Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 30, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 30, 1857 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 7668. THE FINANCIAL PRESSURE. Additional rrM?<daf8 In oar Courts The Cin of John Thompson Opinions on Slock Gambling, 'I Oci, o?k HK ATTACHMENTS AtiAlNBT MB. THOMPSON. pernios COtmr?srociAi. term. Before Han. Judge Door, fumrwr 'iU?The Jiftrcpohta* Bank 'it. Jokn Thompim.? Ik* <Me( which bed been vijoimod to thi* morning ftur me purpose of enabling Br mcropaen to lurmnn aaoiuon el affidavit* m to the elate of hi* banking account* on Ibe evening before hit anepenakm, win called on. Mr. t. B. Cutting, aaacciated with Mr Morn, cald bo vh raotrea to tale last evening with relerenoe to ihla oam be bM not had duo to look Into ue affidavit*, and he an iterMood that there waa another affidavit of Mr. Thorn o non*a being prerar*d whtoh It ?oald be ueoewarv alao for Mm to ice. if there t* no rortoce ob.ioo.lon bo would like Me matter to aland over cntll Monday morning. Vie Court?1 will adjourn it to 12 o'clock on Monday morning. Mr. Evarti would like It ?o go on a* early aa poanbte, a* Me bad an rcgarement oat of town. The Judge meld te Mr. FVart* that there waa one of the affidavit* on Meetde which beaboaM tike to be more ex Bon: oto of the plaloMfl'a olorki a^ear* that he nffived to Ueottfy tbe note* tn Thompson a office; I want htm te he mere expueit aa to whether he oould Identify them. Mr. Rvarta?Certainly, air. IMecaao waa than adjourned to 11 o'clock on Monday memlng. FAILURE* IN BUFFALO. Rrrraui, At gnat 20, 1S57. The Reciprocity, formerly the Beckett' Harbor Bank, tined Ma docra thla morning, but will probably retain* on HRWyt Meaara W;:flamt, Tenner A On , forwarders, tuspendel ?ymanl jetW.r-.?v afternoon. MISCHIEF OF THE NEW YORK SYSTEM OF ALLOWING INTEREST ON DEPOSITS, [h'rom tbe Button Advertiser, August 38 J There are Uie b?t reasons in the world wbytaeexplo ?on of several moneyed bouaea In New York should meet with no answering cobo In tbts city. It In graUfylng K> nee the solid oeniluence with whi-b back nook In now e?d to Mate itreet. A Tew nbaree tn Uie B-jyliton Bank mere nold on Wednesday by order of ex ecu'.ore, (otherwise they probably would no', have come upon the mar ket,) and commanded a premium of $K per share There nee no signs of a panto bere, and there la no reason why ?ere ebonid be. We have great causa for r on grate lat ton at such mo?an a at Ibia, that oar (tanks aro problbtteJ by la ? from ring interest on deposits. A -iiQerent oonrse prevails New Vera, and la ths fruitful source of just such at? ntilninm results ? have recently been de watopeo. The banks tn the city of New York are nnstona to secure deposits of money, even tf Utcy par ?y 4 per cent In tart it on amounts ha? Ibao 16,000, and 6 per cent en larger amounts Ttaoy taut una a proetauie onam*ut. Doeauat; tocy eiptct t> toaa the money again el a higher rate or totaoal The Air appear* tempting to indtrldaale who happen to hero maoey on heed awaiting Inrea'raent. More particularly onntry Danke ??e allured by tbie proroiee of Inlereet to dupuett with bnnki in the city of New York ail tnc innde which they do net require for immtdiale uie. They a.-e wren ?oli< ttad to doaobv rtrouian ten' out by the city feaaka. Ho oh country bank*, at par:.enlar time*, of *>ur?e, fear* on hand a oonelderable fund after they have diecouM m many note* a* they dare, and it eeem* to he a harnileM act to (nit this money m New York where It will amw Interest, rather than to lei It lie "idle" In their anna It can bo rrcalled from New York, 1: la lap peaed, at any moment when >t is needed for the redemption of bills. The city banka, In thc? appeartn( w bor leaeie, |o beyond the Itne of their lee turn ate buetneat. So tor the practice la baa anoojrh; bot It it wona n the next stage of taa nonaequanoee. Tha Now York city banka. fey their luooe mfnl aolieilationa for thcau dopoatta, find toeoMaivee pea*eared of a conalderabtc amouat ol f n i* a which they am paying four and fire peroeci internet. Tfeoy. on their pan, like the ooonlry ban**, dare not tee Ala money In dlecwintlng note* with erea a abort fired period to ron, 'or they knew that It may be recalled at any moment by the dcpocHora. He the? aro rery f .1 ta loan the fund* to broken on deinand, taking any tort if neoui Ify that tray ofer. They begin a eoccnl eoriee of nollntiallong to find borrower* outside the ranka of their regular curtomcrt. Ifee third itage of the builneM eoeerdliifty wilneeee* broken without any lubetantlal mo ana, taritaU and bamptcd by the bank* to borrow their I pare fan la. on do mend, at eerea pea cat Interact. The broken fire eotne Mrt of railroad hare* at eecwlty, and eater la to apewilaUMH with aha moaay they hnva afesa obtained When Ihe'r apecnlwlteaa fall, the security which Ae) have oRered meat be pressed npoa the raa-sst? 'l o wourae prorea cnarallablc to error iha debt, whereupon toe bank goes down, and the aaauepaoUng depoanor loee Hi# money. Her# we aee a common caore ror toe nearly ntmollaoerrr fallnre of lb roe uitUnci -Jamet of operator*. Ike recent event* in New York have presUeiy ..iuitru *d ibta i fleet of the ?v*tem. The whole dlffr ilijr arlf i from too feat ea*rmcti o eke mooey productive Their balance of rptre fund* 1? weed over hr the ot c.riry hank to the city bank, aa<l by fee eity bar W In the brokers. In the hope of p?Utr.p a Uktle larger rate of Intereat at each tnra, a hen It ought to bo retained by the ooealry benka la Ute flr*' piece, r.nleee % can be employed by ibem In the legitimate bu BiBeea of Ihntr own locality. Wben LOelr man baa rear.brn the regal limit, they nan afford to forego Ibe preoerln i* proSl of lnterert on the tempo** ry balat.r<, *enuLa.oc la their baud*. And a* for dapoeii* on let creel, made by mdlvtdna'a, a man who aaekee *nch a livpoelt alm|>ly raltevea tLineelf u.' the trou ble tf ttvk'nc ?a Uiveetmoct lor iue money, by ikroeln* upon the back. IT te knowa of carla-nty that the ban* le manage,! more prodeo'dy lhaa he can manage bla ewn bitalne**, he m wiae t? trait It, acd not other i? It to ohy on* that >he acting MUM Id Utif m.b'h.evon* ?? rlv* ?>l open', ion* 1 oa with the e ly bank* who oi.or .tile mat on ')?; o*il*. They lo n.H depoelhin oo the ?oo baud, ad borrower* oa the other, into an operation wo.eta u aberently Margeron*. Tbere wouM be Utile opportunity Jbr b/ok?n, wt.o?e re*c trrea of oa?h are ecioty, bat wa? ire rich la fnoey ?tn k?. to enter nto epeoniatioos f 'he city herb* o*d not inrbo U??-ra to borrt w trooner 01 do nsru, g-viug their *toc?* ei leCndty. A...i tbere woaid tt cocne bo no inc toaiiia or c.natry buuk* or ior inkl? Veal* to aecd the r f ad* to Nto* York "fcr Itfe ? tp tee," (th.? is rea'.li a Macular phraie to do*cnbe the ibltr) if ttiiy wore ctA I'mfcd by Lbe altarri.cot of a pviwaUo of in'/rett oa their depot .a?a prom toe mommd *11* fr-ended on an aaaabitaoUal be*? 4or.orUn.gly the vtl in both :t* phaao* would be prevented If ton '.?? York back* ttiould dtooootluue lbe practice o! borrow tag aw?ey and paylrg 'ntereat Our noi-n ?not)oii* leglalitorn tc Ma*?achu?e:tto have radertf od tbi* prtrr.tpie. *a I have prohibited I'.e hauka of ibto Unu. c*i*. h from tomtaig nolo* pa,able at a future ua>, or w.Ui itlereal, with a few Jaoji.ablc <*. opttnwa Tbn law. !t w true, poraiu WMltolttll*t(4 spna dtp*"* made in one back by aar'tter: but ito prae too nf our Bo*;>a baulk ta (cob a* to prevent any ta *ehier from it at ra toe. The ttaf >ik R >nk. for lofaon-, refoat* to pay internet u lbe Cuautoy hack* wurwe hill* I rerern.a, *cd % though ihta retrnc a hartb refute, mi, It to rndoohu dfy a to'.ub-r ore Out t.fl I',0(4,003 of do watte a tbe OorloB bank*, aicofd.og in the latoat detailed re:lrn (October, 1*64.) i.a y Utile itoore iban balf a m "Ion (ru., tU6,f>?9) bare Into r*. Twrot out of the th'.rty al* bark* to Pie on had ao d*j >? (* wba emr rn wh'rh tbey paid ict'-net Tbn ?p|r*t of tbe mm totLaa exesated with greater fllctuy 10an tbe let tor rwjrtr?t The bar Ira of Nee York rtty, by fo'lr wiry another par. ?e. have entmred a *ea where ther ro iik"ly to bo wreekrd ?ed to drag down their r iiotnnr* ea bolfc *ldc? tk) ?ocn a? the great body of Sew York but.oo?? mnn ba'l aee th * ovtl and shall preva'l with their * ?tn f "gla btorre and w th the manager* of tbe bauk* to orohlbtt t, by lbe altnple t -pedlcnta employed in iu**a-bi.mua, we an look tor e better ntae of* Weenwti!;* we a* ed not be norprtwd ut hear or tbe failaro of hank* a tow, rtty of New York, togrtber ? lib tbe trtofo1uee* of broker* who borrow tad country banki who lend, while iMtk In T mat An ti art k w^a e,i. _.?* . lam. There la a food reaaoa for Lbe dkTVtrei. x ' FAILURE IN RTOCK OPERATIONS ONLY. (Kiflm the Prortdeone Journal Aogott t The reporte from New York apeak of tome cftoe tuepended boaaee aa to il fa led oely is their Mock operetta*, awl aa aotoj on w-Ui ihetr othrr i nrlaeaa "he Vtu-e la heir atonic ?peru oaa. wo t?rp?*". mow* thai they nam .led to pay the r beta on the ree and fall of rPvkr sad ta aoaat',aeons of the rapid decline of the armrttiea moat operated upon, certain r.. mi of money( wb h, .n tho eiect of any moderate fiortmtlon, would hare m,en taken oat or the pocketa of one ret of gamb am and rot Into ihe park'ta cf another tel. wit? not be trana'eired be-tuae ih rawbo bare loat the oeta are notable to pay them Afhil. araof the k'nd .aof oat aa wieh irnr trtaoc >, if it ware aa largo. ae the .We of Tat. r earn wor'.d ba, ant no mere. There la rothlng ?a* Immora', there ta on wee cheating, there !? nothing leak lamentnMe In Mn omwe-pienoee, to run* Hug M faro or ronlette tbau In gamiilsg at the New York Wiek Kkrhanga Ikr operai'ona do not repraaent tne 'nreatment or Ihn et ohaofe of ore kind of property or aecudty f ?r another Ikej are nothing hat hate, and the men who nttka them are nothing bn! gambler*. They do more mlacbtrf than la dona by th?t gambltsg whlro geeta tbe Rhmdea o night and arotda the r'gl anae of ihe law, for In the r ellbrta to nheu each other they ettauk great lO'eetwent* and whole elaeeee of lareetmente. The gamblrra wlfc ikte and oarda do not ordinarily real with other people'a proparly they da net bring anybody except theater I tie and the** own famine* to mtt. anl le the end genera'ty only Mow their ja nrain* ?ok?rery ?matl loot to tha commnnlty. Bat tMi gambler* at the Stmt ! tnbange depreciate other people h properly, and k'wu down tho eecir tie* In which maooret men have eotifded their mean* of Ryetthoot and e prortaion their ftmlHen rhey do more eytl 'Ji one waah'a mperation than could coma from the Ht'lore of the whale of then. A FF ATRM ON THIRD HTRF.b T?THE TRUST COMF1 NY. _ ffYotrt the Cincinnati Onmn-errla' 1 Omtrary tothe eaprrtatlona of many, Tb rtf street, In Da fty- WMMMd ' to| moderate degree the appear ENE aeoe of a book panto d cring the borlne"* bovra of yeat-rday. A food many p rreona gave cot toe at the hanking bouseof Meatrs tof ad & Go , of their intention <o dom-tqt tbair deposits, onae' the lav, at the ?nd of thirty days, and it la probable '.hat vtth aoveral other onncerm the re btiipta were leaa''and the payments greater than usual The fcrbocu-anoa that ?u einmitod towards Uie Trust Company. onAer the o) ream stance* In evidence of the o>id position which that ibfthuttou bar. during a ting course of yoars, acqured in thia community, and of a urge amoont Of public ? ndienno !n the skill and integrity with wh(cb lthia been -onducted, it In a matter of met icr prise, however, that since the Hon announcement by teiagrapb of the (hot that the Now York branch had ?uwd ed, up lo the present writing, nothing has been heard or tbu President. now in New York. That tbee has bona a heavy defalcation, embexz'ement or ion'n that city, reruttlDg frcm li<r^umata or urauth irtzei iran<actianj on the ;.a t of the cashier of Iho bra* n ta d o bab!y true; but ita cx.cnl or tho prohibit cffuot tt ta detuned to producu uron the icirmcy or utefulneta of the partui lualllutlou !e ta yet iefl ea irely 10 Out jvCtcre It tr; thought that b; ttia early .i.ii'i f Una morriug pemeibleg will be received rrom 'he i'rer. deat to do away with the preeert alaic of act pet re; hut of this wo are not aware thai tharo ia any absolute nartaiaty. i The public will excel this morning, through Ihn P'cas, rtatcmeat by tho officers of the company of i:a condition, a It appeara to them on on exsmioallcn here, to lb!t the pub Jc la entitled, ani weoamijt bnt look upon tho fact ihat It bae i ot been made aa an oversight, of wWleh monuf bcaiT and experience :n financial attaint shonij not have ttn aullly. The fcrbearanau with which they were treatrd yesterday ihouki have hern repaid with a yropor tknaie measure of fraokeese; and auoh a return would have bees tbe stroegeit puaelble euaranly of a continuant .a of the mril.n relations. The ruirr puny has, almost without a dnuht, met with a ton that will, to some extent, ailed lla ultimate rolvoncy. How much or tu oapltal stock, ur how much more than l a oapltal str ck haa been sunk io r.nfortcuate operation*, la a matter of which the public kuow nothing. But betsoee tbe capital has .1 oappnared, it deti not follow that Its depositors are in danger of ultimate serious loss Large as (a Ita dep.vii aoeoot, H ' ? hardly ttiroctblo to s'ippoee that R has not available awiiua Ull greater amount. fatujre of r- codes ?marriage and emigra fion of george smith, the banker. iCorrespondence of the Jicwark Daily Advertiser ] (bucai.o, August ill, l?o7. T'hn ell tVia/irk'rtr trr.'.n rt /visvptaallrin in i?iw jot now la the bstUnmenl or Mr. William H. Og den. wbo Las been eei <lo*n ar?*sd undoubtedly Is atili?lbs richest |man in the West. Hla embarra.. o.cuts are <* ?e-.l ty ths failuro of the Obir-ego, dl !"ai l ano Food di Railroad !u meet its pay race s prtmidlj?bo being President of (hat road aud endorser on some fight innorod thousand dollars of ita paorr It Is only s tempo' ary attalr. and as aooa as Mr. rocn can j real , e the to*it on a portion of lUe iir.menao property : wbtoo he holds, erorything will be made straight Bis ; wealth is *ark>uely estimated; bat It is bellorod be is | worth not iese than two an I a half millions. The Michigan | Snrtbem anil Northern Indiana road has also gone W) pro, lee'., and Mr Lltcb'sid, the PreeKient, has resigned; how j ever, bo h roads will eveuinally come Oct ail right, and bo j yet among toe nest oa? tog roads in lbs West. These diffiendies will not affect Ctoiono w any eitent, as the obllga lions of both oompanles are for the most part in the hands t of 1 Mien cam arista Fvoryibing betoken* a prosperous teasoo for nt. Sneer be'ere aero such encrmo-n i rope kDow*. ^t>?atlsln got d demand at a fair price, and corn is stealy and alio In good fiemar.ii (Jnaotlttes of both are now going Las., and we may soon hope for an easy wont, marcel and mere acrommodahtg banks, j Rumor rsj s we a>s to low fr??m the monetary clrsies of thr west Mr. George berth, mown far end wtoe as the great chicago banker. He ;t was who established a tank 1 in Georg'a a few years ago, and issued aba. has been de nonnested n? w'M rat rxryo.-y, si which all ths local banks took umbrsgo, and endeavored w dries it out of , clrcuialior; bat Mr. Smith was eu-ugh for lbs wruls . failf, and tb?y were gial to cry quits. Mr. ?miih baa : pur-.ha-ed a ui*gc;9r<-nt retain in Hoot lac ft. and it : said will marry a noble dangler of the "Land o' Cakes, ' and j rwurw if?rr r* rjfcim iur imwux vi us uajd, m bc wui ILHI how to do. r.\M3LTNG IN STOCKS. [From the tjci.Dau Uazatte, Auguat 2" } The tntcottr of the Wail stroet (oobcry :o atncki is imv ginning to attract in a large decree puuuc attest in, and i the Itij^lry ta bctug mano thru gu the prum tf tuero s?oot pome way ta wbleii U can bu orrca^sd. Lawn arc pawed agautl ordinary gambles anil the hazards cf tbo lottery; bat neither are productive of a.cb im movie ev.ia to toe ; i o><uiiru?U> aa this mlauamed rp*. ulation in atuoka. con i dieted aa tt U at present in toe oommercitl tnetropoia. It per.akea l do degree if the character uf a fair oud ordl j ti-y tirxur I tic wnole thing, from bej g ming So cud, la Dct.l.out and tra..j . cw The j?pi r ia seldom if ever deu?< red, wtle the amount . of the aa'ie greatly t accede the who.etuich woichuaaurer j bet n laeuod by the cur jmradun to-whom it be.ncga. ?nob are the o!i-arnL* of fraud, trickery and Icpaeltlcn in thU miserable KM lira, that the ' bu.'j and bears'' tt the a vck market of Wall atrcet, .a crdor to sccoeod tn their a?r**t!nn? have to he aa deatttuic of pnerple a? tho?? eng?*e. in the ball a't patent late a wind lug Yet, to enga.e In thta baxarcucar ad reck lean a peculation many lead uf financial indltullocr have ceflnHnJ thuir ordinary and teg t mate hunt tern, aid canard a g?m>ral roln of their aa relr aid b?*e of their unfortunate creditors. Tbe macuer Ui * hi. b bt- community ta robbed by these nook sharperr l< ihu* uotiOe<l In a lair acmher of the Albany A.f . s, wb.cb aa>* ? mvptuh'ihi np rna srot-i roabh. Wnxiaw (, N. T.. Aufnat 22. 1U7. M tan BMtoaa a rra irui aaa i Dtr'ee -he !*?' 'evenly ?e en data the ?al-a 01 it' ttt?*t of lhe fceaflr a Hi road amonut to K' CO at?-ee - aa*'''- V <t> > sharer ?no?e ihe ee'ire rtock et the mi itr. At ptr tse am ur ?i-eei'a I i'i'V-"i. vd f-l.-at n*? pre *t? \ t, 7 i hseerl le kaui in he h r'ne-t. of lhe ve*r In It "a. '"f alone will *?p?iiii fc> tout Hi.ieiio an ?? thaa 'bo | bank) it raplal 01 vbis et.y. B-it, c' im Mititl upr ikr furor that U bert -p "n tar the Mock la tr.a ! r-\tj ntlthrr l? !??? ? im* d.iniulthe* and 'he uocenl <t i m-.r*Jl? Inoliwd MtaM. ;a tar A?pe ..f 'a:. re?* vJ'Mi i tartona. an- nbl rert to fir* otot hetn eon fonr ami frr-mil- I jtni of dollara. but ?*vta la 1 ?, ?no, a? i' .e *w n<1i? enable* ttar 7r* emu* *> Kir# nj '-u any vi tie et.j..?? on ibr.r liat *nl bare* the pry w ou.tYelr >ei?uU"ne > i?t eadnre It j until h#rn<n?oa eene" <: ika pcooi* or tbo of >a* vta'r otre- * it Tee ramVtlrr fin ?f *l- r.irv ia, rr rot lliewTr-t fk? l? lli'v lor Jn'mjlny 'k? l??t | ate I* c. iBr on iPtrf ut beonn PR k< niarro 'Or neopl.- abroad, | mi it the ?y?ipia ut nontlm J mi nwt 'oread ?n r* .iru."< an.i Brr roanon fcr a proiinrn a ur m pry mititl a .1 irqra ?n. n. I/itter* arl itjf rarpreUMa cotr.pared t" iy-,h d'.ir" pawl'In but intne THE BUBBLE BURSTING NORTE AND WEST. r>om the R rfcmor ' tOnir tor, Ai(r-Jrt i9 1 arero in->( am *'?r.r-i? 'a o~? ?fV-i bore io V.r r'gU;, if a' the bu ratinjt of buiti, the hrea'cte of (real it irk, at d ttto '' ini.wMlaan" or ipeeulonre whfta a>o redden ly %?b gr% 'bed Vo ut lb racb coir fere aol ** Id nrcrxkion from New York. ?,1o''niau and lite wb'.le V?,rth an I Ttf, fa't roj> oar wra t? imp*!/ at 1 ?tnrr'b(ly ae p?n:i M u nn ir *otl iho kharj oob cDiaioa of iptaic eg from tbe olear iky of one of our bo auy .it dajt. W'lth tebarro al 11" and a i>r' crop e Ihe fet-ind; w th ?b' -I a' 1 SO, and a n<t hnrvwM rr?if ft* tri'liH; and with oore n*t?, hay actl " roaihttosc l? operant p'ltl Ihun'anre, eaab 'or ok to iel ont n r tr>*?. et ?ta, .pa M ti p'ra?c. wo in Viry.ela hare been tok'.-R 'I for fraatel trat tho reit if thernloit, erf<?ally tho r? it1ri( an 1 eelf tuffle'ent Vertb and Woot, *?ie well of * orrto m. Loobdiy ao ihward, we haro feend a liioilar itale of pletborlc t I'linoaecr, we 1 a* act's b tpt'a'k f-ew cp In huff, ant angtr a tw?v?r <~f u'f, or Urul i* *ey?rih?iet? we boar all at on e of l-tnkt f *'of 'o m issb, aietfiaotUe arias b 'Star lato thousand Ubi -r?. be i ifread pan's ?a>' d'.amay dousing tfta wf.o'? f*"? of urn Nrrtlw rn and No-'.t westers k>t th<?* tbh^s ear g rn an no aa-tr?o.:r notdiUea, tadtsKuall? a; ' tec; y. b' ny a tool at a>md an I ?a> a* we havo ha' I for a kmc frioa of |M b?tooy at least er?pma tia trough u> ear no eur cur natty at to "he parse oMV rri?Lif'.l >:*n-r%fnt that f'Bf on a motif our neighbors sod i>; athran" in the Vent and ?e<t The wb. la ar t< I of 'he troebhwwfc ch, by the bye, 'a cemme.'-e *, ?oi ?h rh at iball tot sea the earf of or soma time to r-t. ? .* ,.trt lb.*, ibst the *c aoead Weet has b en trerelltrg entire'y too "fat! " '"eerybody hat been speculating la that eery ' rapid'' ray on of country on loo yran ' a ?. ale and been Mnwlaa the.r hcbblaa entirely t?o full trT lot lion fi.rsa'etr. rear 'body thoro has twen yrewtoy eery rich In f-titters yetoet; crerybody, ba%lty grown flctlt'owaly rich, has grew* really ettrara raet tjaaotBiwa ef Rtlfca, benartciotn*, n?n# ant a ih n?*rl an I ruo I'jxsrire *M'h eetraragent owopl# ih ok it hanop :?f and aafenahleto ynrrnaee for Cam-'? i*e. Eoer in aty itcruM* iR.pnrta of foretgo gov* bar* oorne 'nth . .. ior< c m in -*frqnciee, forth* Weeteen wade, and Hkoh ttt'.rt of mancfar.aree from New Fngiand ne ;?? < o ?mt '.a tin aama dlreetlon. unt ha'anree of de? t hate aacaw. bitted aga'.nr. teat ret hoc of tba I n on of uortruk* propcrt ro* What are (hair unci of payer en;* Mary hare ratted irretr, ...%eed, h .'or 'ha eerrra' yaaia par: ef ha.! nrnpa. I.a ? l.iivtM d fer ie*e (tsaaliLiaa than they ealcnlaled a pen acd h i'ar t? rt the debtor aide of tnetr aerncla w.thtb'ir ;n*t tie hare been -.oirpoitt.dlog for aa many ycarr. Tn< la> ?'r ?ra n cropa ef the preeeai iranon mty hrl; mat.y of the i?'e?Hig people or Ike Wee; out of tde;r i" ft- -initio >-it U. if -an t?e the reee wit ft oily the farm,og r>.<? What ? the **? atth the reel* flow do they . >? df a by, l.cey all aland on a bahhie baa.a, and al. are area, >1 n hpn yi'oaai re ape uirUooa. af we it all m< n oar or tarn kind* ae ram alee. a tan bought a Tew MRtlubr of land at Ibe gcrernmerl price o| % dollar and a quarter per acre, In a rery ti.trt time i ft<rwarc? Tt baa her -hi a a p irohaan of h'ns at flee ' dfl'air, rating a fherth of the purobaae moony .n | naah and ae reel la flow noire. Then C i.m bougftt | I! out at ten dollara. paying a portion of ae price in ceah, and the reetdiio a alow aotee. After wat de ft. detrroi'.aed to mabo a town of ae prjpertf, baa borgtt It o'C at twenty dollar* gtriog bla *?w tote* for thr g-rater portion of the pi >rhaa< mffligy: and ha* frrth o;tii moeed.-d tv -'.avert Ui? towa ir to a totni etooli com pany, of which l-'meelf 'a rrreilent. with a capital Mock ?r*.'i atrd to the p-:oe nf one or t wo haadred doiiare per and then preeidcr.t D gore to aiurtauog n the the. ybtthathehae t.iddrnty heonrn? rich? whirb he la, In pn "v-rty rated at m* or two hm 'rd dollar* ai aera, for wnirh be r* y pare twenty a, B. and C. faa- nale.1 ! wth ft'* *t ore#*, hare ftoharj^d their tlew octew for P'e tnt? *( lb* rat* of a hirdrrd dr art; or, If not la thla ?)' erhrtne. have made p-ectaety the aame tort of in .eatmer.t Ln a* l"? of erme other prrtidecd D, who ban aa eoddeoly grown rich in land* at a hundred dollar* an act in an-ne rthrr rttal all- o* cronad fttr a town The whole'V*t It f ill or tntch A>, V t. C"f hrd I ' all 'mm?oae y rich a land* at * hundred or ga cc'.mn aa acr* and? ' W ?0 SUNDAY MOKNING lihA Ibe two Yuiltee b?ya *ho swapped pentatvee wtb ea?"ti olb? r all da;, and each u>* t? a -.rge amount of nu>uey 'u UnU.4 1 1 << b i>gio >n>eculaU<>o o(T oT each ?U>or Thu> every stream of that eme'prsiDp portion of our O'unlry i* ilnod with towns laid off n '.ad>? ink on tho wb.iesl drafting :aoer. With lands at tboie figures Ibe Western peoplo can afford to o re thr'.r n.orcbwtts la-ge ru 11 jt of money; ued though town lots are a deuced bad coin to pa* Mr. ? accounts with and a rxaky loy>nveoleiil tort of funds to remit to the M?*t, yet It wonld be (noon eeirablv aluptd In a mc.hnnl distrust a debtor rieb in ltnds at a hundred dollars so acre, the prospective shea m iuiuttj j " ? cn:e?. weswrn mnriDanis cannot, ujereTore, collect tbtir debts, and tte> break Rasters lmoort ere wbo hare ordered gov a from abroa i in quantities proportioned P their pro' naloa to tho We?t, and ib.ia over trailed to a frightful exvnt rn .be bask of Vest ern town lots, fhUlng to receive trom the West produce In proportion to their otsims for <1 portai'on, and, nnabte to make tbat sort o' tLipiri nl abroad rend specie. Thai Eastern banks are drained of the basis of their circulation sod of lieir de poets, and ha -e to curtail their l.nes of dlsoj .nl; and every en'rsordlrary exi>??'.Vlon nf fiwrie t? Europe ocdItpre# an inleOnite number of banking and mer antile euajerrs "doing a large We. Lrrn business > The tVester n lallroadv, loo, enter into '.be chaw c-f panio b*nkreploy. making confusion worse confounded; and when yon speak of Western railroads yon si-eak of tomething more rotten Id Denmark loan even Western pager (owns A lalhroad is a eonirlvauce for tr-nspr-rlng produce to mark-l by tbe large quantity, and for carrying per pie from city to city by lite bond teds or thousands. A railroad in the wilderness of a new country, peot led only by a hrmlrrd or two speculators, is as nge'eev a piece of public furniture as a mill on top of a hill cr a ooacb and sla upuu .L bigh seaa U does not beji the care to ssy tbat tho raflroad will popu.atc the wilder| sets it penetrates, and tbat tbe po^altuon which the railroad Itself creates w.H suppor. '. and make M a profitable ' ocr.rr.. Tbe oase is prec jeiy almi'&r to the rneach j ' man's borse wbicn waa laugLt to live w.'fbca. food aod w btcJi took it into lis head to die the moment it bad learned tie', vUnable art. Vwo drunken men camel loop oath . other from faii'rp into tbe gutter any octte' than two blind : men car keep each Mber out of tbe diicb Either Ute rail- ! reed meet * rv vas! oapi'ai >n populating tbe wild country ' It la made to penetrate.) >r it BttSt be cunetrMini in a cctntry populous enough to supply it with tbe large traite ana travel which n is rapante of srar .porting and which it must Pave for transportation in order to pay lis -var. Siirnetbirg carrot come out of nothing. Two noUUngs cannot make any sort rf a somethmg. a railroad but it or ; nothing but a credtt resting upon tbe bvu of d-rated lards? lands do as ted because worthiest in the market, : And nAnAiPitl|)i> m rnnntrv ahnri* IftriHw are il'ft rhittn Kc.. 1 eauso de?l.'lule of popul*.ion?mart rink tbo va;ae of hundred of it* surplus r.ires every trip made t>y Its La ne, do most. bur?t the buiier of lis credit in s very thon pe't^il of time Weil, everybody m the West is mere tr lersrieh'.n bubble railroad elceks The railroads are operated at a dead expense. i?:caore Ine country they rise dye!' Is loo new and void ct popular!on to supply trade and travel In ! abolorulo rp'ant* lea Tbelr stock i are really worthless I aa an inTerlmtnL There is never any cash capital in ! these n.irosi v>n?par.;es, the capital being altogether la I evnrlar.irg lands. Rot the rapl al being In lands, and the railroad lands reprtsmUig, jilt aa we have aoen tie town lota do, In the trarsacUons u' the A s, E'a, C's and R'a of the r*!lrc>Mi achemo, thirty, B'ty ami a hundred dollaia an acre, the or tiers of rsilroad ttcckr arc very rich men In ra'lread rhares valued at a hundred do la-s basod un land* rated at sfty aad a hnnarod. The wlole Wes; Is grldlrened crer with rail roads owned by bobb*e oompaaies of sort The shareholders, r?';uirlrg money for the oount less speculations ihey are engsglny In every day, i plelge Ibelr bubble ra'l'oad stroke w tb bubble j banks for the rotten oank cole which are tb;;s spewtd rorih from esp-envo bank -. --ens. West ! em prodr.oe falling le go for ward to the baa! n still ctrnt i qunntllles to discbarge the beavy Wsz'cro .'indebtedness | In tbst quarter AM notes go instead. They are shaved i to the brokers by the laa ern merchants. They come j back t Socks upon the bubble ban. s, toon] ensutne all thvlr specie, and then a grand MrtM cf tutploalous uro : hoard in all die tVMtorn vountry o a grand round of un- j earected kcaiblee, Just a* Napoleon's vanom nsel to boon: upon u>e ?"to ended eats of IT-rope in all dirtc-ons at the same time. Th? sat at cipiode, but asseterate with great esaphasls of speech that ihey a- > kc.vent tcjugh obliged to " suo pend for a host tlmr,,''and they aio tr toed e'-lv*M If their if otors are good fbr th? ivans tbry thorn. Tte drburs too arw food if tho ra"reat st-vus tIM tboy have pledged with .ho hae .s are worth anytb.og It - w par rater Theee railroad stock* arc- .n t rn worth pa* rates If the railroads themselves are at ;ros;t me ss their official reports make oct to be, sad If the itsds they hold are worth fl. ty aad a hundred dollars per acre That the whole fabric of Western crcwi i rmii od .uoi, a; c;i. ar.a r.uon/oi <wnj trr to wh'.nh |M . ear or the year before were j bought at a dollar and (jnartw orttrrd^uwil by tbo | roTcratntnt t- mi for at- or ij on its.ia. thro t rtrof M t dollar ar.i t arrancr, tell for ttstt proo I The trouble begin* with the Wool, bat 'low en', and with I the W?l Now rrgiacd mtnuftrton ? who turn told ! rmrt gamMo* of tl ctr ftbriri to toot eeedot of tde I onn at Uiolr r.blf: cnetomor, otitlor. Wo btro tee* tow the Now York jobber* ksd .uportori NCff. TV who;e Northers ttd Nov Kk cotnmntrtp betag more sr lou tnxtved Id bqtlBoeo with their monsftidcrorf end mor cbnn'e, rni'or tnoro or leoo with tboa; tad Ibua thlo Wmtcrn mortal myj/iau.'us itod lr TO It M tc btlf i tf trie erpfeoertcy. Tbo republic tl lorro dooo not t'-ofothT ee>*t e Tbo Weotort la ballon i>roannce rti -i.t orrrtrfl ng on t 't*jo ait. eibtueitrpr 'he country of onio tod of Itr credit ht1tt'-rw tftlctt Knropo. tndctutiif dfbtotu tad otrtageory oil II o cnl e?oi. Fot the bubble la bcretinc tt!??( I? wo '.Imo the on healtby Mole of Ihltge n ?tl"p tl Uj > Weal were eon: o* to t otltr'.'opbe. Wo rhtU htee etorm, thnnder fi?t, emokn and daat 'o ten.flc fury f;ra I'tlio wb:ie, and uteo we thtll novo t clear iky. t br.ghl it tub to tod t proiperuui day. NARROW RKCAFE. Tmrr the Newtrt, N j , i agle, A ufcr. 3t | Wr cndcreltDd U>tt tbo C'ty made t very Ptrrov " cape rp the t'o? that Tt tnnfOB, Ibe New lor* n-N* broker, ftiii l It t-ipetki* uttt the tftet tf toe hank b?U t rhe K of bit for $30,000 'a "T. htufe ."or email oilfc" tr1 p< created It tt the A Bier loan rtrbtoce Rtrk, In New York, ibortly tfler 10 o'clock, whore II wte ??ed to the pr.tpor PTdti. Al 11 o'ol Ok Their. ?on'e ftll re wtt t> no. p. * t II It etl t tbtl the Now York btbk Ic en thlo make to el >rt in renoeer the trooant of the btcd here, hot open whet j t-nn"re i? have net 'won In.'om od II map poitiblp .?wt | irk A liri' -t^(i A Umaitll llrooklyu <J!tjr Wrote. F-itksetb Rohiratr? ami?t or tub ?hrrnm ? th n a ( to mo P*C"**rr.?About fcaJ ;?#t e.e.m o'clock or >r". I ! day night,. cr.wr Benlty of tf.o Hrtt praeaet, ar-eeic,.: a man named weorjr Hoert, who bad ID tjpmaiM ?on.c two tbouaani tire hundred doila'A worth of a.olae geo la, a bleb bo aai about to lake to New Yeah t>? mnaat of il<e iuoih ferry. OflMT lenity, *? ,? oo fcia boat at the huuib ferry. cbterreJ the prtnowcr aUemp.. ; > crrna the r'ver. and from lie contradictory lialomcau ?h. -X oe trove, took hits In cuatody. L'peo being convoyed to toe elation bn ire the gooda were eaam'.oel aoo f i I to eon j alat of !!< ua articlee of mate ana fem^e WMftBg i| rt> rel. airo aorcrnl i baa la and a.lka of a n HthM uv.ure, I and a oottridereMe quantity of uac'ryarl two rt/hti, tnt a hole amocnttar In mine to about twec'y tre tun- I dred iklta-a. Some of the caaea hare lh- naoic of . arcM an N'?i.-ard, of .63 Henry (trert, aed air. "eg the pool* waa tooad a number of cnrllSratet of bant abxt j the ?a ne of about }MX>, <l?o boartcg hn bane tur ofl.:rra Ibio proceeded to tbe NMtM Mr fa DlMIIWl4 where tliey found thai . ha< hern entered by mean the frrnt utr>r, aid every r >oni ttoroGghly raoaa ka and tbe content** of the drawer* and hi'??-? -altered a bo l the room* ftebonae ha<1 beca UMO> ?ytel for aom? mruiba the fan.iy baring loll 'it the ci.otrr When ; tbe b<>uae waa-toted tho k-<yt were left la cji?r? r a I etnaal la the at-1 houae, and rariy on frrnt dror hey of the heueaof Mr. Yaa Noatrac t waa iNtd. Tbe wife of the r?MMMW ' a rerr-.m ;r tl ? mil/ realdtag oevl door, and haa a<l re? -e.1 w ih h< r .? band lor aome If - a. ile baa been la the aa-tit o rtaillbg tbe homo ireqnoeUy, aad wae tberr v riday atern'in ti.e lertant gir'In the ore orlerwl n ??h>. au I threatened to aare him arret:*: If be did cot left > aoon after and probably embraced that oppt nuntty to lake the front do r ?ey The ?ey war found ia ibe pr joo ar pecAet a boa be wae nrmated Tbe gooda were lUnUOtd t y a tea of Mr Vac Noau-anJ . aa belcg bi* father'! pro,?>i.y, Yeru relay miming the prmone- aa* brought tefrra i Juailce Cornwall, where bo eared ?n e ?o,o>. ..on, an i waa ooBadtted to await tba ar loa of la# >*r..od d. ry he roafaeaed ibat bo had alolea the gnodn. ana aalo that be bed not been iharp la gotag oC with tboio a. mat aa- y hour of the aight. SrtraT Lk,<o* Li*.?The follow .eg order* tare neon leon?d to tbe poll-e of tbe etty of Erook yn n rafe*aare to Ike rate of liquor no Sunday* ? Orma btttnarbu: ?wt mwrao'm.wTo a. \ ii o k*,a* u,o> v .. A r r r m- m 1 i ii To Pi'ttt Baa a*vr f?: r ? fit?For tho preae-ration of the pe*ee o' the f -j of Rrnok y* too la toonrutnco Ui tho pi* r ? ?? < f '.to . lot . ?m*i??o of 'bo n entitled "Airtltwabilili **tro?< h on polio* dletrlet," he , you w 'J d root '.ho orprrv t or capiai'i within your command lo nt'.r;e'. It* ecrrral rrolanea under thrr charge ttrt^ly so raforM tb* l?W, I ttnlrp |o be rlneol on ibe A*t>b*tb * r' *-"? *"ber* InlatirtHrg Iqnor* are ioVI. ?ad In -but cf **y Tlotirnn t of the h? to report lb? Mm* lo th? P1*trV-. A'.forot or ho ml; of King*, that It* petit lion mtr no teftt - If toy member erf tho pi.trel fwo* nag * 5* the prrf< rm *00* of th:a doty vor. will report him arthw r P. A, TAI-lttA!*-*' <*upot|irUB'1o*t?f Pail**.

AoronpaBTtoR the etwee ' Uic oHrwfnr c dor 'rot* the iVputy P port* too*eat to tho **rort! r.opo --art or | uepula* ? rrm 8t 1 uuioiiri toT * Or- i,\ Bmooriti, Ai.RB*t t1, 1AM- I C-?>-tir*?9" ?I herewith peters yet with or ry of n ardor root rod from the &ew?r?i Super ct**<??t of Pol A f.iot 7f, HIT, ted you win reprt to tb t off"* rrery Ifmdty tnor*:?g any etoihUwo' tho there o dor. Your*. Ac . JOHN S. FY'tK, Pep-cty '-lpercw-t.den'. of ToUa*. Tho rtr out fnepr rtoro tor. *1 order* to she r rso art idglit In porrutor* Wih lh*thtr*o lurtrrrt in* It no. pro htliie ihu any t'reata will he made or forcirl* treaocro* lokra to e:**o lb* two**!; but tb*to who per.#* a teei ibr ope* will b* ropootod to th* nt??r ct A Horsey 'n prtweco Men Jt<i"wn> ?Tb* hoot* or rdwerd C. tforphy 111 niou piece, w?r robhod ?n rrifhy of article* of je*?lry arr.iont of two hundred dollar*. The iLleree took tb* op , poets* ty dur'*| the t*trpo-ery* cf Ihs OKcparM | i.f tho tcsee RK H , AUGUST 30, 1857. Tlie Cleveland National Emancipation 4 Convention. Organization of a New Compensation Society. ... Kfrrit Smith ReeognizM the Slaveholders' Moral right to Compensation. (OlBirrEED, RKM>LII10\8, a* Cunmwwi/, togu*i 27, 1K67. I X new organisation ot K naoclpa,tion \ late'' look lit urst progressive step in una ciiy yesterday, ; by orgaatotog into a oonveattoo is on form, y to the follow lag eel) ? The undersigned, belonging lo tftfnrent pohUcul parties, being persuaded thai it I* very desirable that tome prao Oca! ana cqshable plan should be brought forward, and by which the people of the North may no operate, lea gf cornea ard brotherly iplrit, w'th the pooplo of tho Hon -h, and ihare with them the expense neoeaaary to the evilno Pen or alavery, would respectfully and earnestly Inrtte thoaeof all parties and soot i< ns of the I'uloo, who enter tela the tame opinion, to meet m na'loaal convention, peraoaally or by delegation, n the cHy of uereiaod uhlo, on the 2Mb, 30th and 17th of Aaguat next, there to Atsoasa and develops auuie plau of emancipation which ahall fully recognise tfco prinoiplo and policy of a fa'r and boar.raole compensation to the aiaveboidera for the manumiaaiio of their alavea. Elba Burrltt, '-err'.i Smith, and the like, were the prime muvor* of the affair. There are a few here from New England and New York, but the groat mass of dele gattl who make a claim to a teal are from thia Immediate neighborhood. The aland la well sprinkled with dignitaries la white cravata, reporter*, Quakers, and a few gentlemen of colar. Up to thia hour, 10 o'clock P. U of the soxnd day'a proceeding, not a loPtary strong minded woman haa claimed to ait In thia conven.lo?r. ht tho appointed hour an organization waa hal and the officers chosen temuggrlly. Rev. K. P. Elliot, of Indiana, waa oalled to thrimtfi'. and Rev. C. W. lmnnlaon, of Buffalo, appointed secretary. Rome trouble waa Uke to ensue from a point ralaed by a gentleman. wbe.ner poraona who wera oppxed to the prtn olple of 'compensating emanc'pttton ' should have a vote In the convention. Tt waa suggested that such jtersona were bo! Invltfd to thia meeting, and It waa not ex pooled that uv one holding icon views would obtrude their opinions u on the ccavoaiion. The chairman expressed a box that all who wished to ralrly disease the pointt a*, laauo would bo kindly tolerated to do so * Ik. ...4. 111 k.. D,.?IH fttavwul kla k.. J Ai '.He vuwci .Miun Durrnt urvu(ui kthahi iui i 01 euei* from all quarters, In lesponse to n,i widely dinoaed "call;'" some were pro end aom* were con. Of tb< >t that were read waa mo each from President NoW, or Uslm College, Profeasor S'll'vivo F.-ailue Fairbanks, of \ er mcnl, Dr. Poai, ef Missouri, Pr rfetsor I'pbam, of B>uuoin College, John W. Talham, a V laker, from Delaware, and E. 0 Wagoner, of Chicago. 1, appeared rather hard work to aet the machinery of tbo new order In motion. A gentleman from Portage county, Ohio, Iboi^bt the lime aince the call waa laaued too abort to bi tog out many who had a heart In thla gnat work He waa or the opinion that hundred* would turn oat If they bat knew of It. He aald that he bad con veraad with many in hia cocnty on tola very subject, and all were deeply interested on the aery point of "com peuaaled emancipation." kr. W>- tact, of Indiana, wr.t heartily In flavor of adopt trig a platform after the manner of the prlttical parties of the day, and tetttng lortbtr.etr new* at onoe. He wanted ti a platform founded on freedom and 'uatloe, without any defective plan* a, shifting or rotten in their kedenetea, like to the cne fcrmed a year or more ago at Cincinnati He thought the compensation principle perfectly and entirely practicable, aa the people ef the United Staler were over run with money, and he ocotldered that the beet plan to make thla auperabucdance of money available wai to purchase too emancipation c! too enslaved. He waa la favor of ndeg toe ava >a ef toe publlr lands, If ueoeaary, la order to buy emancipation. Dae ctntlcman doolar?d h.aunir a red hot abolitionist and UI?T tot coincide wits toe v ewa of the *'0411" lie was at a ioaa to know who she Id be compensated in too event of smaaeipaltoo?too eleve or toe p-ssicr* He was ic favor of a free dlacuia.on on it o,ecv, and ?. anted antl slavery, ef whatever gra take a tent and become mentonriof toe t juvenhoc. two Kavvti st yi ii ran ti'Wtintn. A r,?t jie ef q>i*kera .'r"D Kentucky preaen'ed their c: -Icnllala. and aakrd to be recegol/ed at membara .., both declared toeanae'rea isvortMe .0 a free inquiry into to* subject, and then they wvuld be heuer able to come In some reeaonabie oonclaroc I B i. t arose and asked . prlr.legeo: maktrg a ft** reman a lie aald that be na<> passed m rough moet of the frte anu mar-y of the stave r'lntae, and touid lo hi* aatcniaameiii that * gea< ruea feeling fitvorai,!* to : uniOKpa D was (re?a)tci everywhere. Ttia feel lug I did act unbrace any one politics, parly or religu tia creed, j He found It to b? almiat ualvena Men ol the Hueeyreat , poUtiead pnrisoa were al re to tbn iot#re?t? of emu -lp* lint t or blufelf, heuiie' j detected n.e ira? of "Mama ? I'.aca a line " mm liae u>u*t oa nrweil f-om ibe f?f" of ibe otcnuj, tbo? laaea l oth < rt,r>e? of tbo rntot to mce' npoc olc brotherly nnata? omicoa iC.e ret Ibr c4. *-k<ui tbo an rpcrat'oa of tb? iieor'o of ibe V. jtl He * W" Iind to ?ee u?u .M are. I tea if It ?u notaeccfrnry in ibe ourjr e? out of their present nark, it t ieat frsd n teadeury to ! ?y the ill fen np ni n'M.nt ppt'rtil lb. op tbo t * o d liferent ?cc; ona a. ibo l e:oo. vt B-Tl.'t 0* Km > OMt iT. Mtol. aruy dJKJM.oa took t fcoe rc'.fre to who the ttoo d ndm.t u meu.ten, nt.l what too c*nr< ni on >u about to d 1 niter itey bad ndm.ited ibelr ftrbui. In the m'dkt of h* d '.annoa ?.r. y a* K ort OT **1 <vi? IT - f.iTnrr ?v tti nroaeinri * i d that It w?a net qonrtloa Wt alber a 'Mid OGUK eat'cokly llgn tM rail I Hint na* |?TPonnl m Is maelf nnil no,a?objeer for dl*riia?lno bin , The mil ana intended for the people of tho Vorth bo were wlUlnp j> reai?rerrt? Ibe ? brethren of the tooth fot Ibe lor ibey wtnld a iu,n l? minum! eg their<? Tao holder of the flare bad ?io-?l nrht to Ibelr eon rlbotlonf lr r riripenaa'. on fie loci Iom, for loejr bad n feet (pfrored h*i rlgr' a to 1 lea ? ate*. Jf by *l-, net of thera iter had'ndoced the baiybbore to do ev i, saa their ooty t: ibarc tbi , ?i rrna.rM ty quitt ay that er j. mrn oc ? ** nrre. Inelit tut nna(?b?.e4 tie Wea.Bf auiidxt commuter* ? I ' timber m F? fk???-e< ' r .sw e?,_;lerr "it lb N\ T ; Horrttl. t,?nu Andrea Unl ace, la 1 ; Tbomai Tbrru. ?ib o; U li HtriU e. HI. t .nam ..0" Ft pore /.in ot A r > ck fir? ?Fbbn Borritt, Uma , ' ?v Uhar lee W f inn aoo, N. Y f C Hinroe. M L Dr lax B timaoi., Miaeoifrl; J II. W.I darbf, 1 blca; J. ?. doeier,? b;c: or John H?u la, 0 ..4, f. m n iwi M rorrr ?an baa Oaaaa, lod In- 1 tuer H. mph'ay. al?;Jo*t a -aciapa. tuc, * ?Uaa !- | U?it, lud . on ?aatf, I ' v um * fi (| ? r ?"'t -our n r^n, * i#n- r? , r?b?:,<Jti.>; Hi .foe Mx- lie tea. ltd.; lr. <>?(.. I.. WmiI, I bio: i lil. a. 1 ?yae, aio Mr. - B > Mn aiibot need a aadial meeiiar with the c'tt.fct ia tea en-tar, a. no*, rrrca, .a Hr/oat ? * Mr?? m i hi i. I'tictl'c, it" an*ai i*<* <*?? li u i a m for pra/ar. | ao i' A. K for buataor. SECOND HAY'S PROCEED! NO. < The acooMI C\r of tba Cosreot.ot rcrr nor gel r tu tti: AM/jaiap leMarla roweviec ? ra actio.. Tb*tou,m;t I" to Hci l<(| treapht t (fee .* bee tf fr.aBtt* tax re?< (r.lct ? t*b?rea?, a c n?, -at-oa cf tb ?a jro** , petit ca' and c. d boctal re*. r>Bih pa tv oblsti ? itr-a p**i > be T*te cto ? bar* otrrct.y or ,ndtree:tj >aw - tun! tc too *an tier an t ?i Merer < of ?iarery. ?n ' ?f :ho ro>.(t> tnda of tb? d!ffle*ltiea tarolred 1c U extla-tm, aid aim ta- m mcMi.raoe advai l?. <* a h.'t * ' . i It nfj i Iton f'om It* rrnnra.; therefor , Kero rod, Tba. :n the rplaico o' I I Otoreat oo. t la hit oly d*? rob* that l a ;>eopla rf the crtt> at old en * :a a tiaeroia aad brotbir'r ap.rli <*ltb the pecpia of the (tenth, and (bare ' berally w*h then la Uie eipeBW of pjitlrc *a '-ad tc at rrea. a pel u ai ani rooroi atd a* Am f can Horary. The (treat ebon p ea r'Ut* Ceeeer'.'a, If'. Pier tt. eane f-rrrard ac* aikda ttawt hh>*c Ttxj . r r'ewr epos it# arm ccaii-i Qkkbit fa ti reepredrC t? it* Mr , itnr er r '?mf by h.a f> red Per- tt Fa rrabadar.^b: a ertlra node la tbe re*o:a<.oa, i* .bat tba object .t *o id bo. otta a tba bey were offer eg a p* oatary nor ierat ra eccac ntkaAty rietrrd, fhr tte Kara. A Mr*urn offered ae amet'.ment tc Jte (cgaa. reaoia- i Hob, ab h .a bo'd term* drno n ed r.ararr at .abaima, dtnerali lop at..I ao art, and rbou d te atoiabed, wbi a iIT' Diiatrhl woo a1 ?pto<: ?. 1 tt t whole .41 ' on U.0 table. >* Mr ' win, of Mcffair rood Xt fb i ? cj ear m o. laoc.atlooo ? ' eoclred, That without or error np 1.07 t po oe *? .1 '.to ri^^l o;>:.f*uoo of the aaretft tr Ic MiiiM..onu mil b * alare, ItdepeodOBt of tfe rrMhod her* ; referred wo b?r? oflr the poor?o ( Inn cf? aeoipaLia oo ihr bo of > tapeaeatioa to the (.aroboidrr, lr IU CNKiiMm | uii frotor nal ooM'dtnllot o.? tor fetow or ot jm- n >( I ertr) retina of tho n:oe. Rooolrcd. That wbeatoerer car troittroatf .h" I'.tto hn.rtrp Sloteo Oholl tad low * will npnoaa 10 o Ho . II.. ?i ?id7 propoool for tho rrnoovo of tor diToren'-ne. wo pte.i|# to th?T ocr beartpoe r per .tiro to the 'alto*, oaloal tho' lattoe or geaerMlt? cob rrrt re Peoolrod. That tho arrange? ei,, c " tt.e dotoM t f .h o p on wa belteeo mop oafoip no .Of. to the w ?lorn of tte *oi re, orol :.of I be rot y t joerjtooo otoo* oaf 'rtoodo too oort from thooe otpoard t> oa* mnremrai. but wo lav to tho puh loetloe of oi ct p oo* aa nop 'rem t me to time beouggwted Heoolrod Thot oa o nggeoti.r rotp?oo or O'd to UO obtojnmrtl of o bettor pior. wo propnoo the *oitc riag ? i 1 That aa oai'toai oa be male of tho mooeped rhino of ti e olorto la oaoh Mate bp moaao <a ihe tax ato < r other m ?\ S Tbat oa eoumol ea osr t o mo le of nrroaood ainnoped rohio, II or? tbat wroMaerrJO to the oeer pro partp of the -hate >a c: n?? non to of emaeo'pawoc, b bh df?erm or ly orstr oort opfo ? #:'for tf pr j*?f [ERA a Hie aeaomptlftb ?y eafth RlW or l reeeoneMe aharo ot Uita increased valno M a debt doe to ltd slaveholder*, to be paid to them rcua, u a pari of the moneyed value o: Ui? r t levee. 4 The aitomptloo by Ibe genera) government of the re mslntrg part of such annoyed value of the slaves, to bo paid from the pubho treasury, whether derived from the rale of tho public lands or otherwise. Rutolvtd, That in irdcr to show our P.nlhern country nr eo and the world the slnsertty of our r. tnvlotlons oa th<a nomsctoos question, we avow onrselvcx reaty, a'aoy moment, lo be tared wro raia, if need be, on a" we poaMre, ror the purpose of sboitsb'ng slavery from our country by (traceable and constitutional means. Other reiohiUoca wore a'so pnposed, and all wore refer' ed to tho Business Cone, tlee On mrtlon of Mr Fmitii, r.ll perroni dtfldrlsg with thnlr views were invited t > take part with them In Me debate* Tfce kftfrnmn sesiloa was. taken no br two iteu'emen to op oftiiCD to the compensation roovi merit. By agnomen*. fiaRRir Sv ?r; spoke an hoir at the evenlug retelcn. The bcuso ?u crowded with n very re apcctmblo acetenro to bear him. Whllo tho hits were (King i? raround to ra:?e money to c'ofray expousos, Mr. I'tasirov entertained the Oonvention by detailing hi* personal kno? l< dgn of emancipation In iho Wert Indies, lie iaid that I. woa a mistaken notion tbnt the black* In tbo?e islands were worse oil than during II. days ofalaveiy. The a nvebot ler (here was of the opinion that all partita were benefitted, and would not content to a return to the ilavrry system again. Th re wai never un in starre when the negro was offered fair wage* that be would cot work. Thriving town* bau grown up ; a more Improved itate of morale prevailed ; there la a greater amount or labor informed, more tugar manuCao lured, churches, aonools and colleges are ertabltahed, and peace and happiocia prevail!. Tnetr r.barehea a-o built upon a irate cf grandeur thai would be a!>onlahlug 10 uiany Hahegany thilsh. splendid organs, a flftreu hun drtd dollar olergi man and otbar appliances Mko white folha. Mr P. waa of the oelnlon that compensated rmano*ralien waa petfbotly practicable and productive of lncaloalable benrM to all partlea Interna*xl. Mr. tiniii t'vtii areae like a huge lion, and alter abaklug Ma mane proceeded alowly to hla work of making known hla viewi; it teems that the gentlemen who preceded him In (he afternoon bad laid ibetr.seivoa open to i.errtt'a cold aareuin, aol he improved the oppinunt.y n earoilate them slightly. Mr. Smtlh favors the connotation plan with all ihe vigor of his nature. He wlshoa a Irtrndly, poaoefoiand quiet release of the bonds of slaves jr, end It any are wronged In a pecuniary aenae he proposes to compenrate for that loss. He still If inks the con uttntton does not recognise a'averv. He laid ihey had used all naAvwaJo 1H iuvii puww IUI IU? |iU(|iuno UI <wtw I.u^ nuwiiui pnnon es'd|?t comtreisalion; now, said he, that appoirslhn last and mot brotherly plan; Tor his part ne was willing to adopt li Mr Pmtrh made a v ry forcible spesoh and seemed to carry the'-ocventlon aid audtenie with blm. Bo occupied the i.oor ihree-<,uartor? of an batir. THIRD AND l.AST DAY'S PROCEEDINGS t'l.BVSi AST), August 27, 18X6. I endeavored to give you a Tall repo-t of tbe proceedInge of tbe Amcricun Compensation r -nano..ration Jonren tlon. As tbe work of tbe Assembly progresses nsw do eetopements are made, and the members themselves bo gtn to see tbe bearing of a discussion upon tbe proposed pr in clples. Pome who come here with the in vt rabid abolition notions think It haid to give up lbeir{eid doctrines and embrace tbe nee. A great number of lbo*e wbo take part In tbe proceeding* are clergymen, and oibers who bave always been recogn /ed as anil slavery men. Homo are very cautious haw tbey become Ideollfled with tbe new plan 'or fear It may not be pope'a*, and others are claiming It as a new plank to be adoj led by Heir parly In order lo i<de into power. Al'irutinsUTH SA1J llWi l.V W.TH Till IX OMI'ATWSUWS A man from Ohio occupied tbe boor full an hour this forenoon, claiming that ble party was reaoy to fall In with tbe arw measure at once, and adopt K as a rallying err. Tbe greatsr part or the forenoon has been oocuplod lo dlsnursing tbe resolotion which Uses a maximum mrtbe price ol each slave emancipated. It will t>e remembered 'nat tha lAflvARltnn it A nnt nrnrnlA lit hiv Ihoee elaraa Knl morelr lo reunite Congress lo pan proper lam to men limit iliem and remunerate the owner for bli lorn. The mm Used for each alave by the original reeo'nt on ?u two hundred and fitiy dollar*. Thin mm waa objected to M rather tt|b, for II tbc North para that mm and the South nothing, then Ibe South will reap ibe greateal amount of beaeOt from the plan, beoaoae they will be rid of ibe come, and hence all kinoa or trade an 1 commerce ill Improve, their landa will double In value at once, while the North will only reap the reward 01 aartiUng to rid the natl n of the aecuraed blight hi'.uun'. *nori thi ran or suivkm Mr. J. A. f oot, of Cleveland, opposed the sliding toa'e plan proposed by a member oo the opposite aide of the bonac. He thought tbai the ratio ot benefit to earh alave bolder would be un'form In hi* own rfta'e and uniform throughout the I'nion, although perhaps the price of a I t.tve m gbl be SbtO In I lultiatu, fllOO In Norlb Uaiulina . and ?:00 in Mlmenrl, yet to pay uacb, amy t.tiO, the loaa to the peraoa holding the higher prtoad article would be I mere than rrmpeneatart by a proportionate alvan-.e In | other rvepaem. Mr root Iboogtt if thi* emauctpetl'-n plan bepn In M'.aaear', where alavery IB new thought n . ba-e a fail tenure, and where the prise of Oarc-i would be comparatiTi'r aoia, the bail wo id go bard aei"ig . the ether Suuet, where the price waa doable that of MU | aoorl. ?m*rr wun'i maan. fir ??'? j?wth was of ibe opinion that when one State began to give up the n t1t< lion It would be the and of a la very; one after anntuer would fall into the meaanre ar i the whole thing would be h'rtted out of exlateace at onee. Kir.iu wo Id ne??r b?nd a rlavo in that erect, tod nII the Mnotbwc*! won't yield frcm Uiu furoe of ptscunlary advantage Jla tbosgbl the unifhrm plan the better. atlpulatlrg the price by S'ate vca'tmcnt, an I ttij North pay that price, 'eavtrg the halance lo be made up by the elaveheldirg Stater And, sail "ho, In ret w>cae to the advanced doc-rlne of compensating the slave, lb t matter should be leit entirely to the g-n?ro?tt? oi th ae Im nerMatelg '? ?Mif 1. When the er?at work of emancipation .? iloii* he tho ght the alave wonlil be fa'lf at well en *a ilurlrg hie enilarcaieat, perhap* a IPtlo hotter, and ao far ai the riartor and rlato were concerned be ear of the opinion that It would be an even exchange. Ttte matter ehosld not complain If the ilare did not *a. rraam'e unaaiiirr. Mr Ft ve-rr thought that the Mirth war ab'e to he gaecroua vith trie tk-in. He tai l that a robrrma itp.nt ehould pervade our entire free North and *a/ 11 'he Sooth, leaiUmen, agree npon the prtM or fOOl ilavM and free them, then biuid In four hi.I to ua and wo will raf it" (ojrMtura*'* oe ma Trn MwrtHito. The tniet of the afternoon wta takon up >n dl?-i!?a1ng the reeolutlor Introduce! bf Ur. -nttb, to the r'1?rt I oat ho .11 the South reje .I Ib'a brother If ofTef In a tpirlt of ' enl?tnpt,th) c there wax ee farther nae of i ocg pease fnl terme, end the conr ,?tcn to arrive at arax toat Hart '/ eng cdere the inert hateful of ycee Mr. ywmi tndtarored to annport hn naohitioM hf h ? ( 14 faahioocd arrumect if tbe Su ith did got art in a r land If manner n regard to the proceeding! of till! cmrcnt'on, he wae at a trra n know what further act m to Uka. He aall that r a tteetuie had heen publtabed far and wljo? the S"oth *u fully peeled npoa tbe contemplated pro otrdirgr?It t he ban frt tnl'.irnthe name >f a tingle nuwapaper among uicm thai farored the movoe<ent 1 oef were cold and ril.rn, tneydooa aad unlrlerllf on tho tut (ect. He t ei fc.ped '.hat tb'e convention would bo we I a..| phed with men :'.-om the'Watii, hut the So h had not tviaocd a doitre to act wbh'.heal, and he feared that he 00 Id look Irr do fr endir aett< a on uielr behalf. Kseaid ibat rotnr proeiw of the death declared tbeaaae'rei no wed U?o tc the . latitat" on that U.ef do not with to abandon it, pan anf coua'terat-o or rirr.pen?nt!or Mr B' ta ' raid bat In Ihrr prrtent action a flair pro por tion wo. M be pream'et to the Couth, and h? tuew n .1 p? e wbat t riB'lj .e Mr -'m,tb idged that it would be re)r-ed He hed no rearon fir ?o pr* idging; It wa? rl?fct thattbef rbo Id make ewertarra v< tna t*o itn, which war tbe par.f toM'eg thui prei ertf ft world nm oe proper in ibem la rurb in <b.r rMTtttm in order lorn'."what wtil f oj g rr " and to- the Co a renLm ?t lag, VVha.wUlfoj tiki '* ft waa a ir'r ake for Mr -* th to aef that no one of fbegonlh had rrrprndrd lo thrl'call fVrware wax ?lib 1 m. aada great mt otlif ? ' tba butinena aien of tk -nling r-?to -?e rep- rod bpfjrn they laucched iati lonnnilatl'-nr. They coght at Irart to pr- t-mt that hi .r nrer'.i ea will t<? nf1 .'J a!;t t>r -per conrtrry. If tbry we fueled, then ther wmii<! brte cr? rood for re' er too. If rei<v?ed la terra trd rtrrn-o. th--e tru'f ibey c>-: 1J bo at a k>M to ?oi ? what fu-H rr rr. Mure to Mr ?? v raid lb a ho ?!d not moor, to toy that the Sot It had rr -etfed tfcr to .0 adrai *e, tu they U at. J oo re trote from then-?rr kind word or t nerw-.-e?ar.lfrom tbrir innttereiire tbey coald nr'y .nf -r that they ?oua await their act) >a perhaps to m l'gnrutly reject Mr loot, of Oh'r war art will rg |i pr Vge the *e th he thonghl that an c lee trrneh bad brew rrteo ted te then, and ha had bat ''ule doab' bat they would ?j regard tt arrows: rn\ r*H>-win njrr-?ttnr ffwn At tbte or r e of the On realtor, when the hall had he ooaie f-ntte tbta e' pe-pla, the leotloa* bartag beea fairly dtar aaed and Wos tl r reaelat' tao rrjoeted, a member stored that to order t< r-arry OVA the j lan here :? g do. a with proper riper, a oatlonal oo tt jenoation eator patina nc.ely be at reoeorgar. ed rho ta< rrtnrc. wasa loptag By pr'erione a'racfemenl (?err Bm'ta re?1 the nns.itn tiea, which war aioptal by tt e addition of a it tig ? word to the tttta. rrt.-cy altnge her a eat Sori-vie dee gaatt >a. The fte and oonat tcuno of the new tor ?tj bow readi aa Mlow* ~ Art'cle 1. The name of th J arWat'oo ?h%:; be "The Nat.v i a! Ontperration maiwlpet'oe RwdetT." Art : "he ob.?.-t of th j eoetety thai' ha His en nrt oe t: riare ry by a ryilem of oompenstt'on to the tlare honer. rl 3. "tie odteere rhal consist of a Trea dent, lire V;o# p.? ..a v-wrsapoad'ng Rerrrhry, Reoord'ng Retire *ry and i Treasurer t-t I rhe o t.o* of the ot?ety shall be gap*, la tba eMy of Ntw V trk. Art 6 The 9r? aaaaal laeefng aba)', be held la New York en tbe reread ft oetday la May MM, and that meet og iba'J bare fall power to amend One noaau tctina 7 natimom r.-te the -netitathta war a4?pt?d Tba C ? t nau apfieiat' ,t a jowmiMet of three to choone othoa-r ft-rite>*ai Tbe Toll>wlog iQlean were aonstnatel an I < teste o ? IVif. B #1 xaan, Cats ... Praalfent. Her Mart tlor.aisa, Vt ... let \ tee raaldent Hon e. 8. 'V'I.lama. N. Y..... 3d go. do Ron T. fa rharhr, Vt 3d do do. Rwv Dr I'oet, Meaior ,l?h da. do. Hob i John M. Ua)toa, Iiei bth da. do filhu Burrett ? Corresponding Re-rotary. Robe rt Rears Reror ding Reoretat y. R. L. Mnrray, M. Y Trraenrer A?1-hl* patt 4 the CnBTf for adys-r art 4k Li). PRICE TWO CENTS. AFFAIRS IN EUROPE. Our Loudon, Paris, Copenhagen Li*boi. Belgium Cttrrrspoiiik-ncc. Spoilen, the Alleged Murderer of Lmie, in Dublin. IIVBIClTlfil RIMtll 111'IU a !? Ac., Ao., fco. Uaf London ('orrrapon<Unr?-. Lovrxue, V%7 7n<fia aid China?Rmontiimce of'At Amt iccut Mtrc.^i* at Uuug Kong?1Kb dectdaU ia the AtlaiJu; Olxlr?rv> Ti'rkisK Difficulty? Appropi-ia-ion ofth* h'ed- mpt^n AV?1 n/* the Sound Duet?Cayital of the Kogf. t%do. U?mji*??y Ac., <Cc. The Indian mall ha* arrived wth Bombay adv* -oe to it?e 11. h.July. Delhi atlli held oul, but Genera) BaraarJ waa dally receiving relnforomnenta, and next mail oil) 'n a), probability brini: the new* that all ibe u ullneera lntida Delhi hare been put to the tword. Tbo rebel* had made toveral ilea per ale aortloa, but had eaah lime been repnleed with |icat i laughter. The city waa reported to be fuU of lick and wounded and cholera prove'onl The meet nttnraetory feature la tbet the Bombay and liadraa army eoatlnoed tlrm'y loyal, and Ibat the Xnnjab ie <i let. The force under Gen liareard beaetgtnt: Delhi, connate o* 8,000 1 uro reel and 6,000 native troope who remain faith fut Xroro China Ihe new* In unimportant. Are* more JiilIci have been deitroyed. A coreepoodenoe bad aken (lace between aoaie American mnrohacu, of Canton, Merer*. Augnattne Beard * Oo., Meaara. Klcg li Co and Mcaara. Hum #11 At (to. ?nu CtoramedO'e J a mm Armstrong, ccmronndlug the l> lilted State* navel Inrr.nm id the Chin#, weieri. The merchant*, who have been oompelied lo go to Ho. g Kong, coroplatu but Ameiloan aubjeoi# and 4aa rloan iotrrMta are not infilolenily pro ected, and repeat tBe Commodor* to be more active The C rwnmoaire'a reply not being el" a aaUafartory oalnrn, ue roerei.inta !e <in<nticn bavo bad the wb le oorreapoudeoco printed aod Uroardcd to bla excellency Or Holer Harker. mminier plenipotentiary of tbo Uuitod Ktatoa to Chioe, Macao, A.0 Copfe* have doubtkea been forwarded U tbt fr*?emn?eai at Waahlngten. Tbo TVnci' city artlc'o or yeaterday, Iboa conneM oe the rtVect produced on 'Change by the India oo?a.? Tb'i hai been a day of recovery. The oowa, ai tbongh It confirmed tha report current lart evening, appetrrd rait# fat lory when taken In con .and Ion wi.ti tbe ilctalla regarding the cbecka latlloted men ibe moiineem at all poibia, tbe aaiuunt of tbe turoe before ftoihl, the pari !c behavior cf lb- gn.e-al population, ac<I the oonttowed falthfulnraa of the Bombay and Madraa arrnie* The quo latWLg ul the ralea of exchange I'rom China aHio were .eae uulavorable. An equally important etloo; waa pro?ijoed by 'bo italcmcnt of tbe flhanrelior of tbe Mcchfitocr, bowleg that the resource* of the home govtromeol ap pear to be ample for the want* of tbo cnrreni year, that tbcre la no tcioniloti lo j opardUe ibe revenue by fbre going any po-llon of the exiting ten andiogar dolina?at II event* ontll lfb'.O-thel there la a P'eaent MUlo appro beLSion ci financial dtfllr.ultlea on the part of tie at<l indie Company, and that tbo idea o an L'ugllab loan being immediately desirable on .belr behalf aaa altogether without fiundation All Iranianiona la tha abarae of tbe Atlantic Te'-egmph Ccmpany bare cea?ed oiMII the probable rotors 01 tbe an client to lb# cable rball t>ave been ascertained He*pouting tbe dltfloulty at Cnrudhntiaop <, on a "went of the Danublan HrtnclpaJltloa, li wan, a< I a ready In formed you, aettled at Otborne lord I'slne-ielou n tbo (tommoea, and Clarendon In ibe 1/mle. ann-wooed ft. Krglind and Auairta will give In to tbo other ) owevn, and the election* will take piece again to Moldavia, or at nil event*, be revlaed and verified. It la now tu no aean wl.eibor Turkey will cement to thia but wbal can abe dol' The following Heme of genarnl new* a e lDtareabng.? Advteen from Kuaaia mtn'ion that tha r.mperce intend* tl.nrllv to revlill Herman*. where k*lui left in. wn. ? and ibat aa luttrvlnw will then ocrUlul; lake plane be (* co Hts Mayrity aad tbe ) oinerir Napoleon. 1 oula Napoleon baa ordered matnltoeot filter nop from liaceor.k'a, to ho ran tur l>y Koglfab yn-bia It appear* that within the lad lew day* a conatderable proportion ot the ?1,126 Oct due for the re<leiapt><jn of the Round dooe baa bean banded to the 1/jcdoa ay me of the Itt.uh foverrnp nt. It ta onderriood thai the ptvmania on tbt* acrooal will not be rt milled to Denmar^ bat will be retained to 4ticbar|0 n portion of Ibo [tanlab I ana ton traetcd .n thla oo .ntry Ho far, then Tore, fr <a iauatn( tnroirenleore, the ti J)ia. tli.n It Lktly to impart mm, tlnce the auma, at they aro rrcct'Od, will m ?l pretaSiy be temporarily tmployed In Urn dlaeo. nl out knl rbo capital of the Kant latin Company la ?u,G4Q,Ma,aed under the net or IMC. which ektlnrmahed the trad'ae pow< r* of the CKrapity, it wna prorhlea that <1,000,000 rhould bo art a,nr. at a reo-.rlty food to 0# oppMad ulttmate I y, with Ha accumulated lotarodi, to p.y oT th* ifl.OfC.OOO ot atock at tbe rate of 500 |>*r neat A Parte nw-elary rotnrn pnbllahrd to day, thowa the total reoetpta on n ooontof fund up to the preaant tlo.e to hive bcrn 14 JlV.tlU-namely, ?5 CO0.0CO the OMy'oai appropr I at toe, and ?5,'>5 t"'4 for dividend*, reaae ttyo hern Inveati d la the pu-nftwe of ?*0#;.4-0 oi T?->h and ?.1 vi.540 reduced. ruv, uy a tctal of 11,7(6 ?5do three irr rent aire*, which at tbo prlc.a of emulate w..i tQbe 1 wriib 11,261,Ml, or wl.bln ??0,?tS2 of !U coat pi toe. loarn-i*. Aught: 14, 1MT. ' II ffjrn tit frni i of f\c Vr.nplu-J1* 71.arrf- Pv Apf-o^cUi p //yti tj Artoil Jit ?Ac > ftA'd .Ttei. ifc , Jr. We bad latl ol|bl a in *t frlfblfu! itorm n .'endow, wn'ch luted all lb# ereilrg and part of li.e tigtt Rata la toirinte, forked I'rhtnlor nod thunder. more itpiee*aal than la the CMUt( of lb? bullet* tcrne la 'Or ''ryt (Ml" Metropolitan oellara am to day xxlel, drama buret tip, and orlMnr* rnotrtaned down, on ttr pr'netp'e. no doubt, that It 11 an III wind that blow* nonrd) good, l<tr lyloVlayera, analtlrd by tholr Mrh heipa, are no * buiily enticed r<; ntrlsg itnugr l roof < and ehaky rbiir oar pow. Tb? wralhar, rintwl'hrlnndieit thla prrifkci oe, ";nt'um? | aocciolo/Ubly c i? Town, inre n low pe.e.oc merieao ?n ' conllctrtnl fir .'lire, l? In a attie of em|: ner>. and a ca-r-.n ball laroirbed down PlreadlJ'y wo *1 do 1t'J? or n?<??*i*re. Nt Garr;*<ee are to be teeo a Bst.J '.real or ftrfoBt Mr, tt * ? aho.-p"* erpediiiom, ar I H< ~*c. row I* ai claar *1 a rare foilraa brforo Uia *Urt. Dath (?,wn Ifo'nw m ar oard, tb?ii|b ' * ti Open m II r?tn*iaa o r.* for Ibroa waeaa ?a( tba Prlatoaaa* Mr. aLd Mr*, ( oarin Ktan and ihdr frat y naafbiar, will oa f,R 'b a wrrk or an tot ?ly, aflrra aery r"? *r?<a teaaoc, h*uib*t In tetaMyab.o iraprm o, Mr W hart Bra a, will orer Ibelr tbea're wl h a h a*" of ta<*?'., me* o| iVi namn ol Hrt-l, Albrnl, Oaraiar, Mario, I'uro-at, Vc ptm. To >raat ind man/ to r? oglnf atara Mr ict Mi A ma R'r?n are rert! .tea at Hyde'n a all.a and yrnvndr. qotta in tho Mtloof tti? irab m bight* Tiiry o->rr at tb> Koya tiae-iaed ibntra. wl.b hwrr Joy a tb? Ir afar*. eviy in "Vpt?mbrr, far el*bteaa r rkts, Ibr the trifling rrmrr -at m of e'ery pmr.di a c'fht? who world n* kitty to bare am*?'<t? la tenor m t? M*. | Join Doofa*, ILa errryetle lo??r? y( the 'HMti , m rtanard, 1? l< *a than ?eant? ymre, a vary larra f< He an ahia nibtle rat'rar. asd frriba ?rr b? of ??to btr and Nott mitar lia' *an rod tha rerr're* a' M* Jnatea Aodtwra ann Vw Rawortby. A new tad o-fral trnI yrdy w iwwaal?a?l. Mr. Lhtrlui Malbawa la pla>ta* rary ia-r?efel fare wail rarac xaot of a fr w alybta at ttr Beet to?e'a H?y ma'ket theatre Ha ?alI* for Ne a \ ort < a 'a'oada;, tba Kid, aetlri tar prario ib aranta* to iJeerrrf Toe a**-braird ?ie*cr, M tu.ot.r f *,? *.. r I avaa ' r Na? Vat pa? pratBl rteama-, to j?iu Mr Uilmaa'a iiu ft. Vro wl?t fln.i bim a trne artlrt Oo WaCnaada/ e vt, >- tba A'uati f, tar borr ut '.rta c?II and Mr Andrrw A n ! ? ' a may t>? Taa latter frttlaraan 'a wrll kBoea at a thaat leal nti an axtelimt aroataar aat?r, a* tha Oimmodoro of uie Koya. Harwich YarbtCluh, Kaar C -nxn.aii ra of tba Moral ? dcB, and tba owner of one of the praU.ast naa I a neat , yarbta aflcat. Tbr day w not yet Card what the gnaan a u. < > j t.rai uod? #; to* onw uotcdi itarota upara. ??ur Parta t orraapond*nr?, t ??jk, Aor< ?. U, I4i. IV /Vt TJiiM'l Qvtum?AfMrt nf {'.? Car* J ?V? fifVi.J. ; miwiry fct l'aru?1\4 lUtlm* 0? , ,-ht/.oaf </!' * HtMU\ <imf rifisrtf In Qmfi, i . Lt end for (At Aafradiftcu nf JfauKid on-i L ? /*? ? V* Do+*t%: Cfcfc, ?JfaJaatt Hi ? FV' kA A<A< g?t1>- FT!* Napflim, Sx, 4:. n*iand, a* I praHotad, baa ha.!, id con* i ?< ? f r.adiflkaltlm ' tba Indian panicr ?. to lata a atap back warda on tba .oaatlor. of tba Prla. IpalltlM. V, >m . tna. for a fnaltag of *enara caaaitnliy raa gat dtg ?rp M St'r acalntt Ihe blgb tsa* of lata adoptad by *a it*Mm. Tba Fngltvb Pramlar !i uadtabiedly raa < f '< ma ? 'a orltaa and both la prlrata an 1 a p-iblto '!fa wni ?rar r.m aacapadaa, ba *onara y caBtriraa to i*?t tpne a But ba abon'd not prraoma loo fhr rb*r? ai a?ta ??a In Uia d atanor. ami li br lora-no b **<r teaa a raaa o band?of a c.haag? it wrath*' aa rrrardt thr popr v wo ablaa la which ba bai mt Ion* ha?a*d. ail ; ha wall If hi* lordablp look war bo* I rrd Pamarrca hat bora eradki la Uta r#ry twaddii#* clribaa <, ?aotbary, aa.' aol a day pa?ai hut arm? moo*!/ *ti fro.i of ha -a- y aortara appraw Tb# n?l raocnl eiblD' urn tie litaeamlnn la arliaweat rahMiaf to tba Chap* if uta Bn. i ah abaary In tbia plarr, tbn dtralna ?a ' -.? p??a tba i-ramiar tba aioat rbrrb ba baa . *. . i a bt aaw Par amrat- tba rotaa a i|iA?t biai. A a tB'rirti la* barn mactlonad a f ? n,w r * ba atarwila to *lr* tba parttmiarn ka data t. }>?< ;aar J?t.f *r Rrt,<T ' t>af t k ;? L'oi tb