Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 11, 1857, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 11, 1857 Page 7
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UVttfttKlkJm KEK8WO 8V8KY 011. ??!.?? At AffOflW. ADCTIOK MOTICB-WM. WILDS, A0CTTOMKKR-BT BtJBH A WILDS?To braa? founders.-This day a 10* oak, at Ae 9 "siter street. all the tools, lube*, paterae, furraoes and everything connected with the business o mutin ied la eatd plane. A UJTION WOTIPS- BLBO AST BSOOWD HA WD rOB JBl niture, ml rors, carpets, nee eaMaet furitltar*, valuable oil pandora Ac, Jc. WILLIAM T. BOYD a ucl inw r? OhOBQB MIO) OLA will eell at hie salrer >?m* Mo ?6 Wae aau street, oo Barordsy, (to morrow) at 10>? o'oloek, being hte Dm eale far the season, the largest and most valuable stock of Cabinet furniture and other houea 'urnteh'oi artie'es, useful And im emml >1, that baa been ?0>red f u- eoae time; this.took belli advanced on. le to be eo d without r nerve f be eeJe will 00mmenoe with superior aeeond hand furniture, Ac , removed Hot ooovenlsroe of ea e. comprising ergant Bra?s-ls and Ahrosply carpets, tete-a-tete aofns oba're t > match, otiamam ??lie and dln'ng tab lee, dreee and plain bureaus, mahogany other bedofada >ld? tablee, waihsunds Ao. Also a good ear neuawaua mus taoies. wathaunda Ao. Aleo a goo noad cf crockery, glass were plated ware, Ao. Hat roof superbr make elegaet parlor, dl&lag aod bad purnU^e^eoperi^TaiJ^!SfM^7r!orTib!ln!^D<M><!<r I moaa fumltare, ?blob baa been advanced oa through the tun asar-camprl-.uig elegant roeewood and mahogany to la. In . tbrocatel, plush aod balrcloth; mahogany, rrweerood and black ?ahkut bscrtears of ever* vai let y ro.-ewood marble top rte Crreo, with plate glass backs; rosewood end ma too any mtrb'e fcop dressing and plain b or mua, rone wood, mahogany had black wulnut centre, side and fhaoj tables-, with marble tops; elegant enamelled suit of cottage furjtture. niahogaoy so at. mtho I BHew chairs, r ckerv, and parlor ohalra in haircloth; ma I ^Hil ?bd clack, walnut bookahe' vta, roeewood b mknaces ??eeoretarlee, mahogany wardrobes, aolld oak ex rurloa I imble, lounges lounge bed*, hitr mi-tresses, straw pall I flee, I Oil patutlugi, china lea sets, vssen. flgurei, A- . tl'ver plated I ware and a number of othrr article! too ncmerou ito me ft on. I A DOTIOK MOT (OS.?HBO SB A McHBKABA, A0O p Uoneers will eell to-morrew (Patorday) morolag, at tOW o'clock, at their ntleavoma, ft sixth ? venue, opposite amity utrret, a dealt able colieetlo- of new and teoond hand furnl tore, cares Is rich china vnu, clocks, Ao ; oonsisUag In part of superior solid eat red loss wood parlor intte, in Trench satin tbrocatel, silk plush ar.d haircloth; oak etegeraa and stds libardn, ektantfoa tables, ?abogany and rat wool eofSa and tola s Lies, rxskers, arm ehalrs, parlor and cane seal ohalra. that stands, wardrobes, bedsteads hair mattresses and palit I a mm, bureaus waabstaa a, oorner and bookstands, marble top carved toaewood and mahogany centre, card, sofa, pier and saner ta les, also carpets, rich china aod glassware, all i war plated ware, table cutlery, Ac.; also one superior new and On* second hsnd w?g n. bale poaltlvelv without reserve M. B ? Goods for shipping catefully packed A UOTION MOTIOK ?OBMTBhL HOUBBHOLD FURMl ,cL ture.?M DOUUUTY auctioneer, will sail thu day, itepL ^ - ? ? ? - "Vtae 11, at 10X o'clook, at Mo. 60 Wait Twenty tlrst street, all t_? furniture eontslned In the above house, having been used aa a boarding house, consisting in part cf m hogany suite, oo srerod In nair cloth Brussels and Ingrtln carpets, mahug-ny Imarhle top centre tables, palctlngs and engravings, gilt frame Dtsr flames, be swede bureau.-, * ashstands. ha Blsr glasses,be i?ili bureau.-,?ashitanda. hair maitrcaaea, thalbsr beds, beddng, mirrors, toilet se s, ohalra, lngrtlu car gats, eaten sic tab e, g'assware cut ery dinner 'ndteae*ta. Kitchen utensils, together with a general assortment of houne Ikerplng articles; the is hole to o* sold peremptorily to the /highest bidder Deposits required f-om nil parties unknown Lo the auoDenver. fata ogtus ready on the morning of sale. A UOKOM MOTIOB.?J. BOO ART, AUOTXONR1R?BT ?flL A BOOAhT.?Tbls day, at 1 o'clock at the aucti-in rooms, oorner of Prank fort and William streets, househ >14 furniture, ootulstlag of mat-ogory sofas, bureaus mthugany AM* ease seat ohalra, bo k racks s nrner s ands, bedsteads, /hair uisitrasms and looking slan-es, also .10 doz bote, brn?h-s, Ikegs of rails, stoves, splendid Iron hat stand, iron sa'e, 1 urn) Oral quality Havana st gars, one pipe superior Schiedam gin. m DOTIOM MOTIC*-J BOG ART, AUmOWBAR-BT J\ 8. BOQABY?This dny, a?_12 o'chiek. in front of the atore, corner of Tini.kl>r snd W'lliam streets, heroes, wa (Ton and cart; one splendid bla-k uorse, six years old, 1AK ,iacdi high, pony built, long tail aod mane, stylish driver, warranted sottud ai d kl d L. uou" r- d sloglc baruuss, anl (good under th? saddle t iso top ?*', iu and harnes-; also one bay mare. 8 yenreold with ear; aid ha-nees In i;ood oonclilon; rUno uoe sorrel h-.r?e. ^OOTIOB MCT1C1,?J. ittu.Art? iUCTIO*B?R-BT g. BOfkART -On bat Ksj. '-gt-> at 10 o'elook, at Ho James allp. ahvr'tr* sale f a Is-k- 1 a of Old junk, Ac , oon making of rope, canvass c rt .run A JO) .? f ui K a- a HT, Deputy Sheriff. BB. BANdB, AUr I lObRRB ?a"OK A OO. WILL ? sell tomorrow,)' ,' .i i 10)^ o'clock, at their s.ilea woom, 86 faiRau hlreet . 'irgv ???tr eic. o'newand second band furniture, const ? u par of velve- wptutry, llrus ?rla, iDgraln and odu ?rpet? oi> -In-h*. crockery, cutlery, ahlna and silver plan , a ^r**, b?sls. uaoraeaea, bedding, pal jiasses, al lows. i,a; ? i '-i-wimkI cit',,eres, burea'is, bed ?teads, libraryl boi^ <t?d i-se -ries roue wood, m.ihu (gany and enamelle au u-r sul - - legan' carved pier tops; mantel oval and i ? ? u irr r- brocntel and lace window flurta'ns gilt oorr ?t v ure- ros?-?-ood corner eteg ;res. mrl:h mirror hick n ' ?- n *r.d b'ajk walnut book ana oorner stands,!' Ac. Ac.: superior oil paintings, fancy goods, Ac v ? ? ? - i u'.or out carved rosewood par lor sull>. oovcrt n-lri. silk brocaiel. plush and hair cloth. Bale pc O 1 ilogucs ready toi ly ou morning Of sale. ClOHTOOC -UjET EAILR?AD J Ki r ua't at auction K< tloe le t , gin u that 0. railroad and franchise of the Ooctooeook a. ey Rat toad, in the towns or Hspklmou, Hen mlke' and isbor' ugh. In the noun les of Mmimscx and Ulllsbcirou; ?n Hta ? ef Mew Hampshire, log-ther with all Che land, t ' Ints, fix tires, all personal property, and all Drtvileget, " hb an i ppii-tecau?es thereto beiouv'ug, w.J De sold si public auinu to the highest bidder, at :bj Depot Bail lu Oonc rt . herrimat-k county, Maw Hampshire, m the 2rst day of Ootobar, a l>. 1857, at eleven o'clock In the fore Particulars and condition* mad* known a', time and place of tie, or upon application to th? undersigned at ioneo -d. AMTUOMT COLBi, JTruste?a uti "?r KN 8 1ILAKK > Kilt .)a HM G TCLLBB, ) Mortgage Deed. OOKOOUD, H H , August M, 1867. Uilroany carved rohrwood and ma<*ojapy Ju tailMara. n*1l by Pjaao, Rom sad b notion, abort limy r? nsn.?T. NA*H. A loUonaer, bill sell his (Prtley) mom Hag. At 10 o's'ock, by catalogue. I Or enUjr oautaow of tne dart* low story dwelling b >u?r situated Ikl Weal Poortnestk ?- ?*-?p?Herr " " *?*? ' " " ? CJA ail, raaiktstng superior household fornltors, of "rat class ? sisksmsshlgi made t > order and Is ?o*U<wt ?nsditlon. r ? tar tarature? yards of rtcb r el ret aarp**s; three ma|i > <*?? rosewood parlor suite, oovered is elegant aalla brousde. Toms' '? mm IaiyaNuy Voltaire aad teoe >Uoa afcabs to ssaMh; two rise ' (ares, at b marble tops and mirror doom ar d baits, I ?vood vcrr eipeaalvslT carred, elegant rose i raotra. Side and w..rm tablaa. ladles' rosewood secretary, sairror dor* Used with satin wood, made to mat *a rotes nod Merit* f iralture rwwuod eorn-raad musMs ends, apeo'ld7 asta-e row wood premium utaso'orvr, r<eh. i inlvlj wits I'W iw-ruw ?UB" ? |?ttiis?iwwt t"W> vi?c. ?n??i IU1 40 niw rl and rnoJ pear ke.s, derldodlr one of ;b? nost superb r-sarl and rna minimi sts ?rer laade, a lib rlohly em leu ted oor?r aad stool, iPieecA platasalonrt. ciprnit.e tare and bro*ei*J window ?i.Mains, also a (real variety or oil pa'ntlnga, embracing many wnioahlc eporlmeor wirier scrn-n sei-trra, m . w'.'sot sea stows, lam's apes Ac , all ..lenkntl> framed: Ivrre site ele ?r derwa ed china esse a, Parian and Ohl.icse dynrea, t oss day ormolu clocks tusetbnr wlib many oJine wanly mantel nrramen's. tnav>*?,y, black we1*.!', and n we >od uukunat r ha Irs, rorrred In bair eVub and me 'a. loo; . ooklsf and easy ehalra aofar, oak eiirnsvm ta lea b lASt Ms sew. tot alaasware. (esii rising a foil awrirt saui, snefe as latnbleis. wines, champagne* goblets eeiery if leasee. salts, buiter dishes, emnuadrw p'te er- As ,un. Sosti; allret ware, aocb as ?1 gnu' rue jlrin* c-a- rs ? -h orlesdtd not boulrw, spoon* f >rk< oaks oaettea sen-ims Sslrars, i ?ory satlery common prorkery. plat's r?*-.?b!? disss*. sooe larenas An ; al?>. Urn fornJtttre of ail the bed room* mahogany cushioned chairs ilarasl rise too! an I list wan bed Aiadn, oalr raa Irrta* n*? v vel aad naa tkacanr marble y hankie ard aaabatsnlt to ru* oh, deio paled rtlna lolls l set A beilroin carpi .ta, Hint rl vjrork tables. tWan stair sarpsu aad rods. oileloUa, sail t B HRPRY. *LI1T10??BK ?BT ItlvRT t lH'ig. ?A Bit nonstable* snip ?This day, at lot, o'clock, al I'll B( _.r . .r ? - - ? Ih lani sirrM by Tinn# of an ?i* n'i-m SO' >ak uatwi p%l a. Dual b da. lot woAfcery a's > two mahogany sofas, flic ytlt Crtar.e looSt c glsssM 101 pair ladle* ab ms H. ? RUTS, P-mutable. JT. 11.BART B. BAVa<iR, all' I1UAKRK - l>HtB..AR A Vf HAVAOB Will ae>l at their salrar > rr . ?J ?Vd\r *,ree% OS PrldaT Hept. |l, st 10 o'rloAb A. M . staple as I fanor drr tnoda bnelery tern's lurnlsblitg fori'*, shirts And dr*w?ea Jewelry, rt-h ?\?cj ta At, run and taara. In I a *ub? r g.miA, taw t'T'da bren-'y anl nrrdlals in oasna, d'.A tn d asd w.rer In., btT ' ? wa.rhre, an Inrulee >f IC earei gold Jewelry, b lllak) dreas o# find b et numi a biipkskls ml'ts and gloTee GU RNTTII, sVPTitrNKKR ? sf)R*tlA ?K SAJ.K OP a apt nd d household farsttum, rrvnw ?*1 pianoforte Ur-ta [lel* carprt platel ware Ac t"bi? dai\ af Idldo'slock wtb Owl rr?*rre, al **Mdrne- No To Wew Twen-y eliih street, near All h Aienrr. wdl sell a I ihs aplen.1 d iol'd r%rr*4 rose toftod pa?."T fturl!-*e es ant'e covered la ibkflfM, esun Rroeetnl, on* Terr Its rosesiakl platviforto. a rrry awe A Oont-d ens "?tad"!w eortalns, thadee, Itrffs pier -tod taen< I glare a. el jfea llrmdee and *ren?S cblfkA 'MS, a Id f amed id paln-irpa, rweervrl mar le t p ?trtrr??, rat h mlrr. r fontr a-nl bsraa, rpebtg Vo Wire cbe rs, wt so. with MMMHRPPHMn Atg'lsb asd Rmsse'a la wry ?rd 'hrsaply rwitr t, m>htra my sofas rhalr* rnt krrs, aide lab rs. row wo..1 library book Oases, solid walnut m en-Ion table, roe a wood -n?rbr lop d; ra sing btirsan* and wt* eiands. ?* nni. mahogany sod goiMfl OAS* sads pure curled heir ini,ttre?seg, t i tadn-sn ng HMwp, bstswrs asd plilowe, ova m:r -? mantm ons*|, tolle. ar s Ac A s>. a geo- ral ae -e -sent .if Pr-i-b l%l Oblna Ira 41n??r and bmaktot wars in le e. IMry. ellrer Dialed war* Ac Pat*l gues at sals. < ar ' I cartsrn will ,ie Tn attewdan w lo park or skip If at cesiAry mils peremptory, ram or akin*. H1 JRNRT B. niRTR, JR, APPT ONK?R- IT H*R'H A b<)?S.- Os t Pd ay, September H, at Ifi, d'-lork. a' the OSl- * rooam Bo .1% pise a*r?# M pay advan<~? a large *a e of gr oertaa, win. a llj.nws aae erg vs. con.pilsing grain anl Slack IMS oofl.e.anicrauf a, klnda Map rand pa rkl?lns, onr ifwwtn, aartilnna nil. As. An., also, brandy sin rum and wblaAey In umbt *n*e?. and - emuobaa alts, cla-et and port toUr In nases; also akoni S-'bt OCX. Hat ana. i*nrm..n and do " i wgars to be sold stibont reasrre. WORIARTT AOOTIONBRR. W(Ll. RBI,I. THIH P it. 'J ? si I7S Oaa'ham sonars, a genera! aseirnanel of fir iiltnm. nary eta fes'her b?ds Ma ' ' ' h - . ^ _ Maskets mire <ra. nmnks, a'1 m TSrieiy of fancy and ot irr good* Haln M tt'H o'- .*k II WRAT. AUCTlONkKR -AKHIUgKR 0 RA..R OP jn? Imported Wipes and Hqaora this day iepietnber 11, *t H'H o'clock at No t Ptns ?*met roaprtsng yum gin bran lbns wtans. An., In demijohn* casks and saaee. Itealsrsaad filtrate pen 11 em en wld do well to n'te?A. K OOX, Al TlORAtR ahMt'tSFtu H AI.B <>* Ti ? homsn. carrlagen, wagoaa As on HatuHay Rentetn ow'l 1W?. on ?e prrmtset of k. Rrxl-waH, ke j. <71 a'on girrn ie. Pew Krlgh-.-c b T Th? a* e w.p a-r.- r ibtanr tdber ar -e rn. two raleable hor?es -ne handsome -lose ^arrlsgs, .?e open do otterr rr bar larirebfbtwg.n ?nd i a t>n*tneea wagon: bapdnom# sets of dm Is ?r>1 alngl- tirnrai UVinrT ''?wi-" o^im tgtria iwy -t.-i n*rn?M Tkddlr horse rkThlrg, tsta Ar . star two -?rr eiffellrn- now* SAd and one young be'fcr Ths while will be sol 1 without th* ' east restrre. br otdnr nf the assignee de s to commenos "7j ?. ... ? aa iui^i eP_ n.w . ., u mreotanly al i>4 T. >. TMHed Rew Brig' '.m Hracisisrj, fig, btRK fbtly, a AfictKmser. Hons* Ape > . . p. ., *X>AWN RRtIK h lljd, fT AV RRPTKT'IKR II St A b. t RIPTAl.AR M a'Cllrm at. re, At Hnwery, eonetoilng of a rrry large and inlua In a a- >t m?n. of wv men's cwtMog, of erery 1raorlplloo| rrmr arr t of ellta, Hog. J. trrr. to Plfh erenne N B. -Tbs Aloye sale Is well toortky the attenllr.o Ibe ?UR*KI.I. w we:*l HJfT Al TTfi'RAKR tHNAT stisof elrgatit kuisch -d fprnliars. wlib -rnryih'ny on e'scd In lbs wstly fuy?lsh*d -ne-drnce 161 West Twenty flrat Nbsat^nsar RsreuA arsnuc, tomurrow. Ha-irdey, at Id In calling .fen ?na to litis Ikle h*ui?ehsep*ye and parti's fbs attend it are a*en*ed that ereryiblug a the he .** i? llrsi Wenn The mloable cullec-lon of p?l .dn??. m .rblr rr-n s ?broores and other #)egwoita.|.?enmenl*, suSh ae are ? Wont r tsrer oflriwd at AtiSism lbs wMIe of wh 111.* Aboin s kad ims tl?r nsls. and m-s he rem-trad Itnmeillk-ely, Pt los ,rs wh oh a sattrfaotory deprwli w| | va r^o lire t of all purchase ?*. ibds sosltire rain or rhtas. Drmwip l*e ostaoguss nf whisb tAfs ready The funHt.ire rorsts s n * art of. KlrgnwlTH ostam nwewond plknoforte with grand act km; Ptu SOW bin sntt r tnewned parkw ftirni urn, tw > so'kr Al, rtnrcred l? rich br e* el- no su't In rich ibrey oVtr*' roc? *1; Moth sella ma* n In order two months kg". 'wo sasffit'e 'M yo"* dbrmd eteg-ma. with mlr .r Inn- elegant Wis s Mood *eore<sry b ?,kress. Prrroh escrei.dr r"tep'l m and Turkish rhktrk, T'lrkteb loingrs, rlngonl pl. r And Olkntel plrmrs. maswosd orntre pier kn1 sofls tab es. Rob t'lk snd cK7"'!?lj*>y. N?h ImporlsdjbRlw lo thirty windows; wer yTel ykrde of anyeth relent, Wilton and other dantete cbeede slrrs a*d gas flgmren *#legen mental rkaea and omkeien's. wiis ? srgs ac.i kbiable raflsiy of gRambir mnttn* * Rant armours, wltk mirror fionw; rone wot d brdwsadn. hair ?'T- ,?!'J' '? relret, dressing hn-ests J'h-N and other chairs, with nrery deec*|p.i,.n .ifsitt-rlor win leg tons* fnnti nrs. wtatdflowat -tienakro ikbln, Hch h'as, Vftft, "* w" *~J a-i -?? "gp .?>> Md WBM cut Slam, irut/ and pnari put J!!!? ^ h*e*m*tit r?rfifUn?, Mi, ?talr oUMotk, A*. HaM lo oommswss at U u'olJSk prwotsaly. Am Aijtrnom. R~ Ob^"* ACCTIONKKE. WILL SKLL THl? dai,a. ' 3 K. M., at ijnj^ Nuie'eeu h street, between Severn!) &i <1 fcia" ? avenues, the boom-bold furuLnre, onaiUt tog of on aim, tables, "I* k walnut bedaieeds bate, mat mui,, crockery, chlnb and glass wans, stoves, matUug, bu reaus. Ao. r BONN AND FERTILIZING* MANOrAnTUBBBS.-TO be gold at Sheriff's aal? on 8 Uurday, the 13th dag of Bap itmbier, 18KT. at Buedrn's Landing, opposite Oobba' Kerry, a :arge and wall established bote fttetory, ooa alula* betwwaa Ave an* six aoraa of land, altk MOO foot of water frontage. ly, or attend the sale, o -u oroa* from Oobba' ferry. aaraa Haalun street at 7 o'clock A. M WTOrPIN* A OO, AOOTIOMIBBN. , . WILUa* TOPr .lt i A OO., 91 Broadway. wUI sail oa Pilday, at 10 o'etook, the fofiowlrg goods from the wreck Of the lam Bioihaaan. f* e-count of underwriters:? Boiled Jaoonrta? S oases, >00 pleoea rolled I socmen. Bagging?8 balea SO pleoea. 41 and 44 took bagging. Meal Banking- 5 balea. 90 oleoee. 40 laeb meal lacking. Brown Cannae 1 bale, 30 pieeaa 1* Inob brown oaavaaB. Burlapa?0 balea ID pleoea 4-4 laeb biri tps. Lloea Thread- # balea, 281 dor lba. Hnea thread.?Of the maiufaeture of W B Holdeworth * Oo. Shoe Thread -1 case, 60 doe lba. ahoe thread. AUO, STOCK or ? CLOTHING BiORB-BY ORDBB OP AS nomoB. A large a took of ready made clothing, In great variety, J a it atede up for fail aid winter wear; alao linen ead ooStoa ablrtt. woollen shirts, drawera. hoae Ac. , alao xlotha, caasl meree satinets, trimmings, linings, ho. The whole to be euld witkout reserve. tuo, A general assortment oIt foreign and domestic dry goods, In lo's, adapted to city and o-untry retail trade, WM. 8. MIL LOB, AUOTTONKIK?OFFIUB, US WIL Ham at/eeL This day, Friday. Sept 11. uiuroarrrod and geoulae auction aale. at 10)4 A. M . of all the ooatenta of the elegantly fcmiehel prlvae reaideoee 34d Wet Twenty third afreet, beleeen lightu and Ninth avenues, and near London .-rraoo, embracing a large quantity and line aawirt ment of rtvb and oostly r w w od and mah-gooy parlor, obam ber and dining room furniture of erery conceivable descrip tion. Sale mmmeaeee promptly In the basvmanl, at the hour d coign a ted. with aolld mahogany extension table. 14 feet; rich I oerred mahogany buffet and nhalre to match, together with an endless variety of china dinner and tea Beta and table ware; alto, all vat tea eeta. salvers. oaatera, forka and apooua, oake baakota Ao., Ivory cutlery, rloh Bohemian and othsr out glaai ware, he. In the parlor# are rich tapestry carpets and rUfa. aolld roeewood etegerea, oentre.*ide and pier tables: two wild roa?w"od full* In rloh brocade covering!), man.el, pier and ova' gilt giaaaea. Drenden ehloa raaea and elegant mantel do oora lona, French o look a, One oil paintings and engrarlnga, eaay and reception chair*, embroidered window drapery. Im ported gaa ohandellera, ladle, cacrotclrc, n aewood bookcaaea and aecreiarlre. Ac.; alao. a very fine carved roeewood eaaed 7 octave p'ano, city trakrr In the chambers are the usual qnai tlty and orrespombug atyla of carved rosewood and ma tog any French bedstia.1*. bureaus aofBa, chairs. oouchea eaay enalra. ho., fine curled hair mattreaaea and bedding, and a boat or ether aniolee too nomeroui to mau lon, which to be aypreclaed muat be seenJSISale poelUve, rain or shine. Oa taloguea at the houae on morning of aale. WBKOK.--BY APOTIOK, ON SATURDAY, TBI 12TB Instant, at 13 o'olook, will be eold for eaah, near where the now Ilea on the beach, about four milea north of Barn eg it Inlet, the tail of the Peruvian ship Be Uarlo Alberto, foanther with "icb material aa ma y be attached at the tlaae of aate M. WITTKR8 AU<"-TIOFBI?R?WILL 8KLL THIS day, at I o'olook, at 484 Oanal street, the "urnlture of a family breaking up housekeeping?Hofae, eofa bed-teadf, rooting *nd other chairs. cen're and *He tablea, pier and other glasses. piano, atool, Ao.; Brussels, three-ply and other oar peta, ollclo.ha, mehosany and cottage bediteada, hair and other mattri-ater, Lather be.l?, dressing bur aua and waab ?tanda. toilet aete, w?rdrove. dlulng room and kitchen furnt ture, Ae , aultabla for famlliea and others One! light road wagon WILLI t M T. BOTD, A0CTIONMBB.?MOBT1AON aaje of aakadld saloon furniture.?OBOBtiW MIOHOLS, atore No. K Naesae rtreei will aell thla?**-y. September 11, at 10 o'clock, at So Broadway, the contents of tha pnbllo houae known as he armor, confla'Jng of elsgaot rrmih Plata pW sue an tel ylaraee. ecgraylnga oilcloth, gtaee ware, bar and fixtures; bU' s.-d room and bowling saloon furniture. Nil J-'J / r. BCYHTAltcrr.ey for Mcrtgayee. j. f?A*Tia, av err onbbb. -pbremptobt balb .. . <: - grooerlee . ?i w.nes, green and nl*c* lea*. Ac -W. 1. OALTIF. wli! *e>l on Monday, September 14, 1867. at IDS o'Jc a, a; 213 Ninth avenue, near T venty lut-rth rireet, all tut ra e mtaiced In the above atore. oon strtlng of See Vraei'i.T ?id vrtnet tn eighti quartrr* and half plitA "?ke onglral t a rtperior m-en and black ten, In cheats, plcklea, proac ei , sauces, Ao . together wi b every 'hlng uraaOy fcuad li at'**, c'.aaa grocery; alu a very *'tpe r r reftdgerat'i, cor ??!y scales, ao ; also two ?i guns la grxv. opww. '."M whoiO to be sold without reserve, rain or afcre. w w. M 1KB PCBUCATIOIVS. fuiak uhtltrs BOOB. KiUVBAIIth OP TBATNL, MAD 4MB OCT XVIA WALTON LB VINT. Two voJa lima, ckAb g> 06. JtM .obLahwi, and fur aale g. a. oobt^Jl a 00m New York : No. U7 PnLota stmt, and Mobile ; No. >8 Daupktn ?treat, and by all th* buokreMer FUBL1*HB? TFI8 DAY. ran wrrrixsT book or rait sexto*. NOIHINO TU MaT. WOT ar rn* ai'ftioH or "hotiiimo to wear," And raspevtfuliy dedlcaied o all ladles. Dying with dyspepsia "Wkere faahi've and fnut u'e ail of a suit." By a jolly good na ored aatlur. Itmo eatt a olom and gilt, Wllh eight tine Illustrations, rnee M cunt. Tha author has dadtca e-i thin book "To al' talle* drlng of dyspepsia," and as a freqnrnt and profound motion of the rlsl b'ea la aatd io Its a cure f-.r that very faahuaabla oomplaint. ? N Mhlrg t ? at" Will undoubtedly hare a beauiuu. oolc envoi upon all ooafl dart p*U en la. gubllabed and for sale by DICK A FITZ-lf BALD, 18 Aju streeL Alto for sale by all bookael'are I (Hia rn-iaoriifa iioabrad UUFAKlRKlUMUr IK/T1VM4. ?nnn ?Vartrxr waktrd m a. liuht maru JtUu. fnrturtn* bialnn Ibm *11' pay 100 p?r ore' The article made moot* wvh rradr aala for rut, ud Utn ilrauil nnllHiL~1. Apply At 96 Broadway. room (4. O. B HOTW k OO. | t'/fih -*AMTMKRWHTII). IMVRlttAt dl.T.-jTl ;.uVi t,-r? ??riw in oUr raw?r II?inlroa only two r'r*> t. profile dt?ld*d dally bo? realy totrtml Apply at 95 initdnr. nam 14 to O. E. BO tat 00. fltU to really | ?n nyrrdlrnt ibtnrr Q'JMII ?AH HOMR8T TOUR t MAM WAHTSO AM iJOUl i rirUirr, In oon of IV salnat Ami m*-*' mon-j nit.i ir htu'nt ?>?.?? Id tbla city, wliboui any rlak nbtDrai An irwrvtew will ?a"mtr H THOMAS QAPrwrr. 170 Chatham a-jiarn. fC|>A-i OORRROT HOtMST MAM. WITH THIS Jlill/W, mm. ?l?haa to nice: nucta anoth-r to do nan ?Iredy bona lid* btiniitnea, ' r bn no- d luted la A bu-iim * UM(1 I ?lab Inhrd. And V A* nlnr, Adtlrrre A. Clerk, ulBcc or And nw Mind 115 Ma?*uj ?tr? et | i~r7w| to Mono-a ti himimh mam turn), to take tb* mulm nliArpn ??f lb* #ul door boatmen of Ai> ? linnlm maaufn lurlcg r ? npeoy. Thr Above emytiyt of c? I I'Al rriolmd, nklrh la micurnd SltuaUin detlrabl ad pwmitTl r alary fl '<w par an n not Apply to O. B. HI'Wtl A OO., W iroadway, mom 4 --WAMTMO All 5 MM AM A TIO BUS Nb-WMIM, V' HJU. atl'h tba ab7?* amount, to pnfSRaaa a ?n half la trrratfna wrll ratabU>brd CA'b hna nn>a Iba' hta paid A a-t profit '4 54. lit) the lent ?rar; ton party retiring -p aonoanl of b?t?Ti o'Jwr btitleaw wkloA will ooo tpy bta ?oUr? itnta. Ad drraebot 1,777 PiMofifce *| ||< |f| -A PA ATM MH W.MTMI-W 1H T'll aHOVg P tfifl/. am-mrt in ibn notnufAetnrlBC of a patented ar Mr in r-^u.otV, wbh lb* tirraarr trvd*. whioh will p*y a nm fit ft ? f ifkf par rnat at *b itoaale. ih ? and' can b* a ild for i arh aa anoa aa maccfaaii aa; n* wl.l pa- a good aaltry aad nrenre the moim in a nairricni att. far partteu am aall on t klboOM At O "J ? aa-?n are*. $1 WlF. btulnrwi man. trho >.aa II 000 eanh aad *bo la aot %>ald *o r e a Hula rlak wbrrathara la achaean to ma If* $W o?' par annua TV hnatree* 1* rdnaeant and ^nn I..?? aa t It la hoped no prima urlll aaawnr tbla nalrai he la of lb eboyn MaaiipMup an ha wU bn tonnemed wtih pernor,a of Ibn hubrat rrn^ctAbUUy Vha adrnrtlaar baa fi.iM, wbleb bn will a ao put tr the boatanaa. App.y to W..AKI.KR A 00.. .94 Proadwar ronin 13. (2>1 |k| .11 ??MT KKitJUiM HaVlMH THIS AM >UNT vl.V/Ii W. r ratli aaniu. aaa pnrolMaa a oo? half at'mat in a? old ai abllnkad mtall yrncrry butlaaaa wldi flrtl olata C'U.on Akirnaa, wllb real nemo 11 f raoMa, Hn-a)d oSca. ^1 bMft ~A fARrMKM Mf A A Till, l? A ifAPMAAL f I tJI'W, anrtton Mid notamlaak* boalaraa; to aa ao lira ba-inaaa man. wllb fruoi (l.AU to |10U> tola la an op pur lunity er dina oAtrad. OaJ al mo. I Plaa atmat K. WRAT. a>T nilH -W*M1 md. a ?-mri?o~m ro.ioiM tui au 9 ? ."'t'W. mrtlnnr la aaanufacturlna bu?< mat that la al mad* ea nbllakcd, any naraoa hartaa tfcn asor* amo ial of money wlablna to go Into bnelnree, tbny will fln1 ihl* a aafa and prod lab ie larflataaaol. Addraaa H. A. B , Brooklyn Moat oflaa f'J f|Ii/ITO K.'ff - A Ma#)" WITH THIS AVOJMT OilFtFU of narb abbna to buy an tn?nrrai1n aaafn pay toy bnalttaaa maan'aetnrlnt or m*r*anttla. or wrmM takn a attnatlM. trlib a ?1nw of fotnra partnrmfelp. Roan anad ap y wt boot ?tal'of what klad rf bnatn-aa Agnnta aead aot aanwar. Addrnaa A R b.tadwar Puat oflna. $15.0001 lire ordinal la a wnli aatabltabrd aad gt>? leg naak bnalnaaa la whton tbn rtaka arn light aad p.ofitn anra. Moaa toil flrat rtaaa paruaa traatad with. Addrnaa (Varnmla ?ton, Hmtld of!on PIBaRTMBR WAMTM4-IH A LIQUOR MIORR OR froA'" nay only MN oaplutl r ^ .ilrrd Apply to A. JOT biwrs, 471 Itpoadnay. nuTRiXRn'i onttM. DBHAT MOAT FOR AI.RAKT A MO IPTRk vgpTATl laodin|?.?Tbn rnamhoa- HMO t PM4T will laem tbn ptcr foot of .la? to.m*< -vrry Tnaaday T hired ay and Saturday. al 7 o'nlrck A. M. aVl.PM HAll.R >Al> MliSMKR ARRARtlaMRMT (Vann-nan rl Wrlnnaday, Jinn I, 1467 Train loam Amkh norarr of wiilm ?ad Oanlrn atrnntn ~ T?A. M -4>i>ton Failn lra.?. auvnamlag with tana iR autgna I *nr LMt;# HiUiopm IMAM tti tn iaa'1 traly far alhaaf, anni.anUag at tktoa Talia, wf h Ham of ??a*' ? ')r lAkn tdahopar, at ntr ty ? for n 1 lgblilBl. il Hmwrtcr'i for Daabiry; al '"UtAam T??r Onrnrrn with Wanton Railroad for Albany, Troy, dare "O and Uta Waal. ISB i*. M. Mllmru n train f>opp nf at all alattona II F * ?William*' Hidden vale alupniaf at aU niatloaM 'IP M - WbH* I'lalna t atn ??o.iptc* al al'autUooa ^?Uiti rwaarr miTH .raaar rrtrioM. H* ifi i ?S3 145 A M.-^?,r lemg* t^Vn t'idiin. atoprlnf at All i'aUoaA III WUl|aaa|Alrldbn train, ?ludtnit at all rtat'rna I. |f> A. M.--Wb'iMwi.ina train atopuiaf al all I'attonn 171. W- WUHaaan' ftridg# train, at-ipptig at al) *tau aa. I r. M Ortitoa Tal a tntK atoptilna al all ataUoaa ? r. WlUlama' Bridge trala. nop >lng at all Medina M'M J niMP tg.Tc, Mopa'tataadnwl. S f/PMOM RITAR RalLRdAII PROM" JUI.T A 197, ? w s" A. T. RWTTB. MnpnrtatondnaA r?r- r.?? i-w. ?? ? - ?MAM, (1AMH TURffB ARBRM OAR PROOURR BARM A IRS IR ? I Haaaua. domantl* and Merman rogara, of almnat mwi f-ada, am*, bare a arinaMop from a atoea of I wo wtllitona of am gam. Oha* adraaMbb wada aa aneern, o rvRiirn?a, m. UJRlMRI I.ltl ARO COTTAfll TURRITf MR MUPBR Hotaton and Blraabar au naba. Ooo# bamfaOy parbnd f 4. R. FtMUOi ....tea In nrrrt dc'or, bramlfnllydaBorat^al, from ?? a, warda, al lb* tSd Btan-^vnory, ^94 Rxmdwny. hrtwwa ffHB TIT My, C1KKTRRV ILLK W-? WJfcJ1 -TROTTrNO.-TCKS / day, September i?, ?,M PrecUoly, wl'hjut regard to wither. Each . ,WU' uf1*T or pay. Three mile beats to wagons. ?. Met,a.'***"" n*??? bL g. Lancet. Hiram Woodruff uames b. m. ?<*.- ^ JOal. lii "bLIN, Proprietor. CMIEIEMIII I ? COURSE, LONG Ui-AML. ? -?o 1?Rent. X Pane 86-K); aillo beats; be.-* * '* 8to harness; toe aO voittoc banes esoept Israel and no."***"* pte. Bo l-fcpt X Purse Stou. sans as Wo. 1: to w?a^M no. b?Oet S. Parse MUO: sane as Wo. 1: two niile boats, tC baruesa. No. 4-Cet II Wrse ft/SO; mile heals; oett 3 In 8; , La ioet and flora Temple to no la harness, other borate to go I aa they please. Wo 6-Oot. ft. Puree 91.000; same as Wo. 4, I two lute beats No. 6-Ori lb. Pone WO; tails heels best! I tojI to barn spa; fros fur all stalHoss Mo. 7 -Oet. U Purse I 9X0; two mi's beats; for all sbllions Wo. 8-Oet. X (Pa* stake.) Purse 91.000, with a stake of 9' .000, half forfeit; mils basts; best 8 In I to wagons; fY-s for all doable teams; bursas I to be named oa the 1U of itesobar. entries tor the above I purses and t.akoa to be made at Pautkner 4 liuryea'i cm or I before Saturday. Sept. II, at ten (Talosa P. X Three or ssore I to tasks a raoe and two to start I JOB. OONKLIN, Proprietor. I liUSHioN course backs. r Great tow mtle stabs to be ran on Tor ad ay, Sep tember Xk free for all horses, one thousand dollars en trance, half forfait; proprietor adds two thousand dollars; fear mils beats, fair day and track, ekmed with the following BCTU1SS. John X Banter enters oh, g. Nloholas L, 4 years old, hp Qlenooe. din Muuxtn Rho-lM TbosFturear enters b h. Charleston. 4 years old, by So re reign, dam nil wood. J as. Tallej enters gr, h. Engineer, 6 years old by Revenue, dam jktdre setts Wednesday, 8?pL X?Wraioheetrr stake?Two mile heats; 9180 entrance, 960 forf-1'; second to reraire 9100 from the purse; proprietor to give silver lee set ofglM? B L. Morris namreja f Margaret Merrta. by_Gl?nooe,jla?> Marjr Morris; J. B. Monot iam?? br. f Mary Thorn by Tr istoe, dam Kate Oole; A. Mall lard names bl. a Hero, by Mariner, dam Falser An'huny; O H. Howell names ok f. Ma Clarion, by Clarion, dam by Eclipse. Same day.?Proprietor's purte $400; two mils heals; free for all horse*, entran -e money fire per cent; to go to seoond bee' it tlrM or Bsore vtArt. The race between Nicholas, Charleston and Engineer will to all probability be the most axe)Ung and interesting raring event that kas ever token 'place to the North. It Is already absorbing the same degree of Interest, srd will no doubt be fully a* well contested es the great State stake at New Or leans. Krom present indication* 1 am lnduoed to beliere there will be horses enough on th* ground to make three or four fays g-od racing; and although I do not fool jostlAod In adrertlilFg Bprcltlod pcrsea, y et 1 n ill take pleasure In glriiy a liberal purse for three mite hsata. and a fair purse for i beats if there are horses on the ground to run for them, and I bare no hesitation In guarautoeing to any boras tha. may bp brought aa opportunity to run tor a paying purse. JbO. L. CABSADY, Proprietor. Any ooa having business with me will And me at 88 Prince Street, from 11 till I o'clook dally. J> L. O. TTNION COURSE, L L-TROTTIWG.-OM TITBSOAT, U Sept 16. at >H o'clook a match for 96 000, throe mile* pud repeat, to wagons. Geo. Aploer na-ne* b. g Lantern. James I) McMann rimes s. g. P-lnoe. The oars will leavs tbe South ferry, Brooklyn, at l>{ o'olock aud return as son* aa the sport a over. Pare to go aud return 80 oet) la. SHAW A WHITE. Proprietors. W. X?'This raoe to eome off rain or shine. UNION OLUBtfl. L. L-THM FOLLOW] WO PC IS MB and slakes are offered, to oome off during the fall ssaaou . No 1. Puree of $60. free for all bortea that never trolled for oon'y; mile beats, 8 In 6, In harnem. No. 1 Puraeof 900 for rJl horses that never won money; mill hsata, 8 in 6, to *t gear. No 8 Purse of 978, for all horses thai never trotted betterthr a 3:46; mile heats. 3 'n 6. to wagon*. No 4 Hams ~ " ? " rithInsider " " In harness. Mo. 6. Purse of 8HX1, with inside i take of 921. for all horses that never trotted better than 2:39. mile Seats 8 la 6, In karnete No. 6 Ha me a* No 6, to wagons Wo 7. Purss of ?00 wttk an Inside stake of *26 for all hones that never trotted bettir 'han 2:38; mUe heals, boa' S In 6, to wagons No. H. Same as Mo. 7; two mile heats. In hsrness. No t Puraeof 9160, with aa lndde a tit ol S6t) lor all h trees that ne-or trot ted better than 241; mile heals, beat 8 In 6, in harness. No. 10. base aa No. 9, to wagons Lidy Woodr .it barred In puneafromS to 6 tool nil re. Bote of Washington, Brown Dick and Bucket barred In the above. To those and other first class hurres liberal purees trill be given. Entries trill aloes at lJuryee't, oorner off at 3roadw*y *ad Catharine street, oa rieturday Kept 12, at 8 o clock P. X Three or more to make a race and two to start. BHAW A WHITE, Proorietora KOKIH9, OAARIAOKff, AL, Ainn -A RiY HCRHE NINE TEARS OLD, l.Mf 4) ,vW. binds high, sound snd kind; Is an excellent wagon nurse and euperlor coder 'h - (addle ttu?t he sold to db Apnlp at ijrorse Jtrm*-n'a (tattle No 8 Boernui si., Brjoa lyu near City Hall, VchWIlL? ?,M VKRPLAN K. A PAIR OP SPEND, D BLACK HAWK MORGAN Ol burets fur late cheap; are young, feat and nt-llnh. and warra::ted fi?rft?t in evert roepect: one of the flueai private teams In the c y. Apply at Mcaleer'satablaa, Thirtieth street, betwecu Piflii and Madison avennes 1 FtTLL BHOTHBR OP Till 0B.EBBATKM ra8T trot'.iag stallion Moscow can be bought fur about half kU .. a . .. ?i m ta-'nu. He Is a<x ytare old, sixteen ha.-its Sign aud sound uid kind In all harness. Also a splendid young mare, flte yrara old, I5la hands high, with wag n ani harness. W 1 be sold te srato or togethsr. Can be teen s411 Bowery, to the blub stable A BAT lOAN, 18 HANDS HIGH, 7 TEARS OLD AND O. ran trot to 3 5?. either It *t sir or4onb e haraees. also Cos light wtgon sad harn-ss; to oe sold cheap for want of nee. Inquire o," J. U. MARTIN, Uvery itabls. Sid street, near ligbth avenue. BAT HOR8B POR BALE?lg HANDb. SEVEN YEARS old sound and kind staBdi without tying, quite fast, au te hie frr a doctor or e^prra*; also, one gray pony, (Ire yea-wold Bound and kind. Call at No. 1 James slip, In the clotkljg store Fob sale?a past trotting stallion pox hunter, sound and gnnUe Can ha seen at U Paolflc street, between Clinton and Court, Brooklyn. JpOB bALE?A PINE BUII.T DARK GRAY MARK (OA _ radian pony), ahi'U. four pears old, warranted sound aud perfeeuy gentle; goes wt II In sLglean' do,id e h trues* and ?err es*y under the aaddir; would make a vary good lady'* or r mily horse The owner wlih-w todlrpoee of it for want ot one. Inquire at X arenueO, to the baseaent P R HALR-A PAIR OP BPl RNDID LONG TAILED bay horaca. about 16 hand' high, can ir >i.?ory last; jiut from thr State of Major. Apply at hi Gold ? reel. BIOR HAI.B-A HAY MARK, It HABIM HTllH. HTX r yeara old, warraalid ?>uii4 aad klrd lu aiagln or d >uble harneen, And good under the aadale, to be an'd an h.- ottner baa 0" further utr for her. (lag be k. i'd unlit aold At P Ml'd HAV'H Irery aiabln, Columbia (trent, uaar AIIaaUo aireet Brooklyn. f^vtoR a lb-a firb barb. Rin ir tk*rh old. Fir torn bar da high. pab tiot on An road la Am* ratnutew: ? hrwtil bA warranted kind And aonnd wltn lhn rievniion or oo? rjn A too ? light taralaked trotting wagon Art >nt of light harneea. a1' Doni'.y an > And but lltbn uaed lou'iuro of lUAKukH LBHT, Jr., Ron 4 6 aoJ 8 h? noth ivruuo ? fTORHaLS OR VSRT FAYORAHLB TftRRH A l.IRS r o( ?tAi?A in good ?*>nd'tl n> and doit g a pwfliabto bad raw Alno a llrery *tabl? la ooaof An heat looa'loaa la iha city, And now lot K An enen-lrn and uroBlakle butlneaa At aiacvAia d wood yard Inag eetabltaW. wlthagttd run >>f r'MtA'A. togrUirr with bocaee nar a v d flftii-na The who!a br buying to the A reiilaer, and will bit aold arw-ly. Ap I j toCHaRI.BH l.KtfT. Ro 8 Re real h arnaun. LV I' hAI.K * VKHY KTYI.IHII BAY MOKiiAR IIORSK, r 'd harda, Bra and a half yetra, aound. kind, and aupnrtor d-hrr; a'.ao a mnl rt light caerUge lia'nma, An. nearly raw, and a'ogrthr-a moat handaome turn out Addrraa <J. Thomann, If pearl etreet. . 114LB?A M iTOHKii I'aIR OF H4YHORAKH. OF f 10 taode high frr a yllah and gr*tt 'oad?t*pa Alto, A bay borae, aftt-n jnara ild of fr-*' n'veyud action | black mam of if ban'a hgh, hall al? ?r "> Fl-tra I Trt pto. and b'dt fair to bit vnrr fa?t; only Bra yeara old. To | ba im at J. P lion r eAVn, bid lined tray. fjtOA ,A1I- IR Till OOttWTRT. A BEAPTlPi'I. R*Y ' cot mating Ave Year* old. <i' Morgan (iwi, flna gtyle and action, It bar 'a M?h h-nry black natural mane and tall and -*arranu*d aoand nod kind, can trot eh an to ibren tnln ?n* nu'r*ieed. la wor hy the attenttoa of any prraon wn ting a Bar animal Ala < a light wagon and bamitaa, nearly new. Tnialn i R / Higgtna. Manhattan Hotel. fjV R RAI.B?A VERY UOOlt RM1 <Mlt HARD T?JF "AR r rtaga for <mn bora*, lituulrr at 1< Leoaagd nicer'. Kulak nrboafcir ion hia'ln LtOMAI.I A RORRTL HORRK, IB It4NDB HIOH. B r yn*r* n.d Bound, hind and g?ntl? ra > ir>tt In 3X will ba aold rbnap. tai ilm of JOUR it. HTANIIOPK, lit rcmt airrot. K^HOR RVt.Y-?HSYBItAti RICW RHl'TtRI TOP Lt'lHT wagova A'd ia?aral mrT good aulfilng top aanotid ?aal wag,.a*. a'?o four am-nd hand h UUrt tablaa tn Brat rata or dnr ran br ?nan at At M la of (i- 0. Huhjra, Jr , oornar T'k an. aad Ruh at fabOR RAI.B A RAT MORflAM HORRI, < YIARR 0L0. I* IB haoda high warrantnd aaoad and kiad la all harakm, ad nicnlln#' family ,tr dnrior'a bnnaa, la rnry at yllah aad a tail traveller Call at atahlna 111 /ay atront, to ookli a. FVt|t RA'F ritKAP?A OR AT MttRSRROKR MARK B 1 yrara o'd, IB htnda high; warramnd "aoticd and kmd and ran irot a mi r In iraa thaa throa miaatea Apply at Ro 4"2 IVarl atmnt, nnar t haihani. ORNBR Pi'lt RA1.1L-A OBRTI.KSAB ARO"T L1AY tng An city WM anil on rnaoonabln >rrtra a g?nt;.' ??!l watrbnd ?alr of anach horana. ' itgbt b?ya IB aaada big*, uilla and manni In a ataln of ratnm. Iauoire at lb? ofilra of J. H Rrotwr A C-. , Alt Ronlh a rrnt HHBORRR WAOOR ART* HARRKRB FOR SALT.-A PART t?a??l nr. warrantod aonrd and kf id Rold 'or nam of nan. nriw gigp Apply at Aa noraor of Thirty alo'A atma . wnat aide of Rrooad arnaqn THRIB Hf'RRSR ABO Ct RTR, WITH OOOI> WlRA for aalr rboap Addrnaa A ? T.. Broadway Poat oBc*. AVlllOliOOT, riRTR?CH.AIRYOY ARCB?RB* RB0O*B RTRSRT.? Mra HAAKn 'he bral medio" a t bna'nnaa elalrroy am we bara la Amerloa t (f?n hot mm ? la An mini ng till kin An rtenlng Ha la*acUon g all or no pay Rra. |t*,aa can All etirrrrt' An wbnrm n of abtmi Mnadn 50 I lit RPRiBil BTA??? -4 !.? .RvOTnRiTB MRS ??? 1J 1? hHH'R afnw t .ma wnni / Rmadway. Aa aaon atA antabti (nnntral aad I oalnnaa elaJvTojant la Aotnrtoa, All <tta ?ana t dlnorvterd aid on end. 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luu Pteacnge North m ? ? ?< y* <>c oca in arms bofl - h|i. ,4?r , *f?ragf will be r. owe" ou board the Vnnu *bUl" fcl i,lor 1 North rim, up lo no ?n <>u >rl u>y - n,??, 0 Tt BRAN CI, Agent, No A Howllr. N tr r* l.tlMPOOU-TUi 0 XT IT Mi ftAtab tOh eteanuhlp ITLAjrriO, O. kldrldge, commander , " depart with ihr IfalUH) Kuit* mall* for Europe puelllrety , i*"NFjAI, prober 12, si 11 o'clook M.. from her berth atlb foot of CaDftlatjtMt For freight or pMsa*e. ha ring un?6u*> ;,>! aooommndstinn^fnre -gaiine and (v,i?fqrl, sjj^lrto Bl.Wi.lTl. I IXll.I.I MS, M Wall gtrow. fW??IW* are requested to be on board at 11 o'olook A. II All latter* muff1 user through the Pool oWoe; nor others will be renamed Notics.- The w to mow of Ihio lino hare lusprored eater tight oomutriiri'j The BALTIC. Dnotnta J. i. Oomvock will tab oa the Mb Of September. No expense hno been spared to make the wee mem or the Ume in nil reap rote u good ae new. and the thorough ninmlna Uon rlren (kern promo 'heir mode or oonetracttoe ret ue MHWt M B ?HereoHe* the regular butll ahlpa for thia Hue will per form the entire aerrlee. S2S T K?t" OtJTlOk or FAM TO BCBOrk ' enkut In the firntektm paddle wheel steamship AKlhL 1,000 tone, nnd NORTH STAB, S.MW toes, to inU from pier Ha I North rlrer. nt nnoe prcotwsly usirytnc tho UWTTBn BTATBB KAllh*. rigs? lb xre new rone ron tiru <n OOVTHAwrroe, eeres An iinnarai MPTnAxmoe ?mu. eociasartoe. roc caw rone Forth Star, batVn^Aeps. ?1 Saturday, Oat I j Wed . Oct 1 Art I, Snturdaj. October I i Saturday, Oct H'l Wed.. Nor 4 ?These etenmohtp* touch nt Unrre. Specie dellrsrod In Lo*. doe and Parts Tor paeatge or freCrtit apply to r *?.?* No I Bowling Green. New Ton B AN OB, Agewi, 0B1TIHH MOBTU AMBBIOAJI BOTA1 BAUr nott raw rou *0 uranroou ?? ?reood eabte onm?gw raoe eoetoh to unwoob Bll ?The eUpe from Boeton eaU at Halffat. PBBNIA, OapL. Judkins. OtMlU. Oaet. Lang. ABASIA OnpL J. btooA IMBBIOA, Oapt Wtokosaa AMI A (Apt F O Lott. NIAOA RA. Oast Eyrie. H APBI A. Oapt. R? annua. Suropn, Oapt J. 1-ebeb Tbaoe remade anrry a steer wkKe light a* maat head at am m starboard how, red oe port bow Arabia, Cent, learn New York, Wednesday, (tept- * Amertsa, cant. Lang. Beaton, Wedneedar. Sept B. A sis, unoi/Tott, New Tort, Wednesday, Boot. Iff Letts* " Boater Wedreedsy, R pt A PBram, Jndktns. New Ton Wadneadsv Kept. W Berth* not secured until paid fttr. An experienced surge.? on board The owners of these cups trill not ho aonouAinbte ftm fata direr, bullion, specie, Jewelry, preciousatooea or aaetals, oe :?m bills of lading are signed therefor sod the mine thane* ?herein expressed Po* freight or paaaaca apply to B. OCNABD No 4BowBegl STKAM TO LIVhBPOOL FOB ?S0.-THB FaTBBlTB troe screw ateaaautp BANUA&OO oapt Jeffrey will ?nii ou iburaday, Aug IT Fare In oabla, 171- Third else*. |.K); tnc.udli g all n?o?.'*sry pr irtatooa. ffer paaaaga apply to SAHK1, Ar oBTIR. 177 Pnadway BBjiOOf.- rt! *<?' I'll ?hJVON Aid B?v*h The maAdiAoentataaiush'p V ANilNgSlUT, Ndwsrd big rtea eomn snder I *a ioob, wilt sail From NKW I OA* Tor | From SOL fHrJIPTON sat haOIUABPTOh A UA VAlt. HAVB1 SAW TOR*, Rain ay Art 111 Batorday Out ? 'interday tkt 14 . Saturday Nur l? Prlc; o'Pswagr >init cabin glilO; aer,;nd oahin v*! Rpe rt-! de'lremd tn 'ot u and Parts 'ar trrtgn. or ri smga ae Hy In O. ToRRANrlh. ageat, Ma I howttnff wnon. New Tor* Le'.tera for sugiard and 1-rupa, prroaM IS oeeta eaeh k?" jriru-e (by e?.*, bw*nr- of pcatage rl w. * li from otMr Cttlea' wt" bu reouired at So. I Bov, ;ing Oraea. New T'jrh *?? tr !lii o'clock of the mornluf of aaUlac aiOB WjOTTIaKITON ?*U HAVR*.?Tl'h; DBITBO I* Sister mall stesmer ABA'JO, 1) l.lnat, oomeaander. will team lor Hsrre. touching at Southampton to land the aaatb and pse^<i.gera, on cb-urdai heptembex IS, hi iio'<LLh .-ou 'jtor No 17 gor-U Titer tooi or L'rsch slrot nuca or rsaasoa. nrateabbt. .. , ?>#' Seo..otl caba, .gfl fh'r rhb' tug "re water tlgul ol urparaeente red tad- g Ul~ as Tin re go that is ih. bm?i V wdlijion or slranotnc Ae waty IJ I ,.L .L... ...A Am WMWS..S kat.a ? w.wii thi ooeld'aot reach tlfgt. si'd .hr pomp# bc-g free to won of tho raasci an4 pa ursgenr WuoM beaeet'red. Bag tafWy .ago am wanted during the abeed be a-utt on buwr bv; t*T brfo-* esll'nr. wr? " "pel r " r<r. " ' . M or oa* ,iy? ?r?tr to F rim IF'? OB Ag'Ot No. ' -roadway N ?. -Tha ?-t Ft.ltaa "rt?l rr?ew th> Arago.aed sail (Moiar 11 rnHi ltvrki ct. i ?? h:w \ k and philadbipiiia 1 8t? ? u Cou y'a (Uy^. r "t't Iron icew stea-nehlpa. TTTT ?'>* "? TfN<i .1"W tooe....t'aot R IrttUoh C1TT OF Wt" 1 ...1 M0too*....Oapt- F. O P?trte t.'ITV OF !! ?Nl!i' > t.4 litis lose ...Cajt J Ke 'nedj. * A NOABOO 1,874 tone .. .Jspt. Jeffrey Tl.a iiuklornr> ed or tAhwr rmaete are Intent ad to sail aa fol lo w I mo* uriHfooi Rangarno Wednesday, Anrta' W City otgrtMtiro .re Wednausy, depL 1 t And arery aitarnate Wednesday raoa hsw roxx. Iburaday, September IT. City of At!UnM'? Thur dar Out bee L And er-ry altema'e Thunusay, *' 11 o'clock, ooiu K.tu or t'xaiw 'ottiii - Fn m N?w York and Pkl adel phla, W7S From 7 tverpnol 11 fTtlaria. 17 gnlt eas and U gtilneaa, atc- rdtng to the umcmmedatloa In the atatcronm all bariag the earne prtrtlesu In the ealoon. Including steward's Tiitan OiASn limited number of third algga pais, nrois will be tuber and font d I* aa much prorieVma M rruutrrd From Philadelphia and Mew York, AY). From 1A Tt|! 0>tl, A4tl. Crrt'flestee of psaesge will be issued here lo parties who ar> dtelr.'ue of bru.glnf out thulr friends at onrrmponding rnuw these reament are ennatruelad with let rrored water tight eompsrunaoia. Knob vesrel carries aa expeneuned surpeoe. an-? erery atlention paiJ to the eomfurt and aoooetmodetion of passengers l'raft* rm Lirarpool >.m ?1 upward*. Specie taken by there ve**el? %t nenal rhtee. All goors rent to agents will be i or warded with Miooagy and Ar>p LA. for frelgn or pa*Mge r at the office of the company. l'A. K. 11 Brmdssy, New York .gent. Of WW. 1NM ? N, 1 and if-rower Mulldlnfe, l.l?erpoo| Agent. TE ' N HRtWSKjn M|W YORK AND ?1I. EOIR Ill' 2WO lout, William Cummin. o.inina dar; Ktw Y'lKK. I, ft.I ona R bcrt Oralf drama drr tl.NH UCiW, 1,062 toDa John Iiuncan, commander The i'iu/i* ?iid li'.w Tirt ? I'lmpnnr lain:4 anUink tbewt new and oownrfnl aumarara 'cmr. hew lark to UU<a'>w dir ?ct, a* UMi. rKc? ?r? yn?k viutp oi.a.niow. Jliw*ow, TYcdietday in rept. Qlh'knw Kept 8 >at*i< or r??-?or Firm rlv* <78. third r'njy found w 'h emlwi pnrlalou* YTVl An ?t?p"Tlrpred an-kAo* Mtanhod to <**<-h ft"am?r. For lre|*b? nr. pa?a?f'* apply to I4MKS K 4 kill! R.V, ?r?n', 17 New York ?ity b Ufa or k'dd omj rwuM (or pa* ?*?? NOTICE-TAP^OOTI'S M8I OF UTERI" -U kO? au - Packet Ifh 01 Kaptwpthfc. To* ?lr .'acta! ?kip EM. TaPMkiTT, Owpl Hall will (all a *????? For pm>|? In nkhtr. aantnd onlitn Mid ?iaer**" wHiaa will b? m?i n ?? k low rata a tpl; on board. piar 38 ?*?< rfrar; ?* 10 taj-maitt a go., m ?ooik ? met BI.ACK rlAl.I. LIRE FOR LIVERPOOL. R4TLM MOff daj , Mrpt 14 the pa' k' t iklp Off f i T WaMrpR R, nap' Furtar For cabin /eeond ra?Mn aid ?le?r**a p>aaaa*, apply on board, piar 23 K K "T to J *1 OB WIL.OA, Hid dr>u h ?t Ft R LIVERPOOL CLIPPER SHIP ixr fjfioR, ? CapV RwiR now lyliur *a th? rlnr. will poaliiraly anil to morrow Hk< bar roiwa Tw a lew ?nchid nalil* an I alrara Caa?. r.rn M talk a jwat T7W* 1 IVY RI'O'U. ?H aTl. TIME DAT, THE iK * r b' atrd ?k'p I KMC/ 3 l'?70J? from pi r It #ar rfrpr. Ih'?l I I" P."4* IMS ? KIRRt . .for I rand tp, ul'iK pia*. bar la lata'111 a<d fouadta pood prt>?l?tn?? p*?? "ik-ra brwijtktout rro?ii any par-of irw.aod.rr Enflaad wtadia patoh Ap, I) to ThOrO. KOJdK hi Month atraat. AirtraMa imtkPSHnRwT lire tip beac it fa I * i dip rr .htp MadAMTI AH, Cabot Watta. .ooia mandrr, will b? dorp itnhed I >r Malbonrap early in On'ohar The are laimndtt'oaa for I MmBPRBra In ttrr and aao-md cabin* cannot br atir.'.vatwd For (r-wbt or paaaaaa. at low ?at?a, apply on f >?rd at pl<w 10 olaat ri ?r, or lo UOOHCVB, ARK El.I. A BI.LTOf 101 Pearl .tract, or to HA1L.UAR, LORD A QV a RE A J, ha Wall rtrmt r)E H AT A E? AMI* HE? ?'Aulakl, lul OtflTEl a au- raall ?aaau?*A!p CtdiWRA, J. D h )j-?a wll r wanr-ioa rarwirtot '(*1411 or W-alttadr./. Rajiv I iod wtt. ?all for ta# a no porw am dainrday IMpi It ad a p'nlock prwcim.r. fYow pier f?Ao? Bob ton m ntrar. * R For mirk or puwua rppl* F ibr areata L'TTRAAT'i*, :'*OC"1eT5 A lf> , l? Parr plana WROR AAVAJYFA71 AKIl FIJIRTDA.?OKITKI) STATKR r mail tin" ?The r.-rrno A I. A 4 AM V. l Ucu ti. pcAcoak. will laarc oa lawtrilaf Awpt <i. ?t 4 ? olook P. M ,g ??EMIW ? i or ? ? rtam i bar rot>m f ir a lew MOnd iwlilb an I at-wrarn For j nam it" apply to JUSKfH ?ir*PHYr?l frcm p'rr No 4 Nor b rirtw B1l!a of la.l."? rltnwri oo hoar l M| Mh ?' n?*i ? apply lo It (. FITi Mlt.U 13 Hrwl tb nrki ta from New York lo Jarkaonrl'ln, All: .HE Mt?ami r* for Florida r >nri' ot tt -Ai attnah w<:h tba atoMunra f>om New York uoT'icadafaaad Sa-.ttrdaya nttR (IHARLEETflF, R O.?THE ilTPEEIOR RIG? J." whawi rtwaraa'lp R'Afi >>F tl ?Hap ata .1 J. (>ar"1n a 111 aatl Iroaa fbl'adctyhla for ? harlaavm on miurday R"ptcmbcr It Mil a'alonk k. M ''kbla p??aiyr. aiik <ory ?npcrlor ram m m acmmmodatl iaa, IE). rafa, H Tba B ainofO orwia wtU tall a?ain. aa abjr*. Rattrday, R?p>m b"r V Tba heyaiowo State aal:? for Haraarak op Ha'urday, (trp'ambar IR A "HaOR. Jk , A?"?t, Rt H. Wbarraa. Phllkdriphlt B30R NORFOI.E ANU Rl<'H"1'NO - TilR t'TITKD ? ai?" ma I at"amabtp J AWKfTOW N, <'?pt?in Parrl4k, wilt 'aara ftw 'b" abora plarwa a sp -tar. iFh ipat at 4 n'nltwk I* R , (t w plar lit Ror?k rtrer .-Ita will arrlra a' Nor I.. ? on Hun. *r af. rnroa ? a a n ir? Inn P?ar> n?t"r* for th? R u h adll pn '-H alih at trlay by ira rrrat mail Hn" to Ckar'"?t n, Aryuwa, Rarannth, A" Trarellm wl.l and 'bt? t >e "h -in??t, mrtoi'HI and moat a?i i4Et a>pi*. Fa'aagr and l?F* iu?1' 'hd elalarmne. to Rorl 'k AS. T'c' -* i-c it prkm. Aptly to IXDI.AR A PkEAHAIYTfi U Hrovlway. A tPUKasF.". IRI.ARn OF n B4 RTFMEwR F* ?NARIll/. dOERk LITE AC?. 11a.-?aft Pr'prl"tor ?111 forward fr.t?M and rarrr'l to all pari" of ft' a. btr I*. R ma ?i-an'bfp fl * IT t W RA, on 0 a '2tb < f R- p "n> ?r ma an. FrrliAl 4 'at bp ? rod tn oa on ha day bof <ra ? ? i una aeoomp ?? B) lot the ?"mr 1 w dcarnf ?* thr C at " b > .aa WBI.IA. Ft RnO A OO, Afnta *7 Rr-tadwky, ^OCCiim 3311 At'lUAT*. 1>? PTIAl, l>E "FN KRR a* II IHM Rao 'M FN rn THE o?r.-fiR. HaRT ET aa. or. aly ? r-r? to attend til taraona tttMrf f -ap \tl?r i na of i?a Far af hla olflaa, Tdn ?hro? way, wlthopf rbarjra ua'll mirad. Ibartby rrorlnk kla a .oFwaa uo?riua'l"4, and pro'aa ink lb" daaf from natac ?w'n dlrd by i a*t?? aalf atrlad airtata ?? wbtlaal f?*? In adraaoa aad tba Intl ctlon of till m .r* aaidmia nlla br partrltUn* iba ai t tratVin nf daa* rnWB raorndtaa hy 1??yy riaaaad and tin al'tfalbanda Dr H may b?rw ?*alF 'hat b" baa ao pnaaxdloa wha'arer with any par?oa adr*?ttain|r > "tr? d.>a*o" a. n?"k"r baa ba 0t?n for.ia iw firm tbw pablloati tp of a aw tlFr.rr por port top to awratw fro* hi*, and "aram tOFca f r" ba rrwt'l.nalbi* for ary al irattna nnaaoqaawoM rwauU.nk fro* matbaaa* and dean* ralkra Tba b*io' <P??i?y t*a? not na ma'aoal to artM p*mo?a 4ml tba d^prlrat'oa of op? of Uta ana twtpor *nt of tka Bant* a oryb to ba r?tar.tad and trantad with twora .Nan ordinary ppomtodp. I'aaftiam. b-daa <n lha I bppd aad all dwagraipthl* ptwt.a'faa 'ro* lha aar apaadlir aad panpaioallr raato /rd, wtihont aatut ok tha loam pal* or awwirwrirow" i i i ntaaa RndFan aad whar* otatf tr aia frrr dnaa nod awrt Thlrla* raan -doaa and 'ta 1'-iiiad attartlnn to ,?ta brar-h of at.aolrl pratl ? baa anabind bin. In rrdnna bta rraor-nt b> ?n"b k dapraa m ttaiM k? ? fli I IFa rnnai mr.Anwad a-d obpp*a??PMi rim . ?f a tlaady utandldp t? tba ?ft- Pmw I bad f! liUFrlllNRi 4HA |i YEW 1* RWXfirn ? taatlaaaan wlwAinf to wnrart I aft Off (W 5 000 **X>*V "4*77 I'rOTB P^a|V^r^V?di?? "iaS iiJSIp JARW M0F^> Hl.ADtMRTRMNiMMk ? * 'taa'l"?i"n *?'n| to ?'o'?n iwit am tw Into biarh, na^y.'.'ala at ?aa? ?f^>M l8af?' ?. BU< BlgMTxys, D BOA |iw a t'thk atkk 0 ebe Masa*eD>ent uk? WHk p'easnrv In nanouaoing an grauar with the emu mi ?. c n rle o?m. dtan ai>t>g>men' with the emu ml ?o n rio o?of<Uui UK CHaKUH NaT K* who will appear In a favorite c larnotar on go. da? nlgM, Hap l-mher M tu'|iuor? d by a po ? arful aombtahUon or U!?t pait'ruU **f which wUlb duly aenouajvd. Box bock ?4B br open' <1 en feeturday morning. at 9 o'c'ock. BOW BUY TilkAVNK I??? and Manager Mr. M Bdn> iViieaacd Pa ntiette . IB c? i* fit 13 oedw FkiDiv ItMint Harrsnaax 11 1847, Ny request, KAU PIC* Kit OF PARIS. a " hedy Father Jean CRAUIJC Of LIHIRTY. Liou L'noola. .....Mr. Fenno OILDBRoY. Jeaale.. Mlaa K. Bynar B URTP *** WMW THBaTRB, HBOAUWAY, f II b i '!**'? of (Be ancc iwsful engagement of M<t. J I ni'MKUH, who will mak " W? "rat Hpr"?r?no.' In Tat AuRltY, tn Hbakepere'a i pbttme Creadon of > aMI.KT Hulported by Mia * * Danln, Mra A. Parker, Mr. C. FtaAer, Mai \ Smith, Moore, Barri u, Ac. To conclude with TUB UMBB BROOMMAKKR. I tenia Murphy. . ? f?>r Berwour In rehearaal-THB JLDKR BROTH Kit and TBB DBA MAT1BT. o LYMPIU THBATRM, M BHOABWAY, OPPOtfXTl MlbkPa. l'oora open at 7; pcrf-manee oommeaon* at 7V leaf tbe 1 . i Admlselo.-i to all part*or tbe hewse M oca'a, irohesira. COewiti Third appear an oe oT Mr* OBaB HOWARD. PamiT, HtrrmewK II Iftg* the perfot msnoe will oommnuce auk the draeiA aatitled TDK LKV It, IN PaAIB. ***** Bra O Howard I i rAetna Mra. 0. Howard or rill i ITaxa ... Mr* C Howard | o?eer Miw 0. Howard Prima rVmna. (>n which ahe will slag "Oh, Sea.* my Pt?tl> Rwlee") ..Mra. O. Howard Clarfaaa FelvUie Mra. 0. Howard To conclude with the laughable farce of POOR ? II.1.1 JODuT. PHIleoAAy *. B. Johnston I Mra. Ptlllooddy.Mj'a.Johnetoo - . ? . iiiin r ' " Harah Blnat ....... Mlaa Ka'e Hnxoa Dar.ctng by Mile Krneatlne and tUaaJnlla Turn bull. In tehear.uU. TUB falRtiU MPV; alao the burlaaqoa ot ROT IT, 1 RAM, IT IB Mal'R OF OaHHMMRM. GMO. CHRISTY AMI1 WOOD'S MIH8TBBL8, 444 Broadway. H. Wood Butdnet Woo. Uhilaty .. stags! OROWDB CROWDS OROWD3. ? Pl.TITtTDB* VOKgBD AW AM. I V KM U UN PBUMrNft Vlaltrd the hall during the put week, whoevtnaad their rthltgh by repealed ODTRllBBTif OF .PPLaMRU ?eery ee- t in their apaci?ua and well ventU&lad hall la tahni early In the enelng and extra aenU demanded by the raaasanotra oaowna, before the traiialn rleee The prograineaa for tfela weak la anu?(tally One, embracing the prlonlpai acta In their rete toll* oi ITII OPIAN MJlWlQIijnr, and oooc'udlng each evening with a POPULAR FANUM, In their own lnia.ltr.ble otyle I norm ?pr? at t% to eowunenee at TV Cetoafc. PR ARK IIff MUBiUM. IV URAWD BTltg <T, OHa door from Broadway ?Ureal a.trwttoa for tlia aoocmf ? eeh ?f ibe aeaaon. ?n entire new troupe of Modal ArtMae conaUdng oi TWBMTT RMVBR YOU MO LAOtRB. who will appear every ATtemooo at 9 and evening at ti. In a aeieetton of ma^ilflaeat Uvlag repraueutaUoua; artctaga etbnra will be found "The Three Oraoea," "Venue Klxint from the Hra," ' Adam aid Ive," with iuurteea other pie tvtrta A too the FBMBOH OPMKa TR >UPB. eocHtotlng of "sixteen performers," who will appear at aaal t nlertidntnrul ia a vari tv of new aoaga choruadt. Ac., loga her ?ltb t'on* "rtaolre, ark on win).:? ! to be the BTHItyOkfT MfcN in TUB WO 1LD, with a mlaee laneoca and terpal ihorlan variety, evary Arte noon and night. Performance commences at S tn the afternoon and at T hi th* evni lug Admlmlm -Orahest a>?ala 60<une. boxes, 1 roots; a :flta oa tbe atage (S N. B. Btraagera will b? ens Uona to < xy th It It krta np alalia M L'RJ flc'l AH H AMI.KT. AT Hl'RTOK'8 KKW THKtTRK TO KIOHT. Mr. I' f labor aa Ihr iihoa'; ?Na S. 1>'iiln ax Ophelia. With a powerful dta'rlbulloa of cbarerU'ra. MR AND MRH. JOHN llKIF -THKiK DITlNUU'Ht! rd a. 'la ra are bow performing ? very brilliant enxagr maut al llurlnuaU Tbry appear at Wood'* theatre, Ht U> iv I r two wifka only, aor m.ucln* Mondar, (irpU.mbor I. 1-57 hnrirta< Ir.ltera, prevl ma to Hrp edibar 12. all >jid ard'eaxed to the agent, the unl-rnlgueo at the PlaoU Honre JOB DTMUBPHT. Agar . Martin h montoomkrv hai.l, no 7? pri ? ? ?ueri, two doora from Broadway, New Vork ?Pr 1 i OIMHKK will b? bapry to are hla frirnda Ht the ahov> I amnrew m' wbrrr a eholoa aatecttoa of aoai;*, ^'.e? will I e glrru. a-aUied by Nona Delattre and Mr turn tbr iipricalled 1*tab cotnr.lian. Chops, atvaka, r lam-a kidio-yt Ac. Ac a-riel np durln* the eveola is the thder Oellar and Coal Hole of lerndon. M UBUOCd IN TRAOKDY. Aa ' am lot. Prince of Denmark, AT Bl'RTON'H NKW TliKA'lKK, To MieHV. DaN RICK'H ORRAT SHOW WILL KR AT POlTiiH keep ale to day; Newb'rg, Fa'nrdav. Hrplember It; Peekik II lath. Hirg Blrg, 1Mb; Ynnketa, Itith; uar em ITlb; Men ah. i t I v al vr may be eipcrtrd tn WILLlAkHoUBD, BROOKLYN and MBW YORK CITY. Niplo-b ball boom and OONOBBT RALOOB. Tbta maaaliteeat aalona la now nadwrtt'Ang a thorough reaevattoa and re deooraUon for the fall and winter re rap alga. A aplrndta Boor will be laid do *a In wax. ami podehed tutu teles and most tmprmwd atyle. caprrealy lor dancing Par lira wianiNK to give Brat rata ba la an, r winded that aitaebnd In ihta bail itmw there are private xarl r* for ladle* hdi! gen tlmirn and i rlvatedrvaatng r<i?i, with evnry oonveoteiica aud comfort loge her wl a a magalleei.t aapaer roan, with ample apace tn anal all hnodrrd roe* ( at nne time. For par t irnlav* apch at tbe nidea nf Nlnlo'a (tardea, on Itrnadway, rani 9 AM. UU 9 P. M. and la tbe craning from 7 Oil 10. Theatre maix'or roR rai.b ohrap-im a pimt ? c<?ar ibnalre. Apply *1 IMS Urand ' 7 . VUMAiu. t rx\i) roimno awd bo charge, diur VlAMJU surad ?l>r HUHTtk'ilra) 1/up oar ba IM ?> Ibr o ,! tRIor. Ro. 1 IMtlalra atrwt, an I to*bora alar; Al nbnra va raatteVtua wtualrrfala of thla, tbatoual yniaaUi 1 aoo-nry in utrdtrnl aciaoaa. U helnf tha onl/ thing on i ?hai alii trail, anra an' roit oai of lh- rank ard r','?w<ma ?troa or dkwaaa. V p?r rial. P? ll-nirr rnrtw wb?o tor tr?aiacal of mbar pbyaiolana and al .ikff rrm? dlaa fall. Hit rrd drop la rxrar nt.lf rellaaor tor I lb * rough true la nfialn <1 marry Ii la wrll kuuwu for lh> im many riimwdtaa y muw It kaa i>r? '.trwo! wlAttilAto or h'tdrarrr fpya bnainaaa. whra all othrr rrmrd laa OAt. drlT? the dlr-aar In thr blood fl only Thl? tncurra top pt Umi frtaa aanjadan Attach*. and A la ran ?ulr rmandy at rorth 'hat dorr It Try all o hrra and aaa. Jrwary >f a aaaa hill atA'.iag that Dr. Hnairr haa mntorwd. II la a rulaiaoa dmrp tna *"?? aaadiaai. aw pagan, full af enlorod wiahaa Prior hi ctwit a card to thr i.ani?n a o. johru<ir, putei tX clan ard anrtt-oa. uflloc i% Hroadway. Na? fork, Trato all dl?< a?r? lo. lilnil I ) thr I.main at airm. a|i>? al lm?tilAft tl.* ?ud all iihatrm iWma rrmotrd and traawd upo arw palfct log !r a I prlcdlptaa, and apnrdy rnllrf BiiAMnt rd In nr?ir?o aaa K<> It rarlakly rrruln la ihla nrw atridr of 'rnolnn nl thai ikd moat oba lna'r cotrplalnla ' IrM tindnr It and >.h" a HUi'.od now r? jolna la port not hnallh Rwtfai prorldarl If dmlrrd R 0. JOIINMOR, H. If., i.10 tonadway. A raw murium or buvab iuu.n oa fua Q otogtoa' lUararoAar. - It la banuiRuUf llJaatralnd, ton laaw-llna a ? oa.wra aa ' "Porta flf al) dtaaaau uf a daiiaa^h* :-r it ornuku. anvLjna laotruoMona tor th? rffam rrraga Joa> ( touar "to. arr amrmtro by Mftrdtaarcto firm aa!* n? Into tar aarr.ifr rata and alao a inofbartottnl itHbO H d-n.,'.? Jir mao'tr of nominal MNa and ra?.toA 1 ?? Prnw Ini btjl. aoat pain, m aay addraaa. fb ? nl ? Jtia? ? aa ?al! ar tfe Trtra-a*. froaa Or. f-ARROW * i ,17 Prtaor atmrt a faw v-|,-*? r? >f Proadtoa*. "*? T 'k Tr ba ?OB?a''ato a# aaanl tTAA 1 ? R UU lr M.. and fman t #i a la ihr aanabw Ur watrur bar rt>R a uom rrkiw or ntr rirlnni bit attmtlna In ftrHIn dlaar ana la wMnh hn a? ?mnird a<* >?aa lhaa l?al) ttomnaa I mmm ? laont aa b ?taaoa of feilnra Tha rrawdlna ara atlld. wuhoai lataarat uaa to b ??aloraa or nbnaga of lint Or burr n la amda'a ? mfwrf frtaat T la tba bm? f a a HI ?" ?I' ? ' Dm warji'm urportcratr-r rt iri>, irthrri pitta ultra of atrv-i-aa aad m>i jlma hal to br kaoifi to ni rt wt'b onlrrrani npprobalon. and la rtnmp Itb Ward ?? tb- frratrat bntafltrtor of tb? day. Or Ward bnra by '?I7?r? a rmwd of H <MQ to aay ptyrtolna who. afvar ? prt drmaaatraRoa, aaa earn prlrnia dtaaaaaa wia BWPBPBPBPBBjjlWwiwB aondnfo" apnalflf aad Mr parfaat knrylnd|?of rrary M# y Rind'artaa. It' ibata alia flat aa art rna la oaa Aay. M ? So dotibt onl' aa' ba wtl> anra tbana withool oRBRRR. W I r *m bar, all ?? wk>tbn?a Snntt KmMR for wnrkr aod ato??t taai by anlllag oa Or Ward roa ton la hfaw h?nra fatal "Wa K obard la bltoarl' apala " PrtoalL (J?aa. ? Unnal tortoP third a or mm of Hmndwny. RORTORW IRJROTIOR 01 R W? A TRRTAIR PRR ^?'nknt dtaraaa without tha all <f Mrntal RHtoirtara Hod M 0 H HlRB'b. IM Broadway, S7f Wran 1 atraaA, AM HI H'idaoa atmnt Ir. RAI.PICR ObPiriR K). 7M BIOAOWAT. TOR ?orr of Truth I'.rwc lloora. Itlll' and aPrr f o'cloaR, My. man. anfcty aad ahrapa t pr a"rrr (a nrfar w> uf atl tha dortora aaa do. bai by to irifa" aproiflr aad Mai I)' D I) R WATROR'R RRW WuRI - TuR OAOU ARP ?'am"- A antoplata praaUnnl traa'Ja* aa pr aaa alum at aattodou, with tonal AnblBly. Indoaad by aarfy la ?? or othar eanaaa, to whtak thr nai rt and trtodbtna malady mpeahaar to " f I It aaa It turd; lilui^^^H t.aalnga, r'th a auppb ?-i ^1 m ?? ? r? bad nf Ibr aotbor, who aaay br trar .trl ami to to alhar atmo< a faw door* wnaa of Brwitn; iwmRTARTTO rniuto-mkiAtH or ra*AUP I nrltolrrlr trnaird by Or UrUOIR. Rraawl aa for 'atoaia drrmranaarato froaa II o M Rallarf rnaranowt a all aaaato Uonartltatloaa aod Inttnra atadrUy armflnmUal. I'aHaatia tnm$ d dancr prorldRd with board, a oralcA aad rirl-jtott audRto anf. tba frmala'a Infalltbla aanatbly raastrwdra aaallad frpB Iwi'tb ftiP dlraartttwa. om raaakpTof li Ad trwto Jrtaaru M to | ptMb ? toMy atoal wr| tohaail awat R T. OORTITOURRR rniAlR PIMR-OR A. M MAOU r t'KAn, profaaatr of ditmar-* of womra. rati Vtara to dlra thai thry am In all rarra rrbablr *rm la tbrjwoat 1 trrntr mar* aa wall aa rrr'rrt y knaltbr Prlaa Wl a bo*. Cm ??< to l lbrrty a'rwa. T?ry am iraiaaailaaablr by adtlroaabrg Pr. A. to. Waortcnao Rmicorow r?ACWif*-^>. n Hb^R'1*" "? of Rtn>,r.i .f Parlr. (wkn la ibr flrnt ll da? aurpnoa ? .rmni An of IM aaa al tratrtoj aad I'ra tiara rhaa aad Ron, it tb'la -I?r. may ^.idrMaly maMfff"* m *<-rnrb prfwrnaliy or by imiar. at bia otoaa It Rlanahar topdto fmaai I toi 1. andftow I to k rrrwlapa npRRaTWdRT OR PRMAIJ Ot>*PI.Al"T%-DR. A. to. 1 R AC'RIVlRaC. profiwaor of dlnraw* of w>n?ra. antbor of ?^kn Rarrlrd toiaaar'a Prlrain Rniteal ' VxnpanVm." wfh ftaraairr mllrf h> all ranaa of Br aajf'tofmta or Irragutortttaa "n tbr fw? lr ayttoaa, if a aandr of tmatttt- al at oatoa alaapto, branhy aad a>r ala Otom Ito Llbatty atrwt illtl.l HARRIED WOHAR'J PRIVATE MBOIOAl I (toabjaat* ?, by Dr A. H. Hanr'raao. profrawnr af iionaara or an aitoL Lndtoa will barn dlamrar Manly tha ?*??? r, ma nat'trr aad all tha arwiputau thai may a'wad tbobr prrr.uar mttd t on ll to daadcaw' 'or tbr marrtwl 'aom aapto ijiallr Prlnn our dnllor. dor tain by QtrHgrr A f i irwaatoR 191 (bruadway, ftbrnaan A Co., Aabor Tlonan at A to thr dtoto tflb A. to WAITEHTEAn. Ito 'dhapa* abmnt man pi. The mareiabr nvion a roue ?a? awwi.t ptjr lb# warrtpd or toBRd M?if lo tobrrr bt Oy P.Hofltob tor anihnr aad toriuraa. OhP bnadPRd af 'rtr tortb tdPR H ? ??* toty who wto amd w ,-a- , tma. by poto. Ri rdtoto lag oaa kb, bad VM hdd da Va? Idtol #?aa al: Uw to* ta <to toaar tmportoa. inj to, aiaihit aa ttoRb tor aU to a# Aaitota1 sssr ! ORd pt atobRhf a^nHRr* wa&'fy?a toa ? tojatoto iw <ftb atitov toaail ra N ?Ti fcA >.iivTd< ]n nn f>"i'Mir ".'of'thn .n"r baJJ<" ^ ACAiJMA, with ft. charming % *#*,? aouM In bar 0<1>Ha) ebitrwv? ?'niin??.n Promt ? IU). c oer at J. v. "^nr, n #. SvdLOTiuni on run Tmn com . .. . *?' ?LibTA. _ Ace!tii<e 8t? Tereee Itft ? , . If. PP,?T?AI irMKA'f. "'"1" nrt Jerome Rud | . fhcb*'uraeeu. A alulae Bar* t ?w, - p.7 ? - mrnwune ,,9 ?, ,0**, hi l a ?>? *f- Kmrfitn' a - k.ii a havel W au,a< K'S tusatrr rin r 11 ,A?T N1''"T Of PIaHMINA. Un rrlu&y eveuli-g HHpu*mh<*r I- cbe, n*wr five ant pUjr of .ii ? # FIaM^IMA willlb#/?f^'rwrc! for Ibe lutt ulufct ?bin season. Thla left M the only oyportt.nlly i I wnnrr on* it. . . MthS Mall 1)a bKROM will aualain her grtn: chamcier or PfAhMINA. The other parts wi'l b? 811 4 by Mrs. Hoes Una *?*? Mraers Dyolt, Lareuport, Norton, 'iroaTeror ani a biili3 anal. '1 o morrow, Bati iday?0akiILi.R. LAUKA KHAKI HI* TI1KATKK 814 BSOADWAT. ut ar Uouatou street. Mtsa aoraheene Pola Leasee aw! Ptrectran 1M prase and public bar. aflitd tea seal of "dtioM apuroTTI to TO* TakLOB'm TihTimh, "" not only a. to Ha literary and dramatic mem. but aim Ma ram dlUon by cmr BTO r* STAB Of 'MP A Ml, nneb member of wtiloh flew with tke other la giving itTtftm awl pioi.aaey to ue deunaaaoti of oharaotar artm which ? abonaoa Ms. end week of the screaming comicality, A. U AJviiAL iMHUM. Ill antral ed with en.-h Mi (a in. flitall'y by Hit. Laura Keen sod Mr ,'effwreut. m to fttm a rare pleture of eartata uhaam ot do we a to troocmj ho rust, and or wtfa a ho old aagtact ft? uptonuiOiy of wl'rceatr* It Famer, HaPTaaaaa 11, WT, VI' 11M* (%'racier* by Maura Wbevlelah, Pome*, J Bu* car.. Ac., aad Mtaaca k'neaa, Bella ' tare Ac Caoica M era to ai KHMcnon ar ema lutder the rspnlt nod dlr> mioo of Mr Thoa At lOo'olvck p.ecWelt wnt be eommm end A UONJDOAl. l.Mbt'B Kehearatd bi Mr Jeffeiacm and Mlaa Laura 1?M Dooee opea atT; te> a aatwia a< TK o'aloah. 1 CA0MMT OF MntilO ?ITALIAM OlMftA. A LL'"t.*/.iA uott-'U. *i'e. iknimi ruK/Miutn la bar ureal ol aracur of Lurr'.Ma dortla Ptrat apprarai.rc ihia araur at the Academy Of Mnafa at Mile. FKLiUlTA VIMTVAU. aa Mafto Oralol. ftlQKOB OABSISB la hi* ir*eat part t f Dtihc Alphrnao h'.Tica ?'lb? aevrre Indbiioaitloa nader which Htgrir Lft I owtia ha* let tndcrina al..o- tt arrtral In tbla eoontry, te < reared bT h a t i'rllot h to fuilll Ids dull a 'owa d tha pahM% preriudea ibe ro? lbl Ity of hl< app' iri'^i uatil fol y ra led. Pr.der tkeae tdranma aaraa *sd ontit tha dal y aipeotaf arilvaof tla i oar tenor dt forz* the l/lrectora hare a fallal thuaaclTes of the bind offer of Hid MO* ft TO LA from Ibe r<a Ian Opera id Lima and Mexioo, to aloff thU arHh lug the nil ? of (lennara. This (fhinai) KvaniR., Hirranaaa U, LUOBKZIA BdBUlA. The trWrtp a) aharaeu ra by Mile. BA.MJM1M PMMZSC-Uin. MUe. PBLKilTA VMMTTALf, Hlgn a-t HCOLA and <? AMHTMK. Oood- ???' Oart I ilMft ooni open alTlii to ootnnaaaee al I. roiaaa or anuuaioa Parqaeite parioette oiruia and Arat oirate -tt r ec u ml a- - a tt oaata aftu ri.wiiy r ?0 oenta I Amphitheatre M eaaft Prt? ate ti >a ? PmHloM Tha ? 4 aeata will oraamaooa thia otorulrc. at B o'eUwi A at the Acadamt of Muale, al O. KracaiMg*ft No. T"i ir - .Ay. and at Wnu Ball t Hob'a. Mo. ftt ill uadi way t et. > d aeale w> be ead oe the wraula* at the mow. A K s T Me .VMBTOAM MOSBOM.?THB VKBT LAMB obsr.'. - , ? ca :1m Hocua Hurda.l Hair aad me faB I a,'h > u .l<u.e cr Mra. Cunntaqhawi. PHday. Harlem r II V.'\n a. , a wttard, now la hie ninth and prudiitnra ? k a p<?tr. Ihia afteruoan at S and mtcc'i'. al Tra ot w < ot lb? 14th of fkHitamb'r. the "iant now . eae'if- ' in- ornck talked about Agoaria, or 'V.ataf ' . i,i.l m a same day Mlaa I. L. WUbamr the WMMM f trbihaaA C, * > ?n fame in London aa a aharastmr rooaitm m r tab am ? sei uL ind Irish bal'ada, la nnaorpammfh :ra t ?i <?. ft ? ttt. iLdtirau under ten, II eanta. h iiM' Mfffirn?LB t'.< e?' li. \ n.oadw*'. ah or* Grand I If. A OTBity K V >11 INI DDBINU THB WEBB. H OPa* L . . an. tner u* . iga of riroframme Orowded honsm. Si aaaperiwu, hfcadovrv fheHoraat)ombal?Bnllanhiuao there Orapa Vbaa heel. Tan Hccas. ranoea. Oomle Trtua, Hay tan, BeewntnaMMm. aIVRV NPVANT, >lhn. IthVAkr andPAM BRYAJT*. >9111 the a hou a n-egth of the tronue la aew ecu. DoorstwiatT; tooommeao.at8o^hwB. Tiofceiaftaawft 1POWKBT VAB1HTIBH, M BOVUI. L4TM WH1TWB JL> ()pm How* ?Bn opening. H )li> IniM and propitotat lMf|? La Mb<>|n Oharlay wMMl Tie aboce (lorin'M time Soremd iiipie sf eauaaaaaad hi ?.w OC1R POX TUB 4BAHOM. K'itT eiertton will tie ni?i? Ay JM proprlmor tS meal tfec (V 0 element# of ndtseemtrt nnnsosMr. The whole InleeMv hie been thorough'? painted, improved and pleeed la perw order; the stage Ai d icnnery Im underaana TTirT IRMM. A MtW DBOP C't'BTAllf, elaborately areooled and dwpi**iitg greet leata, tMAMMM Added THI 001 ' vfT nrxuhM of foortaso talented pet eaters aad a ehana* of paw rutar will be given every nl|v* 'be what* under the bnsam dtnte ssperrtetoe o' tkarlea While. Heveral a iveittae are W N irepara'ioa. Admlmw (wrnid leata, a anew, paw queue. IS eeala, botes. I eeata. Doorsopaa at 7; aurtata WB nee a?7V lBldj'H BALOOM ?TUlHltAT. OrTUlll 14 first appearance tn 4mer1"A of HBRRV Vmi/XTMn. first aiqtanux ?? thin ariaoa of BiUIAMUKD fHAi,tlltt. 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