Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 23, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 23, 1857 Page 1
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T H WHOLB NO. 16G1. THE BKUkVlf TKAEEDV* Ommni Inquaat a pan tin Body of W?fikifw.V?Mllct of Uw J ury?UUciurg* of KM. Jo yesterday edition rre briefly allude! to the fact or a ebneen/ affray occurred at the Shaw House, No. CBO Rroadway, between Tbeouore 3. Vims, an aotor, and Joseph Henry Wagslaff, a !?wyrr of dcubtf il reputation, M which the latter received a mortal wound at the handa of hie adversary fflnoe then we have gathered foil par t lea tar? of the affair, and prcaent thtm to our reader* a* Mows For sometime past an 111 feeling has exlited between Mini* and Wagstaff, growing oai of tome huslnea* matters, hat yet the parties had never came Into actual orlllitan before Friday night, when the tragic event took place About 6 o'clock on Friday evening N'lms entered ths sa toea to ?|ne*:tnr. and remained there durlrg the remainder er the evening. About a quarto* past 18 o'clock he rose In depatt for his home when W kg* aff entered the pro three, and after looting at Nlms for a few mo meats erked him to take a drink. Nlms refused IB partake of any liquor, when Wagstaff drank himself. Nhns continued to sit in a chair, when Wagstaff oommenosd to poor forth a volley of abuse against him, calling him a Busker, and using tomee 1111 more aousiv# epiinwa. r<ims did not appear to pay any attention to U>? abuse Hat was Being ponred down upon his bead, for be made no answer winterer to therema?ks addressed to him by Wagstuff. finding that films was not to be disturbed by the mere M of Isnguage, Wagstaff premed forwards toward htm Md struck him a blow In Ute faoe, under the chin. Even then Ntms did not ofler to resent the injury, bet endeavored to gel oct of his assailant's reach, saying,11 Keep awey from me, Barry, 1 don't want to have anything to do with yea." But Wagstaff, who was soar what under the m.1aenoe of drink, would not forbear, and again pressed for ward and struck Ntm? in the face. The latter repeated toward the rear or the room and leaned upon a chair tor support, when WagMairagain rushed al him. At this jHectare Mr. Meyers, the proprietor of the saloon, sought to Interfere and prevent any further difficulty, lie ran before Wagstaff i nd attempted In separate him from Nlms, when Wagstaff shook htm off and threw him aside. Wsgstatr was much enraged at this time and pressed hard upon Mats, striking him in the face a very heary blow. Nlms, unable any longer to control his feelings In the slier, and believing that bis life was in danger from the esatlaued araantts, drew a double barrelled pistol from his pocket and qmokly discharged both barrels a! the deceased, killing him almost Instantly. But oee ball took effect. Ittnterod the fleshy part of too deceased's arm, iben passed through the left side into toe lung, producing Internal hemorrhage, which caused death In e few moments. As soon as Ntms saw the cocdtMoa of Wags tall be walked out of the saloon, and vory eooflr told the proprietor of the niton that he was going heme, where be oould be had if wanted. Tht police were Informed of the oocurrenoe soon after Nlms took his departure, and upon information derived at the saloon, ihey al eoce proceeded to hie residence In Houston street, hose he delivered himself into their custody, saying toot Ute pistol had been fired In defence of hie own Ufe, sad the* be was not aft aid to await the result of the Core Mr*s taqotstikie, as H wonld thaw olearty tbat be VM pmlllnil to killing Wagiliff tinder lbs exi king elrcum the prisoner ?m oaareynd to the Fourteenth precinct elation hoofo, in Spring street, and the'e detained for Uie anulnder of the night. Be wee attended by hie wife, a yeang and beaotltnl I ckttg woman, who wh deeply afleoM at the unpieaeantneea of her buebaud'e >ituition. Ike body of tbe deceaeed wae conveyed to the itation lain, and there laid upon a titter until the arrival of the Coroner mere wae considerable excitement about the plane hi ooaeequenoe uf tbe rather public pueiUan which all paKlea bold. Tnn onitos-n'a tnqtoit. At tea o'clock yesterday morning, Coruocr Ferry pro needed tu Ihe Fourteenth ward atalioa house fur the purpeoe of holding an inquest upon the body of deoeseed. Ntme wm present during tbe lnreejgaUon, attended by bis wife and a boat of Mends. Tbe body of the do eased lay in an adjoining room, and was examined by Bra. Kinn. il and Wvltje, abo found that tbe ball bad yarned through tbe tloahy pert of tbe arm Into tbe left hog, and thus caused death. The following ta a report ot Mm proceedings bsfsrc the Ooroaer ? we Rrnckbardt, reetdleg et Mo. 4k0 Broadway, being sworn, deposed a* follows ?1 am carte*per fer Itr Meyers; wfcile I wae leading bar laet oren ag, about 0 o 1 o'clock, Mr Nims came In and remained there daring Ibeerering. be was eboutgoiag borne wbco Mr. WagstaiT mm la at abont lit, o'clock Mr tTagstair, a* be came la. leaked at Nims, and in a f*w inom>n<? asked hits to risk, Nlms r fund, wh.-n W?(*UiT drank I era him?tlf; vfeea be wae through drinking be turned |o Mr Nim and said. There la ibe rnln of this house," Nun* dit nee answer; iben WegrUil said that Mime oame tberr early tr tbe mnrntng. and staid the e until lito'jlock at night, looking at tbe cljck. with only iweatv f.ra oenit la bis pocket, Mm* ma <e te reply, ween Wsg<tatf went L. wards him. and called htm a "Itod damned sucking, loaf lag scoundrel, "then, walking towards him, he struok hire and or Ihe cl lu a middling hard blow: Nims raid, "tin away, Marry, for If you .lon't My anything I won't aay anything, and we will h**e no qoa-rel;" be raid ho did nit want to have any thieg to d" with W entail, an<l w.otd h m la |eaway ;Nliri?got op. and went to?ard tneba tk door , h? Mapped and taaoed on on J of the onalrt, when Wagelatr walked op towarda him and ntrutk htm under th* onin gala Mr VIn* told nlm to r> ???', m be old no wuit lo baveany thing to do with htm; Mr Merer* topped to and tried lo eeperatr them, wbon Wagetaff euvned Meyer* away ar t rutbad over an 1 hit Ni-a? a hard nlow m the it'e or the face. the t?k>w wa< a bard one. Nlm* Been"d hack *->?ut th-ee ateee, fill d out a douoli bar rwtieit p*etol, and pointing It at Wag?t?ff, tired Iwire at km whrn the flrav,ball waa tired WegHatt ?'ag?n?ed and turned a-ound. after the aecoad ibot befell; the drier wae quit k In eooitwniun: Ntm* ?to-t for a m <tnent, looked at Wag* elf, end tureed t<> tae door and waiaelout; bo ante be ?n going to the (tatlon baune, that it all I eaw of Mini; I ran for aeeutaaro. wheo a police? a i narue in, no awe ?ar la Ibe room during Ibe occurrence etcaot Meyer*, twyeolf anl the pat tie! ecgaged; ( d<d a <4 bear Nine malt* wm of any i tfeoai e language towar4* Wagwtafl, 1 am earn that I beard WagntaO ?ay t?mebleg about kboetlag Mma, tbtn wii while they wore engaged a rk>ar?r*a>' in Wtone erriiKd deelroa* to jet nut of the way all the time, Vagetafl appeared to l>e partially Intoxicated, and Nim> bad beta drinking pretty freely during the evening. I knew that III reeling hae eg Ho I between Vima and Wag rati f r noma time; WagrtalT and my father were n* |H mifii. i uvn nourn mm *v inii n wvuw ditb pt mn either no or the other 11' hi; I or re know fi na to quar Ml w?a any nnr; I never M> blm 'Iraw ptatol before, while Wagataff and Mima were m oonrarraiiM I he* .1 Ml<ua My Unt *ajr?l*if waa a huge' man thao he a* aae (wold whip aim; It -no ?w?o aftrr tfela Uiat Wat all bit Nltna under thr abta Mr MOyera aaw the ah !* r war n mwiii; ta? laat time W a?*taU all Ntma ba teamed ?a be to a rate t f. Mo 4M Rroatway, doxwed?That ho kept the bar al tbo above pla-w; J raw tho ooourrenoe htnh b4|q>ODed laat atgDt, Nim? name Into my plow o'olor.b, and roe alord ib-rr during tbo warn'og, Manag tl?? ror# nart of the etmirg homd iwoorMi*ro |bin? ( liquor, >? waa pear. ably dtapoeed, Wa;a,a(Tn*m ta about It o'clock; with regard to the oocurreo* wh-eh twob I'laro after ibla t concur aotlroly with the preceding Maraa; 1 did not hoar Mma inako two of any oflbodye waproaoooa a,war,1a WagMatf Niirw did rnt talk lotid at ay time dur ng the eveairg; thi flrat blow atrook by Wng'tafl waa not a hard one, N,ma ahowrd a diapoaltlop thnwyboat to yot awa* fr?m Wagatafl I board no mar aaad .har what haa alrrady boon iraJIfrd to by tbo young wan. I did not boar Maa aa? that bo waa going to tho ftatl- n bmiae, wten Nimr roftiaod u> drink with Wagatafl, Wagtail IrW d to fordo him 13 tho bar la a rrv c h manner J uttorf. rod with tho two when Utoy wero tngetbgr to prwwert Waga ad unking hire; WacMa.Trfid atrlho blot, how or, aftrr I lotrrfrrrd, wbon Mmr took out hla ploiol and Jttad IwICi In qni k aitocoaaion; I did not know that giro* arnoda Jrt'tot . Wa?ttall la a large air at man whilo Ntma k a atodlunt aiaod ooo. I mtot know Mma to bo on a - J ha a qoarrai before ; bo ta a noaneably oia gn * man; behwe uio abooting .Vlaaa trlod ti ?< away from Wagttelf, and bail banked aeperal f?at, IM lowed i>y Wagatall; Mma ooulii bar* run away from Wagatafl by rnnt.iag out of tho bank toor, ho wao tbon about ala foot from tbo door, whl?h led oat Into the hall; Ifibm would ha*a bad to turn hta hack tn WagataiT in nrdor la ornaoo by tbo door; Jart prarioua to tho ab mdng Wag tab wan Tory violent, and bla oocdm t wao aunh % would baad to inllmtdalr . bo Mi r* mo hank *hm I lote'lored. Itr Tbomao Jefleraoo .dtoct teatiftxt that aa bo ?M pari tag op Broad way laat aigbi, and wboa In thenolgnoor bn d of No 400 ho board lao ab it* #red la quick ruonoa ton. be wont lain tbo ralnon and thora found donoaaod tying on tbo floor; ba or am lord bla j eraoa an 1 found a wound ta the side and arm and blood laaulog from tbo Mautb; bo bad tho dnooaoei < alord an J placJ on tbe ouon kar, bo died la leaa than It mlnntoo after I entered; lh? woumi in tbo (Ida bad penetrated to the lung, and OMMd ,4mth John J. Rardrnbronk Wwtidol to tho good character of prtrouor, raying that ho had known h m to boa person ?t peaceable dltpaaitloo for the lart tbrre year* Wm. t. B Ollea a lao terlifted tn the good ohararler of Mr. ? taw, bo had alwaya kaewn him to be i ye tog man <* ?rable dtapnatttoe t. C. Wemya, nf the Fourteenth ward polity, alga tartl Mad l ? Mr. Nltnt' go id oharaitor. fobi."H bamawr* dopnaed that bo had known the prl oner It timalely for thirteen yeara, and thai ho war a man of g Od i "ftaractor nf quiet and inoffennlro dtrpatltion Mr The rnra Itooao, Work of tbo Oourt of Onmmoo Plea*, bad known deooaaod gig or aoreg yoar?; bo oand In dn omerklng *1 tbo oourt bu tneor 1 am quite oonldent he t** a laar>it; bta reputation war bad among prole* tonal people and ba waa exceod.'rg y b cater;ug; a E_NE' t it ink be drank rnn*ld< rablo; was rough tn bis siannun appeared to be a annrtr g character, blv conversation ran thatwnr: rancot exactly nay *hat bit bullae*# wm; tt was a ro't of tbylerl g buslne-s; he alw*ys teemed to have brcn drinking; sever taw him ttry drunk. J. bo Mntibnaban, Jr., lea I Bed that be knew deceased by light for several J oars, that he wan prevent In the Ourt of Hp-rial Soar loos on < n? ooeaalon wbeo ^ag?t?(T was ron tried of atitaoll and battery uuon a woman, named Mr*. Ward, a keeper of a house of proatttotton Tbogeaural character of deceased was very bad Mr Brockhardt, the father of the flrst witness, testified that the decease had larttaleaod to take hit life, and mat be ban 10 make htn> give bonds to keep the peace before a magistrate Hie charaoor of lho d wasted was very bad, Indeed. He wan a man el' violent temper, and was often Intoxicated. Coroner Perry here announced that tt was not neoesiary to lake any farther testimony as to character, and would, the e'o-e. call the doctor's mukiug tbo post mortem ex imitation to the elaud and examine them. Dtb Krneli and Welt to. being duly sworn, say they have made a poet muriem examination of the body iif H Wagsiaifat the Fourteenth ward station house; we found a gun nuui WtFUUU uu mw * I' mi III PlA MUIU "-no w J or tbo .boulder, ilio tlrectton of this wound ?u obliquely downwards and backwards ml ? the left side of Uto oLiuet; a prolk# poured Into thl# wound and entered U>e oiiral cavity; wo f >nnd blood flo win;; from ?he mouth and nostrils evidently coming from Ihn lsngs; no other gunshot wounds were' discovered on ibe body. We are of th op-nlon mat deceased eatno to bia death irons interna hemorrhage, the result of gun shot wound. Coroner Perry then Kldressed the jury as follows ? bum x.vmt ov rat jcut? i ou are called to I' quire int thia case concerning ibo doath of Henry WagstafT. If yon tlud that Ibe priaoner ahot blm while endeavoring to protect bia own life, yon will render a vordt# accordingly. If, on the other band, yon ttnt that he bad not antltclent cause to take Ibe life of deceased?that be bad ample lime to gel out of tbo way of hi* afprorsor, and that the plrtoi was not fired la actual r?lf defence, then you will render a verdict to that elltcl The oaao Is with you now, gentlemen. The jury, after deliberating for nearly two hours, reo dered the follow lug VBKPJCT. Wo find that the deceased came to hts doath trom wounds cause I by a pistol shot I) red by Theodora S Kims on the night of the 21st Inst, at No. 480 Brosdwsy. DISCUS BOB OP TUB PKIHOKBB. ('pen Ibe rendition of the above ven lot Ooroner Perry said bo would not feel justified In detaining the prisoner any longer, and accordingly discharged him from custody. Upon bis release Mr Ntm* received the congratulations of several hundred of hla friends who were tn attendance at the Inquest PROBABLE HOMICIDE UNDER THE HOWARD HOTEL. A Man Nearly Murdered by his Partner, tn tbe Presence of bis Wife?Arrest of Use Assailant. About 0 o'clock yesterday morning a difficulty occurred between James Megan and Peter Virtu, two partners in the boot and shoe store No. 178 Broadway, under the Howard Hotel, resulting tn a deadly assault by the former on the latter with a shoenaker's hammer, which It Is expected will cause his death. It appears that the two men have been partners but about a week, Mr. Regan owning part of the stock, and Mr. Virtu owning the store and also part of the stock. They have not agreed very well, aa Mr Regan was dissatisfied on amount of the money coming in slowly. iQiwruM/, ftuuui wo uvur u?mw, jwuruw/iiwii u?uw tn with none work which he bad finished, and desired to bo paid r.^ht do Ran. Mr Vtrtu paid him threo dollars or.t of the drawer, and wai calling out some more workto give him when Regan protested agalui giving out any more work on 111 the debts of the concern were paid up. Virtu, however, persisted In his work of citllng out the shoes to gtve to the journeyman. The story told by Virtu's wife, who was present, is that Regan ret eetedly toid \ lrlu not to give out the work, and brushed the pieces ell the counter several times ; that Virtu continued to cut out the work, when Regan seized a knife and's ham mer. that Virtu tcld him to put It down several times, but that Regan raised n high In the air, be then steading opposite Virtu on the other side of the counter; that Regan passed round beck of Um cturner where Virtu was standing, wfcen Virtu Mined the ham mo in his upraised arm to prevent his striking him; that Regan violent!; twisted tho hammsr out of bis grasp, forced htm down on a sofa, and dealt him several power fnl blows with the sharp adge of the hammer: that the ran as quick aa she could and polled htm off her husband, tearing nearly ail hie shirt off in the est, but, as the beHerts, preventing Iter husband's Immediate massacre, that she held bins until Ibe jouroej men present came and secured turn, her buaband fell perfectly seeseiess, and was soon tarried to Ibe boapHal. but bs ha* not spoken slcoe. There are live terrible wound* on bis forehead and other parts of tho skull, which is badly fractured, sad the pbynoians say he cannot possibly recover Regan was immediately arrosted by Officer Poole and taken to the Socor 1 rard nation hoc to, from wbenca be was tat en tn ibe IVmiva and lo-ked up, by Justice Uonooi ly, 10 awslt lho result of Virtu's Injuries He states that be bad ibe tammer it his band working with It; that ho did not intend l< ire It; itui bo was provoked to ibe as sanlt by bis partner anerap.tsg to take it away from him, end that la tho struggle be atrrck mm V irtu's agooited wife was with him In the boep.tai, and aaretnlttlng tn her atleoilors. Much ortfdii is due oPVers Poole and Tracy, of the Re coed ward police, and rwrgcact Weed, for arresting ibe airallanl, carry uig the wounded man In tbe hospital, and taking obnrgs of tba store wtth commendable prompts*** One of our reporters visited tbe City Hasp la) lust night, shil Ihhi bdr Vl.tu was atill I win. thuush hie oah II tu n e?e rtoerdlncly pr. rvtont, and II tM doem-xl daubttui by the ettai'lln* physician vbrlber be wonld lire until mornley No a>.Ui rnortrm .lamination bed 6>*>n lekrn by the Cor' nnr, from the feet net toe woaeded man tree Icrattlble ui<?t of hie t me. Hie eroande were exontdisgly eercre. Pennnel Inulllganir. Dr. Oodwtee of ibe United dtatei Nnrj, nailed jmtorday for Metre In ibe (team*hip Kultoa. ABUT XL*. from (lleorew. In lb* * eamehhi I din burr- Dr Wm f-aHBtitle. V !? Hfinl RgamiU* Br Wm WeddeL l?dt end f.rnllr. Henry fl <>d?. Mr? h'W farall< ard ou-r*i Mr Jielah iimaa meed end led* Vlee Mtrre ei .fane Nmlth Br Aleae-ider T>.ltd* n Br lonr M M?bb end lady. MraOOtmen MrJ*n>"a Urey led' end tamlly, Mr John i hnmee. kri iMb'le'Hmr rt MrJ*m?e Wood. led) ead family, Bine Ann ten'- Me lulVxA Mr Jxiore Palely end lady Mr .'tmienm Miebnletm, Mr Albert oxlrr, led) end bll.l, Mr nmni K?id, Mr ten t Rrdd Br John Wrller*?. Br 'erne# i-erdr. Mr II f Wt klm. Bet Mm Andervn Mr th mee MClreddle. R?r Dr Desirl ?n!ey and lady. Br Wm Wl' br t I? ,nther end Mrueo MrKilop Br? UrliT Hieberde"" BIm Cempbed, Mr Deter Ml choline ard iedr, mr Jneepb Hen \i? erd '?dy Biaa eer-A. Flem't.R Br .lainee Prleetly end leny Bri'barlre empti'll, Br A l-'iender hde ?rda and lady. Car' Aletei..1?r Mn'beraoii, Mr J T Th rnr'n Mr Jime. Ulim, Mr John O'Meal, Mr T hlmbawa. Mi Jneerh Mrisht l'<!r and 'amity; Mr He'ilel Pike, Hirer r .Icaa.c and Lll a* Del', Mr T H ttl'ehell, M r J H i -?e rene Mr Iia?W lohan, Mr. B Harrpi -n and lady Bred K IMtr Mr Ueo Hm II ea t i 3 in ateereec Tot. . US. from Inn-m end PcrtMBnu'b In the paeferl ehtp Marraret I'M," I ta.r f Rlobe anr la iy. Bra Meib-w.end . hi 1.1. B.s? llai, hlneno. Mies Pettier e, W.n t Cooper, Cher lea HueL of Intra. riruitm For RrntAempton and barre. in ateamahlp Bnboe? Mr T H Bee bo In Mr and Bre T M Hr^oaon, two rhlrdpen and rerean , Julra Here. Mr Vt'Kenaa IHHIama, Mr and MrilVen n rblld and arrraei. Mr and Mre Mrmted il. Mr aed Mre T B I'ale and cblMi, Vi-t A need, Mia. M Tench. ilr it ll-nrr end alfe, Br* RmnavtPe. B,a? Dyi i,e?Ulr. Mra (' Chatilu, Dr I'ndtrtrr end ttan InnyMcr., Pt B: Mr Ottenb-lmer Mr Am mm Mr ,'aaer Bllery Mlee K t?>7ler, Mr and Mre Hr?pdtn. > I M'aur, HI Todd B.ead Mr. r? Nlc?nta end ah Id. F A H M'urr, .1 B Wetr tl f Kelir T f''atlk Mi?e leila Tnnle Mine e .bottler, RB BuAea Mr and Mre d MM'iama and 1 n* Ldren. V-end Btafamennn 1 ree children and eee.ant, M>e Rieaon Rehn Mr Adilrl.b B? in*?t Mr H M>ndt, Mri Rao, n? end MrandVrv ttrrh.e child end errui' Mruiil Vn Dor )Ua ?n I *bU<l Mr .lutm H H> ??> Mr A?/.\ Mr AccaMM B?I M? M Vl *r. Mr H R R.> .Hrm Mr W ?bb.rfi llr f a U'lJr, Mr P rahlllliji Mr Mann Mar 1*1. Mr Lmpol I 1 Aim. Mr .Icrrpb ttlrjr*r, Mr C om?? Ralti > Mr A P l.n'r, Mr P M Ph*TI'*rl, Mr A Mam, Mr. Jobn 1. llwp Mr <tb* Hrbill. Mr?rfl Mm *rVr? Mm IVm."*"**!. T Pr/trlln Mr* P Am*J. Mr t>m l.?r?ta. Mr Jnarpb htlngrr, MM* A On'tin. Mir* Onnmi*"!. Fur Po>itb*mptrm *rM Aotwi-rp tn th? MpvmMp UropoM 1 - Mr* .1 IbumMlm, P Hlllrtnryrr I. rt'WAr>?<*p. P> H*^*'. P* <1 Prndln M>o Im'j. <1 Ttinreu, Rnml l*r %o?l child J-rnb Lrtn'roin, TVm** Par-,., It Anhrp, Mr* .Innrr. i?n ittMm ?n<i ?#r**n<; .Irmrvb Hi irk. LAar* Brick. R*ln'p.j<Pint her K'lM PMrbrr, J U trmollr, n A Wunwrlfbl? Uu J6 In r lrcr**c Por -*rann*b In lb* *<r*m?btp tnrni*D M *A-n??f, Mr nnrt MmMMwir*. Mm M m Hiirk. J W pear?*, (I W Inr* Irr. n, Mm Hale, MH?? Hal?, rt O'l nnnrll. Mr ntriohvrl niirrl *r? II II I.latUl* Mr* IV>rrrtt, KB-*aril ?! >71. Mr*t?l Mm Petirht* artcr (I MrPannM. K Ph rm*n M Ha ti Krwar* Ainhtikl H II l<anf*tMa, M Mir*xte M l? lie?/. * > Irininn |j*t?rtv?, .1 FUmbir**, .1 H C.?'nbrrF 8 Hen.*. *ln. .1 II Irfieklinrt J W t.Mmfcmigh, llnrrrr Hr.'"t '* L H*?*t Ml** Mary H?*ry flrnrfc Plrtnlr* Rnhrrt Hmnin*. .1 Ikrg'torM, Onrnr 1' pmttb. T Hrh*nrr. Jn H Itrlibrnw, Hrary In at"pr%f For Norfolk rmnrnhnrf Mil Richmond, la th?? *t?am?htp Umrwinwr (km . I) (! 1 ilhnan. i B 1 hnOia, '< * *'l Hon .? II Wr'Klrr. ,Um? V orv . Illm" m P < '.'"f * B Fnrad. I J ? ?.!? 0 H .okar'aon, C W UUlr, Hm"J> Ho?c, Wm Walker, .lohn am itr. Tinmna Perry, * l?e?1, a " 1 "ob" and two IMm. Wm II kremti, lady ami and daiuRiter Mr" leiyell, *m M*ry RronrtbenL J T flilla, A F Jabnba, f>ar'd Hl?r?, Wa y Trnt and ,*dr. R B <'on?'.Ahlr y ?* I mi i mot. *' ? * Rlnea, *ra A H?ln?v Wr? P Bahm Mr? Wdtta J map and lad<. A Horary T.llly .1 A P< mberlon, A 9 IHadan, It a-amcn In tdti Polel?and IT la I he a?.*? rofOatrVytrn In ihe a-ramehiii M?il<y - Pr A W I.eland J R Ward F TTn ma. H p nlnor O Rlydnn 11 i< Orrntt F F raer?. 'Mr and ron Miaa R roped Miaa WIUW, (I b Baeaiord ard IrfyJohr .Ido ?m?ne. \ I !>? ?, W o RoKHr ?; W a Wood and lady. Frank V II"'. (Ymr'er aad lady. Wm T Raod, lady and rlilM * I! Na.han. Mr nfoddard f- ? Warner, f l> Bnwm in, Hy Roberta R kl T Pu'ram K.I Ha let K llorhnuie u P Johnaon. I. I> < amp hell- and lUln ikn ei.-etape. Rtnoaiira Ban. ?Tha HI unerHeia, aa ihn I lira fF t" t?nror? to bar* a-vrrM rr 'orm ball" at dkaneaMed, November T.I ll will be a ra.hee novel night |o aeaj a h*i' ronm Hired y?d who daak'.nj belle* alllrod la abort priiidf *ia He# .""T i" *7 w'JJ e*cl:de w?l ting irora Uia pr^ W YO SUNDAY MORNING, METHODIST CAMP MEETING. Origin and History of Camp (Heating*?TIm Kncampmint at Turner'*?A thmtlCable Spaealation? Wlnt tba Hretharn do wttn tne Boi:<y?A Convention to be Called ? Soma of oar City Katbare on tba UrouuJAn Alderman get* very Happy?A l?eadt. g Bember of the Bar "on Probation"? OUtingialabed BlnUters?A Scraecblng Mater? A Warm Ulscunlon?A Financial Appeal? A rnrllllKg tnieodote? Brother Mammy Mings "llappy Day," 4tv? die. The aiiDnal ,olnl camn meettnr of the Naar V?rk and , Now York Rut Oonforeccsa of the Methodist Episcopal church ?uduly commeoced on Monday last, August 17, at about ball a mile from Tomer's staMon, on the New York and Erie Itallroad, and forty eight miles from this Otty, terminating on Saturday morning with ustruordtnary religions exercises, the "brethren and sisters" continuing the whole of IMday nt(ht Is singing, preying and otbfr characteristic oeromonlos. Oar reporter arrived at the esmp ground cn Thursday, and remained till the close o the meeting. He furntahoa the anbjoiccd graph n account r.f the appearance of the encampment, the order of exercise*, together with the suenn* and incident* on the ground, prefacing It with a brief history of the origin of "camp meotings," and a synopsis of the arguments adder ed In favor of and the objections urged against this disUt ctlve feature of th's influential denomination by a largo ' nuiobf r. of its adherents. The advooates of this "peculiar ! lnslltntlcn" affirm that tho "brethren and slstera" who differ from them In regard to the benellls and advantages ' tu be derived from this "means of grace" have hnoomo faabicnable and arlstoorallc?thai they are Innovators, and : have departed from tho "good old way;" while they re- j tort with as much vehemence and pertinacity that their accusers are "old fogies" and creators of needless excitement. But wo will leave thorn discussing the merits of > the camp meeting, while we proceed to give a rapid sketch of ITS OHIiJIN AN1) HISTORYThe "old frgtea," (sot a very sucdmoulous appellation, wo must confess, but one which has been given them by th?lr opponents In the discnaalon of this topic.) maintain that grove meetings were Instituted by God himself, and if the authority of the Bible la to bo relied on, their position would seem to be Impregnable; for that volume Informs as that In the distant nasi the ancient Israelites used In dwnlt "men days in booths made of the bo'ighs of goodly trues, branches of palm trees, and the boughs of thick trees, and wlU>ws of the brook, to rejoice before the Lord." These religions gatherings are preeminently designed for the eierolse of the reelings or emotional nature, In contradistinction fro a tho reasoning or tntellcctnsl faculties, as will bo aoen by reference to their origin and history up to the present time. Camp meetings wore commenced by tho Presbyterians, BaplliU and Methodists, In llils country, and they held their first meet teg on the benke of the Ked river, in the bin e or Kentucky, in the year 1799. Thus the 1 lnstltntatlon" which we have essayed to depict, and which we believe the seqael will show U> be a "peculiar" one, orlglnaied la the South. Two brothers, earned Mcflee?one a Methodist and the other a Presbyterian? left Tennessee on a religious expedition to Ohio, and while jonrneytng tarrtod at a settlement on the rlrer to participate In sacramental exercises. Tho MiWho diet brother accepted a oordial 'nvttntl on to bold forth, and tho Preaby teriau also oomidied with the request. Their addressee are said to have produoad remarkable effsese, so much so that the Presbyterians retired, not being aide to stand It. leaving the Methodists nloaa In their glory. John, the Method st, was urgrd ? repeat his discourse, but es cased hlmtelf, saying hat be oould not do so, on account of the over jowerlng nature of tta focltaga. Too excitement erased by these pioosers is said to have beun "Indescribable ihe occasion was "woa- erful, ' and the result un paralleled." Tbonaaads flocked from (he surrounding vUlagsh on hearing of its extraordinary movement, providing themselves with the equipage neoossary for dwelling in tenia, o * forgetting a bountiful supply of creature comforts; and we may aid | that tbts senst ale practice la strictly observed now a days, j for we perceived thai the tables In the "rofrnahtt'eni tents" at ihta camp meeting groantd benealh t-closdof dalnilea funvlabed for the brethren and sisters, Immediately after they tad received spiritual nourishment Those gatherings were originally styled "general camp moot lugs," by rvasnn of Uie abeeouo of a spirit of rivalry and rnvy airing the brothrnn, which bai been sa pioduotlve In geserauog the wide dlffbreoae* that are keoen to eitst in the modern Christian church. It Is stated that Uio i highways leading to the grovue where the Ami meetings were held were thronged wlih men, woiuen and children In every oonnrlvavle kiad of vehlolee, and that In mam Lnilanooa villages were ooaiplolely donor.ed by ib Ir inhabitants, all hemg attracted by r irioslly to the campground. On one of those occaaiotit, It Kentucky, I. was estimated Ibat not lees than twenty thousand pert in? wrre prrseol; ar t we are informed that a large numbs of Presbyterian ministers, who had formerly U-od "with cut bope la the world," fell upon tho ground like Hani of larsns yet from aom< oa'ise or o'ber ibey dee one 1 It pro deal to retire from the field, but the Methodists continued to held their mretlngala vs'tooi parte of the country, wlib all their native arlur, Ull they have been Incorporated as rart tnrl iiMrfnl rtf Ih< Ir v m Mn<t rr.twilh.l .iu'loe An poalllon Tram Influential quartern, havo b?en maintained wnb roof or Ice* t flic ?ney uU the pieooo. Uao. V annua &re I ho argument* brougni 1 or ward by U>e aj vncete* of three mcelirgi to f*v jt of tbitr perpeiuatloo. T>ry affirm that In pleading for th??? mouatv wiod b?h'*i they oaly por?ue tbo oourro wh'.ob cdi.oeUonal and political aoaontaunna ado, it, and arguo thai If aecnlar battel bold conecallou, get up una* mctlinr*, |?rIi.t Uamlng tila oarra, adrorttae (Itruogutrhod apetkrra.aad roiort l<> clav tiap la orrli r to ruan.:i#< turn excitement. they bare ao eq.a right to boll grand neutral couvocatloci* an] tbu* aa'tnai'-eat b other by Uiiir p'retnie. In J to the brethren, wo tuurt nay that, unlike Uie projector* of our maa* meeting*. they do n<>t adrnrtlee the naoine cm a n im brr ot "dto'.iiig jjbed ^ pi alter* ' whom tbey neror i <oeuitrd and whrte abaencc la apologize! for at tbe oomiuen.n irat of Ihe proceeding* by a "prerlooa eegage men'. " jnnuer argument i* that tbe chief inatrameotalltr which Jiborih mod to aultc ble poop e In the bcuda of ioHow hip, < at tbe Mtna.i >o of fratu whr.b r. quirt d tbetn to co?|regaU ao I bold eocial lutrraonreo Id the Duly City, apd that who. tbey b cane wit ked their return to three feetlrala ? iauj umootai m their reetora Hon to neloa. Tbey eh' rm that In the temple made with baeli tbey arc compelled to be formal ant) to oom.<ly to a ce-talo et lent with the ro re of fr'ltc aociaty, bo' obtato relief from 1 thepriapaod parade of taallotable city chorcl. 0* 'a na lure'i o?rp utople, by (I log full real to Ihe ouigoaMar* of their ferfegr that eeeu'ar employment* take op to reb uo.e tool wben tbe J*bl>ath arrleot, min I and btxiy are to mcr b jaded ?n<* perplext t ae to prevent them hxlag their ai'.Bi'i oq religion* tulj < *?thai their mind* *ro 'pone to winder,*' and lo ipite of tbcmv'rea fhef wui rejoice c?er a ruccetafel vary tin or weep on account of a bcary failure, while iltt'ug la their pew, and tbe' while the a.'Lieter U onr.rg Into tbe pr m Jed lead, Ihey are (Irrreilag here below. Kin! cf there ca-thty toy* ad ergoe the r?c?t*Uy of bnlelpg p*o?racted reeeon* of dr.voUoa. la order to from tie ihrlr tpirltual deve'o. erned thry **; thai the lecdracy of uaruttoa* lo wearldo ' ta rimtrkabh ?thai tt' a lamentable troth that a largo p rtieo of al who are "eoe?erUd" ?oooer or later allow tbr iplrilral tbermomeier to dceeead to the hcet ng p let, bile many tao far below zero, and believe camo m?et luge lo b? a poeerfni auxiliary la " lint tag the dy tag om br a of pie y Into life ' It I* raid, tao, tuat oar city mle Jtera, when la tbe prove, throw anno all cio/'uu <o?l fcrtri, aad prod roe aetouadiog cTede by their oratvloai pewrrm. The camp meet ng advocalee emcrt that la ooweeqtenon of the aociai. edusatloD*! and parental aMociatixe* watch urrruad "(Inoeie," taken la connection with Urn tpahy of the .ember*, number* can't "iet rellgita" at bema, and many of tbrni have been eo benevolent a* to toot the bill of parncular IndiaiduaL-< whom tb?y Indnneil to go to ramp meeting believing that on their return they Would ham acquired aafficlent oourago to "go oo their way rejoicing " A laree majorl y of preacher* bare tweo converted at ramp mening?autnrg the reat Or. Flak, of New t> gland relcbrlty We may note a few of tha objection* which the m*!or I pnrv~n or tna nta.iartin and an?toerat mambnr* rf in ' Mrtbortttt <trronilt,*tl<?ri h?-e 10 rump m anting* Wh?l? tba j ?d?tt that yrora waatioy* war* oaaaawary *"4 pa? per half a caatnry ?yo, tbay dawy thair atpodlaany at tha praami day, hwir?f thfff ara ehnnlic* bow toaoc<rm r odato tb? perpla FornnrlT th? rn nl?i?rl?i rmk< wore thin n?l tha popnWrTB hot Kif lh? prof" "Ion M ?oll Ulltd and tha "Bkrrwrt h piantaou*." rt l? Mid thkt r?mp moating* nra *>t.wS trtl-e of nvrb kvtl, ma ihctr ad fur i'Pk roarfl- ibkl ?orh* il'riil ant afford, lib mi| datiyn, aliunHit o,nn. Munition for alnncrtto mnnl fr*? tliolr doprnrty Tti j b>*nm? Intixloawl ani set up "Jolly row*. ' ?od thi ? dtatura kbo drrnti ma of tbe brath PfPU B(d Bl'IP'B Tbmr yaihrrmyn. It 1* nUayad, art nnmortoa of rnthnat kim kvd rvHri'xiB rttrBvmc*nr?. that thcro I* ao rniml I Dolor tud ahnntiap tbare a? to partially dnranyo a rprun rlaa* of tadlridna* of norma* trtnparamoal wno rmgot to 1 arold all ara'lar* of errMammt, hut who are tha ra y ) oU?* ttat ?a?k tbeto anaamb"ntm?. atd that ihoro Bra aoma J Chrlaiiana who ara ao danttio'a of good ??n?o and pood i manner* ao to 'ndelja In raliyom aatloa, to 'bo yrlafnf tbalf mora rarllMa b-athrrr. aad to tho W|.;ry of iha I ftknia. ft i* m? ruined, on tha other hand, Ibki (>aopl? I afovid praha Mod aa loudly a? tha politician rb?ar* bin mtdtoata. Ihrup maatirgi. It In notarial, are to? rrpanj tiro, and thai tba rnligimir roml* attrlbuial to tha * In j rtrvtiuB'kltn aro boi rntid, axrttaaMo poopla mtk'ng an ?do ?t ?i'i*h tl?a? to rary bltlo purrvtoa, ard mat k ! targa nt mbor of )<o?rt at gathar together, profeotitnc | ?bat lhay do act Tar I. It rtnpol ba drntad tha' a l*?yo majority ff th? m*mhar? cf tha Mfthodltf denrtnlral'on who aiiead *nd p??tl | otpaia lb thara romp n.acttog* ara poro-ni* who, irom ' thrir praitloB and alfC'inmtaor*, hara aoi nojnyot tha j i adraatiyeg of m'btal cnltura Although tha . |epfya>a? I who coaduft tha atcrcta-* are yeno'allj' man of plary an<l IHararr rapu aiwo. a* will ha *ean hy tha n*"na? of #nwa of tha offrla'.in* Jilnlatara on tha (rronnd <bia want, oarar triataaaitUanlaaootroTartiblaftet thai tha*a grora iwd ??art -M'aircl by a c'aaa of rote aad wDtnca wtoM tc R K I , AUGUST 23, 1867. Hfiora ferHngs aro exercised mainlv through an animal and physical ahaonel and whntn minds are necessarily or?t>a?M for the want of opportunities to devei'>i?e U>h estbetl] and reasoning pswttrs, up n Use proper training of wblob Sba bArmnnlocR man)'miration of a rell*lous character la so mioh dependent. Thest well mean lag bul m'sgolded proplo commit a gro>t error whou ihey forgei that human beings a r differently oonstlmted, and require Turious UiOurncen to aSiot litem Homo peraoua art) ar dtnt and enter into ihn a irlt of thn ooia?lon entboaUfitl ca ly, while ethers a/e pblegaiatlo aud warm at* gradually. Tbe real eld oHg'nal Metbodlcl eibvrter at a cstnp meet log dceira It tncltpenrnbly necermry to an30mpany hta aplrttoal maulftnaiKBa wlib every physical appliance; be lutcltlvily cenulndt M that a man ban not ''got religion" it be In not able to jump a trial tix feel from the ground and vool'erale wlib tbe stenloilan voice or a Western ttamp speaker; be often rncerencnmoaty treats a delicately con Hit .tea "brother," wbo could not if be would, aud would

Iot if be could, give vent to bis Jniir-ts abets addressing the Author of hla being in auy oibcr iban a aubdned and reverettlal tone, for tbe "okl fu*y" al hires strongly to the belief that uidox* such even ion la made wlib the vocal organs as to t ri.alr.nn thn physical Eys'ens,tied could nut hear kirr., and liia prayer* would be unavailing Tbus tbe (.j .III uluns uf an intu.ligcnl ted culllvaled mlud la dislu-. bed, aud a footing Of disgust is nnwiti^gly created, rather tbau the awateising of a sympatt otic cntd of mutual adoration Herein censiatr one of tli: leading nijectlnni wblcb tbe mode n educated Methodist tai to theat grove meetings. Anotnoi ti to be found to thn utter dlare gard paid by the lower class to ail tbe lswa of veealHca* tlon, nr.d their inability to appreciate true poetry. Ai these gatherings they throw arlde, iu a great degree, tb( standard hymn book of llielr church, wb cb oontalna tove rat brndrod of Use toeit specimens or sacred poetical com pot ltlou. the product of tbe genius of Cbarlns Wesley, tb*t whom nero never has bom a brighter luminary In th< poetical ttrmamen'?*s I be author or every denominations collection of reared songs will abundantly attest?subtil listing wretched doggerel and hdapt ng tbem to Use popu 'ar a eg ro melodies of the day If Wesley were to arias from ble grave and listen to somo cf hla f illowera roarlnf out horrible rhyme, to tbe tone whtob "Mrs. Uunnlogbau and her Baby " Isauug Us tbe "free and oasloi," to th< niter disregard of bis sublime productions, wo imsgino ti would be loo much for bis unruiUed disposition to endure OCR DKl'AIUTR*. Wo now hastri to give the reader a description or tin ramp ground at Tamer's, and % laltbrul aooount 1 f wbal wc witnessed at tbo so no of action daring our stay A? wo t-.jim already atatcl.the looality In wnlch th? New York r mp meeting win held Ihl* yoar l? forty aavec tr.ile* '.rem the city, on the Near York and Erie Kali road. Oar reporter poeted btmaelf ap somewhat aa to the man Ber In which there meetings aro oondaated prevton* to hta departure, and knowing that I took generally three dayi to get up the tiltam, to that everything eon id go along nwimmtpgly, bo concluded to wait till muraday Accord Irgly on the nit-?u)i>g or that day he took the cara at .lor ?cy t.ity, and alter a tgiBo? three baur* ride arrived ai Turner'* nation, ?hert a tormidai le array of carrlagot were In waltlDg Tor the purpoie of conveying pamongnri to the camp ground, with theprevious urdetttaodtng lha each brother and alator who uccaplrd a seat ahonld romn ccrato the ditver by tho payment of a quarter eanl (American coinage) when tney arrived at tn?ir dee Una tion Orn or two of the proprietor* of these machine foiiowrd Mr reparter ewMty, argtogMt* 'rice up.' end were *o ..liable ud o'Jtequkrtiii, thai he ae.-lonaly be yan to a*k himtclf If he were not one of thnte f iMunat in.itvldr.ala who t avogroatncMth mat unou U>em. Memory tbatt?iiprnlmonitor however,sugg-ntted Ihaiaahe u mon very flush of the ",oot of ad evil." ?nd that as the breth rrn and t later* had the reputation of an Intimate acquaint nee w lib IL Koyer.and w ore noted for their anrnpnlon* ex aotneva to furn abtrg "good thing*" to proration, be eager concluded lo lave the quarter, and Joined a number of pre dteirlant. who, Imrne.lately after embarking, wood* way to tbo grove, the road to which waa exceeding!, rugged. TIT* KNCAMnrtKT. Wo fetrnd eorielvea gradually aacendlng ahlU, and af lor a short walk rapidly apprnacbel the icnted Held, whlcl commanded a beautiful view or the fertile valley be nttlh. We understood that the encampinon: waa vultec wtib a great rain norm on tbe preceding light, Uts rail pcured in lorreuta for bourn, aaturatlng wo tent* and lh< ciiuchca, and otherwiae damaging >h? property of Ute eo ramped. Tbo warm ray* of tbo *un on the following mo nlog, bowsver, speedily repaired lao damage, and 01 oit at rival we louno the brethren rejileing aolfnoUiln, had bappaaed to mar ihatr pluaaure. Tno ground pr< rented a very lively aspect, not loaa dtun a hundred teut being pitched aroond a large square, which waa reeervo for the general congregation, at tbe aoath end of wblo waa ortcled a aiand 'or the oBtctatlsg minister*. on on arrival we learned that tbo liov J. K taaklp, or Brooklyi one of the moat eloquent mlnlalera of which the Moihodte oat boaa., ?aa au'iludian the morning dlvoouran. W Ltard a brother remark that "he dldu't prcaott a* good i he did on a former oonaaton." after orulaing around llUle we fell in with a verr Intelligent brother, from wboi we gleaned much eatuablo information reaoecting U manner la wb ch theee grove meeting* are comlacted. E I intormrd aa that .be oommliiee having the Sew Yor I gasp iiirui( us rr-argo wm a ?nncaaf muled body, at that ? few j i ? r ago tt.ev purchased % pu * of ground i Wry Fing for the pnrptwe or htidiog annual marling uiiult wanlt not be exactly tbe thing to make o .t ui title detd In tbc none of tbo Meuwdut i:,d*copi church, the commlttro had It mode out in their own u*m< In ct WfMM t i ilio fhrlittlr* ailord*d for rowdiea to rla Sing Wt f, they flocked In U-ge cumber* from New Vor rliy, a; . by Mr notnu* . on i <-\ d'jti.rbed the cxerelae ? -o mcch ro that tho oom? lure hove been oompolled t abvD'teii the Klit: Slug tpo u lotion and pro rldo anenmain 1 Alloa* at r rllaianne from the etiy.iuid In a local)!] * hlfh would not be likely to attract tho h'hnya. Th'] bavn fC,i?on to congratulate themrelvea on achlirrtnr ttu iteull thie year, fur the foraat In which the en -ampin#* a xr pitched bad newer been need for that or a el aider pur C' ?c, and tut therefore very atony. rendortcg tt im .* to promecudo without running Teat rub of fraaiurlnj m.e nr mere lunbv. Itdeed, a number of the luUrm ?letrn cm Id not venture oui of >helr ten**, and were obliged It r?sain cloeeted dui tog the prugre* of the eaereleee Urn aotir fell ?u badly that "be idiot no d our retrorter, with i mm -nlel ooenteianoe that ihe "had'ol onjjyod nothln at an" -unce (fee came a rttcriTABii -rue. Tbo Committee of Arrangement*, ooattnoed our tnfor mart profeea not lo make anything by the operation, bnt I i? a well knoen fart that they d e Unit jeer they maki an egret ment with a curiam railroad ocui|?toy to roorln viorinoof the proceed front the *a'e of tlrkot*. Th" ?#af befo < laat Ibry llHyyd I MO from the H tdan II *' i f'ntnpany; la?t ye.r g'gfO irom the Now llafn Uotn pnn?; and I understand. from reliable mtho/lty, the tho) are to "Ot %'Mt from the k/leG/n>|ioy, Title trilling tm ubi l? dlvii'd among tbvf committee A worloli minded individual would batuialiy lupoaeo that tboy wonld bare a champagne eupper at ihe nn'.riaihm of the'i a'-ore, but ibey do u<>t Indnly tn tna'. beverage The; lake up collection* aim, no Ihe ground, and receive h ind* tne revrrr.e Irotn thcr-n lrg of teste, hvrg'.ng : -nrr ti lo & for raeh booth, lor the week, aoonrdlog to 4*a 1 All tfct* monry, ' tatrt the h"*her who enligbtenod tie "they put loin uietr pocket to eorer Incidental etpeoaea rni ItHITIIeKW C4I.L A C'ONVKWriON. "A .01 bet of toe churrbe* " l.a *at J, "are opponed U thla way < I aorklng. and ll.ey ha e ror-xve I In call a M *en ton after the camp meeting, when every r.bureh wtl he rep eeerbd ey diktat- ?. 1 ?r tbe purooae of deriving feme dclnlte plan to fttedt a reform In thla matter. Bu y nool euro ihe brother, t'thev ean't do any thine tbe mm * ttieo bold the propertr and there ta 00 legal way of UA Irg It <>et of their After etrhaogiug raiuiaUou* we Mitia. rrrr official* on rni groit?d Oi:r reporter cr.rtlLued lr? p-ranibnlallnne and p?MK two of ii)<< 'lore r r? of the A'.r.aboiee who appeared m fDj >y the riagug a'f prajlrg ?f U>? brruirrn mo ?lifn a* much u ' m" *et.? jd the Inland. He learned thai they wrr? tncmHere of the Hmboem rhnrnn Sabtro >ent ly, be fell In withea *i.i'"iiio wh>. 0*1 from onr wicked rit) far a eeeron. B??m In the nertre of a praying olirde ? tit-r.trd by yoooj; fenuaJea, who wo-e for mercy." A CITT FATOItR "TORT I? AFPT." The Ald?rman rang "l.lorjr. Ha lemjth" far more loatlj loan ?ln l-g tainting 'or th< BR"1f ro Rn lorn y d lienor i,l., imI oor itpret. ntah-e *y rrofltaole Infi.r ? I thai ot.r City Yathcr waa "vtry happy " the orooedm ( day. a i.hadrmfl hbmbkh of tor bar b\routing. V V> tnktrr Aho. ' p. 7-r.n It w.'ild he a# wed loobaerve 'n panning. that toward fho enne of tbr rtrrrlara on There ay, a dicingutrio-d n.> mber of tb? Ne ? York bar, wboee frank. epen, lenifnaM oo.tntenanrs I'fdi tbcee wbo have huelicfi trornd the Uty Rail, ronkl be mm taklrg an active part in the prayer moetinir ?the bra t.naer* lo torn In fee l It la talrt that he ho laiety been "<-oo?!or? of the error of hie ware la re na'rlnf In tbe black r. publican rank* an1 bar etli'blli I t f nt pf "rerrotao" e", be ta new a tn-tnher of the damn r ai rally "OR probation." and ' ti? ?. m?ina Ilea lull Utile longer ha will be taken into "full Oomrauoton. '' mating rtsann run or tub groto?. Th re waa e galas* of n.A??<i mlt lttere 01 IhtrMMp r.. t ;, among atv. we ?r>' . . .1 the Rer H I ard m. CfearM k Hh r'r? lite C'hrletlw:i Jew and one of th? nvwt pjtlahod palpi! orator* in ihU country?and f)r .leeee T. Petk, au ihor of tbe "Central Idea of Chriatiaoliy." At won aa U?? regular iraraing tervloo waa roocind?l. lb. bretb en re bred to tbe "preyer to ting tenia" end engaged la ting ing, p a> tng at I th. ?e wh" wai ten 'Ollgioo tc cr-rie to tbe hilar Oor reporter placed b'maelf at a re ji? 'labia dirtance from the loaning rpirtte, but ounUgaout enough to all tliat ton Id be aeon A aCBttRBCRING PATRR They bad not been long In p.rogreea wh. n n Ibtnai' be cam? f?antt;, Jamping up and down In a violent manner end literally erreeehtnf M.lnr-y. 'lory," w Ui an unearth I) bo*I, whlib mm hare b?< o hoard al * dutance of ir m lea I'orretTirp thai a laryo crowd bad falh?r?d at th other cad of the teat, be bent hi* etepe thitherward A V lRl TH^CrMlOS. He rtlhod Prcrrrmot,i!iti?'? Into the crowd, and booi le?r?ed that two Tory reepccfahte loo* I op peatlemen werr hric'af an arprmoat na the utility of camp "etir," b->i en arrouat of tbo metre ration* of the jonnf woman alrra d7 refrrred to it waa Iwpnat.bie to hear more than two th'rda cf the laofn*ae tbey naed It waa ewldeot that one o' the oor trr to,h <.r? ,. ? v(l not a Me?h ?t el, while the o her zea'onaiy deffected thai denomination Mr A ?I am entirely opprrei !o th.e rho.itiap an I hat trotre ( do not beiierr a aidden oonrerf'wif, I aoror con Id be ernmrtnd at a namp meet ny M B?A iran be bora M air. and it la Oo1 lha' dcea the wort, tt mnat of neoeeauy ho aktleni ifr A ? I hare ae-rer rcea any ol this noise about nm *e-flora la other denomtnalltua Mr P then proceeded to narrate hie err*''*!**- 'itw be wra t>r<mfbt np a rtfftd Oairtotev. bow ho bectme araxa'n rd ?i h rreehrfriaoa, whoee etperton* wan a pood We'hodtet e?pe?t?r>ce, aid wonnd an trtneti-hartif by ratlny, 'Mo maitor how yon ran rt? P. reltptea !? rett ate*, and if a Preabytertaa lady wtih whom he waa a"ed, whe weal Utroi^b a reqr tIoMbi t'njjA be [ERA fore ibo got into liberty, hut been a Methodist hla opponent would have considered ber loo noley. Mr. A ?1 buyer oould be conyerud by any such ex Ito Best Mr B ?No win Hi oonvered by exnltoirent ; they a-e excited when they are converted, but not oonverUd b excitement. Vou mistake the etl?ot for tbo cause. If you woe plesdirg wljVa Judge for your life, you would i ot lay ''my life In kW- wt deer to me." but would get right town on ) our hMMtflpd bnnnmo excited. Vr. A. rettiraiw* n objections to this eel glous excitenoeoi, mating tttna adit lug-In bed uiinirter of tbo Metbodlnt i -btucb In Newark, and ono of her greatest writer*, waa i (DtlrMy o po?ed to shouting al camp weeiings? ndeed, to I bo Inetltntlon tueif. Mr B replied, obierylcg that tha Jen of old said of Christ's folio sere, "ihese men are drunk with wine " and Ibat be knew the minister alluded to, well P ihe Doc or btard blni about and believed him w ro sincere, do would lay " go a bead aud shunt an loml as you please " Mr A. Intimated tbat a well suown r*?tor? -n Methodist waa bitterly opposed to oamp nutting , In c*nte<iu-iuno or tbo uutsc wbirh waa created, and be hail said he viuld never pray In those gathering* because ibn brethren au i sisters who made It a habit of clapping their bands and ; gel lug up a terrible rumpus ooaloKed bis mind so that he cuulil not sjieak iotelligrntiy. i The ubiquitous Wr. B eat alio well acquainted w lb this t rnthcr, and did not give full c-eaene* to '-bis s'atei meet, and pulling a card out of his pocket, thrust it at M' a . t clun thai In htm an.I ant/ If 1 .IMn'l Kan htm shout on several occai'.ons, bow**' very near doing bo.' " Wfl loft tho brethren trgrthnr to ?n?wnr the summons of Ibe master uf Iho oeremnnis, a lio rang a largo hell, which ?as the signal for tho commencement of the after noon sermon Rot. Mr. Roarb, patwir of the Allen rtreot nongrnga Hon, was anoomced as the speaker, ?na a rigorous, polsted Ht J ekquent discourse be prewired, ftotn the words, " How sbutl wo e*care If wo neglect ?o g-aatsalralien f" Previous to the cominrp* etntul of the exercises A riNAN'lIAL Amur.. ?a meir b?r oft** com millet- preseuled a matter of bu?l nrri tcr the vonr(deration uf the hrctbren and slaters. lie talt that the crllretun to ra; the espouse* of the ground was t 0 on Wednesday <10 ou that morning, and ho now asked them for <60. "If we ehouId hapten to get $100,"' said the Unsocial masii r of the ceremonies, "1 assure you that the committee will dispose of It to ) our ontlrosatlsfao. lion. If you Ihlnk we wont, you may pot the matter to vote and appropriate it as jo t plea** " BK TOLL* AH AhEODOTlC. "A preseber.on ere occasion, when peadlngforaehs'ltable object, said that what they gave In the collection by ay of lending to the Lord, be will retu>n irn'o you leu fvid. There wr re two yuunr men In tbo cnngregatlon, who said to each other. "let ns iry it" (The brethren and titters laujth ) PutUtitt their bauds Into their pockets and pnlltng oqt sixpence they depea|t?4 the money m tne boi, remai klnjf, *'1 gueas we wont go loo dcoo " It <) happened that the father of these yoonf? men kept s large manuracturli g es abllsbment On the n-at day a gentle nan visited It for tte pimoseof lnssieotlng tho machinery, and as he ?a* ah< nt leaving, be sahl to him, "I want to pay you for shewing ate your premises " to which tho proprietor replied, "I will not racclvt anything, but you may hand the money to the txys if you like." Ho turned rout d and handed ten shillings to the very boys who had put the sis pence each on tne p'ate Hatd one ot mem 'Tom, what a fool I was?I wish I had pat In a shilling " Tho brethren and sisters Indulged in loud laughter at too termination ot thla Interesting anec.into 'Tutyour money on the plats," continued tbo masUr ef Uio norumoalen, 4??o that yon will feel yon have done right, and when yon ' get righs nappy ihout It out " la c dilution, he taid Lhey would "puah the battle :o the Tory galea.' BBOTBKB SUIT. i "Now. Brother Sammy"?add rot at Eg himself to some Y Individual In the ocngregatlon soled fur hi* voeal abilities ?"if we will slug 'Happy Day,' they will five ua ail the not ay we want, and then we'll bring it to the preacher'* trnt." It la noodle** to add that Sammy <1 d hla du'v.tbal j the brethren and *l*ter* promptlj responded to the elo quent appeal, and that all felt very happy. The mtqUler I then proceeded to addreet the multitude la a tone, elaatl a eal and clci{urnt strain, and wax lutened to with profound 9 aitenllon. Rev. Mr. Harrla preached in the -vening. HI* derortptirn of the arraignment and inal of datnt l*nnl waa k a master I y effort The eiaetrr of thereromon'.ea announced n attntcrvau that a certain brother loat a bat. that another r brother took an nmhrella(by mtatake, of courae). that * an arUal" of >ewelry bad bean found, which would no to t turned when Identified, ihat n *latcr had I net an article ot ,1 drew two will not be tnwe reunite), aod after ata'.lng that h the eiercbtl tuuit potlllveh cloae al 10 o'clock?at which ir lime tbtae Individual* who were fortunate enough to hart , tenlr would he on m pel led to repair to them, and all out ti aiders would have to clea* (he ground?he retired for Um ? night, leaving the assembled thousands to enga?e a dero N llonal eierclsee. Thua ended Thursday at the encamp i meat. in OONCMWON. in Friday morning dawned, and remombertng that U ww [a " the laat great day oT the fr*aat,' the brethren and steien k com me uoed Ibelr devotions tlmul am-uualy with the riaini id nfthe*un and continued with tut lotermlieloa to i-ou at forth a volley of pralaa and prayer till the dawn of Rater at day, when they began to make the neoeeanrv nruparatiun 10 for departing. We have air end- oorupted too much spaa 11 by our ha*t iy written aococnt of the clnelngn al oam| ? meeting, and wtll not weary Ue reader by ea vvtJn* bin I around the grove en Friday Soibce It to any that the tor lc mote of Dr I'eik an I the Kev. Mi mm Cortilt aod Ituklf a prodoced a wonderful efleut upon the audience Toe ea 0 rltetuent waa tndeacrlbabie, the ?boutt?g vociferoua, the tappiMe** of the "redeemed oeea" ecatatlc and the f ' mover ;on*'' numerous f Tba car* were vowded during the day with paaarngsr* t to New York, who, In the eapruaslvo language of a nam 1 b?rof them, returned to their radon* avocatltoa like giants refreshed with new wine. I Hrtlftoua InUUIgenre. ' Rev. W. C. Robinson will preach thie eviunng In the ? Mkmcrlal church, oorner of Uammon l aireot and H'avar? ley place. ccrmvua wiu u? aciircna ?u u?f, mrmiaj to'i ctodid|, Id tbr Jcbn street hint Mdbod.rt Kpteoopal church, by l*c parlor, Kor Charlea K- Harris, a ChrUl an Jew. \ Thero atll bo dWIoe service bold la ih? North Reformed !>ttfb rhur h, o rnrr of Kb.ion and William it/tola this " naoruiuf and artcrnocn. r Tba Kr?e Church of the Holy fraacollaU, nom?r o? tier k men nod Cllll iiroois, I* op< n for dlrlne eervloe avory 1 oufiday J. H Hobarl Hrnaa, ra?tnr. \ Rot. Cbailoe flprar, editor of the Pn <>? r'l Fritl, Br* Ion, will deliver an add ret a in the Orchard atrert cb rcb (Kor Mr. Haarjer's,) tbl? morttof. Subject.?"1 he , Cbarcb, the Ilone and the rrteon " i c uracil or thi TRehsriuntAnnK; . ?d ma mm ?' *n muia , lo yoor papvr of lent ."unrajr m?reiLK yon mention th? Church of the Tint Mijuraii >o u "au>"oir the I ,*?< opal i bunhea (oloMd " Ibis ch< rcb hut been opes every , Sunday aa usual, and wil ocuunue to ho ?o U. H H<n. dUCJN, Rector. Mat AW Off*. I Jenae a Penalomm, rertur of w I'aol'a cf.nroh, monk hf !|r, fcigirty ea I aiUr'ai riorf) mat, waa or laiaed by Birbop Kae bnro laal work. Mr Teomaa RpMoer 0|deD, aim of the la's Rev Benje irln iijdcn, formerly of Patrln^ioo, N I , waa ordained In itic Millstone rhumb, N J , on the tfttb lost , a? au I varyelltt, by the Presbytery of New ftrnn?wl k. and ei 1 porta lo rait In a ftw ?r%*? fr>r ar ; t, ?' ? r el >uary of 1 me orora, uWlar the ill -t-oaaei u,e Moarit of foreign Mu | o?< id of the Presbyterian rhurrh irritation*. I Rev ?> Thoaapana, oi Avodi, Mats , I>m bed an tnrC ibi.oo vi o?r m? 'vuir o. ira i o ctaurcb .n <-'.ioag j, M a aalary 0* rl.Ot/O Rat Chart** Ktjirr hw r-moved from Ntaeara Fail* to Pr iv'dfonr , K I , boring ar *ptcd a nail to tirruan too ' l?*tor of lb* Jell* raoo at<e*i church to that city. The -Uvnnd Prmht. r ij -hurt) of tod'aoan fa hi* 1 (Irro an aaantm-.-:* < *!' t. tn? Kit li. ' Tin P?il. lata-y i a*tor of lb* Thir l tbcrt ProabjtortaD church la UarVto, Ohio, a bleb bo baa aocot4ed. 1 Tb* Vlret llapuat church, IV orldetice, K I , hat nlac'ed aa onatlmoua iDillatoo id Kit, rtf Way Ian J to botmme > thptr ptaur, ami boto the oliue aa ring aa ha court *l?c* > of dot/ wl.1 permit Rao Mr Hr*cb*aridy*, potior of th* Mantlet cburm, | of lafajr J#, lod ha* h'via tavtt<-.i to too p Worth'p ot > Bapttit obnrch at hltaburg, at a aaurj of H.i.CO I Rat N A Prlc*, of Brooklya, baa are* pel a call from Uta Congregational (birch id Palermo, N J. 1 Rar R H Riley, ?f lliri* 11mIt, N V , baa amaptel ta litTHattoa of lb* Proab) <;rt* t no .'oh la Lwil, to u?" * oouotr, touooooto, and alU (ator on Bl* dutl*? early Ut , ' September i R. t R. M ittorre, p*?tnr o* lb* -"erecto s r**t nrr* I raitt oal church of iiai naati, aa* roceirc t a eail to too Pino Rtrael oourch ta B m o?. ' Rat, A P. Chute, .of I.jantold, fll, ha* aeoept*'l lb* call of tti* Ural Congrcgal onal ?* oty la Ware, **" t IKBT* f l.4TfO|ra. Rat O. T FTproat rocrtred ?n uoanlmonr Ball rmm the I Viral Coagrgallot a cbtir b In Ma*' ?D'1 * **"/ In no,led patter by the Pro* by tor y of ibenaago, on Wounaa ay, July I. Hot. J. A Rieaell *u r?orntiy tnrta lad potior of the , Prr.byltnaa cbuttb, Wtcaab, * to o? n ' Htr J R Poller tra* taalalM potior of the ITmb/tO? rtau onrch af Ma inokett, ?a lb* Ulth of Joiy. ' Rot Jf. R Johoano recently Of Plymouth, traa lnata'l*d .. . ihn ? ,?!( m*fi-t*liooal (buret) a to rat a Hea.1 I ITi' MM."ion weinudey. I RJMIOMW. ? 1 Jler w 0 Hfhen h?? re.i*oe.t the pectoral core of the 1 f ,?| (*-.? > "> ?' Ht,u,h N V He will preach ' kla fOrrarll er"Biin oo the laet RuoJay to Anyuet Tho nutiM chim* U'l ?c<.iity la Virmmih, Me, neve ei 1 I Itede i eti uoaBlmoce chtl to Mr Hobao to beoonia Ihetr 1 1 i?fwr Hrr. C M KHOh hoi realneeri hla charge la I e-rUtown, fa , to tele rfl'.et the 'eel of r??^)te aber next Iter. J. ' "Tin iiu r? 'good h;i charge el BtalTetUe, Trdiere cecal) Pa . that charge to tie raoatet oa the 7U? of NoTembur. R??. Ilmry Notll, hea fwi?n*t he paitoroi eliarfh Over the Second Free 1 >ytertaa rhurch 1a Detroit. MATH IK TH* MINIBT'tT. R? v. t'arcre) 11 Rroe n, popular rtinrwr of tiie Pr?w hyter en church, died ia l.reeahrier county, Ve , oa the lit teat. KBV cm h HRU. The QaAoi* eorg'i'getiea of Juae.oe, ft hero jut LP. PRICE TWO CENTS. completed the erection of a tine church, which will be dedicated to Almighty iio<1, ,,nddr the protection of hl? tervant, St, Monica, mother of the great St. Aiiftmtloo, on tfundar. 23d inat., by the K'gbt Hot. B.*hop La.^alm. K?v Anth my Kailey l? the iA?tor Two more now ohur. hoe ere one In com** of erection In Philadelphia, one In Uie h?aer end the other la th* nipper teo ion of the city The comer stjoeur oue to i>? eeotec, at 9Uth nod federal airreu was kalu on Thursday >Mt kid the one In Fran*tm avenue, oear Hanover street, on Ibe 8ltt Inrt There are t*o line church rdlfl-e* In prone** of erection t lafiyclte, led , one by the Kruoorallaos end the other by the Old Srhuol ire* by cruris TU. y will ecu wbon cm pit led from $12,000 to $1.5,< 00 each Saratoga begin* to abound with churobe* u well a* be ela It baa only about 7 000 lnbamwnt*, una yet it will toon ccuaiu n nee itud Imposing house 4 enrehip. A oorre*|iundeat remark* ? A nuii* tha r*e* gHWuu* here Is an <Ieg*nt Prctfo) Icrlan rhurcb. lbo r.TOhfl-.-n 1* a Oie one, on H-oadway, lb* treat avenue of Saratoga, emld a i;rov* cf t'ee*. The trn* en* gave $5.f00 i'.r t*o lot*, anu lbi bolldln* will nusi $26,000 I will neat 1,4C0 pernio*. It* deiHh la VJfl fnof, and wlilth TO; I* admirably propotllonud, and Ibe atyie of the bwck work la somiflothlo. A church waa orgr.ulaed In Clinton, Iowa, on the 2d af June, which waa gatb-ied by the Wb^r* of a nHMlonary, hrv A A Ha win Clit??n i* a new place, the thret biUbting bating burn commenced en* than two year* ago. A new Han 1st rlmrch ?u rnvw? hv council la Bingham, Potter county, it , na the 6th mat Tb? dedication of the Baptist meeting hrnni on B ook It laid, which wuamiouacr.d for W oduiv-Uy, tho tth init., la pos'pcned to lueadsy, August 26 Mi?c?ttANBnr8. The lio ik oottcern f l it Meihudist Rpltoouai Ohurah al K? w Yurk la conducted nn a very largo scale. me assets, &a reponed, ate$e?3,J4l 44.;,tla luilee, iri3,234 70nel capital, SHt'.OKl 14 Ihe a#Kregaw prolta ro* tho year just cost wo ? 4-4,147 IX, wniln tho not p-otli* w?ro #I6,tk>4 74, being per wont ua the net capital and per cent on the nauto use a. Tbo American Prtfbjflrriim say* tr.oy are aothori/.od 10 glvo an unqualified denial in tho stories shorn Dr fiahert chorci, at Cleveland, tearing Ihe Henoral Asmtsjly. Tnero te noprohaMlitj that any Nortoernctiurob wPldoeo. Tho American Borne MlsaWttury Society h?a oral appointed flvn missionaries nr Kansas, in aieitton o 'booe already in tho Hold, fo<>r or them from the lait senior class at AndoTnr.and ono, a ucrmin. to labor among hlsoountrymet aronnd Hnrnhortt, 15 miles too a of Lawrence. H ( said that the Go-mana are fast o cupytng this part of ibe Territory, there oclog nearly ton thousand already thrre. K?v. W Burke, formerly of MlrraihuseUs. baa taken ibe pastoral chargo of the Baptist church tn Hamilton, C. W. The pastoral relation between the Rev. Hnejam'n Tappan, Jr , and the Wtntlirop church. Charlestown, Base., was dissolved by a council en the 101b mat. Rev W. W. Pago bu taken charge of .be <4eond Ooogrtga'lonal oi urub In Paabury, Of nr. ?bo Lutheran congregations of Heading have elected Ute Hot. 1. V. hrr.;. 1 necimocaly as luelr pafior, to aucrcod tho Rov. Mr rtr-fTman, deceased Mr Krotel la no# aial!cued at laucMter.and It la not knows whether be will accept lite call A correspondent of the i'kmgT>rja.\.mnl J?umcU aaye thai (onyrf patlr.nal church In Shelburue, N H,ll reduced to tbrro female members. He also give* a Hat of ahont twenty churches in other plaoee which are not macb better oil. naim"N IN Twxif>. The slate of religion at Anatle, Texas, la very high comparrd to New York. Wo aave two K,4aonpaJ churches; two ITtsby tertan churches, a Bspttat cliureb; aCampbelllle church, and a Methodist church. Hght churchea for city of only II va hundred voters eolipeco lb* great empire on j herself. But we have some excellent Sunday sob -old, and tbo Pabbalh is much more romectod than In most Northern cities. The census of mo shows that In the Mai population or New York there la one ohurcls to every >,M6 Methodists, one Ohurcb to every 3,960 Baptists, one church to ovary 4 .'iM PreabyUrtans, ono church in every 11,109 l-pteoopaliins. ob" ohurcb to 17,19) Celboltaa, and ono chnrc.h to ( ac.h 3,0ui of itber sects The tame omens abowa that In Texas there were, In 1160, owe church to every 1,229 Methodleta; one cbnrch to every 4,523 freeby tcrlsna; 1 ne cbuveh to every 42 KM ilptscnpaltau; oao Milt rh tA (iff nr IK .'All l^lhnllrj and nno bhsmth Ia Aeaew 1 1<V'.0 or other i-eln When we tako I a to oaaatderaUaa 1 the purely nettled onr.mry of ncr Ktate, we may well ' repaid the pherleate opinion of the New York Ifcowr that nome o< her Htate tban bta own le low la tut religions > eondUlon, to be false In lie application to lbsao. mrtiiiidiht cnvpbnntci rvkyicru rv Lirmipoot. 11 rom lb? U> ?<\*> I detcuay, August 3. ] Yesterday being Conference Hunaay a no legal the Wself jan Melbodiats, tome of the wont popular prow here < the cinntctlon c-^uplcil the culptiaof tbe a6veral chap- U dl tble town and Birkenhead. . At nntnaah k chapel, Una* tlreet, tbe Her T B Weil' tbe newly elected rrralduul of the cubic ream, preach. ?i In tbe foreioon, tbe He v. U. i-'ml.h In the all. aad Bebop tHmreoe, of Amerloa. in the evening rbe caapoi on each nmaaton wae crowded Tbe Iter. Mr Pusaboc preached hi a large ooagreaaboa In ruanhop* ttreei chapel In tbe aflernuon Tbe rial InteruaUng accce In ooonrrilon with the ?er vice* was wttneaeed at I1U rlreet, whire tbe re- . oerable .Inbn filcalirg, now in hie 9^t year, end the 0Mb of bta uilualry, preached In tbu altera ooo Tbe large building wae crowded, and tbe audienoe lalened with dtt|> at rniton to the dtncot-.rae nf the venerable patriarch Tbe rererrud aeLlieman r.iinae for ble leal (tot. I, U8?"Wbom we prracb warning every man, an 1 te chleg every man in all wledom. toat we mar prrneat every man perfect in Cbrlat Jiwnv." Allbo tgb fee >ie IB bo y ind bta race blanched v'te Ute Inborn of nearly e hrrdrcd yeeri, Uie pr acher dlepUifdoo-tatdnra! to energy { and lirprevrlrencta of delivery , h r eoaocfatbie wa? clear . and die. tct.aod b e voice war plainly hi ird tn every pan of the bolWtrg Afar giving oat hi* tel.. aad peaato< a high toenail urn t pon tbe wrltinge of Ht I'aoi, be etpmaaed a hope that tbe OrOg'egaUoo would brar witb him coaalderlog bta advanced ;i fa " It crest** my aUnd," natd be, a ' the' I la row 70 yeare moco I Orel on ached Uto gworl tn ihtr town, end after hanag lived in Ut a world { 61 *? yeare, and being a *t<th*Jiai minlttor atorw ITU, : tbat la tftyrar* ago, you munt rwrtnioly neve eome aympatbv for uie wbllal endeivoi to addraae an audlmeo of ilita magnitude." And Uio a ipeal fo' aympa'.by wed not tn vain, a< the at at profan. J atl< new r?valled, end - ery tye wn i flind iipon 1 ho venerable dlael le of loba W?nle>. ae be proclaimed to h e b.-a-ern that lotus Cnrlat la " the wa/,JtB er:.b, and tie life" lit-,>oko fleetly an hour, aMfbirlng the whole time bin vol'O tevtr faltered, Indee^at tbe clone bta w wde were an din1 tlnctly t card M at the to ntr.< nrrment of hlaaeraoa. i re j ear* a IMkm ' r. aod ninety oao and a half yearn In tbe world ' wnat cnangea and rem u tl' at In Ibv world?In Medio: lam ae well a* la evnrvfklnc e'te-bnvi her* wllneenu I bj thin van rabio wMP h I toil Biltlrtvr of Ihr f "el Ta the mTolor the He*. w H Mltburo, *h iplaln to U>? Am< r -at) (oo|rrir. le t DO of Uir deputal no to ih? ? Inter* from the E, i?.*n.?I M< ihndWta of the Not h?m Hiatr* I'tiuM to lb? BrWtael.k chapel, itreot, llt tithnl. Alth. orb h;t0'1 from hn boyhood the reaateao nil. man le will known 1a Amcrcaaa a proteool cholar an I > rk'inen: and mrmit prra'ber A work la *l> ib ?hed by tba He* Mr money, 01 Imb<I"3, ent > tied 'Tie K'te. the aia, ami the 3?d liena* " witch roa* tin of a Mi lea of lecturea Ueilrrrrd b? Mr. Mil turn la Aicerve. fi?'? a ?ke*ch of the Ufa of .r I* ettraordiaory man The wcik Im beeo reed by iho"aa<U la I ma rrtmiry, ttfid Ihereforo M ? bj aat to ha a.iqii?r?l thai 'Ml aiitobi r? oi people ahoml (1 ? to bear tho bliad pr?acber. T&e tilt pal wea dca?eiy c-etb ed ta tarry part Mr Mtibura wa? lad loto the pr?ip*t ky the Rea Mr flu-t Ho y??e out the hymoe aal trad otr Iraaooa for be day from m mo-y Hit ** Job aieltt, Ik. *'No atactica >ball bo mate of oore'a or of ptarla, 'rr the p-Pa of wtadow tt awre rnblea " Tat rertro.i wa? biih'y tapercrlre, a?.i maey or ib? .mgr*. ratlin were inboard to r?? aa tfie b tod p'eanber ale qrtally j-orlrayrd iba eoifrrinfe ?ad eaaoiitie* aal bafel peer Job The rerereod frnttcnaa *pp"*r* le be a 'lute nidrr Torty ) -?'? of a?e He le 1-a/" ?" thin, hot Im koe laailatMal cwaoteanene Ha ?ecele eutlmh frra rrea the k(T?n? reriil ar to m-I ?m?rlran? Hit manner la (raeefal aad plrarloit. w<l Mil ee. wbea be war ma WltB btr #iif 1 el, b>? r'cjuerro ar'nme, k kiibMm j ofearaotor Ii ihe conrreof b'?priv?r he-iron. tl. prayai that pr?oe would l< n? WneMtuo be. awn Me?nl and a nam ?a, ae.i 'bit tot' an ooantr ee wool I "uhe 10 kpread'-g rtll ecn Mdrl't lr?l ob 'broof h.iol Iba World rti real D. Mr v " be'I In Can- t >Q W'.l the Cie frretoa la tome of lb? rhapra dnriD* tM attuning wa?V. PonRRRiEk in Naw Juur.r - Wt; le?m front the M' " 'J'' >'"oe uat ro .bar* .ire barn i?? ng ."I ' rible d* ?eo*u?*k la aarfv* pUcaa thro >?&>. it th oont j try. <W furwday r.gtii iba J*?el?y ib?rr of Mr ?moo, a axiotta, w?a brokaa int and robbed of abmt ttto ta I |oodk Mr. 8 , who Urea oter lie, bcarftkobnri e irk lirt luliinw Kl? ?> -a. -A -? - >- - - , ??? ruji HUB v) ia? w?ny n ino ba< k, ee i tfimkt he moat here e?r??rely weari led h m, rw.rbe.t falelh The bergtert r oa ' I iti ebo it MCO worth of jewelry, eeo !ee?tnn i-to ily of krotr. Tbit I* the Uil'd U m* Mr S he* here robbed, (per^uf In New York nod l?Ttr.) end be tbtuke th.> urn robi>mry w?? rr.airbiiMil bjr one acquainted with the pooe, u 'tree Vvwf nod lend drg ?m recrotly pmeaoed A t?Ii nbl* hnrte heipfidlid to Mr. R K K>ee. re?t I'oc |boo? teo in * In from M rrtetoee, on the reel to 3e?kto?rliee, ?w I to oe r on bit Mettle on Wedaewtny n>ot. no-! on Mo lite/ t'|hl I art the hero of Mr .'oho (1 rtobbln, it two well, vie brrkro into en.I ee eeh onto red ire?e, r> rrre i ?*r' r ert of llnf?e berr*ee etoleo -b< 'f r??. An n#?uooe-rful eium.t nee made to enter the jewe'rf rt"'o if Mr bo Job neon, In Morrtai ?we, oo Th inulaf ni|bt Ihedwl tip of Mr Me ?on tt k-k, tn Woodbr dfe, u entered on Wedtieeday n trhi b> bnr|lere, en I n inm* rniport ot rer ?er? end "th?r ortloot ?u> on The tbiem entered Mr. Melttk'n bed .i bent *<r en.I r'oin Mi" *i ! rtu r V-m the t'-nm ol h ? thirl white hi' liept. A Kan* of burjlnre t letted MMUIetown Pomt nod robbed the <try ?nt '* Horn of M^rem I ret| % Raid, eteo, the br/t, ?h'e end bet Here r.f Mr R V Me irr, ot that |V There- rewre wtl# ooe iccenefoi rttrniM |o rob the Horn of K B Dtyti? eid t. R Nmpaxm. A b el?te ek' fr. m the thon lb* ?*ore oirtat. ei. t inn ft Howtof moinlni t wen lo m l nirtft neer tee -?uu*n , friend ?b*re, etnteininn n batidke. chief which woe WlenUllr? ae roe or the vbe'ee *Men fro-n the itore of Meeere. (>?ll A Held It If io i poeed thet the rob bet tee were oommt *d by h iwrty rum New Yo*k, wno <med off toe plunder tn tbe bent Pttwit e 't?0 I.JtOF.n Hire ?Tbo Reood Annonl fa* o the rd. Wmtr Afrtrultorel end M?- W -el A**?rteii to romtneore on Moo.ley rteptenrher id end eowtiewf tin day* thru ItA.OTO were offered for premiea*. trm* which MO fbr toe he*t lepor bier, -vtn,<etn?i? ow?f '"*? td iroa nil part* ul .be I ok>d.