Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 4, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 4, 1857 Page 2
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good polwy. inrtM MM I of ft assail Oeniml antic n ?f &i? beaks of' auras4 Buue nn prohibit**. Gold end all war wcwld aooft snpp>> Mm piacs for small oheage. and ara about* b? na of tie ftcMftftca tbftt la now Mil to be friar it haa baM aaifaatad Mat Ma sound kuki or Mta ftad tftr aetgbftorirg ->tote* rbou d make aome arrangement s-cft aa exists in tfte Now Kr gland Btelei: bara a place la this citr for the redewpticB of ;halr aotaa Bat aa long as scr bretresa ootrmunity will bear Me la* Inflated upon them bv o paper, no sues arrangement will be rutde Wtio .b? ctinn alien it not proetbted, nnlesa re deemed somewhere la Me State ton b^nks hive no In teres! to bare a p aoa of reiemiMton fbey will only more fo- ?pro't la Ibotr lolerMt At present, bank* find t profltaule to trad their paper aa far from borne aa possible; ln\ Out t- tho iueans through a private banker te give'i a stan, wtcn U can Pa k\?.*o *nt roared from ree to ttvr j? r rem, and remain sway from fcoaao aa long m peentbk4 At present therr is n? reg ila-ity about tola wbo'e mst'.ei of bank ear-enoy When gold la al a p** ta'.nm ib? pr'taie bankers yaMcr np Me trash, ar. 1 if tbe> can't Uiue mora by suavtng ?l, ihey send It home, get toe gn d, ?bip It, and draw kiubsnge la reported si i)t ?2{rr coal on Me Kuat Ktchsi g., indeed I tio'.d ?a atari;- Hat premium, lbs. la,Me%eOt*MM If a m*n Las a ousnnd d liars In goM, ne .1*1. ?<u exchange far a small per cert, or aoaa at ah Ot.- boxe currency la only ten; n.usb twdo* par, In plato Entlich; and Me word ex oaaate only . mcoals Me fad Our merohsuie are paying os exclaigx tur Ma to precis on of iae bank paper of oar own Blue I'bla la true all < vrr >be co.ntry. Paper cur iono> U uo ?n?exosnnge t? tot up. Our banks in Me city are, of course, sloe to Ue< e Melr own paper ,Me broker star 1- ready to grab It, nod draw tbe gold. They are a sort ??r aa *h dogs npon banks of Issoe, and make thin rest <shea Motr not ? are gottleg below toe speite standard Ike istii may get indignant at tha brokers, aad soanetlmM get uo quite a furo' In tbe 00mmually, he canes ibey ate oempelied to redeem their " promises te pay " it la all right, however Were it not for Me check matters would soon be worse thin they ate. Ftnsncisl matters are dm aa Mer ought to be, when 44 promise* to pay " are fulflllad with wry Isens at the bank counter. In lirga commercial ctt.'S, noeaslty com pw quirk set lemon's. Tbe Now Yori city banks keep their etronlatloa to near Me am tract of aprce oa haa*; for Melr laanea will '.?ae back upon them, these times, in two or three days. Tae troth la, in Me present panic all " promises to pay" are below 'Me mnitty It la tbe solid subttacoe Mat li wanted It la not easy o see the reason for Ihla except the mere panto Tbe gold la plentiful, mtre to than it haa been at any prevtoas time, and MMJfa* MIMlNg that bare been reasonably well mtnsged"can't well fall. Tbe ewJ we mentioned si toe oommei cement or this ar Uole we have bad more or lets all tbe time Its tnc- usee Is Me worst of sympto ts. Bar ks that send fontr bills to clstant eomttiuciue* have no vary b test or honorable per pones to serve Tbey Ufli >1 a fraud upon the 00 amu nlty that orght to bo prevented. If the people of Louis ville could determine to rid tbemsel-.-e* cf it, it eonld lie prevented. We are swaie or Me difficulty iramcrohant trades m Indians, Tenoosseo or Ooli h? must take tbe currency of those Biases If that reaicn la lnscrmooata ble, then we muiiever snbroit to tbe evil, for the difficulty will always exist. We Mink, boweve', that where More Is a will Mere is a wsy to meet such an evil, and the bene fits will greatly overbalance Me loss In a short time. The wbole system of batksof tune la wrong, and will ever lead to tunes like Meae. trat Me ceaatry is tmmeraad In It over head and ears, and oan only regulate It as bast it MASSACHUSETTS. TbK HA*u TlHKf. I From toe SprlugOeld Republican Ssid U* j How tost toe Urnee we "out or jiint," there lean tx etlmtt opportuiltj lor everybody to ikow how m -ch sense he ha* ic-t. and how much of a man he le. Aa ludlrlduel most be e fool &o. to ?ee that all this U but a to aporary cloeglhf of the whteU or the flnanolA. world Aud that only a few wee hi will pwe ewey before we ehAil All get under he Ad wav AgAln. The country wab never eo rich a< now. A more bountlfil hnrreet wee teTer etoved eway then ?ow lies la the granuiea end the wurebon?ee. Production U Ample, senium pdoo certain and tnenttble. Someihlug tins got Into the gearing aid Mopped toe wheels?mat to nl> It li e big machtno, end moves slowly; but jut as noon as ihU somelblng le fulled out, ail Ike machinery will mart team, and we shall go on ewlmmlBgiy. The trouble now le fjr money. A man worth hair a mill'on or dollar*, and doing burlneee in New York, told a friend of oura tne other day that he post lively did not know where to look Tar a hundred dollar* Suppose I till man Indebted te otnera to the amount or MO 000, and called epos to pay II In ordinary times his pepor .00Id bedUoounted at the bask-, and as hour or walk and conversation would suffice to arrange the metier. Now the beaks cannot dlaoount, and there is no snls for bis elcok or hie real eitate. Therefore, If his paper ma turre, he te 01 liged to su-pend,end yet bo may be actual, y worth ton umee as much a* he owes. Boi why cannot the banks t mount> Are they nbsennc? Not all They here ell made ibeir dlrtocnde up to the present itms, aud have brec doing e go-d builnree. Tney are aoetd, and their blili are goc-d? just as good as tbe v e 'tr were. Lei c?. iben, tell tbe reaaut, or one of the roaioni, no that tverytvicy will onderitand It Tie tooet la very Urge v indebted to tbe Ee?t The baleooei a-* all tuUai diiec-.too ? be acoovnm betwsrn Ohi ago ard ?s?w^ "r*' ft r <BMasce. are In the hab't of being .e'Uod by bliln of exohargw?that l?, n man in Chicago, owing mean In New York, i raws rs another mns In New ^ mk r by owes him, or bovn a bill ot etcher|e oT a brrker who hat fon1? in Sem York io drif uiod At Ui Is uo ou6 In N?* Ytrk owes anybody in Chicago?or that la practically tbe raiv In thta dilemma, the Chicago purple gtt hr.ld <v ad tbe Eiatern money they can, and sen I it hers to oraw on, aa eicteuge te at nigh ae 0'* P" cent in thia way a.l the Eastern nonoy clro dating %t ibe Weil i? forced back into the banki bore tor red< mp-'l-P Tbte free the bark* all they can do anl tfinuwu o discounting to aooominodaie ibe public, they are obliged to band tneir energies to the rfl-mollouoflhetr cbculafnn Tide, torn, is ope of the rear one why money U Ufbi here now, and why ooeocm perfectly nolrent a-e ctlied to ?< tpend payment tne reme :y for toll to toe nooriBS In fiom ibe WeiltW Immense deoo ttt id prelaw, so toe tte pilrenf eacbange may l>e reduced Mea?ure? are m arUve o^raUon to br'Bg about tbat end, ml wiea tlx i are otnai mmate t we abab be !'?? up Ip that tp'A'der Now ib-n. bow nfcall wc oebere io lb:? oriel*? dhal, we be noeitcU'ua at d r-tghtened T V * at ai if we hare ?ot wlte r yard for our onn late*o?tn Goad.. nreli wb? we nerd be need mcne? csrutoly. but ?r niedcottfl certs Brat In order to gei II Toere in money out of the bankt which proper y need, w.iuld relto.e everytuioy If Um ih'agean.lB en pr%ot<cable wuy, be pretested, no man tbculd be allowed to ton rend hen aintpsttncm neinnt to nou?e monovta eo.e? eive ? *lto?'oni ?'? ?efe aid prertirsbie. Again, ih.ei who o?e nioooy en hute li to psy th mid pay it?throw everything Into dronlm:-* imaalole end we thai go easy Uuovfb tbe piaofi We alUvghtO et to c mp-eeeod J?* ihfog.?Tbn. the eiaui/y it r, bend caacot fall?tea a grne^?lc*arb tike Mint o i(u - u an ahaoiuie imiowi ?l lty ^fwweiy^ yvfu hare pattid ewey.and ib thai tl.v *t harehatafil oec u riot m aw rue drxeiu.emrnL We bav.- gw ju.t an ^r^Zat, :? bare got m?-property the, b.'r. misuo Bat e baas fatle Why dre? it tali f Tbe lisnfciid i obb y B.ik held too marli long p -ner li ronll toi rmtl te 'a'dd y enough to ao?t tne i rtf n upon It )il toe /Ixrt/ird Ttmr. tafwms us ihat Its mile will bo paid te full ii .e of ihe ueet bank mie brre loforme ut that oor own bat k? are all eiundasd In govt n ai.lloa We ra iu>ve u atd we be teve, moieove', tbet Ibey wlli very Ucn be ready tn hnlp the red of te Tb- pressure I. TaU ee lit M la oprtsgMM an any where Oar ?r sis ar# very buey end trade te active, end if wo maoare O'ireelven with a diet at rtgardlo commoo ??as?, we ebail al go through wttbout the loan of a ftaUior >s Bonoa ihe baei arm men have formed nelghtorbooue f w aasuuog oae a-other Tbun, aalr a diaes mere taste ehnw ihelr twli to on? nsotnr aad prr.vlng tbemei iree to be noced, belt eaeh other ai the baaks K A U wn lb. 'nasi dot are short aid H aad 0 have betwten ibera tbet amooat tf ?arnlan lnet lead 10 A who return* It wh?0 they sn d It nsd lM bM SomiMbi ? { over Thl. is stssihls, end Ulus iraien wtal wo bevs elvlsed MAINE. tub neoarkcr. [Trots tbe Bath Tribune, Bep' V> We are aoi Incltsel to deepoodesoy, eed we era free to cvpress our decided dltapprobaiuro of t'i*t 'ver^nvtf of cvaafelsi and ev 1 boding wbob aeerrit ts be the at.pis tow modlty of tome very wlte and ^?* ?araiM [*' ecus la every community A tbw eneb old fagtee, oy tbelr caataai groantagover the hard timet, m >ralrg, aoos asd alibi, If attowad to go so, would create a '? paoir' a! meet asy ttme, by eeltirg their beats loge-ser asd by betec neretwet In iheir rfftrts We have rvoenily so iced many perhaps wort of the evidences ef mrrovamcat era eeterprse g.reg lorwm-d is our city aad riclally, ebowisg that our ctua-ma are ? Zd g sgurd deal of mocey, ootwuhetanding the bard Lmee ud UK almost utter imi?amoUHy of ootalBing foods We refer to tr ie s alter le tbln orsDeclkwi for tbe reseoa that we have our <eer* that the idea* ?f i-?^e may he Impro eeriv rutted id rvletiei to the stole of bcslaete bs-e Onr umtUJ fr-sede n at not pretnme, btcanne ouf ^'phu'td .rs are dtepotr-1 to do romethirg to ftrulih meet lo the hnnd.ede of oarpecter* end others, who would sthsrwtee have ? noth'ng to do ?ores the. gb this J mse ic most caees to oc prsil to ihemeei?e., p" j- iKfir pfliittT? diidfiBkii?ih? p*o;.b o itoui mi are biufcUMC 4oMmr? ?ir BKrksotei and IsborBTe are getting enormoun pioet for ihelr let or asd *?**?*? di" ovwbowtng with gold ao<1 cur ouiy^anntety ???W ??' toll'tt twee fbr everytbtsg we est, drlak, ^ . We art h. irg rcaM.blsg le Brtb we aeay '?rTr"P^lr suy our men Past* usd ehipbui do.e are d hog e g ?<> de? . oouaidenng Urn flBasole! uepuc e of the ??? ?>?' rvudere wir?? brer tn mill thut Oil eblp he i .eg?the light arm of sur tanft-mnst 1b the usture of the cats be coai at every tma.l profit, oooeeqneu J/ the prtree of labor most beer a rsrreepouilrg redocllse, whiwt at the same lime a. moil a vary article of u.resslty for the eunte oases of the 'emily, uheiher 'A toe builder or bis worh tors, have remained aU thrvugb tbli awte nf tbisge at moitnnorty bigb rates latterly,pi be sure, w# have had a Might redcctton la flour, but our iMest reports of the marline Indicate renewed Ormrsse of rates here; Is mi lames as' sugar, aa! some few oiber nrrtcles, a very gratif'tBg rei ef baa bera afforded Bit sau In all these articl.e, tbr pt'.eee are above lae rui* nf ui* palmy days .tea es ordinary inbcer eould obtain bin torse dolls'* ? <to? aod wore men erwr e at tbet w'bes are we to eepeet relief? When are tbe times t? be better? Not so long ea mooey cMumnrde from as to as naroestiB New Yorb, aad from II to W. per mbi la Bcswrn Not S# mmg as our ships nun scarcely ohtaie a rretobt much beuer than to meet actual ruoaiog eeceune., . Ji. .air initoocen sat that Heretofore, la good fiTea cur Iradieg merrranU beve lavartabiy held be le the bee da Her teg Brolhf re. and other foreign to Is'ge amoonta U) toe eggreges perbep*. mktag toT, tor throng a. from tone to Ave hundred to <r una id | woo a be a fair arerap if our merchants bad ^7 Just there sow, wbteb th-y ccnli drew 'or at neif hmkl WOoH ki i#d Of ^' ^r^r.r retors bills li Boewe, and ooild dHMwnai one or two busdred lhooranddo,i.rt^iU1?>.al m>sr r m.fb rw Ml much BlO'f M B?CwH"/1 with per'ect 'eufeiy. Bet lacbtog tb-sv f retkn bills <if e* itoe's tod b.vtog so oser legitime* fusde ?f ?f mawifM r?i ki dfit# Kiiyi. cocftc our are obliged to rrurimil ?*?" ??*? very lowest poueibl# g^Ae ; and for the i iim w that the momert tbey dleciusl a now the bine are put lato the mall or aiprew, and Ik hour* ore la the vaults of the Bttfl?k Baak, which IsMtntlob r ? reqelrns la re?meat therefor e.wcts, sr something site jmin'Trr* toereWe to Beth ere i.m?? nitb'figto (*mms this sur pins of t(<ecM of foreign eechhogo, comes quttiy itei an it: tub u> gw Uu fxada to redeem wltt* Oar Msad* la tha oosartry Teal aerfestly salt la purofca* tag all a'aATai a enema rim, ul tvsa loxarlaa, ao long ?a ihay hara wptaa dollar* la their pookato, or arUotaa of eirhaaga to the ahapa o'eara, nay, wood or othar proluota of taetr aoll; th?w cv? o-r merchanta' biia of exchaege, art i sqnal to oaa^, Ua> lha exponas of getting ttam to mat*ft Bat who. the farmer haa apoot all tail dollar end exchanged ail h's r dune, If ha la allll la dabt, or keeps oa bay lay, haw a *w ha ex wet to root the Mils' Tbat'a lha question. Tha farmer and tta mar'hut ana the baakj a-a la tha aaiau condition We suppose tha farmer woe Id oonnvt I ecin; rar aad rl gtd prttdenr#. Ha would brush up his r>;<i onai and bat, nto old lady would aiaka the old oroah and the old boaaat do Tor the protect, aad tha ohartmng daughter wo ill fee ye be* ts tea led wlatt to the city, whilst and Kben<i?r would t>ucfc)o I bemad ree for the convent, to dig from the aoll and oull from the foraat a sufficiency of their prodoota to wipe off heir itabiUUaa, and turn1 the baianoe of trade" again In their favor. Wo thould adopt the same p? udeut formlgbt, aad rollow the eame uouaeel. IT we oauuot pay to day, let every man forelay a Uviie and try to pay to inn row. No man !' te these tlmea be icexnrablu, acd in the nadAcse of desperation oppraaa ale neighbor; while on tha other hate! none shookl proaame (*> Mrmyty either on the ability or | Linerma of ibate to whom he it indebted bet every one I '-y end do lito doly?If he oconot pe? au, lot him at least try and pay aomMbiag; for erorr ao'lar paid le a poMUve reiki eo far aa It goea, and when all the dollar* are paid, every one will breathe freer, ooLfllecce will be reHired end buiint te will begin to flow with renewed activity through ad IJ eccoatomed rbaunela In what we hart eald on this si le the pttnre we da dnot nothing from what we have before laid oa the other side. W e nave indeed much to be tbenkful for In no piece have the merchants, the ship builder i and but!neu man lenenLly, more nobly wlthatood lae test. It la be cauee they were clear sighted, cautious and prudent We trust the setorlty of tte sbvok may be spent, but w* bsrdly anticipate that Immediate and perfect relief will flew le upon us. SUA let us be hopeful?these fair re malnlng mocths of tbo year can araroely change mates for the wene. aad do affhi 1 many cheering tndtosUoaa tor the better let no one derpcad, but every man do hie duly. NEW YORK. THl PANIC. [From tha Buffalo Ktproas, Sept. 18 | The most valuable letsooa are taught to men by severe and inexorable experience, arise men proat by them, but the heedless go on and aiVeonfouaried. We are tn the mldil of one or those oommerotal and business revulsloue wnieh c?me upon men when they disregard thoaeo moon and obvious laws of life and of trade, which mutt be fol lowed in order to succeed. One of them la that ovar trade and extiavaganoe In ordinary Ule, are oertaln lo re suit In the m a of men; aad another la tbat nasle to be rlob, and the consequent speculation and gambling re aching from the pernios, will bring about business die hnneatv, laxity of business principles, and the overthrow of ocnlidence aad credit Tue not Is tost the Insane rage to grt money, honestly, If practicable, but to get mooey tn any event, haa produoed la al' business circles tne ul must disregard of oommerotal faith and bualneae lateg rlty. aad the principle of honor that formerly chuacisrliou the ranks or merchants, traders, bank ers, and all those classes which constitute tne great community cf ouslneaa men. Twenty live years aga a merchant dare not fall and build a large house just af?ar ward; the dlthonesty of which action Is by no means les etntd by the fact that the work 1s done In tue uame of his wife It to doubtless the feet that by some trader* failing on purpoee, and compromising with creditors out of tue avails or their own property, at thirty or twenty Ave per cent, is a mere bntineaa tmnsan,lnn,a?d such 1* the laxity of morals In this, our time, that by a oertaln clam of men the swindler who tbts to regarded as a sharp follow acd deserving or praise. This, however, le only ooe feature of the times, but ehr well known Tact goea lo dhow the neoemlty cf a revolution in boalnem, whether It to done by means of a panic or otherwtoa. When It haa become ibe case that It is mo-e important to learn how to avoid the payments of debw than to pay them?bow to fail and maze something than not to fall at all?we may be cortaln that credit, the grvat beats cf trade, will nob be de stroyed, and bi'-'nets met a doom aa oertaln and as last ing as that of fvgjptian Kinga There to too maun die honeety too much recklessness, too much disregard of mtom rt tour* in onilneta life to admit of that oecfldence tn men which prevent! pan lei and roratolone, and np holds trsle like ooiumns of ete-nai graal a. Men must kern that rortnnes are the reward of a life or economy, thrift and indoetry, and tbat email acd certain profla arc better than speculations, usurious bargain* aad stick gambling. Move out of the big benaea; sell the laoe, satin and dam'*k which you have purchased with mo rey that should br Invested In vsur buslnoea; discbarga thfcoa-hrosn and rnnrcemsry boner servant* take Ibe Bilk and etiin off the girls and let the boys walk; pay your debts; eeep within the limiie of legitimate baetaess, and wr shall bear of no rem lalcai nor raruci that yoa cannot mrtl without fear and without re,.roach ? aval Intelligence. We learn that on the arrival of the steanmhtp M s ttoalppl <n Cb'na, Commodore Armnrocg will return home, and tbat Captalo Nlch-.wc? will take charge cf th; Biuacron aad boat ha bread pennact on board of the Mlsxtoalppt The I'nlied Stitev sloop of war Falmouth was takes into Ite dry dock at ibe Portsmouth navy yard on the ilat met On examination of the Falmouth it waa found tbat very idle wor* was required upon bcr, the -xtant of bar Iryniy beirg the lot* of p imall portim of hor r-pper. ae has boon taken out of the dock, and will return to the Bull station wllb her present crew immediately. Tae Hrrtamouth, N. H , <? urttf thus descries the new loam fr. ale franklin, bi .1 at the Bcrtemocth navy yard; The Franklin (evenly fonrgoj astp wee built la Phlladtl fbla In the year 1811, and was ord"od tothle yard srltb he view of testing tfce caparify if tn ? dry dock, and af rrwarde taken rp In the yard for rrpalra Bit finding ibe frame no rniten to warrant repairing al a reatooable ripen#*, she ?m aken 'op:or*e, and the ktel cf the pro "tiaitsm fligaie Franklin ves la'd !n 18M. and the nun I t'mber* of the old 1 rtnkiin were mad n the com trait too of the rnw tb p The d 1 mens!.ma of the steamer yrarxlm a:e a* fbilowe, vlx-l^egth ?rer al', "M reot; heair.l* feel,* Inches; depth fron nc-Wr si 'e cf keel to top of g in dvck, J ? feet; tocnage. *,168 sm* itbo haa Taur dorse? tworf tbcm being for goux. A buet of rranklln orot oicnto the head, and *p eagle and other dce.rna the ttern ? all bring very ei-ganth aarved The carpenter's wort rotrg aU dune, n thicg remains t> do Out the caulklag. which will u*e about flftv days, when she cooli be larnched Hr. ancam n will consist of 38 P inch gum ?-0 8 tech, atd 2 10 inch guna?ir.aklLc 60 all?l.omi ten' more then the litrrtmec Welaah aad Mmiseota I'ulted Rtnlea IMats.ct Attorney*! Office. P. i nxsT <?? Lam** ? t man nsrrl V nig wax ar reed i? ihe or mi la; nt of ireerg* W.ik<? charged with r< "blcg letters from the Con office contenting rrmiiteuoee It ten led for b'e, Nlrbcto' employer. Hell to answer. New Pat en fa ImnmI. IT* following li toe lot of patent* leaned from the Untnrl :ttau-? Patent tffl.'O for the week ending Sept 21,1817,eaoh bearing U.*l daip ? Jobs W Bare. ud wu:ta?? Hobaoa, of Pane, 111, troprored etntirg a .jmreiua for grain and (-im bar TMien Wb W Batrhalor, of New York, !f. Y-, laproronont la iraa bti'aen ?looopb F. Want, of l.anoaator, ill, latprnved machine for bine lag gra o tiro E Bart, Abrmm W-iM and 0*o F Wright, ofBar r?'d, Ma*a improvemrut 'n horae poweri Mnrtimar M UBBp, of Now Ha roc, Oan , 11 ;rore man', to life boa * Kdwio Clark, of l.aac* 'fr, Pa , lBprove?oot la boarln a fcr miiiMooa crleoro Patrick C'a-k, of Kabway, N J . improvement (a metal Mr roetiag r ag? ft r iieaai caftan Piwcaa Goon, of Ilbaoa, N Y , improremeni la borglara' aia'oio Iiaae A. Imafcam, of Nor lb BrMgewater, Maaa ,1b proved edge plane t*' rg boot and thorn tola. hn 0 thin bam, of Harltaa, N J., I ro pro rem an I la era: tag and a?owrg maohlrea An go tin* FHa*re, of Bottom, Maw , Itnproremen; la portfolio or mealc ? and* Andrew 3 i. Flow era, of Green Said, lad., laprmraaoal la narratert Mwuad Olbba, of Madtana, wi? , Improvement laatoam It* atleg apparel..a I'ht'anrti r Gilbert, of ?levandrta, Improved apparatn* Hi loading I' ga wagoa* Joa I. flail, of Cincinnati, "hlo, tmprovemeo t la Inrfca Heary Haarea, a' loihaqae, loaa, liaoroviimaat la Uia prcoaaa of Baaing wbtM lead laaar. Hrnaaaa, of Naw York, N Y? aafatp damp for br are lota, A; ? m?i Nell, of YnekrtUe, N Y , I a prove moot la rUr rvpa fur rldiag aaddlaa uavt I C I'eanojk, of Brooklyn, N Y , ?? are fa* aoor Oeo A Prvmieo, of Camb.'Mge, Maaa , improvement a jou ramie of aa'ra w'tb frtrtioa roller* T J W Fobertaon. of New York, M. Y , bead eUrop Aciley c. Nmitb ar l Jan K Cralgbtoa, of Heat Biraiag bam, Pa , laproval laarbme for aa>i aotuag aava Barriilal C. Hmiib, of Barltngtoa, N J . imp ovaro-el la Ibe mode of oeanerttag and dlaoonaaoting the bin ' Iroa or otber pavement* J. H. Nwam, of Naw York, N. 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At one Ume (oven m our colonial elate) we looked in 81 Domingo for oar cheep supplies or auger, ocflee eed Indigo, end eent beck 'n return everted colonial produce, end subse quently, eiler the acquisition or Jamaica by the English, we bed en active trade wlh It la anger, molames, coffee end rem, which wee tl>tt Inierfered with terlouely br the war of 1813, end Anally nearly destroyed by the emancipation of the Ma ike la 1831 According to parlia mentary papen !t appears, tinea the emancipation of the elavee, that more than 000 estates In Jamaica have been abandoned, which formerly gave employment to about 00,000 laborers. Tnc cumber of eetaiee abandoned or partially abaadened t.xm January, 1801, to January, 1818, was ae follows-.? par CVffm Pens or Fitotr* K.taut Country Seats 5W?i. Abantaced 100 0* 80 304 Partial j abandoned 71 Of 32 100 Totals 100 18*2 02 413 Tbe procnotioae of the (eland have continued to flail off, notwithstanding the Increased imTOonree srlth it by menu of lip'.lxh and American steamships, the diffu eton of gold and the enhanced prtoee of augnr and coOee, die product* beat suited to its climate and soil. We are Indebted to n morcaotlls Arm of this city, en gaged la the Jamaica trade, for the fallowing oopy of the official report or tbe trade or tbe It land la I860, oompnred with 1556:? October 10, October 10, 1866 1866. Decrease. 4oga , hh Is 36,970 28 717 3,743 Hum. pcarbcons. 14,470 10 644 1,161 OeU e, lbs 3,088 13 1 6,607,108 1.068,072 Ptmentb 6.648,627 7.633,080 813.963 Ginger.... 148 749 670.796 fit,047 Arrow toot 80,838 87.990 l,t62 Contrast this with the prosperity or the Island lnduosd more Immediately by tbe negro devastation of St. Djmlngo in 17R0, which In n row years annihilated a supply of 116,COO hbtls. or sugar previously exported by that island io Europe, n hiatus wblcb, to some extent, was tilled np by Jamaica, w blcb, In six ysais preoedlng, bad produced an average of 83,000 bbds., and la 1H01 and 1802 prod uood 286,000 bbds , or 148,0C0 per annum. Tbe following tables sbow how far emancipation has af feoted the Island. Ws give the exports In 1834, the year of final cmunrlpetion, compared with those In 1806, abou1 twenty two years afterwards :? F rportt 1834. 18f 6 Decrease. >jgar. bbds 126,625 25,970 09,660 Horn, gals 2,034 667 926,688 1,694,981 Mrlaaaee, cwt 2.800 ? 3 830 Cuilte, lbs 18,568,883 3,088,131 10,181,102 CoUcn 26 8P4 ? 26,334 UlSger 848,388 848,749 464 610 Arrow ro-4 230,027 80,153 140,874 Increase llmouto 1,580,108 6,848,627 6.467,420 Decrease Indigo 26,443 ? 20 443 fucoadee 34,810 ? 34,879 Logwood, Icon 8,126 ? 8,130 We thue And that in n period of about twenty two year* the exports from this Island have experienced an tnor. mous decline, which continues Its retrogradatlon to tbe present time, while pettlleaoe, engendered by neglect end 01th, tai gone far to depopulate t W hlle other ooontries have rapidly progressed by the diffusion of wealth from gold dlicSTerte*, Jamaica has rallen back. While other Brltiah West India Islands, under the augmentation of labor from cooley Importation, havt In some oases slightly advanced Jamaica has receded. The only Inornate la any article of export has been In plmenlo, whiota to n great extent growe wild, and requires little or do oultivatloa. The London few, of December 6, 1806, contains a me morial presented to Mr. Labouchere, tbea Secret*ry of State Tar the Colonies, by West ladle merchants and others, In which s picture Is drawn of the wretched oondltlon of Jamaica, and in which abolitionists osu read what would be tbe oondltlon of things were the slave population of tbe I'nttvd Stales lo undergo a similar ohangs. Tbe mo monallsts Inform ltr labouchere? Thai Ike materiel condition of the colony Is at the lowest pcsa.ble joint short of banrruptcy and ruin. Roal estate fas no m*rk?t valu?, dwetrg bonaes **.? gradually de raying, and money can wltn ditticniay be raxel even In icturn f-r peraonal property. Moat or lbs 'jeoemary ar tiftlen of ccnt^ttiptlrn are Imported from the roiled States, whilst the nat'irwl produeta are n<-gle?ed, and the money 1 capital of tbe country is drained la tbe aii?nre of aoy ex change or Wane. Ibe industrial oondibon of the inhabl- j tania Is at tbe lowest ebb, aud their moral and social con dition is cot a whi* more ?leva ed Not only has the sup- I ply of isior bv< n diminish* i by tbe diilncloatlon to wr.rfc which characterize* the Ltgro topulalloa, but Itkewlrs by the reduction In the duibdk of j*?ple br the ncourgos of smallpox aid ctulera. Tbe mortality f'om the former ' dtseaie arose from toe neglect of vaccination an 1 tbe deO- I cleacieeof medical assistance, wblcn bas beeoasenou. e. 11 rlhce ,te abiltlijn of slavery The mortality from Cholera, as uffitinl report* eitobllsbed, was en>rmoasly augmented by filth and the want of the mos; ordinary hy giei in resources. In 186C-61 a fifth of tns populatlin was attacked b? cholera, and It ha* been estimated that the on* qner.t mortality amounted tn 00 00O Krora tbl? jom I I''Lali'm of causes a dearth of labor bas arisen, by wbtob tbe tslacu is threatened with universal bankruptcy and run. Tbe memorial poe* on to orgo no laor**?ed aappiy o emancipated African* liken from (liven, and freed ne groe* from other quarterr-me only kind of labor adapted to tbe culture of aurer In a troplral el mate Bow ridwuloo* an cjbibit'n or folly to aee abolltloaUti celebrate the annlrcraary of emancipation In Jamais*, from wbleh reetilted tbe ruin of tbe 1*1 and and tbe depopa latlec of Ita freed blaeki by *mtllpot and ebn era, render ed fatally mallfnant by ntfleo., filth and Inability to ob lain ikUfal medical aid 1* mob a renult a aabject for ?pedal rejoice* and to be beld op for Imitation to our Southern State* ? When Jamaica Tell, Caba and Br*7 I adraaood In the cnl tirallon tf mcar and coffee In 1834 Cab* etportal, ac oordlcf to the B.iJ.inras fimtrttlrs, $14,417,061, ant Im ported 618.663,300 In 1884 ah aiported $34,693,781 and Imported $31,394,679 in value. Braell, In 1914, ei ported A4,000,000 lb* of e iffeo, Whirl, In (In year* alerwarda, or inbaeqneot to tbe Bntitb Wert India emanripatlon, reached about 100,7*8/90 lb*, and in lsi4 tt reached 400,000,000 lb*. Tbl* I* create la aooonntedfor when we Bad that the ilarce latredoeed frrm Africa Into Braziz loceeaa ?d from 17,436 In 194J. to 00,000 la 1848, at wbleh time * treaty wan male with Kagiand fbr tbe abolition of the dave ur?, whoa,In 18*9, lb* imp->rtatioa foil to 64,000' la I960 to 23,000, and la 1961 to 1,000; alnoo when coffee baa ruled higher, and eapeetally within a jear or two pad, than It ha* done before la many year a The number oralavaa la Braaii la 1643 waa eat mated at abont 3,000, COO. While alarery oea?*d in tbe Brltiah Wed tadiea, Caba conlinood both alavory and ibo alave trade In 1811 abe imported 11,000 Afrmana, and la elfbt year*, from 1920 to 1837, ao lea* lhaa 161,021; an I from 1939 to 1863 ab* Imported 90,230; aad her Importation ha* ooatiaaed pretty much la th* mm* ratio to the preeeal time. To cheap African labor the ha* al*o recently aided th* Im l>ortalloa of Chlaaaioa at low fined wage* The cbaage* aad fiuatoatloaa la Africa* labor, in co* Deet'oo with th# rta* aid flail la tropical prolnouoaa. aad aapply of aofiar, oolfao, rmttoa aad Indigo, may be aeon la the following atatemaata. If we begin with ft Draitngo la 1799?the year befcre the aogro rev* Im o??and coaelada with th* rotura* tor the year en ling with 1167, we ahad have tie following reanlt ? Kirown or 9t. Dnmoo 118u 1*37. Dt,"v U? U>?. 'Lb i Hugar?Clayed 47,67> ,631 ? ? Muaoovado.. 93,378 :<M ? ? Trial 141,149,891 14,9*1 141,131,940 Ooflbe 7 ,136,219 30,*43 70,804,474 Cuttna 7,004 174 1,019,176 6.191,101 I*rflfO 26,740 aoae 23.744 While tola deaalatieo iwapt ever the rlcbeat urlaal t* ti>? Weet ladlei, we find that Jamaica, apt* lb*period of ? w?rci|?iiia in 1*3 4, i at reared her prod uetioa of auger l? i 82'. bbila ; rum, to 2 f. 1,097 fallen*; laotaae**, to :titi? galloM ; coflce, to 19,208.9*3 lb*; extra, t* 19 /94; a*<l ladtgo, to 26,449 la 19(4, an tniaae act,-with regard te Afrtoan labor, w*? yaited, wblob wm to acaompltab, la oilncl npon ll? la doatry, what to* violent acta of tb* black* bad brougb about for hi. I> miogo, in lll'imraMoa of wbleh w# bar* only to refer to th* foregotnr table of Ita riporta ta 1934 and 196*. With the fall of Jamaica, Ctba and fir/ail took 'he lead la irepfoal prod net I on* the flrtrt la (ugar, and tbe 'attar la eofft* la 194'*, tbe year of emancipation la Jamaica, tbe an >oh? and Imperii of Caba, la value, eompared with too* n 1964, were a* follow*:? 1934 1814. ftcTHUn ' porta $14,497 9fi? $32 >>88,791 918,904,778 iwrta l?,6f:;,aoo 31.894,67$ 18,090,431 Iran ecreated In the proJoction of coffee in fha follow rat e lit m 18? I (tbe year of Brlttah H'ett India emai.e.l pat.^uj to 186< ? c>> ?*n aiinara. 1934 1be. 84 000,008 1964 I8f?,i 13,890 Iueraaae 106,743,999 Tbe depopnlalioa and ralapee Into b*rb*ri*m of 3t 1)1 mtago, to* deatraetna of Ibe argro popalatloa la Jamaica by dlaeaae, ladcced by negligence aad filth and rami**, from idleneaa, with the general decline of the Brlliih Wed ladle*, from emancipation, compared with toe targ had renewed Imtmi of Atilwi dkw 1b 0ol>? **4 Braxll, lluu . ... ..??,???? of Afr.oan labor In Uuba tolls w'th great effect upon Afetoan Itbor to tool portion or too Uoltod BUtoo devoted to too cultivation of i?w. The raising of oncer, to n fhvorabi* ooil nod climate, Uke tool of fobs, wtth ?dull African labor al MOO ? MOO per head, or la Louisiana, Texas sad Florida at 91,200 a 91.400 per hand, makoe a differ* noo which li Is Impossible for ony ordinary tariff to equalize While wo are forced by lhl? si stem to beoomo toe largmt customer of Cubs, she imposes on our leading ?rttc.eo of produce an almost prohibitory duty. Flour is nadolol wllb a duty of about 910 81 per barrel, when Imported tn .oan bottoms, and only 9180 when Inijortot from Spain In 1862, of 827,060 bbls. flaur Im pelled Into Cuba, only 7,810 bbls were shipped from too I'nlted Mateo. Lard Is charged with a duty of cento per lb. whea im|K?rted to American bottoms, and only 2)4 cento on tafsrUr oltyr oil from Kb rope The doty on moats If to high ss to act, to a great extent, a* a prohibition to tbolr ntroduoitou from tbe United SateO; and though Is so near to us and our provision mar kets, she actualy Imports jerked beer from Baenoe Ay res to toe ejlent of about thirty million pounds annually. Ins tonnage on Spanish vessels Is only 62m oeato per too, obliC American veareto are cba-ged 91 60 per ton. Not* ihslandirg all these impediments to trade, ton r.mum roe of the United Hiatcs hat to a great extent built up Cuba and made her what aho Is. in Zib'2 about 2b per oeat of imports into Cuba, snd 47 per real of her exports, wtre mods from and to the United

tilates; and about one half of the vessels which entered anu eared from her porti were from the United States. About 74 per cent of her imports and 44 of her exports are made through the single port of Havana. We hazard nothing tn saying that femaUoism and oupidl ty have, when noting to oimbtnatton, done more to Injure ?fid victimize mankind than all other causes united. To fanaticism an 1 cupidity we mast ascribe the deatroottoa botli of St. Domingo and the British West ladles' Jamaica (and other British West India Islands.) was the "bloe?Mr.g Kansas" of lbs Wllberforcts and tnetr confede rates of Ex Mer Hall, whoaa pisoooceived one idea of bigotry formed tbe only pivot of notion. Tbe Fast India Company, icQuenoeJ alone by selfish ou pidtty, used fanaticism as a fulcrum to acrumpllsh their design of vaatly tncreastog their rust-uroia at '.be Kwt by the fall or the West Indies They, wblle grinding tuoy ry ots ol Inula with an amount of oppression unparalleled to toe annals of history, prayed and groaned with the aatots of Eseter Hall for too aufferirg cog roes tn Jamaica?just sa the (irce'sys, Hales, Laues, Weeds, He wards, Fords, Kobtnsoss, &c , did for "bleeding Kansas," all or whom prayed and groaned with the clergy for the deliverance of bleed log Kansas and the negreee, In order that they might succeed In immense 'and and other spesulations. The Fast InJ'a Company reasoned thus:?9U Domingo has tolien,and the indigo she supplied ts now supplied us. Tbe troploal products of sugar, oolton and ccttoe grown by toe West Iodise and by tbe United S atcs can be all grown by Brltlrh India If we aid the abolitionists in the overthrow or slavery In toe West Indies, Its abolition must follow In tho Spanish and Fresoh possessions In the same quarter. The example of emancipation in the West Indies must extend to the United States, where the aboli tion party will gain political strength from various outside Issues, and acoompllsh either emancipation or k dlsso lullon or tbe Union, to either event resulting the partial or total destruction or leading tropical production. With these change*, the clvlllzsd world will beaome dependent upon the East Indies for sugar, coffee, cotton and Indigo, so necessary to the vast and Increasing popu lation of temperate climate*. The expansion of the United States to weallh and power must nhlnsately swal low up our West India possess loos; henoe, whea they ire lost, let tocm be of as Utile value as passible to their fu ture posressors. Oar American potaemlons are al beat limited tenons, wblle our India possemtons are aectiro. Thus reasoned cupidity whoa united wt'.h fa naUc'rm to accomplish ttt purposes. Twenty-three yes re bave rolled by stnoe the decree went forth for the overthrow of the Weat India islands. And it Is true thai India bss In a degree monopolise! the g -owth of tndlgc, and to rapidly Increasing the culture of sugar and coffee, but neither Spain, Brazil, nor the United Slates bave Imitated her example. England bar only destroyed her own West In lis colonies, without gaining au oquivs leal at any other point; and her dependeaco upoa African grown sugar, ootlon and coffee ts about as great as ever; > and as rrgarls tbe growth of otlon, her at?rapts at com petltlm with the United States have proved failure* Whiles fearful revolution In India threatens the over throw of Ifcr Inalsa em;dre, cupidity has failed of Its ma>k, and the I.oedon r.m-rls not slow to perceive the fact, while the fanatics of Flxeter Hall to London, and of tha Uerrlaon school to America, ho *l on with an much rant as ever, and are as Incurable at tbe Inmates of Uts In curable wards of bedlamite hospitals. Tbey have seen SL I "tuningo reiapve tolo barbaricm, tbey bave seen Jamaica ruined, and fifty thousand negroes perish In a single year from Idlensss and filth, resulting tn pestlleooe anil rsmlot, snd yet parade the streets of Boston and hold prayer meet legs tn commemoration of emancipation. Tba supply of icgar, ooffee and couon, now necessaries of life, must he looked to by tbe white millions for years to come with lute reel la 1869 we Imported from Cuba ard I'orto Rloo sugar?, molasses and tobacco to the valte tf 128,606 66<, an J exported to the same only 98,911,097, leaving a balance of trade against us of 919,364,rtiiw. Oar Lrads with Bra/il for tbe same year ga\e Imports 910,362, 667, and exports 86,004 804, thus showing a balance of trade against us of 814,167,168; making a total ba'auje of trade aga'net us for the two places of 948 622,422 This enormous balance, equal to over two thirds of tbe annual product of gold to CaUfernto, we must aatually sc.tie in sport* or lis equivalent. The tanattca of the United States are perfectly Willisg to see ibe people pay 98-'1,622,432 annually for the ?upi>ort of siaveiy and the slave trade in foreign countries, but wage a war of extermination against the human* lysUm of slavery employed In the United 8tatee In the cultivation of cotton? (he basts of so mucb national prosperity The supply of cottcu, from a deficiency of African labor In the UalU d States, bss become Inadequate to Uie coneuap Uve demand While a war to waged'gainst thecnitivalors of oeUoo by slave labcr, the white* are made to suffer the gtraust hardships from being thrown out of employment, Irallag to deprivation and (offering Tha Boston flburvr of the ICtb September, 1*67. c*etalas the following state meats regarding or ilea manuiaotnrea at Lowell ? Seme of lbs largest mills Lave stepped work eeurelr for a short time, or are about to do so, while others are gradually redurtsg tbe number of operatives and ahrtdg log oreiaitoae ts a grtol nxteat The plea now In force ecxtg the mllie In operation la to run fire day* to the we*k, vhirb. in effeat, Is virtus'ly throwing eut of em ployment 1 600 peruonr The 'xteas've wortv eomprited to tbe llamiltoa corporation wilt dimtaish toetr production one third, an ooe of ths mills is to be siorped altogether, tn edditloa to the plen above m?e; n*d Tbe en sot of three Important nhei g*e upon an lauuvtrlal oomrnuni y like that of I.owell .* al ke remarkable and unfortunate. Huodreia of npsrailvM now deprvnd of labor, by this ste't commercial aereeaity, are leaviog tbe city Our population t? fbr th* t ms dlrn'aUhltig, real eetste la ds prrcletias. booses are be ne ? anal e l by their uocupants, ?id nearly every d'|>*riujent of huataeae will ahnro la ' tbe present .rpresslor The same ooarnr bea besa, to a great or leaa ettent, fbrced npnn toeeottna mills of llsnoheeter,' agiaad Tse troth la, tha supply of onUon la defleient, not fro-" ths want of load, hut from the want of labor. We rrtnra to staU'Uos regarolag tbe rommsrnenf the tatted eiates with 'be West ladis Islands v?e proceed re give aa accrual of tba export* sad Import* between them al torr* diifcreal perto .1, as war loss is a farmer article with regard to the "tooth Americas males lit In IMi, Irafbre tba disoovery of gold It QaJIforala 3d In 1881. oner the dtv ?tcpemeat of the electa at ittag from tbe same. And, 3d, ta 186A. 1848 Ftaaort* BHHib Weat lot la If land* $1,384,683 OiM 6,896,713 I'orM* K CO 860,064 H??lti1i Wrat ladl?a 7'-30? I tar,lib do 053,843 Ihitflb do 334 HIS Frroob do 489,o?4 Haytl 1,003,su Total $16/03 161 1861. Rrlilah fiti Io4la lalaada tt.l03.6M Cuba 6,634,lid Porto Kloo 1,016,610 Hwrdlah Watt Indira 61,003 Itantab do l,M6,tW Hotebdo $44,087 FrforJl do 610,361 Hay It 1,847,300 Total $16,390,000 1866 Brutal Watt India lalaada $4,484,663 Cuba 7,860,163 Porta Kien 1,141,714 Xnodtab Waal la.lira 60,703 I*r-tah <i<? "<n,aoi D?taft do... 330,981 Krrarb do 416,141 liajU 2,116,464 Total, $17,*8$,734 Kaoapitolallon ? 1848 $16/03,161 1861 16,300,000 1866 17.882.714 From U>o forafotof tabtaa it wUl bo moo that Urn oora ?neroe of the Carted Stales with the Wsst Indie lelnids ?home largo ?>d ooeUanall/ laor seeing hats seeagain* the rormer TWe heleaeo ta ohiefly found in our uede with Onbeeed Porto Kloo If we (eke the whole parted from 1818 to Joee 80, 18M, e period of eight yean, we eheU dad that the oheogee here been ae fbUowi>-? 1848. I860. ' Increate. Exports. 818.098,161 ?17,382,734 $2,il?.678 Imports 18.661,316 36,233,296 17,631960 We thee find that, while oar Imports from the West ladle Islands here, ta eight years, Increased 811,681,080, oar exports to them hero, ta the eeaotl ne, Increased only $2,339,678. The ohteT balsaoe egslnst oe Is rosed la our trade with Onba aad Porto Kloo, which he* beeu as (otlom>? Balance 1MB. Cuba l'orto Kloo... Export*. $6,890,718 869,064 Imp rte $12,863,4 j'J ' 2,141,930 If Slater. TtUI $14,996,401 $7,039,624 1866. Onba Porto Kloo... $7,800,263 .. 1,142,724 $14 486,698 3 870,968 - Total .. $8,961,987 8x8,306,666 $19.3(4,660 We thus find that la eight yet" our exports to those two Ulaadi oely Increased about one milluia of dollsrai while oar Imports Increased about fourteen millions, or nearly doubled. IT wo Inoludo the balance against us in our t'ade with BrtrJi, with that of Onba aad Porto Kioo, we shall find tbe account to stand thus:? I860 Cuba and Porto Kloo?balance $19,364,669 Brazil.,. 11,167,768 Total $38,621,428 The balaaee for the year ending 30th Jane, 1847, pro misee to be muoh larger, es the imports of both ootTeo end eager hare been mnob greater end at greatly enhanced prioee. While our trade with Cuba and Porto Btao bat largely Increased, It will be peroelred (hat It nae daring 'he post eight years remained newly stationary with tbe British West India Islands. Has not the payment of a balance against ne ohtetly for tuger and coffee, of about $83,600,000 nothing to do with bard times and n money crisis In the United States? Wise Utah military JKxpedltlon. OCX Pi ATM HI V Bit COHHKdPONDJUiOX. Cam)' ox Tan Plaits Rivsa, 1C0 miles from fort Laramie, Aug. 20, 1367 } The Meruit ej Colonti Sumner't Kxpriuion Again** the t'hryermei?fnlrUipnc* from Utah?What the Mormon* Intend to do loith the Trocpi?Oddr Against the Gooem meat, die , <fc., dt. I believe I mentioned In one of my levari that Colonel Sumner, with n oommnnd from the let Cavalry and 6th Infantry, was out In the Plains In pursuit of the Cbeyennw, who haye recently boon very troublesome to travellers over thte road. An excess passed here ynterday Informing as bat niter following them n long dlsTsxce, folded by sexto friendly Pawnees, bo at length onma rpon them tee ? the head of Solomon's Fork, of the Son toe rives, wbtuh Is an atllnent of the Smoky Fork, entering sDout 60 miiea shore Fort Riley. The Indians brought Into notion a boat 309 warriors, and made a very bold and danblng charge, whloi was met by an equally resolute oonnterobergo from tbe cwvslry Jhat lent tbe savaiee flying ever Ute pratrte In nil directions, and gave Colonel Bomner n deotsive vlotory. Tbe lose on the part of the Cheyenaes wee very considerable, while the cavalry had but one man killed and twelve wounded. Lieut. Stewart was among tbe latter. When the express left Colonel Bunuer he was still 1> hot pursuit after the retreating la lions, and will probsbly Inflict upon them n sound and we'l merited chastisement before be bds them s trial ad tea. The troops with Ock> nel Sumner left Fort Laramie with only twenty days' ra tions, aad thoy have already bsen oat thtrty-threo days short allowance this?yet snob Is often tbo character of military service on the frontier. Wo ooa dean to moot parties of Californium who, after serlag the elephant, are returning homo by tbe overland route, aad from their appesranoe I should lmsgtas they wem sot very mnob cnoimbered with tae gold they went In search of ? Tbey bare all panned ihrough the netUemcnin of the latter Day Saints la Utah, and all glre the nag aooounti aa to the complexion of affaire In that quart* r. One ot them whom 1 met npon .be ro id to lay told tn > thai durtaj ?lx dope that be remained in Sell I.the Oily be heard bnt one o dnloa expressed reiatlre to tba military moremont lowarr* Utah, which evinced the mat bitter hostility oerarde the general government, and eepecia'ly towards Le President, for directing the mlll'ary oooapotlaa of l heir Territory. They say thai the administration, In so loot ng the wont Important officers for that Trrrttnry, has, tn tome Instances, regardless orother qnsllflostiom, proffered ?hem to m?a notorious for their bel igerent pro;<enatues, ihartby glrlsg them the impress! >n that they are expoAno to reset the federal aothorluea. This Oa tfornlsn also informed me that be hoard Rrtgham Yonsg, in a pusllc adcireee to his people, ate Isegusge of Iho most trtaeorab o character. K.>r rxampte, am. eg other things, be "aid tbe President wu about sealing sgslnsl them 'i.ftCO troopa under the command of I ' aquaw iitllrg gineral." Be says? * let tnotn oome; I tare sufficient r< nOaeeoe In my people to beliere that they will wipe not (meantag extrminau) no. only them but ten ttmee that number should tbny dare to een>l tfefcOQ ' It is also raid that Brtgham Young himself la violently tpjesed 10 ths now order of things, aa ho believes it fere ibsoows bis downfall Many of bis people however, ??? in favor of It, as it will afford tbem a market for their sur plus produce, and introduce a large amount or money into tbe country I em not <Mep wed to believe nil I bear regarding tbe Mormons, capexauy wben tbo statements emanate from sect ding Mommas or expelled Uestllen, as tbey are a fartr, and are ilkrls to be induoed by mot tree of revenge, sad should, therefore, not be received without oaroful asm tiny. the amounts given by the Oeitfnralana, who bare no motive lhat I ran discover to misrepresent whit they saw or beard In Utah, ail concur In representing the Mormon or. mas unity as under a stale of the highest ex htement and exasperation, and If the army does nrt encounter post ire resistance, 1 bare no doubt Its reception wtll be aaything but otrdlaj It ban been stated, and rcema to be generally believed, that an army of J,!**) men has started far the Territory of Utah, felly prepared to meet the Mormoae either aa friends or fors, and abundantly abla to sustain tbe Territorial au tfact tiles in earning cut tbe rcqniresneota of law, aad enforcing obedience to Its mandates. ?Now Ism fu:ly persuaded that lbs War Department desired aad espectod lhat soeh arrangement* should be made sa w mil see ire tbs'e ends, but ibe dotal a of this eapedltlcn have been executed in eucb n manner as to jreduce Tory dltlerent results. Tbe n'my for Umh, as hi present organised, cosslMx of the hth aad 10th regiments of inisntry, wtih two batteries of artillery, sot exceeding tn the l.lfO mrn Oan ?>l these regiments, after nervlag rev ten consecu tive years ta the satieme aoutbera iinuia of our Tarritory, aad passitg ibe wialsr la scouting i rough the Big Oy pii-ie twsm > of Florida, exposed u all tha vtctmiiedna of thai ea rictous climate, la snUdeaiy traasfcrreil to a high torthera latitade Tbe most) u loss of lb? effioen and atee of this ragtmeai bava Ixcoma so much enervated and imparad by this roai nued espoacre and over work, aad their systems sorbt'ged with reorbutie tendencies, that the sur geons report tbem aa mors (It subjects for ths hospital man e < snipe gn of twelva hundred miles over a desert. The vd iragoons aad eight onapenlee of ibe 1st etvalry sad etti infantry, eoe on ths Plains with Oolewel .iimnsr, were destined for lbs eipsiltloa, bat the reoest > ss uV is hansi* u caused a snspoaaioa of the order for the mcvem-a. of the ltagcoas, while it does not -ome wttfeta the aoojnof reasonable probaMllf that the etheri will re lure n time to make the marih to 1 ah before wolor seta In. Hiaoa yon will psrcelve last the strong n of tbe army whtofe will under the most auspicious niren ma lances enter the dalt lake Basin thin season will sot number orar 1,1(0 men of all a ma. This commend (as it it nnder steoo) are seat out for the purpose or operating offensively against a community of 10,000 rtllg one fsne.ios controlled by tme metier ap rit and oocupy lag one of the asoe. defen sible localities le the universe, and poetesrog complete and abeniute onatrol over all the renouicee of tbeir oosa try While the tittle forlorn hope lhat la expected to intimidate those people Into Immediate aad <| del sabieminn tn authorities that they have always hdd la ot en defiance, is so Inslgnlflcant Is Bombers as sot oaly to Invite celltnlon bnl subject tbem and their government to ridicule and Itsull, aad to Induce ths Ignorant portion of the Mormons to bebers what they are oonstanily told by their leaders, "That they are <n roallly m >re powerful than tbe I oited Mutes, sad are destined alUmauiy in con qner and ruleilhe entire world " Thin sute nf things is la keeping with masy of onr fbr mer military operailoss. Tbe pol'ry of oer government Is opposed to a large naadlng army, and all tbe small tor ? composing Ibe eslstlog eeublishment Is scattered evor such n rant extent of territory, that wbenover a cam. alga of aay rasgnltodn It to be cow meneed the reqmatto Bum I er of troops are not dtsj neahie The coase itence In, tnnt we generally meet with disasters In tbe outeet, and It rs quires murh time and a large evpen litnre of life and irea sure to atone for Ibe stspld military, or rather on military bluadare attendant npoa such a syetem ol false economy AgrrirwMnral Fairs In the United States The nlitb annuel eibu llion of the Indiana Mints Agrl enltaral Society will be opnnsd at Indianapolis oa the lib of October, aad ooaMbue aach day afterwards np to tbe ICtb af that month The exhibition will be very fall and complete We hive been favored with aa invitation to stlnad the fhlr, for whlsh we bava lo thank the msaagern and secretary Agricultural county fairs sre sow being bold, or about to be held, all over tbe United States, atd the majority of the sr. nal state fair* are to be be id in the early part of of October lb# Michigan State Agricultural Fair will be Mid near Detroit, at an early perlol la October, but the managers have net tat advertised the day of opening The grounds win be very spacious, aad Ibe travel by steamboats and railroads nowmrrtloan and cnenn Tbe agricultural flairs of tho United mains are highly la itrrctiTB as will an amusing MrltLali flarlne MUMEBB AMD TUNNASI Ol lilLUg 1KB 8TIM "IJ BWILT AMD UOVKU19 IN QR1AT BUT' IlfTUK TEAMS. J Dm vSS"" 1842 8*6 M 1MI 78JI#8 4fl 1844 I'M 68,6**2 K, 1848 188 112,388 o* 184 6 188 10VS94 77 1847 880 1-9 i08 1840 7t3 107,: l? U4 184t 6til 1C6.4B6 68 1840 021 119,111 08 1861 644 126.614 7| 1842 608 186,740 104 1863 64* 164 966 1*3 1854 628 132,087 174 1866 886 242,102 288 1866 921 187,00* 220 To'.al.. 1,946,734 1,036 4 Tv/r.u HAIL AAll HI MAM 1 r*MM*IA Oat* Vrtteh. TV Hit Oat*. VeneU 1811.... 914 119,929 I860.., 1 1K48.,.. .. 698 83,197 1161... 1 1814.... .. 189 94 996 1852... 7 1846.... 8*3 123 210 18*3... ? ie4?.... 809 126 350 1064... .... 802 i, 1847.... 146 834 1856 .. 1H4H ... 122 657 1846... 1 1849.. 117,968 _ Total.. 2,.* M MUIH AND TONNAUM Of UBOlHTAKED SAILLN BlKA* VB8BEL8 (kXCLUSIVB OF 11 VEX 8T0A OP ORBAT BRITAIN, KMPLOTKD IN THO BOM POHBI0N 7 KADI KMSI'KCTIVJKLT, IN EACH O! LAST BIGHT YKABH. IB THI ROKI T1AD1. ,?Sailing Vtrt'-U ?, Ye Year. Ptitds. Tom. Yeutli 1849 9 298 666,736 812 1660 8,880 666.967 830 1801 8.868 680,641 868 11(2 8,776 701,808 868 1843 6 477 689 848 874 1664 8 636 694,712 349 I486 8,888 691,128 361 1866 9,890 719,860 817 TOTAL PAII. AMD HTMAM VM881LH. Yew, YtntU T<mt Year. Yestels 1849 9 6,0 719,8 6 1868 8.861 1860 9 160 721,153 1864 8,778 1851 9 266 764,491 1866 8,596 1862 9,154 768.419 1866 9.707 1AATIT IK HON! AMD PARTLY 01 FO&K1GM TKAD ,?.Sailiriu Vcisrli ?> /?S'eana F> Year. Vetlrk. 7Ihm VtueU 1849 281,961 20 1660.... 223,841 20 1901 242,668 18 1*62 141 867 42 1868 158 810 28 1*64 303,124 45 IV 66 210 114 47 1K66 182 488 42 WTAt HAH AMD ST*AM TAMUI* Year. Vet Sell. 7 "iu Year. Veueti 1849.... 297,490 18i>3... I860 227 889 1864... IHM 247,682 I860... 1062 163,111 1966... restlf IM IN* POkBGM i had*. ,?YetseLt ?, ,? '(nn Yet Year. Ke??? hem. Yeiseii 1849,. 8,612 U.C4G 314 12 1850 2,143 234 88 1161 .... . 7,277 2,247 897 131 1852 . 7 131 1,386,096 149 1851 . 8,120 3,665,686 237 1854 . 7,lt5 2,619,620 268 1866 2,799,972 460 1856 3,942,674 493 TOTXT W THI FOmO.T THADI. Year. Fewd# 1W? Year. Yeuelt 1849 6.69* 2,18?,087' 1868 8,367 3, I860 7.336 3,188 470 1854 7.418 3, 1551 7 411 ?.3?9!W? 1PM 7,957 3, 1862 7,680 3 449,36# 1866 8 651 3, TOTAL HI STMT AMI POKBGH TBADM. ^Sailing Cenel*.^ ,?Siearn F? Year. r>?Wi r.wu Yemek. 1849 17 807 t,984 021 414 1030 17,466 8,043,583 426 1851 17,664 8,214,194 620 1452 17,270 8 216 665 640 18*3 17,661 3,671 827 839 1*M 16 869 8,576 46?< 638 1856 17 674 8,701,214 754 I860 18.419 8,826 022 * ,661 TOTAL IM KORtlGM AMD HOT! r~Sayi\ng Vaseli ?, " Year rewU. T.1U Year. Yea*.'* 1849 18 221 3 096,342 1861 18 206 3. I860 17,882 8,131,212 1964 17i407 1M1 18,184 8,860,916 186# 17.828 9, 1862 17,819 3,380,884 I860 19,270 4,1 RECAPITULATION ANI> ADDENDA. hmiiimi mw.onu mtbam mamimb r?nii River *t?emer* 819 Ooeae at** mora 861 I Of the latter lb ere are? In the forelun trade 491 ; In the home Dade 317 Home and foreign trade 42 Total 851 ; Total ilrer and ocean tteamer* 1,669 Ocean atcamert In tbc mail acrvloe..... 121 fren ecrew ateamrr* (at I.loyd'e) 381 Wooden do. do. 13 Total wew iteameri 393 1 free paddle reamer* (at l.lopd'i) 81 Wooden do. do. 27 Tteta) paddle Kramer* 109 Total lr?n ?teamera 462 { Ttlal wooden (tremor* 39 Oraad total 501 i TI1B BElTiBB NAVY. . r?i.vfc. Screw iteameri 94 PaddD I learner* 174 Total ateamer* 271 Balling retetl* 96 Total aal! and ateam 307 Ihir BUnncaot* Correapondriu-e. Wabasha*, Minnesota, 8cpt 30,1 Jfwwaraofa ? SUu?/fcmoera ?c Ocimmtnm?Aowwku Orft JbWAuiicum?Tht /Vmc-rott Sure (/ Urn ,Vt*?tnC?>att?.% f'uui, it* IloUU, tic. Minnesota la oomlng I Oa the l.'lth of neith men citizen* wtli oboase ? uorernor, a nontenant 9orer Secretai y of Stale, a Slat* Audit*, a BUte Tret_i thief JuaUoa of lb* Supreme Court, and two unoU Uoaa thereof, an Atlornoj tteoerai, a Olera of the Scj Court, three representatives tn Ooegreaa, and oa* d? t* Mrr? oatli the that* la admitted late to* pa ?Eighty Union. the Uoavaatlea by which the** candidate* were aaied oommtnced iia labera oa lfe? Hlh last., and ?ad tMlfltb; and a more intelligent aad re*pedaole Ic body of maw?i~4 la aamber?1 never an* ooavaa< ?ocb a purpoaa; gm^i bare a**a ataay la my life Boa. H. H SlljJ^b man of doe taiecu, lortt twenty Four ynnt raaidoat of lb* Territory, a gaaU< a thorough go af democrat , aad JtereFore.of oonr patriot, waa nominated by acclamation loed aad locf 'inued. at the mention ot hia na no aa a candidal*,? member roaa to ha teal, aad alao laundering cbe*r? lIgor were g'ven Tor Henry H Sibley, the Pr aldeal i tonvrniion, (tea Kbleida, aad all lb* apemaiore i lobby aad galleries joti lag ta the loud aathuaiaaiic a Mr. Nbloy waa rallod lato the house, abd waa ree with a watevma of a,<piaoae by ifea Ooaveatioa, wk warrant yoa, ba wtll aorar urgei wbue he reman thte aide of the e'emal gaf a. Ha made a racy hand tpeach, during Ifea delivery of wfeMfe ho wa* fraq? latertopted with about* of apiMeoae, one -ban hi rlo?ed, tune chtera were given tor igbley aa I > to ory The i tmnet harmony and order prevailed ia the u>< tion, a moat exoelicot t chat waa made, aad the deaeoi will elect it by a baadeome majority *? we ret general Usket oa membon of Coogreei Una time, tb* bavlhly la that wo abail bare three demoeraw to r?pr oa la t ongreea, aad very aoou after the legislature moacea but"nee*, two I nlted states Senator* of the i party will Bad their way to Washington. The h'aefc republican* bare nomilated Alexander i ?ay for (.overnor, who ia doomed to defeat The 1 oral* had aiiwea hundred majority la the Tarrllory t member* of the umaUtuUrnai Oooventloo w*r* ct laat Jore. although ta aiany of the eouofre the dew*' were not organlaed, made bo flgbl, aad were "deflaa aa the lawt era aay, and H will bo atrange, indeed. I cannot double that when we bare evarythlag the. . ran with to eintte our pride, party artrli and patrio depend oa ihla-tbal black republicanism will ryietr qn on the 13th of tioiober next, aad Mianewota join the I ntoa in a atate of puberty, fhlly armed rqutpped, aa Minerra waa whan ab* made ber af through a bole in the rkull or Jove I rend you our f?rm. wblcb the doeveoilon adopted without a diat* _ , ' 1?. .UK d?miiiiiiiam:tr a m kiiir I/?l Tonr r#ti mice, but with euthnaiaailc appiaute I at your re> mo It. that Uiey may Jttfge whether we are demorr* not . . _ , B? Paul la aaatlnef to become a verr large city on aimer re la inorcaaiag moat wmdorMfy far, and at thing about It betokens ruterprlee, thrift, tcrrgy, a , went of room The ateemboeta which run between riser aed * Ixmla, lla'ena, dobujoe aad I'ralrtedu C are equal lo any eiaewbere They era betwena aac ano fiet t'Bg, aed of proportionate beam, aad are I np e lib the o'moat tatte and eleganee They ewy meeae caigoea, and ran from the opoatag to Hie ol<* ravigailea. ta ail aUgoa o water Juat think o< ill boat* navigating a river more then two thouaaol I from II* mouth, making landings be drawing np ag the bank and toralag about aad running h'ther at"i th wlibiut obatruct on, damage or danger' It la wonder It Hi pbetomenouicti, and it leads mn to belter* that ni baa done grant thtrga For Uie grant republic Tb* betels of St baol are on a par with tuner ei Fvatern citlea. aad are aa well B led. It la aaid that preprletor of the Falter Houae haa made t oooo ? the laat at* mentha Price of entertainment, I I dly ftewer* are bethg bniH for drainage, a ge* b haa been erected, aad tie lay lag of pipes ha* eomnim The street* a*e bring brought to a proper grade, and they are BnWied and ttgbted with ge* tb* rlt?- w cr-mpteve flmr there la verr baie need of perl* '? llmeilon?aMfcg *e near tha *urfnre;YlM C * I only grading i? neoanary