Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 10, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 10, 1857 Page 3
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Airarurnvxira wmtwgi imv ut. u?l 4 BEEUTITUL ASSORTMENT OT CLOAKS, 01 ROD A Un ird mantillas, suitable for All add winter wear, will fcetbown * .00/ preliminary retail ooeulo* on Monday next ?number 14. MOLTEKU* BILL, - 30J ''anal street. ETLECX LI0X8 VKLVKTN C and Blank Lyons Silks, Bulled for c oaks and dresses. Era now cn sa e at letail by the piece or yii-1, at general Whalesa]* prices, the r baerll er having received the agency tvlhttaalesf theeegntds from one or be very Brat maun fho. arei b In Kranoe. OIX). BUI, Pi N, 361 Broadway C11XT/AKH END MEBTILLVB-f AJX 8TVT,Efl, IM7. ' 18 MILL* A rv? are now randy to exhibit their rail and Wlrter Sly lee of Me abore goodo, at l w price*. and lorite the Inspection of Southern aid tkeet-rn Miiysrs, at 80 and *2 Chamber* a'reel up Wain. QbiOEEJk g?Mi** wmras^baaqum. re, ha FaB and winter trade, 18W-B, To lohbero and who.eeale buyers HBO. EOLPIN. Ml Bradwsy _ ? ?w prepared m exhibit aa nnusuayy targe stood M t* ?bee* garments, both Imported design* (personalIt seleum hslg La Tialt In Parla) and o' hie own manufacture, wave wfti m (bond to oomprlaa every edrafty of style and sssleHaJ at Ei moat aaodarete prions and on fhvorsblo tawms Kr oar hrpeetton la snUnlied. HERO IDEE I BR-JUST RECEIVED PROM TaBIR r*D he opened on Monday, the 7th Inst. There are eera ste^ei:lee. and the mylea are nae trpassed by any prartono lermuooa. MILLER E tfKENT, 70S Broadway. * TREAT INDUCEMENTS 3 TO STHXEQIItS. For Me convenience of lab ?n h-ring an opportunity of pne ?basing ibeir fall a> d winter garnr ,t? ,efore leaving he et'.y, Me subscriber respectfully *nn iccsn 'hat be will make a trv.wi_,sry or enter on Monday, September 14, up >n wbtoh err.rnou be wtll exhibit all lb-, ne rest lmpm-istl n* In ?elTot, moire antique and bearer olo.hi; aa-. ,ng others, a rerr bseu ?*wl wy.e called the basque rl iak, also the bercona or Era a sloak, forming Into alx diQci eat ?t- 'es MOLYNBUX BULL, II13 Canal street. IMPORTANT TO HOTEL END HOUSEKEEPERS.?JUST 1 receive-* from snation t tent- two oases and baes of damaged woods, from the wre"k of the Clara Irrv-kman, ooo KOm of irankete, drsp-rtee, ?rgltnh merinoee, de at ret, ta > aamask end Dlaek silks. Atex, 100 dozen ladles and gents kl- glover., fo sale th s marntng ay W. X. PEVfON, M4 Eowtrr, near Houston street. ATBOT PALL 8TYL4S 4 i> OLOAK8. T AIM AM. BAByi M, AO. #?008 LANHINi*. Importer, Maaufaetnre *JB lobe 7# Ob J Oh amber* atram, W?t tke of Jobber* and large buyer* to Ms am I and*** -e wn>l elegant (took new ready, vmprtaln* all lb* it aorcl ? ? Id design and fabric, both Imported and .if ma own wed brwii mAaofMtnra, Which hr wVl oiler on Mow Ibrorable terms, ? lad at prima J4At WUf IMTf WMspeiltloo 791 bombers street. Ton door* went of Broadway. 11 OI.OAJT8, NBW ULO KB NEW OIjOaKS. I . .at opened, ail large oases f It- art* imported clonks, to which the attention or Indian and atranrera starting the nttj ? mnp?utf<i.iT nf.Uclled. OdO. BULPllI, 861 J road way. |%rBW BHAWLB, MW RHaWI-R. NMW SHAWLS. I X* Mew rhrnlll- ah* wis. Mm* strlla shawla Kew brocbe ahawla. [All core faecnwint of dtatbtgulehod norelttea. law sky ratal' '*adu la htwoo sale at BUI PIN'S, 361 Broaeway. Rosktj a wuim.k tun rihbn a vol an*. A T Rita ART A no. WIU have *ea ij for a&le at 9 o'cl ch this m -rung The et'.hi. Blik robe#. rnofd BftuaUn da lalrea, Ao , fee. ?*i?hia?d at the large auction sale yesterday broad ??j, ' bunber* end street*. WUl be *l ST Ks.'.'OIKh OaLL 03 HKK TH1 STOCK OF cloass. on jur pretlmlrory op?n or day Moods y Don Mi w. oOnVNRUX Run. A13 On sal street. .. Aslli. SPO afeD YIAil Kftd. Mi etUi.r of French "leak* NsaUUaa, Talmas, Trs-eU ng wrappers aid Br an .an clronlara Aa well as htahloM from Itoe ?? ling .-riles In Aumpo, TV* Fans, V lean a, Berlin, Moaoow and Imtdoo. WT* TJ ? M BUfTTIANAN MA JKBNKTM wOl open hi# new th a rtreh of flto. mm'll'aa, Talmaa and traTelling wrappers, Cn Tfenraday Hept 10. *o?elti-a thai wll far anrpa-a Lay Ah it erer sewn In th a noantry. a regards pries, quality U tow In toe ahm men'ionor rormrnta r WILLIAM NAN MAOKBMRIM, Nrandr* b B Oldlpg, SM and we Venal stres*. near Rmadray If-TAKCrAiLBl) feTaAFti) BMBIO'. 3BRT WANDPaO I IJ r. LB PB*JBVAIv(.!bnrtas Xnaoal. anooimao*.) |? frrnadr. ??, B T.?Madame Wnor?l, awier of Madame Da |r?reer?l glean he- apodal men One to all kinds of r reach |s*irohiermb# aaade 10 order, IntUa'a. aeodoplng, yokaa Ac., tie and retail RJtY SFFKKi'JK rRO*II?J LI BINS. N.RBOT e/om lfeem?no adorer* frim 37 eerta per yard upwards, oeasao this tin ii nil ti*a* nolfe TAB Broadway. *b fe astor olaee i P. ii. UKKN A OO . Proprietors. ailJJRKHI, <*o. FBV.n <-'f PITTRRN ?ONNCS-HONNRT4-H*Al? Ihsw and ad lea' taps, later style* Nl per rent lea* tJi ,a i ?ay etferr hocae ttitoitrt do ? e i to ea*l a1 NaT it NHL BIB *!?' mltMnary, toil Daeal s'reet. or at the manufactory a. Sadt jo stuet KJRfUt i BAZA* R-NILL'Nf*T DIPARTMKNT. I Ladis ? are -lelttd'o L> p-rt the lurge ass. of LA, talc A.%ll J* cHHV F a I.I. F ATI *K a ?4o..N*l'H, eomprtatng a g -rat ?irtet> uf ni w ?? autlful and leliaae ah |w fir Uts fa.l aea nn sS AN INK Hi/.AsB 613 Bro adaia*, Ht Mr Vila* It. del. It s^siSEfS'S-""" amini TO Dltl BAR N MILLINBRT 'tO< " T a In raFn*i Fram' BaaufaeitiHeg < vm<pany i.W a uj street Sew lark, are no a prepare. I to oil ? be 'alow pa/to totbhwi* it srlree eoaatderaMy lower Uan aay other a-u-r i* few Fly Yh?y reeprrutt'ly arulctt as inspeetlaw at toWr Work tefare pure booing olee where New birbcn ?rf.)Rf in tub sowetT. f* 'M bl-d door a bote Arc me at-es . on!, a few Vorha Notn ttor romer of Bri ar wa*. which the dtffo"noe 'n n-i?.. wi i more ifeaa mepmsate fw the ts'aroe R.anoas liar>t her.! presses ard o her giods nor tie ted with th" trade who e l* and retail. LBW.q F TI*N.L' ? T1IR KIHKWKR. ADT WAN IMOTdN 4?Atif'T?' OA INOINB INIM k ADT w INIITDN t?ai"i ti .??! "iii't ?"?? is pare, .in ?0.- The m- o ? " ?i ib?- abtre seaoclV. .u I ard a i ?hra? a h.. o end L aar ih"? on 'he..* et. irslon ik. P'l adrpbla ' i ?? .uer, are parUcniaM* r> |-i ? el .o et a' the n^lnr henae 17J Elm s'reel thu e rnag at d wafc ry.irdercf W MKBUAN. Oaurman. A A. Dri tas. he.rat?ry. fRATFLLKItf ertDKL H ABLBM BAILBOAB SCMMKB A?RABU*MBNT t hen ip en clef W.meaday. June A Im67 Trmh h learo Pf Ma h Orotcp Faila train, enonoirtng with Uaea of etafa Wr | ate Mah> pae IBP A. M - ?i|ire*a mall trait for Albaay, ananeetiig at Onwm Falls, wt h tees of atogaa (nr Laka aakopao at P tr Fy's for H.-td(<*.ort; at Itrewsww's foe llaabnrfi at iThatkam y par (lorn res with Western Railroad h. Albany, Troy, Sara torn and the West. |to, e. ?. -MllNplon train atopptas at all station* (BP p. M ? WUimm*' Bridge train, stopptng at all atatloaa. g jg p. H. - Whit* Plain* train s oj.ptnr at all ?isOl ioa TWBITTT SIlTtt ST***T ItlTIM.^^^H fd( A M. nil laom* nr'dce'rain stopvlng a. all atatinaa '? A. M - W ilUamatNndge tral*. stuouirg at aU Button*, w A M ?Wh .eWlalt a train slopolaa at all atauon* p (.--Williams' rtriige tnli. stopping at all amucaa. . M- Crotoa Pal ? irate, slopping at all ataflon* BP H- William*' Bndgs trate, roe <tag ai all auuona WW J 0 AMPnRLL. RnnerlaUmdeaL I0DMON A1VRR RAILROAD -*MOV .'OLT A, 1WT, jtrc-ix* tpala* a ill 'oar# '"baarber* gtree", at 6 >ad 9 W '1 M.. SJP and 116 F. M. a., ta a.. Js ^ ^ nflTH, NnpertotowWmt ? -dbfbbdbnt unr BMrwm bp-n >rk 1 ^ Br.aoi aad Bawp.- d* ,er (SOTAR it?R. ttopt ntotri. 1 Deer!*! wUi laats Baw TorR. from yto Ma. *7. foo? jf lohtaa*. atrtoisBo lb '*? r,'7.T?'V^ (br.raaay aud Pur fay at 4 o oinob F. k. Paw bat wear van Torh hJ Amur, M ^re Newport ?. *P( W H ' iRi*. Ageel. na tne wneri NB* TOMB and *|FHtVM B a ILR'l AD-dlM mce arriaaamsnt Wmmiotelng Jn'y IV 1A4' Pamwa. fw ru'sia I-. N> a- v -h enri."r of *wi-"? s. * a i-*e. .nd ? onrth Sr.-one entr.nwi on Twortv a eer h street. _ _ Tf list irirr sew tor* ial'iFr*i',;"'Ti" J i.iiDiiMi' lii JFiwr"S90^" 7 *>? 1 *? v f?* ?? '? " ' ??? ?'?* ? Far WArd Ni raifced. Fair* Id. Ro'iDt wl aad WesHnrt ' ? ; i? v..? ' t.?|. ? ^Aw Nm sraii i A , h .0 A. II , 11 if, *43. s Ml** I 4 A) I W, (2* *rr*W*"d a,"w,wk-h-7 ?*?. ? ? A. M 5 U <3. S V, 4.?i, 2* 9r,A.u. Hit." u 4.B1 UA Ir? 4 ^yrfj"d .'sT**1** 9?A M. r T row? e- ? to s W (?? ?? 4 PI I* *1 |F* 1 P f.w Si I rd er't N\irtegflrld- ? fei A *1 lit V, II <3 " " I? ^ ? I- nr N'l'-ii Msal to W'>itr-*l "J A. W (?> -d? *?p W.fRi Ito ?onbsmpton r w Coaai K*iifo*?i . ? a w m), and U 41 P M. * l*r,f alwTrandlte It*' rovl ? *' * * MMF M. or HmKth til' R?l'r. A IP 1.1., itl'V W For N?M?a'' 'h Rfl!ro*o 'Pi * M If .v ?ni" < J, p W " ~ tabnry I * ? ? J " " Tor Dsnbnry and Wnrws'k dallmshl -; jn ?. v m If * tut" to fi i t..i... rwm New HarfM 639, JtW, *81 4, M (** I; I-W tFi >, ft " '* , , .* ' I' in <..w .#?> ' *, i ; r ?* si) m N .1 Id lit ? IB, Id A3 A. ? (Kg ). |:\t ?' - p . .neater I ; ? . r., ? a ? i 1 ABINGDON 8QUAEB. BA8T SIDE?4 SUIT OF handsomely famished rooms, in a flrni nlass home, to let. with fail or partial board, to i Ins a gentlemen, or gentle Man midwife alro a ha dsome back parlor, on reaaonab a teiDi keierrnoes exchanged. 10R TWO GENTLEMEN OAK BK ACCOMMODATED nttb a wall furnished front or back room, on ?-<? md H >or, In a central location. Reference required. Call at 161 Frtnoe atroet 2 AMD 4 ABINGDON 8QUARK, WKST SIDE, COR ner of Bank street. - Appartmrnta with board, oonve slant for families and stagl* senile men. References ra gulred. 5 UNIVERSITY PLACE, NEARLY OPPOSITE WASH lngton square.?New and elegantly furnished parlors and bedrooms on the lirst %nd second story, for gentlemen, with or without breskft st and tea. Also rooms on the third Boor. Ro fercncca exchanged. 5 THOMPSON STREET.?FIRST RATE BOARD-SlW g!e beds and pleasant rooms (Or ES and B3 #? w?*k btrangers and others will And this pMce quiet and agreeable, and convenient to busliies*. 16) ONION SQUARE. - ROOMS WITH NO ARB, SClTa \A ble for married parsons or stasia gentlemen. Else, a beautiful suit of rooms on the second floor, fronting the nark. wtth srlTnta table If daalrad. "1U UNION FLaCB ?PaElIES OK GENTLEMEN, OR 10 f- milles may ob ain handsomely furnished parlors and bedrooms, also rooms suitable for single gemiemen.^ Os| WKST TWENTY KIGV TH STREET. ON THE OOR fiU srrof Broadway.?Desirable suite ot furnished room# to let, wl'b board suitable for (am dies or parlies of gentlemen, at moderate prices. OS) I'NIVPBSITT PLACE.?A HaNDSOMELY 'UR ti u nl ked ? It of roomstol t, to a gentlemin and wife or sirg'e gentlemen, with board If desired. SLo a room and bed room on tn* third floor. References exchanged. nr GREENE 8TEBBT BETWEEN CANAL AND GBAND itO streets, thr is minutes walk from the St Nicholas H<v isL?h gentleman and hlsw'fe.or a few alagte gentlemen, aan be aoeoaaaaodated with handsomely furnished ro ms, wtth break feat If desired; gas, hot and sold baths: referteoes ex. Wsmged. ()L* AM1TT PLACE, ONN DOOR FROM tfLRECKBR lAj rtreet ?Furnished rooms in a private family for gentle n rn only First class aoaommodeuoos Bretkfhst, It re quired. Trrms moderate iju ST. MARK'S PLACE -GENTLEMEN AND THNIR AU wires and single gentlemen can be accommodated with "urnlshrd roams sad board. Planer at 6. Referenoes whanged. Dinger st 6 o'clock. 9 Y BOND STB EST THBhK ROOMS 10 LET, Wlffl A<< boa>d. on tie second floor raimaut nt or transient, to ger'iemen and their wives or single g'-nuemen; con id oo com modate a few day boarders Csfi tor itrse or four ays /C EAST TWENTY FIFf II STREKT-A HANDSOMELY t) furnished parlor with bedroom ad J lining, to let, with beard, to a lady and gentleman. House first cuts* Only a few eteos fr m the F' nrth avenue References exchanged A Q UNION SOU a RE, OR NEK OF SEVENTEENTH TtO s'reet and Fourth srenite. -Gentlemen and 'heir wlvwi or stLg e gentlemen may obtain desirable rooms, with board. Reference required AQ SEVENTH AVENUE. SOUTHWEST CORNER OF TrO Fon-teen h street ?a suit of furnished ro;m?. with full or par 1?1 ho-.r1 to let to single gent omen. or g?nt?m->r ar-t their wlvnr : house oontstns all the mydern Improvements, r. frystSSSS ei-hanr?d; family rrlvate ?4) BRMHBN STREET. BROOKLYN HEIGHTS.?A {t handsome suit of rooms on Orel floor, can be procured at the above first clam residence; also, actcommodvi.-ua Id third stor ? suitable for gentlemen. Dinner at 6. Ref?reucee si changed. 71 W?ST TWgLFTB bTREET?8U118 OP BOOMS _ rnl'ahle for msrrled or slag r gentlemen, dome first Oikm. fsmlly small at d select. Reference# exchange T A W68T TWENTY THIRD STREET.?A 8U1T OF I T rooms on second floor, front, sellable for a gentleman and nls family, v lao single ro-ms? tuay be obtained with board. Location desirable References required. jii and 84 rant twenty-third strcki.-a OA parlor and bedroom on the seoNid floor to leC also, a <ult of paricrs on the hr*t floor. TikC WFhT NINTH STREET.?B'^ME ELEGANTLY FUR XUcf rt>h-d ? ni <v mmodlous sails of rami o let, with or wl bout board, for gentlemen and their wives or single |l ntle rreu hot and e da water and gw In the rooms. . Liner at 6 oil <1 lllT Wvh STEK STREET, NEAR SPRING.-NEWLY 11/ I furnished ruoinx, with partial board, for single gentle men or g?n'-lMJ*-n and their wives, where the yomf >rts of xotne may be expected. Path, gas, Ac Terms moderate, ao, SjMWWE rrylr.d I | i SEOCND AYtNUB, f'OR?ER OF SEVENTH II "X al?vet ? ?a?nl m? at. 1 slnvlt ges.lemencan fled bar fi scree iccomiLodaUnnii by i PP lying at the above desirable xetlm. mOKNKV STitlCKT, BSTWc.BN PIKlT'ANtl RCT gerA ? A tm'.ie.nni, and rrfoctn be atomumndmed wl'b a p'i-?s?'.? r?oia (atth bedr am It' r*qtilmtj furulehel or 11 turnisbcd, wi b roa d; ro tut for ?Uii:-e ^em lumen. 1?>Q b* CND 8TB bb'T, ?**? FlRtT AVtNuB-Dd 1 ? O r.ira ile ro'tns <o let, oo the second and third Hours, with o- without board. In alderman feaulv. I-teat Km (!?vnt Hu. bam. 4c., >n the house Cunrenleat to the oats and Broadway MWM. 1?J| HOilfO* ATRICCT, sr. JOPN'H PARK -A "IN lOl tl> mtii and wife can be aooomaandauK) wl b a hand asnr front larli r on first floor, on for at bed, also room* for login . -otlrme i with board. tfss and baths a ?1 BlOBfU b't HKKT, ItRfWRBN BIOAUWAY AND i^O r<r ' _ 'ounht*renu'".-Ht?veral pleasant room may be bad wt b t,i ar?. Reference .'icanuKf d. 1i7 H0IX9ON 87 RRIT, FRONTING 8T. JOHN'S ItI park ? Fnniishr 1 rsma ts let. with or without bourd to aintl* eemlenmo or geoUemer and thnlr wire*. Tbs house bar aD ibe modern Improvements. Also a hall bedroom, gin ?Is rorm. 200 BsBT BBO MJWAT TO LET, WITH BOaRD, A ant. of room*, handsomely rtunlahed oh moond floor (Pont; I oat; alan two ?cft? roams, with enameled furniture, house as Bng'tsh, has all the modern Improvements, re doom above Jeirerwui street. Be'eronoes siehtnfad. ntl | THOMPSON STREET, NNAR WA8HIROTON /Lit T si| 'are.?Kin e airy rooms to let. en second fl-ror. in ?u a oretimle. u) (\mliw or ??nit?men. with board: also a ball bedroom on 1 bird floor. The house contains all the mo dern improvement* 290 a HP IT OF BOO AH K IUANTI.T FI7RWTNHED, TO A. fh'ber or sraraoOr to tea bi pWlsM*, Is I ptMN ftmlly, at 7* We-1 FtNrnnth street, be,* <wn in ins pitee and TWrd sviiut, it'b Wak'ast. also, i ?o king's - ,nmi. fM house W new a'd erslatns all the modern tmpronmenu A WIT OF B.KIIOI TO LET?WITH ROAR9, IF ?T A NWALf. PRIVATE FAMiliY, Of TW<> PEN* >Nd a hnet*t mors room than th?r front's will lei altr*? fnrnUtwd ' MR y-ae g*a a. > r -*< y rouvonlen"* nine or two ? nttnn en OTq'tMt h?h tr, with r>f WtNoel par 'tal to r t. ?p?w reasonable*; house pi anan lf '?mat - Fttstn Are * liftee* walk if Fullo and Wall't ' ris s Brooklyn Address Home. llt-rsM utiles A west n* Hr rdwr y. he ??n Kleh'h ae<l fnC ir.p 'et a flue b rye ? all furrlshao room, us sewn \ il iv; ?t o Q..Q WBhf TWENTY NFfOND RTR CRT.?GENTLE URN Z CitJ and 'heir wires, tnd e rsw single (eoUeasn. can find , P'earant rooms with board In s first cUsa house with alt the i modern |iaprorcmruls. by applying as shore. References ex 1 ehasfrd. *J*J?} SPRING STRRBT ?FCBNI8HBO ROOW8 TO LCT. AvU *tvh all the modem Improyementa, with partial board. at* - a hasement for ar ofllre. ??) -A FOO RTH s V SNP E- s LA ROB PABL- R WITH ?t rtr badr ?>m adj, a'so suit* of mom on second floor,'o l?i, wl'b board, to famlltes or parties of sen J msn. at tbi rrurts av ut.r, tietenns Twontlsth and Tr n If first suses. Refarrio'us *gchaa|ed. I?7a Ft PRTH 4Vr.NI K. NBAB Z I u street ? . rr?y fins suit of rooms In let, wttti bfrd, Ingethrr or separate the house he? every convenient? ??*. bath. 3l',set* Ac , rans'ly q die smal:, every attention paid to secure cmlnrl shQX WV^T TWBNTV NBTftND 8TRRAT.-TO l.BT, ) with ft ,,r psnul b'fird, pV we.n: and dt-slrablu rooms, lorattoa pletiaaul. near cure nd st.iycs. WCPT TWRNIIRTH NTRBRT -A R0IT OF ON turnlebed fr nt nv-ms In ?et, wf.b buord. house Has all the mnrlrrs ini mvnt, uts, rt f-'rences etrbanged ?>?>41 BROOMR NTRBRT, HBT? RCN BOWhtCV ARD OOVr , h'vstb sire-1 fw i younr o.en or a gentleman ar<1 ?t> c?n ?e aoccmsBodaied with plr'sant rooms sud board, cn rvssoeab * less 7 /? 7 broadwat.-Rcirs or Room rlroantlv I U I fnmtsaer. fur ramble*, also room I f ?r single gentle T"C, caa be an*> red for un wtn er, by louneil'ate appllmipm Tab I* d'hote oe t*v Boroveon plan, and private table If dmared. S? fervours reqntTrd W.TQ 3BT4ItS AT NORTHKAFT OONNBR OF NINTH I I Z street f nrxtahed ncmi. slorle or In suits, with or wlibo,.t me-Je 'u I or rental board nnusas well fnrntahel. hearth' prtbelrsl hotels treatrea, llbrarlei, reotenranls. 4o A URNT1JUIAN AND WTFR. OR TWO RINGLR URN JV Heme* e*n obtain very plea?aat apartssenta on second floor, wUb h Sirrl In a prtvala family. The honor omuilns all the modem hnprotements and le In a gEnseal netgh jorhoccc Apply a' 170 Bast high teen th street. A FEW ORNTLKMRN AN1> THR1R WIVRK, AND A FEW A sins'e get tlssten ean be aocumm-idsuMt bosrd at 17 WUlow rtrvst. Hruohlvn Poevm ?ol to ferries and the p>osl pleasant oatghbo; noc ,1 la Beouhlfn. References given ai d renntrsd. , Ml. 1H,I AlrEtl URNILRMaN WIS IKS 4 Pi.KA A ernllj fnrtisbrd iwim wtih nr wltbont lariiat bonr?. near Bmednar not hhovs ?'imrtcsnth street, aqtilei him,' In sp-tvse raauly .1 some respectable wtduw lady preferred. Be rrenws eiehsbged. ? dimes wtlh dsacrtpUun nl roo*1, l-v atlon sitd terms. Which must be moderate, Nr. Hnwtfd, I n "ort eft tie. . NV PRIVATE flKRNAN FAMlbT IN RROOXLVN. A. ro Iavleg ,,'her bo*rr,, r?, sod spiling o let 4 fnrnl-b? 1 m- m snd h?1r> m wtb board, may be \r of a qs et uccr.p' able truant, by addrese'ng I. B if, hoi Rt Poitoitl.** NT HlitHLT RBNPBOT ABLE PARTY, B1TITRR a genHt man and wife or single gaetlemen, deslrltvg beard for Uw en.-is| whs <?/ amy fsd on available ov,,?4-nn. ty In a private amity osn'nd a le-y sup, rtor and ?j>* Iota house, sitnaovt w u?s huhih ward a few btnehs wast of Brtmd way For cards or addrrss apnr b* 11 117 Nrnth sl re t?l ?t. ah,, roama liv Mr-a cmtl.'mce.ts a v.ry pb . sen' local ion. crmvanleet to the e?re and tbre* Unas 0* r'agas. Appl; at "t We*' ronrtc eth ?f est, first hotrne weatulelsA avvntte. PBIVATN FAM 1,1, OOttr pfNtl A FIRST t'f.AAH b','1 ?*. w"h ill the rsn^ rn Improeenset v '? ? r. i,r? ? a m .!?! i n Fir II ir wt h or v ItVnn'brc-.sfse., rc on- 0r two an* .ecttrmen he other t-oar.terg tascn. \ tdruas wtlh tutme, H P , V,va1d "Hoe. Rc'erence( vs itilrro. t Wil l- FURNIR III' no SR. IN W1NT Ft?UR *t te ? h arret, ne?r Kev,-nth sren te, three ? ,ivr s'tic an I baecmen to et to a ?m I nrtvat.' family w%., vit i,r?r two afbs In part pnytreat n? rent Addrssebos '.tflt ?? wt oip.w. FfWoRNTt.NJVt MUF BF. AU"t)MMt>DaTRO WITH i eltaasn'renwa, b'cahVevt and tea is a privtic amii?t if I Ird avrnue, bet eeen MtlMMIk and KWWeit'lt ? ets. 1 I'fNiBaNt.NFROWT PARLOR ani? m'hR'i,im i N \ flfyt fi 1 y. tn lei, 11 gcnl'cmcn slro I. d*tnr ros< o 'fie Et e- ?toiv to rent chei p. Brrahfsd It ..ssiret. Apply hi ! Tii.irth av tine A TRW ? Nfl.FNKN OF"u"(III NKHPKPT VB I,ITT \ cut p\t a n o It fumtahed ap . m,ut'? ?? *t?, ' mt'd Inn aittnll p-lvst ? imvly has hp m r ro 1 'bun '., u In ; t ,UC b t' h?c SlMng :t 1 at , f t ? |,rt I -r i' imdcm u ifffl'-w ia. t ? pofRdttl.'1 "y at SS ttnd 'Vet A FAMILY OR A FBW PIRRONR OAR RE AWOM A. modeled with board la a bat cteaa house, !>f applying at 108 Lexington avenue, corner 28th at A PRIVATE FAMILY, RlfflD**? AT WT W18T SIX A teenth slree*, would dispose ot one ir Iwo pleaaani rooBa, with board, In a gendeman and wtfe or two single gentlemen Refereeocn whanged A NICELY FUBNTBHBD ROOM TO LET, WITHOUT A beard. Apply at It flit eohar street, A LADY AND OKNTLBMAN OAR BR AUCWvMHO dated artth handsomely furnished r om*; biajd fir the lady only. Adrr?sKsttUa Broadway Poii office V URFTLKMAN ANI) HIS WlKK OR TWlTsT"t .LiC A gen<Wmeu can be utobb' dat-d with board at V6 ffmt Thirty aeeond stree', fourth kinor frjm Ninth avenue, plea* mt ly altoa td, with gas aud bath. A PBIVATK FAMILY, OOOCFYIN8 A FIR1T OI.A8M O. bouae, will let room*, with board, to gentlemen <u l the! wire* or rJngle gentlemen. Apply at 109 Oast Soveo^wuUi atreet, near Muyveaant square. ? FAMILY OAR B ?? ACOMMOl > AT ED WITH A PINE A auH of rooms, and private table at 65 Twenty Ortl'.t e?t, between Broadway and tonrlh aven>e also a larlorant bedrooi. for a Magic gentleman Beet of reforcnoe required. A 8TRIOTLT PRIVATB FAMILY BAVTN ) MORE a room than tbey require, would let to atntle gentlemeu. two furnished rot nw, with or without partial boarrL Addrcxi 58 West Twenty seventh atreet, near Six b aven te. A Of NYLFMAR AND HIS WIFE. OR TWO OS THREE A alngle grntlemtn, oao be anromnnxlaved with boa-la'. 163 Hudson atreet, front of St Joan's park, gas and bath In the house. ? SPLENDID FURNISHED PARLOR, WITH ONB OR 3 two bed-rooms attached, to let vtngle gentlemen, In u private house wiih all the mod. rn Imp'ove cent*. a'so a physician's effloe. inquire at 96 Prtnoe a.reet a few dote sweat of Broadway. A SUIT OF ROOMS OR THE KBOOND FLOOR. *iLSO A two en the fourth floor to let. with hoanl, at SI U*al Sixteen h atreet, near Union Pa-k Refarentvw reqaired. A (1BNTLB4AN AND HIS WIFB OR OA4 OR TWO .i rlogle gentlemen oan be accommodated with nicely fur ntibed rooms, wRh partial board. Honse la new and pl-?n<uit Waltnaed; fam'lv ?mal; terma moderate Reference* ox charged. CaD at 235 Wast Fifteenth atreet ? FURNlBbED ROOM IB A FIRST C f.HH TTOUSVi JA family very small inquire at 90 each e'r, . St John* Pru k Id a gnoa opportunity for th<>*? UrM of ho. BOARD.?TWO Rt)t,MR TO LBT, WITH ROaRD. TO ftunUlee or single gentlemen, at 80 Hammond n *et, be tweeo Bleeokrr and Fourth. BOaKD.-TWO OR THBRB OBNT1 AMIN CAN 31. coinmodttad with hreakfaat aud tee with dinner m Sou d??a, with bedroom*, a parlor If required. In arwpeo'ahle frigate family, in Tenth arenife, between fvea v ?ecied nd wet ty third t-.i recta. Addrena A. B. H., !'? ra.d olQte, au>nup where an Interview may be had BOARO -A LkDT INVALID OaN BE A '10TOO dited with hoard a- d nursing, and every roqnieile at'n? d?Dce No other hoarder* cr children l. end -u retired. Ac.dreaa M. I'., 120 "Veat * If ecrtlis.r?et, Now York. BOARD?WIYH ONB RBhTnY FlfBJ5IHHETl kT?' room to let A respec'a'?!e eld.-rl/I'dv wenki h<-pre feered. Inquire at 609 Houston ttreet n?ar lireene. Rotanu oohl hath* In the bonne A private family. BOnRD-s SCOTCH FAMILY C4N AOOOWMOtUTB A rew Kentl m-n ? Ith board and rmLitu'il > fu-tii?b>?d room* In a p eaxant location n j town, boo * c-uta'n-i m deru Improv* men's I nexoeptioqa de 'eferen ?? given autre quired, apply at 50 Weal Twenty tour'li *"-eeL BOeRD.-A ORNTLKMAN AND WIFC, *M> ??RK?S or tour single gentlemen, oan be ar! woidiAi vd L handsome apartmeataon senondand third tlrwr i?mc ing or e*paia>e, with hoard, In a priva'e fomliy a. |.c? au'- 3 Kaet Thirtieth atreet aenond do r from Fifth a- 'm e Board,?fhbnimiieo roomh to - u ?,,% and vtry peasant oolk?lln Ho r. ,th or ~.ih t. board, at 107 Orchard street, between "ruvto" *ud If j ?UWf. Board?a gkvti.rhan and iiis wiff can hr aoAniMnodittfd wuh aplcitnant tinl'iirnlslit d mom on 'ic second Boo . Also two single gentlemen cat ht yotuiuj dated at 42 Vestry g reet. Good referenc ? repair"'I aOARD.-A PRIVATE FAMILY RRfLllING JN TfiA uptier part Of the ft'*, ooti-rtilentl < located f ir rye at. 1 g aye*, having Bore room than the* re<|'lire, w,>'L.I a mia da e * yt iniemsn ard h's wife with one or two front roo ne, i h t-oKid agrn able society prtnclp-i ohject, Ive ton ?? m tains sit Ue modern Improve rente addremM. h C., IteraJd office fo* three days Board in vit twenty mciiond hir* /?two large corns (whole acrond Moor to let wrtth a* w Hhint break'aet 11 one or two get emen aeuara'e tabu fa*, otfli, fiiroaoe. Ae : prlrau* family. no children, term* bo ' j t 2 Ad dress C B C Hoyd's Post office. Board in Brooklyn-a partyOff sin.; k b. If tleinet* and a gentleman and hie wile can be a tjonimo dated with |?ood board and pleasant moms he npplti ?; at 1*2 Pierr?'ii< nt street, Hrookly n. convenient 'n the iV.iLm -ot \ud booth feir'es. References ejchanged. BO* HD IN BBfM'KtYN-I* A "litST fTLA?r H,)P-E. dcl'ghtfnlly situated. five minutes' r.-lk (r\>m so th ~r Wstreet ferry Hot s if rooms on sor ,d and >Vrtl ll>>r* ?Ith had r' oms attached su'tabV (or fay tiles; i-ko '.ewi' e'ngl* rooms f?r gentlemen, at 2d Honey street R exi Barged Hoard in Brooklyn -took cie"tl;Jma t be accommodated with rooms and bt>anl, a No ? street ten mlnntaa walk to ferry, near Oh, Ball. Hour ?Mill- rltua'ad. Bo; RD If BROOKLYN ?AT 98 CLARK 8TK?"...t beat w* tie church First nlaea r* otm 'an be nb **?*?*-. mi h r II or partial b< ard, for single f eDUiaaei, or families, Is aoatlrnot-a to the ferries and nara. BOaRI' IN BROOKLYN.-LABOR ABP SH ALL BO IRS. with partial boatl, can be o tslttt 1 whfelu ,l?* tnln of the South or Wall street feTles?24b Her , we ilr_. |T? BOARP IN BROOKLYN.?A GENTLEMAN * NO LADY. Cr tso ren lemon naa ohtal boatd and well furnished n oma In a pries e fair lljr, by easing at SO smith street uaar the City Hal'. Board in rrooklyn -a okntlrman and i.'.dy can be aecntnmodaled aeith a tary? 'ror' rmm (furnish ed.i and large pantries: also a single ganDenuan, w thin 'tve minutes walk #f Wall and Mouth ferric ?. J4G I, Irks s n-*L Board in brooklyr.-two or tpkrs sinoi.k gentlemen can And very pleasant i*>'tus with par' al basrdin Jay street, sear Fu'ton avenue, with a widow lady Iocs Ion very pleasant. Tamil* small where the oora' rrU of t h- me ran he enjoyed Reformers n-hang-d. Plea* ad drvac W W , llrral- oMoe, firing addrrac Board in brcoklyn ?a small family haviro more room than they wish w* on rap* will let a g -md Used fnrubh-d rrx.m to two young men. l ocation eery olcanrt. and a few mtnn'es' walk fmm thr At'ac'tr m I'am.f on ten 4a For farther particulars apply a. V Hnasnit reset Board in Brooklyn.-two sinqus ojntmm n ? elttiy o room together, eau (ltd a plsataAl at'* rcm? or troo it c or front, in a private tami-v wtuoe they nai realise the com'oris rf a home and k?> so let*, at JtS VI aibo gv n an cel. It?e nun,ties walk f?oni Fvlum Itwr . HPUdOII BROOKLYN BKIGtlTH. -1 .'O OR THIvl < .O grnUrm.'n ran he see 'mmodated wl A pi. sssu. isxtns In S'ntcd story. With ear Hi bor 1, hetweei Fulion an 1 Rail ilieet ferry Inqalre a !7 Oar berry meet BOARD IN hOOTH HBOOBI.YN.-'| A ? .XliAiHt* t'riren cor. obiatn romfortabls ro mi vt'h la- lal b 'ar* la h (ami y wb? re thire are a lew boardcrt dao M 'el, a hattlsomr parlo', tinf rnl?h?d, sullable (or a gent'nman and hla wife *pp y at 178 vilteton s r Board wamtrd for ririKth ikn.suR iiMfin men. Apply to Char t* W. i\.Imju>.u7 Bast isth ?t, atar V artmns. n,tiKI1 W? NTKD?IN A I'l.E PANT ' O lATIOIS A<>? JD >s'n* Fnti-tss,tith sirs a Hoar' Is want# 1, wl h a pit lor a- d two b? drrmyia well fnnilah"d, 'or a o*ntlem"tt ana i*dr and their two danghtera Ad-resa ' F., H< r?ld oAlne. Board wantkd-by a B!N<,lr orntlkm\n in?s smal prtrai* fa-ally, where ;hrre are aohysener?, . farntshe reom and i>a*t'.al branl. hwatton ahora Uaaalstivm Addrtas M J.. Tera'd oBI-e, with partJmPare. Boam wantkd-for ALAiirrR ?kn twr ,rtw And TWl iitleth slrrets a.?d First ai d Coan* sriruiw. I-frrrnces given and rrqalrcd. Address tJ tot 3.J9" 1' JSt tN'cr. Board w* NTin by a .tiNT',RM?N and wi?b in ? rrIrate family <w quite bwup* Helroom, pari r a*d S"*I1 Cresatrr neryi attached with ore of bathroom M 'al t tobeaerrsdtn room Dtrner be*we?, :? and 6. ft'^atloa to ue cetweew kJghlh and TwenUe h a.,*.??? s d Ke. nd and With arrnnes a Jdrwes F. J , aeratd itHuw. Board WANt?i>-Ff r a <iF*Ti,g*AN and lady, withawtd-.a lady of 'r/lned and r>'M*at*d tyte, wher-' there ar? no o'hrr bo.rder, ltoant for 'hel-nyonl' (** ? ttn *"sr blsth ne.-ene, and heiwern Wavertey p'ao* and Fcriyseotwd s rwtt Ka'lsfset wy refe.-nn cs gl-sn a-J re quire . Addi'ssboi 1(B H ra'd oOtc,. i,? ur c day*. BOaRlt W ANTF.D?Flli I. OR P.VLTT VU Rl A BIN gle y n' ? msn, 21 er?rs cf agn. t- a H.-v l?h or S ncrtoac fsml y, teh-re >aerc are m Derm a* b 'ard er* Terms mig rate. Aldre-s R. O , Herald cfltce. stsiinir a I pa-t'-ral .rt Board wANtrD-RY a orntlimaN and wit a ID a prt* ate Nrnlli, cr whrnr Utcrr ?r# taw ho ley One t enasni yes I furnished rso.n srlth fn 1 bca?d, WO* 1 h , ?eqe'red. l.ueatioe het w?en Fo triseoit und th!r. c'h a ?? are ytfth tad ? lath avenues, aadresa, stauag wrue, Ac , * T , Rrrt'd (Its. KOaRP WANT! D-FOR A LADY AND IIKR TWt _ *atighteiw with iw ;nfnrri.? d b>*dfrri*.., at nhottt gl ?v ?> ? rh. mtutt b? brtw-en bouA*'tt mid lwe*.t*th ?,.?e t Wr'crr-res glyrn and required. Adtl'tnr lady, bot 1*' Ha ni W othen. Board wantkt ir sr, ' km t a ?lknl.hKd rt? m fo* n gentleman ?ntl w Ife. w km ten mint e? ws'k of Nou'h terrr Prise act oyer W per w*e?. Ad>lrr?s Kd ward. Hers Id Office BCARDINU-TO PAIYATI FAM'LI*.- to abni TO pr<*ate'amiUes with private in'in t* llu ?.-* >f * f il1 t ?? modern brown stone ! , -ee, genteelly fn s'shwl, tn West Tseety trth stree near Broadway ap t Mvl'cm square. Inqtitre M Mm. H. IA)W a. tg West Twenty ftrirtb st?*jt B B BOaRPTND -a OBNTi.NMAN and <l.p nifr or tyro s'rgie genUeSBen naa have g.xnd bos-d hi a itrl # e 0 ? tusa'.y. ? *cee thwj -sa? h**o tali Ute o.mfwta vifa q 1 Ante, ? cal'-ng al 17', W-wt Twem? itghl* stcna* TV <* ? Jeer'- Ilotian e-'vh mm-eru im -royeuaetus U.tRit hi* -TWO PTAYLT ri RN18Hi!ii f.Ooyt To let, hi g? tlentr.t, on srrccii II-> ,r e, ulAuiiog .a* end >,i -rt*, In a lain iy of Istt vst m; kertisfsel i. required, frnns rc-tei .ile. Apply al If? * wslng mreat. two do *r? 'rutn Varlck. KOcRrtlHO- t FL'NNIhiHD RO.?M, wj?u t -rtla. heart, rat: be h. 'by appist g At No. fl r as, hi ir l*? P i'rw. IaR, iW? BOOMS UNFVt'.N.AHRis, y.S), mi ..srec J*ctr1e>, sucAblj ' r tow*,.! fx xliicw, 01 erl'l ha et u ?. ?Vt, 'n bonce II has. Br >a>l?a, TV e.a* nan be han. -*"1. im.neifl-. ad s 'so, s ftenl h ?J nun* call sb a ft ? 'wo r 7 N"*1, *t'A*reti<ies sj.-i'Mf't B?.~a"r,Tn 1 ? F a I'R ' ? fi ffARlLf N RK T Rrti? k *rr u i s cr >?* * si" -if ii * r-r-nf.) ? * 1 r iamnNihe.1 T ** h nsn real t At .%a If p*y at,es, V* till; i s, ( rwon, Ac Tetms yar> rvvs.reola. 1'iea rail or srill's* At tti* h-irtse. ARlMR I II HRt? is t.1 N YO ',?*! hlVsN c*n ! p.* r it*' srotnetcdA't n? by an S "nrrtexa fAAl'y At 3i Neytrs mr*rs T"r i*lhc -*'? DdAlOtXI aTVoDFRsTR i*t Iff < ? MRW In# -ta. /? J ml sf'ed i wl h al't*n ttvdi-n tmrryse-ycctn ?'in*. rw i ini'ir ? - o.ns -r s?fb'- ? rd 1* r? c I,' g?- f? -'.h ft 'i-jlt ?i"M-se. fue tit Mih'soi # t , ueV- ?v in ji'Y t fr?1, t.jarig *p

I oslie I ViRdoa ?g is.-e, BOAROnO AND MfDOIIfO. BOARDING ? HsHDbUttB ANlMtOARD at 100 VMt FnurV nth street. The boa n li mmulfta 'n al' t's vr?if???U and be ittusiton lasirpsssed. Persons with emsli ontldrcn will no be received HBOCKLYN 8' 8TAT0 HTBABT NKAR OMNTCN.-TO O rent, wMh fall or partial board. r ?ra* with ??<*.?<? ?( tarhed, rut Able for a gemleman and wife orsngle gent'emen The !i#.i?e baa been painted throughout, and is .it wly for cUbed. Hie quite peer the Wall street and dumb ferrlea, and In ereiy way a desirable residence. B B BOOK '.YN.-TO LBT, WITH HOARD, A I'l.lSR.i NT 1 trout nom or salt of rooms,-m si <? rad tloo- with patties tuach d at' 401 swreecB rUsri betwe-u wuio uhhy ttreet ana Fultrn %vcnue. References c?oh? ogi-d ROOklYN a?<GHT8-IO: R w NUT H' FBOB _ WsH or Fnltoa frrry Rooms suitable for grntlenru to let 'Jo-d tails, tome comfort ?. ressoiabie 'arms vt ily at Ho. V Orenberry aueet between Henry and Blcks, opposite Be*, eery Ward Breaker's chinch CLINTON AVBNU1, RBOOgLYN-A PBIV4TB FA mil . in the immediate vtetnl y of the cb .rob pn/i w (ItItk Uic beat accommodation* to a young nan-lad oouniuor two geiit'eiren a party of not mo e tUsn two who centre sr-oh ai.d are wlUtop i five a reasonable impeoaetuu. Will I'lease rddrrsa, wi h r?al name Z., Herald office DBRIR ABI.B B.ARD FOB TH1 WleTKR OA* BB bud at no II LeilJUftoa areaue, for ihrte or ti-r g ratio wen si t if eir ?lvs; fir quiet, reept-ubriiy and clean la-is thrie Is an loealioo In ihe sl y to surpsss li; the <a'? or ury Irs Is rtoently frooi Boutin, and is thoeoighly oequrJuiod ? lb ?e.ry accessary qusltftesdinn for % <lr?l can* boas', 1 itrlo-n a i<> bed rooms, furnished or unfirnl be.l Urm.hf*a; a b, dinner at 6 o'o'ock. The ben ret-reacoi given and re 1 ulred aI,B 5SNTLT FUfNIRHt ROOsB FOR OE?T a MKN to l?t with iisrilal board If dtelrtd, ?t its ttghuh sti oet. t.p.owu. t'lli too 11*11. _ FC3NI8HBP BOONS TO LNT- TO A RINGLR O.KN Urman, la a small private fsml y ah r 'heroareuu board rm, with gas, bath, Ac. Apply at ?3 Kaat Th TV stub street. IftiRNlRH* D BOO*H TO LIT?IN ' A FIR a* iIl-SR T house. No. 88 OUnton place, an elegaut utt ot furnhfied pa- or*, wttii bedroom on the aaase door, kitchen, Ac. Abo, a slnyle par1 or and badnxwn. fl'RJIIBHBn ROOHH TO LBT. IA s ?M ALL F4M1I/F ' suit of rooms. ? 1th o r ial board gen lsmim. TV uowr ?* brat class, sitnatioa pleasant and Ceslrv In 8 '*t nt rriritn c? given ant required. Apply at 81 W-it Eleventh street, between Filth and RlstA aveauea. P1'B> ISHRD ROuMH T'l LET.-P' RiHANT FI7RSI8H ?x -jomr to let wlthrul b srd. at It Wra rley p air JpFRN'SEin RL?-AVTLT-A SUIT OF PARI.OR9 OW P llrs' U o?; ?lso, one or t*o rooms with & >rnmodlous bed room and nan'ries HtUwhed, lobe '?? together or rep-rille, ii ub or wnbout partial bo j"l at 61 BleecAt r street, gat, bmb, Ac,, Ac. 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I ,v ?.t *r*.tiR.ili lo ffharlbRT??_ ? R't'iv. b . .nn.ia. a Tm*tll.-B wlilfl-1' yia !?<? eb-np# ... .mo' .nw r?p. ;Iti... w, *a Pit aa -RBd t ,r? .n t' . ? i n . Rorfo k k >et ? or* a;, t R. hm ? * ' '* " f (roe Apyi. ? Itl'IH.AH A PUT r-vRf.4 tliVQutnay. " WlmfMa (ltF'lt ltpM'K RATIO. U.I -A RCKflR t vrti.' J t"ht:,i ? 1 FrVal etri Itig. M I' - er II, ? ' t.< m P tlV. nir If! f err Selwweo Ft ? ti, dud >ka Rueey a'ft a. to o-K>iti/e? ' *i ^ ??' ? " ' 1 ib 1 r"i<>rt *? aatx \ tint a a'd el'.bt bitt'edto rn t .'r,. ? >? an* ?" 1,-011 rtala friend') fo th 1 nan ? |f Rini.i "'Fdl F'thRd" , .1- of the i it'y Are I. '??' O -1??!I?' and J?n I' ? *? ? t n i h?? O, Rb are, r'iae Rtl'ren'.h . *r1, ?".lar r* 4 nli'i ? 'tlieH*rrr' vi Inhn v. flUbj, of ike TiArtcr i h aarA, lilltRi ,'fO ARU <rtil?B!R, It'OARF. auviM, awn, rwll. ?u AW'* RARRWKNT T Inquire at No. ? Columbia avert. tn NKW IIORHl TO LBT-OJI TH? WORTH HID 8 OW Nineteenth tirrrt, a frv docri i>Mt (4 "ooos't tutnu; ftal v?l h'a hrtrk fr-ui three . torlaa h yh baeemmt mrxV a i> tmpr. van.ante imm.-'iaie i>oyre*el"n gt*ee Waal MOL Apply ioU j FOiAO?, No. w Wall attaet. orm tCluivi pwr jPaRTBKNth TO LIT?TO A ORNTI.RMAW AKO .5 l" ? ?m*U family, (Imt n or a*d baeeaarnt, Hoor or'h'ra fl or of -on a No JO Weal Twenty nil* vrect. Id an eie-llant a* irhb wh od. Hood reference iniiiltoL li gulrw at tan honaa In the doctor'* o?oa. ? FtT?l*HHRI? HOUSA T<? RIRT, ao <M HLBWtJKKK /S f'.ret, If toy pl-o?. cortaininy ? noma Pnee H.UJO |)?i annum W<*> reouilty u?m%n?ln<t 4p|>'y on Uifi preml??e? A NiORLY fCRTISUKU TORI! HTORY^OOdB TO *\ Int. nrar klfb'h arenar Hearty Iren *???. with yae. ath. r<n?i An. r>ao, nnftmleh d, a three uory 0ooa? Ua n'vei Tweuly ??v*ntb a reel.vw rant Ua B w Kit'H . Rlla. StiJ H roadway. BRFWKRT TO LilT -TO LRT. A FT RAT RATI BRUIT ?r;\ In Pon-bkerp?le within ona bloc* or the rlror TW) Ireaea can bo mppilad wMfe Bail <M the preaakm Apply lo A. U. I?'?JL1H, UKichaage place /K ITaOl HOU-<? To I.RT-A HaNDBOMI OOTTA IK ^ J home two atorl-a. rutin and baaemeot, wflh yaa ftitorem ?rd range, with a later rard'n, oo aaat aide af Real arana, tt at >o .ae eootiof Nyrtir arrnao *PP'F om ike pro-nlaee. The whole or pari of 'h? furniture for ea'e. ijM-KOART HOURS K *CURTBBWTH 8TRR* T, Bi ll FlfUi and Slith aroao-a, enot?lak>B forty-four rooma, ault bio for a first civ a Ifard'n* houaa. In pa fee'- tr ier f rut u UOt) per ? uuum Krapoiialole partlee will apply to KNHJHT A t'o , ft3 tro*.'lway (jOWRNJftHItT' HOORR TO LIT-THI HBA0TIFULLT I1 rl'oaad rwttaye bouse oornor Nlntrenth plreel and Untov The lot la M faat front, by ift t fact deep, to the rear at a bler la Mrarra Hoibr?>*a' aplcndld yardnn. which mua froan r.lyh ranth to Nlnrtr.rnth atrarte flan bo toon after II rFakMtC A. W For far bo- pa Urn on Inquire of IL D. ITL1FF, l>rrnt Honan Union aonaro. gj.l H? URIC TO LKT-THK1W BTORT HO ? bra. m> ot, twele-rmma, yae, badi Ac., plea-ant and oeo Iral iocai im Rent tHU per mo tn. or fornitmo for aale. Ap ply at 111 t'oltayu i laoo. atrooud d or fForn Uoualoa air not. CtUhWIKFID UOUHWR -TO LIT, A R"l'BKIOR TOOK U at wy t.ew mndarn honao, utorly fn-ntabot on Tw nty fo >?th ?tr.- t. near Marlaao rqnnro; alao baron Twnnty irrrnt gtreet?ren* H.H'O alto a nnmhor of nnfnral'bodl b uara. I. B KIWaHIMRK, 1 9 Fo.ulh arrnna LiuKN.HUM* HuUHK TO LIT -<*ANIIH<tMXLT fUH I* i,t?brd, ?ood l.wnil n, and anl'abla f,>r Drt--ata dwolll-.y or boon-iay, part of ibo bonra ?<>-tld ho lot firuttbad, If de airrd with nae ui kltcban hppiy at St St itark'e plane, blr' b aurrel g|M'RW1sUrO HOUHB IW WOOKTIKnTII HTRRBT-TO r Irl ih VI'D portion ol ar rlayont orw br wti a'ono bouae la Fnurrraih ?tr. rt nrar t o'on rqitara, roral.tlny of klti-ban.> .no rplant)id pa>'oro ar.rt hraa or loir la-ye eoani era bath tvat r clone'., Ar. Tha ro.-naar* no?b?lnB I'lryart)- fnrnlakad w.vb m>" fnra'ttira. Hon.auntiWui?v?ry po.klb|a convrairaca ana will br 'at mtd ih* la' i* day or lonarr !b? ownor attll rr'?tntny rtmnia for himaoif and nife. Frrpoca of tint roapcctahUlly * UI addraon, wnb name, V. K , tirrald olllia. LHTHN'S"BI? BUM TO LRt_a h IMOBILTTUB' A in-had t ? a'orj and a b/tlf honan, -Ituatad In f'anal trim tptilo at *7 bull! ran 'treet. Rn-ltb I par monlb, pay iblk in ail far ca aOTKI. TO I,FT - A I.I f UK UIV.R PaRTOF i'KKWI aaa N' a (MJ nnd Aaa B'oadvri y. ron'a nlny thirty irrm mail two of which ara vary lai-y-. amtalila a liar or bU hi.rd room, tpplv to W K \rilIT.VKr, Lnvi'joy'a lloUtl, of to ??. P. KaKI.K, Karl a a U?ul. H0C8I 10 RfcNT-A I'RIVaTI HOAROlN I HOUHR, tl lad with par.lal boar'-aia on Bmklyn ll'tyhla ' a twaati Toil n and *?'l aire a W'll an dtapoawi of to any one who wtd I.- y tba ?b<-la or paito* lb? fu nKura Hooae tn tn prwe order, and rn it low Tha ador t-ar It yoloy to l-?ve the ntty ? hlch la the only rra-oti for ylrlny it np it -1U Sw aold Imrntdl>t?'y, ai l at a bargain. Add/ tall. M. P., Ilarakl Ot'co , AM nfKi'hS TO UCT TO FIRST OF BIT Ol Pny r, -aiy i-h.-ao, Applj lo Noll III III' f A Noll I II Kl'l* S law i Die ?, '??* all arrrt. aana- bodd ny. OFFIOJ T RANT. OUK???-M| N HBaD STRKfT; A aran oflioe lie tha aecond tl air fmui 'oon a.-al llyhl. I.'iat only I?a) par Jiar Tnqnlrn of H P. Tt. WNMKA I). OFFICII ANI> STOhKROOM ON S#t: Nf? ?LOuR *W? halt of third II aw > let, aaparalnly or t i/e'bar. Rao* Itao .hierl'eiit hoalnraa lo a w-n A;>pl* lo R O. I'M aKLis. Charlee' loud <n bor'ial ym depot 40 ar^adway. r<> I.RT -A K?*I.L PTIVaTK FaUfLV <?,VTL*PTIW? a n?w h -n?a >?a- Cntoo i-ark,da?ire to l?t ona two rooma fiimt-hat or nnfornlaoad w tb or whbout partial hoard. Aejraa" R. * *f , dr>-a/way I'oat ofboa fpo 1.KT-1N CANAL HI KKIT. WKAR HROAO TAT. | tvohooaaa r-malaili ( of a ?or?, haaMOtant nd tbrm-abow a'-ma with a larye ?a?d I ? OMk Apply at .41 t.hamrera at. rpo J.KT TFK TIIRKK rTOAT HOUSE 9(1 TT1IRTY Hit 1 c-nd alrrrt, ha'waan '#i'i 'on and third n??.n-an, fnr ni-brd w i h all lha m den -rovam ou. Rent moderate, apply toBlU Q Hal'' .on . airenv ro IKT-IW HRO LTN, NO. 370 HBNRT HTRRBT f three bloc* < ftoo, . tillton terry ur ee aiory ho.taa, wltk brown r'nn? flronl and m >narn Improvcmcnta; wt.l or let r- arotahia in a mwiontlbln party. Inquire of H. IL S1I.VRR H ?F I'.o William alrarl TO UCT- IN FORTY NINTH NTKFK.T dni.lNKlR un< tni'on avenue 'h.- upper part and hanaraant of a ii--hA i.ttHy. liou-a t>. a fauidv not en d ny tbraa tc r-ona, aa lbs imaia'a of three yrown per I prmiuica. TO I,F.T TURKIC OR FOUR ROOWS ON TIt - THIRD Oior,li?i and cold wntar, ? lichen prH-ileya If dceired. h uaa lu Sua order, Uaiiy -malt. Apply at SSI PourtA ater.oe TO I.FT?UFAII UNION HyHARK, OW FOURTH AVR. p. e, a fl.ii cLaea houae In eomplatr ord r. 'naeperaMy I- r flared lor aala rhrat'. all ilia fcirulliira bai l* mniI? new and ol a vary aitpa lor quail y. .For par.h ulara addreae lownraod, Htraldofllra. amtly at liny thaothar part.onata < of ?oi,a. Ki ni flMi per year. Apply on the | ri.?T-a hmau. rann;??iiKT> mrrAOR mr *ta. ton '.land, B?r ataniUe a 11 lk fmB r%c ry >1 <? ao-linf. k irana. P n imm?-dlai-ly. ip/j to WH rt UOYT, No. 4 HliuiTrr ?Irrrl I'O I If?A RRaTI.T PCRNI8 4III IO M ON .WORD Boor, ri h paairy and Orrp JB? ia J- bnoea, with two It ?tor 'mil y A?o. fS aaoolb. Apply At il lUrkM (traw, la tin num. VO I.KT?THK I'RIVATKBTAHM. NO ??! WRNTTHIRTY 4 third atrat t, m ar hu'li a*rnu- Will irni?i???l?l<i Dtij fnrara ?n<1 .??*>- a. or It ???ul'l br madr a .In* atahl- If a ?>illa> Mr uumn r oflrrrd apply u> S. H II0SM AW, Mo. 3 Broad atr?i, ?ron th- pi> irimr To U1--A HARD* MB OOTMI J oorr ? <)? At OAS* Diaoartl r, re Una fm-a I'Hv Hall. an4 44 ml nrra, r da In in I't.aml r"? atoort by H id*)- rkrrr railr -ad ?r , .-nuth ai. kn' t.Wk It'iukfa on 'bo or-mi?a In 'Mb a'r? , ihirit Ann ao a o> i of I > n.h avanuo, ov of A R.SR.KH. No. Wt Naaaatt MM TO I KT A T I* Hit RfOUY MR I K H'MiHt, HAHR mont ' rotor collar and halb ; fir-il-h?l plain . a widow ami ilt uriK'iipi l?C rooma noitbiiurno will ui?-r oar tr l?r> ?mall fanintor f ir t?m?-?-?pln* or ro ma 'or |-.n'i??"ii wt'h'oi '? aro, In a *?n'?I otu.hbnrenort Hr.n |Vi par rnoti'b ft r'fcr wbola ln-i ira ai *5 Twraty nlnib MM TO l,hT-a 1RRTRKI. TWO KToBT AlTI I A Nil HA K nt-itk.vta- nrar MI?nBr.r atr-ri a-d i.wtol Hratwtr. Ilaa edrwt ra m- wltb all tho ao'i ra iai nuann larpn yard, rami Ac Pnar?rlnn iw of vco9or JrNKiRH A ' ? aant'a VlB Koailrtf rny ? ?r p bp >>r a obntkbi. m h'nk w:th aU< I thr teuton parr rtina; ln> ?<?<? *<1 a ny, ? -uatatiac o' I mr ?o r. and or ro-m on i?i d ?'. ry, loaiaal 'in jr < i o i a?r tha* fiu p-reon? fi > -? in i-aub mat. '?liar, Ar apply al iW Aratyhtr y 9r?? ?-root r<> UM RIANT 0I.AN4 PURRINIIRW MOI'fft IK A I B-r '<??! on. o?r Wartlafoa t.( aro wl.itlia mod ?n tap'O .mo m Win na i-lud .jw to a priraa raai y. ? ! a? Warnrlay place. TO I. IT TTi A NMAU. W AMIf.T, Til* IPP".* r?HT i !?? nt bnoae V i !ir K'np , r- -t ami't', i| id f o i and h?-? i ??lom, clntnta. Ad. <'are pan* mi. -ir-r m"niIra .?wo n.TTAova ro,ooTrAria I '(1 lot w-1 bai-t-ad an iown. r?m Attn par t-a-, alao. hr-r av ry hooi- in ltn?>a'??, nanr tbo frrn rant IBO pi ? ra- ir-ittranfH P. TwWP^RHD 4 Ulan i'r->l IO L*r OR Lt A8B? PURWIdH III, Tl A i pri al* family, An. M Una x.t.nt? nth f|tj l.lCAhR-y XOMT RI.lOt HI, P. BlfUATiOR PO ? A I Hour an t I?d or provialnh a*nra arrVm (oral ?ar-'b" uia, Ar Ar Sp'nr a la-ar fl-r pinry bat dl?( la Wrataraai. h-aitr -rdnrdtat r-t ? :ta a apacl -ut oal'a., aa'tra or -?nb donr ??.! *b- r-l a? a-p*-aia Amy ai at Broadway. ?raar of (?an lay aw?t. lb rd Boor, mam 4a'j ______ rARRT-TO TWO OR%t ??*, OA A-?IC Nti.K* A * Bar! bia ?1f-. a han-ao w-anil o' rown- m Brat air, ?"Jl *?aalap i??> attach-d. wltaj'?ua'r ubia If d. a r-d Aafa '? -i n'r?d anil rlto ?? OllnPtti III*? B<b It dirW. rklRRI TRB PI* Al.LH 1 ? I* ? TWO BIl.l.JAll) T? blr? la lat, 'a a p-ib i ibom wrhfara. bp IA# *wt hp mnatib Apply m H. A. VIA A. Mr Mowar? tAtkn ?***?*+ . _ ~ sf WiTAm^rrrn imt Titn ot n Atin irifob 9 I. a.h - r. i ran-ton bow adrarn? any aBo int no ?ni>M o ralor, H; di w oda ?a r nw, j-?-i-y dry poota plvana, a?ara. fi.'Bltnr-, Ar . dr. Huoht ator? d a.i ro d ou ?-WiBla* aW.n Prl.aia nC<"-a 1* ladwa aed ?? "-?n-a Tnraaa Ujrm^ 'Nmlld-t?i al ?"d pmtrot In ho?toa?a t'a ?n Nil -'a bon*?t ,i WAi'tit JW' It road any. ? o-imr Walbar at. Wi to at'lHl To lAIAd UB BbT jU, uiaAv/NuB 4*1 > ?-lry, %T' al! hlnda of momhaadla-, Jr. adr-aaaa iaa<r-oB mitoro, or b.repht for nab: alao, -aara ttofcaaa ara al do ft Puilor watl on avttm. ?n?i f mr. A?a* kS I I if if I ridt ! ? l/> rJ.I.'f'W VmV ? Bnyiyiji p-morty rit?i BA. ? v?ni a-l-ur a. a*. ? nmtrfbm' MO >HI? riot t'i Ul.p |,N Naw Wty RiiW.AI* b. T ?bmrr af IHwU and . S a r?t. n y a fi |T7iW| ti> i/<^ n on w-Ti'i.a, i *dii*i?4, * ? *'iVV J i-N-ly a-fa-a frt |>idi anf -ul tinda at I .? ii?'p -pri. of bn -rh\an4 aoi* f w rath N via v.oda. may t?a?r:i %r.E-ao>iat> .. 101 N?Aii awavt, roruw Cl Vin ??-??? I fl < r n-ti N"t J and fi. Til..Ml rVN %?'(), VroB?4 aed lt-m'ailoj m?rrl ?n ? a t Cry n. II I To t U .T'oiTW ATT o"l A* v 'J i .'a''" w"i? Ar , or in ir t f ? r*?a, br /'> I I * li' iftyi, 1| f', am ? ? *iy?.i (t>a?fOir-i? ? -rmivytlJ iij?.0' ?a pr ?o pi aao noniVlantiaL A. H -5? buBii aa U Anyn-tr.1 - n P'ltptlaia. I T*Va~.*a '.VTfm in |-IV? ? 0\? I .'Bail Ija, ot. -Nlah-a fla ? mjy ? <w '?T 1?M A J'ld'mil r? Mr WlatUAd *h'^ bT ia? i.l'TAA Irori ra.A aimrad ?? ?? r,,a *44 da o. aabi"o? ttnnilv > .f ? ?a?. **4;l',? f or Ml. "4b tl/ .""/.i naiaikta - d'VO "to Jrwato*. A- 7 I ' ai?-r?. bf -n tr rd-V-lai NO < ."'.JJ? butr?" rhnnt "?? ?'t? Aanto ?-?!-?? Pw t-vW ppilBW ,* a. y. toior ?. - aTrtaVr?'?\ a,.f ?Mu"NT-OP ?i.u -n Al ??? .nn- h-ra a ??!"? 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