Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 30, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 30, 1857 Page 4
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NEW YORK HERAL1). IAIKI GOROUI BliaiBVV, IDIWI aWI) ranmiBTO* ?ma 1.1?. cou-ii or* un umio M. WM. MB. jm ? *?m~ rit daily nULALD. mm mm mm mm, m Dm mmmm, THM rm:r WMtLALD. mry SatmrArn, m ffaank*?r 22Z?K?2%S ? mmttAi.n 1T?d??alNrAarta*W swomm aii r as JTT1U An YkOAAam tan ?i JTO A;?r;c 1 laMm w mmtmmmmm mi i tapliiHsim. WtAmmt Mm cAimm rrerttd. job piurmro ?mm kma a?nimw, ibmi Mldik AT ^KKTmmm AJtrs rnmmtA mm% Aam. WM W1 <A? V. r.EKi.i Herald. Faxilt HSSa'D. ami ta (A? TWA-or-un ami Dur<i;*am Aiiuioms Vm*mm? till AMITKBMBHTH THIS ???"I*? BROADWAY THBATHK Hrowlwsj-TnAT i Bab?l??l> I r?Msi.?s?in? mrn.WJ IUBWE ?- r Br>xi ?' FaQVita-Siaboo. BOWUKt ruiATH, Bawarj?Thi Wirs?Last Dats 0* Fobi-su. _____ BUBTOS'S TBFATBB. SroBdwRT rcCtalM Woafl St? Rob bo abo Juliet -I)**Arri)L Muslim l>owa Tows. VALUOi'n TLLBaTRK, Broadway- Clbiiab. LACBa AXJCKkR THgATRF KnwAwir-Liviia Too Fait-Sum Ughi Juakd Nothing to Nubas. WkW OI.SMPIO THCiTRl Anjadway-rvat Bills School i o? Yigbbs IehuTcios ACADEMY OF MUSIC, Fourievnlh street-2'biast. BAASUM 6 aJlaAIOaB MU8BCM. KroAiWA/ PoaOA it (DB Wsiril NlC I! TIB GALA?QlAJTD AuUAJUa. OR UOAAA OaA BUS ?OuSICSiTIBS. AO HBO CHRIRTY A WOOIVi MIMHTBB'JR HI Briadvfty -arxioriAB K'iktuu- mw Ysae Oaiis BTBrfBAiTIOB HAUL, 47J Rrosdway ? Hhio Melodies? Bckls'wce uu;it??Kt Khtamt'i Nikatel* Flew Tork. Wfdi.AwtBy, tapuntar :?l, IIOT. ?ails t?r Rarop* tbb am* rou hshals?mmoR rot. suBon. The Cuuard mesmt-nip Perele, C*pt. Jullcios, will leeve bis port toSsy for Liverpool. Tt>? European malls will oioss st half past ton o'clock la ike n?nrnli.g. Iks European sdiuus oi the Hskald, prlnlod in rrenat saC KngUet, *>11 be published a' tea o'uook in Use mora i ?At- (bugle oo pi us, to wrappe-i sli erwts SobAonpttniu tod adveniseiaeulr iter any edition of the Bbw Yobs Heealt wll' be racoirod at Use fol'owtaf placet ? Rnrot c? wosuoa?Am A luirupeat Riiiress U> , Al K.a* WULaos si. *aes?? De u I Flaoe M Is Boarse : 'jtbbwos?i>< do P Ckain! ?ired LrvBSToui?R. Stuart. 10 Kxcl aoge street, Ktst. ?Hat-bb. Am h Itmitm Kit press '*>., 11 Kate Coraclile. F%e corneals Use EurhpesD ediaoo e* Use IJar^LD will jcscb'u. die re*-' -roctved by mtl! sad slagr ;.r> at tke ulboe oar.Eg Up peevtnai week, aad cp to the boar 01 BBMbbUm I toe IVrws Tbe steamship Arabia la now due at thia port rritb netvn frt>ai Liverpool to the l?tb inst., three dajs later than previous advices. The Ptrarosbip Star of the Went, with the Califor. nia ptaeeiifera. specie and mailt of tbe .5th inst., is dow fully due at 'hi- port, according to tbe uanal time consumed on the passage. But we aee by u ! despatch from Charleston that the Catawba had ar. rived from Havana, having sailed on the 25th, at which time uoihiug had Uen heard of the Star of the Wert She may be in to-day. The steamahipa rhiladelpnia and Quaker City ar. ' rived at Ibis port yesterday with news from Havana to the 25th irat. The duplicates of ex:hange ami | correspondence on board the wrecked steamer Central omirica reached t'lii city by the above mentioned vessel*. Monetary allure in Coha were ?titi in a critical condition, bat tbe banks held suffi cient cash for tbe purp sts ot trade. Sugar was dul. and prices declining. Freights were al?o dull. Tbe heaitn o* Havana was good. Our torrespon- I dents state tnai toe landings ol slaves were frequent and earned on in the m ?t undisguised manner. The flags of France, Hoi and and the I'mted Btites wee dispisyerf by the tnders. Fire hundred aid ninety-nine lm- colwreta from China hid been set ashore from two voeseU, one of which lost sixty csohes by ueath on the paasage. They cime by way ot Sslnt Heiena. On some of the angar esUHs ibese unfortunates were cruel y lashed, and emcidrs were so frequent amongst them that a go. vernuient iuVt?ttgA'-iun of the caiscs which led to it took place, when a revol'ing state of manage mem was exoo-ed. Fourti-en tbousaod eight hundred ana ninety- ne Asiatics bad been set anbote during the year up t > the 23d instant and two thooiand three bum red and four others had died on tbe pas sage a cargo of Africans was landed at the Funta Ca?tle on the 1-th instart. which filled forty volan tos. in woi h they were driven off to tbe plants tions. I tie captain and crew escaped. The Ameri can liars klaoeppa had been captured by a Spanish war cruiser a* a slaver, bhe had several huadreU negrm* and the s'nallpoz on board. We have fl <w'r<>m Buenos Ayre? to the 1st till. The malum hmii-e law lor 115R bad been published. It differs little from that now in force. Articles of export which are subject to a specif! rate at present will is then rated at a tariff mm? as Imports, re ducing oil iout per cent. Trade daring July was very unprofitable Good* suited to tbe market* of tbe iuteiior sold well, however. A Brazilian schooner had eflecled a trading run to Cuyaba and returned to Buenos Ayres, bat tbe results of tbe speculation were not known. American flour was heavy in tbe marker. Lumlier was in good demand* hix thousand political exaet were expected from Nspie? at ht>t?r Km, where five hundred Swiss em grume were already settled. We here ntw? 'ma the Weet Iad;ee dated at K'tirtwi, Jamaica; "t Vincent, Karbadoea, aod Ht. Tt?>nia? oti '.'Tib alt*, and at Bermuda on the 16th inM. Toe report- from Jamaica rep-event the avaathcr m exceedingly pmpiuuu* for tba growing crop*, the uUaod baring been waited with rtin in abundant e The wet weatner had occaaioaed con aidrrable wt< knem. Gsvernor Hsrling waa well re ceiu-d i v the peaple. The Kingaton ragar market had greatly declined. Balee are quoted at 27a. to She. 3d. per 100 Iba . and aome had been made at 36a. 6d. Mr Gyre waa expected to reeame the go vernment ot tt Vincent. The export of arrow root from St. Vin '-at bad reached 6 "4.'? barn la. The Trialdadiaae were exnlting over hand tome return* from their eatatev for the aeaaon juat ended. The di*' nvery of cormidernble neama of coal iv oonflrmed* 6,2V- i?rre1? no gar. 11,171 puncheon* and 3M tierce*. ?oUe*e? bad b?*n exported to 7th of Ana BrttMh vein of war Brunawirk arrived at do the 17th <?f Auguat, and sailed on the tire no en. There ia nothing of importance Bermuda or M. Thomaa. We bate neaa tr-m Neman, N. P., to the 20th inxt 1km waa nothing >,i inter* at occurring. Later aovice* In m the gold m nea recently (Uncovered In (tiara atate that the tneta procured from tl m la of fine qnabt) Ar wiote frm Mathew Town atat? that the com pan; had raked in the aggregate a'. ait K. I '"i buahela of mil, aome of a nth had la>en void At ten (tnte per hoahel. The weather - mtmned fine. Our e rreapondent nt l'ort-an Prima, Hayti, witting on the 12th inat, repreaenta trade aa very dull wiib frvigh'e difficult to obtain. <i)d toffee eoid at $12. lt?oe, tobacco and fi ?r were acarce andhgh. There w*s lit'le aiekr.taa in port. The condition of foreign aeamen tuck in the hoepital* waa very wretrted. They are poorly tended and fleeced txorbiiantly teg medical cbargar; but ne (her toe government nor merchant* neetned to take an) intermit in the matter. John Bridget waa arreoted yeaterday npon the charge of m-ttiag Ore to premise* No. 6l> Cannon utreet He wae ? ommited to priaon to await the Utvealtgatioti ot the Fire Marabal. The premiem re eeiwd but little damage. Captain Mcflowan of the ateanwhip Empire City. Mfla boon preeesAed by the paaaeogore yf thai veaael with a Bolcndld gold chronometer watch and highly wrought chvrn, as a token of esteem for hia able and indefatigable conduct during the late hurricane en countered off Cape Battens. A correspondence of a violent personal character appears in the Washington papers between Mr, T bom as C. Donn and Mr. Edward A. Pollard, the foimer a tn igi-trate or that city. The quarrel origi. nated in an m nolo published in the Richmond South refit cling on the insufficiency and corruption of the present system of police and magistracy of Wash ington, and Mr. Donn being a member of the latter body, writes to Mr. Pollard to ascertain if he is the author of the article, and if tne reflections contained iu it were intended to apply to him. Mr. Pollard avows the authorship, whereupon Mr. Donn publishes a rejoinder defending his conduct in refusing Pollard wairants Hgainst certain parties who be alleges hud attempted to assassinate him. Mr. Pollard retorts in a letter in which epithets of the most abusive kind are applied to Mr. Donn, und the plainly ex pressed object of which is to provoke him to a duel. Here the matter rests for the present. There is a windy discussion going on in the Charleston papers with relerence to the Booth Caro lina United States Renatorship. Recently Mr. R. B Rheti, Jr., despatched a note by his "friend" H. M. Manigault, demanding of Mr Isaac W. Hayne whether a statement which he (Rhett) deemed an "insulting aspersion" was intended by eanf Hayne to tie so constiued. Hayne replied that he discussed the subject as a journalist, and would not "back down" iiom that position, bat that be never intend ed to put an "insulting aspersion" upon any indi vidual. This was satisfactory, and Mr. Rhett lost his chance of "bursting a cap' in company with Mr. Hayne. A democratic mass ratification meeting was held last evening in the City Hail Park for the purpose of ratifying the State nominations. The meeting was cot exactly orthodox. It was called by a juve nile association, formed ten days ago, under the title of the Democratic Central Club. Mr. Wm. J. Rose presided at the principal stand, and Mr. E. R Swa :k barner at another stand before the Hall of Records. There were many but uot prominent speakers. Let' ters were read from Mayor Wood, ex-Govcrnor Sey mour, Governor Wise snd others. The A meiican Convention for the nomination of a Surrogate and District Attorney met last evening, and orgnniz d by appointing Daniel Rowley chair man und Edward Winnegan secretary. The Regu lator delegation from the Thirteenth ward was rejected, and the regular Counsel delegation ad mitted. The Itr.-t ballot for Surrogate resulted^! the choice of A lex. W Bradford, the present inenm l<ent; uDd the first ballot for District Attorney in favor of Daniel LTlrnan. The great four mile race over the Fasnion Coarse yesterday wc? attended by an immense throng of spectators. The purse was taken uy Nicholas I., who won the first two heats. Time?7:45, 7:47. We give a graphic report of the contest in another column. Two professors of the fistic art, named Barney Aaron and Johnny Mor negan. fought a prize fight near Providence, on Monday. The battle lasted three hours and a half, when Aaron was declared the victor. Both were severely punished. The stake was two hundred dollars. Tne Board of Ten Governors met yesterday. A long petition In favor of trying the homeopathic system of medicine at Believite Hospital was re ceived. There are 6,715 persona in the public insti tutions, being an in:rease of 24 since last week. The Board transacted considerable routine business, but nothing of general interest transpired. On 6atnrday last a massive gold headed Malacca cane was presented to Alderman Thomas Coleman, of the city of Troy, by Messrs. J. R. Piatt, Knapp. Pettigrew and Hi ves, a delegation from the Pacific Engine Company No. 28, ol Near York, in rexem brnnce of their kind reception in Troy on the 24th of August last. The presentation took place at the Troy Tavern. The trial of Michael Concerns, charged with the murder of Eugene Anderson in Centre street on the 21-t of July last, which has Occupied the attention o! the Oyer and Terminer for six days, was con. eluded yesterday. The whole of the day was occa. pied in summing up, and tne jury retired at 5 o'cloi k. but up to a late hour last evening they had j uoi sgrvru ijh>u a >eiuici. Tli* whole number of licenced that have been granted bj the Excise Commiuianers since their ( appointment ia C37. and the whole amount of money received for tl.em and paid into the county treasury ( i*sl7.125. The Commission intend* to keep open i till the constitutionality of the Excise law ha* been | decided upon bv the Court of Appea's. The papers of the lonu-etante are nearly ready to be carried be fore the court, and are said to embrace some stroop , points. If the law is declared unconstitutional the Excise Commission wilt be null and void ; if consti tutional the Commissioners will sit twenty days thereafter, so as to give all the liquor dealers who j may then desire it an opportunity to obtain licences. The joint special committee appointed by the j Common Council tor the purpose of reporting the , nanus of suitable persons for inspectors aod can- j vah-trs at the tn-uinp elect.on held a meeting yes terday. The representa'ives of each ward had been re<jUf?Ud to report names of suitable persons for said ofii< < s, but only the Filth and Eighth wards did 1 so; accordingly the committee decided to adjourn till Friday next, at 2 F. M.. so as to receive reports of names from each word. The foreign exchange market was very much de. pressed yesterday. Bills to go out by the Persia to. , day, especially those drawn against the shipments of produce, were almost unsaleable at any price; j and some of the best offered were sold at 9fic* ' a 100c . and in one instance a sale was reported of a bill drawn against produce as low as 90c., which appeared almost incredible. Uood bankers' bills < were eoid at 102c. a 103c. Now the par of exchange at the ralnation of American gold in , England la about 109; it shows that the above rates give a large margin in favor of this cons- j try, amounting at 102 a 103 to a margin of 6 to 7 per cent, and at 9* a 100 to 9 and 10 per cent. As the Mils can be sent to England and the gold in pay meat returned from that country to this in thirty or lorty days, it is clear the operation would prove a profitable one. Ti e pvesegt rates of sterling oar < hangs are about the lowest probably ever before known in the history of the country. On one oc a in n previously tbey fell, it is said, to t<5. A number of bouses, holders of foreign orders for the purchase of produce, which are even below limits ia prices, H ia said, bare written to their friends abroad that if they wished further purchases to be made of mo ment tbey must send over the specie to do it with. The Mies or cutea yaolerday were quite united, lb* hie f m-ve teat roeaist'ng la shipment* wade on own*rt' acoonst to 1 'verjwi. The low rales end d'(Broil negots it s of fieri of bi'to of ex>.haag* teodsd to prevent tale, '0 the epot. The receipt! of tho new crop are qstte 'if lit, chiefly coeflnsd to tuial) lots by rteiniri fro a avarnah end rberimtoo, Kmtoro ariaoot are aov to ? g Ml eitoat out of market The stock bore lo Brst haods s VSTf tight???'mated by r>me ptrtiss action seed boot k.CCO bales The floor market was Irrsfaiar ysi eedsy Oo? nu crudes wees lever, while est-a braads we-e wltbost "bears, sioept is torn* fo-cod salos for saeb a lbs spot at ratee below tie otherwise current priori. Wfetat wao alto I rr of star aad easier for Western ? M ooirmon qeaiitise gerere'tv, wblts prims to choice lots were scarce aad 'a good export demaad tales ?*'? | rety freely made Oorn was lowtr, wttb moderate sales of Weotori mlrtii at TOc. tor Ho libera yellow Tib was bid aad ?to Mted. Pwk was Armor, and m m of about 1,000 bbb. mo?i wtrs made foe eaab t? tae day at AM M. aad abeet 00 rt>. at ?? Prim* ?mm 111 it a lie Regan were Mid Is lbs meet of aroai ?? a m bbds , at r?SM girea ?a oeUma Maooii I Hi HtowaiS bars roduoad Uelr ortcsa fo r Aard orytrs fee to Ke per lb 0 AM wa? steady Bad quiet lr?i?Mi ? rga?e ??bis lanloded grants Mrerpoi IS hoik aad hags at m to end , wna omoe at MM to i :i2l , with tome flour at tae prevtoji day's ratea Teer? wore a too f ngagemroto to iwedM, Bam, Utaagow aad U, dines, satiMd ia aaoUisr ptsee Ttot Cm* or ClM B*royi to India. From the news by the TaflUn mul a ray of hope Lis left that the British camp betore Delhi may be rein'orced from ?he west and the eoath before the mutineers from the neighborhood tarn the flank of the little army, surround and destroy it. The news by the previous mail gave rise to many apprehensions that it was all over with the besiegers; now matters look a shade better. General Havelock from Lucknow, Brigadier Nicholson from the Punjab, and lastly Sir Colin Campbell?who most have left Calcutta for the scene of action before the middle of August?are all hastening to the " new Sebastopol;" a few weeks more endurance on the part of the 44 be sieged besiegers," and the game will be theirs. With even a quarter of the force that can be opposed to them, the British will without doubt, take the place. The only contingency that is inconsistent with this, and yet consistent with possibility, is the rapid decay of the army fron disease and fatigue, atd a repetition of such sorties as the affairs of the 14th and 23d July; but thiy are less probable than the other issue. We Bee ci.onph in the English papers io satis "y us that when the jour of trirmph cones for the Eugli.-h tLeir victory will be bathed in blood Alui' st v. .thou*, exception the British papers call for the meet sanguinary vengeance on the Sepoys; even laughter-loviug and gcuial J'unch joins in the national clamor by depicting "Justice" striding over prostrate darkies, and driving a bayonet down the throat of a vilianous looking Hindoo. If Sir Colin Campbell does as the Biiihh public want him, he will rival the moit bloody minded of his slaughtering ancea'ors. This cry for blood has been stimulated by the stories which aie circulated of the cruelty, bloodthirsriness, lust aud brutality of the Sepoys, the treacherous surprise of defenceless Eughsfi people, and the horrible assassiaiiDn, with un heard of tortures, of poor helpless women and children. Now. though there be reason to sup pose that these stories are very much exagge rattd; though the English are apt to consider the I violation and murder of one of their own coun trymen as a very different and far otherwise I heinous offence than the like enormities perpc ! (rated by a British soldier on u Hindoo girl; though, in fine, no town was ever taken by storm, no village burnt, much less a revolt of soldiery and peasantry successfully achieved without these same accompaniments of murder, rape, violence, treachery and brutal cruelty; yet stiu, there is something so horrible and heart rendiug in the tortures which have been inflicted on the few score of English women and children who have fallen into the bauds of the mutineers that no man, wherever he live, if he haven heart in his breast, can help looking tor ward with com placency to the punishment of the devils who thus disgraced humanity. At the same time it may be well for the English to remtmber that a long continued ad herence to the example of cruelty set them by the mutinceia ecu id hardly fad to cost the aven gers the foreign sympathy they now enjoy. That atnitble portion of the Irish race whose heart warms with joyful exultation on heartag o' ravished English girls and murdered Euglish babies have bad a pretty hard time of it. we arc thinking, in their effort to get up sympa thy here for the Sepoy assassins; even John Mitchell felt it necessary to repudiate them; wc trust the English will not 6upply thewj worthy persons with the material to continue their pleasingly humane agitation. On calm reflection it must be obvious, in England as wall as here, that toe Sepoys may claim the beueflt of the txcu'c which is tbe only palliation for the most allocking atrocities in the histrry of every Euro pean nation: they may say with truth that they have bren impelled to do tbe deeds they did through religious fanaticism. Religion, and religion alone, has been the moving spring of th.i whole movement; not only of the prime outbreak but of tbe sul?-'|ue>nt horrors, which a fierce religious fervor might well raise to toe level of saciificts acceptable to God. How long is it since our own race killed, burnt, ravaged, aye. and slaughtered delicate women aud youog babies, all lor the sake of religion? Let the English rend their own history, and when they shall Lave forgotten the tale, of ficudist: crueity aiid bloodshed which religious fana'ic sm im pelled their ancestor to commit, then let them bid their soldiers give the sword no rest. Nor are tbiy tameless ia tbo matter. That India has le> n misgoverned, und the uative popu laiion, in B-mgai especially, cruelly oppresses is notorious. But the missionary enterp iscs, coo ducted they have been latterly in a spirit of rude, OvtrliarLg dogmatism, practically Carried out in m? j places bj actual ooerclu- mea-urea of conversion have involved even * larg?sr re fponFib ltty nnd a heavier guilt Let the Eng lish put the caw to IfccmaclvM. and inquire bow tL' y wen Id feel towards an enemy who. holding accidental away in their island, ahould cornpd thi ir children to do homage to Drmbma, or coerce a part of their people to sacrifice to Juggcrn iutt? When tbey thoroughly appreciate bow they woti'd feel towards vucb an en-my tn vucb a povitiou as this and thoroughly realise now they would be movid by a tudden prospect of emancipation and religion" freedom, then they will be in a tit state to judge the Sepoys, and likewise to foim a just opinion of the merits of the Exeter Hall doctriae* We urge ihewe ideas from a conviction that the triumph of England In India ie merely a qu "don of time, and that whatever she deckles on doing she will have the power to do. The contest i? too nnrrfual to last long; the mutineers stand alone, without a friend In the world, white all Christendom, including, it areola, ltu?sia and the United States. id<nUOea the cause of E .gUud with the cause of civilisation, and wishes it well It will be a pity if her triumph should he stained by any manifestation of barbarous revenge. Gin. Scott Tkmrm Gas Piu/iw?The let ter of Gen Scott, wticb we published yesterday, demolishes Gtn. Gideon J. Pillow, and shows him to be the villi A jackila* that ever strutted about in peacock's feathers. It se-ms almost in cndibte that asy man except a natural bwo fool could make the specific and positive n??er tions which Gen Pillow has recently made ta his letter to the people of Teotweacc, with nothing to support his statements except his own flnn*y mi* ptci ns nnd oonjectares; yet, according to toe clear and simple averment of On ftoott, at ibese wonderful disclosures of Gen. Pillow, con cern'og the bribing of Santa Anna, Ac., are Dothing more than a tissue of shallow and foolish inventions In this view of the controversy Gen. Boot! s treatment of this redo livable Tennewwe military pretender Is most excel rot. In fact, this brief letter of (Jen Scott is the best that he has ev?*r written ppoo auy sulyct. or against any latter writing opponent, in th- whole coarse of his life Had be h&udlad Secretary Marcy la the same masterly style, and had his speeches and let ten daring the campaign of beeu equally sharp, pointed, pungent an ' decisive, Geo. Sc ?tt would now, we dare say, ne living in retirement upon the laurel* of a brilliant administration of the general government Next to the cool and decisive way in which Gen. Pillow is disposed of, we must approve the generous interposition of Gen. Scott in behalf of the claim* of the neace-maker, Mr. Trlst, to the consideration of the American govtrnweut and people. It cannot be denied that Mr. Triat was very cavalierly treated both before and attor his treaty of Gaudalape Hidalgo; but we have no doubt that if his friends wilt second the magnani mous motion ot Gen Scott the reward due to Mr Trift on account of the great public service in dicated may yet be st cured. Mr. Buchanan is a just and generous man. and may be telisd on to act upon this as upon other matters, without re ference to wrangling cliques or petty personal jealousies that have bad th ir day. Who seconds the motion of Gen. Scottv Our Retailor- ? wlin Oootrat America The correspondence tb&t has lately pawed

between cur government and the representative* a; Washington of the several Central American States, the particulars of whica we have recently given to the public, evinces that our diplomatic relations with those republioe are not of the bes character, and that questions pertiuent not only to ourselves but to the commerce of the whole world, are involved. In the contest which began in the domestic broils of Nicaragua, to a participation in which foreign private aid was invitedi and freely given, and which became ultimately a oontest b-tweeu ibe ether States of Central America aad the dominant government of Nicaragua, there has b?en a forgttiulness of the laws of war and o: duty towards a friendly nut'ou. which n?ces sarily involves grave consequences. Tie fact that Walker war an American citizen, and thai, other American citizens, abjuring their nation ality, join<d with him in assisting one of the parties to the civil war raging in that country and ultimately in establishing, in conjunction with a native party, a government, afforded no warrant lor an indiscriminate warfare- against those of our countrymen who were in that region and who did not participate iu the domestic a in sessions Yet the Central American allies, in their fierce animosity against the partisans of Walker, have not besi ated to include all who claimed the name of American in their destructive vengeance. American citizens rcsidiog peacefully at Virgtu Bay and San Juan del Sur have been despoiled of their property; others residing in Granada, re cognized as such, in the enjoyment of their law ful pursuits, and even ministers of the Gospel, have been seized and shot while resting under the belief that a" non-combatant* they would be re spected. And moreover, the property of Ameri cans tcsiding here has been seized without remu neration of any kind, aud no step made towards seeking its rightful owners. The steamboats, wagons, roads, storehouses and utensils cf the Transit route are Americau property without a shadow of doubt, and yet the government of Costa llica otters them for sale iu the market and it bas been alleged by Mr. Andersou that the Piesident of the republic is a private partner in the speculation. In this position of affairs the representatives ot these States appeal to our governmeut to dtspatch vessels of war to dnfeud their coast against an anticipated return or Walker. The rcfly ot General Ciw very properly aad jusriy intimausto them the view* of this gov ernment in relation to post outrages upon our citizens, for which thoce governtneut* seem to en tertain no thought of atonement, and takes more onr the high ground tLat this government cuu not look unconcernedly upou the closing of. a highway which should b<: op u to the whole j world. That the admitiMrauou will do every thing it can properly do to p?event any iefnugn im at ot our duties towmds o?oer uatioas is be yond a doubt, and for this it need- d no stimulus from the Central American representatives Bu that it will go further than this, aad by send ng ships of war to those sh ires, turnout what w >ul<i be an Indirect act ot intcrventiou in theit domes tic difficulties no oue can suppose. Those gov tinmtuts nu-t review their past ceuduct tosard our ci*izct?s, and evu ce a dtsposi ion to maintain good relation* with us. and with the commerce ot the wotld in its transit across the American ista mu*. before they can become i nth led to the syin p-itby and respect of civilized nations. rtia Pli.aiiclal H*?ultlui< and tlic Haw York Herald For the benest and uptignt course we have pursued for H)ine time past as an independent juurnal, in relation to bnaocial a k1 commercial afUim bm, we have been the recipient of touch abuse from the smaller fry among our American journal*, from all toe -p culutors and ato.kjob b rs, ai d even some mi**uided boms*, men in the community, and also several of tbe minor British journal*. B- cause we saw the < lemon* of a f-arful re vulsion gathering for mom lis past around our business mer. and spoke onr mind frwly upon the subject, giving timely warning ot the iu:p> ml ii g crash, we bate been accuvd ut being a bear speculator ana laboring only to subserve our own interest. So in other times. ? i n we b i.e secu the clement* ot prosperous frn4e on every side, and have so stated in our comma*. we have been aeooseo of bring a bull spiculaor and en deavoring to advance stock for our ovn private purposes Each of these accu-a ions Is ut eriy without foundation in tut. We. have sin.ply comment' 0 upon the current atla r* ol tbe time as we found tbctn to be Upon a critic *1 and just examination ; and in doing this we have perfcrnud our dutv to tbe public, a* an bonevb upright and iudep- ad) ut journal. We re jog use in our mission a biaher du'y than that ot bnllin* or lemrlng stocks: and wc have perform*] it. and snail continue to perform it, regard!'** ol the abuse ot tbe intercsud aud sboit sigQicd jou' 0*1* of Wall st.cet or anywhere ? be In performing this duty wo a e doing area service to tbe honest portion of mr bi?.iu ?? commnnitj } and of tbi? fact we have received within a short tine past many ratirfvctcrr a ..1 Convincing in kuuwb dmii-n * There ware not a few in our midst- honest sound tni-ims meo who la-1 lived that, in lellmg t,h -m 'be true state of things, and warning them of the wide spread mm ?* ibat tin* speculators hoc ?;?ra rj were silently preparing ben a'h th'ir f'e-t ws were doing tb>ro a diawrrlcc? a real injury? and making war upon the best Interests of the country. The daily develop) until* of t oUenoea* that an- taking place aronoil us. hag* convinced the tiue htiamn-s m- n of their error in ju lg;ng as j and It has ts-en to ns a source of gratifies tinn that many have eome frankly to us, and acknowledged tbe wisdom and truui ub ess of our warnings. Aud, in fact, it must be evident to all trisim*" men, tfcat be tween the true acrcbaut and the ape culator in BtvckB, railroad mortgages, cotton, su" or real tuta'e, then* is and can be no commuui ty cf interest The latter absorb with the fal laoious offer of 'argi* profits that portion of accumulated capital that should legitimately be at the Her vice of the m< rcbaut for perfecting the exchanges of commerce; and hie operations are limited or ren dered d'flleult and profitless by the competition of men who have nothing *o lose, and therefore can afford to play a high and bold game. This is the operatiun that we have seen going oa in our midst lor many months. Speculeters in cotton su^ar at d other necessaries of lite have got hold of large amounts of money, and run up prices of those articles to famine point; operators in West ert lands have done the same thing, and held the sections of newij opened country at prices that would deprive the industrious settler of his last dollar; contrivers of fancy railroads and other schemes bate held out magnificent off rs to ce oulous capitalists and borrowed every dollar tuat could be had, paying themselves enormous per centagte, fat contracts and fictitious dividends, until they have rolled In borrowed wealth aud built splendid mansions to live in. This is the state of things that we have seen from an uninterested and unprejudiced point of vi?-w. and it required no gilt of prophesy to lore U ll the result. This it was that created the bulls ar.d bears hi our financial circles. But the very existence of these indicated how the individual rniud judtfi d the future; for bulling aDd bearing in stocks is nothing more than gambling by bet ting on the rise and fall of market values, i Whencvi r one largely exceeds the other it is of itself a proof ot the increasing weight of opinion in that dirtction, as evinced by u multitude of been, mbtie and observing minds. We repeat, that it is a satisfaction to us that our honest auo ' pube'ar.tial business community have recognized j the uprightness of our course, and our true and I lively sympathy with their best interests. As tor the s'ipendiaiy press of the stockjobbers and speculate!* we care not a pin lor their ravings, ai d the foreign journalp, who desire only the truth in regard to affairs on this side of the ocean, and who have been led astray by 'he as surances of lDtcresttd parties, will iearn from 'Jib actual result the wisdom ol our warnings and Un truth and bore sty of our motives. THE LATEST NEWS. Uitcieatli.g fioiM Wasnmgttm. TDK N'CkBaOC A TKaNSIT ROUTE?A NEW COMfAWY !b TUB HOLD? THE ?L0 OOttTHTXTOBS OHK0E HaTBP, Btt. Wasmsokw, Sept. 29.1W. I bare been lifn'ni'l. on authority in whlih I place full reliance, that peg .nationi have bene going oa fw nan moaibs iaat between the repreeenuUvev of *ome Infl .en Ual Esgiiah eaptulwu and tbe present lvovUlonal gov to meet of Nloa agua In regard to the ngnt to convey pa* eengnrt and rroght through that country; m J I aaa as iurol that no a* It can at preaeat be the State or N'o* ragua ia pi d^cit n> ood? toe vole right to Ihlv aeeooUltou rhe capital late of whom it ta e< rapoard are Thomae Ban ning, K-q , her Brtta- nto Majesty's doaaul at Healrjv, Ni oaragua now irtlulrg in l/radon. and the eiecitorg of WUl am Gienuia Keq , la?e of I^oa Nlonrngaa, The go vnrament l? louebui to Ucm about ?i60 000 The agnate bare are m eon of the law William Gleatoa, an? B Clover, late of lb' firm or Dawaoa k Oo , or thle oby. Umli n Preelnrnt of btaaragan in formally alec ted, au act of ibe gt.veram-nt can be eoaeldere 1 bleu lag Toe ore tent D ctaWm are eelf-a, pcla'ed, and merely not pro ten* until the eta pnpuii thai! eleot lie ohlrf ofllJO' Re.erttn.. ? Hint both of the ?a iling funcu. narien nave refuged to nc opt the rot nonet Dtp of Preeldeat, b-it o-sweated to re tain Ute n Ins of government omll a Et and proper pemon aha1! b? found Sho d) after tne vooe?"?y TranHt Oompanv oommenoed ta<> nnaWean rf ea vying paaeergvra the government of N aragt a mortgaged itm riprcUU renr'pu rom the rran el Compan - to tome log Hah oapnaiigu reaiding in that o MtB l>y for n- ??? bb p-rpreoi glv'ng additional aeon lly for Tan aiieady made and obtaining a freah one. The Irao ?I Ctmimny repudiated lta indeoieioese to tie Moarag ?ao go ernmeoi, and eon< cq><?ntiy the lat'er could not ma e goo- It# crgagetrTia Toe wools ' alter han. I am It formed, oven broighl nder tbe eoilet of Lord Clarendon; and a< tbe Brinth governmeal e*a thv credit of net letting tee u fietu of lt? aubj cw, I reel to plow eome fadli in tbe rontseel n'?erl'?ee of ?? Informant, wbo M ear** n> that It telll give iw protectorate abouid tbe oapl la'iatn above alluded to ostein tne grant. It aouid m? u? oe a fair pree tmpuoa that they will g?? it, m 1 Inderal, ad tbe terwa proponed are very ed vaetaftut-.a et reward a .be go reromrnt of Nicaragua. Dee of tbe boat important ? < o*itioaa ta, tbat tan m ntmctorn give an enure taleaan f Nicaragua f'On all ladebtedaeaa, Iberney r.dr.Irg tie Butte of nil hiud? of pectuile'y birdraor et cum .ranee, a consummation devoutly to be wtab.d" In that uafor nnnte eoualrv It w es iwcted that tbe election ?' President will Ink# pare <*ttfcla n vt'y abort p?nod of time, and in view of <uob an event the agema In Hew T trE >f the part ea oamed Inieed lra< lag le the ueit ateemer for tne porpone of finally cloel g taa boameea Wi h regard to ihe p-etenaiooa of Conta Rina there la every reanw to believe that Nicaragua eover entertained the aligbteat Idea of ceding to the former any port on cf ibe 'tgat r.f wav .and I 'eel pretty eonfldeat In nmerUag tbat aur own gorerameat wonUl be deponed to adopt a alwllar pedey wt tt? B'ltl.n and join wita It in protecting tbe rfgbte t.fn Ofm|?ey which ra opened tbla great and ?aajor eat high ny under tbe eaactlon and vpproral or tbe reguler gnr*r>n?ii of Nitmregna. Th> eie'lagooatroveraiei between car romooting com ? dor on ana U> air vartona emimeiiea may tberofira be onne-ed epoa naura- tag lino oe-.aai aaooeforih. aa far a< rega'de be teaaelt ecroan tbe imbmoa, It le to be pre earned iiey win be ei eeueg their etteaUoe to making eon teta for tbe ooeveyaeee of peeaeegere benoe to tbe Atiaetc termlnaa aed from the I'aOtSu lermlnu* W Call, taenia trim* or rn? room pin*- thi moomd oo?rrooL ntDi?rr en or uo*bnNNiirr drooio? THI rKIK-CI A D THI T HANOIAL ObHIO? Pl> ChblfiKWd O* TBI I.AVAL lOUarti, Of?. * akuivutuk, rlapt 88, 1867 Tbt P.euaait Arrived here la u.a tim o'el ?k train to ?"A* II It ?nM hi* toil m l.aooAOier bad reference to noma toeerioi mauari He had a large a moo it of ? way In oan uf ib? Lnrmoter ba W?, And It bad beoa ramjreu or e> ro- d-?yn tint nM bA.ik >aa le a rntber proonrtoeo ?Ramon Hie ? ot>ieet mot At ao en ly bear to Joy, And mad* A rum bar of rniwpomat Appote'aeoetn Mr B-nr' eed. Intond Comptroller, m to day notlflad thai bl* ?f rr1ne> ware M lno(-r reqntred. J Madlroo C''tM ba* bar a row mteetnoad fi r lb# pinne mealed by Mr. Rrn-thMd Ctnryen ? am in da> 01 d In tba frnbonry DepArtm- At u tba effeot tbat Mr Ontta hod made nppNoa ? 'no to Jrlb tba Know Ndbtnyo No one bam credlta It. finer tba panic epwnrda el a mllllen of tho public deb' baa beor. tent la fo redemption, of whloh nearly three haiMtrad .1n. -*n noma o yootaaday "be ooatb nf tuj-.r Ui dooy, of the Qnertorebo or'o Do pAMmetla* bra- get a number of foatleaiaa beao, who ? a dnatror* i.( |etLi.f the lone I looan tbto evening tba CarOala Motherl*' d will doabtlaoo yat it * bolbir? tun ?? Ho a n ?> tbio oiealay, aoj barotakoa (HAflnr* at W|l!?r I a ikihotd for tboli ouuoorl ware nl ?-?id before ooob in-day Tbe Na-al IVu.'t Ma tioi lb UOnt I y?00' mm ?|U oi?? to merred. Befire Narai Oonrt No. 1 to day, tb> oner of LieoteoAO Ti;r or ollll be I Of under cooew oration, Puracr ?flamm and Ijnctnooot J A. Nlohnle> n ware examined <m Hi* y?aem WKt'r h< r elf tiefe-a '> on No f, Urn ooaa of Uentnoan there b-IOf otill 0 ' tf'al, Cornioander fflieton an I ax On vrrror (f >rmvty Perm ) Pnoo of Nee.ferae- troro ox ?mined oo behalf m tba appttnnot Bofnra court No 3 ilia ooaa of Ue .u nam R oil bet ax mil <>a trtol, OommaaJar Koyero weo ?eonl'rd Ha thought L'eu'eoniii a Kiell'( moral rba wrer or at offloer tad?00 a (entie mad AOt Al tnyetberteBr ieett'bno?le He wao a pm eeeor of roHgC o mod m (hi ht-o ar^r) aa f hmiein He -<od ooae of ho common rtcee?i^brv draok nor (am i led I .lea to en# le Ooofiar And Uoweo wnro alae i lanrtoed oa behalf Of tba ("verbBObt ?"hala.frA'b loot a-antai made and homo ?f my m port of Oommender Rogero* oatimnoy rba onrvev of lent R. made 10 1818, woo mode to read "earray of I .met K Meade," %r ta??obl other orrero oooarrod rba Moratory <x tba rroooory tblUi tbo i ct?i oriole wiu aartocely i<M the reoeipte of reveaae. B* la at a tons to prepare tola sollaialao There la as yet do report fro* UM travetllag MmU to Map*:! ar mortal Bad b res to loading firearms. i TUB annul BBWWAPBB DB8PATCB Wamhiboto*, Sept 19, INT. ?The Oommlmtoaer or Patoata la Bonding out dntbn with toe vtaw of ascertaining Um amooal ai ooal af eot loo consumed la Um United Statoa daring Um fiscal jraor aadlnf the 30th or Jane laat, aad the quaHUea aad1 of the different oiioana oT gooda Into whloh It la I tared. Ooi. Binary, the Un'ted Htalaa Oomaloatoaer far i the Uaxtean boundary, aaa formally tuned orer to toe Interior Department Um ampa and official papers ewMaat el with that work. The Mexican Oommlaalonar and hla crpe of aaatotaata will leave this week fbr Mexico. Thomas Sargent baa been appointed Rooeiver af the Land Office at Hort Dodge, rtoe Van Nutwerp, nalgaad; and J. D. Brans the Reoetrer at Minneapolis, UlineeoU, rtoa Kuiaell, rrtlgnod. James Baker, Recelrer at Iowa, baa sent ft his resignation. Wtoe Mtearner Jura fbr Cork. Br Jobs, N. B., Sept 29,18*7. The steamer Jun, with troopa, will sail torn this port on Ti ore ay morning next, and will oonrer a maU hag and inch tei*graphic oeapatohen an may aiive la ananaa. Desoatohes can be prepaid to any part of Europe at the Amenoaa Telegraph Coupany's offloe, 21 Wall street. New York. Non-Arrival of ttoe Daniel Wabater at law Urleana Nsw Uslxakx, Beat. 38,1UT. The steamer Daniel Webtttr, from New York lTth laat. rla Key West, wllh the Oaliforala mails, haa not pet been trlrgraphcd The deaths lu this olty last week were 108. The United States Steamer Merrtmae. Bourns, Sept. 1HT. The steam Mgate Korrtmao anchored In the i day,and will leave to morrow for the Pacific i News from Texas. Vy A-smrGTon, Sept 39, INT. New Orleans papers or Wednesday < f lssl weak are to band, by the arrival of the mall as late as aue, Copious ra'ca had fallen In Western Texaa. la two engagements with the Indians near El Paso, they had been badly beaten, tad the campaign was coasldwed ended Nine hundred Indians were at Jaaoa. near the Miiitsi boon- ary, rearing ration* from Ohimahua, where there bad bf-n floe rains. Wheat aad corn were abundant, and almost a drag ixmpanlcsO and M, Fourth aniUery, under oommaad of Col Bolton, from Florida, had arrlrel at New Orteaiu, m route for " News from the Plants. ST Dorm, dept. 39,18*7. The Hants Fe mall arrived to day. Tee no va la entirely asm portent Col J-rant jo, the oommsnder of the Utah > xpedtaon, left Leavenworth on Thursday laat. Accidents to the steamers HLnlcktrboetoear and New Wurul AliiA.NY Se'.;t 29, 186T. Thr steamer Kn'okorb xiker tr uu< si ale ?t bur does as 8 o'olrok ibtv evening the hat tbo at Ut-ee foot or In her hMd. Hbe s ?o t ok fl e about the same Urns, bet the fire was cxtlrgidsbed with little dsomgo (lie New Worio it aground, aad will not probably get off before 11 o'clock to nlgbt Verdict In tn? case of tguartermaeter Rejr* uolda. Phii ?dbm'Kia, Sipt 39, 1A4T. In tbe District Court. In fie oe>e o Qiartermsrte rtev nolds, charged with delsultlng to toe government is um mat o ? 30 COP, the jury, to day, rt (u ocd a verdict ?? ? gover..' eat ess Indeb.ed to tbe defeedmt la ever $400, aad judgment wan eeoordluglv entered in hla faver. The American MU.ta Committee* Albast, Sept St. INT. Tbe Amer can Mate Oomml'.Ue mot at the Detaves House *0 day and elected Loretix> 3urro?s, Chalrmaa; L. 8. Partooa, Vice Chairman; John N. Wilder, Tree sprat; and Henrv Q l.nnrlng aed C I.. Skeela, Seorotarlea Mr. H rrowv daoilDeo the obalrmanehlo In ooeaequeaoe of oto del ergMtrmooU. Mr Parsons wae then made ohatrmes. an rxeoutlv- oirmlttee wae appointed, of whloh Mr. Bor row* aooepted the chairmanship Convention mf Rai'rosut U(Itcere. Bt rraLO, 8lot. 29, 18*7. A OoavtetiTB or Railroad offlneta from tbo New York, Western and New Eagl.ud reads, was held here to day "tnse tablet were agreed upon fir winter eerv'oe The t me between this city and New York la fixed at 18 hears, tamuel Sloan, Ktq , of the Hadaoe Blrer Railroad, pro aided. Arrival of ttoe Allowed Pirates of tbo Brig Albion Cooper. PostiAxn, .Sept. 29,18*7. The bark R. B Knight, with the murderers of the Prig Albion Hooper arrived here ill's morning The merder rrs are now lodged In letl. The triih lad who w evidence died of yellcw fever rn the postage. The Schooner Alabama 1? Dla nmaoioa dept. 39, ia*r. The schooner Alabama, from Port ?u Pnaoe, on toe Sth Inst bound to New York, has pot into this port In dto ire.s, he* rg rxnerlcnoed very heavy * est her, Oe las BH < st she t xprr rarsd a oarers gale whtca etrmlaed the vessel roosi-'cretlT, causing a leak She was obliged to ihrow (.verb sr. her dock load, ooeatatlng of logwood aad * bumped barrels or syrup, out of her bold, she also toot bar satis and a.ars. The Ametlcan Sunday School Unlou. Run* >ri, Sept 29 1847. The American Sunday School Co loo has recently dh rovced that notes and acoeptMo**, amouauag to asm ij $hP,(hw, have been elroolated without tneir aetharhy. A re d has been pr. .atrod dDowntog them, and tssmllaf that the Board U rot respcaalble fcr their pay 1 The Boston Klreuaeit-a Parade. Boma, 8 ot 29, INT. Tie seeond annual parade and muater ot the Uastoa Ftre Dep* tment took |<iaoe to day lo t. a mora ng there woe e tr>al of the did'rent engine* upon the Common tor imts, with the tollf.wtng result:?.first oris*, a diver iy. at,..t m No t for ,'layiug a hor1z?DUtl stream It* fset; ate rd p'lse U> No S for flliiag a lack o l.*00 galloos la e(ht minutes tw nty Six teoon'i: third prliali HoaeOo No t; fourth p lee to Host Co No 1, ant laa flflo prise tr (look sod ladder Co No. 1. Tbn wbols Department dlrrd oc the C mmoa la a mammoth tent, abcr whloh ib'y were reviewed by the Mayor aad b?>a oraaohea of the city governmei,L The display was very fine, aad wan wlMcaecd by tboussnds. Pairs and Sxhlbltlotia. (>BAKD AORICCI.TCHAL FA IK AT I'KIMflVIkT.D, I SraieoriBLb, Sept. 29, 18*7. n?m. dee Park at art of sixty acres of laad purehaeed and nurd opt) the Hampden Agricultural Society ale coal cm *4 ,000, waa laaiguratei today In prosseaa to ?nn s 12,1 oc p? r? ns The opening address was made by Hoe Cm Bliss, tbe laaerural addroas by Rev deary ward Beecher, and Me d atag address by Mayor Faelpa _ _ " tab ef rb. affair wsa a ep lead id aocoeea rtte town la pru. i> who oama to attend tbe veooad National 11 wee Rx blblUoe. which com meson tomorrow. The show will be tee txst ever bold la this crntry The best horeee are bore, eoue nemleg from Virginia. The old Morrill la bore from Vermont w Oqyiity of bis offrprlag. faaey from New teems of all torto are preasat, Including many Yosk. fAIB AT BBANTmRD CANADA. BaoTruni C W ,Sept. 19, 188T vhe Provincial Fair cpened bare to dar The 1 ?it h.nnkls and tbe nuiebur ot My prrvlooi ' ear Tbe K uoalonat Depart weal MUM irtmlerct feelore There are bat few roeelga MUiM There were over 4,0(0 nellert 1> day, aad a monta larger oi.nibrr a eipected to morrow. aNhciL uniainoN o> rni mart-land in^tttdtb. Baitimom. Rapt to, IMT. Tbe troth anneal exhibition nf .h? Mary lead inaMtett ofieor<1 here (hie evening The durday wee epieadtd and ia* a tetxtanoe large Th? opening addraaa wee made by Par man -Mrp ?rd, of i- I adeiptua. AOA1CILTVHAL FAIR AT roWILTON. Powviroa, I'a , -Sept. 3V. IMT. The egrlrnttorel fair at Poweftoa r iamenoed to ray. The abearance wee large, end tbe arllolee on exhlDitiaa cover Oner The flat* of U?e ipeed of boraee oa the roarer tbt* after noon were tbe great attraction The three need id auw for (toverior are the judgea aad they ?tt ha at In morrow The Uaahotile at Charleatnn. Ciiiai.arrna, >*?<* It, IMT, The failed CRat*e mall Maamwr NeehvilM arrived ha frjm hew York at 0 ocoek tbta (Moa lay) afMrweea Oaalh of a Boat on Broker. Bwrtrn, "tepl 30, IMT Mr John P! Thayer, a wee'thr aad wall kaawa " o( th ? wit, died tbie morning. The Liverpool thtlon (tierMat. etr Jonv, N. R , dept 39, IMT We have heen unahle to fled n any of the paeare leUer* brought bv tho atrnmer lore My allaaion ever to the Liverpool enioe market. Rarkett, rnrLADii.rii1 a rtoci hiahd. PiuLAnei.rnu ie t so, imt 8 ook?, better feeling Ptnoaylveoia B'e, 70|g, Heading Railroad 10, t.oey Utanrt Rali'oal, ?H, M?rna Uatat, 3T)g; I'ennerIvama Railroad, 41 tg New OMUAM. Rapt 3R, IMT Ootloa?ftalee to day only 400 t>eiae. pHoee noetag ?mer thoi'ih not qnoiably lower. Burnt* ia aJ re uet eati aly ? net M.dfrt, la ooaeequeooe of lhe?e bring no eaohaage na hr reaikrt row eleady at 6f> 60 a gd. Red wheat ft 10 Pork Rrm R"gw Arm Goflbe deonned FretghU augaaat Eiobeogei nominal New**, Rept 10, 1M7. (vwtoa?Tbere have been ao eaiee of aey <v<neeipaMe to day, owlag to the Impraotinatdiltr or paerleg exchange. *tth< ugh br.lden wore willing toaell at a deellno rioerw A declining tendency Mixed oorn, Mc lard vary del. Bio or.ffbe, tOJKo vreighu ?Mg*a. t Rt rraih Rapt. SO?A p. M y?or la moderate on banged laoiaMeM, ?apply food Rale* i 400 ohie., at 06 for medinm extra,' ?6 54 a II 7 w f ir beet extra, 06 60 a |6 76 for doaota ev tra cHiinecd Ird'ara Wheat ?n good innplv, aed ra bar preaatag na tee market, ealee 3.600 hnebele < humane ring al 66c norr? A fair demand net bald above the vtewv ?4 bayerx, who offer (too , wh le bolder* drmaad ?V (tale RoleA; 0,060 hre*ei* eold al Me Wbtafcey d.tll; ao aeNm hoM u tie. Reoetpte far the MM twenty bv haa?*i