Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 27, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 27, 1857 Page 1
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th: WHOLE NO. T666. ARRIVAL OF THE AMERICA. TBI EE DATS LATER FROM EUROPE* THE ATLANTIC CABLE BROKEN. He leturn of the Telegraph Sqnadron to Ireland and England. mfORTANT r&OAX ZVDZA. DELHI NOT FALLEN. AFFAIRS MORE FAVORABLE TO THE ENGLISH. Advance in Consols. COTTON UNCHANGED? BREADS TUFFS ADVANCING, to, to, to Halifax, August 20, 1817. mall steamship America arrived at Ball Fax at half* poet aaa o'clock yesterday morning. She left Liverpool at feree o'clock on Saturday afternoon, the 16th Inst. Her Mes are consequently three days later than those already roostved. The A. sailed from Halifax for Boston at o'clock yesterday moraine, where she win be doe between A and this afternoon. W oath or oalm ane clear. The America makes the tailoring report?Passed, August A, ms ships Qanier Dove and Soetland, bound lo; AngnstlO, passed, off Instrahall, British bark Miller, steering west; Aagset 28, lat 48,16ng. 49 8, at three P. M , exohu god Mgaah with steamship Persia; August 21, lat. 44, long. 60, passed a large steamer steering east The steamship North American arrived out on the aftarBtee of the I2th last. The steamer General Williams had not sailed fbr Newman meat, but was expected to leave on the evening of the IMh is sent THE ATLANTIC TELHQRAPH EXPEDITION, rne oablj bbokmn?mb. pibld's account of tub DI8A8TBH. The Atlantic Telegraph Oable la broken, and oporatlona ler the present are ssapended. The British steamer Cyclop* had returned to VaienUa with Mr. Field on board. That geeUamaa Immediately repaired to London to oonfbr srhh the directors as to future movements. He tele pifDoa uc loiicTwmg 10 mi, mcuvj auwi, agom ui iu AaHlaM Prwa at Liverpool:? Loxroa, Saturday Morning, Aogaat 14, 1847. ar Majeaty'a rtaawar leopard arrived at Portamoulh mm Ftlday evening, tho 14Ui teat, and reporti that the *"?**- oabla waa loot at a qoartar before t o'clock en TmmUjt morning, the 11th tnet, after having paid ent Moeeafolly 33-'> naatloal auieetf the cable, and teat 100 lien ef M la water over two miiea In depth, and the greater part of thla at the rate or rather more than five haata an boor. At the time the accident occurred Dure wot a heavy swell an. The tfiagara was going at Aerate of four knots per homer, and at the engineer thought the oaUe woe running out dm ieo great a proportion to the tpeed of the ship, he considered M necessary to direct the brakes to be applied more firmly, when, unfortunately, the cable ported at tonic distance from 9w shorn gf the ship. lba Agamemnon, Niagara and Unaqnehanaa are to reaaato a abort Umo where the enble parted, to try tome ax* ynrbntan la the deep water of that part of the Atlantic ftvo tbonaaad fhthoma), which It la oonaldered will ba of peat mine to ibe Telegraph Oompany, and then all go lo flyaaaeth, tog land The Cyetope wma Mot bMk with despetchee to Valentta, Wl wm?OB to jota the Leopard at Portsmouth. Ahhoogh the unfortunate accident will postpone the Uitotlnn of this great undertaking Tor a abort time, the Mail of the experiment t hat bem to oonetmc aU thane who Mob part in it of the entire practicability if the enterprise; tor wMh eoBM alight alterations ta the paj lag oat machl" aery there appears to be no great dlfflaalty la laying dee a the cable; and It haa been clearly provtd that yoo telegraph aaceeaafully through tweaiy Are hundred Mae ef cable, and know that Ita lubaaeretoo at a great depk had ao perceptible taflueaoe on the electric currewL There la ao obstacle to laylag It down at the rale ?t tea bMm per hour In the greateet depth of water on Ike plateau between Ireland and Newfoundland. The experience now obtained mutt be of great value to KB eoaepaay, and II la understood that the directors will MaaMe whether it la beat to hare more cable made and y again Immediately after the e<|utaootial galee are or or, m wab inttl moUiw rammer. 1b Liverpool aalmpreo tfaa prorallo thai aaother (rial will lake plaoe la Oc A Uiwywl paper reporta Ida arrival of Ida Niagara, aayaobaaaa aad Agamemooo at Plymouth oa Friday bat drabttara M waa a atiatake. IMPORTANT NEWS FROM INDIA. bblii arin. uRRtranciD?bloodv aarri.M?D>mr or thb MM-m?BH OtrraaatU B? FOBT?T>? rua Mil DBB1IBD FAVORABLb FOB TO> MUM. The overload aall arrived at Trleole oa Ida 12th taut, tad Ida telegraphic deopalob (Vena tdaro olataa that td? raebay aataa art to July 14, aad GBioatta to July b. Delhi bad aot felloe op to tbo 37id of Jeee. Tbo rebate bod mode aormal rtripertte eortiei, hot each Unto were rapalBBd with rroat daughter. tbo oily iraa reported full of dab aad woaadod, and oho ere prevailed. fUlaforoo Mail aaaMaaod reeehag Ida Brttteh oamp. Further mot inlet la tereral datrleta had boon reported. Tbo Bhdbay aad Madraa anolat remained loyal, Punjab At Hna Om. Vaa Onrtlaadt had attacked aad oonplMa'y dMba'ed tbo laoorf rata, inflicting heavy taaa. <iee. Wood Hnl ooluma had aomplelely eniabod rabollioo at Ae fwagebad. bdolbcoaea bad bm reodved of Ida mnUor oi Ida troopa at Moaaadabad, Ty rebel, Socepore, laager, Nog vaag, Puttnghur, I a bow aad ladora. Poabawar It dlatarhod, aad three rrgtmeele had boaa d iterated there ar Oolta Campbtll arrived at Adra on tbo mid of Joly. Tbo tot batch of tho Chi it aorpt had arrived at Oal saba. Tbo Br It ah foroo b?fbr? Delhi la dated to bo from 7 000 la B.BOO Ktropeao, aad ft,COO oeilvea. Tho oeUve portloa of tbo force hero proved truitworthy The rebel* bad beea dia^eroed at Allahabad, and the pod raved Tbo bar rack* at Carom pore wore clooely boologed by the looorgnata, bat hold oel bravely. Relafor jemeota wore marching to tbetr roHof. Tka akiU ?r K.,l ri??n hut Or Hcnrv Iawrenre wfh bla null fore#, kept Ibe enemy in check Thorn are floating rn nor*, aa there were oo the re wtpt f the Inat malt, of lbn capture tf I?alhl. but tbey ere wholly uareliable Tbe Bengal Kurhftrn My* ? Wo here rroetred letter* to My that U?e gnrernmeirt * <1 got a telegraph m?r*a(0 from Nangporo that l*"1) had 'alios on Ui? a7tb of .looe, ooicrl >lng li?? ba-Ue, nod My lug Ih>l npaard* ?f 7,000 robeHi wore alllrd. china mo *m morn tranquil, and Ibe native banker* were gaining eoaftdence The paper* eoy that wo hare ?**? the want of the troub'ee, fo? there are no more regl w*nU to mnttay eieept then of Bombay and Medrae, Ike illellty tf wklofc there la no reooon to onepeot Tbo Ikimbay money market wan eery niMe'tl*d Money wm dtflmrit to be hn<! on nny t?rra* The imp'<rt market wnn my qatcl Prrighie had advanced a little. The (h loo Ma marketn wera dnll. The Bank of Bengal bed ra n d lie rata of titer eat and etnhenge to 1?. _',d IBo Mad ran Itnpjrt market continued buoy an I Tbo do and tor enport wnn noabnied. E'NE" TBI LATB8T INDIAN MlWtt. The Indian mnila reachol l.andon on the 14th instant, but the oorreepcedeaoe ndda nothing of importaaoe to the telegraphic amounts. The correspondent of the lima gtree the delnlle of the new outbreaks, which appear to have been tone serious in their oonoeqnenaea than the early one*. He thinks the flood of the inmrrecttan hae been pa?od. NEWfl FROM CHINA.. TRAD! CNrHTlHRCTPTID AT THE NOBTBRRN POBTS? UTOBT1D ABDICATION OF TAB BMI-KKOH. Hong Kong dates are to Jane 34, bat the Chinese news to unimportant. Trade continued uninterrupted at the Northern porta. Exchange at Hoog Kong 6s., and at_8hangbae, June 15, To. a**. There waa a report that the Emperor of China had abdicated, but It wai not believed. At Sbangbae I mporta were dull. Freights and tonnage were abundant to Louden at ?4 for sugar and ?6 for hemp. AFFAIRS IN GREAT BRITAIN. Ia the Boose of Oommosi, on the 14th Instant, the Oheaeellor of the Exchequer obtained leave to bring la a bill (tor oontinniag for two year* fro a April next the pre eat datlee on tea and ngar. Oa the 13th, In the Bonne of Lorda, the Marqola of Oanrlearde asked the government whether they would lay on the table certain paper* to show the ate pa taken la porsnaaee of the promisee of the great European Power*, recorded In the protocol of the oonferenoe of Paris, relative to the Danublan Provinces, and calculated to explain the oauae adopted by the government la these mitten. Lord Clarendon, after entering lato a history of the reoent oocurrenMs at Constantinople, stated that the papen ailed for had been confidentially communicated to each of the Powers who were parties to the Treaty of Paris, and the government did not oonalder that they would be justified in producing them. The Commons were engaged in protracted debates oa the DtvoioebtU; It* opponents fighting against It step by alep, and the government equally determined In pressing It forward. On the 14th the afltotrs of India were debated In the Bouse of Lords, without any Important dev dope meats being made. In the Boose of Pom mens the subject of railways to India attracted attention; but the government refused to mix Itself up In these projects. Mr. Gladstone censured Lord Palmerston for hie political ommdtton to the Suez canal; but the latter reiterated hia eflPcUons to the schome. The suspension of Messrs. Thomas Ashmore & Sons had been aanouaoed. Their lab ill ties, however, were not very large. A report of the afihlra of Messrs. Oarr, Brothers ft Co., of Newcastle, who lately suspended, shows Uabtbtiea amounting to ?700,000, and aasets promising twenty shilling* in the ponnd. Chan Reward Keith Kought has been appointed British Oonsul for Pennsylvania, and Dennia llonohue Consul at Buffalo. Ledru Rellln has written another violent letter to the London papers about the eharge of oo us piracy a^amst hi a. Be la very severe upon Napoleon. Knmor that It km decided, it toe recent imperial visit to Osborne, that in the event of Lord Elgin and Baren Oroe not attaining the object of tbetr mission to Ohio*, a more decided aoUoe, In oommoa, sbonld be adopted. Tb? Kant India Company have deepatobed, er are on the ere of despatching, to India, ta all seventy-two veeaele, carrying about 37,000 troops. The steamer Sarah Sands has been pronounced Incapable of Moelvtag troops and stores. FRANCE. An interview between the Emperors of France and Russia la agala stated ae certain to lake place. The Bank of Franoe returns tor the month show an Increase of 1,700,000 francs, and In Paris a railing off in the branch banks of 11,900,000 francs. A b roc as medal la lo he gtven to the soldiers who served la the great wars of the Empire from 1703 to 1816. The I cot re was inaugurated on the 14th. The Emperer was present, and ta hie speech congratulated the nation open the possession of that political order which had por named the realisation of a project which had ooonpled the contemplation of every dynasty of Franoe. In Parts on the 14th Inst., the S per oenls closed at 8Tf., Kc. The Emperor's par Ion on the occasion of the/. t>r of the lSth of August, will be extended to over nine hundred persons oonde aned for various offences. THE SPANISH MEXICAN DIFFICULTY. A Madrid despatch of the lltb Ins tan says mat M. Tarragon, the Mexican Enroy, had made known to the Mexican Consul that the Spanish government has suspended all asgotmilons with him, and that connqoently ho nas placed the Mexican tobjecte In Spain under the protection ol Franoe. POHTITfi tl_ Spain bad addressed a sots to the Portuguese go rem meat asking for the extradition of Spanish refugees knisrn to be la I'or tug nose territory. II la believed that Portage! Will not consent. , The tobaooo oontraot eras set np at auction at Msbaa.aod let for three years, at three hundred thousand per annum. ITALY. A plot for the esaapo of all the galley (lares at Oenoa had boea discovered. All (he torakeys were to hare been Stu uiaaeously murdered TURKEY. The latest despatohae from OoastaaUnople fire oa as farther news than that the ambassalora were sail awalttag instructions from thatr respective gorerameets. Tito rarle oorreepoodent or the IHmer eaye the dimculty hea been eo Atr eettled at Osborne that a ooefereace will be oa seoessary Oespatohea from Vtaua say that tha Austrian gerernmest was disposed to aa arrangement of the Moldavian question, sad It la Mated la Vienna tetters that the Austrian Minister weal bey cad ha Instruction#. RUSSIA. Tt baa been credibly related in Vienna that a farther re doctioa of the Kuelaa army will shortly Ink# place. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. i.ondon aoat:r marrkt. Messrs Bn-lng, Bros, k Oo. quota the money market geaerally unchanged, but wtta a rather leee demand. The Indian news Is ooaetrned favorably. The Kait India Oomfaay has raised Its rate for btlle to Ss. Id. oa Bengal and Madras, and 3a on Bombay. There Is no proe pert or t loan neinf required oy me company mi yet Bar Irrcr, 6a * !? , 78a. 4d.; dollar*, 5?. l^d. The bnlllon In the FUnk of England hnd deoreaeed ?18,000. Oonftolft for moony cloned on Friday 90',' ft 90^, and for Kco ul HU 'i ft 91. THft UTftT WOeIT MARRWT. Iain now, An coat 16?Noon. Ooneoift for money, 01Ton Tinwt roporta morn bnoyancy on Ibe Stock Kirhenye than bat bono known for many week* pool a rani) aw mrvrrrm Meeere Rftrlr*, Brothera V Do ieport a Mmtted onelncee In Amrrkian rtocki at p? eetona ratea. Meneri. Bell * 8oc report tbo market qnlei ? I nltrd Hut en rt'e. of 1887 8 101 ft 10* Mftaftaohnantta 6'?, bonda 100 Maryland 8'a, bonda 88 a 90 Petntyiranta 7*1 a 74 Penney iTanla bonda of IH77 "8 a *0 Itlinoift Central " a of iseo, frerland 1C3 a 104 Ilterta Central 7'*. 830 paid premium i4a 19 Michigan On.ral R'a.of 1890 89 a 91 New York (antral 7'a 88 a 90 New York Central fl a 79 a 81 Erie Railroad 7'a, oonrertlblet 84 a <Vt renaftylraala Central 8'a, let mort?ft?e 88 a 88 The Ioadon Timrt re porta no bnatoaaa In' Amnrl 8 ao aeim rlties on the 14th LITBBPOOI. COTTON MARKET. The Broker*' Circular report* the miee or the week u 39,0(0 bnlea, Inrlndlni .1,500 to speeulatnre an t .1,500 to exporter* Krlder ' ealea were n.000 bale*, InMudln* 1,000 on peculation and fhr export, the market cloxls| firm at the follonlnf qnotatlone ? 1?4r. Orleans ?'< ?> *' 5 5 10 *\ 4 i the Mock In port eat estimated at 473,000 bales, of which ,W0,too were American. twn ijcrmr nmroi* maukwt. Ijmsroot, August 13?3 P M. Measrs Blehardnoo, Spence t Oj quote omton <-io*ed with an edranoltir tendency Bales ts day 5,000 Mies, inelndlsg 1,000 en rpeuitaNan. W YO HORNING EDITION?TIIUR i.ivupool BmiAMTurrH mun. 1 Mem Richardson, Hpenon ft Oa report ihM owing to beery rains and generally unfavorable crop weetber. tlonr bed advanced 60. end wheat 21 a 3d , the latter otaeflf on Ibe Oner qualities Corn was doll a ad all qualities 1 lightly lower. The following are the quota lima o' Messrs. f Rlobardfon, Spenoe ft Oo ? Flour?Western Qanal 80a Od a 81a., Ohio 82a 6d. Wheat?Red 8s Id. a8a. 9d , white Oa. 3d. a 10a. Mix el and yellow corn 36a. Od. a 87.; white die. Od. thb Liner h inane tots suaanr fjvnarooL, August 18?3 P M. Mraara Rlrbardaen, Spenns ft Oo. report bread?taflb buoyant to day, owing to reported Uooda In ihn country. LIVKKI'OOL PROVISION MAUKKT. Messrs. Rlohardaon, Spenoe ft Oo , BigUnd, Athya ft Oo.. Jamea MoBenry and othera report tsetf quiet, pork dull, lard Arm bnt quiet at 71a, tallow In large speculative Inquiry, and all quel tea considerably advanced; Richards on. Spenoe ft Oo. call the c losing price on Friday i 64a. 04. m utwt ntovnooi* markkt Livbrpool, August 16?3 P M. 1 Mrears. Rlobardacn, 3peace ft Oo. note the speculative f inquiry ror tauow h oononumg, ana 07?. ukta. Oi&er article# steady. li vrarooL produce mabkk*. The Brokers' Clreolarjquotes w hes quiet at 42s. M. 49s. for boih pon and pearls. Sugar Jn 1 and declined Is. MohttseeeUgbtb lower. Coffce ilrm. K too steady. Tea generally unchanged, wlih a large export Inquiry. Saltpetre advances sUghtrr. Rosin buoyant; common 4?. 6d a4s 6d.; One 16s. Nothing doing In tar or turpentine. Spti its of turpentine beevr at a decline of 2i.; quoted SBs. a 37s. Od Olive oil slightly higher. Linseed, rape and ttsh oils slow of sale at previous rates Tallow 1s In large speculative Inquiry at an advanoe of la 8d. a 2i ; North American 62s. a 68. JuteOrm. rhl'adelphla bark 16s. No Baltimore bark in the market. Wool very Arm PRBIOHT8 AT LIVERPOOL. At Live*poo!, freights to America bad sllghily al aroed. To New York, bars and rails, 16i. 31.; ohemlcals, 17s 6d.-hardware, 12s. 9d; r rales, 8s.; passengers, ?3 16s. nssengers to Boston, ?4 10s. LONf ON MA BIRTH. Messrs. Baring, Brothers k Co. report wheat closed with an advancing tendency; white 68s. a 03a; red 66s a 68s. flour quiet at 28s a 3ls. OofTee steady but quiet Iron Arm, with a good demand; rails ?i 7s. Od. a ?f 10s.; ba'B ?7 7s Od ; Sootoh pig 70a 01. a 70s. i)d. Sugar heavy at a d? elite of 2s a 8a Tea closed quiel but steady. Spirits of tnr.-online dnll at 30a Rice was Arm but quiet UoPper was unchasgsd. Indigo bad oonstderably advanced linseed oskes were In good demand; New York, ?10 16s. Lard war steady at 70a Linseed oil bad declined to 38s. Sperm and olive oils had slightly advanced. Saltpetre bad advanced le a 9s. The tallow market was very excited, and Petersburg had advanced to Of I , and 01s. for delivery during the last three months of the year. Tin?there was a good demand for English. STATS OF TRADE. The advices from Mmebester are favorable. The mar ' tet wn Dm, and although goods were slow of tale, prices were onaltersd. ' hathi mabkit8. Report* for the week ending tut nil 12, state:?Oottoo? Pale* of the week, 3,600 bale*; etoek, 103,000 bale*; Maw Orleans, tree ordinaire, 118 fr. Breadstiff# quiet bit tea ijr. (In other parte of Trance they have e declining tendency) Aehei quiet. OoObe iteady Pro* I flow Arm; the market ta bare R oe doll 8oga? heavy and slightly lower. Lerd buoyant Whalebone tlrm. PASSENGERS BY THE AMERICA. mr aid mri christie, mr* mi era and child mr and mrs lord mltabtooe, mr* hullard mr and lira wood, mlaa alien, m<aa ajbery. mrs allen and child. mua baden mrs booth, mlaa bbnlli ek and maid servant. llrthullnek and lady mr and mrs i itndeay, ferm<ll<krn and lady, d* weld, mies oleon, m>sa ( klnm-m h mr k is month lady and child; mr smith and ladr, j mr kly. oapt allia. hon j p mefelow, riapt lane mra oliver . and infant master lowe, mr lowe and ladr meaara jack ton, andrrecn. lyle, wlmer, sonablea. hroarn, i hapfee, sb?a, ' trash. simpson sirbha. rnasell, mcflay, davidson kirk, t wabirr. a user, donir.eul johnson, (jrilllina, rogers. rohme- t drr, allen dixon leon, boo ?, all?n, lioyd, talbot do wall, ? cbamberlaln. llnooln. be eborode*, 8ams?r, robertaoa, , tinodler parks, heap. sclater, a*re. peek. hoag, katiaipl, : mailer, orelghlon, hutchinson baser, fowler. 'brian, ' uuulcn, 8tead, onermguer, brelbanat, mackar, allerarer, i orniatork, buioh, bwhey p inrt'd**, worslev, oaldlort, t dalrtel, conner pollack oardlnrr. mackf-blme rfcpt poyaer, f messrs walford. mscalliater, baillie, bertan, beck with, hay , ley, roberts, johns. dndrle, ravage. hinoc bridge, sykea, hates, james, babolngton, crooks, syhes, utlmore, lo bosetia. Political IntiUlfeBCt, 1 tnn Govkros's Elsctios in Mhhoiiu ?the St. louts pa | pert or the 22d inst. |1ts lbs vote for governor as fallow i ? 1 St Louu Democrat. St Louis R poUiean rollins, opposition 48,804 48,888 stewart, democrat 48,921 48,828 | the Democrat makes rollins' majority ill, snd the Rc \ publican shown that stewart has a majority of ave. close htvlig. the HrjmbUcan of the 24u> gives the following vote:? for stewart. 47,112 for rollins 47,088 ' i Stewart'! majority M Fiwt Coi?i.a*oo*al Diktu'T or Norra Caboltwa.? a oorreepoodaat of the Petersburg Eaprtu meatione a report that a mil take bu been discovered la tlte vote of Perqu mmont oeoaty, North Carolina, try which Smltb, Amerl ceo, wi? deprived or *nty vote*. IT lb la be to, tie la elected to Con (tree* by a majority of twenty two over 8b aw, democrat, whose majority waa official y declared to be thirty debt The correapondeat, however, plaoee very Utile confidence in the accuracy at the report Tna ifaAT or jrwie BrA xa ?Colonel PlakeM, ex Cover a or Hammond, ex Governor Adama, Meatre. Chaanut and Kettt, tad General Hamilton, are all aap ranta for the aeat in the United State* Senate made vacant by Uie death of Judge Bu ler, of South Carolina. How tuby Anna Govaaaox Wa:kbr ?The Philadelphia ?cdpcr tin ?The Northern and the Soul tern extremists oan agree only In one thing, and that la In the hearUnraa of their abuse ofGrvarnov Walker. The Northern ox trrmiat aaya ha la the "loo and aooomplloe of the very worst man of tht slavery Ibot'on." An 1 the Southern extremlata stigmatize him at their " wont enemy?a* ao abollUonlit in dlagnlae." Possibly If each were to read the other'a deeeripUon of the man they abut eo much, both would have a different opinion of hit character. There la one met whlob aeema well established, and that la, that adiber oan drive him from the mir aad boawahle poaltloa which be baa lakea In respect to the Sanaa* dimonly, aad the administration bna the moral flrmnana to inatala blm In what la right an 1 joat agalnet all klada of elnmor. Tna SraAiocaerrr ?The HuatavlUe, (Ala ,) Ado ate, the leadlrg Head on democrnllo journal pcMlahed In thu gna lieman'a dlatiict, hoiata ihe name of Mr. Geo. 8 Houston tor the Speakership, advocating bin election to that peel. Hon with great eamoelneee. We Jndge from all tho dreumataacoa apparently connected with the .idtncofc'i art! ale that It may be regarded aa an authoritative an no moo meat that Mr H. hat regularly{entered the hata for the dtatli sals had nfflee we name above li Perron* I In trlllfftnr*. f A letter In U>? SouIh OmnJukian Irom loefoe, In Blinding ti In Senator DuBMr, whj li now la F?glaad, mya Ii r five* me real pleasure to know that Mr Itallaa reaadlatea e klm utterly. I aaaert thla of my own knowledge." I Hetaior Docglaa haa renolred the oomptlmeol of an Inrl * lallon to a robilo dinner, from the rltizana of Ji. Paul, Irro * apretlre of rarty. In recognition of bin raluabie m? re In d behalf of Mioeeeota, when Cnalrman of the Oongree atonal * Committee on Ttrrllorlon. F Fa* faml lea jf brother* exhibit more talent and enter pneethui the FleMe, nailrca of Sirckbrldge, Maaa , bat do w all noeopylng pre ml net I poll iona before the onuntry. 4 Cyme W Field, kin j known aa aa extene're dealer In pa C>r o the city of New York, hie lately rendered hta name miliar to the werld by hla prominent o^nneotloe with the ocean teletrrmpb. Mathew D. Field, Slate Senator, It aleo y engaged in the name enteryrlee, and la at thli moment art talrg wl At the company'a ateame* .n the rletalty of Trinity Ray, awaiting the arrtral of toe raaaela with the cable and the raenlt of the eapertmi ol. Dartd Dadley Held la b a lawyer In the city of New York Stephen J. Field la the , democratic candidate for Judge of the Supreme Oonrt In Oallfnnila. Jonathan K Field la n lawyer In Stockkrtdge, L Rerkablre oonnty, Maea o The editor of the Rnfalo OaOkoli -ml*. I rial ted the ? State priaon at Avbnrn laet weak, where he ear Dr Slog t| ler, who wae Hitching clothing for lbe oonrtcU and ap pearrd a pood deal reacted "The keeper Informed oa ' that be tahta hla tltoallon rery hard being alek great part ; of hla time, and It in donbtfol If bo will tire long.'" % A D. Ranka, K?n . of Virginia, Hon Dnrld R Porter, of t, Penary Irtale, and Hon w. H. Aahe, are In Waahlnpton. ABBtTALfl. A l Irerett Bona#- The Karl of Idatowal, Captain Tower. " Ool Kea'leL H A.. London, Mr aad Mm Henderaon, elil d end entee. Bra t endemna, New York I. <1. Camp Ohio; _ Mr harney, Br Rtorrow, O. J. Bill*, M' and Bra Potlloa, * New York; <1 R Irmw wife three children and mure. Georgia; Mr. aad Mm Phillip# Montred: R J. Fellowa, New Ha ren; N. H Flee*wool aad iedyr, Ohl. ego. U. F. Dale, Pklladelphta. Geo. L Ward, Roatnn. g from ^a'pi'tla* In the ehi; Neatorlao-Bdward LearlU aad JtTMy Cltjr Rewt, I, Bunaa Rftweao ? Cbarleo H. JOnah, mariner, late of the loop of war Jameatowe, left Newark, Now Jereey, on Ida aoth of Jely lari, for the lakee. No oommonioatlon ba? alnoe hern reoelrod from him by hta Menda, with the ? { ,-option of a teleyrajh deapatrh, dated Aognat 1, UlliR > tbal he wae at I'arta on ble way to Detroit. H wn bia In f tenth n, In oaee he did not find bntlneae on the lako?, to take the tenihern mote by canal and the Ohio and Kloela Ippl rlvere to New Orleara and Terae. Hla frtendo, whi reride it No 8 ?rren itrert, Newark, are In greet alarm I for hla tafr'y, ae he ha<l a oonatdorable amount of gold with him when he loft Aa thin paragraph will prohahly f fled ite way Into the New i|rleana and frxae paper*, It le to be hoped that they wilt soon receive tldtaga cf bio afety RK fl SDAT, AUGUST 27, 1857 vs. Cunningham? liar Property?What the Goaalpn Say?The Butdell testate, As , Ac. Hlnoe the rendition of tm Surrogate'! deolelaa, which by bo way reema to pleaae aver j body, and not even dtiaplotnt

the claimant, the gotalpa and minor Journala ham >eeo collating facta and rumors In regard to Mrs Canilngham'a anteoedeala, property, As. None of these ctr ola tng sketches are auch aa would tend to soften the maera at peaga of on# whoaaaerta that the la a doable rldow, late berdfl or a young and hopeful betr. The rot swing reporta are anld by partlea who ought to know, to te perfectly reliable ? Some eight yeara ago Dr. <: n, a reepectable phyatclan raiding in Fourth street, Ninth ward, was bereft of hla rife and left with the charge of a large family. Be fsund t necessary to obtain a houaekeeper to nurse nd otherwise lake care of young children, aa he could lot be with them much himself. After applying In rain or one among bin friends, he had resource to tbo aooomn<xlattcg columns of the Hnuiji, Hla advertisement ares nawered by Mrs. Cunningham, anl he engaged the appdntlt mm KrtnaokaMTUtr fOlhHlw aflna ha 11 mat hn nan nf >le friend* and asked how be liked hta housekeeper, up in rbleh ho replied: " She la (be moat Infernal thing that waa leer raked out of the deptha of tha Infernal regions. She bad nig hern in Uio houae a few days when the began to nake heraelf familiar, to aak queetloaa about the family, 6 anxious about my welf ue, and at laat she became so ilfootlonaln aa to walk right Into my study one night and fler to klaa ma. 1 oould not, of course, endure suoh lnaoenee, and immediately turned her out of the house " it aeema ihal the wculd be Mrs. Bordeli had a partlraar atBnlty for doctors. Several years ago, a young Or. B , then residing ibore Bleeoker street, and belonging to a highly respects tie family, seoured Mrs. Oognlogham ae houaakeeper, rbe Doctor waa unmarried at the time. The lady began, ifter a time, to out up the tamo didoes ind "spread ber tel," aa the did with Dr. Burdall, all bat the tragic part >r. B waa anxious to get rid of bar, but the would tot go. The Doctor hit upon aa expedient He went iroond to a Ore company located la the vicinity, told bis lory to the boys, remunerated them n little, and la tew lime than we have bean writing this, Bra. Ounnlngha n md all ber dude Ibtad themselves in the street Had I)r lurdtll pursued thla oouree he would probably have been ilive at tbls day. Mrs. Cunningham says she la going to appeal from the tormgale's decision. Hba will pmbaity do so as a mailer )f poller , or si least stake an attempt In that direction HI appeaia from Harrogate's Courts go to tbo Supreme Dourt Oenwai Term, before three Judges, and thither mutt her appeal be carried. Toere oan be no jary trial in upper 1 oan also be made from the Supreme Court General term, to theCourt of Appeals, the highest and last ro pourte. Ho in no possible oate nan this cause come before a jory. Mrs Cunningham could bring aa action f?r do wer, on the real astaie, before a jury, but that oould not affnot the HurrOgata's decision at all When Mr. CunulDgham died, two policlee of W,000 each, on a life Insnranoe company, tell due. Mrs. Cunningham held one of those and reoelred from It some $1 400. oelog the amount due after the discount was paid, fae o .her pol o / or 86 COO. was held by Mtas Van Nm, and it laid to bare g<do to pay money borrowed by Mr Cunningham, rrom h?r and a certain party who hat ilnco acted ai Mm Running ham'a agent and counsel in matter a of real estatr. Said agent or lawyer, aaya that be targeted the $4,400 rrcelvrd by Mra. Cunningham la real eatate, In >er name, eold and relnreeted in real eetate ill the money waa nearly doubled. Property waa hue once owned by her in Brook yn, that waa eold and iroperty la Hidson nninty, N. J., purchased. A houao ind lot were also boutht In Korty-slxth street, Tor some I5.0C0. Ml-i Van Neee let her portion of the lire lain ranee roilcy remain in Mm. Onnnlngbam't pome talon, which raa alao In Tested with hem ibe former drawing money mm ibe latter when ate required IL The following la the iccount given or the aale of her premiaea la forty alxth trret:? A bonae and lot on the north aide of Forty-Myth a'.roet, 150 feet woat of Btxth ayenoo, war aold 00 tbe Ulh lnat., f r 10,000. The purchaser waa Ge tf$e A. Wilt, an ttbe seller irrltea heratlf in Ue deed as "Emma Augusta Burled, ormerly Km ma Aogaata Cunningham, of the eity of New k'ork widow." She sight the paper In a orooked and jemnlnus band as "Kmma A. Burdell " The Wilt here spoken of la the Wilt that figured no lainiy In the bogus baby fhroe. Mrs. Cunnligbam'a 'ral eatato agent, before npokea of, ray a that be waa o tf arid 05 600 for tbe premiaea but a month or two agr; thai be made known the fast to Mra Cunningham while she waa In the Tombs, and she refused to sell for that price; 10 if she baa aold It would aeom to bo under the necessity of raiting Immediate funds. On the 1st mat Mm Cunningham deeded to her present counsel, Wm. K Stafford, some valuable property In New Jersey 1 bis property was oonveyed to Mrs Cuon'ngbam by James M Harrows, aa appear* by the date of the mercy ance, on I he 'JOih of Aegust, 1867. Tbe prtoe paid waa M.fOO bus the property was sabjeot to a mwigage of 12,808, which Mm. Conalagham amassed, and which 'erased pert of the pnrohaee mosey. Tbe a won n I actual y paid, therefore, waa 84,000. That mortgage ailU resti to I lie property, and la held oy Martu J. Brown. The jrlee for which "Mm. fcrdeU" aold ibe property to 3t?f ord, acoording to the deed, wee 82,600. A afford sat am log he mortgage- being 81,600 lass than the paid. It will be 1 barryad, boweyar, that una ia not a warrantee deed, and a afford will hay# to oowtertall claims of debtors and rtbert. Mrs. Canningham'a real estate ?cent aaya that Ula prowrty la worth at least SI.000. Inr uding the encumbrances ipen It. This agent alao bolas Id hia own nawo erase real elate belonging to Mm. Cunningham, which he bis ready 0 transfer 10 her as soon aa she pays htm some Utile biila te hia against her The counsel for Dr. BurdeU'i blood relative* are unable o to I what la the value of decedent a property. It hen breu at)mated by other persona to he from *40,000 to *150,000. [he premise* No. 31 Bond street havs been gr*atly depre dated In value by the ooeorrancee there. There le an en iumbranceof some *10,000oo the premises No. 4 iltnl trtel. The property or the deoedent In Herkimer, N. Y , n d Hl/abothport, N. J , are varluisly estimated. The lootor'a peraonal property la about *7,000, and conalata ol itooklntM Artizan a Bank, Naaaaa atroet. dental tooia, drnltnre, An At the time of the doolor'a iealh bis pro wrty real and peraonal, would have brought soma flfty or ilxty thousand dollars. Dr. Bur dell's neat of kla have decided tt have letters of idmlniatratioD|apou deoedent'i estate taken oat by Mseers. William Burdell, of Obl>, aad George D. Bales, of this tty.and brother In ktw or the deceased. These partlee nil Ole the proper aeenrttlee la a day or tw>. The letrs have continued la poaaeaaton of tae real estate ever tnoetbe doctor's decease Measures will he speedily akea to have It partitioned among them Whatever olalm Ire. Cunningham aaay put la for right of dower eauaot ireveut the pnrtltloa or wis of the real estate. In QMS of ler patting In n claim, the disposition made of the aetata r any porllf-u of It moat, however, be made subject to be final doc ilen opoo that c sins The reneol derlstoo or bo Harrogate affects the personal aetata only; whatever here la arpe?talatn( ta this portion or the aetata that has iot already been disposed of will be eoU wl bin a row la> a Ki Judge Deaa aad Mr. Clinton, If they act upne the Isciarattae they have made, will sever act hereafter as ouneel for Mrs Cunningham In acy cause or onuses she nay have to bring, or that may be brought against her, n nay court It 1* or nSdeotly stated that Helen Cumi Ingham la about lite ring Into matrimonial retail"*. A young man who ormcriy sought her hand and heart was negatived by be mother, bat by bis diligent devotion to the rasnily doing their tale trials be bae, It appears, succeeded te rr ngiBg from the virtoou* mother ber content to the espials, so he aad Helta will probably eooa become man and rife Hie devotion, If be has stock to the Ihmtly tvougb II that has peeeert, merits her love; he has perfirmtd e red to gala It that many a mtiled chtvalrlo knight, sworn a gain a lady's love, would have roroewora doing area to am that love. Mrs. Cunning hsm rem tint la the Tombs; ber health has videatly bran aire ted b> ber late b gi plsy, but she doa't rem inclined to give the game up yet. "Is It possible that II my planning and acting brings oely e oellf'' Commissioners of (emigration. APKNORM LAN DID (ROM THR CITY OT WASHINGTON ILLMALLT. The Board of KatgraMoa Ooatmlaeiooere met yesterday, at did tittle business of importance A com auntoalloo ras received from Jthn A. Kennedy, Superintendent of Artie Garden emigrant depot, elating that the steamer City f Waehlrgtoe had landed twenty odd paaaeagera etaeihere than at the Chatte Garden, aad had thus vitiated he Iswt which Imposes n One of *60 per head o? the cmtgoen of I he vessel for persons thus Illegally landed. The r mmuolrallto was referred ta the Yloe President aad touiwel of the Bne-d to look to. The tew It re>7 etrtngeal, od ibe Ooramteelooere el irey? earoroe It tie eflbrt will >e to take fine ft ,001 out of the pork eta of Joha I). Dale ! Co . niiticacee of the City of Waahlnftna Not May tree laid reeper.tlng quaraaUae mnttera op to be bcur Of adjournment witKi.Y m'mur. imlf rente arrlred op to Augaat 10, iwn 1111,873 "< ? alnoa 36, 1867 4,010 Total , 113 888 am* date la I860 88.086 lecreaaa 34.901 1967. 186#. 1866. omelet to InetMnMoo 00 War<6*a Ulead 1,388 l.MH 1,040 Do. Marine Hoepttal 168 113 166 Total 1,448 1,476 1,104 Irerdrafl Jan 1, I86T #0,302 " tmlpw 10 A eg net IV #246,183 NO leoripM lo Augnit 30, fur 1-omnia Ion on eima paaeeagera, Ac.... 6,388 61 ? 283,678 60 Tolal #246,.776 76 8fburaemrata at r*r yevlona an ronat, to Angmrt 10 #174 384 7# hi a dry paynenti of Aug. llaad 19 6,81# 14 180,077 00 | tetance ...168,397 56 [ERA] Tb* Couirmrt for the Hew Uruiit ftcMrrolr. OPKNIBO or TB K BIDS AT THB RnUINIKB'h OWOB ?mmFA1B0HILD, COUM1X, W1LI1K A BBOWN, TBB PHOBABLK HDOCBHrtFUL BIDOBBB. Tab proposals for building (Be new Urand K?nervo(r ware opened jetton*/ noon, at the otlloe or Um Eoglneer of ibe Croton Board, la (be preeenoe of a large number of contractors. The following are (be specifications tor tbe work lo be dona. Tbe Mien la iwrentbaals indicate tbe column In (be subjoined table, la wbJoh tbe eatlmate la given tor (hat portion of Ibe work (R ) For all eioarabon, whether hardpan, quicksand, stones, boulders or otherwise, excepting lotld rock whloh requires blaatlay, and eioeptiBg boulder* more than half a cubic yard la oepaolty, and for disposing the material* according to (be specifications In epoll bank, or In refilling excavation* made lo obtain material*, or embankment, or puddle bank, or puddle, lo be mcaaured In excavation, eetlmate In cent* per onbio yard. (F.) For all excavation I of solid rock which requires blaatlrg, and or boulders of a capacity of more than half a enblo yard, and disposing tbe materials aooordlng to tbe i pec mention* to be measured In excavation, eetima* la cen-e per eoblo yard. (G ) For pudde bank, and all pudding required, tnciud lng lilting leant* la tbe r tok, when required, la addition to tba prloe paid tor excavation of tbe material* under Item E, or furnishing material* under Item If, to be measured In embankment, estimate in rent* per cawo sard. (H ) For tmbaokmenla, Inducting the mil oae toot In depth mlhe outer slopes, and exclusive of all puddle a*d all msioary and brot en stone on the slope*, tn addiuon lo the prtoe paid tor excavation In Item E, or tor rurelshltg materials In Item N, when tbo ecglneer may direct mate rials to be furnished from outside tbe Reservo*r ground, to be measured in embankment, estimate In oenle per eublc y ard. (1) For the lining of broken stone on tbe Inner ilopen ?f the embsnkmt nts, and placing tbe same as directed, and for all labor connected there with, to be measured In embankment, eitlmate in cents per oublo yard (K.) For paving or constructing dope wall, the done to be taken from the rook excavated, after (applying tne Croton Jqaedact Dei artroent with whatever they may require according to the ipeciOcat'on end for labor l> con tracting the tame, to be measured In the wall, estimate In cents per cubic yard. (K 9.) For the seme laid In cement mortar, Including furnishing all labor and materials, to be meetured In tbe work, estimate In cen'e per oublo yard. (I.) For (tone to be furnished for the paving In rase tbe stone for tbe exoaration t bould not be deemed suitable for paving by the engineer, in addition to the prloe abtve slated in Item K, 11 be measured In the wall, estl male In cents per cnbto yard. . (* > For all clay, earth, sand and gravel to be famished for puddle, should the engineer deem tbe material rrora tbe exeamtlocs not suitable for that purpose, or should there be a deOclenny In the quantity directed to be obtained with n the outer slopes <f the exterior re'nrvotr banks, by the engineer, In addition to tbe prloe paid for puddle In Item G, to be mesaured In embankment, estl mate In cents per on bio yard (N ) For earth to be furnished for embankment, should tbe engineer direct any to be obtained beyond or oatstde tbe reservoir ground, m addition to tbe prloe paid for embankment in item H, to be measured In embankment, eetlmste In oents per cubio yard (0 ) For oonsiruotlng tbe brlok wall In the middle bank, Including furnishing all labor and materials, estimate In oents per cublo yard. (P ) for concrete, for nil purposes required In the specifications, Including furnishing materials, /the stone may be taken from the rock excavations not oilie'wleo waol ed.) and frr all labor oonneoied iherewltb, to be men ured In tee bed wb?re placrd, estima'e In cents per cubic yard (Q ) y or euh square root of sheet piling oonstrub ed according to tbe specuications, estimate la coots par square loot Tbe following to the table of bids. At the heed of each column Is given tbe amount of each kind of work to be done, as per specifies lasts; and In tbe oolumns era the estimates In cents. Tbe lost four bids were ruled out si Informal, In oonseqaence of Irregularity In the sureties, or where only one of lbs contracting parties took the re quired oath. The Comptroller objectod to these latter, fbr, sold be, "who knows but tbe party who does not make oath that no publlo official In Interested in the oontract ban made an arrangement with the Comptroller!" No lens than three hlda warn received hv letter, and. at I nourae, vera entire If Irregular. They did not oome up to the aperiaoetloea, end were not tenled one genlua tent a teiegraphlc deapetob From Montreal, offering to do the work for $9*0,too It only created a tench. Mewra retr child, Ooleman. Walker and Bro en are auppoeed to be the tnoceeeTnl partiee; bnt Ute award will be finally made today, when the queetloo on the informal bide w.ll be determined. The following la the table ? ABSTRACT OF BIDS RKCBIVID BT TH1 CROTOH AQI*R> DDOT DlfAiniMT TOR TBI N1W 9BAMD HR8RRVOIa. mmm MP* f; I": f; n-i"i'[fii f iiif != ?: ;H|s *n : rlSsf Ir5l:i: 1 nniMMilfff: m\ : : : 0: u'' ' m: -fll: > ' : - < mliiMAMIii Isill : 8*S5g 8 g; US B8888 SJ| hi ^ ! Sg8o8 S 58 8 85 S8S:^8 S | 1 3".' 8SSS3 8 888 88 8858? : 6- I si? 1 S--T 51 I 551*85 8 58 5 S- 88888 3*.| i *31 SSSsS I is ! ESI*S iff ~ nm hs s s? iin? 5i| ; ?3* * 1 81581 ? 18 I SS 88112 H| ' 1 818s8 8 88 8 II 88818 A > jiilsi 8 5s 8 88 SStsSs L * sim 8 8 J 8 SS gSglg J, * 7 , , , JT, 88iii8 8 S3 i ?1 sl8*3 . "sirf SiSsI ? is 3 33 ?8I3? '] & c I T i I ' " n SSSSt? 8 ?8 g 8? ?*WSfj i'2.| ? e i " ; ? *? 88lii 3 S3 i )3 ill82Sjs a , lup?r)nr Coarl-lpnlil Term. Before flno Judge Hoffmen. JVftrtrd RirhU/r M /trej. fan Hulm ? The defendant, m owner In fee, leeee>l ibe promtaas Hon. 6ft end M r rr )lb treat lo tho plelnllff'C *lfe Tbe rent bn'ng onpald, proceertiege to dleprmeaee here been teften before e j >ettce. rhe defer>ient admit* thai the leeae wee intended In be for the nee end benefit of tbe plaintiff There were lnn( account* between the partiee, an I clalma, eome admitted, owe Hipnied. ft le a qaeetmn whether the defendant, after baring made the ptatntlff'a wife hie leaeee, oao go aeai'jn him ae I get pmMtelon. The t.oert hel l tie; tbe dectilone <ff the Seperlar Court warrant an inWftreoce u<-on proper terme, and tbat a cere within the rule le here made, botlhallhe rouree of the Conrt la forree'ed end w iIron (1 Ihiw, 634) ehould be followed Too order Ibrrefore la that the inj motion (prohibiting the defendant from illepoeoaentng tbe plaintiff; continue, epoo the p'eln tin pay big into the I^fe and ftnet Compear the mm of 9W9 13 Manned to be the balat oe nf the rent due on ibo 3Mh of ,fitly lett, without preiadloe to that qneeton, and with a pro r la Ion that ea the rent beeuaee hereafter Ine. applloaiion may be ma le fhr l a payment, or that Ibe In i junction be diaadYtd. < LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE PRESENT FINANCIAL CRISIS. More Attachments against the Ohio and Trust Company. Arrest ef Mr. Thompson, the Wall 8treet Broker. EFFECTS OF THE f Klllft OUT 0? SEW 10ft!, What ia Thought of it Throughout the Country. Stork Gambling?Bank Swindling In Chicago - Surplus In the national Treasury, Ac~ Ac., Jko. WALL 8TREET YECTERDAY. TBI IX01TKMBNT I 4 TTIK HrRKKT . ri'H 4 K A KCK OH 1DIN0H AT IU'MMIHH HOrVU The eiettemeat In Wall treat teemed to tntenalfy jrmterdftj. There wee rnr more eppearenoe of aneealnese on Ibe itreet then the dey prortone, aa If tie frequenter* war* beginelng to feel that danger wee cloetng round them. Ana lanla nlnna nnndaMil ? nannnm ??-UHU 1--a VW >rr?>? ~ ""/ ? "? < restless conversationists, anil that ?u the poattloa or the city becks It wni rumored In the morning that a ru bad taken place on the Hanover Bank, In Naeean street. This, together with tbo temporary arrest of John Thompson en a charge of alleged fraud, and the fallnre of Jacob Little, contributed to the sense of Insecurity which sal manifested la almost every reoe. Now and then opinions were freely expressed as to the solvency of certain tnitltntlons; aad such expressions aa " 'twas a bad bargain," aad "I wish the mnoern wan elsewhere before I touched it;" "( never thought much off the Island Olty," and "The devil lake his OoaJ Oompany," might be heard at all sides. A passer-by, (truck by the evident oonfhslon aad ner* vousneaa all round, aad the frequent use off the words rtocks, railroads, money, Intermixed with a few llroag expletives?though such are familiar as hoaaehoid words In that locality?shrewdly remarked, that hurt was hardly a man In Wall street could tell who was President oy the United HUtee if asked the quetUoa suddenly. The doors of the Ohio Llfi sad Trust Company's office wera open yesterday, aad people oonsetonslly popped hi their hesde to take a peep at the deputy Sheriffs la ehsrgn off the property. Mr. Thompson, though ho had been arrested on s warrant leaned by Judge Hoffman, was sttttag calmly In his ottice In the afternoon, receiving hie frit ode, aad attempting to allay the anxiety cf those who wore Importuning him. The circulation or e leooaUoe" baed' bill which the newsboys were vending at a penny apiece in Well street and the neighborhood, and whioh purported to pat the pub do on their gaerd agalest certain banks , mads a little sensation among the nnlnltlaled, but the knowing oms flung It Igaommlonaly away, oo that the gutters and areas were soon OUed with the phllanthropts doenmrsi The merchants who assembled on 'Change at thres o'clock, did not seem to share much In the exoltemeat apparent on the tldewelka. Their,demeanor was about as calm aad dignified aa usual The security sff our city banks was a subjeat sf conversation with them, and the general opinion seemed to bo that there was not much to be apprehended In thai quarter. All the esettemeat learned to be among the atoek broken and etook gambitn. THE LIABILITIES Of TEE OHIO LIE! INEUBAXCM COHTANT?ATTACHMENTS ISSUED. ft)'Bias ooi BT?(us'hi. TKRM. OCIWIO DOB. JUU|C moooy. Arorw 3ft ?In the matter of tht Okto L<ft Insurant* ami Trust O/mpany. Tbe aUacbmenla tasned an Tueedajr and already pobilabedln the Bbuui, amoun'ed lo |9ft7,Mft &7 ATTA'IIMKMTS UMCBn DUO DAT. lb* Nor walk Bank Branch of the Stale of Oblo. .00,000 00 Total tbna (hr 11,067,1m 67 APPLICATION FOB TOM ARBKsr Of JOHN rilOMPbO N, TOB WALL HTBBJir B HOC IB. In Oke Matter of John TH'-mponn ?M?. Antboe on be ha/ of 006 of tbe creditor* of John rhr mpeoa, Ibe Wall ttreel broker, who baa cuapemled payment, applied (or aa order Ibr the arreet of Mr T bom peon, tbe ,-round or alleged rraod Ib hte eoepenaloa. Jodpe I'eabody dented tbe application, en tbe frona<l ibal It did not appear tbat tbe money wae depoettei wua rhompeoo la conaeqneooe of any fraudulent renrpue-.u?lona, but tbat t wae enlrueted to b m on b.? pvbrto sradlL TfBBIOH COCBT. Vis Mttrofiitnn Hank ?. John Th npt n ? An appfloaon tai made xura Jjden H Ifau ,?m ' ? ik? irrert of Mr Thompeon, oe the gioand of frood to tato relent aaopenalon Order granted?boll flood ot 115,000. Before Boo Jadge Dior. J*' Mttr^iitan link to. Tk<mp?i ?Mr fu U'ack appeared on tbe port of tbo defendant to taopeod bo order or orrMt, ond to obow aaune on Ttaarednr morno( ehp loo Mid order bo a Id bo mooted. Judge Door granted the oppllaotton of Mr. Tbempoee'* mo met. THE BANK FAILURE. Now Yon*. M, 1M7 Ciiw*a lam. Cobbler Moro'lek Book, Ronton ? Tbe morning Hbuio pabllobod o report IBM morning that tbe Hancock Bank, Maine, bad Mlied. la thoro Uf Irutb in the report f Aaawer bp lelecrapb. & P. BROWN, Boron, Aeguat 30, 1U7. Tbe duflolk Bank aap there la no troth in the report. CALVIN 8 LAME, Chabier UrOBTRO IAMB PAII.I'BB t? BAETPORO. Bairroaa, Utaa , Augnrt M, 1467. Tbe public map art aeenrel that erarp Hartford bank per fort I j aoood,all rumora to tbo eetrarp ootwttbland log, Tbo Block of trery oao of the baaka la aborn tar to dap. Bono*, An gnat M. 1147. Tbe Hancock Baak of Maine baa not railed, aed 'M bllla ire being redetmed at the 8a IT 4k, la UHa dtp HI nmrOHTKD BANK IAILCBBB AND T?na BOATOM ONKY HA Birr. Bnwroa, A apart M. 1167. Tbe mmorel bank rtilnren ennaed aome talk on Jbaage 0-dnp, thought but little eredeaeo waa r're# the re porta, "be RaaeorklRaak, of Hla worth, Maiae, la la goo.I ataadlag, iad Ita bllla are promptlp redeemed. 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