Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 3, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 3, 1857 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7672. MORNING EDITION-THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER a 1857. PRICE TWO CENTS. The President's Lettef to the Forty Clergymen. flair Heavy Charges against Lis??Kx. Buchanan an the Duty of Charity?He Define* the Poeltion ef Kansas en the 4th of Harch?His Obligation la ffnrt"" the Government Recognized by Oongrees- Anarchical Tendencies of the Boamiea of tha Government?The Dred foott Decision Pronounced to b* Sound ?He trill Ptotect the "Bona Pide In habitant#"?Topeka Treason shall he put down?The Duty of the Potty Clergymen Explained, J*. iftu,, &3. TUB UTTBB TO TBI r^.rmDXKT. tie fbDowicg la the memoiiU of Profemor BUTmsa sad toty-two others of Gonneetlaot, adtiroMed to his excel taaay Jnubm Buchanan, ihe President of the United ?o nadersif aed, oiluen* at the United BU'ee sad eteo Ism of the Blew of Committed, respectfully ofor to yocr ?iiiflisinr thJM iheir memorial. Tha foadamonla) princi ple of 'be ooas iwt;cn of the Untied Slates sad of oar tea?i intfltuUace is that the people stall mate their an hsi and elect their own rule/a. We tee with crier, if not with eetaaHh?at, that Governor Walker, of Kacsaa, o?ecly rcprcaania and pro tolnia tbat tha President of the Cm lad States ??? through him {Walker) an armr, one purpose af whioh la 10 Cat cm the people of Kaasaa to obey law# not BMW own nor of the Untied Sates, bat laws whloh It la ?starloos aad established upon evtdonoe they never made, end rulers they never elected. We represent, therefore, Mai by the foregoing year tsoelieooy le openly held ap tmi moolaimed to tho greet daroganon of our nattonal BMr nr~ ?a .Mnttag la He most smeatlal particular the mMm wdh which the President has taken to rapport the emwiMutiaa or this Union. We tail attention, further, to the Mat that your excellency to ? Ilka manner bald up Is this oat ion, to all mankind, aad to all posterity, tn the sHMnde or "toying v ar agatast a portfaa of we UMded Blaise" by employ leg a'ma la Ksaeas to nphold a tossy of sen aad a omie of enactments purporting to ha toto a tire, bat ?blch never had the elect! an, aw sanalos, Mr conical of the people of the territory. Ws earnestly Seen! to year cioeUeooy that we m*o have taken the to obey the conotltuiioa, e&d you/ ssasUea y may roe aarnred that we shall not refrain fW m Ihe preyer that IWfeTilr God will make your adhietotraUoo aa exampts af Jaetica aad beaafloeaor, aad wWb fits tarribl* me;,sly prowol our peopk and our ooaritu-ion. TBI rKXSlDXKT H RtoPLT. Wusms'-Tou On, August 16,1MT Brai mi ni my recant return to this city, alter a toaialglire absence, your memorial, without dele, wen i in my hands, through tLe agency of Mr. Horatio I, of the Post Office Department, 10 whom it had been From Ihe distinguished socree whence It pro 1 well aa Its peculiar character, 1 here deemed tt ? to depart from my general rule la such cues, aad ta give it an answer. You 8m assert that " the fundamental principle of Ihe of the United Sates aad of our poluoai la to, that the people ikaU mate t\cir cicn ism wed sled Mr oust rUmt ? You than express your pM aad Mtcatobmeat IhU 1 should have violated Utto 1, and through Governor Walker have employed ! "one purpose of which to to force the ftcpk of to obey Umc nU their v*m, nor if Vie United Sun t, ton* mere which tt la BOttrtoa, eat seUbltohed upon art Banaa, they aovsr mala, sad ruiore thoy neror elected." Bad ee a corollary from the foregoing, you ropruauat that lam uopealy hei<l up sad proclaimed, Is the greet dero- j gMMB of rax national character, aavMetlag la He mast parttantor tha saloma oath which tha Proffidhat 1 to support As or-tsMMfa* *f Ms ira heavy charges, preceellag from gesUemea of paarhigb character, aad IT well-founded, ought to 00a dM bj mm ?e tafomy. Bet la pugmttca to their Klilj, nomine justice, to sty nothing of OhiitUea chert V, required tbu before making tkam you should have affiwiy ascertalaod that thoy war* well founded. If aot, (hay will rebound, wnh withering ooademnattou, upon am Mthcra Bare you performed this prelim! nary doty ??a?'da the man who, haaoim unworthy, 1a Ihe chler totals ste M jnrm-'-i* If so, alUior you er I are la toartag aador a ctrungs dohtaioc. Should this prove to bo year tue, It wtu present a memorable example 0' the troth that political prej-tdtao s b ed ovea to the eximeoje of the pktlecst end most palpable historical facta To *Whsa I eaters d epca the duties of the rnatdealie' rttaa, ca the 4lh of March last, what was the ooadffioo 0 - This Territory had bees orgaaiaed under ta# Mtef Osagrsse .t 30Ut May, 1U4 and tha government a uB Me braetbre m ta fttU operation. A Govertpr. deer# mow af the Territory, Chief iaatioe, toe Associate JuxUcw, a Marshal aad Dtodr ot Attorney had ooea appointed toy my pieninem'ni by and witn the adrioe aad earnwat of the annate, aad were ail eegugsd is dto gmtisf their rupees?e dotiee. A code of tows ??d bioa ssacted by the Torrtortal Lagtolatnro, aad the JwdJsdary wore employed la expooauiag aad oarrying thane laws law tfl.ct. U to quite trss tha> a controversy tod prosiotmly urate respeouag the veod.iy of the aWc Uia ef members t f tae Torriturtol Legtelai-re end or tee torn passed by them, but at the Umo I sntarud upon my tootsl inUea Congrats tat J mongui/ed this Legislature la dig*root forms and br liferent suao msnto. lbs delegute ?omod to the Bouse of Kopruseutauves, under a Territorial hm, toad jiwt completed his term of service oa Ma day previous to toy inauguration. In fast, 1 tout toe gevoramset cf Lmm aa wall established as Mas of say other Territory. Under the -e arc urns uncos, what was my del? 1 ? at;I sot 10 stulaia tae govern mratt?10 protect .t from tae .lolesme f levies* men Who wsss determined r toor ts rule srras '?to prevent a from bot'l orwrturoea by fores ??ta the language of Ito ouasu uituq, to " tees uaru teat the Iowa be fothfully eeensisii T' It wee for tuu (mrpnee, un<1 Um slooc, th?t I ordered a military to uci s? u j nu u tous la sldiag the elvU m gutraw to ourry tae ton into utecil'.ja. .'he ooau'.uoa of the territory n the time, ehlch I need aot portray, rmdcrsd tan moron line ebeotuteiy asoitiary. jut* stein of sCeirs maaM 1 set hare beeo jueiiy ooe leeMted had 1 left ihe teetoi BBd Ohor officer* nfa LUe ran enter, impoieot a* eaoodte the prui sa?jartgmeato of court* ef js aloe emaMnhsd toy Cougrsssor by 00 territorial Loc>s*turo, las si| rses authority, and thaa have tuilerod th 1 ?evilametl ie?!f to Income as t.j ot sf ocosempt la >n.' e??af thepocpH' Andyrt'tito o wbuiye. dosses ess " Mrmag the people or K>s*?? to obey lees aci Maw ssi nor ol the I'luted totes,'' act 'or do<og srtotch you hare denounced ae us hsrj>g vlcateu mmj in..tun oath 1 set, wbtt ease ccsii 1 ho.S daws, or ooght I to hose donef Wou.d you bsro Stored that 1 should abaadna tha furrtooria. gorornmoot, 1U-? so a bod bees toy Cotgrsas, to diag el :e, aad the* reaa* hssteaee id cl?U war set bloodsLod, wtoMto every palrtot ta tae ouutiy hod depH iod? rt.i a sail ied?od bars boca to siuiag my oatt of office, aad aha dau slog ; gt aa Me caaraoter 4 my slmiotswa I mm cbMrfu Jy hdm't thai tbe honiH; for ?radm? ? ?tottery Imc* lo Ka *taa to eld 'a ;m ?f rt? Mil tow rt Recta D? eredN cp. n tbe cberari<> of oaf aaootry B 4 led the ttM fbil unoe ih. b?Mi i t tb - if Wmm Oil Otto e*oae?U arm* f A perk on a: lan peop-e af Kaa-ae. cawtllttg m tract to tbe bat'o; bo*? tbe car lata Imr'wi remedy for tbe ro treee of all g - eraarea? ?atoertook to create aa icdepea i -ot gororoaiout for them aatm Bad tbto attempt prtred ?.<?Mwral, it woatd of aaana bare tub Toned tba extr'ag gcrwaiif at prescribed tM reoegei/, <1 c? agrret, as 1 ?nUtUutod a rorOiett?o ary fevernmnoi la >te tired rtiia ?a. a .? ,rj* .B of toe Mae oberector ao tt oo?M be for a pc uou of Oi# people af Ooooeoaout to uadertake to eetabltoh a ioperate furore meat wtibia iw Jmrtared :mJM, Tor tbe p-rp to af ro Aram lug aay grieve- oe, roal or .rr.egr*. /, nf wbtcb tbey at(kt tart c mptoioou a?*in?t th- lef'ttaaam Attorgorern maaA. Booh a prlaetple, tf oarrted tat) eiocoUaa, would Aaatrcy aU lawful author Ay, tad pradaoa aalrcraai as 1 N(tt to oper.fy mere par jeota' j a onodutoa of affair* wbtefe I hare eabraeel oalr la gaaermi inrmr, re'.nnng ?ha proeeooe of a leUMary force In IVaaeaa. fee diagram of tie Tailed oatea bad mo*I wtaaly declare I It to ?e ' tbe Ma la eat ami maaaiog of tbto art (taa aot orreniaieg *M Parmer; ) oat to .egtttoM etore-y late aay (Wnterr or Mae, aor to oscWde it therefrom, hot to leave the pe?oi? thereof perfectly free to form sal reg nto>e IMr domeetie aatttntkme la tbelr own nay, edt>)aet oaly te the enrirtttn. Maa af tbe (f ted Statee," da a aatorai ooaeequaooo, OtatTMi aaa atari praee*lhad by tba ?*m? art teat ehnn ?a Territory if Kaa*M (Mall be admitted m a >>u?a it 'totoall be rent tree ate tba laioa with or without etarary, aa their naamusiiee may yreaanhe at tba uat af their ad mMlaa '? ?an ry eiletod at tba ported, aad (till ettota, la K aneao, aadw the ?looeilinUoi of the Ta! ted mataa Tbto prnot baa at htot boon goilh tallied by the highest Utbnael kno ra la oar to we. Hew It eould erer Mara beee oertooly oaabtad to a mytaery If a oon fed "ration of eornrolge nates ecoo'ra a trw irrrttrwr, a: thee* pes* e of their com moa blood aad treaet re. eursljr one aot of the portiere aaa bare ao right tr a* dude the other from li aa jay meat, by prcaioHtag them I mm takteg lata N wbaierer \? recognised to be proparty tr the arm moo ooaot tuiioa but ebea tba paanto tbe Mm reeldoati of each f*mtory? prooeed U frame a fiate eaaetttst'oa tbra it to ib*?r right te deotrio lbs imported SMea for Mmmsali eo whether they will emtUr re. modi t abrdlsb etorery. Tr them end to them ? mo Joes queeuna heioaf, free freai ail ftr?u?a iaterferenee ?a the ep nleaef tbe territorial ItgtoMuie of R.vnme ?a Mm# had arrtrtt for merit g 'he ('skip, aad ihoy areerdlAgy peewd * tow in el*ot dr>r*t*? for (be parpnoe of framlag a (Mate nonMtt lib* Thi* tow wat Mr mod oat th tie proelatm* It rnn toered tbe right of ailTrafe oa erory bona Mr tnhe'il teat of tho Tarrllory;"' had for the parpeoe M nroreattng traod aad the latraeiea of eittoaar of near or dtotaai atee, meet properly e*o#ae<i tbto right te tbeae who had reatd ad rtoere o tamo mncthe prencue to (Me etoeiina Fere a m<. Pfpertr.Mlty wit prmoated foe MB tbe qmbgod rmt dent ot"?cu? < f Ik* Territory. lo *b*l?*(r organization lb*T might b?t? previously belonged, to pnructoue m tno ekailon, and It express their opinions al laa ballot box ?n the qo?* don of alevvry Bat nam sees of taw Inn aeu a ll continued lo resist the regaler Tarrllorlal govern awn; Tfcey refused either to be reflate rtd or it vote, and the ni amber* ef the Onnreaiioo ware dieted, legally and proparly, without their in<err?etkm The ocawniloo win eoon ?????? lo perform the aoiemo a if fronting a oonatitattoa for IheeMulvaa aeil their tty: aad la the MM ef loop test reheitioa whlnh still exits )a Kansas, It la my Imperative duty to employ the troops of the Untied State*, should this h wmass nooneery, In defending the oterenUoa against violent whlwt fr?m leg the coaa notion, an 1 la protecting the "bonmjld!* loha MtenM," qnalifled to vote nader the prorWkoae >r tbla in. atramant, in the free nereis* 01' the right of suffrage whrn It abail be submitted to them for their approbation or iv led Ion I have entire contidenoe In Governor surer, that lb a troops will not be employed, eaoept to resist acta*! aggression or In the eiecu lon or Ibo !a?s; and this not unt'l tha poeor of tha etvl) magistrate shall prore ana valitng KoitowtDg the wise example of Mr Mainon tv wards the Hartford Ooovecttoo'.Itagal and dangerous oom biaations such ss that of tha Topaka Goavsntiaa will not be disturbed unless they tCall attempt to pertorm tnmo act which will bring them Into actual co:ttsl-.n with the constitution and the laws. In that event tbny shall be re siitad and pot dawn by the whole power ef the govern ment m performing tbla duty ! shall have the apvo bat -on of my own aonsoleace, and, as I humbly trait', of, my God. I thank yon for the aaauranat thai you will "net refrain from the prayer that Almighty God will make my atnai aiswmuon an example of juatioe and tenedoeace." Yon cm greatly unlet me In arriving at this blamed toneom maiion, by exerting yenr Ihilueaae In allaying the exist ing sectional excitement on the subject of .slavery which bar been productive of much evil and no goo I, and whioh if It could Buncoed ts attaining ita object woni i n'n the slare as well as hie master. This would bs a work of genuine phUamhrophy. Every day of ray Ufa I feel now inadequate I am to perform the duties of my high station without the continued support of Mvlne rtevidence; yet placing my tram In Him. aad tn Him alone, 1 entertain a good hope that ha will enacts ma to do equal justlca to all portions if the Uaion, and thus render ma a humble tn ate umeat la restoring peace and harmony among the peo ple of the several Stales. Yours, very respectfully. J AWES B7CSANAN. POSTSCRIPT Hmlf.put Three A. M. TWO WEEKS LITER FROM CALIFORNIA. ARRIVAL OF THE 1LLXH0XS. Hews from Central Imeriea, Hew Granada and the Sooth Pacific, Ac., Ac., Sc. Tha steamship UKae-s,0. A Baggv U. 8. S., commander, left Aspia waD at t Sd P. M. an the 19th of Aagnst, aad ar rived at this pert al an tarty hear tkia morning. On lb* night of the IM ah* van saber* en Colorado reef, seer Arvaea Bay, where ah* remained Mil the night of the 36th, arrived si Havana m MM waning af tha 37in, and left al IT. A. on the mh , arrived at vmarautnaat It* o olock P. M. ef Sept. ad. She brings the California malls or An gus! 6, gl ,*93,6*7 sa freight, and *93 peas safari. The steamship Goldea Age, J. t. Waulas, commander, led Ban Fraacleno at 1010 A. M., August 0, aad arrived at PSMtna oa lb* 19?h, at t A M. She breogbt down 5?1 rmwaagers and 03,120,33* la irsasnr* on freight, M44,<29 of which was on f vatga aocovnt. Left at AsptawaO, August IS, Ualtad Mated frigate We baab, Commodore Paulding. Tha sloop af-war Sarataga sailed for Baa J tea del Nona Aagisl 10. The follow lag la the TBSASTXB UOT OP THB ttUWOlk. American b Raak.. 12S& COO kewboase Sp.nsr AC.*U,?>0 r.rgo ?<-"o .. 181.400 R-card A Oo ll-SlO Doucaa FhersaoaOCo. XHJ77 HoweeAttoweU 11.W7 oifr U -'it A Baader 10 rffl B?l-h B.UvkAOo? lgiflho Mecd.r A .'Ism. .... 7 "00 Bow laid A AspiawaU.Uy.t!78 Trcaowe I A Uo 6.1U0 J. A. A Birth 18.009 Bush A Wilde LRU Jaa?--?*Pt'riek 67.000 FoeMaABro BOX) A Co ??.&<? Ha kfeaw A Co X SU Va T. CjlvrrSS A CV> f-.VB H Srmbrrlg ltd) Prevmoa 97.000 Hand A Co Ainu Roe.. Falconer A Oo . It, 102 i bob sari* stu. f.M. Dread ft WO Order *.161 BvvrvuA Brow* 16.000 Jdo,.W*Kui. r* Povtoy A O'Cuaaer.... It CO - Seli-r A Co 12.000 TouC 1JM.S57 Among tee pamonsm by the Iffiimte la Geo. Mos-. -ara, of New Granada, aad Mrs. Church, the arliat. Mr. ICtchaU, the p -raer of the uttiKta, will please ao asp ear thanks for the prompt delivery of packages. IB# aawa from Cub fonts n unmpa/tant. Tbe politician wore aetivaiy aagagad la tha GaboraatorSl caavaaa. Ma jor G. W. Bowie, whig candidate for Gangrene la ISM, la the nominee of ihe American party. The propriety of a oansUutkonal ooarsotloa was dlanemal la the paper*. The reports from the outing dtilrtcta oonunnod favor able. n*tt<ri of Comn?n?. 'From the Hut rraec.aoo Herald. Aurntt 6 ] The iai numbor of lha '""urrra; and Skipping Litt haa eome vary .oterraUag etadttlB shnwtag tor npsrattnoa of trade wider tie boo tariff. wbteh wait into operatic n ..a the Orel of Jaly. The fntlowlng ta o itotomcnl of the IfflhtTTTit?T "f the Curtom Ho *e far the month of July ? * alii or xik1 oa.ii'im. Kntered for doty IW7J17 Fntared for warehouelr.g. -JI7.207 t\ ithdrewn far ooMoaptlon Mt,Hl Withdrawn for expert .10 410 Caeh datim recoi >ei .00,101 The amount of good* entered for doty daring the leet ?snath wee more Uiee file tB Til me of ihoee entered da. r l. U; one or the pre ed'.rg *ii moothe The ? of good* withdrawn wr otenmp ina woe l?" huo.!r?d (?r oeet higher then daring *ny one nf the isoethe rrevtoaa. Ai the new tariff hee a greater eCVel ap.O firotgo wtner, ?qoorr. eogar*. leoB, *3., ttll npnr. dry gOO<ta, Of "WOO ibe greater bulk of Sonde catered for 0<m?nmp?loB were of thot i. m The greet amcan of good* withdraw! for can tump .a* Oder the new entf?e greet proportion of whioh had Warn aOORfonM ng us the ware bourns fcr the teat few moothe?he* roster tally 'orreeerd the moelpte of oeth la/o the t law m house for lottos. Wo find thot the datteo paid to the Coetom Hoooe ta thta yo*i ta doty warty equalled the total rooetgoo of the too rrdTg ooarter, b*l?g ?2f0 ooo for 'hot m*th agetaat $1*0 to? for April, Mat end ><ne It i? certain, to-??er. thot horeofte' the rec*'i<s Boot dlBialrh ooo*idersb!y ot th it port, ea the em ten*, of good* Boot attested by the irw tariff has bean OK mulerng a bond ter ansae t me, end Will pnbebhr wnpty the me*het for rear mpine for ewrerai most ha, after which th* Cist- m Bor.?r reotlpto will h? raft. lor accord tg to the home Jerri and Markets &*? > oa.*' w, August 4,MM. Aa la aaaa on -dearoer tej. the reguta ?" t' e of mer coaC.a pureMit- baa been BoterlaUjr oner oohad upon by o r.nam met or- lolte aeparura ef the ha-ieru mat a. ta ptaaral mccbac ea ?*<? <eitagty licet c net arm we# aowo. ead probtMy opart from a goad j? ',i ly tee amtga pit* en t ta.* f tome .tula moment far Toear Bptioo. ararer y a nosenble tiamacn?a hoe aaaa re ?ortao. The jebbaia to moat loataacaa bar a d> raa a fair la hour, a modtrote foor baaiaem hot haaa dene a'. ftU ram. ead to grata opart ran eaiee of arm* raw parents of bar ay. mostly an oaamet a> oooai aalta have beea quite u aim podia!. Messrs Jon?* h Beo Usee b?id ttaetr rrgsltr teaa of grocwrim, precision*. he , by taction, Una Bi.~m.og the leadtag ertleiaa disponed af will ho found No* Mctey haa I raa .o abundant supply at two per cral. ear month on ooliAtorue. bat *n loan Ihta ry reqilreBent on the part of iba trade who base, with rarv frw aseepttone. bean prompt in meettig lhatr m ?HtBMk r ore ? There haa been a fair demand to day, b Ji for cut end oceairy aaooont. and ahhougb tmaeadUona re pottnd d? net font no e large iggrageio, Mil dee ara rt part a good trade. MO qnartor *aega asp rfae temoatle. for ?htPBOBt to racrameato at M ?0 Jobbing aa ea of WO cnartar Belt euperdne domeetic at OS M e 00: JOC do and* fit da. at tB M, 22* do. American Bills at fO W; MO do Fowl* rtaelf rtatng. at$IO?0 per 300 Ibe. Waatr?Haa been la tary moderate rrcueat foe Billing porpnaeo, and the only aales raprrtad ham haaa MO not nhetoa at tn and til de. fair al Jl M. &> linr ?The demand haa been moderate, and the few raroaln changing head* beva been inatUy an ooaltaet ao oonnt. Wt note of MOO sanko at $1 61: 000 do at ?) M. 1M do. at t! TO; POti do at 01 TO, and tOQ do. aMo at gi 70 CUm-flo aales reported Put a maa?tales of loo leetra at 01. M do cheloa at le. par b., and 100 prima at 17 V". a >1 par WMfe. Htm onoiinner in good demand far eeoa mjitlnn. and ?aleo la the aggrepato reach 1,flM meke rarlannad Man. .a at Blge par lb ?foil ram . wWyyTht market rlaeed firm with an opward ten denoy. 06 drbna J. a dame chwaa quality, aoid atMHe. par lb., oo thirty day a. h*m ** ropartod Hoyond 100 haaen Raton lalnad at.ia\? pan b. Ilowa from trantral America. There ta no poHtiesl sews or Important fooa Oanta ma's, fo* ahelara had hrokan out aamg tho woapa ra hnrntac froth Vionrigpm. A forol Hon had broken not an the bordora of Mm Ub rndor. bnt t had been que'led A proynilad In Hnod ran Tho aoooenti from Niotr gna *ro meagre, honor al Causa allII eoourled the oonntrr with * Onsm forma fores and tho Preatdacttal election had not t-keo nlaoe. The Onotn Kloaa Onngrm meet* on toe dth fleptembor wben, Ills mid, Mora w it bo ehonea Prmtdtat Toe ilfo. Mr Oarer leneo wb Mil at fon Joae r? had not mode any ndrnaa# toward* tho iwremmeat, and tho otyott ng bit tnlMlon (M a pruftmod injury. Re waked for Md cbiarncd nermimtan to vt.ii the Preatdaot m a private W dividual, bat did dot po. Ht bad (mob roboad by hie ?er Tftat, and ni Md ti bo preen r cmnarraaaad in ooaao qtmooa Buelneae mm very dull. The ooiTee 0/oP prom ised welL ?t*? from Bew Uranada. The political iatelMy enoe a devoid of interait The ' oiled Rate# frigate Independence tailed from Pa nama for Eos Irandtco on the 6th alt The Decatur had arrived from Puata irtui with th* remnant of the flu bnaiere, oil of them In ? deei'tnin condition Several of them vera leal to Sao Franc eou. ami the balance of them remained, ew*t lag ?r?lete from Wmhle-.oa. The John Adam* w?a at Panama. Meotrnast .in." or a had retornaa from wrveytng the Bay of Fottccu The whaling achnnopr F>?Bei?, of No a Bedford, wbi loot ISO mltee north of FBoenaveBtnra. oo the 22*d or .tiioo. <ap?am smtib, iooatbao "miih, Atoer Gray, William Snow and Brsiim'n Tbomoeon were luel. top ether ?i>h tbe reeael and 76 ua-reia of otl WlUiaet H Ster nan. flrit mate, and too of the crew were picked op and ?area. Tbe Iithsoa war healthy, bet robberiee were Te c.ueat the follow ley ia a I'.rt of tbe name* of lb<? men on board the Lulled S-atea aioopa cf war John Adanw and Deoatur, .'a>e of the arm* of Sen. Walker . ? Or. R T. Roy Man, Alabama: Or. George B. Bviton, Mew York; Major Theman Man, Han Tra uilnoo, four gnu- , rhot voonda and ulcere; Capt Cbas H Wort, Mow Or loam, gunabat woosd and ulcnr: Capt J. F. Ray burn. St Ianlt, yoaafaot wc.nd tn try. Pmalra?J. M. Co a, Mew ; Ynra; John Beyje, Irrlaad, eoara amity; Chan. f)?:aahae, j Ire)*n?>. uioere on ley; Hamilton Burns, New Yorar, gun- i ihot woend cf band; Adam Grarn, Qermaor, Ineanlty; | laaac Clt: k. Ylrytnla, frar tare of ley; Louie 3. I.ince -ma?, i Germany, J. P. Aryn?kl, Poland, aloer of ley; iobn Mc- \ Cbll, Illlnvir.ampotatPin of ley; Ovoor Klpp, Mew York, '..leereon leye; Ww. Inyrabam. Mew Or lean*, dyeeotery; John Frizaeli. Ireland, cloero on legs; Cbas. DewtU, Ger many, do.; Henry'D. Graham, United Stale*, jtggerr lo I feet; Oolombua Oaern, Arkaooae, three yaoshot wo<inl>; Oar I Ma Uii ten, Denmark. am m la'ton of arm and guaaho wocno In th'yh; Joonph Gntm, Vow Orloana, oonvahwoeel; Geoiye W. rntte,; GeoiyeB. Ide, Bmton, do.; Gallagher, German. ?ewe fkom the wrath P?ct*c. The dalrn ere LaPaalllh, Ye!?a ei#o 1Mb, OaWe?a ism, Itlay aid, Oalieo Mb and Paftn 80th July. The law of amomty for poi'.tionl offender* pawed the Chilian Otagreae by a IwoUi rd vote. The aleamer Maole, from New York, had arrived ?l YalparaldO. Tbe fever continued to make terrible rare gee In B >11 via. The revolution In Fern ooehaoed. YIvaocb wee at Are qulpa. irnd the Preeldent with Sen Sr.a Roman if w about to attack him. Mutinfee bad occurred en board the Ame rican thin Morning Star, Oliver Jordan and Electric Spark in the harbor of Oallai. Tbty were qvailed by the Bniiah ebtp-ofwar Mmarcb. PUttDytn by the lllinou. J Rai'.er C 8ehuu?r, F ? Flint Pr* Gord-wi, V II Ovk nod Wif.\ ISO" K J(,ne?. R Mwre, A Har*.7 hy. Tf.o* uartin. 8 3 White, wife aid ehi d. W Hea'oa. F Bobinvoc, J Richardson und aif.i, J H Ramirez. OS llarnhv, ?f F Alt-.xandiv, IJ 8 A, A EIKon. Mrs Frackiin. Cant E A Torpln. J O Van Birgen, N I> Rido f. O Coffey Mra SeaffT, J h'oomiiutdale. wife two ehlidr?D .md aervanf. Vra Bee. twoohlMn-n a?<l aervant, Mm Wntera anri ek:>d, I-anc Friend and e-r?aal, f R Huyhee.H I. Fran "a, T W Davtdaon, Rom) J Jonra. J II Potia. 11 Ro berta, Mr* Kefor. two eh!'nli?a and "erven', *m ctafkv, ? ?* Piker. M Jaoob'or. M 8 llclus Or A hcNaorbtoa Wit Ssialinore and wife. Or F ChnrpenniNr. r. Sawyer, wife and at id, P hdwvds ane wife. J O Obandier, USA, Mrs Ooie ?ik1 In ?-? rbiMrcw, H Jwc"b?, H tlei..ri??a.ii aial aervael, SB Ke:.y, W A rjliman, A Rmwn. Mrs Meph' ni and threo ehjl dn'ti John A Peefe Jnkn A Flail wile and child, Mr* Ktlrk and child. 1rra Bcebe. J Sldnoye; r s heunenaen. ho aalie Gaard, Mr Mrr-'ban'. and wife, ' B Ooueho J E MjDo acmyh tin Kerby and dacrMw. m 8 Elite. H B Klmbau, Cat Areew, Mra Tbomcaoc, two children and anrrant, X FT fWnr M Outna, A H 1 Iron, U R Flint Mra Ftefee, G w Birrtaeli. K O Keneedv, L f)e La Mair. W Lyidr, W k Harvor, * C Mon aerrat. B Rfchnn nd. J H wallbneye. J ? Bar", H Bice. B W OaawuMh. J M i o.ttr.s Than Wli.tam, Jaha Br.ykaa. ? Bue kee, M A fitrrieion. N L George, wife and child, Jarno* Wu ice. IVIV-i, I-C w;>ha. 1. ????*, 9<iroaweP. WG Coak ht E 8 DUla. wttc and eeild. / B Lower, f Mewdfh, W F Menaer. E Bery. J Wtiltama, W Wallace. J B Umn loo W Mandarin, wife and child, A IF ftamaaoa. J M walker. Mra Tkompeoa. JO f.-Haahlna, T Walawordi, J nytllha, L Avrae. J Fern*worth. K U 8u anharn, J Tfcottaa. J M fcaca. W Br iw well, w B Frwilar WCftrahe. ? W WLVartli ner, H TVrnown C O Matqer, B IMUoa. Mia IviM, A Tom iinroo, 11 Harris. A O McLtmora, A J Mor*eP. J R Wllklna, Wm Me.wton, L Whhrtmeham, Em, aid wi*.o. J R ArmatmuK. WO Armsimai, Janfw <*ray. ? flawaera, 8 lk?,n??. 8 l4mtnarc. D T'aiaaoo, V GarH*, M Bebntlern .1 M F^winera, w ? r-wmra. i H H, 8 Areevmeaa, F n Okurvh. L B Mtoot. 8 h Botmaa. w B Johnfoc. B* ,. 8 F Unrl-iuea, H C Wood*, naat T mtlra. Raaal BcGormkia, D Parker, ar.d SW la forward cebta?Total ten ABJUYAL OF THE ASIA. The i MnMp Atia. whlah Ml Urarpool on Uws?i nR., err trad at tUa port about Cue o'clock this moraiag The Mti by this antral baa boon aaUeipaied by Ike susmar VmtmMH The fknewtey la lb? pannmyir tlat of Um Asia ? Mr and Mr* Onrooll *od :wn eMIilree, S y I. L Raman, Nty It woteux, Via .'okBMtn ar.i Bieea, Mh? 8r?enohn(l,Ml?* llu B'I Mr and Mrs Brt!. Mr* < &re*a in1 Mrnnt, Mr and Mr* OoK, M'-? De?e*t or., Mian ? Here -port, R room *a ret ek K* nr., Ijunooeux *B a llann. D v. 'late l. Mr Mas '.artiD. N AMir rod *er?*nt, ! IT So mac'*, O Bternmaan, I- Narartx TRMon, Mr Bp-mi ?od ?4j, M- Bri*'?*. 'at* Edn-*nl?. D- Airi (Vobran. ite-ar*, D B Hal una aal ?er??< -'obi A Nlcbole-n. P I Tmh *dr and Infest Mr n J H M*?rb?ll B IT Joae*, J MOu'non, Jr, .'??hn H/M-iethem lr ?'ba? Nnf.ew* and wmnt J 1 Dmn T W feJfnrr .1 /jrt'ler, Mr* AniUar. Mum Hire* *U ?I Uomn, II IVreBoe, ?7 ."en, l S ilmwl-^r Siyiinr 'iwtoi B Kr. Mr, R Rndgpr* Mr? .rwe.r* Mr vernal! R Ronil Hl-mld Mr b?r'?*wnl?. O Lewie, J Mamhall, Mr ?nt Mm <J Itotett, ?oo acd two da"*,l'p?* C Aetti ?"d tw - pIiIIPit. Rinnorm M*?e?. HI* or* I. o*.* Mednr'le liaJtrn MfUn'lie Realjbrln, v? K Stv? w Vlt*M Rkew, Jamr* MP?.,? Hhae Pernor, toyror Mertr-> jr.. uffuri, t'ha* t> i?rary lall.i* lid"* mar Mr *nti lLr* U?r<i*r?cm Mr aad Mr* Arnold, T W Bar rt? V'm n?t ? Told, ?r MrTk*n?ne, f> \ CVm M ?? 11* nrd Prmpno Artrntl, Mm* Mar. o, ipeaoer Rml'b, Tboi Out ran, > ari Rauman .1 Mewhey Seele pi r'.<a. The Mcvonth Ani.nei Tnmvciatn Koatlval. WIMDIKR VT ms CfLBBBATTON WITH A SB AN D BALL at tub.errr ambmrlt boom*?awabmmo or TBI FMUM FOB mctNO. TTAMINO AND IHOOTINO ?MAMKB or TBI TICTOBk, BTC. The *n?cLih anneal reetivei of Um Modal TnroT?reta roerd la*t eyralay with a trend ball ai UM (Air Atnemblf Room*, and wa* chararVrlied by quim an moon cent at aay portion of the oelebratk ?< the eatire ball room was ibmwa orea to the dancer*, and a* earl/ an elyht o'clock tan cro *d betas to pour tn. tte Turner ootteme eras the p-erautay drew tor the (tola, aad Me Improvement wbib U?e watber ??mea bad aiade oa their aepearaaae aI Um day pre* Km* ?a* tmly aniooiebinf Probably laero w*e merer a more ilgaai exhibiUoa of lb* waaderTal propertlw of ?arm water. March *nd wap. The taftw were doeo ratod with dm m then nwinmarr tnev> <A me of the drewe* wrr* gorgreue, an<: the rat (Irla tonOnd more thao ordi narily b mptlar The rmtawtOK wan the order of daacinf ? T T II OBXIMiiMit ? i?rowaaMO and Wa^er. t?Ual'ooada t V-PVka A?r,*m?n Malinr. I 5 A?Prkorpr -A. 7?Vamoiioarm. 5 J 4?Mai d? R?f->;aa. rirt'C - tl?a?rr.riri rri.ii: i-wrs 1 } t-Wa iwr U immnr nti niow t ii.??v? ?' ruin >A?V?r?#Ttm.iM. D-ut.lo*i4a t"- It.i'wr. * II-PohnKI" h. IT?(?ai' J t?*i.-niocfe IP?Varor**. t It? ? ANwt.Momn? ^fMupc-r'i *?' Tte-titni M. WBiNlll. R ?ntoiraot. t The reMmaM wairrr wan a truly wonderful per tor ?aeco The rootle*, in tbeaanborof at leant oi? ban drrd. fret wtarrhed rmr 1 the rart rnre m Bar, iwowd ley emrr tide rpo Uadlrr roipto tbm nommeoeed a eoo?*# or rrceiutrly tarpaeune mrae^rrionn tbreoyb (be middle of tie roem, sow fiMst off?the ladles and yroOe wra ie nepaiwe Bn*?. wkdtec 'heir tortumas oouree round end mend to and rot, tldew*** aad waytb rise nf ? he room, all, with aorprMley oorrndaew, nrantually flrd ry tbr**rirea alcriytldp tbmr m*prctlre pari rem, *ppp*riry a* If by may"-, from Urn *nrmioy trrmirabl# rrawr* of -rieoiloe The otber danoee were equally InrrpMoab n, um ' w pmeentlay to the isei re rlremd eye a itribtoe ireembtooon to a pay* of Carman printed metier. Frery deneo neeeied to mrryt tato the nntntMay metloa, rrmtad<'( oee of the coentlea* rrraaiay ranee* to * nowm mill InM la the eeoaiac the pruea wrre awarded aa toliow* ? TBI I.I' A ro? -ntK-.WO. flrtt prtra Mr Rntheer, Mew Vorfc. Mnread Mr. Fraag, l?aw Yerit Third Mr. Moth, Woooitaydala. rnerth Mr ftimpf, WllMatMbiry. nnh Mr. n*nd?n*t*ff, vaw vortt. R?*?b A Mmrmnn, WllMaamburf. Bereath Mr i.oaeBa, S'ew York. Wfhth Mr Raadmao, Yaw York. N'Otb a Mf. H'^erm. aflt|-*m*b?r|. TeHh Mr. intry. Vaw York, FlwentB Mr Ktoh. New Yorit. fwriftb Mr ( hruttaa, New Tork. Thirteenth R Moermaa. Wuilamcbary. f on iter nth Mr. Mayer, WilliaMbary fkitf* to JcmMtta iranmk* Th? jBTentle tnranra reoriwed pr'ree ?' nnnkr tor hira tay, to the tolkiwtny order of excel!e*--? -Ueeter* (triad man Bertwly, Maura, Mauer, Rubier, Bro*hart, WtaMay ?tnmpf aad J Mtampf. rail!*? roB ptDtctN*. Fhat otiio for reaotay. Herman noaatcke, New York; ?ecotid do , L. auaen. Now York; thiM da., Mr. Hiflher,

WlUawabarf ' TBT7B TO* BTWnfMV, The irtre tor the beat flnytny noetety?eneatnth* of B Hirer boyle?wan awarded I* the New York Taraer U'tertafti. rBi xi roa noomav. rranein *> midt, of *? utmobnry. reoatrad the Ural prlae or *booJ*y. eooeteMay of a beaatifii nil a The pel ten r.w tarriny ooaetMad of ynld aad ntrer*. breentplim. pnrketboak*. helm, An fhe flr*? pr'M tor fnaotag was a pair of broadawardi, ylorw aad ?htalda. The dnariay wa* rwum*d after an aaaHoat rippwr, and oonttaoed til aa early ho> r hi the mommy. The crowd, the rirtwr?*qoe drewm, the wbbertny la broken Roylhb Herman ?v. t fYeroh, the mn?to. yyrntioM. tor* nor ape* and oyer Wer m?de the ooowtoo em neatly er Joyable, aad the <rmw?y iiairalit with a deltahtrul ?naaalloa of tt" eaooe*# of the mmenUi tonaal Taru feet. Mary thaaka are due the nomm ttse tor their rrreiieet arrt' yament*. and there roa he no doubt that thrlr prince If honp'tnilty to entortalatay M many yueott will be amply rewarded la the patronay* which hn* bora ermadorf by tor fi* atr people at larfto AIBIV4L OP THE VANDFBBlLt THESB SAYS LATER FROM EUROPE. IMPORTANT PROM INDIA. SEITBf Of ?I*8. IUHIU i*? LIWaCICE. Official Report of the Atlantic Cable Accident. Manifest Destiny of India and Central America. . w vvyvw*vw . s. EXPORT OP BULLION FROM ENGLAND. A??AMinatIon of Two African Travellers. FALL IN CONSOLS. IIFIOTIUBXT IN COtTON. SLlBtr DECLINE IN EfiEADSTLFFS, TS? iteamabtp Vaaderh'Jl, Hdwvd rtlggin*, eomrr.tad Ibr, ftfvi Bern on tha sraiag ot ?ha nt, and b??w oa Uo rotlowtag mom, arrtred at MM Ughtohto at r. .16 yealerdsy tnerateg, hot waa no boaqnentty debuted for mih boora Py a dense tog. Bba Ortega tha rory onaaiaily large itaktr of 360 paaaargara, besides fiOO.uQO ta spade aid 1,100 ton of TilaaSia merebsaaiss. Throagho*! the passage tbe Vaadarbtt bu eacocotered ?erere westerly wiada aod hoary *0*4 loa. a# ao Mo inrleg the entire royaga. Order* bad boas rewired at rtynrath tcprepwefor re ettrtic tbo United Mateo atoam frigate Niagara into Key bam baaia should it be foand aaaoanry. Vice Admiral torBerrtegtoe Reynolds rtaitad the Niagara oa the after boob of the 18th, and la the erasing aatertained Oept Bmdaoa aad the officcn of the Mgata at dinner. There were beyera la lee tea no tha 21at oH. ot the ?l,COO I bare* of the Atlantic Talagray b Oempenr at ?100 dtaeouak It appears that tha ooaapany art aiw ooaaldar tug whether they ahall ranw tha attempt In October, wblth ta aRea a galat month oa tha AttaaUo, or wait UU aaatJaiy, aad maaawbllo aooatt oae of the two offer* which an uderatood to hare keen made Ibr the purebaao cftbeoabie orttb a rtair to tta botag applied to a ocrcma nioettoa omb India. Tbo retara from the Baafc of Ehgtaad for the week end ing the lfrthof hoguti gtran the following when exxnpared with the pre rioot week ? PnhMe deposits dC6.6J0.M7 Dooroaao ?700,804 Other depodto 10 688,828 Increwe 423,484 Root I,?4,247 Incroaae 4.861 Oa tbe other lida et the aeoount:? Government eecortUea-?10t693>6>4 Tbe sane ao before. Other eeenritfet jh,203,4(W Deeroaao... 474,IS* Noteeunemployed 6,082,740 Increase... 131.630 The amount of note* ta etroolattoa ta ?10,384,021, being a decrease of ?164,416; aad tha (took of baUiaa ta both dapartaenii In ?U;liO,ood, showing a dear am* of ?13,848 wboa compared with tha preceding retara. It waa aald in London that a plan had ban icb mined to the Board of OeeUrol aad tha ladla Booee tor eaiebliahlag a poatai ooBUBcateattoa with India rta matte Tsrtoy. Tbe dbneaoiona la the Break church ta eyrla aad figypl appear to ba aa angry aa trar. iataUlgeaoa fm Tula, of the 14th, aaanunoae that a sanguinary disturbance took place three day* tdtr* apmlnat the Jewa, aod area tbe ChrMlaaa were anrnt j Borer*! pet ton* were killed, aad the SagUah Oaasul waa taanAed. MUttsry ww of nppraaaoa ware actopiad, bat not natu Me par* dtaaatoro had taken plana Tha official confirmation of tha nardar of Dr. Vogal at Want, Ibeaapltalof Wadal, haa jut baaa received. Ea wae beheaded bp order of toeftaJlaa. Corporal Megian, R. F_, woo murdered bp a partjr or Teertoha o?m au awclwete the north efKaka. Appraheadiag had traced a fbw Kaon la peaoll la ear Vie* Ooaeal at Morank, rwjaoetlag Mao, la tha mat of tla death. to dto charge a aaaaU hb daa to hi* people. The galhtat toliow ?ae* a oeopeeato eotoaet, aad Oeepewaad eeroral of at* murderer* bofbre he fhU. The metucbcip **ento Mod ?troag.'p to ooalrm the opoioe taai ao p-^flable com meree can be opeaed with Ceetral Afrtea orer toe Peeer* from Toala or Tripoli. The tn wap meet be bp aeaao of tto pat r'.eera?th* Kite, the Klger and the Zambea*. The F ao*lain were Mated to hare been defeated on the baaka af toe Kabaa,thep loots gnat end 04 pe-k hrraea. It la tald that Bchampl, wtth a>,0C0 ctroaoaiaao, had e'.oo defeated the Hum tan amp, which attempted to dlolodre h'.m rom toe bank* of a rlrer commanding ooma pMiea. After a battle which iaotod toahourotoa Foaatau aare driven aereaa toe river. Several fortified placea, boilt bp the Rotitana at great eta I for the maietcnance of tto.r communication*. fell into Scheie via hand*. Tbe neva ?f lha Barrel muiey t.ed prodocV a rrn r?N?<l MEMton ta Pant*. Fearlcg dittorbarcm, the "?b had determined not tx r*doM bit army Tor the prwtl By teWgraph from Trieste va >ern tbM Mr Murray had demand ad from hmi the Immei ate erarr: etior of Herat Qneea Maria Ohrtatlaa *w eipetad*: Barrlt?, aad it via rumored that aha via afcoai to to *pea, va ha prreeat at her dao?htee'i aoconhamee: n October Ratlin'. haa lakia cp hia raiidenr.e j? aria II via re morel ta Par* that lard dr Retr.,tfr? would he recalled fr.ta CobfUattaopIe and probacy ha reooeeded by Lard Kowdee, tbe . ngUab Ambaaaadrr at The Enropeaa and ladles 'encttra T*teg*ew> Company la ahoet to ha carried oat from Bigded north verd. The draftaf the new aaoaUtaUea for ttaa rer.rh dorb.ea had bate told before the Rahteia ShUtoa. Taa duchy of Hohtlra v to hare a iagtatotare add ilrfwe 11 far da in spaetoi aBhlrs. The tore. - ma la to he represented by a mlxt'rter fhr tbe de htee ef Hoietoln aid Lar.eeberg .o tow a to be enacts I e-tered or acau.tod Vthen the e<v aeataf the Fetataa. hot the noaiovoaa ef the ??ermaait Plat may ha promulgated ta the dtchy of Eototra to rir too of the federal coeatiteUoo. A drapetrh from Coaetaattsopte laaoUM thai the Seller haa eommaested to those Fc -cpaai Am bemadori who had aof penbed relattcaa erth the for la that ha la oaeepted la lha format oa of hie re* m n .try and that -tailI the oabtaat the- 4 ha eenarr raad d r'tw tic tateroeerea ooald not ha reaimad. He maater ead thiaf and leaned meiet ef Uta ahlp Martha ead iaaa, of Pcaderiaal, here beat reeteioad to diwth ?t Lirrrpool, fhr murder ng Andre* Km, aeon met , by ooauaead 111 treatment aad broto. oaafr In the Rnvea a' Onmmooa on the Tin n' . Mr. w fl llami Mbrd the Virat I ard ? the Treasury wtatbcr thrra va aay troth ta the rumor that ta teaplacce vth -be epp.'rjttae from the forerr.rrant af Fmac* >.ba gcran mac: af Kagtoad would ax pal aotne ef the F react refugeea vho (bed sought aa my him la lha. country! le reply, lord Peimemaa eald ?My enever .a, la the Brit plan, that do each erplioattov haa bean raaafred from lha go T?ra> rrt of Fmx?; ead, ia the aett [Iaaa, sometbirg like the aioiaa ef a Tillage for ao? rlaglag th- Ir be'Ja n the ana of I her lea II, that they had do be la to r'ag iAa' v? 'ot "a faev by hmm k grmxi any i*..1! efpo. a. ink (Cheer* led ?eagbler). The prodioa awrketa dnrtag the week oostta ad to re mat the quiet eppeviasD that haa ebarectar zod them far ?one uma paah Impartara haw. eg at the ootnmeaneineat accepted a further decline of la.. there waa aa larreaae of traaaaot'.ava la (agar, aad la the batter deerriptioaa a partial recovery taok plana. Btoofea la ooviuaMfi' baadi are aov exhaustod, vhlah at length -eased the trade to hay mora rraaty. The eotFer mark a ihad bean fhtrly icy ported. Further aippttaa af aav Onata Ktoa < raaght fhr vard vent at as noaaaleaal al?ht radacUoa Oam former mtaa. hat pmmatloa Oayiaa had mat vth a more meaty ?ate. The bialaem la tea had beea entirety aan&aad to a few aparatlaaa aa the part of the tra'ia at prtcaa ahowtag, ta aoma taatanoas, a trir.lag fW) aomparad vth thorn of the Friday prertoaa la the rlaa markai *pgeutokas ty paarad to have r.bekfed. Oa Thursday, lha 11th nJC, the trapena'oo via ao aouarrd ef Mr J. H. Hayes, core broker, I imperii, and on the 30th ult that mtoUtgeana vw rot loved by the n ported fhllere ef Imi I Section ui. Brown t CO , prxduoe hrtkara, vKh MahtlW v to the amoaat of : 100,MO. ? The ? .(pernios vaa eaaoenced aa the 90th af toe Isle af Maa Bank, revdoatad by the firm Of Pnwbeli. Sea * ?award, vth eeubPshmerie a* Deogias aad taatlatovi b baa a nolo eitrujeilen bebevod to navtai at present troly to lb?il ?13,000 oe ?0,000, U?o wbatodT which iaa* be Mi?M4 to bo ufo, .is eooording to Ihe l?w? of the lain of Kh all persona leaning aotue art obliged to I've escarMp Tbe rumor lately ntreuiaied of a oorrabaat at Liverpool having died suddenly, leaving Itebinuse for iiOC.ucO. of wfekih :i00,f OQ had been fount to he forgeries, epureva to hare been an exaggeration compounded from two loot denta. A (bare broker la eiiemlve buitaeaa wa? found dead in hla bed, aa It now appears, from dioeeta of tbe h?art, on the morning oi tbe lest leuitng dap, when ho had to cay large dlff-reno-a. and ti baa since born a?c?rtaio'd -.bat he haa toft h)a affaire :a a very namtiefbotnry elate A few eays previmafp a partner in n reepeatable me roan tile Una disappeared, haetng, It la aa n, forged acceptances for 114,000. In both ea<aa tbe details aro kept private and, aa la nana I ander eweh otrcnmitanoes, thep hare ere attd needb at excitement and alarm. Tbe Ixxkdoo Ckfcn*J< or tbe JOtb say a ? Mr. Qoorge Oewburti expired at fee residence, Q teen ?tr?et. Blackburn, on ffrtdap. Hews* oae of the oldest and trvei o*n#*?t?nt 'ofcmor* o the town In 1*10 no wee the object of a g iveramont proaoonlloa at Ixacubtr Caotle, wttta Knlpbt and otharr, for ettondiag a pnblto re form Otoetfra at Habergbeai Revs. and aulTerad two yean ltofrwonment. Bp hla death a ear?nor la oeosed ta the ooenitl, he being one of tbe municipal representedree of St. Panl'e ward. General Gurtavus Von Degenleid, enetflbe most din tlngniahed oflma in the Auetrlan service, 60 jeers of aga, baa blown out bla brains tbroagb a disappointment in lorn Tbe (crew ateamer Indiana, from New Pork, arrived at Southampton morning of tbe 23d, at 8 o'clock. Tbe (teener Rtngevoo arrived at L'verpool on the morning of Ibe 20tb, an J the Ariel at Coweo on thneroaJng of tbo anme dep. mroETMT FBon mu. Delhi not yet Vakeu? Death of General* let* lord and UwTintt, dc., dtr . From the Losdon Times, Aagua 22 ) We were fevered el e let* boar leet night with the hi lowing telegraphic despatch, rooelved through Her Mej* tj'e Ooneal et Cbglleri, August 31,et 7.46P, M. We p ib Qeb 11 Mrtatmee we here remised U ? Aimiii'U, Augur. 14?9 P. ML Ike Nubia arrived et Bne* to-Uty. Sb# bring* deUe fromOelcutleVothellet July, Med'**, 26. h July; GeUe, 3Mk Jaly; Adas, Sib tod. Ike te egraphlc message framBaez to meagre end eoe rated, end there Ui not time to receive 'ijiiaoation before the departure ct the it earner B?otln for Helta. It !a elated that Delhi It not taken, bat the dele la not I'ven. General Barnard it reported to bare died from dysen tery. The new* given in the Bonttr.y Tmrt of the Uth July, by last mail, respecting the taking of Gawnpore by the ro bale and the mediae re of the European* there, le ooe linit Ike Suez telegraphic message then got* o? to eay ae fol Bnaoom and Himalaya arrlred at CUcuMa with a boot 1,000 of China force#, to pro leed al once op country. Only 300 mora troop* expected, Genera) Haneoeh'a force# (Thle le probably rUrslock ) Rebel* beaten on three ee caetone, end soveral gone lakea, betwoea Allahabad aal Chwupore. the latter retaken from Nana Sahib, ebeaa Ha ralock m following up the Utto* i probably Bilheer) a boat 10 mliea Btr Henry lawreaoa died of wouada received la aeortta from Inekaow, where at praeeal all la wall. All the troop* la Oade mutinied. Agra ail quiet. Natty* troop* disarmed. Gwaitor Ooettngaal mchated. Bappoaad to bar* marshal aa laden. No poUOce) China new* gtrae. The traneH gusatumeal steamer totally Met la the Strain ef Boa da. (hew sad troops all arrlred at Beez to day. Tate Mlegvaph reeetyed from acting Oeaaal General Greeae, at Alaxaadrta, for the Earl of Oareadoe. OAetaJ Report of the AceMset-Mwlleg* of ?f the Director*?TheArrangwmanta forth* rptaia Ac., Ar.,A(. from the loadaa Pmee, Aognet ah ] A meetteg of ih<- director# of tbw eempeny leek pieeeet their efts*, Bread street, yeetarday. Oar report*r applied for admlmton, bat war rofhasd, oa ih* groand that the meeting wee limited to director* only, fee fWtowtsg re port bee been forw#rded to or for publication by the tee rotary, Mr. George 3*ward, aad prufeaoaa to g re the eub ?tear# of want took pie * ro tbi i maiToar or me iruxnr me- urn coartxT. Lrarwrn, August 19. 1967. Gi>- i**??! forwarded by tee ' coperJ a brief state mtnt of tit clrra instances sheading the fracture of t">e cable cn tbe morn:rg cf the Utb Inst acd I bar# now to lay bsfor# yea the tall part culara oonucctod eltb the #2 podtttee After leaving Valentin on the evr.'r.g of the 7th tut. the 1?) eg out cf the cable from the Megara pr grimed moot satti facte r'.ly until immediately befon the ro aaap. At tfee yoaeflea bete ten (be tbi re and the smaller cable, aboat eight nllee from ibe starting pofrt, t was aeeeasary to sum to renew the splice. Thle was eu :cemfu".y affected, and tz* rod cf tbo hea der eable lowered by a bawaer an til it roa*b*d the bottom, bcye being attained at a short distance apart >o melee the place ef union By neon cf ib* Itb we bad paid oat 40 milee of eable. eel' clog UM hoary shore end, our wgaet pitllt>a *1 that tlwe being le let 91 leg 69 mln 39 sec N , long. II dag. 19mm ISreo. W., eeo the depth of water, according to the tcoeoing* taken by th* Cyclop*, whose course w* ? nearly followed. P0 fattoms. Cp to 4 r. if ae (has day the #f"we of tbo cable had been itff deati* retarded by ibe prwe* nweeeeary to keep theroai b eery n mot in a> a rate a Utile foster than the speed of ib* snip, bet as lb* water deopored, H was nw oemary to piece emir, further restraint cp-ro It hr ai-piytag preeecr* to lbs frtct ue drum* ta cnoeri oo with the par leg oeti heaves, ao ' th'e we* crude*"? end cautiously !iKJr*a?"o from lima I* time mile speed of the wbie, com pared with that of the vesta! and the depth of the eoind It^U Showed to he requlr le m'dr ght 94 mtlse had been safrly al t; the depth if wa'er bet;i- thee a I'tt'e more than 700 fo'hnms At 9 the mo>n'.sg of tb# 9lb we bud fialebed the dwelt owl?'a the afvr part of Ibe ?h r, having paid ct 129 atfan. Tbe change to ib* ooli between dacka forward van safe y made. By tscn wo had ia'd 13* m'w* of -ablw, tvw Vtgar* t svsg reached 1st. ' :: 40 v , 'org l to 10 W, and the depib cf wttar havfor lecraissd jo 410 'stbom*. la Ibe sytcitg the rj*ed of the vessel was raised to Are ? nets per boor 1 bad prwr*oc')y ->00* 4nwn It# rata at ftcm ibrew to for* - rit* for the amall ethlo ae?l two fr be r easy ami seit the shore, wlibieg to get lit# men and machinery well at wots prior le a,tain ng tee spaed which 1 bad a? I'd pate ma- ng By midetgbt 1*9 miles ha ) beea laid At four oV'ock o he morning of tow lOUt ibe dapUt of water hrgantila* rase mptdlv front 6.'0 raUfUM to 1.760, in e -<? ef *)gbt m'lee rp to thle ttmo : ewt. strain anSlc'1 to krep the rale of ibe cab I* eear awocgb In .hat of the rh'r, hot an lbs water deepened tb* p-i port locate rpcsd of lb* -able advance i, and it was neoanmry ta sogmeet ibe prorsnre by degrtee eatil In ute depth of 1,iC0 fothoms Ute ndloetor showed a strain ofllcwt, wh'lw the cable and ?h!p were ruadng I.X and 9 knots re ?pectiveiy. 61 noon on the lrnh we bad paid oat 299 miles of eable, Its vowel bav'eg made ru m'lre from ?h betag then !o lat 93 deg , 37 mln , 90 eee. * . lowg. 10 deg . CO m'n , 19 tec w a: una )'?? w* evperk. cwd aa j>- reaeiAg i well, rollcwed later ta tb* day by a string hrawta. Fkora tb ? pwr'od, having rewin d 3.000 fothoma water. It was aeessaary to Increase the strain to a to*, by which i) # rate ef tbeoabl# wae maiciained la due proportion to that of ib* tblp. At * le the eyeneg asm* d fer *y ante tbraegh the I cable pettfog oo? of lbs iheavea of the pas eg not m* thine, owteg tr the lar and pic-b hardetriog ib the groovm. and a ? of large <t menatwia paaetag over them Thle wae recpfleo by Aiing additional guards and eofoentag Ibe lar witb Ml. It wae nweeeeary to hrleg ap tb* eblp. boMlag tb* cable by (topper* antll It wma again property I'at .used arwind ibe pa ley*. Some mnortaenw le do* le this eveat, ae showing ibal It le possible la lie to le deep sraier without rootieiieg to pay outtb* cable?e poiei ipoe wb'eh doable navw been freqr rally svpreewed dhortlr after this the speed of lb# sable r*'?wd oonvi derebly epe* that of tbe eblp. aed tu m ? c ekteb, while ibe rate ef the Wuwr wee abwit I beam by tbw fog, the oahie wee running out from &X ** *\ keoteper hoar. 1k# it rata was then raise* gg ewt.; bat, in? wind aed sea Bcssaeler. aed a current at tbe same time carrying the *bie at an angle firm tbe direct i n? o' the snip's ooomw, it we# n t fnnad aufHetsnt to check the eable, wbtoh wan at mldafobt makieg 2H knots ebore tbw wpeesi of ttiw ship wootllng in the hot?. end semwttmw* impeiilitwg the enfo anoeUtng 1 H. Tbw r? tar die. force www therefore HMtrwaacd *1 2 n'Mook u. aa amennt rqulvalwnt to 90 ewt.,end thru agaia. la aaa ?g< I* i of tb* apwoil oo*tm*t*c to be more than it would ba*a hn a peodsat m nwrmlt, to 79 ewt By tht* tbw rwtw of tbe rable ?? broeght to a l.ltl* thert of fly# knots, at whtrh t reni n .ed ewadily nmtll 8 lit whwu I; parted, the length paid not at that time hw<ng 7.'A mil**. * bad ep to tbis Una attended personally to the regal* Ilia ef tbe hrnbe*. but flwdieg that all was going oa we.l, and lhat t n-ewssaey that 1 should he temporarily away from the maohtnw fo aa"?rtal5 the rat* of the ship ard to tew bow tb* eahlw was coming i-ut of tbe bold, aad also to vtaHihwwwrtHeta*. the aMThlww srae forth* mo meat left ta charge of a mwbaatc whn had hewn engaged from tbw ttrat la ita onadruot'.oa aad flMiat , aad wna an Uoalalod w .tb Its oparathm. was proceeding ta tha for* fart*' thaah'pwbwa I r.ward the moob ee a*op. I mmwiiat*y eeiled enttoease tbe breae u<t revert* ihe engine of tho ihlp, bat i ib? pjm ?*hp u?bl? ?m Ua examiatag the mutiM, which motherwl?# la par u nl, 1 I6un 11*44 hu|?? bid MH bMB rtllltlll aud to Iklo Of to the han-lwhwi if th- brake be aglaraed no wroag way m?y bo bumatod it e ivoppege, and tb* reuse quant f'aeture of ibo cable. wdm he rat* of tba wbeuia grow mow u tbo tbla dropped bar aura to Ma teoil.lhe brake ahoult b?t? t>??a sued, ihu had oooa do bo n go tarty boom wheiwver on naaaually eoddam itinwi of lb* abi|> ten-pun'ity * nod row to* pronura In to tU noMo to tho tea; but owing v> oar entering Mo drop water tba prorioua morolg, an t having all haada rrany tor ujr tinerpvacv that m'ght oncur th<*e, tba oliior part of my alnU bad bean oumpnlled to giro to at ntgbi through *?.or oibaaaitoo. tad baaoo, being abort bandtd, I waa obliged for tb* time to leavo tba maebtM wlibont, a? U pro ret, tofflrleel latelllgea-* to eootroi ft I pricetvetbat eo Ibo next ocean lea It will ba needful, fVria ibo woo.tag and anxieug oatare of tbo w >iit, to tare Ibira arpa'alo relay ? of iiefT. and ti en ploy fir attooUoo it tbo brakes o blgber drtrrer of mechanical akilL tbo origin of Ibo accident waa ao doabl tho amount of rnard rg atraio pot upon 'bo oablo, but bad tbo machine barn . r?.,.eriy manipulated at tbo time It oooldnot possibly baao taken | l.oo U baa boon inggoatad at a can** of tbo tot tor* that Ibo mar.binary I* loo matalve and ponderwo*. Mj tlport**** ot tta *0110* teaches other wl?* for throt dayt. In shal low and drop water, a? well aa in rapid traoetttoo front oaa to the othar, nothing could bo nor* portoot Una tta "working- and alnoe It performed lto doty ao irrocihty and .ffloun'ty to tbo t mailer doptha, whera tb* wrigbt of tbo cable bad Ion ability to oversoma lla frtoilon aid realatanre it nan acarcely b* laid to bo too beany for deep water, where it <u neceaaery tor the ttcrensed weight or eahie to rat train lla rapid motion by apply lag to it a oonalderabl* degree or additional motion lla action woo moat compute, aad all parka worked well together. I rrr bow tl can be Unproved by n mcdiflrnUon In tba tonn of aboovo, by an addition to tb* artangetneni tor edjnrtlng tb* brtkoo aad aomo otbor alight alteiaUoat ; bat with pro-or management, without ao> cbango whatever, I am ocafldaat that tbo whole leogth of rab) i might bare been aofely Into by It, aad tt mastaa remembered. aa a teat of tba work which ft boa done, Uut, uatortenato aa the tamlnaloa to tho ex pod Won l?, tho length of oablo ever laid baa been paid oat by K, and that la tb* deeped water yet poaaod over After tbe edflent bad occurred aooadtaga war* takoa by I.'eotenant Iltyman, and tbo depth found to b* 3,000 fa'hem i. Ii mill b* remembered that aomo Importaao* waa at lacbed to tbo eahioa in tb* Niagara aad Agawomaoa bat eg maanftMUirad la oppoatto lay*. I thought tbia * favorable tpporuatty to tbo* that practically tba ditto oaoo waa aol of oenaoqi ence In affecting tbo Juadtoa to mid oooao. W* therefore made a apttoo bolvoon tba twa vaaooia, and aiveral ml lee were then paid eat wttboot difficulty. I requested urn eommaadora of tb* voaaali to pramd to Plymouth, a* tho dock* there afford bettor toelutlM than any other port tor landtag tb* cabin, iboald it bo nooaaon ry to do an Tbe wbole of tbe cable oa board ban torn oamfafly loatad and I Departed, and found to bo In ai portoot oca flit on aa when tt left tbe works at Greenwich bad Bwkeabeod. Guc important point preaaca tor yew conel?laratHn at am early pe?1cd; a largo portion of tba able already laid may b* recovered at a comparative until expaoao. I append an Ntlaial* of the ooai. aad ah all bo glad to raeatva year authority to proceed with thla work. I do not pereatva la our preeeat poalUoa aay roam tor dtoeonrecement, bat I have, no tbo contrary, a greater ocoflcer<e than ever ia tbo undertaking. It has born pro red beyond a doubt teal aa obatacJ* ex lata to prevent oar cttlmet* luoneoa, and I aee otearty bow avaty difficulty which baa preaeatad Itself la this toy ago ran bo effee'uaity dealt with ia lb* avxt Tbo eabio has bona laid at lb* expected rata to tba groat depths; tta electrical woii.txg through tho eagre length baa bvaa moat aaltotoctorlly aceomp<t*b*d, while tb* per Uo* into actually Improved Ut effistaacy by boiag aab m.rg.d, from lb* low trmporatora of the water aad tba eloae eompreoaloo of tbe texture of tbe go tta perch*. Tb eoeetrectloa of lb* cabto has a a* wared tta j tip? tatiei ibat I bad formed of It. aad if tt were aaw aeeam 3 to construct anolbrr line I should not unoinmmil any oration from tb* present oaala, which to Ms work ing ha* ro#firmed my belief that It to aaarostoy adapted to ear rtqalramaals. tta weight la Ma water Is ao adjusted i* tba depth tba* Ma ?tra's is within a maaageabl* aoope, wblla Ma aftoet of uadercurraats upoa its sartbeo previa bow daa gereas tt woaid be to attempt to lay a araab lighter rape, wbteb would, by the greater time occupied la ataJdag, as poae an Increased mrtoc* to their power 1 have tb* honor to rasmts, reoUamsa. yaaia vary tollhfaDy, CttAbLKi t. irrm th* LMteB Hmb, 2t) A wary fall nMtt>| of the dlreconra of the AM graph Company WM MAMthatr ofltoa*thle day, (We fallen Invaellgatb ? Mo Ik* imk wbtah km tod to foe prMfti paaae to tb* undertaking, ftp tho wffii?M?y ot tho appliance* far paying ??! ll? cnbto, and Mo Km *d <ililoe*l arrangement* **d precaution* wbtah Mm raloabto *od aaportane# galaod by tho Mo atoomp* Mil dictate n rerpeol to luiuro operation* hoi booo MHM ?o tho charge ?f nb ooooMm appnlotad for Iho parpaa#, to report to Iho Oaooral Board. T* e director* will oil la p?rmoo?ooo MO tbolr fhtaro plant haw# bean fully dtoeoaod ud c tho appeal of tho director* to Um Mfini i hi do come come toward and aid tho noOartaktog at with tb?lr * It tee aad axpartoooa, ha* oaea oardtally ro apeadad to, ood the following efTloar* how# *r? I wad to i own, aad wtll ho laowahaMoo with the director* to-morrow ? Chotato Watnwrtfht, Her M*)eoty *a oMp Lupard; i head*. rotted Mate* trtgat* rnequebanta: Onptafa M* lalted Mat no frigate Mac*'*: Maator Ooamaador N'odda/1, Her Uttett}'* ?b<n Again* ronno, aad Ueotaaaaf Om BModer l>*j man, Her ehlp CjoJon fuAdeot informal >00 hee already baeo obtained M ohow rlearly that Ibe prrrcat cheoh to tho profrea* of tho wort, bower*r roertlfylag, ha* bee* purely the reaolt of ao nest deal, ?r la la ao way due lo ear obwtail# la the form of the cable, nor ?r any raigral d'dlnhy nor of aay ocpo rieaea that will la the failure Bffooi la lb* (light**! tafrao Ihe eollr? ioorea* or lb* en'arprta*. the iwily twdderi do cfinuy t/iinv i-ritmi mtffm/Vtiffrom 419 Ja'Kxmi to 1,7M fuihi mi had been iorervome, Ibe baaallfal flat I Witty af the oabla having raadarad It oopahi* of edaptlof Naolf, without atrala, to ntrcam?i?or*a wbloh woo Id probably bare been Ha r ilo bad It been morn rigidly onoatroctod. Tb* combined latlnaooea ot the tow torn per atnr a of tho water and tho eomprentoc of the poro* of tho laealoMoc medium had pracitoallr ebowa that the arttoo nf a toto trapblc table, ?o far from being Impaired, to malartaWy improved by batag aanh 10 deep water fba oaty dlfl eotir worthy of cuaatde ration wbloh rimalati waa to do mraatrat* ibo pruTttonbfoty of mablog tba apnea la mid ore a*. Thta we* pot r ewpartmaatal loot by the aagtaaar la a b<ary tea, aabat nuent *o tb* aoetdaot, aad hwforw tho return home of that hi ,* Tit* hee tndt m boord (he Afoo l/oro and Agmm- mn<m tarr* J m-d toprtkrr. Ml ibe ipiuv hf tle? n to I tie bottom \nU Ma ><di>v ?/1 OOO/aMumi end dwrtnp a deary fa The et/rrtnwnr mat yfnty necmful. aod ibate and all other ctn inelaaneo which haro beoo wroe|ht oat by Ibo rrreeteipodfooo haw* i ? ore cheering *|d certain tho praopeotaf < oa tho aeal fftanm. [Frem tho f/iadoo fimao, inguot 11 I Tho romwitodlag (ffl-ora of tho aowaral ah pa oompwrtog the AHaatto rqaadron, aod Captain Rarrboo, w to hao ro craliy been annotated t < the fstar* onmm<ad ef tho 6 *o| Kaatora (leemrl.'p, at eaded a meeting of ibo Bo* d ot the nemraay '* ottloea y*wtoe t?T, bowleg baeo epociolly towbo* to eiptee* to ihe atroowra their npaiooo aad adwtoo, ntawn f'owi tbetr aewamt ntwrratlr a* aad ewporteooo, ao to the efflctaaey of the f rm nf ?* d* adopted bw thw oom !*?> ? ** 1" "? aaliabt tty of the nurhloery aad appdaaoao to pay lag oat, aa to aay obetaole* or a nautical or phyaleal rh?<art-t U>a' ertet In the wa' of the aatarpriea, aod aa to the aitaratlnee aad ameadmoota it la daepabl* o mak* la all or aay of die ptaaa to perftnmlag the work with grmU er Mfoty aad aaaart? no tb* aen ncnaeloo 'here la Oct or* naaaifpna* ?atreee'no no the ran of the aawal rflora ia referenoa ?n th? cable Iteeif TVy nr- trtfl '<*? cmon* ?J 'ptWKM thai o form rf f ?hmmrt'v tr- (/raps ? 14 n<j( to d< '-Wed wet iui'oI% in i "-rp Mp I to Ot' rfytl wC-ndad to be aciimpiutiL Ita Itaairep* i sfhaeae aad Oaoatllty adept it >a o**ry way to TraaaefaaMc puepoaaa, aod thry ara eawliifag tn r*eciat.t<ad tie > i?fl* wtino or altaead <a 'a aay aay. 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