Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 20, 1857, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 20, 1857 Page 7
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pmfUMKBITS Ai?NBWKI KTBRY DAY. f IALE8 AT iUCTOWr " 1 LBBKT U N1COLAT, AUOTIO?K*B, WTIrL 8RLI ?tls day. Augusta), at 12% o'clock at the Merchants' - ? *?- oo?nnt or *hom it mar ooncero ? Out Mil wank In On y 7 per ornt boa da. (00 Illinois (Jentral Railroad 7 jar cent'oohstructlon bond*. tOlt Rariue and Mississippi Railroad let more 8 pt- ot bda. !J ehaivH K Nicholas Bank iO MetLarn Hank 83 _^0 Bank of ( cm merer 10(1 ?6 hhor and Leather Hank 1H mjp&l Mark'- Ktre Insurant* Oomrant 33 JM6 Hamv r lire Insurance Ooinpa'y Ml ja) Harmony fire Insurance Ormp ny 50 hi East Riv>-r Pir* insurance Company It Jit) Korraa Mining Const any W k) Oompoui d "t tallic Car Bprlok Oompany 60 M Mau hcetcr Mining and Manuraot irtnK Company 10" fUUw duie. hos.ery Company (0 o sale:?Ten per oeat blidty, ana tke balanoe beie'dock to m'rroir. The aocrued interest in all the rill be?harped to the porahaeer. Men regular sale on Align* 21 AUUCRT II MICO AT W stock suotloneer and banker, No. 4 Broad street. CR1BTA1 AB. AUCTIONEER?STORE NO ? owery ? tibcal eath ad ranees made on erery d?a of n?cr -hand! e, matches, je ?elr?. olotblog. Ao , Ac. list Inst , St II1W o'clock a the store a large stock of (oertes, IP|uors sod eegars, removed for convenience of a ooaalaUog of 18 quarter and 8 one-eighth otutu row ofaella, 8*l(ineiia ard ooxnan brandy, port and Madeira nea, S pipe* and S one-elichih caaka (fin rum and whlakey; caaea t'a- illnn h randy. 3.1 raaea out nix ura dy, 41 naaes arret, aharry anil Madeira wines, Boh lactam achnappa, Booth aspedf wick's oordlal gin; also a la^e lot of liquors, In ke<? a domtyhua: emp'y cfaks, board*, ftitorea, a large lot of .ply bottle*, be nea, baakola, pumps, meat are t An., Ac oosrtae, rcmprlslug n'ne bo!*. Brown ard white sugars, a, oofl?aa barley nee, flour, atarcb, indigo, Ca-cite fancy 1 family soars. mustard and a treat variety of other arti la the line; alao 40 0U0 segars, at vvrtjua brands and ^slides; plaiform s-ales, HrazlUau aula, An . Ac At 12 *1 * k aryaia, oy order of the assignee, 100,000 imported pwa. PR! AN H. Vl'LuRA, Al'0TI< INRKR.?T HI NTT" . four b atrect, h< uae and lot ? -.BRIAN H Ml'LldtR 1 aell a; auction on Wedu silty, Aurnt 06, at 12 /clonk at MrrchLi te1 kicbauge. the lo. of land situated on the tberlT able of itn Tw.mty ourth (treat, art'a tbe four brtcV but'ding there m, between first and Serord are^a. and known as No. 177 The lot 1* 2J feet frmt and rear 98 feel 9 Inches deep; house jj, b 48 fret The premlHea m rent for $041 per annum. $3,401) can remain oo bond and rtgage lor three or live veare at 7 per ceul Interest. "j option Rurioi -itxr*n8rvi anp prrkhpto . ry tno-'zra/1 tale of fornl'.nre, cirpets, An. raill KI, OHtlOOU A lO. Auctioneers, U Ball at 8 natsau s j-eet, on Haturday a' teio'n'ook. the Mire furniture of * tlrwt "las- boarding h mae, wbleb hat been Stored for oi>n?ei,lc.nee of salr. oomprisieg Brussels three , Ingrain and a'alr carnrta, two bu1<* rosewood parlor *ur ire, t?o marble top eteg?*e?, bookcases. mi?btetip lea, book caeca, ak and enamelled bedroom f irotture, Jdlng, lertber beds, m .h >gaiy and otbpr aulas, clinmg ta Ok, d nln* r "m furniture, nail and kitchen furniture, crock *, (lam and plated ware, An Alao, ilfuee's aale - Positively wlthoit any reserve, a large oolloo of ne? oabtLet and upholsterer furniture, being the Ire (took or a caM-ei maker removed ope.uallj for tbla aale order Of he atwlKnee. Alao, mlaelv at tael re o'olook noon?Twenty superior oil paint la neb (fold rill 'r?m-a, ad from su^ie -ta 'rom 'he studio ir I i: uu'ea. aDd sold positively ?I bout r?-e-ve, by order These psint n(ts are well wo-thy the attention of indlnr n. rr.iajtcr* 1'artlftii'ars In c ataloirtiea mrlu mrtM, ^ of i* e" UCTIOA N -HOK.?WII.UaM WILDK, ATTTTIONCKB ?B*> Hl'SU A WlLl?l?.?This day, at lil>< o'clocs at II th William fl'rret will be sold the stock or a watchmaker U Jewell* r llMh compass, ?old and ailver hunting jtium gold chain*, rings, pit* and lockets; I .then, hand 4aa ae alna uachlnes, watch tools, Ac , Ac. AUo, 80 boxes COTIOK NOTIO -J BOG ? RT, A0< 'TIOVRRR?BY , S. BOg A RT ?This day al 10o'clock, a' the auction jot corner of Krankfor* and Wil'mra streets, HhertlTa sale <uw bonk.-< eous'sung of a larre act of valuable law book*, > small Iron safe bo)kcn?e arm cltairi, Writing 'able, Ac.. I Also, at ,2 o'clock, one hone and cart suitable tor Ivy work tee. wagon and harness, also, gontsel ho useko d 111 tare lunriOR NOTll'K J. BOJART, AUCTION ?RR-BY 6 BOGSKT?thia da,*, at II o clock at the n union ana, oomer of Kran* fort and William streets, Constable's (? stplanofr r e aad kenteel household furmt re conslaUn I marble lop'sbles, bureaus, o?ne seat chars arm nhairs, I'htaiids, mahogany French bedsteads oU painting*. en irtags lot of candy j'ra, three ply carpets, also, one ma jany carved leg plat ntorte T KICdARO CaRPENTRR. Constable. ' lac, lihti.ti ' .he store at 12 o c cek, one cart and bar ;a, one wagon and harness, One lsorae, Ac. lUPTlOF NOTIClt ?OCNHTABi.k'8 BaI.R OF wines, 1 Bqnort wgara, Ac Bv virtue of aeveral executions I : ssvnaa 'tr sale at public aunlco. at the salesroom* of wra Har?r A ?nes, .?? 5>i fine street, on Wednesday, (tut la a, o.H o'clock Id the forenoou. a large lot of "ran t, IB casks. dei<*ijobns and ra e?; also. a lot of Ueidsick and ma ctaavi ague also, a large lot of Havana and German sn Ae J< ?HH H T'T1,LHR nonstable M above saV Is postponed octll Kr.Jay, August 21, at the is Obu and place. UOTIO* MLI OF ()INT?h HOUSEHOLD FURNI tcre rusr wood parlor suite. uianoforle, (aa ehande lers, ; cm Frlila? (to m rrow, at In o'click, being the contents letueUtWrs Twrnty stub street, near Eighth ar.nue jar ea follow* - Rose wm d parlor suits, rosewood ceotre. r, card a*d fa;et tablet with statuary tops; rosewood tare. ptanoforte all the g*' chacdellers velvet Hrcssels, sa ply and nvraln carpels; telvet atalr carpets, hall <*ihs, rugs, mah'tgany tele a te es arm, rocking and parlor ' lace ard damask curtains mantel clocka, Fr?noh and age bedsteads, nslr mat reuse, paillasses marble too, sag and pain bureaus, marble top waahetande toilet l, ahma dinner and tea eeta, ercckerv, cntl?ry, plated and W ware, refng-rntor. store#, kitchen uleaaila, Ae The >? to b? t>? retupinrlly sold, ud worthy lh? attention of laakmperrn and o.bera. Deposits raqulred. Catalog nea at ,ea It hKIXAfl, A action ear. B BA?<)>, APtTTIONKCa. To morrow, August 21, at 10.4 o oiork. adrt sale of Turn lore, carrels mlrrwa " Pale Una., ?rV!lM^ Be., Ac. t?<m A CO , h6 Nassau atreet. ? lit a n A W>f tare* an 1 Irahle aaanrttrrnt of new and rroadhan-' pafi t faralture. Inline In part ot >d?ht elegantly rarrad and rtrhlr Ocwpred wood aoiui In brvatel. blnsh and balnidb. odWl anfaa. lata a <e'*n, lounge*. divans. recaption, easy ting and r chain; e'egrrea. rl?hlv carrrd. wl'h mirror A aad fronts, a. r?.tarda, boohoaaea. book and c rner ida, Ac, A leo bedr-. hi en-milled ani'a In ration* nolor* bureau*, tlrobea, wa?'i "and* oommodes. beda, bedding. maurtMan*, itaere Ar A> addition to the a Hot*, at the same lime and plase elegaat rora man. i , are ant oral pier top and plant chawer rarpru, v? iteeirj, BrswJa three p y, Ingrain, he a tea clock* cut'ery, crockery, silver plated ware, glass a Ar , Ar lac a *plee t ,< roi'ectioa ot paint tigs. by eminent artlata, raring*. An. puruunt l tie above la the properly o' a g nUemaa reify deora d ant *? moved for c m?tnlet ft <1 tale, anc la very r-?|i ? ! terrlpg the >t enitui of b t> -a. tie poalli' ' Mi' iguea can be had early on the -..tinting ale T H H l.knll* A CO-ON Trfl' H"ll 4 V, AOltl'ST 20 IM0T all. ' "tk.atour *iore 2d Nassau niree. twenty e?ge. >ib 'i i*n Ibe'h a e"|i"ii r>iir?'lly and war'en aa aer rami V Mu t be ao'.d without raaerre Ui cloae Ida* f Akit t -'aNf*. Ai 'irioaRgd.?at itr.ii Hi 1LAi K If.M lay. ai I o cl " k at th?ir aal*a rien SI Sue e r a Aran ol use bay hoe?m. all years old, nee hand' > "t. w*rri?uie p-rfrc It *o md. klml ant gen la alegle and d 'aluwa are faat and without b em Alans""" It ote, fl't?en hands high, aerem ear* jI1, minted'!'' ' oc' k'od and gentle In erery way and rot In four n n i ea Alt' wagon and baenr** Alto a <d black h r-">. ail veara old. ahou rltlaen hat I* b et, rra.ted I'. I e Ij >o id. hind and gentle In erery way r net >>f ar w" and r okaway. let a eon < kaway ,mvle h Wild Hfther* AI?o two phaa ona. da by J VI tt?pt -re *uo%en bnt aragon. mad* bt adara* da/tem i > i reral new roekawaya, road lop wagons m never a) ae a < ogle a id double harness I OOLTl'N. A < flCAItK iKNTltl, HOCH itiHOl.D . rarrltM," ga- Inures, Ac, this day. Thursday, ignrl *) ? . - ock, at tk? am 'Ana r i ma If! ?< -* nan d H* Ann tri ? a ver> large assortment of new and ae id band f <i i ii . ar o :. k i. la and umail lea c >ai: -le la pagl n o * ->d and mahogany parlor fn-ni me In nro ri.aifaaa.. '? . .. U marjle lop centre, car I aid al table*. l?r*i' .d .tull I mii-h i *v mtrr.i-s audablelo lw. aad I wet . I-*' s ImAr Met ui 1 bureau*. ilBihnfi i kvr and c hw ma' rA?Aa. rarpata an t ml aha lui H ? *? ?. Ifti map'.- rhair., ?%h'i?vn anti m nwinha* r i.<1Ii>a iKU a? m ' hand piano -WA. arork rr, k dr.; *U >, una ? .pari if p>wer |ir?a*. 1a w1U ba p . . rni.1 or an|r,~ riURT I.ITi 1 * OO.-ACTIO* HAM Of H'iHIR. 1 Mlf<i ' I r?'r -rn In dwalHn* Ro T'' ranty muh ?1rA-?. Will aail -hi* daj Thnra'ay, An? 1*1 at li'S " * * * 'ha aollra m?nri"nl 'nr I .i-a AAa abora h ><.? t? wbl ih ba would rail iba aparial at ittoa of pnt. ? ra Iba *al? will ba parampiory. rata r MA d-wvti a of whirh Ran ha oh amad a 'link* o? Ifcr m -ntn* of aala Mplandl1 In'anl mnawood AAAfortA, *i" ? - andanarr, raWairarp-u. damaa* d I AAA ruria i*-ra and alairani pi at and manial mirrora. ran foil anl(? nl rw wood parlor fn'alinrw. nobly earrad d oowv.l' X- -TO. wH.h *iip a,,,-,,, (a,l nraa lita warA ma-iA t,'cr. and *ra of u>* m w r?atlj dAarrlp ml Thm- .v ly ran-d r??od -i-?ar-a with pla n port, lady". ?r-?ah rrr?a-y, marhla moalr eaMnat ahaffo aw, rnaaw -1 a r nary and boo* maa. atatnary marhlA lop hlAa, A.A*ai' ? ?'i an.' r- unn-nt rbalra In aa in r. Mid wnnpUoa rhaira. en?Arnd In MAdalllon lapoat'T f mr Acaal Ahan' < m?ni wnt h-ttaa an l [bo lAn rh la AAA, Wlib a I**, . ifil <*,lAMionof parlor omani m la ?ir> anmhar of *a!> a > o?l palnlm** In rlrb framw. Otnln* r*a. Ilbrar . .-.-a' ar fnrtiipirn narrat rwwrd h-d aadA ?ar> P r< ana, waafc.tanda and am?i Iaa all to aMh. a> in<rr-,r fr'nU, AhA?al *iaaAA? Col - ill of MAwnod rir, lino-lob n?ai m rr.ira, valval fRilimn irpAtA tart" ' a rb hair mAiraaaaa, < la^ani aiiana'on din A labiAA t ?*-? din n? am rhalrn, marhla v?p nfat, nrrajtl mb r, and wblla klnAawara, ala? ant dlnnar M pur1 an.. >nr miliary, library bookraaa via ? t?,.< ta? mulhb 'O.?r>oir< arm and * >i?Ia rhair. <,,w ?h laii> ? aaIta'. ala>r earpAt, marhlA hall aland hall aliandA.lAr, ddAAralor. r> - , rn? kr art-fnl ran man will bo In Inadaar-n to p?< k and ihlp If n? dart^ TA>PWtRI Al-'TtCW NOTIC'K ?J R Vijf ART 1 WRRA will tall on Tharadar. *hh. nt lOo rlnpk at ltd aarl Mraat. ai ' r .. ? ha. narbafaa and Ilia aaaonad ardwam ab". I rul RlfCln * ?awa. i raaka hooka and ma Iaa, aAAortad aura I raa* rlrfla. 1 raaka lahlo onUnry, Rn raaa hraaa bn . r?ri of a ( k d hardwara Al.o, nidar ardAAa lrkr?o?i.>n, damavad 2 naak Rlaa. 11 aloklo and rrablA Iron to r? ra V Cva n*uaa "n iha morn In* of aa'a I U WITH, ACOTlORMR.-^CrrtT'OJJ,, <}r l.toWtaUrt fnjoiHnrW, 9*1 pnmi "f,7 V',, rirm<m-ji ap. Angim* 21, m urn *<0. 116 wnt rtnonnm rM b?*'fr ftwtb and Hironth *T*U"",,W^ .tiS?Z *M* UM nlro furniture of W lAete JUI tu wkiok on would <*11 Ik* ipwial at'nntton f wrum Tho rain wl!l b? p?rnmp?orr, dmenpt ?e jppw ol wblnU own bw ob alnrd ftt the fcoaW on momln* I ?M A ?r?u id ????? oetn*e rowewood pisneforvvponrl pa * flrw ??m iimimtnoni. with Htonl nod now; ??lret enf?*? tntta 'IhoMk and lac ourtalnn, InrlC* nn<l MM} bK* ^ manml r, >,?. :hr?o full hu.i? of ronrwmxl parlor rural irk. rwkli ftarrud .wad norm id in Ml* brncadn, Willi ?lp me All - annum worn madn o ordnr, ul are of the mat tuMhr i-. -f iitlon. Thr?n algrtn Jy oarrnd 'innwnnfl mfl1? wHn plain dwwe; lady'i Frnnoi anernmrr. marble ivdawilir. ;h. (Ton era, mwwood tn.wwtarp nod boohmwh la* narr ma?Nn vp MIm rlnnal Tttrkmh nod rnmmbenl hair*, m aai'm inanwood reeepilnn nhalri, mow 1 In ?n (Sin mpn it'f. %nf ?lntan< nhandallenL mar ol treat Nerr*i <id 111 led > -I in* 'nana. wVh n oeautlfnl nollemloa of parlor ! ? ? n.Hi, it lumbar of reliable nil palntinci. In Hob I IT? Pin i't mom ehrarp mid Camber furniture. mrred I?wood bad land*, mnrhlr lop hnreena, waahmandn tnrf am kdM nu to mnloh, atnourt, rrllh mirror froae. u?tt laano*. *n,t 0 mnrwnnd furniture, In haircloth idl Mffnt. relrM billow raroern, larpa "nook hair mat rmo. alrum'. niteeiten dimni table*, rich illrnr Wtrr t*tn* arm eha'jw. marhln lop bnffM nrpetal ni ruby *ed raPw (kMM ?arn; oimtnal dm oar not, pearl and atlrer oil rr MTUP bonne mi, t*e a teiee, none. pee hi on ad hack Ue low *?d Win <*alrn, InillHh oMoth, ralrel italr H, hall atand. ha'l nhand ? Inr refrtxarator range errm *e Two ip'on.U I pl f (taimaa. with *11*. nana a. ,> aaro> Da-nfol uartmen will ? m attend >nam to peih ml Mir > IMMi I L BAUCI AT ADOTHM. GT?WWT p. mvAH, AUrTIONKBR.-niKU.IM, BAOUT A BA'tUl wW sail by irder of nasiguet, amiuv ii. u mi street. oh Friday, Augatl It. at 10 A * , , a slook of city made clothing staple and fane dry * ?od i jewelry Ac.; al o, aa tnroloe of superior clocks dtn<("d oa account of u^der rl in JC8KPH HkOAMaN, ADCriUMBVK-FK.^aV, iU gust 21 M lo o'clock A. M . at t?e iVntral Salesrooms, cor I nerof Wljlouiihby and Pearl streru. Broofclm -House < >ld furtiliuie, Brussels carp da mahogany ho an t- a is 1 chairs tables dressing burv.nn eoisteads feather beds, i crockery, n anile c ocks Ac.; also, the balance of soak of a farcy * ore a bn* care Ac JBORIaRTY, AUOTIO*KBB, WILL 8KLL TU18 UaY, . at TSOfcatnam square, at 10fi o'clock, new and senood kand fornl nre?a general assortmeai; al?o a la??e seeortmeol oi carpels oil paint ngs, c'o ks, D Irrors, As. 8 Ue p'wlur* La Mia AMD IMPORTANT BALK OP LlQUuKB. IN bond. MT^Tl'RN A P A RTRinni wIV sell at their store No IL8 Pearl street Hanover square, oa Thursday, august 28. . .. 8P0 hal', quarter aud one eighth ptoei oognao. Rnehelle and Bordeaux brandies, of the to lowing brands ?Otard, Oupur A f\> , PI an at. Oerutiarlea, Niche' A Pile, * . Solgnette, It Rolin, and a varlet* of othe-s 2,D00qusrter and one. eighth plpee sherry, Madeira. port aad Burgundy ports, of the fol'owiog brands:?Harmon v A Oo , Mhur Mngla P>eres. Uarrls A Hon, Ac . Ao. I uOb caaee claret of various b-ands; also, Jamaloa Santa Orar rum. Hcotoh whl?kev a'd Holland gin All of the above are tn bord and ef the lasportatl w ot T W. Tat aud A On. The in wyIm mil remain tn bond oil ilH'ial terms Klj months will he given on nil soma over $600, four month* over $160, on> b under $160 8amplot car be eeen at the salesroom of the auctioneers, thm laj. Wednesday TWOR VKTTGH, AHO rfONWFR?8TORB 16 HPRITIB street- Mortgage nod sheriff's sale of bUll?rd 'ahlot, tquors, wine*, set an, Ac , on Thursday, aug-i* JO, IS67, at 10 A at 2 1 Mnth avenue consisting of h 11 lard tables and appurtenances, tquors, wines, regain. decaliters, bottled hrandlea, aid also at ore and ran Inures Ac JCHN T. HTKtfaWT Deputy Sheriff Tbos. vnertiH. ai'OT10M?kr?rttirb no usptiftiii street ? HbertiT* sale of bot-1 furm'urs, An , on Thursday August a), lhbT, at lOtf s at to 011 tr >ad va>, oouMUtlng orbed* an bedding, hair mat reeses leather bed. I'lo's bar fixti.r-S, l? lrrors, settees, camels oil cloths decanters ilaaswnre, oil paintings, engraving* gas fixtures chandeliers, e . Aft A R ROlJJKlj, Depntr Khsdff 8ALK9 OK REAL KSTATK. ?1 nnn ?*'T RBQTURKH now* -FORfULR TUB PlsV/Ul/ beautiful three ttory and high basement d wsl lag h- use, elth marble, doors and stoop, to th? b oob between Forty fl st and Forty-second streets, on 8 -veoth sverue. It is rt)lete with overt modern Improvement Dalai oe of purchase money In lnala'ments or woud be a ton In huildlng materials or made to suit Inquire at 150 Worn blrly ninth 'trw t, between eleventh and Eighth avenues or at the thirty houses on Forty s?venth street, between Sixth and mvstilh avenues, of Mr. HULKLBY. (O Q|W|?THREE 8TORT BRK7X HOU8R FOR 8 tLK P ?.0 of. In Thirty seventh street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues, jos' finished; has all the modern improvements S dd for lees than oost. and the balanc?o' money mat remain on mortgage, apply to C. KB8SLKR KMIfli, 289 Broad wa., rooms 10 and 11. 8ALB, tlOUNTRT SB AT, H >08$, ipvJ.v/Ut/. barn and ten lot". House In Brooklyn three boners In Williamsburg, thirtyl lo'g In Melrose. Or will exchange for a farm near be city, yf BIQtfS 6 bO0THWf"K. St Nassau street >7 nnn -f<>b s*-l* o* ex out nub. a h1usb 4> I ' ' v/t'? and lot on Forty fourth street nea- Sixth areBur; will exohange for bouse iu Brooklyn of alio it above vi ue or less. Apply to VaN LiBW k BrtOfHVYIOK., 61 Uhamhers street tin IUW1 -W-ALUASUt R8TATK ON NORTH HI OB tPIU.UULr. of l ong Island of 667 acres, 90 cu'ttvated, balance handsome timber; 2,000 eord? of wood sow fit for market. Uood house, barn, outbuilding*, fruit, water, Ac. $7,100 ran reman. K A. BONCE, 31] Broadway room No. X Mil ftnn ?FOR BALI, ON TERMS TO BUTT. THB ?D1 I .Uul f. fi'# 1.) it unF hiin iwl fm?t amitr** on the north tide of Forty flrat a!-eel, th ee hundred teet eart of Algtlh evenae, bu small tram" butidmr* on. Will be told ritromel) low. lnqu re ol BULFLKY, 100 Went Thirty nln'h street, between Keren th and Ctgh h aramee ADCSIRABLB LOOATIO* AT MAI.DKN ULSTRR county, H. Y . for aa.e. -The propriety la dlapnaed to sell hla farm ctn?i*ting of SI K ar ea of land. 1* la alia a'rdonan eminence clrecty weat f Jie village. It haa th ? .*<e ar.d the Hudson river In frm! and the Oaiaklll monntalna In the rear, It haa aotl adapted to the citltl ation of berrlea and gropes the land and fencea are In pood order The bou?e and other fcn; dingi ace nub rtaa'la) and enmmodloua There are abonl 1 9JU choice fruit tree* on the promises For salubrity o' air. ertanalre and variegated aoenery, pleaaanm aa ol locauo t and access! ll'ty to a'eun boata up and down'he tlver, It haa few If anyejuala in oar country. It le two milea north of the 0 writhing village of faugeitlea Title Indispntable Tarma aceomm xlrltug to the pn-rhaaer A <p'y to tbeproprletoT, on the premlrea, or to VON VOLKKNrfURG, HUl'LTIB A CO , 179 Reads Crest, N. Y. THOMAS LA Ft Brooklyn first clam houses for salrPiioe. |6 SfO?t1i . Noa 1.3,1,1 and IS Lafayette arenor, between Nary and Raymond atresia Th?y contain ga? and plumbing aul'ahle for the new water work* including hatha and wa er closets. The fronts are Fblladelphla hrt<-r Karh house la tort? feet deep, cxaIusIvc of a bri>k erteoewm or eight feet, each lot la ninety eight leet delusive of a oonrt yard of eighteen leet The Inealloo is the most healthr. poou Iar and oonrenlen bn Brooklyn, being hut Are mlnutaa walk trom the Ctty Hall, aud bu' 1411 feel from he Fuiton arcane ears Thehou?e? are. In all reapeota. substantially bntlt and wtU Bnlshed. Also for sale. 174. ITS and ISO Oautoa street on and adjoining the northwest corner of Hanson place price 06 260 Apply to WILLIAM B. R1UUOL8 owner, 16 Naasau Street M. T. Farm, raw aj?d oribt mill for balm -about thirty Bra aAre* of land, on which la an apple orchard, a er mill and relet mill la ranntna order bam. hovel and (ran ary. MiiuM within a mile from the village at Baekenaaok. Reriyn fWiMj New Jaraey, oa P e east aide of rtver (aald property at Late belonging >0 Albert Z. Van Maun, deorared), will >e (old at public tale, an Tuesday, the flret day of Raptcaaber next, at one o'clock P M , at tlx public bonee of A. J. Vaa 8aua. In Ux rtUa(? of Baokeaaaek. Trnni made known oa the day of aa)e. Sold by virtue af a decree of tka Orphans' Court of said oorn'y. For partir-alarr Inn .lire of a.dar W. Vaa Hon ten. No. 101 Barrlay atreet, New Tork. Ma CO A RET V*N Ha UN, > Admlnletralorm. JOHN o. iitRZUIII, i rwww. HiCimw, Auktxt li 1*7 rARM FOR SAM.-.VI ACRKS TK lJJ.MBKRJt**P vn' late R 111 van oninty, N. T. ? acres tmovw '0 mra : >w, no warte land, omnoo hi!1dlat?. la 4 miles fr in .-bohola depot, canal and rlvjv; 9t? hoard ftde .""w New Yo>k price 91 SI) Terms vary. The W'?vl on K Wa. ?el for be 1 cotton In healthy and pleasant; h >m? marke. fw stock and produce at New To k onnea; aehojl rburchea Firea, Ac., by it tin farms, Mtl.tMJ acre* of ari-a S-o?ed laid. In dlflerent dtrretiona Apclv to J. VANDKKILT, 84 F ulton air et. Othor open fro n S to 8. (DOR Hil.T a BEAUTIFUL PIMTI OF I.AltD, SITU F * at New Durham. N J., three ml lee from the Hobo ken feerj, on the Hacker rank tnrnotke, oonulnlog Did acme For par len lave apply to WM. BUOTT or JAMW (lOl. near the vreeterw igSt R 8AI.R?A IIROWN HTONE FRONT II USE. EN<! llah basement, furnished ?mj>|ete and with all the modem Improvements In irirty (tecnniTe reH, between Klkbtl' and Ntc'h avenues Mnrieaged for tVOO). Addreae hi H It . Ini I .'IPi hew York Port offloe. F9oR SALE-TWO FIRST 7L *HM FOUR STORY HKOWN tone hoiiaee, Noe. IS and 17 Hart Thirty ??< ood Free, be laeen Mad iron and Flf b avenues; hotiaca 2d by (10 feet, and nn'lt tn the ver- err, manner For particular* apply on the premlrea. fr en ft to 6 o'eloch FTUB HAM-A BROWN HTOWK IIODitE AND HTANM ho is?, renlete with etary Improvement, I educing nafe In the wnll. 11 .rth side of Thirty fourth atreet lot an 1 a'a ble (Ml lhlrty fifth atreet. poaaeaeloa let November 91MUI he other hot.aer of every sort for sale or to leaae. a. RKEHE. 190 Nroad way. H|*OE RAM-THR WELL 1HOW9 AND BUOIBLT altnated property la alkan, 8 0., B-hwartir D M. The healing pripvi-Oiw of the aofl ant dellgbt'tii climate and th' fine and estenelve aoonmmodailnaa Induena large numbers ef lnra!<dr to vlilt Aiken both rammer and winter acneaMMe fif >m all parte nf the I nloo and from Nrw T ie* direct la two day* and a half, for farther particulars apply to JOE. ADDISON HO Doane street 1.1 R RAM-AT f'UPT N, STATRN IRoAND, POUR F bo.ises rod lota of I .nd oa OIHT and Nautllur rtreete Par far her particulars ajply to t. ATt>IN A HTRKKT M William Ilfffl I FToB HAM-TWO LOT". WITH FOUR HOUHRH. TITO farm* uA two rfv or to rtcbanfe for oity or no an try pro unrty Wri'chnatrr cumuli prrfnrmd Tbr tola ara known aa 321 mi ' TO Wr?t Thirty FtkhA >umI In intra at 11S Iniini atrani, Markrmlth ahop, or II. COLBM AW. *B V Brink ntrmv KjW >R BAIJC OBKAP-THK THRU "TORT BRMK r konaa U ll"orj atrant. Brooklyn two mlanlaa walk tr- rn Pnlon furry. Apply to 0. E ORBUaW, tad faituo atma., "aw Tnrk rH.K WALK **H K A P-lHfl WMT FORTIBTH "TRBir. urar ktgh'h arrnna; a new four atnrr and Iam -at brick h?m?r 2S by an feat darp . lot V by 100, luwnst prion $4.V?> ran remain Houar moln for SMtl a rrar. Apply to J. VaW W*0"RR. 1M Waal Forty naooad atrant FI^HoK BALB OB EXCHAWUB FOR CITT PROPRRTT. raoaat lota. Ar T ?o aplaadld faraaa. oan In Woa rhaa tar nounty, orarVmklag lh# I?on* I aland ttnuna, of "0 norm, tbr ?tkrr, of IB) aaraa. at ftnanra, omrlnobin* Uta ttaaaaa Laka. tbrnn *-*? brink fanoiin* to lot, with watar o- atnaia powrr E'laraotrad, poeeretoe ImaandtaMUy; alao W.000 acme of Tna* land to n?rj?an?* for Mlaaniiii land. Inqolra at JAR. T BOO IRK Wo IE 'Tty HaU plana. VOR RAI.B OR BXOHAWHB-A P ARB OP RIOHTRBW r antra, in tbr rlilacn of Ulrkrrllln. %'< fori fmn tbr Ion* laland Railroad, hall atnlla fnvw the drpot; will trada for a h .ow aad lot. or wUl bnaoid<h?a; Iba sonar > an ratnala aa loai aa wantad. Apply to MoIBIRK,.an want Twaaly ii lb atraaA. rn H ALB OR BIOAARIIB-TWO PIWB HOB" BR A wo la lo a. at 11 art MB. a aplandld i??M?noe at Molt Harm, no aarnaihrinaa. a n-at bona- aad taraotaan lota at Mr Irian, and MA a -raa of land In tba dial# of Raw fork. Apply to J. WnBD, Wo. ITryon row. W. T. rR "ALB OB TO LBT-THB LAMB BBTLOIWO. lib two lota of aronnd. IDitR E, at TT "aw Thirty third atraat. tba bnlldlm* la MUM fa at, ibraa atortaa hifh. wall nalmlaird to* a aanfbetnry or unary atnbla. Iaqn ra oa tba For rai.b or to l.rr a i.arj* h ari win norta ?nd bnhnry IW Klfhlh arnnno, flttnrt np In tbo boat Myln Md in mi oioonoat loaaUna. Apply for parUsnlara nl SU EtphtA wwiia For ram or to i,?t a boirr with rtorb bnnntlfnlly Hunto*m ihn aontm of Urn rlilnir of Pair wonn< onrnrr o' RoodrmT t^nnr ?nl frwM mr*A with loryt frorrton. Ac : but flro mlnnton wnlk mm Tromnwt An poi, pin ? hnalthy, ront lo #, ehnana to Make m m?T partteularty for prooMry, Aa. laqnlro of W. IIII.I.M, 17 (Inrnr Mroot. CI 1R*AT BARHAIR.-A (THAROR RRl.DOR VR WITH T la now rffrrrd In tbo nl? of n flra Mary brown Mom hnn?o. entirely now m ToonnonUi root, ono blook fr on tarn? wj.inre. olonnUy nod nbMnnUnily bnllt. pnanaaMn* erory ponolnlo mnlora orm ronton oe Amount roqnlrol town moroly noMtoni. bnlnnoo in thron or In yonrn Thin iwwt nnoiooptlonwhlo (front hnrpnln If mkom In n fnw den tti to l?t n 1n? honno nonr the nb ire to e ttrM olnan family. Ad Arena Rmwti Riono. Herald of#no. HOt'Hi 'OR RAI.R A RRAI.U RR AI'TIFlfl, PIRRT niMi* bmwn Mono hl*h M??>p honno. In n ?nod nntrhb?. i h.??i pivnr.iH). Man \V.i?n?n, m ?A) tor Bro yonrn. laatilreof a. krhnedt, l? Rmi Thirty Hfth ! ?tmot nonr Ulif nronno rm EXCR A R'f.?l<OTR I* THi VIOTRITT Of PIT Tor* In rrehntpe for nlnnofnrton nod molodenaa. Ad dmnn Molndoon. H>relit nllloo. rm MM RXCHAROB rut OBdOBBIBR, LI JCORX OR RR no novo lota In n Doorl bin* ttnnffo on l?n? lalnnd nonr'bo mt.mnd Tbo nd>ortl?or band In tbo rynoory bnM I no- wot 4 mala n libarel mbinit. A Mmaa Trade, Hare* obn. SEW YORK HERALD, TL kHlPPMU. ijpos UVIKW'L P 1 be United mail ?ieac.ahik Del tTI'l, .lw Weet TomirertW WU1 depart with the I'nlled ? At* matte fur Iturope paeuiv* ij an Heturder, ^ptember II el 11 o'oi.*A d. from bar berth el the foot of Here) ?tr*et ror .relght or p*eaage, baring aorqmlled ecoorauudetl >ui Car eiecenon end nornfe*-. apply 15 KIlWhRO K. COL IWf St #eli etmne. rmeeeagere ere reqae?#d to be no board el 11 o olook v. M All letter* tenet pew throng* the Pn*t office enr HbrT wU' be re untod Rotlnu. ?Tbe stnemere of tbU lino heretmprovud eeur tlgni eompertmeate. Ibe Keltic. Dept. J. J. Ooraetoak, pill cell oo the Mtb of Hep tomb or Po eipeeee bee been epered to make lb* ernmnni of thlr ttne In ell reeprcte, ee good ee one. end the thorough eieau nettoo^lvno <aua> prove* their tunt'e of aopatr indue )'<* nor 4 M. B.?Hereena u?p regale/ b< lit ebipe for thu Uoe edit perform lie entire eervtoe Fiurr paiikkt to uvkbpool,-uiuno t > mo& row, el noon The KlfPIRR. Capt (loom will o-witlv*Ij ?ell ee ebare Pur ptuwv-e aeplv oe '.?*rd el It Ce*t river, orlo BABKL A nQKTIB. '73 Broedwei NOTIOB.?FOB I.Iir?t?PO<>L.~8*IIei THIS Del, el 13 o'olook, the otlebret'-d clipper hbtu PUR ? A, Oepialo Merrlbew. Par peeee-e Id cebta, eenotia ceh n eed steerage eppl; "o boerd, pier 3d Keel river, or lo T <U*ttOO <T A <10. m Ht.ulh rtreet. UTRBPoOir?HAlttB au'tUHT it. ril? Po'kkt r ?h p al B?RT tl *1,1. tT N fro<n .tier 19 ICae.rlrer Kbto TURK T WN for Itoodoa net I* <o at rro? fere g>Head fo od fewenreri ire tube out from eav ttert of 'rclaetl tr loglend tpp v t i T.i tt <t\ K MS do an tret VOflOK- PIRttT Pa' !K hT rott LIVEo POuL?P tOK CT Jhtb of Angtuit.?\h? f?tt heltlnr oil peer ehlp I' ,U. TaBO , Oept Marker wll po.turrly nail at vbovr Panaee lo eeble. second catln ana *teere*? tvply or ooeri, pi r ST teat tire-, or to T . 1'bOulT A 'O , 86 Moult ?tr-ut Tit I bT PACRKT TO U^KR^OOL StIJff i T'TId UA* r at noon Th? BMPIttK 0\pt Conmhe, will ?> sttivel? aall Ah above, lor a *?ge a p't on board, at It Kant river, or to HaHKI, A <ORT.A. 178 Broadway. Itli? URlTiHU MOltrb tKinlUtl AO Yen, eal. 1 HTRAMUIIIPS rata paw toka to uvtiu-oot. lllef ceo to peonage blK den tod oebln peer ?ge 71 raoa eosron to uvmarooi. Jnlel eeoia peerage. till, Secoo I cabin pasaage ft 't-Kbla. Jttdhlna, leave (tew To k. Wednesday, Aug IB CAN all t, Wloktnan leaf tt.Mtoo W<'(tntMd?v. tuc Vt t Ha W a. Hume leere Hew York Sent 1 AMEUIO*. I An* Inure Hooton. Wednewtar Demi Aerlh* not iMiKed an U ptl 1 fur An eiperlenoed tnriM on boiru The owner* of the-* ?Mp* vtll not bt eon>> niablr Car *o~ direr. bullion Jn elry, prectona atooea or metAle on en* bill* of India* are rjrood therefor -nri lb* rn'ae thereo" herein exirranen F-ir FWilahl or p*een*? nupty to 8 Ol!N?Kl>,4 llowlla* dree* LIARA MPutA r?j oOUlueJUTtJtt itu HAVRA. r The m?f;nlfloeiit?t'?,J.ilttp VANitP tKrl,T Airtn1 'lb In* JoaunantW 6,MM ton* Mil a*JI frnMW TORSfw From mjUTiiattPTtiK Mb tuUTHAHPToN A HAVE A. H A TEA for A AW YOK* taturda? Hep I 11 keturdn? Oat I laturday Oat M iktturday ..No*. 1* Price of Pa*a**e?Flrat o?b;n 8UK;, trconi cabin, %&i Hpe be dellrerM in Lordoe and Perl* ** fret*iu or pimp apply lo C TOR*'.NtTB, A*e*U, Ho ? Bowliu* ttroe* *"? fort Letter* rot- England And urope, prepaid, 36 rente eacb bar .anoe (by enclnaure of pontage ?tnmn* If from otbur mUe?j rill be reoel* e<l *t No Bowlin* Green W?w fork in UK o'clock of the morula* of anllln* CIREaT RBDOCTIOH OF FAR* TO NU?or? T rtrat cabin . .*? trooud cable ... M d the flrat cleat paddle wheel tMamahtp ARIEL, MUO ton* -nd,NOKTH HTAR, 1.60U tOUA. to ?all from tiltw Ho. 3 Nortl drar. at oooa oreaUely. W"Mo? h* 'f^THI* <*? AT? HAlljJ, rlr:Lii v > i* rou roh titu mi 'octna?rro? hats* an turn roe ?ojrntarrop aaaaa*. AovruAirroa. rou naw roaa 'orth Hear, Hut1 day, ttept i Saturday, Oct. 8 I Wed., Oct ! Ariel, Saturday, < dober S | Saturday ot 81 I Wed., No* 4 Three ilramaMp* touch a Harre Specie dellrtred la iot on and Pari* For paaaace or freight apply to 1 TOD 1AM > , A ("ill, No. 6 Bow Do* tireeo. Hew York JT1AM BETWEEN NHW YORE AMI) OLAflOW3 EDINhUK't 1 600 ton*. WU lata Oammtn,/?mai>uiaer. ft* Y BK 1,180 ton*. Robert ntl*. ooaunanuer, JLAH 10W. 1.961 ton* John Duncan. commander The Otaaace and new York Hteaatihlp Oompany lbieud ealUn* tbeee new and powerful learner* from Hew York to tllaocow direct. a* follow*: rmoa aaw roaa. rw>a olamow. New Turk, Saturday, ah*, n, 11 aona BdJnbnr* a.* 8 dtnbur*. Saturday Sept Allooon. Q'aagow Hepl * aarms or raeatoa flral elaaa, 976. third claaa, fount, with cooked pronaiooa *80 an ?ioencueed aurreon atlanhnd in each lamm r? freight or niH>|t apply to JAMaS SASdU&N, a# not, 17 Broadway Mow Tort wt? bill* or (old oalt reoalred It* pw age. TUB UTUltXIL AMD (IT TUSK AMI) PHri.a I III, phla Bteamahlti Ooapui'i Clyde boll! Iron mm otIT OP BALTIMOMM nZ'itf! P {fpfu* or *A* %&? J. &E& aaNOaROO 1.PT4 too#, Oeptata Jeffrey. Tkt iiiiKoi qui oil or other waaia or* tataailkd to iIImMtow?)? rmoa uvaarootORy ot ihutnare WedcMdtr, Jvlj M. fifty of Waahlngtoe " AoguetU tunm " AngaetlB QUygf HalWwre " Be7toolbar I. And erery at tomato Wndneaday raoa raw toil dty of Baltimore. TVtralay AuguW S OBy of Waahlagtoa " Rep'ember t " Reptember IT. C By o( Baltimore " October L And every alternate Thareday. Saw or Oaaio Paiaoa.?Fm Now Mart and rhUadi ph'a, 97K Prom lAwpont, II gnlneaa, 17 gnlneea And 11 rn'nrir according to toe accommodation la the otolioouioo. til baring the ? ? - privilege to the ketone. Onoludlng iww ard'afeea). TaiopnLAJW fiomnt?A limited an tuber of third aim iiamiiimn will be tokea tad round la to muck prurldooe ?e required Prom Philadelphia tad Mew Tort. 190 Pro Id* "Tfertfaaatea oi patent* will be laooed hare to pnrtler who ar* deelroue of brta fin* ont their frlenda, at corresponding rate* Thee* Weetrr* tee constructed wl.k improved water U(hi sompartweoU. Kaeh reaeel enrrtea aa experienced anrgeen, and erery aklawMea paid to tha ootaXort and naonmaaodatloa of paaaaoten. Drafta on Liverpool from *1 cpwardn Specie taken by tbeee iwmli at usual ralea All groda aeot te the afeaw will be forwarded otk aeowo ?* nod despatch >,? freight rr punn apply At the offloe of the oompaar. JCI1N O. DALa. U Broadway, Maw Tork Agent, or VV \|TMAM. Boa. 1 nod U Towm - Jdinrr Urerpoo! agent STMaM TO LI VKEP1X1L K9U ?THS PAVUSiTh I SOP aerew stramahlp uITf OP BALTIgORB. 1'npi. ueuaA will ml) on Iburaday, August*) Pare In eabta 171 third Waaa, Wft Ap .ly to 8ARSL A JORTIS, 177 Broadway. USOttSSl * 00.1 Lit h OP KTKAMSSK-BMTWSBS New Tor* (nttihamulna 'amdae am' Bramaa Tht naanlSneei Kn?ak steamships JliaSR OP THS MOUTH. .Oapt. Deal .. .IH1 tons burtnae Ml HAM A. Oapt Baker....ISM do. A SOU 'Ja*t. Kenww.. l.Jl) do. AMOK '"apt ?r>ttna. ..MM do. DwdmI hv hkr vrtcrii* iku ammm. irut anim** oo. nt Irmdoo W iVrrUfcMMUm. i *.-* nppulntno to mil (raw Hew fork an rrvi i if nan Hadmndby for iHindoo and Itr?i, toaablbf ni Hoalbbmrloa 4 Ibad i unf'1 and mAlla for BHclaad ui Praaaa At) 111 rnuli on# db? at i-owlaa. ud lb as proceed lo l>w (Mnraiai ik?y will imti Brnwaa far Maw Tort aa arar> JtarruUe Hntorday rtnpptac a>lT al ftontbaau-taa Thaw awaiaablpa am of (ha (rat claaa, awl hara rnportor uraac lAlioaa for pa*ae*are. TWy trill mJm a limited d amber at bird alaoa ar aatara?a piamtwi A rurraon la ?ihb>? ? aaak ablp The rataa it fraijthl la ??? ?t ? ?a 'HM btgbdr lbn? Aw at talllny nhtpa aim or ruaut nm mem -tm , imtoabli m i Biii^i .....?w, Tb# aviauklp Aran trtD aall fmta Haw Tart aa Wad aaalay. Aagaai II. and be aueneadoo by .be Jaaua ua iba M SocUaabaa, ami Iba <4uaaa of ibe b >utb aa Beaiambar 1A ft far frttlrmi or manner neply to ^ W HARD 11 HotiW William agaat nHBl HOuniAHTTOH AJila BaVAA-THH ?*ITHII lata* mail tiaamw TULTOH. Uam. J A. Wataoa. at aara for Harra. Kmobin* at Soadbaaeaiua 10 land Iba aaalba tad purine era, oa Ratorday. Aogml B a! It /tl-iak tow alar r HnriJ rf-or *x* Of Saaab rtrea* pwa or riaioa rtoiaaMB. .. taaaadaabia. ft TMa ablp baa bra walar NHht eompaitmrmia aat iH^ tba wiglaaa. ao Umi la IL# araat <.T aolUol aa or mrxaJiai. iba walaa too id aot raaob tbam. aad lb# pnmpr hated fraa to wort Iba aM} or iba raaaal aad ytami'w wrmldb# mewed Hat raff* net wanted darta? Ibe eoyaan obnaM be aaal oa hoard aa day betore eatiimL awtad Utam " for fndgbt or pmatW apply to HUiTlMlt uriRHHTOH. nam' Ha f Ti% rummer Aiago will taaaaad tu r?Jwa aad aati tapiwabar It SOB RRUTRH DIBBOT.-TO HaIL OH TUB ITH Of brulaaaoar Prim of paaaafa flrwt sahia. ffo. oaaoad atmraaa MO. Tba am olaaa paddla wboal rteamabip I'MBOH. A. B Uiwber, OommAjdiW, bailor baao am ployed farina l?a lAat fifteen month* la the iMIlne Called felawwmal) Ina from Haw Tort to I Ireroonl, wbare aba baa aataMlahed bar repnatfoa aa oaa at tba aafeel aad atoaa mm fratable ot oaraa alaaimaa will now ba plaaad apoa Iba ronia la Br mi in- Her acillaa day* foi tba prareaia worn will ba:? raoa raw tuba I mon aaaaaa. Wednaaday NopV I . "*tnrt*y Oat IT Hadoaadar . Hon Id I Batnrday One I TMaaAtpbaa palm tlcbt oompanmania. tram mmpuwiii aaataar Um aaplnna (Mr a llaltad annbar of auwrarr PM aaarwra will ba takaa ror 'rw?hi or puMir apply lotf H. 8. pn Wo. II Ronlk William atraM, or to LltJUH Ajf A <K?. U William a mat onranr of Itaaidr. sti a* to rouyhamttob ajtd jjmrnr. th> J aplaadtd aad pownrfnl aaw una rvaamaaip UBOPOLD I. a. Iftaknt. inw?< ', wtU dap an for Aaiwarp. aallfau ai V'HW*. ??rdap. Aaron n. from ptar MLBon* rtrar. ?i?? or puuiaimnm rtoriaon ,a Hmt nahta MB ! la maoad aabta , Tblo naamakip haia Bra watwUftki anvparaaaata, aad aar rtaa aa arpartaaoad aonaoa for fratrai o? paaaapa, W<Im mpartor aaanaaaaodaMoca for aabta and tiaarap* paaeaarara. NffljJr APOtmr BBlJAORfTPo 7 flaanrnritoaat OarUlnalaa of paaaar* wl'' ha laenad bar* In pardaa wta> wajtonroao of hna?W oaf Mr IWaaO at ta'oOowtop In Paaahia .... ... fa aaaoad aakia lairafa. main daaO ' 3 Mawari. arlop dnak. "ft Aobtbaua rioaaaa iura afraiuimo um OWyk* Mo 0Blind taaiai ?Ha teibar p^ntralyoa ifea dr.y adrwda*. rraa piar 10 Ban rl?w. r*? baaa. fal A 1 artmtaa nMppar life

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NorO. rtrrw too* of OaiuU dud. al II o'nlonk nona Trtarh* tor Raw (MdOaa takan aad torwardnrt tooa obi la torn of maamla afcto Owapany'a btlla of ladlua nan ba pm>nr*d at 'Aa di w ofMaaawnlanooMnaaatorpd Tarbaya ?aaliad allAaod^ aaJH lofc_ifalnnOL aad bifla of >adln? S?nd ip w tAa bowr irf I fvtadto or paaaapn arply torOBT, UUTR AAX) . allp. w?r of BoalA RrwdA [UKSDAI, AUGUST 20, 181 murrab. Thkwaii, b?'> pkh htk,?bhip nrrr of HiLTTmom. f*r .Jvfr.ool, w iJ olor*- at tb? offl w to da*, at 11 o'cVic- J 't. ti aLfc, 16 Bro?d ?a?. BI.A' * BAi 1. IJN?. PoR UVCKPUttU-lHS PAtJKICT itipMCilU * I* a1 lu thn K*at nvtw and a?la tui day a l li? to* md ban room for mora oabla a-a ?t-?ngra psare para apply to J aOOB WIBOH.W Honth ?tr -t jbdih'bu pbltjbh? ?(*< rtiaoUtib -lot ..aoirpt ta nla? t'ottad Mau? Bail liar rta Panama Railroad /be L luujO flam tUil Btruuabiv < Vxnpant will deapaMh lor taplo' all, oa Thar daa anxnrt *\h atto'nlonh P B. pra taaly, frria ptar foot or War*an atniat Nnrtfc rt*or, tba wall mown aod faai steamahlp 0>P kaL .aBIKUU. Uaptata *"ra I. i-erndon PR* Pamtmgrra abd mail* anil t>a far \arOMt b> Panama railroad, aad ouonoa a> Panama with Ikr 'r-oti t Mai) ?tw*u>-hlji <tompauy'ii magntfawm rnamahlp Got vd ?** J T w?ut(no o*mm?iuW abl* wilt >? in madl wa a'd l?a ? imiuecUurU for 1ai> Praaetaoo th?- pnhllc art Inrnrmod tbat thr Pm'flr t'all (Uramabll ompaoy *Iwh?? bavr oor or mora artva awmmnri I Tin* ? auama mad) fur ma to a*ol.i u< piwaihta dmmiiov ol 'aiMriiig*r* or mafl* Pnr pawtaif anply to 1. BATMOSD, at lb* only ottar if 'An Onmpaay. wo ipr Vm atraM euriMi' of Wanrau atraot an Tort. H-rulnr Hound Mtato* mat. waamrr 4ar* m ana bitb o ivT man'Ji KaNnaUUo URa rUK HIL.IUtaill, al'PTHAUA I'lAiw true fhuntlAV. A 'ffiut 9f Th* aIumwi a i oiu I .errhtp WaVKRLKV, Hfln hpl rtgliitftr ('lark, omunuiW *til be promptly deepAtnhel on the Jftb mat. and ta the Hmt i>d mm' d-rdrftble >? reyance uow oo he berth -he van woi? aortal* three cabin end ft Tew more aeooud cabin pu m i per i ?ei> v ou board, a1 o'er 10, A. at river; or to * AI r LEO l,f R l' 4 QCklCT. tORVfttl fttrm*.-, or to DOO t?V| tOh h) L 4 W.I. OT, WW Peftr] ??met f i>n?)tij-e? lo Melbourne Mwam i^-rd A Oo Right dn\U? >o AiuitrftHft for n a la inn* to suit BUTTON A <XV8 PtRPvTilH LINK FOR RaN FRAN~ cl to ?Clipper of S?tu day. 8- pi. It ? .o*r< r tlee nod no oetrnd-n -The ftel-n' ld ?nd favorite A. I clipper ah p RAhT. ? T, >US, boater maft'er la receiving here?rgoat pier ID art river and will poftitl ?i? ?vl aa above Hh e'er 111 .bp aa bnlit by Ibm-ld tic a ?v etprewtly f .r thla rede, end on in- moat ?ppr .ved inod?! Hbi, j-*ri de Iroiia o! tre He c- i vej u>ce no.? udrrtug aril tin' 'hU ahtp u equaled. Freight tak?n > t the lonre t ratoa andodvte tioo In 1 ?dtog SI" Tf?N A O Fd Nou'h ?r et co-n?r of IV til. 1.1 iK NOttFtKK *NL I'ltTCnKdUltK till ONHTCD I 'at-ee mail ?i*?mftbio tt<) NOK K, Cant Th nn?< nfc'nner, m He ?ve for the above plao a on Wednesday, 9 h Inst, at t Vebioh P. VI , from pier 13 North rtrer Rho artll arrive At Norfolk the rrit afternoon, nt Pe'araburg the following mini I K PraaeDgera for the Ho-ih will prooeed directly on by the rrett'outhern m -tl line to Ch r eeton, Attgiivt*, bavnnah, A Thone for tt.ciunoud will arrive At t-etr destination e?rl? u Friday morning 1 raveli-ra will tint thin the ohi'ft ieal, pi<?e?uek end moat erpedltiotis route Pas-age and fare, lib atate room 10 Norfolk, $8, fetorfthurv ?nd Richmond, 1.0. apply to lll.I.AM A I'l.lC R ' NTH, 33 Broadway U'UR 8?V NN P. THI .SUPERIOR 8U)K WtfKKL at-Hjn hlp K KVeTltNK RT aTR, CapL C P Mftrnhman, iatVI'K the UtUro f alea mall, will Had 'rotn Phlladelphlft ror Savent'itb on viturday, Atlg. it at 10 u'olock A M Cabin pnnxige, ?i h very 8'ipe for state room ac obtundation* TJU, v'?erag?, (8 I he K VH>on? Rate will all again aa above. "aioTOay Hept f. Tbe HfATK OK liKOKGIA, sat a for har|.?ton, eaturitay, Aug IS) a lihKoh, ,'r , Agent. 81 Nor'h Wharvee, Philadelphia L"V)R CP AH KHTfR A*H FL.ORIOA-?8**1 fftiCH P 11 tted ht?lea Mill l ine?The eolandl I c team ship M AUl a U' 1 n-m .I.. BH ' I I - ?.?.?! ... k river no Ss-turdav August 21 At 4 o'clock P. M precisely. Fr>r freight anply on board where all hll's of lading wtl be Mgned ?nd I r ptutiut<e a> tae office of el'v/Fv.iR.> fl ,K HtO 4 0 7t T'?d?ay The s'eamshlp tkmthHrie?. L. ?t Vur-a?. command r will succeed and 'eave on Vrdaei d?\, ?u?iiu 2fi Th> (a orlie steamer <Jai> lna make* reg utr i|in u Urn ??n us la'd ukr "n the 4. John's river 'lorlda, mtmerdng lih the sooim?bi?* Iron *fw tori, and lea 'ng O ar tston everr luesday. Through tlsketg to Jacksonville, *3 , to PUttta tax Fob hafana anl *n okibanh.-thb united elates snail steamship it lack WaBBIOB, J w. imlin commander, nil) commence receiving freight on Moo lay, . uauat M. a. d sail for Ike above ports on Thursday. A ugast T, at U o'oloek precisely, from pier foot of RobUson street N B Par freight or pannage apply to the an en la, f.TVINORTON llRtM' HlEO* 4 no llKri plana FVR N RFOLK AND RICHMOND ?THK UNtTBO etstea mail st'amsblp J an 13 r?> WN, Captain arrlth, HI leave for thi a ove p'aces on Katordny.SId intlsnt at 4 o'tloek P M , from pier IS Nor'h river She will arrive at'k ou Sunday alernoon and a: Rinhm ind on M today trotmut l' va>e ger? I * the South will p- reed without de lev bt iheg,eat mail line to tlbarl stun augusta Havannan. r Tisv-lleiH eiil end 'his the i beaiu-st, pleasa-Utsl. and most <- pedlilo ir route P*?sa e stid (are lac'ndlug statemntii, 'o N irfo.h, H, Petersburg and Kit but >n4 t 0; steerage half price. App... to LUIH.AM 4 a. NTH, ;sj Bread way . jw.b savannah and Florida?united statbs f mall line.?The steamer. ao JUST a, thapt. y K Wood null will leave cn vaiurday, 22d august, at 4 o clock P U. from pier No 4 North river. Bl'.la of lading signed on board. For freirer or passage aoply *1 H L HtTfTHlf.U IS Broadwav Through tlchet from New Yo?k to JackaoavlUe, HI; to PI'atka, $tj Steamers (or P.orlda connect at haraaaah with the steamers from New York oa f veedayn and Ha: ? da?s __ - .. _ jpoH SALB, Ann -a noon CHBWOB.?tub i.barb. STOCK and IP JO. flituree of a profitable grocery store for sale, la a gord Ucailon near Ktghui avenue, rent >14 per month, with suffiuieul room fur a family. AT W. AiOil WILL BUY TDK UOOD WILu, STOCK AND ?7l" "I" fltturvs of a wholesale and retail liquor store, now doing a good bnalnem and sold on account of the present owner being ompellej to return to Calilurnla this month. A handsome r ?m and bedroom newly fu ntnhed, attached to the store Bent low. apply at Sb# Kaal Twelfth str-et. ACiUt ? W ANTEI , A PUBl'HA'BB FOB A PLUMB IpLll'U. Ins and stove jobbing shop, or will lake a partner having Y'VlTif well .tecgNMbM and knowing his business Addreis Hiov?s. Herald office. *4 lis ill ?FOB 8 alb HALF OF a BTBAMBOAT, ?t.lFUU. with fill engagement*, clearlag over two thousand dollars (his season. The owner baa other bn si sees WUI be sold oc or era) terms. Bluflfl A HOUTHWifTK. 84 Neman atmm fn I Will -fOB. SALK. a HOTEL, 44 IIOUKS DIB rJ.V"/"". lAuce (root islgc.ty, lor sled to one of he mot (lot. UiblDp t usluos pise, k Ho b The total a first c ass. w?|l pair til.ed still bow In sucoewfm operation Aopirat SSfi llroadway. room 14 C B Ht'WESAOO 4 FIBt> HTOBK I OR RAl.B CM P. IF Al'I'l.IBD .'V 'or this week?Wih the stork and It turee, h'irse snd wagon It Is a sood eh nee for any per-tm wishing to go into the Led btuuneaa. la ,ulre of OLI VKa rt. PoWKi.L, 181 I'elan ty street /a ? imihtk K v.miip rut ailt.fHlt < lUTO llabrd ?br.p IS?7 Wonotnr ttrnot; d.>*? * food baiinia'i >J>e ??-*r round Ap?-1> at ab w. K| tlR SAl.k 1 MR KTtHIK, Fliri/RM AMD HOOD WILL of A ?oll **< ' hafiod riot uoi'tat kou?? itn*t?<1 la tbr Drat lorallt} ti llr*v>k jn u<d do n* * n rv l*"<o haatnoaa bor furi*w |ivi?ol?n *lv'T tl llRNRT 1. Yi itf R't, e I'fan and emtr rul, * 'tltoa Hartal, f?p of a p Fmltk. ItlS Fnlloa wi?*. " t LVIIi hi.'l A MKaM UUIM, AIIOUT TWKtfFI r hora# ,?i*t douhlt mflltilrra, all ( Mnpl?to, In P'?xl run rlnp oidar applf t > H iRRlHOp 4uiliaioH Hi. 70 Ftk? ttrrot. OH>R xaLK-TIIB bTtx'K, FIXTURRH aku (KHJU " all' of an > d raiabnatrd drlnblnp noloin, la a good loo* ti/n Dtr-ijr dtird up and dotrr* pojd buiuinn for parti la ant o'.Ip* r' U w. itAAbVT, X t'bam Dm aim*, from II U> 1 P'iWI. FVll* h I >R -111 k HtMI'K ?! > FIXTURE- OF A '<>*frr l >a?-r). Mo rraam *od arpar atnr<* an ntcHIr*; '.aid lor htiMnrna R-a?fo r>ra b/ appljmpat tba Mora No. Rii'l no. for too dap*. l' r fui.v tiii htix x *hi> Ptxn/knior a firm* r rlaa? grotnry Mora, Inrxwd la * on-tro part of Utr eltp. For particular* u>iair* at kl3 Ho.jrioa otrrat in "h? ?. ?r* (jK'R F ALR- OCR UP TUR BXXT ORuUKRY AND li'i'io ?u>r?a dowa town Natirfacturp r?a?ta* glren bp a I lrv*?ti I A H., boi SUU Bww oOlaa. FxoRHA'B ROARPfllfl ItOOHK FOR kAf.R Ft'LL OF pood parlrp hoa'drr* In aa nnrllral ampO* >?h *>1, ma' or. TV- trbnlr ur pool ot tbr IMRV* MR Tan OVA nr 111 knaltA im oaij rnaaog for podiac. la intra at AM Umavlrh ?trrrt L'i R Sal.R- TIIK t.RARF A Iff FtXTURBd Of A BORHR r *horinp*?op Apply at 3CS Wr*l Klitrroth MmM. fpOR rai.k-thb l,l*RF alfp ffxfarrd OF thr F Fnl'na honor 11# an I III FourtA ?tr?rt. Willlaaiabu'g, I. I lb> boiwr nnataim a roatanraat billiard rooai and '0'ir tab Ira, bar, rr at lag mna Old Crib mom, a nl la r MBplrU'lp funnabrd tkrungb at Applp Id 11. YaIl. 119 FoiriA alrcat, or on <bn prrmmra. F| ft *LB?"HE ^TOt'K ARO Fl XTURR4 or A | I? inmrf aa<f S or Mora n< ,'!p II tad i p and la a pood tana for hn?lnr?Prb*? pnod rnon for a familr An? oaa "ii? ..?* a i l.l ,|j frail to pall aad an* It Wil. ha old raV*i ae tki wtiar In learlna tbe ally. la.mraalDA Hii berry n'reeA bn?f? Prlaor uJ Spring *tre*i* FToB HaLE 'ATARI' ATI) WOT.BERRY TTBIIT', I taa hwT tnrltMt name*. htilMiaca mrerlnc the bola of .at 'MilUU. ore below. laipmowenia paid for. Alan leaae <>f bo-ie* and lot adiotrla?. ?a Sayani alreet Ap pi? to U. Y. AWi RileuN M rfeyar.l atraet I/"R Hal.* ' " "TOOK Aim FIXTURE* or A OR') II eery ?w?pa In nae of tba fin eat InaatPioa for btaiaeaa To an eatery* lit* aau tbta la a rara rhanna Applr at atom. Si4 Raima ataana. tfro-Alyw. FHOR MAI.E -OXE OOTTOE Oil*. TS RAW*. TWO OASWH I tablea alt iw marhlnery, alt tee a raaea paten' bed ir'n*? ' rinen *?e? r->n re Inge. (I re ton* trr ..|<rh- Iroe, wade by tba *a(le fntten Ota Ooaiean*. alao 24 II* at:parlor wgAra. Apply to JAME4 JUHRHOE. IA4 datdaa laae. tV>R * Al.E A OURREW I, ynoR RTORE I* SOUTH P timet. apply lo PATTAR 91 IRrlaloa timet. IjdOA 14 * I B IH1 I.KABK. KTt* K AMI! FIJTi KB* IIF r unld KhMt elntbin* flora, tli-ioiad la ? flrat ml? Umrr>n(thf*F? AO"1 Iliad np In tho baat My la Tba nuwk la nod and ?alna:>la Th ? I* an atoallrnt nppoctuai y "or My on* wUblnc to r> into tint boalaaaa. Addraaa Partar. tiara) I nflle* I.1DR 8 A LA lib HMll W Hoi. AHa LK ANllKBlAlL. r Itntiof ammln lb* PUtb ward, II will ba anld rary rawwmaMn aa lh? own*r'i haaith la ?*ry d*Hcat? II la am of farad f w want of b'.alama Apply at 1M l?aonar<t at-??t tSTTr "walk heap run "oamii-a ruiLi rirncn r ap and wall fnrptahad dlnlaf ra'onn and lodflnf bom* wall loaa'ad. and doing a fori 1 bnalaaaa anion ? i nlvw Uiomi ahfam. la hut* of RI04M A BOOTH WICK. M Nw an a Irani yfiiT cu? Hnuinm H'.uhb p<>r ham.-a r laaaa t.f two lar?a brown atnan banana, ah ml forty nioaa naar Madiaon aquara. ?>ai>lotaly turnlabad In '.hnraoa'. nlapaal mauaar, la otlnrnd for aaln on rnaaoDAhl* tarma and a' a grant bargain, balna aa.lrrly fhll of flrai clam boar tarn, pay Inn a baadaow* oroflt K?rnral tbouaaad d. llarapnr ynarcaa hnnarin. Tbl? la a aplandld nt port inity wbiob psraona of m*naa am Inrltnd to loot at laq 'ill* of KNIJHT A 00., ch-mlata, all 'I road way. Rar*TrTTiiiik r<ia bai.b, una cr tha iii/t drmb?a aa'wna la iba alty, In aa mcallatii wvloo np ..?m r- it and ioln* an mo. lant hnalnOM. ** > parUon lara apply In .1. J. 1'ATlR, Broad atria. f/OR ~~d AI. K OUAP-A OUR MB# LIAOOB MTOR1, p at<?"lt and flrtnraa. In Iba Barawib warn, now do'n* a aonrt hoatr raa Boat ba aald aa tha awnar la going ATaat. AnMPBAf. M raUarai aanr MA ~ i rasi" *?n PixmRM or ** OLD mA ? tahl'abrd *-nat?aaa. tltua ad In tha hnat htAiaaaa ara nna In iba rty. will ba aold nhaap Una waaa. Mo tfaiui naarl apply, apply >o A aaRiiN.IH NiMtar/rM mnm Nn, I TbAM BailrMl aNi? BoH.BRd roi BAl.B-M f?OB*? 7 powaa. h?y brao naad "Agbt ion tba: alao op.- I hnpaa rnvaa la r? maatna ordar 1 an aim of J. IllAf ooraar of 1 hirtaanth u-ant and Ntaib araana twincTaTa<thip?r por *ai.b <iu or above*i J Ua?m*a. aid una of Wbaalrr A Amana?a laMhwi <Mad naraiiawwa oaif aaad apply at UT ftpriag MrnaA, aumar of MBtmb. n. , MusnHMim. XTIBlXrS GARDEN TH"KH.?Al ?- .WWI tit, IdBT IX TbE WON ?KP I. B1TBL8. The Inimitable nnmte ru walnw ?t TUB MAUIU TRUMPET. With the jpuat Antotne aa The lAawa Mine kooplalMr aa (true* re Till PkOhUiVI (X)IICIKf ( run Miutaut Hajtb at 7 *he Orerture ?' 8 o'clock The new battel << (JtCNEVIEVK THE 8 anX iUIJ The comic pcufmlme nt Tilt It tOIG T'lViwpteOlown AuUAiie Rata I | ',idj I' taeander.. Jerome Rare! i? <ert ooen ?l 7, oommen *< y " la-t W ue Friday?Htaaortaa T*r??% tn r -ivt balltt. LAURA ImM's THKaT LaPT WEEK OP WARPH'H JUVBNILKH. Tuduioat ' vatmiaa; a Co oar 2l?, l?c7, LOAN or A LOVER. wartruV. with aoi g tt " "ary Ha^> Price Sptkaa, w ng Heater (I W Ma rah itaece by Ja*annl?. A flee w h eh THK il PP*'J\W. Paddy Murphy Muter Stewart Dai.ce by La Petite AngebnA. To with Ta K WANDERING MINRTREL. Jrm t)UK> Mtaatr-O W. Marth Wlih the anrg o? "VUltaena and hta tdnait " f'erbert 1 >mttl, wtih ?n| MLa L"?iit?* hire tMUMI Utile Marr Mt-at A n ?ud ucrformv-ce an flelttrday afteru *wi at 3 Ve'eca \<\A?BMT OP MnsiO. lirr.i ivereaa of fe nrllth mma donna Ma88 MI JflR Triumphant auncawa of MR. H. 0. COOPER, ine Hoto nonnipt Snthasiaadr tvcrmtl'm "I mrh jltin wood, wba, for the fln' urn- m an? at age ?tn a a loet with WHS AON18 RlBIRTWON tbua combining the only two nn-tvalov nail ad vooalliti a' the Age. nto a KM -LIU. FRO I i.MtTTR. Tub Guano Ouciikbtua aid ''imam Oosfafw., .....Mr Robert R'op el Admin! 'n . ? n?nH A<> * open at TS. performance bn?t?>e at 8 BaRwITM'8 t till A'i MUdlCG* flHaRD<)Ol nicttemenl.- Tho "bomm Kn dell b by " row attracting lili l'? m tb-r, *'r And ww, rurh ei'r vir'htat y c o ed* n peop'e, will remain for oubr a fee day on th t fir t llonr o' Jib iB'taenm convenleit 01 aca< h? u> every ?1 t *' at VI pro t,* r Uoura da and evening. A? vw'l lot a 'u'l Itmg It arai figure n( V x ' until,,ghnm Wyman Ion wriird, arid renna on Ihnraday aAMMO atS..'t . an we I an eveolnr at 8, hti fealt Ii ro-gtc oeorramancv, ven'rtloquip'n. Xe Jtr!'.Uuic? K'ObtIh rhtid en under I'D 1.1 cont? BKFAMif MMfMMIA Wnehaukr Hall. 411 . uorr am*- a root I Or BP BTBBT RIGHT. Moorar Kvbbipu, auuopt IT, 1847. Kew H>'o^r. ,i?uc?a, Our., agu-r oaiiuaatuas, Ac lb# Picture-laber), Dnwtb al?nMna." Hit \PB VIJ4IC t WIRT, by the Inimitable hroth-rs, JERKY. NKiIj and DAN BRYANT. Doors open at 7; to tpmamenoB at M o'clock. Aomiaaioe 34 ceru DO* r roUOKT TBI DRAMATIC! TRHMMOMIAL, To oomr nil ih'e evening, a' thn OeiXhdh HaLL R'U 111 <A1) (T* Y. lor the bei nfl' of H CUNNIN 4IUU and D DUNCAN. TnnrraoUtl farces, Including the ne ? very laughable one, by the Itortor nailed It,AT HLKtWII" HA 11F, THK BOOU8 OKXR Hong*, ! awea, Ac / dmlmdon 25 ee?M. I>oor4 open at curtain rl?"? at,8 precisely. Laura kkbnb'b mkw tukatkc.-ladiks and gentlemen engaj'd for thn mgn'ar :?U Ahd wl trr aeon will p eane m?et In the green room on Mnndav, A'lgmt 24, at .2 t e " A p -cirely. LA(Jft j nKlfit Madamx pmtczolimi. Mr lil,l M n .cp'ot'iilty announces t, the public I ha' ii> an especial ar'anren.eol precluded with Mr Sa xato, the director oi the Italian Opera in Pari* an engag -moot baa been ulri- wl with tUWil M1DAMK PRXZ/.OLINI, who w na. rlTrlti brw Viri ml, in Rnp'enbrr, "n a pro ' ''oral lour of tour mintha' dur*L >n throagh toe United fftVrtB i air hop, Joce IS, 1837. jA/OOlVNTTdRaTA*. HT 1A>UU, N ^.-Tbii'TiilArtd ~ whloi haa beet, enlargnd and thoroughly dnr- rata' -111 opnn 'or thr MM on Thnrrday iMMI I,adlna an ern lrm?n e-?a/"d will p'naer br In Ht Conti at tnaw thrlay? prior to th? opening. HRl WOOL Pn ortnao neap Rapbt "umt- ManaffP* NOTICT! YO PROPRIETORS OP OONUERT ROOMS and iithrr*. Till Hl'CaI,*Y'R ORtND COMCtST UOMPAWT, Imm their n?w op*-a hno?n. ft84 Hmadwav, won'd rrrpnnt fully inform thnlr t>lends an J the pi-blio tha tae? am now making I rwpa/a'lona tor a grand Ujiur through the United Mtainaa-d < anadaa ?>minenmng in Nbwabk a J , ON Mimnar P) ipipo. Am. jst 24 N R?AU letu ra IVO S.?r>nr?e| o slurr. rg-flt. THRATRIOAL-IATR LUDIaOW LITTRLU?AU, I.RT tern lor bar mat be adnjMned to 116 Leonard tumt, Mew Yorh. V\RAMATIG AMD MCHIGAIr?WAMTRD, TWO LADIR8 II the one ma d ram at 11 r-ad-r anl thn o'hnr he ballad Inger Do objection to thane who have n???r appeared In public, provided lhey are ro-nieteo' fur the underakoi*. Address L A.. boi KJ broad way Poet oHm BUOKlJCV'b IICW lfaLL, 8MB BROAOWAT, To UJTf, or Ue In Mr for tale Apply W J AH BUOAURY i bOKg. ' LOAJTOmCKB. *1 TO Ml.uOb TO LOAH-ON WATUHBH, OIAMWBMI vl Jewelry. and all kind* of merchandiee, and atao, ad vaaeae nda on for altar?, or booskt for -irt. at No. (I Pal Von atreet. up atalra, Crat floor, front room. *1 -AWT JMOURT O* IfOKBT ADYAROBD At TIIX ?1. old aimm's In house S96 rtroad way.?This old estab baked and responsible odloe ad raneea the hlfhaat mi ma on dla u>ads. watrbaa. jewe'ry and prraooal property, or bought for cma. J'awobntkars tickle bought. J MaCPUPP. 31*1 Broadway, nornrr Walker *1 (f> I U flu CIS, C3 P O, ?1<?. t?JO. C1.W0, ?!.*?, Oi. CJ.irn CS,sm>. f t 'i*i St.nit' Ctnai. sis uuu. to loan In tinra to anil applicants on personal propart/ of raj is. or bought for carb Pawn tickets bought. J. H K If'i, Loan llroktw, IS Kaaaan at, room In. I jg bl/Wl J B. WILL.M A CO.. letl.OUL 9lvv. 85 Paeaan ktrret, room Bo J. I<oai. on diamonds, watches, ;e ne.ry. dry r>?ls, segars, dlta, and all kind* J prranral pro rrty, or bay Tor nnah 10 utAg- " ,vm* TO BWIT arn.r >tmum. -to watahns, diamonds, and all ktafe at prraooal property. ai thr saace bought for eaah; h n am prompt and srVrrt1 w* *roa.' hi sirnar H*ade straw room Wo I I.AlHi A OO. (Will r>' ooah or t?*T?ry? niAMoxm PUU.Uwl/ tr| iikmi and all fctndeol anraooal propart), Jr boaabt and auld Fur oats h. ma, booda oortgagas met' Ac . ad 111 haaakn allsat, eoram V Ann. MMtoad Ibrw. rtxim Ron. I and IS*. THPMPROR A <V) broken an' "otenRmtnt at wshauW (PI rn llllil TO l/OAR OR WaTUHRR. PlAlf'IRIRt. ? I J I ,vFVl/jewelry, Ac., or bought for oaab, by JOkKPii B. Iha AI sf, 11 Chum ben street, (basement otSoa.) from I till 6 Buttons* prompt and anrfltlenUal. R H.-Ro bnamnaa transacted on Haturdarn art amorat or rorrttouiar or watuhh, cm dlamoods jawalrT. As , by i. jaikibm, HrB thatkam street Htielnaaa rrmftdeot'al. An signs appertaining to Ika limn buAlnnm About tka at *e. (foods o< a., kiada bought (or eaah. MORIT UOAhRO -OR WATCHRR, JBWBl.BY, Oik vn.mdt and all kinds of starch and ?a or bought for nark Parttss ran be dealt wtth Uiietiy confidential, and am be swan aatortag a lona otfae. J. A U. P. JAOOdtt. V, Broadway. wati Iir* .iv wh.hy. *c. g blAROROR-VHR TBAOR 1R ARMPRlfTPUUiaT IB XJ framed that we are ennttaarl'.y mannfaMorlnk, and ban ) hand, larfestoak of diamond jewelry Of Iks :maa? ktylm A larf" amuiTnii ai .of dlnmoada rm hand. RaMlac dome lot ma trada Ptamnada bonfht tor am* b biftiA'P m lu- w w mVKU.Mf <.I I?K. "" (.ins RtiDdiruir-arriving in rm? to oonf B?i wlik tke l-o-aatnaio, NaoRaluck ud Row Haraa Railroad# -Par? " onnla -Tbo a?w and 'UJWlor RRIIMKPORT, < apt "W. Wneka^artll learo rrom lutrin* Aaamhoal plaoe Park t'lP ffl Monday. Wmlomda? bod friar moratn* at 10 retook. PrrtfH i*1mi Rnamlar. Irarr* 8rt.l?rp.n array Taraday, ft ,rwU, bad Wo, lay Morales bi 7 *6, oa tka arrlrai of Ik* Raw bt'M rara. for laq'ura at nEORiR WluORblW. M faatl atrrataAi.RM AAiLROAil-dlURIMRA ARRAMURMRRt ttiMataannt " ?'n?'*r '- *? '?7 Trtlai Uan R ool aornar at WW* bad ttaatra wi'?R7 JT A M Orotoa Palla urate. wmnaotln* ?Nk Una# at blbRbi (Or UUM HbknpaA tu A M. -I*pr#aa bmu) Mia for Albany. wnaamnad m Jroloa Fall* wllb Uara at wagaa for iraka Maknpaa bi Pordy** or Hrtdprdleid ,_ ? HmrwWi ! * Itanbury; at ((kaikaw Too* Virnrra wttk W'dMrn Railroad tor Albany. Troy, fcaap, tiM wm. Ii r I BiiiaAon tidta. Anppta* at all aaAobr I ? f M win ajar Rndf? train, atopptnp at all Aattoaa It r. If. - WM r P aiaa irata. atopptaR U all RAMuaa. Uiri Twarrr aitra rraaa* mnoa T A A WUkiama Hrtdgr trala, atopptnj at all aailiaa II r. William* Brldp* trala rtoppin* at ail atAtfcma iI SO A. If Wkltd Plain# trata, ttnppfaf al all mallian. 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Wouifon oad ??*?? - f*4. 1144,344, 4* P. ^tWorwUM ' ?. Ml A. V . II 41 444 *?mx 4m 1fcr Deiim ?** 4NM* 1* A. u 44 144 *m ?% ?.).? U4 am 4* ^i^rSm'nLoi* eo4Mii.wm*iw? mt*nm-TM I * 4. H.I I 44 144 444 IJ4 4 J? P. oooroeriM _ fnr (Inotna ** 4. "Si ?. i ? r ft OM . for H4r4ir4 ?1 JjrtiJBM* A. M (>U U 41 F. M. *??T'fSim>rtr? 4f?w BoUr-mJ to loMiw-Ui A. a tw m- ** f .. w for Himmkm A. a, 4 ? f. a " roirwt to rav mmm. r~m* I?HI1 EOlI. 1?fBU 1 **T* "' * * * < ? * **<ihj ' am^tmim ?? A. ami* am 1 amp w? HI. BOWUT miiria c urn Duukfw Mr ? 44* Bom. uxl ... a ZHm "* _ 11 M* THUUAO.V rBmiro, Aoaff^ ID WW, *r Rrtward MortUn " 4HO" Ckl * V ?r ^ . Mr r ijmmI Ptum Hltl|>|tii ROOM, tc h?. or " ?' "*fi? I<lv l'1** 4HI> LOW fcW Tokk \1 p4? A,? <1(309 BURT* N H NKW thvAIHM ukm^IKYAY hri.nnDin or?Ai* ?r r*. <.,?.? It..* , or,^. * Hnniitt, AUiMWf *?, 1 MAT SI t KIN A fW,l*HT. Vfcrtv^ili In her great r .? . f ^ R'lUK) Fl-ln ; r*ro* In Hew V nC Mp*, almoin. nv> *n? >1 '?t'nmo't %a .... ,. - .. Fur it ttnr * In ft * n that, ttf Brhinl * "i?-r?of '" U WLLIKTTa ttoAAO ftnoiKi,.*,. FKfirflni (MM (lal Icia. I...*.!*.*, mtii HU&or. <<ufi4 ht*imr 4i?mM ItaprMIn , (V?t*| I*>r> ? Minor >l?UU Torrlana tVmduonr Boi ollir? npeo Thnrnday mo?uln* from U) A M uil 4 ? a. Hcali eat be enmirel at Ji?ll A kiu 1W .ir a/tw--. Ailmlaalnn to a I porta of the hnr.w $t. erchrwtra f I Wl, I rt?*f bme?. $' i no' t'A l>Ut VUtfH Ot.TKPI- THB ?T tZ, J ) (Ml Broadway w II OK? for a rrru'a- Hrwnu'lJ fal n A I prtr?aaa alihtrj enK?*tment* will oleaar a-ol* ImnaMlald , at lha boi oflloe of the >turn rt) 'rom ID ml 2 o'cl ?k T II JOHNSTON, H>a<e Man*for W B MOoaa Trekenmr / I Ml, I'Hit HTY I TOolVH MlN-iTKKI. H A i J. m VT Broadway, la elnaed for a low ?? *< rltirlnr *huA Uaa U'?, rail onto 'an1 will pro-form at the Nation** theatre -*Wa WpHt MlHI.tVfc liAblilta IN ' ? r?TOKi>*? Nt IT, Tria l?a. tbo many tbotirj.crt Ir ei-Cr of JOHN HuOllint*. the brilliant auih" ibr> anrompltah 1 artist. Use k"'""W mat, arr | vVwl to btr ptwr- it ?t th" ftn-l ? . KIS ( .1. IKrfKNI f hi b> trrdrreD | . htm no Mh departure frora a eit> wBtw- ha ba,< I)r? tl an loo* hrlil In alfi' -V.on ?n t map at It may bo raid t> a all the artlata of po-M'l.m In tbla rvioaWy hart alrt-arl) planed ilioir n-rviroa at 'h- diaoo a1 <M inn mom nxtUr; hi t it boinit tnipoaxtble 'o nrnnMne them ai i,, IIM 0 ertua'* ealcrtaltimen ih? onnv'l'nr I) p to u>nd*r ir<sy riprweloni -f xrail ndo to all *h i ton mk'n , n..?r hr ward, and to auuo iter ? theaoli itlon lor the u.?tn Mr .Jmar orattli'a kith comorly of I ONI ON AF8UR AN1:# a Ith ihe ftiltoaln* ra-1, w oh lila haleverl wli mark an ?m In tin* annals o thoprama ? Bin liiMhurt ourtly Mr Chart** Waaat Ohar>M? Mr i.eauw f> I Needle.. Mr W c mtrtob I'ar.7|r (b> th author) Mr I Ion II uril aj* 1 ?lly N.,anker Mr 'tAln Woor| 0?il, (rtn IbM t rear Inn) Mr IHtrespaft Ann Mai Harks*ay (for the first time) ....Mr Hmnrtw'y riat Piianki r (St the request of ihr antbor M -tl I tfoad OraiP Hark*-ay .... .. .Mian tun Rober>aa AlU* ihr con city Mr Bito-Khan wi'l dell*er a 'a*ew*t| ad drr?B llckrtii bi all ?>art? <.f Uio hmi-? on n f , m?y in hat at NtblVa. tb? Academy of anslo and at alt Ihr botnia la Iowa, W ItTilaKT Manama*. L1KANKI.I1> MUHBtiM. No. 1S7 OR NO MTU*NT 0?n r draw f-om r nwl way. Two part mnano-? u? ?m' dally r mmroMikal A o'clock In the aftnrnuo^, and at S In Din rrronlhs by Vailamr Waru>n'a troupe rtf Modnl ? rUntra wwnllTka * TWkNTVHtV'N TOUNO I. A III KH Hiranrnrr and o-hrrs wtll ohaorrn thai Urn a' rvn tg tan mlai Hrhmm' la thr I nltnd Btatna wbnrn lb* Modn' A111alas pmtilblu-d. oomprlaink a oiiap -a ' of lha flonal fnnand woaatIn thn world. A rroat rarlray of othir sttranOnoa siw iithk* lnelutUnc thr t KM ALR OP BRA TROUP*. iMmpoand of yoonk ladlrs, who appnar Id a art amine aI aoa* rhorunOH 4c., Crwry afthmoia and nvwainf Praia of as'ibty by lha arab flrla Mona. i?ra*nea # tnagrat mar In list, world. The wboln formlnji a crwad Dm.iiii Mabkoth PBkroaaarfOB Notice. Mtrangnrk will boar In mi id thai the after*-ma mm forir auc? la over by HnJf pMt (iwif. Thereby eaabilug all wan have u. lea re iM d?7, mum mm. to reach the different e'eamboata and railrearta htarea at* wit.tin bl.Tk of the dor Huj jour achate ui? stain* * OOtia*rtlnn wl b any other pi ton Nokth'h mariirmab thbatb*. timua,, jiju. rv lease? For the tern of two rears sad hair nuall* urwr Har 1. 1M6C The heatrr Is better ruralehed with seswpw wardrobe. props'Lias, ho- than aa? other weei <>' a#w * tddreas T,. . P>n? aes-iar Bopkrt v kigtibs, 41 bowikv, irollulj known as White'* opera Hoias.) will re pes far anon on Mtinnty, i, with a n?w and talented onaapnov of pajdorpera. the The whole Interior rarle'v of entertainment. .. ."".drajy reinodd'Mt and a enp produced before, th. annater being rtetermtneTui onthssm former eflrtrts u> please hi* numerous patrooa. Pull parllwa Ian In future abnonaceneata. TUP a i? if u al itshprrr or rue imbbioam deajmatio run ftui t*tk plane At NIHLOMi UARUBN. OS fUTVSDAT, Acotrsi V, UP? frofsaalonal aid le reeoootMT/ howBUg Walnut htkkkt THBaTBR, i'uii. aP al.PHJ A.? Be engagement of Maglr't Amert me Jureulle CMap dlana, who are prooonoed by the pre** of I'hl ad-tphp the most talented Jneealle actors ever In trod need to he pwMg Propria*, Mr. W.J.hagle. Anting aad stage manager. m WajLe Olwtae. LIVTNO OUBIOBITIBS Or BVBKT DIHtJBlPTlOB. keth> r tet h alt kinds of birds hockey# he pnrchaehg for cash br applying pe monad r at tha Franklin mom una. Ml Oraod etreet. la tie a/terwone or evaolng. or by addreshpg a note to tleorge Lea. Lot Uran J strsnt. elating wkare they mm be keen. mkxmoaL^ ~ CI I Win rmhriltlo. amd no puabib a lent Vl>vt'" mrot -Ik BCHTII rnre* wb?n the treat meet of other physicians and all other rem*<dlee fall bflt rag drop la your oalt reliance ft* a thorough cure la oertaP Bp eases No 3 Dtriatno street, the only pi see now so well kneaat for the very man) er raordtnary cures It has t.erf rsaaB without dlut or b.ndrance from business when all other rasa dies only drtne the die ease In the blond II only. TPs sn purer the pa tent from aeamdary attecks and la the noly trn tneoy en earth that does It Try all ot? ers aad see deeps of s Piand <|1L stating l?r. Hunter has repaired II l> t r^ nniu dMyutlon Tbd>B.pji ihmt iNiuBUtrfMU a r> J'iupIiaIm fc ?' m? tfcan a thief Mh< aJk and *trv? rra'hi . .R HOOPER 14 IJUkNI MTRRWT. II ?H PoR m I " last !??'.? Mi twn "r?ln?l hka practise to the Ma* ??nl of prmif dlaeaerw The rvnlaar of Miar laced irilMi (V (Mil im Ma with the neruugti ?f katuc rgUalli MfM Ctuutm nv .Prate ha. watron'r raw wohe-"Tiir oaum mmi "rrr ' A ivmpiK prvtlnl treni ne rm iroma'nrr or hanatlnn wl h I'ma! de >llllr, Indwwd hy earl* Indtawretina or nee? ?r other naoerr, In wtlnh the na ore am) aftema nf MR Inaldltme male ly toft iker wfih Ike lieattnenl. era fnlli ** puttied IllnetraMd iit nniner ina anauenKMi pltM Mk Snaring*. with t pitppleinrtil on aeinaJ dlaeme a. Prtne (V. T? be bed of Ike a hnr, who may be n. united oneB lee Unify a M Waiter atrwt a few itoora wma of HmMvtr Or OURHETT'i kkirnh OF TilK aPPI.I'ITKiI, cwui 91. ?air.nted in > re In all cunt. Olla Uv Awka i'ree . oppoall* PW 4.V Rorik rlrer Da WaR|>*? Ck">ETVNdTR'N PRlRWil IR THI * pita ultra of mrdlriaee and but rwrilraa la b* know* M Meet with dnltcreal appmba'lrte. ami to a'amp I>r War* a ike rreautw henefarlnr of the day l>r Wat# hereby uRa * re\t vrd of *k i i?i lo an? uh vacua who, alar a proper MMk it'tUa. ten c ra prirate dlaeaeee with e.|nnlj mifira aalb rV?. east' Marty and rbaapnaaa ikal k? oan TV we who dual iMa anerrtl'a aknoid sail, and he will Puff i?esa wMkWM eharjra Remember all w* who hare beoa Materia* My we. ha Mat ?y rail)** na Or. WaRiP yoa aar la a htM enjoy ike pleeanrea uf URr. aad feai " tkal Rlnhard la htMOaE aaajo " Or Wtrd'a uafnri' antra fr-tead, price 91. mahoa oure. The Infallible frl-cd mat eoraa Ikal II aarm r. Hiraa. n m ?ea Ike d keener wl Jinut eer'n* IU pnf on h Mt blend > cotaminme iba trflaat OMc* MOaakl etran, MM dirt, eaet of Rvnadwnr ivr r* orriom tm broaowat. oommm U of Tenth treat. Hort 101) i aad afar > rkMh I aR WATNON HA* fOR A LtOBW IUM OV TUB U rem Baed his mum Una to oarkata dlaaa mm M whisk ha MM treated am leaa ihaa wMlf Ikmiaaa* saaaa. witkoel m mi tanne of Ml) urn The remedies ark Mild wRkoat latui Ilna IO boatneas or rkaiura of dim Or Wawoa It M mMmb atirwdaase from 7 la ike aanraiak latti ai alfht at km r?M denra 14 Walkar airem. a few doora waal at H road war. Vfir at ma ai Una i ii? are ?par?ta WW. WkTROW WD. r a MM It hfwa M Ike laM Homwri BAR OORRBTT. IB DUAR1 RTRRWT NBHIU OW I/ ike (miles*Rnrfwaik. lamdoa. and of 'he PafrMMR of New Tor* mat be tvMeallad prirate; 7 oa delinale Maaaoaa Twentr Mi year* la bM pit went apeeiaUly en ah lea Mat la mm Ike mtal ohsuakM taaaa Bee fliplonaaa la kta oMaa. ' WafMM MQderata Iwrobtawt dlinutwrt in th1 nftirrilw of ?? Mae tbi MIA R Noaa ark pennlaa mka a? aMf trura of Ike atMla of Ike ratoat <mm at Nflaa< " jLiS* Rattle da Phkraaeme 4a partB. ami Ma LapaMal M|N in toed nana ?aak mmm ? in* ike MTflacfMiM. r?*?w *0 Iw^n^ erwwe* tai dWnedan Wilt* ???*? ? 5J^LTS Iknnphi aa aandol* Aw. * *? "?ff * * ?" ? J? P** Minf ? pofniatfm. "?. * .. - "yr*** Maw wlik mmrmn ? +?_**?!*}* ? * _* *9 aarrwrjsrffl? Lt^s if. ptkvi It * ftw mms la on few Ihl tlM aiaji r MniS ?H? &???&&& SSni?ss!mrs& Ml Awamiadnna a* nanti. IMUI U. ? I P. .. aw* fv3L?unar. a . urn ?MIIMI *v IMI waai a fruadeap | tapokTkirv to ruii.K Diiiiim or rwiauBl 1 mntoalmlj w**Md hp Or. 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