Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 22, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 22, 1857 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 7660. KB MYtTkllOUR IFPtlB IT SHREWSBURY. lBforWtnt Diaeloauren? featiinony of Vrs. Co-now, Mr. Macknett, and Dootora Baldwin and teeea?Margaret 0 all's Insanity?Pro. bably Baal Cause of Her Death-Beoejr then of a SinguUr Anonymous Com. mmnioation-Conclusion of the Inquest?Verdict of the Jury ?Censure on Doctor Conover, dba?y ACif ASv 8EC0SD D1Y. MM Oeroner'a trqawt ii*k> ibe otreumstaoees relattre to Me death or Margaret Dale was continued at the Uty Mai hi Hinebetbioen, N J., at two o'clock on ntorsdty iIMmos. The excitement In that section of the exintry aaense to bare become very (real within the day or two gnat, and many are the apeeolaUaoa and theories indulged la teaching the eery atngnlar dmoummtt whieb bars Van male oonearning the death ft Margaret Dale, and the anhenunnl eondoet of Dr. Osnorar and kl wife, slater of a Thursday afternoon a very large conannrae of people pMbered abont the pKee In which the Inquest waa being oaauctea, ana nnnuea anxioun nwnn to?ui iw inuu pfirwd op to toe Mate of toe adjournment to toe evening Cbrcner Baldwin, of Newa-k, on Wednendty morning maetved toe following anonymous oommuniouUou oonnaming an attempt to to Id tbe body to New fork aa freight an a itoop. The envelope wan postmarked New York, August 30, and directed to tbe Coroner of Newark, N. J., to haste, and ran aa follow* ? Avovm 10, 1867. tor Oomoam.? 8m?1 parbapa can intorm yoo of some dag that would Be of ear viae to yon coooe nlog tbe my* tarv of'be Newark dentWt an' Margaret fralo After be tortod from tbe Highlandi be stopped at n landing Jn*t betow P> rt Moo mouth dock, w neren market alo >p wa* laying. He pat tbe boi on board the al top and wanted to t hip the ben aa fre'ght Tbe captain thought it rather ant ptctou tod fa Id not reoel'e it Tbe oaptaln's name la Char tea MlUa af Porte mouth, New Jer?e<. Be then took It from toe Hoop and not I to bje ima I veaar 1 and went up aa rar aa Caion two mile* below Keypml; there be wanted ta tore a man by toe name of Oankl Oampbell to Ink* toe bedy ?n<i bnry It; and told htm be would pay biui well for K. Previoua to tout day be came op tbe bay from toe Highlands. fill in with a man by tbe name of Utrart Patter I am, off af Ninon, taking; be went alongside of blmand told Palt raoa be wav ao waterman and did not know bow to en'l n boat, aid hired him to lake him to EUzabethtown, whfcto be did. B rn tot though beat to procure toe attendance of tbe yerttee named in toe oommnntcatlon, but npoo rubcq ient arabatton and oonatderattou projeot waa abandoned. Yrwvtoua to proceeding with Ibe inquest the question ran mooted aa to whether Ooroaer Braon bad jurisdiction to toe matter or not, me part tea having alleged toat tbe body waa nle>red jottoualdo of toe honorary of i'nlon oaua*y and waa In cbnton ciunty, the division ttnee not bowing besn clearly defined aa yet io Ibe people of toe aown y In eonsequmoe of toe rerv recent enactment of toe Xagiakture creating toe new county of Union It waa finally, however, agreed toat all waa oorreot, and ton (termer prooeeded with thb mrniomr. Henry s. Brad way, of 16 jay street, sworn:? % Wnere ware you en Buaday, toe 1Mb tola month? A. fivi to tbo omu Home % What time did yon Wave homed JL 1 left home on tow's; afteraono, la craspaay with my wtfb and Mr. MB led DM ?0B; WD went ODD Bteamboat; there Md MreelanmmaBlcatton between the Ocean Hwt? and New Tor* by fleam boat; we atald ovar Saturday night a< the Own Howe, ud Mil iter# lo go np the river keiweet mmd I o'clock on Sasdiv momlBZ % Did jmi meet M7t>ody dialog a body ont^f the be*, bf A About tl ?tlMk there were* pwtj of about four or Bra yereon* at a rrtreoi the beach; (he>e were about aereo |?mm altogether, with one of ihem otgrlng. Q Old you fee Ibem far off before meeting them? A. We tat on the other *tde of the river when weaaw them Mel; we were to a sail beat Q toben you met lota party of aeren peraooa yon wt'I r?e aula to the jury what you Mid? A Wo were oa ether alee of the rl'er at the time; weaaw four men, owe beerlrg a ooffln on hia back, and we Ihvtgb tt eery iMW. and rowed our boat aorma the riw, nod aaw M thry weal op from the river war aeventr yarda aad eeaaaiannart digging; we thought poeelbly that tt might be aemaocoy that had war bed upon the boaoh, bat thought K wae to It ootM not hare waihed an for up the beach; we advanced toward* them when Mr. Ban a aad myeelf, aame la ooevcrtaUoe, when a gratlemea Mid ra that he war carina op the body of a young gtr , aad a i?? h hb tonally; I aaked him what eoontrywomaa the waa, aad be akl that the waa aa tmerean girl, rrom Pitt* bury, Peaaay trenla; ooe of the gentlemen a>koe if there waa aay buryag ground any where near there, the geo ttowian that they ctiled the Dwtor, I think, eeked It; I T*ia?' Mate whether H waa him poalUvely or not; 1 told hMo that I waa not oortoln, but that 1 ip>>eed there wae bury!' f grout da on the oppoet e aide or the river. Q. bid aoi any ot your party HI aim that there waa mo burying ground la Mm than Mven mUee t A No, air, I MlH am, 1 think It waa tall that there waa a burying ground about three mtlei d<a not; I 'hltk the wornea were about thirty or fnrt> feet off from the grave: the party did am apprar to wlah u* to come up, and they kept off; I M.ek my wife told ibem tba. there w*a a barvng gruuod about three mlMe eff my wife waa rmher auatrci ua vh.t ah wae tot right; I thought Iteraner c mom rlt n in bury a body in, at thu time w* ihougbt they taee ail abeot the oocar eno? all aroiBd that vtokili) , and uape ctaU> at the ocean Ilotire, a* tb- gentlemen did not wi?b a May I a eat a*ay, aad I think alt the reat. with the ex caption of Mr Been ; be ataid three or tour minima afterward, at Una time thry were d wa tome, ear wbl h were thrown acme weed*, thry earm d to hrikete end 1 went off, the cor ee n?ll very bad; ! went off the ground and weat to the boat aad toniied around In the rlrrr, while i part* retorued to me beat wiib tne c>flln ftur men oarriod the oofflo iiowo and waded through tho water to the boat and pot It In, they wore ouwe Ofty ynrde t oa ai ai tbta lime; ooe of item to be boat, u they wore going out. Mkel the q-ieelim, If we wioogbt It waa neeraeary for ibem to reoort at toe Oeiaa Hioi ? Dai Dad talon plane, tbli waa be Irat Ilea Mat we bad aay ladioattt n bat that they ka*w all abo-it it H the Ocear House. ibe rep'y ?aa, "Yea, ee'ioli ly, re pert them," Mr Barm made the rpj; wa tern wen an to the O eaa H mae nod mraiiuood iba ctrmimataooe te r lb Imadge, who waa there, and be wiabed to eeal a toatobnat after tbe boat bat we edvtoed him that it war a * raneorary to do Met, I after ward* ?e*ti>a i he ground wtth Mr. Tkl madge aad Mewed kirn the ptooo where too grave wee. A Warn aay at yonr party oat wtdtag la the we'er? A We were wading la ihe wane oa tbe otb?? aide of tbe Mvt r. eaicbmg roft ermba. are were not wadteg la the wa or near tbta ptore wwill after they weal taai; there wm aa argument ta our boat ab >nt the c WBo wbeo we few > wu * htnb iho mis had on hta hankie', an I for the ycptM O Mlfhi the matter west o -or iba rrer Q. Wit jou net the uom r did yon tell bim that tbere ?M bury (loonrti ell rood! A We told b m thai diorr we* bnrjlrc (round on be ether tide of the rlrer, a?1 fen aatd i bet be aould not etc p, m be would tone the uue, Maw hie way bone be would (top at key port and fewry her. Q After (on left Itoe froeal wao there aoytbiny eaid boat there briny bu y io( (round* all a?onod a So, Br, there waa i...thief laid about etopptng at tbe Onnaa Bone* a bite we -ere on ibe naeob; I am pnrltlre that it wee Mr Beum that replied to the qneetton fr m Ute doo tarS rema-a about (topple* at the Ooeae tloueo (I Qw < eu remooibrr paruonlarlr whether the lad lea MB aaythiaf about tbere bete* other bur) Ion (rotada ' A. My wife iaid tbere were three not a (-eat way off. wbtrh were a (real deal nearer U an that at Ke? poit: thi. waa raid at tbe erare aa tbe beanu. and It waa there that fee doctor aaid he abould hwe die tide and would not gH fee"" that uifbl If they mopped to bury bar any where id Mat r?elour Q Ho ? far waa tbe lad tee off from tbe (rare when your wife wwde tbe remark about mare being other bu> ytS( ground* A. Am near aa I oao jucfa about ilfeaa yarde?ff <A How fbr waa It from Ibe (rare to the neafmt dwell My hew*e t A It la likely that there la a dweihog bmtan wtthta half a mile of there, aorma the rlrer;! dow't Uuak Hal ) on ooul I aee It from ibe beech. <i Mr brad way, doal you auppoae that If the r motor fewa wtebet, be could hare procured a oofllo there I A Be eon to bare prom red a bos at the Oneao H rare Ute Dorter aald the bad beea burled there one or two atthie, fee teM or that ahe died oo the beach, Id o boat, be ap prarrd to be wtllln( to anewer all naatlowa that werw Mkod htm, but did a at aeam to waat our party to oome war to ihrm A fea H IHanm rwern?I reafde at No. 17 Oomlntok at-eat, Hour Tofk, aad am aierk of Waablo?ioo tna ket [ mi* wktwi errroboraied the teoUBMwy of Mr. Brad way to ferary emeatlal rarttonlm ) Mrs add Oaoorer, wire of Wm. II. Oooarer, awovo?4 reetdo at a? Broad air eat, Newark Q. Hare you been oo a pieaaure errurstra with your A. Tat, Mr, we atarted on the Alb of Aufnat, wad rrtoraed home oo tbe lib; there were mr hatbnntf, mynelf and all children, and Art Mackail and her two children, and Marr**et Hale Q. What Dote In ibe aey wan It that yonrttrted" A. Wa atarted aboet II o'aiork U. the mommy, fi went to Iba Hank Krad ferry, where we took to Capt DMitaaa, who pduted oa down w Ualen CNy; be rental, el with na I wrer nl(ht, and name hack the oasl mornloe; we left Valan about l'j o'olock the aeit day, Wednesday; there * we took In Mr Nrtfflo, who piloted ua dewn to Ked Hank; fee reiaaiaed or or nt*ht, and left the nest mominj; we Me remalawd there erer night Q. * ere you an tbe boat or ow ahore that nlf ktf A. I wuat on "tore tt at al(bt with my babe and Mra Mankelt, nn? m/ nuaoinil HQ OlMr CBliarOD Mfl AfRarv* 0^1 ?i ti>? boat Q *ai Mtrflfri la good hnklUi whrn fou lafU A Ml* an am la good haaiib Q. Wao ana afVolod bf thn mora ni I ha boat' A. No, b. Ilia aatt marking my bnnnaod ml for ma to oomn dawn lo lha boat bafjra braakfaat, I max down, ?hon I ama do? a b? lold ma that Margant had ant n i la Iba *1 and Tall orarbnard, ha haard har aooldaotallr; aad a 1 nam* down I found Hargarat *m quit* ill, a pi* rmttf Tram tha aflaota of u?? watnr, I want and >>ohad at bar I thorght thai ib* apr-arod to ba qu la ;tl, and 1 k?* hr bcv at* omm to feu erar board, nod bo* afee I E'NE' I c*one In go oat; ib? Mkl that Mr Oonover we* Mloop on I be did eot Uke to awake b'm; ?be said that ebe bed a\ trmptvd to com (bore, end when the Hopped her loot oa W e dock (he boot poshed off end ebe loped in between tbe dick end beet end the fell In, I eeked her If be otud tele ear breekfkat or ooald Uke en* thing end tbe veld ibe did not feel Uke eettog; be did erl know hot* bag ebe bed been In Ibe weter; ette ekl i bet ebe felt very ro-eh oppressed In bree'lrng. en It ?et very herd for to breathe ebe feeling very eore ell over ber brceit; ebe bed not eny ooogb lb?o; abe did not eppeer to oongn eny ei tbet time; ibe bee been vnbyect to e ooogb before tbet for tome yeers; ea 1 got ber dressed re. Mark nit end I took ber by toe arm, end walked her peod dr.wo; ebe ooald ant welk elone; we took ber on tbe promenade on ibe beeob, end weiked ber roand e good deal, ber olotbee were changed when 1 oeme on board the beet; ebe must bevo boen oa tbe benk urrhepe an bonr end beh or two boor*; the eteyod on tbe beak, end we tent end got nor some brtekfaat, end ebo <ooe bor brrvkra*l tb? ro on e bench andor e tree; sbodrenk e bo *1 of tee, end etc e belf elloo or broad: ebe walked besk her elf u> the beet, end felt e yood deal better; eheo?mp.a<nel Ural evening of being etlffand eore; tbe did not eppear to be i nweii Q. Did yon notloo tbe day before any derangement tat ber mind t A. No. ?lr Q. Did yea ever notice any snob thing? A. Well, ber ltd wen not very good et any Ume; tbe wee elweye week minded Q Did tbe eeten though tbe would hart tbe children ever t A. O no, air, the never ected to; she wan aoma time* e IttU* oroea. Q Did ahoaot before ao tbet yon thought that she did not bare a aoand mind? A Ob yee- abe woe never of a ootid mind; ibe wan at a weak mind; we never felt any fear of ber dotog eny be?m lo the ohil iron, we left Red Back tbet tnmn day, In the forrnoan, and went down to whet ibey "call tbe Bone Hboe; we landed there, end beached the boot; tbla waa about rl|bt or ten mllee I suppose from Red Benk where we went; we ell a)ep| on boerd ib< next Light; Merger et did not oomphtln to na any that night; the neat day abo aeemed to bo oboat the aa no, bat diu not feel smart; abe aeemed to be more dispoeed to tleepniltheume; on tbe nlgbt tbet Meg arei died abe wHi(i?uiw ? mto ubiv win uouai, uu mi wn nor DOM acht d; It waa on Wrdneaday, a wetk ago yeet?rday. that Margaret oloJ; thought ibe name of ber headache f m nothing mora ban from being expoaed to the eon, a* abe got la the ran a good deal: my blood ached from the efleole 01 the beat aloo; It waa a very wann day , > be was In the habit of rhtlng IB the inn wl h ber bead uncovered, unless I made her pot a bonnet on: sbe bad not been on bore that day; abe took no medl rlne whatever for ber beadaotto; ebe went to bed aa ureal that evening about 8 o'clock; abe ondreeaed beraalf; on that day Margaret bad a ferer. Q. What made you auppoee that ebe hadarerer? A. I felt of ber. Q IV hat waa Ibe condition of ber pulae f A It was very quick. Q And bor akin, bow did that feel to yon ? A. It waa dry aud but and abe ooropla'ntd of tblrat Q. IM be oomplain uf any other unpleanant symptoms? A. No, elr, ber breathing wae rather ebort In the after noon, and ebe oongbed quite often; It waa a abort cough; (be oo? plained of Ibe cough burling her, and located It in Ibe centre or ber breaat s ebe ralaed a good deal when ebe coughed; It looked like matter, rery dark, with blood mixed with the matter Q Can you oompare Ibe appearance of what abe ralaed to anything? A It waa of a dark yellowish color, with blood mixed with It. Q Mra Oonover, yon cannot Ihltk of any other color now that would give an Idea of the oolor of what the re sed, o-nld yoof A. It waa of a da>k yellowleb color mixed wlih a brown oolorleb matter, and other blood was txprdoiated with tbe trotter; ebe would rake It occasionally bom Ibe time ebe fell into tbe water. Q. Bow waa Ibe blood mixed with It?wae It a part of tbe metier or was It si pareled? A. When she raked tbe mat er abe did not rake anv blood j abe would ratio Ibe blood when the oommenAed raking this matter; It waa mtxrd with phlegm; as sbe raked it the raised quite a good deal of It; she bad taiaed all tbe time since sbe fell overtxard. Q. Now, do yen remember tbe oharaoter of the pain that Margaret had eomplalned of? A. She appeared to have no paw only under the breast; the said abe wae very eere there, aad that Ike i ore neat wae kt Ike oernre of tbe breast Q Do yon remember tbe manner of ber breathing no that yan can describe it? A. It wae short catching breath; aha waa takeo 111 In the afternoon; bor ourgb had been a bard, dry one; I did not perceive any etfferenoe to ber breelblsg until ebe dlod. Q Waa ber ooegb a grunting cough?waa H suppressed aad difficult, or otnerwtee ? A. flhe would ooogb appar? ntly from tbe thraat, It area aa oppremed, light ooogb; If abe a pet tat a reveal, aad It wae turned upeido down, It q What did Mar|tret lake that day T A. Sb? ate b?e?d ud boiler. that ill all; sb? ue very hearty the look two CO pi ofMud a iHoe of bread; aba ate A on the boat, I atx ul 6 o'ckiak la the evening. Q In what perl of tbe boat ctd the sleep T A 9m slept n tbe bow, Dear tbe on bin, alone. Q. During tbe afternoon and evening bad Margaret re mod In a reeanbeat poet ire, or wan nbe able to walk around? A. Hbe would walk about and oouM belp bar eV. Q. DM aha sail open yon dorm# tbe night? A. Tea, ?tr, be railed aw op?M atd ba*e been il o'clock -and ask ed no in give bar a drink; ibo retired about I a dock Q. Wan Margaret lying in bed eben ebe nailed yoo op ? A. Yav, ebe was blag la bed, and aMd ibo would like to biveadrtak; ebe eaM ebe r.h very bad: rhe did not ate bow; at ibat lime I aotteed thai ebe breatbod very rbort, shorter than oeoal, and aborter tbaa I bid brard ber at any otber Mine ; | Ml iff ft* (kua than and abe bad a damp.oool pert titration no, a bo bathed a b ile aad tried to courb, abe araa very aeaalble then and ccmpialrea of a ruiioom lo ber tbroet, tbe pataptra boa war Micky; 1 gave ber aome water and vine tar which ran aakad tar, eat wten abe U> k H H war a difficult mat ur for ber to swallow, abe dank lt all; there was per bape bal' a teacup full or It; abe ral-ed op la bed ibeo and waa rltuag op la ber bed; abe rested ber bead agaiaat tbe aide if tbe viaeel; rae rat alone, 1 rat down by Iter and look bold of ber a id reeled ber bead a my lap, and ( set there nti. abe died , she spoke nothing more to mo 1 gove ber aome tiandy aad water, or wbtob abe drank abovt a table*pooafal, after tbe bad taken it. Ave or ten lautea probably, abe complained of ber bead swtmm'og aroend. rhe did mi>k lor any crlak. but my baabead got li for me aad I prepared It for ber, thii. king that It would revive ber; m> boaband got op after I dl-t. Q. IHd Mr Ooaover eiamlia Margaret's pulae? A. Yaa, aad he tried to get her to apeak, but tbe did not nouac him q fie yoo meaa by this Ibat Margaret wae entirely sto pld and Hoentlblef A. See appeared to be, ao much to Ibat she did ix I answer when spoken to; after I gave ber tbe brandy aad water, la about tao miontee, abe ?at aad did nut any until abe said "(Jb, bow ra? heed twirr.i ' then 1 wet a lowel with brandy and tba rbowed me where In lay It cm ber sheet, be did not tpeak, but lock ber band aad laid M on ber ebeat , ibat eat the larl rr>e iud ; the died very oatr 1 Uw re ?ae mm rattHag la b?c ibrr at aba teemed to foe' ore aad WPUbd gag, hui did nut throw aaytbiag of! b*rrtom*ei 1 ruan .t ivtl what ber ooonteaanoe appear d Itbv ; abe ted a ac t tadmerthable eoonteaaaoe ; ber Ilea were of a da ber ootor ibaa blue ; t eould ed say that tbe waa a*aretbu be wa? dying ;abe evpraa?ed bortrli wbea ate Aral got ap aad tail,1 I reel aa If I waa ate< at (owe | Q Waa tbe beet enclosed frttn the toa f A We te> a oat vara drawn ao oaa from tba boom aad lacked to toe ?> m like e teat ; ike aoa wae vary warm Ibat day, (We iseeda/) ; 1 belle ve about 00 degrees ta the ebada Q Do you rime Tiber distinctly of Ma'gu-et re amir# in tba son thai day bareheaded ' A I do n it fx wbra I would And bar doing ao I would send ber for a hot net. Q. Wbra abe waa dead what did you do with ber ? A I ck?ed her eyes aad lied a pleoe of mo-lta ?r>ioi ber face to keep ber mouib ehwed, ao<l tbea laid b-r on a bvtch , abe died ab ut had prat ooe ; we did not dUturb bar - mbra at all ; abe would freq-ieatly go In bed with ber od-thee ta If e"t wtkhed . 1 tbea look the woollen b*nift to whtob ah>> died and wrapoed It arnnod her Q. Dnrej rf(P*?t>rr *htl ww opok n between 70a atd j our kubud, Utrr her iirotk, aa 10 what >u l mat 10 00 dooo wttb tho bodyf A Wo thought rf (ft li'K to Rod fUak la ibo flrot p aro, and uko nor with os, bat ? found thorn mat a dtffldully lo Rotting iboio oat I tb? tide name ap; wo wow frm a half to tbroo geartera of a mile a *?y from tbn Ocean Hoooo a ttb oor boat at thto t m?. Rod Raak wao a hoot tl t or eight aitloa off. wo eoald not baro jot to Rod Raak 00UI a boo 1 noon, to cnoaeqaeaoa or the tide, which la tho roa oa wo did bo. go thorn y What did 70a ooonindo to do aftor 70a gaoo op going tborot A Wo did not know what to do; ?? woro undo etdod, and wo knoily thought thai we would plaoo bar la tho 1 and oa the rear a ire aatll wo oould go ap homo and rotara; wa 411 art bono of anything botlor to do; wo did not think tb?7 would raoetve Iho body at Ibo Owen R-.uor wo made ap oar mlado that ibo7 woo d not roootva u thoro. and ibrt wo abould hero lo route bank after It, obo aa taken from the boat about an o'cl ck la tho moralog, ibebrdy woo noil and wory allff; aho had anthlag Uko ooaroWoaa; aa froth oamo oat of hor mouth bor bod traa atado up oa tho floor of tho boat, oho died to a itttLag poo torn, aa aho waaeaator la that pooltloo, wa loft tho plaoo ta oar boat about right o'clock thai mo>nlag aftor burying Margaret, and proceeded to Tbompooa'a laodirg; | ooror raw Margaret afterword*; klargarot waa not frightened at thunder aad lightning, aho waa not afraid of anything at the bkd. Q Mr* Coo ore r, how old wao your rioter A. Abe wao M.l thlrk, Q. Woo aho rcur own irtrtor or half aleterf A fho wao my owe blood atater, oho hao born tending to U10 childr?n and dotag a little light work ah ml tho hoooo Ry ComoMr Rraun?fM.i you pay hor any wogeof AN', wir. an* lite mm Id our honan r.\a? ynara ailnfin?r tnara wm a ftiandly text rood r?* lir? linn Mi*unt bat wean hot end Mr Oonnror Q What wm ih? obarwWor of Ma-gereTa detanfnmant of Kindt A. Win wan tobbom Q Had the any eccentncUlaa of manna*? A. No. I don't know ibnt aba had Q Had aho any moral dapraTttyf A. If aha had Iho privilege of onrrylrt thorn not to any eitrnt I don't koow bow far aba wonkt nnrry them; aha waa of raiher an an try and blah tampered dtnp wtttow at Dana* Q Dtd aba ever etbihu Man* af deepoo.lenoy? A %m?# timer abn woo Id ha rary mnnh ?0; aba waa a poraoe that waa dlrpoaad to mope atnna wbrnorer abanonld gat and talk alnna. or alaa art* down and talk to iba nblldraa when aba (It?l r me on to ma from tha tooth, wbara aba had a pant four yrarr. mat thraa yaara ttaoa. aha waa talklac loom arili 0 hnraalf q Wbat warn bar ra?t<ooa fantinge? A 1 don't th nk bataba raamad to hara any; 1 oarer noold Imprate any ftar of daatb an brr wind Q Wha b yoor general opinion of bar raaanaing fbmil ttan? bar ft natal "lata of mind ? How waa hoa jidginant? A torn a'1 ma > abn woo Id took unite rati ma1, and at Wbara ana would talk ooreienoable H waa rwry an Horn that aba a. ar la ft bora , boa general oondwct waa rather oaga t'ra aha dkf not v aat to bf MtvMd at aU , tot bar W'YO HORNING EIJlJflON-SATU: k ? * tod ?b? w*r peaoeable; rbo would tal* about gbo<t* t ureal deal ac, tbougb (be ftM Ultl lb? daloti a out ttahty ; lb* ?u aomettmea very hard mgovern After*oino farther testimony of similar Import to th? a bore, Ctpt John W Douglass, tbo perowt ?ho nllolel tbe yacht to Shrewabory river when (he Onrt started oo bar exenrrloo. and sobrtqneatiy accompanied I?r Oni-ire toexbome the body, ?? oalt-d and sworn ; hi* leatimoor war tbro> ghont mainly oorroboratlre of the Doctor, aa ireaoy pnbhsbed. D , twent, says:?I reside In Now ark; am a phv?lol?o, practising according to the law* of tbe State of Now Jer?ey; I examined the dead bods of Uto droared at tbe Rve'sreen remeiery. on yeelordae after noon, between 3 and 4 o'niocb; the body wa? lying In a crfflr, wrapped in a blai ket; It wai in an ad~anoel stage of decrmposttw-n; the face wa* nearly deatrored, there were do mark* of vlobnce found apon tbe body; ber clothing was on Ibe saalp wu removed fmm tbe oranidid, and no marks we>e observed on it; the oheet and ab drmcn were opened; the heart wa* normal, but ralb <r n* all in elxe; Ibe longa were greatly deoomixwed, and of bbiA color; tbe ainmanb wan empty; It* moonna aarfaoe wan naleaad t moo b. without rer uiaaorathordl collation the Intctlncs wrre dt?lend*d with gss, ard were pale; the i rpken war completely putrescent, the llvir partialis so, I snd. about Ibe gall bladder, tinted with yellowish bile; 1 the oterna was natural In alia and appearanoe, the blad i der small aid cootrarvd; there were no evidence* ?onh aa wen Id In d irate prisoning or dtalb by any ? olenoe; I I do not think d? ceased came In her death t.y drowning; the advanced atage of deenmporiUoB to ibe sob star re of the long* d est reset all esbianeea or i signs that would be or ore to Indicate any diseased change I tba' mlabl have occurred orevtona to dfatb; the brain war sot nam'ned, on account of Ita ?ur pored similar state I of putrefhctlon; I am of optn'nn that deorared earn* to her 1 dratb by wjf diseased oordltlon of the longa and bralna, i probably . oo by ibe (fleet* of aolar h?at the day pre I vtona to r death; my opinion is formed from the test! ' may beard by me, and from the abrenee of a>< morbid rlgna in other porta or the body; I did not know the do ceared; I gave a 'erttfloele for bar burial on Monday, no 1 cording to the rtatrmenta m*de to me by Mr Onnover; 1 ' did not aee Ibe body before (ting the certificate. At this atage of proceedings the Inquest was adjourned until two o'clook ?May afternoon. THIRD D 47. J The Inquest of the Ooron.-r'a Jury wae opn inued at the City Hotel at Elisabeth town yesterday afternoon, at two e'okwk, when the fiUowtng achiltioautl testimony wen etidied: i Jam** ft. creen. M. D., sworn?I am a physician real!- i Ing at R'zabotb, Colon county. Q Dc?-trr, what do yon know about this ease?did yen examine tho body at tho cemetery ? A I went over to the grave and raw the body In a coffin lir. Amea took the Hd off; Ibe odor waa very disagreeable to me;tke body 1 appeared to me to bo much doc-m vwed, and In tuob a I state tba' I war not able to examine it, except aa to exit rnal appear anoer; It looked to me tike a body that had been drad for tome lime, aad had tho appearance as 1 though It bad been soaked In water. i Q About how tag should you felnk the body was dead f A. It appeared to be entirely decomposed, aad the Interlines appeared to be protruding; I cannot my anything about the time that the body might have been dead; I have known bodta to be drad a short time, and be verv mn<b decomposed, aad then, again I have known others to be dead for a long time and scarortj any decomposed; H I* a qvea*toB that 1 do not sucrose any perron can sn?wer correctly, for I raw n? mar In ab-nt tho ody, a* fkr as I oooio tvnt,or violence, or anything of the kind; 1 em no* able to give an opinion u to the oanne of Ike death firm the examination thai I made; I did not loach the bod?, nor tarn ii over; 1 ooald do' tarn It over; the dors tor bad examined It belbre, and did net think U wan no or war?. Q DM 700 examine 'he bead an? more than the reel or the body? A 1 raw It; ibe eyre were very moob ennken, end Ibe rkin appeared to be ntarfng from the bead, nml lar to tbal of a body which bad ben lay log la Ibe water; be bead vae thrown back; all t raw a boat the bod? that wae (triage wae merely the apoearence of the akin, and the emonat 01 patrefhetiw ; the large were atno very mneh oe< omroeed; I did not loacb the body nor open It; I did not ree the ntemaob ; I rnppoee 'bet the body ooald be ro maeh do 1 eempoerd u thle wee In (even deye aider atmlla' etreomefaaoee, rarb ae It belig Interred la the rand and then expored to the air, and carried abont la the wanner which ihte wae; I can't rev that a woollen blanket would make a bocy deoompone more ranidty, ae I never tried the e?pertmml; I never raw a perron thai wae drowned, and all I can lodge frim le the fbet that I ru onoe abnoet drowned, when 1 (wallowed a g~od deal of aatt water and vomited It np again when 1 wae taten oat Q Shoo Id a pen on be In 1 he habit of beating another around the bead with the flat of the* band fro01 rme to time for tome weikr, woo id there be anv ma'kt of via trnre left abont tba head after they bad been dead a abort Hmtf 4.1 oannol tell, ae that greatly dependa 00 the natara of ibe blow and the perron reoelrP g eomelbe mai ki might be aren fbr (ome time a"or death,and on ntharenot at ; (neb b'owa may have tnjnred the ooneutatvm and not leave any amrke aflerwarde; tt w^ald aJQ denend a great deafen ibe trterval that expired between the time of ?be|r receiving It end ?be time of death. J rate Conoaer, (on of Dr Oonover, recalled?I eaanet ted bow (org Margaret hred In oar hoate; (he IIred there for e eamber of yearn, thm-gh. Q. What did rbe do In too kouee what terrier? A. Wr II, (be done the rervtre of e eervant moet nf the time. Q. Hae rbe been treated ae e rervent? A Tea, air. Q Ware ?on aware thai eee wae a aleter of yoar mo tbe?? A No, rlr, I never knew tt Q Did yon oof knew thai rhe wee a relative of rear motbe? A No, rtr; I nJ*ayr thought ao. hot never knew It; I Iboaghl rbe war a relation of core from the fact that we bed ber aronnd, aa rbe wee not ol morh one; ahe baa been treated very well eo (kr M I know; there bar never been an? quarrelling between ber and m n> tber, eome time* Ibe? would have eome wordr. ae >b? wae rtobven; I aevev raw anv blown ttrvk, my fa her never ha<l mncb to da with ber; be never rpoke to ber moob; be at my* lef ber In Ibe care of my mother, and never bad any oon verre'l '( ineeh wfh her g Wbm did yon am Bad oat that rhe wan n meter of jour mother? A After (be died my fkther Vol t me; he lold me ooih'Bgeke n< that Hate; be told me Uile in the motctrg rfW ber death my aihrr did ao> know what to do with ibe hecy, hot (Itallr oonolnded to bnry It on the beach lemperarll? and go heme and ret a ooffln aad aame hack alter It; I arrbied htm ?? ha? v It g Did yen ever ree yonr (Wber (tribe Mowa-e1? A No. rlr, not of an r account; rbe haa been very r tub horn at ilmer. end to make her mind ho would box ber, 1 new h'm do It oneevrral onraetoar. Q fhd yea ree blm do n on the boat? A. No, elr. - ? MWIIIU f"M IUIUR IR WRRMDW JOT MV Um do It Isstf A. Aim or four day* bafor* abe died, It *u o* ?bere Q. Did be bo* tr (tribe her Ihrsl A Wen, he leek held of mad nulled her by 'h? arm, that wee after the feU Into (be water; be doe* It became the war (tnbbnni and wroid not do what the wa* to'd; ai fa"her raM eo ao<1 I raw H; air <aihr? told bar to onme and Uke (be be be. tbt* le the only time 1 a* him (tribe Margaret oa the exenr tea Q Have yoe eftee area htm de It ta the bona* at koaei A No rtr. rot often: I bare aeon blrn de It wwseUwee, be ever bad wineh to do with her. f sever raw htm poll her Hy the balr: I haveaeee siv mmhrr sometime* ho* her ear* A jeror her* reqnrtted lbs* the finrooee request Of Bald wie le take e seat away IV** lbs wttar**; (a* be bad takes hie real near htm ) Pie Octor watted to know oa what (round the r?qu??l wee made The Jnror said that he thnstht the Ooolor wan trying to rbleid Mr roeover, and that tn examining a wttnem yea l< rday be tborght be Hrrto' did not give her a fhir eta Ira'loe hot rather r*epo ed aaawera for her The Ooolor ihongh' thai be bad a perfect rlrht to Ml wherever be phaerd, an leeg aa be did not Interior* with lb* w I tores or an* one eBe Jnror?Yen have late- fered with the wlteeaa by potting year baad oa bta ebonlder a tor be had got the qientino r*r<h answered, la proof of which I will aak the witness btmie'f g Ihirlrg lb* lael question 'ltd ant the Onctor tske yon ? Wo. Mr. ho did eot Jaror?What did *o* Mop (boo forf A. I do on* know Dr Bo'dwio ?? i?<ra' tbtt ho bod do toob on Idoo M lh*t of loterftrlwr wbb Ibo In oo? wot Ik hod eowr hrro o?d hod oldod tb? ( nr?orr In U>? OT*m>??Moo ot ht? 0*0 rrqurot, ooonrdtnjr to tbo hoot of hlo oWIMr, OBd bod oMrodod ol hlo own oipnooo, fbr tbo oolo porpnro of tpj IBO to old lo frrroMno not Mia mVB lofiotio offilr. Aflor I bod ointod my cbolr vh?rt H lo, Mr. tollo tof|r?4o>l in mo Ihol ?bo Jnry wooo wombWif mo, ood wrro o Hti'o ooonloioao. ood to loooino fbrwmrd to to*? rr bin* I ooMdraltlly toorb'd tbo wltoroo; oo f w Mr OsBoror bo bad opoboa oooiatt him oad ono(i?mood hlo noarto Ihroofbooi ibo wboio troorootl n, hot If It la tbo roBotot ol Ibo Onrooor or |o'jr I will maro my root Bo oooordlBfly morod It, whao Ibo wUooao ooo tlaood Q. Did yoor mother trool Morforot woU wbllo tbo woo llTlty Ol tbo bonoo I A Voo, tlr q. At rod tutor wuid trool ooothorf A. Won no, not oto-tly ot kind oo I hot btl oo flttod hor outUm oo o Borroot Q Rob vo'yorot mror bod ooy letonvmreo with rtropyoro, or boo toy mood onrno to tbo bonoo ot oay tlmrf A Wo, rlr, too hooopokro to pen >lo oo tboy bore rooio Into or left tbo bonoo, bat aoror bod oay lotorooorao wtih th?m. q. Ho? tbo o?or hooo Irtrnduord to obt ooo to tbo oto lor of ronr mot hot I A * o, Mr, do* lo my koowlodto Q. Hot ?bo rrrr horn ?tr? obontf A tbo ho* to mo llmrt fbr o HtUo apolt hrro tick with 0 ooro Mrooi. bat aoror lib tnylh'nt o'ao q Did jon rrrr hotr Mi*** rot ormoio'o of yoor ftlhor or mothrr to ooyhjdy f A No, Mr; tbo oarer hod any frtrndo noil on brr at 'bo honoo. oho notor othmdrd cbureh oo Fendty; tbo wlrbod lo rotnra homo from tbo trot. ?o ore oin rot noe tee MR woier y l?(d yonr father howe any ether domeWIe, ud If to, how many f A No, *1*. B"* for *niBe Mme pool Q * o bw Wo dotof 'be work otix'e too bod another orrvart I A "be ho*, bnt rhe did not do oil of the work; 1 win' to oloop oft or Mo/for el died, oad got op oroio be twrer I one A Q pom oOrw bod yon aeen your mother itiike ood bo* bert A Not wery oft?n note who* oho wo* otnhbom; .rtrri'm'* '? woo onee o week, otd rmMlmn once la two or throe mentba q ptil M#'l?ro4 over opdooronr to rtrlko boo*I A. 1 eoeor mw her: betrho hoe won often tbreeteeed to; I ] hoi o Vbowb bor to rtrlko tbo ehifdron. q .lerre, j/m wo* rouad tbo bono* oonolderob'o, woo yon eft I A Too, *tr.

Q Otd yon ewer roo toy of the rhttdrea etrthe Morforet? A Yee. ?lf;tbo yonrfoot obo?; | newer atnieb he*; I hove ooon tuy brother, yooerer tboa 1 am, otrlke her, I h**e rroB them throw thing* ot iter bead. q ?* did not fktl ortrboord oftor the flret time, did be? A So atr, bnt oho fell la the water ob the ataflre I did not think it atraBfe that fhlher ahoaJd bwry b(ft IM RK E RDAY, AUGUST 22, 1851 land ;I wae with my "ether whan Margaret wae didnterred iad toot-gbl back; we did not ilop any arbe e to have (be ictttn taktn ofl ana be*e It boned; we too^ped at Colon to c? about bo. )lo? bar ThlH ?tteeae ?w exam toed aloonatderable length m to be other traaaamloa* wbtob took pUoe after tbe oialnter aab* In all of wblcb be related tbe aune fiaol* aa alrrady lobtobed to tbe teeltmnov of Or Oomiver hi the HaRxxn Margaret aid not eonptalo or that treatment; all eke , iiMwi1, "Ob, dont:" I have seen Mm Oonover puib , if r oo the boot, It did not amount to any thing tooogtt, It wim aot oc the umo da? that Mr Oonover struck her; I inly know of Margaret fellli g In the walei by what Mm. .000vrr U>k) dm ; abe toW nwo' b on iha morning after H jbpi i?**d; Mr. Ooaover merely noun wed In me that tad fell In the water and bad elmoet strangled; they told me Dun Mr. Oorovrr toot her oat of the water- Mr 0 rosier told me that he wootl not take her out of the water if an If abe fall to; he lold me or thla alter ear da: U waa aid at the time he waa Baling the boat, and when ?e waa very much exched; he atated 00 rraaon why he wooM ik>i do It. and be may hare aald it ictntenllooally; I ttft the boat on Tuesday mot nine about 1 o'clook for heme; I siatd at a private house on Monday algbt with my children, and went in the morning to aee ibem at ibo boa ; the boat eat laying that morning at Perrons' creek, thrn aide of the Oerao Hooee; I atald loojrr wbb Mr Uonorer'a family man I expected, the general treatment 1 f Mrs and Mr. Gonoeer to Margaret ] ib" $ bt waa net kind; they did not treat her aa a iktter. Q. Did thoy treat her an am oody should treat aaeryantf A I don't know, I never had much to do whh servants, and doe 1 know now they are l ealed; I think I should Lisa* tbrae rnbrr better than they treated Margaret. Maryette Ma ok net*, reatdieg at 381 Droad^treei, Newark, mora?am acquainted with toe family of Dr. Uouover, dentist; 1 aco-mpanlrd them oa a pleasure eicur?loo; we itaried on the 4th cf this month: theie 'ere twelve or aa In all; Mr Oonover, Ma wife and yhlldren, mvtelf and two BbUdien. and bargain* DaJr: Margaret Dalo I thought k.oksd sickly on the I" , I bad not aeen her before in roe bouse 1 f Mr. ' onevei of any aooouat only as I passed through the hall; J eld not know that Margaret was a "hair r of Mrs. Geneves; 1 Bret beard that she was her (later from reading the pap*a; I waa on Intimate terms with Mrs. Oonover 1 bam never aeen Mrs. Cnnover strike Margaret; 1 am positive of It: I bavowen Mr. Oonover do as; I eaw him do 10 en Friday, when we were at the Highlands, oa our ex cureioe; be struck her with a amell azel stick; that was en Friday, af er we left home; b? struck her on the beck. he a track her three or four Ham; he earned bar to work, and the thought she eooM net; be wanted her te do pie!a, itmple w rh?It wee not Mho> tone worh; 1 should thtnt the was able te do k. If abe had sot been eo near death aa the w?a; It was on the boaon that he brook tier. Q ?hat hind of a stick ens Itf A It eras a small Mead branch of a tree aoaraety an Inch tatJk. a little larger than a finger, and aho-t half a yard In length; Margaret seemed to be very stubborn aod obettnets. asd I think that was the ca?se of their 111 tree meat of her: 1 bey never assigned any reaon to me for their treatment or her; Mr. Oonover waa very much excited, aed >ai 1 rather more to me than he had Intended, 1 presume; Mrs Oonover told me ibe did not pay Margaret any wages: she mid she was there for her beard and clothing; I nave sen Mrs. Oonover since Marge-el's oeeih; ahe did not l< II me tben that Margaret waa her sister; I got the first not'oe of bar death from Mrs Oonover, the same VifcUfe run rOIUIUDU ?u UIU U /? Wll n,t> wbat H?r|tr?l died of, but Mid ibe died very easy; when 1 lei that morning, Margaret looked very bad, but not more to than tbo bad for tbo bree or four dayi previous; tbe morning I went to see tbem 1 did n t lee Margaret'* face, aa abe lay In bod with her back tcwarda me; Margaret onmplained of having a pain in her breaat; abe bad a vl'ght cough; I tuppoeed she was consumptive; she ootn ilalned of nothing bosid*s too pa n In bar brea. t, abe oom plained of tba son linking her btal, and beltg ao warn; abe would repeat that often, I do not Iblak ibe a at of aaeund mind; 1 don't know aa I bad any reaaooa for thinking to other than that (he did not ?e?m to be inielhgont; (be did not say a>ylblng bat made me ihmk to, but there waa lomoil.u In bar manner and looks thai mad# me think ao fty a Jnror? Ibe blows that were given Margaret on the beeeh were ratber light; I taw Mr*. Oooovar lake Mari a ret by ibe bair, and drag bar around; Mr. Oooo*er push ed her and rtruck her with bit foot al owe liner oo too bod , ana told ber to go In tbo cabin, bo did not iu ike boi bead; it wa< near the middle; tale waa on a eirtorent oeoation from that on which be hit bar wlih nation, and wbao Mia C">nover pulled Margaret by tba hslr. It wae oa the beat; Mrs OMover seemed ami oca to nave the work done, and Margaret wae stubborn; the did wot appear to want to try to do it: Mar garat was trying to sweep the cabin at ibe time; 1 waa on the above and don't know whether Mrs. Onover pulled any hair eat or ber beat or not; I don'ttbiak thatH would In)ire ber stall; Mrs. Ooaover eemad to be very moob excited during the voyage; I tbitk ibM the atonement ?u U>e charge of tb? boat, aod not any UI will toward Margaret; they eeeuird ta be atskraa ta bare bar wrrk, and aba did not appesr to waoi to,or alee ebo ootid aol, I never aaw the oaildraa trika, kick or pttali bar, bat they did not gl.o bar kind words; the treatment which Margaret reoelvnl wa> not vary pleasant to ma; 1 drM't think that the treat meat Margaret raochred while I ?aa tbw> e oooid have aert oualy injured ha-; wb?a Mra Oaaaw r polled bar hair aha did not ?ay atything, bai hrMowed; I thought the Ireatntaat ne reoetvod waa not r If U; ! think It l? cruel for a man to str ke a female; Margaret ate at the aame labia atth toe f.nii) , and break the ma aa they did; never heard bar romi lain of having laanfllotcct fund, her bed wee aa oom lor able aa Ite'fet of the fhmily on the boat; 1 do not know wbeiber Margaret left any property or not; I do not know whether Mra. Conoear baa any property oomln>; to ber nr set; 1 never brard bar lay; 1 think the treaunea Mar rax at received waa rather oroal at Umea and unkiod a other i. (*} I rpater Maornlt rworn?Keelde at 33? Bmad wraet, Ntweik; am a merchant; I asked Mr. Oonorar if lUrga ret bad dlrd, aa I u?< are tool ?be had.aad be eald aha bad. and be bad left bar la the saoo on tbo boach; I test aabtd blrn bow long ho thought he should leave bar there, be raio be did not ta w, but ne wanted to get her a?ay a tor n aa be rouid gat off rr->m tome; I told b>m 1 tboogbt it a vary wrong thing to leave bar ton-a noy length of lime aa 15a Aret dog that name along would be aura to And bar and dig bar op; be thea naked ma if 1 would go down wttn bim. and help bim dig her op; I exouiod mj rair froan dolus ta Pr tlreen rroei'ed? The tstloenoe or tbo Mil water on n dead body la generally soppoaeu to be deleterious to a peiM n wbo ta of cr.nacmpUva liabita. Pr Wm H Ooaovtr raeallad? Margaret did not leave ay property whatever, aha hat no parents living that I know cf. Ian as A?nn, ttoparlatesdentof tha Kvsrgrsen Uemrtary, sworn?tin Monday last, at half peat Uuae o'olick, Pr. Cototer rama over and wlal ed to have a grave opened on the pnblio groiod for ao adult peraon, ne wanted to know the price o# toe graves; I told blrn eehad ground for two drliera a lot and some for Ova dollars a lot one waa on atgh grand nrd the other waa on low ground; he raid be woalu go and look at the two dollar lot Are, I took him down to iba ground end told him ;het I had dleis er tad h Kodt a neitd kwra nr IhPM ratW alnn# MBit Lhhl I Mbit ?Ot fllkd U)e grave Dp ; tlD, tbtoklBg f'OKJ OM would want It before org, uo k? ?atd that H w Mil log ?d. o|b, b? raid lb* oorpaw woe Id bo Uivre la half aa boor, ad aa (be gr ave waa partly dog. aad 1 eooid Balah ft tba qntebaa , bo would taka *, 1 thaw wratn'td opening tba grave, but before doag ?o I arktd Ma I' a* baa AOTiiVtie of iba daatb of tba peraow and ba iaM rat but that tha aextoa bad t?: bo Mid it b*d died taddaa y aad toat the loruaar bald aa to meet oa It, absot a qua tar to five tba undertaker or ore la-o U>o gala with Ibe err poo, aad laid " thta wa* a bad oa*a." aa tba oorpae waa vary offeoetve, and a par too oould tiarli It fifty roda uO. la taking the ootlio oat of tbo hiarro Umra ai paartd to oat greet deal of waiar <o tbo 101 ton of It, which ran oat to tbat we oouid not take bold of It with our baad*; after potting tbo otfflo In tbo grata, I aeked the oadrrlakar'a nan for hta pornlt; ba aid Ibat Mr Tol'a bad not given It to blm. I oald I moat hare it, wbea Mr. Uoeover ?a d it waa ail right, that I coo d rely oa hi* bringing It to ?a htm elf tha aox< day ; I charged bin 12 "hr iba lot aad 12 M for digging the grave, tfiec tba onrpre wti burled Mr Coaovor tall, " It waa a gord )?b?tbai It ?na oft of bio mod ," tha next day Mr Urmover brought ne the oertiftcate, which ,i oot a legal ooo, aad 1 told bin ro at th? time ? TUv oertliea 'bai Mwgaret Dale, bora la Penaoyirar a, igrd ?? jearw, - moatha ? ??r? died at hbre whirr on u>o day of ang' ? li, i ni?. Oa m of '.oath, uongeeuoa of iba. mga. Oompal on ? < o or whitaL Btagta Pri ? To be Interred It Iba Ivcigcceua HaMCML TOOLS, rndonaker. Mtwtaa, *ogn?t 17, 1*7 Wiiaeaa-IU ok Ibal the aaata nr Mr. Tolla la fbrged; 1 know the eenifieair la ant lege" oaa, inch aa m ueuaily gtvr a by iba < by Ctv k of N? wark iv Baldwin rrraiod ?1 aaaoot raeegolMi the atgnattire r.f Mr Toil aa genome, bat bel ava ll o be hit the rem9 care te But regular, Dot having the tlgnatnre of efth r a Mtrnnar fir nhllMM* H ta ml n rwamt KfikUl nhrmll 1 preaome that tbla miuIImik baa boea wri ten by ?orne prrwo for aae to ttf n. hot tho on* aigned by mo woo written entirely by myaelf: tho Mayor and CNv Clark of Now oik or ly bar > power to loose permit for bo rial afW irroiTiDf a proper oortlkeato of tho oo .ro of death, there to bo otatulo law wiih retard to tho burial of a body la try piano, tiorpt that do burial can tako piano In a oewetery without a oo-Ufloala of a phralrian or nornaer tho ordinance <f tho city of No work (rohtbtta tho burial of a dead body within tho city limit*, or tho rotsoral of tbe bod r of a foraon dy lay within tho < My. *ay do art body, huworor, may bo ooavoyod through tho oily for interdict in ?omo otbor plaoo with out riotahoa of Uto crdiDOooo, which woo tho oaao ia Hi la laotinoe. The Oorowor then addroaaad tho jnry aa fbllowi:?Too, ft ptimop, of tho jqyy a poo, yoor oath* yon aro to declare of Ifio fra h of Margaret Hole, who hot (ho dtod by mar dor, meB?leiii.hter, natoadreataro, mMM or othorwtoe. as I wlioa tad where. aad by what meant, and la what manner, aad If by murder who waro acrwweorteo, aad If pidiripala aad who worn by n aoolai rblor who were tho porpotratoro aad with wliat Inatrnmoat Ihootroko or wonad vm* In ottlior com glrrn and ao of on preraillog Mr-nmatanoee which may rotor by p'oonaptlim; aad If by mlaaeraatnro, aoocldoat or otl rrwiro. whether by tho act of (Jod or man, and wbetb'r by hurt fhll o? rtroko, drowning or la aay other way 10 inquire what per*ont wore preaeat at bor death.from wher.rotbe docoaaod name, and who wore her poreala or relative* or neighbora; whero aho waa I .fought from, and of ail cl'rataatancoo relattre to aaid death, ohothor >y hard or0*0, or wbotbor tho put on end to bor owa Ufa, aad all rtroomaiaaort ooneeraln* tho eai l deo'h Tbo ro m waa thea, at half pant it* oVIock cleared of all but tha jury , who proceeded to deliberate opon tho fana of tho r i*a, wtib a rlow of aey| rle* at o rerdiot At two mlnatea to eleven o'ctaok tha fury agreed oa and m*n.?! tho fotlowtac vmtmcr. Wo flad that dewrooodraaao to t*r death by aoaaodiooaoe of tbe loa** and brala. aad that bor death baa prwbaMy been baotoaed by nakiad aad rraai treoimeat at tho Mad* of Mr had Km Oowerer, aad wc fwttdr flsd *ai [ERA r. Mr. and Mra Conorar, by treating Mid < aoaaawil to the meaner aforraald, have reeled all lawa of aodety aad bumanlt>, aad teal la tba ovia loo of the jury (be oon< not of Mr. Cooorrr la la the high'at degree oenaora< le for ibe unbie<- teaoner la which be interred, exhumed aad relnterred the body Doctor Or-nover, who bad been preeeat daring I he whole of ibe ]ircceedtDga, returned to Newark on th* 11 o'clock train Oar rarorter rrtarae tbaeka to Oorooar Baldwin. Cble of PoH'e Whitney, aod Justice Younga, of Sea ark, lor klndetta received at tbelr hand*. llomlt lda In Broad watjr tela Muriilng About one o'olook tbla more tag two men named Henry J. Wagrtafll aod J S. N'lma, bad an alternation at a public bouae, No. 480 Broadway, whtob waa terminated by Nlmc ahooting bla anlafootal with a plaloL The aall entered tba moulh of WagatatT, killing him almoat IneUntly. Nima Immediately tied, and at the laat uooounta be bad aooeedrd la evading the police. The quarrel let wean the par llee la aald to have been one of long ataodlng,aad to bare originated In some boaineea tram action Nima waa aeme time itnce Secretary or the lav libra ry, and more recently baa figured before the public In amateur tbeatneals. Wagataff waa a lawyer by profea aton. Tbe Ha tamed Pllibuater* In tba Work dimrrctb and bicelt condition op tub *?n? att bmpt to ?bt DP a ma>8 mbbt1ns IN Til bib behalf ON LT BIKVKN dollabb pbocvud. About alaty of tbe remnant of General Walker'a army which arrived by tbe Teaneaeee a few day a alnoe, atlll re main la tbe city, unable to prooeed to tbelr homeo. They remained j caterday to and about tbe Park, redlining In tbe (bade, or aleepiag on the hard atoae tloera of Ibe City Ball, prceentiag a moat pitiful appearaaoe. Tbelr i>token ayea, aallow eomplextoo and emadated framee were indeed sorrowful to behold, when It waa ao evident that they moat have been, before tbelr unfortunate axpedltka In Kmwuda. of aironv aad vtrormia mnatttntimia a wetting wet yesterday advertised to be held in the Hark, Weeded u e cell for leet evening, but by blonder In the wotdtog, netned "tomorrow," rli.: Betordey, eotbet, on ecoo<nt or the mistake there wee e eery slim attend*n e, end about 6 o'oltvk, en hour titer the time earned, there wee not orer a hundred and aflf person* preeent, Including the flllbaitera end Idle bore. Despairing of a large attendance, Mr. Ciubijh Semi rroponed that the m'etmg organise by the choice of Mr. WllHem Young ae Chelrwan Mr. Yoi'su, on lakleg the chair, read the foil rw log call: 111 friend* of b,insanity wbo desire to M?l*t la relieving the raala *nd *olfrr(B|* of the remittal of Qen?-*l Weber' ?r mr, row In ouretiy, to enable theai in gat tr> Uvlr bone* will a'teid a meeting to be bold In the Park 10 murr >w -venlng at 4PM W. J. HAKDCaATLB, Prealdea. B. Jonas Secretary. Pr lb U. Bolujtd, Treasurer. ?He *atd that they bad assembled not merely to give Ibrae poor roldlers dlmr* or quarters 10 ftarntsh Uium wltb rora'i and trdftopi, but they ibould run tribute nvieoy to tend there fellow toldler*?for tbey were fellow eoldler* to him?beck totheb homee In the South er tho Wort He would appeal to their hearti tnd feeling* lo help these men Tbey knew not when they might themselves be called upon to do the rame duty aa theee men haeo dune ir tbey bad done wrong tn going to Nicaragua that oould not be helped now, all that wae neceeaary waa to furnish the men with the requlalte moans to rellere their no ee?shlen. Mr. Cbsrlm Pmrn, after load ae'le appeared, and stand Ing on a chair ethoHed the crowd Inside of the ball to come out and face him while be addrceeed tbera He did rot wl*b to tarn aroond corner# to get their attention Tbey bad aseembled to get eelBcleel lands lo send the bnlenoe of General Walker'* disbanded army back lo toelr bemca. A somber bad already been sent, bat mere were others oho were yet lo be tent to Cincinnati, Mobile, New OrWane, end ether parti of the o?<ntry, where they oould not go wnho .t existence Dome bad *a)d that theea men had fought in a bad caote; hat they bad gone to Nicaragua rppoeieg that tbey were about lo flgat lira bat lira of their country. If the leader had not ufllclent genlua lo lead on hie men, It oould not be expected thai the toldler* would atone encored It had been eaid that Gen. Walker ** incapable or oca ductteg a mill'ary enterprise; that ke could lake men Into the Held, but did noi know enough lo lake them out again It waa a good General wbo ooull make a good retreat wnti iucwti wif imrwiura wwniu( on wma 'ana ? (iene-u); >a< bad It not been for the goalee of Napoleon at ibe bridge of loot. bU brave mea woo Id bare been m ./I flood, bot by hie ledtetdeai bravery they aero vtC ikmm Wby vu It Ibat ' ??. Waiker bad eot taken oare of hie army aaa attended to tbe naate of ble famwbed eoIdler*, taeteed or laitlorloualy leevtor tbem to their aad fata? Bat tbej bad bow to remedy lae almoet fbtaJ reenlt* of hi* ra elemaeeo aal tooapactty, aa J be hoped that they would rhow teatr liberality la ee creditable a eaoew He booed Ibat there bob would a t lo future leave Iht tr oountry oa aa eapedHlon ao full a aa that whisb tbey bad been df luded Into furthering He propaaed that aome af tbe en ftrrere ?boo Id go round among tham aod eotiact tub rerlpteea He ooacluded by introduolag Mr Htepbena Mr "rai-mwe erproered bw hope that liioe peeaeot would aontJ ibute to tbe eilest of Ibelr nbiilly to (he relief of Ibe fDlfrrern they bad ao elalm particularly upeo New York ei'y; but ae bumao beinga ihev were entitled to tbe aymprtby of tbrir fellow men He knew ibat lh?y could not bare arrived at a wove time, bot whatever oonid he glvea for their relief be hoped would be cheer fully forthcoming. Borne llble time eltpoed here without eay other proceed toga tbea tbe alow collection of moaey, owing lo the Mob ot rprekera lieutenant Javae Ttrmnfin, one of the Nlcaraguaae, wae ibea brought forward aad planeo upooaentlr He raid tbat tborgn be did not wlab to be a beggar, be bad got into a t'plt plana. Tbe heat men lo the worll would get Into a tight p ace, and nil they oou'd do wae to get out uf it Tbey bnd livtd for twenty erven dnye on mule ami, and hardly eeoogh of that, lie thorgbt ibat enough bad bern raid lo rhow tbe incapacity of deu Walker, and for hie part he thought hat tho-e could be bribing loo bed eatd about It There were plea 7 *?i ?wb| ?n ?ury wvin u"iw vn? \*m* tuPaiera Kor hlnurif, h? had onlr IHU? furor m l ague, and wan Killing 10 work, aad would follow any gen llrmen who would giro hi? work (Applause ) Mr Wiuuoiun waa the oeit rpstker. lie drllrorod an eaergetlc am**1?? behalf of the aufferlog wtcaraguana, and exhorted bin bearer*, rega/dloao of national dbnlocirons, lo aid the tick and emaciated exiles la mocloitos be announced that ibe meeting * on Id art jonro until Aelur day eemlng. at 1 o'eh ek. when be hoped that the oontrl buttons would be more liberal. The ?t lire proceed* of the meeting wore bat eleroa drilart, of which right iotlars were handed to tbo Hacrota ry before the meeting, by Wanda ft Oauing, Sk). The Tarf. thk txnioty bomm n< vblahp. The follow lag la a Hat of lha raeea oa the Rhghab tarf thla nail in which the American homed are to coo ion I for the honor a ? August 11?leoomts aod Wtoreas Wcaoet county cop tinker at I ewe*; two mile* aod a hair A u gnat I a? Prtoreto?CbooterSold handicap at York; 23 an ho.; one mile Acrurt JO- lfyor and Wtoreen? Q>or handicap at York; BR cant. . two ml loo I'ald forfeit. An gnat Sil?Belle?Kewcl.ile atnkaa at York; 6 furlong* 44 yards. A us tilt 27? Prloreai ? llereforsshlre handles n at Mere ford. 81 ??bt.; mail* u< a mailer J?Pry or, l'no>?M u? Lacomtrv-Warwick cap at Warwick. 24 tab*., three rnilw fc ptrmber 16? ltab- Wb? The greet Yorkshire handicap 17 nb*.; on* nnI* uil 1,16'J yard* frpwiaber 30? Rale?ML lager etakm at Newmarket two mi'r* 110 jar,It, October 14? Belle?Bed ford rtakea at Newmarket; 0 ?oh? ; lee rncioBft Ifl'J yard* October av?halo?dwer iwtakse, on* mile, at New mar ket October 70?Pryor and Teeompte? WwaepetahM of 13 eobe. at Newmarket. four milea 8<?3 parte. The neit etoamer trim Karopa will probably brlag on the recall of the Remci county crap rtakea, which were to be contended fbr oa the Uih loot, and la whlca lecamta and iNinreee were (a tared The Hereon ah G-trpfan of the l"th laeL le anthortwd bp leeponatble root lemon to make the fohowlag challtDfe to the owaere of tnglleh horeea ? To roe a match race of fbar ml tee aad repeat, at etch Unto m map be agreed upon, poet eotriea bw ooe hundred Utouaaod dollar* anil* the horeea to carry weight fbr ace. to be roe orer the Teo Iboeck Urn rue at Ravanoah.ft? Aad la the ereat of the Utglleb bcreea toeing the rare (ire per orot open the money reeked, or, la other woree, Arc Ihooiand dollar*, will be allowed them to pap the eipenaee of their horeea. Tub Chwan I-ajt No irr ? There war a pretty fhlrhooee I el Itartou'o Ml night Tor the perfbrmnnee of the "Romeo ud JnBet" of Bellini, on opera which hu tn* been glren bare otnee ti.e doyn when the Ajtor plane houee wee In Itn (lor/. II to the week eel of the oompn- ?r work*, ol of which turn tweel >anie?<wr quite tlrenome tn the Mdlenren of the preernt do/, who prefer (he (rwnd e*eo? of Verdi to Ute more elaborate wjr<? of the oidoorapomri The re reeentollon el toil i.tfhl would hardly p? * mu? ler rncept ?o fhr e* ilie Romeo (Ventral) woe '-onoerned Hie looked finely, novd welL woe churned rnprrhly onf ?t| the mnelc well enoofh to brine up the ehirteomln(* ol ootnr of her eupporter* "ll Trorotore ' tn ennonened Tor thle treeing?lie final repreeentalbm by title oompun/. Tn* Dwr? Soorr Dromon m rmi Grvmot, lane Or ire -the (?oerol pre emptloa Oct of IB 11 eon later o tolptiinliew that the recipient of tea beeeilte rbo'l be 1 o ftUfen 'T the I nlb-d Ptoteo " or eholl "horo filed ble declaration ef Inteotlen In become inch " By the decor on of the Ropreme Ooort of the United Rlotee, ol the loot "e new her term. It to held, In en hotonee, tbot"n fee neyro of the African rone vhoee anoee.ora were bmo(ht tn Ihli ccon'ry and mid oo eleree, lo not n sltlten wtthln the mranirf of the oenithotlon of the To ted Htalee " Free nenreee nennot, therefore, legally c'olm the henefito of the pre emptlm more and eia'me of pertooe of the eloee oon tempietod by that deotekm hare been ruled oot oed re rorded ee an I. we hnrn. at u t Har t tnd Cffloc Ba. Saryut ** A^mSO. LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE BUHDELL BABY E/LRCE. More Kifrtonllnarjr Dliriiiiarri?AnUrmienU of Dr. Catlln, Mr* t urn.lufclmtit'i Confidential Krtenrt and tiled trot Adrtaer?Kdlfyli.g Chapten from the Diary of a Hhyab'tan? M tart ling Rrvflailoia or .rooltlyo Life? khan Accotu-hmeiifH, durtlotni and Italty SubMtliiitloa.a, &c Am;., 4r. 9nce the nrreet of Dr. Gallm, >be phyatetea who tlpirad M eon?pl<"uoo?ly la the tbam aecouohrarnt <f Mr* <umalrgbam, a varlely cf rumo I barn boon currant In Brook1)0 wbiob woald (go It (boo Ibal Ibo doctor"! practice to too aabad'iittoo doo hu aol brra limited to ib'e eltgi? ceee. Aa (org m lb?M report" did act obi-In e-udakfuury from I to t lroleenre of namee we Mid no at* inton m them, but Ibe rtrcnm, tancee being now mad? *u(Hck>ally nolo rioue by Ibo un>eeer ved auar la wblob ibar are dteoutKd, wa reel oorielvee juetiflel la Irnnaferrtag them to our oolumiia Unwilling, however, to lake Mia slap wttboal eattefyinff oaraeKaa by Inquiry thai there ware 'air grow da for Ibeoa al!e?allona, w? put oar reporter! on the trooc of the evidence wbieb we were La Tor mod ooulj ba brought forward to mbitantiaie ihem. They round no dlfflonfy be obuitlnc ataumenU from the varlone ueraona who wnro nmaaeml With tbeae Iran?W Ions, bai In almnut ?r?rj Instance Umm parlies expressed lbs greatest relue'anco to have tbetr names ooanecled, no matter bow remotely, wM tbe Bardell cue. U wu only by giving them oar nuarnnoe that Ibey oboald not be mentioned aniens we were oompvlied by legal proceedings to disclose tbem, tbnt tbe mare material witnesses consented to the publication of the facta. Thin premised wo will now proceed to relate tbe results of oar Inquiries, sad to glre tbe stale meats of tbe parties u taken doirn fro a their own hps. Being Informed that a spurious child had been dbbstttoted by Dr. Cbtllo oa a Mr. O , a Pole, engaged la a small maaafnctniiog boslaeu la D?an street, Brooklyn, a party conareted wttb oar offlje proceeded to the renlienoe of ibo latter and ascertained fron blm the rolliwing raws ?Ho staled that a boat roar yearn ago. whilst absent from New York oa boa trees, he received Intl nation that hie wife had been delivered of a child. He had net been previously aware of ber pregnancy, but Mrs. 0 being a very largo woman, la wolgbl nearly 240 pounds, ho accepted the announcement la nil confidence sad gladness, the more so from the fact that he sod bis wife bed previously led a very as hippy bib on account of their having no children. On his return homo be found the child declining, his wife having no nourishment to give It, and at the ud of nbeat throe weeks it died. Deeply grieved at Hi death be spent a considerable sn m on Ha funeral, aad placed a mono moot ovrrlis grave. Boon after (hta nls wlfv, who bad be nine extremely croon sad Irritable, declared tor tnteaOoo of going to Karope to rlsH tier relations, end fading ail h s en rente* laelTsotral tnoiasntde ber from thw project bo finally ooosenled to let ber go aad famished ber with sevrrsl hundred dollar* f.?r the trip Mrs O bad not been long in 1/inlun when be received a letter fries ber stating that a relative 01 aers had left a lirge ssss of assty and urging blm to go over to ber to collect the legacy. Utiles la K Implicitly m the truth of the Haliarst, he sold bis business, collected all his outstanding sresia aad saade preparations to start Brfore be hft New York, bowe 'W, s woman, whose name aad ad drees be gavs usr rsenrter, called boon him and pot soma qoess?onw is Mas regard' lot his child, which apoeared to blm Strang*, bnt nevertheless did not fully aw as en bis snsptol'-na. tie asilad Mr Kir is id, sad so arriving la London found than no* only had his wlfs taberPsd no legacy swell on ids Dma mwo, nut hm> in oa?i ipm wi me 100007 on be had |liM b?r aad wm wholly without meaaa. Tbn couple 1 hereupon quarrelled bod leperaled, as the ha* baud could M lord** the direh proMM up?m Ua; Ud bring pomaded by hi* frkaoii to eoter tato haslnaae to lotdon, Mr O km In It nearly a ue in moy wttab be had bronf ht with btm, and tnally rwolrM 10 roan to Am?1 lea On grutrg 00 board the vomel In whtoh ha was to aaU be there fon?.| to hla gurpriae, bit wire, who. talermtDg barer If af bU movement*, bed detarmiaad to rate 1 a lathe teas thlp No reoaec Patton, however, took plane, aad I ha parbaa arrived la Naw Yurb aa total atrao|eri 10 trftOb oU)Of. Ob rcBCtotcf bit toolbar's boot* la Brootha, Mr. O. (bund I bat the wo nan wbo lad c tiled a poo blot before Ma departure bad again been en <lowly kukiog (* alia Ha went to lea bar, and ?be told Mat tha the oh M wbteb be bad thought bla own bad beea 1 aimed off a poo him br Dr. Oktlie, of Court atreel, < Kb me onnalraaoe of aootbrr meotcel maa *he would not, however. eoaimiioaeteatp fbrtber parUee'ar* to Mm at that time, aad aa be war Informed that OatHa waa a poor maa aod was not worth powder aad abet, be did ait thtni it *o>lk rbiie taking nay farther Mere m the mauer Ktooe then Mr 0. baa lived eatirely reparole from tile w'fa, wno baa aot res <rts t to aay legal (tape to force him 10 0* tribute to bar mala leoaroa The party lo whom this atatemrat waa made thee pro preed to Mr O to aeeow pen* him in ibe bot eo of tbo women wbo bad nommnnioaloo lo Mm tba feci of the aaoatl lotion Mr O wllllatly did >?o, and oa proeeedtag to Degraw Mrret, wbarr the lt?ed, he r? la ed toe 'oltawtng oar raUve u bis pr ear nor It la right lo add that It war taken <"own igi.o from ber own bpa at a eu eri| cot later view , by a bort band reporter, 0 aa la enable uo to last the acc> raey of ber reootlaetioo Tba wllama, who apoaara 10 be aa Intelligent aad educated woman, aad leema In oceipy a oomfir-wiiie piattiaa la life, ila'rd a lumber of ct'cumrtaecea mnocled with Oat In'? habile aad bia leiera'ha fr in bw wife, wbtcb it la not aeeaeeary for tor preeeol pur pen lo report Am our ihject ii limply to fnnbei ibe end* nf j iwh v m rafe re ace 10 ibl? mar rbargea alfci itag bir general morality do not property and a place la IhM utatrme.1 We anal), Ibrrefme 001 iiae ouracleri lo the tireumaienr-? coaneot ed a lib the ad ged care of atihitiiotioa aa delated by tbla woman We give the narrative In her own ? nrd? ? Having be aid of lie Cailin a i*> with the Onn nlngbaei c??e, aad kaoalng his cnaraner, I bed doormined raveral tlmea to go orer to N ? Yiirt and rpoak to Mr. Hall, the Ikatetot Altor ay, lo rale too to tba matter, nit tail Dim ail 1 knew ooeonrniai him I tone Cbttta to be the fktber of the oblld a-ibetlimed 01 Mr O., from Um admUelone to me of bin family pb)itotaa. My art iw>w. ledge of ibe -are ainee In Hit* way ? Abml rt?e year* ago, a family of hag heb >eople, eneei tiag of a father, m earn, two daagbura and a eon, arrtred to Rronh'ya. they bad wot beaa bar* long bafaa ibe father aad mnMor ware both 0*1 iff, ud ?> oM (Iron were utft rpkm. th? ioo ?u iril to the im! anl bltad makta* hoi Ntaro be bad completed bio epprewttaerblp be Ml rle im ? coot umpiloa While u?e >aatb war in eg ttaa, e fmllfiMi who no iDtereW'.l >o lh? welfare nff IM orphan*. Nil for Hr ?'M1M ?o<1 MM aim u? alteod to Ibo wool* of ihe inralti. (Mill rtxl m dlrrawed, bin it rdleal aid wee of Ml* arell tar Um nobrii HUM Nil Mi d ed Ibo Iwn gtrle aba aera ibn kfi ooHralf Mprotrclrd were taken lain ibo bmioo of ibtb g -oi tamerllao, our blndlj r%< ?<1 for b? bM Rood lady While here (ho ycuagert or ibo girl* Ml rich CaUla wae ?eol lor mb lib burner.I IMr from <toy lo de?, aad reonreJed la aadac tag brr while to al'rndlag The girl bmii prrgaeat Call a orotjig her t it.) alloc aai betag afraid .! n jtmarn >adacrd iho rtriera lo iem?e ibo roof of Uxor graded.r aad tako lodging* n i?*graw tlreet, oaar Rood Horn tb<y remained ball I afler ibo eblM ou bo o. That child ou ibo naa palmed r t upnti Mr ) by (bullo II waa otoien from lla mother by la father. ari g"oa lo a oirargrr. Tba obi Id wae bora *1 iba lift of Jane, foar yearn ago. Woon after '.be bi'ih of iba child, Uia lady ?lib akoa Mre gicM bad b<rn Doing prarloua lo ibrtr bating Iwi ?pirlM>l away by laUta oa'lod apna ma She aid rbo tall rerp mncb tniereried la ih>lr xxbalf. ibai oba ha- prurMad tar the a while Iboy vara w lib her, aad had lnd?c?d ihe-o lo berome rormbrra of brr church -ibe for brr rioted Uial aba had artry rraron lo ropoeee thai ih? child d ih? girl ardaord bj < alba ban beea p? lm*i "h "pna Mb (>???, a Pole, orbo waa ibea llriag ia tnMlma areata, dooo afiareard* I louad ool from iae ?err wnmaa who carried tbe child to Mra 0 '? ewdieeJ atteedea. a boore, that all tba* ibe ledv bad MM ? ?a? irtia. Thla onac eho lol l id# that ?be k??w wnere the giria vera. 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In a word, what b? had dooa with Wtl rblld, which had bean brooybt to bin from Hood (treat Tba nan ebonk llba an aapaa teef, eod aeaar odbaad la d(ty Iba (hot He aald that lha child wia load . thai It I ad bran hrooyhl lo C) '( bonne, bo* dted ihree waaka after I a Mrlb Ha th.-n ?aJd, Whan thai >ob m doaa I mould bear ytaee Moo lo hare ti undone ' I aald that probably tba Oklhl wan la tha Puboah loorbooaa. whaao many <*bar rblMraa #r Qaibal warn pot Ha aaM that tba child waa daad and aald ba had Ha daaab doara la ha booka | than told bin my obiael la co?m to biia waa thai I waa (rat tbara by the horhaod of Iba lady who bad tabrn toch a dorp interact in tha walfarn of tna orphan ytrla; thai that yent'rmen had declared ha wiliin* nata lo part attb a ibeuaaad dotlara if ba ooald only todorad IB 3ni n| out iba yVl# and elaertny tha matUr ap. I told h'm I fall rnnaahal dtdiaele ibool lha m%uar,an II nJybt be the maeD( of aaperatiny Mr and Mn. O?? I told bin thai I had a yaod mind lo make tba ?t?Uer pabItc. whrn be (aid thai ba waa not to b?ma. Ha raid ha waa a?ry rorry, edaed, for ha knew It waa a fry wrony thiry ?o do, hot thai ho oeaar Ibooabt of wch i tttf ta Ota world latH tbil.a pat b-n . op to It Ha (ah! that lid did an? kaow what Oatln'( not I -a maa ? lb# Hmf. ofttDdt Ittrtfd 'fil I told hi I waa rry ha ba had (oyih ay m an with aooa a manoca wt mada Iba ylfl atondoo bar chill. aad * ?? ? It to a wom?a who bad ?o danelred her bn?haa<| Ha **ld it waa a aary bad lb ay, bit ha ooderHood from 'hum that lha an I bad baa# adutwl hy war one, and thai tt aaaiordtMny forhtaloirl fleer of aw hahyo ooo rfk'. ntly H* abo rail that 0 and h a mfb hod Ward nBMpplly toyaihrr, and that II wan ail t? nrwaonneaaeof Iha r battey no cbtb ren, and ha yarn that an the ahjaat of tba (t.halltotloa. r?a thai aera day I want to tfr -j hotiae, for tha porpoaa ol leiHoy ht t of tba Impon ion that bad ba n prectired opo? kin On my er. iff* tbara J Staid feat ti wfa bad ?0?t to ta?*ad B4