Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 5, 1857, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 5, 1857 Page 6
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miiTBMPnwi iiwiwn imi m, iTi'l'MlW Mil PHMAI.?* "? WQtraa U?l PWW TO (K) SOUTH, WHIKI A tlx- ettmat* to mn la wlauv Oan lake the entire charge M Whrt !er * WUeom'eeewlig machine; oan teach or to""; ? go u. kind o< cawing; alee under* <en.ts shirt nmaafaC in. Bafrpaaoe aa to ahlttto had thwiMr given If n gntoS. A ldrea* A. It. Station C. Foal office. for Two weeh*. a K ENGLISH LADY. OF NOBLR FAMILY, FROM AD A verso elrcuaaaleor**. wtehee a situation aa EO rente** la ? Son'be ? fnaall* or at daily govetaaae in ttoe eHv. The high atorefereeeee given aad require?. Address F. W , Bamid A YOUNG PARISIAN GIRL, WHO SPKAKN THE A lug'lsb largoage. and who haa already u ight u< a firat ale at boarding eohool wishes a sttuMlon a* professor at French to a almtlar institution. Adrresa, or cell Immediate!*, ?to* O. B? 15* Knot 9d at., betaveen 2 and 5 o'clock tjr live dam . A THAU, BKALTHT WOMAN 18 DH8IBOUE OF OB A mining a situation aa ??? nurse In a raapaatable fatallr. The beat of reference caa be glean. Flaaae o tM at *03 Adelphl at, Brooklyn. A DECENT OIRL WISHES ? SITUATION IN A RE XL apeetable private family Reference oan be given. Ap totJ at 172 avenue A. corner of 12th ?t A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG PROTECTANT XL girl lately arrived 'mm Ireland, to gc West with a faaal fiu OgJl at her preaent place. *51 Paclfla at, Brixtklyn. A COMPETENT PKB80N WISHES A BITUATTON AS JL ebimbermetd and waller Oan be tein at CO Oongrts* at. Sooth Brooklyn, where the la at present employed. a TART KbPBRIRN(TSI> OIRL, OF RELIABLE CHAR XL acter and references, want* a *11 nation; I* tbotourhiy ?onpatent 'n all kind* of gond plain omktng; oan laitthe ut ?st particular family in wnabTng and ironing and neatnee* ap ply at 10 TUlary *t. Brooklyn A SEAMSTRESS WHO UNDERSTANDS THE CUTTIR? J^ md making or bo;*' *nd girl*' dresHfs and all kind* of fkmily pcwing, will go out by the day or week. Oall at U Rtvinpton at, In the rear. CALIFORNIA-A. VERY R1SPEUTABLB YOUNG lady wo,.Id bke to go to fall ornla with ? family or a* companion to a lady; I* wjlmg to pay part of her own j>?a nage. Wleaae address H O , Chathun square Pocl gflfbT. fYOOX.-A YOUNG WCMAN D18IRIS A FLAC1 AS V meat cook; will aemat In tbe washing; has no objtotloa to a Brit class boardlag bjuse. Be*; of reference from for ffier p'secs In city and oountry. Apply at 271 Bowery, thi* day or Monday. Situations wanted-by two young wome*; both as ch?mborm*k!? and wal eri In a hotel or bonding bonec; no objection to the city or oountry. Call at lit East Idth *L ______ SITUATION WABT1D?BY A RESPECTABLE PRO teatant tlrl, a* cook, understands all kind* of meat aid paetiy Booking Br*i of c ty re'erenee from her laat plaoe. No objection to the o.untry Oall at 217 B-'wery. O PROT18TANT FBtNOH 8WIS9 G1RL8 WANT amse inuauo.-a. Good references caa ba given. Oall at Smith at, Rrookl'n. Tl fwo PROTECTANT GIBXX WaNT SITUATIONS; one aa chambermaid and to aealat In washing, the other an nurae and plain aewer. Good reference. Addreae 128 Uhrysue at. third floor. fr>mt room WANTEIh?BY A TOUNO LADY, WHO ATTINDBD A lace, trimming"- huJ millinery ?ture for four years a ait ami toe in some res, ecmbie buaiapss m attend tie a tore. Best af relerencee given. Plenae call at or addreas 36 Khig at WANTED?BY A SXAUSTRRS8. fTORK BY THB DAY r>r week, tan be Been at 126 12lh at, between f h au.l Sm avrcoea. TATANTFD-BY A RERPKCTABL.R YOUNJ OIRL, A TT altuatkm aa ihamb. .maal or waiter, haa no obje.-tlon to take charge of children Plc*>e call at No 87 Woa; ljth at, hetwi en Nth and Tib avenues, upper door, back room. WANTBD-A BABT TO WET NURgE. BY A RE pprctahle young married f catch s-.imac at her own rewde-cc R> ?rrvnoe given and required. Call at 111 M il berry at. first floor, for Mrs. Simpson. WANTED AN AMERICAN OR HERMAN GIRL, TO DO I?i cral housework. In a private lamlly. Inquire lm mediately at 36 Amos at WANTED?SITUATIONS. BY TWO RESPE'TTAPLB glrla^'ne aa cook and to aasis: In washing the other aa ehnmbcrmai 1 and waitress and to aaal*. In wauninc; good r? lereno- Cu 1 at ?" East 17 th it. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A YC0M3 PEOTE3 tant girl to ao light housework or chamberwork; la smart, udy. partloulariv nbltglng. good .lUpoaltlm and willing kowork, wages from It to 5a; well recommended. Can bu nan at ICS fin sr.. near 2?th st. VANTED?BY A COMPETENT OIRL. WITH EXCEL" ce'lrnt city reference, n pltnatlon a* cook In a g.-n'cr1 Ihtoil'y. can mrike brea' understand* mca.v an I poultry, does op iinm in rtylr Wages 68. Call at 21U Kaal 23d a.. RRidT WANT! AN IilaLl',' OR FRENCH OIRL WAi, TED?TO DO A fhr work a small lamlly In th< eorutey. A b}tn> to offered Af* a rtrl. irom '3 to 16 years old. to go so Oall foral a Oail Is ,.rraou at 3b't Orchard at., tkla day, from 3 to IT. M. fYOOK WAMTBD?0N? WHO THOROUfldLY UNDIK \J ataadahcr bualneaa. and to waah and Iron In a imill fa mOj Apply air Wrat Mat at., alter 7 o'olock, la thaercntmg #YOOE WAMTE >-WAITED, A COMPETENT WOMAW \ ' to oook and ??tt with the waahlng and Ironing. she mttai bo a food rook and eioellent wither ard Ironor.clty refareacci raqr.Tr* d alao a* woman aa lanndrem and to aaatat with the chamber* rk ? usl undernian: her b alneal perfectly, and ; the beat of eftT rrfereu -ee Apply Iblt day, (8a ttrday.) i the honra o' 11 and 1 at (V tarn 0d it OEBlfAM EISL WAMTKD-A OBEMVM I.CTHEILAM one w?o oar ?ew and do chamberworh, and la neat Otx -1 iah i tncea nlred^Arpl^aljdiaet ?jd (t EnP WANTED-WANTED, A MEAT INDUSTRIOUS girl, to do genera) homework muat be a flrat rate sr and trooer Apply at 118 Sonth 8th at. Williaaubarf. H -f ADIEB TAUGHT TO OPE&ATI OH TH1IU8 A JU Wl'aon'i mar hi tea Tarma moderate I aaanna girea la the erealng. lira. WUAUM, M Sixth araaae, near Thir ty i " ' MILLINER WaNTES-FIRST clash hlLLINEB wanted, la go Wnt To ao-mpataot p?ra?a good wagoa WU1 be paid Ralereu- ea aa to chara tee and a .tin re y aired lnqnirr for mom 114 Aator Houae. on thia or Monday after ?hah, alter 8 O'luah. MTJRhF WART8D-A WILLING AND OBLIGING wri -ii to lata rharga of two ? ni'dren and new * ink a awe ma; hnd a food plana by applytag at 184 Madtaoa at. Ihix day. ?ter II o el: <-k. QALMWOMAN WARTED-IN 1BR GLOVE RTORR 7?f O Broad ? ay , ^na a -tainted with the b talueaa preferred ?am '* refamne iwiulrad. Apply in the evening, after t a'akwh r MILLINERS -FIRST CLAM TRIMMBP*. MtLLI cert and appraeboea wanted. Apply to Mra ? artar. thj lMhhdway. VAKTltV U TC/UMO LAI'7 OB WIDOW. OONVgg. aant wttb the aa.r la a p-eLill antra, and vpaahtna hag ?ed aed Fre->oh. She mom mar wall rairrmmrr-ln- la tpatre at W7 'roadway. w w AHTKD?A COMPETENT CHAMBERMAID AMD waiter one who ran do plain aewuig Uood reeom daiP na ran jirad Apply at 4* faat 88th at rANTED- IB JAHSiV CITY. II* A PRIVATE FA my a ft rat ram girl to ? ?* and do wanh'rig and Iron lag a g od b> ma aad aood wag ea th> aomprokajuc Call at MParh plar? lATARTHD-AH AMERICAN WOMAN, to DO PL aim *T annklu waatinr and ir-mtng, la a amali fam ly Mo ha' need a. ply nnlaai perfectly trintworthy aad finable u> tahe 'be entire charge of the ho'iea when neeaeaary. and make h?r*? f geacraJy oaalql. Addnwn U. A M Herald on, m. Wanted-i* a peiyate family. a oeemah tm.k. who in n food waahey aad Inner; alao. a German ?area. to take eharge oI a baby one year Ad. Apply aide Any at VAMT1D-TO GO EOUTH A NURSE. CAPABLE Of tat eg full rharre of aa lafaet. none Bae<1 apply bnl a ?araoa who can fire the vary beat refereaoe r ppl., atrW. A 3 Marlaoo a, t hambera at. near Broadway, batwtea lu aad 0 o'aiotk. AM TED - A (HOD 003E, WASHER AMD IRORBR ?nrt be a Protemaat. with a food rfty ree iwtnendat'h rrmr her lam plaae. None othara aeed apply. Oali at au Heat Bta at., nmw Broadeay. ANTED IMMEDIATELY- A SUITABLE riRHOB TO roefc. war h and Iron for ? earn!I fa ally. Apply a; 1-d Waat HNli m . between PA and Intb area oca 1EFART1P A GIRL TO DO ?BHHRal. HOUIEWORK a* a i iaii family, no children nni?t be a plala ww>?, waaher aad u, uar wagra P Apply IhU day, wiA raforeuoe, at a Raaaa- at., room Mo 9. "ll'ANTKD- A OIRL FOR UEMKBAL HOOPtWORK WRMH 'ami.i ahe mint a gool plain r en. (.'ail at M Raat ltu, ?t. w AMI EI1 IMMEDI Ami TV A SMALL PRIMATA lamuy. aa lagitah ?,r ii,rm?ii PiWiaiaatftrL aa r> >k mun treat m-wt ondereiaud pafry, a far lmeh*a and ra. aaaheeprtnoal ? r-Vre?eea re4,iire.i Chi. at 4i Lou trrrar. t+. at between 10 aad 4 >. < ioat w ARTtD-IM A I'RTVATf FAMILY, A TID1 y, ia* V m- 40 la h'-k, " ??h an | iro- i >n~ who n-rle| \b u. .."; ^ N? yL""'i( W ARTf!' A "flMI'KTAMt ( BT. To A' ''' MI'A M V A tunall facnly into M- Apply at 117 (.ntnfm at, ?ER/'AMliD. (II El# WI"H', M<4 TO LEA EM To f IPE k AT I ff no MI aeler a W1 .wet . mwhiae ma ka^ aflr Maa at lit fat Thirty erh atreet w. 14 ItWaTlrell aaaployara any, lied wiA operaum free ,?charge. Wapted-a tou*(? ladt, to rimo wiTn a tea rall'ng aoareri 'r -ipa. a permanent wrir"mrn' win E* pi ear to a food ainger Addroaa tor three days f p i) Herald offiee ANTED-TWO TOt'HO LADTER. TO ATTKRD A lar- and embroidery ? <>re. none bnt compete . handa need apply, al II - f aj, a .'U5 1 rand at. VAMTID BT A RMI'K'TABLH OIBI, A SITU*, ttnn aa r*A In a piirnie fhrnl y. Uood refereooe Ap ply at Pmttb'a. f*l Ormfd atreet PryAiyn WAMTBD IMMMDT ATBI.T-A LAR 11 MUMBF.K Of aomeai and glr.r. Ir gnnd aH-iatlnna. nrw randr, at food eager ev.-rv <?e who rail* can be r iltad In a nlaeo ?ami day or n charge In-ctlre at the fer anta Raw Inrtl tote 188 Mua at ewaar"bav Call and raa V- ARTf't - A MEAT TIDf TOOMO OtRL, *R RtTRna 'he ?k nndemaodr bar dnty aiul la not ftnd of folnf oat Apply hi 91 Weal Mt > rl . hwweea 8th aod 7th art. W_ AMTED IR 1 BE CITT OF BROOILT!*, BT A rate i p rv rale finally a reat ertahle yonoc wow an to hank, waah Iroa and dn f.-nerai ho .rewoeh Wage* f" par hwmth Una wh, urge, a-an '? her bnrleeaa and can gire ?pod mty ?efarer.cea mat ca ( al .At Llrlngaioo aA, opi"h ta Ham. ee plana P Wh arrw . EE'tR.f A MOMAM I'll M f OP TAK IMG Y? eivry-rf the it.-n ( wi an v , .? a flr? lam hrNel la lb r cty M >ne it th ,e , ., n n ? ericuce l- tbr hnalt ? or n-. a.,, r a l l . e ly. ataUng Wih#T ("Ml lflt? I TI'itT'n AKK-II'O .I T^'"r - vThH A' fnCATKHII WJ A YOUNG MAN DB81BER A 1HTU ATIOMAB BOOK A. kwpw,iiiBUoil)aoitaM?j^M;lMnli elty refonsoe Aw, |? ?mh|H(? Soatkof W?*. Address V B. J , HssalSoffioS A lilt DV TOUNG MAX WW IBS A SITUATION Al Bl axachman. la Brooklvn, and would taw soatyecfton 10 tola she oounury; jancleratajkli the saresS horses and plain gardening. Gas gkre good reference tarns kla l*M employers. Pan baaaan lor twadays a>77 TotMl. Brooklyn A ST BON 3 HKALTHY YOUNG HAN. M TBARS OP JK tga, a tint rale farm hand at all kinda of work, and a rood yegetahte gvnletw r wants emplojMeal. Addraaa T. 11. P.. Herein oflioe. fir thee day. A YOUNG MARAUD MAN. A OK It MAM. WIHHBS A & altnaMcn as par tar to tow maro an Ills honia, oan speak, reed and w>Ua lta English language correetly, and b not alrald to w<?t. Please addraia (i. P. T . Herald ufoa. 4Mini)I.B AGIO AMBBI1AM, WILL AOQOAINTIO ?n the elty waata la engage In aome respectable basl naaa alreads established, or a sonatina of trust, whereby ka can support bis family; kas f 08 to MOO to Id rest or would land h s employer; beat of oharncvar riven and required; no ageoU need answer. Address B. B. O., boi dHi Post oflioe, stating tka klsd of bualnraa. Ar. OOACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTNW-BY A BIN TLB man, <& Hootch mas.) who can skow the beet of characters from kit former employer. No objection to the country. Oaa be seen at Mr Greer's. No SO Bleeoker st, in the store. C10A0HMAN.-WANTRD, A SITUATION, BT A BR > ipectsble single mtn. who has had many years expert enee In this city, and baa th. best of city re'crence. Oan ba sec, st the City Market, corner of Hleeeker st. and Broad way. or address Coachman, at tka above place. (SITUATION WANTKD?BY A RBSPBCTABLK YOUNG O man. as eoasfanan; understands hts bti'fnms In all lta branches; can tike care of horses In sickness; has satisfactory WsUrooctal*. Oan bs soen lor two days al No. 103 Bast lBh st. SITUATION WANTKD.?A YOUNG MAN WHO H IS had extwlence as freight and ticket agent on a railroad. Is desirous of klalnlng a situation; bast of reference! given and security if taalred. Adlreas D. Q. P., Herald office. SITUATION WANTED?BT A BOY, TO WORK IN A store, A-(5 otakd blnuelf generally useful Addreaa box 2,237 Post oMcd. (TtO PAMIUFR GOING ABROAD.?AN ITALIAN AND X lib wl e, havlsg served for many yeiri In sn American family, in th s eonntry, aud wishing to return to Rurope, dc Sires :i iltuetbin for a length of time, from tne first cf Ottiber next, wlih a 'amtly going sbro&d, the wife as lady's maid or nurse, and the husband as vale - The latter b*? trext'lled irorh in Kuropc, speaks French and Kngllah and ean make himself very ireful. Although they tvculd preftr to guu> ge-her they would not object to separate engagements. Ap ply at No. 12 Vesey st., up stairs. TO IMPORTIB8 AND JOBBKR8 - A GENTLEMAN. OP 'horongh p*ae'lctd experience lu the dry goods importing bnsiness, wuhra to enter some bnuse of standing, either In tne jobbing, commission cr auction business, as salesman or manager with a view ultimately to a partnership Oan com mand fluOO citvh. Address A. Richardson, box 1,119 Post efflor. Philadelphia fpO PI R DEAL1R8 AND MANUFAOTUR1SH ?8ITUA i Ion vran'ed, by a young man. as salesman or cuttsr. who thoroughly nrderstands the cutting and 'nr manufacture; has ten rears experience tn hat, cap and fur bus.ncas. Address W. Hudson. Herald office. TENANTED?A SITUATION POR A TOUHG GENT',I TT man as assistant bookkeeper, or fern rat clerk in a mer cantile house; wholesale grocery preferred. Balarr not so much sn object as to get a thorough knn sledge of the bust ness Refers to late employers. Address P. P., box So Herald office. YEFAMTBD-HT A YOUNG MAN OP THOROUGH BUBI Tr neis bsb'ts, an en?agem-nl as book kerper. ssleimac or ??orewalker Is fully rompetent to tsie charge of any bus - n-sw: ssiisfsc ory city reference Address It. M , 11 erad of flee, for three days. 1BFANTED?BY A MTDDLK AGED MAN, OP BUSINESS " bsM's. a fair jienmar, quick al figures, and oonrersant srfth the Bngltsb. b reach and Gerasan languages, s sttuafton as salesman or clerk In a wholesale or retail establish went, hotel clerk or in any respectable ospsclty where the above qualifications mav be require L City reference given. Address vlndex, box 201 Herald office. IBTANtED-BY A PRENCBMAN, TWENTY ONE XX years old, with good rrfervuecs, a situation as alerk; speaks fCng'lsb and German and writes a good hand. Address Address Ad. Fetlx. box 178 Herald office YBTANTBD?!IV A &BRPE<'TABLE YOUNG MAN, A XX situation ns osashman and gardener; usderst tads his bustpess weil. and U willing to mike himself nss. tel. Can near well reonmmerded from his last employer. Apply to J. 1) , 2oRtope su llr AN TED- A SITUATION BT A RE8PEOTABLE BOY. fx ager is years, who Is not a'raid of work, he yould prefer rolsg In the country to work for a farmer. Any per sm requiring such assistance would oblige by calling at 110 Cannon St.. N Y. WANTED-A UH'ATIUN AB LIGHT PORTKR, BY A respectable steady man ike best of elty references can be obtained. Apply to Wtlltaa Dinning, 16 Lauren? st. CLKL.F WiUITSlS^-1*^1**^. ???"?% ^u"yq. .Wrr-o-roquto*. AdlM oWio. *ilh rrfir 2S?S^|w^s morptBMA. t.#lwf u (? And U o clock. ?m?u. Apply ?o Uolwo * Batne, ?6# Blikik Eoj ml'U? ** baplff lo)t __ - iim. Alio ? f-vBT goods JiSf Ht misss. vrjrannzssrss* |ABC<! CTJtKK b?0oy^'S!^A o* Jl *"pt' it )Ub 4t> b*low IIin tv * ad **",KD 'IfijJo7iii?dTnDi ?Tfa,UtiUr5oi? Jtd on dr?a I ?? AbM Wrw Tort Pott o?<? KirS^ l?m*'"; * ZZo~r. 17 JoS *.? T ^JUSRSZl " - ~ ?S55sSS ASSESS??? aitIub i:a> ?tf?"- f* "i?h Bray*. TWAd*. WHtWW ?? * *? -?? WKSiW.; ?w!^g??&&ar "" ?* " gnod r*l?r?P<* l?q"lf At I*1 i^"wrrf WjiaESi^Sssffinw At ISI Cta "mr* ?tr?>. W"SBTi'~^"^*w4^i?"iAs is" r-;E" ^^???nl'. m.T 4 yitWPPAPBR Ofr' J< OI1* ?wf ?ib#ir AC9i*->i"i u. ?rtl? O* Iftip * "-aa?? SUVrUlM of * *? | Baritd ofiM I "1 ^TTt (f .?<>Ol? AOllR ?> - >? OR '* WT-l" V?" ?U ap??" MtH ? WABT*I?-A OUAUMa*. WHO THO^PIH-VIA W zz',?t2X. i t(iwi3 ? u r mfirfA. AAAfWi ** 1W row ? ^TlW WARTBP-TU WAIT I* A RWTIACRAirT W li .o.rp a?M Broaiwy. _ ".r.Tt?Vi" wilTID -TWO OUIAN Win t*?. j W fuUy^! U. Baa. II . ^.VBroal ifl tMirrani TV?t??>?l *'*>d i*""""""""" ? Zv?f ^irTi. M aBTBowrr ?-? _ _ |1" ???it ? AB4TAURART, BO ytodwrtUM of app u<aM. , ibt*U'IO*,,c1B omoBi. Z?,?n? JSAlnaiii -coodncW* by ? riipACWbH AmniRAn lidy. "* rpn ? li.T m t ?d nhiii ?ra?W, bm????*' % ;I|Mu> imt ?hnr?n I rwwBwndid Aao m lull' MwK y*iir%lly 'nl ? w nMaaintnr IBW porWfi. .-A I *?r**?nri?m ?m i?o ilimi <lrt' ffi. ElUFMAJI. Uf*T r-n.ip. l (MU/boy?. Apply a LOLW liU'iA*' 766 Br?'lp*y or ARTin a oi.r.RB ro? a ptkabiioat s 0?* TT dii* 'bi.tam |?ni .fP-?w'r?.' ?Wr*l,n1 t r. 4 r ?? t . . I b.K.*i'<T?r, I ^ JM-o VoI It- 1H0 r ? v\ uod^ Apply to OlLltK" * u>.. Bo. 6 tUrt ??-???! ???? W' ^^ABTRD-Al HMllBBW'B'B OOBKiTlO A'IBBOT f,l - R* ?d <r?i wpU pxpnma^dprt I"'?a* ?w I ,1,1# f T mpkoin?I, aw*A mm <h? rifli ' ' lift' k.,n##? ,rk. W#U rmoam nial ??r?iia ?#? <r** H HRNOIllMtll. T'ropriptor. ,i77^rfK ?a ci.brk r?)B in orrn?. 7i"iTioi>i W ?# .',rT Apply it Wi WaBiMM' R?ft?try .?#- u Hr ?h 1? %v. room 1 rtltnitl-na pro-<1?W1 ik)?i? m? 1 ch?>y#<l #f^yr#U<- pmM aojiilnoA. Rarawiflm Ail Advpnw. i fi ?' o?i'? . Warrin a ntTTpV abo a *?b to 0*1 v? a A tr#r Ail i m ?. h iVn-Ail apViym-n- 10 i;?rtlm who ... . , ?.. ii. At KM Tuitoo yum*!. WtfflCAjU EWARB.?AT A~XlfflM OP TH? FIRST WARD Daoaoeralie Orgsnt/Atioa, heid puiuut la the cult of the ocratie Republican i t?beraC Oemmittee. Edw ard CJooprr, Chairman, the tolW?lng namad AeUgales were ? acted by Sat votes, wlthou. opposition, to repsesent said ward tnnonvrc it m to eppiS it a cetosata tod sdtoraate to the mute Coavaa Uon, to be be u 1Mb Sept.. 1817:?Thanis* Stewart, Andrew J. Perry, Wll'lan Burns John Haunt, James ('a vanish, with power to Ull ??>' uncle*. A. J. PARRY, Chairman. HraHO'NiiL.,) ft. JlUMTI 5TH WARD-PURSUANT TO A (.'ALL OP THK Q1NB ml Commutes of which Id ward Ooescr is Chairman An election was I eld st the Pith Ward Hotel oo Friday evening, 4th September, for the pnrpoee rf electing e delegate and al ternate to the Syraoiiaa Convention. The ticket beaded ttaorpe Karaoagh, delegare, and Wn L. Herbert alternate, received 210 votes, the tinket beaded Robert DonnsU. delegate, and received ft votes-whereupon ?he \ elected. JPP, fhatrmie pro tem. McOarhah. Secretary. CTH WARD PKMOCRATIC RBPCBLICAN A8800IA U uon.?The member* of the Democratic Republican A? toot atlon of the Fifth ward will meet on Katarday evening, at Bo'c'ock, at Kerrigan a headquarter*. No. 21 White street, to elect one delegate ard one alterna-e to the Stale (invention, pursuant to the anil of the General Committee. Hy order of C8ARLKS FLKTCHKR, Chairman. 2tu vows; tae tmiet neaota taooer* l> James Connor, alternate, received Xvi Karanagh ticket Was declared dole elect C. B, WOODRUFF, fAWITW. L. TUrOHTO*. 1 f^. . , 0. B. WooPRvrr, J secrt.tariee. 7TH WARD? AT A KIITINO OP TH1 DEMOCRATIC Association of the Seventh ward, held pm.nam to a nail of the lietLooratlc Republican General Oommlt ee of Tamtsa ny Hall, en F?i4?V evening, Sep*. 4 ItSf Isaiah Rynders was fluly elected delegate o the Democratic Stale Convention, to be neld at Syracuse on the 10th lost, George PaUuon was du ly elected alternate. JACOB F. VALENTINE. Hbuky Poheriv, Secretary. 8TI1 WARD DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN A88O0IA tion wl<i meet tnls evening, the Sth. at Kelly's, (ornerof Hudson and Charlton streets, so elect a delegate and an aber rate to the New Fork flta e Convention, to meet on lae l(lth day of kept, Member* will be pirns :tai in attendnace By order of R. WaThWRIUUT, Pres dent J. Blautelt. > J. Duo*, jSeorelarlen. Mth ward.-at a labor and enthusiastic meeting of the Democratic Republican Ward Associa tion, held a* Btherms t all. No. 42 Prino* Street on the 4th Instant, tor the purpose of elect"*; bee ielega'e and one alter bhte to WSfiRfSt'.i? wsru, or late Twelfh assembly dts'rtct, tn the Democratic Republican State Convention, to be held at Syracuse on the ltih mstaet pnrsnant to the direction of th< regular Democratic Republican General ''ommitte* of Tam mar y Hall, on motion of Alderman Run-chin, Hsn. John Kelly was elected a delegate by acclamation; on motion, Ro ert A. Sands. Esq., was elected alternate by aoolama'ton. On m itton the following resolution war arfoutol:? Resolved That wo respectfully invite all demooratsof ;na ward to c me forward and sign iho constltntion as members ol the Associa'lon. C'n motion, the Association adjourned to meet at the call at the Prelidest HKNtt? P. WEST, President. i?o ES J: 1 CTH WARD.- -WE, THK rNOERSIONKD, WH AO Prertfents and Secrets ic* ol the Democratic Repuoli nan Association, recognizing toe uommlttee of which Edward Cooper isnhsirroan, do hereby eertity that at a primary elee tlon held on I riday evonlnr. Sept. 4, 1857. ai ths usual ulaoe cf 'nesting, Oonvembon Hall. Id wooater street (of which a notion w?s duly served on every enrolled member), the First Vice President was called to the c'air. In the abseune of the Prertdem and tFe following ticket was unanimously eh cted: ? For Delegate to Syracuse, ad ward J. Hamilton, for alternate, Wm. It. Utlev. JOHN On.MOUR. i P-..d-nw LaWKKNOE M. VAN WRAT, J Vk0? Pw^'deni*. jAMEf B OfWBLETOS, ) cl.,..?...I? We M. (Bilks $ Secretartea. Elijah Fisher, Treasurer. If'IH WARD.-THX MEMBERS OF TBK 81XTBKNTH AO Warl Democratic Rerubltcan Assosiatlon are renuested to meet at Brea'tn's SiteenthWard Hotel, 105 West Seven teenth street, on Sa'ti-day evening, September ft be'ween the hours of 6 ard 9 o'clock for the o -p se of choosing delsg 'lei to nominate a delegate and alternate delegate io he State Convention at Syracuse. 8. ogiioul), President. Cms H. bsis, L , | Hicb'l llAM'ia, }Vimp?. Pro. H liinc, i8^1' | JoiiM U. M OanvJ VlodPres. T CTH WARD DRMOCR ATI J REPUBLICAN ASSOCIA. AO tlon.?A sn-clat meeting of this Association will be aeld tils, natures-, evening, at 8 o'clock at the (ira-nerej House, corner cf Third avnue and T?entl?th street for the p trpoee of electing a delegate m the state 1 ' n. THKUDOKK J. FONDA, Prest eat. Joseph HAanrv, J ChaSSJES H arthav ' Be re aiiee. D J"sr.? i'hAi*. } 1 QTH WARD -TUB MEMBERS OP THK DKKOCRaTIC At/ Kepiihllcan Asaocla loo of the Nineteenth ward, are re q-iestril to m?et at Dolaa't Four Mis House, corner ot Third avenue and Fifty aeveatb Ntreet on f-aiurdat, Septem: erh, '.'?7, at 8 o'clock P. M . pnrsusant to cIre; tons of (he Oer er.l Cot rutttee, to e'ect five ablegates to represent the ward to the Assembly District iVnventlon, to be hrl 1 or Moa'ay evening, Sept. 7, tor the choice of a delegate to the *tale ''our jnUoa. ARSON UhlRKIUK, President. PmA>ns STAroa, I - JtAMI.L ht lXIVAS. j M ' Ol8T WARD-THF. MRMBF.RH OF THK NATIONAL Z,L Demorratlc Astoctauon of Lhe Twenty irst ward are re quested to meet en massi at hruuh's. comr r j Tweo y aevrtith street ssd Fonr.h avenue, this evening, at half past 7 toap po'nt a committee to nn'.te with the oommiueeof ;he Kight eenth ward to a<? >gst?- to ihehyr%i iiee donvrntlon. tloRhKLiUS L. PURDT, chairman. Brer I. 18f7. (SOD WAB1? ?TBI UROU.1U IEMHKH- Or TUB Twenty HM-<>nd ward ITemoeruUc Akeociatlon are re Uucated to meet at the corner of Kif.rourth atrcrtand S-Tanlh avecne. ihla iMatnrdaf araning, at 8 o'clock. for tie pttrpoaa of appotrilag fl?? delegate* to aeonrenUoa to be held on M,i? daj evening Belt, to el-it o to delegate and one hlleruaia to the Democratic 81 vie Convention at Byra, nee. O. H. RTRIREB, Jy, PreeldcnL QOD WARP ?TUB DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN AS 4t*J eodetioD of ihln ward will moot at ihe ooraer of fifty four.b arrcet and KereaUi avenue. on Ratu'day evening. Soot 5. at 7', o'e eck. for the pnrpoac of taking the neomeary m> v ? -ire# to elect one delegate and oar alternate delegate to th? Bute Convention. to Br held at Riracaee on be luA nut. U all IT H. HTBIKBS, JR., Preekeet IjlODRTII WARD npfMllTHI REPUBLICAN AfWO 1 nation ?The as ember* of the Demoeratie Republican AMOdatlon of the fourth ward will mart on Malurlay even ing, Rrpl 8 at 8 o'clock, at the National. P. t aytr'a. No. 4 Rocaevelt ?trcct, to alaot one d? legate and one alternate to be State O0RT?BttM? pari anal to ? calt of tv (Jeneral i:jmmUtee. Wl BAUD, Prestdeal. W?. LbCltl, \ c? ?aintM Id. M. |oamt?, j "* wwr* niAID KCBAL MBBTInA INTHEPOURTH WARD. |j ?A great rally of the Jem wary of the Poorth ward wee held on Tboiaday evening. September A at tbeiqnare fjna^d by the janouon of the new Bowery. EoneoreJi god Vo.i*oo streets. The meeting wae called to ofdej be ?Jborge W One eerly, and Joveph Roe* wae rltcteC Preeideot. wh> wain* ?'?ted by err- ml V toe Pre* Ideal# u(j s, <-rrinri"i Mr Oil -er 0 Pcnnrli then read the following reeolattona which were uaatunotul) adopted ? Whet eat a* independent enter* of the fourth ward we are oonrened to nigbt, In mat- m-Mtrg, aconrdtoif to the nhe rtabed ueagre and pre.- gati ra of the democratta party, to npreaa la the dlgnt y ot our manhood our free -minions on all tbna* measures which are calculated to ti ?laUt the ?ireng'h and promote-.ha l.arm ny of ikr dent fertile party, which hp bellere to be the true foundation and the unshaken nlll?r if oor glodotu ronrUtetion and U,? palladium u our dcareetrighuand Uberllei; and whereas, tfali la the appri male areaoti to giro free r?Bt 'o tho?e t rreile of IndlgSAtioa wtjtb ?r bare .?? suralng In our bosom* ?i?r* the rnaanrn nf three A'yertnp acta of the las: I -cU' which hare b?ei forced upon the et.lUMened ciu/enaof tkla raat tn#*r >po'.l? by fanvttw frrui the rural dta'ricu. who bare yrwrrn theaaelraa to be BitorlLua.y doVieol In c?ery A ???cat calcu, vied to ren der them Intelligent and wire iugt< atora. iherelore. Resolved. That we teel the u-a! o?<uMiy ant the para mount tmiewtwoe* of ? n'oe and a ooaeert of aetlm In Ike de mnorai'.r rank* throughout the ontrth and br-Oic of the Km 1 tre mate and wutle we would not dictate to our democr* ia ranow cltl?.? a* a? to thmr ahote* of candidates at our local a e.-ooea, we would eerueatly nod nu-'M*etly appea' tiali Irue and ?tac*r* drmoc. ata to-n: e th. .? rnrcee diet titer- -'edly. aa-1 to aa i : i-e fcr irar uitaon e?n??- all their w-raoeal Itdar eacea. ao aa <n rnaia <>o the tdae of Poremner a If r renl an power wh.rh win nleau*>- the hutreaa atable at Albaa/. and drlre bach to their rrlmlUre obeeuruy the b aak repnbl|e*->a, bowltnf in dlaear, and repealing, aa they trareltowanla "Bart rtri r. tb?tr aktah and aieheelng graaaaaooet "Poor bleed tnM KtcfM '* Reao red Thai we do not deapalr of the republic new of We -a ? a p-rmanent aarendaoct of dewaocra'tc HMWH ID our gnat b a e. aud that by a netted action an 1 bar soar in our rwrka ?? or.tera of the Uld fourth ward, we feel imruelrei eallud upon io oo iperaie energetically, tbnnldnr to AaaM*, with our Amnim f llow laborrra, to bio. onl fro? the e< ee'alor I ag rf oar proud city the foul and pueuirrone lawa wblnh now lac the nightmare morbidly ocpreea and t era lyae the air >u arma rf our lcd< peed wit clUieoe. Re? v-d Tna-. we kail wuh national pride the adrent of Jam** Burl.aran to the PreahScniiai chair, a* the waah jdlmael of all thai la w>und and hopefui tn our d*m watlc ereed, and lha' in the appmn'meetof angnetue Hcbell aa OjileetW of >b a pfW'. we reuogBUM "a chip nf the old hloafc," of while R ma* benkt.aelt wai pr>.aln-4 of Ue old Roman, that you ooti d wore neatly torn he ? a from lu ooarm than fairtm ia from the puhnrriMot m1i< teg-ity " Reeolred That wak** forward to the apomanklag Mention In Nowrrefer wl-h anil-, i* I wiring and a noafldent hope, thai aoer unfed real end effirtty aa e hand of brotherhood, we 1 be able to retrleue our ground, and redreae our grturoue wmaga. aed that w. aba aueeeed In neutering to the wind aa tn tolerant ?art? which ban cruelly infra nnh lend the free men of thta greet and prnei eroea wty Renoir ed That we appm*e of the independent aad fearlene eonree nf our ireaeei honarert chief maglatreie rrreaado Wood, ta remeMeg ahaoet atari* handed ike *1la aMtemea aad mack mat* me of tae black manbllnaa eit) ue la curtail the chartered rmfctaead immualtien of thla great metrai >lm; and that ihelr ador e lo mnah h>m eteet with onr moat iilarmlaad nppueltloB. aad caly lend to to* iitm more (Irmly le Ike af femlmi nf the itemnrrari. Reeo. ert Thai we hear f rg)H? ?i a prepertof a anHo of the demncraur nvtaalratlna la tfeia mt*. aad the tmti laaltta of three par a; i nag enda which have Urn yaara Baat fuetared aad k- pta'lie ihnmnni bitter and raacnruuadk the leaner* of th' democra' - i any in ihla eruaty aad that we bow cordially hail th* glad ti !loga of frmmreal Antony whleh <? b'tag emeeted between them-a matrimonial creat mom derouUy wtatxl for by erery honent d-moerat Who feela that la the aecooti Itahmetof thtn muehdealred union wa hare a > tre barb lager rf rtetory whearter and when *er we ahaU men ?we ?word I with our Ireneheroin and In'oleraat foea. The weetteg wan ik'n and Mo>tneaU/ addmmed by the Hoe. Jobakelly, OolMlng and M.ur* Honaa I'nrhJen ?e phen D. Dlllajrn ,Harr A ret,la/1 an and ttonrad flwaihham-r. After which the mcoUag adjuaned. airing ctae -beura for re P"?' _ 4WRPI1 RORR. Praaldnat. PnfbKTt faow Hecretary TWRL.PTH WARD.-TMR DEMOf'RATIO OR'IAWlTA tloe of the Twe.fth ward will meet at Rapelvua'a, corner Huh atreet and Klgbth areane, Mept S at fto'- look P M.. ta elect five deinga'en Ui tha illatrtat Owivmiun foe the appoint meet of a delegate t/> the at*'* Dor, reatton, to be held at Si re cote on lha nth Inn. IIENH1 PTnlT I ft TThtlff. riaMilum P ItooenN, Secretary W? R. THE UNDRRRI'INRD. I'RKSl'IRNT AND PC ill eta rlei of the fifteen h Ward IteinorraiM* ianocfatlTe renognlrtng Ihe coma Utee of which Rd ward Oojoer la eh air man. hrrel y eerlifv that at a pr.mary elerUon held Prlday eweetoig. Kept 1 1887. at 'M Mnoatoe atreet, the r Blowing ticket, narlng reael*ed the argea, number of enrolled rift ?f the abo*e aaao-iaUon. wa* duly elected for delegate. I taw Hall. Jr.; iw alwmate, B a Har. df)llN WUKRLCR. PreeMent u r. H ' tafuiN, I Jena- J. ?raH|*rog.i'",!,,*ur,"? FONT OWWI MmuMa n~ OPPfP Wfyriri-Tlli MA 'IN P'lR BT'Rnm I pouthHmpt<? aad I -m?n per Pai ed Rta'ee atea * North Rtar, wiu c'oae at ihla <dBee on Rainrday. the Mh day of Bmtteabdr. at ioh o ctock A v ICAAO T. POWI,RR, PomaMkatar. f>CM>T orrit 1 WfiTlflR THR VAIIJI POR OhUPflR x Bin ?nd Pouth I'arfte eoaat, per ' pile.' atee ?i*auier (111 noW, will a|oae at thle > Dee on haturday, the 8th day of Ren umber, at led o'clock P M ISAAO T. P0W1.PR, PoMmamer. dM'hliA 1) (W,f| i,| || KI'IARH - VARIOI'B fiRADBS )*HA ge*' M " t' care ' m'euc tnd faerman ?"*, 'u-tiure urea Irdn erne- * e-* o"efed lo euah p yium 1 n.lcr ?ell the mAriei, aa iti bPIWOM Mn, ' ? f eal lug on me. |U. OBAntB, if dMadwaf, 26 AMD IMIUUm, private.; location pleasant; mm by Stetfc avenue curs. Amity street and other lines ?( stages. Befwm PcUmw 9K1'BIKQ STREET, NEAR TUB WWFRV.-A ' FBW single we otic wen may ubuxn pleas***. rooms and ?/*?>" board, witLthe comforts sic a hi mi*. 1Q OHIO* SQUARE.-BOO MB WITH BOARD.EUITA* iZi ble far marrieJ pereensor tlogie gent less in Als.?.n bvauiifnl lull of rooma on the second floor, fronting the park,

with private table If dashed. AM ITT PLAOR, OMB DOOB PROM HLBBOKBK atrtel-A kudioma parlor aixl two slay la i leaping roomx to tat, tor MMiaarD only; Orel class aooommoUiioos. rami moderate, bieakl ant II required. QQ MING BTHEET, BBTWKBB VABICK AMD MAO OO doiiral streets i-Fietsanl furnlahadtrooiaa with bed room attacked, on eeaonii door. A'so, large back parlor, nn furnlstied, to let. with beard, in a private American family. Dinner at tli o'clock. Has, bath Ao. Qt EAST TWENTY FIFTH STBKKT ?A HAMDSOMELY Oil mrnisbrd parlor, with bedroom adjoining, to let, with board, to a lady sad gent'etnan. House (tret olaas, ouly a fe ? steps from Fourth avenue. References exchanged. A Q GREAT J ORBS STB SET. ?TWO OB THBEB FUR t?4j ntshed rooms to let, without hoard, to gentlemen; breahfaet If desired. A A UNIVERSITY PLAOR?A FRONT PABIjOB AND JL I bedroom neatly furnlihcd, wnh board; dinner at six o'cl-ck; location unsurpassed; family unexceptionable; oum forts tinnnmbered. References. BIST TWBJfTIBTH BTBKBT.-TO LIT. WITH board, the front room and bedroom, on eeoond floor, of a brewn stne house, containing all the modern improve ment*. Convenient to Broadway stages and the Fourth avenue 60 67 CO WBfiT FIFTBKhTH 8TRBBT, BBTWBBN FIFTH kfJU and Sixth avenues.?Furnished rooms to let, with or without board, to persona only of high respectability. House desirably located, possessing modern Improvement! M BLFEOKER STREET, a EAR BROADWAY.-A PAR Ux lor and uadrOMl uw tk? first flow to let, with board. I,* a lady aa<T gentleman, also rdCrtP* suitable for single genUe mfu- in ferences exchangod. _______ FQ WEST EIGHTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH UO and Sixth aver uea ?A few desirable rooms are now vacant Psrtles wishing to arrange for dusiraole winter quarter* hare now a rare opportunity. House first otase, with every ecnvsnlence Dinner at 6 o'o.-ok ? AST 8BYIFTIEWTH STREET, BETWEEN UEIt'N ? , square and Irving plaoe.?Spacious rooms for lamtlles ant single gentlemen, with board; home with entire new oostiy turn!turn T() WEST TWENTY 8K0 JND STREET, NEAR HlXril Zi avenue.?Three o-four room*. without board, s.'pa?ate or logelbnr, furnuhed or unfurnished, can be had The houee is new of lU'tdern style and In the most pleasant an 1 awe slble part of the city Term? moderate, and a private family Call Of address box 3 tit Fi-al nfltas. >J A FRANKLiN hTRkJT ? DEBIRAHLB ROOMS FOR I TC famlltes or tingle gentlemen, to let, furnished, with or without board. The houce oouiata* gte, bath and all the modern Improvements. ItlT WOOHTBR 8TREVT, NEAR SPRINU.-NBWLY JL'J I fnrntrbed room*, with partial board, for eingle gentle men or gentlemen and their wlren, where the vomforts of hnm? may be eipeou-d. BaUt, gas, As. Terms moderate, and refers noes reqtred "t #xro CLINTON PLAOE, EIGHTH STREET. NRaB LU I Filth avenue?Two gentlemen and their wives and a single gentleman can be Monaumodated with apartments, 1 andmmely furnished, and board, on application as above. Locstlcn pleasant, house modem. Refer* noe required. lift WAVENUEY PLACE, BETWEEN SIXTH AVI I 1" I ntie and Washington iqnare.?Handsome and oom fortable furclehe" rooms, Insult or separate, to families or gentlemen, with or without board Referent), a required E ART TWINfT FIRST STREET -TWO OR THRKR sell* ? f r<*.,ins for single gentlemen or gentlemen and their wlvrs can be bad with board, bouse first c am, adjoining Uranteroy Fark House. The best of relerenoes given and required 1 <>/} CANAL STREET, WE8T SIDE OF AND NEAR 1 ? >U Broadway?A birge room, with pantries, for single gent'emrn or s gcntlemuu and wife, with board, la a small pri rata family, wltn but few boarders New No. 383. Plea ?art local'. near St. John's park 1/|Q MADISON STREET, DRTWEEN MARKET AND XutO Flke? A few anlgle gentlemen or genuemsn and their wlies can be accommodated wtih handsome rooms and good beard; also, two Am?rlean young ladies Family pri va'e. boms con'alm ali ike modern Imorovsmeati, la a quiet and resectable neighborhood. Apply as above. Re Isrences exchan <t-d ?Jftft *Al,T BROADWAT-TO LET. WITH BOaRO. A /t IV f suit of rooms, handsomely furnished on second floor front; also two sing,e rooms, with enameled furniture; houss H an English basement; baa ail the modern Improvements, five doors above Jefferson street. References exchanged. All 7 BAST BROADWAY.?A PLEASANT FRONT Aal.1 room and bedroom, srtth pastries s tashed, cn third Boor, with beard, snl abV 'or a gentleman an 1 hi* wife; also, rooms for tingle gtntlemen; house kss all Iks molars Improve mtals. location r>-? liable. WEST TWENTIETH STREET. -GENTLEMEN and their wives can be asanaaaaodaled with furnished or unfurnished rooma, with board, house Srst Disss Refer Dinner at I o'clock. Ill 236 ni^A TSNTH HTRKET -PLEARAKT FURBISHED Al)*T r ???, With Board amiable for gentlemen and their wive* or single gentlemen, gaa and bath la the hooaa. Term* molt-rate, 0 7D rOUBTB AVKNUK-A FIBE SUIT OF BOOKS A IO vo let. with board, i. if ether cr separate The houan baa every convenience of gaa, bath, eloenta. he. Aleo two raome foe single gentlemen; family <ia!ta *mn.l, and ever/ U Option paid to ln*ttre com tort, reirrenew given and repaired. nor fbt twbrtysboord btbbit.?to lit. XjOV with fall or rarLnl hoard, pleaunt and deetrable 1 ii nag Lorattoa delightful. Convenient to ear* as J ringea. ?JOn BIOOMB STRICT.?FI'RRIPHBD OB URFUB ULU r l?bed room* to let, with or without hoard In a pri vate family .where there are ao other boar lars. Location plan ?ant, acd convenient to the Second and Third avenue rare, and Bowery aad Ormnd areet singes, and within ana block of the Bowery. d IO BIOOM1 STRUT. RECORD BUX7I BART OF T LO Broadway, la nee of the beat boarding Souses it, the ctly for single gentlemen aad gentkanen and their wires. Traaalent or daUy boarder* aiao accommodated. Dinner ai 1 AndtP M. 4?<1 BROOMB BTBBIT?OBI BLOOM WBST OF Tul Broadway, the ?Oal dealrahle aad osntraJ locatioa la the rlty, being In the Immediate vl-tatty of all the flrat olaa* hotels. Permanent aad tranaleni boardara nooowuuoda-ed CCfT BROOM! RTBBKT -FUBRISIIRD BOO BR TO Ok) I III. to gee tie men froal parlor aad bclroom on aeeoad for and iw *mi,U ntotns without hoard Term* moderate /jiiy iiidsor utrkkt. jurt ahovk arirudor OtlOei'i ire Fire' elans house, complete In every respect, lust III ed lip. variety of room* and prions In a< wird??''e. oosa for able quarter* hir ib?- winter, New toglaud partlce will find ac inalntaneea, ohm. a of rjoms ean be had at At* m> m?t l. * n broadwat-bomI ILBOABT BOOBS OA* I TC I ni'W be aeeur?<l ii>r die winter wttfc brentfaal and lev Hnre flrwt rIsm anj all the modern ImpmvamralB. Be lerecee eirhanped. 7 7tjBROAl.WAV 1TIRIB DOOBJI ABOVE BIRTH I | fl atreei Furnished roans, without board, e*a be had la tae at ore Sre- clam house, for two or thraa gtagla gentle arn. T? rwa tnoderetr. BBOADWAT, URItoH RQUARB ?FUBKrSITBn her*# to let or If rcqolrrd. or salt* of ro one to let to *eJret 'nmUlea or ganuemaa. Private lab' 11f r?i Oaa b?n Ac BBOADWAT. NEAR BADIBOB RQUARB.-1 imoad Boor. Just vnaaird, to rent, wufc foil board, amo r-nam for geatli niea Dtnner at ? O'elonh . FBW JRRTLBMBK OAK RB AOOOBMODATBD V. With rrratabed rooms, with or WBDoal I ?i* a' iMcitA at? 669 989 a ok: A are f-KNTLKMAR ABO BIB WIFB AID TWO BIRQLB ru n ean obtain vary <1ea)ra?le and t leaeei.i apart h board, at B-x IW Went Stab lee nth street. K airtih a.ran* bouav Sr*. elaas, with all theasodara Improvw eieaia. dinner ai **i o'eloek. A FBW OBBTIrKHBBI OA* BK AOOOMBODATID A. with ap^atld iwiii, and full or partial board, at tl Baat Bo ad ray. Term* moderate A FBITATB FAMILY OOULD AOOOBMODATB A FEW A unlet knerdera ft r the winter. The anrvtmmndaUomi would be good, md to desirable par i?a. prior moderate fa inlre at lb East Wan re street, a Taw doom (Tom Court street, tk. Brooklyn. UBHTLSMAR ABD WIFB, OB TWO RIRDLB (IBB Urines ran obtain tery pleasant apartmeal* in second door, with heard. In a private family. The house nwiiaia* all Lh?m-darn Improyemsota and la la a gealer I nalgh v.whoaj. Apply a lio Baat llgh.eealh atreel A FRBNtTH TBACBBB, FROM PABM, OFPBRS ROOMS A la bid" ho-ise, la a few gentlemen elating to leant to ?paah French, both by I'as on* aad praettaa. Apply at Per laaneat frannh laa*rnotkta. XW Tenth Wraat, near Senasid aveeae APR' TATB FAMtLT HATIBO MORS ROOM THAR thej wish, will let. with beard, a large front r ran aad pacifies on s<?nad 'V or. w,ta nan of parlor, to a feou-maa aad bis wlfa Terms isey ie rod parties Pleaea call tar three gaya at ? Pike street A FABIX7B ABO LAMB RBDBOO*, HABDBOMBLT A femtabed hath room and lionet oa same n-ior -ti let la a piiraie 'amMy, to ?'nsle geatlcmea Ap .ly at Ui Fourth street ci . ? ??? w*# . ? sonars. AFRIVATB FAMILY would lit to two or ro jr ?Ingle gentlemen, well furnished mome, wi s partial hoard, bousa flrat c ass, wast of nr.lad way, near M eewar at Address K II., bm IMt flertld ?fllre AORBTLhMAR AMD WIFB OB A PABTT OF THBIB or four young men ran ba comfortably a?c vmmodated with hoard ani pleasant airy rooms by spplylag si MA suth aveswa. near Twenty Br?i s reel |?n.,c hot respectable per sons need apply, an this la not a regular boarding henna A *T ORB WlsHIRO B'iaBP IR TBB OOORTRT FlR 11 tha criuilng seaaon, In a etaa I family, enoatn'Jng of throe perenpg, can hare pleasant amontm vta ions by applflui to Jared Or Mar j. aaout tve mtnuMa walk from Lolfewood Dor eer deyot, Day tea. Conn. _________ APRIVATI FBBROH FARIRIAR FAMILT HATIRO a few mome to let, with board, would Hke to le< 'ham to gi ailsmen who would rorun two togaihor. Apply at 111 Woat Twinly fiftk atreet K-wi city referr noes eirhaaged JRKAII, I BIVATR FAMILT WOULD MIR TO AO , crorodale a lady with h ard, a Wmdtef of the piano ore tarred, a? myirneinii wmild he 'nkes as pa, da' payment Cal *t or address Ro 1 Dauham pla< Wllllamnhorg 4M?RT1.BMAR ARD WtF| AND two or thrbb gtagla geailamen can he aromnmodaMd with good hoard In the srpeslij house oornar of Ooart hod Hollar streets. South Brooklyn. ______________ A SUIT OF FVBRISRBD FAMLOM TO LRT-IR A A prtrstd house. In two or three gentlemen, or to a g"0l,a ataa acd bis wtr> wpbout rblldran ba|h. gas, Ac Inunire at Id l*ro* plane Itleeckee street * NT, Tl,T FURRIRRID FRnRT ROOM ARD llFl) " r,K.m to I# * "h prlyMaee of irrakleg Ht a hmtae wu?a ?mtli lam'li ?|o<l ? ppor'ualty for Unas b ubrd'ng OKI at IIT West Twenty tor rth sum '. he'we?n Slghih and dlnth ava. ? R AMIBIOAR OBRT1.TR 1* A?f.? WIFB, WlT'i >rr A children or board m. haylny a i For, hou-. wi i it .'eni mprrrethaiiia terold let par. of R Ml a ataalI family. a I pi) ai 94 J ane * i ret. AQKNTLKMAN AND HIS WIFB CAN OBTAIN A nicely (uwiAed room or rooms, with partial board for Ike gentleman, la a Aral elans boose. Private family; plea santly looaled. Please eall at 236 West Flfieealh street. TJOABD.-A NDJT OP WILL PURNIBSBD BOONS, Mi connecting, an Ike seoood floor, suitable for a family, ffalrrt hnpisi'mmta Loon ton pleasant. Maces pass the Acer. Apply at 18k West fourteenth street. Dinner at f GLRLJL #5 > all the bring 4^aMk?Y ry.,AUUonm, PoMoMoe. Befereaces given and required. , , B04BD.-TW0 ROOMS TO Lit' JJSt, ? faml'lee or single gentlemen, at At s 00 tween Bleecke r and Fourth Board?a gkntlbman and bib accommodated with board and an elegantly 7f'jk'L, , lor ard bedroom on the tecond floor, front room ' * J jo-ho, required. Apply at 106 Seoond avenue; oonvenlen. w street, m OIBD JN BROOKLYN.?LA RGB AND SHALL SCK. ^ on the second and third floors, with full or partial boa. a alUlur room, with bedroom adjoiains; within fire minute*, walk of South and Wall street ferries. Apply at MS Henry street, Brooklyn. Board in Brooklyn.-single gbntlbmbn can be aooommodated with handsomely furnished rooms and partial board. In a private family, where the oomforts of a home may be enjoyed. Situation very pleasant. Terms moderate. Apply at 66 WUloughby street, oorcer of Bridge. Board in Brooklyn -a lady hayino a labor, band'omc housa, within flv minutes' walk of Pulton ferry, Is dealrons of letting a few of the rooms, furnished or acfuralshsd, with board, Gentlemen doing basic ss In the etty will flrd this s most convenient location tag the winter. Terms reasonable,! and every stteniToi paid to dOufort. Tor particulars Inquire at 80 Adams street, Brooklyn. Board in Brooklyn-superior ao 'ommoda floes, and full or partial board for two single gentlemen or a gentleman and wife can be had at 71 State street, be tween Beery and Ollnlon streets; verv convenient ti Wall and Atlantic itreet terries, and looalton pleasant and desirable. Board in btiooklyn-wnll furnished boons 00 second floor, for lady and gentleman, or two or three ?Ingle gentlemen; eheerfnl society, pleasant looalton; Ave minutes walk from Atlantic or Wall street ferries. Apply at M F arren slMwt, between Clip ton and Henry streeto. Board in Brooklyn ?a highly respbctablr family, residing In the plensan'eRt pari of Brooklyn, wiJiin a few door* of the Fulton avenue cars, have two choice front rooms, ctnununlcatlng, tin the second floor; boat of refe rences required. Address Box 118 Herald otlloc. BAORI) IN BROOKLYN.?TWO SINGLE GF.NTLKNKN, willing M'oom torether. can fluda pleasant large room on Ibceond floor, front. In a private family, where they wlli find pleasant and agreeable society. Apply at 166 Washington street, five minutes walk of Fulton ferry. Board in Brooklyn-a gintlbkan and lady ran be acoommoda'ed with a large furntuhel front room and pantries. Also two single gentlemen oaa be acoammn dated at 24k Hicks street, within Ave minutes walk of WaU street or South ferrlea Board in Brooklyn, within fiyn minutyr walk of WaU street ferry,?A gentleman and his wife can be accommodated with a large and pleasant r>om on the second floor, front, also a large and splendid rxm on ihe third floor, for a single gee ilea ati. Apply at ISO Henry street, be tween Picrrvpint and Clark. Board in jrrsky oitt.-four or fivb gen tVwen can be accommodated with rooms and partial board, within three minutes walk of the ferry. Apply at 96 York street Jersey tflty. Board wantkd-in Brooklyn or nrw yob*. In a private family, by a gentleman, his wife, three otll dren and servant?the elder* child tX years old. Pleaae ad drrsaC. H., Herald office, staling terms, looalton, Ao. Board wanykd-board wantbd in a Spanish family, where 'lesson* la 8panlah could be Obtained also. Address Bookkeeper, box 4*6 Post oflloe. BOABD WANTID-POR A LAOY AND TWO CHnr dren. with >ne large room, furnished or unfurnished, be Iwesa Fiats 1.nd Nineteenth rlreits sad Fourth and Flt'.h are nue*. Term* not hi exceed tU) per month. Reterenose ex charged Address M H Union iquare fosl office. OARD WANTBD-FOR A 8INGI.B OKNTLBMAN, where there *re n? othe- boar let* The family of a busi ness man preferred. Will pay M for breakf st ana tea. f ar ticular 1 eh-reure*. Addreae K. K. K.. Herald oflloe Board wantkd-for a gknti.fman his wifk and four children, one a youug man ol 17 year*, and ihrciaglrl*, of 14, 12 aul 4 years of age; location between Tw enty seventh and Th rty elgath street* and Klvliand Ftghth avrnue*. Address, * sting Vrms S. K. A., He.-al I oflloe. Board wantkd-i* * priyatk ambrioan fa mlly. I.ri lady and litUe boy seven years >f sge. wiA oarlltl bimrd lor a geu'lemsn. Brooklyn or WUUasMburg pr ? ferved; will ' imlan their own room; terms m derate It ? per manency. Address WUllam Henry, Herald oflloe, tor two days. Board wantbd-a toung gbntlbman wishes partial board, break'art and Ma, tax a private family, where he can have a plraaant room ana home comforts, loca tion bttwetn Hmood snd Eighth avences, not abive Twrniy third street. Rcfsrenms will bs required and th en. Address B. U 8., b >s 6*7 Poet oflloe B Bc IOARI) WANTID-IN A PRIVATN HOUHB OOOD ? location bo other boardara. Throe gentleman denim two or three plainly furnlnhed rooiis. with na and om of bath, with braakfaetard tea Wo tld paj their own aarrant to take ear* of rvrni cook, Ac Rpfarenona, Ac. Ad drees Botrd, box 111 lierald offloe, Mating terms and looallty. Mo other J BO* Bit WANTED?IN A PHIVATB FAMILY, TO* A RDtlraao with three rhUdraa and servant, location ?uat b. cot id. Addreee Rradly. Herald oflUa, giving particu are. Rereraaaaa required and (Iran BOABM WANTBD-A LADT IB DBBIROUB OP OB lalalacla pleaaeat room, with board. Belli rhanged. AddreeeM. E 9 .-Broadway Poet offlaa. gOARD WANTBIt?POB A TOCNO MAN AMD HIS wife. In a private family. Terms at uat be moderate ttUeo betaaaa Canal aad Tenth atraata. want of Wooatar ??reet Addraaa O. A B . with tarma. he . Herald offien OABD WAMTBD POB SEVERAL BINOLK GKNTLB Apply to Oharlea W. Pulman u; Baa* ltthat, arNaianaa B Board wamtbd im brooeltn -por a obntlb man. wife. lUmr two ehl <lran (IW aad *14 year* o d>, aad aerrant Addreaa box 1U07 N. Y. Post ofltoe, atatlug lo cation and term a, wh*eh mar be moderate. BOARD WANTED IN BROOELYN-BY A YOI'NU gentler.nn. la a k'Jelloo eaay of anrees from Ih Wa'J atra-l ?r Uam lum farrlaa Tn? hast of reference given. Ad dim* ihtaday, A. V Herald ortb-n. BOARDING-A OBNTI.BMAN and uir wipb ok two single geatlwmen aan bare good board in a private, quirt family, where they may hare all the noaDorta da quiet home, by calling at 172 Wist Twenty eighth atreal. Tnrma moderate Hour ?r1l? m -Jem aanrorementa OH BAP LODOIMOB -CENTRAL HOUSE, NEW BOWE rj, bet wees Jamea and R none rail Simula. newly far slaked for lodgings at the lo? price of II 10 tier week. Rooau wel ilgbted. aad aeatly ca-ed tor , all Angle run an |7l#P ? A N*LY PBRNIStlKD APABTNENTR NAT HE 0* nbtalaed la a pleasant and deeirahla local 1 n b? families or *lrtie r?rt? men . Tab's a ipoBnd b| a raetaurant adja*n Int. Arply at M Pnurth ayennr, near Twentieth r'raai ? AM I MBS AND SINGLE OISTI.EMEN IrOOKINO POB a home I w the wtater eaa? hlala II by spp ring at No id Orore ttr> et. oaa door from Bit eahar etrnai. Baferauoe re gNMBm fl'RNISHBD ROOM TO I. NT?TO TWO ElftGLM gen'li men hi * 1 Heater street. Uilnt floor, front rorm. hilCRNIHhD BOONS TO LET IN A FIRT CLASH 1 botmn, No DP Clinton plana, aa elegant mil ? 1 'ornWthel pnr'ora. with bedroom na the same floor, kItches. An, A let. a single parlor aad hedmim. Fv-NNNHID BOOBfl TO f.MT, POB ORNTLEMBN AT VII Broad way. at frwa It 28 to SI (0 per w.-ek. Rath la that'uee. t all al the hall door y?l BNISHBD PARLOR AND OTHER PCRNlNHBD r worn*, with par tie. board, gaa aad bath. In a dr arable Inea nan. No. I Amity plane HOTKI. lopgimu*-ubntt.rbrn oan obtain gmd tarn Me d rooms al the 'I lobe Hotel, anraer of Franktor? sad WtHint* stmrta. at jr. oaata aad 77 seats per altbt office -pea all night XTBW AND HaMDBOMBLY FURNISHED BOONS TO AT let In gentlemen, withe at board. Those wishing s plea aaal and dmdrable boms amy fln l rneh by asLlag at '?* Waal Bl# ren b sirrd, between III Bad Sixth araaaaa Bafaraaoes anbsnged. f LB AS ANT APABTMHNTS TO LBT.-A GENTLEMAN an 1 hie w fe children, may rent a hands >m? en It of In Second errnna, lemad house aonth of Thirty etghtb ttrecL 1 be brume la a Iral nlaaa on*, with ati the mo dern Imyrccements Reference* exchanged nt.BAS t NT P0NN1BHED ROOMS TO I.KT. WfTIl A bear ' ?nRsMe for families or parties of gentleman, a* No fl Road street near Broad?ay Hot and add water with bathrooms sad gaa Dinner al fl P ? PBIVATB BOARD.?WANT ID, A SMALL ADYAMCR, foe which board In a prleale family. oaenpytag a first slaas goose la Wast PonrMea^h street, will be giean aa rary rea sonable wrrne Address C., br.s 4.(5*7 P'WI office. PARI.OR ANKHBDROOMTO LET 21 WMNT TWRETT. tenrnwl street, near Nlfteesib syesne, with or wKhott partial board; the family Is small and the heme la aawly fur. nit bed, nnd has all the mod-ra lmpe<*en<sam. ROOMN AND BOARD IN BBOOKI.TN.?Pl.BAS4MT rnrsM snd fail or partial hoard la aprlrate family kg Krooklya, ?: Henry street for gentlemen aad their wires ar single geallemna Applyai hones. TWO TBRT nMRIBABHM ROOMS TO f.MT-PDR. nlehed, la a prleale family. Is two or three gentlemen requiring unlet nnd comfortable apartments The 1 nu^s ara rary dealrabla aa there are no other boarders una and ba%. Inquire at Mo 7 A salty mreet. near Bread way. f|*WO RKRPNCTTABT.R M1N OAM OBTAIN BOARD AT 1 t't Itn per week, hy ceiling a> Bl Oarmlaa gtreei TWO D* tl','1** DBgTT.BNBN OB A OBNTLBMAN aad hla wife ran be acflnmrnodatad with good board and pleasant rooms In a prleale family, on the w-st side of the city, nelew fimPwnil street Raferetioaa esahanged Ad ireea 0 B , Herald -iffiaa TWO OB piBIB OBNT1.BNRN MAT OBT4IM IT AND J y.TJ * fur?l?hed rooms, within a few stews of Broadway nodiTift} arsane. by applying at No. 14 Bast Twenty Arm ?"eel. The house la IP pt rfer order aad baa prary mo*are coneanlene. No mrala fnrnWhed fPO I NT Pt.NASANT Pf'BNISHBD BOOMS ON TON A aecnad andIhled (Icon nf hours No. 82 With arwnne; gaa. hath Ac ; no boarders InqWrw on the preralsaa mo I .NT rrBNfRHND M90MN, BY TUB DAT OR X week In house .114 Broadway, corner of Worth street. Prim tfoip II to t7 per week Apply at the office sa shore fpo I.BT W'Tll BOARD. SBPARATt ORT'MIBTHB*. 1 the eeennd store of a h maa, wel fn-nlrhed. with hath aad asa, and the nee cf a piano If peon red, to a gentian* in and wife, cy ? wa single gentlemen Refer Miens exchanged. Ap ply at 110 Weer Thirty frat stcWU 41/ANTED ROARD PoR A UBNTI.BM AN AND WiNB TT ,n a private famflT, where them are ne olhey hogfterg a bstgnsm snd parVw oa'nrnlsbed InnaPoe he tween Ponr-h and Twenty idfh elm's and TWrd and Mi * are.,em. T. rwm not m et'i e] m pey re?i, tnelndlsf flry sn* gaa Ad 1irsn M B . bog 118 Herald R*v, for Are" lay*. b6akduvg A!V? LODGINQ, WANTKD-TWO FCRBIdHKD BOOK!; ONI FOB A lady with board, aud one for a gsntlema* without board. In a private family, above Tenth street. kdihrsss jg, J , Broad war Poet oflloe. WA* TID-A OOBFOBTABLB BOOM AMD PA8TIAJ. board In Brooklyn, by two young gentlemen. trlilism a H. H.. Herald office. WANT ID? BY A OKHTLKMAB. A BOOM, WITH breakfast and tea. In a private family, naet of Broad war, between Houston and Fourteenth streets. Address, wild particulars, 8. 8 , Herald office. BOAJMP nr Tine bopwiit. oamTTk^hobokbh wabtbd.?by_ a youbo ?entleman In a American private family, cbsngeq. Addreea 0. p., boi 1,198 Poet odte. 0OUBTBT BOABD?BABBLE HOUBB. NT* BBIQHT on, 8i a ten 1? land.?a suit of large oonventent rooese, mm be had at thin commodious reaidenoe, delightfully located on high ground, commanding a magnlfioent view of the bay and narrows, and only .eight mlnutee walk from the ferry: eat alve grounds, large stable and carriage r. nins, sea balking, i Gall at or address Barbie Honae, New Brighton. SUMMER RESORT^ ATATIONAL HOTBL, LONG BBABTH. If. J.-THB AY undersigned, desirous of aoeocsmodatlng a large ntunber sf guetvu now at his bouse, wllllkeep his hotel open until Oeto* her 1. The present month Is one of the pleaaanteet that eanbo eadoyed it a waterlag plane, see the undersigned Is prepare* ivta.-nlah .vomtartabiu rooms and good fare to all who may with a call. WOOLHAJI ROUS. rwAifCuI! ZZTTTrT^ TO ???.-A BAB OF LKIHUBK, HAVMU ?9 OOl I thla amount Idle, would Inveat U with any MB* f"'H}i j ?Jlering fair prolls and good aeonrlly; alsJ "d?aa or lady, a,hirs dally to any quiet buBat would devote ae ^ HI Herald ofloe, for three days, drees Quecrcum, be w. M1 YD-OB BOND AND MOBTUAQB $4,000 ^wPTbS^bITr amount. Inquire of Ac room No. 26. ?. TFBOKKB BABK BILLS 15 Central. SO oenta; South Boy, J" FWaaWB Bank. Wlckford. :I0 cents; Warren Oc. . BiBJABIB HATH AN, . 40 Gresnwlan l I YUtVBLAHD AHD PITT8BCBO OQM. X./ pany.-The Interest warrants due on the l*aT Bsol*. ber, will be paid at the offloe onhe^oomp^^ ^^laed^ Bnw Toax, August 11, 18BT. r nFFICE OF A. BIOHOLAB' BABK BOT1 RKPOBTKR. I r 70 Wall-street, Bew York.?The bills of the Iron Beak cA Book away. Hew Jersey, are bought at thla oOee at the am*? rates for Jersey money, via., one-half per eenL OMFFICK OF TUB ILLIHOIB OBBTKAL W a tt.saiti ? Company Bew York, August SI, Iftf. ^At a meeting of the Board of Directors of the ITltonto 0? tra! Railroad Company held thla day. It was Resolved, That an assessment of tea dollars per u and la hereby, called on the capital slock of tr^ payable on the Mtn day of Septemser next, sj, otoeeafiha enmpaay. In the mty of MewYorfc^oa 'Jse slock regMareA here,(and at the off on of Maama. ?oMrt Baneus A dm. Lom ton, on Ute atnev registered Ou the London hooka. Besuved, TUt the transfer books be, and they are has thy. slewed from thla day, and be opened on the 1st of OmUmlw next, and that no transfer of any aharee be permitted afhw that date until the instalment sailed thereon be paid. The Directors of the Illinois Central Railroad Company, to announcing & further as secernent on the capital eloak, deem I) right to male that the eaU la made In preference to attempting to carry a floating debt la the preseat state of theaeoaev mar ket. They take, (his occasion to amors the stockholders the. ?* so urns ituoe the org talis Hon of the nosspany haws Hs pi? gaols for tralfls been better, or the land sates mure saUsfhetory. The local man&gemeoi or the oompany, la all depanweats ci ta bnslnera. Is In efficient and honest hands, the payments An lands koMI are prompt, and the operations of the company since the annual report was published have aaly eratflrmei he co ifideoce of the Directors la the value of the enterprise, sod Its u.i I mate returns to the nock hold era. By order sf the Board of Director*. W. K. AOKBRKAX. Baarekury. BUHAKB, OAHHiAGKI, *eC, ALL PERSONS KBGAGEP IB BROWING ABD FBHC lng stock, are advised to call st the Harlem depot, cornet1 ol Dm and Franklin streets. New York, and see OOLKBaN'B greai farm mill and locomotive straw and fodder cutler In ope ration. The greatest machines of the kind in the United States, FOR 8 A 1,8?A FIRST RATI BOWK A WAY, WITH shifting divisions one for winter and one for sumaMr; ?can for six persons. Will be sold cheap. Oaa be seen at the stable ltd arenas A. from 8 4. B. to 1 P. B. IfOK BALE?A RAT HGRHB, SIX Y8ABI OLD, FIF* 1 teen bands high, of One style and aotloo. just from iho country. To be seen at 188 I.udlow street. In the feed store. PR BALK?A HABIMORB OBAT HORN; OOto well in any kind of harness, slur e or double, or under the saddle; will stand without tying He Is seven years old. UK hands high aac perfectly sound The owner saving no further use for bias he will he sold cheap. Apply M 8)4Id av., vomer 19th St. BIOR BALK?A I'tIR OF SPLENDID LORD TAIL 8AT horses 16 hands high; csn trot In three minutes. Also ? verv fast sorrel horse. The above are just trum the mate od Balre. Oan be eecn at TATTKRBALL'H. Hlxth arenue, oor ner of Thirty ninth Greet, or apply at as Hols street. For bali-a pay oolt, u>, hands high, ftvr tears ol', sound and ktnd.ean irota mUe in threemhnulee to a wagon Inq ulre nf J ABB* OOMWA Y. Washington Hotel. Flalbnsa, Long Island EH PALB-A VBBT P A ST TEOTTIBQ NOUI; 1*. quire of Robert, In tbe rear Of 114Pifto avenue. oornorof my Kiu'b street, at 3 P. M. PI 8ALE-ORE CP TWO BHACnPITL BP AH OT~ matched; dark bay and blank, of perfect fores aaf. ? lor, aid whkont a fault Bold ft r want of oae. A poly to OU. E- 9U3SB, U Voho ?WV or B. 8WUT, MkUletow* Or ante sccnty. Hew lark, BR RAtl AT a BARQAIH-rWo BUI'ERI >B OLOPB carriages. nearly aew. Apply al HllAO?J?T'H Urery stable, Una. Hfaad lo Baat Thirty first s'reet. T7K.IR RAI.K, OB FXCHAROK-A VBRT BTTUKH r brown koraa, 14% bar da htah. wttn flowing tall aad a feel travailer? will be told roc kta * aloe, or eiehanfed Cor a sta men band horaa, heavy baUt and of good at) la, aad aaMabto for a coupe Addrem II. Q . 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