Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 25, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 25, 1857 Page 2
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iiiBiiimm ihhvb irai m. PWUH)?AL. rr fbrnon pbiiino h?po?***h>n qoHOHHB mf kiuipiit iki Wester* eooBi^M o*Wa*e aama by acnli.slag an* fit ud iMr address to Btbwr?G||^_ jo nil pox. A G, B. I# INFOBNID THAT ram Pimps in a L!lTi.l J OK KB wtU be lniied Q? Wcdseadny ito IJ?> oni. seweboy*. ? PKt-T Tt TI YOUNO WOMAN, SATlNrt LOATH BR husband at d wilboalhnv nmu of supporting IV would give for edaptfen a Pre heal by rhlld of Are aaeelh* old. to a chDdVas family AddrtiM, at No. 8 Beater at, to be for ward' ad to Mrt Bryan. ?A CITI7,*N "-WILL BE H 4 PPT TO HEAR PBOM A btm ?ooe. Your communications hr* accepted. FO. TRIE A DWELL WILL P.JCABB CALL AT Id] ? Pearl street. second floor B , DIBECT ALL TOUR I.BTTKM TO & SWAB A CO., Aagnate, Qeorgln INFORMATION WAWTE1)?OP JAMBS HAMILTOB, OP Vatber'a Forth, '"f oonuty. D.wm, Ire'ant. who lived ebon! two yean ego at a plaoe aal ad Km Serllng, Wayue rom y, Peon*) Irani*; baa a daughter who i I red with B Carpenter, Waeieheater. N Y ; alao bai a ao?, Thomas oocaratad with the Irlah eooatabnlary, auttoaed at Aatrtm. Ireland any totormatim will be thankfully re emend by Krt ktnl Ynnoe, 61 Uieeawlcb avenue ootnerof Perry at reel. Pennaytrmnla papera please c-py 111 POEM AT OB WANTBiJ OP T30*AS llKFRON, OP Alhlme ltoalnflp, eouaty R soinmon Ireland; alao of hla alater Calhai tna The former In A p* 11 laat It red with Mr. OutvW 186 etat* street Cb'earo. la April Catharine Hrad it Vlrhaburg Thetr ala.e.. but lately arrived la ans lone to hear from them She can be fbtutd at atf Paottic vtreot, Brooklyn, L. I Chisago, Ctncionati and Tlckaborg papera plaaaearpy. IBPCRMaTIOP WANTED?AT WASBTH'JTON, D O. . by the he Ira of the late Mrs Sarah Thurston, of Oharliu M burster who sailed from Dew York for Liverpool In the ahlp A ndrew Paster In the summer of 1861, and baa aot Baca been heard of. JUUrB A. THORNS, OP PHIL&DtLPHIA. WAB A pai ttrngt r In the sltaeer Central a me, lea; hmvtug lived la Calleo, Ftro. for the laat Ihrea or fonr mm the Any In formation it. regard to him from say of the survivors of the sad re amttv will be thenkfolty received by his mother. Ad drraabo 1 l.\6 Philadelphia PorlotUse. MILLD BE OP DOLLARS, UNCI.AIM!J, IB THB Bank of Kngland and elsewhere. Heirs wasted of Taomae. eon of Aroblnald Stewart or Kirkwall; aald do aoeadanl^ heirs of entell of the eata'c of Brurgb, Orkney. H UalS next of kin oflise, 327.liroad way. New York. mo THB SURVIVOR* OP TIIB CBNTBAL AMESHOA. X Information wan ad of Mr. L D Blobardaon, of S?n Fran cisco, Cal. whether or not be wai or board the Central Ameri ca. Any Information on 'be tnbject aldreasetl to B B Richardson k orwtch, Ct, will be gratefully appreciated and liberally reward*!. HOU8E8, ROOMS, AC., WASTED, A SMALL HOUSE, OB PaRT OP A HOUSE, PUB ntabed. with everything complete for h uaekesplng, la wanted for all month* or longer, by a family of four persona Beferv res tin? aoeattonable. Address J. ML W., box 3,687 Foal office tta teg kcation Ac. H^BOUbB IN BROCKLYN WANTED?BT A OBNTLB man lawfe and three ebi'dren: a small house form lehed or ue famished, acwsalb e to the terrte* w thou recourse to the car*, real must be modera e and amount sUtsd. Ai drraa Bit ler box Bo. 116 Herald cflloe. HHOrFl WANTED.-WANTED TO "URCRASB. A large four story boose located between Fourth and Twvnty ulrd streets aod Fourth aid birth arena**. Addreaa elating oration do , J W. B , box 3.761 Poet offlca H^KUSE WANTED-POB A SMALL AMERICAN FAMI ly, co the north aide ot the otty below Fourteenth an set; It mart have modern Improvements; rent, say aKou 36.XJ per annum, would like the owner to take a part of the rent la board. N B ? It murlbe on sleaze of three or five year*. Addveee OapV Headrraon box 176 Herald office. Land wanted.-a tract op land suitable for a town and farming purposes, containing from 5.UUU to lU.UOO acrvf., in one of the W uatera or Sou A western Scat** or Territories. Laada situated on a navigable stream preferred. Parties he ring suek lauds fo* rale are requeued to see where aad how they ere situated lha quantity they offer for sale, and tee price they aak per sera Address oeneral ueraaan Colonization Society, box 3,186 Buffalo Poet offlne, N Y P. PoarTiB. (lor Bee. L. ALLDKWaHB, Pres. FHA1T oy A HOUSE WANfBD-BY A t}7 four grown petaona.loesUoo below Twentieth a tea pre ".'erred Addreta T. B., Herald offloe. staling rent which moat sol exceed $16 par month. PART OP A HO USB WANTED ?A FAMILY, CON slat rg of a young gentleman aad hta mother, desire the lower or u -per part of a house, with a family of adn ta; toes Hon must b* tear conveyances, not abov* Twentieth street; . west aide preferred. AppUcas a must state terms, aire of -family and mention. Adders* Bouse Hunter Herald offlye. TH3 APOTI fiCARIBS OB DRUOOTBT8.-A PERSON tocHaed to aeii oat a drug store, well located and ai a moderate price, with a lease will hear of a person willing to buy. by addressing B. fl 176 Allan street a, tung exact facility and \nwts. to 7AXTKD-THE SCBBCBTBSR W18HZR TO BIBB OR bay a email h-.tian la a respectable lor .Hon, between 1 fl,li ,l"* ? a*"1 boomd sad Betroth a** ia? AjCrT*?' 'L*"1 f ?SM DDi.lwau.MiM.W T. L iwreooa, Jr., kn IU ratcBn. w utrsn-APAiTMBim in ? PEivm ri* LT for throe, *e enure flour wtnM br preforml. etvattet tof of wm or four room*. Lov a'.l ?* betvem Kl/fcifc and Tweei * *tmei* and Third ard ftiatfc avenue*. * ddrets, ?taunt Wontlcm and ten** bri S ?79 Poet r?c*. W AN 71D?A bWKLLJHG UG'CBB IK THIK CITT TW exhaaar for a valuable fhra> aari rittotry aaai. twelve mllna fn> a ibr eiij, oc I<oac Island, .arm ?onh $ Noma railroad k u.oa will be taken A. 8. OornH. IV Wall street. WAKTKIV-HT a tocko la* t, A HIKOI.K FDR t isb< d ro .a. or oaa wttk bedrwea aMeeknd; fre* I apart meals pr? rrrtc. In Jm lower part of ike el J and aaar Hruad war a< drees A A J., lifcalr4. iKoa WAHT1P-A WILL FURBISHED HOUR* AT LB AST three r rma deep and three Merles high, w.?h all the mrdere improv* weeks. betwea Blnchar act Fourteenth rireeks act Fourth ard With avrmi-e. Beat aottoexreel BlJGV APdreee B. M. O , Gerald ofties WAbTKD-RT A OBK1I.5KAK AMD Hit WIFB. four ecod ?t oats la a getteel neighbor hood; ucprr i?arl Of tee ft y . nferred Beat uot to exceed Ulu Andrea* J. X . ItC l.bambsm sireec WANTID-A WILL SK.LBCTBD 8TOOX OK HOUriK Inralelilrr ?noda. la eirnsng.. tor ?*> t au?k . 1**1 ei late ar<1 pan raah Apply a', ibc tiecwal Agseev (.???, r ?a 10. 3# w J lam Ml eel. UOFFMAJt A OJ. yy AbTBD-A BMALLHOVFI, CENTRALLY l/OOATBD; rr nt i l to eieeec fPki Ala-, lee or lhr?e real f ir man and * lie taxable for hnurierptng Address Fi?ree> feroadway I'ml. tfcoe. VAKT9II IMMEDIATELY-IN A GIN11BI. Nf.UH |, be'ow Fourteenth alreel by a aoodparlr, a Rial c!a-e louse, r.lerly fnrn.ih-d, tillable foe a Tew fij si lata boarders, yearly real aot to *i*r?d II .MM f, W RICH a RIM. KIT Broadway WAKTF.D-KABT CF A HJRR.SHED HOTT8B. FOB A i mat. fiaac w lb kliesen, In Kaw Torh r:.y. Address J. A. box Ko 7 Hera'd oflic?. -|VrA',?*n-BT A SMALL FAM1I.T. A ?"ALL HO 'RA V> or rert of a bmiae. wl A (as aed wa'er. below ?rAK. add betweea Ibtvd acd Beeeath eveeaee. Addraai WrtBL Herald "ti ce. astltt terms. Jc VAMBL-ArAATMBhTA (THhKl ?_ 1* * r,,..r?atw t-jaar. "t h n Bflem m.aa ?? * jr?**?b aireet Beniaeiio atoeed Bltamoetk Al drew B B . 3W tlreeewNKeL att a a watt j MMBD1A1BLT - IK A OB? TBBL KBIBH , .. , k . .. raa.ct imail dwe.llnA hF a lenndaile ZZttoSrfrTitr-A?' UaZr>A,*ad bMh DMN a a re r it terra a llb-ra yrtM ?.I he paid. Ad a. III o*ir r rind is da*, hi .unit*. Herald od^ie rAKTBl) TO I'UlB- a, BBKT t># Bwiteeate. looaloa ao objMA Addrem, i f L X T.. Herald oAea TBr ANTED TO BEAT ? A FOfB 8TOBT AND BAKB VV m?.? hocse, ?Hb Ai Ibe m ?'era teiptoraineos Ham ** be b?to? Bocd nor sboje Fiedelh_?geet. FijMtyprtr^, aed reel aeenr A Addreea R . bt i I M7 Foe idiae NHCRLLAJTKOlt. Alcohol, <*> awd 96 r?R curt. wmw intiLawn rum htffh and kr* proof, purr aplrita dm***'*' I uC la far aai* at UM dtaOllary. 11} and llirm Mrrw J W. aTlbli. All nmm or rip hu hard roil ik<i **??? Malt boufki u4 arid at tkn bafldfef ram ia T rijh'h rrM batwraa Mivk and A*? ota araaooi. ALr> bait* <n|a bought acd takra ? wa at ?b >ti potto* RMTLRK~~BRIATLRR ?A VWWT LaRUR ARBoP.f. ?rat of mry wktta Pottea brMtoa. far km* bmtArr* tnd 4oniU> r. for aaJ* a> whoiraal* aaf ra ail by P. MTVK1 ?J obn *0* Iran, la da roar. AiD.iwarim paiwy.?warrawtrd to ouai any ordinary faafey r of. aad ha boat pafai la aartti far all oulaidr wart, tor aala At lha 'frmapacjr a dapot No AN Watrr atrrai ? a joun a wot at n?n awd a?ob I/A ua oiaatrr' aara toad for tru yaan la tha rrtT**a At la* of Dr. Wo') la tA* Aietb aad Waaa 11 arm rail*, hbi ?Por aai* at li|Vtt armo* aad Tblrtr l'A atrafa. a ran or *Nd Twantf afaott kraal. aai VMr4 ?aM itrty an?al afaaat I'YCH iri.Hi-? eiRm r?K utbawrhip mm aoa of ra-too* aU*a ]<ut ran* < ad Abd ta prnar ordar, a graad r? ration of hyacfait** tnl'rt , Re . Iter aala br tbr ram -? at r* all, at HU?H C RA I CO. A dortata, fl Jo*a ?trw t. amt rill KAh'EA ADAM, PIRA 0LA1 WOin.Oi? ~?. GOJWfi WKAY.-WKHTKRJI 8KTT1 KRA ARK PA f. fully Allrr to th? rtUtrnnr of ferrra aad aruoa In ra. Oxford rontiirlra, and tho*r who arr praparlnr to tf,h hi ?vrrad.n* p. ulna of Iba far ?rn will do wall to nr-par* thna. arivr* oiralnat unrb onnUtirmifr* Tbr rr**t prr-wl AarM Lemur intmriiirod lb* w-rdlal or?a? klttrr* aa an vuifatltoi aprrtftc *?am*l lltnar maladlra and no Wnrtrrti h w ?hm,Jd br wWhfMi Uirm. Tbr* arr for *al?, ab'lloaalr aut rrtali bt f>, 70 Baaaaii ?*rn*t, Nr* York, and by'all rarpmablr di V BRoiFifR oily ' IV kPROIAL WOYina fkr Ktrueanr Oil Ouaartny aa> ouana to tkafr amt? it \ raatria ar>'kai'bay bar* dwaurrrrd a rronaaa by wtlcb all aaplaaraai odnr la THrrly Mm urd Irom Rermrna fit ARM U?f 10R TBR WfLLIOIt Ykr b- rnrr of hla lamp a a ? Irlit tiprnaa can baattarbad to ?ay orfintrj lamp, ard burn* at an ripmr# of our q it trr * ?ta cmb' par boar, aad at*** it? light of Are* erndle*. Ranplr* ? a b* aaan at Utr off r and at tba Orrautl Palae*. I-naal at ?* wflh atr wtr? ilakt" appolalal oa application ?? A 1'PTb.A A, flromti arm'a, #' Br trrr at*a t, R. T 8"'IlL ' ^imnorR no# oar* ~ ? * * ? **th im nrart aad 67 Brtwary A TI*L ematandy im aaad U.!!L *1 * '?'Parirr. 'Irdrm ftnr!; rrrt-iiod, ?tarn it.r. ." r**>t' ?'-?rla rd. wli hi-k r'at* sr \^Tirn<?rs //.uv, SS ^^ W"mfff'?A?!?0,l,",n *" *** MflfOI pwdrr . s:?rawnasw'rjfisas UOOim, ROOMl OBL\ TO LBT.^H A| BOOD OHANUB TOR A BOABHIN HHJSE. TO ink wgr Brant* tmgm n ?m foor story >?w, stle low ceo awning sincns rxmi win gms. ba'ta ntu;e As Tandy rantfAU. F mMi about WOO rot asM In* ? P. W. BIOHARDf. ? Ttoadwny ? YyBlBARLB APARTNTNT8 TO I-NT, AND rosin If lure 'or fata, la Bprti.g 1 root, rat of Broad w?v Priat parlor, ban room tear cm and three bsdmoms. aU on oat floor lot and ore on waier Addreat J B. W . Broadway I Pom omee. 8LRUANT POOR BTORT BROW* 8T0NB H0U8B TO l?t fu*rlah?d situated In a faahlooabl# to1 ? h -orh t>d. The house la la prr'ecl ord?r, snd the furniture perfectly new. Foit WlfciT panic lar* apply to I AU f. ?(.'HE* OK, 98 Nae tau air -*4 FUBW1RHBD ROOM fbWIori) PLOOB) AMD A BACK basement to lot, 10 a final: fatal y; alto furmabM rooms oa fhr 'bud floor f ppiy av S8 Bulllvaa street rOBMlBBin BUOMB TO I BT.?UUTLBKBK DB8IB lag ah-r,,'gcixe)j furnished parlor aritb bedrooms ad jotting hsuor gas la b. hot and cold water, may obtssa thru prrmttoD'ly. without botrd crib a pruatc fanily. In Pood street, near Broadway: oo I Cardura or e dulr?u In Iha house: will loI mure Ul o' M ty. Add. ess M. B. H., Broaiway Poat offl-e G1DBNIKRKD bOUbB AND t>TAm,B OK PIPTR AVB I? nue to Jen'* Apply to BOW ?RU 11 LUDLOW A OO., Wo. 11 Pine ftreet, Com mm wealth 'lank Building. QBBAT Us R J a IK, IP API'UBD FOB IMBBOIATB 'T iv. ? A home tr ei aort furniture for auk*. Call for ihre? I ft) 0 at 39 IdP^.aard ?tr 11 fOTKl, ro? RKMT-TUB BUBBOBIBBB UPPBBS I for reo<. on reaannabi* term* the hot 1 Known na the Bkwtrtn house. The bous* hai j irt been finished, contains T'1slavplng riKinaa, dining rotin two parlors, retrvflng roc?, office barroom and barner a. op The kitchen department ta oompleie an 1 smutted with all the modern arpltaacee. It to flltee dtrocyfhnul with gas and wa e The loe?tl>u ta an ellgt bie one an< the bo>ae well ma*agr.l -ould do a very large b uaineas The house la furnished throughout and will be rerted either wit* or without the fu?nltnre For fart kvr Infor mation ?pp'y to J..H a UOuidlT boi 906, Chi .ago. lUinoig. HOrBB TO LET?TCP PKBHONS IN WANT OP A NICB fn clthed or uofarniah'd residence, for the winter or longer To rent, t three at i-y and baaroieat houta, wlA all the wo'ern lmprovemc ta brawn atone font furoiiheii arl'A rracwood fun.ltnr. and ad r,?mpletn lor hotiaekee.plng, on Twenty stxl^ atreet, near Htzth *renue. Apply at LIB treit PlftatnibsTeet. S' TOKK TO I.BT -THK 8TOBI SS RPB'NiJ BTRBBT near Wounter Appl? oa the prevlaea TO LIT-LOT 6? WORTH NBAR OHtTR Tf street, fbr ? a a! tard, or for a tot are of Inmbrr, brloa, lime, rr any o.berpurpo.e. Apply to UBOWABO SOOtT, M Gold atreet or M B. aee 'feet r> 1 AT?r08rBHB10M IBHAOiaTHI.T-A 8* ALB PUB nlahed eotiagr onBtae gland; Are mlnutea walk from Partoryvllle landing, lor partoalara appiy to K. A. UBLA PUtl.O. Eiq 101 Wall rt . K. T fpO LBT?ShVBN BOOM8 AW1) POCB BA^ByBKTH, IN A the housrg Moa 6tT aril at8 tlr adway. Jo a good tenant the auove will be let furninhMl or r.n'uml^ed at half their value Apply at the tegar a ore on tfco pranil?eg. fftOI.KT THB riBBT HTOBS WITH B kSKMPbTr AND A fourth atr ry of a go d honae In East TMrty third atreet near Lrtlngu r k venue. In nloe order wit a re w unproveeaenU and dumb waller, anbablr lor n genteel family. Ai>ply at No 131 Bast Thirty fourth sir*** ea?l of Third a/none. TO LBT?PART OP A OKNTBKT, HOUHB, CONSISTING of parlors, basement and rooms on thlrc! floor. In i% ntoe nelthborhood; ren-$14 per month. Alto Are bean'tfol roone oe Cflia floor; rvr.t flu per month. Cntti water oo each deor. Apply on the premlsei, 171 Weal Porty sixth street, near Nlnih avenue. r LBT?THB BEST P# RT OTA HOUSB IT A Dt ?lra'.fle location, with all the nrwlern Improvableata. from the 1st of October until the at of Nay to a lady anu gentle man. noobjetuon to one rhlU Termscaay. For rarttaulan ?ddreas U W., Onion square Poat ofllee, New York. rLKT-Sn)RB FO. IBS SOUTH 8TRRRT, AT A LOW rent. ImmeCiate poeaesalon git en. Apply on the pre mtees. mo LBT--A NICK THBBB BTORT COTPAUK HOV'KB ON X 7hlrtj street near Broadway; It coeituu tea rooms Bent fdfii) Also a number of baadaome larnlahed houses la geceei locafloas. Also parts of houses. K. B. KtKSHIhlER, rn Fourth arenrj). r 'LBT?AT * BAST BBOABWAT, A PUIT OP rooms, Commune of front and back par! w, bedroom nod kitchen, aU oc<ur second ? tory together \rtth cos. and wtvid van its, Act immediate possession oaa be given. Terms to derate. TO LBT?POUR BTOR1B8 OP A LABCB *TW BUILD lnc In Frliee street, suitable for stirage or a m&nu!ko> lory. Inquire of W. BLACKSTOKB, )!U Luurens street. mo LBT- TBK THIRD FLOOR OF THB L kB ID X building 7i>C Broad way, sultab e for retHenor clua rooatc orator# also, an aria'stud o, with sky llgbt and brd ro? Inquire at OLLLEN'B re?t*urant, la MnUfsrest,' >rnor cr Broadway. fHO LiT-TRN TIRB* BTOBT H0U81 NO 1S3 WBBT' X Thirty fourth street; has all the neodsn Improvements, such as gas brt aad ould water, Ac. apply At 313 West Thirty fourth street T> LBT PART OF A LOU SB (FUBSIRHBD1, ON Rtauui Island, with or wlihf.ut board; it bestatlfallr looated between the first and see?nd landings Per particulars In quire of Br. O Wl HflBF, 33 ?onth Wb"lam street TO LIT?PART Of A FIRST OLA88 EO0R BTORT house, fLrrlabad con?1?t!cf <>' two parlore on flret fl mr Its ro^in r n aewvtad floor, two front bedimoinB aa I .unn floor, wl'k tlrrb?L aril oellar; also. Vker c oeet i?i*rw The ad rertlaert (awl);, of four per*>u? will cocao* u?? reet of th? h(r.i??Un I- the city poaresnlot. tv med'/unlr Apply at 1)4 Waverley place Beemitj requtrod. Kojt V1J0J per aoj Din mo LIT-BOX'.* HO. 19 OIOhB ? r-ftXKT. KIOBT i. trnu at Ho (R, a room with atoam power, 80 b* ID? ike beat ll?hted room in tAe el ij. Apply oo tie pie rl LIT?FPRHIHHKP. FOR A 8 PALL r*MI!T, TH?t recoud floor of >?-?? M> R-?ih >'? me. oetalakfl parlors, two bedronnu. r'oaeia, Or rnu, fart. . Ac. ttrut low to a good ter -at Aprly aa a* ore *or two day? r> LKT-'IINTRRL APi RTMI) fjfl OONWHIHO OF 3vr rc? ar i n a !??. ?'tb yee w ater eiavel rhanJrten, Ac. a la"! T ?rr.'> ritii'h >? r>- r ' i r .t arronr. vert Cealxsb e for a small laa-tly K mt S 8 >ar mouth. I B KIHBHTMI IE. lit Four h arcana. TC 1IT-TPK LOWER PARI OF TIOUBR HO. TS ??r?en? R'ree., ROkj- ..rand -ret contlet-'j of frotl baarji-n' kitchen, hack parlor frw i rr ir ?; 4 h?dro-m on at"od Boer Tha .ro-ar has ?*?.' rater, Aa : real t? May 1, Hit. Can be aecn between 10 A. I aaS 4 P. M rLK"-A hROWH ITONk F CRN If-HID HOt AM ON Ttrew j-teveatb ik*4 a'eo one on T went? for. th atrvet a'to, tnroa Tarev.y atatb ?.re?L rem * 4J0. X It KI"SOI HIR. tf. Fn irta araana. r-14T LOW *? '] ron TltJf AWTS - THE TLRRR OBH t?e) boo r<> iSS V ' ari '"V Th: vr fo-j.fc ntrtw, uaar Kre?d aveaae Apr .|y on th* premlam, or At fl .?etvrnib aire A rm XT. tPRItlf p|b-t VHT njSIIAKU BTC*!, !?-> 40 Teui:: i reet, betwr en Fifth and *tnh arannaa The .btraltr-r* In e-w rlr aa"*. an'. v?r* jea: U will ba tat at a ?oAw-aw rant. Vr , no a natllth* 1at at May, lblh. Apply to LKCBAWal.lAd 79 Rrtver ?'.reel r| LIT, PL #.W iatlXO OR UHFURf'HUK.t-TltK NKN SL.l r?t ?<'A , f-rr ?n y b im Ho. 44 Ma?t T .. ret, fourth ?t?aj*. betw??n ? i-ainat.'in a. rl Fo'irt* evrnuea. rCMveaWoa let Tfoetrrbrrr App.y in a B RlHBHIXflR. 519 Foot A arawoa crO W . Nmltb. fWbwin'.an Bo^e. rllTttl LNAEA-T II DWELL!*.? IS. SIO'tHD uvtmne > s\r g abont 5? fee' front and ftoutte 1 with a" W* modete .*? prova^nta. Piwawaloa taanaadlaAie. W 11 b* Oawtahi d oa_i uf, mitiN flrpl* between }?) aadlf tPtfosk to 8. a blfTt :i iNlta. IK John etreat ffO LIT. t R FOR flaLI ClilaF?TWO TtlRIK M *trwy A |0|| floniea. IV an 1 tTO Waat TW.y tv.rl . r?ei. l>j4wern> r rath and 1 tehth ataaoea. roitlh at le wait all the modern Ua provemmtlA l aaaeaaton tmmaJlataH key at 170 pf? j ler a r*/ NT IH BIOOKLT H?OHI TBRIX NTORT bv*w hceia* 93 Front etrrra. T'ua houaa ooalataa a ha aa<f or.lA wa'erhah. wel' and rata watee in Cta rear baao w ta hnaied wtih hot air. and i* about twr. handrad yards ''*r\ * 4 Fnltoa and Main ar?at fer-taa. inquire of JoliH "ARI ,tL at Ho. 4 la the aatualnx mart nicn 1RIM. $10 ? < RKWAHP Ttl* APtV* REWAin W 1.I.TIK PA'II f I tor a foM br* ?*?->), low la the KipatA rare. ba ?n T aat..j to .rib tad ? an?l at?eta Tba flnd-r will ron rf a faror and rem.- e t..a pbore reward by rpiurelof It to 23 " Iff atreet ? in *?'ri*n.-ffT**T?n AWAY OB TCBSDAT. ?ivf frop Bo. fS rrloea ? rent, a arrall wbne poolla <1 *, aboal four years oW: attire are to the uao of Johonr. Who erei will hiiac the d ? to the abort ad (treat wUl rwaetre tba abort reward RIWARO.-bTnf.RW, OB TUB.-DAY BUI IT. JJrt laid aeareoteen mot row root, pUntnd Ma-k, hot on red. to* aatl yellow tripod, 'nal'e White, with threi reata and botdaa ? wrdr rralnrei. b**n(trel ??d a*oi<*1 ' Mlrhttel QalA'Aff. cf thr UtUary. Apply to Mirhart y at tba Battery. REWARD.?ffTOLB* FR't* TUB trwHIIU, ? All at ffannd Bmnk oj the plpht of the W 1 ertea^er, a dark creaa > lorad h'*? witb biae* mane aod tall roll 10 land* I iff, r'th a >ril? la ar faoa, arrnan n->?v aid'b? r (b' boo ? i abtia Ahr> a ??4 of beirr -male tvw?. wtth half ehata fare a Th< shore /award ? he paid for tba ree trery of tb?. I o a aad datara.-t of'it- Ataf B. H ? alao a tbraa ?prtaRwaior u hi a roter ebtifob re>-?ita Ar . fir?? *rnm ?B plana it* ?K ma alrM. 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A ft. r. 1AOORR, <# Rrondwny. ?iLBSOTKBAL Ifcn Arm? or aooD fabmino lands, or oook II nu COM*}. ilteMi IT mites from the oMysfb leago. wld be .old cheep or jltai ted tor food anlnpnmbtae' mag** I,.,.. .^-^?.Jjrfpr,yT8arm,?i7rg 7B Srh nnn ~VALC,BLE ?iorem v htlm ok ?V?.UUU. Lot| island, sear the depot.?A Term ooatala lie to ecrea of no productive lead with oooeftirtefalo farm bolldlr g?, frail, water As., will be divided I detared B A. BUKOB. US Brood way. room I $12 000 _ _ 'ory mark Is front houses. on Fourth avenue hoc Thirty vLrth street The loteooot Bd.OUO reek. The hoaaea e?e real'y c-eap. Terata eeey. Apply to J. MELDED*, on the prrmlvee. $15 OuO ?tory brown tune bonae, will situated In 1 we tiy *eeood street; wTT be told low on eeey terms. Apply toB LBulLD N, M Nassau etreot. $50 .pioGerti,wc7Sh BM.udO nuivtgaied lor #M 000, >111 be exohsnged for Kew 1 trk or Brookhe out lole. Fa terabit for replielivU. None but ptlnolpuU treeleil with. . ddreca 1) M e.. Hem Id offlce. A DEuluKTrCL RMIDBNOB FOR 8ALB?ON MOB A rey liUl uenr nrth ereeir?, Mo. 80 Wee* Tblr y dxtb itrrei fo r story eud bteeas ml brown stone house,.10 by 66 'eel, lot T) by 1W> feet, per lor well*, entry wells end ceillnga >es:oed In ill. Terms eeey. Apu y n P. U. WEAVER, fit ? ? ? ^ J| r * * * deads sued, or to /. U 6AM ON, 1*4 Srnnd street. HUSK FOB .8ALB?8ITCATEO A" 80JT0H PLAINH P New .for. er, 26 oWlsa fro? the dtp end e mile fr*v? the cepo'; tbrrr I# en apple crokarri, topeitdr withe variety of choice fruits <m the; e never fhillng well end broc* ere near 'be botnn The bami *n1 bon e ere tn nood order, bat p'hlnly bell: 40 here* ers und.-r cultira ion, end tb*rn*t, Otlrg 11 arm n>l woo laud Price 81,003. of can rrirair 03 bmd and roirtgare. Fur h tr pirtleitleriiavde known b- etefjlnr At Si Fourth avenue, ur'stairs, any day this week, fnrs '9 tifl kl A. M. jjiitH FOB 84 LB?FIFTT NINE AORBR, AN it BI8HT *- iiwii w!'. meadow, on Stolen Island twt-miles from For Btcbm md ferry; oaUdln,ye nod lssd In ti.-ot rate order. Pur particular* laqulr? ?f T,U BOT BCTLKB. Fori Rich FSARM AND CODNTK7 8BAT FOB 8ALB-AT FLCH4 1 Inr, Lent Ulnd, tw* mil'* from steamboat and reTroed ending: on> hour ortde fi-ms New Fork; 4* acres ofTie finest lane, two d?e I ngrr fine irtut, Ac Apply to J VlirDlCB uTlT ?4 Fulton streetl JOB PA LB?THE NEW, 3BACTIPUL BROWN STONE F r- ----- - ? -T= ?"?* front K? gUah basement Biismi, 46 Wert thirty slxtfc street, w^ween Flf.b end Sifla r.wxnee, eonmlelng ail the c-ndetn Tercru modr.-me. Fjr particulars empty to ? " 19B went Mr. ALUCb, on the yronsieew. or to the owner, at UB K r-Path street r:? SALE?A KlR;-T OLACW FODB BTOBT BBCWN S.rjf bouse Id Meat fwc-n y-Otftrd street, location one of ?fce t 61 in the dty, rruxi easy.sL* of house 3b feet tod As by 6.1 feet deep. >pply to 8 K. JAvX>B8, 31 Wall street JH IV .1ALB TUB THRBE !tTOtt7 HOUSB AND LOT.S? f st, hss a I tke modern raprovenrrals. lot *0.9 b.' sbot.t 71 Pri e $7 WD, of wtdnb moat sen remain on neon race. C5or??tlou unm-dta dy apply on the pre nines fro* 10 to 11 A. M , tr at 83 Beet Tvreoty siitA a'reet P(AH 8ALB A HOC HI AND LOT AT HO TU NKL rose WeHleheater county The bcune hai been recent y ( built At a ?* of $1 83U, ?d trill be sold at a bargain. In quire or S. '>T!.UBVIB. 86 Bearer etfeff. PjR OAUl?AT RBPUOBD PBIOM, A NUMBBR OF verv tlrclrable dwelUr g boasea, in .he upper part of the hit In line acatlona Also a Lumber or^ house* to let. B B. BIMBUIMBB, Fourth avenue. FOlBBAL* A TBAOT OF TIlBBBfl LAND WITH A* m ral mtunnrt of ra?b to exebaape (br a good honsn Also alrsct for dry .qeods or ether merchandise. Addreee Western, Heralt '' ffl'-e UCCK 8.M.B-TBB TWO IIOU8BB NOB. 1*1 AND 1M ? Is vt fhtrty ?Lta street, between Beeoad and Third are ?usn; ? 'd v cpses are rep'ete with all Urn modem tmprore nenlet I hey nave only tabs seen to be admired. Apply on r-e presa '*<A rs 8 tU?TUB DBStRABLE TURBB RTOBT AND ! ? ? - - ^ * - _ bare seat br ok bouse No. 47 Btst Thirty first street, be tween Fot Ttb at d Mad lava avenuea; iikc Ototon, bath and gas tbrongboe t'h' bouie. Inquire on the prcta'aes. IDOB HA. '?* IN MADIHON 8UCT ABB?THAT DB8IR A8LB V barn rt honss'No. 25 nAdlson sqnarat meet beanUfuily arraared a id one o T tke test Iocs dots ui tke etty; If nit sold by i'Jib of C c to her It wl'l be rented furnished. Apply to BD waSD H LUDLOW A CO , 14 Pine street. CommoaweAlth BsaA Build! eg etos 8*) ?. or ixooAnas-oira first clash 55SWK VISS.'OS^S-g^&S rt sis.'ss gS-eST1 "~ TS F?U!&L ?dRo?Xhi^ANO,~T,LV ACE,t1 OF HEAVY si&nm; IMullen from iberaiT *,^ ,Li7TV* Tw^ST** oonar. bote* large, well ?h i ?***??* of ck?D,e BroU'yn lot. ?Rfe rwi ft,. J p^j5?#aM " w*- w. aawiaa. u *rui>a ?tr?m. (i>OB 8ALK OK TO LP? CPU?p lawn ? i ..... seas toJrvs,vti?? to?U??|^VS7Y. rfferr SpOK RALB OR TO LRT? ? HAEDHOtl I BRICK mtrraw JLfJxr"#nu*" *?* ?ST J&E "i toi b^SS! Third and Fo-trth urnnw, rat and. Yotoa ? rater *j iih*nJUST H naau^ a Cue ne? tf iV >. u . fi" ho^na. aartn oounu. a Temu et^ ^i??r ff i iXr!" *** *?'? Be^.yarooad.-r^^ 9*"' Ap?* "/ ^d. *???? -4 Ateo lota on it.r north AW at Mmrant. " *f **; Third ^ ro,?rEZm ftT,3?? ?a2JT?: ? P"?*"** property. A h*c MM Loom, STmSLIE ?" Tauty "rat iirMt f Jr *aW or ic let. Apply a i ahora. & XSZtJl HMSSTS j^Tj~i'TSi"'*i3" JSTLS'JrtS.'Siia f' ixl hart near the New Tarh ?utel, nultatile lo- and wi' i il ' ? Ply waai :rel P-nTT/ oa a ?an"-?rl ' lr?.? , .|w> t>.rniorr <a? la /nna..i i. . /'V for boardtr,( bourn, nuT a^U8> r *2*72 ????? ???*fA mona new nod .;;.f i-i t?had Bre ?? irr a mJ.-" " Appi'x RMQiirS SsTreu^J Adwn^"*"*' Hcr?>: *cr kali?patable im ah t kmn m n. dtaadtse e?i.nble for J. ^et/e Hilt, 'oi luo I.eA, three atjry brlch hit* Mar o *'r* 1* location in oroiklja naar the ra3rnnd fhrriea a.i P*ru. -it* up v. ti'.h '.n?i to k>. -pa rZaw hlL* J?* Ml HILU-FOR Hi 1.1 TWO fTR|V m A ma hooteata llurtyaiabit amt near, aide of ib. aoaMT br bwreatenv with all ine oinlwniiiniir<irw?nita, b .di t,v JiJ, a.irh b, the owner a 6 .lobbed l,! thebWT^iauier to, a^f., rau ,?? honee# ?6iA? iota Whalf the bloek r<?^A P8 "" VTVvmtT *><"r w W. w. StajIqt S & ur*,il' ?B l''I,T -?? ?*> worth or riopKorr ? la the tf.-eriahlnr ally el Pixprrtr.r, (U U eiaad ol Ua?,, P-pert-.r ) for eaie trm l.ade f?r m^r-hatoliie, ?-dla6Wf w We *<?ain| ?.-a?on. I or particular* Inquire, fa. Uw, teat three dnye at t. h?eer ,i etna . af HARRIS A JAiKiRg r BXiTllR.lR-iaoon I'ATIRd rE( PRBTT IR ! tnaih *rtraklyn, e?r the ral roai, to uxahaorn loe pan I r^l liiL3lTAf',f HOU,,,w A*? OM War. OR rSATBR * *.hi.c. for or ai> oirtifeiiro for a fa? a. Atom am iarw ? ? - ore bone . 8d. ./ ?.w i "k Ro ct>ru,m uTa^rt' rape on br aria A lore*# with parlacalara, for oue a link r b-m la War-. A ? Ore ^ "*** j '* lllfHAR1*! FOR ART RIRD caTf, of a?.n haudlae lb? Inaa i, Ba.d, laoated, and Mtie A JOT Dcora 4T2 Braadtray. Lausr am) PoanoT-** _ Dc.0ihIn7r*ai/:,B',lS rL4?* rwwSitiirD . . J *yy ?bbef* hit f.ce, b-aaat aaul feet itrared T roan F rii Jih ? r e' rn Wedaee'ay Any In' e?a?oo SSlttnM1 Fi' L"V* \ ,r-* *H,d b' uJ'lM on iff, " f It "Feel ten hour ta be I . ??-Ot Rp-A LADT'ft 0 aLTl LOCI AT ARD OOLD PRR ., n. rnee .?< o?r.ere*? hare tliawa by acmltlaaat th? SStSiS ? ? '? It. ??y. ? three aMMfea, for Ma* ,?Jla?u, ?oMhmhm a. riuJ???' ' h,MhT g^r?"A ???lnel ne. F*r?e-:*a.lor twua eupp-d The Under win enalur a fhenr ley reinra'na 8 'o John ???'-? eelt, (orarrof Tan h n.eaae and FlfleecW ?wit LCKT-A Mt.ACK ROROCCQ POCKET BOOK OOE ta a'aa pop-re o* ao nain- eaeejit to .ha o.nv -Va ttZnff Jr, aereptanne dated Rarrh Id, lWr; oT. . ?"*?. All pe?eo*? aae h-rehe forbtA n i ? r?fpi-r / r nnc <* !*? aM ?i!l k? <*aia lor the^eorer, of We pa^re.Tr "?''U'P "*? "*??ftl?ot <* ?t 10 Rlaerher eireet. I,?"-?! *K RMDAT. MO IRuTART A FRA'.L Li h ark roolrn uiTar alnt. with tall and earn' ent on. ai l^f?JAaa; 'he ma- r Tha Infer wth be enltahly mLm hy UanaghallMl#?Rry mmmt orplir^."^ T OhTV^R ROROAT IV?BIRO H|T jpsT A LIPT* Li broneiet, pold, tad w'j* a rah, a/d tHjl'i ii OeJ,! ernet. between eleeakar aal He-^erd etrTi TbJ iTJ12 J^ntlWhly ofArded hylea.w, thecal LMCPT-OE TBR I4TH 1R?T . IR BROADWAY ariit the n,? hall, aftpp'-l Th? *.* or reneoeinb!. aewardad on faarlne It at |M 1 nu>r . rH, I'M MO* III RAKT TWKLFTU LTdRRT alii M.J fewmd aeanne abrat rn?n- n 14 b inei WW bmvtU 'r ret ,rain, the ^^2,^ L0W1 * CAWR ) 1R1IRTPIR, OR WID (RiHAT IN thrr.nih aaioa Rleeahnr ay .^armioe ntree^ ., eir<na ' ataeo aed iia. 41/. deaiito ia. vir L??2el?.", Vn\?*Tn m"T * TOiHRTROOt c<m ? *0* or pff, 90 WOwMm Of MMtiM 1.1. Mr R lp#*tf f ^*ACh OM b?ol T?? Ut^ual^wnldle'in hWMn"e d*rk <r,"w etripe *A 14WS.'i2J ... .. ?KW TOBUCA'floiri .1 ' eL'; 'T.V'tHRU-MT ? hl,.F,'H?*u e e.^.4, ?$i A itfetroJ ill?oin 10 (be iri4^ PoniiMR (1 cn -AWBROTI PI 4VD DAOUBERBaR BOOM. fiOvi For Mia, ike stick aad fixtures. One of tke beat lot ulnae ka Ike <Mj. Inquire at 1M tnal street, eoraar at Ike Bowery. fffirn -FOB BALK, IK VMT ftTBKBT, THB LB ASH, f AUV? stock and Astmree at a bar, opter aad din lag m loon. dotrg a bnaluaee, huaitea K> fifteen dollar* per dar; 'be flitnrre coal orer 3400; w* baao'd to day at a great sacrifice, ax the owner la 1 earing Ike city lomonaw. apply at 3)0 Broadway, rooa* IT. 0. B. HOWEi A OO. ??mn ?FOB BALB, a FORTH HO06-B, FITTBDUF IpiiUU. In good iiyle, in aa eaoeOent loaauu* dovrn town. Apply on the premtee* 1(4 I .tberty atreet, far throe daya. A good opportunity for a I ' "" CTHH -fob BAI.B, OR AC3GCRT OF TBI ILL 9 I UU. bealtll or Ike propriety- a well aatablifltMl aad rery profitable business; null be sold Immediately;BS 000 gna-aatecd per me cm. Apply-thlwday to O. B. HO WK8 A Cv Mi Proadwar, oflee 17. v BARK OHABOB-A FBBD HTOBB FOB B I LB. 1 with etab aad flat area, bona aad vragon: will ba iam ebeno on account of III health. Inquire of OLIVBB R. fuWlLU 19! Delaneer atreet. OWLIKW 8ALOOH FOB BALB?OOBRBR PIMMAF Cle ?nd Fulton ?trei" *, Brooklyn, eight alleys, doing a tiairne Ike reaaoa for sailing the owner le about changing hlr buslseee oa account of hie b?xltk. Call on the proprietor, on the premises B 0C DBVO 8TOBB FOB BALK-'A F1NB OLD B neatly 9 ted op and well elorked doing a good b with icaae fcr five year*, pr*e?, StCOcaah. inquire IOAL TABD AFD F71TUBES FOB BALB - KITH ' lor g leaee and doing a rood btiainee*. I Br'lire on the premises, Forty seventh atrret, wear Third avoure , g. Y. CHIT DESPATCH POBT Ft'* 8ALB ? 1 WBLL I1TA ) bOsbtd eipire* (tl'r despatch pott), doing a good hual nea*. wf 1 he told for 3300 the i rascal proprietor whiting to leare the oitv on aoooant of health. Apply lmmp flawy to LIVIMGBYOW A CO.. Wo 6 Beegawa etraeA hBCO 8TOBB FOB BALK-'A F1WB OLD 8TAHD, Vwtuess, latTIid towtrr. (VAOCBBR1AR OAL1KRTFC** RM.B?FfTRKIHffBD 1 r w1t? erc.ry apparatue suitable for tailing all klnda cf pbs i-uee?Mirer barred ehow cwtea, ayeriwn* framed In gilt, fonr Instrument*. from whole to locket aim. aad rormi needy furnished; the mar baring other just.r.nwio attend to meat ?ell Apply at 3S7 Broadway.

FB BALB?AR OLD BBTABLIHHTD MURKIRG BA Item, In a good l.catfou, nicely fitted' up and doing a good end profitable hrostnee*. Inqnlre af UBHRT A BrUF vKSAKT, 20 < hambera street, from 11 to URcFOloak. rR 84LB ?A GBOOkJtY ARD LI Q COR STORK; THB reason for seUicg ia that the present on aar k "aboat lsar leg the city, A good chance for a men with a snail capital. Apply at 2i Essex street, oorecr of Heeter etracA FOB fULB-A DIKING SALOOR. MIAY&Y F1TTRD up and doing a good bnatneM, In one of the trait thorough fares le tut* city Will be sold obeap a* the proprietor la going Weal. Address for two daya 8. F. II., Utooklyn Poat cfiloe. VtOR Si LA?A RRAT PSINKIRO StLOON'ARD RR8 .P lauraat. Apoironlhe premleea. 196 Foiu<* avenue. Union rqaare, of JAB. G. POPERY. rK BALB?A L1QUOB STORE, WITH HTOCK ARD fixtures, iUugagoideath fcuaiseaa. Apply tkl74 South street. Fob sai.b-thr oujmot bbtabltshbd lumber yard in Hobohen, \rtth all tke fiitnrea and atock ba hand; a good opportunity for peraoaa wishing to rater into the lam bcr busfnee*. Ffr particulars Inquire on he premised,' Hirer atreet. betweea Second and Thwu, Hoicked. i FOB BALB?OR FAVOBABLB TBBKB, LRA8R. FXTBR1 ' ttupn, Ac , of a Oral etnas hotel in the city of Dubaqoe. 1 Iowa. Tke boose 1* well located, fronting on two streeta, aad ' newly and elegantly furnished, and ie now doing a very pro- : (liable business. The rent la low. and possession will be gfreo Immediately. For lull particular*apply to WTLLYB LTMAR, Ro. 61 IJberty street. Row York. FOB SALE?1TOC1L FIJ TYRES ARD GOOD WILL OF an eld o 'ir..t* 1 grain, fiour and feed itore. Addrera Flour and Oram. Herald oJlce. FOR BALB-a OttiCBBY AMD 1 IQCl B STORE? 1 Stork *iri*ll tad fkeih; atoro on a of met. great thorough fare and tii>cklT yotmiated iwlgkborhMd. Apply at 101 Oi' rltion street Rent r aacnable. IPOR f AT.B?A WHOLES ALB ARD BRTAIL LIQUOR J* *tore. doing a first rate bualoear, corner Forty first atreet and Fourb trenne The reuon of telling tke owner le In . bad health and about gHag to Europe. Apply to J OHM FOBD, on lb# premtiM OB 8ALK-A FIRST OLASfl OOBRBB GROCERY, OR one of the avenues up town, a cbancs seldom ullerod for Fc doing well Good reaeona gl /ra for dlapoatng of l For particular* apply In the more MS Washington sir jjTi OB BALE?THB STOCK ARD FIXTUB18. WITH ! _ three vea?'e ltaee and low rent of the bouse known at ' the Knitkrrb f'kai Boute Ro. Wt aleeeker tuwet; tobwaoid ! icaide of two day! Iaqulro on the praiiilaM OR HAL* CH1AF-AR DIOR LABD PRESS, BUT I tie used (WorralTs patent aad make), apply to O. H. BKDAY, til Waebingioa street Fc F OR SALE OB TO I.KABB?THE DYINU AND PRIME _ tug eaAbluhrrral at 100 Baal Thirty Oral street, forth* purpose of prlntlnr, dying and Onlehlng satticeui ho., all la complete orderican be *eea at any ttme. For farther partlo* alar* ap ply lo THEODORE HINSDALE. KEHTACRANT AMD Ha* FjB SALE.?FOR HALE, ihe auction dining *aloon. No SO Broadway; the reeiau i ant 1* Uvwoughly lilted op; attached I* an sioellent bar, i plrtrly (P-cked Kor tarns, ha , apply oa " T ? lSMTRi'rnoii. EE ALTS. H or POIgoBB-TO MEMBERS OF TUB A. medical or leg*l prof*a*iM *. atodMit* of median*. phar macj or law ?Iir DitREMGH wl I oomoMaa* the courn of practical lneu-uotian In the "ar?b*t* of polauae." to Ae aha mlcai laboratory of ib* New Tor* Medical Utllrga oa Mon day. rapt 28. at 4 o'clock f*. M Iba onuree will oomijne for three week* Tb? profearo.- of ehen.iery will be In attendance each afternoon from ?ill! ? n'cloo*. 1 he labcraiory will alao be optn ' m 9 till 11 A. M DAT OLAfB, IN FUEMOa AND BNULISH, FORMA* ten and ml?am. from g to 9 year*--Yhaae mar b* tvigfr Kreeoa with lbs flrat i luauaia of tb*lr mflier tongue, In u< am Umc and wit* equal faellllT, n sder properdream* sPineee 1 hear roaittuaa?fyi<*-auMto tretrvetion, and mm ?tant practice with French i..Ulr?n of ih or owa a?e, ara r roslded by * and MvVm* de COi R JEi.LE. at No. l.UflD Broadway, between Twenty aercoth and Twenty eighth " Bar " ? ' tlreeta Begin* Cclobdr 1st. FRKEITH INSTITUTE FOE TOUNO LADIES -MA) IAMB BEROIKR S French. Eog'jah and rtpanian board I 1* aad day sahool for Jjvrf Lad lea. No. 1(2 MadMoewrrana, rv .pasted September It Olreu!? ra. reference* cab be hB 1 at the Institute. A pet rate oanlbaa oeUa for poplla. 1DRBBCH I.AIWDAtlE?fBOFMBnOH T>. LA 1BOIX, r TM Broadway, coo-lonea lo lira taorourn 'are action La - .?-. . ? ' ?( r the French langutpa. t.-npartlc* to hi* pupid Uu? ability bo at rak the languag- wl b fluenay aad t'i am Appttaa Itoni reealred bat-rasm the hcura if l and 3ar ilwiM 7 P. M. INSTRUCTION.- TJTO YOUNU LAIN ME Wl .RE SITU 1 atlon* a* re.'i< aasnr dally wtaeber* Pi law ilmq 0 'a W la touted to glTtug U? niotioa la (nado, French, led in aid Era llah; the other In taufln and Enal'ah 1 aaa ;?!>< toons gleaa actLreq aired. AAdme Teacnar, b?.i Sbl Fuji wBb ?. MSB. OOUTAXt FRENCH OB ENflLIBHi ROARDlNfl end day acl-aol f'w you; ? 1 ratios a Ml r*-oat* , on Tuead *y Naplember It, a. Vi Filth a- euue orwr of Y*di ty flrat a treat EACWMRH LrSI'IN/eSR A HE LARMaI.IW g?| FRENCH ml day anil loaning ttbaol, Masdot.g.-a1 street, owner Klrh'h rtrrrt ? aar Fifth at spur.?Clnaatcai ? a eotamerdal atudiaa. Fre:ah la Ihe language cf the ? notl. English braocbaa are cirafuPy la' phi by twe Baglbdl tea No a lira charge* tor rr dwwn lurgnagea. A MKRlLJA I SUBOOL INEnTTTB, 1*4 BEOAIiWAT A achoola lad fbrnl li tatippliad ntth o>? ipaiaat taanhera tchrota wllh paola; pireata wlih rfii'MW Md teanhava alh drabable al.uauona Taaeban of muala, omtm-aUDC. he SMITH A BOf P. u iple-on Snlhtlnf. RltUDBTPT OOTEBFESE-AJI. AAl'Jf iMFLISHRD BEE li>h go 'arnwM an heaareatdmt r-g i.nmLiii t* nimee red. and a talcated tr wb.-r her awjuLM meuia Atra-Enallah. Fr?P"b. b *?l ? nilr \ aad draw.a*. gefereiora uaernap bkwahle bdirean kill, at SiaAnw*.' ? garordA bookaallers. w ' HI' INO ANT AfN'OCNTS. ' TEE S MER^ANTTLE Onilage. M Broadway t on* ? " ^orraniiad ls ?Mi'itl. raof 'ha inlha ta'.teiL?- ,>T Tha eoorlr^f te ttrortlra la praetlrtL ihneon|*v aah f omplala aad ararv fa rl?y la Kbrtrf'w tha WLfnmeeijf tThSZUi, etpefUMS la antfcad c and uill .b roobkeri ne From the I OBLat olaBa Xf hf? . "JLrt ? m?n*dAiBlr'nf the raffgwd Pt'ht Wikh ?ltd th^fi (fh UM 90 nlhrlfV ?( ^OOklAEnlnf I; in mt/T*llca!?* f ikii if. *>?j?r ?%% T w Ka hr-t mhtol kr? *?}' *Xww T1" J>. ortarca b kreptac'nnat ba aoac vied. f ** t ouf r. aders la the ricr.laao* of the aj item t Aiauad by llffa 7 wiar. a-vtw MjCot. 110 2J,BIr 1 ^f'>T?tAWOE ?M s Mi oiai*. J7 **** r't ? roMlwaf. !>? nncl ? m cm*. ulBWdVhl ?d bemee , g) prroyiwil la Am*rloa. Add1 s reticle t'ne rlag adrlee ? bnneeaa, MEE fntwda, A p. upg aattafhcuoo aoarantaed o ao pa> IRK pyHAEa ;ynr **t._?ow bbwabd ie offei iWd 1. 7 ??? anrpaaa MAD*MB TOIs &nmA norr* om aJl #tvbui tkronfffe ur< SSibe^E X f WVm ti"1 ?,r1n? ^ ?'?"toe f irnrivt raw In t-a3r *?? .1 Rtataa. She warrwati la awre th sas w?3^-.ssn?sa?a STBBBT?<7LA TETOTAECF If El t?f )Q n * T n, a few A era went r,f Howary b? rti* mwu *m ?eefal?edleataed bu?lieaa n?w?cy*a' m Amerk? dh HV fW n.**S ' 'T<^ na" **' ?"r'"Ctly tha wher**bonM r abwjn cl^odr Mall lamina (Iroao r ao pay BlaSridty af iBTEOLOOT MR a. FLBVHT. MS -K' *>W B STREET ulraalmr lr A>m*lP<n oneree'* of Ufa ha ifee rWmof tha pi*nets, which reprramna Pie deaiir.y of bwr rlstiem a'w.a'i*wcr* r,*e*'treia ea boeiaeai, inhnuMia, tiiemt friaada he., by alio an'tm. ' A TTliEdLn EOMflBR. an (IAEAL HTENMT. NBAM A Snll.rtn *trert. the erle'wafd Ml on fnrina* telle* e^MfP rahitrU the Talq of all parmm. XZ rtolt ber. f!Jn ?;lef?Hton (Iran. Tha aipn ie wubnwl aamwittoa tha .tali p?rano whoetngiral wfeyiinmtiatw 1ARi>.r MADAME PEFWPTEd RETURNS Til ANCH TO Irr f lend* ml palmnv and n*(* i? ,,y tll?t after the *i*?lD ard n..larhr|phla, who bar* rva aultcd ber wEfc ehlr? aat'ifac Ion. ?h? feala con 3d-ml that la thar vrttlan of tatMlo?y. ore and law maP-ra, and hnhi on oraele*. as r. )-d rm aoaataa ly by Napojma, ah* W ao equal Sbr wwl tell the uamr of Mae future hnsbaad, ?m<> alao bat Of her ? Alter*. No. 71 Fourh aracoa, 'Ara* dwjee sbora TUB roEDEBFlTL LAUT HAS ARhfFBD. n rreateatpanetr-vier In .mer?ra. A Per reel llkeni Will bathown lo A* ladea of A. 'r intended otiahaada. and Ihe yet.riajaea of A**r laleedrvl wire*, a'AO abeent/pc-m Tha ?n?t diMrnH quaaMoaa will s? aoirad by ?mmee and a <r atlcu, from nat.y rueraof ntndy, by vyaAam* NoEMAB cer'. OommheAton er"tlfy v Ata* "be anil pi tredtmna for ell eoatolainia *'b#*a? Mmm i?|i rruaa- i below Bo dan a kxvt.k ISl.ANi) or CUBA r'nPEERS, F1ENANI1EE SOME A Eea a * o., Haae^a, pr?>prie nra, will forwael 'ratghi aad lo *11 l'*t*i of rteba or I'ndlel S?*ter ???it Mevat?t><e _ tebfy h.aia S arr'.us, oa t*e ?e a i? eepiembar mea Ftw-rM muet ha del I rerad 'a n* on Ae day bafiwa with aa larnfoe imoamay lag Aa r?aMt h* eiewlaa at itumnn* Rouaa WEL1M, fhJfMO h 00, AgaalA CI Broad wag. ? ?If AT AtrOTfOH*. ???^A^^^ww\a/wvww ^ A?" ??ASBtUgPlfflr I .At Auction. u {jfsma ax '.SCTfraawsaat Tited?r> Wednesday, Mdtj M4 tatiritf, II additttm to my regular innil wash I j sales on Mondiv's and Tbnrsdk^sT At L*#9talosfct at As Merchants' BtAmiw. so that sales at wooriuAr can be mads dally if desired, and reoalre thorough sabttetty Mkoagh my advertisement*. H. NlUOl KJOOLAT.^^^H ?^raoHHP Ho. 4 Broad Albbbt h. nioolay. Avononra Aaetlm r>5Ufc#"-Perekiptory Bheiiif o sale ?TV* basd B' ma arnthle cot chs and desirable building 1 <U situated at New Br ghisn Blatm Is and, an<T known as the property at' Charles D. Rhodes Perrmpiory sale c? a beauUful fOthle oottaffa, with about tea lots of ground, akio sli valuable building lots sdjotntof As same by order of A'Jraham 1 o*ksMn, ttherllf of Rlchsioad county ?ALBBBT H. NICOLAT wlB ??I1 by aadti >n. Tobs day, Aept. ?, at 11 s'elueh. an the preninea, without reserr* tolbshlsbeat bidder, a krge gotblo cottage, with about i va lots of rroord wbh the s-Hbc Also, sir vsiuaMe tnttldlag lots la separate parcels to parties <o bntd, situate at Naur iu tgnu ii B aten Island, '.h the immediate uelgfab ?hood of Baitew Morgan and Jobn ?). Green. aad w*hln ten mtaalea at the New Brighton aad Tomyktasviiie ferrtee Tbs proper y A tl-.-i?U? on high ground, com tiutudlng an edonstre vie*-of the harbor. New Jeney and the Harm rs. The eettage Is Jnllt in ihe -noet snhstuntfal mann.T, with medrra improv* sent*, with sliteen rooms exclusive wbh laundry, kitchen and bvh room, and heated by a hot air rbrnaoe. Tbs property it rsry deelrsble, and well worthy attention Btourl' It inrt oat Tus-dry, Boot. 19, the sate will not teke place till FrlJay owloff si Ibe same hour and p'.hce For furtmrpni tlotuars i pply to ALBBBT U. NtWLAY. Auctioneer. Ho 4 Br jad street. ^DOTIO* HQT1QN-JT. BOG.M3T ADOTICHBBR?BT BOGA3T This dsr, at UBo'dwt , a' *e ?l Frank-1 tart street, attar Pearl street, houai vold rural tare, orvtitsUugof mahogany awTa*. do. cbs'rs locking .-Basses. Brnsse t cup'H, centre table, bedroom and bib-hen ivt failure of atHWBCty bouse The ^rods must be removed the same day. Balurday, 11 It X o'c'och, at the auction room househo'd furnttcc AUCTION 'FOTICK?J BOOART; AUOTIONNNR-BV A. B. BOG ART - This day, at 11 o clock, at No. 79 Beach street, near WanMugrou street, mort( Sts >sleof hotel furnt trre, bar couliv.- hnek bar, look lux glasses, engravings, re frigrra'or* Iron a*f.t. tables, chairs, decanters. tum'Hnrs, twe ve liquor ccaha. cooking ranges, knives and torkt, wilting deak, liquors, brandy, wines, ssgtrs, Ac JACOB HO', At>OL'!ta7for Mortgsgca. A UOTION MOTTO*.-WM. WILDE ATTOTIONBER.-BT A BUSH A Wl'tl It.?This da', at lO'-^oMlook. a' Ho. 12 North William attest sale of furniture eo'as curved xwl French beds ends. isten, rhsirs. olocks, paintings, one foot lathe, two watchmaker'-) Istkes, foir bags 3f horstsbos ually, kitchen range, mat bl? mantel drake, Ac /Jo? a lo of wa'cb rs. In good otder: rents' Corn-ess palters, 'Oifo.4 ties, slip peri fsucy atd pledged ariclec, Ac , Ac. A UCTICH NOTIOl.-M. DCOGHTT, hDOTTOr KKB, A. will sell tills day, o'clock, at 37 'irhj-e s reel, se cond hand lurnltntw?Tli^ solas, bureaus, mahogany ohairs. rockers. tetes t<tei, wlmrs. Brussels and dgrsln ca<pets, wardrobes, chars, cnrtctss, shades, ^edstsads. mattrsdhsn, leather beds and beddiig. china erorkery cud glass ware, stoves, Ac. The whoe to be sold wkhoutresrr. e ADCT70N NOTION.?CP1JCND1D HOUSEHOLD KUBNI tare, mirrorr, carpels, pain legs, ornameo'd; Ac. WU.LIaM T. BOTO. a :?ttoneer-By GKO. NICUOLB-At bis sa'.rimoma, No. 611 Nassau a tree', on FaturJay (to nor row\ at 1( W o'clock will aclta large and valuab.S assort neut of superior household furultccre ol a'l deesr pUoas, all of wh oh has bten sdvaooed o-. and will be sold to the Llgbe,.; bt. der for rash rem prising ros?.wo'd parlor suits, in broc?'u?:, plath and hair cloth; rostwood e'egcrws, wl'h ml!"or rrocw; do. se crets ry and bookcases combined, do. warirobe LMaleadn, do. centre and side tab es, with mamle tops: da dress bu reaus. comer 'tandr. card tables, Ae ; abo all tho different Itytee of the above In mahogany; oak ei'eiialuu dlnlr* tables, with arm ebairs to ms-ch; bvs itlf ?; enamnllei bedro.m snita, writs sad without marble tops; Turklrh easy chairs, wlUtinos frames; also oilier stylw of easy chairs, Broaa'U and other i; slrobllaeof plisla furniture, paint carpets hair mattresses; Ings. orasmenta. ebios tnd sllwr plated ware; sbosbcautl ful model ateam-.hlp. me top carriage, nearly at w j^BBiqNBB'B BALM OF HOC8BHOLD FUKMTUK1 ? M DtrUt'llTY Aucdoaeer. will sell on Hatnrray. tu> morrc-w, at tii<o'cJoch. the entire "irnlture of housa 14 : West Twenty slith strret within a few doors of Blghth a*ent s son slstlnp la psn of rosewood parlor salts tn brocaM. mahogany do. In hair clothl rosewood plsnoArrte, ceatie, plvr aad card tables; velvet Brtugrle. and thrte ply carpet*, stair erxpela, otlciotls pier and oval mirrors irvas bureaus, w rrirrbas, Frvnoh ootAge bedsteads, marble top was tsiards, toilet sc's, raabogaay chairs, sofa and roeken, cutlery china and -jlaaa ware pillar and claw oak ex eaalsa table, window eu; tains, shades, oornlres, batr mattresses, feather beds, blankets, quilts, Ae ; with a general aaaorxaent of kitcbsn furni-uiw, with which the sT lc will c mmmoe I)ea;ersw U do rs>l s attend this sale 0ilaloguee at the house. No postponsweat. Q B. BANGB. AUCTION BFR. ?BALM OF BCBNT40B J>,. henwhold furriture, carpets, mirrors Ae. BANGB A CO. will salt this day, Msptembsr 2t xt IDS o'clock, at th Mr salesroom, 86 Nassau strew, a large and se urabis atsortnaaat of New sad second hand f oraltnre, removed from fftalrn Island for coawsaleace of mle c>n IsCwxt In part ot elegant carved rosewood parxtr suits, oove'.A- tu French stun brooatel, silk plush and hMr cloth; rovowooA strgv res. with ikrtr bach and front, marble tip centre .Alee, bo- hnesne a* ore thrive, bedstew a book and corne- ttaads. c-.ahognny. black walnut snd euaraeDed cbaraber sulia, Vol taire. rocklrg. rreeptl^a and other chalsa, Ac. A so, carpets, otteietk. matting, owlsry, crockery s-perlar oil palotlTgi, silver plaitd ware, chins warn, fancy roods, Tu eddl Job t?tbe absre alarga vartsty of oval, pier, raaatal aai square mlrrwra. whtek will be sold to par advanced bale peremptory. Catalogues ready early on morning ot a la. 0 WILLIS M\CB< IJH, AOOTIOMB9R. . 1/iRa LLl'I.OVT, Jr., will bold their reg lar aaia ai eUnks ard beada thta daj.atthe Anaheim' ??aha-ge. at 1 oflock, and a*r: I(?| btcagv > l?y a'B per earn w vcr i-oon 1 14# ktaana fountr, a rntoeky ail per eeet bond. Z fin) Cleveland at d Pit aburg ttmt mo-tgageT perre shhnnfa >?> Irbltu Central hH aor m? debt p?t oant t joda. 10 aba. Oracn Baj. M. wankU and thu-ago daJUoad. m " iB'.-iuu In haage Hat k. 91(4) each J) ?' Cammcnweahh gCe lafnraace Company, 9 0?A <0 " Rmnlnte F ra inanrnr.Be < ompanr. I'W-arh 10 ' Colli*?<to Marian laaoranee comp-sny. 9 'Reach, nk) " Chl > Ll'e Inanraaae and Truat Company, 9'W eaeh. ?0 " 0? to Ufa lain mee and Trial Oomgaay BLWaneh. SDWABD 9CUKN0I. ACCTlOMHBli?BT X. a F. ?. BtlBkNUX -4bto day Rep'ember IS. at I o oook. al Ibeir ealaaraem, ? Racoon alraat. a be.y bora-, libaadi high otgbt inam aid warmntad perfrctly aotuad bind and anc'ie la naery way, aim, twa light rookawaya. ooa a uwo boi lop wncon. b id* by Word Broi ; a.'ao ?ao squat# bod road , a?y baili E.'n HIKIT A on , ACTIONKERH "JHls OAT. AT o'clock at litWliltam street. 40 algntk an' ai? teesthrifmaf OUrd ?tgn-itc A Onpny br?r ly; Mcaakscd 8wan gli 1 hrs? Ikjuora aie ol anterturivaUl J Alao, P i .4 a. tryya! r brao* , 9 UW loach*.,. IS UOO thata ua regain. Cryrtal htad Alao S0.0W jr*aaa Ba-anaa-iara f4' III 31KT 8. BAVAOm, AUCTION AAA -UTHBI.IR A r SAVAWb will anil, at their aalaai-ajA. U Ondar a'reot. Friday, Srptemhar ? at 10 A. M - Htapln and fvnor Iry gooda. hiaicrr; gnatl. mroe' f-irnlahtng gooda. -lotbir.j. Art aotebra. jewelry. Can gt.Jd chaina, Oaaoed c-p?, Ikuj and fj, Fr 1 rhrm, rirb cbiaa toy*, perfumery, FnvMh aoapa, iaoag oda, do Hkbh Y B t IK* R. JR Al'CTlOMIBR. BV H1K1H A MIRH. Friday Hnpt-tnbnr N At iOK O'clock, at tbn aalraro ia?a. Bo 1)9 I'las It reel, s?rt<;itgs'g Tj.b Of tbn nnt'm stock of a .lobbing m 1 cram!" dm wlnr mar* rban', n mprblr t la part, linn -ognsc braalina. In bo?'l, BeldaWk htjirm'? aid Hnnra champagne port, ahcrry aid Madeira alona. In -a, ka and twaee, Hattarnn, II >3k, ela mi aid t birr bo d aad In atore; Jamaica um St ( roll rnat, Mi-ocrgabela and iMarboB abbikay, I/indon por ler, h'c-trb air Alao, abont ?,'?? fine 1 araaa aagara. Unrman aagara. aar d.ora, awaet OIL A ao, a larga 'ot ef aplcaa. Frrncb moatard. An. 1 br abt T- rata U well aorlbi the a '.aniton of tha trade, aa ton lot la to ba p' a.tlvcly aold wltboot r-anrrr, by order of tbe aai tgama. f. tbegnoda am all In Bar order bed arary farMI'y arlll be ifiutCad lo couairy ?Mrebanta for packing bnd abtp 9fc^ . HI Ml KOMI DOCK 1 HOLD FCBNITl Ri AT AtH'TIOK, ronaialing t* rrlrel, t*p?a.rr Irgrale anti three ply ear p?t?, rotnwo^d plaeo thr?e ineerood p-rlor anile, Ae - B. II lilHRt B will aril atl the bin.mtni farm mm la kuttae Bo 91 Wert Iwalftb tir el at 'ft, o'eiotk, im hatardar. Kept. M Far'.ora?Rorrwrr-d plaro J oetarm, tolld prart krya la'ald wit* prat I. rbuad eernnra ted warranted bythn ratntf tfl tirrr for f ar yrata from iitof latl Jnne; thrre ro'id rjaewoo4 par lor antld, c< v-red lu or* ma no aad maroon grree and rod aad fir" red BO|, n a>?ond rtrgnma. pi tie gltaa loom aad bark one c'ngata pjnr glaaa, 9d?."4, eea'm. aofa atda aad pl?r lab Ira, rotewrol caay aad rye Ptlon < balr<. oil painUngs, ram a. A". L talng room - Uae aploedid >ak ?iten?lon table rhtoa dtan'r and lea acta trgniker with all tbe ba Iroom far LI lore ft ntlatiag of ba>*ateada. bar-ana. waaba anda. toilet aeu bar and aprlrg maurcawa, lam caralaa, romlem. rl-tky taana ailret a a. a, rid?>y. rroebcry H tbrtalaa ant ylai a a am library book roltd roeewivjd aha'r* aofa may ?Mr^ lkr WMt M a?4kj| the ? tmtl >aor Uepablia, and will bo aold rala trbfclae liau ,>ga?a ready oa Ike mora 'eg a' aa.c HIMBT n LBBTB. ACTTIfBlKR ?OFF17B II BA9 mtt atreet Hmrebold fnrniinm?BIBRT II Llliw A OO. will eel! al aortfoe, ontatnrday. Kept B it I0W o'clock at thalr falearrrm, XI Baaaao atreet- A general aa ioatmeal rf fnmltrre, enaalattnr of Hrukacla, three sly aad la ? * d H-da " I tain rarpcta. mahnfany aad neewtvod h-dWnada. rarred roeewood attl a mo-red la critaaoe trocatel, mahogany aad rtyewood orn're a ilea; roaewjol and mtboraay marble top drneitna bnreanr, tnabwany tofbt aid'oangna. tew A toteo, mafcogaay ohalra la hair cloth; mabocaay-rtnnadoa d'ntng tahlea gl t frame mirrnm, roar wo d and mahogany b ok-ates aiid aeerrtartna, oVara, in hnnatel, blank walaat Inr tnr bed?'e?d? and ? aah UimIb, loll- : ?-ta, cro.-kary doa ?It aailk|1l hair ma)treaa?e, atraw do , b.nnjraa, An. Alai, an are- r men' <>' hlt-her fnrnltore, wi'h which lite ?al# W?. comaee?e Alao finneaaea Bchtedam ashnapa, Itfteed eighth eaaha Hcaeam brandy, bado. do Atetgnette do Al It oVjoofc la front o' a'or?, M Ba a .a atreet?A phwdoe and Mtbi. A bnyey; mat 1128 A rloae earriage. -oat BriMI Alao, fh r rteew nd planof< rifa, made by Tm. Ifall A Bob, lekoa. Banna A Ck> alao oae roaewoo-l French grand action plans. ~ - -oJron ii wade by Balleti A Dunham of Itoaton coal iron. 1 Iron aaf-a. A**1. *? amor'men t ot eat and bad plain marble mantala without reaerv JL. BB1TH A CO , ADCmOBBBIW.-FBRBBFTOBT a ?a'e of rplredld romwood parlor and chamber f am It lira. pea?t b. laid plaro Ibr a, T octam oil palntlnga. Upeat-y to,tM carpe-a Ac-Th'aday. atl"4o>lTek, at 119 Weat nfte-cth Bttee , near HttU a-enue. witAoat naei ?e. The attnrtim of thra- in waal of maly good fnrnlinre la naHad to <hla aala aa It all been made to order, ami roaalaU la part of two autta oraclld rnaawoid parlor fnrr.lttirc cleared In lalln aol d war wood marl ir top centre and card tabl-a, apriag Tol talrr rh?lra, ibh laee and brocade cMria'ni y-lret ant lai . ... . MB. try carpel# pIN fry me mlrrora, eeeera' apieadld lan'aeaperf Hrrrdea eh In a ratea aad maewl ornamenta, ran wood m\r jla ten etfgrre. mirror doora aad hatW do , former eteaerea. Oil " lanb-r rnrnbnre In all Ha ?arteiy, rnacwood bedstea-la, ht'r ard ap lag mattraaaea. rockere, nhatra, oral mlrrora. ahadre. pll cwa and hotatera, Ae Mrtag room?Bitenaim table, rak rana ?-at rhatra. walnnt tea table, anm bwl maho aany ehaba. a large rartety of o' china and ant glaaa war*, table cutler; ?n?i [ Mad Watf * #? I ' irnifire IMaeo forte, o?e?plet'l1 weewood pea?l to'alr J oetare p*en>, a p-rfeet inatrnas-nt. me roeewood library bonhoaec t%la logtieaatiale ( arrf nl rarmen will he to at'andanc- Bale Wllhont regard to weather, rata or ahlne A depnett montmd fpren all pu/ckaaera T mo apieadld pier glaaaaa, eoM 9410 JABIK OOLB, AUOT10BBBR.-VAI.UABI-R H0RHBR r arrlagca, wagon a harnena. An J * ? Be OOI.M A BUM will tell on aatnrday, Sept. M, at It o'ekrnk. In Loot of Id Fulu n atreet. onpnatte tbe *lty Hall. Brooklyn the folio?tag beloegleg to Jona B Pr-ntk* Bao, -One pair fnpertor Itlaei hawk aoraee. haiacmor raddle, 1AW handa high. aerfceOy armr.d; one white On ban alagle looted horae, lady or pcnllw ?toa'a?e',dl? knrae, a anperior animal, one nalr pony frwf ?area, about 14 hand* high, Agra ran or aaddle hare he?a need alaftri. three fa- Bhetland and Meatnan poaMe. aafia ftw Idrea, harirg keen ne?d by fit"- girl a. fine 'h^c awd action, one aupmtor cart horae. Alao, carriagm, light wagrme, hameae. Ae., Aa _ 1 "HA * e ?i?r? tPdlTI B>B?.-TBB FUKWITr?? tJ and fit tan a of fce hair drw Mag awd baihtmf room a ltm 48,1 Clraad atreet B T.. will he aofa at ptihBr aggAow, 481 Btse Ahf. M*t. rn u U o'atook. A. a. IUiII AT AIWI1W. Lmabot or eleeaet aoonaoLD roan ? lure ?A. W WinoOTT, auctioneer wU< no t# narrow (SklnnU^*. o?W o'clock, the satire valuable rose _ __J ODI vtr wans, ?p&m t. fork?ytVv I *w?a'ynrwtawwet,w?ei of Sixth avenue. "*i'n nil imti am I % very lam variety ofkuperb 1 a-lor furmUure. worthy tfna I oial akanUoe 1h< site will b? peramptorr, every article la the I hooac being for poiltlre and abrohite a ale clalegucs af I whlefa will be at the door 00 the aaoratag of tale The ?? I teoia at the houae com 1st la pari of a number of Wllum aa# I tapestry oarpatr, large -ler mantel mlrroia; coa l? 7 >ota<w I roie wood pianoforte, beautifully ltnaoapnd with rearl.1 raff l.i ilia solid lose wood parlor ftrtlinre, covered In aatin, bro-v |l?t and rrlrrt: two marble cp rosewood siege ee with plate IdovTs: bdy's Freecb secretary rove -ood secretary buokm-e. ? V'Haire wcpilon ahatre whatnots; centra pom and wter liable#, with aiai ble tope; rich laoe e attains. (eld bo< it road lahad'Bl I Oil PafaHajn.?A valuable collection of o3 valmtngs, an of ? which are art Union palmhite, t'T eminent arlists, wNna Inamea are guaranteed. Abo a Urie eotl.o'lou of element raadelabraa grot pa and mtrb:e tlgurei, -ohd NA dining and t^a ? e vice, baa amber cat g"as. wi>b a arte ? variety of roee-eood, oak and msbegxny chamber (MWI bedsteads, bnrehoa, waruraada, son <das nrmoir wita Freee* plate front, twirl? superb hair me,tree**and bvddiug talr rors, olocks soras, loaoges, te e a Mm, rochers with ormada chandeliers and (be Ism's*: all cloths, marble he'I aland, kati ci alrr, Ac. Thla s2to will laaepinoe rafu or ahlna. Fa dtlttea wtl be afforded f ir yanking an.t shipping for thoae who wthft their gocds to leave the city. Depositee will be required e# gmmtasera. TjUtOEIILA-r *A8H AUOTIONBEE, WlLh KHd JJ to the hlgbeal bUBer, for cash, on thd ore* tees St ?Hedt FourteenIh street between eighth and Htnih arenas*, ?la day. neptembar 16, Jl 10H o'olc*, the rich and -Insane Bt? cont.uW of the eoce nve story dwelling bonne, thr Whole of whine will po.l'-lVely hs sold Catalog cos ready by 9 o'etneh on the morning af aals, wbaa the whole can br eJiamtnad The parlors nmtaln superior velvet carrels, three mamas cent (clM rosewood suits, crrared In maroon, blue aud get*, and crimson and gold salht of' the most expensive denoriptkm; gotUjanc' TnrhLHb easy ohalrr la mwqu't and satin trooade, ladles' soWi rosewood reception and arm ahtirs covered te gold, L'ltie, crimson and mnrcon satin; land and eitenet** rosewood mere ar / bookcase, lined with si Or a oil aatin wood; three on lid rosewood oenre inbljn, with rich statuary marble* tope; rr?wnat*ely carved toeewcjd pter, aofa md side table* with mvi'oie teps three noetiy rosewood e egstbe with aarwla tops, plate glars doors, he , imported expressly for the owner ladles' ress*rs<od work tables. "1 dny broo;v and Jl mule rfock*. elegant shins vaeea, with the moat ehas'w aad ftipen ytve laudseopee, painted to ordc.-* to France, mtsoldaam *rench plc'.s pfor glace. with rich* and heavy told (Tama* ? ?nvy unftroldevpd lace window carta ns a~a oorwteaa iwge and <-atmslve variety of eh paintings by adttee artists, ?uri-or landaca,>es| winter aoenea. tarrtae itewa sr tplural plecflB superior French l.ifKtpwrhs game plaatn. he . the whole forming a very pleat J>g culltctlo. ? ?upevsw roeoorood i.ienrVorte full ee?eo octave, el'gant ca.*> Unload all 1 ound, tulsil olWe, and richly a-1 vrlth hays of roal pearl; cost fix), b rin ? a rsluable and ocstlv'.netramenl, rosewood piano s'.oot, my .bd n aalin, with an c- AUent and chlly am troldored cover. I'tn'.JE 100m? fi'r'i velvet UcsatT or root lu good order solid o>I fttenatrT tbl? nil poBrbea In tL? b<-W mac t ?; war ble top 'enpi mdi ** mlTon, aota beds, ohaltw to hsh-chxh: ? with alt I'm^m^m^mMtemnMlaM together with alt 'tfe rub; and cry* *1 eu) qiam ware; t chim<egti?s. inns'*lev g'jblrb and <eoa.,terito oiaud.; rlA nhins tp.t a< a dine r mis, co?tW illver; tvt and dl'uee soriicc, Is Inch salnws cake haakets cm eotfo- aid ten urns spoons folks, IFjtrur ftlsnd, superior .abledutlery. mnr ble plUlurrs Ae rhkcntiem- costly eolld rosewood aad mal tfwny bndsteadm slntutry marble top 1fr?aua, wsahttnnds vsr.nj xles t? matcn, 1 vtr 20 pure beir ma'trvtses, fron 4A 'o 60 piranha trad, to or?r. s-tl eirellert oondbioti; trnta ri'ssh, bedroom ts mira cl?. iw, toilet ta lsa, towel tvena, 'otlet ardr oilcloths, sis r crrpeis end rod 1; mahonany u. ahfowei i rvker. sofv?, louu od cotseh beds, hal> staar, tea and dtetng tables, linen nkeebt. t >g' Jter with a large vnd d.wdrarte aeaora ?arat of arllci- s net m?trMM HUspontlvs. f h?t)K h?D hTTBhCTITB HA UK OF lioUHHUUUH Ih farrtture ? DaHIEI. 8. u. ' tilt as orttosesr, oftje En 76 Vtekin.-in s Sect, will wtl thla day i(Frtd?y?, . ept At all Ibe eietlj auJ euKaut fnrnilure eoutalned in >e dweldea No te? West Twes t y tbtr* strvet between 1 tlghtL and mum ?ve sore, consts .Jff In part ot three splendk 1 roe jwo?d ratte oov.-ved tn buKst;'!; I'eauti'til trie a tries Is br trateU vel *w and asnh&lr, r.egrat aarvrd pianoforte, rich rt eewoo' unitesaa, sple WW plrr and Jiautol glMe-e itroeeele at td ta;Ms?y ear Kts. avauthul pat ernk. ar.perb on'uee km of valnshle patea ra nwawl vases and orrtAments roeewoo 1 crt tre tslitea sofa and plerdo., latertladcwoortklns, solendl d sty.'as;shsAaa and Lltmi, rosewood and ranhegway bedstra Is spring aad car viaUrvsuefc, ' r??oh aount- rpanoe. dm win t bureaus, wsahs'ands, toUeteute. fsuey etMtrs, he. In U ? dlitog ram may bolonnd a sp'mdtd mahogany eitension tablJt etegnat maoigeny and walnat builhte an asteeslv# asso.ameat af FrtncLelita*, tea dlsrseatd brvakfae' ware I tch sliver ten sets, spoons, firka, crwsor.i. he bnauttfwl eutgls si ware, ehnm del era. gas fixtures. A: . Ae Mo postponement Ortakwrwm at the l.jtuie un the msnur.g of raid. Careful car um?n wld be In atteudaosa M. WSaT AU TIOXEBR-BALE OF ' (FlWEk, LI t en, he., to pa-r advances this day, Ben ternber 26, af iOte o'i h oh at so 6 Fine s reel, oomurteteg rum gta brandy sod wines iw dstnljohra. caikx and esses gale 1 ?okltlvo. OAK I/}* h WRI UT WILL BELta AT ABOTIOM, Ssrt 2S, at 10 o'clcch A. W . at *S < 'onrt atrm t, ffrooklyw, one spirt 011 pianoforte sovencetave ? we ba ho -sa; one teg Ctrttsg-. tkree arts of laroasa. blanket and short, 49 bones sd extra cert-tup*, E> basbete cf superior lullan e 11. 24 deem door mk'-f I'loosels ra vie, ibtlra. cloehs. 'siilea, ht Robbc* rxN*, A3eTio?K3a. will bill ob Scturday. *rv'tmv)?r *V. at DK A. M a Ou*l (?reel a ^tWJ'.y of to* ia* mm! newd forum re, tr at; iron MjM<, looh'tr, ?Imw, Bowing erne* m atlver ?pnooa. cm geld watch aad (itiaka alio, at il, ? fo-adtar* oart, nm. ly bbw. TBC8. ,'BITCT. AUt-TloaaU- 8ft 1KB IS Br*CUB etreet ?'hortfe eelu of omnUron. As?Cm Ha anday, September to 'KM, al -C3 Onuar street, r mMm of raaoaa. nlbtu In good order. JA8. O. W11.LB1, RkaH. VALCABLE pa or MKT Y AT ADCTTiOH -OK WBOMBB day iti'-d of Sepiem ?er. at Cia Mnfaba-ia' a?oti*.igj a* U noon tl-aat will be a.IO by auction. by WILLI *11 Dl. MOBY, aecUoneer jtKlat n-roaJ- ? ire proceeding* all ui a tour boo w* tad Larbr. the eKy of Mow Turk kuoTn aa Boa. 1ST. 139, 141-tad 14.1 F' nlreet Mo 1ST u r><n?ad ucJI iha lit of t?.?y, lilt at %CJ j p*r aaaom; Na 1?9 W lowed for braa yeara Lorn May, IH17 at Mkl per n?rnm for dlrjaaatooa aad pisrtlcoJara a,p7 to HITT A MUBAAY, Bltanopa, IB Baaaaa a'root. WfM. LLOID. ALJOTIOBBEB.-WM T. L'.OkO WILL . j*.t, on Frtdrl Uepvmber to at MK o'sJoik ola^to rooms Mo. t lUnVto liatl a It Off ptae* near kr-autwujr? gtraal Land furnltj?a. r? moved far a nvmteaoe of sale, mm alalia I Ia part of La Iraedn and beddtog. batr ami pals laal d aturnr*, pell's, wen, feather plllowa, aofaa. "am a lata, Tnr'alah ea*r <"1'r ta. tob'ea. tapmtry, ItrnaaaU F-.?d '*?rate carpet*, at *r*etra?, painting* kitchen table* aid u AIM. U^pav edr ansae, a lot of elegant ea'lews 'araf ora oc latfltai of par'jr lutw. cover* d la plash and btanal* , r?i Iff cod eteg-rne torfaat d<or* and bank*, eof**, tk-.ra le ingee. IP errlon table, burveur Aa, wblob will poalilfelr ba aal? a About rsterre, beta or ahlna. W*. WT7TB1R, AUCTIONEER, WILL BULL OM rU TT dap. rt 1 eto c ck a XI Vcatrey rr??t. udmlaUkatof*B Ml* of bonrrt.< d furniture, Ae . oaa?l?Un? of kMkohea, rAa rock Ida and *her ctalra, (voire tab In, m'nro-e, ri.r-.alna, car, eta, bed* fads. bildng, bureau* wa.toUodj, war* rcben, i*ei.rr dining rorm nrd k'trb-n firjl'orr tr Bp order uf he aomlnutr* or of'he lat* Mr NocjEwp. (leak, tot city money acd a depakB J erery purokaa w. POLITIOU. A MBK.IOAB QlRUtl. uoMMIITB, MV vn4?. ?tPl O. 24. 1887 ?A aprcial meeting of ta* anarloaa Oeoeanl ObtomlAac of the ettj and o naty ol be* V rk wtl ??? held *4 ?*3oma, corn'r of Broadway and I, loeuard ? rnota, a* ar the I6.a In* ant, at TV. P. B F actual *u< n laaaa la reqaeatad. beordrr 7,"PHAk Micut I'ralioat ?4?'cK3l. | riMtnrtH W?htiii? I ?_ Jon a I. Morn ^M-aailia. MAFB MK1TII?? f,r TPB 1>KW0':K HT.?TUB OM mttto* of Arrat)K*m*ata tor Ik* grand dawoeratlr ma BMeilnA are f*qu*?tixi to in et ibit, Trtia)) ara Ji?. Hapu S. At hall paat 7 o'clock, at Tao maty llall IB A1 a B mtfuAtm. Oialr?L, |miW TOBK CINTBAL DlHOOKATfl CLCB.-k? W Ua r*iitAr omwUda of ta* hew York 'iinirH lumon tic Club. whl?b will b* l.*'.l tilt (Frld*,) fLuwinoe* 11. at 8 P. M . lb* ?'owmltt**of Arr*cttrm*nla wlli botd aa nitra aewfoo aiitl report All m*tnb*ra and all a bo wt A la jota are rarnrwU* >iqn*a ad to a'tend, a* bn*'a*aa of be at atoil l?pt r'aaor wt'l be t aciae nd. WB J. bode. PraMdeaL Mr it Morttttop, Brcri tary. rOPARTMKRMHIP N OTIC MB. 1 '(HI ?A TOrMO MAM Of BU31MKSB ? aBITB 3UI luvU. lean of a ran opporlan' r to aili m ,n*?, <a a I aa t rrofl a1 I* cat b btirinei*. Ttu la a citaoo* a,,; .<*? of '?tad aa Utd woaay la ?aottr*l Apply at IM Unadwap roaas Mo t ?1 I till I AMD PART 'IB WA"TK.l?1M TUB U'B Cl.vJl'V/ bar Bannfboturlnf buatana or a ?l*r* wttfe IB# waouat. oa tooiaffwarttr and liberal Mtarr IlKiUb A BOOTH WICK. ?4 Kuan atmt. ?1 nnn -*H1 ADVBBTIBBB PAVIM.i TBI AROTB <|>i vrl'lr. aaormt Wi*b< * to mret wtlk a rare *1 w?k aa 'Que amonat lc purafeaae aa olo na abllabnd c ah boaunra. la wh ch la ian ia eapiofed paving Br.lit) par ?o*uia lewy Iking tade ?a'tetotcry at aa Intertleit. For oacucuiara ap ply to L VIMOfTOM lMl,lo I Ban- -aaa tlreel WftOH -'AITIM WAMTBO IM A TEA AMD .VV/l/e grocery olorn folag an aim Peat bnel inaa aad paying larga proflla? a eha-or *rldoan ?? with f <r a good bnataraa mm. Apply to P. 0. ANTBOBT. W? Hr tadwif, room No. IA ?1 nnn -AoAMTI.BMAMWARTBD-TOPBBfTHAMM VLvUU. tha la errat of a party tu A lent eatab lebad b uatneea aber* a foetnn* can be mad* wlUt >nt an* furl aw la larreimeai, >b* worn aaUaflaciory taaanaa alrrn for <li*p Map of the Intrreat fr r ibta nominal turn, aa It la raally wonh tra ttwea the amount Beat reference* gtraa. Apply to Ml IM<4 MTOB A CO . Ma I Beehman ?treat PBRRON Of RTBaOI HABtTBHAT amount in ready naeh, aan b-r.wa* to ning tka Idrerttaer ?>? *QuaJ|-arta<w to Uto real eatetaard patept rtgbt kaale'a* akieh la lee regal Uabed and payUa larga proAta. Aa amal latewaat will aw (rlem In aeveral of lb* tonal real'y valuable laprovmaeula af tbeaga aad from a blab aa lata ran* ineome innure Me bntier opportnnitr ran poaelbly ba offered for any winking a tof*an<1 aura aaaa bnatoaaa Apply to ?B3. WBEXLbkTIM Broadway, r-oai IS. MO nrtn --OH* HAT.W or A BMW AMD BLBOAMT dla.l'Ulf, bn?lnrae. wklah la an aatlr* monopoly stab* pnrcbtted tor be ahuv* ann ProAUover Iff p?r neat to ?# arfb-lea einlaglreof lb* rlgh'a wbirh ri> beapldtoMyato Mat, addrcaa fine Art bor 1 724 Pblla?l?lpkla Pot oAlaa. A flBMTl.BMAM WiTH f* nop NPaRE nARR. WOOL* A. like to Inve.t It la rom* luoratlr* end reip* table ?M> mrrcial bnrlnree, already aatebllafced, and will be barpp to treat for eaiar wbh part fata of rasprct ability and pveHtoe. A note a"tdre*art to Mr L.boi 1,870 PoetoMoe, eI b parwa lara, aball have a'tentloa _____ 1 PARTNER W A NT BP?IB A BDtfTHMBIMB BPBB A. neee already entabllebed, wltk a food ebaee* In Irmeeee ifee bnrlaeea, eltuaied between TbIHy Aral aad TbirtyMtotog r?ree?# CbUl al lb* marbet in raw avanaa wa?a tog bonre of I and t, or at W Troy gWrat U tka aflwwomi v erenlag. ? ?i *nn ?amy pb Sl.OUU. Ingiblaai depeadently rleb by Jnlati PABTMBB WAMTMD?IM AM BYTBM*I ?ma baalv ear, aa active man wbo can WtoU eaplial may real're troia ?? OR) to RAOTO V_ T vtlred nominal or*apared u aa Internet Oall imm iiaiety at Mo. A Pine etreet. ttore. PARTBIB W ? BT1I> 'J,A.1! lurlag bnalnnaa. done moeilr *???*? T1, ? wbrdeaato trede; bnrlnree well etiablljbed, prmAte 'arjp^ thl* ta a feed ckenee for any one Robing for baatoeaa. Oall to Tl Hnm etreet Bo agenle need *rP'T 1IKNRV A. 81 NR. Baw To?g. Reptotober. _ TlloNAR HRATIB The nndrialgnrd will enutfnn* Ike wholeeal* and re'.aM Honor burtneaa al Ik# oM elore nomer of Rpftolk aad Dflto ?ey atreete. _ _ _ HBBKT A RiMR. Wi BTI3-A " TIT3 riOLSCO TJ I la iba ehipptog aad nnmiaiadkya bnMaeaa already aa tobBaked. AteO tweeiv agenle. wl h ?l? to IM where lhap can P?* annum aad nortok. Addrato but UN