Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 7, 1857, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 7, 1857 Page 6
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ADVERTLSEMEim RENEWED J. VERY DAY. UTl AnONS WAJTKDunCMALKS." A^m IOD*(i LADY WtBHES TBI STTOAT'ON Of GO ?w? tr a family ta up Mty, to teach ohUdrm .tac*r Naif* years of act Up usual Inaltab bracaaea wtU Ue ru ?meats ot Preach and latin Address X- F S., Mail?la A* AMI110AI WOMAN, WHO IS A PBOTMBTANT * tabes a aliaaUoo aa aeaoiatrata la a respectable fatal'y; ?ha noder lands dreaswaklag. and haa Ue boat of reference. AAAraaa lor two day* M'rgare. Pmlaa square Pom ottoe. TOUNG LADT UkYING TWO TBAILS' BXPBKI. ?dm u a Broad war atora la very autoua to c a tain a m nation Mi any reaprcmbleMora?toaiery and embroidery, or Indian' trlnuafag e ore. Heat of mfaranoa OaU, or adlreaa adverUanr TT Mat l*h at. ooraer of 4th are , until loUed. AMfiPICTABtJI TOO* 0 WOMAN WANTS A SITU A Ilea aa seamstress la a private family; la a draatmaker by trade, la a drat rate ratter and fitter; oaa do aav htpd of Plata aewtrf and itlnmsAlag: out give Ua beat of city refer nee Oal' at b 11 6U at., Brat fi tor front room, mat Ue Howry for two daya. Allfitflt T iRLM YOUNG 01 AL WANTS A SITU A Hon aa chambermaid and waller, or ntianili in aualil and aaamereaa Mease call at her laat plana. ?? Lexington are a?r^, whore ?S* can be aeon and bare Ue baal reoomaMu i KNRPRCT ABt K GIRL WAWTB A SITUATION TO *?" do general hoc a# work ta a am all prtra'e f.mlly; Is a pood p am onok and rood waaber asd trooer Has rood eHy rt errara Please nail for iwo days at SOS West Sib at be iwwe Mb and 9 h av* . ???d baakfornT A SITUATION WANTBP-BT A YOUNG WOMAN, AS ^7 **" uI?d " nor?f K>f tbe taat elxbt Tm?' 'Yd ??7 refer*a tea Pleaae call at No. 148 Court 9 . rKPiljn A PNOTIBTANT YOUNG G'RL W'SaBS A 8ITC.A* /I not. a. dreasmakru and r.amstrrra In a nriv-ate ftim.fy, bythp w?ek nr m-in b. (Xll for t ?o daya at 1S6 Ifl'.h at front raarment, between 7th anil 8U arennea AT-GROUGHLY KX PI KIRN: ISO HOCRNKIKPRR wo tan brng high leallmnr ta'a and refe-enoea d -atrea a ?Hilar, n 'n a Brat eiaaa ho rl or a rent .'man's family No abjeenop to ro South Acer*.a M H Poet office, Brooklyn. ASiTCATIi. K WANTED?BY A SOBIB STEADY WO mtt. '? good cook and to a.slat with th? washing and bnalnp , perf'-Aiy tr-drratanda her biabiest; la a good baker, three ? 'tr ' re < rtrre from her taat place. Oaa be teen at 06 laat 8 al at., between ?'h and Lexington are ARITU ITTON WANT1D-5Y A SIBBT ( ASS SB VMS a'rt M; ucderat'oda d e and &1. -tmaklttg and making boy* ele.hts and ft.mll string In *; would have, no aejeo ton lo a? l?t ?.th light w rt. Can be aeon at W Baal Slat at,, between ath ard l.njlrg on bt* ABITCATIcH WANTEP-BY a RBSPIOTABLB yourg woman, aa good eook. waaber end Good mty re't renroa Pleaae call it Ho 9 itturtaon St. Brook!ja threr door* from Columbia. ABB1PECTARI B TOUNvl WOMAN WIRHIR A 8TTUA Ik n ai chamhemald and to sat tit In warhl.g aad 'ran Mr: ear aU>w the beat of city rrfereooe from her last pl?"?, wbe e the aer? d one ? ear and ten months Pleaae call for two days ai T 0 Wee: 36tb at , In th ? bin-meat t BE8PRCT * P.LB \OUNO WON AN WIRHBS A 8ITUA JX lea a? waiter, would bare no objejUon to lap's* 'n wash m< and iroolnt. ean show Ue be?t of elly refere te* from her tea place, wU< r* av- aetyed two rear* and alae moo ba. PieaeeoaU for two days at No 110 Weal Mh at Averse) WUMAJt WfRHBS A SITUATION A8 SHAM streaa, caa oil and fit laci?a'dreaaes; no objaotios to aa ?fir It ehweraork, baa jrood r-ferenoe. Can be teen till anlt-d ai the iady'i, where she U now aawtni, No. 12J Weat Bd at ABTSPA TiNLB WIDOW WOMAN, WITHOUT IN ocmbraniie. wants a situation aa chanbermald and aeantr rets, ab > is ?tiling and obllglnr: has lived tn her laat ?h*?'' ? "tree years, beat elty references. OaU at 2911st av., ?ear IT'h st, first floor, froo room. A SITUATION WAHTBD?TO DO 03 AM H IB WORK and fine washing or sewlnr; can do np all klnda f mna Ma and Bnilrg , ifullv fan ne hlgaly reoommeaded a- a ramte tent mo respectable peratm AUdress at 188 Nasi 18th at. re Two days AYOCKO 1KC.LI3H WOMAN WIRH18 A SITUATION as chambermaid or laundress. The beat of dtty reference ftwn. Apply ft r three daya at 19 6.h av ABKfFkCTABI.N YOUNG W MAW WANTS A SITU attLD'd a ptlra'e fam'ly, at chambers aid and ral'fri s. rr chambermaid and do the fine washing, baa Ureejeare* reference Trom her laat place. Apply al 40 S2d at. between 4 h aad Madboa aea. A SITUATION WakTAO-BT A YOUNG WOMAN. A8 waiter arc ch mbenrald, rr to d ? plain s??*lng. Good ?My refeiencew Ple>*e nail at 1.7 Clinton *L Ha* lieed five US ? vw? five rw UB laNt plftfdR YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION 4SOOMPN lent eook , la a good bak.r: ran make pastry and la a laundress l;ae the beet of city refemroe 'tall for two e* al U9 West Nth st Brat fioor, between 8 h and 9th area a BBSl'BCTaB N YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUA CI. don as chambermaid and to ai.lst in the fine wauling, or as chambers.-Id. plain rewer and to take cart of a baby Fe t , of rtty refereese fat be sesn at 124 1st av? near St. Mark** ?Mee a SITUA ION WANT1D?BY A BBRPCi'TABLK 'RO a. teaiant Ir Ditch woman, to do general bouse work for a lady and grntleman. Good reference from her last place. Oail at If! Hnd* o rt. n*ar l^lght, frtm 10 to 1Z ADBBSRMaKIR kully oompbtbnt to cur and fit m drtlioua to get wurk by Ue day r ul apply at 189 w?et l?.h ?l , near ?tb are a StTl ATION WANIBD-HT A YOUNG WOMAN AS f? ?* en,r:reca and dremfu,,, unoercltnds c tttt* g and fit ba*. f<*r ?hlld en. Fa flrat class aht.-t mater Go?t ettj refer evteea Please oa.i at 8t4 hlrtnr.on at VERY IB'IO'*IL4 YOUNG ULBL WIR3M8 A ? tua'i n %* chambermaid or nnrte and pl.ti, aearliig Oanbeieen for'r-od <* Pl-a" -wll'tRR Wen 13ih at. I j TBkY NERI'KCIAhl.K TorN 1 WOMAN WIHHBT A "* aitueuon at'-ota tn a prlva e fatnliy: two y?ar>' city ra Areeer from her let place Call for *wj daya at 13 Uaivsratty plaae between <nd I2tb>ta ABhhp?fTAH' k YOCN i WOMAN W : NTS A SITUA Mi.- ae <? oh . ta a rr?t rste waaai r and ironer; or woaid do general bousew r? lo a ana l pCeate family; baa U* best of ndty rrfereree Pleaae eali a; 284 9 k at, near Ue 1ft av. Te hv >een for two data AMBWB' TaHLS gibl wants a situation as ?h?m*ernj?l * and to aaattt to waxh'nr ard Lr.wiag, or a latrndrvs* haa three yrars' rt'ere toe frjm bar laal p ace. Oal at IMf Rat: 28 h rt. AS'TUaTjOB WANTBJLs?BY A RB-'PHTARM GIBL, aa first ra'e took and to ttt'it la Ue washing and trot h| h a snail private fanUy Haa gjod dry re erenc. f enae na U at "d 4r? 24th st, let two < a. a Aalffgrit s WaSYB ~t\ A RBSPBTYABUM young wotnar, ** g - <1 ooofc and Beat ??** baker. Good efty refer? flese oaU a No. 1*7 Wet' SJd aa, between Ttk and hut awa la e first rue washer and tout* . AMTUaYi .0 wasrj k-dv A young GNBMaN W.J n?u v# i tsnosrmsid s-d o do nu ,? iv m latutdr'Nt 48**1 C.y rtfereccea Caii at 9t <ta at, tal d itory. K r. sr? TABlk GIKLW NTS A -ITUgtl^N AH ? ?, i "w ard rb-nhe-mwa or vt*W Use the m wt awtia* Xrtorj r.'e-ep.-ea "l?a*> Call >19*5 Hrjadwiy, jorner *rf . u ird tlo"r. bac? room for two days t h Tl . TH * WANTED-BY a PR TSRTAST T()U*G yU ?tsr ?t. at t ? > rt t. pable of .aklng charge jf an .ufait*. or . owtrg rhtldrr Ha* good elty r*f>rentes t'an he se.n at her prvraot place 38 WreiWU a?ar 4th sr.. for ta o da j a. r. I !TU TT N WANTED?BY A HE? PITT AH LB YOUNG V 'nnta, as chimnertna d aud o ass's: n the washing and Iwntog t rn b? seen a'her present mplorrr'a. wb-reise be* t.1 rru re can b- gum PPase call at 118 3rtb ami between lu artnne tad Sr-jwdway. AN BNGLI8H GIBL NOT LONG IN TfliH OGUNtBT, want? a attoatt.m sa n an. ita.,1 tn * small private ?amily ar wui du buttaework taj tie D at Its *mi at, ta las . tor two day a ABMdlCTABLB PEgTCHTaNT GIBL WIBUU TJ gt t a attna-.ten tn a ana I prtvate fanny Nbe nan be well n onw n,? tided ball at 1KT MtU at. between ?U and ?h avm. w SITUATION WaNTRD-RY A K tRPR.'T Atl.K -A yp'tr g girt .o do rhsjBberwnra and waiu. gor ehanher work ard seeing bna lived two ynarr m her iwu G**td rafcrf nee al*?r Pie%ae call at if: la-? 12th s*. . n-ar 1st a*., ?an-r-u f?or. tack torn Can be seen far two daya A SITUATION WANTED?BT A A BMP ROTABLE fw joutg ?t?l, aac?k, waaber aid loafr egrwlleat bread Maker has g'.-l ref.renrw frret her .as 'oyer a I'lsass eat! 11 33 . eouard st s.nond Soar. fr.4?t rrean t TO' NG wt'M * N sr HTd a SITUATION AN OH AM a. Is-mald aad fine wishe* usk a t.p. floe m is : .s tn Ue lea'.at aj .e Go*d Jty ref. rrnnn. Call ai 111 ?x* a: , be tweea flu and 7th ava. APN< IthfiAT lO' NG WOMAN WANTd A rfitUA U:n as chanternald ard *ur?a Eta goal a^y rata rear** Ow'l a. sd. 6th arm tie ncrner of Bti st A llM7 Tlfill W'Jf.sN WINH1S A SITUATION ?X a* h narherpeg. j a good plain o,ok and a drat ra ? "ese- and Dae Ue beat of Aty ref?reaeoe Cstn ha seaa for ?*>. car* e> bdi 7U aven e, of 31 h at. t hi I TAMLM VO0N9 WOIaJT WIS3M A BIT0r 'i ?.n..r??a ban mate anowle-is* o' m.'lag and Ming e# ildren'a ?.? e?. or a* oanmr.eratai t a td waiter or to A> twt-ar ? r* lur a rata*, raa.iy Good ctlf teferenc? can b* gtraa P ear- rt. n .jep,, r.ts; 9u al. nea Ue 3d ar , m Af NfRr) A TDCN'l >'fl (t,l?H OIML OfllVgf.T andch. rfa fit.; ,it Ti * ^h*n f-,t rare o a chud. **b. ? of in, .i.rut s 1t "u tr r Aral rod m> ,w aad bad ? ?" ' ? r ' -ai- . *~ei at 4, it NUBhK -AN *14 )1.1 ?r ;?g TC8TANT A TOI hi tf1*- . 1. r"" * '-hHdren Haa llred near y arr mat n AAoroaa A. t. 0 Herald A BMBPBCTANUB AIM. WANTS ? ant aTTON % \ et".h and o a-*tet to ai d g- u. tk. h? refere one I tall at f* We*t s l*t a; "mt k PB'tTiRTANT YOUNG WOMaN WTiIIH s > , . Ik t?on a* itif? aad twanatee ? or rttam?>*-maid aad ..*~ ew.wa an Ohjec.1* o go s sb-atmai.e* ua* e .neir heal nf aft? refererna gir*? Pease sail at LW W?a< atu at ravers 7U and Ml aea A^M NiAT. HOT. ?I1.L ANC'tMMINDln aN.I ' Iteteni ?er.aei wd.tien a ai'oait -n *. io a-os-w wk u afraid of woe* n. it pi in ant win It a nasi washer . .-oaer bin 1 Ui aflidrea aril ta avsrr 'napert * arm fatu J Apply al Mr TUlat/ n . ?r>?sja ASItl ATION WAJfTID BT A RfRlt'Ts BLR PAO teetaot girl, to do rbsmberaork as, aewutg | >r! wty refarev ee free bar laal place a here Ue Us ad firs years. Oaj 11".ie < A PRtfTl-tANT WOMAN W.RHE8 A SITUATION IN prvaie'atsitiv as mk. uader-' all k'a ts of an . strap* ji ales vl,' Geerru. amlennamu hoe b'mr #t la ali in hraaeh*. tor nln.y refepenoe from her ,?,i pltee ? tan ' * *s?a si Hi W ?at iTta si. totween tu anl 7lh ar* . for two fate a NfPPN'*TA 111 N GIML Nilftt A SITUATION AN * ofcair'wmaid and wa. ee ..r to saaiai wfi) Ue aad leeks llaa a# heat of r t j refer*' rat (tan ? e ?e?o ft* rwn r ays a: lift haat i'h at, fi wwrea 1st a* and are*ue A. A^^ra UlPMfLli I WIDOW Voitf WISHBN TO T?A rel to As* ? rhnns. n ear (.a o ' ebarga of an infant frem Ha Mrtb Apply ai P4C t.araoa stPAat. AH LfUY WtM l ? Lib S TO NSMT WfTU NGMM OR* Ueman'if .efleem#?t, a Wlf wer kmplag botiaa, why ?made Ue aaMeUsue nf ua* V anyertaf.fl bw bonae altbontb s?et oH Sb# fee It keree f n,.w -Ment hew , orkrllf or lb* ?reib rref.rred eeferenee ?UI ?* rv .uleed aa* given salary ire?t aa otjeet.bat a bum* adarest MA** .<>, Herald ^JUTOATUI.IS WANTBOurEnHLIM. AENBPBOTABLK FEOTHTUT WOMAN wim a ,0<5l2??i **rtCT< lr?ow Mi baker- hu bo m jte loo to go a skort clatanor In lb# urn-slry Can be aoeo for two days to the rear of No. I Vbb?U mBi A. tSS?S!JrUPaD^l A T0C*0 WOMAN, AS _^"d ??"??? or ahambermald Bad 9 VJ2if.LffcS'.'.!??' ,n?** OBUMOi WM ?h 1. near 9 a atenue. far tNoday. A ^f^?T??TA*T *0CNGfW0MAJi Wants a situa A^.^^^srsnsrs^jjrKr.^'1 k JIBBPkCT ABLE TOUNO WOMAN W IB BBS A SITU to a smallI private family, lia gocd waabnr and !m ?.' 4' *t0,1 p '*'D eook. oab lift' cood retort-no*. Call at A iL**?08 , OL*L DW1NBS A SITUATION AH CA c^mbtrwald or ourer, can do plain sewing well; oaa J^rnlafcfr od reoommendaUoan. Call at 400 9th are., Orel floor, oaea room. A BSiPECTABLB TOUNO WOMAN, WHO OAN PRO T diict tb^ b*?t Hty refcr?D<*. wlofcea a situtUoa mi duun ink at aid, or wo id act in th?? ntptahj of annm?ir?M and nur.e. Uap te Man for two d%ja at 29ft n. 4 8SAM8TEKR8 WIHHA8 A WtUATIOH; 18 OOMP1 i J?1 ?. fiulrg lad lea' and ehilj -?n'? dreete*. and In family sewing; would be willing to assist la the eire of cAl.rren or la light oham bar work Beat of cliy referenoe Cab be eoan for two day at 97 16ih at. but wear lit and 2d ava. A S KBPKOTA BLK TOUNO WOMAN WI8HB8 A SITUA -T ,'?? to ?o reaeral homework: la a good oook washer and lrooer, and baa no objeoil>n to do eh amber work and wait lug; ha1 go id c'.y leferesna; his noobiect on to goanhor. dl tan *) In bo conntrr. l l,ase oall at 102 Warr. i at, t.rat floor. A N1UI<LS AOSD WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AB 0. cook; aha uudereland* her 1 ia!neaa oughly an1 hat llv-d aa suck In .ome of tke '? mlUea in the elty, to whom ahe cm refer Margaret Tr.',',or 2*6 ?v A, near 17? at A TOUNO L' Dt W18HJB A SITUATION AS CHIL* Q. oren a maid li prl rata family, no nMemloo to do pit In sawing or t.Ataake hirsclf generally useful, aha 0111 give good city refer en o L an bear en at 170 Weot .list at. top floor, frtntinom ? ASIIUATTON WANIdD?BY A TOUNO WOMAN, AS ,TV?eZlu"1 "00"; food city references, r lease can at No. 16 lilaka at, Br'cklyn j. SITUATION WANTSD-BT A KKSPdOTABLg yourg woman, aa cook and to a mitt in the wash ug sad frontug of a araall family. Good city reference. Oall a. Ill West 19tb at, between 6tk and 7 b ava. 4 SITUATION WANTED- BY A TOUNU WOMiN, AR JV cook and tlrat rata wn- bar and lroner. Haa the belt of elty refarenoaa from her laat place. Pktaee cab a; 231 War: fata at. tICCNO WOMeN WI8H18 TO OO OUT BT TUB day or week aa seairatreaa; Is a competent one, fi'lv uadarsuada cutting and titling ladlet' dreesea. c'onkj w l skawla, boys' r.othta and ahlrts. Can be seen at 36 Weat W .r ?a ?t, Bruukl- n . OO. K WANTP a situation in a pkifatb p ami L V; a?e can make ronps. paatrles, jellies Aa.; o?a act as h osaheeper if required; good referenoe. Oan be seen at M4 Mott aa. Lrat floor. APBOTMTAMT TOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUA tton at chambermaid, no objee Ion to do tAe wathlcr ard boning Cn'J at 16 oanaeToort at., between Hudson at. and Sth a? . f)r wo days A PBOTKATiNT TOUNO WOMAN WANT8 A NITUA. ta Hon aa chambermaid and plain newer, would aaa.s it wattles Apply at 119 West Mihit. Beat of city reference given A OOLOBBi) Oiau. PBOM THK 88UTH. WANTS A 81 a. tuaao.i as plain ooo* or emmberatald and to do w.nbtng r lretjelm a reltrance. can be seen for two days at 69 Neat A SITUATION WaNTBD?BY A PMOTB8TANT TOUNO woman, u oambrrmald and acamsireta or to aatlit with children Beit city r*;, rence. Pleat* call at, or addrtis B. B 2 4 B. I9.b at. ABITUaT ON WANTSD-BT A TOUNO AMSSIQAN ? girl, m a plons family, 10 take the charge of one or two children, the La very fond of children sad haaalwAys been nc cuathmed to die care of them. Oan be seen for two day* at 1*2 fcolJran at, otar Houston. AN klPAKIENCSP NURSE WaNTH A SITUATION in a respectable family; la competent to like the charge of an ln'ant from its birth, or grown chlldred la!, at, or ad arenn to 12t Went lhh at ? between 6 h and 6th ava . S7TCAT.ON WANTED?AS UOOK AND TO ASSIST ^ In wanking and irer.lng, by a respectable young woman, with the heat ?f cl:y re'ereme Oan ba teea for two da tat 74 We it Jd'h 11., Aral floor, in the rear. Am OOOD OIHL DfSIMMS 4 SITUATION IN A PRI MS rate family aa chambermaid and waller; la familiar with all tcu?e duitca. A.;plj at her preaenl altuat'.on, 132 Dean si. Brooklyn. ARB8PSOTABI.E TOUK3 OIRL WI8HS8 A BiTUA tlon In a tmali private family; the is a good cjnk, w*ab | er and .toner and baker ibe la perfectly taoneaL aobtraod toduauri* .a, the j ??r, obdatng and kmf to children P rate oall at No luTallman at . Brooa yn. for two daym. | Am situation wants;)?bt a youi i woman to do gMWBl houaeworh In a amali prtrala finally. Mood rt frrt ncet. Please Oall at *6e 3d atenna, near 162u 11. Can be area 'or two d? jt, Am rispictabl* iouno woman Wants a aitj ? atlon a> plaia co>k, waeher ?ad r.vaar In a small private tamU., baa the best city refer? aoa Can be seen for two dara at 212 14 b at * SITUATION WANTED?AS 8SAM8TRSH8, BT A -V reapecuoie Proieetant female, and to take ear* of child ren.oai cut and *v and embroider, do np fine lactw >r <'o ' t amherwr rk; et'.j reference given, loqutre at *J c.ta ave for two oaya. ABSBPWTTABLI TOCNU OIRL WIRIIS* A SITUATION to do plain aewiog, and toaaalM in taking cart of chil drvu. apply at Ut Ilk ate., between 19th and 2utA na, fo two days. AhoUN'i WuMAN WaNTS a PliACE *8 tUAMBSa mala ard waiter, or aa teams* re as. vr 10 take care of chil i"ren f'aa tbe beat of city reference from ker last plac* Pleave cad at iflti Atlantic it Hmohl n. _ SITUaTIlN WANTSD-BT A ESBPS< TABLE PRO A tee-ant gtri, as flmt elava ebambarmald Uktid elty refe fctcr can he given Can be seen for two days A; 1*3 Baal ljik at, between 1st and Id ava . iouno o-el, oapabls or ourriNo and mas m lug lac let' Ann nklldren't dreairi, would go out by the day Dqulre at 4u White at . up ttalra. "com No 1 4 BF>PB< TaBU PBRJON WANTS A SITUATION AS a. Burae and aeamatreaa. ur teamttrvta and tn dj light ohambe work, uncera Beds a 1 klada of family sewing ? all at So Wet; 29th il trood rwareiije given from her present eopioftr A "sTtUaTION W. NT1D?BY A RKH 'NCTaBI.S 3. you g w mas aa plain auk In a prl vat- family, or ha* no u jrc.Hiu %o 0 ? the general ho mework of a toaaJ private 'ami v. Hue of my reereooe fro a her laat place Pease oaii at 31 ? uluc il, nrooa.ya Oan 3a aaen lii. tuitBd. SITUallON WANTED? HT AN RNOUINU PROTS-tr. A Ant grl aa ? dd or to do general koeaework, ta a go d ta her a'd lrooer, bca no ob e*U~n logo a abort da mere in t?e country it yd elty reference#, rienae em. a. No 9 - oath cs at, in iSe rear. abnpst-table w. man want* a mituation as I ? ennt aro -unit ratandi ker built ami parfeeU>, rlihar tn a pr.v l? f,m.ii o t.rat r aaa boa*d! g house goal ret Tenor* Pirate rel. a jh. ka 1 tuta >t can be . eea for two days MKnPN TaBI.S hOUNO WOMAN WIBBIHaHITUA -4 hub -o au k w tab and trim, rood baker, tea: elty refer ?nor Pi a*i call u 319 Itl.b *L, belweam ava Band ?. A* *Oi . U i RCTAuT 1 NT <41RL WANTS A SITUATION aa ch.ld'r sort- and aramttrasa Apply *166 Wast W ash ingx o place near 6ih avenue SSbPSCTA H',1 T >U* ? WOMAN WANTS A 8ITUA J* tir-n a a rwpretabe prtvatB family a. ewk audio awn tt 11 waaacig ami ir\ nlng or a* chambermaid asd is a kiwi rat* watbrr and Irunwr haa four 1 ear* reoommewdattou Cron hre lair ? Wiplov er and ike heat efty re'erewee. Can bs area tor two caya at 1 in 7 si el, be wren ktk and ft* art. * TOUNw WOMAN WiHHtB TO ATTEND UPON A -A Ad) 1 r faniiiy aol g Vi allfornla on the Dtk of Oet>b?r BAIL i?su're a; the wiaA wr?. oorart of ,v* ave. and 33* si 4SITUATI?N WANTSD-BT A KBHPg rrA H..B vutug Bat ?? .ears be prtater a trade or aay o.hrr 1I?B| Ue.. ?? or adireat W H M., 101 6* era., fur 1 iwfi dm ? AN 8S. MATESNH A hoUNO WOMAN WI8HSS A NIT ii*'l-B ?' rr,urate- and aewaatrrea napiiw: - i ?* a??m...-?ue_.,?__ rrttar I 4 Hitn.Tl N W*kTlD-t?OObD PLAIN OOOK AND tc. ? a... a the eaautn* sad Irortng haa 10 of 01 ka to I'ltd'nljanewuj he oo-utiry. she a?a 'he bant *f giy i* t*rii,ee an " tern fur two Aaya at f o 127 Want lgh *L ba twren 6't and '* ava t? Rl. *?NTS a -ITUaTION AN ' jamhsrmaid and in va 1st In Ae vaahlag and tranlug, or ho-mewura Mb 4*?1 acr h.her of t'ead. ca.i tram 7 to 12at LT { Ibo apt .a at., A thr rear. 4 SnPICTA *LS TOTNO WONbN WkNTN A HlTT A f* una ta a gr.ol pia'n ~*,k an I a - rat raw- waa- re a.d \rrr ?>" "*1? m"" ?"*elf lanrrallf 11a* ?i ta th" am U, (t?Hi oiiy reftrenee irom her Int. a Aoa _ail ai *V 4t? at. In Ar store. VBF.oPS-WANI.S fO.TU OIRL WANT* A HfTUA r)o? aa eharnoermald and waltnma or 10 1* tr e .re or mil drer Hart o' nfr referenoe given call or addrem IK Went Iran hat ween t h and 7 A avraue* 'or two day*. rN ? XPARINNt'E't WoM-N WANTS To OO OUT 1 saw ink by the day. or to take work hi brr boat- can wak* auric ererv title aLo lacian' nndnrai t*v h-w. ??. hftrUM ? A.i ti Mid areei.e. between 29* and V* at*. 1 N'TPATION W*NTBl>? BY A SSSPSCTaTLB Wo ? -a* n. 61 dn rracrai b?.o**work, sad an eo?n wash-r an* iroear ri-?t of nity r> farance*. y um*- call at 27 Plioj" *L NITl'aTiON IH WAMTBD-HT TWO PS JTTST a NT 'k wr -net f, r ren?ral bonaawork; willing and capablt A br' hrtrci of household dn la* Have vlgst yean rtrit mendr.t;>n* sre kAd and ub Igtag. Plaaa* oaJ at lid 1IA at, wrrr of 6tk am AM Rk.bPI i'TaHLE PROTlkTANT OIRL WIHHt- a 81 ? is'jnnar i.rrw asd si dt plain nrwlag and e?br?d?r it-t ? an to" seen al 1M *lle? at, r nm Ho. J. AM HkiWgirrAHI.1 TOUNU WOMsN WlHHMf a NfTU s ki aa mod ? nk and egcelleal eranhev aad troaaf Pl?*#> c*.' *t yf. Nam 1Kb ? , third floor, frml rm . u *?- * a*AI V?IrCDI . Q eu.sltr.p eir.orv.drry and lataliy sar.aa giod atty refe * ? an at Jkv, 3d av , l eiwaata Hit aad Jld ate I Ait. NT Olib WHO HAN OOOO" ?rw * in ee* w What uv obtain n MtuAtfow to dn general bouse 1 a. JOT Sowery. b "IDDLS-AifgD RBNPBCTAR1.B WONAV WANTS 4 '? " nn* A a ?m raw wa titer aad Iraaer. Uer Stsce i!"ek.*?.T*P',n?'1* 7? WOWfA, wtobal tOOOAta S ' ' ** tabic "re kid aid waller and to aattet in tbe WA-hlar Hrf. 15?' w: ? S" ?*?"* ? ?'? ?? ?e family. Beat of city I A?i^? * ? tTr k h't0 aotntry, Oaa k? seen for two A WV'I"" 4 WWATIONAS OOOK. *?nJ *?***! home work A a tmad IMtuy ft ft *<"*2 ('%??? Vo thN MMElpy lio Ml ctlf mil m 42 l%rvm ?v. WWir' u<>ja 4 Wt? AflOK 9 ANTCO-RT 4 Hlnrirr a ui a tr t ?\ asn .a B'irte ant mwr*. . "ri.lniJL J! V. ! the ?-a tof chlidrar. ' referee. ,,,e. 'aa b^^re ^.^.at A. tremc house ?w?r as^N. rgTT'.to AbkaPbt TA ?l.B L- I, NtiT HhTIN* AWT fTHTl dies ng ?er -wn, ?es.r?# 10 board oa* or two the? eui restore every S't# n*wi Wsl a road mot Set oan hem,,* . al 6(4 rue tvanire, bit the muai iwtpetoab ? urea SITUATIONS WAlfTKIV-KKMAliKS. A BE8FBCTABLB WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AR (Heooh, vubrr and Imaer, la a good babe', her sister wo aid like a situation aa ckambermall and assist In the washing and timing, or chamb ? rmald and wai er In a private family would wtah to Uts together. onn bo aeon at the fourth oollhge IS Warren tram Rmi h at. Brooklyn, tor tiro daya A YOUNG U1KL WISHES A BlTUaTIUN AB8K AM A xtress; la willing to is'tst la tba washing aidVoul'g. ai.d baa no objection lo the oounlry Flaaaa c.ll at 193 ilfthak, near gib ar. a BERPgOTABLB YOUNG OIRL WISHES A 8ITUA V Uon to do chnmb.rwoik and aaalat at other work; wo no do general t> usework Pleaae rail at 171 Soaub at, ba*w->.u W) ehofl and Barren. Souib Brooklyn ABITUATION WANTBD-RT a Y017WA AMERICAN girl, to do the bonnawork of a assail private family; would 8refer a p'aea up Uiwn or would like to go In tha country. all a' 342 3d av? near 17th at Abispbtt-blb toubq woman wants a situ a iloo aa cook or chambermaid, or to do the general house work of e imall private family ; four yran refers ucea given Apply at 181 Morgan at, neat urovo, Jersey Olty. ARE9PI0TABI.B WOMAN WlBHgB TO DO FANIUY or gte'Ji meD's wanking at her own residence; can do up eoibcstn be beat manner; ku tirat rate olty reference. Ad drera gH 7th ar.. between ttth and 17 h its. AlEBPICTABliB YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU A Hon as chambe maid l> a a mail private family, or to aaalkttDtb general kouavwo t, Apply at 192 Jay at, Brook ljn, In the rear, t an be seen for te o daya A COMPETENT DRB8RMAKBR AND 8SANB1RBH9 a. wants ataitu'tien la a private family. Would Ike to have part of her <lme employed it hou** keeping >r aaauung ir bonne wok No objection <A going 8?uih or we?t. alma your g girt to nurie ami do chamber work and plain aewing Good refertnors Apply at 689 Broadway, In the store, for two rays A aibPECTABLM YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SI TU 3 stlon; is a good cvok. excellent washer and Ironer; b e no ob'ecilon to do housework In a sma 1 family. Beat of city refererce Can be seen for two days at 2u9 Weil 24A st. tblro Boor, front room. . COMPETENT WOMAN WISHES A HITUATI jN IN A i prOate ramIIr as flrtt rate oook and to help with the ? Ironing Good city reference. No object! m to goSunth. i"all at 28 Weal 10th ai Can be seen or two daya (r iot encaged. I 3COE -AN EXPERIENCED OOOK, OF MANY YEARS ' ' practice, wiabes anergagemect In a reepectable fawtlv. K's the highest o' city reference for bones'v, sobriety, will '.rgro s sod capability. Pleuie apply at 113 Wen; lTbet, beiween 5th and 6ib avenues, In the front basement, for two I daya. COOK.?A SITUATION WAN TMD?BY A RE9PSCTA ble Protestant woman, who ibor .ugh y undersiau her i bnsicess lr. all tba brar.ches of oouklag; has no <ihj-c't n to ai ] al? ia wash nr; bee'of reference given. Can be seen at 117 | nth sL. till negated. CIOOK-8 SITUATION WANTED?BY A PBOTKBTaNT J woman, wbo is carthle and obMging; nnderitaads all kinds of drssrr's and jeJles. Hsa Uved ihree Tear? In h?r last flaee. Plrase apply or addrees Mrs Anders in. U2 3d avenne, uoo'd floor. COOK -A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS ABITUATION AS cook ir a private family; th ropgbir under* ands air ju slsees; Is a tint rate bak-r, has no cbjes t:n to u*.n n -ash lop: he*; of elty refertnc*. Call for two days at (M Wea; 23d ?t, 8th av< nue. Housekeeper?a toung American widow lady of relnement and amiable d! ipoaltlon destres the above situation In a prime famLy , '* oompetent to tvkothe rnpervUion of an elegant mansion; no object jn "o a widow err r.r bachelor's family. fT higcly ho iornble and respsctable. Address M E., Herald office, stating where and when to be *ctn Reference# exchanged. NUH8E.-SITUATION WaHTED, B?* A PROTESTANT girl, as enrse and seamstr'u; Is fond of oblldren. and could lake the charge of a baoy from ila birth or would do ehamberwork and sewing; baa beat cltv reference. Please call at .313 6th avenne, near Jhh si for two day*. JlTfTvTION WaNTED-BY A REflPBOTAII,* TOUNA vj woman, aa laondrraa and chambermaid, qr to do fine washing tud sewing Good c'ty reference Can be ssen unti: engaged at 20 Weal 2lit st . between lib and tim an. SITUATION ?"ANTED?BY AN AMERICAN OlRu TO aftcd a oontemlouary or a baker; g'.jrh. apply at27 av. D , second tlodr for two daya alTUATtON WANTIP-BY A RKKPB 1TANT.E PRO ? testant woman at nurse. M capable ol taklag charge of a baby from Its birth 'tool refertnee. Apply at U lulon court, Unlveralty place. S1TUA1TON WANTEJ-BY TWO lYOtJNG WOMEN; one a> cook, wa her and lrcner and to do plUusewtng the other a? ch' pren's malil and ty do plain aewing. ifood re ferrnce. Apply at ; 20 East 26J st. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO YOUNG W .MEN ; one as oook wether and Irner. the o her ar it amber maid ana to arsis' <n the washing and ironing and to lake ere of em'dren. good rtty refereooe. Call at 2U3 East ittA at, be tween *d and 3d ares SITUATION WAMTED-BV A YOUNG WOM-N, A8 o ok and ta do gecral koasewurk. Good rtfer-noe, Ap ply at (8 uilntcn ft. Sro-klyo, for two darn 211UAT10N WANTRi-BY A SEfPBOTAB-E PRO O leslAnt yonny womtn aa chambermaid an' seama'ress and to do gentrai aousework. apply at her present employ ex's U Ea-. It'di st SITU aTION WANTRn-BY A t">U*G WOMAN, AS oook and to as* 1st In the washing and Ironing. HuOd re ferrnce Apply a. 3?t 2d av? , hip loot, front room. Situations wanted-by two bihtbsi , one as gocd ooik, waAber ant lio-er. the other a* chamber maid and waitress, or. If requirel, woold aaret wl'A ihe wash ing and ironing the beet of city rrforeicue given ?ooo jreilon io io a abort distance In the country ? pply at 8} West IK'.h St., In the rear, between t-b aoi 6?h avenues SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMaN. 48 coob, th- lO' gbly nndefstandi her juainees. wo dd be Wi ling to asaUt In washing, toed refertnoea Inquire at H) West 1th el. between 6th and 6ib avenues. In the rear, for two daya. SITUATION WaNTED?BT A 8EKPK TaBLB YutUNG woman, at nurse an. seam sums Caa be seen at AM Union St.. Brcklyn. bet wen 0 mton and Urnry. SITUATION WANT8it?BY A TOUNG WOMAN, AR lauadrtwa or aa cbamhrraud and washer. Good refe recce. Appiy at Aw aaal 26ih sl SITUATION WANTBD-BT A TOUNG WOMAN AR nurse aid aeams riss. good reference. Apply a.'J8 At lande tl . Brooklyn. In'kattore. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YoUNG WOMAN. ?H WIT auree. go <i r?fe ?nee Apply at 28 llh at., e.?rner of 3d ev. ov? I tae store SSWING MAI HINE- A YOUNG GltlNAN GIRL. W I ) trdemands scwlsg on Htnger's mtrVne want* a stem tine Rrferenc< e aao be givaa. Call at M i rnsby ft . or V" 7lfe nr., third Boo*. SITUATION WANTBIY?BT A YOUNG WOMsN, AR ^ cbtmbermsid aad waiter, goo.! relrrenoe. Apply at 2-1 East !?i O ? a MbT RStl RITUATION WaNTED-HT A PAOTRR O tsnl xoui y gtrl, etu mahe la ? - ?o ? ,r?????<. would take care of ore ehUd tf re.;nlre 1, -a'Jriactwy rofir n o- . ivec. Can be seen at Itll i'A avenue, bttweei. loth as i 17l* ate. ^TUATlON WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIBU AR >7 ? tiamLere aid or to do plstB rawluc. ?r u> tahe riire of children Plrase nail at 118 Hmllh st . Brooklyn. SITUATION wantbd-iy a young nom*n. tjdo general housework. Good relcrenees. App.y at 2 t Baei Ttth st SITUATION WANTBi ? BY A YOUNG WOMaN AN A good plain enrih mael-randl near, yond referrooe. Ap p i at it baa-. :JA st Caa be aa?n for two dava SITUATION WaNTBD?MT A YOUNG WOM iN. AR A good or k t.o I.b. rod >n to as sic la Ihe washlas Gor*! refer*, ea Ai pit at ho 4 Union cjort, Ualvendiy pla't be twrae 11th and Ixb ate QITUsTION WANTED BY 4 YOUNG WOMAN. AR O cork aGo sail sestet In tae wMhiag and treeing. Good rvfervn.e Apply at Mi hast Uth tt SITUaT ON w ,|CTBD- by a young w .nan to do rbsmbcrwotk aad flee washing or I .assist la e-saHng and Irmtog teondre'ereoxe apply at 22 Greenwich ar. SITUaTloN WaNTBD-it a tOVGG win.*, aE ehamnermald and sram*tress, or to do gaaarsl house work lor a tms.1 family. Goid refereeca Apply at IJ7 ar* nn* A. rear u.h at SITUATION WaNTEIk?BY A PI RAT RATE DUOK, IN a rcetarrstl or 'onr-Vag hoeee Ho otjoott n* hi the ernatrv Atpiy a I j St. sen ad dour, from! r is. Beet of reference# if reqaired leTION WA*T8r_NT A YOUN I <11 El, AH seamstr-sr or nftsss ermsid and soam?tr-w. r aid cfy rtfarenee ? aa be W?n for twu days at lit a dee te sl . Brook lye. rm roor fnei mom SITUATION W a NT kill HY A TOUNG WOMAN AS ?ersm>"rm? d aad laundress Ooorf r- 'er* .or. Apply at ITS Wb avenue corner of Ah at . lb? two Aye. Situation wanted-by a a eh prut * bi.e oiel, a* plate, cook, washer and Irone*. or to d? general heu?* wnrkleasmali prt?*i* faslly -nrsl referee v* Apply at 123 Writ 2'st e> , r-.rn?r of 7;h aveena. SITUATIONR WANTED TWO TOUNG WoMEN WIRH rl tatl tr isa aa ??>ok. wvaheran Irnsrr th' o bar as chambermaid and witter. It wtt teg !< teal its tb? waahlog tf required <"sa be iran si $4 atlaetie sl . Rrwohlyt. SITUATIONR W NTBD -BTTWd TOUNG WOMEN; ONB as or <>h washer aed trueer ?>- oh seu ne s. do gaeaial >oue*wotk tke other as e amihermaei and waiter or plain aramstreet. botx have g-od flly re'ereoe* "all at tig gut SVtk at . bet seen M aad .V are JITCnTION WANTBD BY A T? .UNG W.iRAW. AN 'J I r*e and seamt trees, bee govd r fermoa appyfwtwo doya at 3 2 Bast IP h it, between tat aad St are. S'T?: SITUaTION WaNTBD-BT A T-irNG W >HAN T > 1KJ ? P ham her work and P assist lathe wakblaf and einlir Good refer*roa Apply at N<> t Uhl-m ?.u? Up varfHy SITUATION WANTBD- NT A RRSPB TaRLB GER mar Protee'aet girl for tretertl to mewurk. ? a grid rook, washer and lron*r. has the bet: of refrretc-e Onus. ehamberwork and p aastet la the washtae end .e>mlS| d referetoe ApoiT at No place, beta sen 11th ? nd 12tb rte i ITU ATION WANTBD-NT A RRRPg "T A RLE GBR I mar P|NH Oh. suite HT bowery SB ITl ATION WAETED-BT A H Ar-ogi'T AHI.B G181,, as 9rt rate rook, washer aad I maw nam of mty rrte r*eee fr>m her that pla.-o wh re ?he ,l?ed three yetrs "all at NN htr-k* at . between Am ty aad Ple-rep >et, Brouklyn, evened 8<s>r, fr -rttorm SITUATIONR WABTED.-TWO GIBIN WIRH T> LIVE te the same family, one te a t-?<l pi la e>? k. washer aad Ironer,'he other ae rhamiermvlT te a good laundress and e rery geod sewer Call at Neet Warr's st, th -as does frum O'lumbta. ?o-Hh Brooklyn. ^ITUATI.N WANTED-NT A REMPBT a 11.1 T lUNG 0 girl, aa ekarBl.erirsld aed ?*Her Th* b*vt e'ldty refer enee glvee. Please call at Ut Mot' et, eeoond Sooi, frost rcom. SITUATION WANTED- ItT A YOUBG ANgElCAl gf-1 hs'bambermrld or waltrwa la a pr'rvta family Gael ?Jty reference given call at 39 Attae'ts ?t Houtb "ktyn THE RITUATION OP RRrMefRertH ON 'toUMRRPRA wan ed ip lha eooplry by aa edurated p-r- >a a m?ei?il |p etthar napaalty to go Munth or Wew prefnrrwl Apply at Ml Bwadwav Trn wo GIBtN WIRH R.TU Tfr.NR, ONR an onog, UN dera'aads h?r l" itre* r-,r ughi?. n ! i, ?n ei-wi net ha ger o* hread erd blsenl s n*ub.ire b ? to aaalrt la wash ne and Iroatog If required the other aa wal'r*** 'if 'hambermGd te capable ef dolrg flee wavbleg and Imnh | Ail have g rw. -it referwepe as t ? eapae 'y and rharvoter CM be tree el 1 iff Rait UNA BA. fcr two days SITfATlOTIB WATTKO-FKMALBI.^ TWO RAH'BCTA.Bl BlilBL8 WISH ?lTaA.TIOW?; O"* m gcort o:oh, uBCerslaiws bahlag. pastry ? of cojkiug, the other m rt?m(i?B?id ud to aaato' in tkg

wasbb g Heat of e >T r.'oresoM from thrtr laid ptoee *JhV* the. have Bred for cine ;im A#ply hi 1<0 Wgg? ?d It, b* ^TthlldUMh _____ rA VILLI*a SOUTH OH I UBOPB.-A *MP10*A?L? girl, who can be well reenamaadad by her employ nr. with whom she hu lived thelsni four yean, wants a aa nurte or wait oa a lad?; la fuljr capable of tallag ohar|? of an li>fao?; o?n ar w neatly, Can be wea at MSWtkgl, between Bih and ? h aveantn TWO RBFPBOTABLB GIBL8 Wimr BIT0A11OM One aa oov<k, aad to do Plata waablug aad Iron tag la a rood baker, the olbar aa chamberm-ld, and to do Ann w?eh hg and ironing, or waiting .have lived LrgeUer for the Ujj'ljf yearn. Tie beet of city references, Can be aeen at 1* 17*h at., pear 7>b *r- ________________ TWO RIRPECIAHLB PROTESTANT ?IHM J*4** ?itcallote oaeaa jcok. wanker and Irene-: taato.t rain hakiT other a# ?#*metr*w?; mm cnt *nd II cMWmj dn??n' h tnd la fwxra* owed to ati kinds of taallj P?wi?*. ? th ?Tgi?ettm nJilorally reference from their last plaoea. Call nt No. 6 J atohln Plaee, re?r H itk av , for two drya WANTKD-BY A MERMAN OIRL. A SITUATION IN & ret 'CaMe fkmlly aaeo-vkor honaekeeper. Bert of reference. glvoa. i pply at 127 Kldrldge at., tklrd flow, rear building WANTET-RY a RB8PEr7TAaH Y1DW WOMaN. A run* ilcn aa noree and aeatnsirvsa, or a* nurae nod c vara irrmart baa tee brnt af ctiv rrfnrmce. Can be teen for two PMi at 177 sdamaalreei srcohlyn. araDfloor. naafcroota. W>RT?n-BT A PBOTRTAWT QIRL.A SITU ATIOW aa cot k; u dmitaada waablng ?nd tenSni; han km to co Lp the country, tan b? seen atlftS wmi 30Ui at., near 9tn avenue ANTED- BY A REHPBCTABLi Q1BU A 81TUA t' n a* reamntresa; under landa dressmaking; out out and Hi children's ' reuses. and do all klnda ol family aewlnR. ha? the beat rliy reference fan oe aeen for two da)a at 118 lytb at near id ave . In lb* rear. WaSTIP-A SITU'TION, BY A aEB'BOTaHLB jourg woman, to do the cooking, "aablog and Ironing of a,mall r ml y, In either olty orooun'rj; the to ,4J br?al make" Mas the beat of re ferenoea at te oapablllty aad honesty Call at Mo 1*8 Baal 2S h aRTBD-A RITUaTION BY A RESPECTABLB PRO tea'an! woman aa Oral rate cook; -jiderstonds coding In a 1 Ha branches, annpa paaUlea andjrl'les. Ho Maaeto tn to taaiailn the waahlng and Ironing tf required. J?od ol.y refer'xc'B "lvenA?pl. ai 1*3 Wert I7U. to, between 8vh ui4 9th avea front baaemsnt W ARTBD-A SITU A^IO", BY A R EBFBUTA BHB jouna woman. In a rerpectable faml.y. aa ftral e aaa orok Bo objection to asalat In v ashing sad lroalng, Inqnlre for two dan at so 121 Went 12th at Bent of reftren)) given irom her laet altostton. WAMTYD?A 81TCAT10B. BY A lOUBO WOMAB, AB laiiiidreaa and chambermaid; understands her business and can be highly recommended. Fieane address 113 Baal llih at WaNT*I>-A 8ITUATIOB. BY A young girl, to do light house wo k, chamber work lag. ('an be seen al the oornor of Oxforl at. and Park st , Brooklyn ?rABTXD-A BITUhTIOto. BY A YOUBQ ttlBL, 1? Wr r-. ears u'd, to take care of children and do plain sewing and a-slni In waablng ape Ironing. West c'f reference f re_ ?lu'.red Pit tut* call a'. JC Thames it, bttween Oreeawloh and Brosdwaj. Wninin ?A '?OMAR WHLL IXP11HII1ID Id .a?-"- c w* kenm cue gentlemvn'nand iadl-s' wavhing tnhfrow- h ,i.a?: she do-a ihetn In the neatest manner P.esae Inquire >' i tor*. Bead, \M l;lh at, In lh? rear. W . *TKD-A f lTUATION BY * BBHPBCTI ?JHB totw wcm?n, aa lxundrenn o.* an chambermtld *nd t-l do flee w?h ng; can do Pr?neh flutlnt and all kinaa of fine Olotheelhtb' nt vea maunrr no objeetlen to go t?y ttt- d v* ereme riven tf required. Oall for two days at 76 West 7(lh nt, near 6th av. ABT1D- SITU kTIORB. BY TWO BBBP1TT ?j *LB girls iilaiera; one as a good -ook and an eseellect laun dress; the o her aa chambermaid and monetsbeilvM. Can be ai 2 9 fcb nt, beiwena lftt sad Sd , s^oond flof>r b%ck room W?BTBr ?A BITU aTlOM. BY IB KYOLMH to take charge of offlcM, and oook and waah, or wrt'l take a rl*oe u> do thn general bonsework, wbere sh s ma? feel si komVm a smaU family. Uokl ?v?? Can oe .cast until sni'ed at ,vo Went 2BU nt. oomer 10? avonne, oyer the store, ei.irsice ? h at WAXTED-BY ABB8PBOTABLB A*D IBDD8TRI0U9 sir! a situation to ooak wash and Iron in ? smalt family. n.y rVf.renw given. Inquire at 124 lltiabetu st, in the rear swotd floor Oar be seen for two dava gnrjtBTBD?A rituaTIO*, by a rbhpbttahi.ii W voung wom-n. as nurse ant reamstrean; can lane charge of an Infsnt; can du famUf sewing; is a go >1 em broidere- (lood rrferenc-. rt'pty at 9i Rea- M'-h tween ffh and flh av. ? for two dava TBTAHTID-A 8ITUATIOH A8 BUB8B BT A HIC8 W pectable womftr ; nan take the en lr? eh-rge of an In fan'. Tne very beat of city vefeiw ee from a flrrt claaa a mUf. where she lived for aeteral jeare. Pltmar call At lit Btb at, east of Broadway. AH TBI) R TUATIOR8. BY TWO g B8PBOTABLB stria; one aa plain -ook. washer and tr-insr. tae other as ch.mb.rma.d or to lake care of hIMreu and aew.? "J' rvo e tf reunited Dan be seen at 110 lit av , ta ih? baker a ??or# - QvxNTBU? BY A RtflPIOTABUI YOUMJ UIBl., A i boat Ion aa nnree ard aeamrtreas ^ bam of city reference. Call at 73 Baal 'ltb st, fo* two days. WABTBD?BY A QBBMAN PROr?8TAIiT U1IL4 situation as nurna anl ohambermaW Inquire at 1(S Bart 17th nt. aear 2d av. WARTID -BYA RBBPBOYaHLto Yt)URvl A sit ua.ton as ehambermaid a'.d wa'.tsr or aunis auJ se-m ?ires* ciiy r^frrenc j fiTett OllbiilMt for two d*yf a; ??l 36U st. lourth floor WaXTBD?*Y A RhnPEv'TAHLB UIRL. A 8lTJ*TI()H to do the g?n'mJ h uaewovh of a sioaU p-lv.te taa.a. good ct y referveeaa. (VI at ho. lit RnT'lk atreet ?sr A NT Kit- BY A RBhPBOT aBI.B WtlHAlf, A 8 'TU A W Hon as nook, waahsr and Ir oar, or to do geaemi nis use work In a small private .'ami r . b?a. ol mty rrforooee given. Inquire at *3 RvoseveR a' . np ?i* ?a ARTBD-A SITUATION HT A RWRPBtTTABLB toner w-man aa chambermaid and iaurrd?as; no rv aianda i; ut nt. beat r-f etiy tefereaae given. Call at IS*) Beat IT'h at WA-CTtf) 8ITU TIOX8 BY TWO OIM RITH TUB bir of el y r-frrencea, one M r4*?A flr e tvt,hln i. ihe other aa walirvm. Call at \M Wett K>h at. aai i ail I pot 'rent ruota^^ Wasted? bt a rbapbctablb yocno qibu a st'uaMtn a* "ook. waaher and tmeer in a Mall l/lj^e family, ha* Uved hree ytam -l|ktoe? Urt amptoym. Oa? be WPtm to dat and to morruw at I ft Inat UfABT) D?A FlTUATION. BY A BBTPBCTABLB V? vmng girl aa chauvhermald and aeammrem or m aa slat us the washing and w^JmiM oT mjMmil Has the beat city refarenoe. Pleaae call for two day* .as uw W lJthrt. WAXYBH-BY A BBBPBCTABLE YOUNO WOMAN A aliaaiwt. aa ahambemald and to a> aiat tn washing and I'ocing hood refr rvnae C*? be seen tUl employed at -A 2tsh at . between 1st and Id ava., third floiw wwTArtTIf)?RT A BBHPIOTARI.B WOMAN, THB washing ot a family, at her own reatdeane. call at 3?t lit av., s>coiul floor, haeh yvarm. WANTBD-BT A RBfl PHOT ABLE WOMAN, THB washing o' twa or three acaUamea and family waah leg The beet nliy retereaoe give*. Pleaae nau at llu Bam 27ihaA |A7ANTED?A SITUATION AB OOOE IN A PRIYATB vT family kw tvardlig hc.naa indetmaada warning and lroalng Cau at 1*1 Hmiihav, between Wyckotl aad Warren. Brooklyn UD-ANTED-BT A RBB'K TABI.B YOUR J WOMaN. A vy iltualtro aa nook waafler and ironer. In a small rrtvate family, ean be wril reeommerded sy the family she mat arrvvd for two yeara. address flj AUanUc at., Brjofclyn, fur >i dajra JLI ANTED- B* A YOl'NU LADY, A HtTUATlOR AB VT optrawron Whealer A Wllaon a maehlne hanagmeof h-r own ha* - n .ihji Hon to go cat wilA It. sddrvwa J. B, bos Ult Herald mi ce 1AP aNTEl ?A FlTUATION, RV A RBNI'BCTABLB Tt g'ti aa eatiar in akamkanai'l iih in <i of in asiaim Us? he sees a' gfl i*owan R, earner of PaaSflc Troukiyn fEVaNTEt) BY A AEFPBTfkPbB WOMaN. A htTUA Tf n sa 'rv rate S . .he MfVfnnNt go vmg In alT He h.anehw . no rSj.cviosva tn go nenth. Beet K re.'* enee given. l?Z'-ire al 171 * e?i tuth at., rear WANTED?A VITI ATION AN HSAMhTAIWR, NT A nraapaira.f' esmatsr. she taderstaedatae littag and flttlag of g.rlr ?nd hoys' eiotsing ha* no ohjer rvn P d"? iga< cflsm* rrworh a .1 ? e wsal nt t an be ta-ea at her greawe (I'A"T*I?- ?T a MORT R hNPfli 'f aHI.B 4IRI. A Nt Vy ti,au< t. ae nhsmbermald and srallrea* In a pr.. are 'ami If Can give ihe neat of at y ref.reore , all ' >fiw>n% ?? >7 Bamsralr > -i a be aim.'i. until e, gage t Wanted-a nituattun ?t a R?H"? r*N;.B young w man aa oooh and o> a*.let In the waaktag aa I Iroglrg. on, who understands her business Ha* the w f rt'y rer rrnee from atr last place Call at 17 Amu/as. -* ?U* Brooklyn flm floor, r^o room tlf ANl E.r ? A a TU AT ION AN rt.)OD PLalNOTOK, TV and n a .is* It easting and IvniPg ,;i a or.vatr 'am* ly, b? a r-?pe^is- e Colored wnmaa. whu ran give g,.,' re ? ummebdaonn rum her mat plaorv Apply M No 1 Uarmd ai, fgnr Hamilton *V Nora h Itravkivn vovmj voir, (BTANTBD A NITITATION NT A EBffBftr aRI.B BNiT W 1 a woman In a flrst ri?.* fauri r aa - us n ? ? . ar.'l sastsi ta w.rhinr and trooiu* 0- aa Irr data ealt-rea. Heal ol run re'rrenn. a ran crgtvaa. a Ma'todist faaatiy pre fet-d. i aa be aeen for tarn dnvs at 1st Aldr'dr-st . uvier ol klvlagvna lA, ANIgn A SITUATION, HT A RBaPS' TARLB vY ?ourgwomsn.g nha ab?rfsA!d. an ? I, > aaert is ws?l te* sn I .ros'is 'iv-odo^ne waahl g Bust d y ea'asan--* glv?o f leave cs'.l fm 'wd days at lOfl East lllhil.ln.Ae rear 'nnrlb floor, las' house WaNTBD-l PITFATiON. "Y i RMPNCTaBLB yom g Pmtestaat woman as eharabermald aad wal av. hss the bssi a'elif referrnue Can be a?ea flr two day* at g?> Sti, av tR/ANTaD-Rr TWO Tf UNA UlRt.B RITOAT O IR. W I nrss seiuariresn. an I la willing to -to Ugtl ebai^er work. The other toarw by the day o' Week risnae end al iflfl girt N|N at. thM floo? Croat ro>m WANfBO A NITD ?TI?)N I* Lf'MUd, IN A private family gy a *>sapaseat W'-tnaa, who can pe? dnae Ihe haat of etty rerarenoe i-iraag sa I st ttM Weat I'Aa ?I. In the rear fBPANTVI' RY A TOf'NH AMIBIOaN PBcTB?*NT TV woman a sltoatl n to tsk? nam of a bahy and to de p'aia sew'ng 'n a priv. le family, has'he heat of ntty refer raor, wl hea to r?? 'atnR'-ot'yg Pleags call tyr two day at U Am'ty m , N utA Rrovkiya. W4NTRD- A RTTUv TtON, BY A BBHPBCT aRI-E ? trl an a urnr and vsr< ireaa < in eome watt reenm mrcded Apply at No 1.1 flhvon at Rrr-kiye WaNTBD?a NlTUATIfiN, BY A YOUN I WcNAN TO do genervi b-vuaework la a ama'l flsmiiy. Dan ba aeaa ! ftw two dats ai B1V M ?? te the haaemaat. Want ax-if a bmpbcta bi.b voom womsn, a al'.nailnfi aa chamhnrmairt or waltr saw. or rwmn.rcn>i suit tn set is' in wsah'ria. -me who ih >0>urtly understand) bog |a of Uey hahlta and good dlapoalilon, wishes a wms oent he-r.e'n a n re prl-aWi family fles of eRy reforswve PWsae aaxi at at lit aven' g. flortrr of UiN si Out ba gggg for two data to XirAI?T?n-A NITUATION BT A BBBPN'TTABLB W yoang *?mu; la a good sank and ta aa ew^lrotbeker o'bread and blecul; rood washer and lroner The pertoltr rcfer't. on can be riven Can b? seen for twodayi^Apoly r SITUATIONS WAMTKD-JPBMAXJBS. WANTED?A SITUATION. HI A BBNFBUTABLB yrnng Kiel, to do Ike housework of a small famllr or ?hamWwo k ? ad walttag. Uood 0117 rofcrenoe. Pieaae o?U at Ml Thorn:" a ?.. room II WANTED?BT A REHPB' T ABLB (J IBM AW (11BL A aliunde a a as a II * mertraa family ao ohamberma'<d and to da plain sowing Oooii reforeoon o.n be siren If re inlrrd. Oan be neew el 311 ?h a*., from 10 A. M Uil I P. M.. the atom WANTED.-A LADY W1NHCH TO PKOGUBB BTT0A ttoa* 'or two treaty Mr la. who have been to per employ tor two rears; the one as aaambarmald aad waiter or atataiani anrse; the otter as ehawbermald aad a-alttant wash *r and lroner Boh glrla ara pertoolty oomp stent to All U?tr al'.ua lions. Apply at If# Wast What, bolwean Broadway aad 7th amino. ?ATAitTBlt?BV A YOUNG WOMAW, A 81TDATION AS Tr aeaaaalreaa; nnderatai da all kind a of toaally sewing; la willing to aaatet in the oare of oh Idrea If required. Has the beet of city reference. ? an be seen nntll enraged at hnr pre sen 1 place. IP 11th ak. betwoco 6*h and 8th avenues. UFABTBD-A HTUaTION. BT A YOUNG WOMAW, AS Tf ehnmhermald and to do Ann washing or plain sawing. Inquire at 134 Kant lTth at 1 AWf BII-B1T0AT1OW8. BT TWO BBBPBOTABLB vf 1 Irk, In aprlrae *amllr Oneaa nook, aad to aaatsl la waahtsg ant tronlrg: the other aa chambermaid art wait reaa. or 10 <<? plain aewlnr ? ae be seen at their iaal employ ere 'or two days, at 114 Went 1Mb at. WANTED- A BITUATION, BT A BBBPBOTABLB young woman, a > nurse; la espertenoed In tie aire if children; la a'so a good plain aewer. call for throe day* hi US 34th at, near Lexington ar. WANTBif?A SITUATION. BT A YOUNG WoMaJT. A8 wei norre. Would go out. or take ti to her owa house. Call at *0. 1M m 1., between 7'h and 8tn arm *Jkr A NT II)?BT AW AMKHiOaW WOMAN A 81TUA- | er Hon ?a nook, waaher and troner; (be thoroughly under etanda h-r bn*lnras Best of city refereroe Oea be seen for thrre daya a> 138 Bast Uth at., between areaue A and at aye. ?jat ANThO?a. HITOATIOW, BT A FIRST RaTB O^OK; <* has no objection to nsetst with the washing and troatng. Hae good c ty rcterenoo Oan be sees for two dayn at 213 Baat 15th at, between 1st ar. and ar. A. Wtwrwn-A BITUATION ?B OBAMBRBMVTD OB rb.mberma'd aad lAondreae. by a rerpe liable ierson. who la f'llly competent Oan giro good oHi r?'erenee Oall at or add reaa US West 17th at, ' etween 8th and 7Ut hva WANT1P.-A SITUATION Iff A PBIV ATK FAMILY, A8 se*mMr*?* by a yorng American woman; la fu'ly 00m portmake boys' and mlsaee' clothes and would be willing (0 make h'rtelf generally useful. Pletae adlreea O. A. B., Herald oflloe. AMNTTP-HY A GIRL A 8ITUATIOW TO DO OBNB ? ral rork In a small private family. Can be sore for two day at SOI West list ak In the basemen! WANTED?A SITUATIOW, BY A BBBPBOTABLB Protestant girl, as ihambe' maid or rally, oan do plaiu rowing or takecirw of ohlldren; has no objection to go a short distance In the country. Apply at 104 Jay It, Brooklyn. WAN TBI)?A SITUATION BT A BB8PBDTABLB Fteaeh person, to tak- ear# of ohlldren In a private fami ly who sneak French; has the beat of reference from her la?t plane. Oall 'or two days at 119 Bprtng at Madame Francois WA8PIWG WANTED?BT A BE8PEOTABLB WOMAN, wl'h the beat of elty for honesty and eapa b itty can tie seem sor one week at 43 Perry St., near 4th it, 8-*i Boor, back row WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A R19PITABLK girl; ts a good nock washer and Ir mer Has good olty reference. Can be teen at 48 East Baltic at., aeeond door from gmtih. Brooklyn. WAN1KD-BY A COMPBTBNT MIDDLE AGIO BNG U>k lady, a altuat'on aa knuaekeeper or to ('tend an In ralld Indr. Can be well recommend. Apply at HlartMd ?k, near 3d ar. WAWTBD-A SITUATIOW, BY A BBHPBDTABLI young woman, aa cook, waaher and lroner heat city re'ereroe *i*en Apply at 3d Baat 18th ?t, between Broad way and 4th avenue. Wanted by a hkbpbptwBlb young woman, a 1 Itnail m as chambermaid aad waller or to do otambar worh and re ring, ean produce the brat refe*?cc-, from her laat piac- can be e??*u fo- n e day at 84 B Idgn at, Brooklyn WAWTBD-BY a OCMPUBNT FBMALB. V 8ITUA Hon aa chambermaid aed senmalrea', or ctuld-ea'a maid In a prltate family; beat oily references given. Can be aces for two daya at 130 West 17th (t. tMTANTBW?BY A VERY RB8PBCT - BLB YOUWG WO rf man a situation as cook, and would a??ut with he wash Ing ard Ironlrg If required Thn very heat of elty reference bom her 'mat risen. Call at ?8T 13th ak, f r two daya WANTED?BT A OOMPIT9NT TOUNG WOMAN. A tlfnatl-n to do cbamberwprk flnn washing and Ironing. 'r lnocdjcaa preferred (an fire the heat of elty reference from > ar laat place. Oall hi 38 west 13th at. between 5th hod 'th a Terms WJNTgr-A PITUAT'OW. BT A VERY BR8PE3TA Me young woman to do chamber work and sewing, or to do cbam' erwork ard do an muslins, which ate perfectly n? dcrrtanda The ,beat of reference from her law place where rke h*a Hred nine years, ("all at 103 Weal 19th ak between 611 and Lb arrears for two days. RBBPBDTABLI I lit Went I'jr. a at. aeeond Boor, from mom, WANTBU-UY A RBW'BOTABlB YOUNG WOMAN A ahna'.ion to do ckamherwork or waiting ta a private fa mily; tea noobjec Ion to do general housework In a small family. 1'all at 848 Grtrnwleb at, corner of Barrow, tirst Beer, front room. ill AKTID- BT A THdRjUOHLT OOMPNTBNT fy dre.ainaker. rmployotrnt by tae day or week giod re fei enren girt n. Piraae addrcaa Dreaamarer, Brooklyn Poet ofloe. tar anted a mtu anon. by I bbfpk jTablb yy girl, to do general hourework. Is a good ooofc. waaher ard Ir dt Can ce area at her prrieni employer'a, 180 Wad llth ai , between 8>b and 7'h ays. Wanted my a toung giro, a situation ab waitre a. aha urrmghly m? era.anas Iter basloees. Ohll at H? hart Hut r,. :n 'h? rag, pear Id ay , Don No. 8. W A MEM?A BI1UA .ION, BY A BB-PWCT ABLE ItiL sacoofe, or ctofc washer u J lroner. can owae well reormmradrd from hor last p.aoe. Call for two daya atSfe neiry at ?ATANTED--BY A RBPf BCTABt B WIDOW uADT. ONB yy nr tr reapertable yuung lailna to b-aed. No objea t Ion 'e a ? Idow air wPbont rhl'dren. truly at 177 naa TwrUtb street, between 8;rat and ttee.ud ayeuare WANTED?BT A YOUNG BNGLINR OIBL, A HIYCA lion o 'ravel with a lady or atteoi la a atora, or any llgkl rr?y,rotable employment. Please rail at 18 Forayihet.. WaNlkD BY A WALL 1X7IRTitM'ED YilUNG WO uiau a adoaUio: u a Bra- rate eoek ant has no ohjes Una lo aaeiat In waahlng aad Ir mtng If repaired Has the brat rf city relator 1 an be aeaa for two aaya, at ilO Weal ?,1 at., betwrea 8th aad ?tb am. ajr A AT B D? k> V A YOVN'l WOMAN. A blTUaTIOW AN fy aL?mbera>ald aed A rdreea. or aa chambnrwiakl and ?eaestresa or would do sa"la| In a am ail famtir No lluu lu 'Aa touas y baa goud cut r-'mrrnee. Oall at Ibl hast Soth at. bet ween 3d and Lealrg-oa atrnnaa fBTANTKD?A HITUkTIOW, NY A MTRSPY Y0UN8 Ir wowan aa arainaUeas In a prlrate family; would aaalat In chambrrworh or thn care of nhtifren. ball at lib Baat ;sth at., .bird II . r, front room. ririNTirv BY A TCUNO i RL, A PifUATION TO IT do Hgk. hi.. rcworh ta a oul family: air hat the bra- of n irrnac*. Can be ansa at 15; eawi Wth at, accjod Boor. bask n im WANTK.t -A BITCATIOW. BY A TOt'W't III HL. AN irwaiima nan gut au< 81 lad tea' md ah.Id en '? drawee, wr uld aarlat In lha enre of rhtldiea nr wlta ramnberwor*. -wo wort 00 n sawing mnetine, would guHouA. 1'leaaa eall at 141 Jd ,te between *8h and list a la. TlfANTBD BY A BMPBtTf AYLB MIDDLE AGED WO. yy naa a ati..ilioa j lake care of children and wake her wlf -w?( le asnni two yiara ta 'hla onnatr- nan r.wwr arn'l wi??. r-led flense apoi/ at dr. wuroy a. 198 IBdt at, aw a?r tf Wh are WAH Bit?BY A RBRPBOTAVLB YOUNG WGMaW, A lltna'Mi aa ratid'a na. aa or eham uenwald The heat 0/ Hty refrrrne from her last plire Applr al 381 8'A arnann WANIhD-BT A BNNflOTANLB TOUWO WOMaW. A al'.na'fm at fl-St --laaa 1-uadrrws. Has ibe bast of atty -rfreen ? from her lam plaaa caa be seen for two daya al 'M Wtat Uth at. W'APTBD?BT A BEPPBOTABLB FBDTBTAWT. A at -a' w as ln4 ptalo sort la wtlilag to aaatv to thn a aa) -1 d ? r.. c la a ? ?r1 haher ("an ai>w? well r? at,usee f?n> ahere a e By J thrr ?- yeait Fieaaa sail at U?; kk a ranee, between 21st aad Ud sta . th rd Ikr ?r. ba. k r mm. tA,' ANTED A SITUATION BT A BBKPBCTA8I.B GBR rr aiaa fir', aaoonh lo a prlyaio lamLiy. haa ai oojec I at ?o w??( in washing aad troatag Apply at 81 Ifch at. sear B' area im. I a' a rt k 11 By A ?h()Tg-ir a N Y GIRL A H.'TUaTIOW Yy aa seaawwrs* ta a tamtlr nnderatauda faml'y aewlug. ixah ng milrree a (nam. ala> lae ahin>. faahiooabln gar rttiuar n Jra a??le. Cea ha teen for two data al di'diiNtl Mr. JL a8". KD- A PITt'AI ")N. BY A YOUNG WOMAW. AN Yy ,. ... -n? who ran do a'l a n la o( faaey sewing sal tan oul oni rhlidran'8 dirraaa aad hoys' slothea Pirate nail at at Wa I ISth ak Uf ANTED- BT A IOUWG WOMAN. A BITUATIOB AN ?* ptata aanid or ae?w?tmna. la o?-ah r of dmsg sll k'ada y ?wrddery and faw wo-h In geeeral JJae ?'-? tke ?ra( rer-v?snea Aral* at the first h-?uae In MarrWin Ik. CM d*w fr >m Colombia ak. Brooklyn, for Margaret QkBwt ^4J ANTkD-BY A P EOT AWT A NT YOUNG, WOMAN A *r ?!teo.<oa aa aeamotrraa nan do all klada of family Irg and r-whroi.lert. aaa eul aad Ih . klldreo'a dreeaea, wynld a."hi lb (he ehsmbrnwork, food atty refermaa. I'leaaeeal at MO W?ai 28<k ?k W'WThP?BY A BENPROTAWLB YOUNG W'lNAN, A al '.nival aa anraaaud to da plain sewing iwtydoniew heiwork and aaatm win the kaekliy aad teoslag;eao five the he* t of r",y raferance If required. .lease oall at No 144 Warn to A IV II - A* TaD?A NITUATION. NT A YOUNG MABBIBD VY woman, w'o k * loot her ohlld. aa wwt ntuaa. naa ba seen for ?wo 4?ry, Please lauulro at No. 4 Kmra at ? ?* . WTklt?NT A PBOTBNTANT TOUNG WONAN, A Vr so--Urn aa --?? nt aeraaatrmm. has no ohjaetlnntn aartat wHb th?. r nwh-rwara; '-an glrethr^ beataf ei'r re'ar mftm. ( an he im ai 49 Ttrrj it, nmr 41, ifii wr*, bank rr*YBi. ^STaNTBD BT HBB FBIt'BNT BMPl,OT?B, ABITUA D ,tn- r-w a rrrt gHtae oork aad laaadreaa Apply at ?)>? Naat llth at IU(T?n BT A BB8PB.IYABLB TOUNM WOMAN. A altua 'oa lo do chamber work and walling Bert of elty reference glrea. OH be men fee two daya a 189 AHaattr at, Brooklyn aMII>-A NITUATION UN A PBOfNMf ANT TOUNG woman aa rhaml>etma)d la a private laaallv. haa go>? City rrfwenee. Ohll lor tw.. daya at It '?** ak, between Broad way aad 9ui ar. (Bf ANTED?NY A FBtlTBnT t NT YOI'NM WOMAN, A TY fHnatbrn aa aeartr'reee. la eanaa'e ot rutting and Nina miasm' dm ana. win wigsge ay tar day or month: baa rood rlty fetwraee. Oan he aeen f-w ihrwe Earn at 110 wwl*, between Oongreee and Amity am Noath Noooklm WANTBD NT A Bt*ri?nT*NLI YOUNG WOWaB. A alt attoa to d > oooklrg, wsahlng aad leoetag, or at laaa arrrn 'a a Bra rate waaher and Irowey, haa hrwt of ottr re ferr see. Oan he area at 1)1 West Bid ak, second ?>w, frrnt utvahohs WAirrHDuranALn. WANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A BBBRBOTABLN 1'rotentaat girl, to do general housework .>r aa plain cook, wasl cr ai.<i'roner In a small private fusil* Ota be *. en for two days at US Wait 36th at, telweaa 7th and Mb avenues. TXTANTBD-BY A BIBPNOTaBLB WOMAN, A FWW fj fhwlllm' washltg; Alao a law geuUem*a'a washing: will ba d. ne up la the neatest style: baat of aity rafturaaoall required Plrase call at 223 Baat JOh at. WAATBE-BY A BBSPBOTABLH WOMAN. A BirU ? e at ton aa cook, washer and lroner or as nnrsa and seamiUeas Cm give the beat city re'err oca. Call at no M avenne. WAMTBD-BY A RR8PB0TABLB PBOTBSTANT Wo man a .it nation aa laundress or sook, aa aha eaa and baa falfllled both Bait ctty reference eaa be prod need None but lbs beat families need ap,ly. Gall for twa daja at SSI 8tb ev , Oral door, back room. WANTBD-A SITUATION; BT A BS8PBCTANLM fir), to fr chamber* ork ace aaaiat la washing aad Iron ing o? wat tog; baa good city reference Call for two day a afc 147 West 37th al * WANTXD?BY A YOUNG WON AN. A SITUATION TO do ch?mbrrw?k aad fine washing and Iroaing good Oily reference given. Apply at 106 Baal lfrta at, serosa door. YATAItTBD?A SITUATION, BY A PBOrBSTANT WO" ?* msn aa la'y'a anaUl and scamstrcaa; la a thorough drramnakpr and plain sewe-aad balr dreaaer. Oall at 366 2d avenue, between 22d and 23d a s XATANTBU?A SITUATION, BT A RBR'BOTABLM ? young woman, aa llrst rate oook, naCerMaadi bread. biscuit sua pastry; no objection to astlai In tho washing ana lronlrg; la willing Ml obliging: ihe best of dt? reference given. Please cal at MU B?u IT'h tt, for two days WsNTBO?A IITUATION, BT A BB8PBOT ABUT joung woman, to oook. wash and Iron; understood* bread and Dlaonit, or wonld do chamber work and assist In the washing sud llvn ng Tba brh of city refereoon. Call at 77 'th avenue, be ween 27th and 28>h eta for two dare WANtBU-A SITUATION AU OHaMBBRM AID A NO sewer, or to d-* efeamberwrrk and aaalst In waahlag and Ironing, or to make herself generally useful, wa >Wa the beat, dty reference from her last place. Oa 1 at ltd Weat 19th at., between titb and ;tb aves tATAMND-A SITUATION AS OUaMBIRMAID OB *Y seamatresa, by a person comnetcnt to undertake either iltuitloa Apply atS71Colamo!a at. between Summit and Woodhoil, South Brook yp, ,or two days. UjrANTBD?SITUATIONS, BT TWO RMHPBrjTABLW Y Y girls one as good oook, washer end ironer or M flra'j rale laundress; be other as chambermaid Md araitar or ao cbamhermald and ta assist with the washing and Ironing; hare Gid city reference, t all for two days at 72 33d it, between xington and itb area., bsck room. lATANTBD-BY A BBHPBUTaRLB young woman, a, TT situation at chambermaid or waiter; ao object Ions ko do plain rook lag Ut a small family. Cam come well recom ?e,<V ed frcm ber las', p'ace Please call at I/O Went 30th tween 7th and 8;h area. ANTSD-ASITUAT ON, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AO chambermaid and waiter, or to assist Is washing and lrrnicg, cr to du tsnerul housework in a small private family. Has good city referenoe Please call at No. 331 Baal ltth sC? for two uaya. WANTBP?BY A YOUNG. RBSPBCTABLB WON AN, A ?Itua ion as chambermaid and plainaewer; a j objection to ahlldrev; good city reference e a be given. Can be seen foa> two dajs at 47 Willow plaoe Brooklyn. Mo objection to new York. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO Co good plain cooking, and Is a good washer and I rotter; no nbjee'lon to do housework in asmatt private family. PIsaac oall at ?19 9ih ave., between slat and ?!d eta.. In the bakery. WANTXD?A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN. AD a plain oook. Is w tiling to assist In washing, Ao. Om be seen fr two doy e at 73 King street, room No 6, in the rear, WANTXD?A SITUATION. BY A BB8PBOTABIJB Pro eeunt voting woman, as chambermaid Md to m stet In waging and Ironing Unnd r ferrnce can oe given. Can be seen for two dajs at 623 Oth svrnue. WANTSD- A SITUATION BY A BBBPXOTABLB voting girl, to do general h.iusework end Orel rate, waahtig an Ironing Please apply for .wo day* at 332 WeeS 17th at., wp floor, back rx,m 1ATANTBD?A SITUATION BY A TOUNd WOMAN, AS TT nurse and seamstr. ni, or would go as chambermaid and assist with ihe washing and iron lug <f required, or seam trvaa Has the b> st of ct'y references rot either eaxploymenla. Please tall at 166 West 13 h st WANTKE?BY A BKSPElTAHLS YOUNG WOMAN, A, titration as chambermaid Md anrse or waiter Md help. H<a two jtars referei ce from her lent plate. fleaaa anil Bj 4106thav corner of 7btb nt. for two daya w WANTKE-BY A BXSPECTASLB PBOTBBTAWW girl, a siiu?ttop as cbambrrmaid and waker, or to take care of s baby aidlodo emt.rotcary .an give lh? beat o.' city reference Please .all at 66 Hoe rum st., oorner of PaeUa. Brooklyn, fcr two days. fBTANTBD?B TWO BBHPNOTABLJI YOUNG WO TT men, situation*, one as oook. wsaher md Imam, ike ether as chambermaid Md *.alter, or to take oare of children and do , sewing. Roth un.1er.taod ihrtr buiun. aspe.fer* ly, and can gl?e the man sausfaetwy referenoe. Would wish to engage 'oftser. Address N. M aid R. D. or call ah 381 Mn.bert) st.. To the store, sear Houston at, for two daya. WANTBE-BY A NX AT - IBL OP 11 A SITUATION M nurse and to do the light waiting; reads and write* wall; would mind a baby rr wait oa a lady wBo boards. Wages >4 City r*'erenew Hall at 316 bast 33d st. WANTBP- A SITUATION AH LADIV MalD AND aeametreMi. alao capable dressmaker Md hairdresser , also a'tar mart hing The advertlaer la a ProtestonL Oall ah 1X3 Bast 13th st WANTI1S?A HITUATIO*. BY A OOMPkTBaT WO mso. ss cook, who tboroughlr n?ger?t*od m?eM. a?<ap* and pa* ry, ai <1 is a s^tei oahrr, wo Id assist la the wmahlmt if ihe or ok tag la aot tsrgt; good ctty references. Apply at a3U ? tb avaane WANTBP- A SITUATION AH SIAMSTXBM, BT ynnsg woman; can cut and It catldraa'a draanae, aad do all kin.a o family arwtng, yid a bit e ehamuer voeb If ra ijnlr. d. has the hast of sl y rafcrenca. Plaaaa oall at US lSUi at., between lal aad 3d avs. WaNTXD-A SITUATION. liY A BCHPIOTABLB WO man. to do icneral h uaewnrt; b a xod plain oook, washer and trooer has un to g> to the c-nntry. cast jlr? guuc 'sf.ienoe from b*. last p ace also a buy to work for a farm, r can glvr aa la actory referenoe frts hia las . place P.ease call al N" Tf) Hprlng st. In the rear. ON* be a?en lilt snited. U' ANTID RY A Rl^PBOTArt ,N GIBE, A BI fUATIPN TT aa Bursa aid reams rraa. cm cot aad 6t ahll ran o eotbes. cr to do . haiaberwurk. or Dnawaahl .g nud Ironing . ha* n > objeclon lo go I* the mtry. good refers c*. OM btr see* for two days at 79 West >tu st WANT IP?A ?ITUsTloN or A umtll wo man. aa tlrat rate ml. node's ands ihe buaieeaa la aU Ha branch s. heath beat of dlv reference, has tired from. U ree to saver yarn wl h some of the moat respectable taaslUa* la this ally OWI a. Vi 6th ave aeteaen 331 M I 24th ate WA? TKP-r.T A VBBt ko- K TAHLK TUUNG wo rn* d. a sttnat'oe a* .ihampern aid iw waller, nr womltl dng*rrra b.oi.,.rtln>uti U prl<a-e lamtlv; cm Drodnce gocd clt) refer care Please red f r two daya al 217 MottA. la Ihe rear un stairs, klr.l Hour .mei No. A G|rSbTKIi-Bl two PR. rBHTANT GIRL" (HI4TBBN1. TT ilti.sti.ins, one as good pintn c ?>k washer and trnaer the ether io do chaw .era >rg an I pi.In sen log nr M lake nasi ofchlldfii; the* would both like lo Use lo the same bona*. Pan i-s seen sl 3(3 7'h toons between MMh and Ifkh ata W4NTSD?A HITUiTroN l?Y A KK*"l?TABu? yo ng ylr). aa chambe mall aad to do plain dewing or MSdieaork. baa Ihe beat or o ty refers ace form her )aa4 pnoo. Cm be scat fur two daya at 31 UharJes at WANTBIt?A SITUATION, NY A RIO'PBvT >N_I Wo man na ~?ok, IB a urlsa',. family, she thoroughly under atflrd.. her I nsioria In a I Its branches, and ma do a 1 ktada ot* corking car, gl*e .be h st ?? eny relaienca. Plaaaa rail at U>C Bast tt fe st aer pr.aent situaUoa. WANTH ?NY A >0"NO USKBAN GIRL. A S<T0A th n as chamb-rii.aid. Ac. laqalra at "6 Pnrayts SL. rear build ns for M Purr dr.-AWT*D -A SITUATION aH OHAMHBRMAID ON >T sh?mberwi*M ard ;anodre?a, ay a reaper able peraoa, whole In'ly e.m.p?leat Can tl.s good mty i*'."v* ORL at or addrtws 144 *sat 2*ih st, b*is'.? 7th aad "th a*a S." A NT K P? A SITUATION, HT A RK'PBUT t Ht.B GIRL, . to d i cbamberwrwk 'fid waatlng Md assist in the wash las and trna ng i ao ha area fa two days. If aot sailed, eJ .ted 7lh a* . between J*' and 33d sta sCrANTXDSBTA RISPfl TABI.B YOUNG WOMAN, A ?? s'.tua loe to A chamherwork aad to assist la the sa* Irg ar.d ireaior, or *b*u>'-rr w ?rh aad t?wlag;araa lata d eaa Ia ?m*|j prlsate fbmtly, she has he hast of stty rafe. raeee., fo r years la b. t last pa*. Please tall at 87 On shy at np ststre fbrlwo davs WANTBP BT' A TOCN.S WOMAN WITH A PRBNTI hrsast of etllk. a attnau-m ?s w?t nurse lit a r sg slab Ml Isml y Cm beaeea at b>r restdetca. R4 Ritsabath sl WAMTBD-Hd A RHC'VThSi.B AND OOdPMTlNY' ycurg wunisn a a ? isil .n as ?>ih waahnr aad uoaas In a smalt prWa'e fsmltv r*?Wtig la 6rookl*n Beataf SI) referenea. Can -.a aeen las twi days al 146 Neeblagtoa aL. Br-hlyu Hr A NT8P ? A HlTUAT.ON. NT A RksPKiTTABLK girl, a* rbt mt crmal.i aad hi do p'ala aew*ng, haaaoob jsr |-? ?-> tak*esro dehvd-sn Cot be seas for two days ct IN t s-roti Sl Srmlh Rrie hpf. YVaNTXD-A 6I1U aTIOM RY A RMtPSOTABLtl TT yr ang woman, aa sntriress or wrmld rr. as chamber en. sad IS-a rr ss. Good ntty r frrsanw Anils at 71 Wrw, IMh at , belwasn 4th nnd ts aver.uc? VL''sNTBI>-RT A DO* ft TINT PiRNOW A SIPUA TT lion as aea ast .is, b.s no onj?eitr.s tono nh?mha?w*rH or wait on rhllur. n can P > sl; t lads of family a* wt> g, Md na dera>a*ds 4r.-a nun Th ? best of clt. referents gl'ea GaU at iA3 7th a*., betwern u. and AVI sis back room, saenad 6* or WANTRP HITUaTIPNH, ry TWO NISTRRH. ONB AN a ftrst alas s nook. Ike other ?e ohamhe maid and waM r*ss sat would hare a ?bj*eti"e lo aatMt la w ah lag md 'ronlng The hett *r pit. rcr.rwaoe fr MB th*lr hast em ployer, where they hare ilrsd a number of years Pleaaei rail a> h*ir preaer.: anq ,yr * 3 West 17 h al, between Bread way aad 6 h sren te atmly In the basement. WANTBP - JIT A PTOTIHTkNT TOUNG WOMAN, A. titration to go Son'h ?? drcasmskcr no ibjeetl m W; lake nare of ehtlilrBr. Good ctty referenoe glrms. apply a4 a Sul Iran at. WANTBP NT A PRGTSWTaNT BNGl.fSH PRRW?N a ah nation aa inUn a n irae or ae c illdr-w'a nuraa. wbr re aau her la kept la amies apnly al M* Irlrial re m. WANTBP HT AN ?LI-M?LT W1UOW, A NfTUATlOM aa somnanioa to aa eldsrli leny <w to tupenn aad thee hooaehoid sCklsa of M cldarir uoap'e. -a?ca so. dedrabla kit a hosts Add rasa *. > U. ,.im tqaara Post ofta WANTRU-a NITUATION, NT A BBHPtfJf ABIsN yonag girl 16 years if age lotaheimre of ehildra* ana asst. I n hon awnrk. (ha be aeaa tor two days at Mb. hmrr street ___________ WHIAIfllh-XI TWO NBNPf OPh HER GTRLP, BrTVA" tie**; o*a aa pis a cook and flr l rate was he* aad Woaer ? the other In assist la 'he washing aau troelng or aa chamber ami..aad waiter, hare gmsl ra ereace.. Apply at if Gra*0 sl, la the b asms set. aan he seen for two daya. WANYRO-A PITUATION B* A TOUNG PBOTBNT ant girl, to do egbt work -hamfierwork watdagarkv *Msi Wlta the housework- psrlcoll'ly f md of ehtldrea, Ma rest rials aewcr W*g*n ft to ??. cm be awes at n Tib aretioe, aapr X4th at WANTBP NY A RBHPRCTANI.B TOUNG GIBI,, A sltna'lon as flrw r*-c isnnd eaa; om do SrccrA Holnjr In the nenieat stale Han produoa Ihe rnr* best of Mty re-ar case Pen be seen for two daya at 1711 Baal I7ifc at . w**r m> pwsmr mmw