Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 6, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 6, 1857 Page 1
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THE NEW-YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7705. MORNING EDITION-TUESDAY, OCTOBER C, 1857. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE CENTRAL AMERICA CALAMITY. VMK&FUIt HID MUACUL0US RESCUE. TIm Second Engineer, a Passenger and a Fireman Picked op at Sea* TERRIBLE SUFFERING ON THE OCEAN. ' VIBE DAYS WITHOUT FOOD. ffcrltllDK narrative* of the Saved- Other Fuaen^rs w?n three Days after the Wreck?(fames ef Bore of the Lest* Statement of the mate and Crew of the Boston Sehooner El Borado, *a, Ac., Ikm mere or th# unhappy sufferers of the ateamer Centra* * merle* here been almost miraculously rentirel I* their friends, after rndnrlng agonlea whtob nono but the ffl fa'e-i oasta*ay lo the solitudes of the oee?a o*a oon salve FYr atae (*??? thoy were struggling for lire on pertteai of the wreck, in fearful auipenfe, without food or eater, exposed lo .he rayt of a scorching ana, with the ?ait water breaking over hem, until their bodlee became ? man o' lores Th-n, through the meriy of Prtvldeuoe, they were *een tad risked up by the brig dary, of Gre?n eek, hound from nardeaai to Qieenstown, Ireland. Attbe Hrne of ibelr reeeue thoy were almoet perteblug from itar ration sod exhanetloh; and, though restored to their heme* and rhtnlllee, tbeir present oondl lon la moat de plorable from the effect* of their crue' ?uffsrtaga the Bremen bark Iaura, Oaptalo Wlluwn, Trom Bre men, whlib arrlvrd yeiterday morning, mparts that on Brpt 28 In lat 40 14, long 60, at 2 P M , aho a mke tbe Brttwb brig Mary. Captain Shearer, of G'eenock, from Oamenae nor Queenetown, and took from her ? John flee, second engineer A-exander G>nnt, fireman, and ? W n?w*->n,a oaeeenger?whom the Mary had rei eoed from the Central America. Tbe following la from Cap tun Sheerer, of the brig Mnry: At <bu. "not 98-2 P M. \ ?? J 1,4 40 64 N , loot 28. To Wnoa tt mat Towomtw ?'Thla l? >0 oertif* that three mea laea re rner?mrntioned ) wore pick-?d no at *ee In %n epe? Wat ea tbe 21*1 tnet . h iheb'lg ear*. o'G??eni>ek, Ibntato OcHa 8he*?o ?, from Oardena*, boiad to Queer* trwa la the leMiude ?r 86 rfeg 40 mlo. and kmg'tndo 71 Aeg ata'lrg that they bad been naat nwar la the Ame?| nan staamrr Central America, f-otn Hart"*, bound to New Tork Tbe name* of those roamed arej Ttoe. necon! eag'neer; 9 w nawsoo, raieenger, and Alexander Grant, ?rem* n Yourn, respectful It 001.1 N SHEARER, Master Tbe aboTr men were 'rent'trreo on ihe 2Stb to the Bre mea bark I aura, which arrived yeeterfay m wning. Mr Ttce wee seventy two boure drifting oa a plank On the faartb mcrslng drifted by e beat and SLCieeded la gettlog Ma her, and oa tbe firih picked up Alex Grant, a firemen, ark* bad been flee dayn oa pert or the hnrrlcaae deck, Braat baring iwim to the boat Tbe two then pulled for the hvrrtcaie deck, aad took from It G W Deweoa.apa* tbe re had been t?#lre mea on that part of the wreck, (be it mea or aome of whom are? Beerge Bo ttftngtea, third eaglaecr, died. Mi Benk, eeel paacer, dial. Patrick Carr, do. do Palrtek Errra, a flremaa, aad a'x coal paaaara, name* aakaowa, all died. Meeere. Tlce, Dewecn aad G-ant were eight da ye with eel water or provision*, the tea making e breach over them aat of the time Tbe eoeond dey after the ateamer went down they a* a number of peeeeagora on ptaoaa of wreck, bet aeald not eaatat them Mr Tlce saw Oapt He re don just before Ihe ship wen Meoare. Tloe, Dewaon and Grant are la a end ooadl'l-i, hertag beta badl* hrutaed, and are severed with bolls he ring beta constant! r la the water. Tbe rescued men state that there were orlc'aally twelve panose who look refuge on tbe harrteaae deck, bat one by cm. aed to relate, they died froaa banger end exbaas Mae.excrpt the two mea Grant andfftewaon, who were taken lato the boat picked up by Mr Tlae, oe the fifth day after tbe steamer auak. They also elate that oa Monday, ?be 14 b of September, two days a lor tbe ateamer weal down, they raw a number of the paeaergnre clinging to ptaeaa of the wreok: and tbcagh U may teem eonewha, strange that tbe Hasten schooner El Oorad), which report I having remaned It tbe vicinity till after daylight the moraiag rnllnwlag die dlraatar, should not hare been able to ebaerve aav or Ihe aubirare, that may ba ae haunted for by the rant?aat II la an extraordinary one that tbe mea pinked ap by the brig Mary had 4thJU4 nearly I it hundrtd mi Im from th* irone if (A* wrtck b*f?r* they were rmrwd. Captain Bart, if I ha Marine, glvos Ihe position oT the sieamar when she wast down, at latitude 81 40, longitude 76 80; aad Oaptalo Btaarar, of the Mary, itatea that he picked ap Hoe, Daw' ?aa aad Grant la latitude 36 40, I ogttude 71. They were drtfttrg la the Gulf Stream, witch there rare *t the rata ?T three mile* aa hour, eo tsat in eight days they would ?art floated, with the aid ef the s.ream atone, jtoc Aun *vrf end Mwrnfy nr mil* It le staled, also, that tba D Dorado Is a lew, rather fiat h*homed .Mid, aad erified rapidly lo leenard ao Tar, la fhet, thai she was aot ansa at all aaxt morning, from the Marine or the Ellen. R la to be r*cretted that Chpt Siocum, of the eohooaer X. Teattend, bound to OhartasVm, who reported that re Me lTth .sat, about fifty mtlas N. C. of Cape Hattaraa, ha paeaed the harrtraae desk, wheal hooee, pilot house, bo , Of a large ateamer, did no' endeavor lo dtanovrr whether aay ewe was dinging to these portion* ef tbe wreok, aa It ft poMtble tkat aome ef those seen by Mr. Great aright hare been aim alive, and balding en to the pilot boats or wheel house, for the 17th was the very day oa which Grand aad Iwsreoa left the deck for the email boat. Tlare ercma lift o bope left that Ihe gai aat Oapt Hern doe still Uvea Tbe free auflkrara who arrival hare yes iarday are probably the teat we shall aver hear of from saw: g tba peisosgeri or craw of the dlfaled Cannl Am rtcn Cap! Heindcn has been erroeeoBSiy My led a Uea tenant la the I a I lad Slate* Navy, brt itaoe 18Mb* bald tba rank of commander. It la *omewhat remarkable that Ihe pen on after whom poor Heradon was named, Oapt WUHam I ewla, also a native of Virginia, parlthed at tea fe the very same month, forty two years ago?September 1818?While onmtnat dleg hie venae!, the felted States hr'g Kporvta. oa ha* homeward voyage from tea Madkarraaeaa. THE PARTICULARS. laimedlatoly oo Mo reception or tfao m*i at oor o?loo ?f Ik* mrrty of Mreo mot* of Mo wrecked portont *t boar! oT the Oootrnl Amoriro, wo deopotrhed our r* port wo la qr*#t of too nrtlroro, two or whom, Mr. TV*, Iko to aood aoototaat oaglneor, Md Atocoolor Sraof oo* of u,o i, they fhrnd M 'Motto Ho-doa, where tfeoy hod b*?o I tbortly before, to edmaoe oT ttao root -iT the poo loftho looro, by pormlootoo or Mr Konoody.ta perteteodoni of uto ptooo Mr Itowooo, ro leading. told ?hot ho wlthod to go to qaoot oT torn* porooo from oh .m MO iwald rotoo enfflctoat fnodo to (0l h-mo, 00 ho ooo eery ?tok Ho oroordlogty lofi hit oompeoloi* ot tko Hordes, ond ohorted ofl through Ik* oily to of faede Mr. Tlno, ky tko od'lM of Mr Koooody end nM?re, ro ?mined ot Iko Herdro until proper thooo oonld he provided fkr kto rood, to ko w?o oullbrtng ntrooioty Doe* oolt ?oto Motto oo both foot Ho emordtogly wool oo bonrd o* tko Oootcr Rout, o (trotting oaploj o<1 ot tko Oordon for ?owing bargee, AO , nod moioiood In Ike ongloo room* wkllo hi* eeairnde. Mr Hrmet, wool la goeet of ? ooNakto potr of allpport, (tookIago, too , fbr ktrn ta ?ko mranti-ne, tko Haotrr Ron#, wllk Mr. floe oa hoard, .deft Mo Uordoa oad proaoodod a# to Iko Unro, for tko ptrpnroor too log ? htrgo load of poooongori from thai taaol to tko OMtlo. During Mo okaoaoo of tko to*boot, Mr. Oroot rotoraod to Iko rbatle wlM tko thooo. A* , for Mr Ttoo. where oor roponor pronarod tko fbltoelag B*rT?Ur* or hh odroatoroa, from tko Koto of tho ttont' ?( America t going down, notll ko, wltk Mr. TV* ood ?r nitwi wore pinkod op ky tko SnrMlth brig Mery, _L* "ojor tko groolor part of rim wiwoel looting r<*ht pr froth water STATEMENT OP ALEX &NDER OBaNT, ONL OF THE FIREMEN. I ?W mm Of Um t ronton on boera of the Central Amo rlne, end op to llto time of the ship's f olng down hed doe# ell la mj power to aero her ead the poMeegera A boot fifteen ?r twenty minute* tehr* alee e'elork oe the Saturday evening on whleh the so* k, knowing lite, ebe ?oat go daw* mm Mae during the night, I, ?1U nine Where, turned to lor the perpoae of oottlag a way the bur rloeea daok, ae whleh, If paaalble, to aero oor Uvea eed ea many otfeera ea we ooold get on- I had jut oooapMeci Dotting eway the leal ptooeof rope wWo'v he'd It down, whoa apaa rising aad lookiag arooad me I eaw that the vessel bed goee dowa undo' oa ead loft ua flimiing on lop of Um deck. Nothing v ae to be aeon of tie' hot bar pae aeagora ea they roee oae after another to the surface of P>a water, aad a few pleeea of the wreck watch w tro floating eboet aa they arooe from Iba drcka of the atoamer Tbe names of the peraAaa tin board of the barrl <aae deck, aa aear aa I oaa dow rewlieot, were ae fo Iowa:? George Haddington, third aaitoiant engutaer. John Bank, fireman. Alexander Grant, Oreaaan. Patrick Ohrr, fireman. John Bank, coal paatar. ? Evera, do. I ? Ke? narlty, do. Tbe namea of the other three I oannot remember. The I deck floated away to leeward, and we noon 'ott algbt of tbe floetlng poMengera of the wreck Oa the (-too day) morning we came aoroea and picked op a colored man named Ueorge Deweon, who wee e passenger on board of tho ablp, and whom we found floetlng In the water eupporliag hlmaelf by a piece of board. Hhortly af er picking op Dawaon we wme aoroaa and' rtokod n i another passenger, wh> ae name I never learned, aa be uled on the focrtb day after we pi <ked him up, from ehee* kbanatloa. From tbe Dint of oor being wreclanfi up to the fifth day after, (Tbnraday,) ten out of tbe twelve oa the raft, including tbe ten who were on at th- time tbe ship went down and tbe two picked up subsequently, ten bat died or ex&austtcn and exposure, leavlrg none bat Dew-ion end no) eeir alive. On tbe fifth day of onr floating about on the hurricane deck I dtaoovered n small boat some ei? l?nee cff, aad at onoe stripped myself of all my outstte ok thing, determined to swim to tho boat or die In Ihe attempt. Tbe task, emaciated exhausted and at I was was no email one, bat I knew that It was my only hope, as we bad endeavored to dtaoover a sail In vain alnco oor being wrecked On arriving at the boat I round Mr 'toe, wbo aided me to get In; we then pullet tbe beat d"wn to tbe raft, aad took Mr Dawaon, who was aimuat Ir set elble from exhaustion and oip"iu'*, en board. We Iben drifted nway to leeward with tbe wtal, not knowing where we were, nwll, on tbe eighth day after tbe wre k (Sunday), we saw a brigaatlne off to tbe lee ware of na, but being unable In make oarteltea beard o- awn, the i asaed on and was anon lost to our view Oar bo;*-), wtlch bad for tbe moment been great, were again enseal out, and we for a time el woet despaired of being plck'-d np aihe, as none of na felt aa bough wa conic by auy possibility bold out much longer, having already been elgbl <'aya and ulgbta without tasting food of any kind, or drlrk other than salt water, wblcb at times we were obliged to patiake more or leas of Oa tbe ninth day, Mot day, ibe 21st of Hoi tember, about four o'cloek, our hopes were once more made buoyant b? tbe appoaranco of anoiber rati a long way to leeward. We made afgnale or distress and did ovcrjthtrg In ear power to atlreoi Ibo attention of tuooe on boord of her, wblcb wo eor n bad tbe ua bounded grattfloailoo or know It g were reen and abtni to be answered by those on board tbe vessel, wbleb Immediately alters* her oouree and stood directly f-r ua It being pretty calm al the time, we were very easily taken on board iba vessel, wblcb proved to be the bog Mary, of Groeaock, Scotland, from cardems. Cuba, bouau toOork. with a load of motaanev I can .1 remember tbe captain'* same. althbogh be treated us very klsdly. Not wltb'ag to go to Europe, tbe oapta-n wry ktadly recreated to be on tbe look eut tor n vcreel boned t. tbe Tailed .-bates, aad, sbnnld be fall In with ana, Ct or all on board of bar Aooordtnglr oa Iba Meuday low lac. tba 8Mb of September, be roll la with the Bre men > a'k Laura, from Bremen, bound to Ne e York, with a trad or emigrants. Tbe certain of this vessel, upon be acquets led wttb our dronaostanoM, Immediately c n rented to ake ua on board We were aocordlngly transferred to the Laos a, and lb are met with nil tbe kladeee and at trmion whirl It war la the power of her csptue to recder. I eanoot rem mber tbe name <>f tbe ae< tale of the Laura at present. I tare a wife and one ohlld llvleg nt No 30 Van Jam street, New York, who no doubt believe me to be dffd This Is tbe third fine that Mr Grant baa been nhlp wreck* d from rtcamrbioe. ae folio ea: onoeea board of the steam* hip arctic orce on theswamablp Groacent OHy, and tbe last lime on ho Oatrel America He preeealed th-a worn I- g a most rmactattvd and tlokly appearaaoe, so much 10 indeed ?bat twtoo, while narrating ths above to our re pnrt*r, bo was oompolled to atop abort an4 real for n few miBolcr befbre prreetdlsg, and only oonoluded his narra live with grant i<IIB:olty. II will be -naay werks and months before oltbrr of Ute survivors will be lit for active Snl? again eves under tbe mlldeetnod best of treetrnml. I'pni ibe Kane reaching the cock, oor repo'ter feund Mr. Ttcc In conversation with gentlemen Id tbe engtoe room from wb >n bo procured the annexed statement vf his advrotnres of the wreck up to the lime o bis arrival at this ot'.y. AMOTIlIK RTAVKMINT PIOM MR. MEANT - F7RrniCR amd rrti.tR raki iccla as or ran amcii. Thinking that perhaps a fuller aad mo-a correct state ment might be procured from M- Grant, aa totae daa'h of tho Ian persona with h'm on th# hur-ljane deck, after be had had time to recover tone what f-ora bla reeeot bardahipe, and mee log with bis family aad frlsada, and by n quiet oonvinatlon with btm away from a crowd of aoxiona people, all talking with him at a time, onr reporter vlsiie.1 him at hia hesso, No 26 Vandam street, yeitn day after noon, and there found bin la ho heart of hie family, ear rounded by 'bree or fear female friends, and so entirely charged In drsea and appearance that be was scarce y re ocgnlMd as the tame persoa whom be saw al Castle Gar den la Ibe morning, be having donned na entire onaoge of wearing apparel, and otherwise oor reeled aad amandedble toilet. His wire did not for arms time after bearing of bla safety believe It, aal wan at flrst quite Indignant with the person wbo Informed bar of ibe fact, thinking that be was Dining with bar feelings, and not being able to see bow be ooold have possibly been saved When be was si length driven to tbe door In n carriage and she became satisfied that be bad really been saved, her joy aad rrprftsiona of en'.tsfhrtlon and thankfulness, aa may wel be conceived, we*e unsounded. What was j*y to bar, however, proved to be alter grief and woe to ancther poor wemaa living en tba same floor with her, aimed Wilson whose husband was awe of thme last by the wreek. Tbe eesre of Mr Grant'* safety fisU like n tbueder clap on her, aad upon learning that he had no la te'ligeso* from her bnsbaed, the swooned away, and csa* tinned from one raintlag fit to another, for several hours, before she could oommsad srfiirteut strength to resist her MMfh Mr. Grant, who appeared to feol mack better then la the moruSni, ,:?*? oar reporter too toUowtaf laweeuac do toll* of eecb day'? proooedtop oa board or tbo barnoaao dock ? The neutral Ameriew wool down aboal ? quarter to aloo o'clock, lolhe bcai of nay r onllcrtl m The a rM wae vary dark, with a few ?tan to be eeae la U>0 eklee; there wee no ? nin'm onr rain W e could tee nrrr one hundred nererne all amoad oa nHaginr to pleeea of Uio wreok They were all arouad no, crvn* Ibr he'p, Hot ae 0>e mo wee waahlBf oror eo e *ery mm-ol, aad tbo wind blow tor eery hrery, we el1 had M much ?? we ooald poa *nly attend to to tare roneWee from hetaf wtebed frnm Ibe deck Wo onnld not eee orer one hundred yard* ftoai oa. Wo we'd -????*? mo m the water oeor one hnn trod yard*, bat we board orieo for belp ail orooad ae np to day H|bt oa Ptrpat Moaamo ? At day tlyhl that montlnc I at abeet ten tra er twalee pertoae fleeting arcued ne, but 'hey were all loa tor off etoepi Mr. Paw eon, for oa to fire aay aerirtaaon Mr Daweoo war oa a plaak, aad owam to oa, aad eitirbod np on tbe hurricane dook with ?? me newt natm A bent 11 a'aloet oa donday mornlof, John Bank, one of the real patter*, who wee with oa at the Mae the reaeei eunk (row nrder 0? died from enhanetinw, aad rwaUew lor talt water. After death we threw bin orer beard aroma math* Befbre alfbt tbrei mora died, whooe namee I di aot know. Two of thrar were paaeeaferi, end nae t ooel paeeer Tbe* dted fmti erbanetina aad rwaltowlac aak water Tbeoe wo alio tirew ororbrard tnorwaa *ab nottp re. Thai 0*ralnr, Jot before dark, we picket ur another Rrper, wboee aune I de aot kaow. Be wee eupport njeeir )? ,he water by a pleoe of a board, and wae very much aihaneted. ror* none prattta Porto* Pondny el|h? there were floor more ef onr anm her died of ethenttlcn end ewaHowtor too muck oelt wa?rr The nime of one of tbeeo I do eot know. Be be lce*nd to tbe ale ward'* departnreel, aad wae a colored ma t Tttc aemra of tbe othera were? Georjre fturrlBfton, third ea|lnaor, Patrick Krone, eoai pa*err l*ain>k tbrr. flremaa. MooPAt ? Oa Mender wa eaw noth eg of any more of tbe pereenfere or of the wreck, nothio* traairlred on that day worthy of aoto; there were Ibeo four of ne otif of to elm all re Tnerat ?We aaw another paeeeuyer a abort Hotaiu n from ne, who wee on n part of ibn (toptota ? room, and a treat deal better off than be would bare bean on tbe barrtenna deck will ne; wa epoka with htm and ba wanted I* keow bow we were tettlaf atoag, aad eald be did no* wtab to eirhanye bto rift ?r yuprort tor a obance on oura. Retold m> ble name, but I car not roonllrot It. Wo parted with htm ? hen nl|hi came oa In ooooeoutaca of Ibe win I bea'neir* to blow pcottr etrnnily from the eaotward and raU'nf a I Nary aaa Wa ocrcr aaw him aftor thai MORI HIATUS flowe beurt prior le right eomirgac, Kennaihy, oat of tbe e?a> pasters, b*oame deranged, and m vho[I7 an cootdcoi of bLi condition, and dnrtng thai nlgui boUi be ?Bd one of the survivors of the hur'kiao* denk, a paa arnger, whose mni I do not know, -lied rrom eiheMtkm and ?wallowing aaR walar. Tmi ?a < bow bat lw> ? myteir and Daaanu?lert nut ?r the twelve i*r'Mi who woro at too Mme on tb? hnrrtaon took ?lib na. I being tin only survivor of the tea -bo had, atartoii from tbe wreck Ob the deck waea the thlp wwat down Wo-are bob very mo oh csaaueted, bat resulted to d? tba beet we could to save our Uvea. Waoceri'AY ? The tea ?ai n< t quite to rough aa it bad been aittw ugh ibcra waa a pretty good iwaU rollng. *?o?l>lrg worabr r.f role ooeurred during t-o day. THtwDXY, ibe fifth day, I aaw a boat about th?oo mlle? cff, but en id dot tell wlteth. r there wet toy me la it or pet hot thought teere waa. I rcotrod. however. t" roioh L ll If potslble. tad aoecrdtngl; I dlvratr.i myaoif of all but my nnder 0I6U en, and tleliig a life ? rt- iro' aro <nd me 1 jump d Into Ue aea. and >?>n tnwarde thn boat -lib all my might 1 cannot ?ay h?w long I waa before 1 finally rctoted tbe boat, but beii re I got to her I <il?r.overed a wan ?iU!n? down and trying t< akull the boat towar ? tun On retching the aide <t the boat, the man (who ornvad to be Mr. rice ) helped me te. Ilia boat, which, whan to acred hy Mr. floe wae full of water, had been hailed oa' by Mm through thr aid of a bucket and tla pan which be had found L11 It, !a addition to tbreo nam la gord order wslob iad remained la the howl after being swamped. The hole la the bottom of the coat for allowing the water to drain out on being tak-n on beard thin,and which *aaop*n when d'ronrered I y Mr. Tlce, bad been plugged np by Mai hy atbolo nln, *0 1 bat when I got >Mo hrrtl-e was In fine trim. Mr. Tine anr tnrti ir imm-dlalely polls* tbe boat ae fast aa poatlblo to the burrtran* deok and took Mr. rmwton tn He waa aa tirni g at either of ua, ae we had all been wlthvnt f od fiom 12 o'clock at no^n of ibe "ati-rdey before, and were complete y exbau*ted, aa we bad been incessantl- at wo-k foriome thirty tlx b' n 1 before the ehlp wool down, 10 trylrg to ayo her, ar.d u"ne of na had oared to oa'. on* a ?ery little during the whole of that time After taking Dawton on board we allowed the boat to drirt with the wind to seaward, ret being able to belp ooraelvea If we bad wl-hed and not knowing whlcb way to pull. Before tbe wreak T outer thunght I coold bogtn to go tbrangh with che half of what I bate, and do not think I oouli crer do it again Friday and Battrdav ?Wind light and ploaaant west thrr; n?>tbi? g worthy of note oorurrod fr?' ay, Rioimi Day.? Wo still oonUnuod to drift to leo w?rd ?t.b tbo wind, being ner'eot'y rra'gned to whatever fate's willed oa. In the afternoon we dl?onvorr d a br>gao tiuc to tbe leeward of ua a ootihlerable dlna'co. nitric every potalble effort to attract tbo attention of some cni on board i f ber. but to no pnrpo-e. m abe wat too 'ar off Tbe wind waa bio-ing pretty stiff at the time, and the waa under sbor* tall*, with recf-d topsails ^he pa and on ser court-, rod waa omofmr light In about two Qiurg Momuy. Minra Day. -Or Monday. abrut four n'c ock, we taw another a ill, to wblob we ma le a 1 tbo algnsls of dlilreta la out power, which were forturaioiy BBMI by mote on b ard, and tbe veracl stood d r-ctlr do n for ua. We alto pulled all we were able to tor the ve*sel, whl.ih ptovrd Id be tbe brig Mart, of Greenock. Scotland, from I'ardenat, Cuba wlib mo aetea, bound to Dork. We taw tbe vestal tome "me before ?h ? aaw ut. I think, and mado tlgoalt to ber Bhortly a'ter five o'clock we were picked up by he vetsei. where we were received by al! bands with tbe utmost klndn-sr. Ferry thing waa do?e fur na that coolu he. Tfce boat in which we wore raved wai alto isten en board of tbe Mary wltn ui. Wb?n we got on beard tbe vessel we were so much ex banatcd that we could not stand alone, and wore obliged to get bold of lomrthlng to anppnrt orrrelvra We remained on hoard of the Mary until the followirg Mrrdiy, when tbo captr'a fell In with tbe bark laura, from Bretren, wltk a uad of rataengera for How York, and asked Ibe captain tf be would uk? ua on board, ? bleb bt readily consented to do, and Immediately eenthta boat cfT for ua Here we were ?ieo received srtlh Ibe ut ?uort kladsert and adcntlou, and oo'hlng was left undone by tbe oeytaln, peweegeri ir crew for our oorafort. 1 prefer not raj log sryib ng about the vessel or Ibe condi tion of ber vachlrery, or making any statement whatever about tbo dlaatUr j>rn tort lo tbe going down of tbe ship what native or aa aihhv, I will my, howetrr, that, In my judgment, Mr. Atbby baa been very wrorgN rtnrureo, ae I uidcrttand It. I r o ant tb'ak, from all 1 know of tan Mrcomtttnoes of hte leaving tbe vetitl, that ho la at all to blame In tbe matter. I tm pretty oartala that be kft tbe ably by Ibe oapla'o'f order*. aora tmm waamna. Tbia it the fourth "me tlat I have been shipwrecked. Tbe first time waa when I wat about sixteen yearn of age. on tbe brig Atlas, of Wtadeor, Nova dolt, bound to Fall River wtth a load or 00al. Bbe foundered at tea about one hundred mice from Boston I woe tbea taken from the wreck before the went down, by tbe tnnu, of Holland, and taken to Now Brunswick The aenoad Ume war on board or tba steamship Arctic, when 1 waa la tbe wator (1 ty two hours. 1 was then ricked up hy tbo damhrla. Tbe third time wae ea tbe Orsweea Oily, and tbe fourth and last lime on the nostra! America. We suffered very much from tbo water being so warm, tbe best bring about reventy dsgrree, wldcb, with lb best of tbe run, made It vary opprerrlve. When wo were taken on board of ibe Mary we were covered with sen staler bo'le. several ef them being t>n mi note There have now all disappeared, wtth the exoeptioa of those oa my lips. ST4TE1IENT OP JOHN TICE, SEJOND EN GINEER. ] vu on board Iti Cen'inl Amor It* at the time of bar going dove, and bad op to the morning of >bat day beta buy with Ibe pataeogare and craw o" tbe vteeel, In endaa vortag to mto u>e veeael Heetag tbal all oar effort! In that direction would be nnaval tag we abandoned the Idea and tamed our attention to tbe tafcty of U>r paeeragtre. Seeing that tbe reeve wu about going down, 1 netted a piece of board, wl h wbtch I leaped Into tbe watnr. At the use time tbe renee! went town Hy, .bar gleg onto tbe beard, I went bote abort dlatagoe below tba nurfaoo, and upoa oomlag up ooull aaabotbtcg abool tne but i?a remalca of tbe wrack and the floating paitcngera. la tba uiaat of wbom I wat. I Imfftf-tlately made my way wttb my board In leeward, la ordt?ftA get oat Of roach ot taa I ml^Ht crowd, for fear Utat 1 i.tgnl came In nop^u-t winsome of Ibem, and tbna laterfaia wttb eaeh o<M0m iteming our mutual aafaty. I continued drtftfbg to t'oWat4/or three day* without taelag a tingle perton er oiy-fll, until to ward tne mldd'e cftha third day I cepfoOa dgrn look tag object floating on the warea lome dletanoe ?f. riatag a good ewtmmer, l immediately made for U, and aooa gained auf ficlent ground to dleoover tbat It wu n boat. I tben re new ad my cfforta, and after three or ftmr boon bard work, being greatly fatigued, I eama ap with and laid boM of the aldaa of tba boat, to wbteb I eluag for a few momenta la order to regain my atrengtb It waa while I wu thua ? dueled that I dteeovered Ibei It wu one af tba tlfeboota wbteb bad belonged to taa Central A marten, but whleb wu awampad la belrg taa ached before that reaeel went down Tba boat bad oome to tbe eurfboa wikbewl bearing nag lortona lajnry, her air cbambere being porfaol. I im mediately, on recovering myatrongtb, tnmedad ta creep lug over tba aldea and laio Ibe beat, which wu vary nearly fall of water, tne norh being out of tie bottom, tba ?erne u before launching from tba vblp; I the a tamed to and be'ied u much of the water oat u I wu able to do with a bucket end tta pan. which T found It bar, aa>t atopp ea tbo bole la the bottom of tba beat with a piece of a thole pin; my pantaloons. wbteb bad boocme on cleat ta ma, la cewcqaeaoa of oaa lag batag eaUrely worn off by eimfleg against my board, I threw overboard I oomianed ' JOt'tf la leeward In thta boat for two mare day* without eootag a dagle t bjoot, an til toward Ibe clean or tbo corona dey I uw what appcarwd to ma to be a rafl er beat, with human belagv aa It. I Immediately vado u much way u I wu able to warda tbo object, and aooa dUoorortd Lb at it wu a port oa of tbe hurrtraac drrb of the feotral America oa board of which were two peraoa*. f-corge 8i eat. oaa af tba fi rrmu of tbe vuaal, and i.eorge ibwaea. a orlwrcd peveeogrr of tba Central America Three I lock from 'he r raft, on wbteb Ibey had been floating for five <leye. 'Mo my ouat aod from tfccm learned lbat tb?y were tbe eaiy naee turviviag not of twriva pernors that had taken ret re ca the dark, ree of whom wu 'laorge Boddingioa, tba tblM amount raglarer Wo rmt.aued drtiuag In 'reward "at Hnnday. ihe eighth day after the wrerk, when wa. for U?* tint ttraa. uw a vail veaeel, wbteb proved k in i trhooecv. which we endeavored to bail, but war unable to mak* oarer Ivan aeeo by any on beard, probably to tbe fbri tbat aha wu a great way off tad oar beipg eo etna oa tba water utdn etfec he atienttoo of a*--, ever abedd they be oadrrk. but H being Seuday. the Probability was that moM H her crew ware Orlaw. A anther reuse why we abnaid soe bar aud the not too oa, waa tbe fhn rat wa were lork'rg out roetnra ly far evrrj ob<ert wa oeald aea. la hopes of fhllfrp la wt*b a vawel. while tba people oa tba ? cb<? ncr probably were nnt !i?>llng on I for My pan 'ca ?ar object. Tba schooner iwaaed oa lo lha aowtbwerd af at ua *ad wu aooa ooi af eight. At ib's dUepp<4etrnetii, car bearta and imrwgr e!tno?t flniler, bat hedev'ug tbat whl* 'here wui'fa'here wu hope, we tried ta keep up cor orurege aa well u we rtold. thinking mat we wrbt yet fall la wtb relief before It wu tor lato Ifo Her Jay, tbe nialb day of ocr remalntog la tbe water, aod tee-jut of tba icratb. ebtet I o'clock n ibe afternoon, we dlok>rervd ai other sail hearing directly la our dime Net,to wbtro we immediately ? ade ilg?al? of d alma, which abe evidently, to cur rrcat ley, at letgth vaw er.1 mad# her tonne rtlr-ctiy toward,ua hbe proved to be tbe br g Maty from Orveuoctr, Scotland ffoe came up aod look ?? board, end gnvo oa aeoh euietaar* u wu lo tbrlr power to reader Wa worn el! ft-sUv emaciated end atmort entirely hr'pieaa from hunger, blrat aul ?*??- 1 vtire, ha-'rw hern in the tali water, m a tropical clime, i WpAf day* am i fw-nfg Vwn, without 'atUrg a particle m food ?r a drop of f?evb water We all*,tiered ?*trea?e,y ffr.m tbe brat, wh'ob at "mu wat tntceae and a'maat aa eadombie fM Mary helag from tiarrfr ana in Cuba, loaded

with iarVa?eee. and bor ne tr> left, Ireland, aod nrd wlab log b> be tekro ?o Tar owl of ocr cmirae, th? <dpta.ii. whnee eome I (Hvremember at present, km jly meeonted to pat on r a hoard or tbe fleet reavel be fom In w tb ! bcaad for the I nited state* wbmh pro red to ba tbe ? Bremen bug I acre, wtlb a load of rmigraala, with wPlch he fell in co Monday, ibe ywib of September. , The oapfia of the fanrw k'ndlp look ua ea board, an 1 1 gave or b'l Ibe ale toward dreulrg our at ran earl cworid- 1 Irgforcar aacestftie# ft bla power Nothing father cf eoMcqccnce ooeun ad up to tbo Une of oar arrival at UUa * ,tm' *u *"*??? fc?Ur, rtmMn to iue 8 u! of nvonuo and ??? I.- ' '? **,ln? ?'>' dollara In bank ?ll to, iroiltf on ti Bank ?' N> rth AniMton It this ottv w lih*h"??* Ht, hi!^ *Wflb ?M> brought lo thle *jp ? tie riM in the i )om mm of i ihlovM k?l D\kA (VOth *?* hlm "***"?* ? .braa A^i^k .^1 d oaata. without ?; sSi-KMr. s?k a bleb, being 10 lac ft n I he aall water had'eaused avarv ?V-'fir' t0Tr 00 '??ib foot in lb# vicinity of iboaakje, r?? daring u impossible r? hmiowanrunv other e?Pclt Lbereoc than -ney cloth allonrra a ireel dtwJ HU?irM*hJdUh?n 7h,nh """" "** T4r* ?i?k owdlon. HI* acre* had been dretaet or hoard or the brl* aa well aa it! oruaTiVC.^7?U,<1 P"mU ?f' the ^ 0?i* ?iU wound A) IMTlOHAt. FABTIOriAM inqom MR. TICB. Mr J hn noo, the Drat aaaiataut engineer on (ba Oeotrtl America, !a a young man or apparently treats 8to yearn of age. and baa bran In tbe employ or the oompaoy, on toe George I AW, for about Mur jeers. He la aery intelligent ? nd aa aooa aa hr la able lo ronvome ertli b?y? the ability to give a grapblo and deep'y Interoatlng narrative o' hla narrow etoape from drowning and narration Cpon a> ril ing at the office of tbo ojmptny, Hr J J. Hiillttoo and tbe cbl r engineer, Mr. A.h >y, oo,1Ve>e<l blm .Imca. In mediately m n carriage (o bia realdenoe. Wben In tbe oity be soar da with one <T bta relattvo*, a> d hla return wan met by the different member* of the ramlly with va rled and powerful reeling* of emotion. Aa totioe himself, his strrag b <ee . ed to sink r*?, ??<ler die evoito neut Mri6 ntnltled to bed, where be remsiocd dnrhgtbe day , obtaining sorn.. drg.-ee of ?,?t ?n I ?ol In de, aa ail nth !? many friend* and ot irn*rra not a1! w(?t ho wM'thri?" t Hf> ,W,.l "hl1" rld'B,r 10 lhp ho ?? nbmt he wee three day a on the nan It Wore h? pern.,, vol te U M r 2 ??*U "fRP ','m' ""I Imin tdia'ely a earn ild .h 'ooni'hat one of bee <iide? had been atoro in, and tbe we* f> II or weter. Fb ahw p?rooive<l a large b-.lH In btr bmfrm, which he plugged, and lhea?h?Ued .JCt t(,0 r."bre ^*?b,?"?>hetad "?'? *?? m, /toVon aa be tad prepared tec he lay do va and went to ,e*...*M eompa-atlTely and thus h? k'ru!r * 1? p|ftkn,, ?l' ?? 'ho lirlr Mir-, four da<? am nr Jtt ?o go'tlng Into hebrn', Alexander ?r?D|. ? rt r """ ' n l ined blm Tbo letter b?d,w*^rroa; ?hl ?: l?e burr'raB? ''-Jk.and which wa Jaung ^>?ut three mileadl.iant Tbo* tbon rowed and pee 1 n back to the r ?ft, and to^k on beard the b at 'be C'ered man. Ceo W Daw. on who .%? tee only ,u?. WMiei. refuge on It ihL!k, h,o ..PJV? u?** C D,unl|y ?? 'he alert for we. ni Ji I . r.' ,Mhf,n8h '""C" nnmbera or dolrhm* Drwurl to ih? i ?'??rloua time* Tbo bng or pofure to tbo olrments ha* re. uoed blm to ?o low Ar>hiZr*u ,b,, mnoh ?*'e '? "?o??a*?ry oo the pari o bla frlrn 'a to guard him from any naduo excitemert or n eeyero ill* oea may be tbe reault. ?*o"?m?t, BIATEMENT OP G. W. O4WB0N, THE PAS SENGER. Uur reporier rltlted tbla gentlemen yeeterday, at Vo. 12 Leonard whore ho It being carod for by bit frlen la Or our Brat wlalg Mr Dawaen waa lying .onnd a?l?ep on . ao'a, and u<A wishing to dtaturb hla elnmbera we arranged blm at foer o clock. On our teconl Introduction wo were (track wits the e mad ate d appearanoe of a tall, well bnllt and mrentjiny colored man, apparently a'ront thirty Bye yearn of age, and who moat hare bad an ron cenal.tctlon to have endured the more than ha ma* ?niltr'nga big f ulo or horrora rccounU. B>ila hare broken out nil orer bla body, the Bean patltd off hla banda, and bea'den anaken oheeka, bruited I'mbt. and nil toe eigne of bard ba'dtbipn, a large tore han made 1U apjearanco on bin forehead. He waa a pltla ble object to look at?bla powerful frame etroegly eoa traaltng Ita prearat deplorable oonditlou, and abowlng -hat he pnichaaed life at n great aaurtaoe. He waa Buffering much from deiUlty, and wllh dlffleuUy oouid drawl out replle* to the few queaUooa wblab tymimtby for hlr condition permitted nt only to aak; and ereu the.efew were .mmuy for hit atrengtb. for be repeated at not lo continue, at bo waa unable to reply. Pitting bealde b.m waa Mr. Garrbaoo, anolher of tbe pray Menially aarec of the Cectral Amerlou, an 1 to him be apoko ror a abort time longer, in a weakened tone Ho far at we omul gtther, the anbatance or Mr. Daeaou't a'atemeut waa that he went down with ?*o yerael, and nfter etrngglatror aoree time Is the water, Benny ancceeded In Uwlrg him aclf cn a r'ank In tbte ooadltlon be remalnel, totted about, until tbe teeoud momlag, when be waa taken off. and aaaiateu on the Bouilng deck by tccb paaaenge-t at -2! J5"S- 1? ,M> dl ** l,m? were about *" w It, but our by oje Ibey eoautnee u drop rff, uid on tbe fourth day tnev bad all pcriabrd but fhur. (in tbo fifth day the boat with th* ateataat enplneor, ?r. John Tu?, waa StoawS'Il? ir (.ran. lea tbr .leek and .wan, "ward.T uTaw' ^ . afar the o-brr two pawngem dropped off. and Mr Daw ?oo M,,d h'Uiaelf atone Hie' ?ndm " 7? X Ab^r iLm*^ D< M dMrT?*d-?Te LVa floating !1 01 ^ 0PP*?. ?"bout food, drink *' ???king over h>m Tb* wonder la he Itrr. to rrrouut bit terrible agony of ?iff<rings Mr Doe '4,M' ?*?? lownrda blm act hvuk h'm Into tbe a.^ .* LT' tb?ra day* m>re 'a the o^en h .it ??f. frr rg borrfbiy from tbtrst acd hvnger, and ?u weak thrr could tot itacd. On tbe nletb ^ny (2let alt.) they were S^TauS W!7 of Hr*DOC?. board of wb'st tber wrre lifted and bamanr t*krn IbBT wrr T, ,iPr*iL. f*"*r'r ?n 'hl ^'h lit 1.7. , , ?o the Bremen ha'k L?u-a "u lbp ?r ?0 *'rg Mr Da wmon r.?.^e * ofk flat* Jtwll he a lerg tim* If ?*er, barore ba reuonra bla trlrtiue % Icor He H a wreck of h. matlts ?l p-ttrat. and t.1mn great care a.d o^a try to brjry blm retiad We woui.l a.iggiwt to th- umbi !k!i!?. 11' ? mmitu-e tuat Ma rate la tun dam *nd ? ' , JV? *WpB",,u ,,r " a poor mail, an 1 ho ? den >e?t, ttudldne. noti lahlng food and olofiiu* are eemrMiy lo bla ronral accnre "totnog are ih?l h0?" lB H-wbetler: bo waa orooght up ? . i" H'a rathe." aod m"her m .^rc, he'! " ",,b '? *nm 14 t. re M io atari rcr heme aa sen ?* r 'wnibie and telkei a.wni i*avlug the elty to day, bet c(eu. rat wit not be ab e to #? to Be receive, good Mil ml aMwd.att a.d aa? bren ermmandrd by bit doctor not lo u k any He re ?m> Mr H'try Mau.paon of No 12 Jk'iaa d tt/eea, who la aa o'd fi'end and at viaintanr e of *e spfferer and attend* to ?ta want* wltb g-eat oarr and kin inaaa Both of them wrro oo b?Ar 1 the Central Am? J^c. ? r woWot .wu?Mr|i,IOMOr in. bo?i. id Mr Daw eon tared a* above narrattd Mr Hampt n in fbrm* ne that Mr f'awoen *u out a naaeenger hrt nne nr tbate|r?Tvrf w* T>" '? ?? ?he am Pme J'twiro it4> been iHiptriaftid Naarfv T 6# **? C." b?*r<1 CromasMt City wbel w,oJ ea.'^l "Tn ***. a m.b that bao al way* borne n geod nbnraater. tbeogb be bta goaevatly led tbe adventn y."* ^ j ?? ub manful., .Sir ft. escaualve arffrr ngn. tad up ?*r* no way d/i'Aed H* to in very eomformhto qoartora tow, but anouid not ror thai rente a be arglerted by Lb oar who have ;be llahu-*^ matt of public ohtrlly gtvea. for the beaefll af (unb r*j - HeVutmaia m go to^SfZSi THE SCHOONER FX DORADO AND TIIE CENTRAL AMERICA. II will ta itwrwbtred that whta tha aeboioar >1 Da ruo arrifcd at Babtca.har CttMiiMr,Uagrtoia thoM, P' b jbrd a brief atateaeol of hla eooorcUon with lb* t|i 'at# ' Oratrai Atr.eriea We fire, ta tbeaMtse i letter a full iiatcneal ma ie by tba u ate (Mr. gbariark) aad aoaae af tba or**, which *U1 be foua.t highly latere Mag iiat at tb'a l ata, wbes there more of Ute anffbrera tiara bora rw atored Tba li iwvdo *aa tba MM reaaat to leara tba filially of tba wracked tteae abtp, bafiac told to all light la bopa af Mriagacwie of tba poeetngcra, bat wlthtna aia.i ? to ?a? arrroa or nil k. t. bbbald. Bnarow, CM I, l?'.T Tba arrlral of tba K1 Dorado la rvaftaa wltb ao udiaga of lapta'a I!trade a, tba notrmaa ltr of tba 111 Marred aad ir at#.I aieomrr Cootra Aaiariea, eMiigalibwi the Mat hey* A>r iba tafety of that gaiiaal o!Bc?r Captain Aooa, af iba H Dorado, taa goce to bta boae la Portkrad, aflat b*?iag mod# a partial atawraaal af cirri aMtaooaa eon armed with tha dtoaetrr, which baa beaa pablMhrd la the paperi of tbla city I bara bad aa '.atorrM* wth Mr M?i- rice k (mwt aad era* of tba D lb redo, who oorret>o i rata tba Mat*meat of Captala Rmoa aad from then I ban Karat .1 aoaaa lotaraautf port'.cc lira Iba II Dorado, a ecbooaar 01 two huadred aad twain trao. ta owaad by MeCreedy A Mitt, of Math at ret. Ma* Perk. aad bar cargo, wblob ooaoMMd of oott-w aad hidoo, waa roatigaad to PI /oa, Room A Oo., of ibMetty, Data Hairrtioo, Trite Pfce la a iquare ballt. bread beeoied reaee1, wall oolea'atad for much etewage aad doll aalUnf. kbe libera boavtly la a bad ara, and thlpa bar water rror uc naartar rau. Oa ber proaoat r -ago ?bo waa loaded dowa to htr efaalaa, aad tba peea'darty (hoped baraae lee of Matagorda bar ara rleiWe opoa bar boll, aimoot <ip ta tarebaiaa aba tprvtg bar bowtpnt aa badly ?* tbe lata gala thai tba leaked aad bar coltna M dtmagwi with water. Her fbreyaP waa carried away, bar ftroMU tpiu ta rage, bar bolwaika otore and iba waa badly atraiaod HM bo pot ca tbe wa/a for tbacoegi ropolra on bar relara la Now Tort, It appear* fr-m tbe leg of tba irborotr?aa #? tract frinn which I girt balow? Mat tbe eiperteaocd a wrwau.i of galta for earrril daya prpvteot aad aararai tibetqaeot to that ca which tha ateaiaer waa wet Tba bn?f notea of i icgbaok do aat rcorey to the mtad of e landtmto a tithe af the dapgere aad luforlaga aad Mtore of o crew la r eb a tt?e of rarll ao that. Tba o?at?. (Aarioab,) ?b0 ?ajatkat he pared through a Heavier raw than mi* in Mind., a* jMWf, raa^k., with ^ MwpitaMy off a hardy manner, "I Uka a good (ale of wind omo to a while (0 woke u op, bai una waa a lit la too food.' fho plain, practical atate mania of tbone on board te? n oW Wl ??flTa the road#' aa attq ata idea of JJJ* whloh mat their ga/e when they fall la ?Ilk the Oaatral Am-rina, and the aid of ibe roaaonhi* /ST'"""- t?o imagination moat boooMod ta kTmTn? Ike doiallo and giro a piopor coloring to ma ptotnre. la oofdlvg to tbo Rtilfiooot of to# ouUo Hi q Hh?pi*Ak o.l ?? ayJif&i.iwSSg 'Ju uat on the bow tbo *0600000 bet- a to the windward ?r tbrtteamer Captain Htoaa, 0' the Kl Do-ado oa^inr tarda 2 ap2T. h#r 'liar,or, within twenty be lt ^so T*- ?* Saturday, S.piem , a ' f ? ~ oiwll lime, or Buuftey bv duili cai ti?e, in ?btcb ibo log *? kept The nt**m?r In uL cable* had hrrni 1 " ber "ohore and chain r?D? " n^ N.^'?'"*b? mat tin mo,"Si*. ?pf. i*#do ?hoo h*iled, y( ur li|hu ? ?n l kv iMa ^me bad drifted o.-t of hailing dliUnce ' The aeh. nar "Tand reer SVh "-rJf"?* r8<"ed m*1?,?11 ? trl ?i .f [ ?* 0,9 paraena en tna tahoooer ea.lmat ed .hr number 00 ibe .taamer at ^ r#n'n"?^ ai a there war a ronllaued rear of their eoloea lain* above Ibe no!-a of im wawee. which we a ^??!?S h errelj and ?ng-llf foe tbelr pray Prerara"nn? were 1u1mf d1aicly for the reeepUon of tho ateamur'g pa* J '' '< w,bt-h ?''? "P?ctea to be on bo.rd the neat U>Cch lT."* - Md ,h* ?,'n ortwed CV,?nh .J""*' w',oi> waa ronniog from t e top if the Doi'.aa oyer Ibe *.hnnrr> 10 ""I1 tb*T m'fht be ?nppiled with rresh water J i*? *ble herD ???'* upon both T6a<eia ann .big .be ?cb. 1 nor had rrl/ted ab at two rniiM di?' '?"'?V7" '*? 'W ?b" dcom,;?e.JerhT7, .p e .!'/ . m, " ?'"*"? of ,hf?? n hoard the ? boooer were I wen .r. m H 1""y" The B3,,a 'aja that ever* one of tbo '?tei eaied to the lo.t rummer aa If ft Bat unit frit rd or board who might ? et ba reread la ^.W'h ' *'4V,f; Tht' ,4U*? ???r and orrr the ?p t *? n. ar aa ibty omit nctll batf pan nine o'vJock the nn*t marring.When tbey kept .?*. rnthelr oou r *e home ? ard ? ?he/lj?k itiyv that when Uunamafider Hprndon tfco ^ohroter bit ?otce u ifh^hai ),n ,be oo-ld nnde" bTnTTS o.Jh^ l:-';,n?He k>"k i <poke lltn aiu? ho wa? . ,in"S *u<, ? M,",r " Tb" 'Clone- bad unl. r^l . .S ? 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Jhe . choose tWpt'rtiJtl!Vera1"'.' v"**' " 'b" wntrr'lho ant "Otl, ?f St ai'^" btr C4f?n- hhtween the "mate Mr Sliorlock and a ?< n>leman of hi* olty who lo*t a noohew "b0?:d,b9 Rh??n, on ibe iiatement of ihe pat?en|er who oMm to bavo teen the achooner Ofieoa in lew dltt.nt, wbile he ? aa ttregglirg in the water thl. gentleman aa.afed Ibe mt* with cha-?ea m.i n> waa mad* by h?a weaaVl m ?? t^V"ar^ hfhioany?that be ranaway from them wt So mue "T# He 41 ?h? ??e l. vCl lui* it mo (hit hit own tloancifti potblon wn in oiorw-A? one, .00 .bat be would haw, g.Ten u rre")rC|B?k0l>"h"b0,b0uld h4v* 14""1 b" hephow'a *ho ?PP'a-a like an honeat bluff trae hearted wariaer re. Med that be did not care for h<a m.0,,_ti.t,ba rntwiarduD of hating 'SrTZX. Z lUn*a'iuh?.kmnlet,!*4'l'er *roal'1 ?? valaed mo ehy him irtn an lop wor ry tbo r^ch tn~lm nf hi* j m$f f ; on are, I can otly (ay Hat fin aore* *< Uke ,bu,e wwth ar# -,oc i9-'> '?'? Put 7 -("\V Ifthahea^ beanly andetrniaig^ ,,,ke' tocarl-wd; roa.t of 1 wrt<la diatant un milea *' Ttaet-.y, a.-Heawy g*ie free, northward trfinlina be*ry ira. reea.1. red by tbo dream renolct aorTt !. eerb'e reared ma', raorbd v ahio a ! ; wrath, read laboring hard, i bbo n unia-tl r ?car,en.g bowaprU; worl ablp ZLaeS w|t a 1atd ralnt alibi dillo wln li ? ^ arrl ?hon. bmk.rfro??r bowvpplt and ;tbb m aai bTml rtr*!nlrg waaad vary mrch 8 e'eke k ? M-He.V.' fiaada aae ra?n, at noeo blowing * parfret waiafLm-? I eorthi ail, a-ri.nif aa;cd a lib a bltrV , ,?a .a " laeic ijant t.r, 0r a.,e., deck, rnwlag ^Ui eaw'!,' lienaMy Ulltnda J8 degrr a. 3? mlnm?w n -rth " . "'7U,T 0-Blowing Irnmandoiie aalo; three ro.'a fbre ar d ttialuaallM 3 o'olo b wore ataip to N M a hi. foreiait, low-red down to repair at IP if ?. in ' and airauitog hraniy, oamloe aw? dl...' h. p ro,lio* wain topmaat bar* ilar*1.JLMr *'4 ,rt'4P* aid threat ball ar' a ' trlrh't ?VV.?}Lf m",B 39 Stf ' Urged to eaetwahf. Lat. i?r>'TiT'11 Tr?U? and aqnalta, and femeo don* rot rear leg reaael laoorfer hrwetir ...Ii-,. and nggtrg o*.F,, employed m.eonrirgSita-ata tka^S wanrrr ^ ,bl-; Pe?tfw oenMamliy ..taVd.d n loTiS r M a led rear leg to north neat, wl.b hoary ra,. ZT. MM, tt/bote to 'utilr "^h.Vree'od^oMwaii" ml ltd file laoreariag; K 6 o'r'o-k blowing a perfoot bi trlcer.e, atmei v - at nltA lot red uader *?tf fore aad aft. drrkn I'releh g, end endangering nrerytairg m, deck, waiblrf rrpoirt f??r of Ibe ?iae en chaBnf them hndiy; at b o'alerk A M rr.oeeedee la been** norm t-pee'l aad .ittiE* It rrefbd: Cleared iwt; ?p?li rf ?nd hrfe tail; Dioa. bwwti c hearp .-tie of wtad with beery rata, prime* -weetantty attended 19 I at W 40 N 13 ? Blowing eeatlnned galea of Wad, will trcmerdor* rrner mi and ooaetant rata; eeeeo' lob .ring or<1 etra'alt ? thltga on la pierce bo** ft nndor roofed etmm tryea'l; onnitnaet roe of water oner deoWe, *t mid o'gbl bea?y ?q"afc: beary, wofaeel ?n ibi< rolltac ?o ?? to ?rdanger all her rroata bawgprtt wo*k eg op as<l downed :aoaaa la the brr-1, etra'ntag leek end poll bin* be It*, ranytaf owe? jumper iter* on the maiamtit blowrg ror?npaail oni etapaali. which ware etowed owe*, rut of the gatkeie. eea knock ng ewap aom* of ike ? - ?> oa the part alda; oab'a wto<' ?? nei'ed ap, daere rernred. water rnBnlag arenad'be hoaaa and (at Mat aio the rnh'a in large <;naau laa, wetting ctvAee, bt?? and proelelone 8 o'clock A M.?Wind rearing to ?oothwrat aet rrefrd leaieeeil and rre'od jib, oad bet* bar nwap, roHlag tad wearing boarllp car ted tear ?aln beam topping llfl at ? hre ? poaaad nee bark 'riag Io ader art po'ra. at nooe henry galea oad clan dp. threatening wietber I atH a da 30 49 5i KMT, 13 ?Cen'.lnuettoa of bearp weather employed to Martha boweprit In beet manner pceeible 018 10 o'rlorh Am day fHinf<aey afternoon bp elm time) npoke eteaireblp Central America in nan tag ooaditb a. ttee-a down, 'a 'atitiida 31 V> north, longitnd* TT 16 went; waa naked b7 bar oap*el? to lap bp brr aanl mirnio., which wa immediately pregarrd fordoing at 1 4ft P N raiee tag ter 1'gtie wora wad and prtoaeded to * bar# ma r aproned I er to b?; not halag abla to make 6er 1 ?rhta aat. k pi wear tag round and round in tearnh af har all nigh till daylight oontinted our anarch until PFOn'oloth 4. If., without brlig ebb to dinner anptblpg or bar; kept be Tore the wlrd la bor* nf Biting her cr acme of her boom, but did rot ecoceed. three otbrr reaeela mart lying bp, arrarrnt'p la eeercnof her; Diratilaed the bark Sax-iap or Naw Tort; atroee to efwai htr, bat abe. art willing, beleg U? the windward, key! out of our read, ken our arm! aw*p no her oonree, rr?rt?g that th? rtcamer re thvnderad at 1 tft P. ? , tahlng down with her all na board Iftnrtt, 14. r M ?wind Ineraartr and tea raaalng bratllp; echooaar rncnirg uarer clone reefe<l oaaaam at 4 ??Cork clondr aad th. eairalrg: at atght (12 a'dhmk) hoa ry biowtrr mcathfT.aqaaHaaodrala aaa ennnlni hearlly and foafaaad, break'eg orer the qi aider wettnar rail; pnmrn oceetaotlp attee-inri to. At 7H o okek A M ,>Kaiea a ehlp t? me eaetward, tom>eaili<md gone front ep? of fort rlggiag, fhre aad m? a top gen eat mm gore, mm**" reelM fbrraall aad fhralnpmart etapaatl, ret at tnymriai bead, taher aalta appareatlr all gooe 0?e tcbaooer in alghi nadrr rioae reefed eaarea At eooa, beetp eq> el wleo aad tail; all bande employed la eetdag nt- brad gear aad worfctog a boat the b iweprtt; eua ab aaarad. AecordloK to the log th? wb-^ieer rrperteaoed beery ? ?otter eo.i galea two sr three dap* Iteger Bp tb? ob lercanoa tnken oa heard the El nnredo at the epnt where ?beOnttel Amn tea weat dow?, it ?ei one h-io teed aad Bfiy ml lea aorthweet by aaa half weat freia Oapa Fear FOUR DAYS LATER FROM EUROPE. ARRIVAL OF THE ANGLO-SAXON, COTTON AND CONSOLS UNCHAJTGJtD, ?UilllCFn DCCLUIIHti, Ac- Ac. <tc. Finn ntr Loft, OH. 6?1 P. M. The Moo (real Weemsbi^ Oompmy', screw teemcr Anglo-Baioa rrom Liverpool on the DM ultimo, hai pawed thla point on her way to Quebec, where ehe will airtre thla after do a. A brief deepaloh only bee been leaded here, ted the balesoe of the new, will bo Iran,milted from Quebec The Karopeea advice, i oner ally by I be emreJ are unimportant. There t, no later nowi from India, bo! high!/ Into rota l?f detail, are pobllabed. General llavrlock bad mnmel hie ma-nh oe Looknow. Small detachment, of troop, were being tent to ladle Of the Overland Mall route. General iteld died before Delhi. Another mutiny la one of the native regiment, at Bombay bad been (uppremei. tireat Dare were felt for the Indigo dlitrlot. Tbe merchants of (Jaicuta had rem a alroog petition t? lb, Otero lo tale tbe control or the Indian empire Into tbe band, el the Brltlih norernment General Bank,, who commanded In the recent men! at Luclnnw, wa, nil. <t receM rhe g ?verntnent cvinco# noreued actlvttv In aendlnw re Infoi en en a io India, auu tbe o? oflV nf tbe ileet of u>e F.i ropean and Ameiloan Uomoaoy'a (Camera f >r .be ov.,r 'and route I ad aooe, ted b, the Inrd ICglo ? mtiaton to Calcutta, It war underatiuvi iu, reference to tbe tran.fer of tbe Indian tro ? toCbtal' tan" 1 tf r 10 ?a?por lan?. F i m Sbacghao the date, are to toe ltu> reac 5E^"ta ^Tn^X' -V B I Thi OAuse nf tbe tronblt wa? the Q leeo's refusal 10(**?cba froBl lh? AJarernorPhlj of Cube Tnrk'i*. " 10 "V* ?p lh0 l,taM of i'onam to Tbe atreet preaching In Belfhat baa u? a#t Fr*BC0 " mttl^JSlZfgSSSt K-lA ? wtth Den mS>md6"nT.a!'m '**** (,CT1OT',k) ?r Holland bM com mrnced In tbe Kipg ? apoech It aai itated that the .new u ! abolition of ilaaery In t*e Weal India ooloaicn woold he ayalo brenthl before the Cumber, wM frmMkm'n0f 0he",W,M 00 * ""ke.aad toy ,n4l,, AMt,U ?*???n?d very anaattefao ipobei^r>BC"UUOB 1 btiwotn Amtiia and Kuala wm Th? wtr* '?'?"* ta ftcfwofaunioo 17?uluio ?* U ?!*>?"??? on tbo Daring a alorm four veaeela had been tuak la I ha bar ?L. 2*1*' ard 'me frrty-two Uvaa lata The Norwegian, bavu aooepted the propmltloa to tako tbe nominal mown Prince of "weden for a recent. The cholera wan raging In the North of Europe Tbe CHy of Waahington left Liverpool for New York at tbe aameiime an the An,ioHa\oa ibo Fulton for New Voik waa to learn Bouthaonpna on tbe aamo aft em'on. ^ 00 Tb, Onra*d ateamab'.p America, from Botaoa oa Um Mh arrived it Liverpool on the 30th September ' The itramablp Vandarbllt, from New York 13th Hm> ibe 33d' v,t!^l^lan,pU,,, ,a"r ,n ">? *????? o* vZ.SiZl 7 Oollla, aieamahlp Atlantic, from Naw of tbV$2d b0"r' K40tM,d iJwrjwl at aight FINANCIAL AND COIIMERCIAU London moniy makkbp. n. *,- ? ?oner marita w?a geaeraity unehanced clt,M *' ?*>'.*"?*, arid f"r account American railway aecurttle, wur, ,n|htly itwar. ? LtVghPOOL COTTON MAKKff. thr^i '.T?' mV?" oacaang 1, cCwiag o, ' ^ n'eady To, sale, of tea ihrnn were 11,000 halc-neariy all it iheuVu 7 Lirilil'OOL RMAt TCPPM M t hi IT. ' twjr. W.,b ??? fi.W?r. *T.oir~T?Sk.tTT whit , pi ? 9?. ed ; Wratcm QanaJ four 3La a3i< r u' ladelpbta and Baltl, ?2. a aaT *OW? ? ? i M.' Mfved corn, 3Th 6d a wi. . ?iiow com, SK^ Tu! ncef-w-'Jl*11''"0! r*ov'?o* MARirrr. lard hf'lf nominal, P0.k loll, baceadctn, Md prtom weak *3 pr:?*; toJ o' '? o toqotry Amk^ -."V"tt'-001' fRonir* MAiunr. at rr,,,Wt ^ T:,ror* Of? am. 81 fw new mm; tal'ila tnrpeetlnn atca-lr at 80a ; olh onchaavwt n.,k i qoMt, augar qnkt, rice dull nachangerl bark lONfloN MA?IgT->. tin urtip. TV., Kept. 28?Noon imlortSSw 7 W,U,JU? 8llM?e ? ^?wa faoatt Havana, AIRITAL OP TIIB CaHaWB,?OaHK OP TBI NLi VHR ha/nrPA-arock op pi'oaa and moniy naMKnr ?DMHINI OP lltiov riVNK. Tbe r oiled Stale, mall ateamtblp Chbawba, Cap! Rui. lock, rem Htm Orlean, by way of IJ evaae, arrlrwl lata erenlrg. Fb, l?ft Havana on tb, 30tb of Sepiembor. Th, (laver captured to the eataward,off Qardeaaw, pre*, ed to be the American thlp Maneppa it |, ,aid that ,be had on board I.tfO rlave,. fogara an band, 106,000 boaen 11 kTl2,l*rem7,n 7I?v ?' Rrcbanga oa l/Jodoo, at iLl?2T ??.. . * ^ *k, par Not much doing At Havana b^tea, wan very dull. Freight, poor IT* V TBTy ??"?'bly decliatag The Lahawba baa had a vrry bolaterou, puna,, ,troar nortbeaaiet ly falaa preva Mag th, entire pataagT 1 J oar ph T Crawford, Faq , Bc*t'?b 'toaani UeiMral at Ha T"* JBtaaager oa the lahawba, with hi, Tamiiy Sugar had allghtiy drcitred la rlca Our ocrrrepcadant la Havana writing oa Mi, 30ih wit ????:?1Onr bua n??? la aiected by yonr flnaaelai ooadit' e' and .1 hvugh rirhauft, ar,bettarftb, JmrnZ? ara rloaely aernitalaad pw^er Tb, people ere weU .aliafir 1 that Heoerai Inrvnadl daea ae appear, but they have no hopt that (taaarnl Ooweha will be rl'owad to remala Tba Ueuteraat Uorrricr of juDo. I !i?r II <wd. few boat nrrretnl Tt.r ravi *iey hn?w? of the Ifetl laalrn Tkore kfevr boon ?orrr*l n-rirm.of Mo?tHera or rubor Fartara 'n|!noerr rrcatly They bar* acted lmpiuionl I; iroom'rr b?ro tboi early. Tfea 7Vf*/a gltea ? ftttferlM ac-mat, aa urthatoaa. of tba proepeoaa of Ibo omrw. The yitli of n(V will pro bably fea ro?7 hoary Tba lobaom oeida da aal look ao wall, tba i'iant? bar ap taffored boertly from altarm'o droupb>( aad wot; it u rapecaod, however. thai tba qnail of tb? kafwitl bo r?-y ruporlor, equal to tko boat of u wo t fferwrol yeara Adrtera from lantl fptr'tna to tba Sdlh Sapiambar, atata Ibai fbr ? lumber of t*aya it bad boon rata lay ooptouriy id all tbal rrplra of ooenlry. Iba rata balag aoooapwnled by boarr boniboaet aad beubwoat wlada. It waa foured tba* ooaaldeiabie 'image would raault ta.Uto ovwpa, M tba oaoo waa joat aaflV-tootly adranoad to ba lajured by aaoh a keorkdowa rmpaat Mncboftbe cane had baas proa trmtcd. Tba roloa ontlaaed without abaiemeat at lateet dfttO At Maienri*. oa the 191%, a naptura waa made ofadae prraio yetdof runaway nafraaa, who bad fortified tb?-n aoiraa la tba aaooatalna Om of tfea prlriaere waa tae r?w?w? Iriaro, Kag of tko Palan aa. who hoi bam bo ?orrrr of part of the oeantry m foartaao yawn. He ?>*'? Boiro Sgbt fend dlad or hla wouada Tba /bwi ray a that adyteaa frim tfea '.eterter repr* font rata eterma proralUag ererywbrro with gr-ater or lata rioianne Tba Ma'an / it popart rtate that auab t'iriw ? fall fbr tha oropa The maided aad raarlo Prtaolpo prtfelfe rapcat tba aame tlnry. the twf csntrbvilli ocraca, l. i ?Vfeornwo A trot fbr a puree of MOO, two mile beatt, la fearvaar, (tm? eff yoaterdey afiornooefbetwreo ob. m. lady L'feih OaM aad b. m Bella of Portland. Itoaaof Wathiagiea waa aire wlarad for I hla paraa, bat aba did aat Ore to oawtand far tba prlro Roee waat the way af fell flaafe ow tba lOtfe tit. and left Uta affair to badeddol by tba other too lady iJtebfeaM won rary oaaiiy la iwaatntaht beat*. Tba roiuag waa ISO la do la ferr brar before tba Mart Tba follow'np la a tnmirirry ?? _ ?<>*pat, (lot 6?Puree SCO, ?*? mile beam, la barnom. n Mara oatarod efe m Ia?y Iltebleld 1 t D. Pifar aatarad b. a. Pallaaf Portfcad. t 2 Par, Ill-Ill. Unroaar'i Inqaeeta Foam parw*a>. ?da laqneot waa bald yaafarday at ba ffeot af spttaff ? treat upon tba body af ? bay, eight yoarr oW, aamad Jallna Nahaab, who eoUdeatalty faU crrrbaard aad waa drowaad while ptnyira oa tba axrre pi or fbo raroam of ha droaaaod raaida at *4 Safliraw Mrrrt Verdict, 'Aontdaatal daaife." Crrr Raiukud A on mat ? Onrtaar Oeable waa a tiled upoa to bold aa laqaeal at tba Wloefeealh ward awttoa bearo ?pea Iba body of .Pater Ottawa, the mar who >m eooidrataUo rua orar and killed rn ihr rhlrd tfWWO ratt road, mar Fifty aiatb atraal, oa Madiy eftetaooa,