Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 9, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 9, 1857 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7708. MORNING EDITION-FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9, 1857. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE REVULSION. roiiraorarw?58 m assigkhentl ?toting* of the Merchants of St. Ionia and Chicago. ?ASS UBTXBG III PHILADELPHIA. The Defalcation in the Sunday School Union. PROCEEDINGS OF THE PENNSYLVANIA LEGISLATURE. Iimi BONDS AND ILLfNOI! fVBUNOY. Teeessity of Poshing Produce to Market, ha* Ac., to. THE PENNSYLVANIA. LEGISLATURE. UN 4*1. Harfiwo, OH 8,1817. me flMttt met ai 10 o'clock this mornlrg. Mr. Wbmht presented a oopy of I he prooeadingi of a aaaaMrg of tbe citizens of Philadelphia rela Ive to the ?nanetol crlxte mo proceed'nge were plated In news tottm lbrm. Bead and referred to a committee of seven. me Bruium pi eeented a eUiement from tbe State rrea ?w of tbe amount of Btote for It deposited In th? bvuta Onothoeoand oo; lea of thoetak meat were ordered to be ?MPIl ?MWd war ?V Browne, Knox and Wright preeented notne. I peiMlora from tbe mo-chenta, meobantoe and manu arera of Philadelphia taking tor roller and aid. ma bill ooncerntng banke, reported by the select oom aWae of i?ven, wai again taken up. Pandtag the ccoal deration ?f tbe drat Motion Mr. Wbmht renewed hie w-fon to atrlke out the olaaie aa'.hj.-iz og new banka chartered at the laat aeaaton to.reoelve payment tor tbetr atock In the notee of other banka daring tbe Baa naneton, provided tbe pro-l?lone of tbudiot do not aiply to lanke, savlnge fond, lnauranoe and loan oompanlea, or i corporation* not already organised. Mr. Wright aup d hl< mo*toa by a ipeech .-J motloa to atrlke out waa opposed by Meeei?. WU kdaa, Tnggart, Iewia and KHUager. On a to e being taken on tbe motion It waa negatived? yeas IS, aayaSO Mr. WiLRias moved to extend tbe Umo or tie a unpen nbm of a>ecle pay men a b/ tbo back* to tho lat of July, re WUklui and Gassun supported, and Mr. Wright *d tbo motion. , _ n vote being taken tbe motion waa negativel. Yean naye 18 Ir. Oomv moved ai an amendment to Sx tbe petol of raaamptkiu of ipocie pnymautn on tbo aoooad boa day in Jaaoary, 1869 ; and to add a pro via o to tbe btUtoambo rtno tbe oaaka to charge aevtn per oeot on ioana and 11* nonnta, one per cent of wbioa to be pal<l into tbe State Tiaaini J, to be applied aa a itaxing fond in payment of me Bteio debt, till the raid debt be extlogoUtaed. The amendment wai inpported by M/. OoUny, and op food by Mr Rrowne. Mr Cbuiuw txqntred of Mr. Browne what meaanre ba TBaowwi, la reply, referred to tbe blUa already latro dnaid by Llm. Mr. Cunm leqnlrod wbotber tbe meeanrvc tatrodooed in tbeae Mlln would meet tbe approval of hla (Mr feswai'i) party Mr. Bnowwa replied that he bad submitted lha bills on Macrwa rasponalblity. Bo did not sabmlt them to a Mr.'Cuius aald be bad beard tbe demosratio members ?f Mm Legitimate bad hall n part' oanoason tbo que* doe* lav whlob thli apeotal ecietoD bat been ooaveaed, rot arbtct. raa*' n ba bad made Ala laqitry. Mr. Bwowrb aald tbe demccmta had held no party aair~i a raw aenators had mat tigelbar and Inter abaaged ttrtr views and bad serarated without agreeing aa aay parti oolar eonrae. ?r Cat who axpiaaaed himself latlaled. Be then inb naMwd an amendment as a substitute tor tbe ant aecbun, togahstng toe saspension of apeele pnymanta, and Otlag mo day tor resumption on tho acoad Monday of Janaary, MM. bad *nbe;qe*eUy withdrew It, giving notice that be weald renew It. Mr. Oaflbj *? naaandment wan then rejected. Ysaa, 10; |K inn aabmNted aa amendment auih>rUlng the banka la pay ont tbe aotea of apt# paying banks of other Mian ?r art'?a than tve dollars. Mr. Mnowaa opposed tbo aaolloa, and Mr. Soonxut anp "l*U vote waa taken, whan tt waa negatived. Yarn, 11; -&2U tui ? o'clock Ibtai ^ Open reassembling, an amendment BHb| the lat day ef n waanma f? Janaary, I860, n be allowed to oh ?rge aevea see per e*nt of M te be paid to tbe and finally negatived by a vote af 10 _ Ma evening, In tbe first bill rrom tba Baled adapted Ike mo lone fixing tbe tint Monday la vt an tbe dey far tbo reaempUoe of apooit pey aeqetrtag tbe books to receive each otaera ?orsa or uruuMTATmn. aoauai ood tho luxi of tbe ijWClal oom ma. erde-ad by tbe reaolnttoe of yesmrda , tbe ttoveraora maaaage. The commiwoe are. Momma, rastar, Hall,, Kam ilphla, Thovaa. Oalbou, Btoveaeoa, (.udee, ear, Joeklne and Kyetor. .-I mea oe both illoe of the qu'ttloe re'at've ere aa the e >mmrt*ee, wkloh la compoeej po ~ damosrata and six Americans and repub oflbred a Joint rreoinUoalkat the I.-gUla Saailr t a Kaierday, at son. -non moved to aeapeud tbo rnlw to proceed to return ef tbo reaola Ion bat tbo U use rofuiod - ... __?rie*r> moved xi a-j turn to aaorrow, a 14 MbM. Negatived. Yeaa >2; aaya 80. "Ir Bmrrxxo moved te proceed to tbe oealdoraUoe of MM teeMUmcg e free beakjg aw. - She Mensa nfual tbe motion. Yeea 14, neya 78. Me Bail moved to raise ecimaatt e to leqafro la o tbe mmaa ?f mo otaeeet Oaa&Ainl (iletrem, aad point on; lao ?maaaary re mediae. Mr. Tnaawa aaked en aip'.aa?u~n of I be objacts of the replied the'- tbe booee bad made no prof rata eetlcg on The* ley. It waa caatomarr to ibe Legit bvtrg ecu-toed tr evtte aaatlon to appo a' sect a M Wee as waa wktd for. Tbo appotntnent waa mtwe (y la or mptlaoee with the mal coarso aad o >aforrad eo ??Mb. that nomntue enll, bovercr, go rwtber WW the laeery than BK.aty te oaeatdev t?e Oneva r'a memnae Farmer taqulry waa oocemery rev tbe boeor of Mtoete.ead th? reonia loa cf tbo Legiale ure and tec aospta An ivq -.try la demanded'a'a with ih? MM. Tho eyes of Ifco wbols oouatry are npoa as. Wtr aaMos may ai. etUj^ilsuny or ra<oratli Ibo Qaaa iai I of Obiiainndom- qnloi or oatvuie secLr.Jae of ah Heaot iLe importeace of the lnqnl?y. ry pr?w<:?Bt always reeognix*J tbe Im i?o of aeeh laqni tea wb-n tbe rr>le arc do":-l/ gmNnriod la tie actua of tbalr kglsdt'.ors. Stcb a mmaatdee an id go rartber tali d>o Uqalry than a mere baalaou committee. Its roope and fa p?w- i wo are wKw aad btgaer. \ baaiewa i- ne tm, tee, weald eoctetn a maiwliy ravormbla to tba vllta of Jit ma yv*T Bid* of taonraSo, ?k'le tbo oomvlltie propoaou win be eoairtl ceaUtleg of tkraemsmbwa of oech parly. Mr. Kntunv replied, ot?jr*taa to lie reoofitloe Be ail mi ken* hjttbe oammtwoo .wlortako to qaeaMae She Borereoa'a rvaiaea for c? M?t th? oatra aeaaton. That eenaian wao not now before the l.?gta'a8ira. Tba baal nam far oar lag'.aiaUba waa BMrely te onaafler what tte maaaage cr wtm'ae The debate waa ooatiaued by Messrs Ba'l aad Bill la fb oar, and Mreara I.aegakar, Teorar and Sleveaaoa In oppe (ba reaotmton waa naal y adorned, aed tbe own-eltteo waearpn<nte4, roe lativg m follows ?Meters Ball, rod#', Bbtk, Oa'bonr. "Uveasun aad Knight?tbrta r*pub?loaaa and bw* ftmormta Un wallop, lean|ear given to tbe oomitltlee to nt dar ing Me ef .a? Barae Adyoereed Mil lOo'otecw to-werrnw mom lag [ Jmraapcadoece of tbe Pb'ledelphta Mallet'a l Bxaauacae, o* I, *887. Ibe Boaae did a cba-adrrtrttcaUy rlapid Iblcg today M pmeed a rsaoltUne wbleb. If heoded, would reqilro wato tor its pruper aaa rev, aed whine la lenity aane namary seder tbe el re ma'aa we Tae reaoliilo.i oeel m emtra an laqe'ry lato tba dHconettog baatama of all lb* Iwaka at tte Mato far the paat itx m- aths, aad opens a > a ?MM ad dstotl af no mrtblr prarrnai one. lfce r.aoiaUeu la Mbetlva la not H'crt n j ta at m the rvp.lw are to be mm* end it la not yrubtbie :hai the baaka wi pay any a'Asotloa to tbe Itq dry Tbe Bctrsa wee ta a fertrteh Writo, end tt praaest rthlNto aajlhag bat a pren.lnabie ? ?m I mil. tbtal, bowevrr, thai If the tru e motor# a Mr bll, the Reese will paae it A p^rtt.m ef in.i body are Wean waed te protest tegtaiaUia, aed it wtd raq-ava emu ?nd tact to detoet tbvta . ^ ... .. Ibe debet# la tbe Maeate waa anlwretod aed a'goMtoeet dnfge Wlikne, of kitiUvy, aralr e re to'ai ?!*? * cm- i bwaa a neorltorl eed aovrre rebrle '? th. radical b*b bees of h's party He Is tbe on'v demure who vo ad to' ?beaaf ameadeieala. AI p-reent the bill ba* b*?a eo enweded ae to bo Inutatreons, tot thu d ir.c.Hy will bo aarroeted. dnrnei a < derate and Utrraghtfo! Ill tb? bill of Mr jerdan is gtaerairy op pro red. THE MONEY PANIC IN PHIL VDKLPIIIA. ont nut. adsl rut a connaaroHPiBCMi miLAt?i..'Vi*, OH. 8, 1117. Ibtoge seem to be growl ig worse aad worse dally, flbe If taletare ?? tn saaatoe, bat Utaa far it boa shows eo AMaetllo* |a d? en-ihtar to relievo Uta prewar* "A Wtoa aad masterly taacMvlty " eeoraa to ba the pre dotor ?deod poltey of ?? m?fK My of the membwe, ant this la eamrn la ceaalag grant storm la flaan-eei aad bantaom Stretoa In lbl? rMy The beat ktoret la the dty have fill id, Dthwe ate dauy fobceu-g N-o<r exanplo, atoeka are deoUalag at a fearful rata, aad things look joat about blue chaales, enough. Tbe "merchants, mechanise, manufacturers and | W?bh" have lahaa lha ala m, aad a meeting to bo bald at ? o'olock, Utla afternoon, at ladepeadeaoa tqua* waa go.ten up In a rtoient hurry Utla morning Tiec? 1 lata forth that the object of tha meeting Is "to oonaider the or meat pecuniary embarrassment of the ooaunaatty aad tha dapreaaad oondttlon or all ataaaei and oalttnge, aad to oaaault together aa to tha boat mode of mitigating tha ge neral distress ? lha eaU la algaad by a great number of tha neaot rob aatlal Or ma lathnoHy, aae the meeting will doubtless be a eery large gathering. Aooordiag to the programme proper ad by tbe prime movera la the demo?tra<loa, Ur. Ohaiee MaoalUster, a democrat Is to preside, aad U>a Vice Preii dtnts ard Secretaries will embrace all (hades of political opinion, aa well aa man la aim iat all braaehea of bu* The aarat'ag held la Independence aqnare ea ttoadar evening, to denounce banks aad payor money, waa gotten op by old politicians, ana all tbe apeakem wove regaltr political haebv. Mr. George M. Wharton, wh> presided aad made a apeaoh, waa formerly aa oil Una whig, but ho baa sicca Income aa oil aad out democrat, aad U nor Pre > I drat or Baled Cornell. Mr. Jeha OadwaUador, an other ef the apeakere.-la aa old de moor at, aa az honora ble, end a Mead ef "(tree Cuba." Anober waa Mr. Obarlee Browa, oaoe a member of the Legislature, hat more recently OMketor ef the Pert. Mr. Owen, late a Qty Father, at present aa emplofd of the olty govern m.-nt and a eaadldate for eglalaUre beaora, oompietee the Hat of orators on the oooasion. At the asoattag which Is gate* ring aa I close this 1st tar, the speakers aad oCBsers are aU to be practical business am, aad politicians are to get Urn ooid shoulder. MASS MEETING OP THE PHILADELPHIA MERCHANTS. Phjlsdbu'hu, Oct 8,1867. A mam meeting of tbe buslne s men or tbo olty, to oon aider the financial difficulties, ana hell la this city thla af ternoon. The call for the meeting waa prepared late la the day and waa signed by moat ef tha prominent arms here. via prated la every prominent position throughout tha Olty, sud attracted oonstderabie attention Notwithstanding the shorts eta of tha notice the meet leg was large. The foil wing were the effiosra of tha msstlaf President?Queries Mi call titer. ' Pice Presidents?John O. James, John B. My era, John P. Crouer, Mm. ? Ludwlg, Hood Wrapsou, John Welsh, Geo H. Stuart, Wm. E. Bowon, 8aml. V. Marrrlak, R <bt. Self ridge, Wm. C PaUertoa, Da rid A Brown, Wm. brine, 0?UI!U,0, " ?? David Mtlna. Stcrilatiet?Robert Rwlag, B Morris Wala. Mr Hsciixttnan, on taking the chair, made a speech. He said he believed that New York wss tbe oause of aU the present d.flioultiee. The broke of No* York had ex pander seven atlillona bs thirty days, while an eapensloB of aerrnieen mi'lions la lire moot hi broke the Bank of the United States Brooming frtgb'eeod they ourmled In two m?lbs to tha amount of twelto millions, wblob waa aufflcleut to produeo a panic of tbo stroogest hind In tea community. He eivocated a general banking law, and the banks to be rr<t .1 ?d to hare one dollar In speNe tor erery three of Issue. Mr. tiaoeun B tjTCsar said tha masting was act to c wider tho condition of tea banks bat the oocai'ion or tons of tboassnda ? labning men, who If not re! eved would starve. Learn iag this morning that the oondttlon of lha amiss ally waa cot known to the L'glslatare, It wm resolved to sell n mretlag to talk to thorn tn tones of thunder. The question waa above party spirit. Many, strongly the op I oslte of btm la politics, even Ua l'resldsnt, wore present hare H? oould tell lalea of real dlstreas, that had bean communicated to bins, tbat would bilng tee-a from the heart of a stone. Ho prooeeded to real extracts from let tare from tha lergeat manufajtorera In the country, lot plarlng aid In order to enable them l> pay the wage* of tectr employes, aad they mail receive aid or they aril I hare to tltcharge thousands cf them Notwltnstaadlsg tt waa their tntereet to stop altogethr r. they determine l to keep os, if they had to Involve themselves. Ha also road a letter from cae of the heaviest merchants of ? Loots, who said be waa Jut going to a masting for relief. Re net, Indeed, wm needed. The moot solvent merchants ere bow Insolvent. large orders fr. m K trope aanaol be exe eated for waat of eotfldtnoe to buy bllla of exohesge. Where** we, the represent* Ives of ibe masufsotnrtng, Keroantllo and industrial latere. U of tbe olty of Phils dslphl*. now la to*a meeUig arsembVd, Ml etwee tea Of party is view of he present sai mns ?d distress which la rereading aU c usses of our business eommneley, most solemnly s'ate ty tbe General Atsemblv > f this lVrainroowealth, now In reml-m. list In tbe Sooeet opinion of tils meeting promt* nlM Is re fross the mproeeaut ivaeof the people, bar the beaeBt or the pcosle th? mselvrs. therefore. Rriolvrd, Ibst ?e do meet r? specif ally end earnestly la vrkn ibr Leg'slaiure to ears some law wtlek will enable Us ?eatmalafar to knew baa workmen, nan the ob?r branrvs el bustame to retain tn'hew employ mev aad wornsa whose datly breed Is entirely depend* at up m their dally lab* Resulted, That the relief should be asso.s aad s unpre bet sire; not fettered by provklini Impossible to be aiseo'ed In h season of trial and raale, but tueS as will trad to resto. < enalldenre ta the general tolveaer of our parpte, and bring Into active tnd bsaeflelal circulation the products of our Said* bums as d workshops tit solved, That wa implore tha Lagtalatura to eoailder tha si.fieri. gtwh.ob most Ue;1(ably follow In erety department of labor, aad to those also wh> hive to eiehasge vsIum as wrrt ban's, traders as d factors, if some relief be not promptly ttU-rfrd by the present legislature. Rmatved, Tbat 'ha prraradmgsef this mswing be pubtsbed, id s ? p y sawl tp aaes aasanber of it e Oanarwl Asaembty now ?a< uaL All the reaoluttooa war* adapted, wttfa but awe "no," which wm dietlncUy altered, and which waa rwoalved with hisa ? Mr. runuBK-x ruin, a heavy coal dealer, waa lbs a tnlroduosd. He said ha had paaMd through four etepea slcns of srcstle pavatsni, but had never witnessed one at tended with roust distress, Haa of orotdoaw, sad fore bod tags of tha future, aa the present What ta the oause? A Vorew? rbe so Hon of our small headed, short lighted beak presidents. Mr. ruiLBT? Well, what la tha re uedyf A renewal of ooaOdcaee In those tnstttu I'M which era lha arteilea of the commercial worts, aad thus renew onnfld -cee la ere ry thing. Ihls oaa babr .rgbl about bye dxcmtlaaauia of the run aa there lea notions De alvtcg tbem of the ability i* move ? brtbglag a'l tbese elsmente of strvagth down, aad ounelvM too Es -h waa should wiffiagly bear his share of tha pteaaal burthen to Improve tha time* Mr F. thru referred to bow the coal trade of I'tun yiva sla, cae branch rf Its Industry, wss new paralyzcJ, and avowed that If that fatete was able to re error, lie tab.?.e would be turned M regards New York aad Boston esohangee. Tea latter would be worth notiilng, n I vithataedlsg wa now bid to euoaamb inder tiilyiiiuaa we a'o unable to mis er Then ertry doi'arof I'ouasylvs nla atcaey would be redeemed ta New York aad Boetoa with gold?that la. If such ourreaoy waa utou to he found Utore. rhera wm rmlly m ao gold and etlrer now In olr culalldB among the people of I'blUdelpblt than la New York. U yeu should present an eagle at Uta beat hotel la (few York, to lake oil mvoi do Itrs, you won d get three owe dollar notes ta cbeng*- fnr moot lis ago, In prospe rtty.Uia people only seated a small amoaai of spasle; yet sow. when there Is tbe greatest t Istrear, they dessaad m.birg bet spe-le OonUnse then to | rrmli thste in tru mctils of exohnage which you were ea'leScd witb till nyw. ?til to pare from hand ty hand, aad reprewwl whu will ecttla the dcMa of mm to mia, sud this will altertue all pobltiaad private distress, and save hundreds from b*lt raj ay aad rtia. The meet:?g then adjourned, Hue* is alien laaoe si.-nlng a mewarta to the Legtalawro embedjUg the soaitueaM of ibe rcsotntlor* Tbe sssembtag* waa mora I alls had with the spseohee thaa tbe reaoiutloM MEETING AT H IRRISP.URG. Hau nrrao, r* , (tot I, I'M A targe mastt'f til ksld lwrt> IM? aratiltK (> axntitr (toe prtMDi tasaelal UlOtculUw. Ki Oaroraor Porter pro tM*d. Hrosc roMlcltosa wsrs adopted urglag tee L*fV? Istsrs to paas s relief low. THE LOAN FOR THE SINKING FUND. Aimer,OA I MP. The props?A fbr s saw tow of hstf s te'.moa of dot At ftor tee tfadaleaey la tec (taking read wsrs opened to .'sy. CONDITION OF THE PROVIDENCE BANKS. PW'iil' s, R I , dot 1,1UI. n ?to 'owing la s atetesMsl ooaesrslsi tea Pr??VI< noe bsLka, dalsl Ootobsr MS.? VI la I* rtree'oi'oa 81,C?4,713 78 narrate.... 28$,7M jt B lis raaetrabla li.Tat Mi oo Cptrn ?m.ju 10 Onmp?-ad with ttoa retursa madi SspteHter MM, tea atoowa as tacraaaaof OIM.tjb ft la etrealattoa: ? . 0,611 84 is 4rpsatte. VM.I37 17 la tpiote, sal a dsersaas af ?188,8a la bill i rsaaiTsbls. MONETARY AFFAIRS AT NEW ORLEANS. Raw o*t.assa, oot 1,1887. Hoary R Mattel fears. IV11 else* payor >? warte from IK to I per nasi a a)oath There arc ao failuroa af aoa aaiaaaas Tbars la ao awaay for aiehaataa, aad ao ?OTCBsal la poialbla aalU alar ling oaa brlig oeah :a Now York. Tha baaka art asteadtag erary (MHIty to fate? aad aU la aMavfaL FAILURE Of ALEXANDRIA. Ai> iinitu, Va , Oat 8,1187. The trm of Powle, Pnowdea A C?.. baakrro, of tbl? e.tly baa fblled. They are la ao way ooaaretad wilt (he tag retebitthed aiereaatiia ina a? low la A Go PHILADELPHIA STOCK SALES. IfeUMMI, Ool 8, IM". Plonk ? hoary. PasDaytraala flraa, 80* j Ret . lag Kail road, 14; Laaf Iilaad Railroad, Morris Oaaal. 44; POaaaylraate Railroad, 81. The later ate tea bars IbUen 8X par oral ataeo yastereny Roaey Is tighter MOVEMENTS OF BREAD8TUFFH, A lb hot, oat 8?fl p M. Floor rowtalaa rory 4aU. Balsa aod bblc. The rary boot broads eoasoo* cwaaaaad $7 80. Whoat-Ra tabs, Ry# fORMf at 78o. a7fn. Cora?Pa'ea ? too MM*, la lota, at raa. a 70s. WW tef?No sates BnM'iOTi 8?1 p w Flon? la arrl?ta|"l teldl to <tor ?r ?! (He) barrs s a' $8 a Ob ^ hk aatra Okie, India? aad HuWgaa. Wheat is dull ud tower. Bake to da/ of buihela Chicago j spring nt 'Co Cera < (Tared allSo , elthout be/era. Oato nominal at Wo. Whiskey nominal el IT He. e r?o Freights? 80. fur one to Albany Imports restorday ? 4,CC? barrels flour. 46,000 buahtis sbeei, 1.000 baahels ooru, ead 0,000 bushels cats. ? Bcr>iio, October 8?0 P. M. Floor unchanged; salea a ato bbts. at 04 70 Par rapor flee, M Par tit is and 06 to a 04 60 tor double extra broads Wheat opened dull, dosing firmer; sales 32 000 bushels at 78o eaob, rarly, tor Chicago spring, and later 10a o Ma tor da and short time. Corn generally beM at the okee at 60o Oats Arm at 30e Whiskey Or mar; ?ales, imall lots at llj^c a 17 us, out and ilnaa Freights firm- 14c. for whrat to New York. lake im parts tor the 34 hours eadtsg at noon io dap, 4,010 hbto. Hoar, 80,tbO but be la wheat >6.000 da oorn. Orweoo, Ootobsr 8?6 P. M. Flour dull snd unnbaiged. Whrat very qulst; s?ls? lam evening 6.6C0 butbelo at 06e. tor red, Inaludtsg 4.600 bushels rhtotge spring tor Oar ad a, at Mn Corn dill; ?airs 80 000 bnsbolt at 62K" ? 03o Fre'ghls to No# Ysrb- Flour 3to , a> d whrat 10o. Lake Imports to-dar ? 97,COO bnshels whrat (Usal rxportr?1,700 bbls 9 nr 14,000 buahelo wheat, 87 (K0 bnshels oorn, 9,000 bnshels NEW JEESEY. TOM TBOVBLM AT TUB BBMKH TTTKKPU The men thrown out of emptor most bp the suspension of work, on the Bergen Tunnel, are roan1 rotting eootldera bis dtsatlsfaBloo and uneaalnsss at tbelr situation When tho work wee suspended, on 8atnrdap last, there was about half a month's pap due the men, andjlfr. Mall cry, the contractor, told them that he oonId not pap (boa until lbs 16ih of tho month, which was tho regular pop dap, at the same Urns assuring them that the work wculd be returned before that 11 mo. The m?.i >nty of the men appeared at Ibe Ume to bo satlsfled with (bis arrange irent. but their idleness baa bred dlioontsnt, and a rear that tbep wsio to be-cbeared onl of tbo money das them, and yesterday morning several hundred of them wont to Mr Mallory's eiflcs, In a body, and (iemanded.lheir pay. Upon being Informed that It was Impossible to oomply with tboir den and tber were rsry mooh dlsaadtflsd, and Indulged In threats to tear op the track and destroy the prorerty about the works. A number of them sued out attachments, open w bleb tbo horses, carts and tools bo loeglng to tho ooutraotor wers telaed. Daring the whole of j es'orday tbo men, to the namrer of Ore or six ban Urcd, wero gathered iu troops along the avenae fronting Ibe works, ctscusslng the prospeota of getting their any sndaretewal or wo*k. Up to Inst howsrer, to ere was no evtdenoo of dlstorbasoo among them, and It la hoped by ibese Interested that be ponding dlfltoulty will pass over isltboal my oatbreak; but lb# possibility of a disturbance b?s pompk.l to authorities o lio son Uiy to notify too mil. la to lit In rexdlneaa for duly at a mo mint's eartdig H' llaliory axpeoU to bearle toreaume work again neat weak. THE PANIC, THE BANKS AND THE CROPS. TO 1DI BDITOB or ThM HKHALD. I notice In your emlwlon of ye*tenfay en ertlole headed "Safpeceton of the New York Banks," la which you arguo 01 the improbability of eaoh en event, from the feet thet thete la e constitutional objection existing against any rel'ef from e winding op under the authority of e receiver. Yon cay, "therefore It ia ebanrd to suppose that the benka or tbli city will tuipnd specie [eymenta." Now, allow en old mcrahtnt cowcntof butlneaa? one who hea for twenty Are ) tare paid one hundred centa on the dollar, i ne who went through lt>37, aed ore who baa no outstanding rlika, although llahlo t> lore largely by money advanoed to aid frlende? to lay me word through your oalumna. let. Will the beak a here metntaln apeete pay men'i? I hope they will, but If tbey do ao II thould be fur a better purpose than the neccatliy of evading the court'tational require meat tnfbroiog a wind ng up la the event of e ilop page Bank ulreotora tbould aot only to promote the Iniereata of their stockholder*. primarily and generally, la aooordaaoe with tho spirit ana lerina of the aot ohartenng tnem ae baaka of loeuo New, they may break all of the mere hen la of Now York aad pcwibly M<e themeeivee from a itoppege, hot thle la hardly probable; and even If ao, the queeUoa alii natu rally arlea, ? ha, la the atock then worth per oiat to the atrrkhoUletiT Bank (ttlcera are geaeielly active meicbanta, and Ihna act In n dtuhi* and \try trying oapeel y, and tha last week, when It waa announced that a small expansion would ba made during the weak, a very goaarel footing of aathl'acUcn waa ap.arent In all the eommerotal otritea ef Ike city. II wee deemed by the mod oanUone a ante and ooaiaivatlvo |olicy, aad had U bean carried out (kith fully it wonld have aaved the baaka of New York mare than the aaeo?at of prepoaad Incraaaa that will he loot by thh want of faith on their pert. The pay men a or October quarter amaeated la over twenty mllltone, and ware with prod'gious effort* gen* rally net Oa Tom day the annoaaaament waa mad* of a reduction ef nearly two mlUlona of dot are for tne cur rent week. Oen tho baaka afford to try many more aaoh eipertmenta ae thlaf I think not Thla whole rlc, for akhocgh we have gone h! too rapid h ret* building up railway Itnea in the Waal, aad Ana a orea md dwellings la haw York?ah'I thla whola panic baa bean eanacd by the griietnaad far dlvldeaen of our baaka, fealerlng by loaoa upon their dapealia ef eaormone amounts? raaeiag up la June aad Jnly to an amoeat he fore unknown?aad then by e aaddeo tern ef the eorwwa In Auguil ltd September, o.Uing la right aad left their leans, thro stag overboard tbe very accurttiee tbey had hat n M aaxlena to loan apon In .fane, owtklsg off all die 'ouale, ho, he. The baaka In New York are fhtrly chargeable with the whole of thla trouble Very Dkehr that be ro ten condition ef such eonoarne at the Ohio Lib and treat aad in* Michigan Southern KaUroel bad some tblrg to do with U la wtakralng pubi c ooeOdenoe, hit both of thcac v *? meniha and aid the reunify at large dnedaaey to outlive the uiter wiping out of e ooore at tuoa oonearaa; but the spark which waa to Igalte waa thrown We it* the imult? tegtaiaiaie, km-of utter laoimpe caey la the management of tbe banking ayattm of New York. With the beat suae cur retry in the world, embracing tha i.iue of coles, tbe rrdewiUlen ayatcm and the etaarlng home syt em of New York, with auprrabundaat crop* or ec. eale?with the largaet crop of eottaa and tb* hlgho* pt lie the country haa had "or yiara?la raot, with a vary a<roue of letamal tiuff.o proaperoua?with aaohaaga In farrr ef tee Imrorl of apart* frcm Karen*, w* eee baaka railing in evary direa km, merchanu of in* bighaat atand lag ditto, the Internal ex, hangta completely disorganized the fcrrga eacbangea in a worie eondiuon If peaalble, and cnrtenal hankmptcy Ha'lrg na Id tha faoe And worst or B'J, ihoueanda npon Ibouaanda of car laboring rlaiaea brown out of emoloymenl In all direction*, t? itruggle through a lorg winter, with their wive* aad children, the Lord coly knows bow. gjrrly ifcia ih-jhlsg tinkering with ibe currency haa ottrtd Pit do. as to* of wic* Whet will the end be, atd what la lb# remtdyf Wlthost e rtmed r the end will he ualrerrat involve ncv; lend lb# only remedy now u uatantect ? >#, aed la tb* rtgnt direction Tbe bank* way aatind tlieir kaaa, bat thla nirta wlfl not relievo 'be ' mmm'iy Until tho crop* ef ih* country go from the mcduor to U* country me'chant end from ibe cocstry mrrctast to tha dly meiohaut, ihere eeaacl be mbetanHal r*M?f?every ci pad lent otbar than thla wi 1 utterly fell. There la uioeey teoagh?ooefl desee, there la no*. If tic bank* of Naw York auprcea they can bT*k all ef tha rent ef U>e couatry tad ?tand^beaaevea, with am He worth anytbitg, thry aid meat grtevoaaiy miatek-n 1h* peogoattlon ta hay* lb* eir-cated baaka of New Ytrh tece'ya aed pay eel at per, tho currency cf auc i bask* of thla * ate ea are baead epot Wat# end govtra. aw it rt'eks, Is e oonrd ted far ?ce'ng pr.ipoalitoe, aat would do more ?o ai ay tbie f ?M*b pacta then amy cthar icr.a that eeuld p<e?it1y bedavloed; la atdlUen to tbia. If wm* ef ear erg* baake and baaher* were In mediately to cv uimetre oaeMrg bill* upon lerapeiwlth bill* of lading attached, I beheva rallef would b* laeiaalatwous. Admit there may be aov* rlrk la thle oourse, there la raetly am re la erolle'ag ae*>* actio* of thla sort w* aball ooon era tha salmtaaueg putnt of thle in?? kaa re"1? bad by aad by tb* i romotcrs mu eUlk* a ba'tare and sea the met great aid kai. MIHSATuR with U la wtaacaiag pooi c eaaaomme, on ae oonoarae, aad othrre, had been Vaewn for I y ear* aa regular ieeobes epca the community, ibtry at large bad ? nlatent back bone and re SUSPENSIONS, FAILURES, ASSIGNMENTS. [Frem lb* Independeat, Oct. A.) Tbe follow teg aid tha reported fkliarao, aesignmente, he., fer the week:? Narnaa Buff, B'neaborg, VI, failed end errtgaed. J W Clerk* A (to , baakere, Boston, auapstid**. lnorrwee, BUeeAOo. Urate*. New York aad Phila delphia. dry |nodeenwmtaai< a mefoheaia. toa reeded B. Fred, leghorn, Jr , A (to . dry goods commtenien, Boo ten. tnepended. telWr. Kr tb A Co . burdware, Boetoa. anopendad. I'Joberf a<o. keadnll A (to , dry goods, Mcstoe, suepend ed. . . I'nttce Held* la ? Naeomber. dry good* eommlaatea, Burtea, rnepeaded. _ . Pwertaer, Oockie A O* , dry reed*, ttoakm, aaapeedad Mo??* Peed A Co , atevea. Roetoe, soar cad ml. Peraeas, Cnltor Jk (to, dry got do, B mtoe, auapeadad; HablilUra oboal gtCO.COO . . _ Btafamlb Bcward. commtaoloe, Bo*toe, auapeadad; Be blHlita act large, ard meant snpprteo to be ample to pay la full Hepbea Hertlett, srrara, Breton, aoapteded. r* #r C loner, paper, Boelea, tnepended. Blake, Baraera k to , egrteultaral implement*, Bookm, RM4 Prcetor A Wood, prefoee, Bwton, anepended. (baric* ?mt<b, raval nor*#, Breton, failed. Juke Kmerton, oral. Boa tec felled. Asei tumrklsr, tetika, BmIco, failed. I harle* Bice, etraw gMda, Seetne, an pended. 1 tl Ptrthg farcj gcoda, Beaton, failed. * m ilanit Bcamn, gene late teaotvoacy. prarrltt A Ball, Water bury , (Van , aaalgr.ed Aleveater Wand, Tbompnoayille, Uonn , railed Pierre Iboteee. Jr , A (to . New York oi?y, auapended and aaaignrd Tho Iron bone* of P Chowan. IP., aaafor t A Co , be# ne? mopped, end we are eeerred will not (lark, Dofpe A (*) .banker*, New Tork fHy.iua-.raided. Swift, Raaaon A (to., beakero, New Tor* otty, tua pended . . ? llitrMnaow, Tiffany A Ce., dry goodo oowimlettoi, New Yi rh fit?, a?? rended rein bote A llatt. berdware, New York city, eaaigaed. THAI H Browu A (to , dry good*, New iKketty, ?vtpcreed Perwanr Adam*. New Yeek eggy, a*algned. that et A Band*, Naw Verk rfty, aeaigood p Carotin A * r, dn g ode, New Tork oltr, enapraded J 11 phlllra A (? . fbri New Toek oNe. auaT*ndrd V it* r Brae icy A Ball, fanny good*, Naw York cttf, keptended. jj. ?. Niohcu A lo , Iron, New tork c tj, aurjeu led. Hlokoi ft Starr, hata, New York city, auapaaded. D/ey * Saarrrr, nndinge, New Yon city, felled; ttebltl ttee eboni $60 000 Wart, CaMwtll & Co .hat finding!, Nov York city, rue ptnded: atk aa eztenalon, and ?1U undoubtedly pay la fan. Ballard. Sbnte A la., fnra New York city, aoepended, a U aa eife-ntloa rf right moolh* and "fler to pey to 'ulL thnrr & Underbill, hata, New York city, eu?p'ndtd. Towuead,Romar ft'Jo.,fancy gooda, New York oily, ina enced Walker, Worth ft Oo., grooara, New York city, eon [ended. Sargent, Brother ft Oo., hardware, New York city, nan ptnded Van Valkeaburgh ft Oo., atraw gooda, New York city, aoapeaded Praak ft Btranaa olo blag, New York city, ? upended. A O Eraaa ft Oo . drape, New York cit?, aaapended A Q. Perry ft Oo., joaollora, New York olty, aoa peaded. Samuel HoUHag ft Oo., aali, New York city, aaapended. S Sean ft B<o , dry g ode, New York oily, nofpioded. Vanderburgh, Bonneti ft Jo., fancy gooda, New York dty, naai ended. Jamea Crept oy, dry gooda, New York dty, felled aad Bfaigaed. A. Q Peck hem, jeweller, New York olty, aaapended.

B. K. Hatch, dry gooda, Naw York city, failed aad aa alyred. W. B. Mackenzie, mantlllaa, Now York city, failed aad ocmpnynUed. McCormlck ft Slot peon, dry gooda, New York olty, fail ed. John M. Clark, batter, Sew York olty, failed. Cherlea 8 Maukowr, hold, New York cttr, auabeaded. Broekaft Armatrong, dry gooda, New York eity, ana ponded Ida, Palt ft Hall, itraw gooda, New York city, tcrpenl ed Foaa, Newell ft Oo . fancy gcoda, New York city, failed. Blake ft Brown, allka, New York olty. appended Bar ford ft Breinrr.nlflthmg, New York nnf,eupcnded. MoAnbur, Byrne, Glbbona ft 06 , dry gooda, New York oily, act ponded. gage, Dai or ft Sioana, dry goodr, New York city, aoa periled. Uvingetcn ft Ballard, grocera, New York dty, ana per ded Ely, Bowen ft McOoarell, dry gooda, Sew Turk city, aaapended, a?k aa extern Ion, tn<< pronoee to pay la full Yelrertoa ft Walker gro:er?, New York dty.inepeu'ted Cbapraas Hike ft Co., faucv good*, New York ody, ana ycndeit, nllh I'ahlUUea of $160,100, but hate a nominal aurplua of $ CO OtO l.eo, Mtuphy ft Arery, atraw gooda, Naw York city, run-ended M? llbt ft Ay err, Importer a. New York city, nrpended. WHltte ft ro , hardware, New York oltr, a wponded. Dowen, MoVamee ft Oo , New York city, euapeu led; erk an csten.k n: hare a large aurplua, propone to pay in full, wl b Icier?at. S P uartra, Albany, N Y.,aarlpued. J tio Mcr-la ll'loa, N. Y., airlgned Kdwa'd Brgera, Wert Troy. N Y.,aaatrncd R'theeler Note ly Worka, Rcbei Icr. N. Y.. uaigned. f H M'rgat fcSra. Piatubnrg, N Y . aaeignod. Powell. Reniadoll ft Co , Ne?burg, v Y , ?c?, ended. Phil p B I.mgford, Some, N Y . aw If ed. CbarleaU Hurt, B.ogbamptou. N Y , impended. L. W Bonne. I* Boy N Y , ee-lgned. Andrew Oi tcnoo, Pilmkl, N Y., atiigned. Sol. mop K.tbl nn, Vrrnna, N Y , atiigned. L?wta Warren, Riga, N Y . ari'gued. George Warrtn, Rita, S Y.t aaalaned. MIiti J. Wagner, Fert Ptaln, N. Y , a algae J. 0. 71. Oburokuanft Oo., dry gooda ocmmlaalon, Phil adelphia, impended. K'gerc, frncl-kron ft Oo., coal, Philadelphia, ratocaled Ll plnocli, OcfOa ft Co., dry goodn, Pbtlade^hlr, aoa I ended Wblte. Stercna ft Oo , auger. Philadelphia, ?u pendod. John Kly ft Co., dry goodr, 1'hlUdelpbli. eoapoided. A Pit one ft Jeuka, oil. Philadelphia impended. J Hilary ft Moore, dry good*. Philadelphia auapeoded. K Arnold, dry gooda, Phllacelpbta, auapaaded. Lur en Foott, Sorangon, Peaa , aaelgaod. J M Hrgbea, Weatoheaier, Pean , failed R H. Wa aca. Bi'Waab, Geo., fared aod aaelgaed. Resect, I>x ft Co , New Orleanr. La, aaapended. E W. Clarke A Bro , Jrukert, Si. Lcaia, impended. Jamea H. Luce* ft Oo , baakert, 8L Lrota, Mo., na pe nded. Chilean, Harrleca ft Valle, St Loula, Mo , iupended. George M Willing, Mo., impended. Hutcb'.nii ft Oo . barker*, Loclerl'Je. Ky., analgaed. Jcha Said ft To , bankers. LoawvllU. Ry , impended; nominal emeu $U" t32, and Uabtiidea $98,084; will probe bly aocn renmo Simon Ntlmn. Iootarllle, Ky., ntpeaded aad aarlfced. Dnnlewy, Drake ft Or , bank era, Qnolaaatl, Ohio, aaa pended. Shreere, Steele ft* On, OUctnnall, Ohio, Iron, ana pended; nta thought temporarily. M. A Raymond, CtnetnaaM, Ohio, aaalgaed. 1 P. B Jeweti, C onload, Ohio, eeotgaod to G. B Hcrrlck. A ft L. Smith ft Oo, Marlon, Ohio, aaatgacd. V O Hum, ladloaafoita, lad , aaalgaed Swift, Brother ft Johaalea, bukera, Chloago, IU., ana poo dad. Moore, Hodoabuih ft Co., baakara, Qitney, IU.,ena peadad R ehard ? Iaadoa, MaaadMgtca, DL, railed; UahtlMtaa abut m 0(0 Bnrrnt A Sanger, Roc* Ielaad, 111, t eener ft dMiap, PttMoa City, 111., auapiadad aad aa aigned. Oar la ft Bar too, Jaaerrllte, Wta., urtguad. I). 8 Dunlo, Madiaon. Wla , aealgraed Graea, fhomu ft Oo., Bar ling tow, lawn, aaaaaadod. Wleterabam ft Wltrame, Oa raw port, Iowa, aaelgaod.) Yonag. Bmltb ft Joaaa, Oakelooae Iowa, malgail R B Bra11, baakar, Toronto, 0. W., aaalgaed. W. B. Aiken, Oakrllle, C. W , failed aad Ml the plane. THC INDEPENDENTS VIEWS ON COMMER CIAL MATTERS. [front Ike lndependeat, Jolf 30 ] Tke Indrj+ndrnt give* Ihle woik eight dlataasl opinion*, which will ee redoned They ere ee follow* ? 1 Our r pinion le. Ibet the '? rrtota" an long Ulked of by Ike whole tribe of keg faced beere has been Indefinitely pratpeaed %. We betters tket the ? ocey market will oontiaa* to Imfrnre, ibet the precent 14 alreet" retee of loto-eet will eel be maintained ibrergb the rematader of the season, and Ibat the beck rate will be easy at T per oral > la regard to tbe crept, baring hadibe ptltllege lately of r?rcat a) obeerr alien In at leant thirteen of tbe Northern 8U ee we n?e el Ibe optn-oa that tbe aggregati yield will fee fbr greater Ihle year than erer before. 4. It la oer opinion H at moat dcecripttina of ator.k* hare 14 louche I bottom," end that iboee wbo hare money ijlrg Idle had better be la baate abon making tnreet mrnit. 8. We fcellera that the proa peel for trade generally k en roonr'ng. e ft U oer opinion, baaed npon prlrate adrlaee from Caii'c-rtla, U-at ite yield of gold at ibe ml tee and Ibe rhlp mania that re the ra malnder of Ibe year, will bo larger (rem r.ow llll Jaruaiy Ibe dnrtag any ether oorreepond lag pwlkd, i * fall roetbe 7. We beilere that flnan-al matter! abroad win, from ible dale, elr-edtty Improre, that the bank* of I'aglan I en 1 fraare win rontte-n to rediwlhelr ratee or taioreot In oceerqnexre of rapid ar-tmulattcae of epecle I In < et.r'oeki, wa gl -a II at otir opinion that all erent ere eba aid etop IferIr meelbk. that Idlere ebon 14 g* to work, ecd Ibat ereiytedy ibotld eipac: prosperity if they 44 mind tbetr own huilama." (Fr m the Independent, Od. I) The rrtett t net yet urtr. Tbe impedlmecit to a re ?a eel of tonfldeare end cradlt, and to a free etiraletioa and laitrrbacge if cammed! KB, ailit In fall r woe The co'la fee of the ex< taageei dos.ratlo and foreign, m ?i Ultra The blue tlagc of the cholera dlteaee le aothing tell V'oaefery rabkrcoU ar? barred out by tbiaornJI Una rf Ihtrgs. Rewlttansee from the .-m t-> a*e wholly Inadequate to pay ibe maiuilag 'ndebae^aeae totbeoity; and end,ton brra of c malty cuaiaiuaee bara to taka ap bvb aWr* of Ibelr bbl bcok. Therouatry baakearaal meat abolly uetloee They hare become obj*-K* of ale trut and fear, er-r. wbare Ihty de tare noma in -II aura of aeaUlanoe tafurniahitg aiceirgr on Now York theour a Iry cola o re jiailoa, waicb neeJ to be glraa out at tbi i ne tied la iteiraaed ismtu. la eoj'raohcJ, o t of tbe una reel ng rf want cftcafldeara I ore'ga exchange le per fa;* a BUle mere eeloabSe, aad ?o no ra taf eeeme tt be la tbli rrcpeet aptr. aohog, but It ma/be e *e* t or twa Lirce It come*, acd thle tat .he ueat waek herpea to ha tfce mr?t impmlaai if the half year fur paysr jla, ar.d In mhlr.h er-rar la meat hard ad I** Fa'nr.-;*/ wne ahaary lay, tie that hi* erer, leartag, howaror, n aib; for LaigU the mtala weia gen-ra. y aStei td, It wee only, la nnmerooa er?-e. fey anetetanee render ed by the drawer to tbe area per? ay tie creditor le the ?!??>!??. Tb't feat pat a irrl ne rhe k le bo? owe, aad ha* ti j? ?*4 rret I few ir.rrchaata dciae a largo bnaia-ae cat far tain lie interior lm? etaetly now be? aland, fhc they dee* feaarw w bad her (he aetei taey hare rreatred, wb'th rew mair.rinv, end cn which thry depend in eomt weaeara to pay the r owe notea, tiU be paid or nee Tee Male* h l? tat hare le tuetaia le enermoo*, ee ta* dirrrnel market le atl-wad ap->a ibem Tae baaka' pre ?Bed eM feat ao yet beea (felt acd hea t-aly Dome la a r trail part la?<Mic*a aad rraewali a. ? >-m mi tag men. tad mnet ncai'iee rear.t'l the produce of tbe late bar??at It bfo-ybt late market end tit areHt tr la drci lail'B. the or ere or proda.-e art 1arn.r*ir cheap, bat merry u vealed to vny It to tell again With ein'i a :m traction if ib? bill etrnl tloo youfaleae can do thle, hit thr brlrglrgIn af gold in nfllrie:! tnaaUitre will re(ulre n wrefe or two TTio itale n' the fhrrlga nriitrre. la which elrrliag raegee f-m vf to JfS. Inenrrn a eopplr ef gold frrm f crepe la that time, aad ibe Oailfbrn a ra aetpfe ere raly teml wealbly. Tae laet arrtralwaea wrrfe beMrd t4ne, eelfeat we mar eapert the well ma l to arrlea erat week. Ttkft, or rather wa* to tear* dan y>eo< lere oa the l(Nh tiMeao, aad ahoeld ?* hrr* about ?he lit'b latitat knief well! come; bat the qoe>-toe whh b treiy ote a?fee, wl I It e me la t'me to ear* n>r ?? | c?cait wall teowatka It la la thle crteia of the dimatiiy that the leak* tfeoeld amltt Tkefr liberal wm .vc ifete week will tare euiremN Orma aad ttelr depredr-au fram Ike ftrertal l eireea But tbe wrak, limeroaa drlaya of bank dtreAnra ailaw ibe waiady lo mature before I bar af ?md (fcilr feefp The weplth rtbe oeeatry la abendant, and ar.pcrmbemfaee, bet lha to ai deraegewewt of the ei chit tea, arlatng oat of ibe eedleew and Ine rertmiMtthg W aal of w aide tea, a bleb baa bare Uir reenboftbe la eeeaaat a Mob* mada no whelo mama* of property tar la lereated paroeeaa, baa brw ght at *r*o ibe impnmbUlie af tdVeliof that ffca laten aaega aad elrealatioa if ooaa modikf* wkieh la'be bail* af n-mnientaf beelth. a* tbe fire tad lUody eUtulaii. a of ibe btoolleof our bodily braJth THE LATE DEFALCATION TV THE AMERI CAN PCNDaY SCHOOL UNION. [From be I'Mladciyihia B ""tin, (tot * ) The ?"owmMiee oa li.?-o*'t?wier iihi ?T?ai ceef in-4 t-we ? teen con day inhiwl laiuo haro pahllahcd n " bttef eteie mrnl" In rrga J to the defelsatlun of Mr. frederick W. farter, tbelr lata corrmpoadlt g Moratory. They *av that " every dollar of the ooa atbationa to the saalwy'e fcade baa been sorapoloutly apxted to too bobovoteal objaota which tba donors deflated to promote, to tbat whatever loaaaa or dkatlera atay have be fh I lew Mia bealaato lataraal* of tba accleiy Ita obarlty rood baa been *ao>edly p<o ao ad Oar periodical* have ooatalael aa achiHt* led* moat of ai d onetime received, aad oar aaatal repo U bate faithfully eocrantod for tbelr disbursement " Tba statement goes?a 10 lay lb it the roetety wa? aome what r no bar railed by tba largedfaburacmeat required Tor the beob <fera*tment aad aalHtoaary aepar meat Bat tbcre wu no alarm felt, aad arraagemenla wera made far carrying ibem Unoogb tor present flaanolal otitis, when a ?uipcion ci Mr. i*oMer's deilaqaaaoy waa aroused. We oojy tba rest of tba itat* meat ? Thla (Bear baa alwaya baea entrusted with tba gaaeral oversight tf ha a?ok-t) 'a boalneaa, iaeladina Ita inane y transactions Be la riqulrel to poy over to tho treasure.* wba avar mcney ba reoa'voa. Tho oialsa agalntt too society, b>ing daly incited by a .lancing osmtnll tea, are submitted to toe Board at a itatod moatbly moot leg, and, tf eppri vod, ordara on toe traaaurer, atgnod ny too pietMlag officer of too mcetlr g and eonstoraignad by tba reoorolag Moratory,arotttaauibtrlatd lor heir par meat. At tooaomo meeting a report la atao made by tho tamo oommlltoo, cf all too UabUUlea of too eoctsly and uT Ita reacti cat In tba proacoQilon of too boalaoao, and eipejlnl'v to' Iran** oik. nu alto paper dcalara, printer a ant binder*, tt baa been cuitomary for Mr. Potter to I woo notoe aad aa eapUncta, to blaaame. aa corresponding a<oratory. Tbo m at unqualified confidence being roomed to bla Integrl y, to particular Investigation waa made Into the*? Iranian tlor a bey oed * hat appaarc d to too monthly itatemonta of ibo oommlito*. wMch woro feacdod on too oooka, and *tre uoitalnod by tbo renreaentatluna of tbo cjr.e.pond lig a?o< tiary. Bo tbat whatever waa duly entered on too HCaty's bock*, came to tba kniwledge aad paaaed uudor ttbic-utlny cf toe Uommittea on Aoo unto and too Board. DUtrnst of Mr. Ponei'a faltofulneao waa awakened by Ibe apcrcaon to maturity of one or two aooop'aacee whloh did oft appear open the books But tola might be ohe nubly aicrUed to aotne overaight whlob could be ex plain! d. On further lnvetUgailtn, bo#or or, It aa aicer 'a'red tbat he had oaed tho aoolety'a oredit aad hla offlolal reiatloB to It, for priveto to a very largo calent. Kcgegemrnts of tbia 10# t, <n whloh ibe aoolety baa no to Icteaicr conocro, but for which Mr. Porter by hla algna tee baa tbna icorclfy pledged II* credit, have bean alrrad< ucerlali td to the amount of 188,fH3 Oil, (tola ?m Bat agree! W Mb a statoieat afterward! furnlaltea 07 Mr P? rar,) to pa t of wbtoh ever came Into too poises ? Ico of the aocleiv, or ai|.eara on tho booUe to l? credit. While Iliarccfleetly b'lleteU that tboa# unjustifiable prcMuotcaa bave extended through a aortoa if yeara, no* tbla* baa occurred 1 ctil Ue preeent crlala to bring mem to 1 gbt, ihuigh note Utile lag; unity haa been dlaplayad to ev.dlrf an cm Her demotion. Mr. Purler at onco nigued bla office; but no dlaolirarox l**e jet letn made, nor bar* ao been able to ascertain with any certainty to wbal tea any portion or me money thru fraudncntly obtained haa b??n pet It la ho ed ibat ?? n c portion if >be aMOlbar a d olaliui may ba 0.rerad by pupertj which aaa been made over to toe aocuty for that gtraaat lherfliclat rnraltoft lueei whloh hai Involved ao many Innorrnt paitlra in icrlota embarraeamcut, b.ought die hi nor upon the cauao o' religion, and done Irreparable mlsrtiol to one if tbo mo t important and oae'ul in ablu tion* to the laid, was tic ? m Mordinary vigilance o.uld be*0 pre*?tied or debuted. Confidence tnc?t bo ropoaad icBtwhere, jet who will guarantee thai ttwil not ba at urn f it * til ho understood, tbat, 10 far aa we know, 10 lends In tbo actual poaseulon tf toe Bo lely bare baca abstracted, ilaoo no pari of what waa thua aurrtpllU waly obtain d waa avar In ito custody; and it la 10 bo espvO ally n maikt J, m a matter of tbaakfnlnrs*, tbat not afar htr< of Ue cttlrlbutlone to our btnevolcnt fuu - tai hem lott or n iiapproprlated. Tbo wrocg which ? 0 re.' r reinl* ?? hilly from tte ue of tho d?:Wty 'a name aid orod It by ibo Icrietpocdiog s.-c-'itry wlthont authority, la viols tun of hla tr uat and for personal or prlva'e ends, and the bnrdrn Mia wholly on Ito boiintss department. In the meaaiiao. may we not oonflcontly appeal lo oor Ir'inda to come to our aid tn tbea.trrlig oiruamatauoee, Into wheb we have been bstrajed, not by oar own tegket or error, bat by too abuaaor a ntcaasrry coal cenctl We have aatUfactory aaanraacao from pa*tlea wbo held there naanthirixed obUaa lona, thai to y abell net be urged to our prrjudloe aid we moat bespeak the indulgence of libera until * a can recover from tola aatare shock, and pat tba beat 11 aaa of tho aoolety on a proper boil*. We cannot entertain tbo thought for a moman. tbat an lailltatlon ao algaally 1 .voted of Uod, and ao eminently Bind by Ita crgaalxallon and ageaoles U> ble*a and ax<e our country, wlU bo left lo laagalab aad dcooy, baoanao una ii 1U icrvanta, la an a II boar, baa proved CaltbiOM to bla it uat. J. 0. PK3BIN, J. 100KC. a. R. bOMKOYd, C. 11- 3UMMIN<23, Oommltteasn Dr peat tor tea aad ITanoo. l,m Camnrr KraaM, Phttodalpton, Brpt 30,1UT. ILLINOIS. wonn muttvo or iu oiiouo merchant*. |I->ob* lb* Chicago OuKcru. Oct ? ) Aa adjoaraad neeilag of ihe> narabaali eoairtiM la u< lnlaiaaud la th* ob)?(Xa u tb* Mar*ha?ta> Grata fur warding tMMMha was bald oa Friday areata*. ffta aoaaaetuae ippaaM at a* maailat at Dm Traaaoat hMMHiMHaBIMM ft# Hoeae, to draft meluUeaa, praaaaied Uia following aa Tow oonailWe# appointed lo report a aoila* of reaolntl m to ibla Martian beg J*a*e lo inban no following 1 Thai re. u ntrakaa'a. I Reao.rrd That u ntrakaa'a. ta our pro* aal a Sort lo ?lata oar eollroUooa la greia, bar* datonalood. la outa* I iuWuI J?na; i p/nrhanir and lha difficulty IJ making olloelloaaln emraoey ta Ibo prrarnl air lienor la nooey any Tairnil?a or daalro ef la tartar* maiura a I with any Tafoalloii or daalro ef la tartar ing la any ? of oar rraJn norohaoM alt* ?oat nrl??dl? roletona b cashed. That wa abalJ look upon ovary adort erf ledtrUa eleor pnblloMMV to 'br ? r>.)ii upon our aocurod lur rrne? aa a dlroet aulioloua and an-an anted blow apoa all lalrro'lr, but rbrl'onlarh the mweauti a, that wo regard ibo oturraey of on- ttata laantd under oar general banking law, ?a tb* be el and atet wo eaa ha to The rcaatnt' oa wera arenla-.onrty accepted aad adopted. Tfcoaaweo of Meeara Howe ft Fog toy wora proponed aa rgtbla lor ilia rr tip* of grata, and ibat rach merchant aa fbr at,oaaibla Irdoee the acadtag forward of grala by tbolr caatawera la iba two?try. Afler rom derab'r fhntMlon, participate I la by aaeomJ grat'iicm rn mot! 11 or W A Rnl ! wl* a nommMloi wa* apretalert by Um ebalrmaa to draft a otrrciar and article* of at<*o<aaUa*, oaaatettng of lb* foUowlag j on Ho rn no ? W A Baldwin, or Pay ft n.ldwla. Job* R Mill*, of J R Um* ft Oa. J V Farwgll, rf Ooolry I'arwrll ft CV> T. W Wada worth, of Wadiwortb ft Wallg. H O Joara, of R I) Jonea ft 9otis. F. U Fail, or f <? Hail ft o Tbc airw i>ari i r ibo aboye arte elation, at tbair m*a log ra Ratorda* laat, conelofad *ot to parobar* yra-n aa *n aitoclaUea, bat Ibey wtl do to I* tbolr ndlrid-al c?i aoity 1 ho foliowttg ratolinloa embrace* tbolr Baal note* vyoa tbo anbjm ? Xaaohed, Thai we drean It inety-Jleot aa a hot- to boy grain an tmpotrd at ear rrrrenia merlin*, and met wo ap yottit Mrrar* How* and B' kloe onragetn to rarry not the ?bjr*ia tf tbaUraln f.mar l>r aaowiailoa. aa pnblabed bt - lilt " ihr (ally ray era wt h our iltnalaroa Mat wn wot bay grain li'd.yb a> I y to ml t* oar riibmc; thai an roarai Uu> at."a any r i ir* vtOlag i "t i f r,ur F yl'lmte but Icaaa to anumplMk ffiI'gdfKtaI*?arHaVW, tw tt*t W? are nlt'eg an* ?ad anVwia ta met" a" rer tir?a fo tor tain nor rradtt and pay cur toUaai iraturtty. Illinois brosr* or Bitdairirar bake a. [Prcn iha ?? IdtMl Doatoerat, Oct t; ; Aa ri'ntia enrratcy It a inaltar of aaoh eaaTi<alag J-wt now, wa prevent iba fallowing aa a Ha of iba oal7 dig cicdud rr broke* baakt of ibai B^ta AU otbara art ai good aa gold '.a Ibat R at*:_ Bil'mlia Baik Paak af Chrafar, RUxtk Rnokrly Utah, Oert kietaoga Bar.k, Back cf rik- Cooaly, Beak of K g a TBE CUHRFNCY OBISn IN MI^^JURT. 1AIOB MBBTlKd AT Till ? UOCIi HiacnaNT < Rf cnAbor?brtaciin op rna iiLtwoia bank oom coMBimotraa and ornaiid-mibsocri bonoi abb iLiiNoia cramtNCT, arc. t'ioa? iba ? Lovia Itamoerat, OA g ] Aa waa inggtatrdby oa yaeian'ay wiroing, a maatiag ib<M yra' oetw, at ftr Marubaau' r waa fc?M yaafrrday aa<w, at ftr Marubaata' Kgcbaaga, for iba p*r,x>#i of taburg a?.too at. tad ait'oa la ralfixt ti tb? enrrtkry daaattca, tad le baar h- ?? of Mr. Haary, ?BBfeSraAtMlM?r cf liu* it, opoa tba praaaal *t?d l*ttf* prospaoia of II larla aacnay. At IB a'rioob iba iarga c.owd. Itllag Iba oaUra ball aad i|< gatlarfaa, waa oallad to order by Mr. Hcarr Amaa. i*ro*idtai of tba Iftawt >ar of liantrw Mr Anew aia.a > .beet>rct of iba menlrg, at l ariar ranaralag (bat ba ibraltnabf ao e vprtmion of ika rtowaoatarbataiHl by bin mif la rc'ttWn la lb* dinui iim ait?*dtng tb* carraoey cirri.lai'ra, ba InUoJaewd Utaoral Raanry, wbo ba* klidly f?ral*btel ai wub tit* fOHowiag report of hia owa r* itaikf:? Iwiina-Ft f#?la baa baa* my bane fbr tear tarty I rata. I atn (ba olrrii marcbaat of tba ettr Iftat oem** a* Vtaaga. tad aNbcat arr yaiti g ta aiytaif t? par lor vie fern 1 *a*i ibai ir*?e a right ta tp-at apoe ua bh> tren'ov a thlrf a If at bow troabla aa. Bar* wa Ooatad afxa lb* fletd IM* of I 'Otyarlly vtlbonl gnardlog agalaat aa nil ray toerm*. O*iog to rpaonlatlra aaorrnaaia la all bracobet of trad* prteao of aU tba i.aogaaanr. of llta have brra ralrnd fbr abo't tb'lr bf.llavc ralaa. aad tbo baaka arc no lorgrr able to keep ap prloa* /W w folltnjior fltllmr/ mlarrtl, ar.d oom /"cfy "Wfi a Ma Tkora'ia tow mora gold and eUrer a#'# tbaa arar bofbro, hot It I* bid a aay lo dark r waara atari It will romfa cam eriSdaar* aad rrrdti a*a mtorad Aay ?**? irttl ta a r? r leeia ?m. It la Ma aa araiy of ia* ftni tatd atta'kltg era of trcn f ihoaraidj but aanotblog Bioil l? doa*. Greater diMraRlet b#?* beta orar or ir* b ofoio. Lei ?* go kbeed aad ad; peoaptly If wo fo cot wa aball r~-a bate!ag to do?aoon ant) lag to wewr?aooa no bag to oat, aad, parhapt, ne-rtdy to rat l? lot rtary pbc Ml Ml rbaajdar t? Ibo wbea'ard da what b- oar. aad 1 rellgtoeuly t>aH*ya tb* r.'aa I tar* to prry?*o aUI airwdI Iba lequlraA rail# i la lota tbaa oa* mratb. Thwa la ro Utile ef lb? paper of the Itaka of Kccttrky. Indiana, aad Oa o la el .eolation, wa can rary raal'y piene!* fbr 'bat enrreaay Tba paapte of tkla or i n?ry bam hoes eowteg to the * ad, aal t?? a-a now reaplrg tto wbtrlwlad Wolt. w* oaa ttaad lHai If aU fcaadt win *bow a ebearfal ORMUaaao* aad m*o taft a frarleaa aplrlt ^ Mr RirrtT ihea prreaated (h* Mlewtag raaolittoaa ? Wkrroaa lb* nore*?aia of P\ Unmlafaol daalronalo mat ? inaao'aK.e*?oBl iwMab uf aomaally gro ?* o d of tao proanr' " .Ua'r'xa in ?( r ? are uWai . >% e e'a'ed t> a i w?l ftf< nob* aad i rrhof, ?'d work 0*1 k gwaoral gnod tbowfwo. *??<*?? e, Ibae fir Voir . watpoiwy rr l?r wn r??uaa?i I 'o a'' r?f*. .. yrrtgod In narrrlnf or tho h'.in*** of ibooley In a'l IM btan'h.a. in aal rny ont ihnnr.'na'l ba uaruo ponded hanb* of Ulhc la *t a (!l?-?w*l af W# per nont p?ar|T- d, That an o*;or'llo I*->rj Ir tjr < m*dn ?* of >bo hacba i ?? ii ard 1MO, wb*n lb' ?' > n 'ilnri ft" h '? B* *0* Wli > g , a tin ? O |if lift. 'P bieo. td, thai ** rtwu.nn.Dd m lha beaiaaa. nai o* Bt Lou!* la earn lha bHkMMM ALSUft lka< ?eh' f.e? n.,r ? b ink ere MM enlerioia e I eonidae en mt ha 1001 faith id oath alber. Tbe rcmcrka end icasiuUoaa of Qemoral "W"** reorlred * !ih u ecb raw by Me bf**? . . ?i __ Mr. Ntcwui Wjlii a*?t ap eared 00 U?e MllM aap porUd kite reeohutcae of limarol Rwaey hT wormf ibry 5* referred la a otoamiUea of if#. *"f 1 bee Id mart cpon the a?ma at 00 ?j loomed weafBg. C?p?. PolliBrported btamwtan by raying that ? ww appareot to eeery oae that aadar lha prneeal oomdMIWB ef ihl0|? cur com at free eaa J act Wing, our etra U rattvokr deiertcd, and car nterohanla wnlkUg about WMB noibtrg to ?lo. Taero wee a palpableenure, hi iWd, for tbw tt^a of affaire, eat It wai new abeoluta no totally tM* eomtihlcg .boold be Cote to rwotdy the euV, aed, If ae .iain tat u act ao cu? owo banker# and brukera Had .?p?bo? takoa itrm week. Mat wo would la a nwaooro ba.o bow wlioeod ot^tbo .eoMfBt noDfy pv?Mur?. H? wt? fof iioiwl te to Jli tbo reyotaltone la bead and make ouch meeting. hereafter, aa Uuy Bight that whllo Ut. I/>ul# bad alwaya boaotod of being a *peeta faVlweUr7mtWba.M?ooftrado to p.i??" ?? egetMtur.eadpardoiihrty to ihe^hwoferheel. "the eommiitee woo altar war do tawoaood to toOjWO Mr. Walt'a mottoa wao teoooded aM oarTted the t?gr thoB atlected lb a com TnitUa, *?*"???? V*? ibeircnaftroBoeyaatordM aftaro^atd octarkjOBd pott at a Bother meatipg of tbo Uhomhor the moentag^nk 13 o'clock. The followtor are tho oo?atlt?ee.-ii*eew Keraer, Jtba Hogaa, J. Uow, u 0 Witaw, ?w irldrr.O. H Trrkor, R M k-BukhOMW. Way?*B OrOW, K. Wall, E J Cay, Jet. H. l-uoua, WUlya Klog, J. A. Biownlae, ('? B Alice, J U O?loaby. Mr Wan nomlaard hla remarks, ode Mag tho am crptaaoe and fr?r circulation of ntiaole mooey. Mr. M. 8 Bran, Bank Uomntertooo* of IlllaMa.waa th"'B calied lor end adarettad tho mom here aa folta?e:? Bert emen? I have not owe hero fur tho purpoee, aor have 1 tho oraoraico ?o apprar kofkro each aa1 aaaemetp to proprac a remedy that will awift tho calamity *bloh seere to ikrraten ne. My objcotla cowing horn la IW ttt boiroie of obkalrlag ion aouram Info-ma loo to wlclion to your Halo bcaoa-lha amount alroadi "t^t ?B? ?net ?mrsDl, ir any, la to bo leaned; aad cencnM with pom, end cadearcr to jn vnat Ibelr forihor d;pTOCl?lU'i ()oo of ibo ranere of ronr OoaBrlal t-oi b ra baa oeno atlrlVitod to tho amtnoc iflilnola curreecy that la mo la thahwoo of ?:ur botlBOra men. It woo d bo proper for no to atata ibo 1 tt? atlr d of on* ??i ka, and uoon what lacurHy Ihilr rurrrooy la bared rbe entoUndln. etroala'tok of tW lllcota tanked* now about Are aid a ba.f ml'lwoa. It ia ?<cu?ed by 1 ur ard a half mil'loo? of tOceowt ooc?a aad two militaam and a half of lataraat pa< tog boaf* of o bor Balre-Kmlnrky, LrwIdM*. Vlrgti?:a, TMnatiro aad Til a?la The ^wt'ial aod eriitincd doproclatlea of MtaaoaM boadu bae aiTaotod ir?-1 rcdit of our baaka. and oomrwlled the oo> rniaal taara lo require ?be laaka 10 put op fhrttnr at c .rltlm or reVro ibelr fl/n-Utlon, A call waa made npoa tbnm a May? payable in luce iaat_lo wblob they all ree^ntal. moept the flock rlecot y Back of l)aa?li le. and Pooph a Ba>k Cairo); Ibey b?d gone la to a t!quldaJ?jn, and will pj^W carm en Ibo doim*. Y .b> teeif cout'noed la go down, aid arclbrr call ?aa ma?!e, no- able Ibo lOih or thla month, eaa man* oflbrm b?n al eady roapoadod, and moat. If not all. citll do the ; b t elnoe then y?ror bonda hoeo ?till dep ecla ed, and aimtbe call wtl, ha aeneeacry oal?? acmemcaaa <?** be derlaed to brtag the prtao of ??mr hoaoito Ibe'r true ralae, and that ta lb" ohj olofmy vlrtt hare You la' ? baaed already Br.eao ntilllsaa. aad there ll an tmpr aclon la the coraroanlty kbit a la'go amooat a ore a III be lirued, aad that taera la ao faad pro vided top?> the Internet Thla, wtlh tbo foa?f ilacaa Ithad our bat ba, or ic mo of tb? m will a^beaM'to kHudlbo ruaaibatara madeuyon them ro' ?pede. and reapoadttmo rama Una to lha eaila of the comm ailooere, wtu ba forced to aotpcad, and thereby bonda orea lb# nnarkei; and that, tao, at a ttoa fim there It ao money to buy them. A fnrlhrr < will lake piaoe; tiooo baaka that are 10 mt wl I be unable to auad the oontlaued depreciation, "d more wtllbe forocd to eorpond, aad three or four mllilfWM or jdtaaomrt boadi will bo ttrowa Into market; y oar bondo will go down 10 a romtaal ralue; your WalC credit Injured; yoar 1 all road 1 tloj pod; aor cur-eac ? maf 0 Tal-reloae; womor^ ebanla cf lllinola raodcred unable to par tb? tr o^WortUHo mcrcbaria "ft* l/i?la, and geaeihlkaukrupxy follow, ttda ihon d rrt, and r.aed not BO Mlaaoorl bea *?*?'> wd ' b- Ilcv e torer ?Ul, lepudtato. ?io ta aound to ibo ooro. poaaatalar e*?y clement ef pmarerl^ and ee.lh, ?ad if ibe comrour ity oeuld only be eeeured that bo fur^ber bwda would bo lMued for Ihi prwent aad tbat lbe tkgl'ta'are that oca eaoathla mocUt will prcmlaa a WklMfmadtar iba payment of Ilia aocralog mteroat on tbo bouda.all1 wlU bo iijbt Oar boaka, at tbo proaanl oalao of their aren ^ ibo rary tawoot jpotaw^ Mac a her a row far, weald pay alaeiy caala am eeery dcllar of U??lr rtrmla l<m. Tho beuki Jt lbo cor them part of iba Male hart re teemed thalr catlre cirtulailcn orary altty or alaot' daya, ta rpaoma; that they can oooilaao to do that la lha preomt coaroliy of tpeela I doubt; bat the; eaa aad win radama the otr: rraoy, ihU may ew? bark upoa ard orflaary oourao of huoiooaa It ta oomplalhad thoa tbera ta a large ammat of it here, and tint it omaol ha need 1 co aot Ulak there le aa largo aa a wot it aa maay eipDcee. r>om wba* loan loam tnore to nat today ore. aaoo.OM p/weu ooeaef ond iiifll cmf rvoeia* It, crad il f> CAitme? and ^urnAerr ^flra iWU II, and #<md fhrgrwda e? York and dram IjUlHt, pad I eAeepa Ihta will robere ywo bare, ood wo wtU obWa eurrtoey that ?? aaed. If altha preaant omti a?g? amoeala tbovid ba thrown batm opoa lha baoko Ibr re deroptva. maoy would bo farokd to aaopaad, aad tha on lamtty 1 aaya before kWad at broogbl apoa uo. It Moot the time aoe for ua to loak back aad oomplal# aboot fho oeoreo abloh bare OroogM M apoo ae We moot taho Ih'nii aa lie? are, aad id ao wo would bare Men III! not* ?ad Mtrioert are oommorclallr aooaerled?ch tr ta*o reei eaaa I bo leporalod, ood I would nof If I ooocd. Tbie moooy poalo oaaaet lact l<mg It ta hot a pemt; without any real oaaao. It lo a m ply a want ef oamddmoa ?a dietr m Tke Weet wao aorer etroagerthca at peaaant. Tbera h*a bean ao rat hi re ef orop#; wo bare more than ? g if cleat to dteohargo all out llablMoe, aad a/o ab-mmdtag t a all he e'emeau of woalih aad proepe. h* , lha Worm ?tb room abate, the alaode dlaperae, aad 'he ina of yreo eertty raaa at'ro be cm open oa aad wa will oume eat wteer aad atrerger Urna belbre Mr Henry wm follow ad a? Mr Jcaa Honta. wheoo m ma-ka w*ra wail raorlrad an I muob am?laa4ed. mr. uoeaa eaid thai ho deemed Ufa noe of tho moot Impormaa bmPip are* bald ta thla olte. 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