Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 1, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 1, 1857 Page 1
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THE -NE W Y OM HE 11A L I). WHOLE NO. 7700. MORNING EDITION-THURSDAY, OCTOBER L 1857. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE FINANCIAL CKISIS. The Peculiar Assignment of the Ohio Life and Trust Company. THE CAIRO CITY PROPERTY. MEETING OF SHAREHOLDERS IN PHILADELPHIA The Heavy Defalcation in the Sunday School Union Funds. TK39 PRESSURE IN THE COUNTRY Ac., Ac., Ao. THE PTLEH8URE *N PENNSYLVaNIA. >irnvi'u*Lc.o or ftui hb 1M PHineDeLFtiU. Phi la. 'ijiua, Hep. SO, 1867. n? ttonkl ?r* Ptui porcutr.g m IB tar mtn loot eearee toeauig rou?<? and veift'icu W 0-i*lae?e roea Toe P*aq i) hrania Sacs raf iM for Use prevent lo o-me into an ar FangrmcBi t-l b ?b- tuber baika f? arfog that her ia-geat Aepoeitora aU| -oil eve ih. Ir baiaorta to other *%???, era attag b forgo lt.debiednen* t? ihern, wbicu oouid uA at MM be tattled witbcut dlfflootty 4>r?nc*flMWU at ktk'rf to pin e bar on a fl.-m The otbnr b?n'?t are M varfovoe, rotation to reoelve tbe certified ohotkt of ones cfher. Tberr fo vctatl'w to al. tbe tTmegtmODM of par wee having no-en due, 1 btlc tba tande to looked uj IV peo- M fr?l outraged Bt Vb? W4Bt Of lyitem, and tbe stoeem?> for ? ck-ting boate u beo mlog dallt more tm pentiTe. rua eUlLAl)*LtUlA STOCK. aOajtO. Philadelphia Sept 80,18?7 Stark* heavy P<-nn? Ivaala Hvoa, 89R adlog Rail. !??>?. 183*; ll-url* Canal, 42; Long l?U..d, 8>?; PlMUTB Kalboad 4CJg THE A1 LKSSiNY OTTT B AVE. PrrrHHt-au "<ept. 30, 1357. Hie Allegheny City Bank continue* ipooio pa> meat or all Ifo bv-tet ted dep aifo. BELIE* MfiabUUES IN BOSTON. .B tfopt 3??P. M At tbe ?dj?ni>ng of the bank P?**td-ntt to d?y H wan d> nlue > lo tifociunt du fog the ?e k a?on. tec i>er ttl of tbeir oaettni? maku-g neatly $3,0 0,000 Tnt* wV' rate the marktt bad largely retio o publio oon'i Aim. 8a o'-ukh P If Tbe prepotbion to dfoomirt tea per eent of in* capital of Ike Burton haika rat been ilgued by all toe IVetidenta of bte ?'ankt, aid me movement hat given a brig iter ai^eci to ftnanotai ?*. Tbe fk lure of Butler, Keith .% HtU, ectenalva hardware t, Hit announced to day. THE STATE BANK OP OHIO. Coli'iki'm, Ub'o, nept 8e, 1887 i Board of 0> nt*ol of tue H at* Rank of Obio, at a beld h*re to cay, naaotmouly at opted uw foi 1 rtaolmloo:? Br*eiv?d, rba tbe braeebet of the State Bank of Ohio have in* auiMy MO nlu roo'lnae tpeole pa>ineut?. re pvalMt.o ?f-a-ever coa.te may Uo lak a by tbe banks of *u*. Bmtea. THE PENINoULAR BaNK OP DETROIT. DtT?4;!T, mob , n pt, ?>, 18*7. tbe P.-alrf for Bulk of tbfo oily baa be*o enjiloed by Aneraey ttenBral Howard, oe aooouat of lit re'nal Ij ear render to the ? ale Treaeorer Hi atmilaOng bi la to the amo-at of tbe dtfclemy between the prereot value of Ita toeee aeenrUfoe an-i thai of Ma etrontotfog sotea, aa rc gaireo by Ma obarier It in aald mat the beak baa ah an dajtt meant to pay Ml debto. BaNK SUSPENSIONS IN CHICAGO. . toata I, ovp. 3u, 847. ?ntfl Brother*' and Jobaaon't bank* temporarily ana peeded tbfo m >r>dng The a n but ilit'e ?irivnment here. THE STATE SAV1N0-4 B*NK IN ST. LOUIi Br Lorn, Sept J?-P K. There la no mn on the thate 'taring* UatUaUon, but, .? toe eonvery, an fooreeae of depoatu aad of opealng* of new aeootuito. *U exottement tee at over. AFFAIRS IN NEW ORLEANS. New Oeuetait, Vpi 30, 7(15*. We have an Mine of OtUae to repel t tn.dar, ??wing h the tatpomlblly of selling excbarge Finn' eihnw a dinttT irg lriiJ(P(); I alee at $6 61)* Frcl|bta fjv ooltoa la Liverpool fed Notblag do eg la ato-Uag eaabaage, and wotry rery t'/bt OUR PBIL?DELPHI % UORRESPONDiCNJE. The Meeting of the Cairo City Shartkuldert PaiLAoainuA, da l II, 1817 Baviag baaa etcladed rmai tbe meeting of the scare bold art of Cal o Ctt/ pro,ierty oa T icsday, your oorre (ooad.pi agkia aited ai tba ofllca this morning with a ytew of procorlag a brief abstract jf tb* ra/tooa doo i laaata wblrh might baaa baaa aa?mlttrd. Wa mat wt>b a aool reception a oopy cl la* Hmuur aaaoaaotng oar ageottoc barley preoeded oa Oa levaing oar baelaee commenced a serine of aagr? gosticoiatioaa aad e)*e aJntl'it Tbey fmpbailoally daalad Uat th?y bad ' oa> people to thinking," aad hiatoe at aa attempt to"bla<k MIL" tbay bene ate more pacified, however, aa I eeadeeceaded la allow aa to oopy a bourn tbay bad prepared for tbe pa para rf Philadelphia, (?'oubtlera aa aa edvasUsemeat) Ibay de*lr?d to mafer a Tew oorraetidaa la tbe kga'ae, bai bePerlag tbat It had bean rebaebed oat de?a aad 4rl*1 taltoweby, wa O'Med It a* ta lu ortglaal aaa *b, deeameat w aa d to ino'oca w>* report of iba ooruuiU'c of tve. whteb waa appotatod at tba prert sm ma? uag to rial! Oatra:? T?e aaaoal maattar of tba sharebol la-a of Ihn Cairo KP overt; (Uiioota) waa arid yacmiay, tbeW b un , .JfcfcfMa of efcich tn?i -t. T yi w aa Cn% M Davw are ire. teva The bna*o- of dtreeiora ware naaai meetly r a potatrd, ooorietiog of I'tira Iwtiawr, of Pbttadelpfcia, 0 B. H-ler-oa aai Sdwerd aameot of Paw T?rb; aad Rtobard d Per aad I maa Nioaoiis, of Beetna Ibe report of tbe truatera ot tea <raal waa r?a1? a moat sa'Wfeclovy dooemne'. ebwetag tba* tba tenet la wbol y oet of debt; ibat tba ?alto if .rooefiy op to tae ptaeetUma ateoaat to g?no 7*7; Utet tbe rxpeeditare tor Iwpn vsm- rt* oe ibe property , e#d for Ha deralspe meet aad prataettoa, baa ba>a lew log a au ptaeor Hainan* oa baad, la bill* laoatrabla, aeeurel by amr gage, aad la oaab, of $ tad Mfi?eqiai to a dirt deed of 110 dotlert ear share oa tbe capital atoek at tba trti d; Ibat the taadi embraced witote tba emporota Barita or the cdty are dtrlded lata tarty Utoa aead lota, at whl b bare beea ao d atooa tba opeotag ar tba llUaote Qiatral Helmed abwt two tbooaaad late bwta tat abo?o tarty tbooaaad Iota. Ibe mada bald by tae traet aatatda aad *dj*>iatvg ibe oity liailta. em-oni to apeo'da < f Ira tboaaaae arrea, aad Iks pros-watt re raiae Is rary large Tba number of nntlilagn already aroe.ed la abeat OH among weeb a a a tt*am So ir mill, raw aad Eig a.111, three abarebre aad two la eoa-oeaf e ?o loar ?tenghtar aad p-rk honem. eight hotel*, rellroe I dip?li e foundry aad maohlia abop, tb aa aewapepera aad prtetiag e.t*hiiaba>aDtr, and laa wholesale grocery aad tarwardtrg oommtastnn honeea tbe pa n tattoo of Cblro la ear thirty tee baad red Rn haaMe* tmprnranratt of every deeertp I a arela profraae aad projemad eal or ?>y u tbw Weet aaa laaraaaad mora aapdly in hoe-neae, waaUh aad pope la laa, ar promleat a more eedailag aad triumphant d-atlay II hatag ae mtaod eaapewt, ta tbr vary ha-ft of tae valley a< tbe Mbabaipat ? ?wet eroermtrllr he orne.from IB railroad aad river moaaath ae ?ith the ehole Wnoth aad Weet, aad tie aatoterraplrd navigation tbe vnoie yeer to tho eea baard, tba pried pel mire pot tat tba ae porta aad tm porta ar ibe Wi etrrr -Vetee Whilr oopy tag tbe eh ore drmomeat aa aelmated noa twBallon wea rngagrd la by thoee eh i were la Urn nfllee. Tbey were aaanioMme ta the oplaloe that the lair ><l?y nfty bad baea abamrfaltr ahneee thr<mrh->nt; thai If I a ftmtng debt of mliii-n* ?f doilari, like >ha Mine aad Weeding rellroade, N wnnM arert a mnaa grreter lafleoane Tbay rrerrttad ta-tr aniaa ta aa atading a rater tar of tba HaoAi-n, tb?y hod oaly dowe ao heoonee tbay feared a nervoeol <v<Bfl|ot ne^nt ooear be turn tbe iharehoidera relative In tb* aelMNKm a' traetaaa, aad Ibat Iheee tanaertaga might aatneee ao tmporlaat a ffaakare ae to require pa MM y ; bat tbay ware aaante to Oiaiult* wby a dew Tork paper ahonid eaaitaet etwth tawreet la a meetlag belt ta rhltadMpkia, while mat of Ibeir owa village yoaraala area applied for ad elaatoa. Wa learned that a elaceaWea had taken Hare batweaa Iba abaieboldera araoaat at tba meobag. ortth refereane ti ?he removal of tbe iIBm of tbe compear to Mew York, aad that tbey adjoeraed to meet again la that ally on ta* 1M of October aert Tata latter onnma waa leomad oa eomaat of lb* email alien 'enno from Maw Yaik aad feetoa. There were nwly alt pereoaa pmeeet Wbem the ateettag waa called to ardor y net order, aad wa were > bilged to leave tbenfflsa They repreei-ni, bow wrer, that Utero e aa a large elteoderr* tal-aeqnoallp. Aa alia etna wa* mane to the aerrloe tbey ha I done la allow lag aa to oopy the above doonmeni, with a traet that we weald, In re*o- a, give a fletiarlng armonat of tec oon Bfiton tad preeceota id iho oompaay, eo ae to quiet ihr dtwavbad though * of ? the peorle; aad on Inartag ihn afltoa ear program waa impeded by <ma wbo had panafcea h. the o h-ervatloa, mha wUhcd us la Urn tn dvHed for ?he In erec we had taken In ?' >1w" property," a* 'he ?ar e din* fumbll-if ? 8?e . ?li?r bl'1 hetwe*u 'be ?bomb a d foreflejer of bit yigb band. By (be ixveu d< ex which ud Wo jw*!on?H thrown o :t feel '* diet Bin Hng," ud Us eonnecicn -l?b toe ^nuu wnba Bnp. o-fd .iii'sr Ires to ?ig " philosopher* " *w lef. biro w'th his though* u bwwilde-od In ragged to Iho voMe of hte asacrrcni bill u are the public In regard to Cairo City property. phv vPmu, -topi SO. 1007 Thing* in P\Qa4dfhio~M'*nty Mailer*? Suicide at ? Mer chant?11easy or/aicMiun, <tc There la boUiu f special to eonroanioate to tar oonoern Irg Ihlkg Inuclal. Toe Hanks, not ? Ho ?iau<1 Ing their around Intention o harmun!ou?lr pureeing tho um grn ?ml plan, we eneh "/r-t?g nr??tnn*l* o -it booh," m n?oal Ud ttry arc drlnj thing* u unlike enoh Heor u possible except that, whit s ?uBb?rfuldrirrMOr uisulmliy, Ihty nfi decvne p?ylrg oat anything oonr?rOhie ism exooft at ahta?y .bavo. The Btuik of PencsjlstaU decline* eno-log lull tbe nr r*B|rmot>l wit- Ibe : to r Ttnkt, to It In not wtfHeg to hue a heavy bttouoo ag*ir?l It co-'b d >y at toe olu'ing ion?o Pel ooB'Kioeaoe IVrnvyl-aula ft-ut al>eo<? aud into* are iboiwn o il to day by -ho utber bunt. Tun ouUUe ml >4 seem* pert* tly oo lo men tar ruoj ct jf tauMi, ai ?cpirp |wi? uj tp u? u.n.d bar rooj 'c* ji nawiooi, i b?? gh icings ore really no belter tun they wore ibr ?!j* ago; bat n- fbver 04* wor. lueif o t, or perhaps die t-niumonllr, like ibe o'-l widow's eel*, h->e got oieo lo tn 'eg skron-d T- c ex r* ??-->-ioo ?f the I rgntttore t? miked icr-ora to at the grand panacea for aii oar flaanntal in* n *eela< atony ouieior took pU-te to d?r. Mr J >in Barb let, a mea>'0< of tan Arm of Manic Bueel r, Hr.i w , imrdwsre irer- tano ID <*? kc' * '?et. b-*!?w Frta, pro orrrea to tbe toehaylktli toi* tm rt.?ng aid iru?noa mm reif. il It toi-pueed be #?* temporal n? Iwitvtl iMilft* i of u Mr B ? a* aboi t lorv. >?ar* of *gr; be ieft a family. Hte receaiwd woe cntee raiir rerpeoud. a irriee ?f br?e? url'*W*>ij?? en the part of Mr. F*e eetlck * Hurwr. i:o?re?,* ni'irg *eorcta-y ud an li g ot ten ton'noon jtwiray 8 ;oni| IT. '.on fcarr jut been dte oovered Mr. B^rior wa* a r-i t q-i et, tee' . iuul; m?o, of rtnpie end anoatrpupione -.atme, and *blio In Iho re nelpt of a ta'ary of two thca-aod ool'?r* a yea , no trrm* to bere mat eyed ?<> get rto wl bin iae la?t ritbk-eb or pioeen >ea e, f joi $9o OJO belonging to um Cnion ivb?? ot* beroflor of ibt? ti ormoae ?am nobod ? know- Mr Ponrr bte notbirg to ?tow f? It, and h * f-ieidr a n u-er!y c ur i i-n u noder-iud to--mtdtr fbe deianlter b*e g?o*n ?iok tni brdndi-k on toe ?trrrg.b of the ex pot e, aad meantime the U*.ion ui pro luu!|?teC lliO ftilo- Uig OA Ml It i* **rrrulnni thr.t ?r Frwtrriik W. Por'rr. for thirty yrar* '' .-rtnpuw log frcr. try of the American sn .da .-ebc-ii I n en and ar *? ch baring a g nrra. ortialghi f iw. b am* ?* tr*n*? ot i n* han">r i?d tun au ? aonep aoo-e for hi-, p-1-* e ptirpor# ? wnbntit he trnorncge or ntaor y of the im rf or ot art i f H* nttrr-*, to tbr atnnaat of an-hst l'.i Tbe e n< 'e* 'Oil tcorp.anu * aere r go- d by Mr P Tier hu' i-oi rau red aoon oy ? I be 'ott* -f ur* ctet and were ? ? hir ngrd. ttrl until wltblD a (? darr no -arpl-lo ? of '0-lr rrlr aooe oceorred io ?ty p- r*oa oom i-J art altn tar I i il -u I ti We are bappj to ?>y th?-. a oa > ot lae f a"? appia* ?o tare h#?p anaraot-d. nor ka't ao* p r.oftbec a'ri-nin* Ui Itr benevolent obj-c* been loot or mi?pel-d All h o igatli o? of lue roctety, wl co bare been ie?ltlnatniy in ii riro, have ?-?eu ard ? 111 ><?. prowv'f met Tbe 3u*lpe?? a 111 not be rerioa ly letc-ruptel bougn hi tb we painful e'r tanrihtcti ?e rbell tree, an-i w- reobt n"t ahvll have, the warm kjmpatby a< d liberal al- of onr nnm- ro ? fri <nd?. AMKhlCaN SL'NDaT <t HOm. UMu.f, U'ld /Bminu' etreet. Tbe Fa'r of the BUte Igrlouliuml eociety, at Pewaloi, lit 0 me or i he mot! Oiiiowa dlnemtoa*. fke empty ?i?IU laicsoed iOr eattle, Ard all the ?h?m atoui enooa itgim Li to agrli uliore, ibe n.eohulr arte, &o , be , are an *o many blinct to tmooth over i e real oojeji of tho r?ir The teoe ooorre, under the came of "tie Irtok " i* tor omy real att>action to t >e great majorliy of rliilen; aud the reou-g vf fail **g', whion la here oailed "ae trial o. hotm?la the mala butluera of the a(T?lf. The F?ir a tracts but few vletieri in ooatparlsoa lo what it thoald a At not to yay expenew, ud the raiult will be a dead lace to a me body Mere commercial fallurea are report* ^ere htoche teoilrg further downward. Business proetrato. Wgather ihnwy. PENNSYLVANIA. Til! oHidla. [From the Philadelphia tress, Sept- ? ) It seem* to be geseiaily ownoroed that >b s i? tbe time ua now Is tbe opportunity to apply a remedy to our uanh Ug system iheeille *e *uffer sprn g not so muob Trwrn t?.e bubs to from the ansound prinApies of n out I eg on wuub thej id Ni-n guarantees, resiraloW of no ordl toey oaarecter, ud lean alee thm ua I not he au empty tounu ana a osiuaiv ? hope, ore .mpe-auvtl; demouOni. f. Is nut for t?, Mjeurnalliw, to mark out a line of aowhn f?r Une I a giilai.>. t ui puriue Bu. ws Oan, neve I ml to*, ad ricote Lue po'iey wnab our own pant ex per tuner, toe example a ad etperteuoe or eieinr Btatm,saa Ike wants uu u nuitton oi toe ?ubile *t Mm preecut mo meat indicate as s nun aril expeoiect. Tte ooneidci ml as tug gaoled by the p-eeeat ex'geecy of *T?u ? rnoto In tos a ol<mrmg house tyeu in, ij,tivjn Haiti?eni neeily (Lot yearly, to we new hare it; jflhe SiCkM ud UaDU)ue? <K the buk-; Bi, a law to reguiatn toe j fOpcrii m 01 Specie ui ?d htto&ut, not or mere circu lation, Qui of tho entire UaeWlUes of the Daaht, 4 h, u la ortaaed t,iccie CtiCuie tea, by nbuhthlsg ah notns and?r a aorta u eenomlamtca; and, b n, in out Ume, a moil radical ot ante la the wbuie ay item of oiakisi tnu ume tew newdevOiiipreieod Tbeoe reforms woutdgoinr, but we (kar not (ar ucngb, to pre??nt! reourotpj ;( a mom lory ones like -hot whiou aow oxtsih It Wuu d I make im "bi'c ike Inf rwe'iou momeary for our aafety, ud rt quirt d, too oy uie of trade ? or He oea auooew eat lUOMt; Al iirktil Uc tclukioMd.lKt tf oar ttalM la t ?caret, ooi fluid 10 ihe.i.aeleoe eiui m nj ob ?bcb li-ieeae ? iDey now beep fcei ia- r ?o?eaold*ra im do pO?IW,lft lb ftpe< k) ID.I It I tokttl up IB lb. IT VAu'lt. Ibuaea, it.*, el em to be?e tbowe leei iml. beuk* hart do mo ? loo,a ? I lb* dual ob cf mb j bcr, iui toot iq?/ t*i Do lOlot U.M-ot ob U>? ftUCjcCl ysul II bcOUu ct MUb r) Im uh u w lUtrttfee ;o tiMli Ji ?e ?b mum ??lei uii, to lib be Dill Jet i uore-e, be* Ooinpeiied ?o epfCbi lo lion for ?upper i fheee ere e?iu of ? > o/di emt) a. e? alto a a, tod ibe tcir teproeob .no onioh ee o? oirtt pie e item atould ?> d.e leduwaieei 10 aramae* lb. ceu-te by euKb U.ey hero oeeo projucsj. Wee'e DtoaitDtkui. biot id, ?o gu 'Briber, end ?# e?k nureeite* t>? ? be eiwi iDeii b<>i. irnuort be promoted, am hoe 11 ell o Uoqi Die <>o regularect chali ?e, i? B oe.iaia < iwni at letel, require the'. Mate iMbi ?ba>l OA de(OAi ed ee a ?eourli, lor Uie payment la tpeOe o( .lieMM l?a b? the Oeokt, VMM a# ?" net Ail A" fcft ob'Ur .be of beamy d.llA'ftf I bcr Ate q ee.l 'oe ?Mi o jugni I be tealed Hal *oe iber tbe a.ii of en Im uchew reform of tali kts l oe eat greater ate a uin,? rnry ekrttee tf ibe p'ueioi lot' ei, ? i a o .Dalie.etiue ibei mail g ?e at ptM H terror bale at; oe, -of peo,ie ere Die. im< ua to feror of to ate la? io regaUle tbc lut* ol .ileooeea b- be Alio ?ed to iba o-ia toaiei* ? f A bee A IioAD bo loafer Da bore# a at oae men, eoabar from faror or for profit, tbell bo aliened to draw from a ia?t oae bu >dred tad ( ?y uto eeod doner* f l.ana, abile tee merobftat ibe n.aa-i'eotorer, ii a fer in" aaa lb# eriutA ere r.-.n led lo ibe MMMMMl or re edit Ibe wedoo eat .an. of luo flrea lo ibr i re la J ill ? ? meor> tekea roat ibr eeo* ?' ibe "Haera. If e epw ief>r, tor inatauoe, qui, by ibeaid of e beak, ao nop ura e?it|le breiM-M if I'???, aoom doea be injure wane be la eeilehlig i.imted? Ma It) atab ibe ouatuaar (aed eetoae maaiatrt ibe labo lag .aaa r<a<a It iba ua/naal aao ike aooa>t>) *y teoraaaiag tbe pno* or iba arteia. Be Ujwee alec, eod perbapa oriraa oji of boat eeaa, ibal o ber BtAiebtM of more limited cental wee for tea veal of a port! a ef iba eary aeauofiH* ibal aaa ber a grasl*d t# Ibe large o ?a?r, baa beaa ft III m.Bb'0 t< raw Iba maraeiaa a pa - otaeer. Th"ee recti, which *a uee aa lii a.rtu aa to oar aubjtdl, aaaoct be geiefteyed reel ibe i recuoe l? wrong oaeeet be araiee, and ibet Iba aril nun be re men tod ia aet Iba aaailaioni of a tea ?b? aieo mptetatag from % ?rote of citapfx ibtateal aad ieju?y, bat Ibe oemaad of tbo raa.e pabhc The *ary Mack aoidtro *? meeteaa ebon d reqrlrA It, AM 'b?y may loo u>. iaoe .bet teeir evoot w , btrooea woribieae ia laetr naada. at pnteat tbe olroataiVaaf a bark la aJlo aad lobe Utrre fir re tbe aoioaet ef uo bailion la lie eaalta Sal tbta land iifll. Uot it la ao aecanty to iba dapaaHma, aed H parml a pou groat aa ei,?a loe oa bo amali a tpec ? baaia It la to obfi maly lnaieqaa>? for tea radaotp* n of ibe aotaa ef a baak thet oar apoctal woador to Ibat oab a mla rk-le wee ate* telaratad nue peritouUr Warn# U nelifll of fleet, from eblob great prodi mig it ledtrired We will act attempt aa ? to eta borate lata aa >jtat bd we are larneot to tblak ibal aa loag aa aa aia oaagad la here baaka, tba rate akoald ba aaa tbtrd o om toanb ot ?pacta to bo anneal if laMHitaa, abotbar tbay ba for acir? ta ara?ltuc?, dapealt? aa baad, ar etbaratoa Tbie Mmiia aa aoald tloeya tflcrd aaaarliy to tea aodobolla a; eat ibey belrg eaoara.lbera ootid ba ea "reae"oa beeia, aed lo err fort aa eoepeeetoee, vbtla dapaaitora mould ant mko alarm aa toag aa tba iota boMera ramalaad aatlaiad. hi rfMAboieL car tie. 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Dited too b>roioot'iai aotl io on the part ft a<l be banks of Pb<la*el >bta Tbe o-ttnmuser >m a.rdiatel) pnor?>oei to she dUnbarce of ib- du.y ooatded w ibrm, aid wbb a rtruli every way railsfb dory Aran ib mi diaie ty.r.M q -r nee she notes >r ibo Bank of P-ao rj I aula *11160 r roe nod la depoait and In parmeat -.f dtbia by all tnr o bar Can a*, f-om bit Lme forward. ;Kn m tbe fbt adcltkil* Nrrtb American dept 29 | %e p<-blub >l ai o her oolnma the pmoiawauoa of tbe Got amor, eon?(D it? the Lrgis'alnre ifata day week The rein Dk wMrb we a?!l?nrd aa length yeeV rt-ay, tn j-ndA ja'k-a of tbi> atrp base brea .ell/ ooaO-med b, oar la lercoorka with toe lea by b-islaska me of therom-nu ant, ai.d by the fn le* rtfloetion ?e bare been able in beeiow apon ibr avijsot. 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Hoars too, aid reery to a any icbeme Ha ail tana iiB io ii prevail I fbrra la a largo parly or tnee?l c.iaaid, who dMppronag of tbo Mlllag or too Lrplatataie, a'o dkpwrd to lot Ibldga toko belr owa orsrio, reoo'nd io b<4d too beau aad too Imkfeaie to a ilrl I More raapnaa'bUity For oar tol aa we can oa y o>p>?? toe bopo toat for too boi o of tor urrad old bee aotbiaf may b? doaa at Ha rleborg ? tt I fartbdf <a Okfttd too public ailad now la a owdhtoa m ynat oa?a>iD?to Wo era io bora a aaw IwgMioiuee cbtera l? Ooub?r wbtrb wtll ooooradiy rarlae *ad eirrotH .11 to# wro??i of lb*? wbleb io to meet to too Oto Tbare lo tbtety too e nanlaiioa, at toaot, ta low Wo tball await errata aad * U rortoi< ty a I beattata lo oxp to aad da actttor arrry pmjr t ao* founded ta riaoaa aad la frgBl; retolrrd te ad moat. ao mraouro toat la sol la aooorCaaoe wito c rrrot prtoetotoo, aad doaa aot ,onk to at apowd' a reetaiptlem of .r?rle peyatonk ao cirnm taaoeo w! ladmit of. 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No b.bk, au mst'rr ?i.n ebcitvor caution maotgrd. k cb c tu icsiav a outr b oatrat jt bi I boU urs ao. d. posiwri i.oDnrr.asw l. u>' very ro 'oda ton ot tbe ha' ktcg Duajh>?'. A t>aik tur-.t iigiu Ufiemsf bo*'j)<*8 of dlao>wt?, ?ui c :> has a??*ia far tu >ncd tea liibMne*. I* an' eipfO of Li tie ? epa>er re a ra* '* cr a arsk's win* t> mees toeoa o'Hu 11 In I. i* o I (Bt to i:? thai In tbl* fusjre.' . on ibe *ai k. ? a<e iu stiee a nuurre wh cb must ultluissily lis M. e te .heir u?b safety and tu Ibe adrsbtage *t tbe btiPtriieHy. I'. It cow tbe duly aa well sa tbr ?utrieei tf the po^uo, oirrlpUrhby to support ibe m'taaur* ? M< b he- bteb tar ?n Tbe *abk< ate in ai surre oo? .1 Hon .ban lb. y te'.nneftire ibe sua. eo?l"0 Toey bam |< M assets, > iiBh u mt to roe-.t n cry tiuliar Lhey u?e, and a Is rga acr^ua user Ibetr so tea, thereto e, are good f> ?ki ft. cc a will ant r ow he dralBm from b*ui,aDd a* ibe. 'all one tbr r b I r ier?iv? Jle will be Oulleoted. K?ery da,',, airtryihe'? term Tbu subtiea Ml re*ia< cr* of ibe nocntry are jiat begin n eg In tmsrye iron) Lna mUbt, gran.riea of toe W?i and ib ontiuh aaa rvgsr Orida or tbe hWni'Jb, nod tb? lu man aa- a> d be p imc ?*t aoruad leour* a crruin ma k't fi r c*r orra 'iU0?; aad ihe<*, wltb tie Bunmern sta , h* of a tiou *#' sujar, w ll rclain la Ibe c >uatry ibe wrote jirur ci I cf Oatitun 'ft g< Id for tbe current year. The rcurc* of recuperation ma not oomiogeaotea?they are uafalatk* The iiemitl'y for tbe > of pea alia la atcota to bo regralte*, a* nor Laeai ba*e ail be. n -?li masagrd aad ire tuno ktdrilabia ir a fuciiig of coaO. tnoe ovlu bare oeeu c-tatto at aJ eommeaicrce mus oar or apoouva re sonroe* tba if otsmy might b see been ar? rted The sffret o''ba mrMire aa a mean* of relief dvi-endi ? lanl ecttra y ujon tea ouusacntty ito drat dotv or U>* I'ftuia ta to se* skat ibe grea. r'oonctag claaset are a<>. made tka as ffxrora The farmer, tbe meohaaic aad tbr laborer, a* wail aa ?h- m< icbaat aid mannfaoturar, mas be protrcted. Tbe aub a bo rainy pmflt by banaa must cos be pem tUrd to reeelea bum from ibetr psaseov eowr.e hUu-vr be ibe general policy purtnen, ibe bark* ibowid eonUhoc to redreso Id *?eole ad tbelr itiei w small deunndaailowa? certainly all flrr, aad, if l??ii la, all tea del ar bide -"he Pbl adelphU banks In cao tu i tir-ou tola oourta, aad oerova should follow tb<ir example. Caver aay eircumaiaooee. tba aaaoaaaloo should aot aiiaad to smalt noses mare Is not lb* least ae octrliy for II Ibe Iras dnty of Iht bat k? ta to iheir amall bfueboldaro who never receive tbelr favore The bolder* i>r krgo lemmmasoaa can beat await a general resnat > ten, a btek wa ?a?a no douot wlb take pi oe at aa early day; but the laboring man aad maobanio should not ba ei.mpellea k. bear a y of tba harden It tba pro la will balp owe ai**b*r there la an eaeaa for alai m Tba bt I bo Inert of nor bank* at to no onager of loos P< cdet oe, enattoa, moderation and an ononmmndM. lag spirit will do much to ward off Urn present aifflcuUies MAHgACHUHErrS. riebhCJ A>1. BJhlhKAb. [T'rutir sou acftiuu t'ual tfctpl Si ] Satorday waa rather a pilot day, ? lib lata dtrtraae for a os.e) than aay p'?\ loaa any for nearly a fortnight. Ii remalna lube asm whether taia tr.fliag bat no aded la* crovimeb. be a win Ma: a' other waa Bos a fie to* moat (borough laqtdry we a-a able report Mel on tUlardaj tbe fteiir.g tb'ooghnat tbe market *m b uer; end from our -eei Oi?.iidi i?uoo i r eli too arcuwtuaoe* we ere too fidrntibet ibi* ooiii r f'(i u( ?? oo r?ca !? le eo peit of tbe duty or ihe teelii edon of ibe Pot I to eeooareg* feieebopue Vbti it kiowa to* Mr tot u aloe u eayt eo. ?ed wbt e It le eniutieo la tw o?n mind teei ety a .ancle! i. teeeie will heard. or teji-e too market, it takes tbe II bo't) of tip *e*tsg tu i pinion, to go -or whet U le wor b witb Its rtudore It aaeamee ooioteg, end cues fbr eo tbieg, "icept to h??r tb* uua p tveil Ou Fiioey bbo rtet raey rteielbe tewe of the iuo?n ?km a tbe basks of Ptoleditph.e ici Baltlmo e Jo the kx>( roe, per be e, Doatiw le Indebted to Puled* Ipbte, while brr direct treceectlooi with del't mo re ere not r-rj h< ?vy Tbe b?r? ii.i|*iu; a, of M Mfc may Inerfert wuh oollro.tone lor e while, but iiteeking jenoreil/. we die'i peroelre how It eeo bun 01 mtcb. li. immediate tendency l? to ewe the Ibll.delpbia eed Belt!more mar. beii.eet (hereby ioprere?t roriher bankrupt, lee, <*eioa might .aribor Itjare our own men beat* aad manufeatur lee corporation*. AO lo ooIIoMkidb, tbe/ will ?e do more ?mi to rem' /<! toan ibej e ?? toir a o.eoj piece* "f ide btit, Wber* snoery le now lying 10 the order of Kaetern ooatea. tbe Wee.wo beeber On a tag mo preeeal we/ to Nbt Oar Idea la, iherafore, that the book eaepeaaleae reporV rd will ??<< orltbrr irjiinoae r.or r^ry anno log u> lloet t, New Ytik, that le uLuummueli strong m co a, eiaade be twer o no aad barm. Mer rwoks oaaaol euepeai. By law, they troll go leto I i uoti'on upon lay refusal lo pay i peoe B^t more loee tbie, ibey are etroog ia geld?are galalag eveiy w**b?with a better kcling eao more bask sieocnala, if with eteeel Ibgly togb re ee in Weletrra, Tbe ttgbtecee oT mosey bee pet rorctge cacbaag* i?r below He epreie petoi, eat itetrlcicd purchase*, end ranoim ecddcata bare glr?o to tbe meibwerery lerga tupply. ttoi,> meats of gold are almost mpoeetble, tor ernio Hmo, ? bile oar oottun, b-eed. etrffe ai.d prorWiomT era reeoy to evmr forward tb laee Ultra. It ? cult no. be eerprleibg If with tbe diauirbaaoea le our foree>d'i.g bos nrM tr-m tb# Weal, wa obonlu ro net re oeaetcereblo get.) fr< m K trope, aeoumpaay ug ordrre for bmedel lb aad pee'Ukme. All ? tie of bubbieo bare buret, ead we bare oo qoeettoo ibal for crrleta peopie Well street will be blee eooogb for b loeg tire lime to come But the coaolry ?u.l Here, auncagb tome reliroane baate eod individual* fcerr eh wa toeir weebaoee to the world, narrj tag toon eod dtetieee to toowocue Re', the ooealry el U brae, with U.e greateet barrtet tbel the ever be* la bar etroag aad beeuti'ai at ma Tb? re lean rtaeoe to fear Ar ?e 'he moat of ne aad oar Maoiag later .em are ooaorraed. ellbr ugh ibeerlle at lie pett over jlnnl'ni tbe pteeeel, may hang over the Tulare, aad aead their Uhtataga opoa meey aml<l Ike nit inside Tee worm la New Tore bee gnwe by, wtthoat ? qooatkm, ee fbr aa tbe money market ead general tteTb y ere e to eeierd We come, met, to Buetoe Whet li ear itn cfooiiloa' Wtlhia roe eaefc ear bankt bevoga'ced grit, ?JOO la eptdlw Oa Beterday Ibey bald MM comperetirely rrei ratable erm id $1,710,900, wita New Tort rtebeoge le fe??r of itmM etrett, a liberal supply of New York fr.tds la bead, aad a < ?Nforala eteamer alewM doe, wateb will giro ot WCO COf/ to 1100,COO acrittonel of New garb fuede or gnlo If netl.Ibg happen oer banks will bold above M 0(0 009 by tbe ckwe of tbe cerreil weee, aad will he able to deou'iet ounHerebly tor ibelr eaetomere Id toot, ae their aprde taereaead loet ereek tber were able to do someibieg. repeolaliy for too emaller dealer* that materially rrlte od maay etaarh aad worthy people Ae brTerr rrmarked, tbe fir* I ng an tomrday wee more ohnm Tel, aad, aa we hare attempted to ohew. It wee eoetaioed by fb?orable Terlt, who eb< uld N> go."! jedgee, deplore ibU eaadleg To* specie to Now Yo k en eaancee rary, bat we believe the manager? of oar leading heats tire bo qeot low that tbe larreaee of ipeele le tbe Iret step towards permanent I m pre r I meat, bach le ear own new. Where there are thirty or forty lidependeal be> ke, wilh ?epwrate aad often op poena latere*#, and where bote eeoraolty eed pabl e f plaioo noinpel the keeping and re lore of ? me specie. It oearly toiowa that terra raoan be tneefe bedlag oo tbe meagre amoneta remwtiy reported by most of the laedtotlona. (to e great <mergnuey, per I apa, associated ac ton might do inmetbtag la iba wty of dtacoaato, with little or no specie, when every other edr mom tea e was fbroreble, or wfcere seme grett rtk was lo he ran tor rome greet object Bat ?morated action, per ha p*. In eel In be nMn'aed Joet now, either tor bmirem at tome or for mportiey ?pe ie famer fern New Twk i tan n would enteral.y oume, or ror reltiiag the rig it of the ewa leg bowen by irusttng a IhUe to bMki, tb) Wilb of whtoh are aa gocd aa gold, f?- the more apeodr rel'ef of car menshania Ae rtmarbrd a week ego, we are gent throapa tbe dteewee oat a rally, aad are glad to betiere that oer mosey mar m bat srrn lb* worto af It What* re* might baro iteew does la any way by eeeocialrd baek octtna, war lead ng tawiimioo* era entitled tc h'yb praise for toelr pereo.erirg elfjrti at ind.rld ale to nhtala sprr'a at Naw Yark for erery dolitr at t- win.and for aoore than a weca the Mai *baate', Huf frlk, Oewaterce, Webster Trrwienlte i tlobe dank* hare dra*e elredtiy sad largely from Wei' street, aad bare Krrtrrered, ta lb# face u# roeelu'ervhie ni-ns re'nrotrg to tew York, fkum day to day A IK le eioo<e loft bee f >* W*,i str*'t on tati.rdey, hnt we brBerr tee tu n of as ckepg* ta toror rf tonton le new fblly ma !t?he?; It *N be ttrearbi sed hv the rtmHiaees from Oaflfkrwl* doe to day. while messy la eo ught is Wall toreei Utire *11 c? km xpccl4i ardors f.r spent*, tmtpaoUve of ax ebarg* Out Ixskf h*T? nn* owif i (t.-nM?u gain la no**, and ? 111' *i cKwr favorable v ?*t Ihry Ho prwty we'l <iH They lavettkeulba Brat a'.Cy io l'O r"v?MD??n", anl lb market i* at *011 ?? to; r?u^itu man *ea *1 pact 'brim rovemrct mu?t ce vc.; x' w, e< pool ally to l? earlier (lag a. Must r outside of Ilia Nn ? Vork b*"k* l? f* t'ght *f ? dr?? 1l Wall ? :i?et, ?ai tfmrows mvke< br rt-laxtd loo f erfi et-ly we viiali ageln lore specie iO<l bsvMbe'tine w> tk-<? do thai *<? f.?ve b**o d"tng lb?t test fbrmtgbt Beaten must fallow Now Y ? k lis Improvr mot la oider to fcavo tbn lar.proTomr di b. *? prrroanrot Hot thlega ahead look brighter Wiih >.s'l*n<* weaha I yet r>acb the gtomhcd lanu of nan-and pi?nW Hut a* v r tala before we shell tot wllfollr encourage a single fa ne hope Ccnftdrnoe baa received a ae-rare rhec*. Mrrvy Ircriera bare Iota of failed |airr, aid vory Hacly n.ay baa ft more before tbej get .brocgh It will be long fit the t u tide money market attain* low ra'ea or a Ural rirBO'etieo of paper generally It seenis 10 ua tbat ha ?mr:a) fie'010 of ton Now Vork markot will ho rrpeat t-c bete 11 e backs will grow tolerably ea?y, anil to tin te wbo re aln ihelr confine: ee nn ney will iva He r?e?< nebl> picture I But for a long lime they w n not bo able to dta*. >uut all tbolr applies low, ar.d for a anil longer period they will not cam to rake at the |.?pe ? fered. Tbote wbo are driven ?.utsli* for oocey wlH be like') lo pay h'*h rai*r, etid u floo 11 dtmotut or aoo. *a, for a 'oridrerab 0 time But the aiancbntaa of nnr roorcrml* (v.mmnalt/ at la ge I* really wrnderful, a'a&ott miraculous I ll n t q In citer bow IL-ey do aland ae druily ; but aland thuy do, wlih wry little aattreuoa frott bar.ka or atreel lender* Wonlt that,:rem SbU time, tney wou'd to cot now* tboir boatBoaa to tbetr o?n capital and reaoaroea ! If ifct a old, we ?!>->>:id bear loaa than *edo of tight a?on*? market* and fli aaolal he>aalrt>plies Tons far our ?mailer dtaleta bevantNen specially troub'cit, apott tne whole tbey bate got atong cleverly, by H rrowtng u m? ra*y aoipluarca froncub otler. Wu treat tboprisaure may net rtacb them at all, or with any uncommon tore rlty. *i far as oar books and money market are ooanemed, towrver, we are confident Ibat tbe worst la reused, and that a small bat decided Improvement U visible to ol?>e observers. RHODE 181,AND. nrfrKNsioii ok tiik pkovimkci iiavih. (*rotn ite Pruviceiioe Jvt ruai, depl I* ] Tbe kai ka if iblx my have reioivad to suspend specie pay mtbia. A meeting or U 0 representatives ? f to* baska ? a* be Id yette day Wlll'am r-btlrton, I'realdeul of toe Ragle Batk, eaa elected cbaoman.ana JiNtO K tgn, V evident or <be Ko?tr WUbsma dank, leoreiery. ibtrty terta ot tbe thirty nine bar.aa acre re^re*eut*d Tbe att ?inters were the Providence, lierr.r.anu', lUnk of tlnm mttre. Union, What Ubatr, and Um Ana Alter ?o?m dircnrrton, an laf rmai babot was i-ktn, aud reiulied weaty rue tor sotptntlon, nine agalon euaprnst'iu, 00 ? divlcrd,and one toi voting lor want of lestroc loaa. A vote ? a? 'ben paaatd wlUtoul aoonv ?rbat tota titrating reri D??td tbe vat lout banks In lbu city ioau>|>and apt cte P?3 m*t la for the prvaeal " Hfcnbatl Hnlctiins, oi tbe a met lean Bank, F.iaha Barrts, of tin Beak of Nt rtb amertoa, ana tahn -j Kjtrnt.ufmc K' get ?l ll?m? Bai k, were anpntnttd ? rnu ? uiiit npoc a plan for tbe r<f nlstlon of tbe exovaoser aineog tbo bktkr. Tfo >nt sicrtiary ?#.? autho .a>d to tall ai'irtt r men eg. U la u nr jmiimcnt u .1. hm be nrrrtary. Tbla Importanl meatarebaa not been revolved npoo ?ipi. cut a well ot nrlrerrd opinion f it* over r >itiig It m?; be ite rt tul.of au tncornot ?r wat "f o.nalog, but it la tbe ?jeitrn upou wblcb ail our hcvleeaa hat banu not cut), and lo wblcb alt our t>utinrai nas ooeo acapted So b?. ka in tbe e uuiry pr aeul a lUOtr fav t.raok pro nr lion 1 f mran> to thrlr itabllltlea 10au . ur own f hot- ctr ? i.latici. ts vmail, Ibeir orpestta are antail, *m toe paper la e bleb tb?|r cap tat U in?mad t? fo uood upon tbe favt pruptrty if tbe *hate, ana suob Is the puo 10 ooatdaaoe In te it curtly of tlteir ca]tlUI, that eveu the uuetampled rra ure In ibr m.ney oiarkat na- force* ihilr lew lca'atce , down to par. Yet it wai no ?| lnl?o tfutoec b*at able to jirge ibat ten oouio not y on ?ttn Utttr rr* ?ftil onrtlrattlnn v itbt ut breaking inrlr eti>U>metv, and brlxgiig lo inrolverov marly tbe ? b .le Outinwa 00j.tuu 1 |ty aoiC n tbtue wl nad< itcated tbesuvie nrlt.n were ?? n wbr bad 1II catnrday held oat rerolutely against It, and wno yielded only enoer tbe conviction thai It was the <?l, tblfg t- at could prtwerre Ue c mmnnty f-on ag ne-al bank r ptoy, by wblrb tbe baLka if.eira. Ivea won tl nmuws?-lly 1. re lotmrnteiv, ajd lb* oaly thing ibat ooulo save tba la bot.nt lwip e from tnterli g 1 poo '.be winter Wl.h tbe loaa *1 etnpkiy meut and with ne ataoa for tbe aujpnn o' ib tr featlltea Miny uitlla had atopred, neariy all of 'hew ba1 ot.mmvbced . uxnltg on abort, there was no ma'krt f?r to* da, tnd nobody bad tbe cotmgeio buy at tbe noufl deiee to tell No tne dtub a tie cvna of a ?oapeoaion by the batkx, atd tbts vv'l was tot deattd or Miempted U be b* cotoea'td, built was r<gX"Hd aa a m ???.t> .bat towrver rep o ab.e, oocld trniy He potlt<onud at Imwenaa ? acr'il e, aLd that *ould a any roitio ib* fevhrg m tba eiree> after tne teioenvtoa bad bean maue known was evidently - 0- of rvlief, ur every matt .? k*o opt n mrrranttie -ape' a* mire vamab n than tt was re'oi e. Tbe bat ka, la tbla m> aaore, bare taken upou tbtmialvas Import wi responsibilities, wucb we have no dOub> t ey will fcldl, and we ba?e 00 qt*ap<>n that tbe oemmnnity wtll extend loinrm >be?itOience and fur MMM wblrb were never more Deoevaary than now, and wbicb art wall deserved It is repotted that some few of tbe kecks here sot de termtstil to join in the in*p*a?ien. coNNFXjncnr. Tils IlKlMUl rwbio. [from l-e Hart'ord Tlmea, ew,>i SI ] Tbe brsiuess mev, and heavy march sou aatuda'Iy, f*? that 11 la for .beir lataree a last ite l>.et? anowld ?uapvnd ?pe< I* pay mrna for a time This la lb* ease la Pro? ieaoa avd B ator, aa well aa In Bartfard and tn-r place*. A tusyvnilcn wru d at tnee mtk* an eaalvr vim* la the cor.r j market, end axriat lie hnxtieas u>*o to a Jt'eat d* gttt LmI ? utk ibe I' *e of ? general lurpen*! o <>u out of iba gue# trn Bat Ifco iu?p t? 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Thrra map be do (-otrtl loineodlio la New Knglu I, but It anw e,.p?*r? to u? tb?? (bore aiuat De ta older to tare Important bnolnaaa laureate. OHIO. amh.nmipt ot rwa omu tin ifsraaxci and -rarer cuMrawr. [7'om Ibe fTaoieaaU t ton'manual. *nt 91 | Tbe Otto Ufa Inetrtooa aae Trait Una uy made aa aartgi moat of Ha ? Mwia, frr ibe bouafl. of >te errdttore, > a itatnide* liat Tbu aok waa ruderod ie waaa j bj tbe i reaiara oI Ita ertdtlori, wboee taia bad i ear or ad fort tor p?Of re?e ta liqn datten Imp-silk e Tbe remaiai. ( io*t r eat of Ice eocoora wlii aow, II la praaacaed, ba woaad mp aa rait aa raa oiairatratly te 11 ? A of ibaaaalaanea of ibe Treat Coatpeay will b* f' sad la aa otter eo saa It un/j be wen iu. wuA one etffti-n, fA?y Iter 6r?w fwArn jrook IA? H?nr)t nf 7mi im?iAo< in rfj*c<, UW <wu f lAe >?)?*) mil be M iA. iiw Adndi at brfvrt Ken may differ ta tbeir rtwwi ?a > eg are to tbe propriety of tblo am, but we era laoNwal to tbiok iba better optatoa to ba that a differ eat oow-aa wntid bar# been preferable. There are mm tbiiga loarbiag ibe m.aafftmrat of Ihtaoompuy I bat tne pi iitc baa Iba ilfbl to ?now. aad ibewi tbiagi alii aa hlaie In or me mock more freely from thou lot berototoro aoa anted vita Ua oporattoa* NEW YORK, m taut mam revronrea. i fret i. tba Tray Timet, ttept M ] Crrira or tub P*?"ri trn lane ffim, ? Tlnr n t. heot a-. 1*7 I Hereafter, natll faiiber node*. pa) ami or ***** to ta we riep oyrd by ihw company will he awdr Ij -arrr j aad taw n??i pay r ay will he ew nrda*. I enewber t ? dvuiaw. *? ul'iai, will bo mmCr from ihe aoire ooaaoetrd with tar w vta. It ll proper io itate tba'the pl>a nf ninont aow w*oi>'#d rr.ilrl) grnwa n*t of the t*t? mitltkn* pmc tor of d-nwi >1. ( nf te? bat I* rpeet* f r the bill* paid em oy mo. lb* bank*, h vtrw of UU* rn.iUtU iinnjaine rnry nalnrally prefer r? retaia lk? tr blla In ikelr own raulio t > torn ne taw* for pay> went u>oar euikwrn JOHN A. DlliW <u>, We uderetaod ibaf a entice ? lar to ibaaho?e wm tbta moratag |Wta at < eeb of tba I row wo? ti of or ally, rt( H.aeeel**r lroo Worka, Troy lroo aad Nail factory, i?? tbe AH any tioe Worka No oaa at a>l fami br with tbe preieat iioomIto im barr.aaaii nia ftaaaelal affair* wtil m aerpnaodMUta ooarta, aad an are glad of lao laoiaattca it gtTM nf a w a nno too* of work at Utr * taMlOiwrnaM mentlnaad Wttn tbe reopen*i a of manafbctn-ing eatabHabmoataail aroaed a*. It l? gralifylpi I. keow tbet Una* la t or awa dty ata*d ow, legarnlaw * tba nor* tb*t It ornotratlag to maar ?epartially are wegiadof tbla,na arcnoatuf toe very lary* oembar of tboaa a bote mean* if support are iern|**a. 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IM twyrtttlofe wfeafe fe pt? naaa iytara n? arddtdi. BTOPPAUE OF MILIA CvuRacriuor. Tfea Barifbrd Timt, at damraay, aaya Ifea Paolto Urrrv. pany't t Bilbao aul pi Maaafeaalar la aow raaaiag ab- r% u?r, aad a atU' fartfear oonlrartroa ia matawpiaod Da Marry U air aat at Maaalald f kaMiag ftoaory) Ma ?? wpia>a a noppayr of work ant waefe, aaly IM wan M ifea Bi aay a.a/km aia loryyyd 0?a or two papar wUm bt IfeLaad oeaaty hard tkdpynl feaaMMM ktw YOU. 'by I lira niegrap\ of ifea Wife atyl>.1W aillM af Ifee Mrstra Oaloot., a? Na? 7ork fetid, feara aaapaadad opa rati feO I i i r 'rriutvi, ntatar ikatifeor wM<aauwa ta two aat ki i'B<?, yfeich wafeaa ifea aaapawataa ?a? ,yra |iara y Tba at. (Bad la ifea >???? feataaataf | <? tfe aa kaad. tfea ou?r iwpnar utility af raaMa ag aa tfeaw (aat at ymaat. aaa ifea atrlagoMv a' Ife* waay warkdt Thiy no i h* tferoo* ? im taigfefeerMed at 1,000 feaada aai of aapfe) axaL CaNADAJ I Trow ifea Mowwrar Martin, Magi 19) ft a aroma irfeaa|itriag !? 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