Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 4, 1857, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 4, 1857 Page 7
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lilfVMI! MI ?AiaBI AT AOOTIOB. A o. TuiTLt auotionbaa-horou. WAOom, A* Ac?A. D. TTTTTUI will sell on Muwdsy, nt II o'clock, G* SI Oonby etr-eI 10 bore** adaeted to nil purposes, H>? iMl aew and laacnd haad ??a?. Iw, An., for o?h. A LFBKD BXtOO AU ITIOAEEK - A. BE A0O A 06 , A wtll wU at motion, on Tuesday. OoL 6 nt 10* o'olooh, A A. 680 eases of baota ahoaa. brown and rubbers. AUCTION AOTIOA-J BOUAAT. AUOtlOAAAA?BY B. BOGART ? Monday, Oct V alii u'oljck, In tka village of Kant Cheat* r, mortgage of rick nod costly bouieho d tur? Itnre. rosewood sjH?, mtrble top cottage sa'ta, InstMlry ?nd Brnnnol" oarpet* chamber and Dihorur fnrnl'nri; *1*0 one km, raokmrn* warn. U<bt wagon, leather top, alngi* Ii,tv'n cv* leave Tweniy eerenih ? tatT'i o'clock for Aonnt Vernon. A OCTIOIf BALE < F A LARUE LOT OF PIECE A goods tailors' trlmmlrea, olotxing. overalls and ahlrta And fancy g-ode. b* a. M. CKibTALkB. auctioneer, a Bowery, n Woo/Iht, Oct 6 1807 at U)l{ o'clock, coaslaUag nt Ok* blna black and browr bearer and pilot olotha, do*sklas, i?alaiwa*. aatln d? rbelu. aatln ltsUage. lion akin, linens, v* stings. As An. Bcrcral Invoices of clothing, nonatatl >g of oUk. and us, velvets cashmere and sloth vesta, caarltnere and sattset panta cloth and arilnrra frock, suck and overs 'its; also, on account of tr oat R may rnneern. 11 dozen shl-to and ijyawrara, 48 Oo^.cu overall* at d ebirta. SI pi?ea tiding 10 Ann abreU' g 40?uaU. 70 d<jr?o *' -cklnna. Uandkrrohisft, Mtrttoos, collara. Ac., A". THiiora' trimmings. constating of 1.&M grura of pearl, gilt aed fancy buttoia. IDS gross of va vtona quality galoona I M grime or silk and mohair cord and binding, HO gross of hut kit a togothcr wttb a large lot of taker articles to numerous to mention. A 8BIflAAB*8 MAJ ? OF GENTLEMEN'S FURlf 18HINQ A goods.?Tkr entire mock r*o*ntly belonging to Messrs dfamca Dt'jm lm la now ready for rlamination at the chore Wo. 18 warmn street and will be "old tor cash. The at i?Mon of the trade to thlr rate ta rvqne ted HENRY A. qUINAN. Aatgnee. BA. BAMG8. ABOTTOMAKK.- BIT OKI1AS OF AM ? atgnee, f rMl.t A CO. will sell on Monday, i ot. 6, at tl>Xo'o <?k. at 'heir e?i?sr<y?na. 8b Nassau'.trret, agea*ralas tw'tncot of new and ?e?ond band f-.Tnltun comprising every tkrileto appertaining 'o housekeeping, eonstating In part at I reds baddtnv. ma'tree.**, palliasses, bfdsteaea br?ane, oommodca, tahlra lounges. ona ra, sofas. ou palutlags, fanov Woods. An* *? also three solid rose wood parlor suite, corw ?d In aatin brictul. "Ilk plnah and h\lr olotb. BcJe positive. Oatalogt. an ready early morning of rale J. H WARD. i?rlgnee. BI WARD n LUDLOW, AUOTIONAEA. BALA or STjVjAB AN > BOA 1)M AT AUTHOR. A. Li. Lt'i LOW A CO will he, 1 at aticit -n on Tuesday, Ooteher 8, D*7 at ? quarter b'tor* 1 o'c ook a' the Mer abutto* Flobango, eiecntor'a sale, by order or Oeorge A. Bobbin* A Bon. IBiebarrs Bowery'F,rn Insuraren Ocmca-y. S15 each. Ibe shore was poetioned f *om sale ot oeptember t'J. On acrount of wboui It may conourn Waharet Betropo'tten jnsnracoe l<o? piny J ri)ea-h ICO da New .1-rscy Aatlrosd Ot Jer>cr nt . HtWeaib fki.0tt ii mar aage 7 p?r c?m bonds of the Centra' r?a lroad Ot New Jrrver 1 bi madia dtioga large and convan.ii In ircailng bnaincsa, and Its receipts arc lip to 40 prr cent in al vance of but vrar. IS Co. Fqtiltible ?ire Insurance Compacr. gSS rit-A, Ml So Aicelst'r Fire lpaurance Company, 161 r?rb J609 Ktulecn River Ral road Is', mortgage, pa,a le Febru ary 187j. $400 New To k city g cent bunds, payable Feb., 1859 ye ihecvi Col >u coal and Iron t.umpavy, dm nam 101 do Itanmer Bnuraaoe Oo-npauy, iiOea iU. M do. Nr? h nics r lie Ins i d, of itrooktyc. $?J each SI, JLO of the capital stock of the Near England Car Spring Company. ?3.U00 de do. do. do. do This cmpany ha? a isrpe anrfilus and has paid regular HvMearfi of per r-nt fir <av?-al yenra par: Terms 10 per ccat on day uf sale, halauca net t day bafore I o' itm Fartlca wishing to dispose of anr sec 'rule* on this isles day aril! please reid them tn btlore 12 o'elock on Monday Fpeclal hale af it ck*. hoods and other ?ernrl lea made any day required Regular sale days. Tuvdiyssnd Frida-s. INDWABB BUakM K. AC< riONffR ?TWO ALR LAWT U horses - A. A F. U SCllBbt'A will sell a', auction, on Tuesday, Ost. C it one o'clock, at 'heir salesroom. D Naisan i*irent, an e.egant long tall brown horse li>g bands ntgr, levea years old, ana war/ anted periejtlv kind, so and and gentle; will stard without t> ing; will net sby at locumotlvea; annanlt tnl driTr. and caa trot in 8 lb. alio wagon and barnesi, also, a beanClu. swlteb tall sorrel bor?e. I'V hands algh. seven years old. war-oatnd In fvery way, sad a atyl'ah drlrrr; also wagon had ban ssa, almost new; also, aeraral rockawaya, top and 70al wagons. GILII8RF 8. tvAVAUM, AUCTICIT*?ti.-DlUULAK A 8AVAOE will s-it a. their aalevroom, 87 tlsrta' street, Tneat's, . Oc! 6 at 10 A M . < rg good*, hosiery, mens furn'ab tog got*A. clothing, jene'ry, Ac . watches, furs, rich fancy 4pooa. and an lnvoic" of valuable broke, As. H1MBT B. BERTB, .IB., AUCTIONAKA.-BT HARTS A MOfld.?Astlgc-ey' sale of reaty made el vthlng. and tpltce goods,joo Treadsy, Oct C atlOo'clock, at ISJ'j ilbatbam eqr.are codsluu* ci about M (Ml worth of seasonable realy amado eiotblrg.ovrr?s a. aaek. frork and b'taincia coats, atli, isaUr piuah and ca-atarre vsta. sa.lnat dowkio' an 1 other ?ai>isk>r?s f'irni h'o< gooes Irlmatligi, p'-or goods, Ac erms cash la enrrent funds. By order or tbe aaelraeee. Oa to-ogueaa . aae. JBOdABT. AUTFTDIfKER-BT A. BOOART-Tl'AS ? day t ci. 6. st 10,'s o'clock, at the aucJon rooms corner of rrarkfort and W U'.sin s recti, ao'isebold furnitare of evtry rlrscdpt.on. lot kleg glanana engrevlngf, Ae. KOTlUf-BALMS OF STORES, BON08 AND oiberrecnrlties bv A H. LUDLflW A t'J.wlIi take V?ae" en 1 uesd v net fi lebT. at s quarter bofoteone o'clock, at the M"vrkan?a' Fxrhsnpr. Pardee wishing to add lo lie flat. wtU please hand In tanir arcurtJea before 12 o'cbsik on Monaay Tstms ?>'??!? Itbvial, and made known oa aup'ica illok. N- rrdvra f"v r t'ra taken rmept from rrapon?bi'e par Are and those who at nihil* bold the a'cortilaa. LtUce It l'lne otrert Are' I'ooe, Pa- k of faymonwealth mABANCB BO\LI. AUOllCNAKR.-MTOitE 22s HUD X an street, naer Br ome a net. will a-11 en Tu*sdar, fl h tost . a. l.i o't li? k at 26 Uamid street all the ftrolureofa Ihrer a'of Lo ire, name g?it-usaui and lagram earceta, ovarbte top dr"*rlru 1 ru.t. wasbslands. pie' sissies, g'rsn dolts ao'a-. elvanr w o'o* curalea. v srdrobf >. feather beds and laige F. roth pillows balr mitlreates,' cvan'.erpaoey, blaekels all l he for. It ore of ten mints, f-gether with'he parlor and kitchen fnrB.'.are, with which the sale w.ll oom taraee Trrw ? rash, ?. n,'. rt?y moiiar rrqu>?d, and s drp alt o' ool leas than 76 per "? wl 1 he taken, is th? rood* m ist oe aoLI Aid dollr(rod Uk tame day, as tie owner talea .ng uhe elty. KFW PCBLlCATIOIIf. X NEW MONTnt.k N*t?.7..NA. XI 1'hlLLlF ,, HaKTMON A OOhil* LNL Aecpet.r.Jiy aooo .see mat on tbe Ut of November ike: ?wlE eoaunetu e t)>* Isste f TIM aTLLNTIU MONTHLY. T\gy will ala> to tu. uiab toe reaumg pob'tc a uaw aoarea Of air.ttacmsn' ar.1 Ixr'.rurtlon and to give M. a "-bore a aew and tudependerl vehicle of thought. Th? oorrent IHerni'.rr snd the prralnert q rw xoi of ">? will rvce'TS us ;'.'rxlor,, wb.le r.i k?'v-ne 'It' t" Swm be spared to prenrn. an avtrscuve tidscr -say Jt ake-ehoa and poetry, ftom Jte best wr'ver* Ann. y other roc'nb"'1*-*. they are permitto asms tbv Itillowtoa fnim whom srwues may be aioeeieJ ? MTIilam H Trejcoit Mrs. 1. Be?bet Rviwe, Ma'.ph Waldo Emerson Mrs iv.k-ll, fa O hnani. AMtbor of ' It .A " " Man Uarn W T ongVllow Aaf on." " g '.r.h an, dm. r. 1L Hedge, D a. Smth.' Am Hath L Dswtboiae. Fra. L. Narta 'h id, >*oba O Wblttiev Mrs. I! M. KtrkUed, Oliver Weodell Holmes Mr*. Pike, James II nws'l. Author o? *148 Mav,' J. Lothrop M/.tlag, " UMWti," Ac. ilea. Wru < iuu, k?< Eo*e Ttrry. TTermaa MsItHIc Wi'kle Oolllu Prof fl O. Fallow. A'. hor of ?? Tke Dead N? Prof. F J Child. erwt," Ae XF. Wlirrto, O. lluMnl. Adanuod t^utoey. Au hor of " Doc lot Agio Authnrof Wenaley.' nlo." Ae J T Irowh-Vge. Bhlrle? flmots. A other nf "neigabor Jack Author of Aspen Court.' wood," Ae. Ac W Pto'tleo- A M Wbtrty. AuUwwaf 'ThuoeMarried." Author or ' Pmiujai Per likwlbwr, traits." Ae Anihorof "Nngletow Fan- * ? A? ? tote-y." Thoe W. t7 r a'teetht* a? sntho-i la rcm-ee".'nfly InvHed to this edrey Imswi All mnteies reoetred will be care.'ally eiaalnad sad, f srecgvssl. will b? llbevalii paid (or. Tar. pnbltvhrra wait sm m bare esMI nnmhwv enadv In ttmi Air dm nil u una and nir to the more rnami i ana of the yon a i?7. oa o? betor* the ..rtt dag M the mcntk 'g wbteh It la la uamlau Ramf gi4e?, V ostila *oeh ii'irMr A libw si dtoaeubt ma > tn e.uoa. or to those vto bar to aaC i atioaUrn or horhs-"?r?. perVjdisaJ dea.era, aewyaub lad bam agreU. la rwt'isatad, aed ?b?lr order* i sag setfnliy NIIHK.I.MIKUI'I. Biman irirw patj?t fiHiRTii) to ot'*? tc f ortffcUUT Wmk f r?f. bo* A# be?! potoii lorn*.'*** ?U oaMtda work- Tor aala at tha V^?p?BT'? dapot *? '* BtoiHH or hvirt r??* ?Rirrion-AT tii? hhurh farviri tej rwl urtat. Ban rfl b;al?dla<a. ?girf. All artlclio a?Id ?1 the lowaat ,Wf prtna* Paint brttba* of a Tory aop-Mor quality cooaiaatly oo bu I ?? Shlaa br uMwa toad? tooa-tor JOlt? a H'lPrtl. at* ?B*To?tTiva-AN mrAi.Liir:* MAiHCAL nrim will In a. tit lo aoj adjraiw. f it rar.<)rln| hod oAAaUftfnr tba balr. <-n 'ha raoalpt of Iwmi'T #ra ("Mta. It bat liwa tr>?1 la l-wdrnqt of (M?< ? It? parfae' titrraoa. It ytr. ba bo* l-y hdrr^'?ti? 'jr. AJ itnwalt, or at tha n.ira Ro. I f r.Woa air rat, baa >** _ XT ttiinMl our. K HrtoiAi. mmoa rt# KmMi ou o*m+?i w txit Mioof^ "O.alnMrni that ihar bam dlannrarad a proeeae h? wMob Ab iftUfAit. cdor li b**? Ifrwwif. ^*E???eR? I.A*r mx TUB ?IM.10? Tha br.rarr of ihta am? At A ehrbt rypaaaa. M bo atlaabad fa Any odbiAii taaap. AAd b ona at an n?p? am of aoa <t?Arto? jf not .mot par boor, and air to tho llfkt of tbraa caadlo*. ftawr'aa r*a b? war ?t nit "?-? And At ?>* 'tryalal PA !.*A A??nto. wHb fttl'ulT* n>? Aornln #d 00 oprlwttoo Q| L v'eTSJN P, tffftom ^ ^ Sa? it* ?AOFmm-**Ttrnir? ?tfl mwm ?,* ^?ooo At* an* Tor M.o At ?dl PtJOiitrAf. TkaaaataMh Kj,* Rtonbtoro rnallr aul'atla for fcml f naa tad tbal.- rfT* slam tbaoa within tho ranrk of ?n Ptranno trtoodtnjt to pot that* a at trtnf mar?,nt W.U (to watl m tilBH thtaa kon*q "kotd (AtortWaWnrr t ar'nf ft to I* .*nr baaif, aniabaranw w anatpltfawd ooaa It rtq nlraa bnt -Ma h nr ? .nltton nkt ?aa *..*?1 Tparmton. Ltaaona ghmt fr*tu Thtr wad* it* in*< baaa anatataa.1 brrartv* of tba Ua!t*d Statoa Oaal aT,,Jr WtTAOW V(VJHT>? A (X) . U? PrOAdaa. OBOT etin.-l H?1IVT4Ct>.?ABn?ArTOmT hWO Jt mtrrf dim. ?? t l*orh Wll Ian atratt. atar Frant'iirt, Haw Toik an IT Wait third a raat, t'tnataaati, thPi; Altrga ta?>r-owt.t maatan'ly na iiand rid abnar aaana takno In ni jTaoji- Or* It p?l Uy MMUtti rmim fc"*snrr^-itJ*T RKnnvfn. * i.ahoi i/>t or tha < rltbrattd M ? ttawp I'wtija brtofe ^natnla. and far ART** A THRO **ORroR. M? Hownry Tmm TRVIPTORR -OAMItiAB A OO , ROLIOtfORR Of , m (ir ndwar. B. T. Rp?at(l *al l.m, draw, Inya. aw'rawan". An . r-trar-i. will pr onrlai pataota pr.inaUy Attandad to. I nltad Hiataa a aaapnrw taaetd Tntir^p<^"^ I'rur.JAb?^* .^ri: pz* rtrtal aibWAtoaa for 'ha tktn And All aktA *"***** ton w??t ? ro?ol?i*on titbit* Bn M" % ipoA ?MAaia OPbNObA. ?H/abtib "traat PrapArtd by Aaf aln BartoOorrle wrmta awd lihwom. fRfRif AWDWOTf'TI ??l.T WWltK?V*101' 1 daaoabla aad ttandAr-l hranH f r talt frma "?? loan honae InaA. at ftlr iraiknt prtnta fbn itibairtbara on* b? trarta a toia'l atm-r wtr' of tb? fo ORlq*ab*"J? wttta ' a . fnti frmrth proof r't Wlaa ? t?,r? '?? ox?a nrtwd i ??b Alt, Joke Jamaaon A ' on'* rarr anp?-1 t Hob In laai^iio^ enbntaa Omk nal' 'obn ham>*T't norqnaiiwi ?-roan nf Rratnb lb Alt of hl?h flaror fa aiiilac, 'Iray ? b at alt Pi-rrbaa?r? ara to ld-^1 lb*' no PaJI ,r* by na otharartaa thaa fr m tindnrrnaoai bonaa I *b *ydl* J lUkVm A BOB. tarorlin, ? W?U IMA fcU.gJ 90 UMA1U UliTB. >< AAAl,oa BAir or. if built UFoir. t j 9 LUvU. % hoi* 00 wiu bur O-e ot 21 p. X* y (round em Hi eenlt tolh* ? ln*s of iwtOO fern* within f Mty Bve Etautc^rtde do. v */ Hmll br fen-/ mo" slags ml 7 . <*' ? fare for I o h. TUh.' unlnoa nberea ma4 wmrrmn'j deed* given, situation ">u high ground twt bralthv amdenm mmndlme ? bmeutUul tU w for man* miles aroitnl, planed rae vmlk* mat i.-res Tine fh? ?lr<*rui siw 'i f low. J. H BOttB note pmpV-tnr ? Broadway, a* Barclay street, (Aire tloor room 45X 8KOOKLY* HOUHM FQB lAbl t? TO Bon 5, 9 mnU 'A Lafayette b'8"'* D#,w*V'lf?llYi-i Flatbuet mvr.nncs (part of the oew blnekl ._*?"? J*?* and 18U uan'on street. on mod adycdntal w nb-sst w?*r m Hmr on .ilaor 1j'*? toooi ceding ly Uemrhyjsud m f?w iw pi from the Fulton evem.'.eoari, ta Myle mod in iso they are ao> surpassed; Ut?y MartnS\ Immediate occupancy Fdoeof torts r si/PH, t suet, ss mu. Ttrois meomimod* In* Apply pr?aawint orJ"^WIL LIAR B. NICBOi B, .the owner,) It Na?a?n .trwet, B.T. rK RALE-TUB TWO HOUHMB BOB. UK *H0 W Xmn Thirty R*th street, between Haaond mod Third mem moots; 'hay have only tana sMntobn arimtrsd Apply as the prmmtpas. rlBBALB-A oeUKTRT Mir AT MOBTB. HATME straw, inowa mm tha Warner plnee. prnfeuUr spleodM anf hem tby, Wi.h IS s,res; bouse dta 16 fold. two forte* mod ba?e m?n as Hoc oomr the door, and 10Utorse water powerer th* nlace I TV a $fl.UUi?loss than the boose ooa; Io.iul s of Br IjamKLWD, next door, or of A. DaVTH, m Blath areaoa Hew Y'lii. ?JIOBB?U*-A BAJiDBOm TWO STORY <K)TTAH* K wKU Vaeeteeel. Bo. 87 West Tweu.y c'gtth street, with rsa and 1 iretoTwster Al*o a large ja*d. containing a (rape vtnu and fable Prtoe $4.1)00; In cs*b $TlH0,?br rcstou Wrt pace ii?aiitre ai Ue gtuoerj, Bo. 9 Dcwutug street, baiweae 2 and S o'olook. ? Fob hAbk-^ brv ohrat and on baht iKtks, ibst vera mpi nor tew fou' story brown siooe basement house Ho. V Bait Thirty flretatraet 115 feeteael of MAdtoos avenue, but' in the ver? beei manner. containing all u?e m> dera imrrovwen'e Taonlre on the eeemtsfs or of the owaer JOHN (1. h Au A A At Hi. Mart's plaoe. Fossaasioo tauaa dlmely. r.BTseL*.-$4L0-A THKil \ BARS UBASI Of A Ar*? st-ry huuee. with s 11 en beds, sail All I be fornlturu eompleie besides a eplriidid n?rend flcinres' onetlynoiis 'o Oat tie Harden Appiy mi ll Htmte rr*et, Bsuesj H onse FOR RAl.B.-W*t,I. WORTHY THE ATTBHT10N OF reniirmrii dotur boslnesa in New York, or a per-on of mcxieratrt ro**an? ;vn ?icellent titiwr twi i.tnrv and ,r"f bonie. 11 lrd In wl'b brink, ptar/.a front, rood oellmr: lot ItflOU. fctti st?d on Icklcra siren be.wwa Mrrn-ol- mud Hoimtn avenues <Jr*ropnint. Prtoe $1,4 00. on the pre miare Lo* fCi FAI.B IN HARLBM.-A W)T OB 1UTH hlrtet n??r firtlavenne. laying eren wl h the grade; Street reru s't(I Ugru ' eurb-d mud ru terrd; aid'wait Hag red end *a? ptpia rnnntng throrgh the street. Wlllbeaold frr $411 rddri"* Putiim n. Herald oflloe or to Bit, FHfcN BOBERTH eblpsmfh. SG-t H.iutb e.reet lfOSKAf Uliala-FOR UAiiB TWO FIRST OUA* ITl borsmi In Tblrty-gtrbth street ne?r Fifth srenis tit snrth aide of the street, brown stoae feint* foor forr aar bseemeri, with ail the at idera improvmnent* bnui by asr? wurh by tie owaer a?d related to the beet manner f >? a pi* rate rrstdrnnr hooaea Str?6, lota 25,talf the dbjok. Far ah miist jo to see the property apply to W. W, FTAJU.JI*. cm ts premise* run saIiR. ?nn -FOR BAM. A WBI.L yiTTlD XTF FBTTTI 3)U'. ? store toaetber with win** mod refreshments, to on? ai tie best locations down ">wn. Will be sold at a bargain, a* thn OflTOAT '41 UiVlUL' tfe* CitV. TliOMAh viAFKW?Y A CO., 170 C4aU??* k BBHTsUBANT. WITH BAB AND OYST1B BAB % and fliuires, fw sale, doleg m rood bostnesa Apply a 57 Wee' street Bo stents need spply. BILIJA&D SALOON FOB SALK.-WILL HE SOUP LOW to s good tenant Is now doles a fmtr bn?tnes? and can be 'pcresew* Rent OM*l*rmte and loeatloa central on ' mnal ere-t loqulre of JOHN llOTD, 1S6 Hprlng street, betweea 9 asd 11 A- M fTAUFOBBIA PaTBNT BIOHT-ONK OF TH11 MOW li valuable rights now eztaal for sals, f r the 8ta'? of Oali fura'aonly; 11 ta now In suoooaafnl operation In Uuajally, am* its value easily *esled. Address T , boi 1.415 Post office tnOR RAM-A HANIIHOMBLY FIT**0 UP HOTEL. P dtnlrg and ovster saloon; good location, dotngay*>d brtune*a; will be sold at a low prtoe. Rattafaetorv rea-ons given tor seiltr.g lnqnlre on lbs premise* 1W Ooort strict, opposite the Third pollee dlstrHl station Brooklyn (j-CR BALE-OM FAVOBABLK TBRMB LBABB FUBK) r tore, Ac of a Brat class bo'el ta the city of Dnhnqna 1 jwa. xkc house It well located fronting 04 tiro s-reets, anc newly and eleg*p"r furnished, *pd Ir now dolngj.very_gro Btab e budieeas Tie reel ta low. and possesion wttl,6s fives Imm'dtateiy. Tor full uartteularsspply to W YULT8 LYRAN Bn 51 Liberty s'reet, New York. IPOR RALE TL'H LB A BE, BTOOK AND F1XTURBH Ol f seo-nrr llqnor s- re northeast 'o?ner of Thirty fourt* Orel ami Seventh avenue. For psetloulars apply to 1)A NiRL CA- AT, ooruor of Forle h street and seoonr svseus ?NOR HliT.K?THE LEAIE AND FIXTURES Or TH1 r New llsvr.n lionse on the noitheaai corner of Twenty n'renth simlend Ff.ntV *r?nus, opposite New Hsveo depot pur -srlculsre epply on the pr*mt?es. v-vriR BALK?THK RTOCK AND FIXTUR1S OF THI P store Wt Broadway, onneliUng of cuUery perfnmiajv u lie! arilr ? s oouuUI . ??*?. wtmdow, Ac. App.y to AU^Rb 4 RUWdRPR 99 B?Way Street to;ir hiLk-AR UiRThR RAIjOOB, UOIIO A GOOD M ,P. ?t h one yrs-'s leaim, to s go d locttlon The ?wurr wui gtre aattsfsctory rrmaons for eelllsg. Apply.* ,he tir-mt'cs. No K* bleceker etxeet. T.10K H4LB? A flARt'ENTER AND BUILim^H HlKlP i if ?u j i I c*U?>u a ?ian'3?91 AioHj IcqTi rf rti prrm!***. FioB mALB-THB WK1.L ? B<iW!t PUBLIC HCUnt, ' known n* 4d Brwery th* barr on*, flu ires aod si the ihiass psriilnlnr to tha abote house, inquire on the prenu ai h, fr> w 4 U* 9 ? ? - IVOR BALE A TR1NMIJ1U AND VABlKTY bTORK, P fW'e"M*hf1 tud it/ng ? good paying bntlneiw for th 1%* fonreer y.a a ?i uai.d in a good sod Improving huslnes* tho n,t shfarr T- kuiitiu *1*1 lug to do a safe end 'tpiet irale ll ? rr*itkv nrighborhovd, tltsle an rpportnnlty eelttom met ThrA." a".stale?*k of welt sel-ued aod raluah.e r iidm wBl-h will be "id for msi uyifiw with the botes, show , veei and ??? flttitr-s tf restml. UaB at or atldres* 4 I h sveuue. line ..oor frt-ni llgkih Sireet. opposite Ue Bitie I hi use utos S4LK AI A RAItOAlW ?A tiOOD flITT CASU a w*n %? "'eked and pay'or well Anv party btrt-e romtl.u* to $2 tr?i can ftnd an opportuattv m that amonni to great mdvanlame. Adilrcs i Ooagrets li seal. l*,r n s*t.K OR kX "UANilE- A STORE ABOLT SH t m'm f' -m the cut on Iswig Island e*'abltabe1 J5 vwara d-.irr a vnon business with an e?teblt*h?<1iron ofeusom?r?; ? nld be e. Heh?nt foi east, o- etehaoged ft* good property. Adder** A W Hm 'h.? nsM. teng Island Ni lllh TO .tOmltlYN-rOB BALE, THE BaBtkA lArorra' WatMoron. bnrtven 185 ton* Autly W/ON* TdAlt ? WAY ,o t van 8-mt rtretl, R-o<*lkn, or W Uw tk 'jtlc or b nrd, lying at the foot of I'm Hr tnt street ? S1RTADB4NT fob Bali jc?t riiTKir uf and K icilng s tood bnetnene Will be ?o)d ?'?? bnrgaln ins , ??h p. kiontrr eppiy on he pre a**. 19 Wall Reset urwgliT SWIAH??H AND BOILER* FOR H * I.E. OFT S Tiorai'trs holler of 14 horsepower, and oes nprlgh Lot,e,T/?h."e?.wer. with see hortsental eet'?? ? ;'??* nowe. asd forr do of 1 honmpowwr by OOBAMK1 i IfHRALL. H asd W Har. taonjitreet. ^ _______ IPOHTISO _ ___ s ntaUATtA WIIX TAEB FLAOl f BOM WILD B HO ,f*?1 feet and n.der B?Ata to rtsrt ml netoek. pB nut Rowing ll Oct. i?. at ours t ? t??rd?tl -The H'galA UlUB wilt men rn tneednv evening. Oct ? el JW Bnteh *tre'. the mirasc*. Boats catcrtsg sftar Ibal date wtii hare u> pay addlt'oa$' entrttnee fee. n0ft9R? PrwtadesU A M MsTirtw*. Becre ary RBtAATTA -WHEAT FXOITEMBKT ABOUT THBCHA* Tlii.Vh p.-A ra-e wui come ofl I^htajPj. k'ghy fifth sir-ci. AA*t rtver oo Thar wis/. Ojh?4*B 1?7 for all bomis earrthig a Jib and mainsail, ft m ?.ea fee' Ts Mr: Irri buelap-s d.?a>. W^Throgrsaedh booy ard bach to the plsee of itmnlng^ Mettomiw fee fbb $btt2i \h* pr?rM4fi Rroord r%c*.~ Ail i M ?pS t?? MM rnmmtm Kntr**c? . ?- nitpui Tki oiail time Bit HI two r^4?',?wi W) fh ^iwrt J N. inJRLAP MJEMVAUKA.Vnt. Park norm hobumm. cobmkb mnm-w amp k'onrh ?/kx. Cnudey. Or., tiff uh, TV?le d hnui ktso'jurn. ?ls per convert. v>. y. HOOT 4 LM.lXa HiTiS'AM Al.B-TRBRR IB MO MATRKr*l. Pi d n-re*re H?*' n tbta Mr end be Importer MM erda ijudllty, hma (trret dii'.ienee in lb. finer Pirenlrotnt tot- r?) Id l?r*? or ?Well nun-blind, a! tJi Peer! at"* > r a drvir he ,.W Beldm '*? ? J RARl/OW The arbock-mo. ni nm??ir*T, writ door to the Kmet??; tfeetvVi Thla old ned , Ihr dim; leer* under t?e PfllRn "f Mr Bdeenl P. Mot, bee reera'Jr heeii tr>o?r< r1 w ^*1" MTR il R 1IMMRT Tie 1 erNrorh** hem !?>?? k .*>?* v one of ibe mne been'trnl I eeddeMabtfn) pi i>llr o .no t i be or*. eed bM jirt b?yn re dee?re>?d end furrteh A riv tbe m"eiii*.i of Mr WrRie ?ey, end cell durirrt ?n? tbit he* liqion e.nt ?-?eri teel ?W ??rke' ren r-r<vl <?-?. <h lrleeif | 'nlRf R? inrijhf M ltd i altf in ?*? I mriii n thl? Bfe ?? tot do halter ibee to ??T. ' M?rl" In I 1 R l loal *1. l>e ??*??* np every d?y at II o'elnnk A. M ttf ATRRf.RT R?TAL'RAirr, OOBJTft V9T T?aaT!T.1 *T direct end Mrt a-teey, kerlan been tArni "tfbir rOMOIniea eed refnrr Mied ta e tnoet r nberod e end ^ "nnl."'^ now re opened. to lu many former petrove 11 nereaanry it et?:e ihu Mr Wm florenre ta?m ?**?*? ojdter, end Kl?nir Pe'mo prraldea orer ike rnt YT ?eel Retry delleerr of tbe imre elwan on fe WWUMOorr ??? nyjAiMb BMiLLiaRD BALLM fflLUUf M. WRU.iRO " ! N feMnrrr ofbUl.rrd he) * t.m Hremi *tr?et, m-? 7??!l ?>)?? r.f re.-Ro. >>4 ?. 11 W, W i >{ ?" ?72 ? hi??t?l'e hel'i > ?; e?re-oUy ,ecke t end eent to eny Id on rreet-uof price by mail __ PI'Rl AR'i R0PI1.~BIU.IARD TeXUH AMD (rcn *1 lo?e. pdlen ed Pehroerp, ISM. Oeatlamen are InrHed i rtamlpe tbeee tsWea ot be erteMle* ealtwmota Ike 'era* dr_t he?t fon lehed in ik' warld?twenty deren tahKw eerinan JrW* ewH?Ron en eh lone helnn np far Op^B dmjr Bb4 ^Ton !njr filroi imwu m^dTWRwfdwy, Menrretwrr* Ar-^JTT^T? k neennd beed tni'en m? ante ebeap I miiwwn. r? HAYAIIA AMD a?W OMAAJNL TP! tTMITlD M??t ?IU rfMBiWp c*HiWH? J I) Bntlneh, aim ?nprtn. win ?nwaor~- r^<v>Mr( nn 1h'ir*1?r. On?rt NT I m nil Ibr ik? nbor* port* pb Wonrtap, Ontobar II tt B " J?","* rr*rW"'T pIPT fttnl ol Ri)Hn?? ?lro*1, H, I. .'KMiSVWT Fm ?TURI.?*YOM AMD ?1,0*1 DA MSMI WIIKt.f ' nH?i,Mai<w mall aid* wtowl Un*. Th? iMimih'n " T) I*1- !*,' .'y* J* "HTf.BffllHw pItt Mo I M rvJl rlror oil w?tan4a? Omtobarfui #0knl r ? Prw?n'? Mar fr*l|hlI .rplj nn boBfrt wl.PT* Bll bill* of Mint ?!<! b* ?rt riK-?*?!!?!!??* * nmr* "? *?*o*ro*rvYii ?rt-imb a. Ni'.2?fvJ? . "??*BI*BMM Bnrl fUl (Ola( MM' ?bin MaKRTILM, U ? Murrar. rtonuaanrtpr will fwwaxl, apo I?a*p "J b?1arrt?T, fM?obn_ In. tha *l> nrl1n iHwia OMR** r?*'n?r Irlp. V. ^KwlrtA, Poonwlh., wlu cb. ?Vaiaaia frrtia Maw Tnr%; aart toBTlry Oba'lntnn ?T*Ty Trio* rap. Tkrn*b Urkata to Jaakana.Ute nito Jb^mtIIIa' Wb~to Wi?Ub Ml ?awa?nin WUfWW. _ MWblp ATLANTIC, Ollnr *5 irtSn MMUutorTrtF dewaitwllfc Ike United Htatoa mails forimapi uoalUvab Oa W rtw.OnobttU,it U o'oiuok B.. turn tarWtt ?T UN foot ofCaral ilnrl For freight or nmm, havtag smi|hMi tor elegance and otxn fort. apply to BDWABD K. JOLL1RB, to Wall iM rnmsiiguii Will please be on board at II o*eiosh A. *? AH iMiara aaust pass throng* to* Pas. odU*; ray other* will be returned. ?ntkw ?The steamers of Una Dae hara improved water ngte wptitaia* No expanse tas teas aoarad la make the ateamara of this Uue tu all respects aa ruod u new, and the thorough eieari nation glres taam proves thatr aaode of eirumare jet una qoillad N B.- Hereafter the regular bed!: ahlpe for I hie baa will perform the entire aerrtoe. nSRITIBP NORTH AMREIOAR ROT At, RAJA aarahtpi. _. racm raw vara w uraatrooa. Chief abb juagr RR fcerrl oabir parage II __ mow aoaioa to unum Chief eabtu paaaaga ...flit ?mnwd nwbtn pamage ? The skips (bom Rostra aail at Hauiac .-RHSlk, ttnpi v'ruirtna. t AMADa, Odgr- <?44 ARABIA. Cut i Mora. AMREIOA. Oapt Whkmaa. aH.A. (Aft R <J Latt. MIAUARA, Onvt Rrrm. AFRTOA, rapt. Bhauaoa. ECROPA, fHpt. J. Ltltrh Toe** vrmr.iv carry a clear white light at ataet Mvb t an atarboaHl bow; red on port bow. re tut j_ Ju.tktna W<m HYnrfc, Wadneaaar. Am*- P* wANADA. bhannow. " ibatoa. Wedtieeue*. Oct. f J ARABIA Buna, " R.York, WeductJa*. 'A' | NIAGARA, Wiekmw. - Boavw WwKiaA? Of r-crihe am aeoured natfi paid tar. An experienced eurfoc or board. Tae owners (J thane ships will 'at en anaiueutnW :* g.vd. jtivrr, bullion. sp?ol&, jewelry, pewoloua tnonm or msWtts, ua lea* bUig of lading pre atgrtee therr.f * aed Jt? rain- thwao' IbaraU rrpi'iialf, Far frvdghi or pamagw apvl/to X OPRAEd. 4 Bowarag tires*. URBAV ABDUCTION or FARM to BURvFB, I rt/at cabin 4R IftTiBrt oft&m Il E tv Ciwl class caddis wheel sienmahip AETTO . S.0CC l et and MONTH BTA.Il, 11V tons, to sail ftrompbw *o 3 Hrarl* river at none viratoeir. earning ton URTTRU ETATRfc RaPJ#, vls: lut> law TOEg fOB KuTuanrroe. uavaa an iraae* roa wOTaaMrro* a it ana. ?ooTHanrwa. rot. aaw roax. Ariel. Boiardaj, Oolobar 11 HiUordaj, Ool. 31 Wei., Oct T I ? at order, Oct II W?*l. Roy. 4 These s'eemahfps touch at Harm. Hp ode delivered la Lon don and Parle For paaaaga or freight npyir to D TOR R A it 01, A real. No. I Bowling OreanRew Ton Ft ARB Biniom TO RODTUAJirTOM ARC HATER. The magnttoent atenrahtp VARORRBH T, Rdwnrl HI* glna. commander. 5,MM tuns, will aeil Troni N1W Y0R1 for From HOUTHAPaTOR aa.' BOl'THAltPTO* A HAVRE HAVKR for RAW TO A A. ttat .rrtay. .. Oct 34 Baturmy Oct 3 Hatnrday Nor. >4 Ifee or Paaaage?Flret aaolu. HOC, second eabta. Ia0. Hp . ete ce.'lrered In undon end *ana rat freight or pmcum n. F 5/to 1). TURRARUR, Agmt, No. ? Bowuag Orran, Aew tork letter* for England anil Rurupe, prepnW. II ce ..a raih kau (by ennloeire of poetage atampe If hrow mhaf otilu. will bo recetred at No, I Bowling Green, Raw V nrh. <tp ! lira o'aljok ou Ike morning or sailing. (1EORKRYA CO.'8 UNR OF BTRARBRB BRTWRBR ) New York, Southampton London and Br*teen. ~f br nag ainoent 3rWah ataamahlpa UURRR OF THR SOUTH, tiaptala Baai, Aiis tone bunbaa ntDTARA Captain Baker J.V4 do, a ROC Captain Beuson.lSlI do. AARON Captain Brltton, 1<67 do. Ow ned by the Ruropeao and Ajnerloan Htena Rhlpplna tlcm pany af London and Southampton are appointed to enll from hen York on ernry alternate Wedneaday. tor Londott a.. Brutuen touohlng at Ronthampton to and paenutgers a??>' malls fer totglaoa and France They will renin!* nee day a Lux.don and then proceed to Bremen. Returning, (My wki leave Bremen for N*w Tork or every nbernele Haturdaj ?topping only at Houthamoton. These eteamahipa am of tat Rrat clses, and bare superior acooasmodhtloua for pe.wtugor. They will take a limited number of third nlww tar * , r> pweengen. A surgeon nttaebed to aaeb ahlp The rate* ? frrlrbTta I nadne will ba but lktle higher thas thcee ?# daT.fn. Aha unawriiufA ' untcafin, 139; Second Cabin, toe Hwerage pn The s eaeuhlp 1IU" will sail from New York on Woe eev ay. Ce o' e~ V, and be euooanded by thv 4A80N, Ool. A For "might or paaenge apply to <1. H. BARD No. 11 Sotith W.HIaet en Till Li V RRPOt u RKW YORK AN1> I'll II.A I>BL<*H1 A Btraauslp I rmpany'a Clyde hullt Iron screw FTTY OF NALTIMuRa f?v.7 tons Ospt. R. t,el ch. OJTY OF WAMllNflTon. l,SMD lone....Ospt f it Felrle. CITY OF M ANCH18T1B 1 09 t us J. Kennedy. K J KOAKOO 1.K74 tons... Captalu Jetfrer 7 be undrrnuted or other veseele arc Intended toeall Iowa;? FROM Livntrooi. i 1st of Washington Septs nber 33. K upgnrSo October 7. dudetery alternate Wedne day. KHOS NEW VOKK City of Waeblbgton October IB Kaegaroo Oc ober 39. Atd every sltrroite Tbursdar, at 13 o'olock noon Rittjt or CasiN Parsack.?From New Vnrf and Pbllv delta, 171 iriom iirerpo I, 31 guineas 17 ko'0"*8 *od II t ule'as arc rrtlng to the accommodation In thei.atenvtn*. *1! bav'ng the suns prlrllegs In the saloon. InciaiLng steward's feitt Tiiisn Ci.tss Pasafniibii*.?A llmltei number of tblrd elsee ptasengrrs ?til be ukea mad found in as mifh provisions a* From Phllaielphlt and New Ycrk, l;j Frunn Liverpool ?4i). Csr Ifira ea of pierage will ba leaned here to partl?? who are dralniti* of bitcg'ng out Ihrlr frleniL. ate rrwsp mdleg ratra. Thsie strawera am constructed with Impnved water tl^bt e mpartmects. vrearl carries an oiprrl'tiwd surgeon arc evrry attention paid to the ocmlort and aocotnmodaUou of psrxrngern. 1 raft* on Liverpool "rem ?1 upward*, bpecle takrn by tbrse vessels at tun*' rates All rrxx.x arnt to the agents will be forwarded with eoonntay a?d despairfi Ki r freight or pas?">'e spnlv at the oflloe of the comcany, Jl UN u cat.I, ik l.roadwai. New York Agent, nr T?M INMAN, 1 and IS Tower Balldinga, Agent. FXJR ?OUTHARPTON AND HAVRR-THR UN if hi P ales mall steamer flM.TON, J A Nolle J, i'-taunt j J.. will lea*s for Harm, loitering at Sou'hasspun. to lutd U wmueaaftpaseengera, on H aurday, Del l|, w 13 O'nlona frow ptor No. 17 North river, fool of Bear It streak. rates or rAJsaoa. jwatoabta 1139 Beorrd "ania Tbla ship bae flea wal?e ttfbt eoutpadmeele eacorme \m> engine* so that In the eveul of aulltaton n| Um via taken after Tbumdny" Oet Tk For 'rfdght ?? p*i?sg? appl to WM B DBAVTfiN. ageoL No. 7 Hmedway. N. R. fv aieaoier Axago wli! tcooend oa fnlum and ami Nov 14 Cf rSA t4 TO I.I V?k POOL fOR ?30 ?THR FAVORITS n I' 'n snrw a ean shlj C1TV r?F W*HH!N'?TON. Captain l> rle, will sail aa above on Tburadav. ,/et 75. Otb's p?e uagr 174, third class, 93U Inxlndinc all the niwitsiary nxtgtd pr vlanni Apple IoRaBAL A 1 CRT.ft, 177 Brovdway. BIaA"! BALL LINE?FOR L1VKKPOOL, HkII.3 RON day kth October the ravorl e clipper packet lbtp 18* AC W k MB, l'apt, Bryer for cab a axnmd call n and ia-wws passage aprlr oa board pier No. 31 fast river, or to JauOR WILSON. 108Booth street JiTCR Li YRRPtiOL.?"OLD BLACK HTAR LINK" C The ?p!en .id new pa.'kri ship hIDtOLCTK, 3tkt> t >na 1 boa f frernias maa'er, will p-jsltlvnly sail on Mondav, ci. (, ba* superior amia.' odations for ca">la. ae-mrtil cabin ai d s'nvrags i aasnitrrrs Frr ptmsrs apply o' board, pier 3? kae< rlvtr, or o WILLIaRH A HIT ON, 4ti Fulton s reet fIDK LlYIRP<K)l?- TliM CSLKIIltATSD SUII* A 4IB! < A w.U positively sail on Thursday. October H. For pas esge in >abln. snliyni, or aferars apu v on board, pier .1, North river, or .o P. M DKUAbKiT. 40 South atreek F'Oh. 1JVRBPOO L? DR* ID ROOD HT I.tJfR ?THR CR lei rated c'ipp'rihiD DREAl Nui'OHT acknosrledgnl to be the fasiest ?h p afloat, will ml] on the Is h o Octo er. ller ad* mot e'atlcta for all ela?ses o' passeugen are ua ?i)nailed, apply oo board, pivr 4 North river,or to jr. N UkSAARnr, 4UHm h street. L'OE i ITKRPOCL -NAILS TO M l* RON. OCTOHSK k, r at 13 o'rloek, tte fk'vlr packet "hip AKTf H? KTuN, from pl'f III *a?t "Iver Mbtp IJ*?RIHFIaNA. fo? Istndvn, ?ailat ctobir k. (km *13 ami fosod. Pavaeagvrs br wgst out from , re laid or hti?lsDd at iow rates Apply to TUOMaH U. h"f'HR 33 Houta sire?A TOTICR ?FlBHT PACK IT FIR LI V1BPOOU-FAOK. k el 3th t f Oelobnr ?The fast aa Dag rllppvr ship Oa Ra \ AN capt Handa posit vely a-lls a* atom. For pa"sage l* cable, teeonl sable end imerngv apply on bo art., star it Cast river, oruiTaPeOulT A OO.. flBhouA sk N KHCR *IW ORI'BkNN?TUB HPuKNDlD PACKSF ship KhlCKRRHiX KRR. ap'. Peabodv, will p wnlv* ly aaU on Wedavsdat. ib? TUi last., without fail Far paeihge apply on hoard, at pier IB laMrtvcr or, to URoR'sB Lu 4 An, ey Woutb street. LV'I CAL1 rURNlA I RITRD HTt.TRh RaLL URI VIA J? rapvma Raltr ad Tb? Jnttcl r?tv? Fall Mea.wskip'Tom yaay will . espatch fur Asptawail oa Wrunnsday, Oea. 7 at 3 o cioefc P. R.. cmc'saly. "row pl?r fool of Warren at, North river. w?n wait krown and reel atenmahlr B4INT bOUH, Capiat* 11. 1. Ha-ittenr. C 8 Nav* Pvseewrs ? and mails will be forwarded by I'aaaaaa Rat road, and me neat at Pa nama with the Ibkrtf.r Mall Hteamahlp Ooaauany'a magntltcrai steanahlp JO'lN L M1KPHR8N, X B. Flevwna niiwmander which will be la readln-ar an- leave tmaaedlalelt Tor Mas Fraa etero. The pub be are informed that the Pndlte hal'Nteam ahlp Coaspaay kiwayv b*?e one ey more ertra ste?m?ra I ring at Panama ready rar *ea, to avoid any poaalbl* detent km of paa aang rsormada. For paaaaga Sop y to 1 * Rat BOND, at the or .y off w of the eomrany. lTTjNaat street oornar of war ree street New 1 orb Rug tar United Slates mall tea mar daj-h, Fh aadkhk of s*eh awfrth AHUNTRAUA PIORKRR LI NR. SBTAHLIBHID 1483,

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KR I HAVANA ARD RORIlR? _ The Uaifd Htales mall ftmunaM, QUAKER CITT, ghnfatut, aneimander will lewve fhr the ahova perk* ?dnseday, iletober 7, from Hvr pier 1.1 North river foot al street, at 11 caluck aorm Frstgki A* New Orltaas asd forwarded from Mobile, freer f oiswmlmiuw Oom (Milsof lading rea ba rrocvrw^ at the cfiee of th? i pc others signed Parkagna t sv'ved al 1 he othce I0H o'eioak. and btlia of ladings ied op to the hour of frets*t or psaaage apply to p< Wr nrti A oa, Agram 40 Nnrllar alls. (H ?ev of l4ou?A atrem ? RAVARH4H AM) tLOlIDA.-XJ*lT?r? "TATy FMail lln* *b? ?Mmw 5 <ek, win on HAturdav. cwoi'i 10, M ?id** T Rofcn om plrr 4 Rortb n?or. BUIa Of Ml ** 4fMi M MAN. * . ft Ivbt or n?'??u?i Apply to R L. mTHllIL * II ?J?*'' For ft* Thrrmrt ilrkrto from Row Tor* 10 Jaokroo'lllA Ml; >0 WAV. KM Htoaworfor FtorliU covnomi}JJ?t%nn?kw1?h I'llAlbA. on from Row Tort OA TnoaPAy" ? d ValnraAyi 'RFC!.* ART! rnMH'M -W* 1523P IpO? Rt mall Wommoblr R04R0IB. CM1 Thr? **}*??. 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Iho ultimate remit an am,.ay, uo.hlof ran be moru lo-urou. tLau ^WNnkMi ?f .ympetby exhibited ?ow*r3. tho ,mm, dlete .uflerere I. clrcla, yo? h,.r or ?r.tbln? bn) ^ mod niufftcteu horror ?the bartmrtUee ? wUhita-n, .nr?.Md he;plM" h*"8* h"? ???? exposed and thee ? iL ,f J|W Uul 'b? **oe,?1 "y?P*<hy Will epeodHT <li?. p?y Itoeir In a Qi>ro .nhaUollal rorm. Kvery day ellalU ? WT*w,0??.??Me .-.penally brought bone to the fVella|? or the Frsnoh by toe actual retldenoe or ma roi? ttmin ibe frehch capital. Ttl2re , w11ow ,4.Jy now ?h?k* " ?r*?bo?i'* 3. Honoro whose two dau<htere, Id ^* DU(r* or y*' . *ont to Bengal to Join her ?o0, ?a cfficer In !he 16th Bepcy mglmeol. One mi nineteen "V**?UW " ?n'^n. ana (hey went oat undor tho jTctectlcn or the commanding officer'! lady. ? , c.mrnsr remark at the time of their depailurt: thtl It wai V e *? ,n,'ol, bv-ut' ???>?'<? permitted to leav e the ?bore. or France The anewer wae, "Perbapa eo; but 1 their *c(e inberitaiice " I'oor tbnga ! It appear? that they now form part or the harem or one or Nena SalV. towerx. At yet they hare infrared no other Irj try than ? deuemeot, which mu.t bo a moral death. Bow ,-vm the mutilation which eo many or their cenntrywomen hare undertone may rollnw remain! to be men Tho Auemblle Aat.onaU bai reappeared undor It* new title of Spretatexr, permission ha rug been aeoorded a to retain the words "foanded February 29.1818, uudnr the title of AstrmUee Nationale." It i? dlffloult to bellere that wtth thtj perm if non any of lie Influence wl/l bo oir crmncrlbed. Considerable onrloelty la of courie ovincad respecting it. flr? article., a. It ha, put forth a programme '"olaringtbat, with the oxoeptlnn or the 11 Je, nothing le ohaDfet_that the tame writer., (he tame political now., the,aire unalterable prlnotpla. will role Its nonluct and ?way It* motWee. The article of yeateMay was oar,.',,, but eminently caution., while di.cuuing the present do' preaard Mate or the money market, It. test being thu tho results of a depraved po'loy took time to develop fruToM^ "t>wie^wT,orhad0nhTXZtT*** ,he a^jiass. ,,poi,n "?? yyatMB v,ctory-"4 ..J? ^ ,j?pw>T * deTOtmn to the oa?D at Cbalom I. th? ?. .of T*rlou? remark. Sine will have It that be 1. St'^the" kM?"n' *>'???*> .... w^,ob ,r Z': ?0 her\thMl b< Samhm d/ ?r sm ??!?? t"a"u ^aJ^ss,'tVA.rir? said that bli observation to ix>rl Palmerstou on tno oocl' "mvicMo'tbVt1 m ED^,.,'I, Unn WM ?""??thUlf altered In *r Kw ZT?T.rvb,air? Powerlem to pcr.rado lh? French naplla'll.u to o^ iTj r^ij. m r/r ""I'* v ?u '? "o"?rc<i >? ^.t ?0 o? r to la ll.mcnt a free budget in v>,.k. "lk< "U,! de f,(? of Fri'no, whi be M * ?e" nominal doty la retnm fer JarvB ooo'm ?too.i In the matter rf Kngluh wu?i, pottery , ",f rut? * '? ? pl wer on iho Freo>h uliJe if Mich* i Chi' fmlltf. at th- Connofl fJcreral of the V 00 '"rally potatso oot a. an mTc' uon of rxprew'lww of""^;^Cb;?r ;rhreTbeP?7,k!r?,1,,? J" hoar wr-n It. car C "J" m,B(1 ?r tho r reach .oldirr ibe memory ,.f a wrone? or a nte*v ol arbitrarv a'ltbjrity exerc tc<i hy the cation, of I rop?. In whirl, E -r'.od ?,* a ^htar "*T\lh,> ' or ihe Frenoh nation that samo ohoer n and e ert hcinr tna r..,in.i?^ . ... * dJ nasty of s -.?co 'the' IrVrTtV." '"'k* rm ,h- ofVnnom^?! the Pr.d r.f thff Hi'nth, at ^tuttfa^ft' ?hn i? iho I'mrwrn. n r:rx,:n::: \hr L ,,rMke loeidenla of the lime, roose who Uim^rnoafmr/ VmpaJh' ^u'bnr'n7uZ , ,nr ""'I *"ll ibat event, aro worklnv i?7V. Vh" r*,n,n,'lU "lod-wtao In . iranmir ts? i l a .r.erc her p*fjc"t? a *iunlrel yea-., and -hai it i? i > ^0!r,*Mh/ 'rn""1 ??'?aiD thr^lY There Is a yraed aebeme on tb.? la,.'. r,r makln# oj.t.r brtfs wbrrerrr pmr'-able on ?h? r,rncf ^ui. The dis eoverytb.f b, tr.0,|.u0 with ewe lent ef ftet to spew where no cy.Ver was ever h .rn, ban a* annuel the cupidity of a nation .hut fonlnea. for this -leliciou. flrh man be yreat Indeed, feeh g It I, proof afain.t . vo,,[ or ",a,"a mnu*b- ^ lord Campbell'! hill. wh'rb hat ic-co ly patted thi Fpgl'rh lieytalawe, for pa'tlcy down nbrrrneprnt* *n j prth'Tatlre*. tat hied tbe polios II i a- ?, ul not a day pwtra that wni ?bor> la not rorc'M*. alorti and .-ifjo.'-og irtcae armed B*?e the aotbnntiei are n't ntoteat wnh ri-ntebtrg the render-. eve*y ag*ti la the h<*tcma it hcnl'd op and placed before the Par Ooa of tbs mat (fpl'dj rar?f? of oba malty la the .ubllnatlin of photo graphs, thn t? ?J'?~?a or which am women at wall known In their fmmnar senran of life aa their eatraordtoarf b?e? y of form, aa 1 Wear la rvtry variety of w?n.booms arebylb- pBouiyramrr't an c'p'e.l and ?t*rno yiei hy ihovtaeda, a-d o rnly ?'.'d to the rwh of Vi* hot BUtrihnUd near ee'.ry pa't of tbe empire. Yetterday the prtntseller, the t? > phoiog apbi.) arutia and all wo rco. whose leeei.. nooM r >t cooq-i??r the d tnrminattno of tae Oonrt, were ad *?mero?l t> due ?a<t i"np?l*oom,rit, a ad tome of tbe vitmb were ao atts ly n *1***1 at -be aentenrw thai Ibey e <re'orrled from Mfnt lo? tribunal ahrlrktrf and trering tlio'r bair Itae Racmnnina 7b? thatxrw III;?" w dnrinc tb'< pMt all yearn hat wit petted soma ttraaye acenna. It baa clanged wun the rbaiaai retura'ng from tba triumph* >f tha Rait, or atoaturleg IU tword ageiaal rtot, rabrliioo and rerun II.w ; It ha* aeea k rig* an t qtteoaa and Fattera tettertalet fma the ?a*ta of the carh It has tpark.el wnb mUltoas of laoi|>a and wl netted the imagae or too might, dead along la broad walk and aweeptng tbor. ?ghfarn; hut racsatly It bat had a natter mora attrautire than any of there, uamely, a ox.akey from tba mrnagere af tba iiirv<a, wbtoh, necaptug from its controller*, fnlj poea etlon of the locally. and, like a true revel, would Ileum to ao ?ertn*. bo parley, which bad a teodonor to compromise Ita perfe* freedom Then .lonkn might be ateu all tbe day ? ng awmgtog from bough to b< ugh ? dow before tbe Cryatal Palace, pooping through the whdnva at Ibo for genua MblbtUoa within, now leap log over the b*ed? of tha bwadroda oodeetod round tba fairy thtairoa,'.atoutag to tiioa/rea atraioe of ro. a.l?te, at; tb aa ;n no ot er oonatry vuld be boa d wuhoit a htary toll, fa rain tba keeper* ooaao<i, the oklldreo of fered bnae?the ttnrdv cltmher mc-.nte-t be tree only to i*u loeku bounl off to nuotbor or reaelre r,?uga troa mailt for hi* autinolly Aa be became abort of food, bowevor, J. rko g?tt furlong, and t. rioanded on tba cake dalla Ilk ) mi nvaiam be, abd rttoe or iwtoe naptUod w> ue nn'. 't'.nate waiter buaity plylrg hla railing at one of we ?l/rrao> ree Uuraote, and ran led off tbe pree.toua fra'da that wrre meant for wrabbin* palatea. At lael bumaa forbearanee eruld hold out no Ivrper. the chlkren "Mt In lermr ng tbelr li*oe. and the whom umy of wan'orn deola*ed the Cbnmt* ltlt?eea uttsa's, nod poor Jorgo wna n mdemned to bo abot, n Zouave i*>rf. rmlbg tbe anotenon wttb unomag aim. The ton of M. y or, l.t tbe M'al*ter who la nor or lag far't with hla palaces, while d*t-rlng hi* tilbnrr yesterday, wan ?etaed wttb a fit. from Ibe efforta of wb-eh he la only par Dally recovered Theatrtrale are for tbe pre*out somewhat dell. The Italian plays bare been oahlbPVog M SnWtnl la owo of Alterl'a floret prodrcUoaa, tbe biblical drama of " Hani." the l.yrtqoe baa font reopened with a n?w opera called " Fir janthe, " at 'rent aew aa regard* it* French rarwlias. for It boa beer performed before, tome rear* ago by a Herman operatic oompaay. The Hymaaae ban a van te ride with tha popular utle 111 t.arlave dn Mart " Tba ftahaa (rpaen mant'tnn on tba tnt of Ottoher MM Mario, Hnrglani, O'aatanl, Oorrl, Aagellni. Riant, and ore hably tbe great lablarbe wl'l be added Mmna itrtal, weffrn-tae, (Trbaai Naatter, tkdter and Alboni mnntltute Ibe pMgmmme Mme R:mon laofftn Madrid, where the In eniowed ? perform fifteen nlgbtn, for wbleb ah* la to'JO.pOO fmnna, wl h her hotel aipeeiea, and aa eq-irag* a- ber dlapoatlloa the % other a beanufnl, and Part* la oom pa rait-sly empty ItMr *t r??*t.t. omapandtere, t . *aaerae, Sap*. 1, l ttT Iht F,o f/um 91*Lh'4m fa AT fSrrihwrp ? *t fffUin?/ r*?T%r 9*?diih tpi'rnpal and Mx?ao-f.>wdt K> ' tpi.oa Am i <*?9"rt\firaHcn$ nf 9w"%t**rg- Kott ?ArrtnaJ at 91 P^trtbvrg?Public MmummLt?9fb-ndnr tf tkr Hut nan Chttrf. <fr , Mr It la ]nsi a fortnight alaoe I last wrote to yon from "took holm. We ware ats daya la oomlag from that oily ta tbia place ThrnsHirg oar tray through tbe islands which crowd tbn/ord, at the head ef wbl h the city of Stock holm ?landt, down to tha Halite, wa nrnaant ornr to tba ooaal af rialaad, and ta dniag ao wa ytamd throngb taa A'aad i*ian*a, at eat of which wa (topped a flaw motaeaa to re cefra the mall aad a few paaaengera We did eat pass near to Seamraaad, sc fhmooa ta tha late war aa being the iceaaof the oaty achieramant of tha foat aim mart arttiM ta tba Bam, of Ifc8p0"*r''i ?Aeeuo' Fojiai?<f uii Fiun. Wa spent ? who is Jay at lbs. the uneiiet capital Bf Fhilund, and Corner reel or !t? ar*vgrw?.. end an e*-eG?ei aH-rUorjr. AilUnow tiinsterrnrt to HeidBgfi<-t. whore aawaifiMilir, Aa it was the Habba h >g nad an I opp.HabAy of attending ihe public aerr'c a or too charuhta, which stand ace/ to caub o*iicr Oie ??* e ?'?agzi Set at edifice, recently ercr ?, la wIPcl? the P? let l*o<9 ?h? apeak the8w*dUh !a/gos,ra ?"?-*b * thwo'her much imailjr la Fie, la Jtvulm l0 Ibe Piter.' "?? WOilitp, for ;he benefit of the P.uaalan odlceve ? ill -j end their fam::iea, who prefer tbo r ,ca f A* 4 -?-k cbo'oh. IVth hn churches wore criwderi hy atrm;;? andl?Mec. lint ?nr.t a contract bowm thr ample dig nlflu! and loat/'.rlive acrvtoea? .iiayrrr, reading of the fhirljitnrea, tlng'.Bg *ad preaihlug?of the on., and ib> luoutuerable and n eanlsylmw ?i rvh r* if the ltbnr In the Ewiwi church ?e aatr three children hapt'r'd atid h-m: ao tear the partuis aa t > be * tie to tta 0 very thleg bat was dice Twine did tne pr?cr. sne'y !hn tip of hi* fl/ger, dipped !tj water and t.,eu la oil to thu Ton bead. U10 ejag, tea rarg. ibe n-e ;t>e Una. the breast aed tho feet cfeaoh cnlij, aad after*??? no wipe.' tan *ato aj ota -:Ut aajf e^ed'pped la water It wo.!.! take mve *; aso (ban I can aCTor-j to give >n d( crib > ail ibn con mo ni'a ?hleh ionk place as ti'.e a'm.aitiiM'co o' thit or 11 ctsco which It ao ?l?p> am i a* a'mialvtercd !a ?or i rot-dlanl clnifohra. but wblch ,1 * ec; urn bared ividj i/crtmoi i?a lu the (}?e?.V. church After the ba:Oa? we had aa>i, wblcb waa a:*o % tirade affair? en. rear bant! g, of the dad !??? I*L \J?tt'"Cwt?ly a'tlred?and at Ibe . ud ? 5 a'mlbistrat ?,n,,r ,Hr I-Wd'afrppar t) tr-c eb.Krnn who ?ad beee baptliod (though bev eti *?; *,r' ??' ? W) .Uc o-.-n rh? CCOM 1? .-ao asd wise wrro mlaglc-J together aM Wire |[wen tc ibe IcfbnU with a jurt ? .4 -^Vnr " aobIM A hoe of IwaW. >.n'a ^ ?.:<o r. cel?. ! IhnianramcM in ?he aano war ar nr om. Ill rtrni orw n TV* bad tlir.o onooab wblta at HetHoi'bn ? > oblvlu a yry good view of the fbrtiileal >n? <T a^eaborc ^n tbo a'auda in irnnt of tbe rty. wbteh thn Rrert.h era Krenoh beeia atta/Ard and ailenivd, ami tutghl >100 !iun m arm ? * a of him (ie?<rctni if t)>Ay hnij b^en prrp^flr r im ! and. cd, oc tbe Kih *rd TOtb <.a;a uf Ave-.rt, hr?, ?tU vrtii-h I ti kj add. -Mr Cba/ka Napier wool 1 pro'ia ?iy bar* taken' the/ear bti'urir !r >? ba.t ool bno tb*?rt.?t fcnd 0n.b*r raiarj by ti.airtic.ioia irom I, rd Olar ndoii'a cabinet. ^b'-bbalab1 weto wboliy unoreira-od for a -cgoroaa at Frctn ik'laltgfora nor rteamcr tvtnied ua as-oae tba 'inIf of iiaiand u K**al, wbtee we apent p*'t o' a >*j. It it ao U:t. rtitio* old Germau and Ihuuea lc cl y, cf tome its t? ?) ?ubablUo a an.! tbal |.!ar*?, t.o iriy'll c*?l!y |,?7, btcit tan. ti by tec aided licet toe Drat a<i .nn>?r. It 'a sa'd, and >v good authority, tuat Ibe Inabi arta would hare jiloed the ?..i?c ir inev bad attacked tbo p.aoc vrltb prouptl tior, and gtren aaa-uacce tbat tbov would not aormodcr It and tbo conn'ry aroi nd to Kua- a..* at tbook?v of ibe war, !?? they or>ieat tbe Human rr cemnieet. wrhMb dm been endeavoring to lorce id tellgioo and latiruago 00 the u-'e iftbe ''Battle Ptovtacce," as !Ca>boaln. I.tvoria 1 ar.d 1 our land are called. t-Voia Kevel e e canto to lb!a oltv of it Petersburg naaa I. g through .be furUlua'K na of Crovaladl. wbtdo are alto *' . J'". of Grr asiadi.anti on vevorat man la tn :no ?oulh iltanuei between It and the malr'and ffieae fortt ir n? aro sot In hpjr&'aoco, tbozgn It l? aaid tbat lbey were not remarkably an u tno commenco mibUttbe tet war. it la now beiiervd bore that mo leg ian end Krnmh floeta might nave dr.?tro?od the ro.0 tioatcnaal tialatbgrcrg, Ke>al and t.'morUdttn the fir?t 1 kJ?? ***" !Jh*y h%d h*i lh# ocntaaaadcrt 1' ft ielrop would probably have dsal eJ jnibiug bo.ior nr ras'or aa a lack Wc arrived to time In get quletir Inata'lcl iD tbe evcel bet bran kg bourn oj tbe Hiaeen Benson on tbe Kagltab 1,'-ay, (car toc^new Ailxlralty) bcrore right, anl bad time brfcre tbe .tffci of (Jay mw qitle gocf I? uko a iilrall aiuug tbe aoutb aide of the Neva, un aa far aa the gar Jeoa of ibe Hammer Palace; morning al ing .be northern atde, ?o ibua paaacd tn this waik. wb'cb ntnndcd to ttn dt?. .,f^? m,n'or ,be holt Mnga tn ?hla i'40^' ' V rl*h,'f b<s-? called, Innlrdlog ?> ,ltle< Ule I'ebale Houae, Uo old Acnalraltv be t? ntor? I alace, tbe Hermitage, tbe Jlarb e Pa'aoe, tbe I a ?ne Oi the Prlnre oroi.ieiibiirg. and many other great e . n.?a. 1 aaw, a nit... mi Oom th< river, the e?ne?t'taa ?iktu.r of Peter tho Great, the f.aafl's Cburob, tnc great til.11? cfthe H ate, tho Himmcr ga'dena and (ho du unvcr Palace; and uo tbe n.irth aide the Kiihaogo tho Tnlver alty. 1 no Anaecmy ef Hrtonre. one of too great military t.dsw.a the Aaademy tl ttae AtU. lite MaMaa Acade ?-/, the Miui/g Academy, Ao No othe- city la I urcpo presents anib a view as the bank* of the Neya turoivb, aa thai at ream p**?ea through thlr great city. It .a Indeed a wonderful city, and tbe a*Tla? ? !"*n apen a a?amp. tn tbe mldat & a 'brrtti >a ,b. ro b degree of nottc Utitndr ab..ut a* ra? north aa the aonthera tad cf G-ecn'aed en car c m tni* b** ,K'01' he w0** if ? Pttle more ii0w,ffclrV lu?'f. ro? m H 1* of itiuoumonU SK&mTbw p0flcp#,,#r ?"40>rin fur?"b ?o Tt.e ?rcooil day aRcr oara/rtr*j the KortwrorandaH the 10 ct3F' bT from ."wernoT, which atar.da on tha aoath ?no-e ofiboGulf o Finland ckfcicca mlUk west of a Petersburg Prom the cepH near the upner end .cf me "Nevaky P?r?r?ro Ire ? tar. c: tuc greatest atrccta of the ctty, th? lmceiriti party 1>',.!rd (towa that, two mllra In length to the great W eter Palace ip ?lo w are eclemn state f Hare seat, a great maay "dtt .i-.iainbtun* ? m K-iro,? wi hio tne Xi'mL',' b."1 ?njthiag 10 omnpare vltb ' \*th* Pn? - both at ua of thot Cog atrwe'. wrre In, d w tb teveral rowr of line inking 10I ! era tbe reg,menu n toe tipper end he ng of -he rivalry aed tl cat c. U.5 ...wer cad infantry, in -inding ibe trooni wht b ^ ere fUrrccd tro :t?J ibo euA \i I rr?tnn?i,t | oinit not f*r J nuot tbere mere fto noo m*n iiFdrrAPOM. Atontioe c clrvk ?,? imperial Orrtcye hegaa tn pry ltd a lop?? .be atrret, ami dht not renub tho palace e?firc two op baif paal two. F?t eamn swan ctrai-y or it? wtraroe. then cnwie .be aervaMn of m* pe ace, m 11 eery and ,0 f.-o* uexi came aome guards, then fo,towed m >re .ban a dciua catrtagra n ?u ?, nea ly gl?d kt ?l| ,?ef Jlfh lltr Vu"* wh,*? b* w was nor. red wlta gtlaiig rbove turrbagea wire rltntly .ailed tbe ' goidtn eairligee " Kara b >r*e was led by a groJU, won aawMlat tie rMcr oa the near b ime ta fr-mt au.t mo lflver ot, t :n 1; t. wr o 'biro oo-mrn hate, and were ? e v'< r" *1L M ll>a ?h"lbgca and buraea ibem After a d-ren or ao of tbeie car. .agua had paaicl there c*n,e aapliuiiid rrgtfudnt of O .-aaiiaa c*?atry aed thm rot owed u,re .,r tea rroro -gjldcn rar'tagce, ujo flrat drawn by e.gbt gray tKraea In .hat ca'ri?gc were the | ?eia motbur ami ute afltaan-'d cf tbu (irau l Huke h.r.eacl, whew ma.-r aje wae f Uko r'a* the next .lay. tc r ? h rh greai e?cat tne ceur, waa can g mt? the cdty V :']"?* 10 Ukl' I"*?* 10 "?? WlBUr Palace nT lhe at te' of H-at crrrlagert.deU-- vmptrer, and b/ htaabia hit old fT' *?',! '!n',h.u , hT' *rus" ?h' <?*' '*?* rod# If ..icibt rt of ib b.u. .f?r, .he P. in,-# of (H irt.horg and ot .rr peroaoonn. co t with tbo t,n,wirlal laoiily Negl d.wr, ?'?a' with-be Or,,.., Uooheuetea, wivea of Cvvtaetlre and Nlrholaa, sad after it the eem?in|eg car. r aeea f iilowrd by ar.ither reglmtnt of tb ? (I. trda. ? a"wla;i6(iH1 ,?goant,audb M re.tber I a, .* nor Irrnd. n tag e?er seea the of la dime days. What a dia,.,ay of h*rbartc wcabb anl arauleur and h?w well nalcnlnted tv strike the 'magi na 1 .n of the maeaea, and c*|w,ia,ly rf the *?rfa. tho.'*aotf? ?OU" lBl? ,t# c"? 1? 'id theapeuactel At sight there ?aa an titenmve ilium nau <a, of many of the pnbdc hclluinga. (to tbe three r.llowlng Mat ?' J"f to a tar greater ax The nevt dev fFriday, ?ugu*t vt,) the marriage or tbe (..aid Dale Michael Irofc place, but I mum reserve the dreor.pHoo ol it, a* well an that of the greet /fk which le to take plans at Peternoif m algat, for my aex. letter. it. I'minir-*.,, Repl 2,1SI7. TV Marrxaf if Ormni t>u\' Mvkmtl?/Wnn1^ ?f lh' Orrnmmy?f?rowd ft'' <H /'rtsrb f - HriUiamcy cf (V \s?r, <Ac , dk la my letter 0* J-etclay I Waled that t*e ?r*nd Pita M rbrel, (hp ynnnfoat ef Uic four eoea of ihe late Kmperof S co'aa, wm married M Friday, the Wth of Augui It would team thai the Rct'laoi do not a. ajh the aatne Meet or dl lack to Fti lay which pre rap ta ao wo -Alter oooetits, tx/th Papal aal l'roteetant It la earn poambte that they reaalder thai day to be prontlerly far-re >?e for aider t .kiig important BtaWcr*. and I know not why they ahould aO. At ail areata the marriage leek plaoe that lay, ta the rbepel of the winter palaoe. one of the 'ergst an I nest magnifier at palace t la K.vope The nereaaoar took place at noon The number of per rone preetat wae not eery arret, for the otiapel la iiwall The fhrrlya amheanJora and eo n< g?n.'eii?n ooeeerted with Uteaa ee eaoretarlee or aU*> \?t. tb? mteintera f the Fmperor.a fhw great digahariee of th? Naliuaal Mi n roll the choir of the r tape I and a few mhe> perrooe, ta adit tlen ta lie Imperial randy, wet# all who wore Uure The marriage nerwmnoy according to the rtter of the Ruaotlreek Chorah la eery itrlking and area iminmeg la thla oaae a amall altar wae plaocd la the centre if the rhapel. whteh ta wholly deetlnte of peer rr matt and two liltl# table* (ton t near, nan oa each tide of it oa which were two ?? atarr'.vgr crowaa" of ellree and glldod, sett wwghlif about three pound* Two moakr. dranend le black, atond near the itTictaitag pttet, besrng to the Order of HI. Bhail The prist wa* the oheplein of tee I nn prrcr, aed withal a m>nM man, ae all the crista of the Mreeh Church atnal be, end who atone ere a lowel to per f< rwi vb* marrage eerta-oay. The ?"?aeiahone. bithope and archimandrit e, wto are not married men, hare not that prfr'iege Tbl? l? terring them right eaoegh, for bo? thou Id in unmarried man tr?w hoe to in*tmc. la *e *??rt to ike dut're of mar"ea wet Hat let tarn nan, fhr I tu ?r.l cot 'e rattir ifeilrWe. speKaily for hi* Ureoe our \ JLrfahtibop ef He* Tcrk and hln clergy, whoen footing* otght to he reeye'-'rd *?11 u?r Iff lie Wiieptee ltd aal eren gorgooua. The h>td-rw wo le ? tall *ot fair yoing man of mil at -enable face, ard the bride, who te a erry (weet looktrg tier man fount Wf ^otn the Urard T>n :hy of Aaden, ore mead ih- mer^r* with befbre the altar, the print bai'ng met then at the leor an 1 made the etgn of the orot* ?a thr forehead of each, they 'n in re tfeelng bin right baa I. At the nomnenreroeet of tne terrloe a wax naod 'r wee placed In the right hand of both the bride aed br'iegDon, which at e later period la the eerrloe were tame aed held by the noeke, If I am not nleiakea The eerrloe went on; It wm quite long, and had none ?trikitg epinolee. At one atage la II tae aooouot or the " Marriage tn Dana" wm read fro* the Ad chapter of the Ooapel of 81. Jobr At aaother a cop of wtao t* pi?ord in the haada of the hrteegroom. who draoh a little of N nad fare fc to the bride ihe did the eene and beared the cup back In ihe bridegroom, aed eo they peaaed tifron oae to Ihe ether lero or three tints At oae line the print put a " marriage oreww" oa ae head of reel of'heVifant partis In the oerenoaiee, bet oaty a a AguraMre oeaee, for two brother* ef ihe hrlhe < r ?kg.. l*. h?%*?'? ime etaaltnd ? ?idn of >fc?wt .id u>? n*h.T oa iM altar ' . . oca t;nr, tau prt**oa:tei usngni bu? gf tha . ' 1 btidrgrt,-" a#, tad. ti Id n inatr bar.da la tia. b-1 ' M in*. '?11 ? 94 arot a<l thn i i?r the choir, '.be tMrtt . ... _ Dkl ebanUBC *'U> ? liod T0V3* a'l the wf)M? 5ff_.V-j.fc. .1 ??! fW Uta#a wa. tha prima, witt ? ?** ? ?ide, .od each mora 0-a?'ug ? iigaM r+m ^ !*? ee* f-oom,*"!* 'Ml"*** . "1 tMp A *? 'A''41 ?" ' ??* lN" Kw ?T?J hb.1 up ft- ? eawmooaly long tenia of rra.WkOBta V *t wW tfldued ? ma' vaiia ? I erecta"ilB of ?h*?" !*?toa ?tbe f,*?7 ??'* ? . .. ?U. lmn-*ia< f'lt ll* WO* M*4 ftf f*el'ed ?0d S prm-ifor bremme, t bo p*l*t nMag rucr Brut"' ** ->'0. U?d. bievi dU I* 5 " ^,\ e?K^33a *?*/? in U. of ins rVtrr" '.ad -n v f.Olbw) ./? ? X vr-.r Itti' (Lord ??? mawy ?? ?"? "erne* .. r?.'? ??? n-erfo!, too d*?l> m*?? "f U-a .-am ,r,' ?he high an. of boy. who It ; *lr, a.ltolaUagl' Pro*"** '? ?" **..?7tf?nw , ?i>.u<-r.toibai stifj ?*?* dying gwny m *, u iid inc.t uao a>*-i 'Oioo ,<r g tan In Um> uen io* i.? t*w V) o gv or any o<?*r^w ?* ? rf y s-irrfc ??r** ?'! ina mnN<i^ tt*% ?if 'bepo'iji 'a wWcb It difbrn from the Catholic thai 'h. . . _ _ . . .. a; loc.'lL the terries wea ceded, ad1 to -J*ll mn.M o.? in the . do of the rfcar*? tafwrd the *har n, abet, or .he Imper ?l nnltf trnro r?aUl??, and ? ? el; * 'he r r*r c?fd'oi fol'ritaiiooa * eo -oe ?ar fc<<- of .be U;d Pu.e **?? **"!*? t; ini t ? u 'J? n ? v.--? ru-M* a*. ..<*?!.;od* U AJ.;? n?id _<U-5?r? cv n < rorn, Ptf*? i>,?it.,i ? (he Co-oa MinifterHI, awl I rr.ay ad l ?bo C>?pa ?aror'al, rrDilated to g!ra U.o ocoaaloa vur> grMl r:u" I lora.rtl W"?> o? 'h'^1* oe .heA.'.'h.roihoroof thof dtfof ft .ad PelerbofT i ? .,>oul e :?? ?? I Di' ?? from u. ?'.o-/ A *"*?r til U'K ?? a: 1 Ur. Ctbrrr vlltAjro. ,tt.t alio '.a4 to, o ?l?e oar? t?l oal* ron rsrrral l'>Daa ? 'lay b> ? ? w Ui" '3t? asf rt?*? a? 1n from ?n ho. Pvan ?w . * ';unrtrr.. Ihrao *mU v* pira^t, *?! t ... faro M oui aabia far B *>'a . ^ A)..,ut u,e ni-'lle of tb? anarooon noo-rtr* -niu Atoroa M n. -wblro for two n nr. and iwn hr %at?0O'1 ?e'7 aurloga?? to laitifeio w th.K rot rntiroly pro- ml tho _ ^h.iok <*h?ch Lad Ikcd aononncad for .Troratda*. Fortori.Aolf '.La ilouda Akartd a.ay.aa) tbs ma won do?a a^u tan ir.oon afao <0 aelrar ?*y ?a ? \<o wb'oh ? a.o fr-? '( 'dbt vo 'en. of ihcr.'.rd. We ?eot down w'.ih '.'no moHltad# wh'rh ti'ltifl to the rri te, *aii a rlrsd la tina# to dUac w'.ih a dlitlrgn'.fcert '?a"ly whlrh t.J bv Uel ua to i.wl ih.' nlylit ?' h ib? n? At otae n'o.ora we went to Tf.o 'amoex old -ala-'. ?o co-lira tr t/. ? lav i.?m i whiuh we rad '-gcMweA -i<i ('?? before waerKered to'ate ? lu-e-y of '.Lo '.lluraiaa I'ou ?h>b hat' alreviy r-mn- -f; 1. It 'or n^,-<ed e? rrjthiiK or Ihr tor' ehloh we nave ?'ien i" th.i r?ar ol lit pai.o ? an eitengtre *t?d'a ranly died with trici -vu'l nor:;, led ?> ? l?fffe ha-lai t pootgaf aater. end filled ?"th 'iw.-n A nunc the e lgta nf the ba.ine "r wa'e? race *u ? row ^f 'a ??v i *f wator ;tH' tu'enof whlcH ?a. re-y brill.*nt in .nc fe,w, at v*r!c;.i point* cf tilerat'.oa, wt re ennujerabie lant'i-na. mafe of paper and omorod, ?'"*??of ti m rod, r <ae yreep, etna yellow, god gome b!eo I. .** really .a In'l -opt nf the raiaoe and below tbo brow or toe ri.lfe, i r *cni pda-y b*a?<, nn wL *.*h ' t gtar.:!- a f .reit of ir '? na itrctrbea oat i *'an<1 wide A canal la C '. tVo ijb that for-?l : row a fHrcn'ar baeln of w vte' 'n wb!?b ? bnaidiai ft oa'atn waa play'nr. *t?ai|bl ro the Gn.f nf l-itiianil Aa "am rate aaaBtcro' l*rop?. orya'i ju? joinra. aud arra"a*A in a treat rarlrty nf i pnwr adornril two !?r h-4lidii>^ cown tb tbe edge c: the forcat, the batta '" .ater an! Ute cahAl The wfacle ?noao ntteriy 0* d?d deaorip i'w. Wo nett rntortd tbe paltra. mai'ng onr way jirr igb crowda of peotle who infTOtsaoed It Alrha y a larg? oumber nf grnUemen (mary of Ibem officer.) end l?d?ew had aeii-mb ed, ?n<! ?o0?> Vb > buUd'.nf ??< M'i-0 wHb -ichlj ilrcaer! and eli Rant people The ctrrjm wa. there In I <i 1 Torre It wa* * le' ten oV.inok wr.eo im K?peror entered, with bla roo hsr leaning en bit am., fbl lowed by a!! tbe otter membera of tbe Imperial lamiiy. and inme of tbetr cocnectlnaa The pron or.* 1c and tM e?nce aooa cetnmeBO d, In wb'-h the Pm-writr t'lot ae part but aaont tfce lime ta wa 'xior ah-nt am-rnr tbe people, apeak lag faaailia ly t> anch a* be knew, and ra oel.lug inrb *a wtlhed to be p-mnetod to hl.n Ab-mk mldelahtaoppor ?u ?er?e<l ap la many room*, and many of tbo gaeata partook of It atd many did not for went df ar*v mmooatirn |i fir|| ooo o oltiOk before *0 co^lw ' ro? ibis br'htaal aoeae?Iht asoat brllllaal It bar erer l*l'oa w -rar ,ot toaee }+r. Prraan trati, !*ept b HbT /taprrjjowil .J /futrto?Tbr Airo*n4rr?f/u nef?Tkr Grand (hike Pdtefdnfinr?Souiniri of IV Prt. coding Brign?Riutian KaOioiy?Pmrr.! rmiiHm < Oct Miunua ?"/i?TV Amtrn-an fsfMp n <M S >"'sn burg, <tr , dc. To day I leave for Brrlin, by way of Stettta. to ? few hour*, therefore, I rball bare turned my batk oe thle freaA capita). I. ta probable, ladee', lhat tbe gr.?ior part of ible letter mnat he written on board the Adlwr wnnh, ae It bear* tbe name of tbe nob'eal of bl'da (the eat;'.??), en It la nailed ttie fBatnet .'ratter In tbe Oj tb'. point I abell be eb.e to apeak mora doQaWly whin I ahau uara reiched tbe pe?t wbieb I hero jiat named, an<i wtieaaa the railway train will tarry mr, If no oalamlly proreat, ta tho gi'dd eft) of Berlin. Aa I am about lo quit Kua.ta px?baoa It m.y not be oo Utcreatlnji to yorr reudera to baroaotno of my ' M,.r\?a itona * oa a Tarlety or anbjscta, aboit wn eh w. ie Ame-lra ba?e been lathe heMt of de.irinR at .re lofor rnatlrn thm we can gst, or do ge , tbrongh tb* or-1 nary OOALltla. Will,I hare been here eleven d*ya It ha* oeea tb* fourth rUIl which I bare male to Ruwla wlOUu .be laat iwi-aty yeara, and the flrrt naco the aen?a?i*? of tijaao der II to tbe tbreoe I hare endeavored la mj p'evt im rlelto (MIT, 'to and '*?) lo ante lie cbaayr* which were ye lag forward On the pre.ent o; a*1oa I <??" ?<>' been . Pier aa'die or indiflerrat "looker ca" in tb'a K >aaiaa ?'Vealoe" t _ In rt yard lo ten "eew Kmperor," u he ia ?till flew cai?? rt I have V? ta* a few rint A? be w?* b -i ta 1.1ft, |o ta bow In ,bo 3f?(h year of hi. age He ir a tall, fire leekUf mto. Uka Ute reel of hi. ranaii., he ta mere n. rman t" bi? app-tranoe than Kn?:ar Irdee-* th?r^ >. hut litt.o It- B'.ita bioud In the Imperial fami y Whatawnr tlty wa* have ha* heeu der'*?d throngh Peter ff , the faih'r of lie Imparor Pa*l The preaeet F.iBie.-w la ra pti.or.Ud U> he a terr amiable mto, and weil it 'ormat A* hla father early in i'.led him into tbi rvjt o. of -Hale ?!'Vrt, and him hi. eimpui'eo and'ni ?r*l', fri-ad^ be h?< ba<! tbe great advaniate ef coming ti tbe utroan w?ll ar.pialrted with the du le. or bla ele.?'ed pjetliaa Lis aoccatioc to (be tbrcae w.j .(gnallaod hy the pvwJoa -.f a great man* of tho*e who had omm'Med oeli'teal <d frner. d.riri; hi* father'a relfti Thoa far bM retgn baa See* popvi?r and if be will bat appl* hi. mi?.d lo ih? ol far* ?f 11 ate, and carry net with a firm Land hi. own ?o ll.hirr.ed *ie?*, ha will be the b'*l mooar-h whi haa ever rrtgnelln Riwia Time wtH *i\-w eh* tie' h? wtlt pur.De una oa u'aa, or whether hn boae*'.l.:ni nut- ro will pot l?ad him to give op too fnr.r.h into the ban la of hia Miniaiera, wat of ahoaara mw ma; the old men who ?o leng riood by bla father'a aide ha?e nuwiy all retired from .men. parity from age, eat partly ftom oUieg mik wa. to be egpeo od; nor wlC ? h* . yrew* im if the new m?n prove tbam.?l*ea lo ?e ?r the right .or*?a qnegtlon oa which there bat har-ly t-?en tim* enough tovna ileaay < ne to tpeak with oeolldeode Sam rat rf tbe mlnigrera'.f hla father oertatal/ aal o-on lotag eancgh la* of them laaeed. war# nuarqp nawcrtby of the ooo (Idea oe which Ntcholae repjead ta Amrrg Ute new m'aletma the Prlnoe Goeieroakoffeiandn nreetri'ae.i, aa hnld'ng the portfolio of the llaivtey or fvweiga a Balm. Ha la beltavrd lo beaa aiie maa. aaa no*.e.tea what la ao mncb a> oa daairal In aft offl tart of **t*. ykmit niatoara Ha ap< aka Cagiiah q itta wa?l, hi yvrork aad (.< raiu beuer Hla brttbee, who flgnred an moeh ha the war in the Oimea aa Ciwm.oder la i?m# of the Knmiao army, la sow Vioeroy af I'olaol, bavtag ?vriftdtd Marvbai l aaklowltcb la Otat rapoeuat pott. Both ara raported to mo of ta tela, and wUl pr jh.hlf o- g e, tftnee U? hava much tnflnenea In the govaeamawA Mr Noaort. tha Miatawr of Pabtta Imatrunaoa. ttro. k, M?a later of linaace, aad MvaravietT, Mlntater .>f tha Pabtta [* mint, a-a all oonaldev# t to be man of mora ibM <wdt r*-y r.pacitv, aad well flaSttd to bold tbe p tut wb'ah tbay orcnpy Aa IP lb# brotbcra of IM tmperor, the fimtJ [ink* (> aatanlla# 1? OB at' bud* proocaacad to M k very a'da map, ?p<1 m-p that will hp 'ik#iy to a?#rt a great mln. nop 0 do K.tnff H'? actlrlty t? .pisow, aat hip ao<rgy nait- pp Ho la feand hy nertala cipppop of cpob m?wa 1 >p any o'ber man about tbo goeerBow ul Bo la mucb re>ed op w a map who baa ?*b Ibo enirafo an 1 tap hoooaty to giro bta brother tbp Kmperor, tbp ad nop ? hirhte may ooed op tbp oap band, an J to wlUteual iniTtfo'R ad pyrophaata da tbp other Ho la witba) a meat fee'We man. ard everywhere and oa all nroaatoaa <> |p \b- habit of apoaklag bta mind freely Tbo ynnager hrothara. U?? Hnod Dikw Nicooiaa end Michael, aro plea ?aat at?a, tod b in nf ibpia aaarrlea to af wah f lad lea. Ru. tboy boll ao importaal popiunie at yp| la tho foreva went la onmpltpanp with UM Imperial tav'tRtiie, I waa -ce real at tbo It real lota at tbp palaaa of Petorboff aat T ?-etay rpbt. aal have air tad y la/or mod yoa Kreeyth-n* edl reted i hat tbo I at portal family aro caUad pad happy la r-acb other, aad a moat ? free and aaay naaoaer" perradea the anttra palaoa; all rraaoat, aad tbp number waa feat, termed to act ap If they wore not near clove of aay ro ? ratal. Tbp Km par or. bia brotbpr, aad their mother, mo rod about with aaaa.aad apoko to otaoy of tboaa wbtta tboy know There la peidow antra frapdom la tba "Wkllp Hrmao" at Waeblrgtoa, I baa lb ere waa to that oeeatioa How eery difforeat waa Ibo 'tale of tbioga a eimitar ?toraeloa, elevsa yean ago Then tae Emperor Wloh-dao wa? la bta prima, aad, aa he moved tan ugh tba immowaa hoildlng. la tba pfomtaada, leadtag a lady ay tba baad, oe atrpptd from time to IIroe to talk witb tb'a diatlagatebed ppraoaagp or that, bow mataatio ww bta appearaaoe aad maoeere, aad hop tnaal f atly oearawpd a>ery op# fblt la bla preaapoa (lb fnraday tight there waa ootbtag o' Utlt to'1 whatever (to ibo oeeaeioa to whioh i bare j ut referred, tbp drawl (bike N lobar I, yonager than N who lap by only two yaara. waa there a man la wboar preaeaoe ao naa noaid bo guilty of aattblag ojproochiog to tartly or trlfllag aad there, wo, ware tba old liraaraia, a an tag wheat wart "aaklewltrb. a man af graat axillary a>p#araaoe, aad Y? ratotoff aad otbara of aleaoat aqaal renown There, ?oo, were tboae rata- aaa la tba Mlrtory of tba I'm per or? Namelroda, Kiaarielf. Maaanhtkoff aad Mbora of Ilka ?tat dtag Mi aa Tuaaday algbt not oely were tba men ben of Ute ImpertaJ, mala aad famale. (aieaptlag tba '? mpreea mother,) y mag la appaaraaea aad eery | aad aaay la utatr bla lo aU aad aaay la utatr maaanri, bat tbey warp oar rooodrd by paode bat raw of whem are moob kaowa to tbo world onto da af Koaala 1 oma>l at tbia momaat raoali aay tioepuag Prtace (tortwbakoff aad Coaal OrtaC I aaa graally pleaaod to lean that the gaverawel * deter ml aaa to proaapaia tba warfe ot deep toptag tba rw ?eoraea af tba raaptra aa fbal aa Ibay naa M'< of rallwaya bora baaa profaned, an I will at ao diatmit toy ha mala. Tba read from ft r# erebarg to Wanaw wll b? npeaed tkrooghout l?a eattre iragtb Wore loag <W lay bal tba Wata peaamppoad reaaiag orar a aow I of Ha aaatrra pad, of oa# ha ail red milea la laagtb loaoow, a ratraad wtU U madg aa aaaa aa