Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 3, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 3, 1857 Page 2
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?? n * J m lo IN prMMNlk? u?w? AMImog OU rtmr, koww, Ukert u umjmm, upyrwt wilerl emMntato. and detected awMparwnw. BttHm Dtnmport, Pwtmm amiI JfNnMiM, flwani and attar Ihm art mmhtmai M am* the Uu|M oyoa to??. and troop* arrivta* aviry day, then daaa mm mm tool oaaaa Mr alar* ta thW (Urtar IWkL having abaarbad tta body of tta Chine** axpadt Mm, Mm mow draws la tte hood, and Lord E'gia hoe fol lowed Mo Rdlowan la Calcutta, Winging aU Ma Waff aad a woIomm body of martn* aad other eoldUru. Hit Cord ably way pemlbly oraaider thai, at i* tta a bat oca of hit Enroot ba oan ao nottli r, ha bad bailor go where there ? work to ba daM, or ailtaM eomt thing to ba ooaa; aad ao doubt at 1Mb juncture of utsurpassed difficulty aad tm portaaoe h* timely old aad friendly oounnels maybe (bond of real ralna. a o a a aaaa 8ioh were iba forcee agalaol wbloh Geatrol Hare lock aad Ms Woopo wore to odroaot. cador a July m, aad la tta very heart of Blndotlaa. Oo the l*h or Jul' ?oflor extraordinary extrilon* bad beta mrde fo overtake the Fatlkaore ahead?the whole oo turns oawa op with the one My at fulley pore, a loan aoout half why betwete Ailaht bod aad Chwnpore, whore the rebel* preoeal'd ihOM ooItm la a good pal toft wilt twelve gun* la about thee hour* tta eailre ferae woe driven ta hradloog rout froM the Held aad every gun tekca. Thla luooete enabled the BrtlMh ocmmauer to augment the efficiency of bli own artillery. Be had ten Allmabeu with light tlx poandert oaly, but ba tow availed hlme? If of the captured oan bob, aad efter a hilt of a tingle day be follower aa the track of Nen? Sahib with hie own nine pouodera. TUt! morning, the lith, tte column marched iliteeo mllee. On the eext day It renewed lis advon *, and after Ore mllee or lie Doarrh had been aoc-mplleted found the ea? bit again in light, strongly pmted anu p-o looted by a seooad po ttioa igalnai the rteki of a flret de feat. A< each of theee point* they were nttaeked to tuc on* ton, end from oath tbcy were driven with toe biyanet, tte whole of their ortlllerv being again left on the Held On the day fallowing? (be lfltt? without any re pone, our troop* continued their advance, and now deoorled their oatngonMn collected for a final eland In front of Oawnpora Tuoir retouroe* bad enaolce them ones more to replace their lo?i gene by others, aad twe batterlea, well lerved, presented e formidable appearance to the advenotog ooIbmb. Bo strong, Indeed, wai their poiltloo that It woe deemed ad vie able to tnrn It, and a ebort but painful move meal wua executed fur the pur,<oM Hitherto the march of the foroe bad lain alorg tbo Great Tr. nk road leading fTom Calcutta to Delhi, bui this raute way wan now quitted by a detachment of the ooluao, wfctob, la tbe very bjet of tbe day?It wai 1M f M ?toiled through i heavy march to get on the enemy's flxok "Many men,' we are -old, 'dripped from tbe effejuoftbe bud," but tte tank wae at length aocompltibed, and tben came the battle and the vletoiy It was a ntubborn tight,for the Bepoyi occupied a iurcenlon of village*, aopplylcg them with exactly tucb pwelilnoi aa tbry boll boat, but n > ri ?tetaaoo waa of an ? avail agalan tte Ittue army praailng on to vengf anoe S mcof be expre*ion? u?oo by eye wit neeeee recal exactly the deeartptioo* given of the smith ai tbe Alma and tbe Freoofa at the Mxmelon "I never," eayi one writer, " m ? anything *o fine. Tbe men (of tte Thtt) wint oa with eloped arm* llkoa wall; till with n 100 ynrut not a ehot wae Artd. At tee wo>d "Charge!" they brake jntl like oa eager park of houndi, and toe vtllnge in taken in an 'neUnt " Tnl: engagemeni?making the fourtt fought in die daye?opened t?e road to Jawnpore, which wai promptly occupied, though too late, aim! for tte reecue?( tU unhappv gaTiBon In Utile more than a tingle week, therefore, theee 1,300 Brtttih eoidtert, with tbtlr 600 Sikh oomradeu, had marob ed ltv mllee along tte valley of tte Gauge* during the beat* of July, bad fought four fleice sedans, had driven 18,000 men from poeitlon after pselU ?*, and bad found Uwmralvfi on tte egbth dty mat ten of Cawapore, tte flret objeotof the expedition. Teteien after taete exer Hon* the Interval if rvpooe allowed wa? bat tr 11 ng. Oa tta lOtb the troop* bad reaohad B.thoor?Nena Soblb'u ?trought o?resolved tha; Bruith vrngeaooe aboald reach tbe villain through all tte defcuoe* be cmld de <iie, but Ma bean or Ma army had alraady fa'led him; he bad evacuated hie palace, aid nothing oould be done beyond ooceignlng tte whole place to tbe flameu Mil tte work of the relieving force wae but hair aooompUihed, and after lighting from al latabod to G**apore it remained to tight from Unwnpore to Luckaow fhw eeoond part o tte axpe dmon has been, not, in* red. tern glorious, bat laii fortunate than the flret. OatbeSlitttneral Be*eiooc am'maoea la a teepach that he i* fro* to cram tte Gaegeu, and already on tte SOih we flad blm, with a mo* xeaionable reia forcemeat received through G neraJ Nelli, twenty m lea odianoed on hi* new route, after har.rg f aughl another Bnaoemfal initio and lake* 15 guxi. In this position? with Luofenow only about 3u mllm ahead?hi* army enema to btie enrounterei that dire eoourge or Indian arm.a*? more terrtbw than any human foe- on ou break of oeole r* We know by tad experteaoe with what falaifsy this drredfal dlieaae faiteai cn aa army fatigued by Isag march*, worn out by great excitement, and exposed at aaaem flex* beet ecu th a exhalations of e penly ttmded uiMky It wee under similar etrormxlaacse, in Joed, noma 40 ytoro ?go, that cholera, w'.ta whose fatal ooarae we have oow become s* sadly familiar, dm broke oat But nevar, even In war, fertile la nnlooked for reieraee, wu tiers one a blob eo pi Italy rebuked all human c?l oalailon a* thla a grneral and aa army Victorian beyond pnoedtnt, raxrohlng In OMured tuooem and tte r?he' of a lung bt.eogxered foi fre*, within one march of ttwtr object, tin been muck by tbe fatal powulruoe, uai by car iaai aoeovnta Har dock aed tM remalni of his gaftant band, cbcu mbered by thtlr tluk oomradei, wire painfully retracing their steni to Oawnpore, by tue route oo which tbry ban act*iced only a few day* oofure, fu 1 of hope and c nDdance in at holy a osuee ai itm led men to baute. We osiBct attempt to exp'nat ibe ?ympithy which tte calamly that baa befallen these brave men will excite, ml only In England, but wmrever the tale of toelr gal lantry on* ibeir mU'or>une (ball be told After hiving aoecmpltsbed more then oould be expected of men, they have lallvn under ihe myiter'.oui d'ir en?ailnu of P/ovl donee Ii la with it*-, however thai ae bate to fight; and as ibtxe lew SuDiTLd Verorw have lufflued to over come every "beiec e that the mutineer* oould oppsee, and to defeat them Ih-nrrr ibey etumptod a load, w* treat thai General Havelock may have been able ta a few daye la resume kl< man b oo Luc know with recruited roakt. .eulnrau health and better fortune. InlirtiUo; kdalemeat of Or. ilKf, an imi tliaii Mi*ilon?rf. fFrom tbe L.dilb Times, gepl 10 ] The Kst. Mi Ha. . ine amrr *c mtsticonr/ la la lis srtac rat aped r i n a ababad, returned to Souibampon from Lead o 01 Sell: ilsy Light Id l/mdon be ba 1 so la lorriew wl.h sir Ctarlt* Tre e'ynn Toe Ubsi-mtn of ibe Lu. led! Com soi >ss ssilote to see Mr. H?r, bat bit wife ? n* so III si ttcutknmjtm tbst Mr Hs> nould n it ro toe.| bw utay is toe metropolis Being one of the Dret per boos who bsi ooq e frrto the hes*t of the mjltnoui .1 s tnote. sod betcg ib< rougnly acqanin ed with the b: story sad rxteal cf tie ao in;, aid with Its nature and besr lags, ha eocit y sse bees anxiously toogbt after for infor BMUrB. His neeooni of he rise tf toe aao lae sad defeat of the muitarere at Aliaoat sj is exceeding'/ intnreenry Alls hsbsd onntalned abott UO t/Ol) lobsbl so s si the time of the mutiny. There bs ! hern aeenrai pan os ta the etty for mme Line tefore tbe rerolt bribe oat there, sod three Weeks before ibere erse say flghlng the elty was patro . ed, sod European wcnion sod oblldrea were ordered lot > the tort Al times tbe a'arm die i away, end the wo asnn wooiu home <>u. of >he fori Tfco expectation was that tbu city woe Id t>e attacked by matincem 'mm B-nares At length S i bl?f r st to J the elsadsrd of tat 'ruction No Eoroiutc anew who te was; some said he wae a Mooleie, test U, a Mabi.mrSiB teilglous umber, eomeihl ? g Use the I ad re of the Portogiese otbare that he <ras a na'ire efl oer; alters that he wae a wearer by trade H",bow arir, rapreeeutro hlmst r as a Tleeroy of the Ktag of Dnlht He '?? muisur.ej about 4,tOO if tbe muJatora. Mr Hay epeeks ta lb* hlgbeat terms of Meier B-aster and Uol. Mil, wnb boiS tf ? bom befwai pvreonailr ? .atetad. M >J w Breaier ruse fr> m tbe ranks He (-'mutinied tbe eiku at Atiahabad. and exerclwd great latlaarce o*er It-m. It wae t> tto> ton ifan Ko.< jeans wers ladeblel for prereatu g tbe r?bd< from lablug tbe fO'l. Had toe; dote so bos r*If aaytatag waald bare drivea tbem ont of H, in* It la eenetrvc>? J no e European model No.biag wocld Indnce lb* rrbet *epoya who tntlejed It torjme bear, ?o mucb did tbry oread l?e gun* Ua tbe loth of JuneCilnael Ne I catnoended ItaagnQnc, a suburt of Auahsbad Braaler bebared bare with disuaguitfaed gal lastry Ibr rb*I of n? mutineer* ess istro prisoner He ess a yomg nan mgDiaerbtly d aaeoo gaod war sa d to be a Mpt.'* of the Moclrlr, eso beated tbe matin/ inside the wails Msjor Brasier. s rronocei by a few Htfcbao<diers,ordarrc tbschief ti be brought before htm lb be Interrogated Af er brlag question-* be was ordered tobeletiBto a placi of ooaflnemenL HM a m* ware looeei> iat eoed bn?tad turn H-fore be left tee prueoa-e ?f the Ma)or be. by a great effjrt, eaagM at a award it at ? se within b's _?arb. end made a out at oue of the Mkha B-azlrr alb all tbe ?? ? fell , n hi -a sod tbe farmer wreetou the sword from tbe prisoner * bead, bet lbs eerages I hi. wills the chief ?ei proetrae, ptaoel tbrlr ten* oe bis bred end literally crashed outbie btu?e, sad the b -dy was ibmeu olelde tbe gates Uiere It was owing to General Nell's gal. an if that all tbe E iropoeas ta Broarte were not mil awl After earing Benarer lbs eeral arrired at Allaaai>ad, aal supersede! Colonei Unpen After rear cnnditg Daragbntg be a Hacked aid hnmt tbe lower part of the city oa the tttb of Jaae The b'ad ,darters tf the Mwuleis were la tbe higher par <f the m y at be eki Mabomedaa gardens. Tbe e Ike prisoners of Its rautoeere wore coefloed. sad among tbem wers Ibr satire'tr'cian tsncbera br.oogtrg to Mr Hay's mis si JO ist bbatmet.t Oa the 17th ? f .lens, Gotonei Ne<i, with abo t I o i irepesas and #00 hkhs, coaplowlr da fbatrd tbs M- uie e and bis 4 W? troops Tb? nail re Chris Uana know, from be n astir la which tbe wi'itlaeere re Sorted to their beargnsMe**?bb odf, berried, sad dtap' Whi?Nat they bad met with a de>al, and they oooawe ted eoe anothrr and tneir f,, i1M p, keep np their Ptdrtts, for ti ry knee that the en sain* wailneers would rot stand at >'be> bn tie !*nre ra<ugh. on the morning (f 'he Iktb tbe; fncnatwd tk? place, tad la* rati re met tore were liberated Hoaoeiar, a w?? fa; Hlatoo Zsmtadar, be friended tbem nrm tbey got to n place or safety Mr Hay is devixfli '/ ydwS'SS (Aef IH1>U ?4U met ht latre tqfjrt A m-mfwr er /'>rwsif.?r H? has r * md Delhi. Tbe fori M bnlb af nr ra ise fasblM llm-y g ns would aoca hotter eowa s wots I nfartoaatoiy toe gu?i wairb mere sent to bat er ifcm dews were oignore l a ta? reirdi al 1'b'llonf fkbsa Mr Hay left Aitahai al tee j >ruab tm pa before Delhi were sraroety able in bold th ir awn* altbrugb a)nays beating (be mutineers in erery auwtti tbe; bed silgN Ir remded frssi their o ig'na1 t<o.tti<K> it gates nen> ly M rfnyi /nr frwytl V ptt tn DrlAi frnru Cat n.aa Hr Mar wm 17 days getdng In tbe imtw pinw f'nm AHahahnd He got down sn nicotu in a sir . w. Wa'te he was on tbe voyage 4tr No-man Lwelin and other nfl.oem were nenenrreo re?r Dutnporn by denoye bel ng tngtetheenry rcglni'Dt* toe mntny of whtae wae an nouneed oc MoSWay b> bieclrif b legrspti fbe aesaeitos ol Ntr Nor is* c L*al e wrre laogbt. Had at f-om tbe bncks of ?tnpbanu to a gnlloes. and then eating .iff Toe nnidiera of their o*n r?gtmee|s wer* made exe tnii aer>. and It was bcastrd a t?. ? cme that one of ihe aa- am Ins was hang by hie wwn in ber . la order to show the ityelir <f tbe regi mer e Mr Hny enya tbnt many m I set Indians fo.e b?d Uat tb<?n lmope nor! I nlumateiy m ule-, and that three mm id be no doabt User sympathised With the sees Mas of log in sal his brnber oMlonrt Their It.a og *senaMon'rs, and a Ot her bang lag hie own not. wee o?lr a blind They were Mdmg ibeir time Mr Hay ?t tots fA* ison of ft' ninffny at ft'ifw u M n*sos. U aut' U tKum Inmt !V roiaeei far Oi jml:n and I'4*1 tint b? inlrmtjtfl There Is ens thing, btwrrrr, to he c nnt-temi, nu Itnnnrd hare an gun* In ib' neighbor bo d, and tbry hare a eery wboleeowie drm! nl ibo it not' ? pars'og breve-s Orient in an- Alohahad all cf wbl-B car ? .sits Ms thlahs also thai th* telegraphic drspatoh on Mosusy Mnt?NWiM4 aww* generally (tan ladla. liana Mil ki MM MIM M* MmitflM. n mm be only Mil pirttoao M II TV mtsUnim at Dinopora ?Ml Ml Ike Bombay /YaMwiif art osMuen cf enU Hs wan tw?ti day* la OaJoatia bailor* ha Ml Ibr England. Daring thai time there had bam tao or thro* panics thorn, and psreeao tiring la the oatoklrta had taken refugs la the fcrt aad oa board lha ahlpa. Confidence, boar tot, wna caMwod a baa ha Ml, osriag ohlefly la I,TOO troop* from China that were landed frow lha Himalaya. II waa at one time fojlr expected that the native Mo turned aa ear ?acta would rebel In Calcutta. Namber* had baan eayUg to Ut* European ohtldran of whoa they had oharge that all the hoaaaa la On leu ta would ooon belong to lha na tive*. A one verted Brahmin la Calcutta bad been eo coeted by native* who did not know of bio convrr Hon, and wa* told that there would be a general rliiog 1a Unlcutts, aad that lha troop* would be auto - *d by Ue native (arrant* la drtvlag oat the Eagtloh. About 5,COO fresh troops had arrived and baaa seat np the ooontry since the mutiny broke oak they go np by (Warners oa tar as Allahabad, which Is situated at the junction of the Jumna aad tie danger Mr. Hay, as bo waa proceeding to Oalontta, mot General Havel oc* and his foroea going np the country. Ha ooasldered that Havelooh would, after leaving Ctwnpore, proceed to de stroy Ncna Sahib at Btthoor before be went to relieve Lsokaow, to prevent Nona from occupying lb* roar with any fotoe. It U moat satisfactory 10 find, however, that Havelook has apparently oonsldrred himself enabled to go oa to Lnohaow without first aeoomphshlng the destruatlo* of Ncna, because I.ocknow was so much ta need of euo cor. I robsbly Havolock has left the further chastisement of the arch tral or to Colour I Nell, who nut> have moved nu from Allahabad Mr Hay cmuidert that Agra mug have /alien by tAu lime, unless relieved Ha State* that on hi* passage to Koglind be met a French oilloer, a Oaptsln La Fous who had been In the Punjab war, and knew Neon Sahib Intlmady, and sa ? him at Cawnpore after the mutiny had broken out at Del si. To eho w the daplloMy of this eooondrel, he lamented to Captain (At fous the out breik, and slated he oould hardly believe It?It was mod Bbamtful. There ooanoi be a doubt thai he had bseu privy to It, was gloating over Its atrocities, aad waa plan ntng the most hell Ah ireeobery all toe time. After being defeated at Us wu pore and Fut ley pore, he has eeoaped to his castle at Buhoor, which Is well defeated with oannon Mr. Hay thinks the Issuing of the greased cartridge! to have bsea a great mistake. The intelligent leaders of the mutineer i well understood that the greased cartridges were withdrawn, and that the government explanations were sntislootory; .but the Ultara a natives were never convinced thai the outrage on their religion was disoon t nced It wa* also an error to sentence toe etghty b gh caste men at Meerut tp five years' tmpri*onm"nl for re rusing to use the cartridges. fn?v were all native gentle men belonging to n cavalry regimen; The Sapoyi would have greased the carirldgew themselves, and used sheep's fat, a material which scoroely a Maho stedan or Hlndoi would have ecrupled to nse. The oolor of the paper er the oarindgea being d liferent from that which had hitherto been utel, and tbe paper being greasy, excited suspicion aad storm. Mr. Hay says that tbe British government should nave de clared lieeir a ohrtstlan government. It sb mid not have peratcnted the natives In order to make them Christians, but ihould have set 1a race against caste ss mooh as against widow burning. Tbe government relied upeu keening alive tbe tgnirant prejudloe of Hia-.oot and Maho medsns, and preserving Its authoity by balaaolng raoe sgatrst raoe and religion against religion, and the mutiny shows that its scheme ha* ilngnally foiled Tbe mission *'y schools were twloe as crowded as the gi vornmsnt schools In tbe former the Bible and cateebl>m were taught, ana the schools commenced and ended with prayer In tbe latter, nntil very recently, the Bible was excluded Tbe Koran and the Hhaster were In tbe government schols; but no pi?feasor was ever allowed, even If req icitod, to explain anything with reference to the Bl ?le, not even a* an historical book. Nearly all the aatlve profeeeors aad graduates cf the government universities and schools are atheists. Their education caused them to dtsbe levo In paganism, and they were nit enoouraged to believe in Christianity. Many of them are Implicated In the prevent revolt Borne extraordinary dliclosures have yet to be mad# public cu this matter Namee are mentioned In Cal cutta of persons who 11 is expected will yet be compro mised. It Is expeeted that 8trOelln Cam obeli will prooeed np to Allahabed, or oome such central place, where bo can beat superintend the disposal of troops where they are wasted The wnter asked Mr. Hay if he had any douM at to (Ac ultimate defeat of the mutineer! ' Be said he hot not the slightest doubt "of their defeat there are about 31,t-OO European troops now up In the northwest Provisoes. The Sikh*, he beli'vet. will be faithful: at leaM they have no sympathy with the Mahomedam and Hindoos. Toe m aslon a/lee who ware silled In Delbl were English churoh mis slorarte*. Mr. Hav believes thst four of hit brother Ame rican missionaries, with their families, deer friends of hit, and with whom he corresponded, were massacred at fu'ty gfusr It is possible that eome men who are now mining may turn np again, but no wo waa oould live la the Jangle, In consrquenoe cf the Intense heat at this time of tbe year. A railway official, who hid away la a bungalow for five days, and during that time look nothing laelde hie Hp* but wa'er, escaped with hie life. All the nou combatants srere ordered out of Allahabad by Crloael Nell The European troops are now much Impeded tfi proceeding up tbe cua try from Calcutta la consequence of the ramping Stallone having been destroyed by tbe mutineers Mr. Hay pro-eedt to New Ytrk In Iht A'?o. Ho seems to bave a most Intimate knowledge of cvrryth et; relating to the mutiny, and It alrmei aeemsapity ttat ho ahould leave the country without giving to the people of England the fmlte of his experience sod knowledge of Indian affairs He hsi too much trouble wlib a sick wife?wro wai oon hoed while on h<r voyege to England?sad two young children, to wrte on the voyage; but be purposee dm* lug np a statement (D. Y ) daring his voyage t* New York? Some arrangement* ought ?> be at once made to reoetva the fugitives from India, who will come home by every nail packet, at H luthampton. Mr. Hay was driven away pencil ss fr, in Hicdoatan. Hta expenses Increased beyond bit sxnrctalion on the vcyage. partlcu arly In passing through Egypt If any one oonnected sn b the magnificent fund now raising in this country had boat stationed In Southampton, so as to have offered hlin amlitaoc* such an offer would bave been esteemed a graceful act In A me rtoa. and would have relieved a man of a saired pro'ee ?lon and high ink Itlgenoe In a strange land for some tem porary anxiety. Of ooorse the distinguished society of which Mr. Hsy has the honor to belong are well able to ? vpprrt its missionaries Mr. Pay attended a prayer meeting of the Tolled Dissenting Christian churches, on behalf of Die sufferers in India, at tbe Above-bar chapel la Pocthampton. The AtlabUr VrliKreph. We haie tbe following report fron. London with renpecl to the action of the company Hi Ute final dMpoattlon of the cable ? The company bare decided to take the cable oat of the Mi|va ?nd tftDiiuono forthwith. and the Brlttnh no MM hare Mi them permian on to more it tn Ply mouth naval dock yard nail! tl la again needed tor praotl on ore rat lorn nrxt yeer. Heart rea bare bees adopiel by the company for raiting aa mncb aa poeeible of the tub merged cable, and the wo?k la to be immediately commenced In order to confirm the rarioni aatlafholory re porta from the et :-<i<eera axd otnera ei>. e ed In tne'enterprtie, wbicb hare been already publhbed, the Irector* of the com pany reornt'r com mi itinera taree of the moat eminent engineer* in V rpiahd, na.ntly, *? I'ena, of the Arm of Joou I'eat) A rtrn. Mr Field, of Haudaley, Hon At Field, end Mr I.'eyd, Chief Kngtncer of the (team detriment of the Brltlah Admiralty, to make a thorough ei amlnatkrn of the oable and all the applianoet for aubme'glrg It. and tt report the retail wth each reoom meodeUone for future gulden* aa they might deem atf?|jable Three genltinen In compear wllh Mr Kre rett. ihe ch>e' erg,oner cf the N'agare, performel the duty cnlrueied to ibrm tn the meet thorough manner, and rame to the nnamrn-iua ccacloe on that, with the aunntitat'on of a pment nelf evuatieg urenk. (by which U la Imp item I* I tat lb 0 ?*? le wboc playing out caa be broken.) for that P'tetotily uaeo, and nome modification in the paying oat machinery, ibe-e It no ronton to dou'd thai the neat at tew(4 to lay Use cable wl I be crowned ? . t- umphaat tuccane Another incident baa alio aerred tn Mrengtben atl'l far Ibt' the Increaaed mnfi'ieoce which th'e report natnrally eetabbibed In the mladt ol Ute direct ire A la gr engt neerlng firm of b'gb ?tencdog and great wreiih, bare -1 preeeed ibetr rradineer to undertake to lay the cable <>? lie following conditont ?Thai for a Mated price tbey will, with the aid of government reeeete, lake all Ue rouble and nak oat of tbe baadt ? : tbe oompeny, and bare tbe cable laid from Ire lend to Newfoundland by Job* or Joly next; or fa'Hag tbia, ih-y will not only claim no recompense, ant will pay Ute cmpany tbe eulire suet *f tbe oebte la Ute erent of tbe cable being laid before June, 'be ttiputated prfoe to be Increased at eo mucb a month for each month galnel. It la anderatood thai thla offer I* a bono f-lr one, en 1 that tbe firm la qneetlon etand ready to furman nadosbted ae enrity for the performaore of tha oadertnfcleg la regaid to tbe report that tbe telegraphic common! cation between tbe Niagara aal tbe abort wee auepeo tad forteraral boon prior to Ibe breaking ?r the oable. we bare an eathoritnt're contradiction It went thai for a ?bor. time, tbe evening be To re the acst dent, tbe operatrr e the abort end of the I ae, thought It onneeeMnry, (bar lag co hlng to any.) tc tend any meaenge to toe eblp. although tbey wereoonatnatly receiving deepnicbae from n. bet oe tbe i no or rea too preralled on board tbet the line bed newer rt to work; woereat n aa beep nan I nompartaoo of tba records kapt on abort and on the ahlp eaowed no ml a atreiy that the InauiaUon waa quite prrfeot nnUl the cable broke Nothing further bad been done In regard to tbe aale of Ibe cable for tba projected telegraph line to India, the In dian company not being prepared a* yet with tbe neoee ?ary load a to go on wttb tbe negotiation fbe Atlantic Omipany won id oerwtlnly not pert with the cable anient tbry could contract for the InUrnry of another In Ike aprieg fbe money panic la New Fork bad moet ooeclnaively drwonawaied to many tbe eeoeaelty for the oemoletion of Ute Iran atlaallr telegraph and tne following well nntbea I II rated ane-idote eptly lllugtrvtee Ui.i eecaeatty Al e d'n | ner part; in l/owdoa, ana of the olieat merchanlt la tha clt*, wb ee boataeea roanecUone with the Called Plata* are on an exteaalre train, eir rented hln can | ?mmIob le one of ibe Hirejtore of tne Company that Ihe Atlantic telegraph wonll no be ad rea tag sous to tha commercial common ly, giving nttw enoc at tbe eeme time to aued -y o her " old fogy" een J n t ile la refeieao' o ibe eateryrlee of <be age Tee director eadeneored, but failed to ooertnee tee msrchaa (hat ae *ae In arrnr. A fe ? day* afterward*, however (the I en* da having n?'lvsd li the lnte-m wlte ae eo o tbe fleabclal dleeaiern In New York) tba name partite dim, end tbe merchant bad eo wmpietoiy cuaug d hie i?,ipd, that be declared hie readlnn** la giro *n? amm ntof m nry If leiegracbtc luimmoatcUioe ??aid be at otne o-enee with tae rttotoe, beelwg, ** he oowfeewod, aecemoi hue to ibe orient of ftR.OW oe ancient of * lege laanir'ioe which bed. pre*lonely to the dale of ae re ,anne, ?n?t ended pay meal. end which of e tree he would net karr doae bad the telegraph beoo in eiiaration, ae be would bar* bad I net an I adrtoei of tbe fatiare. Frauee. PANIC OW Tna BOrMH?POSITION or TITfi CMDtT wopii.ikr?tiib lMeamaL ?ohFFKiiNCB?a t?i,i orafh ?hTB?rarn??hem and incubations. From I'ari* wa tear* that e parte bad nrevaHed on the French Boorne All ttcuriuee fall, but aeraoally ?r the Credit aohllier It had been a*e?red,ba' nori-nd mol that armr ihe meetltg of the Crer a- d F -npmor at rttattgardt toey wowld i roceno to Parle an i?e there yna ?d by yoewn Victoria Parle I' tier* ear that Napoleon waa very d?wi,>ov of harleg each en Interview, and Ihei be would probably earn red la tadncli g tbe I mpe-or ai< lanJtr, at leaal, to rtail tbe falUarla rata, wis mm mm mm m mm be ? prtaotpel *T)~Tt if itteuumln (ofleiel) MM Mm Loit psblts lag ths ooMWrtaa is Mm. M W. is assrss as-1 i Glover, acting Is j of lbs International TraaaaUanttc Talagraph Com pany, (tor lb* eaUbU?hm?aiof saubanrlM 11m ISmii [Bordeaoi ~ ? x ltd lbs laited Btatea. The oonoeaWoo la ? forty years lbs Duke of Cbmhrtdgn had visited the Mp at Chalons. A general improrsBMt la lbs trade of Peril I* reported; likewise further progrme la ths fhll la the price of oora. An lBsadaUoa had doae some damage at Lyoaa, sad hravy rains had damagad Iks orope oa the Mews. Fires were bnoomlag alarmingly frequent la Paris. Ths Monilevr office ess destroyed. imitated that nalmmeaocr telegraph Hm Into bn Imme diately oonstr noted from II tree tiles Is Constantinople, by ?ey of Ooralea and ths vartsai lalaadi of ths Modltorre YIIK LAVKHTl maoaeinno raoa uwrnon to urnroot. Lowxw, Sept 18?A. M. The Calcutta sad Qhlaa malls are expeoted la be deliver ed la Loadoa at midday. ? telegraphic despatch from St. Petersburg dated Wad u esc ay, mentions that the weather wis stormy aad oold. In the Timet city article It Is said that a speculative la-, qolry has again been exparlenoed for tea, and there bare been nomeroos transactions at Improved prions. The trade haa also purchased to some extent. The Agamemnon went Into the basin at Plymontb oa Tbuieday for the purpose of discharging the telegraph eable Into the old powder magaxlne. The foreign newt this morning Is very scanty, aad da vdl of In'er eat The Daily New strongly urges the appointment of either a speolal day or or a epeolal aorvtoa of hum matin a and prayer In the dlitremlng circumstanies la which the em pire Is placed by the revoh or the Bengal army. [From the rimes (Hty Article) Sept 18 ] The fundi opened heavily, but there wai a allghl Im provement. The Indian news continued t? exercise an mflueooe un favorable to tbe funds. China advises report a favorable ohange. In the Sock Exchange them wai no particular pressure. [From the Dally News (City Article) Sept. 18 ] Tbe raids opened heavily, owing to tbe general disiatls r telle n or the Indian hwi, which aire tglhens tbe belief tbai a loan mutt be rafted In tbe discount market tbe demand for money la extremely brtik. KAllCRS AT MAXCHX8TKR. The failure of Mr. William 3am mere kill, a silk manufac turer, was announced yesterday la tke city. ARRIVAL OP THS NORFOLK FROM MSLSOCRKS. Tbe Norfolk, rrom Melbourne, has am red, wtia 86,000 ounces of gold and ISO passengers. Marksts. Lojmow Monr Maxkkt, Prioat, Sept 18.?Tbe opening prior* of oodm is thli norning were 88*4 to 80 tor money, and 80S lb tor aooount, at which tney remalaed for some time, and tber recovered to 80 a 90',' and 903d a (FS- Excreqcer Mils are lower, being 8s to 4s. ills. Bank ?ieck for toe opening kaa been done at 818)4. In the foreign securities u e dealings nave been trifling, with I tt>e alteration In quotations. Turkish Ox per oeats, UV> 88. The railway market has beocma very flat, at lower quo tations. fhe demand Tor money la very active both at tbe Bank of England and In Lombard street, and there Is no prospect of an] diminution nntil me release of the October divi dend* Tbe minimum rale at tbe Bank of England oca On Let at 6)4 per oent , and busts ess out of doora cannot be oone under mat figure Tbe rate for loaaa oa govern ment securities oa the Stock Exchange haa advaaoed from 6 to #X rcr bent. In tome breaches of trade there It a sensible degree of Ugatneas which cause* a good deal of com pi* in t Tbe arrivals of tbe preotout moUl have been to a fair smsunt, several of tbe overdue ship* from Australia having arrived, and moat < f their gold haa been precepted and purchased by me Bank of England With the heavy portion of tbe overland Australian mall, per Tamar, expeoted la the early port of next month, a farmer supply of ?300,000 may be looked for Another feature which leads to strengthen mis market Is me mere favorable advtoes from New York, announcing theenUie subsidence of the previous panto Tbe export* of specie have been moderate, but (be steamer sailing from dputbsmptoo, on the 80th taw.. will hkeiy carry out about ?880,000 sterling, chiefly In ?liver. Tbe return from the Bank of England for the week cod ing the 1Mb of September givco the follow tag resuhe wi en oompared with the previous week >? PnbUe deposits ?7.863,418 Inertsas... ?571,144 Other deposits 0,180,137 Decrease . 180,038 Keel L/."OB,388 lacrosse... 9,871 On tbe other aide or me aroouni ? Government securities.?10,693,668 Decrease... ?1 Other securities 18,664,06? increase .. 308,068 Notes unemployed.... 6,104 3T6 Increase.. 1.9,805 The amount of now* In circulation la ?18 871.826, being a decrease of ?374,016: and the stock of bullion In both do paramenia U ?il,318,481, showing a deoreaaa of ?178,848 when compared with me preoeulng return The bull on market haa been somewhat dull this week, tbe posttirn of public affairs In me East having affected tbe demand for that part of the world oossldcrably There have hues la ge arrivals bntb from the West Inclee and Australia,but they have print ipally been taken for ooa urental sect int. Doabloone have again been offered freely, and high rates paid ? Foreign go d In bars (standard), per ox 8 IT 0 tSlvrrln bars (standard) 0 6 1)4 Gold coin, Portuial pieces ......318 0 American eegles S 16 0 Doubloons I'sir lot ?..8 10 0 Do. Spanish 3 18 6 Napoleons ? .8 15 6 10 gutlderpteees 8 16 0 Sliver coin, Mexican and Saulh American dollars 0 6 1 Bpaaleb piliar dollars 0 6 10 Cioraro Pmicm-Vnnt o'clock.?Oooaola, money, 80 to 90;,. do. toco ,nl. 60', to 90)4. |Br Etestrtn telegraph ] Uoneo'j Cioeed hrmly after cfflotal hears at 90)4 to 90)4. KiCBAfcDfloN, Brnsci * co. aciRctn.ia. Livbtool, Sept 18, 1867. Tlx weather for eem* dej* put be* bMn rery floe, ud will enaiie farmers la the l*Ur districts to da lib tbotr harvest operas cm, which the late ralai had maob re lardM The large aorpUee ef Fngllth wheal at the country mar ket* have rauaed ?o*.e quietness tn the tra:e, buttbe li|hiDcwt of our itocka maintains pri?(, espoc ally for g<od qualities, oader arrival*, however, a decline muat be ooaed for (in Tuesday wheat wm alow at prevlone prion. Floor, from acarrltv, 6d par barrel dearer. Indlaa corn selling IB re'.tll at the ralei of Friday. At today'* market there wm a ratal I atteadaaoa of bojrra, a?'l very l td* button* done Wheat eraa ex oeedlaf ly alow of tale at nomlaally Tanday '* rate*; in one or two inatanwt a reduction of iid to 3d. w*<aub miurd to A very choice parcel of new rod from Uterin um direct, brought 0* fid In retail, and a ebotoe lot per ateamer from New York, 0a. to 0* 4d. per TO lb* White ntgrcud Floor very acarce, aad fall prion a*Wed for I'v-el* Indlaa corn mnta a moat limited retail aale at our rotation* W* quote wheat red, Ra to 3a 6d . white, 0a to 0a 0d. pe* "0 lot Flour?Western, 81* to 31a ; I'allale'phis tad It* t'more 31* to 83a l Ohio, 33a. to 84i per barrel lectin corn?M'ved aad yallow, 88a. to 381 6d ; while, 42a to 44*. per 480 lb* Bat ? With hnry arrival* at this lata period of the tretoa, the me ket hat beoome very dall, and ploes lead downwards New Irlab will he errlriag neat wnk, watch will add to the depreeatoa of American Pot* ? .hock light, but demand limited, and prion ea rhargrd. Heron ?More doing, and beet qaalllln, which are acarce. are held for ra<her more money The tain mala, however, e?e at prevtoui prion L?at< ? Neglected; price* nominally unaltered. Tallow, with a dlmletebu Utqalry, ane advtcn or large ah'pmenu rom "*i. Prterabu'g bn reorded 3t perewt, clcaltg doll "Butcher*' Aaaodatloa" wa etannt today qarte over 61a per swt. la Loo- on iha nme decline bat alao takra p'ace, the cloalng quotation for P. T. C. being 8?a on the riot aad f>8* 81 for delivery tael toree mcatha of thta. and Aral three mortfce of next yen* Rr*un ?tale* of common reach about 4,COO barrela at 41 4d to 4a 8d. per rw| R*ar. -Dell at lia. for PtUadelphla, and 13a Tor Balti more Oil* ?Fprrtn in rrqeed, end again dearer bright bag gad telling nt ?00 to 104, end crude nt ?'?5. la whaw aorhiDg ddeg Urtvm ?The market haa not been eo animated alone tfcnday.but prices are firmly maintained, aad %i. per lb. dearer than on Friday laat. la Maa theater buelaem la goods ha* been rberked by the Indian newa, aad la yam by the greet advance demanded, eo that trans** ona have been neither numerous nor large?etill, tn tbe abeeace of atceka. p*odncera are very ted*r*a?eat "Middling" Or learn*, P^d ; Mobile, 0 3 164 ; I plat da, 9){d per IB. B4R1KG, BKOTHKR8 * CO.'8 ( IRCTI AR. i/owuow, Friuay, (tept 18?8 P. M. Tire colonial aad fbrefga prodaoe market* evnUane In aet've Dngar steady Jotton and ureal ?,nfTe dearer Money tn good demand Cow toll, 00 % a 00 >4 for money, 0O>{ n W ?; areo'iut Bar allver, be lXd.; American eagiea. T?e 3d ; Meitcaa dollar*, be Id., doublooM, Bpantrh, 78* ad : Hoolh American. 78a. Ad. American atorki without cbang*: there have beaa 'e rer teller* than might have bera expected uadar tb* unfavorable acoounle from Naw York. Canada 6'e dall of rale. <>ur <v>rn market la leva active than laat week. and prlnet have a downward teadeary |?.t week'* avaraga jrlos of Kngttah wheat ?ai (8a 81 on 118,888 quartet returned Wa q iota wb'r* Amerisaa wheat, 67* a A0? ? rrd.fcf.a *68* per quarter. Amarloaa flrar, 80* a 31*. per bhl 81 it*a ? a* In gor d damand at the commencement of the week, but tat eriy (here haa been lee* activity In the mar ket.and prior* are unah*nied fir Weet India, toe aale* ?mortal tn 4,160 hbd* , and of 7,000 bag* Maurlt.aj and I-a* I lac la at auction the greater part found bar era Fa reign?7 '6 Dbit* Oab* mureovedo were moetlr eold at 48a a 46a ?d for vary Inferior to mid brown, 4Ai. a 47* fbr low .0 middUag yellow (10* Hd duty) and 47i a 63a for mldriling to good pale yellow (13* IOd. dote); 616 box** Havana eold from 44*. 6d a 46* for low brewa (12a Bd doty). 10* a 62* for grod middling to gool yellow (13a IOd duty), aad 6d*. a 67* Ad for low In good flarettea (I61 duty), 260 boxea white Havana and 6,887 bag* brown Pernam* were taken in, the latter al 43* fid a 44*. for fair quality PrIrately, 2,600 boxea Haraaa eold ?t t?i for low orown (12* 8d duty), 48* 3d a 4)t for good brown ard low yellow (Its IOd duly), and 6M a 6lr. for good to Baa yallow (1.1* 101. drty). *00 bag* broare Pevname are opened at 4.'? (12a. 81 dot ), and abocl 800 to 000 bhda Cuba muaooved# and Porto K'on have been taken at etrady prloea Afl >a?, a cargo of 478

?ere and I.POO bag* hroam Bahln, Intured, eold al :vm M for the United Kingdom, and one of 1,C3S boxea and 86 bhda Haraaa (No II) al 31a fbr a near Ooauaeo iai port. lamb inrnm or role rm -rwo Dovnw or ra inru woMfiiM A>fM? on By way or Bglud we ktn am from Bydnsy to too 1MB and Melbourne to too 23d of July. Iko hU atoaaar which oniTOd wt?i too tatoWgOMO, brought goto valued ot ?078,000 sterling (oao and fores quarters mlUtaa of dollar*), and nkncetqf further keaty ihxymmU by mhUrq wmis. fh*iproduction of gold woo foereaMng. At Boob load rtver abaat 800 Barnpaoao had altaolrad l^oo Chlaoaa and driven thaw lata the ban. no ring leaden wore arrowed, aad both ffnrnp**? aad Ohlane bad returned to their labor*, no price of wool bad deotlaad aboat >d. per lb. United Btatea OhMttOoait, Before Hoa. Judge Botfo. THB SLAVE gBir MERCHANT. Oct. I.?Tfw United State* et. Jew toe, Bier and otter*.? no aooaeod Santo* not being forthoomlng, the United Stales 1 totrtot Attorney deemed It advisable not to prooeed with the caae agalaet the other partiee etaargad with being engaged la an nalawful expedition on board the eohoeaer Merchant The other defendant* warn therefore diaoharged on their own reeognlaanooe. an VOLT AT 81 A. The United State* ee. Md. O'Brien and 3*oe. Hemy?The daftndante were eharged with making a revolt on the high ceae on board the brig Hero. For the defanoe It wai oca tended that the eecond male lUtreated them and knocked them about with a pair of ' braes knnoklee," whlob he held on hie hand. After being absent for over three hour* the jury ware enable to agree aad were diaoharged. The priioaer* were also diaoharged. BTlALme MAO. BAGS. Timothy Lear? was put upon trial for appropriating to his own use fifty mall bags, the property of the Prat Offloe Department. The defeadint kept a joak shop aad fre quently bought waste paper, ho., from newspaper boys; these artlolee war* put Into the old mall bags, aad the de endaat by his oouaiel, Mr. O'Ronrke, contended that he had no knowledge of their being the property of the Uni ted Slates, that they remained on his pre nisei and were not bought by him, nor did be Intend them for sale. lbe United States District Attorney, Mr. MoKeoa. con tended that the mall bags ware the property of the United Suites; that there ware over one hundred found la the pos session of the defendant, and that no one bat the United States authorities was endued to them. the Court lnsirt oted the Jury that the offbnoe will have been oom milled if lbe defendant appre printed the mall bags to his osn or any other than their proper use, for hli own profit or convenience; that It was not necessary to prove that be made sale of the bags In order to oonviot blm ef appropriating them Is violation of the law, and that the fact of appiO:rlailBg them unlawfully might be Inferred from the manner in wbloh he teoelved, kept aad dealt with them The jury rendered a verdlot of not guilty. The Court made the following o. der:? Orcered that tu reefer, to attain the approval of the Judge of this oourt or the sulliolenay of sureties to bonds or stipulations c tiered for the disobargo of veasols under arrest upon attachments Issued out of this court. It shall be necessary to give nutloe in writing (a reasonable time before the application) to the proctor for the llbeilant Us tfa* action, staving the time ant plaoe when application will be made for tuoh approval, and the name, oooupatton and re?ldcooe of the sureties to be offered, and tee a ipli cation shall be accompanied by an affidavit proving the servloe ot such notice. Fiabpitl Railway Collision.?We learn from the Kor heater democrat tblw a terrible cells ion of lowmo motlves happened on the 29 h ult. at Corning, resulting In great damage to property, and injury to several persons. The locomotive for the Conhoolon Rahroad was fired u 3, and was moving on the trail of tne Mew York aad Erie F"*d, heading west, when the express train from the eait came np. The fireman and engineer of the Omhooton Icroiiotlve jumped off, and It was struck with tuoh ft roe as to sead It forward with great speed, and It Is said to have travelled seventeen miles before being stopped. The New York and Krle locomotive was throws off and upeet, the head being driven Into the earth; the baggage oar was literally broken to splinters; the baggageman was someabat Injured, bnt not seriously. The first passenger oar was driven forward aad upward to as to rest upon the engine, and was badly shivered, and a newsboy Is said to have had both legs brchen. Some other persons were hurt, bnt we do not learn how seriously, or who they were. It la fortunate, aad almost miraculous, that no lives were Industrial Exhibition?a Stitch in', Ac ?A younc lady iseseager la one of the Mount Pleasant ears a day or two ago, came very near getting foe hats of all foe gentlemen, wno noticed a singular ani unex pected display of good tense and prudeaee on her part. On entering the oar her drove caught, aad was oonalde rmbty torn, the rent preeeattag a very uutundaoaas ap pearanre In oontrast with the exceeding neatnoae of her apparel. As toon aa aha was stated, the removod bar ktda, and diving into foe t eceeeee of a tin? pocket, brought out a needle and a bit of thread, after uniting wbloh with moet d( xlerous manipulation, thi set in work to repair dam?g< n, aud very sorn spread out ibe folds if her robe as complete aad whole as If no sceldeat bad ever osour red The ma rrtals ef Industry were then redepodted in their resting plaoe, and the lady aesumed her kMs and an attitude of repose, smiling triumphantly.?/feWon Courier. ifVKlTiSKAJKMTl EKHKWftl fffilf MI. G, PERJONAL. B., DtftBOT ALL YOUR LITTERS TO A 8WAM A 00., Aa . I GO OCT or TOWN THf* BVIMING. RHALL be at A on Tuesday or Wednesday. A note teat to the 8 wfll reaeh me. H. IF HIM MABT J. bit ADMAN. FOBNBRLT OP THB An*nm female Institute will ssnr bee address to Pauay, boi IB) Herald odtoe, she will bear from aa old and true frtenl. IF WILLIAM GRBOU AN IRIH3MAN, WHO IN 1*41 owned a ri'xar ratals tn Pmto ? - Sappers to ass this adcertlarment be will hear of something to his advaniags by addr?a.'Bg .lobn B. Pat tck. Herald 'Bee, New fork. IP NR. CLANK FOBNBRLT TOTTER IN THE EMPIRE 1 to).aeon works, and latr'y In the New fork tobacco works, ? ill cab at 1 fti Cedar street it will be to hta advantage INFORMATION WARTBH-AT WsRHINSTON, D. a, by lbs kelrs of the late Mrs Harah Thornton, of Charirs M. Ibnrston. who aalled froaa New Vorh fof LJ> eroool in the abip Andrew Foster in the summer of lbSS, and has not slnea besn heard of. M R. COOK WILL IPLBAkB CALL AT IB GRKBNB ? trvei immediately. K. 1)KR*ONH (ICING TO HAVANA !N TT1K RTRAMBR GO A k KB UlTT, on the 71b Inst . nan obit's st?'? r.jom ho 47 on utper deck, by applying loPoWLEB A JOVA, M K M -BARLIER THAI TOU IXPBCTBD. KVERf day, one until two ORKOM. T) PASTE RR OF V gSSk-rt AND THB RE 4 FA RING community - Nlsaiti*. I'snlr llsys. formerly of w*>hlng to* Market. New York, ief-his wife and friends with lha In lent!'a Of going to Hal 'mure or (fa'vmtno slnoe wh'rh Uma be ban not beet, heard fr. m s ny I- forraaUoa een ernlnt hta wb?r?tr>outa *111 ">e tbsnk'nilv recelreri by addressing J. a. .Iftferv 1ST Pot d street. Prov|den?e. B I. WANTSD?IMPOKMATiON OP BPERCIBB P. AND A fr?U W low; warn last beard of th-y eetre In Oht Sign, IHIno.s Any Infotasattou of thrlr whereabouts will bs thankfu l} received by their brother Almadnrus Low. Nap tuns Iron Works, Eighth?liwt. Bnat titer. $1 LOAN OIYICRI. - IRTARL'HHKI) 1R4R THH OlD AND BNRPOWRI H b.r enmmlation tan-iaa idtum uy amount on rood? r'.r diamond a wa*ka? jawrlry. dry rood*. gtRBOA aagam. far. nllar?. Ac HcoU iiornd and told on aotrtmlaaloa I'rtrala Utcaa |.>r la.ll.a Tartar llbaml: dan U?i nod prompt la boaiuaaa Pawn tlckata bought. J BAOr'I ft, Ro :M Btoadway. nornar of Walk or r'raai. |1 t. B WILLIS A 00. PI. 81 Raaaan ilroM. roan No. f, idtuM moony to any v J All ktnda of pwmmRl tmn.r.t on diamradt. < hon^TI > property and mar watobaa, JawnlryaLhsJ UCMU Sebaadlna. or bar tar aaah. #?m l\IU\ TO LOAN ON BOND A R P MORT I A'>E ptlU.l/l Ml a city nrr party, la aunt af At ftil, U IIP and opwar'a. aiao fin.HI) In Intrai In tha pnrrAaaa of mnr a tana baring a abort una to roa cm Hrookltn o? Raw fork pr?par If. a'hAR K M1 LI.ICR, U Plna (tram R r.|l linn ?OARH loarrd on ALL KlRIM OP W>fmarebandlaa or hon|ht and anil on mmmta al'<n by Tlio?| ?oe A Co , brokan and nommUmion oiarrbaatn ldl Raarau >ms aornar of Ann, room Ro. t THOMPSON A OO ir,n nnn *? U)A" diamonds. POU.uUU jawalry aagar*. drr nonda, and all kinda at parnonal pmparty. or bought and an Id for naah. Notaa. hwndn wm(ta atoeka, bo., aagatuwal al 114 Naaaat of A aa. armed inor, roMM Nan. 1 and it* THOEPBON A OO.. nrobarn and nnn ?en nnn W UIAI in rtjm? to ruit aptu JOU.V/UU matt. on wntabaa. dlamonda. aad all klnda V or tha aaaia bought tar naab, bm ltdmual WB Broadway .mm Randn I ?loo. yannul prop an j. or tha aama bought tar <mah, be rmmpi aad eonMnnUal. WB Rroadwnr. aoraar Readr r nn Ro f LAN! A 170 BRoanwat. room no is thir old option adranora tba klghaat mm or bora tor each dia Honda ami "baa awalry. piano* dry ?? ala. aad avary da> aarlpHon .?f ralnab.a pr>p?r'y, ?tonka bnada. mortgagaa. Aa J H RaRB INdBR. 17U Hroadwa* <*wn*rnf Raidan <ana. H07 J"*0*1"**?-OARH AOTAjrtW M ADR I* nJ. nTbonght for aiaab. Pawn tl< kata boo tit. Bnali larra or amall mam. on dlamonda, wttohaa lawatry dry goodi. t laoo*. pMnran. bardwam or aar klnda of n oil lata BPBWpRji RRl IAR frant room, nmond aanry. CNORFlltRNTIAI. A PARTT WITH rNLINimn ) mrana will maka Inana for abort p.r'odt on aloaka ad (nod*, mrrrbandi.a, gold and atlrrr Plata, dlamonda wataRaa. An . or will but Ika aama Addrana hot 1 am Pint n<lnn C1AFH ADTANOCR NAPR ON I'AWN TIPKRTR. AND ' (>md dl*m of rtmra. plna and wairbaa AH klnda a' good Jawalry a??a?r?d on if y m rail roon at 41 ltaarar atraat la ka aagar rtrra Rrmrmbar tba nnmhar MMONBT Id) A NEP ON WATHBNN. JPWR'.RT. PI 4 rornda and mil ktnda of marnkandlaa, or bongkt tor anaR Parftaa ran l>a daait with atria If nonfldanttat. and no4 ha aaaa rmfaring a loan nOna. J. A B. P. JAOORH. 407 Rroadwnr. Ill M.I A HON. BHILLIARP HAM.R WILLIAM M WRI.UNO MANU fanara' if bllPard balln. A*l Brvana irM, Raw Tor*. I'rloaa Of an. No |><, (R. * ? 1A RB. t*,. ?m, 3H 811; 2 laoR bagatalla balln fin oarafollr pankad and arm to any addraae on rro*4pt of prlca by mall PI'NLAN'R MOPNI. Hll.LIARP TA?L?7 ANP OU*H loaa. patantfl Prbrnarr, IRW. Pan liar a tra Inrltad to ararrtna tbaaa tablaa at An nrtanafra awl aar. at Aba largaal and brat fnmahad In tba warld - iwnatr aarar. ablan rartona atylaa witb tha oala ralad aomhlaalloa anahlo ?, bring ap tor athibltlon and pmrttaa Opan day ami arrniUe< Ralnarooam 7W and 7* Broadway. Nan itamory ? ARB rtrwt A taw Mernd IumuI uuiim tor tiio sNi9t B B1TCBH OORMRBOTAL life weubancte oompamt. Capital villi arwnmntettne. N 800.03). Mo iitntkvi* law or 00. t*S* fcr unealuf the AH title. oaa ba tfboM, **<5 go" at uewaof 10,H Mo. <6 Wall (MM. MKBUiNT I LB LODGE MO. 48 I. O. Of O. P.-THB Bembw* of Meroaatlla I>odg< in requested lo ttt?il the funeral of oar late broikar Juu< H. Barley, from Mo. 18 Bond Mroei, Brooklyn, on Bandar, th* 8'b ipat I u p M ?oust fiboubom, h. a. Wa H. Taulbah. Booia'ary. RfTLLlONB OF DOLLARS DM OLA HMD .N TUB BAMK iu of Bngland and elsewhere.?If the party ? bo rave later ?nation, oaa aid or establish tea teet of Thi-aaa Stewart of KlrkwalL Orkney, dying without deacon danla ihey will be handsomely rewarded. U. HATS, next of Km Offloe, 317 Broadway. M. T. VTOTIOS.?ALL FBBSOMB BAVIMO AMY CLAIMS AT against the Meet Trot Oompanv, are leanest' d to pre lent the aame In writing lo the enbeer'ber. or to J. L Manning, Trap, oa or before the 20th October. 1*8. PHILIP BOH 7TLXR, Trustee, A*. Ma 18 Barkings Plane, Maw York. ?ATMW TORE BI BALD WAMTSD.?AMY OMR H AVI MO rl fl ee or the Mew Yorh Herald from 838 lo 1880 Ma find a pnrehaeer by applying at the herald offloa SPECIAL MOTIOR-?TBI KRMBKRS OF BROOKLYN OUy Lodge lo 6.A P. A., are requested to be In atteod anee at Ihrlr lodae room. 112 Onu ada Ball Myrtle arenue, or the residence of the dreeaat d. Mo 7 Doug late etr?et, Brook lyn on bun day. the 8th Inst. at I o'clock, te attend the funeral of their late brother Joshua Williamson The meaabere of the order In general are Inrllen lo attend By order of the Worthy Master, JAMBS HARK. NEB 8. rlB OOMMTTTSB OM MARK STB OF THR BOARD OF Uounoilmeo win bold a final wee ting on Monday, Oek A at 3 P. M . tn relnttou to the Baonnvoort property. Parties in lewied are lamed lo attend H W. OOLYBR 1 OH AS. DOT*. I Committee O. P. RIOKPORD, V oa J. M. REYNOLDS, [ Market* WE H. ORoMS, J rflHR COMMTTTBR ON RAILROADS Of THR BOARD A of Coun oilmen, will bold a meeting lo the Chamber of the Board ef Councilman on Monday, the Ith Instant, at two o'clock P. M., to take in'o oonsideratira 'he expediency of pro hibiting the use of *t*am on the lleven h avenee, eou'h of Ftftjnlnlh afreet, and the propriety of running ?m?ll patanngtr care cn the Htdaon Rlrrr Ral'roed, from the terminal of a Ud railroad north to Ftfly-ninlh *tr*et. rerson* Interes-ed la the above eutjecte are reepee fully Invited o attend OKO P BI KPOBD.l . TH08 MONROB, Committee O. W. WaRNKR !? on JOHN 8HAPPBRT, I Kallioadj. W. B. CRANE J TIM TURF. CRMTRRVTLLX COURSE LOH3 ISLAND ?TROTTING On Monday. Oc ober 6, at i% o'clock, t parse of MOD, two miles and repeat In harness. Mr. Keeltr nawee ch. a lady LUohfielo; L. Boretl names b. m. telle of Port.aud. JORL OOMOKLIM, Proprietor. UNION OODRf R, L I -TROTTtMO- ? ? M TUESDAY, October 6. at J >4 o'clock. A puree end stake of IM0 mile heeta, beet 8 In B to ? agnoe. D. Tall man tu mea bl B. Hum ming Bird; D. Mace names gr. g Meddleeome; H Wood r a IT nam'* r. g. Dart; D. rtfler lares rh. m Maud; J. F. kodine names} eh. m. Canaan Maid: P. Helmee nam-e "r. t Phil BHAW A WHITE Proprletota. RK WARDS. BO REWARD.?LC ST. ABOUT 8 O'CLOCK OM WED <Pu nee day evening, la Henry street, a very small dog brownlih color, no hair on hie throat and loins; he 1* called BUly. The above reward will be paid for him at 13 Henry street. R. T. ?O BIWAKD ?LOST, A BOLD LOCKET, BOOK FORE VU In the neighborhood of the Park. The finder will re ceive the above reward by leaving the same at 38 Murray street, comer of Church. JOH M MeMILLAM. me REWARD.?STRAYED, A LARQB BLACK NEW WO found land dog. His cwnar'e same and address are M his erUar The finder will be liberally rewarded by re turning *>*?' me BIWABD?A LABOR OAMKO BRBA8TPIM WAS teftJ.loet In the New Haven earn, from Mount Vernon, (even ing train.) October 1. or attar from the depot, Twenty seventh street, aerres Madison square lo the Twenty third street line of stages lo Eighth arenue to 216 Wast 1Kb street By learln It at Ma 2 Maiden lane the above reward will ba paid. REWARD?LOOT A BLOB BN4MBLLBD CHAT lelalne pin, In paattng from Twelfth street to Bleeckvr, cn Broadway. J. B. ALLBN, 118 Fourth avenue. $5 (If! REWARD?WIH BR PAID FOR THR RBTURM VIA/ af an onyx ring, scroll setting. !e ter O engraved thereon, lost near the oornar of Preaklfs and Cm Ire atresia, on Thrrsday evening last. Apply to Jamaa Leonard no.| 76 Bnekman sweet. BID RRWARD.-LOOT, OM THCBHDAY BTBMIMG, te> IU let Inst., In going frees Lafayette place to the rimer of Eighth street end Broadway, thence by oasnlbas to Bry ant's ??nstreli. and rrtuning the aame way, a lary'a gold watch abala and a bunch at rharaM Whoever wl 1 return the cease to the Oriental Hotel. Lafayette plaoe, shall receive the above reward. ?on REWARD ?LOOT OR TOE8DAT R1CHT OR W&VJ Wedaeaday morning, a pocket wallet, containing a small earn of money, some memorandums and a note drawn by the subscriber In favor of, and enderted by, B. Mewhouae, dated August 31, 186T. at all months, 'or II 100. All persona are cautioned agaUst negotiating said not*, as It will not be C^^d. The above reward will bepald lo the Under by return It to 118 Pearl etrnat, or 10 83 West Bevruterath atreet WE BLOODiOOD. mne reward to ant person who hab pvdm i f AO a anting of a rlrg ontanlng thirteen small mat die mends, with oeeln the centre, set In silver If he person who fonnd It has plwlged or sold It and will give Information ?bere H canibe found, be will receive the reward It arm* lost in g -Ing from Crosby lo Spring sheet Spring to the Bowrrv, Hosier Street and ( hria le between the houra of 12 and I no Monday, the 2Mt of September. R. PIKK. 81 Chatham i rest. ? CD EBWARD ?LOST. ON Till hVBNIMO OK.dP qlJU tember 28, a ebeepakln pocket wall/*, containing a roll of bank bills, eeniflcate 'or *11 shares Catena and ( Drag i Railroad sioek, a eeniflaate fr?r twenty hie shares "uhl, gaa Sou them preferred. tn be name or W. Ha* ia> d, transfer of which baa been stopped, ard o'her papers of ao value lo sny person bat the owner Who? -,r wrl r*t urn slid wallet, with the contents, shall receive thy above reward, and no quest loos asked J. M. ?LOVER, 186 Oioanwteh street. LOST AJTD rocm Don rtolbm?>io riward ?a ) ABoimtrorn;) ??lid black dot; I1" * white ftreak on hl? fane. running down and widening owcr hi* n- ?? and I rea* , the tip of a 1 feu feet are while and the e>treme end of hi. ?a?l; he ?v .tolra on Wrdomdar laal the above reward will be pa d on the rroorert of the dog and oonrletlon o the thief. Apply to Mr. Pet kin* Fifty fifth ?trad. near the Bant rlvnr. Lost-a pookitbook .ou?tai*ik ? six motin [a* follow*-One Of A H. Badger At'.. . dated Jn y ?, 1S67 at Ih'ea month* for WO It) payable to their own order; one dated September F. l!-C, at two mwi.ha of A. H Had err h do., pa-able lo Ja ob Badger, for F70'; Mie note dated July 1. 1H6,, at thrre tnontha. forfcTO Hi, drawn by H. O. Wet-rfolt, payable lo hut own order one note dated Meptemnar lb, IHJ7, h>r flteen day*, for KVIt 78, drawn by Theodore B. lien root, i ayable t? <' M Lane at ru'ton B*nh; one note >160, drawn by <1 A Ktrli*nd, payable to the ord*r of 0 N l.atte, at Uurty dai?. cated HepWmbnr 1, lSBJi one note >100, drawn vy (). A. Kirtlat d, payable to 'ht order oftl. M Lane, at thirty dan, from eepumber t 1HC7, and two other Dote* drawn by U. t). Weu*rf?lt all peranne are eaut<oned agaln?t negotlat leg ??ld note*. ?? par*#nt lu been movped. Wboeeer wfU retnrn ihe prdetoo-k to 1PI Booth rreet. Hew kork or to C. M I.ane 772 hrabam art* tie, WllUamaburg, ell] be aalta biy rewarded. LOST-A BROWM SILK PaRABOL WfTH iv >gr ban I'e/m Tb raday morning.In Atlantic ntywnt. near tflla ton *.re?i, Brooklyn A anltable rnwird u olTared at 6U OUn lea atreet. BrtHklyn! VICKBI) LP BT BTKAMBOAT JOBATH.B CIaHB Uct I, aear HoMna' Rerf atauht abo -t twenty.two V ? long Pp' nd in II ta ) eoaut. on* real a?d gold wa'rt In one ofuteptcbr'* n card w ih the name of A T. ilenw* The t wner can bare thr aame by r ailing 11 Bt doulh atreet. proving proprriy and paving efcargna STRAYKU FROM 62 WALL HTKtkT, A BK'iWIt Tgg rter. lame In bind Inf. A reward WUI ha paid roe hi* re torn B BOBIrRUM. STRtTBD OR STOL1R?A HtOWR OOW WITH A leather itrap aroend her nenh. good *l. e A ay one re turning her to J. T .1'hneon brick hO 'ee. on Myrtle amine, tear Inrcnp. will be anitably rewarded CflPdU.NMtM.IP hlfllll, C/t -PARTKKR WtkTin IBMBIH ATBLT. TO 9 LOU. pnrchaee a half (hare la a r**prcable ethibltlde now ready W? irarel Apply ai SI <lonvemear atreet. cwner of Man Iron *tre*t, front rmm, over the ?toee Ihla w an ainnl lent rhanre to make woney an I *ee the country. -PARTNRR WARTRD TO RM'I AOB IM THB manufacturing of kieel rr brw?* hoop* f ir ladle*' atao elorh and wateh ?pr1?r? llnnlne*. a'ready e* labile bed and paring I'M per oerl. Applv at ln*brr yard, Twenty-elgh b ..r-e- beween Stuh and geeeath arennaa Oall between the I no a of II and I. aad 2 and 2 P M. $ *50. y ? ? te am hiin/t.?i ||>, A RBHPBnTABLB MAM WITH (IaUU '*? > ' nreonn1 of moo?y, la a money making bnalteee, wh.< e* .rom >10 to >16 per day. and the ye la bnt litur .? w. P'ea?e call at BIT Bowery. *A nil - WABTBO 161 ??I>IATBLT. AM MWTRRPRIH U\". Ing pen on wtih ibe aboe* amount. who ha* to oh jeeilon to travelling or tngnglof In a *neenlatiy* bn.lnem where motey e*n be wade ??p'dl* t ri' opportunity will bareared >y eatllag on J. W L TJtH t-lway. mr ill m PARTRRR WABTRD. ,TH el M>O.UUU, to >10,006 eaih, to tak - Ut ?U?.? of o In an old eatab lahed wbnleeale kquor b ? i ??. twee, ww a on gab Ma Broadway Pool off**. wi h rani name ttaUag where aa tnierrl** naa be bad Agent, need aet apply. HOM M not oae retiring " ddreaa Mo $10. 000 TO 6)11'fl A BI'BiMkSS MAM, WITH RAID _ capital want'd In engage lu th? man "factum of a patented agrtenltuml Implewtml wbinh i? la *rea< da maid A full tired worhla. ate- bin* nan be aaat and further Inf rtnation. by addr?*?ing A. V. W 6d Fallon atreet Brook lym. Proflta I HP lo IIP par neat Art pbrmom wtrhimo to lb a ve thb cii t to bm gage In a 6l?l per eent maenfanierlng in.liee. of the flr.1 etamp ran eaabawge their m ?reha?idlee -eal egiateorpeemai perp?rt? for the aame. lo the amoral of from I ,(mn to >t iwt, aeenp'lng to Ihe In lee eat pnrnhaaed. Addmm J. I. B bat Till Pom oM?* ' (Tti PABTMRBS -a OBMf 1.BMAM BBIKIMO BUM J eern eat aa opportunity o' e-nnee'lng bim* t' wi h a highly yeepeelaftle parly wh?re th? earlia! required |* rery .mail in rowipari* m In the amenai of bnelnea* Ir.nxaeied. one brannh of which ba* hern e.tahllth.d I wee y year* Thin l? really ? rare Ir yeatmeut and worthy ?f Immedlale attc?UoB. Th* yery be*t of city ref, reeee* glyea. Appiy at LIVINO RTOM A OO 'g, Bo 6 Harkaan Mreet rrUR OOP ARTNKRAHIP HBRBTOP jBM RXfRTlMU BB 1 tweea "eoyge W Roger* and ,f"ke Wll'lam* I* (hi* day d'rno red by mutual eoaami the buMaeralo br earrind on and all debt* paid aa ntnal by denyg* W Rrger* bt Ro 7W Rlith *r. ?ne comer af forty lanmd timet mgaad OK) W, ROOBRM. JuHM WILLI AMR ABTID- A PARTMRR, IR A RMUO RWTTTPT1MO ? nd llq*or bnrlnrn*. ?ow ewtaMlelied; Ule ad' ep'laar la eompeicni lo niah? all bled* of Pjoor. 6Kn oaly would make It a |?ilrt o noarn. Adfreaa. wbh aame and add/aaa Mown, Herald off re. ARTBIV-A PARTMBR IM AM MMPLOYMMMT OP due lor *rrrant*. looaled la one of ike beat |">r lona o IAa otVy fsg the buatoeaa. Addgeaa Bmniormaat. Urgaid 197 hnn -low ?ob balb fob OABa-^i^ff 941 .Ul/U. ral ahoiaw Ion, rinuM Ntiw nfU aad Hath ?m?? aaar the Nlue grounds, wUl be Mid at a bar- I plitoCMkanl) M. L IHILDOK, 86 luna Mmi I A OBI AT BABG AM.?FOB 8 ALB, A THBBB YBABW A 1mm or a two story ud auto hones on the bad Bm rou|felkra la tha rttv. wtth k splendid bar and fixtures, hn rosewood bli lard labtaa. Ac ^ I QBO. WaLTBB. Mb Broadway, rooas 8. HOU8B IB BROOKLYN FOB 8ALB OB BJ? CHANG* ? for a good grocery or wand In Washington or FuRon m*m Apply si 14 Wall street room BHROOKLTB HOUBB8 FOB BALI OB TO LBT, ra. ? ? Boa 8, 9 and 16 Lafayette Flntbusb avenues (part of tha and 180 Owaa street. on and adjoint* < Han oo plaea Loca tes ex-eedingly healthy and a frw tlap* from tha Fulton araaua oara; in toy la emvHMH and fir lab they are not surpassed; they are la perfest ordar tar Immediate occupancy. Prloe of former. 85.590; latter, IIBt Tv ru>s aocmmoda'lng Apply on tha premlaaa. or to WIL LI A B B. N10 POLS, (the owner J 1? Baaaau street, H. T. 0HBBAPK8T HOD8B IN MKW YORK FOB 8ALB?FIYB ? story brown atooe tonne In Bast Fourteenth street wlB be sold for 812,400: 88 000 or 88.000 down only. Apply la KNIGHT A CO. 493Broadway, arenue between Futtoo * aw block); and Hon. IK UB tojotalsc m-rtbwast ooraar tn 8ALB?THB TWO HOUBHi NOB. !? AND r^BB 8 ALB-A COUNTRY IB AT AT NOBTH HATMB. ?straw, known as the Garner plaea. perfectly apleodU aat baa:thy, with 18 scree; house 40x16 feet, tarn stories and haaa mm , spring near the door, and lOOAoraa water oowersa fee place Prt. a 85.000? teas than tha house ooat Inquire of tat BAB BOND, next door, or of A. DAY IB, M Ninth arsama. law York. 8ALB.?A HAND80HB TWO 8TOBT OOTTAGB, ? with basement. No. 87 West Twenty-eighth street, wtth gas and Croton water. Also a Urge j?-u, containing s crape ytne, and stable Prloe 84,000; In aaah 810C0. the reetoa aaarb rare ioeulre at the grocer;, No. 9 Downing street, between 3 and 3 o'clock. r^nt 8ALB?A B1AUTIFUL GOTHIC OOTTAOB. HAND ? no-nelr located, wtth one sore of ground, well Stocksd with a large variety of choicest fruit, one minute's walk fraaa repot, and forty minutes from New York by boat or ease. Possession tan mod lately. Full particulars at 16 John street. C H. OLIYBB. ^ BYiBT three months, a few more tou, beautifully situ tied, wtthhs f?i 46 minutes ride from the Olt* HaH by ferry and stage,i run every fifteen minutes Title perfect Apply to the ownam 239 Broadway oorrer of Barcla* strict, third floor, room 4g)& FOB. 8ALB-AN BLBOANT FIYB 8TUBY BBOWN stone bonse, nearly new. In Bast Twenty third streak, t oore IB by CO. lot 36 by 100, first class in every particular, and built by days' wrrs. Prloe twenty tox thousand dollaea. A lares portion or tha purehsae money assy remain oa bawd and mortgage. Apnly at 103 West Twenty eeoend street, sr a note left at Hurley A Miles', 80 gold street, will receive sitee Uon. CHABLB8 H. DILAYaN. FUBN18HBD HOURB FOB BALK, TO LBT, OB BK chat ge for an improved farm or ooontrv seat oo the Hud sod river?A first class ' rown stone house, four s'ory and basemt-ot, 35 test front, situate on Murray Hill, TMrtj-tox* street near 'he new Park, Fourth avenue place, r.p'ete wtth all modern Improvements and newly and elegantly furnished. Address C. 8. H. Herald oflke. BR 8 A LB CHBAP, OB TBADB?A F7B8T OLABB house brown stone front, oa Murray Hill, Bo 81 Wato Thlrty-toxtb street, between Fifth and Sixth isvenuea, ta story and basement Boone 30 by 18 feet, let 30 by MR Parlors and entry walla and oelllngn fresooed la aiL 87 JM can remain oo mortgage and 84,000 eaih tha balance la M olass bank or Insurance stock. Apply to P. O. WBAYBB, M I. BK BON. fit Grand street. Reads street, or to J. ?. PHK 8ALB OR BXCH t NOB?FABM8 COUBTRY 8BATB.I ? vt'lage and city properly. In all locations and pricet. Par ties wishing to negotiate would do well to wire as s call. h III.IOI 1 I! . Kt. ?r Broadway. POB BALI OB TO LBT, OHBAP?0BVBBAL NBA! cottage hou?es near Bush wink Oram Boads, Bast Brsoh lyn, within bal' an ho r's ride of New York toty; stages hp the door every few mtnatea; some of these houses are bsaa Ufnlly located, with fine gardens, shade trees, grace vines. to Apply to J. tsULIOK, Bo T Henry shesC*. T.. tall ta 13 o'clock A. M. BTURBAY HILL-FOB 8ALB TWO PIBIT OLABR. M houses In Thirty eighth street. near Fifth svaaoa, the earth tode of the street srerwe stoaa fronts, fenr story and basement, with all the modern Improvements, built by Bay* work by the owner aed finished in the best msnssr for a pea vale residence, houses 3UM, lots 3Lhalf the bloak. For ed ml.-sloa to see tha property apply to W. W. RTANLMT. oa Urn premises WANTFD?TO KX17HANG8?820.000 WOBTH OF BBBT fsrmlrg and pi or 1 tad* In to tsconton (or dry (ond* gro ceries, too blag, boots atd shoes. Ac lands all warranted t. No 1. All lenrs strictly o?afltleaUal. Address, Crroes wees. 1. K. W , Lov.-joy's Hotel. FUB BALB. ? 9?T WTLL PUBUHA'N THB OOOD WILL FIL VtttNl ana forcl ore *f a porter hooss doing s good cash business: the loaitloo ts good far any baton** re'retth mexits is par isular, real low. Apply at 134 Liberty street C 4 HO "ARH WILL BUY ONB OF THB BE8T DBINX V Tl/U lor and nsa-rart sa'nona la the <onmr pert to Want street, doing a fine business, * I h a three years' Isms, at a low rent, and wtll be sold to-mediately at a bargain. THOMaB toAFFBBT A CO.. 17fi Chatham square. (l^n -FOB HA LB. A 8BGAR 8TOBB IN ONB OF WtlfU, the best localities ta theo:?y Kent cheao. rooms for a family. Applj to 0. B. HOWB8 A OO . 386 Broadway, room 17. ? COO R BALI, ONB OF 1HB HB.T LOCATBQ SttJUU, porter honsas down town, on the best ih linage fare la the city, oa a very proatoaenl oora w; the owner m Be ing t; retire, oilers this a rare chance. T <i AFFN IT A CO . 170 Chatham sgnmm. 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