Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 31, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 31, 1857 Page 1
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TH **HOLK NO. MW> FKilM rilli CALtPoRNIA 8T8UKIL The Illinois Ashore for Three Days on Colorado Beef m iHfin FH??e Bht ruuLMg renrm. i #1,600,0*10 on the Way to New York, Mm* Ma* Mm. fbefoDoving ii a cap/ of a despatch received J?flterd?> bj Marshall O. Hubert*), Esq., the agent it i be California in til eteam^s: - Nsw OrlKinh, August 3ft, lRIZ. Tke steamship Empire City has arrived here from Kwy W?a?l, all well. Th* Hteuu-h'p TTHools, from AsptaviH, with 500 passengers and |l,60*1,000 in specie, would teavo H??wua for New Vorft on the 30th invUnt. She had been oa Oo oraio Reef, 70 milea weal of Haiana, fo? tr.iee day-', but after throwing over 200 tons of oal she got off without iojury. She was hauled off If the s eanship Empire City, assisted by the war fcMtaier Blanco de Gray. Ybe Empire City went to Key We t for ?oa'. The Illinois wil? oe due at New York on Wednesday next. NEWS FKClIf EUROPE. ARRIVAL OF THE ATLANTIC. TheHpanfah-Mexican Kmbrogll? laaoguration of the Louvre at Paria. COTTON, CORN SND CONSOLS FIRM. Tkf Fitich Government and the Re lugvett 1U MHimxit imv KOLLM TO COAti TO 4U8WCA. Ac. Ac Ac. Ibe OoiliM fealt etnaiaahJp AUa*uo, Oapi. Bdridge, from lirerpoot, *uu< Kb* ?ailad at h*r pert eleven o'clock Ml Wedue>de* mo'Blijg. Aug ail 10, arrived At thlt port M abort half-peat tore* o'clock yrelcriey no re tog, after a pmmgo of tea deya, aneen boor*, and thirty minuter*. Mm Judaea May, the AtMrtoao prmm donna, la amoag Ma pmmokcra by the Atlantic. The h?i fey the Atlanta la uf aa unimportant nh? ranter. Ibe tr l*gr*pb*r tguadron mm at nyoMeth. Titan TTwnaata ware to fee determined apea at a meeting of mo direnere of the He*Marine Oonapany la London on UM ifth toot.-the day ?oa tlieotlo railed. Oae Lh wprt rouoe market waa Arm aad one rtatothto of a peaar bigb. r. feeHnwlh tending upward, except eora, which waa ML Omaofe for taou+j rnoeed at Oltf a 91V to toe Houee at Qoaaou on toe lfth Mr. Olaraeb | edfe Aw, aad Mr. Teraee Smith promtaed, the prodaoaaa at toe act paraed fey the Supreme Council la OhieatU, with other doc i meet* relating to the rtatrlotioa lately ee tofetoMil upon (he prme la In 11a The latter gentleman MLfetatocd that toe laotrtotrra act waa paeecd oaly for a rtrtgto year. Oa Turn day, thr 18th, mototag of ooaaeqoeaoe Iran*ytoad ta the Lords, aad la the Oommoaa the dally parte ' rer'ag epportlk n io the Divorce bill waa aaMlaned. Lard Pelmeretoo, la reply to aa laqairy, Mated that Mare wa to be a mutual conference of the d.Street t"owi tea * K~..-po, fa: the j.urpnee of placing toe commerce uf Tarkry la more le n ruble parti Ion. "he di *tnrwM end flood* had done e>roe conatdn nth damkgr to the crop*, ha la vartoat putt of Cog land, i nrdlng the AHehtiC'x departure m l It vn oopo-l that (be An at u.o raloe would oe much euarat- -<t The Lea don hwi aa) ? A fcerrhaxt r? denUj iInm?>I at Liverpool, la eat J to aee left hablttto.: reaching ?V>O|0'<t. of when ?100000 are torou|h forged acceptance# tn Mlla of exehange. The feel |>roi macee the xt-jry a hoax. matt rtramr* f tr Tudta. to tall na the lib of Anfuet, tr iul>. take out about a million pound* tlerllrg In a Irer, H. ei?> Windham, -ilia hero aT the Ht-Hu " wai among*! h raMeegarn. Re r*M out loaatumean Important nun *>*-< ?i loo armf. The fi>'t Nttralron on the 16th of Aof<uit carnal off woll, w*to .?r?i the cut door amirementj **ro marred hr' The Kmptror, on the or'? toe. grebVed par1 ?- , noaimbtaliuoa or reduction* of [itinUhmMt to 1,143 julaaaara A Part* latter tn the L/iodon ffa aay*-? It la geeereilT aaeorlad a?d believed In wait In firmed aarwri here, i . .! In ??? he K"?ar.rn vi 'V?? 4 la pr.r- * tot ib* e avv 1 ?, d?rln? hl? ?'#evo-, tv *. of* "f !. dm helm a demand will at nnne be ma'e m* th - H'ljit tablwrd un-erihr n ndi.i ? treat/ fu* He api-revo .in tad anrrr ><Vr <il tbal tadlvrtnal tnnf uiin ??' a am reea till k' e?M| ntihlBra, 'Jwh rrienun 4 a jar/ t? aorh aft.' Uh| aer. aaa '< . - M?l a t adj i mmanHt-'t- or i>u lev nt.'ije** of a k'tvnte H*?? t>v#ee<t ifaarn ( ore I W*t"wvg1 ?e>. la rd ' iv'ar, and tk? HUV ' *? It la ae|.a,a I vtme ?' th?' m a Hirteum wmiel OrVeg .edr.I MO.UI' wl kbi ti e pr ivi J oi ?? r.i r? c-eaig it addeotba' lm tri ? ?hn -.14 e ?? almaal/ left, or to>ad# to leave l>|ltii.| fee the tiiM dbMfcr The farm oorrwtpuedeat <i( ilie i/atdon aVrwv atg u ii me departnre, from PaMe for If arret I lex, of irooeral f)"Or r*?. and preevta Mat ho will br l-.nt 4 at ibo bead . lanergrnu M Dtlhl btftrn Njvemto'r. It ?a na en< "dtrred up the 'art l>irmean ear. A Bet of deoorai^nt 'a ih? Mmitvr, on lh? uocar' i . the Mr,err-? ?/?'<r, oonta.L' an nctforlrill, large U4.M her ot .Horary urn. uwi( whom m Alex Ibax, Me reeag'r m pj?|"n r r.'npriw nki <iwe m nvntL The Para Orwt.rfp-nit eat nf ?ba I onion T\nv* thrrnnei government c-Dto:r>ptete? aeixlltf a nnvol and *ni ttMry r ipodillon to Onthla China to aapport a tMMhi 'or Matter no for m limit rflhmrt to the French rnpraaMta Bt? by the f mpemr of Ar nam, He alto nayn that It K propooMi W> found a maritime and oojimoroial eetlleioen: ,m ia? bay of Trwetiie la Ooohln China. A Born* denpatrh aiatea that great nnvlety ? * felt ai c*"pumn Iren that ware taking P*r > tu? > i?b . ' Pna a. believed to ba I bo renult of an incendiary a pint, attteooft tl nan thought they Might bar* boon canned by tan heal of thn tun reyn. In the town of Bo>*uadJ, in tan prvrtC'1* nf I'oat.lMotl of IN hram wtra twnt ova, rnednrttg 'ACOO peraotin entirely booeeinan The K?per?r of Aoatrla had rcooqainenro.l hiijotraey la H'?f?ry. and met trltn an eolhualnnUc moopUon at MaNff A deep*' h from SUxkholm represent* the health of the lh| of Hnnden to be atill vnry naaettafketary A telegraphic deapatoh annmnoM that It han boon raaatvrd to make a red notion of npwarda of >n^oo In the rail Impertal Hoard; alan that the Koa*>an government m Mcof-d in nfetpplac n totilla dentmed lor the Otitaoa* Adrtoet from ualata Mate that Indrn own wan rapidly advancing in prion at that port The Parte onrrenpondont of lh? Timr.< fr?t a minor thai I am Stamford dr Rodbllfto mil not return U> OneMatl noptn that he In to be proaaoaed to the mat of earl and be Mtnoemiad la uie Turklah aimntoa by Ihrd linden, at prnanat Minuter la Hpaia fhe Meanwhip * > arrtr'd at Urv?rp??wl ot 0 oVlo'h to tno morning, %iaoay. Angirt 10 Thn nr.row atoamer Ueac at If il lam* aotlnd Oona lArorf* oa Monday morning, Angnat li.iori* Johnn, Nnn mndtand, he thn aanaaaabtp Van dor Hit waa to lean hoiihamptno oa Mfcirday, tho ttd-tha tame day that thn Aim left UvnrfMt. Vlin turtle mutiny. he have rohnaiaooe detailn of Ute mm. of affair* la BlOtn, hot nothing maHy new or Inportaai. fltetane* frona a private letter front Una bay of Jnly tl 1 noil ooo that wn ham name Into l.onhkma unn. nnaaf nhtnh thn tangentnighted cannot venter* to tay E NE ibat be mm hla ??; lea dara ahead. a mod doadrnua altM of Onega truly it la, and I import tad aerer a.ooe naaay tat oar aspire la the Gait &~eo la aooa Immloeat perU ? ? a a PlowdeD write* Drum Wagpror, aul eo rtata help to be Mat to bim, lee! Urn mutineer* Truia daogor, Joobalpoor, bo , ibould oome ion apoa htm; but ibat aoM uot teem to bo tbe liu? of (acuta Dalai u Ute o*litre or aitrao too, aU the tUlata* turn tbalr heada Id that rtirwotum; among rtbvm 10,000 of the O'llwr Ooatugeot. aa yet aboou'e regtmeal la toe aaiy one of tbe Hyderabad Uonttiigeal biao ha? mUDebared, ami auroral of them bare need abot aorl hanged at Aurunga Dad. Uri'a regiment la ben?viog *e I, an J mu.t be roar khnw bj Una time All ?be indore Iroopa btre ro. tinted, acd omsmiueo ao <ut thirty ma'derg of r^n'tywi wmro IIM i- IIW? /w ?to*D tf MtCMi'wxr, Ra<ipa?U', Augur, &o , bare Joined; Bolter te aUurob; U>? QuP owar We?eMn<. eu<t -III 'e*olt 1' H->laar .Bow *1if ayiupoaM <* U?a*vi n. Vulboert Davidson think* be bab toe Nizam OOublrv Well is band, but ibe general be lief l? tb.t * e.ierk attfh.wig OB lb? tinder would ?tlh? abilouf 14 anil la a tlese. m , et tno Bmdm; ?nu tfadrvi iron,* are ftltn fnl, hi) t?tr? la not a breath age o?t wen roe ?*h? also ar* all rlvht, and tbe Betooohfeea; but Uov la oue ?o ir-at eaingle Uuaaeiwan after w.e proof* we hare bad of luir i telihvo that w nut of 10b ham aa with ia'-oae battel Sir H Lbwreiiie la 0"Wlu? mil gal autly at borbBow, but fca?a are entertained for dir 8 Waeeie1*. at Cawnpo-o H ttoror, devoloea *aa on Ua ear with bts brigade of four KuiOpxei) regimebta All the haroee* At") , bar been deauo>ed bj toe mutineers at Oevnpire; all our gun nerrlagrr and materia'* ant teniae! FirtWia-ir; ew treatuiy baa beeu aaoauni, every pubila buiH r,g daatrn;od?nA a rupee of )?r?a..e can be eollrcted, and In moat otaea tbe <n<uiueia Have got dean aaey with ar?a, arwmtromont* gun*, inrtet? everyibbg, la short. Ihe Beogti army, aa ?eil aa their na-ura, ar? bankrupt, and the on'y d>n?olv U< D 1? <b*( aotie of |-e Ntor* whiih by $ be'pe! to full we ?onnf?ien eiii suffer heavi v *i*t T ?n ipme were it hardly an otreer who baa anything lef to htm b it the 'Mfcrt en bit Oaok?I loeau. or comse, lu the our pa whlou hew miniated u?t'igi>t li'lh1 war d m takoo no u <b4 9lh, and B ward's relr>f<Vroe.tien?? *e*e ar>lvlog He May* iba. la oseleva to sleek until be ua-u make aere of balding II when be be* got It the alrmdtie* ba'n beau h*a'?h?eak;r.g, h?t 1 ?ui n<h detail Wrm rtt An*ricn: miuion af LouJiana Vjj Icut fit 60,'.0C * * ? ] aball not ua surprised li ibe 'duaree eao" tir the rlia ' Mjnar r*ip" (!* * r>* fright In Bombay; but our poH *? 1* well treaaged. The ijovernor la very prompt. He hat leal *way too many 'wo!* Mr Vern. n *mltb and Lord Pal morrten moat liter the reepenslWHty of a very heavy kja? uf life and property. Had (be* not lo tbolr vrltdotn brought on tbe I'erttaa expedition, Bombay troopi would have ooBimued to oeoupy Suss, **eh*d ant Neomuoh, and pout* of Uif jHHtjr 0U 69 foild hiff dirod to w 1 ?oN. %n<i ?a 0Doiii4 hmwfi h#oo oblo to 9?l0t Arr*. h>\ Bnlkar I* behaving admirably. Ool Duranl, who 1? ao?n{ for Jlr R. Hamilton. when the round ahot mom raWllug through the residency, a Kurt anl gni in H-bnr* Hutnblnann and ht? wife are ?afe at noma fort between Iir rtnre an? Bamda, and a party from the lit e? plaoe *> go tog to bring them in ail the raatdenny olerke were left t> be murdered The vlllaloa beheaded the women In he atretic. and cot the children tnt? pteeea. On the Oaotenary of Piarly the Delhi mutn*are had given o-it that they would tight all day, and J?ey literally did se; they came oat at <1 A. If , and fought 1*11 7 P <1 , leering between Y<) and 610 dead We leal 'bin* tolled Md rtghir wounded. They ha-e upwarde of afiy |oh? of k'ge calibre la port Hon, and arc Ibem with lha grea.eM precutm. It la he Povfai af thl author It tea at Deiul that tne mnttneera mua tar JB.fOO. Our Enrepeana, up to the23JI of June, wera little above 1,6C0, but by the 28u? they would am rant to aboat 6,000, and with ibetn Barnard hoped to do It bar d aoaaely; but we are atoll wltboBt nowa bey tori th* 117th AJmnat all the Dawka, aioept to Inhere, are out off, and that here bean no telrgreoha for a long while All lb# algaalleta wore at or cared at Iadore, and that o.U faggot, Bulia-Cfinee. la at Ute bottom of lha Qwalior revolt, and aba baa been trying bard to inotte the K-tiupoor | and Setiara people and the Dunk an Hlrdara dho la tap I booed to be worto two mlllloae aterllog, and In he evading | n<r money in even direction. Captain Hangerf <ra hotda out in the fort at Mnow with bis European oonpany of ar; Hilary, but all hia driver* bare mutinied auJ goat# off I There will bo no more native driver* hereafter. What I la to be don* with all the orhoer* of the late Bmgal a-my ; an one can remuio to anggem I boiler* that by too one of tb* year we ahall bontg to her Majeety, and that peaelbty the nrwim of the tow pHetdandaa will b* formed lnlo one. a* aa tn get Amtbar ant Mediae troopa to ihe aorth, t? ?ho? w bet died t-Hoe la . other wlea Bengal will bo ftfccd wltn Cnrnpoaca, and aanvea employod tor pohoa only. We have deoerred all *bm bee ooan upon ua for oar loom; and, if L/wdn KUanboroogn and iaradowne apeak the rotoe of England, we ah*U loae India, and thai deaerredly. At Molrjut Ttouble wttfe Spain. [Tom the liOBdoo Nin, Auxuet 1*1 II would, wo rrolure to onfgoot. bo oaeful If oome ID do peed*ol ntotxr wore t > lBtorrntolc tto cor or* Bool, bo Wo POTtlOBMM rtoH.OB tfe? MM* Of rolollQW* be?W*O0 Ppoin tod Hondo, laaea the port ?h?oh dia Irere boroiokeulolb we offo'ro oa 1 ere nreoored totoke to iboB: for mprmnt m rupture emd Motilities or <o| Iftiw on Midi id ?>e Iwo SHU* IWrwo MeadMMi oobd*o bo uiboroloo tboo hurtful to Koglltfc tot*root* oad EoglwB ^owmeroe, tod they my tw> force uo the farther inter routine of Mrd Power doogarwot to the Motioned indotexlrteo of Mesloo, If the latievendeaoa of thot Kioto bo till e-welder Ml on o'jot* of K-ire|Ntoo oooeora II la bow lomt miDihi ilnce Merlon tool to F.impe Iwo dtpiow ftw the pnrpoot of orrongtBg two dta, .tee? no - -h Reg end, the other wltb d*iota. The .npnw otth t-Vgi-n to xe out of u ottered darlag e tore)MPMi><" tod Ibrcot collleg lu oee W ibe Portgr pnrte of Me?mt tn on Rngllrh Oooenl. end out o' too ' deoUoettaw of hi* onma>*rniei property, Tlu dipkneouet fen* U-1 bet ptrpne# to loedoo woe Heee?ti tunt to. o , men Of entrlt. teore ood K i root no rletrs. ?ad Of b.m to trrmpge-nrrt wteeowe in with I.wdnBre-iioi wnnotp oay 1 rrcot otiiieuny. At ell erenla, net-rag Bo terra the two xiuctrw* bore beeo mono#* Verj diP'rei; tu >eeo lb# mi?vwo? of tbo eia.ijo of Sennr |l?f'Ognv TV en, hnwerer. the inotlorr la onUur.irrjr wer?, tt Bluet he aoMH-'ed, inure mtn >11 wtn.); tod, |n odd to U>0 dtfflouliT of their ruiuUdO, dl|.lwnet > pnnntiiio wo* limbed on both r'dio. The qoee.ioae ol I wonr notween tpoin oed M*rte.<j ore understood to be Iwo | ? rir p* toe mwr * '.u??rr. Thoie are. II aotmi, aom* dv.OOO 4,<?uiarda aeuljd to lha old .ApocMb colony A* mirbl be ipimao'i, the/ aco eineediryle utit?t|minr, t?oU? with the f-tbramnnl aad the niuiimff, e ?>l*Mi lb-Mat. They IWIMl rotunda Oil* eoltmy ?? a liitciivii trh.-uoe ,?iu boo** ?ue day to rrynlo domta r.n lu Halloo. ) ho |>oopl? fo*' tueae a,iboi?n?a m in? repreaenlatlrna of Ute oil tar?llo pert#, wliirh iba reeoMi?<oo ?? 'nr mora direfttnd tbao ttnlnri ib? nrueo of Pt?lu Tbo ood?o.|tiio? of Itala uu oi.ulvtty l? ihal diuv *?*orltl-? ?a/1 ni'tio ".?7a beaa ( errw-t-a "d tm iho auhjante of l}u-rn liabella r?"1aaHo Hot'no, ?o<> i Lat tttr-ir iw -imt'M-.rr bar* r ma uui?i'ilsb*d m >n duly iMued, uin (oamomaot ?f Madrid hat to on inlri'M and pualahmuul for the IrjirUr .?oB CTtmnnJIy ttUCvf i,a lha per toiia ?od propartf I Hpaaiari'a mirth 1 to 'he proia<nton of iba lav* 'o l?nw But the riaarmrifOt of Mullet, a?iailtu.i? .. ,, lo tbir rot taut, r.eradt ihe ilidlit.lpn ! , l? innro, lha r?ka?au of tit with rlly, noil 1 i? <V.*t?rve- eel re?etq,i?r vy t'ale r>f the r ?uotry ; ti> uMllbuliUf thtte vol- * !> Ilit tinodl of ui??->t, , bit ?!? tm Aira?aa ant <> '??<?, bntf pn'l .nlnai ?m ' unjnti rhwS , h?~e ur?rrm dwi aot, to fact, p> nlrh I Of (T"r dera o- ey-ivrt lb-* 0; -nia-da Tha AfmrUh rtrarrmno' on! oa-iaalruin ao III part of , bat ng a anrui ?...i enter lu?.?va a. .lit alteram ei , ?f tbm rap tlti'llay ,a lir'na to i^BMrdl la a f*r n-rrW einener- ih*i it ? tt?a'f>hh? to -apram and pa-i- 1 < * ?. u pa'n, and eh-~ee? tn regard tho woabo,m of J . nccrertroin l?a bo'h I. Ira there h, at dou'M, j ?> , ?. fr.- -ni of ir?tnrrr*,,j, an1 eery p'-tibr toil i <j ?u3 anoummtvlail'm Tfta yoremmed' of ' at'i > rntB. lo that .1 "? ?io a dre m, if uoi.a 'laatrn, ? , i-i a )? 'i j ?f rtna aort tu M oln An I in auTa??i. ^l Tt^i>ui er-n If it b ,va tjo ip; ? acbaoic. oa ' <1 ' n a ly arr?r'o t'taail iba *lla?t>ootf <,taaltr,fn from lha t?.nrataolo atalr of that.* aba ruialnr lo oale nal o> nr-'t'ir- i' nrj ormmo* bni omatiaian a rarjr faui oailt< at "f ^)a', tirraroaiiul The Mher ranaa of q arret la, aa ?r? ba*e aalt", ptfloai ary "Hte rtotl ?opa?tt'on of ItllW from Ipa.a l?f\ mtay Jn?i ami ?ra?tn?l ? vf?al nnjo?i eU'mt ay Spaaa'M r?. f. I "< rr T < tn. i "t't i,y *l?( *r P mm rafoead ta r?o>nrl?a 'hr loderaailrwie of tfaa no ti.-na r-bkima- ma-bat In ?Vjm hut tha In letwndnma an kioatcdfd the Oojrt of Ma Irti prttae.1 th t'payataat rn lha |0?fTRiCBl of Me*lco A conrantioa lo cittnue Into thtra aad lo t?r??lla for their fqoliatMia *?' nrm rinded Cttdar M ahti >a lo lha a*!?? . of tome three mil I nr.a of tioilira, are tre'lave. wnra at al'le-l, ?n I htn I* la ?>e,i?rt of |l em limned by M-n'eo. Thla nlearly ooehi to bare lermloaled the iirnlton It d l o<4 ^oooeello* go rernmreta in MeeWn Imrnrted fraud and foryery '.o nrarly oaa half the r'alma ao mlmlltai, and repudiated la im uii f *be btai'la te thai eaient Afaluat ihla ra pndta'tea ?p*ln moe*ted, lbrra*eted raprtnala, an I a rnptjre aqrirti| Immlaent, Imw lAfraptta wae mbI by rrrabieit Ooa"t,fon to K ?op? lo arranye thia and ibe o?hei dlerui* tha *hi i? if obinli we Mare nlreatly dm-r lred The Men-an !>? ?? en. q mated, e* praaaed a wtilibyteaa to afV oele- ?* th i raildNy o' al' Iba houdi teaerd, but haa ad.I'd J>? de e'anDafloa of hi* rTeat amenl lo nipear nbd puatab tbeanth-rra of Iba fraud afoot claim aail vmiflhm Waaba were watted la Part* on point* of atifintte after lha arrival, Aannr l afraf'ta would <rd prnc?ad U> Madrid an'rwhe wvaofflntally motived tsera *Uho?eb la Icadoa Rn Almonte had wlwly waived ft?*ma lite* uf that eort, and arnui?od bit nontrovervy Informally wild I^vrd Qaraan nbafu-nhnwaw oflV'.elly r? -l?td. At l?? lha Mrtlran Envoy did iirnonad te Madrid but. foft te him 'f and lha apuntah M Malar fo? F?r"l|fu A (Tat ra. ma'torn C retraced crab Mb a The on- l?OT*rty rr*" mnra am rrarmd and bitterer HraoM h prlda am M?rr*n tan* Uvea at* and mutual ?nente a epp*ahen*t<"0?, ft a-a aa-1 Jeekmatte, bad brm-rht matter* la a ateud Mil, whan the ma-'ialtoa ?f Peg aad and 'ranra wan o#?r?d, aad Wat undertteod te be art?trad No ?lte*iaudirf tbr ananuDoammt that *unb wat lt? J . raaa, dpatdtb promrattent te taeh radr- at bv fortta wii on A tarve n-i*l"ti bad tlroady b-rti ntratfted at ho ftvaat; ?td,?ooa tew. .or* ?m utih-l f-ntn R?r ce?eee ar'!<i *Ui, W ?at deviant wat tnat-K *atd? for war irnfo 1 termini onnl' oat a eoittiie aa Mfmorr ?nt of rorh ln>?>??l?ter>riea All ?b*y emtM boo* ?aa,ihai lewd r%r,n ion and M. da Watewatl bad tefflo oat lafto ana at Madrid to pmvrat aty epoeul to f. re? wbaa. ta Ibaanrprta* of arary uaa, tawnr I afragna. ah mi but dwyt apn mad' Amwat I*' fmi t*m lAr VpauUA groT-nawtw Aad all m vf/A Wat, and A- A<at ?A nmwMV-w ?v pte, of Mmifiln nfrrtf in Spain nndrr (Ar f nte rion a< fhwa ' . nut roplore, tltboogh only aa yet ana of dlptoaaawy, la? rtwldtrlnf tba Mate of t -mnlth preparation at lha Havana, tht ftet that fan'a Aana It thara raadf (aa hie mount or v r, lam at ton annocarr*) araln to aaantea pow-r la Mario-., ? ,d abora all, the motive whloh taa Onnrt of Madrid haw tea Rainy lha aftantim of tea <tpnr.lah aaMoa on a war wMnto would iraafy tta inordinate pride??<*Mdert?i teaaa olr W YO MOEKLNG KDiriON-MOl orm?t?PM?i ibe rnpmro l? a tarj Berlou-, and In wow re p?ei? m alarming ?late of tfcloga. Ouroeinio-roe alth Mexico ta ?mall and declining, bni aucb an H nm*lca it mnrt be irnemed; and any diaturb ance oI tranquility In M>-xtoo wrmld be immediately frit by he leeg defrauded ted heavily duprd t nubrl ieri of that re.-uhho While, ibrrefore, it mutt be admitted that 8|*ln bar a right U? pmnnre redroaa fro * M?x>o?, we are we I entitled w in jutre mto the moUrea and objeot* of any ear t'-et may be d-dared V It be wage' for dotneetio - ? ?--> ~ jr. V?v. TV? MVHJJWVTO 3tHW U* IU'U(P ? U'lTW h?*le k?n?er?if It dm for ita e->jew we reteyilsi ion t<T Hpanirb ai'lftvrtty In Me (loo?II Is d war thai Eng'and Is Douad, In the lute-raw of tbe world, I odo? to r&jbl'l And any war wage-l by doalo on a largo scale again?) tfextoo most, un''? the elrtvios lanoea elated, and after lue mec Indue of F-anoe and K iglaud bat been offered, partake of vbai daagerour r.harmo ter. It Is as enterprise which mat bo diaeuaragea to tue greatest uoeaibie extent, and If aoaoiutely osouaiutry It vaybt to bo To? diflto?l<y of making reprisals on a Ails wMch ban n? J one iU-o'W o>iy Buy ouavequeooe, andaos*\l> i'Tg, and of ob aiidng rrdrers la lb at way la no d-eibl eery great But the aoparatinn of tfexioo from Spate bia |u>c<>DfO a peruianeut faol lo the eurld'a hlvtori tfrithnr F.ngtana nor iA? I nuoi .SW-- cm f*rm>t any blorWi- rf i/ui niaiO'if Mrwt?o,t-r any reWreii "f piracy in 'Ju Spar.vti J Main, soon at would aeauredl reour uu ter Ute oorer t f i i-aeai hot uim-os and to an- attempt to land a Bpasiah army In Mrs loo. Praaideut Oomoaf jfi weald reply bg i etakug mil urn aid rrooi i're?io?n? Ba>ihen?n. dhouH * Hat aa-fetaece Nfgl-cu. wn- United 4*a'ts and tit a-n world w ail prubnotriiy brttow; and in that ? A rt wul-l Onto t* 7 b>? loreeKy of tMob h-wHItteo e? rnoo-rt to-iM litrd rurnad- n baa protested, and will pr<weot But at Parliament la rlaing M would tie quite aa wel U avonrU'-a i with -one acouraCy a-bat he bat J uy, ao<l o receive i fine ate a ranee of what be means to do In this !<npo tani ; matter I'be tlontpieikMi or tlta Lonrrs, [Part- Ulrr 'f !?(? '4, 'n t/ errei H<n?? ] In hta '* Dirtbmnair* fhtl-noiu dt VVU ?i> Paris't i le ! to Kmi'ont, ' pubilrbed in 17 it, By an*, obeerrea In lue ribilc Lou<re. IhU mule ia wt'hont oonira-ii-Jnn VBa ?'* royal rusrwtwi lu Fran-re The etvm -kiwi nf Us nam? la uaonrwn -onu-d ing 'onooae h mr-ii* f vorf'Qr p**r jr*ll -i'*?or tne cfuf d' rtrrr; In Giber wr.rda. {Vuiv- J, fiiu. 'Wf r~? h*v? u> ike Raj-u language and J>*l ? ? tOa. In daioi tuuvn auau-i Aat nu (nhwa derive It 'mm tbe rant that the at a of t w but on g in olb-r ilroe* a 'Tf>r> f t wt>v?e, and hvti'i* we :.-d li annieni tttlo dee-a the naair ?,.p!wl io ft H bai u may, 'be name was after wards extended to all >JM roy 1 rrridrrra Whatever be tba epieton of antiquaries, the early hhvo rv uf the I/iuvrt lerulvet ia great obvoart y. Tt.a Mine of It* roe ad err ao-i the ate of l<e ereetloa a?o ! alike uiikuona to ua; aad the Q-at auttcu of It on 'eouru la > in lh? aeren'b century, when we are told t-mt D?x ?bar kept la It hla bmw and h mnda fhe/Wtienrd Kiug* ofMnytsMeltt Tbsee royal perronagaa, wht teaeryo'i all tnatr anarglrs 'or tha table, rode la a wag ? throogb (lie (ores> whioh then ooremd tals aide of the Mae, ana returned by pie river, Cthleg -along the way, to the city, wb*re they .supped and I lent Tbo I.-mve ha pa-see over In ?11*nee under theveooad aad third race of King?,'aa<l we only And H mmttooe nndor .Peiup august is lo 13C4 thai Prianff wnr?r-e<l It law a fb treaa, sur roudtd by ditobas and daukad by to were Ton ru.nt?l hnlUllnr ulul Uw r.ui In dca>oitaf?a by Prtaw I . *v the bop It wan j w? tbta rpoi U# feudal Wrooe and dapeaddlte or | ba cioa mm la do bv?v? and Ink* tba oath ot Oalty. Brnoe it van uud that the aautoa or Lordsbipe ere beld of toe (free tower of tba Louvre, and me Tor mota leaf mr?n? It* deatrac mm It wno neo need aa a prison, end John ae Montfbrt, who die pa tod the Du ibr of BMt-any whb Obwlea of Hiote; Char hat tba Wlokwi, King nf Navarre, and aevoral Ueaati of Daodera vera oon deed la N at different eerteda fbe vaUe of Parte ere nod by Philip Aogaatoo did ao> eoaenriea tbe I/nrvre It rw n>alaed oulilde tba elty for 600 yean, it waa eaePreed la ooT uder OMffod V , and wmpieied In law by U&arlei VI. CbarlM V. apewt 16,000 Hvrae la relfta* Ibo building, Ud raadertaf tbe apart mac te more com hip i me, bat It war under Cnarlaa IX. Out It became tba ordinary baai tat inn of royalty, ft waa alae raaeryed ae a lodflor for foreign prteoee a bo might rlalt Prenoe. Manuel, Rmiwror of Ootwtaatlae -la a*d S-glemnud, Kmperur of Germany, bad apart monte la tba Louvre dortnc tbeir euj-ura la Pare, radar (tierlee V toe palace fo med a paraile'ojreaa meae rrtng 9W hot by Ml II waa than tarronaoed Dj a matt. which me ctrtoe rupoMel, and oonia oed rugae of bbtidtafa, a principal ooort, eayoral lafertor oooru and fardaaa. In 1430, the Baglteh Ptieateglag to ettack Parti. I (bar tee VI. damn lie bed tba treat to err, sailed the Oheatel da Bote, and ailed up tba mtcbae, la order to afftrd the tabaallaatr eoeeea to lha tear do OoU la defend Mtmt eetyea, Nearly all tba to *a*a tttat oouiyoeed tba buikling bad their we*, t era, who ware * abler, ntaay of whom bad nhai ela ana obaptalna. nrn aatraaoe to tba Lwvra waa by tear fbnided gatae, ca lea porteaur The p> taet ml aa trans* faced the b tab of ibe Moo, aad between tba rtv? r and tbe budding etoid a fa to fluked with men, which eprewl apoa a large enwrt, bordered by parte of ma paiaen dteeb la tba wemtew of tba feaedeww anmbar cola, (brttflad by two law tew an, eorarad wltb a terrwnt ran gate waa oat urated by Ottarteo VI wttb hie own name, aad that of bte It bar, (jbarlee V., which etood tn mi Prairie I. iwmud the taum Oharlee V. it U>? Loam with much maguiOoeeoe end bonur. Cher lea IX , Henry HI . Henry IV , to-l I/mta XII lahaMwd II IM addet to lit hot In tug* Nothing nmiiM of the oM obmeao ,1 Philip Aegrutae which Ow n V. reimlred; ? nb? Urred UMt the moot udMl pail dow la uiutsooe la thai . Oiled be Vteo* I/mrre i>*?ua by/raneU I. la .*39, aad ii0'?hed he Henry n In 16W IxmiIo XIV reeoired 10 eoapM* Um polaoe of fet Lonrro and the grand gallery al tag the bank* of lha Mao. terao, rtrvt architect t the King, draw the plana of tao work, which did not ?etiefy Oo bert, aad all the arohitaoti ot Porta ware ini wad by tao Miairor to taepact toem aad ; to t n real orlgli ol deal too. The Mutator do dared that ho would adopt that which ahneld be jafged eupedo- la iworlk The piat a wereevaib'ted la pobtlr; tbey were all iaa, hot noeakme nbtaiao't solwor?al adMiraiwm ltwaothowori of Clan'e TorraoH, who, th ugh ed oa-ed aa a pbyetatoa, bad a gcalua for aod eaooUod In architecture Keen thla did art nttiafy Colbert, woo reeoired to oaaonlt the t reat maxtera of half, aad tawtte ibom to aoad doilgnt. Tbev did ao, hi I aoae of tao plena were aparorod, wub lb* eioepttoa ot Ihote of Hernial, who ewoelle I alike 10 leinting, ectilrdnTO and archtlontum I niti XIV , with tieownr oral hand, wrote tho following lottor of iotIMtbm lo lha architect ? "lever ? b?. aiiwr Hernial?I hare ooblgh ao ereem r >r your talrnta thai I have a great deelre to arc and to be ant|<ta'atod with no lllu?t/i"tu a pi racn. provided my dealre oao he reeon Mb d wub lb*- In'.) wh cb to t ewe to our lloly K? n?r, th?* p->ve atid with tonr own cuneeolenoe I bare, tb-re'nre, aeot 'hi* cn-ler to yon oo pnrpom to mincat Jim will adorl n- ibla MtlefaeUon. ai d underahr a >mru"? \u Or?jo? o? tint a'?ant*ae of Ike fa?orail? roe???m of Me 'Mtnn of my mtitM ha i nk? de ambaerad ir Kitraordliorv, who I'l eiptala to yoo moro oaclcnWIy lb" ?bjem I* wSl-li I apt b pee yon and inwaed* with yon on i?e beautiful dorlaue um bi e nefil m? t><r 'he bullring o* the 1.1". v?a, a* lo u'h?? par*lonlar? mi kind tntrnMona toward* no t n*f?w ten n?? -on* la aborr ru-n t-m-d I prar IM W bare you la holr broking, I learn- Caratler B-mlol >'*ui*, / pr'l II. IfdO I.OU1H. The fc< nw? paid to Oerelof 'ell little rbort ef of r<r?iir r/th) mif Tb> Dome do Cr<q I, .\mb??aad w (ho po,", itff 1Mb K Mere if hi. UiltdtoM* wool to j lab to [! ' i ii i k tn u?e. auM icqwol Ma to aaontwpaoy elm M tV.it00 in ever. town tn- wrgh ?bisb bo ft'tod he wee. oy aider oI the King, NMM with great k>eore, and pffneta ore.r m<*.e to ir n H.rnro were e nt f. .pi he ct' t ' ? pr?p?rc hi* nicpJi uo Iho road, ai l v bn a,> rrnerhe^ Parti tbe lord of dutoielo'i, I rami Howard e* he R~t ai rf 'naeookl, weol out to rcoolro hin H i lau* ui' o' r. uree ado .vd. and on tbe 11th of teiote-, IC.-Tt, ib>> K>tg binwelf told ibr irat *t on of Mm facale wtio great epmader a gol l medal of the value of i,4HW wm iMMil I. ibe kirar ft boa Ibn birultOf 1 ah-trn ,h* grttod HTtm* "btvptd leave to vet rn b. on, "aol n><> d?y ?r rl Ttt to bH Ami I ore the K ey tact him a :- .1 00 . i i - i * wI r a powionof u, <*Q ltrraa, and ?*ull"ff forhteeoi Inapta f I to>* *e o-t final da?tyn of toe ahi??jta? J'tHrao'lf # iha In ?.1a *M r-*"'* It D n f-oot u>nr It tfw aloe tracad afar bla plare, and >bat a any bo Kua lu ('? ! w?? tlno pertly hn.l by t>r a ilt la via.XV inneottad tba I .in are ami'i* bit hi Htiwl l; lb' yrer ll(W. while aowin rapelre w<rn In log made ta (b# In'ara 11 tfi s rullarMa l'?d*r the iint Kairdre, Iba Ioitm *h nc iitl?f?iil| rapnirtd and ' n.bnli.atx I, an i the I miatoo p of thn pall ant, ?Moh heinot b?o* Ant* bod, *?"< ?1nrn"d with a bn? thn work of li nn l/ndar tbr Rr t-.**rnr tl'h ?m >in?? a?tfi l 't? ran l"?oa Oa IM 171b of T'- 'uhry, 1*40 aed Ibe fwir M'"?.ry < ar?. tha r"Mloi of Ibe rv ka < a Hath. ?a?aa?lno ad by IriiTfl on .h" nlynt rf ba I3tb, Vy la ?taf> a <ba emubarn q oa t may la or Ua l*?'? Tba 0r?? Napotaon ?i a ?y? intended i-ihob?h ib? peloee nr tba Toilerl--* with I'-al n the t/Kirra, wbloh. with ibe yailery toward tba Vina, r'irmed three rid oof *u ttfmmaa iwrallalngrnui, by r**ry mf not a Una of boikltpy iial orm with tba I ?llo?? from tba on.molta ?* tramli y t tba TnllarUM b> tba otbar aldo of tba I/xiara It la thla yyaruo work Utat In now Aeiehod mfar bt* ruroa?ror. Natoiaoa I'l,, and woljb forma an Imperial ffffiddtnaMt, perhapa. * irpnaaed by aor ediAco In P-trojie. Tba Kmparor aatnrelly daatraii mat ib? v?m?n of iha Inenynra'lori of Iha l/ieere aitnnld ootaatda wttb tba ton! aaraary of ha htnb of bl? unala, whl b ba ban aloptad aa hlaowa/e'* Tba loaortptooa lateaded to ornnmemorate tba data c tba ft> lodattoo of tba prttaoaof tba Iivera wara, by aoo'ooa cotr'Utanaa. only Uworered yeitarjay. lb tbtm In ad dad the data of Ma oomplat'oo Both a ra new affliad to tba frobt df tba Par"Ion Sally, whmi la right oppoatia tba central pe/IMoo?tba Pertltna JorHiriaye? m '.ba Palace of tba fnltertaa They ara ' Of ra **V| in rotd ?n Men on rlah* of Mick nt*'h|a, and ara In th'r affwd ? [ " 1MI, Piaaata I naannnn a Uia t/wrm, IMt, Oatoartna da Medlrtt oommatwo# tba Tutlar.aa, i**3 ln*7. *?,, >lona tit. ooaaaeta tha rntVatao wbb tba t/mrro " Tba oararooay of laaoaaaailno took pi too tbla day at i nV l?ot I/'Off Oaf or a tr at h air aaowrta of panrde tba wr*d Iha H -a da R>volt tha it aya, an<l o'har ap>ria?: >o? to iha ta'nro Tia Plaoo du Oarron-al, Iwm tna vrln-ad\?l t n o* iba Trflt r a# d' 'wn to i*a Pa-dH"n dally, wn- ovurod h? trri.w- tb* Vatto-el (1 inrd on tha let. *n I iba Z i in-e? and a omtauoo or t ?? of ? >?> UoA <m tba rldbi faa aa ' fair* ?w by Iha Parttkm wwnn (tpa |<artl?>nr ' | armod nflaa wan <o?in?|pi'?had in tba an* or . taaoaa ) i 1 wh'ch M to tba ri|hi of iha Parlliie dal i J Tba antraroa waa baantlfoliy daowntal for aaroaatnn Tba Brat nbjwv. that mot ibariritar on inam- ' nt|t tba eoorwny waa a boat to white maralaof Napotaon t atnrdlnf on a pedwtnl M tba name bmttoaial ?io anon Ida waa a midalltoo r?m>ortnd by halhrw'da?ana wltb tba naara of Pr?artt I, mm' note I by a relemender and tha otbar wtJi that of Va;*vtaon III, eorm ontnd by an anyla, bo'h ra?tlnf on bank* of flowern fba jallfry in arhloB tba orratnony war bald la on the flrot lanllnr orar tba grnnad (lony. Too a*vnt lo It br a ffiyht of *tap* On eaoo aid# wara fronp- at ana ?ot atatoarr, Niarowal fbrm tha Mn*?aiii: and from tba rrt da ibawnfr 'o?ha tend nt ptaaa tba ?tai'imna wan Banked by tha Cm' Oardn*, RK I aU(tDST 31, !?M drrrsed In tbelr t* eoU'til uniform. e-d who Mood m ?tt ai>d motion Iry* (bit* Ui> y ?)* > rmght ht?e boon mWi>? for ?Uttu?e Both loM ail {ttn way op were Una whta shrub* and flower*. Fhe gallery to not y< finished, bit palnled caavaai and hang D|S m p>e*-uied lb? more solid and permanent mst**rla wbW'.b are yet to oom- Th? otl'iog wa* b<tn wiUi flag* varlon* ootors aoil foe in*, aud tie wall* w?r eorer?d op h*lf w??t' height ?i?b tbe t*poetry of in* <*>"< Una The boor w-s covered wi.b -lob 'larpet ng, eed lo? of bench** of o?tm?on vel?*t, rising ore' eaoh other were p>? ert ?o ho h *ldee. Or th* right war* tne aeati re<rr*od foe Ibe Hrneiore, [>*pn ie?, Oiunrdllo-e o* Hal* ana other oirll fiii>o?ioa?ri?* TheoflWreof tbe turm;

were ecoommodeled on Ibe upper bended* to !? ? left lower d--wD (at tbe la-'le* and the other person* lerltei t the orremoey, am og wh-xn a eomlt o e'rie n i-ahe of the working clvres, pardculerly thai em 1 iyed li tbe bul'dng of 'he 1/tnrre. AI"og Uto walto were iffltei e outcbeour, lur mounted Jrjr rug lea and supported b] " K*i ,0"' ' ylng tbe fi>l Iwtw or tbo Km teritr. Ah*o ore o'cbwh the tliultlerr, tbe Har-ha'sof if'eeo*, (Jrne retool Dl'tol-n end g<?*t fuDCMoitarH) of State bogei to arrive tlerebel Pwi|.?ie? #* ?a?l? ie attend*. ? Ho wee el tncn iinoguUtd. His heir, whlto es so-rv out clo-e. end outfaeiiug wiib bis bieck vebrowi eed mnurtaore, rtai k o oe, i'en? nvon-vr nv the ?i*n "> ir i?m ..rf i .. ( 1 _? . I ?' '?? . n?|?n^ni\m IJI IIIU.IlDm.r, DH' iorg mid* btm familiar 10 uie public Be *o bin mar 'O.l'i ur.f- ra, *l'h Wo grand of th Legtm o UoHf.l^ ?l?r of ?Jf<; ?v'i, tho Irl oe?n m?J ij. itu* ua mA?ot otreif-ordara. Marnnal Iirquat, whi, ny me my !a gr^wli a wj oulbTjf Mowed Jtm atiJ t?i?j Ha* anal Quiraiwrt, abort, ttttigv, at. 1 gud u*t rud Hatting fade a? uo'lfti, Uplifted, a..d oU eve* C'totleually ii u.nfon, an if ihegeiui.t U*mi a a* amfvie i> bare a <ih* with every m>" they lighted anno At half- aitnoo all tv gtoal iitrtuuMM of the day had airload Eaac l? at tWi 'elocl the <i> um? r*?t to *??? an a aigi-ai lu.I toe Kup t ro?, punch si *v a i<?meet, ?? e?er ??? apprmohtug, isof *'rry of ftiv i'/Cmpertur fWnn tn? orowd b?w? ? iwulM" lt?l l'? wm alr-ady as lh? utraw* e Toe Uai/.u, vf c 'liverra'I'tn wat at ouoe hunbe <, a-id ail lurue-i U uleree toward* Ibe e?,fnB.-e M F ?> I, M'olge? of nod tf ibe imperial b'ratrh >M, ?s? at la? anion 'o re-???? Int. In a r?w mlnutwn tbe tJ-aml Cbaru u>rWn naUtv. (mi i'&npcrcvr,' an J tho next auouit Hia Msjjaty,U utllliaiy uiiiferiu, made bin AU nool If and Ibe en of " Viae V Emparrur I" ran r Ihr.iUKh llw ball let hmperar wan annum aired ov the tmpmii, and fui H>wd b? Place Ntii+rt, the IMtoeen Masai* it, InP Inee nod r-Inert* Mural, and a ion* a-ray <y uiamrer lain* and olD') ra of the h-unebo'-l. The Emvror ad tauced to the extremity of the hall, where a inroae wa placed uii a platform c >ver?i wUb o-lmn <n velvet, wlt? at o her b> its aide Air tbe Empree*. and on both sides fan leuila for tbe prirwee of tbe imperial family. Tae En.?e ror rvqoevttd tie afeemHIy to be tea'*), and took h'n tea nr the throne. ihi-inras waa open?d aHMtl mla-i r'i delay M F?? Id ?io"d np and read from a paper tbe f >1 1 -"let ?vetch la wblob a rapid akctob wan given of lbs hrginnnj apd onmptetloa of the bulillog, rrom 1V.J to th< prtient time ? Man?Warn your Mai nty ordered he janot'oaof the Lnurr o tbe'luilnre von antlred thai link "'It be wimpWi-d li 8?e years Tbe de. Ire o fill Bin .ei-or h?? bem ao uinpl she I Tb i firsit ntooe wan laid un lb 2>'h n* J Uy 1-tfil aadaiw m ibe U b of tngurt 1HS7 the I/inrre and TuiUrun form io out pa ace eel'.'wr Uie war uor Uit other d'.Bli ild-e ?blil wr have bad to go through h?ve loterro/ted ih a worn. IB .'ream of ao man- Xlnga and wbl h would iuiUj- for 'be glir of a period of p-aoe and proapertiy .t aae a llaelf ti m i any oonlenle to tin an raet and nasful und< riminrn rhie un der ibe inspiration or vo .r Majea v save b*en forao ibroiisb u1'he whole u "rranee The network of o ir rail wan hi bee i racidly extcaded, our porta enlarged and foribtr our large lonrrn rendered anal by and ru irhtd will nlandbi anif fnl Kntldtwwa tk Mititil leowa /innud large iirou opened, n taagaifloeni promenade forsed m ?nu * a'sf lsoU nd e erj where roir??e fir Ike wetf n <t ?>J, at-ob te <be speotno'e arhch tht> sou dry i i.?c iu it ne It baa pinned Ua dealinlae la lbs hand* of i s^vrrelgn wboec grniashaa known hi* to ouoinrebend *if to raWy ib* Tie *??( nf Praaos. Yhanka to Uts zeal of at tbe agents ci Lite adminl-lm 'on. to tbe activity as the o m tractors and the aktli of tbe w rkmJO. iba wort a nam rum ng I bum an* Interruplloa: aud the ntanuUoa o'lhuOiAii r ( / Ir, i hoa*h lb' I rtoe* hid been MbM gf bo-ore tae ran in prlc- of eaaterlnU and of Ubor liaa n t IMt r ?< an* dtrpotee. Thr admlatewatim baanhown haelf jo?l, and ha* only tad to pral ? tee food bub ef tbe eonteactirt. Y w? sweaty whose penarnoa m the worb bea l>e<t<>*ntlr etel ed the ardor of tbe wurkmca, sriabod tmce morn to aw Jurat u srtnbled around yon after *hs 00?b etltra if tb 'lr ta*k alt pesss with bsppluees roun* your M?jealr, alt are emaotiza ol tartrg d on tbelr doty, and are ormtd of baring had tbelr i-nrt to tbia trn'y eahioenl wjrk lour Vvott no looj-r aeee at .heir beat tbe emtoeot arttet wbw you bad telnet, d to noatplate the Loirra. a grnmalure dtalb, a<r<kiaa blaa firtr yean af'>. at tbe era mrnnearnt nt tbtf great nnd rtaklng, rtep*t*e1 aim nil tt? honor ef tempi 11st K M ne* iei who wa? drel-tated by ' oar Majesty a* fete sue lessor, baa the r'ory of ba oaf louh nd it. and bla name wttt r mam attached ante taat orviaemti blMMMBMI wbioh wesnow Ina-ifnrate. Tbe death ?( V'asonU U not iba sals ilrrnimslmrr of which lb la ceromoay remind* at Tbh y ar **e 1 we ba-o lost L?mars aa artist at rare bold and eorrec , and *feoi? last eo?posit|ona are tbe . amMMM PaOluo de I'llurl-iae anl the h*nd?.im* prltsmt of tbe Parltkm bene lrnrtnf tbe oou -ee ol vhoan wo -fee I bar* more ibaa o?en pointed out to toit M*je*tT the into lllgaaar and tbe aanl of all th-we wbo base tabrap rtk iht m. i base ocen permitted aga a to meat tut the namsa 0: tho?* who barn mors pardsnlarly dtrtngaUhnd themselves and to srhom y *ur Msjsaty has deign t-d to aocvd recnanraa na. 1 bean weom;Nnsea win not utly honor U?i? to wbon tbor seenwrdse. lint mnet sun iriir ti "rsnrt of tndtw trs or ibe bodtra of tbe ma3e to srfetai dfeap hsloaf at .mm fn?k * pr?ttova toatfmomj of \h* nrnci or th* flm p^ror. Tne n*t waa tnea read orute pertow engagei ra in*e< Important work*, whom toe Minister rooommenio.1 m wr rthy nf,|?]?l nitfh of 11." Kmprror's app.orel Tbf Dtnei wore eagaeroar, end ooggprlrtd nrery ol**r, from the principal a rob nest, ecciptor, in<t petater, In the wort lrg mechanic?elJ, lo tert, wbu uoellod !n their roe -ec irt branches Tosrr (MMM M Wei' BUM were nailed, end Nik reo'tred from the hand* of the K'nprr r the C'M of Doss vender, Offloer, or Kntghl of the legion of Honor Lead epaleoae followed ttie at mtioa . f peroral o.'lb* Eimeg Kvnh rr?t plant, *1 Ute ..*- . at -n *? i? Hretred to him, bowed to tha Empo-orend Krapraaa. wtaa retorted thn nintn anal grererntlf rtm Knpnrorenl Erapreea ib-n flood op, eod Hit daftly read, La a lru> and d'atloct to! or, iho following add row ? (.tent ensrn-1 rmgratUeti: utaelf, ?i h too. on the noanjla Urn of the Louvre. ' eongratoiehi mjwlf especially upon 'hr eauere whkia here rrpd?r?e It poerloie In fmc. |!lsur-i?r r*rored rtebllltT and the *r*r a-reealng prnspTttr ol is* com ire which here reahled m? 14 complete tala oa > me work I anil tiro t>eeea*e the twir. on which tvf? run t?ced each 'iter have in vie It e ooMt'. t v do wear htei to wrrde the r.anpirtion of th" fojel dwrl.ln,* aiamoanai I oj fie .rla T and emlwlllahi'd hy Henry TI *lifiwuh|i?rr erratic* aadrvrn'hia tnptilartlf Is ihe betldla * o'a psia** It h b'Oan?r l** character nf e p? ?pla I* f? 11 wilr-l in It* n?'l let!??e? in tu ihi m?, in tn* errata thai etatte us a , i aam *e well aa In ih* monuin-o'e wet-h b' OOWv ibeoltm o lie neirf Inlrrr L Now 9reaaec nsun.uohica' Utr < 1 ir.m, ecu lull*e wheh always In-heM In the nrtlal p-*?*r tncrep** e> ri? ire n? her grands ur end nl h?r lUUmai I y wtsN* 1 thn the 0 wrldng of ihe sovereign at 0 >li ha wo the Ot the ounuln nod Hit* h??l means 'if re, p n-iing in I* rfluae-.t was In irnrn that darning win ihe didcrer.t m*<- rpieces ol litiman tnlrlUarnm In the middle a?*n tar K vk dwn.. in a f'jrtrt ee. b lading with defer,sir# enrke, bul * ?? the pni<reai o* clrili/tiwn >uprr?rdrd oa'ileairnia. eod tar prodon* 0 M ' ra nf hr erie end ? lancee nmh ten pane af t**Mtd war 1h> a ihr hteio a m at mntnm'e nee %i*o lla phl'i* iphj as we'I aa ihe blalnry of rrrnla I* 1L? iraeeer that H la re maskable the'a< the the* nf th* lira' Hern'mma th? I ' l-nait tee of Pubiu-Welfare should here -leuhtied e*IMnt Oelai ? ?r* nf It, the work ,vf 1 nine XI nf Rlohjl-e , of Is? '* XIV , irt'tott l>? "est blew *n the fe J-l a* i rn and ctrrtlai nil! th- e.elriB nf ..?p, ar.d* I, ?!|-io, the metent %lt? H ?n e?rhr-lo llba irenerr i* ibrrr i>e < gr**%' leamn "1 lea t hrhnldlpg Ike h ra of fit nrr IV , < f l<anl* XIlL, nl t.vnh ,MV.. it Lm>ta XV, m Irii'e XVI.. of Nap-Vese m r tut a the latirr, ad.ulrd ay the ? ihesera prwrid irt*f f ne nf rfte nut eta, !'i fart, of the pro vlel m?l g rertfcrnt wae 11 frr.-in th** matplrtlon of th* pa #e#nfo?t? Klnra Nn t?*i* M It ihe' a r?il?* drawa Iran 'W ax'reedet u. ae an ladlrl- *ial d?rt? # fevw nla edu>*a?i,m l*MW'wkibe pernrinf am ai *H ?<? a>eaianoe?e in de eUviyiag. * ha n a mural Imp i ?.i la the ooiwrt'iennaiaf th eot lei nail km ?' a maalrj I* It headrfl dor* t trough oavlti tea, ?e I Ihrc tth.ll ^rr??it orme a goreminaeei lettl h nh 1 eat In ?!*? la a'ilnrd. Tbna 'h? 'Tupplrthm of tar l<oitre toward* win.-'1 I 'naa* rm har ynnr en ipefe kpi. flrert wti< *0 e'irv in end tk'll. art-uih- eaorvae '4 emnvaant hnt k the reeha-iioa >4 a plae a afl-lred for vheg' iy end hep el 1 re by the laaPuet, o* the c I entry for mure h.n SOU rear*. The whole c?n lamny leetnal ah eat three quarters of ei tour The Kwperu/ en*' Unsa deaoeedai fmrn la. ttaMfntai ene reiurnaet ea ihey name, t?. ir M?* aatie* o>* 'eg to Danh shlee a* ther tassanl duare the callerr, and uvut nrlea <f "Pig iKm/rnnur/'' < I'tig 1/sage '' and a few tf " Viae It future /aagafrfg!/" quitwd the hdUd \t t Tbry droro o Ihr i?a!*c? of th* Tullarlon, k Med, yd nfiarwardo Ml oat fbr St l I Th? inrlhtm Kallpwil PrlmMri. Tbr aflat' af tha yraat robb-ry of tba Hnrn(f? Ritlmj * III nmi?a nrfttro lh? *??1* i ijmrt of ihn lotno no tbo i" t lanlant, M* In m-iotad to nocupy Urn laro Pftr nnonwori bar# jnot boaa pr'TOlnly lotarroyatad by M P'nrvtnn M l ,%nbaii4 will dy'oo l t i?p?nunr,tir h<H vi ??.nr<n M It fhtfinro to rnnx l for Pbrod fha a an ptay. m yarn* cseUr, la rnpanonotr i by M. d'Rn MM. tarprntior tad Hrollnt arc mwiwnI. l?t. of htolny nM'?nba-n# lo Mm pro}ndto? of Maworro do R.itnrrni'd. aad atbnr rharahnltorw of the Northern Rill way e in^if la id tobabttod bona# bora Ibay uoaaJljr wo r cod, -' i. <> M>TI omKotaiM a oortito ?'im??V of hunt* M <u- pre judtyoof tba towpany by which tbay wa-n nmpioyni M of bartay amhoookd, mi iba pmywdloo of Ufa wm? mm yaay, abra* huadtad Ibouaaad fraaai, 4 bovtay bam yttlhy nf fhrynry In doom Mai wrMlo^i. i.nana la arcnooo of harloy "Mian iH?im at nlyht, with (rfrtmtn) hraoktoy apan, lo the pr?mdW)nof M da KnthO oond, la an lahab bd May, wbara ba uroaily wn-kr*l I arnt la aaciiaad of ooMylMilly by (net) raonwioy thi ?hn-w tod boada laipntad ko ba nodan by tVpaotiar an' 1-rabat. Ha wttl tidy ba triad far froadaioat bank n$rnTba VMM of lb* Rmporvr of Km oca ?n ???? lta*?n if bh|land, In a H mat an f*atnt oi (Prom U fara (af Rrutaai*), Any U ] * nor itailaf (hat tba rroayt viatt of 1/nn Nopntan at onbnraa woa indtwiaialy oowwar?at with tbo 4Hfl niii Ira maaivay from Um qoaaboo of TiirBOT and thi Prirn'patb'aa aad wHb tba rioaywr* wh-ch hat Utroaumt tha oraMnnanna af tba Ray Hob froonr alUaaca. iba If on baalba fbtwwlay mwinrtrn.? % Wo nloayo nhiiod iba onawMdlon that ofVr tba ItHnr ?1aw ?f, II H, pi" tha KoyRnh-Kt nan ah anoa "? idll a . nor ba mdanynrnd Hlana th < obtain ?*!*?, at'in tb?n ooa luolt- m aad amra Mian a* on li m t at af I pratty aorlrno aa ura baa naaarrai to ?hr?at?n n? ? dtd"| aa<l rorrtlnunaon. mat aaob U*n wa row tbo I n ar - W? pnhna main tiTbrU fur Mra^ftboatoy it by op,i.irtoaa o ?o ormtoai Tbdoa awarawihjyt woto ornnonary, aad Koylaad parhapa, nadarotand It but too will Wither ih?m too Kay l-h VrooHih alltaaaa wonH at tnh hour ba bat aa irrtuktaf ramonbrao'd Thti allltPM, la 'act, baa aot for tba ba?to bit I dan tit i of lataiiwta batwaan tba two oattoon; It aralooirnly r?no ? npoo tba wtadnm of tha two ynramaiania, wb<?b. lo lb' latrrroi af Utatr tadti-tdnoi poruy aot tha nta'Btaoancn <* yanrral paaoa, fbal tba n-oamtty nf a*tb( tbatr aff irtr by fnrmlay mutual labmaM rataltnaa, to ootaa iata tba of frrto of tbo roal apfbdlt'oa whlnb niinta hi laaao tha Iop IERA r. t| ' DOVBI'IM-Urppi tlloo Htlll neui|fb?>1 t> 04' 041 4tl.fl n ; mcota wbtcO 4re not rMao/ad useb cy m,i*t i?ncal ay Jia 1 I agrraabln rememariD.vw 4 Ihf KttyH. h KftlXSh ?Ul4D<-? Will, AlaajX t>? t poHitcOl kl UWCej It will u??er Ivxoioaa mil Oal 4*11 \S? polar on?. if t, wo r<i|.nat It w? t>. Mnr.> it 11. r.-.Axaty ant 4 wtab It 10 ba doraola for Mia lalrn 0! E . *o ,r. id iwtit; i*it ? we aro nn?Mo. la o* aer to DaDor nix .te-l a, ti uttk-t nu 1 turv It* and t f irvnl Ibo iroirao ?d M ilgrfku proe 'kail 4 by aa aBta,orlrm *tlcn oax it? o i?ln in a iw* of <hln#? t LC.t ratify u t>o tr-n?lormi a hy auy political .-Alula , tbn aniayrtilttn of ln*o -fain h*t |i'liNii|>li<a an'mi 111 wiern 1 ?o etct* aiew fro * too eachin*?<i bU'-try, nac* ?tn? f nn thai the only Hunt, wi| .11 and (Bipolar ail*aniM> tr. ij Ifx* Ukmo fm qIda npon poJ tlral Mm I. atl.ian, nr inn 0 family rolail n* whnen tnfl -enoe r,?a??d 10 ??|{n up n th.> f d?*tl.,y <1 t.a*lan?, than ho#o w> Icn .am f.v* th.v, naMa 9 ibo Iden.liy of toto/eeta, mannera, s;!r'i and ?-u Inmate 1 r Wilis Liratr ??w?. ' Laiiinun A unat .>?. laAI. 1 > TO* AlL*9*n ptlK'tHH'K < AT LI VHHPJ >L. The TiiiHM cliy a. lielo ?a a mnt'ir h*t be. u o.roula'ed J that a muribaut at I.tvemo-il, lately dnnrasnd, hat iaft lla f hlittle* wiln-.iUrt at JtViO.i00, nl wilnh C.OO.ftW ar t Cfvin ' IWgcd acceptance* The p?;u ("aula narouol ira,i*pire-,. f >ul tit : sU. lumen'. la belluyn.1 In be trim. Tltn umt'h ?f Vtc I dn'anlu? la ataled in have haan ay kuMMm, and r??? l?.w ate auiiji jotl tu bars boos tnc.rogstd bj bnary *p? -uU , Hon* both 1 a O'ntna a id *h?r*?, ? FIPaBOIaL AFF4t*?. > The KogMth hinds are rtea<M'y ?upp ?ri'. I el th*ir Me *<! ' Moee I* the 6t?k C&ohauge it ore w?i II tle 'ii'i dry, ' hut the supply an sdeivaie. and there rare fear apphcti ilors at the bank Although the B?ok of France bee renewed lie artlUital I pnicbve* of bullion on a ace'd wtiloB show* that the reduction Id the rale of discount le June last *? J altogether premature, there hotom no roe* ?u t > apiirnbend that an th tide the fspplr for the p^wem wid *0 ntr fell abort a* to cause withdrawals from the II .at or I'M* land. I be Daily .VraM eltr anlcle e*vs:~Tn* fund* were a 'll'lc QaMer. oot 'owarUs ihe ckja* b ye-e etuie 'orwar' and Ute Oral qootaiKn w?re t? e aanie *a thoee ir jeriornay. In the rttsnoont market the demand for m n?? waa more teUee, owing to tne retentive operation* whloh are , now going for warn In bu'lion. AFPAIBR OF CAEH BAOTORU, OF NK*0 IflTL*. Yeatsrdav ala xetling of cron Iters bell In ton Inn. Mr ' Cole - an, die accountant, lubtnl ted a stafem-nt ir tbe af ' ralr? of - cj alrve flriu, wb oh showed a rurolus of ?38 .COO ?claixa Cdt8.000. areeu ?710.010 Tee Morthum je-iand ; Ihatrlct Banking mm any wbu bold m<nd?ige* up in tou ? prlneliHtl part of the mines hate . Is'atvly ix??eoie1 v> a]l..w matter* to rtei'd over for a year, provided the'r ? tn'ereat ) pal* ana tbipectora Are appointed By a fo'cel 1 ??le ihe amount of the mo-lgage eoiild es?i'y be resll/.-t ; but the aurplua In that caao would, for the ore It 1 irra be email The conrae detu'iclu* J t-n by the meeting ^ wee 10 wine op ine owe"! Mtidor iu?|inr, tun no et to lnmi-" e ? full return lo the ^i*dl ore, rod to (<vu Metm O-.rr \ Oo t me to coarvlt wito tbcir frtendr, eod. p*rttepe. metre a a tnlteole Arrengemeo. without tho lut^'Tfuceof their 1 property The laanectiwe ?po->MMd era Mr dug, Meat' (r?r et the No?bii?berieDd DMtH )t?r.king mm pruij, Mr. Aadereoa, Meneger or lh?> Ne*6e?Ue Brtur I, of Uie Btrlr df impend, end Mr r>. H. Hmt'h. i oi I 'mbur?l street The Amount of derU reprenento" ? ? the meeting vm About ?640,000. ? Tlllt CAI-KDON'tAN MAILT AT. t The propoeed dtrioeod oa the etoofc It tfldellr nnnouoo j ed nt >H pererut per Annum. K >r Me onrreepoodlng 1 poilod of lent jeer Utn dividend we* only one per oent. > TBI BRAZIL THADK. Br A report nddreeaed to tne B >?r j of frtde front the | Kritlrh nuoeul At Heh e, respecting Ute oeu?e of the preference glvrn to foreign vcsrtin over Bri'.'ih, it *}>.?** j thnt mertere of tho former Aro more 0Arerut >tuo thoee of the later, end deliver their cergoev lo lietLr order. { bxpobt or nn.vice to tbf bart. The env-unt prepared for treatbr Mo leemer of temwrow le ?V;?",0tr>, the lergwt thlpmeat ever yet made. Tner- In room to upper# thet the very large quantity of Mirer export ?t ibit jeer may here protftr.ed ?n o!Tec'. It tho Put whins, before tho tejme of many mouth* wt 11 tout < oftxKterAhly to rdter.k the magnitude of there operet'eo*. Moeewhlle, Uto demead lor Mirer for the Beet bet i?m ?e u*i eMlvo tn ! onnaequencs of the qootatlone roc el rod by the leet melt. DEATH or LADT LTTTLAfON. The pepert mMirv the uenlh of Led; l.jtlleton, Mater of Mr. wiadetooe. JUrfetli i I/OaMR Mortr Hik> it, Tv?u>ay Kv?j?in., Aiyuat 18 ?Hi? rimUlMiM by the IU(U1Im, from lb II <Vert Indlea u4 IV 'O. , ttwb Ut? rum of ?171,*>81, which, , with U>a tiHUHO par A?ie, nM AieerKt, jlvoi a pmiil iujipijr uf aay ?t70,000 io imh (bo pur r idmaeo of attvcr on Iba comment. rbara I* a and r Pan omimi to day, of bnaineaa In tbe bullion market. ' - <ba damanrt far Utr mail of (ho i<Hb be'r* ?u, phed With tbe frrafiAnf arrival* ItW?Hbely ikal lhara will be anjr I rani ignnii of bullion lakao from iha bank fur noma ' day a (n Met, If Utan, aa Utr Grant Hritam, from Wol1 noorna, will, ao doobt, aartra before iha abora ?170,001 boa Nan abeorbed. Tbl* veaaal baa upwa-da of JtiOO.OoO 1 la fohl on hrard, an<J oUiar voaaoia caiiLO> be far dMiaut with about ?itOt ,cO<i snore, no (? *? thvre U liuia reaaoo n 1 apprehend aov vary ?ew*re preen** at nrrteot fba Kaat (adta (huapauy bare bono leading mwoy at Ik car oaal, and liia Uti?:lai agiiita of the Iioicb tovorii > mrot taeve been making advacc ? out of lha Fn?lfh por- ] uoa of the Sound duet redemption nivf, Theao opjra { ilea* prove a (real aa- iitaaoa to the money market Tbero bave b-*n nome r rah/.or? of prouia, aul U><* re | anlt la that the Kngtub fnnda are not to drat. nltbvigb th<1 rbaraoter of the market haa not altered. It anpeari aoirtd aad twady, arid. prod* ,iy, wthnul ?oiue unforaeao event ocenra to alter prune, there mil out bo toy revere Uaatua1 Hub for MB' lime. There will not be another mall In ; from India before tbe nr xt eillemcni. ao that tbo market j wtll be kfl murb to I tar If and at present -hrre tea der.l led pauae in tprct'lvl n, neither the bulla n?r the heart operating largely. r oro'a opened t" day to HI*' fb? Ihe acoent.t The opera lone In the ftrrlgn aeourlllea continue uudta Hogublu d by any tvmual f. %'nre, aim i>otatU>ne rule > rlrady and ?j- tet leruvU" are Arm at II to 81, H mniih I are 40 to 411%; *?*!< ?t?, VJ to '411)4; Turktali Hit p*r 1 Lenta, M)t io hi. Hallway anarra -tare be* e w? Arm to day, wlUi not ao much doing, but In yneral the ??p?c* of tbo market li , ynod, and prlree vr? rot nrlHely to to b^tar Tbe dteaaU-r to tan ra'.le <>) tbe All up.0 U legraph oat t pot a Mop to boaint/e In 'he aharea, wm?b are n ? ? >?? 1 nmuj m* ui-w ni wo i"hw v? vi?? nii'ii in u to ? nonrrtt th?m IBM) Murk a* Mton a? Iha rrruatn'ny ?100 li. 1 , ?Umv'tl bar be ?B paid. 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NBt tj-.tUtlaa of Aio?f'a?a , I bra reported folijr I 1M. pbp lb. dwor, Ilia nvnol Ir.loetof binrtn' at lb? admac The ha?tnc?? < * the ibrec da; ?tr"'H H t. abort .BOOd btlia, I acta I":.?t 1,000 tq- a'ly dlr ''d :,m?frru e.orc'iUiirr ant ?*onrt"*a Brra.ilofT*. ueoar t:?a Ufl'icoc.n of ihi rj I *t- in* at A Honda. bad an airancipa I'-nttec^ n'.l?l0? , Btau"q< lha< 'be tnilN'.r h* I h r j,? tl ? an t dry, and | aiwra. ia fbr Iho harrfa I'iuur w? 1" f?l Icru'tni at < k I *n adriBrr o* 0*. for *e*i?rn oaoai w., a> .I'm and bo'drra drmBu'le* an advance of It all. pe-bnehet, | ?blch ?aa not gcbarally aocotcd t? In laa ooru very <ML ProrlrlcM ? Imo Rl/iand, AtbtaAOn car that the | eport pf hraey (hi(>(B?au freei Amor.r* of *im> o? l pi , !} trd the mt-ki t, at ! i'f II M ? .r - lb'' ri > ? v,t i .lotnlnaL Pork quiet and atony. Btraa dn'l nt.l b? Injs -erhlpfietl to An>erlrn la-d qiW P^sa had anil at Thbow rtfr"iir I to e?t \ " Ittbtooe ? 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Arrrrnn.?John CVwUr, hfed roeeitf jearh, fa'l Tram on isNuibmiDt on Berion hill on BuurJoy nit broke ih'th of hit rlhh He ?m taken to the OHj HoeptthJ, wbrre he hen In h m? ontloal eonditlmi A tailor, naswt Mateaw Htrritna, fell ?brou(b the hatchway of a r?Mel lytaf *4 Allaa'lo dock on Bitorday ad rraotar*4 Ma taiih. He aaa laJtea le the City U it pttal LD. PRIOR TWO CJKVTS. THE ATLANTIC CABLE. Interesting and Graphic Account of the Opt rations of the Hqu&droiu THE WAY THE CABLE BROKE. M'FNEM ON BOAHli THE NIIGMU. What is Thought of the Enterprise. The PractkahllKy ?t the Telegraph, Ao. out SPECIAL COKHKNPOIVDBKG. b>ig , au|'<?i 14, 4467. l.kNTlA B?Y. Rnt'?'Ni> DaT'B >? OKA - II f MIL44 Of Ilia CaIILB LAlh; TUBVABLBia i't?rS? THB V'lhK OK in* TTl'BD PaT?TtlB C?Bt.B HI <.>V4tMD ANii Tim Hri.uttNM icootfFLi* tan; tNurau IIXMAH uickw, airr TUB oablbis Af*AII* H-M.niD; tdi dk1t 114 line ii (JOBUltlfCKV U*01A tffg t tbi ioubtii nil* work?a boo r twb irfnruibo Bun or rai uaslb laid tbi nmi oay'i w.-xk?two aooipints in thi bv4nin?. tom 8jxi h and d48t dai ? tbi tlAtfUl lltt hum. bmd ov tr.l ix riDITION bob tbi tbb4bnt, We ha?e jtiat arrlTOd la Plymouth where Aa VlagAm ta to await ti?? further orde* of Aa AU?nllo T>I*a -aph Com ;*ny If the enterprise should not b? agalo aiiaoapied until next year, U la probable tbat ahe will r'naala <a Prillrh waters, unless ordered bona by Aa Wary Darar'meal lo wlnle? in one of oor owb pneta till bar er*trr? ?ro again rrqntred. U H almost aaaaiaaa lo atata the reason why aba la bare. Tba fad that aba ta here la sufficient to io|g?*t Iba cause? iba failure of ibe attempt to lay tba Atlantic aabmartna cable. la Iba fotlowing detailed journal of Iba eapedlUoa tba nanse la nacre folly explained:? thj kibbt day?aducbf C. The landtag of tba abore cable la Doulae Bay waa raocrft fully aecompllsbtd en tba a real ng of tba Sib of At*. Ltat, n day whiih will ba arar mcaaorabie ta tba miada m ail who weia praaant on tba oecaaton, wbaWrar may be tho reaui .. To the peo la of tba part of Ireland It waa an evom of the moil abaoibiag internal, an I although there wtro many there It wboaa tba aotaatlOo obAraatar of the work waa aa ineipltcabie myatary,U ?a eamgh f> r tbein lo know Aal It brought beta aaaror lo Aa great rft. n ?b?ie rayrlada of tbetr soonlryanea had found n !h a" , and where by boaaol iodoatry tbay warn enatvod t.. oi ialii an Indapoadanl Urellbood. Narae to-fore had a orb a mate of people aaaaabiad on tba aborea of that bay, and nerfr did poopta regard any spectacle wilb deeper inter eat. Tbay onasa from alia around? froaa their buta on the (teas bill a Idea and Aa dark taauaUlo paatta, from tba storied araaea of KiilAraoy la tba Interior, and lb* bleak Don bound eoaat far wbiob tba south aa wall aa iba north of Ireland Is to celebrated. It waa a grral day fcr all?fiorn the Lord Ll-ulenaal down to An putiraot aoa wboguarrled aisle Tor al?bl pence or a hUBag aday,sa ' tae >iue of IM bill thai ovarlonka tba harbor of Vateatoa Viom aeaee la u>? morning UU eight la lb# eveaiag they awaited with ImpaUeat etgerneaa tba landtag of iba ankle; tod when Ue bond which bora It U Ma baach wan wHblo a hundred Teat of tba laadtag ptaaa doabfaawl. May ootid with difficulty be restrained by tba pottee from rushing Into the water and pulling Itaahoro l'?ople May MA abo'4 the popular fothaiiasm wblab la maatfaated at ooro nat oaa, the rlaita of Beaarohe, and all that, bat be awl toe red hare barn a great mnaarab who waa raoatrad with mora heartfelt wclooma tbaa tba crowd gara to that eMetric chain, (ha moment tba cable boats torched the ibare, tea c-oard, animated by one Imp a tie, ran forward, and tba guardians of tba pabtle peaaa, onaola la raalrala tbalr cagcmnai, ware swept aside by tba nab. A baadrad baoda aaiard iba aabla, and running op Ma elevated ground which 1 rente Iba Bay landad It about arty feet abora tba warar mark. Tbaa fbttoaaA I be f eaa wbtch T attempted to daaartba la ay last latter? w reeaa of tba wit- aat ealbmlaam to wblob iba aame of tatrid was balled with cheers iba! made iba moaalatea rlrg. Tbey never tired of cbeartog, and'be a>aa wbe prerored " Ihrea more for Yankee Doodle,'' # >en each roloe waa bonne from the extraordinary tut; it waacmled apon to perform, was answered with a deafar.iag fur-ah that war reputed again aad araln. UU tbe crowd could almost rbitr ao more frcm iheer r ihauallaa. Ta*t oigbl them waa a grand ball at the little ylCage rf KrgLtrtown, an J the day dawn caught .ha merry w at era aim engaged In ibat* fr?tl?IUee. A Sandra of 1 rat, upaa high aa a goedalaad two story bout*, arnt Ht rud ly acd cheerful r.gbt far owl Into the dwrkaisa, hi ib'ttlog up the black artvijaaln tba frowning rocka, brill lhPf ? into b gl.iM fin 1 Km fae. a rJ Iho I'aKt haaatai l?'?"?i!iry U> at ja'.horrd around It la a tango elect*. Ihora ?u a fiddler among ttum.and though hu war Dft qvte to eirntlOo aa raganiai'e, and It* would moat ion ally throw In a few dubio.ia nn'.aa of lit o*n by way of Improvement on Iho cornyover, yet i" ihrt crowd it ?h ai acceptable at lha beat that <ial'.ts %'t<i Co- own? Hateued to, or Miti ?h ?vr applauded by kV g!t v?J fcarida at lha Academy of Jiutlc "The wee if;t heart ayonl the iwal" wire 'art - e?> *ig away wt??o t).by i'??,#.*i?d to their enteral bemet. bol tbo bright Sre brpt ii no a III longer, and bad a larrikin battle with Vin iia, *tl It *> ubeied llio 'ingbt red glee b % few hem! f ,i? tltumttieb d and mtd a eh r 'ul? et-ythiag It fenbee, h"ct n? palnr aad *w*?-?r tIII la war i ji in toe ?UU b: m*r lial.i of ?*r, and hot ?i ib'to war uclh'g tw i o i . m oh I 4 uai e r .?-111? riag at berrnh whirl) ta> ?1 gr.dwallv rttrrd. Vt*> u't ?|i a BW*#t Itif, ebon 'o.ifiYji* r oar r. jrr?u:bnert r ? i r hi* ?ay la alt boa. frein ma Jug .r? no ' >,i rurteaf lie fedl.Hlre of !ba ?t> nity oniure wtta i r iiar in* to? rea1> re r.f im HMu t?. but hti I the It* .1 vi tge?f Kk'i tt" in ?ouud van.*, at.: <?.? me w, *t i,l tor Inn. auu h u ' pa. i f the c *nr? > una atn ttw Juat'j ?' a it tel, wet at oullv.oue aa uver ??a in d at d * urn mil trace tar c-n..i datlre * oa II may ba aa aril ?>ia.n>*o, iaa. tba r*v ara t(ton d m >tab<- ?bo Ob;- i , ?b?l KM Innkeeper ?aealri t.a < ? ? I a ?t la IM rffwjut oept ct'i He*** a ir . -oa. m i>)""wg Online uoe ontr hi ?> ? it nn r? r at pat tu* kf be ( mied tie > n? t ??n* reefy he* *. b it wnea ba iraraed that i a aa a v tr.r frgrn I ?i<?arw :p? enor ei.1 throw* won > to, an* taa ?obst haeirg rare trad Ibn |> etaee tearp*. ware yped 1s-?wga tltu i fW ore aire id tne t !> >' Itat tu..da Itaaa J?e* la (Vmtof ?h? K ita? "tow H iil tcMlr; r<m4?nMr re'ioted, veer norret, ?*?! rrtn- ? t to tbe .'taga a, vhiih w?e to hate elarwd tt ri a'uict Hal m wetrg, aad wblob, a run t e htd c). at. d lha ht' b " ot faieoua, bo ta ? aland eg oil to ?ea a< ibnrate el ?u mil'# aa hour, ?Wi? tier b< * turned watt ward re* cable wee a ret bur ettra, and the preeabb of I?ytag out appeared ta?a prtrrewafag with perfect ana-wee, wfcta ba ocmmeaPtit an mealy bliwior off etc am, ami bar ?mppa?? toon after ga a art i ilitt Ibtre waa tom't'iv* wrong ou bowrl lab few mini It* moi ib" ce re w?a evplalawd fa i -j lay rut ilte cabin t.wiped off Um> wbani ihnwgta Ibn wart o* jr uauuun .a tn? |?rt of nan of the tti *a who ^a < >r are.. f ft* t?t? 1/tilBl. r.ftfl^hl t.ffft r-Meb ( . we<-fl ard tbo}o tob.. an! !>onauo ?eil| -d M tijp? thv it ??> napoaalblo io i gUl*-ato it to tin* nio bmmoo if Urn i ? * arrnlwJ IB a faar bnt It Ml loo |?u>? the tifBia ? * no ro itu i? ctblA, i ir<n? m It ?<, ono id t> ar, atid !d Inn than Dm mlnotja from fa ttmo it ?u ti ght id ?ho mac.Maory it i**w d 10 to# wa??r. tearing the ,u?? pa.m wingiBR o-r?r too ti?ro Aa may wml h? tari*?Bd. into WM b moBt trjlag Unit; bata< am r h nr lot! toljr made the till, -ilty wira*. pmpa'aUnn* ?*n? Im mrcalriy mM* forth* rwm?ff of tho moaoa oad, ?voli lay ob uii* lotlrm Bt b depth nf batBtan thirtr and "?rif fBlilURM, Bud Bt a dM'BllOB of aOrmt four inliBI from this rrlat where It bad two Itodod tbo arming oofomoaiil BiK-b < uthuiiMi e t*)'\ nta Mr Wood a *m, Mr Uaaaia{ and Capt KtU. aliball of whom roar roodoea bar* already tft o it >dt nc<iralDMd. darted off the Niagara; aat by tba aid of I wo pBU'ila i'in Boa ib froai thf faunae*1, no* fir MB tba 9t'.?r)CfbBCIia. Mill IbB 'ItlrltlBm tng?' * llllBf M)Bd,thOf rnimpllahed tba 'Mikraa bb<I dlffloali aak of no lorr jaatag iho canto fr? m tbo lUt in tba piaao whoro it bad partad, od wbero iboy look bp tti? oa I fbr tbo pnrpoto of abiaff o l plica/ t aforluBOlfly tbo M (boom nf iho pmr?Bod iblt and Bfior aomrii norftrtaal attempt* ibay cMged to giro it op till tbo folionlog Jay. whoa H araa hot nit the rlcmocBMroald prom mire fhToeobta Ahror*liigly our ihlgyml wao tarood nana Vt enda, apd Id KSibaa in boor iho ** aaebired ibm bay Tuai t:?h! ^wll* arranged that Iho oahtooBoald ba ram iiadcmiB fv m i"o rbore and apUood uadar tba pi ca of tbo hiaola.-(1 womb p entente ho mtrtooa oataa t!? fnhoy rtiiBv'? ho dnooaawl/BD poidlbla nil >00 O-ll w'Lf Ut'rBUy t> in vb(? lima bo had wet *11* '"J* pjtir tory prontrr l>*h. k*> * l>y.*t *'f ?**' dett, aod aoy fu-tbor do ayi wight eaew tba PBbMB oat of tbo mierprim Mb ton year AU fan. Ifcaratra, it at oot aa hoof ooohl bo oparari. awl that omry alanta .bould bo rwofblly oooroaiMOd^BB iip?*>d Bwinit at a'l Tboro worn aiaor aotloaa In'* < board tba Niagara that nt?hi. aod maa. aa tBintrtag mo* vaa takaa at tbo harovoaor. ?hi. b had abo*a ?bm ladlaattoaa of a nn'amrtHo chifgo In iho "oathfr. bnlahoat It o'otaMk ibc wind modoraiod to ; tbo laruiuoBli ?atar*M Per Ibrro q< artora of aa hour otly araa tbo aiaatrta orimootiro oomplft*, and dorta. that Umo bomb m$trnm J b f>* mWBBfaa vara tranatatuad ihroapB th? aaila, Tbo Mat, oo fbr aa tbo oonlinatty waa ooacoraad. waa at