Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 31, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 31, 1857 Page 2
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2 perfect aa cm Id be ? 'trad, bat It ?"? *> obao rrad that Ibe cu real dt' oat peae through the whole wire, bat oe'y iht>r#h ce biiadrrd end ''rty rot lee, rxmalatiri rf the cod cf (be tb *? oebl.' ud U? annr deck colt of tte dean ?e. boa It ? nr -per to am* bee 'bat tha paying on of tba rho^a cable, wbtcb I* an '?ah and % tjalf ib dlatna ?r, ard w'lfbt alr>ct seven loci to 'be m'te, via a rathe-- d ftcujl oprratloi, ant a> ended with coord . derab'e rl-k IT :l?e tba deep aaa line la rem M-habl* for t> *>aai tl. ijbl it> , tb<* po"U>? of tb < cable la aa muob the revrrae aa U l? b- arlble to conceive It aaa made win tba view C raaiadrfr all th' rt'ain to which it re-ght he aci ocia.1 by tba fro toe of acrtio-r or other eiae, and the won* cf which iba outer c artrg or protection *a? com paaad are racb about one el hth of an tneb to dtame<er While, therefore, *r?at at-ergth waa oh?ti-?t, It was to poeiibie a* 'he *a*a time to have the additional a1vao?ae? of greet flerlfctHy and tba roorerpiaece waa tba< when it oame to ba wound round the wheel* far the pnrpo?e of I peyirg out it coul t en be made te mo dear toto the sheerer, but w?a r?o*taai|y bulling ont ?ome ?bera, re qot'ing unremitting care and atteo ton on ibe pert et tba wvr? men to nrrveni i> iro d ruruug ouanogmnw n th> cugfa Ibe nog icrt <f |i bM been stated, 'b?? U rally did roe off,and that l< b 'Ctnr neoeeaa'V tospltoe 11 a sr rood llm* How an neb w? longed to t?*> Ibe la?t rard oi It overboard and the process of parts# oat the deep "H tine oommenoe! We felt oerfld?nt, from III pliability, thai the' * oold be little or ao etflloilty ox perlen-ed la in manipulation that ob tblt eceient pa'tl?ularly there wotld t>e no danger of tie running off the sheaves, aad that we Powe? of the brakes oould be ao nicely graduated as to brtag little If asy strain u posit. Hal we It oooe aafeljr were cor eriml that, If faro red with fair weather, we would be able to pay out our twelve hundred aad (If y ml e* ncoteeftlly. TBI PICOKD PAT?AP8F8T T. Th.g was la realit) the thl <1 day ob which the work of laylBg ibe cable waa oooilnued. but aa Ibe mere leading of the shore portion of It casoot fairly be entered to the account of pa> log out, It ehoold more properly he called the aeoeod It la, therefore, In tht> order that It U reoorded, aad It I* for this reason that the mere proceae of landtag ) not Included In the regular minutes of the es pedlltor, which may be Mod to hare oommenoed only when the ihip herself wat under way aad paying out the cable over her atom After all, however, this may be regarded es an Immaterial point, although it may be well to state it tn this oonneotion, If for colhtng else than the sake or accuracy. The work waa commenced about half past Ave o'clock tn the morting, when the Willing lllnd, which played en oh a conspicuous part In nearly all the preliminary ope ratlona la and about this place, proceeded, with a number o' workmen on tv ard, to the buoy which marked the spot where the cable lay. She was accompanied by Iwo b >ati from the Leopard and Susquehanna, each of which had a strong (eroe to ear tat whenever thry might be rcq tired. Tor three or four houro, during, whiob tbey workrd with might and bbsUb, they endeavored to raWe It, but Qndlog 11 id) o?MOie 10 accompiisn inmr pursue wiiuuj aiy reasonable time, they ooeolutfed to nnderrun tt viDoe more from be rbore About as hour wm taken to do tbit, an J the only thing lb u no a rem lined o be done wan to rpuoe the end on b ard tbe Niagara wilt that wblch bad bren recovered Tbe Willing Mind started once more for oar eblp, taking rne end t?i it ber to tbe boats of the gurqaebanns and leopard, wblob were lying under tbe lee of tbe It ad, and where toe work of pli-tng oocld be carried on with I-a* rt*k and greater deipatca We could see ibem f om tbe deok of tbe Niagara working bard and set, and dnring tbe two or three hou-a tnev were employed in tsi* * ay they were object* of the mo t eager carlo* by Tbe api'cera were turroanded by a por tton of tbe orew of both boa a and were almost c> noealod from our view, so that we bad no cnance of seeing what wa* going on At (set, after three of what apposed tbs tongeit boars, tbe Will ng Mind and tbe other brats part od oowpacy. tbe latter retaining to their separate ships This was proof positive that the cabe had not on ly been aplicxd, but thai the spUced portion bad been laid. 11/ seven o'clock ihe anchor was up, and we were once more nnder way paying 'jot as if nothing bad occurred to Interrupt oar progrete For the flrat five or ten minut ? msmachlneri did not ran at well as ootid be wl.bed, and sibumpiDC to ;nd, ibat ex cited ibt raoc ni pleasant recent do, wat made b/ lis rat age over tbe wheel* But tre ear at on became accaetoaed to ihta, and so long aa It pa wet safely into tbe water every one was isurfl-d Tbe ooll from which It wat paid oat was In the fort part of tee ship, within a fo w feet at ibe for* oa?Ue, and ? the dlataooe f>om that to tbe stern was nearly ber whole length, a number of men wero stations- at Interval*, Hie londnela, between the two point*, to see that rvery foot of tt reached tt* dertl nation la safely. Everything that could be done wat done to give It a safe and * ?edy parage, bat It all 1 csttlnoed to ihump away at ibe machinery, and before tbe wat part of It left the ehiv tt created eoeb an excite meat ca boar* that *11 we ban prevtooely gone through ta that Itoe nermed trlfltng ta ocmpartaon Tbe part where tbe tbore cab e It j Hnel to tbe deep eea ltae gave way aa tt was peering over ore eT tbe wheels, end to a mlnate more tbe broken p rtion would have been out over tbe stern, end io?i bey oed all hope of recovery, at least In time to permit of tbe eeaaeoable jraeecatlon of tbe worn tbl* year. Thru eras tbe moat critical moment of tbe eater prise tbo* fer; end bad tt not beea for the wtee fore*trbt and prtcauuon of Uaptain Hadeoe, there it no doubt thai tbe splicing of U at thore onble could never hove bem effecw ?d ikon lb* p/ovintoa wbteb he ma'a for anct an emergency inn d H, and tbe admirable maingemeo of UM nip. by whtofa nil etraln ana ukw of 11 during (bo pro ?w of spitting, u> worthy of nil prnlno. Tbe .opinio hnl ordered n etroog bnw?er, of ?ufB cleat length, to be plnoed ntnr I be Mem of the n reel where u could be need nl nnv moment, end thro nwnlted wits no emnll degret of anxiety ib* t< me when li nboald be nnnounoed iant they were rend7 to (*} oat the. portion where tbe two ctblre were Joined At met It wee reached, end the npeed of tbe Tterei been g been redaoed to n fmouou of n mile, eo tbnt be ooald om> be nnid to be mo ring through the wnter, it wee pneeed though tbe bnnde of the men ne cnrefuly m If It were the marl lender fnbric IB the word,nod hnd juel gone or or roe af tbe wheel* wbnn It wni obterred giving wey n the j mi Tbe captain waa at on w on tbe alert, ntd la a moment bad It Uriel; necured nthehaweer Mr. promt. tbecbler tng'neer of tbe ?hlp m> at bit pott by tbe tpeekiag tube, which ex-ends from tbe poip 10 the en f or room, and go e the o der <o flop or work ibt eat oe worn It became apt area! that there wa< any itrtln unoo tbe oable Tbe aoo lent occurred el balf put eleven, end the iblp we* about term m'.lew from ibe point fro* which the rtnrted thai afiernora Tbe other reenelt of courne ooald a t have been aware of lie nvt entire. bat toey m>et kare known from tbe atjnptge of tbe abip tbnt there wna nometblng wrong Whatever meg bare been thlr anxiety dortag tbe bug nad weary boo* and n half wb cb it toi k to r*?*w tb* tpliee, Itaertaol' did But etored wtn'. we ft It tlarng tbnt time N d n word wan p. ken except by thore la c. o n.nod nod the order* were nr.' que ly obeyed Toote who could take m active part In tbe work locked on wttb to netntog of the fe*l ng wttb b'rh a man await' tbe renuli of e rhao *> on wb'cb bl* vei; ire may Ceptod Many an inqnlrtog look an rttroctml In If at nrltrni of thn Pm.iU th4l n??" U < stere, and a. ram eho were employed at the wo-k of rpilclng It MDnl ss I' II would nrr? be flslrh"d, al Iboryb U>e Jntneis wenl at It ttb a will knovng ao? wurh .tep*i.d<d ?n Ibelr 'ipe'tUn. and performed It In h?r the tine ibat would W<- given to It pnoer otherelre.nm tanoes Tbe hemp rervtng and gmta p?'> bi IDt"laUon were rut off, l?-a^lrg both tod* of l>* c >p or wire or ooo doctor perfmly ba>e Tata was : >oe in aimtel las* time tfaii It take1 to r? late tbe drrnmsianos, Tbe t?o c ?duc In were then aid P je'tier, bocnJ u < wi n a single wire, sndt-e wLclr retire ed together Aft?* th < tbe gu Je percba tar p'areu o??r lbs conductor la a pe ' c ly p.astic stave, aed lbr ts.auleuot hating em'bos effected ibe heanen at rand* were sewed cpoe It tbe Iron two ectlag wire or titstiil a'?or | isapd over that again, ? d tbe whole Serurt fy bouvd ? first! org h~mp Hiving been Spliced r. this wey II ess loeered dowo rantiotriy over tbe Item by tlx same hawser, eo that there was Ititle or do stra'a brt>u| bt t post it, aed ta less than barf so hour more Ibe ship v s? or he* ctserte, golag at a rale of from two to threr miles at> beer 1 bate said that Ibis was the met trying aed aattoes tla i w< bsf ap ta tin* print, bat a description of tbe snees Heelf wtllccavey abetter an I (tore ror. aet ilea ef tbe no rtescr team any mere etatemret thai re tld be nude Tbe momeat tbe ceble parted Capta*n Had ton, whs 'too: upon the poo j, from wbicb bs r mid se? ibe whole oprreUoti and the movent Bis o' every oae, gave orders bo base N attec .ed wlib the ba veer "Keck II, rack It ny man, a?d be qslok about U," sale he to tbe sailor who wae necorleg It wttb tbe cable "Bring aloag acme brmp, and bold on bard to your bawsee," bs added, white tbe man, obedient to Ibe order, did bold oa wttb redout, ed atrerrth and wttb snyb terrl le tenacity (bat I' tbe ro^e bad goaa overboard be ? owls base g tee wttb It Tbe berrp * as breegbt or* U?e be wear bonad, or racked, aa IK. naaitial i.hrmsr IS. flrmlV tO lb* CSMS " Oame l>? aMr* ibe-a, loo? ulii'r Ihifi," the C*ji'??o ay air, cr tea, m be ylree ihe order* p? ion* of ih? tiacda to aaaiat ih* mm ia btcdiaf lb* hawaer and la bow utf r,e It ib? cab la nil ibe apl oa could be male Mr lwt|fai ctiM to lb* mm at th* prnl'ff 001 m% pain* to eaa* off u>? b ak* . aa the itraia appoart to ba tratrtcj bcariar upoa tb* ceble ' Hoia am j n?r bawaar there." aaid Mr Frera*, when Me bea*d thw? yor oa tali 1/ ba** no poor t"aana o? no* " That, look i|| orrr ih* ?wn and a**l0f Ibat there wae a < |bi atraie r? tb? cable, ba p*a**d tba wyrd hrouy b ih* ipaakinf tab* to tba *afftnoa* on duly to ' back . bar alow " *|m* ?bMb.M ?aid tt>? iuh, ** or thai tba oabl* ^P>'aagla* ?tth ibc rem ?aa indication that l? aa irbjacl ?n am* if aiy ?t am?" Now then, It la all r (bt, tba bawa* *-? it* a* jm <* u,, r?t>i* Mailt a bua more of It," b* call* on to lb* lm?r f*llnw lo dap "Ma k anuw ?oc*ont-ibaiirifbi " be ad da, a h* ?*** bia order immediately obeyed Many an important loo* ?u d'r*c*n to?a<-d th* apl'oer, but ba la tarfo nunff bla dnty weil, be i? wo kior wt b all toMrtb'e deeta'ca and altbonyh o|.n h? We,e onj?*r. ba I* dotty all a man oaa do.'if j>* cable be loai |i will oeraiaiy b* tbronyb nr faoh >f nia in the mtdai nf tbr nubdowd ?ir#i#B>?ov? tor t? I bar* ?w<l an one attem awl harpeak hot la wktapara, ennrpt tbna* i* r ttnwaed-we oooki not bai iblab wb*n wa looked nut ib? oatm aea ta It ?jartried pi dar lb* brl rbt llybi of th* f l> moor wttt fceltny af rraUttida upon the farorahi* w aui-r with wbiob oer eoierprta* had berB bleaaed thu? f*r Serer a* a rear*' bmw* favored lb?o oora, aol if we are oaly (wrmMted t* lay lb la aabia, what a Um- at r*jow. n* wa will bar* when w* r?< back lo Sew York I . almo.t ban mock In bop*, and aa w* thb k wha< ra hare y?t to rn Obrwiyh nor aetwa ton* bemme almoet nalnfut la tae ct hrcrn* lew ua when we r< turn lo tbe Kwpl e c ?y, t a >le bo tell oar friend* that Ut* cable I* laid, *ad toe L ulled rffatea. My a* lbey are, will on o* ?b a to b Id ua. If I uf lay ihla c bl ruconaafaflf, lid wr wUl?bnt It ? viaaiea* *a<icy what wa wl't d? A'tbr mil tar antler, fwr all lie eicitrinent. It mi ?>a thai we are am dead oed to arrcni' tt*h ?* c*a wr?*k the I'ma, but ur ho,** ?o rw <?y aad I bo w ibat ' are i* ooi a <aaa on boar' tram la* oar**ia to U>a bnimicat hand, thai la not wraid up btari aac eo?l to lb* *aiorp?i*e So Mroof la tb* feel I# Ullhtur Ihiraw 111 h# >'* #*f ie?*Dl aminy 4m.w at tbr ?<y of a tr aa nra'board Ikar tharr wonl" at tb* aoaoei *** ??t .h.t ?* cable hed wrlrd?peri apt It la Ixwti rIMj kraw ?he e ar m gti b? tked op bnt that tJ?* na?le iter** *? Id t-jt lii-te refl-mw- * * e'wr all n*t a pan "f tb* ' #ot * wl iM I bara be a < > ^- .neiaa erd to which I will aaow r# vra N<aalih?t?aCiat the *trr \ >n? at ia* caid?te > tba areata off tba oauta by ree.di* It m riffbi I _ J anglea wlfb the ablp?It It nvftent th?'. the It d<dlting, fn on ibeitndercr wlilah tba cable bw to cna aide, ud wb'ch U cauaed by he faot that the reaael h?ri"? boon lowed do 'l end etoobod to often, haa now no heed ?y The captain tee* tbl* and oall* out to he Leo iwrd, wMcb to few hundred feet Irani our port qiarto*, to oome to our "Leopard, obey! bo oollt out, tbe top of hit wotce? 4 Ieoj??d, ubgr' we win t ou to keep our heed to windward ?bile we make a ipb't." T? bit reply wet received from the leopard that tbev nrderMoud ut, trd thai it waa all Mr.b1 I vmediately l';?r h r head wet put about, and running n?tern of ut abe cameuip'n our atarboard quarter fnr the nurpiao or r?m pljtng with errnqi-ett; ou by the time Bhe got into proper port Hon It ?u 'ound *bat we had no <rna?1oi for brr rrrTkvw. and ibat tbc cable had aga'n got Into a oeper poatiton HrfiinBe the apllner work* away bard ami r??t and ju?t a- be hat flntthed the Inanlation Ur Fit Id .toll a tbe circe of aorctatora tbat are gathered aro'c, end Inform* tb;>m tbat th?y are In oo<rmuni?Mloo lib ihe rb"**, and that they are ta'klng away bard and ftal At Ian the gitta peroba Joining la flalabed, and in tblng now retrtio" to be done but to lay on tbe eiternal rrrvtug T>*e protecting wire it twitted over tbe lntulalor, and ore tba aga'o la wound tbe herring of hemp aa tight ar hurran rtrorgth can draw It "Mr Bright " set J too cM">U!b to the Ubier Kngineer c: the Tebgrn;>h Uor.ipaur, wber tne a lice hut been Cirt pleted, ? Mr. B*gbt, do yn. mean to rend down a buoy te this oad." "Yea, atr," Mr. Brigbt replies, "I think It would babet ter to do eo " Acd the buoy Is according'v aent down, attached to a rope long enough for a depth of Uhi fathom*. This r( pe baa been attanbrd to the oabl) before the buoy ha* left the abl >'a aide ro that in caae the apilntng gives tray it may be when up agalt- and reepltood. But the cable la no- yrt paid oat, am all are anticipating the movent when It ib til be committed to the ooean with feretiai anilely It baa et laat arrive t, and Mr. Everett ca'la down 'trough be ape?k*ng tube to the engineer on duty to ' eaaeher gently.'' subtle Mr Todd, who la note officer of ihe deck, unwilling even to trust the tube, repeate the O der In stentorian tonca down the engine hatch, ir that O der b not beard they mual oorta'.nly be deaf down there, hat they are not. and the word la hardly pasaed be fore It li carried into efTect. Mr Hrlfbt a?ke through the tube that lead* to the tele graph office *?bl >h baa been fl'ied up alongalde the main deck roll, If the continuity la perfect, and la Informed by the chief operator, M? De Hatty, "that It la all right." The cable meantime bae boon paid out and in less than an hour we are at leaat two ml eg ofT from where the epltre wblnb had put every one Into aucb a terrible elate of anxiety la lytog aafelv upon It* o-?ai bed. We a e glad to ret rid of ft, for It wg* one of the worat customer with which we nad yet to deal and every body oongratnlatea e -ery body else bat It la tafely over bn?'d. "I tell yun ?h*t," aaya one of thd qua-terma iters, two er three honre af-er; "I tell yon what, that was a bard I'me, and I bop# we wont aoon have such anHher"?a hope In witch it Is alauwi n'edleas to amy every one who heard him jdned. Tba real point of Interest now la the telegraih offlMe, the door of wtdeb 1* beeel with es^er Inquirers, all deatrona of knowing bow the cable wrrks. and a considerable namber of these wltb meer ages for friends not tnlv In Valentin, LtV'rpoM and I en'on, but away off In tba United State* imnww tKwu men tVvo wslla* trhn tftf k aH ea ntarro rtf iKo flr?t< t-poriunlty lo transmit the following cieapaioh to the New York Hirald, aad wh<oh he teele oonslde-abls Tide to being abl? to * > wee th flnt eent to any newtpapeover the AMantlc Telegraph, or that norUon of It which was laid. And here It 1*:? UStTtn states Fntr.atk Hi AC. ARa, ) At fKA.orr thf Coa*t or Ihrlasd, au|iiii b?1 r H. t To James (Jorpok Br.ssrTt, 15>q Raw Tore U?haii> Office? The cable te h?,lng paid out orer the etem In capital style and the xh'p la golrg at the ra'e of two miles an hour We h we p?td out ire twelfth mile most sneywssf xl'y, ard are fe'Mng on admitahlv- The insulation was loimd to no per-rl al-er a spll.w had beep paid out, and the cab'e Is In such eiefl ent worhlrg order thai tn-?rs&res are transmitted he t ?een the ship ?nd th shore wl b ut* ereatee' ease, all a'e well on bo*., the Niagara and sanrn'ne astoih- retail of the sipedition. Weoai.seeih' light- of the other stramersss they bore- around ni. snd ran Imagine what In enee anxiety the> must 'ee to know ho*' ire are netting oa. J. 1. The subi^ned desnalch was reoelyed from the telegraph oi' at Valcntla ba> ? tve see t> e Niagara broadside on. Is there anything wrong In ibe pacing out? To which the following reply waa reoelred A11 Is right Krerytbt if ts go'rtoe well Theshlp'i broad side Seine on arlws from h# r drl'tinc aa the was going eery al- wb - only a mile and a ha'f ?n bonr. The rreteagns that were eent by the offlccrs lo thslr friends and relatives In a liferent parts er the Celled rha e? would Oil column after rol' tnn 01 tbe Herald, and th' operatives were kept busy at tbe Instrument the whole lime. THIRD PAT?ArOUBT 8. Finer the Niagara left New York she was not and no nil not lave been favored with r?lrtr weather than aha bad to day. Tbe sun roaa tn an almost bloodless sky, and lha wioa vu no njtni urn u Darniy run rippie on 1UQ water Tbe revl of the telegraph squadron bad spread apart of their (mtm In tbe hope of being able to save their ooel, bat they made nothing by It, and were obliged to far) their inlle, which were hirgtog iooeelf from the yards. Eetn the light cntigu hung from the peaks la folda, and fjcre rae hardly atreogth enough in thebreeme lovbaleoat the etlll lighter (trearner* that tlratrd from the m.ln We hva.d the belie or the Sutquehanna ae ahe Blood off about half a mile en Our i tar board quarter, and, were M neoeeeary. could hare hailed her at that dlitance w tthoul any great elraintng of lunge. The I>eopard wai tax ng tt eaay away off tour or Are haadred yard* on the port aide, and the Agamemnon, with her maMtve and warlike looking hull, although a mile and a he! away, komed op at visibly ae If ebe were not more than one tbt-d that dieteroe off Tbe Cye'ope amused her eel' rnnnlr g ahead of the reet of the squadron. ae If on , tbe lookout for something which the never euroeeded la find'rg She bad a Jolly, rolltrktng way of her own, that ! < ntrae'rd etrorgiy with th? rolling nit of lee bluff Aga- I mrn<noe and the daehing atyle of the leopard, which ,-iirred into < rrv e?a, no matter bow email, ae If It bad e >me tuvldloa da Igct up >n he?, throwing II from her le ! buwrre rf apvay Tbe Hueqaebanan look It qaletly euonrb, and aremed ae perfectly attlifled at going two o .le? an hour an If rbe had oeea go ng a dozen in tne Mar time A boot terrty ?Urn aetera of the equadroo ih> Rheldp/, two high ronka that stand out from the ma'n lend hhe g-pan tc ontpnet*. were dtstanotly vitlh'e, and althr ugn 'he Mule hgh houaeat the entrance to Va.enua harbor had e i k be'ow the borizon aome h urv bofore, we i co -Id it'll tell Its position by the high laedmarkt by . which it was ee?r'*,n led Tbere were the Bi%t keite, an leland moon-aln, am ose of the flrat V ' the many b'ghlaodi which the mariner acee on this pvrt of I be Iri-h cuaat befjre be enter* tingle bay ; and tooM tow. balf etinken, treaoberone tooaieg rccke, with wh eb the waves a-e at perpetual war, are the foie, and are toe drr.d of a I tfce aH,i nuiirri <rrn irate anoui inn p-rl ' r ihe liltt>d A ?r?? off bej no.I the Fine and ihe Hle>k'l'? em'itg thee hi(rh 'nn.l? n' the count; Km r; I* nif of ttv m'Wi mean flcerd -ru'tiorr lhat erer deitg i ?| the fjn of* lrave'I--r. acd thine hrh leue? ?tnk Ift il j helow ihe borlzio the ralle;? da-ken w'th the ereo'tig ehadowa. and lb* irinietatn < ?*?, tiffined wi b'bo red flow of the de?eff>d|Dg run, trie rn^r > Ilka the cr'aM-na of dreamland tbac a IIring, actual realit;. 1i la . tain ProBuek ?acb to day, alfoogbllaplaii Hod-on ma; te aa d to be al '%> oa. wub ihe et wpirn if Ui< few bio-f wh ch be gieci t real Tb? ' ar*ato'a fl"?t (jn<a<toe t? In regard to tbe eable, a* It la o tar* th - ft rot with aimiai tftrj one wbea the; bare gut the aleeji out if lb?lf eyaa ? Who' l? tbe rale at wb'nh the cable 'a being paid out'" be irq^'rea, addreM'Bg Mr. Frtltt, tbe nail mater, trbo la one of he gra-dtaoa <R tbo co if. " lbr?e ibl'ea rtr," latberofpoMt Thia la am an faat ? bad b eo captc td, but It la dotag urj well fur iba prerrnt, a <b?ngb tbe tntrotioo la to do mreb I>c4er ba Fote a hundred ml're of |he "mbla rba'l ba-e been paaaed lb> alera n elflt to tbe ontl proeae ibal ?be rgpdft of Mr. FogMI la rorrort, and alio pr>.re? aoother kbmg, that abaterer fear* might hare baoo fed la regard to k nka, or auftbtug rf mat kind, aeeeptlrel) grmiadlea* No b'ng eotild br more g al'Meg thar tbe we; Is wb'cb II rovtee or out ' ihe r** an fletibla, %ud ;ot poaeaedug au Bdcb atr'Bgtb There la bo trouble rhaler w anto II? n latMUg Into kro*t anr eolauglltg of tbe flakia?but tbe whole prnaeea tf niirolilcg goea oc wnoBi the angbtoot difflroli* Tbe mea who aian l aroun i tbe rtrcle looking j out fbr accident" bare bo aw; time or M and m'eht bo * New York oe T 'r'rpo. or awe; in the ' r i*u i fie a1) tbrir aerrlrea a*e re , I ?-d That cable - nn'o t kink If it tried aid k i?rr ? It pateea out af tha ah p aaral; a 1 la cepnattad eerurei; oe tb? bottom, It m%j twiat aa much aa It plraiea Tbr iron wt.ra which fit as -Be ou er error leg oe prote?ti'B ma; benoae a> oo?r"ded with the ac Imib of the ?-lt wa er ar to aff t'd It do lor^tr an; -water tli*. hni ' ii? .h* i* ' l* i * r- maina ItM, th* oaaondai part of th* rablo rr'jttlro* ro nlh-r prowwtl m than lh*l piaon <1 by th* ifutt* *rrh?. || batW n ureM, m *a or mn-fel to f*T?r o' lb* iwcmi of th* M'aitic IoIt *pb, <ii?' u t in* *lrc. Ib 'b? rror?*? of docoap'wuor to ah c b W mm Id b* Oj-CIn- %tt?r !* ohinrrvon '"old ool? r irto mmbtnet * -?iih th* rwlnarar m nijaU i Vb'cb, v h?* hw* n>.<o*ii hj 'b- n''iu1inr?of l.'*oi B-r v man,fo*nt '* ot th* d.p>?tl C ib? b?d of it* oroos Ok. th* r?'il*l? own, how.****, and down n*r ??!;, ?rbo nrr* wbotbor <t dr..-? or oot, ?r wtaKitfr ihtre i* do" a paitk I* of it"> pr l?o ton wlr* lof?? Th* (Mr* ?nil will b* *11 run nrt ?ntn? UTin to morrow ( up.'ay) rrort'rj. and thon what a I m b*r' wtll fed IB pantlcf th.o n-r nd opt'-inr o*f*ln Kit of 1h* ahlp and *b*i r'J.'nq ?? 'hall b%?* I* b?-lnf owoa ti* wn'b fart ut mr half |?i<l of Vartoot apootlatma am oflnel */ to Ibr a ' t la ' and * . di?uoor mo nod "hoe tt la anrmni "' frrrr aom* q- a" ? or anoioor that in* twrpf-flw* llrt.Moil nt'lo# *br-on >|b otllo* will f*'< ahfot hofnrr tbo tf?Ti"nm rotr.b** .o* h*wfo.ind'en1 t'riti run a ret*or up. *?y 'oollnn-ho* pn|?. ?*ino of ? -* 'th' ft th* niftr- -? *?? ? tbotr ?onfl.ioooo th?< .-m tr inr** day't mkoe'r* *1" tbow thr--. it t o? n. r opot jh, hot p'ontf to ?p?'a. Tbo nni? hit * t . r*rn?' ** now to b*? dooo a* to pot rid of tho oahk a* f??t at ] a* rrntd for a'th 'iiirh w# rnijbl bar* h**o aa'loflod with i tiro* P'lr* *h'ti W" itertwo, *? that WO h?rl rot th?' I ?. am. id rot h* f,w>tot? I'll wr r>ert?*d f?"r or * ? Th to', ohj wi r to i?>i? I* tha* It nt'fh' br'tf tit fr**t a ?? !' man it. aid'bat In oir l?p*t' no* n g*t tb'ttiab ith f or part of tbo wok w* udght If. ttr oaliM-* ral.ttr. ,h* tfe rt'j d'oad hf t*J 1 .h ha at t j? t'ka a nifhto ?* *'vi th* ntralfl at tha oo??'*t rat*. *' *. o "H V m to*'ndinatnr, dt} not **oe* i fnor h"nl'?-1 po'itidn, hi * thr r*h**( ? ' b*d |k*b until by tho ttwrla^at 'n T*t*btta Bay, * a* rtinNc r/ hoar'xg ? tl'a'a of th '? and a h* f t*a. ! t? jon? h?*ti oroTOd from * oalnnUHo* of Ibt Mtw* r> n a'd ire *m tl "f c*bn p-jd -mt, tVI th"'* tn at p*e ?t*? no ma* a U f?a? that at* ah?l| a-q ha'* 00"'K<?- To* " 'I > '> n't. q , fro ? (h t n- ?t which toe ?ho*? ft-'o*th*im '? w?> Mood. wH'r |h* n fB^o ?' *o*? not or.. t, ar " "Wlr f 1' 'irlatroo :* m than tt. art'a I dfw? r, (rar -r. < ti*-* N*n ?*t>?n In', an 1 Ibatir h>. cori' n, at th" rat* lb y arm ha nat-m rn! 01 b nt b to it) a a "ma'tar- M?t'?r>h I ro fTOT ac* K*r? >*? r. Bdiat't, mt, 0 N nib. ta* mo itortiia'n na t 0 ' apo Hrot n Hu' a',', to a ta t>ar'.ly ,1 omati'* Wfc*t w# toa. b ro o owm. |f ?? oT?r ?nr. . r 't riitlDf 10 far w* w"l ho brttr. agio tn toll TMa d?t dlo.?d with flno wo^tbor. and a "fn a# of 1 a [ mrtinrandr tn thj nronlop, about a*-? ot o |it o'nhn-a , ho ro* a.?a' |.-r.1 rn? Ik. on* a't'arvod |o*a at aMwnttnn Bat n? if a tow mo provtoud It bad a d**p biaa, but tt fEIT TORE. UKKALD, MO wet now ? very light nea r ?-en. and, looking cliaelv at toe u 'ece we dlxoo ced tha'. II m*r itr?wed wl'b d at meoorte tor irIlea aid ndlee we (ae 1 throrgb the ?, ?rd would donbtleaa here ent ti* tine to km lh?m ha" ret bem promoted by the ' *Vo?? of nlgnt Ado her vie It ut'he roll eDd ?b< telegraph offlo* bc'ow going 'o he'! -a'lifled ub hit the oabt * w?* rolng vat in floe at-la aud ih?< iberon inutty *?k perfect "bat word "otntfoul'y'' hid become qnlm a re' in bum( ,tl ,| it waylh'ug went wrorg *llb the cable, the fl,e qu<-?<l u w?d ?l*ay??' ccurre in regard to iu aafrt*, ltd the next aa o the c >n t.nuity belrp all tirbt One* at ?a?e on both th-we piiv.a < eery one ?Nft tree annneiy b .1 the moment the alight ?*i breath war whixtwrei of anvthinr wrong wl'h ,-nhn-, be g-tav*t anxiety w?? manifested ?t:1 the c(tearing tni'l "geroe ?at |txrn that ibe work wax going on snoceaaf tl'y If tlin ''old cctTeo mill" Mowed frr a. minute, all baoda 'r the cabin arr1 wardroom were on deck to too? 'hecauier.f it, and tever xrent below ayaln ttiii?w?nt nn a* before The "roflee mill" wu the nam* given 10 the payirg ont manbtnn. front the peculiar nitae made hy Ibe'wheela and which bore seme what rf a raaem van<*e to tbat which It might be au tpnaed would be pro duced by a mill for grinding octree The wind became us ft miliar te oa ae that of onr own voice, and ao I tog aa we beard It we knew tbat everything wax aa'e?thxt le. that ibe cable, which waa everything to nt waa go'nt oat without diffl*ultv The Irrt thing we beard la the mom Irg was the paving ont machine grinding axray above out keeds. and although It made what oome might c >nstder a d'eagrceable racket, to us It waa more pleasing than the beet 0 era ever prodmed by Italian, Getnan or ?-y other ' uiupiTcr, IUII r'nm, uuuivri/, i? -yvuio uiw.v ? ban ever, but in?f a* of interfering with oar real, tt will i c niy make as sleep the eounder. pocrth iut?Avautrr 9 The now familiar sonnd of the paying oat moohtno, blch never ceases except when there Is something wrong with the cable, kept on throagh the whole night without interruption, and wee the flret thing that greeted ear ?utrg neneee. We were doing wooden, and no long an the brake* were not applied the mnob ne showed no *lgn or halting In itn work. At oar meee table It wan the prln olpal subjeit of conversation, and all were of the opinion bat tbe laytrg of a cable ooronn the Atlantic won not only feasible. bnt that It won id be accomplished In thin oreient month of Angnnl, and by the nhipe Niagara and Agnmem am. There were some, It In true, who thought that <here might be a difficulty when we oeme to the great depths, and that the Increased weight and st'eln which world then be brought upon the oable, with the pitching and rolling of Ihe ship In a heavy nea, might be more than tt c< uld bear; but after all, there wea little danger to be ap prrbended from this, If the brakes were not put on, Tor it was observed that when they were employed for Ibe purpose of checking Its speed, they very freq tently stepped the wheels from turning, and brought upon it the strain produced by the speed of the vessel? a strain wbloh would port the strongest cable ever made, as to parted the at ore oabte but a few days sgo, and oslr a short time after we get o-1 of Don I us Bey. Those crakes, : < fed, are the only things that we hsve to dread, ane lr hey were once overboard there te no difficulty, so far as our experience ha* yet proved, In the way of the suooeasfii] amsp lehment of ibis enterprise. We ore In high humor at the progress we have already made, as wed as the line weather we have hsd and being on the tecon. eoti of the deep era line which was put on the bet lb <tck, are now looking fo-ward to ibe time when ?bab get rid of that too The ell which had been formed SSI be soar deck, and the lost mile or which was paid ot t M a quarter to 8 o'clock this morning, csntaln'd one hundred and thirty rol es, which, with the ten ml a* of beavy shore oable, made one bnndred on* fo'ty or avtut i ne nin>h of the wh '.le aauant on board. It was kno ni laat evening that If no accident <>orurr?d we would r> aco he forimaln deck ooil eorae time this norm-g, and as t?e critical moment arrived, all who coma were up on uec* w eon me spuw ay wnira tbe two were connected ga o'er the stern This ma neat *u looked forward li with ootlicrkDle interest ant tux lety. 1; wat thought that the strain produce* by the ma cblnery en the joint, whlon Is not oerta uly so strong as the other parts of the cabls, woall be too much for It, and that tt would glee on being paid out. Krery prican tInn was therefore taken to prevent snob an ooeurrenoe The ? eed of the ship was reduced to a mile an hour and tbe rplioed portion lowered gently from tnestero About thirty men were stationed about the ootl and at the ma rbinerj, while a dosen stood near the stern, all ready for any emergency that might arise. Sending by tbe circle from wbloh the cable was now roiog u.> with greatly dl minlebed speed, we wa-cbed fltke alter flaaeand 'urn af er turn ae It wae ocwound from abont tbe none, until the last turn?tbe spliced part?wax reached, and following It up to the mar hi aery, saw tt pars safely orer tbe Ore wheels aid down Into the water In a half hour more all danger wse oyer; a tew there resolutions were gtyea to (be propeller, end we were toon going at the rate of tt ree , mllee an hour towards Trinity Bay, Newfoundland. This peed wan lie'eased to three and a half, and befrre eight we were going at Uta rate of fire, the highest we I bad reached yet The res* of the Muadroo were tome , what astonished, and baying graduated their speed by what Utey supposed we were going, from what we bsj done, hex began to fhii astern very rapidly for two or three hours They toon found out the oauie, however, and put ting on a Utile more steam, look thetr fo mer p will on. The ease with which tbe oable wae paid out at this rata eon vtneeu all of tbe preotloablUty of oontlnutog tt with perlhct suooese, and with such favorable weather ae had Mended tbe ruler prise op to this time, of laying the cable Inside oriliUw day*. All that mMMirf ?M to look out for the splicer, to redooe lit* speed at the proper Ume, and especially to evott the ttae of the brake* ei sept wbee Imperatively n-oesrary The vjco amlatl-o of tar ta the grooves or sh?av*e tt wee feared might bar* a tenderer to throw the cable off the wbeele, but a* It wee bruabed away train by the cable almaet ee quick ** II gathered, little attention waa paid to It lo the early part of the day dlrta# aeretce waa oelebraied, the captain peribrmlng the dutlee of chaplain There waa not, however, aay interruption lo the work: the men wpre tt their elatlona aa oaual, and mingled with the captain'* r< Ice waethe dm of the machinery, at the dote the prayer for the sucsee* of the rapedltloa, wbtch wae read at the celeb ration of the land 'eg of the cable, waa repeated, and the careen! ameo which followed showed how ceep an internet every one felt in It. The gtceieet depth over which we bad panned wae roar i hundred fathom* but to morrow we expect to be paying the <-able cot inte two tb <aaand fathom* of water, or some wbat over two mile* Tbia will teat the practicability of la- log It In great depths, and settle forever owe of to* raoet sevir or question* ts which this enterprise ha? give* rise, i It la supposed by some. In oppnaltl <o to tbs "teiegrapb p'a teau" lD*ory of Ueut Manry, that toe bottom of the ocean, Instead uf being of one onl'orm level between I'eUod and Naw found land, has ibe same depression* and betgbie, tbe satre abropt dejllvtle* and mountain tanges, whi .h are tc be found upon tb* aarface of tbe earth Tbe sruedtng* of Lieut Berrymao, of the Talt'd jtale* navy, ard Commander Cayman, of the B<ltl?h nary, bar* rovrd lb* sitslenc* of this plalean, but still It is u?t"?d '.ha as three soundings were taken at Interval* of tnlrty, f. rty or it'tr mile*, It Is im.oeatole to ta I th? aiast otiaeao trr of the Is-d of the sea from tbem, or to lorm anything in -e than a speculative opinion id retard to lbs suuj .it The Isylng, there ore o' tuls cattle at 111 do moct to sards puttl, t an end to all doubt* whatever rega-dici* It. aa well ?? toward* proving tbe practlcab'llty of toe pre*' nl enter prts* Ota ortbe k eat difllluttlra wblcb Mv Brett hid to ? .?t tend with In laylpg a cable acrow thn Mediterranean, wae caused by tbt great death of water. ?b ch la part* rqnal the de?pr*t auum Ing* fonnd on lb* tel-'granatc pta ' n, but ibote were abrupt and not gralnal Jnsoeats. like v hat we aball bar* We will ant be alarmed bv aay of ICoee rapid rune of tbe cable that tbi*?t*b destruction to all la Ita tray for the descent* over wblth wa ?ball pa"* will not be greater then re* thousand feet Is the mile, while the average will Ve perbtje about lb ee bnndred. This is ceralaly m wt I mi-iny. aid if the promise holds good and the cable den'i nasi we may have aa opportunity of realizing It lo sr.??ow 0n-<< r be day v? r'gTBiled lie fquadroe by rmtii ':?#* It Bl "Bl1 ?U l"ft>t," which BMM that the C?M? >v gotagewt ra'ety, bal tb? onntloalty waa perfect, aad, ta a wrrd, bat we weregrtdng along m well, i' do* better, thee rould be ?i[>r !tr<l They were ?earfled. and daring tbc r? rr Binder r>? the day kept <b their westward course wl*h?m1 irterrrpui.a, while we pure-red our? atendlly, pay rg ou. lea coble at ibe rate of from fleato all inline par b< t.r The electrician* laid ibe rahie we* in food work Irf order and meeeaget ?#rerrDi ihmcgb U to Arnerloa by the ofBeerr ol ibe NUgera to ibe r fr1eed? and i*U?e?, ail of ?h< m will uoubi-ee ha * r<rv- r-d then before we reach the other tide of U>* AU-ellc There ie eelrenUy a determination aot t r let It r?m>in idle foe want of work, and tb ooeea'orr bare ?o rugb to do If t*ey art through the pile of menofcrlpt wbbh liee na their dark before morning FIFTH I>AT?ALOraf 10. Then wan a pretty beery foe on darng the whoia af ibia day, and It wna erldeoi that tlx re bad been a gait acme* here In the Immediate nntity, judging from the ;ae ef .he wnreo The rate of paying oat varied from four and a La'f to ?i? knote an hour, aad tba cable came op f-cm the nei ae ?aatly aa If tba (hip were only making two kr.oU It la oe tataiy a woaderfal rable, aad tboee <oll* ?ra adir! ahl< adif.ed to the work There wan, It ran t be ot ?fe ? dt a prejudice agalnat them at Bret, aad when they ?>? n ggeeted aa the heal form that coo Id he i dcrlred, r e objected In them en the ground Ibat they would ha llaMe to k Ink Tbia opt a toe baa now been r -ed to be erroneoee. end those who oppneed the otrolee r eTtnred by pmrunal demoortrntioa that they warn . <t lorn>$ that mala he ad . ted. ' t mornteir ab? o? ten o'clock a sail bora In fight. wb?a the ?>)oadrrr, in addition to their own "" K /'' icirfratm iiir, \ rmr querler tnerter, hen the <u cm* three or far t>?? mr, nrorutihMl hrr to be " a tntebmee " t? h?i ,/> h'iur eHer hr tor* further r>>?erv?.toe of her ?r' hi 'nlil ree here lore, ttel ehe >< Not??g en e<1<1 <i Id tl IDfbUt tot", Mil he knew 'the ?? eome aled tl 1 itch ' bill be germed n ?hi 'prr'ty bi*h np " A v?i t -lereB o'rlnri the trtinmce kraal led toot, drtlMti know 'f re bed en hew through ibe nanle, f'f? itl *??' tadlee, e |*f1 ' f the Brl i?n 1'iir'Bi >ne ehlrb * 'hi*r?rV' 'er time rkaitee the n ? ? petnfel ihtere?< hrrn' rrt > rlenft. We replied th?i ?e her r>ot There arte wrnrt r?tn>'" eome on bo*-d who bed reletlr* thrrn. and % .in' ally felt amble to brer ehoat the loo o? tblegr ? ?het omntry. At tble Mair we were It ? ' 0f| r tnd the rabl* wee going oot in mac nlfie. eti le. T1?ri' * err none of ihnee tnddee e'erm nf reel ft sle* had b' * bredi-ted 'or on when our Dhlp thontdc*>?M to the guv deptbr, end bed ?? not Itoown frrr the rh rt w me noe iitie where we were we entiM Did here telJ 'he ' inert roe, eo fer w iu effeote ur'n 'be Mne were ooB.e???d #e oneM pertly tell the iireio be the aegle wbteh itmedewlUi the eater, whllitbe ev ?bleb It weal out wee npm en ledioetor rr nneoted with lb tmeobiDery The m??ib wee eb-"?n n?o?e rrore'ely bj e?othe? Indt iat?? < ? at eenenM It ih iei net horeber of prnnde ft we? e> hjn/d to e* eoy i?'tl*"la? tWr Tble herdty ewweded th??t h in red, erm r when the hrei ef were put rh. Mid th? r it ? ? In n;?o to 't'teea and twenty hotwired end no "t'tnee m?re to a I neee, howreer, It Woti'd eot r'o t? ?al? >h? tndi??tor * e t-ne guide, ee >e(fire i g nfiirr. e?el >* dn w? a IV *ID ehlab l? b'>t elweie mi ? ew?-f rnrrneiij rne'k'd a on It fline wee b greet doe) U rtoiiem <m timet el by the NDAY, AUGUST 31, IBM. Mr rotting off the wheel* twtcr tb'a evening, bot for i fairly it ?ar pot oa again w'thocl any other aootlenl It ; 'iil >? ccctldn able ex'cot a repettttou ?f the nemo acme bat lock pl?r?> w hen ibr oable broke i B Ute coaat ol Iceland Pbe rbtp wee bailed Immediately ,tbe cable released from br elralr, acd to Dtp alnoira, which termed to many 3?urr il wa> rrtoo thn wh>el* again ? hen the order tar gtvin to the rug uter to "go ahr?d llow," It la lm

?<??"ble to Ceactbe the aotae which T'll^wed?tba relief ! | >< on a frr Hag of terrible luapen-e and ptiofcl e?cttcment j i o ?hhb ever) ore waa wooad up, the ?ra?m aal hearty orgrMcla'lonr that were Interchanged, aod ttor tcgemew aith which we Mill continued to watch the wheela. fear- ' 11 of a repetition of the accident. The englneera kept :ivar the machine, ready In oate of emoryency to go over he woi k again; but loriunately there wat no rail fa'their ' rvioaa in the lame way thla night, after the aeoood cotaa rophe The throwing of the oable off the whoela waa canned by he ar?umnlaiii>n of tar In the abeavea, which are ant ao l?ep acd ao wloe aa ex wrtenoe baa pr>r?d they ahoald "a?t been The ar, which la preaaed cut or the iron or prorcilrc wire aa the cable naraea ever the wheela. atlckn In b?' t braves until tl gathers 1b tone pun In Urge lumps, ! e blob become hardened by exposure to the air. The j rflect or Uli t? to throw the cable off altogether, aa oo currcd la the too caaee just mentioned. We bad bardty recovered from the alarm created by ifceee acCderte, when the whole ablp waa thrown Into ' mother atate of excitement by the report that the con . llnolty waa g ne?that the cable rofosod any longer io tranrmlt the electric correct; In a word, that ill communication between the ahlp and the ' ibore bad oeaard In oooaeqneace of aomo accldrat tc the copper wire or conductor, cf wnloh | no 01 e knew the carte For two boon and n bal the con- ' ilruttr waa loet; and bel en eg that all waa orer, thai the ! ibrt e btrodrtd end odd mllea which had been laid ware laid In rata, ibat we would be obliged to return and report oar own failure, when the et at of the whole world were torn- ' oc np* n t e, and at a time, too, when we confidently hoped 'bat success waa within our react if we only exercised n 1 due amount of rifllaeoe and caution the Koglnuere, Osj lain Hudron and Profattor Morse bid all agreed that j the only thing to be done waa to oat the onble for the par- I ire cf geUIn'. tt off the paying oat machine, and trana- 1 ferrtog it to that which waa to be used for winding up, I and In regard to the successful operation of which there I wore very serious end well founded double. Mr De 8 -utj, Ibe esetatsnt eleotrtolan, aid Mr. Bright ' ( enrolled with Professor Morse aa to the beet course to be purered. when be eip*eeaed the opinion that the atrtln to wbtrb the cable bad been subjected at the time It slipped | off U e wheel* bad opened the autta peroha, and thus da s rnjtd the Insulation. Thla oertalnly seemed the only rest oca Me explanation that could be given of the affglr, and the cause stated wee generally noospied as ths true ; one About two mllea of the cable bad been paid out alnoe , ibat rcolrentocsuTtd, and the only question thai now re | matcrd to be decided waa whether (be winding mvshlne , oould be safely employed In nnderrannlng thla length. Tbis, ei Professor Morse said, was for the obi?r enginesr, Mr B>lgbt, to dets*mlne, and It rested with him to gt'e the 1 (.rde> to base Ibe cable out. In oaae he should so decide. ' Mr Bright did so decide, and preparation I were being > made to esrry bis ordc Into oxeccllon. shea Mr. De Booty informed Professor Mores that the orntlnulty bad been 1 restored, ind tba! tie insulation bad not been destroyed ! In Ore minuter more the lnte llgence would hars come 1 oo late, for in ibat time the cable would base been out '< od the conductor thun detached from the telegraph to trument coold not ba?e given any Indication of tta being perfect tip to the terminus on the venae! The glad newa was soon circulated th-ougbout the vessel, and all feit an If tbey bad been imbued with a new life. A rough, * father beaten -old tailor, who bad aanlsted la ootllng tunny a long mile of it i n brard the Niagara, and who wan among the lint to m? to the telegraph office to hare tie ne*r conflrmed, aald be would havegi?en fifty dollara 1 ou* of bin pay to have raved that cable. "I hare watch d nerrly every mile of I.'' he added, "m it came over the etde. aid 1 would ba^e given fifty dollara, poor a man as 1 am. to bare tared It, although 1 don't expect o make anything by It when It la laid down" in bin own tlmple way be evpreeaed the frelingt oferery one rn board, for all are an mncb Interraleti in the tocceea of the enterprtae an the la geet tbareboider In toe xirapaay. They talked of the cable aa ibet would of a pet child, and never waa child treated with deeper solicitude than that with whloh the cable la watched by them. Yon oould aee the tear* atanding In tbe eyea of eomc aa tbey almcat cried for joy, and told tbelr meeemsteo that it was all right. Tbey did not know aoylh'tg about the scientific definition of the word "oon tinuity,' for to them It waa a tnyaley which was Inoapa | ble or explanation, bat when bey beard It waa loet tbey seemed to onderatand it aa If by inatlnot and to appreciate the Ml exiei I of the loee. I have aald that it waa a great reller to all to learn that 'he eltrtrlc connection was alill perfect, bnt each man. aa be reilret for the right, baa a feeling of ntraonaneia and nnoertatsty leet tbe morrow ahoold have aomethlog atlll wcrae In store for us SIXTH DAT?irOTTST 11. nta haa been a aad day We bad retired fall of hope, sot, It la true, an mixed with a sort of dread that there m anm?lh1ii? still watm than vhti hlit Til hMMMd upending over Um enterprise. This morning, about four o'clock, are were awakened oet of our sleep ti beer the oeble bed period In over two tboosead fstbou water fire minutes after It bed been announced ever? one was oat of his bed to asoertaln for himself If U ems Indeed tree. There was, bowerer, no ransoa to doubt, for there bang the broken end orer the stern swinging looeety, end there were the wheels ss motion leas ss a rook. The other otd had aot yet sank to the bottom, It bad to descend mora Ibaa two miles before It reached the pis less, and It would require more time to aeoompUih that Tbr eolae that sounded hks plea*ant music In oar ears bad oaased, aad lbs machine whloh had caassd as so mash My bad now become aa so mora useless lumber t ''? i r: up tbe quarter deck The oaoae of the calamity was the a-ul oslljo of the brakes, at a time when II was a m'?t'atal to use tbem. Tbore was a pretty heavy swell on, aad ss atoal under tuoh ctranmstsscss, the stern of lbs vessel was elevated or repressed ss sbs rose oe aaoh were. It wai whlis ber stem was down that the brakes were pot on so that la addition to the train produced by I'S M| sgtlu, the cable tad to bear an additional (train of three laousand pounds, aa mai ksd P r, Ite indicator. This was more than It could brer, aad the oneatqpence wae that It parted, as be* bean staled The moment tbe brakes ware used Me wbrcia stopped, and wheo the stent rose again they re maireo Immovable, io that, between Um awmia brought i4 i lbs csbie by the vessel and that caused by the apwiratioa of the brakee. It bad aa 1 bare said, te bear more tbvn It was ever calculated to an Main The Indicator rbowed a a*iata of thrre thousand pounds; but It Is Im I n??lOI? IO C^ICU SIC WO IIT1U DT WDIOO It uroHB. Had ibe brake rot beta ap lied lb ere it no doubt uniterrr that the cable would bare remained perfect to Ibe tad u a lot a we were compelled by eery (real aireea of eaiher to oul It. The clroutostaane. lo nay the least of It, eat meet uafortnaaie; trot If the enterprise has fared, ifce expedition baa peered one iblns beyoad all possibility of doubt, the practicability of la)>af a sib amine lalesraib cable acrnae the Atlantic between Ireland arc Newfoundland of this orery man oa board Is a* ft lly coarlnned ae be le of bis own elistened, whether II be laid eeti yea' or lis aoooiapitsbmem be poetpuwed fcr fifty year* to ? me Tfcl? mo'Blng, aooD after the raiastrdphe, a couauila'lon was beld to ir e cento of Ibe Niagara, ni which Captain Hi dretOaplato I'esDork, Captain Wetowrlgbt, Mr Bright, Mr Worob'iote. Mr Canning aad ProTeaor aorae were preetal bee ibe question of comnieeclog ibe work o?er aya'n a lib what cable rea alned on board both reeeels was nirrusse 1, but as it was foasd, after do* calculation, ihtt h< re * as cot i doi yb to jooaeot the i -0 potato, Ibe pro position of coorae did tm pr* rail The folio*tog table and tatuxti *bow ibe amount paid oat aad the balance of table oe hand;? Slalv'r wvCUi AsiUuxUmiUt. rpperdeek i? 111 i Meie d?ck 'JM 3M u.w?r deck 1M 167 I ewer bold 3*3 306 wardrwb m?7 as 7 Total 1 3U 1 .cms Tbls, with lea miles of shore cable, made a total of I.OM i au ral mllrs. Of Ibis. 3M were paid out w ben ibe oahls nartto, leering 1W miles oa board lbs Niagara, wh.cb, w<ib ibe talf to *be Agamemnon. left I.H47, or a sorpioa of i *' or er t.ASt to He*? ibe distance between Ibe termini at Ne found laod and Ireland?an etoeas of 13>g per oeat. Tbto res. te baa been said, considered taseffldeet and ibe I proposition was accordingly re)e-ted as impracticable In o< ed, it ens dee wed doubtful whether, if Ibe oable had not par tod, tbers would bars been swougb to reach many Bay. snot her pmpoelUoe was made, tbal when the i set lis retorted to Kaglaad an additional lenfth of oable be made, as wnk this and aew machinery Ibe week be recommeao rd In Oc'ober This, howerer, to to be decided by be di rrrwi, sad In the meantime It la nneaeatood that lbs Niagara to Wiliest Ply mouth until future cders It Is | I * l-xen Ul?l II toit prn[??mn? nw'iig nn w wrrir'i ml! 'ne thlp will be detained till neat year wbaa the Ta kyrmph kqaadraa will take a freak tiart, aad when ll la to be b< pert ibey wt'l be ?ooeea?fal Hooa abet ibe meeting Mr Field Ion the anaadrab la be *yclopa? be real of the reenela, with the fioepttoo of ibe leotard, teaalDing to make en me e? peri me ita 10 tee. tbe prar>lcaMllt> of *. Ildrg ?be enda of Ibe oable fro? hotb tbe Maaera and Agaeiemaoa Tala o?v piod anotbar <1ay, and peered thai 11 eaa perfectly practicable In jola tb* errta of tbe cable la mid ooaaa. aboold tbe plan of taring from that poiat be adop ed la the aeit attempt , COWCLCBTMM. Tbe N1a?ara la bow oa her way np the kagHnh Hhaeael, 1 aad la a few boara more will be la Plymouth The captain a boot tan mtaaiea ago called a general muater of the om ! core aad mm oa tbe i?arter deck, aad read to them tbe M low If a i opera ? Itl trw T?i ton <rn Oo.,| Qraanarowa, Ireland .(alt *) I8S7, | r?i* kin-1 hare been lout noted y tbe Mireefora of thia icwpm' "> 'orward ye> 'be reanlnUoa of Ibe R art hereto at ?er?a, i fpe'al'y In or* lea yoo tba- Ibey hare c-mmlbed c ?? i ha leaf IMpbt ike entire nnntrol and direction of bo l>rt?etdh a* necee?#ry far 'he proper larlne ont ol the allae . ee.hle and 1 im reqneated lo eey thai lee Wre-tora will Krl II a fa?oe eoet< rred upon 'beniaelree oolieri'relr and la tirVaa h If yon would kindly nee your edoeie a?d laft'nwoe c aire ITre to rocb r?r,neata aa Mr Uriah' may fee| |t n'eea ry to m?hi for tbe effeel oal rarrylag not of 0'ir nmamon oh eel I am. dear air. reepeeffnily. (Iktiltill fUWARP, kerrWary ay'a'a P' neon. Polled ktalee kary, Wfiadiat U *. frl ate klaaara, on giienalowD. Ire ard On ftojmn mi kftotai, I At hat, amr >et 13, 1817 I km?I feel II lay dnty. heflnro leaelra tbe - lagara. lo itAte iba' 1 doert attribute the fracture of the cable > be in tbe 'me' degree Kb b tin a%y < ne nonaerWd with Ibe ehla; on he contrary, I lanatteke Utenpp f'inlty of apreaa-ng. na the tart of lie enapaaj ibe great obligation we are under hi lonnelf. j nr "ft m rnd men Aad I ah all eweem it h fhror l? rno win ihaek 'hem on onr behalf foe the nerer r?l ng reel and 'temlon which hare hree ao unlr* realty dwpiav?'i la oar cauae. I am atr, your moei ohedleni a'-fraat, VHARI.Rkf kllfOHT, tr?1o? r in Ibe Allan tc T-l-wraph rampant raptain flnnaon PaNad trace Nary, eommaadlog United htA't ? frige e Mrgara airaact* raoa tea ancrna op ma Ati.inTM rai.aoatra roarant kenolrrd Thai ibapt Pod o?. nmmandlog Pnlted kiatea THgaie k lagara at d Mialrr 'torn nander H rldal'. command Inn her bajroty'a a In aeamew.noa be dBelallr Informed Ikal Mr I'harlen 11) Rrlfbt ike engineer la obleflo tbln >- mpany l? epertallT charted by he nnard of IMreohwa wiih he duty of laying Ibe oeula, aad ewk all raapoaatblilty boa I rented therewith led that a> aa especial favor to this Board for the flfte ual rarrj fog out of the eolerp'loa. which oil h ire ?n irurh a heart ib?jr be respeetful'y miuufd to ro?nplv with hl? wishes to regard to the wori trg of tb? Niagara and ibe AgHmrmnon lr oil respect# which do oot affect tte said7 jt the stipe under their respective oossuiMrd#. uKOBQR bAWaB9. SecretaryI tbculd slate here, thai before leaving ibe Niagara Mr Field requested Mr Krerett. tbe obter engineer ot the Nl spare, to make a statement la writing. living bit vie#* of the feasibility of tbe enterprise and of the proper measures which should be taken to secure lis luooeea. Mr Kverett baa dote 10 in ibe following, which will be read wlib icuuh inlet?*!;? VMTED fctati* h'team Frigate NiaQAUA ) At Ha a. Auhm 11. th&7 S Bin? In compl'sr-ce wl'b your request to express an ootnlvu as to the feasibility rf sncceaaf illy laying down the Atlantic tslegrsph cable. I would atete itWsofsr aa nsperlenoe liaa itemirftratrd lu ihn paying out of three hundred and thirtytive (?:?> inltie, there are hut t?o difficult!. ? ol an? serious moment ai'rudleg It, tic., an excess of strain upw the cable, produced by afroogly applying the trak-a, to restrain the si eed of cable to that ot the ship; and the liability of the cable being thrown oh Ibe cbeerea by the areuaaulattoa ot tar la the grooves. Ihr Brat dlffloulty osu be overcome by alfowiag a greater t er ceoiage of difference between apcod of oable and ship, ee I totally durlrg a rou'b sea or In the deepest water; also reduce the speed of ship to th- lowest manageable point during row h weather or deepeel water, thus relieving tbe cable to tbe treat cossfble strain. Aa this won'd Involve peihaja, a great i r waste or *i oea# of cable than was originally 'esigued, I would sugg*bt that certainly two hundred (300) miles ba ad ded to each ship's former amout t The second difficulty Is r**dllv met by adtptlngsheeres bsvlcg deeper grooves, and the use of a aufllsiency of oil to prevent the tar hardening and filling theni. I would n'si take the liber y of sue genttag that the maoh nery fcr paying ou- the cable, wbtch la now ou board, rea-lve *ueh allgh modiheaUona i mm *'vyrr'mtDi nu prutcu nr jhuiv ?w , ?- ?? - "? used in the rnt att apt to In? iL?i c%bls, rather than adopt any 'Hit nov?*l machine. wklrh tt l< autte poae'ble would hare I ?<> ? defects (ban ik<- present on' wnen pat In preo'lee Th? mode Mid M>pl anoe for pnrlr g oat the cable were en { tlreljr rrvel and that unforeseen difficulties aliould arts* wu j very mar liable; but frrm the eioerlenoe obtained It la ay opinion the aable ran be aafe y lal", and tli (bet of paying out three hundred and Iktrtyflye (M6) miles, one bu >dred and iblrtr (ISO) of which wan In water va ying Vom 1 700 to 2.060 fa boms In depth. la a sufficient demonstration of the prac lov I blllty af the enterprise. I am, respectfully, your obedient tenant. W. K. KVlllTT. Cykob W. Field, Esq. LOO OV TBI NIA8ARA FOB TBI 8)X DAT8 TAXI* IB LATINO TBI CABLI. ArcrflT 6 ?At 6 A. M. celled nil bends, end hove up port anchor, and got under way. Commenced a teaming slowly out of the bey, and paying out cable at the same time. Discovered Ibet one of the fluhee of the port anchor wu broken offokse to the cro ?n. At 7:16 parted telegraph cable, It baying caught foul of (lie machine. Informed squadron by si goal. From 8 to noon, (leading off end on the harbor, under steam, the tug nnderrunnlng the cable. Got the port anchor on board, from 12 to 4 the steam lug and Susquehanna's boats at work at cable, this ship standing off and on. At 8:80 stood In, and commeeoed pay Ing the cable on board the steam tug to splice to tbb rd wblcb bad btenreoovered and buoyed, the Basque hsnnn and Leopard funding off and on with the i eel of the rquadrcn At 6:30 ibe'Leopard and steam tug stood In; wind too fresh to splioe the cable. At 6:30 came to in nineteen fathoms water From 8 to mlc night, the Leopard end Cyclops oame In and anchored, the Susquehanna and Agamemnon standing off and on. Aia 7?Oommeired squally. At 6 A. M made signal to the Surquehsnaa and Leopard to send launohee alongside Al ? 80 the Willing Mind, wt<h e working party on beard, went to the bucyed end of the cable- also two boats Dom the leopard and Susquehanna From 8 to 12 M , the stismtugs and bost attempted ratstag the cable. But were unsuccessful. Al lOthey ormmsncol underrunnlng It from Ibe shire. At 1 the Wining Mind, assisted by the bos s rf tbe rquadron, left Ibe ship with the telegrauh ruble, and nrcceeded to ?r lice the two ends lying some b in dieo j nri's from tbe Niagara. Al 6 the boats returned to the ship, the cable being bred At 7 oalled ell haade, tip itcbor, got under way and commenced paying oat the telegraph cable. At 11 80, ehlp being In 43 fatbome water and having run oat seven miles of the abore end, oame to the tapering J tnt; (roared the end of the heavy cable with a hawser to lower It by. Tke j >lnt prov ?d faulty and parted In the abeayra; renewed the Joint and splice, working the ablp over the cable to keep It up and down. Arc. 8 ?At 1AM, having formed the apUce, atarted abrad again under (team, at the rate of 2)4 knots, paying cut the cable at the same time. At 4 tfreat akollig tight bore , 8. 14 E. by oompeee, o Irani about 12 miles, paying oat tbe cable at the rate or foar knots ; all Ota squadron la j eight. From 4 to 8 al) the squadron la a<gnt; at 6 made gen- | oral signal, up to 8 have paid out 28)4 mliee of oabld. From , 8 tr noon paying oat oable ; everything working well; i tbe squadron In aigb t. Aro !>?Commenced paying out tbe cable al the rate of 3)4 mllea per boor ; eea smooth ; telegraph Uoet In tight ; trem 4 to 8 signalled squadron ; at 7 46 ended the qua/ u" deck coll at telegraph cable slowed down and saaea the bight on tbe roller* over tbe rorebatoh. Went ahead again as 7 67 ; very equally appearand daring tbe watch, but at at 8 cleared up flnety ; telegraph squadron la position, the C)clopn ahead. At 10 SO performed a 1 vine eervloe ; paid cut the cable at the rate of 8)4 mllea per hoar ; at noon the sqoadroa In tight. From noon to 4 made signal to ihe aqmadroa. telling the number of mllee of wire laid. At 6 It creased lb* speed to Ave knots ; everything working well. From 8 to midnight the sea smooth ; pay log oat the cable al the tat* of 6)4 mllea per boor , at 12 the oaedron In atabt. Arc;. 10?Commenced paying ont at different* rate*, from 0 to 4K knots. At 0 mad* (Igaal?cable going oat well. Kind freeta? ooaalderable aea on At 10 a nark ahead oa Urn star board tack, ataac) lag to the south. At 10.16 ha kept away and abowed Norwtglan colore. Hot (ted oar anion at d the telegraph Hag at the mtaea?the Agamemnon, Hwqnehaanaaed Leopard following oar motiooa. At 11 the Agamemnon made elgeal to know if we had ear DO are from the eaat ward? replied nothing of Importaaoe." TV ok down cable eoU on the (par deck; oable going oat at the rate of 4 mtlea per boar. At 1 exchanged Mia of poatiltne with the rqeedrow. At t SO, bile a a pi toe wta piai log over the wheela of the paying out machinery the oable got roc I? (topped the engine and endeavored to clear U; the eqeadroa la aigbt. From to 8 backed aetero to take the (train rff the oable Stopped and anoceeded in replaolag It oa the wheela of the machinery? itarted ahead agaia. At 8 4* Ibe cable (tipped off ho alter * heel. dnppeAtheaa filne i. r ecu red the cable w Ith (topperi, barked intern, rove tagain and alert*don oar tonne At 11 80the electrician* reporter the oontlaoity broken, in romrqaence of not re reiving a carrett from the ihore for nearly two heart and a half. Hedaoed the rale of apeeo to oae knot per hoar. At 11 :M the cable was reported Id goed working o?dl Ucn?iMMMi the I prod to three knota per boor?a swell from the wealwa-d. Telegraph fleet in eight. Aro. 11 ?At S 46 the ram hinrry mppd and tkr trierrrajJi rablr period, In let 62 J9 6, i"ng 17 23 2, 206)4 tniiee made good. At 4 30, telegraph eigne! havlog boon made to the *guadroa, Captain* rbnoi and Walnwrighl came on board At 11 Agamemnon eeat a boat with a tawaer. We rent bar the end of Ibe oable on board to epllee The "able Jammed oa board the Agamemnon and parted. The Cyclop* made a tignnl that (be had found bottom at 2,000 fathom*. A henry (well from the weetward At >2:30 reoelred on board the eod or the i> legrai b cable from the Agamemnon, eplioed tbeteoeoda Ugntner, ami rwoh paid nut eereral mllea. At S the Ara m< rnnnn n ad* Hgnal that "the cable ba? parted." At 3.10 Ihe rable parted near the (tore wbea the iblp wae alatloeary. The cable was up and down. At 1.30 he Cy cl pe and the leopard, taking Mr Field, parted oo.npaoy and aleeird for Koil.nd At 6 made fait to the eod of tbe cable a piece of iron weighing about 260 Iba and paid out aetern three ml lee tn teetthr ?trei/gth of the wire Ihla pteee of oeile wea lowed a*tern for about eight hour*, reflating all the alrala upon it during that time. U?m.rft OP TBI tXFRDTTTOir. The Brat fact whleb haa heen e tabllihed by the atteap' to lay a telegraphic cable between Ireland and Newfound lard la the p-act Inability of Ibe enterprfre It may be arked, why, thea, wan the expedition attend. J with imurrr? i/vrwmm wmina TTry guorkii; vhpi, ua | which la vary esslly ar.swe od la iba flrrt place, the ! machinery, which ni nail) tba eaoto of tba failure, srns | i.asotted to Iba work, and, la the aaoood, tba oabla waa i br? km by as application of iba brake* at a ttaia when tba use or tbe m waa fatal It la uaolera to ear that If tbe nahia bat not (Iran way there waa not at.ffl tent to reooh Newf<? ndland. bat oatll tie assertion la p?o?*d by a complete list-until tbe two polo's are onoeenlad?thai poni muat remits a spnculstlow?a me.e matter of e'lujmture There la oca fact wb<ob It I* well te consider la this oeurectlos, Ibnt while tbe speed of the ship eaa Ore mi lea per hour tba aasoeal of oabla paid oat did ant esored rare* at tbe rary otincat, which, a lowing * aarploa of twraty par oeat, proraa that lb ere waa enough for Iba per pot? It ta Woe that at tba rate of three aallnj to the b^ur tbe Irryth of tbe cable ptil ml waa four ami a half, and icmel'mas #?e, bat tbla might ba easily arotded by ronatag tbe seaael up to Bra kaou and keeping her at Ibat, I or lead of applflrg tba brakea la tbe aacond plana, tbe machl. ery had not been triad I*lore It was piaoeo on board either tbe Agamemnon or tbe Niagara, aad when tried waa fouad Is require a great many mod'fioattona Tbe ahearea or the wbeela wore not deep enough, tba wladlag rear-bine was entirety ueelem, so waa tbe rngtae, snd tba brakea were batter dispensed wlib. or replaced by otbera, the presrura of which on the wbeela could ba better regulated 9 me check la ceceaaary at timet to raduoe tbe ralonlty of tba whetls, en at to preset i a disproportionate eipeu dIU re of cable, but lbs fact la onneiaslsely prosed that ibe brakea which base bam need were entirely una a: ted to the machinery Wl'h there alterations and mod:lie*11 us there la no ran or to doubt the ruoceaa of tbe nesi cspedl Ion It la oar tlctlarly worthy of note ibat tba Niagara, which waa considered at first nnrolted to the taak, ta now admitted to ba betler adsptfd than any other sewel that could ba pro cured; fhr this reason tbe AtlaaM i Telegraph Oowpany will do all la their power to persuade our go remount to plsca her at their command netl year, when tbe work will heagala entered upon There Is some talk sf trying It In October, hut tbe weather la ao oefbsoreble In thai mm ih that It la hardly probable they will maka the at Is tnpl NEWRrATF.R ACCOUNTS. (from (Be I carton News I on tbe Monday arming a heary swell sat In, and a pnw erfu! order current waa experienced, Tbla Increased th-rnsgb iba night or Moodny and tbe early morning of luoa'ay. At about ba f past ibree on the Tuesday morn Irg. It wns fmnd that though Ibe sewmi wa< only maklog oneihtee or fhur ksota an bene, the cable was pay tng out fire, Mi, and sometimes sscn seven knots At thh rate It wis ohslons llist be qrsnUty of wire oa hoard week) be exhausted hrfbre the Newfoundland shorn was reached It breame nrnessary to l gnus the strain on the rah a. and ihts waa accordingly done Mil ha pressor# reached b.fOO pounds. This was at a quarter to four on tbe Tuesday woraleg. There was a h. try swell running at lbs mom* st that tbe foil Inrrmawd power waa Ibis put cn tbe b>akr; tba ntsra of tba Niagara was low down Is the trough of the i'a ts she rose oa the hack of the srasia the extra main ihne ccrasloacd was more than ibe strength of the caMe could h?ar it gase way under the i>renwre, and rartii.g at some distance from the shlp'i lorn, It sank dowr, Ilka lead through the mighty waters on thni portion of the Ir rgraph'r plateau between Ireland am Newfo tad land when the At'anMo reaches He matimum depth of not lira ihan fi.OOfl fathoms *t tbe l'm? of the seseraaoe tbe Ntasa-a had mads from 2eo to W) mllos tn n direct iinrae Nr in \ eir at la harbor,and the 'ength of oabla tbet bad br> a let go was about SMI mllm U la rsmarkabls enough that a somewhat tfaaliar failure baa hitherto attended almaet all Uinee aabuia. uie enter prteea Id the ftret Instance. rhe pre vtaloua of icteDOe are extraordinary, but thev cannot quite dlapeiM with tha teaohlag* of expnt?aaaThe general opinion amouget those most qnanUed a fo'in a judgment appear* to be ;bal we ha-'e learned enough Id tfat* Arei otsay to render the iQuceee or the next atiemot idorallj certain Two Important txriota bare been derleireiy (et at reet by what haa alrua ty been achieved. The unparalleled leng h of the cable, and the rait d pth ?e bleb it wae sunk have presented no obnaelee to lit telegraph!; working; nntll the Unal diaaster oocurred, nee ram were tlaabed with the moat psrfect euooeee along I,too ml Ire length of wtre, a portion of which waa eabmerge i to the depth of Tory aearly two ml lea la the oman. Another point relntea to tbe rate at whloh ton cable can be paid one It baa been conclusively proved that there la na obstacle 10 lnytng It down at tbo rate or ore mues per a mr Id tbo greatest depth of water that exists, os the propu?ed line of aubmeniloo between belaud and Newfoundland. The principal de'eot appears to be In the "t -fIng out gear," the machinery by which tha oable Is delivered ft?m the ship's deck Into the ocaa. Another difficulty to be overcome In stoking a cable of such length to a detth so great?a dlfflsulty which has probably hem more fully demonstrated by the results or this experiment than It could have been by previous oaloulatun?In the great foros of the under ourrent. tfh'le the d,awei course of the Niagara wae only about 280 miles, the expenditure of the oable was about 380?a difference wbtob a jrritrri could eonroely' have been cal tula ted noon. In the next venture every circumstance of this kind will be taken fully Into calculation; the mechanism for pass lag tae cable Into tbe water will no doobt reoetve ell those Improvements of whloh It Is soeoepUble, end, If the time be so fortunately oboecn as to secure three weeka or favorable wetther (a ctrocmstanoe by no maaaa Immaterial,) there can be no reason whatever for dee pal ring of alb male success. (from the London Chronicle, August 18.] We sra glad to Qnd that, although the oheok sustained by (bin national undertaking through the loss of a portto* of tbe oable, owteg to the too sudden eppltoaitoa of Urn brakes connected with tne machinery at a lime when the tern of the Niagara waa down in a trough of the sea, has had the effcot of disappointing for a time the hopes or the public as to the realisation, during the present month, of teirgraphlo communication aerobe the Atlanta. The hope# end anticipations of Uu*>e engaged in the enterprise are, nevertheless, more and more oondrmsd and sanguine a? to the perfect practicability of transatlantic teiegraj by. An In*e.ligation imo the precise osuses wbtah have led to tbe temporary sensation of operations Is w being oooduoted by the dlreotorn, and we shall m able Is pubiitb authoritatively In n few days the result, contain Inge truthful statement as to the ores est mtsb*p, end possibly the details of futore operations Mean 'title we may state that tbe Immediate cause ef the breakage wan as follows:? 7 he rnpsnscr in charge of the brake on board the Niagara had retired far a ihort lime f ran exhalation, and a mea man occupied hie place Tbe Niagara was pttobing Is a heavy sea, and It in believed that the man at tbe brake? either from fear at the novelty uf his position, er from ?ul or experience, put oo the "bile" at a Uma whoa 'be blp waa "niern down" In Ika trough of the sea, tnaieao of relaxing tt, a* he should have tone at that point. The const ijuenoe of this was, that when at the next oodUattow the U wt or the ahlp deaeended, a dead nip was put oa the cable, and the whole weight of the Niagara's stem wrenched It upwards and broke It. The cable sunk In t,6C0 fathoms of water twenty Iber hours before the accident, and from that time was paid out at the average rata or rour knots oer hour, until at the time of the event a depth of 2,000 lalhom* bad been readied. During the whole of tbt* time thr eloctrte signals post tlve'y went on Improving, (t would ap earthai the effect. If any, of the weight was simply to oompreM Vh? pores of the gut'a percha, and tbureby develooe more oomptat* ly Its inaulatlcg properties, while, with roged to the apectal confer meiton of the cehle Itself, It/ beautifully "fastis nature appears to have perfectly edap'el Itself to the rapid deecent from fathema V' 1,700 fathom*, whlah occurs wilbm a limit of twer ty mliea, oommencbtg fmm the two hundredth mile nway from the Irish oust It I* not yet decided whether a further attempt to lay the cable 111 l>e made th yrar, but Information aa to the av< rage elate, In Krptombei and Ootober, of the weather, wilb refer'oce to fog*, Ice, and otbe- nsu'l-al points in the A; antic, la being obtained upon this point, and carefully collated. The ImpreesU o of all oenoernod In the carrying M t or the project la one of hope and raoguine expeoiabnw thai the tritporaey reta'riatlon now fell will by Ihe expaitecce tt has given to all ooooerned. lead aaanredly to a suocetaful issue upon the next oona.too [From tbe Leo don Chronicle] The dlfc'ors of the ocirpany hoU a special moet'ng on Wednesday next to consider and det?rm'.ne wbotbe- attempt* shall be renewed In October next, after ibe ?vpif I nxitial galea, or whether the fur her proteoalloa of to* I erterprfre she!' be de'er?ed uMil pen summer. Warns I opli'on* are afloat with reference to the strength o' the I cable but l\ is asserted tha?, were It'either stronger ar I weaker, the desired cad in view weald not h?ve neea ar- I rived at. and hat up war da of AO different k'nla of rope were etperlmented on before the present f to o' nam wan determined oa. Tblt It the Oral electric oable thai ?aa beer aunk either m thia or any other country to the extent of three hundred end thlrtj Ore r llee, bat It te a alrgoler fact that, wi'h the eioe tlon of the Nurreglaa teleginph cable. of some 00 ml let loi.f, the Orel a'leapt In ere" previoue experiment for laying dewa a nkaa rlne cable bae been a failure, although the second Uteoapti hare been auoeemfi 1 The entire length of wire, ooppet and trcn. In the ca xle, an onnta to 8.12,800 ml lea, or traoogh to go I trteen tlmea round the earth. with reference to the arrangements oa boam the Nlaga ra for regelating the "ttrain" wtatefa unfortunately osaaad the cable to break, It appear* that the oable wetgaei mm loa a mile, and enuid bear a direct atrala of four teaa aeea lie atranda. When, however, according to Profaaaer Whltebooee and Mr. Bright, ihe engineer*. It waa Ira aareed la the eea lie relatire weight wae dlmlaiahad, and Mi downward preaeure oa the aalt wa'er waa a LUIe aadar M ewt. per mil# lite greateat denthe orer which the tea nela would bare to paaa la depoaitlng the oable eat a MM* more thaa two mtlet, and ID la depth waa reached at the time that the rable broke, ooneetjuenUy, If enough of MM rme were Buffered to baag mottdeleea from one or the veeeeie to rreoh the bottom la th'x depth the (trail te be borne by the coble w uM be ooe toe and a half. Aanordtag to the a rangemente. however, for the paylag eat, the cable would be conetaally la motion, w1;b oely ? ?*ltctentreetralnlng power npoe II to control and regula'e Ha parrtng Mm the Niagara until tht* waa Increeved br a rate rilgbily Meter than the p-ngi nna of the reaael letbtr c.eMHon of thinga, another modify log Influence name letn operaloo to act further In relief of the (train The cable woo?d eel oolr be aomewhat hnoyed up, ao to apeak, by the water, but alec by the Inflaeoce o'frlH'on ft would net da trend oa it waa paid out In a rrrtioal line, becaaae the Melon of lie aide* ag?1e*t tb? wi'?r reta?dr I thr flaking cf the mar* The amount of thl* retardation and the lergth hat would lie between the Mem or th? rennet and the bottom of the eea. were determine I by the rata ad which the cable wae paid out, aed at whtca the paying oua reeeel moved If fact ao far Irora there hHng an r II ata, ooev'inent on the watiht of the cable, vuffldeat te PJara Ita Integrity, It waa generally thought an 1 ei tooted that thrre won Id be juat pull enough to drag It gontlj out of the ve??el orer the revolving aheeree. The expectation. In the event of euenem, waa thai, within a month at tba tnrtbeet, meaeagea might he flashed through both Kngland and America, and It la noe, area in the floe of ternpory fe'lOre, inpponed that that gmnd International ret till may be reearded more Morale ae matter of time than of aetual and ,tonalb a am -mptlah meal. A NVW rill FOB TTT1 TgiKOKAPH CABLE. A cor rev pen a rot of the l/'Pd.m Ptwi auggneta thai gove-omer ?I mild pnrrhaae tba Aiiat iie raVe, to be laid aown prima wall* and tlrancirta, rnr lb* pur,?Md ?f faclllutlni rommuninaiino wtu Gbtaa and tadla. H? MMTear rorreopoodeel at flnog Krwg la hi* adm'rahio MM l?r Id roarr paper of i* day. |olnteoly alUda* to the ambler* of rapid onmmnatoatton Can any no* doubt M rah * at mob a moment? ttlaaimiat imp?**iva to wear rate H The determination which, lace* afba weafca earlier, mlybt hare aared aa looalculabia aaaouai of life at erpcadltnre star be readarad freiilesa bt Ihedrlae whiob order ordinary elrrametanoe* coo Id not he *en*dod. il IBM eery moment there la aa opprwtualty fbr ?ffwnlo< Iba Object whleb tinned neem* prondeottal. rbe rn\fr, Hww? yrrjeet for onre*olln* the f?d W-wld ?hh the Nyw -rnaa deeitned (or a time, aad 1 hep* only for lime, to re sal a to aheraooa. Darlny the approach!nr autrmaai gal a H will hardly be poeelbla to lay the hie aero** the >ii?m a; bat the line la perfW* and ready for rta Why ah m'd a-W the gorerrmtwt at oa*? pnrcbae# 'l.todonaeei \terne Irta with Malta by telegraph* I be he re I her a la elan mmnrnt lloe Hill farther to Conner* idea with !?oea Here la a work worth r of aa tntell'reet and pear Ileal people. I' tha great Oath*jtalao (act a rreaier than *fcnbtr* |? bore} fooad arbt miral aceat fbr c leeHng the dnffl^altle* wtrtab oppoaed the admi re of hit army, why ahall a h wa ,<ad Into iirmedla'e opetallrn that wonderful power 0|?>n *Mr.h the aafety aad termite an* only of oar army bi? of aa emplra may deprad? It It to be a qneHtoa of eotuf Why, mutton* may be eared by U a te*a*mi*?tna of toe aaoa aace, We baea tbn opportoalty of dung H today; la morrow It may be loot t am act oo* of thooe who "all at red up hrt demerit* or yor am meat otreuml vmUoa. On the ? ntrary, I be lie re the terrloe of the grremaieat to ba reaerally better performed thaa any other re-rtoe ! aaa ?iniu *nre that If r"Terrmeat dnpanmeau bad Heew guilty of half the mitdeed* which bare beea per Hrtid by aimcet trery board of railway director# la the atafdom. to *ay ncthlrr of Jtel rt'Ck oompani**. the Tb* M ?*X7 mrjuj fo vKn w> n??a tnnnm^ini i mumw If thorn ll ooo who won id h? lurly nono I? MV "?* I vijfm jo m | bin trodn, II will ho oar todrfexoM" hfM> n TBI OAril OF BR4BIW) OF FBI 4TLIM1I0 04WJI 4ND m BIOrLTh. to mi tniroi or TBI Ml >MTir?m? MB %i?My lo'tor myoa rout ion.! una of? <? *''?*. rloo W>lnrr?[ h mhlM nlm einrmil my d<?ubo <* ?o | nroorr In tho nnfr Iny'nf dnwn ol tho p'onnwl onhlo | In IMI I held ?ml thit It m ilnrMy prnmtonbln "? m?- t not* tho rhTon of dmortnn iod r *l?nd hf *uh"*^f loot r1r cob lo t cthlbtlod thn Ol?n. kit ? r5T..I>,>p?^ 0 the borr wnnrWo onbinn then U ono, boMlif W>or wore Itmblo In r.nmmll onif dortrnnlino fmm rj* i donnltj, oi.rt *hick tboj did "In U?* pinnOBt cihlo tftof ? horn rono lb' ortrcii'i," k""1 thnl obronrlnn uao*?c 1 n(M in pnuMTM orrtoln nmonol of banyoocy to ro.1 <no nndnn itriin In poy<o? ,M,, *' .?" "iT* * tarfhno w roc/mron nd in o-rao l*'" ' " "?? of II o _ no*. r!> nmid ony ml-bop ' l-copnoo iWlon *-**.., " "not ntirh m or oo? bolH." ? onomolont dl.tu. ?, it, * (MM Ul po*t I f lltr eoblo rrlun* do.nntod It dm.M h? .4 rnon ooonrtotnol Iho oort fBatty. nod oouh ?to toy hi n| Minim powor onnM Ulr In ml I?f oil ? now ruin noo* l? rtiili-n hern nmiU'd wim dapN.mti nnbloo Thooo *tII,m? rnaU ho mode n?nl ihlo ft* oondlnf montuf w figs ~ twnnlnd nblpo, leqalrlng onontnnen. kit. 71 I th nk ?lr, ? mo?? horn hoou oh Mom In mony pnmonn _ wborttiud Urn Nl?|t?'0 bow nit mill,d lh*t w' wit Pw M tho irarjMWO, ird lino Uo ooUlnj ot thn cibm In nu||nOtO 11 tcm* il with n it fflr.lnnt lorn UHf wo bod 11 ntoim 41 pnwor.lbn ooMn <V*'d fci 0 hnrn cntlod Hid |?M with tninlfnld rm nr d n.fntT md Ihn >1*1111 of umo It mn* " horn hr*T, obTlonr thil loi DiMflfr mi thliorf on dnoi In ^ H.7 not tho iwill win w >n md in nnlmn with thi .omri tutre thrnnd H bid In pay oot, nnd thn ntnlg Uuu maid hnro oninod on iho pnrt bn.(ln( 1 ?* ml from I tho Toonnl, of t?o mllM ud n hnlf In Inn* h of nolo h?n 11 Iod to 1t? do- trnr Ion <tt Thn no I j p in In nivo tho prooont nh'.o, ind to (?t II inid down, lo inrortnln bow fkr e >mmnninnion h| ??on * trini- >r pmotlanblo hp nnhlo nt tho bdtnm of thn U 4 initiM* lr by nddinj httnymoylo Iho mhto u tt inyrd tnnt, in nn tn r*iwi" tho rtrtln ind i?m<i wnt?ht of two nr f | Ihroo mllno nf nnhlp, ntnlnlni I*nn nio |?md?, nolnli B J bow dans tnd thn pnrt Itll In Bnw hrnkmi, t||oo thn nw*V