Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 24, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 24, 1857 Page 2
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o KM " And ion WW A cMld **? bo-n; mother died i? the livii g wit* ibn dene*??t rtmi(tbiwny di?ap gwar< <1 and ba\ e Imto tiukr l ol no moo*. And * wot d nlktl 8r*'k not ibrif m?*rl|? lt.rih?T I'' dtrckm^, fhr UioTfe; inr rt itiaioe of the rtrango affair might bo re nidred Into nn otoii day < ?iurr?Boe, ?'lh untirm of tho lh*0i>ai of tffootiou poo oru'M ro oom to jarlfo Uo inotoia A* U la ibe ua.u ai eiiako ih.ur bo*d?; bat U>?'? tm? no trco ibAi. bay ha>e tout yon tm*n ttna i>eaoneroua eea -oa*i botweou ham ami I. >ot Viaticb, the iritoiior m"* io? and iron the r ag moot* of a.41 r g>>iiy ebip naff b'Med tu tbo a*nd , or garnered *1 ?otr? flibo'mar'i hui f> r Dr<< ?oo A?k ttili arupti<bi our grntlamau. ?t>u 10 fl-b r? m to autn nor and wrecker In winU", o re- rung tboec > taaaiera, and you will, tj?r MTtuiirt' air k upnu > o.iun of un'roortied rnarol*, ni'a'lioau mvaWrHl Tr>? rut ft earring a h'gbfttivtn oyroteebntat by p' fna'i >e thro a I a darting handbill, bail e*<MU>d tbo anwci jail or! o b? ch'ioien toti.e blghrtt pi ob Oouceroiog a p'O no ed balloon a ceo-i"o, tie b-Uo u to carry alio it be m t ruittme *up~ruaui<ai ai d g:rg--oua dlaolav of rt e ft'k* " ruirtii hia ap *?n'in'ii tbe woo'*e?f I kin< wa**th id ?uh hi* paper balloon and i glmoraoterv r> tuaki all rure h ??frr, he flmt loainu tnn pmae o' iae crt ad It a co be ion whith proving ratlafactory, .he fi-r v a. aiuli- o aoa toe bnl)o?n felling wlih tbe loiofce, r.-ee p-af o uil. a* a t'Mncee laute' n; but it va* bi'DC -0 rauiit to ? ? n> ih- <?iul toat with thr etp'o^on of a rcxkttorl o "tor gory e>utt apeoiacle" bad va i?">el 1. ma? pr-liMinc. d "a aril," an 1 *y lh( flrat ho?i V* teh*d Uk tire king without ihr ne'emuny of a farewell add'oaa Tbe operation *ae like B*rniim'a 'Ireeslatid abale, ?Licli \?a? very line it the oaovaa ?.i aide, but wbloi lasile toe Mrreum dwindled away to a pile o' nonea. Th* de cieicie# of our Moagleur Oaabert, bow evv, were a ion f< rgoften in a emcert, la ciiuing ibo cbaru Ing ycaliza ion o' wadABt" V it to rkei to tbe i?h'I >r and in a hop la tb" ball rtn m ti'> aliir di?i raided ?? ) loe coaaie anl chain jegne, a lector* on phrenology. bnti the dissolving vtev* of inuhto ud n'gvts io*?r?inm'nt? Vv Sun-lot af'ernoor an oi.en *i' tlethodl"t preacher o' li t-'e foi mailer g tr< u? a sermon on the U-x1- I U-? <( r<'hair Id GiJumJ i le tic e no obylc'ao tiawr" We >cf aeeuiesl, too, that there ?a? b.lm in Gi ead of (hi h-w kind, sod the very doctor ?e need'd; for tha suit hbt ID*. Sunda\ eatling e?a air, bigh go tunidlti.ig rhaa i D' gussliug, ami ~ulur >ay Dig it causing. a d froiicti! gi- ?< '! di i'he r< m -.lies lor the ?oil, ?tck even to deaib from the devil's jxat- o> medtotoes; but that nothing Ciopt ibe 'e?l ha na of til load, wot on la the bluod of Cbrt i, w . id effect a cure snd so, like St PaU b fori the Atbei la s, ur? Method st apott e sncke ndthoal ear or flait ry, and sent i d his *?> rej tolng, bead up ami M' a gbt forward We un'ei-stand that in a w eg or two theie will be a caow as ?di ? op lb * n 'Ho b'iDi h of this H .< r. lu a floe f<.r? i Pgr n e n he r-ai of port Wa-hlDgiou Trb'reodiir Jiavli, of the Pavilion Hotel conternpiat s, wc lot'O, Hie (em orarj enla-g. meni o' 61? noruro-dlous an t no ula to n eet Ibe 0 rtitalaof the no laM'ta A hieiiioa it camp merttog 1* an Itriltmlon jo-iulls'ly Into reMirg urd tn*'.i untie li U an Institution csuecta'ly Ideo titled ?i b ib<- olo e<-rr a d the advance* of Aner.iso CP trr?tloa and Cnrisltauity from the tilanttc K"s -bore to the wilo* o''tregoo; und rr ibis o d canes a*aylt our o ror hes mes only Uie more lnieresl lug from lie htetorieal aseoriaii -as. Tni.nip-ron's Is full bit as our gueett are ciarantl> coming ane going, tt er? i> tl aye room, as tn an nnnihua, fo'ble* more the Sea Vm has recovered a grodty Coiri rn), ant *i o the 0<au Hou?e In fart all the numero r siimtre'retrea r ciutign.iu? to these oevr.f il iiiJi t> and rea'tcrrd a) rg the fi -ean rh re to Long l aoch, and f r m?u. mile* b-yrmo that p>i>.iln.? I Csi'y,t*e pact wests were oe-ta * a- 'ull as al ?ny tl ue aiali) pie yi hs iwim, notr Ivb. binding tbe cotnpaiots ?i near fn m r'her <r<arter* Tfce reason Of this esoep'lie tr the quick 'he?p^r?rc t?entyflre ec,nt? oo ?ae Oieao Vrrui 1. Dg B-aDi C an I thirty on the tins Pno" ) and bialihf'il doe or r tea a boat oommnnlca i .0 aetw.-CD New Y??k and pa?i t1a toe N'a'row and S n ly Book Said steamboatr from the flu; of Ko iim in ?tre >( mtk. tbe trip daily each rav, so thai thu vwlier m?f comr . own in the evening and return la Uio raoraidg, or pv> ner.^d Thus lo a rsi of two hours we are nacel as com, b-iely ic ibe mld't of onunpy life aac cosciry ?c me* ar id a journey of tlx buhdrec. miles B it be e foom m m noDounca a supiier of a> fi c aos. and so wo orr ak off 11 the grand mar. h cf tb> band in tbe plazzt of "Hall Columbia," and join tbe ladies m tbe promenade Our Long Branch Corr?aporid> nrs. Luxo Ba?*cu, N. J , A igust 2t, 1SST fTi' * nimer IhtorU of Umy Krone* ? TK? Rrv.ta to TVet ? 7Vanriithg t? Jertfy Stair*?PeaiiiaiHiti of tV L<n.g /froncA Shrt?^niu ?High Prxct* qf Hoard- -I>uttr>pi/uhrd VuttUrt?Churches, <tc , <tc There are a great many people In S?? Y >rc who would, U Ibry hal ever seen ibis plaoe. make It their nummer reaort But lying so near Now York a* li does It wl l be paered o?er for places more ddfisuli of aoce-a and far loss agreeable Tar re are three good boats running from New York to the roouihs of tbe nor b and south irranobet of th tdb-ews bury rivers, which oome together at a p?iat of lanl oop> atte to whlrli a *el) knows place of reeor., etUad the fJceaa Bouae, Irtltuated IheaerlTera empty into a narrow or taary Ijlsg between the tongue gf land, abont seven mile* loot, known aa Sand) Bo >k and the main land lie eat esgerr for 1 mg Branch are landed at the Ocean B men dock, where the) take atagea Tor the bote'*, aboa. ntghi miles riatant, while the boata go up the two branches to Ibe different Tillages. whist are is be found on their banka, lite moot Important being Had Bank The ride from the Ocaa Houee to the Branch hotelta made la large Jersey wagsns called a agna by eouruany aod a rnr y uncomfortable ?ay or traeelltng It la If It al way* prove# a* aaotly and tnfee'e' with moeqult ?mI: did thv day I pa*red crrer The wbeela of tha atagea are f mr lar.bee broad m peeweal Making, and you I'teel with thv creaking needy round between pwr of haroerrf butbea the rbnking of whloh. b* the wbeelt weeing . aur* up ibe m< squill**. who b?va thc'.r Oil before you reach the amid an But wbin you do retch it the *r*oe cb?ng<w wot ilerfuHy You find yourwelf E a rich agricultural cnont-y thicfci) dolled with boures looking oral aod >br|fty, (ui kt me add, ta wltn no mnsqnlloe*,) witn floe tattle paeturmg In Ibe rluh grant wbiob growa up to the yerT b"Dk of ?he era *b formation of J?e land nere la quite peculiar ln*toa<i Of that rolling aand) beanta hicli la toe cnarac'eclfc of a'l Otbi-r tea rice rennrte whom IB ere it e r rw -k f tenia I'M it. land l? rleva'ol about twenty feet ab ire tbe nea an1 oi'Uj ? up to >11010 a h'ltidre ' fiet of low water tna'k if 1 re It re etJf Curoenda pwwrtltull'll 11 the aaudt At bt?b idr tbe aurf roll* up to Ibe bark wltb a sound tire d >twi l thunder Tela r<> ol a* n'gbl la peculiarly south tng. ?nd lu l? van te ? <*? Vke * cradie nong to a child Ibi for main n I bneerp- tin of ertenda for oo'y two or three t. lie , nn<i it In thene iwc ur three aaiioa whlrb son atttwle long Along ibtr bauk are r.mng the four eeo or flrieen bo'el*. Ota'dug prruapt, ot.r-rlgtttb to a q inrter >'a ude apart land bn< a from the *?a abtut two hundred ;ar<a 'he bank i? to bigb tbat at the boowna tbe bather* are bidden from |e w, glrlng an air ?>l prieary which Ir eery ploarbg Xtie flrrt i bile house which meet* your slew oo O'lUitsg frorr. New York la the Metropolitan Hotel. ton larger aud tnorl eleraat of all B..I wdtb a >tranfe want of u? sou the pan of he owner* it ta erected on the back before || f f IT lit lull r ' If Li ion* renriu ng ion cotci? m gemo? <ne flrM Kisfrgiri ?Lo of) w down Oil v.?r^, oo" of in? grtat'el it ar.flfiw of lha piir? Nernribelem, the mano*' Id Mhicb tbe bntn t? kept.aari the du'inffijf ettn\mny bw?, utur t> ibe mm dtttrabie for Hum i.rotuut for f?tc ?? mot)' "or table ronlo r *. i>e more Milt faetiry, and the ttlenung of oar torte l? of the mm graMfyltg k'c 1 \> too alotg toe bank yoe come id frooi of ee< h hotel la tu?n odIII yno reach ibe m trt cbarnrng pir o? Ibe tborn trbero ihe bo < It the nig boot aa-l n <1 abrupt, ooil obere .be ibree tablet I, otvoptet oal'flt be fan. I>.? ut Uw obolo rummer, ere p ar. d Tor diom of tbrro^MHAl Jo Lot too*, bet tber go roapooumy by Ibe tttpvit. ir p-oun?i ra?(Ireeo't, UooIod 1't oo i Ot < T?r'# fb*oe houtot htre a reg l?r curim fro* ynor to rraP,Bl!:eg ir.em op. gad, I ttu told, ?ttb coma rile* mul iaJ'y agrereble, pler lng and dmlrlng In p!ea*e The 'Itot lolo ibe (veioirjr lying bork -if ib B-aorh ore Of ibe m et agreeable kind Anb.ugo dj ire., c?o be to du.fd ft grow ot ibe Branch lUeif, ib>.f? b'e el >b? <tls too re of mile botk fine erode rod o rery n oe oouotrf The Sfcrernbory rir?r end lie irl jo tenet tti ? r.t?e-i re olftlly eroo lo o ebort drier apno tnhrooVtl wmdett fcrKfot Tie rrof. ply tog, Ibe olem r .tberert Moling, Ibe rffwrori rakirg toe woo Ding po uee from Ibe Ootoli, vtilb UtHr line, ood bag oete, tbe laborer* on 'Oe rtoa Mboat bar trot Bell, ma.< be t*M al oae genre fro* to tibgk uoe of tbeae brlogog Tbe Pbilednlphi .at, ?b) f'?m ibe bulk of ibe cotnpeay, btutg ibtlr line "tttrmaaluMM," at Ibry OOll Ibe largr tit tnoltrl e.iot ( rerrtegee. a m Ml peculiar In oor rimer C If, afi 1 tbeae may bt aeeo by tlte too re oo aa aftern md la u>? oarte .* a driva Tie \<r ire f-w board bero. fjr gome uaerplalood roae ?o, bra aoota Um?* of tbe Nee ,?>*t bmela 1 learo lb at a oee asd large bonte ta pmyeolofl, to pnt the ptloee al a more reaanoabie fig-;m tbtee bigb prion are, or doobl. one marr* for tor abator* r/ e >mr?oy Mb i mcht older wtee be i ad need In come eor|y on" rlay la'Or la lb? t?o*-D Mr I*. ton, ibe re pu a Unas caadidu# foe fioe free, deoi, te el tkte b.iM> He l? e noble i?,( t.? won loafT-wked, frock and oourvmua Id hia maaera A*e lb* Ho* J a ant Wall land bit frle*d. Mr eirauon Tbe Kenan OMboltgi bate yam erooied a ohamb at lha Brooch go that bom Me bar* ae f ,-nar >p? coareo and Ibe mr abort referred In Tb" el age of Log Fl'tooa It a Urttti g nine plana, a mt efrom tbe tea .? ieBtiy .upport *1 la a great u.nature by ibe .man rtabera fbere are t?c < b tMi nere, a Ufltci) Keiorm?d ?ud a Mrvt.edin HMUCtJ met Of as eflrrbOOB Ibf little Bto-Sl at the pla* . I k? r<i( nri?irlii(t?ii IhHr dojre, rrmtn line y 0n of Bank'* or rtuwerl Hal mt pepor talis mo. | *,u (lTr y on as oilier letter before leaeluf Clnr Arflrwr??1a? k Plnuiitalna (mrrw|m?ilriirt. AWBmnmr* MoratAim, Auyuei 20, left: /V-po- i/imi fc (At I Keut?A Slmn at IMvm -Pre. ktnf fv /ver? f>. Sport M riot-TV Dttr on tie l/At?Hu rvht rrmd OtatA-i Di*o*r l* (At Wjo-L ?Cwxry IV Xfrn? AfAftnp T**u * 1 ot* ix r./re tbe rng roue !d the oast we were aroiaed fey U>< yuldea, wlic bad raked loceiber (be sutlers of Ibe I as1 Iii#bt 1 fire and bad prepared a tool cup of lee la ibe cail; duak we bad oar breakfast, sad, p?'in(lB|r wr feces ta Ibe riasfc aad cool lake, were ready for the boat / read> aaionr .oe trrer ibe hirde oblrped ar 1 -aa rta r>o?e, eaoti *aom?Bt prowlng loader sod ' ft, aid across Hit laks long bote of fatal f s Itfbi oj islo Ibe moraiag. presaging the oomiot at Tie bound, etWted by tbe peeparaaone, eswnded bier an k tnwa'd^Uir breese aad altered Ibe bowl of ?tr't at ac per.ui ar to lie rara We aow drew Ms ?b 1 ?sboo " ate W.e boat and who should be station*.! on the ruinaji; fell to ftvley C ,and, rowed by II guide tnnde bis way to tbe oestre of tbe lake to welch for the deer I *u (tan wed a one, oa e heed aad, Wtiers U?e deny traeka of animals lad toward the water mr, b*? thtty, at apt k. futew one bsblad Ute other, p am* at rti.. ) > ! t at which 1 waa ttatlowd tbo aot av>oi" liit for?-?i hail tn-oa worn a ay to 'he elay i* noatB n lance of nveral to hi<a, while the ai Irs of l?o ,<a ? ri?f aa Itleci > <: up-uht at ib<?e 'a a far 'on Fr ?n t'atka i'.adlif up ai>d do . o tbo path ab? t the 'wac' ho aid lb-1 t u or Oticee dorr, of ah a'rit*, fro? tn? la'* buck lotto It.old face, had but laii I) lef the !**, per ha.# o?m nrifon away by my appr.iaoh I foiitww the -alb a low nondr-xl feet, to a p^al f-om bico tt a've god in every direction 8udditnl' I k> ?aH a bun, tha p yalii, atid hurry og ti tny p?t, I ko?w la?i ;hr nuntid had boon put up >B tbo Irerb acant of a dror Ih a. iiber a m oittii' titmciaDiie to an aim at aa rl rri.pttw c i, a? the II -el dear a >raog hofnre too mu per earring do* Tb' as?UO'alQ and roc*a on ivar aldr link up 'b. drop o-jlr? of '.he diKind ant tbo wanlt la r bore seemed to bo altvo wttn tbo bant At time til- uri ouid die away and again u jull 00 lling bit f .Iir ihn mo train ?|do ?Ph rona wed c amor T have tin i'od olio a 1*4 k o' n or hund* iii a comparatively 11 'r> co'iut y , bul ocv? r befo'eam >pg .be roi-t?,aaJ 00 no oo"v s u bar lilt I-Oit or (-xol'ement etptallel ib a O jC- tflr (i< or w it 10 anoroaotuj* me, aud *i*ndmg in Ibe oeni-f r.r ill* |??n I nem my ruin lorwu'n iu im ?u? kn>o nvM il animal u<t imi Ucl urn lag add* gain sought Ihe litl *. l-'very souud bow died sway, ?ni> ovarHibal- 0 ibe r*r br* aa -re th* d? ce growl of id* bnult't Olinlll l?" Htlir II*. Hit luf U|K)Olllll fWtt' b I thoughol ttiur.e !" ?" iflil Mm* or Soon '* no anlled to tie occasion rh* d>< p ruo ihfrt bhiodhoood'* heavy biy, KwihhhIiiI up me rnoav way, bo 1 '?tnl, rnri'Orb f lib** <IM mm borne, Hu in nrd ib? claogiug bouf and horn. (.ajtng doan on ibe ram I repeated % nju*h nf th? CPti-f a* 1 oould recall, till* lbs pr?fo->td all dice an I s?lt?'!to nmr Inn air both naerted tnelr lolloBuci, an t I loll In 'i a i'rep ?li ep I ml ar.inand by the enarp repw t oi a fl* aud raw tee cano* tiding ac on tba m e- in uur ? it of a i or, ablob wea already bear the ah ire aa i tho hom n aril) fidl iwlo? not more tban a hundred yardi oe bird be *hot ai> a-erlly had be*o tired In rain, an 1 hoih 'D'uihI* rranhing tne eb"r*, c.oo'inued the edaae Kif ki'ii m o :e* h*o fc-rooly ?laiwed ?hen too deir, hm nnt an i aer>n ?d again onyht tte ??Ur to rt? hlin*el" of m puriuer, and im? time liii oour*o lay direct.* air w* >li henna of the 'alee *'th a poiket giaaa 1 Math* long autle r thrown hack, the oo'lrtl* cit-mled aa I t e dila ed i y* ?i*rnng from It* aonket with the agony o' ' rue Tbo canoe lay "al-ulv and pIvciMv In the can re while the ( o?r m a- r mm lower la bin dtwlroynre 0 a rurt od lie rii> the lov. a? d with fretb n-rtiom le*p> al u< et eh nr out of a* ho er anged rii? dl -entlnn 8 i It a i* t o laie, ih got e ro'ed the light anallo falter then bt- could i?lai ant aft'-r a a ion rar- I ia w tb > flaati of a rill *di n (tartly ll-.e ncie an'mil liuriaJ bin bead inn to* aa'or Tie ca oa?? wa* too nta?y to lift Into the b ?v no bey *er* oh lied into* it to ibe cam.) Tne goo-i hound Here, however, wan hotter attended |i, and, Beated m il t alio*, w att-bed the deer aa II wai brought in t? e now brrt f. Iiy ap ireciaied our p-lza, weighing. a? d ? guliier a eorled, fully V!HO p >111111*; lb* aut'era, fo- lb-mawi , ere In excell- nt ooidulon; the >-elvet or aoft ac-u aim will b me hoi ? la covered ourlog tbo apriug an! tuuimer bad already been partly worn away, an 1 b-weain ihe hone ? * bright and bard *te;#veu ?e enjoyed a famous dinoe*. li Si* Yirt rent on n> *er ia*ie.i aa foci ? that reotaon eaten in th wood*, and be fresh t-om, taken but a fiw boor* ago, are a 111 n a --tfl"- rrtit fi?h from n? fr*7-o aclma'a you g t to wipn-r Mr. I , who acted aa commlaaariat of ton party, hi a I er cu> l?o bircuita and a an all b "n of gin a piece, and we thought our hl?c it belter than the Mn>?t t' Fiencb h ead, and car gin mpnrtor to the hgat rf wine. <nd here let tn? aay, aa a ha m> all at) follow after, to these wild r?g> n?, <htt al hough J)? > may ;>ret*r a more agroable tipple, ton lhat I have tueutmbtd will he*t aull the wool* 111 to, wh 1 Uvea aim wt c urciy v,*'u rcLiiua iuc iv?tou, uuu'jucm, iu((s>i? I self Af or dinner we talked, recounting tbe adventures o' the luiirn'OK, icd the c?nim?nced >o erect a eiauty tn bleb lo jerk our vnuoo before setting on', for ntber regl u? Jprked venison Is made by me-tos of ex jostng the o><Ht, cat Into long and rather thin ribbons, w> the continued action tf smoke and a certain degr?e of beat Toe amount of em ke as srtll as be degreo of W m rraiure most Mora noiform cbaracter, and to mt'n lain tblt i. >u?ittut.* the skill of the hunto-'. (looking Toe fl. ?b I a so itti roved by the use of oortalo kinds of win In klDclmg ib. lire an 1 In malntalrlus tbesnpo y ofsm ike. Wej stl' bad c ?Udence tn tbe skill of our men, kaowiog ibai those ?bo were so perse erlng at the trencher, as they bad proved tbun-el es to be, must have g <od know ledge as to the mr-aoe of supplying It Hsvera tunus during tn. nigbl one of them would rise and eiam'ne in" m >k> b? u?e, and add frneb fuel and tuen tbe rope* if meal on ibeir wooden sridlron. to the', at ibe end of thirty sis bours, bey de Wrod the jerked yeolsoo d ne to a t rn. and thu. nothing now prevented oar itrAlng the tent and again tu >nng onward. Ossr Hrr Island Correspondence. S'jtaai.-' "nts Horn, Firs Lh.ajip, August 30, 1S5T. TV Arte Light K"um at fire IjLand-the Balking, Boating ond Puling- IV Hotels and Tvir Guests?TV Bat Kouts to thf TKry Manage on the Long Jtfand Haiti uad, dh As you are no doubt aware, Tire Island beach forms a sort of break eater for that portion of L/>ng Island stretch tog from I tab j ion to Moutauk Where Ute hotels and lii h bouse are situated, near the tnlot, at tbe westerly end. 11 Is sboul tbe dts anoe of a oouple of New York blocks serosa It is wa-hed on the one side by the "ever-eotinaing snd mysterious" waves of the Atlantic ocean, while on be other side ripple the gentle waters of the Ureal 3 'uth Bey The lighthouse on Ibis point 1s one hundred feet b'gb It has seventeen reflectors, which revolve by ri.ictwork every ninety seconds The Lighthouse Board have, however, ooocludei toj erect a new lighthouse It w 11 be two hundred feel in height. The building will be a te-j substantial struotore. The foundation stones were br. tght on shore last week They ooniist of blocks f i) .Iney granite, Ave feet In length by three feet in btckncvs he ighis wiu be or the best description de vwed i] tee ?ci?otiflc Freeael 1 rom the lighthouse may ! be ei en the di Vis of the wrecks of several vemeis Tne j pilot boet E K Collins went on chore neer this point, also j the shti ^Itgarre and New Hampehlre, and he steam ship Franklin A wrecker Is new engaged tn record ring the ercho s of the lest mentioned vessel The graves of | set rrn' ?htpwr?rk?HJ manner* a-e also p- lnto.1 out A* Fire I?iatid has not >et bau the misfortune to be written tnt i c? lebrity, it ts ooe of the most dest'eble spots toe -an be retorted to for quiet, pure s a air, b?t log, yachting. QaMug and ealpe shooting Tre bathing Is sopern On* can lave In the qu et wet- rtof th* bay, or tndnlge In the hardier nn 1 more >hiiaraittig buffets f tbe tea bery rnrf, tn wbicb or dtnarlU tin re It no traaoberoo* un1*?ow At fir flih ng, J let < ng age ibr server* of that careful baymsu tbe Orum and ton will i>e , 'aie,I tt toe |-roper at .gs of the tide Where ll, brilliant hl .rtirb b te ij'i.lksit et l ie g'lvlert g squid or the di ihau-ly llaiorml ah-aprlinad nee snared Ale III a' ' tsk ><>-- in h<* boet, lie Kste Hayes, oo e iruise lull' bay , or to I-lip, H?b; I n,o* I'atcb nu* made classic by the eloquence of Weister?always returning by the time th* ?' ng ao<>nd* H^eakt: g or gong* remind# me ef tbe esculent hotel ec ror m-toeti'-n* on Fire Islaud There are two at these in etitutluoi here Is esk experimentally ween I a sort that dsn mis' "usf H rta-l t* th- p'aiw wnere ooe can stretch hu leg* atd ssy , "lrtao Us* mine ?* * at mine 'nn " Everyirtn# Is plain, nreeseustng, c e?n ani oomf -riahie. Tne at rrdaror ts nei-aoepii na-.te Tn- table la s-p|>lted from the a en ens o' Loos I >ao 1 eod the markets of the melrauo Ila, ?fcll? the oliruaija vat vat r? contribute fr j a ?h?lr aii.n.)etit rtnree to Urn t he p?iaa of the moat faad lmo? 4 ca'"a??r'>o? jout t man from Troy tea moron* laat-jyed fner Mu?fl-h at irrakfaet H? hat Ultra la half a t >?? -01 the fcal' via* I' Jtt I p e*liu?1e, by var of an aorttiaer Tw lartlee pall but ' bloetteh ' nuv, and be baara eta po p-jia ttv tti t < m'rg m d??t? The b< ae t* * t |l Oiled vnb agreeable govta o' the rgut enrt Dor eveolr gn are eolivtaod vtlb daiMiag, m1*tc ad th'Ve bilar'o ie jet lonooeot games vhlch daMgbt toe jctieg, a art uhirh the el. erlj an 1 rc'ele fnq.joa I/ eater late vltb a rafreeb eg r.?et ? leader la ibnae porta deaer ea te be Bvenii mM ta Uile c- onvotloa. Jhe la the vi'e of a proa erotn Nev York marc bant largelr la tereated 'a goaan en'erprtaea dbe caa M'l a yacit, calcb a nurflah. avr nke a rnatnaid. daaee a J'g. pit? at MM tba yaaae." atag a | emote or aea'lmaatai * ng, ft del an etlem >-vaaenaa diaae'im >a "a .?>m prrr ?Hh rba nc'ng e.vacttj and grate. N HQ.hg fern Dine caa ? overt per '* I' Unite earltdy." At aa evpeetlal faror t* (bone vba are longing to eltit nob aa invigorating Inna'itj a? F re It'end I vii| a lave that h ceo be eartij rraried ?y tedng the ateanmat ft :r earner at tbe foot of RoMneoo atrevt She laare* at half |?M elghi la the nmruiaf, r a*li along tbe eh ire of I<oog lalrtod, arriving a> Strmnla' dock In t'rna fbr 1oo?r The taken. ran alar be reaihed t?y vs? of the Ling laiam Railroad to Tbrmpaon't ftatior. lienor te<-ojgn a budkei her?j iamb to tbe be, , and rtivaa tee nay io the protij lluk) atramo* Hnm rhe l ong Ulead Rvlmed ( Doe re*, a ?adij mi-managed a*air I am told that tbe ?a furtnra rtoo at ee??j fa. m boote to lajntrn of tbe bealti of tee rhllrirrt an1 Vat the? ?r - etlr- na k'Odly vatt til tee eeae la? a d?*en ecge. la order 1i trteb tbein v? mar ktd |toobttea* ibtHwatm evaggeration In tbt* Bit the fact I* India u.taUr that a relay of aalf aa boar I* miti quite naneonaa* Ig, aofer aatb* paaaeogera are oonmraotl at oo? Ution, ongb Ibe pedlar of pit* and onffae ibere may Praeider Ibe deteatl n a ear? proper and pro liable i.or By all thnana I aooald recom u j\\ tbe Screamer route _____ iter Kpkirata corraaponflenea. fi-naaTA Ho' aTAje dretvoa, I l>.?rA*r?a 'n-arr. fa Aogu?t HO, 1M7 / Attm ft.tu y A/Arate? /'ratftrtfp vj (Ar Mkm?//"W / oj- n??.rej.. If opeitA* ml fandaopr Ft?wn?4can*MM don .-vie/.ir fiM' d-Haire I Vinteri. dx , A ar u.g tb* rarioog ?nm .er f-aorta, tbe Moactatb Rrltfi at Fpb a a, la lanoarter ooon y, Pennsylvania la ot.e t.f the mvt aioardee btnated la a region of gmet ralu irity, vi'b good eater, (wad atone) fresh mountain air, k- , It t r-ra many laduoetnWU M wtU to the va'?tn u;o?r *r ir> in* men of p|r*?nr* Tbc '* bet been t**7 | ro?tbnf ffcr?! fac., at time* #r*ry bed It lb* hotel nod ne'.'hhorlnn 01 ?? * been 'eeuided Tb* peoortntof, (be U011. J Konig mesne*, warcm/atee *nier|li>n mt nKndy eitooalre t> llalngn eed m??o? oil *r Impp **m*nli trrr lb* Mil hw* Tb* bol*l le nitonied m u>* fnni of g mountain, end from ebaded ? la of ebmt ibrnn , in/ten of mile ihroiffb roreet, U>? mountain top In reached, where fr*-m an obe*rmi<.ry thorn e'fhty f*?t in h*1tbt, Ui* ' ? nr epenrled banner" yet'7 flutter* In the br**f* Tb* *!? from iht* point < m *oar-oty be ?ur l*??i No leee imn *1nhl 00 ioue* *** in <vhi, nn-l 10* eye embrace* *n bor1*oe'rf noeiit 31*1 ml** n'ouod Toe city of Iwiwr, Ndwii nii.M di*t*ei, I* la Toll el* w, while allien en b<>,er*. ebnirhee, ia\lt, bill*, dole* end mouMelo* tie Ilk* e goryen i* rtn*p*i at your f**t IAnceel*r oouety It lb* ynrden of I'enntylraula Erlreta might wtil be called uie garden of Leu ntbr count/, end 1 <K * *?>KK HKKAIjD M ? 11 > i"i .b Hi b is t u *u? * neri'no t> ? ew t ' <t? til* ? b oh ?tr' o o" * ? * botal RpbrUa "Vf B,t(v i ?H? re?'M in noaioaotlaoable J luat'td i.i (' ) > -> >( um at ? iifli laui omau [ruin Hi. rn ? i |Ti" ?11 nvi'!~oi?l ? Hi er? inera t? ? lol?i *"i?e ."n r ? ) r? ?b li- Ibi re are I'looty of rat* >u?1 lorn ?i is- .| tti o mmtb, hi lla'dn t*0 pirn, > > A I r rr*'b en ifM?tnt thai bt? Kkoo'I a i !noifi D.cbmin P"? ''W o' of iht Uuite t Hfi, *is bar li* tuton r anil lb* el"t*r? emhr?r? ntanv il n'loiulihet irooM fti ro vnr it. g pa'M of the Hotted Satee roe ahlr I* rtoell-ill the .ege'aniee being of 'be rory tlb-t mi l ran-ort -.0 'h . apot, l ie mil* aud hut e ttoe an.I i*i i a mil t'.ii f >ho Un.arti-r onnntv a brand -r .M 111 act of \ uumi"oii? rendern t>e imbued m al-p hi itfit'iit i|rt thi-s ?lll nut be "mapp duted It mi o<-loo lata |i vUll It tbtr 'an, although U-inumm sr tba ino?e "a* opea emit tba lthb of September; but aeti nntiror ?tl aff rd an opportunity of tIM tg a reef abtch needn only to ba batter kntirn to ba al?a>> lb i n*o> . IT, bra'a Sort g? cao be rea-hi'd tn about *1* hews f-om "hitaftalobia ant tba jmiro* y by railroad nod ?i*ge i.toip* ? tuna ry Of rema'kable fertility aoit bCB.ii>, If me i.l tba m at tgrnnehla feat.ree Id .ba trip. Our Nahant oorranpundauca Nab ant, Augutt 17, 1867 irrtwil if bird lAltmeU and l'ar*y ?KUgant QartLmtnett? firlrrry Uannrrt mo \ihant Drmwi^g doom ? Hint* to K'y'iih S-tUt/mm a ftiir Correspondent ?Brougham and El<it' Urii^n ? TKt Weather, We. U'l evict"* fo pociett of tba Nahan'. Hotel waa varied br .hi- tut od r.itnn ot ilia nerly arrived Karl of Uatotr.o a-i h Coloi el soarieu ?n" Captain Tower 7 bey ?are re*ruted to .be ladlaa by tha Hoo Robert C it' r ah.mi tbey brought letters of lut.-oductloa ? tn nbiovt Whatever mental aooompltahmenU tbey may po-neta, i ore lr rertaialy no pemoaal superiority apparent ana tag ii < ? iin-n r iifB hi un'Hil y mat turn op nere over toe idw i* of thi' u?d peo le whr are generally better look* g '.nil h m<>t universally better bred than their noble it It* r , or, a* one of 'h< clever Hoi ton young ladles re -narked 'a?-- niyt, 'noble effigies " Ttifd e?? of Rngllshmen generally, while In our draw 1 f r 'in", bar loig bern a maiter ot comment Being only . n.oaj Yankee*, th-y t?ke llbe tlen In their toilette,as well to ib' Ir mi e man icra, which tbey dare not doat boms it Is in unnnmnri o 'blng for ao Kiigliabman t > present blm (f Ilk<Mer party m ini? country In a * jic*et, no p.rha * ch rkod trowsera, and at even ng en enaln unit New Y <rk a frook ooat It no unusual ga-ment feh?-Di o ?ear The oo?i' me or an Kigiiah C iloosl was the subject of unl er al remark u>d coodemua'l m la'tevenlug. Heaopearei n a hio*u wor- erf sack u?ter. wblco bad oe-lalnly not h< d cl huerf for 'nan mouths The collar wai in ica o'led wltb K'Wlaod'a Ma'-canar, and the seal quite crumple! from hundred! or thousands of miles if railway travelling to the "ouli country," tod ps-hao a little t tinted wltb big varniib ?bt'e she Hog In t' e Highlands or the Orlmta I this brare turflvlrfual dl'tracbd bis eyes from himself ong enough be cou d ool have failed to percet ze last evening lnat ever) lady and gentleman In the drawing roo e, except hi useIf, was neatly aud appropriately aturerf The pm,* r wa to treai f >rolgnera who act In this ti , ts to consign them to Coventry. Colonel's father * as, I belt ve. notb og but a thlru rate lory lawyer, of oh-oure family. who obtained a peerage less for his merli ban for bis red bot bl.oiry; be .his gentleman, however, wbo be mav, d< ma. reel assured that thi time has p<-sed for cockneys to be run after, even If they wear tpanleites and titlm The house ( quite full. Brougham read bis new play, " All's Fair In I, .ve," oa Saturdav evening To morros nig hi R'oise B I iges r*aria one of Soakspere'a plays. The weather ts ool and cb arming Oar Florsnce lleishu Correspondence. fiomuck hkhihtm. n .1 , august 17, 1467. A Arte Jrrtry FUrrtner of Tuscan AUractirrnets?Qriiitfinr? Hi<f? 7Vo/tjo1i?" A I'reUy Finer if Basinets," <tc You have already beard from mn since i ch \noed to alight at UjIs plra*aot spot. I write again Jusi ail m? leading, after a sojourn of aome two weeks. 1 bad no loea there was eocn a plaoeaa Florence until i happened to drop down upon It; but i aball remember It well boreafter. It will dwell In my memory aa one of tbe brightest and s>o*t beautiful points In tbia section of tbe country. New Yorkers can reach bere by tbe Camden and Am boy Kailrrad In a little over three boiri; and a meat delightful trip they may base of It by steamboat and railroad. i bare been ate) tog at r< bbln'a h" lei which li apeiloot and admirably k?pt There Is no nonsense about any of tbe arrangement* or rurroun tings Lad lea dreaa rather extravagantly of oourae 'be dear nreaturee can't do any ihti.g shorter There is loea spread of flounces and r".n> inc. tboosb, be>e than at the majority of w;i'e*ib| places Indeed, mttteri of this kind are graduated on a reasonable scale The esentngs are paaaed In waltzing and dattolng to tbe simple but sufficient mnatr of the p am, la q ilet games ol ca-da and ebasa, In trie a Utrs en tbe ptaaia, In aoctel Inte'change teneral y Now and then tbere a a bop when a super to- baud of music It no tit up fme Palladel pb'a other patUmea. a* t told yon In my last letter, ar< ta/Jraut an o amat'ui heat rlcala The flrat exhibition el a,-ail air waa, aa you were adsteed, brilliantly succean fnl The last, bleb oame off on the esening of Saturday w?k. waa equally satisfactory to all oouceroed. Tht pieces were tbe ' Eton Boy " a repeat it ancore, with th< ame cast as on bj tl ?t nlgbt, and "Box and Cox." i ?ave you il.e carl or the "Etee B>y," "Bji and Cox" it ra-eis better done on the aiage than It waa by be amateurs at Florenoe Heights Box foand a capital i rppreaenUtlse In Mr o - n tee g- Human who plated i Iwhrorso well in ibe 'Moo Boy " Cox weaenlruxied to 1) . k r. manager of the occasion, and be performed ii in the meet comic style Mr*. Bouncer waa done by Mlaa h 1,1 lost i girl, better calculated ror a young and heait rarsnrtng heroine than tbthard hearted keeper of a lodging liO--#e t should add, before leering Florenoe, that tbere arejaere ral pretty e<4tagea bere, occupied and ownel by gnotlen <-n of New York sod other cites Among tbe mo*e coo atrerable are ibe slllaa of w'm p leslt, f. q , late Ool lector of Tbliadel bla and Iraae Lloyd, Rrq , an acJse bu ainesa man of you> city Binoe sdunt 'be abose 1 learn tbere It to be another theatrical exhibition at ibe Heights on Ratuyday esening nexi, when "a 'rettf Piece of Hnsloeee" will be done, ib connect!on si b a repetition ef "Box and Cox " Uur t'txltteiiaiigu oo? reepoiidenre. nrrrxsAM.j trmisih, 1 Mapiso* Oorsrs, n f , august 19,1467. j fi ttlr In lAr Jp-i-ypi?Cox tturie Ink* ? TV CktUmvngi Abfls-foyer and IfonUen tfmvJtyi<n\.i?A takr for Olr ItatrTlili?Ah 'ttor if Smflbrry?Ttr ,fiilp\nr H'aleH -ton?? ? Nairn? Injury to tk* Ornpt, <fc , die i lei i the modern Hsbel on Friday esening last, when th? mercury ltd.raied 94 In tbe absde, and to-,k tbe steamer n'rw World ehlcb piles between New York city and al - any, aed from tbeaoe on tbe New York Ceoirai, 130 milee to rhiueeaegn s'etloe, where i arrlsed at u a. M Hare i found a foer n >rse , moln a watting to take the paaaom gera tc the Chi tenacgo aulpbnr aprlsga, wblcb are four a?'?r? iruin ?o?* rmii nmn I'seno me row n aan?pmr lortp'kf and pari plat k ?and tb? taaoery perfectly (rand aa mm aiort frtUy arouBd at U?e foot Of lb? Icf y Bxtui ta'na no either aMe, Wltb 0 bnantlfa Utile atrnan of eater rlppltaf and daaslof on nly oaer tee pent. y bottom Tola 11 V.e unm H npt ltnd f'om lie (mi cor a lake, ?>o? or U>? nut het-rl ? I to tbe * rial. mtii< o i? to r mil-o la loafth ao 1 a oaU in He wide, ard *e<ra abouoia la flab o eeery dew Ip It o lie Tail fro* tie lake 'o Caiuenaof o aprlnita, ehinb It only i i?b< Hi ? la alee boo 'r?1 reel. Bad there I* oar perpeor icuie? f?l >r upward* rif nga bnadred reea, nailed the Cbiur bair ai a th?i? he ?a er roe bee wllJIt and aadly o *? he i npe rar.ka, aad foil* lo tbe "eep p to he low (jooelti??aht? maaufontu -lap la dooe ?e iBia little air earn pat?t aad w n lee mi la are la ataadaaoe, aad I aadnretao J the? I arm oat tome eioallea pa,>er aad flat ilolta at he ?|ielr?? th-eeta a flae bUel ri.rr ? ? almtfiM bnperoti yneete no?H pp-acat toe fpriafi Tie p?o trleto', Mr laelr, ?'? do .talue mw < ?i?'0?e v, b final* rom-'irtaol- Aad aura deliel ua eawblmaad drl. k?M-e1 will ant make jnif month eater at the mnatloa ot thr >aa f eah re*. tablet. A- .that r, m? pimaf b >1 QpeB the ta' le m' tDii f, D<?0 aul n'ghl stach urotled i h'rlt u aad?whal'e the uee oT lalklaf' Yoat VewporH aioaa* aa ?,? 'an are ane iere Seinery ail r??1fl?h arlel'roratti nerer tair?de their dlaafreeabl# aad if ly fame bare It w eo p'ana for them The waleee are airuof 'y Impre*aaleo with eulibir aa l maebe-ia. ae<i a>e h'fbl? fo oelHal for a taoat all the lib that fleeb W h< Ir to Raibe oleo aad drlok rreely of tbeer heal'h ft ?ii f "Wrra ee.rr day, and the ridly fowil health will ehnrtjy man le the aieef t or h it or her who hnt tee'erdet, ae It ere. Inuked na'o an 1 rme-laied ti ha* raiord r e e Iana**aati> for the ia*t foe nay*, aad <t>a*ai' ta dnlrf a van deal if daw tea It tbacro.ia tbe low hmV m I ?an? are iwr'etttl r taieoatad wllb water much m> that tarar ?r bay an' frala were II *1 n* It r?.ry I Irerlkm r tore I do p i * the am >oni of dam f? iha> ? n he d ioe in the rropa If thia tbtnf uoaUauea a few day* loa#i r Our O"! Hot't tiriwpondtnra irutvuear oartdrr Va , An* 11, IftIT ikmnmjJoi'4 l'?n/ </ Af>wi6e.| qf fAr 'Warn le tAM Dt. I yh'fmi ,W< r R anrf /idt^wa/ve ai fkr At rttfed Km Jmn *'/!*? ff-eitjd t pnrfer from'A* KmmnlU OmwM fpn~ MrwJarr U. rrfiaie tAr Knrm A'nthtty OrgmmUt (va/'<r 1M0 Oer?? If tar Mmtvmtri ot tAr OemmetMii <>km)\Aalt~ ' Mrfwittlad^, qf /'ttnylronia, fAr Knmt I towiMii't?C' irrrvw Kiy-tif M, Hulim ? 'Hindi (Ww. f<w 'WV? tn lhW-lwwrci mi IMt riant-**, Mi W Worm and to .Weanwtip hh-rpriw ? Pm Ifirnan .kenrarve. rVin>?n'im, tft., ifc Hit n< am> tain d that (Jove nor Floyd, the prnfteal ?f War ?r th mher member! of the Cabinet, mumi lated a iialtlo tali delightful watering plaoe, la be enor?e of the preen i week, I male a flying tnar hither wtb a ?lew f> ft rtiab yon an amount of wba, might occur during tbtlr amy I felt aeaurnd that the rame wonl?t lie richly worth the trouble, for my know trig* e? the happy aerial qoaiittoe an rharaetrrutte of the l atlngnbhrd ftrrrrtary ef War, led me to conclude thai h< nrra'loe would afTord ample material for an latereal tig rbanter Ttwrea e p*ohebly fe# men In tha talon *c jovial and happy in their aortal tnlnrnnnraa Re to the ery M e ana ?cul ?f an* aoeietf In whlnh ba morea Ha hat an tie r baunhlt ntnrk of the rtoheat and moat amnMng necdotaa, whbh ba talto la a ityle of oomio parfaetioa ONDAY. AVOWS! 24, l?n< it at tenia to render any an > <* loterewttnf. When Id i p oper ven 01 bueaor hi* oo.menaooe ?'?ru"? an eipremk* of wit ? > cba aotortsllr a* a-tua'ly to fore shadow what < oomlag, ana pee,we bis hearer* forgone ! tblrg rub Sb'ti'ld bia oontetn dawd vt?lt to ibta place ' wlib tbe <> her member* of the Cabinet e token of. bee*' rud out I have nu do bt I aonll l>e veil recall fo the j trip to trie P Un Tnere lermr to be a doobt now ai to briber be) will twine wttLuu the present week, but thev are looked tor *ilb ooe certainly in the course of tne ersuli t ?<? k 11 e 'Doiyrattoa felt at toe oonree of the few Are na'.eri In ibe Knoitvl le obveniinn to exclude the Hbka'd* re

porter fro *> ib at hod la a moat uolyo-aa1, eofar at least, a? tbte aeitlouoi Virginia la concerned Kvo-y per* >n a an? I hare b-*ro n?aa no ? t e eject denounce* tb" at teDo a> an I rep b'loan In ibe Uat degree. Ita effect ( to n Bder uli'aiam ? ill more dl?gu*t|r.g anil to bring ilium en (be roior* Id that mi?erat>le fa ce. I koo a a ell how It onelDaie I eon what Ma it. obj'Ot, and mall at a f.i'ie time forward >nu an Interesting resume of lb? bole niO'-eimoL rbanii to the moderation and pru^ecc- of *be three conservative moo in tuat do vi nuor, ihn rtlurt proved a rlnlculoua aoort'.on aa will ereri ?ff rt of that ramoam cMqne In tne future lira fait wcrthy of nnio? tha'the great m?j >rt t) O' It'Ore 0 r eater* bo pr-'fena to be actual-hi lo their r in wad pol'0) by a since** atal f -r ibe elfare -if the south, ware no mnterla1 Internet In the very iDKluollon* wuloi tm y affi ot 'o * aloualy in n? bold, itany of ihnm are not dni.ierr o rla e pr perty, vnue tboro who are ronfiltmto 'be iboet itooe at- an ' conaervatl e amoig tj vjt iern poll itcane mere -e a decided min&kn la toe public roiad a* 0 lie eite^t of r-e Icfl.eDO-'exert t-ed by tne flreea'ert or e S-.i-ib hey a-e iu a pMf >l mluorlly?a -ne e faction ie tact, aa c me* to eitb tb- ita-t cooaervatlve rrrrrvr who go for Ibe Union Tbo latter Mi'ng men of in.sinew wbi. have mmniblng else boaldet poMling to at teno lo, are per ectl el rot upon inoie queeunnv which gi-a'e tbe politital "orId, bui when the lime com io , iobo" nee upon ihem, they will be found >rue to ucwo and be consul niton The present agl a'lon wbich la r gtog in the *nvitb ir no criterion oTibe true Southeu ?oii tltroiil li Ir coottued aolely ti th'? Ore ontor- and die 1 bioilrtr, bo, like all other nvPa, am co'ioontra ed In ru.ail squads in tbi< larger Sou be-n cities, and n nop ?ed blcfly I Ir'eipornble person*, ro far at rail as any mateilal irdr re?'In slavery la oonccnod Th 'y abo ? off o Ibe b-st aCvantage poerlble, ev?ry Individual mmnher of lb? clique, or at leart. four fl th- of then,, being e tier write'* or ie*kerr, a bo let no opportunity pa** to give to the worln ibe'r sen'imrnU and npiul' na. Tucy are a I r<p'e>eniaii e? of the i.ubllc will, as It were, and If eitl in* ted in a p'oporll' Dal dr fee - llh tbe comparative few bo a**un>" to r pro. cut ibe conservative masses, thaj would bekwk'd upoo lo a very Imoortant anl exaggerate! light Tbe fact is, tbev re rn*en. memsrlve*. and none o brra?th? clique l?, in nhorl composed altogetber of rep rerentailvee without n tall ai* iuchea long?a'l officer* ac1 l u eoldler*. I am mil of n duluD that the Hskai o tmnhi>i tun mnrh lmi^rrti^noA to thi*H Itld ttl%t VhPlf YCfi exiPKEceat lltl* day it run In grfat meunrf to toe do.toe* of th^lr movemeuU ?h:on*oau of toe loidtDg on<erva'lve Journal* and i?oliUc.i*ne of toe country t>* *e deigned to nit* r It that the Know Nothing* ore actively engaged j Id mi effor- to reorganise that defunct party for th- Pre I neDtla' election of lUOu. Circulars are betnt net*, oy I Ibourand' from their he*di|u*r.ers at Pblia*elpnU, l>* | Krotr Nothing M?> or* ai d other functionaries brougn nt ! toe omint'y, i rging a reorganttvinn of tbe ua-iy to tnelr i respective diet town* aal b>ill?ICK?, for the above | p nod. Tbej tei f >rtn without qiialinnaion, or nave or ! Ktft, ttat Cad-shade*, of MVflffMh 1* ItM ho | Kno? Nothl p candidate, and Governor Wi*e ibe demo crate Union candldite l? I , daubtlees, tn view of tho , Governor'* notu'na Ion, wbloh'he pa'ly in their clrou ar ' pie-utre to bo certain, ha they barethus early under taker, to t 1m '-am"fo tbe flgb:. He r*aa fad a trial at a-m* wlib tbe Governor already, and the rraolt ha* a-latoaeibe t hi* In nd ' o* be oeceeity of aubjoatlng hint to a looger cotirte of training. 80 far a* I ha e a*certalne I, th^se circular* are t dally disregarded, all hopee of reviving , that part) being |o*t Govern* r Knyette McMollen ha* arnoanned in a reoeat fpeecb at one of tbe Vurt Hou-e* In bi* dlatrict ibat be at I *galn mn for jongrea* In 1869 He I*, no doubt, en cour*ged by tbo bright 1 rospt cm of *occe*? ?b|rh are presen'ed in the very ?mail majority by wblcb Ju tge H >p kinr, the prg'cnt delegate from tbat dl*trtct, war elected Should be carry out inti determination, be will, of nour*s. hare to reatgn bta office of Governor of Washington Turrt1 tory. , fbr re are etll! la-ge nnmbert of dfltera at tht* beautiful watering olaoe Among them t oh*erre Mr. A LKidlav 1 Mann, J B D De Bow, late l're*1oent of the Knoyvtlle Conven'ton, and numerous other* from Ba'timire. Waiib ligton and Richmond For tboae *eeking health, this au i neit month are by far tne m at favorable of *uy In tbe year for sea bathing, wbtie In point of plea-ore they pre sent pre en lien 1 ad vantages over the nmotr months ? the 0*h being now tn prime teaaoa Hogdtb and eheeo'i brad are to be found now tn the greatest at tndanoe at tht* plane, and as the Karen advance they *cc imc more and more Ininrlor.*, and *0 with oyster* I r*l a rhort vldt to Fo*t Monroe ve?W**ay, and wa* much tnterertrd at seeing the mm en*aged In Sold and liege e*ercl*e lerge accessions of new recraits are b< lag made tn order to All up the deficits tn some 1 of the companies. I ohae* ved them undergoing the uiaal I rudiments! trill, tn wblch, no far as I ooul I ascertain, thoy were maklns admirable nrorreaa The narade around I* i magnfloent. ud rihibite algna or the atrloteit c?'? and at U-nUon ob the pert of tboee who are charged with lla auper virion There ta, I am loformod, one aerlona drawback to oonnectlon with thta car-iron wblcb, however, ta fast being remedied?It t? the mall euppty or water affbrdod The prevent aonrcra wo ila he loaufftdtent to aopptr water rnnugb or < b> wtrk for thr onmher of men receaaary to garrltoa the fort, to the ereot of a "lege An arteatau well >a oow being (ink w thin It. and haa already attained a de tb of about three hundred feet Ten thooaaad dollara hatre been appropriated by tbe laat Onegreea to proved te the work, wblcb.wben complete,will probably meet eve-y re^ulrrnieet of the garrlioc la the ma.ter of water iapply Col Mann la attil nonodent of the anooea* of bla mean rblp enterprtae Be la every day In the receipt of letter* Tarrying new tobecribera to bla icheme Aa tor Sou there Commercial Ooarentlona, I qu ration If ha baa any fa <h In their ae loa. Afier the eg bibitlona o' tne Knomlle gathering, wblcn, after all, wan but a inwKnij |ie ..r I prodererwo'*?ihore i? little b"?p" of acTompltrbing anytblBg through nucb an agency Tney are degenerating tnt* little eubitdtarlee to promote nswv paper etiterurlaee, or *ome *ucb pel y apeoula'luo*, and erve aa the oonaaloo for >be davelopem?nt of an* tplren orjealoury that may etlrt between tbe prom item of tome rival aohemee To trurt any public enterprtae to each a body wonld be to cone-go It onbeetiaHegly to ibe ahadea. It la prnverMelly a do nothing m>n-rn'.'oa, and bM beea ta rcnderrd by little clijne*, which, for montbi before tta teeaioo, atek loc matilute It with to eome private rcbrme of tbur own. o'make It the agent for tbe overthrow cl acme rival enterprtae. I Imagine that Onl Mean i ha* learned too gh of 'beee convention* to eanae blm to truat to private eoterpneo and eierfloo preferenoe to any ageou or 'ble unoertatn character. A nrnrrn'ioo of the new aoboot PretbrtenaM of the Sooth win aeeemble ai Richmond on the ITth tnat , to form ib<m?wWee lalo a separata Southern organttauoo. It la, ta fact a aevaaioo con eniior, tta de?l(n being ' to cat liaelf Inoae from the no thorn wing of that church, ami organ ae liaelf upon b? tame principle aa tha "Metbo i diet K| laeopal Ohi.rnh South." Tbla will be a very Impor Ian movement, and o..e to wbluh tho cwuntry will look wl'b COHlldr>able I rite real. i An Rduoa'i x Convention wlU aaaumble at the tame place on the if>'0 irai, fbe "I'lug I'gliea" of Baltimore made a lour from that clti to a few day* ago, and after breaktog a lot of wtodn # gw*a, threa en'rg mi ahoot the captain qf tbe leame* for ooteg ma duty, and other little offence* of a trivial character, returned again to tbal city. Baltimore baa. In iru*b, a ewctlly notoriety 8r e la oeginalng to eg > pcrleooe llw practical efTecta In the diTeralon of her fade, which la feat netting la la favor of New Yo-k and Pntla delpbla Tbla b but J ut, alnoa aba wo eat afford propjr I pv ircil'X lo ihrwe vialtlDg her for b talneva pur. ore* I Mr Mil*. I'r etdrot of the Rey 140* of ewmcr*, plying brt*rrn aoi'imnr* nod Norfolk. ? * robbed otfb' before 1 Inrt o'hi* porkel book, onotelotng 0 coneMerntilo inn of h>d?) . whH? travelling oa board ?o? of Ui* boot* of that I lino to Norfolk Tun Nkhhorh Hu timid to Hcue,and P >m fri T?4>?l->ikT4n is ? About 0 o'olark WedoeelAy attor 1 o on. tb* iriai of Uif rj rrgro moo? Boo, Tom. tieorge, 1 Moore, F mnnd and Robert ?eleven of Mr WllI'Mb Bool ere, charge i with aaeoulung with loiem lo kill their o?ir?rr M? .loon H Itodd. on the 27th of July uut, we* br?cght to cl<ie* before too County Court of Hearlso. after occupy leg t* de??, ood oil tho orleooero wre fo ml gully Tor fh-p*irk >um tbot MermaJuko Johovoa, 1 t>q , Judge *n * Crunp nod Hon Join R Gnuklo, we r Meigned v 'he oouecti of the prt*n?r?, ood tbeee 1 |*i tlrtoeo never lab -red border In defence of client* Tbe i examination of the wlloeanen occupied fburdej*, nod oa 1 nevdo< leet ibe argument wun noeood by J >hn 4 Young, Rei|., for U e common wealth He >H foil -wed lo on ttbl* 1 u i rinqneot *d ireo* by Mr Johneon, nod tbe dny woe ' I c oe-* b? Judge Crump, 10 oo* Of hie moot powerful on I telling ?: penie, lo which be bundled tbe evidence, nod IM lied tbe tow to It wuh mooter hood Wedn*tdey morning ?no Join 8. Cwkle cloned for tbe prtaonen, 1 lo on e nqnrot e-'d'eee or three hour* dure Jon review lb| Ibe cere, nod netpg hi* beot eiertlou* In bebulf of ihe primmer* John B Young, B?q , then cloned for the 1 n iuaonnrollb, enenerlog brirllr the po-oe mlw d by tbe coot eel on the other !.!*, nod expounding the low ** up plinahin to tne naaa lliniriti o 0 I* I un ctnw wm ?i]5 mtifxl U> Ihe o wrl for dad rloo (Maaani Hanea, Bannr. Rraekrtt iNkcpe and Sbnppard be D( no Ihn b och,) wbO, ' kf er ratlrinf ud noueulttr f, retoread an 1 readarnd ? ?nr dirt tbat inn) fmiod itin prt?m*ra |ulliy lino anl rntn were tfcea eeManoM to be banc on the 25tb of Snptemb?r 1 neil, aed (tno-ge, Hniert, Monro Ud Klmnnd, hrr?n?a of > their youth, n'? reoteaned to t aaaporiaU m beyoad ihe KBIIWV Uf I'lltM dUW WDM Bm and Tom were nrdrrtd In dined up and reO'lra ihnlr aealnaon thny both k'd th' y bad eat ta?eoed(d In kid Mr l??do. kod btd D'A tried In do > T>n rartflrad thn rantnnnr With ktnlfl Ik llfferanre Del bnr of inem eihibitlnf thn illghtaai emotion ki inai ijlrjf ihki ih?y were In bo hnnf Thn rnnrt than (lied ib* talne nf thn (vnnemned rlarot, u follow* -B?n, fl^bO Tom, IM*. Uenrya ?l 300 Moore, 11.3*0; Kb nv nd, I.S'O and Robert $1,300 ? If* Hmwai fc'w/oirrr, jjgMl 1 ' Tiiii 0o?*r ArrHOAnnibrt ?The comet teen lit ] ? Herne mi ibe 29d ine?, b? Rlinkerf i?. and raoaf ni7. >f at Parte on thn II b nf thn mot" moetb hie bono obmrrel lib rofllcletn a i?UM>oo?k to trmoa Its orbit, t mm thn ob 1 ar?MP'b* fif Mrwrre. tillamaan aed t*p1#rlar, at IhoPart# nb rrratorj , tt 1# aermrtilead to ha far from ilk parlhelioo. an* ibki M w II terrnaw in hrlManiy aa ll approaohne, nnlil tl i*k be keen h? thn nnk > I eye II III. tinlnad, aptrtivih ibe rrn. al ihe eaire die aoreae Ibe earth It la kino karnr utlPfd by It* moToir# ktt, the pnelifan of it* pnriheltie aod ipf llpkiWie to tin or hit. i hkl ll If not the no mot of Charlat V.,wbmh.ll wae mlenla at wool 1 re'.ore at eomelaiafl pita period bef >re IBoO. ked wh nb war recently anaooanad for the 13Ui of .lupa, lo annihilate tba earth la reyard to tie qoery, 'Mf tbia rrraol body an old ?r<| alBlapm, rntnmlar la anoorlaooa wltn nntab. Cubed law# ablrh may bn obkn/Tpd ard calrolalad, or la i| | nnw mni"T, u? rnr inn iirm iim" r 11 w im|"? thin, M (i noort to ?n?w?r thna* <|iif?tion?, Mlron >??? mnrt l*t? limn tr> ODlonlntn IU orbit morn ol wlf *n1 to romiim lt? momm-nto with thmr or timilar visitoro o? m>< ?rd hrmlnftwn r-n |*>inlo, ho?r?nr, nro roUMI It ta n?t the onmol nf lharlnr V . *n1 It n*n do ? no harm, in o?.nanq'i?oon of tho mmotnnow of IM orWt from Uin o*rtn'R Al MI r?lo. It will ho mifljrlnnlljr demonrMIc to bnaono mid rnjnjnd b? nil, ud not mnflnort to the MilloerM) of totoooo Our Albany I'trirs|M>r ucncc luuni, Auguri 'j'i, 1867. Qrarnii if Land Ui der IVoter?A Libel Suit at (be Capil il ?More if 'he 'irrupt Leyuoatim of Lajt Wvnt'r? The Builruad Interest! aertue Chi Tax I'a}cel. Tbe rtjsrnl biter of ?o> r correspondent, respecting tbo ?l pl r? K'D? tor grant* or laud uuder water, hat been pro duot*e of good. Toe Commission :rs of ihe Land Ulllo? ba?e held a met ting ,'despt e be absence or tbe Huts Ko glneer, tbe Lieutenant Qnternor blouclf, who la ex officio Pre Kirn! or tbe Brard, having vletted Albany ro- the ?z press purpose <>r detesting tbe schemes shu<1o?od forth la your m.lumus and doing justice to tbe applicant* fho quorum or the Board ensured of tbe IJeutenant Gover nor, the Comptroller, treaaurer and Attorney Geaoral dome dozen application* were granted during tbe long eaeloe I the Com nlseloners, umong the moat Important ofwblcb were tbe tollowtag:? To Robert Journeay and others, for land at Weat&eld, Richmond county Tn r la Tin Van Name, for land at NorthQeld. Klnhmnnd CO bl> To K bert B Bog v., for lam', at Ilorapotcad Harbor, qoe?nr l< oi ty 1o Joorpb Hicks, at tame place. To Peter <1 \* lever, f ir Wnd oo the west aide of lion (loot anat, K lop loo, 1. later tsaMfi Other application* were returned for the ootocUoo of ' ia,e>* ai>d a few we-e laid o or Nearly all Uie burlnoM ' ' i: ie ue B aid was disponed or A? a proof tbat some auoo decisive action waa need ad o ih- matte.- of these grama, I may clie Ibo luitanco or one aipl call di wb cb waa wiea upon mme two montaa alucc Ail da api hoolhuia now passed upon biTe been tn ha I hook al 'be mate lluglncor irti or e'ght montba On '' t tlblii of J' lie let I tbat i Ulcer reported favorably to tno ' Cl mo i* l( di * ihe app Icat'on of William Bear t au<l Vnleo 1 An T Had for forty two acre* of land traoiedis'ely adja- I rot l to ftew York Hit bor fbejgrai-t war mads by the0 >m- I to sslonrr*, on toe recoirmeo mtln of tbe Slate Kngtaeer, I a a wan doi bt e r a eery p'oper ono Bat the flrei notioa or 1 tbe a) plicatb n waa pnb'lebe on April 12, and no -It week* rtqulrto by law h?j only juatexpired wheu the *p I plbailim wan re^u'ied, while an.m a <>f appltuantr hpd been wait n? twelve months for ihfir grants Tne Buk?d and Hall grant. I may a d, waa worth to tbe grantees one h lid red ti oorand do lar* We are promisee a unit at the caplts), to <tn?u*e n* du log ib' ell ir*m Horning Jnxunnl having onargc' tome?bat pptrillr.lli tbat g-tu,OCo had been user by the owner* ? 'be Averul >"8 bed at Clinton prison to secure IU pur"ha?e by the 'late, and thai tbe Attorney General bad b# en brieed in tbe tiaucr. that ofheor ha.i a ion the prefrttMr if h* nr.<? '. is> h:a carnage*, 1 MIm, al pftte $60,141. It tr, of oonrae, a nuto't?u? fact tbat the l,eg1?lituro o' Ian wilder war- controlld by the ptmu ucscripuluu* lobby gang wbr. have bean po busy about the '.'apitJl for the put dor?ti yeara, and to whom al! n?r nn? desiring If g tla'.l-<n hav-i br.'b c.v iwl'eo to pay .rib ito. Tbo oamter ul tlmri the Cent's! Kallrt ad Compact b?i been before the I.agin lalure ha? made a'l iba lea-era of ml* gang h ldor? of Central airct, and ha- liiierr-atel thorn In ail mea tending it-'h? povsniage of the Com.^ry Of coarse I at nn rarj alter to crowd through too 'Antral Railroad fill* la l w Inter. * Itb a L> glr'at -e ru entirely la Ifcf pi nor of the lobby Hue of the m"H lofatnuir trlrika cf tto nor tion war the t m'ohvor to pa*?,t n^n s bIn.o and fale title, tbe bill to autbor|g<- (ho harming of tho draw In Albany bridge But thte wae a mile compared wt'h one Btraeurr, ? birb ha? lot y et r-celvoda: great a snare ot public a'tent ion u It rKh'y derer--ea It wt'l bo toand nnder c) apter 63tt of the se?*lon Isu* of 1867, ac I I -en I yon a copy. in order (bit you may place It b of ire tbo pibtlc tbiin gn yonr wi rly ctrcnla cl Journal If. -j ?ee fl'. Tbb 'aw give* to railroad cor,oration* the authority ? j fix their o"t> valuation on ibelr property, real and por ; penal, lb ail tbe c unties of the Stole. They are require * i to make a rtitement, not undo' eatb, of ibn value, first, of I tbelr land a? though It were private Individual prnporty. Improve ox nu in tbe shane of embsnktoerU, bridge* ex cava too*, ffcc , tvcai* ar.p -p.pment allogetber. Secnadlv, of ihclr puperatructore, whleh le consuuod to in "an iter, chair*, ra<U, r p'krs, f o?s and ewitchei Thirdly,of tbelr DU1IUU gt, WHO Ucfl'rtlKJ U. The va natiou p it upon these by tbo oor-wetlon Is to be takrn by ibe assessor aa (be basis of as io** moot. There | U, to be sore, a p'0*1rtoo that the assess ir may, tf dl??a i tlefled,'* avail bimaetf <>f other additional lofnrmatlon ani der rath, ' but it U only a blind, aud araoants to nothing ! at all The assessor has no power to subpceaa or compel I the s.tcodarce of wttn-seee, and even If >o unlik> ly a ttilog hnuld h?i |>oi) a* that the corpora'ion should fall to" satis| f> " him, b< can ooly obtain volunteer testimony to Lova| lldaie the valuation of he company The suiar coatlnr spread avor this pill In order to Induce the c< untiy memoers te swabow It, Is contained I In the Prst rec l?n, which provides that the laiee accruing from ibe personal proiwrtv of the road shall be | divided and paid to the collectors or the several towns or I ward* vhroi gb which the road sha'l pass, In proportt <n to , the kngtb of the track in such town or ward Bat this te orly whenever the "financial MtMa" of the road shall , st bjcct <t to assessment on persons! es tate, and sgajut this I contingency the corporation will ca-efully guard Now for the practical op ration of this law The returns of valuation by the Centra) Railroad corporation In Livingstor ar.d Monroe counties are pet at one third the amount at which the returns were trade by the assessors last year. In Herkimer oounty, the valnatioo as voluntarily trade by Ibe oompany Is about half what U was sa mane by the aaaessors Last year Throughout the Hi ate the entire valuation will be cut down at least two thirds from last voar's va luatlon. With the tares upon the amount thus thrown out of aasesemtnt the people will be hardened It will reaon neatly half a million of dollars on Htate, oounty, villa, e and city taxation Hie amount thus saved by the corporation will enable the company to reduce the tolls tn the freight oomveyed over the road Tbey will not make any reduction on pas rengrr fare, ef course This reduction of freight *111 not herrflt the mast of the pso le of the Htate. who have U tat the tans evaded by the Ml) but It will bolp on the downward oa'Cer of that unfortunate work sometimes known as ' ! nion s Ditch," and the upward narecr of future taxation Of sncb a character was all the legislation of last year undrr the control of the Albany black repoMloan johberi. oglilauor, p*oitlluted to Individual lutereete attke eipense of the great masa of the people of the Hale. Our Ksniai CorraapotidcuM. Ogkbm, Riurr Co., K. T., Aug #, 1U1 ore? !'iMMVr? imtttcj?/ertia?u?Cb;< | vrmtrr Walter? Kamai Ab4%mmi*'j, <te. Wboerer will take (be trooble to Conrult the mape herelofore publtabed of (be tefiiory of Kaiuae, will and ! numcrour tnaocuracice, although tererwl of ibt-m purport to be " compiled from ibe Odd ootee In tbe i*urreyor Georral'a offloe " Among tboee which here oome under | my obet rration, none ere more gla-iag then ?ne roand In tbe leieil n op pabltnt ed by John Halna'l, of Si to .It I On tbta map It may be ?eon t> iiilbc to* n of Manhattan, In Hlley county , I* repreeebteo ae being only about all railee from Fort Klley, when In fa:t It I* about eighteen Where the town of Manhattan la repreeented aa atanUlog la the acat of the (boring town of Ogden thia town la al uaied on ibe north hank of tbe Kama 1 rirer, four and a hall mllee ea?t of Fort Riley, end thirteen and a baif milee w??t of M?nl ?uao Aitboogb leee ibeu one y?er old, II t? one of Ibe u>i?l thrlriog uuaid u>*n* o tbefrrriury It la aurrounded by one of tbe beat agrljul lorn) rrgiona la Kennee It line been do ormtned by c impotent englneora to be tbr beet petal for a Kanea* Veiny retimed to ieare tbe I tellet ant Inteirxa ii-iti.e KepuMioen Valley road, and thur or tb?ocgh Bridge'* I'aaa to tb? t'etih j. The (nine of toe Weetern land dtntrmt I* located here, | undrr be mentgrmcfil of Frederick hmiry, reglater, and I .lame* I* Itnwner. rower Kaxoai rl'er wl I compare la alae with tbe Merrlmac, I end ia aertg f>le at rertein MMMa ae far ae Fort - iley fbr . amall Irani* ra tbi or elaht Mgl Mi he made anauall/ Two rwmr boueet alooe rem? e to mar* tue ?pot (PawI aer) where ibe Irwteauire Aaacmbly onneeoed in laM Tni? Iowa, baring here laid out on tie military reearre, * ttbln two mike of Fort Ri'ey, the Secretary at War re fnted tbe appllcedon to hutld e town there, cone- queotiy II wm aheadowed Rita y county nae In fact hut two poliuml par lee, tbe ormocratlt tad republican Tbe pro elarerr people net no to claim* * a |?r y Two free Me>e demoerieM tad two Iw > fievory dfmnrrf* wore fleotfd lo me CooeUtatlnoal on- ettloe oh'cb moot* at tbe Capital oa .be Bret Mo*.lay la -Vp-reibcr cell Mfbt .lty? *! > a maeee'iyer arri -ed al fori Rlloy and rtatro thai aeverai bin lr"d In Haa? bad arrived wlmia Dlo? or ten ati'a* o' the fort, and bad already murdered teeeral wnnxa and children, and a* the r duk >er vraa crintiDualiy aoin.fated they wot Id, in all pro bablltiy, rooti attack other viiiayee la tbl* vl cialty Shor ly a rooond mneaenfor arrived, and tbeaalbud, both of wbcm OOiBrmnd the repirt ol ta* Bret Ar there were ai the fort ooly abottl Iweaty Bra poldtara?tbe I >ah eipecltlca bavinp nailed off aearly all who ?r neually vtauoned there?the ontnmaad Irp < fflci r Major t -mlatead, deemed i. hit doty to teed to t?e i.o??rtif for aid Marine dltpatcbed a m*teeef*r tu Ir ccniptoo, be placed bimvrlf at tbe bead of hie eoldlere and ??r ed la ptiriolt of toe Indiana Tbe oewt of theee drpredatlooe ypreed rapidly Ibruufh tbe ooeotry.aed early tbe n?*t day at kaat throe hundred armed ciur. nv arte m bled at tbe tort I rum tbe adjw ent town* Tbnae who bad not tollable firearmv ware (applied with (orera meat rmitkfte All ro?o vurted le porealt. Hre ml lee ftom tbe fort Major Armietad aad hlv company were met rvnomlof, be hevlnx boonme i* a* tied that tbe ruin* tree fe'ee. It rmt that the Pottnwattnmle* and Cheyenne* had had a battle, Id which trrerel were killed oa both eidoe. cf Iblt orlylneted the falve report. t.oyerror Walker en earner received III? newt than he rieried with e lerye force for the fort He rote ntrhi and day until be reerhed It Ae eorm ae he became *! wiled that the report wae Incorrect be ordered the troop* tore torn. Tfcjaarethe facte In the caae No wb'te* h?ye been kli'eTvrthe Indian* In let* ylntnity for a lony time. M*Jn^krm.?tead Pared that he bed erted too naetlly In the matter, and would therrforo be c< inured by >he tio reraor B?t thl* waa not the r .*e. and hit I'"li?n"( poke the tieWB <* eyery rltlren in thl* rarlon, when he raid thai tbe Major, with lb* Informali m he had reoolved, ontiid do n." tea* than be had done While here the tfovornor we* lerttod tn addrne* the rltlren* of Klley "forty. ne c*ia#nt*d, and (poke about nt>e hour at Manhattan fi'irtny hie ?pe?fh he wae ffvquratly interrnrfrd by a pari-d crowd of rod mouthed Mereachneette abolllorioe Teo of tbdr rrmbf attempted a reply tn bl f vnelVney. Onv Walker walled pa tlcntly till Ibe nloee of tbetr wbea hn r*v* them e drnbblnp which will tot eoot, oe f.rfotton la the oelfhbwbood of Manhattan Moat ttiwr vn *mic . I.****i*'-l ? A Itoe marble moon mc..I twenty vl* feet In helKht, I* low nearly nomoleted, and will anon be plenetl oyer tbe r.-tnalne of Abbott lawrence, at Mount Aahont the monumeet none 1*1* of e Roman pair vheft, wvb a e^ral line iff leave*, *nr mount ed by an intiqr.e nm with drapery .etaodlnf tiiwm * heavy pedeetal. It will be ooe of Uie ft neat memorial* In Mount Anbuf*. Our T>x// buiit>|w?d?ii(?. IkoT, Auguat 'Jl. l%? An ImpnatU l.-gal Ihcitum </ Judge Wright opotruf 0U Troy and HctUm Haiiroad W/'iny?Hutitouf frock* tm (.ilia arr not a PuUie Nuuancr Wil iau B Wilyht. or tbe TuirJ Judlcla' dirt not ha* jnai rrDitend Mi; lm|?>r ant ratlr??c dot-trluc In a euit b'ougtai by Jamee Browo tut Trot' aod ?*thi Kail/tad Com pan . It i#vir? the legul p-o rioty or laying railroad tra .nr tbrotiiib public Mb eeU lb Ottiet, ud hucoe la faro of be (Itfvb'iMbia Tbe c?ure was tried at the Kewael?er Special Tori*, April IT IHfiT. rbe facte are ? foHutrt:?Ou tbe 2W ft M*y, 1W6, Bro?ru, tbe ..lalullf taipay er of lhl? HI/, anil tbe own 'r or rem eetaie eltuaio ou Adami street ( pobll etreel of the otty ) bro rht ao aotloa acalnat the de fcndantu, a railroad cor,xrado u'gaulzvd under tbe Qeaerai rail roar arte or 184* and ?86u, to reetrain tbe deltadont> frcni " e netrucung any part or portion or any rail road track In Adan>a et'oet or in any part thereof, aud In any ale, or to any extent, digging, encumbering, or planing man rial* on aalil at>e*t, or any part thereof, for tbe ptrpoee of coMtrucdug, or aiding to construct aay rallroatl or portion of railroad north 01 Adams street, and between It and federal creel " Too defendants are a rati road cnrpo a'lon ondei tbe several acta referred to above to all In ten in and purpoaea. According to tbe orlgttal arilrlea for the conitrnciloo >>f their road. It aaa to be oebetruo ed from a convenient point la Troy. [Our ooTt-rpondont tbeo proceeds to five a detailed ao count of ibt prl.-il'gea e ncoded 10 the c<>m^wuy by lbs logi'laiure and tbe common Council of Troy, nad ouaM nut a.? I Upon these f?ctn, m prosouted to the Court, the Jnlge do 1'tof that to guttata the acilou It must a 'pear, 1st, that the ant of the defendana, In layti g a rall-osd track la Adams street, Is unauthorised aud illegal; and 2 i thai id h Illegal til ni?y bo reeVained at tie suit or tho plain | tlir I' authorized, It Is not a punllc uul?ano*, n <r would I the natter or p.operly on the street, In auch a 'a>e, b?<? I a right of act Ion Jor caueeqnrotlal damages If uniawfai, thru the a 4 must he a nuisance, occaMoulug u ulrool tpe oat Injury te the planiltT, ol-Unct from the piblli, Ir^g instable In Ita nature, ami that rannot be oom,>?u'avt 1 (or In damages, to entitle the plaintiff to tho aid oi the Court to ret train stmb nuisance whore uo ssocial injury is rjf fereo, ml the nmtamv coiopisood of Is puMic la Its us tare, and ttie Injury oonroqut ntlul and onmunoo to all. A private actUu cannot he u alr.lal.ioii to supp ohs the not ntj ce Afcr dlmotslog the p'Ouosil'oo, ' Did tho fls letdans proceed in 'ho on*iruc'l<in of the trees 4.inoel dncaitbo uy of las?" aud ar l ing at toe ooool isloo thai ihi y did ns, tie Judgu proceed* ? at e>t that a railway luck in the sir cot of aoiiy i? rot yar u a public nuisance, n a . Invasion of any priv >t? rlglit vested in tho owners 'roua log on such street Tee I.egi aluro nta, In b' >ad terms, anlhuririd st'Cb an appropriation if tne s root, *IUi the ass. til of the city govo-nnient, (which *u In this ibaunos ohislue.i,) aud cm* a number of former decisions to sua Ulc his i o'nt out as though doubling lb a propriety anil real fur"* <jf Ih ^*e c .n ilirl'ns, th? Judfe bolsters up bit <iaie in "he dboussicn of a second proportion, in ?alcn no ?sye;? I', hi.wot i t I .m antitkfii lb >me or all tno<o o<?rl sloes, a remaluihg Inquiry is, what title nat the plat of tnadr, to the rr b't d. tnaadoo, viz ?a per,<cta?t cuj uau z of t' < dr ' odaii s trotn oxtrcplug tha pe tniasicn grante i by the Commou Council ?r Cr v? I think I unj say uetiest luiiigb . none > Caterer It Is ivrrc . lu the c ml a. at that he Is a t**iaij c. ?Dio?aer of roal e.tae in Alans street, ih'taue of shl b * aid be greatly depreciated by rnpslritctiug a railroad in he str< et Molding * as thirn a- U> th nature or aH .sti u of the plaint.IT's pre perty, or that, lai lng the traik 'n t o streei. anv spa cial injury would rerun to mm " that he would suffer or wastb oilent <i wnn any im>ginar or cinsequutitiai In Jury not crumon to tiiner pre erl> b doers mil tax payers KDd the p hl.c Nolhirg Is n<> e > er'aln that, under toes* Olicnir.rlaccrw, tho plaintiff cannot Invoke from s court of equity Uie extra .rdioary remedy o' In junction A railroad liana |u a illy I. n?. prr st a oob ho nnltasce. and until the r?wd be oonstruoted and op* atcd In A ams tree , as auth -tied by tbeoorpo ration of ihe city, can It be seen ?Oetn?r thl< track Is a nuisance. If It should prove to be a publio aulaanco, aad there has been an IU' gal exe olse of tnv.niclp*l power, or a vt'datl'D of pnbils trust by the cuy of l^oy, tho oalaaco* may be suppressed by a -Ivll or c lmloal proceeding, or the abuse of corporate power and breach of corporate trust ' I>0 mirtltiMl ind mir. rtitrf hv ttnnl A^ln Arttir.n nniaMiulAl by the date But a private action cat out be maintained for the redress of a public wrong For an Individual at hi* ??i ?nit lo be entitled to lb* relief ufa court of equity, |i must t? shown mat be Is suffering, or la threatened with a dlreot spobsl injury grow, lot' out of the a-* of me party against whom be comp ain* I< ine complaint be ibat a railway track Is btlug laid In a public roe. t, it mm appear thai Its oonstruotlna will be a nuisance or rpeciaiij injurious to the 0"m ualnant outer wise he n.akoa no title to be relieved in an aotloo begwa and prosecuted In 1 Is It-dlvl luaJ character if anylhiag was dttermlned by tbe Court of Appeals, in Heels rl al *1 the Mayor n at, I was precisely tbls In 'his case there Is a totai absence of proof mnd'ng lo ebow Uaat tbe plaintiff will ens am any special Injury by tbe laying tf toe railway traok upon tbi jreeeat grade of Adams street. indeed be only claims te be sntl'led to rtUef on tbe ground that be la a lai payer aod property owner on tbe street, and that ta common with otbrr property owners, the oonstmahoe of tbe proposed railway track will effort a dnureoiadoo of the value of sacb property Toe plainUii s oomptstM should be d emitted Tbe vital point* contained in this decision, then, are, 1. Thai the Troy and Bis too Railroad Com :>ao v are M proceeding without due smburtty of law, because a railroad nomiaoy per te is not a nuisance 3. That a mere Ui pwye- on a line <>r street has as right, e en If be owns I e entire street, to restrain a rail road . otnpany, unless be sbo <rs lha. be euAert eoase spa cial injury Tbe declrloa will be appealed from If ever there was a oectrlon rendered that ebonkl eM forth the ptenlsr iDdtgnaMon to svme purpose, this is pra el'ely the one We of tbls section bold t tat there Is enough on whlcb to build 'allroads wiiboat running them through our pari >ra, and tending the '-iron e-eed" to via lale our domestic fanes, and enctlngiy rerun oar vary household and god Isaacs and gods Vtie frees and the Knotvllle Vouvtntlon. TO TBI int'QJl ftp TfII ukKAht). Vmonru, *ngu?t 30, IW Of all tbe sectionalisms that bate sprung from the pra sent rocdittoii of Americas prunes, that, surely, Is the pal i.est and m:at miserable wblrb was exhibited at tbe late KtaiTllie Onvthitoa, of atiemptiag to etclnle N trthera 1 edltortfrom Ihrrrlfllrfrol rsnrrilDf IUnr?Mu1'nri-skS 1 tbtik I may aafrly areu'O you thai tbe yplrU that protopawd I hie moat Illiberal an t narrow mind*! pro,***l Onda ituie reepcnee in the botome of Southern men A few Are cat era, Impa'h nt of obtcurlty, an I loathing In a riletolullaa of the I'nlou ai the only hope of tll'Mng into 'notoriety, awl who, by lb" way, are J out a* mum r?natlaa Mll'Oley, (ilddlrgt, Oarrlton, or Ifliw Aobj K"lly or Mrs Harriet Brrcie.r Sto*c?a fc? aecceelou, Untoo bating, Union e?m ling Are eaters I ray, tray th'oa it a very cierer toing as onnzxle a portlou Of the American p'ora, hot with the yrrat naaere of Ihe AoutLern prnp?, orrtaloly or Viryfa*. the aectlment cudou .tedly la tbaifrerdoei of anoeob aad 'rnodom to wiilednwaaod publish to the world tbe proceed irgi tf public bod We aro prer goitres guarantied bi the American rooentutiou to every Amercau citizen, and right* too aacr <d and dear to he tampered who by eay man or art of m?o. on any nretexl whataoerer I air entirely ?ai tn??l that ae overwhelming ma/wlty of the Hr>v there poopk loot ?lin unaxjUrooal > leappreesl etna thn lab' a tempt to exclude your reporter f-n? tbe floor of the Knoivtlle Convention far ooe, 1 feet heml I Intro, both ar an Aarflisi ai?1 n now ?f tbe geeerowe Booth, that no eatl American, aoti national and bennbmi a propoeittrn ?hcold e<er tiare bees mntnrwd In a a body of bearded a ' crlcaa area Were gentlemen afraid of haring Uie proceeding* of their convention pnb'lebel to tM worldl Did ibey nowletni late Wf act of treeeos or of folly, Out; they ebowtg be aahsmed to mate thee art I own pnbUi.f Beeloea, If tbelr proceedings wers to be of any e?wt of ralre, aheoM they not bare neoe < 'en thankful for baring them heralded all over the lead by all who aught chnoee to give Iticm pubtwlt f H wao altogether a rdoukms thing, Mr Editor The >emt>om of tho onevotbis ebouid hare been grate fui to the New Yon* Haa*n> for hertag e reporter there to bend oref I# pr-jwerfloga to hi nor*. But for hi entd'prtee the Kroivtlle 'onreuboe would bare treed few gotier In n wee* i un? from lie adjournment What treat 10 too iao*i qui tor OBII4U' wipuig iiH.ur ujn nipm m ndlof k -[Wiiil reporter u> Knoir'lle In rapari iha pew oaa<11m? of Iha (lOBTanllotif Whtl .-^ itbrro praee bad Hi nnmpatant r?porta* tharef Whklprawe bit Ihe HmlaL* I'm |T?ao k rail kconunt of IB* prearadioce of the <?e?aw beef I h??f reel kCkni report* In ??T#r?i of im l?< di?e 8mitberi> j >nr??lr of lii? dotaf* of Ihla H.ratbere (? ?? link; bat of whkl WM fkld lo the jnnranllno? >( Ite dw bktre?Iha rary rraam m<1 p.ih o> the oro%M-tm?at UM tptilt Mid mul of U>a prooaaitlnge, I kbow o>'U>.n? oak narar wun'd here known \n>, kioept Ibroufb UM oolumr* rf'ha Now Too* llia*ii> of ti n felOnrm* M Mil I'olol C imfort, l?. ooneide' Ik* cbamn of Mr. Dadlay Mem The Hnuiji farowhed lo ih? oonatry k mtouta ra ?rt of iha wboM prooaaOitpe?froB Alpha m> Oargk The op^lkj oddraei of a* President Tyler- the e'lmi?ohie epaeofc ? Ibe Hao M? Mask All the eprwebao ef the iikmM, otj krd iho t. ware pran 'wlthnnt n*TO?y ead ^hhnel price," V the whole ooumry, bed kt the eipeoee of J"*** iwelre oolumne if epkoe a bile oo? k ktople ark pepar, thkl 1 know of hM de nMd ware ?ww? e noluBB kk(1 k hklf lo the poblloMloo "f the ,lD*? '' I ronaedlrpr I hkte nni eaan lo pnnl lo k alupi * jonrokl tho aptandld pepar kabmiMad b| Mr Mao ? > per. by ?ha wky, whlob eboi.11 here SfJl Btmnily Itito .ha winme. of arery IteelberWerMpeiPW faoe ?M^n end in*oo'e Hie U? ther?w*ee< ? *? Sow, If Koolharo jonmele will nni V.., r.T^\"Ve-,^Ty,'"r^^.??,<? " ??er h.ra .be rTrrt- .^oT IV country wkBte llfbl Ina A?U .leVw.nle ??>" ^ M tr"? lk_ a...kik ?hv l??t It ihlofl on at ^o?in \n VhM I have wriueo, I moan rot to kkdorre ihe polio a.ria., of tha Rkkti o ??f that I eay oolhirie. boo* >ea T dlePetTaniar my r""? ??""* T'r' """ T n tr* an Amortfrnn ufBBB the Dflrl oc? lllllB 1URI W"H'I IWI ? - -w w ? (f mining ?"<> pr?*?r<i imofM An.orlrao U?.eD'|.?, Are ! tIbWiob rf tb? Awtibwi *> ?*r"* oonion?wblnh i < " ,Ul u"> ">? ? ro.fllonno? 16m tba cr'mxlW'l Ui>i|iini till dtoMM It aro BP Worthy of th? Hwiih, uUorly fpyaflplad by lb? ^?hffd At A?aitb or rnt OnA*t Mrvvwv Pan www ?A rfoapatnb from Bath, M? , Anpnat 111, aay? ?Mr Hnmphriot, of iho roaat 'birrrr, *m rtmwnod whllo going down th? rlror yantorday afiomono to join hla tmbbI, l?1ng at km month of lb? rlrrr. Ttao boat rapalrod at tb? uppor hart ( to rtiv tldo wbb running atrnng at Ibc lima A yoaaf Ban nlib bltn lp ibe boat inn whom.