Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 8, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 8, 1857 Page 1
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THE NEW-YORK H URAL]). WHOLE NO. 7677. ' MORNING EDITION?TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8. 1857. PRICE TWO CENTS. ADDITIONAL fAOM EUROPE. Arrival of ilit Irago, Kangaroo and Kortta American. THE ATLANTIC TELEGRAPH. li the Laying of the Cable to be Post poned till next June? THE REBELLION IN INDIA. RU681AJI HI8TOKV OP THE REVOLT. N1TUARY OF TUB BRITISH GENERALS Oeneral Barnard's Opinion of Delhi? Another Sebastopol. NOW GENERAL CODRINGTON IS EMPLOYED. Another Defeat of the American Horses. THE FAILURES IE LIVERPOOL. COTTON AND CORN MARKET 8, to, *0., to Tbo uriiMr Arago Captain Dm, from Southampton, with advioeo to Aogoet 30, arrived about Ore 0*0)00* 70* 0*4ay morning. Mm Art go bring* 330 gumftri, molt of Item Brat Mm, tbo oinal mat'*, $K0 COO ta apeele aod 400 'ona of mtrebaidite smog t the paaiangcra ire I be Bob P. D. I room Bad fealty, too American Mln taker Iteolpoeentlary IB tbo Court of Berlin; Dr. Kd. U Lad too, of New York, to are r cf See patches. J. C. Brlmo, Biq , of Baltimore, baarar of decpetobot; Judge Aaron Vnnderpool and fanlly, at New Y ah, aod Mr. Henry Vteaxtompe, the otlebraied vhteahrt. Tbt acre* aleaaafhlp Kangaroo Captain Jeffrey, which Ml Liverpool at toon on tbe 20tb of August, arrives at ?ess yaaterday at thla port IV> Kangaroo report*:?Ite ateamablp Indian arrived at IJverpeet at 3 o'clock owning of iff or ncaday, 30 lb alt. Ite Caaeotea Bleamtblp Oompany'a ateamer North American, from Liverpool, oo Wednesday, Dm 30th alt, an toad at Qoebee on 8aaday n'ght. Ite Brtttab Parliament was to be prorogued on the 28th fct Ite Boor# of Lords, on the 34th after aome debate open the affairs of ladta, the ftvoroe bin was tattoo ai, ?d a malum itet ihoOenintone' amaadmarta teteht* Into m **to oration tbat dap six months, waa rejected by a vote af 44 to 44 The rartooa etemea of tte bill wars tea de ho tad wbb varying raanlta Covmamaat la tninn ilrianmt tehg Ian ta a mlaeriiy. The French Minister of Marine baa tmaed aa order to aB eaptain* of ahtpo of war te giro ovary aid to fogfeah vaaaela ornvej lag troops to India, aad te take item la tow wham becalmed. Aa BagHab troop ahip baviog pat tote Algiers la distress was tewed thence te Gibraltar by a French steam frigate. A aaantag waa held in Leaden en tte SAM, under tte eeaplcm of the Lord Mayor, la order to ralaa foods Iter Uit temad*a 0 relief ef teeeuflkror* la India A committee wee appointed aad sabeeripUoa Bate ware ansa ad. A tek graphic daspateb from BerMa stales teat fXe CM am refuted to oBtm LKt Motrin mimim to tMer the eaewAy ff KtrnkUo, aad that II weald eoaaeqaeaUy deeoead tee ameer aad preernt Mi erf at teaagime. Roasts is toktog aeasofes te Isercese her fleet aad awaagthea bar pamtts* ht tte Pernio. tte Peris eorrtspeatfel of tte London Jfrtot seder tends that the reach gov era meet thinks it expedient te deey aay p. aoeat inteatloa af ocoepyiag e poet km ta Oechtn Otlea, bat tbo g<rrorsm*nt organ* ere lie rooted to ewtet open the perfret right cf France te go tears wttoa ever tte etooaee, aad teat by vhwe of ea old iltlae. Tte Parte Pays my* teat Pcrela will feltefaUy oarry on tea treaty of peace, aad teat tee beet oadermeedlag sab teted between tbe government aad tee English Miateior tee toon of Beret was to be forth with evacuated by tee Fsrstaa uroope. tea reason teat It bad sot oeea done ear Bar beteg ea aceootl ef the meteeted delate to tea lows by tee prtsci.ial tribes ef Algbaalstaa. tee Reaataa govern meet, after tee war, pubUaled aa erdvr ferdbe ergantsatloe of tea Beet le tee Pad do Ooom, whtsh was te assume the t He ef tee squadron of Siberia teegoveiimvnt at pears see to have deal let oe lactate teg tee straeyte ef tele Ueet, e okaae of tee 90>h Jul/ hevteg added 'eorteea soperlor odioera to it, who hove el sonsy left far their daailneUoa, aod a similar laevw will, Mem 1st January, MAS, be added anaoally. this mvaaure M eoenrete 1 with tee a Boris which Hassle le as lag to torengthee bar position on lbs 1'eolla A Sao patch from Parle of 2Mb of Angus! says ? twain LarrngoSi whoao approaching departure from France baa b?en san-mooed by aevatal foreign papers, Mb net yd arrived bare, bat Is dally expected a. tee Mexi ana Legatim tee Lratoc QW* states tent hwV ad of forty battel ot ? being an seanl remised m Bnint*, tee tore* bad been re daesd te on7 foarteen battn leas, and that oooaaqn ntly gawrsmmi has resolved te raise at loaet teeaty new bat* tntteaa of infantry. tea Uvnr jnoi Pmt, ef Mte of An mat, has lbs frttew tngx Tmterday waek, tee dead body of n mea was fenat ?neateg la tea Member, near H ill, aad on examining It teied gave hw name as Thomas K ea, and >aid na ?ai Americas (te searching bis sBema a aeggat or gold __l toned cearly aa taiga aa aa egg FraSsmw w. ?. Allan (catered), tela of New York Ota Mat OeOtge, was tectortag la Liverpool on tee Aflriaaa tee leasee Usnw anyc? We behave ihat some elevnUom to tee peerage ef tee Catwd Kitgd'im *111 be as son need In < na cm aa at the aad of tbe ?"wto* fbey w.ll enerat of Oosenwi of tee highest wealth, who bare ?wmi4*4 aaeta la the I.-*wer temee for mea* veere, ear af a few irtaa sad itcmm peers. IVre Is she talk of tbe etevaMoa of a veteran natesmas? ree acted Ay ail parttas?U the highest rank ta the peerage if Brrat Britain tee Ltadoe 7 .an has aa article strongly argteg the ale vaStee ef Lsrd John K:m*U w tea Psernge, bath aa potto] sal sad pennant gtnaads. tee Urngaw Ilrrmtd, af Mte af Aognst, says:' Wm Haded** da** left bar father** residence at Rvw Ml tea awe* of tee war k befer* lam. b la anSerstmd mat saeMtebapermaaaady resist with a family la Ket tea*, where, Is all ttkeBbmd. aha win *>ewaa* a different same the ptem at Mies Matte's rsalSaast te, we babare, aaly kaswn te bar nearest ram Jvan. A Saepntab from Madrid M|i that tee atnWter* had > elimination an application from tee Man let pal Oar ef Havana, requesting teal tee Import dat es on towered, an aa to sees* te act aa a promo UnMf to tee stllla Tbe Psye arrived at PVwanoe oat tee IR'h alttmi, ant aaeordtag te bit*ri from thu city, met with a reapeetfn bat add rwwpiioa The tara oat af tea pop tUoe was bow over, vary large aad tea oily waa brilliantly iltmml ?dot aw tbe Wght of tee arrival A rimer waa oirroal at Genoa that two ?teamere aator ftaapettma 00 ere, coming ham Mareetllea, had been seised at Nay lea, srvet *l chaste af markets hs-l .g been found ea heard, ohws ehaats had bees declared to c >n a'n vugar Ihthea 4aMw are to tee fete Aagoel Tbe Halted Mate atsrp ef *ar Ptymoete woe to that port. There la no po A telegraph despatch la Mm A<rrd, date! Vienan, Aagaet 11, savi ? The Turkish Ambassador has received a despatch from Mr goverssaeut, which he has commentoatmi to ivrint Baal, la wt ta-.h the Porto aaowiaona Ida n k? will eg to re rem* rego laitnoa oa tee beats of tee arrar gcmeats made at Oibnrne. lb* Notes had nomeatol to aww staminas la MaMavta. Aeoniiata from Montenegro apeak ef farther ads of brtgaidige, aod eve? report that Price* [Holla going to i'H himaeif ni tee bend of na cxpediiien Into the Tbrkbh territory Matte** arising cat of the teburc rf tbo Chglferi steamer ware teWi to be tkaly w grodoee a eortoua diatouHy be, **ssn tee aahtaeti ef Tnria and Napfen Borne of Mm Freeeh paper* state the Prlaoe Aloert and the Dak* of IObabrtc|e ?Ul vtsU the otnp of Chalons, aod 'bat great profanttooa are being mads at RhatmsftrUMtr reception The Kmporor of Um French arrived at Parti from BVarrHs on August at. Lord lirwden had left Po>la Dir Losdon. A narrative of Pi moo Napoleon's voyago la the North omolo expected sbortry to appear, written by a Irtish gen tle man. The Hole tela Diet bad appointed a oomnalttee of aloe to report on the new aonatHotbro submitted for Ma eonaldera tton by the Daalah gore nment, and adjourned for that pewose. Ad r lee* from Athene eta e that Genera) Kalergt* wan t proceed without delay to Pa>ia aa Ambassador of G*eeoe The Mtnla'or of BwlMsrland, It. Barmaan, had quitted Porta. M. Kara waa expected. Kioto at the gate* of Jerusalem bad resulted to Um death of twenty-roar persons. Muoh eio temenl existed In the v totally of the Holy City, aad a general outbreak aa feared. Marseilles advtoeo of the aad August report a decline of two franc* par hectolitre on wheat The Dublin correspondent of the London Antes, writing an aad of August, say s >? Who* 1830 there bae not been ro favorable a season aa the present, and a week or so more of the bn<U*M weather wo hare had doiinr Anguot la all that la now wanted to realise the prospect of an earlr and abundant harvest There are no looker any oomptainta of failure to the potato crop, the aymp oat* of blight #bi h had shown ibrnwelvca tn tome local)ilea la UM oooros of last month ha*tag quite disappeared. Tba aocouals from Um manifaoturtng dltlrlHs cf Keg land arc generally raUsfhotory. In the woollen d tab lota there had boon extensive shipment* to America the Birmingham Iron trale was a evij, and la some lnstanoea an advance in prloea bad taken plaoe. Lettan from the Turkish prorlnooa report Um harvest aa ali over, aad tbearops magmlloent At the recent wed saieo in London the fuielgu demand waa much larger thm usual, and the rates eatabuaued we?e h'gbrr t?an any known for several yean paai The total quantity sold waa 80,306 sales. Disclosures in regard to the affairs or the Surrey Gar Jena Company or London, show aaaooad adiuoa of the no torttaa jrooeerlhga of the Royal 8rttt*4 Bank, ttM ?hole of the capital having gtne aad the oompany being deeply la debt. The affairs of the I/to'on aad FAateru Banktag Oorpora tton are akely to wind up very olsaatroutly. The bow screw steamship Australasian grounded In the a arrow est part of the Clyde at she wa* leaving hat rive*, aad for a day or two completely suspendel ail na rigs Jon Bbe was finally got off, but a*aia grounded at a wider spot, and remained there at latest dates. The screw steamrblp Circassian arrived at Liverpool on the S2d, In aevvn days and twenty-two hjurs from St Johns, N. P. The mall steamer Knropa, from Boston aad Bahfax, arrived at Liverpool on the 23a. THE ATLANTIC TELEGRAPH. to m iPiroR or the london hkws. Sib?Annexed hereto I apurno oertlfled ooptea of re port* to tb* director* or this company by the roUowtng geaUemoo < attain Watawright, her IbjMl;1! chip Leopard; Cap tain Jaabua 8*04*, Uaiei rdate* frigate 8u?qo*hann*; Cnptalo W. L Bunion United tftaim frigate Niagara; Mm tar Commander Ncdaali, b-r Majesty's *hh> Againemnin; lieateonot tommindcr (tardim, her May-sty's *blp 19clop*; Mr. Cbarle* T E tgtt- Engineer In Uhlaf of Ut* A'lartio re e*'kpb Oempnny; Mr. & (tanning, Mr. Henry - " ?. Mr. T. & Webb, ------ Woodbouse Mr. T. C. Webb, Antotant Rngine... ttc Tilegrsph OoBpety; Mr. Wildmaa Whit* bouse, Ctao trietan, Atlantic Toegi a, b Oonpuy; Profaeear 8 F B Korte In* entor of tbe System of rniegraphtog known by bin n*me; nan Mr. W. Tbotanoa, ITofhmor of Ntfloral Pbtktepby, (itavgow Otfcoge. There ore *11 tbe document* U>*i tart bora ro*elr*d ap to tat* Borstal, to pnmsaoe of .bo careful taveaUfMton* which tbe director* ore engaged to moklog into erery bb pUence tar asserts* n* for** forealgb. an oa*M*thom,a completely *neoe**fnl result no tb* next aacaetnn. Owing to lb* total e?t felt to tbe andenoktog, n rtn number of *egfe*tint?< w to totnro prooeedtogt ore dol y recetred, wb<eb ore *11 ai-dergotng *rtfni???*nlooU-m by toderendeot pertoo* capable of purging o* to tbelr merit*. I bote much pleasure to *dii*g to tbe obore nomed report* o copy o o rerr grotlf) tog letter rear! v ad by tbe dtrrctaro lb I* morning from <be commoodern of tbe Ame rican iblp* eogoged to tab aorrtoe, wtoob will the* that, al'bough o pre eat ebrox to operations bo* temporarily pmtpoood tbe *oooe*efnl taring of the noble, yet, *1 oil tr> tla tb* flrti fraita of tb? greot work bee# olreedy appeared to tbe form of on mention of motnai respect and kindly IWHig het?een tbe two Batons engaged to Ita acctro pitchmen!. I tm sir. team, traty, omwiK haWarD, nonrotary. At La* no Taiatuuru Oik*. ) 23 Out Bhaad *tabbt i.August 30,1M7. , To thb Buaan or Diucrvw or uu. Artarac rnaaiui H CtaMT ? (lun * ace?We, tbe undersigned oommoadtog offloer* of .be several (Pipe com p-wing tb* altaarie Udegrapb iquadion bore great pleat ure In ex remain* oar opto low* ? lib reference to ibe Atlantic telegraph We are or opl turn, dree a from our arrrral rn*ei?ti?? and expo rienee, mat re obeiae e* of a nominal or utayaloal obarao ter eilai la tbe wo; cf tb* e? <erprloe, end that too effl Mrocy of tbt form of cable ado.-wd by tbe oom enr I* la crery way adapted to It* mieiW c. With rogari to tbe ?acbtoary, ?* or* of onto too taot tb* form nf<..i!og pew, r adopter *) a tbe mode of lubricating end adjusting tbe brakes admit cf rerr f eet improvement We are tbo rorghl, ooet 1 oed f|e m the acuaotog* made ay Lieut Bar ryman.U S N oe the ptoteou between Nesfoond'and aad I eland, nbtrqu'n<ly o lO-aed by Lltut Dayman, R N., and tbe l?r**?<gotVm* of Uent M?ory, U. 8 Ut> or rotory, and from or owe nautical ex pence re, that ao oader or luifane outc*. ritsfc bet wee* tbee# potn ? to la i?rtf re wl b ibe aanrrsafi.l lay lag of - our cable (fa all ? gr?e In thinking tbat no tan or tuhmarto* telegraph r**l* con Id be devlael more suitable to *r*?y raanect 'OlbeobJ 'Ct intenird to he annom.dwhe 1; tbat tt* hght ters, luuglnma aad fl^xlbt ity ada A It In every way for lb* purpose of balng la<d between Newfoundland and Ire load, and w* are *nw|inng to recommend it* mttlflcatlo'i or altaratum W* are also of optaioa tnat no natural o> riarlet exist to prer**t It* being *aooeoo*itllr tall between taoee po nt*, aad out slew* a* to to* fatare ptoipaata of your rnterpriee ore Bargain*. We hove tbe honor to be, ganikmn your* f>ltb'ntty J W * W fNWKItfHT, fbiM B. 11 LMtariL JtxHUa R f>AMDt,Oapt V t K flnrquakanaa. W L Hl'lMON, romnta ding Niaga a 0 RODftaLL, con-inuading B tt 8 Agtmenaom Ltmno*. aogtttSt, i807 l>*a> dm?la aaawer to yo?r not* requesting m* to <lgn tae aertxapa*> 1 ug (Lawmeat, *ddr?u*od to to* diieciur* of (be Aim*1 to r?ieg?a >b ttompany, a* my same in numttocad I wculd ratbtr not append my signs tor* rbte I* my only imhb, and I entirely 000c ir in ibe outrhm* npreaned tbt rein - Brbe-e m-?, deer ?rtr, your* truly, JOW1 DaYBaN. H. M 8 Crcu-re, PowTwwomi August 22, 1867. [? tb* PtKarro** or tn* rauuaar* OowrabT (tmnisna*?#e, 'be sndtrtlened. ?ho bay* been an gaged a* *nc*nee>* dating tbe ncartrvouoo, sbipeaebt, ard (obmer*i"Q of tbe Atlas In eablr. beg to tuhmlt to yoe our yqngemtat a* to l a btaraa tor <aa o")h* for whlob It ? a* lb traded, la rosard to material, dimeotl ma and at-uo tar* W* e a*t>ier It to be so emlaewUy salted tor ley lag to deep water, that we net ma suggest an* tm were*ment to Ha tan aad ooamrurtiua, aad 4.. not renommead that any nbasa* ? Caterer should be made in tae maaufrc ure of say rortaer oahle <or onterVrg tae AUealto The outer eoeering beta* ooa>i<e*ed tM M>a*<te of ir?m sir*. I?tand of atogle wU*. a* la forma* sa*>iea. glrr* *ocb n-xlbt ity te tb* run* a* almost to preset t tb* pees blll-y of klsk* ooeurriag to ibe pay lag eat, tf tb* cable 1* p-o perly colled , while the af eagta with aa equal weight of metal, m ai*o taoreaaed la ease of a hrana* wire pee* tag ta n thr paying out maohiao no damage 1* do**, whtta with ih* aottd wire it sometime* uaraseta, aad oooaatoa* ?trim* torworrpirree Tb* oowduoMag wire being also formed of a 1 trend of aeran otppar wires, tb* nil*an* of eoaUauity he to* leal la the otrckhtaredaoed to amtolmuin taw tae Im mbabimr of aay flaw or s*afla*?* oamirrinf is more Ik a* oae flf the aewa wire* at Ih* Wo are, fltnUemra, yonra raithfblt*. uuklim r BRtonr. Bigtaccr of the utaa'io Tr>grao? Oempaay. R CANNIM0, Asalataat Regtaem. F 0 Wgite aametant la^la***. BKSRY WOOOBOl'MK. Inmow, Aaguat M To ma l'T?w?**? a* m tnnmf Tnianntrn Dowrrwr ? IMMM"We. the undersigned. Bar* otoaaur* M re nor 111 g w. you mat erery expert weal which we bare made a nee ibe cable, esery tart to whtah ?? base nbjaoied it, b-dh f>em IM Itauislief aad enndnnttag power, he* oat f wwily reeulwd ta drmowetrallog the twrfeol fllaee* of tee rabir rtr it* ellire The treble oorenag of gets* pareha a*?atirely proridea tar tbe remote pee ibUlfly of aa aool drtmi flaw oonurrtot to enbe- nf the flrut or aeeoad ml, that all rVrb of drtactire mtntaiioa to tan* arotr ed F.x pmlmeat* made with a anor leagth had prestousty rsoeed that aa hydraulic present1* of Are ten* to the >fe*r* toeh to a* war lop,red the lasoladon, and to the hi*beat eagre* ocuflrtnatory of Uilo le the result "t tb* trial renaat y mad* la ta* great oeeaa depths, lb* *c*oat pressure whicB a depth of water exneedlag two ?lee hod exerted epos He structure prod peril not tbo r II* blest lajery W> tbe HmuiaUoa of tbe rubmerged pnr Jon o' our oa? o. while tae low lemnereler* by whlob It wee tar* aorrtM Bdrd penn ed, ee had heeo aatlcipeSed, a die iledly brnefletal rltaea oe tbe elentrtaal n.edtUoa of tae getta perch* For a cable of greet tragth neweaoorliy Hwhed in a alngle enndoetor, we oaoeot e<igge?t. oe clcc incel or other grouaxe, say tmpr. reaaeet o nt tae form edofMed by the onto near. We are geatlrntew, your* faittifully, Wll.IIBAIfl WHtrwHOftlC, Krotriclau ? RAMI. r. E H'lHtK. k. IMfMm oe board the U E 8 F. Ntagar*. t w. TRJtfriow. Aeguei 31 ? lurentar ef tar Mr ran rWm nf trlecmnhe an gene rally ur*d la Am* rtr a an 1 < n me c dlPret t f Karop* t m>(h**or , f Natui si Phiioeepay, (ttasgos Or I lege To tux Ibxemrae oe m* An.,snr Tti.?)?t"* 0 wPAirr u*im Bin-Hhar ng a* we do meat tal y with (rIrra in the clsupi dalmrnl produ wd by the reoenl chert fipereb *d n tar firs attrmct to tar toe cable ec-cea tae Atlantic wecopnnt nrrerihetes*. a* Americans omit to lear* to Fngtand gotco record of the many ptoaelag rood kctkcD* Bid reelings which hare mm evutedbyao j to ruing wttb our bretb'tn on >bia aid* of the AUaotlo To youreelree wo wtola upon oar admim i ie of the ?atgt(mete at parpoao ut reolHad* of inieo l ot olio * bwb J< O Biirartoualn bo anlw-Btrd Tuwarrie your n untrymm. whcte ktndneea MO botpUnllt. durlag "u? ?toy in irri'aod bare born oo unblended ud to oo-<iUJ m to wis entirely lb# rM w I yf ooihIm u? I bo offlier* under oo- reapeodve irnouMi, we r etc lain lb* Mr* t?l iimuwi, and wncid drills lo oi<vr lo them "or beet aekb'<wicdgn*n?a We would eaiieoiailr. alao, and la ifee meat hearty manner make mention oi lb* tw) high eirrm and r. yard ? bloh the xneiam and ag e*able Ime* o-ur?e we bare h?d with Capt<ln Walnwrlgbt. WarV-r Jommandrr Noddrll Lieutenant Datman, and ail be 'IB at r? of ber Majtu ty '? i ??> engaged In ible aer lee, ba?e cau-ot ue In feel [? r ib*m, and the gr"U re* not we reel In eoetemplatng >belr talent end ability, and the never lino* en.rgy ibey bate aererallr dta tilat ed In forward ng the work we ba ? -> ' oee engaged In Tbeir frank and rordlai a., .jperatlon ba* b?? o greatly Irt'iromrnial In making Ibe endeavor to e-tablbb an auani'o 'eleoaob ibai wblob It rrally ?b >otd be- n great Inter national t fl i-t In ree wet in ljeal. Oar man, U le doe that tn addition we abould mate apodal dm niton tt Ute very great advantage that baa been de lived tn the enterprise b U>e narefnl and admtrab*e bum d* r In wMcb bla labor' f m?k*ng tbo aooaolbga and run nlbg the cir lo tailing too acrowi be A laoUo baa been cerlcmcd. We can onl , In coaclaton, expreaa our mrrI earn* it and cordial bone lbW your preai work, the iwrfrci prantloabilil? af which (In apbe of >be temporary ahr-k you have expertaaead) ta bow fully ectablubet, will be completely ruoreaatal wbrnever your next attempt tamade. We remain, gentlemen, vonr ohadtaalearvanie. ?KHTUa R. *AdlM, 0?D?. U. ? K (Jotque W L Bl'lHDN Oapt.U.4 V Niagara. Fxntoji b UOTH, 1, -Mh.x, Aug 34,1867. ras if Pror or rut riuiru to ut tub caqlb. [From vac : icdou Clra-?, A" gust 34 | The Mlurc of tb? s>temi>t V> ?Bk the State. or the Ami rlesB Onion with ICnilud by the *le erlo chain |? ikiiojh tn he <i? tered. ? ( mint oom\foH ouruton wiA the rrjUe tun that the /Mure i* but a temporary one Rail h ao (?ruled ai*>D cauw. bey-liu b OM owvot, M, for exam pie h?d >be depth* of the Atlantic preeoteed toe-imao-inl oh'e obstacles tn ib- w?y of ths achievement of ibe rnior prke-bnd Ibrelrotrta'park ? ffred u? d1 *tn? ten la tu ower or lhtto*ily by rraoon -it lis tmnrmbsluD th-ou.b so Ion* a rhalu?>e must have bora ooa Mt to wal- nt'll ibe ?d v shod moat of sitoooe bad helped o* to our eada fho reverse, however, of all lb la lo the case ? If lh" *? wot a'lrni -t bat proved nothing el'., it bat proved at Iraat that I bo mm" alob of 'he ?trr? at f?t dephs rather anut* than impnlea tie flight ef the eiectrie mmeager It haa provea tbat ?ho oa > can be payed on* aniboo> difficulty ubea tbr water oodor toe ship's keel U 3 000 faiboma orop. It bn- p?o*ed tbat Ibo sudron irsn?iitee Pern tbaikiwa lo g'oat drpiha oan bo roa/|iy ever oomo In a word wo now know by ok wrteooo what bad born affirmed <a theorr, to at tae olontno nana ear bo Ink) down n lb>- doptba of ibo oooaa bo.wotn the Old aud tbo Now World, and tbat, wbon laid do 'h. It will ornvtr lbi apark from aboro to abo-o with unerr'.og oor , talnty This, at l?a?t, w aotnaoowfort la tbo midst of onr dt appotni wai t It la clear tbat bar tba nraog meala oo board toe v.reel which bad to lay ibo Aral part of the nablo hot d r*n?onably oom plots, the foator portion of tba in k mlibt tow have born ex-cute I, and tba 'oaa?talbf pwkm have born Id a fair way to-aMe oowptetten fbo fbalt e nnot even bo laid upon tbo machine, y, although thin baa rro*abl> not baan the moat aflimeni watch oo ila h?va baeo d?*lsed for tbo purpo*. ao ordlig t> the aoo-uut wo have received from tbo Ba.ireu'y to tbo AiKntm Telegraph Company, ? seem* lhat there wat aot a anfflotenoy of properly skilled persona lo nUeoi to tbo rrgulttlon of the brakna; anl banco the sort dent. It won lit, of oourae, be tow mncb to amort that bad tbo obtp bald on bor way ooma other firm if ardent might not bnvo oecurrod, bat oloneiy tbo unfortunate mopping or ibo tbalr, ao H acioaily old hanprn, wan duo to ihia cauao a'oao Oi tba I0tb too vmnel bad paran oo ? ?H miler of cable, and bad made 1 4 mliue from aburr. Alab* ut 0 o'clock P M. oo tbla day ibo waa steaming at about tbo rale of throe knits, w?Ua tba oa-?lo waa rout log oat at a rate well nigh double the spaed of tbo atop Tb-outboot tbo alfbt rOirta were made to retard the fl ght of tbo cable, and )ta apaod waa grauonUy redooed t* aoout gro know, a bleb rate waa maintained until toe ooeurreaoe of the too-debt, wbleh happen ad at about 4 ibo next mora tag. Tbo manner and nanao of Ibo rupture are Intolbgloie ClOQih Tbo wind and eon bad both liwranoed; aa a nawr?l con leinator, Ibe fthip win globing wHh ***** VJT a feroo; Ibo iter a, in other words, waa altemaialy raised and doprotaod Now. the cable rows lot out at tbo apead daomlbed, It la obvkme that aa the ahtp'a atara waa j wkod upwarde by >beaoUon of tba ooa, If any rsAnrdioR tore. ?aa at that mom* nt suddenly applied, or if any retarding foroo wbicb bad been applied - a? aot withdraw** or at but ami 1K* cable would bo laeiantty ant violently ?brained Tbo eolgbl of all tbo slang, aad of all tba cable ? blob bad act actually auak dowa lo tin bed on tbo bottom of the oor mi. wooid bo oppltod U> ooo ond, oad tbo weight of tbo ably to the other. Tbo roonM. aa the ahl/a ? em waa lmprllod upwards bv tbo fcroo of the tea, waa a vary Ibrolble j-rk, wklob tba atrangtb of tbo oable waa net oaouaiod to wttbaiand, aad tt inapuod oT <? waammrng tbo mbebtaa." wTWoe onr norma pendent, "ahirb waa oaborwlaa in parfob o-Jc.*, 1 found tbat tbo break a had not bran re loaned, aad to tbla, ar to tba basdweoai of ibo break belag lumei too witt g way. may bo atiributod tbo a-oppaga. aod tba aanaequaat frmtara of tbo cable. WboaUw rate of tbo wbeow r- w ato.or, aa ibe abip dropped bor aWu in too a well, ibe break thou Id ha-e beoo aw?ad " The irarUtvm had, in /aa, gone to tea uaU on *??? waaibiir tMr wee ibe reeuli if IgMettOe, or uiUpeoW OWWem/, H la not ft r ua to any, bat apeahlag after tbo fact, we now know tbat tbo preemoe on b mrt of naif a ooaon willed moobamco oapabto of regtua?? tbo break would bye averted the accid'-nl One mocbdalo only was b<?tn clargc of tbo maoblno, aad when tba wrttor of the lOjott was en bia way to tbo Tore part of tbo ablp to ner^naln bor rale of apood be beard tbo machine Zv Tbo order to e^Tlba brake lb. ? bp a eigmea waa Inatabtry gren , b?.t it ??? too isia tba mVrbief wa< doaa aad foe a Unto, at least, lb era waa aa end to Ib a groat tntemaUenal wwfc. Tbo ro ? uU to vorymoruf, teg, w ?t wo rtOwot upon bow amail an addium lo tbo measures oi p*ooniUon wool1, apaa-an ly, bars isanrwd Ut au awa ot tba aalerpH?a M <at probably tbla tnnleular f?>rw of aeodanl will bo effoo aal'y gutrdol aaauai wbta tbr a tempt to roaowod, but tt muatoom a>nt> rod tba no air pie pre*aotK?n will guaro agan?t tba mat v oaaita of acm.tvat waion are all the wire to bo ap ptabaedod booan o the) am aa jnuit .moisted aad ua kao* n Uaoar ibaao cftjumauaoaa. it boenmoa moat tm poruat to cnaldor tf tiara be aot soma method of repair lag tba damage, do matter what may bo lit iromotiato rooao. It lertainty leoma a very Impr jrldoat arraogam-at to trnrt tba enemas of an Imi-rrunt an opo toioa to loo mam rbanco of paying onl ao eaor moua a leagib of a oavU ao ?<igbt. No doubt mechanical ideioe, or*a to, will ooma to tba roacoe, aad oiuwavel) provide moan* fo? dropping ibo wire frou akoro to aboro, but why oximordtcary monouma wbon percaoiloao of a Tar mom "?pTa aatare would an.01 a o. rlfertually to repair say fmSnam which might Uk. plwrar A-ouf wkfb bar. been ?u?goom?l two oaoej to bei mcomaneod nd by their ?Implicity and eppereol amdooj. Tlrat. h baa been p-opened tbat aa tba oaolo la paged onl it ?bo?dd bo coaaoowd wltb a aarlon of auoyo of tao moat aooootiy kind, but wW* wonto yot ba ,uHlcie?t to keep afleat mat oortlon of tbo jaabto whleb ham Ua- ar ad ont. fbua.U aa aceldoat oocurroo, ? rTd o* the cable ecu Id be!, it OPdd bo again connect, d with lb. ooU, and tbao to# wo kimlgbl horned, fta aoosod a.ggewKia is .ran mora wmpto ibaa ?bo flrot. It to rtoammeodnd tba a aooond vomol abou d .Herd at a considerable dt??a?eo a?to-?,upon tbo able wbicb U abaoluiory engaged la InyHg down too oaato; tbet ibe cable .bould bo mnd. to pawotof^gtb ri.gto^oon^ nooilua wbb Ibo aoccml .bio, aad ihctlhw. Ur.r. ???"* aa opiortua'ty fbr recover Icy Uw brekoo^ cable before It bud sunk betcw nil roeall la 'be doptba of tton ana^ Pm? rwml eoaineera aad nw a acou?u mod lo tola ktwd of wort mn*t o* p u?m, bo Ufi to jodg# of ib? fao-IWl ty of th~? tchrtD*?; bot Hnrrto'al, will w? t? M'J ? WMI I,. bmsi ,qu gi lag.auliy of too nation If oo matood ^r"tokmgupi dropped much la tt. pro MH .. ik,iri toe elect no Pablo The iHrietort, of w iiw ken (Pwi to iwidrratan4, have rttel'M lo rmrw the attempt to ?***, fworahle . aw fbr too paep?e, aad." ^ ^*0 BO maeefi. if to ay pi oft. by their meant ttoorto ace, why tboyab^uW m laocrd la too aooond ntonmgt ' we. ka whmb muat olapoo bofbm too next mr.ja ooa bo dm gaod for mpainag any damage which mat occur- tbat to any means of recovering ton aad of ibe r.ble la oaao of arete not, *ad of knitting It oa again to too coll? we ?koaId almost look spon tbo work ^J** aa. erk noe ea nod la too meant abampt kao boon highly rorrubo-a'lre?f toocbaaoe of ultimato Md epooiv ?oc cwoa Tbo*. prruta atoteb had prancoaly bona 'tojei to bo too chief olfflcuiwoo have turned out te bo^no^im tieu at all. Tbwo haa, to petal <f fbrt, booo a bitch not a r.Uam. ^ro? umden Nswr, Augato ? 1 The Kaat lasts Oomjmay aad <* Ot^^ kar*^ tern toed to carry out tba promws giroa to Joan, 1Mb. and to giro sorb pecuniary aaalrtaaro to tbo oompaay that too# proposed aad sow prop^esa lo m ostruot a islagrapb to India, via too led tea, ao wUl ensure too suoooni 't too **TbTbmniMiry ao mom stood to tbo wny. A mite spite Oon of toe question haa sbaban d wtwl very fmndatten o tbat fbrtram emoted ? toopato dbo Had fca Hue by lbs Influence of pirate Utsritos^rsaior od WNcttve by Igaoraam of tbo rogKw. pe?pooo?i te bs te.^ re mod by too two sounprticg nam, by too public grot routed into attenucw by too Indian aad by tbo moat p-Orst at all feintrt in tola bssy bga-AQ orss biilty to ibnas la power and too oommabd oror Ibstr MTtmH to Ikat tbo fsoslblo project Is odo^.andtoal wblob te Impraetloawis ten i? Psorsrooo*. by tos sbls obkc Ions araloat it wbiob havW aJrntdy sealed Its rata, hot tola raaolutton baa be. n oomo to after a seed low delay of two roam, aad after etpootm lo all too Ot ruch a delay?a delay wbkrb mar cow tribute lo lose aa aa empire, and whtoh dvea oonaaion tooaloolnhle locon rt si.and dlmtntobna onr powor o an oatmordtoary rt'k>*bnd hoped I bat too rem bo of Intrigue and ?i*Ju1??o would partly base koou obviated by u?e Atlantic oasio l?o lag Iw?meclately available tcsatahiiab okgrapblc oonimu hlesitoa from Hues to *d?i?. It lo aato, ho waver, that aa other a tempt to lay the t'ae acres tao alUwtio la likely to b? msd. ta OctoW W? know ootolai of ?l?e truth of too report. Without fbr a moment nod or raiu as too great I? porta nee >o our oowmorco <-f tpeody miegmpalc tote, oour.a with our oauwaa over ibo water wo caobet b?ip for Hr g ibo gmolor oottttenl imp?wta?oo at tble oriole of oo leg able to ceovorso wbb India tanaataarooaly We irunt lhat great eflbrto will ho made in eomeo that rahle for trdian purpoara and ihmi ?ke owners of It, a large manrlty of whom a-o B IIi*la wihjoctt, will oo mil mooed by mob Awn Id.ratteen oo we have eipreaeed Then roe ma to bo no objection to too cable. '? * ?*" tut od tor pay lug out to great driuhs (and the roc ral ohea ?el Of the Ited Itm 10 of oimeldombte depth)! ? win iraja Lit mowsagoo tomogh KM mllOte-tbf tecgeoi sweteb of too M trk Dae?(lib llw Mna aivH ud irmrHi aa vim coitk i ??iu|D frooi Union inLtverpod. Tbi prveent ?rtai? W nueni ana If m >re man be paid tor tbe centaM (M, lb? rxmstrt nan * all adjrd tt Taa baat aotbov t-lea agree bat la great depUa no our rents ext't to d auirb the cane, and tnentiw a uooaf thi water eoottoo. d through g*i|, gv,ai ten >de baa am o>h*d tbe bodom aal oroa'aa a lepoiit of taod and mud. lathe R*d Man (bare air bo hum aad no cun-enu bnl toeh a* are producd ??, and therefore oooAoed to the our (boa. That olroama'.anoe a one eminent I > tllo tt to reoelve a "b Bar re <nbta Oer object to to mrtte pnbl c attention bo the anbjeot, ta be bepe that puhlle dheo?o on mav rmowb a^mr al<Boa? tie* and itib a Ibe gr-al quceUun uf telegraphic communl cat Ion wHb Iad>a to be ?ot?M 1MB OilLi abb coatfiTNioanov wrru mnt. In tbe Sooieor Oioa oe, on ire 'itlh of t goal, Mr Ottrrm arkao the noble lord at tbe bead of tbe gorern n-ent, abetber tt bad beeb rnier the oonaldor?>toa of tbe g v corneal to avail tbemaelvea of the oopoetintUy off red by tbe AtiantM telegraph able not being no* ta emptor meLt. 'n craer p> get it laid tb>*n tn the direeti > ? *r ea muntaalon *'tb 'nilla?for In < tenia. to Alexandri* f Lord Piunaana replied thai -no carle aaa ant tbe property O the government, aal oookt not tKOmn" ao whbove tbe aaaetion o? P-rhamrat Be ?oa(d not g've nay opinion aa 10 whether li o?uU ha of eervtao in tbu war per perrd o* not, bat at tth perkr of the aetawn no oppU oatton one Id be made ta Pa- bamet t to the aahiiei aabj-wt | from Berai a'h a Lothian tfagasiae, August W ] like b< nerab-e Brat loola Ove any have d terra mod upon granting peot.ntar? aaamanee u the Rot dee tele graph (be tarma wt) be atwUy made p pobtte- On tbe lit of Jone, IMA, tbo Rw* fod.a dpeotoro wrote aa M I wa to to* promoters of tbtt UnoIn reph tbe Coa l ?? Wren org deetre me to time fat tbry would faei deoplf mteieried la tbe a*coeaa of ao Imjurront an undertaklug M ibat wblob on have mbmutcd, aa wall aa la tti tffi

dv> t opera lea, ana on be Of nmared of tbe oomple p n of the line |a Aleiand'ln, woa>d be ready to ooo-Mer, In a liberal rplrlt tbe propO'tUnaa wbloa the promo-nre >4 the Indian if kpapta may oflbr for carry tog out tbo wo k. Toe roi cfti ona fur Ibe CotiataaMnctrie to ilexandrla Hoe wo ? nhtained from the Turtle h and k?yotian governmen'o ?l h Iff .I'd ? f the r relan ClOue an J L>rd diratfbrd do R>*l cbffe /Trpolialitm* art noso <*t fool for UupurcAvs of l\r. JUantif culit, r blub la of mure than iuffioittni icngia u .ay n Una from Sue* to Aden. THK VKRY LATKMT. lbo agvnt of tbo at tod a led Pram in Liverpool, writing on Ibe 2<"4l? ult., by tbe ateamablp,Kangaroo, seedstba following summary nf tbe proapeota of iha enterprise ? Ramon bave gone forth ibat tbe dlrectrra of be Aliaot'e telegraph imetd to re -eat tbe i?lal In Ojtober, but Utey me beiv veo to bo wboil* nnamborued Mriara. 0 M Ianpvn. (i 8 tiar aad Oyrtu W. field bad aa lniervtew abb Rr Charles Wood, f rai Lord of the admiralty, ?n Pik?av,tbe2Wtof *ug'i#i,to>koow whether. If tbe dirrctcre of the company abonld arcepr tbe offer ibat bad been made Ibem for tne a bole or tbe aubinarlnr cab e now oa board i f the N-agara and Aramennun tbe Britwo g- verameat would place at the disposal of tbe Atlantic Telegraph ? ompany, free of cba>go. anltable ateamahlpi, i IB cere and nrew In lay a cable nerl anmmer, between Be* fnnndiand and Ir?lan-l. flr Ooarlea Wood at onoe wawcrrd that vbo HagHab government weol.l farnlah toe veaaela, offioerr aad crew, when de*bed; and it la thought berr. that >be I'atted Rtaaa goveromxnt ?U1 aot in the rame il"rrai rplrlt, and ag?ln laoaatihe dtameal or iha Telegraph Oompany tbe Niagara and Soaqoehanoa, U aa alii in li..- grtal ui L-rt rbe uf uniting Knro)>- and tme-let Tbe i jhoera of lbo KogNob naomoro engaged io toe ta'? afr mpt >o my bo rable were mnob oleaeed with tbe Nut i-ara, ud hare re do. tod to the Admi/aity that they never knew ?? ch n aieady ret eel at tea Tne dl'tMm or tbe oompany bare reoetred aa offer fbr fa whole r.f tbMr cable at a mnob blgier prtoe per mile ttan tt will oeet to rei laoe It, and which offer tboy will ao eep-, If It It dedvod nut to lay down tbstr cable nalll nest innjner Tbe At antlo cable ta wasted to be laid down at once m the Rtd Baa. or the Perclan Bnlf, ao aa to gal the tek graph Uno to India open at tbo ear He a poaatbte m> meat Nine honored pcando aterllag pt' share waa offered la Londoa en 'be IMtb for ibares ta tbe Atlantic Ooaiaany, b. t aitbont doling any tellers. Oooddtnoe in tba enter? prtae waa lncrcaaing daily. A private letter from a well Informed gentlemen la fbglaad tay?> 8bo> Id tbe Oemmtttee of tbo Atlnatlc Talegrapb Com paay decloe la favor of pott doc tag ope rat toot nntil next tumtner, wbloo a? l/H>d?n wan ihonght prubaole. ike it or ant cavie win re aokd to one of tbe two eo upaoieo or ganised for emending tbe to eg-aph t? India, and a n?? rable, aobvtnntlally tbe tame ao tba p-eaent ne, hut Ave bandred mile* loogr r, will be a ade Pit the Atlantlo Con pany la aaaaoa to be laid down la Jane next. tax MKIHTWAVXAM BUIVAXOm 1BLMEATM. Ifiom the London Nevra, Aogmt 20 | Yeeterday u e inglneera whotro to my sown tbe tab marine tek graph between Sardinia and Algiers, left by overland roava, tbe oah'e Air U at pc'poaa saving bean ahlppcd ? n boa- J tbe Kibe, wblob left Btrh mboa l oa da* n? a ay. lbo Wagih of lbo cable, wbMb baa beoa maanfao tared at lbo eotaa ef Meaara New all, la 160 ?Una, aad It m >e b aenx between Cayhart, oa tbo ub*4lataa ooant, and lloaa, oa Ibe ooaatof Aigotta. la tbe < veal of taooab o bring tkoeeaarally toab, Ruropo will tbna b# placed la e'eotrlo rmjmri with tba lalaada of tba MadHerraaoaa aad ibe roakarn. of Afrtaa-aad It to la ooatrmplatloa o*eaM aUy to oeoeo Bona with Alexandria br meaaa of under gran ad *lree ab>ag Ibe earn A Ibe *ngla?wrt oaloalate oo ?cfllokatly favorable wvatber la tbe Medltarraaeaa m allow of aoaltaoMa operaumo dur ng tbe oaaiu of tbe |g| Iq bf ?QPOSBiC(i w?ek I' eegb it la aot ta beaonoaaied Ibat tbe ph/atoai oecdl'tna* and clScoUna involved inanomadafag tbe Me diterram an, aa royntdo depth aad laeq -aiMy of ptataan, are I or mla? I > e apart from tbe dl'taaee, wblob la, ooxuparn itveiy ? peak lag, a of email mumenl Cba Kail?re? In Uvtrpaal. [fW?l lb* UverpMi Albion An (an St.] latter* hare b*sn 'noelred m Mearpoor. from all parte of iba I'tiled K1 *g<toat, Inquiring tbe n?ae of lb* mcr rh*nt a bo const*-tod autctde, vttb iiawttttoe of ?.*-'0,000, of wbkh forged acceptance* to Um ax taut of ?100,COO lor mod pad Ibor* u not a at. gle wt rd of truth la Um iltn meul No LJvar-oat maribaat baaoom-uttle-1 aoksd*, p-> 1r< rrponl merchant baa failed Iba w??k or laal lor ?310.000. aad lor fed aococaaoaa * ?100000 arua'ao with otil 'ot t-dauon. Aa 10 tbo melau iboiy dravh of Mr. fn rtavie*, trere wa*a, la tba aarl/ part of um day la whloa ?c died, rctoorru rf a palafol kind, Jm emaaut-n of ute atom Imaginative mlada, far bey wore foaod to ba alar >) at rar eaoo with troth, daalb MU| oauaad by diaaaaa of ? ha brail Tbta daatb > nfortaaatoly occurred oa a ?auliaf car, and tbara being ao rapraaaatoira of tha dr craned m he H?/,rk I inhnnye, aa ha bad gota pa I aar, aad baring 10 p?y uifrereooaa amonatlaf to aara ral Ufoaaad pound*, Iba rtuaa aad re<-llttloo* of tbo aVx k broken ware round li a or a rary diaadraa ?agero?iy aacb batrlag to pay bla dllT ran*a, arilio It rag.rd to iba deceased rn'm^ar there araa ao 00a ptnaaaaad of power* to 1 ail la i'nr bin, wokh Nbaatd, lad to ?< me Utile aaabarraaaiaaat, for woinh tba owabai of 'he BH,ob Kinbarge bate thaaaaltaa *.00# to thank What Mr iM'taa' eala a *111 ??tataaliy oro.a to be wu do uut pretend to aa> , pubito t aawr piaoaa U la a rary un fatprabk light. aadefoonria without hi* twang aiad and finai ciai tbiUly to woth b, will torn out to ba nuob tba worta frr hit droeaae Tba other naee, m wb'eh florfartoe to tba aitoat of ?2fi,Cf0 A'f rimed to bora taken pteoe, m toot expend:? id- par'i-er of a wall known aad rea?nrt*d firm (?. fit a tfce ntidttnf tba IJ er >oa. Exneaagr) t. a?id In bara n> < anted or dra?n aula to that ilea'.of ?ij,00t>to??,i00,?o I npt-ropi tax d the proorada to b>a oan private <tae; but tola a ae f? perj ib ogb from otbar ei-e<irr*taaoea, it ma? open toa qu-*iU a of tba ullt >IUty of tba firm, rhare la a wbiaprr of ttmeihlng like a forger, ha-toa bom per perard.bvi tba draft ?a? rrtlrod at at amy, tboagb avaewbot < ill <r oearao. wbtoh led to tba otnerm-taooe bring known, aad tba whtopar extendrd togeaorai ntronU ib n 1 hi* partner baa laft Liverpool, and la aaiag gaaaUad oat of tbe 1 rtn In rega'd to Iba third arm wblob ?u eta'nd la bara fniird lot k larie amount. and that 00a of tbo patner* bad *b?*en- rd, ? bat wa learn la. that, aa tbta gentleman lanrtrg ljterpeol laal weak, which he did n.-?nly. im OOBitea eo tbat be bad arraagM all b ? financial mater* >? * c<>rn atcrr-bant; but tha arrangement required 1)10 ? Ifnature of a partner lntaraated with n in aantaer concern though not In ain corn ban neaa rbt* tig nature be amomed. or bad rcaaon to tnppoaa, would ba oh aiand, bat ? an raftoed wbaa tba document waa pat before tba party, aad, aa It w a* then too late to antor lato eiplaaa 1 lor 1, 'he rot pane loo af the firm tick p'aea; the abtooad l?l of be partne, aa It te tar med, waa aa ocdiaary pre a racgrment, a lib Um knowledge of ** erodltcro fa* tiall). wba, a'tar all, wUl, do doubt, bo be?t? r protected by bi* abemeo ta tbo ragtoa fbr wblob bo bag emtrarke. than by bla May la Liverpool. , Kroa iba Loaaoa Timaa (otty artiale) tiguei 2ft ] The fallnraa aanoaarad ya*iard*y from I tear pool abow that tha ?taiemeMa on tba aakiedt or cab ad bit vo*k In * arietta yxinahi contained no eroggeeattan.'at hcugb owing ?nwrecvly to the rflortt ma-la ?>? pererne internal*d to *ayp caa Inquiry, tbey larol >a amae error* of datal Tba ilappdfaoi baMiu. Ruebanaa, Brown aad 0a meatbaed toda*, with habnaca rwportad at IfiOO.nco, b balbrat to bare baea ranaed by tbat of Mr Daaton, tbe eharn dealer, wbo baa left daflclao tea toa moat aar loa/amcnnl Bncbaaan, n . wn AsOn aar* prod one broker* wbb aa axoaltoM bcatoaaa, and Ouir lowi mr* amgki in abrtlwiafife to ?hare irtula/wni With regard to Iba llabHiUaa of Mr i. H Hayaa, oho baa mepeeded In Iba nora trade, nothing potttlro teem* 10 bar 0 traaat irad. Tba forgerWw < otnmiu e<l by Iba marebant wbo to aiiogod to bara dtoa -paarod, and wbo to a tivembar of a a*oat raopcotabla fir*, are bow tartocafr Mated at from ?Jft,C00, to ?|oo,000. II aaawt* a pr-uitwrvrg qf war per/ton* 1/ the /*i?irwa?l eoto wvaify thai 1 Ac) aJ*aaya rnpri adnrtt Ma/ewnU uat* r*yard In ihe,?ecuwtorg|?a**?toii 1/ sag ?aabhr-| sf LKtU ftnbg wtfh a teal icAteh thurr a pr-wbr awrtbamaw fur the rachlra* T' Mrr tkan/n* !Kt ieptiNMle t radar Afboogb It toof Uto at moat 1 aiportaaoa to tba ?tralghifowmrd conduct of boainaaa tbat all ttaaoca af Iho abuaa 01 credit abonll ba axpoaad, aacb rcfere000 to tb> n la laa adlatcly mat aa a dabbarata endaaror to canac attocblal The moat * xtroduiarT Uluatra tloo of tbtatoadoacy wa* In tba ootoelm* can of Mr. Otlrer. where aom* of tbo taadlag mercba- to. t tba town affiled their Mr r atar 0 to a not toe oa i*na?f', d-aoaauag Uta pnbliratioa'of facte which ibry mud ba?e bad raa<oa to ba Ue*n to Do tbo rough I, true, aad aoarrel/ any taalaaoee af large fbllaro* ha?e o<on-red la wbtuh the rami ayowm ba* nr.t how to aoma extant purai ad Acoor-ltoglr, dor Irg U.a pact waeb complain.* Ixtra bean aamerora of paragraph* having apptarr.. a Iba I/wdo# papers calcu laird to lead Iba paD'to to eappeaa ihu there ha* baan to ant quarter a d file*by worth menU-niag Rrgff oaa I heal , or r our**. *e anitou* to Char k vague alarm*. *ad to k?ep back all prt*a?a Infnematloo Ibat might pewlbly Iwrr'rre[with pending altnto to prevent a* e* *a*M>n of dtoaeiar, but to aitrmpl la ooasaal or to give a Ibl a c> tor to Iboto Uiat kaee airea-ly occurred If not Iba boat method of re-mi*teg tbat end (Treat the Inad-n tibroatoto, tnguat fit | Tbe fbLtrea at lJre-pro) are ft ran I lag aoma antaty for ba Mafia of credit ta tbat ar ghberbood. qyactuauon ia emion ?*> ?*n bM b?M m&liety ro4l-><rod oat for ?>?* lima | ft I, too M If feO'td tbol Ibo uBl'?TO*?ble roouli* m?f paw btf k 10 30 moofcrtrd TO" tuauonoloo of Mwn. Burbasoo. Brown A Co , prndaaa b-okert, It aa front of n mr importooco, u II taroiroo NobiHUoa 10 I bo ratrni of ?340,Cif, and ib* Arm wm moagril in aa coteoolro bu?l ?s a ?M itthi ii't) ? of Mr rib-It, Ibo ?tooaorofco*, white allblri w? rr found to bo la ? ttelo of groat owfuaw.n af or bio ?*d<Jf n dralit on the laal trU'lug day, art roderatood to bo booty, bio trantootloaa generally boring bona on aa tattoo bait toaM. THE MUTINY IB INDIA. rrron lb? Iondon nun (OKf Article) A? gust 26]. The ?ft* ?i of m?i frt? r?io?u Saturday morning, Bwe cm' ? fccfore iba Dotfcrtpatcd period l*fc ?bo p blic ov li) D) 1*0 ADO M o ^ ID* 10 Hi C.oofor Ad 40 1 llM(>?ir'6 * rsrtrr ilxtMO rtOowlHivoy oofo/ofobio, ta? food, ol pert, emd ? decline of a half per ?MH, f om ?b? 4 rfbbi iend*to reeorery t efb*a U enlnee m *o?i i OP. Tin- ?BD. gam???t toe Ilelhlr.nalosd letooheeda of iio ; that Cawiiporo bae Mimo'-nkrily b??u ?. I'tfd by to?m, ltd that toe bend of iwoor to'oo hundred C. mpeere wh? hi t be''I oat in the fort at that P 1 pert If H Wbeeier ba?? moat probaMr per* b. d; toat ft. soul ria'oarit baa dttd of dyieetory and ?f Hrnry Lew*rce fioaa wm,n a; that tbw mbotott be lT?pe to 0 do M well m the Geeltoe Oooilrxeot, ba e lb* uutoresh, aid. dually, lb*'- a la pa govern nam M.-aDier ba? b??n total y loat, eremod to present a* ua'eile *4 fe etogve of dlseeter But It -as mob^eeen ?bat the do* a ?at not so bad as 11 ? wont restores oo4 BUM ra'her of pa I of-1 Individual tonaee man of an': thing d r. ateclrg to aJtor tbo ultimate t?rmlna :l ? ol toe ?tr< (|k>. Although the d.eto of Uoar?ei Bsraard will probabft bavoieeyd tbe attach aton Del ol It M still possible, even ta tba present Inateoce that the ?aH f f bat rV-a may be beard ?r. ' erapb. ah ob w II be aa We aa to the 30tb of J If, while tomlM ni Telou'ta t???al| to tbo 21at, baa yet With rrgerd evtn to tbe fate of tbo E iropeana at Oawn r ore tbere ta alto some room Ibr hope, eKbougaU may bo rMbt. and toe fact of that a alien bavins bean rabaM" *7 fi'tual Hevelo k, and of tbo rebola betnc la '?<bt eelore b m, efitr a ?ai l*e of drfratr, shows a poehlvw urnteg <> the lido wblcb oao hardly bare failed to exeretse great .aiboaea. capeclallr aa tbere waa (tram enmmoD'emU'to from Oelmita to Allahabad. toe arm al of tba (biaa lo>aea will llhowtao bare stimulatedla fi rth.r revival of oraadaaoe at Bala ol a, and It letob* .a.retted ibat tbo lei g'Bph glvea ?r ,notations toenoe. flaoo the price of governmeat paper and ibe rate of ea^ t baste w, old ted mora la a abort oomoaaa than anytolDf eiuT Tlte mansy of the GeaMor Oostli goal asd of the whole of the troop" la Oude merely oo?pl?toa a aorioe or < T?rU vbicb wo?o Is p o*r?ae at ibe prarlOQa dmoa, aod f <r wblcb every tse *aa oteparel, wblle f o Iota of U?o p over tiniest atoomor, aa no appear t. baew b crillred, ?ll> be baled aim net aa aa advasta?o. ihertwart baviDy keen tbe tranatt wbleb, with ilw t?Wm oileePoaa la ber 'av?', other -be h?'? b?"" ? acrv.d to brlrjr abeot acme more terrible oalamtty Fln*' l?, oa ike preseav at oa tbe forever orcattna, ?*????? the Inteltlprnce ihai la meat cbeoriej Not a doubt la tbrowa npoB the orBttB?ed k>y?lw of tba Bombay asd Haoraa arm lot. and If theae ?boa 10 remaia frtB fol spill the thirty thousand ibob despavmee from Ksglard begin to arrive, n win ha from bo weal ct power on the part r f the government If aay of i&e Bens) cilia rare crape onponlabed. It bbe ?l?e appoara that Lootsow, rega'f ing which the moat Iswaae aniioiy Ifr?,a.kd ha.'nTt merrlv bron .Me to bold ml, but to rtrtba a blow ageism ibe ntorgeoU, and al hongh taw effort taa ooet u? a life wbleb aeeaaa to have bo-m regard to astbesebUal la ladle, lb# etdaeaa of Mut a?e?l 1? g'talh mlUgaied by tbe circnmaiascw that ?r Ueary Lsw reaoa )a understood ?o bore be?s a.Bering frooa ohroow and taJef Jl dbeaie, to which In tba rourae or a row year* be moat have erccumbed, and that Ibe reeth be baa mot la ttrb aa be moat desired tfuppmlsg the later oewa, wh oh may beenteobd from Bombay on Kowdar or Tuea day nut,tog11her with the otrrecled lotttla of the(W cu la daspaub sboold oootaia nothing to leipBTin wor.a at pert to that joat brcugbi, tbere will ornaeqienly be DO res eon for inorvaaed apprtbeaahm aa bftftol raautt, however moon the state of eoepeeae may bw prolonged CAN A If nor BAN ABMT BULB fNDIA. rKrvwt tbe Londoa Tlmea, August J> ] ? a ? * * * ? 8ome cffleera of eoaalderable axperiraee have lately iww treed tre* the defeace of la ha abeakl b. aieloslvoly miroaied to baropean tro> a; but, tadavtwdeally of other reweoae. U w oefdrable to dlrclnlm aa kwg aa posalhle tba character cf o. nqoerera rullag ay mare loree o^r aa Im mease etaarmed popolattoa A forelgB lavader weuid be ? arooragrd by the kDowiedga that be had only to deal with an Kagtiab gantaoa dUboctt to be re.laoed^ Tbe ma teriab cf a aa?lva army woold remain, a though tbe nrg.ilsatir* wigbt be dleeolved, and atxne eaemy would aoon avail eininrlc of Ibe leatrumenis which we bad oar ?eives deltbervely tbroea aside. la tbo alarm and ladtg aa t"? car sad by he Be. gal mo'lay, K mealaol so for gent n U at we all 1 onmmand a nat-ve army of m?ro than 200 000man Wore Macraaand Bombay- whewUe lAkh? aad ibe Pelade Irregular* harp revolted, it will be time aaoegh to ctmatder whether It la pomlhte to acid ln<* la with Eagll* Uty>ye atowe If Ilia ferae la lha Itoeth aad to the Waat their eelorv * wet.M he a atraege re vard at thatr Odelliy to dhbaad the Madras army be woae iba blgn cutf ?npn?? *4?evattal4d In BfDfiL t#f fWBDBrt of Bcmbay ban already thought it aale and proJeoi to la orcaae the air nglh ?t vary regiment on Its aaiabdabmrnt, aau H caorot be floobtea to at nreeautloee have been UK.a to prtveai aay aneesrlcn of rabela la ibe ctararter of rcert its Levies are forming at ivahawur, sven wHbio the dl. tar bed por'lea of toe territory, and a p-rtlow evea if the army belbre Oefbl eoaatetoof naslve troips It to rgale- to draw aaldlere f-om a hundred mtiltiBs than from twenty elabt tb* CHied Ktogdom already fare abas a larger ntmheraf mimary vlueteera lb?a aay eouot-y n vuiepe but every largo ?tu.dlng army la India wo.Id rertcuaiy lal?rfa>e ?l h tbe supply of revoim to the ragv la' fr.rt?a. A roeatderahte lacreaae of Erglteh trooca -111 be sroaea y for row e years ta cowe; but too a t of go verslag tbr Inhabit'ato cf Indm tbruogb tbom elvee net do dpapprared with one mitiabe or mSfortune tbe njstiy le*.or. which we base received wul not be alto ? Mher ivywd TOT NEXT N1WH THOM WU. I from ibo Looses News. Augaet 30 ] Tba Meaner Old t waa to bring ibe townbav mall to , rbii a Pbe would lx tbara on tbe lPto met Tbe N ibla was dse a> Ami toe semeoev, but abe rewehed before ter tee Tne lad.* U a fart steamer Tbe V -otto wl I biirg ibe Marseilles portion of tbe ft>mJay and Oal cuita rualb from aetasdria. aad too Repimlhe heavy p ,i?.rn |f ibeCBdl/. ar'lred alftisa at ber nrop-r time, i tee Vortto - ill raeca daraslllea to marrow aad taa aab ? III be rivBvnel Is l< ?"1?b ob Halurda.. The heavy per ti< b will aut ha uell ?r.d, prosably. beforeUv ?'?><*??*! I mnsib eir Colin Campbell ahouid have arrived owl at talout?aabou?tbe 1?U? or totomooto. aearly ftve weeha af < r br dta>b of tfei Barae/d at IlrlJtl It to eauwntod toat ibe Isirat ar we frwm Dvlbl, via Calcutta, to ap to the 1Kb o? into all Tbe aewe fiom Delhi, vta Bom -ay, may pettily be ap to tbe ?t?B. U toe tovol* arrived at t?o?/. >a Ume. acwa frt m ft^mhay via Mmae may be e? atctrdioday. Hee. WiaO'iem w U react Oal iut?a ab wt ibu 3d of (lotvbtr. Ibe Euro pane, ntto the sumraliaa ?al?. should call at Mas de Dana oa be ito mat .b .m a w?k afur toe N .ba kit toe a eab ib. ChtouUa meU irffieera are borled already to go ml by the seat Bra Itd a wall a fko reatoeular iadO xatal Oomrasy have isasi) lb ee atrainrra In toe la 'laa Aras. wbcb are ? the geve-amsat"haapertmrrtee If ear very Impertaat evca- Iroh place wow aner too depart re of ih,- iSreMe aad ft mbsy mall, Klapuswtote thatew-h was would lie soil to Oyica to be sent b-?me siy toe a. itra an eat n earner gu opeaa, and it onuld b- tale era had T cm Mars- t ies ibis day week, or from Osgllan mu.b Miller. N<vi from Bomber, ywfkgilart, may ?e ?to toWoaT^I -wda, rm '24to cf Mr, tbs Ew. of Exiaaw aotoa arked wbriber her Ma)ee j ? govenunoal , ban lersi.rrt a? y fuitaer iaf?raia'i e Tr m Im'ia lord Psvai aa said aoihtog farther bad been reeetved ibaa wee la toe i spore twe cays ag> I he tar I cl Kj* dixit ou, h aoggeetod ibu K wow M be cmveaeii toat ibe government of CWeutto, IMiwa or Bra bay ekflU ?er m me egret, or vows mtmher of toe gcveirmmt, ce, able of pnWing a few l?P?riaa? ftoto? leto clear ea? laieliieible nwHeh, which shea d eooetMuU the wbjrephw am pair b (rum toe preetdaway, had ayild ibe oca fas lea aod amtog-iny of toe o'm muaxwuoa reeetvwd oa tots aid ta former gocaeiere ("car ) BUCS'IAX AOOOUbT Or TUB laDIAd MIITtBT. [Med) as ( 10) Uorrt*poad?Boe vf_Lo Word ] lcola at to' present wumcat. from llape (X morla ui toe frtl of Ibe Hlmalaroa, !? the tosatre of the eria rs aad aarrrttlee? eOtoera murdered b - ibeir aoldim*. w. aara striated aad e*t la ptfoaa, aad chitorea roamed a l.s barer, their parawm' vyee wurh ar* toe eeeaea bow wBarnaul ta mdla, thai aaa "?uri mrv ww"?- ?" - Wlrr, wb4f?, a*Ytr%b9*m, for momUxry IM nave esiablWh. 4 their rw.eead tows. ^ rbia slate of to'nga has roweed toe RestlaKa goversmsat fyom Na ha Waal apathy The ^ablto rem baa iskea hoM of toe qomllow, aad eemeroaa pamphrte have beaa pabllehed to point out toe wvll. Ma aaoaaa.ami ^7wm to1: ** gave toe exam >*. of ra ve?Md,,r....Kft ?K. ty pwbaemm; ilea was Bret dtrreted, aad aU iba orgaaa of toe preae ea laetdela eueovertog toe evU ? I. la priority admitted ee toe only of 1 in ibe little talent aad ml bear t teete <n toe ort^re toe tedme army. g to ton total waat of eympatoy imtween mem aw "V" iTS. ?.?? ?.?? H?^?wTSLlS'TSSr.-. - >.?? B.1 *"""? I'l-L'.ll .sb ????". - ?" McMulmea*;to ?*?? ?J~*?LVV?S w waft.ism ke Ihelf rAttt <??, c%f ?>Hleia7?rM#r"imd obvdkDCOi they ibea Krmdl oa thatr SI'Jl'tLr'il.^.Dd torn .te^tod their ao.wa ami tortr '*<lhe gmeramnt el tort bled to paraaada Itself thai H wm only aa secsdeBiaJ msMay la two or three dtert?ismi rd rreimrais, ace ifaw ftoveranr 'teeoral laoeed a mslico to 'fisnrvlbi trunpa toat oihar eartmgea be pis* ibrm aad ton toe government would at M'fire wHb tbsdr raltgtea. The tmofw rmwtvod v. _ r ? citmailca wbh ? eyy bad r***. had a ttm boure after It bad besa rlMahy wad tome re?lmeuta ?%|b?lf Or dorrs, horned thrtr atato^ u< ^ (, UJ fcu-s^wafti tM? fcMllih hHWrrgard to ee* or ago | Tbe ?? oal ed eaettny amumed the pr-twrtlcB" of a ae rtoee revel ittoa, fnnaeated torengBeui the wee.* of tnile by all the dethroned blip aad deponed Moeeuiaaaa frtoMft dteeoatowt proeia wnuid ?er la What ia ui? eaote of ibis revolution? la II to be attri buted 10 ibe gr< wed aiirUge* or solely to dtnonn lint among the Hepoyty No, It is to bo attributed 1. To I ho pohny of mom atton, Wlowed for mn r wrt by tbo representative# o? ih? tut ledta Com poor - To tbo us just trvutmoul of tbo women nil betrn of IM defected truoMd bead a 3. To tbe breach of faith on tbo part of Ibe governsteal tow v da the army on two dtrereot oncaatooe 4. To tbe tanmtllaUi n of Kurepcano t? fbv?r nfefeir !>?>?? ??td elaevee of native# and Uwmtmui wtivg tiM government wlsbe- U 8aU?r to oblate ><aa from uwn. 6. To the tendency <o aeUohoid of tbe torwne? of K.>aba end millionaire inbobe. tl to a Mae appl'cation of what the government pleased lit ? if to atj le ph.Unihtopy. 7. To lleentleu'Dean <f tbe native preie. Le1 u? now examine o?cb #f three caoaeo:? 1. The government of tbe Rest lolta On amoy baa an uind, anibout any reason, ano mo?l unjiitiy, the king - d in> nt Ourie to Ita ter?ltory fbia faiae ac<i cm may policy a 'tuned tbe Isd gnatiro of he #ho)e of that rich and p >pi ious country, and the Hep ya, who bekmg "t icLiv tiOuda and tb? neighboring counties, took, op arma Rr thaeeuao of hair King A great number of other depoeed prlooee end pefnoeume i'? actually receiving penal- n# from the tympany, bat, ai It always eedcavort -to Bnd me ana to reduoe its expand'. lure by pretending that the wt mm end heir* am not leg! t'male, It baicrtatda general com moo feeflog of dis oootmi amcng U em which baa mado them in* a worn em mie# o< tbe government, and actual a-eol* bare proved thil mor i.' klog* and BBMM are at the bead of a portion of tbo ouni, lrary which has ?>rok% n oat. fhe gorern neat baa taktn advantage nt this to abut np ibe 4hg of Oudo aail hie Prime Minister ae prtaonera la tie fort at Cal cava. Itwlllaot likewise towards many other pclaoea now receiving pensions, and will thai tare many laca of ru era 2 A law baa been prepared, end le, it la mid, on tbe em i f bell j: patted, to prevent ratana and other Indian mil h nat/ea leaving tb< Ir property to Indirect netra; ihna, me pr.aiataer of cnl> l,Cli) apnea may leave them to hie tephewa and neirea, bot any one pnvarmlng 10 lac* or more can only leavo them to the Honorable Kant India Company. tti? law, If we are to believe tbe natives was framed with a view to the eventual oealh of oeriain r?j?n* ??<? have do legitimate children, especially to that of ibe Rajah of Bardwan, who ooeacaiea mi lions Tnia measure, it a >. peart, In no manner plea?rd aim, for be la one of tbo tod. vidua!* compromised in tbo present movemeai. As ru ga oa ibe women ri?htly or w ruogi r, Mblto rom?r pre vails that tbe government pet them to Oeatb In avoid pay log their pi nitons. A journal, speaking of the rents oi Mazpnrre, said last year that tbev nan iwen test lo a pes tlleniiat r? .dence, tbet ?h? par meat might atop a Tbe government broke iia word towards tbe arav. It bad, id fact, promisor tithe men that tbty i boo id aot cross toe sea Now, is the H rmeae war It ordered foer lecimentt ;o embark Tbe Brat oraer waa dlrob jmt. Tbe ticope bad rlgb on tbclr-Ids, yet they were demnateil and fl ed upon by Kngilsh cannon at the time of tbe dihb war tbe armv mfueed, at e or i oal and d? i l*e mo ment, to or- it ibe rtothj r i boat e Dacca The geoerals wereubuged to give In. end a tmlta waa granted. What Oude waa anaeaed, the go<r?ri>ment, ifn-o m eirengib, declared ibat the batla ibjuid ceaau to be ptld. Those facta, added to tbe do content mused by toe greened ear bidgtt, brought abont, with the g-.ld or tbe rajahs and of tbe blnga. tbe present revolution in ledta 4. Tbo Company's government, aeaptte Ita laoredtble re sources, has always gone beyond I ? mesne, and baa con aequrnlly been computl- U to contract towns. Iia d< Me ec toally amoont to U 000,000 nertlng. It waa necemary to csjoli or flatter a certain ich etas a la loula, aad lo sun ceud, under tbe maik ct pbWaathropv , eetlve -nagietretoH, judges and i rtiei .1 recrvlai ins were ap olntad Theso rtti aliens only doabl d ibe hatred of tbo Mussulman agalna. ' ibe dog ti a -brutlan," and tbongh making momy, Ibe government by no means advanced the wel fare of Ute country. rte Borgalee la a liar and a thitf by hla religion. Now, If yoa beat blm or aoouse h m on loving some arttoie or other, he tenses ion and b logs en aotlm for his ? ages. Tnr Judge, who la elm a Bengalee, lives It agnlaat yoa, basing piobebly received a douceur, end the g i ran moat approves It because the oom t ex puses are pan. The result of all Ibis le a general state of discontent among every class, wbetber white er bleak, Mehomeaan, Hud oor rbrlatlaa;b?iiee tbe cease or rnvolust?. (. Tbe license abased by tbe preee In n country diss alls Bed with KoglUb rale most have hatoned the present t Bi tot rah. The flnlse phUaatbroptate or India, ender the mask a at misslcnarha?Jesuit |d?gatata?bar* attach* 4 ah while vflktaia and declared teem elves U ? f< teoda of their black t rotters. To idem must be attributed the s tor tee tf tor tare on the high minded Bengalee, tkeno dlaoenaloati have leaded meeb lo lower the Bovsraorn of India in the opinion of the aaitvea, ?ho bevegradrallv a *qn red a(cooa* piste orntempt for Earoprean The ?*> ern-r Oenatal In aot even exeepted. A government thus molested looses ell dignity and respect, and want la more, eredtt; the last loan ends no response. The signature of U e Oeeereev Benefnl la not worth that of the smallest bat Iter in tha bazaar. on their part, the Besgnlese have abased the liberty or the trees to male proetemauoos against tb# government, to stir np regiment* la the names of eld dynasties, sod to preach open revolution, while the mist loom rise, op to their work, converted olonela aad gar ern-s to ihetr ways, who eiMtopted to rend sermons lo aad make Uhrtattaea of tome at tkelr men. The greased cartridges ewe an e flombsr, so mock no that on the ana band ibe dathrenwl Kings as d tbo deposed rnjihs, and on the other baas tea tovi o' a wto supported tha government, aad Boally the poop's, Imbaed with n na ural Oatrad of a Oarwti?a, only enure lamed sae Wen, one wish, oee wtu? rerotatkm and the bto <1 of the white mau The gov em me nt baa at last appreciated the Issraewlty ot the evtl Orders ba*n been seel to stop the troops for (bine I tomboy, Ma-traa and Oatomho seed what troops they can dtspenae with On >be ether band, tee Internal government la taking tbe foil w'tg severe end toerguto memnret ? 1 Aboituea of the freedom of the press ibreogheut India 2. Imprisonment of ell suspected king* and rijaSe. a Kmbodtmret of the a twin at every rtetlen 4. fifty rupees for every a teener caught 6 abomt-n (projected) of every native sobool of the government it froetematloe of martial lew with an lis rigrwn. Witt these measures sere Ioot?r Never. Tney wlU In crease the natre j of the bleen tgataat the white. Tana win be tbo ot I, result Thi oaly meat urea 1* be adopted are the fnHewing-? 1 Tbe sebding oat of e pereivneet kwoe of 60 000 Kara pesos, of whicb 10.000 men oogbt to be cavalry, ow Ute system of tbe Freicn gendarmerie 2. Tba Immediate devekrpemeot of railway* and high roala a The abelillon of the lax Imposed on natives holding efli Lai appoti tmenta 4 A at d cipai p iles on en honorable frottag. I nters such meaavie* era adapted, believe me, mj dear air, Ibe Kast India Company la doomed. kbw Ritinrri connajiDBiu* ron ncota. Major (t#aeiat h iadbaa, U B , obo b?* b??n s?leased toenail end e division la ine K??t ladles, bes left Uaadan lor Merseiilet, there to omberk fer A exoatrla overland to C'ksuUa Major if-serel Uapun, C B , uf the Knal Ar tillery . eao b-r dieting at had (Jrtmeaa offloar, who in to hot* the run mead tf the Rtyal Artillery, has departed by way of Masiellies lo asrtme bin mitkary ?ettee la la-'la. tiu DacsAimo iftinra conuitHW-iia anir LAB unci, k. ?. a. ;Krom (be Luocoa iimi, aagoat 24 | Mr Bear} B. Dtymerj Utm.i, ?b m dukmur la bit tali ib? wtl* o> L. chavw waa torn mc,t on .-telei Jay u*oa| m? IWIu lalalligasoa, war 4 ?trj eltlli gabbed rtVc<r, of lrbh blood u4 aatrarttoa, ?1 d oar of wboB idc at tar UU?1 My feel jmUy prood He Bad Ibe elder briber of Rlr John lal-d ICalr Utw rtbee, K,al,ll peowei UbHf Comma Uanr if It# Pob ?b, b#iDf lie nwril ua of ita kite U- oWaul wil IblUMf WUUMB lowreeoe, MM ttbM IMffW Of I ptor Caetie, abo tla lagatahad hinneff bo b* n'loMry at Aritorapaltta Hoi mother ?aa ? leagbvr of M* eap-klb Kaoi, of Iba oouat* of D.taga Be -aa 18i?. at battara, tB U;>M,ul MflK (la !?>< ) H. ao-a, yonkgrM dM|bi?r of lie Bar U*org* a f bail, f ibrto aagb, lrtUna, bat waa blta wideear la >a*4 Htnag ro il bla ml* ad> cartaa ai lie dkmaa aivaof of 1. a daadetry, aad aftarwaida al Iba Bo?aJ mm*'j Callage, AddMooabe, Ba iwtrnd iba mil my oemoe of iba Bam. Kaat ladta Company In ix-ii, baring osmnera madnlea aa br? at la iba Baagol trailer* Ri iiBb baaidrai ai Nepeui. Ha afWworao KB, ad a dta tietaabt I pari '? lb* * no pel* an oa iba dadfaj, aaai after wkMb ba *aa mar a a B liter y Cwapeai a of iba M , ud al iba mm* i?e promoted lo iba raab af Iteafaaat Col aal la 1Mb ba aaa appelated Bar ideal at Lahore, tad a?*a! for iba ttororbar Uaaaral no iba aorta wamara froatlcr II aaa for bla abla tantoaa la iba edmlBMrm ttoa of iba luporteaa 1 flioa ba ?aa aaft a K 0 B <01 ml la 1948 la lb# foUoatag year ba waa apyoiwed a* lard IBiaouPla PiMideai or Iba Board for u>? Radaatoa oad 0? Tinaril af iba r?aaail> aaoeicd p?oni <*> of taa !*bs Bb, obtra he iseraaeed iba h'gb m tamo already aoier uuord B bw tdadmetreme <ei> a a by ten frtearo tad b* Ibr aoeor?m?al la IfM be obtained tba raak <* foil rolcial, aad aaa alto fa>ib?r Bomtnated on bnvof Ai le d? Camp to bar u a roriber rengaiBoa of bu Btilla Ha via Ibe a ,ihT <>f an 1 alarm .of rofam aa 11'lad "AdTeaierta of aa (XJWwr ia ibe b"** of ICinret iac|R " Tba abUB* and druaaaa ableb ba nad eb-?wi ta ebeihiag iba progrttr of iba rowat uiauny aid ba loo fraob la Iba memory of on/ reedem >0 aaad mo-mag hrre. W a will aal* add itai id ;br H?or* U?m" wo laolan terrloe tad iba ?uo?l'? bare lodt aa offlaar oboaa baa I aad aaad iba* aould Ul afford i> opara taioa praoaad tup riant rriait Bat M B aot oaly a? a aaf tar or id aa ?miaeal cinllaa ibat utr Rear* I*?"todo ** *1?"1 bcrtaf'tr, blgb aa bla obarxaar trod m b^ib oapaoHM. A* a I rook, i pea, boaoroblo. aad rtrtirtlforward ?oaa, ?bd 1# a geaaroiu aad aa aidtb triaa?, ba aad few epaau ?od do .wpanor, ?o that bi. mm WlB itb qtUa a> btarlg apaa prleala aoatrty la ladla ao H will upoa lb# pabbo tarrlee. to be rarer ded 1 ?n*e rarrai 1 all thai ha noma li tre t _ _ ^ . (,0. af .a uyn^jor iff* oapMB ?r Mlere ?h ri iwaro hit aaa a, aad wui mag Mtod aa a ?Mbtftal of bu gnod iteda <u iba nub bat a aaa tela aa4 I a ha 1 it b ?inftiil. nil BiNbT BtBlltBff. II'>?MI V*i tm ?r Hear* * UI't? Bataard, X. 0. *, ? fa* ffa a by dtkeaior* batvut ibe aal# of Hattl la ra "6 : ,r m lie eart, waa a toa . I the tie Haw Wtoae Btrrtrd I:. B , of *' tier Oralford, B? he, by 'be daofb ? i,,. ibe ate Br Bocre thaaey, of Obar?aarwa,awta? ,d Walirfard Ha ?u born at wa^baif, Oifeedrblea. IB KM toil rrcaleeo bB aarly toucan oa al Brtfuineiae dcboal kad at ibe ujbl HlWf toUaga of 3m41ioi*