Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 25, 1857, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 25, 1857 Page 6
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6 IMttTRKXKITS EKHKWBB HtKHV BIT. Ml* ATIOIN W*TTEl>-lrK.MALE? AHITCATIOK waintu?bt a nurr cla*M GEE IU mnk wltt the hws tf etty reftereaam, hu !wm throe Kind k Cn.f In hrr m! plane kpcaka loot iatUah. One ra kt 1W CHatne t. wnved flour ft- h?i room A rotation watftbik?by a young woman as food doom ihoroa*hly nnarmtanda her ba.toaaa . gold or erfem-cee . would m?1ii i* the waahlng mil tmnlnR. RTi.i eaJI kt Mo. V> fa-mine kt. Can be aeeu fv two daya. Ahisceitahi-E giro wanti a situation as took. waebrr and troner, her boalnew; M a gmi hre?d and cake maker. The beet of fieaes aall at kd> W?at HA at between 8th and Tth aveoiMt^ A II AMIRICAN YOUNG GIRL THAT FPIIKFTHK A Orrmttn WninaRe porfrel, wlibea a altoauon In a .lore, after; or a pfee loiter preferred or tn a private family a. earna-rett. nhe la a rood operator on Wheeler A Wtlaon ewtor machine Refermoea oan be fit ,-n Pettae oall at If. I Bedford at. third ttoor. A respectable young gtri. wishes a srrui 11 d a* ft-id plain cook, ?arh*t and lron-r or wonl 1 be wither to do general boaeework tn a .mall p Ivate family. OtB at betwrrn li'.h and Mt-h tta. Wh av Arks sect able young girl wants a siita on, M chambermaid at ! waiter or 1<> do "h?mber*ork aad aaatri In the * aal in* au'tflrouitiR and do plain arwl't; la a reepeotah'.e fimily Good ctiv reference B v?n Oal! a- 109 Warn 2Mb ?*., bktween Ath and T;h ava. UTTL* GIRL, 14 TEARS OL.O. W 4>T>t A B'.TUA arm to lake pare of ekl'divn to ? gra leman'i Intnl.y. Nha lo kind to children and hu the b??t?f city re-eronoea Plea*e roll at 488 <1 reeis wtch ?t A young girl urn-iKB* ro ao dct sicwing bt the da;, to a peltate fnmJy la iutr? at S10 lat aceuue, toy ioor AREbPirW tBl.R WOMAN WaltTS a B*RT TO WRT nut>cai bcr "?? reatdenee, ja?t lost Iter baity, a week old Apply *1 "80 Ka?t tlabtsen h street ATOt'Kti WukAN WHO PRaFE 'I1.Y LNDER8T vNDS dr**?m?f!ng to t.!l ita branches want* a situation in a irritate fatal n?mtii? n??. would be willing lo go by tSe aonik or week, nt"?t eatiafnMOry refer rni-?s can ?e g'.veo Apply at 11" 2<1 afrnun A FIRST CLASS NURSE WHOC STAKI THI ENTIRE A oareor at lu'an; fr m It* birth wuhet ? sltuatl m; i< a Fe leatar.t and la a y cd aeamrresa; the beat of city role wnoe Apply at No 7 1'nlon court A situation wantih-bt a respectabl.eyoung womae, an cook, tvaaber and troner. or to dv ho.?work Hood *et?rer.caa. Please call at Ao. 3'4 Mutt at. t'ta be seen lor two daja. 1 Trr.VO GIRL W ANTE A 8ITT7 \TI<>N AN NUT 1* A and chambermaid. Ie julie at 194 Kate. 31st at,, new Ut mma A SITUATION WANTBU BT A GKBMAN ilKL. TO do genera! hjuaework. Apply at dX) Hudson at., frctt mw ATGl'tiG LAl'V WISHING A PKHMENENT 8ITP4 lion .n an Amer-can >r tlng'lah family a? aeamatr-aa. lady'r mn.J or companion 'or ?n inval. l lady. Please c all f <r two data at tlte comer rf 84tb ?t and 3d av.. To 22 Apr testaat girl warps a situation n aeama rcK, by the day, *etk or ?o tb, or an chamber aaa'd Got., relereuce given. apply at 307 ftowery, near lu InR A COMPUTE! T TOO KG GIRL WI81IKN A SITUATION a? laAjr'a it aid ar,d wHtnatreae; endcreutada dreeanat tor. kalrdrtt-s.rg and fans: v scalar Th- b-tat of reference riven at e teen at *S3 24 ar , a few d >ors from 3i>A at, for two days AF.TL ATIC N WAMTCTJ?BY A YOUNG WON A* AS cham rrmk. ami waiter: beat of clt.. relTence. J'.cMe e All A: 51? Win ?"7:h at., tlrat fioor, far two daja AS.Tr-ATION WANTKH-BV A YOl\*d (TIHIAV, aa ivM s maid: tud-ratvi g batrd-ea* t.g spd drrta taking,do ofjmitou u> travelling. i %n he *?eo fir two da. A- US k'-h at , bt weea SOU kbd bnh g.r , fr">m 9 ! j S, ARKSPP. TAB g YtA'NG WOMAN W NTS A BITl'A tion a* & fio plain rook ? aabsr t?jd ircoer. .* a fira rate *a*htrtL4 ir.nrr. apply a; i09 Wtwt JCihat. ikirJ Boor, tlx a room, uood rt'rren-e. AeJTrATT'".* W ANTED?B7 A Y )PN ? W >M tW wbo jnderalAEda fitting aid cutting ob!'.dreii' and la e * trran t.nd p.ain aewtrg. u otd clr* reftuniot can firm. Cat. ke feti. for t *o d*j? a 1% Clio .in p ace near All ar AKKM'IC TaHL* protiktant touno wowait war a ait'taJun to do centra. boteework In aumV.l yrir ate IkJlly. or o dc cbambera >rb. eia.n it wing ar 1 embroider1, la wti.Bk to make lerre'.f uttfttl t'au be keen tar tir*e da J t at Wt Mabiaoo at , rocm Jt . g, Haa good cltj reference ATOT.NO GIRL WANTS A SITUATION iS fHkJI bermaiAknd to to plain tewinr. or to aaiixt tnthefn. waab r? a.3 trcr.rc. Pkate rail at fit Id at., betwe.n Mb and 9fcb ?'? ar. be ?eea for t #.i day# AenValfOR WaNTRD? k? SRAM~Th( ji. id WORK by :Lr day tr week; la a yr?t ratr pia-n aewer aou tin kerat'ada drirtmaking. Oan oe highly rtiv>iaa*-u> d Ay pig at Hi 3d ar ABITLATI >m wuti?-IT A utfmtaxli youct ? (man, In d >-ke ho-iae* irk of a tnvii pr.rate kai" P.rate call kt OA 3? b ?.t . bet etc "lb r.:td Mb in A Rf>P?< TaB ,K TOl'NO WOMAN WANTS A RrTUA 0 tan. a? chambermaid ana wait*r. c.r cbautherui' td a:i i u. aa-telm waab.DK aud .ruo'nc tk a rnaaeriaLie prtraiw rain >. Eaa tbt tea: of :tty rtiertoce fmai her taat p a-; >au >? era for '.wo bkj a at 117 Weal jgtb ?L, between Tib won s'.h arena** ? TUCVO OlRl. W1SBIS A SITUATION AS CQkb. . bara>;.ul and i>e.'*e run gtve go 11 my re' tiai a. e ? u tut two UA)k ol No. tik? Weal S3d ft , be.weea oA and Mb arei.uea A Woman a fkksh briart of milk is dealrtr.t to nor?e a baby . baa li? kt r on a a few Java a?0 lr' tilre at MM l;'t" a . aeeord ttoor. tW.k n >m. AaiTlATiOF WaNTltL?AS CHA.MBNiiNA O 0 1 waiter, rr lain jen-ral bo taewtrk. ciiy referej oe. OA 1 Ml IBS 17tb a. . btlaeru Ttb ant. Ma airn-ea AOOWPKTRtr FXPKRIRN'"Nf? OOOK WfSHF.s A a. naUcc in a fru ieiraa a f??.!y; M akl led .n ao ipi, aeet*. pattr) and n.liee R?t r tnte ui., .eauoialie It twpat ttr, neaiuea* and OtapA.iioo Appia at fib AUaaus m.. hiir a jn 4 WIDOW WTHOUT KN TMHKAHt'S XOr?.[J L.TKC A M> f k>- cftar ' a ("StJeaiat '?1 jtt* fcot?l or boar e ao'.a* u itlim . >r librr bo oft.,?r , n to .be any. Cal iImUh. .'(t* rdJIi ao . -ii 4 RthPE.rreBI K KKOTBrTaNT ti?R WASTA A A a aVaMecok wm?r? ! iroi inapr.ra* ftwt re.trt-.ce, oali lot two ca>?ai ih 714 at . Vf u.:ame kara APITL'ATIOI* W 4H1KH -BY A lit'P?>1 a HL.4 PRO MMM ? r M rfcam , rtu . aclaa i. <a>iji(uJ tn?o>r C?a be wm it* two A*ya at loft ISiAr.>?-S TAlil.R WoMk.1 Waul' 4 niri'ATMN A?J ft \\?.? tm ii no <?noirt) >>r?nr.) Cu M eeea tor iftro A?>?, a< 1? riia.A >. ftarn'a, be.weer. liata 4a0 Pa- r - ft ? . AKIH'I rtABLK fo; N ? K"<iH WJAilt* A *IT uaii~i) to iak? <<ar 11 r (bodrru r dj -lii genera'. ft .?. w rbinairra pr,. a r family H-?t nt ct y re'ereoct) |i-tb. y mm a> k lu* Warren at. frr Asnt ATioji WA?tki> at a youR'i oiai., as (r""l c!iin cgoi: a wluag io aa?' o aaan.oa ?uj t .n leer or w<ino do in?- o?a?rirr?.>ra < % e.^oa: ? - yire Mat riiuauon. li?j jt ar , le'.wea rOi ae1 iuA a:a. tf**. of raXerror a 4 fiTVaT OM WASTRir-Bt 1 ?o PlStKR- ORt ?R A. got>; i ale nont *. !>"r and Ir -r b? i k?r it "ar ever >:r>,iar?jar .? ail ft.rd? of bo* <r t.g an 1 >nzbr~i'rf, loar icbambtra ra * 1" ? > > :* t*ac u ri n-amreded fr or i??-ir la* pier- c'a I at 193 Mad e;., t eteor boat rorna. lor tero iayt ARITT"AT10* WAKTRM-HY AS KRtlL'PH '4 )tM ao . r a* eranbrrmaM aid IP do > ? / Ooor r? W? r.r - IA for tog > a 13 el V ?t ft . %rm AWmti .? ui :. *A>rn A PITU4TIOR ? ctan.*?rm?ir. and aa ?r r |? ? li furr?l uwa - ur> it ' * w lur ij uji ? T f? r.'H 1 ? A I ftp* TABU IOIM MARCKH W)?AR l<b?l hAOBf loot ear .W:i bafc/At 1'wAO <!?>? < ml ft to the 1WT.U ^ me >iwr It Ui uroiL t f"' refoencea t --a. At'j M W I jriao . ? ' f r I'aar a- ' . . i B' >n Amtcatj'n w?>t? -jit a rb> rmrr ri.b r?r on a* rb?mli? viAld And *a ? ; Iw bo ' - of ? */ reWoi ne> fr"!T. brr Iaai ?' |?:. ho. ab. I* a|? 'iv?H r up- ?#?> bad lour ' D-aba caU At nr a:'ha? 2C ITJi At. tela a- 'I l?t Al.d A- AirtliH, *? W.d S > 'T ARK'b TART B T ''!*'? 'iTRJ.. ABOrt ?"l?tRCB or ?.il?? J mrA nf mf. al?br? le iMin Ike V*b n( Atoaav.Aker r tmnti>r,uJ It w?IUor ? ? blad Aereotf lb* a Var I All f< ir I wo dA/a At ? V A b Austin, hot * eon - A ot And Aran*/ r ARI A'flHI.R <I!BL WkJfTS A BrtCATfiR A<t e??n rrrroKi ,r a. ,m,' tnr or t ?? U 'a at- curl tmo i.f i k* - Aeon ! it t w Caja a' *> Mb Ave new A- h a Afk'itARTARt TOCW'1 WOKAR WI^B A RlffA U" a* l .?? a- ' ???n.?tr??A r ?h baaar-raark .id earn- r?. ,? rtt> rei-rrnoro aa ba ffteea APf./ At ah Raat R> Abic t a hoi t' fw v * rbibd w'abaw wtkta a >lt a1 -m w a?\ # 'e*?i Ant be*;iay. ar.d 'h* ? k ?b>at An* it- a.ha oM. lao a a: Koa JJaoluBibe Ikw ARBe PBT AHLB *o*aI? WI-IRB A BITCAtlOW AA <?nk a A AltlA rH|.(V > 'ajj t rO < , A ?A Lwtrj r-->k Aid tread babe- a'.?tc>oat*a ? ??a *e A home i ber eklef "W |A<*t ' all A Bt * H a?a in t*e -e.r A*or*'l RRt ? TaRtr (tRBNa* I'ddROH apaak'fiR Aa* ?r n? ?< ?b ? a a . vton AA bnuark--?i>?r ur la<lj'a aowl Caa f" ;b? :i# i of ref>ren ? ir > her aa <-?AA>y?r Fnr ?at r %r? a) pi/ At itAj Tib at., T OlM'DA AQ'iafA. (A (il ? A h?aP?<TABI.t tor An wmM?B OR^JRIB J A alar* aa r ? k * A* her And ir >#e* ? a A'-od (?> ? And A r?'lf w , . H' m,ri mf ^ k f | or ft 1 P"*?ry ?Wp? of r*f*r*? ?t fMCBCH PB*??*RIJf(* ? A PltM"* Ttl( HOf ?HL,V P ftrT-BinwA Willi drr-rrftk;tif ftnro?d1o* V. P??i? ,a tn ?)> ?< ^riBrtmntia ?.!-< ?i. ?nf?/?m?Bl !b Hm: -< ? tb* day P ' ** **'<' or nail Bt 1W I, tfc r , hot***. |? i-j M BTBanna GOV?RPKMf-A TVC?<I UUT,(-f-?V*H?l, Tttu rtprrtonMt Brwlrrt B #ttu*'?e? rlbnr In kah.Jtu viaiilrr t>>rrrfm < . rath lor kr r i?*> 'roiok". -rl r?f# rwiMW ylwn A ??? ftddrrrBed to I I' W., rt TOfclrn p ?? oArn .:* ?? rorj > terms m4 trhsre so aterrtss ui tie ft*. Bill 1 ? ?<r< inmMM' nttv.llon Havb?ia-a t.adt or ejon *?-?ricT ability kloMtiMlt.r'iur I. nb?. BiaW fea Billing ? <*>? ? n vs rb drrn It It"*!.** or'*.** J?? <n rml'iBft k ions Th? b*r" 1# rn'rrertonB riven no' raCol'ftd At r?LC K,X Broads*?. Hrt>pkt?p*n p rrrr.fT'M ?r*i?ft/i-4r ** rb ftn * do* iai1y o? r? *en??-at B'lb rnr-rs?A I- rir.- nkH '<t ?e.o wilb ?n oveortBi.tty I? lor ft Bit- ? >? a* war ?< ? ?r >(> % Bid .* *r t> ??*? r. ' ? *?? i fAiri T A-I -e*. in tf> nrvre no rftTiHtroftn 'IB's* U ft- fte ? ".L.r ftfid ? ' rrt ?rt of 00 1 ! *r ft* foveeft-ftft I .? rvtdrsr , or Boo <1 BtlHtd ?o tor.hd nof?b.'?<" .r, ' 1 'be I TJ leer of r??eri n i! run AM/msb AmftriPft R?o?d?*< Part <.fen* r Iftidtn tTt* ft T 1' 1 * *kt. > nf A T'.rR 1 ?<>kf A* T ' I>0 I k in for. or ?? Bf Bad iron iB or b> * aortt is* ??! ' '?t tMnd trferrft a* Ap) rl .'I bv?B"U.MO ??i V ft* *4 ^ 1 ?T >B ?HT?ii ny ? ? w* w > ?? it r.? k ? BB* ft ma I el rr'- rBBrn, A, p J B J j .g. ,1 iMkk, IB -Al IBBf? U Wk I WITTATlOBiS W AKTBU-KIi HALES. UCCeiKEKTEE 8SITUATION WANTBD-BY A YOUNG II kmrilaaa wld _> * >ad?. lu m wMowit'i Cam Jy. la 'ully compel* nl, ealar) not to mo-h aq obj?flt At ? onakfortkblt hrme: refrrrstrt plttn. Addrraa A. B lUdlaon square Post office, for three da a vrrvkTior wanted-by a young wo*aw, an k> cook ihmongbhly understands 'F'nnti And English nonkic?. Good rrb riDT. A) ply Ai ISO 7th arenas, between AAA kid 21r. ?'*. ihiid floor, far rwu days. 52 T A' 10* WANTEl)-l!Y A YOUNG WO*AW, TO DO 5 genera! bourfeark AD' plain washlug and tr at try , good reference. Apply tl IS Uhrlatopber at, bark bate WBl (SITUATION WANTED?BT A TOl'AO W >M AW TO DO < p?\i ton*, work In a final, famll, ; good retort mm. Ap pip a:M Pacific tt . drookl> a ^ITl tHON WANTED-3Y A BBS"EOTABLE YO0W3 nookAlodo (hunbtr?o*k or tea ral haute work 'da ?ns?il prlTAt? frmlh ; g<x>l <!!/ re'ereoce if re<; jired Utnbe . tu-i) far two dt>t At IM Smith tl, between IInim fid ffvckcil 't, Brooklyn SITUATION WaNTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAW TO DO general boatework, good r?'er?nve. Apply At SS tm'tj plAoe. 1"ao b?* teea for feo days SITUATION WA'Iin -BY A Y0UN3 tSIRU TO DO light numberwork and wailing In a prtrAUt tamiy; good r, fern CO given Inf. re a I <4 lest >0 b tt , r?ar. 5JITUATI0N WAWtm-BY A YO0WCI WOMaN, AS nook, washer and <1 ood ra'erenoea Can do honaework Apply At 20T We?i*4th t> ^XTVAno* WaWTED-BY A TOCM WOWAW |AS i chtmbt raiJJ and waiter. Good refer*tee. applv nt lt& Wm' 27ti tt. SITUATION WaNTED-BY A YuCNO WUHAN, iS k? nook r nd tn a*nu; with tne washing Is a rood baker and .. v , U '"W-UIAyi'-J n? 1?| gui v?u wmi K'r tWO d i)h. ?1TUATI< N WaN?W1>-BY a YOflMU Wc.MaN, AS C* cha'thermai'l and u> healst in the w-ah,a* Oood rete nine. App j a. si K .np m in th* rtar firat tioor. UfV AtlON W ANTED -BY A Y<?UN>i OIBL, ?B RUR8B ~J ?ud iramalreaa, or chambermaid and t??aui-lrea? <0X1 et?y r?rfrr? r.c?. < an be two at 2i2 ha?t U'h at,, tirst floor, iron, room. SITUATION WaNTF.D-AH WBT NVKHB. 11Y A KB O sp-ctabie and healthy johdk woman who tiaa )<m; her ba. by. 1-u laiaciurt re'riiiinra i.vei. Im; aire at 2d2 Carlton ar., net r 1 a'n i ette ae . Urool'?n SIIUaTION WANTBD?AB IHAUHBRBAID AND TO ha?1m m the wh?"idk ana trminic. or to do general bnnje . work in a small faaiily. Ol.j reference; 'It ed one year in her aa pKct. Oa ! at 3^ Atlantic at, top :loor Brooklyn SITUATIui s WANTaii-hr TWO OIHU*; ONK AS plain cook Am ra> wanker and ironer and the other aa ctamnerma'd and w titer Oood rlt* tcfereaoea. wiea?e call at 112 At)?ntt) ?t., rtro .k'.yn, to the bakery, fo' two days Situation wanteo-dy a youno o rl, to no rfcamtirrwork or waiting In a email family. Apply at ' SSH 2 av . r.Kiui IX lfeel ' Ity reference SITUATION WANHD-HY A KESPACT ABBE WlHT., | aa chamber * .t and fine wanner and ironer Has the , . bent cf reference : >m ler peraeni emplivera v an be see.n ' I for' "o da>? at 31 W?-t 3A h at. tfer )2 o'cl c*. j I SiTU *TION W?*'rit-KV A YOU NO ffJMM. a* I O eeamaireu. can cut ard til Indies' and chlllren'a c 'Una , i and do ail a^r a of'am y ?e *tog, la a first rate btrt maker; I AuoC reference App'.,, at eS Cam 16Ut at , near the thread aid | I needie stare | SITUATION WANTRD-BY A REtSF EOT abI.E 8COTC1 I .7 nlrl an chair her-eaid au>' waiter, or to .ake nare or child i I ret u not *ur.-d r u cvtd a oooleeuooer* or rakery atore I j apply at 132 Vteat .3.0 at at neeti Tdr and tlk area., for two j day? , SlTUAlIuN W.MU-BS A ttllSPE "TaBLE W.)3A.* ! a7 ? wtt n trne n Ir ."r?2:?a givtn Af ply ai 132 RtaJd . I St., near I)U'inon, o.r i io dam. SITUATION WANTE.'?BY A YOCKO WOMAN. .18 I; (fool Apply at 62 Weat liu. at. for two 1 (tars . OTTUATTOlf WAW*ICI>?BY A YO.'flU WtiMA N Ad ' 1 -17 r^od no k: rood reference. Apply a: lis Mi ave , between I 18tta snd l?r b at* I J!TUAT10NH WtATID-HV TWO rtiei'Bt TAHl.i - c r'? u?Mb>r. id nuaa'c ar:ia lamlly ; nun t? ilerujtr an civik, luidemtardaall ktrdaci fun y ohm*. alao wvitttne ai d roup ;h? oti.-r as rhun >erma d and wa.vr Ree of ctty ii feeeuca. .'an be aeca for two d?*s at the Unle aotiae. | j IS A..orp ace I CiTUATION Wanted BY AOODDCODK; .8 A *'?0 ? J O readb'ii'r to d 'caahrr and trouee. Am > a ittaaii.ia by ' a e-i ml cjI irt-'i chambertc od. in at sj Til.ha~, j .I.t'AIIoN WAXTir-HY A YOPNO I nrl ui cn aro-rni bout** orb'n a?ni*i!pri ?te > Ayylj MW Va ahha'. t>oiwTAn9ih mm> loib?ra. ^lTUA'ICN <#ANT?!>-UY 4M< M ItX 'KLI.itXT 1'rtO k taataNtwmM. to cob, w*.th aci .roo. l?an- ,u mrat ac-i p?? ?y c >ob and a rt't. ra:n lanndrnaa nrAV nbM. ifnp, k i xble noA 10 r J"' d'Cd j rw r?om worr* ?b? bu ?t?d tb.ror jrar" ad go Arra hv A i J;? 4r , B?r>r 24tb at no milk" A!?I? OMNTUCMl*' -4 RUPEOT A.H..1 I w dow *mit ?i.?br? ! 1 n.??) Ly!IV ?cj p'ntvmn ? o- fan"y w-?hlf* ha? u)nn 1a,a.It ??v * ib??mv<-h >?r> p??t Ht t,?' o( itlofin:* *mi iitjfltrit P>M?c\ll I j ai \y *?s? S7th d r. tor tacl r x-'ti no? ??-i. > IV "AalJlH AT tt.miKKlPiXli?A Y'.CSO FRO I fc! ?rnii?Aik?i and lit ?it? lrnm drt?i1 ha.log I m ' n an* withlng to raarr "i?l? eium*--* t)f*\r- i ll?? >'Tif j fr >"n th?" c\r?? of no-io-a*..;) trir eitbrr in Nrw torn or IU Tie.oltr. lb.- lad. U >nd of 1 mi ' :? nr I.;ar wlib Ai, b \Lca-* of jTnu-el h )u?AbtA.,lE| lu New I V rl Tbf ??-n,' inAii . A'?or.t Ail iIav ?t to* hnaiur-x A,i r i rnaa*i' n i* cwif a ricp; a quirt and eornlorvabk' Bju?? IAdc' * ? \ A. X , Ho'klil r r. 7"! nvV AJCNPBrrABLS TOCWiJ BMMdV WIS I BlTUli <*? i <t, oor bona*. onr a? r, J c ?A. ?tabor an1 lr "ler. at ' ,?n ntbki ?* kinb' rm*ld tu a r?w.,-etAblr pr vtb- ,mnj i own! rriattucr* piren. ii , ut ti as hliska a;, drooAiya. for j two da> a. TW. > mSI'K'TAtfo* YOt'NlT WONKN WaVI S'Tl'A itonk tier a?f >1 at I aa lorllsat wwbrr aid | \rir\?T. p. rfrc'lj ?tl tug a-d obl'glBf no oM-riton in r > hort Jl, i*orr it lit eo<Uir?. rar * *** c l) irfrrrncr Tb* , oid.r to do rh?!i. ,?r? m at: ?a. .1*. la ihaA. 04 t kmc w,i ior and knowa brr bi.?.n??a rod ro'-ren ? ji-eo. App jtai IS F-ir?yib at. m m N>> S firuir- !%? W?VTtll-KY A YUv N<J V.Ahbltl) NoMAX. 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VIS THUS* OA COOK, " b> ' ~m?r { , > k ? jr<\?m !?m 17 .^ea: of rs.'.rr.ujt S> wn r,i?ni c?ll a: :i fi Ftiiion a:, H"> >k!fo. jL'A>Tr. -a -nvat; <n, at a reap, rourp rrt a* ?.: "?*< <nt ?hi >~ao -rxlifa sp">j r '?r etf Y'? f-r aat . ik' ?. App 7 at No, S "t* a ! I'AT. ,;a a?r? for 1*0 (1?| WA> T K ?A *ITV ATloN TO IK) RHEHal, HIT ? ra, b| a ??rr iOt >b?' c> wril r?- >n?*iidnt ! 1ft !l? ?t lil trrr ? ?u, t :f'? If . fnio r kitij. OAlt for tbf-1 ] I'M aktii'-HT * KA*p?(T?m,M aofci> ' ? > i.r. ' i? t o wprl an I to lit ,n waablsf An Ifner. -in1? r? *nd? bar .iiinm fn.? a > >1 Cad I kakon'ori* 'a>aa :.'a >ni in k ?t I WaNTi a at t: aT'o?. HT a Mm r, *n r i -n a? gv d po k a't" A??.r with ih? a?h Iraatd Imr. ad; tlfr b-Ait 0! rrfrrtk"* fro* Urr ia?i p'v armid r>t if 0o'ittf7 f.wtar OA ?tu '?nij 1; , A1.U1 , Bra klya. W* BTBO?A NTCATIOW TO 00 PI.AIW ITOOKIN.*, - wklat ard fr.r ri, is a pr *a ? ftnifr bj a rnua-'A M? fir . k'rr k ??1 <"A>rrn r from be' *?' u aer a'l ? ,-J 1 ff't* ?t Ar>.?l7n rha nan make brra? ' k?i?r?ll7 , Mkftit If r ?outr?d %JLT a >T* r ?BT A B?St*B<'T Mil Tot'N '?IaL WHO " .n>r??n'? kio.1t of ft-aili bran-fbbd r n?..>> fair tta f t' ?nl fit la?l'?* aad cb W"r?a? If n tha talrat aftwill r it by dA- ?wa or m dJ. ii ih ei'y or On t't < a'l ?t or A.ldr??? ktn'h ?t??? n?*r Arf'f 4 UkS A BTII?- HT 1 o??*7 ??I if. A SITC ATI'JA 4k " m tr?A? b7 tka ? ?? moo'h or to a ! ?i? 1% H o. bo objfr t tO M do Iltbi rh mh.5f?rii-k. o^f IT ?B Wot \r* * '? Wool Silk ?t , mitar If o clork f r HO) dAH. rwiiwt ' one Wiftll -HT A RKkT'ET4RI.B OIBT.. A HITCArirjf u ckafr^rroiA d and ?af? T to 0* y A'.A pi ?ii. ?* trt'? a vrt'Alr fa?l t 'aa I ?1 (4t7 rtftrraCA PTtkra call I Oll< 4 I a or VA'AHTIT A BITVATIOB, HT A totTT l AT T* > rt - -?*. Wn'd make k?ra *' r?'1j nOM 11 or woold takk >*r? of ik'ldrat. rataroncoo 1 1 ?1aao t all for ! 'a.f a' a> H??t \IH ?t yJkT AH TIP HT A Rk' f? TAHI.e TUDR'I W'fHtff. ^ a af'na'no ta o a ? ^?o?v/~? <? aa i-WabarmAid I I Appl* at ' Spr f ^%r ?< an for t?n da;?. j 1AJJHTB -AUr.T'l* RT *R .KRR "k* ? )F? I ' TT w man a? akarr 1 rwa'd and wu?1'mm. <w to a?t?t I In waablnR and IroalnR Applr at No <kB Wau r kfi. 1 Hrooklrn I TAT AfTTBD * NITUtfffN HT A RNkPE )f I Bl.t . TT plrl aa |p?"d pl?la rook, wakb-r >nd lr<?ar or to 1o ' ^rrr*l ' *rwiiri m i* i K"*"' ' ' "7 H > ? '/WH "l" ; |ol <1m*w ra ? ">* cr>' Birr; * rttj mla-rei? <mn ha I , .-p frrni b p lu< pla >* iUI ?) 1/1 W -a? 21 r at , of 7* >*W WAhTBfv- A BlTCATTo!*, BY ? ?* **?7TABl.l Why to' nf warrta-l wnaui whohaa i-? h?tr,fn ha'1? It w<d a'irw a rh.M flthfr at for own ntafdmdM, wl.itih ia It raird In a ' -a u at?l r*t>| ?r' r p??t >f B?r*ni?a op a' Hit r*- rVno? ,f pa *r*tita ' all at >r atMr-aa f?f tl r?r dart >r,t It; Ji ? r 1 ! hotiar frwa Iiw** at. Br?*lia UL BY A KIBflTt'lJ tifR A Birr a Una .o a ??all fanP'y Vn do ffa??ral atoaawnr*, do *, ??ah In i ?'.? Pioaw rail at 101 ??? m T*!t A ?l*nA1!i?H. IIT All BrKKlTBUT T traatw trhjPi taot j Oil" If m man ?o do rmora1 1 ?.a<,wrftk i a'Vwi> (h plain'oofe av fMrnllMtl ano-lrfaa: wl't ? ' od r.i-at all ting and pfapf""n', ;arU?<ilaidf fond o^fb.|.!f?w ap,-jly a' ,lt f|,iar? at Rmal \ATAAtai? ?? A PR* Tlf-taHf WoWA M A SJ1 U A ?? .?m a* < ?>a ?a?t m and nop. * |0 a pr mt-'ami ?, ? > ict r '? rafwaaer ff rfn fr- m hrr n,. piawt PlaMn c?B Bt #r f-.h a??rt?? l-fi?B?i a paa aid ilai a a , la tha r*?r \I'A*Tfn BY A BBPPtTani fur* ( IfiBA* A T? alt .a im a* aaawi ton# ? n i -an th? h??t ?f r*f*rrnw eaa lw? mi latin f at Bo 72 f > a at t >r th?*r da a i^TAH'ltn A BICCAflOU RIAIlii irorn It). Hah w- ?n, aaan* waabpr aad Imnnr, fj:i? ,.n. prion' an har ' rat >1 rfy rr<- tmmrailaJnoe. Plrarr ?!, at 1$* 1 l'h at rrtftn t of 5th a*. U'/at? i? a aituniti* a K?n:"> i.r. V? t f '' 'O P-C'.i '-I v ' I . a 1 *> ?/ ? trtd an / at ,i nrtiaJ , ptA<.v, to Ml -tjii/?. IKW IDKK HJKKAJUU, TUE SITTATlOlfS WATTEOh-KKlllAMfiS. ^ WBT Nl'RSS A LA1JY WHO UAB U>HT HIR BABT would line ? attoailon aa wot nurae.ta o? rfeclly hathbv. Kefera u> I r. Andrew* Appl) At 342 Monroe from 10 A. It till 4 P- M WANTkI> A SITUATION To OO OlNBRbL. HOU8K work In a ema'I private mm'ly; 1? a food pla'n oook. ?o4 on oiorllrnt w?nh?r and tiooer Hood city refereaoe f, "co. Tho advertlaer can be ?een byapp.jmi at 364 Tib av i.rat door above Did it WANTKP?A SITUATION A8 WKT NURSB, BY A young healthy woman, wltb a freeh l>react <j' milk. Ioqntre at No H Han lnon Brooklyn Hood reference given. WANTRD?A SITUATION TO DO UMNSRaL. HOU8R?ork or <o attend U> cklldren. Oall at 162 Wa 116lb td. WANTRO-BY A RNSPBCTA BMC GIRL, A 81TU4lion a alewarde?a: haa no objection ,lo any port vJan be urn for two daya at 62 Prince at. WANTRD-A SITUATION, IN A RMPKCTABLI PAmtly, by a young woman aa cook, waalier and Irooer Baa tcod city reference, and oan be seen for two daya at 116 Eaat 2?ib it, aeoond floor, back room. WAV TIP?A SITUATION, BY A EKRPROTABL* young woman, an chambermaid, or to do gen'ral houaewo?k" tn a amall family. Oall at IDA Hold at, Brooklyn Wanted-a situation, by a hi hi, 14 to is yeara of age >o aew In a private family; will take care ot children and make beraelf generally uaeluL Inquire at 1M Buuitou at, ft* three daya WANTED-A SITU ATION. 48 COMPANION,TO4 LADY, or aealalaui bouarkeeper; would alao lake <-are of OB# or 1*0chidren, Bad instruct them la the primary nrancaea of Engdsbaudinuiic. Call for two day* at L?7 Want ISth at. EI7"A8HINfl VI ANTED-BY a It ERPEOTARI.l WOMAN, " who ran glvn ths boat nf re'erenre Pleaae call at $17 Watt frith at, between bth and 9th a vs. mini Soor t'.ont room. WaN'TRD A STUAT10N A8 CH AMBg&MAID OS TO lake cam of children in a small priraui family; bai good efifi nre ln.tntrw ai aQ'.i Tilth ~t, tr rner lat ?? Wr"NTin- A SITUATION RY A F;RPT R tT8 COOK who uoderaiatdr her hnalneaa in all it* brancaea; la willing to as?is; ;n washing, ta a'.ao a tirat rate .Atndreaa, god 1 v lefereni*. Cul a. 1>9 East Jatli at., near lid av , is the low. WAfTKI;- RT A FF.SPECTAB. ? AM*RI~AN OtRL, A *11 nation a* chamberirti.d or ***latar,' In hor.awwork in a >m? 1 famil;; no objection to go In the country. Inquire at 153 Went 'Tih st ^ANTEO-RY A RCKPSCTA 8L1 YOUNG WOMAN. A r r situation a? chamb?rmal I and ? aim-treea or ..a chamber oifAd an-f laundress Brat efel'y r. f-renew giren Call a: 90 Atliittlc at b it'tb Bro< klyn frou' room, Brat:: tor 11/ a>TE.">? BY A it CM E< table young woman, a Tr sit nation as chambermaid ant waitress; la * 1 lug io j w bite aiiinr; jnod c :y reference, 'tail a*. 9ti 24 lb ah, or tween 6 b and Tld av. * fl.'ANTED-A SITUATION, ItY * TR"SrWOHTUY 1 TT *lrl; th? la an eietllent cook, wa- .ranllrouer 'an He seen l< T t*o or ihree dura at no. H2 i' est M st. her iaai 1 plane wht'e she .in he well roeonmeuled. yA'ANTKll?FY A JUaSPECTiFLB YOUNG GIRL, A ! *T s'.tna Ion a* cook aw her ai. 1 Ir.wer, and 'auadrcs* ; iiBde*rtaLds 'he business thoroughly In *11 ita brw?oh-n . in : be seen for 'our r ays at ITS West 2id s'. between 7tb?. 1h ' area front bmleing, front ro im y > 12, ltd do -r : bigb'y re | commended from h? r laai employ er lor 'oi-r vea'a ?rA)?TKD--Y A nK8PECrAHT.a! Wi>Mkft A 8ITUA TT lion us p V CC' k and to a?i?t :n s aa'io / s.u.1 rotting, la a "tst ra ? ' read and gas ry baker Rest of city refer'-ncw t'ad s' *-S3 Bowery, In lie rear, lor two tUys N objection 3 ( go in .be country. | CI* aNTKD?FY A RSHPEv'TABLE YOUNG OI?U A TT si ua'lon to do chtmberv ork ice as'lst in woehtiijaud I I Ironing or light Washing; the b?st .f c #y refereieas fr. d fctr 1 | 'a?'p'?C<5. 'V. be se u at 353 Bower., for two days, if not mope-? I tETANTlD? BY C RESPECT ARLK HI RL, *8 TUATION TT u> do tbeU-reral -f a-cull private family o'to *ke cteo cl'.ld.ip I'as 2 *1 cilv rf"re-c?fr tu.biTiast ulaee. P>H?e t-hl at 1'9 Vari 11th *t, tup Eoor, front room tl'iMKD-HT A REM'IC TABieB aND INDl'sTRI ?UR V? ynnag girl, a sl'usti n lo (i general housework In a mall priiatn trmlli. Iequire at o 7 do u. .n *t. W'aNTSD-BY A bEPPIcraBI.E 01%',, A SITUATION io do general h aework tn a ma'l 1 xlly. Is a go d w. Arrac. Ironer, k?od city referee -e Plea <: csll at tfr wt'.intic rt , aecotid tloor lacs roo-n, Eati Brooklyn. JL! A> TED?B Y A YKBY 11 Er PACT A BI.K TOUM WO " msn a situation io do teneral h uLsework In a i'ri?ate fatnliy. ma irrj govd w uner an ir >rie* and U a ?iM plain e k i an p- d ice "he be?: of c; v retcrc.'ce !i m her ai; em loj er P>as? call at ITS 2Jd at TAKnn-IT A YOUNG W!l> w WOMAN, WHO 18 Tr br?a?inr p boufekeeplcg, a situation to ir ire! with a 'sir i> t ; anv pari of "he g! >oe ii ? irAie'led ?-'cat deal. P ra-e agp.y a; 2*9 a??oue B. near !S.h ai, acooa Uxw, bach 1VAM1U?1<T TWO M0LIS9 QIRL.N. HTtJAlIOKA I T? 1n a prlTuw laml'y. t>ae It an Urtlnt >>k rood ?iitbpr ftnj ir nor; the u*ner ar cbftmfcfrm>>i1-nd l?iin1r*t?: I would uo object to ?*it?' : :be yfttti- r Mvtb tboro :{h y m I dftrr and itaur l?uiuiieT? ftud b?vr :b"> l>e?t nf c'.lv mlereit :o ! n. ti p r ift*i pU'vh !'. ??e tall for two J?y? nt So. 3d ttirt : or. fir at to .cc. fflTAN1H)-i RlTL'AlIOX. HV A R*8PC< TAlll-R ltnioh irirl wdnrrnni ao iftewrk in ft >m\il Aarrt out iftir.tly JU?t r.-o-ma-. r.f.n.or* cftn On fwn. P.nftM MllilMR U?rk it place irf; Nil-men., Cor t. D " !?' WF ftMrXIV-lST A AKPPilTf kl't.C PROTKRTaRT OTRT* ft ! '.? .on 1* el unit 'to* '! W!tn?>reft?; c*? do ail kird? of ftte ?rwio* ?r. 1 embroidery; tab nd honm; and r.bllr trf. Hu the bt?i ol ?nt? relereioc Rone tut ? re?peot? ? family c< ed ?;i It. fall tor two dftyft ftt iT, lii'JI ftt, Between 7 b and ?tk ftri o :e? ar>mtn-A RTTrATio* ah hdurrk (cupar on TT n> n>~ ft r the rlrlr o ? pnVts tn?ti?utl"f r prlr*te fauii'y, by ft Middle ejed ntdow My, ol much e*rerlenre ta botb * eft -It r?. Tti? nfioft* ? furiorr rct-rei orfumiihed. Addoitft li. P A., ci.rr ot Hit fftcifA. at Mad I too ftt AJLI i MED?A SITUATIUR BT A Rid PACT A RLE "T i > m ~o It Inf. waablnf tad of ft tBtA'l trlvft'o iftmity; t? ft ror I p ?ift cook flr?; ?ftt* wftfttt or ftrd Ifi r. I'm ?ood el'j refe-epoe Plev ?ftl! for two d?jft ftt >Mt lib it, Between ut ftod ad UN., room Ho. 2. * rood i.our JLJ A*1EI>- A SITUATION, BT A RIRPE'TA BMC WI " dorr, for ber fton, '1 yeftiw of Aire, on turn, tic ?r rf~ wftfoii un? ?o m iob ?l oh "C at ? good boar. LkD he *o< n for wo d?y? ftt M Trftrbitn ot T\*A*lib?AT A ToUtO UIRL. A ?ITCaT10I? aR TT ludj > uift d ?nd unjunftireeft; nidorsiAii ! dre?..m?<.n? Cr e (etttrg and batr dieftnlng twn do up mo- ton Ukr-lty rrf rrrcr. tp!> ?> C 8 Hohhi??>, corner ot fib ?i . hr two In tbe bftfr or?~?!n* fttorr l?r AATKD?PT A? AVKRIC4R <iI?U A SITt'tTFuW Tf ft* r! MBb*rn aid \nd to do p'a'.r or to '\?e cat* of eb.' tren. Cft-i ftt 'be ooraer at tinao isa .tivy >t, irxt >jn TATANrtn-A RTTr AtlOX BT A RFsPdrTTABUE TT ) utfntdP.ftii -ftft'-doi* will ???, I In fcft wMh'uf And irrr np elll do bonne Wot* in ft rnnn .'*ntt|T Tito t-?t i It) rel-reoce (lien I'ftlia ? Bftfti llib m., ooraer of Id AT,. 't'>m b A. M till II' I UFAlfTtD?A H'TOATlnH HT A REf-PC tATM )nui( ftnntg, m obim rav?i'l In n prente tnm ijr; e*n do p'ft n newinr Oftoe (*11 ft IAt Torrytb ?t , In the r-*r, cad lie le-r for two dftyft. WJ LI RV RHR.-A A TfATIOR WM?r*? UT A RC TV ?pc- '.!# haiillii, trni#fi?r> WHS ? rail .r?-k#t C' trll* h?? i > o*j#< tj* a to gntolho w mr/. ("? v -n f<r"?o dMt '% f-nd s cnwi ndvtoAA. PtcHMQHl'.or AddT*m in llth i twma M *?<1 M ?r? u1 AHMKI -? MTI'aiio*. 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'WL A"Ttl HT A IIVMAIU iiKkiuit ff b elttibtl mto <ln ?h-n h?rwn?? bod Wbl'mr no oV.triJ.wi lo bfMet In *b?hirf bl 4 trooln* P.kto nbli % |.r Moti rt ^/ABTBD-A MtlTATlo* Aft ?RT NURK*. BT A f jr r.Dr mm rtod ? >m?n born n( refororco (.ton C*n br oor bl *oo Johbbpnf, No. I1 Rlir*h>th it. WAHmn-A BITV ATI' >N ftf A kBftPF. iTA*I.? join* M p!?lt> mtk, trbofmr bod .mooo. bid tiae n" n? ru m i td-i K -norbl h'i#? r?. <; > he tmou lor two db> o b IM ? tow by et dm Bonr, rowr hotter WAMT*T? BY A HMIIill Hill ? ?T*W 4 l?ffTT4tlob be ntir?o ??ti fir* t>tio*C"vtonbb rotirowei na to rrbr*r?*r bad Ability < bit at TS Tb m. *m at RR,'Aftlltl ~MT A RB-tPR tArll.e VtJIB'J 4 V oltttbiKttt o? Joh, wwhor, A' ; tho boot f rot. lonyo nu be Rlren. lb', lire < Bo. 71 Path ?t , ;? Are* dbyi limuiinOB omtls*. LAPTm 4*r? WWPUJYKRft nrr OR OOt'JTRY. irby f l.tbl" ?el?e: e?rtbii'? n* hi' i ? lono -r> h bo hem oI refer-two b< the ? tibplOTtbem ntp-., 21; to#*rr TR* ARTRP * R'xiKPtRI'Kf TMO KftTRT T.tRftft Tf two ob!r*?won lor dry e<>?l? etor?? wt moi fir tee n or> iworloff* *'tr *r "?ii ?wo*, ttm .to. .. ,r | tl- ? br *? f"? we* titer four ?!' lo 'r*?oI u< ( . ...? ? f wo ten owl'1 ?- r* two hhfv% .-nnoti ml thr-e ittwrri A; ly > 0IM W 4 * f., *' t? A* t Hr ltd y tt1 t Mill 1 'ltd - ?"'? '1lt*M? 1 " > trill' i Yy rb INjpRhewporb S? -?o r rthippltw > o? 4 r'ot?o foo I'O 1 ?itd d"? ? I' jbo i orrori n B Fooo, r -j | *. , S . ? r t .'rlt o y , .... . , .0 ft ? t . < )f Ap?. f U L'Jl-r- I A At. .'-A.-, i i/e i?? v J ' */< ;SDAT, AUGUST 25, 1857. mrvATion waivtkd?mamcs. ^ Atocnu man from nova sooti a, or htraiit

ud bostneaa like habits. wtahas employment aa bookkeeper or elerk la a now ml?Ion m?rnhtnl'? offloe or basking to. aa. The best of otty r?f#r*w?ea given. Address W. B. O. Herald office A COACBMAN'S SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG t. lngiubmkn who aar^eetiy understands bin bislne##. and ha# food city reference# Pleaae oall or *<ldr?#* P. A * J. U. t jlTuater'?, veterinary ?urgeoa, U Waal Mb at.. Ibrtwo day. # N KXPERIKIUIBD DRY UOODS HAND WANTS AN cL engagement a# tiir.h, In a leapec'.able home; no ohjeotk o to lie cour'r> ; beat of city reference Ad-trea# bot 168 ID raid office, for three da;a A BOY WANTS A SITUATION TO LBARN 80MB RB <V ?p?oul.> ir?d? mob aa plumb log and nitrble cutting baa no objection to bard work 1#a good itrong boy and baa good ' eferencet. Waawa no object, .all at 110 aaat 3Jd at. > YOUNO NAN WANTS A BITUATION AB GROOM V In a private la wily, to ro la Ihe conntey: unieretanda kitchen yai debtor, and Is wiling to make hiaualf | eoeraily u'i fnJ; undereiauoa farming, and also the managetreut anu milking ol cow# Addraa# J. M.. Herald rfllce, tu# day. A TOO NO NAN, "9 YEARS ON AOK, H A VINO UB ? RNT flL a mechanical btiftlncss, anxtoua to team He wholesale S-ocery an-* liquor bonne##; wage# no object. Addrea# H. evelln, box >60 Herald effioe. (1OAO0MAN - A RE.tPBCTABLE YOUNO M#N J wtehe# a *'tea ton * coachm?n,i# a good grown an<" car#ful driver, Can bclDg grod reference from fci# l?*t employer Ha# no objection t" #o a ?hort -I'stance In the yynatry vVagea nnteomurh object a< a comfortable aUttallne; |# a Prole-Out. Can be lean till engaged at ijg 22d ?L, third 11 ?r, between l#t and 2<l aveuuer. OITUaTTON WANTED-by a sober, steady man. O ? coa-bro#n; und-r#tAnd# bt# boMne## ttoro tihly; good reference# 'or (be 'a#t icur year#. fan be reen for three-lay# nH k Seg-e'r. v;c Broadway, saddier's itorc, or addre#* M. ibox 144 Herald cQioc qittaticn wanted?by a yocno m\n, abol-ehk C? In a coal ofllre. i-tal' or addrea# to !l?t Kaat JVt #t, wh >r? be pa- give the bevt tertlmonlals. 1'111L.'P UAKl-Jafi 4^ITU?TION W AKTBD?BT A RBBPBCTABLB YOCNO Tr man, ocm.etent to ft l moatanj p'ace In a hotel, under#-.and# larviny, tending car, or steward'* bu,ine#?. Unci referent!# given a# to honoete and caplblily of doing hi# duty, a.lromn-' k atioLE ttrlutlj attended to. Addrea# W. IL 11, Hertld office TO run DERS or MAEUf aCTTURERS.-A middle grd man of good bust mat# hahtta want* employment aa bookk-et or, cobactor or to oversee and ae-.tie with hand#. In a factory or with tome builder; he ha# the beet of city reference# Addrep# H W. W . herald office. Jfro PAPER AND RA3 KERCH ANTS ? AN ENGLISH A man n;<' y1 ? *t* t iiivhij II' 11V iu n. ? * > -*| ;rr ? *mrnbonae, understand* the trade lb roughly m all u* branch*; would made k.mnelf u*riul 1- aw capacity addrea? john Idem.J* V ;?t <J!ce, -Vew \ora TO HAHDWARR 1>?AI,*R8.- Waatod, A SiTOaTtOH a* talrtmm nr rirrk, or arty othe- occupation IB the ahuve b'mlcesi Good referenee |tren Address O. IS. T., llerald i ffiOB TBK aDVERT'SKR, WHO IS UlGURy RESi'E'iTARI.V educated, umbra a situation an oompani in to a lady snu hi ."cheeper; in n -ood scAiustrevi: wo oil take the ec'lre cburga of children ware thf Ir Buhrr noable to huh to tb?m, bat ::ig filled a niuilar nlt-a'ion for fitr and tbree yenri. Best ot our relerencua Call or address I (?. R.. 3d Hubert at, tor Hire* data TO MNTJfcTfl-A COMPETENT WIOH NICAL WORE iri.o and tiler would I'k* to make a t engage-neat wl b a Pr?t cins dentl*'of i:neireptlora< ;e good cbarae ar;-me wht h** * large i roe-i. e which would insure a go ><i salary. Ha wc ll' take a ?bare ' the bounce*. )' aatl>l*"!ory. .a bis Ci'y, tfroi k'jn, b hila- elpbi* or a Bralihy lo.iat.on South Oommu orations will b" at>n rd to tor wo works If addressed to Odontography, Chatham r , ture I'oat olllce, care oi B. hoc*, wo 4. ULTAltTEO-A eiTt'ATId* AS OMR K OR ASSISTANT W bro?tk?wp"f, br a young man. twenty four years ot age, married, a Philadc'ph'.an b ' birth Can pruduoer-ferrnc-* of the tig' r?' rtspectaclltv in he above city. Addreal, for thr-* oa\ a rbeo.. Unad cffloo. Wanted pt as america* formo v*!*, efdfl. ear ears of tpe rom the enun'r* a situation o? porter la a store, or to W.r> some mercantile famines* write* a good hard and l? quirk at figure* lief of reference a* tohonwoy, integrity, Ac Awdresa t ferover 332 Sowery. WANTKD-3Y A at AMERICAN TOCHl MAM. 23 vr arr of *pe a slt"a-ton In some g ?xi hou?e; 'a n v parti onlar'ai to what k'nd ot bnrlnet? Ho wl reference ad drew, S f. H. Green Point, Hrooklyn jkf anted? t situation, to driv-b a horse and ^ c*rt, d *tt to?n la well acnaw mod to #t ipping; h*a no ob ?clli>r to go, to th? country Ha* good city reference from b.a la*', p'a-e. Csl! at k'0 Vkowter IMP ANTID?BY .4 YOCNG M AN i'> YEARS ON AUI. TV a i.mall n a* O'enbmam wt? uadtrssn'* giM-ulog and n wtlllny v> make hirmeit generally uaefai. ha* 6ve ear* e?Fe?.e?>ce In J?e hurt > ?< , ear nt idune the beat referen e , a-VreM 5 S , U? ra'd office, t r 23S Meet 28,h at. i can Be a? eo for ten dr.ya A YODNO M*N. WHO CNDIRST tNDl the I row "rv b .*lue*a tn ait na hrau se? a atttiakou; ajar; n ' t . teb an obieit M a re*i tc-aiie ai .at. at. Ad die?* H I, << . Hera office. TV'ANTED? A SI IV A TICK AS OOA1HII AJg. PY A ? bom re*| > St'b'a man who perfeo lt an eri'an l? hi* huemee* tr all tu >ranche*. U a ea??fnl.atewlT dnvar; koow* the cc.y we'.i. DO ' b..ectloe IO the an :o??y. the '<e?t if cf.y r > rence !".< a*< a rc?* C. Y , box 18tl Iierai.l otLoe, for two d?' I WiNTRl?pY A YOl'NO MAN, A HITfAT'ON TO ink* 'ara of tacrra* Ctty rrtrmz* ftren. Addrvaa Imtla, htam "ILca, WANTKP-BY A RlnPETABLl VOl'Si M S. A almau >n aa bartander, or anrtb.ntf ba ran mab- Vm t'f narfnl In ?'*n prodnn* firmt refaronOM. Aildraat H. W , be* 1 H WarAld oflRcfi tR'ANTID-HY A RtHPNI'TABLN TOCNO VAN UAT1 fruc. Ejr", a a 'imon aa waitar ui k it ra'e family; b> nnrf?mu-) .4- cara of pUta, lampa %o.l furul 1'f, < a Pr ?at?nt. Hah NO to tha crnntry. ?ny panrm Mqalrtaf bta arrTlraa. wll find kin honaat. aob?r ti 1 QNMa A j m oapafci ity, th" boat of NNMMM r1??n 'r -m bl* U*i a* v> tyan Arfdwi tarI wo dan R M . oo? iv HmaM "iiia* utakikd-a situation an sauraman or k >or " Utl r. by a joolk man who cad aaua'ArUot aa elibfr t dJr? >? J R , htrail nlcr WfANTlP-A TOCNO VAN. OP OOOP iPDRMJ, TO A">-< d % rata.l vr>*ory at-wa Ona thai i? wall ac , <aial Ki wltb tha b .mm. Arrl? ai I jo - A at VI* ANTKO?BY A YyCN.t MAN OF (J< K)D RT ANpiNO, ti ?. b b^ i ! ..( nfoniM from b.a laaitaap iMua mi.ra ' rj ?j da a'on , a- prrtw la w . d*T / Va ?ti i r ' m? to 'ha la'aiaat n| b'? rmrlnyar Addrraa Kl' < ba ! am ?t. rfch will maet wth pmm,,r attantioa the traden. A PRACTICAL OARrmNIR Wants A SITUATION; baa an i'ui *tporianc? n bit .-ountry: A plaro whara thrra ji a pro r. b > .aa or . ;tertaa ortl?rraC, city v ncna, i. 'u? m' Kvt.y - bo ca not 4ar>p ? man by -Nayaar. i? a n.arrtad pau ol ?ma', family !"-*< Addraaa lb- Saat ZJd at ram to, >r ' BpfAld offlaM fnrtwndaya Noahpimr wants a utoation?ib a kin ii.k mu D? t ?rioi|i nadaratand hta bnalnaaa In oil l'a bram-haa, (rrati li? ??,irrap*rj i i??r hod f auyhla t*r<l t i f In <?n? a? Wan no o'- act on to I'Portntnd a fAr.n, If ra 1 trad. i1a? 'b? b"?t V 'tlt> r? farana^a aa ti .- apahtlt y tr.d ebarac ef Atj ad *.r?aa lo J * . IlarA.d nana, tbA 1 tn??t A'tappmi Bt rmmierr wantko-Wantip T?l<rv uooo b.rnlataia In .lea S- Piatt a*, altar ? P M JEOPs ?WANTtP, RY A 1, amps' PRVWOH RW?'R O B?n"ft''tiTT wb ?p ?b? PnpN? M ti?rni o had frai-b, a ait'r at or pa.tar eatt-r. ao .raaa UAr'.cck, 112 Wilt 36 b a'.raab fro IRON POrNIINRN WANTRD IMMBPTATNI.T ST 1 Ura 0r d- r? ?i? ?Vnt fn-.r-m-t biutd/wl lona t< Ir.a ~A?l Ini*. a tantpla of wbirh aa wall aa array n4b- r oaraeitiar ? k..? .. .. .. > . la il...h?a ? haaibM <ha bi .m, f? anrt'l o'rl'ai orarf day, ffttinn rtonptod ) unci Jt-21/Jt'U A Jti f IM7. RoMT BAKI, A CO. TK WilBR WRMIIW - tiHTIM, A fUlST R aTB *k??!?.||h' am auraaad to bra' y w?rk ai.oh a* aiini Aad > ajla it. ko !. * bra > j y U a i r \ < itrt aji'rwn ar 1 V bo .t a family ml br at ? In rorn'ah ' am a . I a g h -a ar . I' ipaaity f (.? oiirrnunry r % g od im? for % iwan of tha n#ri "lamp ! .... rr of 1m* r- 1 pirr II Kor*h rtrar. ur addroaa B. T Wi :i?ma noi 1 9fin ,V?a Iwk Pobl oll.cA TH<> flalR l'H><d>BRR ?*n WW MAKCRM-A TOC*H | r-- ?i?. ?t ha h 'alnran wiarar to oh'a'a ? tor arrli ba a? frrai W la I bona*. <" n't a mnnh .*?? imp.- a? an'tr to l??m tbc -ru!? lbir<r yhly Ad''r?aa !#, Ro. I BUrb bt . Brooklyn ilt.TIt . I ??t*IR-< -WA?1E1>. A F'TTTATT )0, HT A at r ' it- . > II mad ona n> > ha- la! m h pan a- r at ' br -aotr, and will mdmror In anopiy ikr bi'iar Wilt) a r Wutl II Of fond hr?ad I an |l?r fond rrfrrmor a* In ' hara* rr "'an hn "?n <? th <-?riaraal tin Waah Baton f . n? hi ?<"dra?a.n* a loivrr to tbe ahum bomhrr, it ahalT br attn-Mtn* to Tbi ctij>rKrrroiv*iia-WArrT?D FOR UTitiaoHo l a a flrai ram *>aa ir la all I raa*hrr an<t anr r tf* iir?ani, La.iaao *ti nn dnraiaeita par??nnijr ha * ii? work, nab aa p?rl.a?, jajnir pnatr. 4 for Warb'Bfo-, P.O. a traprcabla lady, wltb ?or? rrf.r-nnra t il" b?'%r of a i aman> r.l and wall mai'inn r?iad M ib'I n 'o a u-adirb h" wn.da haa'.araa of a onafncti narj atora On!! for nnrtiaulam at .19 Fdapaaard ??, r*AT" n* ak??r. w artbp mvfiti at alt* artsr?! Wit, hn?t'f< tor tar Rnn'h aal Waal a;ao, a roinf man ha ini anar baowirdnr of ihr nnatnraa to lotah hi irai" a pply to Mai *Tu H A OO., }<K Eiuc liroet. tnrw It In I o-l'Wk. THO VA^IIIRIhTR. WAltr*!), A OOMPBTKnT MaM, an I QBa wh I ?a I ar'aat isarhanlr n I ?aa lb a gbarya of b* h i>,ooaa ?b< k) ?m*r . irU" and InwIllRMil. ml h?n hvl antn? riparl-nw .a a Torratari To aocfc 4 oar rood ? ?i. 1 a v- rma??o>t at; nation araod-rod Rnaot A o , ?w-*ai ' njl'ni boiIJrra, ?l and 21 Waahlnytoa ft . If T T<? RAT1WAY tRXPABIW, AO ?WtlTIII, IfY * thor opalf man, altfc ron?ldrrabl? oiprrlmro tn h. <onal/oo1WHi nt lalitrnrt a auna'lon aa fnaport/ir or foreman ? w.'fkt of pnrwiaorpt Iran, Aral ratr toaumotila.a. Addrnaa R <t?i? ?, oort ft 4Vh 4 and Tib ara. WARTI? PORTT BAILBOiP (TAB RTTLPBBR ABD rapatmm. ' aq nir* at tfcr oSor of *a Ptananm amp, rWirvmV IT T Waj?1Kl>-rO apl'kbrt'ob a r?rit<t a RT,t rpt t?d lb frara to ibo h ltrbar hnatnraa Apply at 74 Boat Broadway k?iar? no oAiara t a c1.\ v 1. t.) m *k i r.t ? laaara harrwla ItnnaW omnloroirw and good warna App'y at thr an tar roflnory. fOntoflbnb at, "orib rtrrr. ( rat. '??' ' by Hndaon hi rr Rai'wtad at 1 aad 4 P * War**i> innitR wood oat ta, 'mh? ai-n > a yrn?f lady to loam Apply (Ala day, at 17 Date* at, nrrtior nf F nlwB War I IK * f iprt bat* paptr abo vtbt OCT irr, a a rn r. for a "r?t atiwa i*l oiinf f tintnotn, toa<"p** "" I? r ai I a hr Airan. Aadrraa It I'. TraiiBt.. H ATHIMOtl M<. MATR1BOBY.-A Tf i'm) *4*. TWFBTV PIVB tiara of apa, prop>?a*oa> ing la hia applanation, n1 mo (mm aiyn, a*'!>nrn h ?it hlno n ?a, ?n i aoj >a o?oallont h -alib and a lib- ral odorailno. not aodloo i wo tbo oar of ardont opl r a tof-w oo '<r fond n' pa ?lnr ahra > inoa tbo ?"ona\n tanor of a to' -?? 'n'r a--n-f a ma'ln* to ht? ar<* an I pona-a? Irr ooali' .'ai ma and an|i?Kram?<a. of a BrrUa dtapnnlon and ,..rnl?-F. tr mnt- tVwoooa, and aar??vdr, who w "d 1?h > - I Oi ?ln? in -w of a maobaaio a or tar a1 nyr nna'l ?. i nr, i" a ti-i n . r>aiont .<* < a* o?a ?'f A?f, D ?fRAr i'All. iV>' ft' d' ., ? I Mia? WAJVTKlX_Kk:^AL.lL^. A COOK WtNTRD-WHO IS A GOOD WAS'JRR AND ? iroaer 'n a small prlr*t? family, with cl y ror?r?t,o? Jfrne other need apply at 323 4lh avenue, between 24th and ( 2frb ?la A GOOD >'OOK, WeSHER AND IRONER W VNTKPPor a imall family la Newark, N. J.; one f r New H??en, one fur Stoning ion, Conn . and aereral f<r h-mww irk in olty and eouciry, bow and at all tlrwea, at 'he cfflce for the ensouragrment of faithful domestics. hod ah a*. Bonnet p?.amb makers wanted.-?o to iuu nasr rale ban da can Had steady won and good prioea at 3d ' John et, up etalra. Apply to Geo. A. i.'oi a Co C^LOAEMAKERS W A NTBD.-A f'Pl.T TO JAMES A. J fc ears, 7,6 Broadway, abore !)th at. D' RESS MAKERS -SEVERAL GOOD ORB8H MAKERS wauled at Mlaa M. lielamore'a, Hi uraad street fDURCUTTRRB AND PUR SEWERS WANTED 1HVV r dlately ?Good hands will reoeJre high wage# and steady smploymentat tfj Nater ML Milliners wantkd.-a tbimmkr; oprcompr ent to take sharce of a workroom: to suob a liberal salary will be alien. None but a ft rat rats hand need apply Alan 6rr or alx first rate bonnet makers and a saleswoman. Apply at Mrs Williams' 178 Atianili st.. Brooklyn. Nurse wanted -on* who is oompbtent and a good reams r-ss Must be a Protestant; either while or nolorad. Apply this day between 11) A. E. and 12 M. at M West 2td tt rtUIl.TRRE WANTED ?APP1A TO JAMES A UBARN. V? 77# Hroadway above 910 at STRAW klWIRg- FOREWOMAN WANTED; ONE WHO ha* had -ei eral tu.rt experience, especially In the men's and boysslra* h t department. aid can c me well '??? mended aa to abl'tty, Ac , em hear of a Dermuunt aitnalton by spplyteg to a. Leland A Co.. 180 Broadway. rt MILLlNEnR.?WANTED, A GOOD MILLINER TH AT understands her business. and can Rive relererce aa to cipabi'lty Ac. Good wacea and conatant employment Ap ply at 357 Grove at, .Icraey City. TWO -MIL' INKRS WANThD-OF THE FIRST KXPE rienee. for the Broadway trade. Applv thia clay to Mrs Wtudaor. No 1 Cottage p'aor Hnlwvken. 1*1 J WANTE1)? A YOUNG PROTESTANT GIRL A8 NURHtt and a'amitress Olty references required. Apply from 12 to 2 o'clock at 8V East 29 Ji it, WANTED?A NEAT. TTLtY AND TRUSTWORTHY woman *a mA, one tha' unde'S'and' her business aud ii obiiRlDR and not afraid to work; nhe must be a Rood htun dreea. a> auch a one Rood wages will be paid. None need ap I ply but those thai are wiling and mm potent, and can bring good references. Apply at I) Win 3dth *t. WSNTK.'1-A GOOD FAMILY HORRK, ABOUT SIX yeara old, 15>? hands high, long tail, hind and tr te, and a Rood traveller Apply at 31 chambers street WANTED?A CHAMBERMAID AND WAITER; MU8T be willing to* herself generally nsefnl Proteatant preferred. Apply tills morning at 297 37th at , between Mb e.nd 9th avenues. WANTED?A GERMAN PROTESTANT GIRL FROM the northern part of Germany, aa nurse and seamstress, Bui' he able to dress hair; best of city references required Apply to-morrow. a 41 East 2H at, from in to 1 s'ylocb. WANTED?A GIRL TO DO THE GENERAL HOUSE work of a small family; Protectant preferred; must be a go id cook, and have first rate recommendations. Apply at 7# Macdnitgtil street Tlf ANT ED?A IOUNG WOMAN AB CHAMKMRMAID, M and to a> m p. v??bin? and Ironlni. Inquire at No. 145 Eighth it., opposite Clta'on Hall. WANTED-A PROTECTANT YOUNG WOMAN, TO AS , i is' in taking care of a child, do p'.ain sew ng and make herself generally laeful. Inquire at SG4 West 2Jdst., corner 9.b aventis. hJLTANTED?A PROTESTANT NPRfR: MUST BE AO " Bcui'omed to the earn r,f a nursery; alio a waitress. In botb cases c:ty ret. j .nces will be required. Apply between 19 an ' 12 at 27 Wet., ilst si WANTED-A NKAT. TIDY, RXPPEOTAULE GIRL, TO Co the geeterat homework of a smali private fsmi'y Mmt oome net! rtcoo.rat uded and understand her bu*tneir Good wages gtven. Apply at 71 Lawrenoe at., Brooklyn WANTED-BY A PRIVATE FAMILY, A RESPECT A ble woman, to cuok. wash and trcn, and to make her reif generally useful, uoed merenoe required. Apply at 332 W *at 23d >t 117 ANTED?A GIRi, AB CHAMBERMAID A ND WAITER; w w win it rt'juir' u i mh ior winning *ru ironing. rr-nei tant prnlt rred. ?All between the hnu -? t f Id and I2o'cloikat If > mi '3ib it : rune nred apply who are not trilling to go a thort dln'ance il Ika 1ETANTEP-AT Wl* BKOA1IWAT, LADIES' DRIPS M and aoft cap maker! , none but competent haada need agp'y Wamep-a i>ir>w to do ubnkral housework. 5 -re w*A apply tinleaa well reoommended at 4S2 -.0 a*. R <? TELFORD. IAT ANTED?JN A PRIVATE FAMILV, A QIRL TO Tp cofc, wiah and tro... Apply at 1AJ Eaa*. 18tA at., near 2d ae . tr m to to 12 o'clock W'ANTAD?A OiRL, NOT T?H) TOIN.4, OR A WO man, a* nurae. In a toil! Herman 'amtly. In Brook !yn A i . ly at '.'C . Iberty it., R. V., Utlrd floor, or SOi Dean ;, Rro.kWa WANTED IMMEDIATELY. A K1MBT RATE GPERAT or on Wheeim A'i. aetrlng mtibiae, on* a?eai touted ici mteUmg ibiri bow mi Appiy to kri dtank>n,87 W? it Slit it . btti i'rt 6dt and 710 ?raNTID-TWo fURLB, (HSTK.R PllEFBRRKD. TO TT a ahcn die'. .n"e on the Hnoeon, one aa gm I pltli cork lad o irwt t tn waiblny. the cner a* lanadr-ia, and to ataiit with chamberwork. Appty t H K. Bpaolding. No. 26 Barclay it. ARTANTKD?A OIRL TO UO TKK MILKS IM TUE TP conn try, to do ouwking, waihlagiid ironing. Call at El' '*> ar it. uo italra IRTARTRD-A COOK, WHO PKRTK TLT I'NUB# "P itandi her hnpineaa alao a i-hamberrual t and waiter girl. None h i. tsoae tnlly owmteteut mead apply. Call at 9H aaat 2Vd at 'JU AkTBI>?A DO. D 8HIR1 CUTTER, AT lub LIBERTY I TT itreet, be?-meot TV ANTED?A NEAT TIDY OIRL, TO ASSiNT IN THE Pf iii raea> r* of an Atr.erleao faml'y "f tnree perioai: ? >rk la light, and good girl will be 'rented aa una ol Uie family. Wage* $3. A; p T at lis Weil 44'k at. kAT a NTkD? A TOUNlt IPOMaN. AR SEAMSTRESS IN P a prlrgte family, nor who h?a ?>me kntwledgt of tailoring as (1 ir a it'.rg to a ale herae f nisfnl may apply at 3U Went 14 h It between 'I and 11 A. M. Ik'AN TED-A SMART OOOD MATURED UIRL, TO i TT I gmiapal koneem >rk In a rr rate family of lo ir per ' aj a. ti ?>d wngea given Arply ln?'b? ely at the dr g , i . paalte Warren ilr ?>klyp. tiranted? * cap maker,one whocan assist at TT the mil liner] efrrrtd; MMtUl rni I lymrn' will be liten; a.?' a lit aalarr ki one who perfen y nnilarman ia U?r Mil note a} ply brtaeeo the boom ot 111 anl 12 A M. At 3If LAna. it. nr'ANTRd?OOOR I LOAK MAKBK8, T I WIIOH U3W " rtnnl aii i>ynarn< wtli be Kiri-n Aiao, w>rk giren bim? in re?pon*lb c pa/iiea Apply to A. M An. Danea SKA ead 3V/ Hr adwajr, tip ami re. WaNTKO-A TBUbfW 'It IH V WUHAN AN UOUK, wither end li' ??r; tn ? who nndrrtiaode bit' boalooM *nd la tot n'ra o "> w rk iji eral arafaa a I be pa'd i Ik tee oomowlewt ?? .who nan cot nod 1t rklldreiTa rtr area. ep,ly At lie aam Nth at., n?ar At atenoe. WANTBD AN IXI'tRiAN. KDVI' ?)N WHIRL *- .1 'ai'jio- pew.r.e a. <o, cnakui?ker< And tn_irrtioy.fl. Apply at 177 hint itref, r <nior of Br r inn VATPNTAH-HV A FRKW'HJ C ?R??d M IK' ll fWORK Tf 'Tth-dA. pan -nt *id i'he r.-ont laaitooahle atyi< All At ? I ' ib are. Dm wet u .? j And ii>k ata Win iaap tba Acrrk boH.a A/ ANTRD?TWO TalLORKMIR-t. T ) WUI1 ON OU8ff i a | tn'a None hot a >>d lianda nerd apply, Ai U1 Volt ?t? third .or, rrwr building. Call f if two day a. tA7 AbT? 1 #? A OIAL. TO DO TUB (IKWERAL HOC*! Tf work of a avail prlrau- 'amity Apply A' 371 Canal at, between W amier and Laim aa La b? gallery. JL IMMBDIATKLT-AT NO. 1*.', THOMSON Tf nt , two tonne gl'te, who can ae* neatly on ladlna' '!r*anei, in work bj the work. Call at room No. A Naaa aeed apt y O n otat aaaara. JL' ANl F.I)-AT 83 WJtNT TWKMTT riKbT NTRBUT, | Tf one capable woman U> take cerei I one ekild, I" m >nib? <,"d * a .h a d r u r .r ue-lf and mother Nn?t oo-ae weJ ra rim mended Wan en nil d" lam. WKT N'-RbR ? ANTKll - TOR A CHILD R X NOIfTfM I old. ai M Cranberry etre.-i, Brooklyn. A healthy aro I man with gnod rnferm r-inired WANTBD-A U1BL TO OO OKNIAAL HOU8BWOBK: a a ?id waaher and ironer and plain cook Moat be well re. "iwmi iited <all at Oil laai :tvt at. WANTBD-A NN.T AND INDt'HTBIOI'R OJRL. IN A family .f two peranna mn*t order*and plate on Wing, wait ni and Ironing. Apply at l-d ?roo?r at. Jaraat City. WANT ID INMgllIATBl/V ? WOMAN, (USUI. DOMBR I ma, An., In food ttuaUrna, now ready ,hta day Wa ra'l the attention of ev# y ?< maa n want if am ploy ment to the tar thai we acre# to gira etery one who ralta a anttable a.11 aunt ?tili >nt delay., at the laauintw IV nth at , eorcer n# Stb an. WANTBD INMRDlATRlD -Tl Rf* PROTNBTANT (frla.'or a tmard'ae aehoni ibeeonatry, owaaa no ia. 1 |ii(?r nfnii, >?i" aa i iiui'M'niiMK. at b7. ka4 ror v> nnrkJ honaework, alan iwo oonaa waahera anityronark <* lh? I J Pl-aae rail at i V . lik # , mm r '<f (k? ??. tl ANIkll IWllKillATkf.Y?TWO WOVIN, TO iHXilL ?? ?ai?li ank Inn aell; ?lwi (?o? for general botatwork kid ope for ebeniharwork tvl wailing T?w? ?r? (iwilfoi altuatinta. an.) high wagea wll be gt?en. Uqnlr* kt lit at oorntr of wk k*. WAhTlft' l*W?r?JATtl.T TURK! PROTRNTANT glrla, R?r k hoarding nrh?n! In tka etiinlrj 1?' ka onnk. ki from tin 10 SIS m? eharnl i<n?al<I, kl f7; kn4 ooefor ginetai hi o??'*i*k Alan tt i * **! w?ik?, tra>hari and tr unri f.r the rtr. Then* ark "arm utent kail dnairkbla alto* ktlona i all at l*h I Itkt at , a roar of li b kr fl' AN run- A WIT NrMK. Apri.t AT us AMITY ?T at , Brooklyn WANTH - A *R*PR"TtM.t WOMAN Tf) WITT NUR1K k bahj at bar own reaPlenri 7 he child la ibrw inoe-.lia o)4. applf at the I hUadeipMa Hotel, Burner of Went at. and Mattery i ia?w Til fllRlJt WaNTaO?FOR RitWlail I.AOM Ak.) Hi" tJU ?l nr ri.Uara. Aim a anal l my at Hwl wiiHth/bi Huh i'mIa A ff thntf>, |] itaralnr ai., np auairs - .cr-j ? ~x . BIM.MRM. 7WK "'i, MUtl'Vtl. N KIT TU UkAUl I OLr ChnivA - Pbelkn a widel hf'Hkrd watlea and nan link (Aon rnph.oaie, Dkieniwi Pnhrnkry ihSA T of them far Va pkMtnn im prwrilae Id N>? laegeoi and haai fnrnlelHel hl'lUrk ball In ike world 'lenkaman are In ?Iled to oaU an4 "lairlf aa fraudulent mik'i.iM am hetna otlered ft ir aain By )<* ? (Vmalie eharaetera in iba trade all otbei ktnda of iahie? anil euabtntia wljl he fomiahwl al tarn par nan' leaa u>ig ihey cab re bnt*hl rlee where kluHtll. PTtNl. A* BIM.IARiW IN KROOKIiVN Tnr U*l?KRNfONNI) rerpint'ni'iT lifen? ihe irnllrani nl Brontilyk tfcattfc'y h tie 'kted o the r '<m rornrr of Atlantic and I'ltn' hi ilmwa. a 'h t'belan a mridel talilea and lb* celebrated r imtitnau a c aktrna and a'kir beita I'airona of thu erikh'mhro m mat ti vi! ha n? the *ieet euro hal a. ao*f tablea la Hrn Alfa fh rt kip: ami coiirtko'ia ki emtik. I' T, UwAl*. tv HALF WAHTKD-HHUU. A~~" mantilla falermAN, wno HAS HAD IlPnu^ ence in the businei#, wanted. In one of the Orst htnaen In the city. Address Mantilla. Hwald office. a TWW msn wasted?TO lkkbm A LIGHT ikdoo* A. burlntas, that In light a?d ol?anl?. besides being n rnleable ana useful knowledge; cad make to III da* to any el;y or town, $1 required for tools Instructions, Ae , at Md Broatf. way. room Wo. H, u.> atnlrA a mcq 1l*bk wastkd?OS?WHOU*D?*tta*D? * the buAll.eel and can come well retximmendod, a dootst' preferred Apply at Wo 80 < Vn re ?'r?e.. eprner of Pearl. 4 A MAW WASTED?TO DBIVE AS SX.'BBSS WAOOW and take rare o'a h irse. wood wages Apply to HoU brook A Co, FU7 bowery. . Agents wantbd is th-r oirv asu ivebv stats . In the Uniot to ae 11 Bneefield's patent nntll fountain pea. The pen ie usanimooaly pronounctd b> all wao hare eeea Ik to be the lieet of the kind rver uttered to the publio, ana one of \ the ere a eat ichtevementa of the age. Parties with some m?ao* ?nn derive a go d luoome by calling at the offiee, 178 Broadway s Also State nghia tor ale. BUT WAKTBl-AT 8 XJTT'b hA W Si.OF, lOS HSMTI&. at. One who hie a knowledge of tie bu tineas preferred. No Idle boy need apply DBT GOODS SALESMAN WANTICO ViHfllHIO go South) a lira; class dry good* mlesman, of great Industry andpvrseve ance and capable of tak'nt fullobarge. None ne-d apply unless harl-g the belt reference as to ahar i acier and ability. Salary (700 tl-ai year with an Inoreaaw every auooredlng year (hill b< tween Hand '0 n'eljok ihle morning at the wanhlrpten Hotel. No 1 "roadway. DKUU ''L1KK WaNTSI> A JOUNiI Half fctllv I capable to take charge of a first class retail and preaerip- i lion a lore may apply, with re erenuea, to J. T liaeatia, foe- 1 ke-t. N T | MOKBiS COHNKHT A CV.. M3 hROaDWAT. 1Wtranre 1 ranklln street supply em plot era rroet elty and ooutitry with first cuts* servants fur every dcwertoUon of workt in private liouats And hotels. Office I r male help KB Greenwich street. it ?>via_wiv*im i vikjnv iistitius pil furred) hating an acquaintance among retail graders, I butchers, bakers. An., to sell a arfc'e of evert oay ?ir sumption. A U'r salary or a good commission given Apply At 317 Greenwich st.. one door nor:liof i*uanc. < rpO PARI NTH AMI) GUARDIA VH?TWO OB IURB ] I b' ysof respectable parentage and good mora oharacier, will 1>? received tin a first claw mar fadurins jeweller's ?stahllshm?nt where they will have an opportunity of learning! their business thoroughly la a.l us branches. Address B. i Hi raid |jm. , lETANTEl)?SBViRAL FIKBT 01. ASS SaLBbMEN. *T None need app v bnt ihns? w< '1 acquainted with the rp.y retail trade, ard can fur lah unexceptionable refereuoss. Anplv, af er 6 P. M , toG urge A Heart 125 Broadway. Of ANTED- A* ENTRY OLcRK. APPLV AT LOBD VT A Taylor's, (J rand st., after If 1. EBTANTED-AN ACTIVE MAN, WITH ??00 AND A fr ho'ie and wagon, h> doacl'y cracker trade now partial developed. App'y to A W. Hyde. >?> Chambers st WANTED-A YOUNG MAN TO aBBIRT IN A HOTEL office and make himst. generally iseml * hunt the ofltoea Best of refer'boe reuuled. spptv a' thi Rea Viesr Hotels i Boats l.are the foot of Mouinson t three times dally. W SMITU 'roprtet r. WANTED?AT THE FA1I?li) KgST A'TR ANT. 600 Broadway, a man waller that undrra ends his baslneas at d caa open oysit rs Call between the hours uf 8 and 10 A. M or 1 b t o clock P. M. , WANTEI.-TWO SM4RT YoDNO AND STEADY sa etmcn In a retail dry goods store. Inquire at AMU > av-nue. TVTANT3D?A WCI.L ElPSRIfi/xtrP AGENT TO II travel for a varnish business Apply at 41 Liberty St.. op stairs TBTANTKi'?A BOY THAT HAS ROMF. KNOWLEDGE* TT of brass n ruing. alro asma 1 boy to make ldmaelf useful In a workshop Apply at <5 sreene at 'itirih door. WANTS!*-A PORTER AND Ct.KKK K< H A * UOulsale tea and spice warehouse To g?vid tmu na n, who are willing to woik constant employment and goo waged given Apply ihls day at 164 Fulton si. Brooklyn, In us basarotct. Waiter wanted -in a private family, apply bet seen 10 and 11 o'ylock at *7 leaser st, second floor. ' WANTED-A 01 ERE FOR AN OFFICE, ON A MODBrate salary A- p'y at 'he m ecBa-l'r clocks registry office M7 Broadway room No 1. between II and I o'clock. tlnn In procured Kegiateriug f- e VI oenta 1 WANTID? A Torino Hon ASSIST in A LIGHT J baalneea; one hiving 3301I to i at bit oimmand, fop which aecnrliv will be given and r.nnpeuBii.nn gjATAnteed eppl) from 9 lo 4 P M. it 347 Rroni vat. room No. A Wantsi)?? boy or about is t?a is or a?m in iawyvr'w office He moat c -tn.t we'd reemmooded Ard be able to read aed write. In inire In ibe morning, bw i tween .0 and 1!. At C>9 Well at. rt?"m II , WANTID-A MA Lit OOOK, ON* THOROUGHLY , mmptiiM for a boarding acbool HA; mi la* From Naw Yr>rk;tnua be Able to make jt'nd b- Ad. a (id me. with foQ , particulars eeLrv expected, Ac., box 3K5 Poet oiBoe mtantkh-a maw to attkwo a liikch tabu; oae who ia iv^? r?o*b'e ?"i can oonevilJit> > <*>u mended. Add era Hotel HM4tBdi WANTKI)?A I T/ib. WAI KK'.ICY HO' A*. *7 3ROAIV I any a porter. l<>a;mtng man of .uKable quaUAmpllona g< oa ?A|>? will II pntrt Wabtbi ?young mkn wishing to OO TO km*, for wbAltni vn- Agfa, elao teo r x>yera, two oarpen- ' I* ra, a*d two b'aekBtniihe Pb'pa aa'tox rt ery few i Aye. Ap- ? n'.y to Randall A Aobaon 151 South atruet. eorner of reck alio, up atalra. ?- - I <A7ABTKI>-A BARKK1PKR. IN " II* HK8TAURA NT 1 " of the Everett Botur None nte I tj ply unieaa well rw ' commended row 9 o 10 a * t lA'ANTin-A SMART YOUNG MAN. (.1 A OROOMBY " atore one well acquainted wlib ibe hu-lueaa oaay apply a 73r'AtAAriiii* at a a a martin. WANTED ?four boys. who WAIT* A PLAIN band and correct At gurre. one 14 yeara. raaldi-uf wtth I parents. Apply At Load A Taylor a. >>r?nd at . After ? P. M. _ i Wanted? by a rkspe"Tasj.k w >m4n, a HITUAlion aa wet niraero ob ectl i to go a ?: >rt diet one to tbe country . can gt?e he neat, of city re! rrnee Ou be aeeo for two <*A*a at Sfleocard at. ?? I Want::d-a bob t*. intelligent ydubo maw. to attecd bar to one wbo In et'enthr and l iit n atainlw his bnaln-a* a permanent attuao in cvvi be relied np<w. Ap. ply at It Hoyer at UETAATRD-aN ACTIYR YOCNG W*N. OP BB?INW* ' M habit*. vo cHect sdeer t*en-ecte for an ?'d eatahllabrH. week'y paper, to whom a aalarj ana o>mat'.aalm will b? given. Address O. M.. box lau Ueeald < llioe. ' niTHCCTlON. j ti) F\C\ - WKUfNtl t I, hook c siping, Zi.t"' Arlibipe'b Ac , ar itaiial Mr. P ?INR. U tow. ery aid 3m P'i Um alreei. HroOkly ii being aartona of plaoia|| the henefn* of hie Iratrnctt 'a <rltt la Hie ieaee of al eoadlUona. ai?1 eeparially tkoee whose earl'r< a: in baa been oegleobM la giving Id writing leasona 'or til Ml. 4 CARO.-TBR HI'HH'IKIHSrt WILir OIVR PRITATD I Ineii netira in ladlea or gen bmrn tn Ibe art of penman hip The A'V<>(nmix1al! ifl fo- ad'ili nnnt ale nneooalied ran 1 puI II I* ??Ut> I a raj ami# parlor OLIVER B (lOLHalflTtl. V7 Broadway. o >r. rr of Prank lin atrank. ? (1KPTI.PM AN L< R<? Vi'KK.O 'Rl> IN riM'UllfO ' fY th? cl*??lra, mathrmaick ard Ai>' 'ah n-annhna. In nolIri.aapd arminarba otaa-h lokcfnia or flan piirain Iram-nt, b??t Inaumontala anon. Addraaa B. 8. H., lirrald i A<lAl?IMt, R i? N?* AMit DAV rtnol for <k? Iraxntary and Man r En*'lek hrurkn*. trrrnim Prrnnh. drawtnr, ranaki, A*. "Tii* of RlooaflnM and Pirn; atma. Hohokr-r N. J , naafiwa I la ."all tare Monday. An not la. Bum bar of tc 'Inm .mitad and ?l? a (?* tkna trai II Wikii PKi.i b>R >*ladtpal. FEIN li kNit OIKMAN ?A T EN'' 1 1 kf>T. A HRAdnatrd tracbar of ayprr'euca and ability via baa to ford. ctaaaaa In acho \.a and famiUrs <v at I."' ran nan M an tad. a | irtnar loan adocaiional um.ariakiD> Wrlta or nail bal>mt' Mi' III A M tfADAMf H I.Mk.rvlof ProfeaMT Vrrtrnaa alaatronha* al ba'ba, 17a dr Midway. iNkTRroTTO*-WaWTRP, A Till no LAM (A WIIV I ow without fam'ly prafarradl to flra ona hmr'l laaaoaft In tha PCr rltah lai ir> a(a ano plana Kb-, mnat ba if anlabhl dlar'allk-n and a*r?anbla maor- ra, a. ?n^nmln aha wilt ba' ? board and lodplna la tb? fa ally, and 'ba raai of knr lt?M * at bar own dNpoaal Addaran Jiwhi b~i f?l Pan odlon. IR TAUCTION-Till RUHdl'Ki l?R *11.1, u|V| I If. 1 mm 'lion in iba Prrnnb aiiku *.. on? Hour rank rrrnluf. In o ?>iurnt Cor bta board, with a r??j?ni?bln prirata family, brrrrrnma ?lyan and ra.jnirad. Rl.lB it J.N.N. 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