Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 28, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 28, 1857 Page 1
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'"HE NEW?YOBK HERALD. WHOLE J(0. 7897. MORNING EDITION?MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 1M7. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE FIHAHGIAL CRISIS. The Crash of 1827 and the levalsion of 1857. IWcMngi of the Herald in 1837 Appli cable to 1857. THE PRESENT PANIC. ?f Banks In Philadelphia, Bait) ?ere, Washington, PUtsbnrg, Lan caster, Harrkborg, Beading and Wheeling, Call for an Extra Session of the Penn sylvania Legislature, Ac. Ac. Ac. ran RSTTJLSZOH or IS37. Ifrtsm the New York Herald, March 18, 1837 ] W1 SHI BIB COM!? CHEAT COMMERCIAL CALAMITY? FA II PKI or TSB M18HBB. JOBBFHS. Yesterday *n (be " hrgimlng ot ibe end" In New York Ike Nlure of (he banklog house of (be (feetra Josephs A On. (o meet tbelr engagement* at the banks wm announced at aa rarly boor In Wall street To ? few, tbe apprehen ?m of such s remit wm* known for n tew days pm-t, la mmin jenoe of the news from New Orlenns of several henry fotturea there. To the pnbtto mob a msplolan nerer 1 tbelr mind. Yet there la no erll without n portion of good. The re ?salon hn* oowe We bmre always nredtoted that enr pre nmt system of btgb priors, high Interest, deranged enr reney, was nnnatnra! and unstable The general crash o' 1818-10 was pally produced by * change In our rytte-n of mtrrenoy?a change from adec?ectated to n syewmorpay ing. Prices were low?o-oryihing dmirusifol The rerui mon of 1808 wss p-oduned by speculations In cotton, the general glut of the ina-keis and saarotly or money The rwruklcn of J837 is different 'rom any that has prooedod It We are and have been In the highest prosperity, prtoe, rising, Interest rising, and every one madder than another, ntakirg fortune* and getting rich We nave been Utile bore with a grandpaps'e ptoe?blowing np a baantimi banMe, which floats for a 'aw minutes, showing rorth It, variegated hues end th-n bursa Into nothingness with a famea atlon of " Oh I" " ah I" " ah I" ?' on I" In the midst of yearly accessions lo oor notn'oal banking aapttal -e are wlthont real capital The derangemtu'R a> d expert men's In onr currency hare thrown every son mm of business out of the harness. A partial bankrup'-y we have alwaje sal" was 'he only remedy; and that ours, howrrer bitter, roust firmer or late'be swallowed. We look for more failures roorr trouble a gtne'al cnruilm tat of bo'teess. a tall of prices, en-t a diminution of the wages of kbor. the tl 'e b" bow t.i'ned, and no'blng can ston It Let these who have money keep It firmly In their pockets Cash It oash?money is money. ? ? ? a Tke astonndlrg fall-re of the g'nat bouse of Josephs, and tkatr connections In New Orleans, have thrown ererytiiag Mo eoofnslon, and almost suspended business Mtock, 7*Ww ?y f"H ? to 10 per cent at th? first boun 1, and Tew would tench, take or handle In anothrr part of oar paper we have given a full account of thla calamity. Alth'.ngh wa did act altogether expect the revrlslon to begin In that anarter, yet we most say that wa slwaya expected such a 4mmrmrrU In our ecmroerelal atfelrs Conicesoe Is ooru ptetel ? shaken la the Suth<rn trade, and when tho atmo, ptoere wi'l ekar np no one can tell. The street Is full of r+marn, every one more frightful than another. W? have BB awful time before at [Fr. m the New York Herald, March to, 1837 1 Ike money market Is getting easier It la tm? the caol (Bhsia wb? shaved at 3, 3 and 4 per cent n month have got most awfully shaken, bat who oares for them f There Is ? visible relief In the market Several fat lores took plaoe BB Saturday, probably half a doasn In all, to tne am mm of keif a roltUoa of dollars. The escape of this steam is a groat aid unexpected relief upon (be steam better of som ?wos. We ongbi to be tbaakfnl fbr even tkle ? wall favor rwasivad Those houses and irdMdnait left standing vlll be the more able now to sustain themselves The troth Is, lha mtnd or tbs oommunUy appears I# he agitate! by a mixed fee leg- ptty, regret, and beartfeitsympatby for the aafortunaio sufferers who bare flailed?oome of ibem the ctevereet men in the world. On the other hand there la a gmeral Joy evidently stealing over the wholo oily at tae prospect of relief and return to moderation ant tbs good ? Needy safe systems of eomraercs. Ws eipeot, how Bver, many mare additional fsllu'os?then a soasoa ffbt then a lew set o! men?then another quiet ill was another scene of speculation? then a revolaioa, b tag oa up to 1860 bofore we explode again [from Ibe New York Herald, March 34, 188T 1 A healthy revolution has oow begun In this country lha Will bring down prions of everything to mo reran on la lea ?has three months Ike drat mattering- of the thunder were beard from New Orleans? the reverberations wen bosk from New York By a natural prnorm a revulsion ? SMtmereo?we shall agtln see m-drrate prices and healthier habits. The sun of the toafe>t aai loonfoooi has am en BOOS an dawned. Be gone, blockheads J ? as fksoa events are bitter bat salatary. We must meat am The rerolatlon bes come, and we most go through k. It is Idle, as the ff all at'eat corrupt prist, do, to at tempt lo throw the whole blame on the late adm olstra Mm. (Jane-el Jankaoa In no nort guilty lbaa Nicholas Middle The Srst loan that wan made en the irstem that ban rimed the oruntry was $63'.36 from a certain " bsoechee pocket." without any security or sulllcteni en mrnt, to another ?? breecbm pooket " Toe Unlfd I tank then applied lo (Vmgrem for a renewal of lis r. and, lo reodrr awnranee doubly sure, mad- ex ve loans aU over the country This was IQ, Brut itu I overtrading received About ibe tame time the mm promise law," as It wa* ceiled, was which a ravenoa was Inflicted en the oenntry. that was cot la be touched for ten years. Oongrets?short sighted Oon wst to blame for int* la consequence of ibt* is, revenue inoreesfd?the surplus became Immense? PX fttoss i ham U grsas wss to blame for tale. Ia consequence of this htw Ike revsnna Increased?the surplus became Immense? bad Ms use exrited the voracity and avarice of all the ?mokjobbere In New > ork and Philadelphia The steak Jobbers connected with the United it,wee Bank euli-ed all lite advantages of ibis snrplcs, and began their land sad M4 speculations la 1833 and '.'13 Ths removal of the de paslta then took plsoo, which merely ehaognd tne -a event af specuiatioii, but eld set prevrnt It* growth Severe: ?pnwlators in W all strot \ wtre by that process thro vn oe their beck*, hot the general mania, est rn fool by the United Bales Hank and the govrameot, ooni latly and severally, suil weal m, and new speeuiwora name into the ?aid Ib 1834 the eurrrct tar-eased The new eqtares np twwnwsre bnllt?great pruflts made la l-le near to va? ipeouia. urv b*r*n also la ibe Mouth?cotton eaNnre la armaed. la llkil tbe madonna msdo farther progress, nor aowdcoed lerreasiag up lo 183B la Jaly, whea It had reaih ?d Ms bright la the course of those events prices of nsmythlm incraeed?of lands, cotton, p-ovisions e.-cry arMele of aeceaeity and use la Jnly, 1838, tbe Treasury ardor wm iteaed? aa order which ingot to hsve been Is ?ned a year before, and which ram ly attempted to pre rent me madness act oa foot by the Oitnprcmiee laws and the Mkinof the g-vera men I and the Cn ted State* Bank thai Urns theoounlry baa been la a cod,teat fover? Srprdoe**ik*'am3m buT,n8' ??"lag md rala Ablest the has come Failure and disaster a-* ?lne. but fallareaad dlsmmr art now oar oily remedy eommercial sad speculaitve people have tmued angate "?ata bawd on Utesa high aad vHionary pn,-?a i^mh ?s are tow receding, aad of course the paper Issued no [' .wwtb oalr 8100 par acre bos divided MaiWa. and labelled ?1.6oo and SJ.000.anu ?^ Umrs (10,000 Tbe Hoc.: of failure* now <*>ro og nimo kB ta a blraeing (Torn fissrsa. Nothing it loot? O" pro farty Is destroyed Tbls crisis doas not, Ilka a firs, cm mm? property?II simply rssnraa u>e b.rmonicus aad ?mdy action of the great aMehlne We hare ret lo see ?kewjwst let at Draper*?let oa prepare. Wf Ihf flxprM of IMI ffVMlD( vi hava aooouaUi from bmVtbe^ma10 Mobl1' 10 lau. ??<> Charles Ew ,"">,wl at variable, ba* rather fair. Ikoy know not what M oomlas In moaey affbira lb ay are te tight aa orar forai,, aichoogo JanrWag?floor la fklhag-moMo. i. IkUlag-l^.,^ Ika f Irglala Bourn of Delogalm baa Increased their i.aak ?Hdta to Ova millions. AharaalU the ooptui o^ [rrom ths Mew Tork Herald, March 38, 1887 l . ^ ^ oanaot get the spsBa if they daeira it Agam M to tho loan of flvo millleai of pmt sotm by >bc UaStrd .?hales Bank, lo what parpms should this ba d<mo t Won Id It not oaly continue the rqgtns, oft and 4 par neat a month f At this moment do fo lates are taking plaoe bat of tkoas who ought to hare foiled months ago The am bar mmrnecli la ccmmoroa oaly effcota thorn who have bona Aetng as lllegttl siate bastnesi Bocb as hava ocadacted koMaem oa the good eld methods are as stesar.b as ever Tho embarrassment* of 1837 only affect 10 par oral of tbe ?kail foreign aad domostlo trad* of this great ivmatry. Wear* merely throwing off the scum. It will take foer or ?k months to citeor the s'mnephere. There I* not a single ward altered by the Wall street press that nan be depend ?f? ?" steeped to the eyet In (peculation the Jmimal, tho Charter and all [from the New York Herald, March 38. 1887 ) TB? f?LIT10At BBVOt.TTTtOIt OF 18.17. . ?'? bo ? la Ink* la the stgm of lbs bmss In, * a**f ? "rxrwhelming revoiutlce now rijesiing la OMtmeroe and ta polities?a radical change la ail the groat mlTrrr r^T"0** ** "f* ?PrrmnMag a ortsis Cmroughcut the ooaatry Daring the laal two or three 2/7'end pohifoai specnMors bar* i whirlwind now Uier begl. u> map the storm, rwperelleaa are making I. ibis city for aa < the Union 16?wa foal ST?1? * K-w*l mvolaMow Urcugboul I Kmm f W* hmr W* ??? ??weoaa pat our right finger cu it. ?VBWklBg ommelrm to predict aad poiBt net sncb a re mitlasJaiTol'" f?? * Mr Bersm's ad Sawnl " Ul* grave?It it afraid of Srw7^fM!^7T... ,.* ??<< eoergelic 5*r' *" blookgnardIsm wbleh marked the tetie of ilranrsl ?no mafort with a enogaalal enthusiasm fro? y^.- omS . bTrT'S^i Taa 10 Mmli of (Vtr Z^k Vmi 00 nothing like a ^orkef irae eoaraga?arm the eonntge of a vagabood? UNo Ike drooping hearts of hit foUowggi. The iaeai* of Jackson, such M it is, wlQ be seized try the looufooo# ul it the Arabian conquerors did wnh the oreeibts of Maho met, \bty wlB. ouder tin mighty shad?w, entirety break op and be the death of the poor dnmepit, suufll r el ' woman of Tammany Ball. Yet the tooofbioa will nnt enjoy the victory. A triumph to the whlgs begins a revolution that will rally the who e ocnattv. A revolution in comments will also go on at the tame time, and thus bring down prices and the espouses of living. From the ranks of Tammany a row da will flrek orcr to the whips as tor nan It shall be known that Utcy are to bo the rulers of this country hereafter. {From the New York Herald, March 80,1837.] S1HOIMOCI STATS OP PUS OOVSTIf?TBS ONLY HXMIID1 ?AN IMsiSUIATS MKKrirHJ OP OONftHBSS. The United mates ware never in sueh a portions oonfl lion as they are at this moment Wn are la tha midst of a onmmerotal paste which threatens to break npatl the Dusi beia oT stately?to rain wnole Btaie#? to lay waste tar?e districts?to sweep hair nor banking Inatltuttosa fme ibe land? to excite the most Inflammable pass was, and to create a 1 evulsion that will retard the ooontry for years It M Idle now to talk and mi urn over the lamentable fblly and madness wbtoh have brought os to tbo brink of ruin. The whole business relations of this country are In the hands of the Bank of England and those across the water who are ooairolled by that lnsUt- tlan We have bsten precipitated Into this n* ndttlon by loo general policy ofitongreM, the weakneea of State tegislallon?the madness of the whole oommuslty at large [Prom the New York Hera'd. April 1,1837 ] th* Hicroi.rnopi op 182.5 and 1H37. We are in tbn mlost of n great revolu loo, b b ommcr dial sod poll'loal. To each cxirrmlty of this mighty Baby Ion the citgtnal elements are let ioone Wail street and He business neighborhood, from liver to river, has be* n for a week in n terrible oonvuMoa. Tha bank*, Uto m< r chants, the brokers, the speculators hive bees ro ling onward together In one nndlsttngnlsbable man sown -.ho stream of bankruptcy and ruin By a prodigious effirt, by tbe magic wand of one man, the orl-ls has been pist ponrd? not prevented. Nichols* Biddle has only patched up an old feawrleg sore?not healed U Yet ibe excitement tn the business and banking affairs or Wall street hss not been greater, deeper, more tleroe an 1 threatening, than the excitement In poitlos and p?rtj In the Park, In the Military Hall, In Masonic Hall, In Tam many Hall A deep and radical revdntlnn for a year part has Ixen ripening and ripening In politics as well as 00m n crre The daring madness of the great Park meeting thr attack opoo the flour storm. the angry passion* . f toe multltide, the tremblings of tno merchants, tbe alarm* 01 the basks, the ortoa of Tammany flail the deroo shouts of the loer fecos and the peals of the whlgs, are only pa-i* orsyrnpt ms or tbe great revolution In the politics and oonmeroe of 1887. In the year 18S6 such another, but n lesser revolution, took plaoo In the sam' relations of life so* society. Who bas for potter that day ? Are there any n w In the II M thai ran remember acd profit by the experience of toe pes'. ? Io 1821 n revolution took place In oorrmerco, which pros traied a hundred larv h res In oar ariudpnl attics, darn so to atoms Iidi or- *1 traders, asu laid the foun dailon of that pc lutlin wblrbswept John Qui my Adams and his 1 m the presidency In 1828 The leglslsli' D of 1 01 1 tbe act! m of the govarnmnnt, from 1818 to 182' fostered speculation, and given blrib lo a too grra u: -cuent of trade Paper seoarl'.les or all kmdt bad theu Increased, the prtoe of cotioo oeerly 0out*led and mecbai t' wages risen beyond presto s 'ares Originating In Krglsed be revulsion In redo and oommorce oe; an In 182A, which iwept In one year from tie higher walks of business one half the leading iner chants and capitalists of ibe land. This singular disruption of enfldenoo In ootnm*rce ran. like Are In the moun alne. Into >he elevaions of polMcsl II'e In this oltv we Sad then just oommesoed on - ca'eor ?we mixed with the soeees?we knew me men?and we marked ibe overpewertng eflVct wnich tie oommorclal eruit of 1826 bad in laying the foundation of a political rs volnilon, which changed ine whole fkceof tire government tc less than three years The numerous b mru.dcirs. the fsl. of cotton, the blowing up of bank and tnebord oonsparles. tbe it gnsitcn of trade, tb> ag'ia'.ton anong the working ciatsoe, the gene si breach of ooafldence, rommurl sled itself wlta the rapidity of n shock of eleo trtcity to the political par ins of iboie days, and laid the foundation for the great change 111838 Thus was the commercial aevuldoc of 1826 the mother of the political revolution of 1828, by which General Jack son reached (he President**, and tAiu also will Ow commsr cial revulsion of 1837 k the jmmsatirn/nr a similar retolu Iwn is the gootrnmttU end (as p-iriwi tn 1840 lbere can oe no mistake In this ootnloo We speak from experenco-we p lot lo uadeutaslr facts?we hear the votoe of change, acd we know thai voioe an well as we Jo the accents of s mother's llpe ? At tbts moment there are three car He* tn tbe fleld, each navltg lie cab candidate--the govermmeet party, the opposiitoa, and tbe leoofoee. Tfie party whioh supports the government in In the last s go alee ol dealt. Tie pub llo measures w hloh have sided In producing tbe present Stale of excitement?those ridiculous commercial laws of Congress, which are t .e origin of the great mischief, are equally to be ascribed to all parlies They were tbe Junt result ef misers* e party spirit, tn the government and tn the opposition alike. But tbo gov rnment party aioec will suffer the punishment sod pay toe penalty. Nothing that the gorcrumeoi can 1o can stop the revolution. In inch s country as the United -hates or Koglaaa, 'be great com modal class, like Bsesseu under the port!00 of D gen'a W-jule, cannot be stru k down pulling theldjia timis r?nu wltb blm In be general oraeb Miserable, Igno rant, dirty, rum drinking politicians may ta k aod j?er at the meroan.lie chases as tsey please. Lei the political power at Waahtigtoa strike to the earth the spirit of com merce and In n few ?<tuh? thai unchalsed spirit wtil start op, In tenfold strength, aod tear the mnerab e democrailo r*gi frcm tbe flltny back of power, and kick It to perci Uno. Why la It so? Ii is the supremacy of m'nd.g-ntus, talent and industry, over nrariee, fknatl ihm, hypocrisy, druuirnrtra sod folly Itemociacy and ibe power of nam burs In an rn-ifliteaed age are ml erable delusions?worse than ibr/ata M-rganm. It Is m nd and soul, an l Intel ect and Ul- m, uat will r le at last. Among tbo great 01m morels! c ass?sad by ttla term we m<ao the morohsul, farmer, banker, broker, or mechanic, who le edacaid, intelligent, and seder* lands the prladples of fo'ng bail diss?among the great commercial class Is tbe ultimate and sovervltn power of this grra. 00cntr- Ckart* mi and fools may overpower at a time, for business men pre fer m ndlrg their owe affairs to i*eadtlsg lo pout as But rouse tbem to artion ai now they are toueed, let tbe rude land of government attempt ta strike the? to the ground, let the spirit of demoe-acy braee Itself to tbe coateet wlh ten thousmd barnls of whiskey, and they oaaaotsuil the oonteat with Intelligent tnd energe lo mini any more htu au Inort mullituue could meet >he cohorts of Cottar or Napoleon A terrible revolution both In polities and commerce is row tn ml > career, whvA will loir up from ils f>un<lati?n the roots {J Mtsr'in Van liurm's admiwistrnlcm. Ualets be oal'i Cuogrtts Kgethrr instantly his fs'e is seali'l All the old quevt. ns of tbe day are gone forever?broken o a'rms Atoiitii.o la f..|iy?Abe great (Up e of the doulh la fa I'rg?disaster and nonfdSMO everywhere. Tbe flrst iymt ? of ibis revoluttoe will next weak go forth irotn New York, ooequertiig sod to eraqner. A rallesi revolu Hon Is in ibe Ihr we of perlorUloe Not only will the Tarn ?any govoromijl party be defeated, but It Is doubtful If they can elect the candidates of three wards out of seven tsen Wests It, we hear It, we feel It, aad we do aot know but we rrMl at It. I/ng may Intetirei, ve'enoe, mind and Industry reals Ibrtr supremacy over fcIly,tmpudeaoe,avartoe, ignorance, pollueal Ibsato'tm, and tbe mere strength of numbers I 8* ere ibe word began it haa done so, and as I tag as tbe world lute ro ilio [From the New York Herald, April 8,18.17 ] progress or tna rsvoi ction. Tbe revolution a-ivenose Krosa everr pint of be oost patti?from the ttoulh from the Weil, fiom the Fait, tae symptoms of the great aba age In podtlrs aad In onmmeroe, In tbe business if life, and In the be-ineen of govern ment, are borne to us by every wall, aad 00 every wind BrgInning la tbe large cities, la wbloh are tbe rmgni of our vartcus local systrmn the exeltnmea' aad vally and by stern, 1 pre ad lo the Interior mm r-m ?* towns and vlllagve ani eountry places. This Is a singular ooontry. Called a republic, gveme.1 by Ibe popular will. It yst pre*ruts a state of eocWy aed rlvlMrsilrt altrgHber dKWrent from any of the demw-rs cten of snrirut Greece cr morn modern Iinly. Athens, ?parts Home, rioirnre, Vanion, ttennva, were more or lea democraolen In one period ot their pride, but ruined sod blluded wlib military splrli aa1 mill wry ambition fbey eere single <? > ? artnute*! by single pawsloes. Tnia greet republic of the west in a oolleettoa ef itch demo* ra nleu. rroared rplr<r?ther end eot'ng M awe body, under tbe tnfluenne of a new species of polittoal, oommereisl.and ?octal prlnctpina. We firm a grsat oompiev ma h oe generated and set la molten by tbe eveer of the press and the power ef steam Noiblag, therefore, bat the same spl'kjpf Intel llgeuos sol erlenoe wbloh orvslM the sod el oooTWtm of sueh a ooustry oaa preserve it from revels llrs-aaS Moodebrd. to all aselenl or modern drnoeraoiae, tbe lee way of ibe serial svntema wan corrected by n rare imun of blood esd of plunder Here a new state or society crista, witb eew principles at action, new tm pulses, and new powers of recovery Wt have now reached oat of thins arises when tha Nrlrlt of Bnsinrts in 1 tie iplrtt of Party have segagel In open noufllct (Hiring tbe last lea or 811000 years while thr rret. body of the mra of busiesm ware bunltv regaged lo advuertug ibe eallou tn wrrry art of clvlllsrd lire, tbe politicians were rquatly engaged ta corrupting Its govern mm'?destroy leg tbe action of s wise onsetttatlon, aed making '"negro*s pans laws nttnrly at variance with tbe course of jus'lee. of trade, ef oommeroe, aod of morale In ?ro.?i life The wholr commercial lntare*le of the nauoo have hemt boned in shanties, by Ignorance preenmpUon, amhttlae and ruigarity of ibe most brutal kind. This is aot a q rest lea which affects Ibe lateeuati of lbs Inrwe eh ten naly Tbe fbmoun apothegm of Jeffersea, that "great oHies are great eorae," re mains evily aa a mark of bin Ige ranee aad pre ?.imp*ten?? msenorlal ef hM uarrow oonoMte. which be called science aad bis short sighted views if Olvllisatloo, wblob he dlgslffed with the aatwe of phllwopby. tbe whole country by means of the press and steam power ? ear great city, and Hew York, Nsw Orleans or others, ore only tbe central uid gsnersMag parts of the system The ravotuitoo now going oo in eommnrae will reach tbe remotest In tin latartor, aad strtkn lb# lowest artisan n the land, ft Is a rsvotnbos pmdnoed by these osmnlated disorders in t govnrnment lafluenond by miss rable party spirit, instead of setenes, inteliigenoe and good tease ft Is the mind and intaiieot. rkstug superior to the beastly panel can of sorrspt poltttoiana aad ths grernlltsg Ideas of eharlatans aad drlvslleru. For ?t mtuUis the prsmoaitory symptoms of tbe revolution lave beta m a etai* of Isvelepessenl II emhraces sow all classes, s? ranks, ail prof?sslone By lbs operation of wretched I*as, ps?sed by e corrupt Onagreas. aad twaaty corrupter [.**11 latsres. nnder lbs Inflseeoe of party spirit, the oonntry 1* reduced to a general stale of ruin and degrslaHen Tn IhH dig ibe revolsMna begins?a revolution that mil aad mist euro Ibe disorders of I ha Omen Next week as elewtloa takes place. ?n axpreankW of opinion In made through tbn ballot botes. Men at present arrange them ?dives aadm ibt rVftomiou names of whics, demonratn - t loMfcoM. and naTvee; ud oaf) edged charlatans, belonging lo tb"ie 'onI- dlvltlons, get up in publl) Md 3 / o*t!, >a cock jo notes, 'ftr oar tide?our aide " Tbo*e dl virion* sod itwrue bo;te? are nominal and *ldlo-l>ns Tbe grrw contest cow going oa tn aortal, political, corn meroia) life, 1* a oct>U?? ?*tween mind and Ignoraix*?to twees icteuo* sad folly?h*i?o-d morals and corruption? between lautleetaud naa loo?between tbe great spirit of civilisation and tbe gro?eiiiog demon of party Won we ? 'eat Intellectual people, It would be a revolution of bkx>d We arts a con.tnerr.tii *n l clvttlzrd race, and o*ir weapcna are reaaon, argum." tart and mental energy, driven to doapr ration Had such a orla'a ai tbe preaent taken place In the palmy da, a rr the Reman epubilo, Martin Van Bu rea would have pcriihcd unier * thnuzaad daggers 0>n greaa would ve df|?eo Ute felon* from their corrupt and dlrgrsrelnl haunts of dlaalpatlno, the legislature wen d have been thrown nk> the Hutaoo river, and rauiirwu/ Ball razed -o lie fimr vlon. and an otornal column of granite, h gh aa that nhksa ban .a do rn use deeda of 3e so* tils lour thouiaul yearn to poetertty, with thia In ? rlptlnr ?? Erected Vs be memory of tbe American pa'.rlo'* who deliv ered Ue R public flr-m tbe Utile red ha1 red demon of Punj Bplrd, a d lore up to Its foundation tbe tlrand Temple wiere lie orglee cere celt brated. APKii 10 U U >887 [From .be New Y?k Herald, April 19, 1887.) DA** or A H(T OIVIUZAPtON. It woold be emuilsf, wera it not molancnoly, to wttnoes the lolly, tbe Ignoraiee, tbe prejudice, and tbe general quackery of the Wv) street p inie, wnen they attempt o ezplaln or expatiate on Use rtnre* ?ou mniequenoee of tne pi earn atognlaur rale's Nurroundod with an atmoaphe'u, oompo?o?. <>f the bad breath of tgaormit and oorrtipi bark era, fi oii*b politician*, and flnanotera without phlioacphv, ttee* journal* are eel) capable it taking a abort tlghwd view of the prevent elate of the commercial wor d equally narrow and equally erroneous Tne Courier shaker. Its wbiasnrv. ana talk* onnaenae about the a mote circular, the Kxprms ibates l?? nved, Put only shaken empty words o.ji oi it the Journal say* "yos" today, ?'uts" to rn vrow, with a long prayer while picking your pocket; hut nrt one of iheve print* ap ear to be Imbued with the spirit of philoaepbv sufficient to ace the nature of the revolution which it now begun We will enlighten them. Tbe atruiryle now going on in the commercial world ta atfpareaih a struggle for ice specie, on "hi ih all our p*e ?ent poll:leal and oommerrtal sts'ema have been built. Ever slnoe tbe cloec of Use great f-'ror- an war the ays tenia of France, Ki gland and the Ubtwd -hates were ays km* ofcreoit or paper currency, otherwise oalIM pnbl'c tP rks In onoieqtienoe of rue greet eepehl'tilee of this country, end the ceo||?r b-xloeev talent* of Its peoole, the l'nl>ed 8 atee tatbe flrei to gel ont of debt, and toposo*. ttveif of a treasure or flftjr millions of vurHue ?everoe, which la In grid and river, Imported frrm Europe By the beat calculators, It ap pvara that tbe wbrle amount of >he aretle cur nary or Frnrce England and the Tutted Hates, has mi exceeded during the it at ten yea'i, two hundred aid Bfty million* cf duilnre. This a mo int of current gold end ?ilver baa been -he **d* > f the credits or the commercial an* harking s< rtrur of all there countries Oo thla baala, probably eredtis-o fifty time* the amount have been ts tued in pf mianory n tee, bum of exchange, and bark paper currency In the nitUIbutton of the ap.cle about onebutdito mll'iena ha* roend Its wav to thl* oonntry, oie half iftt in the pot xeasicn of our government. The apparent struggle, therefore, at present, ta for a more equal atf'rtbuii >u cf the bavin of credit, though, In nnlity, the appronrbing origin In tne geaernl lyatem of modern ocmmerotal society will Inevitably had to a gene * ml revolution throughout all be olftIIzed countries of the world The Amerloen government, being oet of debt, can easily retail lb* specie now in lie c Hers, an1 thus plaoe both Frarce and England. In lee* than alx months, In the midtt of a terrible pr in tea I revnlntloo, brought on and preceded by the terrible commercial re 'ulstsa. Hrmptomi of these events are now beginning t> appeer, here and there, In thnee oonntrlee like the bubblra oo tbe snrfaoe, or tbe aid drcpe of rale before the harrier ne. In the la'ge mam faoturtng towns. Manohcxter tn E-glaud, Lyons In France, the workmen are beginning to be discharged The ledum ard disaster amcsf the merchants will lead lo failure and d'saster smote tbe bankers The specie now In England la not ball antltcleni lo support their present credit ostein k general and universal rout from the Bank of Eoc'aad uown will be the oonnequence of the polity of tbe Amerl oen government to reteln the specie; hence n general rem lutlcn will be gene>nled over the whole civilized world that will came a return to the prices and valuea of tbe six teenth oentury. Tbe greet revolution aew In prngieea la not tn the break ing up of a few oottPD houses ta No v Orleans, a re w Job bers or importers In New Vork, or a few bankers la Loo dca It ta the hcgti atng of a genera! revolution te the whole artificial frame of modern society?la Utair thoughts, la their 'eelli g?, la their habile, ea well as In the price k and values ol all commodities By mean* of the abuses of tbe paper system, gold sad silver, Its basis have been nn dot rated ana under valued Tbe specie of the wrrtd it now seeking sad wtU f roe aa art) ailment By one of those dis pense iose of Providence, a republican goverament, the most Igno-aat of any that ever reached power la the Tatted .-hates, baa blundered upon a measure that pro daoee sad aid* thla new rev-l-itlon In both France and fag land?a rev olution which will most Itkety destr jy for ever the eilateoee of moon, ehy la hnth countries. The specie poito* ef Andrew Jaokaon.aad his locof <eo obeti aeey ilid oon-tasrd by bl? suooeasor, will produce the same ofleol upon tbe etwI izat) >a of the nUctra-otb uwnlury, which Ike deraagemrai of the :i nances of Ionia XVI. did la the latter pert cf the clgb renlh By retaining the sport* here, the whole form of st.ciet* will receive a blow that will lead to revolution, nod perhaps to war, la Europe We tavc yaaaco threegh a long mason of peaoe Toe ol vtllzed world u changed to what 1h was Men's minds are waking ap aa Tram a dream Tbry are rubbing their eyes, ask tag, "what t? the matte- r'_sad woedertag at the noolooa tcev have ratertali cd for the laxt twenty years. We have e strange career before as. If reroln urn Is the goveiaincBi* of France aad England should lead tn war It will be oae of the most original and mighty events that evrr yrt opened upon an a'tootehrd world. It will oo a war of steam power-It win be a war of entente agautt ignorance? of aew thoughts and fresh feeling* against oka withered wrjudlces New Nn xiieons will surt uo at every |>rtnt. la inch a rtatc of confltc.i, ihe paper nurrea riea ana banking system wtll be tbe Brat to vaoltb like the inlace of Aladdin (I Id and silver will be tbe only curreaey--kiegs, pvirsts aad vmpe or*, bankers aad <prc ulaiora. wtll lie ao mote?aad the great spirits of the earth will be Pieeidtoie, ? oBgreasmea, generals, engineers, edl tors, and pretty wrmen .From the New York Herald, April 31, 183T ] FRfH- HKXS OP KB VOLUTION. *h? gvnvral revolution in ilia social system, ortglnitlsg in the rxmmsrulal revuistoo, adranoea with a rapit'ty rvarfnl tad ominous to all tboxv la pewor and HtRW, The dliordor lacreatrx every day and at erory p >lnt. Bit organization la breaking out all over lee oonntry In the Pouihern Rtaiee atop taws ate talked of, In the West ta* < lllcvrs of j-islioa are threaleied, and even here in New York, tboae wh--appeal to the laws for ihe liquidation of debts, are heglaniag lo b ; denyaaoed by Ike Wail eireel papers aa IT ibey had perpetrated heinous ofTueoae It n r vrn rec mmrodvd lo the wercaatlta community to refuse obMiva w lo the laws, and to coeat ihe goverameat out of ibedB'iaa Imnoetd by the acta of Coagreae. At other tolnla a general rnapeaatao of aperte paymethi la dot ber ated upon. the issue of poet arte* by the banks, and a literal -eraahle tbratipH all ratks of tort* ly. II we pass from commercial to too al life, we will Sad the same spirit cf revolution and disorganization madly marching onward Tbe fhilarva la the meraanlll* world wht b have already takia place, have p red pit* ted many haodrel fhstldea froas ihe heights -f t:i!i>eace to oomparattve poverty FathkiaaMe fair Id's are strt ped forever of Jivir plumage id gewgaws Horses, furniture, carnages,all theappea. diges of pTtravagsace, are rapidly passing under the !>?m m*r Beeotlfal and engaging female* bsrdl; through tbe dedflocs boary moon, have the prospect opened to them of a leap, eheerleaa aad fo'lorn life Never, perhape, did each a radical reaeloHca la at tety take place ia say ? ooa try aala now going oo ta thla fair, rich aad amlHag land Rome rfibs private blstorlse growing out of he French revolution of I'^i may furnish parallel osUacra to the ?addea fhll of pride, elegance, wealth, beauty and gran dear to the lowest depths of daapair. Nowhere else Many fhn MM aad peraona of dlst'ociion, whoa* wealth was foaadr I ca cur ocmmevetal 'yvtrm are goo* forvvor I hhc ? preparing to rprtd the or it summer la Pari* or noreace, ntder ths tad Hag aky af fruw, or la Ihe da Itcloua grovea of Italy, have to atasdon their fashioathl* rnierprtree^nd will eooa he forced to waadrr lo the oral r iea of the Weft la search of mere snbslrteaoe The fash tenable mlirnen la Broadway a-e oo the verge of despair, We tear a tba' all the order* for tbe summer have >eaa couniermandtd, or, a* oae of the moil fayklowahw of them calls It. "the ltdiaswhai have givan me ordere for the werry latest Parli fax blow*, have protested the moat oa them " Bmadway Is a?w almost den tate of gay eqai P*ge*. and a i-eracn oa foot eaa cross that street without endangering hi* limb* There never traa eneh a geaertl twanp of the vperul* tcra?of the jwtrtout, of ths arbltlty. of the haw stondr af all tboes nanea of fhahimablr society, who have been flgnrtag stall tbv watertrg plarvt for the last Ave or tit trara The rout ta overwhelming, If It wore coo fined i that class cf society, there would bs something to re >019* al aad be glad hw; but nnf rrtuaately the innocent aad the gaiNy are 1 evolved alike la the general wreck of the high credit system We hardly have a throb of ptky for the mcb cf itwoala-ora; but for the poor femalet, who, hy the ttea ef kindred, love aad ?fTKotloa, are Involved la the general calamity, we ara traly srrry??i tvaly re Ct Rendervd by the atrocious system of fashionable rdtsa schools, recently tatrodnce I awoag as, utterly nrciSSi f?r all lha hcuaebold par was* of hsmaa Ills, their deatlnv la embittered with the eontrtoneaea* of lacst{mbin ty to baflht the rigid bttl'wa of the future We donot p<?y , thvrcfhre, any apccnlsAor, or any elasa ft ?p?< nlabors who arc dsrtroyed by the extsnsg rem! ?lon. hot we weep and mourn f<?r the poor. Mushing, W'-eptng defi nceisra, luaoreat, heani-ons frmalea, who are involred in 'he rcneral orach They have h'-<-n d# c-tved. hoirayvd. hi-k'e*.and nsdty abuweii by the folly of'he sgt ?ttc pv*dc of un-'r faihevx aad brslkcra?the rarity cf nirtbera, and tbe general lAXlty ef a oorrap?aa?i wicked generation thews are the wicked and unprincipled men. who. ta the rtetac tide of tpmalMlca, looted with ronlemrt upon Uulr mere moderate, aedaie induatrions neighbor* f*noh men deserve atter praatraiioa. They have led the world astray -Urn men aad woman equal '7 sR With the prevent terrible trala of evil* behove no we trn- t that ab penmr? la this commoaliy wtll pan?e an i take a Iroron. le* there he a general rafhrrn la oar social system lei edncaticn, msnaero, moral*, and life it**lf be chaaged 'or the better Instead cf halldlag gay aad lordly chnrchee, aad sa'arylng empty an I pompous clergy, let e's riant ral'gica ia our haari*. medealy la our nondncd, worahip H?d to simplicity and In tenth, n*d vhnt o? all the faahlonaMc boarding achor I* They have been the hot bed* ef resttl'nce and corruption These vain tail empty pveter lera. who, If tbe beet man In the enmmuatty would object to their eitravsgant cbargea, would sav, "oh* he ain't genteel *han t have his daughter al m enhool"? ought lo be tanght a leeaoa of modaaty, gtmploRy. recti lade, sad traeeievMloa of character

The present terrible revolution t? every depa tment rf life may be made e taeful lesson, if we oae it wtib profit aad dleuretlon. [From the New York Herald, Maj 3, 1S8I.J THB ?niTVB. Tbe preeest evils whi-b enUet Ute oouutry ere the Join' prcduetlca of ell parties una ell alaasta. They here beau .wedteed by ove. bunking, nvertradlsg, overspending, overliving, ovcruashtcg, overdriving, overreaching, oror cbraurg, avrronrr. wlr.g, overeating, overdrinking, ov*r. proMt?g, overvlnnlng, overtbtuklng. overplaying, ever rldii.f, < T*>tlppiiof, -.verilddllDg, ami overacting of every kind en? <1eeo> plion, exoept ove. ..-toughing, which alone !e ibe fcucdatkn i f eoccty end the corner etoae of otvUiM hob. In such e country ee ttalr, with mdllons of sores cf fine rich lend, end plenty cf room to Bore La, we cannot r.rormougb, end by a very net oral onnseqamoe "0 certoi orermirry, unless a men tamed enough to take two wive* end in ttnt carte the ciimo always oarMcn lu rwn pui latroent with It. Neluor can *o overlov the braclcou* sex, If wo edaoete thea property, droes I hem op fI-gen.1- end limply, leech i hem piety end lore, end moke them 111 cororanloe* Tor Immortal being*, either in Urlr wor>d or is tfcet nbtrh t* to come. Ever since :be year 1830 the oocnlry bee been rapidly rnnoUg Into ill present coudtdnn. One thing alon* bee pi ocueea It, end ibet ia cndorplougbtog Tnet I* the greet e?ll of th? day Millions of ecioa huvu be?u bouyoi, hot it wee net j-u cheted to plough, only 1 enll egivln, meka ? dub end cut e figure rn rbr fl it symptoms of Ihe mecle which hen procured tho {intent re o.'nllon, developed iu? intnlvrs in the spring j< \f2tr, whin Nr. Vtn Bcren, e c.u>ui>u ooaotry lawyer, ?hr. hogui. life ty trundl'ng cubing e it market in Kiudor book, perfuutd with Cologne, end h's yoil>w ehlekeie arrange*) a fa Perl-, prevented the fkmoua Sifoly Fund eobeme of banking In Albany. AVjtta Mann, o' Her kimrr, took up the icbemeend |.r<s*ed lu adaption In Asu-nuiy, on the ground of opcoatti nn to t-o Untied tkatos Book, end in order to take tie piece of that lnetl'.utlon, then preparing to gU a echarier frim Congress. Fr..ot tbet moment the edr cetoe of bank* la ge.ernl were til rldcd Into t?o ho?t'lo part'es, no lug on polltioa: prlnci plea end golfed by pV|tl:el motives. The seme sulrlt of hcatlllty ei peered *o.,d in Oongroas. The dcmoorati op pelfd ell bankltg In Oungreas, but oerrloi It to ell length* In Ihe -tetea rto consequence wm the protracted ooall.ct brtwern Hruornl Jackson erd the Iluliod Ht?tci Beak, which, aiogo'e/ly enoegb gere ? grd'tcr develorerocol lo *iltl, ur>egu (led banking principles hen tr the UnPed tea ct Bank I ad be:a renewed en times oror. Iu tbo role at ol be outdid the old nctlonz tf a herd money car rency ?> ie celled Into *' tlaa by lue gcv> rniuuul to (ostein ibrlf with tbo Biub Tbe people, or the rocb, seised u(?on I bio Ifoe wilt gioetrr avidity than waa lnlon i?<l. Tno In mate of benka and the spread n! the barking principle gere e vondorfol lmpuls* to ell klnda of trade and ?pe u lelloo, while at the v?ry rami m'.amt U<g?u tbo otrrool of bodi'lty to banks which Is now da ly d arolng thou, cf their i|?cle. Prlcte -o. o et the rati oft- eaty ,.er mm per annum,gnd thcaeenda vrho cegen iuo } eer poor ended It rich end neticy ibis un net ii el and etllfielel Incretee of wealth pro ducert by the unte'.ural end noetic ncrteio of eper iuj my.c'eUdell klnts of extravagance, clcgancx-, refine mrni, ll(k i Ho Jine>t, eplo dor end rb<iw Everybody aat up hie coach?(be rery cle.katn Peer I atrect kept tbalr I O't'i end gigs A universal peaiton seised ell rauks to bic. roe rlcb?"Otby work, not by Induat-y, not by fro gelinj, but by oreraVug in aUoke, bnylug end sellh.g r?el er'ate, pnjccilrg towns, cutting out villages or planting oo ten end apeculeiicg in negtoen. fhe mocbanlM formed trade* aniens, pere loc ibu it eolt, rai led round oorn. rt, fr> qui Died grug she *e, end naked kfo double wages rue basks fuuuu similar aeoret unions to abave the community and Inert a <e the interest of mouey. Clerg men beoam* Infeoled w.tb the disorder, and evory clergymen's wife mutt have * new cburrb or a aew pair or b>eecues every teoend or third yeer In winter, ha,1 la, toirea, jama, par Ilea, at a thousand dollars ?acb, roUowa.1 with tbe rant U.y cf ateam re* ? In summer, the aea abore, derefge. tbe Cttakill monntelns, Niagara?Ibe whole country was over run with slUy men, silly women, and atlly bandboaei Tbe railroad oars, Ihe ileaaboala. tbe poelooecbee, and ah ? peeks of conveyance ware filled with both texei, laugb Itg taklnf, flirting, ktailng ilgblug and spending paper mcniy. Ibe moat expentIve bsbl'i ?ere Indulged In by ell ciatres Tbe journeyman's wlfo moat be-'* e parasol and a silk drees, 4U?e boss' wife a carriage end e i? r ol bloods, and tbe great traders end maun'aoturera filled tbrlr babliatlens wl b splendid bedsteads $2,ICO eaeb, Na, ptlcon workstanda $1< 0 eeoh and statue* of Cleopatra or vines do Medicla reohning in the moat tuxurtooii eiUln lc*. or psorr k'ng tbe Imeg-nedon with tbe vial <ns of alias and beevtn under a bine iky end e soft azure cloud. Beneath a gey end tndllng exterior, the grossest Moan Moveneae prevailed Some of tbe great iivui, Ike Kaatern Perbae, kej>t tbtlr harems In different section* of tie ctty -splendid eetabllibmenls, fitted up with oostly farntiure end gorieone ueiatlaga vf Venns end adonis, Ariadne In aleniber, or the beentlfnl tfieaa of Egypt bathing In Mm cool iraaalueent Oi edoa. Assigoetlonr, run*?ey roetohe*, crtwt cotu , bnakteg op ell vae ties of r<j ?tl.i*Hi^-ol?pe ments became as plenty M b'aikberi lee In a ripe gerdi n Tbe marriage lie, after tbo /est of novelty had cal>o i npnn tne a .petite, was broken as eaally and anoonecrnedly an you wisild break a pipe alum; end clerg) men and m. rel kit were fbued to palliate and excaae the dlarupt.on of those aacret principles of religion end virus under Ihe refimr of tbe new philosophy Sues Is only a feeble plotare of the terrible dlnsolaten*?i of mennrrs, Ahe subrereloa of moral principle, ibo de almoin i of trnlh, end the general eorreplloa of the mind end heart, which bare folic wed ibe fearful eogarenlatl?a or apeee'atlon sad overtrading, sumnleled by orarbank Isg, sad aat in motion by tbe overaatlon of both political parties, the great aourte of the evils we bow reel, la what we bave stated, nndarplongblng? no'h'ng bat an derpioosking?akogitnar anderplaaghing. As bare abae doned the green fields, tbe silt 'Ivor backs, Ibe farm sards, Ibe healthy plough, for'peculation, !>*o<lng, b-y lng. seMlrg, talking pchilos. flirting end making ? oney Tbe whole cnbho mind btt beta diseased, eel ttsrtn Van Buren end his strocloun aseooleiee form one of tbe original censes tr ibe terrible mor.l, politleel, end exnmerclal resclntkn which spreads over tbe ooon rr Merim Van Bi ran and bla aaeictelee first iat.odu. ?d the onu o of pml tics ana banking- poltn w sad speculation In this Stem He wee >be firm apecaietor in t wo '.ota at (ttwego, aed he is the antho of the aafrly rnnd system, wblcb first agl'aieJ ibe wbole elemeala of banking tbroagbont tbe sountry, end dlvldid It info two hostile pvwers reeklog for lbs sa pnir.sey Nicholas Btddle was a banker, bni he waa, and i* a man of tcien a. He to an artapmral, nut be la a moral tie, an in.ed'geni one, a philosophical one. He is au. h an arlato rains yon will find in heaven?Martin Vaa Burro ?neb a drmucrat aa you will diaocvtr oolled ap |D any burning corner In the other place ? II tg h on a ihrone ?f r ijral sisle, which far < Mile hues the wenllh of Ormus, or of Ind' ? be alls like bl* arcbelyj,e sad leacliar In aoiph'ir behw *? apeak In aord old Ki grata, and nte on mln<- n( worts We must so back lo lbs innocence, to ibe simplicity, lo tbe frigs! ty. to 'he parity of ancient times We must quit Ibe dtvll, and bid gooa by to h- II We must study Ins moral* of oar ptlgr ro 'ath. r?. We moat throw Baton acd sprenlaMen I The present re coition la a just and m< rtied dli pensatirn of INvlrc rrovlieene upon our general wickedness and folly. Wc 'eterra all w gal, aid ten dm.* mora- Tbe Almighty wan a linger of firs baa writtra cur doosn, In the Aurora B -ca it, acroa* ibe bread heavens Wa bave bean waxing fat and "klaalog." Ws have aeglecied oar emdlng fields, our evwrlsauog weeds, oar etc ran prilrita, oir rertilc rales, our luxu ileal an.) tunny bill aides, for vae.ty,f..i'y, Itoaitiousnew, gamblMg, rloe sad immorality. Wt must go lalo u>e ii. ntry- caat oil our garxenta of WtfM loeaa, pot oa tb'* I'naey woolae, a again, Uil tha antl. an I with the sweat of our brow earn oar dally b/ea.I Kiot, revolution, inaur r act loo, or pl'lage, will only daelro; the faw elamenta of a trotter age that) et rrmaina to as. Tbe great merobaaie and fhshicnable ?iro-ulatoee meg at lb* Maaonie Hall, end beeanae tbe bubi- ea ha t buret by Mm tr own weight. Ibey leeme i ready to break in a taou aaad yteov* tbe loetal compact. They harlsd Uten me tees* at Van Buren?at Van Buren?a guilty on ', we ad mil. b-1 nvt m..r* gntlty, not m re deaemag ef egeora lion thao they tbi>me?ivee Irot trie mechanics sa l labor ere, wh. m?. t Una ray inthe Perk, look up to that br.ghl bear<-n whlcb ebieea above them, sou pray for et-eugUi ef mind lo lake tbe ebaeuniag whlcb they richly deserve for their ft Hiss, their madoeee end extraeagaao.' during the lad few years. If a burning thunder'roll from lhattky were to strike la Ibe midd ?r aa all, it would be nothing more iliaa whet w* deaeree for our lolly aa I wicktdnee*. for our crimes aad enr ext-avag* or Wa are nil la fault?there In eo on* lenooeet among us?no, not oe, ex oept II be tbe lltt ? lonereet girl of etx yearn old that baa ?ever been u e fashionable boarding school Ws taaervc the hitler cop we are quaffing, aad we trust II may o<>'. be taken Trem enr I pa till we again rein u?et b aa ougbl? to tilling the rnrth inai< ad of se ling It?lo ploughlag the noil instead of llMiographiag It?In dwelling la tbr country I Indeed of starving ard agiielrog In the larre (ittee?to i>v. leg a ?oral, ptous. and qnlet lifts, laslaa ta ielglag la all aorta of llr?nib>uaoaea aad Imatoea.lty From the Naw York HaralM May fl, 1M3T 1 run ctrna or th* mtvorttion?rug rbmxpt. the arorvr and Knijoirtr remta a Isetu e to Ibe looo I foeo meeting that waa held In the Pn*k en Wednvaday, aad miu aerleualy I* them on their ?Mo"amma?ory pia rnrda(" "ibeir leva of notoriety,'' ? ihdr dangerous loo t-loes" fthrlr 'ateretted and unprincipled leader*," end log with a lorg Mil of Indictment, la wbleh tha tern* "dee oiaw." "rulnona,"' "baas men." A. , ran ttr ?gb It to the close Tbe impudence, the harefhmd Impidenoe of these re marks, romlrg rrotn aoh a son roe, It euoagb to provoke a aplrll rf Indignation, or n eplrlt of contempt wlihoot a arallel What la the Onwrier nnd ffttqufrw? Who are Ite enndecfom? Whet fcrme the cllqee of that oonoarn What have iroen?wbel are their apinionsf Bat e sheet week ilnoe this ansae tnornei framed tbe ?Irodoee plea of i.eglerleg an 1n? inrootkm by eouneelllag Ihe merehante to dlsnbey the laws of the Ian I It h tldly and daringly name before thia oornarantty, aad notnally aevised Ibe pobfle, sot only to reeiat the evecntlcn ef tbe lawe, bet by myHorteus hints aad eminoue leneadoee in sfgraed the araaraia te go to WegMegloa aad bury fell p. 'prerd in the brenat of the President Tbig ?e?e paper ?edits clique met in Meeomc Hall, |*Med a Mriea of In ?firrecM'ronry and rldtonloui raMnitow, .'eppelniod a oom roitxee in go to WMh'egtntt, end frrotlnued ins wmaelrala "f agitation aad iaotpteai revolntlen, until It raw an thar party lake lbs field, tr omrateraot the mad-nwa aad rally of the men hanti, by similar :olty aad eqnal madaom in tha rabble Med content with theae Infhannna avowals and onnraag, ?mm ef the ellqee of this journal adaally, '<ul W-l reotly, pmpoeed the fbrmaibw ei a b?dy ?r 10.000 of ? eer i wtttee in u arch te Waehingion and deatrny the cm rramaat at once, beeauna apeenlatera aad rarmhanw ha I fallad la feu tlneaa and oaaM not pay Uetr aabia. Vet In the face of these Inrvndiajr spneala, tbene atf? cloua pror-altbroa* theae wished and ueprlnclple i el tempi* el insurrection, the aame clique of tbe Onrfe a>1 A'cp'trcr baa tha ffelly to heap epprrbrl m na tea rival tgua ara in Ihe Park who, a* far a* coca latency, hnaor, prinr'ple, decenoy, loterrtty, ladoatry, an I, abore all, re ?pect aed esteem for tha law* era Involved, was us 'n mrasorably ahead of tbe lrad-ra .f tbe Mae-rolc Hall ae ?embiage aa it is poa^ble ffer iiMagn|T in rag to aa pan misfortune la |Wfe. _________ The hody of irvo Masonic Hall meeting ??r* honor ?>!? iSlH ot.sutf'eitog men Uutiheir ; olenn ud in stigators aro the nu *bqne of speoulaiors by whose am Mlloa aiyt araile*, opposirg the ambition and avarice of Mr Van Br.ri n and hla f. l*iid?, Ho country hu boon bur rlod tain -he prewot oriels. Wo despise oil partial, all ?ret*, ail cliques ahke. Hantine our standard en the eter ml psioffples of practical good senie, public good, and Uso leutimmteif an cnlii:hteu-il phi!'mooty and a puro rlfiOtttlcu. wo ?hau nevei heattaie to give merit ta? due, fbliy lit lathing. ami charlatanism tta 9?up if gruce. Ttio country bat born broiuht o tta pr?toni oendi loo by the aiBbltioe, ihc pr do, the folly, and the avarice of b<Hh patties Martin Van Burea and Nicholas RMd'.n, In thotr pkiU and eounterp'n'*, are the author* of tbo present re vmsum an ruin suikiig over tbo world. Party iplrtt, ptl^r mon^y, -rcdit. ijkcuWhi n, avarloo, ambition, car ried to rclpab:e exce*t>, are the or'glll and fountain or bo ter?ibl? disasters now overwhelming tho whole nation. yarttD Van Huren name before the w/rld and t*moted one party with B.dulo the other w itb br-nohes ro.'krt loons f *b'2,too each Tbete were r>e "insane rcofa" whiefc the two master spirits?the two grand ma glnao*?trade be people ret. and tbna moand ta i man a of the timet For tlx jears, t in whole country hat been In a oor Nival arlUticn under tho Influences or theao two groat men. I<tto <be two principles of tho ancient Pertlan relgha, these rivalt for power Lareoonvuleed the wo> Id Bomc?rtro to clrcumferrnce. Not only la tho Unttod ?ta'e? garp'ng under .he exolUmrnt of ihelr oonteals, but vt' blew r arbet to the centre of Ihc civilised world, even acro>.' a wai?- o' waters to another onnt nent. Tho whole world it 'Uedlrg agha?< sod wa'tirg for the I-toe of the dm root w?i cm od on between two partloe 'n tho United Mtatut-tho rDe bf.aaed by Van Buren, tho other by Bldi'le Whet, In the yoarn 1828, 'SO, '30, Van Buren atimula'td the attack In 'bit state upon the oiecit and to'vency of the United Sister ttenk?wbrn be enoourrged tho Illegal ro moval'-f the drpoeltet in 1*33, bo wa? laying tbo foinls tlon of the preterit terrltde rtvultlon, ar far at hit separate aoden ocnld p-:di;ce turfc an imuo When Nicholas Bid die hired a j air of blookhoadt lu Wall street at IM.787 a bunch of whickers and old clothot b-i ludmi? when he con tract"! and expanded hit loans, without order or science? whrn he rot ihi> wholi Oj p.grillrn machine in md'kn, ho wtt cmuibut'eg as mtnh to tem 4 and to destroy oar mochont* at L.e rival and comtetlior at Albany or Watt log on. K?tn the prerent ruyulslcti might havn boon aodera'rrt, but fur the iwrn'rl't,# 'rfluence of both those great mm HM irrater charla'an" In August, September, ar.d Octrbe' liut, the groat fabric of orcuit bogto to give t'ty, ltd a few cran^oi, recorded at tbo ttm", alarmed the public mind In Ojto'itr. Whit w?a done? Inatead of then leViiigcif vhe steam, which might have been done w h left injury thin the present dally exphMona prodooo, emb VinBu>enand Biddle tried to toe top of tho'r Pngt, "no danger''? 'puton mere vteam"?"go ahead"? "damn your souls"- "go ahead"?"s'ea ly boyt"?"that's yoar aort " Van B\ -en's rafcty ftuii banks actual! > tucreaaot their Iranr, * ben ibey ought to have onstracted them, an I Biddle tiled out that the spent" circular revoked, all * on Id bo wrll The banters of b t'> i a-tlcs?the tluao tiers, wb'g hi <1 'fmoorst alike, -ahl and aw- re "ihere l? to ovcrtiad'ng"?"tho banks were asfe"?"p'tres wore not too b gb"? 'all's we I"?"no daryor"?"put on more rtcan "?"go aheat"?"damn yonr aonls. go ah?ad"? "itctdy boy*, steady"?"that ? yoor ?ort." Ub"ier thla noi? deb su n a'nu si every ccnmt'ro a) house In New York, Now Oi bans or elaewh'.re, ccn 'noed It ertond and to on large tbetr eng*gt'u.enia, to pay vaurli us rates tf luteres', and to live on excrement and irrpulw a To w month' lorg f? from Octc bar, I8"f, aetll March, 1837 Tbeocamothc lurrlblc, long p-otracled, I ng iusp< nded craoh; ami here we are In 'he midst or rnlr, deTMUtloi, quackery, noa trame, ftolery, inturr o lon, madness, from all parties and all men alike. We, iberrfore, charge Ma-tlc Vai Bu-en and Nicholas wbb belrg the autnors and inst'gatirs of tho present nin upon the country. Wecfa ge the nnderMrappers end financiers of hath these evil masier spirlis with baring oorrnp ly abused the "iroety pewer" of the people to thotr own advantage, bat to t-e ru'a of the It Per We obargo Ihe dimoo stlo party with h?l?g a oorru;A, Ignorant, ich'tn'tg, da'li g, Inuip nt, cllqot of men. wh>, under the same of "di ruocrary," bars coated 300 new hi: ks In six yars.and ow.dled toe Uab'Htlot of the ocun try from $300,CCO.UCO to WOO,MO,000 In tho tamo period ol time. We ebare' Ihe whig party wVb equal folly, ecrnptlon. knavery, and all kinds of *1-0 illation In thnr leaden sad wots? in sldlcg to c rate these bmki?In partlolpaileg In the general Banc, and In drawing the world Into eatrava gam e and fully as much as ihry ooukl, Wi' (barge 'he hut*foco par y with hy^oorlty In the head and hi art, and fol y In the iall?wl h making s fool lab war on all credit and ill banks, when a mode ration Irr the use tf tho system Is abtoluteiy m oos ?ary for a now and growing country like Uts United Btnien. We ebnrge all the editors or Wall street with utter folly and ignorance. In ascribing t? the specie -Irtular the origin tf ire prnsrnt ruin, when they are as guilty of Ult result as snv other body of men in the nat'oi. And, finally we charge all tn<">, worm-it, and bodies, or e Iqvta of e tber, to Isy s 1<ir folty snd extrsragsnoe?to at ur y a mpllclty and a cor o my?to pray to beavoti tnat tnoy ?to )(t In the tn'dst of s Ooa land and onder s am ! ag b a?pn?lo ro ollcct that thoogh rrodit la gtno. and fine luroitate ts sine, all tt e chsri tes of It'e ' ot remain? lore, ?fltotian, Industry, good aanso and ofaee fuinesr are yet among us let us oot dot; air Kin' only pot down all i arty? let put op reason good sense and m- deration, let oor beaotlfol young married women plsy lets on the piano and look oftener Into the long deserted k lot)en lot ibem flirt lest with tie dandles, and ears uftorer the'r husband's stockings, or Iry lo make a podding o* a home made cake Lit our young men go to work. I they can n< t gel work In lows, g\ ?? l*zr rogues, into the oountry. and torn ploogfmea. It's eiightfui to kiss one's sweet wife ondar s geaen iree, w|ih ihe happy blrdr sttUog In t?e leafy braaches, ch rj lo( Tor rery )>r, aud the aagels of beaver I otlog > owe ant blemiog the hallowed amuck imtrlo ed us ike calm w fe's rosy I pa ls?t die ronng a dice of faablon unly lake a wa k - bo* a week la B'oad way ?dress t.-env e ns In rarrow sleeves, if t ey say so?out lot lb* fabrics he Cheap at heant'ful, and by no m auiw ease at ? be loafera en Bcvren's atepa And ab~ve all, let is ot no snd siash np Mafc Van Buren and Nicholas Id I o for ihelr icfluencn tr p od Being thesetals, hot let uspsteem iben ?ho h for ihelr sua )ty n private life, their gen.lo manly Irate In gen<ral soc'ety,anJ ? otlder them only aa ?be wo he sua t of drstrunion wlA whuJt Uts Almighty has sooorged us for our wtokadnesa. THE REVULSION OT 1897. THF, PANIC IN PFNNSYLVAN1 A. | from lb<> I'blladeipota t', dopt 'iO ) scargNsioN of arson pathbnt ay rma banks or f B1LADB PUI A. We we In'o-med, opon tbe authority o' A'mui, president nr nne of the bor*?, t"At he wad da utel At n foil n e-ting o'tbe pretidewe of a'J tbn b.nkt of rbi'a d.lcbia held iretorday afte boob, In laform UtB publlo pre** tbat ih'y bed ?nat Into oil? agreed to reonmreol to their rnpaeil.e board* ihta mnrntng a temporary niim ?if a ?>f merle lay meet*, and iliiha Bother m-e'.iog m II be held tkt? ateraoua by the Mmi officer* ti ftiruo nrh further Bt> aoi ab tbo rt gxuoy m*r dom.n1. I >eepIf a* we reg-et tbat the bam* bare noooltded npoa ttixpfBttco, Md .leafliy a* we hmre Inbored to pro A ?> a b.ttor wate of U ????. wa bare ae? diillAA to M phkt|e to ounelrea, our fe'low won an I our g.c?t city lad Mate Tbo fret or there dotiei la to mo tool bo barm nemeo to onr treat clanei ?to the farmer*. moor ac'ne and aborero?and, I ait, to* trait, u tbo*e euerg?t'n and pablla ?I t riled Birr bar,', who bare b rarely atom mod tbo torreat ? hioh mi agw'nat oar InatUu tinea and Internet* fr->m New Tort, New England, and the Went. The trro who are rarely p?rtlee to lae prot'a rf baelce, bnt wbo alwaya bear the burden at a g'ncral bnnkropt-y, itrmand nor ot-noal anlleHodo Kub mea>erta will barm ibcm moal The bank* are ktlll In a ocadltien to inQlr* It jiry opoo the oommnnltjL and wtvle many of tfc"in wb<> bare enjoyed tie 1'arora ortbeee lootl tuttona will eecape tbe blow, yet it will fblUieasllr npn those wbo bare been urilcg la their bomb e nrocallon*, coolant with tbe *CAn'y reward! of bn.ieel Indna ry l et no hear this leadlai far* la oar mtada la tba oonrea of oar notion open the preeont emergency We ate olad to bnow that .0 feral of tbe load lag bank* bare rteolred to lake tmmed<aio *'<?pa preparatory to rn lampt'oo When we re'ieat that all the yea! Internet* of ?grW-altor* are in a cncditloa of ptoapertty, we cannot bat hope tbat 1 he preornt gloom will rata off in a dob para tirety abort time; and when we remember tbo etriaceni lawa aealaoi ac?r'Mtr a, we may mafia that it la tbe true Ictareot of erery bat k to take ttepo to raanme epojie pay maata before tbe law ba? bad time to operate. Meanwhile, frt*n<ia, be of good cheer. Do not giro way to lacratldf rate action. Boar and fn-benr ThlAlaaotloM Tor rieltot imps Wo onraa or <mtu nwn?[??nn?> Wa learn tbat the Pre*id?nta of aereral of the baoka of th* 'ly h*ve err-eocd a ictc-mlnatloo ?o do All la their fewer to bnog aboat a geaoral reoomptiow tf opoela pay m-oto at aa early day We bom tbay may auooeed But who or or may bo their gaooroi policy we earweatly In.ut that Immelltle meat urea be taken to releena in tpc-le all Ibetr aotro of tmall denomination!? oertalaly all their fire, aad if pn?aible,all their ten dollar Mila. Tbe roapeit ?in oaght not, under nay r.lrcnmataaoaa, It extent to ?nail aotea, tnd there la no aejtaaity tbat It thoull do to Before the ran upon tbe bank* yet'er lay tae amount of ?pee'e in tfcalr ranita waa nearly, IT not (rake, trial to their oircniaijoa. Tbe former waa about H aad tan latter a boa |*,C(0,0t0 But y eater lay nearly ft, WOO ,100 of ipedc waa drawa from them, a largo prrttoa if which waa reoeired by d-poaiton, who bad a'not 930,00,000 la the haaka The nootlnuatl-w of a drain open them of *eeni? by deooattors would (peedtfy etbauft f?el* reaoaroea But the policy of our ?tat ag baakiag lawa diaorimtnateo bn tween their obligiDoa In redeem la tprrte their aotea aad the baiaroce doe todepaaltort, and wbllMUie-e a-e la buel neaa el re lea many men who rtg*rd the Ute mcremmit of the baoka aa a measure of relief, and wbo an"clnate from It rather benefit than l?|ury, there It ao luoh feeling to oor- o!e the gr?al b-vty .1' M holder*. particularly tbooo wbo ham *00011 notm of $1 or 010, wblah are the fruito of their hard labcra, aad who can in afford to hare thorn, ?raa fbr nah*ri time, dtocredttad. Let anoh peraona, there fore, be protected, tl eaa naoM do very aerioaa dlfflnlty to the baaki 10 redeem their email totea, aad whether it deM or aot, their Arm doty te dne to their iniall note hold ere, whoaerer melee their f*ro?a, who nannot afford. aad ihonM aot b* oalled open, to boar the bardan of their Ineoaa. Thote wbo bold u.-ieeof 'arte derom* naucn* caa better aralt tor tbe grneral reenmptloa, wbloh, we hope will take plaoa at aa early day, bat we promt against tbe itbmlag man, th mechanics the tolling maeeee who mm their brm.1 by the eweat of their brows, b-tag obliged to bear thakrentof effing dtBcuit'ea. We are satisfied, too, that to b idreoe men generally die redemp loo of imall notes la aoe-ia would be a highly ao-vpta-ii* irem-nt. and that It wontd g-eallt lead to dimm'th the itW'm and preaaare which will be the neeweeary ooneequewce of the praaaal Ufbrtaat e oondMoa of onr atoaetary aflAira. JSESaj; -??=; r^sfrrsissz - ?s."rvn: ssril??*^ ssusrssirirjr ?" StaS."SafcS&KS""'*??*?*???*. Oee day last we*k, the (iu?l torn ml ?.! ?,,*?, m-ta, m. ebarga .ho doty Uh-s Ic^d ,lpnn ^J*?" ?* w^h toUe.orprleo or every one, ?ney suddmm^.5 7JJ??i ?"7 44 ' ,Urt<>d rrom ??"f*o<r w PWta Jelphlt, ti company with tbo -H?lo Trr^j * W What was tbo wum of tble suddiw adiournm?ts u.^ Dsy be.rd Ooenel.l news -hlii alarms th.m? j*t ?! lunde of the HUto which the; bed hoc. ?ploo?Mli?l=! ?-??P*d Id gome or (ha dtuocwi failures J?h ^ . , Wo" ?b? ^rls of 'b" toete ho lea jir ln rolredthnt It would have embarraAcr.i (ho opm-uimu ?' riilil' ? 0 ?*T" toensd tr*C s for (ha $b0,0?f ? ire lb ?> _ , ^ b*nh? to (his oily no?? k<? tm to be tnsoi I ? A?"lho?e laetitntiOM una Us to I?ini, m' f? mn" !"*? b-Jnest oredltors of the dtato ?welt the will t-f ? one of p-eso insulvnat bean" for th > Sif'"1 2f ?h8,rJT?* ?'?m ' Will to ,?o r,o here welled EKt?? botoeUllto welt longer, hroeuu. g?a t eaten who are Intrusted with the ltuci<iofui?d.iia ohooee to speculate upon them' enJi'.1,1* *i that demands end muit here en BUto ? JMf ???P fro^ ?" t*rt? of tbo ?Vi?i?so . become nf (he eirpius made in the treeenryl Are wo to hare another <? w n* tin-Gibson" openetlonr 1*1 (bo people leek (a it ?.>ll We ere already oknolm Yhto ,r1tbf",t h4y|"f *? P?jr fataro dell rtrooleo that mey trite rroat mi? management. Looh *H,.J?0N*Y *AN,0?KPN UFON TOM itviy. The .1 l-T ,lB* '"J'todelp: l? twdfer Nept J8 I in iL *? * fhvsr or ercdomem yi-s'er<)a/, owtnr to the rarrco.lob or specie ?> m. uts by t in Hu.k J? p.nn ?TI van la, ex d to Ibe Try gen. re. ap^'JS?^ Xr ,*k7ld tfo Hkewlie At en eerl) h-ur lo the morn lry.rrowdf in hered lo the *1: o ly of m?o* of th?eo in* I lotions, bid tre.r toor. ware o* b?f ofin WolTli bfceme ep.ieroot thst there eould b j e r? n upon them.' ht thi n "If*"???. e ?u*l,?n*l' 0 of (PCOle per meow by the Bank of leoosylreole ?ee oe ly nede, no t the |x Mr*mrn wore e>eu <ee<i at the ga'o* ?<> orrya the en fhniJia i I'7*'* 601 -???the o?c?re n*o niirr-.v riB? r,ire ?4,|,"r1 ?? ^io?p< Uo.i.iy die. blilldlrg - ^ ?lo,i? surronodlof tbo ,ptde ^rmm" ^ Tbo orowd the. |e(btred ebout toe IVnnolreoie dank ?won "Isparsed, end there >ei llule or no . xnrem-ot thero o" i?'1 ( f U,ft "*y ,n t''0 ""'kuborh? id of the (i - i i '11 *e?different ilroopo,,fperwme dis ''b? ?' eiolllrg topic, were |?(-ier?d (here from, the t me of the apeomi to too olooe K wee oO inllr enoouncedI in tbe ooarte of the raomipg that nbeeks wonld so b? paid until ef or J o o.ork. Wo i?,,D (h4. ?.rCl n?)t pe d, though tbo notee were redeemed oo lo tbe doe of cljs.Dg i? the course of (he iter there wee m >re or lees of e ran up n all ..I tbe oitv bancs, Utough In miar tnsisnoes it was male ?y ibe bolue a of one or mtve Use di er notes. In the mo nlny. sn t no in uoe o'elork, (ho run iifoo Ibe Farmer ' end Menben.on' ?m rery heavy 'k V,* * conUBuBl stream g..u? loto (he baek, end in !r??m ?''t, ,U,8W?? r"?"J to (be p.y(B< teleredejk,oomp*ad frrooa ltn? ti *e eat* d?e oer tons. Bef..r. (no o'oio k the a?mu-mra( bet abated end bn. lew r ursons wore in tbo rtom i?iAI tdel hl4 'n,, WaaUrn Hank, a:moot a1 i?< ai'n'A * 00n*,<l"' ble rum Ihroarbcui me day. ?? alto at Ibe Oommernui eod FUe. of o.mtniwoe It .u 2S ?'?' ' '? -MMd tbelr unm. p.w doprsHnrs. ibe run uptn tbe CKy Beak was P'ohebiw hLi*^L5hiD *"r of A" ^ '""re was a simt Th^h' ^i0n\,"??!"? to'1*''* '"'o street, which, at two 'clork, wm from a tern o 1H#? 7? l4??' I'"" I'olinemen were datiooM on the ?tepi of be bank lo prevent persons from eotortoc, all beln| (k mpalled to Uke Uirlr planes In Horn. While we wore at the bank sn olt lady ctemo an wi b e obeok end blm'anrt SMn,Srh? Iv ,n' wh"? ,M was ordered oar? and mid (b.t .he must do as tbe otbera had dna, Hi!PT4rtd.4r""* ?"? ?"? ?o brerr at (he Njrtw "d "sommioe'. and Penn TOwnsblp. the Hoethwark and rraeoswsw'a hod very btJe more than the ordinary demand for timma The paale and the run upon the banks owe everywhere the ?abjeetof oonversatton?In tbe stores, creatine room* "4,k?l?Jw>* '? ?" ?he erordo about tbo haaka laboring men and otbera in bumble otroam ' sores oou'd be teen wbo ware tbe'O evidently for (ho purpose of ob atnteg specie Tor a slrgie sue or two. Tito ranc rremrd. bswerrr, to ha?e atfrotrd other classes Throughout (be day notes of the hanks bald In bad repxio wars refuted by shopkeeper*, and the specie insisted upon lk payment of purchases made KCKNM I* PIIII. II>K1,FHI A. (from the Pblladelpbla BulieUa, dept. ai. I -if^h *scllemoflt about Ue elty moeevtry lasututloeh, wn.cb ocmmecocd In good aaroest iestirtfav, and do rrloped luatr in a geteral run oo tbe b**k?, oonUoue-t lbl4 J!2L",B5 - ,but i4* Wrjort t. th'e more log belofiged r.r^L i!: 0,444 fr?m ,b41 'h,cb "se prom neat no f' d4Y. T1*? ">? jesterday took a*>nu? a mi Inn and a half of dollars out of Ike vaults or tbe dllTereni Ustliu'loos, end tbe | reeldrnis of the various beoks met yaewday M.'r" mBd!^ ^!.rn^'*d to ttt?lr ?"??? to toy? O?sermuation was gaea allr koowo pept rs *7 ,M <? mil (henewe Tbls mernlng Ibe people w ho do not read the afternoon fTif'i" learner' of the run, an I e?ry Imttvidua) ef Ibis class wbo tad a am dollar b II slowed away for a f^TTw 7' .R*m? aot~y r?' r?*r Of the eoasru'ieooee and (hey rushed down bright and aarlt to tha aawniw' hoed in which the backs a'o located ' ????bbor. THk MISS SIHiCT TBS IUSK POOCH long befose business boors crowds of pnrsoes fathered opm the Steps of the principal bask* ami InaimJ up ^I'rti^.h^ *" 16 ""b Ul4T *" 4 t ^ a the ceu* nth u ibatbsre were -arsly funds inside .utlldkot lo i.ietl tbelr deassBfls, sod unices lb< r ware Iifiiw ceu<nr go' f*' #0m? 'AdlvldaaJ would obtain die ouveed Mtst of these regrr tsdtvldsate were ettbsr Lrtab or ?er "'i ???totter, tantcularly, snneered Wrr'hel at the rear of mrrtlrg with a kve. Am <ng be throng .ere numerous women, Ino, wbo vers alar ssiillM reports whi-b ware flying sb-ml thick and feci. Is several awea the doors of the hanks vera o pec ad bef.wa Uiew usual lime and remains and InUrm persons war* Inotel inside by i b? ? n i ?r? of t be I naut nioas ""'?'<??! t??ae ih^b?'.?i,l*0.0JClOCb 4fr,T4d 40,1 144 JnorB opened to tbo poblie, the .oene was amusing- the sople usa.wtb*d ?!i i? UP P?1'ro#" ?o lb8 Pnftog (oiler's ooon er, and l a C^n1'. V4lUKilbHr ,U'B" A' "?? ?"?' ?*H'r of the banks redeemed (bur smaller bill., tbssu fnghimej ani? heIders ware soon relieved of tbrtr pa or aad tne'r 'ear* w.m*4 to*1' rr>dotog AU this was ao' cnmpiiabed wttbool much t?si, 'or 7#rr few of ibeae ea/lr birds bad more (ban a single Ave do.lar bill ?? offer. and ?J cry little aptae w*nt s great way a sau.fyiog ibetr ?WM. w?at ran bawss am noma. All the bssks uecllnrd lo da? lo easU depositor*' rhrstke hot they all marked then, "good," apd ice nbeeg? then used la pa? ment of bll ? sad taken in deposit ?y the otesr backs The' paid all lit o.i'rs n ^r^T44 ",U# ?fDO B,h ??U|? Altar's desk At^tbe door of this laaii tali-mi the Mlowtcg so doe wis "WacWAgifw' Bass, 1 nniAPkirwiA, ttepA tbji. 1861 I T>W bar k will pay a I its oiseu ailoo rtepnettrrs' 'becks will sot be peld, but wtH be marked! good, and rh eks so w>a. ked by ether bats* will m rw otlred la pay m. si of dsbts due this toaiitu inn " The Hick ef North Amer.oa, is* tradesman's Mi tho Souibwark Bat k also paid ah ibrlr coins, targa or small The Farmer* aad tfecbaeiea' Sank paid ah I la n ues wttbts (he dea m.oat.oa of ?|0 ^ ,b?" ??? doltor bills with n*stoe. bat ihey deci.acd lo ebange la gtr outs* - ?m. nenflAl, ODBB?r?, ukf VonhAai^' ?Nortbsra Libartks, i'blladslpbla. IM ard and Kemisgh*. now writ roe aav-a nt wnmaof tba aoie bolder* wbo Sad privatefy astn'M tbrlr fneeda of Uetr noavimtoa (has they were ruined, wrretakro aback, ca reaeblng be eoealera of the bask, Mbelag plraaaaily asked by (he filer how (hey won I <4 hav - 1 Thme who waatr I gold get tt, while otbera wio etprvssrd a deetre for charge reoelvadl small stiver mocb to tbelr grstifloauoo. Tbta podie and awmrud datiag eonren pot the ptrorar clans cf sote bolder! tn an lasasnioly good bemer. Tkittim partusd by ibn msjortty of im banka bad Iba (fleet ef allay lag the sTdtameet aasnwc (be ssoita le people win were so 'Ismeroea early ta tbe day. Poring Ibe fwrntvo crowds of idlers rtood guxlag at Ibenoteide of tbe haakv. Jo t as tbey would gene at an empty bal'dler where seme etrlllag evMl bad neourred. A stroag pnbee for re was pa daty durlag tbe day In peaveat tbe ttreem be'eg bleefced op by the erowde of loHnresa <>ar or una I aav n* una I Karty In the day there won a line ef say flfleer, or t v?e ? ly persons at the (tooth wark Bank. Two pnttoesnen were ?tattooed at the doer ardiouaty laboring in ksap tbo " ineue ? right Dae of tbe "atava," bewwver. areafd more trouble than everybody etna, by eetrtag eaeb perenc, ?a be earn* up tbe stops and ordering him to ' get In line " ?tovrral Mg fellows rather renew tod this ?WWW mede of trMlmset, Md oulto a number if sgoabblen oo curtsd The people in tbe innue, bowevev, took It goiul bnmoredly Md ordered eaob other 'in Una," in Unite hob af the cflletooa "atar." m norm anrown mssai mashbt. be boosekrapera, old sat youag, prefy and dowdy, rlab aad poor, knot ap a musing Ira or Ana anal toik aether m.t their ar inalataaona Md ^ they fkaiTerud for bMf. tomatoes, eora Md Ut* other "ddttoacle* of KM *?nia." To be lores the dear nrouare* bad out s rery dtatiact Idea of what tha trouble was all ?boat, bat tony tolkal never We beard m my?"Ah yea; mj ba'baad m?e If they bad only flted the troabta al the oleartag hoaee, this dreadful troabta would ail have Mea srcldnd. And I am rare ha kaowe " ^ . "What la tbe clearing boos*'" aske-l be* eomsMtoa. Wbo wm looking over toe ebaege la bar paebetboob, an 1 evidently bad m eye * *?me vegetsblee on m edyecsnl k, I dent etaetly knew II* n?. Ah, (here b j aoqun'stonoe pssaed the ltdlee) tire , oyecdof I did not see you at .berth ee ?on-lay, wanted to toll you about tost pattern for Jane'it tf $ the peaverasUoe took an entirely dH wool rang", ir repswter lest tos lu-nta->ua dalslUoa of what the g bouse ?m, wbcb lbs flnaoelal tody seamed mgtve. b.ard another lady etclslm to a frleal," We", I hope you're bad an trouble with n.tea uttn ie?d I have,'' raid Vary, "aad Ijw?*t right down to re thia meraiag Ml ma le Jobs give ose ether, so