Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 13, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 13, 1857 Page 3
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Out Virginia tonupoadtnc* Rimmuwd, 7a., Sept 3, 3SM. Jbr Smc^oricl On. it ?,. twt n Governor Wuc and Senator BuKUr?Thnr JfaWKm Pnap-cta?The tnquirar't Jajlur moo?KuIgva j m favor cf Wiu?l'nvn Hatura <ff tto Lait Prekbyteria i (fen oeniitn? Editorial UonaxWictO? TK/Urj Mm' ? Ktavuhip .SsVne in Mar'Ji OarUina t.ood Sy-culatioi'for A'or-Jurn OapitaliRi?^a J'au-ngat TVxific through Richmond? Viiiicrt at JManide , <te. Nlne months ago, what 1 predicted, through tbe oolceMa at the Hxiat, the oontcat which ia new waging between Ute frieiiile of (Jcvernor Wtoe and Besaior Ho iter fcr the ?net in the United Staler Senate now occupied by the lat ter, ] ?m denounced aa making itatementa tor which there ana no foundation. It will now he admitted, 1 procaine, thai these predlctlona are folly vindionled by the proneDt n*p*.-.t of affairs In lb s oonne tlon. It can hardly be de nied new tnai there la a content; and if there are any who rail entertain a donot upon that inbjeci, I venture to nay thai the ccvelcpementa cf inc text t vo montu will folly reconcile them <o the truth cf ite txiaieaoe. Ail ibit incredulity, bc-vcrer, which wee n'tnoet entire y in the tide cf E-ttor'a fr'cude, waa perfectly eacnea fcie, inasmuch aa persons arc cot generally crcdnioce In regard to metier* which c.sab with their interna.* or pre aitooUohs. BcOidoa, there wan a pcltcy la thin incredulity, to wee nought to frown down the idee ef any content at iM outlet bp en affected {terror at a oouree ao aaorellgloua an the engendering cf itrife among Uie democratic party teV.rgtnie. Toe Irtende of Honor would feign hare the world believe that mere waa no men thing g tag on, an tr ia tail the friends of Wise Into luartion, or, in other worda, ao avoid rousing the lion from bit ?lumber*. They hare arouse* him or their own aggrenitvn jealous ccurne, and they will new have tt tike the oensrouenoeo. Bo far ail that I bare predicted regarding tbin content haa been folly realized. Hui whal of the final revolt'' 1 do not apeak at random wben 1 speeuMte with reference so thecoorse of future eventa. And eapeofatty dm mat been the case In legard to the Senatorial oorr-Mt octween Wlae and Hunter. I know it to be a fact that the laat Legislature stood tbree four ma, ape, more than thai, for Wlae for the Presidency aa again*, all the caher pre tain eat candidate*. Acd brace the unanimity whioh prevailed la Virginia In beba.'of ttr Eacbauao. to whom Wiae transferred hi* wtoie icliaosoe. a targe number of the former delegates bare tesn re sleeted; and of ihoae oaoeen anew, t y Tar the largcat contingent ia for Wlae. Ihla 1 ha\ e aetortexeu upon me oos. auto > my Tuoee who may chooaa to (peculate upoa the rela Uto chances of ihe t wo will find in ;fccac facta a safo and reliable date to go open But there la auother feature x the ounleet which, wfcea lanaa .nto aooonnl, wlU mater ally aid in arriving at a correct conclution with rcgird to it la matter. Tee main toaoe in the coniect la the Kansas poller cf the admxls vatwo. Wiae being for and Burner l: Sucu, at meet, ia the general preccmpticn w'th reference tc tec lat ter. feaaoil upon the puaiiion cf Lia chief organa cpna that naue. To est met* yrepsr-y the reiatire popular.ty ef eetb poaltiona it ia but nsoeaaaiy to rtbect upon Me rtrlot tf oesaennuire ground wbiib v.rgima oocup're upoe an Maue of that sort tbal abe la with the adm r.latratma Uwt J not a ahadow o< dcecu hence the legitimate lu terror* iho- W:?e will triumph epen tble tnut. Burner'a true poaltioa with reference to Me eimiriaire Man ia regarded aa ancb'.guoua, and an espreeatoc cl tie Mai sentiment! In Mia regtra la eagerly tanked for. It ta ?peniy asserted br aoute cf hit frlecda tba. cx.eos be cornea out and delicti hla poeiuoa Mej will cct Tote for him. Acd there la tha great dilemma, Bhouid he arow aimirlf favoraola to me adm matrat'oa, at leaei io far aa their Kamaa policy la oonoe>ited, he forfeit* the auppuri of Me Are cetera, w th whom it *1 aid he ta new allied; and if. an the contrary, he avow* h'.mtelf hostile >o the ad minlatratloa in ihia rega- d. h* chancea of re cloctlor arc ?till more bopricai itther a.iernat re nvoivea aerioca danger to hla proep; la, wb'.le a paA'nn of bob committal m aearcely leaa fatal. There can be ao doubt bat that a mrge botiy af the memlert? even inch of lAem aa may be fkvoiable to bun?will mase an avowal of his pjaltiun tooc the Kamu .aeue a sum . ai run cf mc_' ar.;pcrt. thm itieaoe will be certa.n'y ceoatrced into oppotiLja to the adnumatration. which !?ite afdtnae now airgncd him. la Una Mate of affairs, there cm be no dlff-culty la eat! mating the relative ctancrcof both. W ie '.a openly acd aoeveceard the trre frier d of the adm!oiatrt i on, and aa aacb will to be tea choice of th* people ef Virginia for tue failed Plaice Penatsrakip. Be enjjye a pre tig a of '.nvtnsibllity, which teeora ia opetalo Ilka a (pell, and reat aMnred. It will nut be leat ta ihe preacnt oonteei. 1 Bra i*m not io predict hla elec tton. and thoagh many, who affect to he insreauiooa from Me motive which I here nd wted at Me octaei, may treat una prcdicttoa lightiy, they w.U find to their cbagria, no cocbt, that it wtli be aa trc.y reahzsd aa have been my atalemecla regarding th ? rosiest nine montha ago. There w ac maa in thla Union who enjoya wittiln nia own (teuoancn an amonal of popelartty aa does Wiae in Vir ginia. It in ntt,ueaiionabiy true Mai tha be is urn aociaiiy and even politically the more popular dean be become. In all that can adorn Ihe pri vate geaUemai and Ma ? Unlet maa he atomla {bond and ahouidera above moai men. 1 regard him aa aadonstediy the greatam man now io tbe country . thuee whw believe him to be a tre eelar or a tot tended ladle meet pol.Ucian are aitcgetker mlaUceo. True, If open nolenoe ta cone to the rtocM ; if her be?t .niereale are wopardt.od and no hope remains for her within tc# Viloe, be may advocate extreme usaa^raa. bnt that wee d a* with Dim tbe very laet re*ort,f>r romau .oven the Union acre, and none would certainly go further to maintain it. Be m nauueeuonably aa aaTe ana ouaaerratlva a ataua. ?an aa tne oonntry can boaet of Tfca let orr-o si the Jf q-ctr-r la * serried atreccroaly M hie behalf, ane that may be aald to be ail powerful in Vlrginu Ha whole bntory abewn a degree or auooeaa la all Mai't haa a voc?ed that haa rarely cn? any taarnal. And when Ua will oeaaea to be that or the demo vatic majority a Virgiala,:: may wad oe aald that a great revolution in . emocrat * arnttmcat baa act m Th* pre sent aapeel of Mlnga bodas ao auck changr, and I take '? Mat la Me result nr tnn eeriest It ?1U exhibit an Mflcenc* ? perfect tee, log wim its former preettge Even JUcgway, of ite W^. * manlfcMiag a dlapoe'- | ttan favorable to W ae. aotwlthatauding that the wcrt mor aad aeni b m pen ? icog and dreary r'Jgr maga up salt river.'' Re rrgaris both Fsaer acd Woe evtia. as a ?Miter of c.urse, but like a wins man. he ah uaee Me At tar aa the leaser evil. Be reen sbcaiag 'M* IK renter ten year*, but be la cow d spnoed tc repent aad maa# fig all by adtooaiag hie aleciicn u the I sonaic. There can pc to denbt ? at uui cf Uatwohe prefer* Me tovemor and I stst-d col te anrpr*od f, x Me cebt of there ao wb g o? Kb-j ? SoMiag caedi case, which la vcy probahie n v.ew of the overwheun xg demoeratl: ma.trliy In the aext Leg a.siure, ho would bring this whole lafaeace to b*ar upon Wise. Xh.t in rvry strong* hot ac !?we probable I not'red a* o striking feature a tho 'AM Preebyterian ftoavcti ca br d la tbia City the atroag urica sen; meat pervaded it. 1 (juration f, out of Me oce nundred aad s.sty or aevrn'.y dalv.gaies prracnt, a do-vn con.d be ?ennd to favor a ald'Hy aeviioaal rrgaalsaUrn And acboc yi.u Aad that an mi DdncLt effrrsu hi a rva* ui'os adding " BouM" to the deitguat'on of the new orguuiaa Aoo w?a withdrawn, the general toce ol tc* Loareniii.n (?flbriae not a ibadow of hup* for la aueoea*. It la cow formed upon a tas'.a that la eaaoni.aHy aationa'. the only tood t n cf admiMion ocVdc of the Jocu,nal require t?- being an ea.'rc eschewing of ilivery agita noa in tbe C'cabyter tr r-r Weoeral AMencjiiaa, The spirit of ronservantai wfc'rh waa maa Jem ML/oogh ?nt, atrn:n mc with pare tar ftroe. aeeicg it t: Mero war* Caeat rvraons from itr r< ry hut oeda of t lute toe M After the d'aplar wta' b T wltneaeed tbcre. I hcid Mat Mere la but little bepe Tor itsSrsoaUf. If iber* wm any dh.ot'.Uva to uiuatiot. ,uat u atruugaat pusei tie 'nooativ* in Me idgtoue aacttinn) feud wmoh gate MMKo for tbe aeacior ilag nf that noaveenro The edit wal fra err'.ty efVirgle a wll' a?ao<a>>'? o ooa mettoo In tbia city ?a ib* err^ d day ef the ass agf ical Krai fair, tn Novembe'-fbr what rnrp< ?*6>f oe f ktjwa. Ite* pretest la bns Aeae tuwner.leo ? M jvoraalua .a V;r gtala, bol Me true object 'a a "apree " Bua'aaM ' K* ana in Ite whete crowd hsa any practtoal idea what n?.si anas la. It is to be hoped ibes our base* keeper* Wtl' aw be egala leduerd te feam tfcitor f? lowe under aa erroneous Mas the. Uiey will rree re ac oo'ti mi Ib ctkar form. Xc doub; many of Mam took Tor ward to a gtorioua taa 1 cBilrratami that A. Dadtoy Veer tw rewtref ac .avi mttoa to attr od a eeavecUoo at a f-laee na.led Nag't Heal, North Carolina, to eaplax lb* daialia of bA from trans at Antic aieanMblp r.laa The aoaeme ? cr. tervtoi i to oe very well reoelred there, partlcstoriy by the tenMng reru of the Hta'c pubicrlpilena snilbe taken upatthecaereo bob aad arranremswM mat# to caarua Me i-tato n aid of Me pinywa Wem I olet. Virginia ? caJwd ow York river, pwaaats at Mia mom-al M* owl Da i 'or attooolet >a North or biutb M will eooa be ooe#ees?i w'.M tr a cny by a railroad terty e.lwlJ|,asi will oi aoaeM.iy become the groat outlet ?or a J. or at leant tb?*nater portion, of Me sruducta which lad tbrir way to VeMela cf acy burthen ean kwa there, aad ia addition to Me advantage of a railroad r*?r?ae< i v>i. w ib ibe great lead eg lute* which ooavrra* at this rty, It has a water manerUta with a rob craotry throu|b th* Cwmuanry aad ttauapool rivers West Jo'.ai may do r-e aeid to ae a towa la embryo It * regoiarly Mid off Itto sqoatae aad 'ots, aad wasdaly 'nan -penned by M# laat irgUlatar* It ta octets to '-eocma a r'.acs of rreat '.m;>ortaeee when Me milroad w th Mtn r ?y a slab * anw a prrj rem, wid no *#| i?*i u \m r?eoaw y * bat niehaMKl moat nosda?deep water?aad it wti become. I hare ao lioabt. Me poAt of eapurt for this rsgloc Me cost at r'alroed traaa t from rer? io taerc i7s* mere t? an ociiaterbaiaixied by tee entire absennc nf Me*e rtebe, (anger* aad d. ieya lacideat to aav.gatioa oa Mo aniM rlror at tea boa 1 cf tide water Ncnheru cap'. talma would Aad tbe rurrhaae of build lag tow at to* a profllaltle apt; otolloo It C n'd. with oapltol aad eoergy, bo made tha ffrst c trmercial ciyl la Virginia The pasaocger Iraffo on th# Mvetal roadr at tb'a c*ty hea bera immense dnrlog M# peal h bmi Tbe Exchange Hotel, the only iwtnb mbmral of the bled aew of any wrnaeTiencr ia the etly, bM'eapede rich t.arvaat In ecaewjuenee. to reoe1 pto, as I ootefbstoei, averaging abnat tv.otn a day. It caa er tafortably aotV'W wtiilaln one thouaaad or twelve Landred peranos. sod when impmremento anw ia progress era completed ita eapwruy will be ooas deeably Incroieed It la adte tbe wK?t prospercaa sslsbllabn eat, probably, la ibe south, aad I woald My that It could hardly be otherwise under noct> a (mvntor proi rlotoe ae John F iailard. Aahtoad, fbrwrrly "toll Cottage, on tae K rhtroed wid Fredenckabnrg Railrnae, twelve mliaa from tbte my, ? becomtpg a place of roanidcrabto mportaooe ttauy of s?r c'.Unena bar* ohoeen II as Me r aumxer roetdense. awnag the *1?ttar* atoying Mere for aotne time are (1 F h. am**, Me Hritian f?navi end novelist Me sdy of frev Floyd, who to (toyinn oa a visit wiU a relative; ?1 f corse Tucker, Oerk of Ine Rinaeof Deiefetee; Rebrr: W. regbea, of the gbsmttre, and many otb- rx UMlMtf. >jdf? Rtnjuma, wfco *m odtinr of Uio ftnmr m*t.? Mir ? <?oi-ry uo, u.ra or U>? Okio si nit Jttrmd. and fro? !?37 In lMt of t*o Alloa 7W<fraT\, diod at dltoa *at ^?*k. Tfce roarrablo and ortccnod Hob Job R. M*irt far. m?'?y for nary yoaro a rarraanniailra from ifto Bool E'B.nry dltlrlcl la * ?v/rttt, died al bta reaSdaane in Che: aharn Valle*, MoMjnmery nonaty, Pa... oa Uie 3*11 ult, a: tan root old rye of 77. T^r War Department here afOrmatloo cf lb? death of C-?pt Jobb H 'iaai?im. rnarib AniMory, *? fort Myon. ? * , A0r?'T? iM7. AMm la ?Icatafua* MUlm ADDEXflB OK KBMIDKNY BTTAI. 1 Trans Jated from LaBaoeu de Guatemala. Jul* ia I To day. lute leave of tee Presidency of toe republic, whioh u to bo occupied by eonemle Jerez end Martinez. Being eutruaUd with the rapreme power, ihey hope to reoonolle ell perUee, to maintain the dignity of the notion, end to make respected br the observance of the pohtionl end ot*U gceren eon of the Nicaragua people. Ail of yon join In good faith to rapport the new governors end to lend them,an moch an In in the power of each of roe, co operation end asaiatance. when It wan proponed to me to leave offloe, I did not beaitnte n moment to obey the nmmone. If civil war I anld, la to continue, it will ley wane one of the finest Mateo of Central America. Thia consideration make* ma treable, and l und era tend tt to be more uefal that I give np the command, than inalat ni>on the fulfilment of the Convention of September 12, 1R6?. I rear raoro than tor ay death, my being the eanse or a new war. History wtU decide with impartiality whether my governmental mea anrea bad any other objsci ihan the well being of N oaragoa, and I calmly wait i'or thia judgment on my oondcet. Fellow dtliena, yon are aitneaaea of the bitter days I have gone through during my administration; and I made all these sacrifice* In order to save the Independence of the country and turn from It the atormy ocean of anarchy. Many citrons shared with me In theae sacrifices, for wh eb I return tbem my heart felt thanks. Fellow olUzeae, only a few days are left me; more than two thirds of my life are spent; it te good for ir.c to aeptre to die in the alienee of a domestic bea-th. However, mr heart will always belong to Nicaragua, and even with my iaat breath 1 shall pray to heaven for her bapclneaa Lion , J one 24, 1847. l'ATR.CIO KIVA9. FINAL! OF TI1K BBYOI.UTION OP HIVAS? *HC8PBcrfl OP NBW UNION PAHTY. i TVanalater! from La Croaiea de OMta Rtoa, Ran Jose,July 11] Since the bight of Geterai Bamoa the untenaole govern msnt of Br. Rlvae broke down by ita own want of strength. The exasperation of par ilea, the infraction of conventions, lbs distentions of Individual and general discord were bringing our neighboring ally to a terrible crisis when General* Jerr; and Martwei prudor.t y joined to conatltute a governmental junta. Theae two chiefs are to-day the re presents Ivm af the two parties Their ministers are U centiatefr, RoaalloOortes (formerly legi itnist) for finances 61111 war, D. Grcgorio Juarez {formerly democrat) for foreign relation!, and D. Maoarlo Alvarez (formerly fori limist) for the interior. 1 ^ !n oar opte'on this government la Intomtfeat for the ae tcal dlffecIty of the sitoatlcn. Provislonsl and moat pre carlo..* governments are snooeedtng each other, and are utterly unit for oarrylngont vne idea of rehabilitating a eenntry which has aubered ao many calamities, where so many dlaeolving elements are accumulated, and which ia surrounded by ao many greedy external enemies. Jn Nicaragua, as everywhere.fonton ia murb talked of. J?! iu advance towards It In time, by first removing ail motives of dleoord, by uniting our existence and Interosla, since providence, by giving ua a common origin, placed us on a point of the oartn where oven a>l onr force* untied will be weak In defending ua against Infamous aggressions. There are pending questions which are to be setJed. not as between two foreign nations, bnt aa netwern two embers who trace cut the limits of ths'.r properties for more har mony and a more faithful ffcHLment 3f their duties,' bnt whose estates will i?t in fact be divided cy mine tnd tome .or, their interests and dapgc ra he'.ag oomrrnc, they sins; hntb rf tbem remain ut> set:, wttt arsmin nand, for ineir wluai defence. tv* jo not want te csdersvand nc-w, norwr.uted te under stano 1; another : or,r mat the envoy ? tfco ill fated General rhamorro rino"iie*< moat matr v u-d ??: rcrolo Uon aud Cuured ao tuuuh b'oud tu be ep:.?.u -u Csnlral America Wn are marching U;wards wlhsr union or a destructive ounqutei ol our nationality. Ail icuda to prove that the existence of these disunited patvle ia !m jeaalble. I'nited. oil will c-skkig to all. duut.'.sd, we ahall lose all. interest and justice udviae to os use mump; seuiementof questions which, adjourned perhaps by an exaggerated suaccptlbll ty, cr a suicidai pe nt ef honor, may involve us in a general caiestropbe. The fraternal union of Generals Martinez and Jerez still save vicarages; the enloe of that republic and Coat* PJca will f-uarantee the peace and Independence of Central /merles. ADDRKtS OP gRKKRaLk MARTINS?. AND JBRg? TO THB INHABITANTS OF THk HHTCBL1C. Fx.1 low C rzmre:? For more than thrse years you ihcoght tee wcrls ad dressed to yen bv aitierent governments to have beer proffered by one or those perties who, la ihetr own de s ruction, consummated tne annihilation of the countrv but new we have the Benefaction to announce to you their reconciliation represented in the govern mental junta, wblca to day ha* been created in this city. The ardor w ih which party interest* were d'seesend had arrived at such a belghth that the amalfcamal'on i>r them seemed to be impossible, and the same interest* tavAg tc present u.etnseivee in the straggle during the exerctee of the constttauonai elections for the supreme executive ogoes an exerc'se rendered unavoidable bv tbe observance cf th* treaty of September 12?there was imminent danger for the tranquility Nicaragua is so much In need oi, tn order to commence the reparation of her ruinous situation. Therefore. It wee necessary to calm these passion i be fore venturing on the execution of the treety or September 12, wtiph as far aa It immndiately ordered th* electoral acta, came by fatal Ocumatanoes. to eooaUtraet the vary a lilt in whiob it waa conceived the establishment of the normal state o' society sras to be preceded by a reconcth a'xry Idea capable ef overccmng aa suan as possible this difficulty, sucn caused the crietten of the ,unta, width by immeo at*;y fencing all latereated pretensions, rises anew w.O-cr.l ouicpane or aonvenuona to impair the streng,t of lie and based on fee snout ample endorsement of respectable mcs c.f ettter ride, an 1 even of the provisional (ororcmant prvocd'.og it, const ders Ifot.f conatllsled with ail necessary thgnlty. Ni.Aragcane?None of the revolutione of me Central Amerces Fbates baa been more diaastroca than that nf the last three years In Nicaragua; for In all of them, alradoos act* have been committed agaiex ndi r.duals?in the latter We exisicnre of tee ooentra ft*eif aa an Independent one asd aa a political Bute i f Central Au.erlaa baa hern threat-' eeed but the ereetwa of a governmental Junta pate It ie safety and in a better state of defense fbr preventing lus dangers which in future may arite. Let from this day tbe party denominations be eraced and prohibited, for, either.actuailr or 'nteottona iy. they alwaye carry w'th them the Idea of ioeolt and rr.atnmr y Yc j have la the union of your chiefs an example to be ! ml tnted, an J be aatcrrd el our not permitting that in our desolated country -hoae a-rcea of torrr.w shall be renewed which t la Liinensai y tc tirget for ever. TOMAb HtRnvi/. Ifjvzrr*, JbbsI4, :?). MaXlNO JRRK7. A PPKKSP OP CTK WgW GOVVRNMKNT. The gcvernmest j ist eels blithe 1 a sot the pro,'sct of as ?lemon Uf-eacen oy etrignss, for the satu faction or i party ambition cr the profit of any private iedivldaal N !s rather an event arising from the very heart of ULngs? an estab labment arpavalieled la Its kind wlucb was to prod ce itwwI aoontaceoes y sfter we bad emptied tea ?I'-ler inp of dlacerd, and after we had looke 1 cioeelv at thr ahamcf j| slarrry which was roaerrod for us with aj j itaodtoue atteoiianoo of .iegrodat an ami igcomtny A ar ret mpclte led no un deptomber 11, of laet year, tc take the first slept towards reconciliation; but It waa tt'.U naoeerary for jum to babol.l us unitedly defend ng tba i independence oi oar dear country, before we foal.l Umpire I you * if. t cebfi. enoe In our tutted efforts tor lbs prsser j ration of po.ltioal htsny and our social righ*. Ws nv;'? yen to make us acquainted with what you , cnes'dcr aa necessary for nor d'scbargiag the dntlee im I posed cc our week shoulders 'rr-jecteoTeM?Hp agairr* , U.e system ?f Inrafijig Clibuatentm; mcifiirM to oe adepted for remedving ike srrioca evils wb ch are weigh ing en nor rejmbiiof These are tbe c\?cn wttnwbiUt | wo have to tmrripy ourselves Wo hnvo nothing to toil you aboel (be recoocr.iation of i portlee, tho sorernsMninl jimtu Is raning the banner of I union, and the Moaraguat* surround ng it will som re tr.n tc const.tst'naaJ order?the r *4 tn sol d pnwper w ot cs reader infinite grnrm to Uc Almighty, tea father I Of mat k nd, that N' nragua sUll e>?le and her children, i ?? by the awou of a sorrewfsl ozp irkaoe, will bo I Jce'ote for her rrsverrahoa and aggrard'rawrr MARTTNtZ JLKEZ. V?Unrn UnvtnliM ( ouimltbu. Tt* telle*'.ag Ite comm. Item ai pointed ir* lb* Pr* II! Of to* let* 8*1 ? ' r ? ? n n? .1 01 KooXrUt, Imimni, b i cracasnr of rrwrhrtloo* adoited by lb* OrtTOB'.lOB ? 1 To I ooott to CoofiMt ?? orb oct of lb* re, a*' of Litory besouoo? Roger A. Prjcr, of Virgin'*. Macn*ei *? to u< to a. timer*, of LiogIbibho; J. L jotoo, or GwifA 2 To rrrmr* oo<l pibUib o eoil for Ui? coxt m**<ing of tbr fYnrentlna?.Tamm ! job* rf V rr.rui; T. B Brvrrw, 0* Aiabama: Ron. W. M Chcrehwail, or Taetaaene Rig, W. W Hut r?, or Ronth Carolina: tt C. Yancey. of tteorgla I To memer-alM loogret# a poo (Ho rooool of tooaoeo dct'e* lb P*"* * * BorwrB, *f Virginia. B?o Jobmb fitthr'o or Kenlneky, Goo. Tnsr.h TUffem**, of Ma ry land "tomoi C w ootd*. of natcort, 4 1 ir Sncsbern Rctnoi The fn'.'nw ng uicne in added to tbo vmailUao miaed ot it* tool tea*.on of It* toirwjon?B'ftt Hot Leon*!** I'oih of Mualnna. cnmr nr.or of tbo onrrrr'tter: Hob icbn Frrbta*, Jr., of loon'*. 00. Wliii?m Moil. Ll>. D , end R. B Ukrro;l. of jk rill < aroHBl; C K Martha I, of NWMaMprl 1 Ob ibo nomperalir* ei.<ca?e of aeiliop r lUnn ;a the toveroi ooottfro cllleo?? r MHoM. of South <Mrv, ? Oxcart, of M'.oo:*?1ppt ? J T.. .Tnom, of ilonrgta; T.J. Tub*, of Alabama. 'F?i Brorrow. of Loulaloaa 6 To rugger: an.labia b. rtnaaa for ibo an*. nocToat'oa: ttat <1 Ktif.rarrt, of A.abansa, J. M Clay,of Arbannaa, Governor Moreiey, of Florida; B H 0?erby, of Florida, J A Aocloa. cf Loeiainaa; J. Clnpp. *r MlmimlppU Rumnlai Baardor*. of Norib fnrohaa. <.en Gideon Tli.ow. of Ten ?near* Ed mend F.r.ff.a. of Virginia. (the Fraaidmt of lb* t no*?n iua i mode by tto renoi.itinn cb* rmao of Vbla oomtc iter ) 7. (.% ibo ?rtt*re of the grape tt 'bo Bo\ tb? Herman Hobrm and Her. J Reprraeit ?t, of Tennamer; 4 0 Frrunrr. of South Onroilaa Dr Ciocd, of Alabama, '.bo# AfT ?rh. of Mtooleelppl. y To rmltcrt tee.* brar'.ac open lb* re opening of tbe African *la** trade, to he rriweotnd at the o?r? *#**' o of the ncrtenl'cn?l, W !?jiran, nf Rnnlh :lBro?1|?e, Tbo* O'.ajm*o, of Norlb Carolina K Toomb*. of Oiorvia; Wm 1 Yannet, or Alabama, Mn g.1 ;man, nf Mta*un<bp1, ?Foe Jam** i' Brown, ?f FiOf!**; ,'obn Frrelm, of !mi! raaa Dr Hamaey. or Taareanc*; Albert ".cat. ot Arfeae ?ar; !)r Btewir, of Montr lmert onr.nty, Kd,B<tf*rA. Fryor, of Virftata. Prttitire t Intnlllffanrc* BRW FABTf I* HianuUBI. Tbe Ft lx?c;? .itoUiymcrr (Know Vou>!a() ram ? Rbr.mj after the ninaa nf ta? sat* rent am in Mwaanrl tbr tiorrrnc*. and bafcra tbe raaiilt wa* bn. wn, wa beard tbat a met * tare t wa* peine oa '.a aaeara! rf tba traMara tne annthwe?tern eonavrn, inor.a* m a petfent niton tmrrfortb Iwtwaan the meabntr of tbe *M nbia party and of iba Btctoa denocrala and tba Amarkma party It wa* *? ted spat ibe Amwin* party of tb?ee eon MM bad determined to abas don tbe'.r 'wtaalaaUoa and oaita with tbo nid whip and Iba Bmtna dtrrictatlr nartiaa, tba meta f?ra of wbiob bad *o aoMy ?c?ataeil the America t naa ?I'date* la tbo iata Prati laatia) elactkw. and la u>* )ma f.nberaaioriAi akritea aad thai tb?ae thrrw part'a* wmilit make a reanartaiite a,an party, a?raaiBf open a ptal form thai wonid rraee ameptable to all. wa naew ana* nf tbo amda* by wbtfb thta rbanro of parttm waa to be brought abov.t; bnt we know inat tt won Id form a ooaab nation ibat wnnM proea rerfbetly ir mi k;? '.a ihla Flat* 1%e new party?"anloa demo 'rat* ' we bare heard i> pya*t*d a* tba title ti be aa turned?wonld hare a reliable mt rrty of 10,000 tn 40,000 n tbe Waie. aad wonld tery mop iweep the "nnlllfying deicorrati'' "rom every dcpar.mant ot yablic otrrieo. Lieutenant ?armacluhe R???u. nomoua i-lam to sbsmadd tub tiimit com pant?hi suoonDB in qmttinu a von an to nBJTBI BDPLT?DmBBBTOO TAITICTLAB& Occur or Gnnui Smiuih. Before Judge Rosea)!. okjlsu iaaobsy. am II ?At the opening of the eourt this morning ,< iecrge Wilson, a respectable iooktag ycenji man, was placed at the her charged wiih ataaUng a gold wateb and ebain, with $31, the property of Richard D. Lovett. The complainant depeMil thai on tearing a dicing saloon, comer of Nassau and Falton streets, on the night of the 1st of August, be was aocoeAd by two joung men, one of whom took a watch from his pockst and ran down the street. He im mediately pursued them, and on arriving at John street tha wiuiess stumbled over the oocr.ied, wnen they both Tell against a lamp post Mtlioer Eitck arriving at that mo ment, he was promptly arrested. Qflioer Btrney subte (inenuy found the watch in the gutter. me prisoner '? counsel produced two w ineries who gave Wilson a good character, and said he could prove (liat the watch was not worth $10. Ia answer to an Inquiry from the Jcdge. lir Wilson said that he bought the wateb a! an auction, and ;* d $10 for it The jury convicted him of pett larceny. He will be sentence 1 en Saturday. UltnRAUT MaAMAX r t.S KM* SB? iSTkMSCI.YO I'aIT.C 1 1-AHK As soon ss the shove case was disposed of * tall, well dressed,elderly and military looking Individual, named James MoAlpioe alia* f.ieut Marmadnko Reeves, whom antecedents are well known to the authorities, ana whose career Is full of Interest- as will be seen by the subjoined statement?was placed on trial, charged w th perjury ac ccid'.Dg to the statute, which says ? Ivery prrwin who vhall wilfnl'y or procure a wit nrss, by any mean* whatsoever, to ooir. wit ivny wilful or oor rupt petiary, in soy cawH uunorrulng wk.cb suuB w.iarsH vhall be legally ?worn and examined, seal Be adji-iyed gutl.y of subordination, or perjury. Tee District Attorney, lo < the rase, detailed the circumstances under which the accrued committed the crime, remarking thai a casual g'.aocc at the physical and mental organization of the defendant, who was evidently a cool, adroit and keen judge of human nature, would serve to show that be was cepacia of making an -nsopbiiUcaiel woman his dupe. He induced he- t? go before a Justice and swear to a certa n s ate of facts wh!-h were untrue In every single perttcaier. A iiatemeni of "IJeat. Marma duke Keevea' " latest plan to defraud the oomaunitt is highly cred'tebir to fc .? icgrnotty and may net prove unin teresting to our reader* a few months ago he was s pas senger en board .he steamship Jtar of the West, bound tj a port Ibis life California, and on his return made the ac qi.olntarcr of a woman named Alien Balano, whose kid he secured to assist t in in obtaining $3,000 from the Aooee sory Transit Company by inventing a story which be redurcG to witting and made her onmmit to memory, which the recited in the Court cf ( Iieae, where He Alpine brought a suit against the Transit uompnny lor $3,197, alleging that bli trunk was loat over boarc and It contained $2,000 n gc- d together wttn valua ble watches and wearing apparel. The, manufactured fet tle ony was composed In an ingenious mariner. Eilea Borland went by we name of Mrs. Andrew Hoc-re on the I roreedlnge before ior oe Dniy, there caving actually been lAtirrgers on board tho Star of the W>*t camvd tfr. and Mrs Moore, tics It ass very easy for McAlpineti fasten ihrtr names and family concoctions on tho woman Baland?knowing, doubtless, that they were at t illstsnoo MuAlplae't genius, which, had 11 been turned tu honora ble pursuits m gbt have placed him in a prom.neul paeK'.un. will be seen still further vrnen it is stated tiat n order to ?uostantlate bis c;s:m. and ava l himteif of a provlsimof a recent statute he vlalod an aUorcey in this city and exe cuted en of his si eged claim oo the Transit Company in favor cf a Mr William Reman Br adopting this eenne MoAlpise was coaniwi (a go upon the witness stand and swear his case through with as much case as ne urrd to partase of champagse dinners from other drpus, of which we shall have Issay atAjsubrequect p-eriol Be drilled Mrs. Mcore preitv eCeetuaiiy, for when the appeared before Judge Deiiy she recited her lee ion very correctly. She swore on thai occ Uioc that she was a jaascnger on board the SUroi' the Weil, sew Mr. McAlolLe <n beard, saw him open hi* trunk and baiid.e a 'a ge quantity of gold, saw 11 p.led on deck with ci'.er iruEti, beard Mr. MflAlpia# remark to one of ihe s tar.hes r.f the steamer,Be ca-sfol cf that trunk, for It rente us valuable articles," end finally saw :i fall overboard, and sink 'nio the boUomleat abyrn F'lea Boiacd's ovuaelenoe would not let her rest, sc that she gate the neoeesary icfjrmaiion to procure the a-rest and Indictment cf HcAiplne Aeoordlngly he was piaoed oo trisi yesterday, surro nded oy po lees wan tbree ineui bers cf the legal profession, who displayed the utmost diligence in protecting tse over eats of their oi.ent. ae oc cupying e seat in tne middle of tne irio, and suggetiiag many val ;*Me Ideas v* Uiero n the course or tne pro eeedirgH The first witness tnst was exam.ned was W no E. Roblntsn. snat'nrney at law, who detailed the ci-cr.m stances Mending the visit c-f McAlpme. Kserwt and fien Jto'.and to bis office. Be prosecuted the ami against we TramltCvapany for Mr Keenau: hot on find'og out what kind of a genius McAiplne was. he promptly at>anJ< ned it Miss Uc'.and on one occasion informed Mm rfcetsbe bad re ligious scruples against taking an oath on thobsih, hot wst assured mat an afljrmai.on would answer We pur pose; and so Mrs. Moore affirmed wbea she appeared he tore Judge Daly. The CatrlU Attorney then called iliien Bslaad, who soon arpsared on tee stand Then s physiog nomy and general ooetner were set very prep-wieen Ing; end although the was unexusp iosahiy dressed, anc, by we aid of a modem addition to We ksd es' toilet, was enab rd to spread herself r.nns.dereblv, yet the lacked that uatire refinement and delicacy cf ei preetloa which weoid n"oord wiw Lieutenant Msrmsduke fteere'e Ideas o' what n nstttntod female beauty ar.d per fection. Previous to being tworn, oounasl for the drfr.nce were extremely anxious that We Judge should inatruot her ss to her rights Wet she was not orntpeiied to answer any query wb eh might he propounded that was Id bsve a ter-denc) to degrade c-r crim.nate her. His Brtor remarked Wat cudcr the rirmmstaBoee was onnerrtsary .'or htm to do sc, hut he implied with We request, sad We Dlslr a. Attorney proceeded tc es amine her. The fi?|<;ueetieo eras,"What is yr-xr nsteer" She rema.neo silent anoct five miaclcs and than repl <vt, ? EUsn Bo land "Are yoo a married wotuaa*" wee the ?ecoad qosry, whirb was answerr.i w-.Woat bss*<sttoa in its sBi-u.atlve "Wtst .s yccr husband's cams;'' tn|ulred Mr. Hall. After maintaining a sullen alienee for euo'.her .ntervai. see replied, ?? 1 dee t want to answer Wat quae Uon." Why ?" ocnllaued the prueeeullng clfi:er. " Bo cause i doa't want to,'| rsjo'sed the stubborn and moor ngibia Mrs. Mocre. "is Andrew Moore, of uatforn'A. your hushantf" laqu red Mr Hall. "I wcxld rawer not answer thai qsesoc-a. ? said ntea, after a pacee. ef at lews ks minute* 4br further stated that she knew McAip-ss. Wat she vWttnMI Mr Robinson laompaey w.w him relative to a trunk, but oo being asked if ?be ever vtslted We Oty Eal hnliUcg. wtere the salt aga'nst the Transit Covpany bad beea iwndnrted, the ma Dtainod a dogged ant ohstteate nllenoe The Wnlrlci Attoruey ctaxed her to tpen her sweet ap* and esllghten tae ,ory the Judge urged her to oommunlcats We secrets which wars lodged m her boeom. adding Wat he did not want to it Were ell day. wb.le the wdefatigifcie cotmsei, each and every rte of wem. be sought. Implored and estrratsd "Mrs Moore to divMgs whaisne know about ibs traneaewe hut we r Aicri were frawess, "Mm Mocrs ' persisusg is speechlees _ . _ ^ The ymwMp were thee hrcught to e staed still, and e solemn sllrecr pervsdrd We court room for r?? mi merle, which wee disturbed by We Pletrcl Attorney ebac dosisg We prosecnuon. and calling apes his Hjsorto is struct we jify to acquit we yrtsoser They mtr sdls.eiy reedered a vevdlet of "in? gniky ' Mr. Belt said Wat ! IClles Bolsod wee is hs olts ymlsrdey, and gave a ftdl statemsatof Wr effk'rto him, whieh was iak'D drws si We Uae, and her refnsai to answer when pat upnn the ward could cciy be anaoentcd for on We gr.-rand Wat she had been tax pert d with la We meantime by asms per If as, and bad bsss isd..o?d to surprees the tvidesce wt ch the had prevtonsly gives him, aid upon wtlcn ns oostdsouy relied for a oravietias. Jodgr R jwsJ agreed w W Mr Bsil, Wet such mum have ^'o? cooriMBs mussel prwmr?iy repsbsd the tdsn that Wry soeyht to isfuenne Mrs Moore s eoy way, moenwr or shape to evpprsss farts whlefc might seed Weir rliest Xn State prlsos. The pturict AMornry A'nrmed We Court ttet Wr Liteunanl and he were old acqaainlas we, and pruonsded K say that were were several iedinmsnts peading against nim. whi n ws c>rh weald produce in a fsts mrmeets. aad hs It evrforr mrrod In hare htm rwenn tied es as lad olmaet for lalee pratesnas wh'.oh had been fenad several mostha ago. but whicb. owAg to pecuJar elrCi.m watoee, bad sever neea wied A Mr Wnffia wae^ We (Vimpia r aal, from who w MeAIp'.ee managed to get IfOO It seems Wat Mr t-r nn at Wat t:a?? was an sttoaslre maanfS.lerrr of Brrarms '.a nse of We haa rrn xwua MeAlpia* latroduced himself to him ss Uentasaul Mar mad oka Keevss, asd by Sis tamsaauag aidreas aal ?tat'or Wat he was arct ever by We Eegl'th gorerseteei to mahea puichaaaef VK.0C0 worW of firearms for W? army at moasstnio , ssmacdsd is pi-.fng the wool over Mr. Griffia'a eyes R* oonldeaUr hnued tsat hs had ss curtd a good customer, asd ra?d We i entreem atl tae *t trntina whirh a geserorie aalure woe napwb ? ef eser citisg. He prwpsred eumptuous disesrs, loaded bis ta bks with vhampagee aed ail the de'loaeiee of We season, aad sv ted the 1 lentecoat to "es-, drinh sad be merry' ? e request which 1 suionort Mermatuse promptly compiled wtW After ?r ha hospitalities for trme i me ws I eateeont perxn -sd a check far I4C0 from bis worthy huel, aa l '.rah his lopnrlare from We Same ef the furitase esd weeded h* way to Ws metropolis. Mr. UriBa pnrsasd him. and os asat'Dg a complaint at Ws lastrict Attorney s offoe. oeased we af reet of the distinguished reprseeomllee of b?r Mt.ssty 's realm When the cess was ready fbr lr*l, Mr. IU.I wee unable to seta11Mb Ws charge of mlee pretrnort. nemsiy that be was seat out to thie oocn ry by the britlsh govern ment to rurchaae firs arms for we 'Xaeaa army, and ss rired the pnatpes emeat of tha trial r.attl be eecld doer He teal to e*rope for a witness, wbo arrived without de ;ey, but when the eean waaoalled upngsln Wnoompmlnnst, Mr nrlfRn, was enneot ia Ctufoeu a, ard It wa* stated he wenid sot retura forivme Ume. -ne 1 eeteaant, hsvtag iMwa unable to ivraire the tees every amount ofbaii, (13 000.) wee cou.mltted oa hi* first arrest, end as he ba 1 been '.Ben rev rated fbr several mcnu.v nvai.a| trie , his iwnatel pure res his discharge. Judge Keaeel! in d Mr. Hall tr-at be heew Mr firtfT.a was on his way hack from Gniifbrale. and would arrive ia a ># days, as aaaouaoa meat which gave erideat sahsfaAloa to the Matriet a tier ney fnr a thrngb an claimed the retentir.a Cf Me a plea on 'that ladictme*!, be did ant expect to he able to secure e ounvMUoa U wee his Wtectoa to ia duu Mm for atirmrtisg to defraod the Transn (.vmpsny, jiran wh ch be wiU probably b? tr'ed this term The inert Oxcd tho bai; at ll.trOO, but at the JeaKesBt s ftwsdfbed nrssssr. b'B :s tt? hoar of Ms serpen sis trees he was romaltlrd to pt tne to await trial opt* these tweehargan. ^ _ . . . It sroms ?e? be has been ooevtrtsrt kro fates :e W ? Oenrt si LA we jw< seven fears fur embus offeaaas. Tae ?rasktya utstrist auc' cey wVi tteppeucd to ne pvevent dnriag the i>r0i ssd'.egs reasarksd that McAlpla wae tr ed twtre hy him but oa sech ocoavicn We mry ataecroad.asd e com -iisscw with ue raiea ef Ws Ouiri he cbMtiaed hM llaeharge. aransu The trial af 'aires Regae, edieiad fbr the aerdro ef Ps tar Virto. el ih* Howard Ho se. a fhw ?eeks age. was. t? moMca cf cctnsv , prrspcoed Ml MeAssdsy sen. Platform of the R?w York Democracy. Iho following era the reoofouou Mooted by to# Iiemo ^niic State lonvfnt on at syracuge on Friday iait ? V fZZFSgJS MT&SX.i"?} ?X Vy'J"? u, &o Mti'Llt T?m*vXKS? X SSSr?" sawA-fr: peculiar natnrn. threaten eg Lie peace u mil A- r.n rn? ,.r

tie Union. aoagbt aid ceiled to me leoauva chWr iie^Siraf who.- ftinnuM foeilemneaa ?.<| aararitr werehdrme emonl loUiecmergrncv. nngnrity were none ?**,lv"^i "?*ke deplore and denonnee aa tie ert-.rne of *a'tattoo wh e? tnrb'id the publ n mind, 'in We repudiate Hie dwt-tne that poUU^fa2d Ifot ?e%uaU, Vm^Ue^JnipUo^ tunta gsgs :?i aan Mirt ar in .m organtotoem-nt. to An?e of Ae'orVum Air' !eei. FteUM, can be reluaed adtulmlon !nUi tie Unl m in'th. ground oi nun conformity iu .odarn and n w ai L.,. and that we rongratuV* the ce pl? of tie watch they now hare, unewed bv .sxrnal dicta-ion, and undLsnrbed t.y eeditmne omt nattooe aico-ne of canjlneont the piinclpieaof the organic at. e.iaViBho,; tin TerrHuri. by adopting a on.Ut nion whi h .hlu !e ".m their owa people Aerial- of deciding ieaWnwor tielr domestic Inetltu lone and policy oi Eerulved, That while we depr. -a e ail paruaan al'emo'a ?, prpvone a every aglta ;on and etrixoMtt, We abpr"va?h, i ?nlmsraappaud the rpiri' oi the recent admirediIalat of President bucbanen la .newer to tbe^mZmkMonftoi rareral eerie,il and other realdoaUi of NorAwa Aem? i\k'" thie entire Kansas ..uei"""' whether of hlatorlcai taror gnveiruienai a .on la nlecrd therein upon He irne tula, be . bLr.Uo-a <rf i-V ? meat and the riphts of the people of tir Trrrtory d??-1y > Bped; aid to the essential prmrtpie which ilea at ,he folud'ia of o ,r whole .cnem? or Terr! tor', .raanUatioa. rtghur i" en. ?orce Ae principleaorecently cv Conoreaaaa the Ano fount udaegnlng of the ?? 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Teirlt irv or dt "e or to eicltide it'rnm, hot to leare tic penrls thereof frea to r-g.iiate b?l< dome.tic malltulloae u ihe|/,wa w?v .'1 .?i to the ? oneiltutloo or <he toned suue.-" aiS\*S2" rrntlon derlarea Ita nnqti*liti-d alhrrcooe. aa A." groundwork Of he adJualatent of Ibli dangeroua .larery eoatrorer y 'n the on y form aanmiouetl bv he;: .on' ecnaatt-nt wtin ia acmprnmtaa wi h tie right, of tb. etotea ind wttfl i . recognium r.t an enllin eneo r ,bUc .eui.meiii Kekvlvtd Tint Aeevceia to which our poll leal ooponenU bare carried mjegot ernmeet In A:< Kte-r ra:.a for tie t air.e dlile trtejpo?!tlOD of tie people; that at up. tn >menl we be ho d tie Htwle anno em tarmaaeo tn l flnannw Tnd t? blj.le debt aocnmuiatln*. tie itate taiea ha. e Incr. ate fold within the laal ten Tears: tie ranaia, nam a ao r e of pride ard all.oenee lo lie Kta'e, ;mpaterjiked an ! deprniet t npoe Jtrect taiea for their progree., and tiat ee caZut h . feel that the rumple of impro. tdenoe cy tne 8'*te tu ?pread talj lie bu.u-e.a allalra of tie people, lav tiaa thnr. u! ianudona ipepnlaUoos. lie anticipation of fntttre riuo -.rtwa '""" Ben-ived, Thai a. endeace of lie laeapi . |ty of our political oppotei.t* we print the ear Una atUm,t,7 U> *'ei.- 10 "'m' rr,nce by oocrdTR eoai-tmerta Jw* P6B4IJ?i, it (r?r; Ujbo drn. in* tria,i t-.v v.:rv m IkJ S.^IL,CC? fr"??"Jln* 10 * ?c.mnrtarj taontnuon by the .*i?.,re ?r,d coanaration > propertr , . r.ti at a'no a. r t.mi. 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L r, ^i' y t* >v UJU ildu** '-cd A at we ful.y ? 5c w w j'b lint Alb una 1 m bcidlat that while enca fmte -An -nr rr wha -raeeiiaaa I'plra*re upon tbeaut-jecA if iia inrtadt ion It cannot raai;e Arm to carry a teh prtvt.. gra :nm ot"? H-i ?: meat'" t^tvccTTrrc? or tie aaneurr. of toe general govarn fcr.o red. Tint tn Ae ' we thA day oom raiea p.eflge nrtr aearr norc.iai and .r.tAd a-ppor, atSniLS m a yoaej.t'.beta.ttie atdof all clbren. ?k ^ good goi err meat 10 thv hi we an J 0 maA'nA and wiofrei Ae aecew, l^of rralatlcg and drfrtr.g ,-wnm aatlto of faaauc!ia aad coerapdoa again.: foe Aa dZ^i ?ate party prearaia A. <?!y bmwara'if^Vea. d*m?' Kewdved. That tie drmrrrnu mf New ! era w... I#d the porpoae of nonacliauoa poa Ae dr.aav ef xe pa/ly a^d or the ronrtrj, 'a.rot meet together wtxo :t fee lag a d?n eoa.con.nem of Ihe loaa wiHh o? iare auTteSid ifTS dea l, 0/ win,?m b Marcy. di. wiedc-1 hi sSLi,^ ?^abtd*bAl?n,b*d f**' ?dm^w^ef e Taiea.r. while they fc j . - to ???* "ertloe. 10 km ao-.oirv were Ae admiraum of hie eonatrvmen aad of Ae r-v;Mri<i ?o vrrnmenia Uror.rhout Ae world, aan a. we r.eho'c great ta Ar fa.t.r It heiov,,\ a* One aanda ;n anatata rg tie: arch of tte of .tia J waaatocca Aeowaeteniaad.opport. 04 U ' Hlw Patents lnutd. Tto fo.iow.r* ?a ta? iiat of pa'oosaHmM *n ee itc I'eitod ?ta;oi Tatar.'. fift.r* fn- the ml cac Eg Sot*. It, 1U7, m-i oil boor of shot date ? Sarfprc Adorn*, of Br.non.> a ooai I'.fiero. Cyreo C. Airtrtch, of Frrbat I, If t , Kfrcrtatioal la Mod plarVere. j H, Aidoo, of Uo'ccTtUo, 0 , JBfKroR??l la euro plaetcro. Hcrooc B. AUoc, of Ai?ur. 0 , !?ftreiE?Dl o c:ro planter*. K F f ahrrnft of Rn'/r ? proven: on; J) tuMtflor lima |T??trro ?n ipne G-o-tlaod'. P. P Relit, Of Vow Yirk, mrrcvrl rn.kCL.Lt for cnlllai Cf uroo out or abort moUl. etuaoi C a.?top. of Now York, iuipruvrrt.nBl c .ate laied tolereapb wiret la* loo ad n BMUliC ut l* ooepb iooib Royd.of Michigan Cijr, led., <r;rcrrrrrot IB r?r?rrM? lAiiread car oat-nag. . Jirtwlf Hohokee, 'airrrrtmoni A prt-oeeee fcr mar. fbrter ar verdigrte Soaadrrt '.oaioe, of Vow York. 'mpriremem jgu r? son# H M C*rk,of Now Bntaia.Coaa , it: peered wrea-b. ?'torrpro H nreUao, ef Provwfeato, trr*JTCBlOl! A mo tails perking for nialort or tleem oar so* CLrioiiac Cotter, of Philadelphia,' ttfrxmi meet la# far drriat gra'a. Ac Jamc# K r>Tk, nf Prff^ic, m pre red acdo of igbtea'ag Cm tf narr.aga wkcoia Aadrow I> ::mae, of P'aicloid, Li acrrcvesca! a oora ?haOaoa J W, Kill# and Jawoa '"baritoa, rf F ttabcrf. f obb , laa provetrer.l !B *o<?d ; lastero Roorje C. 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Jamoo Waab of PpratBM. katprovoaac a re Fog com hhhi rum oe fraoa, ef Now York, deatga for tpt* i-arrobKc *attb, Hoary Brawn aad Yucsai B. i*au?r, of PHllKUIr-6!*, Wflgoor* 10) ? 'tbOttkftdA ??7?b<w of uiae ni> no. dnaign for iterrt 1 S W. Oilit.a, of A Had/, haalgnor lo W .or e A. a bail cf ?auto place, design Tot tad iron alove. Tha Oadlna In Braadatofflu jfrom t?? Cm ago i'reea, dept. V | Tte cci.ifomng jdtlnotee upon ih# trade 01 like pat. ?ni baa beeu Uke um.r banco in Bkonatar/ affair*. Ilia die turbanoe, thougti originating on ibe aeaboard, and male y confined ihorr. baa oonaa.onad a temporary iBBlMPi of the eeiabl'jhecl fliunc;*! reiatlona b?twe?n the E tat and tbe Weat. atl baa Lhti* opeiated aa a aerlcoa emoarraaament tipon tte (Dire bceleeaa of in# WteL Tnia buaneaa, In out men wllh thai of dke while country, has been wa!dcg Ibe ncvemtct of is? ne'v orop*. Tbnugh the preeio-..* ei rootativo cl'a large decline 'a prion* lia* bceo rapidly ful flliei, jet .a the fa e of icch a decline Ibe new yie.d tat been free y orougM forward, and a dlrraaiuon thus evinced on ine par: cf :he producing cum* to provide meate for meeting ail pact coi'cauoia, even a: a coealde rabie aaoiiCce thsr o >nka, ta tbe meantime, were fortify irg iheibraivoa againat any chance bomi alien from the Part, and <1 d tnc work an effectually aa to prove oaoce* ?ih e to fr ca a a* well a< foee Tbe ccnieqncni acerci y ol mury !e t he no**' rloar rarly in tbe wee* to two t Ibrre buyer*. and 'c t :c- afcaeice of compe itlcn pr! ae of nearly all iireaJituPa louche 1 a lower figure. Tbr deeliai: in tbta market waa in tbia way more arddrn and larger In extent than lb at in New York, tbcogb a aomewbat umiiar preaaure in money uattere ned weighed down pen price* ibere and be rtrci'ne, wblcn baa rnce gene on mere rapidly utcrc, naa In pari been me aigert of onr owe Tba low pr.nea wbion hart born reached wrre toward ibe clone of ite woe*, bringing forward more bcycr*, pari!* from lb la citv and tu a uctitidt rattle e.vleul from tbe l!a?t. and under an active inquire price* were again gra dca itrergibrn.og, when ? new batch of *al tiro* in tbe g*am trade at Uawego and New Yo>k were Drongct for ward by le t graph jeauruay and ail activity waa'ro.- the time intpendeJ. ite ditbcu.ty a: use o.tae naa cot been a lack or Ream to trove fcrv ard tne large inrmiment ol the new ba'veil wb'cb bai come .n Pit a tericua pe plenty to tlud a stable if- t Of ground :U any ewrteru c.'.T upon 'which lo land It w itbcui flat per of an eruption While no one queeuota that a very rtrgc proportion of all the grain bouae* In tta "Wee ct the end cf ncr great lake rcotee are leipr.ttsioie, tbi failure* which rave ocecod render it uncertain which are accnl and wblcn a/eanaky Under ibaie c;r cumaunre*. to condga gram to any eaitern Dcoae, appear* like caat'cg bread upon Ibe water* without anv very relia ble prom at- that it abali be found e*ea afUir many day*. Theae c*n?ea have laid a heavy reatraint uponc terai ina in breadtloMa, and have to inoe extent, and for th'a row ?uc, i perated aa a trrr. :i;rary hindrance to the general trade of the city. ?ne nock ?f mercbandlae. however, i bai cow Deoome nearly complete, and la ample for preaent warn* fhti aiof* of new good a i* being met t-y a fill icpply of new grain, and in tbl* ciDji notion are aecn tbe elem-ntt or ? beaitby ao'ivlly lu tbe future Wbt'e the favorable tr.annor in which the foreign bar v?at r.aa bern brought ic a oioae, and tbe iarpnom* of ?bo probable y.eld would very towib y bate eventually occa atoneo a.i or oven a greater deciiee man bav oocarrad in Uii* market, it.a ncritne baa been prnnipitaied hyibefinae ciai preaaure. in cjtnrct'oc with a large auppiy Ocr ad vice* from the Interior lead ua to expect t apeedr and male rial a wcaing cp cf ine*e rectipta of grant ant.i munvy mat ter* get ictn r. mere definite ana a better abape. Kioik?Under quite a full aupplr and the aleadv de cline in the ?-iierii market, boiJera have made a cueoea ron of atKni ib -en a within the week, wiuioci, boweve?, morting tbe view* of huyrry, and the trade hat heea e* eaiiveiy doll. City nuiiera eontiare to abW on tbe'r own cccornt to tome oiien;. The bcalnee* hu been ainsoat anttrniy for the er.pp-.y of the incai rtemanrt IBIBRTIRBIBENTS RENEWED EVERT DAT. rUltltORAh, Ant fifty on kbowino thb wi-iKiABOCTft or *r t. v ..ruKinB who naert lo have a whip wnwndierj rD hroaaway. w... nuufb oblige tbe wubah-iOera bv wiring die .n.nrniM oc. wa a leitvr-fauicv impi-i-tarer biui baan re n-lTi d fur b m DfTTI.H A CO., ? Mortb William hum IFOR Artil'TITH RAWI.fN'iK IS IV TitVW HI IVl'I. I rirfrr n r*vcr ry cfclJ'r.g ai Ho US rear. ? rert o ear y a* convenivht. 7 F THI TWO QENTLBVCN WHO SAW A C.ROUIR -i 1 Mag?iirnn rrr a wnrrr.n w :a a rbilrt in re are* on tr ? forttn cl fti- Ui ?'r?an.* Mroadway on B-pt 1. be irrg H aad 9 o ?lo"k aid comaa. aicate lb-r adder** to Wl.llam KfeliV. l<-j Rut Tffolj iiwoud ?trt'.Hi, ihnj w!U tujt>lrr 11 rri?a: fATnr. R I r J. C B. WILL CALL AT THK tTFNIRAb FOBT Of rrr, hA ? II rin? % Tnirr utrfrw i *oh4m. LTMANLBWIF JB. LEFTWKRTF BUJO* THB If PR An^Tiri, abc Hijl'TTi on Uu* nnsi Afierno^n ?;n'' * wA*r& tme we l.av* ao Irace . f kiiu Bla u*e waa aerec-eer. .uy?t r?n?p.ei:-.n ard hair: maybe partial!/ rtrrwrgrd. Had rn a li*ki coat and colored a'raw kat, and bad a '? ?r? a1c and dark oji -red iLawl Whoever will give any iafhraaiiea ercctralng k m wbaii be liberai'y rewaidru Inf rmar.nn may A'RI. 143 it roar war. or to i.YMAW I.IW1H, We ttieU, ttaww AIS. COT, FROM CAW AO I, IF IN TKF. CITT, WH.u jU comfer a fav r by swung at ill Pear! w-.reet JutlN I'KKWTTUB RA? I'll* WATT1 Orubao Mouae. OeurgeOoun. awed IS jearm. about four tee! in height and near liphted from a no tbe ay* Bad on when L* leP. an alcana . ackrn, rherw rania and ngtn ?*'- Any Irirraaaticn ef r..aa will be tbankfn!!/ rear ved oj tta l-rotber. ? w-ob t nnn No. 4 Rvtgeve wtreel. Tub uaot who Ai?orT*D mt child ah bi&owm , J* awruaatJT reuoeaied by tbe mithrr to hrtntr taa aama lo i JC Kim atrert, aa abe M anxluu* ic see it otce more. HARL'tTTe I,tun, rpfllC HKLATJVIA of NR. VaRILT BLKWRlKOFr, IN A Mije.a t*'Bg aeijoo* to receiv* .ofivnuwlcw a'.vul kiaa. Hr Bletruj.koirla berebr re-iueawd to :afjra tbe f'ottau^ve ('terra, of B uaata of km t rvweci reaJdowaa. BTOBDKB or TKB W M OK-Vr NICHOLAS T.OTK* of F. A A. 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Be, I.emijer 14. at 3 o'clock )' M are -leeiy, wtthont regard '? w. aih.r K/.mh Io.i.mi Play or i *v. Ibree oral* to wagiua 8. Mrl.argh. n uawee bl. g. Laa ;et Btram W.exj- Jt tiutaa fc. at. Ri ae of Waabirrw -Qkl. DOWBUB, Propr-r-nr. TJNIOB IHCMA Ik t. fRIlTTi ?n. -?i? TPtCMuav \J bept U. at i)i 0>c*<o* a match % HJF. Aree u.>la* V4 5 wa*? na. Oak Hplear uao b. g Lanerw ,'awea II M-Baaa aamea a g Prtaea The aar* will *av* tte Bor.t* ferry, Brooklyn at i < o ctoet aa* rvtum aa aula ta ika ? poet ? - em Fan to go had return lu e*?m. ? . wu nil I ? i KilH Ifgiimm* K* B. - Tt a rane to acwie r.ff nn or aklrm PORT (IFFICR TMTICK*. FH NOTICB?BAPTBRN BUL-OV AND | after Mo#d..y tke t4ib of Rrptembe-.-be Kaafni ma., ty ataaaabaat. *U1 c.oaea: !k o clock p. N TBA AO V. FOWI.IR, Pnaima icg THK NT III. JIF.T. A1 T A ?PR< IAl. MBBTIHit OK klNHoDLn M| rtj ?L No 7 ?? d 11 r? :a. -irnaig. artt , i-4 t waa >? ao vn* tka' 'be ikaaka af Um eumpaay ta aad tkay ar* t^raby laedeevd so Mr. Euaon D. llama ad for rwfrnabaawM '? r a abed d- riar ike Ire at tbe w-rwer of Rinetewatk um an* Third i# 4?pL t#' aed hat tge aame be pnb abe.: r tte Lvaler act Ueraid. WN M MAWTllOKN KremaJL K W. B?aa- g, Feerwtarv. MCWUPAPERfr T8?"K-I PArtK, 1 yoke MHckad and Tn. ajftw edton and pmpHr?en. Tre f.rc nnaver In be noted c Acr.aerieuin. Bxparaat'm Adtfreaa MeelKVfrawi.i * twn* ttaoin i*' Tean el H?:eg a..raer f .too W^P ? tla eet/' Jio Vailon atrvee. New Tork. aUtai rwoaivo aubmripLiiM aa* a*ver TIIK LKt Tl'RK bF.twiN. ?OTIPB-LB TURt i?M ''THB THIOB^IN N*ar tic, w tblke Wvreeal ir-aitf!," atl'a aey R? at ,| erh lwitv'b^.t atree- ihamuay eearlna a.aiai, a?e ir be'e#e w Jt gj '??., ? v yi , . __ . Uet .ear a b i?wv af lb* Throat an 4 Luaxa. AMftff'R PI.AOB WTBL. -a BIOADWAT TUT* n ? K., I ; .t:rc ci Bn-adway. W???r ?r r A t ta< ?irk Ji ivm. '?oak of ike feal )<???*( e >k* >f T\m '*? wek.iu; *0 teCufe ?0"?e Tnt hi e:n.?r. ?*? f? ? led by "i?k ? > earl* kppMkftaA WH J P:iH k *?>!*, I'rtiprUNnri Coopbb hut'nb BaoPMBD aru *?wi,t rut ?KM -MM by lb* day nr ?**?. i?kUy fn/klrtM I f'? fr<a ?1 to 17. mrnmmemi * ? firm uiMi raliorui A# ply at fa ?r Bn?[. ?%? BwMww. UOBA??II?IAU UB B* PUITR ro* itlkTUMf kid ffcafi?. WMK wnb <*? A baa tieHovel knfcea AbMiM B mam frUiktfulfy aUraled. tad aam Mr?e ail the advantage* of k Pritelea watering plum. w*l nweouab.i pr-cee end t MM tw r?leal wealrr to R*w Tort Perry fM leave rtlraeUi Tram A Oka tie (tardea every '.nam ?kin tea >"?.?? ike Bm ntt ART*. 0?fnoRAPB? A It Ik AMHBi.TTPBV pxirtrAiftI b?e, ty if etyle. taken rtaty m free- I .?>??**? at mW IJS'M gai'rrr. *ik 107 Broadway, naJy oai ' A?t C ?aji OUITIDB*. AR ? 1 T?? tKlMO WOBTH OP KF.W AKI> OAAT OPT >1 eloitilcR ??I 'e<l, Tor be 'ty end Wr.i^va market Gkntleinrn having uit lo itier ?? of will r*e*r?e the ngbeel prv? by re.: r.g lie or Mdrreitrg J. K. Mnrrey, U i vatre rrvet. WATCH a A. ?W*IJIf, D tabori t ?rr it T**nt IP nr*ra?rrrLLT m fetaed Iha: ?? kre annuaally ?*>. fern r. ring kid k?.? u? batd k ?rf? <l*> ?! ilaamd jewelry oft*. lateet rvt*. A latge keeortmrit ?1 immtmOt <m mm*. RmtBg tone for ?be tea ode t f'^cr otefc W R A CO , |T ? Iter -roe air**4. rl R Lt ID PH AA/T|< tL ?ATl'Ht IKH R| PC* BL . rtrvet r?t ?**??* Aid freach C" *?? f?f ,a? lr%>1 end for r??-oe?'re, warvanwd for or.* year Rcw watch* Marti? ?r? ?lk?ed "tdtp. WSM aod ni - afoot bt I r oieh aid litre li rtiBkngi. COAX. CyriAi.-rwt uttALirr or Bin a?h, rtotb ari ? ; em ?ed WW eeb rang* and fnmane, eereened u? d* V*red I H t pa WHL nroa yardi eorea of Kla? ki-' enwiwk* (kraa. Ill ikwM* tirwk and M <-aaal Mr**, gar RkBa.j MM AjRA liTDt CURTOB #4i rt\ "? k i k ' i lakhen continued-thenr ?)U. "hr?c lu'l u'B'.liu wlUag. kouAhneplag and atiteeie t-laraes at PAINE rt. ?2 Howery and 2?l f ullon Hrooklyn. are continued with As Boat triumphant aue -?*? I.udlen and gentimaen wishing Ui alttad ahuuid apply immediately. ? 1|| -BOOKKRKPIWO, WRTTIBO, ARITHMETIC, 91V'. Ac - Mr imm.heak .xv itroedwar, iaep# the iar|r.'. commercial auadrmy la No* Turk, no I prepares stu dents irncucaiiy Lie bualn<M A new term will c juuhcdM mi Monday, 4opt. 14 (ID* (10 ?<ivl fur bookkeeping nw> ACADEMY OF MOUNT HT. TINCENT, FOB TOUNA i%fiu? ? TM* in*ti*u'Um In titnatwi on 100th ?'.rent, b# tweeu Firh acd Huth attunes near Harlem The at .dies will ttimm.-Ti.w fm An lirvi Mnn.lar ui Ftovlember. terms ?Board, tuition and washing, ner ? ?h.lartto -oa/. Slflt), payable aeml annnady In advanre l(i?v drawing and palat ini. aiao French, Hpaniah and 'i^rnuu iaiignagaa. furs r.atra efcarges ATOUNH I.A lit, HMO Han HaDFOMB YKkiirt RXNR fL-uue :is leu-her In !!? t kaBr?li>.i ;i? ? boolauf N?W Kr' iand, wwhr. a situation ..a eaoh'r nt Any Hh crmrv ^a a anion! cr family. la ant wi Hag to go far Huiiirl at. FRe b?"tOI reference* gli'-n. Afdr-.l M il ( tad- ,r: >',N.? Trrh Po?t office. TYKAWtKO A Nil PAINTING ? MTHMORAM INFORMR J ' h-r Mend* and the pub.tO Ihut llie * it lira lun1 ruction tnpupila m drawing and pa'n'tng at IWi W?v?> >?/ place. Pui'Ha. II Ihey wi?h. will be taught In .Iraw Iron ..-.jr -'a an.l n .tore loa rnil ol'copying nlelurea already made Taa bmi u. i! art called t.rerUn pain' nil, will al?o b? '..night 'r**3 ini?w rflAJUFUH IJIBTITUTB? ktaOAJfJ BUVIU'I 'Utoh p Err Hah and Rpaalab hoarding and day whorl! Inr aim, ill iMliaon ayeum, between 1 any brat and ' ?wr. .1 aMMla. will ba re or ana.! oa Tuesday. Way! 1# 1/iKFNCII INHTITOTB FOB T'H'KU GKNTI.i MKN.? r Hunrrliig find .In* arhool, olitaMical and commercial, No. hi Knit Twenty louriii street, near Mmlixou park will re open on Tuerda'y. Kept. 16. Prnferaor KI.71 f!H A Rf.IER, [itRENOH I.ANQUAX*. PR0FW80E P. UDIOU. F TM Broadway, oonllunea to glre thorough Instruetloa M the French language, imparling to hla pup Us the ability ta apeak tn? lar.rnage with Buenrj and onrrertaeaa. APPdMt loua received between the hour* of 7 and I or ? and ITU. nOVIRMfl'H ANP lNRTKU'TlON.?AN INULIHH 'J lady ly arrived in the uoimtry. requires a nliuailoa an g iv. ru. aa In a private family; hmldea Ae n?ual am lira la Inil'ah, ?ne onrerlakta toieath Krenrh. acqolt' d In K anoe. auaaoHln. vortl and lnatruionntal Tie Ron'h not oajertad to. Addreea A II . '0* Dleetker itreet. prw V jrk. Mount wapninotoh coi.1u)ioiatk inhtituti. on Wiahlngton aqoAre No. 218 Fooiih atreet. corner of Mae donga) airert. opens on Monday. Kepi ember U mat. F.tteaniA aoadrmin year OK.i. W CUaBE, I JAMKN FaNNIBU, t Thia In a private high ?. ?.? Kirntahing the pupil wllb a aoilu aa<1 f nlnbed eduajt'lua for bimlnean or uullegr N :m? nnn otmntiog hogMkbbf this city, an well an many noUmea, nan untify to the taoronyhniaa with which poplin or liH InaU tr.'ina bare, drring the pas', tonrtern yaara completed their * r..-.i ir- ? course. Inr loeailon m r.nanrpaaaod The prtnet pit a, r.-fco Inrnte themnrlnw to anperr'.al .a and tewmctiOM. eretted and arranged the building ? ipre?alf fur Lhelr laallla il.'C Tbrj -in !..) lea accumpliabetl pruferaura an tcaehera. 1'artlC'i arn will be found In tkeoaUlugue. obtained at the tn a'l'uie ac'iuatnlaaoee of ita foiluwln* priwent are referred lo them fer reliable la'nriaallnn: PRkhK < TS - fct-.v Q. Poita DO. horaen H. Day, Iantel Minor, Finn n R liariea, M iielann WHHa n F Miller, Hoe Wm F. Uave kdward l?e "rod, Ueu.-ge O. Muraaa. mticr, .lame* Dewey, Coitrlea Morgan. Jo* W- ratrr M D. Nelson Duckworth. Oe-urge 8 Morfer, J C. Furrnater.M.D. Atnue Dwlabs Frwdrrlnk Moilreaoy, aluns-i h Ha I. M D. Jitatna ? Sarin Wm N Melntrre, H l.awretce, M D J .men II B more, Wm R McKunna. Win I'ower, W D Jonathan U FowM, J?n*a U. Hoe, A win H.wan.M l). Ell French. Hharlee Nortoo, a > (Iuna ? I) iterj F I rennh, Dand U. 1'alge, Dr Maurice Levett, LuiCer N Fuller. William I'alen, Folher J Heck. M U Qui per. Oiurtlandt Pamer, William M Allen. John R uinnehtn, Kamitsl Perry. LastelA tta dn tn, Mrs lieo. tinwas. ASrl H. Pntsra, Chat. 1. Kecdrioa, JoAa Gray. Rlrohrr. Phtlhm, Joel B Fuat. A arm Green, Win. F. Pinchbeck, Mr JohnB. Abeel, r^rta'cphtrQwyer. Jamee Price, lleory A. Allen, Jau.ea M H?dileD, Rl<'h*nl Raven. J .ill* n I. Allien, W J. hl.mard A Reu'lng. It. V. A1 ten, Ikinta a. Ilargona, I.nuier K. dileid. Thorn** <i Arndd, 1! a Hart, Jualah Rleharda. Jamn b KabhlU. (Jm rge H. Hartaon, II a. Rirhardane, Jralaa W. linker, C H Hawknr.nrat, Peter R. Ruaen, l?. P. Markydt, He Wtu t!, I lav a, l'nuip J. Koob. David nelden. William H Hay*. Mufiw danger, frames R. fir 11, Gilbert K Mays, Daniel M. Hchank, I r.arlrn H. Itenaen, lltebaid llnatbrr, llenry J tuauian. -nin .iel J Berry, Unary C. Hebberd, Robert Rear*, licrry Renholf; N |> Herder, Mrs AnhaHagois, wipiam mark. John ?. Hiilyer, John u Hluat, Char e* H.'lrtai, Frank Holloa A. M. C. Pmlth, W.iliam Rlondr', Jamrs Honrhtalln, .7 hn fragg, R. W. 8. H nsail. Names] (inward, lamet I,. Me wart, Amaaa itralnerd. Edward t . J en King chares A. rurUng. Gen. W. Nrainerd. William Inhnoco. N. R Numirm, P.e: i) Brush Drets Jmlea, R J. Null ran, Joseph K Ru hley, TreadaaM teteham Kred. U Taioutt, RicbArd H'irlew. w ?n KMd, (1 R Terrett I>artd R Knrna, Thomas Kunhall, J iha M. FJIVrd. kc.asctdim Hnrr, Jeremiah i amnsrt, Abncr Tovter, tieurge Knssell, K D Iwthrop, A tl. Totien, Beurv Bntier. John Urv, Thus. J. Tnwnsewd, ira (.amphell, Jnha W. 1-rwl*, A moa Trowkndg*. C'orrj CaveU. wm H. Livingston, W. F Van Wagner, A aim M Chase, William LooacUgk, A Walltarfurd. Ma -bias -'lark Thrrno 1-rwre, llsn T. Warner, levmard M T.( lark, llaarlra tsvwtaer, Edward Wayt, tl P. Cochran. IJI'.fton Markne, J /.. Woelervell, Tbo* .1. coieman, Andrew M-bsiley, Plyo White. "obsn tirrahon, Louia R Menger, M 1*. Whitiuafe, I'apt. K tVuIUard, Dsnlel Mrratnuro, lieu. WUltama. Peter Crary, Jacob MUlsr, Uawvao Wilson, ? he M : ariea. r. Withlagton. All of wkcse sons barn basn pnpils from now term tn alt years Aa eu?ciual me And f ir the ihnroitga asonlsiuna of thr kr.gltsb tongas and the srad.nanon eapemally or all error* lasprillig been here enc-aasfully ap lied Pap da are rrceivrd at thr rcotmersemsnt aa well as at advanced peytuda of ikeir course Ktndeat* from abroad may Sad au table boardlak t'laoev !u the vtciaitr of the Lastiiute. which careata .are uvl.ed to visit at that/ iDaureiiua an 1 ounvaaleana. Murray tiili. emminamt fum tounu taiatim B ?Mt Thirty ?r?i rweet ? Mrs liowlood til MixWNi hoarding and Oar Khooi. for a Halted number of pcuHa, r? aaaum ua Tuaada*. Nept 1A Mrs Howlaad wfli ha a) ?am* lo raearra p area la aad guardian* oa McmAayn aoW W la 11 lira, at U aTbL. saaaal darfog the rmmrnnw ink rank Macaui.atk fmrnuh and rnwlibh kaui M lag and day aAool will ro-uvea oa Tnaaday. Baeu IB. r WfcatTwraty Oral atiaac Ml KM KKOGHYt HOARDING AND DAY m'lKMll. |F<>? yonnr ladua rroprned at (Si Kasl Twenty molA ?treel, on Tueadair, kept 16. RfBNkRR LMBPTWABNl A Dl I.aitttai...B*M FRVMOfl rn day and hoarding erhon. Maadongai street op re or of ?|"?l iwn* U*A#?1^1 nrxnnidbrtsfBi ?! atliML fotguah braaehea taught by two Mag;I?*uvea No artra tRargM for mod arn iaagnaga?. Wyautaeium ^yg a*. MIUI ALFORIPE MM" 1. BR AND FRUillI MnCXlk will re-on to oa ana ?? tteptaaabar la No ? Eataalk arrans. between Twelfth aad Thirteenth streets HnhonJ loot utashad tn A* Irnmh Oafr.rm (Mnrab, ahma mrsnArt ana M had. MR FMJLDRMiCU, FEUFWMOR OF DAW0UM, 9 B'>e*ehe. itrr-n. *11! fe hat I T aormajs t ub A* yits opals of aahnrla and families la Krwa aad ooaaNT. WOO BU require daantag Aorti a thrir aotahUakaaaakA 1MB tmakM ?is The neat nf refersaesa ptyea MR LOniB ERK?T H PRIVATE PMMWCII AND 1RI6 I'ah ciaaai al aad eommsreiai boarding and day ttYtiI. tT ani 4V Waal Twenty ilnh strait, between HmailwareaZ HllR a*MBBj n?ar Mmil ua park will re open nsii Monday, krptemhnr 1A Fur partlr.ulare. clrmlara, An , nail or addrwo as abore. MONN. I.Rfipfil.D DR "HAND VAL'll FKBMC7H , bn*rdin< ciaa* ? a> maAomaUcal sod turn m>r *1 l-uiitiilli n. with ail 'be m slern laarnagea, Hudsoa terras#, llohobrn, N t. ? irmlara at No. ( Ur eJ e^aei. Ma ?t r liis iraace Cumpaay. grilWUMOkNTAVOIf "uMrLwruT inbix O motiAs. by a saw mrthud, la rested by aa ?M ynhaar 7the riltrraily A Madrid Terms rvse lasble. Omd refa renes gives address, br wrtnag, M. daO., oMoa Uoortar dao Blats Cam. 7* r*anklta aweat nkBBOiMI. A MM POL1 is OaaaraJ RdtumOoa U (Ml ] _ ?oa uoaatrnaare. - Th* krat aaaaaaa aI to* Aire* but yeai aam m As if A af flaglmahaa. Mr auqiaa m As aooew TBAC1IBR-A GBN1I.BWAN WHO TN AW AO*'OW pie red La'ln. "f-e* an I Freaab rk-iv. woaid, fur a moderai* nan ra-ainm. de-. ?> a a few k .ra of his time to tea king n v-relr.arr ? f '? arairf. or weald fire peiruia >?wti intra' i npp? a A'tr or hla reaves'#. Addreaa 11., tlsra'd Ik a iR/ 1L FMRRIRB. NO. 71 WMNT TWBNTT NEVMifTB TT . atrect. latel? alaaataal aad mattamaJeal la?tnM*or la lbs tc- ? "r rrear- '' nf m -uut fV.lege r***e epeetaJ alter.m.-* to i repartag yowag fe. - wan f..r A# maa -km# or Aat la* it itb* Refaa a o F>nf "riser m. oianow ? m.a ""'"I areona. ?*>nt or of Thirdly as A etreek w.71 urea on TnaMay. iKk laotaat, da$ aad eeeatag.' ?naday, Wedaeaday aad #rtday eresWga. flw repilamaa fop ?MrotMR. I Vaaaday Thnreday tad tai nUy f.aaOnga 'or ladlaa aad raailMA for pkoaonre rtdlag. D( umv Aft rvrwp. to t lj 'NT A LABOR It:.* E NBWF" fNDLAND ' r wSP white )'**?! he ea-l ef Ike lall ekl't. aleo a wkiiee^i .in the i.ip of the a*, k A lib?ral rewart *U1 ba t a'd by le'urtihig ibe t?av to Jdl Waal Tblfy Rret atrewt. POPRB-A POETIMONNAIR, OONTAINIBO A ERALI. arm Ibe owner mm bare n bp on!.tag at hi Tossy arret aimtnn ofliw . #??"? l* **d I s'sisafe. pro wag pro perly aad pay inr *w lik ak rerusemsnv | OUT A CHRCE or If a BOAR BIOWR A DR A?lt L aria. No It ?R oa R*^ of ike ReyabUc. la fhror of Cap i a la kpeed .w bearer, for MM W. datad Bretamkm U. Pa. met,l ha* been Hopped at Ae baat The Rader will dOO flerafora. aadbe Hjmrahy rewarded by koartag It at Ae olreof Nawyew A Wbadbea, 100 Wail atraec StOf.BN - A FTR1MAW N R ADOR, WO ATM, FROM TRW E'W Harwi Haitsoad depot, Tweety aerreeA street Aar rfnnaaivwi of Ae above elll pleas* be left at he ch.ef'a aW.w.II H'fabet t airrei PERN A MP ?. VaN HORN Taken ht mhtake from the nrw bcildinci, m t'aral ttreet. tear Broadway. Ore p ast aa-i tpeMAaa Hon of a bnPdleg, meatiag.A Nrventeemh street NX being of any ore ahalaeer A any other person, whoerar will return Aria to the anhe rltver, (wh ae nam* lam tarwt I at Ae *b' v? p ace, or at his rmtdeaee, win ba rni ably rewa- ded. l?. OH minor, ta First armae. kswARia. t i RiWklP LONT ON THE VfH INNT NITtlt* TU 'in k Fourth aad JvaA Third Wreets a wh la ellkal cerebri' shawl Whnerrr will return Ae mm* m Mr Hurt, r Month Third street. WlllMmat) teg, wul reenfra the shore re ward ? r REWARD -lONT ON NTJNPAT, FFH *)?' kagllth slaea aad An lerever dec aad oa when hm a momoBo enUar aad plated b ickla. arvwert to tse name ai Jtcb Whoerar will ret are him M fr *?*?# tlrreA wlU re c*f *a Ibe above raw ard ?? Bin REWARD - MINT * BLACK ANI1TAW TBNRIRR ?IU dig on Ae lirh Ire' -r,.pi?erf, aad ?r* foreb*el .V* r I he he ad The ahov* r* ward a til be p aid on de.ieery if Ae ?o? a tM Brt* Iwar. ap oatre. The ownere aaaaa ml n ;iabw is oa Ae wjl ar o I "err...I. m*?er? No i;iii 'rerma A ?nd mnincceto <* patina aad UA tacT^Lt he Breret? Hons* Una a mdr?H d .r?LT.^1' ?*'ch w*? nt Ac -hafo, tf Aft re Ae T?J -* k**4 '<w Aa ? ? que.Son# ashed ?* nf Rraren Honsa. MIWKR AfU I.IUI'OHA, " B' u**"t uMn4p,!r;^nntaBomR. THTN tanittte. a. m w^., ~ i "* *** 'Ww ema , M ma ached ZTtHmS? Cf^TJ y. itAuit,