Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 29, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 29, 1857 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. "THOU* NO. 7*98. MORNING EDITION-TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 29. 1867. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE FMAICUl CRISIS. IV&FKHK101I OP TAB PtlflflDWCB BMIKS. Call for an Ixtra Se?ion of tho Penn gylvania Legislature, Condition of Affairs Throughout the Country, *0.. to THE PHILADELPHIA. BANKS. VBa VUMMIUI. t?UUB .8 IN ** *?*?"*Tir r?lN?a OA*?U< Wt-llBB AHB WOB81 -WWT TBI eovsahoa oo?a wot i?ac? ?is phoolailatio* vwum Ol'M " " rttL* 00*K*ll'0?!>*?* I'uiladwu'HU. Sep' C8,185T tf flannoi.l metier* were b* wlla?.r*Bg on Fiidnj ena per .tewing unS.?urdny,tt.ef ere nbm.lotely greeting to day. , To no *ure were ore n-4 the c e-di About we banking t --- ytn ibero were 00 Fn<f?y ?d aKurdny.for the MMitarnte ..f *b?e exclkd erowee-Ute bolder* of lire ?m ten do'Utr *U)n-bn*e gmernlly reoeWed eome equl raienl for their note., end .Wee tbnt lime they h.*e not b?e* troubled wltb treeb MtppUee of bunk poper, for tte on, j oyew frcsrklly bore been forced to lmltete Ute cs of Ute em.** "*o wring fund* nod ,u?pe?d. TUny n poor wen woe compelled on Unturdny to obtain tmdful wpr'.iee for hia Wly on oredit, or do wittooi , , , rfinnri trim tbl* oln** of oote bolder. ? rsSft: ? tssr ? sk * ?d Vboti nnilone for tbe rerolt " you inte 00 smurd.y nl(bt tbnt ?orer KT.W* hn1 beer, clomtod with the pre the J Kla. and 1 bet he and let.mnted n willing cem to IKiTTrnKSllmSSS^ ?? ugWhture for the ?f eg.'***** the .utpentWD, nna that we proolAmmion *?u'd onbllO tbl* morning. During yewerdef toe nuworlzeo tucb ? r.vementto be m*de pnbUo, 'itM* morning the proni.nrntto* wn* looked fbr, bit It *ia uot ?pp? nr, nod dartn. the forenoon the ducomoni wn* '.JilJ Take" lor Way It did not appear wn. ? my* ?blrb it hep ep* to be in my uo.or to .aire. The ? L?r to n particular f'faod of *r Tbomw AlU ^ FiJorlt V ine Bank of Pe??w> laniun. ?te ZXT ^wUl reoolleot, flrrt I. nugurowd the, .uepen ?of Ywwte iwytm nu for tbl* not (wblob bu ?tnoe ?.Vt Tit-oiy |*>or Pean.Tlr.eU ?M out tr LT.^or onnki.nnd b,r note, .no aertrtea oneok. *litreceirea In dei-oeit. Toe Swte nro kept r%r Bnuk Of Peenerl ?oia, u>d tbl. ren.on, tnoked by Mr f tesd.blp of too Gorereor to -nrd Mr Albhuoe. do - B-T?f UM^Cu iS uon of bU 1 '?>c ?'.i.l.0B for . peowl >e?.,on tb.t the Bwk Z Penney .toll be Uken loto the .wterbnod of I tT.rt trr-1-1 f tBough .he bnd nerer .njirn fn>m ? r? ? ' Tj tbl. bnrd cooailloii Ue peeldeew oftie oloer I k ,i#miir b-t the liorerno* t. ('in, ?nd, e.tte* n. tbe d'? wH ^ oomoeli.^ u, .-Wllor It. f .r wt'b mi mltiirSi eowton nBd.Ug.Uutton of ?he ?u.pen.loo., u? b.L'ts will ?H t?e UU out upon iftstr h?ok?, .1. k ?n ? .tiff rb? p--cl*m*tlnn win b. l..ued 10 ? mo Dip, .BU <Er ftih or Ooiohw Will bo Ibe time .ted ur tbe va mb iag of tee f*gl?l?lnro By thl. ITL wr Qo-ewr r will win for bimwlf theth.ek. of .11 Z ,-mi, ihe.w?nof o- B??k uf P.Bn.ylrnnl., or -bu Bate bougut up iu ?por.tnr l.?nBt of twenty Ore oor *rt.ce the iwnar.MB*nl of Utr run U rHlnr tbe J/irLnro been mim.rh).' n. though ? were rir,??Kl by . b?ruel -if e' Thing* been ;^?dot. ngnle without ra-.-o o j .dgm ut; he >w>k. would ojoet loge b.r m.d determine oe . oourM) u nu wooer hnu tbe < ?n- r. ?ep.rnted vo.n emiu wr old ma una bi. 0*? boon .nd mntuge bi? *tf.l-. wuboul re ZZ U the errewfemeou pie*.-only deter nlned urou 1Kb ,mji ol ? wee benotifuilt lllo?.r?led thu morn aM .hro.hehmi ? Old . . or, Ibiug Bu ler Wtt'em eh.igiBg tbrlr p "c> erery hou' ?ud nddleg u> ?, |wrpU*Wkw ood 0l.trw.lun. w.W wnico r*ery bum "ZfZ IK *N^b Amrrlon for ln?i*ooe, "P?"ed wit# .? . o -ed deter niu.t!jo to redeem in ft?e aolinr noloe In tlli X ?nrb tte check, '' good - Bef,re elerco it ctkBged iu U?c, by rrfwlsg to pay noir. tnj doiumin.hon, .no b) ^ rlog one bill* r w. Ziim .od upwerd.. el hW U-e toey rrrfa.ed to ' . - r ..hnrkr .t nil, I' be ew mm .mount dabmqieotly Z? ?? food- If below Wir d-Htr. wd doe bill- fur li ne ?h.t were ebore tb.t t.m I* -lb prrontng tbl. -nollleilBg o-. 'f.e end to ~ ?? .mo, Bii"o .>1 ltro mtcb eorprtee, ee tttetb-od " * . K wVo iiotry. ..c It he. bluter. t bom. nn un wmKhVKvn..U o,'lh.rlB, frldn, nod Bntnmny tbl. 1 .r. rmtd eli ?? creuinihm bm "ff?r*T . ??, t.nk Of Pro- .yir.oln, nltnoagh In do-per dUgrnoe t ? of lb 'itw-r wet tab >n?, nnme out .p (e*Uy tbl mill .U Or# dp" tr uuM wltb .peele 1 rZl k :drfr ?. B.ok .WO renwed W, p*y .P-oW %. t mip.n.ed chrok. w'tb hrr ?'B DOted Tne other bru Brepoinr bin. with ??ci.. end ntbe \ ,_.i. chpc* or p.ld tbrm with no e nK rl'^mh u of Ore dilUtr. The l'bll^l-1 V. . BP. '.Ar?e pnytig .m..-^t^oun?ed U> the ?teo. ^K't'^rcUl .re .enowlng more m.1 .Id to n w know, ebet n d.r will bring forth Toe .. ulM - f, h?? wori iof br?afli< ** ?? *; Y m bnl wb- pubMc ferer ^..M he rb, Tbequeat oe now ?*. memed 1.1, will w T rb bcnbf ?ofi?nd t *h?r? l? ? f^emS diver bKnem g-"! Vowing M. of lb, , ' ? ^11 M bn*> u bow, mel tne prwetou. .re JtTVKVei^ ^e pnper of ml dty nn? y m>l bank. W nt we '?f oen? dWoeWt. ?b.che*er yoi , nur- 1 i?w ? gmt'omen tbl. momlug who pnld n not for tt*K?BBt.D? n l.r.B lo of l<? ? Mr rj inDi . for "'m H. rrcetred the brokw _? ohook v ? Mvd tf,' ?P?t eg 'bw w.hked '? g-wd rn the ma. h ?.?d I- for | W to too wm., broker m .n ndtli Kill elat e of tee li' ?nt That wet .wrwitlv prour ^ flMr broktr. g?*e l-o prr hew York n?? dr.w the .peole from yonroity wo Mtl U for wn per boot premium PHiijtDBLnc., Sept *s, 11107 me mok. are pumu'eg lb, e?me eonrw to dny tbm the* mrowed no Belurdny Tbe oirned Bnoll 1. pey'OI Out .pec*") 00 0*e dotlnr Mtb, wo ?be Mrntoeu'c. ned Sooihwnrk ?mnll tbelr *+m Tb? Bonk of Norkb Amenn. wkpewded .bout It o'clock. ??a tne ?i?pte?ioo will row peobnoly beonm. geneml Twm/vn o'thmric M. me Mrrbna Of Bank eow redeem, eutc. of fl*. dollnr. **tV> fallow*og oeek. ?l?o m'eem flrmealy: tbe Cow .wienttoii We Noefbern Ubertwe, tbe Ifeebeoim' nm* tt^ufrntP..,.', IA. Commercial, tbe WeWera, end Utr me Pbnedel'bm Bwk pn'i out bo rpeele, hot redeem, mron. wi'b N. own bm<? ^ o>aMQC p n>? "raoay l? ante ifeek I* m? pay1ny out It* a wo ootaa tee ob> oka, hut refoeaa apama '?? a.ckuka' aad Haauf* torore' 9aak u pay toy oo all 'ha baokt of tbe oily have ehaeyad IMr aoarea atv the o enioy boar Haaw of tbem refuse to nertify Ohcaka hot giro doe Mill to dapotlt with othor haaka I la jeet mmored no who atraol that the (inrtrwcr ra ?au to uioa a | rootamatloa outlay U?a ley ?tat*:'o to r*?jr, aalewi the Pewaayleanta Raak la plaoed oa a par *aa other haaka. an" her ootaa recetred oa depoali 111 U oonfoat m aad dlaardor, bat It la aot attended trtb *a at utamest that baa aatatad ta f.rmer day* of troobla too. y Had of baalaaaa ta coapMaly paralyaad, aad it ? impwaibla to make ool lent! owe Hca* n'Clock, P. M Tbe .rordaaiattoo of the (la earner ta ooereoe aa atlra ?aastaa a: the I oxalate re out ha pobllaaad to morrow ao tiof be p'ociamatlna aaya ? a aoraaa, a aenoaa florocu rernlsloa haa onanrred, ra .oMt? la the aaaiwoatoa of epeate pay ax Bit by the haaka .? tbt* aaa otLer mw??, aad waaroaa tba failure of raaoy 4 a( wat abed ooaamerntal boaaaa la leattiny to the da It notion < mnfldoe m aod ta a ynoora! -imberraasmeat Mil d< i rr Won la fade, ard la Ibreatoalaf to affect dtaaa tmaiy the e?. lit if tba mm o?oa wealth aot th treat la ? tair al II toraau of tba i*opie, tat It reuulrtoy or mpi ivflrti'ht i*'ton to -altera the aJarmet aad anfferlnf ?otMnnity, therefore I noaeeee the Lefteletare, to ?met ng tba Oth of (Mu>eer, aad adopt an oh mea . ,rm aa tee praiaot ertyetjoy reyulre*?kyallzttfoh ?if tba aoatun.iona?italieri.y that tka baal rvfia of the a.*aimaalty and the (bite will be tub earn an tterahy It waa tnf (rated at the meetlny if tba kill UM ev rainy that where partlaa have ootaa pro reehb' oaV baoaaaa they rofaaa to pay other thaa lo nae enraaaoy ? la the dnty of tbe oollentlac hank or ayeney <r here that raid made ea pnbitc aa tba protaat Tba Preaiik ata of tba haaka hare Byroad to raotore lb kMk of Pmearleaala tc a poeUloa at the olaartny hnaaa aad to reoalra Ita ootaa aed dtaooaal liharally for Uiatr wietomera. Had tbta beta aooaar dooe lb are wool.l hare heea ao aoepetetoae. Tba Roam of Trade hare drderm'aed to nail a raoMtay fw a prhuo aipraaaloa or tba various bnttaaae laieraete of (be dty THE BANKS OP PITTfiBlTRO. Pit rati'ao, dept. 2d, 1M7 tbe bark eyettement >? anbeMiay The M <-haolfla' fh.ak aoapeaded tble morality font seat la entirely pare tyaed ?ft offtinm P. If. AH tbe beak* '? l%t? m? , win the eice. Ma cf the l tu ho-y ?!>t ha*' ?' deeded Tbe e * hltfT 'Due.a of tb.r barki ta day adept* t rreo lot mm la rabaatao* m felowa:?That the temporary ??? peoctoa of tfco pays rat or oola t? aeeomvr *o prowot bo am MM, tl tMbUag the book* to ooatloao ?ho dlec ant log or local paper, ud b at 'he oa?hler* of lb* revpeoUve book! oro peremptorily Instructed tj Iho Bnarda of Qtreo tora to ' aoiaae fHi timlior ootlon la adopted b) Um tut The exsttcmaat boa nearly aabatded. THE BANKS OF TRENTON, N. J. ??avron, N. J , -tepl 28, 1857. There la aaareely any run a .on our ba >ks tbla morning, aad tea excitement baa enbiked. Soma or the dojotliora whe d?ow apoole iron Um beaks on Bator day to day re turned It again. AU ike baaka of Now Jeney, ao fbr aa ad steed, are pay. lag apoole and atead firm ?or dtlaeaa ore la high optrtte at the protporona look of that Bu o'Qlocx P. 4 At a meeting of tbe dlreotora of ear baaka this after noon, It waa reeotvod to oonttene epeote paymeate The an ount paid oat to-day waa fall three foartba leao than Saturday. The different Board* ^are exjertaaed their ability to moot all tk mearfe promptly. There have been no failoree among baetne? men to day. THE BALTIMORE BANKS. BaltMuM. Heut. 6 P. tl. We have no material oeange to report la money matter* to day The bank*, In tome Usances, reueemed " a-e?" a* a matter of aoo mroodatton. Specie oommuda a pre mtnm of aeven to tea pei oeatln exchange for Baltimore fund*. THE WASHINGTON BANKS. Washugtoh, Soot 38, 1857 Tbe trustees of the Bank of the Metrtpoili aay that the panic croau d by the aoapenaloa of other oankt baring created much larger demanda than acre anticipated, thai that Institution la anJer the petnfal necomtiy of aaapend ing epecfe peymenta for the preaent The traeteea reaon't llut they will mate every exertion to reeame a* apee.'Ky aa poaalMe, and that the bank paid oat about $05,000 in specie oe Saturday. The Book of Washington ead the Patriotic Bank, both of which peto email name on Saturday, hare now altogeibo' impended apeole payment*. The * a ring* banks (my either In the btlla of the banlrv of tbe city or Virginia mousy, aad demand tbe ala daya no tloe from depositors Virginia money le telling bore at a dtaoount of Ore per oent, end be tendency la still down wart B .tines* la nearly paralyaod, and onourrent money t? altogether unsaleable. THE VIRG1INA BANKS. TBE llAMKH IN ti.BANt.U4. ALKXAimaiA, Sept 88, Kf7 Tbe br.nki he e will not allow a rnn They are paring oat imati tumi only TBI NOBFTLK BANKS. Novtiu;, Va , Sept 28?0 P U There have been no luipena'.una among oar beaBe An prehensions ere entertained that a run will be tocde by foreign b" kora upon the bank* to morrow, bat they foot ?scare S me fecl'ng Is meeireeteu about the L Jtiwir* tod Pb'.ltdelphl* taepensloaa, bat so far all tbe baaka her* art tkrwa. TBI BANKS IN rWHtKSBCEO. Pammr-eG, 'Va , Sept 28?gp 51. There la considerable exultrmeet bare la regard m> the ?napeneWtit North, and boom nneealeem la manifested by ?e aU dealer*. There I* no intimation of tutpeoetoae her*, ttd up to 1.30 o'clock P. U. all demands had beaa paid by the bank! TBE BANKS IN BIOHMOND. Rktmc-md, Va , Bept 28, MM Tbe keeks here are peyteg tpeole geeerally It It be ileved that thej have determined to go on. There la no rnn yet Bulb Utc banks In Steam tow?the Qetimi and Um Beak of the Valley? have suspended Nam o' ."lock, p. 4ft. The demand on ov tie eke to day wee moderate, aad they all cleeed wlta a (Lrm footing and a determination not to suspend. They refute I* take on deposit the note* o> any of the impended Virginia banks The eoetiorllo Bonk, of CbarlotMvlUe, suspended in-day, and it la reported that the beoke In the State weet of Lynch bnrg have elao napeeded TEE BANKS IN WILMINGTON. Wn.niaofon N II, Sept 28, 1857 There le eo eionemeo. bete, aa the benkt are perf.otiy #oo Dd They will continue as heretofore, bet their ft tare actio* will Me determined by that of their netgbbore the sorrn Carolina and Georgia BANKS. ACoomta, 9* , Sept 28, 1857 The South Qtro Ina and (ieorgla t-snka are all rigni. fna question of suspension le not enMrtelned. the savings banks of ai bany. AUt&nX. -fopl 2H, 1861. There la a alight run opon the t*vinf? department of ibe Albany bonka by the am II dopoeitorn Una mornin*, but we have not a xiogie lartauoe of withdrawal o' ualannea txcrfit to lb* tarlngi department, or of pretiur* oa epeele by bi.Hicldera. Th? back* Kiea all qulel aid oooBdaat bara Six o'. itai P M. Daring the day quite a Bomber of MuaU depoattort withdraw their baiaaoaa from Ike Albaay Seringa Beak, and a large number of pnreooi gathered ab ut tbe build ag, baring aa borineoa there, bat atlrMod by id la carlo, illy. The amount paid ant waa not largo, ami during tb? day aararal do -oalta ware made, almply aa an axpraaaloa of pnbrte oonBdanoa la ibe bank, awalliag ILe aggregate ocpoalta abort dioae of any former day wltAtn loo oaaa* i notice oaa ported aa the doom that Ilia nanfe would bo kept opon anlll lire o'otook eact day for Uio aeenmmoda Hon of oopcattm, until further notice Br fere that boar loai^y the excite meal ootrao to onol down, and me rank did not clone lie doom aaOl do tanker oheofea ware pre teatal Tkara one no appnreat pmaaera la any otkar depart moot ?f bnataaaa, and ao oal' oo aay one of tke t?al< far ?peoloOortng tke day, eienpi la the coaaa of tke Barlrga' depoaUara THE ROCBEgTER RANKS. Kooawru, Set I 38?4 P K All la Qclat bare All our baccx are poylig apart* a* nanal, and all roporti to tko ooatrary are raiae THE PROVIDENCE BANKS. t'aovroaaci, K L, Sept 28, 1861 Tke baaka or P o*ldeooe bare rami red to eoapeod h< da pay moot Tfca HabUluae of Ika baaka to Ike pak ki are not or or 55 par oral nf their eapttala THE BOSTON BANKS. Batrow, dept. 28-d P If. The anneaooameat aaat yon at noon to da? thai the Mi folk Baak dentine to redeem the bills of New KogI <af oooatry baaka ragrtree mooMlenilon It la Int that W? Suffolk Rank rrfneev. to changr eonalry moaey for loot rid tab, for Ika alleged raaaoa Ikat the amontat waa greater Utan the clerkt aoold attend to, bat all deportta of am airy money la otkar city baaka, real to Ika Suffolk In the oo .ree < bmlnam, baa beau promptly rod earned daring the day n>e country bank* are generally well protaetad. and will indoubtedly retain tke public oonQdenca there la ao rlalble obango 'a flaanefai matte re rwim laat Patnrday, bat there baa been lam axeivamea- among MM oeaa man. M la thought the baaki of B wtoo aod daw Kngiaad will weather the arUtt tbodu are generally dull, hut popular raiirwi (ureal mrala olaaod Arm. Qr.lle a decline ban bean experienced la bank ? o-.k Money la atUI noaroa, at onohaagad raiea SUSPENSION OF A BOSTON PUBLISHING HOUSE. Bowron, Sept 28, 1167. Mrmra John P. Jewett A Co., book imbiitbe-f here, bare tntpandad. Their Uabliitina aanmal to abo I HOC,' CO. SUSPENSION OF A TROY WOOL HOUSE TnrMr.Sept p, isai Tke mfl( ratial wool firm of Harrington A o tbia eity, nna|?enoed payment p. day. Tee> aak aa attea ll< u, of III moiitba, whldk ?lll 84 greeted, their awetx orer their liabllltlee being kf>*n it) be .yir?r.1r of 'no buadfril thenar.i doiia-e affairs in the west. Otsouman, Sept 38,1MT. The iielfcuwit bare, la oonaeqoenoe or th* unfavorable advices {Mb tba blast, paralyse! basis Exchange on N?? Turk la quo?ed at par, bat only smell amoonta oaa be purchase! at tbla rata. Tba papar of aa iron boa*a and of a aboa anl taaihar bouse, batb of tbla otty, ware protested tv-dey. J & Holme*, a huge aumofsotarer, has made aa St. Loos, dept. 38, 1887. Tba banking bouiea of Parley A 9a r kid ale and Joba J. Anderson * Ob. suspended tamporarllr tbla moraine. Naahvtlls, Tenn , Sept. 38 1887. Tba Bank of Nashville ?oai ended specie payment tbla morning. Tba msrebanta bald a meeting and reoonmended tba Catoa 8aak, tba Planters' Bank and tba State Bask to lua pand alto, bat they refaaed to do *o. Several or the free banka were thrown out to-day. Confidence la Tall that the Bank of Nashville will be able ?o nay all uemand* upon it, and have a large aurplue be aldae. NEW YORK. TBI HeHk SUafSNBIONff, [From the albeny Artus, K. pt 38 ] Tbe anapensr>n of fhr banka In PbilaoelpalA, which la equivalent to a general suspension loroughnut the SU<a of I'eetay vania, tbo?ta not <>a a aaatwr or great surprise It ta the nataral ooaaeqaence of oaiaea waieh before pro duced >miliar fruli* The Kuner policy, whleb Gov- Seward Imitated and at tempted >o inlrouone Into bla State, brought Pennsylvania m repudiation An immense a**iem of expenditure sat undtrtaken to heoamed cn by* of the credit ay*, tern?th*t le, the pi event gene reus ware to spend and a future grneiattcn to pay. So long u there ear no cheek to bnrro* lag, tbe scheme w.-nt on sell enot gb. B >t trh n toe oowa f 1**1 >or ri.were eahautiad credit the ayarem ool apced; ?od the State waa compelled to repudiate ho payment or in:ere<t in 118 publlo debt Heavy lais't m naa enabled too State te resume ejment; but ibs work* bare pro el a failure, and some have been sold woile otboea remain, wltn tba debt a couatam opprnsMn a ma (be people But 'be ay-(em of oxnruHl ore based u vn credit, aoandoned by the *tate, waa practically transferred to tbe corporations, wblob in the lam attempt to oreate roots, and to form channel* fin trade and travel, Mattered tbeir bonds broadcast, and left for tbe future to provide for p*) no ni The day when credit is at an end and payment cim menuea has com-; and tte aystem hae broken down the nortx rations, ? ? it u:d befo-e tn- tati. The State of Maryland ?h'ch a so ordortook a vast ? heme of Internal tm rovemeoi, by means of debt, and sbirD urued over the unfinished ?;*tem to oorporatl na, wbii b renewed Id aoo'brr forut lie device of an unlimited ??sue of b nd? and lortp, iiaa lo tbe name manner bro git its moseyed instltotiona in the practical repudiation of wb cb tt sei dhe vxmipi* In tbe Western Sta ?s to tbe same way a svstem of debt, cherkeu in one torts bv tbe failure of State credit or the new o<>D*twuilo..n! limitations lm,osed b. tbe peo ple, has br ken out in a new shape, under the auaptnea of tbe corp oration* All the contrivance* of debt are mean* by wbleb men enj>> preesot expenditure, and charge ine CMt and re* porslbiiity a nn tbe future * Suae debt I* a oaarge upon posterity, sent down to tt with the results of the specula ?.in in wblon It waa ir ourred Bui aa >he speoulatma* are ever uncertsia, aid a debt la oortain and Inev!mile, and descends witu It* interest, with an aonnmulated welgnt, like tba of gravtesito", u .-on its lrtlms, p wterlty has always to suitor from a system too Improvident The ?' wild Jus tec i 'invoti'diui' ex .ungea some of tasan ,iebu; the trirk of an (ipaad. r currenov lightens the burden of other*; and a reduction of Interest or a compounding of the pnnrl al eeab es tr? next gi ne-atlon to endure It aa I oat te* It on o tt* tuoo-stor The system of oorpora'edsbt Is tbe as me, thncya lis end i* soonor; and the law provide* or its adj si mem uy the application of the d- bior's mean* aa far as they go, and the extinction of the debt The cause* of the rvt: time* which have fallen upot the neople are be found In human nature; but tbe example of Bute i?u jroviornre n>* h?r m on to do witb them Think of a U gislature such as that which aal in the Capitol last winer, (chose d on the Issue of bleed tag Kinase,) vbleb, anou* a hundred lastaooea of similar extra't* timet forced npnu tbe pe pie of Albany a debt of a million uf dollars, ui aid the imprantioable scheme of ouildlog a iabroad from el* eitv to Blngbamtonl Waa not tbe fieaaor.ratle -tale OodwdJob, wbleb met at ?tj raouse a fortnight ago right in declaring, when pointing to the excesses of our republican rulers, "that we cannot but fret thai Be example of Imp'ovldeaoe set by the Bate has spread Into toe bnetneta aflalra of the people, tnvtbng them to hi/.ardoaa tpeeulauont, the antlolpatton of fatare ttoeoutOSB by present reckless expenditure, profuse debt, sod to* abuse of oredl ; and that we call upon the people to remedy tt.ta state of affair* by establishing a sound and eoen-mleal financial pol'oy at Albany " There >s no remedy in poilUe* or In Intra fbr the speau latlv* excess ea ehioh oha aowtae our mode of doing basinets, bat the Bteie should at least abstain from incite menta and provocsitione anould not set the example of rerkleas speculation, <>r tiler bounties to It, ne If b were tbe source of prosperity an virtus We are adn ealnbee by be prevalflag ruin, le look al there thing* o?lmt>, oonttdevalely, hat ettraly. Tno ca lawtty, wh'ch bveteec the diee tor of private t-ii wir ,? ra e enterprise, involves no little ns.loeal dl>b raor, ban fallen nprn is. unei xynoc y as a thunderbolt from a ajnar ski, at Di'oo day We have been loukiag in all direct! wis oat the right one, and we we e wooHy ua.irepe.ed fbr the blow. We'avebeon look ng forward to oootranting new debts, loat* an . f prneioipg or ailstlag ones (tor at t atloa has been called off fn m onr affair* and tbelr pro per government, >y tno uemarugure wbo nave neon inte rested la kvei leg up the game a> del (km and error Tbe people ? are been I tod Mat thry toe r o Interest* at borne to looB to. and m?t they must turn thetr atieu'l n and keep it esolutlrelv flxm upon Kan?ae We in in make taetliuttoc* fo* flgot DelUe* for Kansas raws mreey ft-r K?. ?*#, edit ronst'taiioea fbr K suras inarb. p*ay an! p- blirb Kir Kaatae and mustelao. pro fire e leg viator* and give no toe Peeaury to a plundering loboy. and surr.n eg the fate of public aud p Irate oredti to a sit of advvaiinrerr wh > tn.'ke *p fer rapacity a. d dirbnasety, by oil g "fund eg Kaasta." It ta Ume for the i?opie to took al ikeee thing*?to letk ai borne, wbere three things are tow fom d ..n thdlr ?i aloe, and not be tnlaled ny drmag guar aad speculators, who Ham up m tba aouae of pubho nreduliif PENNSYLVANIA. TU MONkTAHV CHIMB. IK'om (be fbiiadrdpoie iVnoiyiruito, 9?pt 28 | The monetary oriels btv ng oamt, people oooe mare nreetbe frsH? ted look matte t fntr|? In toe tecs Taere r Du uomaL ly dftp< ndt-ooy ,nn abriDklDg from those 'Iodtt ? bleb elterro c1reum? juioer bare cast upon tlmoalerory earr Id U>e codibuoh At Ham'da t ware sway ibe feel n( et retarnlDC icefldrbes laiuitd liaelf more generally "txocf the bnsleem iren ot vwr oliy, bad things bore e ?.eaiib'er end more cbn r?cl arpeot Aome of lbs bants netn ell tbaar notes, ?b . alt, ?r >eiie?e, with but two at wt'iioot. rierv i tb> ins'He* to aoommorale tbe p bim by paying ?pcci? on thai' totea of lit deaomiaattoai of Are end tee douam. ana ar ageing alto toob meant with regard l > cb ck?, a? ine.ed material.? to tbe ooorsaleaoe I those baring pa.ioeute i mate That* ooarlltattag measures ??w readliy reapoodtd to by tbe ptblie, aod a filter one gpMt or forbearaooe pervaded ail elteani of ot.r on* ,.*na Mm n<> InBger imbed at tbe dark tide of af fairs, but laiket of in* anus teat crops la all ieotieea oi tbe I'etue, tbe rest wranb of tbe rrmatry. aa I tbe oerta nip ol relief naming if race one wooid aare paileooe, aed all ae> net to tiring affaire right again, by todntry aed oo- opera Uon Tbe onofldnei oeltrf w laa utnk pm latitat of *a pohif mlod, thai tbe Indebi- oeeM of tbe different bears will be fully llqutdau d to pertoe lowing a dollar afco acted mc-et tpoe tbe etdted maetet, aad mad." term eety aad boprful fbr tbe future Indeed, we cat ? nfely congratulate lbs ?vmnuritt a pre baring treat nor ad the bntght of tbe storm, naJ witb prudence and oauttoa he bark aa> br aafcly brortght ui part once more Tbe coaait uetloe of specie i ay meet npeo notes of tbe dem tiiaticn of flm nod ten dollars wan n wine and pre .test atop, and muni bo oootiaund at aii haearda The MNHMB w .nil Dot U".irate ant at oat nro ralcmalod In :!ood our b.iataaea areDuet -ritb a paper leeue below tbe decern neilon now bird br law Wo bare bad too much ei|o rlrooe in again b? onrard witb such a currency aa ?rd to infant our Mate, aad tejure tae t .cnm of in rum-.rn Tbe-a a aa tmodaaoe of gold aad Hirer to for atab ebMMe Mil m op ?i ibal Ml required by a healthy oordtttoa or trade and no aim arm, aad tbaee in atltu'looe * bnee notes are baaed upon tbe pr act out met* It must tee hat they err kept ta satire ctronlnuoe. Tbe comir unity htm noted wllb pmdenee nod forbeameon to 'he hantc . it in now Incumbent upon ibeae raut it ??? to strain eiery anrm to keep their charter eogttfemsala with the e?mmaeity If lii e be 'aee, there will bo et want of i?hip?lhy aod eoopemdon oo tbe part of tbe oomtnnaity at thta crtnle rmb HirartMirnN or ma riMKnrLriMi bank*--ai ms RBsrttoN or rna UoiSLArrua. (r >.m u.e Pr.ilaue bia 'mm, dept ft ) lta??m?t be > d .emiood that tbe Uoveroor oi I'taaeel rai.'.a ibr iweretar? r tbe uomm<>o> eaith, aad tbe Attnr pry W-n-ee. of ibe State, bare seen onnferrtag wllb the (.re?irt?eit of to# rag lout ca. ki o ibia dtp, upon tbe at prdhioov tf calling aa c?'ra eeaatie of Ibe erlttiag legit latere for the purpose of ? (Winding relief to Ohms lattltailt>ct Ibal hare impended ip eie i<ay meats Ibroagh not in their. Wbtlal ?? doubt ibe aioeaaity or beaedt of at. i.tglaitllee le'erfereiice la una matter every oraermr o. ibe events < f tbe patt two weekt matt bam nallolpnied tome tooti movement. 8 tnh bat bete tbe oourte on at oral former of cat lorn of great monetary embarman nvne ilrbonld be steadily borne in mti d, however, teat ire cmmwDlty and tbe banking iBntitetlcns are ta a t cb better condition el tbe present I me tliao at any f>. m'r pe'ied of flnanclal dlfllonlty We bare no bank tbe t 'piti d sutcw totter leg to lit foil In uir r< at We be e an yet ne email notes, at was tbe naa? ta >81?p. lea ant cnly for one dollar, hot reprreen.'ng ,ru. Into mcdiaic'y, down lo tlk and a quarter melt ? ha'f he 'a mmte reeouroee of Ibe 'nllforela gold t ot |?>r.rlng ta apie ne and tbe rioh lands of me West v i Nc> b wi at iDv.dtg an ntpeoilog stream of em grafion !r m tbe Old World, each emigrant brtegtug witb him a mrta a auuoirt of tbe oreclope motale iicr ra'vaete bare broe ant?raboefaet, a <t product! will tone rwgin to mora p tlw rfaboard fo a rrartet. Tbe de< elopem-nt of oar "<ai ielct, aad the rean tirg revenue within lait tw n i> yrata, hai? r??n prodigicet. fhree facte Hit bellr-ed nj maaj thcnld tare prevaclei thy preaeot ata'e of hlrge n> ?.if|tating jdopcr preoeutloaary men*urea oe

theptdleftha haoht, and leer miiat ?oon reer?r* Bean wantra i - a ion < ?n . ?nh?tatti<al -<m 11 low, nairaa . rrfrrro w< 1 b- hacty ind III advised legislation Anon ate the general aa.<ect? of tbe 'a?? it It n-w, *BJ -1 f.adiy t. d to it IBf idtprrg pti?> pott hob f ? nnber of the leading books of Phkaietphta, which hove proved their solvency la IMr eh serfu i wiIHagn ? to pay oil Ibrtr utrcalaUea The feats above stood, o 1 the ineveeslnf oosfldoooo to oar tanking la.Ututtoae ?? I ho port of ibo merrhasu sod outers, iboutc so tor lotoUto dell beraOuser the Governor an* hlaMea e ondenoutd we rent or otolral oil legislallaa The poo de wtll sow om soot to oeodrm ?uepsnetea or to relieve oar bonking lull tulioss, ualrso it sboll bo tally sotobtioood to I hot tails - roetloo (hot Most 1. itHatloao boos dooo 0I4 Is their po er to matt tbe dt mssdv (hot may bo atodo upoo thou, ood to ocmpty el to .b. la*s. lo this oooosottoa ws cannot o-old the sxproostao of oar slsoere wish tbst tbe boow debtors of Uts book*, ooss prtilag ibo mechanics. oNichonts, amsafMta'ere nod na tive dsolors to Utts otty ood throughout tb> 00.10i-y, iboald bo considered oaly next to tbe notebolilere tbe in ?elves. The strls|OBt law of 1860, so much 00 as plained of. hso, la rsallty, booo o poblle blessing But for that law wa probably ih-uld bars bad ran 'aw paymeato of notes ta specie, ood M is sot going too fer to sty that It has pre vented 7 ore tbsa one fraud on tbe part of tbueo wbo bare formtrl- been too ready to ' oitesd" and "eip* d" ta times of b'gh credit No Msg but tbe fullest investigation will satisfy tbe people that Utts law sboold not bo rigidly , saforosd against tbe books. Bat we are d> oldedly adverse to the iropoand nail of tbe ?listing legislature to take np Utts vunymt. the pees*at members were obneea without ref<reuoo to the present stele of .(fairs Tbelr readinese to iharto' banks and basking capital, daring the last session, 1s notorious. What oor sound Institutions matt desire?what our mer chants, manu sctnrers. mechanics and bub iters really need?is reithtr bast) IfgKlaUon sor party action n tbts r bj?<it. It is tbe chief interest of stl ibat nainlig rash should be d ne; and the banks lbeu?tlvet are deeply conoerneu In taking no step that may give ilse to combinations sgatnat them IV> all Intents auu purposes sus penslca bar taken pltce tbrongb out tbe Htate, and tbe law ot 18'0 nan oe mrroo law?ttVci ut a moment by any attsen W? re?p*otlally submt* therefore, tbal nothing w utd bo lost by re'errlag the whole qoest'on to tbe members shortly to be e'eoted, ?no cbtten as ihey ?l I be ay tbe electors that are now di? cusslrg in their w 'k?ho m in inelr counting rotrns, aid on their fa>bis, the prevent noudttinn of affairs would hi lar m ji e apt 'o rtileci in* pop ilar will -ban the legislator* wbo wee chosen In 1868 t oouipa atlvuly short nu remains between now and tbe (J-toher cieodoo, and if, at Is proj oseo, tbn iygslsturo should be osllrd tog? tber no the 8tl o' October, l r deltbera-tuaH wMl, ta all probabtltti , be 11 " rrupted by tbe nay rt . le uloo ltsolf If the subieci Is coi flntd to tbn new members tbe ->ppcrtuolty woatd ne gives to ascertain the c million if thr various ouiln sour it ami iot"t no, and if support or sympathy ts earned tn tbe tuirrii* tt wld doubucs bo oxtou >ec It ts beilevtd by many soaiid tbtoters of all pa tier ibat. In tbe present prosperous condition of tae oountry anc 1O1 la>ye amount of sprt-le srowa to be in the hand of the people, It <a wtthln tbe power of tbo banks, by a fal' use ot their credit and tbe means they bare at mele command, It ough It ma/ he a* a eons deroble Inaa to teem to be able to red. em ah of tbelr Itabt Itiet, el'ber to note, hoid. r* oe depaliors, at t-o distant 'ay If tbts be so. u taoilfce ehtiUId proven 1 bom frem com dying witn thel "b'tgsimos In vie* cf the many sa<- ill. us whicu hava been made by udtvleua s to male tain their credit wl h tne bonis, tuey should ml hisuae a m meat to make an equal if not grever sac tace to sustain tue r ovuoruln li 11 be found that ih?y have neglected o- refund this tbcj cso rial? no tv m.athy from the public, nor will It be nooorded to llim Our batiks must not forget that wbtle for yesrs they have b<oa ?1 tending favors ana leading money 1 the r own friends, at tbe low rate ot ilk pa* <en' per annrm, of wb'cb we bavo had abundant den-c, beginning wlih toe tall ire of tbo Lao Havings Ins caster Havings Institution and tbe Laiioister Bank and ending, ?? (opt, v lib tbe present orlrts, there were butdrtdt and thousands rf merchants, mecbaalot, us- u root 1>ears, builders ssd bu loess men uf an oiassvs, wbo were pat'tg eic-ro.ous raler v> mmitam thalrcedlt with these very insUtntiota It wilt not d?, tben. under an. olrcnmstsnoes to allow tbem It Issue a depreciated p.. pw enrevncy for tbe benelt of tbelr customers, when taej 1 eve means lo pro?ent 1., to tbo grist .njury or tbe rust f ifce cou monlty Htnre tb- above article was wvl ten, we naderstand thai Hoverto Pr I lock ana bis official advisers have do ermtned t? crnvsse tbe Legtslat re on ruesday, the 8th or October sb t tbal tbe proclamation of ibo Givernor will be iss iec to-day We deeply regret tbts step: but now that It ha* bves diclaed apna, we have 1 Dly to say that tbe pro teed mg* of the legislature s?ill be wates'd srttb jraioas Inter est Tne banks and their backer - can oori y any mess re, if we may judge from put experience Wbat the ma., desire, bnwvver, ts one thing, bat want tbelr ststem can stand and the community approve ts aaother and a very different tbtsg Tbe bonks should seek to secure public confluence by tbe moderation aid Justice r.f tbelr nop, nis Th* shoaid ihrou tbemaelves upon the good men of all parties tn ib? Legislature?opto tbo generostty of tbo penile Aa > mfcer nourio? any aUe?>pt In furoe a la-? iti'inigh b> mrans of the lobby will inevitably reavt again* tbem They tbonld race lire that tbe whole oommuulty Is Tiled with sew and rewlutioaary Ideas on tbe aubj- ct of bona lag; sad If tbry would retain or wta nock pubtto 00?a dsnee, they mast ssk for no law tbst win m-t stand the '?u est an t s. vi trsl invest'gati >n itur legialaUus mac rerrrsebt tbe b in> st s. ntlmrnia of the masa.s, and utterly defy the appeals of the men who or* new ready in k" <0 Harrlsbucg tu earn tbe wagMOf Iniquity by adrooattag any sceemc, an trtiter bow Infomeua Governor Pollock Is a bowl tu ooenlutie bis term of utfoe IB has unncrtskM) a grra' resp-u in callieg tola l/*flslatnre togetber. He Is tbe Bred of - or stele govern uient We have tost obaracV-r th uughu it br Onl >0 by Ibis last susi snsloa tf r tcis pai aim s U jr goo) eaioe Is tramct d one cur a edit assailed br the press of otse clilse Lsl sot Guveraor Pnllont Hsb -onr btowetf 0/ ylrldlng to tbe prvjerto of those wbo only sesk their own ends and constantly forget toe true interests ot the diate fb? Ttlrnlr%? liMt ?PHTOH's TIIIeTaK -MlcS CIlAKU.rTK CPHHWaN. The la/ge*? auuiiooe Uut bM m asM nbled to U irtuo't Ibeatro (rMtM Uim Ooib man's re appearance on tae ABenru boards lest tight It tu an noli large iu numbers. but equally distinguished for tbe high c .are iter of tbe person* a ho onmpoeed II. Eerly la um afieriooc ail tbe seals were sold, sad fur half at boor before tbe performances commenced there <rae not aiaadiug, mom ?ess ilttlng, room la tbte epaitons theatre The reoeptloa of Mlsa Uuehman ?ae esoeediep.r oatnu etastio, sad ibroasboat tbe evening the audlnno* to>k every opportunity of testifying their ap wsoiadoo of b ? rare talents m aa address, as wail as tbelr regard for be psewswally. S.aoca, In Mil man's "Fasto" waacbueeo by Mise !u?b maa for bar d bit:, s roU 'a which sbe b?s aa smallest op portooktjf tor dte It) log f woe. power sad goal s'bat ue/s rate aer so laas? a,bad oblsa pieces bar omfeesedlr at tbs bead o'all tbe Itvtsg (raprdewnet wno?peek >he Ktgiieo upgoe "fade" is bot s great play; It is b ratbor tbaa a draws, bat tbe aueremer of tliauoa te taet ii raw a, and the el mail tee are eo isiilag teat It will alwara ba aa effective tiaga rleoa while there la u entrees oape bla of pltylag U>e barbae propr Ij, It req nra? wee rami railed ps*ers w> do this part jtietfoe, we en, oy iae way, It sal dew pete ' taana U %a l>a?ae, wits ail ta* trail Uoeary impulsiveness anl .wseiee that are soup ised in characterise the ob'ldrae or doaSia a Surope. end ih? eodira tranaliloM from eae pbaaa o eitremi feelug Is another equally it teg require in a a o raeutn ne e aSlllty M wallss sowar to nets stead re end natural at tbe same Ina This Mlsa Ousamaa Pes rbe merits' SCO liar Ity of bar anil ag la lbs osdeefu intent: t> n?e is *rs la ? eer? ord abs uusrs, asd tr a snl.inet audit*' is narrtsd sway by tbs rlri.i asd palaful rsabty of tbe totao rhs s is so soften eg of tas pie u?e wit > as- eh ? ?adertakss to rei rase >? Sbe meet sn noew of tbs bumsa beart, sad It b door with a tern bis traiafuloeie ibst Is pnaiiieeiy fearfw! from lis latwositf, i* is this power ore Used is tbe estos abas; every gtSei anl m Uoa of tba ?ndy baa lis mranleg, tad there ta ao ileisg wboee geeturee asd pos'unsg ana so effemlrw ax Mws CuebbMB'e W bile she mi lot I poaw of the jnwer Jiel fcrmsriy die laputebed bar. >bte arts*. bee s*ideoti> inprneed Is ' tbsr rsS|sots smcs tbe last appeared is th e onuetry Tbs managripsat of tae sotoc Is better, aad there Is las* apprereaor of s(f <r la her perfo'rueone Mm Cuahmac belongs to tbe aid ecboo of acting, Ml tae aAmtrers of tbe modern school night take esoup I a to her rrdaPdaat action aad rtelesl gestiiuieti a, but all man e.todi lie eioredleg fffxetiveneSB diet CuabmM wm 1 Beared vancmoauy. and was nailed before lbs euna'a at lbs epd of lbs third sot, and twlm at tbe etose of tbe performed** ft I* bot joet n say that she wm ably supported by th nr middy, aad lhai tbe appoistmeots aa I eooaery ware an that oeeld be desired notnwtf Thiirag? mk. Msraawt. Thsra stm a foil bouse Im night to witaaas Mr. Ma tbewa la two capita* Isoas?"Carious Case" aad "Uaei l"p"?both of which are to be rwpealsd to eight As rwifgiftoa Mr Mathews wm rsry happy, aad orsaad ? neb BSfrltp at by hit psrtlsaetous Paul I'rylsm and aa ilrtaieg eewfrr U*npt Tbe caber ebarastsrp were fair "rrhaps owe of tbe best of Mb Mathews' lotoiltehle rterafller* le that of "Sir Cbarlei Coldstream " He -la? ?<l K lail sight to per fori lo?, Isfuelrg lain it all <1101 lea f? 1* '?? Ir'f'?? W? |*wrirN"b|wp. IMIU?II| I Dtfl If ||| ? 1M >1D S' id iBdiffrrerce which at thirty three sanitated ? maa d .be world Maer, and It srerr etfnWur cheer nag the ntreat proprieties of sotkia. With tbe e*o* 41 w of Iron '?ace, which wm s earMbtsrs, aad sir Aim s l.saeb usy, lbs other cba-aete-e were passable Altogether tbs aodlrnoe sssmsd to be wall pleased LAtBA tlllNl't TMVATAB. Twt saw pisers, sf great auranti.wi, wars p'Sdense w Insrs Rasas'* lMt night?"Tbs Mam Light ttuer "Ml "Nothing to Marts " Tbs former Is ? msei amuslag pises, flssh'ng with wit and humor Tbs admirable Im perm**Una of tbs Light Heard by Mies K*sna sad the sdlss of bsr tr ni.wtny, added to tbegoaolial point* of tbe put), kept ibr aaulescs In good hem tr, aad bet a mvr 'ret nirct w their rMols qualities The " Aeoi I 'get 'it ard" Is ? good estrsrager/.a?heusr het raoet if 1* character ladir'i.lfl tae a'anil. 11 le ?he? there It ? ?inch fna tr it It m?ds a arorabie im 'rssetos Mt>t n'rr.i, an I will *' ';?"tht ha *s a run Walcr ?? farrs gcr "Mfdhltg to Vnr d" sl'dllwd, as II d?. rrrr l, in rbap. ia iee It le full of f i-rl I ctl (Mlat* aad n t .tat .id ui t Nil Si let oh the a :i -nr.' H. i-apath'* (Iwsioa) J unto/ annumcr* >hat 11 f> t-ihrr r.?. J l?'i r,>i> in led i,is% ........ 1 ARRIVAL OF THE JURA. FOUR DAYS LATER FROM EUROPE IMPORTANT FROM INDSA. TBI BirtCTkD PILL DP DELHI. SIR COLIN CAMPBELL IN COMMAND OF THE ARMY. Horrible Butebery of tbernroprnnat I'ownpore. SLZaST FALL ZN OONIOZJ, to., to. Or iUHM M B , Sept 38, 1881 TbeCasard screw steam hip J ira, cisrterad by lb" British governmei t ipouavey tna -.din regiment to fig iudt srMeen at ibt port at 0 10 A. d to-uay Bhe It ft Cork oa I ha I7lh lotl , live days aubaeq .out t> iho anada'e departure from Liverpool, and stouid ba*e brought four day 'a later news in m England ?0J Iho Don llntht The rorew steamship Cl'y of Wvbiugun, fro? Nee York (n the 3J mat, arrived at Liverpool early on tb ? mot sivg or the lflih 4 despatch received at 1'arla ou tho 1Mb frum Berlin aonouncr a the arrival of the Emperor Alexander at nooo ? be preceding day Tho cholera preva'la Id Hamburg ant eat o' 2 19 pur pose at1 acted, 13d bad died la eigbt dayt At Anion more than ten hun >rod perwna bad died. Tho disease v>a also pre alon> at cubulm The Persies go- eminent, through Ferubs Kuan, oaa on signl teeny K'oaoh otlrwra to p'ooee I t> i'erate lo to '-opacity of military Inatracora A rfeapatcb from Jaaaay, received froo Vieaaa, ?l* or hat nine ton ha or Ibo landed propnotora aod olorgy bare aken part lo the Moldavian elootlooe, and that a majority voted In a rente favorable to too uutnn INDIA. The Bombey portion of ine Indian mall had arrlvod at Maraclllet and eaa espectod to be delivered In I.iodon ei about mid day of Wedneiday, the UMi. B mbay advtoea are to Auguai It, and the neea from (Vlbl to July 29 dortivs eare ropul.ed on the Utb and 231 July, e'lb art at lota to the rebela Five hundred men were k!ik?i si d eoualef on tho aide of the Brtuao. From the 13d to the 29 Uh there * aa no fighting. The Neemucb mutlnrera bad a rived et Delhi. Brigadier Nicholson waa expo -,ted at Delhi on the lfitn or Adgnat, eltb re inforr?-in*at? from tho Ptejaub. Uenvral Keed bad relinquished hta command to Connrat Nicholson, on account of III beslth Ueneral Have'oek occupied Bltboor on the 17.b July, ellhont rtalaianoe, end raptured tnirtaen gone Nona -ahlb eeoaped On the 29 b Joly the British defeated 10,000 men on the road to I.uok now, ant ru|>t red iII.opo guns Their loss tt no supposed to ee great. Tfct butcheries at Caen, ore have bees confirmed. There e'e so auibentio detade however, as yet. Ueeerel H?velo< k ea< et Lunkno * on tee 30th July The three rvglmmU thai mutinied were dlaparaed oy the 10tb Regiment Calcutta and Hydorabad were quiet oe the 14th of tug vet Brigadier Btewart arrived at Mnow oa tba 2d A ignn Balklar remains fhlibfhl Fr m Bombay It la ??ated thee the mutiny in lha 27th Ktglment, at Kaipore, waa suppreasvd hy *1* oom. aMe. uf the Forty third. Oaa company or artillery had arrived from the Mauri itna Maa aican, Sept 14, lfiul Tha Fr.nrh boat Meraey has )ust ??- >ughi the Bo nasi mall m thu 1Mb of August We aave t o (Thins mml Delhi ass aipeoie* u rail la shout a I vu>>go , sad U?m HsvpK-rk's iroepr, who are advasoag upon Lankanw, ?er?. ex, voted at De hi II was repdr>ed that Nans -iehio. wan btj uaea to (tight, bed nestroypd h m?rl' fae -teveuih Egb-bsnd Firtietb regimes* of H. i>gal r stive It fee try bed revolted sod fiad to ho Kimo* rivo , pursued hy H M Teeth regimunt, u id#' ifeoeral Liny I Egb. but i r?d of the nini.seere were kihed 'be ru. jso is t rat quit, ae wall aa the cvunt-y arouo>i 'te h'. devr<<taa<t Aara. At Hi.sdv rund there were signs of disturbance there Is title ue*s from ttrooilav. The mutineers a1 -eaiSaie .era Oervuyed on the IMa of Jo y t>y ieu'-rai NtaMm. Do.aoeuicnta of K rojMa troop* hal beea ?eot to dum hay Tb* .auic which ei ? ted at Bombay efoneige?a<o b?d kubkidt d (??>? Ntil lib'i joieed Uea Sevelock m the 33* ef July and <u Ob to* (bit march towards l.nrtio* A wtb| of the Twenty third mfhauy o*l arrived at B mbej ftt.n lb* be..rltlot At Tlnbalpor* Uto Thirty flrei aalive larattry, Pnrtt*ib I not tod Tblrd obvalry, undvr nell*e ollloort only a Mated id lb* Ttli of Augael (tie mutineer!, annulling >1 lb* Kort/eeeaad oeii/e lufuatry end rhlrd Irreg jl*r cevalry, and completely Mined ih*m U?D Wnidbi ro In no* bl jotnnbf. till. U*?ert mm goee to S?w? Pitt. We i??ra ibat b plot ban bom dieoovered, tad thai amoogal the roaeptrelnr* mart Iba no* of ike well known I'ere lea Ameer naadfye an I dot ire Ally K-ireem, wb ?ereerreeted A plot bed elan been dtgoovered at Roanr** It wee reported that A( a had (at am Into Ike dea lt ? tk* rebate. A dee pat Ob, dated kept 8, received at Ik* ladle a >oae. tajt ?ttea Haveleuh'a force#, attar re oeoapytag Uita pore, iodtrg 0iu or evaaeawd, beraed It to Ike ground OA tke 3*th aad tOtk of July tkay found the rebel* at Bel far at Odaga, a boa l eigat**n mi lea from Caw a pore, nam ?ortag UMO. whom tkey tefaatan, wlta tka taaa of if t*t< gitaa Tbey ftwotad lo reach I oobaow toe ten day Net a Naklb i<#rp*l aiod a fearful waaiacra at Dawn pore, at oblek aaarfy all the Ku-norma laaab ?ata .ertaaed rdr Uulla Oamybeil had aaaaaaad commas d of tka ladle, army fra q'liiutp la rtatored a Oaatral lodia Tba *? troth, Rights an" r?ru*.h rcgimanta, whi ib ?n jaiad at Gawapoe* on th? 3Hd Jaly, threaten ad Reaare* tae Twelfib Irregular oar airy, which militated el lb ?erne Hate, ?ardered iheir oommaadiag uflloar, May* Holm**, bad bla ?l<e fbe disarmed Twenty *iitb Beagal aaiive infaatry, mu iialrd at Ma>> o* the -MM of Jaly, aad murderod ikeir ofllear, Ma^ar dpeaear. T1IB LATCHr. (?y lelrgrapb In theUark u>o*titelioa of kept IT ] Oea. Heveloch t fo*o* for Ik* re ooouiwlloa of ua ?apo*e had la etght day* marched 136 milea, aad feu[II four ac iioaa who N*na -Mhib'e army,agaleet owarokeimlrg odn tb point of aumbara, aad bad lakaa toaaty tear gnaa of light calibre; aad ibat loo fa the month of Jily, in India On the mienlng ef tb* nib Jaly tar flora* maraoed mu Ubabpore The in I harrowing ? person* ? hi b twrr* protectee lurlf to lb**, boggart eaaerl Htoe A wbdreet meaner* bed b?e# penetrated by the Seen Note 'ahib Wight nth or re aad tlaety men af ber ?lai??iy t Kig* ty four ib regiment, arwtmiy lad lea ?i oa* baadrwd an i iwenly one obPdren of bar Mtj?*iy't Thirty erooad foot, aad Ike whole keropran bad Christian population of toe place, including ciyiima*, mercbaata, peer'mart aad IT Ir fami-ir* to the nai*i-t*r of four bandrcd pertoue, ware the win tnt of .kte entente ant. fht mart yard in froa of ibe Aaoembly roomt, In which N?na -tenth ha. 6aad hm headnnarterv, and la whljh Urn hail been Im -n?ored, waa rwlmmtrg la blood A largo auahor of women aad ohlldrea who had bwto ere*U* tpared after the ca dtulatlre for t uro*a* fate ben iMiant death, red h*ro bt'ti Nkf tVl^' -m Ib. ?WiPn**u I prwa Mbg BKWhtrg ? -be f., m*r t?rO| waaa kt'lpnot naked, kao tboa bebraeod aad thro w* lalo a well; a*, the lattw* bavlot "tan burtnd down all a o ?m #???? hatcharti mo bt re. tMw Iload r-rhea oa ib?tr man* own*# (>? ? Ir- r etcaned?tb* ?\f? of e m*r- an ? -o.r? nth*-* Ikmeral H?-*i'*k, If a 1*w ?rMr.|Hc-4 ItWtw'Oci'ijyi I*y? at " v ? oa-Hit ??ed 1 ?<?**?? h'-iwe'f, with o am.'y H? b#o *n in.m-? nf R >'? ? h? fe ck * h 6 -9 3# got m (Mr *? the Mym ike 0 ry and vaahry dear ted blm. To?y Ore All g??e o?; bfUr dtolroy IMggp wtoe, to Mot/ dlffereal keoti Gawapo*# la bow m mm M Allahabad." financial intelligence. hONBO* M0K1T MABIKT. [Prop- lb* Timea, (0,t? Artele,) Tuesday evenieg, tfcpg. jgi r#e AjbCb continue doll Tiny opened 01 0 deollae ?C tod tobar-inertly exceriraoed a racinar reduction A-ill* Obwk ?f England and in thedjeomntmarkai there onAnermbte mcreaa* m ton daman* f0? ntiaar [From toe Dolly New., (City Arttoa,) rueodey , Ooonii erable gloom pi oral led toraognonl .be Hor? Kg mange to-day Tha raada fell * par naot Th. market to obtefly prejudiced by tha gloomy dnanci.i advteea from too Ooouoaot ana Near York; nod an Ucreaaa to mo a??-* for money to the Hack Exchange, to ouonectiaa wtih too f rmigbdy ? UJ. m at to rharee atoo oporatod on too un favorable aide. la toe duaoaal oaarkat toa demand ww a odrrato, bat to? may be owing to too nlnramMaooo that the Rank te the oheapaat market at proeaal Tho apwUca t'on at that eelabilabmant ountuiue to bo Oowldrmeto. Lonoon Exchange, tola day (Iftto), opening prtoee ? "onto in lor mooey, 90 11 84; for account 00 Ift ?. Uaa o'Ouhik P. M. Ooaaoto t>r mane;, !M*; for account 00 3 MI. Ixmdow, rapt 1?, 1817. Yeaterday the Bank of Holland again rained He rale of dkcoobt It eat prtvloutly lnarnaand from 4 to 4 |g per cent and It hae now bee.. pat to 6 per e?at. according to he ft mm oily amnio the moveneat le believed to BaV* hecn adopted 10 conee^aeaoe of a large ,mo?t or ae our ilea bavlrg beee thrown upon toe Amaieruam market fr; m Vienna, whore toe prnnarat.ona of tan Auxtrlan Nn tlrnal Bank for tbe rrgnmptlon of ? pec to payment. on th? dm of January next oanao ouoilferable pmnore. Un der tho clroamatanoea, 11 la thought that moat 0 tbo Herman hank* will be oympeiled to follow to0 example or tbn B nk of Holland; and a? a general rtee wul tout be tsAbliahed orer a great pert of me Juetineal, be proepoet of hotlor time* la propnrii toateir -lofrrced. ? Tana T leedty n'gbt. Tbe toree per oenu have oloeej, with Marorly any ?hat ge, at flttf bto LONDON MaKKCTB. at the l.ondon O^ro thi* day (IBth) tocro wan a ve'v iniali .'tendance of buyera. wheat- The few eal'k made were at Monday'? prinee. arley and ..ate qi.lte aa dome aa on Monday In (lour there la out tuurb d.olng. N*rf- Ike alow of nolo at 4t*. a 42a U.bumea ro,>ort too auj.ply or wheat large an J ,f other aril ilea rma'l Wheat itcady fbr ell aorta, and (1 a lag ca g ee In demand at very full ?alea. Barley vory drm. Beam and peaa unaltered Data quint LIVBRrooL O-toN MtKKOt. Ho Tueaday there waa a go d attouoaaoe at the market, 01. a Talr bu ine.a done le wbrat, at an advance la rod of 3d p?. 70 Ilia Flour *aa a ao In better ante la bian?, poa?, Indian corn and onto there waa only e Imited trade wubont oUonge to pricce New oatmeal rather THE SANTa ANNA BRIBE. A l ard front l.laut Uom. N. ott. p??k raa mr.wMi, t?rai.i.iuaMUP.H. ? ? a rail ai'M tirnn cat it. tn a teuor ad '*e?r>l t i the ivoploof Tei emto by Uvuer.l IM,o , to en 00 be cntl f ? o.mceifn le M- xl-v. witq .he holdaote o' a maa irr to the art o *ar, i a ti the taiee t!me Nqiof/ t? hi? owe ,ervleva towou. <iu, a boa-ty good will toat tearee ?Otoieg t? h. adcH*. I d > nut pr?. ... a p. evea? ta?? to'b It alltaif toecarton, no. m >?rly to ba oelmt Ire slona oe my ton* eod eprratk na, a ia?gb te m ?t pro. eioc ^ miae op in every amiemrnt a mall g.?n of trnib wlib a I igc of d< t ou, ao aa to ,1*. b wun toe oeraiaa. alt Ihetdkotof greaa fa tthmi if QCn tncoa eantrfluenea lb. p. i.u? m nd to mv p rj .im, 1 aatn too begin Id taal I ~oa b ,n> an goer can o?M?l.??i'.Mh,,*,'',,b"l** "p"1 ??> ' o? Uoerral 'liiow or uefMnoe >.f my ,alf, | .baU >r .owad at Jbce, la beh.if of oHj..rv, t? a uoe .0 ir t?Uo. tore* Hen.. I. hi. aidregv . f ? ,n. ? ? ^ man re ?o g0 b.ynnd >b a it wilt he merel. lael <emal H. a Plltuw now aaya toa*, by agraem*nt. Mr Trtot rrg.yud o pay to Hen 8.a.a Auna ' ce*b to hand ae ee p.ii m-ta- , ca ihouaaod 00 'ar.," a, in.ieo? ei'n to eater men. gwlaiaoa to. a,, and that moaeq enUy rim (Mr 1 ) toe m-ney an .eat he (Mr T ) bad oain toe tee lh? u.and di liar- " 1 ' P*"4 k?o, u 1$ at mi mi v> it)*, ]%*,?, a ever a dnttar to bl. ,er ^ p r \Z. l ? e er, acd am v-rj *?ra rha Mr r hat 1^1 a p? ho iwowct In hi-raw. ,KM ? ?' re Han ...m.?d to' hu v.. m K,erat. .,^m^ T"t?a e pora*, and J certl'y u >. n<>> ibu I u?t?- aiaaw M rmto/n. or rauwal Ij' to h m.r man-toe 'or bit .? or frriodt oao dotiar or wo r. ?* .ay aoooeq. ?r ,0 w,, * Htoie Anna ?.r aa ue tiwa, a* e-?e, w..,Tb w, 11 ^ IB OtUfV Ib? rtlltt* dmtlfM rvf 4, t^. o-aen . '?> ".Cb. f bh coeoiry |. bb7^*2^X21 f?r# ^*1 WOtrlll l)|T|- 9to f*(J |o llldt u rj m .r|' rf tMm ib..n.aad dnlUr. In gold if ae bm. Muml.Ud bp- n m n p'l.aie walk ntombled 1 h-e elumer <>' .tee gre-. no drntto, mil ef thed imii'tolT' Ml! "P ?*w?im'i-rg iitoA l*1,1 | rrci.e toa " ie v. ?__T r!. a-pliant -a mail, n r.d an I to t>e ? at anwl from toe enemy 1 ran.p. and arwi.? rroi toe Mar w, ,f VH, prlntml bv truer of toe WtuUe frn 4 u; I ft wan I cky, tborate.e tt.t ibe n?r..??f , 4 _J - riam ie hefue na. or would, n.^trert n t.? faitT.Tt h~''\rt9 P loom In f, 11 totK rnlm aL7a T',"* ? M en ilm-A* - *u.?* lf '"? Wh?''o crwlit b.. w ?in.? , ?"? '?*""? ?v Mealoe, ao "a.e-r ?u t?r .hla Uery.,, tel.... to. Mfe *r . ^ ? ?amt" r.*y\vz " *"r" - - ???. J~r,rr.r.?d,::;. i,r rrr ou.W'.iUn.i-,. ?tth V... I'mt and, ^ ' V Of Per ?r;3 ? mjirzu'Xi'rz,;r.r,r, ; pr: " prr baee ralnarle trr.^.a'to .er-M. iluV.!!,*"1? T.MeV.T, *" '???? Aoe .gain at Waetnoge a June yg am ? render!#. m> arm a* current of ?rrei ...| Wlirww'' bn<? .gkiag fo a *tal t*u:ew>en I ra..i ? ""'?"?"'Id, of re * pi .I,.1 inrmr'n't iTlti .a?'*r*" "V"" 'j?**1 ?Cftta "htga't ir 1 ablp*?.;w..^,,r .4?rdi.i*" ?* '? I ? # ar d armle# . ^ '.n<? ? ??Mm - verpl ar .?. ? r in, ?%. idTf^rl!,! jLT? . u""* 'fn..V??aad ear, W>4 l?r ,.r r tee of o.i? '"VT ne i>rtet?n frh ? )ggr' *?- ^4 t?' * wtared to PA*# xitZrzLZzh- ^ - - ?? ^ ^ to wr TfliR? I10# B npivhtA itf.a . .nr.# .Uh b . ..bto ^.vertT',??.*Z' to wMtaaiy d hi.i ib? p Mm viui -'w gtoiVr.^ torm ZJXL* m " . k "?*" ?vrav. among th? brw.a) 114 lir ?" ??d-fl? tone. .4 amt bownre* r,, . gl ere Of , tollatllr a. dly i-rnib aa* Hber# e-ta whom he * * * ??P*. tod vmlrr Obbiignai dtawiraatage ae gmialed a iwtl Imp, r-aat treaty .which wM here , 1*|. ^ h> lb* ami to. wmoiry ?ervtne br le (till wllhrtil reward WlNKt?:iJ>*tj>?r^ Mew Yoaa.tept ??, HAT wfr Naval lnl?lll|?iirt Waal i>arid II ouaa, iur ia ikhmm of ta? Ma Mao guard oo h >a d tba Cut ad -Hai-# iblp Knaa nta, baa ra ptrtto for Jo y at iba Maria# Harraoaa, Broohiya. htj "aa r l.iadaay, q iartariaaa?ar of tka Uattod U>* Marina oorra, la 171*1 langaroaaiy tU at bta rati aaca Ir Waabinguia tit ('atari <*wm Hoy of ?ar Vtaoanaoa an* lyta* mar 'baibaara of Uta Bronklya Ma*y ITark. ablob wm V>r?v . ail; aoro%,aoa., a* battg ardarad la gat |m wadiair I) for ara. alii i?a r*ady la 1611 too *r?r k<; to? ?<rk of paiau-g laald* bad out, la a1 Mil la rrqtlrid to to door to bar. *?? rut* Aran. <>?? ?? 1 r> oiraa A* 1 "flloar (Way, of Iba t*w?ad prarta# , wail* la I. rrajoy 'a H-trl yaatarday, at Utraa o'eiork ? M , *aa aatarai tfraae aronatod by ? bookaallar. wbo baakod ibanaaa prtata, bo<;ka aau oihar rancy bat nam <iaaa ? rttcldB, la ordar to adnoa bin to parofcaaa Afta- ?t ?* ag kw raioablo warriandiaa the offloar ti'ogbi it bia daly to maka A imall ikvaatmanl of Tortt tr? oaala, 1* wkiab ba go* a boot atylro. ??Faany flfoaiy' in# *>*# rary iMarialaab br k'eg pMata Aft#r tba tra ? Mi ?#?a lb# par It 0* *ad 1#" laoiod, Ut? ofll -ar *hc?*o B!?rbt#ll,.oofc ueaialab a old *, aHar by tarpriio Bad ma/" of b'-a to tba natton boaaa. 1 rar'onaio bia arriot lb# 9I<?*' ???"bad bta aronmata. tad II# bin rator dradi'i pa" *???? ? n *??? ntai and t?*'ng iba p#t?' "*a ?^i>ob 0W1I1 1* aaM. I-awe# Wtab cam* ?o Jia ru?. n 000 a aa 1, oa Marataff hi fi.oi ia# >i* J a ??an* ?#' *??, ? *.<tata woad, *Hb ? f '<* V b r f ra Aiad# a dmnrat apaa BradyOt it* b? **?"*?? n.trn i# af ?<M?> % ?>? B le toa #g tt >'ala bmlaaaa ta 1 rt*d , r oft.'<* > aa? a of B %4? Th# .mllda a ara rarf ' 0 'h? r ? a *. ?r 1 ri ad oa ?a p-a.n w a ma ? ; 'r.1 #f Batb 00 t' ar- p ia?, wh ??? 'bat ramotad. 'tm*. ibdlbar#'tar I ?? natt t..? aai *W tafbro ,f>r M*aad iary at iff ' 1' .t ' '???'#?%! .**tt b* t mia t?c. a H'Vi, Boaiaiaaa btr T?ty OAnv oh laatba m^iaa <f ?t <-?ag tad broabtag aft I? iii'an 1 ra, J?* f' aa ?rcl c adtk