Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 28, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 28, 1857 Page 1
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TH] THOLE NO. 7660. (|narutlne Matun. I LOCATION FOH A IEXHAN1HT 4caipt10s or rax sixfsxbht localities topee Ou jiATIOH, ?BB THEIR ADVanta.jw and bt8advantaoim?imtknwto autiun Or tlLH qcaBamtnx C0MMI3H101?*lMi?RENT IX BATH or tub RATKH i6lakdbh9 in TUB MATYU, ETC., ETC. The oltlieci of Near y?rk and tnbahtiaete of the en Vtro&jDg olt'ee end tnwna are J cat now deeply Interested In Re etsbjesi of tho oct'den to be aeteoted for e perm went apamstine Aa iboCieraeltno Uommiartoaerr, appealed nnder the not or ?bo stajo Inguiature paaetd lani winter, h?T* brought te completion the temporary Qnaranino at egatne'i l'otnt, they have under the Mine not to torn their attention ct to the (election of a plaoo for a permanent laai'tu'.tnn. The flnat aotton they aaay oiect to take in tho ul'obarge of (Me teat ao<l highly Important fraet oomitiUul to thorn loo-ka/U/ ootnea a oeataot with a dtrertlty of oor.llctlng Interests. On the part o hlpplag merohiuiU and tnaetera of roeeelc there m a atmag desire to ham Qua.* anlluo located ea oonyenlontly near to the oity an pnrslhle, aa thoa they will sulfur luaa delay in dlKhaiylng their cargoot, as.I the expense con ?clcl will) ti?Tl g tnrr rrsaeir quarantine*! ?iu n pwtly diminished. With the public j*oeral>y, the neoeatvej of bavteg Qunrvitiuo located me far from the city u mb be, la urged on She ground that the wdety of the pubilo health reqelrts 14. lTie safety of the public bemltb la the para, vn-nt question, of oourae, to be considered. The qouMlon no a of imf-'.-nooc, therefore, la, whether the IguaranilnA Uonsmi'^;sacra w:ii be able to ovciOune the various barriers Uutt present themselves cgaloti effecting this desired end. and whether, throwing outdo all personal, 11 thee bare any, they will aeteci a k>eo(ton that will set.t tao nrhes ou-.t app*ovol of ih<> comeuccity gtuurally, wha aicte arc saoe*. VVslty Interested In matter, as the subject of the different Itoalltlo* In See Turk Barker that have been under oonsiceratiiii Sot e permanent quarantine it :li ?f special iote ?wt at this tisto, and i? the features cf !-"triul<*? and thntr retpecjTe sdwrraeoii and dlxvivanlt^ft ?s it: >s for a permanent quarauttne have never boon pubttthed, we gtre aeloir a scmnwhot taiol'ed description or evib of fteet, together w.ththe 'eating argument! nfgod Id favor of and sgtiosi lbsin,r*f'en'lv?iy. hi>:ry soot. ' B?4y Book i* a in ? ar.d narrow atrip of lani ruining I hi a northeasterly dbec'lbn fiutn tco maui land of New Jersey, knoen as the iiiahiaurs. It ia *tx uiilua iu louglh, with an overage nidlb cf one and a btif mile, "the portion wcich it boa been proposal tu obialo lor a (.'uaTtn: ne ?;;c oompnaea about Ofiy acres, ?d U ia ceeiiy the c?atro of toe Unite iinmo dsurly adjoining l)?e Hone d .oa. Tim land buiongt to the Cntieu Statue gureruiueut, whi h hoida U Id Tee Troon Ike stele of New Jersey. C.vJ iuxla'doilou ortr the Hook vrac, fcjvevcr, rvtsr.e 1 by New Jerrey, aod ti. a J?rt*dV;ien the r:ate tO.i Luliis. The jctneral goreroniMt, u,i'$D( ;no pr?ai trtcj of Xiuord riiltuore, jJetel fct lb.Of 0 to <*.:o to Now Ycrk n puitim uf the 3o.L fur quarantine purpr*-*.'? .tw Jcrs-y reilaqti h ber right oi civil j iladle over I? y.rcntlsw. l-.o orou-act wtm ura?u up Ui !?? fu m, un tin signature of thol'raat deoi anixid, but Now Jersey d? clued w acoete to Uie propoctir.r. isaso to ter. ?juidy aook ia twenty mil** j from N/iw York, ano nanaa Ojm1.-u.4u/ laomc-i, e-uj ia capable or ft fair car* r mate, *Uh hut il'tio ci fun#*, in 'ho Qorso fhoe. TLo ho: to duoe, Iru'eed, jo-juls K- V ??w pnrpnaciy couatr'urod by u fu' ft pUuO I?-r t|U?/fDviOli)g vwia. th.- on!/ wind ihil ofta rejih tfc* vetoed ?> i-iftv? :hcm '.n ih.i *1 ghtoit aaagcr ia aaorih westerly -led. At Ido pre sou i'.rao. to too w'.atcr acaano, tfcoabie il liable to get C;i J a':h lea. A braimtcr ma, however, ho built jaat oatriae the indole, walcS will abstain tbo iatier ilfiicuity, as airoUo away wiin any magnr to U"- anchored vciiein duile* a ii :< v / u^iIhwe.p arty slow The ?fttcr iu tbo Ec-oe Jboe at kw II le ranga* iresi seventeen to iwvui, i" o feet la depth, which A aufllcU-nt ooptn o allow the '.a; ? est vesaslt to ho anchored with v \ ty ft.iublo ^capital fcal.d toga u.d ft'I tho tucewary dorka and atructnraa ; eaaeat'al to ft yertaaceul qviar an'.l?e can he orooted on tho gr.-.csda with iota diikcsity and at leu ea ' C'?- than tr y ru cr plasc that could bo eeleotod In 1 w York Bftlbor. A? ;c the IW. rf ine land, I: ia laipra Otbte to it; how c.r.n Now .Tjney oaf be loci.jbd to atk ; tot n. ahocid ate dee de Ui give It up to he vied for a ' foaimc'lce La*t yea.* ?Le LeiiUlatiiO refuted to appoint . a nonr rv.iirre to trrnt r.ycu .he ru5je X It la e*M that He a ! >rwiy rrxt - ntcr wU!, aeo?ve;t aceee ?o the wW'-ww vf #<>w Turk, aiiu give up Kor tlftM of Jarluliodoc, over the J Boca Tb ? itu'.emvvl ia bated upon the r*r. tj alleged, VMtt thft r'opl* nf Nr* Jctaey bugfo tJ aeo thai it _j as arnoh for lle'rown ti / ?-?? u -hat nf New York to hare a pern.tiitLi .)aarw? r>e ..waton at .dandy Hook. TNT OlWk. Wtal Raak 'a a ror4 of coiP'nua-ioo of Coaey l'lted ftftd B htcelly eorarv- ? law water. It la foarteeu mliu in; a&3 tiromiisi aide. Ifc<? -"it wbloh ha* bean muiifftM ft* atthnble ibr u, pe n-?i/? >' q.iaraaUaa ia on tno ctmera purvien ct the -Jxtk,linn-? .?trlr >>lalng the main r.haa. ei, anahli?a. -l itl ?w?y beiweei. Cwny Uiand and 9taiea la.aiiu > t ?'?? water thlft pVe; '.a bam. Tnnre la a a- dden pitch < ST la'-e Um main channel, wbera tnefwator h tw?ntjr fe- - ?*"> de-p Tn? plane u nrynd a* au'.UOie Br a (wMtirit ipiarar. hie r.tainlr on aaoount of ita Ocma k> ktne.rac; itao ..I r.atp travel a'<1 more to deep waier, adr. it log the ap qewk to the ehere oi" the iargert eU??e iwrr. Br :g two toticft from thr aialn itu t i? Ihwigl t to (loa Itnt>n i ert itc lat'^c On the ??n'rary "ide It li OMecded p-M lor tin pvrpwie nt a {lermaaert t iaras ILar It v p ace If tvo r ?' ba mam rnarrei *ni ta n*a>m. ww a ro *-e pr.pdn koa'.-b Toe pti>ple vf Wniei IdaM tlalm that tfcn loc*H-n tt too near ihe'r island, and t&< lar.?.'? i*r.:? n? (|..brn, oi'itwlle, ar# par Ita-ally atruwria ??.iP?t tee aePwainn of ttt'a yWre. A rrvos rtje < oe "**! ayaleU uie Uwiaiieti .a *at if bvi.diL. - .. r? Vibe rot it U .-<e and l-w.c* aim ytwa ooMtru tr.l, ihcT voaklobeiru'A the chunatL It "e abact'.fai thr Haroor C^mTcrrtoie-a. w hea Vhay wefe lo pwf -.r. Lacli'jc or.trrweed that the V-vantieo Commit k-atn C-' . vt d ttu a for a to woorary y tar aaaat, IkrtitKd te ;<>vfdt lajn caon :?tn not ac-o- t'on c; an) bididtnjra there, oo the fbwae iht' te? ahaiioil fW 11 mere by b* ?erl<?"alr oV* rjoted kwl Ba?k bob' l.'.ent Now Vnrit, aod tho.t eeirunev wr-ihl htre to he i t'a f r tie < ! ? Tnn land nmui whli'O the (jiiaraatlho b lin'of* w? uM hare to bo erooind wo<*'d ?o<juirn to be made lata), wt.lch would < eiall a boary ea **""* out OBTBAFD fnoat. Iba OH Orofta-'ii d.'ieal. ra it ta dmt(fiaie.l, la ioc*?ed in Ba aoata a cattrn v**t < ( rhtl m?y J-i-Ujr be r%H*d ae e? fer.ika bf Wal Kil:( luri'? niin irra *>..-. nVtr, MM uiile ftou (!? pntBt of the <.-nv Kill*, Mi wro e-.:?t f;om ><< wain i*-i "nr Be'* P-loi Mm about I kit attic* ? -uifce. ct r-gr U T ie *h-4-> pUra t* **ni tar. #im1 (Vrrrren wish *<i?n neuter ? low lule i.-\nd ?Ould tut bate '-o lutuvlu lui he?e, ?< en W?v. ivjr,for Ita coninirutilioa of Q t| U> aa<lo?n?r mevwary nt'lunp Dm Bi d ,? own-d n; ?hi Rate It in (.1* n t chat ? aceo iBfc * y.ud Tvr ***n#h, and that tno plum M t-if tawniy Wolavc"! Uu' ?* "kH ? ?Tf?l I Me mkib I* :be foot ef IU being under water, nod Uto land ra^uirUi< to bv a* * cnNir miAND. Win ntafc' tan b?J ?uno prtur ikeouubl BU>:atna lo taene < * It* teUxittrn foe ? pertn?ne?^'| i*ruit -ie Tb-oa bthebt inch at* B'Jenrn' in the ul?'1 OB* been Lh atrtaneai point ei?e I ib i?? f*?or In wier |/i .wt II o3 'oat Irian IN" -Un p'opinad ha* be. j w oract a klfh *V*?- *'! ? Brilttno Again* thn pit'n It ha* >*ab nrgti ih?4 It <* alt grtbnrlrwi near lo Now York In tan arenl of Bant r?>?i .f jr*lt>* farer or oanrr pet Ikntal dlteatw lie'na >*-iught la tt'Ml- art King * ibU p " I la further u |rd Wat < o aOOUBt <>7 lit [iroi tatty to the tip, rte" l? nad?'i.*cf qitraatioe ??M na*ity deign now y.iaraaUn* ibitr oo.-er of a* hi. aad tkna put tr jeiparn r tn* pab Id he?'tb. i ;t oh Mat aa 0* O her??ee, It It nn'1-re..n: a* *ery p utjra viae tta ktaad oaoM nrerr K* cbtatrnd at a ? to t * a p? Jta aiat q?%r?a u e 0 "iiai?n otar iba '.%nd a m I m - at anna by ire penp'a of <>rer- toad nnnnr an u i (. reranir it groat, they h. i ? not litem the >ue ufUtt ' l?al f t t> parptaa ?r 'nhteg, m-ttd'Df not* gaUnrirg oa won t for |?kr?i?, *c nt i raaem tto f*?<v?d to airr a irr one wttfexii (en jrron taon or >.ho oa lit :uh?'itr m?i < raro' ta U?- .( WBI ti Orar. <nnl *1 1 a?fr>o>fo 10 bam a a'pr<M>riai?d t<f joaraalaa pnrp moi, the o ,aro ion) a* to btotoU-lnf it for (bit purpura oUgbl a. wa.1 BUT ROME?. 0?T Pontar la lb* only i>*ar?n seaxtaa tbott rperilel Ma* Baa b?na -neat" a* a rtiUnf piano Tw tfn future wrmt wg nu h. U la aa et?n?lra m id (la on the Kwx Mai 0 o> ? lo tbn *<V? of R firt rhaun-l rtau r*o m u hdae, ttd ** maik'n f III* oor?ret nth ??tnr a* <<-> aaa. U M?t lo ctarH -ha oentrt of ih? bay. fipaal to a laB aw tap frowibnoioan Tta uaaulta*leao<? nra^artnbee a*) ba yaihm from toe fbet (hat a *?iiti<*ia< ere net barn a fh?r yrara ataoe b, (ha *-u-ral rovnrorain . waa una away Br a (to m vary m n alter be n? built At THB QcaaaNriHB o&MWtaeioHiM pao*OBi rO I/O. Tbn <J .a antlon Ooawaaiono'r?a?that b*y earb fire'bo iau ixt ,.me to Handy flow arar all ntanr p"i-n< in Ilia bar x> forair-nraaralQun'tiiilun. Th?> iot*idl'? aaa af army ?tfo (tn thrlr f.nwrr to ob?a a potnrtttnn Tf Ma H?ot bit pr ban app?nhea loo >1 brio* uuoraafnl la a* ?adar>akia< Htuiln a oopl?nf weeka tnay tar of Mall oar Id# ? brt onr ?hny blob It pot> I >ln i? obtain handy H.vob If hoy (? el ormrleond lba( th*m It tor na flbiiuy ibal U>? Nee Jo??e* I-elaintu-e, a' IK ltMraa roa, will j'olt v> tbair aal'rutilnaa, (bay wilt *nfera#? ndnOn action nnill (M inert Up i f ?ba I.egl?intnm If May baooutn fnroOty impraranl alth aooitrary o btIo(|oii May aiUat area peat Wn^'-aaor>eatB*no**bait yitoa Ronn aa they rrarb d-tnrTrtoallna-th nM ibi y rmnh *" Mey -1J otoiu.or ra at ot e?, iti onatrJon wilb oowaaKwt eaalnnnra and aTprrlnnc*.! ,? t*.?, to in?p??d h? ra ?My -Jn d ihr-oi dint ah'-h bam <no urynd aa ?hn l*btl nttkM for a itrmt "n Q < traaUnn It la poanlhtn ay ?<ay aek?n a yUra w <leh naoonr themaelrea af * s*_paft na hare ?h-m*k' of Aa iba otan ttan la aow a a?v *"y of lb? (V fnrr tr ?n- ra am atm-Elr la faror of aatbOu<y ibn (M,, irrht d ?h *' aa a ri n r.> a annfibenne v arao. n ratabli.hmtnl, and tat *gotaa> T rio bn lit> W'tii t Iborrm. alnr Tbn idea, a It priwnnla IKnlf " "^V' *,,i" to trim ma Ombard *h?al a* (bn pltrt '' ?ha k.Ir-tct boat l?tH?, watb ho-vae, tor- bonamt %a>i f? 'bfifo rd vmaow it fta<?ilr?V? Point ? ' >" ???? ?t (fin neoaaraf arldlfontl nail Up lift Hraftfi Oaami Co', an tn a wab, Iht ramn lo he toed at ihn rrtn n( Q-.t>tn? at rmwyiantrl'K In order li inlt? rn? mnt-tafc., v,|, (btj pro oto |e htrn (he H<mI<* ,'?BU i" "rr lo p'leK t? ttoerln'n Vom lb* otpttbl . .TT 1 '' "" * ?* hia? port wh??Oer ih? ?w?ii wti ^br<-( *o T trtnio- or not If a rtwti vat tnbj-ni to Lb* otp<aln nbnnld no?r to iht >aaer hay and fr?a?a?K?a| fr tte HtaMi Oflorr to botH hnr Tbt p??Kb error^em,Id Itp(,r r n? a onno th? be- v> t?o ( *' """ "b* orew. or n por(ne *heraof to iha Infboied VKhorH? and bnapdal at tb?0*d urrhart bhtal or w da ENjE (Ulne'l Point VMM la 004 (mhjf lftd (I) quarauta* onntd pmotd on dlro-t <o tfcep?MOi? anchor age ?l Tom.)!cin?vllle for thn Deputy Health Officer to board. Thu latter boarding would bo to pro rem any dacg*r of uiba >i>rei?en glon lo llio pUots. The Ooatnlulono-a c-n euil that by thus dhrtdtn|t quart nine nlnetem twouliotht f the gelr -jc kvh are now unnecirMarlly delayrd at Qiaran ma might bo pertnl Jsd to yu on at on> o to the city Th i matter of cource awalta fttrutor eonaldora'lon iflionld h*y agrte upon ilila oouno they *11 have, at early as can bo, ptt'putala Tut lito woik lequlrod to bo douo, ad erUoo-1 ror ana tho tmllclnf of the new atrortqren, k"\ , nn'cred mm hla fail. The Oor.imiaelontrg hire t.00,030 at their comma/.d to prnvldo a pnrmanmt Quarantine roe ?bii,W)0 appjowUted far the temporary Quarantine bat b-eu ex ponded The to el gum of ftbO.OOO, 10 be ett?~eded alW> (ether, It expected to bare rJd by a talo 0/ ibe present land and buildups at the eld Quarantine. tSBKTlMgNTB OF TUB BTaTKtt IghtKDSM tit TUB MAfttJL. The geuthneol of the people of 3Ulea Itlaml in relation to the icoati -n of Quarantine at deguino'n Point, and the act-, ol tno Oomtx. MtoDora thug tar, tematnt pretty raan.v mo came an heretofore. eiuee It baa become evkfjol, hoee?or, that the now hospllalt oould not bo occupied the present season, mi.; idm too waoio pi&n ci ico ism ?|i.jh rw ww ii moM Itkoiy In the end fall ibroogh, ttoy have Oeuatd somewhat their active hostility. The* evi nently tee' satunied wttn tfcotr sr.cess in rtaving o:r tn;> unit at oe, as they allege it to be, for the present rummer, and they ara confluent of being able, by an srpeal to a now legislature, to r*v?rm before anchor sea*>? all she sets of the present Ooimnbsloners, and perhaps repeat the law altogether. Oie reporter encountered an lnte'llgeul Staten Islander yerh rdav, who evidently bad a very low oeUauUe of the achievements of the Qoaraotiae OvinuU s oners, w well as the Governor who sp ulnted them, and the Legislature that passed the law under whiah they act We give his worus, as uear as we osn reoolleot, as show leg tr.o pros, ut stale of testing among the more teteiltg-ht ot Siatcn rtiandcre, ana the vtow tho; tato of the present eonciiiou and procreate of the enterprise:?"The ah de pr..;oCt tar the removal of the Q.i.rantlne,'' said ho, "frrm its Inception In a corrupt hegislature all along tbrsugb lis various i (Unifications dovru to the pretrct ttnto, has proved a oomple'e failure. Tboisa-4* of doiiars have been spent, the whole of Klihui nd o>uul* has been kept tu a ttata of tastetih teme r.t at: the summer: the balidlrgs psrcbased by the Slate burs been bomcd 4-r a by a n:cb; a larja pciico fcrno naa been maintained st g. oat expense to protect the ooast-uctlun uf new ones; the bonnes* of a targe and rospnciabi > class of the citterns :f Stains Ialasd cas bees obstructed; ho fears and passions of the y.-oolo hare bocu arucvod aao rxcited? sad att for what r Wh? has the *mte to r-new for ail ibis juIisy of money, and this dlalurbtuco >?f die pesos? N-.tfclr.ii. absolutely notfciog d'aWurieef tnmki ridicului tk*j 0no or two wind: a sbsds?by canrte.iy dr.nbrd hospitals? bnttt|oo the edge of a swarap, in an out of tbo way place, which was never adapted to a qua an line location- which it is admitted canno. bo occupied as tocb the present svws'n. and which before another season will be again laid .vaalc by tho is xadtary?la all that baa been ucte. On tat orating or another snrini the project of the removal cf tfco Quarantine will accordingly bo pro eirc'y where it ~as fceforo tfco Occvclssionors oonamonood tfcnr labors " Tho party referrae to denounced the Q tartr.tir.o ?V-rmlgilon*r? at g outer length He insist*'1 that tfco people of the island were now us bitterly opposed as ever to having a Quarantine on ttye Island. The mr-e'e gone a'ty, he suld nlto blamed the Oommissieners of Emigration for ccdrv7oring to keep tho Quarantine at Vomrk'xjvlilf. ilcan'lxc it's statod that stronnons effort* will be mads fcv shipowner*, tno :v>mm!??:ooer* of E ulg'i'loo sni otter par'len st the ensuing session of the suu> I.-gU la'nre In pit cure a repeal of tne law for the ? it' > cf Quarantine Tfco object la said to be to rcts't> ? > ? where it Is, and that any amount of uue.*> ? ' t i .o mrudtii for ibe purpose situ pink's rnnrr. But tfcrro mm of tho pollen fcrce sent I*. . 'C >n* h? pltel buildi"js at iaegclnc's Point from the i tr; r< u .< nystornj.-u are bow retained on the ground. Pi* n-.u-n, howitxer ami mc-'feW h?v? i>een removed, end qul*t prove'> *t 'ho J'.tfrt during the day end mreqitltoe et night Thcro feM* man to acc'vel of vo'?ela from Infoo'ed Port* for revere] days. Two rcaeela ay yeto.-day et the lower Oeentrt t anchorage, and twenty six vcseels u the urpcr veers at:i n Cltjr IiitclIlK?nce. Tfr Fricivil or Hunrixks LtTuraerox.?-The funeral ce reea-nite of the late Mortimer Lirlngelan, Enj., took piece ye?;cr?iay alter toon et 3t Thomae ohnrdi, oorner Hoed way end nonnton > treet The hody of the eharjh we* rel e^ert for the . all hearers end iminel'ele Men 1* of the fern!./?ecine ot the must dUtlBgntahsd mm la tho etty? While the (etleriee wero crown >.t with en eodtence ontom*'i?ty of The following gentlemen were lb? peil ?ver?r* ?> lore; Bell, jr., 1L R Grlaaell, Andre- fo.tnr, W. B Duncan. Ctu. Schuyler, Cher!j? Foster, F. T.. Tetc.f, Wm wtulocr, loiter iAcgdoB, A T. Stewart, J II U o#?r, ' Jame* Brown, AiT no I**?;, F'aocls Ooteol, Cero.ll I '?: ?tan, E-jgen -j?ntMhon. Her Inr. W. V. Morgan r.trniaied dnriag the eniemi r.;.ttn.-pal eorvrn. ornciudtog with the remark that the trrcvc'enoe, tan coolnocs, the chivalry, ao.1 the [it.lit jm cf the lament/ ! deceased needed ao stuJiad v.' tiT Th- " males were e-close? la e alirer mounted uehtgec r orfT.u fuen will be accompanied to thoir ielt retting t '.w.j. at Eyde Park, hv the aeroaved rcla'.'.vo', a tho ems cV.lorx train thle mornloj', an oxtre oar being provided for the re atlv?s end f-1- ola. f.u ix iL.xekr.jcy Siwot?Six Hettsm ScrrotATso ? Between cue atiu two o'clock yoaierday morning a fire hroie Oct tn th:> range, of stablr* stteeted at IS llamcrsiry Or? cehUneeoed eboul lh<- bayK>n of (be middle s'nll. Bu J er - ea<l each \eay Uiut preventing aoeesa Id extricate (he fcirwa, ard ill of them were fcuri deal from rnroeutou; I rev t o were oared by hrp.iv ng down a rear fonae an1 it* r| ihrm trtn to* ya-d of a d welhrg in Howntr.g 'treat Tic Ue*ues eiicadr.! from ibe liable to the otrpenier'i hup of Mr S arlln, wfcnro It eat checked by Use |-t nij I acl on of tho llromea. Mr. Martin t? the owne* of thn tvilld'eg. fhii rtnnain ?o h:? Mno* will prnnahly mount In lion; covered hw 01 000 IrimraoMln I bo sity. Trrant ln? jr?r. *c (tjwpany.' The bullfiog li dauaird to (he amount of t-00, au 1 It Insured fur tl oOOIn the Himll ton Ml !* Hlik I losurace O in any. Tbi folio nun car-men ea-h hut boric:-John fralner, H. rVatt k On., WlMntn (>at-n?,Phe!:i Parkin, .John fore) am John He t'.en,. The hu' ? ? ?oul I avraje at leaat 0150 Tltelr icr* f.i'la hrs-tn!/ eg the owner#, a? tb?y were rot lo'tred Tbc Fire lfarabai wan '.vlj at lh? prum'utee, and u;>ob hla ??ibrrq"rm orar-'raiion U iraa evident that toa pa nook (a telling (tie o iv gale had hi on pryrd oimb before thn & e. beLre be Intel eace la that lb- part en foroing the l-.-ca aUfu'-y f.rr i the utanle. t& addition to uvo horaoa a wain a' lr Neefoi liuland dog, with ber four pupplna, waa rulTia rated At 'wen? miome* p?rt 4 o'clo-k the game Ore broke oat again, bat wtm eoaw erUagnlahcd. CumuiKHM or Hbuith ? At a meeting of lk? C mmlatlr.rar* of (tea th, h?M at the City !it?ea?y Room yeat?rday, Tburadar, at life oVIock, preeoat Frentdent FbUnne, Cricrvlraioonra (filler, rbumpxm and Rock well the follow, in# nrriT-era w*? ua*?*p*d Sbtp Amm, from Fort an Prince hav'nr dirrbergrd, pdl-.:oned to noma to thn nil* tor mr?l a fn? IV>ar<i reon-amented the Health OBoo' u gtre bar a permit to re.alr at Huater'f Paint Ad jonrneA. fna RtmnxVi !?u?n Rots will vtott tele city to-day, ? a ml ilery pa-via They wtil matter tome fitly m irkete, end with ihetr band and banner will no doubt at jart ro e i a terti'n iron our o Uzena Thete led* are la the charge of Mr Kiptry,aad Be they are lly crpbane, It le In be eopro they ?Ut ??oei?e tee brepttalllr of thorn who ere at>m t urn<T?r then They will enme to the city by the eteemboel By lean Shore Rronklyn Illy IVcwn* Snog in Ritaa Taiavot?oa Thurnuey urnmlng, between three and rour e'elo k, Captain B J., of tbeelotp Tboira? B CBwy, lytrg off Joralemon etr. ot, wea shot la the are h< two fleer thieve# who bed boarded hie rami for the pnrpeae ot plunder The captain i-atri teat eoont forr o'riock la t e morning, he had relied fhr the night without takirg of! bU pa .taleone or rent, and jnrt go; tern ado*-, when he oevrd a fonMtep in the ?a tin and "bund the tour ibu! He olr lhe-- iftcr fell n hen- in bw ?-m pt-nket ?be*e hit tnehwan. and upon auartieg en the trirf bred a pit to I, tne bail* ef ento'i l?o? eTe* ae m nw >rtnt aud tbeolf er In the forearm fhethle.m then jutai prd Uiio I he heat ud made their eacapa >1 b the w?trh 'be raptelr. H tnern |f> off, Wl ? Wl m 0? tut red to pa to priMll "bo "tor oa board ihe vowel rowed the car lata aahyfe, ?nd ha wooed* era oireerd by I>r Grorn, of 261 Hirh etreet, ono e?.rooted tbe bat'a. A rallea wblcb ?u la the oabta ?u eian a>kea tt the anr* time FrwneaT or l^uto WARtuurra ?Twa load warrant* war* weaented at the ..nice of the Kit |> oounir alerhtyaitardaf, fur tbe purpoae of belt y recorded, which wrrejrtuo reered to hive beaa forged Th? gentleman who preaeatod them exhibited a warm* t whloh waa deficient la Uta rjooty teal, aad noted mat be had tent tt oa Weat far the par poaa of having it tooated. whan It waa returned to have die l?f -tirnlt y onrmrted. t)a etanilaMlon tha vigoem"* wm H mt?: ball, dotty 'hart, eat di*r .tared to ha k tor?rry, and It a eo p- rportrd to ba oertirt -I to hefire lor'gr R.i<ktnaa, of Brooklyn, ao *uoh .InMlon bent knew* W ra qaeakkuad artrmt It, he prodaor.1 another war?*nt wni< h h we the forged ngnatire ?f lha 0 >nat, Cte - k, and ateo a forged aeaT jf tha c .onty ^he latter wan ? eh ?e imitation o' the g? eulaa Thu warrant bora .he f ?|*d wpu?tTre of JuMioe r,nn,of Brooklyn. Theperton prrreo lap tb?m eta'e.r thai be purobatnvl tnim of a broker ? New York, aad ffWre wcra at nooa terpwtchd to ar rret Mm It h probable that there are many mora rnch n ritewhMlfla T?a Cm Tana ? It la ami mated that the average rate of ta? for iha Aral nineteen arde of TVoiklyn, for the earning tear, "III not htli for eh-wi of two per neat, tad that of the remaiaiaf watda about two aad oaa half per noitvawTkm ?The primary warning? of tbe fiemorrrm party nora held an nrednowUy areolar, when detrpniee wrro rhJwen to Awembl; ""IrlrVA Inarm*. to efn? e re'e?k,e? to farm a *tavn 'Vavvn'i a, <n be h M at ?> *<*or? en th# 10?n of 8vp*/s?ib<W, fbr the par. peee of roTT .wtiep *ate ofloefh. WiYO MORNING EflinON-FRl r O STS C TIT P T~ FUID4Y?THREE O'CLOCK A. If. Arrival of ibit Ru.o|i?inn Aallr-ilM Kotlure of tire Atlantic i aisle. A por"on or the European anf.ia lo the6th Icttoul. brought by tho ateatu*hip America, reached this city at aueail} hmr l,u? tners .ng <>ar summary or ihe ne*?, pnVJffcad in yesterday'a Oro-Aio, embraced all tho important yolnta of the intelligence. Tlie following derpolch. ta on from the I.ontlcn Times o? the 16th, gircn a brief accecDt of the crea?'ng of the alnnlia telegraph o*fc!o fxiiorTH, A<jgast 14?il?ettiog. The Unite ! 5'*le> stram frlga'O Nlagva, Captain rt "iron | frcm ibu Atlantic, foJovrd n/ tho -huquohauaa, Captain , Honda, and her majoity'a ?cTew atcamihlp Agomcmnon, Msrter Commander Noddall. entered the donod this after noun on their return from thctr nnmocensfcl oil'ort to lay { vr.e t. irgrayiMn oabte On boa'd the Niagara they reper . its. a', .ho time of the ncvcranso, a quarter ta roar o'clock i en fcetday morning, lire nautical or about 380 atotnto tip lea i nan naa nccn inn, a; a c .iias,^ or awi ? X"U or.k* in a course lionr Valentin. The wind iu southerly, there wu ienso sea, and tbo ship wa* going from throe to ftmr kn so, and tbo cabin paying out Ave to air, and scmel me* tcvin, kculi. At the qvaHity of site* ihns expended wm geea'cr than cxpcctrd at nxrtiiig. and ir.-ro than -onId be afforded, tbo retard atrxin vii therefore Increased to a pressure of a,(K0 pound*, and .be cable Lioke. Tho extra cxrr.cditnro of stack ncmmeBfled on Koaday evening, whe-i a strong breeze and hoa*7 swell prevailed, ?nd a powerful undercurrent was experienced. This cor rout forced the wire frr-m the ship at a considerable angle. When tfcu break was applied with Increased power the s'ern of the Slagara wsa down In tho trough of a soa. ana be extra rUln created by her rising was tbe 'mmcdlate cs> re or tbo cable's parting. Cno ?u?qu?har oa was a mile o? on the Nlaga-a'a star tu 'rd beam; tbe Agaicemncn, the Cyclops, and tee 1 oojsrd, were within hailing tUtanro. it 12 o'clock the Cjolopse left for Valentin, and tho Leopard for Spilltad. The other three remained to make somo experiments. flcur dings were found by tha Cyclope at 2,000 fathoms. St n-.gtr. tbey kept a course E under na*y steam,and on Wednesday wrming at 'en o block bore up for Pijr month Bound. The Niagara Is gone into Hamcazo. lho general oplni -u la that the reason Is too far ad . anted fcr another effort now, bnt every ceofidoooe is expressed In tbe nltm-xte success of tbe nndertakisg. The machinery sow aboard the Niagara is coteidertJ too heaTy for the purpose, ft is ita>* : 'bat ibe w&eeli oetied to revuive when the j reeitre was at piled on Tuesday morning. city routtcs. icmrnVG o* rm coor?pno;?*i, ? riiooB?ss o? rna Krroars r i u*hii<>*izs ttb p*?n ?4 covumii tp 'ootid ro com ?* mm TH* PMALL AM'J SiVAIJI UIMEKAL, t'OKKirrKMTBX OUT tmoOKAoT RTTT.T, IM A TOO. There wh another meeilne of the Leader* of the democracy yeaterday, at which all the r'.ral latcrceta :a the party ware rerrcaented. the r.tyeet of tt ? meeting w?* of oonrte to eUeci a lie called Lsrmjny in the raaka ol lhoce oppoaed to the biaek rejKbltcana, with a t!:w to hartfia i Milled Mi dOgxtl n a< me Syracuae Coaven Una, which meeta on the ICin proxla.0. TheCiiVom lionae, the t'oit otttoe, th? Soryeyor'a do pertinent u1 the leading city olEolela, all bed their apnfeaanien at ifio caccr.i, and tho ocafereaco aa to the ft annuity rf uniting Use r-.rai ftct.nna and the hen menu of deist to Wat a Km* and aaxicua vno. All iha Luadma, with on o jrrm'sent egewnftrrfl, were !a liTOr of tho cms mrretnaUy predated, aad the racsoa ad-rinsed with a do termination omitetkr riwai coromlueai nntte, provided the ?ovnd rata .Trn, * horn foelinpa haro bona warmly rn'Utod tn she late ijnantfta, corn he "ndnced to ro'oKo their petronal iinference* Among Uio portion to Una treaty of praoe are i'ud- retool to be Poslmstlir Fowler, Celleotor Scfarll Patd-I E Stcklee, 5urre/or dart, John Cochrane and Peter B Sweeney. The VUsoii Saaai' <.corral Commit ee til neet to night, and U U to be aoea Lb ha- eaener thry will wtew :b1< onion <pi?*t;<>n The Cooler Committee met 'aat night at rtmraanj Hall, pnraoaot u> oil. ?rt*r the eadtng of tho mieutaa Maiatt KTxnwn roee to a qnectlen of nrltllrgo Hi read from a a eerti aeoYerea c Stephc* ?? lrtt ays.a meamerof the rnmmutee at a ward mcetlLf, !a wh'-'h tfca Cooper Coanmtste* wrre eenconcert and h tgra Oa^.t R\ivt?r* h-.ognt if .been ewe Mr Miiaya'a oplol'na he eight 'o rtf'gu h!i real la that body Mr. JctTAia rx-latned The remark* made by h: ti were ttimrrtr ty r> po-tad, and he wtihad them omter it od tn a rvaateican arnar; he did ex meat to rifiict |b;*'*roj?ty even Ihilitui^'ei, tho gh Lie excepted to ib.e c.nirce tho commhtee tt.ugh. fit to pnraoe at Lti Last naimlrg Tni? mat'er belagiettlcd .Iran imnntAba roreaxo male a hrtrf aprech, tn wMna hou'gro there eraly or noun and r*'?n-ny Ln ytewof tbr rvm'r-g *i*ta tVw,- ran -n of Ibe democracy ft woiul act do for the Mack leicb'l an* to Cud the liiS'j.raij roierrred, end, in hti opinion, there w*a a root cp,;ir hitltj now prearnten tn o?r" the ?a> Mr. Uoihitnc then p-e?er?e<t the follow eg ? WbertM. ihlr ctmmlttee ham *a e\ri,?rt deilre '.0 teeire the no I. n r( thf d. tnrmatra party la ibta eiiy < rma> |d?n lh? <* i diction Interneta ?b o h*ve dla urbed Oi?t barm inr ail . flli lei.rv of tlr par'j red to "?C" *ir?y nr. ry irn'V .t '>r I er.rd HI d "I'vlalm ?\ bin our radbe deeming tbo nun. e?? of d<Fr>'?r?ite prtnel? ea o* n? >re trpporeanc thai lha advance MA) fill- |.n.M.r.?l -<><! an.. ?n.MtlO'<e ? ?? of aaplritg iigra '.ar cnr. b*nd or tbe arantlc of oe.rame: annvt.t lira ?r i?r eotjrepie ibe o be.; and * b'r-*? thU e >jh uHP-a em ?i11Idb *o ?nb-uat ???r fal- and bo-trahle meane tl ? mim a flsirrnaJ nnl n knvmr on* demmrnlo en thmn In all ar r V ra of . n- part . and rb r u thi? o-mml .a* d*ti?* to p'arn on rtonrd. If th> Ir r? ni tball be nat irnemfo' to obtain >iir r.bjrrta. lb* ri' not % 'I Caiiana all .ib ooera'n to on) ni ne iHmnrd at.d dunr ton Ith'n the r*.V? f ih? tiemmiraet, :ba- tee reap.i at lllty cay be pl?-ed "brrn It peo nrly be nn|*. Hereford rtaolr d Th.ta enmmltlre of are. n bn a-po Mod It aaecr tain and rrpo-t be pra<-m? liuy of-ernrlpg a > onanltdatl m of a|: M>e ww dinting la: n*:i H ibe demo-ratio par* of thl. e.l t, nrraia.rally nlth ibe igh a arhl h tapcrta'a vt tlilt now mtbe?; and that anrh cnmml * hare toll pn er Vt no"?r wl?a cow-mtt'rea nf n bnr b.tdN a nlai>rttir tn ha demo-ra'i' or ear trattona, ? anrnre thraa or J eta and that I it than na 'onrd tnai taa rar tr* eaca ed In p nrnni-r and rtrpematmg tfr c tflr reef en an I dl'laNea * Vina eilat Iff nonLilng to a 1 nr fair ?ud boi. re!.l? m a. a 'o' a 'rr'lng ?e tie >??n' or th- ufll m.iiira ta?t *eic nonr.m t e.- a' all re>irt th?tr proonrr Inga ai lb. n?it wer ng cf lht? n. mmttiee lege her wltp a eall f ? lb* r'l rth a rr prlega-ea to b In-aioeTatic Nte'e i vnraaUo.i. to He bale at atrniire on ike 10 h dev nl tv (teniae neit, p>ir mast lo tbr call laaned by the Mate Pom mute.*. ibe reeelaik/ae pneaed urn. aoaaly and allhoul drbate, ?1ie tTatr nnpnintel th* 'riwiain e-ren-olive lanoior"ar?e trliii '.he fHfoi. tinpa. rfp. ?' >nn i>>e.n'*De, Sieholap rmnnd, Prwr 8 H?cebrr, Dan el K *iobl<M, liaUh Kypdara, *<il'.aa U. Kepneoy and jtcnf b tursb. The rnirmturn then aojetirnr I Monb Mm eat la re>l at tun proltabll aolb a of th? Witaoo drr.all Uiaiiniltea In plfbt mi i?o uiih'p KtiriMCn opmrnii. cmMirriit. a r facial BurerilCf of the VotiDf Mar'a Krepahlican fine, oral Ontieltinn ?aa bald n iba Stoyra-aat (apUtnte lam n?( Btnf- 0 U. b?o??. i*eaaidnoi, in tb rhttr. A.fim ten r'adtrg nt tfte rn aatea of the lead aanettog tb* CiiainMan etat'd that iha m-c'inp had Hern nalle.l for tba tatptian ?M it'bfinp Ute reprnt of t e apfh 1*1 eontnlnot ia tile onpHated aea a from ifa "igfilo ?aed. Ml. Ccaairao, nt: airman of raid eoTBialttee, then rend in* ?pert, - bicn, aflrr ra*la*lng the rarerai claim* nf en h nf ha tMMMiwttnp imalle , ?e,anted In *W?or of Ibe fountain* prm> r- ar the hciiP fill- r airyelte r'eote l to thla commit lea ?Wm K *mitb daotea Uirainaad H*?.ry N Morgna fbe rrpoti rUlrd that 'Bsrp nae a > arldo oe of fflafaM in the i It rare nf Utr a ho n r c?c yatca rticaa ddegniea were a rntrd ftnro the nr'g'aal HapnDUnan .Vmociatkm of >he Kiybth ward rbe report ea? reclred and adopted, aftrr trblr.h it* comtr.ittea ad)n irnoo uli ibe aecoe I Piarada/ to (hkar. tha raaaa Vorh Vnlianfaara r?t t*orai i in rn? oaap -a fl lit in rat ?l?imwt aaaapuimkntd poo tht oicbpiioii op imc r?mnc> ltalia POLONTKAIa -Till 0olom m l1ipo, otp. The aafertunaie baquepi or the gold an IT hot hy Oao. Jaebano m the brn*e>i au la tbe neti ?me-loan war aoeetedtpg bla dtath, baa created a iarl*up apUt la tbe Firp? Regiment New Torb Volunteer*. Tha Vo Inn tear" D. tbe malortlr of trhnae memhera are ia fbrrn <>r in a*ard of the ho* to Uol. Dyahmaa, hare d?ollad out to tarn out with ih* m'mMt to ih* umWerear? of the taltrg of Heeioo, when tne lean*) leaai* Vhl<> afore re to *l#t< lb* cti) *a1 lb* f W h"i W to da prrteoted. rtio re*l*?i at at meeting na Pu'eday *eeaiug appointed iwm<n>t?te a make Ui? requieit* arrangement*, whiflh net toet evening-Obi Ward a R.iraet li the chair Inbu (ia-neu, R Allteon, tfei-rr WeM?a. fredr rlo* r?lri>ti Col A. C In rmun aad I, F ilarrleoe em upna retina adder! In tan ihmai toe no Finance fh:rwttt>- Adji.taol wee a"tb rfla?d In enafer *lih mioh ,.f the m itierf omapanle* nf the ct't m dee'reo 11 mra i.nt, end hi ornoorn. If r*?alhin, itie (foreran*'* l?'ae l herd It r the nee nf the regiment * ft to proposed tn give he fnft a a ?rerm reception, Inch. (Mag. f lh? rr-i'ilelte r> nd# ret ?? tahed. an etoelleni doner Wnen Ih# qorrtloe of ihe onefdg of ihe 0 'ore of IIM regltteat a* tr?<gbt nn, II wee dteon?*ed fey were ft the hand* J h? She-Iff, ha t?? beee teleed who Ihe eh* uropetj It. the (h reran- ' re a In **tfcfy the J lOgmenl Of Ih*

i/eehar elaim Woch ledltnaif* eaa ornreiwe l al thie hoi It ru i pn ( h' the aaeetlna nf flit city dhn-lff 'tarreti ihet th* threlff ?o< Id gie? ??> Aft eniorv flpon an "tder from ih* rnlearI of ihe teg a>< ai thi.?rr w*? aa at t-ni* inert, to It trader* Ul qn rtl m T the god ho* 'a the a mmiure bet a'ghl, hoi II at* n">M?io ad at Ih* ra eel cf Out- ral Reman RK H [DAY, AUGUST 28, 1857. Hatzui-e of IXrO&TANr UlrtUbUltUKCH TO BB MsBfc? A 01 IIUUt-K LRI11BH :MPUCAT80. Bbort'y zfter aetumU a Uw office of durretor of the Pert, Mr. Emanuel B. Earl became satlcfled, in-bin own mind, that certain parties in Jils city sud Philadelphia bad been In the habit, fr.r a losg if nan post, of committing frauds on the Now York Custom Bomb, and accordingly determined to Instate a searching investigation intoalnlrs connected with the clearing of goods Imported from a foreign country Thaaa Investigations bare boon tbo means of gwisg htm a elae to a number or fran iotont olearanoes, one of which he has Just brought to light. Urartu* lba? a !lrn? in Philadelphia had re-.enlly Imported a large quantity of dreteed sklnr and leather, which had been got ILrt ugh lite Custom Bouse at New Yoik on an Invoice much lets lhau they were enllUed U>, he, w!Ui lfr Cralga, private tccretary to the rmlleclor, prooeeied to that elty on the C'st or the week far the purpose of seizing the em.e. Arriving at the store of the accused party, and msi.lag kuo *n the nature of their visit, the merchant protested his entire iqjinecncc of any attnmpt or in-net to c ie.t Uncle 8?m, raying that they fcal all their business transacted hereby a tins torn nouso broker, who n be rmolovod to yet his gooita throngr. the Custom ilanse, and Tor ward them on to htm that ho had given the broker a oorieot In voire of the gr-oda. In lieu of using which he acc the b??.ker o< forging an lnvotoe for mcch ieei than the roal amount of goods, on wn ch be pa?ed the and ?k n? through t?.. House- laying the fees wi'y on tbe ann. ni of fbl? forgy.1 but ona'g "g lb" toer chant for the fall srndmi as jieV Inviaco urn ton from Pal ladeipata. tt gdd.lion mbroterage, Air Tbo offlaers. sow ever, wived on (lie stnrsr.fthe merchant found n tho stnro. amounting to abor.t f.r/OO in all, with ihn totem: ,n of lifting this u the bottom, and pintchlug thn gu'lty parties rue mcrmant, who to liable for his agwt'i act. immediately e*mo on to thin o,".v anil gate bou '.a Vn twtcn the raluo -r ton goods aci rod, whnn ho ?w permitted to go about b'.a The oniientor, furvoycr an t Navy officer who fcrmad a oownllng noerd on all affalra canceled with cu*ton* at tbta fort, Intend holding a nnnanltuton tn tP> f trr*e ot a day or two, an to lae oroper crureo to bo ntrsacd !a furtherance of the lures 1 ration already ret on root, irslch It la enpected f?"n fact) rl'eadr In porreealen o? toe 9urrcjor, 1*1 u'tlmalcly result In tho of a rory 'irgn ?tnc.iiDtot'p?op. rtv. and the punishment of the vic'stors of tba Custom laws of tho Co lieu States, gwhoio names aro leg!?u. The camee of I'iO jiartlen Imollnated in the ali.-.vt trans action aro for tho proam: wtir.n.ild for nbytona reasons. rClil'i.S Ol" SttiAB*. Purveyor Hart on Tuea- ay sot word that a lighter war un her way (rum tfcn t^iaraatAne g-o-.'.n.i wttn a targe q amity of srga ?, and having boon ?ati?:i.-..l for a long that OUMN trr.ngj ; tfHa'tHI wore being carried in to thin branch nt trade, he at .-vcoejdetanr.inAd to mmal the lighter and tee J ghee ovku #g??ed with he? ui?iil!eel He accj.'diagTy aeut oJ one or bit olllcura with Instruction* to laitl tote a the rough search for smuggled goods <Ja go eg on bowru of the lighter and Inquiring for tho tr.amicat ha wan ans anro.l that they ha-t none lie ao.mrdtnqly at oaco ?a!r/v. She T.-wui, c-.n*Utlng of upwards i or ?k>,<mx>, aud iomedlatAly w?ee-lrd Ij Q-utmuUee and boa1 i.ed lite tfa/k Hi press, from which the tog urn had ' born ?* ? an.t ,iemaod<v1 of the ma'.e if they had any ae I ,-am or. board, to wbtch 'he mate rep led 'S'o. they had i alt gone off at he lighter " Not being iatU2e-i. the udloera nn<1 bargemen at once prooreded to rearch the ahtp, wnsn teemed .a Ute main trafire!, liniv&rd'a oaJ male's state rocmt, false bottoms of truniu sad chests, between bods, ativue-dhar pisocs least t!k.rly io be search-i, ? ere diaocvored 48,410 wgars and tarno bsrru rlgaredAi, a.I of wblcb were ai runn sirfrcrt upon hy the* and brought to tho city, Tho ship la atlil !. lng at tj lar.-at'co. Mh*s Refvt-nl n#<tl?( III the KtgMeenUi Wald?Uuat JfiiitiliulMiur-lipttchc;. Iteairlutlon?, soitgi,, Ac. A largely aitanded tonettag of the <larr)n.-?ary act other f UMna of (he Kighteenth ward, without distinction of party, wag held aat ev?oin( at the comer of Seventeenth (trtet and second avenue, for Ute purpose of eapreasing tci-.r opposition io ion tyrannical aod special legtslaToo or iho last legislature, and to prsveat the reoorronce of such Mi The proceeding* ware ?r.?ren?d by Um preaeoue on tbe piMftumaf krm'i bud, wbioh dueoturwd uxociani ??w, and W. dart gr?4U> to homM Ub? audience. which auit bora numbered aoaerel thiamin.1. ma bay* were elao on band, with auiaaruua torchea ud, with mottcen of "Re oel," "Repeal," ' KSghteeBih ward," Ac , ocuptcnoaaty dlaoiayed. fba meeting waa called to order by Mr. THeo-iira J, Fonda, alter which and the appointment of a am if Vine Prreiiitut* and SccrcUtrlea, Mr. D. Jjan Caxin proceeded Vo offer a act of reavlul'ona denouncing in the rtroop .-I teim* the proceeding* ?f the la>e Aib?ny l*gt?la;n>e, and rap-cMtaa of the determine!! -n vf the pe.-pio to adirtBltter to tne black repnhiieao party a eigoal ' Ixikenl he polla le November uetl The reading ot (here reeotntlota ?? f t<i tenil* lalerruutfd b? lood buret* of nt>| I?u*e. and Ihev were carried with anclatnallin. A iiriff ?i?o r >ad from Mr. -*?:<: her. I) [).ita-e,a Malel log Ma ?haet><?. Bird ex ??*#!?? of hia or Hal tympatny In th- ohj?. ta of tie mee'tng. Tha Hrn. Jon* Kerir taaa a.mkr at ft.w?tderahlc length, and aa:trat inncb apptaoaa Ha dwelt rpm the no'irne of the hurt repaihcao legislature ta tern.* or the *irooge*t rroanre He atindrd to the dteuton in tee Jetabora.lo na ty aid ??het to ki,ow -hebcr that pe?ly were JS t ide<l <>e prlr clplee (Crtaa of "No. no ") thru wby not enter for?ird to ail their atrragtb aad might In d.-f.uicn of their chritabad libertr f ( beerr.) I'aleaa they nailed <bey would he beams, aa riTorta ware making Inward* % a m |m?tr n between the Know NAh'og ami ropool oan a ? ?, and a ?'n n? i-or lion of tb* firmer woald go in * tth the letter againrt tbr damocraay. He uonnlud'd hy ethorfrg till hrarera m atand itrm to ihnir righ'e *t lh? tfx< elerilca, and lepra id a portion of Hryam'e " K'llogy on the a?i??," wow h iu eathuklai'.ioklly re el rod. W*. J "'?? K-i , brat addreaaad Ibe m?vu-w Tier we * ? ? n hied he*.- to rlgai, ne aa'l, to tnainina a great - rin*-lple- tbeprturlii eo liiierly ? of walifi they hid Itioir ien d prlred rtier. the people of a nlty wmci wrte<i encally 91 ion OfOiotbeperpaa<aofedridai|ria,aa?muuiet 1 7 pobltc lebooli ?ent forth elerea d*'ly paper* and all weekly'g with ah'illy and lote'llgtaow aad with the hryee is . frara and wI-he* ol the people a city wirthy efalitbrlr pride. which recel??d all who threw them >ei?e? opnn ret -otiat* wl.h eprn I'tnr, * berther poir or rich, (t/ ud cheer* ) Re then alluded to Mayor Wood le t. raw of <b? high, at o om?n i |"? *o<i p-aae. la wtuoh hia heareee cord.aiiy > loeo aeo r. <n dadad m remarking 'bet abri tl e cm? jT New Toll itnnl.l ,viae jd-w more, a* he felt eo*?l< eat kbe would *t the neat election, the oeeea would he received with Jubilee ami rejoicing through not the whole laac Obi Riirmi belt* here cat ed toon for a aong. gttdlint. ty compu d with I e rrq eat, aoo waa reretM a I b the ? rt'ret applanie. He meg one hu rorotia llMy, la waub N?a. Draper aad eaten wereabownop to a cot vera Aatterlrg mac tier, aa- aleo aaitfeer, tb* cbarua of w bleb wnaaf I.awa: ? Kernel. rrpeal, r?pe aJ, KercaVt the fettle rry; eeprti repeal, rape .1, ror rlu-l ? 1* ta B'gtl. Mr. t * bodatm.* t?-ra d*!i*rr*d r?ry abid and aloirfin a< mi fitiiif io? d?m " %'!? party, aod de n?* acieg th* *" prod** lioga of'ltd Moc* rapuhl oaaa a* nrju-t and nrm ?M. Tn?? bod art (rtirai o ? M ret aot, bo Mid Th < rrj of r*fn m ?? a boghaar aa* h? batod il Thca *?? rnmathtfg nf iho ?oTi?n'i right* I-** abort toathlat of tha Nr? Fi*!*tvl taaof To* i.i tin a< 0 Fandola nf th* atil ot a*m traaoyrMolag or tbb iigb'* t lib* ti*? "f tha ** ?i* ?* ( lb* n*np!* m i?t brtt ibrm alt n?d aldo* nrt>. mil ti? I bo l*d M'raj bj iho ri ^nrr.i'atl o? >f < pnr?'? g V Una* R> ali'idrd In th* aii.a* rai?rd lb b*h?tf of 'Blaar'ag KtT?a?,'' for ablrn hr r?l i b'ra aaa I n grnrnl abatr *r, at ft.irnr* ir o'brr had p'rtig-d hi<a?mr that right b ail bo dorr, \nr !:< *?*< tha* ?< cb rrira aa Ui * aonld bar* c* aright alto thr p 'pi* (tit* ?r? ) Mr Vattt" k tftcava h*.? o*m* 'nrward. lal-in rntboilvi'r rb?. r?,' cng b'ntialf a* a "II Ju chuao," ah.I ha t rna>* V 1*1 lb** lima th* *rnt1?i?aiO ?f liiolr G? rhiro S 1*0a* Tbay arm h*r* b> aiftM lo hdfil a hattlr a.nui a rworainobr (Init rbrrr?). aa 1 r?a?olf wo. Id thai ?til<* ba faagt.t, and ba aifcnrtad thorn to uo'ta lb a rii ht pbalani to rot* doan tba nop aa?ira of thrir no*rl?b*d cltjr (l/n.ft o, and rr'oa of "Wo .nil" a* allll"! fl..? Maomml | Banna, of Warh'artno; Mr. I>?ra I. Mt itman, M> ?cn?*b pruivaa, Mr {.*" ? 8 ft at, ?f ihr fi|ht?ra'A *arO, and f)r rnararr, of 1fh?oortadt. it*r*a-o* addraatod th* m**tlo* la ar'mi'arot ala arid b* (Mnp'r Jl*prr*?d a a lata hnnr, ,o hlch opt It*. !? * lag tha it e?t Ilia inlawed by larga hooflr*a at atuar a* 4. Out Maaat.a Corraaponrtanra Rata**, Aii(o*t IS, 1*?T Fk WW,.dai TiouNm?**HffT\ Kac\*rq*?U<*UX "f Bmoa Tbo *Uta of oar flratmui alTklra baa mneh Improtdl' | All pajiaoo'a hare barn promptly made, u.d publlo oua ftaoone le oaurely iwoTtd. p?<v*?r c-? ate aaehr in ooaaegeaMe, vi1 nmy at * more reaanMbla rata of latoroel Nee York, to 7H dl-coaat; Lose no, Ifc to A prfialam. No qiiotottoae fv ?n?*m or otbar proooeta, aa Ibare bar* haea ao troatao Iinnt . <mlB? to th? want of laetutlon far apeenletloa bf the A|i"ea of for? ifa ma'trota HotMoaa haa dectoed to 7 rtair p?' tap of AH ?ait aa. Tbr hoahb of Havana baa aa* improve*. tha obola oao pla ar(Tort g from a plag < nailed tha Omaha g?'p, or la (In rata A ao'dtar ?aa ahnt noae tha Pxiata a fa* <Uve a Ufa for fctrk lag oao ofhrrr aa J batty vouaol' ? amino* gn0o?a Tba atrbaaaa atanag aattota ta port atiU aoa Wait. Wopci o? YBB ranriLi *h J. S. fliaaiR P tcvo _Teo avail veeaata Too New Jaal'B, nornnaaa-ieit b| tapfetae Kirate aad Orotar, toatoroay airoovarai Mia poatttoa Of ho ara^b of 1*0 I N Ha rla A nut of lb" (l* n oUrr hai Of.-omo rteM-h 1 by too a"l?in if tha ?a?? ?r1 c?me to tt? a^rfhaa It -?me i i tot a otuvt .lia-aoco ft'B whire 'ho hn.y, tot aoaio fa a aft. ?rea ptarto The aahmatlaa there ara ta rat*a tha Mm of tha drowned to morrow Tha- or poet ti gat at aorb at II a'ataeb ?/faa Ifmtm FaUaJi .?t, Auf*t i\ [ERA N??i (.am Uajrti. OCB rOBT AC PB1NC1 COBBSSPONDBVOB, I'ost Ar Pnmcn, Angus* 10, 1M7. Trade Merc AaUoc?Mmt'j Market XaUi?Crep fO'tfee? Biekncn in Port?An American Uotjnlal Warn/.-A ?The Dominican War. The momentary depreetlon produced In (ho market by Jhn into rcnrfal Are faM now neariy dlaappoarod, an] bual uetm im wore noli7a now Uiati II baa boon (or Mvorai ytara pott at tbla time of the j oar. An immenxo amonnt of la m her Mid otbsr building uu'erlal turn already srrivnl, and ni'.to than half of the burnt houMfl aro In ptogreta of to. erection. TLe money market !k extremely ktricgent, on lug to the Imee sustained by ibo lire. The doubljou (116) 1* worth at prssnct toiS Haytlan mosey, against gold or pa^or, oui t'.tH for bills of exchange. American prortalons command high prioc*. Tho Im poriadnna from Knrjpe and the United Hides for the la* ilflwn day* hare boon to tho imount of 60,203 pjun 1? sterling. Tho amount ef tho culToc amp la ao a ascertained to be 100,0C0 quintals; logwood, 62,000 lone; c ittcn, 2,800 bales, and eyrnp, perhaps, 800 barren. Tnin comprt?ee the whole 01 the axportailcss of Haytl. The government ha* mod* large importation of military tlorte of late. Thle, and the lev) lag of troop- In all the clllee tend* to !noreaH? the belief of a renewal of hvMIMite* ?t:n tbe Do.r intone*. Ibe latter are, aa anal, again ll?bting among Utemrelvsi. Tbe Dam and danu Anna quarrel is quit tyurea -never. uim u rcuuiu w ud i-tu ehtlfcer Utey vt111 be a.-ie to ualto against their common enemy. Tho port l? at proem.! tolerably healthy.. II* Kdgar li'n'cB, of onto, mate of th? brig dlad a few day* ago Ther* ??e do *<>*ry<.tm ?ick bow l'ovt an Prlm-.B haa bng been in bad rernitVion oo ao [ Cv-''i>t f r tli-? r.yti sg-H>ii? chnrgeenflte ph^rtciana. Tbr br'g R C. 'rjer, after paying the. uiut exiravaganl deotca' M'le, hae juat :>?eu v>d?mj)8t by the court to j By the gfCCl .Ja'xr.ed far trying to embalm ht-r lain cap tola'a body. 3a bad to be buried arterwerde 1 do no; ee how a attp ear be maoe raiponaiblo for tso debt* con iracted by 'he * blow of tier late captain after hu ceaut. 1 wonder If I'nclo Ram, who hu rot tea p.'oicti or hi* corduroy# to fell of rccte, could not rwtro a few thonaand dcliareayear for tnpportlng a rrartcara' hsipiio! here! It would ho tbo mtaae of taring at Intel 2C0 American live* yea.'l}. The private horpliaW, where lAoae poor rniciti mo row rent to, are In anrh a nndttlon thai a dcccat man rould not aeud hla dog Ibere. An Aaeiican pnjacan baa lately made hla appearance hoe. Tho folio wing American ahlpa are loa ding In this port ? Van:jo John S. Cottnn, Marrle and Artel. Hr Lewi*. Cnllsn 2tntca Ccniul. gout homo la the latlor to re or ail bin hsattn. Port Ac Prjsrt Aognat S. 1S67. Prtffrr** tf tht Bnjolutinn?Ezrttim^i ; in th'. Oify?Xio ti vol IhjTfT'.n <$?OotUi Stewing and War? frade iU fcrl. Our eily for U-.e peel week baa b**n much eiclle.! bj the Intell-.ganaA at a rerr.'ut.nn having hrokon act in tht northern rectton of the npanuh part of Hay*.I. Tbo aowi cornea in ilowly and canno; be relied on with certainty Tte newopapera at narai are ailont, nr almoet ao open Utr aubjert, and only publlah what la handed them by tbe gorerumebL Tbe aubjVidloo that ooi paper* are tin ier can aoarcely be underttood by an American uuiil he b*t lived in I lay II and beonue jeroooaliy a< -piaiaied with the work itga of an rinplru un a amali tcale. Rumor, however, repurla lb it a revere engagement baa taken place between tho loan -genie and the government trope; I hat *07era) llvee wera loat, and that tho latter were driven back. Thoao repcru aro Ihatcre.i ny tho go rem meat who wHI mire uo oppnrtoulty of breaking ih-s Irure, -taJ, If poeelble, add the nor liter u depart instill In Ibe iiayltan thr.-ine. Tbe p^utotiuy of a war ta lUcoaiad openly tbroogboot it e cnentry. and la popular among tbe people at large. it's bare r reef red ;wpera from BL Ttomaii, giving the mai.lfiwbi of tha j.mij.iw of Htnliegn and Ibe tuatnnM at nl (btlr grievance*. An aittrUjn of Ibo former Uast Uielr aims bad ever been ilAnhn over ino neigbbcr ng Hay liana (are greet offetian, and many Ixipe that on aume future day tbey u-a? prove the cvtlnry. We learn U?at Be?'. I* In a oliicai po*11?X< ami thai Ln all pr .nahmiy be wul bd? mane room :or hit nc.cjtaM ta r.ffiea. Try my n?vt y nr. may r ear mat war ha* hrr.rmi nnt. Thi (Let tup Laa already t en uken by ibe renewal or caUI< teai'if er-?n be bn><ter Thl* oet.a>, aithnngti iriyal ti 1 feif baa Tor many ye*M been at uMMloa of tUapole when rvr.r nr.o vuNHM hyaithr.r parte. IVBfln la wry dofi: prorianma aro nominalIT tba mm a< rir asl adriw*, hut litre ii doteg fba dciiTerioa nr cr < from tco interior bare nnt uron large owing 10 heavy raite. r?'l?? liilelllgynrni Oi.Kf.a oy PayniVii OHNTaaraii W-v?\ ?~t. rieeW araa brought be-fore J-rioc o?borD*,a; the Igiwer PoM? tlrcrt, yeatrrda; mirntrg, on charge of baring named a counterfeit Are dollar bill rn the moh.-i lUr.r, or I'roeidrnre, K I , at ihnmpatn'a raloon, In Hroaiway. The oourterfa't tu que* Hon |y a aery p -or one, ami wtmkt not be ualoulatcd ta deceive an; gooi ji.lgnof rr.-,n<-y. Ana tber of the oscatcrfcit bllla waa eJerci at Btrarbmaa'a Ho el, on lha H'-iomtrydale yoal, by a -nun who -1??>ve ->p b> ibe preMlaea la a liybl aayoo and after Ibe reft**1 of be landlord to take the bill be drora uif In Weetcbriter aoucl;. Tbe Demir -'uperiniemleat of Police war aware, i*. K'fmi, of tbe Ictrrilot of mnr ciiinlerfettcre to |i<i?h irveral ihenrend dnifcro wnrib of ibe hogn* amfl into the uierael, and m?.*e greed prena-allone toarretl al' the no. o|erfp!le>? and mi/o opue all Ibe ooubier'elt ?>.?eo/t but trroriutately for ui< iw>) hi llio i-o'ioa. an l tbr* ea *, \l iraittva,(on .1 Mr Caiprntn', only one WMliv maoa, ml tint a riryla nntintirMi hill tM an jai W "<? P">Hoa Mr. Carpenter wee rooel egrrfioueiy taw, nae tor ivtin'erVite't ? ?? anl? a<"a'e or th* preparai'ooe thai ?tre being made lo (be Daputy ^ooerlntar jlau'.'i offloe for tbilr eaptu a Otrta'o It la Uia' all Iba iU'.lou Lcuae* were noillrrt nf tba latea'tona of the r">nnir rtetirre I" paaa na1 m oeey on Wan am tl a* night. yet lb? enjro operation# of tra pollra ware m0r1n*<i to r?.ot.[*on a talo'i, and h .t one narortnnata ftll into tba clutcbea or iba "(Boon, (treat oooatry. Ul'UT ? Ofllror ITMllpo of tba deooet product arrnet ?d, yealerdat, (Jrorge Janota and J an.ha Mullaley, ota'gcd with aUaiify three bnina of aegar*, the p-n party of O'Vail, Koeker * Price. of lift rroat at/art la p?w ?t * of tba p*UHMrra ware found three hngaa of aegara, for a bleb aa aw oar la wit tad at tba abura aajce 1 aUtloa boata. taraiKn1 Inqaioate. Srmna rr Taruao Aaeasir _Dvarri: tracer r* I/rri M Urn.-Ooiasar lltlli bald ao Itqurat yaalcrday at tba tbakapera Ratal opea tbc body or a Itaraar of rery ra apeetabla ronnrntinoa.ran ed Iowta Khrt.tfe, wait died trom iba rffecta of a doaa of a/tralo, admlnlatared by blnee t, for tba porp ta or vlt Jatfrociioa.* It tpooam tbat la ciatnt at nerd ta tb a city ta Matnrday art nine 'rn Via iui Ka'ia He oaraa <a for tbc p.rpoaa o' Mting aj on ay wrrow'cf bnm be waa enamored, bat a lb a told rinptioa at bar hae la be deterro'iwd tn pet ao ead to bit et* erne Aooordvgly be laft hi# ro .m at tbe "tfcak tpire Motel oa *oaday morairg, and precoaltag to a dreg ttora, pnrcbatad Bfty reata worn or an t arttrb of 11( aamn (Ja n )ar r ill be aa* ttkea *1o l-ntiy HI; hot ho lot re* eat lb* oauae if bit tl< tnn?? tn any act nMtl Vrntay, wb?n l.e Md the proprlet rnf li? MM ?f I one of tfco lamatra that oe had token *r ntle. A ii"lM *ae Imroedta ely nteciiriii, an t errry ffort *11 ma'a to >im tne life of tboarntde. Mai t# eaia He eoattaurd to rink rapidly oa?tl fu??iav etealne, ?'iee a* iti?d la gr?at pony Ian folio* w m report of the pt'irnee taken before Uorceer Hilte at the nqnett ya-ter daj ? Krrret Hn'a*, reelllaf al the Nb?k*oare Hoard, be-ag *o?b,m?" -IVr??'i>l r?m* here ou "aturdny erening a*t; on atVnday m irnirg I ?a* b.m tflt; " tad been ?rk ?|th eemt.lag oo Pnoday right ant ?na-uy. yet bo mmM be tee a ?b? afte*eroe, nb, I tb ?k, woaoeieg to h * mtdtral tream.m, be coilo net tleep ttte'.h on Toee day be ?i? eorrrr; be come alee! mme of fci* throat: be * * ?or*e yteterday morning be died at 3)( P. M , Aug m iSfcT lotr| h Fl.-kler, reehtleg at the nomer of mare and a il Ham ttreeie beteg a*o'p, taye ?I am preprtd-r of the lar.aktpere Hotel a* the a????a ,"aoa; datv eeed oeme he?e from Niagara fa lie re Aatutday VI; fc* wae qilte veil and rtmn.ned to ratu Pviafay nf\e*i>o a; h? *ent c.t oe hi or a; mo- art la ntoal goon htaitn, h t *h*a he re turerd la tbe after none he ?aa taken ?.tb aarere Toaalt lot; oa# "I the boardera whom be kaew rami for d<mtor, ehn ?ref??at> imtera: tbe doetor treated him gate him mrdlclte. aid apt l ?J tea keobet to bte toma'-li, mbieft e- Poied to reliete biat, be bad greet t -tret ?ed toree?e* et ibettroel and paaragee lee-leg ?othe?tomach;hf drank morh *at?r, and bad great beat and pa!a about the ttnmarb; the tenead da* be had aome alar rt.era; a ter ihla be gradually g**?r woeea tad died He trld me that he bad lektn nraenle on aoooant of a iet e tlfttr u It e if _ ? _ 9?orf e Jollna Ran# t,k 1, reeldie* ad No 44 f ranklta tit ret, dfpr led ll># to ?? rat ?d liieMI to toe decooaed na Mob. at moti lag He ftma him eoITerleg fW? Ie1a emi tl a af ibe Mtvele, nantad by eraenie Ooaeaaad told btia Hat to bad ta??a nreenw 1*e aymptoma ware fbo?r moted by a*eea>o,eb<i b" " ath, la tie opinion of tbe doe toe #ee eeorid ey ttklng ar oalo the j?ry rendered a te-dwl -f 'Heath by enlotde by taking a> tertc " fterraeed eae V. yea/a of ago Mm iertmae ?<*emer "tie eito be I aa Mqteat at No W laai rblrtetatb tweet, oa the h ?dy of * n,M ntmed Itaelel tfefareey, who died fpme the elT eat or a fa I ? rei*ed from a adder at tbe ooreer of dprteg and litehe'h (treete, on the |<bb tamaat. Verdtet, ? boe" teetol ^ atb. l<rreaa?d *aa ? yeare of age, and ?at a aatlro of Irelmd Maprtait ( aurt, etb e Hon Jafae Peawtr. Aror*r 17 ? D+ i*M JfuMpomrrp nt IAr W*trrpiJt'tm .knattjfy dii.rtoHi.n ? Th'? *o an a pboat'o# for a? id J ?Uor rretratatrg the drdkedaate frrm eeltlng, km?nf rtr g or In any eay dlepoateg of aey of the pepper j or ool leeting aay ?*? ; ef tbe Arar.ntatt a nan I tbe fuaiber orde* of the Obr.tL AppttraUoa graettd. y LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE FimiCIAL TROUBLES. Jobn Thompflon^ the Wall Street Banker, In Court. THE EXCITEMENT IN CINCINNATI. Effect of the Wall Street Panic in Other OiticK. LIST OF SUSPENSIONS AND FAILURES. /V////WAW' -VWWW Here Attachments Igataet the Able Life ao4 Truxt Company. THE VERY LATEST BY TELEGRAPH, ho., ?a, sa. TTIE CASE OF JOHN THOMPSON, THC WALL ^STREET BANKER. Before lion Judge Iliffuian. Arrt ?r 27 ?The Meirtpaiium Bank >*. Jakn 7* ? Tnc following m the affidavit o;oa which the orHr or the defendants urett nu granted yesterday afternoon by Judge H"(7ui?u. The indebtedness claimed la (12,604, for which amount Mr. Thompson gave his check to plalntur lor country hank cotes. Tar meat of the ehock was refused, and piaistlffs ask an order for Mr. Tito at pa on a arretl:? tut AiriBAVIf OF mt. JA.CQOM, TICK rWTDW?T OF tbi mkthopoi.itsn ban's, City ar.d Cour.% of JVsw fork, ?* ? il?tiry L Jacques being swoiu, lalth Uuai ha Is the Vine Prratdontor the ahoin named ptalntt.'U, 'Jtat this avAios is brought against the dofecdant to rocorer tho pcsicar.on nr personal property of be plalntllTs wrosgfully dotsltyd by din defendant, coutninn of the otrcueimg notes of the Chemung County Back, In the State of New York, of tho aggregate an,ount of $1,JQ0. the circulating nutee of the Warertoy Fank. In laid State, In the eggroyno amount of 92,100; the OrnulaMng notes of the liana of Kant, lo said State, of tho aagi'-iate amount of SI, 100, and the circulating oo.ui ef the jfrrcanulo Bank of Hartford, la the State of Oosnooti. cut, cf the atgregeio amount of St.too?tse *bo!a.of saul bills bulcg of tbo value ef $12 tuO; that tne plaint,lie aro a tana'.cg arrontauon, creau >1 under the law of the State or New Yo.k, doing b-.utnevs in the city or New York; that as inch hanging awev apon they are el at I In receipt or largo nmwmti or tho olroolellog out-a or I !:t of bank* Out or > ??> (ity of lew York, whlob notes arc not current In t?ri city; I'tal t' o da'mJunt was tne redd miss agent of thu said becks aboro namol, Tlx:?Ttte ' Chemung Couu'.y Back, the Back of Kent, and tea tier, rtnulc luck of Mtnf .r<t, an.l aa mc.h red- o?ui"g agtuihss been In tho Leblt cf taking from the plaintiff? thu solos of ! the *>>c vo Diihed backs hold h? thetu, at a ? all JU-.ouat; Uiai uu Uie morning of the 261b day of Auguat Isal. the ) piR'nutts po*i< i**d and were the owners of the elroutailug coles of tho riv'd baoks resp?cllvel> to Ui? aiuousU heroin above tneotQud, the whrle auiouui.i* lugetbor to tho auna of f 12 6C0; that such bills or notes w. -e Is separate pee*, agtt, thcte of each bank being uiguihor in cne large parsage be - consisting of irrtral smaller packigss surround, ed by a ttrap, each if the large packages containing open It a .Tap, the amount tberor.l and l"o aralUble paokagss br.cp marked wiva the marks and cbeckt used b> the iiUiutifTa, that at about 01^ o'afcick !n the n^-relng of luck lkftt mentioned "ay tha defendant, hy hi* Clerk or aftal, applied at <Ue umpaii/'s ufll e of Ilia plaintiff)* to redeem ice djonkiini no tee and biUn cf the tald ban**, and tketetspi-n the plaint'fa delivered to lb? rirtrn.'trf* raid r.iark or u* " ?* the aald blKa or ttvUa of Ike four laid Vaaka, to tho amount herein above perlloularly euecllrd, and received fritu kin in exchange therefor Ike cheek cl tho dtfcudail on ILi AiufrkAn !imhac?o Bank in tho cliy of Nrw Vork fhr the mm of gfl, b->ing tho a?re(ale aicmiBtof raid bilk, drduittlng therefrom an agreed iale of <1 ?fi?n.l, lu?l ebortly after |h? tuutmsitoeineat cf the har.k'.py t.ocra lo mM oily. W?a ?aU check area prevented by tho plalallifh k> Dcsaid hack, tpon which it wan drawn acd paytsrat tbrronf xaa demand* f, whioh wa? rttoted, tbat at the t'me ini" check m riven tho aid defendant had qol, nor Laa da at aay una traoo bad, aay f'utda whefaetr la tha aaid in fc*. rhacge Bink, wbi'b fact waa well known to tho deft hd?bl, Uia1 U>e dofeut not lite so* prude I pay mint, aad U ioaolTcn: atd bo waa InsC'lvm: a nan win mid c??ck I waa liven, aa dcpooant verity believe* tbat the eald da t frit!aiJ lied ovvHiavrn bin ecs rial tpou laa Bank of tho fepuMio I < eald city, oa the afierijioii of tbe U-.b day of Au?u*l Ir?iaul, m l-e fa* Iwen lafurwed. that, aa deponent verily beiieree the aid bllle or oe.ea wera ao '-bttlncd frem Ibe plalu'ldP hy U>* Weodanl ep?a Ibe aaid wo*ih b-a chtrk. a lib He i>rneoi?<vi??d leUm lAokentlh# pltlellflfe eat of die uiw that <a depnaeut 1* edr'ead en-l be Itrn by nwnra r.faueh rra . intent enter the i?ran<Ual tbe dcnndust af'iilrcd ao title ;a a property I a mil hide a* ataicrt tin ptntailla Itexnrnt further taiih, ;na Immediately up'.n r? filial of the pay meat of me *a t cfcrck tbe lame aa* teadorat atd nftcre.1 to >aid fnomp eon by tbe fmi lrri of ifce piniatH'*, eac alee by deyo Dent. ?L'I (bat laid Mil# or bote* of mid bank were da n i car J ef h'n. ax tho prnpvty of piatnuui; bit to aid ill f.-adact wbc'i; rofoaed to dc.ivnr op tin Mid aotna or Dim, ir any of ibrm Thai ih MUM ha* beta etatr.eBCed by the rerrl'.e on tb-> defeodaat of thj sum n >an teicln, Ibal at the Uo n cf th'.- Untitle ' f ike auaim ma bi tbla action tho plaint fla the-cta cl i m - J tho tmm* liata delivery of tha laid beak btlle or Bo na, and made aad Lllrercd to tbe Hhorttf of tbe city ant noonty r.f Mew the etkdaelt and |a?? the ?er ally retired by \ko I rnvtal.-.M nf u e n. ? i>?le, rnt.tle I "Claim and "Vllrenr Of I'eiiOta'. Pioiaityan t I?i)'iifc4 tbe ' icrllT to t*Vu Ibe aarec fri m ICo dafralaet aid di llvor them to tho platet ft> . but tbat tna HhmtiT rnclit r H it it or take tho iinr. alter bavtct applied to the dufer.deat thnmror, tbat tbe acltbdaut eta'?i tbet bo btl dlvpoe ed of Uiu tame: tbat ae drpoceni ie Lbf'irr.'ied aud belierer , lite raid 'btrtif baa fliea etch rv<|uialtkia el.b ibe C'erk of mta Court, arm bia ri-it,;n csi'nr ed lamna, in eaboanun that be nait rer.o i o 'c the le'enda d ibe lumtn oe o ibi- ao'l o aid a r.'.f.y r.f the nanrrtakinf, teqn">mno ao t alb lae't In Ibw a linn, I9d thai iht, te d prefierly bad been elaJaied, remured. oCU'tilrl and llapueeJ o", i, .iial be t,.u!d lut lake the aauie aa 'berrhy ceni'oan ft; tbat r?m thy ftht ud clrinintlara t iftreMd, ilk drpmeat bellaeaa ibai tfcr taid pre,wrtr be* bene r?nde?3ed. reatertd or u'lmrtrd uf by tbe difennaa', an thai tlte lame in Id -t ,t be fbcad or la*to by Ute Hbrr'lf, aad el b ibe taleet kiel tbe (ante thn. ld rot he en 'neni uf a* n, and e th tbe >0lea.t Ui iletrire tha , 'a.atlffa '4 ike b-cnlt thereof .'KNrfY L iAQUCi Cfftttk ft r-.ra Hen un?r. WOTIOW TO T4CATH omen or A?.HIirr. Iff* M'trrji. I : m H**k m J' Kn rhtimpton ?Mr. 1 Mora, I forth* da'ta.laai, In ntirlrj; to TtfliM iba ardor of trrttl jt'intei! bf Judja Hoffman. '.aid th<u (bal order *? nader the lt?h nm'nm of thn third nMh >>>? of lb# C*.<to. (Ho barn rand tba affidavit of Mr. Jaffa, af. rh appear a la tba oaaa b?r ra J>vig? Uoffaaa ) n?a artier tf am ft, aa'd cugnanl, dtrarU htm v> bo bald to ban a tba aim of fib.kM. Cauaaoi tb*a road hafoUaeiaff affldst lie: ? *??in*TrT or ?*. th am '*. Joba rbi nr.ana uetej rants aais- n?at Halt lotfar aria?t jnrtnaii lo an i Mar a' aira-i ?r?n ed la ibU onuaa ;ea terra/ by bit H'0?r, Jodye H/nat. i?Hf aabdt*ul' a Jd / aerUra I ? cf Urn l>u. Vponaat ayt ilit bf ?v fore* it 11 rta.aa'l pa mat t) estrrdbff bnu? 11 a n'eicb oaeaptetadty, lifmreffaaaaa of hnakb dtabeiar i g tf<f,.onraH ebeoba, os-nrtrnat. an depaaeal bait?T*?, h, 'br alarm <T?n'r I If i?a ?re? >y tba toUara tf ?ha Ut.o IjfW aad Tract OtBpaoy aad out a eutaaa, hirb mai'Lti r aa? ab'lljr o at mad la -"e^ooent; that ah' a l'-arfctrb nan gl??a to r??tn iff, mentioned to tbc mat ir| affl'U?Uc nod 'ba b?aa b.lia react ra lacs* eban|n, -ic,i>?n i did n* **/ "*?" an?pca<t or hint of m tiofty. an J bad n> foubt Ilia <:b?rob mild bo paid, an'nt i>aa ??i la fi?a ftabt a ora-daem* l bia a? *1 tba i?rfrH>.a fvitinafa bank aaj at ether 1 atrt, iroipnrartty, ard ririp mrly it Itfgt, that deponent van rarr la-f?t> la umrtrraal an nr . builarra, Ubtaa en'a of '.ha rt-ou'cUaof omuUT t harli aad mbtr b. Haeaa, at baater end nreboc; to?> iff to tec t mo o: bit anaprari ? bi? aradit *nr food ant aatmtaired la tba treat, e-.d tan t?a oearfi m la qoenffga aat a I?.n H.'' KM'I una; IStl tba raar toe anaa? ?na am retnned ?0 plaintiff ?ran fepnaeirt'e Ibeblllty to 49 o, aa a a ed la Iba nam led off; to- It of K '*?' * H >r?e. a.i dot act at *a)i tb allien aat an c-'ooen ad, rrmuend or dtaprcar nf by htm or htn eicrka antn tm?tti*l bt rama rbou d aut ba P-oad or tabce br .be tbarllf, or akh tfctobt to taprik* tba plaintiff at tba henabt tna ant, bit tba rara tiiiKtdiatai/ at it* rcatlpt *aa br.tkaa fro at 11* pw* ?. t*rd alth ut? a* m-mar <* in a no . a t oto-r klada and ??n' mtrntiriia, aad a larya aiaeuat af It ana pv t oat nefbra depe ncnl antprtded In Ufa nana) nnaraa uf bt? boat' t tar, aad It Is ultarfy la-ratotbia fbr aa; t-aa ?o IdaatJ "j aay part of It ar ttU bow mneb, If aa*. rf It r "l* aa ta on p raaarina; tapn. rat f irmer raps hn ha? ma4a a" aa*ramctt aad aa fiaadukai daouatiion ef air praacrtr o* oaf p?rl if it " j t B04?'0X. **n n thta 1Mb <??y 11 AngaM, IMT. 0 f Coa,?'?4:i n? ot (v**? ap?ii>a . ir nr ipnt* ?. wi'i. Wl*r W M.?!< , being iod m ? ft - l? .< Uar of tb? CMi'TTftft! xo> ft. p.iartmrnt tr Ml J fPoru.i oj, lh? 1ftfttdfti i; Uiftl ba ' >>k lb* <-baaa wn inonj is h* an.'ng afllfl t?t a la blftftk la d*f*?daar? ? ??" br Mr. N'???T. nn>4 la ir.a * wall aad ' ?' ft *? iftaKHUT a *Ch. i |a for It a n 1 'o* Ibft r ann?*rj r.f 'Btoa Iftft Mil ? ?mogb?, bM<rm alna wl *i ? 1 of ?aita*daTt I thai ?b*a ib? parkiaaa oama la d-'<?ad?ii?-? ftanking baiiif tbft- aratmi?etift"?lr ?" *?? 1 P? <w??aBy "lift otlwr aiaa* ?f U)?iim. mi o bar kia.ia, ad tf ibft taaa ?'d oihnr lat<n.ln4'tn^ ?f wbiaj % la- ga anonat ? * ibara ?a b*?<l, aa I a larga pnri'aa nr || aa ltd n 1 doritg ibft tw? ? am boor* ?btcb mlnrrrnad b?tota Ma I'tuioa la Uia naoal ooo*aa of oia buftnot; wfc-ft rt?fo danl loarnnd n liaa rb aaa dbbi B<.r*d, H * !i?p>?'?1bla 'tr any lo datnlfytb* m ap- rairatnrg on h?ftl Of Mil b > ? micb rimtioM i ihai at b ??h d?ffB<*at i ??a* iharo aa? icib* arniar aa' %?. br?M>|illiaa k for rarfaaip'i a ,j4j n> >rair.f, ha (*? tdkr-nriM amo-ina or ;fci |n*?t,;..iar? aolgi a r? flr*e I a* ? d did to* p?r?aftft!i h? * ! ? I >n? lib it, a tat pi M* knoal <lf* of t'-ia o? ,| qo ran of ?o<n truiio ji-aa. lMp:-anat r iribnr a&ja t wm nmal an J cut