Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 7, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 7, 1857 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK H ERA 1.1). ?T ? ~ WHOLE NO. 7670. MORNING EDITION-MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 1857. PRICE TWO CENTS. TOE SEW YORK PER ME*. VkH off Lnupe* ?4W? or One or UM Uerslct M? porter* to *?/?? Boot tuicl terry Undliif;, Mid *l'*l hr u?r flwrw? iiuxidl (Bam oC Bwtf. tnd .Hctoi Ukit for Lit* IMWHig? HWIOBIMH (>?T?lop?B?fnf?- IWn to*roUen of Atflcltt. A." , faund on e&uth Baiitt u>d Bride* for Kwvlug Life end Pro portty? bounce* end Condition of *Mh Bkrry Bo*uC?lpabl? R?.kieMn?ii* of aoiae of in* tempojleM.i;lu?lllratlon of (Joodl. ?hi of Ferry Bmu?I'd* Caw* In Holiulon tm> ?"rrry and lle&inbiwU. and tow ttojr or* EiecnUd?ImprovtuuDii on Parries? Bow Boots. &'? kin* reeling nlte ?e- tf.ta with the very brief sad to pneu extent m^e/feti report mbde ib'C-gti f?nfers ?Bpenrwadeni Ts'Jraertge t? tbe pnBM in regard to the tnodfloe of tbe imiocs ferry boei. ferrr Isnd'xfi. teo., o Bd. mini} ouai-ea or cfcax.-ered by Ifce (X>rpnr*?iMi o B*o Verh to rot- i-oate for the truiporiMViii (4 jteseeh gars, wagesx. freight, tec., to ud from thia city, we Seemed t of aufcetot .<cpc>nui:? to tbe tour of tbovM*d* ?f people wboere dolly tboe fer'-ee, from a pobM reacting m far dan aa Eiftly etxib raeat oo tbe Mm rtrar. to Ottmurpber nreei cn tbe North rirer, to de fer! one of oar ci y repc rtera. wilb iEttnic/on* t" pay a par eon au vmit to eeeb ferry ooat, sr-dlng and cridge antfciD the -tradioron cf this and iht adjoining MMf. and giro us exact asooant cf the eecdt mm el each boat, c ridge, aiip, .'any booaa, tee , and Be amagemcaw provide! there so and thereat fcrt&e pwarvatjan or hie, In caee cf eooMent by Bro or watte, 3hdn toraatigatioD baa led to me astonishing feci that not wtetHtainlipg the following Bteie la we are In foil foroe, acl Be ibeoaacda of men, women, ehirirea, earragee and BN boorly creating from coo p< lit; to an*., ber .cvtr ibeae ?, With the axceptMn of one?Use 'Union Ferry Gotn fi>one of tben have taken tbe tear! jweoaMx n to 1 agsinat Ere, and but one or two tare made acytfc Jag HBe adaeoele yrov-sooi for aavmg nfe. rn? t aw. ;X.hW9 of !8?9, Cfcup <11, B? ?, LI Xtcrr fcrxv toat cUlvcn or cr<o-...- d b v fire or tleun. aa-rtfa- og any cf the v?>'i w" J> Prat- aliall to rre* .d-d wtih at tcact coo snail row soot or Site boat, at s-aet (.fieri teal us length attached 10 Use airy boa. .u aaoh a manner dial * can to latin- bed Into the water fox Immediate .hc In case of aaed or In .are of accident. teac 2 k-.-ry ?: A!. - ?*f . r -I I..-7 ? .1- w: r boat *r**eUe<l or dr'v*o by s:?m or fir- navigating any of 'be wai/a cf this ?tat<', of 600 too* &>???? ?r.daar-yiug Maaontem, *8.1) b*' prnnd-4 ?;-.h wart orb fifat ciasi '?! MM, and orb row bind 26 !'"bt long by 7 wldr, capab r of -oa * " " " filly " crearrjiiiC, or s -ippor lng buy prmccs h, aod at nasi one row boat of -Jf csoai at e ano eonnvirJor, n art. J Bon ttiervlo; and er-ry ?omnuo?; or reiacl dnveu or pro saurd by .isam aad rre, ani r.avi ,,g or? of '.be waum of hda b'Ue, of the nninornint of 2101 xi bor tec, an! carry Kg fi?iri.gviM, abh I carry v ir.ji'. tw s ordnary row boats, a# aUaetou in b- e f-ab.r uf big .<> acb-d thr bo er bn reee i f need or us idecL rmtLTT. Chapter <12, aeo'loo ?1 ?tfry rocB oar's n or c'her perron having eharge o: rc?h B?beat, aoo every rrgusevr and fireaaan unroof, wt o scan vUiuic i. (.r<.?'oli o? ot :h'w act aba!) .!urt?ir,. 1 guilty of a aMtaMsor, and conviction aba!) be pv-nlatod by foe a** * sewn jig V ?i, or by inapnaoamroi not eiceedtiig'Xr?e anats. ox bT bo't a-.-.h fine and .-mcrttoc Beat. ' Tbat'trr 111, I j? ?i of 1K19, amtioa & 1 ?very aura pcrtmi aa aforrasai i and tbe owner ?>r cwn-ra nf steauiboete, ahajl to .M-jiUy and ?rcrwliy itablcfor aJl ha by lie >.?caaioo<d by such r.oia loL * If ar) peoa.ty Iccorred by any captain or maater of pay niemmlxiai, or by any prrwm io.. iD|- anurge mrreof, or ay Mi eBglnatr < r Other per aoo bavi&g charge of ike t .tor wancb boas, or cf '.r.y nsb?r arrtratus :or the gfu*raJwi of etaan. wvil tae p* aai wa of tt a art cannot t a eoliccr-1 'if ? (wen 0 a roe ecurao of law, he aaaae may be roooTe-r.d is 1the Banner aa agaisat thran of the omniof the boat in ..-toaa era riy Bay war* at iae unr.e irt m.enoe wee n*jniuetl. jolnt ? Bad tereraOy, aa If aucb owner* were a-rvtlaa ol a och cap - aBa, esawer, auaeir or rihcrneraon fWr. h Lahall be the d i> of ihr uuir rf rvrry atsamhial navtgn lng tb? wverr if this ata-e in keep * ??rf C tbe ifcJrd, *?,?*(, aad Rf.fa acets-B* <J ibv act p wtoi <t a mesa, loatsua ?lass ji*.*h WI fr> the Uaperoor. of at! petmor? cm ficard Be aaass, axn in caw af a region to c mply with tela crov.. Has. ha a had ha ilstla jo the is celts Undated by tec Kte ac: Mil of ttUa 3c of ebaj> Xuf .he b at part of tee Bevtod du ratets tabu ana a fo> end iffcitA t, Ute manner praacrtoed .a (Inn. Ucm far itaae tnwa are earrled eat may ha aeaa ftoai Ba hmte aat .teu. a Ute.'ctooak* raport and apuocratsuo at arUBJes, wnrUt of boata. tec., ? toad oa aarte ferry beat X ateodtd. tow net. be added Urn; many Hiprui aiuaala Bare base made, ud aca arCotea of ll~c aarlng have boea ptooed on Board ot arrarai of KM lbob of ferry kaata ilnoa Be Jbd of .htfy ma. tc ooaae< ccoee of tbe fatowlay order ?reed to thai /Be By OeaeraJ ? .par Jitusdeci Ttolaadge ? tta*aaboe>e agrme tor tuae aei.raa are a : to aperosaa " ntbar w>l'Jti lwe::ty iitxda. "oia'.ly, (a, la *?? by sitcmay ll.ii tt fcrtt-baal Big her? XHirM Aitcraay II. a it Proxy frrrj V.?: b r. tow % rcw boat Id Vet inag *t Boasd to tee ferry-boat in s tea a Bloner teat < aaa be Iktou leto Uu ?nr 'or Iran, d.wa tue -u tsae of iter J aa a rare of ac-idcat Ttse will to ? netly aa/oxoad-Fa ? "T '"* ' *"K HPS tel achhtbosu over Ml - we aun xrry caa fira. cbsi Ufa aeaa t cea row r? u 2? Mat 7, to r.jrry 10 paacrogara, and M*U> r ro* best aD mmmhomia i Mi me* * ?then ? a narry two row* KMn> irdteirf aire Banc toos-'ly. 11*1/ bteasbva. xaelrg a aaladru.Biiu*. a B. d 9C By ** of ISlf. -hsciex 14c tee bmicx ot arary aaaBbosi aa aa s'Cnrurn n n? trke name and P'loe of xwcldcnne of limy Bale p ncagcr. and tie be lie. with tee CVumy olerb ? ?*?<??? LlBr nsrirr rrtwMy Of I 00 If *to rSBrngrr ?alSeee hie same ho BMV-1 ?n, vfnic I <m rTi'llgt By same tel. even [ umurrr tnen ?a mndea who traa I am? jpoo i to gr iu dc virdri Utg ra rivera or Mm), wite m leave, may t- ? dieted tcsB' rrtrr I'm* ax* to ?keek nwdyi*b, aart tee firai oca v asnur.lsrly <r> famwb -rt'Birs agawst rn'np'w sac i.Mrrai Rr.prrln'und-nt vrmia teat thus psrUeuterly I ftimieb -vifaws agawst r*1?p'r, Hrgrrln> ud-ot irjate teat iho? >art ? I Of nru lalOto to; W a gxeal citeai have ' ceo a u f (to awtmbnat -wr *m lir.nwdtatr y aad rtsaxfally N v F a. TAlLkailtlf, timrols p . of roUse ajuHhax teoantivo to .aprtrvo Lba ooDd uon of tea vsnooa Mrww aaey be j> a grea. meaitre etl-'cuteJ to the report Hi* ft per a winder. TsJmadge, etcTB a a.: ad i?. u EAHT R1VBB. PWIT T bJfTtl HTUIT UK BILL ? kTSPIlbbT. YWa tarry Am b>,; two bnM, tee tutor",*, Of HQ lo? twin id 1M0, ud tee Sue ante, of 129 ?ooa, bate la 1648 may are bote twin aftar u>a lataa pa miUrn rty <e of the Bofccktn Tarry Mate, ud w'Uj Um exoeptloo of ou ro* aaaa, Id fart .oaf, ao b<*rd tea Aatorla, bote tea bfdree Md bull ara * (boot Ma flrat arufte Tor Iba prater ?u ?o of ltara. Than a i ot or so ac naoth aa a boater-.* ya bo wad ?a aaara if a. bar o' tee aoaia or al tee br dyoa. oa ?Mar ?ao of tar r.rar. rte brdfee are o4 notaty aflkurr, eapported aoit y by ebolae, aad xoapai^ of aewtntaff a ra*y henry pre* err. Waoaaeday of nrery week btlt Tarry It aia/at rat'raly Mieiw J law aoaltle Terry, a larre ?aa*i>er creating oa ?Jht.-wi errry boat, white reodtre n uy thing be: piea?ant m ayraeah -e for ftta; raatnog ore The oat o* ire e?ca?d ng(y ima. gp| um w eoablone. UM ?a> Mali baing a pi* n plank aroaod tea ndaa cf iba aaOtaa. t vre are ar, f<?r?y h?ua?n oa t'.lber ? do of Iba terry Tor tee aeocmmodaUon of paaat apart, Um. (bra Miag aoOaoted aa Iba iflj aaroat iba rrar rtl.KT, TSHTB AMD YWTm TBtefl P~K*TT rwrao tea (???? floanW.) of V# ' Yertr, eotnr (rf f? ri ira fix*, y ranter pariiaaVw b Kr O iae Knnpp b ,bnti ferry from Iba (let cf * art Foarteettb and tairtj iblrd efrewa to <-r**apn*at eoNe cnMl to ma* parted Iba foot of Twaaky (bird otaaat bad. for enreral yeora. baaa aeeopted by Iba Gfeary Oemetary Oampeay Ob a teodiac ptaoe fbr their (br*r boot Mr Aaerpowo aaadad a grWafl ^eae fan'en (a operation nbfot (tar yoara a nee The Wading fool of FtooieneJi etreel war ?Manly lactrdad la Ibe laaaa to iba Terry ocmoony, at aa aaaoai i ratal af a year , bat in onaeeqoenM of aaaM rrt*ate yorttrr wbo owa a water fVoat at teat plnor, any end iba original anterior Mm. tbroWag o> rtaolee la Aa way of err?*iug Ute proper ?rpe. ferry booeae. fee., tear*, tee oompany, la order to oomplete their terry ar rancamrate, were at Waglb obltgrl bo laaaa balf a pter Treat tea Bry nook Oem-oay. at tea firtaf Twote etrael. ta etaatm t at pa, bmuna, Ac , at aa eanatl raatel of MAM. >o addition It wbioh ibey tiara tteo annually la any tea oorporaio* of Haw York (be iba .rirtlapa at iba teal af fborteentb rtreot, wbiob they do not ask caaoot aa^T !at U>* rteoen abrre Hated. utmoTBHBwra. At Iba time iha terry wee flrat at tried tberr wai hoi Ma ebp aa the i-raeepeiet atde, whlah nbanded 'nward'y team tbe mar tad of Iba bo a bead aoma Iwo boodred teal y.adiBf ; etirateey dWWwit in tea wtatar to |et bo tee brldaa m oosaaqoaaoa o: the larya amooot of ire ? h< b aanllBoa) y . oated a and blocked op ttaa.'a (wa-rbtm ana ar iwo oooai.oo* prateaiad tea i.<?te teoaa ratUag lato teatr fypa (tor tea dayr at a two. n tee win era of 1AM and ,84?), tea company bat apriae pro<-aedad ta make >te I ioaa wo battdred feel it rtn?r oct, ait 1 oooatrn I aaw kilpa aad biidyw. wh, b teey are aow jtal abm I mnpiauat at an add t oaal xpenaeof from 9V>.OCO to Kte.MO Ibia in pre .sweat ooaaiet n addU.oa la I'flag In, fradlaf, par er bd., of ?wo mw t era eateod ?f eat a?o '#e? from ute terry laad'ac teto tee ritar, on atthnr aide of ten t ipr. ao addlOoral br ;ye fttr ute a -omdMalaum of the laerty third ? treat frrry boat etrdnfroly, (tee boa; bav t( ror werly ma lato iba (rate atraar Tntty Hip I aad Iwo anb Maaval baneiry hr, lyrg, aroprrted by loab aad a tne-ter ?baiaa, aaei, ea(iab<a o( ?r n ottlan teirly looa wnlgbt at a uma. Tbn ferry at u,e ftoot af Iweatrta rl a^rot, orewad erl| naity t y tbe ibirary Cemrtary terry ??ap? ay. Iwa been rapaire l aad a.irrnd ao aa to acewar t? '.be yyaarnt ar.-omTnodai' >n nf tee traml fn ween Utnl pn ol aad uraenpoial Tbo it nta a| i reeapo,al i* ? moat ne iaadrad faat Ion* ,y tbtriy feet wide, anr.wrm lai.ay oa eon (Ida of tea arrboy c?>e*ay ten efBoar, it rero-wa, bo . tea otbar i <te be ny d'r t?fl ia?n wo email notr.', Marl l? fret iqaarr ?uh [ A n board bea-haa aronad the Wd. a, aod ifra ynated a* <odlea'aad imenM ? tibial aoena The hat ee a- ibe 'not of tenth ttreet e rlttiila' .a all rettasw ?f?Jkc wte ?t ?e* r bed, w te ti e dtot^tloii <1 bar a( aa ofil ed.ana no' . < '.n| alte ?- terye 'an aot-e. Tlte r rnpeny bare Ira hcau three o* whyth are kept ? atem terylor. Wo on the rente, aad one on tee rwMM telM MPM1 larger while two are bald in rename B ?* (f a? 'dertt Of rtmoT a* tee Nwir a/p _ Vuilhat, 447 Una, about four j ear* aid valued U ?16,000. -IreccpcrnL 376 tons, new, valued at 936,000 Oaprcy, 379 tens, throe and a half yearn ckS rx.-i.nd: U 63U IOC. ?ola. 296 tons, four* ear* oM, rained at ?16,(00 B wkui, 220 Ions Qfloes yearn old, rained at UtOOC, i the hale The B.-aton waa forowwly owned and run on the Oeletry Cemetery ferry, bat wni purchued by thla "orapesy with the otter property, and placed on tha dry dent by order of Mr. Jonas Cheshire, superintendent of tbo terry at which time she was thoroughly overtauled and re (?-ppered. Tbece boa a are ell tilled wlib one )T Tiancii" MIlBl Ufa boats eaob ten r*et lonfe, aod capable of nuppcrtlng In the water nonr.e nty persona* la addition to which each boat baa two cork buoy*, wnti ropee eiph ecu feet lone and float canto two boat boots Thuee are piaoed la convenient |4ace? on the lower deck. In addliloa to which, on the |i i ft deck are oiaoed rrvin one to tvo long oork Me ortaerv era oorered with painted eanvooa, aanh hwvtag a trng lanyard attached .apetl* of tnppo-ting**in? twenty or thirty pereona in tie water anil! anatat?noe ooeid be rendered Kaon boat ia also provided wHb from an to eight wooden bock eta to be ased in ansa af fire The Marina in addition to otbsr kfa praam n tag appara tuses, as ntenVcned above, bie about ooa hundred (tools, with air tight tlnoana attached to the bottoms, eaohof wUoh la aapable of abstaining the weight ufooerr mors persona in the water Each of the Terry bridgea are supplied with from one to two oerk buoys, a ladder and n boat book, piaoed so that they can be broofht Into use J reocired. at a mo menta warning ftt TRTTf . The Tenth street ferry haa two boala en from few newer tn the morning nntli nine o'clock at night, ao Hthi one boat leaven the allp on either (teeof the river every ten minutes daring tbnao boars From nine o'clock until quarter peot one e< night there ? but one boat oa, mak ing twenty ornate trtpg, after mat boor, cp to ftrur o'clock in the morniag, no boat rone. On the Twenty thiro street ferry there Is bat one boat ram:.iig from six o'clock Is the morning op to ten o-slock at night, maklsg fifteen minute irpa. when not pre vented frcm to doing by veanela anchoring oo the mouth of the allp at Twenty third street. TBI L1WHTP. Tbia oompary have ret an example wormy of luliowing by some m the other companies In reaped to fighting their >rry afipo. bridgea and paaeeoger way a al night, there being ten large gaa light* laalde of me ferry gates, two of there being at tho end or each bridge Tte boats nil r reseat a neat and o-ean appearance, the hull en' cabins ail being we'd cushioned, the caghlota to the same being of the finest red velret plush. The total expense of pasting this terry 'x w. ji the improvements op to the present time it about 1300,000. Mv-tt of the bSglBSM dMM by lb# ferry x tie way of lrao?tH>rtat)(* I* by the crossing of oocntry wagons, a large proportion of the market wagons coming into and leaving the city from Long I ? land taking that ferry in preference to the lower ones A very large number of funerals, also croc* this ferry daily on their way to Gal vary Gome a. The foot passing over these ferries is as yet quite jsifioant, ow'Bg in n great measure to the fact that there is no ahlpbalMmg or other mechanical l-us loess of any account going on at t.roeopolot at present, and the fact that fever and ague abounds In the village of Green point tc a greater or leea extent during the warm wsathtr. bobctox ftraxi r hut. The ferry haa b'.on In operation now about an years, and Is owned by a company composed of Ren bee Withers, James M Waterbury u>o Win W. Wlnane. and la under the siiperlnleadanoe of J. E. Brvwn, r*q. Toe ooata of this ferry are the California. of 21-1 tons, bu ll by Keatrr. Waotorvclt K Cc , ia mi. nty of Wllfiamabcrg, of 82S tons, boUt by Meesrs. Fer rise, Fetter tun fc Stack, 'a 1166 and the Gerard Mayveoant, of 396 tons, built by Inwrtnoe h Folk, In 16*4, la Ik* new style, w'th circular deck. The Camera-* haa a metallic tile boat, in good oidtr, about s'.itaen feet Icng. The City or Wiitlosuiurg hoe no boot whatever oa board of her, although the la kept constantly running for the transportation of passengers and vehicles af all kinds The Gerard Btny reoanl has o metallic hfeoooi oa tward, which is however, totally asflt for oee W hnvirc a bole in one aide ruffleaatfy targe to thrust owe-a hand thrcngh?eneequanUy, If launched, it would be ciel? On Wedneadny, the 2d Inst, one pike pole waa placed en soard the two Irsi named beats they being the ones at press* conttnnHy Is ?se?wb-ob, with the ilngl* ex eopt os ef tho boot above described, Is tho ocy article farslohod eithor one of tho boats for nfo aovtag. Usui Wedsaodoy the boots barre for o Wag time, boao with oat the Brat a/tide for nfo preserving other than the bools notwithstanding deaertbed abose?ootwttbaiandlng Um aesuraneaa at Mr. tkrown, toe snpartntandent af the faery, to our re porter, that each boat was wed eopplied with ldeoeatt, oerki, bolt lull. In fbe brtage* are toto'ty coproVcled w-th a etagie art'-cie for taring fflb, axoapting on* (n bent book) on the Widieme bsrg atao?but Mr. Bro*-n aaoured our reporter that it waa hla la'nation atroodMely <o supply thosu w'.ih Coals. The haa la are as sally kept la nleusiy and ormfovtar.e condition, with the exception af Ufhie In the oabUm a; sight, wtioh era very deSiWa'. the* being MMtiie each scarcely (efficient for pasaeagare, anting t-ppoaU Mbar to dtaoerntha prootac oowapiesl^n of inelr oelgb bar's oowstanaaoo mweh lean to read t-y with any degree of aeoerecy er ease. Two beats ai* kept rnrnlng from five e'riock ia the mors tag until low o'clock ai nght, durag wb oh Hire it le laiesded to make ten mloots tripr. After ten o'ol 10k at nlrbtihat* A Put c.oe iw\a rr.nnlng .ttU five o'ctook 'B tae morning, making from twenty mlaatea to half-hour -ripe Th* third bead la kept as an axira or reserve boot, to bo pfnoed on In anas of an aocideat to t.iher of uxt other boats. The engiaeo of each boot barr been thornagbly ovwrbaaled at tho Novo ly iroc wcvka du jig the rummer and tho boats parted and put x *vvpor oon IMfRT VKMBWTe Mr. Brows bee vet oomptetad the oooatmca^m of a new and aabttantfe] rack In the tkp oo the Mew York tide, and m ahast ooaatruoxg a aim Jar oae oo the Wliilameoorg aWe There are two slips far boats oo the WllitaOMbarg a de, one of wb ob, b? wevcr, * very aeidocn used ea jept wteo ?be other la being repaired, and oae ca um New York *ldeL the br -pea oo ooth ihiee of Ih* river are r.jrxd by obaina netead of boota, each oupafcle of bearing fr-? thirty to forty tons weight Tho bridgea co the Williams burg atdoare bang ever the tacd. ao that la ease of their ring way It wouM be dvfl Wnk fir any tar ooa da nag? to done, unless by pitching tha load thcraon, or a portion of It, forward into the dip. The bridge on the New V.<rk side is bung over the water, and ?i pportsd ly n five laoh 'bain, the frame work being nam tr sew. Tb? ferry bouse on th* WU.iamasQrg a de has an arch or gateway of about forty by tUrtyene feet, cm a: ting n room about twenty two feet fy I we've for the accommodation of mU* and female paaeergers, oa one end, and at the other a room about 21 iaet by 11 mod ao an oif r< and store room. The house on the New Yi rk side oonUtlse three roowci, one for maie and one for fe male pwaeager* alee one used aa a lamp an J autre roost "he arch here ? about the tares ike ta that an the WU 1 km*burg side Tho dghta of tho siipo and br 4g*e of this fairy are reset bo run iur, piTt-icM inni a?b i:uki mar ntuif. TVtt M?f 10 CM eompaay, know* aa tbe "Feet IV p Ferry Unfwr " w&o here rendered themeelvee vary obeaiiooa to ail ?b.o beve bad eoaeetoe to egeee ever ibe river on tbrlr baete (lor any ooreidarebie a jabar of Umm daring the eight yean whiob we oonpany b??e bald lb# ? aura moeop.ty oI tarry or>mm< akattton between Kaw Tart and WIMtmaNarg,** Uidia raraal w? of aorr-m ?irabeaa provided by tbaa> x Mar tbe ?a_-ye ?ao?Mi ar money ?fc?* tbey ba?e p oaeted. CnU the bra part of am May, to* ear ?-rvi.ea baa orayad tba part of a mammoth a>as opr. iy u> ,vw.ecak igtveo Un poe w (oat aeon a -arwmooaitoaa aa tbay bara aaaa tit, which at aa tloaa weeld oaaapara favorably, ao far aa tbeir boata vara oeacereed, vttb aa ordinary lorry boat, aaon aa are to be faaad ply tog tram oaa bank to tba other aa moat of tba Nov lag and ? tree ma P.are tbo *oetb Tenth rtreet and Jaotai aUr Carry omuneaoed r.eniag tcalr baata to May mt, however, tbti oomaay baa epperaouy taken tno a pride la ?<v*>an modeling the pvs. i .. Tba heate rf We company at |*raeal are ar tltvy ? Niagara. of die torn. 8 yearn aid ibalaaka, of dl.' low. i y#aro okt Quota, til lone. II vtaro aid. N'ebrenan, 4to loan; 2 ycara tld aav atyfe. Mb artota, 880 loot; 0 yean old Pee'.da and ray qga each 31fl ioaa; t yaara cut. Canada. M* ?one, 8 y eara o d, and (taoera. 3dO loan 7 yearn old. A,), with one *r ear ti?n, In avrry reopen old fnabtoced They bava all been on tha dry doch thin iusbw an UrgnUg rrpalt, br . w?U? tba eioeptioe ef tba Br nam. The boata are aivdnd an IbJicwa ?Qaatda ard Qtynya oa the Oread atreet ferry bnada an the Wv.alon eveaao ferry STneee. ?' "Bamako, Webreiha and tf'.nnrar'.v. or tba Peru thp farry, the Niagara and neota beini a' ,rrrf?t aadergntBg repair* la oaoa of aonideal to eltner of tba other boata aatwxt inar miT. Tba Oayoga la eurplldd with o wooden clapboard boat about II fa*i oag, whiofc had Mid oa dark la tha me cctj too riant bad t*r me trawa apa ? eafltcien Jy to eee day Itgbt ihree(h. an I wea enl rety net! Ito aar'.ac Uvea ontil enblnibe week paat A man wee boey on doeday loot enablec up the .name, repainting and repairing It, to an to Slve It ? favor title appearance. -o addlton to thin boat Ibe aynge ba? a onrk bo<7 at abch end en tbe n ear deck, ?bd oat pika pole, whir \ ?rmprt?? tbe art re Uk? of her life aeviag eppereme. (tee la aMo provided WW alt f re beekate, oe ke ? prer deik, ell la good order Tbe f Tenia t? abo provided with a w**leo boat, ahwi 16 faei tea itckaa meg which baa reoen ly been piaoc I oa board of ker. Tela boat, like alt tbe other* belonging to .tMnmpaaf, 18 laying on tbo apper deck, bottom <io?*a. and gfrrraily kept pertly SI ed w.tb water i? prevert the f an from drew leg the remn? eperi, which of teeif woe d r ureal boat from being of any rervloe to a drowning man n cane of need, an It enutd rccolre time to empty the wattr eel of ter beftwe %nuobi?g ibe Oneida, like the Hay ^ga. la provVed with one oort bnoy and one boat book, both ?ew ?probably pot oa boar I o* bar ataee tbe laie export *e throngb he jcllee. Tbeae three art ei.e oc mprkm ibe ar m trial uf iba life wtrlet apparatoa oa board of th e boat the kr.dgee asd landing? oe etther aide of We riff, at tb*v ?HTj, are tapp ted W tb one r >rk b oy fbe ng ebcot it? co '.B'hna .o rfiairrter and ?l* iochea Wok. w'th a eight* t rope two veer thirteen feet a length alter red, wia abont the overage dlmmrtont of a I aork baey?> and ins >o*t bovfc, wblnh, lb ed.lltlon to the arti-iee enar eralod e*rvf, rt?*pr?e the erit-e M wpplted the ?, rand etreet ferry Tor Ibe Uvea of Ibe thoneeoda Wbc c.roea that ferry dolly on feet, to any n Ablag ef the bnndreda of carlo, weifnee and earriagre, !o nean nf aaii ten eor'deat Tbe ferrv benae on the New fork ride of tble ferry eg trti'Ta arree* Iheenf re dletanoe nf tbe fbot of Hra d?tr<v>i, heloe t pwarda of 208 Vatln length by about 1.) 1a eldkb, aad taktag a wo l two allpe. Here ere .tad tha '*r d rtreet aod f"-tp.rti e-eooe farry ti'pe, hotr oraoeot ng with a bogie containing four room, two about II Of lb foot, f*r Ute ao sommodaixm of paiseagera, two belonging to use Grand street as d two to Ike Hrkilun eresue ferry. These buildings ?ocid boar ? gr?at deaj of <*pa:rs ..od -eafli.Dg without being a whit (be woree for Jg t<r rendering them leee sgrreab >e for ibp comfort and safety of pasaengera Tbn ferry booie foo* of Grand rtreei. on the W.Liamaburg side, la, If potts'Me, Ui ft m"?e dilapidated end fl'lby condi tion than tbftt on the New York side There it bat one r K>m for the acocmror datloo of bniti male and retnaie paaeve gor?, It being abut lab toot >ocg bs lu f?et w-<te, with boftrdi arranged aroood Ute ?idea* f?r seats, while the floor la at ail timer anything but clean. Ore end of Uto arch appears to be In a very 'angcrous con dition, it having mnb r own to that U*rew an aperture between tbat and Use building tome Ave >r ?U Inches o width Tbe gaa dgbta oo bout nioee or the river are ?Mn vary deficient, the I ghia Instead c> being near or at tbe tbe end ot ih^ bridge are time fdty feet Hi toward the entrance at tbe gate, ao that M s exceedirgly airdoqit of a dark or foggy night in ?e? the end of the bridge. Tbe varoe thing may be raid with reepeci V" the iighte in the abina of me bcala at night, tbey being hardly siifioent to m?Kv the darKeeaa vnitre. The Aaaaenut i.?w laying of inside tbe pier above Grand atreet nl p, cn be New York aide. Hbo tae a boti similar In all reapocta to iha oca c ascribe 1 on tvwd of the Oeetoa, in addition to which the can one pike pole and nneoc'-c baey, fastened to a brnoe of iheimo-e pipe on the apper der - end Us Ore buckets ou the upper deer., all In good order Hie bridge on Ute WIHlamtburg aid* i? top-iorte-l by obalie. and the one ,-n the New Ycr a tide by a boat. The time Intended to he made t?? the boat from live in the morning until ton O'cWck at night on ibia ferry la ten ml aute irlpL and from ten at eigh! until fire in tbe morning one boat, twenty minute tr'.pa. Division avirrcrg vkbkt. Una 'erry baa but one boat (the (Jftnnda) on It "rem 6 o'clock in Use morning oat) 13 o'clock at nght, averaging ?bout twenty tangle from each aide of the river, at though the travel o? er it in maob larger than ever ioum ferrien where two or even three boat* are kept conitantly running Tkln boat, like the othn> ? already inscribed, Uaa ? life boat It feel icng, not a whit batter than on tbe uiree coau above ipoaun u., oneoork buoy and one boat book . la addMlen to which are three nmall beckatn for Ore per poaea, and five atooa, with three leg*, nwaehed to one plank ana three to another, to nerve an ure-piwnerver*. This beat, like tbe Oneida, boa no eommumeniion be.ween tbe two gentlemen'? cabin*. ao that In owe of ardent, should ana or b th of tbe itUe rooms designated an gen ikmen'* eabtna bo j! of people, the meet dm antrcna reanlta wouiu be 'Ikely k< follow, as bat one part on ootid paaalbly eCesb bin escape at a lime, and thai in only one direc /on. The bridge cn the Williamsburg side la a awing bridge, while that tut tbe New Ye-k side ie a boating cnc. lucre la a gaa light at tbe end of the bridge on !? Ih aides of the river. There label one room at present aed aa a tiu'og toom for paaiebgcr* <? utia ferry on tbe WUL'amtburg aide, which is abed 16 by b6 feet. _ . . Hi* ?'L1* PJU&r. Ito 06410 liMd 6vrr tut ibt Niag*14. -et, ratio " -~ '""Hit ??*>ot M minute lr<p? fnw? ih.n ^f^ ^*Jn?rnl,Dg ^ ?*??*? O'cJoek 4* SMB. iT-t . f b21" to u!r three o'-look ?. t.mJ wh?waL??l!!? n?mJUI ,eT*n o'oto * ia the e-rtiiaf, . tx>*W m taken off Itom eaten 'o the even t!? 'aolvo ai midnight the tr'.pe irenit abrct twenty mhtnleoeash. From t elra to one cVsek there It but i?!JrtTL?iJ5^*e bM h9w tT!w Ttcm ote to fro o'clock two boats nro again placed on the ferry. .J?* oenecn lo ou/pliea wl h use wooden bant on dork, Ik beat book Md o?olke4, one oork buoy, an<J ? n* MJnoetoto boo on eld w soden boot, It r*si lose, a'eo . aotrepainted and eaalkod, one cork bocy,oco pikcpclc and U 0B tt? "P*r dfck The gecUensen * cat bo 2J ?!* t*0*' nw eunuer to tbooe on the Ctnada ud t -nci omisteUon wtti; each other. The coouono '_ jndlea cab mm are moet ?!Usy a appaaraoor being oorered w!U> a ooane, itr'ped, dirty looking cotton' ocver Jf ?n the Canada are of a ?'.milar kind nal^f if tnppbod with two wooden bo*la oao of which aoo roomy i-md pel on board. The larr rot boat to Ik foot 11 taabeo long, ana the other 12 reel a lorhe.lonr nw0oala.ka al^ bM Uo Wo^en bc^. eio 16 fret 2 In oboe lonf, and the othar lk foot ksnr out' 1SS!tmS'Vr "VP"**" ? " &?S2ss??rSmm*<* y?sK?ars !5L a* oofflolontlj llfbtod to allow of the fcgury of rending, cc onarco^rj! loer mlcatlag the conc^natKs of a fellow gweoeoger. The boats are awo remarkable fcr Utetr unlTortal want of oleanUneoo, notwithstanding a woman J gonoonlly dcrtng the fwepnrt of Use day engagedla ?wAhhtng about the tatftre' abtn while they aretUled whh paoaeagort, rendering a peonage al nab bices ear th?f hot agreeable mrpeemltytothV meson. 7 too bridge ana odpoertbto firry are rather fetter nro r^ed with 3gbt* Ibaa tbooa of the erandWkUt^Sd'a *** !? ?*? great room ?or mpreyvmeot The life tar me apearatce at in^ *?r? ntoot.1 of a boat bsofc and ?tr?*3rb3& m5? ? Ad Oct t? oork prater ver of osxj Insd, fw cm in core or nceldent, era In ha tonad e*btT2 the briSI^rln^J of any o. the boo to bolonglof to thla ouoen Sot wttboton. mg the foot. duwMUt^OMn ih?M three femoo ore nearly W not tram doable in owe or ait the other forrioe oat of No* York * the eoar.o aM I I." * whtch foot nuy he mainly attrihnwhlo to V" *?f* ?f ""W to ??? manage mem fere ? J JlliP*' M" ??-! onU montk ojhoot unfyeroal want of life uvtif impw M?Tt "l]?FmL??M!!0mTmay *?T'T*on 't* ?y U way, 1*69, which .a o front moo euro may account Tor me JJ'"?'w?8' ?B#rfy *6" opird o.' aocommo Utoc on the part of ibe company. I thj ;**'? Bur awogomi twntf krvirr rnrr. Tho chortor ?f mia feiry wae orgina!^ e-artel b? the wreorauon of New Tr rk to Oeo go Low, en Mo or Terry o. WU lamtborg and of ere an 1 waa con pioten aaa ? ct th aetiyeoperwoe ohonttbe eooood weak In ion Itay eince wbk riftweihe trorelorer IthaogrodoaPy oaltieadl j been on the ?<*eore, io thai the ferry dm paid all oxieaeea "w-m Use firot day of Uo rtarthsg. probably owing to the foci that o large port on of the otvieoo cf Wimamoburr harmt n? *m? ?6 tboroogbly dlogaeled with Ibe minhgomeM pf the Peck ellp f-rry baa'i. rougbt the nrtt opportunity of wlus. drawing thetr patrooogr .'rom that 'eery The boaio of lb a ferry ore the < ocrgo cf 4C0 toiw 0B* Wooalngtrn eoo tone, Use mine age, both of which are doebta deckrd, cVan, rommrdci **"h ** UM"# hM ? metal'o 1'fb beat16 feet wrg, two oork buoye, two boat biwie, and abort ladder for oa.lag Wh, Ir addition to twelye flre fooketo on the npfwr drob, (a good nrder. j." ?" 00 ,l<1" "f Use r'yer am ffrty fnet ioog J'd J?1'1' T**t W,<J*. 00 floo?0. The bonoaa eaot hare two J"1'?' nK,B* "7 !,4 m gentlemen, the eecie a all ? ^ ^ handeomel7 ro*h,oaed, tbr mme m tbe 91 1*? hrwae uad Hidge to ^ ?n/l[b?' " gT*ry brrarremeai prcridod to pro to IbMbO oaeh. They ran every Uirno m'tam. from fhar a el ck la the mi mag natll eleren a: nigt The company have nr*tro-tod fhr Use l a iding of another Nset for ?tMr rrrrv, r.f ahe 14*0 to* acd to be eempteted by tbe Bret of Decemhtr. The pUolo empkyod oo ;bo boaio of tfck ccttoacr are rmlto loo namteoo and rr kleoa of bomao I'fb, and teetn io Uvea prr.adlee again.t tbr r?ck eilj. <-++ wheb they wroplerot to carry ooi lo Use fkeooett laCnlw borU of 1*00 oa ihwc jpooiLoa hcom. U wae oalr Trlltr no. that owe of tb^lr bnaa raa foal of Use Poeo o'lp bom '-'laeara m they met In Use rtyer. and eot .war toe awl w r^ni g.?wd and wlag of Use ladle.1 <?h ., mm w thln m aoe of 'ootawtly kll log an old My who wwi ettUuc coder the w og on tbe beach, -f Ibe pi rta hare not yet teamed mora propriety and regard tr tbe Ufa of tbe public itj qtsfo line tboy were taught bettor meanew by m am. pany or public preoeouier. PhlOW HUT COKTAJry. Thw company eomprtto thr Owhertno rtraai, Wawore.-t ; if rMta fiJ eo Hretl, Will itrct, BercUi Md H*xr! 4oc ir*. oao .'errtoo? and own twatsly boat*, no foilrw. ? my on nitar. 4,1 ?-* ?"> Otywi .alien, bo'.It mi lata manogo 4tO 26 <4, oeeaty a

Manhattan, In 1*49; iranoge M So Q?,. old otyla Lnlon, balll m 1644; tonnage .tw 7? 14, aid otj ia. _ wall rrwxrr pnthT. tMbango, bn!H ta 1663; toanago 4 0'9 Ok, new rylr MotroprBw, bum la mi lot nag. 41b f#i4, new at; la. ATL4NT10, oa kODTN 9 TO Hoe ygnny ?orklyo, bollt la 1*48. I nonage 417 20 fk, aew otyia. ^ObOlt, hot'I la 1M7 lot .age 104 10 96, new 17ii Wy andaak, bollt la 1*47, ennnge 699 thtf, aew r yr RAMI'TOM AVBtl'g tSRnr, Bedford built la .*61, manage 417 10 uk. aew otyia. WOHehali. tout is 1*60. a'0 tie go ilj 44 *k, otd t.i to. ttcwaano, bnlii |. im*. t eaage 424 #? ?4, new Mr a ?eataak, belli in 114*, manage 40 1 40 <*, rab H b Jke oww Itym " ? * """ WMiermT eyrfWT y**T,T, b";rt ?? >"?a, tonnaga 92. U w old Myle Utrltw, bollt ia 1(14, toaaoge at2 1 Mb, otd myta CAtn**rwg ey 1,ppt gnnr. Eliet, bollt In 1*60, toeaoge 141 t3 96, new olj e. , _ ?"RA1B POATO. Agreo.hnlltlnlMJ, tonnage BOW* new sty# . 1? i ?? ** ne w rty * <2? *rm T' ^ 299 M * ,k*. V.'y bl*** bav? two ^ TraiK'j' halMbai Un.?? L "L* u'" ?l"1 Ul* rtth*r *?nr? ? a ^ 09 '?PPO'deek, -JI odd ttoo to ^MMW. Ifo pteoorroro, from (Iro to eight feet ** oanroms, oae cork Ills bent w h rt^r.7 ? momoofownrnlng, ^ ?f cork, wub long .on 1 * m hopk*> "Adder*, Mr . 'a edd!t:nn ts a lT^f ?tMm r" rrmP'< Atl ?V?: mo feet WAMmY 'OAdy f?r noeate The .mall bocm but oat boat, while the r mhar an P '?"* !f* ???l"g ore prerloe y ..mi or to the otter DOmt. F Ul* ?*rger rtao- boat., and Ib.we toad fr mrbt .ervice.haretwoof the f.,e nvrpo oa boa, , one :.rge tod ob* email one. ? * AU of the booto have from to If. gry hncketo \t? good ' order, rn the n;>per drcka The t m-of rr.nn ag a.t n?,. 00 the rereral lerrt*. leas olioao ? ^ Ro th ferry ton U.ree boot. ?v?ry fe? n r, r^._ 5 | ?a the as vn rg ontll 10 o'olofk at n'tht. ao^ i we np to 11 o'clock, of er wMcb there It ^o? uatil k n Use m-vo og The RomClan avento >rrt Fl B| rmlr , Ht*lh, <o? eod nee ail night to foet mi thwy eon *e rnn The To Lea fbr-y hM racr bcaw en al. day and two on nl' night The rvhr- .e ood RewcreH n'eet >rr eo iwt boats ro al: day, and awe en til o gbl at tbe Oitbor'an fer fy. undone cb ?f to nine o'-?k or. the Jknocvot; tuee* |Wf|, the Wall lirtrt ferry cm ion omit rni dnr'OK the 4?r, and one on from >.x m ice ermtrg "bu twehrn at, wbt-c t*4b a?0 erewn off lull) fbu-?> '...oV. la the morning. The ferry hcrgcr af ail the 'errlm of tc ? ' nmpar* ere Itt'ge, eerewodto. I, cVw), iui.I well llgHe.l with nee, ho (Me wing well rnpphed ?i the bridges w- 'b ocrk bc*}a, boat bnoie, ladder* end ?*tr? haee for the t<mnt fro en Slue*' The'i"?>i??oe?< n ? |ian>*a !>?** voluntarily Mpi>'led in Union r*iry Or>tn;*i,y e'fh JIOCO feet n ihe very heet hOM, add'tlnn to S-ee:nfe .or- of the li?rg?*l tl'Od ? ?!>? i osm nfc board of ere or the Hamilton avenue rvoafn cod two on the >\Jtoi rerty boatp, from ewofi of wbi.hik.m debt water owe be aui>|>'( tor two urd'uary fre eegluee Tbeee rnp'oen have oo.-o brought Into tn-oentfcl operation uo *ev#ral oeaae.oaa. Tb'.s oompany tare a see boat, railed, tie Atlanta, much larger than any other ferry neat on the t'vnr a tha Kept one Iron Work*, rowviof her tnfttf. Sow m l< feet ieng, wlit a 44 tmb cylinder engine and 10 f?w stroke. She i? dealgned for ihe lower ferrteo. and it boiH ripi.waly for wfaitr wear, btvog aoiid at both enda fifir fret from. the aterni. Hh? will he ready for service by Uta Drat of December neat ?-aa will b? introduced on thin boat for llgh'ln*: the cabins and 'J it jc r<rund to work auo orstfblly, will be ntrodnned en heard of sit the boat* be longing to the nr.mpsr.y, inatead of ti.e ' now need. The la lease* of tkla company expire aa follow f ?That of the i^uJton, Hamilton avenue end Atlantic atreet ferries, on the frit of May, 1WI1, Rotwere't *ireet ferry la 1MI7; QaU ?..,n? and W til rtreet ferrtea in" KM The example act by tbia ferry in the management of tb?!r boata. tnpply of Dec-weary life prevertn* apptra tua. flra pnmpa, cotrveidencea for paaaengerts. Ac., might ha profitably fc Towed by erery taker ferry company oat of New York. TAtna wamd mi;N. There are now fbnr boata rannng on there fcrr-ea, a* fottowa ? ?'men 7?lander and Huguenot to Port Kictawkd. New Brighton, fWlwa' Bnog Harbor, Tactoryyllle and Bergen point; and the Joeeph'ne and Hunchback, to <4'a ranune, .andrroift'a and itepMon landing*, areraging on the flrat tamed roate throe tflpn per day to each boat, and benny Irfpe on Ihe other rente. The Staicn la lander hoa a tat bottomed rcw beat, on pa bie of anppctcg rente 30 or 40 pernor * to the water nod I ?e Kugnenci a akin somewhat larger. IT.e oihor boa Si each bare a wooden row boat. Beatden tkone they er.uh Have aeveral ocrk baoya and a Itrge quantity of cork life preterrera. The eush.oca In the Indira oabJan of each <*f ftteae boata are filled w:tb pnlvertud oora, beeldee wbioh the icitoea have l fe pre>?rvaia attached to Utair bottom*. The enenraion ferry noaba laland City. Gen Com, dtl r, John ran Shore, Alice Prioe, long Franofa. 6/orge Law, I. oca-wood, and many othera, runrinc to Glee Oc-?e, Aa torla, Flnablng JttUroad, Harlem and Vorkrilie. Pbrewt bory and ocean Hoaae, Weehawran, Haifa ferry. Cmey laland. and nnmerona ether piaeee * tn.n a acort diataaso of ihr ckiy ore pit well rcrp '-d with Mfc bctte, cork Coaia and oerk life preeerrrrr tn addltwn V? which many of them bare a i?rgr ntucberof life yeeerrer itoo.r and ret trra on oc*>d. THF. NOKTH KTV^R. jrjifr* cinr iikhy. Cotor.dtrjBC the lavAt oct'ay of money wfcldfc it" New J11ley rnuroad and Transportation Company it rt? log for it" Improvement of their ferry allpi, hecaea end ?OT-ommodattoos on each tide of me r'.ver, ti ta aomewbai aw i rising u. at u>ey thorn-i te ao deLcABk it use teoomwry appendeg?? on board of Ae j bona, and al toe brtdrei ud jLBdioge ftr the aafery of Ae . vai cf Ac Aocaacde who cross those ferriea dal.y?Ui" nrov?!e?i made or Ike eaTety of |weeeegere niterdioi* ooiy to one comma wooden ffto ? oat about sixteen root itg, placed on Ae ni per decs ofeacn ferry kow, wwee it woui be extremely dlff wit to laonch In naae cf necessity, particularly In be ivy weaAer, wit'oot swampirg or flit in g wilt water, oris Kocdbcr bwddt great/jr damage g .heir caefal aete, a pine pote, and in soma .natni.nea a ladder, a: Ae time otir reporter rtetled Item aot one of Ibe iti boa's wan provided wttb oitter a life preserver or oork boat The oom t any ware, tew ever aL-onl s-pply -ag two cart life prewrv tag stool* to each boat, to bo [ laoed in tte pilot hoBaea, ao that In oaie of a person railing overboard the pilot oo ,id throw Uia a tod to tn. me citdgaa ware alao vary deficient in tte naoeanary aoc ntrementa, not one ei them having any other Ufa saving apparahta then a leider and boat Look pieced within reaching dlatanoe la oaie of accident. Xbcywerw nil anpptied with tbeae two articles, the fat lowing are the boeta of ttU company John L. Leicy, bnilt J? 1667, Voenago 100, end cm tan drod horee power eaglne, bnilt in the new mvle, with corvtd rocf Ibis boat ba? ,ut bete pet on the ferry, end la e pet ft-A floating peleee. Shah lit up with gee, widch la IntrodBoad In tenia, pt aaaaJ from the tenha of the Joraey CUy tea Korba; thaae teaki being filled end taken on board ea often aa ntioewatry. They are placed It Ike bold o. the boat, tbe gas being oarrlad la veivwut pane of the boat by aceaas a! small pipes. Ihc sakmlmsfct or iiffbi tag this boat wth gaa hen proved aa siminnfcl and works ea wall, that Uta wompany totoatf ledng It Introdooad Into a J of their otter boeta. rt*t op* 660 r. k firererv, br ill tr IBM Uoldee ?? 1S?I BOO Arrranvr ?? IMS -00 PhUedeiph-e ?? 1*M 300 Bedeon " 18W ?00 Oea of ir./?* bate m -eed for Ao a-ran medafoa of tbe New York and Erie flat road Com pany com A*y complete iieur own r w and ac tag abool m dway between >reey ottv and Eobokan, wb.c will not pvooabiy ba a the ae ghborbood of a yetr to three t oala are ron on the Joraey cry ferr from 4 0 Ciosk In the mornlor until halt past 10 o dock, making abort tec re ?cio trips. f?w half peat ton at b gh. until foo* it U?< mornteg nrc boats are ret, mat eg half beer trim ?w.v <rr.ovrwaK~?. Wltbln ue part eighteen nxotli A'a oricpacy Mr# flDrd In it d made oew pro md "rotn Hon tommy etrart 001 Into die river 3HO fOe<, by 100 root wide, or- ?t cb tber bare pared with lb Iglcn pavement a rract 60 root wide, bavlag a sidewalk on each tide 30 feet wde, wh?ch t ntou eiolBv've'y for their own aoonmniooation as as en trance tc tbe'r ferry ? pa, wbirtb beve roe -restr-d ed at tbe ea-J a" the bow.male ground. *n ed<l) ttec tc the Tnrrcvemet: tber have ecor-rrclod three new fi rry ahpe, and n lorry t>o e )lC feet loop by 100 feet wl 'a. Ctied up -n a pr n:a.7 r.yle w tn mifee and genllemee eealoone ofleoe a ? tre?o?ie in tbe e'KMg roorrji being all r.ohly ca'ahlonod and -r nivhed bio of these t*. pa i? set apart eretne'rr'y fr* ra 'road anreimr.nflatiOB, aad le annmed t i the ae* railroad <le-,ol, which le nra in eoorar of aonetroetloe, e tacd'eg front MoBigccsory tooel opposite ibe old deped, it atd nc Jd iBf tbe el'p, a d Kaooe f -AO feet ?lb* depot proper t e'ng KO 'eel txd tbe (tip being 1M feci r langto On ea.-b aide of Ihe ehp the cm ?* cogtfc are ;isy eoMtractni booeee la noiuiertioD w th tbe depot mi'iabia for the aeoen modalloa ef enr.ply peweogoe "?** The depot la to be 14 fret wide by bofctl b'gb- 170 feat hoi It of wood, and 3.0 o' brtrif w *n a ?*--nlir ierra-e rontng to he tr atwd with a veetiaio' tte .eogtb at the coaw Of tbe roo', the whole 10 be covered w.tb gab-en' od oc It la dnirredb wai>ltti fvaae parale iraWa, aa<-of mbtob alD rto lb e mill re *aglfc of ibe depot p tn a iblr. a ft w feet ef tte ferry t r*dge, fer ue tbroagb trao*. tte < there wt tern.'rale a'-ot 160 or Mi feet from the or ige, for way :re.aa Th-e depot w tc M CUsJ -f aim tcn.>d ova paaaca gar memt, paontia, A". A po-u-e of tte apiar part of H at aais ea t briag ?ppr< prieied k oT.cca. Ibe entire one: of the wdoe ?J t* acool ISMjggO ma Roangrw vawnntf-. Thl? ferry be up ike pi .nc.pal sroath ag onMt to the elvy, efwaJr for women ami ch idrae. who <taa re to take a ea' dt.i ot the warm weather and tse thooaande who del y ne i H ibokea, of all eeaee aad ego for plea* ra, It la ? mrihina tc be rngrot ad ibai the iraaaat owrar of tbe several 'erriaa. -dwla A Wterene. tac., doee roi lake wora ecu to miens to orov da agaleet aay aortdra-. or amargrwer wbirk ta eo .tat to to arwe M icy mort em. aepa eiaii* on Mate te roatia ei/y oeoadad ea Uewa era a dh fr mates aad child-mi. netaad of go ap m a email m Uey, end prrbept Aeraby being Aa mrean tf aemng rulcebla Dv?n rot roe of tbe seven bomn employed on Aa Barclay r-rrrt, Chaal atrea., end ChrWAoknr etc eat 'err tee ere aay Atic IAe edi- oaleiy eeppUad wiA UToeering In n eaiiele. The roUoeiag ere Aa namtw aad ages of Ac baste r weed m ibeeaferrim ? BSMfLAT iriiw mtuiv <emea VaMe. balk A 1M1, tnanegr ni 31 k6 < eMertoc balll a 16M teeearo MWN fANAL tPMXf ?mt?lT. one let, belt is 1*46, tweega 136 TI (4 erhikforHin ?VB?ir rainv. 7h"t.n, rag at? rad la Ae oaatr aa l.otate W "Pary {Jneea. ' belli A 1636, aad eobaeqocaliy ml A tav., aad about TO oat added to bar mlddla. She m 111 6f W lona bar ten. -Tik* BCATW. chaneeitor T vngevm, am t A13M; tonnage t*I CI fit Ne?vb, bulll A 1371, toaaage n? 17 n K.rbobea, bnlil la lltl tooaage "A. 30 06 There boaia are ail bnilt a Ae tvimlkve style w.ll bit eaa earrAga way aad ao eaperan aaaagi fbt ok paa arrgere The Jamn Watto, Chaneecor Llrlagmcn, PaUamm, Ph eit. and Newark, era oaA ecppltad with a wooden ?mall b-TSt, about 16 feat loag cwered painted can vaai oa Ae oetfdf, to preveal leakage %? ohn r.tcu has a metallic Ufa l>oat it a proper leagA. The Reooken, anieb n need on Ae O.r'Morber el/ret frrry aa a oalUe boa', 1a wllbout aay . <at. o>..???, beat broke laddera,: oato, or any oonvac eacici whatovar fbr ea? mg Mi ? ?k Aa ateopcoa of om old oo?k I'fe pro ervrr, beag on Ae upper de It Tbe boats on ibe Newark and Ph^-nlt e*e miner ab e ooorerna and uaflt 'or aaa, Ao aeairi be eg drawn apart 'b tome ptocea anmc'eatly a adaail ibe b ada of an ?rd'nary knt'e throtiginhe craoka. where Ae -anraea han pent to ba torn off, a addlt.on to which, they are oi l acd nniafe. It aovJd bo at mneh aa elAer ofihrmwero worth to er.drrtake to Annch Uem from Ae deer where Ary are peeked In a'-orry or rough weaAer, to ay ao th.ep of ft t. Asm wUh people ftoao on t;^i 01 - boats are aettcr, be? BO*, eneh atfhnnlg be prcr Je a A the eltgle e**r;iii-n of Aememl'^ boat Ra*b -4tbeht boato, are o berwieo aapplict with from fro tc t.x oork bocy* oae oo'y of wh.oh oa eittov b-ai le evi r ' ! ? lanyard, an 1 ire pt*a pole, a I of wb'-h ar- ceit ?'"l to ? ? . tb' rprr denka of ire h * . ? r i'i wool' be of M Ml porpnae :n di :ng go( I n -??r >f a man or woman anddea y al.'ng over r A ibe event of aa nnlookwl fr- ?-? t? . "? though not one were ea board or wtthia a baa irrd vArfe ef Ae beat*. KM a t tts "inveablo av ttele, ea. a Ibe benches, are w AA Ae teach Of Aa ptmm gr-e on ary of th? boaA The Vb.fB't a ?ald byAciewf eb l1?oc? mv-J eafr. aad en*.reir Mfll for cm aaa ,Vny boat. Bo daa g??oo# tehc 'egarded by maay wbc a-e frm'"or am brr. tfc*. ;bay prefer walking to Oanm "(?>, and rroasiog to f)obok*B '?? tbnt ferry * risking ine:r It van on roard of hMi Fa.t. of ill* bnofe are ????!' * with f?e brckeia. At ??"b ?f tbr. hridpea, oti bo'h g.des of the rive , the. octy iwtl. lea for He or* a boot t< *?a ?uj H>n? r.inmary ladder The flurry hrl'tgea a?e f?w tt.e iww? port rwng hr.igee, the only au'lobl* ftrty hou?r being ILr- at bo f<?4 of Bar Biay ?friot. t>otbe ITobnknc. ?'<!e rar'.t kn 1 wagnna ara dr"v?n '.n ovary dire boa and at t.a, ha^d, !oa-<*.? of lh? galea prcini?rr.< o?:y among '-ho ptnengers. reader',eg it anything but agreeab?a or safe far Toot loMtogerr, eepe daJly dai'Jtg the bury ptrUwne of the day 6TA& LAND1N6, KOSSVIIXK^ rKHTS AKSOT, WOOD UdlDVM AMD lOTTBt '! WKt'ii t'EHHT. The ilnattr Thomas Hunt rum to theso ptaoea, tat >a tjpp;??l with turee good turd yaw) hosts aod ? urge DDDibtr of oork lifo-proeervers, 'or ?< 'loatr, He., aod a in guud u'm for carrying passengers N1W BR WtWu a fkHRr. Tba steamer Psesato ruaa i-o Udo rout* -egularj, and '? supplied wut one largo aaotaJlks life boat, a blob ? ad the '?)?? iav og ap)?rataa visible. rj'.hoegh a sign ovtr a ivor ttodar the No rway leading to ihe .ppsr rtrox ibo passengers that that J> a L'fa-praeervar ronos; tf?e hind, ontllty, or n iDbtr of life preservers r i '.ta.nod in thai room. however, onr reporter woo i.nabte b uoeriaa, ffoat UkO fool thai tho duor to the ro<B ?w reitgl-Hiely tc. kail tad seemed, probably to prevent rweaeef.ers from befog too inquisitive. ar t urchins along its dock front In terfering otlb valuable property The condition of the farcy boa to. In sow i canoe with the above report, stay be u6|?r'y riesaiOed a* fWiow# ? Olaas No. 1?relen Ferry Cnwneny, reirortalap the <le therne itraat, itooaavalt street. eolion t ercot. NaUtjreai, Atlantic rtreel, and Hanr !*on avenue tt<riea. Clhra Mo. ? ?ramaa slip and Booth lanto i.-cei erroa Cla?? No. 2.?tent and Tweetv th.rd atrea: ierriaa u>' and varVnw evun ot terry boata. Clara Nu 4 ?Peek gltp, Diriaien avenue and 6ron- > street ferries. Owe Ha. t ? array City -amoa C)?tw Sc. it ?vaalen laiopf errlee Claee *o 7 ?Burcia.r elreet.Cecalrtta-.. ant {fcr arct Ltr ureet forr ea. Cloaa No. h ?houatoo itreaiferry. tiara >.'c. i Holiga^ ferry ivSOAllTCLAFli-N. Total number of incorporated Terrier 30 1 otai icabrr of noaia employe v t' erec* 08 " " " gocd coo litiGO .'or ?fc anvtog..30 " *? " to Btadiani e.iOd..M<ja for do 21 '? " " In bad oooditloo for <lo 17 The pr.eea efiargeiii oo the vanor.a forr e? or foot pao teager*, Her each, are ar fntlowa ? Eeugato tued Btaien liiacd each way 6c. Honnen itree;, reek t'lp, D vlalen avenue, <-rai<i cttcct. Booth T< Bth atrord, Jeraey CMy, Darcloy, Sana; and ChrAtophar airoet fan'oa. ooi.l. way 3o. Cfethsroo street Hoaeeve'd atreet, Pol too street, Wall lireet, AldUtllc atreet, and Hamilton avaece ferrlee, ea-hway 9$> Ficcraicr trips, from he. to 2b-: , etch w%y. 5 Po'kt !nuiilf?n<'v I aroCTJM". Ajtuy a <T*u, , ynuw? " O'Er ?i wm broorbi before Ajdennaa Griffith., u the :wer Potee Goort JTMNtj mrrrm'tg, no m uharge Of feJcw'oce attach acdbettery. preferred ag* net turn by t*mutty Eoraa, of No. 3 r?ck tllp. The compltniot ulwrea that <n tbe a!.>?i?i'a?kbe f*5*0"** ?>a<l ? rarolrar u * Mend of ik 1 ? a*fT? *ad wounded tL'm Mvere.y :n a^'"jr toOM P^?6 ?*lbn P??*w too*, No. 7d 2S7IL*?22l wherM tne purUm were ?u>c<mguto<i lu the nigbi la coatnoa. The wounded rata wm ."oareyed U> bit rerMteeee, No. M uak atrrei, wtrre lo bow .it* la a daagerona oonditioc, toKerlug from tbe efTneto of ito wocnd la qneetoc. G'Brnn m be.'rt to bull fntfcrerm ofWOO, to earner Ibe charge preferred MaJoei hjm. Tbe ""^'n orlj; anted from loo free n P'W) wan found to bare 5*n h.w7lf7j?*d'd. *?d tad It do: boor, -"or Jie t moly a*rlTal a. OflKer Quirk, of the Fourth t rt ?.?ac' farther damege would hare beea doae, m tFLneo wm about BJ5-? UlM wtta U.f pbiotmao f>arp#d tun by DiU ; Amarr at A?va??tAr:<?.?a; at ht>; tour yetvetdty morm ig a dar .ny aad 4e! benue attempt at Murder Wat made by aorne crkaeww ttwcadrei, s frmt or to m No IT Ca-loco Urta.' Akoal two o'clock A. M. Mr. The ax* Haley, of the at ore No.. heard the cri ta of a fbnaJe in dxtreaa, wfcec he proceeded to her affiMatf, 4 Krcggicg with a (tranter. Kr. Caier re leeted her rrcm the graep ?f the rulllaa. when ihe Alter "W-, **? **J traaed the ecalpef the -a leaded rtaiia. toon noticed x retard to thi on rr?n e and are t.ew r.i'llJ w ***?? the wtereatocu of the [?} ?"? Mr- B**7 ? ?fneroc? mrape Had the rOO*A aa wah beiow the mot wr.ere 'i ftrt.'-. kw b'e would neriainly hare paid the fbrfe. t ' PtXrvaaMrr D;n cc-;tt?>Ajj*ear> Ro, m a.u exam! ??Aon ' aow gciag oa r ofore Jut too Ccaaojy, at taa ? cwrT pntloe Oaurt. wberetr Iwr. wea. curat >raei H mac acd Sxrlct Dymac, Maac ehargoa w tt robbe rrem the affldarttof the cempta.oacl, Nauxr Meyer, of No. 46 Cedar (treat, it appear* taat oa u-e let inet the - ??Pw>y wfth a teurtabx aad two otfcan. !toal Lki)! J?1**** aboeaoe atd informoc xa clerfct there x barge tha. tbay ha<i been aothr-riied to owray away all aad rv.ry art'Ocf foode S J the .tore !a oeetoe. A brother N tTll-M??,!, wm preeeat, p-oteded agaiaet .act a pruteawine* out tha <a?adaata weald uo, Uaua to fm, aad ? ST^d cfut conatabie acd the other two they reccred aU u^e foods, uaotowr la valua tc near'y f ,C0C The ?? . px oast, la -.dew at tha*c 'ante, made a charcr of cur I iarreoy aca'nd .he briber. Eymat The tetLcJai."? la that there had riau.d a lertneru f be.weec ta* mir! plaxatl and the defrcdaotr, aad that J,?r ri? .,| aaUUad to the pteteuioc cf j,0 profXfr '' 7 Iax ?rj*t w-TT a Wtwww.?Ofl^sar Bertha.:, oc cat. or ay, arretted a yooap mac named St wan Fhenberd or a warrant mo# 1 by .cation Utjoi , wham c u.e ao euted (tend* oaarjed w'th hr-bag a w.tnem cam. 1 tt?. Una <reyer. and entfea* ria? tc pertcade the end f.ejfr to lrare the aty for iwi #r t wee mr clha a rrdo- rot ta appear at a wiioct n a -.Urge of amoa cxwVcd M **?-?B!M ^b?Pb?rd, before 'oat ne DarMca. ^wart Z.:?? ' ' "'"??ew to amee. act kmwUm W ru "P01^?"- Wl-h?ae fc ? the prone: td e-wd Mm (X to leew# the r t? b ,t '.e??r ???. j? , Rbepnerd then eCrred b'.m (AO, aad Caa'.'y t'Co t> aave It a c ty cf New Tort f,, two or ih ee U,ux aai ? N ?iey 'f|t fowa'datbeewonal. the rolicw-xtday t, p.* tte balaaot. Mr. Gay.r^,? f?* ' J? ?oe*d* ?'? prcprwitioa of ^he;brrd, 'ha ^?T*.*e*aeoralngtr the rn-wiedpeof *7rr Mamr.aJ Pafcc the neoattarr aStdarlta wa-r taaen. aad brenbed . ua iaZt^'T ^ anm'r'1tH1 b/ Jf,re*. Two Marwore nA* n#-jt# pi hrrni ?Cn muarday after a ^oa. two nraort ef the Metmrnriaa lwica, ramed KatyhMad Maeaay. were tcapeadtd oat., eeriax rtu vm pre.errt J agaart gtheat. he .araat-camd ty the Can.miaawaera The fatiewiag are urn r.>ecmetaeo?w uxt i?dt,? f* 0<l*i'y- Ob ' uaday Aegiwt 90, at bn.f rut 1^ 6? two counterfr'ter*. cawed jcha Adama Ml Jota Jue <m, were arreted a. I ae*t ooareytd by the there eflkwr* to the Tr. wbe -r rnm n^ S^u ?LL?Je* i0*1'?* PcMaaa, wh wMthaa prm'd ra ou "" U ' r-wmer, w.4 by ? in rr mm H#d for tuir oai'^n Vrrr ariHIt inr-nrta ?3." S2P -SZrJj&SZZZi r men exaaxed aid ommited hy tic*!*., ^ r d'uoha^ bcwereTtoM f! e lh* ,wo ofTaefU ba 1 '..TSr^r.? tearrh"rT?iiJ.2fJSr U. u """ do1' i ??' M l LbT ??*11made by the Matrepemaa N teo (nwnrWe eneru It ,???, J xwyer aad an aa meinbur of a>n m i*. r impSaa rd (a the hDb'.r The latmr w^2?T^2??*r* ago charted with baring r^w ^ \?Tr ??* srss'"1 "? Sesrs??t'. Aai?t or Ocnrwa.WTMr,? yg^ ^-rey.oftae m a^ ^ ? rol ler. M amocat of nonalarfatt money, wai e to?y had n tempted to pnm. bet owing to the promptaeaa of ta.' o?. NewfortiM r?nk ?r I?*r rf, rrrui m ? /? ^ Pro* datoe, 1 1 . ntd a crff w.rt.Tn T ' oa?^>t..r bask notet, d<uwe r i rere ??* ntt the aborea<w in ihe hard* oft V ? 0 her per lee, (?*; >egior toiar mm* * '? ?J?d?d U>? .Alter* sp tc Urn promo. d*.e. rt *TT T or rva irir L *? . t:.?* aamt W U'ia Htephai I aeitge i la thip u eeamar. hear iha th p lirtrpoo:, oa flblordag ot ntd u,x of -x w rng Ar oaMledruoe. He weet no board, to; the mn'.a re eted m g'ra I m toe a "rarce, aad Gerhard to ^.atd to ?*D-h work. Ht w.TSt oaoaTVff, *t ^e drat and eee .a matoe. ibe 'm>w. ? lprm k*o "/ hw ro. M i by Ihembnrrb'* teaier aad b eted. t, , , betag re# mi'y cut acd hnamd To theaoa V- .vli brniadiy be Ice ed ererhrtrd, trd he ?n ,id 'neTlUM^ hare been owned btd t, no. -..p renm?,l bVum?J{ Siidwml aad the dert bMda ??' one ? ibe w. ,1 erry boew li. ... aMdTon rl^1 r ?WM. that be ?m ^bl ged to h? ur.n m ?,?* a ran Warrant for the ttrw of b, ?r, m*tm m*rm *: cm ?? ^ .?! | tarred iha O.p had tailed a.', tha rfttTtTdfo* tug I.owtht. Omiwn* ?v. fXftr n eel 'rttt euy >t |u ? ' .^J1. * T*4, ^ i-i V') _,r .. , , ' "la 2Xa?a ? ? V.:;.rv ?? ? ronple o* vt'ki 11~ pcraliont a v d. rt "?r rafob't -on'alp ? "cT: ^ a?4 Leaf ?* ma *t up m ey, *?< emp <7 t?? n,t ? * wttlaton lh? Camd?u amd Atiucto UaUruail, ' ? ano?' 'G\ ?A.NI- leHPID FOB HIS AKEWrt CTOB-WA* oca tamma oukaMFOJitmta. ^ \ .| ^|tn| ? ??>,> ?cc"rr"' ?? ^ kl%a. _ .W.r?Ad between f01ir flfa ^ ^ m rn*? fTprete train which left here at 115 P h with ?hrrL P*???g?r w, "ben near White Bo..,* it.Uoa, 13 dlataat, oame .uddoDly In coll.Aioa with a rmight train frru.. Atlantic tty Both train* were under full hoadway bee ? d5lcOT"'^ other eo ahort a lime boiore .hey rr.e M *" Iwpoae a check on their apted. The ihuh WM or cooren very great Wm. Donnelly, oondnntnr of ihe iwereoger train wan killed He ?u an rrlrhman, of good character, 3?'y?nre o!u, andI bat been In the employ of tho road from the Ho ?urTiTcd ??? aorfdent bat a inert time, and ox xort'T. ** mi:?* f>?,a "? r^'ln ?'?" ? "V oLZ^T*' "r'm" 09 lh* rarae train, wan killed 2X. W" *b3Ql * m. A. Place, :?aih?r dealer, of PtuiadeJohiw- or the ?;-??*'?">*?.r. -m ?rt5^ir aM ** ""'I tor. u,, orer to Philadelphia. ' ? ** T!V BUmb*r ?f V?tfr, were Inured. A,, the re.r.n,lb!UV of accdeat u a tmwent brown upon Mr. Tullle, tho conducts of the ?rmln. E. !. ?,w nnd.r arret,. Oiroo,r Buddie monrd ? .?ry of inoaeet. rbty met una morning and ad j< creed 10 afternoon. k?.VSn7<,?2! S2&.."*> "?"?w?.r??. ?orhn*r hud t ao<l Ur h* ?. \? ? yhf?o^??ti i ^ w?^w^ y a, ,o four L d?ath up to tale time "??? mahee the ESSSra-raS! VJ 'ur' h*,n Marled for the - ?f trie ee^dk|" <o cootlane the laquklttee. of the raS;di>3^ tecdeu;, waa at the Son of SJS?*' *? i'SoSST4* T8RJUt ? tock Place a Ihort dltu.2 hah? wK? ?Cr*1 la time, and at ab-mt tre '^k . bo*ow White Horse, a.,1 wh "e ^^ ? a^hY^T the eny.cew dltocvrrod a freight train oLni..If potlte d./rcUon. Both enrneeta aiCJmni!?^*^ ?P ipeed of their traine, but frlfhtfo; ooll'iion waa tho reauit. abort, and a tho tipreaa train waa going at the rate of ahont iMt. ?r?~to rtis.*rr,2?K SS5 ir? intc which ho waa morl^Tn!r aw? waa laft at lladdontteid. aoolueoi Hta oody Mr. Wm a. ?ner waa In the Brat ? D. W9."it'<,<B"y r*rJ bo/t, hut ruJZZZSZZL w?e not at hrit anticipated m hla t?ow.| ,???? were waa a wnh to roe hla kaiiiu u. ? ' ? "? nwored n.V?^rZ1', H# The flremaa of the eajiroee train waa kiiiarf r, ?... nnab? to team hla name He waa i^Tv- JT T n. lateadont of Ue road '' "** ??u*? ??P??> Betow ne rre a nmrawy of Ihe killed and woe tided. ?m MILLED, A. *lEEf, e^^ttc*or of erpreaa train, ire firiBAB of exprooe iraie. p . wonmwn. badl^a^. ?U,b<ir"' tA* who bulk the road' ^0 p r^"4"' ? fWally. ? w ** "^rortnteodont of tho road, ellaht ?" I~a? M lb. >bq ' ordrc. badly hurt. r~T, badly hnrv badi, bort **'*' 1or*?Tiy ? ?""b.;r of ***1 Oonadl, !Imre?tiL ^ 1*y' h"U7 hn,< b,",*r" -.0 ""WaaT r s TK, tbere waa a iciaher of well im_, ? train who eeoarrd uohurt. 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