Newspaper of The New York Herald, 30 Eylül 1857, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 30 Eylül 1857 Page 5
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bbltf ? 4! inn k 109 nooo-U orjoat,. *>*W steady When . .5*? ?uo? 5?-? P. K. <W*?*<*lpHoep-iBgei90o %nu?'lr "ooo ?*.?0$ bashtls wh v. ?*poi t?? ool* floar, in Turf. CHS FASHION COtBdk?fUB FOCB MIL! BAT?A OBXaT CMOWD. BUT NOT A OK (AT BACK. We never remember to heve eeen. else* the greet rue 'between Boston tod V% hi on, a larger assemblage of pee jpie tbia greoeo the Fa hlou Course y eater da v. to attempt to enumerate the numb-.-rt present w?uld be oat of our power, for their heme wm legion. From en early hour Id the morning aatil ? short lime before sterting the hnrsee ?Who crowd wse gathering flwt, end by tiro o'clock erery available spot w itbtn t >e one oeare was oocarled. There were mere led lei on tbe 'lend then were erer before mod >ia attendance et e 'eoe course In America?at leu it -ia the North?end notwithstanding the Interest jf the grist e*ent or tbe day wm marred by ee untoward eooldent which befel Charlesioa the day pre tIoua. oouauig his withorswal from the noe, yet their i jy uuanees end aumlratlon of whet took plaoe wera unbounded Moot ef them had never witnessed s race before, and they yowrd that in future they would no? ;r miss another They were dellgh *d?the atemrr *si disappointed. Tbe fiootdeet to Charleston, alluded to abort. wa> ocoaslcaad by the breaking oT a tt'rrnp to bis on Monday, and the injury done him was of such a character that hie owner deemed it prudent ta forfo't and withdraw him frrm the race. Xhera tm muob diaouMlon amroy bottcri as to whether wagers made on the Held against Nicholas were void or not tie baring been tbe favor :te against the held at one hundred totlxty previous to tne ujouent. A gentleman !n tbe judgee' a'ttiid auempVed o elucidate the ma-ier (n a ,'ong and unintelligible rigmarole of words, wbtob wore oapttal Oreo* to ??? ybooy out nimiel(--as every one was inquiring of hH nelgoo r tbe nature of the argameni, aao what were tbe "pint* " Tbe race ?ee ?ed lung in coming off, although the b tries were oalird at tbn time announced, the interest hariog died away with .he altocrawal of the douthern ohaatploa; and the ot ring, bmu. doun, was on Mlchoiaa, at one nun died to iweciy, and in tome oaaee at a lower tlgure. file geneial sr. un*. menu for toe comfort of visiter* were the beit wo b.n e icon, the rjfootorles, Um pilloa, and ever; thing nice ooing conducted properly. At half past two o'clock tlaarloaton wm brought before the stand with his near r.ire leg bandaged, so that the spoo fiatori might see that hero wm no numbdg intended?that his Injury war real, ai d hat he was unfl to run He la a beautiful bor.*e, a?d w?s much admired ; and It was a great pl<> that he could not have shown tee ?teople now r??t an logs goolt carry hia?. NleholM wm rlroen on tuts oaca Ion by G Jpatrlck, tne rider of Priories lu iho iate <J odwood race. Hi* nag , ot ter day ran muct> fMier than the one he backed la Eag land, and the urne uf that c 'ebrated taoe wm beatea loto flat Our spec- will not admit of further coat .asm, wo therefore gl'e a brief review 11 tbo running:? First Beat ? bo-t borats got off at the tap of Ute drum Snglaetr leadtrg T e pace fo- the ttre.t mile was rstne. alow, the mile oeing run in 2:02 The aeoond wm eume what qi IcAc?">e >lme hcitig 1:55V After entering oa the third mile E gleeer began tj show symptoms of e* haiuUm, a uii. was run in 1:66 NioholM, who bad boon trslVcg aluug tbe various part of toe raw, now mads play, aua g in* up to Engineer, raa?ed aim llse a shacotv all ef Engineer wlualcg tne heat were now at an uad, and Nichu .a lod .o tuu rant, a wlancr or (be heat in 7:46 Jkoand UttU ?The Mcvod beat was nearly a repeihlon if Uta fliSt, oace >l that the paco was somewhat qulote* for tbe Bret three oilir*, whiua wonj rue ia tno cap) tal time el 6:41 Tncro eeomtd .to be a struggle on Uo yard of Knglmrr a to wblrb , Would lead to -.he Qod of the lb I d wile, hli ruer uilng tne moat efforts to force him al eg? I'.biui avail, tsoweve ,as Mc* lawent by ntm as Ot<y came <iu tbe nomt- <tretc . auu i U iy utc i and at a rapid rati Bare Etglneer >o?tno 1 .? rItnquun ?he <"nK>?t,ecd fart 'tr tsfforu on tbe part or ol- rioar wore frultiroa, and noibing more oouid be ? one '.ban get bun n >u.e to iho best advat bagr. Nioholas won tbe b? at, coming houie on a cantor, *n7^T. The following Is a summary ,? y|f*Hin. w tioi'tuis, ioyt. 2V -T.irse and stake B6C0. four mile bcaU. J. Hunter ea* ed ob r Nicholas 1 1 1 J. Tally nanird g u EugineM 2 2 Mr. ? n?jnr.i b o <:t*ii<'ton lr ?into. V46 -7:47 Today there will be two iwoos, oo'h two mile heste. WlUi fbur ent-1 ? in fee m e Ths first w 11 ne tor WssSDhester stake, onto Mu'gvet Uorris, May Thorn, Mero and Ida C * ton rtt" vcoau will no for the mo prleter's punr, tr. * Hon will bo firacfu t*, Phooo N*n ote LswU and C sr.ey Ball For pedigrees, tlmo of ntartlng and other particulars see alvsruiomast la aa otharooiuasn Brut Prime Figat arm donwNT MuNNBeaN, of thts oitt and nasNiT a*?on, or Nn<r voax-Bioarr full KOUNb* FOCi.UT? <ak IN TBS V1UTOB. (I mm p.* tt"iion I.rdger, 8eiH 29 ] One of the an caul log prise ugnts tnat ever came off ta UtJi vlaaiti timk pi* c pear Pro'ldenoe, R I , yrsier day. For sr-me a.t too sporting men of this cit> have been eti )<<??.-ri g u gn np a it* cb botwrn Jobna? Mosaegaa of tbi* elt , and Barnev A?rr>?, or Niw York, lately arrliol frue> bundun a waek since the rnawa wm ooaeluded and tl" a sine put c , ar i t wai ayrerd tu*t the flgbt ih nut roine off <m Ilia 2^ih, Boili men 1m on dtately let tj <t* atclog iheuno.ioi, hiutg under the tuto.'ahip uf it I ki o*n a -orung rn'-n 'n thl. oily Yeat rday lo'u'ny he prindiiala, their eocnnts and quite a ?'$? party of iIm ?t>or.:ng r ateroliy left for Pro vidsaoe, K 1 <io arrl irg at that dty tiny wnloo board a ?u-a?iir engarra fur the purpoie sod p ooeo ied down U>? hat nn w n whore > n aa slahd lu a ah >r Hate, tbe p'eiimina ioe bHing arranged to tbe entire satli < n or all pa do*, t mo aa< cailmi f^r the Ftrtl Rnr 1 ? ?? rk sparred etooefir g'y well. Monoe (as looked ra'brr fat of ibe teo Itsrney was la go <d coadlton and k< kcl large- than bU o^potent, wlioo wm somewhat tu pr eisg e ro*Ht ring that Menceg*n wat/t ( tea puunjs the m ?? Aftee a mctnent's *ttari< soarrlng, Haraey got bum- a sevcia hi w en Juhuay's smehcr, fr >m wbirh the ^lar-t Bowed free y A little more epa> ring wht .. U*rr? > g* o o'.s oppoeent a hsavy blow wbloo brough' bun to the g o cd From the flret *o be sevestoeaih round both sparred well, but nancy gave otiifto tuock down bluws w>tb Out so moob a* nwiig a rottm blow. Fighty round* were roagbt, and iron tbe sevenieenib ocas of feur or ll ee p- one were offo-wrf la "h 'Or of (taruey, hut few lake's oouti he >und, aUho.igb M >nnrt*n prove I himself to bo a gamu niau At tbe ctou.-of luerlghiitUi round Ha ner *a< deeU?ed to se ths Vicl .r Frn-n tar flrnt It WM supposed tb*l B*rrey was too ronnb fur Jnha By, bat be, by h<* rieterrn'oed manner, aatoal b<d bi* bums sanguine bankers. He wss bsdly wblyped, both eyes being :lo*ed,aod ha received two severe ouw, ooe over the riybi tye s-.d tba o bar uo the forcbesl, wallr Harney eecarwd with but one ete sllgbtl oiaoolured. After the dgst, the r>?ri<* a I relumed to this ohy, *' riving shoe 1 e'g'I O'-I'ik ls?t cvetlng It Is sail ;on tl<1 arable mmer was staked upon this mill by parties ut Utii eity as l N > ? York The time oocsumao b# Ute flgbt wm Utree hoars sad forty moiutee Aaron Is an r.ugllsh Jew, of not m<ro tbsa 120 booms wlgkt, and is m t 10 years old He Is reoen'l from Lfpad'-ai He Mil t.e ?* opru toasfoiaa of 114 Bads ts tbe wfM To- $.'.00 oi Ml,000 a-.ids, giro or takr r pounna fu $600 (From U* Providence Jour at), 8*pt 20] A brutal psslit tie fleet name off ?asta?da', ao va the bay, between J.?ss n Mnwaogati and Ynuag Barney Aaron the tany ano tn> ir friends to the number of <<ue humred sad flfty eame from Boston aad chartered the (team boat Water lily, In which n o; want d >wa Us bay Tae flgn. was very severe aad is pToacueeed hy yoed ytdget lv have been "the beet ever faugh' In'be o >unie >?* It oonMnoed Uirtn bones and twea'.y seven mtautas. Both parties were srooh'ngiy marled The beaten wan ws* Blinded In both nn and the winner la one. aad both were otherwise wnrb tkj red li r i ieefdw) la fevor .f Aaron, the senonds o> BoeBogaa having thrown up in* sponge ta lokse ol defeat, aitnougb Mn.r pr.nctpal begged |e be allowed to eon'inne ll The tffslr was n md mwi with ao ether dMu'bsaeo or disorder taaa the Sght inseif, whteh wm enfll Ira Iv d<a*r*o?f I fhe Bgnt was for $2?i a side Tbe p*mw ia d?d near Too da I'Eau on that/ re tarn, and took the trail fhr H wtoa Wty Poiitir*. AKMBICAM OOMTBW ION rum Rikboo&ti amp via ?RIOT dTTiBNIY. Ihk Ooarrntt ->n NirnliM it No 1?3 Bowery Uut e?en. tag, ma orfiatard fey *rpo?nBng Daniel Bowley (Piriwath ward) afeairmM, and Kdward Wi toe far (dereetaeoib ward) K(wt?>? Oa aMMoa of Mr. Ronklagbaia, of lha Srrratb ward th* r f port on wart admitted to the Cjerrction. Mntn Rtokrlay, 0???'*, Nalana, Polbemae uit Hanry nor*, oa mntloa, op w???ted a nommltte* oa eradaetlai', who repenao oorrrci th* rr? ilonilti* of rid delegatee th* Qoormtlne Ihrn Nk in too mtUor of too onotemn i eeeti In the fhlrteentn eerd, heated rn?p?ctr<?ly b? ?n FVrjrd and G 0 H-aoe, on4 oa motion of Mr Reynold* (f ' toraUi ward) oa? |>arioa from aasfe deto|aUoa araa be* d baf ra the C-ta-eBttot After wm? rttaromlon a motion waa mad# that th* data gallon, beariad by M' 0 C ifeat>?, bo adatlud at >b ? regular d?io?etea, trfeioh ?? carried. amid th* ea#?ro of Ihr omatdaro Oa ianllim the CtarooH n proo'rdod fo a'm'n* * *?*di daUw for Bnrm?*tn, ?b?a Mr. tarrtmom. of tti* Eleven* ward, mo?o# that AieiMdar W. Bradford b# a ulna* by aootaatat'nn Objection beto# made to the motion tit OonT*nllnn or oeadad to ballot 1. r a 3 rrtgnie, WfcleA reanltnd a* tot lawn:? row. Fofm. Aleeaadar W. Bradford. .f fm 'Rokoloy f B W A ad raw# 9 Roalberiag.... 9 Aianaoa Naab,. 9 Black 1 tot f. Warner I On wotloa the a*mloatliB of A W Bradford araa made unaalmooa, wl<h on* dmaeriMbi olt.e Oa motion ihe 0 m ?enMon I N mwwede I to nomlnav ? eaadl data for lhatrlat AMoraer; Br. Beoklagaaei. of the Seventh want, aandag rtaalal r'lmaa; Mr Polhemu*. f Uw Third ward, K W Andrea*, and Btokele , Pir?t ward A. (takey Rail After a bm* dlrennal * relative t* the qaatlllea'lon* and ntalm* nf Mr Ubmaa and Mr An*me* to tan nomination, ?Me OeavraUcn |?roo?ertnd to a fealitd, wldl the followlni . __ I ot/i, fdo. Ifcatoi (Tlimaa MAO Hall.. * R W Andrew* It* Riant 1 A motion bel'jj made h*i <bo tominilot be aaade ?ooniamae, Mr Btiimr*, of ta* Third ward objected fh* objection being with irawa lha nomination waa made fflMahMrt ??*!!?? firaa tor the cnadidataa. Altor which ? muimnut* consisting of *?. C Pease, M 4 Book tvgbam O W Warner, E JaoSaoo, J. H Wl ue?a', ?t e .pp?l?<*d to wait on the oandluatei, bod Inform lb urn of <b*l nominal!om me '<Ojvaniinc tben edjoiimed tine du There ?v a very Urge lobby preaeni daring the e ec li>?, who ?| in* aid ->f lb* rejaoied ~t<i iwow *ar 1 de I'la l'W umm s*<4 to k??p up uon>t<Wab>a *<<>t?iu nl u the outside of the room In whiob the Uooveotloo atee-n b ?L CONSOLIDATION OF TBI CUT LKMOIHA TT> A meeting of the Wilton Small Henhral Oommltten ?m held at Tammany Hall ta*t evening for the por-xw* n t?blag Into ooo? tderetton the ooaooltdatloa of th*clt da mocraoy, and Urn onion of all U< ulaofdaut ele.ue'iU. The plan proposed and adopted was a* follows: -roe *il at n Small Committee appointed a Com unites of 'on'ore no. "'lb the outside (holloa when U wn? agreel thai the) ?henId appoint two nrmtwi each from the various war'' <n the city, and thai a select comuuUotf should then tin or eleven persoot from each tide whiob would nsxo a tou <f 1U men. The peisons ihu? selected will form the (jenera) Commlttre This oonmlt'er *111 meet oa four daj night, when lb* neoemary plan' for the approaon'n campalgn will be matured Btktos's Tiihatrb? (thusA* as I.adv Tk?zts - There was as excellent eudlence a' Bu m'* last sight 10 witness the second appearano* o> Mis* irishman. wtto played Led/ Teazle In "Toe dohuol fur Hiaodal " I *? Cotbmsn doea not shine in oomody Boo I* a together curt railed la the delivery of the text; she anler. land* perfectly what the author means, sud so fgr as res i n? gics oorveyt the meaning to the audi-w.v lot ?he f*)l? lu the essential potrt, to wit, the rrnttmihbinr* or ?.hn ml/;, "he la eeeenilaily a grand tragedienne, ?u.< the-vf .re Mis la her endeavors to re.ireaeol n e ant'It of oo aedf *lw Onsbmsn hat cansbt tha air or a woman of quail .y. but ?be la Incapable of giving to b-r ore ormaaoe the rplrli which l> absolutely requl-ed for high oo edy. The .'lay. as a whole, was alow Mr Burton was a* gw m tr< - w #r Oliver. Mr Mark Balth'i Sir 'war was sioeUm' M 0 Fisher Utorocfhiy anriersuuxt Joseph fl irfauu an t p ayd It well Bnt of the others the ko*t tall ibn h unr f-r ell concerned Tonight MioaOaabman pleya Romeo m which part mho tn without a rl <al Fsoadway Thsatrs ?The name pteoe* played on the rim previous, were performed last night to a full and fashionable boa e T o audience ware In escallant bumor, end seemed to euj it the pe>forma ice with m ch gnsto In theplsy of "Used Up," wo were pleased wl'h tee Jest and oritlnal endlUon of the cbaraoter of da y ?"creel, by M'S J Sloan She I* poaiussetl uf 1 ?uluis' ?hat but need eevelopement to uake b?r a deservedly popular actress The afterMrce, ' M ?sms'tsna" writiou b Mr 8lo?n, end pliyed In tha vf-toos 'lustre* of H- < lend. ?oo i?r.a una '-eland, j jogiog from tb? applot so vlib -bir.b 1'. was greeted lost nlttat. i>id> 'air tn i?? a* g"e*t a frvor! e here as It ha> boon In those places It Is sketchy; aebicg'Cr In brood nrmor anil gond natsre i oatlre can ?if the many foil ea of the d<y, and catmint ny tta mirth ceding vltticlsma a decided imp.esiIon Mr ioe.t nana tb? character or Mtto Wn?ph tn ihi life and o< ib?< w?sm?rl i d cor be ahowa an ?Olnity etc no miking ?r d rib.ttcbilng 'hat I'wrca bis aadlono. full of tost oca Unr aympathy * hlna It Is the proven* of goo I acilog to eveioue the hoaoe dcurtng tta performance was In roars of laugh.or Owsurt CalsudaiwThh Day. Srpsmni Cocat-Urc It ?Nos It in? ?, at, 83, OS 62, oO, e6 8 lot>S, lit IC.6, 100, 110 llrirau Stats* Dnwaicr Cocar?Voa IS, ?;, t?, 40, OS Of*. 83 ic 80. Ihs I amliy tie mid rnq tin (OBrrpwr.Krrr?onsim or pall fasbtons ID Tim UBTBOrOMA?TKIAI. AST> eOMHOTto* OP lONNpLI.*- TKIAU OP OANOOMI V IK T ? nU'itDKH i V Oi *Il kit kUUKNK AbOKIUiN? LaTBoT SKWd, BPC. The Family Bsbavc of to-day will ooctala further In 'crusting Incident* and particulars Tarnished by reeoaw passengers from the steamship Central America. Opening Day In the Metropolis?The Fall Fgattthe?The Pari* fashions. Trial of Michael Caooead for the Murder of offlosr Eugene Anderson. Letters from ear correspondents at Si Potersbm-g, Perls. Berlin, Llsboa, etc., etc fhe Welcome Home |a Protector Engine On. So 22? I'vrderoo- Kloton Beoad?*y? Two Men Shot?Siaemeats from Members of Engine Co.'i 41 and 21 Trial and Ooovlostca of Jae P Donnelly for the mar drr of Albert B. Moeee, at the See View Honee, la Mtgnet laot-Clor'ng argument for the ProtecaUoa?Charge of the Jadge?Verdict ?f the Jury, Ac. elTe ra in Kaaeas Letter from our Spec al Oorrespoe dent at Lao mpva. Tha lAtad Telegraph latelllgeaoe from all parte of We eeeaury. 71th Editorials oa tha lasuea or Urn Pay?Iniaraatiai iflty News? Pohee Keporta?Theatrical Matters?uondiune v the hoeet ana IVeduoe Marfceta? Mamag'W and Heath* for the week, and a inastily of goodbml, ml* wiiwoma and aaefni reading. Term*?Only B2 a year?roar oesiw par single oops To be obtained at tha offine and of all ? e wt ag. nit Finis Wtolvn ? \n Ammrnr Plutltl has Slat wlih ? crlons ???? In lb* 'h>ft nf ? al shle n >? ll-w ~rs sud PS uber Irrrs wi|) ct'n'er s frvor >u lir I arr >>y rlopp'ug hp ?|i" sirn snswiviur tn? fnl ow hi d* -np lo li is wade of rs S ?bor? ? ?1 very .in >,6 in as '.uf* ?rge h lis. sitvrr mo ithplere, elxSt all nr kcts aol*-'mt' ru n ta* wiCdl- julnl wh'tr th lore flrr> r r>?ts SBOde hv <1. Wl , bo cm londr s; fa* railed silver rlrgs oa *r*rv j"let A a nil able reward <v!ll he i.aM upon r*'iir:to* It V' U. W D I l.JM.K MrUo; ( lit* n Hotel Wall nf tlso Y? hi Pr iluco Kelt of |i.? flatr os>'t wait iu> iste tu eonailt OS Mi jea.s, St fburos * corn-r of Boraisy (?tit?What's ilut? Why, tanwx's Wall style rf b?t ho 112 "roedwa e n>*r ?i ful'o street. The t'l.psuaUvlest Misi'i-ese At(?N?1l?M tils ?Air of H*n1n's lea'los a'y e M >1 k aaU leave . no uub- ?? ?o be verdlei f the f e'hloaeble s.vl.l tbeyareth' sw arllaUv f OS Of hr al' ro.?, iOtiM H ? IS.1I f SU broad way oppo?iu> st Paul's cS'ir-b diits Attrac'tnn at the Fair ?As swill he ?Hirrved "v our ad-enlslrf o 4- man by eoowun of tb- m? .* ierr tr feoeor nl"h?el rke'ai. i** well Sn .wn m?.u'v urer anil ail horof several we 1 wri ten aorta M he mik c 1'lmrda will tihhll the a perl ?? qaalt'ln r.f HIS ~ i?ts afiernoon a v Of > I'linrra will iiS'hll the a perl ir ?, lail'tr i ' I nia . '?. Hi irAllon CBehlonrd lahles at he Tal?, nl? aflem.nv '?vt les ?r I'hel-n will I"-aesla ed hv Veoars Whl ? ? I Hlrd of I htlsileipaia. Ilu ll-v I'.avaaausS and other ?e > M' mi o uf ab'lllr Flue Focistl utleiy.-A Hich Aeaortuseiit sit t. A ? o-Al N' k*H'stove oalv at Vo. 7 AsorHon?? Oct 1'otsr I.IWvurss at (1 outer's?Crystal n IpIai r- * h? ?"ilfu ly Hi lata.', and la do* ce-et, one do'.a' Ha'lfry S78 Brad - si A I srit (iURKBTfl FHOTfi'iatPlllU PALaOB OF ART, Sen Pmadvsr "Honur lo wrom b -ror Is doe " rnnmoNsmv aofwlths'aadtni; tbe a??. r IUi he pnblle puma m lie ona i-ary the flw?? CtlT leoslb life else unveieS'ii ph uwt?pS e ??f In tbe ?o?ld ?w fircaird b) 3 <iirnry ??J e*o no* Bf Been a< the f air n! ise ?me-limn liiattt-'l* J'r??lBl HbUob * la n-m'ne U e o.Bl. ti'u oilie"u>a uf ph A .*reiih? (I .1 bw' la Oil (r II leBRt* asd life Bite, ow ear vaa I p.Oil Vfltmlf e:avoo auditdlai-i Har'o yp*B and d*a iv"?JiJue? ?i cr.ied It the moat ar'UHr earner hT a ontps of Uleeied or lata. Tinder ih* .leranal turerrleino of 4. ?IURMBV f*nat*Cr>pl|?C anl*r 3d gr-ad -of. A ? nnlTt?a 1u<?< iliwrt h?*tn| bean euIn ject ?? im*iprct#<- l1# ?) lie irplrtict a part iw Cclr no |tro?dar?, for tae htl UmcI ?' p-ca-n. tea* ?, ? ?'! m-%?. hllf li rl ? tWnilna 'o?at> I of gon,? a-'Mj'cdtna ?r?< eWan tride. >*?? i.rr ?i ? rrrrj ?if?| Of maly mule rlmfctag, akirh h'r bit f inltil tkrlr old oatahlia* w?Dt on r.bcry <kd .altar n* ? rwn HMitom raifr ? is. Hand lid 'knrry atrcnl. * T Maotlllr Tablet Itnaor ?n?p?Wir '?U bjr A H Hat tlllRi morn nal< M t ',7 Actor Ron** John Vtnnri'B i^anBimm-tM. ? nnd ft 3>>t i waoty ?|ghOi ntrwi rtft> a??aaa no? fortn'a# Kur Rent In Raw <>*'ea(?a.? fna ?*d bird >?iiria> r Uw> be-t kmioi b'liMln , to WW altr t'w jobb'aa If -i a t ace In fln? r" ?? * dr? | na. w?N??td??rt?ia. Ac App INV*M1 JIB -?<I?-*t Ml < na*8 lor Halo ir* J. * * aatJN tkbH. ?t ra naif at Hi T Ait Hom ?att halor't Hair Dyra. \Vl|t nnl Vnupna ? <h? br*ttt tk# mortd I'trpnwift ail and# rrtd a-" aptn'nd ?i tbc mafnfvanr W. amadn*? rflata.loro'a Hair H)re. WIft and ruapMi Neat ?n?wb?rr "or aal* and fca dr* pr??at*ly applied at Do | <i r Hnua*. Illil. Inimitable Uattir of Hair, In Kmf atfis A" I AMIla atract Hair dya four Rkmiafli a tin VWIilta, CUar Ikli anil Hub il*ir - Jn' ?i odltolana.a I ? oaMlttoga. and fxmm' ctral hale nil ?? n|fni artie,c? are on'd ?rini*nnl* ard at*1 at Halt M' 'ill i *i tu>o ?< ri ft ( mo ranUliiB'i t laam >?* Wild Ptoware n rhi dr?n -ltd lnf*rt? try It For aa'a a' M Br >ad>*a? ? .id No. I Amor Iliviaa. Htarob At Ua.'l taadtoai t nra TrtaW Hltl a, r-mnved to Ho I V*?ey atr?*t Attnl llmina Nunaf anil Lanmau'i Florida WValrt \|> ptiad ?r ih' ffTrTM.' i?m *? of ,n> ato? laparta t d?,t ?< > awli a?a, ait'' Imtoeniatcly re |cre? hca^ac- an I I? n*ot ? a a p# t> s?e R ana an Aaa%t at totyene akmat sold >>? .< T i.APMAM A '?(>., ?h '.??* ? dr i?a'?M 8t aaterat.' -I and bj all dronnat*. ilRiooct* p?-r k'lile Hot Iowa jr'a 1*11 la - Tit# Norvotta Itnarlnebaa fainting lit*, lo bI palna, bidden rhllt*. nannea. and deapnn dene* 'O ablrll lh- feebler ?c* am ?ome'lm,? atlbject ff.r t peeiiltar raaae ttndar tha action <?f tbaar pilla apoo iha arcrrtirr organ*. To larroai RttfTarara. ?A H?Ur?d Olirgf mati fWordto ralta in a f?nrda?? *A*r taaay yav? of rrcal ncrtrrn* ??frar'n4| la antlnn* to mak" knoan 'k? aicai ? or rnrr *i?)b*bo (fra?) tb* pr*aoripS.m aaoA l-tra? vh? Re* Jnkn It. rarrak I* Fnltm atraat Raxalra. (Pial Halydor? V autb, HATlh, Raaalp TV* new a ?mmtc tmc botU* ?lll luAr? a ?k'n of ??> ? Ho'd at 7dt Broad?ay. tad ?y In, {lajaa. 171T altoj a.met, BrooAlya. Id? Jobtiui, Nr i>h?f uf (Ik Koyal uf hnrgvo-i* 1 Jtilirbnrjj od tormorl d*n Is to Uw r>v?i f*?t > of Itns'md no ? rcc Km* saloon and pup I* ?. W feast PouLT'cnitfe vn.rov- of n 'v<) N?? Tirt In 'dx:l of bout? aji.' r u m oI ?urk Miuoditusa and ??? tartly of lualru^doc b'a ? top# wl!' be found faraaucrtor oany ?iv)tno prttsrrvd in lb., no coot ibt- nnblts'a ubi*country, nod rapid (? qn?H1?wf mwtca! prirtiilonoru rtndrate and o horn to pert rm rli tbe ru iea of too dcntu. T:.? c prejufn I a 'or pnrif' tat ' eoompl'ilon Hrmtl erd ??ih. nod Ikuau he 1 Mtrg ph >tcl'Mol lb Kugltab tr> f >r th* 'real nn rt ennanmp'lou rbavm.Itjr. li-dlgfe*'l"m and p >ut, wt 1 (i,rw?rdoU yoHi free t) al p tri* of tt- Dot to, ?l'h ampin * rcr"ons frnf op raocli t or nse dollar iok <ifflov hoars r-nm ? to 12 v Ithou appolnlaout, aad 19 <1U 4 If an appoint r? id' he made op the ??vlone dav * iAIANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL ?OIlf hikh mu. Tuwdst Sept 99?fl P M Tbnrn was n better feeling la the stook market to-dav, and BDooh aaof* buatneaa 'renaaoted. Wt notlM mora operations on tine, gonurall> at snarl onion fhs mos' ami re movement to day ram n?? Ton Outwit. It arae ooi, however, suaWlned up t> Mm olxe. Reading waatn ccmaoi at Improving price* At Ibo flrit board MMlMr 8'a ad ran oed par neat; fl.nnbarlnod Ooal, Jf; E-ie Rained, 9; La Oroaae and Milwanm, x; Readme. 1; Utcngeu dontbern, 1; btalcta aad Jaioagu, 9, (Jlevem-i I auo r.ludo, 9, Cbtuagp and Koch island, 1. Pennsylvania Ooal OnaipabT da dined IX P?r oont; Michigan antral, I; radlio Steamship Company, 3. Bank clucks ware lower ritedfolhe tc ue stook of severalo' oar leading oankthai been roarij aa great aa in aoaae of oar leading railroad atujga Uliaola euvral bonds oloie it la morning at "1 par cenl, oath lilioou Ceuu at Ktdroad atOtik Jioeed at S6 per *m It would have beon wtae on the part or thia oompa o> to bavr taken iba loan of >1,000.000 hiohltl* reported wee dee med by tba Preiiden., now la Loo'on fne oom. pan j am aoon want every dollar of tt. roe ealee of Peon ayl .au a coal sutok for the pail day or two hare neen quite nc.tva Yesterday and to day they (cm up about two thouiand marts. It oloied boar; to-day at 00 per cant, oaab It woild ham bean wall for the small hoiae.a to as re realized at tbe time we cellar- tbelr attention to Ibe condition or t&o company. It u act too late yet, and money will be caved to b'.ldera by celling at current prices A non-dlvldecd paying and ocn dividend earning oo.l dock li aoout ?? pcor ai: iLreetmrnt jaat now w any one would deelre, and a nou dividend pnylag clock at CO -x>r oom la aa tutlailou very eeluoui ar-on during perloua of speculation. A. tic be?t, tblc couipany cannot pay even lim amailoet dividend for year*, sod there m, tberefire, no hope for Iboat who hold for moon e. With a fondod cna flot tng <tei>? of rne milil m of dol ara to be ccrrled through at aoy ooct the tbree anlllloai of atoot moat oe o-mtent with n?ihiag w? have only to look u Cumbe>land Coal stock to cee 11 what poind on -reductive oonoerns of this kl d nan be cirro Win tl'oe* of prencuro fiolcwaieani Hui.cou I* anoi.ier mo? inflci?d etook. It 1? oar nf toe won over ratod rtork* ik una u.arkot. It la now ir ling at par a low wenk* aluor It aotd at 30 per ceat premium A email lot or Mil .wmckte and tflMlMipp KaDrroid et-tok sold to day at 99per cent, tt ic not Ut inallty woith m moos aa L? OMaie ai.d Mil waukto, and yet It d selling fa* a >uu 16 per oout mire Wenern railroad atocka uf tti-j b guor elan bare ?UH ? wide margin for a luriuor fall I'r.e I ol low log calm f aod oouda were ma'e m a. ciio- to day by 3 D-aper: ? ?10,000 V.UwauCiH A H, dA C t R ? lnt * liW 4 > lir.OMf ('ity of Miln xuk a 7 a do. 6(J 8 OCU Raw tivtus Mora Kd'/'r do 6* 8(i(i. l.yol itrnokl/a 6 p?r ooal oondt do. hV IjOlM Kentuckr t pei-c li no" 'k do ftl 12(?f(i .Viwiufl G p-r c-ful boit * do lit 9u*h bank ? I la- mate of he >urt M H) OYtty bank 95 fo >il>aihaa Ha. k ti'X 10 ? ?"**u t.auk wi 2 b) k of -lumnnrcn 81X H Park natik -9 f5 .?in.rlc?u <>ueoo do. II CO Also the following b E. H. L td ow & (Jo ?401) Mew to k lay C i -run d*. par* >le Pab. '859 . 9"X i>i(j?b. icwert flr? in urfk..r?0*? IJT"i i Ki'l t-'ilAierb* ua'at d Tr u--h' oauk. U ktua Kit- li ? .l'l'X |.s.ti nit.I Kim In**r?nnti to 10i '.(to Luion oaJ vtu iron Co M tt) .nhnf omiw ror ...... 81',' 10 kocr'akf- fire iiutiraaue <*) iUi>* At tbe etonna noaro tbe ira-ket ?n a (hade or two iet tor Toe Iraocactiooi ?Wr II-n ed Id an e and find too aivmoed X o*ni, Teunay Iva-.'a Coat 'Vim any, I; ( Uod, X ; ? ew V r* Cr?tra> I <??, E-|o, I; He* t n<, M-cngaa Ceeirni, IX; Cle-eland air* Pl'labar*. X. L' eve lent ana Tolrdu, I, cniesio *n.. Km? titaad >X; La rocce ano Miiaa.<kie, X Bank of Onmmoroa daeiinod Id per < or at, Miiuackin aco MUadalojl i. Tba ? luce market nao not or a long tlise abow auy atreucth tbe aa-eaoeof toe ' lueana ana tec ei<po*in<fn to opernio mm continue to ; baven drpmaalag i..tlin nm. Tbe laat apaam baa parilaili vonetdro, aou we cm look far a few dmra of eom^arativc qntal anr f-arti ai from * oicet a.ltaClcoe; bit e era Oy no m aoa brvi.nd tbe rcaoB of new et fU- mru'a a d uew pamca A week or two at 'hs nut win brtug new I flu eecra, aiif <b .'Ugh'tul Ibe fad ? r mart look to a at-rioa o ?vend of a coaracie* oalc.tlaied io a e.t p-i -do ciall loncc at the tery lowest point, fne mouib of (Jo oie- d aioaily a wry dtflloult tin.* te Qnauciai if.i i, and li la Itkely to bv i>arti<iu(n*iy no ihd year Tn? beavleat fall pay moot* ?t. i lace o? teevn the mi Idia -f Oct ber aad too oitfidla o No'cn bar; and aa tne O'oatl.ta of <ieb?s (aal aw log area vet} heavy it folio eg thai ih? poymeuta will b? o?a -y Tnv ofin heavy fnimma e- Save out Stipe' uii-yr in ikla pat turn or ua tbe Inert; bat, oe tb> a' ?' , neveeot sbo-t the rrroareneof ?*oy huoMi to' o>o.|?li-d ihem toaevk MBer at nans io mrrt ? m -.gvocna Tbi m a< of in* ruy cannot rvpned OldrUrea of dw Ot ut t Bnwevrr neccaary It may be to do ao n prevcei aneywnab a it rntaot lake plana nod tb? atrcngth nf in# hnnki b? ?ai a-nad. Tka bnaav cannot now lo .kloladl -itiuai n???t the g.eaven good in tbe grrateet oambar tout, belte - policy for m- alba to none O r taoki am etw the ibr-t anchor the greU lat. rrwt o* l-a country saoran ? ron to ride t*iwmgh the alo-nt; and if they arc ? oaf. n ? anting there will bn roc genera' wreck, from *kit h In* rermrry will be very gradual and very no wte'a A H N(o??'a will hold a aprcal cotlnn aala offtck" ard ). [,'?i m?rrcw,(Wedne*da*.) at alf past Ito'olook at ibr' Ciobarge. Mr NIC 'ay will dcr-itn ibr ei Ore wwr nutirtcn* of bit stock aala oa Tboraday, O Sotcr I (/-th? h ac*l of the aalT-rere hy tba Central Am?dr diiMlvr Hrre d a ohaooc for l<we whoar* dar|roa? of g- tor i rata* .cra ved rm the aunt fnr a chaOiaMa set w tk ul wa? at for It to be returaen after many yea re I ew-i mart ai tfe n.-nmoi ity would devote lh? proceeds of r-oc day'? nnrieeee to thee# aoffcrert their pocked etc W ?>e w r. Oiled The a**i*tarn Prasadrer reports to day as follows Total rccrt|tls Hn,l(l 91 frasl >aym sta ?4Ti,:ioa 95 foul ha aocc ?K.lkl.AM 4k 1 hoc was a mtruag thd aftevaooa of bank ofll mri prve- t air and naehern- Io lake niic-m*Me*aU in the pro riTtrrr rt ? steading Mr tie* of dim aid of ihe cltr bank* It >v dxidfd to limiN the htaaa m Mr aeroaatlie iaa>a* t re- j?' ???? ?Uhtn a wrek, ?hica amhraaaa two dxcnsbt daft n>l? am thr?a ?bont three mil oni I a to ?.ho market, and a(T. il inaia relief to the maixbaaia. Tklj morrai oi la lea ra the M-eagth of oar beaka ? H Mi iter wdi bold ha rafoiaroaia orrtoekaaad b-teda A-ttu "na , (Medpeadny,) a< tlx a'rlirt, at the Mar nfcaala* ? nh?n/e ? daalrabl* aaaortmaot of flrat e'art buk I't i a at d other itoaka aa I inula will be told * kmr A Lint (rata will tv?M taatr *af tar ?aia o' Ho.k>?o<th.-n?a?o n?orrtw,( ? wire, day ) at tlx o'olook at 'ho M r> hat ta' tvrenrfe a Ma.iirtri' aiaraaft th <t the larfo (law wo ka la n rare neaped work m nnofeqneone of the flotoMa i rr???ra The Panda Oatniiaar'k tailllaf all' at M rrhtrti r *a rr at tar oo eaort time, with a pr taped of rlr.r.r. The Mortt.w (ktamaar, at Maaalrld, kalttlti( aorkr, or lit, mnla'e a etnp-afd of work ae<t reek 'ante*, the ?o>aa?of ha mpiwf market are l?oa< ital " Oa* or Iwi taper tti ila tr roi'ard ennaff hare r opptd hurt Beat rhr aiK cr thllia a Hniait ?la Berkabtra no bit, ara on w tb'-tla time an!' moat of U? otbar mi lt In throoirtr WV folliw anil b? Wooo-ontrt eotfoo and woollen ?o r Kho e In to I a o ne?.|/ all oa Maori tine la the ?* ntal nail Ha- la n mill* ayn are rrduoed ton iter root N ? ?? ??'it an ?Olrt?? o n.'Hr io ttoirilltille aarabeen pi ts ? ."-I l m Tbear v d.ea tran-fapt'irare ran 43 aoia ' n a htt.i 'f evri mnl > erar 1 M" hat uw F . in ''ItHrdrph a paper- of to lav wa taa-s .hat the b-r.kt ba a n?i il-d rpoe the f- 'Vtwiof maaeiraa ? I A a iapebatrn of i|eeli? na nn. ta oa all mtok, larf? i ira I, lit ft. pinmpt i?e ue of n * . n .i.e >f lb t amaHe ileentai'-al. fur oheoki no.- a I other < t>'igui.>nk a?a at. ttl'B ( AO In -e?re ef dlrr -oat to their Otiat>e??e?, WtO Ula ch) "t of aPbfdlng 1 nmeoiate rotlef vhr <tn?rraor of t'?wetfIrttna ha? lemied hta ,<eoolama t'ca railing for aa enn t*rai,,n of the Lagta'at it ra, to coo sera .at Hi' (I'h of mtobnr. in adopt aneb oieianree an Mia eotetwlea of tha tltoe may rrqn'ra the ani.nd aai went attuhita tod rated af at porta die'utavo of rwele, 'mm the i?n of Mew Fork during Ute work and alaoa -leaner? 1 lo naeb of tba pant three j earl-? (V aaavin or m Poet or Maw Tna* -Vtrnor Ftroam IfWt Iktal IM7 Tftel for the week , .?1 "M A74 !.?}?,|?T l,fh27,8t?> Prertpoaif teportad ??,?<>? ivi to lyTO.tfV hi an, To'ai noor .Uo 1 Mi HH4 vte ?:>9!2.aM 44 OKI,244 The Rewraaiaar Iroa Oomphat M'? (Irak npUoa la their workmen thai 1b future ?im *111 be paid on'v q a ter ly, 111* next nay meet to b? 00 the l'.iin of De?< nowr, ad' vanoet la the meantime being mode I* then e? the More of Ibt trtrk*. Ike proprietors say la their card ? It U preeer to atale that the plan of payment now adopt*" mainly trows out o' the very mlstsken practice of demanding of tbr banks specie for ibe Mils paid out by us. The basse, In rise of this c miait annovauce very natura Iv prelor 10 retain IMW Did* in tbsir own vaults to Issuing ibom for pa) m?nt to onr workatea. Tbe following M issaahueeita banks have lately declared irmt-aanoa. dltldenoe of foor per cent: ? M.mot Wollse toe, Qnlncy; Bright in Sank; Barest* >lo Bwk, Ya-ranu h; Bank of Cape Cod?all payable Ontober 6. The Merchants' Bank, of Btiton, 3> per ount; BoyUton Bank, dX; Rook land Bane, Rozbnry, 4 The bills of the Hoietdala Bank, of PennaylTsnla, are ?till redeemed by Me sirs. Carpenter & Vermllye, of this oily. Tbe oank has not kopt an account In I'b.ladelpbla, and its ot'tcf ocrreapondenie Is with No* York The exports frsm Belt Inure for the week ending last Tbnrsdsy aaroontod to 6318,72- Inclnded In this sum were 14,607 barrels or Hour, 16,684 bushels of wheal, 64. barrola 0! corn mnal, 4.301 bushola of corn, and 1,443 hogsheads of tobacco Tbe wheat went to l.teerpo >1, amt< Willi 3,660 barrels of Hoar to the same port, are the first shipments or it is year's breadatuils from Biltlm re to Great Britain. One of our eotomporavlee glree the following eynonsis of the new bank law cf Onto, which thn people of tba Plate are to vote upon on Ibe second Tuesday of Ooober. It ti called "An act to Incorporate the Bank or ObU ant branches":? A central cflloe and Board of Plreotore at Oolumbos from whlob notes or clrouiallon are to t>? issued to the re branches, aud also rales for the go?eromeot o tto branches and records for tbe exsmloaUou of authorized officers. Kaon director must take an oath and giro n bond for the faithful discharge of his d ity. Etch branch to pay ten per cent on Its emulating uo.u loeardi a safety fund for the ledem >u?u or defaulting blilt .Hufeiy fund 10 bo in jcsi??I In slocks of toe Stale or cf tbe United States, and Intoreas to oe pa.d over to the deposi lng bsnk Ail 1 ana on real estate payable on demand. C rculab.on issued to bran:bee In a decreasing ratio en each hundred thousand dollars 01 capital. Refusal to re deom lln boieu 0/au> brau-u shall bo an at* of Insol ?tnr.y, sni the central bank snail "wind It op " faob solvent branch shail contrlouto us proportion to paj breken notes, and be oompooaated afterward! from ?to safety 'ULd when sen rttlts are ? Id. l'e ont back nay eetai lien deposl.otli .os In other places and a oleartig h> uso at Oolumbus. An i.Hlim to Do oaub irhed la New York far necessary receipts and disbar eanonts No branrb tab*.0 less than 3100,000 oapltnl, one hair, al '*u<u, to be pa d In of gold c *llrer No branch shall be organize 1 id Hamilton county (Otn Clmau) *ilh lesa 'fau 4610,C0Q Capital A limitation to ie?rer am' unts in iiher nooeilee. AD) sxlslirg ort?m of the -tale Bank cf OMo, or an* auibi.rUtu fiee bank may become a branch by oonform '?g to tfen a~t N<> shareholder to receive dividends while Indebted to the ba*k rno oucctars of each bank shall own oolieotivelyatloaat one tenth ? f l<e suck Toe stockholder* collectively of any branch, not to have loans over one cl.'i of Uses " hi, eliher as priootpal or t a Curt er. or both 'Northed lUe directors bo lialiio col le lively for w r* tr.-n on- third of the stock of which u.oy srotona fid'.owners." ??No oowe to . e otre dated as eviitenee of money, except thote legulaily issued by too Bank cf ubio." E?ch ?nk to -shelve the n lea of all the olhera at par In payment of debts Each branch to keep on hand 33 per cent of Ita clrcuia la ion tn coin cr I* tqai'altot. Aciial deposits In Phlia oil -bs bow York, BaUlmoro an) Bosioa to bo deemed ttpi1- aldM tu ?poctu. In 1' est iimiteo 10 six per cent. t'ockholders tndlvlduaUy daole to tho amount of their ? lock. E B Tsicots, of Oswego, bat b;en appointed by the Su preme Court receiver of the Agricultural Bank of Herki mer and tbe Dairymen's Back of Newport. Those banks were somewhat connected In th'lr business, and their at ternate irrpriuiOL s attributed to false stories circulate! |o their clicre .It Tteir assets are believed to be am .tie to protect men crollers In every department. Tae cap! ?< of tbe Agrlcnlturnl Bank wsa $136,000, and tt? clrooln tlon was 600.786, and tbe securities deposited with die de part rmtti wore? Bords and mirtgages >50,487 New F ri mate stocks, 6 per cent h iioo New York Mate stooae, 6 per cent 43,000 Total $101,067 the cepital of the Dairymen's Bank was $100,000 and the clrcula-toa $fifi,947 the aeountlee are;? Bonds ar.d mortgsgee $17,836 New Y. rk .-stale s uckt, 6 per cent 6,000 Ne* Yntk . tats ?t cfes, 6X l*r cent..,, 6.0)0 New Yotk tUMi el cks, 6 yoi cent. ea 000 Total 6100,834 The Hartford Timrs tavt .? Th>- oanks can protect Uiamaelvet, and do not wish to suaprnt But can thry ge on psylrg siwsle frr th^ nest ni'i't) i'a)t and rcroeing to l-anaddiar. without break la - n. wit ih? re?? honsee, and meet of Mmm ico, In New England? U elll probably be better for *11 clasms, m?r crams, msDofrctureiSi 'ab.rers, and all, If the oanks get erally at nclod" to suspend Tbe rackr la ibis ally bare already redeemed such a large | r"portion of their Milt that ttey can roaiinuo to pay Rt t if tbe Providecoe snd Bnelon banks suspend, a* It avpears thej moat, It will be fee-, pr> btbly, that onr bat as shall du ibe samt li a resu'i bapptas bl'l b?lders r??<i not he al all aarmod, as tne bi'ie will be ei rveot and ?pacta pay menu ?rill be resnm<v< in a short timi There ma' be do geaerai s lapecaloa in New Ktg la'.d, hut It now appea-s to us that there most be, te order

to save tflsioftant onslnies nseres ? We ibua.d res ret a sr su asion al aay time, but under the prtsenl '??uking system we dt a?>* see h*w It can he avoided without desiroylcg luuienso oustnrna tolerueu. Mtotk Rirhann*. 69640 N V t'l.mi.. 66 25 toa N Y Con RK e 69',' 6600 aHfor'a7't '76 60 100 io .... ,b31 eo KX>0 M aamirl ( . 67 S M do.... 92 8(00 NY Cvu RKfl'k 61 Sri do 6"Si loo ao 7'a so 34 do 19* hoi0 111 '.on KK bua. 78 bO do >3 I'll 26(0 do 170 F.rla RR. . ? 3 IV, 10" 0 do ... .. 77 396 dd ... 13 H 6o iii oo r-6Pbu 102 100 do ... ...6 n ?<; 1040 H?' tfk Il2d m 40 100 do lata 6 aba Bark America 68 160 do .... . I>30 12V H do ?&!* 260 do 12* 26 Ba> k OBimerct. H6 260 f tOrrWBt ft Mil KP. ey lOOrcan Bark 18 700 Heading MK .110 66 24 "<a.latl6V ftlaa Co 60 264 do ... a'O 81V kOCaalcn no 16 100 do. .. ? 10 96 , 100 do 11V 304 do 86 11 do 15H 844 do ... a o 81* 210 Pana Cool CO.... fl 200 do 36 lloO do . .. H6 100 do c 60 1C6 do ... 3<V 400 do b3 AO 100 do ... H4 V 60 do 64 200 da 36 V 18 Mlrb Otntra KR 44 604 do 31* 6 DaUkHidOaaalUo 101 460 do .... 86 V HI do 100 54 U ch OnftNlnlKK l?v 476 Com uool Co 7* 100 do .... 1?V 760 do 7 100 l*j i MO do IK 64 do .... 17 360 do Bio 7 60 Mftbi iftSlaPrK k MM ?0 do bl6 7<a 10 IiUi noU central KK Ht j K0 dd .... bJO 7* 140 do .. 85 6 Pactflr M -tiaaapto 64 60 cioea ft r:ta? rk 8 V 15 do 82 201 uo .... 0 60 Oo .... blO 62 100 do .... ?v 6d <lo 61 10 itaMma ft Cblc KK An 14# N Y toatrai RK.. 60 64 do ?no 44* 169 do 60 \ 3Hoci?To*roitdoi:R. 31 26 do e ??k 280 do ... 86y M do .. i>6 60V 1 jo Chirvitt talaadKK r-, too do .... boo bl 80 do 100 do e 11 do . 61V VO do e 6# ?*0 Ullv'kle.vUlw KR 22 160 do aio I0?< noown no a an. 98000 MWOoil . 67K KO aha Erin K$ . (10 13^ 66 alta Rk r?m?m 71 400 do 1<\ 26-0 Omiu ? fin hflO <6* 100 Raadtng RR .14 30 po 1*1 A HnO Vnl * lOf * ? Ml-h ?? 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R.-1 otOoo lata ( 03 a 6 16 K*1?a R ate 6 26 a 6 60 otlo aodOblo anporlnt 6 90 a 6 la Kiira (*btn and Wiwtera 6 8"i a 6 76 CanariiMi anotrflne and Mtrm 6 04 a 6 "0 Baltimore, A?rxandr>a ard Wto-gMown . . 6 19 a 6 60 ?ftru'hrrn finey and eitra ... 610 a 7 10 (noire ettra 'atally tad baton' b'and*... 7 M a ? Ryt 11 of 104 a 6 10 OurB rural 3 96 a 4 40 (lanad'an b?ao*a warn raalar, wtal't J>< aalaa am runted t) at* nt <00 a 640 barnta at qnotatioca S iothfn fl nr oia la latter to ply and prima warn looef, olth aalaa of abort 1,600 rorrela at our flgiraa W boat?(Joanm to orentim gradat of Wratrra von ifogma*. and la anon lava ?a'?a were mada at lovof rBlot; ifeo aal?o rnlmoi abant 64,000 hu?bal?, lo<*i> d a* R-itft or a rod at 91 29 a 91 25, and doti'born wuito at II 26 a 91 65 ? l a aaaaii lot of tihnm a 61 87 ?ad Waatom at >1 16 a 61 15. nhlngo aprlog at S< aad Wnttera whit-" at 61 16 a 91 2t Ob'i' waa doll ami tbo ma'kat low*', tho aaW aotbraoed about 16,60" a 26 060 baabtla Wnat*ra nl*?d at 70o ; for RontOam ytlkr* 78t vol bid ant 76o araod Ryavaa qitat and nominal av 80o Rar'ey ??? 1 MaUra tad RO aalaa oC morrgot ropcrtod. Oak owtt anod Bp <|uo?f (rain la Uua marae4 M roliowi ? ?:.*? ^new ??* Swtber. oww red J * ? J r? .Southern new whit* ?* j 35 . I'' UdB-W.atnrp mixed ""V 1 iZ * 1 38 Ky._N?w and old Northern bo* _ iuZ~-j?rw,r*ooofti<* i?abo,a i&?? ?*? ? ??,? Ty*!."""8 ?Arh?t wu quiet ud the mlM ulmport HoiJera were mil makicg moderele ahlpmonu to Eow-pw PMo*, warn onnheejed k?? w >'Ui<;in?< ?ft UvnrMooi etxMit 50,000 '?*1 Iitn of grain 7Z.T boU h***. oblefiy wheat, at 51 a * 600 b*,e" ?r "Mod at 3 10d a 7 33d, with ??/i 888 ""nr M h^oe' li U 1 ii iu To Olae gew 760 bble flour at 3e. 0<i To I,aodoe 30o bble acirlia tor crt no M 4? tid.. and b7 the , earn profiler Indiana 600 bole. crude turpentine at 3e 9d , and 60,000 hhde atavoeat ?6 ? r th< uaan.l, and l.OOObhle. tl ur at 'in Ad To Urvaieii 160 hbda angar at 17a. fld. r0 Havre Hea Ialaid coiu'ii nia eu, nfM at 8 4 j . and athea at $8. Kaiea to ' hhfonria and AnatraJla wore uncnaaged j "" I" market waa uuaeUl.d. and tataa limited Hev waa ateadliy hold at 6To a OOo , but Ina AKe J,"?- Mooton pig were roponad at SJH 60 a ?*.<' n Hi. ntot. drra40<1 ?* 70o Tor com won and *1 f 1 00 ft $1 01 for it]nip Molimmh-A cargo of about 2(0 bUda Cuba olayod wat ?ni<i a' V(tc rot itiod N'ew Ortoaaa 660. wai aaked a d ?o .(i mniooradn 46a, Naval Tlie troubled ataie of the money mar kit la alio felt in Ihla tirpan/ o: trade, and naoaad a ooneideraVe margin between caah prtoea and thaae oh ained on time sate*, dplritn tti> pontine waa qu'ot at ,, #IJ,. ?t?h l*"nmo?> roaln waa nominal at foie a^hanprtoea '?"n* w':r# 115 Ohm ?The mUriel wai quiet and we ha?e no new f-a turea of moment to noiioe Provimom ?Pork?The market wat firme.*, ? ;?!? i\c 'in pro.eo demand The aa'ea eml>r?ne-i about 1 op bb'a including 1,(00 bbto , day at 821 69, and 01 ftl-ly da at $26; nrd trrlire at ?il? 76 a ftp. Beef waa ai-udy. with la-oa of about IOC a 126 bbia repacked Weatare r-wn and oxtra. at our quoatlnm, prt no m aa waa ne' . I .! we'c d'tl'l Bt our quotation!, baeoo 1. . . ? 4 ; < ul weru dui; and oa.ler ? will ?ai<* of ?hotiMort w?*r>j |ir. ? n 4 c f.?rd^ The market waa atead. , with atl.a or .60 hula 01 quota dom? Hotter waa hi fhlr demand, at unoisaaged prloea Cbeese waa hcayy and prloea tended downwawl:? 1'urk?Ueta. hV.. 624 6u a $26 00 >,Mnl8 1H 76 a IP 00 _ . f??? m?n hbt.. 2160 a 32 CO Beef?four try mora bbl ?. _ a _ _ Country 01"mo bbl.. a I Repacked Weatern bbl.. 14 76 a 1? CO I 8itra mete bbl.. 16 36 a 10 75 Prttno moaa ?oe.. a beef lama bbl.. a 32 00 ' "im7; lb.. 11 a 13 *,00l<1?,r* lb.. 11 a 11? Butter-Ohm (b.. 15 . 10H Mate dairy lb.. 17 a 23 Ciioloe do lb.. 2i , 26 ^*7* 1 a 8* ??? lb . Hka 16 Prnifd.?The aafwr emb-ared about Ml a 'iOOhhd* Cuba mocrorado* at O^C alto . ani uo bhrtr. Poto Kloo a 8 Wo af''., j Hera a R 1,. & t .stnar: bare e.tabllehed tne oliuwlna ortcoa Tor tb. tr rcflned argara for (Mtohor wblfb ?Tblblt* a reducton in prloea of Xe. a Xc - J. iS3X:$?"'9n**ua'i *M'lux?'; olro,? To'ixco?Bujall aalet of onmmon Bjntuoky leaf were trade at 80., andof?x?d do at 16'. a ldc. Tne market ci 1 tamt: and tract! ,a, owUij to the disturbed atata or mm i t m.ttera ?!3,'"9# ,,f ?WO* ^00 bble were made at Wj. a VToot ~Tha market, under the money nreaaure waa i.ej.reeaed and prloea Irregular: ant In the nbrej.ow or a.lca <iuotatioi>t were dtflluelt to make, (hero b?Ha a ? Ida tauge betwetn the aaldog p.lcai for cash and on time. *pygiTiiii|wi imwi? ir<>T $* ?UKIWI.1.^W1C|"7X, 4J. E\fl ?DOOBUt IOIJI) WATBK PItOOP Hllflll ss.SHa^'szr /ill I WWADWAT. WCOU'B BlULDlBAa. ,JU 1 Impcntera and maau/aetiiren of aaa flxtnrw The ?nbaedban reapeetfully Inform tbflr frlenda and we public that they hare (oat opened their rtoh atoek nf rCindnllan flituran, eowprtatng all the abokoe atylea from the (Mwl uu nuuiaftoiorlii of Uili ootmtrj And Ztfurou* J> 9! ataoUke plMAOJTA \p Annoanclcg UJU oar irrf?imM asifssasuyiC3 - ? *>0? H MTTtTBaW A OQ ACABn-OB. PTjWBhL. OCULIST aKD AUBI-JT can be nonaulwd on all a Ileum or the eye and ear aa 1'J'u IT '** P*" a' 'com PanO) i o'clock dallr at HI Hrfwdway. Artiflolal eyea Inwrted ABTHLB'B 8VLP RK Aa.IBO rBUIT J a Rh -rH?a? are of Ore and acid proof .too-ware aad of tkerooaalv k!m" '?"?aated to ftaud Ii t water. Taay are the beat to the mart et, aed the only onea to be e> Urr|y railed upon. K-raaje by K P. TC'RKBl, agent far the imtn.i'ac lurer, Bo. < Platl eueet Be * fork CUBTAIB MATKB1ALB ABD Window 11 had m. At wholaaale _ _ ^ KBTTt * PRB illOOB . Sm l and Bo 64 Reade at ret. Wew Trtrb. ham afull and choice atoek of nroe.tellea, taUa da 1 inea worawd rtamaau lace and mn.lln curuii. c wi"La T?Ti lu' ah.uh are at the Ioa .bi pruina Window aOad.#?ojr ?loik ' f wtrdow ehadre la'he la.rrat In hew tofh _i a n"'"r" ?? ??*- "*r?fBt id n r '? perlorj mauMlart ;nu| facllllire .-nab;. r'*id? laee than talicr ho.wen. We tnrtt* th* anyera nh to off r ihuw altectlen of clone DUOAlBt* UUBB. -BMorr. BBrrTiiaa m aa.vaa Importora aad nun x/meturwi of u jw na?n pwh,!. CT.^^wX.te'twy efme ahoe KLBOIBO-CmWWIOAL BATH -4 OOB* FOR RHIUW t U?ra rental.? and all aaercHal ?Ineaaea, at the old fa abl ahmeal, hy Hr PhlWB. 7'tl Proadwat tfKRRT (|l71fiTlf If ?A8HKAII11.T BOIIIHAT.OR ^A r nojelotle.limalnreof Br Relay to ? le'.fr"" .K .. O rrpr'aeet. I bin. aa ilia 1're.i vat n th.' /lry OnlBW Frny ? ompary. Nr Kri?er W.a Wfwlrtect fil the* smith Ferry t-oapmyl oefore tbe union uf Uxsi wuhun uiner f^rnen. ? GOURAUDB it A I,; J B MBD1CAI hi) ROAP OCwRS tan, plahplea 'recklea aonbnro Vah worm* Ao P,..i ore aubtlle nproota hair low forehead. ?r any ran of -he bt-dy Warramel 1 Ijukd rouge Illy white hair dye .art llfta way, Mra II.yea llrookl*a OA I IN r HIRPBHs FOB HI a ilikll .11ITPK- SUOI I AoJilng, aaitrraam. haia, eat- ! - 1... Ac , f. r u , Ting 1, iiai.TOW til eroadway, orer U?twon4'i book anna T1ITK1B A llTV av, COM M ISbii IN AIM OF IIChiM F'lU f all the Blair., aniar-ca ao.l a t roeja, l.U Na-aa.i ?-.raiL Aiaay. in. Notaa promptly proteaw.) and ro.le. lod. WBWIBO H ACHIBBR ?BOFBB*B PA TfBT MABIJ J a.licb aewlng maohlne. mak-ng aeren dlllerent atiu-B?w. rntinlog witho- nolle ibr-admr I to t.wn eeedlee at d no 'wm V r U"*4 to TkllM-U - S8.N1> FOB A im OF PBIOaR OF B i- FAlii ll.l American bH-rr a'e. Harcla. I P-,k|0. Mndoi p?ra? TTkalf barren, Eng lah pica ?? Aurnett a i/md m tin 17 . _ RI 'H RO-OW A M.T1II 'haa ?le Lnarh Kpoa. 13., Wa er and .4 Wall at jStWlHH ItACll I * ?*??At PhR80B8 Wn<i ?t|T i M aewtag maskl. e of nnleereal utility?one Ukat will aaa to. fig Vent 'aboeaaod the h.anem 'ah?c herter Ihna inTahT wichloi f f fimily riM mtoiilO'uHii tilniiUUiir aLZ thia. iid.r I MM fir-t 3 9 drr tod with wh'rh an tndtuttrloqn wnm*n nan Mn 1 (Mi) B ?mjs^bb AMk fl Ii FMiwhnrn ?io^t>l a; ihm uAm of i M H HHIHII'O . No ?W Broadway. Naw Tor*. STRAMS * MARTIN'S WILORit TatKNT HALAMAXDka SAT*. Frenmd by tkr calabra'a.i La full Lor*. Warrant *d trna from Umpnann. Tortain by MTa?H*fc A MaRTIN 4(1 If array atrrai. N. T. SrifllUI BATH* TIMOl.AT'S Ot.ih MT^Iti.lSHRO ?nl-bt#ha ha for rhn omilam aa't rb*uml no Ida An . Ac., No. 1 Carrol) |n*ra. Htarrhar rnrnat a ra?rof r" ( MMUfc Iroues marmttsT*no. ?liu~uos IAlP> - tba Trial of Can rami, wllb TMw of tba laMrlor of *a Ooirt Ot ? yr and Terminer Tba Na?1a?r* Tragrdr? The Verdlal. Tarrlbln hmrbary la (ail -aa. A No; ua ?nr<1e I Baby a hi Plltabarf. Kharp Praatloa * a barape In ictm-nte b*'ha Wraod 'ur*. Our Pttaoaa an* oar Prlanners. Curtrna Til* and gdra ordinary Macaw U Canada, i 'orrariioni4! nr.- 4a Aa Rl>W A tOUBKT Wbolaaai* A|aa<a Naaaati airart. And aold by all now* agaata. areryaba -a UK PA a KM. Ra'a* at which nniaa on tba following bank* ara *a*aa a' KVaNA'rtMaalva eiotbiag warabooaa. No AG *o4 6$ Pul ton airar' ? Hrrgro Co inly Baa*. N.J . Mda. on (I. Bank nf Raw faraay, N J 9> " AH othny New irraay banka ?ar Niagara Rty?r *aa*.R tT M * " 0:,a?r tan A 'W* " I? " " ('p'arlo ( oonty Hack. " '? " ** B'litlatar *?nk " 00 " " J'nbyiran'a Hook, " M M " Tataafoonty. " M " " Hngu-nrt Hark " " M Bank of Canandalif-ia " Ti " *? tterinrn Hark. t?*hp't ?' d* " ' bark'ti a Harbor rank. " 40 " " Rank o? Orleana. " ... (0 " " Rh< <I? la ?n<: I antral. B. I 00 " Bat k of Ponlh Conntf, " .... 7ft I'arf'ird ' ou*?| Bank Conn *1 " W?rraa Cor,my Hank Paan 7" " Sauk n' fiall Royal <m, VI ,"4 " * *i ha Phi adaliklk haaka ?> " " A.' thr H-Iiiuior* bar k? W " All tha fr 'l''rnaa bankk......... ?l " " 11 Npl M04t VA<miPICBNT nORTRtSuTION >l# TRR i ornaent MMWy lo tba aa.iaa <J ?o?ra*Uaei know MAP.PRR A PR'iTTIRHN ST to 116 raar! *>*??; (a rank la OgMrnt, PablMt hi# day Tba aeornif yotmna .f II* Nauth ? Ul-covantn* in Aratr*. Tynrala and dtawi -lay In Nnr"i and antra Afn*a; bain* a J irna'. i f an ripndMO* uadertnhea uailar tka amplraa of P P. N ? g, in Ika yrara 1*49- .Mi Njr Henry Rarlb. Pb !i D.l.' l.,frtkr*of lha Roral fllrogTaohlaal and A (tail* Pnetarian Aa An P'ofnaalr and a'rganHy l'ln*trata<l. To ha r.oarlairil In S rolg. "to nan* la. IH?i? roiumo. (Tola, f. ax.d IT. no*- aaady ) (?r>m ika Naw Turk Rrapgaltnt | Tba moo I may nib ? n> an-.'dbiitl wi if lha y.-aaanl aantnry to Ika rauoa of *a> ?rai.blral knoarlarga I prom lar isKuto* Laadar ] ?rary abaplar i ra.r#t* matta.- of mora original Intarral taan an ordinary rotnmnof irttmo I from tba loadao RjiaaM nr I ^Jjka b?4t Mnraat of Aa laia-1 r or Nagr.iaaJ ?ro barn rat (Pro* tba Raw York RaraM.I WUI bn a Naadard work b ba llvr*rr nf bvapy ar. n \ Pr nn Iba Nam V'?k obaai ran l Tha mor imnorlnn',on*'tibmloit to gaorrai hlral nrlanaa thai baa baaa mad a In oar Oman Tho mania f r?Man In anr oonr'rj mill bn aartonA to gal p wnoaal n> of tbla bmnnur* of klowladg*. rN'i'im Ika Txmdon ttk*nmnm ] Por artaai and rarlaly of rnbian a, tha aolnmon bnfbTT *g KTMij ivtmv TT*ry vttnr work <w AUrtew irarni Low or thi < bnthai. a'amuA. Loae of the (Jeotral merle ? 1/tm o' :ha ? entral anterii a Um i f the < 'enual a mrrir . lywa if Ibe (Vol. ?' A oe-to . Laae of the uniral emeries, lam of Hie (Vi ral emeries. lA of thu t te?tral ABMtrVlA. 1.4b f iw. < r-ulrtl America. Lam of Urn Oec.ra. America. KRANK UtMUil'8 ? K AA K I.ANufR'4 IBANK i.hMMe'4 ?U. UK UBtM iK'g ?K ?K UHMBbl VKAMK LkMi JB'4 * Ra? k . K^..lg'g P*aNK i Knj.licri ? Ham, i knl ik'8 'H NK l.mi.lK'H KlihK lAHl. K'd ***** l.*M.iVa KBAMK LHH la'd KKiNk FHaNK LKS ll'g prahr K*a?K FHANK 1 IFMK'fl ritHI 1 MI. H'S FKaMh I.Bb1.1a*8 o??a; nj.owT*a?ro nbwrpArm ?*?** 1L.I (JHTR ?TK0 NKWePaPRR. ?lfAI ,uAiwr* '?? *?WHf Ar?m. 2ii"2 J J UtifttaTSli NI Ai 1'aPBR UKKaT IULUhTK aTKl) MKWHPeFAR. UJtlAf 11X08 TR AT BO OKRif IlXOPTRATICIt N'W^t'll lib BaT llXUVIltaTKLI NIVMPArU. IL108YK tTBU NKWNPAPBA V.bHAT II I.UbTKaTBU MBWbPAPBR, Ru W, Beady lit" day. r a i!U Heady tbl? day. Mo 69, Km 4y ibis day. No ?9. Ready tkle Oar. No. ,!9 Baid' thl< day No til. Beady thta day. mo tn Beady tbi" lay. Mo HO, Beady thin 'ay. Mo i? Ready lbi? day. Mo 69. Beaily thm day. Ceatalua tbe foilowtaR engrmvlni; ? ? The Central Aoior' oa at aim appeared when left 0mm *oHr I The Central Arrertaa eng'tlpled In 'he oeeaa S Tbr *ni? M tbn ra'aatm h. at e* tii*?tuklug of UM aMA 4. I'aaaenanra engaged In halelue the vamaI. ? low ring tb? womet Itilo the b.iaia 0 I'kp'eiu i i melon Srla. a rocket an the yaaaal w 7 I' cit-ryUi* coal la bi"kAti tn?It he ?iea*i_ H. 'i be tvome to the nuata on their way o the hrif ] 9 t be brig Marine waitit g for |,.?.> uKera 10. (lor ID Grmanl >? be appeared at the Ume when ? pb-'iprvphel b, N'rnli rlck* tl. Appearance of thepa .senger* of Uie Central A: on tkelr ?/r'v tl tn New York II The rreened paaeeeteiw on board the hid* Bardie 1.1 t ant Johitet in id 'h hark alien, hie coulee (r. uj a bird Btrlkl^a bin in tbu are I* J'or.raa III "er'elti Jjjoetoo. of tee tank Rliea, I grephrd ly rrderlcka 16 MM' to ibe ruined cmrtlne ef the Brljbte of A fd Island of Bhndr * IS View of ib* harbor of <br otty of Rkmtee. IT llwinraaua uf K bode*. Id. 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