Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 19, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 19, 1857 Page 2
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TO KANSAS CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION Additional Particulars of its Organi zation. BJMXIMI pr t.rn*ral CkJhMn an PmliltBt flM Indicative of the Con Mr valine Oomplrllpu ut t be CouveuUon?Tile Preal dant*a ftiMrnM-K tinman Cutnlle PttcM SlNtod Ubaplain. Sc.. to* FIRST DAY. Lkumitos, Sept 7, 1H67 TV* uoocecdoB atiemved to dajr, but a > bat.aesa **? transacted beyond the formal organ! ttton of lie praoooi left Oct of the aisty delegate*. <>nly forty throe wore pretest Alter a few buncombe speeches, a temjiorary President?Hugt M Moore, of Leavenworth? was eloe'ed, aad a committee appointed to etamlie the certlSeatea of Gteotlon. The cacd Id a tee f?r thy rresldenjy are Ooneral Oalbooo. Judge Klaurv and Mr tiaslin General Qalboua U Pu-veyor Genera if Kansas and Nebraska, and 11 sop po-trd by the mo'o moderate sect Ion of tie Convention. Ju^ge Eimore Is a slaveholder from Alabama^ aad Is Its candidate of the oltra pro slavery men Mr. Easta Is editor of the Ieavcnwonb /frrafd?the complexion of wi cb yon are sufficiently acquainted with Tfie probab'.U tie* are that Oaihonn wtU be elected Tbe de sgates and officer* jre fern, were sworn by a justice of the Pence The following was the oath: ? I do ijtsu! v swear to supoort the constitution of the Pnitsd St.ves and (i.r act le organise the Territory of Kans?a. and tn.ti.uUy dlrcbargs the duUea lmtoaed vpoa me as delegate '-> ots Ooaveattcn. SECOND DAY. A BOKAK GATBOUC WW rHAn.tnt. LBOomtoei, Bent. *i 18S7. h.tiwrgh iba OonartMiooal Oonvenliop no w in aerron Mas bronght lo this miserable lttue town a large number of peop.h-tome cf tb?m or the meet eic! able character ?overruling foe* oa quietly and peaceably. There haa bete *o Tar to dielur bacon. Many of the delegate! are nolle ?rxaig men, but ihsre la a Tory lair apri-kung of are and taient le the Convention, It oontaliB sereral ell to-* among them Henderson of the Ienveouortb Jimrr. el ?? m?ti brilliant young ''border rulUsn " There are two ?mal!lnc* brm, cot capable of acwmmodnilog pro po-rly oac fifth or the nuraier of people that are regla 1.^ ii gueeia Bill luc le oale of evor** apart n>ent Ui three t-uae* a* mtoy bed* aad coU aa ceo be un mtoaiooin a.e U. 1 down, and aa many pereana a* they can i-cw.lbly * .?d "re aqoeerod Into oach of them Bol t'Jli man* He *t?cv. the bar roome and eren under the tree*. *oo it It car jary to corsigo to toe barn aoch *j are not othrrwlro i .vtdod for Tne*c te not a private hab tattoo to tfcu to* - large enough to admit or renting aa Gcvtmor Walker returned thta erentng -rom a via t to the cemp at UwTcnor. but aet out after a few hours for Leavenworth, probably U> make arrangement! for the t-ooi* who are ore end fcnace to Utah 1 <>cr out of the ila cooapaataa in thia rtrrllofy are ordered there. The w'UulravnJ of ihete troop* may eucoumge a renewal or boot...dee, brt I ant no; ?acdned to think there will l-e any mere tioable here Bone oiLcoie ju?t arr.vjl here on iarlough from Lho Plain* epeak In very deprecatory term.* of the military ab'.linea of Oo?mcl Snitner, In oomnanl of the expedition amurm the Cheytnne* lho noldlere ar- mffeneg horribly Tiosn a want oT Had and clothing 1 bare heard or aa atiaok tntde by '.00 mounted Cheyennea on Ooioeet 8tm nar a lore*. oonaiattrg of 2C0 cavalry, "30 infantry ard three or fonr bowiuer*. in which the Jolooei made a great military mtotake The Cbey ranee rode up wtihio alone rietw ahe', when, Instead of ordering the Infantry to fire, br* ordereo the twvairy to charge with thotr aabree toe conjeeoeccw wan that the Chei ?nnea, who from a anper sutlmi* belief thai the gra* of tbe troopi oc H not be fired that da' , had ventured <o oloae, were prriatued to eaoape with the Wea of acme du-iea warrlora, while a few of the dragoon* were killed A cieat deal of tnrcr.ra! concurring and dimming or the pfei q notion i t > be decided by the CmriDiloB hai hero carried on during lad evening and thlv morning lne*e la leea uiiralam oathepartof pro alarery people here than people ontatde o' the territory are die pined to imagine And it la deeervlsg of remark and oo?meet that ttcee who are the moet rorward In their profe?amoa ot devotion to the prltc.^e of .Avery, and Vbo arp> ar to be be moat determined t > make 'hla a elave Siato by fair meant or fool are the men who hare the imai < ?t real inlercei la toe Territory Men who are large owner* of properly here, and who look lo making that proper!' moat prod net've, are generally. whether from a are or free 8,*:e*, diteoied to Tree Htate lnatl utione hem I venture lo aratrt that of thote who are ranked at oro aiavery rar not tweaty per cent are really and can oidly tlrt'ront of eeelrg a a.ave dtate cocatltnllan adopted, aad that of th'ae who are ranked at abollUonirtt there la aa amail a percentage of per?ona that are really entitled to the deilgnattcn. Toe ultra pt> eavrry tuea and ultra anf aiavery men are nothing but politician! whetaae the reel of Ibe pupulttlon of K*n in '.ook oniy to the very laadable osjeet of proaiDtlng tbttr icrtincnal wimith ana the gencai pro'parity of the Territory II thty were of opjiion tea. tbe eetabt'.ehmeot cf tlavrry In tbe Tei rttory were more wlcomled to pro auoe that end, there would be nmloob-elly a large ma to Its 'c favor thereof without any rebveoee topolMca; acd tu- irf.r. But there ha* been eo moth frollih *iciu? ami produced by mero Political demagog*#, on the q.mtlon of ilavery cr aoalnvery, that man find It hard to nil themieire* ont of the f?lae ponlooei I* which taey hare tcto thui planed, lo throw off the difgJiae, and to ?ny that they i t or that they ar? not- a* toe oaee may be really. pra-Wlca'T ?<> oandldly in favor of. or oppoeed to uir wtwbliab meet of pro aiar*ry inatluttooa. Hard aa tt ti however, grent number* am venterrg on thiiedeelar log Uttmwlve* Men art bcglnaing ti e*prn*a thrtr opln lo"aoaiha *nt <ct openly aad fnarleetly. Many pro mavtry men wno dlaUeguianed Ihemeelren daring tbe traobla*. or wbeee aamne nave become neaorton* In oon nocLon with them, are now onlopokan to favor or ha nag the oomUUiWod fa-rly ocbrn tled to the whole poople. and -.dotdad Of ft ?0t?d by U?em I think that lho delegate* who are da*iron* of eraeing the oeeemity of a popnlar vat* on the oowitsucn are la the mmortty, aad that even iuaUr it win be decided by the whole pejple oftheTerrl aery If th" Oooventloo come lo hat etra ghtforw ard deter m'.tattoe J f oooaemplaled ad oomm?3tmay o"llake piece I it* tue pr ?oeed to glv* jon, indue oraer, the day ? .pr-.ce*d.4*a of the XsnvesCan _ no drugate* met at 10 o'clock th'.a r-.ornliig-Dr llUle ta lb* chair a* temporary Prer.deat Araer lb* rea.ilag of id* jonrval, Mr M r>ae, from the ( ommiue* c b Credootiala appitnied laat erentng, reooraed thai tto> commiuee bad etam'.nedlhe erioenoe*uppl;ed to t-u* Cvnventioa to reference t* Ute rl'Bt d memoerehip nod had Inetrocted him to r port a* duly fleeted the name* at lho uerwoo* ooata.oeu In the ll*t fornnhed by lho fee rethry c' the Territory, wth -.we altemai>ne? on* eorrect in, tp | teajing of the nam* of a delegate, aed ibe other i3mring the name o! M J v K?ad*lph as delegite e ertad rrti the ocaty p>' Atehleoa, n place ef J. W. Be aaey, raetgeed . , . fw moton of Mr. M'Ko*? the report wee received and of the delegate* am an Tolto wt ? Jwi turn. TboameJ. Key* Bartd iaykta*. MUvou ? B.yva, Sai-rU lrnvw, !? 'Uttie i. S r iatna. Jam* kumatau. W jam Mm ewe, J H ttradr -rd. B t? 1- rd Hinh * noar-, tr,"'*nt anaMeee HiarjIaiA, .'-jim w 7 >(l?aK < *>?. .''lib itaad Iph, 0 * Mob/r. a mil.;nao W U ?J. W kick own, \l H Dan. H ft- *- P,^"* I v* J Mari a V* T l? . 'rmrge "> ? r*tr?*t ib l* fwmae o?**i! rvrtf. i?'"J '4" D t Urrwawvrd. h f HAu- M J T H-r.' ->r* a r*noiar Bayr a. Wraan B Aeoaa^i, J t Uh ail a a-rum Bnu i-r J B aawr'Ipk, iv.tli Hntatv i ? hartew. dar-rtt fed4. V A tir,. Alii. .'r?*? I oodh ?/?TSgt''. h I lUw, i an Ca Hm ItajtwiK*. ?? I' ti*a, ?*??, J??r? i* up Baa. ?Ui-am WalBef. Wm II .'eaala*. h l?an' rA. V>. ? ?Bl|*| Baa; D*a HAlw i A W kimaa V H l*- y, H T. WUaoa ***.a,'*. * ? rmar.ATw Mr 3m v oftored tbe tat t>*in? rwotuucw? tlin *J That the mem >am ol ahe ixinat'ia.oaa. Oon v* uoa . * raqalred to >ae* aa oBHgaCo* of ddelity to the ncxwaiMltoh c. the 1 ailed ftete* aad to the organic act of lho Territory. known a* the ansa* Nehmata act, and ra th Utif dtaramrge the dutteo impaeed open tbemas del* gate* to the Onhvantton, and that IB- oath be Bdmlaiatered bra l?a"r anthori *d effloer of laatice Mr Sujwc propaed to aaeat oy etrt.'ag on! the word* ? af:a*au>? eo that the to A mtjat be aam nuterwi by -,f?1|. eotb' rlaed officer. H* latimated that tbe '-o vaJaoror Becreaery of the Tarmoty ware lb* pioper per me to ad mini her the oath Mr Bmiw did net aoocelve that that ant.had any ref* r-aor at ah 10 the mmaar The dalegala* to thia umrenlion not ? elvll omcern," a* oentompiatod by the am Tble 'mnatrv Utev had a right to rag< iato la their owe way; mTET2Taa= a. .?bm ma ?alh, If they ahealt thke Bh ohih at ml. It wbb a mere ^ *mr*avb^iiToii s? waat the Oaveraor ?r Jeeretory to tn ohhan ta m Wm niaf aha oath to thaan. _ Tb? snemton waa token en the a me* dm eat, ahd llvaa agreed to Tbe mealutloa ae nmaaded waitbea ndoptod Mr Oiumr * mto that Mr Htehar. a taagtetrate, of rmnglM Mcaiy wm preeeht. and enggetoad that he be oahed ae eamiAimar the oath Mr Bwhop wae aomrd'.oglf tevttod to perform that eeremeay. and did ao to all the member* present, Ave at a tame _ . hr ;w ? i*a r?p >i that he Led base parheniar .a draft U~ hi* -eaoiuBoe nnl sithavgh ae mu aware of tbe of aton of bt* frtawd (Mr Hottag) . he had drawn It ta Una mar Be nreeaeded ? ?to? tn* mason* why tbe oath '? i hi all tit ahead be admiatetored, eat by tae itur*r?>r, Hecretary ar other offloar t* gerernmeat oat by e luttiae of the reaea la the oa** or the I Know Ooestu doaal tieevahtto* the oath m admiaiatorad ?y a Jute< of the I'Mtoe Me did not think that taey hoi * rtghi to give to gb* Boverbor or any body eto* aathortty to admiotmer naih* to than* Mr BO '-vi. eld not prnpoae to rnntar on the i orernir or fuwotarr any power, but he deemel that *at*r lb* K ?o ?u N< bratka act the (iorernor aad Becttory of the far r,.? already a ngh t< admlnieter o*.b* to all eirti agloue fa* Unrtrmr would b* i t e mt appropriate , nffiner id aim.master the oatti, aad he w?< to fseor nf to* run ottoo l emg no aeneoded aa to allow the mth to be "*i[* *Jjf>?? read the h anar*-Nabra*ka act to abow that ibrpo *?w to arimmtrter oaA* by Ue t oramor e- gwre taly^uobly inmwde' to apply to epec.ltoc^ .,cn .. too** H federal nagu and (Mher fe?'er? offieer* 01*- w u* *hv; awr u rri < < * aattew Mr f -mm moved that the Oaavaanoa aoe ga let* an a net or ef tw regular nfflrerb , , ... Mr T4y mui't atoved that a m* *tf rf Ml thr cr** raw atmii bd auBtoiaot tvaiact h, Mr a W ;??? offered a* bat tote, that M>? i- 4 vaw, ahd taat the pereon r?car*ng ama.crtty of r**i A, , d tm V* ^ MigRCAd^dl The ub-itnto wbb wreptod a^ adoptod Mr M Kot WUi U^ff oo? ft t?on| nm ?r%r htd rv?r for lho f ftiii * lor n?uio ie Ma Tar-tory aal en? / Ttrrlto*| Thht B*B 9m. J oka Oalhowa, and as a awk of hoaer to him, ho presaead Mr. Chi town m President of (ho OmwoUm Mr. to proposed Mr. Rush i more as ProMdom Mr. Krt proposed Mr. Yaadsrsltoo. of Doatpbaa countv Mr. V Aaroowuoo would beg c hit fr.eods to withdraw bU (Mr. V '?) name from the oanvatas It was aooordlag ly with 'ra?u Mr Tu''im:oi then nominated- a* be withal to oee a triangular fig at?Mr i atun, ol l.eavon worth Mr. 1..?sr* atted that hit <ame be withdrawn, bat the ?Dover onp(Doled that It should bo retained for one ball it Tho rote wat then lakes, and reaJUnl at follows ? For Jehu Calhoun. V For Kuah ! tmore 13 For Jooleo J. Eaotla i Whole numbar of vctae cat! *o Kecettary to aa e.enioa Vc Mr John Ualbon having received IT voire, wat da r!arod duly elrctod President of the Convention Mr I *1 bono tt a moderate oootervatlve demoem?a Doigtan mac Tbe o traa had deatred to propound to h ro a tr"M of questions at to htt pro tlavrrv prlaelplet. bat bit fnrodt to canons managed to stare oil the Issue A committee of three eat appointed to oond 101 Mi Gal bouo to the chair On taking the ohalr he aldrenaed tne Con v notion aa follow* -hi I'.iaeoairt'4 a/xtc*. OMXTiKKwr?Vo. be very flattering oTpreeeion of your sent, meals In conform* on me the otlne of President of this OoavenUoo, yon have mr profound acltn jw lodgments I am fully aware of tbe Importance of tbe pcstiton which you have atsig oc d t) me.and I think I am altoruily aware of tne importance of the mission wbtoh hat b-ought ut ogeth. oe this ooottloa 1 know wotl tha. M will no ut terly impossible for me to perform too dutiot of tho office to wh'.oh I bare been called, uulett I bare the beaity cooperation or ibt friends around and about me. To ruldl ihete duties?to discharge th?m to the ontent of my ability, 1 *111?11 it almost unnatxwtai y for me to aa;?exert my at mo it efforts. Indeed, yoa have the aasurance ol that In lht< faot of my hawing au oe-Wed the pontoon conferred u jou me 1 may add. gen ilemeo, tbat tbit li no ordinary ojcas;on. The meeting of a Con ronltoa to f ame tho contlUuUm of a new State U, under ordinary circumstances, n matter of no great tnte rent. Tbe young H*u may spring Into being and reach great oontequtooe tn tbe natlooal Congrats and in tbe na uenal h'ttory; bet still .hat wtli bs Out the uniform eourte of the Stales of this Union. We meet here today under extraordinary clronmstanoet, as&l trust tbat erery mem bar of this Convention has come here to dlsobarga bit duties, ruliy Impreatea with a sea-e or the high respoasl butties that attach to blm, an t of tbe Importance of hti acts, not only to Kansas, but to the Union, of which we propose to become a member A confutation v.sely framed, and properly, fairly and honettly approve! by the true cttlrens of Kansas, will settle all tbe difflcalttos that surround us. and that btve been snrrounl leg us, and will at onoe rasters harmony to the Union I may remark here, wttbonl perhaps icing Injustice to the reelines ofan? hootst and tras lover of nis country, thai the formation of ? rb a constitution prostrates and en she ? to earth a pa-ty mat .% seoalog by ever* means within Its po ver to obtain atcendanry, evm at the cost of tbe saort Are of die Futon itself It is nctwnere'y rv annas, it is tne I Dion that ts interested Tbe doings of ibis Oonvontlon are not merely of htterctI to the people here, but to the people Iaro- gbsut ibe -epuDl c. Ote of tbe creates; issues to be resolved by Ibis Convention ts wteit? tbe people of this Territory shall have power to control Its government. To mske a ooLti'.lutlon Is but a small aitstr Not a single principle win be embraced tn tbeconetm tioa to be framid dniing Uhs session that has not been already tmjlanteu la 0 her constitations the old, original oonititaroni ot tbe Am-rr'can S ates ooctalned some errors, which hare since bees corrected by the popular eentlment: and wherever t'.i coteutut.ons have been revised and altered, or new constitutions framed, they have had ergraf^tton tnem the prnc'jle tnat the people have the right to, and shall, rnie in all matters; that they shall elect, not merely Governors and Presidents, and the various otfloera thai are usually eleeted by the people, bat alee Ju igea Theee improvemenls have been made mainly within he ast quarter of a century, and are engrafted not only in the oonntitat'en of snob of tho eld (tales as nave beid Conventions w'tbia that time, but also In tboie of the new States that have oome into Uta Colon. Tnere ae therefore no new principles to be decided In Uese Con venhoos to frnue constitutions Tho Convestlon whlob framed the last oor- >t o.t rf Virgmls was tn session for only a snort lime T sets was but a single Important ques Eon. and that a loca, one. that occupied lis time to any ocnsiderable extent?itaoi was lbs quest, on of slavery. The people of Kansas assume tbe rigst to settle that question for themselves, sad It is thai which prodnoeo the aim culUes, not merely here In Kansan, bnt throughout tbe Union That difficulty must be settled by yocr delibera tions. I thluk tbat the character of the members of tbls Oonreniloa over which I hare ths honor to pre side, oogbt t> give to the world the uouranoe that their deliberations will result not mere!' In tbe aett'tment o: d here, bnt tc tbe settlement of tne luet'.les as to whether this Union shall condone, and as to whether that . arty which Is employing lie treeiure. It, mm and lis monv to keep thts an open leetion till the next oouieet. will staod or fad. If the I moo slants tbat party gnee by tbe board. If that pa-ty tri utr.phs this Union cannot 'Ive Tbe high and -(--sponsible duty, therefore, devolves u me us to lake In our hands the organic act of thts Territory, aa i, acting op on its prtnel pi'as. to present to the Coneress of tbe United Stales s con stttulioa framed In such a meant'.- and neb an en dowment a* that we may not merely petttlrn for admis sion into ths Union, but demand that we shall be adna.tted 1 trust that wise coonssls wtd prevail bers I am ovofl deal, (Voir, nr knov'edge of the members of this Gin-res ttoe, that sneh will le the case Ttere may be erciiement of fee log?there may be part cslar point* on wbtoh individual members will plant tbemaelree? but st.U I trait Utat every member of the Coo veotlos w.i, briar to bear 'n the judgasent of al the tssues tbat may be presented, mat calm, sober becoming statesmen who have met together ?o toand a goversmem?who havi mat together to ay tne foceJat'oos on which a greet pe pie mil have to est. I am fully oocfl.eni that voe wtll be and are fitted o the occasion, end. lent'emen. I can gl-. e you lbs astu ranee that tn a,< yo?r aouoos, whlnb w i be ,uii and pro per to \snsas? jst. proper and right, aooordlng ts tbe principles of tbe government oiler which we lire, which looks to the prosperity ot Kaaiaa, and the praecrvaton o' ibe o on?you soali have my full, hsar>} and honest cooperation I again tender to yon my thanks fbr < be boi or which you have conferred upon me?for I deem U a L gbe.- honor to stanl here ? lay the presiding ollcar ?f lb s CcaveaUcn, than to fill any otbar poaltloe that the Awer'cas people ooull cooler u ?u me (tpplause t Mr Jbskji< proposed Mr Hcgh II Moore of Leaves worth, 'resident pre tnr. , of the Ooa. esuiu Thar' be eg no other nomisatloa. Mr Y. ion was ttocteJ by sicisruaton Mr. Hrcaas asd Mr No-mas, rospctlvely tbe tempo rery Hecretsr. an Assteiaat Secretary. war- elected rage larty to OH tnose idMil is Mr P H Cast, of New York, was sleeted oSolal re porter of the l> creation, reoetvtag 3* votos sga.ust in re calve J by Mr icc iy Mr ( ousts, of juglaa county, was etoetoi ^ergaaat al Armi. <n Mr W W Cook, of .'obaioe conatv, dior kocpe. Tbe loo-keeper was empowered to appo tt two pages Mr Iisoas presetted a reaolaUoa, wh-:h ws* aaoptol, admitting newspaper reporters to seats on the >or A special coc.m ttee was spoo't ted to re pert ca tbe cla tns of two telcgatoe from Aadereoo eo .aty to seat*. t-a motion of Mr Jsv i* , tbe Hev. Mr MoGee. ?imaa Camoix Ciergyman, of hacooiptoe, was e.eaea Uhspiajt tc tbe Convent on A committee or five was appealed to pranenl for the givernmest of tbe Cooveat'.oa. Act '.ben, at ton mlnates pest 1 o'clock P M . '.be Oca vaoiia ad o raed till to mnrow, at 10 o'clock A M THtfcD D 4Y. [From tba Si I "?u i I?ee4?r Iw o* row tie* ? l^i*. Tbe OoiTts.loo mi at 10 o eioeb A M. Tht Pimic. ut ni erroBpax.e l to the chair by tbe Ker .obnj Mtaee, tbe Cbepielo After tbe aaeetnblage bal bMi called I* order i - bat * n >u MMMtMM i to the IkMVMMMM, nd *ri?r retaraion h i n n. rwvrt thanlrt Tor tba toeor of hi eppoiotmeet. oikrid cp a l>ra> or The minuter of the prerlott aaaa.oa ware lb jb read tad after eoa? astasia em-c latiooi eraturet mod elditiock. approTi 1 Toe I'reeideol o oartuo. U> euperrlee record for It* fatari. Se'era. member* w'_o bad ntt te fore beta la atieoiaaoe ware ?worn to Mr Tpoi a.- . K?'? Vow tbe C>ma llee oa PaM aad Refoiauma, praeeolei a aerieeof r lea for the corem n. ?io' U ? i ?io"ti a *c l mmg a? tbe - rder Of bit', rata A'ter rearf'of three nate?, Mr Keya lohm tied aa ad tf uoaal oat, wtalcn be tal hai baaa aaedel to Attn b rooe o* Iba aiaitn of tfce oummiu *. prombtina ' n i la lit apart met i dartaa tbe bourt of aaeato: tola ted li ao aaroaai alteoaaioa. wh'et wat toretioaed by tbe deeteratkw oo Kit part of Mr A W Joaet. or DoegtaM. that be f ad wrtttea the react .boa m a j be, i ,-acit ? aea.oet Ool J. D Haaderaoo, who wn tbea t >'>?iag, aad lOal be ool oaly d.d aot expend thai II wot Id be paaei, bet bad bordfy thought It esab a oat aa waaid be oOtred. The reaolr.voa wee w bdrava Af tar aoroe owreaMoa aa te tbe proper mode of dteroiJif of tbo report of tbe comwittee oa rilee tad rryolatioaa, It wat ereatoaliy reec.rod. oo .he motion of Mr Ivxaan, nf snmaba. (Hat It be r?oe-*d aad one boa d/ed ooptea of a priatod for tba aae of tbt members Mr. L. S Bourn'., ol Do (let. tuorerf .bat the coarea bni t.oa , rooaeJ to tbe eMM of a public pr*ate* ?Oar M Mr Bor i mo torn.001*1 *o? ibe or ce Oo. J L Header eoa, or tar [ear en worth ii.?ai, aad arged be -lectioo la tatma of high peraaaal oomp '.meat, to : ep-<?e of tbe pod t'o? or.iro* tad ttorhaa no jMMMl of '.bat trial ia a ety<e of lofty oompllaieat Mr Dtn oara o' Joboaoa no aty, pare-l a aeniaatloa Mr i. 0 Raid, of the Te ameeh Ml MftftftJN aeretoaa ha aa'd tbm^b aot of eo long do.-ettoe aa Oo.onei Haainraaa't. bad ban a ialTy at ra leab e In tea party *0 oh tbe Uoaraoiloa re pre te ted Mr Blair, of Don "hat. aoalaated Mr foot J Key M' Key t#rl?oad oo tbefroncd teal a few werkt e'ooe 'be appwte party bad iaia!(ed a ta eatt woteb, f rarrlad a to tsac it oo, would aot lea re b m to prttw ?'oa of a preat a weak becoe Mr Paadolpb of Athene, did not opect Vc e* ??ort Mr Kt' tbeC ? itftuf.-a a uft ?a ;aia natter hat be bar. ly tboayht Mr Keyt' praae wee d ao late tbe rlrer tbie fail. Mr. iaakiae, of t??. tbal) Mr Melte. of ixasa ?i ao i eeTeral otbere orgad oa tbe Don em lion the proerle y of p tipooli r tte oo taldera U'd o" tbo eebjaot, aatl. a .me rutcre wratioo t. at to aare toe lacurrtac of extraraca. I debta. wtlri Ibeir e?o ?Uljeatt woold bare to pay aod oa mitloe of tba formar, trr eieritoa of a pub be printer waa ma <<j tae epacial order fc Tbnradar to cIb* Mr Hr rM Mooaa, of Laaesawartb, pr?poae<t tb?t a c< mat Uee roattet og o" ? atembert be appointed to draft a nooatii'itlon for th' Ktate of Kataa? aod report tba atse to lb ? OnarobUon oa tbe-? day of ??, or at toon thereafter at noaa.bte Tall reioia'leo wat tinalv m aat. be ta'd for tbe pn-poae of br cglcg tbe tauter before tbe Oiaeat^on . kige acKewa, of Oa'bona 'dw (hi tbe motion ef tbe Ieateniae from lateeaworto (Mr Moorei wee q ilte an et tea'aiode af |-oceadloc aaloife ad a re-olatloa pro rmiD. tbattae I'retmeatof the Ooavett'oe be req ilred ? tbo t de'ay to appnnl ttabl'Df 0'> amittaet ft) aem Irr o' Ire raea. who *bo< Id rep rtte tae Ooarentioa tp n the e> rrrai beadt of tbe ooaat'lotion foilowta|, to Wit ? t .rte i ouaoar ?a 10 Reiigloaa. 1 Bt'i of rt|h? It. Piaanrt 2 I^ritioe of p?wen 19 MtrUloa 4. ..eftetetire eowen. l?. leteratl laaprrrtaatM. f>. RtoruMve power* It. riiarery ? ,'noiciary i Awya.f?ektt T. I.'eetioaa. U (>s nil e?f*|ij?. 4 mi Ma. It uau fir aaotaer eoM Ibfarl* t ettV oa. Mr Hue ill, Of I left tana, voted the adoption ?r another Qrm mittce on MfrnoHaaniia Pro riotous. These, Judge McKowa aM, wore oil tee gOMro> beoda embraotd la toe constitutions of Virginia aod IlUooH, wtdrto. oner so attentive elimination of all Ike oooallla Kooe, no bod round to bo fbo i>e?t. Mr Moons Made a epeeoh la reply, ta the craroe of which be aasertod. with eloquent emphaeta, that be nsd disregarded every precedent ta order to bring the subject before the Convention ta Its simplest form, and hoped thai ;ho rMolatton of the leatlemsn from lunipbaa (J alga McUown) would be laid on Ute table. Judge McKuwa replied thai it waa au observation gene rally made by philosophers, that we had tw> source* or knowledge?our owa re lection end the red action or others. He woe hardly e? rein aa to depend eat I rely npoe hie owa reflection, especially ta a matter or eueh Inlal e import ?nc? to the country u the forming of s oonatltulion for Kansas He went back to tho great MghU of tht early daye 01 tha republic, and to the oonatltulion which had been matured through tha wtadorn of ages, and bo hal been eomewhai guided b y them. In reauirg tee remits of the To; oka Ceurentlon, he now reoollooted diattnotly that tfcc naoludou caliicg mat body Into busiuee* on the constitution wu almoat precisely tbe same aa that now to iroduoed by tho gentleman from Leavenworth, and ha -bougbtat the time that it waa a rory otumayand til gotten up thing. The CHAiaMia decided the whole debate to be out of order, inasmuch aa It woe bated on a resolution to lay ea the table. Mr ? ii of Douglas, got leave to addrass tbe C wvnn ten, and a.yard against the adoption of J idge MoKo wn'i resolutions, on '.he ground that the Convention had not yet been thoroughly organized. He submitted a certtft -.ate from the Territorial Secretary, affirming the receipt of re turns showing tbe election or a Mr Jaokron as member of tho Cosvrnilon from Franklin oounly, who promised to retort definitely to morrow, Judge McKown'g resolution waa then laid upon the table by a large vote. Oa motion of Major Vnaoar-tKi the raieeaed regu'a lons fi r the Convention that had been riported by the committee appointed tor the purpose, were a lop tod unani mously. After passing a resolution appointing a committee to oon rer with the opectal reporter as to the manner In which the report should be made, and the te ma for whloh tl should be furnished, the Conven ion rcso. red tc moet honojforth at 9 o'clock every, and then adjourned for the day until that honr on Tburnisy. ADVKRflftEflMfll HRBWED EVERT DAT, PEIUOKAL. A MO?HIJ r*N AMWflANi. LIFT Sf-MTLT A vt c?w, * r>^? poiiij I'nd ris>m a c *?*./ to par wi b herooly Oui JI t.-ee m air i old; I: la g !, vety 1 is thy and ?r^S l?* '*? peraou Acdr m wi h B.I "P, M 1> TV . Herald (lilies ADOPTION-A MM UKaLTHY FKMaLE CUILO 1,1 J1? Jf*7*!! ?3 aii , r$*t pacta bitf lady (ha can clft* ?aila AdJr*" Mn. Abbot Bowery Po?t ftca n VR',Ks w FARRI8 Fm, ' 1 i.rtlT,?IS NRiirRsT V ? '1 ' id Iia c. ..ctmn. ,to Washington ciir Pot < thee p. k o. ipd si9 b :s; i saol importune* wji be comrmuiicuued to trn\. D4K ?.!?*?CK. OSUAKB. WIU. PLIASR send hlay&r+M -o boi 4 181 New York Pot or to >ne office of Portir a Spirit, lie Broadway. INFORMATION WANTIO?or 04TIHCBINK O Bi'.IFN 1 wIoarr,.<?d In New York In ship Manha tan Uapt, tdvon.' by Hr. i :,,>r' *' 0 1 Rrtea. now In B' fusion. N. J. Addreaa adu O B/ion Pott i dice, BuritoR-ou, if. J. TNJ'OBMATION W4RTRD-OF JAMES CUR STIAN 1 tinsmith, tate oi Beaton I Man*. Any perron ha. lug bit andr, t.o wlil ronfi t a tavor by act dlag 11 to 158 Water ?j-ret MR* FANNY fORRSST, OF IBII.AOII.raU -YOUR Vtrgmtafrii- 1 has;net arrived In 1 lie cltv. awl la now IStVJ ' IMiy* '"CaAeirent There ars aiveral lev.ere la ue hew Tr rk Post oiLre for yon. ^T&AfRO. FROM H1R HOkiK, 131 W18T THIRTY <J Uud a'reel on yesterday morning. Thomaa Henry Br. moMj. agrd litzee years, and had ?n when leaving ? ii? plaid renck. roarae whl e nantalrta no ehoea or cap. nay one re I tnrnh ? aaid thUo or leaving Information of hla wtrrnr tt at the auore nnaFi-r. will be rewards 1 for their irmbiea id receive the isanka of hia Ihther. PATICK RK?NOl.I>8. MUauiOO RimCKA SPJSOOPAL PKA1C out nod or TH? HOLY MAIL tyrs In fcrayth atraet. between Heater and Canal, Aer. rector. Divine aer?i ? morn tig and evening a fn.iera. dtsconra may be espected to morrow morning. .T?2" uK,R"Kf FIRS' MKTTIODIST MPI8C0PAL O church, John street -Preaching nest Sabbath m?ralng ? ndrvenlag t-y the pastor Rev Charles K. Harris. a Chris tan Je w. >ermor in the morning to yming men. Alao the bap um of a Jewjo lamb? to he chr-m n religion. Serv'oiB to commence at In . atd :y, heats free ? " MtSORUL CHtiBPH ?RRY. V" PBIOM, RSCTOR ? . H. Stephen a eb rfh. will pr. io morrow (*?uiilai e rc'Dg. In the i i rrh roroer of tan... oil street and Water ley oac? twrv.ctr le?a 3'. andr^orjonk. NT^T.f1 RRFORMMD dutch ohubcii. cotkbr or lAl Wl'law and ra.on ?tree|? - Preaching at IP-, A. k and ?/. r:fT*"i"1?0"!1 St?*n*'W? ana H i. ens are cordially L.''^v,0v1'',ld. 8**Hi *^1 hr urni.hed by the aexion ha. bath rrboo. at 0 o c.ock In the morning. Prayer meet nw eve r Frl lay evening at TH o rioek. r maet.qg n D a"d mission art 1 la ? 1 hold J,*u' PuhllJ conrer.a"h ua with -he RomanUta <a thei laaoriptnra. ( laiaa of Popery :n the m union ch urn aJbh^-' rf" M'ww"? First a d Second aveviea. every habbarii evening Bervuma cosamenie at T>, o ctock. A 1 ara rear'r.fullyloHlMtoatenA ?-iare 1>RV *? Vnii4*BJ^ '1UUMB niB m nistba . "'JJ* fbweombe ? > oomr. 754 B oadway tlve doora ?b.ue K gat . atreet B' i nming, at lb*. o eleak In the evening, a: : .oc.ock t- e flrato! a cv rseof leet irea to be Mew. 0> r,*?" h*b' U OT*nl:,? R,lb-!^ K"* Tl * *'{**** WILL PBIACH IN SBYBN !? eti.h ? j-eet . hape", lamehiately west of Si. h avenne i n.orse. - a tf ans 7.*-. P. M. The morning topic ? Tae dnr o *r. vanoe nf the Lord s da . pro. -%bie for the U'e i at t w ?. and f r thai which Is to coma. TI 11 "f OMMOM1TMALTH ? WILL HOLD A ra kg MR NT Jig en .ot.nday. he igrth .ast . a; s o'clock, at lu Ponrsk ? vrnnc p^altc he eo.k atree Working people attend if ;o woe'd lear i sometb og for to r benefit ^ lUSTAURAm " BAR'".AT A PBBKIN8 LOW!) N POBTU "" lAtihy from Uip Rob eta r.r its io Use trade br th? *. vie hog* rad ... w . . RI HARDsJW A aaiTAR h-mbe-hao A e Luaoh Bocm. .A Wa.e.-at and 84 Wall. Ristaubant-thi two bbothbbs, no. ih rijrm '-reel ?AI the ?v.bamat.nia of the seaaoe. the brwi of al<w wtneaa*' scgaca Ulaatrated Ptaoh sad BelJ'a Life Trm Innei at . 1 c clock BAS8BTT A ATBINBON ? "u meetirg ewgry Tsaaday evening, at 7 o'nloak. P0IC.jl'? HCCSM BS4TAUBANT-ir YOU WISH ^.a*; u# ? i,-rtbir iv-^ f n. BOBll.iN, Proprietor. matkimovia?. ? AFR^Ffsgji nal obntlkvan AOR.rVwiNTr a dw "f? dTPtv aoJ * w: < n%t? d??po? tion mwl ind? sen eaimaaM wtg-.e, : s meet wi, alagyV amliv and SdS on. o alnoioe. ? og soma neana of hvown. s ,ba? ten to a- nler-Ww ? the par 'ea are aatta?? t refere rcw will be esr ? g?d. a rep.j to ta.s wJi be treated with ge >Ue manly tailor ana respect Adlreat S'acer ty Her.i4ugi*. 7 I AM BK80LYBD MOT TO PI.A7 THM COQCFTTI 1 say longer, am ao? jnit- it am nred to g Xa iotiHr have o>me bank ?uy k a..d ?? a mewing t wear I with to fibl ae tMpfTtooa. ree; ertable and ym n* man Ua. ?. a Jdrf t? ha married to ooe wao wui make aim Rat r v Addr?ii T.aaiie r . Untom place Pom oi ca ^ P1' TI(84TI.I,KKS' fll lDK. A*..*M BAILdkOAD MUMMBB AAIag t> PMMjry Hamlba bailboad mum Ussaesoy Wedaeaday , ?mx? come- of White and Centre Jnae A l^T. Maejlmn SSm = S",1."*", WOTplWI ?? AC etauoaa (rl ? B -S'-'Mag Bridge traia. atuprlng at al etauoaa ? ii T. M ?Wbtte Plane 'aair ropp'"g at a l tattoo* . _ . _ t??"? f?a?r? t trt trraaor c.t'oi f* A. M -WU ta^gTBrtdge tram, etofptog aia. taitoma ft A N w _lae?? Bcwlge team, stopping a. a ?tel. mn l? A. M.-Wb m Ptaiae train etopplag at all Madams. ?? ' M^-Wuiiamg Bridge tram, gtopp'ng at alt i ? ?r.B-Orotoe Pal s tram, ?<mptagal all etattotx. |r.K.-WUllama Brtog- train ?-mpveg at aEami Wm. f. OAVhu, Isgtrlgt IIlDmon bitmm bailmoad -rmoi jolt a ut'rs.'*-'"?'-i A. F. BDTBL ?-r?*--?-*ml AhTHOMfif" AU 5P?f:L5 hTMt'^ r, ojrnmr of bboomb? ^ e' Pvy.eaah' W Igop vtr- aom?? r .e 'he b'y p?reon is m t%ff IUIB^WP 185 "^-H-A>0 ftbbwt - n ono biwamd w ovrwm r P la -??*** evpeag M ADa Ml ILIP asxsaSS&t? ?':s A B ^ fanal srtrrp niar ?5mt n? ' Tt"1' "" ?""'?'i-at.d ijipev for ve ta!>r wmtnrieguj jlJM?_fg?e ?g all pe.-w n who riall h-r; full T Ulp"' '* WMMOW esreptloo the only penr> Wai/? cmji y r* Iucji/ i, tun bare. A***' ' ?07-MR* f | BURT X PR'IOgl BTRtrr. JJV J,"' ' ? Jf-nt o. "B all even's nf IIW b the ilZ Z . _5* *fc cpreamte the deHlrv of he.- vial I??-' Vvn*r*"*Wl>?eg0.7amn* ^ mWTlk^ .*?" FBKWSTBR BBT JBRB TH AN KB TO i*. y I .P,*'r,n" sad begs Ut eay that after ?lw -? H./ aod pi lladeiphla who have con ia?^?. r " SA'lMa# ioe.. ?hi feeie arn tdenl thai In the nneauww^f aeln. gy ioce an1 law ma ters, and books of ywnoe, m rei el "a oongtaei g by Nap nam the hat ao ft J roqrt i iterww 1or>rt ftt)*?Tf TftftUi itr?t RBMOYaI,- ma Da MB BaccaB POBMIB.TArKH , 80" P, "W etreM, rear I etween n-?ewe and H rl g re?iee filly annoeneea to bar fr eed* ? ">r't '*? Wta, "141 rtagee r natneai. the cob* r f llie ba.r agil eharame of the feV rf> hnal and. TBf LADF HAM ABRIVMH THM T^1"' tn a meet,., ? perfect liaaneaa will be thowa to toe lad ea m in -t? intended h iabasda. and to eae 'tL-'JUir* Wetrlatended wlvea; alan abseal Menda i T # ooeetln i? will ge enli-ed by aotenoe sed nal olatt'B, ffnai man- seareofatndv by dadamt NORM ,N0 cenw. 'Vj?ehatloe a,-tot(v private Ae WUI give x^T iHwa. ??f4Wir Hotel. .>'iu? ah, WCW pTOtlCATHWW. AXKW MONTHLY MA017-?B philum. Sampson a oomtikt Beapectfnily hdousm iw on the 1st of Norsmber tier wUl commence the tasue of TS? ATLUfTIC KONTHLT. They will aim to furniah tbe rcalU-g public a MW uarei of tanwmni: and instruction n-.i .o |tT? to sathort a new nod ladrpen lort vehicle of th yugh'.. The current literature. and tb prntnltenl flNllMl or tie day, will rtctMve lus attention. while, at tbe earn* Im no pains wl 1 be spared to prei-nt en itt'/actlre mlsoellany of talee, aketohee end poetry, from tbe beet ? rttere Among other contributor*, they are permit ad to naeae the following from whom articles may beesoected ? WLii'am H Preecou. Mr*. H. Ilercher Slow*. Balph Wablo toe; an, Mr*. .iatkell. HerrvW Longfellow, Author of ' Bulb,''" Mtry Iter. >. H. I edge, 1?. D . Barton," " North and Nalh'L Uawt>*?nte, H rath. Ac John O WbittHr Mr* I.. M>n* Child. Ollrnr Wet del! Holmes. hn ?J M Kit bland. J antra ft low nil, Mr* PAe, J. I othrop Motley. author of "Ida May," Geo. Wm. i urtl*, ?'tjaeteAc. Herman M*MUe, Mies Hoar Ttrry.

Prof V O Pel tort. Wukle Col leu Pxot. F J Child. At: hor of " The Dead 8e 9. P. Wt tuple, tirat," An. Kdmund Vulocy. G lUifhut. Author of "Weosley." A i hor of " Dot toe Anto J. T. yrowbrige nlu," An. Anther of "Neighbor Jack- Shir.ey Brooks, wool." <0. autnorof "Aspen Court," 0. W PhlUeo Ac Author of "TwiceMarried." ? M Wbtt'y, Janice Harney. Autboeor "Poilaml Por Author ot " Poo- trat-e," Ac t'Doy." Thoe W Par-one The attention of authors la respectfully to* ''*& 10 -u* ad"er tleraorn: All Britain* ruceivad will be carefully examined, and, ir amrptrd, will bn liberally paid for. The pubil lure w'll aim tohaveeaeii Dumber ready la time for distribution and tale in the mora re:no eparti of the toon try, on or bef trr the 3rit day of the month for which U la In tended Retail price, C5 Cents each number. a liberal .i.?cotu?t made to c.ube, or to those who buy to eell again Tbe attention or bookaeiiera, pet.odlan! dealer*, newsmen and book a.ecu U requested, and thrlr ordar* respecL'ollr ?oBelled GOLKT'B OCTOBER Nl'MBBB, far aurpaialyy a.: others. a a? leu ltd steel plate. A &d cent slipper oat'-e -u again. A tour Sfure colored fashion oleic. Tatting tidy. run HTontaa. "Thai Lost Re' " by Vl.giula t Towxaeni; TheTrlala of an Sngloh Honrexerper" are very amusing; "The ,-d ?cr*.' by V. i>* Forrr*t; ' . do Ker .nt Quu-t-oi, 'oy Altca It Meal: " Ta'?La ? Pdr.aide " "The Elopement." by Paulina Foriy he. tpf HVitsu isnwss*? Bra t-a thoae mentioned Kb ore, ere woollen ohemlaette; two of Bred: g spiendieii xtrmenu tmbroldery pattern* In abra raer:- meruit; collar, xamea for merging; fuechlt pattern lor rb.ldac'oax goi^ re sleeve deatca-croch?t ace patch work. l'iHldl?K patterna t?e mar til:. SB*- of silk; Uo^ey'a CO i", ofhesone If draw -g; a omirg Jar ;et, with diagram khovt-.ns l.o ? to itiake It; children ? dresw a. bonnet , Ac ; cor Dfrs for pocket hand'x-rohiefa hi-ad oanllritlch ornainer. . I Ira'ructlonr JD needlework of all kinds oroihe boot an hi roc, for as infant; ar.d ma- y o hers earful to tad to I bealdes Fot.s rir.M or UKcrtrrn Ormpire tblx wi'h any O'K r mantblf. The epleadld steel Blair*?the atrei plate far hi >o??thr npecirr ll'cra'ure, aud ii- mfli i'e vajieiy of wood infratlng* and all for the very einadf ID of a urate For sale 95 all he deader*. wmwwrMrmma, " SAFK 1 Alili.7 RKaDlWG. HaRPBR'R WBBKI.T. Mo. thirty-elxhtready this lay. iOBTthTS Tr*rel Novi In B'ble l.anda - -No XTV [Frwn oar own (lorrespoTcrut lll-.isuailooA Sbrtae of the Annunciation; View of ha/areth. Appr ?.iilsg Nar ireth, Tenia of Trarel l?ra; Mias Warren :* l>ylng; Bltuat:<ra of the Village; The Plain or Sad melon. View fr./<n '-ha HIA; Tbe (foovent and Church ot the Aomu.oia'.lon Tbe Virgin'* Cellar Kitohio; Bv en jig aod ^.arliyh; on Nazareth; The Muate Of uettneiarel. The how Bebse opol. Poe'roat-m! a: of the AtAailc Telegraph Bn tor prise. Too Much or y oo luiUe Garl?ilan'.y. kaaiiy frlghtrned. Cba -Macaulev a Lord; The Ooaaforu of Suln; Opening Week; J;iil;?u uiTrouble. To my Lear Nutt letter fr->m Borlh Cooway. The Oonfrtalun. Tbe Man aooutTowu.? la Ftammina. The Caudidatee for tha Oorernorat !p cf Pecajrlranla ? II lustrations Hon Isaac HA-'lrhurs:, Hon. llaalel WUmot; Uenera: William r. Packer. fa-blonable llaia sad thev Trimmings- With Blghi Illus trations Lltfrarm?Mew Book* and LiWrxry Gossip. DotneaB I itelhgecee. Fi.raltn Mews.- urea. Br:taji Fraaoe: Spain: Italy: India; China: Mexioo Lortiixgal..nd-warrao: ?Illust.-atioui by TIoppls In Ume for the Train; /he Sqnashlown Refreshment Halo-ta Flower* oi the We*t. The tle-ailemxn.y inrv.mor; Our LltUe Aosklant; Bqrautown va. Sheonrgo, The Olty of Bden, By Hotel?tlsae. D laser Jones. What Will He Po With If By Sri B. Bulwer Lytton. Book III: ohjiptris VI . VII. nnd VIII kmden M-ditatoaa Fancy Free Arr. WlUiam ACeoaa, i>.P , pwev-r n! the Madison 8q- are Freibyferian Church Sew Tors With a portrait i A Cru:ae Among the Malay Pirates ? tu strauoix. A Tor n?do on the Cotst Moullgbt in ms Troplas A Fight; F.rtaf the Vli age and Juugls. A baby Sung 1 sir;. Wiat and Otherwise. Weekly Mark.t Summary t> micaliU.-s ? lU i*tr*tloos Plra*U-as of rUthinjf A Pu~k of a k at At Be ? atoso and a 1 sorts of p ace* Return irons bara.oga, and all aorm of piacea. Tka Money Question. Tssaat HARPER S WEBKLT will apyear every Saturday morn Inc. and wtU be sold at five cents a copy. Bach number cnmpiiaea as much ma ter as an ordinary duodecimo rolame It wUl be maiird to autscrlbera a- the following rates, pay mrnt being invariably re'iulred in advance ? One copy tor twenty weeks. SI OC One oopy f. r one year IK One ropy for two year* 4 OC Five copies tor one year. t (K 1 waive copies for one year 3D OC Twenty-Are cop'ee for one year -W OC To t'ORtmaalt-r* and others getting ap a club of twelve or tweaty Ave soupy will be sent grail* Subscriptions maj rot-mmce with any number. Specimen numoere gratuttnnsly supplied. C.trrmm and (earlier* supplied at the lowest club prtas* Pub flaked by UARPBS A BBOTHBBS. Frankha squars, M*w lark. INSTRUCTION. *f> KII FOR WM1TINQ?BOOK KMBwimfl rO-TIWl V&iuU nrlnul'ed. Ueal>mr i at ?AiKE H academe* SI Bowery and ? Pulton ?t??et, Hjoohiyn are taught it uimir tirni with bookheeytng a bold. free, b-iataraa stjle ot writing an! l*d>a a neat aad faah oaabie band AIM -P?AUT.OAJL BOOEKBBPINU KjR BOSIWBBfl vlu. m-n and cle?k* ? Mr DOL"B*B. 609 Brin-tway, will er atmeore thla eouree Monday evening, at 7-. o sloek P.iwer?rd Mtt> *: only 110 M'tat be atcomd i-efore 9 o'clock tbla rt?j| Rotrnlar term* tu). A M1RICA -TO rAMTLIlt VBO HI1D8 OP BOHOOi* A. n a nit' a?a mother, aged about V. an 1 h-r dat.ihier. ay.1 19 earn are deasrona of entering a prieata fatal, y or a firv c.aae lad.r* acheo. '? 1 merfea 1 be mother la ft.'ly e ra p.-tent to onrdat t the domiwt e of any ? 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A private mni one oall* for popl.a GOVA.'.BLM -AMIOD.K AOED LaPT WISBER TO lae' rt i wo er lure* ohl.d-e*,or weald eew ae oomoen eatlea larboard AAdreae !.. I a.. Modleo- aqnare Pr t O.I.OA. J f f ail P. nd a le.'.nr la Madlam a.n* -e I'jal oiliv HCRAAMARRBP AT DiBBROW'B ITDIBU A'tADB mj, fifth aveon*. comer of Thirty n:a:? atreet. Monday Redneeday at! Frdar r-e-itnga to gentlemen. for In (true t in ladle* daily and lad lee and gentlemen on Tneedav T?ir- lay and Bat .-day eremafa for eiemtae rVJutf, from 8 10 Wo'c.ocb ; an* day acooo' will re op ? a am Tnoaitay. Bopt 1A, a Mb- MACACriAT'S Pf EACH AMP BMOUIB BOARD lb* and day acaool w". ?d Bnai fwm.j drat atimet m~ IW OOfTA* ? ritSWOH OR BW'tMRH BOABOIWa an . day achno for PERM ladle* ?111 re open on T .eaday ta j-f II at V) Pl-'ik a -nor eorner of Thirty flrr. a root MaDAJKB MaRTIIfBT'B PRRBtTH AMD BM'4UMr board inn and day tabool for yoang led ten. Wo. ? 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(1HI1II, If MrnaAwng, 3MOARM RBULtMtV OPT AT t'ORT WIRHIWtl TO DIB rwrtnueth* *<-rar imsorttng k-alneea we beg lb*.* tt Inform on- fHen<la If*', tee are eel'lng oor Wt* "t Imp wind 1l**ar.a. (terman and domeatle eeaam a> remarkahl* law prteea f7w oaab jpOE A OQ-. V* *WA TtHH TIOHT MOWBT WaBREf TJ?r?0ntR MI TO J el*#e rot at: Uie aegar* that I ha?e hd ,T?? ,B' yodeea ere r-tmeeo i aad of *h >'*? b t' J Cent wt I mdnei gr JAI wtrrl'c:g 0. 'JliAEXR IJ VroiAwby, BOAKttffa Aim liOMOM. 2 A N D 4 ABU JDO* IK)UABB. WW 81DR. OOBBBB OF Bank street?Aimrimtmbi an ?eooo* floor to let whs bm.d Convenient for families or gentleman. Befereoem required. 3 ALBION PI AOK, OB 410 FO0RTH 8TRBMT.-PLKI Mi t funt.tbed rooms, with hoard, suitable lor gentlemen uod their wives or single goat.-men. Term* moderate. Ooo v.-nlro'. to cars and sctgue. 4 ALBION PLAC-V, 413 FO0BTH t.TBAKT ?BO M4 TO let. furnished or unrurntshed with t 1! or pacta! bvard, suitable for gentlemen atd their wives and single goat'uneu; U>-- location la uoaorvaneeJ, bellij eonrenleai to car aal e.age route# 50N1VMRS1TY PLAOB, HIABI.T OPPOflTl WASH trgtoo aquare.?K?-w and elegantly furntaSed parloreand bedrooms ou the flrat aud second floors with or without break fast at-d tea. AJao rooau on the third floor. Referenoes ei cfcacssd 1ft WaVKBLEY PLAOB?TWO PaBLOBB, WITH Kin lU rooms sfacaod and tingle rooms, are now vanan' Tht? te a det irab.e x-atloa bWug near liroad war hud oppotil*- ?tto RrirTcltH' si Transit nt boarders ct>n be ascommodatod for a few we.-kv on very reuonable terms. 1C *M1?Y MTKKET NEAR HBOA RWAT?A HAND 1U eomeiy fu Dished (rout par or to Ie< on the around floor, to a gentleman aud wl.aor two ah |ie goalleoten, with board. Terms remutabic Aaply aa above. WURION PLaCT* PABTIB8 OT GKKTUIMKW AND famll"a can be iwsotmmodeted with hand*onmv fnra'ah ed parlors and levrnoma Alan rooms (or single gentlemen toil A?IT? Pj A< *, OK* nOOB FROW 1LK1CK1B <69 pireet?A private rurally, having a bonee >arger than they require, wi/h to let to slug e g?-nUemvt,a apaeioaa and handsome') 'urnlttrd parlor, smoking mm and !?o bed. r oma, with h it aud cord water, w me eriiar, use of ba'.h |u, Ac , with a pleasant garden Reu'. tM per week lafemcw required. DC BAST TWENTY FIFTH 8TRBT-A HANDSOMELY OU furnished parlor, with bedroom adjoining, to let wiih board, to a lady and gentleman; house first c ass. a tew doors from Fourth aven?e, SamJy amalL Befereneoa ciehangcd OR BA8T TWENTIETH KTHEBT. A FEW DO 7R8 OU fr-jtn Broadway.?Booma end salts of room, w th board, bouse handsomely (urniahed. Modert cunvenlvacea through cut. ioen'lou very eonrouient eii-i desirable. A C GROVF 8TRBBT -VACANOIKS FUR OKK FAMILY Trtl or two or three aing'e genilemen. The house bas all the modern improvements Linner at 9 o clock Befe.-enoe requited CD BAST TWhNTTKTH feTBlBT -TO I.KT. A VER7 iJl/ desirable suit if rooms, with board .a ibo aeoood flour of a superior brown r one house Oouven'ent to Fourth a-** ntte and Broads a* stages rr and bt west twenty thibd htp.?h\^ UU few ee<ec: gnotlrraen can now bt roc ?mmo-l* ed <nm ru I or tingle rooms with board in one < f the sit at dellgldfal localnn? lr the oity Twenty third t re*' la one of the oros,1 eat a ree'fl, and the h.iuse is del.g-pj.jr n'U.afd bntweeu Broadway nt.d n! th avenue Refe-ercee rishaugeu C-J KAHC TWENTY K1UHTH bTBhST, T lllt ? t)U >% U I from I our'b avenue.-Superior at.1 a'll'hble rooms, lu eulte or etp ra-ely, can be bad with otard, !u a fir" ol-sa bouse, pleasantly end centrally located. Rafaienc.r. ei changed lr?/ Bk' ? r ' T. BROOKMb belQdTo-A VA \j?l ? ?' J ntlemsu nusy proevrn 1r?tclsai nc c mmodi't;.,! is the s ri ellglclt locav.d rmui. -.ue fi e, and tar ? r .... olahed. Dinner at fi. Bc'erencea ei ohanged 125 nt\ FRAKKL1N AUDIT OF BOO<ih OK THB I 1/ thir l floor; air-, I'irge double sad a.ogle ro.aos f>r gen tirnven all neatly tuinlshed. Apply tu abore flrat houne wee1, of Br tad way. lOT OLIKTOH PLAOB. 5IGHTH FTK1BT. KB'.B iu I Filth a venue.-Two gentlemen and their wives and a tingle gentleman eaa be acooaamodaied with aparvdaenm. handeomely furntohed, and hoard, on applloatUm as above Location pleaaant; house modern Reference required. UttkOK 6TBKBT.-ROOMS TO I,FT, I!f HIITTS or single, ftirnlahnd or not. and with or without boa-d H'uen has all the modem Improvements, and is well locate 1. References exehamged II it Pi Kg. m TENTH FTBBXT. ? BLBO ANTLY F0BNTSHAD a ttts of roome eonneote-l, to let to gentlemen uid ta-itr wlree or parties of single gentlemen with or wttboi t a private table. Bafmnoe re ;nlreiL 17" BI1HTH 8TRBIT, RBTIFBBN BKOADITAT AltD 1JU Bevenu avenue?Rootna elegsnhr furnished to let. to gr.ntlr.mra. lu suits or eruaraudy. wltli or nlutoul psrua. hoard The bona.- all the modern improvements mBABT TWBN1T FIB8T BTRBKT.-A FAMILY of three or four, can be accommodated in a ho- 'hern family, wl'h pleaiant rooms and board, on second floor; also a gentlemau and lady or two stig'.n gentlemnu anth a room on third Uoor. House has gas and walur. In i tire aa above 1 Q7 IHIBD AYBMUB.?A PBIYAT* FaM.'LY H ? VINrt lO i ?? >.r Door three large rooms and two beirruras vara it. wot-.'4 like Us or gentlemen wtm full or board, 'irrma m.-derate- g... d references re,'. nyc ikith btsbkt mbsb r*coi*d a ihn^ 66v > Fleaaan. furnlsb-d or nafumlahel ro>m- .let uh bovrd, to genLemen and their wives or at glr g-nt>ra#a. 'a a hj <ae with a'-i the modern improvements. Lweauoa pleuau.. Brlerenoe required. TBKTTi 8TRBBT.-OFNTLSVBN AND T1I*TR wlree, or two oi three ? Ingle g ?nt'.em ?n ean be %e eommod.ate-l with good board pleasant r-viaas in a gmter( fa mily, house aaaau tne modern lmprovr.m-ue B"-nreucee (Irea and required. iCl BROOM* BTBKBT-ON* U.AlOI WBit OF T'Jl Broadway, the moet dealra <le An J oen.ral liaaltja la the rtty, being In the Immediate vt-ualty of ah the -ws anteia Permanent and tranatent boarders sceomm Mawvl A OINTI^MANAND his wtk* and two JBl gentlemen, a'ac twn jro< ->g ,adl-n. nau be ??<mw la ?<1 wlm b<Kvrd Ac , at J57 W.w Thutleth street, uear Nlnjar A B0IT OF BOO*8 TO L*T?WITH BOAR*, lr ltd A. quired also ro-mu f-w single gaoUu.nen. lu a v ry plaa ?am Inaal on, eonvenient to the ean and th-e* llnev nf > vara Apply al 71 Weal Fourteenth street, firm kvuae west T fllxt* ^30 qent:,bmak ard hir wipr msomui rwo roods rd -lo c i 1 rooms (Mr'., b?*wj Hir?<v A wlnge grnils i ?n own be >d? > d *~ts t i 1 roicos ud partis! board, a: 7b Racdoajp*. as i Boosioq A PI.EaBAKT FRONT PARLOR API) HBDROOM OAK A be had with board, for a m'>au and wits a. lonKe , Bond aiuil, (MO'eaiea. la Rights ktmi. keferwn-ce re quired. j A LABOR BOOR OJ? SI'ONI) PLOO*. BOTT A BLR ' A for oae or two c eUrtnnn. with part *' boa-1 Ha) i. Jt*a, ! Be faro iy acta., For par molars p.eae. caU a: JUI.m plac. IiooroQ street heferrorew i-xcbaa??t. A SUIT OP BO^BH. CNPVRNThHRD, 10 l.BT OR A v r nd nor, m iT.ntoo place, near the Brwro rt |MH) also a large and am J, ro >m. loraAasd, oa third " ?ir Ad drree Home. Usratd otl-e. A Pi.BAPANI room, WITH board, TO i KT?1 OB A (filVaaa and wife a'?o a single r-ir?m far a ten > roan la a fie 1 >ra: on Apply a: W aaat S-ye .-with etre on'y a lew doors lr maNny eaont ? iairr. A ?INTI.FMAN AND III^ WIFK. OR TWO A aigi ,o be aeeootmcilat-d with lord. lerma f-.v- e Able; in per* as who w tab i. unlet Comfortable hoia bla would be a desirable place. Norn lot rrapertiMe parties ueidi-i ply k IMA Rlsth arentie. war Twenty Aral a rret. a COMPOBTaBM HOMR POR THK WlfTBB MAT 1 be oht daed by a oarty r f rmtieroro In a flrat e'.aaa ho jar In Hobotea, .artng 'be rl??r and the frrr'ee. 'be es Ire ?<? >nd I > r, with btth riom ei ?e a and eta. la offe-rd with parUal boar ', o? It wc d b? let e< paimtely. For lir.he* parte lare apply a*. N Ortir creel Af-OIT OP ROOM A Of RBOOND PI.OOR C aLCTT la *-d foe a eet.tre1 lately or party of y-n' raw aleo return fnun. I'oor for wioa'e frenilemee ate: haste it. -? . h ST-et, ami Cnkm part. Refi-rnnrea re ulreH A COMFORTABLE HOMB AND GOOD BOARD CAN b had bj two o-three alat'e tenile-rte- or a gen eta a" ha 1 his ? to a bo we eoareoieal/ iuct'ew a: 1 with ba. few boarde.-a. Apply at 87C Grand atreet, ae r Norfolk A PBIVAIF PaMlLT WIL . LET TWu LAK'il ROOM*, A bandwairl/fnrnlahed to oae or two ft atlrotm, wither! boar 1 h-uic- a ?d m Be'arenee required ap ly at No. S A RB TOO UM KINO POB BOARD OB BOoMH -AP A. ply at fwewtubow _ ho aae had famUce. all wishing gen'-eel beardera aV d ply af the Boarder a Kirhaage a-6 Rmwlway, v here .. . - .. ._ Ko,t ely directed era ltouaiy to dew ra -le Boarding iml.lra all wishing fenxei beardera a'v d ap ptr HMtT" A BOTD A TOONO ORNT' BMAN WIFR AND tTHII.D, TWO A ye*. . O'd wleh In obtain board la a reepecao,- pr, yaw family between Klghth and For eth "irreta, Sec nd and Hhtk ayeo-iee Terms not to eieeed Bit per we-* Ad treat W Herald sating tenaa. Ac Board-two parlor* to lbt prpdrntshbd, with board, oe Are' ffwr aleo oea furnished r?ww oa ? eoed floor to famlliee or alntle teekepnen. a SI and M Ham mond atreet. between Bleeener aad Pbanh etreeta DOiBR -A IJBNTI.BRAN AND W1FB DA TWO OR Xh three t sale ?e Ueroer oaa be aec-wanioda ed with a rery pleaaent enlt of mama, oat arroad at irt. front, w ith full or par Oai board, la a Bret class hnoae aleo a rmm m fourth door Rrfrmwoes eishasted. Apply at No. 75 Wart Twenty third Hoard-a widow lalt. bahno tarbn thb f-nae Nj He Wret Thirty Aird rrwi. ? ear f<lath areot-n. Is now ready In ret i mnaaa fimtahed or oar raMbrd. w th or with board, oe m-d-ra'e teiaa. tlaa aad bath. 11 is can renleit to Bwrnd way at eg we BOARD-A RAOt PARLOR. WTTTI RO - B7\ TO LRt, to one or two e.acle tea' emeu. Doner MSP M. Ap pi., At A? leilaftnn arrive -DOABn.-AlOBNTLKMAN AND HW W1PR CAN FIND D a pleasant raott m aeeo d fl *>r, with (as an water al?r> "two (["etlemre eas Se arrrowmndated with ?1tl* ?pi m< Br fayeuee re, Call a*. 43 v retry rtrert. near f t doha's pan. Board -to lbt, with b ?ari>, in a pbitatr pa ?Uj, a large front ronna rn the aeeood "on-, house contaloe pan tVe who crwlre'.he eoeafOrteof Aboaie !a a geotesl fa w-'y ran procure the same by tnillag At RLE Broome atreet Term* moderate Hoard -a obnt>bman and ntw wifrobtwo or three single gr-t eaaee can ba anr nuns tdnted w th eleaeant rooms on sewed floor la a prt ate faaa.iy, at IR Tenth afreet near Bnedway Refer?n<w? eu aad rein red. Board-vebt dkaisablk ro^rb with oood board and a nntet enm r table h< ate. < an be ob auied at MM Foertb a-eona t erwa moderate OOARD AT NO 1R WRBT BLBVBNTII BTaKCT -FLR t> ntehwd ro-ma, wtA board, to rmL Apt ly at No. 13 Vt ed fie- . th creaf. 1JOABD AND Ml/NIC ? A ORRNAN PROPWSCR OP J r ai'iale. ra tone* man., o"*r? h ? aeevlte- ?a win- r u-*-her In s-e? family, Fir s well f im'ab-A mom w J? fall <w partial boa-; Address Rueto, hot iR) Mr raid o??ra. BOA 'D IN BRDOKI.TN IN A FI.RABaNT BIIOATBD h use, wild d ft e minutes walk o- S nth w Ws I atree ferries a bsc* yarhe row on Wet "om. sd rooms on aeeood Sod thl d #r?i *, an: able tor m rr'ed or rtnjfle *en''e pen. At U1 Henry erect. Ueadon diwirsele A-1erworm etrhs* *ed. HOARD IR BROOKl-TN.-TWO OR THBBB OKN i.emee tan be sc oetinodst'd wtta neatly Nrttishrd rooms, and rar Jal bnerd. a< No. I (harder ?treed, locauow near Wa'l sua Month tnrr. _______ flOABD IN HROOIJ.TN- TWO OB THBBB OBNTLR l? m-u and ibelr wf?e?, desiring the romi >rta aad eeies iitpft' if ?d i t'Mwii hf>m ,wiih % |>riTftW* mt wf hotit btmri#-* %n?l IMuf m 9- fin# wirwl^rn it> fb'/ repaired nx>A p%inu*d Ihroiifbotil. <*%n ?#c %i if Im* yttim pptet? tm HOARDING ADD LODOfflO. milD IB BROOK LTV,?A FMW (iBNrLXVBN OAK 0 b* sn*? TitlaUd wM>i pleanmM rooms and partial board, At 3iff H mrj (treat, with la trs minute*' walk of the South m Wall * res* fwrrlat, Brooklyn BH04RD IV BBOOELTV.?FAMILJRH aVD SINUB ? gs-nt-eaaea About locating for the winter, will flu J /wj dealruble room* In the fir* oIam houne Vo. U& Henry unit, between Oot-gres* And Amity street*. Partial board for gen BOJBD IV RROOKLYV.?PARTIAL BOARD WAN td by A young grptlrmiJi convenient to the I Uy HAt * dd/tue a'Ulng it rase, A, H., Henl" otAce. Board in m>ijtb biookltv.-omi or two obk' tlensen caii be tsctjommodaied *Uk room* a?4 par*? board within o few minute*' waIa of the Booth and Wall newt fi-rrle*. C*H At 20. Clinton timet Board w?nt?d-bt a obntlrm*v and dm wife la a family where there ere no other boarder*; the 0 j ret ta ? pleasant Pome. Addrrea 8 T., bo? 1,433 Fee* ofttee Boahd wantrd-fob a usvtlbman and aaa wife, 1 he locution mutt be between Third end dtath Avenue* And Amlt) end Fourteenth u'recto; the htuM meat ba-e nU the modern water And (u eonventenclee, nu MMr b ??rd?*r* mu?tbe in the hvtse, Aud no partle* who have other boarder" need npplr A Urn room will bo required, weC fi.rciibi J, a kbaII rw'or and beroam, breAkfAit only ar thw Term* mn*t be mn rrete; pnvmnnt tn Ad war U dee I red. Add rem Hunbend t'nlm *qu?re Po*t ottre. TJO.tRR WABTBU-BY A UBNTbEMAN AND WIPE, JLJ in a plain And respectable fsnilly term* to be about lea dollars per week. flow Addren* kredet-iok llera'J otttiA Board wantbd-a labub and h*?ll boor, s/.otjtiDp, on eseond Boor. rartished. wl'h pencaaee* board lor a iinull r*atlT. tn the rl -lull- of St John'* park ar below it. A prt "ate Umily, wh-re ihsre Are no other ?o ord er*. preferred. od trees K. 8 313 Waahlngton *T?et BOA BO WAVTBD-BT A YOUVO UANTLBBAV. IV A private family, either French or American. somewhere in the vicinity of the St. Nicolas Hotel ; hare no deiire to peg en f xiravsgant price, bul If a pleasant roo d can be ofltelnre be should like to have s no" her yo"o/r man room with bin* r.bor.M wi*h to board for all winter. Addreat amA ran, with term*, ?t. Nicholas Hvtel. Board i no.?rooms ov thb fourth floor at a per w efc. Four or five (ingle gentleman cut be aooota- > modated per nAiieut ) Room* newly furnished and the table of th' hmt oia*a Dinner at all Von-? but relereocea of the Br*' reaper tab l'ltv received. Apply at IOC Rleeciw atrot*. third block vat of Brc da ay. BUAROINO?TO PRTVATB FAMILIAR ?TO RENT, TO i rlva:* ramllle*. witk private table, t vo Boor* of a r*R *jxe modern brown Hone ho one genteel!/ furnished, in Warn Ivrrntv fourth e'reci near Broadway and Mvti ion flqaaea. inquire of Mrs H LoWB. LT Rem Twenty fourth tract aOAB?IH*.-A FINB SUIT OF K<X>\t>i FUBNldR vd on tue seooid tlocr, would he rested on Boeder*** lertne, w'b bnard. to faml Irs o-singlegrntlrmeo Eighth are nor r:\ ? snd Klercker Hirerl stapre pare the door. una* has k*? sed bath. Apply at U A'mngdoo *1 -Are, Usdeoa ?met, nrA- Bank. BO^RuTNO -A VSATLT FURN:?HKl? RO-')M.TO LJf* ?n second floor, nontatnlns pa* an.l ci iei*. to a gentle m?n a id lany. (fur board for tb? arty,) w..n a wUow 'lily Lucai too rear Mlcrok-r and Oarmln* MrMtR, Aodram 1 lings ou. Broadway Poat olUoe. TIOaRUINO -k PARLOR *ND BBDRODM O* FI UT 'J floor. v> ith pr.vjv ;?ble i: re |nlr,?<l *'30 two hnuomly itirn'sbid front rrv mi on ?rc ?id loor, at ho 49 We*t Tw?ntjr sT?iuc strer'. Hrcae first clam ud *eraral >*oirs a*laUUahM. Rrlrrerce required. Bua&DINU.-FITB CM'URNISIIKD ROOM 8 AVO ?wo largi panwics, on aunoal floor, lutttlln for two '.urge :*tr.U: ;s (or w ll br tet tog 'thury in hi me do, til Ka?< Breed wa^. Tb- above apartarut* oau b had with board if apptldd for 'mmedlately i,bt. vtitu hoard, a pleahaht froiit room or ?nit of room*, on aeooud sn 1 third I ran,, with t ae'rlM at<sched, at 143 LAwranct street, between Iff hr.jifcby *trr?tend Fu'.lon ivsenn- Reference* et hinged (TOOPKR llOVfll BR-OPBMB'l, AND NkWI.T POB ) nlsbed ?R rem by the day or week, nea ? furnUhed. price from 91 to V per week: oonneeted U a Orel oiae* i rant. Apply at the Oooper Ho use. 334 Broadway. C1JN1BALB0U8I. VKW BOWKRT, BBTWIEV fAK ) and Booc vc' a'reeta ? Oood room* can be had at t above hreise for one dn|<ar per week. tjH.dUANT FUBNI8HBD APABTMBVT8 TO I.VT -BUIT !i able 'or ?i.i*)e gen lemen or 'amitics at lit Fourth are unr. Mral* nerved tram rre'.anrant. next door. J7L10 ART1.T FUBVBHBD ROOMS TO LF.T-TO U1 ? '.leases, withm.i board, or with breakfar. If The wh?,.<of the *eoond floor conaUtlag of four rooma, balk, hot and coil water, and waiet nloact. wvh a *p:*ndld parlor on irat floor If oe*lred; alao other roomr Ap :>ly at No. S3 Bond atreeL FBR.?nn BO RO IN BBOOKLTN.?A PRIvITg I resch fanul . bnving more room than rcqnlred. rffsr ?e It a lsis- ren. w.m a small one nUat bed. wr-h or wubasm boa. ii .0 a grntl'msn and ady or tw > miIim. 1 hero tea* art at w sade>ga:it y f .rn.ihed. Apply at 313 B :u*M*. nsarl'eg'aw Hrotkfyn Five or s:x simqli obmtlbvbn oav br Afxxm tri>1*t-d with foil or partial board at 39 Willow phaeh. Honth Brooklyn, betwsen eo -tk and Wab Mreet ferrtee. PVRMS3BD ROOMS TO LET-TO BIVOI1 ORNTUR m>n or Kcntlemm iscd ihnLr w'.'-e*. w'.tk or wlthont hoard. Tsc r oni* a*j neatly r;n>t hed and sw.ll be let at a > ab'.epitc . Can be aeen at 113 Spring (treat, a ahort < west o' Broadwav flOBNtbHin ROuN TO LBT.?A LAR9B AND WSUL i tit. i el ftJ.-u:>hed room to let, to on? or 'wo yn. ?s?s wlihou'. board, In prl ate dwelling No. V Heater alreet F rntshkd ok dnp-'Rmbhbd hoc** to urr atljliitrint Um liudaou river sara atop wlhio tw> rvda of rbr hi ra? ten t??* per 1**7. The b ? -me ta b U? tn m?l<n atyte bad wilt be lei roeap :or tba wtoier? .on^w If wulM laqtura at lilt aire. .. oppjalia ibe depot. or at 4' Tirmtj 4uib ? jt #*.. brw 1 'rk Ii^crnTsryooR usnrp*f'shid booms i* sottb 1 nr ?ev*.-<i tn let to *ec men wtuiwr. board a. Hi Pounli ?trret, arar ib? Bowery- FurnUiinl roam*, wli break Ml it rejiLrtd. at 141 KUt'Ji ftrew. -i_rd door Mil a* Broadway. PL KK.-aBZD PARLORS ANDlBEDBCOW TO LIT TO pi ntVmt n, wi'h or v lib jut part %1 b"ard fa> .m <n a dw itybtT 1 li?all3n. with C-iRoo and Li tbe rumav and ouaww aim1 10 bi?t h at wot an > Hroadaray aiagas. Apply at 9M orwraa atrrrt, near (T. aloe place. FOBJtlRHBDBOi MRTO LET TO A UBWTLRMA5 4PI wife wl h beard nr to a.agir ?roi tm?i wi*b>:i board, at Jt9 iroome alter:. brteean Bdrtdge tad foravb. FWBNISHED BOOM TO I.BT.-A La'IUB OR KB din? ?..??* rd room W.Z br let ijw to a d? rab a *m t an. l.wadoo ? p u>wa. .aart 'Mi 10 cara aad ytacaa. ttrrabfhi aud mat A 00 SoAdays i. c aatrad. Alt rate H. B.. Detail ofBor P0KN1HHBD ROOF8 TO f t WITH -IT BOARD. TW teo'tm-a yn'.j ? bp Ifoot parlor ja br brat J nor, me fti.r larva from room op tbr ?i?ad tl nr. amiable for two ar tbrar cenUrmen Apply ai '* airoet, ftirth iw 2mm h ."ad way PCBNUHID ROOMS TO LBT-AT W| BROaPWAY p'raa'ially attaat'd. with bit aad nvd water. |w As. N( FOHB'NlilD ROOMS TO LIT, WtTH.tCT BO*ID amiab.P f ir ior or two gnmiamea, on ihaaec-ind It? a pply at . 8 R tit'# atrrrt HOTf l? LOrOIN<H?.-<?BNTL*N>N OA" OUT A CM aood f< rai h>d roomi at tba illo*>e lime), onmer of ) ankfer* an 1 William a-rrete, a. 36 can A and jf aali pat n.vht Odor open ali BlRbt. IOW A LANDS -BMLECTKP CHOIC1 LABI) t. XM 1/rT* of 80 f> M? arr ??, at fair prima for aalr or ri<- umv* Apply .0 D W. HOr T. No. S Maaaaa atreet TO t? RlflT IIROAIlWAT ? A OKSTI.BM AN AND wtfa, auto a trw angle gent.rat?o. (u sa aecomm >t*Md alia board ami a faw day brar lera NO. 7M BROADWAY < < RNRR LP MINT . IfRKMT - H leo mnata oa l.ret and arm. (Icre, r egaa ly fir nnhad aNn atogle ronau Talilr d'bo" eui.lne a leprae c>.ije Pt ate table tf rnjolrrd Planar at I o'auirb. ONI OR TWO EMPt'CTABIJI IOI NO MKN ( AN B1 are wltb mr??\ ,'wiard wb-re '.bey wtll mm w'lb a'1 ihr romforta of a homr. bp applptaf at lit B. Mark I plarr, retm Nf tu for tara daya. ONB OB TWo R1NOLP OIPTLBMBV OAN B* AOOOM m lata.' wltb fnrttibrd t> ma and loard na rraanttabb brai App y at tua Ir.t no.Ug>| abort Parly Iral arrm. m Naarwd n?mr PAf'.l.nRP AND RBDROOBR TO L?T WITH BOAP.D a'd' Matt Aon a rs a brlwra? Tiraaly aareaibbod Twmi ty a:|b''. aL-rrta. RCCNN TO LIT -HAiPdObll T rrBNTUHBD Ol ?wat flow, Id a prlratr family 10 frn.'rmrii m.f or w.tbc.t boa d a> mrdrraie prw Ra .1 mmu aad v*r at 41 Raat Twacdatb atraa*. bvtwava Broadway a>? fS,,'., SvriBiCB pfbp n*n b<?om to Ltt-iNBaiw or alrt'r, anibnr' 1 tmt erwrn only Loeatloa oa arrpaaaablr *or at . r ? ?? taqrlra at :4I Broadway a W Prlarw atrrai, ?r ? r-ma mod era >a rPO OB THf . ,K IRNTI.BMBN < AN OBTA1) a a?ut of roca d ' ? r w b partdal board. %? Na 18 Rrarb atrwrv n. ? ,t . rwi rro PtntNiHHBD Pah: i < i nnrti tr> bt blip int'ioo'i ba*tb| rbandrllrra, ara^-- wrt a oa of back Ar . to lai w.ibo t board In prnrai . aly of 4-a1 reap am bllty. lajba daMra. 1* fi aatrd bvuar 1 Waal PFWatbaW? . LIT PCR.MBBBD BOOMB. with n BOARD. At *9 b.drdf* atnaoL _____ r. ft > LBT?A PL14 0 A NT PCRNTBRBD BOOB. TO Of or two aiapla gaa Jamia. wtb mm. balb. Ac. la-intra ? Prtaar atraai TK) LNT. WITH BO AID -NO U ONION POD ARB 1 dritvbtfnl aolt of ronma. bar.'.omr f faroBbaa aad Bra lag *b> part, w A i rleatr tab'r tf da ' fp.y LET-WiTH OR WITHOrT PARTIAL BOA El 1 twr plrawuu ramiaAad ronma _Apply m 113 r nr Tm*U\M ?'rmt* X"0 i.|W- rtllNDBID ROOM P*..B <>? AND PR: ronvm 10 fiaiiua or atbgie trat amra :?? a'-aal ? pton p'e-V ItiNT?TO a 1'aRTT OP URBTliRMRN OR a OR.' tlema?. and w|fr a haa' anil of pynm. win tr?a tr( room attach ?1 f.iralabrd la /leaaot atrlr ever, poor rlrr.rr and pm d a: r?da?r- wtb p-lrmtbtAb a Re ernnnr hr Bra* rrap ?nabllll raqnlred aaa a'rra Mi an tB.otr plana raw of PdA artvar Wantbi> in hrooeltn. an dnpitrnt'db r on wltb board, ror aa aldrrly ady grnxl arwomiwnd bona la a plroaaat la4? Km. wttRapHraui ttmtly only I to 14 per work will nr paid, Alan, ft>- aala a am rary ban a mf hoaaabrdd fnmllurr, madr Id orlrr. Apply 10 * WARDbLl- lAlajrttr aaemar, (birddoor waat of Bad!> ar mna. Prvobiya kit ANTRi. -IN NEW 10RR, HOARD BT A LAD WW Afdraaa. AtAtloy p 1t? an 1 fnll pa il Art. B T Bar. eTta W AATKD-IN ItROOBLV*. H* 4 YO0N.I 11 . NTk mea. a r^m. wi'h p*rtlal br art. la a private Ital Addrta M f., boil 1J? N T. Poa'r|grr Ukf A NT ED-A TMAtil, PT BNIKHRD |no? " town, by a ateyWrrn' rman. w k pan.,%1 n.? ,1 Rrra faat at 6 e >r o el o* aad tm at J o> rwit Term* oa -l.w? 4 ir*** J * ? *? *'", rqnarr rnat rifllre \\ ANT RD IRRKntAVibT-KM ? Bit ! OR A WtBTt. ?' ,WN" *ad bit wilb. la a aaa. ? fata Iy Wtta A faw *? boarl'ra, 1 a ib < weataHr of tba c brtwrm Twaty dl and 1 aem'nr alrwrla. Addnaa CP it IN P?i ,?re IMfTlllYU, i?U, /TLOTBIRO NtVD Rl AfiK. 'BRtNBn nt Hit V/ ar 1 r?palrrd. at tflreen tngi s> wl b all wa antga ?i O $.1 pre pl..? at .1 RRO. ? A', kit ?OW*rT ??r9W <tf % tefWt NrmLwrmd t!?f tip Wt'rA