frldnv, " 11,8 " Friday, 31.3 " ] eatorday " 92,9>4 " Bninrday, " 2A " Punday, " Xt, 7>4 " Burnt ay, " 3S, 4 " Minday, " 24.6tJ Mmday, 34, If* A. M The Laura will connect with this boat for Oeaanport. In , for passengers only Bqnam line of stngen connect with this 1 boat; also ntagee to all pans of the country. Hmtih s Rrprenn I runr In ennne iU"n with this boat. Tins# table i can al wnv t >e I had of W. O. Lemon, 133 Broadway, and of Benaon A Brow or, 179 West street J Tn* RBOULAR AND OLD KRTAHL1R-IMD LIMB FOR I Shrewsbury, Highlands. Ocean House, lung Branch and Ocean port.?The new and splendid steamer l.ON 4 BRANCH, Captain J. P Onrlles, will run as foll/ws. from foot ol Rosin- / son sir. ot pier North river:? ' LXAVB NSW TURK LEAVB OCEAXrOHT AND RED I ASa i Tuesday. Aug. 18,1 P M. Tuesday. Aug 18 A. M. I Wednesday, " 19,3 " Wednesday, " 19, S " Thur day, " 3U, 3 " Thursday, '* 2), 8 ' 8a unlay, " 11 3X " Saturday, " n, 8 " I Sunday, S3, Laura not con- " " "7 P 1. i D*ct, 7 A. M. Monday. " 24, 8 AM. Monday, An*. S4, 4HP M The f.arra will ovim with thla boat for Rod Bank and Intermedial n tradings, for pumifera only. Rqnam I no of staves ormnoot wtte thin boat; alan stager to all p ria of lk? country- fcuiUt'B Ripreaa runa In c*meo Ion with thla boat. REWARD*! r KKW k HI) - LOHT, ON TUESDAY APTKRNOON, ) botarrii 4 and 4 P. M , In ono of the Madieoa tico'H sieges, a MUMMI4|MM(I SID bill on the Sht-v111 Bank and Bri or 89 In ape de ha finder will plaa?e return It to the owner Kredartak Aapp, &3 olbrrty street, and rtcelva the abova reward. C REWARD-LOHT, YkSTKKDAT MORN I Nil, A 4>U small wkjte poodle, lhaved quiterloee. The abo-a reward will be paid upon rroetvlng him at 139 Prince atreet, between Wooatrr and Laur'nasta. I I ?l/\ RKWaRO?DOO LOST, PROM NO. 9 NINTH ?p I" ? atreet; a a mall Iu.laa grey honed alnt, llrbt dun 01 or. 1 had a bine ribbon around her naek. Whoever will return her or give any Information that will lead 10 ier recovery wtll re orlve the above reward and no questions aaand. ( in REWARD-LOST ON THM APTKRNOON OP vf the 19th 00 Prim'way, between Htewaid'a nod Re en tee nth atreet, a bracelet. conalaitn* of a row of garnet but Inns The finder wtil rieelee the anore reward by leaving It wt?h Dr. N P. Kloe. 78 Weat Thirty fourth atreet $4)H reward.?lcbt, on board tun steamer ? U Hero, foot of Roblntoo at eeA Aoguat U, twodien menu, an agreement between Walter **nund, elder, and Waller Pour d. the vounger. dated ttetnber 87, 1R64, alar an atfldt vltr.i Waller Ponnd, the aider, before magistrate <>ay>, alao anme (even rr eight letlnra. Th. above reward will be paid and re nntattnna aahed to any ono returning the alornaald documents to the clerk of the steamer Hero. Of REWARD-LOST, ON THE 19TH INRTANT A tJ pocket bocfc 1- mialnlng about 180 two tJO hllla and onr 910 on oae bank; the othera on different banks The owner la frjm the oouitrtaud It la all the moeet that hr had It waa oat In or about Wrat and Rob'neon streets The above reward will be paid by leaving It with Ooutey A Kentry. No. Country Row, Weal Waabinglon market SI fill REWARD AMD NO QUEflrlONB ARK ID P R ?I 171/ the reeorery and return of silverware aad Jewelry den from Monou A Cunta's aafa ftut of PaclOo street, Brooklyn, oa the nl*hl of Prtday. 14th taat fpKN DOLLA RH JkEW AR P.?8TE ATEO PROM NO.1 ! A. H. and ' r'u., on Sunday, the 1SU. o ana j blaak and tan , terrier [up. By return to aburr addreaa the reward will be i gHm. _ LOST ARB rUillTu! I rmrb on the utb inht . a i.ittli bat mars, which Ike owner can bare by ymrtajr prorarty and pay leg cha-tci. Inquire of T Hchlltx. M Graham tree ue, Sruuk lie. B. P. Lcst a cabfet bag. containing vALrablb pat-en laheo front the area of the Alitor Hoaee, marked 11. r ou hraae lork. A reward will be paid U retarned to i Ike office of the aetir How , LOBT-A KHALI, MEMORANDUM 4MOOCNT BOOB IN 1 rotor tr? the Weaiern Hotel to John rreet The Under will he tuilabTy rewarded by returning be tame u> the Went aro Hotel. Lost -left in onb or the telegraph limb or Iitagee no Friday IVth lnet , a black *Uk umbrella, wlih a dog tea/ eareed oo the bar d>e The finder will recent two de .art reward by leaetag It at 174 Hrowroe treat. j ' ' ~t POLITIC Alt. OINT WARD DEMOCRATIC RBPU"I.II'AN OBOINI At I '? ?" A regular ?r< Hag of Ihla organl/Mon i<m I retted pennant to awtor at tketr rootna at I'oUer a Hot, I. r .r t ner of Second avenna aad fhlr.y fourth (treat, aug let i IB 1*7 1 'Ike aaanrta lot barlag been etlled to order. Mr John MrUre'h morrd that the fch arl?le of the noaetltnUoa be t ui pen<*rd for the ernwtng. to enable dem tern t wbo were pre Kit in alga Ike roll and bimme member* of the aaeo i oau w I The motion baring been temoded Rlepken D. Dlllaremoted an to am ndment to Mr Mr'fratb motkm that the 8ut a not. m of the ormntltnuon beeetlrely abrtga*ed. He enrpored bin amendment by ha able eloquent nnd e argnment , Mr I Ultye wae f .1 owed by Merer Oee M< 'Iratb aad i Hark when Mr MeOrnth accepted Mr Oil are'# a aendment aa a anbatltn e for k'e urlgina m-v-on la thin form the quna Ur.a wae put aad earned with bat r ?e dtenenuny r- Aon. I'Mrct Dee then m-red that a committee of flrn be tnpolut J ed by the rtalr to collar with ike Twenty Arm ward dnm k a- . tic annrriat'tn. biown at the "Milam Hmall Aaanrlation." an t to the heat mcana of krlnnlng about a union of tha two Mao I . rlat "tin, aad nntilng the democracy. Thr motion wma aee-o led aad r>aaed by a naaalmona rote, 1 ha rhalr lien appotr ed the following aomtml toe ? Mr t hen D. DUIaye. John Me rreth. Jamrn Mahrmey. Andrew Pramont. Painrk Doe. On motion of dtephen D tdllare. the ehalrmna of the Man ma:ion wan nrdeal to and male chairman af the enmmlnan It wae then morad ui pnullah the proceeding! of the tn-efng 1 la the Herald I ally Bret aad m in . On motion the aaamlatt >n the* ?di in rued JAMRit IIUdTBNU. Chairman ' WtUlil P*L?(T \ n. .... I Ran; F Htifiwr, c SIXTEENTH WARD. I ARODNB' ABOrHBt TO THB R?CUB' TO THM RBNOT7B' ? KkKP THB BALL BOUURGI mi atataaj or run DEMOCRATIC BBPCNUfAM AHHOt)lATIOM OF T IB dlXTBBNTti Willi who are oppntnd to all (arret pottttcal aaaoeiatlona. and to afl 1 kiranii of Ibo ilrmorraili party. ara ma taaiad to Hoot of I BRBNMHd UOTM1* y ?..< R*raair>ntb atTarf. naaa HobOi Branna. on Th-m da) aranlng. iu|MI 1>. u f n c ? for ikn port mr of lit nt lu A Htnt*! N nur M fnnttf nowaaary ?? ?!!" ba ward aid ef'y fro? tba srm'.nil of oppraaaiou, tyranny Mid fa nattrlam HAWt'tl. (VuHHtn, Pmddanl Mil HAIL H M.PIH, \ VlnJOIf* H Mc<ri/HH. Cainio* H J*!??*?,) i btoNoa if Moo \ ? ? , Thr following (piatani bnra baan Inrltnd Hon Parnhndo Wood, IIod Touofe Rutharlaiid, Jama* T. Hrv1y Mao , Tun pu Jnnra. Jr .Hop Joba Kali* Urn Ootintd (' vdW*. fa, .1 Km# Baq . En*ann Bulliran Jr., Ir? Jl. Darla, Kr \ , i Hon fa Mi" Top. floury H. Morang*. Da-j Ool l(M , Mind. Hapban D. Dtllaya. Jr., Hon Uilab Wnrd, tboa. Praa oafmilwr, Hanrr Aarnlartra. Ban . IV. .Jhadany < Vmmticna of Arrnngammta John U. Mr Inn, l?r. John 11. Marar, J?n? Rtmat, Jtman Oaaatdy, Patrick ''off. William , Hrnvnan, El-hard IVmphntjr, John Ibi Itn. Ilanry Mrtmr , molt Jatnao Maflnabar Patar Ha Tin Tbomtk H?ar?, Jamaa i H. Hmwfard 1 Tiarlaa un*?l Patar Klra-hoff, Wm (?. Jotoa Pntrr IV>lan Philip rVoprlff. Patar Hnrroll, Wm Jay ld?i ilaoghgan, .'antra Mum), Maj r John LLoey, Bdwtrd in NMf j I MMl IMM l . HtJVBOI.PT F!RK THHrRAMCB ot'MPAHT. Oi'h n?r>T?i, Mti,Mil Ottao, Ho. 10 Wall ntraat, How York. I ntnnrToRS, j John Rankin. A R Kirang* Mnaaa A. Hopp ?R, Ham n# i P dolman. (J B. Hold wall, William 0. Howrym, An?"o (* Pbalpa W. H MPtkyanaH. Wlllard M HawaU. Chartaa ( hrtmmaa. Jama* Mr Kara Baury J Dakar I Harrga H. Rllary, > Halaon Parto. Haorga Hiraaa, I Alfrad larwa Orrr-gr W I'aronna. William Allan, i WanarH nrffnih WlllUai I. Kin*. John timnu am. J A T Hiranahan. William A Rob bo, Bdward Brldga. Lo nil HolbrWH. Uaotga Hatpin, llanrr L Birr. Rohar Rooriaaa. Haitian I ana II. R. H anfwd. Ham ml 8It an. Roloiooa Fraaman. Andrew lYtmat-Wt Jnaboa M Hataa. Bban'?r Baadlano-n. W l?. Tbompoon. JOHH RAHKIH, I'matdaW Wm.itH Mr pun ? a lanralart, Am, Jr . Aantatant Rarratary. J ~ " T | spoRTnro. FJOR RAI.R?SI yovHI moorish BTRDR. PIR<T i braad; atan II old alndnr making blrda Apply at J Waahlnmen atraat mranr .(Wmin _ h VAIHT WAHTRH-A l/'.OP HP AHOPTWWHH'Y ? I tora, wall found in aait? kf , and In rs ?d ord-' ' IJ ha arabanpai' fo- D, rornl baa naan pap?r or mnrabandiaa an pari r* h Addmaa, wi h fi ll rRfdlo ilarf. prl#a, Ac., twit, J 6012, VII For. oMco f 7. _____ BOAROTkQ AJTD LODGDKI. ww?wrw% w no?r* *rb win^ ,t^w hwpt kogfaf aayAAamoYwd. nfllif jom PT&aT.^AOITM AND RINQIR rooma (k(Ht)] fa nil# Br q, with or wltkoal prints ttil?, <vk>T?ct*(U M alMk* prlnnHM hutatannd ? ??? of amoaa t? nt fraaflant hoard* m may b aaaooaimodalad. |Q DHIO? PVArX - FA MIL IBB A>D BINOLB HUHfL(fc It/ men emm be aoeuwmodatod with hardaomelT forniabod parlors and badrooma. attAar with or wttaout boa.d a oorrm. OA* AMITY PI.Afll, ONI INX?lt PUOM MI.BMt/KBK All) atrnrt. - A nbniou of tw> handaoma parlors and thr?wt had roM hi prlvmta /anally, Irstolaaa accommodations, to lot 'o I in tinman only 1)7 BOND RTKICT ?YliBKB ROOWH Tf) I.BT. WITB U I board on tho aanoad floor, pnr<niui?tii or i/analm' to f?n Irmnn and tbrtr ntvunr ntnaln fantlainao. ontid arxvnoaodate a frw dor board am. Call tor thrwnWw four data. >IJ CINQ OTBBBf. HBTWEKN YAHKK ABO MA) DO eoufaL famlahador nn*ur Ithnd room* with or with, rat board. to lot to tafia fastlnaani or buaiUna of frown par rata Oao an 1 bathroom. Otna?r at f o'olook. il OBOBBY BTHBBT. ADJOINIPU TUB MA"01fr0 r I T?n pk> ?kaailT furnkbrd rooma. suitable fur mm or wo paraora. with full or partial b tard. nan ba ohtatnnd tn a jrlvain famllr. bath and ran in the bona#. Hefermooa ?i ibangad. 4 A WWT WAHTlINOTOIf PLAfTK?A UIMTLMAif TT And hla elfeean obu'n vary deeiraMe rooms A f.-.w Ingle gentlemen ean alar) he very pleasantly acnmamodated. The h .am contains all im modem improvements. Q7 PRIM IHTROT, lfRaR BROADW A*. WRrtTHlUR 0 I ?Pleasant aad wall furnished rmmi to let, wllhon board, at moderate rates; ooertn'eooe of Oath gas Ao Ai-o. a *uH of room* oe Brat door suitable tar a professional nflan 1 A -J 1K.HTB HTREKT, HITWK1N BROAT?WAV AMD Itu frmrih avenue. A reptl -mm aad l?dy may hare a plean&n* room with board References exchanged. wavcklrt pl.ack.-a 3p.ntlkji ah amo L" U bla wife or iwn single gentlemen can obtain rod board aod pleasant ro ins Referenner (Ivan and required. |E?A WAVERLEV PLAOB?TO 1 KT, WITH BOaRD. 'l)U Ixrge p MMnt roomii. In anils, on seoo d sud third Hour*. Alio single rootna. Honae baa all the modern Un provment* D1 u er at S n'rlo -k. HU U 'DtOM HTRIKT -LARUB ROUMH, WITH HARD ' I U robe* and eloaet, to let, with board to a renlleonia and wife i r pan tea >.f single gentlem a H"a** wl b modern Improvements, pleasantly Located near St John's park. Hefr rences exchanged. 3{1 ?RKE WICU PI RBKT-BOARD Wil.-A PEW )1 young a en pee be aeoommodated with board at Mrs. Taylor's Term* 13 i.ed .? -ier week AnorotRTa avendk.-purnih>ikd or unpcr I'/ij nlabed room , with full or partial board, to let In ?u! a or at para'e'y to gentlemen and their wlrea or eli.-le ten tie men Location convenient to oara and ttagea. K. fe renter eicharg'd AC7 BRAND STRUT-A PEW TOCN3 REN (JAM Jo ( be accommodated wilt goocb tard and g tod nxu ?*. tiro gemlemen and tbelr wires an . o e single lady, on r<-aa--n ible trrma ( no HOUHTON RTR1IT-A Pal V ATR t AMI Of, i>P Ujj" the liral reapeetaSUItr, can aoonmtno'ate two or Arte alnglw gentlemen with 1 ill or partial board Term* w.oJera e to permai ent boarders whose reterenoee are unexcepiooable 717 BBOAI) WAV-PERMIT L'AlK.Nl SO* A 111 home fur he wl. l?r exn find a few llrnt elan* rooms, t.-.-. e i.> ty 'urntabed, everv thing In food order, elthor wl b on. board. Referen ea exc -aegea. A PRIVATE PAMJI.V HtVI POLL AOCOVMODt tlora 'or one or two single gentl'mun. with partial board. Inquire at .*7 Oanberrr sir-et, Orooklm IIeights, wlluln .Ire suinuwe wui ui r oiiuu irrry 4 >: KNTLKMAN AID HIS W.FK Oft TWO Oft TBUI t\ Mingle gentlemen fan b? MHHMl * ah lnv<l U Its Hudson sheet, font of the park iJaa and bath un ue hoove _____ \HM - 01. PAIVAT1 FaMILY HaYINU MOB. It R< ? * than they require, would let, with board. to g^ntletr tu nod their wlree, two or thme roiau lo a house well iuea?i, bavlrg a'l the modern Improvements A line addressed .1 W . hoi '15 Poaiofflie. will meet nth attention. Apbivayr family oocupyinu a runrr cl a?h house will let to a family of four p raoea, o- two geo le mm and heir wires, thrrn or fonr room* with parilarbovd ror gentb men Trrma at > aoh R. fen nrea eicnatiged Ad Ire-a for four day a, Mrs. J., Herald oAoe. Location Set ri.d inina A FRONT ROOM AND BID ROOM TO LKT NICCI.Y fnrutshed Apply at 44 Third avenne, three doors from ith nrwt. A PR1YAT1 FAMILY CAN ACOOMMODaT* TWO Oft O. three reey net able young men with boaed, Ac , wh re there am no other boarder*. Apply at 357 Weil TtBrd. b elreet, he i* Sink arena*. An blkoantly fhbnihhrd fari,or and m.icrpIng room attarhed to let, aim aeveral other ro >ma Ttte house ooetalnn all the modern improvement*, apply at r<fJ lloualon e're-l, near Hroadway. A FLRa B ? NT KtP M WITl HOARD, OAN HI lit D Ol for n ady and gen Jem an; aim rooms for single gnat emm at ft Weal Seven eenth street, between FUth and tlu h MM ABUlT OF ROOMS TO LBT. WITH HOARD. IF R? nubed; aim ronma ftT single gentlemen tn a very oh a Mil locattoa.if n??u.leui to the cert ?qU three Uiw of eta? * Apply at 71 wed Fourteenth nlrnet, Arat house mem of Hlitb t>ND? APUKNIHIID BOOM AT II AND ON* AT V I'KR *Mk, te let to single gentlemen, at DM Broad* av. be Iwrm Thirteen!! an<1 fourteenth ?treete Bah, gaa. As., m the bouse. Family yrlrate. Keferenoan whanged An tati family would pihpomb op two o? three plraeant n?>BA with board The bo ur oooiairta gaa baib. An Apply at IS Waal Twenty eernod street, be tween Hlrth ami H. Tenth artnoaa Kef-micen required 4HJNOLB OBNTLBMAN MAT HI AOMOMWODATKi) wiha 'urn la bed bed raom in a prl'ale I am I y at IS W illow ntreet, Hroohlyn Heights, within two aainnt?? wa'a M Kuiluo or wall alreai ferry. Terms K par aatxtih In ad IUM AN KNOLIHH FAMILY CAN AOUOMWOPATR ORIOti two Mncle gentlemen with board Reiereacen require L Apply at ltd Mnatnoe street. near nntgers AT THB BOAKDKRs' KXCHAN'iB, M BROADWAY, you ran hare full p-ruon an of man v dealrahia hoarlmg hoaaea and priralr famillaa eliy an' ooantry Famine* aad hoarding ho w keep n me ob aln daalrahle braiders by ap plying to KM IT d A HOT!). BOABD-A OBRTLKMAN AND WIFB OR TWO HI B gle grntlrmn ran whtala a pleanant room wlih | entrie*. In a m drrn bona*, wita tbe lmp-orem*uM loamwl ai No. I Ninth street, between Plflh nnd Hlilh tree una BOARP.-A RDIT OP PLI??ANT PURNIHMBit rooma to let, with btmrd on aeoond lloor. aigtai le for a family er a party of gentlemen, at No. t Mood (treat, niter Broadway rABD-A WHOM MBCONP Pl/ftOB, NIW AN>I handsomely furnlahed. with bath at tar hod oat lie n1 alaed In a tat 11 family where a superior labia will ha To' tleaed and all tbe oaa/nrta of a home Tba bo tee la eery a eaaable 10 nara and atagaa Apply for three day a at W an..' Twenty aeeood itreet Boabd.-a nbatlt PUBNIPHBD HACK pari/ b. on flrat Boor, to lei wl'h bo.yd. In one or two pereoaa ri t plain Anierteaa family. If app Ird lor in mediately. App y kt 17k Woal Fifteenth street, pear Mgbth avenue BOARD.-AN I.NFITBNIHKD BOOB ON TUB KB ION t floor gaa In the room, water In tbe pantry and bain >m he ft mr alan a front mm on third door, faml y art /ate; re 'er.i.irafi hanget 42 Yeetry nirwei, nrwr Ht t.iho'a park Boabd.-a rmall priv*t? pabilt wiu. lpt a large, airy and well furaleked mom lo a a<ngl* pfbetn, with foil or pa B? I board Tbe 1 ebtlon la In tbe npper pet of be 'My and eery de?tr. bin Belerenaen eiobangrd Add aa r EH. Herald Baa. Board.--two ijrub bo >mh on tub n?tond Do r to let, w1t? hoard, to fain Ilea <t alag r-uUeme U 66 Hommnod atreet. between Mteeeber and PHOTS BOaBD-A fllNTLBBAN A?i> WIPE. OR TW I <1114 fie gentlemen, may * d desirable r.mme milk board, In i ini>n e family rratdlag at I r Went Mtleea h it. Tbn boa * laa ga*. bah. Ar. Rrlwrttp ta eioh nged IJOARD ?A BINOIK UINTI.KM 4N WANT* A ROOM, I) with breatfhat bad tea la k p't'sle rami ? wb re no i her fcnardera would ba aabea. Addrem 0. U <4 . tiera J San Board-a oknti kman and i.adt can kb ac. mrem* daied with a tiandsome'y fumtehed room, or pallor LU'I hedr ? m with or without full board for IAe adr In a prt a e family; torn km want of and aear Hrmdway and <haaal ir. rt Address ItrnnWt. Broadway I'oat otll m. BOABD IN CLINTON PLACB ?ONB OB TWO PAN! Ilea and aIMw etngle imlaam nan he aomtnm.i'tePrl lib fnrniabrd apartmeata and hoard. In the eery deairao.e oration No (1 Clin too plana, near the ktb ar. Reform % at hanged. Board in rbookltn -pibwt oiarr boomr, at 96 Clark atreet. ire' brown bonne fy?un Pulton atre X tot renleut to nara or Pultoa and Wall ttreet fey Men BOABD IB BROOKLTB DBHIKARLB ROti?R WI'H board Ir a de Ightfn! Ineatlon. ran he obtained by epp'y if it 1OU Con green etraet, MotAh Brooklyn. B in mlnuiea erxh rotn tba booth ferry. - | Board in brookltn-a obntleman and wr I or lwr abigl* renllrman ran be nemmino fated with ho d HA a prtratn tnmlly. near Pulton ferry Apply at l?4 Hl?h I greet. BOARP IK BROOKLYN.?A MUM. FKIVATK U*t ly bm-iaf mor? roni than mnutrwd, wn iM * *'*' 0 MHRMBndMA two ata(rla ptmtlnmnn ntUi partlil oaAnl 1?? lor o? th- llaltbta b?I>om fniton And Wall fard.* Irtdrnaa Famlif, Ilnrald nftion BROOKLYR HKIUHTB-FOB Ml.* AB.I fiirallnm of a prlrai* haArdln* honaa, #1 ad with parlU. bmrdnra. 1'irl ittoi n b*H Ann* anwlf pa'ninl A?.d a rod, nniahhorhaod nnat Mil 311W "j'T twnmlnotdn wo k Fnltnn Tarry AddroM WHS. H<\Rld ofllno Board or Brooklyn hbi 'HT*~,wr*fn*f,T* ml'n'oo walk of Fnlioo "f '*)' *W? PIaa-a.i room9 with partial bnard Of ho foimd In o am* I! pr- 1 1 family ot *0. X Onmbtrrt ?t OABD WARTKP-BY A QBRTUMAR ARP I.AOV. o bandanarly fnmtuhnd parlor and bad room with ol-w t UK) bo'h ntwnhnd Ai <1 > /<!. In 0 irlratn Iaml1> wbarn thpr a ir? no ntfcnr Kw'tn AddrannA. R.?bnt Raj.dll P>w< *y, kw Ar. OARP WARYtn- BY A 'iBRTt.BMlR AND Wirt. 4 fnraMRAd room and partial board for ,ha fan' rm\o a *> rrrirai to down town hda?wa in a am?'| rnaparta In fttnllr td imaoA. O I .. hoi 170 Herald oWe?. atauaf ww.-na whw h mid be moderate ^ BOAKPFBO -A Y01 Nil 1.APY WHIRRS ROAtP at B-dfiwd, L. I., or I vth?r np In the country. la a pleaa-t lam amor* t hill and trmn, either hi a prtratc fhmdyorln 1 private board tan bonne Heat of rnferenma fir on and r dred Addre a fl ?f . Rrra.klyn Foil .War ataUn* irraw An. |? ? F.V? R4K MS t'NF'"AN1PH?C!?, ARD I? tao hrrf p>ntr1na. mutable f w twoamall lamilina, or mil r lat "?mArr la houan HI taai Mr tad war. The name ma be Ad, w(?.h hoard, Immediately a Ian, a ftirti had r??, amiih A for two J nt f man Refemnmn etrhwi*?rt L,PR"imv:> R' <* 'i?iH" v .a,. at>'dT " let- at W ChrTaue ?ir?nt, arar om jad wrawL >aa T/aiated mm ta h and (a*. 3 : BOAEPnra aitp Loixnia. U?a?niw??1? a namnnmuuun. ?oa as*. O I] 1CT m* ?!?? Ml '?>? Boallamei rlhb-drooma. t?r.? FAtuJt" A?D BBHROOW P, ay>c arc w?srjs-.rig: Pnr*ir Ml witb pMkl board If laaaWf. laqotra ai *a. y BLm rim. _ D?LK?AI?TLT PTJBIftfHBD PAMfUWI TO LITfc-3?;^^i-?ar2aa<fcx.*TE,'t F^n, B WIBHINO TO ABRA*4UCBIfTB Um (viaihtf ??w will Itiwl 4*?tr*blA WM a?<1b?.rd ?M a*l HI l?? l*-nl. (bird Mra*t> ? * AllfWpMli MM at ia* ??rj iwm loo 41am up to ? FUBMBHVD BOOM* - TO LIT TWO 01 THOU FOBAirbed *****A? d ?.?>*?* r?)B onwo HVitull |M work Abo, A fro?l K4Ma>x, nal'AhU Tor km odbM. mm b*?A Adoo or'a oMee for ibe AM Ukro?>eArA "an ul ifoaM p*?* lb* h n*e to all para of ik? oily li.<iulre aI 180 tfaM trrot, a ar Broom*. L-IPKBIBUKD ROO?H. PIRLOBR 4RD HBDBOOIM TO F lot, wttb or wlikool partlAl -OArd, In * pri?Me Amert** lamuy rmw c*ii x ? ?_ moani vmi ow urut FURWtPHBD BOOMS-WART1D. BT A MA1HIE3 cvup'e, a fut .abed bedroom and iMUn* nam. wt h me ofcooking tilanjl ?. Addrrm, with lineia. M A ?, HeraM nfim Fifth warp?a small family havtnu morb rtom thio thrr require. ?U1 let the front And kwtjw lira. (furo Imbed) with two paulriea attache And the Srst faor, Aril a 'ocm on (be aeeond or will let them wptnM with or wtthont heard Inquire At M Veflr) *1 aOTKJ. LOOOFErt ?riMNTLKMM* OAlf OSTAIH load fumktbed room* At the Ulobe Hotel, ourner <M F?adA? irt and William ifoeta, At lAo. and 9T& per night. Hnotr apen all uuhl Neatly rritNifOF?i> room* to let to ormtlbnt?-u (or lodglog at S3 >o H to per week, or for p ntal b"A'<Urg Apply at MM Foii-th airiun, tit ween Tweetyetgbih and T wenty tln'.b atreeta. Pa ATU1. BOARD WANTBD-BY A tENTLBMAJT. VOB blmaed and hta two aka'ern In a> on" pialn hat rerpnnlabls prl? ate family * here ibe comfort* ..f a tamo- may be enjoyed, all thrrr go ont to bnalnraa during 'h- day Retrrenone e?chauged add re a* It. O.. Iloralu odbc, atatng lenea aed op it particular* PRIVATE FAMILY.-WAKT1M. HT A HRBTuBMAK and hi* wife. eoard In a prtra'e a-etlv, wtihm fif r<m n loute* a'k of the Par* Term* mnatba modnria a4dreaa aunug trrmi. 1 .canon, Ad , J K 11 raid oAnn. 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