Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 22, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 22, 1857 Page 2
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o m very more exam H ?b? Una, oooueqren*, I lap mm, uptie the oepertorr of *la wlf* I ouocere*d wllh bin Vp ? um, (ubiart o> bis child "a death. ud uM bin if be In lit vrd we ui'iiJ >u til* He looked Tory herd el no for e nnrneni, e?d esbed roe wbei I mteat b? eucl e que* (job He eeiil "Jul," Una Uie Obild wan bt?; lbtil< bred bci ihrt-e week# id joortquenoe or leek of noiriabmenl Hi* wife, be eel J, tree o mi eod bed lem mm . and an ebie lo nourirb We old Id He blemod bl* wife (or the .lee h of me tula, end rei.i II ell er oefrom nor orow mm nor tfcei ilu tbilo uckored eod died He told me ell about the funeral esp? n**?, * Lei II oanl eboo Uteoblld *es born, wbai u ooai ween li died, be 1 did nol irli bun loel , ibe i hnn ee Ouiid end not bin, p efernug 11 treil un Hi Un errtxel of Mr*. 0 Aboul two m .nw? el lorwerdi 1 celled . pon Mr 0 , wlih iuo dew-Aiandon of revealing u>e ircel, trtn .bough Ul* wile btimll be Abu-nl. Worn 1 errivoa el bl* hoi me I found >bi> bn bed gooe u> England On bin return bo ceiled upon me end teiod Ibel be bed heard of ibe Irick ibat bed oueu pltyud up- n blin by D' leliln eod Dr. ? He enked ra < aererel qunumt enoui 11, when I told him ell 1 nae * oonjern teg Uie antiu r rluct m ibe nlory relet! re to Ibo ahein aecouibmeot of Mia C end ibe pen Wken in Ibe I'lok by Dr. UaU'b end Dr. Mr* w> i. proceeded to narrate 'In pellicular of eu u rag* wbicn wen pa-uet-ated, eneeei l, by Ue.lin upon a young woman, e I rlond of taort, reaiding lb Btooklyn, end of ell tbo (ecu of which abo area per oneily cfii'iui ? AKUTIIKH ATTBMPT A* rBSTITTPTON IT CATLTN. Tbeir eae e viry r aprclebin woman of my acqualn taxce wbi. mas itduoed upon e bod of airkunaa by Oe'lio Be we* oelleo in by enothi r pbiBlcian. who bed cnergo of tbe patient, and eetel to preeeri >e for ber "be to C 'ou i an be vulteu ber be cemo eloae, eeylnc tbu Ibe oiber incur could not come, eud bed aeal blm In bu piece. lie < xpr?*?ed blm.elf very mush laiereaie I In ber case, nani teat ber di <me wea a deageroua one. thai be wee e ujerrini o eu, end bed given ber meledy bia wbcie eiirO'don, eod ibel ii bed besn hit atuily for yeere He lion Hp ke or we oUicr phyiloian, saying ibel ha wen a yoeng ineu wbo bed but I'tte precUoe In dlsateea of her nature, thai u .be would ditmlea blm be would co nmeace be be. no doubl would be I em. ere of rrlllog li r upon her feel In .ho c virae of a Bhon while Thru rn ihe eollcKetiona ot Cetlln ebe ta misei (i uicO'brr iK>cw.r, and placed burredunler theeallre ronl'o) oU'ulnu Well ho endear ore 1 to sedaoe her wwle sin- ww I) inn <>i. a bed of *lctineaa, and So ling that lie oou I Dot do so h> t?i inesnr lie used fo I on-* He drugg ed Iter, and tlieo sa i*n?d lu? unlawful datum* Tee girl thn-airnca to ni.ii.utea lawsuit against da'lln, when he came U her, aent oo?d u.ton hit kooe?, an I begged Iter net to expose biai. Rauug tbat be bad a sick wife an lu<-a lid nrier aod ao indrm mother t> look aflar and aJp.xiri Callln aico ptomxel that aa noon as n j wile die 1 (abe war than lb very bad b. au'.i) tbat he would make bar fa t iawtul wife, aod ibu* atoue for tbe wrongi omraltt-d Mh" told tin to get up ju bis kacee, t> begone oj. ol bor sight, aod never 10 let faer oebold bla face sgain Soe Ur>.-ued tu he appeals for mercy solely on ane.ounl of lilt wife at d un iiv, wbo were c? pendent on bim for support Nrn e months aterwa*ds, finding tbat abe vas ?i b child, rle went to Call no to d him that he mest shoot her there and ibrn, or ini. -be would snoot bun He arkaJ her what was the matter, and brgge i her n> It be to vlo lent, She aaid no she did not want to bo a thame o faer fam ly ; that be should shoot hor or she would moot j him Mite bad fallen by him aod by him ?he mould fall latin endeavored to pe>auade her to keep 0001, sayiag that her character ra> at suite, and that It would oe ruinous for her to kick up a noise a tout the mailer She said no, thai ?tie u 01 gbl m >re of hor friends ita* she did of berre f. and ?be -as determined p>at either sho or be should perish She came there to give him the Srit | cbaoue to ake her life, and p ho did no. do it sac would ( shoot him the liirl opportunity she bad. tic told her to * keep cool, that ho bal a place to put her ami the child It aatll abe won 10 get over her atcaoesa. She anted bim what puce, ofaeo be sail the Marion street Lvlog to Hoi pilal He also raid be anew a won an wtn war deceiving her fanrbaou u> onom be would give .he child when it was , boru SDe objected to the entire propoaluoo, say tng that . be had brought shame upon her by the greatest viilaoy and mos. outrageous advantage over practised npon a woman, but thai be cndld never get ber a JeCdlve any man wl h ibe mill She said that he was ablo to take care f her cbud without throwing It upon die bands of traugors, when he r?| liea -J tat In* that ho was not able ' to do so, but thai the ..iber tach was and c tuld do so. Toca be nh.;rc<ed t<> mu ru g a public institution, when be became eoragro and saiu sbo ought go to bell, and do what beliked. Gain. radon upon tcr rums two months af er , wards n ri fe'ci ix to ai I tlit.'Ung toe child, and wanted a definite answer trcm ber in r.?s 1 to U>? matter Elbe re fused to accece to "U enua t, waeo be addroiaed her ' thus, "lou i cur ant ruts is erne near me. you n? the cli id, If yi?i do 1 * iji out rsy foot through l<s body;" tbeso words on iL* pa t f bo: seducer so enraged b?r that tbe 'Jew to a wide hicb -e-j, gv-jsilcg near and graipmg a tare*<arvleg knife rr/xoc icsards him with the intent, n oT taxing Li. ufe ?rl oe ng averted for ber wroogr. The doctor was torf irgMt, however, aod aucoeedoi in getting wui ui mc uu> - r iuumibvn. civ vu iri; u.rnru lu t; oe jumps- <lo?n throe t'.igbto of atari aid toui escaped tbe fur; of his victim She tmrir saw bin alter tint ucui abo wee Wkau id labor, stbe lift bar employer's bouse caring Do expueu-e, nod crawling Into an empty boase ta the ra me 'me neigbboroood ibere anxiously availed tie mo rnent when bar troubles wooI<1 cease 8bn stopped there vabout food or nrartibmest Tor twenty four boors, aod (a the c urae of that lime soflered tbe mewl eioruclnllog agony. Thinking tbal tbe waa gctag to die alone aod neglected, xbe got op at the boar or miJntgbt, while the paint of labor were moel eerere, walked Vo Calltn'i bouse, end on waking btm up, loid bim of bsr ' ittoauon; be toid bar to go to a certain House, and tbal be woo Id fellow bar a* soot as possible, sbr proceeded on her , way to tbe place designated by ber eedujer, bnt before ahe bad got more loan ba f way aba waa taken in labor, ! and a child was bora upne tbe Mdewelk In Wyckoff afreet; I tbe poor girl eaa afraij bat Jatbn would kill ber and tne [ child upon the spot, and emoerely believe! IT It bad not } oeen for the preeenoo of l so poboeuion, be weald bare ' dee'royeu b? r and lbs Infant Tbe tblrd cay after tbe woman's confinement CatUa 1 Tinned ber, and demanded tbe cbild from ber, tbe asked him wbai be waa going to do wttb tbe babe, when be replied that tbe child was bis, and be would do with It a be pleased, sbe said ibe belterad be wanwd to murder I ?r put it In the Flat bush Poor bouse, and consequently she , would not gtee bim puesoesioo of tbe Infant, she expressed bereelf willing to place be cotld a odor bis charge If be would agree to get a nurae for It who would take proper oare ef It; on such terms and no otbir, woatd she pan with ber child, be said no, that be would lake the child and pat !t where she won d oerer be a >ie to tlod n, at tbe sami time raietbg bis band over bes as If to strike ber, >t.<t xbe screamed aloud, and so alarmed bim thai be became frightened aad lift the premises. tne gtrl thxn called toe woman of tbe bouse, aid induced ber to get a carriage, by which means the mother and child lefi tne place that very otybi and took refuge ta Ike house of enme kind hearted lady tn t.owenui Tbe woman keeping tbe bouse to wbtcb CaJmbrmcbtbtenct'm * as oifrrea >. 0 by b ni if she would sua the > Wld, but she refused to bare a band ta any anch transact <>a. It Is eomewbai singular, too, that tb.e womai and the wumat who carried the Dtid to Mrs O 's medical attendant's bouse are one and tbe samo 1 person tbe gtrl had got over ber lllnr-s she wont nror to New York and statu! ber caseio a lawyer The Uwyr told ber f> go bome uud tell Catdn that tbe child was ' ead aod that pbe ? acted a certificate for burial purposes, that If be gave ber a certmcau she should tuake bim put >be child's In), same on it khe olreyed the instructions of tae lawyer to Uie letter, and succeeded in trapptr? Catlin. for be gsee ber a cerubctie Oiled no wita the name of "Julie Anne Cuba " fbe cirl r? turned to be.r piece ol residence snl for otgbt months ne?er txw tbe light of ber setuoer's coitus acre She put ber call 1 out > board at fort Hamittra aid went to work m ber old niaoe She did m eejoy gio4 beahu. bowerer, eclat toe eod of tbe aboro um" she weei to ber lawyer In relation to the matter He t >ld ber to go to Cellir aud ' II b ru that tbe child was nut deal, bat was alise and wr ,nd tbal tt would ne necessary fjr ber to know went tbe lather intended to do for It. Sne did so, aid scry*"1 CalUn greatly He waa rery much S'artl I on bearug tbal tbe r hid wae allre, butexpreeaed hi neelf wtlitg n pay for Its beard bo flbe said sue >ad her ones In tbo bands of a lawyer ?bi was determine I to push i Cbc matter and to maks It public If acrsaaary Hi seemed nub sewisbei < hrwrtsg that, and aaid be supposed -hei ths metier would bare all died away after such a lapse of time i ad interreond However, lie prom.sed to sail and es-e ber lawyer the loUoaior moraine wnan be thcerbt tbe matter could be sells'amor! ly arret -ad Cat tin did so, eat no roeatu- tbe lawyer, tbe la iter gare b.m In understand that be would not take a eeuiemsut -nwse was paid down. Catlin aaid that it was impossible fee bim to spree to each termt, that be waa joor and IMVfV MM id fbis# am tl b iirue nan The ianrar esasea/l htm enk bating mad* the Iri en invalid for life. UatUa admitted the fact Tc*o, raid lb* >awyer, 'Too are id drty boood to ber foe Ufa.' Cm Its ' d to mtta prevnkm for ber. eheo a aetUeaMot wm drawn up and etgeed by botii pa'Uca Tbo tormr of Ibe irmiMll w?re m 10' owi ?CblMn wm to pay laM down, to I wm to *et tto $30 per to oth on th* girl done He la care of hrr dm to Ibe mid ana ebould be pan tor ibe anpport of iho ubild until II wm 21 yean of age, aad ta raae ot Cauia'a death be wm to eftoct a life policy for S2. KN in toror of i*e girl. Call in did not come np to (be u-rm* of (be tpHiel, when a ret! *m HlnM aai Jidrm*ntot> laieed agatael bin by the plaintiff the rear wae tried before oae of Ibe JudgM la Ibe Broctlya Uty Hall, la "baabara. aad the perttcnlare of II wera kepi aecrel by lb* metoal or ne*nl of both plaintiff aad defendant la aoacloatoa. Una wttaaaa aayi thai erery word of what vh? haa Hated la true that Call LB know* It 19 be tree aieo. ftoe epre^a froa ber owa peroneal knowledge la the mat tore aad aot f na m?re beareay or minor. All ab* hM atoieo at* r?a ni.c affidavit to Ho* alen aaya tbat ibe be!tared a womae for aiae day* wbe had booa reduced by UaUio. aad a< tbe rad of thai time paid ber paaeage to Boa**, whare abe la bow reetdiaf. irirniiff or mi pamilt ratpiciax or w*r. o. Aftrr learlDji tbe above witaem our reporter and another Ky called upon Dr. ?, the mrdiaal man wbi atteoded . 0. la hrr confinement We glra tbe c>n verve ttoa which took place with him tpnimu rvvt* Reporter? Doator, we hare called a poo you in roforeac to a rather da agreeable buaineee The Doctor, wao had aom) peranoal knowledge of oar reporter, and who by hit manner appeared prepared for aometbi'i, alleot'y bowed Keponer?It la rumored thai yon were -mooned with Or UaUia la paimlai off a child on Mr O? Irmtor?w eocb a ibiaf la reported, It la uatroe; I know nothing about tb* matter K*pr rtor-e T?al la et-erge Wk hare tbe alalemeata o' two wttaeaee. wbo affirm thai yo.i aim.tied to thr? tea. aonb waa Ibe lact Before we publtoh anytblnf on tbe aehjeet we thought It right to giro you ao opportunity of taking yoerowa rtatemeat Doctor?I never beard anything of tbe mailer until it wm men' mod to me by an Inrh woman living in tbe neighbor* nd with regard to my having m* ) any a I miaeion* on tbe *o? jeol, eucb to not the fact, I believe I May bare jetted aboet tbe matter la ooaMgaaood of rial 1 wm told, bet that la alL Rcportrr? attended Mr* 0 proflmelone'y, ta her eoagaemea', did yon aotf i net or-f did, but bea I nr-tred all wae over, tod I (bond tbe child ly bg or mfortaMy by her ride Knnoveer?m) rb* treeerti ho appearance of a womao wbo had noeaiiy beas m$o?.f i leaker?I aaeroi any I did noteramlae ber Re porter-The a Uiera waa nothing la whet you w'taeaail which eoeld p erlnde ttoa poMbUlty of an Imp) tie a be nag twea prarltoad f Heaaer?Nou tag whatever ; tbe amblllceJ oord, bowfvar, appeared la have bean reoawtly I ad. *epertar-> ea do aot wiifc la make aay farther ataia j y: Dootrr?1 kin none to make. Tbe tntonlnw hero terminated UOOKO or TUB JUDttMiNT AOiftfUT OATLIN IN ONI OB TBK ABJVI DASSH. Ii bAvlny be<r einied id tne da r4 1 <e above given tbet a jidgmm' hA<l been entered 444 net I*. CaU'D f tr lee bnerh of I It agreement w th the |>n?r wonu ?nnm hilt alleged to bAve arufged end violated, we nod a Aeenb made to ine Cay Court, flrooklj n, Mid tlid too following rtoord of II OITV COURT or BtOOILTN. A Jf. K , ?i> Manuel H Vat I in ? Tse complain' of (be Above named plaintiff re*p-olful y above to ill * cm ri, UiAt on or Abnoi tbe Bret day of Mar-b, one thou at d elgbi aod Shy flour, for tbe cooaide-Atiou therein mentioned, aa ?"l m f >r oiber good nad auffl 1I-0 ream* nod oontidera'li da tbereuatn moving a cer agreement wab madi and eucrea lot belvem A*ld plaintiff end AAld defeu ADl,anupy of whlob huf i|low? ? Tbln Agree mem. d bob tbe Orel d*v of March, In tie year one tbouinod eight b'rdred and flf'y f ?nr, oet?ien Samuel H. Cn*lln, of tbe city of B'ooklvn, pb> bicIaa, of ibr br?t pert nod A M K ,ufani<tcU .widow, or tbe eocond port, wlioMae<b that ihu aaid party of tbe flrai pert, lor nod lb onoaidermtlon of the agreement be'einaf tor contained to be perfor med by tbe bah party if tbe reocnd pnrt, ooveoADte An i ag'eee f r hiOMel . M? ci?oi MtlW B' mininrAio'A, ?ttb tbe enid party of lb 1 aecmid per , ber executor* end admlm-i atora, Ibat be or thewill pny to tbe sola party of tbe a ceud part or ber leg* reprrer-nUtlvea for tbe time belrg the tun of tbl-ty nn| iw. on tee artt day or eaon moo in during inn natural ire of tro said twoy of the seoood pat, or until a cerato cbl'd hereinafter mentioned shall bare atta 01*' tbc ace of twenty d>ue years, whichever of said rerlods mail tut th? longer. And further, la order to eronre the pay mem of *ald monthly sum during the periods abort* mentioned, that the said partv of the flrat part shad m*uro hit life for a earn of two thousand dollar* 10 the ? Insurance t ompant of , in the city of ?? or tn some other toad ins irauoe com paoy tn the otty of New York or Brooklyn, an) tbst be will assign the policy to said party of toe second part, act will pay me premium* as tney shall oeoomo due. and wHI deliver to the part) of the rec md pa-t, or her legal representatives, the rwv pi for said pre nlnms from time to lime as they shall he paid In consideration of 'he above egret meet, and of the rum of two bnnuret and fifty dopant In band paid, the receipt whoreof oy the said party of the seend pa-t It hereby acknowledged, the part) of the second part frr herself, hor executor* and administrators, covenants and airees with the party of the Oral part, bis executors and administrators, Ibsi she win decently maintain and educate a oerta'u child named Julia Add, which was bo n lo raid party of ihe sec *u 1 pa-tot or abont the Sib day of J ly, 186.''. nntil said cb Id shall shall have attained Ue age of t renty one years; and it la hereby expressly understood and agreed tnat if the pa't ol the reoocd part, or ber Ic**! rcp'esectaUves, snail at any time, and tn violation or this her contract, noxlect to maintain and educate sail child as aforesaid, so thai the I arty of the first part shall be tome tn any maooe' liable for the support of said chid, then and lo thacate all rights of said party or the second part, under this ti cs meet, shall mase sod determine. In witness whe-*<?fib< parties hereto have brreun'o set their hands and seals the dsy and year tint above written. 8 H OYTLIN. A M K Sealed sod delivered in presence of A. 0 J. B 0. The pletnttflT further shows tbst eve* since the making of laid agreenent the has decently mai talned aip ei the said child, Ju'ta Ann, In said agre*m*n menti ned, and has in all respects doie and p rformec each and over) thing which, by said agreemrn', she was required to do and perform. The pWlDiitr further itnws that the tald defendant, although often thereunto reqnes>ed, n*s re fused and still refuses to pay the said plainti I the sum of $2*0 m' n lotted In said agreement, and as part tf the romtderation of me covenant on the part of the plaint"', to be kepi and performed under said to the platntilf lo tbe turn uf $.150, with lnure?t tbereoa from the 1ft March, 1H51 TO* plaintiff far bar ?t*t st thai tbc tald de'cndant bu paid to bar tbe sum of $10, being tbe monthly payment due to bar tor 'be m >010 of tlarcb, IS I, under said agreement; and al*o tbe furiher mm oi $.' od aococnt of the moo hi" Instalment due no der raid agreement, for tbe moo to of Ap-tl, ISM I: it toe plaintiff entjg tbat tbe eald defendant, althuugb of eu mere uLto requested. has rrfused and ncgi-wied, and sil'l re fuses and ergloots, to pa' tbo lam of $25, being tbe bai aroo due 00 tbe tnrtalmont *n t payable for tbe month of April, ISM, and bat ileo refuret and neglected, ?ad (t il re farce ana nop I rem, to pay tbe several monthly paym >nu dee for tbc months cf May, nnr, .faly, August aad Vp tcmbcr, to wit, tbe rum of $".0 for each of aald months: wberclure tbc plaintiff demauds judjmeat for tbe sum of $2'0, with Interest from let earr.b. 1854, and for the said other rami, with interest, bertdee ber cotte. A. McC , I'laln tlTs .\tt0rne7. Samuel H Calltn, tbe defendant, answert tbe oompia'at ar t says that tbc defeofanl denies tbat oa or aoout be lirstday of Marob, 1854, or at any o r time, for tbe cm UieraUon In the complaint ailegec ,or any other ooo?t r? ti< a, aa egret mcDt, a oopy where <f purprr lobe ret fcrth ta tbe complaint, or any other eg-eomcnt, was made or entered into betweuo tbe p-ainiiff and lbl? dWen dant. Whether or not tbe p'a'ntitf atone the supposed instil K of tbe alleged agreement baa decs- Uy maintained or i mported any supposed cbnd named Julia Ana or olber wise, or whether sal 1 plat null has In all or any respects done or performed each and every imdr which br any tucb snppoeed agreement she was bound to do or perform, dtfetdaat bte not ary knowledge or m'ormauon sufficient to form a belief Tte defendant denied that be has ever been requested 10 pay 10 plaintiff may tuppreed sum ol $-50. aad be denies that be ts (till, or that be ever was indebted to said plaintiff m tne sum of J -10, or any other sum, with sr wl houi Interest there ?, I'om 1st March, 1831, or any other t ne; the uefendaal ciprosely denies thai be baa ever paid lo the plaintiff the rum of $30, or any other (am, as the moatoir oatmeat alleged to be dee o ber for the month o' Marca, 1841, un tr.r lay eucb euppoeed agreement, end be aleo doates I be. be peld (be sum of 44, or lay other turn, oo e< count of (be monthly instalment alleged to be dee, under any sob supposed agree meal, for (bo moots or April, 1MI; tee de (ix ant exrreeio demee that be baa ever a- any time Bade any pajiccot ehalerer to lbs plaintiff under any etiih n.ppaaed agreement aa li to aald complaint eet forth; defendant further denies tbat be baa erer been r? qteete-i, or that be baa erer refused, to pay lbs aum of $-1, alleged la aa.J cumplaUl to be the balance due on the euppoeed liu'ailment c' ta aald com p alnt, tc be pay able for the moath of a Ttl, 1841, under eucb euppoeed agreement Delea last aleo denies tbat be haa refused to pay the ee r-a motbly pay menu or ether of tbem aliged in raid complaint t> be due for ibr months of Mar, Jane, .1 ily. \ iruii, end de| tomb r, under eucb euppoeed agreement liefe ideal expreae'y Ci ciee the mahti k of any agroemeit wbaosrer wttn tbe p etaUff, aai expreealy demos tbat bets l.aole to pay or Is tbe plaintiff uDde- any agreement abators-, or la any "sum of money wba erer Djfctdenl dealer that the plain iff ta entiled to j .d tmeutfor the eum?, or any of them, demanded In tbe tomplaiai, and doreudant prays judgment for bla cost id lhu return A. C. Defendant'a Attorney, WyfaM Cbi/wfy rf Ari )' >I. ? Hemuol H Cat In betrg duly aworu, > tbat he n tbe defendant in this no tton. nso tbat the foregoing sua r It tru >, 11 tbe knosrl edge of tbe del' odaet, except MMlkM met t re whicb e'S therein stated on Informs ten end belief, and as to these matters be Miasm It to be true f II ClTUV 8eo*n tata jotb day of ^yptember, 1?M. before me, Vr J tor Lam. Commissioner of Deeds. Tbe cause sim tried before J. Green vood CUyJadge, ana e judgmrnl ordered for tbe plain iff fo* tho amount Clk med, nub rwli amounting < ell W> Judgment *u perfected oe the 29.ti of tatnb?r 1*54. eod bo port of it bk? b?f n coller-ed. 't appeared no the trial thk* kt tie time of the TaeaMne of the kfroemcrt let forth, the <*mptu.n?nt bod not Ih* t.5t wb.rb bo ?fo .Id then hare been ready to pop to tie plk'btilf. OBd ttkt Uiereupoa the agree .mrtt tkt le't tB tbo bkbdk of Mr C , h.? counsel until be *as ready to pop tbe plalltlff the r vd *'iai of |?Q Ho o?r. r bo*over ft rrely, bo ' kt the time the Kino >u com men ion tbo agrermro. woo lUll remeirlog .a tbo batdaof the pl?o t.ff 'a ooustel, and It wkn attempted to dofoat tbo piaiauff'? claim oo the grounl tool tbo agreement hod Be top beee doflrored. Thoatrtriu ud *1 aireI. Ma Ban" naa'i Fabswiu Rtun takes place th t Toatig at Kioto's t.ardca. Tbo play. " Loodou Ami reaos," preooato a grraior array of popular arttetr that baro been aero together for aliagbote,aa<l who proi-elly Ul lot appear oo the lame night aad la tbo aame tbootrt for many a day to coma. This fact, lolaed wttb tbo groat popular tj of Mr Brougham, ahoaid attract ooe of tbo do rot audiaooea over irra at the (tardea imt'tr luaraxr or a Tbtok ? Mr. I.nmloy, the dt potior of Her Majesty's theatre, Ioadoa, baa offered to Rigoor Br'gaoli aa engagement for throe year*, to com a.enoe oe tbo 10th of September, oa eery tempting term* the ergag' meat bao boon Bngooll eagaged lib Maretrek for another year Wood ton >rt are aot rory plenty bero, aad LamJey should Bead ui Gulgllnl instead of trying to deal Br gaati Bnwiat ? Maoigor hddy baa prepared aaother grand dramau 3 feast for ho oouatP ia patroao of tbo ol I Bo wary u.n ?Tp?:cf mr r aimieu reproeenu we painatie ro in the arar popular play of William Tall." and the happy (olwrky Irietman la "Murphy a Magic Shirt" That veteran ?>a o( Momof, Mr t-eo. Holland. wtth vboaa comioaiitlea the pa>pia aever Ura, la to pia? hi* graal pan of Pan 117, ao1 I ha mirrta nnwnl will dot# ?*h iha apiiUaBrr a| drama entitled iba " (Farloch of Ua ttka. Thai ?rUJ do far eaa night. Itauao Oiir* ? H I* yraUfyiny to aotloa that iba opera of "II Trorainra," which ?a* performed with ao Booh rial at Burtona theatre oa Wednesday, la aanooaoed fjr repetition thi? rreetay Aa waa remarked la onr nolnmoa oa ibe follow 1 of mommy, the r.haraotari generally trere ca| tally peraonaled, and that of Armenia, by Hlgnorlea t oatrall, waa aurpaaatiifly flac Mi almlrer of the opara ?boa Id min* being present to n'gbt, aa Ma tha laat Uaf it will ba preorated tbia aaaam on Monday wa ara pro ratard "Unda di ChaaounU," wlih ao oq tally food oa*t Tea Makmi Jnmtw el aa their rary aoaoaaafal neaaou at iMta Keene'e thenire 10 night Danny tha rait ttraa weeba tbtir perforrnaaoet have at'.?*-ia.i aaeemn'agea on anally large at tbli aaaaon of tha year, and thoaa who bar# (tea Ihem geairally eiprrna tba opinion that Iba little onea would draw equally wall for moatha, and ray ret that m'taSle urrurr*meot- canto* ba eflected to keep 'bent permaaantlr among nr. 1 tr tba acoomm 1 at!~>n of ladlea and children tbey will parform tho 1 forty Tnieran" and a fareo ibta after nooo. and also in Ui? rraoiny. kir>in>a Mt r ?Tba boyua Burden heir, Prof Wy. man, tha magi Man, tba ptoturei and lt? myrlada of oorloaltiea, wtU ooatrUne to We or.tartainment of hU who itelt mi* adlBoo in day aad to niybt Butavt* Mint 'irn are Mill rory profitably engaged In atrnklay (be mnltltndea who Mor.b to Marnantoa' Mall for a roll (apply of fan Their programme for una orealay overflow* with rich tblnyt Abmt Vbws?Cotonel P. ft. Helton, commanding 4th trtillory. arrived at Tampa, riorlda, on ine at laei By order of Colonel Relton, Port My era la aauoiiinej Va/lqeadr r? for tho tth Artillery Inetead of Port Brooke lie.tenant Oolottel Monroo will oommand at Ibe latter f*?t EW YORK HEKALD, SAT Municipal Kl*uu. MPBAL MH TINU IN Van BIX I UN rB WUD-OBIAT TUlNorr- BTMDNw BflBUUBH -nKBOLlTlONH, MCB1U. BOMtiH, LIITKHS, ?TC., KTO. A mane mseung of toe drtnjorailo And other clt'/en* of be Sxitenth ward ?u btll lui Tn riday evening, .4 Kreriln'B tilxifculb Warn Uu?l, Seresteeotb treet, near Eighth avenue In ournaaMif the following call:? Siitkkiith Waud?Amur! 'rotiiel?To the Ket?ne i? Kiep the brll ro> uk I T e number* of 'h- nnnmn 'c Ke pel iIcm /MOiiin lntMl the -liw* .'b wnrd who h ? o v so I O all *eei?t pi. 11 c .1 a woola ?w? and 10 *l| t, rannmii *nd nppwarlvr I i*i and In faror of he tin' n and h rm my of iba 0- moaaiie part' are r queeted 'o meet a' *re?lin'< Un *1, ito Wnl Hrvautree h -l-eei D?ar hUh'b arimu*. on huradar reitrg, any tint an, ai 1 o'clock for'be purpose (P'aklng?uni r-amire* m ma* he een.eo n-rn*i*ri '<> re'lev? the ward and city tri m the on'rol c.f oppr-anion, t.ranoy *nd fanau com aM'IKL. oS President H' UhKI. ri aijPt | t ic* Preside* la Jt.Ho U. *e UNN. p wo rrewnet m. THiRirj H. TNom8(4 ln-?? Okokuk h Mini: ) "eoreunea A largo plat o m aaa croc ed in front of the hotel for the accemmodaUt n or the apeakers, the repreeeetativea o! the preea, and an excellent band of muni*, which aorred sreatly to enliven the proceeding* Mayor Wood altnnngb Invited, wm not tn attendaane and lettera were read froiu Hiomaa Waneis Meagher, K-q , Hi u Julio Kelly anil H >n .Joetah Sutherland, explaining their absence, hat at be Mho -in e rxprtaaing their o irdial CO operation to the oh jeot In view (be mtelipg?which ?aa eery !ar?e? wa? next called to trder by Col Mino when *muel Oigrud, E?q , was to ml nated to the cbal', and proceeded to r.ff-r a net of resold uma, which were eoth ?la?*ically paired denouncing lbs ate acta of the b ark repub loan Legislatire, and ex ire?Ive of the determination of the people to reaiat idem to he laat Dr Bkappoui, firms* y a member of th~ Imgl'latnre an ureal* a tn? mnettn< at soma length, do canting In <erma of the atmogeet rv r ?rb u^on the tyrantii i*l aot- of the Alh*n? I eyl Ixturc, whmh ha *ai glad lo say co?ld n? ecure the co-operation of the American party aa the.r outre was marked by surb Intamy, that Uiat party, a* ell ae tiiemeliea, were dirgurted with loom, and wount, on Ibo 4ib of November, jute with the den?oratsv lu nnvtip the detectable black re.a.Mican* from the laud He tciiienai d mat ihe taie pooulaii?n of tne city ah>ult be the i Iflce h iloera, and nut atiangam, woo were hr'iM at* l li m against .holr *U1. Vet wnat was to b oooe In view of tbeno ftutef it <*ore hiuer to auburn than la do>li ra a ire nireels in blotdaned and r| it; b it toer> war one court f jurtloe?Ihn oalli t box?an I lo tbia t00> mint btt>ketheatre vie aa the la>t retort, with a ?plr|. a id Dthurlsp m anltria Irg them nnch aa ihey had neve- fao bef re He uli ded io tne olsbanding of an aoti v- and etfl rieni police force to (I o plac to a *et of men I ca table o' i ietform i a iheir 0title* and who were saidiel nniu mo i e i le <o ibe mere purpiaie of twrvtng ibe po*i l<-ai Mod* of ibetr opp'treora. In Cool .rt -a. he appeal u> ihe p?o lie of ootb native and foreign extraction?Irian ant Kigitrb a? ?eil a* Aioruan?10 j iin <t toe p>.l? in a determined n res . n of thrir disapproval of the btgb b'tiued laws enaotelby the lite oai -aa Legists latere (I. Mir cbeera ) PTKPBBa H Dillayi - aa the next speaker Be aald that taere waa a division In the c?-m mratlc pa'ty ?M a w been croak ned ? j an effort on tbe part of ?om* in thai' rank* to orntert It into a inaaonlc part;, ((man* ) w! b (bp ntjtciof pre ent>ng tbe people from ? ling Ibolr vM a at too next ale lion and selecting the tnou or tbeir dad (hoi, o y ?p.? luting a c <rporat1on Dy whom they I mould be imlrucled f.?r a bom to vote, and be x><npall-<i to act in accordance anh those Imtruotiooa or bo expelled f on tbe "holy" organization (laughter ) Be bimaeif opt oved vurb a crnrse, and ca'led upon tbe people to pa ' dowi atch dicato a, (bear, bear.) aid proceed to lb polla next fail In a an to paalanx to consign their opproaaort to ibiir met lied obvcc.rtl . Tbo iroMedlngii ?e>e here diversified bv the singing of a humorous aocg by Col Hlckc x In which It wa<d* non a'rated tba tbere acre sweepera In high life aa well aa In low. sweeper* that awept very cleau. ard awept uo all too m< ney tbat mme in tbeir track. Ney was a new a vee ter, asd ha broom * ?ept S a, Orator flat on Ida ba-k, bat when eiec toiday rame the ie0ule would show taat Far Latdo'a old broom waa tbe broom of tbo day (fbla aeng aa received wl.b in bounced applause, and three hear.y obeera were given for tbe C-donei at l>a com luMon Mr. H m. j Kuea next addressed tbe aaoieoce, rem'ud log thrm that treaaoo wa? being engeaiend la thulr midst. Men rbartcg the a vie lineage and bloid dl I not beellate to abed tbet> blood la toe street*; and It waa blab time fur tbe people to a A like men and not llkechiliren (cbeera) wbii b aa bad no doubt they would do Mr. fvii miasm ap ke to tbe aiune effvit rmmolimeated tbe UiNAin, tbe lruK Ammcan, tbe Jritk AYuw. ant tbe Journal tff Vaumrrce tor tbe noole maonrr la wmob thry badooac t'p to >be work (Ix>ud ebcera for tbe Baaau> and Ibe Iri.k AVua ) He concluded, amidst much ap P la use, by exhorting the people to aland Arm sy their rlgbia rbe meeting was eahacquently addrevaed hj H. H Mo I range. Esq ; Major J. Henneasey, Mr. Engena Sullivan, Dr. Mrrkle. Dr Chadaey. >f Sohecertady Ira B Da-la, 41' da man Brlaly, Col Bruli and Capt. wm J. ''enion; and aft? tbe tirgiig of twa mora campaign aonga by tiol | Bickcox, tbe meeting e'joaraad, la high apirUa, with cheer* for good and the aereral apeak era. Frtucb Kallrowd Pilnonera. Ibe following ti the worm aniwwr of Mr Benj. Gal braltb. one of I'arX'a coonael, In an aotlon brought against hUa and hla aaaociata by a paraoo representing hlnmeir to be a deputy jailor, for an alleged a ma all and rescue at Pa | rot from bla cualnty ? I n ruioK cuumt or run city or hit toii. /axuii Haiiuii Ayamil John rtmiunmd and Seryamil GaicraUAToe defendant, llm; t.nioraiib, for answer, tea:? Kind A?to the allegation to tbe oomplaint that the plain I ufl is aca wu at ibe umea tbere maotionnd, a deputy jailor I aa lb the oomplaint mentioned, he, una defendant, deoiea any knowledge or information thereof auiUcleot to form a baiter Second. Aa to the al legal loo la the oomplalnt that the I defendantaand each of them knew that the plaintiff waa a depot) Jailor, be, Uitadefendant, denloa that be bad or baa j any inch knowledge Third Tnia ae.endant denlee that at Ibe time of the oom ml Ua I if the ahegrd aaaault au 1 battery to ine com plaloi nirail?e>ed, the aatd Augurle Parol wm to tbe c*litody of the Sheriff of ibe city and county of New York, aa in the com pi aim alleged. fourth I hie defeadant denim that the said Aogutte Parol aa* arrested by tbe I'mted statoa Maranal fir the Son hern diatrlctof New York, by elrtue of any warren of the Pretlaent of the Caiie] Staloa aod tin oy etnae of any auc warrant the ea d A gnete Parol waa c inn .lei to jail aa !i tbe complaint la allrged fif.b And thin defendant dealee that ender the war rati inatiy mebitobel an? prooneiinga were prodiug ataicat the all Augualw Parol bef re llenrgc f Bni?, Fj ( , oa tbr laid lTib day of Jane IH&7, or that It t>?-a"n>< | ana ? a< on thai dty cecraaary that >lis raid A |M| I'a rot should ati< nd borore the aai J Ueorge t Botta, aa in tna oom| inlet ta alleged beih And trie defendant daalet that the aald AniMiato Parol wa* <? tbe IT1I1 day of Jane, 1H67, wmaiit'ed t, tba custody of ibe plait t;fT aa In tbe oomplaiot If alleged StYeidb And tble rtcfen ant denier thai en tbe aald 17th ua> of Jiiue, 1*67, tbe >aid Anguete Parol continued or wa in tbe Cm tody of tbe plaintiff, at In the complaint alleged, aod be, b a attendant, den ee that bt a?ia ilt-d tbe p<ali Lfl or Kited and held b:m at m he com/niat la ail?g*d. Kgoih And tbta defendant save befbro and on tbe 221 day af Hay, 1M7, Ibe taid augoeto Parot, In the com ilain' 1 named, waa in the cuatoiy of tbe -tee Iff >f iae cu, au I ! eouiIt o' New York in a oiell actios then dem n line la (be euprrn.e Court of lac d .tie of Nee York, In aaioo the . Northern Kmllrwwi Company of Fromae wee pltia id eel (be raid Aignete l'?rot en ioJjer mtre oefeo 1404, ei 1 or. toe em;, ioj eforeemld ibe aeld A-ig a*te Paroi ?u, by atd elti Ibe ooeenioftbe attorney of reco-d o the emld N .rtbem RaPrond Company of frmace, end mt bit re qi.eet cjrbt ged from Ibe teid cuotody of tbo *eid 4 ieri:l i IB Ibe tela clr'l action, Bad tto-ieiforth o<~ver we* lu i H i ruetorty of tfeemmld dbertrrto ibe emld ctril Mhn,W|| er y ctnl arttoa whatever; mod thai from (be Imi leet oomrd i untl (be 3d dmv of ?une, 1UT the eml. Auguate Parot *? ! to tbeerlecuewdy of the Merwbtlof tbe lUlted 13 relet f?r Ibe toolborn dlMrlcl of Nee Yo k, by vlr ae of m warrant order tbe bmod mod teml of Hemge > ReUe, Ktq , m Com toleeleoe - epfdated mod acting no <?r mo act of Ooogreae, so titled "Am art it firm eff -fit to onrtmlo treaty wtlpnle .time beteeea tbte mad outer lorelga governments fjetbe eppre teoeU* mmd delivery of certmte offeO'lere," mod the emld (.eorye t. be tie, ae eoob Com ml*e inner, on tbe emld 3Htb dry of May, IA?7, r?tiered bta deolHorn to th? muter, la ebtem tbe raid em-mot teeued dec la nog vh?i mere woe oo cmure f * tbe mrreet mad deteouoe of tbe imtd tag t?te I'm*, mod thereupon tbe mid Augntte Parol became m?d I ere entitled to htr dteehmrge from tbe oaeto>ty of me emld M<r?bml, yet tbe emit Mmr.heJ oolmefully detmio <d tbe eel J Aogurle "mint im hie cueiody ml No a College plena. la toe city of Nee York, thamcefrftb until tbe 3d <Uy of Juoe. 1 I*>67 mad oa ibe omy Imtt named tbe ?mld Mmrrbml, within mo> lawcl authority, mod nf hie own motion teat tbo emld | Ar gupte fmrot to tbo city jail of tbe dty of New York, mot tbe amid Aogoete Perot em* la *t'd wil unlawfully Imxle , omed mod comfited a cfnee prlimoae u jtii tbe amid Kin dmr of Jone, 1A47, and oo emid 17th day af iaoe, 1 *417, one Theodore Ryadeni, eitb ntmere, hi* follow*, htm aiding mm *?*i*ting, mad whme name* are lotbla defeo lami aokaowo, without may lawful necaaloa, took and oa-ried tbe amid Anynaie Parol from the amid jail through mad along vru.a I rolic ttreeta la ibe city of New York to No u Ool.egr ; |lace mforeamid, tbe mid rhwdore Ryodort preten llog ! iknl be belli **ld Angnete Parol la caatody no l?r ?omo i warrant or order of tbe Mid Oeorge F Bet* tbne la Toroe, , and w> mo* eer to rome proceeding then pending before tbe mid < eorte F (true egoiut (be emid Align i e Parol, ehaa In trmb there woe no ?n -h warrmrl or order nf Ihe ?ald i (Jeerge t. Bene in force, and mo proceeding pending befirn tbe M'd (Jeorge F. Brttaagaiae* ibe emld A' gnete Perot mod I on ihreaid 17th day of Jon* 1H47, the amid Weorge F. R?tu declan d that h? bad nnpoweror jar1?1|<*looover,or tode lain or 'rder tbe detention of tbe emld Aayn*te Pmmt, and I Iberenpoo the mid Tbnodore Kyndere declared that be I mill itol ftirlhmr mnWt iKm mml.l k nrnl A Ptrfll nor mL lampt to h:i mrrnmnntn that tnnraopon the plain tiff laid bji hand* on <he fain Anyn?tr I'arot, and required him raid Antnata Parol, lo annnrapaay tba plaintiff 11 tha raid iall In I Idrtdya (tract, thai tbnreupon tbo defendant, J< hn Town band, at the rrqnaat of tha an d Anyuata Parot, Inqnlrad of the plaint! ft if hn had any warrant or ordar t? ar real raid Auyuata I'arot. ana ha, plaintiff, annwored that lie bad not, thai tin anih >nt; for the arrwtof the aald Aofuate Pa o4 waa at ibn raid [all with tba koapar thereof, thai rarorthrlota tbn aatd Anytwio Parol anbmlttad hlmaa'.r to the plaintiff, and anmmpaaicd htm aoma dlataoco, that ibia defendant walked with tba aald Anynala Parol, and a'lor protaadlny a abort Mitaooo'hc darendant, John towonbanl at tba raqnaat of tba rail Auyurte Parol, inforntnd tba plalntli' that tha raid Anyoda Parol monad to yo farther with tba plaintiff unlaw and until he, tbn plaintiff, produoad aoma atthor'ty far armrtlnf ant fia'oioy blm, aald Anfwda i'arot, ant reqiantad tbapla'nt ff to predn* hta aotborlry if any ha bad, that tha plaintiff re' rod to prodor* any a thorny, and wan than drayr'M tba aaid Auynata Parol a ony tba rtmnt by tha arm wbm? tba da rrtdaat. John Towrabnnd, at tha raq iaat of raid Anynato

l arot, raqurntad tha pwniiffto watt, aa tba aald Auynata I'arot would yo no i.irthar iit111 noma authority m pro ducrd fbr bit arrart. that tha plaintiff ottarly ditrryarlol lb > rt'inaat, ami ran contmatof In dray the raid Anynata Paret atony, I ha raid Anrnata I'arot reri-ttoy, wnan tht dafnudant. Inhn TVtmrhand, dnapatobod a maaaaoyar fbr a |?llca rfltoar, atlil r*\\)aatiny tba ptatntlil to daatrt from drryytny thn raid An-urta Parnt alone tha atreat without prtwaclbf any authority, that at laaytb tba dodimUat, ORDAY, AUGUST 22, 185' John Twubrud piTtr" from mo Ml aide of Mid Augusts I'a 1, when be had bet-u theretof to walking. to the tr mi o' the plaintiff, with a view to Impede hi- f irthor prog-ess uu'ti the arrival of a police ofll when he na'Q'il barleg h Id of the 'ale Augusts I'a-ot alio his lefi hand, put cut his right baud to push toe defrudant, John Town b-od.ou of bis way, and ?a? ?ioleutly pu-otug In w ant t' bit way, ai d tberei p?d the detenu tot, John to va-heoil with his leu hand UIU hull of tee right arm >f the p aid HI to prevent h m fr -m onshleg him. tbe defenant, John Tovntbend a-lde, dung 'ho same gently and wtib no more loroe than was Deoa'eary to p"event tbe plaintiff from porhlng a Ide bun, thU itfondanl, John To ushend; aid the eupon Ibe plaintiff roieaaet hl? bold of lb- sal I Aogu?le Parol, an" struck at or struok tae dofeoeant, Jcbn Twamahend, with bis left hand, and was about to repeat his blow tbe defendant, J bn Town abend, wh?n thin defendant, with a yiew to prevent any further breach of tbe peace, Interposed bis body he* ween the defendant John I'ranshend, and the plaintiff, ant ft tiilj laid bl* ban Is on eaca o them, the de'eu lent, John foensbeed. end the plaintiff, to k-ep hem separate and apart, and to prevent any fiirtber breach of the peace, uMi g no mo-? fore than was n< osaeary for the purpose, which la the al'ered a Multtn the oona ilatnt mentioned. HKMAMIN GAL-tKAITH Defendant In Person. City and County rf .Vru> York, si? Benjamin Gal Oral th, the di lenda t above named, mak a oath an I says that tbe above answer Is true to tbe knowledge of de-vment BCVJAUM GAl.BKAITH. Bworn before me, this t(Mh daj of August, 1867. L. Prism, commissioner of Deed*. American gitoclaileu for the Advancement of arleiiee?uioslng NitUn?s and final Adjournment of the A seoclatron. OCli MOM TUBAL CCBH*?CONDBNCK. Pomi.asa Font. Mi (rrniAi, August 19, 195T. In the Geological Section Mr. Ramsay made a cournuni cat I n on the conduct or the survey oT Iroat Britain Toe geological survey of England was commenced In Devon *nd fernwall under tbe auspices of *r Henry Da La Reehe, who at first conducted it entirely alone and at hti o?n espouse. After a time the Ordnanoe Departmon forr la boil eomr alight aid to the help of a few mem sera o ibat oorpe When ooal began to attract attention. he became arqulnted with 31r Wm Logan At tbat time Mr Logan, who resiled at Swansea had made a map of tbe coal Qeld, which was not only creditable as tho first seen rate reconnoisRance of'bis Important section, but Is today considered as one of the most reliable surveys In cstst< rice Sir H. He La Beche associated Sir Wm. Logan with blm In thl? sur?ey, first a* an amateur and afie-wards as an aos'-'aut, In both of wbioh capacities he hai renders t tmi or'inl scr?lcc. the annual grant for tbe survey Is now JCfl.OOA In 183ft It was divldoo Icto two parts?one for Ireland, the other for ?rg and Mr Ram*ey was appointed to *ake the charge of the English survey. and tbe woole was placed under th<* command of Sir Henry Do La Beche. When the new House of Parliament was helog built numerous stones we e ro'lrrted, which were flrat planed In a small house, but were flu?' v renoved to a noble palaoo, which was ob u n<d by "V H De La Beche, under tbe appellation of tbe Murei m of Qeolr gv. To this is now alucd a lecture dc pa tmen'.in wblcb many lectures are given Mr. Rtiusey b?s thirteen assistant geologists?seven id tDfeilor ornirand two collectors of fossils. Whou a young man comes on the survey he places him on the secondary strata, which Is the most simple In Ireland tbeie are etgat aar. laels. There a*e a so in the museum In St. Bermain street two I persons whose duty It Is to arrange the specimens pro on red. The map* are obtalrel from the Ordnance PepartiieTit, and are ct nstrurte.1 on a scale of one loch to a uit'e The geologists mark upon tbem tho geological Un?a of the dlf ferrm rorma'l ns To rbow tbe perplexby of tols survey tt may be only tetessary to menu >n mat there ar eup vard< or eighty different lines of formation delned, aid one hc.n dreo and twenty five dlstlnot ioIts The iocky forrua Hons (of Wales larticnlarly) arc frequently so steep that the as>ent Is often ai'cndxl with much danger, and great care is necessary In asoeodlng them in the coal measures the plan hat been to convtruot a vertical section giving the exai l thickoes* of iho coal seam?tf nil seams not less than eighteen inches. In "kxiUod and the nonn of England tie Or lattice main aro now bolog const ru mod on a stale ot? tig inches to the mllo, which a a of great alvan age of geolrgloal notes. The Ml* leg school has not only furnished assistants to the g- survey, but also to many distant countries, as Inc.a, Victoria, and the West Indies. Mr. Ramsey was well aware that the conduct or a gtologictl survey on the minute scale adopted in Kn* and would not answer for ao vast a country as the Un ci States or Canada, because >he tow graphical surveys were net yet made, but he had no ocuos that the time would socn no roe when the surveys would be as aco irate here as la England The geological survey was a favorite bianco o: the public service, and Mr R thought that if double the sum now expended were needed It could saslly be obtained. Tne public were well aware that mocb or the prosper!.y or the English nation was due to Its mineral depositee. The survey was Intended to cover a l^ug period of time, and to be very accurate. Mr. Ruaatli would remark, In clo stag, that after Hir Henry de 1> Bochs had established the geel' gical survey and school uf geology on a sub eiaatlal tooting, worn out la body and mini, as died a fee Ieai*-wcs The work bat bow derolved upon air ft lurchtxoo, whose distinguished sclenutlu abilities givn am 1 pic proof of hit tUnesa for the task Ttils s'au ni.-nl was listened to a lib much interest, and i was followed by a discussion. In which Professors Hall, Let lay, Hitchcock and others ux k part In the etiological aeotion Dr. Wynne Introduoed Dr. Rae, the distinguished arctic navigator,to the section, who ease a brltf but exceedingly Interesting account of his N'< Mbera explorations and ibe manner t? which be had ' discovered the relict of dlr John Franklin's party, which | be xblbtied to the section Dr. Rae wsi originally employed b? the Eng lth govern mrnt, and at a la'er perl d by the Hudson Bay Company in but rarei, for Sir ohn Franklin. He described the Ki qurmaux with whom be was thrown In contact and from a bom be procured the relics, as bonnet, ant very cleanly ? in this reapeot differing ecuroly from taos-tfailen la with by Dr Kane on the opposite tide of the strait. He paid a at iag tribute to ihe memory of this dl-Ungutsbed and zealous navigator, who with a slender share of health bad etcouDlr red perils or no ordinary magnt'ude, sod auth might well appal tverj one, however strong in nerve or barej In coostltutinn Dr Use replied to numerous Interrogatories propounded ; by Mr Haldertnan, 1 ?r W > uoo and others, and Anally i leaed bla rrmarks by eihitmtog tha rems as of the ill fsted party about whose fate there seems but Utile ro im for doubt last evetlrg a largo number of parties were give* by various citl/oos ol Montreal lo tne savana and their fetnl . liar, som* of which were very | lea?ant, and others less so, 1 but all were characterized by tnuoh good feeling I The chief dlflic dly which has Interfered wlih I tbe social of the aas relation has booa a , dearth <>' general parti" a, where all toe mnrohars c mid 1 n eel ooilpcuvely. this evening,hove er, tbe Mtyoraud 1 Corporauoo give an PO'eriaiument to the Ast<>ci?t|yn, I abich, It Is unfer tood, will ba attended by most of ibo I fs biocables of Montreal. In Ate, the Association met In geoersl seta!' n, and after j pas log a series of coaipltmen'ary resolutions eff red by Mr Fillmore, aid Profrasors niche. Isrwellnn ami tnw tea, accompanied by appropriate rpeecbm from tbe merer* aijiurnel to aire; In Biltlm>re In A,ir1l nn*t. rba meeting* of the Ateoealion litre been marked by the klidett pereoeal feeling, and la no luttance b?a tor ?ubj n a 1MB btcb hoe given rile to anplnettnl all our mod, bul from tbe beginning lo the endiot the greatest Bartr.oi t and food felluwrhtp bu born prc?er-o<i A large numbe' of tbe member* of the Awoclalloa have a ready left, bul U c tbroof at tbe Iionegtaa It by n > meao* dlminitbed, for e room ie do eoooer ma)* racan fan It it ?ageriy .eoufbt for by iboee who are panning tamngu Montreal Id purtull of p eaawre. Ton It the or 'he trarelling teame Tor tbit hlgi oortbern latliade, an I II it rurptitlDg how many of ibe pattern by at from ibe rartout Staiee of 4e Union Independent of tn'we br ugot bnbrr by tbe meetlog of tbe .Vteoclatlou, at learttlroefnvnbe of ibe goeata at tbe Donegaoa are from tbe large c .let of tbe L ulled State*. Of tbeee, lew York ban never failed lo bate ber full ibare of repreten all tea we rrom the P ilm. [From tbe St Ixinlt Republican, Aug IS ] Ctnr Nut Fodt Kbad*?t, 4ogu*t S, 1467. Raring a few momenta to tpare before tbe ma I lea ret for tbe Slairt and my train for le fn'ure d rail nation?Oail romla? agrtenbly ti promltr I will eead yoa n few did Utge of o ir mot rmeoin tlooe tearing Independents the It ef J ly tbe etpedltion ?unef, making rapid prof rate and meting with ununual good Dneset, baring mrd with no aod lent, and artlrlng at tble point on tbe Sin of the tome mooib Ho for we here enooaateree no Inter rupuon from ibiflaot?ibe flying repiru reached ut of Cheyenne* being oa tbe Little R ue. a few milw woat of Patitreon't raacbe Upon a/rtrtrg at tbe Tori, we taw. a ibort dtntnee 10 the rirbi, a I'awnee Tillage, eoMining of one hundred and Bfly iodine They are on n hun-lng eg pedltion, and while panelag we ?aw a band of tbcm return leg laden trttb boffale, to tbe nnmhor of flfty. I ant nlgbt 'be men oomprtalng tbe party, who bad la nharge two beef caul, tralna of M<wnt Runanll h flfadde I, in'ended for Utah, name to tbe f. rt bringing intcutgenne that wblle " r.nnning" a party of twenty Ore Cheyenoee warrirrt made their appearance, promoting groat friend tblp, bcldmg oat .hem hand*. \o Tbe moo lor led them to cat, but when It wan tendered they Indignantly kaorked It away, and then one of tbe party attempted to get Into one of tbe wagone, bul npoo being pooh*! off by Stobom, who wen ntanding netr, he eery de Intra ely thit him unnlhfiP- mmivl Wrthh aKni in <Ka ?Kt?s* ?*?ni.a a compound Dadlure of the bona. They flr?1 a poo the IcdiAD* and tbnu m*le their sacaoe. bringing the wounded men wlib them. Tboy parked blm npin the bare hack of a m'lle, which w.erd htm rich atony that he atrraal<v| them to *boot him and ml lit* mlmry. The 1 n ! an? car* Had away a<* lea* than eight headrod head of cattle, ho Mr* twrrly oae horroa and roulra The wagotia they birred Thle occurred eomo twenty mllea rrom tb a point, and (Ire m lea Uita aide of lam creek. Dr. Cooper, oar rtiryena, by In* taUon of Dr * mmcr* if the fort, Mario 1 (bit morning to nwuult on the case. The poor fellow Ilea in the horp la ol 'ho ft ft. Win. wanhora, Ute ono killed, ww a native of !<?w Hampshire, and Win. Rabb from ocn'ticky. We expect to paae the place where tbta ?ad affair o>> carted cither thts evontng or to tn->rtow m?rnlng. Major hihn?ti n, of the United Suten Tnianiry, who haa been awaiting at thla purt an escort of a large tra'n to Fort larwmte, I-m jolrod na and pr^tecda westward with me to cay. Bring i.MklHed myaelf In military discipline, bo haa kindly offered to tako charge of t!mi branch of Ibo ex pedltion. I baro ninety armed men, together Willi Mr. ( odwon, of Clay oonnty Mtaeourl, and hie ilfteen herds on, with lila train ol 40J hear catde, and lbs returning company a Hiaiell At WaddcU'a train, aorompasled by ten eonliers from me fort, who go out to reenter the *ol*n stroh. Wo will tmernai, I hope, an Invlneli'la fog to the thejrnaea. As tor myself i apprehend no d'HIoiilly wbnlevor ' WM. t. HAOKAW. Frew m Niw thus*!** ?The omniboa depot and stahles of Meaara Mart, Thomas k Co., sad the stable of Mr. damns Tnm?r. worn destroyed by Are on lha night of tha I.lib Inet tWeoty moles wore horned to d^ath In the rubles of the omnibus una. The total loss by both area was about hmh J. Itar BluiiMoU t?rr?|Hi?u?uc? St Pari, Misswktta, hog. M( T\e Ckm.ituvtanal Cont>*Uvm? tfjjarL at Kn tmdliatian? I Arrival of SmaUrr Dougim?Thr Indian TrouUat T*U >/ ' Mtl Sntllmg Ac The work cf compromise bet 'ten the tiro Constitution ' nl Conventions goes on slowrr Ui*n I anuotpated >o my lent letter. The difficulty arise* not out of any real dldereaoe which eatiu between the two bodies at to the petal to be ( reached, nor In the manner in which they are to agroa | that only one eouitltoUon shall be submitted to the people, but In the anxiety which exists on the part of eaab to secuie for Itself some party advantage in the setvloment The remark baa been very aptly made, that each party la watching the opportunity to " steal all the aoeeoat or the pick," and will not content to play a fair game. The work of diplomacy has been going on at Intervals daring the whole week. 1 mentioned id my last that a roaolution bid been Introdaoed into the Democratic Ooa entlon for the appointment of * joint oommittee or compromlie, which wm? voted doirn by a bod ell vote. On Monday let I the i?me proa tbie and resolution precisely were Introduced Into the Repu moan Convention and posfc d unanltnonily. Thic m >ve was made after full oaurrs consideration. and that party bo ilevoi themeelres to bare eeeured the ? Inelde trac?" ay placiry their body In the ran In the treat work or reoon dilation an" ba mony The next day a grant noonell of war wan held bytbe democrat* In oauma, to determine what waa to be oone It wouldn't do to play aeoond Od-lle n any arrangement of the oppoil'lon. and it w?i agree I ' a all hear a that such an arrangement, If mate at all, bould be mace In caucna. a < ??rns ormraUee was hereupon appointed to meet a similar committee on 'be part of the republicans; and ooiloe ti that edict was rent to the republican lenders, who alsi ralwd an oppuahlon council of war. noting upon the en we great mi olplr of partr taction, thuy refuaed o appoint any oa cue oommittee, but deermtaed to >eca In convention formal notice to the DomocraUc Ooa voi Mi n of the ronoluttoos they had prerlouily pawned rhc notice waa accordingly transmitted the next day, la the following shape:? ConsTiTCTio.vai ConrrxtioN, i Hall Hour* or Kci-riuskntativiu. > br Paul, aiikubi Ii, lHoff- i Hen H. H Sibi.xt, Praa'd'n* < 'flioer ot tba portion o* th? ilt-ier* t " to the (v< etltutlonat (!< uventlou assembled lu tinCouncil Chan herrf tbi? Capiio):? Sir - Tbe oo*u u l< nai Ooavfnti >n **Berobled in the hall of the r.nuae of Reprtwenlatlrea have thU day ptsaed the follow lu* rrsolution, vi* ? eevo'ved, That the Srce'ary of tbl* Convention it h errhr rir?ctet tooanmui tcate *o th preeMim; -ltfloer if lhat portion of lb- t! lr*a i-b to J>c < oD'litu loiial Couv-n h n araemblcd Ui the Counrtl Chamber of this Caubol an aite*led nony of the pr>am*>e and rreolnttr n* in reference to a Ommviltte af Con lere> en. adopted on the ,0ta Ins ant, and tile oiflolal aotlon of Utla Convent on tbern n 1 have therefore the honor to communicate the eucloacd atteetrd pri mhle and resolutim, aa ths same pua d Jtu body uu tar ijvii uii. in j, U A. HaBCOUC, Becrrtary oI the Convention. 1'RPAMBI.E AND RESOLUTION. Wb-rr**. the pe'sona who were rl-c.ed hy the people of this 1 nr. lory to r-presrnt them Id a Constitutional toareDtt*>n lavt>|t * at M? apfol > n'he day appoln-ed by Iswforau-h meettpr. and hHvlrg disagreed npo- eoote questions which UT?r it the vourve ot farming it temporary organize loa, sejarrtr-e a-j fivmed two d'stii < Conventions, In numbers near y ?* u?), and are row fnrm'.n* two parate and dlidnnt oonsll ! tn.'nns +i b? preren'ed to the people And lSbntas. proceedings no ex randlnnrr In their character ' will hive a tendency to tnjore the reputation of onr p'onle?to 1 lerrrn the re tidenee rf the oth*? 8 ales In oar Integrity. ma ' i.ltv and patri .Uim, and place ua In a Ulen poalilon before , th-wot'd; therefore Re'olvrd Ibat a committee of flee he appointed by the I'fcalden of lhi? Convention tooon'er with a committee of an -qua' number If appointed of duly elected m- onere of that portion of ihem who are acini* *er?ra*el> from n?, and that It hall be tie duty af inch eonuni we to conatder and agrne upon, if pra tl table. and renort mm- plan bv wh ib'neiwo bod lea can unite upon a single ooneututloa to be uabmiited to the people. CONVINTIO*, HOU-P Of SlPRV XNTtTItB*. ) hr. Paul, August 1i, I-,- f I I hereby certify the foregoing ?o be a true c -p? of a p-e?. n l ie ard resolution which unanimous11 pais d tins body 1 the liRb in .tan. L. A. BAACC K, SoaTSta >. A majority cf the democrat*, knowing that the resol lions were to c >me over on that day, were In fur ,r <J lasting ihem, trusting to the shrewdness of their owr committee to set tbelr boiy right wben the final settle mettebould be made, but tie aaaurauoe of the ojp'" lion in ( themselves '-Toe Uonsdtut local Con .*sn tioo," and In addressing the democratic b dy a* "that portion ot the delegates," Ate .entirely upeet any of cone; ballon'thai mlgbt have eti*tc<. amon* than .ne, coma nnleation wa* referred to a telect commit.o w ih Governor Gorman at It* head, who tbe next J?i a remitted a long wrtticn report, in wblro UM II ur> d d.gtny of tint body wa* folly vindicated, caoeng with t?e following rceolutlon^whlch wa* unainmocrly adopt* I in couyon. u n ? Reeo'ved, That thl* Conet'tnttneal Convention cannot re reive an) communication of an- b ?1? of men ujsumlng to be the < rtalltuiloual t'oaveiitlon of ihla Trrritorv. ny whloh the legal character of thl* Convention can be called la queatioa. A meeting between the democratic oancua committee and the republican ounveat'on committee was subsequently bild, but they brought up on a question of etiquette 'be eery firm thing, and separated each with a very unfavorable opinion of tho manner* of tbe other Bran Biumtnei blmaelT wa* nerer mot paoctHUou* on a queatloo of enqueue than are these two CooMtn Lionel ConTenilone 80 the matter standi Both oonventlon* hare nearly finished their work, and will probably adjourn sine a in the course of tbe present week. 1 am Mil confidant that one arrangesent will be made by wbtoh only one con ibutp n will be lubmlUod to tbe people, or et leaat by which the twe oonstitutl na shall be mjbro'tted on the same ray, and allow the people to choose between them, be cause 1 know there a-e men la both bodies or loo math rood rinse and patriotism to permit tbe cooaeqnenoev wbicb may follow p? tbe future dtato of Minnesota apos a wat er of mere party quarrel Hoe Stephen A. Douglas arrived In the city a couple of days lii re, and la Iba gnest of the lis Henry M. Ktoe. He ha* been duly serenade 1, Ivvlted by the Convention fdemnrratlr) to visit thrm. ma in tae gnest of tbe city by the Council, tendered a public dinner, and In every respect llonizeo as the great demxratic light of the present day. It I* exp?c ed that be will render eaiantial sen-Ice in re ileviog ns from our present dilUouitiet, and it ti also et pected that In return fb these and past services, not to pesk of tbe future, be will net be torgotlen by the V'rneseta democracy wben tbe question of tbe luooeaston tor 1800 enters np for srttlemrnl Tbe cesrs from tbe locality of tbe Sioux Indian trouble*, which rt a here yesterday, la that evorythtag la going no qnie'ly, with a b> iter stale of feeling prevatlin*. lit ' aith them tbe ecalpa of three of InkptdutaVa band, and an expedition If being (inert ont, to which tbe United >:*ic? tro>,w are to Join, Tor the capture or extermination I of the othcre. Tho anauiuea will now be paid in ibe ooureo of a month. One or the moat Important trinxartl-ni In 'he war of real eatato wbltb baa i ccarrad in tin* region foraonae lime, la the a tie of the fort Suelllng military rexervatinn, on elaltrg or B 000 aorea, to Kitok Ste? le. The aale wai marto f< r til per ao e, and mate wttbont omoettticn, or even Ibe knowledge of an? coo here except the fortunate pur rearer, rbe land la rery ralnahle, and would eaallf hare brood hi $100 per acre If competition had been "i onu'tged It la not known certainly wbo are tbe joint pnrrharerr, bat It la report* it that tbe aale baabe*neffirted through 'bo agency of certain pereoaa high In aulbortty. frank Steele It already tbe wcalthicel man la tbe Territory. A* KimomwAmT KiWOAI. Can*?A DIM T*A" 1 return rocK-iKM Y*?a? moron a Ma.v'h Morn.?tr met witb tbe moat interesting raae tbir morning winch haa 03 eurret In our experience for e lorg time. We were lnteo> ctred to e gentleman wbogare na a practical exeapllflna1 tme of tnef .oederfel Fourteen ort(lf oooVear* agjfee state* that be wae oaaelrg ilown Kalomore atreet, late at Bight, during a hoary "Bow storm, whoa be met near Frederick I atreet, Ibrec men and a wom.iu He gare them the way, but bring rtolentl' j wtlert by one of ibem, be upbraided them j sow what sharply, when tbey attacked bin. Being a powerful man, etandleg about tlx feet in hie aboea, he aooe laid lao of them Am? du ooatta/, end rbaaed the other tt the oppo lte alee of the atroct, where ho felled hun to tbe grt-' t'd, and where loaning over him, he received a blow In the left w mple, whicb staggered ?a well at bewlhl -red him far a few momenta Upon recovering bim-eif hia a?nai>anta had Pert, and foelteg the blood Bowing pretty freely from the wound, proceeded to a pbyetclan, wbo aoon round that be bad been atabhed, the Instrument ratertng about hair way b <twe.n the eye and oar, and breaking^ I sh irt, iravinr aconxi lrrahle length of blade n hit head All of wta to extract It proved futile. Strange to ay he felt very little rain or inocnrculonoe from bin condtton Tbe wound aoor healed, and ha attended to hl? regular a vocations ae If nothing bad hanpeoert. Tbroe yearn after the wound a;-aln openirg, be conauled a mrgeon, who reeling the ragged edge of the blade, made general offWrtn 10 draw It out, and after conaldcrable labor, drew from the wound a portion of ibe bare of the broken dirk, which measure dwilhai a fraction of two Inchon in length Tblapart garb an Idea of Ike amount remaining^whteh waatnppoaed to be a piece of about the tame aire taken nway For eleven yeart long' r did It continue 10 Ible condltleo, when, about two week* alnce, after naffer'ng agmat degree of pain 00 the right etdt of bit note, near the comer of hit eye, on the oyroade aide to where he received the wonnt, and a con ildorahle an riling appearing, be wem to i'rofennor Smith, who, open examining the dlreaeed part, found lh? point of tho t>l*d"t>rotf?.llrj;' It had actually far.-reed through the bonea of the boat, and, afvr fourteen year*, made It* appearance In the abe ve locality. Pooh in tt* poattlon, plain to ibe eye, and wotidi>ifnl to bo believed excepting by an eye witnma. I* Sroiib, ire understand, propwet. in a abort lime, to operate for Ita eipnMoa. W.- have orion board of ptna and o<edlea bring awallowod and tn aftor yean making their appearance tn dlflhrwt purtt or tbo body, but that the Made of a dirk, between three and four Inche* In length, should tboa travel, and throu(li booeo at that, f'-rmi an latTrrt'.og subject for tho ?iirg<v>n, an woll a? lb< common mind ? M?i/iatorr 1'atnot, AuyuM 18. aval Intelligence The United State* steam frigate Merrlmac la now pre paring for aea at Borton an ibe Hag nhlp of the Pacini sqoadmn. Subjoined la a lilt of ber olllceri, who baro been ordered to report on the (trot of September -Flag otdcnr, John C. I/mg; com man ler, R. B. Himhonek; Int lieutenant Klohard Watnartgbi; 3d lieutenant, Thoman M. Ooeaan, 3d lieutenant, H. N. T Arnold; till lleutenaot, W. H Parker; Mb lientonuit, Vf. Sharp; Qlfe lieutenant, S L. Breaao; Heel snrgeoo, D. 8. Kdwardn; puraer, A. A. Belknap; pnaaed awlelent anrgeon, Albert Shrtrer; aamat ant ?nrrron. 0. Bloodgood; chaplain, I'harloa A llarta; boatewain, 1 Wllutarah. runner. W Arnold, carpenter, John Ureen, mllmalsei, David Bmoe; ohlef eoalneer, R H. long; I at aaalatanU, U D. Hibberl and C. H. Utring; td arrirtanta, John Hoilina aid t. T. lambdia; 3d aaatteanta. Hien Hoyl, ?T. L. Wallers, C. B. Kldd and John JotlMM. AnontTwrrra *vt> PaoarovTown ? Flrat Ident Algernon S. Taylor to be a captain In Ibe marina corns, vloo t aptela II. B. Tyler, iiromoto.1 Second IJauA Andrew J Hayb to be a IIrat lieutenant la the marine corps. vloe Taylor, pro moted, and Myron 0. Rlfra, of Oonneetlcni, to be a eeoond lieutenant In tho marine c/<rpe. to All thn vaenney oooa iloncd by the promotion of f .ieut. Hayr. Pcamoa Prmm wv Mail.?Fr-rtnua who remit pnetag* tern; a by mall abomld fold them no In coaren clotting mm PuUUral laUUlftiiM. Manorm Govmtson ? the t*. Lou la Vemocrai of II huh fools op its Ubio of tt>'i role for Governor owe:? tOlIlM, OppOOlttOH hewart, demooral Majority fo? Kolllno Tbe Hiyui in of the suns dale fools op tho mi u follows .? Stewart. deoocrot Holltns, oppMitio* Msjortly for Wewart ......... THi lows CosMirtmot ?The now constitution f< seems to have been adopted, and under U (he p< that male will be called on I be second Tuesday of < neat to fleet a Ooveroor Lieutenant Governor, rei alive to the General Assembly, and successors ( Hen Mora as were eieoted is August 1864. Tbe Hep State Convention, to nominate candidates, was Iowa City on tbe 1Mb, and tbe Democrado tttele ( Hon will be hoidea on the 28.h of tbls moetb. Will Mattbmon Ratsoa'?nils que tlon la suited I quarters alnoe tbe announcement tbat Colonel K tends to move for bis expolaioo sbould bo labs hi* tbe nest Congress Tbe Home Sentinrl lays Mattes tales sbonl resigning because be thinks be can't elected. Tbe Utloa Observer bas the following ?' tsfoi med on good aelhortty tbal a letter request Malteeon to resign, signed by prominent republl he western part of the county, w?s presented M day or two ago. His reply bas not been made pu Dskkat Si'srscinn.?Hon. W. H. Orasford deoll Knoe Nothlag nomination for Congress in the Soot trtct of Georgia. Tns cosgsjfahtohal Vaoajtcv is Indiuu.?The cans of tbe Tenib Congreeeunal dtstrlot, Indian nominated Charles case as tbe candidate to Oil cancy occasioned by the daath of the Hon. Hamut 1Mb rnHGDMLHTAMil KftlfTM iTIGIf TVift FUrvWVHmHe tion or ibe Fifth Congressional district of Maryland bud at Hagantown oo fuesdaT, and nominated Oo M. Koakel, ot Frederick, for Ooogross Psari Bmriifo a MAMAcnrssTTs ? About fifty lihabuan t 01 Spencer, Mass., have spiot the pa days I riarching for pearls In a small brook i rai n ad elation The Wotceater !>'<, StcUt sayi great mau) ciams have been op ned a gooo dual key dia> k, sitd aboi t two'ty pearls round, the wb.cb can be rjiimaud f. om the fact that the pr t f that town iflbfou a cent apiece for a toff of th< them. ADVL RUSK HINTS RENEWED KYERY I ~HEW* RIM. a>|fl KKW?HJ.? XHi LrOHf. > HUM MO. 9 9 aU street, a sma.l IUdbaa greyhound alnt, U(ht c bad a blue ibbon around her neck. Whoever wll) r< or give any telormaion >bat will lead to cer recover oeive the aH ,ve reward and en questions naked ?ifk prwtso.-Losr.on tuksdat. in tu <P IU opposite Newark Bay, a ?k if, ooDtalnlnc rr to forty bankets. the tinder will reoeivu the atj v by returning tie same to the foot of Spring guoet be W H. HOD (Ml BKWARD- LOST, ON TUB -SITU AU< V?'' the IK P. II. train Hudson Btver Ballro pisnck's Point, a wal'et, eou.atn'ng a sum of n papera. The above re ?ard wi 1 be paid and no naked, by lentil g It at It Barclay street, first floor. ?t)A| RKWARD ? STOLMN. ON TUB BORK ipZU the ISth Inst., from stab e 116 First strec cream rolond hnree, black sirlpe down back, bind b spi't, feet marked, black mane and tall, white spot o bead, and a set of butcher's cart harness. Any pen In'orma Ion where the horse can be found will r above reward by ^applying to John hoe.our, b Flrat street. fitr hS.lVAH!) AND NO QbE8T10NH ASKE ? ' or stolen. *r >m the* iu". Fif h htm gold anchor walcv .nam engine turned case, nevei a re, white dial and brass cap No 6,1)91, and of no v owrer bnt as a family gin; also, a 'urge gold I 2- 31)1. 1 b? above wstenre were iet with the under repairs and It preferable to the *nder on returning est one be la welcome to No 26 301 the mjst valua two. t\ miuunjcatcins to be directed to Ootave l)i 219 Port office #cn REWARD W1U Bl PAID FOB THB KI Jti'l of the body of deary Ru'lhaiieen drow croMirK the North rtrer. trow the loot of UDm it' Lee, ob the erenlng of the 18th Instant, Held Bi waaabnunl nineteen years of age, bed light ourlf midd.tug h clxht, waa dreased In black cloth enet blech hombaz ne veet and black (Ilk neck tie. The ward ?11 be paid on rroorery o' hli body, by I LAMONT, M Water rtreet, or lfidtb street. Work rr CD REWARD W1I.L BE PAID BY OAP1 ?U\/ Htokley, of the Indepetdent Pollen, Wo 6 t (it the recorery of a gold hunting cute author !c made by I,e Roy A Fit, Parts, ho. H.llfld Aleo old fashioned oral iwlrel seal, cornelian atone, wttf W 4. on "ne tide and ooal of arms on the oth star* In the field, with a ceeacent and dnale atone o fnBKmD-HTtl.lN FROM 1 HE ST ?>DU fha-lea I Holland, a brown mare, 151 rice yean old, ll.Je ahlte cn for (head, together Ingle harness. on Wedn- aday, 19;h tut, n name stolen from the attble of Henry Rrt idy, a blaih bine eidea, rel wheel* and paen'. atlt a Any per leg ihe property, or flvt*g sunh Informatt at aa \ the detec'lon of the thief, will reodre the shore, p<rlon.-B. KT Wrw loKa L. L, Aug 30, ldS7. inn rrward.-thi dwelling oi V LU" Prater, No S Firat arenue, near U*ti waa broken Irtn thia morning betwten II and So the following (!->da were linen ? A jewelry bm all kind* of watch materia'* anC took, one carp* tainlng one bos alx down black ribbon guard* o lain: tig ailk maid wa'rb ribbons, one b I flee drhal a. roe boi fire cylinder watches. oaen face l?er acoh o open face, one box ali h>u ting ry< box in bunuag anchor*, one box flee bunting an UTpr Cef*. one box four Herman cylinder*, oen box, oer , octal book, onotaiolng about J104. I who may dleme- r 'he (tolen articles by glrlng i f' the De.inty 8nr"lttendenfi office, Wo. M Ff* will rentire a suitable reararl U PRA m Wo S F'eat arenas. near Uooai N^r Toag. tnreti ItilT. III li I HICtHD ?BTO ,hW. IW JCI gltt.l/"" ?b ut til (ID worth of fold and *11* a on>*. fork*, cups. rtuxa ptna. hrawleu c?ai< frow the airre of Mr. A asms. Alexandria Va reward, or In pmpoekn to the am via rem ned, oa de lrery to .1 O. Ktnrrr, at the Ofli <e of Hi# Hotel, Dor landt street, hew Torfc. > II ?An :n be hxd ooofiueatUlly by addressing .1. 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