Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 9, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 9, 1857 Page 2
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THE SOCLES UBEL SWT IS/UNIT TIE KRAU. ?a(|rBu>iitu< _ of neon. Wklttiv ud ?Ml lolwMff Dli'MtOM Wbl.ngu oooar or bmbon*?oimbbai. m<. BMn Recorder Smith. Oct. T.?IB IM awMar r IMmolon.ou thenar f tM B, la math IM order of the tfty Jadge, act io tu? caw to ??? re darned lo IM wgtelrats for a tnw. u. Mr. Jim ft. Whiting alArwrad Ue Court la oppot j> MHO ? aatd qqIMBrp?I wade an u> Met bo IM other aide Md nothing to do with tho o% [| mm merely IHelil u u atlsah?ahtsldsd and r ,e torm of toe mottea?apoa toe difulut personal.,, aid upon toe ledge ?M Md leeeed toe order boo v.l to M mealed. Be Md suggested toe pro y to tool ledge of toe attack ab ea toe partly of hie motives; aad It ?-t ?otta evident that oee great object which t had la tola matter oee, not only to give c but al-> I of Will I he Ihougii twee toe doty of IM Oourt Is tatonupt It ?m not (Mr. W.*s) huataene to dalbad the Joert from suoh an teen, bet It was hla doty to dofand htmeelf and anon Connie! aid defend eat from the taataaattoafl contained thai argument. II had eerer eatered Into IM heaa f either hlBwelf or bmihIiiIi to eelect the Judge bsf re whom to make IM motion. the only object was to more with all eelei Ity ta order to melntala toe rlghle of the de feasant; aad he weald hare made the motion before tae Recorder Joel as readily aa before the Oily Judge. He ttlhttd thee, ae bow, thai defendant bad a legal right to Mine opportunity of abusing IM deendant, todulgtag ta rcmarfcu, the aererliy and sarcai M thought entirety oat of pi to*, and whloh h toe inlerpoataoo of too Court, by whomsoever held. The Cpere hud been placed on file uurropUdoutly : they d Mob talrea from the flier of tho magistrate'! offioe by the Intervention of tho complainant, and without nay knowledge thereof oa the part or defendant or his counsel, end w.thout giving them an opportunity of ap ply lag lo Justine Davison furs hearing. Tnal being si, they were entitled to the order made by the Oily Judgs. He would omxflao himself ta htn remarks lo what legitimately belonged lo the motion, and weald show that Ibe Uaurt had mo rlgnt to interfere with this matter, and that It oould not Interfere aahss It violated every well settled pnaoiale or tow end oomlty. Wan this complaint now oa the flies of ttte eourt f certainly not. And if not, whet power Ml Ua boner over U? all the power the Court had woe to tthect the magutraie to retarn (he reoug alienees and com plaint! taken bctr re htm, and wkick were tin a condition to be rthmrd. The Keoorder?Can the Ooort oompel the mag it irate to ?0 OS With SB SIUBtnlllOD ? Mr Whiting?No, but too partiei interested la ton com plaint aad the defence can compel him. Ue (Mr W ) did act want tho power of tae Court for inch purpose. The tow prorlded another mode of compelling the magistrate do do hie daly. If he does not do It he le liable to Indict ascot He (Mr. W ) held also that there was nothing be ftre the Ooort on whloh hie Honor could not the rule asnde by tM Uty J urge wee, to e matter entitled "IM People of IM BtaU of New York against Jamee Gordon Sonnet! " IM affidavits bow presented to toe Court la support of the mo'ion wore not en tided in any suoi cause, aad bow oould the court, oa soon pipers, amend or va cato tee order Uonnnel enlarged on this point, and quoted authorii ea ta support of his position. His next point won that tto Court Md no power to review toe act or deotsica of a former Court; for such a review would ?atonal to aa appeal; aad toe Ooort had no appellant He dented that tf his Honor mtde aa order at tots M himself oould review It at the Mil Ha might make corrections ta it, or adjust <ow>e subject matter. If hla Honor had the right to review an ardor mule by tM City Judge. Md M not also a right to review his (tM City Jodge'i) eeateaoesf And If M re dewed hie orders or aea eeacea might not too City Jadge m too next term review diti (tM R- cordei'?) rent eases sad orders? Aad ao both wo.-J M bke two Oytag block bucket* la IM well, ooa ttxnaUy going up aad down toe bole, where both of item would inevitably be swamped, end by which Ute Ooort would nick into lnrtgnifloaaooaad oortempt. He therefore dreled tM power of tM Recorder to review the order of the oty Judge, whether providently or lmprevtdeatly, le gaily or tttrgaliy toads. An order made by Judgn RneneU was aa order o' the Ooort binding tho Court, bat a decision made bj him ae to IM adrnMlhtmy of evidence, ores to what const .utes aa offetre, would act be a de Ctakn biadlrg theOour. He boflrvod that If this app'J cailoa Md been ortglaally made before hie Honor, ha would have made tM earne order aa Jadge Russell did, because M took It ror granted it. at hie Honor would not trresptottve of toe patties. Ytis t ider of Judge Rueeeli waa ea act of pare dtocrotioo, end was therefcre out subject to review el all. No aft of Cre dttorettoa oa tM part of any maglitrato or aay coart subject to review, el (Mr by way of appoal or writ of error. Counsel eupport-d his poenioa on this pole! by CO pious author!ties, including > Waadell 560, 13 Wendell 334. 11 was ocnloaded oa IM oiter aide, that Inasmuch as Mr. Bennett had entered Into a reaogutaxnoe he had thereby waived hie right to a preliminary examination, and that act amounted to aa estoppel. Now he (Mr. W ) held that there waa eo suoh thing a* euoppel in ciutioit law. TM word was not to M found In any work oa the subject or criminal law, except to repudiate seih a doc trine. TMdootrtns of eatnppel applied oaly to civil cases Ho may at sr Mo prtioner la a?top pod by an ad of nil own. Hi aay time claim alt rlynt. He might, of ooorae, waive oeriala forms, Pm he oould not lose bit I right He might claim his right at all tines and ta all ptawa. Catess, therefore, the evidence Id tola its# waa olear and naqueatioaasle thai there was an agree tneoi that no bearing would be domacded; aad unlets .no right to a b raring was ipectftcaliy wal ?<?'. lbs Coart oould not hold that this reoogolsatse waa properly entered tat) Such waiver most be carqairooai, dear aid folly aoder stood by toe prtreoer giving It But It was complain d here lbst co totlcs had Moo given Well, was It not at aertec oa the cuior utile that tr. waa a pobllc, not a prl veto prcescuuot' If to, the prosecutor was not entitled to notice, cor wee toe peonle salt tied to notion If papers or me oa the records of the ceort iTegclarly and la viola tice o' the right! of any ptieouor, that prlsooer may owe Sat any time and so Inform the Joan. aad tfths C tart. Her aa laepeot.oo of tbo rcoord, be aattsQed of ft truth of the itaiemrct. It ean exercise tie authority ever tM papers er mem m*tu It ta Dot on'y the right, but the duty of the Court lo do eo. It net sree there a this esse wh! ih warranted tM Di nr. M Alter aey to tend up lo the magistrate lo gtt tie papers f SOU more win'.-, wae thereto the complaisant to wrhea later to the Jastloe asktxg h m to seed down tho papers before IM csm was oom plated ' kbit right bad Ibe oumpiateaat la interfere with It at all 1 Waa not that <? rane r Was ttat not a motion made ? m . the keo w large of tM defendant? Bit the mot! at maiebythrde fetdsci to gM the right of examisetloB eocared to him by law mtgh. have heej made entirely eepan-, and tM Ooirl would have bora bound ti great the oruor. But the Arnti taat Jtatriet Attorney wis pre real and wa? heard npon the motion Waa there aty ptetraoo oa the other side that Mr Beanett bad got any attioa hat toe pepere? cetrary to toe nseai end uniform practice?were neat to toe Ocurtr Had lh? msg.strato given hla nay soob aotice ? How did It coats to Mr Baa sett's knowledgef Oaly by tbe vlgiiaaco of bis cinasel, wM dally made apoUcatlun at tse doer of IM Polios Coart room to fled Ibe Jastioo, wM wee, during all that time, abteat, aad then accidentally learned, owing lo Bis own v gllaaor, that tM papers had baan sent to Ute Court of Beeetoas Counsel oe IM other side had told the Oourt, by affidavit of the learned District Attorney, taat Jadge K is toll had ktowtadga that the rnotioe was is be msde before him. and M intimated that the mAtoe was lo he eoenses fnl if made before thai Jodge, aad chs-ged too dnfrare srlih having docileed to wait to make the motios bofhre Ibis Coart, as toe ground tbu a din. real dactaioa wa? to hs ?rpectcd rrom tots Coart Oh tots lohjsot M (Mr. W ) ttad made do affidavit, aad woeld make none Ha Mi advttoi Mr Galbreiib oe Friday thai ton pajere were oe flle here Irregularly, that IM molloa to aaad th>m I reek should be made wit bout delay, aad II was ?tie. j immatortal to blm wM.hsr toe Reeordev or Uly Jadge presided There was ao eosf! ot between Mr Bedgwict'a aad Mr <ialbralto*s Matemeeit Mr (ralbraith, at toe eteie of the business at tM lartdsy of term rase, aad openly asked Juige Raseell est to ed Jearn. ee M Md e mutioa ti mue Was to are eay to eg errcag la toatt Jadge Psesill beard aad granted toe ass fttoa TM Assistant ? drlet A tier aey eooeedod that tho cMrecStr of tM Ihcta oa which the mitiia was bust ?aaid net M ohaagai. Nor ware they naw eBaagod AU the o fit davits agree as le IM aaaia feo e of the oaea. J ?e w t M not deny tost toe de feed set Mm K aadrreas ltd net deny that toe dereadaai naked for e femrlag AU that ke deatei waa, that M (the Jastice) pledged tdMelf tbsi tM defwdnet should have e bsariag Well, was that neeaasar) *ers partiea to deal with a magistrals ae If M were a rages or e rascal? Mr. Gel hrstth, Mr ttnasiri and Mr. Uaaat ay IMI It was peopmad to inrert ta tM reergalraaea a ooadtUca teat toe defend eat sMuld have a prellmtoary Merlag aad that JaMo* ?"aadreaa sew sated that the* ires aeaoooesery Jos ttao iiardraet: dose art deny tout be eald ?i, wad be roe Id art Mr# said as a aless tt sree perfectly an detained taat e brarteg wee to M had. Wnat ha?m <*mld It da tM earn pi ureal to M exasuaed before e magistrate? w by wee be as xinoo to eveld ttf Th? Reoovdw?it tt be pseoadrd tout tola wee e IMI, n ta IMd.ty ef toe magtatr ate tor* turn IM papers here; aad what would be tas edveamge of aa aBtaMaaUoa? Mr. Whtttag?It ts merely fbr IM parpeeo of ihe i mwat tort I ooweees torn tan va a Hrei. That Ms as i argu s (tto isg But I srlU answer your Xfoaer why ere do eel weei to noma late thta oourt before we Mvs ea op port* ally to bo heard oa h preHmlsary ex amlaeltea Urtt, boeaoee ton taw eretMBds toe mag" Arete ?e give that exam natioa. (teoosd, beeeeae IM la w stoefers apoa tM drfaadaat toe ngst to arses exam lis b > ?ecu?e? Third, brreaee M Ma a rigbl to crow exaetlc ** **!!* ^ ? magietrets is see bow fbr b ran jmsttfi toe libel oat of the waa's owe moutl Agois IM defBedaat has a right to prodoet bta wttaowei. la order tort M may hare the cempiaiat diamitoed aa 1 ring bal i ondor toe oeeaattty of glrlag ball. The dr rr. dart Ma tort rigbl of preNmtaary nam nation secured to blm, aad IM Oeert naannt deprive blm of n Let ws put a ease, fbtppaaa toe edltaw of a paper pubitahes ike fret af a man Mlag eMrged with Wealing IM from his neigh bor, aad a preeeou:"* ror libel ta thereepoa eomatsneei i before toe megtatrste ?s1 says; "Trt, I petltahsi tost statement, aod it it Woe, " tit Ha s are mr wdasases to prors It sreery sreed ef h. Here are mr wdasares ts prors n Irene your Honor mens le cay that tbo Jmkos might reply ??That ta a AMI. aaa I mart seed II to IM Coir I to bo ?red TM Keoordar?i mean to aay thai tout woeld not be a libel Mr Whittag? Oh, yrt, M would be a libel. TM Reem -If W M justified, toes it le eat libellous Mr. Whit -lie I hot ta act toe article Hbttloaa If toe man m lar The Ree ?' ? wire Ne gn'Ky II Is not Mbelloie Mr Whi r ? poiei ef Ihe argemeoi The ?Mateftb % 1'ims.. irw le the megieirele to de wi Mas ?ovtiM.' it I ) * hs*. jr eel, ealew M male an The Mb -4er?Tee eraoeded. f*- . s fi'poae o WMwreni. that th* artiele ta l ^wllm,! 'i sibslog yi I eenaialy de em roe wv?< e? w <; ar'oe to get r?et from Ks- sn'r-jmri >**> .-?v*wa|l?tf mr tati uag ?Ht r? irn ? ?< "'if wh fi-'j" meaas t, 4 o. ?d l,>e tr e? ?r. WMiing?Not itbettouaf _ ??rder-Oiotably ML If a nun be ohargnd vNk ??< kf a paper publish Iki fx*, Ulirt Mm Tkt Jury would Mjr to sack ? pro. ??ouilaa Mat Me doteodaii wm oat guilty The magistrate weald any ihot *o party ootid Mr. Waiting? Bal how ott troth of tho m attar without to tho magttlrata got it tho . ?J examlnatlonf .?* leaardai .These la t mliaadnrataadtng botoooo ooohool tod mynelf. -*?? fh? ntianndnrntandtiig trlota oa tho port of IhoOoort. I toy Ihtl tho article It ? libellous," and your Honor qnlto It "a Ubol " tho Reoorder? I understood oounaol to adoalt. for tho purposes of tao argumMt, Mat tho ortlolo whlob la tho nbjaet mnttor or thla oompUlnt la llboUoaa. That root botag ooooodod, then no mailer what tho htaring wa? bo fooo tho Mgtotr ato, It woold bo hla doty to atnl thooo papers to tho court. Then I aok, what oooodt would re lull from a further ex imitation before a magistrate? Mr Whlllog?Doeo your Honor draw oo distinction be tween an admittedly titrations article aad a 11 bed the Recorder?No diflbrenoe. Mr Whldog?May not aa article bo apparently llboUoua on Ita fboo, ana yet may It aot bo true f Tho Roc rdar?Tot Mr. Whiting? Well, what la It than?a true llbolf Tho Recorder?Not a Ubol at all. Mr. Whlllug?then tho article la not llboUoaa tr truer I The Recorder?II la aot Ubalioaa If trod, and pabllahed ftom a good auVra Mr. whiilng?Teal la a Justification of a libel f I The Raoardee?Yoa, Ihea It U no Ubel at nil. A mac haa a right to pnbilah the truth. **? fr biting?Then I do not under*land my ooaoaaelon orJ*18 "onclualon your Honor drawn from It The Reeaordcr?A Ubel In a otatcment whlob may bo Jf t n?; ? ??y ???" bo a Ubol, oalooo u bt published with a good mstive aad for jootlllabla enda If ralae, 11 In llbelloui; but lha truth, pabilahad far a ro d ?0?,^J,,ua*bl# ?"????> matter what the party may bo oho god with?la not llMUoua. -JlrTb"? o tblog may bo libellous la Itself aad wTubel ' ' pub Ww<1 w1lh i05* motiroo, It la The Recorder?Thai la not what I otated. . Mr. Whiting?I understand the atattaotton to be thia: An a-tiole written against another charging htm wl.h an offtnee la apparently libellous, and the party can bring hla notion on It or have an Indictment The detonlant to ba ewuaed meat oorae la aad Juatlfy. Well, doca not article appear on tta race to be MbaUos, aad doeo It not continue oo onUl Jiattfledf Justifying It doeo not make it anything the leaa libel oua Tho matter may bo llbelloui Sf? intLliTSZ I"*7 prove I la truth; than, It v tjaftiflen uoei The Recorder?Thee It lo no Ubel at all. i. ba comptainel of wbl A to notHboUooa la ha oharaotw, and li yet charged no a Ubel. and >ht Oonrt may decide that it la not llbeUono. But yet it to contended oa lha other aide that It la a que tioa entirely 2f '*f J"ry. nod that the Court hoi nothing to do with It ?e rereroe of that hai been decided over and over again. Tho Ooort* may determine whether the matter la libellous or not. where an artlole la oomplainrd or aa Itbelloci ap peara to bo ao oo Ita faoa, and tae defondsrt la brought before a maglaarata, he may either take the ground that the matter lo not HbeUoua or he may undertake to juttfy it or aot wp a variety of defenooi to prevent hli somaalt moat. Tho declotoa of thia oaee, aa of all cater la wnioh I am angagad, la to ma a matter of perfect ludiffereoco, to long aa It rquaroa with the olarn dutiea uf true honeaiy and of tiubougfat justice, aad la entirely lrrearomtve of partv. If your Honor ehould oome to the oonalnaton that the or der should not bn vaoaled, Mr. Bennett wiu hat e aa ap portanlty of nxertiatag tho prl rhege whl-b tbe law (1tm him, of examlalrg thla oomptalat. ir other viae, I ehaU never Inquire Into the reaaona which ahati bare prodocad Qiiwin recolt, Mr. David D. Field followed oa the same aide He laid? My lonrned friend who baa preceded mo?who hai flu ad, ror many years, the offloo of Dlitriet Attorney of thla oily aad county, and afterward* the effloe or Jadge of the 8a promo Oourt, and whoee experience In orlmlnal miltnio la I ?li greater Man that of any other Hying man la thla ofty. baa gone ao ftally Into all the flute aad the law of thla PE2JTWT H*}* "?"*!?? for ma to my in addition IjHntdporwapo beat oonault the tnlermtarf my client by adding nothing to what ba haa io folly aad ao ably ex pounded. Bat It la thought that I mar perhaps any noma thing ihat would be useful la the dlaooaalm aad droialoa of thla matter. Taat It la a ma-ter of ao Mttla oraaequeooe, mL .^ ?? n prooedent, II would bo Idle to deny. la 1 lee If oonatfored, the oomplalat haa al ready el'clted a grant deal of feeing Much excitement haa already gro *a oat of It Political o'emca-a have raterod leto It It It al thla mo ment , I dare.aj, the moat Interoating palitteal ronuove->y ^ before lha courts merefore, la lieeif cou oldrrcd. It u, l any, of no 1 tile Importance. Aa a prece dent, It la of vary groat Important n. II la o' the big hex! Importance that tbe teople (boold know whether. In our ett>, they are entitled to aa examination when tbar ca Into a police cfBce aad Had that the maglntraie who timed Uu warrant 'a not prtseni. aad whet Mr, tr aa trragalartty bt committed 1b Ibe ofHoe la la lef a rooof nisaaae vHh>al an axamtnation, there ba any power to correal It It ta Important that the oemmontty abould know whe her pro IIBinary examination* befort magtatraton are to bo mosu ragtd or dlaeairagel?whether :bay are thougbt to Mb ?crre Ibe enda ut jaatleo or other wire Therefore It la that, a* a precedent, the tnitisu ii of very groat osDaequeo<>? What to 111 It la a (action to vacate an order granted by Uie Court or Brralout. on tho 28 h ol September, directing Uie clerk to retu>n tbe affldarlie or eomplainl ana reaoc l aenoe la thla o*?r, on file la bla ' ffloa, In Uu police iaatloa by whom they ? crt takrn, for tbe purpoae of afl-rdtng the dafecdact a hearing thereon befxro anoh Jaatioo. ! ? -y. In reared to thla motion, Ural? hat yon ought aot to brar the motion; ana a-cood, that ir you do hoar It, the order waa right, aad !f tbe motion had Seen made bof >rn jcuraelf, tbe aame ordtr ahonld have boon granted. Tao or dor waa right, borauao tbe Jadge had .ha power to make It? oroaoae eoUoo greater thai that given onght not to bo rfqaticd, and breauae, under tbe otroomalaaoea of Ibo oexe a Judicial ofltaer oou.d make no other o-der In tho matter i natly and properly. Fl rat -ought yoolo heir tae moUonf the Rtoorder la aot an appellate JiIga, to whom aa apreal can b* takrn from tbe Otiy Jadge. The two /ndgea are oo ordinate. (Lawa of lf&o, ch aoa.l "All Judicial rowa a verted by taw In tbe Recorder of the city t f New York, are hereby oonferred u?on ouoh Oily Jadge, ?nd raid City Ju.lg? aba'l, cucirrnly with ealdRwir der. rorform end discharge all j idlotal dotloo lmpoted op co *a.d Rrccrder." Th" Recorder? it u not n"c?emrv to go la'o th?t point Put there ti one p in; wbiofc may ahortea tho a-gaeicat I 1)3 ro? tbat, (tiling hero ai a Oourt, I have not tho rdwer lo rrrtew or race e aa order thai bee been made, if roui'dtr tbrt Ibe r rdar waa Improptrly antarod upon the mlaolea of the COrrtf Mr Fi*ld?I will aniwer that qaeatloa In tbe oonrao of my aryuerect. I any, In tbe flret plaoe, yoi have no ap peiiaal rtg?? Ibe R' order?That I ooooede Mr field? Vou have no right to do anything now ex cept what yoa co aid have den* If ibe order wm mida by yon cn tbe -8th of September You bavoaorlibi t) do anything waioh Judge Ruyaell could ao< do If be were tilting la your plana, la the next p!ac?, I any that, anuin leg ibai you o*n do all whlob Judge Ruiaall ooald do If ba ware anting wsere you are, It woald ba a violation or Judlolal ooaiiy tor you to d i II, and that tf tha* la to be a r?view ar bit acta, tho only thief Ibat Jjdldal oomlty will allow la tbat yoa leave tba chair aad aak him to re hear thoeaao Tbat la what I ray. Tea motion baring beer considered by a oo ordinate Judge on deliberation, anl on motion. If the par y (appose that an error haa beta coa mltted you mum llaien lo no aorgmtton of any Intent!m to do wroog. Tbe arp;ioauon to correct the error, if error there wore, abouId hire been mide to the Olty Jadge btmeeir fbe leterferenco of aao her Judge woald ba a violation of t id ctal oomlty, and tend to diaorder la the admlaiH ration of luiUoc The < m vtml ra'itloaa ?f the Reoorder and City Judge are pocollarly I a tl mate If there be any Jadgee la the State who might to res port eaoo others ar a, they are earb Jadgee We have a ready hv! too muoh of tbat unaettnly apootacie, bapptly uatnawa aaaoag oa until lately-one Judge ounteraettag er atrirtng to e muteraci Mother Md I may perhaps be permltlel t? add that, If there haa been at My llino la this ooirt, or nctwecn the Jodgra of it, My attempt to ooiotiram tht -ewe of the other?no man looks opjw It with m >re irfaror than I do?ao man oeanurea II more, ami 1 can nly aay that I believe that the Judge whom I am ad drearing hit too maeb msgsMtmity to retailiu upon bta brother Jadge any lacsurtesy or wul of enmity that he mey an -poec to bare bean heretofore ihowu I inairt that we bare arrived at tbe time when every jadiolel tfftor r ihould art hit fttoe sfitnrt lb la latmreraene by owe wttfe another. I aey Mat Jodtotal order oaanot ba pre ?erred If the' practice be oontinoed. fOiher of two evanta will result?either the courts will be reorgsn'zad aad tbe Jodwee who ao act will be subjected to csMwre, 0' Mo ad mUaTitretioa of Juwloa will rail lata public contempt The admit written of juetkr lo Mo eity of Now York la already simosi la thai enaction. Ho iwpstation Hf wrnd more laat oummer than cat bo repot -od lo year a and I hope, way 1 hellers. Mat thla aril praot'oo will net' . be oouatrnaaoed or aHowrd to gala any fur her bend from My troaanruoon In thla rout I therefore tabmH to yoa 7J* ?be utmost rnrneetnena, aot merely sa oeonanl tor lha i defendant, but aa a member ef ibe prof east ea, tha dignity I rnnpnotaWliir and power of whieh depend on Me maintn ?mace of order ta Me oourta. tbat If It be sever an muoh tmproaeed opon yon tbat the order of Jidgo RsmII wsa wrong, that von wiu act bear too motion, bat that whet over mutton be mode It be addroowe-1 to him Hot, olr, if 'bene oonotderntlcno have not My weight?tf yon win lintra to m sppHrsUcn made to yon to re re ran that order, thoo e i*n hi tab ing the rata Mot at (he next term ho may listen to m application to vnonte Me order you now mike or If m ledtatmoat be round nub it, Man I oo no to Me next port of Me ante. Md that In to malama Mat Mil wdor of Jadge Roseau wan right In tha Brat place ho bad Mo power to make It Of thai I aoprahead ibera oanow bo a doubt. The paporo ware on Die If ihey were not on tta, Me order Old no; aflaot thaw What i troi* cUoatoMta order? the ohjaotioo is iws fold \> ? ? ihel It ?n? -?d# widioat aufflclrai nottoo, or with ??? floor . ooo., 1. that on Mo merit* u wai v i. Pardon m?, wblta I go over both Firot, at Ic ?? notion Is Mara My rcleof Mis Oourt rnqcinag aotleo I .o girthv If there he, what oouoo, how moon, Md to <hetaf Team lo nana. Tho Rooorddr?The pretties on Mta tuhjogt, Mr. FloM Mr. roW?Hml to a otmpta oooiltr. The Reoorder?We have oo written rules. oNboqgh o com ml ike won appotawd fcr Mo purpose of making (sob mies Bet tho practise haa beta to giro two daya' aatiM If Mr Ftald?Yoa, 1 grail H. Tho .lodge daNiiwk lo hoar a motion if ho Mlnka Mat oamsknt action bat ao b** , Rlrow. hut N la oompntaxil tor bin u !*/JL ** ?ba? Are aioitat aotct mty iV ? ?Bt ?** ,Bl# f*flWrlox Mytklag etaO Jcdga Raaaatl had tho right to determine whether it wet "total01 Attorney wet la Oonrt ?rae A?** *** board WbttMM taTfieta^I. to- * WTO Mf differ hid w he r?*a roe lea, but that ha h?1 aot ?TM ottttM * 01 Tbat I. no m *b^;.i oould linen to further: Mara der ?rLIl?!0B U* "i *<00 ahoald ba made that dwflmdMtwMi ta3LI*JK*tpo,MH M t*r"" ? ow<moMt_w'mi before Me maglairata on the llth of Bap reT? ? baarlag or, at Ian it, he had C'EM? mrr,!.1!.i1?1! ???"? ?<*omtctw, mt. il? ma.rgj a # wBn fmM V V "????? *'? Itomf "<? 'he i ' r > ? i was Iko roo |icu ?pprar va tamomfldoei yon weald hay# mid : '? TkU marbi ?our*, koi Um |?I^ kM bM aorvrtaMTud kK UUeowwhetharor oot there wiwtobe bb examli ?ad m h was only yesterday that tha mm www ed, be baaaxarotoed Ibe ulmootdUixexoe" BOhi ro. ?L?"01 !?* whet lk? lair Py/P-V n??li?..-^iJPpH??10 ??w?b?, aad oonneel ooarneimoODorljMtaa ragtfffy ?la poeMMy ooald. Ua oar u?eae otrtm mil meet waa thorn ear thin# nnrmimiiiii rn Irirt drma.1" I*!-?"*}?* ^ u,?"^??'*' Not la' tor ^ ,ad*? BuaaaU irai -J'">'6.0f .wb** waa r?aooe*blo notion. aal taat Jadf* yoa would laerltablr hare da 1" ^^V?? ^OMOBBbto DoUoe, that the motion 5? vul??al!i??Z!t*lJrt?t ?T. U,r 10 Ul1 ProMmtaary !?*?*_ .j^P,000** P0?^ H away r?om bin It to riva^L The f ??I>MoUly aa I ut(u*g , oaa Si-1, bo!f" bf Wl ?*"> ??1 "7 tba ?-T- 5*"^ iP..B>0*1- 0" "to ratara of tba warrant, **"'*B*- Benaettaad bl? oouosel. If any Diemant?!"" 1^* Pjodotwd oa tba part of tba com ^ ,.*?? 10 U??M "?e?a, and thai dIn?TmnJiihf^!5 .J" ,x"?u?t,?w ?"> ?be defeo ?nd 'baa to tae defbadaat'a wltienaB. .hS.^21, .1 .i.00 ?*Mal?B,-loo of >ba whole matter, It ?H,W?e either that ao offaaoa aad bete nommlUed, or that there |? do probable oaoae for t^a^e?r^L: J" ?!!L d,,oh?1? him If M ahali appear that an offenoa> baa ban committed, aad taat there hinTT^"Pf1?PT*.,"'?Prtdaoof to bo guilty. bo aball bUtd him oyer " Mr Bennett bad a right, of ehich no iST C0UJ4L??1*1" hln,-nr*?. or exaaU "I oottpltliiiBi, t&d of oroaa -examiaiiic him m looc ii ?iw'toartyfrad; then or being examined himself, if ha ??pr blmaclf, aad then of proanoiaa bla own wlv noatea and having them examined Aad nitll that waa ?Ota (be maglitrate had ao power at all to '*w* thereooc f?1 ualeee Its examination waa exprenly welrod by tba defendant Now. waa tt waived? No human betrg reeolng thete affldarlla oaa Imi ?U o any such thing. They ahow that the dafeadiat ?? it,L^!lil<ld u.?ca ? h?rtn*. ?>ut that the magletrete i? *1?"b?.T?n'*? ? h??lBg. It ta aw.m to hy Mr. G.ibralth, it l* twora to by Mr. Bennett; and 11 la a worn to y Mr Otunt Hoar what Mr. Bennett aad Mr. Utoat ??* Tut the ? Id ?cejamUt Ualbralth, Utea aad there. In the ore arece acd hearing of 111 we drpnoenta, demanded of JuaUoe . ih .idrrao, th , magieir i'?* >b. o |q altendaooe at eald daiIm oojir*. a hetrtiig 'or thr lo the matter of the abore mr.-.uenrd rieapUlat, te w. tch drmaad the Bald Jojrttee Flut dre^n replied in*t tae Mid eoieplalnt waa not made to or be for- 'urn. bul w>a made to or before Mr Jnatton Devi m -Vh aald Juefloe Datieon waa either aoee or golut to the ?? eaJ' ^ wU,f?i^.ea prewmtla eonrt, and the a'd Jus tie. FI>ndrrau eldrd that he had oo doeln but that on the re tur . of the m Id J ubi I so 1 art* in he WWw M tffh ? r B-tyamin Ualbra ih then remarked' dial on the underHiandl g thai the defendant waa tobTre a LIT'of ,be^Jo,Uc# D?>n- 146 What does Mr. Fiaadreau hlnuelf a?y la hla alUdarlt. uied for the purpote of raoaUag the order' He aaya:? ' bJ-hand^d'Sf^SSl^10kn,<) ntA' pul ta Nt w, I ehould like to keewa what mare nomplete erl *0? be that aa examination waa demanded? examination waa wa red? Juati e hlaaareao doea not deny tho allegttloo mrde on tha part of tbeae th ee gentlemen. Me dcee ray that ao cBar waa mada on the part of tho do for.daiit to go oa with tho boartai before him Die* a po'ioemagtetraieef tbeohy of New York mean to ho aa de atood tea e peraon brought before btm meet make e To. mil offer to go oa aad bo eaemiaei? traeetuTmy* I want an examleattoa." u em trai an offer? If .1 oiBMaetioe." u aot trat aa offer? if be ap d0*,B ' waive aa exemtaaUoa, , ,mnVH^A J M nPr9m 11 oennot be ,/ lajPheatioa-Mr naadreau eeya bo did no! prom be jbat there would bo aa oxa wtoauoa, bat tbat ho did toll -br"1 tba_he prwamed JuoUoo Devloaa wo a Id giro one wfcen ho retuntod. Wbat te tbat bat an aaaent tha taere we# look ?a nndermaaalng on taelr part? Themmethtag '? r*i?w*d by MrTMoMarray, the police clerk. Will you, after tbat, aliov thm papers to be aeat brfwe the Court -Uncut m o^uxtw ^ off-red to tho defendant to have a pnUmloarr ex.miaattoa? Ia there any auoh utlag m fSrSm ta judicial prooeedtagr If yoe do that? I my It would be !??** "J*?** oBoer? of the law bare milled tbeee partlee. Jaettee Fleedrean committed a violation of jj? Fj"l***ff?toff ?" with the exaadaattoa then. lie waa bound try law to do oo Aad If yon retain the at pa pare von IkSS^f^vtata&TSffm 10 mr ttamini, yen weald be boaad to qua* It under the da. ?F l*e fcpreme Ooart la Hrnry'eaaie. It waithere decided that an ladlelmeat fhoad by a (iraad Jaryafw ? twriy bad been brcagbt before e meg let rale end waa willing to go oa with aa oxamlaadoa tfaould not bo allow ed to remain oa the rooorde of the Uourt. T*? ^i??'d*T?w^?r? It that cm reported? Mr. Ftold?it te reported ta aome of the ephemeral .^rr1,0^ 4"r 1"" ??d-w end will eead the memorandum to yon. It It on tbla principle, that wherever a preliminary examina tion oaa be bed, the poller of the law and Jndlce to tho partlee retire that ItehaUbehtd; end ror two reaaooe?flrrt, It la of the blgheet oooaequeaee to the eorrte that taelr Una ahaU aot ba occupied with groandlea* ooaiplatnu. aeoont, it in all important to tha partm. that a man .ball not be arrel|ael eaaatodlet.,^ rohad la lecret, if that oea be ivo ded of eonree tb.i i, ******* latwtoaaj eaytblog n relaUon to the polity or . Indictment by t.rand Jarlee, al hough I may be alb wed to **I*? * ,?"? 01 Ul0*e UmM and of thai eoolal order which bar. all paaaed away An lodlotmeet bwV^aad ?lory wai nothing la tBa world bat a meana of ? protec leg the inbject etalaat the eesroeohment ef wi ' wb?" ^ ?F?^" ?? retataed la re pnbl'ean omiI a It In tat aa erldrroe of oar prtnaclal I toilet on cf whet eowee from the lehe, lead l*?tjr thete pt|4ii ah-mid be Mat bath, b icaoan the reoorni mice tefore you ta etterly falte la tie )emt\J>,ex.1 Vucb a fi ire (ocBmeat you will not allow to remain on the r? o< rde of the Uourt Here It le> WiJaw-, (Jo-doc Raenet*. brtrr eharrad h?r?A .k, ov<f?>Btynrd polir* joa.i?e, on the oau of Du-tel 1 hieklw wL i. tiBiur a groae Aid wlcied uoe ? ?ad whrreaa. he hAt bten bronchi before ia'1 luntb--) ta aa' ?or,,?t rh rffh Ahd ot M?,l?iK?y "- wh^- a^t? purtuAet toiiA i e. It AppeArlcg to blm ;h* mid oil nc? k>e br7 r mmined aad thtt thni I,, rTSlembSlm ? 1 v l k?|ullt? ittnof. and ih, all oil-wm bmu 1 to (Ud btu.' * JU",#e' h dW ?h?> de.?(t?!a | That la at fatoe aa ftlte oaa be. Yo,i know II to?1 know ? we ell ka?w It to. Aod wilt yra allow that recnrol ?et'cc, w th tbeee fabe teciiali, to remain oa the reeorda when the facia *'? br ?aghl belura you? Will you not do r* ifT? h.1' jBd** J,d??"Jer that falte paper to be aeat "I1 ,0?m! f,om whenoe It oamt To ba taken ai ; " *b?"'d b*Te r*f',e^ ,he f*?ti. 1' the exemloatioa 1 *" waived, u ebould kire recited that the defend aot : come beru-o IheJuetceaed wai red en examination, aad offered bell, liut to any that be waa brought before bla 1 Md ih?? "" eieminetloo of toe W. ^5 ^ lb" u>? ?"eBC8 wm com mixed, and tbat ibe party waa ga ily, |g to ai I "7 *' ?u k??" K> be abaolutaly untrue I end what Ibe magatrale never eonld here la I f?8 aeeert Mow I have spoken perhapi tx> ? Jeeg, alt-ouch I do not know the! I ooeld well an < torn ' |wff*nt what I eald to the beginning, that the motion ta important to tho party aad Im jo riant ao a prcedeat. The I de aadant had a rlgbl te crane eiemlee M*THtoktoe aod be or* Id aot have dm tt per ha pa eay where etoo and be had e right to crane examine every one ef hto witaemee if be had eay, aad e right to prodaoo bla own It to of bt'ib pnbUi i m porta ore that tbeae prrlltn'aary etemlnetKwa tttoeW be bed. ao thai defeat* may m STlatoSSU cberied aad that the lime of ooerto and jirtoe bit be *ved. It to of far more imporiaaoe to the public that the ?prelecta abonld aot be eeea again la New Vork of nam ^V[retarBettBt or eilempffag to oounterea the aot of r-ertaioe rarer red. 1 ha Vmm off Mrs. Cunning ham. icrim oocmf? okwbkai thru. Befora Boa. J edges MlcbsU, Rooterett m4 Dartas. Oct. 8 ?TV Profit S IV Motion qftwu J. Outwttnp hom.?Tbia na aa appttoatloa as IS* part of toe rtlator Mr a change off rcaaa to rsaesra bar trial Mr tba bora* baby affair "cm Naw York to DulBtiaaa oraaty. Tba nta trtot Attorney appeared oa behalf ot tba perple, bat Mrs Cur>at?gbam't oooaorl aot baiag praaaol tba Oacrt aaJd tt v aa aeoeaaary that the ? erased party abonid be praseat Tbetr decision waa. therefore, puatpoaart now I raaoday aaxt, tba raster to ba aotlBod to aaka bar appeireaoe oa IBM day I Mted Stataa District Conit. Before Boa Jadgo Betto. Oct 8 ?Sumlinfi AsSenfrom IV 7*aM Offlm ?Tba Oread Joi j bat tag braagbl la Ml a of ladMnaat against KB B NIcbob Ibr taking Mara bataaglag to Oaa WUkaa fro? tbr Pat office, tba prlaoaar oat arraigned, aad pleaded not gnllty. Tba Oraad lory alao found a Mb against tba aotnaed far feloey, la abatraouag mosey from toe (altera John MoOtaty plre'ed gotny to as tadiotmant ebarglag him wttb stealing I mora from tba Tost Office. Baatanoa deferred IV f'mW Aattt at. X BnyAsr ami 'Khtrt ?Obargo or laraany at ana Tba (bat'lot Attorney entered a noB prm C\tyrgt r] HtrrU? 7V I 'mUd StwUt M f 'roneu JVVMI and '<bn.-Too prisoners wara charged with an aaaaolt wlto a daagarona weapon oa tbr oflloeri of tba abip fradariflk Oebbvd, aad wara fonnd guilty, wttb a raowandatina la mar ay. Rami Inlalllganna Oapt. William A. T. Maddox, la ciaisMad Of tba H. S. Manna Guard on board tba If. H. ablp Marrlaaok. bat been restored rrom that pottos bia appilntaaant oa A Ma teat Qoeriermaater ol tha 0 .P. MarlaaOorpaat Philtdel. pba. and I aot I St Id M Cohen. aiaHmed at the Marina BarrarWi, Brooklyn ordered in bis pinna. I.toet Osbsa will pr oard with tba Merrimack aa Ibr aa Valparaiso, wbaa ha wl I ba rttlarod by Oapt W. B Blank. Ton Morrisaek la uadar mi ling or dart, aad w.U prooeed to aaa oa tba lOJk Int tout Brerat Capt W I. Hbnttlewerth, oa tba promottaa of Oapt. D J Pother land, to too poat of CiarWmMle' af the I 8. Marina Oorpa, baa rsostrad too Commtaataa of Ctp tote, aa<| 24 John 8 Br?rsi, acting Toraer on board toe r. H dtoop of war John Adam, promoted to too rank of 1st IJeot A RiYBttBND Hgoccnc Tha Troy Timtt atyi that toe Rer RentesOregg, fbrarr pastor of too N?rto Troy Methodist kptsoopal oh or oh, baa boon arraatad, obnrged with toe tcdoctfoo of a young lady at bit newstn Hon la Washington ooaaty, Tba sednotfoa was nneotn Btbal wbt a toe wlfb ol Mr < regg waa oa a rlaH to ber ' nds, wbaa ba bad engaged toe serrtoea of too yoeag lady as boaaekeopar ?hete btl IT years of ago, and a! ways bare a highly raspsetabla noma. Mr 'iregg waa or raced wMia In atleni ?are at a esmp meeting la Bandy

H !i Ba itr* bt ads fhr toe tnpprrt nfaa ex >eotod he". Mir f >r ait tmeirtirllii nun ' ir'-.' m >b* marge or arcaet "a Be r?s he ?o i from !bicitu;a a.' ahito to f? patter. ftp *?? **" a*? anuria ruutrm on ru n? ?It Oft TBI MOO HBB BOftftft. w* lMra fraai ? eocraspowdewt that lha village of Cftamoumxwaa r ssswUj tow mma of oomtMaraait e?Mo moat and ewtomtomn, caused by a am?alei aaaaal la tba tummi or Moat None, by two Amerloaa gentlemen?Mr Btayraaaat La Boy, of Mow York, aad Mr. Stephen W. Dana, of Bootoa. Thle aaoeasioa, wo learn, oanaed aaoro thaw aaaal tntor oat, awing probably to the fact that Ute family and nu merooa friends of one of tba gentleman happaard to bo at Gftamoaalx, a ad partly oa thla aoooaat perhaps, that all the atraogon present aooaaod to take great internet la the ad rentore of the two 4motional. At lunrlao oa the morning of frlday, 38th of Aogoat, the gnldea.or whom there wore nine, of the beat of tba tfrere Savoyards, and aa eqoal aumbir of portewrt, were aeeeot bled la front of the Hotel d'aagletarro, and after prepar ing for the ozeureloa, by partaking of a hearty breakfast, in the oold dawn or an Alpine morning the whole party otartcd at balfput six; the too tourists prooeod lig on molts as far as the Pierre Polnue wbleh Ihey reached la about three hoars. To see the minlatnro army aorambltog op Uu ruggsi helghii, whlob ate el oaed above the oasoade of the Pelerine, rem nded one of Ihe at aok of the rronoh on the MalakotT, only |a this IneUnoe the ro -tress to bo attaoked was one or loe. Two hours more brought the party to the Pierre i 1'KcheUo, whore the ltddora end ropes or the guides are kept, and these were put In Immediate requisition oa the Glacier de Baeeon, oa entering which the mono or danger and magnificence c immtnoes All toe teiMoopes and lorgnettes or the village ware now pot la requisition, and the progress of the party was watched with great Interest. 1 At 8PM the oaaoon or Ihe Hotel d'Angtotorre an noinoud tboiafe arrival of the tourists at lUe Grand Mulels Tbaee enormous recks, which lift up their heads like CTes from out a vast ma of loe, firmed by the glaoiere of on and Taoccay, are elluatod at a heigh! of ton thai sand ftet above the level of the eon; and oa one of them the guides of Chtmoaalx bulh, a few years slnoe.a rode little cabin, which nObrda rest nnd shelter to the o>u. rsgrous voyager who gratifies hie love of adventure by at tempting the aaoeat to the so ami! or the highest mountain In Europe. At this point the tourW and bis -guides root, while Ihe porters who carry there the provisions of the party, return again to Ofcamounlx, and, like jolly Bailors, bit a lie i to toe rest or the party and are seen skipping down over Ihe Glacier de Baeeon, like wild goits pursued by toe hintor. At tor rest ng a for boars at the Oread Mulelf, the ex euielonlsta started, at owe o'clook In the morning, tor the Hi??11' *5! w^ol? Party?eleven la number?wore tied to each other by strong oorde, and, by toe aid of two good lanterns, they threaded toolr way orer the huge els (Hers end vast crevasse? whlh lie between toe Grand Mulcts and too bane of the Dome du Gcuter. Craxy Bap. ttsto, xnowa among his feUow guides as toe Devil, rrom his great aoitrtly and fearless daring, look the lead, and. under hie direction, toe party vended their way In the midnight gloom. Oss after another the various glaciers wore sormouatod.Ull, just before da va, the party. alW coaittng aLng to the loft of a long glasler, found bo bridge by whtoh to pom to too next. Here waa a dilemma. The only reoourco left was to re trace their steps and seek a crossing at the other end but bare, too, no bridge existed?nothing but a yawning chasm of unmeasured depth. At this janoture daylight 10 ,afTV more accurate ly their position. Baptlste, with hit long adze, eould roach toe opposite glacier, and eateading hlmaelf to the very verge of the one oa whloh too others were resting, he enoceeded la cutting two or three steps oatoeoppieue side, and by a bold effbri leaped too chasm, and planting bis tlpenstock soouroly in too loe, was enabled to secure a paesage for all. This was toe most difficult pass la the whole aeoest; bat having parsed tatseafoly, toe party pro oeeded, and after trmverslcg without dlffloulty the little PJnteea, arrived at about nine In the mora lag at toe Grand Here they hid an oopartustty to survey and admire toe magntacoaoe of the Dome da Gcuter, which form, the light wall of toe Grand Patau, n splendid puta or loe and ?bow, tiro miles to width. B la here that the tourist te obliged to preserve perfect ?llcnoe, snd almost to hold bis breath, tor leer that the ooocuaalon or air may disturb aad burl do wo upon bin ?P? 01 **? knn avalanohee of lee by wbleh toe brow of the Dome da Sou tor is orowaed, aad whloh, glistening to too Ugh! of too ritleg ran, seem l.ko n troop of horse men, la bnralahcd armor and to full make, ready for n charge. Thla orova of nvalaaohos, whleb are called teraat from their resemblance la form and osl r to oertaln light obeeeea whloh are maaufnetursd in the .Vpe. forms one of toe most tot melng spectacles in nature. With BontBlnne towering to rraot to the heavens, toe Doniedu Gcuter en the rtgai, with Ua oval anmmlt of chalky whlteneea and Its magnificent crown ofavatanoaos and with toe lofty siguilluon the left, toe Grand Plateau' prei en Is the apnenraeoe of n vast oonrt yard of ??oold sublimityand only those who brive tto. dangers anl forget the fatigue of too ax our form any appreoUt^n of too splendor whloh b?re g'oete the eye From this point the movements of toe two ton ruts were watched with the grratott interest, not only by thorn la the vlUnge, bat by Brer' n* asoeeded to to# top of too Ftogsre and too The morning bad opened splendidly Mont Blanc had never appeared more porely white. Bat, to the dismay of all, Clouds were sees gathering in too dUUaoo Tba barcmetor of their reelings foil and hope gave way for a time to doebt; but too gmdea, who are vcaiberwlee, pro olAimetl thai :be day would b* a food ono; and the old men en the Fl-(o.e arturrd the nnjdons Mende of the American* that he would hold tho beroaXkoter up. the it sbojld MtlhU. The rtiieg sua dissipated too oloods, and , C Id Meat Blanc shone out again. I From the Grand flaloa j toe lotrUta pweel over to the Corridor, end were lost to view for over four hours, wbenas they should not have born out of sight more than an bear and n hall. Thrlr prt lunged aboeooe osuied great anxiety and maob exrtiewrni tmrog those who were foltortng them wldi ' Ibetr feer'oge end with their tolcsoope*; bat groat ettisfao- 1 tioa rnocod when Ihey were finally seeo to emerge again to view at the bate of ihe Oalotte. The lot g delay which produced so meoh anxiety wee caused by the great depth aad frofkaees of the so jw oa the (-orridor, snd Dy oareaal Unas owssamod tn moattleg I toe rontons Ode d* to kw, whlob to almost a perpwdlou lar wail of Ice ant eoow abort tares hnndred ft at la height, to ascend ? blot the golden are eb Iced to out stops as ihey go. This Is perhaps the meet dangerous part of , #*cfat- The whole party, b.oad together by oorda, are tb Iged to advance itep by stop, as they are out by tie bead guide. Aboto a well of Ine, below, a steep precipice. The falling of oac might draw toe whole parlr sown head lor g and tt may be doubted If Ibe binding to gtthtr of ibi wh^la bf oordt, to I In orowloi otataa see. might not la Uls oleca prove fatal to all. The ioena was now qutiaaa oxoltlrg one Tba travel tore bed reached the Kitoher Rouge, aid were Jia UntUy seoa elcwly but surely enproaihiog the summit, end at hall past two P. M. Mr. Is Kjy planted Emerioon ttog oa tbo uppormrst polol cf Ihe itmmlt It wee distinctly teen to wave In the oald wind which bowled around tea grand Alp! to peak, aad which httrly froso the eseuretoatme, who celobretod their success In good Meal Blase champagne. After row ait tog on me summt hnir an hour, est ay Ins tbo glorious view there presented, embracing not only all tbo near peaks of too Alps, but lbs mors distant onee of Italy, and a elrar view or toe lake of (loaova, toe tourists oommonooe their dsicvnt, whlck van wutcbod wita oos Msosl inters*. Tbo daooool of toe Of' <U to M?r, pro ?ented too only dlfflmlty, ail after this tbo desoeot la running, and sonatinas by Billing down declivities of several haadred re* Ots of toe touriete suffered Intensely f,t?m want of re set run ,n, to oommoo la high aldtadrs, and tkls.erith tot la me nee fatigue, caused toe aoeent asd dooeeat to be longer than oaeul; but at eIgbl la toe evening toe geee of QUs ?ovnl* again gave the Ityral unnsunaemtM of toe safe ?rival of tot party at he Grand Mntoto, after a perilous aad exhaastleg eseuretoo, which had occupied ntoeteea oooseeuuve beure. After a eeoond algal rtssi 1 smoux icebergs toe toorl s started early la the morntag, and ar riwd lately * Chaeeoonlx at twt, where they were eo corted Into too vtltogo by a bund of music, and reoelved with too eseul oalutattoM of arttltory. No oeddsot occurred to either of toe gveliumeo, bet one oT Ihom topped at one time Into a crovaaee, aad but for toorapo whtoh bound hum to too guides might have been Oe their return too party found that several avalanches bad follow, aad that Ihe Glaetor do if teen? had somewhat toaegtd during lheir eooeat Both slate toot neither Ihe danger nor too magrtfloooM of too excunton eaa be ax operated Brooklyn city l*ollttoa. TCflOW NOMIKATIOlf Or A RBNATOR IB TH1 THIRD DISTRICT. Tb? American mm! KopnbUaea Ooenetiow bmi y eater day, the former on Coert and Bachott otroto, and the la* r en the ooraar of Ooert and Union (treat* The American* were preelded erer by Wei. H Bekeoi, and the Bepebttoua by Wm. ?. Runt t'aoh Ooarert'lon tranasoted their preliminary bnelaea. when the folio winy rtenioikm* were offer?<l la the Amerloaa OnarenUoa and were nsantmossiy adopted ? Where so. It le desirable 10 end th* mtamla Of the democratic PV'r in ike ooontf of Alar*. Thotcfhm Keaolred, That a committee of Are ha en pointed to meet * Hh a Ik* "'Birltiw f-cm the Republican cv?r?ntion to unite la the nomtnaOon of one (Orel aad true man la opport Uon to the aomtaaU.m of the borne dewoe-ner, to represent the latereetn of the eonntr of Kin** In the Senate of Ihle Mat* Tba rolktwtna nra tea rommlttoee nnpo'eted ? Ammm ?William B McDonald, 4 M Bteaene, A. M. B.toam. amnion PeedMon aad Martin Sehoonaaker. kmvUiam ?Meorfe W. Bbl wall. Wm. y Don a led* y, T. G. w *i*k, II T Moore aid N 1. reel pa 1 bttr oommltt?ai met and deelded to preenat the ttne of .i*h* Win*low a* their oeadtdete. Knob Goorenttoa then tepamlely neeembled, nod nyreed to the neteoUoa They ihen mot jointly, and Mr. Wnaiow'a nomination wee m ?riotously mil Sad Ppaaobea of nonffentn'aUoa were then made by 0. B. H*ibranch, Wm. )i Hnnl, Daeld K Seaman, when Mr. Winelow wae naaouso'd, an J ha formally no irpted the son irstloe. when the OonrentlrM ndjonrned. Branhlyn City Daw*, f orrrwrsTT Bnut ?Connierfwt BIO MlM of the Bteh Of Roadotit were extent! rely elrclisted emonf the More keeyen eiong felloa end AUaalte otrooto, en Wednendny elfbt Uirv parr ere at nm fntrat ? A lady had her poehet ptobed while panning through the rate at the rehea ferry, on Wednesday *T?ntng, hbe loot BIB. Another lady bad a fold watch abstracted from bar packet sheet the eeme Cwmrt of Aw owl a. T.?Woe It, M, 78, M, *1, SO, ItS-etrneb off. We. dymetl sMrmod with tort* Wo. M, Bike? re. Or*. 7. ?ai?jmpmm _ . .i.>n*e?argued. Mr ft I' No.*ee for ?prellss' 4' C. H BofyelrhTor rropor lost Not ?,?i, ttH-on**! Wo. 17, 4' K* ?in| agt Rttll-sr??'d Mr N MM. I n s|.y*U?.ot; Mr. M i I tth sn far te*t?udeat. Before Jvdgo Oftoaaor. Out I-Amw Mm hgafMf Mmmm A. OmntngKcm, termite oaUed fhmfoll -HH nut ?m brought to reocv 988 for earvteee rendered by lb* plaintiff to (he MWW ? heroook. ThamumwanMM ifewdays ago,nod It dsy Jndgc O'Connor gave Juigmsnl for Hannah Obiihm, toe plaintiff, ror m. The foUowlsg la the Judge * eptwton la the onae?The plaintiff BtkN otelm on ? i wlfct complaint tor tor* months' service OS 000k. The d^MMO#!, bJ Tortflod SB ?wer, avers payment. The took amwy of the parties tehee oat of oeart by ooaseet ?h read lwei lit awm ao the trtot. By the evidence if the plaintiff eke entered into the deTead oat's service ee eoek a seat Key, lltt; ooakaoed la eoek* service UN sosse ttsse la the ssonUt of August folk) rtsg; ?a goes tor three or foar weeks; retnrnod ogsio and coattoaed service until, as she says." T left to* hoete tae night the Doctor ens murdered." The dstomlaul also says that she did aot rcoeive a oeat toons the Ume she wski book la Acg ut aa II the time she It ft the house as elated. the shotesttied that nothing woe lobe allowed la pa} meet ?toe pi no expenditure b > lira Oanotnghsss for mas In bought for ber, the prtee of a pair of eke as, and ?7 paid to oeef >oba Glhnortls by berf rcer. ssnkisg a oreitt In favor of i he detondsaloT tome 910 or 111. The defeadant says:?'"When Hannah left me I owed her to I, watch ( paid her. This was at th* time warn she flrrt left net; the ?eaona Ume she left was when she ems taken away after Dr Bur deli's death; she one goae about amonh; see esme to me and said all her money was gene; the had ated It In fixing the little piaee, (aa oyster shoo la Kim street,) yaps ting it, he ; 1 said Iwoaldseelf Iooald raise hur erase money " The drfendsat far her says lh?< e<*mo 17 or 98 from the boarders la the huene was ooa tribes ted to old h r: hot, lays the defendant, ?Dr. Bardsll woe id not give ber anything; I gave her that money before she came book; Hannah then came to me saying that they, (messing hanelf aad Ullmirtla,) toll very badly and aid net mooes d; they do sot get storg at all," and aaer a description of their mot oat dltoon'on ?John GtlmarUn won lag due etohos to get married In?not wish tngtedo #o"nniem he woe looking nloe; she tatn told Mro a that if she would advance her money onoagb to let Jehn Mart an oyster stand she would come back aad work It out far her; he ooald remain aid open his stand colli hs had Made money enough to make things comfortable (or them to get married;" f 1st her bt<e 928 thee and after worth 98; I gave her 98 In Jasms ry that 1 eld sot think of, I g?ve It to her to pay her toad lady; this 998 was In advance: after ahe asue book she told me the srUclee she had bought with the money?ne oyster etsad nod the Impieeeecte couneate 1 with the sa loon ; I gave her the 998 about the Ume she oame beak; 1' de not reosUeet If there wee aoy one prueset whoa I paid 11 lo her; I gore her 98 after she cum book; I conn* soy exactly when, I think It was to pay real; this 928 aas en tirely separate from the to#, and after I bad paid her the $18 I gave her three dollars to bay a hat" H> len Cunningham, the daughter of the defendant, toe lifted i hot the plaintiff left the serrtoe of her mother In the latter part or September and returned in the middle of October; that before the plaintiff returned la October she saw htr mother give ber 928; that She said she was going to buv a counts r, n lamp and some other things tor n store In E m street; that she wanted the money as n loon, and would return to Mm. C. and work it eat, and she did re turn ror roar or Are days afterwards These are state ments of the defendant, supported by the evident# of her daughter, at variance with the statements of the plaintiff, end not. It appears to me. oeastetent with therasetvss. When toe plaintiff left the deftndaut lo be away for three or four weeks, the defeadant paid her 918- 8he wis gone about a month, nod then Urn returned, i tat tag that all ber money wos gene, having usod It In fixing up the plaoe? thai Is, the oyster steed. The defendant then applied to the boarders la the boose, nod the sums they contributed amounted lo 9ft. The defendant enja she gars her this money before she oame book to resume ber eer vice Taen comes e statement that the plaintiff appltM with a story of more particular distress on the pari cr herself end John Gil mortis. She then told am, says the defendant, that If I would lead them money enough to Ut them start sa oyster etsad, she weald eome bsca aad work It oat I do not aaderstaed bow this ooald be to. Why should the plaintiff wont aaoaey to start aa oyster stand when the business had already been started, and lucfc little progress made that money bad been relied by the defendant toon the boarders ead given to the plain tiff acme time before this to aaaiai lie forioru oundltion? Not only 928 are ndvaaoed, bat coot after the plaintiff a return to the bourn 99- Is addition are obtained or paid, with oak any oilier reason than that It was, as Uts defen dant -btskx, lo pay rent. The tlcse mentioned aa to these payments is very tadlsttoelty assigned, and the me aery of the defendant evidently ooafuned. Tnree dol.ars wee paid la January to pay the landlady, and IOe same three dollars, by a stale meal made h- the defsadsnt after wards, were to pay tor a hat Whea the stele tiff left la August, her wages being paid and eight dollar* oontrlbuted by lbs boarders, with the exception of Dr. B rdetl, who would not give anything, se the defendant observes, we>e ell the ray ments daring the Isterval of her abseaee. Helen Onsnlagham etnas that at the time the 9M were sdvsaoed eke meeileoed the ntUoieo respectively, fer which the money would be appropriated. The defei dent says that efier the ptotnMU reterard aha tdd her ho* the money had been appropriated, which would appear lo disrgree wth Helen's etalemoet. If It be true that the aetoadant mode all those payments sat eivaaosa ute an ccuei ?ouid be more than discharged. The plolati'i would have been at servtee for the purpose of discharging wages paid la advanbe At aa Interview la July (ret, Helen Cunningham deposes that the plalatit sskod her mother for mtney; that ber mother tuld her "ehs had no money to give fear." the pteiebff then sold ahe would stteed to her (the defendant) la another way, thus ta<lmnUag thai she would sue for bar money. There was ao sin emr-il then that tbero was aothl'g doe, or an; thing t?Ibai *f. reel. Aa to ike testimony of another wttneu for tho do fenc set relating to a conversation with tho plslutlff Is Jane, that plaintiff is'a there was nothing duo her. I > aouot place such relist oe oo the lottlmony aa to d sregar '. oihsr plali and trieslstlbto ooncluslens. I ooestdcr tho pUisllff sou ted to a balance or 826 as damages, besides easts. / KOTHk* DKinOk ODE* *H| I.ICEN8K I.aW? Ss: UK UiMB us SusDav sct UmiiiBU ? Judge Harris decided yesterday muraiag, In the ease of IfcGlillak, *ho was id limed for tel Ing liquor on the ttebbaia, that It was not an Indictable offeeoo sudcr the recent act or tto legis lature, Inasmuah aa tic 1 was not IB tunHuner, noi had t Itoense to sell liquor from tho Kvcias UommUloaeis. Too Mil lit Attorney f-al he enter'.a. nod sliallnr views, and said that Ute Grand Jury bad acted In the mat ter uton the advice of Judge Wright.?Albany Argut, (M. 8. Superior court Before Hoe Judge dloeeoe. Ort. 8.? In Hi east ?f Jtrrmiak TbwU Oft Jamtx Bubin icn. ? A cue or eJCmcnl art ting oct of the wlli of Mary Clarcr, who died IB title oily In 1803 A rerJIA wee roa dtred for the plaintiff, inbj ct to the opto loo of the ooort Sort rel caeee artelag out of thli qneaUoa here been tried before. Theatrical and ltl*aal< *1. Bko*ov*v.?the elegant areola ballet of ' Paul" of whlnh we I ere heretofore apokeo el coealdereble length, le to be re peetnd by the Ronaaal troupe to eight. A good three pre eedee it Miim'a.? M. Rrlllenl'e eni ueeeful new ballet of "Lonlee," Id w. ir h M'lle Roll* prraoratee the heroine and the Rtrcl paa'ontmee of "The Mllllnera" tad " Pongo" ere to be per formed to eight. Bowbbt.? MP. Kddy wfl tble ere-leg pbty the ehlrt etouae Irre te " Bob hoy." ead the po^ula' new kuit cm led " The Croeedere " The eielUag piece eetitled " The Broken Sword ' fellow*. Bcbtox'b.?Crowded honaer nonUaoe to maatfam their ap prtrie toe of Mlee Cuahmaa'e laterpre aliua or the eeri or Meg MerrWee. whleh the will rep jet to night. " Wee I te Mam* P la the ferae. W*ixa< ??*.?The good oil (rweedy of 'he " Boed to Bnla" le lobe glare to n'ght. with e rset o' rar'ng 'he aemw or Mraa>e B ete. W atom end Phllllpe. mrt Taraee. he. "The Double Bedded boon" lathe elojtag flora. Ljrm Kuh'i-Felceoer'a play airlei "A Haebeed of aa Hour ' ? nd Welnote ferae ol "Ifouutf to Here*." era again oe the bil e, en.1 will doubtlra* attran eao her large eed fhehkceble eedirnoa Oirini . - lri 0. Howard I* to perfnna la the "Drtll la rate" end Ineel horlee-ioe of "Blag lag'*" oa tbeoeeeeloa of her farewell bread! to eight. Ae Mra. H. I? a greei thro rite .here will doebftma he a jnna. Itaiiar Orai a ? M'lle Tre/'alnl. Mmee. Id Orange ead Rtrmtne h end aigeore t eh oetia, Oea<l?r and Ron will one* ?ore combine their talenta ib "Don Uioranai" at the Acble at) i hi* earning. AWRairail Mraarw ? The Wrtoh Nlrb'tagnte'e emf* the aalteo diaary rqaiUbrlelle poly, r yheaee of the (le. !o aai'y, the coean gardaae. and oeuaUaaa eei.oaitlea era to ha en tared day and ahfhl. Mil" Tift/a?Ore. Chrtaty aed Wood eanonner the feme cf the 11 lark Itaer Keeper," and the Bryaaia the farleeone "Motit y Brother*' for ihla ereaiDg. la addlOoa, both partiea terdcr InanmeraMe tonga danrea. It iDfERTisEmrra ibjibwo btbi day. ADOrTIOM.?CA*HiRIMB MotoAfTHBkM, AROBPHAM ah ' * - ?doe tod ChtM'i l alrl whoee mother c led oe the 8n< of thla womb, ran be a* i ted by any raepeetahie lady by eel ling at ids Beat 11th at. Ohlfo'i age all year* Red and beddinc obtaiaad. If required, iball 'or iwn daft, INT PBBROR HaVIR'l A VALOABI.B DI4MORD A. ring cr I reaeipta. alaeto atond. and wl Mag to rait It for th* ready oaah nan And a purr tuner by addramfng B. B T, Madtaoa square Poet odtaa. G, B.. IKJMDT ALL TOOB LBTTBES TO a bwawj^oom f BPORM ATTOM WA*TBD--OP Ml' H *B1. OLAMAMM 1 aed Kill (liaaaee. Any Inforir atloo of iBrai will be ihaak Fillj rerel ed. Addreaa 100 Duflleld atraet, Hr.klya IRIOBMkTICM WAMTBD-OP MBS BORA K AIM, WHO 1 artleed laat Monday In iheahlp Robert Belly frwn Liver pool Rhe will pirate eall or write to .faeepi Beeneu, ll.t waehlngioe aireet, aa he wtohee to era her. 1BKOBMATTOR WAMTMD?OP PATT COMMOLbT, WHO Igfl h a home oa thr 16 h of Rart?onh?r. an 1 ha< noi been heard of tiara. la tea yeare old. and had oa ilnsn ooat and pan** and bine eap. Any Informed? reaper ing him will be theeKfally received. Addraaa John ttonnolly rfjbba' Perry, Wat'dhaaUr aooaty, H. T? or Id eard Bally. ItM Rayar I at SMPOBMATIOR WAMTBO-OP BAMOBI. HITCH torjB, f rmerly of lha panah of Renll, oonaly ivwt. Ireland, br ? nleee Kllrareth Ultahooek. danahter of Robert dl nleoek. ?he to now In tbto eon a try. Addreaa to her at the Herald 1MFORM ATIOM WAMTMD?AT WARHIMHTOR, D 0. 1 by the helra of the late Mr* Sarah Thiraioe. of charlee M. Thereton who railed from Mew fork fee t irerpool la the ahip Andrew Ponter In the rammer of 18M and ban tot Wees been heard of. W . Of O. J.-Till WALE OM THI SBAOH 14 MOT f irfoden Write anom J. ME-DO MOT PtBAPPOIMT THIR PAT AH*IR. a Ton are waated In Bnion eWeei, If yon era r\U atrt. at half paa> two, Wl hom fall. R T WAMTMD IRPOPMATTOM OP THCMAR ttB JAMMR (Yllly. who hnniifral*'! to Weatera Rew Aare-y ten or iweltp year* ayo Ibrl* rvlw piece II rvtety fnth eed pa "eh'fliti -rt ceano; ehea '*?< henrr ffnan ' i?e ??*? le I Irri- Aid. iHh*. an* p?i a knowl ig tie ' werf?*b<ed* ? 111 t*>? ?r a'?'-or or thrir br..,h?r J.iha 1 illlr. by aniraei lug ho. I Motigoe p .eet, rew V>rfc. e?d?. iaHB Buna tor K?k TWIe tmtmt, ualaeaahardFJVi^H sssTiXHS'^t.'was ts??9l b.^teBraw^rf?asrsaa ?mhytom?X &*? "Q??M #1 nnA-v *?T oomvtohit to m or ILUWi ?<*> down, Mara aaortgtage ij ink or tm, toiUiwnii, for two of those splendid free sto-r high mm dwelling k?N<. wtta marble atooos gj trlmmtngu gg blcca on Seventh nuiw. between Forty* 8ret and rurty ?n ooad streets Way bare brlok furnaorvlH oottui which warm |?Trry room in the horses; also balls, *|>?a? he tubas, nt bs* I sod oold water la ?art races In Mfflw Mrs mgaag I to make a boose a bonsai laoulre of Mr RUBK H Weal Tbhiy nlnia street, between lev nth sad al*fcth as* ansa. Also, a plot of grocnM en the north slda of f#rtf M street, between 8twwrth aad Mlebth arena*; 10? feat eqeaan. Males, four of the block of thirty of ?hai magnlfiseat b oak a* brown stone h muss an Ml rtv seventh street between to* end Keren b eeenaes The heat la the dtp sad the nhaapmt. Irqubeas shore of Mr. ?UL?UT. ? Q Klin ? FOR BALM, TWO BTLUOID liaUMI fd.UUU. bear meet briek houses. la Forty aeeeath streak Dd wean Second ar d T.ii?d avenues, being between the t so ril rotde The bonaea are aos betas anlehed, aad bare al the modern Improremrnta. eueh m marble mantels, panilledoeE ln^r, sas bath, Ac The street Wfrnded, nav d. Jigged, ear* and ratter Prion S1AU0 far bnnse. or would let t?? g noted fb mil? lor five fears' lease Terme aeo"mm pdating to tba par obaoar. Apply to Mr. McM AMOS, at the building. or USaasaa atwei FMasm wantbd-aboot ss acmes, aoorr> lamb, ? wood, water and buddmas la Orange eouatr, NT Y_ an Bcrrlosmnty, M ,f , not orer <bvee ml c I from rallwr.y. WW rent For one year, with prtri egirof purchasing. Atldraoa. full particulars of ttoob, rent, prise, Bo., 8. M. Harsh* MB^H F? rB BALE?THM * WO HOUSES NOB. US AND US Beat Thirty sixth street bat wean Baoood aad TMrd ave nues t aid houses are replete wtifar ail the modern isapsaso msrts. They bars only to M soon to be admired. Anatar OB lbs premlsea TjMJR SALE? A FIN8T MATS PARK. IN MEBOSHI r county, ubto near canal and ral r?eda. ar will be am eh&nged t r Brooklyn property, boadt, or paying stocks. /. P. QA7MUB. u Nassau streak OB 8ALB- THE CONVENIENT THREE 8TOBE _ brisk boaae and lot to. 47 Bast Thirty* drat street, bm tween Fourth ant Badlaon ay en ass; baa Oroton aad gaa throughout he boaae; la good order; will ba sold low; teram easy. Can be seen say time through die day. Inquire on tow premises. F. B SALB?A FIRST OLABS NBW HOUSE IB TBZB ty aeoond street, between 8eaond and Third are sonth side, brink front, three story, basement and underc with stl the modern Improvements; built by day's wort by I owrer, and Anl?h*d in the best msnn?r Price made known oc sppltoatlon to the builder, on the premises from 7 to W A. M. sad M to 6 P. M , or address A L. Taylor, ,71 East ThhTr fanrth street PR SALE-TWO FIRST CLASS BROWN ST >MM b< atei on Thirty fborih s'reet, worth-fib000, now i sntsd f"r $2 70U0 per annum. Will take II laols Central, Tesnas \ Virgtnta. or Missouri ktele bo> da at par or other raluahle dm preward securities; will exchaare for dry reads or it iilisilss. die. Ad Iresa Owner, box t,<ti Post oftloe, M. V. POR SALE?THE NEW BROWN 9TOMB FRONT, BNO 11ar basement boons No It West Thirty-six b ? treat, be tween Fifth aad *lxth avenues, also, the urea story " house to. 179 West Eleventh street. Aovh Is eompleta i For particular! Inquire of the owner, ^>-iha premlsea. rR R4I.B OR EXCHANOE.-A FhRM OF THTBTT arras, near Tarry town, handsome boose est outbdfed lags, no encnmbranee; prior fl.OOO. One ofAMy acres, near rfbmaronerk, on New Haven Railroad, commodious booam "11,001 Oaa at Oyster Bay, 110 acres. i Ac One of 100 as as on the Ilwnpstead 1 oar pled by Sasalor Brown: and a splendid place ( seek. W1 W. HEBBERl). II WRUai rR 8AI.B OB TO LET-ON? FOUR 8TOBT BBOWM s ons bouse, with high basement, aMuate on Rutherford pleoe oppos*te btuyveeaat square This h>uaa contains aB the mi >dern Isaprovaaevts; heys will be found nt ill Bast Seventeenth street Also oaa three awry brick house aihiite al No, 9 Poplar street. Brooklyn, which on examination wEI brfonnd a wry oomftirtabla one. Term t moderate. For far ther particulars apely at 111 Paarl street, fiaal office. a# str.ks, where the bay can ba bad. rtBSALB OB TO LBISE?AMD PART'OS ALLOT the furniture for sale, the small brown atone front b mas, wt'.ba 1 the modern improvements. ?o. 114 WrntThirty sinrmd at-rot. Pomesalon gt?en Immediately. Inquire an Em proadaos BO'JSIR FOR SALE?81VBN FIRST CLASS BBOWM 1 stone, oe Nineteenth street near Broadway; two brirt. on Fartr tbfrd street, oaar Broadway; oaa brie a an Fifty as cood stmt, cear Broadway; one trick, on llitaaalh ' near atnyvr seat park. WW. W. HEBBERP, U Wkllam i VTOIWH WEfTERN ILUNOIR-FOB SALB OB XT' change far good railroad r'ocka or farm of over 800 aorea well i fioEaa-populous ctty and the prodc^lvenaat, beakhfn aesa, beauty and oaars be rorpaased. apply at 11 or 1 o'oloch to P, OLAT, MM Urtul street. Real estate- wanted to furokasb cheap i fw oa?h, one or two bouses located In the Shvrmtb, *~ "" tr Thirty en th wards Good pay i jg tneeeeel t bs ishsn. addrees D W. M., Mi raid oflsa m.l REAL ESTATE OWNERS.-EMRAKBASSBD REAL A estate owners of property la tils oily wbo want saoaSN Imsu Jiately. and who l nv? bargain, may addreaa oonMaa* U'tly, vrlih hill desortptlou, prior. Ac.. F. W>. box 1088 P?A cSlre All ooaucn itcaUona rtriotly snafldentlaL UOONBIN LAND IN BACH AN SB FOB ANT KJLKM of perfoeC ilroad x locks or bonds, a splendid ill wooded aad watered, two ssBas ha Dllsola Central BaSroad. Nor WUOONBIN LAND IN BACH AN SB FOB ANT 1 of merchandise. Tba lan? la flnnly located, aal perfoeC A. JOT HOO r A ITT Ilroad? 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