Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 21, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 21, 1857 Page 1
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i I] TH] -y , TOOLS NO. 7669. ffl mm of th in" THE ATLANTIC CABLE. Telegraphic Union of the Old and Mew Worlds* TIE FIRST CABLE EVER CONSTRUCTED. Arrangements for Lading the Last Cable. PROGRESS OF SUBMARINE TELEGRAPHING, sraraimis of the cables of the world. w^\w/mv/?vyu"^v -? j The Telegraph Plateau of the Atlantic. Weioaccpic Specimen* from the Bed of the Ocean. THE TELEGRAPHIC SQUADRON. Sketches of the Savans and Officers Engaged in the Enterprise. Baeffsstal Experiments in the Laying f the Cable. Ike Whale Twenty-fWe Bundred HHes of the Shoal lea Line Tested with the nest Satlsfecteiy Result. gull Patted through the Entire Length in Half a Second of Time. Mustrationg of the Machinery for the Work. TOE TELEGRAPHS OF THE WORLD. g.M>y On* nunrir*d Thounnd Hllca of KlerMe Wis* In Europe, Africa, Asia and Amrka, to b* Connected bp tb* Atlantic Cable. As Baity Traatactlons ef the Werld at Our Breakfast Table. 1be First Electric Spark from Queen Victoria to President Buchanan. Vn Iftsts of ths Success of the nDmanne xeicgTapa. MM Daily Morning and Evening Publication of V?wa of the World in the New York Herald, do., do., do. ThaTatotraph8qn*drcm the Niagara,Agimomaflw.Bos thtoaana, Leopard and Cyolopa?took their departure from VaJpsUto Baj for Newfoundland on Welneeday afternoon, toytoh ant, the Niagara leading with the Orel half of the nreenMa the aonend of the eaMe wan landed thai hfrmaoun from a# NUgara aad secured In ta proper place by Lord Ohrliale, the Lord Iicater ant of Ireland, when the lea teamed lately stood out of the bay. The following to a correct Met of the c gh' (team vrmeeto ample!ed ia eeaaoetloa with the laytag down of the L The C. 8. ttrano frigate Niaga*e, Captain Hudaon, to hp toe half ef the cable from Ireland. & The D. S. iteam frigate 8ns<,uehaena, Oapt Bacda, to BhBSd epea the Niagara ft. The D. a Warner Arctic, Car*. Berry maa, to make IWtoor aoundtnga on the eoaet of Newfoundland. 4. The Telegraph Company's steamer Victoria, Captain eytor, to awtat In landing the cable at Sea found land. a R M. summer Agamemnon. OapL Noddall, to lay the naff of the eable on the American ide. CRM. eteemor Leopard, ChpL Waiawrtght, to attend ayaa the Agamemaaa. 1. H. M. steamer Cyclops, Cfepi. Dayman, to go nhsad sfhtstiinin and kssp the oonixe. a The teenier Advloe, Ch|4. Ray mood, to amiet in hhdiag the cable at Valratla. the United Mateo frigate Niagara tan I/verpool on Hon toy, toe rife ef July, and arrived in the harbor of Cork, s* Qassestowe, am the 29th. toe left Queenstown oa the td met tor Vatontte, wbeeoe she sailed with her eenst rts aa toe Mh tasL for Newfouidlasd. toe had been two Mdhe and a half In England, daring which time she toy town wiehs to the Thames, where the came to anchor ?AO- ???? d ? the Idlh A# Mat kaem# totolitod Mb Now York <m the 14th of the preceding month. Ml Ma Tba waa mi Me lib of Jaw, nached Pert*out* on Ma fotlowtrr morn Inf. and after nndrrgoiag thaaonaa amy aMornilaaa In the gorarnmeat dockyard, which took a MMgbt aivgeUar to complete, aba aUrtad tor IJrafgoal an tba 20th, and moorad la ibe PI ryw, about four An ffona tba eabta floury at Btrfcanbead, an tba tkd of Ma. It nay ba wall bcra to reeo-nt briefly tba clrcuaa abmaaa aanaaotid with bar mwwnnii, rrom tba data of Mr orrtral In tba Tlnnaa op to tba praaaat ttaaa, la ra IVaab tba mkada of our road ra upon tba Important potato will ba ranamhaiad tbat ftar rotna Una It wan nndinldad wbethar Uta Klifiri ehould taka tba aabta, and rumara wara c'raulated that aha waa not abftrd I ha work ta whtab tba had baan appointed hp Md gar ar a moat of tba Vetted flMaa ; bat It waa ftraad aT Mmnrda that tbcra waa not only anflntaat roan, bat mora Mb nan ragatrad tar tba run ma. and tbat tba aarrylaf aagaMy of no reaael waa fully aqual ta tba tank aba bad MM aaatgnad ta tba antarprita. Thia, hnwarar, waa aat tba anly dtflcally, or eaomlag dtflouKy, whUh ap;<aaiod laM In tba way ta tba Imnadtata aamnnoamaat of tba and art tk tag Tbroofb aoaaa miauaderttanding, or raher Mraagh aealdaat. tba Mipn rar/tead teat: rtlona he' >ro Mr dagartura 'rum New York ta proeaad to Orreawtcb, tndtaad of rkenhead, bora wa wara Luiormad our bah of tin cable waa made and waa ready to bo takea n band Thro attar li bad baea "ftuad tbat aba waa to go M Mrktnhead, tba raaoal bad to mdtrga soma altera baan to M bar for tba raoapuaa of bar portion of tba great Mb Una, and n Tortaaaoutb waa tba only plaoa where inn work eonld ba pt<fo-med ratbdhutartly, It wan determined tbat aba aboold go (bora. bM illaglj ,aa baa baea etoted.tba proc eeded to that part an Ma fttb of fane, ? bero the wort of fitting bar oul for tba ooittng of tba cable waa aecompllabed la two weeka. After Mr antral at IJ tee pool there waa a delay of aotna ra w ata daya Wore the flrat mile of tba Naa wn ootlcd Ml tba whole 1.240 aallea wara piaoad oa board la aoma arbod Mo (ban three trorka. Ika Agamemnon bad flnlthed bar lark ah rot the aanaa Ume, bat did aat arrlra at Cork Ull tba morataw or tba ink ub . la aaaaoaaoaoo of tba maob gronfor length or tho trig. Adraatago *m taboo of tm fii|i u> una ptooo to mako oiporlmooln l? rogard *o Wo rato at whteh it wm poontblo to jwf < ?? ??? <**'? Ml Mo ran* wm wttofhctiry Kcyood tho moot naagutoo MpMlahaM Mere nri mme t* -My milo of ewl-n^ Ml* on hoard. ml at* mi pail mif IA/ mvMmrf ml 'hii Mb if from mxm to ?tpA/ mUel on bow m Anal mAibUimg kt fWgAto* tm*mc9 to Htt* Ibo attempt, boworer, to tor* , or toko It up, wm mat M onceooefal; od, owtog io Uiio otroom'Unro, riw opprohoiu ono IN Htm tot nod to regard to tho pMotbtllty of rooororlng t from tho greot depth* of the ocean, ahoald It bo frond tmr?arf to mako tho eti<" pt. Mary thing, boworor. >m, ?o for, gMWdod to wot!, thol otm thin dtmoulty mey ?o obrtaled la mo way, If not completely orernome to We alot of Jaiy tho two node of Wo cob to oo board tho agotoand Ifom-mMn worn Jc-fned "or tho tlr*t time, f'Mg a oootlonono and ur. nlonivptod rondootor of t,f,nO i wn, and tbg Cctn and itnnn of rrMtm** Ifcran'n alpha tot I E NE' were distinctly Barked by the at4 or Magi* eaad battery or bat twelve pair uf plates, upon hi* register The expert Bent waa conducted by Dr. Wblteboose, whoee name la Inieparably connected with eien-jrto telegraphing, and who ha* nude many important Improvement* and In rent lone in submarine telegraphing. A surreal was thrown into the win at one end and came out at the other in holf to three-quarters <f a second, and (hit tfcdcan be produced with at least tin current* in the wire, following each other in regular ttaxation, and producing their effecti in corresponding lime, according to Ihepe-loi* at which hey commence their movement. Hence, if the nautical yen(Uenen and the engineers perform their d dy twrsstfilhj, as there it certainly every reason to Mi ce they will, the Atlan tic tdegraph may be regarded a* afjxdfaucL It tu hoped, aa stated by Oapt Hudson in the annexed letter, that the departure ef the expedition would takeplaoe on the 3d Inst from VaienUa, wt loh would have been an Interesting Ihot Tor the future historian to record that they sailed on the anniversary of the day on which Cnlumbaa started from the chorea of the Old World on the discovery of Use Now CwrrxD Status Fkio/ ti Niagara, \ Covaor ooxk, lebla.vd, August 1, lb'ErT. f, to? 1 have the hooor to report that we left Liverpool on Monday, the 27IB ulL. and anchored in th e port en the Wednesday morning following, at 8)i A If. Her Uajei ty's steamer Agamemnon arrived hereon Thursday morn lng. the 80th uk. and Immediately commenced coaltop, whfch had been deferred until her arrival here. We had Ailed up our ooal at Iiv?rpool,aa 1 have lnfymed yoa, and have taken In fifty tons here, the quaniUy OMBMMi on onr passage. We made expertmente en the passage to as certain how slowly wc could go unoer steam, and found to our great satisfaction that we could reduce our speed to one and a half knot per hour. The t<1<praph collet of both shipt were connected on Ihurtduy, and without any difficulty passed the et' -tric rear, nt and meaanrs Ihroimh the turn thousand five A"n iren miles in half a second It haa been decided Its'. the la; Ir.g out of the cable 1* to oomaxnee from Va'ontia Bay, anil Hitt the Niagara Is to lay out ber portion : r?t Con sequeotly I bare taken on board from the Agamemnon ten miles of tbe larger Inshore end. weighing about even tons to tbe mile The eng1?eers of tfte company will have completed thrlr prepara-iona this afternoon, and the voa reia of the squadron, which are all here, will Immediately leave this port for Velentia Bay, und from Uiem e on Monday. Angnat a, secure the shore end and commence laying the cablo. II iviU be a most singular eedesMsne*. at CUumbus Wt port on hit voyage oj discovery to our We*ti World un the third (J August just three hundred and <izly fve yars ago. I am, respectfully, jour obedient servant, WM. L. HUDSON, Captain. Hon. I. Turcav, Secretary or the Navy. THE TELEGRAPH AND ENGINEER CORPS. TBI DISrUtaCUQID SCIENTIFIC MEM OF THE MXrEDITIOM. The whole rorce of electricians end engineers, including the principal ectenUflc men In both depart aenla and on the two cable ihlpe, number about aarenty altogether. Then are divided Into joiners of the gutla percha, iplloera of the wfare covering or protection, electric clerks or assiaiant operator*, cable mm to aaalat, In connection with the ahlpa' crews, In colling or enrolling tho cable, and fire eagineera to take charge of the amah enginea and paying out and winding la machinery on both veaatla. The following table preaenia the nomber attached to each branoh of the worka, and which are about equally divided bo twees the two ahlpa ? Joint nutkara for the gntta percha Insulation, nndcr the direction of Mr J Iatham 4 FJcctrlc clerka, or asststaat operators, under the charge of Professor Mono and Dr. Whltebouse 12 Cable men to assist In oolling and clearing the cable, under the charge ef Mr. Webb and Capt. Roll .....St Wlreiplincn 4 Engineers, under tbe charge of Mr. Clifford aid Mr. Canning.... 10 Total 6t This Is a large foroe, but tbe number It Increased to about five hundred, when the volunteers of the Niagara and Agamemnon are added to It, about 464 of the crew* of tbe two veriela having been selected from those who offered their lervlote for the worh. Theirs la an bumble position In the great enter price, but Ute work they perform la not a whit Mas Important than that or the prtaclpal men engaged In It. That the readers of tbe Hskild may Snow who tbe heads of the expedition are, the following brier ketches wlU serve ae an Introduction to etch, and may be rend with Interest at thte time FKOF. S. F. B. MOEflE, ?tbe Inventor of the electro-magne:ie teteg aph Is so well known, not only In hit own oocntry, bat throughout the civilized wcrkl, that It would appear almost unnecessary to say anything further of blm than that be la the senior electrician of the company, and that his instrument bs to be exclusively used in the working of the lies. There are, however, tome circumstances conoested with his lavenliua which are of such particular Interest at Ihli Ume as t) justify a relation of them here, although they have already appeared in the Hanaro, aod may atltl be fkmlltar to many ef Ita readern. Before, however, entering into these, u may be well to stale a few Mots la connection with the earlier Ufa of l'rofeesor Morse. It Is not, perhaps, generally known that at tbe lime be invented the magneto electric telegraph he was engaged in tbe active partull of Bis profession as aa artist, In which he had obtained e high reputation for tome original works. He waa a sculptor aa wall m a painter, act his modal of the Dylig Hercules, which wee made In England la Uu year ISIS, gained for blm Ute hi;-heal medal of the Adolphi HocMty of Arts. This model wee Intended simply aa a copy from which Is paint his picture or the earns subject ?ework cf art which reoetved at the time the greatest praise, and which was selected from anions the Irst for particular noUce>y tbe critics. Proftseor Morse teft ( eg land in tbe year 1MB, having resided la that country about four yean, and returned to hit uatlve land, where he continued the a-tire pursuit of hta profeaaloe u u artlat la IS-* ha a-ala rial tod KegH lead ud rtBtlDid 1111 lb3-, in whtoh year fee we til home la ibe (hip Holly. It wat daring the pmi|6 la thla ahlp ibat he flrtl 00 ore Ired the idea ef the eleetfo aageettc recording telegraph, the loronfioa of whtoh ban glren him 10 prominent a place among the greet aotentiir reea of the world. Amor, the pa-aether* on the Hell/ war Hoo Wa C. Hlrea. m*l Platen Minister to K/aaoa, end a nn m her of other f mllemia who hare alaoe been the meet ardent friesdj of the Itofeeaer, la ene ef the aaaay wdal gatherings which took plare aatoeg I he company, a ccurarsatlen arnee la regard to a sabrect which waa at that time tat?1 ealr dltcneeed among adeaUOc clrelae?ihe ohuiatng of a spark from the eleovro magnet, wbish showed the Idaatily of electricity aad magnetism, a (hot whtoh had Vtoa here opposed to eitr.t, but the eaMcoce of wh;ch had been onnctaalrrly pro red by aotnil ezpeirimeeta la the courts of ooareraaltoa the weO known etirnmeuaoe cf rraaktii'a bar lag oamad electricity to paaa throng a i<3i w or nwir mirai w wirnt ivr ?v iror^unu vi ? ~*nwn I la raiorty, waa rata tod. ana II ?aa tkla particular circum tor ct which led lb* Prof?or to aa loea rtlgatt m of lha rubral, ?tt iha clew of employing the a? to la agent aa the men eager of aaa Ha made I be nbeerraiton. that ? lf eleolrlcti* can ba made rtalble in any daalred part of |h? circuit, inert la no raaaoa why a tyeum of ?lgn? oeald a 4 ba dealaed by which inlnillfawoe in'gat ha IranemlUeH ba twaaa dtatonl iwiatt " The remark ex-.ited 11 tola or on attention at lha Una, bat Ilia Mae look an ah Urn poaaewioa of hi i aito'1 that ba <Jarmed lha greater part of hia lalanra Une to lha latration af an laatraaaani by which, what waa bafora b>.l aa Man, waa to ba ooarar wd Into a txad Tact Theremin waa lha In rat Hon of a manhtae af which an lihietratioa aad dmcrip.lca ara praeenled la aaoUinr part of ihla article la tha yaar 11136 ha aihlhltod thia medal to hla r'aaa of pnplla In tbo Now York Catraratty, wbara ba bad bta aiudlo, and irara an arpinaniimi of lha parpoaa for which M bad bean noaatmmad. bet M waa not Hi! tha mceib of October, 1M7, that ba eatornd a aaeaat at lha ralaot offlw ta Washington Tbto carnal ooatatoat a datolled da??r1p?lon of tha lirrentloo In tana ha applied to Cor (tart for aa appropriation for Iht tract loo of a tela graph Una betwtan W at bin | ton and Baltimore. a dltlaana of ih rty ml lea, tha ma raqtirtd being thirty thoaeaod doltora The application wan belbrn Crmgreat ah rat tra yeart before It waa acted open, and It waa ant till the month of May, 1M*. that tha Ilea waa la operation hn? flrtt niawage teat orar the wlr# waa by Mlia Annie Kltoworth, tha rtnnghter of tha Oomot aakner of Patent#, who had lakea an anlra in tea eat la tha pannage of the hill grant og the apj rapruiloo Mint Kilaworth waa lha llnrt to ran-ay ti t 'nlrliigrnca of too fact to the rrofea ear, who had darpaired of die paeaage of tha Mil that year, aa the oto*e of tha aeaaion waa at hand and iheae waa no proapact of Ita being taken np before the next araal a. At Iba laat hotr, bowarar, It waa paeeol, aad tba hollowing morning tna PrCcaaor, who waa In jgocrauoa cf tha elreaawtanoa, and war preparing to lea re Washington, waa Informed by Mi* KilaworUi af the floal torero of tha application " Annie," aid be, when abe had imparted tha waloome Hdlnga?" Anale, the drat meaaaga Uiat geaa orar tha wlren rKall ba lent by yon " Aad, true to hla prrwnlte, whoa lha Una waa com plated ha laforawd bar of tha fhel Tba ai-raage that aha era I oorraapaadod with the high oh?rartor of the arm!, aad baa muaoted bar name whh tt forcrar. la aaawar ta lha Prafaaeor'a notiacation, ahe art tba following aa tha maaaage whhh aha daaaaed r hoc Id be I rnaa milled frewi Wanhlngtoa to BaJUmnra ? " Wba' hath fled wreoghl I" Tha ctUMtaamrnt of tola tokir'aph waa aaaa fat to trad by lha waMtuctitm of ethorr.aad from Mat Uma to tha p rear at ihay bare 'rc.-raaad with aach rapidity that lhara e.a? hliAnt fi-uli (Iri Ihonahn j miiM Im owo..ii.. (m ...... la IS'*. wfci "?? an>Hratto? for u awnrHMtoa m rdlat bafara IVafraaa. ho wart to Rngl.iH M< anpltod a naiopt Io* b'? I ? * ?? than, bat t? ?i< .Lnt~t oa iho fwind (bat a dranrlptK* of It. aa II had haaa aahlhltod to Ma clato, ran ?? > ? tmnrtaaa lata aa ro*M?h pabliiaHna, ar l It KAd thoa hnj?a pnblto pmparty Ii t? atadleaa to tap awyih^ nertbar t# *??? ahaard?f of neb a ream- a rrvrt |*?*3wi?t of tba jro'nda a?w W YO MORNING EDITION?PR I wfctofc the dettsl wm b???d l? sufficient for that. Various claimants bat a slice risen to dispute his right to tno In vnttnn; bat afler tedious litigation and a display of the wt bluer hosbllty, the ja?tioe of his culms have not only barn r?c paired, bnt his nutrautal la now almost untvar ally dm and acknowledged aa ibe moat perfect tbat ku bean invented. Professor Wary* la one of the passengers on ibe Niagara, and wlU return In her to New York a'tor Ibe ohjiot of ibe expedition akall have been aeoompltrhod. It la peaullarly y ratify lt>ir to hi-a to behold In this th? sppr inching roaiti* lion or bia fondest hopes? bopea which be believed would one dr y become fixed facta. DB. WILPMAN WHI rBHOCAB. This gentleman la one of the pr.nn'pai electricians of the Alias tlo Telegrapb Company, and la deservedly distin , galabed among Ibe prominent aclentlfio men or the age fir the many Important Improveinnnti which be bta effected In schwa-ine telegraph Ictlrimenteand submarine telegraph leg. Be has also seen one of the most active promoters of the oimpany, and to his energy and enterpriae lie organization nnd aucceaa up to the present la to be greatly at trlbated. He waa originally a pbya!dan,but hie devotion to thle par>tcul&r branch or acienie led him to abandon the practise or his j rofostlcn, and to apply hinwelfevclu slvoly to electric telegraphing He hae applied himself particularly to txperlmenla having In view the invention of an Instrument by which to ascertain and register the velocity 01' electric cm rente through submarine cab lee, and the reanft of which has been the production of a remarkably Ingenious and compact machine, by meant of wblch the possibility of transmitting mersagni through two thousand five hundred mil's has been provtd ao conclusively as tr pat a', rest all denbis thai might bavo been entertained upon the subject. The Instrument by which the spred ot the 'lightening'' Is calculated, is a triplicate Morse registering machine, upon which marks are made by means of an aatronomloal clock or pendulum, and by which signal* are pro dnnrd on the rntsrlng of Ibe current into and lti nsiraee out of the wire, rhiwlnir the retardation ' of tbo lost rnrrrat In gotr.g through great lengths. This li accomplished by pendulum arrangement, boating ?cron( 8 and mating ma> kg on the upper pert of a atrip of Hera* registering paper, the middle marking slyle or electric ren being connretcd with tbe noar end of the cabin, and tbo t?n?tr m r-j lo b< i og connected with tbe dla'ait eu 1. On corrent being sent Into tbe wire it reglatere lta pierage Immediately on tbe middle ityle, and, coming out ol tbo wire, ihowa Ha ptaiage by-eglaierlng on tbe lower part of the atrip of ptpor By thta meant tbo Telocity of die current peering through tbe cable am he adalaled la the thousandth put of a second. It alto abowa tbo regie fatton of tba pan age or tbe o irrent through tbe wire. Tbe magnetometer <r Or. Wbitehmiae la anmotlmoe p aced in connection with the distant end or tho nable, and shows tho rorce or working value of tbe current after paailng through groat lengtba. This la effected by aa electromagnet, through which the current pa wet, and on lta magnetization lifting weights proportionate to tbe strength of the current, the weights being placed on n lever. The Instrument which Or. W has bad made for telegraphing through the Allan tic eabie a composed principally or very powerful oatte nca, having a supo> tidal surface or area of thirty-six thousand square Inches of silver, n corresponding an-face of zinc, and induollon coils of separable helices, having great lengths of wire wound upon them By the action of the two metala in combination currents of electricity cf extra ordinary power are generated and traoamitted through tho wire. Some idea o- the power or those cerronis mag be conceived from the fact that a (park or (lame ous luih long and of a second's duration can bo obtained by ompietlng tbe circuit. Tbe recording or registering maohtne la Prof. M tr?e'n invention?a description and illustration of <hg or'glnal model of which will be found in an-other part cf this article. mi. CTTARLM TICTOB DE BAOTT la the Junior electrician of the company, and bee been ?odnted with Dr. Whltebonne In many of hka experiment* He haa been about Ave yeaia oonncotsd with telegraphing, and haa been mainly occupied during that Umo In the laying down of aublerraaaaa wtrea ae well as the construction of tboae ended on poles. The second Black Bra cable waa laid down under his supervision and dlrec lion, aa waa also tbe oablc serosa the Gulf of dk lawreaoe. In the even', of the eucoeterul accompltahmrnt or tho great work in which he la now taking a part, he will have the charge of the Newfoundland side of the line. Mr. De Bauty waa tho flnt to use the Morns instrument in England i In submarine telegraphing. MB. WOODUOCIK. Among the engineers of the Atlantic Telegraph Company Mr. Woedhouse occupies a high position, and haa beeu uceaalng la Ins exertions la the preparation and puthng up of 'be machinery which le to be need IB the laying of the Allantlo submarine cable He la one of lb* woiklng, practical men of tha company, and ticca thn commencement of the operation cf coiljeg the cable on board the Niagara, I ue been mnet avoid none in bin exertion* to beaten tbe work aad conduct It to a auo cr: ful completioo Be laid down the flrtt eubmertae cable ac.rom Ibe i k flea, from Varra to flaiatlava, aad baa ever el dm been ooaaeoted, to lila ctpaclly ae an en(l ocer, with aohtuarlae telegraph.of. Toe e la no man on gaged In this enterprlre who baa rendered m we eOclrnt eervice in !ta promo ion lb in Mr. Woodbonie, am oartalnly n ae or ue Engl: b portion of the dm pen y whole more generally rexpected. Mr. Woodhoiae accotuj aalee the Niagara. KL saxm. OAKN1NO. Mr. Oanatrg, It may be recollected, waa tbe engineer who en per# tended the laying of tbe en b marine cable, m 1846, adroeetbe <>olf of St. Lawrenee: or.nibor, tbe at tempt le lay K, aa the aooompUahmeatof the werk at tbe waa defeated by a gal--, In wblcb the toi-ela warn obliged by a dne regard to tbetr own anfety In cut tbe line The work, however, wan ncoaaafully carried out tho fol lowing year. In hla capacity of drll engineer be waa alao counaoiad wllb the laying d twn of tbe cabla from Hperrta to Uoraloa, and another acroea Urn krait of Ronfaclo In addition it theee be xnrerl a tended tbe procoae of eonneotlng Prince I'd ward It land wlih New Drunawlck. Mr. Caonlng'e aer vlcoa will be oonflnod to tbe Agamemnon, b<it It t* proba ble that he will remain on board of the Niagara Uli bar pertloa of tbe work enall bare boen aocompllanod. Ml. J. C. Till la aaoclaled with Mr. Oaaalag la tbe englanerlng depart mant of tbe entarprtae, aad wan formerly engineer to Ibe Original Pectrte Telegraph Company of log land Hla romeellnn with tlila particular branch of ittbmarlae telegrapblag baa eiter ded over a petlod of aeme Ave or all year*, daring which Uino be ban rendered Important aaclrlanro la Ibe eatablUhmeat of auhmariao linen. He bee had a large rxperlencn la Ibe taking op Ml mending of cab lea. a ATT. BU Wuparyteed lb* atnrloc or celling of the nlili on board the Niagara, *?< tb?? rapidity ud at lb* tame time admirable mac c" r in whlah the work wat par Tor mad ?ai partially owing to hla energy. He la one ef thoae mm wham It would be dlOoalt la (at along without, and la fall aT ei pedlrata aad raacureaa to ma at ovary emergency, H? profemion la tha of a tea captain. bat for the Inat Ira or la yeare hla >lmr baa been mootly oooufftod la telegraph taterpruea Ho baa boon on tba N'i?ga?a or or t!noe bar a*rival at Urer] ool, aad will nttod '.y bar, m bo my* hi ma* If, to I bo end Capt Kail la a nation of England, b at, properly iprai lay. bo It a citlnan of too world?a nana who would bo at borne aay wbaro. ?. OLirvoms Arroapealee tba arpadltloa aa oca of tba oorpa of oagt naara, amoof whom, it la bat jaatirato lay, ha I* oaa af the moat officiant and talented. II wai under bin direction that tba angina aad machinery for paring oat and winding la wan put a 9 on Uetrd both tba Agamemnon and Niagara He'oenpto* a prominent petition an ana of tba tborimghly practice! men of tba entarpitna, aad abboagb bin I'ma baa barn divided between h.vh re??ele, that pari of tba work which waa aadav bit cbarf a baa barn pet 1 orated with no ordinary deepelcU not with 1 ha moat gratifying auenata. up. ibianr Onroptao tba poolttan of Chief Kngtneer of tba Attant'e Telegraph Com tany, with which ha baa btan eotwacud Mnoe lla organlaatlcn. Although, comparatively vpaaklag, quite a young man ba bat made hlnteair known aiding tba aotentlOe ronka la Upland by aoveral tngaaloaa la ran Hoc* ronncctad with telegraphing, and pa*tlmlarly with tha groat ratarprlaa la which ba holla an rarpooalbio aad nneroaa a poettlan Tba wlndlag in an I pai log ou? m* otlnery la a joint lerrat'oa of hit nud a gentleman paaned Do fbtgae, and It la *aid, by tboaa who ara hoqaatnted wnh tba practical part of engineering, to ba the heal ad at ad to tba parpoaa that coald be derleed Should tha eiptriiloe ba laccamfol ha wlU ba emitted to do Inoaaaldarnbla p>ruoo of Uia pre I* a; but thould It ba found, an la apprehended, thai itio mar binary la naanltrd to the work for which It la da tgned, and that It la probable, aa baa boea frequently a* terted, It alii be the maana of loaing tba < able, ba will have to contend agalnat oaaavra and ooadawnatloa from almoat every quarter. ta wm. o'RHAcamtmrr, AHbrrgb accompanying iba arpadltloa, doet not take nay active rait ia tfca work of My lag tha cable. He la known chiefly aa tba proiaelar of tba Real Indian telegraphs, bar lag bran ttm drat to onaetruet a Una la tha Rrhieh empire IJka Dr. Wbllaboaaa, ba waa by profeaatua a phyatclan, bat hla inclWialloaa lad htm to tha adaption of hie preaent part nil la preference to that for which ba waa educated. It won Ma MUrhmrn' to tba a'eeea of te|r?rephlajr that lei lit* rati India ompaa?, wnoaa tarnce no wo* m i hrnetan, i? Mk bin adrtra na thn nr?rtt. ?aiu?? nC MtablUhlng tatefrapha Ihrnaf hni.l RrliUih India, an I when that adalae prated h'otable, Innwiptir at at earl-ratei-lf >a iharoaatrn Una, npamUoo and rapartatoo'lenee if all their "IS; ft *e!etr*rb enlahtlnhed |p that anont-p wm near r^kniMa, ?nd the , nloW of i*wn<*iOo* wem annto twentaiUea apart TWt waa put up la Naram'ter, |*M and from that (!?n? to tbP pruaal abpnt tea 'hoaeae.l ail m af rk r [DAT, AUGUST 21, 1857. telrgrenh Ut* been coi atrnnted la India- For bla nervier# in Uii* Important work bo baa boon knighted by tbo Queen, uo reoetved oo 'oveml oroastona most flattering sarnranaea fiom (bo British East India Company ?l the bl|h estimation la which they rrga'd ihoee lervloee. II t* a Taot particularly deae.rvtng of norine in til* cannot Moo, that Jurouab tba agency uf (Le telegraph la India, the yoreremeo'j haa beaa enab'sd, not only to concentrate tti force a oa Utoaa placet whera the Inaargeala war* l itroageatat the breaking out of the preaenl Insurrection, , but that they bare also been enabled to cheek theli opera uoaa la ether quarter*, and aupp-ea* the Inotplenl attampta wblrb were made b; the natleoa to free tbemaehrea from the Britl'h robe Whatever maybe the op.nice of oibera la regard to the advantage* or <!!aadv*aW<" of Ibe aucoeea of the npriatng to the natives theatre I vet. there can certainly be none as to th* great benefit which the telegraph baa been to the Brltl- b government, so fkr ta the prrmantncey or lla domic Son la India la emoerned. Mr Williem. aa baa been 'tated. doer nut talc# any active part In the tnferptlte, but goes out with the espedUlm aa a sportster only. Plnce his return rroat India he has es tabbed a tohoot for the Imtrnotion of youagmentn tclrgraablng, wl.h a view of employing them aa operawn at the dlflferoat telegraph stations in tbat ooantry. rite In airatnrns Which be need was tbat Invented by Mr. Woeatllone, for wblob be baa since substituted tbe electromagnet o reading machine of Proferor Mn-ae, and wh'cb la now rzchialTely employed la tba working of Ma Indian

llnea. MB. STATHAd. Ibe nam* of ibia gentleman baa been moat Intimately associated with enhmarine telegraphing from the aaaoafaeture of Ike Crat cable thai waa laid in BrlUah water*. He la one of the proprietor! and chief auperlniendenl of the extenatve gutta percha wcrka la Tondon, and haa dona mvoh by bla experience and praoilrml knnalAiloA IawapHi Imnrnvlnw Oia imahHap atrr id**). Thti w at >he first gutta peiohn masulhotory established In England, and beirre the employment of the material as an insulator it wh used exclusively In tbs miking of artiolci both for ornament and nie. When he undertooh the mmufaotire of submarine cables it was considered h'tbly problematical whet1 er he would ever suojead in tto effort to insulate the conductor, end as the 0rut at tempts resulted in fa lore marly every one who bad au Irtcrrsttntt despaired of its ultimate success; bui Mr. Aatbam is net one rf tboee men wbo are easily diicw raged by defeat The first attempt wae followed by a *e oond, and that ataln by athtrd, and so on till be produnod n hat was desired, a cerfectiy issuiated submarine oabie. All the eea lines that have been bid in Kurnpesn and A me lican waters ba\ a been Insulated at hie establishment and under his immediate supervision Bo was oa b -ar^ the vowels which were employed la making the oooncoUuu between ktniNiWiM, aud annompaules the Sresent expedition not merely ss a passenger bat ts give y bis experieoco all the MS in bta power to the accimpiUbir.entcf this work ia which none feel a greater Into rest than himself. MB. J. W. BHltr, from the prominent part which ha has played lathe organization ef submarine telegraph companies, Is known in England as the father or founder or them. This Is ts rsct his great forte, and the many successful companies which have been established through his instrumentality ts tbe strongest prosI that can be presented of his ability In this important department. He obtained the first privilege from the French government of landing a cable cm - the?bores of France, and connecting that oonntry with England. He was present at the making and lay lag of 11 down, aad amtsted la the ea tab I lib meat of the Dover and Or tend, tbe Dover and Calati, the Spezxta and Oorttca, the 8aro!?U and Corsica, and ether Uaea of whloh be was mauriy the original rr Mr. Rrett goes out la tbe Agameaa eon. having determined to be present at tbe operation of la) mg tbs greatest sea line ever yet mode. Be Is also specially interested In the suooew or the nadertakleg, being one of the ortg'nal p> ojectors of the company. wit. i. rvaurr, Although ast immediately conneeted with the soleaHfie ooi ps who have eharge of lha enterprise, aad by whaan the cable Is to be laid, baa rendered snob practical eervtee in the preparation of the Niagara that It would ha unjust to omit hla lame from tbe list of engineers. Mr. Lreretl lathe Chief Engineer ef the Niagara, and has served in | the American navy during the last thirteen years. At Um Utiio of hla aopointmeal to his present position be oscnptwi the ropoaelbie pox 01' lnapectur of Odea a l iien, In. In the (.or i of Now York. Hla mui baa boon aireadj mentioned In connection with Utc attention of tho N lagan for lb a reoeptloa of the cable, and R k doubtful wbaUtai rhe woo Id have been employed la thla tervlce had It n? boon for hla practical judgment and ptrcepum. THE TEI F.IJRAPHIC BQUA.DBO*. THE miTED RTATCIl Bra AM PRIVATE MlAfl ABA la the largeet voeael, not only of the telecraph iquad ron, but the lar|e?t war voaael la the world, and eaneed the Pake of Wellington, the frent 131 gun ahlp of the Bri tub aavy, by 1,100 ton*. She hae been admired prlnol pally Tor the *i<ju!a)te lymneiry of her model; and IIm fhot that ahe la the maaterpleee of one of the crone*! oa pal architect* baa attracted to her the aueatton of al> wbc take an internal ia iblp bXIdlag. Ilor (eacral appearaao* bear* a much atmoger renemblaace to a linge clipper ahlp ttiaa a man of war, and It I* to tAla that the IRUe rarer ahe n.eeta irom old man of war'a men la t> be Attributed. Had abe looked like tboae Boating batterlee whlcb we bare aecn In the Very Yard X Portnmoutb, and of whloh the Drttteh Nary made auch a great dtaplay X the late review X dpllbead, ahe would no doobt have aolted them much better aad been treated with e Utile m .re lenleucy tban acme cf tham hare been diapoeed to etbiblt toward* bar daring our atay .e Kngland. H jwever, ahe waa bull) on an entirely new model, end If auccme Pil, It matter* Utile whether Re reaembloa tboae blalf bowed, heavy, aquare looking bulla whl ih bar# hllbortc been regarded aa the rery perfection of war raxola. Ilor l- ngtb over all la SM feX, bretrtih of beam 5ft, depth ol bold 31 feet 6 litcbea, aad meeajrameot A H00 ton*. Hb? carrtee, wben rally armed, 12 Peh'greo goni, each 11 tachee la the diameter of the bore, aad capable of throwing a abe'.l of UO pound* a dutaaae of four mi lei. Tbaee gut* were cart x the Want Pont foundry, and wetgh fourteen ton* aaeh. They have ax beea put on heard, ae XI the available apaee on the venal la required for ether prrpoaoe, bat their phoe te tempnrarlly eopplled fooadlaad end of Ike groat enbmorlne tSle tb*U hard hero i-coaatraii/ loaded at Trlalty H?y, on Urn ooatboaal I era oaaat of lhat lolaad. Tbo engine*, boll on, coal baakara, and all tfea ncoee tor let of Ui'? department or* dieted aboat il middle of tbo ?bip, ao<l are ao ooeelrantcd m to oacnpy leoo (pane la proportion to t*o Unocal of motive power tbaa perhapa Uio-e of nay other v?e?ol of tbo kind In the world, flte M|k? room la (applied wlib pure air bp meaoa ol two bngo raaikaiora aaapeadod over Am batch, lad which ad Ilka Immoaao lange, while Ute epadouo (kyllghto Ilia 'nolo Ma moat oocret renooaeo. The engine room, or gallery, to entered from the berth | or (par [deck bp en Iron ctal ranee. which brtngi | joe, ef er a Jeeoeat of noroe twenty reel, within view ol ell lie porta. Thla room la twenty eight feet long by twenty els la width, and there le no part of tbo me tj that to not eeey of aooeea to all employed about it On t!ii oet every (Ida are tod tool ore, by which are mtrked the nember of re rolutione mode by the tngmee, the pre* dire of the iteem, the vacuum, the trmperai. re el the bet we I end the preature of the C)ilu l?r at ell parte ol (be Mrnhe The engine*, of ?t h th'-re are three, are dirt I oHing With rnnnerting r-d? between lb? r.yllrdori end eraiik*, work er ethwerteMpe the ?>*#?', wb'ch ?WaMe*, when reduced to umple, nnedaoU? . unpewieni Ivg ?h, lhat Ihey are r!a. ed tors wui7 enroee the Vf"*ol and Ibe motion of the pi?t >n to tide. ' arh of three to (oventy two In lira In diameter, Ihrre Art trnhe, eod arrant *d wMh the on! I nary (team karo out ng vevoe, which ere wortei hy <he Mmreaion Ink m->Oei). Tbo xhaft 00 whvii ell thto force le brought to beer to one hundred fbet boa Ita ooinectmn with the wain engine crank ?haf. to lie tnnrtl?n with the propeller lu weight to OA)' lone, end He diameter eeveateen tncbet ant a half. Along lie whole length to an arched alley way er innnei, onnetrii' ted of wrought Iron, which to fix fed nine In hen In belghlb, end eboat flee In width. Tbo wbetoof tbto tnanei to iilommt'.ed by g oto lamp*, eflnrdlng the engloeore taUcleai Itgnt to enabln tt< in to ioe,nod oil Ibote parte that reqelre their attention. Vae mm* tier, a blob to of (IrlflHb'e potent. Ii mode of bronao, or rotnpnoitloo, 1* Ami la diameter, u Ami p'tr b ar<l wrigba abool 16 ton* II It ao arrant;*! Ibai ab?o nA rrqat ?d II caa b? bonded ml of lb? water, ao m not lo ltnpetetbe progreoa of Ui? veaaal when oad-r rail the eyllndar* aro pieced nn the ataiboard aide or in# aa<l on tl)? op,?aite ildo aro tbe throe ooo dearer*. each o which baa wlifcln ilaolf Iba air puma an I bet well The air pnwpi arc double aollOK, 22 looheo In ritairrtrr, atoel atrokr. aad worktay la tba aame inaaaai a* tba air pumpa There la a A looh bilge lojewlnn at I ached to each oomienaor. which la oapahlaof being ua-d at any tlmalofrea the ship from water. la aldlt.n t< Ibia Uare arolwoMlgepompa, 10 loebea In diameter and IMach atroka, eotiaaeted with the crank abaft to tae en piar, which aro ia OMUiaot operation, koaptag the ihl[ net fret y dry. The tiro mom la raaehad br a pwaage way for wed be tweon tba buakara. aad la a boot is fbot rr?m the engtiv t-aiwry. Tbla apartment la M faat lone, 10 tort wide, and abn >t 10 Teat la bright. Oa rilher atdc ara tba hollera whl? a are orrtioal tnbalar, aad ara kntwn m Martin'a pa I lint. Thera aro tour aftngeteer, and wanb hao tti for i.wwo Tbe fui nooao ore each 9 feet 10M Incbeo wld? and 7 fret niche* loaf. The duaouaiowa at eaoh MWi are aa frilowe ? 1/e*tb ob front 21 fool 11 foel 8 tachaa. Hritrhl 10 real. Po raea ereoratedtotbafra 1T,?00 Fjoara n?al ?*rate aorfaoa 4M ?<jnare feet. The thick mm of the Iron plalaa of which ibembettera an aade la H< 7-10 at?i x nob, and tbaaaaraddublarlranat [ERA la *11 parts exceptwb*r? exposed tottao flro The tubss srs ouule of brass art each iwo Inches In diameter and 37)4 laches long. Tfeo betters sad fl> e roo n ojcupy a spnoe or 44 fast In length by S3 In breadth. They are below the water line and sun oaaded on all ildes by Uts coal bunkers, wbleb frrm a c.imp'eie protection against glaaotng shot The flirroom is ventilated by three largehalchee. There are lao imefco pipes, ono Tor the forward and the other for the after boilers. The heal Is so perfectly absorbed that there pipes are never hotter than iron expssed to the rays of the summer's tun. As a (woof or this fanl, It It SbMldent to stile that rroui todtoa or diagrams, taken at various limes, It was proved that the evaporation exoeescd 9)4 pounds for earth pound ol' coal consumed. Tho topofibt smote pipes, when extended to tbelr fall length, rise to tho height of thirty-two feet shove the deck, and by means of a telescopic con'ilvanoe can bt lowered to wl bin twelve feet or ft. Over the passage wsv, between the en gist sand bolters, Is a small auxiliary boiler and two Wonhisgfm steam pimps. These pumps are arranged ft r supplying and pumping out ^>th Ike bolle s .'nd the blips, and al-o for pumping en any part or the ship la case of Pre. Two donkey engines are employed for hoUtlog purposes-and the Worthing on pumps and those engine* are also to arranged that they can ba driven either by Iho auxiliary or main bottom. The coal hunkers surround the engines, forming, as has been Mated, a complete protection to tho maohlnorv. They are oapahle of containing 840 tons or ooal, or sufficient to last, at aa sight knot speed per hoar, twenty Ore days. These ooal bunkers, vlth tbe engines and boilers, occupy sspace extending ninety feel in the lecgih of the iklo oelow tbe berth deck, by Its wllth. No part of the machinery except ute smoke pipes cxteed above the berth deck: and tbe weight or the whole, without ooal or water, Is ltd tons. The Niagara left New York with a force or about 600 men, but It has since been round ntcee^ -.ry, on acooant of tbe number of telegraph operstlves and mechanic* who are to be employed In laying diwn tbe cable, to send forty of the hards and ten marinee on board the Susquehanna. Ike following Is a complete lUtoftha offlcera:? William L. Hudron Captain. f Jommander oa special A. II. Pennock < dotv oannectod with ( the Attontla Telog'pb. James H. North First Lieutenant. J. D. Todd Second lieutenant. Job n Onset Third Lieutenant. Clark H. Wells Fourth Men tenant, Wm D Whlttog Fifth Lieutenant iOdward T. NcCauley Sixth Lieutenant rj_ 1 30TCDHI USUI. Ail 4 Sail' Beverley Kenoon j lag Mastor. James C Palmer Bargeon. Joseph a Kldredge Parser Arthur M. I.yneh Passed Assistant Furgeoe. T. W. M. Waahtngtcn Assistant Burgeon. J. 0 Rich Captain or Marine*. W. & Boyd Lieutenant of Marine*. Win. E Everett Cbltf Engineer. WW Afcfcrt } 111,1 scv'hSS;"'}'- ???? Alei timr, 1 ?? ? Ttaoma* B. Ely, J Robert Dtxoa. Boalnwa'o. II P. lee lie Carpenter. John Webber Gunner. Win. & Pngltt Bailmaker. Kdwd. Wlllard Puraer'a Clerk. Mr. Jobn W. Hodton ac?mpanlee hit father a* Captain'* dirk. Of the officer* It I* hardly neceaaary to say anything after the high terms of pra se In whioh Uiey have been referred to by tbo public proa* of England daring their tiny In thai country. THI V. f. ATI AM FRIO ATI SC8Q01DANNA I* the largest tide wheel war iteamer ia the world, and one of the Inert vcaeele in the American navy. 9>e la not, however, much more than half the size of the Niagara, but baa, In proportion to her dimension*, a more massive appearance, and look* like a man of war, while her eoaaort bears a strong resemblance to an Immenee merchantman. The Sueqnehanna Is oonatrncted somewhat on the old model, with a few of the modern improvements, and la similar In appearanoo to tho Powhatan and Ban Jacinto. Her length la 290 feet, breadth of beam Aft, depth or hold ZT, and capacity 2,(00 Irtia With thirty 1 days eoil or 1,040 tone, and ale montha provision* on 1 hoard, tor draft of water la 20)g feet. It ta now about ' seven years slata she was built, having been launched | sometime hi IBM, and her ooet ta estimated at about eight t hundred thousand dollars, or about seven hundred ? thousand less than the Nlarara. The timber used in her construction la the beet of pine and live oak, and her beams, kness and kelsons are much heavier than they are generally found In vessels of war. Ths engines are In cllned direct, acting with two cylinders or seventy two I. laches diameter and tea rest stroke Tbo boilers are of g the patent of Mr. D. B. Martin, Engineer In CV.ef of the L'altcd HUtes navy, aed are of the same patent as lb we os? d In the Niagara, a long experience having proved that i ( .hry are the most reliable and economical. Tne oonaairation or oral does not exceed forty ou per day. thirty bo(ay tbo average, ar.d at thla expenditure the number of revolution* la from fourteen to liioen per aaloute, while the preaeure of (team per ?<iuar* inch la from fourteeo to titeen pound*. The coal buakert are #o elt'iaied lo the Idee of the abtp aa to protect the bo.leri. bat the other portions or the machinery are without any protection rave what they rtealve by being below tho water Use. The ei read of raavaea la 11,000 ?iunre, or li.OM running yarda, by wbleb, with a Mr wind, her itoamln^. epeed, wbirh la ten n.ilea an hour, la lacreaied to twelve or thirteen Tne armament of the Boaqnahaana la complete, ao that he la In perfect war trim, and the o-der tn which everything oa board of her n kept la the eohjeot of general pratee. dhe carries llfiten gum, three of which are pivot, weighing It,I0O pounte caoh. and (Iro solid ebot of sixtySve pound*. In add! Jon to there aho hat twelve I Inch broadtld* thell guna, each or which weigh ?,:ioo pound*, end are atpablo of throwing eheileei toU pried* a dlttaece of two miloe with cdeoi. The pivot guae are 10 lent 10 inches long, and thoaa on tho broadaldee moaeure blue reft each. TTn- t rco num'<-re gOR nri'n, from the oaptaln to the tumblert member of the eblp'a crow, which la -.Itteen lew then the ta entitled to?her rail complement bring 821. Oftbeer 190 are blue jAOketa. 44 marlaee, and -U caalheavere and firemen, the remainder contletlng of tho ofOrere. of which tho following la a perfect Hat, tocladlog the oo ir mender ? Jnehaa R. Rami* Oaptala. J N Brown Klf* (Jeuleoaot J. C. Ureal!. Seoowd Lieutenant P. Shirley Third l.taoieaaot R Harrle Foarth nontenant. B I. Pbetpn Fifth l ieutenant. J. R. Hamilton ....Rath Nontenant Iftoiaa Plakaey Bar coon J. B Riuenbouae Puree*. ' Kobt. T. Maocoan Passed AreWant Rorgrew. J. C. O>i?meo Aealataal Forgeow. lleary Qneea BUilnt offloer. ' Tbomaa O. Bell Boatewaia. i Jamea Hntobinaon.. Hunn<-r fa. M. Talghtoo Chrpenter. J U Oaliagher Hallmnier. i Joha r Whipple Calef Fbgtaeer i C Ftthiaa Flrat aaeiatant Faglneer. tiro W Alexander Ural Aeelilant Voglaoer. Alex liendarton Second ( latani'K.ogtnor.r 1 Fd D Fob'.e Sorood AwteUot i ng laser i John A. ?.rlrr Third Awletan'- I ogtooer. t'n It Ceehman Third Aaalataat liaglneer. B. King Third Assistant Fngtnear Wm Hudson Mauler' Mate. TUB BBITI8U L1FB OF ATTLB BBir, TRK AOAMm >014. Thla la ona of tha naeet propoltere la the British navy, and i ta generally regardod ar Iha pet of the whole flaet A* a great tljaUng battery the hat very Hew if any equate of her tl/e, aa 1 although naval areblWxU have Instituted a oomparleon hetw -ea her ard the Niagara, there It really no good grounds far a ronparlion, f< r the two vessel* a o as dissimilar w It I* pneeihlo for them to ho. In the .tret place she le not *o large w our thlp, in I la ball! on an en (Hely diflerent model. She oarriea 91 gune, while the Niagara rarriw but If, end there ail on her tyar deck. She has the appearance of a regular man of war, wh'le the Niagara, aa liaa been often staled, look* Ilk* aa imnwM slipper ship Bit the reader can belter jiadge for himself or the potata of difference from a description of the ahtpa themselves. ft},' feat breadth ef tMM, and SIX d^plh of bold. Her capacity M 0,1*3 toaa, Ml b<r ra^nei, or which ho bM two, oro botb 0*0 borco power. B?r foroo at preeeat nomboit 10.1, bat hor foil complement ?MI OB wor footing 10 over *00. Il?fj fbn armament oonolato of 91 gnn\ of which 34 ora S Inch rhall gone on I har lower daok. sa oa bar m*ia dr k am alto > iocb, an I 14 on hor rpar dock are 33 po m lare. la addition n iboao he carrlaa on Uto roraeaatla ?l* of tha anma oo-'lhro, and I cm beery gun of 9,300 poanda weight fbr throwing Inch aolkt ahol. All tba gona are nW? *?r illng a be 1 In. 1 Tha Agent moon waa Unnohed at Woolwich la tha yaw 1u1, nr. 1 la aaid I* ha one ai the f?teat <* u>? ?cr?w tootola of tba Briliab float. Bar mglnen are knowa aa tha ; ? trunk," wttli horlimini cylinder*, and lhatr nominal I boraa power af 000 w capable of baing worked up to 1,*00 , Tli# aaotlrc roreo If aprtlad by four tnbnlar botlora, which are made to reaUt a preaiore of IT y oada to tna agnaro Inch. There are Ilea firnaoon under ?wh of Iheee an I ; tba Who* ma. I aery la raat below the water Ilea. The boivre, In addltloo to ihlt, are pro trated froaa <t t by lha oral boakera Aa the engine an t Ore rooma are nearer tl an or ml to tha etera It aecoonte fbr the ahnvtaeai of tba abaft, wh'oh la aiaty reel lean than thai of the Niagara !w diameter la 13 inch'a aad length forty 'not, while Uie arapallae la aaont rigbi-an feet In diameter, with a pit h of twenty foet wa I ! ochre. Tin weight la otffctt<n? et 1 oelre of lha gaaHnr, I a?d 1 J naBda af a empnauion called gun a teal. Tba LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. number of reroluttoaa la flfty four lo the atlnata, ud acead, wilh a outuampiiix of (My loot of coal a day, about niao mile* aa tour. Tba Agamaouina waa sir Si Bund (now Lord) I y wia' (lag ?Wp, tad took a part In tba uhuI; on Sebaatopol oa tba 17U? ofOatnber, from whUh tba rattrat ooniiderao!/ damaged. Oa tbal eic*>lun the tpproaabei within seven or eight hundred yurie of tha place, from wb oh tba retired with ibraa or Pour of bar porta knocked out oaa, ome of bar apara aphnlartd, and loma other damageTo adapt liar tor tba preaentexpedl Jon all bar gute r.tra been removed, and aba baa beea Owed irUti rr.fVa'e mud, Tba following 'a a correct Hat of tba offlae-a ? OornellraT. A. Noddal Mastor commanding W. J. B Billiard Matter. Henry A. Morlarly Matter. James Rodlo Matter. J. S. Hiown Matter iienjemln Hoar Chler Engineer. \vuilam 0. Kerr Burgeon Keone'h L. Sutherland Pay aiaater. 1. W Ronton AMlalaat Huryaaa. O. W. J. Sutherland Awumnt "urgeon. A. a l arka .second Maatar. a J. Orabam Mr it UeaL .'loyal Kartra. William Yovtg AtaaUcf Pay maatar. Wtlltam A. lb own Clerk. V. O. B. 1'onaoaOy CUik. ( barlea Monro Aeelatant Eagtaear. George Gook kwittant RnAaaee. lobn Athley Awtstaat Eeglnoer. William P. Kren Anutaal Eiglaaa*. ?, H. R. c.alr Aaetatant t iftaear. U. R Keeling Aaefataot Knglneer. TDK BI ITIRH ?T*ta raiUATI I.E3PAB0. Thla ?IM| ku Haan data. had ,'anm tha .ia.1 a... h the Admiralty u en scort to the Agamemuoo, and to tow her ta the event of any aaci tent happening to her machnrry. She ta a aid# wheel steamer, with two angin eg of 640 hone power, and waa launched in the year 1860. Tbo engines are known ae Seward'a direct acting, and the boilers?of whloh there are four?are capable of reflating a press .re of fourteen ponnda to the square Inch Her length la 218 feet, breadth of beam 37 feet inches', depth of hold 26 fhet 1lacben, and meaaurtmem 1,440 loot. Burning at Urn rata of from thirty to forty tone o' eoata, ahe can carry fual for twonty daya steaming, making from nine to tea mllea an bear. The force of the leopard numbers 270 man and 30 cllloert, under the osmmaad of Captain Wain wright, and her armament ooaaiste of It guns, four af which art 10'nch 12 83 pounders, nod two- 8 Inch. They are all made for tiring shells at well an bail, and the range of the largest la 3,000 yards, ahe differs from the Sasquebanaa la basing two g in feciti, thst steamer carrying nil ben guns on one. The, however, Is not the only point of diiforenoe between them, .or, although both aide wheel steamers, they are aa differ so t In ibtir appearance as It Is i>OMlbla to conceive Tb leopard Icckn as If tht had teen Oficen or twenty yaar hard service, and Is hulM la the old stylo of war steamers, I.ile the Susquehanna, although const ucted aheu the same time, baa bat all tho advantage of the Improve ments which were made la ship building before she was launched However, the Is said to heoaoof the meat efficient rhlpa In the British navy, end Is no doubt well adopted to meet the requirements of the m salon In which ahe la to piny n part, though a subordinate one ffce following aie the names of her oflljsrs ? J. F. B. Wain wright Captain. W. K. Stone First Lieutenant. J W II. Ihompton t-'eoond Lteutenaut. P. K. Luard Third Lieu tenant. F. T. Nichols Fourth Lieutenant. H. A. Marten Mentor. Rev. F. W Smith Chaplain. J. J. Martin Surgeon. K. K. Melon# Paymaster. John I re Chief Ens moor. B. R. Murphy, Assistant Burgeon. Lieutenant Colomb Msrlnm Ho*. Manrto* Mlagtekl MUMtpnan. H. A. Wtlmot Midshipman. W. K. 8. Brow* Midshipman. John Tracy Midshipman. K. W. R. Kvernrd Midshipman. H. A Bay Held Midshipman. U. W AIM Mldtblpmaa. 0. E. Lockhart Midshipman. J. J. Wllcoeks Clerk. ' Hani'ton M. Cola Clerk. George Grimtha Aaetolanl Engineer. C. r. Turner Amlitant Engineer. T. 0. Heaven Assistant Engineer. P. M. Knight am latent I nglneer. C. T. Jackman AanMnnl lAgtnear. WUlam TkeM ? It Merit Engineer. THB BRITISH ITS AM PRIBAtB CTCVOFB. Title reaael wee detached * Hew mocUte ago to aurrey tho One of the propmed route of the olograph tquadron, and returned about a tree* unco, having aucoenfully accomplished the work la which aha waa employed. She la one of the oldest ataamare la the Br Utah nary, baring bran built tome fourteen or HAeen yoara ago, and aba heart strong evidence of rough aervtoe during tbal time Her meaenroment la 1,340 toae, her rngtnee are 390 home power, and the carrlet 4 guna an ber apnr deck. She aocompanlee the Agamemnon and the other veaaela of the (qua(Iron and will ooat.nue with Ihrm UU they reaeh.Newfoundland. The following In n Hit of hf r omcern ? Joseph Ifejman Lieutenant Commanu ng. Jamee W. Amutrong Lieutenant. John Scott Master. William Msynr Heater. Hart Galaktte Burgeon. Nicholas Giles Paymaster. George Ct cbton Chief Engineer. llrnry K. Harris Bsecmd Master. Charles Roebuck AaslesUul Kagtaeer. WtlH&m Melville Assist tnl I netaeer. hzra Mtlea vmuMart laglneer llerberl H W aahl ngtoa If ldabtptoaa. Mwnrd C. Knevltl Ctert. Edward Jobnoon Ounaar. Wm. lloonyacU BiaUwaln. William folljamm Garpaaier. THE COMMANDERS OP THE TELEORiPH SQUADRON, oarr. w. i>. Bruno*. Tfaa Oommaailcr of lha Niagara la oaa of tba a.daat la Iba t olled fltalaa Nary, aad now oocoplea tba rmpaoalbla poattloa of Poal Oa plain to whleb ba waa proaoM by Ifea action of Iba KeUrtag Board. Ba eatarad tba nary aa a midabipman la tba bef.naiaf of iba yaar 1110, aad baa aarvad ibrongb aU Iba gradaa. Ba waa maalar af Iba Warren wbaa aba waa aaal nag iba Graslaa arahlpalago aflar iba plraMa, wba bad for a loag uaa aartfad aa Ibair dapradailoaa apaa Amattaaa oommaraa la tbal part of tba Mtdbarraaaaa wttb Impoaltf. Ba aabaigaiaily aMdaarauryaar'aoralaatatbaPaacaah, wbiob waa oaa of iba rataala of Ibe axptortag axpadtttaa aadar fhptota Wtlhoa, aad wblob waa aOatwarda loat nmoag Iba qalcfeaanda at tba monib of lb* Oolombla rlror. All fea oraw, bowovar, wora aavad. altar ibia ba waa Ibor yoara la roaaaad of Uia Nary Yard la Brooklyn, aad u Iba exptranoa of that arm ha wan again apioiniod to tba aama pook 11 waa wtLla boro that be recol red iba omnmand of laa Niagara and Iba apcoal appotntmeDl oa Ibla ax pad to xl carr. joaaca a. aawDi, Tba command or of Iba Smqiabaaaa, iMtrtJ iba aaroioa la laia, and from tba! time to iba proaaal ba baa bean e'rhteon yoaro at oaa, tba raawlador of Iba term having boon apaat oa ibera, II a praeoni oommaaion aa Coal CAptaln dalaa back to Tabraary af 1Mb Bareodarad olBctaat lervtoa during lha Mr* can war, aad wao prtnaaI at Uia napara of Too Orur, Tarn -ion, Tjapan aad Alvarado. la tba year 1M1 b? oommaeded Iba fngata?. Lawaaea, whlnb nonoevad lh? onHrlb Uooe from Iba a aan'aalurra of iba I'nliod Suiaa to Iba World a fair la London. Ha waa oa lb* Moditarraaaaa aiattaa wbaa ba raoelrad ord era to j?hi iba otagmpb r loadraa, aad aid la Iba aadarlaktac aa aa amort to the Niagara. MA-rKb COtfUtNDira NODDtt. Wu eppoltled by lie Hr Jib Hoard of A Im rait; to the row mead of the Aguaomaoo for ihla ipeotal aorrteo. ilo boo be?i thirty I" to Krltoh nary. la which ho la particularly 'iiMlagthhed for hla actoatlflo attain ireafo la U>? ?B?iaoarlBf de artmont lit waa muter of tba Loadoa, a ninety ta? goa ahip, du< lag tha otaf# of PobaatopK, * O'l 'ooaoto.l aa llerkoc Heater of Coretaafcaople. Tba intaiMt wbkb ba bat taken in ihlo eeiorprioe ttaee bia ponaociioD with It, baa baaa of tba nut entire kind, aid b' ?er?toea ba baa reedamd la Km prepernttou ti a la rot Ml lor tte work la which ?he la to lake a wart bu dooa auck toward* >ta a?'<.?a lb it'ar caot. WAUwaiosr, Tha nomiraadar cf tha Iaopard, which acta aa the ea rort to the Jaaviehaana, baa alao erred thirty yaara la .he Brtlbh nary, aad with muoh dlthaeihw. Ia tba narmaoe war ha waa ooamasdar of tba tViaohoMer, a tilty can frijau, an1 aorrtt la that capacity with ainah dletlucllaa. Ilia particular forte Ilea la kto .?timet* kn<>w It. I re of the art of gunnery, la whl'h be It '?f*rdod one of the ableet oSr*re ofibe Bntlah nary; bat It la for bta praetlael knowledge ef the aeieare of m?ia**rta? ?ai ectaity.that bo recelrod kle appointment to the preoeai taped! Joe. rOHMAKDaa PVWWOCK Entered the nary la tba year IttR, ead war promoted la the rwak ke now boote during the preeeet year. Re kea b?ea appointed ta tbta lehanee ?o "epeetal doty eonweeled with Ke layiac ef the AUoatlo r .emmiaa cable," aad wben tha work eknli bera ceo.. mooed wUI relerot.pteio R.ideoa ta tha partial petformanoa ef bla, which will coa?tat ehkfly la the manege meat ef tba "?bie Ry. Peaoook wee In ootw. ind of U?a foiprly, tba ktoreahip wbieh taafe ont t'epteia lynch ia<l th> membera of tha Dead foe eiprd.tioe, aad when 'he e?)ret ot t>et a* wdltioa had hren ae cmjh.h'd, w?>k tk"m b >ck to the t'a'ted em* tie < u a ho Pirtt I 'etileeant of tbe Rer'-ca about air years