Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 11, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 11, 1857 Page 1
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BE NE \V - V 0 R K - HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7680. MORNING EDITION-FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 1L 1857. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE POLITICAL CAMPAIGN. ?patog ?' the Democratic state Coaventioii. TMrHMBt of the Leaders of the ?cUrepelttaa Democracy, ?waiting Struggle of the Hew York Bival Delegations. THE NEW YORK QUARREL PRO3ABLY SETTLED, act. BTSAcrn, 8opt 10, ISM. !?? a?net miinti fihaeg* lii Smu n|iimmn mi* morn tag. It* itrwM w?* Ik** with people ?'i night. fba <??) Eey?00 Qob, with oubm ud the Young Boot, ajht Jama Matte?a, paraded the ?re? and kept M^S?? ?few o'eleek lathe morning There la ?oh taaetaun. Dr. Thy lor, the Chairman of ike State OoavenUea of IMS, u now talked of no aekr?n, ae mere aooeptable to Wood's asd ih friend* than Ludlow A proposal has boss to to admit Svedatag?aaoh from Iks Cooper, Satan Dtraco dologatton*. The people'? delegate*, betag ro as aolf oonstitoted, are not taken lata aoooant the Wood delegates got together la eaoena la rtomllS Of toe Byracuse House, Ihie morning, aod the Osoperor ?obi? delegatee la room US. Ike former proposed 0 ptaa af union by Hooting eight poreoao from each dolega ttaa, tgaorlsgtheSBTagoand poople'a defecation*. Ikta ft? tka; submitted to Ike Sokka delegatee, who perem? tarOp refused any ooaprnmfee that did aot aalUe the que* M? at regularity at ergaaiaelloa la Now York, oa the that If matter* were let! ? Ikoy bow ataad doable ? set be run for the Sesste and ttitmliy, anl the representation of New York olty ta the Legislature may b* thereby feat to the party, lbs matter will be left |i the Committee oa tha Oooventlon. ORGANIZATION OF THE CONVKNUON. tha OaaToaUoo ?t at IS o'clook. The Now Yerb dele wore alt protest. Ckmbb, ca bobaif cf the Central Cur>ml!iec, tha Conrtutiou ta order, aad aomlnaUl Hon. W1I ?am Taylor, of Ortn-iege, for Ha parmaaaat President There - oie 'o?ue ?'njea" aad aoaw" la rvipctae, tad t?a motion was curled. Deaa H .U.ttood aad John A. 6u won appointed a a?in. n to oondoat tha Proatde? to u 1 oka'r. (to taking bt* teat tka Praaldant delivered tka following m paanamn'o ? Bmnnaaa or two Cuat?tiuo for tha eapromtoa of roar ? Itdaa? in electing mo to proaido over yoor do SharatkHU ba pfeooed to aoaapt my tbaaks. Oa?to? n, ita* rr* a?mbllag la Onavaattoa of tka damoeraao oarty ? ?la state *4*u* k'gkly azekad aad biter pott 1 ml ^taga? which rear1,0? k>?tag la lbs exeouttve of tha aallrw tie obfe, osperfeaotd ? ID??, they?leaadtbo geoerol weMkrW of the 00?a Wo Bar* a?n?tana tar Ti-giatiHafek tatbaA-mdo ta Secure to the pe.>.' "* |e? rthkt, htmbeWweted. of deter Ma? far rt? to no ?h agtmrtaa aad *?wnwd thro?seat the rnu.e ?a?by; r*d the veto# at the majority legailr a? tahly utrt-tt m?l of ??oemrty attar excitement MM -rife la tha ThrriMctM, and ?M or aoght to ba qutotly 00?mcedm #7 all other loca iUe*. aad w* doubt not ine MwUlbe oonduoietl bt ail o brr rmptcia la a ?to promote the great objoofe ?f our ^?eet, Ike peace ?d tee general ?our oommoa oonnhry, aad the honor amd Ike tnOarace to abtab it la em. led among tbe 1?to?a af Ike world. Ibo oleouoa of President naturally ?? ttkltb* from Plate affttra. Huch wa* emphatl ashy Ike?e at Ike lata fieeiJenttal election, bat a* the apmia?lrg efeoUen will be confined ta Stale aad c; onty Hi? m may aspect tka people wtll gtva Ibetr ?mora directly to the attain of oa* orn ?I their welfare. ? that the (loan l? laaagurtled by the I?ten of the whig party. ? by that party with o spendthrift prodigality, and WhMh adp?? to bo r?chlag Ita more perfect ?ma tt? aider the new 1?It name of republlou, bar. aa wa. predicted 17 democratic Haters en entertaii tag dlSbrw aad mora ronad rlewacf ttnaaoe, reeulted ta aa enormous aad arc .m clan eg Nate debt, aa amply treasury am?Mbro re rnocr noOntrbed public work*, anl aa agaalkd bnrdrnsoae tax e> ton Bui. gamtlrmoe d?la roe by dwellug a pen tha ?ay ta?no? of the bad marageme't ofour polii oal oppoa?>a. Let u*. how mam, boar la mind that tka uafortua? dl vie tone which have existed in the democratic party hare be? Ibe means af ptaebg la h*tr band* the political power of the 9mm. aad limy bare and tha piwer in too a*of lastaaom In a m??rtbal menu aad will receive popular condemn* tt?. Let ua, tbea. profit byjthe experteeoeof Ibe peat, aad b) aa oat? of tto demoorailc party awl hnrmoey ka ta oar ansaeU we tbali pre? t a ticket to tbo people worthy cf pub he a?MS? * bcxet oompoeed or amu of Sam iiaul 1 ort?pfee? ? of hooeot purpo? aad laflox Ma I?rarity en 1 with inch a ticket wa my antlntp? a tt?hie and tuooamful reault. Oenliemea, I oooeA the a?I you have ea*l*aod me with ember rare meal, arteiag nam the fact that I ba?* but little e <qn?inten< e wlte par ?amaatary ruler, It he-lug been a ioeg Uae eiaoe I have bad aa?ka to par aay aUentlou to them I ami. there Saw, eaet myeolf upon your kind laoalgoaoo, aad * dtctt year ro operation while I shali eadoaver to dUcbarge the cwoewwu mmrmm wr < I OiMi KtM made HI QiyWaalKw, IHIbthM orilaod toe trrugmtal Mi* KTm UM Ohm H, wblth vm IM he Mootd imHIi Mr. IMjrlor lyarory eholrmaa mlj, ud toH Kdwto (haemal1 Ihoa move to imM by bow tooting Deloe Da waif, who waa to daoitsa, aad aama Mr. Taylor fo. Wa. B Lnur* moved to ewaplaU toe ergaalmtiaa by aa rqoai earn bar of Viae i'reatoeau osd H eheoaa, aad John A. Oraaa i of a committee to yroaaat toe aaaiaa aT too Ttoe Preetdeala to Ibe Oeaveatloo. toft huu lining moved toH toe Chair appoint toe raa raw you coaitoiau nun?a irrair "nana A kuun aaltol tot too oaHtog af toa Met of detegatoa % m waa ealkd, aad whoa New Yerk waa reached a II MM If ' Mr. Totiob, ef Kiaga, moved tot a apaaiai eoaatoNMe of ? la wham Ma New York oeataat toeeld be ratorrad. Seam K. Sksum aalled too aerw to order, eaf lag too ?Maa waa aal to order uattl toe tot wm oaaagtotoA. Be ?toed ta head to a tot ad toe Haw Yerk delegetoa town Bum alee daatred to bwd to a toll tot af to. Tan** toe Mad oa hla mettoe, aaoldat aaok aoato MB. to tor. totKue walked la toa efealr, aad headed to a tot, : ?? I head tow ta h a rau tot of toe daMf toee toe* wr York." Mr. to aa?It ta ool a tot at aA. to. tooiiH Lad eay yarm who aaatoato It head ay Mr. Muw, of Qtoaga, moved that all OMMtoa aat i toe auae af Horatio Heytooar wee sailed, m waa I whh ehaara Wattag eevorol mtootaa. Mat waa oeaatoded, Mr. Nrahttd reae to raaaw ? toattaa, hot Mr. fatrehlld, efMadtoea, ahtotoad toa Dear aaC moved tor a ooaualttee of eae from aneh Jedlatol die MB, to who* toe erortootola of toe Maw York delegate! I^U a- - - mtmmm a il IV rwltfiW. tow* cweewau. wcred to wake toe eommlWea of two toaaaeeh diett lot. Jem But toooght there waa ao aaad aT a committee, toH toa nradaHtato might ha prenal?d to toa Oeareatlaa, ?M he toooght toe dilegatoa abeeid da aa to lima. Ha Mr. WnKAxns (Old tool o* toer? ?er* r .r ?hen Haw York. wheaa eeete ware sot eeatoitod, they ?HTht ta he permitted to lake their mow ?ow ?f knun *m woo of otint m thH the geatlemea from m*w 'fk ally bed eo right 1a toko the flew aatll Ms __to. Taylor'* ototloa wae aamidad to road, a committee Hjwo from each Jadtetol eieirtet, eaeludiwt the Bret ?"?wwdetoMto declared Ami toeJoke Y Mvage totogHtea aeatoatod toe eeH of ovary oao from Hew Tort .k"'t "ywito twaat'i that eay ladlvldeal ?. 1 'J hto ?oat eheotd seme ft* ?irt aad praoaat MMHj^Oeog ayptaoee)-hH toe ladl vtdoet dM ato apyew _Mf ?"'?I'd that there ware three Ma af detraataa (kMh New York bow ea toe tobte. A Yoww-roar. tmim-Tho ary w Mil they owael WeU, foor. Ho Jr j to*old premHthelr * " fm9m MmMlnmi ?eaHohto, tod he aa wptedtt. (Cheers.) No me tM new that ha would be deprived of bio mm by a shadow; they must hove living dofefOlM b?re There wore atxty peroooo olalmlog eeote, . bat only teventsea ooald bo admitted. no qaatuon to bo dool ltd m, woctbor Uto o genteettoaa wbieh oteated tares claimaita were royaler or irregular; aad to it quae Won nut bo dootdod oe the deloi otloeo oo e whole, ua btbtlf ef the perty he repreeosted ho obeerfally eo Xd the KuggMtioa of Mr. Kelly. Be tooogbt It wee laud to prod, oe harmony, aad hie fnenda only wanted harmony aad union Mr Mckles' remarks were rsostred with load ohaera. At the oommenaemtnt of hlo addroae onnatderab e ooniu flon prevailed, several member a addroaatnc the Chair from different part* of the room at the same time Mr. Moautea of New York, repealed that he had tald before, that the delegate whote loata were unco oteated ahoald be admittot. tiiurn nrinor oar itimis Heie Mr. Rinnane, groiloulaUog with hla otne. tald? "Mr. thklrmaa, how do you know that man la a delegate at all, or Ibat he oamo from Now Ytrfc?" kr MosAAca?1 know tt, aad yea know tt (Orion of ? Order,1' 'Que* tlon," and a rap from the Chair.) Mr. Mowaaos-I oome hero a* a delegate under the au iborttr of a general oommittoa elected oy the people, of ? bich committee Wlleoe Small ie ehairaan. Here there wan renewed oonfamoo. and ertea of "Or ier," ' Que*tlon," "Qasatfca," la which Mr. Ifru-'iua moved toe pievkroe qoeaUon. Mr MoaAA?a inquired vhalqneefanf The Ctum cxplmaed that it waa cpon the mntioo of Mr. y?tr*hiM, .if rar toon, that a commute* or one from oaoh Judicial district be appointed to ecntldorlb* quedion of the New York ronteated ream Mr. Cretwell, of fftak cbeiter, hod stored a* an amendment that tha cammlttes oonalatnf two ;rcm each else let, and theqneattoa wan, ftrat, on the amendment. Mr Mo> ango waa abqat In continue, when the Chair re qneatcd him to alt down. The question waa pot, and Ute motion at amended waa adopted. Mr Ryndxm aatd that be would ray, at a man of honor, that he did not knew lhat Mr Kelly ># seat waa oonleato'. The motion, an amended by Mr. Croawell. waa cqrrltd, amid deafening snout* of ?? Question,*' " Qamtioa " Mr. Lublcw, of Suffolk, moron thai the Chairman pro oeed to appoint a oammttteo on rooohtMona, one from each Jodloml eiatr.ct Mr. Tailok. of Kinye, objected until the No w York qneo Won waa sealed, and a motion, amidet muoh oouf-uioo, to lay the motion or Mr. Lad low on the table, preral ed Mr. 'ayiuk made an nnauaoeaaful attempt to Induce the Chair to appoint the ooinmlUeo un the Now York teat* at onee. aad toon after, notwithstanding laud calls were made fbr the annonnr/mtn; of the committee on New York teals, the Oonrecria sLjdurcrd till a o'clock P.M., wltfcott tho oommlttee announced. a? iwraomrr vmnro - a wbatvv Miaoim oooim dowv, After the adj >tron>*n<, the Pr?*M*et ww t<trr<.?dl?tl by a large number of axc'.ted oilv'.duaH. ?r. Tatic*, of Kingr, aud teat tee leadero had revival to to arrange matter* that the Southern aeAio* -. the State aboard he Ignored, lie had mads a motion twice which tha Chairman would not bear. Mr. Taj lor war In a highly excited Mate of mind, and roller ed hinaielf revy fro. ly. He dfdnt oar# a damn for Now York ally, lint hr didn't want tho country delegates to ride roogb-ahod over err fry bony. 'ho Chatham arid, "awoolly," that he did not toe Mr. lay. . * rhen he made the motion, ar* Mayor Wood re marked blandly ten! it waa nadctbkui.y an orera.ght! Mr. Tailok entered Into a controversy with Mr. Sicklu, declaring that it was p'rin inat he had tee Chairman onra pletely voder hla thumb. There wan much excitement on the platform. Mayor Wocn then requested the Prerldeot, In appointing tha oommiuee on tha Naw York ocnteatcd aeato, not to allow any ontelde lnlbonoo to be broucht to bear upon htm The Mayo* had perfect ooefldeooem the Chair, If tee Cbatr a at 1st alnae. The Pxxuxxos at id he knew nothing of city poUtlm, aud therefore could net bo pr.'j^dloed cne war or tee other. the Matvm told * ien be wee jurt 'he man lo appoint the xmmtttee; hut he rhculd '.Ale the hat of delegates unoon te? led, end ge ee qnMly to Ma rc-m aad select the anm miitee without r'gard to what nay body aatdtohlm. Mr. Bmxam reeptehWBt t? new Mtok etothna, tea made see* ipeach At the Prrtidest, aeanilcg h.1"* tea* to ban pmrieet eonfiderea in tha tetegrtryoftenChair,and tiki ?? irrtM art fossil him ao maeh at to ask him to he iaa?atilaL A batrt irwnmcw. Mr Pwnueauid, lag '-iigMi and elri" way, the! they bed hatter all go away, and Imn firs Oratrwaa to big dytlea; wh^oo luyxettloc w?e at anon oomjllf4 With, now vaten wxwi^ac The Imprest ion teemed te be abroad that the osmmlUee ?noM ha peeked against Wsod'a Meads refer Ctgger, or the Albany Regency, baa out ellted Ores wall tor oooe. Peter had in call tea Oaoreatina to orror, ana eomnale a temporary chairman. Tha bargain with Uroaweli was that my tor, who to a soft, aad prmiseu or ar ten Beiabornrr Oenveatlau la tlto, thee Id be temporary ebairmaa, aad than tent Dews He wolf, of Onwego, ahoald be namtnuted tor permanent President, when ha thould recline la rarer of Taylor. Mr. dagger, however, pat In Taylor tor permanent Prnldeat, than catting off tee baa lie ft am say ok arc* to rakr an enne ether man When Chg grr mid be nominated Taylor tor nr manual rreeMent, n <?legale oerraetad him, englng, "Me, lemparory." Cagger at OAo? rejoiaad, "Me, permanentI" and pet tee quteOoe to qtlckly teat very tew of ten delegates eaderttood It. Keen then, the nam ovinn at beted tee ayen. During tee mo>alng tetnea tee-e wa? a good deal of taypetmt.l ree?Bg, which broke eel after the Tammany ftohloo oteeln a while. The Mayor, teohlasand Oooh>ane ke.i tbelr tamper very well. It wan ourtoea to see hew Kelly, Be r aod a-ohranealljemmd to their Met ebon the New York matter vm teuoked. Mr. Piokiawn did not appear in tha C-eareittou, but Ho?eroor Seymour <rae la hla aeat The hard# are evi dently la an entire minority. AFTERNOON SB&sION. J wet prior to lk? or gaol ratios la to* oft?so?, TUim. & Ptounoa eoterrd to* tell aad wu retired alto ap pl*>iM. The CMhm to is'tag antral, c?U* were mad* tor "Dtofel?to wh!?* he pre?ptty raopoadad era?a op aa. men:? or pammohi tro aa icchabar'* peaora lmtk Mr. Ihrm?? raid toer* waa a atototo la to* Mato agaiaat dlatarblag a raltgtooa n?ettag, acd h* woo Id pot p*rtap* bar* 4: i tar ted toa oa* ted te not oo?e la to m* bow too 4*l*f ?toi looked when aerambled together, aa4 to M* a Mead. It w*al4 not bo fight for hi? to totorfor* wkk matter* tee*, bat oa tte chair m? hal aot yet taken hi* ito, b* sight b* *aeoo*4 for ray lag a tow worda la raters for to* kJsdsaaa *f kli frtoada. fi* eoagratutatad to* Oaaraattaa oa to* harmoay praxrrtd tfaoo tor, aad Worted It woald b* ooattanad. aad woald ;?*4 to to* ****! ?ado* of a ticket toot w**ld te u lumpteal la to* State. Iter *or* all late reeled la I brail'eg from power to* party mt??lied rr patoloaa, ailb te ie?oaailm aad toaaacloae. He *11*4*4 o .he Pr*el4e*?'* reply lo Ft .feeeer ? ilmia Mi'l the fij -tw* e?ter frail*? if 0?te?tloet, aad ?!* > lat?<i It toe yteeleet pai? ?\?r ?nh?1 t. I u?e vWipto of a Sate the* tterfayeef Jrterera Itoaearebiketoa Joe trie* toei bed tea* nor* mMik f toae tiy otter intrlM oa ??nb Ttey ? te ba4 add?ad tte Prwdteat larwifb ib? ftMmaa totter bad ree?ir*d a reply o*!m and dlgai Bed, but pasrtratirg to to* Tory boaae aad Barrow ef fiaacetraa. Tte Prcaldeat woald be tuna aad by to* tolo* of to* oouatry. B? had glrea aa aaower wklto r* brkrd, with wHtertog form, a*? oaly I bo? who tatdttoa toe act, bat ah who ioe?Bl by to* fain ory of philaa toropy to BBdontoM to* rtghae of to* peopto of ah ia* Rtatd* la to* rfgeiattoa if their own aJfbtrm. Ho rait? apoa tte demccraito parly to a-a?a tte e?pto of tte Pr?Ideal, aad plock dtwa to a power which oh?read a* right* t*<i eoaght by (M? pr*tote*?Ba of pi ?**? ap Hi* aot. of Iter 6p>o*l?oa li'^, of pattoatorophP to wouutvaiUt New Tork w? ea? a ilare tu.4, lad that toer htdiijl vebed tlia laatltottoa bar* without lU-fcr?ce from .broad I He demeo tee right of to* parly m ,m? Rial*. wbmii be Id?If natw* toe Utu ty of toaffo-. Boo? morality, to to lor Iftr* w1 h >b* inetiUHo? of eto? Fate*. All toot tte da iBOorbia a* k tor to* people ef erary otter State, to thai to I the? ahah te ?ft to* torero?eat of their afhlra. Tte IdiB?aratto prtaetpl* la that maa la ? pahl* of eeif gotaru I Best {hot prtoetptola ?t IteorWtoal, bat praedoal It lytol?to all otter Btetoo Ibe right to do?ttey totekprmar I la rap?a to alar?y ? la rogard tr aU alter tablet** to ll* all Ih* ? sailed Bra atowory party daa?ad bat ?r op I pose its eay wo will I trow ?0000 law oar owa neighbor I towi Wo will torww?tell?of " death aad deatrao III**" 0?ceg tte?. Sol ttey do oot go there, at woald te I lb* meet wealy eoar?, hut etasd aloof fro- tan peri, aad I aiabe the attack from afar. R to aaoegh aow, bower?, I to to k to toe afhlr* of to* Stole Her* w* Bad ate*? leaough to reaaalp Tte boils*?of Ite nowieallea w? I to ?o?inaio o ticket that woald ro??dy to* atea? ? oar Iowa door latti te attok? damn?man ail aror?? tte I top aad, taetde ? aot, tertonataily aad dtagoaally. ILH II ha a nebot that tert ehoar* te dator?tastto* to I to bore ail fedo? by r?a?Mag all ftetloae Datoee It I w? Piub a ticket It would not ? worth atoning Tte I pro*poet before to* deaeoeracy ?w li t1 lory, tor It to I or Id est that the ropabtleaiw are 0* toe oetat of eraematlag I paw? It tr? tte ?atom ?( ?I? wb? er?eating to I seal every tbleg they n?Id lay tbetr head* ?. Tbto to* I republic* party ted deaa. Mr Otahlaeoa ooantadwl by I apotoatrag for hi* (atrnet? opna I Prraldeat had aow tab? the chair. I na uwf now tt wo?r. I Tte 0?r?tlen era* the* rated to order. I Mr. Si w? ?orod taat tte nil? ef toe O?r?Vea ba I to* mm ? tte nu? of to* A?tBbly of to* num. A D?mati mored that to* D?II?B Stata 1MBItto* 00?let ef two too- eaoh of lh* Bmatortol dtotrtota, aad that toe delegate** praeeat lotoet to* ma?a for meh OowiBlte* laid ea to* tobta. ia* ppw tork iTimr re aoaiw. Mr i*?aw, tJ (ktegn,. fT-.e.t to* fultowleg - Rranlrwit, tk*t (*? >m?aHW**** the Bew Xm >1 O' W*wd ?**???* hereby tmtree *d le ee?td?era r p<W npnt uentoiBi ?Ay o{raei aaBaf Mwrn?* et.itngiy pled(? a fall aad rnlte eabBletopa to tte etH of itoa f enreeft 4 an far * ** *orao?eorgrat A Bodies w? aate to lay Ihto rerafatea as to* tobto, wtea to* MM* w? pot, tet te* d?hi? mm d?btod Mr. Ratw MM that hit reaatattas w? hi?dp t la har bobI? ?y ttflleally raniuag from rlral rata ef liligena b*r eaft?. Daw?i E. tecat? raid, ? behalf ef te* datag? who repiee?tod to* *M, It? h??H ?lira at T%m HaU. te hogged ?* ?aa? bta wUhag aenst la lh* aptrh*f lharaaaiuttes B*4?ksadtfeaB lb* delegation for which be spoke wu ready to abide by the decision of the OoovenUon in good rum, let that deot sIob b# vbtl II nlihl Mr. 8u?BLASD, of the Wood Committee, denied Indig nantly the power of the OooTentton to ooatrol the aotton of the democrats of Now York In any of Jiolr local organist Mens. .There was not a demoerat In that city who woald not sole for the ticket pot In nomination by thle Oooven Hrn?but this Convention bad so power orer local matters. Be same bcre unprepared with pledges and would make m ne It was wi ong to anticipate the aotloe of the x>mmtt t-c by a resolution leaning tonardslbe Cooper deiega ties, and the gentlman trho pretended to speak f jt that so called "old aed honorable'' Tammany Hall 0-vmntlileft fee beg that the iecli loo of the Convent on would fewer the Oroper Committee took upon himself to pledge thoosanda cf dcmccrate in be city of New York to abide by the ao Mrn of tbe Convention He dinlcd tbat tbe gentleman bed | ower to do oo. Tbe true prowlnon of this Convention was lo decide who were the repteeeatetlves of the people, regularly elected; bat when tbey went bey on 1 tbntUtey woe Id tain Ibla Onnwentton Into an oppressive oentral power, wbaia authority would n it be rewgutsed ay the demccrnte of New York. Uo tboaghl the 0 nwentloa bed ne power ower the subject embraced la tbo reeohtUon. Tbey ocnld not ecmpe I thr democracy of New York to support any IU k?t Pledges wei a sntt democratic. Toe only cledgo s democrat gives Is his domocraoy and tile principles. Tbat resolution was wery ingenious; and it ass very mictions, loo. Tor lbs gentleman to alladulo Tan many Hall, upon which thirty tc? nsaad wotera bad pet tbe wel of condemnation as an mtt demrcratlc ekwe otrporalke. He flbe t peak er) could noi gel bit oinstllu ?nclee to obey grsUrmcn hers, botrerer res pee labia they may br. Mr. 8saw raid he desired to vspel tba insinuation that tha raiolsUoa b.d brea leUeatvoed u as endorsement of tbe Oeoper d< legation It bears no arch thing upon Its raee aor In He design. Ee referred to the precedent of the Nat tens I Convention, ub'.ch hod time and tgala d elded nprn tbe rrgnlertty nf delegations, sad bad always adopt ed similar re-solution to Ibis now offered. Mr. roCHaasn ll o took the Ikwr eerfd pertiel oheere, agd raid tbat he did not rise to enter Into eny eontrowsrsy about regularity or Irregularity, or abmt Tammany Hall ertfeecbtde. He regretted that the resolution, which ltruck bits to be omtnra ly proper, bet given rise to rep re hem ibla remarks, which could not bo suffered to peso without reboke. with regard to Tammany Hall, she Bead ed no Cham pica, and there wee not a democrat la the land who was fitted to stead forth as her ehsmoton. She stands prominently at the head cf the democracy of the did not desire to claim honor for those who stood here as bar representatives. The oemmittea that nominated James Buchanan bad sprang from Tammaoy Ilall. This was so qoet tics of principle, out at regularity, tf this Oohweatlaa ?as rot the proper lodge of the regularity of the appoint mmt of its own dslegatss, anarchy must follow. The iwolullcn wee simply the! uow end hert after the demo crats cf New York wotfld abide >y tbe <10010100 as to re a'*!" It;, '<n tk<l?r that bermuoy might exist la future. Mr Ki-m rose amMMoitca or "Question." He mid he e ?- f ie of four stle of defeat's claiming seeds bore, tie ricrmed It propar tbet ell lilts dtccuaslon ahiuUI be hcioro tbo committee, and cot in tbe Ornveotton. He desired to say tbat Mr. Monies, wbc bad be?n so U-n" In tbe praise of Tammany, shoutd remember tbe time when he considered himself trodden upon, and was ready to denounce Tammany m irregular. He coold *ey tbe tame of tbe imt gsntleaan who bad ad [ Crstacd tbo urcventton Mr. Cochrane, alio, had tnracd spetrsl Tummvny wbrn Tammany sought to override tbe P*2r (Wood rose to speak, but Mr. Chamberlain moved tbe previoos question. Much excitement n?w prevailed. Mr. Wrod ornilnued standing, whtlo Mr. Chamberlain, who bat 11'it attracted tbe Speaker's era, laeleled upon the Kvicut question. The excitement become Intense, ead d were tbe crlce for "Woed," "Wood," ? qaestfsn," " question the lalUer predominating largely. Mr. Bxxx?WeB, lei them gag us down if tbey dare. Lei Ibetn put the previous queslkm. Mr. Ctx iisAjrn? I hope the previous qussllou will not he pressed. Tfce CsumtLan?1 must put the motion for tbe previous qemtlun 1' insisted opos. Mr I niniwuujn then withdraw his motion. Mr. Coontsnw sentsnded fen Osnventlon should decide which ??? the Wee dele gotten, en feet Nlure bodies would ksew which wan the reguler orgumxation la New York L'irto this tns evtiy thing wentonwtth enmpmsUts omoC*1at**, hi W* ilecture the firry eh meow began t? *Mk. Bees e seen* nf Indescribable ssnfUslen took plea* Olee sf "QwerMoa" end eat* for "Weed" (who stand up ta the eesne skies, eslsaly walMng ea opporteeMy to mask) life* u1 allsMam At kngtM, psnoe bsfer rs stored, 1tr. Weed sdnnevf sad was reeeWud with * routing cheur. fit spoke sa IWiosi ? EFUCH OF MATOB WOOD. Mr ruiKMM- IT anything ooold add to the grief I feel tl -b? b?m;;,*rig potiitoa the city of New Tors prwoti to day la tbta Ccavnatten, and to th? pata which It gives ire tc ap ear ta a ncmtoiaito Maw Convention aa a aaa leateit or a ieai, it ta, air, that I an rocoed to rtao to lay odo word oa tali qoaattoa. ?r, tb# greet city of Now York la entitled to bar rlfoU oa thla Hoor aad to ho hoard ta ihta body. 1 a^prrhcad, atr, thai Ma. oeUeaUv* ropra aaatattru of tho groat aenooraey of the Empire hum aro art prorated to ohich gave to au fkil I bare riant i vtnitoa w doowo before u aad legtfcaMUlp an Mar tar tia ilea. Thla, Mr Chalrwaa, to a eoarowtloa aallaii fbr the purpose at aoulaaMaf a demoorako Mokat or Re'* cBaara to ho aeppested by the people la the appr< aching rleoWoo It has. Id oonaoqaeaoa or lie obarac tor. the po?er or dooldtcg who aro and who aro aot aaoaa b.raof tta owa body, aad thna to settle the qoaetkm of all ennteetad aooto. aad that la tho tote qaeattoa that la before ft aow. Tho aoeatloa la the aettleaaeai (la the New Tork CO**) of the ooaieotod teals. It baa been ie 1 tlat aereral other aeaU from ether pieoae to the Mete are ateo contested. Thla aaay or war aot ba eo If It la. the Oeavraitco bare pro Tided lor It, aa I ondara-'aad by a eub-oomml toe oa thaao eatea. Tho wbol* qa<?b<w., I eay, to b? aow 'let*rmMod, la who tbrr Jcho Doe or Richard Km la eetttled to e soot whtoh br>Ui crtbtm rletn, end to *ay *btcb appear* from the retuUr orgealsaitoa, ea t pre role proper oredewitola. h tea, air, yon go bejoad tbat, wbeo yon go farther thoa itet, *0.1 *oier tn'o educate oa or eU> mpled aeUlooMat of tocal differ*uoe*, whtoh amy hare artaaa belweea the ftmocraey of New Tort aad Tammany Hall, thee, Mr, I on paaa the boeadarlee of you dntlee ead tread epea deogrrooa gi nonl Yon ere tt?n travelling be jono your province; yoo are aaanailag that ?on trai power, tbo eserotaa of wbtoh wo ataal ready to bread aad ooadewa ao oerlne ta onroppoaeaU. We have lubwltted oo not qneatton to yen for you denlaloa ao Mat which the reeolotlca teak a to oarer. We bare given yon ao Mr. kb*w (tatfrrnpttag)?Mr. President, I withdraw tho rraotu Eg Mayor Wood? Tbeo itr, 1 bar# aot another word to ray. (Loua cheert) Wains R Jonas sacred "tbat laaanuah at the naiew of the drwccrecv of New Terh are netted la prtaotpie, ud ao pttactple hetag laeofred la the preset straggle for e> eta in tbta OonTsailen by theee representing the ra rloca e iraaizaiioea of that city aad oonaiy, tt le tharofare tie ; dgtent ot b*a Onreetkra that the date galea froea the d'.ffrrrat i *yar ritloea of ra'd city rapcrt fnribwith the of *erratcts dtfegatas to rep: stent that otty ta thu Ccci tat tea " Mil urn aire tbs a*u oa ma nato Joan Kbit Mid ttwei welt kao*n Mat aeery effbrt b*.i he?o mad* to natut meee <to legal lore in rata There were four eels of dettgetloae, oaty two of whtoh have any claim m rrgntertty at all Be aa a aaawr at IBs croper Ontemttue, hot ft would be abeard ahoald tbta Owv#aiwia decide ts* Onep*v C mem idea aa Irregular orpaiaattoa. The Wiiim Small Oaaa utttee wm the only regular oomialtUa la ax liuaee with regard to the qneWtaMJIib* qody' "f 1*47 the teeta of the 9aalJ C. MMtoVVb eoataeled by trcijcmdh wlefcaJ Interfered wi h Ihflfcbll Oenmlwee n we time when the dhamrbaao# took piece ta fhamau Hail Ha thee preeeaded to espials tbo quarrel aad dim eelty la Thmmaay Mall net af wblah apraag jha Peeper GomaitMre. aad af the eoitan of Uie Reform Oowveattm Be new there waa a geatuewe oa this flatr who, by la trtv nr.tsg aa aMaaemeat la that OtnvaHaw, had Mid the groead a ark of aN Mo tronbleo aow estatteg ta tho Now York demoerary Tho aamatwoo af tko OMveaitaa, ho Mkoved, woiM have to adept the p*ea prepneel to Mr. Joaee' roeofottoe, er owe ilk# ,t, tf they wteaed ie settle the difficulty ta N*w York He moved to tat end by reaoiviag teat right membra of ibe cooper drtagtttoa aad sight member? of the *<?a? ctiogeiKa be eataeted by eoeb delegwitos. aad thaae alt teas alert a nuadeantk deitgau, aad thai Mar be admit t*d an tbo New Terk deb gallon. He staled Mat tka dmtll One. a. i u e bad ten rcteri for erary Mfff Ooepar CommMre He tbea moved bte a rauiRLi sew m ail rears or na aorm Mr Corn a* n* rare to e qeeaWoa e? order. It waa aow proposed le Mke ibe saajeet eat ef Me haada at Ma oom mlttr* aad deetde It ta aaatber ?ay. Mnoa oaafoelea aew prevailed, a daeaa juntas astaking at eaea, Maraage, R- adorn, Water R Joeea aad aMire radravor tag u obtaia tka floor. Tha Chair rapped arder la vala. Mr. Mnuuea aaked if Ihe roles af the Imambly gilded Jj>t hnd) f Mr w R Joaaa taeteUJ epos the fleer: end Me Chair de tded that the qaeaUoa wee ta order, aad Mr. Joaee ew tlikd to >be flier. Mr. Mruruaa rare le a point ef order. No member* ef ta* An*mbly were allowed to ? bid). ead abeaM aot ?a allowed to addrem Mia body Mr Rntum raa* to apeak flrat, bet Mr Mn aage later rep id aim la a load veto*, Instating oa being baud ftfM T .e w'.ideit ocefualoa aow prevailed, i lo * rled. A Miwraa eel led for Me fhrgeaal el Arwn. staneaw *# a rmav Mr ' nuawwelbed w tb* foea* of Me . _ oel-td u ?? lb* Tr?aW*ol to decld* wrho had tee fleer "be rcAia^l bare airtady decided ihm Mr. Joaee hae ?b* f! -? ??*) tie drhgetaa sow raabad forward to the ***** to :e?t ' rnr tbeSr. see far arret*1 laiaetaa e flght anaaail tamt tik MAim * 'twwr MtHtod nw his right to he hoard, Wet tM b*fa* reedervd N Iwtweaib'e Crtea aow i reanedel at "Beer 9aam? "Let Stub lee epeei," with neih for the/wguat at Aran.

The oeefoeteo beggar* ill amlattua, whole orowde of d#t#f**we poebtec forward from foa tot ef M# ba* ead ?any Meptag oa ibe pltMwm. Mr Maraage flgered eaw tptoveuely ta the thtarbeaoee, ahenthm el Ma top of bla leaga. oaa New Tork daiegata leaped aa aaaat aad ahontel whb tleatertaa leaga, tbat drewaed over ether aalaa, "Mr Cbairwiaa. I dsetr* M be beard." Having evidently aeeewipnebed hi* pupae* betook Me earn agataaMkkl rear* of ktfhw Mr. forwuto mad* aa afowt M apeak, bat ww agate pet of he deiaptea A member baring obtained the floor, moved to lay tbe resolution and ameaam?nt on too mole OUi rat made for tba eyes and naya; and tba Qnalr man aatd ba would pat do motion tutul tba ODOveattoa waa seated. After order vaa partially restored tba rod wu oalied, deluding tba New Y.rk delegation. Tba motion la lay on tba table waa loat by tba fbllowlaf rota?Naya 64, a> m 4?. Amidst asaob eonraaton Mr. Sicklbb took Um floor. Ha nbdcratood Usat tba rota jatt taken ooaweyed an ex pression of tbe feellDg or Use Convents cm in fbror of making tbaaa delrgatlona reconcile dtMoaittaa. Ho wan willing to accept it as ancb, and abide by |i at axprasalon. Tba Oooper Ocmmtttee were wiIHuk to miraoe tbla worse, and ba abonid ao bare slated if ba oould bare sooner ob tab ed Use floor. Bat tbe far K of tba reaoludoa waa tbat It teecbcd only tba difficulty hero and left untouched tba dlffictiliy at bema. Ha bad hoped to bare preaaatad la tba "lion bear led" democracy or New York, unloa opoa all mattera of regularity and nomlnsUon. Ha hoped the mo tkn would ba unanimously adopted. Exjdnru W. Glov?k, on behalf of tba Pejple'i dalega Ucn, desired to say tbat they ware willing to agree to ancb aa arrangement aa contemplated *y ike reeolntiaa an amended by Mr. Kelly. If such a settlement ware made thePeop.e'a dalrgallon woro ready to stead od? side and yield the i ight they aoppoaed thoaaelvaa to ham to aaata en thai flcor. Tba rtaohikon waa then adopted ai amended by Mir Kelly, which emerdmeU bad bees acce sted by Me. Jones Immediately upon tbe declaration if Uta result the con fusion wu resumed, and amidst the notae the chairman put, la aa endlble voloe, a motion for n raoeaa Ull haif paa 7 P. ML, which wu deems ad carried. EVENING SESSION. Ike Otravaattoa roasaembled at half peat aaran. nm uuaimmu nam or coixxnu oovwrr. Mr. MeCuLLAXD, of Oatambta, aald it wu wholly Im practloablo for Ik# delegate# from Columbia county to da dda tba quaattoa ot ooalsated aaata of Ibat county Hs mowed tbat a committee ba appointed, to wkom tba matter be referred. Carried. Tba nommltteo appointed cons<ata of Maasrs. Baaiiag, of Queens; Warren, of Kaaaselaer; OdaU,ef Full on; 8y I ren ter, of Lewis; Bebee, of Tioga; Jonea, of Llylngetoa; aod Cbamplain, at Alleghany. ran oomrmn on umrnom Mr. Edwui Cnoawau. mowed for tba appotntmeot of a committee of two fkom aaak judicial district on Ike reoo Mr. William H. Luvuxw said there wu a resolution to Lbatsflkot already on the labia, sad tbsflwu to betaken np and acted oa ai the proper tiara. Mr. Tailob, of Kings, mowed to amend by presiding tbat the different delegations firom the Judicial dislrlote choose their own members of the committee. Mr. Lidlow sa d that be hoped no suoh amendment would prevail It was not a proper oourte to pursue. Ha wu ptoocedlag, wbtn ba gaea way to ths vica-rKsatbaxTM. HanATio BavnouB, who ran sal wu sgals great ed by load aboers. Ha rose to oall attention to on# point taat wu overlooked. II bad al ways been tba habit to send out a ttaket not eadorsed only by the President aad Secretary, ant also by tbe Vtjc Preetdeals. Ha hoped it would not ba da parted from. Ha saw aronad him assy pmaslaeat aad eaiscnt aemocrais who slso would do booor to tba ptat rorm, and whsse namet would go abroad aad strengthen It. Be thought tbat tba prooeadlags ware tor far enugh adwancad to alien Una ooorse witbout wrong is uy. WbeatheNew York delegates oama la tbey oould came tbolr Vioa President. Ha mowed, Urarelhra, tbat the different delegations proceed to elect a Vloo President fro a eaota. Qamei. Mr. Lcnicw ooatinned?Ha Utought aa propoaltlea should ba tolerated to lake tba appointment Ml of tba handa of Ihe President. No paraoa, ba should Imagtae, would make sack a proposition unless aknstod by a wast of eoafldeaeo la IkaOhatr. Mr. Tatlob denied tbat ba bad any such foaltsg*, er Urat ka entertained uy doubt of the Obalr, bathe waa in fewer af taking power always from one maa aad ooafsr i lag 11 aa toe people. ItwucmlnaaUy yrapw Bad Ike Judicial delegations skomld abases Urate own sse whore la that csmmlltsr, aad ha wuaoafldaat baapaka ma wank msata of the rroatdaat wk? ha saM ks weald ba gladly reBswee bum i sspaaalhltly. Mr. It oiow?Opea the qaeetioit then I call for tbe eyas sadness. Cries at "Ka, no," and ond counter arias of "Yea, waa " * Mr. MctXJSAb, at Qaaaaa, rasa to a point of ardor Ussy bad ao oompraae hstsf dolagataa, iM oould am properly take tba a) ? had noes. Who kanwa anything a boat who la a delegale aad wb? la notf Any paraoa mlga*. answer aa the names won oalied. Mr Sbajiwit, af Oayuga, urged the propriety cf calling the ayes end says oa eolmiortoat a question The Chair then pat the mo tun to catena by giving tbe ?cleoUen of Ike Orasmltloe en iteaolutiane to me diffbreat dalagatlaaa, aad the aemovaa last, by ayaa &6, nays 69. The herds rated In the affirmative, and tba a*Qa la Uhe ne gative 1k I original raaalotiea wu thaa adop'ad van wanion or a rioanr. Ma Bnaw.of Qtssgf? maud thai whan the OnaveaMqa adjewra ikts awwaltegT fl MM to mast agam at 0 omik la mcrraw merateg. aad laaa praoaod to asmiaats a kcket for Urate otooars. Carried. Mr. Mctajoaw mowed to sljcsm vaa Win coanrrm A Daiatuia moved 10 tako from the labia too raeotalloa provtdlig for the Mieatno of ? SHO* Oommlttaa b/ Sena Br'.aJ dtortcta. Mr limm, of St. Lawreaee, scud to amrod, by re ?otrtsf ikit tha delag tttoM from the JnaiaUl dlrtrtota b? aoiberimd 10 yrvn tha uaua of two dalega'a* to form a Mala PomnaraBn UomwHloe far the oaaatag year. Cbr rM. ffea OmtuUm than adjourned Hll 0 o'clock tv morrow meratag. ANOTHER ACCOUNT OF THE CLOSING SCENES. Tha Fullowlag grapblo daaorlp loo of tha otae'ng no!lag toooaa la tb? Ooaroalioa baa bcoa east ai by ooo of oar ?aaatal popogoare i* At I bo aaaeloataa of Major Wood'a ell r ring epaoch W. R. Jobm oflbrod a ato'loa to Ihe effect thataaao principle wm lav ol red la Iba oUluu ot ibo d I (for oat dele gat lone, aad aa Ibo maaa of Iba people oared nvthtag for tbelr prlrale dlflbreaota, Ibe ooateeUag delegation! ? boa Id apprlat loroatoaa delegVee to repreeeet New Vork. Tbla waa i weired wttb cbaera, largbter, aad orlaa of "Good." Joaa Kbit tbaa arooa aad delirared aa abla addraaa, la wbleb ha deaoaaoad tbe wbola traoble la Now York aa Iba reaaJtof paNy paraoaai booUttty, aod aarralad, for tba aenaSt of iba cobotry delega'ee. tbe latereatlag atory of Iba "(Babble, bia owa off-rut to make peaoa, aad Mr. Htrklei' aitrmpte to tbwa't tlrm. He eoioplaloed that icma oakaewB jany bad bora a.-at mora to ovaleat ba teat aad eJneo bta meota H? lali tbtl wbatarar honor waa dae to tba N? ? Yaik desr..-craey aeroagad to tbe ."wail umrnitw.-, aal a-neadad by propoaing, aa aa 0100808.081 to Mr Jmce' mMloa, thai tba 0 <ojwr aad Small dr legal toe iboiili tora *c to a light roro, aad Biuta abnoift triret a arrra eoath, aad that U> aa ' be reeeired aa tbe New York dalegntM Tbla praaaaltka wai rtcetred with a burnt of c bee Hog aad a iiiddra rltlrg all urer Iho room. Mo mberr Hoiked here aad there Some rote oe obatn aad attempted to addram Ibe Chair. Mr. Oochraae tried to ba petal of older, but to ?o avail Laadaat unag Ibe arowd were tbe TOtcea of 8k k lea. Ryadara, Mulligaa aad Mo range. Twtaly, at Moot, were deleting to M board at tbe tame (torn. Tie Cbatrmaa rapptd ate bammar la rata, aa tba etabed crowd drew aaarar aad aaarar to tba platform 4 ma,lea to adjeara for aa boar wm ad length pat aad aooa after aad laei too (termer aoae. U waa pel agala Mr. jA*m a*bed that hla rmalattaa ba pat. wbaa Joha Byraea u mi red to know wbaJeaee eat aad wbe ba MP I reeeaied Mr. ? waa very rtetaat, bat bia frtaada gath ered areaad aad calmed Wm daw*. There reeared ao paambta abaaoe of paillag Iba meliea, >. ie Ibe wuf'iHw grew froat Ryafora adraaeed la traatef Iba cbalraiaa'o labia aad brpgod a' btm la regedel Mm to retire aad ba ww>M do to at eoee, bat bia pa Haaaaa waa oaliraiy Beheaded la tha toaaJt. A<l Ible time Major Wood Wood la bit ptaM will a ma I rated rmUa aa hta moath, wbleb did let altogether eon oral Iba r?<? that ha wm agitated at tba chle wbteb bad re roddealy aama aa Iba atotlra of tba Maw York doia ? J?nv Kbit flailed, la a rtenwvlni mine, Mr the year Md nayi oa J .met' motion, with bia own amendment, whiofc kad been accepted It wm mwead to lap Ibam oa Ibo labia. Mr. Gtwrmt aaid that If Kelly'i ameedamat wu adeptad tba Savage dalagataa waald at oaaa withdraw their cietma Ihw cewrdhMory denlarebne btm kat tn tbe aWbtofo for raty a few board a abera tba dla of raleee Tba metea la lay m tba labia wm put aad fort by a rat# of M to 44 Three boarty cheer* greetad tba reanli Iba leading no He voted la lap oa Iba labia Ibe artgtaal matfoa m emended wm tbaa ant aad eorrted by a aaaal hll a poo tha I Tola A aaddea calm fill npoa Iba troablad aimr aid lb# Oireeathm adjatraed to meal ageia alhaifpaet ?area ooleck tola araatag POITIOMIPT. tmccia, Rapt. 11?t A. M. After Ibe adjaaramMt, too Cooper mm taaliy earn aladad to ealaal ha f Iba Maw Yark daiagaBaa, aad thag ah0M DMtol & Mekfoa, Ma Malty, Jeha c.-ebraae, Wm. P. Keaardy, Aadra A. from oat, Alexander M Ward Diah P. Pardy aad Tbaama Byraea. Tha Waod or Small filngalina appal ale 1 Peraaada Wead, Toaiu. Br'berltad, t?ara<l Wwackbaamer, Thorn** PhitgeraM, W. L Mtrrw, W. V Ncfntyrr, P. 4. A. Brele aad Haary H. Merrrga. Iba Otoper Mat given abrra mart ba lakaa WM a grata af aalt. M ewrorai of tba lilagalm poeMrety tafaaed la eeaaeto to aay half af a foal aaraagamaal A matotog wm tbaa bald ta aadaarar to aaMM apoa too niMta?tb maa, ?MI mere tbaa three baara' dlaaamlaa apoa toll petal eaaaed. PremMl aad Kravedy are rary ladtgaaat at toe ptafga of (kakfoo, rg aefog te tbe kilfaad bar prtoetpto; Md all toe Oeopar ad are rerj maeh eat ^ at tod tltoery af Wead to too OoareaBoo Per Iba Blafa OaaWal Oemailtiee iba oaNad argaalsa Boaa will pripma fbraaade Wood aad metal g Wekloa Bto rami ditagalm bare baaa aatiaamlag m to Iba ticket. II Is pretty wall tattled thtt L'sntsnaat Ooreraor Church will be Comptroller. Tucker iludi sell for He eretary of rttate; Lyosi, of Utiea, for Treasurer; end fleeter, oi Queens, mod Safes, of Albaar. fnr Htate Prison Inrpcator. Fey, of Rcohesier, la la the flcld for State f'rt aoa Inspector. lieao V. Vaaderpael, of Erie, la talked of for A tier* 07 OeaaroL After the morning convention wrrdo occurred botwooa Oaptnln Byndere and Major *ood, the former letting the latter that II was dtrgraoeful in the chief magistrate of un> city In Impeach the la'.egrlty and Impartiality of tha Preal dent of the Ooaventloa. The change In tbe Brat proposed arrangement as to per maaent orgaalia'kn waa made, ?llh no underatau ling bet stan Ed a la Croawelt and Dean Richmond, the firmer conceding Thy lor aa the permanent President The follow leg Is a liat of Vioe Presidents to be reported to-morrow 8ccoed district, D. D. Aihco; Third district, not ohaeea on sceonatof the oootceUd ieat of Columbia; PoiriO dU trtct Joseph Ruiaell; FUib district, Roral Oaamberla'n; Math district, Sea. 8 fl. Hathaway Seventh dlntrlot, D. J. Sunderland; Eghth dutriot, H. B. Lanntag. The follow lag la the State (Jommltlce for the uuauiag year, as aei rated >? DM 1?Wet ebomn. J?i?um Howler, D. R. Floyd Jones. 3?Prcbahly Peter Chgger sad MaAnbur. 4?fiol. Moae, Cuahaey. I?H. a Coats, Jno. dtryker. 0?Hubbard, Boebe. 7- 8. & Jewell, Pomeroy Tusker. 8?Dean Richmond, km. Taadervoort The following will be tbe Committee on HeedaUoas ? DM 1?Net filled. 2? Ludlow, or Suffolk; Croewell, of Weetcbeater. 3? Pratt, or Greene: Chgger, of elbeay. 4?D. 0 Smith, of Soheueotady; Dwyer, ef Eaten, h? a Seymour, of Oneida; Beards* y, of Qswage. fl? Hubbard, orCbenaaio; Shaw, of Otsego. 7?Davis, of (Reuben; Clark, of Monroe. 8?Pipea, of Niagara; Brtttoa, of Ohaatauque. There is prospect ef more fun to morrow. Aotrersoisilcal Observations. Those who have any curiosity, or tool any Interest in the movements and relative position of tbe bodies 00m prtflag our solar syatem, will be able to see during this moalh what does not occur twice during a (enerntloa. All ef the planets, tbe aetertoda excepted, will occupy a posi tion bet Rttlo exceeding one fourth of the great circle of the heavens. At about the boor of four, or f< om four to Ave, oa the mora tug of Tuesday, tbe 16th Lutant, the Sua, the Moos, Mercury, Tense, Mire, Jupiter, Saturn and Hertebel (or Urania), vetU all be with! 1 '.ho plane of Use eeltpUo, and within the epaot, WanpeMeg a lU'ie m>re then a^quadrant?from tbe sun,'a f?>? '-ey-eee ttel.w the aaatern hertzes? to the planet Japli- e KlUe west nf tbe meridian. Their relative poeltioue, aa ecu.- at they can b? represented oa a piano tor face, mil 09 seen by the following diagram ? POSITION OF Till PLAFST9 ON TITB MOKNWO OP TITR IfiTH OF flSrTBMfKTU SATURN aewuoii mcr pel itmM Mortar Ml this Mm to taxable, being w mr Ma Ma a* to to iimiii ay to rays Hawabal la aba tartalbie leUto naamfctad ay*f la CBwartoaaa^ Ma di?uuca from Ihreo, aadla aamnaraao will toshoot aetmuaia ??w wail or Ma atertdtoa at hair put 4ia. bottomtor 16 It 'ppraro aaaal nka a iv oT Ida toeaad aaafaitudo. 61 debcraa la a wary rod lochia* Mar la Ma eye af Ito Bill, o-aateilaiiea lharu, aad not Ihr from Ito wall kaowa PUladaa, er wraa atari. Ob tor aad Poltai, Ito aotad "Twtoa" ((festal), ara art tor from Ma aoooad aaagulPKle, aad sot atrt Maa two or Mrra drgrtm apart la ap,to real magnitude May ara almost predialy alike. Tto pUaet Satnra '? not aa eoaaplcuaai to Ito aya ai Japftar, aar aa rod aa Mo lory Mara, wfclafe at tola tour la vary aaar Ma mccn Venua, of courts, la Ma moil brllttoai ohJrot la laa hcaraao, IT wa except aa Mia aoeaaloa Ma tooaa tor iclf. bow growa a UUJa aaodaal, wtM ram partly aeartod, rb'.otrg a ?itnd?r cnxrrei Tba rlrga aad awu of Betora eaaaol to aaaa area pi wtth a po war fa I taiaacopa. Tto artemtm or JapHar aaa ai any time be aaaa by oalag a goad mirror Hew tt aa aa to glte yen Me reflactkw oT Me plaaal aaar to oaalra, aad, by leaklcg aUeatltaly. tba toaoaa wUl appear to toree or four imil! atara aaar Ma pleart Uaelf Ttoao af oanrer, are roaitaatty cbaagtag yealtloa arooad Malr eemaaoa teatre. 611 af Mroa phiaaw aaa to aaaa to toaiar adraatofa altar the BKxia cbengoe, < n the isth Har light bstng wttbdrawn, lha imal'rr litm'narlr* apiwar mora ooniptonone. Tba ra ta'tro poattkm oT all Ibo bodtoa maatloaad will to Tory atari/ Ma laato for arretaJ day* bafora aad afiar tba 16M; bat Mia moratag la fixed opoa m pr aaa at tag Ma Terr rare pbraomrraa or all tba bodtoa ta aar aolar ay atom Ito Mlaretda or mtaar plaaato, Vaala, laa. Aahree, ka n oapud?totag la a irtpto mora bu aaa qaartor at a ctrato oT Ma toaaaaa, at Ma aa* memnL la toektog at tto rnaalaltottoa ad fixed atom, Ma m brilttaal rtaw at Ma brawata ta Ma eraalag la cheers lata la aatnm; tba noaf Itattoor aI <>rtee, Ttora, (itmlat, ueiatopra, Una Major, Lyra, tqnitoe aad otaora, all tol Ttaibto at tto aama isomsa* Bit Ma aaaa rtow at I baarato I* prraaatod bow rtaa boor part mldrtghi U ?til aaaa la Noromtor earlier ta Ma araalag. I'arwun' Idqartta, Brrrootn Wira Mt itnaa m raa 8w\a?raasra W*an ? OB Wedaatday, (oraecr Ouuaary No ? Itmm 6, mpoa Ma body of a Uarmaa aamad Mary Harden, wtoUwa aappaaad had dial af dlaaata of ibo baart flta Ma atrtamaat af daoaaaad'a hosbaad, Jacob Wordall t wa apptreel Mat a aatarai daa'h bad takra piaor lb# jary MaraCera raltrail a tot dtot at death by dtoaaaa of tba baart, art awrpaattag Mr a MCMrai Mat dteaaaad bad reooatly aama ta tor daaM from Ttolaaoa Taatarday, Mr. 0. Roma, a brother of Ma ta era* ad. tailed apea the China or aad eaaaad bad baa baatra by bar tablet aa tba rtght pro atone io tor earth. aad latlmrtad Mat tabtooptaloa aba bad btw foaUy draff with. 61 Ma rtqwtrt at Mr. loan a part aaar tort tiaailartlaa wia aaada a poo tba body of Ma dactaoad br Drg ITueU |ffd TanxmB. wbaa saffl cteat waa rareeled to ooelrm M? larpicloaa af Ma bra Mar of dareaaad. fba phyalatoaa opoa opaatog Ma thall af dteaaaad foaad a large elot of blood oorwrlag Ma right hrmtopt.ere of lha brala Oa a fartbar aaaaataattoa ibay foud a fraotr.ra of tba right tooaporal boaa From Ma oxomtaatwa at ado, Ma dt atora ara at aptataa Mai daaib wm aaaa ad by ctmpretotoa of Ma brats. Ma ra nd af lajoitoa la Ma shall Tba baaboad of Mo da rmaad wm by tba ordar of tba Ooroaer, takaa lata aaato dy by oOVoer Carta. af Ito Sarortaaatb ward pollaa, aad ^a b* b'tn .letslerd a c .,?torljr artll the m?Urr ehtll hare base folly la netigeied Ajrry wm ompaaaaltil la Ma emeytrttrdey afWrmaae, aad opoa itotr atowiag tto body Ooroeor (Jbasory ajeoraad Ma aaaa aaar aato Batorday Tn Into (nor Btiama 6mii.-CtnMl Ornaery bold aa Mgnart yoatorday M tto Maw York Hoepttai, >pm tto tody at tto I tattoo, nuto TBrotoat, wba dtad from Ito i af a atab raaatral la am affray wtto oar of hia aaa IMTtwoto, at Ma. M fired a Mow, wtoa tto tottar made a pam at daoaaaad aad tto a raa eat af Mr mart: dear am it artad ml tart to WW atabtod, aad aald Mat R waa tto anaaaad wtortabbad him Redrew Mere deposed tort to wee prmiat wtoa tba affray oeearrtd, bat did act aa tto kaifb aaad. to a* etoraaaba mot eg dowa oteto, aad aaaa afterwards to heard Mat TaraM aaa (tabbed Itoaaa tsratort da p aad Mat aba a* tba daaaaaad aad tto aoaaoad fifhdag together; ibo taw U>r aeomat rublag bla bmt lata Ma trekrt aa If to got a hotfb, tbio aa wtoa they ware char tod. tto defeated fid aar tart to bad beta nabbed tit r:<n?aen?.o, dwrawd waa droab; aotody ooaU hero rtatned d<or-ia'J hot GIoToaebo. Dr Label., of tto Maw V ?h ftoovfat, drpo.od 'ba? drrraawl woo armHad.fof in ry f?. ir. a woaod ta ?tr ?viom--a, itfftM by a hoHb Mr '<i to g 1-n^-o WM tto conn ?f d?g;b fto aaaa ?M tbra gtrro in tto j?ro, who roadamd a rrrdlot of "drrtb by a nab m tto abdawoa, taflw ad by iiiniitii utOTMcto, oa tto Tth af mprt mbia, mr " a ftartaal woe tbrroapoa laaoad tor Ma ap irab* aatw of tto aaoaaad aad plaaad la ito heads at Biraaaafi Btato tor aawmthm' Dceaatod ww aa orgaa frteder by prafhaahm, aad wm to yrara old. Matob^i Omra.?Jobs Oaaa, Krq , Prldtol af Mo Board of Aldarmaa.M aaw offidaMag aa aedaff Mayer dw tog Ma ahooaaa at Mayer Weed, who la at Byreoaae. Ittoa haw arrotonwly atorad MM Mr Ctoaoy waa to By i aama m a datogato from Maw Tark. bat to la Mtoitlmr to tto dmtm whiab daratra aaaa htm to Ma abeam af Ma atoaf Vukti and VuhttMf ?xcvnmown unci tbi kaob at nbw bkdfobd, ance tbe great rioc ?t New Bedford, our yacht Beet kM bees idtfily w|t(td Mi1d( tn the waters irwid tad sojaoeslto New York. Yaebtownera undent* ud bow It enjoy theaiMlree, iporttog asd Oihtcg to thvir be*atttal little cra/to; benoo tba fttquenny of tbetr esenritoM. Tea yrehta were anchored cti Hobokoa Wednesday afusraooa. Mil of them lake a tail ay or dawn lbs rirtr osco every e?j. Tke Base, owned by Moaee H. Orinseil, after win ning the flret prtae at New Bedford, returned to Mew York, and baa alaoa been telling ay and down tbe Hudaen river A moat every day. Tee tea Drift, J. P. Belbreok, owner, went from New Bed rare dowa to Vineyard Monad, tbeeee la Greeoport and New York tfnoe rbearrived at Now York abe bat aaado C/tquwi exouraKna up the Bndaen rtvnr aad down kbe ?>? lo Ready Hook. ibe mivie, nr. a. Miebbiue, owner, hae boon ep la Blow Oo>o iekK>, toNrw KocbelW twice, to Nor walk nor, and at iMTtrni |oee up and dowa to 8 la tan Tata ad almoat ovary <tnw Tbe Rebecca, Jamee Gvrden Bennett, owner, arrived beta on Monday from tevaral orulaca la tbe Joiuad and ?round blend; abe eaenni m eoaao boavy woelbor ad gave eireag e*td*t>eeef being a very aaoeiloal and tafeUat She cane down rates Gtea Oovo to tba eWy In 2>? Louts aad bat slnon been on a oruteo to Bandy Book a>>.< Hr lewthury the matte, Mr. Thoniar, owaer, baa been down to Vtna } aid Sound end Ivi?a<t .> * u fltblng. She wnt for aanw line uy lo Nyauk, getting a aow bewaurtt put la. On H miay the (.ease lu from Sandy Hook, tad want ool again cn Wed mac ay. Tbe Feuole. lfr. White, owner, ban been laying ovar at Hofeiken nearly all the rtaeou. occasionally taking a crake ty iho river or down the bey. Tbe Wanderer, a tlaun.*h schooner of oxaolUnl model, owned by J. D Johnson, went from Mow Bed lord to Sm |-n (hence lo Gloucester and Nahani; tben oa a floalag orol<e lo KrovMonn* end Hvlmeo' Hole from there aba tailed to Newport, Gvciuer'a blanJ, Omaporl, Phunb hiend, back to Greeopctl, tbeooa to Now Yorn, w bee abe ar tved oa Monday leak Mbe oaaae arouad oa tbe oaltlda of f/>ng Uland; Wodnetday afternoon tba tailed dowa tba bar nor aad back. The Ketlioee, Mr. Geo W Tbaoher, owner; went from New Hertford to OarmaaivlUe N H, tbenoo to Now Hocbello, rotoiaod to CarmaaerUto: went to Brldgaoort, letvriwd agala lo Obrmaeevtllo, aod from tbeaoo cane la New York. Wednesday eight sbo sailed down to Bandy Hok Tba Usdlao, Leonard W. Jerome, owner, waat to Ostd dpi lag, L I, tbenoo ratnracd to Now York; boo alaco boon cruising op and dowa iho Mocnd to different piaoot Partb Amboy, Bridgeport, oo wa to tba Hook and owktldo. Nearly every day tba erntaee np and down tM barsor. Tno Noma, W. II Major, owaor, waat fkoaa Now Bed fcrd to Edgar town, tbeaoo to Now eon, New London, Black Bock, Glen Core Biooo arriving la Now York Ma bar betn tailing around Ibe harbor almoat e rary day, aad bat died la rainier, armrrttrg to tbe ?Mptala'a catouiUen, neatly two ior> f : . * '"i t be Bay, o ?i .4 oy ,<jr. Tbotrae, baa been lav tag at Ho I'.'kta nearly a 1 the rtt*en, and la said to have boon or to he ?ut i f r?i'?ir. The jelle, r ????'' v ar wtieri"iry, 'ajt >(t thel.avy Yaid, ar.C bat b tfi ri me IBM !Te Jctlel, a c, haiboea to Newport, aad la now el tHvctfigiea. ibe Widgioe, Mi. Kdcar. laya at Tbrogg'a Neck, lb* l ?\o:Ue, Mr. Miogtlend, la up jba Hadaoa rtver tcuetbtrr. The Maggie, Mr. I.vper le at New Leaden. Tbe Scud, Mr Thomas, hae gone beck to Philadelphia, where abe belenge tbe Petfi), Mr OeUlae, left Hobekaa en Taeaday eight, an- at at cut prcbtbly on a Bahlsg ezoontoa. Tbe America Mr. Kin ft land, baa font oa aa eaeuraten no Ibe Hudtoa liver. Xfce VoAbte, Mr. Hanamed, la at Boatoa, being owned Unto. Tbe aelm, Mr. Tappaa, tbo inaa. Tke Rtehneead, Mr. Miliary, toy* at MraMe, Ooan. The BrnMa, Mr. Bkwwa, and Aaataa. it. fOrbae. MB to Beaten, wbevwtboy are o? and. OVATION TO an annua* Ieet week nbi of Ibe | wttb the New Yotk Yaebt CHto (trail clan rieMe In Mr. and Con modern uf tbe xfrubmraie, ten, be, bad eutatd, appraartoM teaara aad >i t/lcr which tbo dieaar party went en beard tba ye Blvle, which wee lying Joai off tbe baaeh, aad there oloaad day 'a entertainment. Mr. Arohadec Ihe day a eaieriainatea'. nr. Area a in cane appeared WLCh pieered with tbe boiplUllty teaderec to him, wttb ilio ealnte oa board tbe Blv't, aad with fading tbo Brtdbh Beg nyiag oa tbo reremaat T?r. Inrraun c? m (Unni w m Cm or Kauoo ?Tin Twn rrn tKinrr ajtd ma Scon Laeio* ?Tb* aaal rnnrj afIk* raptor* of Uo Uty of Mart* (Monday, lha 11th iaat) ntU b* eckb*siad la a becoming E? Icaalot prapnt nllona ar* boiag mad* by oar cttl ua eaidMry tamafcaagrani lorn oat aa tbe oaaaataa. th* following " ha* Mm f Maaod by Iba rnwmaalaal at ifea Twolfka raglmtai:? Biu'i^mw) Tfain b;UBi, 1*. T. & It, I Naw Tuaa. dwpt b. 1U7. / Tbla raglaaeal will parade la roll uniform, wklla nam*, if Mci Say, lb* 1Mb ail, aa oeoorl la lb* Fi-ai fUgiiaao* No* York Voluoiaaro, (a la go partfaa of wo wtr* r*j ukbed by tbij rrylaioat^ to taka part la taa re cap to* of lb* Bona faglon.of ran*yIrani*, ibalr i poDk oa la am* aor eg iba war wlib Koala*, aad la Jala ka colobralb | lb* gMrtaaa aaalraraary of lb* rurrtador of Iba Oiy of Moxtoo I* tba Aiairlaaa arar. ? will b* formed at 1 o'atea* f. M , la Waabiagtoa agaara. Hold aad oleff all! apraar amlit Oaar r Tooatoy aad Blnalir will rrorlro lb* aalata, al aal'o quart*ra, ISO Neat ?*r*ai aaih Ureal, la ai lb* loi motto*. Tto roilynwtoa of iTrtl I itaiiaaal ( H Dorr, Oompaay 0, baa b?*a aeoaploi by Iba brigadier Goaorai aad ao la boaarably IMabai gal fraaa Iba aarMa*. lb* follow tag oMS low* aad ayr''a'"la ara praaaat Bod for Iba la or ??boa *r lb* raglaarai, via -Horatio L RoblM. Utpiala of Company M, rtaa nrowair ratigwad; ratk from Mth Jnar, llbT Joeopb Waiiaek, Saaaadliaa lonaai Ctmpaay 8, rtaa Ward appotatod ad>iiaM; raak rroBi'fUh Joao, lb?7 Rdward Wabra. b, quartarmaalee, tic* Wild.taraa irptrod, raak from M a v.gaat, 1W, Dr. Aaron P. Dalri mpio, Bu/foo*, rta* Araoaa, lora oaplred; raak fr? m iftta An goal, HIT. K. P Araoax, Bargaaa'a Mate: raak from lTlb Aofual, 186T. Wm R V*o Nordaa, gcertai manor Barfeast, rtaa rtsbor, promoted 8or|*?a4 Major. Waa. H. Hoegtand, Hergeaaaef Kaglaaare. baa Alloa Bsarr, Urdaaaoo riorgeaak By ardor of W. U. Wabd, U|ottol WJL. J. 8. GOOfffl. At 8mtii Baouaira.?Ta axet'lag rrgaMa look ylac* boiwcoa rortrai aall Boom ba Mnglrg la Pbaay Bridge. lb* boala wutrad war* I* b* aider II foal, aad ibo dlataaaa la b* taeompt abed M ?lit*, lb* |-rf**a I* ba eoatredad for war* am, IM. tic, ml. a oUrar cop. aa I Iblrd, Iba oatrmaoe aa, b* rba us.* of atari lag I? Vol t.'tlaak lb* following ml baa r*ro?aloiod:?Two B/.?*, by M. I. Obaaar, MwgtbSbfaal " ~ , * Bail ? I 11 lichoa, Niagara, by Jam Mobarta. M m*4 g laabaa; Jabs O. k Br'gga. by Denkl Broome, M Mat la taaaoa; Wane*, by Jamae Bubor, S3 leal ? Ian baa; He rviand, 10 Baal 1 M batCIMii^b at* war* I ad aall ara baoy am i l ua ta* lirJioo, Ad*ha, M t*o?, I rtaa* Mai, M fbal b I ., Owe and Wee. M ford. Tbo beau war* to atert foam a ?til* boot taOoraaoa eroab, aad aall araaad a baa* at Yoilaw Boob, tbaaaa awmad Iba bear aa KobMa't i Nlayara, Wallow, JOB. fclfga, MeTa Mad, Adolt* i PtwadMaa. Iba ? lad waa free* aad taa aainag eaowitoai. <)a lb* mora tba baaia oaaa* M aa iba loltewUg uaa ? 9mrt Mm*a mm. n a. Taa CKaaa 1 M 4 ??%< NMcant,.,,, 1 M 4 SBSi tfft,i?? ??a?I ? ? ?? wanSw .U.1 ... * ????? ??? SbE 1 ?3* 4 M ??? tl,o W?h?>a. ??" rr?? "? wm txm Babe boa Ma aattaaa wbidtaadlog tba iwp*^riag af lb* I iwrwaan BMunw?r Bailwoad nw wa tin ?It aatoao Ibora M a oeboat* ami ta b*IM aiiba eUy rsllraad, a porlira *f whMb wUB rta Ibraagb Broadway. Tba apa ly boMara bad batter hoop a abarp look m -wob* IWB yea will ba oarri*4 at aaiWbaM bagrwr?aM wi MMwiag ad too ywfbab - em 'o -?-TT ont lb* otjr<~t?r\r Mob .jwibwr*i that a mho?ool?i!Ar k> ?bo**'^ MM two b?lpwkgL"S!Lg Itbaa aaytbtpg *M* ib* iwat MIM4 ft waaprw aaaad la wtBaw Obwrab and Omwa wmaa, la ba bwli a railroad w* *a woald bo ?****** ?> *M iKmrw ta Bbr Oltab ,f J! ?n lay r*rttaa if lb* ?* aroaaa It w? aasa ba r?a lb* abtlil'Wb . lro.ll> r? i:Btjr ?*?' Orrbto?r*tt >bra-WBbBBtpaW?MdarB kpwarda at tba in naoabrfrM M It aa tba Baa* af dodaoa (baaly. Iin? tnr nwr* boa* f*?0*d *pro ?bw4b*#para la Wyr lla *r*o** Wimaaa who waa armbad by o?aar EJ"r.M, oiaainadoB at Joaaa aad CbarMa iraWiat. who waa anoatad al lb* rasM luwa, M ta ba had bafar* jo* ?* B'tabaoaa W day VitiWBAt PdiBTim Officii-A Waahlbftoa orrrooiMadoai of l*aiiad? ipbla f*r?w Mar * tn*i ' km. Btrabw Bayard wlU talrwdoo* bio Mil aad praaa M wltb fr*?i oaorgy Bw Iba orgaataoltaa af a aallwaai rna?*t