Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 7, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 7, 1857 Page 1
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THE NEW^YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 770& MORNING EDITION-WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 7, 1857. PRICE TWO CENTS. ADDITIONAL FROM EUROPE. MMVML OF THE CiTY OF WASHINGTON AND FULTON THE VANDXRBILT'8 PASSAGE. $140000 IN SPBCCB FROM EUROPE THE INDIAN WAX. THE MONEY CRISS IN FRANCE AND AUSTRIA VT4CKJ0BBIH4 AT A DISCOUNT Of PARIS, to- *0., Ao. the terew dMRMhtp Cliy of Washington Qapt Petrla, ebteb tef Lh-eroool at doom on Weduce lay, the 33d of topwmber arrived at this port at half peel nine o'clook yatordat morning the Dn'lp- tatrs mall etoamnhln rulton, Qapt Wottnn, e?utt left H?tt? on Me ZM,iad Southampton at three etotoan ? the afternoon of Um 13d of Hnptember, also ar ftad at S?e o'clock last eenlng rt?e Fulton, on Friday, CM. t. at tlx P M . when abr*n<l or Cape tuoe, gave to a tohlng "neck tto reports and Eo( lab ne<rs, vhtoh the a*"**!" agreed to take to Bt Johns, or the nearest telegraph stone*. U o next (Saturday ) morning. The F. brought (bar beam of sprot* (fit4,000) to L Voa Hoffman & Oo , and t?* han't red passenger*. Their ad vtoe* h?re ->een anUotpate t by the antral of tbe aegis Bason at Qurbeo, bat she bring* fall die* of Goto - iwno paper*, containing the daUUa of Um news telegraphs 1 ?Aer the Anglo -toxon had tailed, "b* export* of gold aad silver from England oxoeedod ?? aTiraJ* from Australia aad the Ga<t in HMtond Ike seeaton of the State* General was opened ?? lie King In person on he 314 of Beptomber The Ktog tn fits speech reflrrred to the friend If relations exist I'd "etween hie government and 'o*elgn Power*; thnsn natatory ooadldou ol all the Dutoa do.aintans, politically ?ad ansnctall} , mated teat the aholtttoa of slavery la the West India come lea wonld again be brought under me al to M?n of the Chambers, and promised the snpport of the government fbr the develop* men! of railroad and olhor ?muaerctal enterprises. the lawst adtloee by telegiaph from Madrid tndloatsd mm the mi? leu rial orbit ru ended, aad thai the gov-sra SMnt would remain ar.o?atiged The question or Q-eeu Cfcfis Inn's rlstt to Mao rid U said to hare had ac hing to do with the otto, and It tvss believed Uut all Idea of the visit W been abandoned From Austria we are told that the govern meat had ro ?w*ved to improve toe port of Yenloe, so as to rondo.- t*i.i ?7 seososiMe to large merchant vessel*. The Emperor of Russia had Ton seated to noon-1 an ad ?ems fTi-m the Fvaagcllcal Alllanoe, In sessloa at Berlin, to which -hey solicit the removal of the prohtoltloo to print the icrtpturee la modem Russian, vnioh k now In ?asm. It w?# not thought likely that the r'quest would be granted The Altai ce tnrmlaaled Its labor* on (he lTth of Sep mmber Dr. Patton, of Now York, wan one of the speak em en tb* last day of the tees loo The Patriot to mutator of Veoiae, Manlm, when It was kms'ged by the Aastrtaas, aad Proaldest of the Vanntlaa rwpabllc In 1848, died at Parte yestor lay, of disease of the heart,ages 18 y an. ta Parle Mimium of yesterday state* that a sabsortp Am In 1st or of the English families, vttolau of the Indian WuisuUon, ha* been opened under the ausploes of the Prmnet of the Setae. Ahheugb 11* pomthl* that new* by Mm next mall from tale mar be reoelred by Friday next, It Is use ism at this ?maw tn depen: upon the exact neae of Um mall, ?>?*>+ um SMasooa, Ux-ogh probably diminished la foroe, would ft H be Mowing aad beekins this, the eteaaier* have latterly -avoir left the Iwi aa ports on the days fired for their da Prtva e Utter* rrcm Uie Tort at Agrs, to Ute 36th of Jaly, "?fisvt all well, without aay sign* of further attack* by to Dm mark um government is said to have writ ten a ?em to Russia on tho subject of the Ducats*, aad It to oa ?asmood that Russia has advised Denmark to appeal to to fewer* mat signed the tnaty of London, In tbe orent sr * reference to tae tier manic nisi bsing threatened 11 oes frosn to. Prtsrsburg report a greet storm and Ir> aa the Badog* oar al-aOOoouatry oraft laden with pro 4?*e, to , were warned. fbe -'Norwegian Btrrthlag" has unanimously adopted to pro.?s 1111 n of the govs ro men t for tae appointment of to Pvtaoe R yal aa Regsat of Sweden (be commission for Iks ?a crlpaticn of Ute serf* or Imetaha* just drawn up rosoluUoas favorable to the safs Mag-vm of tab work. Tbs IHtcutim, a Msdrlrt democrats newspaper, has been imiimaei to a fine of 10/00 nail, (br the third time dor to -he few weeks since the law oe ib? press was ooaatod. s pirrrn vol - rder n*?mtto the free entran ie of corn aa* tola on 11 the moot* of Inly next Tbe H j*s aanouoore tba- tbe -peeing of ?bi ?paalib Cto'tos b m lata pUoe in Ona.ber, Tbe British Ooaimaadar-la OSIef has ooufc're.1 a good vw nee pension of ?100 * yssr os Brigadbr (laaeraJ Hare task, la reeogalttos of bb b IIHani servtoM la India hi fans there was a report that Uhclsb-Hyder Ktiaa, ?? "f Dost Mohammed, was mamhlng from Oao-lahar in setae aa He- at. II was tared tins would bring ths Per mm back again,u Uiry are decUedly opposed to the toes ram eg Usto tbe bands of Duet Mohammed. Tbe ChictUta BtgUthmm mentions a ram or that the fftas of Kelu bed reoe.vrd oartalo P?'?laa letter* oeiUag ?pea him to aid tbe muUaee-* aga'asl tbe Brl'lto pe ver m India, which he fbrwarded to tto B-mbay gcrcramsnt Tbe lead an 7Wt say* that two great objeols moat b* vcesfiMd If w# would glv* seevrlly to the G*tplr? We ?sal popularise the army aad martial'rr the popalahoa. II Is toted on goad aothorlty -bat bar Majesty aad the Pnaee Ooeeort ar* expwtoed le be present at the closing of to Art Treasarer's Rxhibiuoa, and wl.l proeead taeaaa to W swtwortt Hoots on the same evaalag. ftodtaal W bessna hen again addreeaed the Tlmm Be ?onto to know whether M toll malatalas It* entleb-a am am eermea of Jaly *1 The tones rapltoa "We regret to w* 000 a? reaeca tor altortag oar cptnlra *? Mtv. Wm B Mllbarn, the Ame-toaa bltal praaoher, aad beea toctartag la Uvarpool with aeeb soceem Jadg* Hallbnrtcn wan at Lbbca ca the l?h elt, I* onm tof ?itb Mr Ltadny, M. P. At raueraali s, lecdce, oa Monday, tlto all., darlag to beWag en the rwis-ewtick stakes, the following were 10 1 aguleto Mr. R Tea Broeck'e Pryor, 8 yeas*. Tto. 1Mb (taken); M to 1 agalaet Pryor, ? yeara, Moram, 4 yeara, flat 9lb (aoupisd) at a meettof jaat ball of the Masnheeter Foreign Ware a*' m Company, a reaolutica was agreed to to wild up foe company was formed at the brglealng of last year, with a oat Itol of ?64,04*, m ?10 shore*, oa whloh ?8 had aaaapald Nea-ty tt. whob has ber.IM Apnbllostpo sare af tte .atura of the maaag*m?.l will most probably Tbe drpeelte ta the savings bank* of Pasta have, daring Arm wees*, prr*e*tod a* increase, at have also thoae la to toltot for sesmrug pensions to to* aged of bott teiaa Ths mason b said to be that MM working nbsans are be gtaa'ag to aaaaeea Honrs* epeealaUoaa fit H-utg Rang raw silk had flnctaated const lovably Freights to Fngland ?? 10a for ton aad ?8 8* for alik. Aim Psterabnrg, t? Oaturday, tallew waa qnotad?Or ?taary, 174 a 118 oa the spot. Exchaaga oa L-mdoa *K The strew toeemsklp New Turk arrlred al Glasgow am mm 81st all The Felloe report* the Into passage of the VaaderbUi ship Vandert-IN, Qapt Edward HI grins, ar (tend at Cowae ea Ute mermag ef tte 3ld, after a eplea did rua from New Fork. Mb* left her pier a! 12 90 P. M , m the 191b, paeaad -sandy Reck at 2 P M , aad arrived et tte Need lee at 8 14 A . M oa tbe I9d aM. Wie had strong wtade from the south and eoathoast during the voyage A ermJ compllmeBtary addrem wae praaeaied to Otpl H'g by tte ime*eager*, rhe VaaderMH proooeds >n to Immediately after disaabarklng bar Fcglbh pea .. We ret n. ... I*1 '?(ywiea-tea rfotos that U>* .'arttan troere evaou ami ST/." ?* "?* '*** '* JnlT ^ Meurt p -evalle.1 at ttsl aaPefsTlL?-^! M"1 was preparing m meroh Una ^11.1 - sane*awni .fa n wa* Mred vhat la rhelk-n !! "*'tt ittnnp* the plane. ^XttK3ryJ?t' ",00,,w THE I01TKV lltKIT IR HMOTS. Kflbcg (T the R?w Tark Putc PwMi Bis (Sept. 19) Omrsspotodshoa of London PoH) Oootiaatton and lanlkM of prtooo oa itoe Parts Brume du?ti>g the Hrlj part of the weak have b?ea In % great aunn inexplicable, end tt la art ?nob easier to amount tar the no (tea reaatoa wMon baa tnkn l>oe whim the 'art two leys TV panic fn (V New York market U UU principal cauet assigned /or Ike decline of pricet *? ' their sudden rise to escribed by sone, for want of a bolter rea son, to the ta tertian of the ama la the Montieu' aan unalng an Identity <n tho mode of eegotletkm between boo do no mlnntive and thoeo payable to the bearer. Sat K U evident that more raitd reaeeae ihaa thoee dated are yet required to aooooat ettkar for the fell or rlee ta prtoee. It to not likely that the present favorable reaction will be long roatalaed. The pnbiuhed re larao ef the Frenoh railway* show little amelloiattaa to tie receipts and the eeaooa 1* pawing ta whteh an la oreaee of <rafflO oan b* looked for. The critit in the (Joird StaUi will roower or later affect in lome degree, tbe EnyHth market, and oar late Ugeaoe t>om India la not i affluently reassuring to prevet t great feare 'or the effwte of <101 derangement la the quarter. One merdal derangement la tba quarter. One certain off tot ?if the trouble* la India will be the dimtnlahed leoetpta or or ttnn and thin at a Mm* when the ootton crop* in the Untied Btotea are no* large ^peenlatlon dn lag the week ha* a'moet en -lutlvelv been coo fined to the Ore* It MoblUer and one or two Hum of rati way. The Qredit Mobilter haa fellaa from Stor to 7oof; adding to thin depreciation that of i00' lathe previous week, we bare the enemies fall of MOT. In a fortnight. Many eauiee are assigned for thl* fluctuation. ant praaa. bly It In a mere qoertK.n of dirldenda, and la ao way at trlbntable to warn of ooafidrnoe ta the company 'a ad minis 'trattoa. The hank of Frenee remalna Arm daring the dealine In otber etook. Tbe rtredtt Poookr baa ai*o eeea >ed the geneial downward movenmt. Ag'tonltural credit instl ta Until are exempt from motion, and are la many re >pacta mo: e favored by the exlitlng legislation BTOCKJOEBBES PANTO IN PtBIS?THh CRkOTT MOB1 LlKIt AN It CA188B GBtBRALM IN THnlH DhlJklrfl. [Prom the Loodoa Times Sept. 93 J English gtelotor* ind gorernmonti hove been subJeO'Sd to ma eh vituperation 00 aeoorni or their obrtintte perro veranoe In the system or laisset fairt It U an Insular maxim that every man hae a rlgnt to maie his fortune If he can, an t to rain blmielf If be thinks at The propor tion of capital employed to trade and ipeoulatlon is eshu slvely determined by the judgment of tho e who own It. If they toooetd they attribute the merit to their own saga clt> * and among the nxouies for feliare they a*-e unarle to suggest the Interference er remlmneis of the public au thorities. Tbe rerersee of commerce and tie panic* of the money market bare of en boen attributed to tbe abarnoe *f otll oial supervision, bat the preeent oonulil in of the Partilaa Exohang** surges!* a reasonable d ?ubt whether 1 ho theo ries of admU'istratkin which prevail on the continent p o vlco any security to enterprise. It li evidently the lu <erre< of a government to avoid all responslotlttr for 00m merdal misfortunes, even at the cost of ul?clalming the m?rltr.f prospe. Hy, for la public as well as In private rela tions resentment It a more active feeling than gratitude On the oihor side, capitalists, boweter blind to toeiroan In.r retts are superior In acutrness, and eepeolally In elnglenem of purpose, to a* y Minister of Stale who might a*euatt a orntrol over tbetr operation*. A government may he temi tnd .0 stimulate or to dliooue leoaooe enterprise by motive* altogether Independent of the profits to be real'zsd The ooooDd Emp M to France Inherited from all Its pre decesscr* the sstumed duty of regulating he commercial traneactlODS of the conntrv. Tbe Oreat Napoleon, more especially, claimed the right of Interfering In every do partment of rom?n activity, bid among an Ike leu man age able tlemen'e <f tociely mme puttied Ike irritated lion to ft, que.ntly at the nbeUiout movement? oftke Stock Exchange. He acqaieced, but unwillingly, In the reprmeauumn of deoroo that nls Admirals nu>l cccetsanly taae avvuoi ot wind* and of tides; but Moltten and his other On-nolo* advlorr* e< old never make htm understand tbat a ""ear" was not a political malcontent. Tbe admiring hit* irtan of Ibr Consulate and Empl e oonstant'y records, with a be sttailog protest, tbe Imprten. declarations of bis hero, that be would bring ''Messieurs let Beau run" to thel** solve*. Napolern III Is a better eoonomlst, ana ir he has commuted errors In oaoourngtng or m restraining speculation, be Is net capable of profiting by experience. The loudeat murmurs which bnve boon uttered against bis el m ntstreilcn proceed flonan doss of capitalists which at one lime seemed to enjoy an unusual share of olfldal favor. It was n mistake to raster n spirit of g?mb!1np; but It may 0* dmbted whether tbe evil la remedied either by in* re fetal to ooeoede new public wo; ks, or by tho imperil pat ronage awarded to heavy comedies against rtoekjobblng. Public opinion requires In be undeceived of lbs Imprs ilea that croon depends oa say support except that of Integrity and of wealth The Oali se (t? ndrale dan Chesnfns do Per is an institution organised by ti Mires oa lbs commandite prtaolple, in ilrnlryofM Perelro's Credit Mebliier, nsd the sbaiea of both anderinslnga have from similar castes tuff-wed a htavy fall. Jnceed it termini teem thai no financial arieit uiot necatary to account far want of oonfulenoe in a company which, after investing a targe portion Of Ml fundi in a Spanish town, Vu em ployed a itili more cotwiderubU turn in purekacing Ike om cniton of the Unman raiuoays. The Pops aad Queen Isa bella are not procuely Uw ountnmers waom a prudent maa would wtih to And res peas I els for the prlaolpal part of bis assets certain coal pita la the south of France, and gas works at MarstHloi, would probably And more ra ?o'In the eyes of ordinary ospl aliits; but, oa ta* whole, pa alio coo Sdepc* has been shakes, aad l< {became desirable that H should be reertabllnhed. For this purpose, and wttb tho collateral object of Insinuating charge* against the govern meat, at ingeolnua II tie comedy was oompoaed and ex hibtted a* n recent steeling of the oomoaay. II. Mbfes. the rounder and responsible director of the Cttur i;*l,'aj? oommenoed the performance by aa em b rale ex-xwlttoa cf bin reasons for retiring from hti post A delicate personal nueejeirili'y an elevating enthusiasm for the hnnrr of OockjMrimg, and a respectful dls approbation for the recent policy ef the go teroment reader the farther progress of his scheme repugnant p bis feeling* ?-Csterpetse," he says. "has. like war Its booor and lie f'ory The anomn plieliment of great things m trade and finance It ss noble ?r | a?lraetlve a** in lite ature. In arti and In pohtlos " Of talt amMtion M wires Is not ashamed; II Is his as 1 ration 10 make grnno way* Of SnmmoDKw.. a, 10 <v n?tr ct ran I lary works la pomloas o>t!e?, to u>g 'no1 fr .m toe >.? ?? cf the earth, to found manofseturing and m'nieg estac ilsbnents. "lastolsll, in give to fomes and governments the lloai,.' * oas'stanr* which prov dm tbem with the tiaewe of war and of peace, and which has elevated Inane* to the level of a pol U ml ectenoe " London deal ere In norm and shares follow precisely the same oreupa i n bot i*ey are itira-skie of rui <r <0 so MM and (Wlntereatrd a view ol the r nnooasci.ioaly euClime fuoe I'ons A rt?e or rail of an eighth In Ihn pMp of any ?leek would, we fear, Internal the vulga- shureJobber mora sarnetll/ than the sublime reflection tbat be bat aeoondaJ tbe neooOceot opersil wa of nature. It teems thai Free on society at p count labors nadsi a si ml la- wast nf es<ha*t asm. "Wl'i -rover yon go," an M. Mi e* ta Ms Avwtag s oqveaoe, "nl the theeWS In drawing *0">ms, In book*,on ?be be orb, in the pulpit, at tbe I'glslailvo tribune, In town, "idg"" id country," there' prevails on afinotl nnaalmou* bjntllMy to b< slnme and men of huolaese "cc qu' an apocUt let of meet, et let hommet qui let font." 1 b* Boar** aod Ik "Mags ' are profoundly no mpular Tie reawme whtnh sure led la this general Injustice can only be Indicated w"> csntton and delicacy. Tbe public have mLueder stood tee prevaitve mearnest of the g rveremeiL Toe Minlsler an con rod tbat no nee * all way ecu ws rtooa would be g-asted, and an Ignorant (Manually has sup roeed that a* wished to rentrain speoula Jon The ceueequenee Is g'reral ala m. a foil In sxlittag ?barm, aad an absence of further oppnrtuetUee f profit able invest aeet The ohangrn in tbe ttune list are, ao cord'tg to M Mlrei's cool assertion, eqcivaleot to An an nib 1 latter of several million#' wertb of properly. Ai the tame Uae >be bes#factor* of the hu van race ?bc have invested their moeej in joint rtcek oom anies aeeexooaed to the mo*i tnsmeleea eaianrnlm, and 1 U suggested thrt credit oan only be reel .red by gl nag full promotion fo its represeniettvm, or. la other w wds, by eeoenng M. dir?i against criticism "Cbamfbrt ban remarked tbu MoltAre, wfo brnegbt ell other clsene* of eacietr on tbe at.??. baa spared fieeneiers; esd be adds that Onlbtet had Induoed louts XIV to prohibit him from r*preee-Ueg tbem " The tufereeoe 1# obvious, tbat M. Foold foils far short of bis fo mens peedy cesser ? la Ibrne groueds M Mir ,1 tenders hie reelgeelloe; but Onunl foweoa, la an eqaally elaborate speech, prutert* ?gainst bis reefootlen, and nl lb* onentmoaa dertre of the meeting the meaect ts eveetnalljr withdrawn. The ihatnholdar* of the Oartse NSnArale oan no longer blame their repyeeeutatire If their dl-ldeed* grarually de ntlne end their share* g<* down in lb* market Tbe In p*r*al govemnMnl m it bear the rmpnatlMlliy or their Imeei, although It would teem that rcer-* Itttnu le fimlh aa 1 Ha y wore beyond lbs reach of admlaietrativs en nueehmiet It Is not likely thai tbe Emperor or hie Ml slaters will ?g. trsd tbe lew of Unol after the preeedaot of Oolbert M feaeard, thoogh he to not oxaCly Mof r-e, has been rewarded for dedicating be mttre oe tie Bourie to ihefsee mmor at Lea Is XIV. Bel If the emlory or M. MlrAq Is semewhel turgid, bto oompetats are eol allege tker wiihoul fouedatiee II to true that the later forenm of tbe government bee lowered the value nf shares which bed In many mam bene rained le e premium by the machinery .Joint-Meek proprietors bars n right to ' ?, aad Ills OcmptolD nf aa artificial depredation of valaet, n?t surprising font they attribute le admlntmrative cap-1 a* the conaeqrenom of t velas'ary aa 1 nffloionn foresight The Crrdst V+ilier and the Chute (Hmriale may, after Ike eaperienoe. <f the pact, tafeiy fo left k> find their arm ineL aorxfi IN ENGLAND OF TBI ABORT DOKtTTON OF TO NBW TOBE PANIC. [From the Londoe Mercantile Gazette, Red ? I II Is with satisfied oa we perceive that tbe Inlost at-lent from America annoeaec aa Imprrvemeet la lbs oommar oial aad financial aflblrs of Nsw York. It was sot to be expected that a gigantic crash Ilk* that produced by the failure of lha Ohls Ufb sad True* (fcmpeoy, In vol ring an amount nf some ?7,000,000 could hare occurred without bringing down a me ditude of smaller aonosrne; hut It to oe mens proof of the e astiatiy nf American Aeaanm thai no ?ericas an event should have base attended with apparent ly so little laooeventMoe, aad that mat ers are reverUag to (heir normal one dittos Is three days, we are told, after the collapse nf this ooecere, banking houses of Mm first character cowed their shutters at noon day. His Ntiiok Exchange lust several of Its Influential members, mid every hour brought tiding* of the ?liiu-.tlos of welt knows Arm*. This panic, ebh.vgh violsnl, was. It seems, of short dsrsttee, and tbe rtrelicn has ??; le, If we amy believe the isiset eoronnts, aatateirspledly *ud ?teadity Tbe Oble Lk> and Trust Oomnany w?* one of ibme erecu'nolens which ilinet'ste very forcibly the man. oerlewb oh hartn??s tiantaeu-us im oarrted m by a ce*laln clam 0 the Cslted ,w?iee II wot a mrt cf MeMller at the -Abrr side of the Atlanta*, wtih-mi w nr e aa arsa for nperttkma, snd eoeseqncntly without ? ? urge a s here for doing suaobief The Am?rlcae ;*?tordua ,y, vweorgr, Uk? oumlvm, Pot not ftrcvsd a rtiln* dun; hut It may bo borod Mat Ma of Ma pM all <mM baa _ r*"> Mo Now York an at lawn enough of that ipootoo of rpMu lation. It* affect, however, of Ma oreah ut Now York baa aot boon oaafiaad to that city. from It* 77* of Aagnat to Mo 8M if twpiembor the baxka at ? ?f n > <at aboo 1l,Pt0.oco la gold, tad oa tba waok oommeaot og wltb tba uttor data Ihor wore compelled to begin wtta (firo.OOO lata taaa la artaall/ aaodad for Ma ord.mary tranaat ? of boalaoaa Whb.a a few oa?a, however, nboor e? tbo Boatoa NO*, "although Ma baaka bare loot apaola, aad a tboogb moot* baa tret rnotedlagly tartngeat, M- tone of Ilia sarkat baa rather Improved. Wo nottoa Ittuo or ao blag of a panto fbeltag at p oaoat, aad aa j at toe pro portion of aotee dally Doming uadur protest l? not larg ir Ibantbatof ordinary timet" We may therefore, look forward to Me next adrioaa In Ma hop* Mat ao fu- tbor dtoturbenoe baa artaon. (U AUSTaxAN HONBT MARI1T?FINANCIAL OKIBlH IN VI ONN 4. [Vienna (Sept 11) Correaooodent or tba London Time* ] Employ oa wb? are aot ooaorctel with the rtaauc D? partmrnt arer bat Barou -truck baa aorar area tooa?ht ot tanning Reiobaacba z*oa-tr e (froaaury otlla). bat '-hire la roaana to belt*** they aa mltmken If the Information which baa retobod ate be correct, Me Mint iter of Flnoaona prop* ted <o make tronao-y "Mia, beartag 4 per oa. Into rot I, to the amount of 160 W 0.000 florin*, aad with Mom to pay cff the debt of Mo State to Mo bank, tbo object of the U outer of Fii>?mmi In to pieoe too beak In ?ueb a po>iU?n that U amy be able to reaome Me oaeb pay moat* aa Mo lot of January, IMP, aad le I* <ald to oe of opinion font It might do ao wKb lafety If bank aotee to tbo amount of 1(0,000,000 (onna were wttadrawn from Me otreeiatloo If treeeory Ml la to tbo above mentioned amount Mould he paid over to tlao Bank. Me State d imalaa, aloud at 1M, COO COO, will (till be left In ttn band* aa aeourity. It ap Dear* to ire 'hat there t* more Man one weighty ohjwttoa totbeptey M of ?he Onanea Aepartm-at. 1. An tune of Stale nder would probably Itad to a panic among the foreign holders )f goner'intent lock 'I If there were agol.i a fl at lag <r|n> n nonaol-<iated debt, the Aoatnana themtetvea Would loae o>>oBi enoe in Melr go em men t and would greatly rawe the prlceo of tbo preelon* m lata ny their frantic eager arm to ooorort taelr , oper m ney into alive' or gold When tbo State d jmatna we<e oedoi, it waa aa derato'.d that tbey were to be gold, but a* not a ruod of laad baa yet be. n dUpoaod of, the nubt o u greatly Inobaed <o fancy Mat >be bank t? la Me poelttoa of a child which baa received a value mo coin aa a pre aant: Me money belong* to tae child, but It t* to be look*t at, aot iprat It I# to be freeeen that If Me hao* aboald roeume )<? ca?b per men ? dftnen ueoo, in metal lie retcrvt f 100 OCO 000 Jhxim will nay toon And iU wag acron the f'imtxeri The Oeiterretchuche Auunp. the or gan of Me flraaoe drpartmeat, to lay luformi ?ae puoiio that? me (lnan.lal meat are l< llcely t? be taken, but It doea n< t inter into part leu la e. The money ma> k*t la la a muat melanebol; a ate, and ao It la likely to r.-meto fur mao* a loae dry T. o paituau* of .bo dtolnter of V naao ?o>ld lain a blbuto the recent orlata to the aca'Chy of mtcy In Koglnd, end to tba mai apec. tatioaa of Mo U-edtt Mo bilier, bat He prlnolpal oe- oe te to bo round nearer b <mc Baron Brack waa In too great a hurry to davr*OjO tba re aoureea o? Auatrta and toe punllo la aow paying too pe unity for bin want of can doc aad loieelgfat [Prom Me Bankera' (London; for mlar, Sept. 10.] It la a abrewd maxim amcngat oapltallala, that Mey ?h > can control Mo money of n oountry are npert>r to monarch*. It appear* that we are ooproochiog nearer to Me abeolatademocctietioD of Ml* truth m oa> day theo many or* aware If we look at the dlttVent Sutee or K a rope, we may iee tba'. not a ting e govtrr ucent aan be fbund that hma not to inbuilt to Mia In*: for debt?debt-, debt?atanda to ward aa tea Neetlat* of the m ?t power rul klngdonta In tbla c nataat atrugyle between the ae oetiltlea fo money, and the dee I re on the part or apecu latora to an,ply Mem, Me na.toua of K cope ore in a >er petual ferment ?h re lb* bamlny deilre to oerfo m all Mat In rcqalred bt Me n<>rmentation of de^t, or or borrowed money, will terminate, 11 la lmpomlblj to any; Oat It la equally Imp ailble o deny Mat the etlravagaoce of court* and government*, by th* turn of expua. nan oter teranaa, wblch meat oalveraaJly pervade* ev vy Korvipean kingdom, muat, aonner or Inter, bring en a da; of reckoning i be new* frtim Vienna wtMln Me inn few day* Inrorm* a* that a yvere monetary panic ha* taken place In Mat city, tn oonorquenca of tte National Bank dec tolog to make advancee upon orovm mode ion bllla. In order to re duce lln olrcoio'loa of noton to 880, 00,000 l]..lna (?18, 000 OCO) by the lat of January next, the period appdated f'.r tba bank to reaume tpeeie paymonta for It* note* on demonBut wto tootle arq aided wltb tae Ouaaolai oendUloa of Au*trie, nan bare the laaat conSueroe Mat auob aa event will be ac ompllabedf Tba govcrnmeot have tried every expedient bet that of retrenutt" ant, to reatove ita flca/nea to a round oondlUm, and to art fore every auocetdlng year adda new deflctonolm to toe public llabliltienj which are put off te a future day by come financial acheme of Me mlnlotrt. Auatrta aaa followed Me exam plea of other Btatea, by tiintliutiog orrxHt aetabttabmewta to r. Hove her of bar em ban aremente; but ?a there lMUtutt'-ne have i.ocn farmed more for toe parpeae of afford tog aeaietanoe to tae gtwerc moat Man for Ma publlo adtantaga, May are ever kwbta to bo tail uonoadb) State dJBoolUee. Bare to a Mtetega* ofaaaual. aSctm enflidawt I* atohaarnwa any gereraweol at a time like Mo preaent- ? l?ficita D-Jleiht. 1(47 ?7 6,000 1863 ?0,(10,000 IfM 4,6,1,000 1861 0,60",,00 1849 12.1(0,(00 1866 OtbOrOO 1860 1,488,400 18M ?,/<8,6?7 1(61 0.131,000 1 1WI 6,344,700 Total ?M 68? 107 In the year 1040 the Otata debt,war aboat ?iu*,76d 000, aad loena to toe a moot of ?(H,6<O.OOv have nnuo ooutraot ed Maoe 1848 an that Aaalr a baa loorwaaed b r debt to more than ?240,000,000 Tbtre can be an turin-tee. tot, e f->re, that nu ueUr; panic* la Ane rto ahould be e mllnually rornrrteg, ao loer aa lha g >*? romnnt *b litem from con merctaJ aad 'nduatrlal aourem toe weal b of the c ualry Speculation at I'urtno ha* ioubtleu been corned on to a great ex'.enl, but he enc nragement ickich kat hem ytoen to ti by poermmdr I it ike chief uue <f ike rtvuamn a/tick ajfltru ike monetary (iffcurt at ru-i.e-i aad Me ceuree takea oy toe bark will oa^ibute rat er to aggravate thaa to dlmi u lb lla dJflcuJUe* la Me prt it etata MfBOBLLi NBora. [Prom toe Ixwdoa rime*. (Oilr Art'cl* ) SeM 2I ] The pieriee amouat of apeele (hipped bf tm P?ula?ntar end Ortra el weamer kip u f r the Kaa. I. ?08.t,3tu, of wtlrb ?373 487 le for laolt, ?488.003 fo Ctlua aid toe Stra ta, aad i>80 for Atexandrta Neariy Me whole la aU ver, the gold h?li g oaly ?0,377 The Beat of Pruaota'a roie of dleooiint I* now tlx per rent aad at Hamburg toe rale baa returned to toe tame flgare The report el Oapt Baltaw to toe Rngltah Board nf Trade oa tha rail wave ol toe t'altad Kinad >m for i860 he* j iwt been leeced, and la tvary clear aa<1 eatur.otory oonwent Ha refere to the denaqueooiee at toe <)?n*. N i-thero, and enlltlbe n'lentlon of to- Boe-d of Trade to toe feot thai tkaiekchlmt wiU Oe eontmuaUy liable to fraud! untl a more careful tydem if audit, and one independent of thine directly amcamed tn the management of the railway, be generally adopted aad n direct rem -oweiMllty bo placed on Maoe to wnom thai management la coaflhod. ?he BuUny In Indlw. 8IKIUL HtTlLIICk'a HBOOWD AOVAN0I ON OtWK rOKI?DBATBB Of OBNUALfl UID AND BANKS? LORD KAOIn'S MIB0ION TO OALODfTl ?BINUaL NATtTII WANTBD FOR CHINA? DBWRADATION 4KB BxactrriON* or #?totb?nana bahib marchinu ON L00KNOW?KirnCTnO dUNCTISN WITS TBI OUDn UIIIA 0NWLA>D,| kX*KTION0 AT HOSB. Tba mall from Calcutta, which and been received tn txm doB, added eeverol important faeta to Me Integrapitic earn mary token oel by toe Arabia. Qeamal Haveloefc, it la reported, bod received tome re inforermeaia at CDwupore aad rmo wed hie m*rob a;aw IiBBkBWW. Ac already announce.', (teeeral Rrld, who bald high command before De hi fo- a ?bort Una, la daad. Uaaeia Boaka, who aer-med eommoatf of t*a I nckaow gorrtaow on to* deoM of (rcwerai La wren m, had baew killed by o tb*U. Ifoe mlaatoB of lard Flgtn to 'Alcutm waa for Mo par pma of tendering the aervteo of Mo tampaan troop* la 0*ta* la txohaage for *omo of the not re Bengal regl meat*, it uetng oooelderod tool the Indian troop* would prove i, ED neatly effomlve and mora brant ? or thy *4 Che ion than In their own oonetry. lord Elg.a took wlM h'm to GBltalta 1,700 troopa Mi motlaea, *nd n aavol hrigod* hod been organized from a la veeael* to prooerd forthwith up th* ttoagee Aeotoer mot'oy la n Bombay ragtmant at nbarwar waa reported jc*t before the dep*rtara of Mo mall The Mndra* Woo* aad Ma Alba rcmelaad perfectly kyal Fear* ware entertaleod for the great ladiga dielr-N of rtfhoct Two lector lee, H waa mid, Bod airaady beea be rat At a meeting of merchant* and etbara In Qaeutta. reaa Ictioaa war* adopted notuag 'orth tha grtavaaem eadar which they tuffered aad nailing on th* BrIUth gorernmmt to ok* lha nuwtml of Iedw lata thetr own kwode I > ewer a I N.iti ol Oawnporw, w*a oompalliac all the \tgk cajte Urahmtm wVen he mid capture amtmg the Srpeat to nllerl the bio?iy tUlhee qf the rt-Vam and waeh the Mend from the/loan, a hue,peon enldiee eereUretwg the mrnemu WU qf oath man ?*.* a ' eat.'' after thle degradation the Sepoy were hanged ew fier anoUtn Above loo Aoatrtaa ofBoor* are mid to have offered to ?err* la India. A letter fro a I/tod on, la tbo Porta P<Srie. oeeorta toot N-ro Sohlb vhxi mar chin) uyvet lAtdkneu at the head if It,CO* er 14,000 wtawrg nh, arul that, ae he ??* four day ahead if General Hamlook, U um ocmidond certain that he would effect a junction with the (hide retail before toe Nag IWh gewerala arrival. The fort of Laokaew, b mover, <ra* deemed impregnable, and N won wail (applied wita fowl and water **e Preweh govmnment bad re wived dmpatnhea from lnt)a eonrun dag Mat the (. tremor of Ifoadlchorry had celled aa Me Admiral if Me Fraweh fleet la the tadtoa flam to *end blm aom* ehlpe of war ae a m*eaure of preoectlea. (trie; activity prevailed in Ifogtaad la oendlag rolaforoe meow to India, n?d toe overload mall ateamar wbkib (Oiled from Ami thorn p urn on the lOto bod laatraoWna* to tab* 0ffl tr ope from tf.lta to Aleiaodria, to b* mwI to ladli thrrngb Egypt Several bnadred more Irodpe are to be forwarded b? the ?ome rente le eeooeedlng The beat tadia Vamphay hod deollnwl the offer of the fleet of ue Rut -proa md American Suww Oompony for trmnarD'te la e:aa?Hloe with the overland route Tkw Oalie to marheto renamed very doll Tbelrdlgt wop war atper.teu to loll r?r ihert of .aat aeaaoa a Ki c-*nge on I/oodin, to a to | Tfce rttikauflip (r'fwl R Itaic waa expected to leave I.'r.w pool far i/wk no the da ? tha Olty of IbaahingWat (ailed, fir Mo purp-to of catbvbMg 1,100 ta jcpg for India. TBI ftTBTOCUi IN IMS LA. [From Ik* Luedoa Ttmaa, Wpt. tt-j 77>e*tr?gg'" iii |D<<ta i voire* MaeM *Hb terrible fat p1ci?y 1*1* ? *logk <i"e*Uon?bat of III nf tim? mo* ?a *4 sal by year* or seaaeas, oat by aim, *a<l ? -ea day* C.e on oouuUr-men hold oat UU nooor* r*s3h If em aga'aat toe racing deads aroaadf There la am a d ablabMtaa ekmete mo - ndaaiy? about lha re on qua*i, U B*0"*?ary. of ail India, step by stop, am provlooo b> prottae*. Ia the volumes of ourraapowdeaoe reaching aa from all quartar* aad ex preset eg every shale <r oota tea, we bare rarer ral met with a single misgiving snout tbeevnloa imaaoftbe ooaleat India will be ft'Utah, and B>lush eiil be Us lords, eatabllabed la grower strength aad olgalty than ever aooh la to* soy o ta nf Indian > p aloe arm a i be crisis of peril, sad the very m*a who hold their own Uvea by hourly tenure sai know act r hat detbolas a tingle day mar die olo-a, r?Iy with aabooaded aad Imperturbable oon Sdeaee os the power aad *a*>glaa of their wastry. Nor Is lata aevtubaoa la the ktsi drgr?e mteptamd. lha wears the ?*?? as lot as before oas nee Men pr v?d beyond 'juration fbo relative tape riot Iij of oar rsoe I* s? lao?ntaatlble as It <va? a oea tu'T ago? lnd-til, eveo more to. Herein k and aw troops fought Plaatey Ave times ever bvtwraa gllaoabad aid HI0i..or, aad t.ilwtihBiaedl'g all the dUadvauUgee "f

onr position. there has beoa ?*a)y anngla leataane throogq out the 'bole struggle in wnlot B-itl b ?oldiere have Do an wot ?d tt Arreh alone ha- toe re been toy ntsoarrlsgo of ible alud. and then it was in the daraaeve of U?e ulgo' aad the ton- of an ambuaoede 01 ve a -- only a ohatma of rait SghUng. aad the da< ta our own Bit a< to the mo nr at wbrn the letrst oespelon le t Oeloa?la not a alagbi ba tall' o, be It rem-at here I. bad re -oicd India from tils co? at-> three mnatn< bad eispscu vtcoe the outbreak of tbe mutiny, bat during the wn-ie of tint pe-i d we bad been natntalntrg a deep-ra'e fight against overwneimlsg odd*, with idtly each rrlbfor^emea a aa oonld on (tinned up from otattant ooIpbIob n- ?traggl rg expeditions Oiromt try met moat have felt surely - nougb. la the middle of May u at the eld -boy aopaaaleu fur oould eta ha tMhoo n trg be o?e tne middle < f er tna-b-tr; aad wfcmjfiwta b? the eva-o* of the inter-at? There ea* tie Tor tbrre f'lurtbe of the peilod the forUtute ?udHHi'n nf Engllabo ea have kept >he teale la our few; but Uti ?truggle oat been dreadful Wo a t> (till masters of the Oeid, b t It Is agonizing to tntak of what might bare b#?e ?aved by the ptesenoc jr even a slagio additional -egI Bita . a fe> wee lea earlier under the sails * Oaworare. flee ral Havrlock's marib Is the verv esorewl >n nod type nf out position In Btadoouta Ha advwaee*, he tlfbta, he noeqoere? ever; Itttg g es down wfore htm at ong aa beosn rtand; but I'. I?. dra< era's wcrlc to ma?e bead egvlnst twerty ti oce. Want kins of taak he fount ma be very olttl cUv col acted even f om the br ?' uotid oatlene Of the icleerepb. After o neslag the Gauges us bad scent fifty mi lea bitweea bla- elf ee ? Lunkaow He bed sol over ontv twevt; Ave of tbeen, ecd yet be nyi fbegbt three eobons, >11 so vemful'y, and oana el twenty one gun* It Is plsln lbs- the enexy ntu-t >? ?warming along the wn lo -oat like ho-oe * end at lie end Is lA' kn ? twel'. ??'to e d?n?e population, a id ell he mnttaeeta oTOude Our latest aooomu inform us the this danrtloee in le <* inane, reduaod by looonanl oom bal? to 700 or MO fighting men, but rvtoforoed bv ih oandful of troops which tumid b ? soared f om flnwuuors bad age'n'-oommet'Oed Ite eve itful marob Do the It1' f nognet .ee edvasoe was le he -ea see, an I all the hopes end tbe lrayereof our oonntrymen *ent with bean With l>me the ?o ie aork w uld be but chllo's pie - A montb ur two more woilt iila-v fl -e tboaiaod tmo wet Oewnjiorw. tnelrad of II e hinorvu: but e mnaib er | ?n more woala have left Lucktio* to tbe rebels; aid the game bad to ba played, wba-erer tbe cbanow, with tbe aa de which we sold. It IS ' ee of Ibe worst eOto ? of the Dlaapo-e matin - 'ha It ihree tns to tnteroept fr m tne Notthwrnte n di trlota r cb eoooors aa tbe government ol? Calcatte might ? her alse bsve seat up. We do not anltoi >eie that tbe grnat line or com men I cation will be terto-isly lu-irruptd, but troope wbtch could ctberwiie have gooe atraigit .o Ala ba* ad and Cnwnjiore may now be detained ij work of tbeir own at ftteo or arieree t iti tuc eicepit n how ever, of ibis miefortine, afftlra exhibit aa proaalaiog as asptct as oonttt bo I'oked for In tbe Ma ? ran I'reo deocv aeltber Nngpnre nor Hyderabad -tbeoht- f cec-rev of dsn ger?bad given any oansa for alarm. Ia Bombay the mil Uoy of a single oorps?Itself c loeiiUunatly olroauauuoed? ba i not been followed <.urlng a whole fortnight's Urerv*' by nay other example of ou-tl 'dion, the revuitera bal fU'.ed HtUe enoourrgoment, ?elal'iroemesta were arid vie g, the government wav strong, end t' o oommualty coeldeat Osntrel lodle bed been bruugbt undo* ootnmeod end we t enqntl; it wse stib or ibe Jumna and the O .egee vast tbe Mrnygl* was pending; and here. If the .?at >rcex? tu lower Bengal do act muena'ty divert iae efforts of govern meat, ibe ensnwa are | aga'nai n- reb la. The earn l*o qua ters ftom wblob tba-drtttab fore* tie fore Delhi may reewt-e effectual succors?tne Poejaa to the aorthweat aad Calontta to Use souatieeat. At tbe oegla r'rg of the las ur recti ? the conjab contatned tne bats of tne Kntopeaa r<roe* stationed la the Bengal i'raal leuuy end some of tb? bwi cmrps of Irregula-e. Utile time In point of feel, wee lost la don patching assistance front ibeee pane to the camp at Pdkl, but tbe pronnea Itself bed, of c urie, to be secu'ei before much could he done for tbe eld or othere Tbeae preliminary premnUrne, however, have euw be taken Every sepoy battalloa in the Punjab tee either been cl?armed or est to pie ee, the dikk po .e .atven ha* furulsheti new aad trustworthy levtas; ant whe> with ibe Eu-opean rrglmeets thus Disengaged andUteBIkh troops enrolled, It le calculated that the re nfi-oe meats <n tbelr way lo Delhi from tbe ncrtnweet In Ibe month aai past, would represent U4le Idea thai bal the ?fleet!va streugtb at tba B?a(aJ array as it rea elaed after the defeo toe of the i#tr>ys. No suob ? esouroM ee thece ova be do* pa toil ad f-om Ceioutta uutll :be arrival of scodora fmni England, but U w gratifying U ohgcr?a that tbe i-xe'val Is marks" by most ?eeajaablr reliefs from ' Iber quar ers Of iho poof* oompovtrg the Caiaeee m oali e single ragi wet l~ tb? Both- bad beer dlieraburked at (AHSitm bef? * a* uele ?f tbe last uesnatensa. I arleg ia? 'A3 ,ti*?ti in- the B31 still to fellow By tbe mails just race vm t?c vvmvla, ibe Prari sad tbe Lane field, were reporter is ac aa 'y at Calcutta with trtopa from tbe frantlt; two ?learaers with trfooe on bea d we e mm by the lltousok o?mlsg up the river lx>-d Kigtn bat brnvgn shout 700 w Lb aim ie the Aannor. end a flying all j pobbsbeu by oen nf the 'aiomui lour ali on tbe lito of Augu.t says tbet "further very large ra nf? oemvuia" were etpecte. ey >be '.'id of that m uin if ihla re ere to ton d a gOta from ibe C?pe tl It potable na<>t<gb I bat l/wd (Ann ng trey rrvwlte alt"ge?bsr fl COO or 7,000 ?m?i *nt t-n jw ewe erfo'f the arrival i f aayuf tease do>pa'ohed f-no tngltnd If davelb-k oooki do (n much wiin en CUD and 7(Ub. whet may no bv a one wltta tbe half dusca froth tgh mesiU thai ron iog lef We cornot, bowovvr, pretand hi disgatse thn severity with wbi b time must silll prers npnn our bvlnegueied g err la us For week* to orme, at the very least, every European detacbmvai In >be Surtbweetera provinoaa m at rsprn set oun man egaiast Of >, aad It la inline iele tossy, with three tporeclc vruplloos of mutiny, what fr-sh dt mei <U way not be oreeted ujmo tbe frveb forcoa wamb arrive. A mooib beoc* we may fiud e aew Delhi In Urn gel It le clear that we veat trr-op* to retain la ibe timer p ovtooss aa wrll as .o despatch o the upper and till tbe g/eat rylnforc- mvou arrl e. tba deadly ilroggle tor time m i*l go ra with "nly sm 1 oeip a* a faw fotuunle -noaorg ?an brisg lo -ssolute end v rence A private le-t-r Oom unu of the Pnpjab camps gi as sc simple aad mealy an eip-iae' in lo sM tt.ese refl?oUoaa that ? a trsasnrib* Its words ?? in ir.<- meaawb le I place ray life la t e beads of no Aimirn>y P-trvidtaoe. la wbora I bsvs aa aebotiBded trual Our hope Is that iuglaad wtU aH forget ihst her a-my anw in ladls le eetaeliy seeM'if the oosetrj ft?r her until relett>w > eati arrive, aad tbat ta ooleg so we are figbt'rg Ilk* ball d'igs esd nedvrtmng with cbrerfulasM pr vetloaa am b rasblpa whiob musl be eaperweoed lo be deewitrad." Of e surety England will not forget Iheee appeals, tut will eievt every Utile of her etreegib for reeoee, If uoaelble, or, If act, for veagaaaoe PHOCI.tMATIOM or KIN* fiAhlR AT CAWKVOBB. fbe lot lowing Is s traefiatira of a p-ool vmtfoa posted op by f?-re He lb a fAwapcre:? A traveller jaat errt red ta fjtwapo tfsv Ca'onttaemtee that la tbe firm instance e euneslt wee bsld t > take into consideration f* meetv to be aio,.t*r to do away with ta# rettfk-a of Ur Mahonuues* aad fliado e by th? dlnrlba tton of enrtrtdg's. The ooun II cwsae to this rear intra that as this matter was ore of -e lg'cn, me so 'lose nv seven or etgst thonaand P.ampeaa t' dieri woald be a* If - tbo ise-d Bledsataeaae wonlt her* k> be daswoyed, an ? Ue- the whole of the people of Hta fioetaa weal 1 see at* (tarltUses A petition - Hh the ea? emaee of this rva isroa was esat t* Q-teea Vraeorie, and It *ee e proved A waetl wee thai flit eoc-wd Int. la wbi h Erg t*b ate chaa * look a mrt aad It wa da cMed Mat, la order that so evtl ebonld arise from ran tley, erge retelo cemeaie rhoo d be seat ror. When the dsepetoh was -vcetved sad read la Kt^ieed ibcneands ef Kumpawa soldiers were embe-ked aa rbtpe aa eneed ty ae poalble, sad seat eff to Bladnama the news of their b-leg deepesched -eeche. (Alomte The Keg lab soibo-nies there or ered um Iran# of the oartridgse, for the real laraeUoa w?a to JtarWtiaalsr tbe arms first, act a s betog effbrasd theoeareretoa efthe pre b. woujo ipaedliy Vdlcw igs' aad now*' rat was mlted op with tae outrtdgsa; Wis ivcame nrawa tbrongh , one of Me heogalete who was emptu/ed lo the cartr dgi me* rg eWsbilshmenL Of th ee throagh whose mnwiu tba was divulged oae was killed sad the rent imp taeeed Wbi e la Mis nocatr) these con nasi* wave beta* adopted, to Kbflaad Me Vakeel of tae H-ltaa nf Ream seal newt tr the Hulks '-hat thousands of Karopvsa soldiers were betag serf for the per peer of making Ch'lsttaee of ell he peop" of R'edos??n fpne lbs the MM leaned a fir was ta the Kieg of Kgy,.t to tbls effknt ? "Ton muvt deceive Me goeea vim via, for this is not e time for ftlerdthtp, for my Vekarl writes that tb-naasdi of Run ,<ven so?ri|p,* oavebrec despatched for the pnrp<w* of making Chrtati?ae the army sad people of Biadosmn la ibis manner, thea, thin mast be cbe-Wed If I should be rvmtlna. tbvm how caa I show my tana to G-d? Aad one day tnm may come a poo me alee, for If Me K.ogllsa met - Ch-te?taee of ail la Hladcataa May will Men fit their de dgtn of n? my ooeetry " Wbee Me firtnu reached Me Ring of Ff*pt he prepared aad arranged as troope. before tae arrive of Me Kagiue army et alexaadrta, tor Mis la th* routa In I ad la rhr in*'sat ta* Ragllab army arrived the ^ ng of Eg-pt ooeeed geaa npon tfwmn frcsn all Mow sad dam ray od and nab their ships, sad not e tingle soldier aaoeced Tba Ergl'ah in (Ml nua, altar lb* I mo* of tba nrdsr for Ma can ridges, aad when tba motley bed become gram, were le ripectniwei of the arrival of Me army from loatra; bet tba greet Hod la bla ometprteace bed beToraboel pet ee red to 'We Wbee Ibe aetre ef tbe desSraoUra of tbe array ef l/wna benema keown, Mae tbe (^yvereor fleee ral was plunged ta grief end sorrow and Soul hta bead Printed by order ef Me I'Msbwar Belmdoar Annexation off (he derm Islands to (lie Kng llth r.imptre. fErorn Me Ivradoe tbrneicle Sept 21) The a-eevaline ef Msec ttaadn, of wbtnh en mua l? keowe, to Me drift b o-owe, le likely to dlrew eiteeti o In be mitiair r,.. fitted -y Kitg lan I, agaieet the e<lvton | of Mr Mera'ord Ksifl a, In ?i.rreadrrtaf ante BeHaed Me | lalAAd wUlob baa addtd *o *n*mou*ly to k?r ooogm wcie | wealth and peMUaal power Bel, wttfceei entering epee this iui-jrct, e f* word# apoe tee forastMon af (fee tattle - Dtii end she eepeMlHki.rf the locos lalaoda, not K? rally knows, w?y el tbie'dw-mbeof rome Interest These islands e e (faciei no <+(rh* anoel treot of remote i.aaatei from the Indian and Urn < hln? Bran, or the tasira Unn and Onlna Hera, and hare been rawly Tinted by nanaall O oaamntlly 01 e or her Majesty's reeael.aad more reldom itlli a me rattant Tcmel area pels In there either far shell'r, wood or water Their extent W Honied end their prodootPna few, bat etih the extension of eienm na rig Minn lo the India and blie Sues their poeitloa, In the netniel order of omnia, ?ai likely lo oeoome more known In ibe oonrte of time Thur prooont annexation to the Britlah oro*n, It may be aa well to mention, Is la oonsrqornre of an attempt lo olelm mem on the part of Ibo Drloh the o~lgtn of their habitations and their pro ?'tis alnre naeome a romantic oharaoter, iiaaanmlii( sonoo knowledge of wbtoh wo hirten t?> giro snob portlna lara aa oar mtmory nllowa to the pobtio, hollering tent Uiey will ?ntaraat many. The Oocon lalnndn were A it inhabited bv their p oamt ooo ipter, Mr. Qran^ formerly either amer-bnnt or a marlour, tfUraine I<m el udei ? r rbrUn*, an a pla :e of r^.ld noe 'roai whiob he would be freed fr ru the oarei in I orotaeo or the boey T-rld. Mr. Irani obietnrd th? orrtoe* of aomo law Malaya, bj eheni and thai - families ua the oooraeof yean be b?c' me respected, ie>orrd, and looked np to as their chief In the o urae ?f time, when the Ulead la whtoh oe bad mtUad ia?e for b produoe I < r'eater etna lance then bis little Aonk req't-ed, ne omaine, aamall schooner sad traded to and from 4sgapoi?,ex bao|tng ooooa ant oil aid ?orb like prcdncta for oiothiox and other ne netearles which lla lroiaki? ftSMNI dlt not af fold. Ho eTtarwa dewaa enablco to increase the nana ber af bla t oeael* to th*ee, ann Induced t <o r ihree other Kuropeao gentlemen to <e tlo thee. '0 whom ho .e ato er Ma dan*tier ? In marriage Or late years hatu teiconrae between Mr. Grant and the Bust ? be been upon a more eileniive footli g The Malay settion a>e the oald aerraals of Mr Grant, and as mentioned mtne Mirming Chronicle ol yatlerday, w w * o hat al way* aataoed "a proprietary | and t semi-regal p >wer " We feel uamad ber Majarty'a go?er> ment oennot bawe any mPotions of Intenferlng with the aathortly or prowls tsry of Mr Grant, bit 'bat ih y bare annexed tbe i- lards to the British crown In nr er to protect thorn from foreign Interference and usurpation. To oar peroonal knowledge tbey hare been held by Mr. Grant for apwardi of twisty flee years Tk? ?IrlafcrlaJ CiliU la dgmln. TTIB QI'hSTlON O* Tal BuV???M4NT OK CITBA. [Pnrla (8>.t* 18) rnrr??poB"eaoeof tha I?>u<i<>ij (Tame ] A letter from Madrid ul*y oondria- the minteterlal nrlals k?n> Q?ocd by t?icg'nuh, ud ?<> piie? *om < data 1* noo C'?ur| It. Tbe mini* tor* tendered their reeignetton, not Oline, bui fire I mw, and live lair* me Q men r?'ate . to aoceM I1 Y"o were lafirmed from Mo rid ei?.o m"nthi Ago thtt li m intended to replace (tea Concha by dsn I toon at tbe former ffllaer ah mid h?ve com Dieted tbe .bree ?>ara vblob are tbe allied term of office fnr a O^piate (tenertl f''no* Par tome lime, In deed, It nee et tented that onnba ?'?old no* be ail*?e" to fnl-h bt lime Hit conduct wxih raped to ifto tteie trode tool flagrant, and eat bt-n the subject of strong rtpre im/atffu un'the part </ the firttiih ponernment to ?AV of Spain Alto, Geo Narvarzta no frl nd ol the Ooochat ? an. el. tbe one In ipaln, brd o "wed me g vernaect In Ibedtntte; and mor> ivor, ibe Coke Valeuoa w?a mm dulroie to trnd 1/ rianci to :'ub* In order t<> glee bit ,-lkce to Gorge:>x B-tvo Cble oomMnaiou fated; oer taln member* rf the cabinet oppotod drama eoirau e, ? ?I (iroltrcd tlier w.-ull rtelgb a-xner than too p blm at a ool eagoe; th* diffli hy and protpent of war with Merl no made i nodetlrable to change the 0* "lain Grn'r.1 a' ibat moment, and ao Oon.btwat permitted to remain, fbe Mexican il'pcte ha- lng entered a m ire paclHi pba la, and "oncba't term of aervine i.evU-g eiplred, (be tnhjtot of hit romoral baa bern again brought fwward. Narraca baa asotee; friend to put into tbe Mmtalry of Marina, ihia lime ayotegi named Mtr'orl, to- prereot civil (torernor ?f Madrid, a mm of obrrnre origin, whom nobodr e er heard of obt l wltuln ? t twaire monthi, vbum Mar var z baa raiaod from Uiuuurt to dgu elation, an 1 wc.uid now fala bare in bit rabtnrI, knowing 'bat be oan ?ely noon blm at a d.rctie crsaln e and aopporter I (tenertU lertundl, loo, la pro 'ably ratber au mmb to go to that MJi talaid ? hence 'JmpUioa I Heorral are wont t> rrlnro with ooioaial fortnnee. keor rdUipiy on Saturday laet do'roe* wee pre aentedtotbe Qn ea 'o- ?lgn*lure. r?e?lllng Concha, ant appoint" r Iertond and Marforl Her M?Jeaty o ?j"?nd, tayleg ?h?t ahe dl- no* tblrk itadrlaabit to remote U ooba urdo" p 'taeal o' ronmttanoea This ralaaal daatrojao the ? holt oombtaatioa, and. after onnaottaUoa, tbe Mtetevera Ceiermlned tn rea'gn. Inferred of thta ?y Narrv"*, ten Queea tealrel tee) would terrain The? noeeeete-1, ? tin ib? exception of l/ ranodi, who held oat, bnt we* ? HI mnwiy pertoaded, and went altb bla ooiiiaguee to dine at tea Palace After tbe banquet lb ? Queen .puke to bla, ana aald teat tbe bad beard be bed pereleted la r?<lgmlog. b' i hi ibowy laiUaod with bla rervtoeeaod wlered blm to remain. Newertb leee, oa the folio?lnt lay tee or it It O' minurd, and four .me* Ibe tkln'atry ten .erod tbelr re igrauon fbe Q"e*u ?? at 'er loot pereana of note to noaealt ?|tb, Ml op m tbe 14tb l-e date of tea ia<if r, nothing waa dm :cd. Uater acwleen oy U.rgrapk Uduoo .be bo'tef teat tee o/lort haa naden, and thai tba g- weramtal wouut mm tin unchanged in annuo of mncb nark bawa need pat f .r ward <o replace tkeae Mini.tera la oaae Iber weal out Maturl Vraoba. ((corral Oareoba, and Mannei C* tlna bad ham rpcktn nf. 1. teamed do* MmMMMM ir Sa ?? ?? r. ilayed In be wo- I ? allpuUlt be re n?wai from ibe palace ? t ocr^'n peratma weo do not eej y bla oooB ? race?la other worda, we may r-rrgnme, who ba e been 'Btrgolng igamit biia Tbe pa'aoe. bo?e*er. la Ucklwb rr> and to Irted apon, and - oubileaa rVn Raman will go ? aationrlr to work. a> i?-?, naecj, be real y dealree bin reaigi at on lc ba a' leal oo.?pa?<l At rega da the alawe trade In C-aba, It wonld rery pre har>l? be more dee rablr thai Oraoba tbonld remain 'haa that lertnaoi abrn.ld replace him n*a former baa Blind tain tell tad, If mu inaniiab' mar re?t coaleal. or a. lout lie n rderale: while K e other wonjd go hungry |and y?ry ???i iioeed ?? lb' a>pctte of a Spaalab Manoral aeaiy appointed to tee oomtc*a l In Cuba Kranca The fmneror rd lu leave ba camp at Sbnloae on ibr 53d ai lrr.o f>r -tiUgudt, ?bleb plane be wo*Id re h on tbe VAU> ni I no. oeociaia glean , Bbplnawk and oe Fail ) acre lo go to ?luU|ari t, but d. ae Moray waaid ail be of ?? ? pa ly r? e ttte'aor ef Foreign AiTaira had addreaaad a note ti ibe F'fDOb Midi* t a a' it. Northern Cou rt, from tea ooa ?fit* .d y bi a It wn? apparent teat on tbe q i ?i,u of ibe fat. au Doob tl gratoe .*kee tbe tide of tee King of Dea wait (?rent activity in tbe trade or Parte prevailed Tbe l?miwl(l??i *>r?n?l|><*llttan. (Hit Of (Iglny iron oirotlona Ixty ll have aeoltred for ter Co on fl(ie*o are tent.el, nod *la only ere anU ualon I?ta Tbe cleeiicon I . Wk'laMHk oommeooed on the lUte, Mil wlil lermlnnte on tee 7l>ib rilK LATICIT IKWI. f F- ob 'be CmC* tab PMiiolx (rttra) \ngoat 0 ] rtie nee* reoelvrd le tewe ,eetorday la good Ueneral Harrlm k bet lean reteforoed teoerb bnt kltgblly. Tb'i following wan renelred from fovorameai Into tela eywn'ng Crarral NMII write* t? me o ? mender in able', oe tea 3d Mat. teal (ienaial Hereiock waa to advanoa again lo warda l uokaow tbe following day. We bare oanelvee rrnac ed tee following moat aatla 'aotory aewt:?ilwicral Havelrck left Onwnp >re agate on Detteof Auguri for loickaow, baring ruplnoad bla tick and wonadrd with froab men Tba [iteapnra ar lUory are reported to have doatroyed n| wardn of fly* bardred ?r tea depoya who wore pnaalng do wn tea (Iango* la bnata. nra large boata ware aaUrniy trttroyed ae artillery waa oa tbe rt?er baa k near tod Nowi reached town yoatcrday teat tbe M lie band at Arrab are Mill mfe. Tbe dafeaoe May hawa made baa been of the moat ooMe character ntere were tfty ftkb Sepoy a, and teey, t> a man. 'ought like heroee *r rbeir nr?t uwFbai ge ktued upwarde of a peer* of ibe rebel* Lord Rigte landed about ill o'clock an eraatog, under * tain e, anr be waa raowiyad with great cheering by a targe crowd of tee Chrtattaa community el tbe Uhant KMT PBWg raOM INDIA. [From ibe liverpeel Peak, Rapt t$ ) The Bombay ana Caoatla m*Ua. with aawa from Obi cuUa to Ibe 341b of Aegatl and from Bombay op to tee id of September, mould bare arr vad at *wz ' a Sa'nrday lael News by rtkgrapb ongbt taaoma to haad te a day or Iwa Una of lb# ladlee mntiiatod by thejleodwb Sepojt u aow oa her why lo Soolh?mp*oi from ladle. MarkaUi Umnan Momrr Memnr, Tamday, (top* 21? Tbe aapeei of tee money market la promtatag roe a mdocUto la te* raiea; bnt te tf a " Raaorve of aotaa" by te* laal ratam waa *b> at ata milttoaa oad a qnartor, tear* dean am ap iwar aay raaannabie ground far te* auppaaHtoa ihak tee director* ae* Itkale 10 p it up tea nlaenuat The tie na of tba "(Nber aerarltlaa''aad ?? Stock ef bulBaa ' do aot of tbamae raa atone r*g<iiele tee f r??pecrt ef tee futnra nor be peHiy ?f (be b. ard There la a large emouai of do tea e'ng paid la naacdMBtuf antioakotee gyrenimeatda i*aito. ebicb rcaklre iha eiiaotora to mm tea danami* r m? re arrt -? ib-wi r>c -c'rg h? rwwr.. .f nnlca ,n c-on ?rqueane of tee fklllag off In tbe boll oa . we, tberefora, do aot anticipate any rlae oa Tharaday text It may ba te* a.or* aeoteonry to ooklaa tela, aa tea poaatbilll) la being Ulk?d nbrrt Tb* market Ibr ooeaoi* i? mnnltored Ooib yeoteedsy Ver) telle buatnert he* beaa traoeaete I to day, ard teer* a no mceemrni te price* F r bw j they are ?* , to POM, and for aeooum. m 0O)g, Inula koala, Ka.lo 17* 41* . India *lork, 210 to 218 The ma/kat far tea fbral?a aocsrlUra I* ilhewHe (he >am* aa beiora. Tbe daalteg* or* faw, ae 1 prrtea rVody Torn o,;ltnrK P M Uaaaeta, money, 0O(< to OOlg; do . ecccint, 0C'i to 70)<. Tbe Vaede MM, tram New Vork be* errlyed, wlte |l,2ri,(oa In fraikkt, rain* Ui 400, bu. tba graaleot per ion la bellarad to be oa Freaok aocoeni fbrt ita la larger ibea appeared likely, oaariderlag tee akake at teiag* la America, bat wblob it la aalMfaotory to Bad are improving ay SLacrair rxtaia*m After offiotni boor* ooaoota ware a Made fetter, at M* la M'<. j rrwm te* Ice dan nmee (rt.y artlela), Sapi 13 1 Tb* fni da wmtteoa without v?fn*tio, aad are likely to remain ttagnael antil tee arrival of tee oext Indian neve, la tee .ieeeuni mat kat thyre waa no a'teratl ri, no t a die twaiuoa to limit buatnma aa much aa poaalblt aatma ab aarvabia te all quarter* I From tee I cadea Nawa (Wly artl.oel, Arpt 18. | Rnaiaraa In the fund* la agala dub and prirdt aoarl/ (tailortry The cinamg prion* were about I l? b#lo? tbnee of yeaierdkr. n* market )>fiub ra*way rh?rra droona daily In tec dtromink ma/ket tee dextoa 1 enettenM aond. aad ,b? arppiy in tea ope* maiiret b*:a? .imiled, there aia a fair aumoer of appiiuaUca* at te ? nn. 1 latonfOBg twmm M. Umnlngw. m sin ot m uraimw-nordmu oo YBRPMttlT MTilUHHAl'?ItlPffACH hbWT Of ru wb?* uu-rxxnu or tu was. We hnva pabbsh*. sort ml mparts fham Mate Doming* la elation lo Ua nnltiMi la that Moot sg ilnal m* government of Prealdeat Bmz, MmIUI MMUt *f ibe origin >ad oeoaea of It, have M fel bam f bltohad, ebb or la ibta country or la Knrope. Wo here ruoetved IbuflhO Official datetu, or Ibe revolutionists, poblished at BwtlsgW do lea Caballeros, la Ibe 1Mb of August, bom whiob wo glow tbo following Tbo revolution tret broke oat aa Ibe 7th of Jely, la tba ptoylaoo of dbac, um[ the partisans of Oea Saauna, oaaally ealled "Ibe liberatorbe bavtag been tbo leeitar who sataMihod tbo tadopeadcaoe of tbo oooatry, aopa rallag It from Hayk. Sea. Banting waa the legal rreal it rat of tbe RopnbUo, bol waa driven oat laat year by Bars, wbo aaaw Aram BL Thomas, aad waa eoaeied eat ooaateaaneed by freaob, JSuglih aad Spanish rblpeof war. Tkt proclamation at Ubeo wea ImmoUately fellow* ed by maay etbar prawlooei, end on tbo 'Alt if July tbire we e at Bandage de toe Obtaltoro* reprooeeieUvea of f u province* am) twealy four love of ib.- ?ve provinces aa thirty two town ooarprhdog tbo rapa'*Bo. Tbey rotated a prorbtoaal government roooga zlag ttoataaa aa President; bat aa be was oat of the ooaetry under mntene* or banishment, Hon Dimlngo D PI her Jo wae oamec Vioe.Piealdi ot t> tbe 39d tbe aeaembied dele gate* reread a eenea of reeoiattooa ret tog Forth that a wae neoeeaarv tor toe future good rod stabtdly of tbe re public lo make en example of (ton B irnevamnra Baaz, aa durlag ibu nlue months b< bad been la power he be I no pe.a'iil in violence and arbitrary ov rpetion of power; the' ua m criminal Is tbe ?yee of tbe uittrn In eporo prletleg tbe i avenue of the aetlon and distributing a emocg be ins'rumente of hie rapeoHy; that ibe Seeruto rlea of H etr end onneoUlnR Scheie wtre bts aci.mptioee; that be bad violated tbe cuuelUailoa, esarping itie ,?esl d?n lei powtr, eappreaeing the offloe ot fix 'rraidrnt, from the public trvas a - ry. Illegally auapending iteneiel Sunnne, le.'m n largo invi of unauthorized paper money when there wee n eurriua la Ire treo?ur?, aad for b-ivlrg aeermed to tbo executive power unhmU'd rod Irrerpontlble power. He la ttaerefsre tanpeaobet, together wlib Li - Bcoieiarlea of Htate erd 'Jeaeaiting donah, to aa re er In a let el and p'orer way to tie nation. Tbe revolrtlco onnifbnrd to be euooeaeful In Ha prngreao, en J tbe red rn or Pre?l.;enl Sutona from QmBOBWM d?lly expected. Tbe army waa beelegng be city of SB. !> mlcgo. tbo coi'lsl, and we pub'li hod ve-ii da a eiane the renort mat the P-e?lden?, Baez, bad 9 d Tno 'nliow lag corrra pendente bad taken ptooe between tbe com mand rr ot tbe rrvdatlonnr) force* and Ibe loretgn re pre tax .*11 vo* In ibe city;? [F> tat La Gecele Santo Domlufo, (ufflma Journal of tbe levoluUoMats,) August 16 J General I. I.ol* F an to, uommaa er in ohief a> ihe ?ou bene lorn frontier, to tno Consuls and Ibe lUnatrtooa dr aicbbiatiop in Baato Domingo. In ibe m del oi tbo false rum. r* afloat In tbe napttAl, Btvlng for tfcelr ? 'eject ina falsifying and aeiumuleitirg ibo ret ore y and just re*o1ull-n if I tbao eud ibe char tonne of Ibr repibtlo, I am roroed to dlreotly tddro-e my eelf to ton, both for uiy own j iaV.lL align aad la irttir to ere whether by ymtr mrdiation a ntvtl war kindled T tbe ambiu'raaid rapacity of Sr. Bsez may be avoided, rbtn revolution ba* no other b.nne- but hat of dauto D mlngo, end no oibrr p-lnr p'e b-1 that nf tbe unity o' tbe rop-.b iio. It I* time now >bat men oen?e to be Ibe property of n few wbo be* o no other end bat aelflahnem. Let dr. Bsez give np ibe commend, md the question Is x fled Tee oleod Br B?ez canrre to be rpllJed to not la defence of tbe In ereelaof ibe republic, bat in hto own. Let o* esem'ne hi* acta and It will be ie?o that proof* are net wanted. Aa lung aa dr Bats iv niUoea at the bead if ibe govern* moot tbe e will be no publio tranquillity, no liborlr, uo In dnatry or ucfettrred roao joeroe The Inhabitants of here ptblfo wlabfor e govern mint wb.rb i? to be Ibe f?ee and direct espreaaton of tbe will of all. and tbey do not want any longer to be tbe proper .y of blm, or of any otne- man wbo may oppreio Ibem ant apeoutat- In Ihrte fori oea. Aa to ibe rrai. Ibe macliea'.r la aclliot-ntly olear Nrw. Ilia my ohj-ct to remlm you, tn orior that, pepatralaa with onr hberalprtneiplea, you *-aj repnawttoar Baez that tbo peo- lo are rea-*y to defend ibemaelvt* at all bazaida; and tbat he, convinced of uie, may doeiat from hie demand, which In both unj r?i and unaaturai By tbie stop, geetitmea, tbe blood of tbe tame fa ally ?i.i be ?pared; we, oti "ur part, ab<U burv In oblivion what ver mar bare hern nffenatvo lo ua, and tbe republic will erjjy tee icllw I tranq'lllity God yrotoct you fjr man ? ?eara. Hsar vraMTaae o? Mowvn Puita. > L L. t. BIDO. La L*wa, July Z8, iM7. j APBWia OP Till POkSIliH COVOLJ ?mtDIT'O Of rnw CITY OP ST. DOWlMftO. St Dowv.ii, july *i3,1917. GieauaL? Wo roeetvfd the lotu >a dtt as the honor to addr*** to us from bonlo Plata u .or late of July 28. ai'mated by admire ti amid til aat p or blsod, wblcb w? reptove, we deamed it io ba oar daty to oommoaicate It t the govarnaoaat, although ?? oannottaaav way la tertarr with the JomeaUu affair* of tbe republic We aend vor herewttb Ibe textual 00 >y of UM am ear whftb ba* hern g*voa aa. Receive, General, tbe aewaraaee of ear dleltagutahwl ocnatde alien Flgned. "tint Andr*. Goaael of Dnvld then, Vice > nan) of her FLttannto Majeaiy, V rem de ftjahe, V.oe OonanJ of Spain, C CbmbUno, Oonaal afBnrdtnto APRWIB OP SR. BASZ TO THR CONflClff. In order tbnt tbe prtnotple claimed aa regards the not a bedding birod may be lw?, d Is oecesmrv tbel tbey ceaet to be aggressors, la wbtob case they will be tmteaed to praceMly; bat while they malslato lb-m*rlrai la a hostile and Invading poaliloa tbe gov era men l nnaatfais them as aa armed faction Lot tbe ezecaUre be eoastdered aa the servant of tbe raep e; where the will of the letter wdl M evpreaeed without aay neeatralat N will be respected by Ua Creel deal of tbe repablto. City I *o lit Ice ?mow not M i no convgjmows. Alb meeting ef Ihe ThirteeaU ward .Oooaell. held at iheir room oa Monday creator, the following datogaee war* elected lo Ihe fifth Senatorial Oaaraa tow Usui Vaabbara, Abbott, Mllto, Lhtto aad Oampaoa. Ibese are Ibo tamo delegatea wbo wore rftieed aaaat ta tbffOowvM Mon br'd Pa rbaroday analog laat. ta oonwq sax of ihotr crodeatlals bvlag ooataaioa by the Petty delegatea. Toe following delegate* were al*n elected in the MarertLy ConvenilooGilbert 0. Oraae, Kobralm Heed Prede r'.eb fiispalrlck. The meeting was a large on*. Broofcfcjrn City Mlllm, Biowni JrtiKiaL Ihrrwrr Dajoocaanc Cuniiim ?? mil OnveoUco met la the (Jorernor'e Room of tba Braok 17a Ctt> Ball, at a?oa yoate-dsy, trr the parpoee of aood rat Bf two JnaUeea of the Bnpremc Oonrt, to til tba rwaaa 0,0a .-roao?<???<! if bo oiptrattoo of tbe tors of J .ha W. Rrowa bad la tbo rkoa of i,oeloa Brt'ey*, appelated to It1 U10 raoadoy ciooaatBaod by tbo <ieo*aae of Jadgo Wat. Rockwall The dtotrtel nompntw K ago, (Jteror, Rof folk, K.rhmced, Root lead, Weatcbartrr Oraag* Dnbaheaa aid 1 atnam eooaUoo. Jobs a Haabta of Weweheber, ?*? apt r.;? , rp?, m?o, aad A K -todroo aad J ,tva ; Arautrorg wore appelated aoerotartoa Tbo rai of tbo roll of do'agatoo snm haa rood, aad tbo fallowlag aaewattd to tb?4< ?un?o ? Atnge? A U. nasaoaod, Mirbaoi Ptaaagaa, Jamaa Mo tjuoaa, M ohari H, rloy, Saaiool Uarrteoa, George Ikaap 00a. N 1*. O'R'ioo toff'4k--1 boa * Wma?. Gta-ga Heirlck K J Beech, J J. Armalroag. KtcAmond?Tboo. Emta. W' UKttUr? i B ilaokla, Rcbi. W (Mao, J. W. Obr peater Ri klemd-A E RulTTea. (troop?- ftbai B arpooter, rbaa W WiatoM M'rtoi-Wa B Snatwira Boner a Molooo I %un*m- Ibta A B'? *< or? Tbo oa<??t?d dekgaUoa from tbo Rerealll 41a trtet of K ?gt beviBf teee ro'o'rod man ?mltbao, a ato> rltr ?? tori woo moio la fb*or of bo ad? loo)00 of N P O'Rriea who i?or?t<f oe took bio boob. A mote n woo made to |o la.o aa lafurmal bo dab, whtata wa? ce-ri*<1, ?bea? Jobo W B'v wa, roo 4...I4 Jo ha ? lam brown a Jaha A. Ixrl I WW. tor ogham 3 Jaapor w Gilbert t ? Total. . ? Oa atotioa rvf Judge Nftaoa, Jadgo Brwoa, of Orwogo eoooty, wh declared tbo ooaaimoao obotoa W the Uaarea ilea for it a Icor torm for Jadgo of tbo do^romo Ooort Aa laf.f mat oa ><* w*a tbea had fte> Ja l?e of the Sa promo Ooort flrr tbo eh rot torm. wboo ? Job a A. laa roooirod,. ..IS / U lamborooa I W. W fcn,|Mtn 4 Btaak 1 Jaapor W Albert 3 A forma! balKt wao thoa takoa, which roooltod aa fel low* ? Job a A. La* 14 Jaoper W Ulbart 3 W. w -crigbam 4 ? Total U Or, mottoa of Br Eroaa, tbo aomioatim of Joba a loOb, of Klago, waa Oectam aaaaiatnoa A rommiuoo of tbree, eeeal'ttag of Moor re WtaAofd. Ooloaaai eeach. wao apt elated to nail a fmaro 000??? ttoa; aad after a ?<?)# of baako to tba oRoora. ho Oca row ilea ad>00mod nor ft* Jorooy utty Ptromm'o Pararfa. Tbo (bo ompaaloo of Jorray Ctty bad a graad tara oat aad parade oa Taoaday At half pool 10 e'akaft la lha moralng tbay fbrmad la Itaa aa fbllewa:? Liberty Eagle# Oempaay No. 1. Hodaoo Hnee Ctompaay So I Empire Track Uompaay No. I Pb<> ail Bore (naipaa, We 1 Amiroaa Track Qtmpaay' *? PI igeat Boee bmraay Wo 3 Wothlig oa Eagiao O-m tM*bl Paeomc *((iOO O'tupaay No 4 Prr tectK.a Kng ?* Oempaay Wo t. There were aiae rompoaK* la aU, anmtmrtac Wmr <wtrw hi adrol ?em?>ero No. 15 H eo of Mow Yart wa?? la tba prorraalr/a aa gaaate; dartag WaaTraleg tbay ware eater laiBOd aad glrra aonpior by Pilgoet Woae No t TV> proewMTB mo-citeJ (to*a to U>e rooorrotr ot Bergoa Hill aad retaraml. , Vr 9. A Krrbeb at ted aa pan! ma-ohol, Mroaeo lebot H-ykrek John H fcignt aod b. B R rail* wrra ' to oetta taaia. While ibo finreeovw wao oa tbe oray >V??a to Be,(tea Otr o Are bioaaoal la Jeroar 'Joy tri Mirea ?o- ,'?0 h.lWiPga wota t'oraed to too ?ra' 0<t I.bona E'|ia>vNo I oaa he ealy oem.aay that aaulai oat of thi two 0 luead tbo tf A