Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 5, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 5, 1857 Page 2
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ty 1b H li rami that Imm *mjm* ?Hwo to ona la 1evor at paying the Stale debt " Maoaa to on of Mb PNIMtl|tkiiltlU*l (MMlM IB It* Kill, Bad 11 n? lfWM that ramr ?ha4 the greatest eppo-ltioe *m expecie.1 Tt< course ..ursned la s>?< bib to ?? lncloailen ol the po ?uiob wbtoh mi toe ou>?r agrmnttprei eounttee have t?h*r> oi U ll tu?*U"c. M'? "I at wi. rally certain mi it it fumtou to be. that t/u prvpU Hive by a large majority. tried <? mtg Mto, M<< >I>m rr|M>titotloa .ill boI dim the OKxtchcaa of this yc=ug and ? eat hy Stato 0 ir readers 1b itc A lardc states any net isdsftoc oa till polul. luo Hit Bitsmtr will convey la tbaa the cuuil.-malion of trial we beve hot* *Md. Vbe VeU v( Ualllornto From Ute ttoa FiMiOieOo lie?a <1. Sept 6 *t I' ve brlow ute ntare* of toe olrnion ivdrtd up io toe boor of gout to pi cm thw morni g oo f t ?wt/ fr three oooiitlee have tbtu ftr !?<t*a ue?r<l from, and tne re turns f'onj moet of Idem art tr-ompleve.en-i n- no of ibetn C holai ?u? the exception ti one Tbtve are ftrtf-faar coLLtt* in tli> Stole. The whole veto oeit et lb* led i*re tijerual tlccWon was il'MOj 'n< re li icaTe'y any doubt toe Oat thai Hr Welle? will twve a buamw me ?oi tiy over both hie oompetl-or < The only point not made ally clear by the >c turns wM*hb?ve oome rtheud, s wmitoer Ms or Bo ?to, the Atnvuian candle-ate bun ot.ved a larg <r vote Iben Mr t anly, the blare repxbltusn oaoatoaie We ttlli adhere te ute opiu m met the former wMt hiia tlw larger vole for the roa.on that b i returns have as yet brcn received from the n.rthsra counties, where Mr (Manly wul get very few voire, and from the lout hern counties, where n oe win bn naat fo- him ? Welier, l>em. Montr, A A Stanly Ky Amador 7X8 4.7 183 Suite 703 S11 <>62 Calaveras P6T 2*4 H3 Cents* Ooata yoompleie)., 432 73 233 Ei Dorad (40 preoiac s). .2,X0v 1,180 f<?>0 Mai in (official) 447 '4 186 Monterey 187 2 24 Napa 682 12 111! Nevada 1809 854 fl'.S rlaoer (24 pre Ancle) 1,842 1,342 642 Sacramento .'2 500 2,100 1 620 an VtaMtooo (oomplete) 4,430 360 6.657 Man Joaquin 1,817 btf 314 San Mateo 184 ? 123 Santo Clara (oomplete) ...1,S?8 87 391 Santa Crux 216 ? 189 Sierra 917 776 136 ScdtoO 869 100 2.1 SoBoaoa .2.000 340 *j0 Suitor 5a6 53 131 Tehama 211 142 32 Yolo 196 170 67 Ycba 766 31, 267 Total tone far 26,608 9,618 13.738 Vila Mcaiagaa Rout*? title axe of Mtamcra? ta It true 1 We learn with pleature. aeya fx Pan Francleoo Ai'a of ths Rib Angnst, taai the agesie of toe Ntcaragus otetra ship Company in tola cuy expeot to reoeive isrt'ucll >ns i y the mxli which will be aue on to ur lay to get their swui en to i-radtneae, ao that ocu may be scat torn at leas, m ear;y ae the aoth of aepiemtn r. Tali will be good ne.vs to many wbo have beea uemrred frua visiting .Be iaelcu chaus by the high rntee of pawage charged uy the i'ao.Cc Mall Co cpany. Oompedtton will of cotrae bring down toe pr-MS An Important order 1 aa boen entered la the caae of the MIAaeklpaOmdaa,Padfle and C"<ole Sam, and Wm K. (?arrkoo, appdlanw, v?. Oorneltux Vaaaeroili reapooaent to the I nlled Sialea CI-cell Court For the virtual aurpoee orfreeugthe Mc* agua atoamah'.pa from encambranie, tee fobowtug stipulation waa made. ? The clalm?Dta in'hie catae. th* * ociieaor.i Trastlt Ccrrpt n . narUig slrei aolloe of a in. don to bo a lh? t.U i?. .i as s. ?. r In toe IMe of Uut ante and the a ? ap pei ami ard tae responnrnt bavinc eon cni-ri and agreed toe; u>e raid neeela be Dundee wltbuui a ormal a,>p ic?ijon 'O .be W 'lrf. ti ia hereby ttiuulaied ncd agre-d Ivaid between the ? atu reatective partiea t? tb? value- of the said ateatnthli<i tor ite ^utpoae afor??a.d, b? and Le aame la be>eb> died at u t amm of 3'6(J QUI. rrfcleh com ch ill oe deemed and taken to be ibe wb'.e aggrega e valu- lh-r of ah. thai upon CUag all aiipnuton a order be ma.-.e b? tte .Judge thereof, at where end without boum that toe >*:d ate.mablie and cha etch of 'hem be discharged fiom euaiody upon aald c.a mania r with tne elrrk of this eourl a ajpulalt^n ur bond la the uanal form in tha aald aom ef tin, with the approval of tea proctors fur IS- res pec ive parte* thereos enooraed. D*t d ban Franoitro Aarosil;, 1067. ulOtklll A fA-il for Appellan a D LaKl for tTIalatnt. JAMBa T. BuVO, for Bsepofideol. Oa and ha stlpuiatioa and agreement of the prne?o>? for th? reepeeuve partlra. and on motion of ir. Lake. *t<! . proctor rcr the eladrntau it la ordered thai iSe nntm abivt ? <x-wa l'acitia and I trie nam, named aa aopeUaau m the lllie Of tblseanie, ha imtre.i a*ely dall .-ered to tbe claim aula to tbla eauie tha *eeeaaor> transit i.mrany u,o? their with the clerk of this eo r? a aupnlatlou or bood In the rattal form tn tbe ana of IitO thO. wttb the approval >f the proctore for the reapeetive paiuea aa to th* form and aiUtdten ey toereon eadoned. HaLL Mi aLLI-TKK. Judge e c a bond to toe (< ? of 8i60.0tA) wat ttlea with Cha:l<e B I'dtarmuf and G W P. Bused, of the house of Akojft Co , ae sureties, and toe vtaaai whMfe are lying at Mare leiend, weredrUverod over is tie A reaaorp Iraaiit Com pany We asy expeot them to do placed upon toe ocaan OntrnrUr* nrt lu ('oluabli. uricoioa o? ouhroani*?riva nu -om- kuiid? lom $6v0,0l>0?usr or err?baged. Com xha, Aug C9. 1 7 At ait o'clock r M , yeeterdey, Uu> cwm of Ore til g ?on, and id Utreaboui* U>e u*t >u La a*be?, ? few oil; of Ibe bnltdlnga on iLe o: die etceped Uir covatteLLg element, a tnrgc number of ftre pr uf holloing*. exit ml eble cnnienin, e-e n met* of emcniuer tin mine Tbe l*rge battue** nouie o'H M Brawn, on V. .. at real, ?ubio>B(o etc ? i by the ? i n of ? :? . ktgeor ;x)? ler Ailne um?o( die etploaloa, there ?u quit* e Diaibw of perto** 1c tbe building, duj Ore are krown to have btec :oatacl ? ki led, eod a Dumber dan garoaaly wounded. Toa tilled are d. N Brown, W. M. tuomy, KucoLb.e clerk or Brown Co , J M 8 Oraota, |u n ?s. of Ban Fracctaco. a m.oer named Dre.ootl. W 0. dieeper A Co , baakere; roat offlie felegrtpc oJioa, Maao, tc ball. Bred *ay nufl, Mchenty. Mccnei eer'k bleak, Or I'areoa'a lety, B wuerd i Duoa nad d ?anz -/euB, ttwrvT office and Ovuiir etlim, tl fbtly damage I. nave tnrrifod tbe devouring dement A large amouai oi vt'uns b 'i riitc-*, xe , ?u de -oaned la tbe btuk nj line of V Sleeper k Co., aad ? perfectly eafe, tbe oailJiaj t. ug among tbe beat and bmi tborougb Ore proof of buy li .be place Tbin dm pate b la eent Vm the lr?ldr of the backlog b iuae, aao we fctl in t? ; great inconvenience froaj ami s > ee .mate of tbe lose of prater./ Lai been maut, oat It Bi t be MHne 5 AO,tCO more than the dre of 1*34, wbica ?w I - Many of this* la l.-eproof outidtaft were ? occttdent of tbeir b* og raved that tie/ remained, rem 3* ed none of Uteir eflect*. ou. received and a ured what waa broe.-nt to item Tb? territory embraced in tbe b rnl dlii.-ict U at follow! ? Broadway, f*<,m .^mitb, Moore k 00 '? lumber yard. Including their, to Maeonic Hal. \tl "??? if Bnadway, to Jaoatoo at/eel, including ( id lei loa?' H*ll, Main Mreet?with tbe e?oeptk? of tbore mre ai.i ecu and tbe Pbilacelpeia Houee? cb the end ai far Lit ttamout'k Hoepltal, We. hug ton atreet Hall rained -tat* aad JarktoB atreet*. an far an Oclambla atreet, wttb hot re* o two eiee Aioea Tc it e ortglaated Id d Ohlnuen brothel on Jsokaon ktreet, tretw" b Male and Br Atd way , and It',? Mtid waa ntuned o? mo; vie amcaer Tbe wiud ear from oorlbwoat, and blew'be amen immediately;'' Miller & William* large litery 'lab ?, aad Ihenra tc co crnb-a a reet li ilc.i etertMi to the eocihweet, and ewap* vj la Ha oourae tj Main M .icb, an far ea ami to, M era & Co. '? lumbar yarl. Ibe CMd Don lee are bow tr the > beala Book tad Lad der Uom,M/'a Luiidlag, awalurg tar Goroeer a taijue?i Our people are gioomr aan ead? all la ooafualan iuou aaada are ctmiag lb f rem to* a Jelaug oampe, who let ply eympatb a wtta ua .c the iuaa o Ue aad property fan telegraph I'ue wan buraed doer, but M temporarily re pairee, and enab.ea an to giro the newt of our and cam en/ Then are material* beligb c;rbt ci tbe ground pre neraior to botictng tern at er/ teoeaeot* fee fami ilea ate be if prot ded for by tbe pe pie of to* ad;acta! towna . nree Iboeannd men, womeo aad oblldrro tare ?act bad a Btortei of food etuoe y eater .'a/ Tnana Mad, they trui be provided fbr m a ew bout. 1 be touew tag la b n*t o? tee lover* ? 1 btaat ell 112,000 1'eeple'i MarkM.. f 1,600 ' A Jetiaoa 1.0(0 Wu O Harra 1.003 Nnal K 0b k.uoo C B Itajdau ... .. 1003 r. M f, r/unoD .... BOM Braiar. b.OOu WbitaAiWug 1'.'too ') fa-aer too ftou.rl tu(0 P Beam fOO Naetbcp k Go. t MO frank Myer l.ooQ DbBse X I'a ton* 10,00b B rgnr-ag 1 MM C. lorn tea % too Calumbo e.lcoa 5,000 li N krowa k Oo .. BO 0C0 k C laian tl ooo Nonbir k Jo 000 a fraDkUa aoo Par ram Bbi Krcera A jo 100 C Oar oi nel 0,000 M. ounrtoa ],IM0 J Pranei; 1,00(1 f Hoibi 0(0 C rteatwu 400 Joel, Lety k Sae s ooo B Mania... M0 Ac nbam h Oo % M0 (rai 'A ?ut........ 1,000 Mian* A I.'pmaa B/00 O * uoumb 3,000 M. MoOeld 100 lA?ty 1.00" Harry boodmao 800 faiMworU'l aelooe 3,(00 lauber, 1,(100 ?ar^eear 3,MO T Paalae 1,430 "n ta \ Ha toe d'O Cbea Boradaera . .coo ^eitnr c Martha;!. 4.C00 Abbot Pawter 130 T a Hwaia MO JaieeaOaam 10C Ga-e 8co !<? : twin ooo ? 1,000 CkumMa GaaaUe .. 300 Pewth'k). .. aoo riraadway lintel ?00 ftflwGotmta .... awl tftt'bard 1.V0 P? (tibbona too (tebarda ujo 1U (1 Kodgera ?u0 o labor 3.300 A ? Miller g,gtm -tolim* 1^00 IgktBB...^. i,v?e Mnllae A Bllitem# a 000 iuoge Trtal too Mecimt* go "00 H O Marar .... 1 :M Alburdltr 3 300 T daecaaeber 1 000 Lepi Kua' lo.OOO D Me&eetle A On.. tvo JaDga Parburt , imo Uorey 300 O H 'reth 'goo ? B'jle 1,0C0 RDnrm'ioea J i.,0 Ibb I'uffla 300 Mai Doatrtmoul ? (00 Moetfelaer 1100 Claoaeme "lt jo oCO 'Ira. ? * u AO i,utile i ?,w aredy 800 Buahbtrinr . W KBIar 300 Drmtai'iua !. * 000 tlory 1,300 1, aaoul* | o") 3ar?y Puny 1.300 Brouquaf ... ... jiWj ' atten ?,000 Jama 0 fauoa 3 000 flourdry . l.pu; ''mit*. M"*e* A Oo.. 1,000 l,*u?a,a ,00Q I'erie A Imvm 400 Alberdlbg .,500 ft a Apeoldtag .. 2'0 cram 600 M M >oary 3C0 Caarmauk 1,000 l? M <,braney 800 D'alcmbert 6,000 J A Brat am .... ICO Ml cbetl 3.000 H cadk a 1,000 Pecbard 000 B Ha, ??< 6 Of 0 Mdvoj ,00ri D? Powe? 1 2 M0 Ileal*' A rfailfh 10,000 <> P 'ere ... fl.OCO J. Roh 000 litfft 1,300 1 ?may 700 ???#.- . ... 3 000 J cardinal! 400 I* Parent. 400 Hotel do Praam . 1,100 Bi aate centier.... 1.000 0 Brank 1,000 ? ravy A 1*1 .... 14,000 U Ml'fU ... 3,000 (.ana * e elkav Ifl.OfO dmltb'a mtoon 1,8(0 t Knepp aono H*yn?man 1,500 1 8 ?nw 1 rjoo < i,<p?naef ?er Mo h IPrd 1,M" Htr'gaaeeear 1 000 He alqor 4.COO J C. DjcHow 810 !? 'T ?.'? Joha Imary ,000 Ca 8 2.300 t?l BUt li * fry we waa a bigaly ratpaemtre ai.ita ?f Otr (?n Mi I Mmlne or ii Bar* or Traatooo- Bo ?ea Mlo?oi tad miaUd b? *11 who Mow kla, a* egeatle M oai o |?M aoo Bo woo formerly from Maryland 11* woo bailed thi? orooug, ol $ o'ojock, by tba Omar of Cat ed Amor lea ?* TO* fuacrol woo also attended by a la?ge iiabw of otttaaoa. Wm. loom*j woo a aarfcct geatlaanan, o woithy ottizia and a worm hearted Meat, wboaa loot will b* moaraoi by A line rl i cle of tif nrni Captain Rudolph woa cbtof dark of H N. Brown ft Oo Dtznla Drtraoll wot a miner, of So d Spring*, aa<l ?aa burled by lb* Co umbla Hibernian Society J. M B Crook*, aT San Frenetic i, wa* burisd la 8 nor* b- ibe MmooIj fraternl.y. 1 I t wa* tho uuitraut >r to huPrt lb* g*a work* la Oo turn Me and Sonera, and wa? a member of ike Union Goo Company to Swore. loUmttno from Bon Obgo. Oar dale* (ram dan fx ego are 10 the loth, fram Lot Acaelea to ill J, and from Ban la oarbar* to Aug 20 ParakToaa or to a Fibm Ovaklaup Hail ?tbe pioneer mall traia from Han Diego to Han Antoolo, Tex*a, under tbe oontr act tainted into by tbe gorerament wltb Hr Jamea B.rob, (wbo waa I m la U>e Central America,) leit bare on tbe Mb inatant at as early boor to tbe morning, and la an* ptMhixg tta way for tbe Kaai at a raold rate. Tte mall waa, of oonrae, oarrted oo pack anl nali, aa will t o tea ca?e and tne wagoua wnloh no b- ing pi.ibe 1 aoroao, wiU bare been pat on tbe line Tbe 0r?t train fram thla alio left In obarge or Hr R W. Lalne, wbo wae aenonpanted by aowe of tbe moat aollre and > citable young mon in ibI* oo' oty, the party taking relay mnlea witn tuem (or tee on tbe deatrt Toe In.cation latopaeoon at tbe rate of fifty or sixty mile, a day to Fuoeno, where, on eu ?eilbg tbe Apacbe Country proper, a large party will be organized to afford praier protection at far aa Lit Paso del Norte, or fu tber If neoewary. Information havlcg reaobed tbe nuperintendout here, whtn tbe parly were oa >be edge of tbe deeert. tbat *o:ue of toe mule* would harcHy prove strong enouati to MM the difflouluet of tho entire journey, ten edffittooii ani mal* were at once procured a: Warner's ranoh and addei t<> toe treti, which mutl now be far on lia war aorosa tbe continent Akmy Movomomo ? Lie- ctanl W. T. MagruJer, First Dragoons, I* to remain at f ort Trjoa la oomattnl of the prat rbe fort wiu, for the protect, be garrtu ncd by about lereniy rr en belonging to tha artillery and drt gooaa. Tbe 11 ret mall from tbe Atiantlo Stales bad n>t arrlrel at Ban Diego, aPhough orerdua. Miscellaneous. Acttal 1 MNMCr IK THk M:.*t.?When tbe dun la received at the mm?, aaya tbe ??an f . anoiaoo Bull' tin it u weighed la Its crude aiate, and paaied over to the n rIter and refiner, to be melted into an Ingot or bar. A chip la then tAkeu from thla barbyths aaaayer, wbo do tc.- mine* lia uneceaa the waetage tbat oocora, in drat piccara, fail* upon tbe depoaiior, and la 8)4 par cant, a>oat tbe average rate at ibe Phlledolpaia mini Au? ion tbat may afterwards take plaM fella upon tbe Untied State* government For tbe tnformaboi of onr reader*, we yoi trrday applied to tbe mint for a oorreot autcment of OoL Hanuztby 'a deficit, and have been furnlahed wttb tbe fol low'ng figures Wac age or loaa cr gold bullion of A. Haraszthy, late melter and rcSnir. ilnt r laat annual aettlement, viz tram Os lober 1 186(1. to April 23 1867 Arlualjwaaiage, 10,868.201 atd. ozs., or $201,042 62 Legal limn of wastage, viz 1 2 10C0 2,746.101 ?? " 61,00193 Iwfictt above legal limit of wastage 8,002 100 " " 160,660 69 Silver deficit above legal wantage 1,626 130 '? " 1.776 8T Total deficit or gold and aUver above Itgal Umlt $162,326 66 In connection wltb ibla wo are alto lu'ormed tbat Col. Baraaztby claims tbat be is entitled to bta Umlt of legal wastage from tbe lime b* took obarge of tbe departs set, (May, 1966.) for tbe reason tbat there never haa boons cmpie'e tettlemenl ?lnoe tbat time If tola be allowed, tbe government wou d still be deficient 4,638 om., or $6u,800. Tua Fujkom Baxk Ciaouaa in vm Uirrrxn Statss Dtfirict Coikt?Aug 21? Nelson Pierce vs tbe bark Alberto*, or Caroline ?Tbls la n autt brought agalnit tha baik Caroline for supplies furnished in October, 1863, j iat -revlcua to bcr reparture for lower California, wltn Walker and bla filibuster* cn board. Tbo defendant al leges that tbe whmJ Is oo longer liable, havtag been oon flaeated by ibe Her loan govrrnmant for violation of the Mr z lean laws and sold by thai > vera moot to tbe pro>eat owner, and In procf of a h sale ba abo rathe oertifioata of eocdemia'los a:d *aV oy Mexican official* at Guaymas, and Ibe approbation of their proceedings by tbe almlsla t-eiion In ibecliy of Mesioc Tbe alleged offence* agalnat tbe laws of Mextoo were leering the port or Gaeymso without a clearance, and bavlag been engaged in a pi ratical expcdl.tnn agalrat T/>wcr California Tbe hoellanta allege tbat thli sale la Invalid; that tbe paper* offered to show roncemnacon sad >a . sad transfer by tbe Mexican (ovcramrnt are em (efficient to prove a legal transfer; thai they do act tbow say coacomaaUsn by a oouri of competent . arimer.on or any evtdenoe auffl3tent In j lallfy n ooooetrwauoe; and that a* tns aale bat not been legal, vassal u iff litis remains :n the former owners, and the veaiaT la ?tUl ilAbio tor tbe claim of UoeUaata. Toe caoe waa argued aid ?* . in ' ? i TBI Htati. vi PAinm. Cook ft Co?Tae Sacramento I .vn aaya bat aa execution bad been tmoed out of tbe I 'atrial Court In Sacramento ocunty agalnat Palmer, Cook f Co sad their bocdaiaen, sad fjrwarded to Haa Fran ci o for the purpnae cf being levttd upon property ta that C'ly. Tbe judgment ;? for tome $72 000?tbe amount of tbe July iniereat due In 1869, which tbat banking firm failed ta pay, In violation of their bond. Frank Here fcru, IHitfict Attorney, haa been for several daya In Han Franc.too. giriug bi* attention to tbe matter It waa un dertiood tbat tba money would ?a fortoomlrg without a rraort to extreme measure*, bat the time bat now explrad witb.n wblcb payment waa to have been mtde. R:ot oi raaaov \ auxt ?a terrible riot occurred be tween a gang of rowdlea and citizen* of Uarson Valley, at a pmlic h^cae krptby 0M Roger*, at Geaoa. Tao latter, on on er'tg tbe raaoala away from hia premlaes, waa htnet and injured, aa waa alio ono or two of iboir owa number Tbe following day tbay returned sad tare down ib* oa. The oit'sena then organised themaelrea lato a Vigil.nre' cmmlttae, wltb tba dateimlnatloii of uxpaUial Hg ifce en fire gang Co>i u m> o. Rob. ibo tri Marr.?A Garmaa named Wm Beta alia* rail Kki) z. waa arretted an a charge of steal It* golu mttinga sad unstamped twenty dollar pieces from tba I ztlsu 8te.tR Branch Mint In San frenilaco Ha wai un *f cutlar in tba am* liabment, and CAofaaadl to having f liowad up hia tbisvtng propensities from bla first exa mcuoa with the mint, flva yearn ago, to tbe amouat of *30,C00 He waa tried for ih* cfiaoce before tbe United ?Wales Circuit Court and waa coarioted on tba lat of September. Hnrrti^ti, BlrUu and Ueailu. MABB18D. A'Iott-P.aTh.'ir ? In Sao Fmnelico, Aug 38. by K?r. > Mooabake, Mr andreaa Abrou to Mtta l.ean Katbjan AMI ??*?Bn' irr ?la Maryavl te, Aug 23. Mr chorion Andrea to MIm Caroline F. Mouliy. A*r> ? UM- la Haa Kroooieco Aag 18, by Re* F. Moo. Lake, 1 ncdncb Daniel Aril lo Mtaa I.iuioo I.toeo, botM of Alameda. A!?r a? ? Ooi ltt ?la Maryavtlle, Auguat 23, Mr Chaa. AQ'1 r*x to Mlaa Uaro lo? Monlty. liaox ? M'.ima ? la Baa t raeelaco, In Calvary cbarch, topi 3, by Hot Dr. *jtt. Mr. Hunry 1. Boera lo Miaa Km). Miller, botb of thai c ty ba aa?Mi <i< ?Nrar uaabcvlUo, Aag 13, P. O Bryan to Mlaa lamb Jnao auao Ban?a? W.t araa ? la dacntmaalo, Aug II, * B C Brn * a to tawta Wilvarn. Caaaaaa? Hm near ? In Baa Kmast'co. Aag. 30, by Rot F Mmobnko, Mr. J. P. diMit Croemor to Ml A Pblllpplao lUobert (a i- Un ?la SaemmoMto, Aug. II, (.ardaor W. Caaa to Mr* At r? an.' D*a;ti? tina ?la the Cfetaeae chapel, Bacraiaanlo, Aag. 17, Jaaie* Danltl to Naaiy Idee. Orar^-MaBTi!*.?In darramenlo, Aag 30, A. A. DarfO, of Fo'aoa, to Mary Mariia, orMacron,nolo Karroo?mill* ?In dan Imajiaeo, at the Howard at rent Pr**b>tmai chtmb, Aug no.|by Hot. Mr. Wllley, A. J. haaloa, to Addle Mula of aaemniaato. El: k:i.?m?a< ariAi ?bh - la dan fraaotaao, Aag. 13, by Rev H. Brierly, Albert 8. EMridga to Sophm a. Abo baAM. Eva* ?Maat HAM ?la R-teore, Aag 8, Oeorgo 8. Eraaa to Mlaa tannic Mara ham, boih of Roaura. Koia?I aiar> ?In Yreba. Aag 10, Antane Eglo to Mar grata > rlel > una? Mbabt ?In dbiau, Aag II O P. I aller to Mlaa Borah Moara g*Oi-BT?Faan oi* ?la Portland, 0. T , Mr. Tbomaj Far toy to Mlaa Margaret FarroU. traaaa ?At Yaakeo JIM'a, Aogoat II, P. A. Fogarty to Mlaa I t.rron coat?Caram ?la tkta I ranctoro, Aug. 31, by Dr. W. C aaderaoa, ? H limy, Erq , of Utla city, to Miaa Koto i.tfcb, daughter o' Henry Coarch, Eoq., of Kocbeator, N 1 Ha e-eia?Bbtt ? la Baa Fraaotoon, Aag Zl, by Rev P. Muaahoke, Mr. Frmar Hetaaoer to Mlaa I' trothy Boaa Ha re? frrarr ? tt c.raad Prairie, lane ooonty, 0. T , Mr llayato Mu>a M J. Pltaey. Ret him? p? ?i.ia ? la ftaiaaa. O T., July 23, Mr. Joba Ua|b>? to MMb Paerao Uat, y congeal daogoier of V. K. P teglo, Eaq Ho ar?W i iamb ? la Bacremaato, Aag. 30, Mr An drew Hogaa to Miaa Margaret A. Wuliania. Kauii.t ai?tWAen ?At Uanal ualon, Slaklyoa oouaty. Ah. b, hel ikabl, of Honolulu, to Miaa Koleka Hlweab, of i > aloe U?<a? Imlafi. ?la Vreaoeat Uty, Aogoat 13, Mr. J. W. laaoo to Mr* dareh I eland Irrraarua?Tatuw?la Portlaad, Oregon, Aogoat 11, Mr LMiletea to Nentry Taylor Mawm?Clair -In dan Franetoeo, Aag. 37, by Kn Kl wnrd t Inry, Mr Wa. C Mnaoo It Mint Blaaoa B, Clark, botb of tMat oily Mr:lab?Mihaiml? In Recrameato, Aag 34, John A. Matter to Miaa F.laa M. Mitchell. M?a in?Bwxtr ?la 9m Kraooteoo, Aag. 19, by Rov. P U. Keer, John Heo-y Mnrria to aeaaaa U. B.-eoka M'VbAiiM?WABRaa ?la Marlpaaa, Aug. 11 CBnrloa Ma Yaagh to damB M. Warner, loroaeriy of dta Jooo Mbihat -Ha* in ?la VoiRtno, Aag II, .i.otoo Meebaa to Miaa Mary A Ra ?le Maikham?Baaooji ?la Marlon meaty, tone 4, Mr War im W Marhoaa to Mini Muaanoah Baton Miawt? Jt?iRw>R ?la Portlaad, Aogaal 4, Mr T. My era to Mr* M M Jobaaoa OB! WAI?(Iahik ?la Raa Iraiwlnoo, la Calvary rBorab, Ai| 30, by Rar Dr dcoit, Mr Robert I. O-rtway to M an Pr.uet'* K. aaoood tlaagoior of Wn> H UtbM, I-nq , lata cf Cleveland, Ohio. friw ?, aawo.v ? tt Cxw CrMk, Placer ooaaty, tag. It, Thatcher K-ea tu KiirtaotB Nlolemoo Mrtrn ? Ki**at.? la Yant i ooiaty, O. t , Jaly II, Mr J> hb (1 Ja>r.b to Mim Mary J on a Ktnaoy. i^ti'-kLARtk? Pnoia ?la too Frote too. la Cnlrarr ot"cb, Are yo ay Rev Dr RmM, Mr Darll dtrirataod, of dooramebto City, It Mini "* iaan E. Paote, ofColiwoua. 4a. -?ae-.w*? h..ra ?ta ^ | maclaro, Ang. II, by Rav. P '? M i"*Fi J'Wah dntaitiot to Hamot P Tanmt* ? NHATti-ft w? la dncraaaanto, Aag 19, ceorga P bnatb lo Mlaa Amelia 1 .idba iiai'ROR- jn a - la Aabora, Aag 18, Goorge R ?<? to Kitaaboth cicb. ?Waa?9ra?Att ? la fewanacMo, Auguat 33, Rnaaed Re re to Mlaa Catherine Rtewart Ikt-tJi?Maaaim - l. Mnrjavt'te, Aug 20, Jantaa & I't lea to Ma'tba .lane H rriag f'<>wrin ? Hi o?" t ?la doa I roaeiaro. v ig -JJ, at the rt.wieo.wnfM' .laoob I rdorbiil, by K. P. Oatlar. M bo/4 a Yareaher .?U man t Hideout Wac<.a**n?town ? la ? Daredn. Aon. 18. Ase L. Of Grlaely riMi, t? MU? Little dhapher.l Wbai?Bcmni-nniA ?la rt?n y ru>ci?oo, Aeg IS by Rev. D- * ray to At as Barbara vcaimparla W hit??b?n ?A? P? ?rt>, Banta Crm oroa'y, Aug. 9 James F White to Jessie j. At -til W miner? Barton?Alio alibe itot time aid place, Mr 0 M Whitney 10 MIm Henrietta B-ayt ?? k** Ab??*?. Anguat 17, Mr. Jooa/b Walbel t> MUt tbeodorah Bath Wool.?-Foots ?Id Ma Freaewoa, Ada 4. by Rev F 0. k*e\Omeat F. Wood, of Nevada, it Mia* Arabella 1, oauiblcr of Gov. Koote o Baa Francisco '/tanait?Maaos?In Washington ooooty, Oregon, Joiy 80, Mr Albert /leber to Mm Charlotte Muor. B f BTH '. Davy-In Humboldt coanty, Aug. 18, the wife of Still man Haby, ot a daughter. Klkvb ? la Sacramento Aug 17, the wife of l outs Kl ku?. of a ton. Fishbu ? In Baa Fraagtieo, Aug 82, the wire or Mr. Bemy K kuhcr, of a son. Holmm ?In ean Fr?nolsco, Aug 96, the wife of HUi H. Holmes, of a daughter. Ktinitx ?In Ban Kraadeoo, Aug 24 the wire of Mr. Cb*a Kohier, of twins, a aoa and daughter. K.vowLtoa?In Baorameato, Aug 14, the wire or J. J. knuvlicn, of a n If .that) ? In Ban fraoctioo, Aug 18, the wife or Mr. H tooo Mai lea, of a sen. 0 Maaa.?In Macrameuto, Aug. 17, tba wife or Michael O'oara of a am. bt hiiiihir.?in Ban Franotaoo, Aug. 18, the wire oT Jioob Mrhrvlber, icq., of a daughter. W11UAM.s.?At Whlahey Creek, Aug 18, the wife or Mr. l.rwW Wuuama, of a daughter. Wb-toa ?In ran Franolaco, Aug. 18, the wife ol J. IV eaton, Jr,, of a daughter. Dill). Aiian.?In Ban Francltco, Aug. 27, R chard N., aon or K N. and Mary Jane Alien, aged 7 months and 22 days. B'.aaan?In Bau FracMMX), Aug 21, or dropsy on the h'aio Aaaa Marl* tecovd daughter of Jamesu.d Margaret Bymea, aged 8 years and 3 month*. ?LiAa.?lB 3an Franoitoo, Aug 22, Mrs Faany H , wife 0 George M. Blake, aged CI years and 20 daya. Bf nun ?In Bah Fraortaoo, Aug. 28, Julia Adelalds Jo icpbtse Carney, daughter of Wm. a. and Harriet J, ladger, agtd is months end 43 day* Ba?lt?At tbe Aockton Hcspital, Aug. IT, A. Barely, * nail to of aootli nd, but recently of Pine Grove, flaoer county. Beach?In 9 in Franotaoo. Aug 31, Barah M , wire of cil vert A. Grand, and daughter of the late Aaron Beach, &q , of Newark, N. J. Cucon ?At Grlzaly Flat, Aug 11, H. C Clagget, lite of 8unlucky, aged about 26 yeara. Caowin.?I,, Baa Franctrco. Aug 24, ?f toethleg, Ca thrlne, yourgeit daughter of Tbkothy and Margaret Crow lev, agrd 8 woe tea ard ill day Crow lxy?In MiryaviUe, Aug. S3, J. I., sonoT John and Mary Ann Crowley, age 118 days. Di.vaisow? In Ban F.aaclao*, Sept. 8, suddenly, Capi. 9e<n< el L Pennleon, of Now York, ogod 44 years, lxi.aoojdjt?Ic Bacrnmento, Aug. 19, Martin Kdgeaomh. 01 Maine, aged 57 years. Fa mat?In San Francisco, Aug. 31, Louisa Farley, a ia* live of Erglaad, aged 33 years. kiMaan,cuv.?In bacrnmento, Aug 18, Jaoob Flaoh beaogh, formerly of Mlamltown, Ohio, aged 80 years. Johasoa?In Ban Frsnci.c.', Aug 21, rarah, wife of Wil liam a. Joharon, aged 41 years, a native of London, Rag. Kbybshi (.??la Baa Fraactaoo, Aug. 30, Johanna Key euhugtn, aged 1 year and 7 morn ha. Looser ?la Yreka, Aug 9, of typhoid rover. Mathew Lcocey, formerly or91 Clairocunty. Mo., aged 20 years. lnciiNca?li Bhaala, Aug. 8, Thorn*i J Lleuraaoe, aged 8 yearn and 0 months. Moses? In Yreka, Aog. 8, of Inflammation of the bowr la, John C, fo merly ol Moniteau eoonty, Mo., agodts years. ' Moamo?In Ban Jait, Aug. 18, asaoriu Luz Morlno, aged 17 * ears. M< laTOSH?At Vancouver, W. T , Aug. 10, Mrs. J. Mo Intoih, aged 44 years. Met* HuRTia?At Bowtla Creek, O. T., Jnly 26, a M. Mc Whjrter, of Independ^noo, Oregon. Motsa? In Ban F rarcltoo, Aug 31. Wm. H. Morae, of Nantucket, Maai, aged 24 yeara. McLbaa?At Santa Craa, Aog. 13, Beward, infant aoa of Dr. John I. and Mary CUz* Mcuan, of Marysrllle. Ouvan ?la 8an Francisco, Aog 21, Catharine, Infant daughter of John B. and Hanoi ah OUrer, agol 4 and 7 days. Pi boy ?In Auburn, Aog. 14, of tch rroui tumor in ths be we to, David Purdr, of Greene county, N. Y. Pitmaa ?Near aiverton, O. I., offevar, George Pitman, aged abou. 80 yearn. Raankt ?In Plaoervliie, Aug. 7, of typhoid favor. Cbas. 1 B Ranney, late or Connaodoot. Saowiow?Ja PorUand, O. T., Aug. 9, Wm. B 9!mbla mon Bnowdon. Bnanwoon?Ia Ban Frnteiaoo, Aog 27. WlUis Sherwood infant ion of N. Willis and Barah J. Colas tSACY ?At Santa Cruz, Aug. 7, I'etar Tracy, aged 48 yeara, a native of Qork Ireland. Wraatn? At Columbia Aug 23,of typhoid fever, John E. W bee er, aged 20 years, a native of Boonbegan, Mo. Wi\?L? at the Diamond Spring House, Sierra oounty, kug. 17,11 lallammaiioa of the long*, Alfred H. Wlvol. a native of Baltimore, aged 21 years. Markets Baa FaAAOMo,Friday evenlay, Sept 4, 1867 It be" Eg ate amor day, noi much waa ezprolod la the way uf trade, and it la sufficient to say that the expectation waa not disappointed. Ia one or two particulars there baa been some activl'y to day, bat II baa by ao meant proved general. In - rovU'ona, there la an azcellent feeling for harm, baraa, butler, ace., with aoaae sales. Ia general groceries it ere have been aome sales of raw sugars, thltily China, at rates showing what has naturally oeea eiptctee?a marked decline. Wlih reaped to other goods vrry little baa beco dona la liquors, Ac., the market re mains In Its usual state of quietude In domestic produoe the jobb ag demand for Hour has keen good, and tbe narket evblblla about the tame degree of flrmnesi. A few ta ee of wheat have traaaptred but with a ttal rowan on of the ezport demand fbr barley the , market ezttblis ornilderable weaknem. Recetpfa teem to be acci mulMtng again, and la the fare of a vary limited 1 fade, it la easy to perceive what must ensue oatt are qcut, to ealea bavtni been c'leoted Mrrere Joaoa A Bondixcn be d a sals of grate<ir< he by aactloo. this morning Details of the promieot fan' tcraa will ba tound below, under the appr)pnate heads In the City Trade Report ' The jiebete, who generally have a lively trade lust at thla tartlcaiar Jen wore, have complained of a mole rata demand only for go Ma to day ibe Importations einee our last rovtew waa written have brea large la aome reopecu. Tae arrivals comprise the Daring, Hound, Charmer, jtorm King and Panama from New York the Bade of the Seas from Boston: the Amphl trite from loedoo; the 8n loan from Havre, lie Fm>ly Banntrg ficm Yauarntao, and the What Cheer from Mel bourne, with artoried eargoea: he Mercod js and Urn Kva Johanna rroa Hocg Knag, with Cbtaora produou the ? ?ankee from Honolulu, w'.in Island proou M; lbs Fal mouth from A on pu loo with hldaa and boras the Oaprey Dom Auairalia, with roooo ant oil; the ttu from Tahiti, with Trait, aaa C. k Foot# from Kddo Island, ooast ot Mexico, with guano Fiot a ?Tbe demand for "our during the past fortnight has not been heavy, aai altogether coataol to lObbtac lota, still, owing to the Armaria uu the part of the farmers to hold on to their wheat, which la coming 1a bat slowly flour may ba oooslderad 60c per bbL higher thai the prloe ruling at the date of our last review. We quota dro geo luperflaa >8 a 88 26, domestic super3oe |S 60, extra iomeatir 810 50 A raw imall lota of GaJIsm, la all 990 bble , have been sold at 612 80 per bbl , and J60 do Baa All on private terms Gnsia ?At the eommeneement or the fortnight aa aotive bualcaaa wm done la all descrlpuooa of grain, but at the cioea we attiee lass demand for bai ley, which shows a da cltBirg tendency. Wbaat-Tha reeeipts for tbe(past fort night will sum up about 16.000 sacks, mat of which wm placed on the market and realized from 2t^c to per lb , accord!te to quality Tho demand la .ood, and the toot nomad price aould easily ba obuiaad for a ohotce lot Prices will ramala Arm unioaa receipts 'anrtnaa. dunag the pretest month, h jwerer, we ezpeot tbe arUc^ te oome la mora freely Babiat-?(? bags sold at 81 ?* 500 do. and 250 do at 81 6.M; 3cv do. at 81 7o 6?r) do. uo terms ao. atated Day*? 3oq bagi sold at 2 ,c. P-tAtoM?678 bags sold in leu at A> a 76c per bu Bedegoa, Tie a 81 per bag Ba'ow? 22 bhds RobbiM eztra clear sold oe plrato i terms r Bi ttv*?. ic iirk'ne sad 46 do sold at 37 Me 6<i do . C. . Adair,a A Co , and 12u do. loferlor on terms ao; ate ted Si i 'a?Bales of 2t bbla. rruabe.: *t lbc ; 2-6 balm I Chlaa No. 1. at J 1 do do at Ac Nn do do at same figure; 28 bbla and 6>i bf do Sna krane ioo Rcflaery yet low C sugars, also prlvnu Tae?Salsa b? a actios of A package i Venag Hyaoa. kg , R?. paper*, at ?6c , 176 cheats Buucboog, kg lb paper* at 28kc a2'>ge ^ Fnx?fk.ea cf ? rnnh reels anod Ml am at do.; 67u ""t? ; Ra'a*iaa,Maac lea, at 84 71 Moi anv Ann Si err ?ij< five gnlkm and I"j tight gaiioa i T ?!rBP siid on private trrmt Fit yarn*-gale of lno oains WoadeU'a pta Trails os i forma not stated I "???o walauf oatau i sold at 8L BUANnv F?<f-w???Ml naaka brandy poachea, half gal Iom, tola on private term* i'a!*'' ~1>0,S* ct,,wl?a| ollra aoap sold at aactloa at . AVT>i a* ?Salsa of 600 bozen Staten Island adainaafiaea sod 100 do agierin on private terms 40 do , Reely h Hell a do . at auction, ni I9toc. ?'A ?100 canan Wolfe's Bchiodam aabaapps sold oa pri vale larms. . ,w*wirww New York brandy sold at auction at 66c 22 quarter CMka ml ted gin at 680 Cia*i Aova?100 baskets Hcldstsak sold on terms sot I mam public ! Rmh -20 bbda bulk ale acid at aoctloa at 216 76. Brtmia or T' ai-avr va_2,600 gallone sold no private I forma Paiia ?10 dozra painted pal to sold at auntfoo at 81 7*. Ooapaiii ? 28.' 00 lbs tarred onrdawa, aaaorted ti es, soldI ai I2X? ; 4 OOO lbs. Aaierlcaa laid Mas la, large sixes, at iba seme figure " Fa: an ? 10 bales doable crown wrapping paper sold al auction al Wm. Important Humor* from Halt Luke ARRIVAL or OMirni RTATM TROorl?arbmt or ? ll'SHA* TOCRO rOK TKBABOR?001. ICMNIR ON HIR WAT TO WAIIIIR'iTOW WITH SOT. TOI RS. A telagraphlc daarai'h to the San > ranoiron littl'iiin, dated itrovlile, Anyroat S3, aanouB>m the arrival at thav place oa the 30th, of .1 .l.|Bu?h, wt3j ? large traio, e>n ai?t>n| of 174 mm. I a omen, 17 ttainai, SOO bead of oattle and loo main* Mr B oh cane la by the Honey I \?e rmie He r?vr>rt? a la*ee immigratl m oa the way. H i trala lafi Salt l eke oo Jane 37th, and rapira thit Ool Snmacr with e# dragoon*, of Umxy <i, V?lt< d !?iatee Army, arrived la that eity oa Jne? 3tti, at 7 P. M , aad W* k Brghem Venng prliooer. oa a nharye of ireaeon aat other crlBiee, and emrted with him for WaehingVw ?t> , WRI in two boon afl?r hie arrival, inrt ting with *o oppe ?ti a on the part of the Mor -none lb* above, key* the il/a, Boat he reoaived with 11 n ?ay gra'na of hlloaaere." laaem ch ae oer date* rroa

Rah I ?te r ty ae late ae .lely 8, make no menilo* of the arr? ?? of Gov Yoong The HuV'ttn farther learnt from M: r H Ha?l toa, who bae u?t retaraod from a quart/ propertlng tor ", la or ieltJilg>ade from the r alnt - H e return trip wat made by the Hoaey i eke rod*, la mtnpaay with the ad vaaoelraiat of overland immif-etlon, phiui he rrjvtetmj m |r*hwr Utaa My flaw i8k3, a*4 88 with uuuii teeomm Ml goo* *??* Two *?" at the Eg Meadow* ul ?**? tbouenad war* yet to wrlv*. i.. iHH *""d" ww* d aorrarwd by Mr Htstlltoa In I(Ht ?u \ ?i)ey wbWi mnoua mhL *Ad which U mU ?*???? >*? ?4o 10 ?iw ?,rsr ^" *?* ., ?of An???I ? mw>. while out huottug on ttw raw rcto ?rcek> * m 18 fro a the orassing or d*c "V ^" JjjJJ*' w'* I**v?-o io ?0My L%k?, dlsoov. "'d. ? ??? Near by ? maud . memo w" tun hv rnn^TT"^1 f u*rlB" i *'?? per* of I wo laUera Frarior, n,t"! Loot'. Bar, Vnrrmbe-, L-h'bSSS. ?o Hugh MoOalHr, and -no to V*l?uttn? r?*V "**>rra oeualt; alto natural! r .11 m b^Ts? ' Wb8a - *? LooU. Ml.eoarl Oao ? . , ??*** from Utr?oa. I Th? 'n^JTh H0m iLit lWT' oiy are the 20U) August ?L'. 5\? I**u ooro,'u'a? doprMatlon. la (J<n%aa : ^ ** I'nrUaoci waa brie* Tbu 'noauta I Hons. Convention met at Hale at on the II in Mr (V*.iy theVectimf N? fDrUM,r Prooeadtng* beyond wrrc ^lw tn t^ l" rfS*ohB<1 ??? E''tensive Area n?wt? . * tbowncda along the Columbia rt*er A ??tlwl ??"? lofty aumalt of Mount syMwSiwSj!??^?" -"? -* "> IntelIIit* itc* from Waiblngton territory. hi^a'f" l>.'eiV ?r 0,8 11Ul ? po'ty Of tadtsni broke'nteti.e house of Col I N Eoer, Co! eotor of Port TowDieoc^ and murdered that gentleman. The f.rnilr liivis'enl'id'on J'" a iV* r*r"008 Cutter Jefliraoa itTi . ? -3r H8U? > oommnndiow the United Waioa Ircoot, .or iiaitlauoo, wbiob being -orated. the re ?sit8068 lb? '?* h*10 Utol' own hand*, and on the llth oap'.u *d eighteen Indiana, who wo?e to have been LnoruVhte^Vewb.""qUe<,t 10 "* "1U,,g ?? 1110 v8888' *hl* The crop* throughout the Territory were yielding well allhtogb the giwahoppera had committed aome ravage*.' fntamating mid Important from Carton Val ley, The Saoramrnti r*ioft hu lnta>^rtlna teiewranhir ?-i vice* frcm I'lacrrvllie, announcing the arrlvafo^a larire y,j,y ?;'.uT J. W. Boreiind, wife and family Wm Klmr wire en<i t'hn' rf' ?e0D8 ^4rrTj Moore aid two too*, Klohard Cbond. Ira Burget, B. Oteper, W Adami, C. Oarin W Irmifnh TVf'S- J- 8 Matner, H Lyonai 1, _2 rl'bt| A">?rt La ween, Andrew Law rrn. end i. T. Barnett endaon. iW Mr. Ba.nett bring* the Intelligence or (he maeseore of a cTi?e ?? D' ^ or ?'? ??'> and thnw chBdrau One woman waa ihot through and scalped and feft tar ?S!V.JS "M ft)an,d ,UU.*? V"** Sbooame u?fl^ ^.ic li net expected to llwe. She la being brought into Ou-aon Valley by Koundtree's train. Thettock waa also recovered from the Indiana, In do ing whloh only one Indian waa kUied Tha stock in ofaaige ef Botuidtree'a train?160 head. waif!.00* ^JSSiL11 *U W8re Holioway ard hla brother la'law. The three oht.dren ware murdered helore the :aoe of their ptfODtf, and faorrlblj mulllatnd. The cmlgrenU, to a man. are willing to lotn a com cant Den<li bi o? the op2?n f^iihr i?H K*ifiW7 befbretheemlgranu aU paaa that be*la 10 ?xp?aa their indignation that no more Is being, or ha. been, made to org^l'e , rroU PJacerTllle. It being only l\t<ee hundred ml tea beyond ^n?* N?? ??oUi" of the emlgranta would rolunteer that are dally a> rlrtng In Canon Valley. Three mea had been murdered at Grarely Ford. Their namea were John Ererhart, John Bteea and John Lawbor lertto'iH^iB^S r?lm* w,Ul ** Bann?M'? train, but ^ wllh another oompnny. ..?i!,t1!?fdJ,a7 *nBr '?*ylb?. oome 8ho Shawnee Indiana wanted to trade a pong for a rule. Ererhart handed the ertih^L?*n, ?f ith#> '?du"*> wh0 Immediately ahot Steea with 1L He alio being armed, they role off a abort ala 'M08 Abot Ererhart and Law boy. The other preeent ? ?urde?SokK ?i 'h",0*"0" beyond Grarely lord. Bnrgett nod Dick or found what was SQDoosed lo hi ihb ?e wo'P torn from hla heed, and he wu m* 1 M<11,16 6411 Pro^ly touched fcla heart One waa named Brown, aad the two ** UU8r ^ !? Chnoe vall^rh^ hla rather now owna a ranch. 7' ^ ^warrtred at PlaorrrtUe t we Ire man from wli k e/ 180 0,8 terln on tha Humboldt at which piece sixteen of hla mea left. Tbev era of th? ??i I EZrJ/tSJ Hmli*5! lmp08,lbl8 for *?l?Tellonto ' Ko.I i.r, H??*t i u* "Jute, on aoo oat of tha aoarottr of d ? f J .W8U' werathraedeyaorcealngoM iMt^ehUfi^- *.tyy 8f P-1 ^ ?h?" ?cok Tirk haa .ffn . ^ "took from the alkali, and tner were ?till going ont. Kirk would atlll puah aheml .^?NtororaofiheKlrk expedldon here . - that Honey lake Valley Ilea from three to ten miles with i?hh*?*18 'halla.nBd meet probably in Plamaa oountr . M Dees ooosldered a portion of ( tab Tarrl' cotiaina rurther newt from Canon Vnl'er t lal.era from California arrlre dally; amonget them I* Ccd ^aiBn* Qapt Smith a late* thai twenty tire waaoua be longing to treaty d'Merent companies, nave unseed thaie ^hln.dUB,^'h8Tl,,?18 ^ ^STESSolS ^000 bead of loots slock. Taere Is om ualnterrupfrd MiPon ,?M(2*tflS V 11,8 Humb#l<" to Brooktte' upper andArk JS? a?? lmrB fronte are from Mlaeourl, Texas y"* nri.maaa As far aa known, there are 36 030 *??1 <w S4w "-??? b8*l ot borsoa'and mulee^ . freai body of the emigration la oomlng br the w? I V??S Probably ou?,fourtb wUi UkS 11 wn , ?" 04 ,!>08e who ?""8 through Car gAr8'.1*7*1" *nl8r tLe dtate by the way of l.atTerrille. ' ? howcTor, seiuinf on Um rut cm Bids of uii U P?>P?od now torrltorf. '..I f to ?lnlng, aome to forming aad grar ing I end other* are turning theTr attention to mechanical no?. in V ^k# y^*7, twelre famuiaa bad atopped ncd .sken up ihctr permtDrnt abode. A! the gold mlnea la Walker'a Valley, aad on Waikrr alTfl'.-8-? were "?b*"88" ? hi ndred and a huadrec aod ?it *>>8r? eg?*f< '8 waetolng and prospecting and bo met soils fllty or sixty more on their war there n,~. ;? "l.T*" T""1". diicowlM L8lL0,1:18 b*T* m8d8 rome very rich rtc silver mine on the seal fork of Cktreoa river Is nneh ~ - ?'? Mppoeed ^p^ng'pSum are all over that oousfy, and valuable dlasorwiM (he head o. as lnutenae lead which airttehee aeroee the country Silver Is round mixed In with the oopper and in the aewly diac ivered allvor miaa it le found thtt silver o pper aad oobalt are mixed. ?Jver, Judge Crane confirms our prevlooa report* aa to tha rebuts* of tie valley for crustog purpose* He ?-n_ th nk it* equal otn be found foumsot Geeca la alao all Ufo aad animation stnoe the arairSi^i rtarft'! sts: ^JtetmiSrirTn*"?!'!' 18 forln"<|. ?8 iblnks the / T i op W,U> W0?<,8?, nl rapidity ?i-!!!?'. ?r ?W?8h8?8'?'i 1? note rial no.l for the back Thar rihhert" t000aJ,, ?f "" h084,I',7 ^ ^ Hews from New Qranula. OCR PANAMA COKKISPONIIKNCX. Panama, Sept. II, 18*7. JumUm>g fj tke Legislature?Prrfomi Pinomcxal Reform? New RcA/m- J at Hem? Kaleniim ff Poli'ieml Uget It Pureigrert?Stm Lmm?A I'mnket RmHor Among the Nunt?Naval Intelligence, de ,dc., rft Ox r Mate i "|p?i?tnre Is Is fall opsrsUoa, baring net os the 1st of this month Ths Governor, 9r. Cairo, deUrwod b* mrasage os ths fid. It Is s long domment, ssd am the obols, ss shls owe, ssd the I eg is kat ore would do well to sot apt n N: bit lbs isptest deputies sssrs sU sdrtos ssd go u> wmI is thstr ovb peculiar n/ The most interesting port of lbs m?ssa(S is ibsl which refers to IBs rerewue of the Sals sad la prsssol bankrupt enoii'txiD The Governor shows IBM the itssa now das are shoot 1101,000, ths saassl I aeons a bent $97,000, sad IBs estimated saaas1 ripen d Iters 1110,000. He proposal SB oq-jttat>lo ?< tan of lacroaasd taxaltoa ssd a reduoUoa of salaries which would gtvo as lanoass of $131,000 agatstt sa ex positor* of $90,000, IB as leaving s baieoc* is pap off the o d debts By Uls system be says thai la two year* IB* Slats woald a$ ata be sol veal Pari of ha proposed plsa was vo increase ths tax oa ratal a< cattle from six ess Is a hesd per year each to tea coats, aad to latposi the tax r.< w tre nd to eaitls lilted for the public consumption or thote slaughtered for prtrats oowsanptloa ate*?both tbrae Uiee to oone I Bio force IBs 1st of October next. He aits promised to rait* ute oonmerWal oatribuiioa tarty par rest rrr n IBs battalias of IBs year The tax oa ea us, which all flat s tm the deputies a;d their fnesds. was strongly opposed, aad at last It was ageex <1 to adept a slldtoi scale of from 0 to II cents per head, a beisf undent sod that the six seat tax was Tor the country districts, (I e , the deputies tbeaeolvas,) aad Ute tweirs cent tax tar the Panama section fhe lax oa cat tle slaughtered by the cattle owsers, (the deputise) was r. pried altogether. but Is lead or it, tka tax was ex tes-ied to rattle killed tar the use tof the shipping. Tfccte lews, instead of enmity lato operation oa the ?est of October, as reoonmeade-i by the (ioteraor, were cut off onUI the first of 'senary, hat lbs oom merctaJ to, with forty per oeat addition, was rosel witaoai o| position, (exoeps by n few member* who sought to fid It lowered is their ows dintriote ) sad instead of com lag lata operation aa the iroveraor recommended, rn the 1st of January, was ordered to date from the let of dttoeer Thus, yea tee. these worth? rspreeewtatirm hare shored etl ail they pemihly could from themselves, sad ihiowa ex mush ne they were sole on to the foreign CIS, for of the commercial contribution alas waUte la paid by loretgaeri .. A 'aw baa also been paasrd gr* sting is r.welgneri who hare hswa Nr years reatdaat la las country, who nade ? rtasd Ppaalsb.eaa read aad xrrfta, and ha rn an ansae] tnwme of om tbcoaaad dollars s yrer, lbs prlrilege of Servian la Uebcldos, b'ing perish t orneys sad tree snrrre, aid sitting oa urien f r the trial of foreigner - only. Wliat the t-oreraor's olxeot wee la propmlax this law we ere all at a km to Imagine. 11 was aerer eased for As am neat taw, proposed by the Uovsrwor, by whleh the two Hra. octttay, who were cards bed utrt year, are showed to return, was also passed bat a Merer MdH'na waa max a to It, perdnadag also some olAafers still In Ue onnaWy, (who.deaerre to be baaged,) but I ant glad to say Ibat (be (Joveraor baa seat It beat to beasrsacsd A diverse Mil la pending, wBlos Is the taxat einerclfnt tb rg In the world for husbands who wish to srrrr ths amtrtmcataJ bond. II la to be hoped It will not Ml There wet s rery nice little nvotteinsna here a few tremups ego. A sailor flr>m the [leoatur gat drunk and made hie way, mmebow or ether, Into the oooreol, to the It terse alarm of the three or toor eaotent rlrgtaa who were el erratng prayers, whes 'ask entered ssd de root;y knelt to join In th?Ir dsvottena The ststers, is itead of railing on kraren, orled est lostlly for the po lice, and nt last lack waa marehed off to jail, oat of wtiiah be. however, mantgt-d to Qui kla way dnrtng the night Bry ad tbla no incident of tstereat ha* taken place during the fortnight. The Iowa is most horribly doll, sad ws l.ra ss flrri from eiritewest ss oysters. Ths Joha A tarns sod 'wester, with the British tteam frtgata Maglctennr, lit at anchor la ths bay The c(fleers re y seldom otme oe tforeSuc-l oar streets are almost Issortsd. Tnrre bos b?en lately s a? rare tall sear* ragieg. p'taet fai'y among children; bsl waay grows persons hers eaf It red fr;a> A Oar rats/ season has atatofil tmsd oat a dry ou. Mia Mi| the exoepstcc. act Mm nit. UMt !??? end party want no oa Ma last steamer to Oafiflmta. pat* M<l Mr H?ndford, bU* Hnetery of LtpttOt It Ptrlfl, through ob hu way to Honduras. Mows from tuitralu. oiTBBK^riNa fbom rat eoia fblw-mohpts AND ttrOBTB or TBB MBTA1. FOH MIX MONTH^? LKIKBASS AM OOMPeRID WITH TOB PaAT TBAB? MOBM- M MOVBM1NT9?TBB LATI ATTACK OH THK CHIHB8F?MOKB BJUTISH AMiBlATiOK?TAB FOOD AMI* LA BO* K ABUTS. We bore 01m (bom Am trail a, dated at Sydrtey oa 18th, and at MAlDcurne on 24th or July. The report of the gold eooorta, from April 24 to July IT, trfccn Compared with tboee of 1866, sbow a falling off amouHlM on the ewrage to 1 ?20 ouaoes. (From the Melooaroe Argot, July 24 ] Tbj reportt from oar gold Qelde give steady evidenoe of (be wonderful reeooroet uf the colony It tblt great staple export. Tbe eeoort retu nt are below the average of the year 13M\ but are very near y equal to those of the same period cf bat year. Poring tho last thirteen weeks the quantities bare amounted to 6?2,f6C ounces, wh oh shows sn arerage weekly yield of 43 284 onsoes. la the thirteen correr pond tog wo* ks of 1866 Uie qoan Idea brought do wb by recort amounted to 610 86i ounces, wblob gives as aver**n yield of 44 604 ooioes Tee t aa- celu favor or the w?efcJy average of the year 1868 la 1,320 ouooea In the fol.owlng table tte quantities brought to Meioonrno by escort from all tbe gold flelda, are given. In tbe last oolnno will be focnd the total for the corresponding weeks cf 1868? 1867 TUal ctI , Wcrk inditifi I86T. April 24 31.301 Mt) 1 47 787 8 83,478 1 6 64,7fli J2 39,297 39, 48 684 Juna 5 87,889 Iffl 26 61,789 July 3 37 731 10 61.676 1 7 Sdffia Total 662,088 Decrease to July 1867 17,196 [from the Melbourne Argus (Oily Article), July fit. | Tbe shipments of gold last wee* ware ? By the Red Jacket, for Liverpool 06 008 " Jas o, for Qalootte 2,806 " steamer, Tor Adelaide 20 Previous ihlpmentacf tbsysar, corrected by cam parlaoo wlih Hie entries passed at the Customs. 1341,964 Total 1.410 287 Or 68 Ions, 16 cwt, 23 lbs. II ctt, the value of wblob, at ?4per ouice, amounts to ?6,841,148 toe quantities of the precious metal that have left the port monthly, during the )ear, have been as follows ?lu the mtulh of January about 80,000 ounces are tno'uded, which were cleared at the Customs during the prortous year ? Oa Dvtt January 360,182 February 176611 4 March 231,4.1 ? April 134,441 9 May 291,291 6 June 148 068 4 Export entries were passed at the Customs for lbs ship ment of 10,Ot'.' ounces of gold In the Gulumbtan, for Bues. The total quantity aent by this vessel amounted to 46,171 Specie was shipped to ths value of ?74,000. the whole being gold. Tbe receipts by eaoort and the shipments for the first six m n hs or the last Ihras years show thai the present Is only inferior In point of quantities to ths corresponding period of the famous y ear 1866 ? 1864 1866. 1868. 1867. RtcfivU by Oa Oti Ou- 0.*? E?00?l 929 687 932,649 1,318.984 1,104.467 Shipments 1.077,481 1,183,810 1 688.061 1,262,930 The following la a list of the gold afatpe which hare ?ailed from Melbourne since June 1 ? Vale < j Sailing Ship. _ Dtttmalvm Otmcet Jane 1 Anglo Saxon, I.'vtrpool, 24,924 6 Hebe, Hwg Knag, 2.1 1 8 Qoeoa of the Seas, Hong Koag, 2 '. oft 13 True B'llon, London, 61,891 16 Montmorency, Liverpool. 69,196 20 OHbona, H.ngKorg, 7,662 94.. SehahJaban, Oeloutti 1,608 24 Wamp noag, GhlbuUs. 2 068 26 ..European, Suez, 12.901 July 6 Norfolk. Lyndon. 86,971 16 Om Ulan, Bombay. 2,913 16 Jason. ChlcutU. 2 306 18 Red Jacket, Liverpool, 66 008 Seme viallstlas re:ently commnniaated to Ike Legisla ture by tbe Chief Secretary contain matter of oontUrra bla Interest As a result of the most careful and di igant Inquiry, it appears that tfce amount of gold per mai per annum realised at a number of tbe gold fields It as fol lea 6 dwhs, valued at ?864s 4d ; at Castlematne, 34 ou 17 darts , representing ?181 16e ; at Iowa:?At A woe, 23 tn vwuviwuiiv. WW uaa ii uww . ivvniBtBMHK Jb lu A 198 , m Rallaarat, 46 oa . valued at ?178 6s : at Sandhurst, 89 ozs [ 4 dwte., value 8211 0a. 64 ; at Becohworih, 67 ess 1 del, j ?269 16s 4d. At Avoea and Cutlemalre tne diggings are I wholly, and there is Utile oo operation, and vary i little capital invested At Bella* at, the oo operative ays tern prevails D a large ex em, and capital la Invested tn I what la oalied furnishing, or providing tcola, timber, tea I chicory. Ac , but tbe average produce Is much dlmlnlab I ed in oouirquenoe of the enormous depth of the siak I tng in the best leads At Sandhurst s very large capital In employed In puddling me cblaee, la quartz crashing machines, aad Is steam engines, . and It la highly probable that the average produce per head will regularly increase tor many years At Beech worth I the oo operative (system has been adoptod to a large ax i lent, and mining Is proceeded under more favorable olr | rumsuacce (ban at Bellaeral do long *? mining was a kind of scrsmtle, earned oa by UHie isolated parties. 1 whom whole capital waa tbe pick ana shovel, legislation was a'o oat superfluous Bel now, when at most of tbe gold Or Ids ths extraction of the precious meiai Is cosducied according to scientific principles, and larustry and society are alike organised oa tie standard of a Sigberct vibration, M Is vitally nvcemary that all lbs m Motions suite 'j.e for 1 civilised society should be established Tbe fol lowing proclamation ap peari a a supple meat to the government Gazette ttOO R? warn.?A Bt mirlt! having been preeeo sd ti k'r ei< elleacy the Sotvoot by the loco! cmr. ol th* dlrirlrt o handk oral, requrr.lng that a premium ik-nild M awarded to any p* won or pannoa oat tag km wn ?>me new pmceraw lb* bill a*, icm ci fold from b* inatrti li li hereby *0110*' ibai a reward oi ?W) wtU be pa d to any peraot wko ahall, wihln l*>moo h? :rom hm rial*, dlaon--r a new w>.le f eitraCJng r>ld Ino rock, i.jon the fnlto ring cendtilma -1. Tbr atasofi-fi r atall prom lo the enur'a?iion of thn mining riimmia mm thai hla rrueeaa la i a- api-r and more ett?c Ire than ike proetea by cmalilng. waeblag ami aaial?toiali"n 2. Inn dleoovernr ahall claim no other n?a d than t?e a not of ?OMy now offer*d 8 Thn dlerovery ahall bt thrown ope* b>'be free tuie of the polite 4 Thn right to reward ahall bn ib-nbind b' the aahi mining ooomloloonra, and the deeUtoo of Ue Mid eommli alooera abali be Baal and i oorlnalre On It* lTth of Jaly the Wei ten rioort delivered at the Sydney mint 1,838 oonoae of fold dad Tte amount of gold cola Imurd by the Sydney at lit dnrlng a wee* ended .Inly 17 waa 10.000 half eorerotgna fbo amount of gold duat Imported Into the mm eaiab llitmen dor leg the wack, for Uta pcrpoae of ootangr, wag KSonaore. In a amount of gold duty oo I looted au nbonl ?90 ?t. Bd Tka gold and aped# ahlpped by lha OolnmMea. from Sydney tor an rope oa Mb of Jul* amounted to M,id4 acrrrelgne, c.lcl ounce* o' pN dnat. and 1 aoo franca A aumber cf Mormona war* abont to lanra dyda?y for I lab via Baa Fraeclacn Farther aroocnti of the evpula'nn of thf ( hlneoe rrom Buck It ad revtal a roaae of graok cruelty aa < oppreeeloe Tnarn bad bona dlaoatrona Uooce la tha Hnalor rivar, which baa never rl?on ao hlgb elece 1810 Tao loaa of IMpM w** k^*1, 1,81 ,h" IMMHri and private rmenoe bad reme nrward oai- the mflerera The reply from the Melbourne Chamber of Oommeroe with rnapect ta Uta Panama AaetraHaa roete waa rood bo fore the Sydney Chamber oo the 13d of Juoe, bat the Mien do aet Inform na o. the aatnre of the doononant The (leaking and Melbourne railway waa opaeed oo the U th of Juno The dlatano* Iraveried la forty three mi lee la the Melbonrae IegltlM> re the Cm*i Inada bill la Irodcotd by tha Hnlnea Miniatry waa the great topis of pcbHr diaruttloo The bill had bean oarrted ihrengh Ita irrood -ending .a the Bonat of Aaaombly by a majority. The bill for the n boll'lot of State aid to red floe, aop Pited by the Mlnl-ir ? generally, waa read a to' oad time li,e Ateemb y by a large majority. A temperance league waa laaognre'ed la Melboerae oa the In of Jely. Abont a thonaand pnreooa ware prmeat and It wee determined to rolae a fond of ?1,000, tor Iba aa tabUabment of a a? w*paper oad to obtain Uta eervVsee of Mr Bough, the well kaowa lecturer. (to the name day tha vintorta Bethel I aloe and tommee'r floating flhareh la Mobaoo'i boy, wea inaugurated The Melbeuree Arytu of ftth of Jely. tayt ? The labor ? arhel rontlaoM la iwetty mesh lha mme mate aa It waa ebaaonrlaai nmmirjr wea prepared. There are eUU many mea aaout loan whe are naabtel* Bad amploymeat, and their number baa beta mech tacreoaod dnrlng the laat tow daya. The follow'na notification bv Stephen OreevUle f reman tie, captau of B B. M. ahlp Jnno, aan'or naval oBrer of Anatraila, la p.blUbed ta the New Beuth Walee Ooscttr ? Whevrea, ta pnmaaao of her''a p eaenre. my tgwde flnmniiaalonera of the admiralty have reg hired ana directed me >o taar t of lha lafaoda called (Vena In her Ma jaely'e eane, I d there ire declare that from henenfhrth Ihrae > anda railed Ilia('<* * Inland* tavlndU g the anrthm _ - part have . _____ gvw I he mw'omarv am of dla a atafl eraeted oa the 4 royal aalute rrom her 1IM ann e Majeatj'a ahlp Jnno MAMKITM. Mi' noraaa, JriTll ?mete bm been a fair demand for gt id for taipmeat Prlnae have notebowa any n-K tet n< on, u a'allowing being thoee rnllag at Melbonrne ? ?8 Ifte to ?? 18a M. par euaca for itoatlemaiae and sand bnret, aad ?8 10a 0d to ?817e. ft Mom: Korong Tbore baa bona nothing whatever doing la Imoortad goorta Bold era of nmir have aaked higner priori Tor Adelaide (Brat brmada), ?fi> to?-1 per ton, bui tuyere hare not ootne forward Kvnarr, Jely 17.-Floor? The market la eery Arm. aad flnar haa advanced thia waeh par ioa. Tobaono?The lobtcoo nn'kei haa beta in aa nananal (Uta of evolte OMBt dnrlng the week, aetrnral parnela having cha^ai btmla at a ooMlderablt advtaoe npsn lata prlcm, aad the hmk of a lee lea bete* ooaBnei to hot vary few partiea, a fnrtber rlta annat be Inobrd for We are aot aware of aey qnaallty coming r? from tbt toatea, and none at all from brgiard. In nditUoa lo wbtoh there haa been a foliar# la the K'ber-M crnpa, and, bat for the reoent riae la the irarVat, advloaa were la Iowa to ahlp back lo tha fttolaa Hrgar -A tow laalgnlflnuit aalea have boon rtooied at 47r f d , bat large boldora will not veil No. S Maailaa na dertoa. Bugart? Owls* to the very heavy rtoe a pelage odvlled la laat week'a report, rather 'ma than the averse awonnt of bnaineae (ita bee., doe* II ildere. how ever, are Arm and priori ahow ao rigna of a dowa. ward tmoeacy oo the > oatrary, area higher Bgereo are Mtlr'ieued W? hare had ao add too* to oar ilnoke dnr r.? the real week The Bngnr Company'a qnotationa air-leaf ?M; aciwdropi, ?'>!. wy?Ula. ?M to ?>1; f'Kto, Ml. telaad oilerwlae ral'ed the Worth Reeling Utaad. are ? of tor llrltannls Ma eati 'i poweeelone, %?d that thev I been f rw *lle aaaeaad lo tha dnmtolma of nee mm done Mr^city Oumn Vlroela, by the play'rg >he nnton Hag of analand oo I pilartp*! irland, and recngvl ad by ai WBHttMn umm nail ruiu i t ciii HlllTKlVliLLR IHuaIFD -f ton,stt5tf L?'? fTRhTBBViujtfooujiaA. L i-thb quit m? y of Prl'oe ***"'?< draw.?This nslebrnted troWa* has bta matched to trot *n miles. to win within the vrrr the above ranted eoorie; will came cir oDfrhimlm eighth fay of October?the yrtles betting five thonaand d tgainat four Uouaand that Priaee will not perfarm the n?# care wtl. leave the booth ferry at lid o'clock Ti comer If a o'olock " rrmoif ?mjuk*?, u i -trottino- . * tort; U October 6 ?t IH o'sloek. A puree and etahe of ano lieu Ua t l> ? l , ...... n V.H rUMMAMY SOCIETY oft CoLuMHIUl'oilDK* -V ha kTTJT Jhu 'Ntula' mooth'y meeiing of the tantliaUa ue held u, t,e council oht<?ber of the Ureal Nig rvs 0 day eri nlng, Oct 6 a ha f an hour etmr the aeutnc o 1. **?dO'dl aad poLctual atteudaoce la particular! quested By order of t.,? H r HaRIE . ? OBLAVaM. Urand daohi JAMKe H. Connwtu- rtecrntary. re bU0 1 f ? '""'h "WO 'j 7**r nt ?? mhg .Ibfith, of Independence Ue 8)d and ofUaloaUtotlo _ tiuc mrrAAiri C1it2l "J*?!!- J01 mkhbirb op thuTporps > her , hy rrleied It aennbl# at the a tnory in fa uresn, (b.ue tacts , on Honda, eve. in*. 5th loet at HVol w. H riATJJOK. Com NEW YORK OAKTMKM LIGHT uDtdl).-TH< I bt>? of be above corps wl I 'meet at 0. F. Mever'r nrnac way, on Tueednv evening. October A at 8 o'oleok "57.2, Recr'tary. ^ OapU rewaeuT BBWABD.-BTSaYBD, A JLAR9B RLAOlPli vO fouiidland do* Hie owner's tame and addras 2? ^ orllai The And. r will he liberally rewarded bi turning him to8T avenue O $5 1"^ 4Rii-1/ OT/ A BOLT 8 O'CLOOK O" f ?V ?i J" / '? H?tT etreet n very amall m .bo,Jo[,DC bmlr ?? hlj Ur"?a* and loins; he la o "rret. if Y reward will be paid tor him at U H (frlfl BEWBIf-L BT, Of BPNDaY. BhPr * St Jar, <?DdlM", POP Jour motrha Old. with wblu JJp E^pv'if a Wb'"r"r - ui return him to f BY McPYKt. 781 Broadway will reoeive Hie above ree 1 $50 RnK.dAR FR|J"1 H0,IB 8'KV* ? X . * morultg, Sept 30 Aaaguaia RaJ TV"" 0,d' Ulk'n* ber rlot^Tv!! *7*. eoppoaed to ha>e worn a ptnh hat. woollen plaid shawl new mo orco bootr; hai Ivrge dark eies, brown 12* 5 "^711 r*"1* m??y of ber words. The a will be raid for any Information where ahe t? L. Radford 608 find son street. 15*7^11 BBW4RP?FOB TUB MCOYBRY OF ? VuOV rmie y, or In prop.w lon thereof" for ,k? d.rie0'aVH1,b,r* l?dles' gold^-SmT4 1 (.tarn, ml diiktrr ring?, I diamond c'n>t<r pin; t pair of moid rarr.nga, In the form of a nrvecent and orver lot ? '5* fwrm ^ of dowel i dtan bra rl?t, In the f.,rss of a mae wl-.l the oentre diamond n andvrrr Imr.iB to resemble the skin o' a. Dak- Is eS gold brsce.e'ch-tn or cunnns work, and faat?red by a padrck the losk ruae>el>ed; 1 watob ehata .boot m<S " a, f*nl" of which is a herseon n irallop, of 1 k tld. - dUm na s uds; S cameo stmts: 1 s lvev recar ? chasee end ma'krd wl h two names In /nil, 10 W r) H h "peck ebaln, with liksneis and charms, a Void am nold IS cent pleee, and WJ cent piece, and a gold diUar- 1 dollar enld plrce round and rot In the form of an ootako usual; I twenty dollar gold plena, with a hole In It to vrMl '""tV ??O-MP other pieces of j swellAUl.forcT r?rfc|ff tb?5 1'fpata ^aperintendent of Police soflo Tr% ?trw Hf# Vork Th* property tndDUoaed at la suppos'd 10 bare bem taken by two KD(lleh?en ana ?rftr be.'? 'h? foldowtn* description-(iwi Wlshte. strd aN>ut 35 rears, firs feet uine laches hich. 1 stout rer> light blue eyes and light hair. 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FRin hJr^iJ h'?*11 marked with white IJT brrM? had 00 a braes oollar and a small look at'a A Wkoeser b'lnkB key to || Heart street or 7\ IMrtsl.m si wti, rem Ire the above reward, and no qu wtioas asknd rF?.D. ?Frft"?? *0 mr*oi.??)or Homor ? cl S a boat eontalnlrg a bale of fins wool sins owBsra eta bar* by proving property in* earlas rhtrs Mepp.lmtioa at the . umber raed. foot of North Thirs Jen "r?- Vmitm sailed f r WiUU ,mTwLek ti?7 be soid for ei seosm ' L0^T U MWAar^-Ojl WBimM'UT. NkPriMM 1 * ? ???!! Hooira b a> k %? d in i^rridr (*oc nawiwf w eo.lar wlU the owner's name thcr-io Th7ab?^rrwtJd^ te^ald on dehfrrtsg bm at 92 West Twenty third strsm *' Tt Rt)AY NIOIT A OOI.0 OROCg A, ???!? ? n la#* 1 on^f f>f AlfenUc and B nd ?'mib i?~v w1! ^ l,b#r%u^ w07 cAiui* ai O'So'bvVr'wr^' -LRFT ON THB n ,.'ri 1. Petge. on thurrdsy srealng Oct t. kmtJ?' coital^. 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(lAfH WILL NOW COMMA v it fag OBJiATWT NAP J rain* of Ihe eeaerm in Haraatv, itoneentto aed Oemaa aepara. eal aa wlUlnj to anil all tnrolcaf adraneed onhtatr IhtoMtoa Q. DHBBBW. 17 Broadway. ?WIN TIOMT ?!'MPT MARK PT INrHTCtot MM TV) tff/MOi A wet all htTotoee cf ??rare npoa which 1 hare wade ad Jjtoeer (toah bnyera nan now (tmrnre rery traat barpntoa to 'Ufvnaa. dotoflii aad Oartmaa aepara. y. VMM u Jrndmw.