Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 27, 1857, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 27, 1857 Page 5
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City UUUIgtiiM. ft'u Tnmrm om m Jwmmr an?On or ftn bho* ?* a Ciimji?MOO bvolm For mm Use put windepredation k*T! been cmtl ipoi the naaala dying m the Jereoy lb ore. by rtrer ihleraa, who hero grown rery bold la their operehana recently, a moat daring robbery waa oommltted on the eohooner William Eddy yeeterdey morning; but one of the thleree waa'shot by ibe captain of the veeeel It that the gang, four la number, came la a boat to the aide or the William Eddy, and clambered op the eidea They then oauUoualy Ktoped their way to the oeola, where they found the oaptalo, J. True man, aaleep One of them placed aepritge aatoraled with ehlitofbrm to the noatrlla of the carnal u, Who fell Into a aiaie of unconaoiouaora*, wbl e the other ihlerea groped about (n the dark until they found a bag of .fokt with gt>00 in It They then haatlly retrea-ed, ween oeanftbem atumblcd and made a notan, which awoke Captain T'ueman, who apiang to hla feet, aad, aelxtug a < revolver, followed the Utievea. By 1 hia time they ware la the boa*, and pulling from ihe veaael'a aide Toe captain -.I red twtoe in auocewlon, when be reard one of thorn ory tin dUtrrea, "My Ool! Tom, I am killed," but the otbera plied the! - oara ?o rigor.maly that the b >?t waa aoou loat i In the daakueaa. Ai there waa no one aboard but the cap' Uln ami ? lad, It waa thought beat no. to folioe the a. The foliowUg la tho iteicmi nt of Oaptaia Trueman:? Laat ereniux I retired ab Jill nine o'clock, lu remuanr with a youaf boyjirued .I'Uuulll a 1 clo?ed the c*bm door aud u*i it. 1 aooruj rn\ n bierp ?a?? wm uu'. ?whh but any i/mmjod bad ecu* <>u ^<?rJ >>iitl about thr?< o'clock bin moiD'ba. wh-u 1 wax awak^Lw) by heart-s a n>t?e tu the abtu. 1 auempt-u u> ge up but '? t UewUderoJ aad found a arfte ipoaga fa uraud ??h cbl ot-vn < n my breast lourog that there w-re pn'iton* it board, I Ruraug oitofmy b-rlh, <iad alter rtrtkioK aluht, sozrd my rem! ?er and runted for the ieck. It waa very dark, aud l coull hardly find m-w.yto the bo?. ot the vesfi-L t could uot ice th- boat but ahould <hink It riatin: m re than fiheen y*rd? f/nm l*e reaael. I fbcuted to tbetn 10 et"p or i wulj lire, but they took no notice of what I Raid ano oo.iitnued nu 'betr WCiree I then dls' charged our (hot * blch tt "iffare did not take eilest and gooa after bird again, wbrn I heard one of he thievea exclaim. " My (Joe : Tom, 1 am filled " ar U waa lmcoealble for me to overtake them alcne, 1 deemed it unneocaaary to lower the boat. The captain baa made no complaint against the rogues aa be says ti would be impossible for him to identify inetn Fkr Bstwbsh a I'olkmaat as? a Nxoko ?On Monday sight policeman Batce, of the Twelfth ward, discovered a large and poweiful black fellow, near the corner of HMh etrcet an l Fourth avenue, with half a doicn tljcovle ducke In hit romeslen, wMoh be bad evidently .ito ea. Tbe polloeuiar. Immediately arrested him on ?r,g">icb n of being a tblof ; hut the mgrb showed fight and a luaele t-i-'ifd, Ibe officer using his club and tbo black Tollow hie Dels. The affray soon r-wolyei Itself into a running Cgti dian ll.lih atreet, and . iilmatcly soil) the bolllgeretite were knocked don. The coe'est thug continued about balf an hour, when both loond theoa<elrts op .o t)u ir waists In niud on the flats near the Ked H 'use, on Second avenue. The negro here tried to force the head of ho policeman into tht mud, but falling In the attempt "he nearly euflo tated him by besmearing his face. Wnile She latkr oporat on was going on the policoman sucoeedei in get: z ouc of Iho r<-A>. * firgors In his mouth whicn lie bit completely off, and in doing which lost two of his teeth. The fellow tbm ruccecded In getting away from the officer and mide goot his escape, leaving the ducks as the only trophy of the battle. The policeman managed to get ont of the mire and trade his way to ihe station h icse, covered with mud and bluod and his face cut in tho most shocking manner. The negro Is known anl will no doubt soon be arrested Military Mo. rxmrrt ?The approach ef coo! weather rceras to bare stirred op Iho martial arlor of our military friends, and the note of preparati >n is eounded at all the headquarters for encampments, parades and reviews, - .td ICbHtim The target comiiaobw are already in the field, suad daily gaily rtgged excursionists paw the FIcrald ofloe on their way to eome neighboring village, where they our pose to enjoy a day's sheoung. such companies as do ire a nouoe mould leave memorandum of name, number of mnekets, prizes, &c . at our ofiice among the comps alee wbiob have recently saluted us were the Tickahoe .Juard, the Walrb Guard and the W O. Murphy Guard, all ofwbommado creditable turuouii. Among the military Items afloat are the following (Jeneral Samaon, 8tb Brigade, New York Htele M Utla, bee ordered bis brigade to assemble In oampontbel>t proximo, for five days' tour of doty. The following Is the order o.' encampment of Ihe sere rsl regiments or mllllla of Connecticut. The encampment continue* Ibree days ? Ftrsf /friflta, Brigadier Geneial Klthu Geer command log ?6th Regiment, Col K. W. Smith at Stratford, oom ' metroes 28th Instant, at 9 A M.; 7th Regiment. Ool. C. D VfllUma at nanlalannwllla rimSlat Inatant Ml O A. M.: 81 Regiment. Col t. O Ktegeler, it Norwiob, oommeooan September 8. at 9 AM, l?i Regiment, Col & A Ooelej, In Hertford county, oemmencee Siptember 7, At flrconcf Itrigad. , Brigadier General Jno. Arnold, cob x nattier ?8b Krglmcnt, C >1 Uriah Wallace, at Dan bury, .September li, at 9 a M; 4th Regiment, Col. A O Brady, at WolootiTlbe, September 14, at 9 A II.; 2d Regiment, Oot Kb A. Sew 11 ?ven, Beptenber IT, at 3AM; Regiment, Col. E. W. K. Starr, at Middietoira, .September II. The hrtgadlere and etaff attend eacb regimental encampment one day of their respective oomtnaudi, for review -md ioapecllon by the Bri|a1e Inipoctori, who, In Connec 11 cut. eeem fully to un lerttand their doty Tnoy aot oer faotly Indepaaaeal of tbtlr o?rn brigadier*, and, without ."bar or rarer, point out Imjer'ectlon wbererer fonnd, reoommeod dlabandmmt of ootnpanlee where merltet, peak of Imperfecuona of reglmenta, of a want of a com pilanca with Stave regolat'oed in dreaa and rule* oT dlactptlae, by all office**, tbeir own gaoerala Included, with <real openncen and rratikncm II iw ulke the brigade major* and id* pec tort of New Pork, who a*e the mere jtonthpteoen of generate, who eorar up Imperfection* tn dlnelpiine, in drane, An. Major General Gnyor, Oommender la Ohlaf, will thin year rleHeopie of the encampmeatn. The following In the order ? Rt'llKKNTIt OBDWR9. Tru atcincrr. Irr saiuana, ooneacrxtrr militia. Ilrin Qr??T??.< ) Poarnnv lAeoino, aurust tl 1897. $ la purvuanre of an ordrr (rum Ur>gtdirr General Blihu Over. the held. Man. eomtniaatnned aa* am oommleatooed odl ' nra muatctane and private* of the ;ta Regiment will a?em ble oa the o?mp grwemd la Kiihegtv aeer I aatalamvUla 4* i-t, on Monday, ? ? ? It. a. 1> I86f, u 9 . * a m for three lonwHirr da>* military rocampment, azerclae aad review. tn onmplrte nat orm. arme I and equipped, a* the law ilreeta aad not to leave u?Ul the third day thereof without prrmlmioa. The rale* and r? nulaU ma of the regnUr aervtce WUI be adopted and en area* during the encampment Cemmaader* <>' co mo at tea anl band* will cane* legal notlee to be gtvee to their teepeetne oomaaaad* to meet ai tae above jjamed I'm ai d place Kach noa?.mm'e<l-oed offimranl i private will pro>lde atmaeif with twelve blank eartrMgea for ore at vat* encampment The recom nook of com ran la* aad band* will be delivered at hand a oar mm at I o clock A M. of the third day of aaid pa,-ade CeLVlW IV WU.UaMA, Colonel aad Onmaaader of mid R) (ImeaU Tha ahoea ta a true copy of ib? origlral order all**, ALBXafinnH WaRMRR, Adjutant. Tlw DrfhlraUoa at the Mt. NlcbolM Hotel? Order for the Arreat of Lnwlar In n Civil adt, and Attachment agalnil hi* Fro pert jr. I'PBBMJ OOCBT?STBCIAL TBKif. Baton Boa Judge Paahody. AC r*WT jotin r. rrraawu, r?ryu rr wnnfim aw JhmUt I*mb vs. J An M Ln*4<r.?)tr Heirlaftoa, ooun Mi tor tho p Wall ft i, appUad for aa order tor 0>a irrart of ioe defendant, on the jround that ha waa about la aaorala or Bake away with property la hla puB melon, aad whioh Utey alter* la hare been em beer led f tun then. Counae. Aiao applied tor aa attachment Mitnal lha property The Court (ranted lha orler of arraal of Uwler and lha attachment ayainat hla property The follow.a* la thb APnoaTiTOP na. nmnmc (My ord Unmfy Pfr* ? John P rreadweil, ' of thenaid oily atd'oounty, beiu* dulyewora, doth dapoaa , tod aay, thatthle depooeot, t irytl Whitootnb aal Cheater Ltali are, and arar *lnr? the ltth day of March, 1W7. "tare been, on par in era la the k?*pla( of the hotel oalied * the th Nichnlea Hotel. In the city an ! county of New Pork, under the name, etyle and (Irm of Treadtrell, ff bltoomb * Co.; that aa niaob pmpnetort an 1 copartner* the eald plaintiff* hare bed ia ibetr employ meet aa a clerk, ayeal or bookkeeper the abora named defendant, John In trier. that raid dtfeodatt, dunry the whole period of aal t j ,Y>partaer*hip, haa been auch clerk, ayeat or book keeper; that dmlny the time maid at lenient .tohe M In trier haa beeo ao aoJny aa auch clerk, tyent or bookkeeper he haa avolea, aecretal or amheuad from tbaae plaintiff* moaey to the a moan i er M.OOO end op re-da that la a ho ararrati m with thin dgpoaaat aa tbt ereolny of lha Slat day of toyart netant, lha aaid dafaadanl, John M U tier, at all ed 'jo thla depoaanl that ha had darlB< Ute Mine of aa <1 oopartneiahtp atoiaa, aooratad aad ambatalad a lerye amount of amaay from thla deponent aad the aeid opart era. aad offered to ooarey and place la the pottaaeioa if thl daf meal and hit raid ropartnara property both real aataie aad peremal, to an amount la raloa, aa ha then raid, of orar M.000, aa ao tedemafty to thla plaint if an t hte m.mrnera. that at the tlma #f rail offer 1 by aald .'aha II Iawler ao made to Una depoaeal, thla da poaeat did ihea and there inform a.Id Utrlar that ha baa. la the belief tail dapoaaal, taaaa aad atoiaa from thin dopooool ood Me Mid copartner# mw; I> m tmixu 0( or or $10,000, IV ?0)ch Mid IMI B?a*l doctor * tloa of lb If dopnooet Mid Uwler Mod# bo roply, eieept tool 00 Old u>oo Md 10010 reply that Ot oil 0? 0o? 00 *0 oa i?d eabeozlod Oe boo Id Urn ratarn to tola dopoaoot > IB Hm proparty aforeeold oil Ut?l i*m rotooiood, and that Mho rt matador of wool 0* bod tokoo bo bod opaot to ooob o man nor oa bo ooold no* ooll?et or oneoooi *00" ttal aid Loo I or did tboo ood tboro ototo lo tote 1 in no?o| tool bo hod lo tbo boado ot OU oootbor, '.a too nlty of Albany, oo o port of tbo on olio or otod mitarr oo emwuled, o now of $000, o doo Mil la too mbi ot $6oo, dmmj to too amoeat or $noo, oootbor doo bill lo tha onoi of $100, ood oath apna ht? pacaoo of $J00. Tun depooMl fdrtoor M|l too> oo too rotoag of tbo tlit day of AngtiM, nott folio olo( ioo wrentng before oto el, In oootbor noOTetwtioo hot root too dopooont hod with too Mid Jobo M. Lowlor, too Ml I low lor Informed tbto deponent that oT tbo oforaald tarn of woo, wo oh bo had bofbro inform*-! toll dopiaont waa a bl* mother't Ooaao, tbo oald mm of $600 bod booo dapooitod ta a MTtofi book lo toe eliy oT Ai tony, lo tbo nam* or o INUe Peter oT Mid Lowlor, than two to or fojrtoM yeart of o<e; thai aatd Laaler tboo atod to tolt deponent, tool tbo object wblnh ho bid In tboo pladn* wtd BiMoyo to bio m Aboroi ban if waa to profobl tha aorno bolag aroeart tbo per ton of tha wdd Lowlor. and to pro real too him oinlltni an* ptoton acolaot bis, and to prorent tbo mom from ootng wkoo float him. ood to notional too win Toil dopmoot farther aara that at tbo tlmo of both of Mid worem booo of toia dopoaoot with aald la a tor aald Lowlor inform od tola doptmoot toot tbo aald onto of $H0G w m for mono/ that bo bad iaot to bli mother, wblnb bo bad oo I iMO FVott tftitt <i*pon#nt ind bi?n*H ?or mrin*rt, m l hid MlMP 'hit roftioot bad Inrnatod loo aamo with an ae rrlond of Mo (*old Low tar) and bid taboo too Mid nolo lo oonorlly tborofor.fdr ibopnrpooonfooortoailof tbo Mm? at ofn-o oald; ami that oo bod to plaood oil o? aatd moony lo hit o^or'ohaodo to order to prevent toe tamo from belog obtoiood by tblo dopooool ood Me Mid on jar more . . ^ _ JtJHM p. m oDirrxt were before me tola Wth dap of Aug at, l$$i W?, lot. Oman union or of Hondo 1 J? Cltjr Politic*. m noma* of rai Muoc'racr nr a faib wit FOK ADJCATMUfT? MlTiKO OK fHE MAORATM OF TH* PABTT TO COMFmOllIrB ON TH? DALSOATION TO ?HN 8Y 8AOUHI CON VIN TIOM? A f KUOI HlONll) mtm m pactions. f hi re seems 10 b< a prospect that the city democracy will ureaeot a united Trent ?t the Demooraho State Convention which meets at dyrm nae oo the 10th or September Beat. II wee feered, end not without re*?oe, tliet both I he Wileva Smell end Edward Cooper Oereral Committed would Ueue separate oalla for primary ?tactions to choose delegates, and that two full seta wool! be chosen, that transferring ih? city difficulties to ths State Convention To avert tils contingency there has been much mttntua verlrg among the chiefs of the rival factions, who all feel that it la much better to wath their dirty linen at home than have the democracy of th? rural dlatrteta to lament IL Hence the new Collector haa made vm y few a jpolatmenia, anil' us >o me bia patronage a?a? to heel the dlwenMona In the party, and it aeema that nia osutloui policy wSl brlpg uboni ihe oo?lr?d result A meeting of the democratic load era waa held yenterday at 'he ' ust m House to aee what should be the oondltlons ol the new treaty of peaw. Among the pcraons present weio Collector Schell, Postmaster Kowler, Mayor Wood, Surveyor Bart, end Tax 0< Itrcior Wilton Small The matter waa ihoro gbly discussed, and the neceeaity of harmonizing waa ru ly adm tied by all Various propositions were made, and it n understood that at length aoor.o aort of an undcrttar ding waa arrived at, but what the e rmprom ae was of courr? la known only to the high parties. Should, hotro??r, .liu arrangement hold good, we may ripect to ate a nnlteo call laancd for the chotoo of doU-galot to the Syracuse Convention. It la aho uudc -str od that there It a powerful cabal, headed by Dud'cI E Sickles, oppoacd to thla union, anl tlu course they ?ill take will be soon at the meeting of the Cooper Committee to night. They may muster vote? enongb to prevent the fution at contemplated. Tho arrargemcnt arrived at yesterday has reference i oU ly to the State Convention, the light on the city candidates this fall *111 be as acrid as ever after iho State nominations are made. The Late Mortimer Livingston* mbkt1mo Or T11K mkrohantd V kwtkrdl Y. A meeting of the Koruhanta of thin oily was held at the Kxcharge ) eslerday, at 8>? o'clock, for the purpose or expressing their refret at the death of the late M or II m or Llr Icgeton, Ksq , a;,d their oondolence with his bereaved family. Wm WmTtocK, J* . Ksq , called the meetln? to 0"l?e, and moved Jat. Browse, R?<] , to the ohalr. Mr. I re 1'.rick L. Haloott was appointed Stcretary. The Chaismaw laid that they were asremblod there to moarn the death of Mortimer LIvIdrsIoo?New York's most bright ornament He wa? quito uoiblo to ecpress bis feeling* on the sorrowful occasina, bat he would be glad to bear any gentleman who srtabod to ?ay anything. Ltcoi'oui Bibrwith, I ! , rose and said, that wtth the permisrloD o' the meeting no would read the following re olalioni:? Resolved, That by the d?a'h or Mortimer IJvlog?.ton we, the merchants of New York, are oailed upon to mourn groat low ? Resolved, That as the experienced, Intelligent an-) en terprlslng merchant? an the kind hearted, beoorolunt neighbor?aa the high toned, liberal, generous gentleman ?aa a man of truth and Integrity? Mortimer Llvlagrtoa reflee'ed lasting honor npoo oar body, and doiervellir ranked with Utoee whom we esteem aa oar most valuable citizens. Resolved, That In mourning the loss of one commanding o entirely our eifec Ion sod esteem, we o*n bat feebly appreciate ibe magnitude ot tae boreaveme n of bU family ?cl thoer to whom be was linked by the sacred t>os or love end consanguinity ; nevertheless, we respectfully ro quest them to receive a copy r.f these resolutions as the humble expression ot our sympathy In their aillistlon Resolved, also, That we will altend the funeral to mor row upon the general invitation published In the newspapers or to day, and that the tligs of oir shlppng tn port be displayed at hair mast from in arise to sunset Mr Binwiiii exhibited much emotion wnile reading the rwolnurns. PautTiAH Piarr, Esq., of the firm of Goodhne ft Co., In acoonalng the resolutions, said that they had met on this sorrowful o.-oaaion to express the feeliagi of the whole c?m munlty on the sad event which had just taken place. When a man In the full maturity of old age was stricken down we a'qutmced In It as the fulfilment of an tnev.teble law of Providence; bat when a man was not off In the very vigor of manhood, In the middle of enterprise and usefulness, It convinced ua forcibly how frail were the ties which Mnd us to life. Mr. 1.1 rings tea commenced bis mercantile Ulc early, and ha toon acquired a lepula'ton for lntegrttf, IntelII geuce and great moral worth, sal frost lha reepect la which he was held tn his native mate and ctty, he might well say that his dealt was a loss to the whole oommu nlty. The bouse to which Mr. Idvtngston belonged waa connected with th* past and present generation of raer chants, for tho senior partner Ml been the associate oT many distinguished mo chants of the early days or this city. Mr. Llrlngston's last undertaking was the Havre lice of steamers, and tnst was a monument of skill, of enterprise and of success. Mr. Petit oonoluded by saying that they could but feebly express tnetr sorrow at bolng separated lorvvcr from ods they all so much eeloemel. and hoped that bta rxamplo might prove a stimulant to younger merchants to pnraue a career which gained inch un sampled suoosss and respect fo- Mortimer Livingston. The Cuacshaji then put the reaolaUona, which were carried unanimously. Jonn A Rao was, Faq , moved an aijournment, whioh was carried, and the meeting separated. MKITDIO OP 8T. DAVID S BIKVTOLKNT BOCIKTT. A ?pedal meeting or St. David's Benevolent sooiet/ was hall last orating, for the purpone of adopting roaolationa expi aoalro of respesi for the memory of Mortlmor LJrtng atoa, deooaaod, lata a member or foe aali aortal j Tbo mooUag waa called to order by William Kitnt, Kaq , the Preeldrat, who hrletly explained the object for which Ike Mating bad been ce'led, and paid a high coaapltmea to the cbeiaoter of foadeooamd, who bad oooaptedeuebaa bororable porittoo u a cniieo, who waa a ?. rtby offipring of diaUngolabed aaceatora, and of wboee meaboruhio foe aoclety bad foil jietly prood, bad alacerely deplored bia loaa. Dr. Jotns made a (law remark* appropriate to foe oe w Um, and united bte teeUmooy with that of foe rreaideat In regard to foe eeteam In whleb lb* d mated bad b?ea held by foe meat bora of foe aoclety, and by all wbo were honored wttfe his acquaintance. The following reeoiauooa were olTtred by Mr. Jon* E\a*? aad eeoooded by fboaaaa M. James ? eaolred. That fola eortety baa beard nit deep rerret of lb* death of Mortimer Llrlagatua. a member oT tbla eodoiy. out down id foe prime of Ufa. and amid foe honorable and toeeeaa ful piiraullela which be bad wilt to muoh eoierplae aed ?ue oaaa regagad. aad laorrelr tympafoUa wtfo bia family aad Mao da In fovlr berearameaL Beanlrrd, Thai la hla daa h fola society a?d the nommuaHy ba??a<iata>n?'i a loaa mod deeply dmlored hy all. Reeolred, Thai lie mmhiri o' ihlt so. lot/ tender to hi* fballr their alerera aympafoT for ihnlr lrn-pa-eble lias aad foalfoa aeTatar be rr pars ed to forward a oopy of fonoe re ei.nMora In hi* widow eaolred. That for mrmbera of fola anetaty will at land foe funeral of foe deceaw d aeolred. Thai foa aerrelary l.a ordered lo enter foe pro eecdlaga of tbla mraune 'a for mlaulra of foa aorlrty. tie motloa of Mr ajra foe reaolutloo* wera alopted unaaimooaly, aad foea, on motloe, foe mooting adjourned Bieoblyn Illy Me am. Fatai imrm-Bi avan to Dutra rr Kinr ?Oe Tie* day sight a lady aamed El rabeu Drlakwatar, raMdiag wtfo bar brother la law, Mr F.lktn, at 11B oka at reel, waa *o severely borne I by tbe eiploaioa of a oaa of barnlng flnl I that sbe died abiot three e'cloek yeetnrlaymwa tag Phe wat tngaged la aewtag la ta# back parki - waaa p-rct i*l*f foe lamp needed r?.l?al*b'ng,aaa weal dowa a air* for that porpoae.and wpiie flLluig foe lamp, which waa lighted, foa fluid la 'ha oaa at plod ad aad tbe flame i enveloped her pevnon. M?r dree* wa? in?teat y a maea of f la tore and aba ran ap alaire to ite hall ah ire. where ebe aak to tbe floor fro c ribaoattoa The cmatnaof foe bncae extlngelehed tbe flamee, ant ml oat" her bjdy wae burned an aererely that tha akin waa entirely removed. Mod toe. aaetaUnce waaa oaoeraedered.bat effj-la to ear* h?r life proved naavalllag. tftte lied a Hoot three e'olook, after suit wing greet agony. Daoeaaed wae a aatlv* of England, n widow, e*oe- iblrty yean of age tad waa to have heen manled again la a fee wwks Oovoner Reddtag held aa oqnrtt, wbea a verdict af ' death hy hara lag*' waa readerad iPlTW" ?' aitair rwi'imi fni nay ikm h ig<|u<n on U>e body of a ati who *m foand ta th? water at the r.?M of .loralrmoo ?r?? >ro? paprre r mod la hla pne tetnlon tie ammo It aoppcaad to he Christian .Tohoaon, as a cero Scale of paetage to Mrerpenl waa found on hla par?..n bearing that name Ha waa takaa ta the dead hoaaa for Ideetillrauaa. Alio oa the body of a man aamed Jacob <>?w?ld, who 4lad at iXi OolamMa itreet, from tba combined efTtcte of It juor aa<t an anrldeel ha bad rereived from falling. Alan oath* body of aa aged lady naatad Fridge! Walab, bo .lird at Buahvlek, of diaaaaa ol tba bean VardMa la eorordeaee worn rendered. C rt Mavrttrrr ?Tba report of the Health Pbyatylaa fhr tba (art waah ahoara a total of 11T deetha, of wbioh 0# war* nalea aad 01 'omaloa Of Ibaaa 11 warn man, 49 baya, It woman aad M gtrh. or tha dlaaaaaa arara, obotara lafaotooi fl, 14 dlaoaao of tba brala, 1;- oonenmptma, II ooarnltl ma, Ao 100 warn aatlraa aT.tba United Maiea, IT of Ireland, 0 Off?y, HI Flag Mad, 1 Scotland, aad 1 ? Nora 0*Wn "At l,afay ctta a Bldhday. TO TBI EDITOR OP TH? RRR4LS. P*ni tnairtnt, Ao,rnat OS, 1SST. Gilbert MoMlor da l a/hyatte waa bora oa the ?h of Sep(oatbar. ITII. Tha eth of next m-nth will eo aa oa Naaday Bight not tha clergy through ml tba renatry pro para and praach aa appropriate eertnoa on tbat 4n?f Ought not the military parade oa the :th, (Monday,) la all pana of tba I'ataaT ? ''PNdeHrlif irmple of Arl"?Waa. WW ainl WJ Broadway, nppnehe MetropolMm nnt*L Fallot- poo *n perl or in aay made ta thecity. _ Photograph* In nil. yaatal aad eqaarella. by Pred#rteU? earp* of Partaiaa arttau. Pnotographa la India lak. Partaiaa etyle naprrreotypmand imbo-rpea In oelofs. o *** o?en *oiT A. M. to fir. aad free to the taapea ttoa of Ike pwbfth Cmatnm Matte IMrtt, All Hlaea, HhaUmlt aad reUIL at MaLAlIUBI.IM * ahl-laad fore*king store M ttreaowuh elreet. corner of B array Jahbtri and Daalera In Cloth Into, Are reeptoifnllj Inyited to er amine onr rtti ten WMtaa rrara. Ta addlttna to nor n*oal large ttnna of net ??o r??iMoeteia mornrira. We hare thle ?/ >a manufactured an Immense ttork of low ran to ?>r< aieiva Oaaaa. Whlc-t we are prepared to off rat <a tow ttgarea as any kooee la the trade, here or eler where n litVLt* A (WK WW, IBS ar d 30) Broad tray. B w Tnrh. O*nacre lalamindtr NaPaa?W'.tb Patent powde* proof deAaace orh* aad eroae beta. HepM 19" Pear uaet. oat door below Balden lane. BOU1T * fATSTOC. EW YORK HERALD, THO A Coltaf* for Sale on the HudMN?Urg* aides ftu*d artta oholoeat at irulte. Apply at MS Bower y, cower of fourth stre?4 MemU to Order at Reduced Ha tee to Reeldnu, parable monthly la advaeea, at tee Hmitaeunlan House. Wllito'i ft rat Opening for tn? Ka.ll wtll take place ibis day. August 17, when the I arrest ud rlofieel aa.orUnect of Krrnohfal aitd winter aillluery ever imp *rtad' lu Mew >crk will be d It played for the loo ecfoa of the t-adn. a't action U directed It the Prrnob pattern hati new atylea of rlbbom, arUUcial Mower*, fansy feather*. drew caps, nlikn and laoe*. R T. WELliK. 2S1 5roadway. Holloway'i Ointment.?I'ne dteeaeee of the flesh and the tkiu to wb cb children an' moat snbject. auah 1 m encrusted eorru on the hand a d face, ra<brm. ringworm tetter, taltrheiim, ploiolea, Ac . are quickly redered by Utia ong' ent aa wall ax tbe angriest ulcer*. sad all klmla of wouada aid ecnlutkota. Numy A Laninan i Vlortdo Water, prepared fmm freahlt ga,h*red H <wera, 'a no le a cm ebrated for i be'utlfjlrg Ike omplexloo than for 1 a u rivalled fragrance. Kill i by I) T. LAMM * o 4 On , vh Iran e drtigxlau 61) Water ttreel, and by aUt.ragKlau, a> bu cenU p?r bottle. Kmpty twin ripen? For iale at ihe scbnippa <'epot K Heaver street. Thompson's Hair l)|? Wboleeale and tietail, or applied privately at 41 William atreui, Merchants' Mzchanye. Batrhelor'n Hair II}'*, Wigs and Toupee*? Tbe beat In the world, t uniting all. Made sold and applied at the manuMotorv. J?3 Broadway. Hill, Inimitable Cutter of Hair and Whiekora, Ro. I Barclay atreeL llair dye 4a. a bos. black or brown. Laird'n Wlgt and Hair Dye Against the world t' r tbelr natural appearance durablllly and ohaapaam, at 43V Broadway, near Howard street Crlituloro'i 11 air Dye, Wlffi and Tpupm, Use very heat Id theoouutry, boh cm aalu, and the dye prv vately applied at Do. 6 hator U iu?e. Iff a Bedlclne Safe and K (Tactual U Wan tad, you have thU and more iu Bnui<1r*lh'? vegwtab'c unl??r?at pills. In Ihecolds ac<l (neighs -Is the ??ec loos of ilwt (tomnch aid ^owels now prevwent?ttey cannot be to I highly rruoumended, because they r-oiove acrid humors and purify and In. rlgorate the vnort. Hold at 43 Brandreih building, Ovial el Bold also at 52 Division street. JK upturn.?Ha rati & Co , MeiUral Our* * u* office, removed Wi No 3 V. ??y B'reet, ? I'nr House IHadlrliie Without Pay. I will pre ev' one l>o? of my uiamelle sal- n to any respect*hie pslieu' who will call fo? it. Kor sail rheum o<d utceis, .- loiulo ant bums It I ur surpassed, ft It. SrlT'I. M?ciro Msgnetlst. '7 Hanal street hemec" Hrovlway and tlhurnb s. FINANCIAL ANO COMMCR .IU MOK K V NAUKKT. WkMnUIUT, August 28?6 P. M. The psnic (till con! nues. It Is rath iron the 'orroase The brokora topple down like so many loose bricks. At the bosrd to das the meet Intense excltenent prevailed, and lower prloua ruled throughout. Stooki are comlo^ out of evory hole and corner In Wall street. Luge lo a held on hypothecation have been pnt on the mtrbet, and In many Instances the amount adranoed has not bren re all/cd. Most of the sales to day were on time. Virginia 'e <1 eel!rod ?? per cent; Delaware and Hudson, 1, Cum berland, 1; l'aolfl: Mall Steamship Company, 1; New York OeDtral, 1\; Krle, Vi, Roadlng, t\'; Michigan Central, 2\; Reading, 2; Michigan Southern, 1)4; do preferred, 4; Panama, 4; Illinois Central Railroad, 4; Galena and Cbtca go, l)f; Cleveland and Tolodo, 1)4; Chicago and Rook j Island, 1. The desire to sell was strong and the market was given all It would bear wtthoat further deprenloa. We are now In tho midst or tho excitement, and there are some buy ore for an advanoe. The great decline in prtoee has attracted a set of sanguine speculators, who think that a reaction may be realized thai wlU give a profit on current rates. This Is mually the effect of anoh a sudden decline, but M will not In our opinion work to any ! In prlcca for railroad atocka and atoct aooortUaa generally la nol maraJ/ a Wall atrret mat tar It u daapar, and bo' j oncl the Infloanoaa of tbo Stork Exchange, and It la not In tba powar of all the banka and broker* of the rlty to pnl a atop to tha pnn'c which baa aal/ad upon tba public mind. the i all road* are just at thla moment tba object of opp? aiUon and dlatraat, bat the banka are not free from (rare aoapicton. Tbejr map not aacapa in tba ganaral with drawal of pabUe oonfldenot, and lhatr existence la not worth twenty four boon tn the erect of general alarm among dcpoallora. Public oooUdence la tba rery breath of financial Ufa, and It ts folly to talk abont tba etren|th and aolrtocy of oar banking Institution* with dlatraat Oil leg the pobilo mind. Tha Hanorer Bank waa ran apoa to day by lla Capo* 1 tore, and there ware report* rmaUra to two or three other bank* In and In tha neighborhood of Wall atreot. Tba rail area among the broken wan aameroas. Thoee named ware aa follow* ? Jacob Little A Co., Hook broken and speralaion E. a Benedict, do. do. k r Peat, do. do. The rail are or Little b On. waa In ooaaaqoaooa of balag obliged to lake elorka purobaeed oe aa lar'a option, and they not going oat on buyer'* option. In other word*, moat or their pvchaaaa on eel lar'a optica ware delinred, while parte* baying of them on bayer'a option either I failed la thotr eootraou or taka the full time aa titled to. lata IMta i.iiut * w who large i?a 01 im IB uuu or com!of la, ud bo rollof from paruaa who hare porchaaed Am Ihelr good ooatracta mature, the Moots to hand will go out, and li la very probable that a tew daya will ret tore u<em from the preeent diffleoltr. The failure of K. A. roodlet wee oa lutoote Central (took. He haa Tor eome uaae oaat boea a largo buyer, and waa eaopoeed not k>ag lace to have made a good deal of money, bat each done doi appear to hare boea the caae. The failure we aader (taut la a very bad cae. The failure of Mr. K. F. 1'eet wee ob Ohio Lire aad Truet Ooaepaay. He had loaned largely ob the (took of that company, aad IU ewpeaeloa made II Impoeetbte for him to fnlHl hia contracts. There are oe reral vacant oeelo et (lie Board of Brokers Juet now, bat omo ertliem will, wllboal doa it, bo flllod again by the old oocupanle. he a general thing the broken do not J keep down loeg. They make and loeo mooey very feet, and frequently tali aad payment a*ala wllfcia the earn- week. * At the eeoc ad b<ard the market eat heller Frte ad vaaeed 1 per > eat. New York Central, 1 Clerelaad end Toledo, *{, ReadIeg, 3. Oalena and Qaioagi, IThle re ' action oaa b? bet a temporary matter The fallereof a few . * - ? I. Ik, Mrnkl ku Ud I .Ik, I k, bKaJb MnU Ikf I kk I decline la itocka by My meeae. la a raw day* lha dim . J calUeeta taaar.lal affair*, which hare prodnoed the da- | ctlaa 1a priori, will become mora chrocl 3 aad lha public Bind will nettle down Into oaa general feeling of dletriel regarding all ttock taraatBeata Wa n?# now amid at Uta tenia tuia of ihlngj, and bopaa era entertained bf maay that a raw 'lay a will reaore maay of Lb a tatluaaoaa 0f da praaaloo mow In operation A raw daya will diaabaaa Ibalr Bind of thta Idea, ana confirm tba praaaat BoroBml The moaer market froa Dun Uae oat moat ataadlly fear daa, ufelll wa reaob Uta nanal point or partod of etrtngawey. Tba feaaka m?M ecnuaot rapidly and largely, aad II will ba many moaiba bafbra aaylblac Uka ralnralai ooaBdoaw will bo rlaibie A day or a woak oaanoi reaore dimenl lira wfe'cfe have barn aa ;?ag approaching, and It wo aid bo Mly lo rtprrl II. Albert H Niootay a regniareemi waakly anotioa aala o etocka and boada will taka plana tomorrow, (Tbaradiy,) at ! 12 S o'clock, al tba Merchants' Kaehaage lha ataamrr from iloatoa for IJreryool t> day, oarrlad oat I4M.CC0 la ayacia Afler ike ad jour unset of tba board tba following aalaa of boada warn made at motion by Adrian H Mallar ? 4,000 JancUoa RR 0" T*?... ta added ?0t< 0,(00 Cerelead aad toiaoa RR. T e da 60 s . R.OoO Ureeuuid aad Pittalarg RK T'a do 10 17,000 Uaeinaatl, Heailtoa aad life) ton ... da. 60 | It will ba aaaa fey tba report of proeaedtaga In aar ooarta ) to day that tba roeeat fhllnrea bare led to eomo Utlgattoa It arpaan that Judge Hodman. of tba Superior Conrl granted aa order for the arreal of Mr John Thompson, a' , the dtt of tba Metropolitan Bank, demanding tba detlrory , of 111,600. ar property to that amount. which had baaa ' loaned by tbo plaint)t to tba defendant, tba wal kaawa beaker of Wall atraat, wfeo aaapandad pay meat yeBerday Tfeatra? ntloa aat of which ifew nit grawiu aaderotood B be a loaa of 612,000 from tfee Metropolitan leak to Mr. Thornpann. for wfelcfe be gare hla aback. Aa application wao also madethli morning before Jadga Peabody, of the fcf>? Omrt, Tor aa order of arrooi agalaat Jaha Thorn peon The application waa made oa lha er?wn<4 thai Mb TVrtMnaaa aa kaalra. aaJ aaanl dh' tha plaintiff, had rafuead to rafand f:,000 which had beaa deport ed with him by iha plaintiff Tha Jndfa refused to front the mouon The Court dene] the appNoatlon apon the grtwad that tha mouay had baao deport tad motto keap eaparalaly for the dapoaltor, hot apon the feoora crad l and roapoortbllity of Mr Thompson aa a inters1 broker another attachment arm oat tha Ohio Ufa aod Trial Coat any waa irraatod today by Judfs Paabody, a'the Hnprtma Court oa tha appltaadna of Iha Nor aalk Haa* of Ohio, upea a clal? of IbO.OOO The ateamablp America, at Hail fa* Oaai Llrarpool, brio?a Ibraa daya later aawa from h or ope The polrtloal Intelligence la Importaat From India the adrkret are of the motl unfbTJrabia rharaotar Tha reported adraooa Jf one par real la consols, lo th? faoe of thw. aeamt moat e* I tr> >H' aary la the rotten and 00**1 market* on ihanja of ooaartjoeaoe la reported, Tha frtJffwtaf labia uowa the nviutr or tomb of tha I RSDAY, AUGUST 27, 1851 principal article* of produoe left at Udawater from the commr nor D>?Bt of Bavgalion to the X2d of August, taotudve, daring the year* >866,1868 and 1867:? Recru-re or Paootrou at fn>awA?aa. 1866. 1866. 1867. ftnal oprri May 1, May 4. Afng 0 Flo?r, bbla 4W3,i87 487,k>6 293,986 Wbnt.baah 868,228 4,(96,480 l,6t0,l&0 ; Corn 6,386 767 4,lf5 886 2,981,777 Ba Hjr 64 077 162 841 126.884 1 OaW 1,766,642 2 3t4,408 1,600,789 R>e ? 1,138.169 101.615 Por* bble 64,1'I8 78 7*4 10,336 Beef 9,668 32 329 2,910 tberso, lba 104 3O0 157 no 138,7u0 Batter 442 600 3?4 000 180,000 Lard 8,687 500 6.081,900 521 28) Bacoi 8,234,600 0 970 200 1,941,780 Wool 2,886,300 1,848,200 1,116,000 Tbe qua&tit) of (lour, wheat and corn left at Uilowater during the third wetk In August, In (ho year* 1868 and 1867, la aa follows:? Flour, UAt. Whta), bush. Cbm, bwfc 18(8 12 258 167,884 668,167 1667 26 9C6 00,820 446,362 j Increase 13,849 Dec..127,244 Dec ..163,796 The aggregate quantity of tbe same artlcloa left at tide j

water from the commencement of navigation to tbe 2Ut of I August, tnc.uelre, daring the years I860 and 1867, Is as follows ? Fhttir, 6M1. Wheat, bu. Omt bu. Barley, tniI860 487,160 4,100,480 4,106,816 16-2,841 1867 2413,880 1,680,160 '4,831,777 120,381 , Decrease.. 183,170 2,610,330 1,234,088 20 467 By ri during iho wheat to tloar, the quantity of tbe latter led al tidewater this y*ar, compared with the correspond log period or 'ast year, shows a deficiency for this seaion of 680,430 bbls. flour. The receipts of the Toledo, Wabaah and Western Rill road lor the week ending the 11th Inst, were as fol lows? raster rcers 94,406 12 Freight 10,118 84 Mall and express 1,000 CO Tola: for lte week $16,683 88 yiret week in August 13,217 80 Two week t In August $28,801 76 TLe eaio nge 07 the Michigan Central Railroad lor too fl.sttso wecke of August were ? I860. 1857. First week $48 209 60 $'18,907 43 bt<'ond week 63,133 74 46;?0O 74 Total $100,384 40 $84 87 4 17 iHtunauO 111 1867 $21,6i0 2o The rfc?-lp'a or tho Stoclogton Railroad were:? hMf.lM $23,002 17 In July, 1860 24,237 09 Decrease $1,281 '.*2 Tbe expenditures In July, 1857, compared with the same month last jexr show a decrease or $4,798 81. The fiLoalng are tbe receipts or the Morris Canal Com pany for the pant week and Heason, as oompared with the receipts to corresponding time last year ? Tolal to August 9, 1860 $160,374 $0 Week ending August 10, I860....11,714 81 $172,089 47 Total to August 8,1867 $168 331 44 Week ending August 16, 1867 .... 10,238 94 168,608 42 Pecreaie In 1967 $3,623 06 8lork Kiehangs. WaoanoAT August 20, 186T. $3000 Indiana 6M.... 80 1100she Reading RR. 69 2600 do 80 4(0 do 69!* TOCOTenn 0's,'90... 83 600 do 69* 600 Virginia 6's... 90* 22 Mich Oen RK ... 78 1(00 do alO 80* 100 do 72 11.000 Mlaanurl 0's... 75 160 do 71* 4000 Ot! 7'S, '70. ,b.'i 66 100 do 0 71* 6000 N V Cen RR 0 I 80 376 M So A Ma RR . 21 4(00 Had R Kit 3d m 68 860 do 20* t'OCO Ter B h Alt 2dm 60 160 do p stock.o 40 5000 do 49* 10 do 47 600 III CenRR bdi. 95 270 Mil * Ml is RK . 43 104 III On .Tuly rgta 1< 6 60 do 44 KtCUr&Mi! 1(1(1 ha :18 100 du a30 43 1000 OalftCht Urtm b> 40 50 do *30 42* 34 ?b? MxhaMoa'Bk 111 100 Ptumi HR.. bio 86 6 Del Hud 0m Co 11..X 60 do Hi 21 do 113 200 do blO 81 200 Pena Cool Co.... 02 60 do 83 3(10 do r<0 Mi Illluola Ceo RR .. 101 2800 Oltve A PI'W RR 18 100 do >30 100 IS Cle?,Col ft Ola BR W- ICO do lou* 300 Cum Cool Co 13* 217 do 100 200 do 13 100 do 09* 6 ItO'flO II H (To.... '.2 160 <1*1 ft Chle RR .0 81 SIINTOmRK 74 126 do 82 1UO do 0 UK 960 C1?T ft Tol RR C 30 1110 do 71* 700 do 39* 10 do 71 000 do 40 260 do 71* '200 d? >10 40 100 do 16 71* 202 Chle ft R I RR. .c 82 336 do 71 * ICO do 81 24C6 Krlo RR C 20 60 do >30 81 2605 da 20* SCO do 81* 160 do.. '201, 476 d? 81* 340 do 21 60 Lt C A Mil RR . 21* 326 do 20* M <1? 21* 260 do 20% 666 do 20* 900 do >10 20 * 40 do 20* 60 do t>50 21 60 C B ft QiIbot RR 86 100 do b'-O 21* 20 Third Ar* RK... 04 600 Ra*dtag RR 88* BROOK* BOARD. 6000 Vlrglata6'a ... 00* ICO aba N T Oen RR. 73* 86 tha Motfopol 0 BW 104 100 do 03 74 260 Ijla RR 22 10O CIot A Tol RR.' 30 40* 26 do 92* 10 laOroaaa.V M1IRR 20 100 do 03 22* S26 do 21 100 do 22* 6(0 llMdlPK RH....?3 82 60 Bad Rlrer RR.bS 10 100 do utw CI 100 do 18* 160 do 81V 100 N Y C?o RK 78* 100 Mich 8 a. N U RR 21 KO da 74 100 do 20* iro do b 10 74 1 00 l**D*ira RK 81 m to.;;...:;: v\ loouei & an rr..b3 m iroa doiimi. 300ahe0fldnill..e30 63 MO the V? Oonr. TO 6 ' 00 do o M 640 Gardiner Gold all 11* |'N dob:?Uk|M 600 do *30 11 HO N Care itaa b:?4 3H 1000 do bio l.'* JfO do :? "ftoo do .. ..b.w i:i too IVjto Gold.... b:tO II 1000 MUtWoOokJ MO 10 1000 Abord'oUid.b.^0 6X CIV I OOUUCIU UTURT. W ?i'?wr>4T, AufoM 16? P. . A?n? ? Seine or to t 40 bblt mart made, inoludln* polo I 7?{o do., aad ooorla it 7>. i Ba?r?r >>*-H(?r?fhe market waa dull, aod prtoaa vara hnvr. cloaiaf to a< me ceaaaM a decline o( 6j no. par bbL The follow 104 ora the lantatioae ? Mpertae Plata 90 00 a 6 36 tun mala 0 40 a *0 Real era aad (tito aopartaa 6 00 a 36 Ritra Ohio aad Wtmtrm 40 a 6 16 Caoadlaa aaparloe aad rrtre t 06 a I 10 BaJtimora, Alexandria aad Ororfetotra 4 60 a 6 00 Southern fan. 7 aad extra 7 00 a I M , Rye Boar 4 00 a 6 36 Cora meal 4 16 a 4 30 Choice old aad bow extra familf aad badara' brand* , t 00 alO 00 Utaadlaa Boar wae ?Rd to the axteat of aboot 400 bbla., the market ctoelrg at aaeier ratee, aa wtthlc iba abera re ' dueed range of quotation* (tonihera waa la mod arete da I maad . and rather eaaur for b'jner gradee with aalaa of about 1,600 bble. w.thla tba reef of oor qi.oat one Small aaiae af rjt Boar vara mate at the abort prloaa. unra ntal waa qaiet, aad prloaa uaohangel. Wheat?r be aalaa tooted up aboet 30,000 a 64,000 eoebeif. lac oalag aaw red Teaaeaeee at II 40, 61 IS a 11 46, aad Howtharn white at 61 60 Tor 0.1mBine to II 70 far pfaie Oae ruperi-ir lot dontbera i red aold at $1 66. Mixed aooad told at II 16, aad tune 1 Kratuckf whild at II 40 Cora waa la tlael xtook aad armor The eelee ambrarad aboot % 000a#0,0"0 huah *"0 , end at ?Or able for ttootbern fallow. R?a wm incturrd Mm of l .tuO buabela, in arrlre, at H??. cale?*e? .l*raa? ?Moro eelllng at loo I 5lc for Ht, while Old H'?u> olid Wmtern roofed from 6le Mr. We qooM m fallow* j? Wheat Choadlao Whin, par 60 If aoutlaol. w Micro rod, aprlag ud winter old .... 91 3b a ? RmUrri rod, oew 140 I I 41 R rather* oblio do ,IH 0 1 70 R*o- Northero, porMibo 00 I 00 IsdiM eor??woelere issd.M Ibe 55 a ltd SrnUimmlMd.,,, oomtooi. Roulbera follow 00 01 hnutborb whlto. onminoi. Or<"m? A boot O.HflO bift of Rio woro Mid to dop. ol public aortioo,at l< fcc bU'.o , average 11 ,o ,and half a cargo of ipm bog* <lo woro Mid to Iho traoe 01 p. t , ud m do Hoiaoolbo m 11'.e Owwir ?The mwa woro omAaod to oboot 300 900 bold*. at about the frllow tog quatotlooo ? uvmruoi cuMKnoino.0. Orlrnml rHirla tlnri4a, JMAk onrf fcOlM. Infer** WW ww nua, iwrae. Ordinary M'a li t MM IJ'a Rddllea. IIS If, 10 Id-, MMiitM r?ir 16', Id', 16 , Id', Fair... I. una r m baa. num. bwd Fllr mw una ww. com line nom onw. arm. WW fun .irm ?t.raln tn fJrorpool woo lame Armor, Bad dbo<il 0,000 buabelt wheat, to balk ud ablp't bagt. woro ol M. o 3lgd.; 00 hhda tot>oooo woro engaged ol 13* ?M, and about to tone maple wood 01 150 per 40 cub to frt I to the too Tt I,on<to?, l>o u>na oil oate?110 to bulk, ud 30 to bagt?at 15e . ao<l 500 bbta. do. ol Ida. Tbaro waa uo change lo ootioe to ratee for tha oooitneoi. II av ? The motkat for old ?oo quiet at T5e Natal RroaM ?Haiee of 360 bhla aptrtta tar pen I no woro mane at tdc , < aah, and 1.500 bbU oommra roam, from 150 jard, at kl 16 per "10 laa.cni lo waa hel l at 91. ?rtu. out i alee r ' moment far oat pi too wore unchanged on* -Fcglltb lineeel wot eteadf, with limited aalM at Co . with acme aalM of Imeruai al tv a HI * A Mew Hertford peper, of the 34th IMul hM I ho followl** W*?h ly rertetr referdtej the ml market le the! town for ihe preeleit eerb ?"The det end for ?i?rm mi It in te lim t ?d, bit littler*, hovrver. ere Arm et qeoteti m*. The trenrvtloo* iaelnle ralee of 000 hbl* , la |>eroeie, fr in the wfcert, et ?l 80 per relioe Wbele it la modem Me trend, nlthnnt toy <e*t rtel nhen(e le pn v* Toe ?e ** rmbre. e 1,000 hh * 4n tb Sea ei We ted *'<0 do el *8? l<er (4iIod?ell porrheeed by nienufo. ,rer* AUo ebout |0 hole da?h \ortbwei. at 8tc. It fairtaaMn w?bo?I? relet of *10 bolt Northern et Mo . end *00 do ei IV per (elloa. pen eneed by e meiie/adteriac bovte la Him fr 1 l-etmmoirt _po?k?Tbe evtd rather teo'er tad r. with the Hum of the market la favor or r?tinm The aalae ombraoad aboat 400 a MO barrel*, including meat, al 626 76, and prima at 621 76. Boer ooaumwd aiaaar u1 la fair dtmaad, with oaiae of about 300 barralo repacked C'kla and extra meoo at oar qnotadooa Prime meat and ef haaa were ucoharged. Bioon and oat meat* were oarre and nominal at our qaota loea Lard otoaed dull at our tiguroa, with talei of about 300 bairela. Buuaraad cbotre war* without change or moment. Wo quote aa folio ei,? Pork?Meet, bbl M* 76 a ? Prime 21 76 a ? Prime moat 23 60 a 38 76 Beef?Kepa ked Woatcm ? a 17 76 Kitra mew 18 00 a 10 00 Prime meoa, tlaroo 80 00 a 80 60 Beefhama, bbl 28 60 a 34 00 Ham*, lb 12* a 18 Miouidere 11* a 12 Butler?Ohio 16 a 30 isiate dairy 10 a 13 Choi oo do 33 a 26 Dbeeee 0 a 10 Lard 18* a 18* rrcAKH?rho proportion of lino to plme grocery gara In tbl? market, In proportion to tbe lower gradea of reitciiy groda, la very light, and bnldera of euoh generally do not duck raiea, ana refuKO to make an) con leaaloaa of moment. The hrarleat recent tran>actioja have boon In ! low gradea for roflnlng. whlob hare jeollaed a full *d. ; tho proeentwerk. The aalea to day embraced abon 7i 0 a ; 800 bboa Cuba m?ioaordoa, obicdy at 7*o. a 9*0. Info i rlor augara cloted dull. IIW YUtUt CATTLIt HARKHT. The current prtoea Tor the week et ell the market* era M follows.? ran CAfru. Mret quality til M a 918 M Ordinary II 00 e li 00 Common 10 60 e 11 00 larerlor w u> e 10 00 OOWD AMD UAXVBS, Vint quality 00 00 a 76 00 Ordinary 60 00 a 66 00 Common 40 00 a 46 00 Inferior 36 00 a 86 09 sat CAivm Extra quality, per lb f 0 t{a T K Other quahtleis, per lb 6 a 0 smar amd lambs. flret quality 6 00 a 0 00 Othorqualities 800 a 460 roe swum. flnt quality '%* 8 Diner qualities 7J<a ? BKKP C A' TLB. Tbe receipt* during ino week, c nt'ary io gonoral expcctailon, htro boon very light, ~om sued wtto tho pre vltui wo k, end broker* were ,citnle?i to establish an ad vanue oI about lc p?r lb , not. .inlandlug the q lallty of He offer leas was not no fair e. last weo?, I :era hi log bceu wilt in a large number of oil, tougb oxen, whlcb el way* bare a tendency to bear the me'ket do wo. Thr de maud, though somewhat active, war not so ?rlak a* unuel when tbe number on aele doe* not oxoeel met of ibis *e? k?owing to tbe largo number which was loft over last week, sod moot or whlcb were sold during tbo latter part ot last week and tbe brgtuniog of tbe proiunl We uo ticodslotor rtxas cattle, wblch wero too oret from tnat 3tato lo some weeks. Tboy wore not vory prtmo, but wr-ru about as good ss cattle hailing from that 4late osu ally arc, and met with ready laical iro n 19a. to U v i lb At the -ommeooemtn. some or the brokers put the prices up to 13>t<>- a 14c. ,er lb. aad weio making siren u ous exertions to matntalu thetr gr tun 1. but owing to the fact that the supply of last week was loeaormo.s. an l idbi in conseq-ienoe butchers were pretty well supplied, they weru forced to make a or ncesstou of abont ont cent a In , which itfi the market abont one cent better than laal we<k It was thought every bollock wou d be dl sooted of, however, at the going ralet. which were from lOe. to ldo.?average price about tl>*c. OOWH ANV CALVIS. Tbe receipts have been a tribe heavier, b'it the demand bat not been more brisk. There were several first class m'lth cows sold at Cbaniberlln's lost week, wblrlt gave from twenty to twenty four quarts por day, and whioh wore sold for about 876 per head TIAl CALVBH Arrived less freely, while prices remain In *<?'>< rytei. except, may be, for a very fow prime veals, wniob Drought 8c. por lb. Ibe goneralselltnn price, however, was 8>gc., with tunre telling under than ovtr that price. Ml KKP AND LAMB*. Tbe receipt* are becoming very heavy, but Inssmurh aa they arc cbleily iambs and tn very good order, there la do abatement in tbe demand, aad prices arc without no Heebie change. Good sheep selling for 86 a 96 per head, and from that down lo 93 The receipts at Browning'* the put week were larger than Tor any week Ibla year. van Ft! 11 come along ekrwly, only 1,319 baring arrived daring tbe week at AMerlon'e, and bat a amall number of wblnb were rent dlrtct to daughter bouaee. tbe market baa been a trille oilier, aalee having been made at 3 conta, and Irnm that down In 7\o., while laat week 8)%c. waa attaintd Ut many Inatance* BECAPITCLATIOH. Tbe total receipt ? of alt a took at all the yarda fbr the : weak were ai follow*:? Chvw <ivk( r?of gAeep <te<f j Btrvtf. Col vet Col' 'I. Lambs. : Allerton'a 2,aid 16 410 1,276 Browning'* 110 83 Iff 7,733 Chamberlain'* 112 61 111 4,628 O llrten'a 73 06 70 ? j Total 2,601 211 713 13,830 Total laat week 4,032 213 973 11,024, Total itnot Jan. 1.. 98,617 9,000, 26,318 263,894' Bt urra it niw iou and i*n bailboad. The following (* the report of Uve atock brought over 1 ibla road daaUoed for New York tor the week Boding Auguat 20:? rattle, heed l,tt> Sheep 4,30 Bog* 1,67 11 or tea 1 Iaml* 61 delve* IS i ADTtKTISOItiro iHIWP EYFEV DAL~ ncuuiaovft ??J A PAIB TOM itOAT BOOTS- WABIAWTIO TC CO wear wail aad give .good mtkdaohna. a* JO WW, Ho lb Ana atreei. FAihIONABLI f'ABU IK9IAV|g(l > Winnigd, rial lag aad boi<a?a eenfc eiecuted In the moat an proved atjM by PBkOIBlCC f. HBWin, Wo. 4* Broad nay. oorrrr of Bead* atreei up oialre f IT BlTIOD* MOWS HOWL-BIX VKARS TgHT Li In* kaa ar.o?n that my ongueei haa arver failed to tnrrm ike moioianhea or beard to grow In ?lt wenka, erllhoiU taia or Injury to the akin one dollar a bottle It. (I. (JBaIIAM. 014 Bmaleav. 01 fU'll TO LIT 1W BUlLlriWO ?) BHOAUWaT. Apply to I. C. OHABLW en ta* premlaee. STNrtNNB' UII.KHKATIIl WRITIH I PL.U1 us AKU cop/in# mda. I-ou.lon. and 171 Pearl aVnes Raw lurk. Hold by iba principal ?f ionrra. SIWIHU HA 1HINIW.-AI.L PAAHONb WHO WANT A aawlag machine u( nortrallrd utility , oae that will eaw Lha lljrhtaat and tka hcerleet racnoa bMtrr tbae an) rnbar, tfca brat markka* (or family one. mnniife<rtiMnr, planlalmi nee. or an7 uaa wkatearr. a aaeklar taat doa't gat oat of ord?r, aa? a lib wbtnb an tnduatrtooa woman can readllr earn t t.OUU a nrao obtain it no waer* atoapt at Lb* oBri of L M. BINfl OU. aw Broadway. N. 1. OTftaHNM A MaHViH H 0 WlLDbB PATANT SAL* ANDM 8APB. ramrod by iba caiabratad 1m Bui Lock. Warranto! frea from dampnaaa For ante by NTKaHHd A HABVIN 40 Marray araaA m. T. ba?a laara to inform tba 'radr ibai ba baa red nerd tba price of bla Brblwlam Ammaiir Brbaappa erinl to lb# raorel radomiea of arranty tar ceo I 00 U>a duly Iba following rraperuaior Or ma ta tide Hty Wtii anp/ly tba roobtrr trade at tba tow rat mnrbal yrtra. ODoi.PdU W< >LBK. Kola Importer a Haarar avtaac R If I I II WbHlnrh A Oo IS Brebmao etrert. Wbdlork, triloga A tartar *1 Broad atraat. <'artart rrmAta M frmt atraat. Harbi-t , Mrlehar A Co . M Prarl a r?aA Jaaaaa A Hrary MrBrtda. I?1 Broad afreet. Btraai. M'.rray A Oo. IS Vraay ntraal. H n wjrkoT A Oo. Tb< maa Wood A o Ill Pearl atraat Atwatar. Nnmloid A Oo. W A 17 Itmad nireet. Imrta A Holmaa 1H4 Hnatb aUaet. W. b. T taa A Co fil front atraat rta mu liopa A Co Ill fanmbara ?treat. B (? Bmltb. II Fnlioo etreet 1'bUJp lmtrr AOo 1(4 Prrmt airant ? pkHojaAOo 771 'traanwtab trow Waldron, I'age A Co 71 froat street. J t oakUa *l'n ? f foal atraat Naiia- ii A An'bonr II ? ?ar atraac smib Hp e tinea A On ...ITU Proti atraat 'aap'r. Hejmoir A (Vi II Water street. Hebrtttrra b broa KM front atraat C a bartla . . II Bmetway WU'lanuA Potior #1 Bon tb etreet. H.J baapp A firotbar 1*7 W*et a rwat 1 bar lea oatbiwa A Jo II Paavrr atraa' l). Btark A On HO Washington street. Iran A 11 seek at 71 'mat atraat P. C Walla A Co ill Fmab'ln atraot Barara A Pirb IS Pork row. C H Ring . 191 Br wd way. Hell. I inn i Praaar, II# tlheiaiaie atraac r ippnn i a nrm w piiwipii M wW cin.* A On HA Faltoa ?tr**t llarral, Bialay A Ritnbna tklOr?a tH ulrom H?U. fconkal A Co H" <*t?an*v? mm Hmkwllk 4 llnvH jr. I Hiwriau h ?trnai t'lward U B*lf flu IThll* *ira*t Park A TUford 6?h a - rou* u'lM ftr**4. A H A U kao-l* A Co Fulton and WI.Ham (irantA An Uuiina Rnnnau A Ok U frwiy Mr-"* A. < kranaAOn flfl P*ar! tr*?A. Oanlry Mala A Co tit I'mamim** (ln*doa. rallnwi A MaMllian IA Hanrar a rant Marak, Borihrop A Ok. 119 oak'?? Ian# STFA M Hhpk* Art Waahlar" i ?tn?* larAel Minor A Co. IU F- IW toraaC Mhratar A ttkrl ?' H**9man ?r?A IJ initios Hro-har A KinkAnad #9 traay a?r**t Hnafe, ')?! A Robtannu '? Oraoawlcb auaak 8 LlttonM... ?? 'roailaifi* Brl on Wrhb A >> U ?r*n| Bulklar I IU# A Co ? J?k"T ?**?.lanaa Bi ark Ml A Co W P?f B A. Fahnaatnok. Bull A On II JWATW. .' An A liar antra *' Onlanmy Iran Uro W .ban* A On. >7} Frmlatreol Poarara A Pedrrlcb . . JPI Murray rr*L Taylor A Aileb IMS Front atraat. Tnrn?r Hroa ?W waahln fton t*ra*t potrtakta# Ftronrr A BkMMM .... to \ may at mm H. A A. Wafnra 104 D-iaaa atraat WATIM'B'B HO H1WIWI MACM'BtB ?AMOTilMA I IT j troUnn ** ' ? ?ka? ?Oa lha V day of Aut'tll i -at., ha Caliad Akfaa Irani! Dnnrt ?r Ik* aontharn Dlfrletof BwW tork iraMad an hnjnnrUon la a anit oro?*a- *<! ky |. Bin* af a Oi ??ala#t Wainon ttmdrnff A Oa. Tua Itiuiaotlnn ah anlnlrl? i - Alhna 'k* dafandant* and A air a*, nta 'Torn making, aalra ?a.lln* m adrnrtlalni for aat* Urn Wafer* Hum*.im?a M?tp*i>'M>?bli?h*r* will pl*an* uaka a ** * of till* in nno turn, and not aaalm in rlolaiinp It ' M HlBDUB A ro.. 4M Broadway. WTHAT Ik TIIM UB? OF HCM-AKt OA IB Or*at l.yon Mill* both tp.p* and rata Ihnr powdrr nlayn bo a h*?p and rtaav ... And mobmaeVan, to*. wiih nqual an#*, a. I.i v>B A "O A pUI* 'or dantroflnp r%l* and misa aad matr-la po**d*ra for kt"m* bu*a, flan*, m >*|i.:'o*# r *k rrarbf? and al. k'.ad of r^raiM. ara no*o"ai>A 414 3 >*4 W%1 5 HMCKLLAVROn, Lorn LCTTBB* " AM B.1TK1?0?IAt IDTMTTMIHTS tboumln ihm ut-rmA rmm III KIW TOBS 4IVII PTIlLADBLmiA. ANIuUNulNo Uk V Kl, fK?(l<n Mar* of sssn Laps and maw traps la freei (Mm. IrSl'IMKJI COMB! or TUB TWBATT UtTTBB* Tub but social em*. ud nmnUmn personal OA-gun. which result roes the loo prevailing fashion ot rssp iSsbla paralio* in* ibiuBMnl r?? In o> mmeuoe or be nflnMiind M such iBirliuln* i dverusrmenta a* nre . . ... . -WUh t vtev to m* rtmony." hatwttboul ??J r?v! nsrne or adrtr h hsv# fro)neatly bMB ei Isnu-d to he pnhlio . y n??iH ?r ?rti"les or bp some ud Bipomirt- before oar mart* af law: bat * paouHar cha n of clrcums .nru hu now mailed lh? NR N POBC La A UK* to r?B u? ?* raordlnsry bt.iorr of <( of hoM (1MB* compiled snd verified by lb* *cia?l documents Tkb we bate endeavored to do in a aHtinnr calculated to luprea* a valuable moral lesson, and aound ths note of warnlo* wl bin everr family circle. No work of Itatkm oould p amblr ea arf tilts true plslareof smttorv waywardness, ceptnrtble Infttnatloo as(1 alanniuy Immorality We t-?l qu>te cooBdcnl thai the nubile Will aid us la this mailer, and ' reform it allofelher " WKL81T A Oo.. ID Nsv*? . str?et, W T. Newsvendrrs will pUaae send la their ordi <?o > ? M slble as we rao sctr.wlr esllma'e >he ennrnom demand f>w ourpsper ou'slde if Net Yuri trd I'Jl'm'rlpliia, aa i shal content onrtelvua with pilntinx <he Immense -dittos we anew la certain of sale, unless othe- wise eivccdrd by do tut triers, which mast be sent lu enif to obtain snj ctrnnce f >r supuly Our usjol attractions give the LAaDBK a constantly lunrwoaLu* isle. Wd-dU A OO. THK LBACBB Ready rn Haturday. TUB NATIONAL POLIOS GA/glTB contains A portrait or McKUn. the murderer. Out to d >y. THB NATIONAL POLIO* OAZBTTM oo" tains A sketch of the ?looting allray Al the 8tuw (touse. Tub national polioa oa/.bttb ount tins A portrait of Tbeodom H. Ntma, Who killed Wagslalf Tu* national pouob fiazltts contains a portrait of joseph h. WagaUit, Killed by nlnuu Tus national polio* uAzktts contains The dnrUlun ei;r!m.t Mra. Cunningham. Lot to day. fill national polio* ha/.aTT* 1? wild who .oasis by boh8 a tolmky. nf nassau street. And tote bad at all aesa depot*. o MOUTIiBt'.a ani> wlwtakn m*>." HmMTa " tim anbwsribnr bra* Ir.av-* to Inform lbs trade ttti h* has r?<l 'os?l lbs prior of hi* ''nhlrdam Aromatic Bnhasyiie equal to the recent reduction of seventy psr cent on taa date. i/ltolpho wolf*. Sole Importer, 18. 30 and ii Bearer ma marjr1agk8 ahl? death* anted RotI-iba?On Wednesday, Angust 18, by the Roy 8 h Woeton, at Tnnliy rbarco, VViLUaa a. bmdk ta misa jciia a , youigost daughter of Jainea k.dgere, keq., all of tot* ci j. ixrid?hailkihmk ? In Albany, on Tuesday, Angnet *, by tiio Key. ui Wj ckutT, capt Tuonan a Loth, of MUi tliv, to mill hauaihw e, of Albany. Wmm-Vij KrjniT.?Oa Hobday evening, Aagust 38, by iho Htv Ira K. HUnrart, (iaoaiie O. Wluatt to M*e km m. van Kaner, all of this city. ued. brit ?At sen, on boird tbe it southlp City of ttaete^j ten on Hobday, August 3o, haaab, wife of Kdirard BaN, e Bro<ki'b, agt-d (>1 yr-ari. tier remains nttu urtorrod to (Jroonwood Cometery M Tuesday B*tau>?On Wednesday, Aagust 26, Join lUraSD,aged 67 yean, i m utbi and lj days. Tb? relatives and Irtonda of the ranuly are resperifafly invin >1 to atirnd the runeraj, Trom bis Into residence, No. 181 Woat Toirtctb street, cc Saturday morning, at tea o'clock, wltoout 'urtbsr invitation. ?On Tuesday, August 18, of cholera lofBatus, the son of frledrick U and Maria k. Bottaor, aged I yean and 16 da ye. The rr latiyee and friend* of tbe fhmlly are reepeotfhSy lnviied to abend tbu luntral, from tbe rcaldaooa of Ma parent* No 137 Saekett street, Ssuih Brooklyn, this aftercoon, at three o'clous Tbe remain* will l>e taken to Qnem wood Cemetery for lute; meat Bjow*.?On Wednesday morning, Aognat 36, amew Baow*, in ibo 88lb year of hi* age. The irlonds f lite family, tbuae of hi* *ona, John t. and Robert t. Broen, of hi* son In law, Allan Har, and of hie brother, Janes Brown, are respectfully invited to altend the funeral from hla late residence. No. 167 Heater airae*. to morrow liter noon u throe o'clock, without farther tori UUtOD. Iiirnii ?In Hobokrn, oa Wodorsday morning, A agent M, ixoww Btt iim, youngest >oa or Ludwig kid Angeeto Brumlen, aged l? month* one 17 days. The frteou* of to* family are renptotfolly Invited to attend toe fnaerel aer ?lc?a, nt toe raatdaao* of hi* parent*. No. 300 BioomOri J itrtet. tot* aTlercooo, at tore* o'olook. Cab ton.?On Wednerday, August M, of congestion of ton brain, Mr. Ajmiuai Uiios, ot Dublin, in the Mth year of hie Toe friends and relative* of toe family are requested to nib nd toe fonerai, ton afternoon, at two o'olook, from hie late rtetnence. No 7 With street Bla remalne will be taken to Meant Calvary. Celt*a.- In Brooklyn, n Tuesday evening, Acgu*t V, En bub a wife of Uarret Cohue, la the 44th year of her age. The Mend* and relative* of toe family are particularly rrqnretod to attend toe fooerei, lmm her late reeldeaoe. Mo Ivi Myrtle avenne. toU afternoon. at two o'olook, without farther notion. The remalne will be token to Cypraaa HUM Cemetery. luui ?On Tueeday morn'ng, Angnat M, lira. Mean Davie, aged 27 yean, a native of Wales. Funeral tola monlug, *1 nine o'clock, front bar lata residence, No. 1M Bast I'hirty second atreet. The ritoalae will be Interrcil la Grrenwood. Dam wait* ?Oa Wednesday, August X, Mr*. Daatowaraa, ag*d kS year* Her r-ieoda and acquaintances are respectfully lavttod to attend toe funera>, tbia afternoon. at two o'olock, frees the residence or bar brother la taw, Mr. Henry Kills, Ne. 81 HwU Mr?M, Brooklyn. Uium ?In Wl'iiamsbarg, an Tuesday, Asgnsl ML Hsnat W . too of John and Hannah Waraoer, afod 4 months oaJ I nays the relatives mad ft land* nr* rsspedfolly tnvltad M SStaad the fonarni, (> om tbo maldeooa of his parents. No. 91 Heeond street, oornar ol Booth t) xib street, uua tlWliH, at two o'clock O ' Henry, boa short thy stay 1 How so. a thy Journey o ar I Thy spirit lie I away To rwit rarih no room Tlty spirit found a auarar road lhan iboasnnds to thy blaon'd nbodo. Hoi? ?On Tuesday morning, Au|ast SO, Chaml?, ytnmg est ton of Ueorge and M A. Hoyt, aged 11 months wad T days. The relatives and friends of the family are respect/nOg tr Tiled to attend lbs funami, this oltaraoon, at two o'otorW, from the isotdannaof his parents, No MS Bevealb arsaaa. The remains nUi bo taken to York Bay Cemetery for mVarment. Hrnt ? At My onset, I,. 1., on Oolurdar momlag. Aagwsl 31, Unsmm A, youngest son of Ueorge R and Pbabn Hunt, tged 4 nnuiln ant 'it days. Usxnr ?On Wednesday, August Id, afVor a short bmt serers lilnrm, W lusn Hansv, son of Potrtah nod UUmbetb Lark ay, aged b months ned 1* days. Tbe retail rrs and Meats uf tho fhmlly, and those of Ha ancle, I'mer lor key, art respectfully Invited to allsaii the IcseroJ to-morrow atiamoon, at two o'cioak, from the residence of bis (areata, No V? Matt street Uvsnor ?On Wedcoednj. August M after a lingertaa Uteres, Mr. I H lalbmp, tele of New Utmui, afnd U Joan. ___ _ Ilia relative* aad f rWa' tt reapaottally Invited I* attend lb? fontrtl, ten-arrow afternoon, at two o'atoob, from to* roetdaaca at Ua brother la law, W. H Cohen. Noll llni ureal Norwich, a , and Saw Ortaaaa paper* plaaaa ropy Umau* ?Oa ??i*ltf. Aaguet M, ftoworwa* luoaaIV, ir'lct of tb? tale Joba UugbUa, la the ? Ak year at bar ace Har frteade, thaae of bar ?oa, John 'jtocblia. aad of bar on la law, l*blltp tar* reeteotfuliy Invited to aaaat to* fnaaral, from bar lata reatdeaw, No I* ?nana tor at. tb<* alteram* at tw* o oioek Her reatohUw wtil be leaaa to CalrarT Cemetery fbr Interment Lima?Oa Wtdnaaday, Aaaoat M, Meat Wtaivmaa, oalr daofh er cf Ma-to aad Winifred I.ftrb, \M ntoriUte and Wda<a Tbe faaaral will tare plaoa tblt aneraoo*, at Iwoo otoaK, from the raatdacea of bar pareote, No. Wl Went Twenty titth meet. The fneedr aad eo*?aiaiaaoM art rwapaotfoiijr lariietf to attend < tetany, Irelaad, paparn pleaaa onpr. Mtana -O* Wednesday AuyTet 5?, A hi* rawidwaoa ! ihie alty, af polrid ore throat, (aaaeowa H Maaaoi, la tbe jNtb year of bia ? __ B* remaina all be take* to Pinnate wy town, N J., tap Interment Tbe taarrnl eerwlran will tab# plaoa to owia aftoreoow. at ibrea o'clock, at tbe raMdeboa at bin pnmtoto, Henry ead Catherine Martin M' -a ?Oa Wedaaaday moraine, Aacnat M, Hawar Mom, Kr , (??J ?7 yrara Hie lemaiaa will bn latarmd la Or ana wood Omntorrv far* ?ua Wedaaaday, Aoynat M of ooaaampaea, Mab(i*aar J B. Pats, wtr# of Wtldawi T. Pack, aad pi?fd daofbtar of tan lata Pakar Sawyer, la tba ITih year at bar ?a. Tbe Oiawda aad ralaMraa af tba ramltv art raapactfoilp invited to at leaf Mm (nttarai, from bar tola raatdaaea, tea. Mfl Llvtefatoa atraat, Brook It a, to aorrrw aftoraona. ak taarn'atook, wildcat fortbar invito too brort?at Plain iete, N. J., oa Taeaday, Aoywrt m, after a ItBiarlat ttlaaaa, Mow Waaaaw Soon, to* , la tba kddb year of bta ift Tba rataUTWt aad rrtaad* of hia faiaity, aad tbaaa of hta mo har it law. Mrn Whl ebead Onmail, are roapanttaJir la Tiled to attend tba faaaral, from tba retodaaoa of tba laator. Me B8 Monroe plaoa, Brooklyn, ibla afteraooa. al tawr foioak, wttbaat farther notice Hantaan ?On Tared ay, Aortal W, fleoaoe B tot* la feat MoT Jolt aad the lata tarak M. anaaror, afed * Mlka 4ft Th? rhujrw Mr ado aro i apodifo?r k> a toad tbo FaroraJ, from No. IK Com rairtooata MroM. uua afloraooa, ol om o'ctoefc Vnu ?On Wodaorday, AaguM M. *rl MaMAM It. Vhm,ii? Nr?n Tha rotatlTto and friondo of tho fo?l'7 ? wquooooil M altoad too faaorai, ifeia oHoroooo. at Uiroo o'cloak, froaa hr? 'at* p?iM?nr#, Wo ? 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