Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 4, 1857, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 4, 1857 Page 5
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R?ll|^lou? Intelligence Din? service win if held lo-tif la the P "Imihi Kpis ?*t*1 *to'to? ebarib, Ulli to. Hall, AUor plaoe, la charge M Me Her. Hoeert e Dloktoa. Sermons will se delivered to der, moraine end erver ?mm, le the North Reformed Dm at onaroh, career of Wil Ona tad raltoe eireeta. BUtaop Klpp, nf California, will preach tbW afternoon end Bar M K. 8 frith, of Btrmada, tp the evening, In Me Me morlnl Oho/oh, oorner of Hammond atreet and Werorlei ?m The aabjeet Tor foe aermcn thli morning In the Jfon ?tract rirat Methodist E;.l?copoi church, will be the "Lme of lb# tttef ? ablp Uaetral Amertoi tbc laet or ibe Key Dr. aaoMenamsy'a aarrloe la the Mission oho'cb, Twentieth sterol, between Tut$ and tie ooad ayeanee, will be bad thie evening. ? "The Lnee of the Oentrtl Amertoe, >r the Foloe of Col apoe the Wavee," will be Ibe aubjeot of a termoa tnl < nT.ur noon, at Ibe church or the AnuunclaUoe, la KuurUeoih The peetor of toe i lien atron: Presbyterian cborob, Ker. Oea C. Luoaa, will commeooe a oours* of lectures >n "KeUgioui Program," before ue Young Men'* Association ?f hie onerrfo, ml* evening B y. Frederic Moncd, 0 P , of Pari*, will preaob m bit ?alive language, hit eveei ig, lu the Madlacn rare l'ree bfiertan onuroh (Boy. Dr aoama' ) -?Fpbralm If K.wte'n, a converted Jew, will preaob tttta morn log, at Mlsth.n obap d, ictf Centre eueot. OKDiNtnOwg. Lamas Yale waa oid* a?u i < t?jo mia'atry In tno Secxid Baptist cburub la Guilford, N Y , cm ibe Mia all * '? Bennett ?u ordained p?*tor cf ibe BapJii olurch in TouimUli, Delaware ooan y, .?a tee 'id ad Jodeon W CruetcitU waa ordtlned to the ministry at the 2htpti*t (fourob in Veetai, Broome county, N Y , on the The B?y P H Evans wae ordained pattor of the Pair teentb Baptist cb .ten in Bonon, on the In loot Bay ltolan T. Walter, a graduate of Kicnm >sd C Urge wee urua.ucd to the ministry, near Phrttmoula, Va , on Uunday laet. Key A idlaon Btl'ard waa ordained and Isa'alled the oaeior of the Ftrat Congregational oburob la W j'.uoiiio an on the Mtn ult. Mr. Uhaa. D W Brldp van, raster elect of the M>rli town, N. J., B*p Ut church, w?a ordaiaod to toe ministry on Monday areniog laat INYITATI0N8. Boy. Miarlea Uxvcbcr, formerly pastor of the Conrreaa ttonal chuich in Ne?aiw, N J,, who bat b?tn preaohui/ at Georgetown, Maa*., the paat tumour baa received a oaU to awtlle u that place. Ber. a D W. Brldgman, a graduate or Korheitar Theological Soma err, nae aocoptea the call of ibe Baouai Ob arch at Hometown, N J Bey. I) M Kued, of Newbarrport. baa acoooted an Invi tation to become the paaior of the L' jaliai d o eij In Poorle, ill. ' Rev. AleiacJor Sinclair, pallor of the Presbyterian Ohurtfo of Sharpiburg, A'l^gba?y county, Potn., h** as oepted a oali boo the Preeoytenao oourcn cf umarloue H. C. ' Key Dr. Gruody, formerly ef Mayavllle, Ky., bat ao oepted the call or the tfc.~ >0(1 onuroh of Mem, f<*nu , sate vacant by the remorai or Dr. John Ura. to La Grange 1>>U? ge. Key Samuel Dev, pa*t >r of tho Congregational oburob at Bellow* Fall*. Vl , ha* receded a call from the First Ooogregaitonal flfiurjh ai.l dociety at Miquciceia, I* Bey N. P (oil Ine, or Plrmuuth, 11. baa aocep^d a nail from the Congregational cburoh of (>rlggaytlie rjiPTAl.LATIOKfl. Bey. W H Speneer war loetalled ptrior of foe Second Preebf lentn obu?cb to Bock lalanu, 11L, on tbe 24 alt . or be I'reebyiery of Galena. Tbe Rev E t. Cora in waa Indactel Into tho effls o of pnetor i' the Be .'armed Doisb chorea at Paramua N J oa the Idd ait 1 At a meeung cf tbe 8ohayler Preibytery, hold at Augoa fia, III., oa Ito 1Mb cf bepiemOor, Rer E L. Hard war m otaDee pattor of tbe Plrti Pre.byterian obureh of Auguai*. Bey. Join fl. H Lrland wa* luitaded pattor of the OongregaiotalcLurci ia Taur.dlke, Mttt , ou the 17>h ail. CAM.8 IlKCLINKD. Ber. Jame* H Brovau* has dtcunei the o*U of the Firat Obarcb, Day ion, onlu. Bey Low man Bawee bat declined the oali rrom the Tim Preebjteitaa church, Maditua, lad. BB8I0MKD. Ber. Dtvtd WlUltme, pattor or the lu^Uat church at Barrtibarg, Pa , baa resigned alt cb rge Bev Beaben Jeffrey bai resigned the patlora! cere of tbe Flrtl Btptlai church in Albany, and aacaptod tb*i of the Fouru church in Philadelphia, lo succeed ih* tier B. OnOiih. Bay. J S. Stone has resigned hts offloe of pastor at Bad ford, K Y.. on fayUauoa tupaly tae Prosoyterlan pul pit at Auaeble Forks, Cllaion county. Bev. an!)lam A. Smith wai Installed September 2, as pastor of tbe Second Oobgrrgulontl churca of OrfurJ, N. tL Bey 0. F Seymour bat lenderel his retlgestloo to ths Preabyterlsa cbnroh of of wb ch he is ]?tK>r NSW CbPuCDHd. Tbe Fourth A?en c M K uourub Is rmcldly going op The oorner r'oou wa* rbcauil/ laid. Ths oburoa li being built rf ? bii? aarolr, in the KjQSb'iq^o ?<>lo 1 a <H mention* will be on* hundred cad forty sovou feet by oeverry ?cr?-n 'eel; tttlv one f**\ to ths p*a't of the roef ?nd tuirty >ic feei t<> lie ravoe foe tnieuor w 1| b* CLUb>'ii plainly. Oj th* F>c*.b gr?nn* It w>>| h?rg) grioefiiUplr*, twi tt-r lr*! ?..d ' rty fuel l.'.h ?ni ?III seel t?r*.l?e bt B'ire- prx or* hepr-ieut /ta.uj-* arc the Bev. Joha goPl'hlosk, D D , and tut. Btv. wr Pres Jje. Tbe new Lftherau cn .oh ?t Mad .e.oo, Pa, wa* fed I oaleA oa Suad*y (act A new tUjiii.i rhureb it Is oonree of ereebtn in Mlsaes polls, Mlousanta, whirli It to be built of oretia J dored brlf t, ?r t I* to h* (4 la w<dlh b* A* fort in d*p b Tbe *p(rr u to be ISO r*i ir To* -hols c ?*? af tbe obarcb win tuMin t? fio OOQ,of wh'co ?0,176 rai&brady oe*a sehecrlborl 1 w? ?ud o?mm "J'cua Pfsbrlertan cbu-ob wat ded! nat. d ai vin?low, wlifein the ilmiia of Galena Pruibriery Uiatts, rn tbe h-n r.'t On W-ereeday, Augmt 12,? a new Presb/Urlaa ohurob was dwJlcaied at Ion a, IDcbigau. Tbe a * at*tlc Ut.B|rtwat:.uai ohi'ob laCaryer areaow oreoucg * new aao beaudfui hoase of worsh.p, and are to ha*e, f ir ue Br.t nme. A ehircn gt eg (tel .. Thl'towa was once a part o Pi*m>ain. with's a few mre? of tho aa^l-r**eo ?o-ef uhtr * K *k, ui toe ohnroa u -me of tbe ?eel ani ionl am. P?trliable la we Jomuoa woaith. MIdOII. lahgitCe. I An Kitleccpal d'ut?t? b i* Ji,i bcxin rrgstlstd'a Mlnne cota, an ' Btrhop Krm;<er hat t**o in ?n? I to laks r. iarg.1 Of It Ber. I' G. (.?? i I* a. ibe he* 1 of I j* ?Uu >la< o im ml Uo?, and I lev Dr Vau I ig. n at tbe ue >d t,^a cuai a.uoe to Invittl mouo/ to tea' ?t au A c ..nril .it> to buy tank stock and railroad bond* hts not o**a aopo'efed Boy 0 Dowse bat been nipo'cled past >r of ths Front ?treat U K ecu oh at Trsatou, in place o.' J. K Uarr, re moved to Penugtca -lea luary The Isto Key. M B Hull, Brooalya,hu left Ibe feiMwIng legartcs ? Bi?eloe.ry Socieiy o* tbe Me booiet I isotral ohurrh, ?t.O'O; *m?rc*o 1 hie Sop'ety, f t 000; MatSollst Fptenopil cborrb, Ntnot ?tra. I, gacd; Nay Yu-k kit. ttool. reore Meibof lit t: iisetual oeurrn, ItAo. Ounferraoo Main*' AMlstawte 3 ci ty, I.J); Lbum' Btiae Mleirlna, New Y"fir, ?VKI; AmWoa* fatoalrsUos Soeiely, ?5?0; Graham IhtUlutr. Iro uljr. rSOO The Mlasloaary .to-le.y of tbe Mrtbouiai Kpttcoua. oburnu an t tbe aaterlcau k 1.31a 8oci*ty are rweiduary legawes. Rev. F F- Adame, ?bu has rpeat a large pirtlon of hla pnblte life In Knrope is aeputated D ttrtoi :?ecreiary of tbe American and Foreign Ckiithaa L'nloe, for Peaasylrabie bad aalghbortag States Bay. Mr Burtoe, of Htvea, eommeeeed hie labors a^paetof^of iba Fourth UtagragaUwaai ohurob in Uaruori, Rev later ard J 1J rer more formerly rsttarlSD mlnle tar at Bast Bomon, and lately over the aew society la CHa on, la about to bo settled over lbs old oborjb at Lexlag ?as, Maaa Protectant 1C pi or op* I Olartwn llowventloa. ?mi?A y?teiid hay. Tbe Convention UNmbM el aloe o'clock, aad npaait w*.h the cantomery envotl -eel eterotee* The minnlee of Oi? preview day were read ml approved. Her. Mr. tendered tbe realKoatloo of Rev. Mr. Moore m a itfmWr of the Convention, which waa ar oe /ted, and Henry R. Mrigi, Jr., CO mo loo, wat oboeon In On place Tao :?? .*t(?T reported that he had pnrctiaeed, hy order of ta? C.wvea loa, the J jirnali of the H,,eolal Ooa reouoea from 1763 to 1647 Incloilve. that he rontnr of St John'* cberoh bad kindly eflorded a room for their fife ouawtey, and that the great aocnmalatioa of book* aid pompbH u required re arreagemeot aad bledlo* On moil m of Dr Hawk* um Secretary wat empowered to bare toe raqaitlta ?oi k performed. tin nn? wi mm Or R?iont. on beh?if of the Trneteee on the tolooo pal Feed, made a report, fr watch II appeared that ibe dtvpoeeMa fund a> leal reported wee (HS1 600; ca?b received from vanooi roeroev, ?ll,0W 12; and the amonat e>ottided fir the vart*o? chjtotv of to > ford, ealaneo, *>c , wao tl0,*'.?6 en, ie?~lng a balance ef ?rea 90. Tae acum,Mating rand u 114,600 oj bood en i mortgage aod oibrr Itvma, making ibe iomI ae onmulat n? fond $1(1,161 tne nm oft, eto t?e wat on detxali a >ih the H'obaaloV Benkiog A*itQUuon at Ho failure. t? *> of ?hl b b ooged to tne die petition fiad, and MO'i 03 lo the Toad for ac-uoin atioo i'be imtioM. however, ai <ect lhai ibe whete emmet will be returned within a month Tbe troete-i a'-o re -orl ibe app ieatlm to the Irgutlatere for the ammdmvni of lue act of tar w pore tier, the #d ptinn of the amenrtm nt aod a oopr of the act The trnrteee alto rapo-led thai thay had procured a tet*l of u>e Kptaoopel featderce, which, with tee repart, wa>, opoo modon, ordered to be printed la tHaJonrnal. tm into **n nnu ci.aatJV rnvp TV, 'rnilcra of Ihe agad ant Iiftrm r.ergj fnnd re port-,1 that the am runt received davlof lie laat year for the objecta of the fond waa lir-.7M 17-the amonnt expend*d lor tbe ohjeola ef the fe~4 *"er? $1 dee T6, leaving a halanraon head, alace lereatat.ef 6 ',609 *1; the whola amonnt of laveatwenta being t? MO Ten elergy men traume Ibe enmber to whom anneal ?paee prte time are ma. e, in the egg, agate emounting to 12 660. ne report wee eooepUd vaa ruir in'i nrotr. The Secretary read the Treeaneer'i report. from whlnh (t ewpeare thai the pveecm dtoaaeaa fnad le $761 96, tbe baence ef t? 809 44 having hnee eapended oa im? feed Ike laOrm nlevgy rand waa paid tM? It: Ibe mlulonary read, 6416 it, the edneation food, tt7t hi, aad tbe IC?> ? onpal faed, t106 M, makiag a total of 10,(It it received m yt^T. aad with the balance aw bawd ac aeneted far IV report wee accepted I Bamhi, tt wm rwoirt^i UMtMty* (pmI ntli'nM be e*ber hired or to?ed at e fhhr real, to comply with th? aet of the laat Laghimiire. TUB TBW LOU,Oil. aMJBAMV, Tbe ataadiag timwfM <-a He tu-o.og eal ti-m'unry re ported thai (b? ?!**? Uvmn nom oata ' ov km uot Ooo vrcil.a bad ht>?? rietted T*o ntue'M bod oocurro"', one b> tie eeatb of Rev Jnen T rt-nr. ed-r P O, othor b? iho rtmo ol of Ire~onuk J tteua. Ki) The cob tntue* rer- mireeo the odopt.on of ib? fill wing : ? Wk?rfK Fardammtal enAngrs In tie eoattttottoo of thn O uervlHioi Kicsl remluvry have been i ?op"aed l>? the ?i? ne >1 l on ??d areiow before be Hoard of Trujleea for'b*-tr ? u?td< ??tloi and action, tcere'ore, .u Bno'ie!. Tboi U ? ra*ie-? <?' the erajlnw from low oto e* br r.quceted mop nulua their ot<fodont? Ol ?e race In*" f 'be hoord ord to *l?e 'o to* eu'ljec' of toe pro p. ?d *liu?ll"i>e ihrlr oerLiu.1 o malde ollon ,,. ftreoived Tl at o enp* o' th t part of '?* a'dree* of tbe pro ti tonal tabop whkcth rvloiea to tbe a?m nar? t' a m* vua ibb> ? rean.ole and rraolmio ( be tent in ceeh trnatee iroin ibta dl ce?a . n Tbe report and rewolml-ea were oho fl el, *nd I>r Um?) and ?a?h'P|Un Ir-log elected to fill too rncanotee Ti e marogrro o< tbe Fair or toe American tnstiwe tool oo lor i'O'wi' to ot rcd tbMr eib blipm at 'U* try'tot Potaoo, dealrirg iho naming of o do?. Too Convention being to tclium, und btlog uuable to go an a body, toe tnvun Hod was occep ed, w lib tbe cnierotondii g that the mem ber* oboe Id go Individually If Ol Oil. - Tbe debate on >ha proponed amsoi'menti to tbo oonatttu UuBtulleD rt?u?i. ,, Or Vintoii wore o v#ry eorneet oppeol for toe attiring out of ihi- laat dooor of tbe pr poood amendment whlob provide* for tie exclusion oT deoooee "bo oanoot oonool eel y be reuird orer o perl?0 or congregation fro a oeeie 10 Kc"C'Aern'?Brfi. followed "lib oo elaborate dolence of tbo report of tbe oom?lWefl THB DIOOWAH KUHD. Tbe order of bu?lb?>0 h-log iuat*>nde1. tho Committee on tbe Di^eron Fi no reported, through Re? R. U. Mo" ciaw, D. I)., iiid rtoo?mondoa tbo aio/tiou or the folljw " k^ived, Tkal thrre ?-e paid to the cl--gy *w*nyl'"5 'he ? peveot o. . bo .ralde mow ibao twe-ty mile# rom Hie p ao? M m?? Inn an- abo? i erWhe. h ??e ooeli I Ml ed aeeord 11 e t? tb i- I'lioi, erven teen o?u? p?r wile ior every ralie of lb? dleiai ee fro n lmlr reapi-otlre pari, li-a and tbe remainder be approp ia;ed to the pi la dr.* o the joorna. and auon other purpor ra aa tl e tec vei ticn a ay d reel the i eport woe ocopteu. rtiK Doiun Riscinn) Rev. Dr Kiowbiopt coil <1 otteotlvn to the fact thot Ir three deoeona from eecb pariah were admitted, lli would mate 810 dtlegatee? a *eij lnoonvenlent body. He ?M onpeted te ???'hteg out tbe claoae gay Of VihTrw deprroeitd tbe eiclualon of deoooni ? bo bod be ore been*od<*d'.ted, without any immediate oauro for ? be e*?'ul?K>n Ht cT-eldored ibat It "0* dii cci-rottng the tncrioee of deooono, oenaaoe o man who o?i'Ia he >(*nilped o? o lay member eould bo eoo.nied wbea b* beenme o deooon Mr Jone Jay, e lay oelrgotc, oomplalnod of the pro poeeri on endmont to ine c?) oe Ukidy to deotroy iw IMeoowertol prin-*i let. He Deprecated the enoroaolt n.eoie tf tbe clthty on tbo rlgbtrorthe lolty l > tho detrl uimtcf ib? oc.n? liiHloDal privilege of equal rejwooen * Hon He dtnonuuded tbo tffjrt aa llktuy ? onoto dla nord, end in conolualon moved to lay tbe whole ouhjooton ""Tbo yom vw called for and token by order*, and the motmn wo? lo?t bj tbe v m of the c e?gy, "8 noee to r. o) eo. and by tbe lolty, C4 meo o 22 oyen he? Dr. Haiuar caPcd O'tentlvn to the fact thot the oropoted wteio ton old net, In nptflt, exclade the deo ^Rev. Mr Hnrncw rprtce et length on behalf of the dea con* Tho'gh a deooon blmtel , he would not bi ex cl> ced by mo omemtioodi, jet he Wutild take tte Uoar on boh?lf ot bin ordo-, oud undertake to an* *er all mento in favor of the ortielo propooed He prcco.-ded to coii?lder, in detail, u c org.idjente of tte other tide, oner aetlroliy tercnolcg the ileocora. Dr Haicmi rep ltd, lmpaachUig the ocoaraoy of many of Mr. H 'polco' ?talcmenis. Rev Dr Hawk*, with g'tat Impreeetvenwn reproved Mr Doptma for diowing diiodnouve Uni* of omagonlen betwroo toe hoaoob* ocd :b? clergy, and dented ttotiihtre waa ody urc?criptlon tu the prosr ^td or iole, and that oniy anew clam of deacont, la el> admit ed by an am-ndmeat to the conel Uthn.wtre now proposed, to be again ex oluCtd, not on tho g.o.nd of dUgraco, but on the kr""""* that it wan not expedltnl to admit nil deaoona of that ObATOGtf r Tho CiDTenlion Ibcn a^journtd U7 P M. KVkNlNe nkSflON. Ttg crfer of bualjet* wan auapended, and upon motion tbo turn of $40 waa tmnafered from the dlooetan fond to enabto the tteaaurer to pay U to |the widow of tho de oesiwl oIaIeqadI Od motion ine commit loo appointed to apply to tha I** (ulatere to amend the lnwt with relation to the Ucorpo rattcn of obuiChes, waa o ntlnoed. ru* miiat* kwtvkd. Mr. Hopkim oontuioed hie argument lh oppoeltlon to tho am. bdmeni to tha propcneil article of the cooatitu tlon de'endlnr blwelf riom tbe reply of Dr. H? ght Kev Mr. Miicahby endravoitd toahowtaat deacoa ?tre originally admit ed to the coorentlou! only m prieeta w attic* mic'.ter*. Che amendment wa. therefore^ but reelortLg tho ooe*Utatt"B to the old praotloe, lerteed"f bring an atWmit to deprlee the draema of t'me honored prinlegea He bel'eved that draoaoa aa auoh were never admliUd to *ny prlmlilre convention Mr Kw?a?cw read r-om the hd-rea. of the pr jvU'.clai Uxhop ali-jdel to by to *bcw that tie ebirgo of fcla having lath ed tbe cold ihouldnr on the nev onlar of ltd doicaiaie * at untrue Ho read from Uio original ra gu alico# and conail*Dtlr-n r.f tba church b. ahev ih?t the preccrd article eiel ..ding the deaoona w*a not arne ? pre vial o, bvt w*? ?naP'T ? leetWhUdhhl the p.oilaioiia Ibe ocwUtuticn cf V 83 _ Tbe quetuun wa? ukrn on tba motion to ?ir!Ika out t laat "lacte vf the ptopoied a.tiiih, wtcu it Kht lo?t by a lifi t mil1 lif > . Mr b< ittiat then cBhred the fallowing addition to tha a t elAoiA of the gtopoaei article t?. . 4.A -W .'in vkfi ibe nuvbo. of Cea-eu lr c?t Plotted a.waj? ? ;j yr,e bei; th"bi uhrr j' 'l.u ZShli** iLTtSlbrw wwiatoA Ol lb* ar.tale -hall appl' the deac -a ih'Impn arnt-ttm Iron, ih^tr own, frrr.y c|mw?o br^owaw^.^ Dumlir'oi' ia-d pj-eaf,;^ A..4 the u?. | c'artStor, wa* liren without deb?1e. and the amen >went wa* ioet , I Rev. Mr RKiua'WP coelq c*d *ee kbo clawio?*a^rg , tbe term "e-ucaM nal ditf," n*td n* n guaWflJ^O- fo? i w?B.bereof tbe Cnt?ut^? la the propcaed aruclc' Ha be.le- o- th.tat) ordinary family lutar* woti'd ?>? v , ?n bled to b. atufH ra o< tha i^ovenL.o He therefore , moved ?i amtnumen'. to auiae outthwe na - iji?n atrl .be oid qualttre l m ot '? Int'rr.otora of youth in any o- Uece wad. my. ? r g neral aemJoary cf lenrnlag I) il.K.rT adwUted It.. If the V,h! rtm paarel any tuff of ymlb c^uld be a member of the O^w T, nt >a. but thccghi taat wouli be luat urjnat than the j P'h"1 *"?" B*ai.?h waa willing to eeoonl n moUon to R\ 141? UUf^liwt CO UiO tAbl? .j j I>f V mvw Hoi-cd tbm no txx?* conrte ' | beoacae ibe time of tna Cjnvraitow wot.U only h<tukea up aiota.r Tnaugb ?iv?'J ?o tin ?tU to, r)r,:^K,w^tv7Sf:S.KS '.iUKTSS MM w?e to bar* tue whole I utoj.ot od. Uuitoly ^ " v.. v -fr rraved to re enroll the wbol* - nou tr l er which wa* carr'ei; and _b' aont vf toe home, hoo iiUtoJ/ jJ.-ndi*h to hi. tan "ro%"c"%T"dU^.etlion to the daflcen^ln the m'rairi.nry fond of ever ?< ??0. From ?"tonr eenan of d, ty be >0U d move tha; the Mltoloaary 0? i ?**)? ?? >a ?tructo 1 to halt tbelr e .alrl JOt oot to each ml ?J""?ry to ?i!6 H* knew that tilt would bo nn.-oimlar, hi tbeugh1. thrt in vtow of the tta'e of tho fun la It we? advl *Th* Pt vnv dented warmly that the MBaelonary Coaunlt toe *ed acme It ledlrtoue y v Dr. Con denied any intention to Impugn the t.atlven or * thTrotionnot belug aecoodcd U waa not ornMdcrtd hp ^The ^mmtttoe on ton Ralnryof lb- r-<*\?M W+?P rvro'tod a eeeiutton providing tor a committee to appor tion the aaaoarment for the vnMouP Tie reaoluti n wai adop ed, and the old committee "n^ltoVT Of be jraboe U $T.600 no After ?? me CACuaai.o tbe laimmlttee on naming Hchool for the Mln-etrj <*ae d!*ch?*g?d. . . ? Mr Iioto ?"int mare ? the prtnltwg of 2.00? ""r4*1 ? toe journal of U.? Omventloo and ?"?J*""* *? oo and an addlf.oaai f W eoplie ot too addreaa Tor goae r?l diat'ibu Ha, which ?ae < trried unaeitnonaly. thi mc>..>a a vote of thank* waa paaeml toUte aa'retaij aad uta*Vrer and their aatla'a.ta, an! the Oonveottoo vd jorr nedf J oe ye*", afltr w.optlev'homl.ut^tho unj a proocediDg* a. i with the na-aldev ?ai nserciew r.jTKNMvi Knipani or I arr*)*.* ?Tm publlihrra of I'or tor'a ,'piril rj lAr Tint, la UiU city bar* been aa*- j fbrlrg pretty largol ? of lata, by tbo rubbery of tholr lot tore tret by mail, ar.t n'auitioy ftml.'WM' of mooty for tabenltU'Of, fdro- Mag, \? It aeoma too loaaea bara 1 boon |?*nf no tor ?*rer?l mrntha pail, and errr# t'.,> p ir aad >a fact nbara'd to ba?a brae ranaoo by the tla t. artty of pa<aooa it too employ of tbo Pi ol o.lioa I Upon ?rci . Tbaoarrfj* f tl.o ti^C;al agaM of ta# deport 1 m?nt who?o b-adonarion art la ? oU? o ?y, *eo* aaHoled, ?bo vorr aaoa rat ?tlr.| blmeotf tbat the m-artag latter* ? are Holer *rtor thoy had left <h?r eat <>|t<-e. aid una aa llrf ear r??i?a''iy epmmnntcafd lo lb# rnmpiaioaata. Bat 'he neonate of ha ey-alte tbiafa of ? I pic ,,f of the fhoa vie* not oatirtl* arooeoofol A torn data ai'.oa, un are Inm. me< , a iat,o baton c! taeee ri.lod a>l*? rg le?ieo? act fmnd aroreted ta the oroellny rwe of tb" oatab'lab a oat la gaertloo, "?der eireumeienflea pointing I at ?r j y to a perron cunertid there ?Mb by th? name of ICTt B. NiJboia Ho ?aa ? ibteqnttitly n>af'?&led by U>e I'oat ofUea agont; enen a roll rn'; a?'< n wee m?d?, an.Vrar.lef not only 'he ember* toat rf tbo latlera diaeorered w tbo preplant, act m?ny otasra ehtnh be had tie t*nyad. He admitted that bo aat. of'fo btea ta the ''oat (hi * for the tottera, baaing gut art or* to the prlrate bat oar* nasi fo* t?*t . prrpt ?e N rh. la waa a/rooted b tho ' oiled tutor Mir aaall, taken before Camm'?*lon*r B'ldgham, ant hariag an ruaioinaiitm, eat commuted for trial rba frrqaaary of inch < Irroaetire of >?le rheuM *vie* ineroaeed Mitlta j oe ?bo oart of prMtabera aad othooeaato tho ouatnda of Uioir oot roapoadeaoo after It baa paaaed tbrongb tho mail* ta ability. The l on doe motor of *th ef September aaya ?We bare e report eertrai fanner fan >raa la Briatol, oome t?f which are ooeeetpionl on toe rooent turpentine of payment by Meat* Bmfbrtl, nfar A ua, African m*?. chart*. Meaara H t Pardon aad Co., of tba Slnia aoap worka, uaar Uremeg roTe, bara oonveaad a mooting of tbetr oredltca* at the offloaa of Meaara Baroard, fbomaa At no., Briatrl, fur Tbnntday nort /bo Uabilltlno of thw arm are ttated at rrotn f.90,000 to r.40,000 Ortn* tun lift meagre of tfee creditor* of Mr Aaroe Ooeiietd, ponoral aaerobaat, at I'rlatot, la to be bald Tba llaoutMea la tbl* oaae are about ?10,000 Mr Chart* laaaoo, Aoatraliao arerehaat, 00 olao napondod payment, ?ltb Kahili tea amounUna lb about ?11,000 The old oatabNobod bonoa of Hoorgo WyM fc ftnea, renttfyieg diatlilere and wine and brandy merobanta, ha* alao failed/and a petition la baak baa been Bled agaiaat Me reptay baa been Bled aga'Ml Meaara Perroa k Co., nbanta, ahlp aad Itumraaea agoeta, aad Uaaawil paaa aad g an oral broker*, wboaa itabUtUaa an Mated at lallMi of n*w looil HK liVID TO 0TOMB 3 B? ctoo'i of lb* Debataa la Uougeaa, toI. IV. Hvnae ?' America, by Freak Forester. Mortero Reform Kxamlsed. Bcbor tober '? Uro of Beadel. 1) cbroa' work.?T B rotor too* edition?The OurlooHy H? op and Bnronby KuJgo , The Waver ley Jiorolo?Tiofcaor and Held*a edition?The d-lde of I,<tnmermoor. Rocm nla by Dr Noyoa. (i k?b*l ibo author of ?*rbo Lamplight*. Bor.b . l>.?covertea la North and Central Africa. Vol II Harie.-'a edition. Brow niow'a Planisphere of tbo Globe. HeOaziniB lOBuCTonaa. Barper'i Mag.itne Emerson'. Magaxine and Putnam *s Monthly. HTIMW8. The North BrtUeb Review for Aoguat: American adttloa. Bvm*?n'? A?t?ii'?aaiwT o? th? Dmatub in Con umk&h: Appleton & Co.; vol. IV. lh. f.? r h vvlume of tbU reliable digest bae jont been issued bt ti.o publishers rbe rapidity with which to ,erto b continued w??.ld be o. editable to any proree.loua compiler ano n a man of Uoiooel Beaton*. year, auc mul itfartooa oMrpa.ione Itexclteeeur admlrattonfor ht.ene gy of purptae. We itnrerey hope,both fbr hl.owo -?ke aid that of the oonalry, thai the ilate or bin neolit will not in torfi re with ib? further n of bU H orary labors Fan. a F.-ktW* H R*n anp or *>-* Uh rao S.aik* ano Hb r oh on N..hth Awkh.c. By Henry William Her Lert 2 vol*. New York: Stringer A loaroaefid, Best on: Bbilipe. SampBon A. Co. Iblt aork. in fu ireee of matter, In methodical arrange ment, In facil.tlta of reference and In the excellent or lb tj p i apbr end UJnntrettone.eurpeeeeeaey publioailoo of e similar ebataoUr Which hat aa yet beeu brought oat Eve'y too connected wl:h sporting mettere in tM. country knowe bow difficult It U to procure correct laformntlao a. to the geemJngien of favorite bowee or aa to the priyret. of the Ame'lcan breed, whtoh la now recognt/.od a. prn terairg peptllar points or .xcell-noe whloa aim et price it on a level with the original etock from which it la do rl?cd Mr Herbert*! work nupp'.lee nU the facts coa oected wlth'be bl'tory or tb? borae In this country, ur uiabee u. wMi the moat perfect mrf regtrtar that ha. a. ?e- been ooupHcd.? d clothe, the vent maan of Informa ,!,? that It coi>Uloa lnaityle ao Uvely, agreeable, and r?nt.l, bat It tenders the hock ae inieroatlng to the geuura. reader at it M to the mutated in turf maAers. The oa .raved UlMtrafcna are in general extremely accurate, and It I. rwy to recognise the portrait, or favorite lior.ea without having reootuae to the deacrtpuoa. A few of ibern, we perceive, arc coplee er old plate.; none the lers M.tifu', ho.ever, for that fait. The subscript-on fo, tbo work ha., we uiaoratnnd, been unpreoeiontodly lnrR%S,6<?ceptee ba.trg been dltpo.ed or hoforo oubll entice. It fully reaUcae the anticipation i form-d oi U, and will for tie future he the .Undard book of reforeroj on all rr.alter, oonnecled wt J? the American turf Mouww IlavouM Elsminmp, ohi mm Union or NoBTll ANI Hoi th ON tHK SrajKQT OP SLAVKkV By Jopeph C StUei. Philadelphia . J. B- L.'P lincott A Co. We re irmvend Dr. 81lee* argumeeta to the oor^dera got of the ultra lata or both Nrrth and Boutn. Ther are Tall or rood ecn.e, reflect falter..Hy the .eetlment. or erery patriotic mind througboot the Union, and hold ep to well inert ?d acorn and ridicule the thine which , would .acrlfloe the nafety or our InaUmtlona to more ab j ? iraot theories. One of the moot oonaolleg reflectlona eon neoted with the antt alaTery agitation 1. that It h? eaUed f.rth the clana cf reawu-ern re accented by Dr. HtUc Whilst their Intellectual poelUon prerenta them on the one hand rrem falling lnlo the err era of a blgofed hngun1^ enable them on the other to appreciate the eriln oonnecled wldi elevey aa a ayabm. Ia oadearor l,p to reeoecUe Into a ratloeal and ooaMatent polley bee opposing vie and Intercom, they render e real eerrlce ta Zy These men ooeetltnte, In f^t, the o^rr^v op.nloe of the oounlry, and it U to them that we aau?.look to preeerre the oalanoe between the axtremaa by which wo irt ( ? Tub Pi. .NTku's T>*r#nTTR* A Tali or LoriitANA. By Mian. A. Hepuy. Fetttidge A Co. Southern novels are becoming a drug. Wa And but lit tie le She ranter*. Haeghtor to icl?ve the be.vmce. of me tclUrtJon. It t. curto*m fceu*h nat In a atotc of . UeT which tuppilce ao many rtrom oortmain, tbeae reHexe. Of u .hou.S he ao weak and pam.?leM Were .doathere tt'e aa vapid at It In repreeented, It woold pomean hot Utt e ?p?i eat for any one. Skkmom or TH? Bar. C H S?tb4Ion Third M* rite. New York: Sheldon, Biaketiian A ( o. ?'be mod.rn wtufleld," aa Mr. kpu/gojn ia caliea. u somewhat of a rltdle ti ua. ludgi.g by .be mertUof me .ermoia coela'nod In this and hla proowllng volum ?, more D wonder folly little of b?. prototype l? Wm w cc wo come to meaaur* IU?*e emntol etfrrte wt.h bis Tame^d - only recount for ibe j Ku -nde by hia powers as an actor aud a miealo H>. ma-ter I. very meagre, bl. thought, hate but HUM claim to rrift*ali'y, and hi. effera .uat be p o dreed mere by the msnnrr Ibae me eabMnnne ( ha sortona. Tto prr%ee to the " ? lurnc ?cea?. to ua a tolerablf oarrrol lulea w the qcalltloa of the imriar'? mind; van'ty, ??'r^ , dance aed vulgarity being m cwp'ceo '. traias. It ?? , surprising thai snob a m.-n shucld have chijen Jto 3 . / , carde-a an the arena of hla Mhore, or ttat be ahnoid have : We have amcrg a? Jntt at H-re'y v?cmee. of be ( dancing derrMh," srho renld produce quite as MUlng effertr nai*er the aauis circn.T??anoe? ( ,v:t T.tvwUhTON.Oh'TgOloron. Harper A Wo* them, New Yo?k. | Au tniiub novel with ? Derman epigraph and f,. .n , u l Grc.kboadpieeeeto >u a.apmrs w?md ?,ou? ra-..r | < (liiuli light reading to digust. Dlvrstcd of this jodan -y, , ? Hoy Uvlogrten- will be fo utd anything "athaavf. j Tp* WiimiiT Novgi.w. Tlcknor Ai ield* Edi tion. Tbf Bill of 1.. m" fintoor. ? rt'a b.e4.bfO ocnMnaan to be laeued wilh Ha utuai poactaa.ity. The Utam.-etl M ta the Urtde of l^nt. n. moor are .re To-or of Wife Crag, ^ ' L naw od the I mr-U n. The, are b ih Clas erly do ,-gtvd and r.xtcu ed, and add r???r * ?? hBraoUma of ||)9 tlkl6 RotMAKi*: Tn* Bo*p?b uowmrnwiw a a dtb ? T t Wt. l'y ?* Bwrgc,,n m the Army. Itudd AOhrtoum. mis is oa# of lha moat uapretecdtng, bet at the mme um, eetertamlrg book, of travel that has Ulely W late L baada. The grocad covered b, it U for the -oU cwr, new 10 ra, and the pereoaM- ^ ^ aMhivgb of rrw,temportnrera eglebrliy. bav. h.mertoca^ been kiewa to ua throegh ?awar*P" ** N<7" r?ee^a lb- <***?? ef ?rar?Her-wenU^ ty irqulaitl'eaeaa, and keeoaea. of I >eoer<l??- HU w*k flaggir* intereal. Pukv*. III. 'A Vkhtmih Joano*. Tickn r A t ieldr. Buetod. THree poemt dleptoy canal lerabie raw*. There ta a rertlll y of tboogM *nd ? factli'y of pietie esprnetmi oc te*.ia?Ily to be met with ta ibem whnU Impart a cba-ao Mr of orl?ltellty to noeipoaltlMii tb*t nlberw1*e might ml ?land the t??t of a or local examination K I'm alTdatooa ai a r?r f ycuag pertor, Ibty hold c 't the pr caM of fal^re rxoalleeo*; wthe matte of a metered Utt?, ibey plant their ?nil,or abaee the arrrege of ear modern rbretw?.> ot ma Oto* By T.tmm IT. Br >wn low, TtacLer of Navigation, tfli ( tierry aireel. Mr. Br*wn.ow bee ,?i eetad the traveller by omen and deeert with tee of the moei eocumte and oar*Tally pre pare! planetary paid** that *e?-oeeml?el adooop hae a* yet fura'ahed ae with. Mo ahlnmaater or nptnrer of the wIMereraa ebon id ho without a copy of Mr. BrowaJee'i | chart MA0AXTWEO. Raaaaoe'e Mtiunn a*o PneAa'e Moei hit ? H wai wtth a ? |h of rrcrot that we took op tfel* BMtemp i ayeUeale of Pu'nam apart ft an ita poutioal M .ea wrtainiy oae of the a Meet ptrlodioaie erer Urongh eat ta thie country. We were rellerel by fln iiug IM1 ?he rpirlt of the greater light It \n ched In the of the teener em, aid that tb ? In'on led t'*atnniWi >o rroT"* to be alter annihilation. We profer Idle to nay . Uagerleg proem of treatment. Falcate and R netce ranje* tilil la one an I the mom body. Tbelr payoalifl cal eltrl ziilae, though rack potararre lie pooallar exccliea ? clee, ere aa wide a* the polea aeneder. Per the take of high elate pbrlcdlaal llleralore, we *"* glad that tbin U to. Enmo*'! K tgaetee baa etrnsk Into a rata af jopo'er eneoaae, which tbe high turn aad ertttwl eleeaaoe of rate am* etyte w.,ull only eloco to lie rpirlteJ proprietor. Any attempt to accommodate the latter to II wo?M rerun ie a failure la preferrte * the prmltr to the ee'iM*, Mr. Mm?reoe hee wtooty eenoeo th" eeorea modi dkeiy to prom we Me ewe tetereote, end hie eha-irpWoe of the aaloeky retntm into bie ewe mere piuaperoee periodical will be taken by other pabHabere aa u Indicative ot the oonrea of the Brai itiith i Pills ?Til* up town nffloa, M C AMPHfe. Lt ? rot wore, eorner at klnk-M sreaun and Tew tf eighth Ureal PrrliteS'i l>lialafis|(kk taaeplo at art, sod sir; )>roMws>, opposite Metropolitan Pas. W sod Stfi l>nxUway, opposite Metropolitan UobsL Get IkinrDi pursue* No. Mf HroMeu Phoeugr?ph?, d\ (Term type* earirmj re, bnilotypea. VIUte-? in the ottf ire rwepeofully loved to eiunlu* Ike prod'lcJous of this eeagel .. . .BP , J fieent eeiebttekeew. h met tmas H * M to 10 P M Mdualtb'i Writing CleM will OemmMin OB Moneev. Oc'ober A T-nu fiA Bee edvertteeaunl Ate deeei tbi rtioaAsrwy OtBuiU fceleieeiidM Be fee Mltk Peleel powder proof defiance lock.', und cr ea .ere V epo: IV ,"n*r etreev, one door below toi'"n Une loHUT M. PAlnIOA WleUiWro'e Heir Dye, Wlge unit Taeprw leet anywhere. knr sale end Uie dve prtvmlalr applied. ? Bo. I Asiur Hoaee Betcbeiur'e Hair Dye, Wlge end Toupwe The brol U> die wo 10, euro-miDi- en Mali?. sold end ep pilar el Ue Manufactory, 'ltd ItrovTwey While, Clear Mb In awl Bine flair,?Jone* Old Italian eoep. I no shillings, and J?n?e' eoral hair nil. thee* beautiful articles ere sold aolreale and retail el 8AM DH'e I"* Pulton Ureal I'bb ffeutalnr ? urean of Wild Plowan 00 ehl'dre a and tolhm . Try It. for eele at 109 Br<vwlea<

and Mo. I Aetor Bouao Bent It Oo.'e Medteu Cue Treuu QUI. run it red to Bo I Veecr street Attn* none* Lelrd'l Wlge and Hair Ojra Aijalnet Um world .or their nainraJ appear*!.", durability and oBeapnrw at IV Kmadway pear o en rl itri r. ?? :j*d#MClAi *Ni aruiNi do co. do. do 6T I'nlen CloH 7 per cent bonds, do 7u 3: sberrn Rsrk Hank .. 72 f 0 If roadway Hank 101 a HI) en pew Ae etfrdam fire lnstuanoe Oompaoy crsi, 15' i fire lnsr.r*"c* fom ?ey *" M t u'nteh.m k :re Inruranrt- t (unpeny 8Mf ltifitl Amt rieui h.coral Company lo p. a Alto, the folio sing by Albeit H. Nicisy;? ft COfl I .a Omasa and Mllwa tkle 7'?, lsltd Int. td led 10 4IUI " 1H?>7 ? l'i e,W0 Chisago and Hick leland B8 7'? " 76 fift (llO tibloag en All or* 9K 2imt?.7'?... " A1'* 101" u Vi?etai* 8 per i em bonds " 71>'i?'ib 2 ww an;*, sun* t ltj T'e " uIK I.9WB1 lumle rri"a HI 7'e " Untlere )tr? t orl end r cw Htvrti ad ?H autl Mrw -?r?r> UK aud iretu pofvttou Co I trait 7H 21 rrosdway Berk 115 iUI Itoweit bank 7llaa76 'Stu^iieil'i .nsuiatue Co 107 rirlsl fllurray & Lnenman'e kltnde Water-* hhoultl etetd b* lde tke razjr our as well a* on* b 'utt, e tolls; It fortantly relieves he fmsrting caused by ebovtog, wblleasa rerlun-ei b\? no rl**l Hull by i) T. l.aMMlll A fO wbolesi e dru^-lt... 09 Water street, and bj eli drug gists at fill c? r'a per txntie Professor Uellntrsy (Turnup ti ttis leillom of tbr pr? hnj be|ie to s ate, ta re-ty ma ?rrat nnrner of let ter. ?t b ? be?e h?en ?dr r*estU t. blm 'A* ti.yu e*?t-eH only two eedir'na! ardo'ee, tli r.'-linway'a '.I In and ti illoAar'r ointn.e awl tha any vetm'Iuyre . r ? ther articlet ild with bis ram? atiksh*,' It no of bis manu'at 'ore, nor Is he oonneeled r|tr?r r(?fo ly cr in'lieoily with ?ny uu^idit j fpau from Lis eeMkrnwu pi Is a didn'tntnt. ? Bt B4BBBV. Hair*T?*T, Oot. 8-IP M TT?? wee more arltelty In the stock nrarktl lo day, and ftp lie bitter class of stroke better prices ruled. Rail road stocks per era) y were lower At the first board Mis souri 6> artraBced X per ceat; Virginia 6'?, IX; York Osn'ial 7'e, 9: Illinois Central boi da, 1; Illinois Oen tral R* t read, 6; Galena and Chicago, 8; Chit ago and Rrok Island, R Milwauk'e and Mlaalatlppl, X Ohlofi's drcHned I per r*pt; Delaware tand Hudson, 6; Pencty'ra Die Coal Co , fi; New Verk Central Rellrcad, 4; Krte, New Haven and Hartford, 3; Reading, 6; Klohlgan Ocn tral, fix; V'rbigen southern Railroad, 8; ditto preferred, S; Cleveland and Toledo, 1. It will be aoeo that the fraua kclluBfi we?u principally for cash and that there were groat fNcirst'ons In the market Hloika genera'ljr adranoed fion Ibe opening ptleee I'lleols Central Railroad opened at 76 end Bir red at 80 per cent; Ch'oago sod Rock 1 laud oprned a fir- and clorrd a', in per cent; New York Central ?rid at 00 csah, atd at 01 buyer tO dayn. The coal iticke appear to bs fa ling faster Man any others on the lilt. The decline tn Reading wan caasel by the lelrgrt -h dosyatcs 'rem I'biiadclphla that the company's notes had boon protested. At the second board tha market was cini'.deraMy better In prtcee, bu not at ell soft re r*enrs< Iran s Caal Com pany advarced 6 per cent; Mliwsukle and MUwlralp.'t, 8 NewYr rk Oentral, 1)4; Erie, 1; Reading, ljg, Galena and Cities go, X; Cbiosgo and Rook leland, 1. The fillowlrg aalea of atoeka and bonda were made at section to-day by Adrian H Mnllar:? $ 000 Mllwetikie and Uorlroa RR. 8't cr 1 -t, let added . lrtj 21 tgl d . do do o: luut, do **>, font New York City 0 per ctut toode, do Br', e Hi '0 fi/Binjsirlel " VI 'Ji Nor h Klrtr " ViSli Tn. failure of t Ark, Dodge A Co , of tbla tuy, aud J. W. Clark .? Co. if Rest n, was snno. nxa to day. the nouae of Ciark, Dcdgr. fit Cc tave biapcLi* L all the pitnolpal filths if the CUHk It aaa largely eegsgod tu the as ctu,? basic its. An b.-ikci ? Ihny confined themselves s'moet MPiifir'ly lo the ecmniltrl'a her'new U on tKLit'crfid oie *A the ttrci 4,1st and iiehitt hio?ea - ibe ?treat. Their suspension wit no dirnM nss .icod by Lie r''juplo n fikgyifs rf ail ftrfcengi r, ni 1 the Iraposslhllty ofge'-.tig ftidfi tonnj liosi tbr various potato. It Is ro ported that tin h use cf K BT. (lark A Co of i'-tiladel "hla. goiawiu-oat utsiruptiot. The ?? pi Ml n ci R!> , iijwin A MtUotiisll wet also anno trad today. This U a .ergo dry good* firm la Aay. tbty skt w a isrga n rjlun,and ripoct to ra aumeat an early tiny. Ike tupoetibuliy ol uia?jt| .mi leoiiona ta weaken': g nwry street eoccerna in ma dry gocrUt ?Ju. The r^t ct tLc I'oweU liack ol Nuaborg wera Urvaa oat >n it*; by W.i brnVera. Tt"rf?tlle K.1IOM frcm B atcn to day were farorebn No failirr* arc rrporled r om that City, and it Id Blated ihti ibo boo a wrre caster. Ton S?*i.t Xrbotofor or Uti port repcrta to day u fbl to wa ins' rWOPtpll ......... Hit 77* 20 ros?l rajrcaU W.lib 41 foul baionra 7,744.3ol 03 Tb* lir.laCa t'*50,C0O trenafe'red fm% ibiit w. lit t n Lv.aiM, ol ClitoliuifU, io thai/ c./cu Isr rf -iop., to, ?*.? ? Mercian I: hsroalv. t>w?o frlght'clly ttnt root, ? niNr?f!rjr rsny fcncf** f tb? blfB*tl r**p*-sabM ty; ectiO.rr.iia a-tan* to bo colli el" Io thi sta o ui turn oarf Items! yrtaaoM by tbla onadtuna of mat itrt, Way. toeol Wo ..uai./ rtaaisa int..- haaea of lb* 'oriri r. ? ?-r m 'l li i. ' ! t ' > '.<> >i ? draw# mt.l n.Minis Ittfil in* m r* ?*!.>* I; Bison abilo 0'l lb m<rn*a. Ul-'.i**it* s.-u c-ptdlj ojui 11 to lb* r. b ulljJ toot in* rrl ? f? f .? *; d #? ? i nfioia m?re i*ini 'li wrtrr I* in tbn fptirral aud rar'y i??;wo?o? ff >,*r o y*?i,i?at* b? ? I Or Bank* i.l lb* W'in'ry CBt o' Now V :t cliy. TV* U It lup^aMd, will Uta name-'iai* rail*f, Ml bailer CC or now, ?rb.:o lb* Sorts *r* roapaisUrrlf to oof, ad rot afar wry s? oil bar* rih.otted a I ibtd. ir frolt laa*. trials in "o?l*'n tb?rn??l <* TUo We of r?rb*j.?n on Maw Vork ?* today 6 |W crat prrwtJtu, ot wb'cb f t iuioII *n>onet* ctr bo h*d. With ci;htot? 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Mil W> would b* daily *l.-rnr'b'u H In arrry drp?rtmrot cf ;r?d* To* h*cklr ? ri?l? f :bi-cilr **? rmolr.ny nr dnpwlt J>* LOWi . f ibo S ?'* Ronk !i a , and tb* RsaO ~i ion -UM* of Iri'lmo arr.'nroy bsi k* d'oir nankt rf'tNIo r.rrall/, ar ! bai k* cf I?c iisns Oeia Is oall rf ?t b to in per o*ri prrm'oM nrar oanant ba.ik*, ? lib r?ry ti'Ue I* W had Tr* f ni way ta'.ild ofcoaa tb# q?or?'ty if r>m* of tho pr?ns', at art'rlw* of prndao* l?ft ?? ttdw wa'-r f?i? ?#? rowir ocrj??*tof ***'?M'n* W? te* Wch Rapt ir U.sive, do/io( lb* ; tor* 1 *.'?&, IHfd as I If AT ? RKBnw or i*?ot tr# ?r Tioaw itra 1Mb. m>i. IHfiT. tteijJ ry>rO Mj'i I. if ?4. Jfly 0 rmr bbio 071,44.! on dt ?:?/ ?u WbaOI. '"USB 1.. r!7i 04?!>4 torn T.WI.TTJ T ?*0,437 4^:: 4t? Ba''?y 330.474 ~J?t,ldl At .W7 li* ? too om oits 2^64.r/>0 3,114 4bl 1,737 H**fbnl? 0,711 aO.Oia 3 04.1 fork C.',474 ?"?.'Otte li),7'.? lb* Hl/no I40.WO is v.o lord ?,l?3,HdO 0,746 500 Sit Ml Cbaaoo 4*AfO 413,100 '?:? 3J7 Wa*l ? ,401,600 3,003 000 1AI7,?90 Diroa 4,340.400 7,100,100 U.uAO.AlO Tba TOtdftty of Bonr, wbr at, onra and barlny lan at P lewalrr diho? ih* foarth waak la s''picturer, la lit* j an 1060 aad 1407, la aa fulnar* ? Fltmr. WL?. H~4*a/, lotth. CN*?, 6t*?0. Blnj M.t* 1*M .10,676 673,970 731001 34" 4M 1407 89,774 813,191 349 431 113 Ml Ibo 6,091 Iter 8o?i,779 rtee. 440,079 Iteo 107,411 Tb* WTtl"! qnaatlty of I be aama artlolea l?n at Ude water freaa the ommeaoemeat of aanyaUoa to tba 30Jj A*pt*akbar tajloalT#, daHag MM yaara 1410 aad 1867, la aa follow# . rinur, Wt. ITVuil, fttoA. Chm, l)?/rb. /rj*y hviit. 1406.. .646,167 6.447.461 7,6*7,487 711,461 180T-. .871,468 3,806 117 4^77r446 640^407 DM. 173,804 rtee 1 929,447 rtee. 8,109,048 DM 4o"o3t My radnetef MM wheat to floor tho i?aatUy of the mm teft at ?dewater lb la year, eeaipared wtih the eorrea poadiag period of last year, ibowa a fblflM off of t,009,l? 8bte?<flWM The cash uim and UaDihties of tba Nov Or loo si banks on 1Mb loot, voro as follows ? Hankt. learnt Hjtnnit ntmd'n. DtpetiH. cr/.v--'HMk....$4,n6? na i,i94.istu ?,0?i,i36 3 4w.869 Cenai Bonk S 048.861 106.818 017,406 611,728 Uulflaca S,lC?,10a 1,124.464 701,649 2,209,?C0 kcWMtati<?.... 3,074,1 61 1 (Oft 1T2 1,8*5,130 2 787,666 ?rn. & Traders'.. 1,018 08. 180.890 833 360 412,080 D k of N Or hens. 1 031,271 U6 149 7. 0 606 6HI.1 >4 Houtbrre Bank ... 654 168 66,0f4 206.600 74,01 J I'lltM Btuk 1,616 067 816 7 30 688,666 016,627 Hank Of J. Kobb.. 664,858 103 428 306,100 286,106 Total 820,270,820 6,262,236 8,060,444 10,333,306 The fbllawUig table cxbt'ittt (bo respective amoonw of osefcange fee Id by ibu rations back*, ard alio (ho tumi doe to dtatant benkr, the latter being oomprlaed In (be table of depoelta, aa shown above:? Banks. Exchange. Due Hanks. nt/roa'Raak $161,784 899 341 Canal Hank 163*16 106,667 1,'n lotana,, 831 825 102,750 I loul.lera Ktata 606,066 130 260 tin Denies' end Traders' ? 63 320 j Hack t f New Urban a ? 105,261 68,030 i Hoi.ibrrn Bank 231 744 ? ? Union Rank 430,004 102,891 Bank of J Bobb ? ? T" lal 82,039,880 8748,788 ,i compered with the ititemcnt ol Iba previous weak, r'-io rtnulla ntu folio ?t ? ifcreeir in abort loan* 8186 80 Inrrre** la sprrte. ...118,66 I wcrtaie In < IreuUtton 72,191 Increase la deposits 2'4,32 Increase to tiohnrgn 234,76' ircrrsM in amcom dee dtatant banka 160,463 Increase in ce.iwlta proper 169,053 Tbnr? are nine chartered abd twenty two free bank* la Tennessee, altb an aggregate capital of $9,076,36$. The tbroc old banks, located at Naabvtlle, have mem than two thtros of be vhola capita', and constitute tbe banku g strength of Uu HtaU. Tboy arc tba Hank of Tennessee, capital 83,361,131 Uslon Pshk, " 1,174,800 Plaoteia' Bank, " 1,366,400 On tba lit or July, wbea tee last ofllUal report ?a> mn dried, tbe loana or those three amounted to..87,612,'*14 16 Rrrota .... 2 014 217 61 01 mutation 3 984,816 00 I |a?tis 2,347,040 67 Cue fr< la other bank* $,041,872 03 Tbe r< maislng bank* barer in ill oapltila?but ono as blgb at 83(0,tuO. and ciiiy six oyer $i00,0C0. Altyetber tboy have? f'ap'tal $2,685,011 ."l.fdlj 642,165 C..r,o'al!oo 2,'-89 317 rVpc*1U? 2.008 681 lHie firm banks 879,908 The fioe banks barn 8!i560,000 of capital, and about 81 ,?oo,0f 0 clrenlatlon, the security of whtoa la the State bends, with a marg'n of ten per cent Tb-< wbolo system Is sound, and not likely to be allected by tbe auspocston of banks la other States Tbe Miners' Jnnrtal of Betnroar , In noticing the coal trade of ibe week, says the canal again loads the r llroad and the supply has fallen ofT slaoe last week 13,160 tons; tempered with the eetres' week last year, the rail ica<> Inaea 30 661 loos, aod the cabal 6,250?making a loss ?f ,6,H\i tuna This ta a heavy lor* in a stojlo week, 'be t-ade sums u.itbls wrek a* fcl'ows, nxoludtoc th* pfrrrviracta Coal Company, from which we reoetyea do ret*irt:? Aathracits Co a i Twaci 1858 1867 Taa. Qain. Bcbuylkilinallroad. 65,888 -25 327 30,5*1 ? " Cecal.... 31.128 28,170 6,250 ? Lehigh Railroad.... *,863 9.281 ? 3,428 Canal 317'0 HO.Olfl 4,?'.!7 '*I and Hnd. Cinsl 18.120 17,478 642 1'esn. OoalCo. ... no r>tarn. ? ? Uc.?< ion, South.... e;?;; 10,398 ? 120,7 49 41,068 6,003 IWC for week, Iros 84,687 34,987 Hho* Ing a loss compared with last year uf 84,087 too*. Tbe following table gtres the aggregate I *? aud gain for (be yrer from tbo different region* ana by the did ore at arctuee:? 1866 J8.-.T. tern. Oaxn Schuylkill Rall'd....1,C62,I60 1,421) 690 228,619 ? '? ' anal 810 3C9 903,101 ? 92,792 Lctlgh Rilbiad 111,34.7 336,1.02 ? 226,43b ? final 862,287 (168,712 103,180 ? l)el A Odd Cscsl... 364 008 816,018 39,866 ? I'li ui Coal Co uc return. He. anion 47,120 216,642 ? 199,616 8,828,166 3 888,99$ 461,954 517,743 3,828.106 461 981 Inert ase tn 7887 66,789 66,780 The coal tisdo '? rapidly dmreaatig. The lota for I be la't two weks t? upwards or 63 0C0 tone, and we eaould nut be suiprt'ed if tbe ha* "Tom the a bore regions would reach frtm 40 6.45 COC tors the eniulng week Tbe In c.iene so far oyer 'ant year's shipments amount* tionl/ abrut 16,(00 tons. Two wueke ago It was 126 000 teat Wu i.aiu thai two or (tree U. arj coal tl.-ms weal to prl trst dt ring tho ? c?V 7h?> all bare abund .nl agists to tt? Ct thilr labliit.i- hut tt would re a great seclQoe Iti make tht m available tn ibe pruatLl aiaie of me money n.a. k? t I < m what we can Iwaru, t? ey are mere u>ieao taiy suspeotlonw, and thrtr ioatnen *U1 prog) ee? ae net. at, except to far aa it la afioctad by .be pmetM deuiaud fi r com. Sforfc Kkrtoango. Btrr*D*T, Or*. S. 1887. f.eeo owe ?'? *eo . .. rk ywrbi BrtoRft..r>At- ty lux K-?('<?*? (>*?.. *? ft UO opg 9\ 4. (0 !? Hans It's .... 70 750 tf> 10 'i'ltt'MDUilCl.... fJ]< 16 V B '? Uarl KH.. 1(0 lilCO DC....... 64 9 <l? W I'xfJ d? MX 5<7j Hooding Kit U3 2J 930(0 co. CD :-CO do 0 10 KC0 d? My JO J do (10 ISy ifoonrgiBu #??. o ?' ico <io iio uiy wt(0 Co ivy MO do 37 6ortCoomi*? hj no do k:o soy Siro lil (.<0 ST. tdi 69 10 Mlofe Of J RR.... Iiy 7 Oct Co tB lit do 30 1 f"6AChlitmtfe>? fS 71* Hv'a n KH 7y 1M0 c fl M B1JI a<k<UU 11 Tib* B'ko'An^r'eo W 50 Mi iiiAA"* It ,? a St h Co WO koi-s30n.oKK. b34 61 1' Artisans list k .. Si H? do 0 60 : o K ? ?rc nmvi-f 78 u 111 Oca RK 75 f i 4*1 Itud Co O,. 90 M do 76 ?0 do 616 PO ?l ao 77 10 do b?4 pd Ik do '<8 SO UCT fc BU RR.. *y 'MO do aJO 77,' 17 ox 7 |M do 80 VI Toon (*ol Co.... 64 SOlw, Uic.U.iRR. 70 10 At 63 90 do.. .... T'l 2t.d ao *30 ko lidiiU. Kit,... 64 I# do tt n Ao.... 8t 160 111... . ill kiy 45 Co 6c,y 1160 Colo 'list Co.... 5 100 dor .VTolRR.... Sty 166 do.. fy 4 J) do 21 toe do ?y joo do ??y 1116 N T ton PH.... 60 SM do b.. 11 10t do 1)0 60 M)0 do 6?4 .6 m do toy roobii i:u kk... 66 141 di toy to do 67 100 do 61 10 do M lo do......lid tl 50 do 69 i do fc'W k( 116 Mil k U.? RK.... 13y loKftoKR p*? vw 60 do uy U9 do 1 *M> ?y I7C00 HloMWJi I/O. .. 6.. Si tbi kr'.o RK. 10 y Hit it... .RT (it |?4 do ?r< icy PWOT' CDMaxed'n *90 7 5 JO do., p At o 11 44?R(l*otUrir.a?rro *H 100 Koodlac RK . .(10 27 160ro.o'-ooiuo. uo toy mo o? sty IN Com CV-sJUo .... ty 1? HI HA V Is) Hit loy too Or ? , 126 UOoaukMKKR 7 too da ft ty f?f 111 Ooo RR ...tlO 69 ?2 Mil 4 lias I1R..., Hy 100 do tat *0 (i S Y Ccotroi KR.. *4 ao i.oi & tbi Kit ... toy k do My 26 do 67 14 do My 211 URl * Rlllsod KK <-0 141 do. ?:: M do 59# A do 13 ivy M do b4 JOB dJ..? 124 63 cis? cumr.KcitL hrivirt. 4a TV aims, UJI 3, 1667 7u< a?tho Rsrk-t w?.a aetisa si ya?tar(>|'(qaoto ?" a tio r.ilas <an<>.rsr?1 oboot Ik,0(0 bbla, in dsdicg it (CO bbi? (<-r oiport, si $1 26 s tl ? fbi tape, too *4M ?<..! W moi s a?d nu w ao. st 16 64 k Mil: lit Obi* so l a at ft k k 26. B iisat ? lbs sslao onbrsont ml out 3d n <0 s "It,oat bnab at, nkbkdt' . *o tbot obits st f i s $1 I. aid rod Jo. k' II 50 a t . eoMMto rod Watts.! si SI 06, sol CRi r??o i or eg ot tie. (oka ? slot "t li,W>0 k 7? 0*0 hi.Shall srork otlr St 7to a . .c . rMala* at Shoot .Ij aTlyo. Om* m sm? <i"ia* s?o asloo lip,Hal I oar.?BO a .(? b >1* mesa, li 'ota. w?aa aold kt <0 21 77 ttr.-MO a 660 bbla. toil at Ilk. a 31 Ho. r.ntwn ir??r iit Bitt,? I4. ri\ -*>oi Bi.a tcAi wtrtR rmoof ttrru .?IV. bO"'# a?o rrsly a? JO'Mt li kaa strao*, sh? Ml at (toncraaa aknaa. B|| MUJAtaliXiT 415iA.ii.its. tispo7t?PS sad 0?t atsat-n* i^ji-fiorsia *ba aobaarlbON ratmtanl > k?'<*? iWr rtaiWa koo ??? ptililk lh? 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D ALTON, ill Bros* AWiNU MaUltlRne -At. r WHO WAJTtA newiag markt, a .if antrnnml utility -one that will mm ma Ughtrat t..prion and tba hearlrct failrtea bettor tboa aay Ham ? >n beat tnackiur f r fa ml It na? maanlhntorlag, plaataMM tiae, nr an* oar whatever a marklna that doat go* oat af M drr and wttb whloh an indnartooa wooun can raadlly aaara ],Ut? a rrar oou oithia I; nuwhera esoept at tho ottos of I . Hi ff'lkk a (II* Ho ut Wow York R' S ft rHR B ARK* Ka'ee at whlob ootaa ou tba fbltawtog banba ara taMa at EV %Nn' eitenjlTa cb?htng warehooAe, Jfo. 0E and <8 fat lua atrrr.? Berarn County Bosk. R. J , of Prw lore'), R J M al. other Hen Jrntey banka par. PlaKara hlwr R I 98 Ollrir A ' o'a. " BP Ontario Oonnty honk. " M Bo'llider Pick. " M loiryrr??'? Bank, " W lata a t oitaty. " at) r..'?.i?u"' Hauk " M Bank oMAnaudalgua. M Hark. Lo*hp'l ?* .... SB Racial,'a Harlmr Bonk. " 10 Park .,f Orlrai.a, " R) Mrdi' ? Bank. " 88 t'brniuna Oonnty Hank, " HO Bank ot l.lma, '? 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Aorrt, o* Hktarjk, to t'lrm< fa Gkitsipi daagutaf of AhyrabaM Tyrre'l. frrrocrly wipe irern"aot o' the mty of Dublin Ht>ii*i*i>-Hkkiui ?Oa datu'day, Dot '?>, at the Oknrab ad Hi Frahhii .\a< tor, by tku He* tamer Maylau, Mr Jjmb IIoiiapd or 8a*, Da , to U'jm Eua Bnaita, of tbta city. ("allforoia pa pert p'ctac nopy Kkve?CunpAtutnoi ? In Bn?kl;p, on Tha'sdny, OnA 1 b> th* Krv Mr Wri-b, of St. J-mrt' CalMurr.l, Joan Kktk 'o Mart Cossr rottm.*, L/tniJi h??BLArcHt-ann ? On Friday, Ost 2, at UM rR ntdecm tf the brde ??y ibe Dr Far oy, J ami* Dtra joh* lo rtomu RtAfki.t kti both of Brmiklyo Nmnon?Mkkoi.kit ?InS'ncUlrrl le.CbaaLuqaaooantf, N. V., on Toeadnj, Sopt. n, by Ibo Re* E d R'rigrt, Mr. a Hint f awTon, of K.edonik, to m.m CuaAitm Mamdm, daufblor of t ie I*t? (aid 'frorye Maraaen, of tbl? otiy. fnot ham? DirmnokT) ?l>a Tnuiadav ereotnf Out 1, by K< v J E Montl?n, Mr. RojiamC. 1"ice*am to MImJo ?li-ltivn B I trtfrrv. 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I ace, No. 194 *#v?aib aveewe. witewt ft rthe- tavutloe, ta ? aAe'eonn, at twa o'e'wk Ksnro rw ? At Ho rg 4|hf, Ne ? Jr-ae/ * netardap, i tt Joihab f fUaroLPB, la te* -let year of bla ag?. k'nuasa.-(to Kridav, (tel. 3, Koaab A, infant ata eg John r. Bed .*arafe T ^tokarde funral fn* "*r rr*|c"eno* of hie p*-oeto, Ortok's Bte Nr. M i hathata atreet. hie efterBB", at?>*#a'otosw Tba ralai vet aad ftMfeta oi tee thmUy or* ranpaetfs^y lav'tod ta sltoad Veron al paper* pimaeeopy Itovs t* ?CM !to'orday. (*d a* No. IPg pearl Btenal, Jen* stoeosB. aged 1 yea', ? montea aad Jkdaye, mal Edward aad Ma>y Saebaa The frtead* aad reiaiivii ate roqeatee t ta attaW the tt ae-ai, tew afbrtwwo. u two o'oto k. croaa Ne. Ml {Mate itraM TO he later#..! la Oolvory Ce watery Vvvoem ? l* toiiH*?B??rf, oa Ha .areas aftarvaoa, UM. 3, Bra kan I'rvnaa, ta ta* *0ta year af ta* ir* Tba foaerai ? Id l?k# plane f' aaa te* rhemb n-wwev te ruta and ftnete IbiN teiweti,''a*v Mr Wei r) taw *Nnr aooa at 3W a'rlook ?(*? 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