Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 6, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 6, 1857 Page 4
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MEW YORK HERALD. JAM** CORDON BKNNKTT.. EDITOR AND PROPRIETOR. CmCl N. W. CORN KM OF FLLTON ANO NASSAU BTS. Voluuu X X II No. ?3 AMLhBMENTh THIS EVKNINU. RROA' WAY THEATRE, Broadway?Okand Ballet or FaCSV? > I'SMOi. CaU N1BL '8 laRDKN, Brradway-Jocso, the Brazilian Aro-tf ,im ok tu>. Maoic Swoeb. ROW Ri TniATRE Bowery?The OrcsADE&B, OS TBI OipMak or tub Eocbtaim?bbeodkps. JICRTON'S THEATRE, Broadway?Our Mannkkixg-Ky Conn Kate. WALI ACK'8 THKATRE, Broadway?Tax Rivals?Cap taim or tub Watch. LH'KA KEKNK'S THEATRE, Broadway?nciBAirn rou a* Hock?8i.\m Heard. NIW OIVMPIP THEATRE, Broad way- Mauriid Rake ? Kino Laobk?school fob Th.brj HARNCM'S AMKRIC (N ML'eBLM. Briadwsy-S>E(H ar TbK ? BOH NihmT'MI.ALI-UKaBP AQUARIA, OK OCBAH OAR EBB -Ol BIO.-ITIf, Ac. UFO CHRIOTX A WOOD'S MINSTRELS. 4?i BrOUlwBy RTBlOrtAM MlMBIBKUi?A/AKB Drsee. MK<T!ANIL'S HALL, *72 Hrvadway-Neoko Mli.ODlEt? Bin oqik Motiai BitoTHBKS NIBI/O'K SALOON, BfOBd?B)-3RASD CONCERT BT Jo fA?A Mai New York, Tuesday, Ottobrr O, 1H57. ??Ill tar EEropo, rax mm tore hiialb?bhiviom nob euxopb. Thf On card mail steamship Canada, Copt Htaarnoa, will Oeto Boetnn ob Wnlnesday, El noon, Tor Liverpool Ttie European malU will close to this city at a quarter | past ooe o'clock Oil* afternoon The Eoropcn odituni ot the Herald, parted la French ?ad Knahab, will be published at tea o'olodk la the mora hg. ?agie oopMe, la wrapper!, ?1e oaau. SabsertpuonE aad adrarUaemenL for aay edition of the ?aw Toaa Hebaic will be reoatwed at the following plaoei a Ewronei? Lobioe?flsmtob lew Foe A Co , 47 I id get* hill ^OBtaia An a acrupean ba, ram > a, *i aii| William at f aba.? Da .to ? piaoo de la Boorae L ? betool?Dp do 9 Uhapal Ureal Lrvsmpoot?-K Htuarv, 10 Caot ange street. KmE Satis? Aa A euro peas Kspreas Ua, SI Rca OoraatlM The ooslaa of the European edltloa ef the Haaein alii jtoOtCtoe the new* reoetred by mall aad telegraph at Ifer eftoe during the prevtoti week, aad op to the hoar of pmhBeattoa. Halle Dor ths Parlllc. new tore nam a lit?California ti?mo?. The I'mted Rtateo mall steamship 8:af of the f< *i. Capt Oraj, will leave this port Bedceeday afiornoon, at two o'clock, for Aiptnwalt The mat la for uaurornla and other parte or the Pacific wlB oloee atone o'clock. Tht Naw You Weetv Herald?Uallfornla edition? aont&lmng the latest Intelligence from all part* of the world it!I! be published at eleven o'clock in the morning. Single copies, In wrappers, ready for mailing, stxpeooe a genu will oloase tend In their orders as early as possible Ill* ??w?. Two of the crew and one passenger of the steamer Cectral America arrived at thi* port yesterday. Their names are John Tice, tecond assistant engi neer; Alexander Grant, fireman; and George W. Itawacn, paasenper. The circumstances of their es cape are truly asaivelous. Ihey were nearly nine days without sul*tence, and during that time drifted a distance of five hundred miles in the Gulf Stream, when they were picked up by a British brig bound to Ireland, and subsequently transferred to the Bremen bark Itaura, bound to New York. * cii particulars ol their sufferings at sea, and their tescue, are given in tc-day's paper. The steamship Anglo Saxon has arrived at Que bec with Liverpool dates to the 2lid ult., four days later than the advicts received by tne Arabia at this port. The general news by this arrival is unimport sat. The steamships Vanderbllt and Atlantic, which left New Yoik on the 12th ult had arrived out?the foimer at Southampton early on the morn ing of the 22d. and the latler on the evening of the same day. The London nctney market was un charged. Consuls are quoted at 'JOJ a 104- At Liverpool cotton remained as before, while flour and wheat bad declined. Provisions were dull. We have news from Havana to the 30th ult, re ceived by the ? evmship Cahawba, which arrived at this port last evening. Trade was dnll. The money market, however, wre easy, with exchange on New York at par. The financial trouble* in the United B ates had somewhat Injuriously affected business Freights were improving. The stook of sugar re maining on hand amounted to 196,000 boxes, lei- . low fever had decline! considerably. The American J slaver Mazeppa previous'y reported captured off ( Cardena*. had fifteen hundred slaves on board. j Several arrests for complicity in the slave trsffi had recently been ma le, among them a person hold" ing a government office. We have Yucatan dates to September 15. Tho revolution against Governor Panlateon Barrera had not ye' bten put down, and a skirmish between the parties was dally expected. The Csmnecbe rebels kept np the semblance of a government, and had regularly organized an army under Major General I guano Uvalle. The town of Tebat had been sacks 1 by the lnaianc, at the instiga'ion of the rebels, and every bouse in tbe place more or less injured. The -laughter r.f women and children was considerable ; tbe men mar aged to secrete themselves until the lodians retired, which tney did affw one dsy's sUy. Our correspondent at Cape llaytitn, writing on the 8th nit., states that Capt Mayo, an American, had l*en arrested there on a chugc of forgery. A stevedore had been found writh f 400 of forged bills in bis possesion, and when examined he alleged that he stole them from an American brig. On this the shipmaster, as well a* a member of ? reap* in. tde mercantile taoure, were held to aoswer. Tbe notes were sent from Boston. I was thought, how em, the accused parties were innocent. Tbe cofft* crop promised well. The market was over, ^looked with prodooe. and lard and fl<b were un -aleable. Logwood sold at 50 to 52 Haytien dollars per too American gold brooght a high premium. The following ie a correct statement of the amount of treasure shipped on board the 8mora at San Fiauclsco on the 20th of August last:? Ao.-reca treasure. "0 r?r?l*aa ^'L, 1 1' i*,K'. J i,im $i,eeT??3i? The American treasure was lost in the Centra' America. Tbe amount is lees by some four hundred tboueand dollai-tl aa bas heretofore been stated in the reports of tbe low. We learn from Messrs. Welle. Fergo A Co., that tb?y have received duplicate bills of lading nod drafts against their consignment of gold lost in the Central Amert a. arid that they have drawn on the insurer* in England, with directions tor the returns to be cade In specie and other parties insuring abroad bavr no doubt done the same thing. A farewell misaionary meeting was held on Sun day evening at I>r. Smith's Presbyterian chur-h, in Fourteenth street- Amongst the clergymen present were the Rev. Messrs. Smith, Wood, Rushwll, Jack. ' geirk HoldCdge and Ferris. The meeting was con yrted on tbe occaaton of the departure of the Rev Mr. Jack, Mra- Jack, Miss Van Allen and three young ladies, who leave today in the Ooaan E*gle f<ir the Episcopal Mission at Cape Italinas; a* also of the Rev. Mr. Ogden and wife, who are to de part for the Preabytoriaa Mission in the island of Corsica. Mr Wo ad. In referring to the probable effcet* of the present commercial revulsion on the 'ollections of the missionary socitth *, stated that in 1-37, when tbe A men an Board was in need of more ms rtmre, n number of zealous CbrMians came for ward, and tt received that year several thousand* of dollar* more than in Dlf>, and #210,000 more the next three following years tbsn it did in the three preceding one*. The Rev. Mr. Bndi wrh, referring to tha condition of the African missions, stated thst they had every reawm V) rejoice in tbe progress t iat had been mad*. J .tMopta was stretching out her band* to God, for there ww in that region fifteen different missions, representing almoat every evangelical mission in England and the United State a. There were at present engaged in disseminating the goapel in Africa aboai 150 missinnarita, assisted by about 300 natives, who had been educated in the mission schools. There were 14,000 souls connected with these mission'*, besides toe thou-end* who had died in the Christian faith, lie stated that two of the native languages had been reduced to writing, books were pii red in them and from 500 to GOO youths were being instructed through their means The people were in general simple minded, c >nfiilng and affectionate. Messrs. Jack, Quick and Hotdridge next addressed the meeting, and after a lengthened prayer for the sncoess of the missionaries, the con gregation separated. lhe l>emon slave case was resumed in the 8u preme Court }ester-day morning, when Mr. Blunt submitted his s'atement and points of argument in behalf of the plaintiffs, namely?1. Slavery is con trary to natural right, and is not regarded with fa vor in any system of jurisprudence. 2. The law of slavery is local, and does not operate beyond the State where it is established. 3. Tne pro virion of the lederal constitution relating to fugitive slaves recognises this principle of universal jurisprudence, and imposes on the free States an obligation which is limited to fugitive slaves. 4. Tne persons here claimed as slaves are free by the express enactment of the legislature of New York. 5. They cannot be held by virtue of any provision of the federal con stitution. 6. They are not held as slaves under any ?niplird covenants between the States or by any rule of comity. 7. They cannot be restrained of their li" berty, whatever may have been their state in Vir ginia. Some bills were received and referred in the Board of Supervisors last evening, among which was that of Sheriff Willett, tor $d,7t>3 DC, for the quarter from July to October. The Common Coonctl commenced its October sessions last evening. In the Board of Aldermen a communication was received from Stephen II. Br&Lcb, asking the Corporation to ascertain of the Legislature the reason for the Record Commissioners asking and obtaining an extra appropriation of 1150,000. The original appropriation was $550,000. The document was ordered to be printed. The Cen tral Park Cornmiss oners sent in a communication a?kii>g for the creation of a funded stock, in order to enable tbcm to procure funds to go on wth the proposed improvements in the park. Some seven hundred men are now employed on the work. In the B-ard of Counciljaen a contract for cleaning the streets was referred to a special committee. The passage of an ordinance reorganizing the City Inspector's Department, In accordance with the new charter, was under discussion, when a motion to ad journ prevailed. The October term of the General Sessions began yeateiday. ? quorum of Grand Jurors could not be obtained, and those uns string to their names were discharged till eleven o'clock this morning. Eighty fire jurors, grand and petit included, <rereeach fined 125 tor non attendance. The Recorder made a long ' sM'e'-h in passing sentence upon Luke Kerrigan, j convicted in August of receiving stolen goods. In const quen?e of the prisoner's physical condition th?-lowest penalty was inflicted?two jars in the State prist n. A convention, said to be composed of delegates from woikingmen's societies, assembled last night at No. 178 Bowery, and adopted a series of resolu. tions strongly opposing State prison convict labor, and endorsing the entire democratic State ticket, with the exception of Hiram Denio, in whose place Hiram Ke'cbum was nominated. The American Judiciary Convention met last evening, and nominated Judge C. A. Peabody for Supreme Court, long term-. Wm. Mitchell for Su prene Court, short term; Benjamin W. Itonney and Joseph Itosworth for Superior Court, Wm. M. Alien for Court of Common Picas. Wm. H. l.rotrn for Marine Court. The Committee on Markets of the Board of Coun cilmen met yesterday afternoon to hear testimony with regard to the proposed purchase of the (iause vo irt property as a site for a public market. Mr Roosevelt appeared before the committee, and ia an address of much ability represented that the original sale of the property by the city in 1*52 was invalid onai couLt of Mr. Simeon Draper, a city official, hiving l*en the purchaser: that the Supreme Court h id already decided that the sale was illegal; anl that as the pro|>erty now belonged to the city, though in the jiossession of o'ber parties. Its re purchase by the city would be a wasteless expenditure. Mr. Roose velt f-t .ted that the case ha 1 also l>een argued on appeal, and that any moment a dec'sion from the full )?nch might be expected confirming the decision of the Supreme Court. The committee will repurt forthwith: and as the resolution to boy the property ha* already passed the Board of Aldermen, their re pott will bt looked for with much interest We learn from a gentleman who has recently re torted fiom California, and who w&- aC.vhcl to the Judiciary of the hta'.c, that the coarse which the State must pursue in regard to her pecuniary obli gator s, will be as follows", viz.:?Th" people having constitutionally cud i*e<J tin ir legality, the bonds wi.l all lie called in. and new ooes issued in their stead, coveting the principal and all past due in terest: that the next I-egi"l%tnre will levy a tax aufficMntto pay the annual interest on them; and tlif this process will cause some delay, and that it may he January, 1855?, before the l*>nd holders obtain cash pay ments of dividends. He thinks it not improbable that as the State has been unfortu na'e in one of two of its agents, that the coupons miy hen-after be made payable in California. The cabin pa*?engm of the ?team*bip Stir of the West on her recent voyage fn>m Aapinwall, last evening, ?t the Metropolitan Hotel, presented a silver goblet and pitcher to her commander, Capt. A. G. C?r*y, as a token of their appreciation of his mente as a sailor and a gentleman, the prewenta li -n speeches were made by Gov. Foote and Hon, Charlea I.. Scott, of California, to which Capt. Giay re?pordtd with iiecoming modesty. A Moimon Conference, composed of delegates from I>? aware. Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey, was hell at Philadelphia on Sunday lint, when it was announced that the Nainta would strike their flags and give up all hopes of converting the unbelieving, stiff necked Gentiles, in the regions round sb nt to the belief of Jo. Smith and Rrirham Young. Their publl-ations have ceased and tbelr conventicles are closed. Hereater sinner* must get salvation by the old fashioned process. Doubtless the Mormons have liean somewhat damaged by the pressure in the money market, and their dctermioa tloa to let the world wag an It will la prolmbip at trlbutable in sntne degree to a wise economy. The Committee on Railroads of the Board of Conncilmen were to have met yesterday to hear tes timony in relation to a proposition to stop the use of steam on the Eleven'n avenue. )*lnw ftith street, and substitute small passenger car* thence to tbo tern.inns at ( bamher* street. No parties for the measure appea-ing but Mr. Garret Stryker, the meet was, at his request, adjourned to Thursday next. 1 lie Police Commissioners' Committee on General Discipline was yesterday afternoon engaged in tak ing testimony In several rases of minor charges against pt>]i> eim-n. No decisions were given. The work on the stupendous Bergen tunnel, which ha-" been for sometime partially stopped, was wholly suspended yt sterday morning, thos throwing oat of employment shout eight hundred men. whose wages ranged from one dollar to two dollar* per day. N igbt work on the tunnel has been sn*pend?d for s ane time. The laborer* were much discontented yesterday, and some dls'orhanre ?u feared. Ttia .mam*. msrftea oeatlsasd % net the llfht ?met aad raoelpN wllfe tea surreal oT aterliaf "*? | ?uan?e were ?Dfare>a?le m ?aJ?a on uis trw. while - inaH ?hlpw-este routines i to ha made oa n?n?rr wnaoast r aur waa la larger topply, an J gaiw amir* la* export, and rlncd a! a decided edviafla over flstaMei'a q?*a Mow# Wheal was la gsad dement far ax pert, asd plow c'OM<l quit# Arm for ? hipping Iota of both re t end whlto ?.?thorn. Cnrn ?M Ino, with i good ex sort do nut, nod ekMtd ot TOo. 0 7lo Po-k w? dull ud lower, with inihil Mloo of mom ot SU VTH O I'S Sugar* wore qui*, ond oelao ooolooil to obnut 800 ? vfO bbd*. Oobn ot prloot glron la oaothor c>l?ma OodM wo> qilet and ?ale* limited. Freights wore Inner for Liverpool end Letdon To the rormor about 18,000 t>Ma Goer wore erg*g?d at la. Sd., and 80,000 a 00,000 barbel* grain, chiefly oorn, at OJtft. a 6)4d., bulk, with wheat, la Lag* at 6X4 a fl^d. a 74. To Loo doe 810 hbd?. rrgar wore trie? n at 2ft*, and 1,000 bbla turpentine at *. 6d per 580 lb* Tito L>? Warred from the Central America. After ? lapse of sixteen days since the first party of tbore raved from the Central America were laoded at Norfolk from the gallant little brig M&rlDe, and when every hope of seeing any more of the unfortunate passengers and crew of the lost steamer had been almost extinguished, three more have been returned to their homes. After enduring the most terrible sufferings on the open sea for nine days?they were without food or water? drenched with the waves, exhausted from exposure, and reduced to skeletons by starvation, they were mercifully snatched from death in tbe darkest hour of despair. The ac count of their long agony, which wc publish this morning, is harrowing. One of them, Mr. Tice, the second engineer was drifting on a plark for seventy-two houre when, espying one of the damaged life boats, be fortunately succeeded in reaching her, and soon after fell in with the o'her two, Grant and Daw son. clinging to the hurricane deck of the steam er, and took them off. Tbtre is a sad episode in the story of these two mm. It appears that at one time there were twelve in all on the hurricane deck, of whom ten perished miserably from exposure and starvation ?a slow, lingering and painful death. While driftirg about at the mercy of the waives, they saw several others clinging to portions of the wreck, but were unable to aid them: and as there is no account of any of them having Ixeu taken off by any other vessel, the paintul con clusion is forced upon us that they are lost?that we shall never hear more of the brave Herndon and the hundreds of unfortunates who went down with him on the deck of the Ceatral America. It is a remarkable fact that the men last rescued bad drifted on their frail support nearly sir hundred miles from the spot where the steamer sunk, before they were picked up?a dreary voyage?the terrors of which, with a protracted and agoniziDg death staring tliem in the face, no one but themselves can realize. There are few instances, if any, on record of men (nduricg so much from the disaster of shipwreck yet comiDg so bravely through it. Though the re is little cause for hope that any more will be or have been saved, still there is a bale possibility that some of those seen clinging to the captain's cabin or the wheel house may have been picked up by some vessel not yet beard from. We sincerely trust, though we hard ly dare hope, that it may l>e so. IntercErTKD Letters of the Perctun ' MrM>TFR.?We publish today certain letters of ! Mr. De Oraia. Peruvian Minister at Washington, | addressed to President Costilla, which have been intercepted by the revolutionists and made pub lic in 1'era. Mr. Osma gives us a graphic picture of Peruvian affairs generally, and of the lamenta tions of tlie foreign M'misters at Washington at the deplorable ignorance of the first statesmen of Europe in regard to the United States. Accord ing to him. the European representatives are always in hot water, because their statesmen at home will nor or cannot comprehend the genius and character of a people that has come ioto | existence and attained the proportion of a giant in an incredibly short period of time. It will be seen that he is violently opposed to the protecto rate of Ed gland and France ; and his j augment of the course of England in rclaMon to the con vention formed for that purpose with the British and French Ministers in Lima has been fiorne out by its rej? etion. Mr Osma gives a frank and not unfavorable opinion of the UnPcd S'atcs; and his r*c >m m< ndatiou to his government to place foreign officers in its navy, is a good one, though it may seem to reliect upon Peruvian loyalty. What he says about the course Peru should pursue in i its intercourse with this country is full of politi cal wfodom: and bis remarks In regard to the fact that any one may represent the republic In Europe, but a man of sense and judgment should be Tjt to Washington, is very applicable to our own foreign representation. Our Ministers, like I the se of Pern, have little or nothing to do in Europe: but in Spanish-America, which is begin ning to look to as as the leading Power of this continent, we should have a better class of men than we have been accustomed to send. Tbi*e letters of the Peruvian Minister will open the eye? of statesmen In Europe to a new view of the position of this country i" its rela tions to the Spanish-American republics, and will not be without their effect upon our own public men. So frank a judgment addressed by an accr?dited Minister, in private letters, to the heed of his own government, merits great ooc side ration, and will no doubt receive It We crmm<nd these letters to the perusal af out readers. Cm. Prrjjow and Gin. IIrmiforx--I>oN'T Lit the* Conk Toorrm-.u- We publish today a violent letter from G n. Pillow agaioet Gen ii itobciK-k. and another very unceremonious sort of letter from Gen. Hitchcock concerning Geo I Pillow. From these two letters, it will be seen ; tnat the original qurstion at issue- to wit, Gen Pillow's declaration in reference to the alleged bribing of Hanta Anna by Gen. ScoU -has do j generated into a mere int'ichange of offensive 1 personalities. With these personal itiet we have t nothing to do. except to express our regret that , a margin of ten years for reflection has proved , <00 ?bort an interval for the settlement of the rivalries, jealousies, misundi rstandings bicker ings quarrels. Ac among the officers of Gen. 8cott's army tsfore the city of Mexico. We think, too, that as Geo. Scott has interposed and settled the main qurstion touching the Santa Anna britx ry allegations of Gen. Pillow, there is nothing ielt of Gen Pillow's original letter of any special interest to the public. Certainly the public have no particular anxiety to know what Gen. Hitchcock and Gen. Pillow think of each other, beyond what is already known. It is a pity, however, that tbtsc belligerent gentlemen cannot be brought before one of the Naval Courts Martial now in scrwion at Washington ; for thus they would have an opportunity to produoe tin ir witnewes and their vouchers urdil they had enough of it, and without inflicting their personal grievances upon the community. It is only as a part of the supplemental history of the Mexican war font we publish these exchanges of sulphur and saltpetre between Gen. Hitchcock and Gen. Pillow ; and because, when two m"n or two wom?n are engaged in ? street quarrel, all their neighliors Like to bear what is going on. Damon And Pythias in a New Cast?Mas sa Gkkkijcy and Master Dan Siokues-?Oar amiable and irty faced cotemporary, Maraa Greeley, of the Tribune, Is load in his sympathy for Matter Dan S cklee, whoee bright name, it sterna, has been omitted in the announcement of a meeting where he was to deliver an oration on the manners and morula of yoang politicians. Tbe sympathy between Damon and Pythias in tbe old ol&tsic times was natural, and so is this. It might be expected that the thousand dollar etool pigeon of Matteson and bis friends?who were turntd out of the House of Representatives? would very naturally sympathise with the 6ve hundred dollar referee of the Lowber swindle held up to public scorn and execration by Jude Roose velt. But we are not hard hearted. If Master Dan Sickles intends to address an assembly of his fellow citizi ns, wc will suggest to him a few gocd points for his speech. Let him describe bow a young politician iuay make a sensation in public life by introducing improper women into rcspectuble society in a legislative gallery. Let him show how an indictment for fraud or for gery in a deed helps amazingly an ambitious yt ung man to rise at Tammany HalL Let him paint, in tbe most glowing colO'B that his elo qut rce can depict, how a young cadet of Tamma ny may enjoy the spoils of office through an untried indictment for theft from a Post Office. In short, there's no end of interesting topics which Master Dan Sickles may not use in a poli tical discussion, and treat so eloquently as to give bim even stronge claims upon the sympa thy of bis new friend ? Massa Greeley, the philo sophic thousand dollar stool pigeon of 0. B. Mat teson. ?THE LATEST NEWS. Icwi from WrMhlngton WHAT OXMjrr JONB8 IS DOING DOWN IN CSNTBAL am Kmc a?m TRerANTirBO obant?mors STSAM BLOOrS or WAB, rc. Washington, Oct A, 1847. Despatches were receive 1 at the State Department to dny from farey Janes. He does not Inform the depart ment w bother or not he has been sooosMral In his mil si en, or whnt the present oondltton or things Is In Central Ametlen In (Act, the administration Is not n whit wiser with reference to the complicated affairs there thin they were Wore he left. Bee rotary Oaaa may bare to send somebody to look after Jones. General Robles, the Mexican Minister, had n long Inter view to day with the BecreUry of State touching tbe Tehnnatepeo grant. Mr. Osss thought It should hive been mote liberal, while General Robles contended that the > parties obtained all they oonlempialed doing before leaving ! for Mexico. Mr. Yrliarrl celled on General Cam for a few minute* to day, bet the General had no additional c? mfort for him. The Navy Department reoeived to day a lengthy re ! port from Commodore I'aaiding, embracing hln late reoon nblwanoe to ancertalx the feanibility of a ahlpoanal aoroai the lithium. The report li favorable for the oonatrnoUoa of a canal nearly on a Una of the prseent railroad, the greaeet elevaUon to bo overcome being two hundred and ! eighty tlx feet A number of gentleman nre here from New York and elsewhere, urging UM Secretary of the Navy to bolld an other of the iteam i loops ontslde of lbs navy, lbs Beere tary Is favorably disposed himself, bat oertals gen lemea In the navy are Oghllng furiously agalaet 11. Hon. John R. Tbomepon, Hon. G. B. Adrian, of New Jersey, and Can. Pert If or f. Smith, arrived thin evening end are stepping at WlUard'e. Before Naval Oourt No. I to day the cane of Commander Char H Jackioa (farlosgbeo) was oommenmd Before Oourt No. 2 the case of Lleai. We. B Flixgenld (far ' loaghed) Is os trial. The depoelUoas of Moat. Cooper and Commander Spottawooa sere reel, and Commander Or Ke;t was examined, Oil In behalf of tbe appl.canL Uapt Vaa Brrni rearmed bis seatthii m>rn ng as s of Ihlt court Before Court No. 3 leday tbe cue or Com manecr Charles T. Ilatt (furl >oghed) wu under exam na Uon. Commodore Lnvaieiie wu examined in hli bebalf thb cxmuL rwritm

THR PB4CVlCAdILI"T Of A jUIP OAh'Al. ACV083 TBI IHTUMUS Of rA?AMA?CALlfOllNIA LARD OAAHT.s, ?TO. WATitldt.TO*, Oct 8, 1817. Tht Navy Oepej'aifDt received today an o01j:a1 com nrnn teuton from Comodrre Paoldiog, re alive to bti ro OTicutiBO') jf Uie IiUttr.tu be-woeo Atplftwall And PtBASDA, to eocdrtain the practtoabtllty v cv.atruoUog the later < ceaa'.c canal. He And bli irteoUflc party look tbo route by which Use rallrrAd peraea ai ta every reepeot moil dee treble for thla pa/pone. He r9porta that tbe T'lamua pee if ?eem? to pruaeet no lerteua nbetaele for the c3b?sl<i so of a canal, bat lb?l lb ere vet.Id be great d fficuhv ta procur'ag !abor??? for lbs atioc aaful accirn ''tab*'at <f tbe work. Tbe dutaaoe from oeeea to o? an, acner ug to Kngiat-er lotteo'a eMlmatu ak>ag tbe proptetd lire of route for ibe canal, la forty Ore and tbree tbnitba aattee 1 la taiulaied that tbe coat of tbe canal, lac'tiding barbo'tmprovemeata at both enui. ?U1 aot exoeed clgbiy ?sUlh oa 11 doUara. Attoiaey Meant ai Black, In a reoeat declatoa, aaya tbal a t*rvon who rla<ma and ta Oall'rraia, aade agraotfrwn Met tea. It pa-Hied to bare a patent for It laaaed out of tbo (irnrra1 land fm*e. whenever ho ihnri that hla I 0 aim baa bean finally con firmed by tbe Com ! mlailoaeri of Uie HMtlol Court, er by the Supreme OMft, If be at Use name lim. annompaaiea u at proot with a lurvey car tilled and approved by the ?nrveyor (icnral. Tbe Attorney Oeoeral baa octale an p?rvnory control over tbe tavmtlt ation of Ibe QaKwola o.aima, w Li la tbe anuleet upon ibem la between tbe United Malta and lee Mexican gmaieea; bot anyone tbta, ptraoae , elaimlag tttlra advaraa 10 tba patenteea maat reaart to tbe [rater Oct na of tbe H'ate Putin* lb we k eadia* Haturlay, tnchifvc, the PwV ?aetrt Oeaetaltigood draite for ih? pay of matl contractor* tc ifce eaouut ret l?eet a Bullion of dollar 1 which baa already been drawn from tbetreaaory lathe treexi.ry t'aaee etieo Ibe egyrrgaM drafta for tbe name pe-ltxl are , ib cl ll tee mril c. of wbica aoa-ty two at. 1 a third mil I soe? arete New York Large amove e of belted Hielee Mo-ka come la for redewpuoa > ifty ihooaaad dot an 1 a orth were received tale morning Kiwi (ton Kaneea 0i Lovw, Oat 8,1817 Tbe Qntadaro PltmAotea of Ibe let tael rayi tbal near ly a tbeneaad M Iran arte ne have entered Kaame, bet eedn Wntadare aad Weawn, to eetlle there; but wnll la formed pnrilee la lUerourt eay IbM tt la for ppUUoal pW peaee. Krldenea of oonported action aong Ibe whole border la becoming apparent, bot vtoieaoe u net afpre' , bendt. Plremen'a Parrtii la ritlladtlphla. BIOTlhU AMO?? TI10 flKBMRR?THRBB MSN SHOT? ORB MORTALLY WOCMDBb. ruLArtmrRu, Oct 1, 1887. Ibe firemen 1 trlrnalal parade paeood off very plearaat ly. Ntaety three com peal ea warn la tba Uae, tool sdlag twenty fear vtaldag eomynatw A number of onmpaalee ban* new apparatae, aad all the miiilaee bare been re pain ed aed adorned. Tble la a ganeral bettday. Muah la diiaetlor waa rtoiwd am agal ibe ra? nbe-e of tbe bead*, br aeveral or.lored ban do velag ta ibe Uae of Ibe pie iviitoa Hbeitoa'a band, am-mpenytng the Nan Torn fi'eaten, le t tbn line, and van followed ay Beok'i (Phila dclpMn) band, ai Aver Iran Plana Meeting In Baltimore mtdinwae Ool 8. 1887. Tbe later Inez 1 are heldlag a large maaa oeeting to algbi, la H-aement iter*. Mr Hieit. Ibe American aandidmo for trovera< r, wae one of the apeabara JwlMal Mwmlnntlore In Indian*. lertiABArnuH la , ttot 8.1887 (Ileafaery and 8 D Trait, have bene eon taated to fill use verm*ire te tbe R inreme Oourt of tbe ??*le, caaeed ?y the reatgaauiea of Jndgae union and (lejktaa Drmerrrttt frttneph In Rrldmpnrt. lUirxteeoav, Oonn , Oet. ft, IftftT Tbe charter eit*tt>n held bare to day, reraned la tbe etrni'n of the dam ora'lfi tloket orer ih? repoonc*n An art en Urket f C Oalbcen wan elected Meyer by Of maj trUy Ooa?sdtra?le eptrlt wai martfeetod lllneei of n Bimbrr of (Jengnn. TVerr, ua 8, llftT. Tetcin|eeee that Me < eorge A' dlmmon* member of Onegrera. bee ag?t- been itri.kto with pareiyet* at Kara vl la, nit* cannot poodlaly aarvlvdtltroafb tbe eight, bee be>n rwairitt here. Mr B ilea la playlet Toodlex here te atght, at manager H warti'e, le an tmmenee bouee RradVt the tnath. W iwwunovnn, Oet 8, 1847. Tbe mall from ell totem ea late ae dee la to band, bat II artega no rewt ef imeorianoe four tvsaipaotna el tba 4tb ArUiiery bad arrived at New Oi'ran from fimida The export tfoUee en tebaooe el Vera Orna bad been re The ?blp HArkawej, rear at') toot, railed frenfhtrlee le nn Ibe ?8d of July, elm a cargo of 1.0P0 hAlea rf pa* lop pad 8,400 bbla of naval alnrap. She wan I nam ad la ObarMtoa tor only 81.800. Tttm ????! Panic. WHAT WELL (U r?MILTaKIA LMIlLiTDII DO 7 HuutRnM, (tot ?, 1861. Ike tow* Mi a d a Uve> ifpiimw to day .owing to the arrival of *????? mbini of the Legislators. There wttl probably b ? ? ro t qro un of both hooMi to attend net to Borrow morning. The Governor's mooMgo to aJ?it>d wtih * greet sal of anxiety Boti house* will Beet Mil A M II to Iboughi UuM the message wi'l Mete lb* "OBdhloa of lb* tonka and oommtnl on the OiuBOtol embarrassments, bet make ao reoemirenoaiioe In regard to either, leaving U to the Legislature to derlu the bom mrw of relief It to doubtful whether nnytttng ate be dene tor relief, m e email minority mar oboarras* the majority to enoh aa extent ae to defeat ihelr measures. No preelottoes ee to the retail oaa be emtio TBS DBBOCRAria MSBTING IB PHn.XIHIl.rBI4 IN OFPttolTION TO THI IXGAL1Z AVION or fEJ 90S PENSION OP SPECIE PA1MFVTM. Pnu.aoBLraiA,0 el I. UIT. The meeUig of the democrats In opposition to the legal 1 ration of the suspension of ereoto payments was largely attended lb la ermine, orleoliallv by -o-king men Geo L Wharton presided Resolution* wore offered, wbteb to enbetanee are m fbllowe:?That the pre ent flnanot*] em barrassmtnto, occur rl eg at a period ebon weal to oomce from all ? nroes, ovrrfloelrg end la ebundanoa, are to ooneequenoe of overbading, Impredeat tnrrstmento and extrarsganoe, wbion, In toe opinion of this meeting, bare been stimulated br Improper expanrione Incidental to banking upon an Insecure fcnnnatlcn; thai re are la favor of Ute pofey o'ndnt metallle ccrrncy alone: thai we attribute the ore tent ertect eccndnesa or tbe attolrs of tbe government to tpeCe ?ra reactions; Oat tbe e it tire I iute and oity shield br stmlto'iy ada tottered, and the tracery separated and dl-coatsc ad from the basks as tbe treasury or tbe Tatted Sialte ba? bren d?tatehed from enob aseoclal'on; that to gait/a)lor oT >t>e praam! suspension or sneoie pay m nt by Ibe banks would violate tbe fund tm ntal prlnoiplee or pna 11c and ptlva'e mo aluy, thai Ibe Lego la ure a Pout to convent should lea-, r ibe banks to tbe operation of dialing Inn, t'mprred by etich forbearance as the good sense of itelr creditors may ?ugge?t; that Sat'S should maintain a eotnd currency Id specie on enoh bsrks aa are Iremedlstely reiooarahle In arrtu, and lb si no other aboutd be sanctoced; that we are o < posed to bil'e of smaller csnnmlrstlona than the present; that we denounce and criminate bank presidents ant di rectors as old 'ogles ?ho shut tnelr eyes to the In.ores ? of tbe cty and tbe Stole; and that we favor the adoption of toe Nets York bank system, with the exception or the luce or email roles. Much enthusiasm was oaneed by the mention of the nsme of Jackson, and the ten I moots to spend ires; that extravagance has Dam tbe cause of the pra??nt troubles; end that economy Is tbe only redress, were received with applsuse. Although the mreilsg was large. It cannot he termed fuil. Much dtnsattetoetiao existed among port ons of the democe y In regard to tbe msa>ure tome or these, however, tor It part In the proceedings, In order to guard ?gainst going tco far V.ilsniary retolulnns wore attempted to be offered, but wrre overruled by ibe fa riles in powar One of tbe reso lotions esktd the bank dl dors to resume epeols pay ment or rmder abatement or their accounts to the peo tie wlibto thirty day* a J save a to vote for no man for tbe coming l.*glsla'o'e whi was nottppooaod to the present sv*r*m o'banking be re'n*al to have this reed caused rarcb dlsiurnanco and oocf.slon. Mr Wharton, (ton. Oadwallader and others spike The opinion* expressed were, that bank expanil na end la bankruptey and oont'sotiens abut up wo kshope. A riot coeurrod dnrtrg tbe parage this afternoon, In the Serenteecth ward, between the mem 'ere of the Hlbornto and Fraskltn II so com pec lee. ihroo n.ea were sh 4, ouo auppeaed mor ally. A&otbet difficulty after wards occurred down town, be tween tbe Vo< amenslng H te oompac; and the Fair mount Engine company, but nothing serious arose Lorn It The city baa been thronged with rr*ng-r? and a'amen to-day, and lb to evening all plaoee of amoaement are Ihrocged. FINANCIAL AFFAIRS IN BOSTON. Bomoe, Oct. 6,1817. Tbe money market, aa tor aa Ibe scoot le omt emed. is unchanged Tbe banks bare been liberal la tnelr dto cocnta to day, and public confidence to gradually bem(re stored. Ibe banks raid their eem annual dividends to-day, which are abcut aa average of f- rme- years. Very few tranaaettoM took piaee to at Mike, tho>e of ra" roads ohowtr g the least d? pre sat on. Bank sbarea were pressed, but there were no buy era. Rumors of beery failures were current to the street, but only two firms, of small MabUttiea, are known to hare suspended. Ibe managers of tbo Eew Eagland Wcrated Co., of wbtob Meson. Lawrence, Stone A Oo , were ngeata. are endeavoring to make euoh arrangements as will enable them to oonttaae the works at Haxoevtlto. and thai ooo Mane n large nuaier of hands to their employ. Meaeri Welle, Forge A Oo. waived all right to day to tbe usual grace en seconds of drafts, received per trie Star of the West, and also ihe tosty days node* an dupli cate receipts of treasure lost to Ihe Ceatral America STOPPAGE OF TBE BANK OF CENTRAL NIW TORf. UtlCA, Oil t 1867. The Bank of Central New York, of this city, did not open for business to dev. Thomas K Walker has been appointed Kt or It or of Its effects. SUSPENSION IN CINCINNATI. fisrivwATi, Ohio (tot S. 1R67 Msssre. Punitory, Drake k Oo , bankers hire, have suspended. SUSPENSION IN LOCISVTLLB. Lor wills, Ky , (tot B, 1857. W F. Oalver, banker here, bee euipended No further fall urns are approhenced. FaILCRE in HT I. OCT a Ft Levix, Oat 6, '887. James B. I.ucas A Oo., bankers h*re hare closed Ibetr door*. RtniNPTlON OF T'lE PTSLIC D1ST. Watbivi.tuv Oot. S, 18B7. But a few thousand dollars of public debt came to band to Cay It la expec ed thai to morrow's mail will doaoi law bring a large amount COM I HON OF AFFAIRS fN NEW ORLEANS N*w Oats tic, Oot. 3, 1857. The heavy pay moots due at the bassa to day were aaiis factorll; aad resolutely met Tbe otaU It oootidered past, and be at y I* brigbtsatag. Ksaaet, Du A Oo , a commission house, tolled to-day. me Hew fork l(?t? Knl*. Brraam (XH 6, lkftT. ruder the Id!1o*boc of the wind aad mo. Urn fai.- g naod bee rvoove?Bd f cm the effect* of the renest bra?p relet. Tbe pre trot pro* or on ere rood fro week of felr weather, the outrber of eotrtoi op to thle motalaf to larger Uuu. at any (ravloee Ihlr. kliemboet Accident?Wtrtewn l.tru Loet. Itractjor, OA. 6, lo?7. The eteemboet Ilea Omrlt wee r\io into bp tie etoemer Kep Ctly about two o oloek peeterdap moral n*. when ocer (a Pro***, o> the Mleeltelppl river, end nek Unrne dletelp Id flftenn (ret if weler. flfietio of her deoh pot ?rogere were ciowaed Tbe eleemrr It e total toee. Berket* New Omu<wi Oot 8,1*17 fcoMnc?Fair* to dep 3 000 bolee There w<e eo Im proved deteead I'rtcai nit Arm. Kicle**** aaeel ed. Rl tVALO Oct &?a P. M Ploer Ormer; eote* noo hhie et $4 *7 e 8r. "or ettra Illiooki end ftritete. ead t' 2k ? 16 M for doae<e oi'ree. Wheat lira; eafa s.lfr biebtliai ?7Me. f?f Mllwe.kie cUb, e.d POe fbr ml* td ( tile. Oore tteedp; eatm H.noo lait.-le at f.kc owe I'm e* :t4e. Wbfcbey dell et ike. PVelfhie dili-?Mo eke fot corn to Aih'BT end trop Leke im po'.e for the 4* bonre ending el Boon te- la; ?4.000 tote <4 Boar ?,??) Oaabtle of wreet, 2 000 haebele of ode Ci> eelrspcrh- f.b.oco tiiwhelo of wb**t, 47,000 burbot* of eero; moet'p to Ude we er Oawau*. Ootoher iM7. Floor lowrr ead dell. Whee?tloioefo ipring held et 00* , with e lite t* t Irqrlrp et Mr e 11a. Go -n da I ee I enrbanped: eelee ewell parcel* et Me. Lute Import*? 1.1,OCO barbel* wheel; 17,000 hnebel* herlep, fl R'Q barbel* rpe eoei merle? 4,100 bbl*. Umr, 4 i? be*b#l* ? b*??; 14,M0 burbrlr erne flBMIABB, not k -0 P M rie r Arm. Re'ei et 43 00*84 Wneat eollvo, el 730. Or* Heady fiai* q 1. MMpmeel* to Ra!f?K~300 ler ?el* flour, 4* (CO borh 'r wheel, 14.000 tiueb'l* r, vn fltltf meat* to ll*we?o??C0 htrre * flwi-. no werat er one. P-reft* to raj?1,400 barrel* Soar, 00 0M> bueaek wbert, 04 000 hothelr ro a. Patoolial Intelligence. Cover!* or tee C*i|in t*T?t*e i* Damn ?'The Preel dent et.betllaW o( M'tlei be* (reeled the tr-ouotur I) the f I to >tof Aire toe a (oreal* and VlceOooruir la metre pohlti' ? Cberlee Wehrtrr. er (1 mil lo Tebnaetepen; t4eo?tr* I.. Macmanue, ae Tiro Onneul la Thtbaah A: J t. Hrirre, ae VineUoaenl la Rea GotePotoel; ead William immaa, ae Visa Omtal la Aoapaloo. Roa. Loal* Mrtjtne la bow Iplar eitremetp II'at hi* rmtdenne la Baltimore Hi* phpatrleae eaiertaia no bope of bla recovery. ARBITAlB, Imnrr tbe dtaHngulnbed arvtrateal the MekmpftPaa Hotel Will be enticed tbe'nwla* ? Hoi Wat M flwin Pa'lfre ma, D A. htrrkwa'ber. lee Btala'ev tnfblll. Bor true ad una, California. Purarr B. Ml era f t linn Htratna Maty; Hon 0. L. fcott. horo r. Om.1 0*el Walter end family Unlie* eutir. Arm* Wm TnmttnJi red wife, l/*l|fr> nle. 11 I). Karl' ner aed will, do . Br and Mrt Krey, do , Uahriei l/a>ryo and bmtht r. *o , O. P frtwidna. Pbftl Janaea W tttattwime. ? injt fmvta. H. 0 Bin*. <wr?li W R Joknaoe an wt'e, rap n wall P. B. Plammrr rnd wife. OeHrdRtetna Amp. C O. 0*1 llabaa. Pabe. Ji4tn H*rtier, l.tHilatllln Prom Hew Orteara red Harena in tt-amaklp Irhawba? Bra Hnrdr-aoo ard eetTaet A It V nwm ara P Ptt.t <wu>n. J I'btIb it W BrNkeae. bra Clark kit) I!.irk. Mt-a M i*ow era, W "rteh. ladv a ad anil. T'kalrn. Jone Mart], kn TP<7 Tie.- yarn A"*wnl ? fa-.idl. a fnaian lady, ton nhl.4r<n and ae raat Bra a Knrman. Mr .1 Prawfnrd. ) r m lleepr.w. la ateamehto few Tor* Mr 1 am wtartna and lady. Br J<wrh Hotie Mre Mlinfcel' Mr Jnke Pterkia. Mr Wni B ee Br WIPIrm urwnt Mr Rnherl n lh?-t, Mr Matikew tlPbevt Mr Iloffh MeMan-k'nn Mr Rnpert inhoaion. r i.i nee < bfhotm. Mr Jobu Mm . Br PetwrMiPeOqm Mr Pe'er *mllb. Mlee "m 'b Mr J.din MePedy** and lair. Mr jnbw 1 peer, Mr Pafth Haai'hnn Mr Jeme> Tbnnaenn Mr John Iwrbiralre, Mr Ge r*w hober**ae Mr William trartam. Mr P M I elley Mr Bohm* Panatrckam end lady Mr lamrn Wylln Me nrrld wyltw Wr Wa'arw <}ritadwa ?r. Mr ffervnv hewiree. Be* Andrew mevwtnow Mr. Joh ? te'rtde Mp -tgr rmrfw RnMey and l*ep, Mr l?nae Hn***nan, Mr fevlr I? Bi rharaa Mr William Orr, Mr ainbard Hiytu Mr Jaiena Gnr dnn ar Bnbert <r*mml1> Mlaa itrmmtl, Mra P'irtawia Mim Peldwe'l Mr Jamen Mrletnah Mr lamee Onlram. Mra Plekt try Mra 1k?l?B ead ekltd. Per Wll me L*'ne Mtm I a vie* Mr J the Ptnl'h. Mr Tboa B MUIne, Mr WUUam Ror. ead UK) la the ateera*e Pmm Braeaea ?rd RmitbaiapVwi In the amemeWo Arao ldeer.1 Warderllek ead edy. (1 L, Rtebolf P H Pltranod* A Plnbrand ladv. C Wnllac and tadp B Rnffmaa, R n?or berk. T Aenrr, lady and infant t Beat end tadp. Mr (ir.hal. Mr Unheatlr, lad* and tw> rkhdrra. Ink PtnB, P Rehwtad, f tare Rrtt-k. bark*!* Wallemeik and aerraah 8 H. in n*. 8 Ra'W. Rtaa Imliy Wrrmak, Mm Beytba Rmlta lobar n aWty., Mra RennW. ikmw> nAiidana aad enrveni Mr Tbewr kaaa. lady enr two nblMr-* Mr Tatier h Qonat I, (Joanne fe 4. Bra A ler nherdi Blaa l^vwikardl Mre eteeeh. Mr Htraek ar4 tedy. Mr RleUfrblnp ead ladp Br ktalfnhl and a.fn Mr Htp, Ianj end two ah! dree, Mre lernaa and rklld M-a P*r klra. Mlaa RnMnaoa, Ml II . aland, ler y and all nbtldra*; Mtae I'aprwt. Mr Tekl'.ter. Me jnknann ladv and ahlld Mr Banrv. Mr Pell. M:aa TViamn Mr Prv lwe. Mr Rnnt. Mr Nnlae*. aia? Relbaek R Btrlet M liana. T Wrnweer. a H.*te, Mr knwt?wenn, lady aad thro* chtidrwa. Ill aaaond oleae aad ?} la the Intercepted Letters of the Peruvian Minister. He Condemns the Anglo-Trench ftoteotorete? His Opinion of Peruvian Fidelity?Whet a Peruvian Minister in the United States Should Be?Oreatnees of the United Statee-Ignorance of European Statesmen with Begat d to Ihem, Ac. &c. Ac. (Treat El Regenerator of Lime ] New Tout. June 1#. IMF. to in iioemntrr bkwob d. a a mob ciuriui, lima. Mem Ribpbctbp Osmmul:?I bare rocMrtd your eell meale letter of Key 12; I bare been very much iilwid wltb tbe terminal! o of dm war, end I say tersalaaheo, becanee Vfranco without squad roo ead guano, and only la poesesetoa of Arequlpa, la of no lmoortano# At tUe dote he will bar* returned to tbe hnepitable reonbOo of CMS, whears be came, for the misfortune of Pers and hie ova. In aooordeace eltb your direction*end n oneequeeee of tbenreute ?btob prt ue ecala in poeeesslon of the aquadsua, ltffi tbe inetructSone of your Excellency, under date of apes 26, win remain without effect, if be la*t mall bad been reu-ded for a couple of daye, I would hare been too (Mr advanced In my work to ham - bandaoad it without ex pens*?aa It la, I bad to ditburaa nothing I' 1* bettor to here the sLIpe oome bark to their duty than If they bad been taken by fore*; they ooold not bare escaped my a pec Itloo, for II wan >o bam bora Tory reepentnMc. A moegst the new* frota Una there I* one faot of Mo blqbe I importance, of wbtoh I ham not been adrleed by the government. but of vbtoh I leant to be mil roundel firm leMen which bare been rreetmd by other prun me b?rc I re far to tbe projected protrotcrate over the lelaade c f Cblnoba by England and Freaoe. I confer* to your Sl ot lit no? that (bit new* greatly enrprlrcd me, and that 1 do art urderatand how a project or tblr ktad ha* been ma oelrtd b> judlolcu* and at'tntio men?n project vhlah occcera Hy, at the newspaper* here elate, met with the opposition of your Exoell?ticy. Row out It be otherwtoof Peru proelalmtog In the oyer or the world her IwoWenau ?od w? rknet* to protrot her own terMtoty I Pern, fottew lni the example or the miserable State* of Oentral imert eu, and like them Imposing on herself protectorship* and alUanoe* off euetve to tbe rational dlgotty, to >?e to mor row, a* these tame Pule* bam seen, her sovereignty da /ado o? strovef and her territory e inverted into a orey la be disputed for by two rival powers? England and the United Slates I do net onde stand bow we oan thus aet, fbrgeifui of contemporaneous history and what la going aa to-'iay iiMtar '?r eyra. By this pvjeot wo defy tbe United States, wbtob te the nation we hare meet ti fear, and teek friendship with an other. which Ddtber for Pern nor for the who's of Asaart ca will sedans er her r*lattice with this people Protee lorghl ! Who It threatening ntf If the Col'ed Stelae, Kr gland It no eupport agalnti them WUI Kogtmtd. witch to day says to Spain, "Settle your dfTrrrnota witi me; he If In a war Cu m should be meserfod we oano t for year raMe or mprowlae our relation* with the Untted dtalen, for cu the*- relations depend the wall ba ng and doomede tranquility of Great Brtwtn '? Involve berae'f for roruf By rurh a project we waul* lose mueh; we would peril our Independence aed InterevIs without the pro*poet of any re a advantage If what VI r anno has done la pomes dag blmie f of tbe Chinch* Islands ban given rite to tbtt fatal Idra, tl teem* to me that iu author might bare asoertaluad whether there wa? no other mean* loft for ?em1ig lhaee In lands without baring recourse to eunh extreme and des perate mrasur.s Tbe nary of Peru can be organized M sorb a way at not to be an element or revolution, by em ploying good foreign effic.sru, well raid, who will not pro counts; and although this may offend the l'erurlaa oM ceia and cau-e 111 wlP In mani ofibom, always badly dis posed and Interested In rerolutlrns. It Is preferable to bear this evil end hl-e 8?lsa than to te'lrer the national boaor and Interest* Into the hands of foreign nations, who aa?< fed aay real at achmrnt for tbe oons^lldtUon aad stability of tbe goven menu of the Spanish American State*, wbtoh sp to Ih'e ray bam obutned Injosttoe and r ntemot of their r'ghu fr?m them It would be prefwrable, Inilmd or suob a protectorship, to cuter Into arrangemeoM with al catkas fcr the direct aale of la bees Islands. I ham perhaps extesded much upon this rotnt, but the ptrjeoi teem* to me so dtr.idvaeUgeoaa for Ma country, that as a simple ot iron of It I ?Ml but manifest tie Impression which It produood In me. yoHuaatdy, alihogh tbe convention and tbe council of MnieUra ham approved la, I am almost aure thai Ecglatd will aid admit a proseitarMMp which recessarlly weald complicate her relation with ibis country I request offloUlly by this courier to be authorised to gives passport to Sr Vails;lestra, who lives hem, i and IKS, la order that be mar return to hit family It to revolt true, this gentlemsa took i art In the ratal rrvoiottaa of Vivaaco, wntrh be ba* supported by hi* knovledge aad oteaHgra a reamaa, but be was net a traitor, and t* aa officer of acknowledged tenor aad InteiUgeaoa Seal dee I bare Utrufbt that a man who It esteemed bare by aB wha srbo aaew aad earns la ooataot with htm wheat ba was Secretatf of this legation and ootnstenler of lb# steamer Flmao, cannot remain In the Umtod HUtee la blu ac'uai prattioa w-ihtst belnr a discredit to osroonatry? a tesUmonv which dally tell* abroad ?ur unhappy dto <orde. With regard to 8r Valletlmtre, with whom I am In Intimate relations of frlee'tblp, ooosHering only the uailooal lule-wst, T should go in r? tiered myself to prfares the noowsrary tnflu r?I would for Uklug such a atep, in a n irate way htm for my successor is 'be Untu-d States. Who oae eel >er represent I'era here thas a peraow who alratdy kawwg tbe country, the KogHth la?|utge, la personally aoqealat ed with the Preetcent t* cf aa lcdep?odentebsraotrr j? doctoua aad calm' At I bar* no inure*! la erweeU natlrg the necessary qoaltileo f- r representing Peru wltb sdmetage here, bit words ran be takep only In their trae value To be a lltnliter at a Korr peso ?o* rt aad to Oil well the pott, II.lie Is rerae>ary; but it is aot the mm* la lb* United States, wboh, es an eioept'-iwal people, re quire spent*! vn and of prsctloal Jodrm*ut, who withal clfltculty ssould tbemtelvsa to tee rulewes* Sf bsbtia and nbaracier here 1r T'rado, with a't all big Uieut, nould not do worse he*e. aad the sawn will bap ma wbauoarer no ability mar oorne hither to repiem ma. Ho r all I* cireot and pos .ivs, and b* who Is not to pur ine slly, bu be a fn'rign Minister or a simple aerobes* of matches, w II ra lo t <>?e oc'liu?l'y hea ? ihelameetailowiof trft'.rn dlotoma t ?i? wl'b roeprot W> tbo tgaoranoe of tbe drit tutor nva of Kurcpe. of lb* grains aad chi-Mi?r of lot* g-treraweet and prop's, but I doom ihl? igBoraaoo to bt natural whoa tbe qarrt vm to of a'ourg bbm-b, bom, firmed to-t ar rived ol (bo limits of oi>i<?>hl now, to tho soae* of tloM wfnb akao would bo ueceoaa-y (or imsltu trg ? soot My w|ih ? on rtofuttoo, with o-laclploa and too loocl-o sa il rely different from those of tho otior od oa1 tavdera an U do MMtr I<ooh roto'oo by iblt ttoemcr. To'P KxooIIodot 'o moot reopeotful oad nines-el y ifw Uorale frtrnd and servant, J. 1 DR 01MA, i MMMBMB, May 19, IMT. To Hia Rtnumro 0 Ramon Cawviixa. <Im Nnnn MMM Control ond F lint ? I in Impal'oaMy wailing (or adrlew from I'oru, ft* Iho loot left your R* ccilency, aoeonlng to lotion from 1'aaaua hi I'ayln, hai tbe lt?|rn?'otnr lol l g hit obi.o toward) Ijmo Ao I ohi not poroiihta myoolf Uihl your Rionlloooy would Iooto the oop'thi without Mog fatly asoired Uhl BOthlng mold napjro tbore durlrg yoar abaonco which nigai fotor tbe 'oto'ooia of VI?seen I oan Inr.tlrol to bettwwe tbhi the rerointtoo moot bo tormtmtod at thto dote. WMh oot iskirg to'loo and Um, what ran Viv oooo hope '?rf ?to return to tba Heath had t protoog i ottaattoe wbteh f itrra bim bo good p-raped, nbloh Iiooidi the ore It Mi bormo the In rroibl o' Ibr oornlry without any o.her ad waettgo but wfal irraorally the remplreo, hit aguab oad oorfoooraloe. gaiar I do not boliewe It I think thai the Kogooe oior baa ad tool to anob a pdat tbe reathb-we of I'cro bring bit country. I bad repealed onportantdea It carry into rff-ct tbe plan of which I advised roar Kinolleaoy la tho tetter I cad tbe hon< r to addree yoti thncugh tba Amort raa C no til ta Oa'fan, bat ad knowing tbe ep ta ttoo of year K.i*el]ewey la tao malar I bar* not bcea able to melto k taha tbe rnopnosibiUty of tbe ad A marl heart or the I'arartta flog maM ael caste 'boro ao? bed Imureeoten, 'rem hot eg omeldemd oa a j-i on* 1 ary. However, If tbo erelit. a will be b rtnlnotcd without faring rerotirte to tbn stcame*, F be glad ad to bora teal N aa It ta ne'arei, la rtaw of lb# aewa from there tha aowotap r* bore etagre ate sod paMtrb, ta a t ?owe et>'? |j the ? tbe aalea nf geae-> otofwea ptralroed Pmjda Dope te hoy f lobes.) ta cm* <f?'bp9 %f the r*|ior'a'lco* a ad# by Vlnuioo, sad If tba paroiyda in ft* aalea bod ftaad oa with a largo otank tba I woo* weald berrry great. I son snared that Ketlta rhoraa. wb? hal already frriyhtot maae y?a*eta Pw carrying guaee from tbe htaoha lataafe, la lbs agent nf Vtraaoo to renotre the ?Mrs ?hlr a arrive bore wtta tni* aril-is fbr bta Tbe choice wh>rb Vlroaoo nukaa of hta ogonia proroa tbo m el lacaimotty of una moo for tbe m ant gov eat of sffalm which require pi nhoal kanwlo-ge aid If tho rwli lion ti prolonged, tao arte he ?til canoa to Pam will oartUaly ad be lew than lb me ef the kchon que ad miafe** ratios (Here follow toe.o parti -nlere rt fori tug to tbe State ef hoaltb of Hr do (Anna bit deytro tibe rotiwred oreawS a* w lrtrior to romo Rnropeaa oonit ] ?be fdlewtpg oommcalcaUna oamo from tbo Catted 8 atre by tbo let otooiro-, ond wo roe gaaraatoe Its aa Ui'ttMf, It It, aa will bo pernotyad, a complete retrac tion of tea optatoaa which 8r not well tnf >-?eed, bed cm I nod with regard to tba treety of Hal May lank, In bit kuar to Uaoarai <net!Its pah i.hv ahnro:? InoAitoe or Pnr to rndiitm ^tatm, 1 H?w Yd*, Jtlf t, IMT. I To m V.wrTib or Rrtta Ann roamon Rai Amam. (?anon Utoioraa? I roootynd and reed with tree setMhn Ilea ibe loiter you were aleeeed to eddree* to me ender dale o' Her 2d, rood r g me t r*my of tbe treaty ooaoled ed{na tbe .Mh of bat wi-mth betwoee y?m ao i taeCbargen O'Alfalrra of Proone and Kogland relauee to tbe gnaao dn p atiioflbe repnbite Whet la tt I* retper* I bed prorioeoiy seen te Ibe nwwn pepott ef UK* country, end te leltere from yoer ntty w?1b lee by trn* I worthy perenwa, who meal he tapped te he well tef -reiod, c*uoed me greet edrm, end made me re gard tba prejo?A uf a protrotoratn eo M was nailed wttbeel tame I.rbtao ?m, t'oppoa-d to the ngaSa. bmor and dignity of too republic, and offering tha P*d tncrDvtwileanr or etporiag ue to Ir.icmatlonat annilwta wltb Utr I olt*1 Htnioa and dbrr goyrmmont* " Toe convention, anob SO It has been atgned by yon, Ml wbcb I ttaei'ned wltb the a uwUoa and oare whlcti be Camo law Impu tanrw, dnee at tmpore oa dors any sow . bt'gatlM aor icaoon ta tbe least l*groe bar r'ghta aad ?o - ore'roty aad loa- o? bcr dignity and tntorootain a pM K a w> tailafy the meet inanepUble aad aiqaldte pntriotlem; wh.irt hf It abo obtalna the eipttott rioowatuoe of rtgb ? which, although tbey are proper te bar aa a aorerogn Slate, belong te Aa e'eao of three wB'nh enjnotlr are qamthmad, when ltd meeoaieel te tbe rlewa ant) tetereato of groat nattcea oad ?> ?-?? anwoo of fores to do so, and una re cogeHtee hor a grod moral Importanoe which, to a car lata petal, Made Um . ?hwr nonnlrtae wttb ao Moreover, by er?n|r I of Uto treety H It flooded to protect tbo enaatr? ta ibe ftlnre against the grent ertla It wow Id again rrffcr If another rerotaltoaiet like D. rwmtmei Igtaeto Vltewen obonld obtele abtpa aad mid en ror to lake poanrooioe of tlio guano man da, aad sqaaador, with the aid of ftwetga epeculaiore, what to to day coaaM ti.tee tbe bead of ner power ond o*t?l?ome The ce oporetWo of which Ihti article ? pooka wedM > e, tatuly aot apply ut took ad wee torero ae might gn frees hero Md boy geano (pom a chief or a parky of aattrea wbb