Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 7, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 7, 1857 Page 3
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ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAT. 2H AND 4 ABINMTON BQUAJRR, WMBT m OOEIfM ?Lu6r^tilZ2^ewK22lWeJLj2e?rI2?e2N!^elle A ram*BTT PLACF. iuut OTPOMTSWASH SJSi.^-^gjts'uaa'Jgsa 6 BOND STREET NBA* BROADWAY.?TLB 1RAHT furnished i ooms Id Ink srlth board suitable tor families or WHw of Dlnao el fl P . B. 1 A HTATB STRICT. BWIWRBN FBARL AND BNIDQB JLO ifreeto.?Good aeoomm'daitaa (or families or single geuMemes, iiWM'nt or transient Reference required. n CHARLTON 8TBUT, NBA* MaODOUSAL -TO Irk with partial board, a large (Tool room on second ?nor- wtth paatrlaa aUaabed,anltabJa lor two gwnltaswtu, Thoai ?*?'-*-ig bume oomf-iria will do trail to apply. IUITH STRICT, WB8T, NO. 138 THIRD DOOR FROM fAJ Nlatb arcane. A (aw el*gant rooms aod parlors, la a prisma family, uofnrutabrd, If dralrr.i with or w about fall or parMsl boin; house newly furnished and palsied, and Or it stags. Location unsurpassed. tlC OBRBNB 8TRERT, BRTWBK N 0* N *L ? ND OR AN D itO at'arts.?A grmlrman and bis wife, or a few slngla ?eatlamnn can be aooommortatwd with handsom* ly furnlahed roams wbb fall or partial board. Hot and oold oaths aad gas Rata rones exchanged. flT BOND 8TRKBT-A BUTT OF ROOMd, ON Till it I stootd floor separa e or together with board, to gen fean and their wises or .log a gsntlemei, two large nail 29 bebrooms, wonid aeoommodate?our or five single gentlemen. Gall f r iwo or kree day-. FJFIH BTRSBT.- 10 LBT, ROOMS FURNUHBD or usfurn shed, with full or partial board. Refsranees ??d COTTAGE PLICA, TWO DOORS FROM HOUSTON _ rtreek?A gentleman and *tfe also one or two single Uaemn can he anoommoits'rd with partial board; bouse nn.d.-rn Improvements. Location pleasant Terms mo 31 OC B?8T TWBNTY FIFTH STRICT.-TWQ OR THRBB tJ*J pleaevntl- furnished rwoms to let, wtth board, o gen. tid thrlr wtv-n Boose flrst olam; s few doors from Fonrth araaue; family small. References exchanged 'Jtf B tHT TWBNTI1TH STKBBT, A FBW DOORS FROM OU Broadway.?Board ? A handanmely f trnUhnd and very plsassst suit of rooms, on seeond floor. House (list class, slag all modern conveniences. Location very d?s r -ble SKsCH BTRRBT, ST. JOHN'S PARK -ROOMS TO ei. With board to gentlemen and their wises us tterse# Also transient boarder* accommodated 45 52 38 1st, Wtth board to' gentlemen tad their wises or single KIter*re Also transient bcardera aooommodAled. The ? has aU tbe modern Improvements. SROVB ST BEST.?A PARLOR AND RRDROOW, fluently furtlahed, oo the Aral fl inr to lot to a <a>.Ha ?amis ami wire; httiha on the sua* floor The h >nae ta flrst aiaaa, and has all the modern lmprovrmsats. Also, rooms tor Mafia gtrtlemen. WIST FIFTBBNTH SfRlET, BRTWRSN FIFTH sol tilth asencea ? Furnished rooms to let. wtth or wttVmt b'Sfd. to persons on Is of high ra. peetablllty. Tbe house la Iwt elasa and desirably located. CO BUBCKVR RTR8BT, NBAR BROADWAY. -TWO OO Isrga and handsomely f-.rnlehwt front rooms wt h close is, to let with board, to gent emen aad their wt ?ea or ?togb yentlemta. Trnns reason able Refrrenoe. rxehanged. UA AMITY BTRBBT, NBAR BROADWAY?A SUIT One if rooms on seoond IF-or. handsomely fu-Llahed, and basement, to let to s small 'am Jy or .ingle gen lemon Also A roam an thbd tlnor to slug e g.nUemrn ixeation da treble Saba, gas, he aa EAhT BROADWAY.?BOARDINO. TWO FRONT VO hall hedroows on the second and third floors, suitable Ir single grn'.lemee. The house is In a convenient lomtlon. ad has a I tae mcdarn Improvements trenilsmen of quiet hbtta preferred fiiTtnTwimnxfa mtrkbt.-tno persons ID can obtain reoma, with beard, in a prisate family ; the tcavon is pleasant, between S:r.h and seventh awnim and se blcck from Broadway. Htagaa and ears pass every Bra auute*. HPRINQ STRSBT, ADJOINING TH1 PRBROOTT U7 Bouse ?Furnlahed rooms to let, 10 detlrable parties; leas moderate. ? AST TWELFTH STBEBT. ?IN A PRIYAT1 _ family.'where there are no o her boarders, A few ting e Ctlemru can be nicely moouxunodalrd with a parler and ' oom, aleo a saal 1 room, wtth partial hoard, on reasonable 8) ur FIRST AYBNUR?TO LET, IN aPBIYaTBFA Uu mily. one lanasom* furnished front par or on second Ir Pr one or two gentlemen wlu> or without break'as t A Ir e'ass horse, with all the m Improvements, ooave ibt to ears and Blghth str.rt atsges IVIl URAND BTRRBT, A FBW DLORfl WB1T OF ilh Srcdwar.? 1 so gentleman can be aeoommodated Nt a large furnished r am ard single beds; a ao oae gen Sac wUh a -mail room, partial board If rvquired. Terms awwsts WHIT* STRE1T -A PUBJIIIHED BBDBOOM TO 1#', wl h lira place. 11 Ltl BLBRCKKR STRAIT-THIS HOUSE WILL SB (. ready la a few days to receive lunulas; newly Cut furnished hands imely thrc ugbent, containing all m?a'?, rooms tn suites, or .Inglr;# few unfurnished roes Trrms mVrrmle. References siabanred. lOW A YBBLBT PLAOB?A FAMILY OBPs RTY OF I O gentlemen can beaeouuimodated wttb steely furnish ed runs and Loard, oa moderate terms, by applying ai the iwtvdress Dinner at ?1v o'clock Bemraoees exenanged. VJt.amuTuN AYBNUB, OOBSKR UF TWKffTY lOd B tJt street ?A handsomely famished pari r aad bed. ? aiAaSt il ou the ftrvt floor, to let to a gentl man. with partta . . alen tee seound floor, uefuinlehed. to a family of grow ? rsuiis. pi. aaant y 1 ca ed 1 <1 UDSON STBSBP, ST JOHN'S PARK?ROOM* TO with boe-d for single g-n las aw MBS and hatha. Tbe tooon saoet ueeirahle for down town bnalueea nan lUC IOHTH 8TBBBT. FOUB DOORS FROM BROAD iOU a?. having beet Is joyed by Are. hat bene rwdnt.Sed, Kdnralrd and bniught forth in a new edition, te ready to receives oatvoo*. Board, with superior sulie of mnms on ?seei dad third floors; aho rooaw for sing s gentlemen. BIOHTH STBBBT, BBTWIBN BSOADWaT acd Fourth avrsns.?A plaa*aai n> m. on the fourth m board Reference, exchange.}. 143 lif '.K1HTH STBBBT OPPOHITB (7UATONHALL lTt) a targe room. Megaatly famished, and a small one, la let Wl parUal board U deeued. ."OO RiBT FOCBTIF.NTH BTRBBT -TWO OB THRBB M) J vary p'eaaasl rooms, with full or partial board, may he had ai the above add rose. 190 TiST FINBTBKNtH STBBBT. A F?W DOORS co oo Fish ih avenue?A few genilemrn oan be as d'ed wtth furnlshrd rooms, with gas. ta a private . r arc el hoard If required. 4Si w\-.ARv r>BO ADWa Y ?TO LBT, WITH BOARD ?DU me haw snmely furttlahe, rout roots tuliAhie for a gmilMti aad wlfs. A so, two arge r Kens for families f he hoot ta a* r with all the modern tmpr ivesaente. Flea Aon** alee Jaflbreoa etreet Bafareaoes exchanged. gl tjll'FJiT TWBNTIBTII BTRBBT.?A SUIT OF FUR ZfT\|ttahed roams to let, with board, on seeond door In s mat slnhotiee aad neighborhood. Dlaser a> 4 o'aloik. Re mrhaaged kllKttHH BTRRBT?BOsRDISO.?A FBW ool mng men ens be aeenmmodsted wlte boart at lira. Jayttw' Terms S3 asd AS 80 per week FtfRNiStSD hot ire h sspvova reetilrt , i il NAL HI RAIT. RBTWBAN HUDSON AND TA tA-HrTMh ?s pieasaatturd store toon. alA->,a ergs hank ?erMWbe flrst Aon' to let, with hoard to gen emen and fcaW w, or a party of gentlemen. Terms ?sry mod/rate 54 fDtStrtlN STRAKT.-PUBSIHIIID '{OUflB Til Wt, or salts of room*, to a family or grmtemea. 86t? R< aHWaY. UF 1 N PDAPI -HANDS MS wished house to let or leear tf reqolrr t or rot ? gI -Otto a select faasl y or gentium is. Vra.e ts'le If w arwfr or oa the Buropeaa plea Re'ereocc required Hi peMlht'ully sttua ad. opposite be 'a/k fl||#OADWAT. ADJOINING NAN ROFT HOUBB - *7 ll/te'igh'fal r? ms In sstte ow flrst flo r. hh private male ,-irr(erred haadromelr furnished; a front r <m sad hed'Oueisfairhh'd rse. bath*, he Aim. tinge rn^tns wth y|e. 'or ge* tlrmen, wth hoard Terms reasons bis ReAwws i ichsngetl . atlWONB FRONT PARLOR AND HFDROON A seeetlrg, to let separately or together, on ee ?od B.rnr. Aiwa (WW two nther roe me. wtth or ttbmt breakfast aad wn <tos, gas. bath, Ae toavsnleat In Hnmtway aad Slgbia eat stages m9 tireewe tt near Ullstoi olaoe a #?T ROOM, FUB.NIHHKD.Tvi t BT. WITH BOABD, St mall prtvswi hall , tn a gentleman setf wlfs. ur two Itm. terms mote ate. at 141 Dlvtatoa. eoraer sew pet Oall after fn'nlneh 0! rr RgttPBfTaRI.K YOUNU Hit ? *R HR AO* J wmmlales with good board by apply tag at ?4 SeaeA ? ITLRMAB AND H'S WIFS, ALSO OFB YOUNG l w, tma be BwcmmodAted ettA boa < el 19 Boblmaa sweet, vnrr of omnwteh t FRVaTB FAMILY.OWNING A F|ggf t'l, A* HOUSB, k wt svyry aoavrniesre. la the l-atwedleie rtmntty ttf letnnaer >e tlrmgregatlnne: chores Hroihlyn. Will rive .he etne nrooms, fn nbhvd. with erprrwtahbi hnwe somf.trta, a geetautn sad lady onlt. for a reasonable area p.m sauow. le Kvan .a i.naurrSeai d aad aietaai about miautes ms Ftoo ferrv Bnei an pp wtualty Is rarv'j uTmeiL sacs blresa, with real name naly, urag wy, Herald adlaa. ' I.ATDIMBW HOAR! IN A FAMILY WHBRB L ahovi d saw or give leaaana na the plan; as roapeaaa a. as rem for two data M H H. Btetli>a 0. Troy sk HNDttOMl .Y FUBNIdHdD FRONT FARLOB AND L barn m with psntry attached, to let le a private French a'ly.where all the aomfnrts of a b"tn- will be givas, bath 4 n|rw?s '? the name 'loov. Apply at TH Fstir.h etreet, np ?Re te parade grnusd. ?AANT PBReON WHBRB IOO dH'JULO AFFLT l f? board ny boarder* aod they wt'l dlreet . on 'o tKN)il IN , CO . as their brow ledge o'frtieh Is antlmHed. Per> is ashing either wll sate time ard -Iprvtae hye>lltngai tr tsiows otAce ro-ner of Blshtevnth street sad Kriad F Hnardrry politely dimmed free of charge IBRTLBNAN AND W1FB OB TWO 8BNTL1NW iMlrtu *? ntrd hr lb# #nnnliig win*#? Win (Hid % I tppnrineby ta a prtvale family oa-ntag aad oeenpylag a Mma house ai mated a flrw hioehs weal of Broad wav aat wvtetrlty of the m Nteholae Hotel An tmai'dlite true r may be had by applying to B SO Beekmtn s reet. u I.ABtia FURNINHB1I BOON ON TliB B At KIND O. tony aad nee ne the third door, will He reii'ed on mod* rote terms, whh hoard. Befereseea rennlred. Apply S- 11 Abtagdoe rquare Htilsoa stre't n?ar Faoh a FaNILT, OB A FBW flINOLF (1BNTLFMBN, WILL A Bad board tn a gvateel hetmr wttl all mod r* Improve magb at II* lAitngum avaana, enrssr of Two tit? rights si Amnbwi.t fubnirhbd room to t.rr to a man H Urmaa who wishes to eajor the irtrnforta of a honav. Apply at No fl 10th il east of suit era < h avnne. ^ fStam FUUtt FNttD BOOM TO l.gT~TO A tIANTLMMAN *i' hts ? tfe ta a private family, with pnvftage of eoot taqnire at N Tweoty eighth street. Terms rary ass a rrmiTTLT phvati fabibiah family wogu A. tike to 1st two ilots furnished rooms to genUnRsn Vfwnah >#oom la oiide* tr tht board Bast qMV ft" given and required. Apply at X74 Slit* srenueTWs TtMMOlb Ud BiklMtti streets a H ELSUART SUIT OF BOOMS OH FIBdT FLOOR A. to le< to mUmmh, or n gentleman and wife, winning to oecnp- budioate UirmU and hare the aitadanMM cook aad nkimhtntn'-4 and prortde their on table. Family p. |yate Flat* Horn do . found. Refer*]?? tf^ta'one qotyvd. M Amity plane, cna door above Bleesker street. w?? or two extra rooms If required. k itftf -US"" sarsR .ssxss. Tea h aad Klevenih streets. a OBBTLKHAH AHD BIS W1FH WIBHBO ABD^IH A A private iam'ly, up ion; looatlaa must_be ??*?*? e'shth atreet, aad between thoFtfUaadSj^?ay<???* Please address Henry Herald oflloe, etatlog parlk-ulara, wblek will Meet prompt t Uentloo. A UINYLSWAN OAK HaYH FULL 0?.FfMTAp A board, tn a quiet prtvato family; gas bath, *^*beoom forte of home may be aad, and arrrugsments for waahlng desired, nt 111 East Twenty ninth street. AOBRTLBMAH AHD HIS WIFBJ3AH BH t rootsmodated, to a fl-atelaan bonne, boarder, are tahea, with a f?** 00"3S"t^j/wSS aaoorrn tmprorementr In the boose, a potya* iw wmi ?ightsealh street, a ear Blghth ayenue. Refer eaoe exchanged. FH1IICLAH BBQUIRB8 TWO FUBHIBBBD BOOMS. * ^ a rrapetdable neighbor ho id, aad near Broadway, ad it reel, wt'h par.ioolars, Physician. t ertld oB e. a HAHDHCMR FBOWP OB BACK PABLOB. OH THB A flrat floor, to rent, and furniture taken for board If de ^7d ?Uo partial board, aw seoood door, for two single gen Smen.rJmiu W at 58 Trmphlna plaee. South Brooklyn a UBrTLRMAH AHD BIS WIFB. WITHOUT OBltr A rrec mar e aoo mmodated with board to a strlstly pri vate family in the upper part or the city The bouse la )?? atone. Modern Improved with erery eonventeaoe. Addrem O. B . boa lib herald offloe i COMFORT 4 BI.E AHD FBBP?OTABI.S HOMMFOB \ two cbL'dren, with a Udy. where they win be educated. Terms rosso uaMe. Pleaae apply at HoJ6 Joralemnn st-oet^, Brooklyn, three Minutee' walk from Wall atreet or Mouth ferrea. a ORHTLBMAH DWTRIHQ TO HATH A UOOD A hen e with first ra e board, located between and Twenty tbi>d atreeta L??lagteo avenue_ BroedwiiF. can bare rurh by advancing 1500 'or a short time,^ou rate arcortty of Are times Me value Hleboard to eluding erma. will be giren aa Internet, mill the tat oi May ' pply to JOS. CHt BBWOOD, real estate ageit,** Fourth aver tie. Board.?a lady haviho ofmhbd a FrasT clam house replete wtih the Modern tmproreaaeuta, pleasantly ?orated o? Heom <t avenue between^ Btgaisso'h and Rtoe teeuth streets, tn the vicinity of Dr. Tyng a ohysh. wouldjet a ebotoe of rooms to families or gentwmen with board. Pin aer nt ha.f pnal I o'otoeb Beferenoes azohaaged Apply at tW Second a*enue. QOABU-YBBY DWUBABLB BOOMS, WITO BOARD, IS can be had at Ho. Hi Bond atreet Dinner at six o'clock. Board.-two bihule uk.itlbiihh oah obtaih n ?aa.knt rooms In * minora bouiMi with II? laprot* nmuit loomed nt Wo 5 Wintb i reei. beaten Fl thAnl^ Aihfcvoa BOAR-I-AH BLBiANTLT FURHI8UBD BDfT OF rooms on the first and uwond fliora, both alj, 'an e* had bt a grntlemsu and wife, or a par y of wuh prtra'e table I deatrtd. Those wUhln* a oojcfortable ant refined home may apply for three days a; 98 fast Twenty seeoniaUeet BORP.-A OE'TT.RMAN AHO WTFB, OR A FfW alnsle rentleaien can obtain hoard In aprlrate family on moderaio terms; kouae wtth I as ? nd bath; rnfereooea required, app.y at ISO West Sixteenth street, be ween 8txtn and Seyentk nyenora Boaaf-OAH BH HAD FOB A i.AD* WHUbf1 HUB band won d require mnali rnly oe Sunday, tn a strtrtiy nrlrato family, and no other boarders taken- Only l*oae need apply w>o desire 10 lire well and quietly. Location near Twentieth at ret and second arenue Bath and gaatn the bouse hefereneee exchasged. Address M. B. 8., Union square Post efftee. Board.- two vbbt haHdbomb r a tu^Ra,o hth* second door, to let, to a gentleman sod wife, el tier fur nisbed or unfrrntshed. on eery low term* UjoatlaB ploaaan' Ltd Tfrv accessible House modern and tab la well furnished a ppt* SX Fourth ayenue. Board.- a labor, plbasaht third "tcbt front room, oontatatn* l?A grate closet and oomrbrtably ornlr hrd, to let w'th board, to a genUeman Jutl ^??8 r two single penttemen. Terms reaeooable. Family priyate, LS'Ply as W fifth street Board waptbd?by a obhplbmah ahd wifb in a respects le loeailon, "p town, full board fir lady sad partial for g?Btl?maD. A prfra'e fbmtly. where there are uo other hoarders, p e'erred Befereaoes gfy?m and requfrea. Address, stating terms, which must be seasonable, o , box 1 tW Peat o?ce. r?OA RD A WIDOW LADY OAH A'XJOMMODaTB A B mai'and Its wife or two atsg imtha-i wBbin fur Dlsheo or on faro Abed room, with banrA inquire at 17 Hur folk street, for two days. BOS RD.?OHM OB TWO SIHGLB OBHTLBMBH MAY Bud a pis asset front room and board w.ta a prtrate '"jfjF In a houae with gat bath, Ac. Befamnoe sxchangea. apply at j07 Wsat H xtesath atreet ^?? Board.?a oehtlbmah ahd wifb or two ob ihree stnale senUemnn can be aeeommodated with fall or partial board In a prtrate family. Onn. hAh.k9t Apply at 91 Weal BUteenth street near Sixth ayenue. BOS RD -? HAHEBOMBLY fubhishbd froht room and yery eomfortable bank parlor, with two bed rw?n>* attached auttable for four eersooa. ean be let cheap, ^rb^Tai^mh, Ac. ioaatton 8*8 Broadway. Dlnnm at ? o'eloeh BO.Rir. W TH ORB HBATLf FURRIHHBD ATT1J room to let - A r??pec-a- le elderty lady would bsff? ferrrd. .centre at t?'J Bocsv s street, n?ar ureane. Hot and ecld b&tba to the hana* A prirmte fkally. B)ABD I* OUHTOH FLAOB?A I **T, and baodsnmely furnlehed suit of roows, fo- a g"?^_ man ana tua wife or for Hngle gentlemen, at Ho. 97 O.lntoa plere. ???? Board ih rbooblyh.-a lady haviho a larqb kandacme kouae, within Bye mfnutan' walk af roium ferry la dealruua of lrttiig a few of the rooms, furnished <w wry ? ? a ~ 4rvivtar nnWlrtHhaaM B Lk? unf- "Tjlaaed With board OenUemen doing eumnem la the Mty wtU toli tkta a moat eearanW?t toaaJoa tor the wtatmr SIT Will ISO us ? ??7? ?VV - . - reJms reasonable and erery aaemton paid to eosatort part ee late tagnIre at at) Adams aireet Brooklyn. Board ih lot noHBiMiRUt.rh itreet, betwees Boerusa aad Bjnlth streeta. Two plemanl JJ siren, oeiweee wms ? " - r- ?? suite of rooms or stog.r rooess eaa be hsd Tbe bows Is eoss BOdkraa. and about twelre mlnmes walk from ail Ike ferries. OARD TH BROOKLYH -FU48AHT BOOHH, WITH I board, may be had at *? Hieha street asar Bouts and Wail a >set ferries B Board ih brooblth -two 5<>?*BOi?? Liaboh with eloset and the other sma.l eaa be hmL ?JJ?J? ss desired at 1M Henry stresa, near Fultm aad Mtmmgue far rim. References requ'rsd. J OARD IH ~A WHHTLMM AH AHD wife or two single rentiemen ean be acsommodal'd w.lh i.rd and goiyt mrV wfh a prtrate RMtiTh?"?u?? r Only two oihera tsihee. Apply at MHtgh street. Board ih bb oelth^-a iiwumit afd hw wl e ean ?w aoomsmodated elth a t*r1or_>od jo the seeond floor at 91 Llrtngawm street. Befateocee Sharped ? BHOARD IH BRCKLTH?A ROOM TD LBT_ J|J*T 40lr for a family 08 1 T?r " ttlnutea walli of Kn)k>n nr Wall iw jirwii. BIO A ED IE HOROElE.~flE>TLe**EAlir> THJJf w|rM (jh vtof x* wn bf 'o?rd tail Itru'irwJMi * laal?d i? a,p cae minvi'e's walk 'rem the ferry. Apply at IT Hud io" terra?* R. fe. ear ? exehanged BO>RD IH south broklth - a FAMILY Of TWO tr shrre persona wtshtng to ma?- hrraaHSmentt borne for the winter tad will pay a fair P^es n< dress box 1.19* roat oHee B<si of references will be re inlred OAttn wartrd-i* a RTBI'WLT PRlYars fari 5 1 -, bt A (9B: Ann rhlld. _ T *o or lihed mows will be rnqeired Best of .?fJimces CT2* ruMtng terms, whlsh most sot be sxtrayag?nt,7ort. Herald Board wahtsd-bt two fuuhu mbw. ir a lb si c.ars pr1?a e family, where ^ r, ?,n cera-yee LoaaUuR b tween Pleeck-r ureses and Fourth m f ifth arenne Terms must ?". ?sir hrfrrenrrs eyohsnred. Address, glelag partteuiars, a ? W . bd 9.178 Foetrlbie. I.nisn WAHTRD-A tllMTI.RHAH ARD H1B WIFS K Wish board In a pr'rate famtly full V>ard for theJ?dr? mm d like a par'or sad bedr-mm MfnjMahe wrt, rferald o?ee a'auns P rms a ,<1 k cat!"" ? >.is hi IH * -A rRlV. TR FAMILY HAYfHO dSYBRAL B r cd rooms usoeeupied, desire tlx Iwert^ .Ih'lr seel.-w e arha To 'noh a Tory desirable gen eel hours s r fir red wuh hreahfarl hod 'eh ?s<Tdinner my XMhe soul, be an exeelbmt oppcr.nnf.y for t l>yr.y1l*t"_f ? uaH toRftker nnteUf. Au'resh DOl I AO Font oMrm. ufrrenetw gtr-n a d required it. a ADfR?.- t R_RT JL??"! t nlihrd on first and ssened floore. at If west Twenty se d Street l he house Is Aral class had spreru) ysare "eh Bsferea- ?e required KOsRt'IRi' - A ttRITl RMAH AHP H1R WIFB; AUj^ ?wn stcfle srniiemen can i* 'IT .card arc r me'd r-gimt on 'easgnahle mrms PP^ 4 Joees si, beteesa Mleechsr had Fourth stream oear ms's flfadB Yh..sRUIHti-HT IB. CRRTFHO^Mp DBFARTOR1 e^T he n - talced with hoard J/ * '^?*'*7*!.?? *^'? applying at -meeat R? HiWeM FstuUHmth st^^jrhsre. 3ao a iwidm?' 'rent rxmiOA lha M\r4 floor r%m ^ w\*xwmn OARl'lRtt-1 ItHALL PRIYaTS FACL1 ? mmodats a htagte lady era ajng egeet nan and hU wife cr two starle gent cm.? wHh_a rjom first Ar or or a hall hed-oosn on ths seeond tor. wis w boetirard Ajulr at ?8 a llsn treat DAB lHih - A LABSB PB.tOHD ATOBT. WBLLFW Dished bask ronsn wUl be 1st by ? prfeate famUy_ wlik , h aat and tan. Is :i* reltgtous tar 9M per week, or to one perron tar gas aad baiVr Included. tattafaevwT refsreeeea reqnlrea MR u box J.J40 ower Faet offee. 0ABDI9U.?A LADY AHD tired kalRts eas hare a furnished room. ?v .P*8 _ rd for ike g-n '??men If required, la a small family no ?r boaidcrs ikkwi Hours modem Loantloi near Twe v 1 (treed aad derond are.iae addreas Home, Ualon *(ua#e to?. e DABDIFO IH A FBIY?TH_FAjfTLT_ man and bis wi'e. nr two single geetie" imodnted nt 97 Meeeher Mreet 9ABD1H-4 AOTOHHODATlOlfS IH A "IJ1"/!''*"! fey two , t Ihree slnstejenllrieae. nee doubl ? stn.leroom A-ply nt 170 w?et Twenty seoood streek eeen Perrntb and Btgb h SToeuca ,AttntPl) HOritR kiBFEB'B POTIOR?THB HBR rhsats 'rrhs ri?n: -ehart rally appiUttae* ( r;;A"-e he'" al 1 y ap p ileatkms OUI ra st M7 It .n/iwny ?um eo. snrsar l*>nnrd Svrect. Jbnt re?p'???,,", fhritea seed apply ?OAJUMNG A no loooiw.^^H o^xssTffgr&^zgvjEb COUNTRY BO * ft D W aUTKO- Puft A BO* TEN TSARS , old; a goodptapeta thecuntry with n two ? three hours' ride from Vow Tort; IB p?r moeth will be allowed, which moot lxclude hie washing. Address J aekson, Brood war Toot office. Y31LBOANTLY FUR NIBBED BOOMS. OOftSIBTIira OF X! the seeood floor, to lot to a smal lamtly or single geatto moo, with or without board, at 36 Irving plaot, oae block from Union iqnare PURMIciHED BOO IB, WITH* FAMILIES ?ad oinglo gentlemen Aprlv at n Boat Fourteenth street. between Univerttty plana aad rifth avenue. Furbish kd rooms to lwt?fob okntlbvnm, with breakfast If required, la a small private fantlj. Apply at 21t Blrtcfcer atreet rUBBlBHID BOOMS TO LBT ?GBNTLBMBN BB <4airing ploatant n oma in a convenient and eoatral looa Mon. will flad every asoommodaUoa by applying at lit Mrqjma atrvot, noar Broad raj. FINISHED BOOM ?A PLBAlnNTLT LOCATED front room. In the v totally of Fonrteenth street and Eighth avenoo, to <at to one or two goatlomaa fJ per wvah to ana or U 10 two Family prival*. Addraaa 0. 0., Herald office. FUBflHHBD BC0M8 TO LBT WITH BOARD-IB a gar teal private family, lo realisms* "end 1 heir wives, or elnjto gentleman, apply at 831 Groan rich street. (tea and rUBNISHBD BOOMS TO LBT?TO A FBW 8IR3LB ((ntlemea, without board, la a maa'l private family. Be fvrvaoa given aid required Apply at ATfl Oaaal street. FURNISHED BOONS, WITHOUT BOARD, OB THB second U -or, 1a a g*ntlema*'e borne; i It nation unusually pleasant, between Fifth and sixth a v. nuoa, near Twenty-third a'reet Ac dreaa Borne. Madiaon tqnare font >01 oe rOBNIHHBD BOOMS TO LBT.?BOMB Afl LOW AB St 10 per waak Rreakfaal aul tapper may be had If requtnd. "(are aad atarea pass the hotiaa to all parts of the elty. Inquire for three or mux da>a al 180 MoU street, a far doon above Bro me GVURNIMUtn OR UNFURNIKHBD ROOMS, IN HI ITS Ju or irpara'A to let to lenUemen, without board, at 406 ? ourth atrveA nrar the B>wery. Furnlahed noma with breakfast if required, at lil Nlnta street, third door eaat of Broadway. FTRNISHID ROOMS, !N 8U1T8 OB BvfAJUTB, lo let?to alngla milkmen, wltbout board. References eiebaiged A dorms, Broad vay Poato??e_ POPE OBNTLEaEN CAN BB ACCOMMODATED WITH two rotma and parti J board, in a small prlr Ale family, Where no other bmrdera will belukea, *> *43 Fourth atreet. Unexceptionable reference given and required. Terms mo deraie First class board with rjbg ant -atoommo fa loan can be had far single gentlemen, or gentlemen nod their wlvee. at No 34 Weal STiteeath atreet. between Fifth anaRliihavennee Dinner at 6 o'oLck. HOiBL LODGINGS-31NTLBMBN CAN OBTAIN good furnished nomi al the Globe H >1*1. ooruer of Frankfort and William atreet*. Price of rtenia 26c and 37c. p< r night. t See open all aigkt HOB. KEN.-PLEAS A NT BOOMS AND GOOD ACCOM modaf one can be had at 11 Hudson terrace HONOKBN.-A FBW GBNTLBMBN ABOUT MAKING a chargt of reaiderce for the winter, can be aooummo dated with fuinlahrd silting room aid bedrooms, with partial board at reasonable tirma. Apply at No. 6 Rlvor terrace. Hob..ken JBB8BY CITY BHABD, N. J.-TWO OB THESE MEN ' Lenten nan ob sin boaru and a cimfortaole home fir the winter. In a pleasan, .omtlun, within three ml a a tea walk or Ike Jervey Cl.y ferry Room* fmnLhrd. gat, hot and cold water, do. Address William*. Herald office. O. 108 IJKlNABD STRUT, A FEW DOORS FROM Broadway. Pleasant aid newly famished rooms to let. N NO 8 0 ? AKLTON STB KIT?BBT W BIN MACDOUG4L and Variek it reels. to lnt to a private family; la wtthte half a block of Hnih a venae car* Inst re pa tree and repainted, and gas In the house. Apply at 134 dleeukar street PAR1IAL BOARD.?FOUR SI NO LB GBNTLBMBN OAK oe aoonmmodated with spacious rooms, breakfast and supper; dinner on Haider apply at 101 Saaoad plaee, Brook lyn, I. I. F alum and Hamilton ferry. Oars pass every tea minutes PARTIAL BOARD WaNTBD-BT A DRB81MAKBB ? bo works In private famlli s; nation from Second to Hli k ever ue and I mirth to Twentieth itroet. Address Dress maker. Metropolian Post office. OBITATI BOARD.?A FBW GBNTLBMBN OAK BB X aoeomnjolntert with pleastnl Drool rooms and partial board at No <U West Nineteenth street, between Fifth and ffirth avenue* leforenoee exehaagad. Removal-tub captain s bzohange hotel, formerly at So. 7|Morrii street, has removed to431 Broome street, near Pro* 1 say. Rooms to let?furnishbd, to famiubs with- i ont children, or tingle ge> Uemeo. la a pleasant loaatlon 1 near Broadway, family private. Fleas* call at No. I Beach street. StJS, "b4S2.KL^| T Room wantvd-a gentleman visrriso town Tnesdavs and ttatneday*. with ala wife, desires a neatly fnrnlrhed bedroom i srlth 6re aftern mos) for rest before re turning Trefers near Bowery or Second avenue. Address Advance, Herald -fllcv, staling loenlion, recommendations aad terms SU1T8 OF ROOMS, HANDSOMELY FUBNIBHKD, TO let. set srate or to re the r. to single gentlemen or gents mre snd their wlvee, with board, on very reasonable ve ana. at 236 rtpein* atreet, net seen Clark and Varck streeta, kaa bath and gas. Also, a baaamwl lo rent for an offloa. SBCUFD AVENfTB, NBA* ?ROADWAY AMD ASTOR plaee.?A highly respectable small family wilt lad. with board, a salt of ro~owi on aeeond floor, with all the modern Issprovemen'a elegantly fiiiolakec, In adellgbtfnl lorntloa, to a respeetabk party wt ung to pay for gooi accommodations Stigee and cnrv eonv<steal to the dvor. For refeeenoes and pari rnlar* Inqnlre at 4b Seventh avenue, corner of Poarteenla slrees. References required. S-pAl'tCVH AND LOFTY AFABTMBNTB. PE8IRARLB local Ion, eioelleni aad well (uppllel table, poeeeesing rverv mod?rn lmprorrment. ftmlly private, parlors aad beX rooms a fBt cfiand* Irrs and gas flrtuws. ho and coll water, c. nee is ana all the coarseltaoes of * flnit ulaas bona* Singe gentlemen, and geotlsmea with their wives csanot And mora p'vasaot and agreeable quarters roe the winter West corner Twenty eercno itree ana ' eitngum avenon I nO NEATLY FCENIbHBU BOOMS. (INSISTING OF ? parlor aad bndroom, to let. with board, to a Lady and gentkman, or rwo siagle gentlemen, in a small private *amUy, where they can m>vy all ihe romforts of a bo am Apply al 16R West Seventeenth street. TWO GBNT1.KMKN AND WIVBB, OR SINGLE GENTLE men, can be aemmm-vtawd with fnratabed rooms, on sesonu floor, with board The rorms are very pleaaaat and sanation al?v, and good far. I'y. small and no ohdldrw*, at ISA Hndson street near S*. John's park. TWO SINGLE GBNTI BMBN OAM HB AtXNJMMODATBD with rwans anr racial board la a ins I private fasOly at 1 id West miterstb street. ? TWO GKNTLBMBH AND THEIR WTYBd AND TWO SIN gle gentlemen can be annommodsted with board at >a Miedo-gal itr e* Terms moderate, gav aad athln the bonae. but few bf aider* are takes; loeailon plMMStm TO LIT?WITH BOARD. TO A GENTLEMAN AND KTS wife, a irroud stcry back room alao room* for two or tbrra itsgle gentle wan, al 100 Monroe street. rLKT?Fl'RN ISHBD BOOBS WITH OR WITUOUT ? board, m a private family, at No. 40 'Might street 8l J ten's per* j TO LET?"MALL P A RI-OB BBDBOCM AND 8ATH ro- m a<ijoining furnlahed oe uifwnMbsd. with or with outbrvahfsst and t'n. also one or two altle rooma; with a plhia genteel famllv. at 80 Fmaklln atieec ri I BY-TO CNA OR TWO ORSTLRMBN. A LA RGB ? room, with paatrtea, hot asd evld water on 'the seevnd floor, iIn a Mall f-.r'iv bonne haa oath, gas, ha. Apply at 109 Grand strert. near Broadway, weal side I LET NICE APARTMENTS. SUITABLE FOB A gen tie man aad hla wife with gsa, hath. An , on mme r.oap. la quire at 3*3 Apring street near VarVW street. rFBOFBSSORS OF MUSIO-A PLEASANT ROOM ? aad partln board, la a central locaiim. Is offered to a geatlsmea Is retara Ibr leeaoi ?? lis ptaao. AdAreee Wee anil. HemW often. Wanted by a beppsctarli widow lady, onb or two children to boird, nt her resldwioe, (Mm H iglee') BtPthewy A Befnrmeee ngnh*efed Uff ANTED IN BBGOKLTM-TWO FURNISHED FT rooms, parlor and vedm.-ra.far Iw - single gel Terms to be moderate. Add mm E . hot *W P-et nffl ANTED. IN BBt^Kt,T?-A FURNISHED ROOp ? aaM ^H^rnWte^mMte^mm|^m IMEMA.H anted in a BEEFB T1RLB PBTTaTB ibihh fa I mOv. where the oomforle of a home may be bad. a W atshed room en h partial board Uw ytnglr se .tieman Lo I eatxra n*Hh*r hlrher than ..-b Br .nwnr Uen R-noose ? -?<*- wlffiln i few h;.rn of 1ro?-1vr*y Eeferen.mi re qaked. Addrisa HI iwweaa. Bera'A offiee, tea dag terma, Aa. i ~~ CA RFETlllOI, ITFHOLSTKRT, ML t IARPBTIJIOB. - Vf DOUOHTT A PMtn, * III Broadway, OppaaMe the "ark Owiag to ear heavy ImporlaUims ao-1 Ughtnem la tee moaey ?arkrt we ere eeUleig W oar elegant elor* of earpetlnge al ? gre?i sneriflen. Oa h bnyese will obtain rreat barpatea. fuirmira from auction \J White have been pnrcbapeo For seek tkroagb tee msbsmesraset OfBlEWy saarkei M per neat below market prises. EagOab la pes trie*, gje to n. teigllab teres plye. Fl A mep; an >kree ply very eleap. Baglisk legrates, Me. te ty Amertcaa legm ne ?to. to Wo. Ail veote Jo . 37h Oommon aarpetug. lie. fblrioU*, Is. w> Ss. fld., Ac. NTBFHEN I.Ba'IT, til Nttte aveene. between W?verley plaee and Btghth street. ?japmoB, A SOLOMON A HABT, 346 Tpoadway. Anemone their tn'ention to remuie to their new store (mow sreettosl oe or ahnnt the 1st (if Jaanary, aad hare deienMteed npoe *e, .ing tee<r rmmeese eloek of Bans He Laido. Beocatki tw, Lara a*u Musi m (Tvevtraa Wi* jow fin me, OS nor*, Fare* II ipptpm. at an unprecedented rednnttnu ta pr-on. In nAteng tete indieemenLteetr rtonh will be found reptete with every article in their Uaw Famhtee farninnlsg. or la want of | Cphototory goods, mrtaton. Materials fne 'am tare, Wliviow elljl't sate |^| J^| are Invited to avail themnelven of aa iffw that may never op ear again | N B All being praetteaJ npbotetererw pvtrteaaeye ena have teetr curtain*, he , made nn te tee bent <eyle, and *Ae> |ffit Itetgns. reenlved by every Ilearner from OTANTBD. IN MOCKLTN-A FUBNISHBD R( Ft and parGal boand vtte n pD ae S "lh for a alngte | tirma*. Af drean, wfthtermn, W, f if Wfl Feet olBea. teetr hews te Parte. __ __ WGNDOW PHAWBB Wade to any dentga nr panera. Wbotepate I-ever* will have ae advantage te l Mote before oaiehsMng rJepv here - ? ?*T ?OttO* *0. A W*P1.0R18IB. ^ Tonibki | >?? m 2ir^is^^"t?5S&^g_ j?f: " Vilwimhy ??????? ii %,LfiSff -

"i 8s. udk. ? great L_c of buki not reported ?* ***? Mow ?wwM of M Broadway. between Spring so* Princ* iUTon bold off. JBL J. BCOK * CO., SH and Mr Droadway. t?W refnmf itelr largo tail aad wiaur nook, 10 per owl batow aooi. Bhawto. ?-??? Black itom yblvmih i? all width*. Superior qualities, aad totj cheap, By BKBKMA* A <X>. 473 Broadway. ?N A OOMPAmr. 478 BROADWAY, |X|ta^hm miming ae vera! balsa of HBKKMA* A OOMPAJ u win corn told i Bnprr Ballard Vale flanneia and o.hsr desirable gtylee. At the lowett Market prion. A*o aaother invoice 4-4 Shaker fiaaoe a. 4a. per yard, Aad warranted not lo shrink. TYLACM FRENCH LAOS VBTL8 A1TD FLOUNCING*. JJ 300 black laoe veils, from 81 10 lo X 60, cheap. 11000 yards wife and narrow floonclngs, slightly soiled, 40 per oeat belew the osual orloes BBRKMAM A CO.. 478 Broadway. NYLOAKB AMD IHAWL8.-K 8. MILLS A 00. HAVB \J now la stosfe a splendid aasortsseal of Cloaks droolers, dusters, Ao , of their own manufacture, X per seat below former prises together with a fall stock or Pall tad winter shawls, purchased at the reeeat a action sales, to which they Invite the attention of done buyers, at 80 aad 81 Chambers street, np stairs. CLOAK* FOB BABTIBM i? JfBW YOKE HTaT* BAMK BILL*. GBOBGB BBODI*. (Old Mo. 81) 300 Oaial street. Will lake the above saoney la payment of porsktsss his store. CHABI.B* ITBBMT A OO.. 478 Broadway. Oennlae fan. We shall open on Monday, Oet B an unrivalled assortmen of genuine fare, ielected by ourselves In Morope, and maon faetWtod In the ae-vest sty lira of ?Mentors, Ptsohoa Busses, capes, pelerines, Mutla, eu0b, An, m BuaMaa sable, Hudson Bay do., Mink of magnlflocnt qaaUltSa, ?ova] ermine, martin. Ao.. An. And a complete line of ehtldreu's fun ?very article of furs sold by us will be Guarantied as represented. Use block below the 8t Mlobolaa Hotel. /3LOAK8, CLOAKS, CLOAKS \J Mant Ulna, mantillas, Selling at prtaea to suit the times, By HBKKMAN A OO . 478 Broedway. M. B.?Those plush eloahs. at 80. are not all sold. CHAJLLB8 8TBBIT A CO. 471 Broadway. #71 CLOAK* AND BASQUE*. Ladies are respectfully Bonded Wat our sasni luient of eh CI aovehles la eloaks aad basques, la sow eompletn ques la eieluilve and beautiful styles far ladles aad child ren. fitted aad made to order. 478 Broad way. CLOAKS ARD MANTILLA & A beautiful assortment, ^ Prloee reasonable. J AMI* A. HBAKM, 775 Broadway, above N'nth meet. CHILD KB*'8 CLOAKS Children's eloaks. Thlldren's eloaks. A splendid assortment for foil and wtnu-r B KB BOM A WIIAOM. 810 Canal street CLOAKS AMD MANTILLAS. A beautiful assortment. In velvet, sloth and sL'k. Prloee reduced. JsMBS A. HMBBN 778 Broadway, abova Ninth street. rVBY GOOrm. U URKAT R1DUOTION IN PBIO* AT BIT AIL. is sottsequsttee of the GREAT FINANCIAL ORINHL ARNOLD, OONSTitBL* A OO. Will odsr, Ou Monday, October 8, The whole of thstr Bleb and valmbto stoat Of DRM AMD FANCY GOOD* At an pi em*' IS I lly low prion. OSnalsttBB of atlhs andatlh robes Plaid goods of every description, ?agitato and Frsaeb aaososw-, Siiwhs, stella w 4 wool shawle; French ambroMsrtea aad reall aeea, Hottery. gloves, nblie are aests "1 mat ihereductkm Is real, aad The public are assured mat tasi tnepeetloa of their stock kmo^ DAMAGED BLACK RILK YKuVBTS. Win* AMD NAB row, superfine maiUlla velvets; Stella shawls, black aad golored brcsJelcks. easelmerve. velvet wwtlnga, plaid silk pop Pus. Au, Just received and for sale very low by WM. EaTHBWS. No. 84 Cetkeriae street J^hT GOOD*. JAM** A. HIARM Has marled His stock of goods at Greatly relucrd prices Cloaks, shawls, sllss. mora sad go ids generally. 778 Broadway, above Ninth street. iMBROIDEBim. ^ . .. . A great reductW-n la the prtee of French embroideries, are, sets, bnadkerehtofr. Bouncings, bands, edgings and to loss at GEN INK Hwaar 813 Hrosdamy, ML * to Solas Hotel. Bmbkoidbribh l.sof renek smbrotdered kabita from to. to Be, wortk from an ? 88. GBNIB'H Baimar, 811 It roar way. m. Miskotoa Hotel. Fall and wintmr umd**garm*nt*-n*^ling off al 80 per eset below the usual prieee at Mcl.hlMll LIM'N. 88*Grseuwteh street, ooruer of Mnrray. AhlrlsoflAe best qualHy made lo order. GBMIN'H BAZAAR, 818 Broadway, It. Nicholas Bold. The entire stock of this setabllshmsal Hss been marksd down St snat and below eoat prices, Frr lbs month of tie ober, UMf. The aaeortmeal In eeeb department was never m we sum plrte than at the present tlma vr BtKK IG 1 CO., 471 Broedway, Will offer this morn teg Ao toyolos of rich Bhymds rs sDka. New styles, at VI per yard. /i It I AT IIA Nt to INR IN RILIN A CO., 471 Bayadere style#, at *i per yard. ? per cent ins than cost le toeport LIST MSI N (IF CUBAN LOA KM. Ws have received os rou?lfrmet>l r two If. isa-d k and Bng.'aa b-evev cloaks whtnh lave arranged sepavale from our regular totok and offer -ters varying from 13 to 84 eaoh most of wtoah goat from o 818 14 import ard ail new goods CHsNUi*. HfKKBT A DO.. 4*8 Hmadwsv, One block tee low the m Nieho as Hotel. INIfiH POn INN NNDDOKD TO 81 PffR TARD. Hume very beautiful bayed* rs stripes, also plain. At BUKMaN A CO * 471 Broadway I LLC*.ON GOOIB. .. . .. A splendid ssoek of Unarm capea. oanhag aad brelallea. sew sty m GKNIk 4 Rasaar. W Aislsti, Mt. MleS see H Wet JUNT ttPCNITAD PffR LSNT NTffAMBR-l.Oto DOSBN rf Iks best quality Frmcff iM fisswa, wtoeA I offer at the eitrauvdtoarv tow price of M a pair HNff NT ttlCff, HfiOaaal stress, (eld No 71) Linen dsNani ohiafmt nynr offibid. *4 super ltoee damsaA at 4s par yard. warranted perfect A too linen sheetings and shtntogs, towels. Soy ties. Marseilles quills sad moalUs of all dseartplMtoa. At IA# lowsst prices <a 'bs rlty, By HIBKMAN A CO.. 478 Bread way LAPTBN- LINEN CAMMRIO HANDtRRCBIBFB PBOM s action If vou wants decided beggeto to ladles' oambrts baadksr Nklgfb sail at 473 Broadway. WO dnitto todies ? k tines cambrto hMdhareh'sfff si II H t dotott worth fit awdrtee do 4r. st 81 X worth X 3t n doses do do bewsiltohei at pf (0 worth R X Itu 11use do. Frsnsh gram Ua m at J1 X worth 18 X KBRKMtoW A OnMFaBT. f ATRNT TALL NTYLXfi ^ CLOAKS, TALMAN, BAMQURB, AO. JAOOB I.ANBiNO. lmportor. susaufbrtsrer and Jobbdr, 79 i V9NHA, Isntds tbv aMesllon of Jobbers aad torgs uuyers to hto msMt ritesslvr aad elegant sswdl. sow ready, "uasprtslag til tod latmt aoteiusd to Amiga aad tabfX boss Imported and oflu own wml known maanfodr ' Which bn will ofittr o? Most fovirsbid t Aad at prions that trill defy sosapettli >?. 78 ilksalw, ,?, Peer donrs wsgy af NffMtot?ff. MALTKNB, HONITON ARD GOIPURB RNTN AND aoitore 2.(00 Mntraa oollsfs. from Tfeento to X (tff flenboa collars, from X X to X Si), m Hal ism an.i seta from X 80 lafld. BRBIMAN A <K.'n 478 Broadway. MONffTRDR O. t.DDM ANN (LATH OP FaRIN) [ymassa, eloaAa msnu.las, robes da cAsssbtd, aad toonva lag of every dmcDstKm. made to order at tae atowteet so Una III spring street, up stabs Dresses oil aad Varied for the mttobisd. a'se. dress ussqus pa tons cut to fl' lbs frwm Pa ttotoa fhshioea regularly rvesived, aad a eoHrettaa of most ?leges' panares sad ssweat styles always oa bead RAOCRNING CIX) A Kg. HI Moursisg cloaks Mounting otoahs AtRRNBON A WiLNuN'M, 818 Osaal sh ssk. MBtoRN. *. tAYtOR, DPHOUTRRBWt, Isk WB lemtb sweet bstweeti (Sevenis and ?lga? area 'upee lbs f* no valine of, ass eurtalt aaillars. capes < uMU'toi. iBertnosa, silks aad crapes, done to loot llkl sittoX ? toosi the destruens* me of toe iron. DRY WOODS, M, N _-g, Atm ohoj?*wy A^r^Sr^-'' ?~;" Dim sUBa ??* rob"' n0UMeila? Jo loinoa, WooJ pl-(u. AO. ninvra riouri p.?he amlphr u*rment8-homb X thtag now.?Clothing ?'Iks for the million and upper tea thousand. Clothing that dor* uh rtpor leer. OMrootii, ooual pr? $t0, sold loir for ? ? Blsgaat Bagtaaa, '? 21, 10 BarersRtla. ? M " ' II Pee jackets, rosin, leaaloa, ?neeeelne, mttUn* and ell worse wKhonl aeaiae Btlie of eeaet of ihe su?pei><led beake taken el per. Brand? genual maoutantnrinf company, wboleeele depot 21 Der aireet, retell depot I US Broadway. SPLENDID KNULIHH POPLJB8. Be. PBB YARD, Bedwrnd front >1. By BBBEMeN A CO , <73 Hroadway. SUA W LA. BHaWlH?NTELLA BHaWLH, CHENILLE ehewla. Woollen kmc and yqnare ihtwls, Of entirely new etylet, Ver? ehta". By BBBKMaM A OO 473 Broadway. SHIRT KOBOMH-EMBROIDERED HAND 8TI fOHiD, mtetiae tUtabed ead woven, in e l ait lea end urtcea. el THB i IHkN STORE, T 48 Broadway, above Aator place J. U. MILLIE KB A UP . Proprietor. OEFHO WAJTTH TO PCECHAEB CHEAP WINTER DRY ** loofll English oelleoa, lOe worth 160. Oaabmerea. lie 20O. Popllnette robe a u utile, E Poplinette ilonnoeo robea S3. fUxony p auta, 30a. Field onpllaa loo. ead 80s. Dele la an very cheap. J. BBflK A OO , IS and 367 Hroadway. WET BLANK BT8-FROM THB HHIP OLAKA BROOK man. from auction. We wMl open, thta day. a I arm lot of Engl? blaakela, acme ae low at Si a pair. Bargains la ell klnde of dry goods received daily, at W. K. PEYTON'*, M* Bowery. Yi BL WIDE FRENCH OALKIOER ONcY la. PER YARD, wWl'l be olfrred by HKEKMAM A CO.. 473 Broadway Several caeee 4-4 Frenob prime la per yard, Former prloe la fld. F FALL FASHIONS. RtNi'U FLOWS KB, Feather*, oolsred etraw gooda, Ac. In ooaseqneaoo of the Ureal financial rrh la, HOMBB A KBTCUCH will cffar their entire etooh, at a greet reduction to enah pnrctaiere, at 318 Hroadway, corner of Pearl street. M AUAJfB POUNHPORD A OO , 871 Hroadwav, Under the Laftrge House, Are now exhibiting a euperb aeaortmeat of t repnh mllllnerv. Of the most beautiful dehlgns. Mmr p. abtoirr, oouturierb prom pabih. beg* leave to It form her frb'oda and customers that bnvtnc lately arrived with all -he newest tampons. ihe la aow ready to mat e dreeaee. cloaka, Ac , Ao with the boa yont of a Parisian, at her reoldence, No 190 Leureaa street corner or Bleacher rr KIR'8 OOirPUAER, NIMPLB AND RI.A*OBATK.? Peatbera. ribbons and other ornamental favorites are aow like everything around ua, cheap, below par, and accept able toevery puiobaeer at Pavilion de Flora, 361 Broadway. INSTRUCTION. ? D CA -A QUICK, READY HANDWRITING V 4 Uuf. taught fur S3 AO alxt-en leeeini: bookteeplng, arlihmetie, Algebra, Ao . at r. due*! prices all tbla mmthai PaINB'8 academies, 83 Bowery, New York, and A3 Pulton Hr? et, Brooklyn Open day and erentng. -A GOOD BAND WB TINA TAL'OHT FOB S3 IN <P?J. ten !o?as of one hoar each, and full sooor-s guaran teed to every cupll, yourg and old. Double entry bookkeeu log day and evening Term. SIS for a iborongh oonr.e at In a ruction Cards of particular* way be h >d at the room*, No. 362 Broadway. OuiYEE B. (H>LD-?M ITH. '-a fear h nt* (Tow a perfeei matter are often of mora ter vioe In Developing the mpmci lea of a pupil thin the in wt pro trained leeeone of an Inferior teacher -Wm. U. Bryant. AlC - BOOKKEKPINO, WBITINO, ARITHMETIC ? 9-LU. Mr. DiLBEAB, ?? itr au.j Eeepe the largent eooimeiclal academy In New York, ant preparee students prirtlruilly for buetneen Uommtiialtoo terse 'cm StA to SIS for a fall commercial eonrae One SIS seal vaeant. Ami * YB4B PATE FOR BOABT) AND OOMMON vlvl Kagl! h la Fort Edward IniUtute, New Tovk A few vaonnelee f r ladles Hand for a Ovtalogus to Bar. JOS. R BIND. Prtndpi a LADY WISHER TO INSTRUCT 03ILDRBN WOULD A. eew, or aeelet In enpertatendtng houaehold afTali ae an equivalent far board Address for three day. E. W. M.. Madl ?ua iquare Poet ofBoe. Beet of referencea given. APREEOH LADT. OF BEYER 4L YEARH EXPB rtenee m teaching. both In ihe Houth tad In tale mty ta ?nme of the Or t ? horn*, w labia to give Preach lew one ? I tear tr tehoni* or fawlilea; the would a'ao inetmet pnplla U bar own raatdenee. Apply at Prof. Yergne'e electro chewlsal bathing eetab l?hmeet, 778 Broadway, trow U tolo'eloeh, where reference will be given. AOARD to THM LADIRE-A LADY. AOOUAYt MBit to In,Hon le dealroue of giving Inetrnallon In writing eod Ihe ajitel branchea of BotUah edueaUon Thjee whose edooa tlon ha* been cegleelril won't) find ibia at eicellent opportn tnnlly, ta nke inachre on an Improved plan, whereby the pn pile wahe rapid tcireae A ua will b* f waed eveningt for three ? ho ranaci ettend in the day Apply at 711 Hroad way. between the boor* of 10 and It A. M. a LADY WHO HA* HAI> MUUH RZPBRIBNOl IM A teeehin*. desires id ' en hMEM ae pMEeAST 19 eldeet governeee in or near New T<-ra Kb- ieaeh>. EnglUh, Prarrh Oarmu Italian, drawing, end the I henry of ? ualc I'neirepilOfimble rrlerenoe*. Address M. boi 3 80S Post of Bee New York. AOSNTLKMaE WIHUE8 TO OIVE IN8TUOTION IN French to a Oerwtn doelr iue of perfectlag hlmie'Q a ?eld laagunge. by a alapl.and intrrrettng method for whlcb I?Mi In the Per men bwgtie wtll be recnf.ed to return Ad dreee bprache. Herald cfCce IjVRBNttH INSTITUTE FOE TOUNO LADIES.-MADAME P BBEUIEE R Pienrh, English and SpaaLh boarding and day eehool tor ynanf la> lea. No ill Madia m eveone, between Thin) (Ireland Thirty neennd etreete, reopened Nepv IX A prlTtte onaatbue calls for pnplla French IaANduaor?peofmmoe d. laurote *84 Broadway, amttanes to give thorough Inatrocu-m li Ihe French ,ang- age. Imparting to hta pnplta the ability k ? a -a- language with fluency and qui i wilnehh. AppUoa ved between the boors of I and 1 er I and 7 r. M. Ft RT PLAIN SBMIN t ET.-W1NTIE TERM OPBNH NO vmnber 17. and nonUnnea fonrteen weeks. Oerra ao ran sic teanher. Bill for term. IM 76 Fur ctreulain addmen Rev J, E. LA TIMER, A. M., Port Palo N T /IBaTIN -THEOBI04L AND PR ACTIO EL RPANI8R IT e'a'i ? DON EnMON M? BTINU L'R OOEObH t, L L D , ri prof?or ta the ualvenrlen of Madrid end Floreeoe, riwwber of bptnlah itanee. antbor of aeeeral aclenURc wrska. An has the boner loa'nouaea to the public 'hat he hae jo?t op.a?d evening nlaaeee for persona, who ftarUg al rraey a'ulaed lows profldeaeie. in Ihe Mpaaleh langu yga. and whogestvato perfect tbewselvee any p-wvon enebtag Weuhmrlbe fbrthe flretqaarwr, mar ap >1 In the Profaeeor, 121 Waver ley place rtom 8 m to A M. aa1 7 to I P. M , ueiu the ISta I net, when the claja will he eowwenced. and ao ober ?gplication will be attea'*d in after hat time for the flrel ooert'r'h tnemciton No other fee* wl I be asked by the Pre fee#or tbaa |I0, t) defray the emeanea of births, Mpauith ?ewtpap#r*. Ao N H ? Private lee?? given la ?panteh, Fraccb and raltaA Term* woleratn. IEhTRUUTEEiW WANTED.?A LaDT WflO IE COMPR. lent to teaab Ingltab bratrbw, parti u.a y r mguettloa and can devotn aeveral boo e a day to that uu-voee way hear of two nngtla by iderr etng Mrs. Muaenn box ?4 Poet ofBoe MRS. COUTaN'B FBRRCH OR ENDLiNH BOAEIHMM and day nabool Ptr young ladles will re open on Tuesday Raptewher IX at MS Fifth avenne anrner of nirty flrW xtreet Rower weitied. arithmetic a nd booki kbfint naeeea i pea day aad eif?ligilM| Browdw.y; grlvata lee rirUne at 'he rvefdrnoe ?f paplih as uinai. wed-itog. vteli irg rardt eon' -leattal and ? ruemeeiai writing exee-ne-l ? ,ual If not lugerlor to aR'-e engravlage rpu LhPT tNciIBBM-THE ADVEETI4EE WldRKI X to a the an arrangenient with a lady ui give dai'y la trne Uon in hie two (t*>4gb ere of the age* of 1g and 18. In atuks, P-earb and he n.uni uranehee o an Kaglita edneailun. at their ewa rawxenee. Applewkw* tab* wnd* by InMor. Ad drmerd to L. L L. U*to* ? u uare Paw ntten YkLTdE isN. Bit? a HEMTuAn aN (HPal.l OF gtvteg a you h 18 year* of age a thorough taiglsh eduoa ? ef reading and attend ieet -re* nan and to go through a eovee > __ with hat and de role frwtfl In 10 hoar* daily A w ddie aged ?an yrwerred. Ploa^ etatn age ami references ead to whet rettglon. dernnntoaitoe the app.leanl beloega. A Bill ? Guar dinn. New Yorh P et bfllca. - efatn age ami refers usee, eid to whet i the app.leanl I " ANTKOIiOGY. r f \ (TBNTN CLA'RTOTaNOE 313 BROOME ETEBET, t/V between El nahwh and Moth A1 dl eaeee puixleta w ta ledlea anna rnred HI lei neae, dee: arte, Hammering, ??eawpOns. dyepepita, pal dta ma rheaoMtlwp. weag InTa, Win >W A easily Sored. Af tie ed p-rw ai ab.rudl eead -w eaU wttbont drlay aal see Ere II ? 1 Ed. the heel etalrvoyaM ta h ? world Hadefeetton given iv?ember) or aa pay. IUA OEOMaBs. dTEEMT MS808 REWARD lEurFMR lOO ed to env p? who mm twyme MADg MB U.IF FUN ta gin?? Stalest ???*?>* OR oil eve? taroagt ago poiti?lertyahosRiMgo8g, ?ml taw?ta wadgtelThMftj ?i?hero. Y. R?MediWi 0. Is lie only real geautaaao? tngtat aow la the Tel?RWbm Rhe warrants in sure tlta gg aBTON1RB1ND TV ALL.?MADAME MOSBOW. TUB a eevenib daughter. M with ml eteepttoa the wr-el wneder fnl a?obig*H taet hae e er been know*, gee wtl) tell i MM, I raxent and fOture ?? ente of life, a ran the rery tbcighw Hhe will tall whether y re are married or stegte. and hew waey llwee yon are to be married and bow soon, ead show the 'Ihe ?ad the intended hnebeadead erven I fftaede aed -a ana ?peedy marriayea. ?ulttag ta aappmew and g?vrd ineE txmogh Ufa f be guars lees that those who stall tar will aoi regret It Sbehaesetoal tad thousands dortag ? tiei? In ?urnpe fbe ? U1 It roae -be powers of ber wonderful eoteave so s* to make Ike person <het yo* -lib to ore appear right be for* you as saturaj as IMS; ihough ?he ciatws e-d be oalled a eomason tortiine is ler. m *h< premises eothleg bat what la rsone citable to pbllosnphsrs Rhe has bsea conenlted bribe most re protable 'adie* from all par a of the United Hta? OorU?ea set adwiued. Ro eharre N not laltaRal 78 Brooenestreet, between Oaaace and tvlotahta J UN* ABBIYMU,?MaUDB 0ALDI bra? gtpay pelwML fb? No eon alted, ta her ? ?? (kv>m I to 6 P M^, ? y ISR A W RMOW JB1 rrNLEBEATBD BUBINBRB IB etalrveaaat, ban I net ratal reed fwwe ? Mast wiu re mala ta thta wo a taw week* beRnre ? den?are for the froth Rhe wl I fled absent A? lo*t w^len>?e 4ta EoMdemw El Peseta* tar eel room 7 seenakl toor Ml.l.B 81111 ?*RTTt I.AM 4~RR iOX THB OBLB b,a-ei an?raphtat having rwonted ta un her gnropeae t nr. wUL npoe t'O reorlpt af 18 r-nta, eooUane o glm IM rtrt re of past preseet anf fnt re rreitr. aad W1I' .end a day*errotype of tatare wife or hatband, by en ., wing a .pen men of w rfneg: a ten t I <-t m b*ir Addrw*. wfh re' ,m Bsw^oSl* ta LAwarrnux, Band way Pom da CTjUICLIJU trnn to ra.o8a-oooo bondn and noou to VUUU fitbtii. reryJNW for amkieektlie, muof.mur ing tr other ?ell'? huatamr. To pkrtieo gotag West, lama bonds 1/ d ? toaka offer grata laiwult Address J. W. Jiaaa H> rat il? Hlin WANTBD?ON BOND AND BOBTOANB, ?O.UUW OB laa Lat of NovsesbCT oa a aadtn batik litre* aio<-? nrkk bonae In the Twentieth wards team ate lot rained at flu ?X Aldna ABU, batOM foNoNca No brokerage slowed. 9&l\ fifth -HONDO AND MOBTOAOBA 8BJURBD Vi'V. oa Improved rw seta's, la this city or Brooklyn, purtbaaed at a dleooucl br 9. B BBOAD, Na 19 Wall atrnat. amend story. ftOlQ HIWl -INOtBB, BOHON, AND nBNTOLANN BZiO.UUU anon numbered real taOH. will ?? da oa arced for any kind, or aay amount of goods hat are knit able Tor ike Weaters or Bombers market. Would purohkM an >nitre atoea. all communication! trill be ooual Narad am e?sfldentlal Addreaa Cor ose week Booth 9 Waal, Olikrd Mouae. H T DIVIDEND-A DIVIDEND OF TBI* PKR CENT 01V the capital atook r ( the Owe an Steam Narlga'toa Oimpany will be pkld to ike mockhold-re at the odl-ee' 'hr Oompaay on aad after the 1Mb of Ootober. oa prm notation of the oerta Seatet. a B ANDEBNUN. Sameioiy. IBVlNtt 9AVINNN INMTlTUTlON NO. H WABBBN ?treat, near Oreeowtte atrmt open dolly frosi Id to I o'clock, md 4 to 7 PH. Monday*, Th tradaya ate Saturday*. resist m. T. U ItPTToa, Seoretarv MBt'H ANIt'H' AMD TRADERS' BATTNIM HANK? Felloe to depositor*?All mouera oepoattet prevfc-ra to llth October will draw imam t from lat. Hank open on Hon da,., Wednesday* Jag. P. Matonr, Secretary NSW YOltK AND NBW HAVBN BAlLkOAD OOM paay No I Hanover atreet. Hew .nrk. Ootober L 1897.? Notice ?The lntereat on the bonda nf tkla amp any due Ihld day, will be paid cm presentation at tbla office. W HBNBBT. Tieaeueag. JLTIW YCBK AND NBW iknVBN BaIIJIOaD COM L~ pan*, Ho I Hanover klreet. Hew York. October 1. 1897.? No't >e nr dividend.?The dividend d-olared by tbla oompaay February J, Into, of I per ornt on ibe naptuu ktoob, wlfi ba paid to ati <ek bold ere on demand at tkla oBce. W. HaMBHT. Treorsrer. 0FFI17B FULTON FlkB INHURAHOB OOMPAHT, NO. 1(1 Wall atreel. 1 eb bar 1 1887. - Th- R<mrd of ulreetern of'hie company have thta dar deoiaveda semi annual dividend of aeven per oent, payable on demand. JAH0H M. BANEIN, Secretary. OFFlt'B OF TUB AABB1UAN ATI-AH fin aHD PAOI fle ship Dana! Company - Nea York, Ootober I, H? ? Notlee la hereby given n Ike b <ldera of rlgkta (or parte) In tkla ocmpany, that an aaaeaament of lire do lara en each right kg rvquired to be paid to the ondrralgned. at Ho. ft Bowling Ore* n, on or before the 17th tut By order of the Hoard. ISA AO O. LB A. Secretary. P BO PON ALB FOB 91 700.000 CITY ON BROOKLYN Permanent Water Loan Healed prepoaalawUl be rood red by the Board ef Water Oontr mlaalooere of the oily of Brooklyn until Thomdty, Oet 8, 1897, for the whole or any pert of the 91,700 000 >f the Hanaanenl Wa ter loan all per teal bonda of ue ett* of Hreoklyn tmoedpur auant to an act of the uealtlature of the State of New York, passed Feb. U, 1847, entitled an act to anppl* the (toy al Brooklyn with water. Raid bonda are In soma or 9LIIOO each, having tnent* Ave yearn ta run, with all per eent lateresi onupona akatead * ?act year. ad. payable lat of J muary and lat of Jaty ta Bach proposal ahouM br tailed bp and endorsed, "Propoeal tar Brooklyn Permanent Water Loan," and eneloaad In an en velope addressed to Hoard cf Water Ooqimtekmere at Brooklyn. at ofloe of Oorslng A On.. No, <8 Wall Mree* New Tork. The blda will be opened pabllely. and the bonda awarded la the highest hid ler, on the day and at the place before wee Honed, at * o'o'oeh P. M The Commlvtionerk are aothomei to cell the botes without limit aa to crtoe, but Utey reserve the right to reject all pro pot ala white may te ta their judgment dleadvan ageooc la M atty. Twaan or ramairt. Cite for Ibe whole amount offered or Twenty per eent In oaeb Twenty per eent payable Nov. 1 1897. Twenty per oent payable Dee. 1,1887. Twenty per oent payable 'an 1 IHB8 Twenty wr eent payable Fvh. 1. IHg8 The pitrekaaer will nay ail accrued inter eat oa fee betes IN 1st of Ootober The tret payment will be tesesvad aa aoQo teraJ aecurlty for the fulfillment of the contracts, ate the pro portion of bonda fir the same will be delivered at the Make kf final payment. SUperoeat latereat will be charged oa do ferred payments. SAMUEL H PO NNT.L, Mayer. William H. LB wis. OompWaUar. OBAWF' RI) O. SMITH, Troawarw. JOHN H. PKINTION. Chairman Board of Water Onmmlmlamma. J. UABSON BBBV ORT. Bearetar Board of Water Uoaimlaaloaara. TUM NOTB8 OF THE BANK OF OBLBAlfB BOU9HT a< 118 Broadway. RUDOLPH STaUDINOBR. WANTED?FROM yi.OOO TO 98.neo for one year or more, oa unincumbered real ettate, attuated on he Hndaoo river, within 10 mflee of the rtty, worth ten Umee the amount reculrvd; a liberal oommlaalon wU be paid; the money wapk K between now and the llth November. Addreaa importer, Herald efflcc. THE nRKimtW. FIBKMBN -IN OONBBgUBNCB OF THB RE*URN CF Lady Washington Inrne Company Na 40, an Wefneedsy evrnlrg, <b* meeting of the delegate# froa the vartoas eoaa pa> lea Intending to participate In the reception of Rehaf Eegtne Company No. 11 at Albany. U poatpoaed to Thursday evening. October 8. < omnaalea not repneentwdal the iast meeting are retpeotftdly Invbed It lend a delegala to Utu houae of Engine v ospwi No. S4. I FLOOD, Ctmlrmau ommlttea of ArraagmMkte 1IOR8K8, VAHH1AUBB, dMT. A SBfTOND II *ND CONOf.'RH HTkOB OOaOH, 1*PBI A. feci order a * ?-c<>ud hted <11 key r-ai rookaway a ?maB mtriet wagun, also new eipraaa wagime. Apply at 89 Leonard atto* . CHaR^Bd BEiFT. 4 11BAT MKHHN*11BR MA*B, flOOD TRAVBI.LBB, round and klid. tnliabla for a hue la era man faml y korta or other light bar nc??. Any person la waat of tote wtfi do well by cab ng at ih? kwrl r eiablea. Twenty eights rlrwet, betwe-a Fifth aad Madlrua avenuea ^ A TALUAHLB HCRHE A Hit L'TIFOL SADDLE ANT Sl mil. iwo VI! rwkaaay and harnem, for rale for g aj eaah. on aha m-nl For partieulara apply lo A. H. BaR RiNHBR. 170 Broadway ART HORSE FOB NaI.B HBAP. OAR BB 8EBN for three da, ? at 181 Wmklngtoa atreet. c C8ABB1AUIS ?FOB St LI, A F i RST R tTN (>1<?. BU1T > able for a doctor business man or boa mason alto. one half top four seated wagon, owe ri'-Ualoe toe four Mated wagoa, one roekaway and reveral other oarrlagee at IA Broadway. J. C. BAN. U*OR SALB-A FART HORNR WARSAHTID NOUHIl r and kind. To he reen at 14 "aotic street, between UUa km and Court. Hrooklya. DIOB SALB-A RROWN. RTRfiHO AAD OBNTLF. FA P mil* tone eight ream nhl. Can he seen at Mr Ketch, urn's, ' olivgep ace betweaa henry ate Uinhr street, sear Pterreprat -rtoklyn fOB HAI.K TWO FAIR CF MOBHB* HARNBSt 4 NO r, acher, logcther or separate, at M weal Flf.eeaih ak FH NALB A MAT II Kit "All CF BBIUIIT BAT b'raea fifteen bands blah, 11 yeerr old, at, llak aad fine row on, an table fur a coupe, or light carriage. Sold ftw w* la It the owner bavtrg no urtkar naa f ir them. Apply at J. felloe a atahle, 849 Broadway. r| I ALE?A MOWN MORHAN HARK LOWO TAIL, aevra veara eld. 15 hand* hhk. a and sad ilud ta all har nraa warrant h? r to Ir * 1- I & 'o a rs - tp a; ?U1 he anl < at a bargain Caa be ae-a at 8 a. M , o* 1 lo ? t M.. ki'ltl eptlac FUQB SALB- IDEAP, A BAY IIOBHS, IIH HANDS 1 a'gb . rg tap drives m rlagle ant dinbla baruaaa ap biy to mar.kmaa. Bo hart, ml Tr-eadaie'a man lea 179 Merwr street E[H)B H.LR-A FIHB PAIR of HOEHH, WELL 1 amtcbed. two eerrtagee. owe ??? ba-wameo ail >a m.m-Irie orcar; foriaialew. Appiy at No 9 Npmoe street, tret Www. Y.UOR BALI?Ci'BtP FOB l ANH. TWO HOOD CART p korvea three ear a. and ihme ie ? rart bam am, akm. oe? splendid arrral trot mg mare, very far., and young, two tfghk wegooa ene nearly new one aiemoi h mtame we ma, iwo ae ? I gbt ha>o-?e. also wr truck Apply 10 N. BaRKBB. aaaignee. 4<S Water ?treat ______ HOBSB. WA?OB AND HABHBRt FOB NALB.? florre t# four ?ear? okt. About lISi haade k'gb p a Ret ly sonad, k<nd and geei'e in all hornae- aa' la a ?jpleedlg rood or faml.v horse. Caa >? seen any lay at IS Sudoral ?treat alio a first rate eartmaa'a oar* aad bantam, apply M above. HOBSBt- FOB SALB -A (PAN OF RAT HORHBH. 1A49 hands hlgk aoate. aad k'.ad 'a don h e cm stogie kaanaa, feet and nyjlsh Will be sold ehran liqntranf Mr 4MITR, ?I his aiablm 'a North N ore -Test, near nVsoa ?treat. Aorcn fcr ae 'Jag la for want of nee. Also a saddm korsa. 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