Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 5, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 5, 1857 Page 1
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THE NEW.^YORK'HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7704. MORNING EDITION-MONDAY, OCTOBER 5 1857. PRICE TWO CENTS. KTERES1 ING FROM CENTRAL AMERICA. kalh of the imerlcan Btnhter at fluate nalt fir eat Ravaprs of Cholera hi ?eatral Aaicrfca tyaarrel of Wo. Carey Jomi vtth oetta Rica? rrohahle ChrU War In llcaragna, he.; ho, he. Ow Iml Oorrupon bm 0. & Bur UKAToa, l Fain, ?etii 10,1^67. I 11. Tktlrrm in Goalmala?Death \f Mr VmaUe, the date am Mirhakr?ProbikU Oiml War in Nicaragua-Mr. Wm Gurry Juriti Qmrrelt with the Government of fWa it OrderoiOut of l\t 8tati?H> P'tyieo to Go to flan Salvador avA Guatemala?th? Honduras Hoitrood fcnwy ffourn of Purser Myers, <ft , ?fc. Ibe .'tuMr Colombo*, Oapt J. M. Dow, arrived here a Sam hay* ago from a Tojrap, daring which .he tin shad at U? pr.aapal Paolfto pom of Oeatral America, whereby we are placed to po.ieaaun ef the lateet newa from that qwarier. fin (San Salvador and Guatemala the cholera haa changed fr-um lie former eporadlo to a most fear ul epldemlo Corn, lOe mortality of which i# to great at to have half depopn Oaedaome of the dtetrlew. Wuham E Veaaole, Eiq., ear recently appointed Minister to Guatemala, after a raatdeaoe or about a mcntb In that ita e wae Mixed with and aeon fell a viotlm to the ep.demlo. the auddeu demise of Mr V.nable, at well m tnat of Mr. Mc'Jranken, lately appointed Unite 1 SUtet Ooniol at La UoIjo, will prebaoly render L difficult to Ond candidates for their offival vacuole*, ted oens uly for one who hat had no prerioua experlen.? In Utrae latitudes It would be In the highest degree lajtdiciota tc vU'.t theee looalmee at ymitl. From Nicaragua there la no tn,r>or:ani newa other thao 3t la eipeoted the State wl 1 ere long be ravaged with cWU war again, a* there le BlUe harmony of lenttment exutiog between the srtatnc alio aud the poplar or deaiocr*.io Jetton* Into which the Pi* ? U dt.-tded Aa the held of Mm dual government which qm been created to mott the want* ef each oarty. Beuera Martinez and Jerez tti'l oon Maae toe executive *x cu. the l%Her belog the repreaen iaUve of the nnpu ar faoil in, add baring a loo at"time held Ute tffioe of Seotciarw of P-au- nodi r Uen Walter. btOwU Rica ail lr qnlrt W (krey Jonca, Esq., >o whoee ml siun hat lldi'. light has > it been thr iwn, atUl remain* in that Stale, From no which r*oanuy eoourred It la probaole he will b?"-> no farther dtpiometto oowimuntcailon with the C?tn Ricaa gorernment, the tocm oo- nemed ?1lh whlcli urin folio ??.? Io n previous eimmnnl atiou flrcm Pun a .trains I de'aJ'od tna arrival nt that port cf a party of 1dbi.ata>? from Kiras, the lavt ?fWaki"'i.rm7, ?ho, at the povlad of tee caMtolatlan, were neahie Prom woundi or aiu-ase to be remored, aud who at that lime wr e '-ft under the oare of a Dr. Koya.rn, one of W. ker'v .urgem* Aloag ?W? party, who vue aent to Punta Arena., eame * Major 81'oebel, together with hie wire, aa Awertaaa lady. Major 8trcib?l tad been (wnueotod wiUt WalkcrV aimy, a? a topofnob'oal engineer Oehlt arrival at Pu? la Artnar be wae offered a paaaage to ?'ana ma, alotg with the otter party who wm. brought dowu by the rloop or war Deaa.ur, bat he preferred to re nala, ?taunt that he had reoelved oflers of cmployraenl from General 'Jaaaa to anpa. intend the earreylng of a roite for ? wagon road from Man Joee to tome port en the AtlaaMm whence too production, of the ocnatry or,old re ahlpped, Inmead of from Pnnta Arena*, aa |j done at preeeat. But the project of the wegon read wpct'i in have been abandoned and the M*Y* to ha-e falirn under the ban of the bale ceoree, or daring all who had been ooanented with the late Waiver expedition to leave the cwxint'y, nniest the goyeromeut mated them .pecal permiMira to remain. Majo- Slroebrl ? aleo tald to bar# be.a indtaoree. In hie advocacy of the Waller name; at all evanta. he -.raa orcervd to leave the %at?. Mr. Joaee Interposed la behalf of the Major, bat M far 'Von hie efforie being of any ami', hie luteroaeldon wee viewed in an offenztve tight Mr J one. therefore de man' *1 hie pa..porta, wblah the government refaeed to grttl blm, amlgriDg aa a ravon ttur. It vie vol hbe "nty In the capacity of a ortvete cdttica, and oon?e eeeetly meriting no higher ooaaldemtioa Mr. Jorea li at preeent atopplng at Pnnia mnv, where he will remain aetll the next of the Uolnnhai, when he intende going to sen Juan del Bur, and theaoe to San Salvador and Gaaiemnta Tr ereMmltnry mrveye to drm vnttrato the Dmottm a1 My of con.traciiig the Uonduraa Inierocoamo Kali raj are alowty prigreaeing There la no d-,0bi ha to the rcavlblbly of the routo, exorpt at ?do potnt, k 1.0wn aa the Sum.nit Whether tfcta Way be paxed, e, aa y at, extremely proMametteal IJenv vn N. Jeifnie, of the United s.auw Nary, #ho baa re aoetty cm: ?e,? d a nrvey of t le ?? Tigre laland. to the bey cf Konaeca, the jrmiuu. oa tbr Pacido <i:art raperta favs,-abiy aa to the advai.tigee which the harbor yrcaenta for <hlpping. At the uigrti r.quct of the com eany, if'er the oephi1 -n i the aiovc tur<tj Uou . ?v6er* haa taxen charge of a party, which la to make a roerhno .* ? of a pan of the rouie, from the I'aalBc Mdr, end froa hie extentlve pr?c.teel extr-rieeoe la tipo gvapfcl'.l ei gi-i? triag, he wui oertalaiy p.ore a most lm peiiaul aid to be company The Ucttea S?.e* ahlv. Jinn Adams and Dewtur still remain anchored tn Bar. Pnmr Biary M; era, of 'he John v lama. wh.< la In ex Weaaely ceCcale bea'.h rr?wn repeated stuck* of mlMma'la fbvor the reenlt 14 a long rei'derice to thl. d-sblUtat., g o I mas, a: the >eoommen?Bt)on of a r rg'.ral board rttarn. My the prcmnt ateamer to the Uniied staler, aa hla caly mr ee of recovery Ttoe ?ewv or the two veaeele are la tohrthle health P A? Sept. ?9 ?Since -on rdtag the icoornpeeaieg let ter I learn fKmleltabe anth rtt> thai W. Carey Jvoee was grilled M* par>porta, ant niureted to qih the State, en the yart n'lbeOoma Rietv auibo ltler. Me pet vision Baa >et oeia made for the retarn of the party at &hh*.tori wh > wrre br mght here from Paau i on boa d the aloop 0. "?.ur U*r Pui*m? tvti?i|HNi(l?nc?, Pajuiu, gwpt. 10, 1867. Dmtk qf Our MinUUr at QuAtenala, and of Uta Wijt nj PrmUmt Onrrtm? Kavagn <rf the Cholera?Ka Prmident Bun Martin and Mr fddmanm Died tn Honduras?(hata Micam IHjfirU4.VI with Nicsrafva?CkmdUwn of Ota Lot tor Mala Mr. Oairy Jon*, At , Ac. Tba mmw Oolawhi.* unitd bar* on to* 0th taet., wbb |iaateag?n from Oftral Aurrtau porta. Mo* *y*agbi a fair amount of freight, inoludlrg cochineal. n gar, to bar oo, balaam, oefl#*, bid#*, door aktaa, tlhtr or* Mm. from (?? air mala ton data* art to too 234. I r*f rot to Hm la aiatlua lb* #**<h of ew Nflf ap? C?*d Mlatr*r to tbt* republic Hrn. W. K Vim of T?aa?**r?. wtil'h raclanoboly a-??*? looh ***** from rbolrr*. In to* <*?? of Gu a'omnia Mr Vrnnbin bad brrn hat a f#w . o?ki in lb# conn ITT, bat lac tori thu out far in atonal a >n in* 20th ?T J"If II a; po.ri Ibal be ta dared l,?n lb* ton* joorowy tor tta totoft.i?, aad >ti *a ??j Thttui to tow *M"i?>lo ?k?a at'<,-k*d Hr d H to tha ernaa of tflr tnrag* to* r*a*4 ?*??? Unaari, I .4 r*oal**d amry atiannca daring at* tttoaaa u wag i *? bi? m ??><,* mat. H't fun oral war *?*?*?! *? lb# f natr* *ai ortlcer* tad too d vi?mntie mrpa. aad a ? r a-ni r? ?ta Ifc# 'zmn birj lag gmial, Mr. Wybe b#< trtttoealc M?)?wt* ? Mictaw*. parrnrm'og toe *miufbl baetai ?***."* of in* I utoeetmi ot nob Mr. v?aabto we* ? **"r? of Virginia (?o? of forth '^atit'ea, aa IM report *t*i*) Hlhiih m?*u la Tw*?ra#?# where t aadorftord b* Mar** a wt*a aad Hi obi Id re* | bad too plan#*r* ot tuabltg be aagnatotaaa# daring bto abort auy to enaewa, aa" a a*?r* narfWi gratl <ntta I nrrar rm I too gone fhrtuao tn n-m Hi awne aad p*f* ?*l appear a*** maonrao b m nanim'arty tultabi* f* aOaatral Ana nnaa wi??i?*, aad I am aar* b* mM eot bay* Ibllad to am* Matatlf wry pa mmr ta Uuat* -at* Tb# abator* baa beta ragtag rklmi'y threnfttont too aana'ry It* abaofea ar* not ane?*r > to lb? io*or oltaaa* lb* Indiana, to one* toer *ag*r m,a, hoi la too dig of Meat * at* It. lb* wlto of to* Pratodooi ( ??o*rai larmn) and tora* *f to* brat pbr*i<dta* bad died. Tb* total fatb* room Jnly ? I* Aogutt t? bay* b>*a about 13.ol. fbto dvaadfal terarga woe br?ugwt at* tot eoaatry by to* troop* ?b* r*tara*d Oaa N.aiga aooordiag I* taat datoa H did not a near to b* oa tba loctlno. Tb* obalera baa paral/ead *a*laa*a, aad inatltla? war* Nam* la lb* etfdal Tba aunt l ami orrp tola year will be *t?*rt? in fact, *#tow ** *r*rago Sean* ?i*tnra*aa*e ba** ana tbr? taa?( too la ltaa*, arbe to Hoy* mat to* wall* aad riye-* *?? p u mod fb* ftoryaawnt ba* Itka ar?ry prwwntoaa tep>*an-y* to* gnao* aad wipply atodioal aid wb*r* ra nt waat 1. la Snadnraa lb# motor*, whlnb ba* bean ragtag for ?aaM Maa, bM brofc** aet attb fwab yiotaaoa ?aoammg ?ba ytmiaai ar* Men Haa dan to, am PimMaat af tba r* Blto. aad two of bl* daafbtar*; atoo a Mr. faldaiMa, of bo?*n of ftodataan H ?? , of Um '.on aad 0 >*'rim?i* the lat* toor oral to* Marti a wa* a man wbo 0*1 tabw* an mtMra pari la Oaatral AamrvM poflJa* tiring a ana. bar of yrar* H# ?a* bora ta Ittl. aatrnad at II, ami fbata IbtO to IMt glial yarton* B'ar og)t*? oad*y gny aryatott la hoyoetbar, IMt, ba boadod a prin'aal mora MM Mtd retard a nui araay. hat 'M not gam hta ahjoal aad waa ?hr?od to fla* la Boatfira#, wtwa a* waa paraaaatad by to* goymnnimrt aad trram per anealty to*i<y?Mrd la IM4 ha wa p*ratiu*d I* rater* in M* natty* land, an l eoonatpaatod iteaara' Malrapta with ta* araiy to N'toaragna, hot on lb# -*< iniry* praeconrtng agakiat Matoapln.b* left bl-n and | Head tb# "fgenl lna party, and daring to* war with Hondo-at mad# fcltoaasf aabad for at* ooorag* aad r*al 0 ad#r tor praal Manoy of nr. Agntor. ba waa ?wry Mary af intra aad wa*, aad la inag waa niwraM PreMdaot of to# rrpnb ?a Oaring bt* torn, of om-rn. to# terrible aarthqoeb# wldaft daatroyyd a* ??ty af ton to'yador taot ptorr. aad b*? nanrtion* ton t*d mown to imwaa Ih# awflbring rwif "i? 1 bb#rwh? R* aiao attma ?ed to wadiata hntwa?a Bona rat and (iiaiawaia, hnt bl* ntowtt w?rr am anaoamTv' la IM' ft ? f>>airp* tnor? rd#d him la to# prantdraay by ?i#<aiot), aad -toll Martin ratlrnd to bin **tai#*. wbarw hn p-#d la i Mlraatnul Im tug to* i**t aitompt M rwyoluOow by (torn Mayrtn*. h# Mord lb# go?#rnn?w*l aad balmwi by bw tadnraaa to arwrtnt a rvptn-a tan Martin ta mid to bam tot a kind beared, nprlght o-ao, ?uM la duly and dtotalorn*tod ?? bto pun <ii*m. in pn-*a* nib bn wa* much beloved by ?11 who mow bla Boon to o >fr?4ofe of Iho tt'e uf Son Miu-ttn, u ! gather fiwtn the oration pro MPMWd ?M||tO fOBe-al. Costa H*? root hew or Nioangoa making tar gn*t of the Transit rente to Vender bill. There to ovWoeilr a strong feenrg of aei most y breeding between the two SUiee, tad H wontd not be l urprising If ore long It broke tat* open war. Ooata Rloa 1? quite sane* alter her earn t a? a In Nlt-ersgnn, and tbtass herfeir a maleh for all creation, end Ntetragon la ocubUew rather aore wi'e polo or ontng her liberation from Walker to bor little neighbor I am so (I lbaoter, and bo Mend of Mr. Walker and hi* plane of mesne) alloc and Southern at teuton, nut 1 bel<ev* thai the eooner Nicaragua to btotted an a (hate from tbe map of tho world the h*t>?r f< ' ??-??.tf and h?r nalghbora; the to not wvi hp bi m 'pendens* under her preaent mlio*able ralera ard peo; ie. Oannot the wtodem of tbe age soggmt tome meant ot fotngfor her wtthont Walker '? heipv 1 rrcommord ihla ?object to poor aerloa* onaatdaratlon. (h nrrnl Genu Dm returned to bla native land, and ban been rt oeived wt h every demonstration of jjy, Vn Oar?y Jones baa let Han Joe*. It to aald that be bad >cme misunderstanding with be government In deed, 11boo id not be surprised tf tbe government Jrtl< not nnderatand btm at all. for a more "mpsterkras strangsr" I never met with. The next mall wt'l bring neat of the prcoes dings of Cosg ess, when something interesting may b-> expeoted. Tbe paper* here give tho following rumor, a l<lub I do not ce-llt ? A report bad reached Poaia Arena* by the Sarlptcpie mall that Nlorsgoa bad seized the Han Joan river boats in the raone ct vat <1e; bltv The oorroo n*ia of thla stata c ent vu doubted, and u we nave received no oonflrma tton or it bp way of Han Joan del None, nor from Han jnan del Hor (to He pi ac) it la ptoaably unfounded. Tit* Uoriruaiwt ?f llcaragua, an<l lis aew Contract vsltta Vandvrbslt, Juilged bjr uata (ilea. (From the Crontoa o- Oovta Rica, Sept. 3J Mr. Wakerbnd not pet left tbe shores of Nicaragua, Hanks to tne combined effots of tbe other States, whoa tfeer* rove .*o man of uppostnf I'iru, party leaders, bitter tnemlcs, tc dtepnto without ronalderaarn of any kind, for the first magistracy of tho HUta. With wounds attU open ahd bleeding, neither rarty having laid down It* arms, aad mr Diced with rtea mctlon, ?r* Flute wan surrounded * lib grave dangers, ted In Imminent peril of luting tbo VI ntragran nationality. bad a singe drop of blood been vKuii, Nicc.-bgua wvi 1J have eeaved to form one of tbe Hta'fe rf Orn'ral America But i cat* Rloa. carry log to a high print her Intense self denial, and sacrificing her material lntertfrte, put Uk ioo'.Uu ivery possible m-an* to bring about an arrang* aent oe taeen tbe opposing partlu. Wbetbe* she attaioed it rr not, ?e are not Informed, but wo do know list the al toyrd the tempest wbloh Ib'oeleoed an Immediate nrtole, a hloli ol i'velf wee no rmall prod fortune, ana >he quar rel* * ere laid aside so that future Urcnmstanave ni gbt decide the result. Everything led to tbe belief that an (IrartV n of tbe first a?xie4.. aU) would be b< Id without Use of tunc, sua that the will of the people? ibe only ton patent ti Ibcnal tu the ease- would be i btaleel. This was the jnsl, rrgalar and povilole way that matters might attain, ior iht first time la that renublto. an appear ancc of lrgainy. This to a-hat should have been dene In ,rder to ieg*liie o.e primary steps; but ibis was cc mand'rg too macu 'om hose m?n who, wHbo.u non slder leg for a moment tbe new calamines that would ac crue U. their >??...??>, sacrifice all things, and uren abau Con their honor la their exaggerated personal tap rations. If the diction fo* President went on, supposing they possessed tbe sj mpathlee and tne>U neccttary, one of the two would hate been floored, and then thero would ha - o bM n nr. terms of ronrtHaUm In the other event, a third I srty, which ta the most prcbatle, would have obtained ?be popular vote. Iberefore, b tb of them, without ceding a point of their ambition and pretended claims, defrauding the l'**t hopes o' tfcflr country, take Op assault the power of tbe Mate, and give at a result that scandalous abeira t on, ihtt ridic ulous pari dy, to wb cb tcey alone give tbo tmr.ei tlnani t'tle of government of Nicaragua Though It were composed with soother member. In tmltaUton cr tho irlumvlrst*- if Co-aar, PomiUnos acd Dramas; of Aogu t rs, Atlbooy and Ir pldts: of MapolaUl, Hlegae and Oam baoeret, It would always be wanting in ihe sanation of the popular v >te, end would be a* dofiC.lve aa thoae were, a ilbout any other result than the vIoK-ut ooofllr-t of meao prrtonal lnteresu a germ of every di*astor, and wtihout ad -vi i*r? lor fin ?u llo goer ; disasters so groaily Jove - oped in that country throogb the gresd for wealth, power, and b'gb place, that posaessrae vary m*n among lb we who could save> tbel' ocuotry, If the) (ltd not so op nicatly absa don the general tmurest That atvtrnm*nl hat not hens recagnwd by .Saft-ador, nriihrr ka.< tf by (Ar Untied States, and we brUtw that it will n<t be by out own. It it very natural hat aU notions iK?uld duostn it But want alarms our sense'f justloe very greatly Is (we mnst say It) tbe detestable Ingratitude that Moaragr.a re turns to (.usta R'ca foe the eminent services she ha* rendered her It It true tnst republic Is so tnlquUmuly represented bp tbat parody of a govemattnt?for it ta dlfi oult to believe that there to a single Niearaguan thai enter tains svll Ideas towards bis bent facto*?} si so it It, tr-.l/ so, In spile uf every principle uf mora Hv, logto, an l wbh.h to mere, e' oar Indisputable rights ao-i <trud bjforc and after tbe campaign, and snnottoned by equity, reason and justice. The boundaries of Costa Rica extended through all the left bank of the Ban Juan river, the right and p.sentei. n or wh eh were reoogelsed by Or?nt B ilaia. tbe United Haiti, and by Ntcaragaa h?rsetf king bofor* the reoint eveats Thlr to self evident and newj* no explaaailou. The oc nardly and bate manner In whloti she lesi parses i'on of Ibe river aa-' steamers Is aso well known Tbe brrclo eflbrts* Rloa, which the world applauds, tors from Walker uat cianrel of rreat euco >r?a n*-cr} } run d event?sihich decided ue fsrtnno of !hu war. Tbe Immerse sacrlfioes of mtn aai mosey by Costa Rice to main ala poet sail oa of Ue river are aieo well trown ihe pros- ct m n'.bh ex-eu-n of tbe garM>ons to defend M ooeilag htr $16,'CO Yet aotwltiaianduig all lb s Uat crrbg governs ent of two men, wbotwie the pow*r of tbe Waie sga'ast the wiU of the people, sad In violation of the moat ?acred requisites, are b'>w ecdeav > Ing to mnkc a transit route contract with tbe Barderrll (Vasde" bill) Csmpacy,of the most oserens cbsrwc^r, ait ibat ^IU eetal) terrlbl* rcmequi noes, ?t bout ojuni ng up-n 'he if Lets R'cn. which ? not only m --o>sess*oa of the river, but is the moet competent and rlgbtfol ,?rty to inlervtr* in and make the arrargemems 1'ur gcvennicr.t is on Its guard, ani will not suflisr Ito'tf lo be d rrauCed of Its Interest* >r its rironer ao'i-n; and, la eve-y e?ent, Mra*apas| must bea* the a af-i nrns of pn lie opinion .n al canons, and the ooasequenoea of In perfidy !*!??*?*? of the President of Coat* Ulia to tli? Cei>|i* H( of IUT, [From I .a Crooloa (fa Cona Rim, RsiH, 0 J HofOEjiMir Kai aaaaeTATivan?Ween, oo the 3. A aguet, ia?t year, I rffertdtoyourooao dernlan a ptctuiecf our re rubl e, and preafDtea to you at thl* tana pUoe tbo review or the evatto whlfib bad fakrn p'aee op to iba: Um? my m ad waa agliatyd by u>e unoerto cty rf (he future dtatreaa raaarrra for oar reprbllc. However, I ueenr ooabud tba patriotism and ridhuWaati > support of tba and ?>nni re pre testation, aor of iba eAcactoia oo o ^ra t is of our baroio w>i r.frymen for c-rmiahttrg la a gloriou> maaoer the bloody etruggle began lor the da tooa at oar dearest Utt< >aoU 1.1eat and oumhrrieve vara tba dt? jult'W of all k nda which >urro. oa*?c the foverameat, b it after ajraountlog all of them by a firm nr,d iMfcMj will. I aga'n rawed tbe voioe of alarm which waa noaoioovily aaiverad by si. oar inbab; ar.r, 1 crdcrrd a rcluma of brave men. nee or tba coma aid o ? general of It norm expertonon, to Oatit tba ecem? oa tbt field of bowur aa ha vacantly did la the aetgbborii wrt of Kivaa; and rrm.-tnoed that ail onr efforts and tbcea of our aluoe would ba or eo oae onion fli bue ?arum ware attacked at tba very aourco of Ita 'an ra trmrr?? aad elements?that la to aay, oal?-*a It w?-ra da prlved of the fiortrraaea aad ateamboate, by io una of which It rtled on tbe Klver of tea Juan aad ihe I are of Nicaragua and through which 'I raoetre i ev> -y fa -Uttght wen. a-ir.? and war munition# la a proiorb.m m- cb aapo rlor to that of ou> own. aoc evae of all Oeetral America - I retolvcd tn undertake the hazardous work at aurprttfiag tba enaaiy at tbooa pofsta ft was wore than doohtfal whether thla ardcoat npedi Hon would ha anooerafully oa-rled out, on account of the crawl tbetteiee iga'nat which our vaTant army would bare to atrvfgie; out la eplte of th?m, aad ootwuhwan l lag tbe vHCrel lempeot, It tbrrw Nee f courageously Into tba atrngg a la tbe mldet of met wooda, blgb monotonia aad ova? flow to# Hears fiod protected our fan awd oar oaterprlae, and In a vary few f ays tba aoftonal bant er wamd oror tbo fhrte?aae? ao the river, over Punta no CaatUla, aad oo tbo baoatlfal lake of Wleeragoh. Tbl* mi rial etrnto oa tba haadit aad bit own followers was tbe harm agar of saw trtamphi. the a Ited armies re enverod 'heir eaorgy, our vaaguard, wblob bad already frustrated tbo <ie*i?na of tba eeemy of oar ludenendeooe, agate opened aofiva ? overwrote, aad all troop* jointly operettas nadcr 'he command of tbe deeoral to Chief e> m'aoter by the allied gnverameaio. put aa tad to the cempeiya oa the M or May or tba prevent year 1*67?a memorable day f>r Orntral Aa?rfm a glorlooi (toy Tor the litli rao??who knew kow to defend their religion and ihMr onuntry, aad bow to lofflot et?mplary pnniehmenl oa a lavage boro* which bod praoumod to throw aa toto the meat opivobrtweaslavery ThW eleanry coal aa maey prod out vicUraa, but thaaa ataitma gave Ufa to the Central Americas Coailoeai, and porbapa to the whole of Ppanlah America Tbo blood of oar brovee vpiu oa the battle told will for over bo the far Ule germ cf Immeaae good in our ooaatry I ow it to ayaatfr tbe diffioulUea agateat whicb an 1 maw Hawed, the fovorumwot bad to atrugglo to the mldet of the ooaMrm tne rep oh He found heraelf eogagad to at lbs time tb? war Which baa jail heea terminated ?u renewed, Ita object aa eta# beta realized, aboaa who either through timidl y or aieJIwe, aaraavofwg by all ktoda of nvootlvta, to wvaara tbe meaourea of del ration, will ha dare I vert In Ihetr bopaa and mate to the eowvwttow that tbe people of '"mu Riea are aware of Uialr true rights aad bay# tbtlr uvea fixed upon urme who, to whatever manner try n harm them. The government enjoy? the aatiafaraioo ?f havlrg mntfit all thena laooevenleaataa aad earned cut with valor. firms ma aad ormateney Us arduous under taking Howe'er, the efforts of the rapnbtlo to driving away from be anil of central America tbe bandit aad Ma to tomoua eielittra, have not entirely terminated tba at'ng gle Ho, a eeorwd aad mora terrible Irruption It threaten ?ug no, aad we shall have lor a long time to ooaitnae our alarm to Older oot to bo eurprWwd unprepared to tola end the goveramewt baa *eta taken dawwltloa to tare ready aa army af etgbt tbooaaad maw wh-ee mill wry natr irticu will not ha a mnmewt loal il?M af Ba ?'(tea war mnal teas and Jthar imorovemea'a which hove not bees neglected, emtrlbntlona of all nenomary #l? awe to for cnoatltntlag a war fhroa aa oom <leto ao pn tible, er^atdertog onr rear.urrea and clrnnmatanoee. have heea ordered. With dlanlpfioed aad wdll eioloped toM'era, or e may be d*fba ad, but one will jaonomn with glory and honor, after havto( made tbe eaaany pay dearly far Ma (rlnmpb i aaetes to acknowledge with tbe ilnctreet Wag or gratitude tk? surpnwlBg merits of those f*imh who Wi-h ?o moth abnegation. stcrlflcleg Ihelr well be I if, their In erssls nod whatever man b rids desrest tn Hfe, ?rjmin ed the gevernmeti tj aavt the country from ibreateslrg ruin Yen, ti It they who from the oeglnnlog of the onmjwgn powerfully o?>rlbnteo to tne happy a d satuuctmy tuootw of the opera)lunn on the Ban Jutu rtver nod the hike and tort dory of Nloaregua. they suffered* a thousand prlvatlone. end all the Turtle o' war and penlieeoo, and they ware ako the Irat la the battle, tho one being en trotted by tbe ft veramenl* with the honorable and deioate ah srge of di recting the movements of the altted army tut the omolu aloe of war, and the rtbrr being the flrtt to op* n the war In the presest year, and tbe le*t to return to hie domeatto hearth after an abienor of eighteen mom ha passed hi to tive service tor boa e ontry. 1 alto highly oooslder the o itr-ra. officers and soldiers of the army, they havlog vai oronaly and heroteaily aoomapbaaad the dettea with whlon they had been entrusted. I recommend to yea, ae la J oat, thcaeierrsnta of tbe repuollj, and oall your attention to the id fortunate mutilated and tars lid men, and he widows and ohlldr t of those who lost theb Uvea la the defeaoe o their eocntry. A great unlay 'ef money hae been eaueed to the nation by tne malntenanoe nnc tranepenattoa of the D4mer.iua OUiusteie who aurremtered at Rlvat, and of thoio who tn beu-Ji deearted the racks of of their nudwroua oblef; but I oomloer these expense! not Inst, ween we cota'.der that they will bo a proof of our hu mane ton duct on all oecMiona, and of our not being such barbarians as wo oto been represented Do tne cutlta-y. o-r cnemlra from thulr flm bruptlou Into the nti|bbr>lag republic p'Ted t> toe entire world that barbarity eras Inherent to them and trno rtrDV/sttoo on kcowu amouget them "buse men ctd not reanect any thligin order tn aau-fy tf.elr ha indent ??bl 100; tier ?tallied the acaffuWt wlta tbe oleod of tuncoert Central amcrlean victims; ih?y ruined tbe wealth of unfortunate Nicaragua; they aet lire <o ethos, tanked temples and onmatu-a innnmerabie other exoeaaea, condemned -y good moral*; finally, they trod on tn<o nauoaai law and iitmplcd onucr l?4 iiii divine <nd human rights Woo then should be rightfully called barbarians? Fact* ani history answer. Tbe government la eeusdous, after a campaign of o*gh teeo R' lbs, a tiring which immense surat nave been spent, o< oavlng burdened toe bast possible the In n?bltaEla of the repnolio; for the national revennea wore a powerful auxiliary tn covet lug the expenses consequent on It it Is saHsrsclory and very agreeable to know that nuiwlthrseoisg t?u> of war and posit'ecce wbirh tilictet Ibo nation, she did nut go Iwtok w*rd In ibo onward march of civilisation; In the midst of ib? war the crop of ootfeo?tola pro xi .'Us prcduct which fonua ibo greater part of (be wealth of the cotntry?was rathe el ana earned to the ,ort of emtarkattcn. notwl hianoieg the yield or Utls year has been tbe largest ?'::oe iHiH emit* r >r tbe a?u-l> mcout- f tbr coople have net been warning, and u.e trade f->r tbe coming rropa are so a inn tarn t tat they surpass thise nsraliy made In ordlra y y< ?i yha main rcid and tbcte o? tee amaller towns bay.. be> u repaired and are to tivriy repairing as far as t ur.sibte, for tun artx><u mod atlnn of tne inhabitant and the racUlty of onmmorolal tiops. kinallv, tbe repmllo le not retrograding, but xontlnulrg her rna ard march to pros; e liy, am prrservtug tbe peace an' order tbe happily etjoya; the will dwbtltai obtain a rerprcteo name amongst the na'trna and jroat results for Mr intellectual ygWgNM aud physical and mora, exist earn Hanplly, and tn compliment to tfco tranquility in which the country repoeer, barnocsy and Meo-l/ relations with foreign oountttcv sabast joaUnced. The repeal o It ac knowledged by l'ie maritime Powers and by those of the itf* id o-der of Rurnprsp "hates. The govern men* of the United States rocemly gave us proo a cf Up flnrndthlp, and ibe dettrvi by wuicn it Is ani mated for tho well being of Costa Riot. Our Cnarge d' Alla'rvs tn Washington, jealous rf ra local honor an I dignity, I* on his goara for removing any Inpresslou which might be made on tha; <"abinet by malevolent re peti o? our adversarlea, sod It le very ?al?t?c-o'y that till now there cxis's not the smallrst ubuodorslanding betwteu tte t wo countries, nor the least disagreement be twrrn tlMlr governments. From the dfantrh American republics of tbe South we bsve received urrqnlvooal proofs of fraternity. Oar Comm'arlotfrs who b?i been acol arllolPug a loan, ani rel Ivaitrg and sirrngtbeiilhg the ikii's of filenushlp, have betn recolved Id Peru and .Uilo with that eourtrr or" crmldcrailon wftch areruatomary amonsat cl?ilixed natlovs. We have llk'wlie re-elvrd importtm commanl raticna from P'sr.'l New Giaca>U, Bailvta, Venssuela, Kcuadrr son Paraguay. Mo fact has ocru' rod to alter the eonco-d, ai lanoe and gnod onurraUnduig pirvaUtcg atraaget the gcverumeuts of Central America Tb<- family t rs which frutn tbe re motest L'mce unite them to '.hr end of flgbtlag and drlvtcg awar fiom ibflr territory the common eotmy, betng rather strrngtb?n* d by roreu'munis. tie/ a-c, ugi ,ier wi'b tbat o' Co>ta Ri?, engagm* in too imoortaut work of eoasi'lldsttrg Spasl-b Am- rl' a" tndevecdsane, ard pee vrhlleg tte sad scenes of blooarhed they lstelv witnessed frem being rrptalen Is say of th<tr Btate?, w? stber thsy may be ecacrd by 'oreigo afvesturera tnteodlnf to usurp oer Batlcsality. or cau>ed by tbaljparty spirit which has it tlimsd so, many, disasters on nations every where and In alliUmes. I ? ess see A special cciDmlsvtener near tbe provisional govern mair el N'caragus was rcoeived la a f/i?adiy insaitr. but nufirfunsiely a, mo of ihc affairs ar'tb <? hlch he w?a oa treated did not errtrr at (W happy ormcluticn vh irA m> to he tt] <-ted/mm an alted and niffth ring rryuttoc, to scardi uArm Ciita /tied al*ayt entertained the hat and mott cardial ''latum, on aocncc* of the tnutiaJ In'-erea which nsitts >bcm, and In ran ^lar ou awniDt of the oommoo fefrrce to wblcn they are called Nevntneiess.tbe gov ersRcntdocs not give up tbe hn;i? thst when m that republic a cor am*:'seal cblof will be at tbe h^ad of iho aeuiiDiatrstlon maters will be ooostdered with tbat oat n rna wb cb Is bcoom'rg. and lb* Jorjco at ibo olalms of Opals Men regsrdlag rertsiu rlf hta wM h b* long le her, anc tbe ci'VfBface not only of Nloa agua but "f all Otw 'rat America, pop ludlee a pnbl c treaty u oa tbe basts wblcb Is beiog rtopoit'l as founded on tho;e rights, will be aranowladg, d The irlriilcra wi I fit'orm yon of Ibe pa-tleulars of the ?'??e of sflslra tn tor inter) *r an' *i? rad I salute you web -he trc?t onrdtal ani p?*ifo*iud reepers far yorr solcsoa aaseuob y, and addreas as bumble prai nrs to Heeven for tbe soncta of you- deliberations sad the grea'ucw and pros peril' or u>e ration. JUAN RaFaKL MORA. Baa Jess, BopS A, 1MT. Pollen Intelligence. A riTITH TALK or AN O.iPIIAN'N 'VKONOB. At an ca ll bear on Saturday morning, officer Bower, of th? Third ward police, perceived a y.nng woman of wild and agltaUii apptaracce an alng to and fro on Use pier at tba foot of Barclay atrei t. evi 'eetljr bout on <o og ?>me thing dee per ate She hastily dlree'ed heieeif of her hon net and ehawl, and appriaobing tee string pleoe waa about railing herself into the rlver when the offleor, who bad approached her uopercelt ed, grasped her around the wa'et and frnitra'ed the euiddo'e intention. Tte lolue man Immediately ooavejed the girl before low Ire Con noil?, at the Lower Police Oourt, where the told a moat f Iteout tale '< ?er wrocga laflloled while epjmwnl g la the great melrope'le She gave her nan# aa Brldgai Ha;a and aald ane an orphan; that ahe waa a native of Reg land and aooot eighteen jeara of age. She gava u aa et tea* for at ictf deaunotion the fact of bar having been oiihrnored by a man In wboee employ the bad i nlc hlty been errvtr para raoh. Tbe poor m onto re was neatly ?'raaee1, pvepoaaewuog la bar appramnoe, end bore all lha Imjm-ae of eolfering tonoceoee a .a waa aktremely agitata d, and wept no bitterly over her mitfortunw thai lb' o>?f leirate Uioeghl H prndeet 10 place bar in obarge of tin. t alar, tbe matron ot tbe m? pnaon l*r a few ho ire, natll aha would ba enflV; catty etnpoeed to rt la-e her etor r ao Lb at an all'davit cvold be made oil agalnat the man to wboa aba auntried all bar n fleriag* roe or r baa wan kindly treated by tbe matron of the prteua, an i aa datar day even'ng er e wae to far rnnovrmd from the at ale of grief aad oeeralr into waloa aba bad been piuaged aa to make the follow ,rg ate'emenl under ualb - Rrtoge* pa;a h?l#a dnlv (worn, earn? I am new ?t?rr'ng *i the 'It; Prtowi. am mmmtued there M a wltatea agalnat lie vld baeva, that rn or * Bout 1he ll'h ?ayofo^p if ww a w ' a^nrrr*. an , iuni> ?'" w ?***??? iv-w * ?/ w 'g (ew ber IRff, deponent vw hid w#d to gn ti th" ? -torn of the raid f. aeren. at Ae ranter of Itrrame an 1 Miwra' r-eeU b; a woman nkom iiair le unknown to deponent rn the (.rntencr tnat veponent would there ob'ato emu to? men* aa ee-k,ttiu i be aald Haeren did the., and there agree to emptor ibta ??u<i mat aa rant *r.d to ??? her *? tea a' lie rite of M a moots. that deponent nommenerd low rraaald H?*r?a tn tbe capacity - " "* T e?fd iter of a eoub on tbe Igia of Peptamber, and *n the tight of a*td A*; tbe eato llewn a?ked deponent if ehe would marr ? him. wh eh dep net I refrteed to da, that nald caetn en -*? w A to perruade deponent to drink erne Brandt. which deponent alao refined to do. he enr eciuenvi. prrvaJnd u?. n dei ouent t? ?r ah a gla>s tl w da ?-iter or whal he mreaemwd to be .tick a r?w mlanter after ,'rlattrg raid d-anrh fler ai?at bwa ?? rn r'apl'rd tkreeb* aa to tn?e a'l eontr l of hdratd'oat, ani feraare perfretlv Ineenelble: It at at an carlv hone aeit m rn toy deponrmt awoke aad found that aba had baaa removed to mother room and la'd upon t bed and 'ba aald Ha*/*n waa then In the room with deponen act waala the not of d retains "" - *?* 71 atmralf. baring no e othtng upon hta peraoa net Ma aatri an J drawers Ike aald Haeren then renewed Mr propw?iou to

naarrr det>onent aad admitted in deponent that h? h.? taken adrantage of deponent'a belplear condition. and and had ear nal knowtedae of dppmieat'a bed;, and dnponent further aara thai ween ane awakened In the m irnUg ahe dl?ra?erei tkat her person bad been "totaled aad thai her elrlhtng and the bed <l? a "ponwkleb ehe la; bcr? evidence of 'he rtoleooe paroe 'rated, aad deponent thereupon rbargia aad allegaa that the raid llarld Haeren did, bv frra aad rioter ?e. and without the maaent of deposit, Mmtouily ravlek aad have carnal kanwledgn of depon'tit'a hodf; an I - _ of deponmt'i bodfi an. drpoaeat further mvm Ukat ahe had prnvtoualy llrod < never h>fwe ban aeinal In fthaefe aad r?r none Me, ind kad trrranree whh aa; akan wha'erer; an! depeweat further rare tha ?hen ahe awaaened la the morelng end due rr?ml >h? 1 the ahe har be?a rartahed aba upbraided the aald dw?n the ftr aid the tald Haeren d?d thm eftae havlee n.op wed tn main dm.rural, admit lo her thai he. the aaid Haeaea. *i< warred and had a wife thm Urlet ?ald Haeera then pro K o depoaeat to 'lee wlih him ?ed keen a h ?n?e of pr *?? m ahleb oflbrebe rvjratod a-d told 'he mid Haeren thet ehe aontd not live after the dug-e,-? whieb ha ha-j put "PCS her. aa I that ehe won d nmnwli emoMa. la enrenanP' Of which determlna'Jon dep or en left the premiers Of eaM flaeten on the ? oralng of 'ha l?"h >?r lwt and pet. needed ?'he North river, at about the foot rf Re-nag torn**, e.'d aaa la'hi aet of d. atropine k> r life he leaping .nto the r'rvr when arret ted h* the offloer and'akxa hto euawvl;. further d' pan en! ml b not A warrant wae temed for tbe apprnhenetoo of He or en. and pieced la ibe hande af offlrar Rpioae for mmmitlen Tbe acnoecd wae eoon afteewarna arreeteu and inoaed up for rcaminat) ?* Tan Pbirii va John Mctama ?in Mr adveetieine raiuioa will he four ! a card from Idm Hdlnlyrd dwte|pg tbe ehntge of (Meull and battery made aga|nrt him a few daya ago by M'obnel Haniey MrTo.yre ttnte* fa' he wae In no alp Imp Healed le'he altioa npen Haaley, and me he did adatrike him a blow tirlre whole d etarf acre The ttaiement it porrcbora <v| by temn ;.?r* n who were praecni darter tbe row. Ki'LltiM VifiW OP TI1I5 PANIC. IUt. Dr. on Use PlnuicliU CrUII. TmKct. Dr. Bcllowa, of AU douks cburah, p.-tia tUe-1 yesterday mo-atng to appropria'o icrmoa in view of the panto at present prevailing In ootniueroial olrolee. His text ?h Um flret rstree of the fourteenth obailor of John Le? rot your hearts be troubled; ie believe in God believe kian in Me the re r err ad gentleman oommenoed with a broad dsfl nit on of a true tiiiriOlan bailor in G>d, wbion be aloqae it ly and elaborately damoowwalod to be u Implicit oonfl dene# in Ute wladom or ill things, however lownststont they might appear, the Christian, instead of Inquiring ?heiharuor that ealamttr oouid be resonated to tb? goodness of God, woald ask how tt ?wld be reamhitedf With an unwavering faith thai all ih agi would work to gather for grod, and that in every apparent aril was e^m > bidden benrflt, and that the Lord ohiatoneth ihnee whom be loveth, adversity would bo leas burdensome and its aweet usee thUy oomprehendad. Tnus many believed that the trials of others eero our prises auo hard to be borne, while in reeli y they had been foreseoo, and with the forUiude of preparation were endure.1 Trials ware aeoeesury to er joy meat in this life, and many oT those who otherwise would lira all In sun hinc, o anted Imaginary trials for themselves Hat a right kaowledge of the mm or adversity would enable any to bear up under all the little His la this world Not thst he wornd denominate the present calamity, overspreading the ooun try worse than a pestilence, a little evil. To see be frntts and labors of a life or toll nulling a?ar lu a month; a ooinmerciil i erne, funded and con red from a brea b or enaplolin, oorernd vita iliondll; to feel the appalling prospect of uncertain II veil ho d ana forseseu bom*; to tee others Involve! ?cur wtres, otlldren depending opoe 01; gtnerous friends ruined who have trusloJ our sagscUy; the means oi oharlty all lost, ail goae b? sud den ralamlly, uo.ld u i be ?p;ik?n of lightly ? calimltr m> tteriuua la Us sources, io liluie io Its t prration de ?bo o >?'d l>? Inten.ibie to this ita e of tblngi must be an loeberg of laseo slbillty. Throw wbi> bad so geat"-.k?ialy stepped fur ward, and as Cranm-.r thrust his n<nd oat aat eaul 'out it off," naii in. sit for b their rortsaes and sa'?> "out It u(T,' were noble indeed But there wrre lessons to be learned by tbls disaster. It should tsar, t bretb r?n the soloatnliy of their o-onpa ton. It was t? nil them thst Gou'e provir.enoe wai not to be soul oulftoo the ouonltng rooms more than from toe slot rooms. It was prea*nic| fr?m tne great test, " Ttte tblogs U at are s?eu are temporal, but Uta things thtt c nunc o *iee>" It w a- bid' log them l**-u from divatrmt. decsy of mutual cot Q Udi* what a t&lgbiy part fal b play, lb tb* grtal soscorct of Pmvtienoe. It w*s askhg luem abethei In their sollaituite tube rloitovam moj to*y had not forgotten to be rich to ward God; ?hd'b'rg>o principles tad not watU-d staniU'.y, mat nau sl-tuu prooord from trcral principle* that nav- b en worked loft to.m as s raw itto Ute tlsv of brlaaa. Tory m<gnt hare breti ttnucem In the e thing.. <nd yet mera mtg.n lave been guilt in tbem aruing from a want of n?bt tiitentce in ths'.r own hearts Let them a It them ?eivts if there be anj just >et ibatiia in ibis oaiwniiyf? whether prnsperltr may to< nave wanted tne elo-neul of d? pt sdrnoe on God, and a rquanng lay by day nf tbj line of their protreditgs wlih toe Hue of the moral in *? wfetber I'-ey bad not weight d temporal nroi erlty w greater ton pared with toe prot.mrttj of thdr soaU, ?no win her In Ihlestste of tntng. tnero was nwbtng of ?nl vi rial law. I*r tbem no forget tbaioala al y l? in ;he rrglnr order of P.uvtdenoe?that It is vwospe. Uy eud tho ? miles of taeie many years bat makes iud ien osls ntiy bitter. Calamity was tatnal?It was man's ntiire to suffer. Neccts'tr, aa.Mtloo, straggles, grl-f?whn. were me e sern n lal to tbrlr natures?wnat m ore icborrni In mens' nature.? Instead of using awiy from their well being, they adued to it. It wet wrorg tj oonfo.nd pi at are with asuplnest Hontcossary was blueroess that tb we who had It la az other way wool'! Imsgtir it for tnomsvlvae, and thus aeave In their spirit trials the d.msnda or their very at lurea thers was strength In ?uff*rtrg Tear* w* o madt P? baptise, and not to arowa u* The oeiar, the palm laurel were ticei of sio* growth and S* aspeot, yet these were the treee .hat .haded the aeoret i laowa throogs nut th* pair nf et.iracHy Trail ? ere too m *t eialtol ?ympathy. Somewhere we e.astkntw st'oyglrs an J b tta ?errow. 7be*e are, Indeed, thuse white units'urbed rouis know no shad >w; he iwihape deemed th.msnivt tort'jDate; bu. aa jotua tau ot, "ton, romesber that in thy life tboi rece.\edat thy g od things and l.tztrua h.s e tl ibtrps mw ha Is oomfo. at -md mo" art ur nen.ed" ? to itculd it hi them There sea eo eduction (t the aoat, ro dorrlopemsnt of Ute bumsn spirit, bat throagb Ultl, uistdjlina, aeatil eirug gle and argotsh. Bcncttoies Uey mu.t savw these things scmewtere tber mn?t tare these rxperieniee b.t * hen h.d wae rt/eogthenlDg tbei* great iDstrameotr, tho scul, to join in ibe oho us av.ut the th en*, itoy sb t butrdonly wa.liag and fit on. y the reals a son of the itr'Bgs as he tui.i d them for tbe onnourt, ooald hare no part la that eihlmttoo which would be otters' happlarrs, cud and sir, bat lie ilka uasirueg vials no ?B? she f, ootgralDiailDf themaelres on the fresUaeea i.f tb'ir painh sn l ih* tiaoktn ng of their str'pg', i.,t no Ihe prosperity of su-b bo or. vied, or the laio.-i .jtuess and tlitapp. Intm< ms of it e oe rtgmtuMt. Tn* wak'ac uo of tte Stit.1 was like the stir of a ? .1 tan ? and Ui-ir bta'ts ?Oio ip.ll ai'iudrr by tb* W'xfge of rorrow, driven by ?b* beetle of fate, l-et them wiiose It.ns were foil of f luf and iror.bie and tear s, be n<it tronblud, for God was unt aaxlooa'itr tbtin. Tner weieatbts bestsuaovl. and l.o sns solicit is only for those who Idled out tbilr lives In tear lass tndoh. o* *o*i *ase Tbr> rrvt rrod rrai'emsn olo?cd w'th an elcqirnt etbor tatl mo bis bsa-ers la whatever trialsaou t-t ?ulatl'Ms, ti bear sr?fl in mtnd the fell mranlng of Me wst. "Letnit your hcartn be troubledjye heLevo In God, believe also la Kev. Or t'heeeer on th* tirtela Ood'b hand in tub BBirir?goi and tub finan cial p am J. I AM arenlng la th* Cbarob of the lYrll-n'a, L'oi is tq-eie, the R*r. I>r Cbt*/er rrachtd, byrapuat, ? ttrBicn Baring for It* euhject " tod'a band la lha iblp wreck tad the financial carlo." f hero waa a eery la g# ettendanoo prereot, hi t itlU the-e w?a nut snh a praaa ira for raaia aa tbera waa whoa the a* no eloraernan U.i apiing dtUeewd bta philippic* HilHt the Supremo (Jnurt fo ? I'a desutoa in iba Deed do w oaao Or. Cbcerar eeieoiad bta text from Ui? 8tU> chanter of lob, rati and xxx Wr*!! bo glrrth qrletn***, who than ran tnakr uoohto' and whrs bo Blddrth lit* faro win thee ?%a hrhoid *tm'< who larr U bo d no e*a'n*i a ra'I'r or axalnal a man only. Thai Iba hxpmiitn reign not loai iba p< i.pie bo ouaoarod. ;bo (aba trctb, ba aa'd, wh oh applied to iniMdoaLi ap Mled ako to aa jona, and on lb- other baad thai whlob eoplted to Iba nation apo tad air to <ba lodMdnal rbo anuria ooald not ala agaiaat Got wU-onl thactllnen txlag trpcnaible If all men tftiao #r<* waro tki lifai ta God, ao g> ?eramrat ooild dare . iaa> U tod, an ] if it didtbe m jpl ? ibrir.aslToa wrtiM ex*- tejadgmrat com lir f( u-t B' at Hat whrn U?o e tlx ni ara weak aalaood the pec, mm* til might Hi en pn?e a law Lai>ilUog to G d, aan itejeoi la wru?i so lerpona bie for It If tb? people bad beor faltbfel to irOd tber wonit beee make the ft vara inert aieofbtthfoi to b:m Tho j e?pie wboforcnkaGxd al ?n tbrmreltaa up to tho opt rrwtor bona! band a ad root (tod had a*wa>( wlao inaana for b'a atttoo and foe ?ba dlrclntaa which ba aierdaea orar nauioa aao individual* Hla dli.ifliao <r?* Ute Irea'meat o rtt?eaa?*. and waa *%? i.v, and adartad according . we ao'ica or the tadlr dual to be iraalet. Al! oalemlilee, attfian] aa will aa ladirldaal, wonM, if Hod't aa-'fta wore baowa, bo found to ba presidential Th'* ration waa now la aa nrt??t of God'# ''Uctpilne audi aa n at tone eaHnm rrpaMge'e they had a moat im omalra retn'tth a-,o* of tea manner la whloa '* ? | xla|lad merry w ih ehaaionir^ la toe mode la wblob ao n any wore rooea'd from thr Ooatral Amerloa by tho previa* aiiai ?pp#nm*?e of a bird oa board Li* Norwe gian traaei that earrd to-m If wia ware aorltani, wh? waa or oonld be n?-?*elnl twodreooiT A ataxia? onoar retro waa menthnod by Hon ooldi. wherein a flight of iwal<owa canoad a Spaa lab expedUun to A?e rtcn to change tie c one, to otter aonthward, n ii a 'oaro North A mat Ira for combination br I'm tr atari I Fny'iahmoa Woo a A thle aloo ProFldrarw Thorr fcarto* boea tl ,bOO,COO of gold m bo?rd tho wreck or av amor, that ahtpwnnk had Ma iflVot oe lha ooaimar clai eiiatr. aad ?ti be lakim aa ao loxtaooa of (tot ? p-o ridtrrc ta prodratf Wla oriel* (fan It to ba aanpnaed that ibe earro ial?ea which carried lingdoma to rain throa Ibotraad yeara ago?wbicl ted m the deavaoUoa of Tjrt aad ibfoa. and the other CWea of the Plaioa, aad of the rli'e* of I ra*l?logo aapnttabedla lhaae Obnetl n dafxl No nod dow, aa lh?a, aaalthae a nation for all Ita ln>q 1 tlee. thik pun.ibnivDt, tadend, waa but a mode of die MpMor. hid for that reaioa It wat ???xne'imr* tarrtMr ae rfa. Tba record* of God'* J idgaaomo upoa We BtUnM war# thtr ng for ihoneaoe o' year* pa?t. end would boxhlalag thouiaado of ytere tooome a (root thlpwrerk la elalbly a work of Ooa'x h?nd. a gnat via menial panic may aw appear *o rieibiy to ba a a work bat eerenhrlea* It la one of hla modae *f aiedollne Got b* It Una looa* home of bla mrtoeioix, would a hoe thr *h(>i? biimao race running 'atn raaduaaw Tbera are a me ntargra la pnbile optaion wtuch mec cannot andontaa >. Vea in win * cimmanlttaa ara aometblag I ke a crowd la a theatre whao Wer* la a ory of fire. Tao paaie of tadl eidial aelfdeftaoa prirea ibo gaoar-l rain Bnih" u.n remarked, "What ta Ware to perron a nlrle poo;la from falHag lato loaacy ao errII at ae ipiileMqal, atoo.4 God prutoct Ibem ffra l?" rbe noty p-taiblilty of I* man la oonfl 'oio* ta Oral I there ha not tbtt ooafl I once toea a mta'a boa* lo bnll? on * roicano W<ui canaoi trnrt oea anc hor oa lew tbry <-nat 'n God They had nothing to ainec> hot foMottam from ihatr own go-oramenl ehco Whad no eonfldnioa in God. Sir eaar fo w make teen the prey of ona andho?t ftr. cveeee rend drnuariet'caa from the propb' ta, oeiw meaUag on aad npplriat them to ihia aatirn *u 1 arrnra mrnt Ila dwelt peruonlarly on tb* aeo'enf*. 'Yuhaee charged Judgment lit,, worm rod.-' *He ling tr lha llrod **"n ' *?**** * Tbera wea no real oorcago, ha aald, ta man laWm to bare cnat In God ? con*-'o?oo doth aiako coea'da of ua *11 " ^"b* wn aeedod oc? waa far tb? n?ti-m to lb ?w i wif norii God, aokaawtedgo it* dapeadence to blot aui t*er? ??at Gait m*t Boih the Inglla* ao<< ? nier'oae twtlnpt Bad t*rr bly iniwoewl lie' ? t at 0' ned bla ambertto?aetfng n > 'b? law if "*rwrdinr-y? ?ed *oip rin?t mor ?abi? rec- ire tentrocc aad ret ri cut low The expertraoo tow being -an oy Groat Ur aa waa f?H of Icmou* on lht? point nil) might >1 hive boon avoided If Hhgiaad had am ornellp betrayed ha- ? e?nrd.hlo m ? Deltas Kngtaad vii but sow finding out Ui? troth of that proverb, "whatsoever inuton li that thall no a lev r?ip " Mr Bay, a mlavlo- a*y who bat oniint from the Burner* la fodia, had vatd la hi* report that the Ksgtlah p?Mo* should have declared 'kail to India a Th-lettm na tu n Bat hu'ead of mat the rradiog of the Bible *u moblhtird la the governaieat ethooja. while the Koran and Shatter waa urrmlited to be read. Nee-It all the g-vernm'nt protestors and teaobera of tcfcot'lv he alto laid we eatholntt. Whenever a government f r a Dillon sxolcass the word of Mod from ita vohoola bub ml|ht be ear# that retribution i* not fbr off H wai bp raretesvneao aad aspHgeeoe that wee bad let the oooetMu U< n i f thrir ooffblry he eaten up by Irrevpownblngrnbe of aihtlale. M?b never lore their religion or thetr Uberttve at a blow, hut Jmt late them In these time* ae-msr loan formerly. OMtflcillon of tho Heart may be aa acdieo aad Impurcepib'e In n nation aa ta a man, and when moving abont to apparent ly good health the nation 10 afficiet map aaddenir drop tloen deal Men tn ,b'* er1?1a were Haeeblpwreefesd m?n att'a tr>tng to tea >he life metervera from etch crber. When a nation >?r?re lie alTaim it pa<s into the h?nr? of atoi k jobbers t a<t gamblcrt, nothing can pi event H* ifwetrumloo Mod bad tever pat into anv nittna's framework- better machine v than he put into thta na '.oa, hut when the ftros *or trayer, and trnlb, and bnnoity go out, tic tnanblierp cease* to work, and ttarro la no h>pn loft. Ta air only hope now wa> in p-ayer, Woalta eonld not aa-ell.rm, expert noe noula n> t viva them; the nonad ti.tlen oonld n t rave toem, especially when misinterpret ed and tortured. No blng one Id aave term lot God. Mod antra bp ata word, and bp obedience to btv word rot hp addirg bis word to the ah tvei of a * I'do aootetv hu by ohecteooe to bit word that ia what Mod dreIroa toaee: ana bo will tee It or thta pee; to will go lodes traction. THE CENTRAL AMERICA. The Lent Paamngcrf, Spuclo tand Mall*. SOME or TBI OALtVOtlNIA PAHHINSRtO. One of our reporter! obtained from tho passengers by the Piar of the We. t the follow I g namrsof passengers aald to have led Galifornla In the Bunora and were proba blf on board 'he Ontral Ame-'ea ? Mreen Andernn, Pennl Ko. Van NooktB, Oal'fbvula. Jnilcua dtadtoa. Wli lam H >r ml, Oallftrnla John Hunter. Niobela* U. d*rtia, Oregon A. Donntnberg,San Pra-.o'o Mr. P Sdwarda. vJaRfbrnia R Prince. Mr* E Iwa-da, Oal I rata Berjtmln CMt, Mlieourl. William Eaton, U?l Mrnl-v John Hoi*. Mtetourl Juiue* Raglan California. H*i.r.>n Horn, Missouri. Mr AUlon, Meorgi*. lee Panics. James 0. (Parke, "?an. Mr hades. Warren H-nt?n. Ohio. HI-am RHunhOeld. I tdlauA. J neon Hart, Ohio. r E HaaWy, California. Mr Davidson, Maryland Mr. McWet I,Calif irnla. I/yin-'d Youns,California 'taorge Keltb, California. Toomas Oloonson, Indiana. Or. MMMM, Gallon la- W.J Morion, Oa'i'u'nla Franot* Fa-tgo. N. tiranad*. J?mea 0 Cloud, Writmore Geo Pteer. ?an F aooiaoo. land county, Peon HavuM Giban, Owl ferula. Warren Heatsn. rahinrcta. Gh .rlea Mallory, California. Joseph Hart, Jallfornla. We are Indebted to M 0 Roberta, 8?q , President ef the t'ulted Htatee Mall Steamth p Company, for the following correct Hat of the passengers from the Isthmus, who wero ea beard the 111 fated itesmib'p Central A merlon. We also leara from the tame aoaroe that ibe Itat of passengara from ^an Franel oo wan on board lbs Central America, and that no dnplt.-a'e either of the passenger or treasure Itat came forward bp the Star of tho Weal, and none can now be expeeted until the arrival of the steamer connect Ing with the! of October 90 from inn Fraaolsc >, which wtll he dne here abont ths 13th or 14U> of November List of passengers an the lost steamer Ontral America from the lathmoaoaly : ? nam class. T. A Thome, Adoipbo Ollaper, aad broth Mr, Fleeurda, or (a lad of 11 pears ) Mr "egulo, A Riohou, V M Ttiato, ubarks leyl-v, mate. In the h. Aynio P. cite Mail steamship F M B Health, Company's emplop, Wei. Ortffua. O *o'krlhy, engineer, do., Ap .W.e Dyer, J. Bellaamr. ascosn ta.AM ?* W Wauon and son, Frank Carpenter, (i>la Bar low, Wm. Heosmel, J me* o Ntil, Wm Plaaa, <*r Oiler*. A Ainoux, C W Urlffllb, T. I Morns, ? m Oab >vee, F MrtStb. ibumss Maloaep, The fcUoelegls the treasure list of the Honors, which Irft San FraaeisM on the 90lb of August, aad was loot la i no Central America ? Wells, Fargo k Oo |W,M0 00 H. Darldioa ?JM.'Hio 00 battrr k flbo'ch 301 000 OO I ..lent A Wilde. .. 134,000 00 tl op k Oo . 117,die 04 J Psirfok k Oo 104 000 oo Irelr H iavie 7d 441 7d *bel Gup ok too oo K Krllsy A Co S',600 00 .?( Lutfep, levy A Mo 4 087 70 Freeman k Co I't'O 00 ft O Mllit At Co 84 000 (0 II ? Ret# A 'Jo 3) 419 24 w f. 1? lemae k Co 3V bed Co fa-'tiltCs 26.U4 10 lln,be, Bs;erq'ie A Oo 91.000 CO M?t k STunmefm K Co 14.000 00 Ktius'al, Aeg?. A 00 II 000 00 Tresd.rll k Jo 10,M7 M Or*by A D'Oblee 10 ooo CO uai Met boose A Co in.uOQ 00 J ,b-ijl?r k Co ? ?.!> 00 C. t Meaner iimiooc J B Thomas 6,190 oo wen 9<>?as A Oo 6 00* oo Z Frnncln A Bro 4 000 00 J. (i .er u A do....,..,..,,... 4,f 00 1*1 Rui'e k Co ,'l 400 00 A K 4a. all io A Co ;i :**? no E laha ........... 9 170 00 I A * Kuesnraid 3 soo i,0 Other ib)pp?ra 66 ti'i ts total $1 106 *07 13 (From Ibe 41:* G?"foml? j On Tba-tdnr, tbr -Oil) Aoguit. ihe mail ttaamer H-mere, Uinix'ti Whltitijr.iaHed for Ptatni wtm armailuara bar of r**?refera, naxmr ?io?i were Mrnnl ?f on- pro min-m irii*?ae n* MMnMr owrtM ewey m hundred ead two moil i ?r?, ormtalateg, oeeiiire o<???pepe/e, jalrtf. right l<iCO?aad l*tiere Treaaur*, |1,108,49? 18 (Fn ir. )h* A?o Fruc'to? M -mitu 0*11, A?gaat 21 J Th- p.nil neater Honor* MIm yeitardai m-nalnr'f et Bio* o'rkvk {be hour app^oled. ghonur'eU ?we. 4*0 { *??roge*? eo < 11,605 107 13 titroaeur* Ton n ir br r of p*??? n fi'ra la *01*11*' ib?n uaael, o <rlo( la p?r* U> U.r p-?*r nt b'gb r%ur of ;??'*{#. ?n I (a part to tie r?it of there bring grroreilj l?nt'*??i *i JUa ?o**oi of Ui? year than toy other | [rVo? Uta *an Franc aoo Alu, Aogoet 21 ] The mal' r1??tL> S *or* Irf. bo- berth pro upti' at 2?o mltuler i art t'a* ?> clock, ar. I ahortly Iboroalir proceeded to *o* Mb* carried <o*a ftr r huudrel and for-y four paaeenpr-?. aw' It 19! 497 18 in tieaeo'e rat* ta * pr? tify ir.g r*i.iat *17 from Ibe but* tni mooibly eh pmiat mod will doobl t?a art Wall tire d ?al Iho .Saw Yohk H*n?u> ta afermm.t, * for frar tietainea ara giving out " On boniVed *t i two ma I bay*, mntaialag bea'dee D???pe p*ra, thlr y e<gat Womand iet>?r?, wtra arot fr-?e 1 o ib??t*DiM t. ron'Mari'M, Tble la we tmapeat nan Jeapakbed fir aoata Uan pa*t [!>??*! 'b? Aaitaweil "barter, Re* 4 ] The P c iflr aa'l H *??? *bl ? i ornnani'a *t*emer *mira arrived at I'*' *m* >ui Wedarnda* at?n la*t, vtib 416 rae ?rrgra, 104 begi vail for New York and New Orieane, ant oa tar K ngetoa, 11 packet*- of freight, bad 81,119, 119 *8 traaaara The 1'Dital oiatra n?ll eteemer "eti'v Amonja left for New Yort, vie Havana, veelrrdtp, at 4)g P ? , wHh 4U paarrager* aad $1,110,18') 41 lh ipeelo Among her pa* **Be*r* wet* Mr. S d* la Onra of tba tola firm of Oova * Co . la Caaaoia, on bta war to Ravaaa. aad Dr Robert K. Moore, tanrger a ta Cb of to the I'aaant Railroad Uo?naay, who iroeewde ?? a riatt to bla bone, rla Vawd'iaaaa l*r M MM baa M'n *ng*g*d for tbn peat three year, 'a the terrtea of tba Paaama Kailrral Omapeay aa phi roiao aid 'argaoa, aad ha* the aala'errnpthil e*l*a a ? ? ? ' aaaa ?? %? hat known bi*a, rtthe* ta h'a prlteie or pwwI'Ml onpacttp Hllitnmal*nrf| City Niw*, am d Henna**.? Uta on (tuned ay algbt, aa tba proprie tor of th* g?o my atore noraor of Reeoad and South Th r>l etreeta waa makiag ap bta naah aooooal, a ataa aad wo maa ootarad, aad white the iran waa gaMsg a drlak Uta wovaa ptekad ap a rail of btlta ammtotiog to 1100 Tba .a*n waa not 'Woorrrrd aaUl the partie* had left aad made gord thatr aooape Aauor of a lloaaa Tbiar ? Tootri day norolog evml 4 o'elrtk Offloor Qrtfllth arrottad a aun at Paok ?Hp tarry oa ?ntpi.loa of hartag ta hla powraaloa a Ho lea boraa, wa gna and barnraa Uta pr'eorrr waa beaded orar to aaath at olBcrr, while Qfflorr Hrtfltth waat la puronit o4 two oth ?r (oapartad perttae The prtaoaar waa ooerayad to the f.iartrroih want atatloa vie**, aad waa let gt, a* no rharfa waa prrfarrad agatnit hi n The ornperty waa m tataeo, and yaatrrday foreaoo# )t*o*ga I'hl *?, oomer of Fiaah'np a?o?oa aad IMmoaloe p'aoa, appeared aad denned 'ha w?gaa. Rt a I'm* a Rivima Ba* ?There haa hem a ma a poo the WthtenMharg Ravtag* Beak, loeated ta|fhurtb atreat, Mnca Tli nvta# l*?t Some 844),004 hare been withdre ra, but many of the depoaltora hare agata returned thatr mo nry to the baak. Anmurit f?"b?*ttoee ?The denooorany of the Reraoth A'armbly dtitrtat, ootapriitag the RareaUt, rtfleralk, -tit Iranib aad Nita4a*at?? ward*, hare put la aoausaiioa for i?**mbly R.iporrltar Blaaeber. Br?or utrt ? The dwellteg of Mr Wiahaot, IT? Rmth Piood Mroal, waa aa frail ra-ly oa e??*"iay tirowg to' rob'ai of a gold w*fd?, tK) la tnnwy, aad a q mniity of mti aid ailre- ware :hi hiwre of IA* H't, 118 Sbmth fo-irth atrial, wa* an i rbtbtd of a acta walob bad xnaa nioaay ARRIVAL OF THE STAR Of THE WESf. Two Weeks Later froai California* ifttlYAL OP $1,168,7:14 UV fRUSltt Success of thw Democratic State Ticket. Conflarrfuion in fTofunbia l'iv" Killed w.U' m Property Destroyed. The California Mate Debt te be Paid* Release ol flu uearagna gteamers* ANOTHER EARTHQUAKE. Interfiling Wens from Salt Lake, Carton Valley, San Diego, Oregon and Washington Territories* Marriages, Births and Deaths. MARKETS AND FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE, Ac., Ac., to. The Catted Stale* mal) ateavah p or the Waal, Al fred O Gray, Hbq., commanding, arrived at thia po tab flyo o'clock j ealorday mo nlrg Hhe loft lm in#*!1, Sep tember 24, nutng bean delaine 1 ua II that Unto awaiting ibo arrival of the main and treaenrw per iMame* Cali fornia, from Ran Fr*nct?oo 9epu?n?ber 6. Tho Star of the We?t tonsil*! cir davaaa oo the evening or the 28.h Arrived at Vey Want on ibr mq-niog of ibo 20th, too* In coal, and left fur Near York the .??no d*y, at 10 k M Amorg (be raaieng* ? per Star of the West are if m. W M. H'ltl, U)?aa?,r F-iote ant Gin. C I. Scott, of Cali fornia; alao Lol. V. A. rtia kwcUliO', la.u Called Pletea Minuter to Chile. Ob tho paeiago out from. Nee York, s*pieu ?><* Peter Philip*, loooed rnok, died, and wat burted at lea 8 ptember 25, Hoary Iluinon, rf conennpllon. J?ptene ber 20. Jobs K., of CRagm favor. tho Li llet Stetea (learner Wabaab, Own Paulding, and H R U aorew ateiuier Bruoawick, wore lying at A?ptn w.Il H R M ihlp Tartar wee aleo aaen going la, and the Celled Hfate* ihipa John Adam* and Jeoatur. aJao H. B U. ahlp Magiolena*, ware Id port at Puene. We are Indebted to the Paolflo Sxpraea Co* pany rf Well*, far go & Co., and to the San Franmao new* drpot at J. W Soiiivan, for fllcn of Oailfortila paper*. The following la the TKKAsr hi Liar or nta star or rwa wmt. Amcr K? Uank... .$16,000 liiw.t & Croweli.. 1,840 DO 2C.UOO i>0 8,000 Do 20.0C0 N*wboo*e,8petaA0o tl,60O Do 16,000 W Appfafan A V?.. . ? 610 If 40.000 W T Coleman k Jo. 30,500 How laud & Atpla wall 6) ?H.I >,hu E Ijtdge IS 224 Do 1 ?(Mt Kogeno Kel y k 0 ?,. 46 t o D* 1(1467 Oonrov * ofemanr.. 11,725 P.oht Hal.'ell ft Co... 126,100 Tboa J llend tiOj. :t <*io J?met Patrick.. .. 107 000 Rom, Faiouner * Co. 24,3211 Weile, Fargo k Co.. In e 0 1 D> 61 000 Mo mi'e k Bra. 8.*00 Freemen Ar Of 41.8JO Oo 18 28$ R MredetAO Ademe. 8 400 Qoldftvie Pried lend Jaa Hosier k Co... 18 086 er k Oo. lb,Xl r. Vlot or k Anbelli. 9 600 T. M Orexel k 'Jo .. 26,000 Tteaduell&Co 10(00 lmnnea,Sh4rma AJ? ' K A J. HoMufeld,... 4 >40 Dr ier 80,881 L Kmatoln k Bra.... 2,500 . total $ '268,734 The Man Frenetic* fthijfing Lvt o'Uie tth (apt aa/e ? Tkt wryly >?/ monry ir.kiny ter-vlmrnt conttnwl in ,?*u of lAe doannd. 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Panama, ca. d8,|jy do. Chira, jer aal'trg Teaaei* \)0 024 oo S?ed#iah Iiluifia, par do....,., 37,4(3 Or. Auiiralin, per do 7/00 Total la $4 004,161 Sbipmru a prvalouily ihnynar. 27,S67,76A TnuI flrat 8 na< nlhn of 1667 $??> ,868,91$ rhelu)|?rui T aneoie norto/ Ihe flrat eight m?ntun of thi* )ear, i6i'/y ftInrr Jram. tf.rtcu, were 82,313.111. IKo bi lk vf iku amount vtou whipped to China, Or hi ibove amnnot of ahlpmefiia il,$36,417 war I'M I is fbc Central Amenee. Tte A Ui UaliJ-rmtm of the 6 '.b o It teya ?The-tot? otoitiuo wit be*d no the 24 lad Cp to lb? h.> ,r of going m >reee wo bete few rrtnroe, u4 three meagre tad utMU 'Mnn, Eooagh la kaawa. however, to aaronaM with certain tr the election of ei Mttaer Weller M Wcreraor, The (m heu catdVe ? far the ten? offloe, reaa 'ar ahead, to fbr m b?erj from, of Mr. Hulk /, the repobllien aoe.iaee. Tbe veie Uimngboct Ibt their, Judging from lb? kg iron el reed 7 rooelred, ee well aa from the tea PraaMo-re tarst hw> bees very light. 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Mr Edward Qrraly, rtrmerfy of Mew Tort, glad oa the '.Vi or Augntt, tl uaktead, afar ea llbteee of tor or el days. Mr Un.iy wee ?aa of tb? ptoaaava of flea Preaetece, bav teg i'i> m that cUj Trent Mew York at an early parte 1, to romriay mtb kia brother la law, Meter* 1 Keltow, Iba., to marly CT?y Martha!. Mlit. D-.rai, aa eotrete of tome celebrity, had arrived aA Hta fiaecitao tram A antra 11 a. Hemnvl Inrtrg, ea old ead moah rtepeeled rtP ee, ead tat? of the Irni af Pink * taring, fled Ut (Ian Praadeoo. Tb? (logon OoaatUnUnoal move niton met at fttiem on 1 be llth of A agent Mr. lieady wea ohaaaa Ooatdaet Thalaciaaa hid been ao*iaitiieg deyredeuoae la Gmp qua Valley. Oil J W. Phey, oeltaalov at Port Tewaarod, Wteb ag toa TarHlory, bed be#a atnrdvrve by Indiana. The fbrnitp aaoapod Fighievn of the aavagee were labeereeetb aap teied, ead were lo be bang lh? 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